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    Cape Town
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    Anything really
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    I am a submissive bottom still neg and looking for dirty seed, pos loads, and love to suck sick cocks with STD's
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    Sick, poz, STD, dirty
  1. I love to eat shit
  2. please help me get every possible disease, i love your gono sick cock pics ;-)

  3. anyone wants to break one of my bones?
  4. anything no limits. i am a submissive, any taboo goes for me please add me on WhatsApp (number removed at user's request)
  5. scat: yes, vomit: yes, castration: maybe, snuff: for the right man
  6. i am a horny bottom in cape town
  7. i am in cape town
  8. i am a scat addict totally slutty for shit
  9. yeah i am a scat lover. i love to smell shit, lick it, suck it, eat it, i love men who want to force feed me their shit
  10. I wanna be as fucked up as possible. who wants to fuck me up or help me fuck myself up??
  11. I love to swallow piss

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