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  1. If I were horny or high enough, I would definitely take ANY cock, otherwise I would not be. I still have my standards no matter how low they are. That said, I have never encountered such situation though.
  2. Is this place all bb or mixed condom play?
  3. I am not into incest but got so hard reading this story
  4. Probably prefer pee. Usually , after I swallow cum , it probably means the end of play for me, as after most of the tops have come, they are not interested in playing anymore. Piss is however another matter. As for taste, it depends, some piss is so mild that it tastes almost like water while sometimes is too strong my preference. Same as cum, sometimes I couldn’t even taste it when the guy shoots straight to the back of my mouth. I used to hate salty cum taste but lately I find it such a turn on.
  5. CLAW? Where and when is this presentation taking place?
  6. Call me square or old-fashioned but I would never film myself “in action” and post it on the net. However, many people especially young people are doing that, gays or straights alike. I get that people in the porn industry, they do it for the money but for these people, they are not getting paid. Lucky for the rest of us who enjoy watching them clouding, slammimg or getting into all kinds of sexual activities but what is the appeal for them? Perhaps exhibitism is more common than I thought. My question is : Would you film yourself having sex or taking drugs and post it online and why?
  7. Sorry, I believe that this is actually under the General area - HIV/AIDS & Sexual Health Issues Section, not under the Backroom Area - HIV fetish, Bug Chasers section. The comment in question would be perfectly fine in that section as you point out. It is fine if someone thinks that teens should be chasers but I just wish he would give us a more “plausible” reason than “The Dark Lord” says so. Sorry, I am athiest essentially.
  8. Sorry to hear that but please do not let your regret be in vain by start warning other teenagers to consider their decisions very carefully.
  9. I think it is because most poz guys who are half decent would hestitate pozzing young guys like you deliberately or encourage you guys to be chasers. As we all know, sex with anyone under 18 is illegal because most people believe that many teenagers are not mature enough to provide consent or make a correct decision re sex. Just because they have now turned 18 doesn’t necessary mean that all of them would suddenly start making wise decisions on sex overnight. Most of us hesitate to share our strain with young guys like you is because we do not think the decision that you make at this stage of your life is necessarily a wise choice. Just look at one of the previous comments in which someone has described young chasers as “young and dumb” and “easy to poz and replace”. What do you think about this? You guys are still young. There is still a whole life ahead so there is absolutely no need to make such big decision right now. Once you have crossed the line, there is no turning back. Start having sexual experience when someone is far too young during those formative years will have a huge impact on their outlook on sex and sexual behaviour when they grow up. If I guess correct, you guys lost your virginity long long time ago, right?
  10. I assume that the outbreak is in Australia, right? I am not even aware that we have vaccine for it;(-.
  11. Endless foreplay and sucking. Years ago, I used to date this guy who was very sweet and romantic but I found sex with him extremely boring. For more than 2 hours we would still never move past just kissing, touching and sucking each other. Unless I am on chems, then I could suck for hours non-stop, otherwise I would like my one-on-one vanilla sex over and done within a “reasonable” time. If it is gonna be all night non-drug fuelled sex, there gotta be some other kinky games:).
  12. In other words, you are giving up this time. Guess, you are tired of fighting the demons, so you have decided to give in this time. Sad.
  13. It is pain in the butt literally but this is the price you pay for taking loads up your ass. Consider myself lucky, over and done with, until next time, not somthing permanent like HIV.

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