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  1. Beautiful man. Hope I can wear that biohazard tattoo proudly like you soon! 

  2. your biohazard tat is so BEAUTIFUL and so HONEST! thumbs up, you are encouraging all of us POZ GUYS!

  3. Teach me- you poz pig whore!

  4. sexy fucking pig! 

  5. @uglytop1990 This post makes my hole wet.. Damn sir, men like you are the reason I'm a cumdump.
  6. oh fuck yes! a gorgeous story.. just how a boy should be used. would love to read more
  7. need your strain sir.. live to serve

    1. PozBastard


      Need to fuck and fill your ass with whatever I have!!!

  8. damm your a hot toxic poz stud

  9. sir! your cock looks so thick, would love to feel you stretching me out.

  10. Hey, thnx for following. Looks like you're up for a bit of sleazy ffun  xx😋

    1. hudson0nash


      yes sir!! always looking to stretch my hole... further.. deeper.. 

  11. yes sir, i know my purpose now... to serve real men... to take their aids... to have them use my cumdump pussy... and thank them as a toxic whore should
  12. fuck yeah sir! this faggot cumdump would always serve you with a flooded cunt
  13. Fuckin'☣️ink~! Wish we is closer, or I am richer. Wood love to swap HVL loads & cumholez with you. please keep sharing your pix, and personal adventures on BZ. X🐷X

    1. hudson0nash


      Thanks daddy! It would be an honor to take your strain deep in my toxic cunt. Such a sexy pig sir! 

    2. dickluva


      Thanks for following~! 🦂

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