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Married Couple Looking For A Third

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*grin* Still hoping for the dudes to enjoy a few stogies, as I mentioned awhile back, but thats my only suggestion. But hey, I have a fetish for barebacking cigarmen :)

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I don't want this story to end! I say go back to the twins or new characters in the same universe so we can see some of the guys pop up again

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You could also bring back the business partner who set up the hotel orgy... Or the couple with the jacuzzi. :P

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Or I could bring back both, (Zach, Matt and Josh) in the final part. But for now, here is the second last part.

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Sam and Surprises.

It was a Friday and I had taken the day off from work. Ben was working and I had not told him what I would be doing that morning. Visiting the clinic to get the results of my blood work. I had finally decided to get the “official results”. I also knew that Sam worked from home and I thought it was time to get together with him for some one on one fucking.

Sam had given me his phone number that day he met up with Ben and me for a threesome. He had slipped it in my pocket while Ben was not looking. I was done with the clinic early and I sent Sam a quick text:

Me: “Busy today? Want to get together? Just you and me.”

Sam: “Sure. Only if I can fuck you bareback.”

Me: “Fuck yeah. That’s what I’m looking for. I’m free the rest of the day.”

Sam: “My balls are full and my ass is itching for a fuck. Anytime. Right now?”

Me: “Fuck yeah. I’ll be there in about five minutes.”

Sam: “Hot. I’ll be waiting and ready.”

I parked my car and walked over to Sam’s place.  This was going to be fun and I had a few little surprises up my sleeve for Sam. I walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Sam to a few moments to answer.

He opened the door wearing only a tight pair of red bike shorts and a t-shirt. He was already hard and pushing out an obscene bulge in his pants. He grinned. “I wondered how long it would take you to hook up with me alone. As you can see I am looking forward to fucking you. I wanted to fuck your ass from the moment I met you.” I grinned back. “When I found out that Ben was seeing you on the side I wanted to try some of what he was getting. And he got your load that day. Not me. Wasn’t fair. He’d got it before.” He closed the door behind me and spoke. “True. But I got your load then and now I’m going to return the favor.”

He started deep kissing me while simultaneously unbuckling my belt and unzipping my fly. He sank to his knees and started slobbering all over my dick. It did not take me long to get rock hard.  Same stopped sucking, stood up and said one word. “Bedroom!” He grabbed me and led me in and pushed me onto the bed, still fully clothed. He climbed on top of me and started kissing me extremely passionately, lie a man possessed. This wasn’t going to be “just a fuck”, but something more. I sensed “a whole lot more.”

By now the front of Sam’s shorts had a huge slick see through spot from all the pre-cum he was leaking. He was grinding his crotch into mine leaving slick trails on the front of my jeans. He sat back with a hungry look in his eyes. “Now I’m going to undress you and you can undress me.” We did so and I was surprised by the sensuousness of his touch as he slowly removed all my clothes.

He maneuvered himself around so the we lying on our sides facing each other crotch to mouth. We sucked and licked each other’s dick and asshole for about ten minutes and I loved the copious amounts of tasty pre-cum that was streaming out of his dick. Then he worked a finger into my hole, pushed it in as deep as he could then slid it out and put it into his mouth. “Mmmmmm. You’ve been a bad boy. I can taste cum on my finger along with your ass juices. You came here already fucked ready to be fucked.” 

He looked straight at me. “I know you guys have an agreement to only play safe with others but unless that’s Ben’s cum you’ve been cheating. I’m going to fuck you now, and it’s going to be bareback. And I’m going to breed you” And just to reinforce the point continued, “No condom.” I smiled.  “No, that’s not Ben’s cum.” Sam grinned. “Dirty cheating cum-slut. I love it. I’m going to fill your cheating ass.” “That’s why I’m here. For your load. After I saw you fucking Ben with the burst condom and cumming in his ass I would not want it any other way.  I am sure that it was not the first time you filled his guts with your load.”

Sam grinned, “You got that right buddy. The first time we fucked again a couple of months ago it was raw, and he did not say anything.  He took my raw dick like a champ. The next time he asked for a condom and I told him that he was not going to catch anything he could not have caught the first time. Since then we have fucked regularly when you were out of town, and we always loaded each other’s asses. And then when we hooked up with Matt and Josh one day he took both of their loads as well.” 

I bent over and went down on my hands and knees. “Now I’m going to take your load, then after you’ve cum inside me I’m going to breed you while I have a load of your cum in my guts.” His massive dick was still slick with spit from the blow job. He maneuvered it to press against my anus, and then slowly pressed in against the initial resistance of my ring. I felt the walls of my chute stretch to encompass the girth that was slowly sliding its way up to the inner sphincter. Once he was balls deep in my ass he started fucking with long slow strokes, making sure that he penetrated me as deeply as possible. 

“You wanted this the other day, didn’t you? But Ben got it instead, huh? Came to see me without your husband knowing. Dirty little cheat you. I’m going to seed your ass good. I want you so bad.”

“Yeah, Sam. Breed me deep. Shoot your load deep into my cheating cunt.”

Sam didn’t really need any encouragement as he started fucking me rapidly. It seemed that he had no intention of making this a long fuck. It didn’t take long before he was coating the walls of my bowels with a massive load.  He waited just long enough to catch his breath after the climax before withdrawing from my gaping hole. “I could fuck your tight ass all day every day, but a deal’s a deal. Now you fuck me!”

He turned around and went down and I entered him doggy style, like he had fucked me. His ass was slick and sloppy. I was deep dicking him with slow long strokes, enjoying the wet sounds of sex and his juicy hole. I had to say something. “You called me a bad boy because I had a load up my ass, but I swear you have a couple of loads up there.” He laughed. “Yup. Got fucked at lunchtime by two guys at the mall. Now fuck me harder and give my third load.” I started pounding him hard. “You slut. You’ll take anyone’s load won’t you?” I rammed him some more. He just grunted acknowledgement and then said. “But I want your load more than theirs.” I did not expect that response so I continued as if I had not heard him. “You don’t even ask them about their status or care either, do you?” I felt myself getting close. “I’m going to breed you. Load you up with my potent seed.” I started cumming and I thrust in as deep as I could go. “My toxic cum.” Sam remained silent, as if he was realizing for the first time what I was saying.

I still had my dick deep in his chute with my crotch rammed against his ass when I spoke again. “I know about Matt and Josh. I saw their profiles and statuses and yours as well. Poz and probably poz. I bought a home test recently and was at the clinic today to confirm the results. Not neg. High viral load. And then the then the nurse who told me the news took me to his office and made me fuck him. And he returned the favor. That’s why I had cum in my ass.” I waited a few moments for it all to sink in. Sam pulled away from me, letting my cock slide out of his well-used hole and turned around. “Fuck yeah! Poz cum in my cunt”. 

He paused then continued “and Ben?” “I haven’t told Ben yet. He has not been tested. But from the flu he got before me, he must be poz and gave it to me, and I’m guessing you gave it to him.”  Sam looked shocked, but only for a moment. “I guess I have taken a few risks in the year since I started barebacking. After all, by my count I’ve taken more than two hundred loads over that time. You really think Ben got it from me?” “Probably.  We only started fucking around in the last couple of weeks, after we both had the flu. And before that it was only you and the hot couple in the neighborhood he was talking about as a potential third or more. And your profile states that you don’t know your status and don’t care about the status of the guys fucking you” “I guess you are right. When we got together, and then with Matt and Josh he seemed a little oblivious to the risks. I guess I need to get myself tested soon.”
I looked at him mischievously.  “These friends of yours Matt and Josh, their new dick pics clearly show their new biohazard tats. I’ve been messaging them. They told me they knew they were poz before they met you.” 

Now Sam was genuinely shocked. “What the fuck! They knew they were poz and still convinced me to go bareback with them. Start hosting team BB parties and everything.” I smiled at him. “Those little red scorpions on their swimsuits that some of the guys have that you don’t have? Matt and Josh give you a second swimsuit when you test poz. Get yourself tested and I am sure that you will have earned one! I’ve been communicating with them, planning a little surprise party for Ben. They are going to keep their tattoos covered until both Ben and I have been fucked by them, and then they will reveal their tats and see Ben’s reaction.”  

Sam looked at me for a moment before speaking. “The nurse you fucked after you got your results, is he poz or neg? Welcome to the club or…”
“Not welcome to the club, but ‘or’. Neg, which is why he wanted me to fuck him with my high viral load.”  I paused. I could see the confusion in his eyes. As if too much was going on in his head. 

“Sam, don’t hate me for knowingly loading you with poz cum. Matt, and Josh, Zach and Jeremy…..”

Sam was close to tears. He answered quietly. “No, I don’t hate you. I don’t hate you. I hate myself.” I pulled him towards me and hugged him tight. “It’s OK Sam. You did nothing wrong. You didn’t hurt anyone.”

Sam looked me directly in the eyes before replying. “I am one fucked up mess. When we were in college Ben and I could have been in a relationship, not just roommate fuckbuddies. Then I messed it all up big time because I wasn’t ready to commit. Then I met him again and I was thrilled, but I heard about you and I wanted to hate you for having Ben and I couldn’t. When you guys came over to fuck two weeks ago I was ready to despise you but instead I……” he trailed off into silence.


“The opposite. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”

Talk about a curved ball. I hadn’t seen this coming. Complications. I hugged him tight and kissed him passionately. “Sam, you are not a fucked up mess. I think Ben really likes you, and I know I do. So we can work this out.”

Sam just smiled and I felt him relax in my arms, as if a load had been lifted from his shoulders. After a few minutes of lying together in silence Sam spoke. “So Brandon. About the party we are throwing for Ben. This nurse from the clinic, he obviously is looking for toxic cum. Maybe you can invite him. Then we can all breed him and he can test us, before or after.”

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    • By PopperMeUp79
      Got into Atlanta last night, staying in a hotel downtown. This morning I had some time and logged into BBRTS. Chatted a few guys, but everyone was one their way to work. One guy hit me up who was working down the block and was thinking he could come over. There were long pauses in his messaging, so I figured he was either at work or flaking. He also never unlocked his pics, though I didn’t ask him to, either. I liked the vibe in his messages and the cock pic. Meanwhile another guy hits me up from one of the other hotels in the area; he seems pretty serious, and we get chatting. The first guy responds again, saying he’s on his way and needs the room number and asking which tower I am in. The latter part of the question told me he knew the hotel and had visited here before.
      The first guy arrives wearing his work clothes and a light jacket. Handsome bearish guy, about 5’11” with dark hair and a beard. I was immediately attracted and glad I took the risk. I’m wearing nothing but jogging pants which I shuck as he pulls out his soft cock. I drop to my knees and start sucking. I quickly felt his cock responding in my mouth, gradually getting firmer and filling more of my mouth. I took a hit of poppers and went down on him again. His cock grew to an easy 7 1/2 inches, thick head, and getting wider at the base. I was wondering how much work it would be to take him. 
      I stood up, reached for the lube n the nightstand, and slicked his cock. I had pre-lubed my hole with a little Vaseline while he was on his way up. I laid back on the bed with my ass at the edge, He didn’t even both undressing, just pushed his pants down to his thighs and pulled up his shirt tails — it was hot! This guy was strictly here for some hole and his own pleasure. He posoiioned his cock at my hole while I took a long drag on my poppers. He slid in slowly, and my hole stretched right around that thick piece. I was kinda surprised how easily it went. He started pumping, standing over me fully dressed while I was butt ass naked in front of him. He pounded away, his face showing how much he was enjoying himself. 
      “Fuck that hole is tight.”
      I could tell this was gonna be a quick fuck, so I focused on how hot his raw cock felt. He used long strokes, thrusting back in and drawing out fairly quickly. I was grunting and encouraging him, flexing my ass muscles to help milk his cock. His eyes were locked on me and he grinned. 
      “What did you come to do?” I asked him.
      ”Breed you.” He started pumping faster, and breathing heavier. His thrusts were harder now, and his head rolled back. “Fuck Yeah!” He says. And he’s pounding away. I knew he was feeling his cum shot building. He finally lets loose, spraying his load inside me. His face was a grimace as he edged between intense pleasure and hypersensitivity that was almost painful for his cock. I clenched my ass muscles, trying to drain his cock. “Push it all the way in me.” He stayed in me, panting, for a good minute or two. Then pulls out. I could feel some of his cum beneath the head of his cock ooze out and down my hole as he pulled out. He pulled up his pants and headed for the door. Quick exchange of thank you’s, and he was gone. No names, though he dropped me a note on BBRTS later saying thanks and how hot my hole was.
      The second guy showed up about half hour later. Thinner and shorter, he had a nice cock. I was more into the first guy, but had agreed to meet so I was obligated to give up my hole. He told me he was poz, and I said I’m neg and on prep. This was a quick fuck, as well, with me poppering up and offering my hole to his raw cock and load. If you’re gonna offer your hole raw, you’re obligated to take his load. It was an easy fuck. He had a decent cock, though it wasn’t as robust as the first guy’s, so I wasn’t feeling the same intensity. He fucked me about 10 minutes, and I was riding the wave of poppers and getting into being a cumdump this morning. I had one load in me, and knew I could have the second.
      ”Breed that hole. That’s what you want to do, isn’t it?”
      He was breathing fast, but he was athletically built and had good stamina. He wasn’t breaking a sweat, but had a solid rhythm. He was watching his cock pump in and out of my hole, then suddenly looked up into my eyes, his mouth open, and shot without any warning. He emptied his seed with slow, deep strokes, taking his time to pleasure himself. I felt the long, slow pull of his cock leaving my hole. 
      He left a couple minutes later after washing up quick. He was a little more conversive, but still left quickly.
      neither of them showed any concern for me getting off, or asked if I wanted to. Both did a pump-n-dump and left. That was really hot, and I stood in the room stroking my cock thinking about the two loads in me from these nameless guys who came and went. 
      I’m in Atlanta two more nights, and I can tell I want to cumdump again and again while I’m here, and take as many cocks as I can.
    • By catcher4you
      I was in LA for a few days for work. After spending a day standing on my feet, I felt that I deserved a break and a massage. I found a hot guy on another site who did massages and was a top with a nice 8” dick. I made an appointment and cleaned out before heading over.
      We both got naked for the massage and he was really hot. Handsome, a nice hairy and fit body, and a great looking cock. When I caught a glimpse of his hairy ass, I knew we were going to do much more than a simple massage. 
      I got on the table face down and he gave me a really good massage. When he told me to flip over, my hard cock was immediately apparent. While massaging my chest, his cock and balls would rub against my face and I stuck my tongue out to give them a few licks. When he started really stroking my cock, I told him that I wanted to eat his ass. He bent over his sofa and presented his hairy hole to me. I dove in and licked, sucked and chewed on his hot pucker, making him moan loudly. I ate his ass for about 10 minutes when he decided he wanted to fuck me. Luckily, I had cleaned out before coming over so I was ready. His profile said “condom only” but he told me he liked to fuck bare. I bent over the massage table and he slid into me. He fucked me deep and hard and was soon filling my ass with his load. After that, I dressed and went out to get an Uber back to my hotel. 
      In the Uber, I logged onto another site to see if any of my buddies were around. One guy in WeHo was on. We had almost hooked up the previous day but it was too late for me. I asked if he wanted to fuck a seeded hole and he responded with a “fuck, yeah”. I asked the Uber if we could go to Hollywood instead and we drove that way. 
      I had to wait outside for a little while when I got there but my too showed up soon. He is bi and didn’t want to suck or kiss, but he loved to rim my ass and fuck me. We played for over an hour before he loaded me up with my second load of the night. 
      Now I went back to the hotel and found a hot, young, hairy, uncut guy who wanted to do a late night hookup. I asked if he wanted to come over and he told me he’d be there around 1 AM. He liked ripe pits and cummy holes so I laid naked on the bed to wait for him.
      When he showed up, he was way hotter than his pics. He quickly stripped down too and I started sucking his uncut cock. He really wanted to fuck and told me he could cum a few times. He entered my cum filled ass easily and shot his first load. He went off to clean out and shower, so I played with my ass while he was away. He came out, all clean and sexy, and laid down next to me. Now, we got into some kissing, rimming and sucking before he shoved his thick cock into me and gave me another load. We cuddled and fooled around some more until he was ready again. This time was slow and sensuous and it took him a long time to cum meh worked all the loads inside me into a nice frothy mixture before dumping his last load of the night into me. I cleaned off his spent cock, enjoying the taste of the cum and my ass on it. 
      That night, I took 5 loads from 3 guys. It was hot riding around from fuck to fuck in an Uber, with my ass loaded up but the driver totally unaware. I look forward to repeating this on another trip soon. 
    • By MiaSlut24
      Hi Boy.
      I hope you take the time to read and coment on my post since i am taking the time to write my experience though processes and emotions  though out this real life moment. 
       i will be writing this  in a series  of short  post rather then one super long super detail post that might lose your interest.  so as long as you guys show interest and comment then i shall keep writing  for you guy. 
      Part ONE
      The idea on an anonymous cum dump is something me and my BFF have always talked about and planned  in in secret and fantasized but never really had any idea how to do it or the guts to do it.  we both know  what we've done and  she is the only person i have ever told all my secrets to.  she was one of my first high school friends and we have been close ever since then no matter what.  
      It all began at some point in the week. it had been a while since we had seen anyone and are hormones must have been high cuz all we could talk about was sex.     we talked and searched the net for hot stories and dirty context.  we came up on a Craigslist post  about a guy wanting to anonymous breed a girl no questions asked.  we googled Anon Sex and ran into a tone of gay porn. we where so turned on by these guys spreed open on all fours taking other random guys bareback and shooting there loads into there ass.  it was pretty gay lol but the idea was super hot. we started tossing ideas and what ifs and so forth and soon we where both over the edge and desperate  for some dick.  we talked about all the pros and cons, risk  and how we would go about setting something like this up.   we both wanted it but for obvious  reasons where a bit scared.   at the time i was 21 she  had just turned 22. so we started off by testing out how many men would actually do this. we posted an AD on craigslist  seeking straight men to fuck bareback and cream pie  no questions asked. to my surprise  the next morning my inbox was full with guys lining up to participate.  seeing my inbox with  over 50  emails of random all color and size cock was crazy hot.  it was at that point i knew i wanted to go forward with it. 
      My BBF came over that   night and we worked out the who, when ,where parts.   for safety reasons we agreed that we would both be in the room but only one would participate while the other watched and kept things under control/.  we   drew name to see who would go first and my name was picked out.  so the planning began. 
      We looked  for a motel  with and hourly rate and booked it for 3 hours. that was going to be the limit  half hour setting up 2 hours for who ever showed up and  the final half hours for clean up or just chilling and talking about what just went down. 
      We planned for a saturday night to make sure we both were free and to guy the men the best possible chance of them being free. 
      plus it gave us time to rest  the next day.
      THE GUYS
      we averaged out 15 minutes  per guy as this was not about who could last the longest but instead of how many we could do in the set time  period.  I began emailing back guys  hows cock stood out and got my attention.   we figured 8-10 guys  but emailed 15 in case there was no shows.  after some time we narrowed it down to the 15 men  and gave them the location a time and a number  for there order. 
       the only question that where asked to the men was there cock size, there backgound,  nothing else mattered. 
      4 American 
      5 Blacks 
      3 Hispanics 
       3 Europen 
      we started  the  mid size cocks  then the large ones and if time permitted the smallest cocks last. 
      For safety reasons we told a Male friend to be in the car in the parking lot ready for anything. 
      So after a  two days of talking and planning it was set and ready to go down. 
       The Plan was that i would be blindfolded  and placed in the middle of one of the motel beds on all fours with my ass up in the air.  The door would be left unlocked  they walk in fuck cum and go. Mt bbf was there to keep  track of things since i would be blindfolded. 
      Hope you like the start of this i figure there would be 5-6 parts to this so  show some love leave your comments and ill write part 2  when i have ur attentions. 
      if i missed anything  you might want to know so far in the story leave you questions. 
    • By pozboy
      What's the oldest guys who started fucking with other men? I was 60, though I'd been thinking about it for a while. Didn't even know if I'd enjoy it, didn't know id anyone would want me. I'd never wanted to use condoms, so I didn't. Inevitably I got poz. Went to the clinic and when my figures said I was at risk, went on meds. Met my partner 12 years ago, married him. Sometimes I wished I been more depraved - had the offer of group pozzing by a bent cop in NYC, who could get any drugs I wanted, but chickened out. What's other older guys' experience like?
    • By 69nowhere69
      Anonymous motel sex really turns me on. The fact that I am fucking random strangers is not quite enough for me though. I also like to be blindfolded so that I can not see my partner. Periodically I like to get a motel room for the night and try to get my fill for the night.
      One afternoon in February I got a motel room on the main drag of the city. I checked in around 4pm and proceed to get set up. I posted an ad on Craigslist:
           Anonymous bottom in Motel Room Tuesday 
           Clean, discreet, white male total bottom bear blindfolded in the room waiting for cocks to cum fill my mouth and ass. No cock refused.
      With the advertisement posted I began to prepare myself for the evening ahead of me. I took a shower and prepared my colon for the guests about to fill it. I put on a tank top and a jock strap and sat at the computer. 
      I prepared the room by placing a handful of condoms and lube packets on the table next to the bed. While I like taking cock raw, some guys want condoms so I provide them.
      To get me in the mood I began watching some porn. I prefer the gay sissy porn hypno and shemale videos. Then I began checking my email for responses to my ad.
      The first few were the typical “hey whats up”, and “got any pics”. This is what frustrates me about craigslist.
      Then I saw one from a guy named David. The reply read “Latino bear type married ddf with 6"uncut” with a picture of his cock.  So replied with the name and address of the motel. When he arrived he messaged and I sent him the room number. 
      I propped the door so it was closed but not locked and prepared myself by sitting on my knees at the end of the bed facing the door and used a blue scarf as a blindfold and tied it behind my head. I took a hit of poppers in anticipation. The blindfold was thin enough so I could barely see Joes outline as he closed the door and came in. He walked up to me and I could hear his pants sliding down his legs to the ground. I felt the head of his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in.  I bobbed up and down his shaft licking and slurping for a few minutes and he pulled out of my mouth. 
      “On the bed” he commanded.
      I obeyed, reaching blindly for the edge of the bed.I climbed up on the bed on all fours. Joe grabbed my waist and pulled it towards him. He pressed his cock against my fresh and tight hole. As he grabbed a pack of lube and rubbed it on and in my hole I took another deep hit of poppers. He then pressed his cock into my ass. Being it was the first cock of the evening and he pushed it in quickly it hurt a little but the pain eased as he began pumping. I moaned as he fucked my ass. After a few minutes he pulled me towards him driving his 6”cock as deep as it could go and he moaned as his cum flowed into my colon.
      He then pulled up his pants and left. I collapsed on the bed laying there basking in the feel of a freshly fucked ass.
      After a few minutes I got up and checked my email again. I started lining a few guys up for the evening. I set up the scene for the rest of the evening just as I had done the first.
      The next guy came in and put on a condom and had me get on the bed. He added some more lube and pressed his cock in and began pumping for about five minutes and he began moaning. He pulled out and pulled off the condom and pressed his cock in my mouth just in time for his load to fill my mouth.
      The third guy had me suck him for about 2 minutes then he came in my mouth.
      The fourth had about a 7 inch cock which he fucked my mouth and throat with. Just as he was about to cum he came up behind my and came on my ass and back.
      The fifth guy came in and when he saw me he said “oh yeah” as he was dropping his pants. He grabbed the back of my head and guided my mouth to his enormous cock. The head seemed average size but as he pushed it further in my mouth it got wider and wider until he hit the back of my throat and my mouth was stretched open as far as my jaws would allow. 
      “You like this big cock huh?” he said. 
      He must have been nearly three inches wide! He then pulled his cock out and had me get up on the bed as he put on a condom. “Fuck” he said as I heard a condom break. He grabbed another and got it situated. He then opened one then two packets of lube and lubed my asshole with his fat fingers. I took a hit of poppers.
      He pressed against my hole with the head of his cock. It slid in smooth at first then he began pressing it further. The further he pressed the wider it stretched my hole. I cried out.
      “Take it, bitch”, he said as he pushed it deeper. 
      He pulled back and paused as I took another hit of poppers. Then he began furiously pumping his massive cock into my ass. He pumped at an incredible pace slamming his cock deep into my colon filling it to capacity. Each time he bottomed out in my ass I could feel my colon stretching. I continued to scream into the pillow I had pushed my face into. I screamed each time he drove his thick long cock into my ass. Every thrust was painful but I continued to take it. 
      “That’s right, keep taking it” he said as he continued to punish my ass. 
      “Fuck, “Fuck yeah” he said as he fucked me.
      After was seemed like an eternity he exclaimed “fuck” as he came. He pulled out of me and pulled off his condom and poured it out on my ass.
      “There you go bitch”. He said and dressed and left.
      I layed there, light headed my ass aching not knowing what just happened for several minutes. After I regained my strength I got up and cleaned myself up. I contemplated calling it a night after that brutal fuck. But it was only 8pm. So I continued to watch porn and recuperate from the pounding.
      After about 20 minutes I got an email from Lucas. He sent a picture of his 7” cock. I immediately forgot about the pain from the last fuck and got very horny. 
      Lucas came in and I sucked his cock for about 5 minutes in which time his cock became rock hard and I realized his cock was at least 7 inches if not 8 and thicker than average. He then he bent me over the edge of the bed. My legs spread with my feet on the floor and my ass in the air. He squeezed some lube on my ass and  used his cock head to spread it on my crack and asshole. He pushed his cock in slow and not too deep at first. He continued to pump slowly as he pressed deeper and deeper into my cavity. Pretty soon he bottomed out in my colon and began to pump increasingly faster.
      I moaned and stuffed my face into the pillow once again. He positioned himself so as he drove into me he hit my prostate over and over pumping hard and deep. As he pummeled my prostate I could feel cum squirting down my cock and drip out my head. He brutally massaged my prostate for several minutes all the while milking my cum into a pool on the bed below me. Soon it was his turn, he slammed his hips against mine driving his long cock deep into my ass. I squeezed my anus around his cock as I could feel his cock pulsate emptying a load of cum deep in my ass. Soon he pulled out and I could feel cum dripping from my ass down my leg.
      He got dressed and left. I again collapse on the bed moaning, my ass spontaneously bucking from the fucking I just endured.
      After I rested lay in bed I fell asleep with my ass aching thinking of all the cum from the many anonymous donors that filled my colon. 

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