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(aka From cautious to chaser)

Drew started down the slippery slope when visiting a public toilet in a park. As he was relieving himself, another guy entered and instead of urinating started to wank his dick. The sight of this, turned Drew on and before he knew what was happening he was sucking thus guy off.

As a result Drew started visiting this place regularly to suck and be sucked. After a few such encounters, people started either wanting to fuck him or be fucked by him. Drew would have none of that!

This changed, however, when Drew came to the park, bringing with him a men's magazine just purchased that included a special gift of a condom. After perusing the magazine, the sexual tension got too much and he proceeded to the toilets to wank off his cock. Whilst he was in the cubicle another man entered the toilets and started wanking himself off at the urinals. Drew spotted him and joined him. But after some sexy playing with each other, the man said how much he like to be fucked. Drew thought that he did after all have a condom on him and agreed to do so. The next stage down the slippery slope and he wrapped his cock with the condom and started fucking this stranger. The excitement was too much and before long he'd shot his load. Thereafter Drew would bring a packet of condoms with him to satisfy the needs of several demanding men in the park's toilet block.

Sometimes, some of the guys he met would try to Drew. Even with a condom, there was no way Drew would risk this and would always refuse. This changed when a newbie in his late teens who was still a virgin, eagerly desired to fuck Drew. Knowing his status, having played with him a few times, Drew acquiesced to allow the youth to take his anal virginity. It was very difficult for the youth to shove his erection up Drew's virgin hole and when he finally managed it, the pain was so unbearable that Drew had to get him to pull out almost immediately. Although, the experience had been initially unpleasant , it did lead Drew further down the slippery slope, now Drew became willing to be fucked with a condom.

Drew started frequenting a popular cruising site. There he was often in demand to fuck or be fucked. Drew remained cautious and always fucked with a condom, despite offers to do without. One interesting feature at this site, on hot sunny days many frequenters would walk around the site absolutely naked. Sometimes Drew also went naked. It was this that eventually led Drew further down the slippery hole.

As Drew was walking naked along one of the quieter side paths of the site, he espied a good-looking naked young man in his early twenties. This man was obviously interested in Drew and headed further into the bushes and found a secluded clearing. When he got there the young man went onto his knees offering his arse to be fucked. Only condoms were not on offer. Drew was torn between fucking him sheathless and walking away. But the temptation got too much for him and before he knew it, he had gone further down the slippery hole! Drew squirted lube on his now erect penis and entered the man bare. He thrust in and out with his bare cock until the excitement of the situation became too much for Drew and he shot his load inside the man. Not only was the young man very appreciative,but asked Drew to felch his cum around inside him. Yet another new experience for Drew. After that Drew went on to fuck other men bare, but was always careful not to let anyone fuck him bare.

Once again Drew started further down the slippery slope, as he was fucking another guy bare in a coppice within the cruising site, when another guy came along to see what was happening. Drew, being an exhibitionist at heart, welcomed the attention and was happy for onlookers to admire him pistoning in and out of this man. The watcher wanked himself off to the sight, but much to Drew's surprise, he suddenly felt the man shove his cock up Drew's arse. The man must have presumed Drew was happy to be fucked bare if he was fucking another guy bare. Drew so enjoyed the experience of this bare cock up him that he let the man fuck him for a while, before ensuring he stopped short of cumming inside him. There was no way, Drew was going to let that happen to him. After that from time to time, Drew allowed people to fuck him bare but with always the proviso that they weren't to cum inside him!

There's was absolutely no way that Drew would go down the slippery slope any further, was there? He popped into a local toilets that was used for cottaging. Several men were wanking themselves in the urinals. Drew went into one of the cubicles and also started getting himself erect, when one of the others in the bloc joined him within the cubicle. Drew sucked the man off and when he was fully erect, he was very keen to fuck Drew bare within the cubicle. It didn't take much to persuade Drew to turn around and bend over within the confined space to accommodate this man's bare dick inside him. He forcefully fucked Drew. There came a point when Drew felt the time had come for this man to withdraw to avoid spilling his semen inside him, so Drew tried to pull away but was rather stuck within the small confines of the cubicle. The man continued his onslaught. On no less than four occasions Drew tried to pull out but to no avail! Then the man pulled out, but Drew then noticed to his horror that the man's cock was coated with fresh jizz. He had come inside Drew bare!

Drew didn't immediately become a cumdump far from it. Although he continued to fuck people bare, he still refrained from being fucked bare. Often he still used condoms. But he continued down the slippery slope when he was sucking a guy off in the darkroom. The angle Drew was at was perfect for people to come up behind him and stick their cocks right up his bare arse, which is what one guy proceeded to do. Drew was surprised by this man's no-asked bare entry, but he enjoyed the feeling so let him continue, whilst he continued to suck on cock. The man's ploughing of Drew's arse kept apace with Drew's sucking of the other's cock until in synchrony they both blew their load. Drew enjoyed his first experience of simultaneously receiving two loads, one oral, one anal. This just pushed him further down the slippery hole!

Drew started to take bare cock, throwing caution to the wind, except he still did not knowingly accept poz cocks. Drew was now kidding himself as he happily accepted any cocks without asking. He particularly enjoyed one occasion when in the darkroom, he was taken by four different men, all who spunked deeply into his hole, so that their sperm started oozing out of his arse. Drew craved and got more of this action. He continued down the slippery hole!

Encouraged by barebacking sites that insisted it was safe to be barebacked by those who were poz but on medication, he took his next step down the slippery hole by contacting someone, who described himself as poz on meds. He arranged to meet him for an anonymous fuck. Drew arranged to let himself into the man's house and find him inside with his arse lubed and ready to be taken. Drew entered gingerly and found the man lying on his bed naked and ready for action. Drew spent little time with preliminaries, dropping his pants, stroking his cock erect and then plunging it into his first acknowledged poz bottom. Down the slippery slope Drew went as he shoved his cock down the man's slippery hole! Drew was really turned on by what he was doing and thrust in and out quickly. Just as quickly he came to a climax, splattering the inside of the poz bottom with his negative spunk. Drew left without further ado, but determined to find another poz on meds arse to fuck. There was, of course, no way he was going to let a poz fuck his arse!

Drew next went to visit another contact, who was also poz on meds, and attended his local sauna. He met up with him and they went into a private cubicle, where they spent time sucking one another off before Drew got himself ready and placed his cock against the bum crack of another poz arse. He pushed in firmly added by the lubrication of saliva and found a welcoming hole within. Drew enjoyed fucking yet another bare poz arse. It turned him on, but he felt reassured that he didn't think it was too risky. The excitement led him to ejaculate inside quite quickly. But the session wasn't over as his contact wanted to be sucked off by Drew. As he sucked him off so the wonderful cock grew in his mouth and Drew realised he wanted this cock up his arse. Knowing his status, but that he was on meds, made Drew feel okay about doing so and yet once again it pushed Drew further down the slippery slope as this magnificent specimen was pushed bare up Drew's arse. Drew was surprised how much he was turned on by the experience of receiving a bare poz cock up his arse and longed for his poz, albeit it undetectable, seed would flood his insides. It wasn't long before his desire was realised and the cock pulsed as great wads of poz sperm shot up his hole. Drew wanted more, did this include going that final slide down the slippery slope and accepting an unmedicated poz cock?

Things progressed faster than Drew could have imagined, he was contacted on a barebacking site by someone very close in his vicinity, but who was described as poz not on meds. Drew replied that he was willing to meet up, but who only be prepared to fuck him and not be fucked by him, rationalising this might be safer. The following evening he popped round to the man's house. They soon got down to business and the guy was happy to accept Drew's full grown cock up his arse. Drew picked up a good rhythm and was completely turned on by the experience of fucking his first fully poz arse. So he descended even further down the slippery slope, no longer cautious in his actions, Drew had effectively become a chaser. Drew blasted his load inside the man and presumed this was the end of the proceedings, but the guy had other plans. He persuaded Drew to accept his cock up inside him, agreeing that he would withdraw if requested. Drew felt really turned on, but scared as he accepted the man's poz cock up his arse. The man ploughed Drew's arse really well and Drew was enjoying the feeling of bare cock inside him. Drew was now descending to the bottom of the slippery pole as the man's pole slid up his slippery arse. This carried on for quite some time before Drew called a halt to the proceedings fearing the danger of him accidentally shooting his toxic load inside him. Drew got the shock of his life as the man withdrew his now wilting cock from Drew's hole for it was covered in spunk. He insisted that he would have withdrawn at any time if Drew had asked him, but considering he had not, he happily shot his very toxic poz cum inside Drew.! Drew had now slipped to the very bottom of the slippery pole!


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Once he gets poz, the next step is to be a gifter, then a stealth gifter! 😈

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18 hours ago, Bicycledude said:

Once he gets poz, the next step is to be a gifter, then a stealth gifter! 😈


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I have to have had a new idea or experience before adding to or writing a new story. Currently I've only the one idea that I'll post in general bareback stories at some point in the future.

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Need another installment of this story. A sequel

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A very hot, well written story, I look forward to seeing more from you.

My journey was similar to Drew's, but I've not yet taken a toxic load. 

Hopefully that will happen soon.

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As one who has been on that slippery slope and enjoyed the ride to the very bottom  

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    • By Bbrawnasty
      Chapter One: 
      Damien awoke to the sound of his alarm waking him to get ready for work. He shut off the alarm and grabbed his phone to jerk one off before starting his day. Damien had always been sexually promiscuous, but his interests as of late had become focused on one thing in particular. Bugchasing. Damien was negative but nothing turned him on more than seeing a video where a poz top verbally bred a negative bottom. As much as seeing pozzing videos turned him on, Damien didn’t think he would ever be able to actually take the plunge himself. He pacified the urges by telling himself it was all just a fantasy, a fetish to jerk off to, he would never have the guts to chase it in real life. 
      Damien opened bbrt to check his messages quickly, and that’s when he saw it. An email with the subject line, “Join the poz brotherhood”Damiens' heart began to race as he opened the message, and what he saw made his heart stop altogether. 
      “Brother Damien, we have been monitoring you for some time now and we know of your suppressed desires. Set yourself free and fulfill your duty to the Brotherhood. We will arrange everything for you, all you have to do is accept our offer.”
      Damien’s mind was racing, was this a joke? There’s no way this could be real. He sat in bed, his mind going back and forth between asking for more information or ignoring the email altogether. He sat there for what seemed like forever contemplating when a sudden impulse came over him and he replied: “I accept”. He pressed send and then stared at his phone screen, wondering what he had just done when almost immediately a return email arrived. 
      “Welcome, Brother Damien. Your path to fulfill your destiny has been set in motion. No further action is required on your end. When the time comes, you will know.”
      Perplexed by the ambiguity of the response and overwhelmed by the millions of questions surging through his head, Damien went to reply asking for clarification on what would happen and when. But at the moment he hit reply, the messages and the account disappeared altogether. Panic filled Damien as he frantically searched his inbox for the messages and the website for the account. Unable to find anything, Damien realized he had to start getting ready for work or he would be late.  
      Time passed by slowly that day. Damien was unable to focus on any of his work, and to make matters worse he couldn’t resist the urge to check his phone every 5 minutes to see if a new message had arrived. But the day past and nothing eventful amounted. By the time three days had past and Damien noticed nothing out of the ordinary, he was fairly certain that the whole thing was some kind of joke. Any by the time a week had passed he was certain of it. He couldn’t believe he let himself get so worked up over a silly prank email. Damien decided to return to his normal life and keep his fantasies of bugchasing just as that, a fantasy. 
      It was a Saturday night and Damien had agreed to meet up with a few friends at a bar for drinks downtown. He arrived early and found a seat at the bar while he waited for his friends to arrive. He ordered his go-to drink, gin and tonic, and watched the game on the screen above the bar. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a tall, muscular man take a seat next to him. The man had a perfectly sculpted thick black beard, curly black hair, and eyes as dark as midnight. He was exceptionally handsome and Damien immediately attracted to him, but he knew the man was way out of his league. Now Damien knew he was a handsome guy, he had no problem picking up a guy at a bar, but this guy was on a whole other level of sexy. He had a dark ruggedness to him that seemed to entrance Damien, so much so that he hadn’t realized he had been staring until he saw those two black eyes looking right back at him. Overcome with embarrassment, Damien’s cheeks flushed and he quickly said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare, I just…” The man waved him off and cut in, “Hey don’t worry about it! The names Lucius, nice to meet you….” “Damien, my name is Damien.” “Well it’s nice to meet you, Damien. What brings you out tonight?” “I am supposed to be meeting up with some friends for drinks tonight, what about you?” Lucius gave Damien a mischievous smile and replied, “I have some business to attend to.” Before Damien could ask about the business Lucius had, his friends entered the bar and pulled away his attention. Lucius got up and said to Damien, “Well I see your friends have arrived, I will leave you to it then. It was nice meeting you, Damien.” Before Damien could ask for his number Lucius had already strolled out the door. Damien’s friends took the empty seats and Damien finished off his gin and tonic. He couldn’t tell if he were mistaken but it seemed to have a different taste than before…
      About 20 minutes later Damien had started to not feel so well. He had become light headed and dizzy and he had hardly had anything to drink yet! Deciding he wasn’t feeling up to a night of drinking and staying up late, he told his friends goodbye and headed out towards his car. He had only parked a couple blocks away but time seemed to be slowing down and the walk was seeming to take forever. Wondering what could be wrong, he turned the corner and passed an alley and that’s when he felt someone grab him and a bag go over his head. Fear and panic set in as Damien tried to resist against his attacker, but he was feeling extremely weak and a wave of sleepiness was rushing over him. Damien collapsed to the ground as a van pulled up to the curb. Two men got out of the van and threw Damien’s unconscious body inside and drove off.
      Several hours later Damien started to wake up. He couldn’t remember what had happened or where he was, or how he got home last night. He tried to get up but realized something was restricting him. His eyes fully opened and he began to realize what was happening. He was strapped to a fuck sling with his knees locked above him in stirrups. He was completely naked and exposed, he started to panic as he struggled to break free of the restraints. Looking around he seemed to be inside a church, except that it looked as if it hadn’t been used in a while. His mind raced as he continued to try and get loose of the restraints, he thought he could almost slip his foot out when he heard a loud booming voice say,
      “Welcome, Brother Damien”
      **** More to come soon, this is my first posting so any feedback would be appreciated****
    • By losolent
      Part 1 - The Encounter
      I lay on my back my chest covered in seed from my own orgasm, breathing heavily and sweating from wanking off whilst looking at the pictures on his profile. He in his mid 40's five foot ten inches, trimmed beard and hairy chest tapering down to his eight inch uncut thick cock with the head partly poking through his foreskin glistening with precum. The leather cock ring heightened the appearance of his ample sized balls that showed signs of an ability to deliver copious amounts of seed. The other picture showed him sitting on a sofa with a white fluffy dressing gown partly open exposing his hairy chest whilst he was smoking a cuban cigar. I just don't know what drew me to his profile every time I wanted a release, was it the cigar?, the hairy chest?, the bareback sex and the thought of him penetrating me deep to breed?, was it his ability to be an olympic kisser, or just the fact he was spanish and looked like a real man. Whatever it was I just couldn't stop hitting up his profile in admiration.
      At 22 I was a standard gay lad, had sex every now and then but not interested in a boyfriend as I loved the trill of experiencing different men and lads around my age. Well I say "standard" but was quite a catch according to some guys I met, at five foot eight inches cropped brown hair, blue eyes, okay body and arse with a seven inch uncut cock. Always played safe and not in to any sleazy stuff (yet!).
      It was one of those nights where I hit up his profile "WimbledonTop" and was just starting to tease my cock from sleeping when I heard 'ping', holy crap I thought someone messaged me. I never actively engaged in guys from these sites but I was intrigued so opening up the message centre and saw it was from WimbledonTop, my heart pounded in my chest as I click on the open button...
      "Hi, checking out my profile again!! LOL, how many times have you done that now?". Fuck how the hell does he know as I caught my breath and smiled to myself wondering if I should reply. A couple of minutes pass by as I looked at the keyboard, I moved the cursor over to the Reply button and clicked, and we ended up in a game message ping pong.
      Me: "Busted, I like looking at your pictures :)"
      Him: "And what do you like most about them?"
      Me: "I don't know that's the thing, I guess they look hot."
      Him: "Do you like cuban cigars, I do, I don't like the cheap imitation rubbish."
      Me: "I had a puff on one a couple of years back it wasn't cuban and didn't really enjoy it, apart from that I don't smoke."
      Him: "You should try cuban you would probably like it as it has more flavour and strength."
      Me: "If I had the money I probably would do LOL."
      Him: "I could let you try one of mine but you might get addicted to them and they are expensive if you don't have the money."
      Me: "To right I guess, would I need to do anything in return if you let me try one."
      Him: "Absolutely not, I would just enjoy your company as most of my friends are my age."
      Me: "As long as there are no expectations of getting anything from me then yes I would be happy to come round, plus you live close."
      As the messaging finished I returned to his profile and busted another load to his picture. The following day at 7pm I headed to his address, as I looked up I knew instantly that he obviously could afford to smoke cubans. The gate opened and I walked up the short driveway he opened the door and smiled and shouted "Jake, welcome", I reached the door "Hi Fabian, thank you for inviting me over.". We walked through his amazing house and in to the Orangery at the back of the house overlooking the very secluded garden, in one corner I noticed what looked like a small plastic round tent in the shaded area, the opposite side was a beautiful landscaped pool. "I hope you enjoy being here, now we are going to do this gradually as I want you to enjoy what cubans really offer." he said smiling. I forgot to mention that he was dressed in his white fluffy dressing gown and looked even more striking that his pictures. "We don't want to get your clothes all smelling of cigar smoke so take them off and leave your underwear on then we can start.", this was a little more than I was expecting so he reminded me there was no expectation of anything happening. Fabian was now slipping out of his robe exposing his white underwear and very obvious bulge that was packed inside. As I did so he returned with a Cohiba robusto cigar and called me over to where he was. He demonstrated how to lightly moisten the end before cutting to prevent tearing and told me never to rub it in my finger as it breaks the filler. He lit a match and charred the end before puffing to bring the cigar up to full burn. I could see the blue hue in the smoke filling the air and caught a brief smell as it dissipated.
      I followed him out to the garden over to the plastic tent. He looked at me and laughed at my quizzical face and told me it is an air tight tent that is a good way of introducing you to cubans as he bent over and slipped inside patting the floor next to him I crawled in and sat beside him. "It will get a little warm in here after a while but you can open the zipper anytime you wish" he said as he pulled the zipe down sealing us inside. Fabian took a couple of puffs and released a heavy dense smoke in to the tent. My heart was racing partly due to the close proximity of his body that was driving me wild. Just then a cloud of the smoke wafted past my face as I breathed in through my nose. The smell was unlike anything you experience when people smoke cigarettes near you, it was aromatic and very intoxicating to say the least. Fabian continued to smoke the cigar watching me as the plastic tent began filling with more and dense smoke. My taste and smell senses were being encompassed by this ever presence smoke, I breathed in deeply my lungs filled causing me to cough. Every breath I took was now replaced by cuban cigar smoke as my lungs adjusted the coughing stopped. Beads of sweat were trickling down the side of my face, all the time he never took his eyes off me. I was getting light headed from the now lack of oxygen but I couldn't stop, I was truly under an intoxicating influence and was now loving it. I could only just make out parts of the garden through the dense smoke, my eyes were watering and my pulse was racing. In the distance a heard a zipping noise and a gust of fresh air rushed in to the tent, Fabian climbed out and held a hand out to me and pulled me out on to my feet. The fresh air instantly hit my lungs and I collapsed against his chest as he held me tight to stop me falling over. "Take slow shallow breaths." he told me, as I did so I began to regain control and stood up. "That was amazing." I said, he laughed and handed me the cigar and told me to take a small puff on it, doing so I tasted a completely different sensation from the smoke I was breathing in the tent. The flavour danced on my tongue and were hard to describe. "Take another small puff and inhale it deep." I coughed a little and exhaled the smoke. I took another puff and inhaled without coughing, not only was I enjoying this, but my cock was hard as nails in my underwear. I loved the feel of the cigars thickness and how much longer they took to smoke, the flavours and aromas produced were incredible.
      Fabian smiled over as we walked back to the Orangery where he sat the cigar down in the ashtray and told to me shower and wash the smoke away as he escorted me to a shower room by the kitchen. As I walked back in to the orangery I got dressed "I enjoyed your company, hope you would like to come over and smoke again with me." a broad smile went across my face as I replied "I can't afford to buy those sort of cigars though.", "Don't worry about that, you being here is enough payment.". As we got to the door I placed my hand on his arm an gave him a kiss on the check, he chuckled and patted my arse as I turned to leave.
    • By Wolviejz
      28yo professional bttm in town for the next two weeks. Would love to find some great cruising spots or gh’s to play at. Clean and negative on prep. Swallow friendly :).
    • By Wetnraw
      The following story is a branch from my story "Married Couple looking for a third" So read that first, then this one.
    • By kinkyversatile
      Most of this story is true. 
      Part 1. Losing my real virginity to Skinhead in London
      It was two days after my 18th birthday. I was out with some friends in London celebrating We'd been clubbing, met a few people and ended up back in basement bar of a hotel. The hotel it turned out was notorious for it's gay clientele. Which made mad sense - the people we met were cool - two gay gays, a very femme camp twink, and couple of fag hags who were now getting friendly with my two mates. Now I think back I realise I was supposed to be the prize for the gay guys or the twink to play with. 
      I'd always been skinny. And with ginger hair and pale skin I must have looked delicious to these older gay guys. I was wearing a tight white t-shirt, skinny blue jeans and boots. I knew I was a bit camp and played up to it. But at the time I was straight. I'd had a couple of girlfriends, but only had sex twice. The first time was with a big girl at a party, I got hard but didnt know what to do. She knew what she wanted. She removed her knickers, parked her huge arse on me, straddled her big thighs over me and rode me until she had an orgasm. She then got off and left me there. The next time was with my new girlfriend. We'd done it once, but she had to grab my cock and put it in her. I pretended to cum. She told me she liked my cock, although it was the smallest one she'd fucked she said. I am about six inches and nice and straight. But even though it was small it was very good looking she thought - like the Johnny Depp of cocks - small but perfectly formed. She laughed and said my small balls and ginger pubes made my cock look cute. However even though I had nice tight balls I'd always produce a lot of cum!
      Thinking back I loved porn, and wanked a lot even to straight porn. But I always fantasised I was the slut on my knees getting a face full of cum or sucking cock. I love the idea of cocks up my arse, but I never had anything up there - i tried with a finger but it always hurt. But I'd play with my arse hole opening, rubbing a finger over my pink hole and pushing as much as I dared.  I'd dream of being a slut on all fours when I wanked. I'd create rape fantasies of being forced and used, taken against my will and degraded. I'd cum in my hand or on the floor and hungrily lick it all up.  I even used to be able to put my cock over my mouth and cum on pretty pink lips. As I mentioned, I'd cum a lot so spraying my mouth and face with huge spurts of cum was easy. 
      Anyway, back to the hotel. Time was passing and everyone was getting pretty drunk. Most people in the hotel bar had left. I'd drunk a lot of beer and the ecstasy was wearing off. I staggered down the hallway, down some stairs and into the mens toilet. It was a big white tiled old fashioned toilet. Very bright and very white I remember. Six stalls facing some sinks and a big steal urinal at one end. I headed down and went for a piss - leaning with one hand against the wall for support. I took a big long piss and was thinking how fucked I felt and I should probably head off. I was supposed to see my girlfriend tomorrow. 
      Just then someone came and stood next to me. He got his cock out and started pissing. He was standing very close, right next to me. I could smell him. Aftershave and sweat and leather.  Even though I'd never had any experience before somehow I knew this man was gay. I glanced down and over and caught a glimpse of his cock. My heart started beating faster and my mouth went dry. Quickly I buttoned up and walked to the sinks. For some reason I then turned around and looked back - i just stood there. I was looking at the man pissing. He was taller than me - i was only around 5'8. He was easily six foot. Dressed like a skin head. Shaved head. Ripped jeans. Leather jacket on, boots, chains, the lot. His arms were covered in cool tatoos. Then he turned, took two steps away from the urinal and just stood there with his cock out. 
      I couldnt believe it. I'd never seen anything like. This big white cock. So thick and so manly. With a prince albert on the end - a big silver ring piercing the head. Instinct took over and I walked towards him, got on my knees and took my first cock in my mouth. It was amazing. The taste, the feel, the heat of the flesh. So much bigger and more powerful than mine. I greedily sucked and tasted his meat. I was consumed with lust, finally I knew my place, I felt so at home on my knees with a cock in my mouth. I was transformed from a straight boy into the cock sucker I wanted to be. The cock was enough and I sucked in his balls and licked around his crotch tasting his body. I realised he was shaved which I liked, how did I know I liked that? I'd never even thought of it before and here I was deciding i liked shaved balls. 
      I heard something behind which woke me from my delirious cock sucking. I looked around, I didnt see anyone but realised I was exposed. If someone saw me they'd know what I was. I was still straight and no one could find out. I dragged the skin head man into a stall and closed the door. I went to continue my cocksucking, but instead he kissed me. Harder and rougher than I'd ever been kissed. Forcing his tongue in my mouth and tasting me. I went weak at the knees - I was breathless and had never felt this turned on before even though I wasnt even thinking about my cock. He roughly pulled down my jeans and grabbed my cock and balls hard and twisted them. "You like that slut?" he said, "Yes sir, thankyou sir" I moaned. Where did that come from? I'd never called anyone sir before. 
      He spun me around and pulled my cute white arse cheeks apart. I moaned and pushed back offering myself to him. It felt so natural. He ran a finder up my crack and I shivered in excitement. He tried to push a finger in, but I clamped shut. "Please no" I said "I'm a virgin, I'm too tight and it hurts". He didnt say anything, instead he knelt down. Then I felt it. His tongue on my arse. Oh my god that was incredible - like nothing else. The licking and the probing of his tongue. I began pushing back and moaning like a bitch on heat. I'd never felt anything like it and it was perfect. I was having the best sex of my life and I hadnt even touched my cock. I started moaning like the sluts in pornos "I'm a whore, lick my cunt hole, eat my pussy, use me like a whore... fuck my cunt like a bitch. Fuck my virgin cunt hole and make me your bitch". I was really going to town on the moaning, I was transformed from a straight boy into a drooling faggot. 
      The skin head stood up and put one arm around my waste and the other around my neck. "You dont have a cunt" he said "you've got an arse hole and I'm about to fuck it. Do you want that? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to breed you?". I couldn't believe that my dream was about to come true. "Yes, please, fuck me. Fuck my arse". Even though I didn't know what it meant I begged him to breed me. It sounded slutty and I liked being a slut. It made my arse seem more like a cunt, and a cunt could be used to get a girl pregnant and I liked being more like a slutty girl. After all you cant breed an 18 year boy can you?
      He positioned his cock head against my hole. I moaned.. then I paused "Not with out a condom" I said and pulled away. I was suddenly awakened to my situation and how long I'd been down there. I'd better get back to my friends I thought. 
      "I want you to come in my mouth" I said and tried to suck his cock again thinking I could get my reward quickly and rejoin my friends. No one would be any the wiser. "No, thats not what you want or need." said the skin head "I know what you want, but I guess tonights not your lucky night". With that he unlocked the toilet door and headed back upstairs. 

      I washed my face and hands and sheepishly. I figured I'd head back upstairs and rejoin my friends, maybe pretend like it never happened. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was still feeling high and drunk. Even more now I thought. Normally I'd have sobered up a bit by now, but I was feeling even more drunk and things seemed blurry. Time to get a cab. I staggered out of the mens room and into the hall. 
      To be continued. 

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