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  1. when i had a bf, i cheated on him for the entire 7 years we were together. i continuedd fucking a guy who pounded my raw ass before my bf and i were together. i wasnt a complete cumdump until i found craigslist . i posted an ad and had no idea so many guys really wanted easy breeding holes. so i let a white discrete hung redhead plow my hole and seed it with about 8 others . my ex was so ungrateful he did not even like my wet fucked hole.
  2. ive done this three times. the first time , a top guy was whoring my hole out for anon loads. maybe 7 or 8 dudes showed. but not all at the same time. just one on one and wait for the next. the next time i whored out myself, and i got less than that. ive had more success at a sex club tbh.
  3. the marriott marquis is a very nice hotel. the elevators arent heavily watched or guarded during the day. but they are during the night. its got a lot of higher end type guests so it would just seem off brand to host a cum n go type thing there. it's excellent for maybe a 5 guy all nighter though. very comfortable and sexual.
  4. ive gone twice during folsom and once during gay pride. both times i was there around 3pm or 4pm and got in really quick. no lines.
  5. ill try to help ya a bit. i also noticed kik groups are full instantly. but ive also come to find out that many of the groups are full of fake accounts. so one person (usually the leader) will have 20-30 fake accounts just to make it look like theres a lot of traffic. or there will be two very similar groups with very similar people in each, where one seems to have a lot of sexy posts and good conversation, and the other is gossip and down talking and just being snide. my advice, start your own private kik group and be very very selective of who you allow in. its supposed to be sexual an
  6. craigslist was my main source. it was easy to say exactly what you wanted and what the scene would look like. and within minutes 20-50 horny guys want the location. and where they were coming from didnt matter a bit to me. some guys drove 45-60 minutes and it didnt even matter cuz they were hot and down for action. grindr is not easy. scruff. a4a radar. or any of the location based apps. if given the option of fucking someone average looking nearby, or fucking someone who looks hot as hell beyond compare farther away, i would choose the latter. (both if possible.) and ive found that peo
  7. not sure what to put in my status... 

    the popper bottle is empty cuz some idiot top knocked them out of my hand when he was fucking me. 

    some tops man... ugh

    1. Hunter22


      Damn! That’s a mess to cleanup, specially during a fuck 

    2. anoncumbttm


      it was spilled mainly on the carpet and a towel. the smell went away . and so did the top. 

  8. for me , its a rush to be a used fucktoy by guys. and guys seem to love fucking a slutty hole. theres something about showing off while others wait and watch thats a turn on. i used to host weekly gangbangs on my raw hole on craigslist. a few straight guys did not want to fuck until at least 5 or 6 others pumped my hole first. the 16th guy to dump a load was some half black construction worker. he was impressed and watched the next guy use his cum as lube
  9. heres a pretty badass idea i had . not sure if top guys are really into it but ... let's see. im a total breed slut bottom. definitely love taking any and all loads. no race age or size requirements id love to be a 24/7 live-in fuckhole that you can lick finger pound and whore out.
  10. maybe? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c4aad5e6d860
  11. I’m a total submissive buttslut bottom . I want an owner for my cunt to tell me where and when he gets to breed it. I’m not shy about who might see . I’ll give you mouth , throat , and ass anywhere. It would really be ideal if my owner would whore my hole out occasionally. This hole doesn’t refuse loads. Hit me up if you’re my Dom
  12. i was more of a popsex/442 type of bttm. from what i hear , SW has little rooms to rent? so where would you take dick if you didnt have a room??? anyone
  13. although being a anonymous no loads recieved bottom seems like i only want dick in my ass, there are other things i want. looks goes out the window. age race you name it. but the moment a top guy takes off my socks, game over! lol. my feet get cold bbbrrrrrrrr lol very uncomfortable during sex. lol.
  14. i havent been there . maybe next week i need to find a dom top who would be down to whore my manpussy out to any horny dick that passes by
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