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    maybe a hookup , maybe just dirty talk. mild to wild

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  1. maybe? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c4aad5e6d860
  2. I’m a total submissive buttslut bottom . I want an owner for my cunt to tell me where and when he gets to breed it. I’m not shy about who might see . I’ll give you mouth , throat , and ass anywhere. It would really be ideal if my owner would whore my hole out occasionally. This hole doesn’t refuse loads. Hit me up if you’re my Dom
  3. i was more of a popsex/442 type of bttm. from what i hear , SW has little rooms to rent? so where would you take dick if you didnt have a room??? anyone
  4. although being a anonymous no loads recieved bottom seems like i only want dick in my ass, there are other things i want. looks goes out the window. age race you name it. but the moment a top guy takes off my socks, game over! lol. my feet get cold bbbrrrrrrrr lol very uncomfortable during sex. lol.
  5. i havent been there . maybe next week i need to find a dom top who would be down to whore my manpussy out to any horny dick that passes by
  6. yes . thank you for mentioning that its not free to host. there are heating expenses , cooling expenses, lube, condoms optional, cockrings?? maybe for fun? toiletries, beverages, people have needs! lol . not just sexual.
  7. the dark room was awesome. id go str8 to the dark room and take numerous anonymous loads just to use as lube. by about the 7th load, guys would slide in easy and splash cum on their dick and balls. id love to keep track somehow. or find someone to whore my hole out to anonymous horny guys.
  8. there are only a few beams of light. for the most part , people have to see eachother with their hands.
  9. i was in 7th grade. definitely never felt shy about my body including my ass or cock. my neighbor kid was in 2nd or 3rd grade and i guess he was leaarning how to suck dick . maybe he watched his mom & dad or maybe his dad was training him for his pleasure. i went commando on a hot day while we were sk8ing in a parking lot. he asked what kind of underwear i was wearing. right then and there i put my shorts to my knees . my dick is thick and sexy just like my ass. this kid latched on like a pro. no one had ever done that to me. one hand one my sack and one on my shaft. then he leaned in to kiss the head and boom! the poor kid was covered in my first load. and it was EVERYWHERE! we both thought i peed so he went home crying . yup. my little trophy. his dad seemed to like me more after that.
  10. I will be bent over at 442. this ass loves getting slopped up, whored out, and drilled until loads are dripping from my used cumhole. bang loads into my anon hole. no loads refused. no questions asked. anoncumbttm on bbrt. see my party ad

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