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This is not my story, but it’s my favourite chems story so I thought I’d paste it here. From the stories section on nastykinkpigs...


My life changed 6 years ago, when I was in a bathhouse in
FTL. I was high, been smoking and bumping T for a few hours when I decided to
get online in my room. I came across a profile on for this Thug looking
Black man not far from where I was located. I told him that I was at the bath
and I was hungry for some Black meat. We chatted for a few and he just asked me
if I was partying. I admitted that I was and I couldn’t get enough cock. He
told me that he would be to the bath in 1 hour, and wanted to know what room I
was in. I told him and he told me to continue to smoke and fill my ass up. The
next hour came and went and I just thought he was playing and then suddenly he
was knocking on my door. Well he was thugged out, wife beater, chains and cap
on. He came in and told me that he liked his bitches really high and I needed
to smoke up. I continued to hit the pipe as he undressed. I was freaked when he
pulled his jeans off to reveal the biggest black cock I had ever seen. It was
at least 11 and so fat I couldn’t get my hand to close at the base. The balls
were low hangers and as big as golf balls. He had 3 inches of fore skin hanging
off the end, just to make the scene perfect. He was perfect, bearded, tatted
and he was Jamaican. Well he put me on my knees and told me to start sucking. I
couldn’t get enough of that meat in me. I’m a good cocksucker, and was eager to
show him my skills. I took as much as I could and he fucked my face, calling me
a dick sucking bitch and kept telling me he was going to turn me into a bitch,
with a big fucked out pussy. I was so hungry for him, he was laughing at me. After
a few minutes he told me to get up, we were going to Miami to a bookstore he
liked, that he would drive and I could play with his dick. I jumped up and got
dressed and we checked out and headed to Miami. The bookstore was on Old Dixie
Highway in a ghetto part of town that I’d never been to.

When we parked he told me, he was going to take care of my
pussy. If I wanted his cock I had to do everything he told me, if I didn’t he’d
leave me here and never have anything to do with me again. I was so hungry for
his cock that I said I’d do anything. He told me to give him 20 dollars and
bring my poppers and T and leave my wallet in the car. When we got inside,
there was a thug guy that he knew working the booth which was behind glass. He
paid the 20 and we went in. It was obvious that he came here often. When we
were buzzed into the back it was totally dark at first but he led me along a wall
and as my eyes adjusted I could see that there were doors on both sides of the
hall and it was the nastiest bookstore I’d ever been in. We went to the last
door and he opened it up told me to go inside. We both went in and he told me
to undress. I quickly took my jeans and shirt off, leaving my boots on, he then
took my clothes from me and told me to stay in the room, he’d be back in a few
minutes, but he left me with the poppers and took the meth. I thought for sure
that he was going to ditch me in there, but I was high and hungry and wanted
more of that cock.  When he left I sat
naked on a small stool watching the monitor with the thug on white porn
playing, I was again playing with myself and fingering my hole that was oozing
cum from the bath. It was only a few minutes when he returned without my
clothes. He told me that the guy at the booth was a friend and he had all my
stuff behind the counter, and that it was all safe. Then he pulled an orange-capped
syringe out of his shirt pocket and told me that he was going to slam me, if I
was going to get any of his dick. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted the cock,
but I’d never slammed and I was afraid. The meth in me took over and I told him
ok, but I was afraid because I’d never done it. He told me that I’d love it as
much as Black cock and I was going to become a pro at taking both tonight. So I
stood up and he told me to put my arm on the ledge in the booth near the
monitor, so he could see with the light. He then popped the orange cap off and
stuck the needle in my vein. I watched scared as shit, but excited at the same
time. He pulled back and you could see my blood fill the point, then he pushed
it in steady but fast. The next thing I knew I was breathing hard and fast, hot
all over starting at my feet and then a huge cough, and my eyes started to
blur. I was fucking scared, but fuck it felt good. Instantly I wanted
everything in me and he pushed open the door to the booth. There were 3 Black
guys outside waiting, I know that they knew what I had done and it turned me
on. My thug told me to take care of that meat, that I was a bitch and he wanted
me to serve everyone in the bookstore tonight. I was on my knees at the end of
the hall with the door open in the dark surrounded by big Black cock. I started
to suck and it wasn’t long until I was stood up and bent forward and the first
Black cock entered my hole. The three of them fucked me and dumped loads in me
while my Jamaican Thug watched. When the last pumped me full I was told to
follow. I walked behind my Thug naked with only my boots, fucked up. We slowly
walked thru the bookstore. There was a room with a few old torn up couches and
chairs in it and a big monitor playing more thug on white porn. My eyes
adjusted and the room had a few black men in it with their pants open stroking
big Black cocks. I was told to bend over the back of one of the couches and
show my pussy off. I then heard my Thug say this is my bitch, and I’m training
his pussy tonight, he a fucking meth whore and needs to be fucked full. It
wasn’t but a second and I felt the head of another Black cock as it slid into
my stretched pussy. The fucking continued for awhile, as I was filled with cum.
I was then led down another hall to a dark room at the end of the hall. I felt
around and it was so dark I couldn’t see, but I knew there were a few men in
the room. We went into a corner where there were more walls and I saw a
lighter, where some one was smoking a pipe. I was told to get on my knees and I
heard my Thug talking to the guy smoking the pipe, and then it was put in front
of me. He told me I was gonna hit it, it was crack and to inhale slowly but
keep drawing, he was gonna light it. I put my lips on it and started smoking.
It was another first for me, but I loved it. I was a crack smoking meth whore
now, serving my Thugs. I was next presented with a fat black cock. I sucked and
serviced that meat until he blew a huge load of jizz down my throat. It was
only a second and I had more cock. I was later stood up and fucked  from both ends, swallowing and getting my
pussy filled. I knew I would do anything he wanted at this point. I was now
desperate to be a Black mans bitch. In a few minutes we were back in a booth
where I was told to wait it was time for my pussy juice again. In minutes my
Black Thug Daddy was back. I stood up waiting for him to pump me full of the
meth again. The cough wasn’t as intense this time and in seconds I was grabbing
my pussy and begging for more cock. My Thug told me he would only feed me after
Id had cock all night taking care of all the Brothers in the bookstore. I went
back to work. I was now bold, walking up and down the halls, going in every
booth I was told to. I was officially a bitch. That continued until late the
next day, one black cock after another. Then My Thug Wayne was ready to feed my
hungry pussy. Wayne took me to a booth and told me to face the monitor, he slid
his big monster cock in me and I was a sloppy mess, with cum running down my
legs and all over my face. He fucked me loud and hard, calling me a bitch and
telling me that I belonged to all Black men now. I know it was so everyone
could hear. After he pumped his load in me he told me to wait, he was going to
get my clothes. When he returned we went to my house to clean up and rest.
Wayne told me he wanted me to slam, from now on, he would help me to learn and
I was to continue to go to the bookstore. That he would meet me there when he
could but the guys there would take care of me. I was to smoke crack when I
could because it was good for my pussy. I promised that I would, and so it
began…  It was only two days and I was
back at Prime Time getting the deluxe treatment. To be continued…

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Ahh,  I miss this place ! I used to  go to Haulover nude beach for a few hours, then would leave and since South Florida rush hour traffic sucks, I would head over to this bookstore and hang for a few hours. It was rank and nasty- homeless guys sleeping in the front porn room on  even nastier old sofas . More than half the booths had nothing in them- the video monitor long broken and no effort to repair or replace, so it was just an empty booth- and perfect for getting fucked in. I made a great friendship thru a glory hole  in the very back hall- had stripped bare except for my flip flops, and a Cuban with a cock the size of a Fosters beer can came in the booth and fucked my ass. The booth had a sizable glory hole, and after the Cuban shot and opened the door, a guy in the next booth reached thru the wall and began feeling my ass- before I knew it, he was fisting me thru the wall. Later, he had me out in the hall naked, fucking my hole as the black guys wandered past. 

Now for the weird part... the place closed for remodeling, according to the sign on the door. About 4 or 5 years ago. The entire nasty strip of shops were pretty run down and not really viable businesses in them- the only place that ever seemed to be doing anything, other than the bookstore- was a tire place= the type of place where they plugged more flats than sold , mostly used, tires. Always 5 or 6 black guys hanging around the place smoking and music blasting.  So it closes for  renovation. And about a year later, it was still not back open. And then one day I drove over from the beach just to check on it-- and it had become... a Church of God in Christ storefront church !!!  I just wonder how many worshipers have been down on their knees in the very same spot where I was down on my knees LOL

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      Cum dump daddy will be blindfolded ass up at the Dunes Inn on 11/4 from 5pm until late. No load refused. Message me for room number. I will send around 3pm on the 4th.
    • By JohnnyStGermaine
      Pete had always loved his uncle Rob. Of course, now that he was a man grown, and their relationship had… changed... he'd taken to calling him Uncle Rub.
       The older man would use every opportunity to touch him. A firm hand on the shoulder. A soft, playful pat on the cheek, often in response to some smart ass comment. Pressing his crotch against his pert, twenty year old ass when trying to pass each other in the cramped hallway at the packing plant.
      Pete, of course, didn't mind. It drove him wild. Keeping himself from tearing the man's pants open to get at the giant sized tool the outwardly benign affections were secretly promising.
      As soon as they were alone, probably in Rob's run down house on the other side of the county, clothes would get strewn everywhere and Pete’s ass would be taken quickly and with whatever lube was handy. After Rob came deep up his nephew’s guts, only then would they take things more slowly. 
      Leftovers would get eaten, reruns would be watched, as they languidly embraced and played with each other.
      A familiar alert noise sounded from his uncle's phone, and Petes curiosity was titillated. His uncle smiled as he tapped out a response. The phone went back on the bedside table, and his uncle rose and rummaged around in his closet.
      “Who was that?” Pete asked, lazily jerking his cock.
      Rob turned back to him, holding several lengths of nylon rope, and a shoebox. “Do you trust me?”
      “Sure, I do, Uncle Rub.” Pete smiled, “I like it when you tie me up.”
      “I know you do, boy.” Rob came back to the bed and took out a blindfold, “but tonight, I'm getting some help from friends.”
      Rob smiled warmly at the young man he'd grown to cherish, “That isn't for you to know.” the blindfold slid over his head, and all was darkness. Pete could feel rope being tied at his ankles, then his legs being raised and secured, his hole spread wide. Then his hands were cuffed together and secured above his head to the head board.
      The bed in front of him sagged. He heard his uncle spit then felt the cock head re-enter him. 
      The dick sank into him all the way, making him moan. He felt his uncle’s strong body lowering onto him, making him feel complete. 
      “You know I'd never let you be hurt, right son?.
      “I know that pretty damn well, sir.”
      “And you know I've always done right by you since your daddy left?” rob gently withdrew. 
      “Yes, sir.”
      “Good. So right now, who's your daddy?” Rob thrust in slowly but steadily.
      “Oh god, you are, sir.”
      “That's right.” thrust. “You're a good boy, Pete.” His uncle proceeded to throw a pretty rough fuck into him. Pete was moaning and the creaking of the bed was particularly loud such that he did not hear the front door open.
      “Wow.” A husky voice said from the doorway.
      “Hey!” Rob greeted the newcomer, “Go ahead and get nekkid. I'll be done with the little bitch soon.” 
      Hearing his uncle refer to him as a bitch made Pete’s dick grow even harder. Knowing he was about to be fucked by a complete stranger that he'd never see was also driving him wild. He couldn't help but moan.
      Rob was also going wild on his hole and was soon delivering the second load of the night. The bed shifted as his uncle disengaged and left the bed, only for a new weight to make it sag.
      “Fuck, look at that wet pussy.” the strange man said.
      Pete felt a cock at his hole, and it was thick. He felt a finger get placed over his left nostril and the familiar smell of poppers. He huffed deeply on the bottle his uncle was holding to his nose. Right as the rush hit, the dick entered him.
      He heard the screen door open again. But his mind was filled with the wide cock that was filling his asshole.
      “Hey gents!” His uncle greeted, loudly so that Pete could hear.  “Come on in, get comfy. Here are the rules. Don't hurt my boy. There aren't any condoms in this house so don't ask. Feel free to fuck his face, but all loads go up his ass. Call whoever you think would like to use Michael Miller's only son as a cumdump. I'll be nearby. I got a cute piece of tail I'm gonna be using in the next room. Have fun.”
      This information hit Pete like a semi truck. His dad was the most hated man in Armstrong County. And his Uncle just invited whoever wanted to use him.
      “Oh, and make sure he takes some poppers on occasion, and let him out of the restraints every hour or so. Don't want him hurt, just used.”
      Over the next six hours Pete’s cute little ass was gangbred. After the first hour his hands were freed so that his throat could be fucked as well. Two hours in, and he had nine more loads up his cunt. 
      But the men showed no signs of stopping. The screen door opened frequently, and Pete could hear his Uncle having sex with a woman in the room down the hall. 
      When his legs were freed and he was allowed to stand Pete could feel a trickle of semen down both his legs.
      He was bent over the dresser and fucked up against it for a short while, but ultimately placed on all fours on the bed so he could be spit roasted.
      Eventually the blindfold came off and light momentarily blinded him.
      “How are you doing, son?” his uncle asked. Men, some strange, some familiar, all naked, filled the room, along with the haze of pot and cigar smoke.
      “I’m doing great, daddy.”
      His uncle smiled and nodded, “Yes, you are, son!” A gentle hand pushed Pete onto his back.
      “Where’s your woman?” Pete asked, already having an inkling of an answer.
      “She bugged out when she got hers. But I’m still raring to go boy.” With that his Uncle Rub guided his hard cock into his dripping hole. Pete moaned around the familiar stiffness and clamped his pussy muscles down around it.
      Seed squelched out along the shaft as it drove in and out, and Rob moaned his own pleasure as he blasted his second load of the night.
      When Rob got off of his nephew, the nice man who owned the Flying J down the road got on top and slid his cock inside.
      Pete diligently wrapped his arms and legs around the new man, and silenced the man’s cry of passion with his lips. The man fucked him briefly, came, and then left. Rob watched as the rest of the men all fucked his boy, put their clothes on, and wished them a good night. 
      When it was over the boy’s bed was soaked with sweat and spilled seed. Not exactly fit for sleeping on. Pete was too exhausted to stand, and like a good dad, Rob picked the young man up and carried him down the hall. 

    • By JohnnyStGermaine
      New cities are rife with new opportunities to get off. That had been the primary motivation for Bruce to go to this boring convention in Cheyenne. The flight had been a really uncomfortable puddle jumper straight from Coeur d'aLene, but he’d had a decent night’s sleep in the hotel down the road from the convention center. The day had been filled with lectures, meet and greets with industry leaders and surprisingly good food. Thai food was hard to come by in his neck of the woods and Bruce was now thoroughly hooked.
      What was unsurprising was the degree of sexy guys he saw walking around. A meeting of forestry professionals would prove nothing less. And by “forestry professionals” what the brochures meant to say was “hot as fuck lumberjacks”. Bruce had booted up Growlr the second the convention started but he noticed no other travelers as the first day ended.
      The next day he noticed someone new who was definitely in the convention center with him. A quick message between classes received a response quickly and soon enough Bruce was unlocking his private pics for a hot daddy bear named Steve. This guy must have been severely closeted because there was no clear pic of his face. The best one was him sitting naked on a small waterfall, out in their shared element. 
      Bruce could tell the man was older, around his fiance’s age. And that made him chub up in his suit pants as he sat in a lecture about the emerald ash borer. They quickly agreed to meet for lunch.
      It went splendidly. They both cared deeply about the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. They both lived in small timber towns with their male partners and they both were way into each other.
      “Ya know, there’s a small cadre of us who get together every year.” Steve said after a sip of beer, “Call it a subcommittee.”
      “What gets discussed?”
      “More like what gets done.”
      Bruce’s eyes went wide, “What?”
      “There’s only about six of us.” Steve said, “You’d make seven, and I think you’d be a hit” he chuckled, “You’d probably be the youngest guy there.”
      bruce was growing painfully hard. He’d seen hundreds of sexy lumberjacks all day, and his mind raced at the thought that there was a small group of guys who met every year on the last night to have an orgy.
      “I’m in.”
      He was in all right. The messages had already been sent and the pic of his muscle ass was already making the rounds.
      That night when he knocked on the door he made sure he was douched out, and had a message from his fiance telling him to have fun.
      Steve opened the door and the smell of cigar smoke wafted into the hallway. “Come on in.” He smiled wide as introductions were made and beers were opened. A guy close to his own 28 years was naked, on his knees, servicing three burly, hairy men sitting in wing backs by the snow swept balcony and Bruce felt similarly inspired. He shucked his clothes quickly and was soon bent over the sofa, with Steve eating his ass expertly.
      One of the guys who had been hanging back and watching approached, opened his jeans and fished out his dick for Bruce to suck. He did so with gusto. This was the guy who’d taken out one of the executive suites. An industry rep from a tool company, and now Bruce had his tool working its way down his throat.
      He worked the cock like his next upgrade lease depended on it. And if he worked magic it just might! and he seemed to be doing a good job because the middle aged man said, “Let’s get him ass up on the bed.” Steve agreed and the two men led him to the bedroom and the other guy who'd been standing back watching joined them.
      “Hey, come on!” One of the men in the wing backs called out, “Don’t go walking off with the new meat so soon!”
      “Don’t worry,” Bruce said loud enough to be heard, “There’s plenty of me to go around!”
      Steve laughed, and Mark, their gracious host asked, “Have you ever been gang fucked?”
      “Not since college.” Bruce said, struggling not to sound too nervous.
      “Well don’t you worry.” Mark continued, “You can tap out whenever you wish and Mikey can easily take care of the rest.” He picked up a bottle of lube from the bedside table and began to work it into his ass, as Steve fed him his dick.
      He’d been tense when he was bent over, but on his hands and knees on a soft bed, had relaxed Bruce a lot. And soon enough he was loose enough for two fingers. Then three. Then Mark’s dick.
      Mark was perfectly average, which suited Bruce fine. He hadn’t had this much action in a while and needed to start slow. Then again, his new definition of slow was getting spit roasted by strangers. A thought occurred to him and he reached down and checked the cock spearing him. As he suspected there was no condom on it. He’d been warned that they played raw, and Bruce had weighed the risks. A bunch of rural bound guys meeting together once a year. 
      If this was the craziest sex these men had all year, then he felt a little safer with the knowledge that he was the first new guy in three years.
      He felt Mark pick up the pace, then moan loudly, pressing his crotch tight against his ass. He was getting bred. He’d gone to a stranger’s hotel room, got fucked bareback, and was now eagerly taking the man’s load. 
      Steve pulled his cock out of his gasping throat and moved behind him. Bruce was still wrapping his brain around what was happening when Steve’s larger cock took a swipe across his winking hole, picking up some stray bands of Mark’s semen that had leaked out of his ass. Then he entered the willing hole. 
      Bruce moaned as the larger cock penetrated him and looking around he noticed all the other men were standing around the bed jacking off and watching the man in his early fifties bareback his ass.
      One of the burly bears who had earlier been blown by the guy his own age approached and gave him his own thick dick to suckle upon, and Bruce did so gratefully. He’d never done anything this wild before and needed to focus on pleasing them all anyway he could. If he got distracted and touched his own cock, it would explode.
      Steve’s hips slapped into his upturned ass and bawdy talk began to circulate around the room.
      “So Andy, how does it feel about to be on the other end of things?”
      “Honestly, I’m a little jealous, but I gotta tell ya, it’s pretty fucking hot.” the younger man said, “I can’t wait to eat all of your loads out and feed them to him with his legs in the air.”
      “Ah!” the older man replied, “Its important to set goals for yourself.”
      An hour and a half later Bruce was helping Andy fulfill that wish. The bearded face above him was dribbling a long course of semen from his mouth and it was falling into his own dark beard as Andy fucked his no longer tight hole.
      There wasn’t much, as he’d begun to leak after the fourth man, and was flipped over on his back, right onto the puddle. He’d been assured that less would spill out of him that way by Mark, who’d wanted a second round with him.
      They’d all get second rounds inside him. Andy and Steve took thirds. And somewhere in the midst of it all Bruce had come all over his own hairy chest and face, shouting his pleasure around a cock.
      By midnight, he was exhausted. They all were, and they all had flights to make. One of the guys arranged for a taxi to get him the three blocks back to his own hotel for which he was grateful. He’d never been so thoroughly fucked in his entire life and was relishing the soreness in his ass.
      Bruce collapsed on his bed, naked with his ass up, and quietly seeping a small trail of cum onto the sheets.
    • By hotguy02
      I was working out at the gym the other day and this masculine top daddy Black guy started chatting with me.   I think he noticed that I was a beta sub bottom boy because he immediately started to tell me that I was cute and asked if I was single.  I said no and that I was loyal to my top daddy breeder and that I don't want to cheat but he has been been very persistent to the point where I feel submissive and seduced by him.  I feel weak around his presence.   Is that normal.    I don't know what to do
    • By pussyassbilly
      Oh my God, femdom led me to this.  Broken in by the biggest cocks to serve cock as a cumdump. A living cunt and asshole to be used over and over forever

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