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A week ago I received his standard email message "Oi Rapehole, its time" meaning he wanted another session.  Those 4 words strike an almost overpowering surge of emotion within my mind and in my arse.  A flood of euphoric excitement mixed with abject terror causing my guts and in particular my tight arsehole, to clench in fear.  I sat in front of the computer screen reading those four words over and over as flashbacks of our previous sessions replayed like a pornographic horror movie in my mind.  In cartoons the hero often has an angel and a devil on each shoulder arguing the pros and cons of an action.  I was having a similar experience as my mind argued about going through with this again.  Replaying past sessions reminding me of the hurt, the pain, the degradation and humiliation.  I grabbed a coke zero from the fridge and drained it in seconds as I tried to calm down and make the rational choice.  Within minutes I had booked the flights to London

I had met Dan over a year ago during a trip to London for work.  He was a maintenance worker on the London underground which kept him fit and strong he had a firm toned hairy body and a thick 7" cock between his legs.  we had originally met on an App called Growlr (Grinder for Bears).  During the course of our conversations he had admitted he was into spanking and liked to cause pain.  I confessed I was a bit of a pain pig and loved rough sex and after a couple of weeks of chat I had another business trip to London and he agreed to meet me in my hotel room.  our initial session was intense but tame compared to our other sessions however it helped me to convince him I wasn’t a psychodrama queen - talking big but crumpling into a mewling pathetic "oh daddy please stop it hurts, its too much" timewaster after a few spanks

over the following months I'd meet dan for sessions as we explored our darker fantasies.  Finally, we discussed ways to allow him to become more aggressive in his punishment of my ass and I raised the idea of a brutal ass-rape and asked if it was something he would consider.  he warned me it would be extremely painful and if we did it, he wouldn’t stop for anything.  No safe word, no tapping out, no limits.  He tried to warn me he would abuse and degrade me for his amusement only.  that nothing in the session would be (intentionally) for my enjoyment.

he took a copy of our online chats as security - showing that I knew what I was getting into and had asked for it - in case I changed my mind afterwards and claimed I was an unwilling participant.  he then set some rules:

# A spotless clean hole

# no stretching with toys

# no poppers until he gave permission and definitely not before he was balls deep in my rapehole

# and finally, and most obviously - No lube

he said it was for "authenticity".  that if I was grabbed by a rapist on the street I wouldn’t get any of those things so why start our scenario by cheating.  he said if I cheated then he wouldn’t be able to trust me anymore and we wouldn’t hookup again.  I agreed to his terms and made the arrangements. 

I booked an apartment near kings cross which would be handy for him when he finished work.  at 6:10 on the day in question the buzzer to the front door sounded and I pushed the button, fear causing my insides to clench as I assumed the instructed position on the bed - head down Arse raised and pointing towards the door.  I was to stay in this position during the raping and not look at him

I heard him coming into the apartment and dropping his bag on the floor then his jacket fell on the floor beside it.  I wanted to look around and see his handsome face but I dared not disobey.  this was gonna be hard enough without pissing him off

*SMACK* he swung his arm in a wide arc, his massive hand striking my right arse cheek Hard.  I yelped then yelped again as he struck the other raised arsecheek

I could feel the heat from his body against my arse.  he was standing right behind me.  I felt his warm breath against my hole then his dry middle finger was shoved right up my tight bung hole.  I grunted as he pistoned it in and out roughly for a few seconds before pulling his finger out and putting it in my mouth ordering me to lick it.  I thought he was gonna apply the spit slicked finger back into my hole to provide some relief but no it was just another humiliation.

I could hear him getting undressed, occasionally slapping my presented arse hard.  he started talking in a low voice, describing what my terrified butthole looks like.  reminding me I had agreed to this, quoting my own words from our recorded chats. questioning the room at large if my hole was likely to rip when he went in. 

finally, I felt him standing behind me his furry thighs pressed against me, his rock hard cock pushing gently between my cheeks and pressing softly almost tenderly against my pucker.  If my hole could talk it would have been screaming at me to pull away.  I braced myself for the initial thrust I knew the pain was inevitable at this point when suddenly *Smack* he hit me across the back of my head hard - I was seeing stars

"you dumb fuck, almost forgot your present"

he threw his dirty boxershorts on the bed in front of me.  he had obviously been wearing them all day if not longer.  "turn them bad boys inside out slut".  I obeyed, noticing evidence of various stains on the off-white material.  "Now stuff them in your gob - don’t want the neighbours complaining".  I reluctantly obeyed

his nob was still pressed against my "rapehole".  he grasped my hips strongly putting more pressure on my dry hole.  I braced myself "Slut this shit just got real - Do you really want me to rape you???" in fear I shook my head "NO"


He rammed his dry cock inside me.  I screamed!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to lunge forward to escape from this violent intrusion.  I lost all sense of perspective, my entire world shrunk down to the fiery inferno pain in my arse.  I had managed to dislodge only about an inch of his cock from my burning shithole but it was enough to piss him off.  he pulled me back onto it causing fresh pain in my hole and guts.  he started slamming deep aggressive thrusts into my ass, every so often he would slap my ass or the back of my head or punch me in the kidneys

This was Waaaaaay beyond the fantasy, this was more painful than I could have imagined.

Dan slapped my ass hard a few times saying "fucking slut, why didnt you tell me you were having your period" and laughed.  Dan's kidney shots were also having an effect.  At one point I thought I was leaking pre-cum but it turned out I was pissing myself

Finally, Dan started to thrust in short fast strokes till suddenly with a growl he started unloading his spunk inside my torn shitter.  He fell on top of my and after a few minutes rest he pulled out and ordered me to clean his cock

As I suspected it was streaked with blood.

I stood up, he wrapped his arms around me and I did the same to him and whispered in his ear "Hello Sir... Thank you!!!" I had a big grin on my face and I kissed him deeply and passionately

This was the start of a long, painful and degrading night for me as Dan abused me in many ways.  It was the first of four loads I took that night from him and the first of many similar sessions

So Here I am again, head down arse up in response to his 4-word summons, waiting for the buzzer to sound.  He said that tonight was gonna be special but didnt elaborate.  I'm as scared today as I was back then.  It feels like rape each time but can you really rape the willing???

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its become our routine.  I buzz the front door and assume the position, he walks in strips and rapes my arsehole.  its what we both want and need.  well actually he doesnt care what I want or need, its only about his needs and he needs to hurt a hole.  Doesnt even have to be my hole, I should be grateful really that he chooses my arse to seed and if that means a bit of "minor discomfort" as he puts it, well that's my problem not his.

he said tonight was gonna be special, I was "nervous"

the elongated buzz from the door control signalled doom for my puckered arsehole.  I buzzed the front door, leaving my apartment door unlatched and hurried to the bedroom 

head down arse on display so my fuckhole would be the first thing he saw as he walked into the room.  I heard him drop his backpack and without a word his hand came slamming down on one arse cheek then the other - this too had become part of our routine. what happened next was different.  I felt the blindfold land on the mattress in front of me.

"Don't look back at me, just put it on whore"

I did as instructed, puzzled as he had never worried about me looking at him before.  he knew I would keep my head down until his first load was in my guts.  Next I heard him taking stuff out of his bag - again this confused me as he normally was in a rush to begin the rape but then he started slapping my balls telling me to spread my legs.  he then fastened thick leather straps around each of my thighs.  Next he slapped my ass some more before putting similar cuffs around my wrists.  His plan became clear to me when he clipped the wrist cuffs to the thigh straps.  I was now unable to pull away or move out of position.  then I heard the unmistakable sound of clothes falling to the floor his dirty underwear rolled up and shoved in my mouth.  My ass was seconds away from excruciating pain.

then I felt it - his thick cock in my arse crack.  he lined up his bare nob against my terrified pucker, then impossibly I felt his breath and heard his voice beside my ear. "You wanna get raped slut?" I gasped in shock as I realised it wasn't his cock against my hole I shook my head frantically NO

The stranger had obviously been waiting for this - he rammed his cock straight up my dry arsehole.  I blanked out for a second as my mind tried to deal with both the pain and the horror that it wasn't Dan fucking me.  my mind returned to my body and I screamed - even with the gag I'm pretty sure the entire apartment block heard me.  Dan slapped my across the head telling me to "shut the fuck up and take it - its what you wanted, what you asked for, what your gonna get"

the stranger was as brutal as Dan had ever been and obviously he had been instructed to ignore my reactions, which he did.  As he continued to rearrange my guts, stretching my shit-pipe into a useful cock-sleeve for him to use I could hear Dan's mockingly tender voice beside my ear

"awww does it hurt baby?"

"did you not think that part of being raped might be to not know who is tearing up your fuckhole?"

"baby, I know after I give you your first fuck and whitewash your guts with my manly seed, I let you rest and recover for a little bit.  let your hole try to heal.  I'm sorry baby that's not gonna happen this time..." his voice became more and more menacing  "for as soon as my mate breeds your worthless fuckhole I'm gonna tear you up some more while you clean his cock"

his mate was obviously listening and getting turned on for with a huge growl he began shooting the first of many loads in my ass.

Dan pushed him out of the way

"better not put it in his mouth until I mount him or he might bite your cock off"

His bare nob briefly rubbed circles on my torn hole before he unceremoniously slammed his thick cock inside my torn shitter.  I screamed again.  Once I had stopped bucking around and accepted that he owned my bumhole his mate pulled the boxers out of my mouth and replaced it with his dirty cock which I sucked on.  he was still semi hard but not as steely as he had been up my other end.  I cleaned as best I could but it was hard keeping my balance the way I was tied up and Dan's thrusts were not helpful in that regard

finally I felt the tell-tale short jabs that meant Dan was close.  finally he shot a huge wad in my ass, stirring his cock around so he was banging off my bruised inner walls.

finally they both pulled out of my holes and Dan put his cock in my mouth for cleaning.  after a few minutes he pulled his softening cock out of my mouth, took my face in both hands and kissed me tenderly and deeply.  "hello boy, I'm so happy to see you again"  I could hear genuine affection in his voice as he gave me a hug.  I repeated the sentiment

"as you have realised tonight's surprise is 2 cocks to abuse you.  we are going to rape both your holes tonight, more than once, and when your ass becomes too sloppy you'll take both cocks up your shit-hole together"  I must have shown some reaction to that statement because he laughed and said "whether you can take it or not"

"You still wanna get raped boy?"

"HELL YEAH Sir!!!!"

definitely still willing!!!

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Great writing but there is still no mention of Dan's or the stranger's status. It would make the story more exciting if they both had HVL that were pounded up their victim's hole.

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Part 3

From that moment on Dan made it clear who was in charge.  I had to submit to everything either of them wanted.  He told me that Tom (his mate) was a dom but apparently his arse wasn't safe.  Tom gave Dan a very funny look but nodded in agreement.

Dan was unusually giddy and full of energy. normally after the initial rapefuck he would chill out and have a drink to catch his breath but tonight he seemed very excited.  perhaps he was showing off for his mate.  either way he sat down on the bed and pulled me across his knee and started spanking my arse hard telling me this was what I get for making him wait so long for a visit.  my heart sank when he ordered Tom to fetch the bath brush from the bathroom.  I realised tonight was gonna be challenge.

Tom handed Dan the bath brush and sat on an armchair grinning, enjoying the show.  already his cock was starting to harden again.  Dan spanked me forcefully with the brush causing a lot of squirming and yelping from me.  He started laying the swats on harder and my eyes were starting to well up.  

"Did you like my surprise slut?"

"AGH AH AGH OW Yes Sir!!" I replied

"I have another one for you later when the time is right"

he pushed me to the floor giving me a kick in the ribs as I fell.  "Now cunt - we did you a favour coming straight here from work.  Coulda made you wait for your fucking, but no we came straight here coz we knew you needed a real man to rape your hole.  wasn't that nice of us?"

"Um yeah um thanks sir!"

"crawl over to Master Tom and ask him if he needs anything cleaned after a hard day at work"

I crawled over to the armchair and looked up at Tom.  he was actually quite handsome in a rugged kinda way.  his sneer told me exactly what he thought of me.

"Please sir do you need anything cleaned?"

His sneer got wider and he looked over at Dan "For real???".  Dan must have nodded because Tom laughed and his grin turned mean.

"fuck yeah.  Clean my dirty shitter you slut"

he turned over and knelt on the chair sticking his ass out towards me.  I heard Dan picking up the bath brush again so I didn't hesitate.  I spread Master Toms cheeks and saw his hairy hole.  he wasn't as hairy as master Dan and a quick sniff regrettably didn't reveal anything other than masculine sweaty arse crack so I spread his cheeks wider and lapped his crack up and down before focusing on his pucker.  circling it gently before pushing my tongue in.  there was massive resistance at first - his arse obviously wasn't fucked regularly like mine.  I worked my tongue in deeper lapping at his musky hole.  Dan started slapping my arse gently with the brush encouraging me to go deeper, faster, telling me to "snog his arse".

after about 10 minutes of intense arse-licking Dan suddenly stood up and kicked me hard out of the way "Wet enough" was all he said before ramming his rock hard cock up Toms hole

Toms scream was silent for a second then the shock passed and he started to struggle and scream for real.  he begged Dan to stop but Dan just grinned and fucked harder. after about 15 minutes he pounded poor tom even harder and with a roar shot a load up his torn bunghole

tom collapsed in the chair as Dan grabbed my head and fed me his dirty cock.  there was a bit of blood on it from Toms hole and I didn't know whether to feel sorry or jealous of the poor sod.

Dan lay back on the bed to relax and began instructing Tom how to punch, kick and slap me so my body matched the colour of my arse.

finally I could see the show having an effect on both of them and I resigned myself to the realisation another fuck was imminent.

Dan clapped his hands and told me it was time for surprise number 2.  He lay on his back on the bed and grasping his cock so it pointed straight up ordered "sit on it bitch".  I slowly climbed onto the bed and positioned myself over his cock.  bracing myself I slowly lowered myself down onto his dry cock.  This seemed to anger him and grabbing my hips slammed his cock upwards - I screamed

"Never waste my time worrying about your hole slut".  he pulled me down so it was deep inside my ass.  I could feel it throbbing against my bruised insides.

reaching up he took hold of my arms and slowly pulled me forward and downwards.  our faces close, he briefly kissed me.  From this position I could look into his eyes.  and what I saw scared me.  despite the kiss there was to be no compassion tonight.

I could feel Tom climbing on the bed behind me and starting to position his cock at my hole beside Dan's.  I realised what was about to happen.

Dan grinned and asked me "Have you guessed what surprise 2 is yet?"

I was scared - "you're gonna try and DP me?"

Dan laughed.  "No no no you stupid fuck.  that's not a surprise.  the moment you knew there were two of us you had to realise you would be taking both our cocks up your rapehole whether you want it or not"

I was suddenly very confused and scared

"Then what is..."

"Shhhhhhh, no the surprise is that since our last session I have tested Poz and so has Tom!!!"  He grabbed me, his arms around my back holding me down "And now we are gonna rip your hole and breed you again"


that must have been the pre-arranged signal because Tom rammed his cock up my arse beside Dan's.  I lost consciousness for a second, when I regained my senses I was screaming but into Dan's mouth as he kissed me deeply

I tried to struggle as the pain in my ass was unbearable

unbelievably after a few minutes of rough pumping my ass either became numb or it became accustomed to the size of the two cocks inside me and the pain lessened.  Dan was grinning up at me encouraging me to take it.  telling me that they had both already dumped 1 load each in me so it didn't matter - this was their way to make sure their seed took AND to remind me that my ass was for their enjoyment not mine.  

I was crying now but what he was saying kinda made sense.  struggling was only gonna make it worse and wouldn't change the outcome anyway.

finally I felt Tom shooting his 2nd load inside me which triggered Dan to shoot too.

after a few seconds Tom yanked his cock out, causing another squeal from me.  He told me to clean his cock so I lifted myself off Dan's cock (Dan seemed to have dozed off) and sucked Toms flaccid willy.  He grabbed my head and told me to hold still as he released his post orgasmic piss down my throat.  once finished he started to get dressed.  He called over to Dan to say he would see him in work tomorrow and just walked out without a word or even a glance at me.

Dan called me from the bed.  He told me he had one last fuckload to give me and to get back into the bed and assume the position.  5 seconds later I was head down arse up on the bed as he climbed behind me.

guess I'm still willing


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His standard email pinged on my screen "Oi Rapehole, its time"

my stonach and arse clenched in the usual mix of fear and excitment. I opened the email expecting his usual demand to visit london within a fortnight but this email was different.  

"Oi Rapehole, its time
Premierinn Ballymun, room 401 @ 6pm tonight
walk in the room, strip and assume the position - NO TALKING!!!
be there or im blocking you forever"

HOLY SHIT - He's in Dublin!!!!!

Normally I have at least a week to get my head in the right space to turn up and accept my ass-raping. Never with such short notice.  I flew into a panic, so many coflicting thoughts flashing throuh my head
- I need time to get mentally prepared
- whats he doing in Dublin?
- how long will it take to get there?
- Am I ready for my ass to be raped again?
- Its gonna hurt sooooo bad - remember last time!!!
- wheres my ass-cleaning kit?
- Are you seriously going to turn up at his hotel?
- its gonna be so great to see his face again!!!

almost on autopilot I began to get ready and by 5pm, to my own surprise, I was in the car heading towards his hotel.

I parked in the underground carpark and paused, clutching the steeringwheel tightly like a life preserver trying to get my mind under control.  If my arsehole could talk it would have been screaming at me "NO NO NO, PLEASE NOT AGAIN, PLEASE DONT, NO!!!"

how could I refuse?  what he was about to do was horrific, but the thought of never seeing him again, never having his seed inside me, never having his smiling face looking down at me, wiping tears from my eyes,telling me how proud he was of me and how happy he was to see me- THAT would be worse.

this time felt different, previously I had been in my hotel room, ready and waiting. He would turn up (and do what we both needed) but this time I was literally walking towards my ass-raping which somehow made it feel worse (and twice as thrilling)

I stopped outside the door - I could see it had been wedged so that I could just push the door open and walk in.  My watch buzzed on my wrist to indicate it was 6pm.  I've no idea why but a solitary tear ran down my cheek as I pushed the door open

Inside was dark.  the curtains were all pulled shut and the lights all turned off.  the only illumination came from a faint light escaping from the cracks around the bathroom door.  I assumed Dan was in there waiting for me.  I pulled off my runners, teeshirt and trackies as quickly as I could and knelt on the bed.  I grabbed the pillows and placed one under my tummy to help lift my arse up for him.  the other one I clutched tightly and covered my face with

I expected some warning from the bathroom door opening as he entered the room but clearly this was a deception and he had been in the room watching me from a dark corner.  Next thing I knew his hands were on my hips and his dry cock was slammed halfway up my arsehole.  I screamed into the pillow and tried to lunge forward away from the red hot agony that was his brutal cock but he had anticipated that and held on tightly.  No Doubt my pulling away stopped him from getting ALL his cock inside me which clearly pissed him off as he began to fuck with brutal animalistic thrusts designed solely to cause pain and to tear my ring and insides.  

not a word had been spoken, the only sounds in the room were my muffled screams and his growling as he thrust deep inside me.  I have to admit I was scared.  this was the closest we had ever gotten to a real rape.  Before there had always been that brief ritual of him spanking my ass and saying things like "this time you wont shit for a month" - words designed to intimidate but which perversely gave me comfort

I tried to block out the pain and focus on trying to make his cock feel good so he would cum quicker. Suddenly without warning he grabbed me at the waist pulled me off the bed and threw me on the floor knocking the wind out of me.  he fell on top of me and rammed his thick fuck-weapon balls deep up my shitter.  i couldnt move or pull away at all and he went deeper than ever before i screamed loudly and he rewarded me with a punch to the back of the head.

Dazed I lay there feeling his rock hard cock shredding my insides and distroying my inner ring, praying for him to shoot his dirty seed into me so this inital ordeal might end

finally he sped up and I knew my first breeding was iminent.  i tried to clench my spasming torn bunghole around his cock to make him feel good.  At last I felt him lunge forward and shoot his seed.  I am convinced he was so deep that his seed was planted past my inner ring - not good since I was depending on that cum as lube for the other fucks that would follow.

He lay on top of me as he caught his breath.  I lay underneath him sobbing quietly wondering how bad the damage was this time

nothing had yet been spoken.  he yanked his cock out of me and stood up.  He spoke a single word "clean"

I groped in the darkness for his cock which I immediately sucked clean, tasting that intoxicating mixture of his cum, my ass and blood.  Finally i pulled off his cock and he turned on the light.  There he was, naked with his beautiful sexy hairy body on display, thick cock ssowly softening and his handsome furry face smiling down at me.  "great to see you slut.  really glad you could make it.  I knew you couldnt resist my dirty seed"

he lifted me up and hugged me, we climbed up onto the bed and cuddled for 10-15 minutes as he explained he and some colleagues (including Tom) were sent over for a meeting with some engineering company here in Dublin.  If things went well then he might be visiting regularly

he then informed me that Tom and another of his colleagues would be joining us at 7 and take turns all night filling me with dirty cum.  He asked if I was ok with that?  I said I didnt think I could handle 3 blokes to which he shrugged and said "you will, one way or another"  He then ordered me to clean his sweaty asshole while he relaxed and waiting for his friends to arrive.

so now here I am, with my tongue deep inside his sweaty hairy shithole, my poor asshole on fire waiting for 2 other guys to arrive.  I walked into this room knowing what would happen and now im waiting for 2 other guys to arrive instead of making a run for it - I cant deny Im still willing

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On 3/30/2023 at 5:53 AM, IrishKinkyCumDump said:

For the record, part 1 was real - it actually happened a number of times, the other parts are fantasy but would love to meet someone to make them a reality too 😜😈🐷🍑🍆

I’d love to have it all happen to my boipussy as well 

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