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  4. By: Sc0tti Anon Breeding - Double Loaded This jock missed pumping my hole and wanted to come over and drop his seed on camera. Not only did he fuck me straight, my hole got two sweet loads out of him. Plus- he is a great kisser! Enjoy!
  5. there is another site geared towards the play called kinkbnb . i have not used it and do not know much as i dont see a lot of available places on the site at the last time i checked. also the site seems cumberson to get around in . but if this works for you . i hope it does.
  6. Some of the best advice that I've read on here. Thank you!
  7. I could very easily be persuaded to stuff my face in there

    black cap.jpg

    black cap2.jpg

    1. 69bears


      Is join you in there too! Damn fine

    2. lynn1964


      That ass needs a train ran on it STAT, but only after all of us have to to wear him into a frenzy by licking, chewing on his ass, tongue fucking his hole. Then we all draw numbers on who slides in first thru the last. He's a hottie for sure!

    3. 69bears


      Sounds like a good plan to me! 

  8. Get in and get off

    Rogan fucks gif.gif

  9. Taking my pig to Berlin for his birthday. Hes a horny bottom who can't get enough poz spunk in his ass... Usually comes out pink/red after too Staying not for from Tom's bar.. Looking to have his ass bred continually over 5 days. NO LOAD TURNED AWAY. 14TH JUNE TILL 21ST Suggestions welcome.....
  10. Fuck yes, gladly quit my job and be his whore...what a great life!
  11. I know of the existence of A gay version of Airbnb. However, I have never used it and I don't know how (potentially) sexual this is. I know some sites like, Gaydar, etc. have a travel section where you can list your future travels and where members offer accommodation (ads). Usually when you list your travel plan you get messages from other members asking if you're looking for accommodation. You can add in your travel plan you're looking for a room and wouldn't mind having some fun with the host(s) (be as specific as you like if you want sex). Additional advantage is you're not only contacted by potential accommodation hosts but also by locals or other travellers who can see your travel listing and like a sex date while you're there. I used for my visits to Rome (because GR is one of the most used in Europe). Also for other destinations btw. The B&Bs I ended up in in Rome were owned by gay guys but I didn't have sex with them (one wanted but he turned out to be a bit creepy, one was a big dicked Muscle God but I wasn't his type [He escorted on the side btw], one was a monogamous couple and one was a professional B&B owner who did not have sex with customers), I was bombarded by local guys for sex and had my agenda filled upfront with fuck dates. My face has been in many Italian pillows while I was getting pounded. Most raw. LOL! Obviously you can also use Squirt to look up gay hotels/B&B or place and ad and/or list your travel in the regional sections here on BZ to the appropriate regional sections to ask for suggestions/experiences. Do this well in advance as soon as you know your firm travel dates for your location. Then guys have plenty of time to contact you and you can filter out the best opportunities.
  12. Horseheads NY neg bottom here would love to get bred

  13. Had the opportunity to be with: Casey Donovan Ron Pearson Erik Houston Chip Daniels Paul Coder Marcello Reeves Marco Rossi Christopher Daniels Sean Xavier and more to cum...
  14. Hey, Im in socal wanting to get a prescription for Prep, I don't have a doctor as I'm new here. What's the best way to get a prescription?
  15. I was about 8 when I started messing about with other lads – at first it was just with schoolmates. I went to a boy’s Catholic boarding school and we were getting up to all sorts. I went through puberty early and started fucking at about 15-16 – I had/have a pretty big dick and was always on top and always fucked bareback and never even thought about condoms. In a Catholic boy’s school, where would you begin to look for a condom? Everything was bareback and we never thought it was an issue. Being on top felt good, almost like I was “in charge” of my mates and I think that probably influenced me at that young age because now I never get fucked and am exclusively on top. From about age 15 to 17 I was messing about with my little brother and one of my cousins and when I was 17, I had my first experience with a “grown up”. He was my father’s business partner and about 45 years old and really handsome. I had a bit of a crush on him but he just wanted me to fuck him, so for him it was just about sex. The funny thing is, about 3 years later I started fucking his 20 year old son and we went out together for about 2 years. Tony
  16. I fixed up a down on his luck poz friend with a wealthy friend of mine.   My  poz friend is an ex-escort and the wealthy friend has a poz/AIDS fetish.  I think it is a match made in heaven.  

    1. PissPigBrooklyn


      mmmmmm~~~lucky wealthy friend!

  17. Very eager to see what happens to innocent young Ty.
  18. Very well said.
  19. i honestly have a fetish for men who get coldsores
  20. Obviously we all know and use AIRBNB, HomeAway, etc... when traveling. Often times you end up staying in a room, a separated pool house, converted garage, etc... Does there exist a network of Gay Centric, and dare I say Fuck Centric AIRBnB-style vacation housing? Last time I traveled I used AIRBnB and stayed in a cool pool house in Ft. Lauderdale. Imagine if there existed a site where one could book travel, and if so inclined, sexual gratification, kind of like a one-stop-shop! A customer would log into BEARBnB or GAYBnB and just as with other services, they'd pay for lodging, BUT also they'd be staying with single men or couples who maybe would love to dump a load or get filled to the brim by a traveler's hot cum! Imagine traveling Europe and not only booking lodging ahead of time, but also matching said lodging with the type of sex you want, if any at all. Honestly I hope this exists already.
  21. Been a couple of weeks, time for an update or should that be a hole update. Another couple filled this weekend with big loads. My DNA lives within them now and forever.

  22. 1999 was an annoying year. People were talking about the Y2K bug that was going to end civilization as we knew it. Conspiracy theories were all over the internet and people were actually building underground bunkers and stocking them with canned food. Gun sales were soaring. If the world ended on New Year's Eve, it wouldn't be because of some computer glitch -- it would end because of crazy people. And every commercial was by some business having "The Sale of the Century ". And I was so sick of that goddamn Prince song that I almost stopped being a fan of his. And it was only June. Speaking of annoyances -- my best friend Andy was really getting on my nerves. He was always around, and if he wasn't so entertaining, I would have dropped him like a bad habit. I was such a grumpy bastard back then. Andy lived next to the little house I rented when I first moved to the city. He decided we would be buddies right off the bat. We were both in our 20's and gay, but there wasn't a mutual attraction. I didn't know anybody and he became my guide. He was short, stocky, and very feminine And he never shut up. He had a wild life while I'd led a boring one so far. He took me to the first gay bar I'd ever been to. I complain about him, but I'd never go to places like that without him. He knew everybody and everything going on. I'd spot a guy I'd want to go talk to and he would tell why I should or shouldn't. He'd slept with most everyone and would give assessments of their dicks and fucking, sucking preferences & abilities. He would always tell me the same thing every time we went out: "Try not to look like such a virgin, Kyle". "You don't know I'm a virgin". "Of course I do. You glow with it. Everybody here knows too, Some dudes get turned on by that but most don't want to have to educate a guy on how to use his dick". He wanted me to act more like him, I suppose, but wasn't possible. I suck at flirting and seducing and everything else you needed to do in order to get laid. I just assumed it would happen when it happened. I didn't want the kind of relationships Andy had. I wanted the impossible fairy tale romance like the ones I'd seen in movies. I wanted hand-holding, hugs, candlelight, kisses and baths together. I had no idea what I'd want if man sex was offered to me. I'd watched gay porn videos with Andy and mentally noted a few things that looked exciting, but everything was vague as far as primal desire went. One night we went to a little hole of a tavern called "Taps". Andy was unimpressed, but I wanted to stay. It wasn't loud or crowded and the bartender was kind of cute. We'd been there a few minutes when Andy suddenly choked mid-swallow of his beer. After he was done having a coughing fit, he said "Don't look now. Don't look. He's here". "Who?" "Death Dick. He's infamous in this town. Go to the bathroom and you'll see him sitting alone at that little table next to the Ms Pac Man machine. When you come back, I'll tell you all about him". I headed off the men's room and prepared myself to see a giant dude looking sinister and predatory. Instead, I saw an average guv in his 30's with a conservative haircut and little round glasses. He wore a short-sleeved shirt buttoned up to the collar and looked completely harmless. My old friend was fucking with me again. When I got back I told Andy he was full of shit. "Don't make eye contact with him. Don't talk to him". "Why?" "He's known around here as having the most enormous cock ever seen...and not in a good way. It needs to be in a museum somewhere...not in anyone's bed. I've never seen it myself, but I've heard all about him". "He's just a regular guy, Andy. He's not dangerous". "Oh yeah? Talk to anybody he's had sex with. Supposedly, he was married once and his wife had so many female problems after having him inside her that she left him. I believe it. He then switched to men. One guy had to go the emergency room because Death Dick ruptured his rectal wall. My friend Lars got fucked by him and hasn't had a bowel movement in over a month. I heard he fucked some hustler and the poor guy has to wear a colostomy bag now. They say he drugs people first. There are a dozen more stories like that. You know what a size queen I am, and even I don't to get anywhere near him. Plus-- he has AIDS. I guess he got it from all the blood that's gushed on his cock". I just didn't believe him. He was bored and trying to liven up the evening. "Whatever, Andy". "He hasn't been seen in awhile. I heard he's a teacher at East, and probably the talk had spread enough that he decided to keep a low profile. Well, this is the place to go I guess. Nobody comes here. I'm upset now. Let's go back and watch 'Ab Fab'". As we left, I looked over at the guy and we made eye contact. I smiled and he smiled back. Once Andy and I were outside, he grabbed my arm. "Don't think I didn't notice that. I told you not to look into his eyes. Nothing good has ever happened to anyone who's ever done that. We're never coming back here!" Fine. We went back to his place and watched TV for about half an hour. "I can see the wheels in your head, Andy". "What? What are you talking about?" "You're thinking about him. All my stories have made you curious now". "No". I hated that he knew me so well. "Well, Kyle. I can't watch you all the time, but if I ever hear about you going back there or talking to that guy -- I'll strangle you with my bare hands .I love you to much to see you hurt or sick or killed". "You're a nut-job, Andy. I'm going home". I barely slept a wink that night. I knew it was best to just forget about it, but visions of giant penises kept flooding my head. I wouldn't go back there anytime soon, but I knew I'd go back. It was just something I needed to do eventually. Andy and I resumed our routine. He met some guy and they became pretty serious. He was always with his new man, and I pretty much spent a lot of time at home. He left a voicemail one afternoon while I was at work.: "I'm thinking of moving in with Alex. What do you think? He's got a big condo near downtown and it's really cool. You'd love it. Sorry we haven't been able to talk much lately. Call me at his place....the number is --- ----- . Maybe we can hook up for dinner or a movie sometime next week. I miss you! Kiss kiss." Well. I can't say it wasn't a relief to have him out of my hair for a bit, but I was starting to get lonely. It was time. I went back to Taps that night at the same time we'd gone a few weeks ago. Sure enough -- Death Dick was there at the same table. We exchanged glances and smiles again. I was flying solo. I went to the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender was bored and we chatted for a few minutes. I could stay here or I could go play Ms Pac Man and be just a foot away from the legendary man. I got another beer and a bunch of quarters and went to play. I'm not sure what was going on with my legs, but they were barely working. I probably looked arthritic. As I walked by his table, Death Dick and I exchanged smiles again and I loaded the game with quarters. There was an ashtray built into the console but no place to set my beer. I looked around for a ledge or something. "Mind if I set this on your table?" He glanced up. "Sure. No problem". His voice was as average and non-threatening as any I'd ever heard. "Thanks". I played a few games, but didn't do very well. I was way too aware of his presence and his eyes. I met his stare with mine as I reached for my beer. "You winning?" he asked. "No. I played this all the time as a kid, but I guess I've gotten rusty". I still had a dollar's worth of games left, but I sat down in an empty chair at Death Dick's table. Casual as could be. "Hi. I'm Kyle". "Nice to meet you, Kyle. I'm Shawn. I think I've seen you before". We shook hands and a jolt shot through me. "Maybe. I like how quiet and low-key it is here". "Me too. I really hate the music at most bars, and if I have to hear '1999' played again, I'll lose my mind!" Soulmate. We talked and talked. I forgot all about his reputation for a long time. I noticed that he was sort of handsome in an unconventional way. Hid hair was starting to thin a little in the front, but only if you looked carefully. He and I had a lot in common as it turned out. The hour got a little late, and Shawn had to leave, "I've still got homework to grade tonight. It gives me a headache which is why I always put it off so long. Want to meet up again?" So he was a teacher. "Sure. We can come here again if you want". "Great. How about tomorrow night around 8?" "See you then". We both stood up at the same time and hugged briefly. I never wanted to kiss somebody as bad as I did right that second. We met up at Taps several more times and got to know each other pretty well. One night he just up and asked me if he could come over and see my place. My face froze. "Sure. It's not far. Want to follow me?" "Yes. Let's go". We arrived and I was relieved that Andy wasn't home. His house had been dark for over a week. "Come on in. It's not much, but it's home". He sat on my couch and looked expectantly at me. "Can I offer you something? I've got a bottle of wine somewhere in the kitchen. It was a gift from somebody who knows his wine so I assume it's good". "That sounds great. Mind if I turn on the TV"? "Go ahead. I'll be right back". I heard him flip through the channels as I got a corkscrew and wineglasses that had never been used. The wine was red and that's all I knew about it. "Here you go. Anything on?" "Lots of baseball. Friday nights are not good for TV". We settled on some"Golden Girls" reruns and he put the volume low. We both kicked off our shoes and drank the wine which wasn't so bad. We said a few words here and there before Shawn reached for the remote and muted the TV. "Kyle? If I ask you something, will you promise to be completely honest?" "I promise". He took off his glasses, closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "How much do you know about me?" My face froze again. "Huh?" "I'm asking for an honest answer here". "I've heard some stuff, Shawn. Will you honestly a question I have?" "Go ahead". "How much of what I've heard is true?" "Probably most of it". I had no idea what to say. "What are you thinking, Kyle?" I still didn't have words. "I almost thought you didn't know because you never looked at my crotch. Most every guy in town tries to see the bulge down there. But when you instantly agreed to let me come over, I somehow knew. What are you thinking now?" "I think I'd like you to come back to my bedroom". He stood up. I stood up. We kissed deeply for a long time. We went to my room and lied back in bed. We were next to each other and I had no idea what to do next. " you want to see it? I'm not ashamed of my dick. I was born with it and it's a part of me". "Yes. I want to see". He got up and stripped down to just a pair of boxer shorts. The bulge was indeed enormous, almost ridiculous. "Here it is..." He stepped out of the underwear and I saw the death dick at last. It was almost the size of a hair dryer. That sounds silly now, but that's the first comparison my brain made. It was a fat, fleshy tube that went down to almost his knee. It wasn't hard, but was visibly getting thicker the longer I stared at it. He lifted it with one hand and showed me the head which was the size of an apple. He stroked it a little and got harder. "Now take off your clothes, Kyle. Don't worry. We won't do anything you don't want to. And, besides, there are things we can't do...but there are things we can". I got undressed in two seconds and got back on the bed. As we lied there, he kept stroking it. It was almost fully hard, but couldn't quite support its own weight. "You can get a closer look if you want", he said in a low voice, grinning. I got up and went to the end of the bed, climbed between his legs and had my eyes just an inch or two from this amazing penis. I made a mental note to thank God for my eyes more often because the sight was amazing. It almost looked like a special effect from a movie. It was twitching and arching. "Give it a kiss, Kyle". I kissed the sticky knob and let my tongue explore the deep slit. I tried to get the whole head in my mouth, but my jaw bones just weren't big enough. "That felt nice. I've been missing that for a long time". "Wish I was able to take more of it". "Nobody's ever gotten past the head. It's OK. I've never been able to cum from a blow job anyway. I takes more. You've never had sex before, have you?" "No. Sorry". "Don't be sorry! Sex brings trouble. We can just feel each other and be intimate and jerk off maybe". And then he was all over me. It felt like there was a third person between our groins. We both fully hard. We groped and hugged and kissed. I could feel myself almost ready to come. I reached down and grabbed as much of his dick as I could hold. He groaned and sighed until I put the head up against my asshole. "No. Stop. It will never work". "Can we at least try?" "Absolutely not. Let's just jack off a little". But he didn't move his dick away from what I offered. So I pulled him closer. Maybe he was having second thoughts. Maybe he would try. He did push against my hole. There was no give and I wanted him to use a little force. I had no idea what I was wishing for. He put some ass muscle into it and I felt my ass break. Worst pain of my life. I screamed even though I knew that would make him stop what he was doing. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Why did you allow that?? Now you're bleeding and I'm about to cum...shit..I'm cumming. Goddamnit! Ohhhh!!" He tried to aim it to the side, but was too late. That hot sperm blasted right into my wounded hole. He collapsed on top of me and breathed heavily. "Oh, Kyle. Why? Why in the fuck would you ....I mean...WHY?" "It's okay, Shawn". "No. It's not. Not for either of us. It is a million miles from OK". "I enjoyed it". He rolled off of me and continued to try and get his breath back. "Did you really enjoy it?" "Yes!" "We have to talk about a few things". "In the morning. Good night, Shawn". I turned off the lamp. The next day we just acted casually as if nothing had happened. He knew that I knew that he had infected me. We silently agreed not to discuss it. And the would be the end of the story if we hadn't decided to start dating. We went to movies and out to restaurants and taking long walks. We took showers together and I gave him foot massages. It most the romance I'd been wanting for so long.
  23. thanks for adding me dude!

  24. Hey.   Thanks for the add man!

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      Back at ya!!!!

  25. This relates to an old "saying" I heard years ago.........nothing is as overrated as a good fuck and nothing is as underrated as a great shit.
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  27. thanks for the rep man

  28. if you can't make your next visit i'll be happy to take your place.
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