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Ever been caught mid-fuck?

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I've got a 19yo non-bio son, I'm a 50y year ol bear daddy. I  breed my son at least twice a week in my bed. Last weekend he was too busy studying and couldn't get to mine so I went round to his cuz he said his bio dad was out - yeah, he lives with him.We start as usual getting naked with me eating his ass then fucking his mouth. Then I put him on his belly and mount his ass. I'm fucking him deep, nice long thrusts. I'm getting close and just about to shoot when his dad opens the bedroom door.. I couldn't stop - I had to cum so his dad got an eyeful of my hairy ass pumping up and down as I shot my load into his son's asshole. he just stood and stared. he looks at me and Drew and said that looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves.He knows Drew likes to be fucked so it w no great surprise. Gotta say I was horny and fucking proud that my son's dad saw me breed his boy.

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I was being fucked by a hook up who dropped round one Saturday afternoon and my then student boarder arrived back unexpectedly. My bedroom was right off the entrance hall and the bedroom door was wide open. He was gay himself so that wasn't so bad (although he'd never seen me naked) but he had a couple of his friends with him who wanted to see where he was living so they had a good laugh but my hookup was naturally less than impressed. My boarder grabbed the beer he was after and took off again. It's not like either of us didn't occasionally have guys to stay overnight but in the circumstances I could have done without the unexpected audience and everything on show.

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Numerous times.  happened in college when my roommate walked in, he did it twice.  The first time the lights were on and he saw me face down ass up getting my hole beat up, the Top did stop fucking even when I said oh shit looking at my roommate with his half disgusted/embarrassed face before he left.  The second time the lights were out, i doubt he could see anything he prob just heard the slapping noise and me moaning like a bitch, before he quickly rolled out (Was told not to bring people back to the room anymore lol).  Got caught getting slutted by 2x tops in the basement after a house party (got a lil audience),  My sister caught me fucking her friend after we got from a Halloween Bar Crawl last year, she was eww close the door at least 😂 (her reaction still makes me laugh).  Ended a relationship 3 yrs ago when ex caught me and a FB, we were so lit, neither me nor the FB heard him come in my apt. The look on his face still makes me feel like shit. I sure been other times, cause I don't really care bout gettin caught (though BF catching me wasn't ideal) or who see me getting slutted, people just seeing an animal in it's natural habitat lol .  

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I hooked up with a guy in a parking garage in Chicago. It was three in the morning so we thought no one would be around. An older lady came around the corner and stopped. She had a puzzled look and then proceeded to get in her car and drive off. He kept fucking me until he dropped his load in me. 

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I got lucky when I was younger as I was pretty circumspect as I didn’t want my parents finding out I was playing with guys. I’ve had people catch me in the act fucking in cars and in the shower at the gym but thankfully no blowback from it. Most of when I was caught in the act was anon hookups where a roommate walked in, which was embarrassing but not so much for me. Had the same happen with GFs and BFs, which is never fun, but worse for the other guy. It got awkward to be sure as either the other guy or I were going bareback and the other guy wasn’t in an open relationship. Girls walking in is pretty bad as usually their guy hasn’t told them they have sex with guys or isn’t supposed to be doing with guys anymore. They’ll start screaming at their guy and leave me to quick slip out, which has been fortunate. The worst was a guy I hooked up with at his place. He didn’t tell me he had a BF and we took turns barebacking each other. He was really loud and verbal as I was fucking him, calling for me to cum inside him. Well, I guess his BF was listening through the door and burst in just as I’d orgasmed inside his boy. He was in a rage and was throwing shit at me and threatening me. I had to quick grab my shorts and make sure my keys were in them and ran for the door leaving my sneakers and other clothes behind as he chased me to my truck. I was able to get in and drive off as he pounded on my truck as I drove off. 

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I was in Palm Springs in CA. I am normally a bottom but in this case I was fucking Mason. I was going at it and Mason was into it. I was starting to fill his as with my cum load and our friend Gary walks in and he is shock his mouth was wide open and he has this look on his face and we both saw this as Mason and I are cumming  Masons cum on my hairy chest and my load in his guts. We start laughing. Then about 4 hours later that same night I was in the room fucking Matt in the ass and Gary again comes into the room as I cumming up Matt's ass and again his face it was so funny I kind of forget what I was doing but I got my load into his as some of it was running down his balls 

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Been caught a few times, brother caught me once with his best mate breeding my ass. But most memorable one was December last year, was with a guy hooking up in the back of his van while his wife was in the house, was a thrill until we actually got caught by his grown son, he freaked and decked me cause I was riding his dad bare. Had a black eye for a week never saw him again sadly so never found out what happened tho guess it was probably bad.

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Some years back, I was on vacation in Portugal with my bf at the time. We had an open relationship, but it was don't ask, don't tell. We had been at the beach for several days, with each of us venturing off into the dunes to have sex with other guys. One day, we decided to go for a massage at a place about 20 minutes from our usual spot on the beach. I had my massage first and left for the beach, while my bf received his massage. While I am alone on the beach, this guy who had been flirting with me a couple of days prior, started cruising me hard. In no time, he's fucking me doggy right there on the beach. Mid-fuck, my bf walks up and the guy says "Oh shit your friend is here!" He finishes fucking me and loading me.  I was gutted. The look of disappointment in my bf's eyes when he caught me is forever etched into my memory. I didn't enjoy being caught that day.

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12 hours ago, bbzh said:

Some years back, I was on vacation in Portugal with my bf at the time. We had an open relationship, but it was don't ask, don't tell. We had been at the beach for several days, with each of us venturing off into the dunes to have sex with other guys. One day, we decided to go for a massage at a place about 20 minutes from our usual spot on the beach. I had my massage first and left for the beach, while my bf received his massage. While I am alone on the beach, this guy who had been flirting with me a couple of days prior, started cruising me hard. In no time, he's fucking me doggy right there on the beach. Mid-fuck, my bf walks up and the guy says "Oh shit your friend is here!" He finishes fucking me and loading me.  I was gutted. The look of disappointment in my bf's eyes when he caught me is forever etched into my memory. I didn't enjoy being caught that day.

Forgive me, but I’m not sure I quite understand your narrative in this post. If I follow you correctly, you’re saying that your relationship was open - as long as neither of you ever had to know that the other was actually doing anything? You say that on this vacation together with your don’t-ask-don’t-tell SO, you’re both venturing off into the dunes to have sex with other guys, and you both know you’re both doing this, you’re just not doing it where you can see each other? And so essentially, if I’m still on track, the thing that has caused your boyfriend’s unhappiness at the last is that a you allowed a guy to lay pipe in you in the open on the beach where he could walk out and see what you both knew you had both been doing anyway, just not talking about?

Did the two of you have some sort of arrangement whereby you made sure neither of you ventured into the dunes at the same time to avoid a similar discovery, and if so, I guess this is where I’m having a hard time understanding the point.

Just trying to understand the relationship dynamic. I’m probably never going to have a deep relationship with another person because I’m too much of a social/emotional simpleton; I’d be in waaay over my head, and trying to navigate the tricky waters of a DADT open relationship is something I can barely imagine.

 I suppose that’s why most of my connections with other nice guys usually just end up with them saying, “Oh, just shut the fuck up and bend over.” 🤷🏼‍♂️

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We were caught but I am not sure what they could see.  Many years ago my BF was graduating from grad school. So for the occasion I rented a new Lincoln Town car.  After the ceremony and dinner out we returned home.  As it got late we both thought it would be cool to "do it" in the Town car.  It was very late or very early depending on your outlook.  We put on robes and slipped out to the drive way and got in the back seat.  We started making out and quickly there were no robes and we were naked and getting down.  I was knees down on the back seat as he was pounding his cock in my hole.  Suddenly he says "oh shit, look up". I looked out the back window to see the garbage collectors standing at the end of our driveway watching us.  I don't know what they could see through the back window but it was pretty obvious what we were doing.  We didn't stop, it was way beyond a stopping point, but after my friend dismounted me  the guys hopped on their truck and drove on.  That's as close to getting caught as I have ever been. 

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13 hours ago, ErosWired said:

... if I’m still on track, the thing that has caused your boyfriend’s unhappiness at the last is that a you allowed a guy to lay pipe in you in the open on the beach where he could walk out and see what you both knew you had both been doing anyway, just not talking about?

...Did the two of you have some sort of arrangement whereby you made sure neither of you ventured into the dunes at the same time to avoid a similar discovery...

I don't know how interesting it is for the others to hear me talk about the complexities of that relationship, but here it is in a nutshell: long before we became a couple, he was in a relationship with another guy and was fucking me on the side. Because of this, I never trusted him to be monogamous, so I "forced" the relationship to be open from the start because I thought it might make the relationship last longer. Moreover, I think I would have physically harmed him if I found out he was doing whatever he wanted (we didn't live together) while I was passing up dick. I do understand how seeing me getting fucked hurt him because I think deep down, he wanted to be in an exclusive relationship but wasn't capable of being monogamous himself. We broke up in 2015 and still remain close friends to this day. We recently talked about this topic of monogamy. He reiterated again what I thought back then - he expects monogamy - yet he's still on every app and at one point was play for pay (he's conventionally very attractive). And to your point about not venturing into the dunes at the same time: this was easy because one of us stayed with our valuables on the beach while the other cruised. If neither of us was gone too long, there were no issues😅.

By the way, I'm 99% sure he is the guy who pozzed me years ago. I was only going raw with him and two other guys at the time and the other two claimed to be negative when I confronted them. My ex refused to get tested when we started dating, despite me insisting on it. He eventually broke down and found out he was poz, with what the doctor called an "old" infection. He would likely not be alive today had I not pushed him to get tested because it took years to get his CD4 level out of the AIDS territory range. Even he would tell you this. We are in a way bonded together for life and despite everything that happened, I still have ❤️ for him.

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7 hours ago, bbzh said:

this was easy because one of us stayed with our valuables on the beach

And then he came back and found your valuables being plundered. You had one. job. ... 😉

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Been caught a few times:

  • I was seeing a bi married top, we’d get together when ever his wife was out of town. I guess one time she came home early. We didn’t hear her come into the house.
  • While I was in the Army, I visited a bath house. A superior officer saw me in there. He quickly left, which is sad because he had a smoking hot body and a nice sized cock.
  • Had to run from the cops that raided a cruising spot.
  • A security guard caught me sucking off a guy in his car in a parking garage at the mall.
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      I made arrangements to breed a couple buds on Thursday.  So addicted to breeding ass.
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      This is part 1 of a fictional story. It's fairly raunchy and filthy so read the tags before proceeding. Subsequent parts will be based on reader's desires so feel free to leave comments, feedbacks and your most twisted kinks that you want to read going forward in this story.
      Today marks three years since my life changed for the better. When you read my story going forward, you might argue if I'm truly better off. It would be a valid argument except what you wouldn't understand is that, secretly, this is exactly what I had wanted all my life and more.
      But I'm getting ahead of myself.
      August 2017 (3 years ago)
      My life was awesome. Back then, I was Ian Connelly, the successful CMO of one of the largest consulting firms in the world. At 35, I was rich, successful and the poster boy for American capitalism. I had played by the rules, worked my ass off and had achieved everything I had set out to do. People loved me, they wanted to be with me, they wanted to be me, they looked up to me and craved my company in their life.
      The other advantage of success was the constant availability of sex. Women, men, trans, queer- whatever I was in the mood for, a few phone calls and I could have someone delivered to my door. I could do what I want with little accountability and by god, did I love it.
      And yet, I wasn't truly happy. There was something I wanted but I was too afraid to seek it. Afraid of opening that door and stepping into a life I so desperately craved, and yet terrified of.
      I wanted to be pozzed. I wanted to be a slave.
      I wanted to be a poz slave.
      It had been a fantasy since my undergrad days. A desire that had translated to hours on the internet seeking porn and discussions that scratched that itch. And over the years, that fantasy got darker and more fucked up.
      I wanted to be pozzed by an ugly beast. A man far removed from society's notion of acceptable behavior who would take me in his arms and give me a place to kneel next to his feet. A man so disgusting, that the idea of him would make people shudder in disgust. His audacity for filth would be a natural barrier to any person and yet, he would do nothing to change the way he was.
      Just picturing someone like him would make my dick throb. That fantasy got worse over the years and it delved deeper into some very fucked up desires.
      I wanted to be blackmailed into getting pozzed. Blackmailed by such a man to be pozzed by him and be his slave or be outed as a closeted, repressed bug chaser sub.
      It was just a fantasy. Until it wasn't anymore.
      I had been browsing the internet for some pozzing videos in one of the popular HIV forums. My desires were clearly stated in my profile but despite countless messages from many guys over the years, I had never acted on them. I had fun chatting with guys, telling them what I wanted while I jerked off and blew my load.
      When I saw a message from a new user called 'Pig-Farmer', I figured it would be a fun way to get off. We exchanged pleasantries and a few body pics. His user name was apt because the man looked like a pig. I didn't see his face but he was clearly big, burly and hairy. Piercings and tattoos adorned his hairy body but what really piqued my interest was the scorpion tattoo on his neck and the biohazard symbol above his groin. I sent him photos of my naked muscled fuzzy front and back, with a clear shot of my parted ass cheeks and visible hole.
      He responded with a photo of his dick.
      Actually, it wasn't a dick. It was a weapon of mass destruction. Not very long (about 7-7.5 inches but wider than a beer can. Dark veins covered the length of his manhood and it all ended at a dark pink head with a frenum, ampallang, lorum and a PA (I know all about cock piercings). The sight of his cock made my mouth water and my ass throb.
      Then he sent me a pic of his ass and it made me lose my mind.
      It wasn't just that he had a furry, big ass (which he most certainly did), but it looked dirty. The sight of it, while revolting to most, made me swoon. Picturing myself between them, my tongue lapping at that disgusting beautiful hole was all I wanted and I wanted it bad.
      We exchanged a bunch of messages after that and I got the sense he didn't have this happen to him often when someone would seek his company despite seeing him in all his glory. He wasn't very chatty but he was unapologetically filthy. 
      This was the start of a beautiful online friendship that lasted for two months. He would send me pics of his dirty cock, all slimy and cheesy, that would make my cock harden and ooze. In exchange, I would send him pics of my bubble butt. Sometimes, I'd be at work when he'd tell me to send him pics so I'd take off my trousers and send him ass pics, wearing business formals on top and showing off my hole.
      Eventually, I sent him pics of my face. He never asked for them but during the time I had been talking to him, a connection had been established. I trusted him but most importantly, I wanted him to know who I was. He never showed me his face and I didn't ask for it. Somehow, it made it hotter knowing that he could put up my pics online and I'd have no way of stopping him.
      After two months of regular conversations, he finally proposed a meeting. He sent me an address about an hour's drive away, far outside city limits and asked me to meet him there three days later.
      At first, I was scared. As long as it was online, there was an element of control but was I ready to meet someone knowing where it would end? I knew this was my only chance, to have what I had always wanted but I was nevertheless scared shitless. The thought kept bothering me until the day of our proposed meet. Yet, as scared as I was, I decided to go.
      The address was in a very isolated area. An abandoned factory was the only place around for miles and it seemed I was supposed to go inside. I walked up to the front door and tried to open it but it was locked. Confused, I was about to step out when the door opened and out stepped a big burly bouncer.
      "The fuck do you want?", he grumbled with a snarl.
      I was at a loss of words. What was this place and why was I told to come here? Where was my online friend? Did he prank me?
      Thoughts like these raced through my mind as I scrambled for words. Defeated, I turned around to leave when suddenly
      "Yo, come in. I know why you're here", the bouncer said.
      I was confused by his attitude but I decided to go inside. Once in, the door closed behind me and I found myself in a corridor. The bouncer asked me to follow him and we walked through the corridor until we came upon a large door.
      "Step in", he said pulling the huge door open.
      Inside, I found myself in a pub of some kind. Men of all kinds and ages were in there, drinking, conversing and enjoying themselves. I saw two guys drinking and chatting while rubbing each other's cock through the fabric of their pants. A rather large man was being aggressively kissed by a muscular dude who was squeezing the big man's hefty chub. A skinny dude was getting his nipples twisted by a silver fox, while getting his dick rubbed by another gentleman.
      I made my way towards the bar and ordered a beer. My friend was nowhere to be seen and I had zero clue as to why I was here. I downed my beer pretty quickly and ordered another, waiting for him to show up. Eventually, I realized I had been stood up and decided to call it a night.
      Suddenly, I felt my nipples being grabbed and twisted hard, making me moan. I felt a man's weight against my back with the smell of booze and man musk violating my nasal senses, while his hands worked my nipples.
      "I am glad you came boy."
      It was him!
      I tried turning around but he put more weight against me, preventing me from turning. I'm a strong guy, with years of weight training under my belt but this man was stronger, much stronger.
      "Just relax baby. Let me work those pig tits and you finish that beer."
      His words were like an aphrodisiac that calmed me down. I had a slight buzz going too, which might have helped in making me more suggestible and docile but I adhered to his words and kept sipping my drink while he played with my nipples.
      "You're hot, boy. Daddy's gonna like turning a hot guy into a real pig."
      His words went straight to my cock which started chubbing up quickly. He noticed it as one of his hands slipped down my body and rubbed my cock through my jeans.
      "Yeah, that's a nice cock. Looks like you're liking daddy's attention."
      "Fuck yeah daddy, feels so good."
      "Finish your drink and pay up. We are leaving boy," he said while withdrawing his hands from my nipples and cock.
      I downed my beer in one go and pulled up some cash when daddy stopped me.
      "No cash boy. Pay him with a card, Apple Pay or any other traceable shit like that."
      As weird as that instruction was, I did what he told me to. I pulled up my credit card and paid my tab.
      "Good boy. We are leaving now," he barked. He didn't wait for my answer as he walked towards the entrance door.
      I was frozen in place. The situation, as hot it was, was making me apprehensive. If I went with him, I was opening myself to something there was no coming back from. It was hot and part of me wanted it really bad but my conscious mind reigned supreme. I decided to slip out quietly without him noticing, saving myself from the situation I had put myself in.
      I waited for a few mins before slipping out. He was nowhere to be seen and I made a dash for my car. I had parked a little way off the road, away from anyone's sight, which gave me an advantage.
      Or, so I thought.
      "Going somewhere?" his voice boomed in the silent night, just as I was about to open the door to my car.
      "Mmm yeah, look, I gotta run. Something's come up at work," I stammered and opened the door of my car.
      "You sure boy?" his voice dropped a few octaves, turning into a slight whisper, as he started walking towards me. I was still facing my car when I felt him behind me. I was about to turn when I felt the sharp prick of something against my spine.
      It was a knife. The man had a knife to my back!
      My legs were shaking, I was sweating and breathing deep slow breaths, trying to stay calm. He stayed frozen too, his knife resting against my back, as the strong musky smell wafting off of him turned me on ever so slightly.
      Here I was, in a perpetual life and death situation, sporting a partial. At that moment, I felt truly fucked up as waves of both horniness and fear raced through my body.
      "Here's what's gonna happen boy. You are gonna leave your car here and you are going to come with me. Understood?"
      I felt the knife pressing against my back harder as he leaned in closer to my ear.
      "Yes what boy?"
      "Yes...Yes sir."
      "Try again boy"
      "That's right boy. You're gonna love what Daddy has planned for you. All the fucked up shit you're too pussy to do by yourself, Daddy's gonna make you do it boy."
      He pulled the knife off my back and my body relaxed. I let out a deep breath to release my anxiety when I felt him push me against my car and push his weight against my back.
      "You don't have a choice anymore boy. If you think about leaving, you should know that this place is a known private club for poz men to meet. You used your card here, think what would happen if people found out."
      He pushed his crotch against my ass, letting it rest against my cheeks before continuing.
      "Besides, you wouldn't want Daddy to send all the naughty pics and texts to your contact now would you? What would they think of Ian, the closeted neg bug chasing pig trolling for poz dad dick on the internet."
      Hearing him blackmail me and use my fear against me made my cock throb and my body experienced a wave of pleasure that made me buckle. He put his arms around my front and held me steady, kissing my neck as he let me steady myself.
      "Relax boy, Daddy knows what you need piglet. You don't have to be scared of Daddy anymore because Daddy knows who you really are. What you really are."
      That's when I felt the sudden spurt of wetness expanding in the crotch area of my jeans. I had cum hands free, hard.
      Most importantly, I needed to do this. I was going to do this. I had no choice.
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