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hidden User Galleries?

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Sometimes you see a notification that a user has added pics to their User Gallery. But when you look at their profile there is no Gallery on it. I didn't notice anywhere there is an option to set Galleries to "private"? Are those locked and if yes who can see them? 

Just asking because I wondered why one would have a gallery that nobody can see....?

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I never could find galleries either. The whole pic thing here is really screwed up. You would think a users gallery would have at least a link in their profile instead of this whole separate gallery thing.

Bizarre, and non intuitive...

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I was referring to their "Album" which is a button on their profile, next to Activity and so on. You have one. But some users show they have added pics but don't have that Album button. So don't have a clue where they posted their pics.

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When you add a photo to your "Status Message", they do not get added to your album, but instead are just in your profile activity stream.  I used to add a lot of pics there and someone asked how to get to the pics and I realized that they weren't in any of my albums.  That might be why you see a notice that a pic was added, but there is no album associated with it.

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