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Anyother bottoms have trouble saying no to a Top

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Guest BritBottom

The membership of breeding zone covers a broad range of preferences and activities, I have no problem with that and it is enlightening to hear the various personal perspectives and motivations of others and would never criticise anyone for their choices or preferences. I have been impressed that some of the posters on here who have given me cause to think about and examine my own motivations. So my personal view is what follows.

I am here because I like bareback sex. I’m a bottom who gets off by by being fucked raw, skin on skin, no barriers to physical intimacy and that includes actively wanting my fuckers to orgasm inside me and be inseminated with their semen. In that sense I am a true submissive, being fucked is done to me. I make myself vulnerable and discard the person I normally am to instinctive carnal rutting. I don’t consider myself as less of a man because I take cock, quite contrary.

For me sex is an encounter between two men. I am attracted to masculinity but that is not defined by physique, the size of his muscles or his cock but by the whole man. Men who are comfortable with who they are and confident in being male attract me, they have a natural masculinity that does not need to be imposed. Men who adopt or exaggerate a macho image, often to cover insecurity, and especially those who expect that alone to impress me are of no interest.

Whilst not being critical of their needs, unlike other members I do not consider myself a vessel for any man to fuck or deposit his load. I am not an object, I don’t keep count of the fucks or loads, I’m not in any competition the only prize I want is to give and get a good time. I will not allow anyone to bully, intimidate or harm me. I belong to me, no one owns me or has any rights over me other than those I choose to grant them. That said, I really love getting fucked, but its I engage fully, and I like to finish what I start so it would take a lot for me to object.

Try, as I have, I cannot define what what makes a specific man attractive, it doesn't seem to be a type, it is almost instinctive and very wide ranging. I chose who fucks me on my own criteria and mostly on instinct. Naturally, the reverse is also true, just because I want him doesn't mean he wants me.

It can be a quick shag or an all-nighter but it has to a mutual need or desire or attraction between two people, so I have no problem saying NO.

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Sorry but that’s horseshit. Fine in fantasy not so good in real life.

Everyone, and I mean everyone......all bottoms, tops and in between. Everyone is entitled to set their own limits. What you set as a limit maybe differ from what other people set as limits. And everyone has the right to say no whenever they want, even after sex starts. It doesn’t make them any more or less of anything. It makes them human.

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On 12/5/2013 at 3:52 PM, Pigmansex said:

When I am in bottom mode it's all about being compliant and makeing sure the top is getting off. I have a very hard time saying that a position or the way he is fucking me doesn't feel good or even causes pain. I just like to keep my mouth shut and take it. This probably has a lot ot do with why i started bare backing. ...  Do other bottoms feel this way? ... Sometimes I've had tops who I thought were being rough just to see how much I could take.

When I bottom, I get in a headspace where I consider myself nothing more than a fuckhole with no say in how the Fucker will use me. Part of the joy of fuckholing for me is giving everything up to the Fucker, to his hard cock, to get his sacred seed. I NEED the Fucker to use me as he needs to give me the hottest, biggest load he can. My needs do not enter into the equation. 

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