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Do you prefer being naked or wearing some clothing (fetish or not) when having sex?

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38 minutes ago, NastyBBFuckPIG said:

Never naked sex, alway in gear, love full leather and all my leather pants are with full zip, so very easy to fuck and get fucked in full leather ;)

Similar mate; always like fucking in Leather. Love guys with an ass zip too. Easy access.

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Guest Bottom303cumslut

I like to always have some clothing on. Depending on who I'm trying to please I like a couple of different things. Going to an arcade or just going out, I love to wear a hot jock and soccer shorts. Favorite right now is a black mesh feels so good. If I am trying to please my dealer I love to show up in sexy panties and more. Both make me feel nice and slutty.

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I like totally naked with a cock ring on. Or my balls tied at the top of the sack. Easier to play with them and get a good grip on them....lol

I think there should be many more places where we can be naked all the time. 

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Inside I normally go completely naked when having sex with a guy.  Outside, I normally wear a pair of work boots and nothing else.  When I fuck at the gay theatre, I usually strip off my cutoffs, t-shirt and just stand naked in my work boots.  Can get that way in about 30 seconds.

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On 3/8/2018 at 8:49 AM, 4BareCocks said:

I usually wear a Pump jockstrap when I'm at a Bathhouse or Bookstore and I want to have sex. The word Pump over my  almost bare ass let's everyone know what I want!

Literally buying that jock for the same reason. I like to wear cloths makes me feel more slutty as the only clothing I wear accentuates the pounding that I want. That being said I expect my top to tell me to remove it or take it off himself if he would rather me be bare. 

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