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  2. Who is your favorite actor in bareback porn?

    Talked to someone once who said he'd gotten a blowjob from Parker once.
  3. About an hour and a half. After swallowing his first thick load, I casually nursed his flaccid cock and sucked his heavy balls while he watched porn. I loved feeling his fat cock slowly grow in my mouth a second time. Getting his second load was more exciting than the first!
  4. Gypsy Blood

    Toon I can not say it any better then lynn1964 did. I loved the story.
  5. Ass "slurping" noise whilst getting fucked

    I love to submit to such a worthy top.
  6. Any brutal, mean, perverts want to phone? This sissy needs to be abused!


  7. Fight horny urges?

    well, you would make a great slut boy if that is what you decide to do!
  8. Today
  9. Palm Springs - best resort?

    I'll be in Palm Springs Oct 17th, 18th & 19th. Would love to meet up with horny fuckers and take loads. HMU if you want to meet up.
  10. looking to take poz seed

    mmm where are u at in chicagoland
  11. Fight horny urges?

    If it is not the poz seed and you decide to pursue anon sex get on Truvada. Knowing you are on that may help to alleviate whatever fears he may have too.
  12. Fight horny urges?

    bottomboy4use, thank you! haha i will have to talk with him. I’m not even sure I want an open relationship, I just have these extreme fantasies I’m not sure what to do, like try to ignore them or think about something else so that they stop popping in my head all the time
  13. Fight horny urges?

    It’s not the poz seed, it’s the anon sex. The image of me just giving up myself to be a complete slut to some random stranger gets me so horny. But I’m sure if I did do it I would feel terrible afterwards. So I guess I’m trying to get this off my chest here so I can’t bring it up with my partner later
  14. Fight horny urges?

    have a heart to heart talk with him and be totally honest about how you feel and what your desires are. He may also have the same feelings as you and then you could both have an open relationship. (By the way, you are really cute!)
  15. Fight horny urges?

    I think it would be best to bring this up with your partner. do it not as a 'I want to,' as much as 'I have these urges.' see how he reacts. if he freaks out and threatens to end the r/ship, or does end the r/ship, the r/ship was doomed to begin with. I am not encouraging you to give in to your urges without letting your partner know. if you have these urges so strongly, then I doubt this is going to go away. is it the sex you want, or are you chasing poz seed? if it is the latter, then you must tell him.
  16. Who is your favorite actor in bareback porn?

    I knew I knew Al Parker. slept with his bf. didn't sleep with Al but his bf was damn good!
  17. Fight horny urges?

    Hi. I guess I just want to put this out there and see what people have to say. I’m not sure who to talk to about this so I’m just talking about it here. As of now, I’ve been in a committed and closed relationship for a long time for me (almost 2 years). During this time, we have been closed. Before we were very serious and we were both occasionally seeing other people, I was a huge slut. I would suck off strangers in public restrooms, I would go to local bathhouses and suck many guys and get fucked. But I am in love with my partner and have been completely faithful once we became serious. every few months or so when I get especially honey, I have the urge to get fucked by strangers and suck of people I don’t know. In fact I once was in a public restroom and the guy next to me was cruising (tapping his feet, I tapped mine too and he put his hand under) but I immediately left although I really wanted to suck him or have him fuck me. does anyone else ever get this? How would you suggest I approach this? I haven’t brought it up with my partner as I’m afraid he would think it’s gross or something, or he may feel bad that he thinks he can’t satisfy me. i don’t want to lose anything I have with this man I love but it is really hard to pass up the temptation of a strangers cock cumming on my face or fucking my ass understall.
  18. Trying to find guys to fuck me and pump their cum into my gut has been really difficult. Have not been having much success with CL.

  19. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    It was the afternoon, after work, rush hour on the freeway. I pulled off the freeway and stopped at one of the ABS's that has a double theater. I bought my bottle of fresh poppers, paid my admission into the theater and was buzzed into the dark twin theatre. I felt my way along the wall, until it opened up into the side of the theater that showed the str8 movies. It takes my eyes quite awhile to adjust to the darkness. I could finally make out the outlines of 3 guys sitting in the plastic chairs along the back wall. There were also one guy sitting along the front wall, on both sides of the projection screen. Those very dark front corners are where most of the "action" happens in this side of the theater. I stepped up to the guy on the right side of the screen. He reached for my crotch. But, I was there to suck dick. I was not interested in having mine sucked, yet. I crossed to the other side of the screen. Same thing with this guy. He wanted to suck me. So, I decided to go into the gay/trans/bi side of the theater. There was one guy sitting along the back wall. He was playing with his cell phone. Two more guys were sitting along the side wall. It was too dark to tell if they had their dicks out, or not? In the darkness, I could make out an empty seat between the two guys on the side wall. As my eyes adjusted, I could tell the guy sitting to my left had his cock out and was stroking. I reached over to him and he allowed me to stroke his cock. It was about 6"s. I quickly got down on my knees, between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. With his cock in my mouth, I looked up to him. He appeared to be about 50 year old. Probably a married guy, who's wife doesn't blow him. He was a quick cummer. Only about a minute or two of my sucking brought a soft moan from him. And he filled my mouth with his hot load. I stood and walked back to the str8 side. The guy that had been sitting on my right also got up and followed me into the str8 side of the theater. I moved along the side wall, towards the front of the room. To the dark corner on the left side of the screen. The other guy followed me. I stood in the corner and he walked up to me. It was too dark to see his face, but I reached forward and felt his crotch. He was rock hard under his pants. From the little that I could see of him in the dark, he appeared to be a white guy in his mid 40's. He had a bearish, muscular, masculine build. He had the look of a construction worker or laborer. He began to undo his belt and unzip his jeans as I dropped to my knees and took a drag on my poppers. Then I wrapped my mouth around his rock hard cock. His cock was about 7"s, cut and had a nice thickness to it. I massaged his hairy balls as I worshipped his cock. He lifted his shirt up to expose his chest. I reached up and began to tweak, pinch and flick his nipples as they hardened to my touch. His chest was hairy. And his nipples grew hard and thick as I played with them. My mouth alternated between his cock and balls. After about 10 minutes of worshipping his cock, he took his hand and placed it on the back of my head. He pulled my head hard against him, forcing his cock to the back of my throat. I felt his cock throb and then he let out a soft moan as his cock exploded, deep in my throat. As I came up for air, I licked the sweet cum, still oozing from his piss slit. He pulled up his jeans, buckled up and left the theater, very quickly. Immediately, a guy that had been sitting along the back wall got up and walked over to me. He opened his pants and put his cock to my lips. I looked up to him. Though it was too dark to see his face very well, he appeared to be a latino guy in his mid 30's. Wearing cargo shorts and a hoodie. His cock was uncut, with an ample foreskin covering his cockhead. I could taste his sweet precum oozing from his puckered foreskin. As his cock fully hardened in my mouth, I pushed the skin back with my lips and flicked my tongue under his mushroom cock head. "Ahhhh....... Papi. Suck my cock", he whispered. I sucked and licked his cock and balls for a few minutes. Then he pulled his pants down to his ankles and turned. "Eat my ass, Papi. Lick my hole", he groaned. I put my face up to his ass as he bent forward and spread his ass cheeks. He had a sweaty, musky smell to his ass. I pressed my face between his cheeks and licked his puckered hole. I flicked my tongue across it. Then slid my tongue up into his hole. He was stroking his cock as I ate his ass. He very quickly straightened up, turned and began to spray my face with his cum as it exploded from his cock. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and took as much as I could into my mouth. But most of his load covered my face. "Gracias, Papi", he said as he pulled his pants up and left the theater. I got up, went into the bathroom and wiped my face. It was time to head home. But, I had a great 3 loads in 30 minutes at the ABS. GOD! I love living in Vegas!
  20. Visiting Oct 5 - ???

    I'd luv to play when you're in Chicago. 3 way with your bud could work too. So want your amazing cock in me with cum and ws too. Open
  21. Who is your favorite actor in bareback porn?

    Al Parker. He definitely inspired my fetish for masculine guys w/beards... who are insatiable cocksucker, and get their beards sullied with cum in front of an audience.
  22. 23 Pig btm boi

    In Sydney the weekend starting the 29th for a few days. Anyone interested in getting me gangbanged for the first time? One of my biggest fantasies
  23. A year past since my ex master gave me away to become a pozzed cumdump living in the club in the basement and to be honest a lot has changed in me. About 6 months ago I found I had a dominant side to me and I even started toping guys breeding their tight holes. In my spare time I visit a gym to build myself as a fit and sexy guy with loads muscles I often get loads young guys (some are still virgins) at the gym asking for a fuck some time I forgot about myself being poz and have knock up many guys. Oh well silly me but it help the club having new members. You may remember my story and how it all happen if you haven't read it you can here (https://breeding.zone/topic/43225-my-master-gave-me-retirement/) Over the past 6 months I been running the basement club with my 18 year old cumdump slave, Yeah you read it right this formal slave has his own slave now. I was his first ever fuck and now a part of me I own him forever. We haven't seen mike for over 6 month now he was the skinny guy who gave me my first ever toxic load before my pozzing conversion party that night. Who know what happen to him no one knows. All the members are happy that I took over and kept the club open for them and we been welcoming new members regularly. I was walking back from the gym when I met the post man outside our place who gave me loads of letters for me looking through then nothing interest but mixed up in them was a letter from the clinic to my ex master. I wounded as an idea enter my head he wouldn't know I got this letter. I went downstairs into the club and open the letter for a little look. The letter was my ex master hiv results he was neg! My cock when hard with an evil thought, Now it my time to take revenge! I know my formal master goes for a run in the park every morning during the week when his slave is out working earning the money. That's where I going to attack once he bitten there no going back. Monday came it was a nice warm sunny morning I got up early and waited outside a few doors down where I could see the door to the upstairs flat but out of view. I saw his slave get on his bike a rode off to work as my cock was harding knowing he going to end up getting a toxic load soon. A few minutes later my formal master came out looking ready for his run wearing spandex running tights and a tight t shirt I was also wearing the same outfit so I could blend in and in a dissident I would look like another jogger in the park. I follow him up to the park and made sure I stay a little way back so it didn't look like I was following him around. Then he stop by a bench where a cute young guy sitting there in a bushy area a place where a lot of guys have sex I watch him as he moves over and started talking to the young cute guy. He such a sucker for young guy I know this as I was his slave for 12 years. I waited back for a bit but some thing happen the cute young guy then got angry, almost look like they was fighting I ran up to help stop it. I got to the bench and my formal master was crying for help as the young cute guy was much stronger than him and handcuff him to the bench I couldn't help but laugh at him. He look up at me "slave help me please I need you help please" I walked over to the young cute guy and spoke into his ear "Thank you slave" Now I had an evil smile on my face as my formal master is now handcuff to the bench can't get away and bent over when his ass ready, You see I trained my slave well as one myself I know everything. My formal master is still crying so went down and look him in the eye " So why are yo crying? you must of known that one day this could happen when a formal slave may want to take revenge" I could tell from the looks in his eye he was sacred he spoke back with a shaky voice "I'm sorry slave please let me go I do anything" I reply back "Anything? Sure I will let you free but there some thing I must do first!" I went around the back to where his ass was and started to touch it feeling his neg ass on it last moments. "Oi! get your hands off" How rude of him "You don't own me now your power are unless to me" before he could say another word I gag him "good that shut you up now!" My toxic cock was leaking so much pre cum knowing that it about to get a nice neg ass to play with. I pull down his spandex running tights down a little to show me his tight hole. I know he never been fuck before and this going to be his first cock going deep inside him. I pull out my cock and rubbed it a little around his hole before spiting on it. "Looks like you're ready" I start to push my toxic cock into his tight hole he was moaning like he in pain, now I could of used lube but no why fuck should I after what he did to me. "Shut up with you moaning and take this toxic cock like a man!" Once I was fully in I started to fuck harder and pick up some speed I wasn't going to cum quickly I wanted to take my time and rip up his hole and give as much pain as possible. After some time fucking his neg ass I felt like I was getting close so I took off his gag "So are you going to beg for forgiveness? as you about to get one big toxic poz load deep in you!" He then started to beg me not to cum. "Please slave I'm sorry please don't cum in me Please I'm begging you please don't cum in me" I stopped "Not good enough!" He continue to beg but I wasn't listing I carry on fucking hard and hard and then I felt my cock getting harder now I'm ready to fire my hot toxic poz loads deep inside his neg ass. "Here it come take like a man and take your formal slave toxic load. Fuck yeah I cumming! I'm cumming toxic poz in your guts, Who my Poz slave now! Say it!" My formal master was crying his neg day was over his formal slave just pozzed him! His formal slave now own him and there nothing he can do about it now. He didn't say a word maybe too confused by what just happen. I pull out and saw a pinky mess on my cock and put it back inside my running tights I let my slave have a lick off that later, I unlock the handcuff. "There you go, you free now and leaking poz cum out of your hole" He said nothing just crying there, some master he was. I started to walk off home as I left I heard a little voice background "I'm sorry master" I turn around to look at him "Good slave we will see you soon"
  24. The Confession

    Every boy needs a hobby!:)
  25. Hi ready4filling  such a cool ass:-) 

    Iam a Danish poz doc



    1. ready4filling
    2. 123tommy


      You are so hot I would come to you for as many "injections" as you see fit.

  26. how you measure a dick


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