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    Smooth bubble butt cumdump in NYC. Can host in Hell's Kitchen. nycbubblebutt on BBRT


    Text cock pics if you want to drop a load: 646.982.2120

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  1. Who needs to unload tonight? Hosting ass up now 

  2. Hot cumdump taking loads in the East Village Saturday 8/11 from 1-5pm. Message on bbrt NYCbubblebutt or text 646.982.2120 if you want to drop a load :)

  3. Smooth American cumdump looking to take some European loads when I'm in town July 25th. I'll be hosting blindfolded, ass up at a hotel likely in Vauxhall (though, open to recommendations). Door unlocked, blindfolded, ass up, pump and go Help me beat my 20 load record boys Party ad on BBRT, NYCbubblebutt
  4. Just read your 2018 load count post... fuck dude. So impressed! So fucking hot man. Good job fellow cumdump. I have a lot to learn from you

  5. Smooth 30yo cumdump Hosting in Hell's Ktichen NYC NYCbubblebutt on BBRT Text dick pics to drop a load : 646-982-2120
  6. Busy week. Took 25 loads total. Craving more :)


  7. Love taking a huge load https://my.BarebackRT.com/nycbubblepeach
  8. Your first name: Cumdump Your cell number : 646.982.2120 A location: Hell's Kitchen New York, NY, 10036 Times you're generally available: Evenings after 8pm or weekends Age: 30 Height: 5'7" Weight: 135
  9. Great dick dude

    1. bbjockload


      Thanks bro. All yours

  10. Hey boys getting whored out tomorrow at Pod Hotel Times Square Message for room #
  11. Pre-gaming for next Friday's gangbang. How many loads can I take this weekend?

  12. Hey boys – quick update. Nearly 50 guys confirmed for next week. Confirm your invite if you want to breed a cum filled hole.
  13. Great ass dude!

    BBRT: bbvrsbtm 

  14. I'd like to apply Jock bubble in Hell's Kitchen BBRT: bbvrsbtm
  15. Looking to get my tight pink hole flooded for a night. Door unlocked, ass up. Walk in, mount, cum and go Guys under 45, no PNP, or other bottoms please. Holiday Inn Express, 29th/8th, 7pm - 2am. No keycard required. Kik: hornihung BBRT: bbvrsbtm

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