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I was young - 23, cute, 5'8", furry and preppy looking with brown hair, hazel eyes, a seven inch cut cock and a bubble butt.  And I loved sex.  My boyfriend and I had been together for three years and were monogamous.  We fucked any and every where we could.  We knew about HIV/AIDS.  We both tested regularly even though we only fucked each other, bareback, of course.  Walking around with my bf's load in my hole was amazing. He was a stud. 24, 5'11" 175" smooth and athletic. Hung and hooded. Blond and blue. I bone up thinking about him even after all these years. We were committed to each other.  At least I wanted to be. I mean to be. Thought I would always be.

I was working for DHHS when 'He' walked into my office on a July afternoon in Dallas.  He was sweating after a 30 minute bus ride from the Cedar Springs neighborhood.  Now, our catchment area included what was then the gay ghetto. Bars, gay businesses, restaurants and Chris was a new client. He was nice looking. Built like my bf. Dirty blond with grey eyes. A huge bulge in his tattered jeans. And he was obviously ill. Beginning to look wasted, kinda pale, the fire in his eyes fading. He came into my office to apply for assistance. He had AIDS. He couldn't work. I reached out to shake his hand and holy fuck I wanted him....bad. I don't know why. Maybe it was his lost puppy vibe or his grey eyes or that bulge in his pants. Or maybe it was the bug. Maybe it was that he had AIDS. My cock rose in my pants as my hand touched his. Lust rose up in me.  Inside I was freaking out. I was turned on by some hottie with AIDS.  But I composed myself and got down to business.  That helped. My lust subsided. I did my interview, had him sign the right forms and scheduled his next appointment, which would be a home visit.  Giving him a cab voucher, I showed him out

Back at my desk I got back to work. But he kept coming to mind. That smooth chest, that bulge, those grey eyes, that whatever it was that made him so fucking hot. I kept boning up. reaching down and adjusting my hard-on. All afternoon it was hard and semi-hard, hard and semi-hard. Leaking pre-cum. I'm surprised it didn't look like I pissed myself. I got home that evening. My bf was working late. So I jumped in the shower. As soon as the water hit me, the image of the client popped up in my mind.  I was so fucking horned thinking about him. In my mind I was slowly unbuttoning his shirt knowing that his body was full of deadly virus. Opening it up. Licking his smooth chest and biting his nips.  He was moaning softly. Encouraging me. "Yeah, baby. Suck my nips, you got me so hard. I want you baby. Want your sweet ass." I was licking further down, His belly. Tonguing his navel. Starting down that happy trail to....

Shit. I turned around and flipped on the cold water. The guy had AIDS. What was I thinking? I knew the score. There was no real treatment back then.  There was AZT, and there were also some new experimental drugs, some of which involved massive doses of antibiotics and blood transfusions, but more than not, back then it was still considered a death sentence to come up poz.  And I was insanely hot for this guy.  Monogamous me.  My bf might have due home anytime but there I was fantasizing about having sex with a guy with AIDS.  My cock was rock hard.  Even with the cold water running on me.  I just couldn't stop myself.  An image of Chris' bulge fixed in my mind, I grabbed my cock and stroked once, twice, three times and bam!  I spewed a huge load all over the shower wall, groaning Chris' name as I came. Shot after shot. All I could think was 'I want Chris. I want his cock. His cum. His cum in me'.  And the thought also flashed in my brain 'I want his AIDS'.  Instinctively I put my cummy hand to my mouth as the last shudders of my orgasm racked my body. As I licked my own cum the thought flashed again:  'I want his AIDS'.

I fell back against the shower wall and slid down. Freaked the fuck out. What the hell was I thinking? And why the hell was I still hard? I just sat there for awhile, the cold water running over me until I heard my bf come in.  I wouldn't tell him about this. I couldn't tell him. What a freak I was. That night I slipped inside him while he slept, gently fucking him awake.  I love his smooth fuckhole, still I was thinking about Chris as I filled my beautiful man with seed. We fell asleep again. The thoughts of Chris dulled over the next few days. I had almost forgotten him until some three weeks later I looked at my schedule where I read 'Chris H, Home visit'.  Shit.  My cock started growing.


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Fucking hell, you're off to a good start. More please!! You know what we need . . .


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great beginning. I had that same issue with a counselor and the local AIDS prevention office, he was super hot, not sure his status, but I wanted that bad and that thought kept me going for a week or two. 


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Great start...let's hear more of: "I want his AIDS!"


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So Chris and his bulge and his hot body had faded into the background. I hadn't forgotten the encounter. I had just been able to gain enough distance to be rational.  My lust for him in the moment was just a fluke...just some chemistry and his looks.  Sure I still boned up a little thinking of him but it wasn't like the first few days. The constant boner, the jacking off then fucking my bf, then jacking off again. It was almost three weeks later and I had returned to some semblance of normal. I just told myself that saying "I want his AIDS" was just a weird one-off moment of crazy lust. No HIV for this puppy.  Just my bf and I happily ever after. Then on a Friday I checked my schedule for the following week like I always do. There it was. His name. On Thursday’s schedule. “Chris S. 2pm. Home visit.”

An utterly strange sensation ran up my spine. I just stared at the appointment. I felt as if a veil dropped over my brain. Blood rushed to my head, to my cock, my balls drew up. “Chris S, 2pm, HOME VISIT.” Home visit. With him. Just him. In his apartment. With 2 hours set aside for paperwork and benefits review that would take maybe an hour. No return to the office after. Just him and those grey eyes and that bulge. I was barely breathing. His image rose up in my mind and my cock throbbed in my pants, pushed painfully against my tighty whities. Just him and his virus.

Shit, I thought. “Fuck” I said. Then “fuccccckk” I moaned and dropped my head to the desk and my hand to my crotch. My bf was out of town that day too. He wouldn’t be back till midday Friday.

I shook my head. “Get a grip.” I muttered. I closed my calendar and went out to the smoking area. I didn’t smoke but it was time to start. The only person there was Stennette, a supervisor. I bummed a butt from her. She told me I looked whiter than usual and laughed. Dubbed out her smoke and went inside. I stood there. In that little courtyard. Secluded, out of anyone’s view and smoked. Deep. I started to relax and sat on a bench.

My hand went instinctively to my crotch. I was still boned. I rubbed it hard. Moaned quietly. I don’t know why, but I rubbed it again and allowed Chris’s image to rise in my mind. I was stroking it now. Picking up on the fantasy from that first day I met Chris. Imagining myself licking his chest lower and lower as I unbuttoned his shirt. My tongue rasping across the small lesions between his pecs. Tongue fucking his navel as I reached for his belt and slipped it open.

“Yes, baby.” has was saying, “Yes baby. It wants you. You want it. Take it in your mouth baby.” In my mind I had opened his fly and shifted his ratty jeans down his hips. His cock tented his boxers. So hard. I could feel it through the material. Precum spotted the boxers.

“Take it baby. It wants you.” His hand was one the back of my head. Gentle pressure. He wasn’t forcing. I grabbed his cock through the fly of his boxers. My mouth watered. I didn’t need to be forced.

The image was too much. The lust over-road the fantasy andmy cock exploded in my pants. I just kept stroking and rubbing. Lying back on the bench as my cock pulsed and pulsed filling my pants with cum. A dark wet semen stain spreading across my crotch. Spurt after spurt of young sweet uninfected semen. I was moaning…loud. I didn’t care. I was lost in the fantasy. “fuuuucckkk…” I moaned “fucking want it. I want it so bad. I want that virus, the death-cock” as the last spurts of cum filled my pants.

The orgasm was subsiding. I shuddered. I sighed and reached into my pants scooping up cum and bringing it to my mouth. Licking my fingers I muttered “Chris’s jizz.”

I must have dozed a little. The screech of the inner door to the smoke break area brought me back with a start. In an instant I knew what I looked like. I sat up, grabbed an abandoned McDonald’s soda cup and as a couple of people pushed open the door I “accidentally spilled the old lukewarm, ash-filled soda onto my crotch.

“Shit. What the fuck.” I said standing and heading for the door. The two smokers just laughed. I laughed back and headed to the Men’s. As I tried cleaning myself and letting the hand dryer get dry up the worst of the “spill.” I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t freaking out. Wasn’t really thinking of my bf. Only of Chris. Only of the orgasm that stained my pants.

I looked long and hard at myself in the mirror. “You are so fucked.” I whispered. I went home that night and raped my bf as soon as he walked in the door. He loved it. So did I. All I could see was Chris’s cock as I spewed my load in my bf’s hole.



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    • By roguematrix
      Monday, Day 1
      I waved goodbye to my wife as she drove off to spend two weeks with her sister at some spa.  She does this quite often and I always end up enjoying myself when she does.  First, just because it is healthy for couples to spend some time apart, but also because it lets me do some stuff I would rather she not know about.  See, although I love my wife, and I consider myself straight, I have a secret:  every now and then I login in to one of the gay sites, get out some lube and my poppers, strip down to a jock and search for guys to have phone sex with. I would edge myself for hours until I couldn’t hold back anymore. I know a lot of build up for something pretty tame but hey, we all have our quirks. Plus I figure it is the safest version of cheating on her I can do. I mean it isn’t like I am going to catch anything from my hand.
      After she left I went back inside the house and finished getting ready for work.  Just as I was about to leave a kinky thought popped in my head and I ran upstairs. Stripping of my suit pants and boxer briefs I grabbed my jock from the drawer and slid into it. I love the way the black Bike jock framed my ass. My Polish, Irish mix looks great in black, the pale skin and dark black dense body hair just looks great. My cock gave a slight twitch at my kinky thought, but before I let it go too far I got dressed and headed out. All day while at work I felt that jock hugging my ass and the tight pouch pressing my cock and ball tight against my body.  I ended up having to take a quick bathroom break more than once as I could feel the precum, which felt super slick, particularly when I was walking, dripping between my legs and over my ass.
      Finally the end of the day came and I started home from work.  The constant stimulation all day made me really horny and all I could think about. I just wanted to get home strip down and find some guys for some phone edging. As I got home climbed out of my car, I saw my neighbor and waved hello.  My wife and I are friendly enough with my neighbors.  The two men moved in about three years earlier, and I've found them to be a sweet, well-balanced couple with whom my wife and I have occasionally extended invitations to neighborhod parties.  
      As soon as I got inside I started ripping off my clothes off and throwing them everywhere.  Fuck it, there was no one home but me to bitch, so I could do whatever I wanted.  Stripped to my jock I made my way to the garage where we have a second fridge and (naturally) where I hide my poppers. I love the feel of walking around more or less naked.  In addition, the garage just smells amazing.  I felt a little self-conscious as I passed in front of several windows, but part of me was enough of an exhibitionist that I sort of liked the idea that I might be caught. In any event, when I reached the fridge I grabbed my Berlin XXX and, again a little self-conscious, I hesitated for only a moment before I twisted the cap and took a sniff, then another, and another, and yet another.  
      A flush came over me so, of course, I took another deep breath.  The slightly smell of the garage, gasoline and unfinished lumber, combined with my own body musk, overwhelmed me.  By now the idea of being watched also made my cock twitch.  Before I could change my mind I lay down on the dirty floor and started working my nipples. The popper rush flooded my senses, invoking a guttural moan.  My hand wandered down, pulled aside the jock pouch, and took my cock to task.  Seven uncut inches, possessing lots of foreskin, and dripping precum, stood straight up from my dense bush.  With deep pleasure my hand began to jack myself.  Each time I raised my arm I caught the scent of my pits, and a sense of deep satisfaction controlled me.  This was what it was to be a man.
      I managed to grab the bottle and take another couple of hits, but never did I pause in pleasuring my cock.  Fuck, it was so hot:  mostly naked on the filthy garage floor, all the little manly smells, my ass on the cold concrete. Normally I  would edge but I just wanted to shoot my load so bad,and after four more hits and I can’t help it:  the sweat dripped off me as I fucked my hand.  I ran my hand through my chest hair and start to lick the salty sweat mix.  It tasted so good.  I was getting closer and could feel myself reaching the point of no return.  Just to push myself over the edge, I grabbed the bottle of poppers to take another hit when I heard a knock at the front door. Startled I immediately stop stroking, capped the bottle, shoved my dripping cock back in my jock strap, I cast about to hide the poppers, and settled on shoving them in the pouch next to my cock.  Then, making my way to the front of the house, I grabbed some running shorts and a tank top from the laundry room, pulling them on within seconds, and opened the front door - a little sweaty, perhaps, but respectable.  To my surprise, my my neighbor was standing on the stoop, dressed in some running gear.
      “Hey, I saw the wife leave and figured you might be lonely on your first day, so I figured to invite you out for a run with me and Tom. Gotta make sure you don’t end up with a Dad bod.  Although looks like you might have already been working out.  You look a bit flushed”
      I panicked a bit and without thinking just replied 'Sure', and asked what time he wanted to get together.
      "We usually run around 6:00 during the summer.  We head from our development through the park at the end of the block, around the high school and then back. Takes about an hour and has a nice variation in terrain so you don’t get bored."
      I paused for a second, and without thinking shifted my weight from one foot to the other.  The bottle move in my pouch and and involuntary 'Fuck' crossed my mind as it slid out of the leg of my shorts  and hit the carpet. Thankfully if bounced behind the door and I don’t think he saw it. In any event, I confirmed I'd be over at 6:00 PM for a run and, upon closing the door, I fall against it, breathing heavily, completely relieved I had managed not to let on what I was doing. Then, taking a couple deep breathes to clear my lungs I headed upstairs to take a quick shower.  Yeah, I know it's stupid to shower if one is going running, but I knew there was a ton of crap on my back that I had picked-up from the garage floor.
      Afterwards I got out of the shower, grabbed a fresh jock and clean running shorts, checked myself in the mirror and went downstairs for a light snack before heading over to the neighbors'.
    • By tighthole64
      At this point, this is a fantasy that I hope becomes reality later this year.  I have done bb for 2-3 years now, but with Prep guys, or guys who "said" they were undetectable.  Recently thought I was gifted, after having what I thought was the fuk flu for a month, and started the chase. It felt so powerful and amazing to think I was gifted, but ultimately tested negative. For whatever reason, I think its important to me to know my gifter.  Once gifted, there is plenty time for multiple loads up me.  That said, here is what has been discussed with my potential gifter thus far.  Truly hoping the fantasy becomes a reality.
      Like me, my potential gifter thought it was important to know his gifter.  So much that he brushed his hole for conversion.  As he will be traveling to my area for his birthday, I told him I will buy him a brush as his gift, so that I can get his gift.   I have never considered this with any other guys, but the thought of it with him excites me.
      In telling another bottom buddy about this, he said he would possibly up for it also.  Would love to be side by side getting brushed and gifted with me.  Like me he is a negative chaser, and cool with the brushing idea.  Im bretty much all bottom, but he said after we were brushed and gifted, he would love to share out last known negative loads with each other.  Would be hot to know that we were gifted at the same time, by the same gifter, and we share his strain. I visualize us side by side with asses up for the gifter, kissing each other as the gifter shoots his toxic load in which ever bottom he decides to.  After loaded, the other bottom eats the load from the receivers ass, and the receiver breeds the other bottom as the gifter recharges to gift the second ass. 
      Even if the 3 way doesn't work out, will be a great fantasy cum true for me. Would love to hear what you think about this fantasy.
    • By shinelover
      The Mugger
      I’ve never considered myself naive, but I did tend to walk around as if nothing bad would ever happen to me. Sometimes I would find
      myself walking home late at night and not even pay attention to the fact that I was passing through a rougher neighborhood.
      I always made it home safe every time, so in my mind I was always safe.
      Until Friday night a couple of weeks ago. It was dark and the streets were basically deserted -which is probably why I always felt
      nothing would happen to me. How could something happen if no one is around?
      Someone was around, though. I just didn’t see him before it was too late. I didn’t hear his footsteps as he stalked me, eventually
      wrapping his arms around me from behind and growling in my ear to hand over my cash.
      Luckily my other instincts kicked in and I went into self-defense mode, wrenching his arms free from me, and spinning around to face
      him (which I couldn’t see anything -it was too dark). I nailed his jaw with a right hook and then did something I never thought I would
      do -I slammed my knee into his jewel box.
      He dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, groaning in agony. When he looked up at me, his black hoodie fell back to reveal
      quite a handsome face. Mind you, it was contorted in agony at the moment, but his good looks were not lost on me despite what had
      just happened.
      “Jesus, why’d you do that?” he hissed.
      My true nature came out at that point and I started apologizing to him (I’m know -idiot!). “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” I had always felt
      that I would never have the heart to inflict such pain onto another man, but somehow something else had taken over at that point. “In
      my defense, you were trying to mug me.”
      “Yeah, but I wouldn’t hurt you,” he moaned, rocking a little on his knees and cupping his crotch.
      After a couple of minutes he managed to stand. Now that he was facing me I could see he was much larger than my own trim 5’9”
      frame. Great, I thought, he’s going to kick my ass first, then take my money.
      He just stood there eyeing me for a minute, probably debating over which of the hundreds of painful and bloody ways he could kill me.
      He stepped closer, never taking his eyes off of me for a moment.
      “That fucking hurt,” he told me in a low voice.
      “If it means anything, I really didn’t mean to do it. It just happened,” I blubbered.
      “Kicking a guy in the balls is pretty low. I think you owe me more than just some cash, for that kind of pain,” he said, lunging at me and
      somehow managing to get me into a choke hold that I could not break.
      I wasn’t completely out, but the lack of oxygen did it’s part in immobilizing me. He dragged me just around the corner into a rundown
      old house. It was dark and I didn’t hear any voices. I knew we were alone.
      Through the house he dragged me until I found myself on a bed. His large body loomed over me as the cobwebs and fog cleared from my head.
      Well he could have killed me in an alley and not have to deal with disposing of the body, so maybe he’s not a homicidal maniac. On the
      other hand, maybe he is, and he just enjoys toying with his prey and taking his time torturing them before they succumb to the vast
      array of injuries he’s inflicted upon them.
      The bed threw me off, though. I’ve seen Dexter -these guys like a work space.
      As soon as he stripped his shirt off, revealing a mouthwatering rugby player type of build, I knew he wasn’t planning on killing me. Still,
      being raped was never something I dreamed about, either, so I started to move, trying to get my bearings so I could make a run for it.
      He had just opened his pants and out flopped a dick that was totally proportionate to his hunky hulky body. It had to be at least 8 ½
      inches long and it was just starting to harden! And thick -bloody hell! That was my cue to get my ass in gear, so I struggled to a crouch
      on the bed, jumped, and then tried to run around him.
      His muscular arm caught me around the waist, heaved me up in the air, and deposited me back down in the center of the bed.
      “Uh-uh, you’re not going anywhere ‘till I’m done with you. We’re gonna have some fun tonight, you and me.”
      Despite my fear, my dick was hardening in my pants and my ass was going into spasms of anticipation. What can I say -sometimes you
      can’t take the gay slut out of the man. Show me a rapidly growing dick and beautiful body and my body knows what to do.
      I lost my head by then, and there was no point in fighting him. Besides, if I submit to him maybe he won’t be too rough on me. That
      dick can do some damage, I thought.
      “Fuck it,” I said, rolled back to my knees on the bed and beginning my own strip show for him.
      His face lit up seeing that I wasn’t going to give him a hassle. “Well, I guess I found myself a bitch, didn’t I?”
      “I’ll be your bitch,” I told him, my breath coming up short. I shuffled to get closer to him, and then taking him by the hands, pulled him
      down onto the bed with me, kissing him hard and deep.
      He kissed me back, but he took the kiss over. We were definitely going to do this his way. And he wasn’t in the mood for anything
      affectionate. He kissed me almost violently, his tongue invading my mouth and throat (yes, throat -he’s got a long one!) nearly made me
      gag, but I became so turned on that I just rode it out and tried to match him.
      Suddenly he broke the kiss, grabbed me and flipped me over onto my stomach. I felt him moving on the bed until his hot breath was on
      my butt. Lucky for him I had gone to the bar prepared tonight. Unluckily for me, had I gotten lucky I wouldn’t find myself in this mess.
      His long tongue immediately began to snake up into my ass. I’ve never felt a rimming like it -it was beyond ecstasy! It literally felt like a
      small snake going up into me. It was insane!
      I couldn’t help but moan and writhe -what else could I do? After a few minutes I was desperate to feel his cock in me -despite the fact
      that it was now full-grown and towering at an impressive 12 ½ inches. I’ve never had anything that big in me, the largest so far being
      around 9 inches.
      “Oh fuck, you have to fuck me,” I pleaded.
      “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here, bitch? You’re gonna pay for kicking me in the junk. And I’ve got a special way to pay you
      back. You’re gonna take my poz loads all night long.”
      Suddenly there were sirens and shrieking going off in my head! Did he say ‘poz’? What the fuck? I’m negative and had been very
      conscious to keep it that way.
      I began to struggle against him, trying to keep him from straddling me, but his size made that impossible. I went back to pleading.
      “Please, man, I’m negative. I don’t want this.”
      “Who asked you, bitch? You got to pay for what you done to me.” Okay, he was hot -his vocabulary didn’t need to be ivy league when
      you look like that.
      What the fuck? How can my mind be thinking about vocabulary when he’s about to put HIV+ cum inside me?
      I begged and struggled for a few more minutes, and then he got fed up, laying his entire body weight on top of my back. His face was
      next to mine, and he was breathing hard. “Am I going to have to choke you out again?” he asked menacingly.
      Lord only knows what he might do if I’m totally unconscious, so I weakly told him it wasn’t necessary.
      “Good bitch. I don’t want to feel that ass pushing me out, either. When I go in, I’m staying put until my bruised nuts fill you up with
      their revenge.”
      Shit, there goes my other plan. I figured that I might be able to buck him off of me or push him out just before he blows. I’ve never felt
      that kind of conflict before. My mind and heart were telling me to do whatever necessary to get the fuck out of there before he infects
      But my damned hormones . . . as soon as they kick in, all reason and logic fly out the window. My hormones were telling me that I’d
      gone out to the bar tonight to get laid. Now I was going to get laid. Quit complaining. Bitch.
      Hormones with attitude, right? It’s bad enough HE’s calling me ‘bitch’, I don’t need my own subconscious calling me names!
      Alas, the hormones were in the driver’s seat and I just surrendered to him. If the opportunity presented itself to escape I would take it,
      otherwise I would just survive. I can always go and get that pill I heard my friends talking about.
      “That’s it, I feel the fight going out of you. You’re my bitch for the night. You might as well like it,” he told me.
      I felt his fat cock head at my entrance, and he rutted his hips a couple of times, enticing my hole to yawn open and swallow him all on
      it’s own. Would you believe that the damn thing did? Suddenly my ass was sucking several hard, thick inches in.
      It actually took my breath away, the rush of him suddenly entering me. But by now I was so hot I didn’t resist -despite the pain. Oh,
      yes, there was pain. That was a fat knob pushing into me. I’m sure that I felt tearing inside, especially since he had only used spit to
      lube my hole.
      “Fuck, buddy, your ass is just eating that big dick up! You’re nothing but a whore, aren’t ya? How else would that ass just take it like
      that? I got a big dick and most bitches can't get past the head.” He sounded like he was enjoying himself, and he reared back and then
      thrust in, this time adding a few more inches to the penetration.
      A couple more times like this and I felt his pubes scratching my ass. Fuck, he was balls deep in me! It hurt like fucking hell, and he’d
      torn me open good doing it. My insides were going into mad spasms, while I silently let the tears pour down my face and drip onto the
      worn bed sheet.
      Shockingly, he wasn’t a complete asshole, and he held still until he felt the spasms subside, and then he got to fucking. It really only
      took a few minutes for my hole to feel totally open to him, and by now the pain had morphed into unbelievable pleasure.
      I wanted his dick in me. I loved his dick destroying my hole. I guess that might make me a whore, but just then I was happy being a
      By the time he got a rhythm going that he liked, I was really into it, and raised up onto hands and knees and began shoving my ass
      back at him, riding him deep and hard.
      “Fuckin’ pig likes it!” he roared. “Pig’s gonna like my toxic cum, too.”
      Reflex response had me saying, “Please, pull out before you cum,” even before I had a chance to consider it.
      Of course, I came back to my senses when I felt the sharp sting on my ass as he smacked my cheeks hard. Really hard, like I’m sure
      there will be a bruise in the shape of a hand print.
      “No fuckin’ way, bitch. That’s your payback for nailing me in the balls. You’re gonna learn how important that real man cum is. Toxic
      venom flowing through my veins, in my sperm. And soon it’s all gonna be in you.”
      My logical mind was becoming more and more cloudy as I rode that cock. It just felt too damn good. And yes, I do take loads from
      guys, so naturally my body is craving his seed in me. That’s just the natural order -dick goes in, fucks, deposits seed. Sometimes repeat.
      And right now my ass and guts were praying he would fill me with his load. It was like the devil sitting on one shoulder and the angel on
      the other. One says, “Fuck yeah, you want it!”, while the other says, “Don’t listen to him. You know you shouldn’t be doing this!”.
      As usually happens when my hormones are in flux, that little devil went over and drop-kicked the angel right out of the equation.
      The next thing I know . . .
      “Fuck yeah, give me that load,” I heard myself saying. Excuse me?
      “That’s it, bitch. You know you want me to knock you up. Beg me for it, bitch.”
      “Do it, cum in my ass!” I yelled.
      “Say it,” he ordered.
      “Please, cum in me,” I pleaded.
      “SAY IT!” he demanded again.
      And then I knew what he wanted to hear. “Poz me!” I screamed. “Give me that toxic cum! Cum in my ass and infect me!”
      “That’s right, bitch,” he said in almost a purr, now really railing into me.
      I knew it wouldn’t be long now, and sure enough he slammed in particularly deep, roared, and slapped my ass again as I felt his balls
      blast my battered hole full of his venomous load.
      “Take it, you fuckin’ whore. Take that poz cum!” he yelled.
      “Yes! Yes, poz me! Poz me!” I yelled back.
      At that moment I was loving every second of that fuck, despite what would probably result from it. What’s done is done, and I might as
      well get some enjoyment out of it. I can go to the clinic in the morning and get that pill.
      His dick stayed hard in my ass and he just kept on fucking me. After 3 more viral loads from him, he finally extracted himself from my
      gaping hole and took a break. He went and got himself a beer. Nothing for me. After he’d finished it off I knew why -I was allowed beer,
      only it’s the same one he’d just drank.
      He stood over me and I clamped my mouth down on his semi-hard dick, and immediately began to swallow as his piss sprayed into my
      mouth. I chugged like a champ and didn’t lose a drop. Seeing that actually turned him on again, and within seconds he was back up my
      cum sloppy hole.
      He used my ass all night long. Literally. I’ve never met a man who was such an animal when it comes to sex. He just could not get
      enough. He blasted a dozen loads into me in one night. Some guys don’t even get that much at a gangbang!
      By the time the sun was shining and the rest of the world was up and on their way, he finally took his spent dick out of my hole. We
      were both covered in sweat and cum. And we were exhausted.
      He lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. “There, your ass got what it deserves. Next time you’ll think twice about hitting below the
      belt,” he reminded me. “Now get the fuck out.”
      “Is it okay if I take a quick shower before I go?” I asked.
      “Fuck no. This isn’t a date, bitch. Get the fuck out,” he ordered.
      Now reality was sinking in again and the sex haze had lifted. Time to get out before he decides to get violent on me. I grabbed my
      clothes and raced from the room. I dressed just inside the front door, and then hurried outside.

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