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  1. My Girl Friend's lover that got her pregnant sends me filled condoms, it's a turn on knowing he made her tummy swell
  2. I would love to play , I'm a versatile bottom, I am close to Asheville. I need a good breeding .
  3. After geting 3 or 4 loads , I like wearing panties all night, hold those swimmers in
  4. Just bite the bullet, take the pain, I love it, a big cock will pack em in
  5. Forest City here, hot bottom, love all loads, available most weekdays.
  6. Needing poz loads badly, for my tight hole
  7. are you close to North Carolina , I want you

  8. Raw bottom , 53 y/o, Asheville, Western North Carolina area , no loads refused , Toxic loads preferred. Email rbarber1961@hotmail.com
  9. I prefer it in my pussy , then hold the cum inside me as long as I can so I can get pregnant
  10. sounds hot , I need that kind of luck

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