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  2. a buddy wants to fuck me in a toilet at work... like a slut

  3. Omg - good as always I'm sorry
  4. Very grateful,this page can get us together..out in hauppauge you can reach out to me,always friendly,looking for full balls big cocks to drain into my mouth and ass.55 decent looking willing to ,lets make new friends.thx rawtop!!  Todays a good day to call 631 988 1009 sonny,"batcave""




  5. both without question, especially the poz guy
  6. Im open and ready to play 55,in suffolk county,5,10 255 normal cock nice tits,really hungry ass,pozzing loads!!,631 988 1009 ,sonny.
  7. Looking for a regular top in Leyton, where the meet will be all about getting you off. You can cum whereever you like, use me as your urinal, I don't care! This is all about YOU, YOUR needs. Reply to the topic if you feel like this is for you.
  8. Today
  9. pozpuppy this is a fucking awesome story, keep it going, wish I had been poz fucked like that at 18
  10. This one seems to be a FAKER also. 

    1st response and after that no maners no reaction.

    It is a shame that this horny website has so manny fakers.

  11. There are loads of Eastern Europeans here, but mainly families and none online in the places to find a load. But at least the "alarming increase" of HIV infection in Eastern Europe is good news.
  12. Why pass up extra cum? Take them both!
  13. My normal nut intake is 8 anything else it's gonna pour right out my hole. So what I do get fucked, and filled then go find a bottom more piggier then I am and where I hang out in Chicago it's not that hard. I take them back to my room get them on their knees and 1st unload my night collect in their mouth & then let them suck me off till I unload in their throat!
  14. I haven't booked my summer holiday yet let go to eastern Europe for a few weeks and see what I come back with
  15. Anyone wanna zoom? Or chat on wickr?
  16. tank you for following


  17. Yes I would like to find a few top men that like to get sucked and fuck my ass! I need to be trained to take dick in my tight ass would have to take it slow and easy at first but really want to try anal and become a total bottom slut! I am clean DD free and expect the same. I am into masculine mature white men 40 and over for NSA sex.
  18. Hit the woods again yesterday afternoon, Was a bit late i had the distinct feeling i missed the busy period anyway i saw a long time ago fuck bud of mine called Benny with his fat 8 inches oozing pre-cum as i approached him his cock was already out & he was wanking. I motioned to him to let me suck him hard, I got on my knees & took that semi hard cock in my mouth licking up all the delicious pre-cum & slicking his cock up with my spit. His cock was getting nice & hard & was very wet & slippery. I wanted it deep in my ass shooting me up with his hot spunk. But Benny said to me i'm not in the mood at all to fuck. I'm thinking WTF - He always fucks bare & now that i've done my job he don't want to fuck anymore. I took his hard cock out of my mouth & told him i'm going to take a walk & i did, I came back 5 mins later to catch him still wanking his cock. I took position in a secluded part where he could clearly see me dropped my pants to my knees exposing my faggot ass in a BIKE jockstrap. I fingered my ass with some spit to get it more open & between my legs i could see Benny approaching he got behind me & started pushing his fat cock inside me. He pumped me for about 5 mins before pushing in deep & unloading his swimmers inside me. Felt so good his thick spunk in my ass. I got up just while he was putting his cock back in his shorts he gave me a dirty look like he just fucked me but without wanting to really do the deed & went up the hill again. I love getting a hesitant fucker to change his mind & fuck my sweet ass full of spunk.
  19. Thanks for the rep in what do you do with cum after a breeding session.

    1. PantyBulge


      A dirty slut post like that deserves it

  20. Im almost always the bottom, which means a few bumps of k and im ready for every single one of them lol
  21. Im all for this. Being blindfolded, put into handcuffs, and taken around a popular bathhouse and pranced around. Yeah, I live for shit like that!
  22. Hosting top men and guys looking to breed for a nsa evening at City Suites Hotel in Lakeview off the Belmont stop. Looking for tops to fill and wreck my ass. Reliable smooth hole that can get drilled for hours. 5pm-10pm. No PNP. poppers are fine. BBC+
  23. I have 2 guys that want to dump their spunk inside my warm hole this weekend. 1 is a kinky clean older guy into trannies and the other guy is poz and just into breeding tranny sluts. Should I take both loads if they both turn up or not. What do you think
  24. Just sent my neighbor twink home with two more loads in his ass. I can feel his inside me. I think I've got a new teen fuck buddy. Hopefully I'll turn him into a 100% barebacker in short order. I've got a lot of friends who would love to breed his ass.
  25. This xtube user posted this video of him breeding a hot twink he met on grindr. He cums in him 3 times without him knowing. Video is super hot. It was labeled "painting the tan line inside" or "bb breeding a 19 yo app hookup on vacation" The user since has deleted these videos! I'd love to watch again! or if any simliar videos please let me know
  26. Thanks for following!

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