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BB Bottoms who don't take loads

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No doubt in my mind at all that such bottoms are employed but never accept a paycheck on pay day.  They just do the work for a company for fun.

In the same regard, they get fucked for the fun of it.  They don't want a pay day--the idiots.

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never tell the top to top or pull out. To bad you guys are not closer. my hole takes all and keeps it all safe  until matured 

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I     am with you all the way Tina . My ass is there to take  any fluid he wants to leave 

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I've said this in a different post, but it bears repeating, it's not a proper fuck unless cum is deposited in ass and let me add, the guy in question is not a proper bottom!  Pullouts are for bad porn!

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Yeah last week at the bath a bottom tried pulling that shit - don’t cum in me.  I bounced him from my room. 


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    • By blueboy7
      I just received a hard fuck from a black guy who hit me up on Grindr.  His posting said he was traveling through my location in Texas, en route to California, and was looking to earn some gas money.  We chatted for a bit, and eventually I invited him to stop by.  He accepted my invitation and while awaiting him I got myself ready, making it a point to prep my hole with my dildo as I hadn't been fucked in several months.
      When I opened the door I found a 6'2" black guy with an average build but a nine inch thick cock.  As the door closed behind him, I dropped straight to my knees, extracting his cock from his shorts, deep-throating him a bit, and earning a deep moan of pleasure from him.
      "I wanna rim you," he announced. 
      Getting to my feet, I turned around, bent over, and spread my butt cheeks.  He dove right in.  HOLY SHIT!  His tongue felt great as for the next 15 minutes he gave me an excellent rim job.  After which he stood, and rubbed his cockhead on my hole. 
      "The condoms and lube are on the table," I announced, now in a kneeling position.
      "Spit works better," he responded as he pressed his huge cock into my hole.  I yelped as I wasn't ready, but rather than withdraw, he reached under my body, grabbed my nipples, twisting them as he sunk his cock into my ass. 
      At that point my only choice was to take a deep hit of poppers and just take it.  He bottomed out, balls-deep.  It was then I realized he wasn't using a condom, and I exclaimed "What about the condom?"
      His response was non-negotiable:  "I'm not taking it out now."
      Instead he worked his cock even more deeply into my ass, pounding away for several minutes until he withdrew, dropped onto his back, ordering me to sit on his cock.  Crouching over his pole, my legs straddling his waist, I slowly lowering my hole onto his cock.  I was half way down when he deliberately jostled my left leg, causing me to slide down onto his cock just as he thrust upwards, causing my ass to take his entire nine inch, thick fucking cock balls-deep.  I screamed in genuine pain, where upon he stuffed my t-shirt into my mouth.  Later he mercifully told me to take several more hits of poppers with the result he had me enthusiastically bouncing up and down on his cock, working his pole as I grunted "Breed me, man, give me your load."
      He answered my demand by blowing a huge load deep into my ass, after which time he continued fucking me, working his cum into a lather.
      Fuck, it was a fuckin' hot session - and I didn't even cum!  I was completely satisfied having been well-fucked.
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      Hi Guys, just arrived to FL and planning to go to slammer, cum union party at club house II and ramrod, anybody going? other recommendations for sex, orgies, BB fuck, etc? also into outdoor fuck, whats best time to go to these places? tks
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      Been meaning to post this for some time and just now got the motivation to do it. Took a trip to Vegas back in early Dec. Did the usually bbrt invite and once I got there, posted ads on CL (oh how I miss that site). My goal was to break my record of 13 loads. Well I only broke event. First guy was a muscular short daddy who made a quick go of things. Shortly after I ended up with two hot and fit BBCs in my room, taking turns on my ass. Muscle daddy showed back up and added another load. I then rode the fittest bbc till he exploded deep in me. That set off the second one so I quickly slide off the first so I could take the second. Load five was from a hot and sexy young white kid. We made out a bit and he fucked me on my back, all the while kissing. He bred me nice and deep. Next few loads were anonymous with one I do know being another BBC. Had a sexy dom muscle daddy come by. He had me nursing on his cock while he leaned back on the bed. While we were engaged in play, another guy showed up. Was told he was an older not fit guy. He proceeded to fuck and breed me while I continued to nurse daddy’s cock. With a fresh load, I climbed onto daddy and rode his load out of him. Took a few more anon loads after him. He messaged me just after midnight saying he was horny again. I was one load away from tying my record so I invited him right back over. He pile drove me for a good solid 10min before giving me load 13.
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      Was in Denver the weekend of Easter for a conference most of the weekend. I had time off work so got there last Wednesday afternoon. I’d placed bbrt ad and had approved 42 guys. Turned out be a bit of a disappointment. It had started to snow as I had gotten into town. After I had prepped, I sent out the usual email of which hotel and room. I will hand it to the handful of guys who did take the time to email saying they couldn’t make it either to last minute business trips or due to the snow. In the end I got 11 loads from 6 guys. First was a young, heavy set black guy with a thick, stubby cock. He really loved my ass and loaded me good. Next was a sexy, furry Latino. As I was sucking him, a middle aged, athletic guy showed. They took turns fucking me. An older silver fox showed while this was going on. He hung out in the back, watching and stroking. Athletic guy eventually bred me and silver fox slid in. As he was fucking me, Latino shot his load in my mouth. As those two left, silver fox kept fucking. But he was having problems staying hard. He said it takes him quite a while to cum and hoped others would show. After about 5min of awkward silence, he finally left. Next up was a fit black guy with a nice thick cock with a wicked cum. He was doing things to my ass and hitting all sorts of buttons. Part way through, a Latino papi and a Middle Eastern guy show up, get naked and join us on the bed. They all start taking turns on my ass and mouth. At one point I’m on my back, legs being held back by papi, as I eat his ass, while getting fucked by BBC. BBC finally cums deep and ME guy slides in. Him and papi take turns fucking me with papi giving me two loads. We take a short break and I start riding papi’s hard cock again. I have ME come up behind me and have him slide in along with papi’s cock. My second time ever being DP’d and it felt amazing. It felt great to ME as he finally dumped his load in me. We chatted for a bit and found out ME had bred me on my trip to Vegas in Dec. After he left, papi and I played. Him dumping a few loads in me. Me fucking him for a bit. All the while checking bbrt and a4a. A early 20s white kid hit me up saying he finally got into town and wanted to swing by. Gave him the info and he showed up. Had a decent cock on him. We fucked around and ended with me riding him hard to get his load. He hung around and watched papi fill me with the final two loads. All in all, it wasn’t a bad night but not like how I had wished.
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      High VL 1,100,000 need new strain from tops or willing to Poz a Neg guy.
      Can accom in Sheffield 

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