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  3. So, I’ve just finished the story. It’s so hot and made me horny. However, when I was younger I was never interested in older guys. I lost my virginity at 22, only one year later uploaded my first add. Until I only answered the others. Then I declared a clear age limit: no older than 29. Later this changed to not ten years older. How stupid I was. Now, the age doesn’t matter me. But which is exciting, now I turned older. Now I’m a real DILF. I have some regular fuckbuddies, who are around 20. They love to fuck with me. The turning point is that I am mostly bottom versa guy. And these youngsters love to fuck me. They never call me daddy but I always see in their eyes how they enjoy that they can dominate their daddy.
  4. for sure @schvenn 😉
  5. Glad people are liking this so far! If anyone has any thoughts on what they'd like to happen, please feel free to share! Don't know where this is gonna go and would appreciate any suggestions. Chapter 2 "Are you serious?" I asked. "In here?" "Yea," Marco said. "Why not?" I was about to say something when Marco put the bottle of poppers under my nose and covered my nostril. "Breathe in pig." I obeyed and took in a big hit. Poppers were my biggest weakness, and I couldn't help but get lost in the slutty sensation that always washed over me with a poppers rush. "Yea, just like that." Marco said as he switched to my other nostril. "Give into your hunger for poz cock." I breathed in another big hit of poppers. As I exhaled, I thought about how all I wanted to give in to my hunger for poz cock. "Strip bitch," Marco said. In a frenzy I took off all my clothes, throwing them around without any regard. Determined to fully enjoy the moment, I got on my knees and swallowed Marco’s dick. It was huge! Easily 9 inches it was a poz cock worth worshipping, and worship it I did. I started nursing on the cock head, circling my tongue around the tip. After bobbing up and down for a bit I swallowed as much as I could, nearly getting all the way to the root. I stayed there, relishing the feeling of having my mouth stuffed with a stranger's poz cock. "That's it faggot!" Marco said grabbing my head, pulling my head deeper onto his cock. "Choke on it. Choke on my cock." I kept the cock in my mouth as long as I could, but before long I had to pull off. I was gasping for air as Marco grabbed me by the chin and forced me to look up at him. “Are you a cock hungry faggot?” Marco said before spitting on my face. I was taken aback by how much venom Marco had in his voice. He felt so powerful, and all I wanted to do was obey him. “Yes Sir!” I said. “I’m a cock hungry faggot and cumdump.” “Yea?” Marco asked. “Get on the blanket. Hands and knees, facing the mirror wall. I wanna see that fag hole.” Once in the commanded position, I had a momentary moment of panic. The mirror wall Marco was referring to was exactly what it sounded like: it was a wall lined with mirrors. Staring back from the glorified mirror was my reflection, naked in a church classroom, on my hand and knees. Taped to the mirror wall were the same bible verse posters and kid drawings I had noticed when I first walked in. I couldn’t do this. I mean this was blasphemous right? Who the hell gets fucked in a Sunday School classroom? I may be a whore who lets strangers in bathhouses breed them, but this was too low. This was depraved and sick. I wasn’t the kind of faggot cumdump who’d do something so perverted. I was about to tell Marco this when he got behind me and stuck his fingers up my hole, causing me to moan. “Fuck yea faggot!” Marco said as he fingered me. “This is too perfect. Already got a cummy hole for me. How many loads you got in there? “Ten Sir,” I said through gritted teeth. The part of me that still wanted to be a good Christian felt ashamed by that. The other, larger part of me, however, felt incredibly proud. Marco’s fingers felt fantastic fucking me. I almost got lost in the sensation of his finger fucking when I saw a “Jesus Loves Me” poster and remembered I needed to stop this. Finding new resolve to do so, I took in a breath and exhaled to center myself. I was about to tell Marco to stop when he took his cummy fingers out of my ass and shoved them into my mouth. “You taste that faggoy?” Marco asked. He grabbed my head with his other hand and directed it towards the mirror. “That’s the taste of cum from 10 different guys.” I shivered when we made eye contact. Marco’s looked so powerful, so in control. I loved being dominated by aggressive guys, and Marco was definitely putting me in my place. “Any of the loads in your ass poz boy?” Marco asked into my ear as he started gently teasing my hole with the tip of his cock. “I don’t know Sir,” I said. “They were all anon.” “You poz or neg boy?” Marco asked, still teasing the tip of his cock on my hole. “Neg Sir,” I said. “Are you on PrEP boy?” “No Sir.” Marco pushed harder against my hole, slipping his head in. Caught off guard I yelped. It wasn’t painful though. Feeling Marco’s big cock in my ass felt so good, so right. I needed more! “That’s a good faggot cumdump,” Marco said. “Repeat after me. Taking PrEP is the greatest blasphemy.” What? No, taking PrEP wasn’t the greatest blasphemy, this was! I had come to church wanting to be a good Christian, and I was completely failing. I mean I was letting a poz stranger fuck me raw in a Sunday School classroom! As I stared into Marco’s reflection, the thought went through my mind again, only this time it felt different. I had come to church wanting to be a good Christian, and instead I was letting a poz stranger fuck me raw in a Sunday School classroom. That was incredibly sick and twisted, and I loved it. I loved that instead of listening through a sermon I left, snuck into the church basement, and was letting a poz stranger use me like a whore. And in a Sunday School classroom! Suddenly, it was like everything was clear. This is was being a faggot cumdump on a whole other level, and I wanted to go even lower. With that revelation I said what at the moment was the only truth that mattered. “Taking PrEP is the greatest blasphemy.” As though on autopilot, I found myself pushing my ass onto Marco’s poz cock. A devilish grin spread across Marco’s face, and I knew at that moment I’d do any act of perversion he wanted. “Fuck yea faggot. Keep fucking yourself onto my toxic poz cock. Worship that poz cock with your hole like a good slut.” Determined to be a good faggot for Marco, I did as I was told. I kept pushing back onto his poz cock to the rhythm of his fuck, and for a while the only sound in the room were our grunts. Then he asked the questions that would forever change my world. “Are you a Christian boy?” Marco asked. I was confused at first. Why was he asking this now? Wanting to be a good faggot though, I answered. “Yes Sir,” I said. And suddenly, my ass was empty. I was stunned. What happened. Why had Marco stopped? Other than taking his cock out of me, Marco had me in the same position and hold. I made eye contact with him in the mirror again, and when I did I knew something serious was about to happen. “You know at first I was gonna come down here and worship by myself, but then you walked into the balcony. I knew just by looking at you you were a pig for poz cock. Was I wrong boy?” I took in Marco’s reflection, and for some reason I couldn’t explain, doing so made me feel strong. Better yet, I felt like I was being seen. “You were right Sir,” I said. “I’m a pig for poz cock.” I was going to stop there when I thought of something else I wanted to say. “I’m...I’m a bugchaser Sir.” I couldn’t believe it. I actually spoke my biggest truth out loud. I’m a bugchaser. I had never told anyone that before, at least not in person. A feeling of intense fulfillment washed over me, which only grew when I noticed Marco was looking at me with pride. “I’m gonna give you a choice boy. You can stay a Christian, and we’ll stop. Or, I can shove my toxic poz cock back up your unprotected neg hole, breed you, and baptise you into a poz cock worshipper. I’m not here today as a Christian. I worship poz cock, and I’m here to commit acts of perversion to honor it. Pozzing neg hole in a Sunday School room is way better than just jacking off in one. So what’s it gonna be boy? Are you staying a Christian, or are you gonna worship poz cock with me.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was this really happening? How had choosing to go to church for the first time in years led to me choosing whether to be Christian or a poz cock worshipper? Nothing about this situation made sense, but I knew how I answered would determine how I lived for the rest of my life. With that in mind, there was only one thing to choose. “Poz cock,” I said, beaming with pride at my decision. “Let’s worship poz cock. Poz me! Poz me in this Sunday School classroom!” And with that, Marco slammed his toxic pox cock back into my unprotected neg hole. He fucked with fury as we celebrated the gift of poz cock. I had never felt so happy than I did in that moment accepting poz cock as my whole world. Suddenly Marco paused. “What’s your name boy?” Marco asked. “Jacob Sir,” I said. “I’m a faggot, bugchasing cumdump and my name is Jacob.” “Well Jacob,” Marco said while pulling all the way out until just the tip of his poz cock was in. “Do you, a faggot, bugchasing cumpdump, accept poz cock and cum as your salvation?” “Yes Sir, I accept poz cock and cum as my salvation.” Marco slammed all the way in, and pulled back out to the tip. ““Do you, Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, accept that PrEP is the greatest blasphemy and pledge that you will never let it into your body?” “Yes Sir, I accept that PrEP is the greatest blasphemy and pledge that I will never let it into my body.” Again, Marco slammed all the way in, and pulled back out to the tip. This time his hold around my neck tightened. “Do you, Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, commit your life to taking as much poz cock and cum into your body?” “Yes,” I said, struggling a bit through Marco’s choke hold. “I Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, commit my life to taking as much poz cock and cum into my body.” Marco slammed violently back in. He pulled back out to the tip, digging the nails of his fingers so hard into my skin I thought he’d draw blood. “And finally, do you, Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, commit to worshipping poz cock through acts of perversion, filth, obsession, and leading neg whores to the poz brotherhood?” “Yes, I Jacob, a faggot, bugchasing cumdump, commit to worshipping poz cock through acts of perversion, filth, obsession, and leading neg whores to the poz brotherhood.” And with that Marco started fucking me like a mad man. Never had I had such an intense fuck. I attempted to match his thrust, but he was so wild all I could do was go limp and enjoy being fucked into submission. After what felt like forever but was probably only 10 minutes, Marco finally spoke again. “Here it comes boy.” As Marco kept pounding I waited with anticipation. This was it. I was finally going to get his toxic poz load. A load that would mark me as a poz cock worshipper, and would hopefully lead to my conversion into a poz faggot cumdump. “Yes Sir! Poz me!” I screamed so loud I wondered if the congregation upstairs heard me. “I worship poz cock,” I murmured to myself as I enjoyed the depravity and perversion of the situation. “I worship poz cock. I worship poz cock.” “Praise poz cock!” Marco screamed as he switched from rapid, shallow pumps to slower, deep pumps. “I baptise this faggot bugchasing cumdump Jacob in toxic poz cum and grant it salvation, perversion, filth, and obsesion.” I could feel Marco’s thick and toxic poz cock pulse against my hole, as well as the heat from Marco’s toxic poz cum filling me up. “Praise poz cock,” I said. I couldn’t believe it. I had just converted into a poz cock worshipper. In a way, it felt like an affirmation for who I already was. By not going on PrEP and frequently going to bathhouses, I was already bugchasing. I always felt the most authentic in bathhouses, in large part because I got to worship cock. Bathhouses were now officially my church, and I planned to worship poz cock there often as possible. As the pulses from his cock slowed down, so did Marco’s pumping. Soon he stopped completely, and after a moment’s rest he pulled out. When Marco let go of me I collapsed onto the blanket. I was completely spent, and wanted nothing more than to lay there. But Marco had one or task for me. Coming around and stepping in front of me, he aimed his cock at my face. “Thirsty faggot?” Before I could answer Marco started pissing on me. I was shocked at first. But then, the desire for perversion, filth, and obsession came over me. Pushing myself up and getting into a more comfortable position, I opened my mouth and maneuvered so Marco was pissing it. Eagerly I drank as much as I could. Some overflowed onto my body, so I rubbed what didn’t make it into my mouth into my skin as though it were lotion. Before my baptism in toxic poz cum, the idea of being showered in piss in a Sunday School classroom while a church service went on upstairs would’ve been abhorrent. Now, I reveled in it as a poz cock worshipper. “Praise poz cock,” Marco said. “Praise poz cock,” I said. Marco put out his hand and pulled me up when I took it. Once I was standing he pulled me into a deep kiss, causing me to melt into his arms. Pulling away, he looked at me with unexpected affection. “Wanna commit acts of perversion to worship poz cock?” Marco asked. “Fuck yea,” I said. “Good. Now let’s get out of here before one of the Christians upstairs discovers two poz cock worshippers desecrating a Sunday School classroom.” We both burst out laughing. After one more kiss on the lips Marco started gathering his clothes. I started to do the same when a wicked thought crossed my mind. A wicked, perverted, filthy thought. I started jacking off my cock as I walked toward the mirror wall, stopping in front of the poster that said “Jesus Loves Me.” At hip level, it was the perfect height for my plan. “Hey what are you doing?” Marco asked. “We need to go.” In my periphery vision I could see in the reflection he had moved behind me. I looked back at him and flashed the most wicked smile I could muster as he looked at me with confusion. “Praise poz cock,” I said with conviction. Looking back at the “Jesus Loves Me” poster, I continued to jack off while saying “praise poz cock” over and over. I thought about how in trying to be a better Christian I ended up letting myself be corrupted into a poz cock worshipper. I thought about how if my church-going family knew what I was doing they’d be appalled and disgusted. I thought about how church-going teenage Jacob would’ve been shocked and horrified by how low I’ve gone. I thought about how mid-twenties Jacob would be thrilled by how I’ve descended into the faggot bugchasing cumdump he was too scared to be. Finally, I thought about the only thing that mattered: Poz cock and cum. When I was almost ready to cum, I moved closer to the poster. “Praise poz cock, praise poz cock,” Marco muttered along with me, now standing right behind me. Briefly I glanced away from the poster and at Marco’s reflection in the mirror. Based on his smirk I could tell he knew what I was going to do. “Praise poz cock,” I screamed before blasting a massive load of cum onto the “Jesus Loves Me” poster. After taking a moment to appreciate my work, I licked up what was hopefully my last neg load off the poster. I made sure not to swallow anything, and once I lapped up everything I turned around and pulled Marco into a kiss to feed him my blasphemous load. We snowballed for a bit, until finally all the cum had been swallowed.. “Okay,” Marco said, pulling away. “This time we actually have to go.” “Okay fine,” I said. “Can we keep worshipping poz cock?” Marco laughed and smacked my ass. “Baby,” Marco said. “We’ll be worshipping poz cock for the rest of our lives.”
  6. Saludos Miguel, me encantan tus videos muchas gracias por todas las veces que me has sacada leche. Talvez podrias ayudarme, quiero hacer mi ultima fantasia sexual, un gangbang como la historia que hice. Tengo dinero para hacer una pelicula porno privada (o sea solo para mi, no sera publiada) y necesito conseguir contratar a alguien que consiga los camarografos, tec de luces y sonidos, todos los party flavors, actores porno posi+ivos tops o vers/tops y hombres comunes y corrientes pero vergones y tambien poz para grabar y editar, algo que dure entre 24 a 36 horas. Enviame mensaje privado si sabes de alguien o algo, gracias!


  7. Just love this one. Would like to know the story behind it. Who is the crying bottom, who despite he’s in pain, stays where he is Yuck Boys
  8. Yes deffo possible and have had the pleasure of being on the receiving end on several occasions. The most memorable have been guys with big cocks...long and thick and big low hanging balls...the first time really blew my mind and I just wanted more.....yeah proud to have a well used open gash of a mancunt, ready to respond to the right touch. As the top gets harder his balls start to retract and the girth gets bigger stretching your hole open as you grip to ensure the top doesnt pop out and he can unload in your hole. As a top I love the feel of being fully engulfed in the bottoms hole. Highly recommended, but yes the bottom needs to be well used and open ...not tight
  9. Just love this one. Would like to know the story behind it. Who is the crying bottom, who despite he’s in pain, stays where he is [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1676642733
  10. I need this to happen to me ... this is so hot and as soon as he’s slammed hope he’s begging to be fucked and bred like I love to be ... on cam
  11. Unmedicated bottom in Atlanta area looking for a full-blown top to pump their strain into my gut. Tag me, knock me up, be my BBBH brother. 53 here. Hairy, pig bttm, toxic, party friendly, looking for the intimacy of permanent change. Could be a one-time breeding. Could be a regular thing.
  12. Have you seen Smoking Boyz? He did meth porn first really hot, the only thing I never liked is that it was only confined to do oral sex and humiliation scenes. I general I think Slam Rush is hot, I actually jerk off with one of their vids last night but also had flaws: one we never get to see any of them using on camera (I'm into smoking only, I dislike watching people shooting up just a preference). The perfect scenario would be: TIM production quality, Smoking Boyz puffing thick clouds while getting breed as in Slamrush peppered with a hot verbal roleplay.
  13. would love to cam with you,  and cum in my mouth when you cum in yours


  14. I had my bday there one year.. mates placed me in a sling and I wouldn’t be able to count how many guys fucked me and bred me that night... going to miss it
  15. Happily join as a top. Love to blow a load on a lad’s face/ in his wide open mouth.
  16. Need a breeder. Happy to host convention party
  17. Yeah, I must have barebacked many 100s of random bums at Nud night and other events, with pnp, at 80 never took long to find a barebacking bottom there
  18. Pinellas County fully charged bear seed here
  19. This is such a great piece of writing. I wonder if there are any more parts to cum?
  20. I would to be flexible to do that, but I love the taste of my cum... especially if I have lemon juice prior..
  21. Rather than have them get together, get them both to commit to come to you at the same time (with the understanding they know it's for a spit roast/tag team situation). Make it clear their participation is key; if they are just "looking for now" or are otherwise noncommittal about it, pass them over and be blunt: you want guys who can be counted on to show up. I'd further suggest you ask each guy if he's comfortable with you sharing his profile with the other participant. If not, consider it a warning sign he might flake. Agree that if you can show his to the other guy, you'll do the reverse for them - gives each guy a shot to back out if he's not interested given who the other guy is or what he looks like. And finally, make it clear that if he needs to cancel, he can, but a no-show with no notice puts him on the shit list. There will be some, no doubt, who say "sure" and still don't show up, for a good reason (my dog died) or a bad one (I forgot, I got tied up). But that's what the shit list is for. And don't be shy about sharing the shit list with other locals - not posted publicly, but privately shared by message or email, with anyone else considering signing on. Eventually, you'll know who can be counted on for future repeats. And if you've got guys you've played with who enjoyed it, ask them! Once you've got the connection established, they're a lot more likely to follow through, in my experience.
  22. I’m in Hampshire UK , I recently did a postal STD test , it was inconclusive for Syphilis ( had it 20 years ago) so was called in for a more accurate test in clinic , whilst there mentioned pain in testicles - had an ultrasound in hospital with 2 weeks so I’m match fit for when the inevitable fuck fest starts
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