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    Got fucked for the last time as a chaser last night. Could not sleep afterwards so I gave in and did the oraquick swab. As I hoped, and as I expected, the test revealed that I am indeed POZ. Can I get a "HELL YEAH". Condom NAZI to POZ fag in 5 weeks.
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    My bf isn't into any kinky stuff lol so i gotta find it elsewhere!
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    Total pigs and cumsluts like me do not make for the best of faithful partners - sure we are great sex, that is why our partners are with us - but it takes a special kind of top to tolerate being in a relationship with a pig that constantly craves cock and seed. We can't help our cravings - it is what we are born for - to take cock and seed and that need permeates every fibre in our body. My current partner is a great man and I love him heaps - he is great sex and I get plenty of it from him - but that insatiable need for hard cock inside me always wins out over everything else. We have only been together a short while and he is a one on one man and up until recently I lived within the rules. Then, oh fuck - Mardi Gras fortnight came along. For years I have spent those two weeks taking cock and seed from all over the world and absolutely loving it. This year I was going to try and keep a lid on my slutting out - until my partner told me he had to go to Melbourne for four days for work. He did the worst thing he could have done the morning he was leaving, he threw a good 20 minute fuck into me before he left for the airport. Suddenly I was alone., naked in bed, with a load seed in me and horny as fuck. I knew I needed more cock (or dildo - which I resort to at times to satisfy myself fully) so I thought I would hook onto BBRTS and see if I could get "just one more fuck". I threw up a quick connect ad and within 25 mins a middle aged American man, hairy chest nice fat cut cock was talking to me. He was looking for a pig and I knew I was looking for a pig fucker, so in no time at all really we arranged a hook up in his city hotel. I told him my partner had already loaded up my mancunt and he told me not to get rid of the load as he wanted it for lube. In no time I was on the train and headed for town. He was a great fuck, he rimmed, fingered and fucked me for a good half an hour. It was like old times for me, my legs open and a strange cock in me and me enjoying every thrust of his gorgeous cock and the feel of his large balls slapping against my hole. As he blew I arched my back and worked his cock so hard with every muscle in my hole. As he pulled out he reached for the towel, which I quickly pushed aside and went to work to complete the job, cleaning his cock and balls and ensuring what never went in my hole went down my throat as I stuck my tongiue in his piss slit to make sure I got every filament of his seed in me. After some small talk he said ÿou want more". That was music to my ears as I certainly did want him to fuck me again. But, I was misreading what he was saying he meant did I want to fuck for a group. He got back on line and shortly said to me - another top is five minutes away - he wants you blindfolded on all fours. Just like old times I got really excited and knew I was in for a day getting banged. He blindfolded me and I heard the buzzer ring and he left me in the room while he went down to retrieve the top to fuck me. As they walked in he was tellin the top there were already two loads in me. The American slapped my arse and asked me to push some seed back for the top/. I obeyed. I could hear the sounds of undressing and within a minute or so I could feel a cock probing at my hole. In one thrust a good sized cock was buried to the hilt in me - and the hard fucking began and the yank cheered him on from the sidelines. "You like that cock piglet"and "fuck him hard"and "breed the cunt"and "make the pig squeal" were among his verbal onslaught. The top obviously loved it as he fucked me really hard digging his fingers into my hips before finally letting out a guttural groan and unloading in me. "pull it out and let the pig clean you up"the yank said. I immediately spun around and felt for his cock - it tasted wonderful with that lovely pungent taste of three seeds mixed on it. He left and the yank offered me a beer. I accepted as I was hot and bothered and then he told me had organised an Asian and white guy couple to come over and fuck me. He started fingering my sloppy cum filled hole and asked me if I was up for more cock. The dormant slut in me had risen fully and I was ready for the entire city to fuck me. I said yes. Within an hour they arrived the white guy about 50 salt and pepper hair and a hairy chest with a nice average uncut cock, his Asian partner slim, hairless, about 35, average cut cock and I immediately set to work getting them hard. The Asian guy fucked me first and within five minutes he was groaining and busting his nuts in me. His boyfriend immediately took over. The Asian boy walked to my head so I could clean him while his partner fucked me doggy style. After I cleaned the Asian up the yank stuffed his half hard meat in my mouth and I was relieved as I knew I was going to get another serve off him. "Hey piglet do you think you could take both our cocks" he asked. With a mouthful of his now hard thick cock I nodded yes. When they DP'd me I was in heaven, there is nothing nicer for a bottom pig than to feel that full of cock you feel like you are being split in two. I stayed as still as so I could keep both cocks in me as long as possible and let the tops fuck me how they wanted and in what position. The yank had the best of it as he was on top while the white guy was under me and after about five minutes the yank said Ï am going to breed your pig cunt" - he thrust hard and blew in me and all over the white guys cock in me. He slipped out and rolled on to my chest and the white guy pounded me for a few minutes before he too unloaded in me. I loved the verballing I got off both the white guy and the yank - they reminded me of what I was - a fucking cumdump pig. After I cleaned up all the cocks, I felt so complete, so happy and so used - but at the same time thrilled to be filled with loads. My yank friend said he had a dinner date and I got dressed - conscious of my dripping cunt and headed home to suburbia. When I got home I immediately put a butt plug in me to keep all the seed in me for as long as possible. Like all true cumdumps - I had a spring in my step.
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    Really great experience this weekend. First weekend since converting that I focused on sex. Starting on Friday, I had all the cock I could take and everyone POZ. Sunday night, I finished off with load 12 for the weekend. That was great, but the amazing part was how the enjoyment/fulfillment of raw POZ fucking really was. No thoughts about the bug, just amazing sex. I was fairly sure of my decision to chase. But my chase was short (but intensive). And, once converted, I have to admit to some second thoughts. But today, it all came together and I became fully aware of how right my decision was. No doubt there is consequence down the road, but I think that it is appropriate to claim that I am PROUD to be POZ.
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    Although my chasing activities have slowed a bit, the "POZ CLOCK" in my head keeps ticking louder. Trying to avoid being to hyper, but being vigilant for any signs I am converting. Head says the deed is done, body has not confirmed.
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    struggle to stay monogamous and cheat and been cheated on in every relationship...generally I have come the conclusion men are just not designed to stay fucking one person! Current fella isn't that interested in sex so I have now and again had a random hook up and let some hot stranger fill me with load or I look t find a young bottom to breed. I tend to go back to being a good by for awhile but then the need for seed takes over and I generally end up bending over for another stranger to use and love it! I am trying to talk the fella into an open relationship so we can just get on and fuck
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    I cheat somewhat often. I have some guilt about it, but it's too hot to stop.
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    Been a little hard to work due to fully assimilating the reality of my status change. Seems like my cock has been drooling now toxic precum ever since. Have a three way celebration fuck with two of my gifting top guys tomorrow. Newly POZ and ready to fuck
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    I love really black cock, watching my pale ass be forced open by his black fat cock
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    I would literally kill my partner if he was cheating on me. So, good luck with that ya'll.
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    ditto ff-whole. I went 35 years taking bb cock and stayed neg. I m a cum slut and have prolly had thousands of cocks and loads in that time and was always kinda worried about HIV, but never enough to overcome my desire for cum and cock in me. I got some great information and encouragement here on BZ from tallbtm, finally got educated and decided to go on PrEP. When I went in to get my std check and to start PrEP, I found out I was Poz. Not the end of the world, am pretty much still taking PrEP now (truvada) and one other pill and am undetectable and totally healthy. Still, I'm not one who actually wants to be infected, even though in 2017 it's not a death sentence, nor does it really present with side effects for me. I personally think PrEP awesome and wish all guys who bareback would go on it, but I'm in healthcare and not into disease :-).
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    Right with you on this. When I look at porn, it has to seem 'real' to me in order for it to work. If I sense at all that it's just guys putting on a show, I stop it right then. It's the stuff that at least looks like a real encounter between lusty guys that pulls me in. Attempts to pull that off with actors can be laughable. Some of the hottest porn I like is video taken where the guys being videod are not aware of being recorded. There used to be a guy on xtube (i think) who would record understall action in restrooms. There were several stalls, and he would record other guys who would be having sex under the stalls next to him. Was so fucking hot, especially when understall fucking was caught. Another hot scenario is anonymous walk in breeding where a bottom has hidden cameras set up and is waiting ass up for an anonymous load, and all of that is recorded without the anonymous top knowing. but really, the only thing that gets me off is real stuff, especially when there is no self consciousness of them knowing they are being recorded. I also LOVE creeper porn. have a huge fantasy of being bred by a "creeper" while I'm asleep. Course, that's really hard to pull off, the bottom pretty much has to be passed out for that to be real, and you can tell if it's put on usually, which again is kinda cheesy lol.
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    Taboo? No, just super hot. I love seeing the contrast of skin color when I look down and see a black top's cock sinking into my hole . . .

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