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  1. Chatted with him a number of times, but never played. Apparently, he's stuck in the house with the wife and hasn't been getting any. Travelled to the office, close to my place. I was only going to blow him, swallow some nut. But, I always leave lube laying around. Great cock, full bush, low balls, hairy ass, average body, bossy attitude. on my knees working his cock, he lifts a leg and positions it on a nearby couch. I eat some ass, lick some balls. I'm really giving him some good service. He bends over and starts playing with my hole... BINGO. That's all he needed. He grabs the lube, tells me
  2. I like my throat seeded... If the plan is to get him off with my mouth, the seed is going down my throat. I never waste a drop. I have one guy who likes to hold my head on his cock. The more I eat his ass, the bigger the load. But, if I'm sucking anyone's cock, it's a foregone conclusion that we won't be seeing any of his cum. It's HOT.
  3. There's nothing more cock softening than a top who asks permission. I didn't invite him over for tea and biscuits. If I'm naked, I'm ready for whatever.
  4. I had a really hot guy who would do the same. First couple of times I was told to just be bent over the arm of the couch. I wasn't allowed to look up. Then, he told me to be blindfolded and from that point on I would suck his dick, eat his ass and then take his load. He was a LOUD cummer, which is fucking hot. Then he moved away. 😞
  5. Nothing makes me bury my face and raise my ass faster than a top who says he likes an anon pump n dump. He needs a hole, I need a cock. Have one buddy who likes me blindfolded and on my knees. I get to suck and eat some ass before he gives me his load. I've never seen his face. 🙂
  6. I joined a while ago and just saw this topic. I'm in Philadelphia. I believe cum should be shot in something - mouth or hole. I love a bossy top, but not into hardcore dom. I hate colognes or artificial scents. Musty pits make my hole quiver and dick drip. Love a top who makes me eat his ass as part of that bossiness. In the last year or so I've discovered my joy of anon pump n dump. NOTHING hotter than being naked, on my knees, and blindfolded when a top walks in. I'm good with just being ass up, face down.
  7. Hmmm, never thought of it that way. Maybe I am? When I get fucked, top dictates everything except he has to cum in me. Hate to waste the stuff.
  8. Bossy tops... I've never gotten in being totally submissive. But, I love to be told how I'm going to get off. My one rule is - cum in me. If you're fucking me, don't pull out. If I'm servicing you, shoot down my throat. My frustration is that I LOVE to eat ass, but not many top guys like it. If I start licking balls a lot, I'm trying to tell him something. I'm not looking to fuck. It's all about being good at service and getting the top off. What do you guys think?
  9. It's intoxicating. The taste and smell of a man's cock is like nothing else. I love being on my knees, especially if he's standing. My fetish is eating tops' asses. I will cum more than once if I'm servicing a top and he "makes" me eat his ass. And when he cums, just like my hole, there's no pulling out. I swallow every drop. I've gotten good at positioning the head of his cock just right so the first squirt hits the back of my throat and I can feel it.
  10. Yes! There's nothing worse than false advertising; when a video says it's a breeding video and the top pulls out.
  11. I'll take any cock up my ass, but uncut seems to need less lube. I had a buddy with a 9x6" uncut who didn't take no for an answer (my favorite). That foreskin made it slide in more easily.
  12. Same here. I've turned a hot man or two away because he wanted to wrap it up. Ultimately, that feeling of a man's cock pumping as he unloads in me is what I'm always looking for.
  13. Hi, I'm a cock-sucking, ass-eating bottom. I love a bossy top, but not intense dom. I don't do spitting or slapping. LOVE to be blindfolded, naked, and ready for use. If I play, it's just because I want your load(s). I don't need kisses or cuddles. Give me dick.
  14. I like quickie pump n dumps. I have a sheet glory hole and invited a top over. I love musty pits, but a clean ass and cock. i sucked his dick, even ate his ass (for any tops, this is a HUGE turn on for me) and then he asked to see my ass. I gladly showed him. He spit on his dick, so I handed him lube. I lifted the sheet so that it rested on my back and he had full access. His cock was average, but perfect. He pounded me good and left his nut in me. I could feel it fill me up. He got dressed and left. My favorite.
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