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  2. Man, let me come to you and get my ass filled with your juice.

  3. I like your SN.  At least half the guys I fuck around with regularly are attached.  They almost all say it's an "open relationship", but pretty much always discreet, and most of the time I find out the other half doesn't know it's "open", just good old fashioned cheating.  I don't think many males are built for monogamy - I wouldn't want it! :)

  4. with a furnace repairman like that I would be making my furnace need service all the time.
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice
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  7. Eunuchs who chose to turn that way are a fascinating mental state for modern times IMO. And I see it as something starting on as mental, just like anything else sexual - if your brain is not tickled by it, you are just not interested - by way of a regular subjective contemplation. And then from one's mental acceptance it transpires into physical as a body mod on oneself. Where most times in human tribes a body mod is attempted on as a subjective opinion of enhancement of appearance, less so of physical function - tats, piercings, skin graphs or hair removal, a bone in your nose, et al. I am not talking about it as an imposed medical need, induced chemical injury or designated criminal punishment in modern societies or recent times. Yet, obviously, ball removal in itself is very visual (when you get down to it naked), and, possibly, visually pleasing to some, and obviously very impactful functionally to an adult male. To a degree that takes one to an entirely new level of servitude and dedication to pleasing the bodies and senses of others - consider historical references - the same castrati, catamites, and paederasty in antiquity - a relationship between an adult and yet-undeveloped adolescent males. And it was happening all over the place in ancient human societies, not only in Rome or Greece. Brings a lot of classical undertones infused to a regular slut looking to provide and enhance his anal arts to satisfy a top and polish it up to become a reputable cum dumpster. With no major similar need for himself. Like I said, fascinating.
  8. This is actually my favorite scenario. I have been lucky to meet a secure couple to use me as their bottom and I see them often. Not only are they secure in their relationship but they have been together a long time and I am very comfortable meeting them together or each one separately. They treat me very well and have actually asked if I would consider being included in their relationship but I am not looking to commit to them like that. They always breed me or cum in my mouth and I happily take their loads.
  9. Should be in ATL area Feb 13-17.  Can delay return aday or so past the 17th for some toxic connection. 

  10. Even thought I am feeling like crap, my dear POZ lover still drove home another load last night.  But, instead of an extended fuck session, he then just cuddled me until i was ready for sleep.  While we only have some signs and no proof, intuitively we both feel that we know what is going on within my body.  

  11. Thanks for the follow man.. hope to talk to u soon

  12. Couldn't upload to xtube as the bottom hadn't cleaned out properly but quite a bit of verbal. Hope you guys enjoy let me know if you want me to make more
  13. This is a part of my dream. Breeded with HIV+ toxic juice and nulloed. Here is my coc stretched with 3,5 kg weight, hardened my Cialis. Meataxe is razoesharp and the meat is on the blick. Banded tingt at the base to prevent too much bleeding.
  14. As I have written other places, I am freshly castrated. So far, i have found that I am not wanting for partners. Since I have preferred to bottom for many years, my sexual role has not changed that much. No doubt, some of the more recent fucks have included an element of the curious who want to see/experience what a eunuch can offer. But others, simply want to enjoy great sex. No doubt, some like the idea that it is ALL about them. I had contemplated castration for many, many years. In fact, for many years, I assumed that I would be nutless before I got knocked up. As it turned out, I converted nearly two years before I was cut. For me, both "modifications" stem from many of the same thoughts and desires. Certainly both a permanent (and serious) changes. No doubt, the consequences of both actions are mine alone. My first ever sexual experience was gay and and I never considered myself anything other than queer. But as time went on I recognized that I was something other than simply a homosexual male. Exploring those feelings eventually resulted in me becoming what I am today.---a very POZ EUNUCH. As others have indicated, not everyone appreciates castrated men. I can understand that. Not everyone appreciates POZ guys and raw sex. But we all have to make the choices that allow are mental selves match our physical selves. For me, this journey has been amazing, erotic, sex filled and a natural evolution to become the PERSON I need to be.
  15. Are they detecting an infection? If they aren't detecting an infection it might be something called Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
  16. Thanks for the reputation, Glad you liked my post.

  17. So so DAMN fucking hot!! Love POZ chasers! Please, share more stories!
  18. Went to BBC again, been going whenever he texts. He had a friend come over, chubby, white, married guy, balding, late 40's I'd say. He was a bit of an ass, but very verbal & a great fuck. I was kept nude all night, they had their way with me off & on for hours. They drank beers & gave me poppers, the married guy kept making me rim his hairy ass, & brought me into the bathroom to piss on me 3 times. He grunted in my ear that I was a dirty fucking cumdump as he bred my ass. I took 5 loads, 2 from married, 3 from BBC, 1 in the mouth, rest were in my ass. Bbc said he was gonna whore me out & have his buddies run a train on my ass, but I don't if that was heat of the moment talk.
  19. wickr bearcub88 kik ac8813 no limits anything goes nasty raunchy chat
  20. to me, 'bareback' implies choice. you haven't made that decision or said the words yet.
  21. I've seen some legendary vid of that beautiful hole in action. one thing that worries me about the tatt is how do you keep it clean and uninfected while it's healing? two weeks is a long time to not wash your ass.
  22. hot hot hot
  23. Two days later, after more dirty texts than I can remember, Mark was on his way over to my place. It was just going to be me and him. No Danny, in fact I don’t think he even told him what we were doing. I was worried how that would go especially since Danny and I work together but Mark had us kissing and sucking at work so I didn’t spend to much time worrying about it. And then he was here and we were kissing and kissing and kissing. We made it to the bedroom and out of our clothes and I pushed him down on the bed and got between his legs and kissed his biohazard tattoo and then licked his balls slowly as his fingers played with my hair. Then I was sucking his big, fat, cut cock his hand forcing me further down on each stroke. I had to make myself relax my throat and then the head of his cock slid in and my nose was at the base of his cock. He held me there for a minute and then let me suck for a bit before he pulled me up and pushed me back so he could suck me. He licked and sucked my cock and balls, then coming up to kiss me, telling me how right now, right here I was his. I just moaned and let him work his magic. He crawled up and rubbed my cock on his hole slowly putting some pressure on my cock. We locked eyes and he sat down on my cock. Spit and a small amount of lube helped but he was tight and my cock is thick and it was stretching his hole. He reached over and took a hit of poppers and gave me some and after a minute he started riding my cock his ass squeezing me and making my whole body tingle. He rode me for about 10 minutes alternating fast and slow strokes then pulled off of me and flipped me over and started to eat my ass. He spread my cheeks and buried his tongue into my hole. He would lick down my balls and suck my cock into his mouth as he fingered my hole working me open and getting me ready for his super sized cock. He fed me more poppers and then all at once in one long quick stroke he was buried all the way in me and he started fucking me right away. It fucking hurt and took my breath away but then it was amazing. He was taking what he needed. Using me as a hole for his poz cock, relentlessly pounding into me. Telling me how he was going to bred my neg ass with his poz load and then he would own me forever. How he knew he was going to poz me up, that we would be connected forever. Then he would slow down and pull all the way out and tease my hole with that big cock head of his only to slam back into me when I wasn’t expecting it. He was owning my ass and I was loving it. I don’t know how long he fucked me but part of me was begging him to stop and the other part—the more vocal part—was encouraging him to use me and breed my neg hole. That I knew he loved cheating on Danny and fucking giving me something that he had only been giving him for years. That got him pounding even hard and suddenly he buried himself balls deep and I could feel his cock throb as he unloaded into me and then he was slow fucking me, pushing his load deeper into me. My load that had been leaking out of my cock was all over the sheets and I reached down and got some and fed it to him. He pulled out and we kissed and after we caught our breath he told me that he really had not cheated in the time he and Danny had been together. That the 3ways we did had opened up Danny’s opinion on sex with others and that is why he had us fool around at work. That and it turned him on. I asked if he was going to tell him about today and he said he wasn’t sure but that he didn’t have to be home for several hours and he wanted to swap some more loads. We spent the next few hours talking about fantasies, what each others go to jack off scenario is etc. He told me he had a huge medical fetish and he loved fucking guys in scrubs. He told me his first HIV doctor had been an older guy who got very detailed in his past sexual history and did a very thorough assessment and that he had gotten a hard on but since he likes to show off he wasn’t worried about it. The doctor said he needed a sperm sample and was jacking Mark off when Mark realized the doctor was hard too and rubbed his hand against it. They ended up sucking each other that first time but eventually they fucked too. All this had both of us boned up again and we took turns fucking each other and telling more stories of things we had done and wanted to do. By the time Mark had to leave he had deposited 3 poz loads into me. I was so exhausted but my whole body was alive with the sensations of what we had just done. Cheated, taken poz loads and not just one but 3 over several hours. Was it wrong? Probably. Did we care right then? Nope, not at all. He texted me later saying he enjoyed it and he wanted to tell Danny but was nervous. I told him that sex is not the same as love. He loves Danny but I am just sex and sex is fun. He did end up telling Danny not that day but later and it all worked out. We still see each other mostly together, occasionally alone. Danny has really gotten into watching Mark and I together. He sits back stroking and telling us what he wants us to do, what he needs to see to get off. More stories for another time.
  24. As usual 1981virginia, DAMN HOT!! Hope there's more on the way.
  25. I want all your stds stud!!  Especially WARTS & Gono.  Wish we were closer, Charlotte, NC here.  No bug refused!!

  26. I say go for it man! It would look hot! I don't know the name of this bottom....but he has one fucking sexy hole! Tats can make almost anything look hotter!
  27. 138, not too bad, need to get to work!
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