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    poz sex , stds ,films , bar, bb sex , rape play ( me being one raped),group sex , any man how has a std,porn, and loads more

    Wickr bottomlad1981
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    well as it says I am a bottom only I need to meet as many men with stds as I can before I get a barbie bum ( a stoma for life so no bum hole ) so after that o will have to be a top but I want all stds I can get before

    Wickr bottomlad1981
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    None but willing to be filmed
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    Any man who’s a top that’s got any std

    Wickr bottomlad1981

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  1. Ok I am thinking of booking a room for a week who wants to come down and fuck me in the ass. also you can fuck wife and get a baby in her as I can’t have children
  2. I M on but am a bottom
  3. Dam a cum just reading that did not even need to tuch my dick I wish I was that guy that got all them pos loads
  4. My surgery I need has been cancelled
  5. I still having cancer treatment at Nottingham City Hospital but I know the std place is closed there as it’s now a screaming the Centre for the virus also in the car park outside I went there a lot after my cancer treatment but still joe got a date form there
  6. Wish I could go but I can’t travel far nowadays health problems
  7. I have meet 2 off here
  8. I live in Nottingham it’s hard to find a good fuck here
  9. I live in Nottingham near Derby I want to be a bottom for a guy for a bit take some dick
  10. I want to be raped but hey can’t rape the willing lol
  11. Hot as hell drug him more rape that ass make him bleed bad

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