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Nico heard the door knob jiggle and the front door swing open. He's home, he thought. Jumping onto the bed, Nico was almost entirely naked except for the bright orange, knee-high socks he was wearing. He positioned himself on all fours with his hole facing the bedroom door.

"Babe?," Omar called from the living room.

"I'm in the bedroom," Nico replied.

Nico heard Omar set his keys down and walk toward the bedroom.

"You slut," Omar laughed.

"Care for a ride, stranger?", Nico retorted as he wagged his ass back and forth a few times. And what a perfect ass it was. On their first date, Omar had joked about Nico's ass "defying gravity." 

Nico then heard Omar walk into the room and unzip his pants. 

"How was work?" Nico asked as he arched his back, revealing the muscular dimples where his spine met his pelvis and all but advertising that he wasn't actually listening for an answer.

Omar, ignoring Nico's question, placed one hand on Nico's ass. "Such a fucking hot dancer's butt you got, boy," Omar admired as he ran his left hand around the gorgeous muscular spheres, making swooping figure-eights on Nico's plump fuck cushions. "It's going to be nice watching this hot ass catch the attention of all your friend's dads at graduation." Omar loved parading his young, hot boyfriend in front of other thirsty men. Nico could hear Omar reaching into his underwear to fondle his meaty dick.

"Mmmmm, is daddy getting his thick cock ready to plow open some twink hole?," Nico purred. The age gap between Nico and Omar was always a huge turn-on for them both, with Nico's 18-year-old boyishness making Omar's 36-year-old manliness stand out all the more whenever the two were out in public together. 

Omar, again ignoring Nico's question, landed a swift strike to Nico's butt cheek with an open palm, letting out a crisp snap.

"Fuck!" Nico responded, almost whispering -- quieter than seemed proportionate with the striking his jock ass had just received.

"No more questions, slut," Omar muttered as he began pressing his raw mushroom head into Nico's supple, pink hole. Omar had been calling Nico a slut since the first time Omar stuck his bare cock in his sexy little twink boy on their first date. Omar knew he'd found his new boyfriend the second Nico led him into that bathroom stall at the restaurant where they first met and let Omar stuff him full of man-seed before dessert had even been served. Not only that, Nico had never even so much as broached the subject of condoms with Omar before guiding Omar's girthy, engorged cock into his young rectum and absorbing Omar's throbbing fuckstick into him with ease. "What a fucking slut," Omar remembers muttering after unloading that first thick ropey load of DNA is this sexually precocious high school senior. It was a huge turn on for Omar that Nico hadn't even so much as asked about STDs. The little slut had no idea what kind of load he was taking and didn't seem to care.

"Jesus Christ, daddy, pork me all ready," Nico entreatied as his craving for Omar's raw cock hijacked Nico's patience. Still dutifully on all fours, Nico arched his back again revealing the sculpted, lean musculature of his lower back.

Omar spat on his cockhead and swirled his dick around Nico's fresh, pink hole before thrusting his pelvis forward and plunging his cock into Nico's not-quite-ready-for-it rectum.

"Ow, fuck! Daddy, that hurt!" Nico let out. Omar felt his loins burn with desire at hearing his boy toy cry out in pain from an unnecessarily forceful penetration. Omar had his raw, barely lubed cock already pressing at the entrance to Nico's second hole. Nico winced with pain.

"You want me to stop, baby boy?," Omar asked tenderly.

"Maybe just for a second, daddy," Nico replied.

"Of course, slut," Omar replied while starting to slowly pull his raw dick out. Just as his cock head was beginning to crest at the lip of Nico's hole, Omar reversed course and slammed his raw dick right back into the twink's hole without warning. 

"God, fuck!" Nico let out, wincing.

"Tell me you want me to stop, slut," Omar barked dryly as he relished Nico's warm, tight hole.

"Omar, please stop," Nico said, dropping the nicknames and taking on a more serious tone. Omar knew Nico wasn't just playing, but Omar's cock was not leaving that boy's hole. Omar slowed his thrusts but never stopped his slow-fucking. 

"Omar, come on," Nico insisted. Omar's thrusts picked up pace as he began plunging his shaft faster and faster into Nico.

"Ow, fuck," Nico muttered. His tender hole was starting to burn from the lack of lubrication. Nico tried pulling his hips forward to get Omar's cock out of him, but as soon as Omar felt Nico trying to wiggle free, he grabbed Nico's hips and pulled the twink forcefully back onto his rock-hard cock. Nico cried out again.

"Fucking take that dick, boy," Omar grunted, adding, "It's not my fault you made me do this to you."

Nico gave up resisting and resigned himself to being fucked against his will knowing that Omar could not resist fucking Nico's brains out once he had his raw cock inside the twink. Nico relaxed his hole, hoping that would provide some relief from the pain of his boyfriend's raw cock tearing him open.

"Apologize to me for making me do this to you, fucking slut," Omar said with a hint of disdain.

"I'm sorry," Nico obliged.

"You're what, you little whore?"

"I'm sorry for making you do this to me, daddy."

"That's right slut." Omar's cock thrusts were picking up pace, as he took advantage of his warm flesh-sleeve of a boyfriend. Omar reached around and clasped his enormous hands around Nico's throat and slowly began to apply pressure. Nico felt his airway closing under the force of Omar's grip. Omar was not piston fucking Nico at full speed.

Omar's grip got tighter. It was getting to be almost impossible for Nico to breath. Nico started seeing stars. "Oh fuck yeah, slut," Omar uttered hungrily. "I'm going to fuckin choke you out while I rape you, you dumb fucking slut."

Omar started grunting as he felt his balls swelling in anticipation. Omar's cock shot out a thick wad of sperm into Nico's now-compliant hole. Nico felt Omar's cock twitch inside him as he unloaded inside Nico.

"Fucking whore," Omar said as he dismounted, finally releasing Nico's neck. Nico fell to the bed gulping air back into his lungs as Omar's cum sloshed around inside him.

Nico gathered himself back up. "Daddy?" He said raspily, sounding upset.


"I'm so sorry, daddy."

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Posted (edited)

CH. 2 "Nico is a Cheating Whore"


Omar tightened his embrace around Nico as they laid on the sofa together in the living room of Omar's apartment.

"You know how much I love you, right?," Omar asked softly.

"Of course, babe," Nico replied, clasping his hands more tightly around his boyfriend's muscled biceps. Nico closed his eyes as Omar's warmth enveloped him. 

Nico felt Omar's load soaking into his sore hole as they both lay together naked in their post-sex haze. There was a special kind of sting to the feeling of a man's cum soaking into his roughed-up hole that Nico just adored. He held tightly to Omar's arms. "Omar, I'm so glad I found you."

"Me, too, babe." Omar planted a kiss on Nico's cheek, lingering just a beat longer than usual before pulling his lips away. It was such a sweet salve to Omar's aggressive sexual hunger that he could be so attentive and endearing in this way.

The two continued laying there until Omar's phone lit up. He picked it up from the coffee table.

"Luciano says they're getting ready to leave," Omar said, squinting at the brightness of the screen.

Nico sat up. "Okay. I'll go shower."

"Alright, but no aborting my offspring in there. I'm not done with you tonight."

Nico laughed, shaking his head in feigned disapproval. "Of course not, daddy." Nico clenched his hole a little tighter just to be sure Omar's load stayed inside him as he stood up from the couch and headed to the bathroom. 

Omar's older step-brother Luciano was coming with his wife Elena to meet Nico for the first time. Months of Omar's endless bragging to Luciano made the occasion feel well overdue even though their relationship was still only six months old. Omar had been looking forward to having his step-brother finally meet Nico. 

Omar got up, headed into the kitchen, and lit the stove.

*      *      *

"You almost done in there?" Omar shouted through the open bathroom door. "Luciano just texted. They're looking for parking right now."

Nico shut off the shower and stepped out, hearing the urgency in Omar's voice without actually being able to make out his words over the sound of the bathroom fan. His eyes darted around the bathroom. "Where are your clean towels?," Nico belted.

"Shit," Omar muttered to himself, then shouted in reply, "We just used the last clean one after I fucked you."

"Well, can you at least hand me that one? All of your cum ended up inside me anyway."

"Okay, babe. One second. I need to turn down the stove before the food burns." Omar bolted over to the kitchen just as the sound of footsteps gathered outside the apartment door. The doorbell rang. Omar dashed over to his bedroom, grabbed the towel, and hustled it over to Nico. Omar turned around to open the front door, leaving the bathroom door ajar in his wake.

"Hey, Omar!!," Luciano nearly shouted. 

"Lucho!," Omar replied, cracking a large smile. Lucho was Omar's nickname for his eldest and only step-brother Luciano. Luciano threw his arms open and wrapped them around Omar's broad shoulders.

"Come on in, you two!," Omar glowed, as he patted Luciano in return and gave his wife Elena a kiss on the cheek, asking, ¿Elena, cómo estás?

"How's my little brother?," Luciano asked, smiling widely as the two entered and removed their coats.

Nico, meanwhile, found himself in a bit of a bind. He was stranded on the opposite side of the apartment from where he left his clothes at the foot of Omar's bed. He stood dripping in nothing but a post-sex towel behind a half-closed bathroom door with his boyfriend's family standing between Nico's clothes and his naked body. He decided to hang tight behind the door until he could get Omar's attention.

"Let me go grab you guys a drink," Omar offered as he headed back into the kitchen, barely hearing whatever it was that Elena started saying to Luciano.

"I'm going to run to the restroom real quick," said Luciano.

Nico panicked as the door swung open, but Luciano's eyes were glued to his phone screen as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

"Oh, sorry!," Nico blurted, not knowing what to say in such a situation.

"Oh shit! You scared me," Luciano responded as he quickly looked up and thrust his phone quickly into his pocket. 

"I'm so sorry! I was just showering before you all arrived and didn't realize that I had left my clothes on the other side of the apartment until you came in."

"Well, this is an awkward way to meet!," Luciano laughed as he unbuttoned his pants and turned around to face the toilet. "So I take it you're this Nico I've been hearing so much about?" Nico could hardly believe Luciano was striking up a conversation as he was about to take a piss with Nico just behind him.

The sound of Luciano's piss plunging into the toilet gave Nico the impression that Luciano was draining a mighty cock, but with Luciano's back to Nico, the goods were out of sight. "Excuse me for just one minute," Luciano said, putting his member away and zipping up his pants. Nico found it curious that Luciano would excuse himself so late in the process. 

"Sorry, I'm being rude. I'm Luciano. It's so good to finally meet you." He extended Nico the same hand that he had just used to shake his cock dry. Nico, more steadily than seemed suited to his state of astonishment, extended his hand in return, hoping some remnant of the scent of Luciano's manhood might rub off. "I'm Nico." They shook. Nico balled up his hand as he withdrew it. Nico's cock began to stir under his towel. He wondered if Omar knew Luciano was meeting Nico like this.

"I was trying to avoid walking out there looking like this when I heard you all arrive," Nico offered. "I forgot my clothes in Omar's room, so I was stranded in here." 

"You sure you want to change? What, this outfit doesn't suit you?" Luciano winked and gave Nico a slap on the shoulder before turning to the sink to wash his hands. "I'm just messin' with you! Hey, I'll go grab you your clothes and bring 'em over."

Nico felt anxious. How was Luciano so relaxed like this? What would Luciano's wife think when she saw Nico step out of the bathroom after her husband? Nico closed the door behind Luciano and immediately unballed his fist. He lifted his opened palm up to his nose and inhaled slowly. Nico's cock began to stir under the towel as his nipples hardened. The thought of having Omar's step-brother's cock smell on his hand was making his heart pound and his thrashed hole pucker. 

Luciano returned with the clothes and knocked on the door. Nico cracked the door open expecting to be handed his clothes only for Luciano to push his way in, closing the door behind him. 

Is this just how things go with this guy?, Nico thought. An excitement stirred in Nico's belly as he wondered whether Luciano was merely playing naive. Nico took a second look at Luciano's figure. He looked to be a couple inches taller than Omar, and while his shoulders and upper back were not nearly as developed as his younger step-brother's, Luciano's pecs could leave an Olympic athlete jealous. Luciano's nipples pressed through the fabric of his shirt.

"Thank you," Nico said, smiling for the first time since their bathroom exchange began. The way Luciano was standing looked as though he was settling in, rather than just dropping the clothes off.

"You know that I can smell my little brother's cum inside your pussy, right?," Luciano said. Nico's heart skipped a bit. The mouth on this guy, he thought. 

Luciano walked right up to Nico's face and leaned into one ear, suddenly dropping his gregarious affect: "Now why are you trying so hard to make me cheat on my wife, boy?" 

Nico felt anxious and aroused in equal measure. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Omar, but the more he thought about the succession of boundaries that Luciano, the bolder Nico felt about taking the risk.

Luciano lifted his thumb and index finger to his lips and wet them with his tongue all the while never breaking eye contact with Nico. Luciano reached over and gently pinched the very tip of Nico's left nipple, clenching it between his fingers with the kind of precision of a chef applying the finest detail to an exquisite feast. Nico exhaled deeply. His hyper-sensitive nipples made his inner whore rage with lust. His heart was pounding. The whole situation felt so wrong, and yet he longed for it. Craved it. 

Applying a subtle pressure, Luciano twisted his fingers around Nico's nipple, somehow never once brushing his areolae. The skill it demonstrated was so apparent that Nico imagined a long and storied sexual history stood behind it. This wasn't just play: it was craft. Holy fuck, he thought, as if gazing into an abyss that he barely understood. Nico's cocked throbbed, lifting open the towel.

"Looks like my little brother's new boy understands what's about to happen," Luciano said, a little louder than seemed prudent. His expressions were more serious now. That charismatic smile that had been beaming at Nico in the mirror earlier had now given way to an unsettlingly intense focus.

Nico's sore hole pulsed. His ass crack started to feel slick, and those two tiny points of contact on his nipple left his body feeling electrified. He needed to feel a man's raw cock sliding inside him fast. 

"Won't they hear us?," Nico whispered. His erect cock head came into contact with Luciano's left thigh, just above his knee. The texture of his jeans against Nico's cock head felt momentarily divine.

"Of course they will," Luciano whispered back.

The butterflies in Nico's stomach were almost overwhelming. His nervous system was lit up like a carnival at night. Nico was in heat, and his hole -- cum-slick from Omar's cock onslaught earlier -- wanted to swallow whatever beast was lurking in Luciano's pants. 

Nico reached down and unbuttoned Luciano, revealing a dark bush of spiraling black hair and the thick veiny base of Luciano's dick shaft. No underwear, Nico thought as he considered whether this meant Luciano had arrived for tonight prepared to devour something more than just dinner.

Nico gently pulled down at the base of the open fly, cupped his right hand, and slid it smoothly underneath the back side of Luciano's warm ball sack. With deliberateness and care, Nico lifted Luciano's snaking, eight-inch, uncut python of a cock and his bulging ball sack out of their denim confines. Luciano was engorged but not yet fully hard. A sticky swell of precum was dripping from the opening in his foreskin.

Nico removed his hand from behind Luciano's nuts and reached back behind himself, lifting his hips on the right side to let him reach his hole. Luciano watched Nico's near-useless towel drop away, revealing a pair of cum gutters as defined as Luciano's surging pecs. Nico pressed his index and middle finger into his hole, parting his pussy lips. He swirled his two fingers around in his cum-soaked anal cavity. Omar's seed felt runny and almost hot as some of it began to trickle out of Nico's hole and down into his cupped palm. 

Careful not to let any more cum out than he could keep in his hand, Nico carefully pulled his fingers out of his hole, and gently carried his cupped hand with a small lake of Omar's DNA around to Luciano's rising manhood. Nico turned his hand over slowly, drizzling Omar's cum up and down the length of Luciano's dick shaft. Nico's left hand spread the liquid cum-glazing evenly over all sides of Luciano's now fully erect meat club as the smell of semen filled the bathroom.

The expression on Luciano's face looked like an admixture of shock, anger, and fascination. "My little brother found himself quite the little piggy this time," said Luciano. Nico's ears perked up at the "this time."

"You want to fuck your brother's cum back into me?," Nico offered almost matter-of-factly as he turned around and arched his lower back, presenting his pale, gravity-defying meat bubbles to Luciano's voracious gaze.

With nothing but his cum-shiny manhood exposed, Luciano moved in on Nico's fully naked body. Luciano's fully engorged cock head, which reeked of Omar's sperm, was now peaking out from his foreskin. He pressed his cock head against Nico's slippery, moist hole.

Luciano's head easily parted Nico's cum-fragrant outer hole. Luciano slowly tucked his pelvis to press his veiny 8-incher deeper into Nico's silky warm insides, bending his knees to get himself fully underneath the little slut's fuckchute. Nico gasped briefly as felt the pressure of Luciano's raw cock against Nico's ass walls steadily get more intense. On top of the sheer force of this new raw dick penetrating him, Nico's hole still felt tender from the ravaging he'd received from Omar. 

"You neg, cutie?," Luciano asked sweetly.

"Yes," Nico replied, trying to keep his focus on the intense pressure Luciano's cock was creating as he pushed into Nico still deeper until finally bottoming out inside Nico.

Nico let out a brief moan that was louder than intended.

"You on prep then?," Luciano continued.

"No," Nico replied, trying to control his breathing as Luciano started pressing a little harder against the back of Nico's rectum, sending increasingly intense shockwaves through his tightly closed second hole. 

"Good boy," Luciano whispered approvingly, as he began churning his step-brother's DNA inside Nico's chute.

"Ow, fuck," Nico muttered as he tried relaxing his tender hole, wondering when it would adjust to the punishingly large raw dick in him. A small amount of cum trickled out of Nico and down Luciano's dick shaft. Luciano felt the trickle of his step-brother's cum trickling down his nuts as it turned cool.

"There's nothing I love more than sliding my cock into a fuckchute that my little brother has already nutted in. Fuck that's a wet hole." 

Luciano pulled out and slammed his cock into Nico's sore rectum, demanding that his still-hesitant second hole yield to the full length of his fuck tool. 

"Aaaaah!," Nico let out as he felt Luciano's cock ply his second hole fully open. Concerns about keeping quiet suddenly became just a memory.

Luciano pulled Nico's hips forcefully onto him, holding that second hole open for a moment as he tried to hold back his inevitable orgasm.

"Holy fuck!," Luciano grunted as his nuts began pulsing and his sperm was sent flooding deep into Nico's guts. Luciano shuddered, his eyes tightly shut, as he continued unloading in Nico's used pussy, which was now fully slathered in a mix of family cum.

Nico felt a deep, guttural excitement as he thought about how slutty he had been to let Omar's 41 year-old step-brother fuck an unprotected load into Nico's pre-loaded hole while Nico's jealous, protective boyfriend Omar was made to listen to it all in his own apartment.

Luciano's orgasm reached its end. Nico felt thoroughly full, even as Luciano slowly began withdrawing his raw monster from the young jock's cum-soaked insides.

God, it hurts even as he pulls out, Nico thought, though still he somehow relished the sting he felt as Luciano's cock easily slid past the fleshy walls of Nico's silky rectal cavity.

"God," Luciano's interjection broke the post-sex quiet that suddenly made the whir of the bathroom fan more pronounced. "It's going to be fun putting you in the stable at this year's family reunion," Luciano said as he caught his breath.

Nico felt his stomach flip. "Family reunion?"

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