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    Sucking, LOVE ❤️❤️❤️ swallowing, body contact.
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    Been Bi since 13, swung for 17 years of a 30 year marriage.
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    Real contacts and friends. Moving over to be gay 😎

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  1. Yes. I would mind pictures taken using my phone, so I have them.
  2. Love ❤️❤️♠️♠️ Cock. Miss it, but hard to find in my general area who likes older.
  3. Brother and cousin when we were both young.
  4. Black, the cock taste good and the cum is so sweet. Hard to find in my general area who likes older.
  5. Hooked the first time I did it at 13, sucking a 16YO.
  6. I embarrass to say, but I need a cock in the mouth 🤪
  7. I have to agree with one of the administrators who wrote about body development of younger girls due to a study about certain chicken. Younger generation, female and male are developing faster because of the hormones and other things that they put in most food to preserve them. Our food today is made to keep and last longer then it did in the past when things were fresh and eaten daily. So I do agree, it’s the preserved drugs in the food that develops the bodies faster, thus opening the door to sexually experiences and curious about the body.
  8. I like your story, because it seems real, not some fantasy story, Because nothing happen. None of know who may be on a site or what friend or relative is gay or bi and doing the same thing.
  9. For me, like many, we explored our own bodies, once we woke up one day in puberty, our dick was hard and naturally touch, rub, it feels good and than Discover White stuff comes out if it 😎. I eventually JO with my older brother for three years. I’m sure our mother figure out or knew what those stains on our white briefs were.
  10. Bymike


    Growing up, I think to a point it’s natural. When I was 12, my brother was 3 years older, we would JO together in bed, feeling each other up. Then it was BJ’s, every chance we had, I want to such his cock. This lasted three years, he taught me how to French kiss, don’t know who taught him. Also during that period, did the same with a cousin who I only saw on the holidays, my house or his. We were about 18 when we stopped. But because of that, I never stop loving cock. I’m 64 now 😎.
  11. The problem with condoms for me. Is that once I put that rubber on, the hard on soon disappears.
  12. Hi, new member from Boston ( Revere to be exact ) 64YO. Started sucking when I was 13, the usual growing up thing, JO , then BJ exchange with older brother, then cousin. Been Bi every since. Was married for 30 years, swung 17 years of those. Have MMF, MMMF. Sucked a lot of chick over the years, but hard to find lately. But have tons of good experience over the years.
  13. Addicted to black cock, but hard to find in my general area who like older men. It’s all young for young. Got addicted along with X wife when we were swinging. She was the magnet and I benefited from that.
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