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  1. Heya! You might want to check out The Sling Chronicles Pt 1 on xtube. Hot hung exMarine breeds a Daddy in a sling while smoking an Asylum 🙂

    1. leatherpunk16


      I might do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Loved your story, big guy! There aren't enough stories with cigarmen in 'em by a long shot 🙂

    1. grayhoss


      While we're on the subject, I admit, I was imagining you being bred by the pup's monster cock as you kicked back with the stogie 🙂

  3. You're quite the writer! Thanks for sharing this with us! Is it too much to hope stogies will feature more? :)
  4. Cheating is a hard no for me and gets a guy thrown out so hard his ass skips along the sidewalk like a rock across a lake. 'High morals' seems to imply your guy feels as I do. Dump him if you must, but don't cheat!
  5. Anyone who has the stories ain2game requested, please reply to me privately as well, thanks.
  6. Anyone with a peanut or mango allergy (same protein in both) will also react to chia, and at best experience violent cramps and diarrhea. at worst, well..
  7. Wow! You're an exceptionally talented writer! I'm enjoying this story very much! The cigar fetish really turns my crank too
  8. You look good with the gar in your jaw, man.

  9. Hope to see this continued someday. Really awesome work!
  10. Love to see pics of you with a stogie, constructionguy or hear about breedings you had with one in your jaw. Love cigarstuds!

  11. Love the userpic of you enjoying a stogie, big guy! Is it a regular thing for you, bro? Any chance you might ad some pics of you with cigars to your album? :)

    1. dickluva


      Fuckin' ? Oink~! Randy how are you?

  12. *grin* I'm not dark or twisted, I fear, Grew up in the deep South with an emotionally distant Dad and big bro and cousins. My nascent sexuality's ultimate fantasies revolved around one of those cousins being warm and nurturing as he let me feel all those big, handsome jock muscles. It never happened, but I've been looking for 'Daddy' or 'big bro' ever since, I guess
  13. I just.. I don't know, honestly. The current generation is..deeply wierd to me. The minute they discover the internet they're the most jaded of jaded whores. And I speak as someone who's heard multiple groups of 'kids' plan gangbangs based ob their folks' porn stash. Its a little jarring, hearing someone of whom all the local conservatives are saying 'we have to protect these frail innocents!' about ans meanwhile, the clique-leader's all 'Shut up! I'm in charge because its my Mom's porn and I got boobs first! You'll shut him up with your bagina while Missy rides him and like it!' to all her fr
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