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I was young - 23, cute, 5'8", furry and preppy looking with brown hair, hazel eyes, a seven inch cut cock and a bubble butt.  And I loved sex.  My boyfriend and I had been together for three years and were monogamous.  We fucked any and every where we could.  We knew about HIV/AIDS.  We both tested regularly even though we only fucked each other, bareback, of course.  Walking around with my bf's load in my hole was amazing. He was a stud. 24, 5'11" 175" smooth and athletic. Hung and hooded. Blond and blue. I bone up thinking about him even after all these years. We were committed to each other.  At least I wanted to be. I mean to be. Thought I would always be.

I was working for DHHS when 'He' walked into my office on a July afternoon in Dallas.  He was sweating after a 30 minute bus ride from the Cedar Springs neighborhood.  Now, our catchment area included what was then the gay ghetto. Bars, gay businesses, restaurants and Chris was a new client. He was nice looking. Built like my bf. Dirty blond with grey eyes. A huge bulge in his tattered jeans. And he was obviously ill. Beginning to look wasted, kinda pale, the fire in his eyes fading. He came into my office to apply for assistance. He had AIDS. He couldn't work. I reached out to shake his hand and holy fuck I wanted him....bad. I don't know why. Maybe it was his lost puppy vibe or his grey eyes or that bulge in his pants. Or maybe it was the bug. Maybe it was that he had AIDS. My cock rose in my pants as my hand touched his. Lust rose up in me.  Inside I was freaking out. I was turned on by some hottie with AIDS.  But I composed myself and got down to business.  That helped. My lust subsided. I did my interview, had him sign the right forms and scheduled his next appointment, which would be a home visit.  Giving him a cab voucher, I showed him out

Back at my desk I got back to work. But he kept coming to mind. That smooth chest, that bulge, those grey eyes, that whatever it was that made him so fucking hot. I kept boning up. reaching down and adjusting my hard-on. All afternoon it was hard and semi-hard, hard and semi-hard. Leaking pre-cum. I'm surprised it didn't look like I pissed myself. I got home that evening. My bf was working late. So I jumped in the shower. As soon as the water hit me, the image of the client popped up in my mind.  I was so fucking horned thinking about him. In my mind I was slowly unbuttoning his shirt knowing that his body was full of deadly virus. Opening it up. Licking his smooth chest and biting his nips.  He was moaning softly. Encouraging me. "Yeah, baby. Suck my nips, you got me so hard. I want you baby. Want your sweet ass." I was licking further down, His belly. Tonguing his navel. Starting down that happy trail to....

Shit. I turned around and flipped on the cold water. The guy had AIDS. What was I thinking? I knew the score. There was no real treatment back then.  There was AZT, and there were also some new experimental drugs, some of which involved massive doses of antibiotics and blood transfusions, but more than not, back then it was still considered a death sentence to come up poz.  And I was insanely hot for this guy.  Monogamous me.  My bf might have due home anytime but there I was fantasizing about having sex with a guy with AIDS.  My cock was rock hard.  Even with the cold water running on me.  I just couldn't stop myself.  An image of Chris' bulge fixed in my mind, I grabbed my cock and stroked once, twice, three times and bam!  I spewed a huge load all over the shower wall, groaning Chris' name as I came. Shot after shot. All I could think was 'I want Chris. I want his cock. His cum. His cum in me'.  And the thought also flashed in my brain 'I want his AIDS'.  Instinctively I put my cummy hand to my mouth as the last shudders of my orgasm racked my body. As I licked my own cum the thought flashed again:  'I want his AIDS'.

I fell back against the shower wall and slid down. Freaked the fuck out. What the hell was I thinking? And why the hell was I still hard? I just sat there for awhile, the cold water running over me until I heard my bf come in.  I wouldn't tell him about this. I couldn't tell him. What a freak I was. That night I slipped inside him while he slept, gently fucking him awake.  I love his smooth fuckhole, still I was thinking about Chris as I filled my beautiful man with seed. We fell asleep again. The thoughts of Chris dulled over the next few days. I had almost forgotten him until some three weeks later I looked at my schedule where I read 'Chris H, Home visit'.  Shit.  My cock started growing.


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Fucking hell, you're off to a good start. More please!! You know what we need . . .


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great beginning. I had that same issue with a counselor and the local AIDS prevention office, he was super hot, not sure his status, but I wanted that bad and that thought kept me going for a week or two. 


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Great start...let's hear more of: "I want his AIDS!"


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So Chris and his bulge and his hot body had faded into the background. I hadn't forgotten the encounter. I had just been able to gain enough distance to be rational.  My lust for him in the moment was just a fluke...just some chemistry and his looks.  Sure I still boned up a little thinking of him but it wasn't like the first few days. The constant boner, the jacking off then fucking my bf, then jacking off again. It was almost three weeks later and I had returned to some semblance of normal. I just told myself that saying "I want his AIDS" was just a weird one-off moment of crazy lust. No HIV for this puppy.  Just my bf and I happily ever after. Then on a Friday I checked my schedule for the following week like I always do. There it was. His name. On Thursday’s schedule. “Chris S. 2pm. Home visit.”

An utterly strange sensation ran up my spine. I just stared at the appointment. I felt as if a veil dropped over my brain. Blood rushed to my head, to my cock, my balls drew up. “Chris S, 2pm, HOME VISIT.” Home visit. With him. Just him. In his apartment. With 2 hours set aside for paperwork and benefits review that would take maybe an hour. No return to the office after. Just him and those grey eyes and that bulge. I was barely breathing. His image rose up in my mind and my cock throbbed in my pants, pushed painfully against my tighty whities. Just him and his virus.

Shit, I thought. “Fuck” I said. Then “fuccccckk” I moaned and dropped my head to the desk and my hand to my crotch. My bf was out of town that day too. He wouldn’t be back till midday Friday.

I shook my head. “Get a grip.” I muttered. I closed my calendar and went out to the smoking area. I didn’t smoke but it was time to start. The only person there was Stennette, a supervisor. I bummed a butt from her. She told me I looked whiter than usual and laughed. Dubbed out her smoke and went inside. I stood there. In that little courtyard. Secluded, out of anyone’s view and smoked. Deep. I started to relax and sat on a bench.

My hand went instinctively to my crotch. I was still boned. I rubbed it hard. Moaned quietly. I don’t know why, but I rubbed it again and allowed Chris’s image to rise in my mind. I was stroking it now. Picking up on the fantasy from that first day I met Chris. Imagining myself licking his chest lower and lower as I unbuttoned his shirt. My tongue rasping across the small lesions between his pecs. Tongue fucking his navel as I reached for his belt and slipped it open.

“Yes, baby.” has was saying, “Yes baby. It wants you. You want it. Take it in your mouth baby.” In my mind I had opened his fly and shifted his ratty jeans down his hips. His cock tented his boxers. So hard. I could feel it through the material. Precum spotted the boxers.

“Take it baby. It wants you.” His hand was one the back of my head. Gentle pressure. He wasn’t forcing. I grabbed his cock through the fly of his boxers. My mouth watered. I didn’t need to be forced.

The image was too much. The lust over-road the fantasy andmy cock exploded in my pants. I just kept stroking and rubbing. Lying back on the bench as my cock pulsed and pulsed filling my pants with cum. A dark wet semen stain spreading across my crotch. Spurt after spurt of young sweet uninfected semen. I was moaning…loud. I didn’t care. I was lost in the fantasy. “fuuuucckkk…” I moaned “fucking want it. I want it so bad. I want that virus, the death-cock” as the last spurts of cum filled my pants.

The orgasm was subsiding. I shuddered. I sighed and reached into my pants scooping up cum and bringing it to my mouth. Licking my fingers I muttered “Chris’s jizz.”

I must have dozed a little. The screech of the inner door to the smoke break area brought me back with a start. In an instant I knew what I looked like. I sat up, grabbed an abandoned McDonald’s soda cup and as a couple of people pushed open the door I “accidentally spilled the old lukewarm, ash-filled soda onto my crotch.

“Shit. What the fuck.” I said standing and heading for the door. The two smokers just laughed. I laughed back and headed to the Men’s. As I tried cleaning myself and letting the hand dryer get dry up the worst of the “spill.” I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t freaking out. Wasn’t really thinking of my bf. Only of Chris. Only of the orgasm that stained my pants.

I looked long and hard at myself in the mirror. “You are so fucked.” I whispered. I went home that night and raped my bf as soon as he walked in the door. He loved it. So did I. All I could see was Chris’s cock as I spewed my load in my bf’s hole.



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    • By bearcubboy
      This is a true story. Names are changed to protect well you know
      When I was 29 I was in a relationship, but the sex had dried up and he was away working all the time and when he came home after being away for months at a time he didn't have an interest in putting out. This had went on for almost two years. I was starting to think that I was unattractive and that no one wanted me sexually. So finally when he went back out on assignment I went online just to see if anyone was interested in me. 
      So I kept checking out a profile of a guy that I used to fuck around with years ago we kinda had a falling out. However I still remember how good his cock felt inside me. Being nervous I didn't message him as I was afraid of the wrath that may occur. 
      I logged out of the site as I had to go and do some errands. When I came home I logged back in. Sure enough he had messaged me his opening line was 
      "I see you have been checking me out, I don't mind. How are you doing"
      So I thought OK things are cool. So I replied
      "Things are OK, Good to see you out and about. How is life with the BF?"
      Him and another friend of mine had gotten together to make a go of it. I knew they had an open relationship but as I rule I generally don't go for those types of guys. I got up and did some dishes turning up the volume on the speakers of the computer. I heard the chime that someone had sent me a message. He replied.
      "It is a long story, but I am single again. Perhaps if you are not busy one night we can hang out and chat"
      I replied
      "How about tonight" As I didn't have to work the next morning.
      "Sure" came his response and then he gave me his buzzer code. I got up let my dogs out brought them in grabbed my keys and went to the bus stop.
      I arrived at his building about a half our later. I buzzed heard his voice and proceeded to the elevator and to his door. I knocked on the door and there was Tom. I hadn't seen him in close to five years. He still looked the same, although he had lost a bit of weight. The apartment was still the same. So we sat down and he asked me if I wanted something to drink. I said sure he came back with wine. So I poured a glass and took a sip. 
      He rolled a joint for us.
      So I asked "What happened to Stan?" I had heard a few things through the grape vine but I rarely pay attention to rumours.
      Tom explained that shortly after our falling out that him and Stan entered into an abusive relationship. Tom continued to tell me that Stan had pushed him around Christmas time and Tom had lost his balance and fell down breaking a bone in his wrist. Shortly after that Stan was told to leave his house. I then explained that I was seeing Darren but that with his job he was gone for long periods of time and that when he came home that we rarely had sex. At this point I had explained that it had been almost a year since I had been fucked. 
      Tom looked at me surprised. 
      "What is that look for?" I asked
      Tom replied "Well....... I remember how hot your ass is, and I am telling you that if I was away for months and knowing that your hot ass was waiting for me when I got home I sure as hell would be enjoying it"
      I blushed. Truth be told it was nice to have someone compliment me that way. It was a real ego boost. In fact my hole twitched a bit in response to what he said.
      So we continued to talk for about another hour we smoked two joints and I had finished a bottle of wine. I really had to take a piss so I got up and went down the hall to the bathroom. I could feel his eyes on me. Probably didn't help that I wore jeans that showed off my ass. I always thought it was a strange set up with two bathrooms beside each other. One a full bath and the other a half bath. One of those weird things you think about when you are both drunk and high.
      I came back from the bathroom When he looked at me and said.
      "If it is not to forward of me do you want to go to the bedroom?"
      I thought for a moment. Sure it had been over a year but did I want to fuck up my relationship for a fuck?
      "Hey we can always blame it on the alcohol"
      at that moment I really could not argue with that logic. I replied "Yes" So I didn't bother to sit back down. He followed me to his bedroom he grabbed me and spun me around and kissed me. Something that Darren never did even when we were first together he rarely kissed me. It felt amazing our tongues intertwining our hands moving up and down our bodies. His hands brushed both my nipples and worked his way down to my cock. He popped open the button on my jeans and pulled down my zipper. Peeling off my jeans. He pushed his hands into my underwear and cupped my ass. His one finger brushed my hole. I moaned. While he was doing that I pulled his jogging pants down to free his gorgeous 8 inch cock.
      He broke off the kiss
      "Are you OK?"
      "Yes...... I need this"
      I pulled off my shirt and got out of my pants. I pulled off my socks at the same time I licked the end of his cock. His reaction was to moan. When I stood up he was naked. We grinded our bodies together all the while kissing. Our cocks sliding against each other. He bent down to bump his cock towards my hole. Rubbing it on my hole made me moan. I was so horny for him to fuck me.
      He pushed me down on the bed on my back climbed on top of me and we continued kissing. He worked his way down my neck to my chest and sucked on each nipple turning me on even more that I thought possible. I thought to myself "FUCK he has gotten a lot better than he was the last time we fucked" my head was swimming in lust.
      To be Continued 
    • By marcoslopez
      Anyone wanna zoom? Or chat on wickr?
    • By pozpuppy
      Dad’s Basement Part One
          OFF LIMITS !!!! That’s how it always was, no one had access to the basement except Dad. Growing up I used to imagine that he was a mad scientist and it was his laboratory where he conducted hair raising experiments. As I got older, my thoughts changed - was it his private gym - he was built, but I knew he went to a gym early in the morning - hell I even went with him quite a few times. My mind always wondered, but I never had the chance to go down —— until now. 
          Here it was my eighteenth birthday, I was home alone, which was the norm since Mom ran off with some man she met on the internet when I was starting my teen years and has not been heard from since. It was when I was heading to the kitchen to get my breakfast, that I saw it. The basement door was open, not wide open, but just enough to know someone could go down there. 
          Stomach be damned, my curiosity was strong than my hunger at this point. I had to see what was down there. 
          “Dad, are you home?” I yelled, no response.
          I made my way to the laundry room, which accessed the garage and saw that his truck was gone. My stomach groaned - not from hunger, but nerves. I made my way through the house, looking for my Dad. I wanted to make sure I was home alone. I was still scared of getting caught in the “forbidden basement.” He was no where to be found in the house, but that doesn’t mead he wasn’t hiding some where. Fuck I can’t believe I would think that my own Dad would set me up. I had to make sure.
          Grabbing my cell, I dialed Dad’s number, he quickly answered after one ring, was he waiting for this call, was this a set up?
          “Morning Squirt, what’s up?” he said. Squirt - the nickname he knew I hated, yet called me that when it was just the two of us.
          “Dad, do you want me to do the yard today?” I asked
          “It’s your birthday and you want to do yard work? We can do it this weekend, together. Any more silly questions or can I get back to my work so I can be home on time?” he replied.
          “Yeah, are you coming home early or what, like you said it is my birthday.”
          “Right now, Squirt, it looks like normal time. Got any other pressing questions?”
          “Nah, I’m good” I said,  “ Bye, Dad”
          I hung up and quickly made my way to the basement door. In my mind I expected it to be closed and locked, thinking it was all a trick of my mind. Without knowing it I held my breathe as I  made my way to the door, only to slowly release it seeing that the door was still a jar. 
          Nervously, I slowly pushed the door open, exposing the darkened stairs which lead to the mysterious basement below. I squinted my eyes to see if I could see anything in the darkness below. Nothing!
          That first step was the hardest, I had always known I was not allowed down here, but with finding the door opened I could not help but break the rule. I felt the way to see if I could find a switch to illuminate the mystery, nothing. Another what the fuck? I slowly descended the stairs until I was at the bottom. 
          The nerves in my stomach were twitching so bad that I thought I was going to throw up. I was frozen to the floor, as my hands explored the walls, searching for a light switch. It wasn't long until I found one. I closed my eyes and flipped it, as I thought “let there be light.” At that moment, I wondered if this is really what I wanted. Did I want to know my Dad’s secret?
          I slowly opened my eyes, finding the room flooded with a red light. The walls were darkly painted and if I were to guess they were black. There was symbols painted on they walls with phrases under them. The one that was the biggest and stood out the most was a circle like symbol, that I had seen somewhere before, but did not know where, and had the phrase under it that said 
          “TOXIC FOR LIFE”
          Else where there were sayings like “no load refused,” “Seed belongs in holes,” and “gifting is the way” - and more. I didn’t under stand. I slowly moved inwards, noticing a leather pad hanging from chains in one corner, two padded “saw horses” in the middle of the room.  What the fuck is this place, I thought. It’s not a gym, because I have never seen equipment like this. 
          As I made my way back, I saw that tucked under the stairs was an open shower area, with white tiles and three heads and two drains. I still didn’t understand. I passed out of that room and into another. The room was painted just like the other, with more phrases. The only different was the symbol, this time there was a huge scorpion on the wall, freaky as shit and ugly as hell.  Under the big scorpion was shelves with little brown bottles on them, as well as what looked like plastic bottles filled with a clear liquid. I racked my mind trying to figure out what this shit was and what it was used for. 
          From where I was standing there was a darkened opening to my left and one to my right, leading off to who knows where and what. Being adventurous, I went to the left, it was dark inside so I felt my way. I bumped into the a wall in front of me, but felt an opening to my right, so I turned and continued. I bumped and turned many times again. Shit this was some kind of maze. I panicked, I tried to remember which way I turned and went. What if I get trapped in here and Dad finds me here. I turned and moved, finding relief when I found the opening to get out. I have to be more careful. I discovered nothing with that adventure, so I decided to head to the other opening
          I went across the room and into through the other opening to find a wall blocking me, but with openings on the left and right. I went left only to find that this lead me to a room with another wall that went completely across the room. I walked to my right keeping a distance from the new wall with my hand on the wall that I first came to. I saw that there was three holes in the wall, which allowed light to come through. I gathered my courage and crossed the room to the middle hole, to discover that the hole came up to about my crotch. I slowly squatted down and looked through the hole - only to see the outside door to the left, which was letting in the light from out side through the frosted windows. I didn’t understand any of this. 
          I went back out and look around the big room again, I failed to notice more shelves holding more brown bottles and plastic squeeze bottles. In each corner was a TV, hung high near the ceiling. As I got back to the stairs, I realized there was another opening on the wall with the light switch. It was still dark inside, so I reached around inside trying to find the new room’s light switch. 
          A musty smell invaded my nostrils, rousing my curiosity, as well as my cock. Why was I turned on by this smell. Moments later I found the switch and found this room was a locker room. The lockers formed a square in the center, yet none were on the outer walls. Entering I found why. There were hundreds of used jocks nailed to the wall with pictures under them. The jocks were stained, some a bright yellow, some creamy, some very dark yellow. I lifted one of the jocks to look at the picture. It was of a naked man who’s cock was hard as a rock, my guess the owner of the jock. I lifted the picture up, to find a name, date, and what looked like a code - numbers mixed with three letters in the middle. Looking around I could see that three walls were almost covered with jocks. The fourth was bare. 
          At this point I wanted out of the basement. I had so many questions, yet I found that I didn’t want to seek the answers to them. Switching off the lights I made my way I back upstairs, climbed them and put the basement door like I found it. My mind was racing - what the fuck was that shit downstairs and what did it all mean. Confused, I wanted answers, but again I didn’t. Was I really suppose to see this? Did Dad make a mistake?
          I went to my room, grabbed my laptop, determined to find out what all this was, even if it took all day.    I logged in and had an email from my Dad pop up on my desk top. It’s subject line was “BASEMENT” - I forgo my searching to read this. 
      It read:
          I left the basement open for you today. It is time you found out what the secret is. It was after your call that I knew you were going to head down there. So here is what I do down there. 
          I SUCK DICK, GET MY DICK SUCKED, FUCK ASS AND GET MY ASS FUCKED. I can only put it bluntly. Yes, son I am a faggot, cocksucker, or if you want me to be pc - I am gay. I built the basement as a sex club for men like me. We get together as much as possible to have sex. There is a sling hanging from the ceiling, fuck benches, a maze with glory holes, and a glory hole wall to suck cock from people not in our “Club”
          I have well stocked it will lube and poppers (you snort to get a rush - not drugs), the TV’s are for porn. 
          I am sure you are wondering what are on the walls. Son, we are a Poz Fuck Club, each of the members are HIV positive and enjoy passing their strain to others. We do not let loads of cum go to waste - we swallow and we breed. The jocks and pictures are of men who had been converted by our club members.
          I know this may shock you, that your Dad is a toxic cock slut, but after discovering what you were watching on line, I thought it was time for you to know, learn and maybe join in (this part makes my cock hard)  Don’t be embarrassed - I want you to be open about sex even with me. I will be open with you. 
          We will talk more when I get home. 
          Happy Birthday Son
          Love ya, 
          I read the email over and over. He knew what I watched on line. I was so scared that if he ever discovered my secret, it would either scare him or anger him, not turn him on.  I needed to talk my mind off him and the basement until he got home. So I headed to the living room to watch movies until he got home. 
    • By IAcollegeguy
      It looks like researchers at Temple University have recently used a new gene editing technology called CRISPR to completely remove the HIV virus from mice. For those unaware of what CRISPR is, it's a new gene editing technology that's incredibly precise, incredibly effective and very cheap compared to previous gene editing technology. It's been used to genetically engineer mosquitoes that are immune to miliaria, cure blindness in mice and treat/reverse muscular dystrophy. The potential of this technology is incredible and it may one day be used to cure HIV/AIDS. We live in some amazing times. I recommend anyone reading this to do some research on CRISPR. It's pretty impressive what this technology can do and what it may be able to do in the future.
    • By Scorpion
      Let Love Once Move In  (Part 1)
      ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. **
      Imagine…. a town, like the one you live in.

      A small town boy on his way to love…. sounds magic.
      Jeff was a school dropout.
      With just 18 he didn’t have a good education or a job to make a good living on his own.
      But he was a nice guy - always friendly and helpful.
      The people in the neighborhood liked him.
      They didn’t know his secret…
      Jeff was gay.
      He knew it since he was 5.
      Ever time his mom watched a romantic love story on TV, Jeff tried to imagine the guy on the screen would kiss him, the way he kissed the actress.
      His mother did not know he was gay.
      His friends did not know he was gay.
      The neighbors did not know he was gay.
      And this way it should stay…. forever more.
      Then he met another guy by accident.
      He bought some groceries in the supermarket and while picking up a can from a lower shelf, he turned and bumped into a guy’s crotch, with his face first.
      Jeff thought he would sink into a hole. He was on his knees still, when he started to apologize to the guy.
      “Sorry dude. I didn’t mean to… “
      “Don’t worry. It felt good.” the other one replied.
      Did he hear him right?
      Jeff got up from his knees, totally blushing.
      The other guy was a turkish looking guy.
      He had black hair and dark eyes.

      Jeff guessed he would be around 23 or 24.
      He had broad shoulders and muscled arms.
      … and he had wonderful big bulge.
      A girl stepped up and asked if everything was alright.
      “Yes baby, just a little accident – no one got hurt” the turkish looking guy grinned.
      While the blonde girly walked away trying to find some cosmetics, the guy turned to Jeff again and said with a cheeky smile:
      “If you want to take the whole thing into your mouth… call me.”
      With that he handed him his business card and turned to go. After a few feet he turned around again and winked at Jeff, grabbing his crotch area obscenely.
      Jeff looked at the card and read the first name: Ahmed.
      The whole evening his mind was spinning.
      He thought that Ahmed was a hell of a guy, but he had obviously a girlfriend.
      Should he give him a call and hope for more? Or should he ignore the offer at all?
      He was totally inexperienced to the matter of sex.
      He dialed the digits to his mobile phone and called Ahmed.
      It seemed like an eternity, before some answered the phone.

      “Hey there… is this Ahmed speaking?” Jeff wanted to know.
      “Yeah, who is this?” the other barked.
      “My name is Jeff… I bumped into you… sort of…”
      “HA! I knew you would call me… I knew you would.” Ahmed laughed.
      After a little small talk they agreed to meet the following day.
      Ahmed would pick Jeff up at the supermarket, where they first met.
      The following days were beautiful.
      Ahmed used was the perfect boyfriend.
      He bought Jeff little gifts. He paid every bill, in every restaurant they went to.
      Jeff never even had to ask or argue about that.
      But Ahmed told him also, that he wasn’t gay. He had a girl friend and he wanted to marry one day a girl from his own culture. He just liked to enjoy some time with Jeff.
      Jeff totally understood the situation and was flattered, that Ahmed thought he would be sexy.
      He was hoping for more though.
      On the third day, Ahmed told Jeff he would like to get more intimate.
      He asked if they could meet at Jeff’s place.
      Jeff thought about it, but Ahmed explained already, that he couldn’t invite him to his place, since he was also living with his family and they would be suspicious probably.
      “But we have to be silent. I don’t want my mom to know about me being gay” Jeff demanded.
      Of course Ahmed agreed.
      When they got to Jeff’s house his mother was in the kitchen, making some dinner.
      Jeff introduced Ahmed as a pal and Jeff’s mom greeted him warmly.
      She asked if he would stay for dinner tonight, but Ahmed answered, he had a date with his girlfriend later on and that he just wanted to unload some stuff.
      Jeff’s mother nodded. She liked the handsome turkish boy and she was happy, that her son got some new acquaintance.
      She continued with her work and watched some TV shows in the meanwhile.
      Jeff didn’t dare to lock his room and so he was quite tensed, when Ahmed grabbed his hand and pressed it against his hard throbbing cock.
      He kissed Jeff and told him, he should open his jeans, to blow his cock hard.
      Jeff wasn’t that experienced, but he was anxious to see and feel and taste his lovers cock and so he crouched in front of Ahmed and started opening his jeans.
      He grabbed the nice nine inches hard cock and started licking the cockhead.
      Ahmed moaned.
      They heard the noise of TV in the kitchen
      Jeff started sucking on his lover’s cut dick and couldn’t believe how good this cock tasted. Not that he had any other cock before.
      He looked up and asked if he could jerk a bit while he sucked the dick.
      Ahmed looked down and told Jeff he should think of his needs first, than concentrating on his own good feelings.
      “Can’t you jerk off or whatever you do, when I am finished fucking you and I’m on my way to my girlfriend?”
      Jeff looked hurt.
      “Baby…. I mean.... I love your body and your looks. It just feels awkward, to see you playing with your…. thing” Ahmed explained.
      “I just want to enjoy my time in your body and it feels like you are betraying me of this, if you start minding your own needs” he continued.
      “Sorry, I didn’t think of it that way” Jeff looked at Ahmed like a puppy and his love.
      “Of course I can jerk off later on” he added.
      Turkiye first!” Ahmed said with a cheeky grin.
      “Get my dick slick sharmuta” he ordered Jeff.
      Jeff liked it, when he heard Ahmed speak in own language and asked him, if sharmuta was a nickname.
      Ahmed smiled and said he would translate it as sweetheart or darling, but that was a lie. The word sharmuta was a bad insult in the Arabian world and meant whore.
      Jeff was told to get up and that he should face the door and lean against it.
      Then he had to lower his jeans, but only the backside of it.
      Ahmed didn’t want to see Jeff’s dick or his balls.
      So only his ass cheeks were visible.
      “Please be careful…. you are the first one” he begged.
      Ahmed grinned and with enough spit he pushed his big cock into Jeff’s virgin hole.
      Jeff yelped in pain. Ahmed managed it, with enough force, to sink into his hole in one swift motion.
      The pain was unbearable.
      He thought he would faint and begged Ahmed to slow down.
      Instead he got a good grip at Jeff’s shoulders and started pounding the poor lad’s ass.

      Then he covered Jeff’s mouth with one hand to mute the rising protest.
      When Jeff’s moaning became too loud he got a slap against the back of his head, but Ahmed never decreased the intensity of the sexual act.
      “RRRRROAAAAARRRRR SHARMUTAAAAAA” Ahmed almost screamed when he shot his cum into the defenseless hole.
      Meanwhile in the kitchen Jeff’s mom was just watching another game show, while hearing a shout. But in the moment she turned the volume down, no sound could be heard and so she turned back to the TV.
      Jeff almost slumped down, after the violent fuck.
      He turned around and saw the throbbing cock in front of his face.

      “Suck my cock clean……” Ahmed ordered, totally out of breath.
      Jeff was so shocked, he didn’t really put on a defense.
      He simply opened his mouth and Ahmed pushed it down his throat.
      Jeff licked the dick clean obediently and freed it from any fuck slime, that might have been on the cock.
      “You were fuck-tastic Jeff. I think I have never fucked someone as tight as you” he said.
      “I thought my first time would be romantic” Jeff sniffed.
      “You got fucked the Turk-style” Ahmed said.
      “I hope you like it more in the future… if you want to see me again”
      “Of course I want to see you again and if that is the way, you turks fuck, then I am happy to be your turk hole in future” Jeff chuckled.
      Ahmed was stuffing his still semi hard dick back into his jeans.
      He told Jeff he would call him tomorrow, but he had to rush now to his girlfriend”
      Jeff wanted to kiss Ahmed good-bye, but the Turk denied it.

      “You don’t think I could kiss your lips, if you just licked and swallowed your fuck slime from my cock” he grinned and Jeff nodded understandingly.
      While getting downstairs Ahmed was still closing his jeans and his belt.
      He went to Jeff’s mother and told her good-bye politely.
      She saw the prominent lump in his pants, but tried to ignore it.
      She was still a bit alarmed and thought for a moment to restrict the internet access for her son.
      Who knows what those two healthy boys were up to… no good for sure!
      If only she knew…

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