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  1. You zeroed in on some of the things I don't like about Flex. Especially the Tina groups that take over the deluxe video rooms and act like they own the place. I'm okay with all the drugs except for the fact that, as a bottom, I get a little tired of looking for a hard cock at Flex for my hole and instead being offered a limp, Tina dick to suck (seemingly forever, never get hard, rarely cum). Place is dead in the afternoon, but begins to fill up a bit after 5 or 6pm. Still, even then, a lot of tweakers. You might not have been so comfortable at Midtowne. Way less drugs and a low tole
  2. I hit Midtowne yesterday. Went mid afternoon and it was kinda slow, but at 4pm it started to pick up like the old days. Alternated between sucking cock and swallowing loads in the glory hole room upstairs (a particularly fine BBC, I just wish he had also fucked me) and taking anon cock ass up in my room. One of my favorite regulars from Pre-Covid days surprised me and fucked me for a solid half hour. He's an amazing top, poz, you can see the wasting in his face, and how vascular he is around his belly and groin. What a treat. But most of the guys were more of a pump and dump scene. By 6
  3. Was there yesterday. They are open. Also Midtowne and Noho Spas are now open part of the week.
  4. Too bad Midtowne Spa is still closed. They used to have amazing Bears and Bellies nights where the place would be full of big guys, fucking like animals. There were always a few fit tops who regularly came and enjoyed breeding bears like me. Obviously a fetish. One hot guy came almost every time and just sat in the gloryhole room on one of the step risers while pig after pig fed on his cock. He wouldn't let regular guys touch him. You had to be big. Its a special feeling to get bred by a big guy. Usually, even if he's hung huge, he has to figure out where to put his belly. Usually I f
  5. Flex, but its closed again till May 28 for shooting a Netflix show. They don't check bags or backpacks anymore. Huge clouds there. Usually couple guys dealing. Small groups take over the big double bed rooms and often have a tweaked bottom who can't get enough cock.
  6. Was a safe top all through the 90's. Had a lingering wish to try bottoming, but I guess I was too afraid I would like it. Around 2010, I finally got the courage to try bottoming on the old Craigs List. Totally wrapped up dicks for the first several years. At first it would just be one hook up a night. I lived near a university and I started inviting more than one college student to come, bring a friend, roommate, etc. 1 cock became 2 and 2 became 4 or 5 a night. Still all safe. A few years into bottoming, I talked myself into the idea that I was taking no real risk if I let the co
  7. Was there on opening day. Not a bad crowd at all. Ass up, all fours in my room, took a few loads and left satisfied. Not my favorite place at all, but I've been vaxed and have been super horny for a slut experience. Really hoping Midtowne reopens soon. Also Slammers.
  8. Getting to know the new Sniffies app. Yesterday afternoon a picture of a BBC popped up on my screen just a walk away from my house. Hadn't been planning on getting fucked, but quickly said yes, rushed to the shower to clean out, threw on some basketball shorts, sandals and a wife beater and was on my way. He answered the door with just a towel, closed the door and pushed to my knees. A really nice fat cock emerged from the towel and I began sucking like my life depended on it. He was already hard and it didn't take much slobbing to get him rock hard. He pulled me up and dragged me to
  9. Flex Spa in Hollywood opened yesterday for the first time in a year after Southern California's COVID numbers finally started to go way down. I've been pretty careful about sex even though I'm usually a daddy bear bathhouse pig slut bottom, but I'm vaccinated a few weeks, so thought I'd check it out. Decent crowd, usual mix of tweakers, BBC's, latin boys and daddies and a few white bottom guys like me hoping to get filled up. Masks on in the halls and all the public areas, so nothing happening anywhere except the rooms. I propped my door open, lowered the lights and waited on my bed,
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