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  2. God thats hot, as a newly minted bottom slut id love to be treated like this, the more who can enjoy a good hole the better!! Even better to find a cam buddy and put on a little show, would drive me wild knowing potentially hundreds of guys are watching me get filled!
  3. are you still in Ohio and looking? a bit east of Cincinnati if so...
  4. Today
  5. A lot cum on my jogging from many many guys at adult video booths.
  6. Anyone been to trough x, what's it like and how quick do tickets sell out.
  7. I love to wear girl jeans, and I wear it all the time on weekends or when I am going to meet my tops.
  8. I love to get call all names and to be completely used by my tops
  9. I'm going with my Dad and hosting a gangbang on Friday. Look me up on bbrt local party ads : fuckboi83 Not at one of the host hotels, but nearby. Will send deets on bbrt once your invitation is approved.
  10. HEY - TWISTED perv here in DC

  11. Melbourne central gets quite cruisy.
  12. Taboo, incest, yng, ts ... Add me on Snapchat and Wickr bigdizzz
  13. I'm staying at the Grabby Award hotel this time. Anything going on there? Anyone been to Grabby related parties? Sorry to say, but I find IML less and less interesting. Last time I was incredibly bored. Too much hooplah for my taste.
  14. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/pound-your-pussyboy-back-up-on-it-39675201
  15. Visiting Santa Cruz 6/10 to 6/15 Looking to take poz loads.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I don't have a link, but check out Bareback Abduction 2. The whole thing is good, but especially when Chase Peters gets absolutely impaled by Lito Cruz. He gets totally manhandled. It looks intense enough that I think Chase Peters got out of porn after that. He likely had his insides rearranged and knew he would never get anything better.
  18. The anticipation is growing ! 3 more days to houston cumunion and my debut at this event since the last one in dallas. Can’t wait to see everyone who is meeting me there and of course the regular local talent I still keep in contact with. The sex tour - Texas leg cumunion houston club dallas / private poz orgy anyone in dallas hit me up about the private poz play 4/27 houston - gavelston then a day in Palm Springs my ass and cock are going to be chaffed. Tee hee
  19. Can't say that I was raped, but at age 7 I used to meet with an older kid an played with each other daily for several months. Due to my age I didn't cum, but could climax. He was about 16 had a huge cock, and I loved sucking and licking it. When he came we both shared his cum eagerly licking it up. Prior to that though I used to fantasize about wrestling nude with boys my age. I went for several years not touching another guy, then the interest sparked again. I've been active sucking guys off for a long time, and started letting men fuck me in 2015. Now, I see myself as a sub-bottom here to please other men letting them use my body for what ever pleasure they seek. I'm not into reciprocation at all, and only please, I love being a cum dump pig, and all facets of cum and cum play.
  20. Licking, sniffing, and having my face shoved into a massively hairy armpit with fresh sweat. That musky man smell (before the bacteria stink forms) makes my boy hole twitch and get wet for the big hairy dick that I know is coming next. You can have your way with me, then get me pregnant. That's how much of a turn on it is.
  21. So many bottoms are missing the point. Our job is to be used. Your top can call you whatever he wants, whether you like it or not.
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