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  2. Although Time Travel is till fiction, I currently try to create the experience, by doing everything, I feel I would have done, as a Bisexual man back in the late 70's before we knew about AIDS; going to the Baths on my free time, barebacking without a care in the world, and using poppers. Although we meet online, I direct the men I meet, to meeting at a motel, or at the baths, as I probably would have, if I answered someone's personal ad in a newspaper.
  3. Ok, finally, San Francisco (closest metro area) currently live in Burlingame CA. my current handle or user ID is AnonFreedom.
  4. I love the Hole. Try to visit on a Bear Naked Chicago party day. They open up even more areas, including under the upstairs dance floor. There’s slings, fuck benches, and more back there. 👍 definitely worth the visit. And, there’s also a fisting and piss play area under Leather 6410 too.
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  6. I’d love to be on all fours with my pup ass in the air getting mounted by you 

  7. 9/30/18 score 216 2/17/19 score 294 nice to see I picked up several more 2&3 pointers!!
  8. The new insecurity is not always getting hard, or just partially hard. Alot of this has to do with using poppers too much. Yet I am finding out, that this really is not an issue with alot of guys, I am with, especially since I am the bottom. I have recently started wearing a jock to the baths, and now a cock cage. Its just having so much Hetero experiences, it still feels strange, having my cock out of the equation, during sex.
  9. Poppers do it for me, when I go to the baths, and a guy walks into my room, I take a good hit on the poppers, then offer to suck his cock first.
  10. The answer has to be yes to Hanks proposal. And both please decide to be gay cumdumps🙂
  11. To beat my record of 14 different cocks fucking me in one session
  12. Another great chapter to blow a load to😋
  13. Hell yes Mr Benson did the right thing. He will be getting a lot of Big Black Cock in jail.
  14. I love a big cock with a PA in my ass

  15. 278... not sure if I am ashamed because it is too high or too low...
  16. Very hot. If the beer passed thru into the bottom?
  17. Do you guys realize how much that will cost to fix? Thousands.
  18. looking to have fun with other prv, my wick is viktormtl please add me
  19. True, once I start, I can't get enough. I really love being on my stomach , held down and taken, I can be a noisy fuck
  20. We are closer to each other than many on here....
  21. Love to find a guy to do that to me, I am only lucky once in a while,
  22. I love doing this. I'm thankful I can piss hard.
  23. Yesterday
  24. I love the feeling of piss in my bowels, had a guy piss in me last month then fuck 2 loads in my ass, my insides were sloshing while his bid cock stored the mess. It was great!
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