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    Cape Town
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    Anything really
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    I am a submissive bottom still neg and looking for dirty seed, pos loads, and love to suck sick cocks with STD's
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    Sick, poz, STD, dirty
  1. Dumped A Load After Taking A Dump Into A Willing Mouth

    I love to eat shit
  2. please help me get every possible disease, i love your gono sick cock pics ;-)

    1. funkmeup


      You can have my every last baby to AIDS wreck you slut!

      Gono 26.07.17.JPG

    2. BottomSubmissive
    3. funkmeup


      Yeah? Suckle on my dick milking out aidsdeath sick pig

  3. Predators And Prey

    anyone wants to break one of my bones?
  4. perv/taboo chat

    anything no limits. i am a submissive, any taboo goes for me please add me on WhatsApp (number removed at user's request)
  5. Most Sickening, Extreme Fetish In Your Opinion?

    scat: yes, vomit: yes, castration: maybe, snuff: for the right man
  6. Cape Town Top

    i am a horny bottom in cape town
  7. Am I the only one

    i am in cape town
  8. I wanna be as fucked up as possible. who wants to fuck me up or help me fuck myself up??
  9. piss - do you swallow?

    I love to swallow piss

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