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When I was in college, I was still mostly closeted and only hooking up with guys from a few discreet websites like a4a. I had one top guy convince me to get fucked, despite my "total top" attitude and desires.

Pictured: me and Phil, the top


The first few times we fucked the condom broke and he flooded my ass with cum, always making sure to point out how much better it felt for both of us. That is probably why I didn't give it much thought when he stopped using the condoms after that.


He also helped me get into drugs and sex as a perfect pairing, and with his help I slowly worked from poppers to lines of coke and even some tina booby bumps that he called "butt blasts" and told me they were totally safe and organic suppliments meant to make my butt have (and receive) a blast!  He even convinced me to bring in other guys on our play sessions, despite my fear that someone I knew might end up at the door.  It never dawned on me that anyone who showed up would have also agreed to take part in gay sex with a relative stranger. 

To put me at ease he often sent me the photos and stats of other guys before inviting them to join us and that kept me from freaking out when I recognized a few from around campus. Usually I automatically told him no way when it was someone I knew, but after seeing the conversations some of the guys had with him online, I often found myself agreeing to meet and play. I knew there was a risk of being outed but the reward seemed far more tempting when he got them to describe their wildest fantasies, especially when they sent photos of themselves with fingers or dildos up their asses and even the occassional shot of their faces covered in cum or with some dude fucking them. This made me feel bolder about my own ability to get away with illicit sex behind my girlfriend's back, so I joined a few more sites my top friend had recommended to me, and one in particular that I  had been too freaked out by before that time, a site known as bareback real time sex or bbrts.com. Most of you probably know that site to be a more perverted hook up site than a4a or the others of the time, which is precisely what excited me but also what kept me from joining until then.

 Once I was on there, I often saw a profile for a self described straight but curious jock guy who, like me, was a sophomore at my school and, according to the site, he lived close enough to me to have his location show up within 300 ft of my dorm room. I checked out the guy's photos every chance I could and got hard enough that I used his profile to jerk off nightly or whenever possible.  It turned me on to read about his experiences which were limited to one night of anal play with a married older couple that started with the wife eating his ass while her husband sucked his dick and ended with the wife fucking him with a strap on while he sucked the husband to orgasm. He had no other frame of reference for sex with men but wanted desperately to try anal play again, only this time he hoped to get to fuck a guy's ass.  The most surprising part of his profile was his insistance that he use a condom when playing since he had a girlfriend, and I am guessing that was what had kept most guys from contacting him since he was on a site with bareback in the name.

 I had tried contacting him a dozen times, but he always disappeared right when I messaged him, and I figured he was either all talk or a straight guy and his friends who were using the profile to look for queers in the dorms, so I gave up. Imagine my delight and surprise when my top buddy sent me the profile info and chat transcript for a guy he was trying to hook up with and it was the same straight guy! Their emails revealed that the kid was terrified of being outed due to his gf as he had mentioned but also due to fear he might lose his baseball scholarship. The more they corresponded the more I came to see that it was his status on campus as a jock stud that he was desperate to maintain and why he only talked with guys who didn't have anything to do with the university.  In some of the emails they exchanged, my top friend Phil told him about his "nephew"  (aka me) who he described as a straight guy who dropped out of college and was curious too.  He made the guy horny with details of how I came over regularly, slowly progressing from jerking off and smoking pot to recent sessions where I had sex with a few bottoms, then getting fucked by him and another hot top.  He had then sent the guy pictures of me fucking a few guys but my face was cropped out or blurred in all of them. School guy responded with pics of himself from the neck down in his jockstrap or jerking off. Then Phil sent photos of me taking his cock, again with no face, and school guy sent a video of himself jerking off onto his computer screen, specifically my photos.

The guy from my school, who told Phil his name was "Dick Butz" lol, was really interested in meeting and fucking me, especially when Phil offered him some drugs to help get us in the mood and promised "Dick" I would even be too out of it to remember his face. Dick thought that was the best plan ever and was practically begging to do it after hearing that. Phil said he would set it up but only if he could be sure "Dick" was for real, so even as reluctant as he was, he finally sent some photos of his face in their most recent chats.


  I was filled with shock and desire when the photos revealed him to be my good friend and poker buddy Tyler, star of our school baseball team and notorious pussy hound. I'd had a crush on him since the first time we met freshman year and my crush had grown everytime we saw each other, making it almost an obsession. When he hosted poker nights, I always found an excuse to use the bathroom at the same time as someone else which meant I would have to use the one off his bedroom, allowing me to grab his underwear or cup and jerk a load into them.  

As I looked at photos of his nude form that he'd taken using his cheap ass phone and cheaper webcam, I was drooling and amazed that he still looked awesome in each pic. I went back and zoomed in on every shot featuring his rock hard ass, cut abs, hefty circumsized hard on, massive balls, and then stopped to drool more over his face with his dimples and goofy jock grin. Just as he always did in life, he wore a cheap watch in each photo and a cubs cap that was so worn we used to say it would disintegrate if he ever removed it, and I kicked myself for not seeing the watch before. Phil was still reluctant to get the guy to join us because no matter how much Phil objected and tried to talk "Dick" aka Tyler into going raw, Tyler was dead set against it and finished their last correspondence with a sentence detailing how desperately he wanted to spend a night brutalizing phil's nephew's butthole, even offering to pay for the opportunity, but his only firm rule was if he had to go without protection then he wasn't interested and they might as well stop talking about it altogether. I was not about to let that happen, and immediately told Phil that I knew the guy and begged him to get Tyler to join us. Once he knew about Tyler's sports skills and reputation as a ladies man he told me he would overlook Tyler's obsession with condoms and went to work to set it all up.

 Since Tyler was still nervous about meeting a guy his age, Phil suggested that all three of us could wear hats and sunglasses to keep our identities secret. Still Tyler was wishy washy about setting up a date to do it until after a poker game one night that we had at a mutual friend's house the day before halloween. When the host came out wearing a cheesy brown Mullett wig with a bandana attached that he planned to wear to a costume party the next night, Tyler seemed to have a sudden need to cash out and go home.  Phil texted me on halloween and told me Tyler had emailed him and agreed to meet up the following weekend with an attached photo of himself that he took that night in a similar mullet wig (this one blondish yellow), wife beater and sweats. Apparently he bought his costume that day, and thought he would be unrecognizable enough that he even sent a photo in the get up but left his obscenely large stiff cock pulled out to make the image complete. Originally Phil and I had thought we would have to use the surprise tactic and some of Tyler's photos to coerce/blackmail him into going through with fucking me once he saw me at Phil's house, but now that Ty planned to wear the mullet and a pair of sunglasses, I decided to follow suit, pulling out a wig I wore when I was Superman at a costume party years earlier, and a mardy gras mask that covered from the top of my forehead to the tip of my nose, leaving my nostrils and the mouth fully uncovered. Even the eyes had a see through mesh fabric covering them, so I felt sure I would be completely unrecognizable too. Phil told Tyler to come around 10pm that Friday night and asked me to show up around 9, while he told Ty I wasn't going to be there until 1030 since I wasn't off work til ten, that way Tyler could meet Phil and the two of them could get high and drink before I arrived, which sounded good to Tyler. He also told Tyler that I was really shy and wouldn't talk much because of my self consciousness about a stutter that I suffered from.  I couldn't have him recognizing my voice and ruining the plan. 

The night before we planned to meet Tyler, Phil had me come over and wear the wig and mask and made some vids on his phone of he and I fucking around, taking a lot of photos too, especially of his bare cock inside my tight hole. Thank goodness he had because, just as phil expected from a straight scared newbie, Tyler tried to text and cancel about two hours before he was scheduled to show. Phil acted like it was no biggie but told Tyler that "Mark" (my fake name) would be disappointed and sent Tyler some photos of me sucking Phil's 8.5 inch dick and when Tyler still waivered he sent a couple of Phil fucking me, and finally he sent a video of his big dick sliding out of my bubble butt and spewing jizz all over my naked body. By the time I got to Phil's house, Tyler was back on board and was hoping to have me there even sooner so we could fuck ASAP! 

Phil and I spent 45 mins hiding two cameras of his plus my camcorder in the bedroom, then we set up his webcam to record in the living room in case we played in there. Just as Ty texted he was on his way we did some lines of coke and I moved my car around the corner from the house so Tyler wouldn't see and possibly recognize the green Buick that wad famous with my friends due to the metalic gold trim that included gold hubcaps bumpers and door handles  (you take what you can get when buying a used car). 

When Tyler arrived, I went into Phil's office and donned my wig and mask and watched the webcam feed on his laptop. Phil invited him in, took his coat and made him a drink while they chatted and watched some bisexual porn on phil's huge tv, all before Tyler even thought to put on the wig or sunglasses I couldn't help jerking as Tyler admitted to Phil that he was watching gay porn occasionally since they'd begun chatting online and I almost shot my wad when Ty stripped to his bball shorts and fondled himself while they shared stories of guys they wanted to screw. He even mentioned a friend he played poker with who lived in the same dorm as him but he was pretty sure would never do stuff with another guy, and despite the possibility that he meant one of our mutual poker friends, I was 99% sure he meant me. Phil told Tyler he might be surprised  and said he should try to get the poker friend alone some night and feel him out but Tyler assured him that the guy was totally straight and was seriously involved with my girlfriend, but finished with adding he wished Phil was right because he lusted over the guy's "juicy bubble ass." I knew it was me when he described my rear and my girl since the other guy from our poker games was skinny as fuck and had no ass and no girlfriend. He teased me more by adding "I've lost some hands after seeing him bent over in front of me. lucky for me that gives me a chance to go jerk one out in the bathroom before going on."

That admission made my ass quiver and I decided to "arrive" despite there being 8 mins early. I warned Phil by texting him that I was just parking and would be inside shortly, which was a code we decided on in advance,  giving Tyler time to put on the wig and shades before I snuck out onto the back deck, went down the steps, came around in front, checked my wig and mask were on straight and rang the bell. As I expected, Phil answered the door in just a pair of tight briefs and talked to me about how work went. I kept my answers to one or two words and he went on and told me he had a friend joining us so I should put on my mask in the entry and take off my work clothes while he got me a drink. I practically ripped my coat, shirt and pants off, leaving me in a white tee shirt and tighty whiteys with my white crew socks to finish my innocent shy boy get up. Taking a deep breath, I steadied myself and went around the corner.

 Phil handed me my drink, then turned around and introduced "Mark" aka me to "Dick" aka Tyler, who stood up and shook my hand enthusiastically while the semi in his shorts got longer and harder. "Dick" motioned for me to sit next to him on the loveseat and made sure his leg and mine were in full contact, then he put his arm around my shoulders when we were seated. As he asked me questions about what I did for work and how I'd come to try sex with my uncle, etc. I replied with mumbled one word responses that were somewhat due to my need to stay unrecognized but we're also caused by my real nerves, which now had me shaking. When Tyler began running his other hand up and down my thigh, my cock was hard as steel and I found my eyes sinking into my lap. Maybe it was because I wanted it so badly or perhaps I was unprepared for how much he turned me on, sitting there plying me with his million watt smile and his well practiced moves. It was easy to see what it was about him that had convinced hundreds of busty young co-eds to let their gaurd down and allow Tyler to plow them. Whatever it was he was asking, I was glad that Phil took most questions and answered for me, thus Tyler seemed none the wiser about my real identity.

To help us relax Phil suggested some weed, cialis and coke, & 20 minutes later we were all high, hard and horny. I was barely able to pull my mind off Tyler's hands, which were working up my shirt and down my briefs now.  But I realized Phil was waving to me from the kitchen, which was code for me to ask if I could use the bathroom while Phil and Tyler moved to the bedroom. Listening from the hallway I could hear Tyler thanking Phil for this, commenting on how how I was and how nice an ass I had. I almost laughed when Phil asked if it was as nice as his poker buddy's and Tyler responded that it wasn't quite as nice but added that he might have been biased since he'd been coveting his buddy's ass for nearly two years. Phil showed Tyler all the supplies and Ty wasted no time, making sure they had plenty of lube and condoms so he could fuck me as many times as Phil thought I could handle.

I quickly peed and double checked that my hole was cleaned out and well lubed before returning to the two tops, my shirt and socks remaining in the bathroom. Tyler was now nude except for the mullet wig with his hard dick in Phil's mouth. he smiled and motioned for me to join him on the edge of the bed, and I licked my lips. As I went to sit next to him, I felt my briefs fly down my hips and Tyler's warm inexperienced mouth begin awkwardly slurping on my 6.5 inch meat. It hadn't occured to me he would want to suck my cock, but boy did he seem eager.  Phil stood up and removed his own underwear and pulled me back on the bed while Tyler continued to suck me, now adding his dry fingers to the mix, working their way past my peach fuzz covered cheeks, beginning to force themselves unceremoniously up my hole. When he felt it was moist, he whipped back and investigated, probably afraid he was feeling something gross, but when he realized it was lube, he smiled and returned to his fingering, figuring I must be wanting this as bad as he did. 

Minutes seemed to stretch longer as I ached for him to fuck me, remembering countless nights hearing him brag during poker tournaments that lasted til dawn. My body vibrated at the promises he'd hinted at, telling us he was known far and wide for his huge loads of cum and his superhuman ability to get hard over and over.  A few girls i knew confirmed his bravado and told me how he could cum and minutes later be right back fucking, with load after load and fuck after fuck, all night long. His hands and mouth were not satisfying my need to verify this myself tho. Finally I couldn't take the bad head anymore and pulled him up on top of me, whispering to him that I wanted him to fuck me, probably more words than he heard from me yet that night. 

"Not so shy now, huh marky?" He said as he rolled me onto my side and reached over to grab a condom from the night stand. Iwas usually a safe sex guy myself but not when I played with Phil, and now I was disappointed that he still seemed to insist on the rubber.  Phil, who lay next to me, as if reading my mind, leaned in and whispered in my ear "not to worry." He had doctored the condoms so they would all break as soon as Tyler tried to fuck me.  I realized for the first time that it was his doctoring that made us have such bad luck the first few times we had screwed around, and I decided I would be angry at him later. In the moment, I was happy to hear that I was going to be fucked raw by Tyler, my Poker playboy crush, one way or another.

 I looked back towards Tyler as he rolled the rubber down his dick and applied a generous amount of lube, before squirting some onto his hand and rubbing it into my ass crack. Phil rolled over and knelt on the edge of the bed when Tyler moved in to mount me, and it hit me that he was doing it so he could take Tyler's cock and insert it for him, while he instructed Tyler to lift my leg with one arm and brace himself on the headboard with the other. My thigh wasn't used to such a massive stretch right off the bat but it didn't break me so I just tried to relax as Tyler precariously pushed forward and began entering my ass with Phil driving his joystick. Tyler was not balancing well so it was no surprise to Phil or I that his first few thrusts missed my asshole and required a wiggle or scoot before the next. Finally he managed to push the first inch through my ring and the sharp pain and rough material coating his rod made me yelp which Tyler responded to with some enthusiasm, as if my displeasure was because of his massive cock. In a way, I guess it was, but I didn't like the fact that he was eager to hurt me so I said in my most convincing fake voice "go slow man. I need time to adjust before u rip me up."

Tyler's brow broke out in sweat and he tried to pull back slightly, which resulted in his dick popping out altogether. As he pushed back in, the condom broke, and to my shagrin, Tyler immediately pulled his cock out and applied another from the pile. Phil seemed obviously disappointed at the young man's quick response so before Tyler could try again he had us each do a line of something that I assumed to be coke but burned more, and once Tyler let the stuff get to his brain, he asked if he could so some more, and Phil happily agreed, letting him do two more lines while telling me to try hitting the poppers. I took a few long hits and felt my body sinking away from the tension my ass had been feeling, and just as I released the second hit, Tyler rolled me onto my back and threw both my legs over his biceps and began pressing into my hole again. This time he got most of the way in before we felt the rubber break, and even kept pumping for a moment until he was almost completely inside of me, but his cock was not in charge yet. He removed his dick once more and reapplied a condom, but this time he did a much more haphazard job, not taking the time to squeeze the tip or apply more lube. Still the condom lasted while he slowly worked his way back in, inch by inch creeping up my ass, but the moment he was about to thrust for real, I felt something that may have been his cockhead opening the end of the condom and sliding further in than his previous attempts. My ass jumped as I pictured his bare boner engorged to such a thickness that it refused to stay encased in latex and with its jump, it also tightened and pulled him further in. Up until that moment my ass had yet to feel his dick anywhere near the second sphincter, but with the forward motion and the added benefit of his bare skin pushing beyond the torn latex, it popped firmly past my inner grip. With simultaneous moans of pleasure, we seemed to work our bodies around each other, as his hips drove his meat balls deep in me and my ass vacuumed his cock until it was sealed in the heat of my raw tunnel. 

"F-f-fuck, I think the condom broke, " Tyler said, reaching back to feel around the shaft while he slowly began fucking my hole. Phil insisted he could see the condom was still intact around the shaft, and pressed his cock to Tyler's lips, grabbing hold of his head, tearing the mullet wig off before brutally punching his hard cock down Tyler's receptive throat. Without any other way to keep his balance, Tyler had to return his hand to where it had been, and hooked my leg back over his shoulder, and for the first time since we began, he forgot about replacing the destroyed prophilactic and focused on destroying my ass instead.  I worked my hands over Tyler's muscular shoulders and chest before reaching back and fondeling his balls as they swung against my cheeks with a rapidly increasing rhythm. Taking another hit from the poppers, I handed them up to Phil who took one himself before instructing Tyler to do a hit on either side of his nose. Once the second nostril was filled with the scent, Phil pinched Tyler's nose shut and shouted "Hold your breath in til I say so boy!"

Tyler gagged a little around Phil's cock while he tried to hold his breath. His humping decreased in power for a minute until Phil released his nose and said "exhale!"

Tyler let out a huge breath as Phil pulled his hard on from Tyler's mouth and moved to wear it was fucking my mouth instead, and to my delight, Tyler began really pounding my ass. True it was as much pain as it was pleasure but I didn't say a word or try to push Tyler off. My mind was made up that I was gonna take his cock no matter what. Tyler began saying dirty stuff like "yeah suck his cock" and "fucking take my monster meat you hot mother fucker" and I just moaned and grunted in agreement. Phil produced some kind of pipe that I couldn't really make out through the mask, and took a few hits before instructing Tyler to do the same. Tyler seemed reticent at first but Phil just told him it was a little late to be asking now, and Tyler must have decided he was right because he took the hits when Phil lit the pipe and then shot gunned each of them to me. The taste was acrid and nasty although not nearly as polluted feeling as smoking weed or tobacco.  I figured it was something akin to coke and let myself go along for the ride, and by the fifth shotgun, I was exhaling huge clouds of white smoke. My brain was aware on a whole new level suddenly and without any warning Tyler turned the final shot gun into a make out session which I was happy to go along with. 

While Phil watched he also manuevered us until finally he gave up and told Tyler to pull out and move me to the edge of the bed. I freaked when Tyler did as Phil said, only to pull out, see he was inside me bare and ask for another condom. Phil told him he would get it in just a second, but first "I want you to put that wig and sunglasses back on so I can take a couple pics and a video of u fucking my nephew's ass bareback."


You would think Tyler would be against such an idea but he just smiled and said fuck thats hot, grabbed the wig and glasses from Phil and slapped them on, topped them with his trade mark ball cap and told me to hang on. While he was distracted Phil produced his camera from behind a pile of clothes in the corner and acted like he was just turning it on. I could tell he got a really good shot of Tyler before he was masked in his disguise, but Tyler just asked if he looked good, and without much thought I said "you are the hottest fuck I've ever seen."


This seemed to be the same as saying action, and suddenly without any pretense, Tyler pulled my ass to the side of the bed and entered me in one quick motion. For the next few minutes he humped and talked dirty, making sure to turn so he could show off his muscles to where ever Phil was at with the camera. I could barely see straight as he banged and rammed me. Soon Phil told Tyler how the "audience" wanted to see Tyler shoot his baby batter up my butthole and Tyler turned right to me and said "Well let's give the people what they want" and began taking me faster and deeper than before, only now he was screaming for me to jerk off as he did. While my cock throbbed in my hand and his cock throbbed harder up my hole, I began to see stars and told them I was getting close. Tyler told me how hot that was and how much he wanted me and then leaned into kiss me before putting his arms under my shoulders and lifting me off the bed and bouncing me on his cock for a minute while we both screamed. Dropping me as his arms began to shake he pumped me deep and hard a few times then rippped his cock from my ass and began spraying cum from my hole up over my cock and stomach, across my chest and neck and into the black wig and all over my mask. He then shoved it back inside me and told me it was my turn.

I didn't need a second invitation, instead I began blasting my cum over the both of us, shooting 4 or 5 times before Tyler doubled over and managed to catch my cock head in his mouth for the remaining shots while keeping most of his dick buried inside me. Once my last cumshot subsided, he popped up and began french kissing me, letting me taste my own cum. Phil was hard as a rock and told Tyler to move, which he did reluctantly, before whipping me onto my belly, pulling me up to my knees and stuffing his own raw cock into my ass. It must have been lubed like mad because, as he handed the camera to Tyler to continue filming, he asked how it could be so hot and wet inside at which point Tyler admitted that the load Phil filmed was his third load of the night.

He apologized to me as Phil began going to town on my hole, and admitted he had cum once right after he thought he felt the condom break and once more right as Phil started filming us but he didn't want to break his rhythm and figured the condom might not have been broken after all. I just moaned and gritted my teeth while phil worked his cock into my cum filled ass, and Tyler climbed up and stood over me, feeding his still stiff cock to Phil while Phil raped me. Phil took the camera from Tyler while they switched off taking hits from the pipe that I still couldn't see, and Tyler bent down to make me take a few hits just as Phil announced his first load up my ass.  Unlike Tyler, Phil needed a few minutes to regain his strength so he disappeared into the bathroom at which point Tyler got me to bend over back to doggy style and began fucking me again, telling me within the first minute that he was adding another load to my ass.

Now I knew Tyler had taken a strap on and from his emails and photos it looked like he used a variety of objects on his own hole, but it surprised the hell out of me when Tyler pulled his cock from my ass after another load and scooted up to my face as I rolled over and asked me to eat his hole. Everything Tyler had said about my ass earlier in the evening was exactly how I felt about his, so I had no trouble doing as he requested, using my tongue and fingers to play with his sweet clean butt while Tyler spun around and sucked on my rehardening cock. My whole body was on another plain of existance known as bliss when he rose off my dick and said "You're clean right?" Too which I moaned yes while tonguing his tight smooth baseball butt. For those of you who have never seen a baseball player squating to catch the ball or pushing off the ground to the jump for a pop fly, you are missing the ass and thighs of the gods doing their most holy work, which is why having him squating over my mouth was as much as I could have hoped to have experienced, until the moment he lifted off, turned around and squated down over my waist, and with one hand holding my cock up into the air, plunged his bare athletic hole over the tip. His eyes slammed shut and he sucked air in through gritted teeth, while pushing his butt til about 4 inches of my 6.5 were inside him.


Then he began confiding in me that he had kept a cock with a suction cup on it that he stole from an ex-girlfriend's collection the year before, and had spent hours in the time since riding that dick on the floor of his dorm room or suctioned to the seat of his desk chair while watching porn featuring trannies and guys getting pegged. He even said he had done it in the showers at the university rec center and in the steam room at the athletic center with the hope he might get caught but had chickened out after taking it inside him and shooting his load right away each time. He stopped his tale just long enough to tell me I had better not to cum inside him or he would beat my ass. Ironic since he had shot at least 4 loads in me since we "met" that night.

This was too much for me to resist, and without his permission, I reached up and grabbed his hips and thrust myself fully inside him, which caused him to yelp and call me a son of a bitch and pound his fist into the bed while he tried to push off me, but I just told him to jerk his cock and kept rising up and down into him as my load got closer and closer to exploding. He began jerking his cock but immediately told me he was too close not to cum at which point I said "then cum goddammit" and he did. Once his first shot blasted into my mask, my own balls began emptying up his hole, but I made sure to be as still and quiet as possible as I shot, choosing to hold myself as deep in his hole as I could get without my balls being sucked in too. Lucky for me, I was also pretty good at being able to stay hard after I shot my load, and with the cialis and the knowledge I had just bred him secretly, it was no problem. When his balls finally finished spewing he asked me if I could keep from shooting long enough to let him keep riding me for awhile and I said yes and watched as he worked himself back to full staff. To my surprise, I found my own balls were also ready to shoot again, but this time I warned him. 

"Good, then you'll like this," He said, grinning. He began bouncing on my meat while repeatedly telling me to warn him when I was getting close, and in about 2 minutes I did just that. With a smirk on his face he handed me the camera and told me to record then bounced a few times more on my dick before leaning forward, pushing his hands into the bed beside me and suddenly flipping backwards, landing with his feet next to the bed. He then spread my legs and slid inside me raw balls deep which was too much for me to take. I shot my biggest load of the night, all over both of us, while trying not to pass out. He applauded my immense load and told me I was the only guy he'd ever seen who could shoot as much as he could, before pulling his own cock from my ass and adding an even bigger load to our bodies. I wondered how it was possible til I realized Phil had been standing at the door when he saw the flip and snuck over and shoved half of his cock into Tyler's cum lubed ass just in time to make him shoot. Phil was not allowed to add his own babies to the butt though, and had to settle for taking video of Tyler and I on our knees eating his thick white cream as it oozed from his red pipe. After that Tyler made sure the camera was off (without knowing the other two were rolling) and stripped the wig and sunglasses off again, and went to take a shower. Phil gave me a hit from the weird pipe as he went and turned off the other two cameras, and quietly got me to admit I had shot a load in Tyler's butt. 

He turned the camera back on for a minute while he asked me if I enjoyed getting bred by straight stud "Dick." Somehow my character had become the same as what Phil had told Tyler it was, and I began stammering and quietly admitting I had enjoyed it a lot. Phil found this very very hot and told me to stay put while he checked on Tyler. I did another line of coke and drank some water before Tyler peeked his head back in and said he had to run because he was supposed to be at a workout at 7am and it was nearly 4. He reached over to the desk and wrote down his email address before telling me we should get together just the two of us sometime, then came over and did a line of coke, planted a kiss on me and disappeared. Phil returned a second later as I was trying to get up and get dressed, but he was having none of it and pushed me back onto the bed and turned the camera on and told me to tell him what had just happened. I thought I was out of gas for the night, but he had me take some more hits from the weird pipe while he loaded the videos from the cameras onto his tv in his bedroom. We watched the video while he fucked me and I decided to stay the rest of the night since he had handcuffed me to the bed and was cumming in me again already.

stay tuned for chapter 2

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    • By newboy1689
      ----the story of my transformation----
      The summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college started out as the most boring summer of my life. I had stayed at university to take summer classes and was subletting a room in a shitty four-bedroom apartment of which I was the only resident. I worked at a local movie store fifteen hours a week and was taking two classes both of which were over by two pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. The rest of the time I just spent watching Netflix going for runs, and jerking off.
      I had run track in high school and still kept up with my workouts keeping my lean frame in shape. At that time I was five eleven, one hundred and fifty pounds, with short-cropped black hair and the starting of a rather thick pelt of hair across my body. Puberty had come a little late to me and I had been hairless all through high school for the most part, but freshman year it had struck with a vengeance and I now grew thick coarse black leg and arm hair, my pits long bushy shrubs, and my chest hadn’t sprouted a patch in the middle but rather was slowly becoming carpeted in black hair. I loved it, I thought all the hair made up for my slight build and made me look manlier so I showed it off every chance I got.
      Normally when I went for a run I just ran round the campus, but on this particular day I was in a mood, bored with my solitary routine, sick of not seeing any of my friends cause they had all gone home for the summer, and over feeling trapped on campus so I made my way to a bike trail that ran through most of the town and started to run as far away from campus as I could.
      It was a hot day and the sweat ran down my bare torso and I jogged along for several miles. Most of the trail was bordered by trees, but every once in a while there was a gap and you could see into the back gardens of the people who’s houses back onto the trail. I had run the trail before and there was almost never anything of interest happening on it, in fact the only real appeal of the trail was that it was away from the school.
      I suppose before I continue with my story that I should mention that at this point in time I believed myself to be straight. This is in fact the story of how I came to realize that not only was that not true, but just how very much of a fag I really was. Despite believing myself to be straight I had always been interested in the male form. I could never help but to look when I saw a real manly man out and about. So what happened next really should have been no surprise.
      As I ran round a bend in the trail I found myself facing one of those patches where the trees thinned and you could seen to some random person’s back garden. This back garden however didn’t belong to just anyone. There in the clearing pushing a wheel barrow full of dead plants was a six foot six inch tall sweat soaked muscle bear. He had a strong pronounced jaw line sprinkled with salt and paper stubble, his head was shaved but the skin was tan from the sun. His arm muscles flexed under the dark bronze skin and hair as he moved the wheel barrow across the yard his bare chest glistening with sweat from the heat.
      Though I was staring intently at this perfect specimen of manliness I was still running until suddenly I caught my foot on a root and tumbled ass over elbow over the small bush that separated the trail from the Adonis’s backyard and landed sprawled face down on his perfectly kept grass.
      “Holy shit,” I heard him call out, “you ok kid?”
      “Yeah, I’m fine… just tripped… sorry.” I wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could even and though I was already flushed from the heat running I felt my cheeks burning with embarrassment. I rolled over and started to stand up when the ankle that I had caught on the tree root gave way underneath me.
      “You don’t seem ok kid, come on… let’s get you inside and make sure that ankle’s not broken.”
      As he walked over to me I was overwhelmed by his smell, a thick pungent musk that I found to be intoxicating. My head was swimming as I tried to focus through the haze of his sweat stink and I hardly noticed him picking me up and helping me to stand so that we could hop back to the house.
      He took me into the kitchen, sat me at the table and started to unlace my shoe to look at my ankle. I barely paid attention to anything that happened, till he said it was just a bad sprain and that I should just rest my leg for a while.
      “How far did you run kid?”
      “From the north side of campus,” I replied.
      “Shit that’s half way across town, tell you what. I’ll drive you back later so that you don’t have to run on that twisted ankle.”
      I graciously took him up on his offer, and sat in the kitchen icing my ankle and watching the man, who’s name I had learned was Eric finish up the yard work before he drove me back to campus. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I didn’t understand why, I thought that it was because he looked like the man I whished to become, but I was wrong.
      When Eric had finished the yard work a little over fourth five minutes later he came back into the kitchen bringing with him that glorious smell once more.
      “Ok, let me grab a shirt, and right a note to my husband telling him I’m out in case he comes home from work while we’re gone, and then we’ll be off.” He said off of this as though it were the most natural thing in the world, but my head was spinning: HUSBAND? Was this perfect specimen of man a homosexual, could that be? I didn’t have much time to think before Eric had returned with an white a-line t shirt one along with the same basketball shorts he had been wearing to work in the yard.
      I set my foot on the ground gingerly, and Eric leaned in to help pick me up, but once he had pulled me upright he just held me for a minute and stared into my eyes. His eyes were slate blue and stood out against his tanned skin and dark hair. After what seemed like an eternity he said, “So why did you trip kid?”
      “Ummm…. I…” I spluttered.
      “I thought so,” and he leaned in and kissed me. Several things all happened at once within my body: I panicked; I tried to push him away; and my cock sprang to life becoming instantly hard.
      I staggered away from him for a moment my brain screaming. And then it all stopped and all that I wanted to do was be in that man’s arms, I wanted to feel him against me. I dove back into his arms, grabbed his face and stuffed my tongue in his mouth. His hands wandered up and down my back, grazing but being careful not to go past the waist band of my short bright yellow running shorts, as we kissed and I clung to him as if I never wanted to let him go.
      Eric broke away, “I guessed that that’s why you tripped, but I wasn’t sure till you sat in here and practically drooled as you watched me work in the garden. Plus your cock hardened every time I touched you. Your brain my not be ready to admit it but your cock certainly isn’t” He said all this staring into my eyes, his hands still roaming over my back, but with that last part he reached forward and grabbed my throbbing cock through the thin nylon on my shorts.
      I gasped.
      He smiled, “You ever been with a man, kid?”
      “I’m straight.”
      “And I’m the Queen of England,” he said, kneeling in front of me, “don’t worry boy I’ll teach you hot to please a man.” With that he pulled my shorts down exposing my rock hard cock and before I could protest further he swallowed my whole seven and a half inch cock to be base.
      Within seconds he had me moaning and groaning and holding on the back of his head to keep my cock from slipping out of his mouth. I started to feel my balls tensing up and seeming to sense it too Eric pulled off of my cock and stood up again.
      “Now you try.”
      “I’m straight,”
      Eric pulled of his shirt revealing his massive hair covered chest in all its glory.
      “You want this I can tell. Now get on your knees and suck my cock.”
      I don’t know what made me do it but I sank to my knees, Eric pulled his cock from the waistband of his shorts, smacked me in the face a few times and then I opened my mouth wide and began blowing this beautiful man. As I emulated what he had just been doing to me his cock began to grow and engorge until I was convinced that it wouldn’t fit in my mouth any longer.
      “Good boy, you work that man cock, get it good and hard.”
      What the hell was I doing? I was gagging this man’s ever hardening cock down my throat and loving every second of it. This was better then anything I had ever down with a girl. The smell of Eric’s sweat burned in my nose and I could taste the sweet salty liquid on his cock and I swallowed. He placed his big strong hands on the back of my head and guided me to begin bobbing up and down on his shaft. His cock brushed against my tonsils and I heaved for a moment before swallowing hard and feeling his cock slid down my throat. Everything was perfect.
      My jaw stretched as wide as it could, I felt pubes around my nose and balls against my chin and opening my eyes I found that I had slid Eric’s entire massive cock down my throat and was now sucking it with ease. I looked up at Eric and saw that he had his phone in one hand and the other holding my head in place as he started to thrust in and out of my mouth. I panicked a little, but never thought to take his cock from my mouth. There was the click of the camera and I widened my eyes in shock.
      “Don’t worry boy, just a pic for my husband to show him what’s waiting for him at home.”
      My brain was screaming at me to spit his cock out, pull my pants up and run, but my cock was throbbing, my mouth was drooling and for the first time in my life I felt an itch grown inside of me that I did not yet understand.
      “You’re a hot little cock sucker aren’t you.”
      Without knowing why I nodded, and grabbed Eric’s well built thighs pulling his cock into my mouth completely once more.
      “I’m gonna have some fun with you tonight.”
      Eric let go of my head and grabbing me under the armpits pulled me to my feet and kissed me again. This time was rougher, he shoved his tongue into my mouth and held my face close to his with his rough hands. I melted into him, feeling his warm sweaty body pressed against mine, his massive cock trapped between up.
      “Turn around,” he whispered in my ear.
      Don’t do it, my brain told me, you’re not a fag. What the hell are you doing?
      I turned around obediently. Eric hugged me from behind, his hands resting on my pecs as he kissed my neck. I could feel his cock nestled in my ass crack, and I couldn’t help myself, I rocked back on it rubbing his cock with my tight furry ass.
      Eric began to kiss down my body, his tongue tracing my spine as he once more sank to his knees. His tongue came to my tailbone and I shuddered, it was as if a bolt of electricity had gone through my body. I involuntarily arched by back.
      “A natural bottom,” Eric muttered and with one hand between my shoulder blades and one on my hip he forcer me to bend over so that my chest was resting on the table. He spread my ass cheeks with his hands and I felt cool air on my hole. Then something warm and wet touched my hole.
      Two reactions shot through me, the one from my mind of RUN, the second from my ass: GOD NEVER LET THIS STOP. It was as if the way I thought about myself and my body and what I wanted was at war with what my body was experiencing. That itch I had started to feel earlier began to become a burn and find a home in my ass Eric’s tongue brushed against my tight hairy little virgin pucker.
      Eric pushed down on the small of my back forcing me to push my ass out more and I felt his tongue make it’s first attempt at entering my hole. The war raged on inside my body but I made no attempts to stop Eric, I just kept moaning loudly. I could feel my hole becoming slick with his spit and weather it was from the spit or the warmth or his breath or the repeated darting actions of his tongue I could feel my hole slowly starting to relax and bloom allowing more of Eric’s tongue to dip inside.
      My cock was hard as a rock and dripping precum but I felt no interest in jerking off my focus was on my internal conflict and on the waves of pleasure that emanated from my steadily loosening hole.
      “God you have a beautiful hole, tight, pink, and furry. I love it. Nice virgin hole.”
      Something rough pressed against my hole for a moment along with Eric’s tongue I looked over my shoulder trying to see what he was doing and I gasped when I realized that it was his finger. He briefly sucked on his finger and then pressed it again to my hole. Now slick with spit his finger didn’t just rebound off of my tight pucker but pressed inward a little bit, but my hole resisted. Eric returned to working my hole with his tongue but kept a steady pressure on my hole with his finger. My mind was becoming foggy and the argument between my brain and my body was becoming less and less. I started to think things like: if it feels so good how can it not be what I want.
      Eric increased the pressure of his finger on my hole, hocked a big glob of spit onto my hole and suddenly something gave way and his finger just slid inside of me. I gasped, it didn’t hurt, not at all, it was like a when you finally manage to scratch a really bad itch on your back that you couldn’t reach; and there ended my internal strife, a decision had been made, my body won and silenced my brain. I pushed back against his finger trying to swallow more of it up. Eric responded by slowly and deliberately sliding his finger in and out of my hole making me moan loudly. I felt sweat spring up on my back and it was hard to catch my breath. Eric chuckled softly to himself and withdrew his finger. I felt empty and alone for a moment and then I felt the finger return but it was thicker this time; two fingers.
      He repeated the same process until over the course of the next half hour he had worked all four fingers into my hole and was slowly twisting them in and out of my now loosened hole. Eric kissed my ass cheek and stood up with drawing his fingers from my hole. God I missed his fingers, the transformation that had taken place within me over the past forty minutes was complete. I no longer questioned what I was feeling and I knew that I wanted to keep his fingers inside my hole forever. That is until what happened next.
      Eric rapped an arm around me and pulled me up from my bent position, kissing my neck, his warm musky body pressed against my own. “You have such a sweet virgin hole boy,” he shifted his weight, “but I think you’re hole is ready for more,” with his free hand he bent his cock down from where it rested in my ass crack and aimed it at my now slick and loosened hole, “what do you say we bust that cherry?” I was grinding my ass back against his cock, relishing each time I felt his cock snag on my ass ring, but this was not enough for Eric. He let go of my chest and pushed me back down on the table so that my ass was once again spread out before him.
      My whole body seemed to have become electric and I sensed every tiny shift that Eric made as he shifted himself into position and began to ever so gently press his thick mushroom headed cock against my hole. His four fingers had opened my up a lot but my hole as still far to tight for Eric’s cock, he pushed harder, hocking up another big glob of spit right onto where his cock head met my hole. The itch I had felt earlier was getting worse, I felt as though there was a burning inside of my hole and only getting Eric’s monster cock inside of me could make it stop. I flexed my ass muscles and twitched my hole like I was taking a shit and felt for a brief moment my hole open up and a tiny bit of Eric’s mushroom head slip inside. I did it again this time pushing back against his cock and felt a little bit more slide inside.
      “Jesus, you can’t wait to pop that cherry can you boy? Alright then lets do this. When I push you flex your hole.”
      Eric grabbed me by the hips and started to push hard against my hole, he managed to force a little bit of the head inside without my help but then I flexed my hole and between his pressure and my open hole the head of his cock shot into my ass with a pop.
      It felt like a soda can had just been shoved up my ass, but I loved it, I wanted more. Eric stopped pushing for a moment, then spat on his cock and pushed hard again sinking about another inch of his cock inside me. He did this several more times till at long last I felt his thick black pubes against my ass and his balls resting against mine. Sweat covered my whole body and I was shaking a little. My hole was twitching around Eric’s cock trying to pull more of him inside of me.
      After what seemed like a glorious eternity he began to pull out until only the massive mushroom head remained in my hole, and then just as slowly he pushed back in again. A whimper escaped from my lips.
      “You like that thick cock deep inside you boy? You like feeling your cherry disappear as my cock invades your sweet wet boy cunt?”
      “Yes,” I said breathlessly. There was no denying what I wanted, no claims of being straight, no claims of wanting to be a top either, my cock was hard as a rock but I had no interest in it, all that mattered was Eric’s cock.
      “What do you want now boy?” Eric pulled out to the tip again, “Do you want me to fuck your boy cunt?” He plunged back in, harder then he had before, “You want me to pound your hole?”
      “Yes,” I moaned.
      “Yes what?” He withdrew again.
      “Yes I want you to fuck me.” And there it was, there was no taking it back, I had admitted what I wanted.
      “Good answer boy.”
      Holding me by the waist Eric started to make me grind forward and back on his cock and he pulled in and out picking up his pace rapidly until in a short while he was hammering away as though he were fucking a well broken in hole. I was moaning like a bitch in heat and I knew it. Everything else in my mind had gone blank and all that I could focus on as my hole and his cock. Faster and faster he went, now slamming his cock in hard so that the room filled with the sound of flesh smacking flesh.
      He grabbed my shoulders for better leverage and I started to buck back harder, meeting each thrust with equal force. By now I was practically screaming my vocabulary reduced to three phrases: Yes; Please; and Fuck me.
      “You wanna ride my cock boy?”
      “Fuck yes”
      Eric pulled his cock from my ass with a soft squelch and layer down on the floor his cock sticking straight up to the ceiling. I practically flung myself on his cock, positioning it at the opening of my no longer virgin hole and sitting down hard. I bounced up and down letting gravity pull me back onto Eric’s cock each time. Both of us were covered with sweat and it was as if the whole world smelled of sex.
      Eric’s breathing began to change and he started to buck his cock up into me as I rode. Quicker and quicker he pounded till after ten more minutes he growled, “I’m going to cum, I’m so fucking close. I’m gonna breed that sweet cunt and make you into a real bottom boy.”
      “Yes breed me,” I groaned, not really knowing what I was saying.
      “You want my seed boy?”
      “God yes!”
      “Ok, well get ready cause…. FUCK!” He never finished his sentence he just grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to bottom out on his cock while I felt his shaft pulse and throb deep in my guts and a new kinda warmth spread through my body. His cum filled my hole and started to leak out a little down his cock onto his balls. I was panting, but my lust was unslaked.
      I leaned in and kissed Eric as he had kissed me before he started eating out my hole, rough and hungry. I ran my hands up and down his hairy body feeling the mixture of the hair with the sweat. Eric pulled me close and kissed me too before just hugging me to his chest, his cock still buried deep in my stretched out hole.
      “Jesus when you sent me a picture of some cock sucker on your tool I expected to find a twink waiting at the door to suck my cock, not find you with your cock still inside of his cunt and your load leaking out.” I sat up, dropping down all the way on Eric’s cock in so doing and gasped, when I heard the new voice.
      “I took one look at this cherry hole and I had to breed it.” Eric said to the new comer.
      “Cherry hole you say. Well then I’ll need to taste it too.”
      “Kid this is my husband Matt. Hope that hole’s feeling good cause it’s in for a long night.”
    • Guest hornedblondjock
      By Guest hornedblondjock
      In 2006 I was 20 and in my junior year of college in NYC.  Outwardly, I was the picture of wholesome perfection.  I had a 4.0 GPA, an easy, friendly smile...great teeth, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a hot twinky/jock body.  Standing at 5'11 and weighing in at a lean, toned 165lbs I looked like the hot athlete next door in a typical white New England town.  I was also a total sex pig.
      I got a rather early start at slutty bareback sex at the age of 14.  By the time I turned 18, I was a full fledged slut; giving and taking cum loads as often as possible.  Since I was sex-crazed anyway, I started escorting to pay my way through college and to fuel a jet-setting lifestyle that I had become accustomed to.
      Getting paid for sex turned me on immensely.  I was into lots of types, which helped.  But I especially liked playing the nice wholesome good "son" to the rich daddies that hired me.  Most wanted me to be submissive and get fucked, but plenty wanted to ride my 8inch dick as well.
      Around that time, my routine HIV test came back positive.  The only thing that surprised me was it took that long.  I was getting fucked 99% bareback and I never asked guys to pull out.  My diagnosis did nothing to dampen my professional sexploits; rather it invigorated me to share my seed.
      One night, I was over at a sexy muscle Latin fuckbuddy's apartment.  We were hanging out and smoking pot and I ended up riding his 9inch dick.  We had a nice chill "buddy" fuck and he shot his poz load in my ass while I jerked off and nutted all over his chest.
      At the same moment, my phone buzzed on the table.  I leaned over with my friend's softening dick still in me.  It read:  "Hey there Bryce [my escort name], my name is Buddy Miller.  Are you available to come by my apartment at the Waldorf Towers this evening?  Let me know.  Thanks."
      FUCK.  Buddy Miller???  The billionaire media CEO???  As a business student in college I had studied his groundbreaking career.  Sure, he was married to a famous female furniture designer, but it was an open secret that he liked boys.
      FUCK.  FUCK.
      "Carlos...Buddy MILLER wants me to come over.  Do you know who he is?"
      "Que?  Uhhhh relax Papi...Body who??"
      I sighed and smiled condescendingly at Carlos.
      "He's a very important VERY rich guy...and I could use the dinero...."
      I hadn't cleaned up and my cummy dick was softening.
      "Do you have a viagra?  I need to get hard and make this memorable for Mr. Big."   
      "Sure Pa" he said as he went into his medicine cabinet.  Carlos took a 100MG Blue pill, bit it in half and handed it to me.  I kissed him seductively and said "Gracias" as I took the pill and washed it down with the rest of my Vodka soda.
      I went to the bathroom & threw some water on my dick and toweled my ass....not bothering to soap my ass...still full of Carlos' poz load and his Latin man scent still all over me.
      Buzzed and feeling the speedy aura of the Viagra, I took a cab from Hells Kitchen to the Waldorf Astoria.  I had been to the "Towers" before - a luxurious hotel within the larger hotel - it contained the Waldorf's most exclusive rooms in addition to a few apartments where diplomats & celebrities resided.  It had its own tight security, which I was familiar with navigating.
      Normally, I'd dress the part for high class hotels, but since I hadn't prepared, I was freeballing in my mesh gym shorts and had a skimpy tank top on.  With as much dignity as I had, I discreetly went to the lobby security.  "Hello, I'm here to see Buddy Miller in room 2162"
      The obviously gay attendant smirked and gave a lewd side glance to the other employee at the front desk.
      "Not a problem, Sir [more smirking and side glances].  Take the Elevator to your right.  It will drop you off at the 21st Floor.  Have a...delightful evening"
      I thanked the attendant and tried not to laugh and headed to the Elevator.
      I knocked on the door, and a smiling, VERY buzzed, Buddy answered the door.  "Hello there, son!  I'm Buddy"
      "I'm Bryce, Sir.  Nice to meet you"
      "Sir?  hehe...just call me Buddy"
      As I walked in, he seemed shorter than on TV and in pictures.  He was wearing old-school cotton gym/sweat shorts and a plain white t-shirt.  He had a surprisingly firm, muscular build and a round bubble butt.  He was in his early 60's but looked amazing for his age.  Definitely a woofy daddy type.
      "Can I get you a drink, boy?"
      "Sure Sir...I mean Buddy.  Vodka - soda?"
      "Of course!" Buddy said as he fixed us both strong drinks.
      We sat on the couch and the Viagra was clearing doing its job...and then some.
      After trying for some polite conversation, the now-drunk Buddy was fixated on my engorged 8inch cock.  He rubbed it while looking at my wholesome boy-next door face....mesmerized by the slutty/angelic juxtaposition.
      I leaned in and aggressively jammed my tongue down his throat.  He was turned on by my dominance, and pulled me in closer.  
      We moved to the bedroom and got naked.  Buddy got right down on my dick and sloppily sucked it like a cheap whore, unknowingly slurping up my leaking poz precum.  We 69'd with him on top, and after sucking his dick a bit, I pushed him down so his muscle ass was in my face, and went to town on his hole.  He moaned as I licked his ass and jammed my tongue inside.  I pulled his ass cheeks apart and roughly fingered him before going back to rimming his tight manhole.  Buddy was now jerking my dick wet with spit and precum and had moved his mouth down to my own ass which he hungrily ate; too drunk to notice the lingering man smell and the poz cum leaking from my pretty pink sphincter.
      I pushed Buddy off of me and moved him on his back.  Once on top of him I massaged his chiseled pecs and sucked on his nipples while rubbing my leaking cock against his wet and loosened up hole.  I moved to passionately kiss him and pushed my viagra hardon into his raw ass.  Seemingly sobered up, he intervened, "WHOAAAAA there son!  I don't usually do this...you're clean, right?"
      I looked at him with my sweet face and innocent blue eyes and said, "Of course!  You don't have anything to worry about!  Your ass feels so good!"  I kept gently thrusting my dick in which was about halfway in his ass by now.
      "Well, just a little bit then UUUUUH  Uhhhhhh, Oh I love your college boy cock in my manhole!!!!! OOOH" Buddy said as he opened his ass more for my dick.
      Knowing he wasn't going to let me go too far, I quickened my thrusts and kissed him. I was getting close to cumming, but didn't let on that I was going to bust my dirty cum load inside him.  Little did he know that his clenching ass was making me hotter and getting me closer to shooting.  After a few seconds, I couldn't hold it anymore.  I was careful to not change my breathing or let out my usual loud sex moans as my pulsating cock spewed poz cum deep into his neg butt.  I kept thrusting my still-hard dick in his used hole until he pushed me off and said "alright boy, it's YOUR turn!  Daddy's gonna pound YOUR ass and teach you a lesson!!"  I gave him an evil smile and said, "Yes Sir! Please fuck my ass Daddy...I want you inside me!"
      I got on my back, shoved a pillow under my butt and held my legs in the air for him.  He put some lube on his nice, thick 7inch tool and slammed into my college boy cunt.  I was a little surprised by his roughness, but turned on, I went with it.  His dick pounded me easily with the Latin poz jizz already inside me lubing me up.  I squeezed my butt every time he thrusted which was driving him wild.  "OOOOH YEAH boy!!!! You're gonna make me CUM!!!!  Take it boy....I'm gonna shoot right in you!!!"
      "Nooooo, please don't breed me Daddy!!!" I fake-pleaded as I squeezed my ass harder against his cock.  The horny billionaire was obviously excited at the prospect of breeding a hot college boy against his will.  He thrust in me harder and deeper and let out a enormous howl and pile drove into me as he shot his last neg cum load deep into my ass; mixing his load with the aids cum already in me.  That was enough to push me over the edge and I shot my 3rd cum load of the day all over my smooth boy chest.
      Buddy rolled off of me and nearly passed out, drunk from booze and filthy bareback sex.  After a couple minutes of laying there, he got up, put his shorts on and I went to the bathroom.  I pissed and splashed some water on my dick.  I checked my ass, but it was all clean except for the two cum loads in there, which I wasn't about to expel.
      I got dressed and made my way to the front hallway where Buddy was.  He handed me 5 hundred dollar bills (double my fee) and said, "That was fun, son!  Let's do this again soon!"
      "Thanks, Buddy!  I had fun too!  Hit me up sometime!"  I took the bills, kissed him on the cheek and left.  
      It took me a while to wipe the smile off of my face.  I had $500 in my pocket and had just pozzed a billionaire.  This had been quite a wild night!
    • By Lillypoo95
      Is there any tops that ever go down to sutherlin oregon who wants a hole to pound into submission?
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