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    Prefer Total Tops but I’m open to and accept all cock/ cum.

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    Total bottom boy in NYC. Love getting fucked and taking loads.

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  1. Some amount of precum and regular cum would leak out the Top’s cock while fucking raw. That would be enough to cause/ transmit anything. How would taking the load be any different? I guess in terms of volume yeah, but otherwise all raw sex is risky regardless if he pulls out or not. It’s a natural consequence one must accept when going raw, especially as a bottom. You can communicate with the Top if you don’t want him to cum inside you, but most Men are driven by the instinct to conquer and breed a hole. So it’s really a hit or miss if he will honor the request.
  2. I’m also in chastity 24/7, so shaving around my clit is essential. It makes my cage more secure and minimizes pain from the hair being pulled. I barely have any hair around my hole naturally. Only about 4-5 little hairs, which I always shave. lol. I think it’s better for taking loads. The Top’s babies can swim inside my hole more easily and not get stuck on the hairs. 😄
  3. A lot of Tops ask me to push my hole out while they are fucking me. I don’t question it. I just do as I’m told. Although I am curious. Tops, why do you enjoy that? Does it feel better or do you like seeing the hole being dragged around? or some other reason? I’ll keep pushing my hole out whenever I’m told, and I also like how it feels. But I just always wondered why so many Tops like it. haha.
  4. I think that’s a good idea. It’s a great compromise cause I still get to binge on Men’s piss occasionally and still be properly hydrated. And yes I am a urinal for all Men. 💦👅
  5. I would never film a Top without his consent. However, I don’t mind being filmed at all. Even with my face showing and the Top doesn’t even have to ask me beforehand. He can post wherever he wants, anywhere. It’s his right. It’s okay if the world sees what a faggot cumdump I am. No worries here. 👌🏻
  6. I love ‘cumdump’ It perfectly describes what I am and my purpose for being. Just a warm, cocksleeve where Men can dump their load in. No questions asked and no load refused. If you need to shoot a load, my hole is available. ‘Poz Faggot’ is nice too and very accurate, but I don’t want it to make any Top hesitant to use me. ‘Fuckslut’ is cute, but doesn’t make it clear how dirty I am. ‘Cumdump’ would imply how much of a dirty slut I could be, without being so obvious and turning some Tops away. I’m really considering it now. lol. 😅
  7. I think for me, it’s always better to drink straight from tap. It feels nicer going down and I don’t miss a single drop. 😄 Although I get that isn’t always possible, especially in public. I think something like a coffee cup is the most convenient way to drink piss discreetly. Glass is fine, but not easy to carry and is transparent. Plastic as you said, can’t handle it and just tastes weird. A coffee cup is meant to handle warm liquid and is totally opaque. You can also enjoy the piss more slowly. 😋
  8. I recently discovered just how much I love Men’s spit. I think it’s become my favorite Male fluid after cum and piss. I mostly love it if it ends up in my mouth for me to swallow. More DNA for me. 😋 I’ll swallow any random anon Man’s spit. Multiple rounds of spit. The thicker the better. 😍
  9. I love choking on cock. Especially when the Top puts his hands behind my head and shoves my head forcefully towards him. I NEVER EVER resist or push back. The Top is always in control and he decides when I get relief. I make my body weak until the Tops decides idea to pull my head back. Sadly I still have a gag reflex but maybe someday my throat will be so bruised it can react anymore. 😊 I also loved being choked by a Top’s strong hands. Pleasing him is more important than oxygen for me. One time a Top choked me until I was unconscious for a few seconds. It was such a rush. No Top has don
  10. There’s a local Top that wants me to drink nothing but his piss(or others guys’ piss if he can’t supply enough) moving forward. No juice, soda, or even plain water. Piss should be my only form of hydration. He says piss should be what I start and end my day with. He says it’s actually very healthy and has some benefits. While I trust him, I was wondering if anyone knew if this was safe long-term. I’m more than willing give up all beverages in favor of piss🥰, but want to know if there are any potential complications. I’m particularly concerned about my teeth and kidneys. I don’t know what
  11. I’m into many things and very open-minded. But most of all I love being corrupted by Tops, I love when Tops corrupt my mind and try to use me to fulfill their fantasies. It’s how I became a total cumdump bottom, and it’s awesome. If it is wasn’t for the twisted thoughts of some Tops I don’t know if I would have the confidence to be a chaser, try ws, or let anon guys load me up, etc. I’m thankful for the corruption over the years and can’t wait for more. I love my limits tested and boundaries pushed. I’m so easy to brainwash and live to please Men. 😍
  12. Although I live in NYC, it is extremely rare to find a Middle Eastern Man on any of the typical apps. Those that do appear tend to be second or third generation American. It’s very unfortunate. What I appreciate about them however, is how straightforward they are IRL. Many have come up to me on the street or try to engage with me while in a Uber. Needless to say they end up fucking me as I would never deny them and honestly, they deserve to use a slut like me It’s fascinating how dejected from the “gay community” they are. I’ve talked to them and many don’t even know what things li
  13. I can only speak on my experience as a cumdump bottom. But here’s why I like it. Firstly, there’s no need to go through the draining “selection” process of picking who gets to fuck me. Anon is so simple, if you have a cock you can fuck me. There’s no need to worry about a Top flaking cause it’s all anon. Another one can just take over. 😅 Also, there’s no pressure since I may or may not see that Top again. I could pass by him on the street and not even know he was in me. I’m sure it’s less pressure on the Top too, especially those who are DL or have a partner. They don’t need to worr
  14. These responses are awesome! I’m all for maximizing the amount of Male DNA that enters my body. 😋 Now after every Top dumps their load in me, I want them to finish by dumping their spit in my mouth. Maybe it’ll be standard practice someday. lol. 😌 Gotta make each hole take as much as possible.
  15. I’ve never met a cumdump who doesn’t do ATM, including me. It just comes with the label. I will never hesitate taking a cock in my mouth directly after it’s been in my hole. I will take it immediately. I also don’t mind if it’s after it’s been in another bottom’s hole. If a raw cock needs to be clean, my mouth is there. 😝
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