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    While in Amsterdam this week I got together with one of my 'regulars'. He is Italian, 36 year old, 5' 7", 140 pounds and, of course, fucks raw. In the past year he has probably fucked me over a half dozen times, but as I hadn't hooked-up with him since some time before the holidays, I'd almost forgotten what a hot, horny top I had found him to be. I took the tram to his part of town and arrived at his small flat on a Monday afternoon. He greeted me at the door and we immediately began to make out. Quite passionately. Soon we were undressed and he threw a sofa pillow on the hardwood floor. He took a seat on the sofa, I knelt on the pillow, positioning myself between his legs, and worshiped his quickly growing, seven inch slab of uncut Italian dick. Once he was hard I moved on to his low-hanging balls, initially licking and sucking them, then doing the same under his balls. After several minutes I lifted his muscular legs, and licked his puckered asshole. As I did so, he moaned and sniffed his poppers. Lowering his legs, I returned to sucking on his rock hard cock. Finally, his his sexy, thick Italian accent, he said "I want to fuck you, now. Get up here on your knees," patting the sofa cushion. I climbed up on the sofa and presented my ass. Kneeling behind me, he spread my cheeks, dove his face into my crack, and licked and sucked my asshole. I pushed back on his tongue, my ass in his face as he slipped his tongue ever deeper into my hole. After a couple of minutes he stopped, got to his feet, grabbed some lube and gestured for me to position myself sideways on the sofa so he could kneel behind me. I did as instructed. Lubing both my hole and his cock, he knelt behind me on the sofa and pressed his cock to my hole as I poppered up. He grabbed me around the waist and slipped his long, thick Italian dick up into me. We softly moaned as he entered me. "Ahhh ... Daddy! I've missed your silky ass," he murmured as he commenced fucking me, occasionally groaning in pleasure. When he had found his rhythm he reached under my chest, locating my tits, and vigorously pinching them, which, from prior experiences, he knew I would love. "Mmmmm, Baby! I love your ass," he grunted as he continued to pleasure himself. His cock truly felt perfect in every way, especially as it filled and stretched my ass, without, however, causing me any discomfort. Yeah, his cock and technique were absolutely incredible, and yeah, I found myself realizing how much I'd missed having his cock in my ass. He was an expert top who loves fucking older daddies, and he was in heaven while in my ass. After giving me me a good, long, hard and deep fuck for some eight or nine minutes, he asked "You want my load, Daddy?" "Yes, Baby, cum in me," I replied. His tempo had been steadily picking up as he fucked ever faster, ever harder and ever deeper. Knowing he likes to hear me encourage him, I continually begged him to "Cum in me, Baby. I want your cum. I need your load in me. Fill me with your sperm, Baby." Soon I could hear his breath becoming increasingly rough and labored as he slammed into my ass harder and harder, only to exclaim "FUCK! I cum in you! I cum in your ass! Take my cum, Daddy. Take my load." We both shook violently as he filled my hole with his hot load. Finally, he slowly withdrew his cock from my hole. He was still largely erect, so I spun around, taking his cum-covered cock into my mouth to enjoy our juices, his cock slowly softening as I sucked and cleaned him, thinking to myself 'He never disappoints. His fucks are always passionate'. Then we kissed, we both dressed, and I left, walking back to the tram and ultimately to my hotel. By the time I got back to my room, my briefs were wet with his cum that had seeped from my hole. I smiled, thinking I had, no doubt, left the seat cushion on the tram wet with his cum.
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    my name popped up at or health dept in a cluster study when someone I'd once had sex with had sex with someone who had sex with someone who got syph. went in, got tested, and when they pressed me for partner contact info, I said 'for the last year, anonymous encounters. might have given my number to someone, but I didn't save any of theirs.' and that was that. I did contact all the guys I'd played with, gave them a heads up, and it turns out that they'd all been contacted already. small town, I guess.
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    I work in HIV Outreach... for what it is worth, the County Health Dept we are associated with, "says" they are gathering information to make sure everyone gets into treatment, with Ryan White Aid of free Meds/Dr visits. Maybe I am being wishful, thinking that is all they want to do. I really don't think of believe that any of the information would be used to prosecute someone.
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    Hot profile, I'd love to have a nasty fuck session with u and take ur poz seed 😈
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    Versbbguy you've done it again. So fucking hot. More please and soon
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    Love servicing through a gloryhole, both holes
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    I always enjoy heading to the gulch and taking loads in the booth. I strip down to my jock, and wait for guys to enter and bend me over. Anyone else frequent the gulch?
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    For PartyandBreed: It took me 3 weeks before I could drive up to PandB's place to meet up with him and Jake. Jake greeted me naked at the door, "Hey hey!", with a kiss and a hug, "Hi back", and I moved my hands down to feel his bare ass. PartyandBreed, also greets me in a hug, squishing Jake's body between us, "Hey you sexy HIV+ man", he says, I'm sure mostly for Jake's benefit. I kiss him over Jake's shoulder, "Hey you sexy hot gifter", I say back to him. The hug breaks and without saying a word they both proceed to strip me of my shoes, shorts, t-shirt and underwear, "Much better", PandB says, "Let's go up stairs". "Be right back", he says, and I follow Jake up the stairs. PandB shows up with a large glass of water and then I hear him digging through a pill bottle, "Time for meds sexy", he says to Jake. I notice this time Jake is taking a whole blue pill, and I share a bit of eye contact with PandB as Jake swallows the pill down. I move to kiss PandB, and whisper in his ear, "That's so fucking hot". His only reply, "I know". I look at the open pill bottle, it should be almost empty but its mostly full, maybe 8 or 9 of the pills are missing. Later PandB will tell me Jake is sometimes getting a whole pill, sometimes a half, and there are almost always several days between doses. "I need you to put that poz fuck stick in me", I need to feel it again, I say to him. He smiles. I lie back on the bed. His grin reminds me of the first weekend he ever fucked me. It was morning, and he had fucked 2 loads into me the night before when he arrived at my place. I went to bed that night with his cum inside me, hoping my body absorbed all of it. The sun was coming in my bedroom window, we're laying there naked and cuddled. I like how his dick feels in the crack of my ass but I turned over to face him; he's still asleep. I reached down to feel his cock, its wet, and all I could think about is how he's here to breed me and how much I want him. We'd talked it through so much, how much I wanted to test HIV-positive and how much he wanted it to be the one to do it. I felt his cock firming up through my touches, and asleep or not, I wanted to see if I could coax another infectious load out of him. We'd talked about guys he's already pozzed and how he fucked them and bred them and told them he was giving them HIV, yet now with him here beside me, it feels almost surreal. I'm hard as a rock, I know what I want. I smeared a small amount of lube on that 8" cock of his and turn over -- I wanted to see if he could breed me without waking up. I moved back toward him, guiding his raw dick to my hole, then with a little bending on my part I feel it sliding home. The head is in, then the thick girth and the rest as I push back to get all of it inside me. His balls just touched my ass when I feel a hand on my hip ... "He's awake", I think to myself. I squeeze down on his cock and he moans out, "Yeahhhhh baby", he might be barely awake but he knows what's happening. We start to fuck with me assisting while he's waking up, "Fuck", I moan softly, "Fuck I want this PandB ... I need another load of ....", and he moves his hips to show me he's awake and in charge. "Yeah... another load of poz cum ... that what you need?", he asks. The fucking motions continue, "yes ... fuck yes ... I fucking need another load of poz cum in me ... need to poz too, babe", "Fuck yea", he responds. We continue to fuck like that through the begging and the moaning and the confirmation from him. We both know whats happening to me, he's going to fuck another load of unmedicated HIV-positive cum into my ass with the intent of infecting me, and I'm going to beg and plead for him to do it. "I want it ... I want it... please", I begged. In my head I'm imagining the next time, whenever I got tested I would be receiving a positive result, my cock would get hard, and it would be because we chose to fuck bareback and we both wanted me intentionally infected. "FUCK.........FUCK .... FUCK", he moaned more loudly, he was definitely awake now and my ass was taking the brunt of it for waking him up. "Gonna fucking nut soon... gonna fuck breed that ass ... fucker", he screamed out into my neck, "Fuck yea... fucking do it ....... fucking give it to me", I said it, again and again. I was begging for him to infect me with HIV and he was doing his best to comply with my request. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.........ohhhhhhhhhh.........ohhhhhhhhhhhh..... FUCKKKKKK", a few more hard lunges, and then BAM! His body stopped moving and his cock stayed buried deep in my ass, I could feel it pumping his seed into me. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..... fuck", we both moaned. We had waited and worked for so long for him to be here to poz me and now it was happening... thank you for toxic load # 3 babe. I jerked my hard cock a few times quickly while he's unloading and just thinking about all of this made me shoot off; my cum flying everywhere. PandB pushes and grunts, and with Jake watching me, his dick slides right in, "Ahhhhhhh... feels so good", we both moan. Jake moves up in front of me and offers me his cock which I greedily accept. I thought he might be all bottom but I'm glad he at least likes his dick sucked. PandB rides my ass for a few minutes getting his cock nice and slick, "C'mon babe", I hear him say to Jake. Jake removes his cock from my mouth and lies on his back right beside me with his legs up like mine. PandB pulls his cock from me and moves over to Jake. It looks like he's almost ready to go balls deep, without hesitation or pause. I put my legs down and lean over to kiss Jake and we start making out as PandB works on his hole. I move back to watch. "This is gonna feel great ... gonna poz that hole", PandB says, applying pressure and pushing into him. "Ahhh ... okay", Jake says, swallowing while looking down at PandB's crotch; watching what he can of his dick. I watch both of them intently as poz top on neg bottom sex takes shape. PandB places a hand on the front of Jake's neck, pulling him back slightly so they can look into each other's eyes. "Fuck yea", he moans. I'm so turned on, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. I notice Jake giving PandB a small nod without breaking eye contact. "Ahhhhhhh.... ahhhh... so good", PandB moans as works his cock against Jake's hole, adding pressure. I know from fucking Jake how the head of your cock feels as it slides past the tight muscles and into him, spreading around the thick head of your dick. Jake is so tight and fucking a load of poz cum into him is heaven. PandB lets out a long, airy moan and I smile watching him. He holds steady for a few seconds and closes his eyes, reaching around and grabbing Jake's hand, "You want more boy?", he asks. Jake nods and lets his head fall to the pillow. PandB spits some on his cock, just above that tight ass and slowly presses his cock in, his hand gripping Jake's as he slides inch after inch of that hot, poz dick into him. "You got half boy", he says. Jake nods a bit and breaths heavy but steady, its obvious his sphincter is relaxing a bit as it adjusts once more to PandB's thick meat. "Good boy", PandB says, pausing again, letting Jake get adjusted. I know PandB probably wants to speed this up, or even force it in, but instead he's taking slow to start. After a few moments, I see Jake's grip on his hand lessen and he swallows as PandB pushes more cock into him. PandB pauses again briefly before pushing the rest of his cock into him, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.......ahhhhhhhhhhh... , feels so good... so good", Jake moans loudly. PandB leans forward and kisses his neck, holding him steady as he nearly lies on top of him, that hot ass surrounding PandB's cock. "I'm all the way in, baby", he says, a devilish smile again crosses Jake's face. PandB grabs one of Jake's hands, putting it on his chest as he slow rides the boy's hole. I swear to God, watching Jake take poz cock, is one of the most erotic moment's of my life. PandB is balls deep inside Jake now, even though I know for a fact Jake is 18, he's still a teenager. I can't believe he's already taking poz cock and bug chasing. I never want to leave here, I just want to watch him being bred over and over, and take part in his conversion. PandB pulls back, and pushing back in, holding it for a moment as he moans into Jake, "Does that feel good boy?", he asks quietly. He gets a nod as they make eye contact and continue feeling each other's body. PandB repeats the motion, feeling Jake's ass contract and then stretch around his cock as I watch them and slow stroke my own cock. I can see Jake's body is shaking slightly underneath PandB. PandB sits back and grab Jake's legs, pulling them apart so they can both see the poz cock buried in that neg ass. PandB repeats the motion once more before keeping it going, slowly thrusting in and out of him, feeling his hot, tight ass stretching each time. Jake leans up to look, watching intently, watching the cock disappear into his ass. "Fuck me, Dad.", he moans out, surprising me a bit. We both look at him and he nods, "Fuck yes ...", PandB moans, I know he must be close. PandB swallows and nods back before picking up the pace a bit, pulling about half of his cock out and pushing it back in. He presses his face into Jake's neck and grabs the blankets hard, his light boyish moaning muffled as PandB fucks him. Jake is so tight, but I don't think PandB cares right now whether he likes it or wants it, he just needs to cum in that hole. Jake's legs are pinned on his shoulders, PandB pulling him in tightly. Jake doesn't miss a beat and starts to lift his hips up and down, fucking himself on it, getting a deep moan from PandB as he does. PandB rubs his hands up and down Jake's chest and stomach, feeling that ass flex as he rocks his hips, riding on the hard cock. "Fuuuccckkkk..." He groans as he lets his ass fall to his hips, taking the entire cock inside of him over and over. "This feels so fucking good, Dad.", he says it again. Jake lays his head on PandB's shoulder and PandB grabs his cheek, turning his head and kissing him deeply as he rides the boy, his cock throbbing and leaking precum inside of him. After a minute or so, PandB grabs his hips and pulls them up, pulling him off his cock and letting him lay beside me. He gets on his knees and grab the boy's legs, pulling him up and then grabbing his waist as he gets behind him. This breeding session isn't over by a long shot. PandB smiles at me as he lines his cock up and then sucks in a breath through gritted teeth as he pushes his cock back inside of Jake. He closes his eyes as he starts to fuck Jake again, not wasting any time working up to a pace, going roughly the same speed as he did riding me before. PandB goes faster, his sensual moans getting louder as he does. His hands find Jake's back and he drags his nails down, leaving red marks as he does. "Cum in me, Dad", Jake says blankly. PandB makes a "Hmmmmmm" sound, Jake doesn't miss beat, "Poz me Dad, poz me", he says. PandB turn his head and looking directly at me, "AHHHHHH YEAH... FUCK", groans loudly. I give him the same devious smile in return. I move in closer to Jake, kissing him hard. "No problem, son", I hear PartyandBreed say as I kiss Jake. One of his hands grabs Jake's hip, the other wrapping around his neck. Our kiss breaks as PandB keeps up the pace, feeling his cock getting harder and harder the closer he gets. His hands wrap around Jake and scratch down his back. Jake is moaning and bucking, I know he must feel me that positive cock getting harder inside of him. PandB continues to pound him, his ass slapping against Jake's hips as he thrusts, his hands scratching down his back. "Ahhhhhhhh.........fuck yeah", Jake moans, shit, he must like it rough. PandB sits up, his left hand pressing Jake's neck a little bit, choking him just slightly to get his reaction. Jake closes his eyes and flashes me a quick smile, loving this with each second, maybe even more than I did. I know his ass is tightening around PandB's cock and I look down, his own cock throbbing a few times before shooting his load, spraying his flat stomach, his chest and the bed with his hot cum. PartyandBreed just fucked the cum out of this boy and gave him what seems like a seriously intense orgasm. I know PandB's cock must be throbbing at the sight of this, mine sure is, and the feeling of that ass clenching around his dick. "I'm about to cum, baby, 'bout to give you more of that... poz... cum", he mutters between thrusts. I move in towards Jake again and he almost instantly pulls me into a kiss, pressing his own tongue into my mouth. This drives PandB over the edge and I can feel him give a few more hard thrusts into that teen hole before losing it. The kissing, the watching, the being fucked earlier all has me on edge and I know I'm about to lose my load, too. "Move over babe ... let me in him!", I state, practically demanding it. PandB moves just in time to let me at Jake's ass and I shove my cock in without waiting for spit, lube or anything else. I wrap an arm around him and pull him close as I start to cum, moaning as I pump another unmedicated poz load deep inside his ass. My hot, sticky cum, that's now toxic like PandB's, shooting deep inside of him once more. I continue to thrust my cock into him, making sure to get every drop of my seed as deep into his ass as possible before coming down. Jake smiles and we kiss one more time. He lies forward, I look at his body, covered in a light coating of sweat, my cock still deep inside of him. "Fuck!", he says after a moment, catching his breath.
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    ready to talk about every pervy hot thing & share but I do not believe all gay guys should die of aids (something a member told me) I like humans to be alive & have fun together
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    Hey NYC pigs, whores, and escorts. Love sleazy pozzed up men. Who wants to play today?
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    http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Taking-some-bareback-BBC-30160401 White guy gets fucked by BBC in hotel. Too bad it's so short, looks like a hot fuck.
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    Got fucked for the last time as a chaser last night. Could not sleep afterwards so I gave in and did the oraquick swab. As I hoped, and as I expected, the test revealed that I am indeed POZ. Can I get a "HELL YEAH". Condom NAZI to POZ fag in 5 weeks.
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    Something funny turned out to be a pretty great fuck. I had posted an add on BBRTS looking for loads, unmedicated preferred. Well a hot hung black guy (toxic) hit me up and he was going to come over to my place in 30 minutes. He texted me when he got downstairs of my condo. I said I'll be right down. I went down and a hot black guy was at the door. Matched the stats exactly, albeit a little skinnier than I had anticipated. Regardless we came back upstairs and I proceeded to suck his thick hot black cock. He then asks me if I'm ready and I said yes and jump on the bed. Now he mad the comment, "too bad you're only free till 9:30..." I said no I'm free all day. He sad "cool". Get on the bed and I hit the poppers and he asks for a condom?! I say um... I don't use them. He said then he didn't want to fuck. I said no problem and showed him the door. As he was getting dressed I asked him why he would want condoms if he was on BBRTS. He replies "well you don't have to fuck bare, unless you want, it's not only for bareback." I said yes, bbrts is bareback right now. He said, "no man we met on Grindr" I instantly knew what happened. I poached someone else's trick! I get a text from my trick and he asks if I'm coming downstairs. I run downstairs and he's in the right place and then we both notice the other trick walking around and I tell him the story and we both laugh and he said well we do look similar. We get upstairs and it was amazing! I sucked his cock and it was way bigger than the first guy and thicker too. He then pushes me on the bed and I am hitting the poppers while he eats my ass and puts me on my stomach. He lines up his cock and after getting used to it and lots of poppers he starts to fuck me. After a few minutes it feels like he cums because he plunges deep and I swear I feel his cock pulse. I ask if he came and he said "no", then continues to fuck me for about 30 minutes more. and I'm not used to marathon fucking but he knew exactly how to fuck and even made me cum and I wasn't touching myself. He fucks me forever and then he picks up pace and goes deep and I feel him unload. I said it felt like you came twice and he said, I actually came 3 times, just didn't want you to be done and I wanted more of your neg ass. I got 3 toxic loads and it was fucking HOT. He was one of the best tops I've had. He doesn't live locally but said he wants to tag my ass again when he's in Dallas. I'm looking forward to it.
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    I'm home from work for a few days and have the house to myself while the hubby is at work. I've been chatting up a guy who is visiting family in town. I'm negative but love playing with poz guys. He tells me he is poz so I quickly clean up and he comes over. We are total opposites I'm clean cut and preppy. He has long hair and looks like a rocker. My dick springs to life. 15 minutes later I'm straddling him begging for his poz load. heaven
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    Took about twenty loads Thursday and Friday last week in Melbourne. Highlight was at club 80 getting gang fucked by everyone. Took so much dirty poz cum.
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    I'm so fucking horny, and I need poz cock in my ass. This chapter is dedicated to PartyandBreed. CHAPTER 8: I woke up late the next morning, Mike’s body next to mine fast asleep, and my hand resting on my piss-hard cock. I pull on it a few times, but realize there’s no way my balls are getting any relief with my bladder so full of piss. I pull back the blanket and sheet from my naked body doing my best not to wake Mike – I think he needs the rest after last night. I have no idea know how many loads Mike took last night, but I know he was exhausted driving back. Those thoughts need to wait, though, I need to piss now! I quickly get up, as much as I’d love to hose Mike down, I don’t need to piss in the bed. Standing at the toilet, my cock pulsing, I’m trying, but I can't push it down far enough to go. I try sitting, and still, with the raging stiffness of my cock, no matter how far I push, my bladder simply won't release its golden nectar from this angle. “FUCK!”, I scream out in my head. I get in the shower, and attempt to relax, my cock standing rock hard against my pubes, my balls tight against the base, and ... “ohhhhh… ohhh yea” ... it starts. It feels so nice to relieve the pressure. My balls are aching I’ve had to piss so bad. The hot liquid begins as a dribble, and then grows steadily into ‘Old Faithful’. The strong, hard stream is soon showering my chest, and eventually over my head. The golden stream cascades over my body, covering me in my own special salty, pungent, and dark yellow brew; it smells, but fuck, it feels so good to let it out. I quickly take a shower to rinse, and dry off, then I wish I hadn’t – the thought of my body covered in piss makes my cock return to full mast. I get back into the bedroom, and look at Mike, still fast asleep. “Screw him”, I think, I seriously intend to take care of this swollen prick. I pull open the drawer of the nightstand and grab the bottle of Gun Oil Mike and I usually use to fuck. I think, “This morning it will just have to be me”. I’m just about ready to flog my cock when the doorbell rings. “Who the fuck?”, I wonder. I look at Mike, he’s almost sweet and innocent when he’s sleeping … but, he’s still sleeping. Irritated, I make my way to the living room, not bothering to put anything on, my heavy, hard cock bouncing around violently with each step. When I get to the door and peep out the hole I see Chris and instantly a smiles comes over my face, and precum forms at the tip of my cock. I open the door. "Fuck, it's cold this morning, babe", he says as the door opens, and a blast of chilly air hits my dick like a ton of bricks. I quickly let him, “Are you always so fucking hot!", adding, “You should always answer the door this way”. He cups his cold hands under my balls, "Wow, … whoa dude!", I yelp, as I jump back from his freezing touch, "Watch the boys; they hate the cold!" He grabs my face and pulls me toward him; our lips meet, and Chris’ tongue is instantly in my mouth. His clothes are cold though, and against my naked skin, even though that magical tongue of his is stoking my furnace. I can feel his denim-clad hard cock pressing against me as our kiss lingers. I grab his ass, pull him in closer, and crush my hard-on filled crotch against that pent up poz cock. "Fuck, babe, I’m so fucking horny to breed you right now!", he says, pulling his mouth from mine, and looking me straight in the eyes. The eye contact, punctuated with kisses, says what we’re both thinking; we both want more of his poz cock and cum inside me right now. A small groan escapes me as he pushes me hard against the wall and the kissing continues, his tongue invading my mouth, before I can say or do anything. He lifts my legs and I fall into him, and as he’s cradling me in his arms, he carries me up to my bedroom. Our mouths are locked in a deep French kiss the entire way – our tongues in a battle to the death. As we enter the room I see Chris’ eyes wonder and I turn my head to look – Mike is still fast asleep, “Guess he’s worn out”, Chris says with a grin between kisses. Ignoring Mike he throws me on the bed, and I bounce from the force. I look over at Mike, but so far nothing. "Show me that ass, babe; get those fucking legs in the air, spread your hole for me," Chris roars in his most commanding voice. I pull my legs up and wrap my arms around my knees, exposing my hairless hole to him. He pushes my ass up further in the air with his hands, and his mouth plunges into my asshole, I feel his tongue sinking deep inside me. Right now I couldn’t give one fuck if we wake Mike. “Oh fuck … oh fuck … eat my hole! Oh fuck yea I want it”, “yea", his only response as I’m moaning loudly from the feeling of his tongue darting in and out of my ass. Chris is making me crazy, "Eat my ass Chris; Fuck yea, that's it, fucking me with that tongue!" He is, and the faucet of precum between my legs is leaking all over me. A big dollop drops into my open mouth and I savor it as he continues. Obviously wanting more, he pushes me up further, and his mouth devours my ass like a starving man at a buffet. The shift in my body causes my hard wet cock to fall even more directly over my face, and, with some concerted, long strokes the precum flows right onto my tongue. I’m savoring my cock's emissions, as the clear gooey liquid slides over my tongue and I gulp it down my throat. Part of me wishes this was Mike’s precum I’m eating, but I’m horny, and I’m well and good at eating my own right this moment. Chris’ face is wet and greasy looking when he pulls his mouth off my ass. His tongue wiping his mouth clean in one swipe, as he looks at me lustfully, then smiles. That's when I reach up and grab onto his shirt and pull him into me. Our mouths meet, as do our tongues, and the kiss is passionate, yet masculine; another lover’s kiss. I spread my legs wide, as his clothed body falls into mine. I can feel his weight on my naked frame – his groin pushing into mine. That cock of his humping into me with a simulated fucking motion from his hips, our kiss is still strong, and I’m holding onto him tighter than before – I may be falling for Chris. He jerks his lips from mine and in one quick motion, gets up off my body, and is standing next to the bed. His hands frantically working the buttons of his dark red collared shirt. I reach up, grabbing his belt to assist, and work it out of its buckle. As his shirt opens and his hot chest is exposed, I’m able to see the elastic ribbing of his boxers, I start to salivate and that drives me to continue working on his pants. Finally, he’s standing there, only in those boxer shorts; I smirk at the “It isn’t gonna suck itself” verbiage printed over the front of them. He gives me his best “I’m gonna breed you” eyes and I grab at the tented cloth feeling his hard, thick girth of cock. I pull the boxers from his body, suddenly realizing I need that poz cock more than I knew. He’s hard, and its standing up past his pubes, snaking its way toward his belly button. Chris must be seriously horny for my ass, there’s already a small clear bubble of pre-cum oozing out of the slit. I get a moan from him as I lean forward, and lick it up, wiping my lips with the tip of his cock. With a gentle, but firm push, he pushes me backward, and we both fall to the bed. His naked body now against mine, his positive cock touching my neg cock. “I might be poz now”, my mind starts to wonder and he can see the conflict on my face. “You ok babe … you with me?”, he asks. “I’m good … I was just … I was …”, “Wondering if you were poz…”, another voice quickly interjects, its Mike. We both look at him like we’ve just been caught fucking on his Mom’s “good sofa”. My stern look turns to one of slight worry. “Did I really get infected with HIV?”, I think. Mike doesn’t hold out and grins at the both of us – raising his eyebrows for effect. He then produces the two envelopes from last night’s shenanigans and hands the one with my name on it to me. This is almost killing my moment with Chris but when will ever be the right time? “Find out at the same time?”, he asks. I look at him, still not certain but I nod, “Just open the top flap enough to see the color, don’t show us yet”, he says. We both, as privately as is possible, peel back the top of the envelope. I’m pretty sure neither one of them can see the color of my card – I can’t see Mike’s. Then, just in that second, Mike folds his envelope flap down and simple says, “Ok”, and sets the envelope back down without saying another word. Chris and I just look at him incredulously, with eyes that say, “WELL!?”. He doesn’t say a word and simply gives us both a cryptic smile. I groan and push the flap of my envelope down, sitting my envelope down on my side of the bed without saying a word. Chris is sitting on top of me hot and horny, I want him so much right now, “FUCK!” comes out of my mouth and I kiss him, our tongues immediately in each others mouths. I grind my crotch into him to let him know I’m in the mood to be fucked rather than play games. I lift my legs, wrapping them around his ass, exposing my asshole to his cock, until I could feel the tip of that large, poz cock head pressing against the lips of my asshole. In the matter of just a few seconds we are ignoring Mike again, and those pesky envelopes, and return to the sex at hand. He presses against me slightly, and my body stiffens, as the large girth of his cock finds its way into my body. Honestly, I’m still a little sore from last night, and I know what’s coming. I know the couple of minutes will be a little uncomfortable until it turns into an incredibly hot fuck. I can see Mike watching us, jacking off, but I’m focused on Chris and what he intends to share with me. I hold my breath as the full length of his huge cock penetrates my ass. When he’s completely inside of me, he stays there motionless for a moment, other than his tongue, which is doing its best to touch every spot on the inside of my mouth. With all 8.5 inches of him inside me, precum is now free-flowing from my cock again and its going all over me, him, the bed … everywhere; the fucking has barely started and I’m completely wet. Slowly, his hips begin to stir, and his cock moves slightly. "Oh yea, fuck me Chris! Fucking breed me" I moan, as he pushes and pulls ever so slightly against my ass lips. The discomfort is gone and I begin to gyrate my hips, desperate to get my ass pumped full with another load of that unmedicated cum. I know my status now, at least according to last night’s test, “Chris please fuck me… please”, I moan. I’m ready for him to dump another big load in me before I show either one of them, though. Chris responds to my movements immediately, plunging his mammoth cock deep inside me, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhh…..”, causing me to scream out with pain, it hurts, but it hurts so good. Chris’ enormous poz dick is so far up my ass right now, I can nearly feel him pressing against my bladder. “Ahhhhhh…. So good… so fucking good”, he moans. Chris isn’t fooling around, he’s horny, and he intends to give me a hard ride. He’s pumping his hips rapidly up and down in my ass filling me; I can feel his fuck tube, hard and tight, hitting my ring. His heavy balls slap my ass cheeks, and make that skin-on-skin sound with each thrust of his hips. Fuck his balls are huge, just like his cock, and I know they are full of his virus – the same virus he intends to plant in my ass. They hang well below the base of his cock, in a large hair-covered sack, which is swinging wildly now, as his body rocks against mine. “Ohhhhhh fuck … fuck me Chris, breed me … fucking breed me”, we both groan as his big poz dick pummels my asshole. “FUCK!! Give it to me Chris … gimme more of that unmedicated load … fucking poz my hole”, I blurt out. “Fuck yea!”, I hear Mike moaning as he’s jacking off, he’s getting off to our sex. I think Mike has been trying to get me poz for a long while now, and him jacking off, listening to be beg for the bug confirms it. He sticks a finger into his precum and reaches over feeding it to me. An “Mmmmmm” escapes my lips as I lap up his fluids. Chris is such an intent top, you can see it on his face, its as if he’s concentrating on an algebra test. All he can do is pant and try to breathe, as he works up a load to pump from his body into mine. I know Chris is intent on being my gifter, we kind of established that last night. I have no intention of stopping him from fucking me full of his HIV; I’ve become a bug chaser. I feel his cock begin to swell larger, his balls working hard to fill me with a large gushing load of white hot toxic male seed. It’s so hot thinking that Chris and I are not just fucking we are intentionally trying to infect me with HIV; this is clear to us. A few months or so ago I might have been nervous about all of this but Mike convinced me to go bareback with Chris, Mike convinced me to take that first poz load, and Mike convinced me to take loads at his conversion party. When I’m HIV+ Mike will be as responsible for my infection as Chris or anyone else. Here we are like a lot of times before it, Chris fucking my ass, and Chris about to share a load of infected semen with me. I subconsciously mouth the words, “He stopped taking his medication”, as he’s banging my ass, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! FUCK!! FUCK!!”, I cry out loud as I think about that. “Did…”, I start to speak but cut myself, “…you do that just for me”. “Did what babe?”, I hear Chris. “Just fuck me… fuck me Chris, give me that load”, I speak up so I don’t have to explain all the thoughts bouncing around in my head. My musings haven’t registered with him and I can tell by his groans that the sex is bringing him closer and closer to the edge. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… babe….. oh fuck…. So close”, he moans out. One final hard thrust and his cock begins to spew its toxic load deep inside my ass. I can feel the warmth of his sperm coating my insides as he squirts deep. "OH FUCK YEA!!! FUCK!!! FUCKING TAKE IT!!”, Chris screams, as the load pumps into me. I keep grinding my hips into him, wanting him to spray paint every square inch in my rectum with that special spunk. When his hips stop gyrating into me, and he seems spent, I’m going to milk him for every last drop. I love the feeling of his huge cock in me, just resting, knowing he’s dumped his cargo. Even as he’s just laying there, that fat cock motionless inside me, I’m in total bliss. I know Chris just sent another infected load from his body into my accepting body. I’ve become a poz cum receptacle for him. Chris falls on top of me exhausted. My legs are still tightly wrapped around him, and for at least a moment or so, his wet cock remains lodged in me. I wrap my arms around him; and, with one quick jerk, I spin us around, until I’m lying on top of him. His eyes open instantly, as he looks up at me. I push myself up, until I’m on my knees, as I sat on his crotch. My cock is hard and leaking, sticking straight up against my bare pubic bone, as I look down at my sexy gifter. His cock is still wedged in me, but I can feel it shrinking. I pulls myself free from his cock, and lean forward, my precum making a huge mess on this chest. It’s at that moment Mike perks up, “Don’t move babe … time for round two”, he says. Mike hops up and moves so his legs are over Chris’, he intends to breed me, with me hanging over Chris’s body. Mike groans, “Ahhhhhhhhhh… hang … hang… ahhhhhhhhhh … yeah”, and the cock of the other man I love glides easily into my cummy ass. “Ohhhhh fuck yeah”, I moan, ignoring Chris for a moment, even though I know I’m soaking him in precum. I feel four sets of hands on my body, Mike pushing me down and forward a bit, so he can more easily ride me. I kiss Chris and moan against him as Mike starts to ride my ass. “Ahhhhhhhh…. Fuck yeah, … breed me Mike … fucking breed me … fucking …”, I moan but he’s interrupts, “Ahhhhh…. So good … don’t move”. I feel something odd like paper on my back and then he’s holding an envelope in front of my face, “That’s you babe”, but I can’t open it as I’m using both hands to brace myself. “Chris … please”, I groan. Chris grabs the envelope from Mike. Mike’s fucking motions have almost stopped, he’s all the way in though, and I can feel his cock throbbing. Chris opens the envelope, looks at it, and then pulls out a blue card holding it up for me. The card reads, “NEG” in big, white letters. I’m not entirely surprised, but my only response is a meager, “k”. My mind wonders and now I want to know what’s on Mike’s card. I squeeze down on hiss cock to remind him I’m still impaled on his dick and I still expect to be bred. Mike holds another envelope in front of my face ... “Mine”, he says, “He’s such a drama queen sometimes”, I think. He holds completely still, opening the envelope. He hands the card to Chris, and pulls out, and pushes back into me hard. I still can’t see the card, but Mike wasted no time in returning his focus to my ass. Then Chris let’s out a, “Fuck yea!” and slowly turns the card around to show me, its red and reads, “HIV+”. I wrap my hand around my hard cock, and stroke more of my leaking pre-cum from my shaft onto Chris’ chest. It’s oozing from the slit, and mixing with the hairs on his chest. Chris is now watching me intently as Mike picks up the pace. I tighten up my ass muscles to resist some until the head plunges all the way into my asshole. He pulls back and gives several quick, hard pumps and I jump as pushes hard and the head of his now poz cock is completely swallowed into my dark warm hole. “FUCK!”, I moan, “FUCKING breed me Mike!”. I know Mike gets fucked a lot, and probably took loads from everyone last night, but I also know he loves hot verbal and my begging is definitely working. Mike wanted to be infected, and now he is; and now he’s trying to give it to me. Good luck to him … I think Chris has already punched that ticket for me, but that shouldn’t stop me from goading Mike into a wild fuck. “I want it Mike … I want this … I want it so bad … fuck me”, I moan into Chris’ face as he’s leaning up to kiss me. “Fuck yea … pozzing my first hole”, I don't want to move around too much, I just want him to go for it and breed me deep. My asshole relaxes around the his cock as he’s pounding me. Mike pulls almost all the way out, fucking me with short, rough jabs, then his cock sinks deeper into my asshole, until my pelvic bone is nearly shoved up tight up against Chris’ face. Mike's cock is rock hard, filled with poz blood, I know very soon I’m getting my second load of unmedicated poz sperm this morning. I’m so fucking horned up from Chris, and now Mike, working me over that my cock and my mouth are drooling. Chris leans up to me and some of my drool literally goes right into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhh… fuck I love that ass babe”, Mike moans, as Chris and I start kissing again. Chris’ hands move from my chest to my hips and his grip helps my legs tighten up and keep me stable as Mike lays into me hard and heavy. I know Mike is intent on trying to poz me, so I reach back, pulling him deeper into me. I want his load, I know I’m ready for a serious breeding, and I want to be sure he knows it too. “Do it Mike … fucking nail me … fucking knock me up”, I start speaking directly into Chris’ open mouth. Mike grabs my hips and the pace of the fucking picks up. I look at Chris’ sexy face, with his brown hair, Mike is pumping my ass up and down. My cock is all over the place between Chris’ nipples … my precum is slinging out all over the place in small threads as my asshole puts a death grip on Mike’s poz fuck stick. Mike begins to moan out loudly ... "OH FUCK YEA! FUCK! OH FUCK ! HARD! JUST FUCKING LOVE THAT ASS KEVIN, FUCKIN’ LOVE THIS!!!" He goes on and on, as his cock violates my insides. Part of me feels like I’m riding his cock almost like a cowboy from Texas riding a wild bull. I plant my hands further into the bed, and push my ass back against his cock, causing our fuck to be even harder; all while trying to kiss Chris. At one point, I think my bed is going to collapse, we’re bouncing on it so hard. Mike moves his hands down, and is pushing his body up to mine, he’s fucking his cock down into my ass. Mike is jackhammering me, trying to get his seed in as deep as he can. We fuck like that for a while with him fucking me hard like the fucking pig sluts that we were. I haven’t even cum once; I'm not even sure if Mike cares, but my cock is rock hard, as he’s plunges in and out of my stretched hole over and over. I move my face into Chris’ neck, my ass high in the air waiting and wanting his poz load as he rides that hole. "Oh Fuck, baby; OH FUCK! I’m going to cum ... HARD!!", he says lashing out at my back, and I do my best to grip his cock tighter with my ass. I move my face into a kiss with Chris and his hands find my the steel girder between my legs. That last bit triggers something in both of us, because we begin to buck like animals, pounding away on each other, his cock slamming into his ass, hitting faster and deeper. “UHhhhhhhhhh…… uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. “, I hear him, his orgasm coming fast. Then it happens, his cock begins to pump massive loads of freshly infected HIV+ jizz into my wet, well-fucked hole. It’s fucking wild; I can feel his balls tighten up as they pump, spewing huge globs of cum. Its amazing that Mike literally just found out he’s HIV+, and now the first poz load he spills is being jettisoned from his cock slit, deep into the darkness of my body. I swear if Mike cums any harder I’m going to taste his jizz. “Ahhhhhhhhhh……Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Oh fuck”, I’m screaming, my knotting up like a dogs, filled with my babies, until I’m ready to explode with force. The first shot of my cum rockets over Chris’ head splattering against the headboard and wall behind us. It hits hard, with enough force to hear it, and immediately begins to stream down toward the floor. My second and third shots land on Chris’ face, mouth and chest, causing my spunk to puddle in large amounts on his body. It seems like a lot, but I know from experience my balls have a lot more cum to produce, especially with me still being impaled on Mike’s dick. Thinking that my cock is going to start spewing cum all over the sheets, I grab my erupting cock, and aim the rest towards Chris’ mouth. He gets it and instantly, his mouth and lips are covered in my hot, white, and creamy load; which he licks and swallows down greedily, not realizing that the torrent of liquid from my balls isn't going to end soon. As my cock continues to lose its load, we all grip each other in the throws of the orgasms. I know Chris’ stomach is drowning in my boys and my ass is drowning in sperm from both of them, even though Mike’s seed might be more potent at the moment. Finally, when the orgasms pass, we all collapse, side by side, naked. Our soft cocks are lying on top of our stomachs and we’re drenched in sweat, drained, and exhausted. I’m trying desperately to catch my breath. "Fuck that was so hot”, I hear Mike as he looks over into my eyes. I can’t wait for them to fuck me again.
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    sounds like a reasonable presumption. my only question (and I guess you've kinda answered it by not being dead) is are you diluting the wine enough not to cause alcohol poisoning? I remember Larry Townsend recommending a 10:1 dilution. I don't want to picture anyone dead in an alley, squatting on a bottle of Ripple.
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    Someone kindly pointed me to the fetlife site. You will definitely find girls and men who will enjoy your sissy life. Good luck girl, you look pretty hot! Need to post some girly pics. Kisses girlfriend.
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    After reading all these hot gifting and chasing stories I decided to give it a whirl. This is my first one. Give me your feedback. I’ll know if I should just enjoy reading them or keep writing more. An unexpected breeding Part: 1 I was a naïve teenager. I didn’t grow up around anyone gay and was a little shy. I would dream about men, jack off thinking about men, and check out the guys in the shower at school during gym class. I never dreamed about women or jacked off thinking about women. It was always sexual dreams about men. I thought it was all just curiosity. I wasn’t gay. I had a girlfriend in high school, but kissing her just didn’t feel right. Still I was straight, or so I thought. It wasn’t going to be long before all that changed. I was a senior in high school, and my 18th birthday was coming up. Leading up to my birthday my best friend, who was a year younger than me and had his birthday the day before mine, was eagerly wanting me to go into an adult bookstore on my 18th birthday and get him a “titty” magazine as we called it. I was intrigued, turned on, and nervous at the same time. I reluctantly agreed to do it. I borrowed my mom’s car, and we both drove off together heading to the adult bookstore in downtown. We waited until it was dark, and the bookstore had a back entrance and parking lot. It was a bit seedy. We sat in the car for a bit while my buddy helped me find the courage to walk into the bookstore. I nervously got out of the car, took a deep breath, walked to the door, and entered the bookstore. The walls were lined with XXX adult magazines. I slowly walked toward the counter looking at the porn magazines on the wall, seeing women and men in all sorts of sexual positions, sucking cocks, anything this naïve kid to think of. I spotted the rack with the “titty” magazines next to the front counter. Just where I didn’t want to go, next to the guy behind the counter. He said hello to me and asked me for my I.D. I nervously presented it, and he said, “Well, happy birthday. Enjoy.” I just nodded, took my I.D., and resumed looking at “titty” magazines for my bud. While looking at the magazines I glanced to the wall and saw XXX gay porn magazines. Guys sucking cock. Hot, hairy, rugged looking men having hot gay sex. I had a raging hard on in a flash. I kept glancing at the gay porn on the wall while pretending to look at “titty” magazines for my bud. I quickly grabbed a “titty” magazine, paid for it at the counter and started to leave the bookstore. A guy leaning against the wall in a hall that led into the back glanced at me and said, “Nice.” I ignored the comment and quickly left. My bud was happy with his “titty” magazine, but I couldn’t get the image of those gay XXX magazines out of my head. I was so turned on by them. I found myself jacking off in bed thinking about them. It took me a few weeks to build up the courage to go back to that adult bookstore. I took my mom’s car on a Friday night, walked into the bookstore back entrance, and found the gay XXX magazine that most caught my eye when I first saw them a few weeks prior. It was still there. I grabbed it, went to the counter and paid for it. I was nervous, but stupid me also didn’t realize that probably every guy in the bookstore was cruising for sex, gay sex. I took the magazine home and would jack off daily looking at the rugged, hairy men, sucking cock, getting fucked, taking cum on their faces and in their mouths. I wanted that for myself. I was craving to be a pig. I wanted to taste cock, balls, and cum. I wanted to feel a guy’s cock in my ass and feel his cock pulsing while shooting his cum deep inside me. I was hooked. I wanted more gay magazines and started to hang out at the bookstore more and more. I had a nice collection of hardcore jack off material at home. I realized that guys were cruising in the bookstore and began to cruise too to experience my first time having sex with a man. The sleazy side of sex was seductive, and turned me on. By now I had been going to the bookstore for a few months, and had just graduated high school. It was the Summer before college started and I was leaving the bookstore on a weekend night. A thin, hairy, rugged looking man about 40 years old caught my eye in the bookstore and we made eye contact. He followed me out to the back parking lot, and he asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot with him. I nervously agreed. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I felt it could pound right out of my chest. He told me to follow him to his place, and I did so almost shaking inside in anticipation of my first time experiencing what I craved. When we reached his apartment, he offered me a drink, and some of his pot. It was my first time trying pot, and I could feel the buzz coming on. He put a hand on my ass, and I didn’t stop him. It felt so good feeling his rugged hand firmly grabbing my ass through my jeans. My cock was already hard and pressing tightly against my jeans. He asked me if I wanted to go to his bedroom, and I agreed. He led me down the hall to his bedroom. He started to French kiss me, and I began to melt in his arms. I could feel his hard cock pressed against me as he kept kissing me with his tongue slowly and passionately swirling with mine. He slipped his shirt off, revealing a very hairy chest and abdomen. I was so nervous, but so ready for this. He slipped my shirt over my head, and looked at my smooth chest. I wished I had his body hair. It turned me on feeling his hairy chest against my skin as he continued to kiss me. He unbuckled my jeans and slid them down. My cock stood at attention and he slid his hand down my shaft to my wet piss slit already leaking precum. He ran his finger across it and licked the precum from his finger. Then he stood in front of me and unbuckled his shorts. He dropped them to the floor showing me his perfectly shaped hard 8 inch cock as it pulsed in front of me. He put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me again and pushed me down toward his cock. I ran my tongue across the head of his cock, and felt my cock dancing with excitement as I tasted his precum. I quickly slid his cock into my mouth and felt the shaft slide across tongue. I took his cock all the way into my mouth. I could smell sweat on his balls from the Summer heat, and tasted his salty precum in my mouth. I was so turned on sucking his rock hard cock. The taste of sweat, cock, precum was heavenly. Was this really happening? What I craved to experience was finally happening and I didn’t want it to end. He pulled me to my feet and told me to get on the bed on my belly. He slid into bed on top of me and put one arm around my chest and the other hand on my neck as he slid his hard cock into the crack of my ass. I could feel his hairy body pressed against mine, and he was kissing the back of my neck. He started to slowly grind against my virgin ass. I could feel his cock leaking precum as he repeatedly slid his cock between my ass cheeks, lubing my hole. Then he whispered in my ear, “You ever been fucked, boy?” I replied, “No,” and he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. In an instant I said yes to this rugged man, and he got to his knees behind me on the bed. I was scared and excited. My ass was craving to feel his cock in my ass. He never asked if I wanted a condom, and I didn’t bother to bring it up. I wanted him in me raw. I wanted his cock to shoot all his cum deep inside of me. He spread my ass cheeks with a firm grip of his hands and spit on my asshole. Then he spit in his hand and greased up his cock. He pressed the head of his cock to my hole and I could feel the wetness as his cock head began to open me up. He slid his head into my ass, and I tensed with pain and pleasure. I wanted this too much to stop, and he continued to slide his cock into my tight hole. The farther he slid in the more it burned. He slowly worked his shaft all the way into my ass. I could feel his pubic hair and balls pressing tight against me. He was all the way in and he stopped his motion to let me feel his cock deep in me as it pulsed with excitement. I was so hard I could have shot my load without even touching my cock. He asked if I was ok, and even though it burned like a bitch, I said I was fine and that it felt awesome. He started to slowly slide his cock in and out of my tight ass, letting the head of his cock just slip out of my ass before opening me back up for another plunge until he was all the way in. He put his hand firmly against the back of my head and was increasing the motion of his hips sliding in and out fucking me with the entire length of his cock. Then suddenly he stopped and pulled out. He flipped me onto my back and put my legs on his shoulders. He said he wanted to look into my eyes as he fucked me deeply with his hard cock. Every thrust of his cock pressed against my prostate, and I felt like I was going to spew my load all over my chest every time he slid his cock all the way in. He pulled out of my ass again and said, “Look at this, boy!! See all that precum leaking from my cock? You have me so turned on with your hot virgin ass. Do you want more? Do you want my cum deep inside you?” I begged for him to fuck me and plant his seed in my ass. It was all I wanted. In an instant he had my legs back on his shoulders, pressed his cock against my asshole and slid all the way in again. He grabbed me by the shoulders pressing his cock deep inside me and started to French kiss me while fucking me harder and harder. Then he grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs higher so he could watch as his cock slid in and out of my asshole. He was fucking he harder and faster and I could feel his cock even bigger stretching my ass as he pounded in deep. He then said, “I’m getting close boy. Do you want my cum?” I said, “Yes, cum inside me. Give me your load.” He said, “Here it comes.” Then I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass as he buried his cock deep in me, stretching my hole as much as he could. He was filling my ass with his cum with each pulse of his cock. As he emptied every drop of cum from his balls into my ass, he pressed deep to plant his seed in me and said, “Take my poz load, boy!!!” The words rang in my ears. Poz load!!! I didn’t even touch my cock. My cock instantly swelled and I drained my balls, shooting my cum all over my face and chest with each pulse of my cock. I reached out and pulled his ass cheeks to bury his cock as far into my ass as possible. Feeling my touch of approval pulling his cock deeper into my ass he quickly looked into my eyes, and said, “You loved taking my poz cum, didn’t you?” I was shocked and scared. Not only did I take my first load of cum in my ass, what I wanted so badly, but I found myself totally turned on knowing this rugged, hairy man was seeding my ass with poz cum. I said, “Yes, I loved it!!” He pulled out of my hole and I could feel some of his cum drip out of my stretched, wet hole. He laid on the bed next to me and said, “So, do you want more? Want me to poz your ass, boy?” I replied, “What just happened? I’m scared, but I was so turned on when you told me to take your poz cum.” He then said, “You will be alright. If this is something that turns you on, let me show you that you will love being poz.” Then he admitted to me that he chased to poz and loved it. He said that he was poz for two years and was not on meds yet. He also told me that if I wanted this, he would love to poz me. He said, “If you’re turned on by this, don’t deny yourself. Just go with it.” I sat for a minute trying to get my head around what was happening. Then I looked into his eyes, and said, “Yes, I want this.” He then said, “Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you. You will love being poz, and this will be so erotic for both of us.” He kissed me on the lips, and we both got up and got dressed. I could feel my ass was wet, full of poz cum, and I wanted to keep every drop in me. He gave me his phone number, told me to call him, and that he would give me all the poz cum I wanted. I left his apartment scared and excited. I went home and jacked off thinking about taking this man’s poz cum in my ass. I told myself I wouldn’t do it again, but within a week I was craving to be with him again. I wanted more of his poz cum in me. I wanted to poz from him. I wanted him to be a part of me and share his gift with me. I grabbed my cell phone and called him. He said “hello,” and upon hearing it was me said, “I’m so glad you called. So, are you ready for more, boy?” I just grinned and said, “yes, oh yes.”
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    I never thought I'd be the guy who takes random guys' bare cocks and their cum. I thought I'd be a safe sex, monogamous bottom forever. Not so much. LOL. I met Justin on a4a. I was actually looking for guys to go on dates with and he was a negative top who didn't have anything picked when it came to safe sex/anything goes. He was sexy, 5'10", brown, brown, and had a slim body. He also had a 7.5" fat cock. We chatted on a4a and he seemed pretty cool and smart. We set up a date and met up for dinner and drinks. We really hit it off and we went for another drink after dinner. I was feeling the booze and didn't eat much at dinner, so when we got to talking about sex I told him he could fuck me bareback if he wanted. He said fuck yeah he wanted to fuck me bareback. We left the bar, went to my place and he fucked me bareback and came in my ass. Justin and I didn't work out as boyfriends because he drank and partied too much for me, but we did fuck a lot. He became my first real fuck buddy. He'd come over and I'd ride his cock, he'd fuck me on my back, doggie, bent over a table, every way possible. I liked being on my back the most with Justin because when he fucked me you could see his flat stomach flex it's abs. It was so hot to watch him fuck me. We stopped seeing each other as fuck buddies once he got a boyfriend, but we remained friends. I dated and fucked around, still looking for that elusive hot top boyfriend, and Justin always asked about my sex life when we'd hang out together. He loved hearing about me taking loads from guys I met at bars and online. I told him everything. Justin and his boyfriend lasted about a year. As soon as they broke up, he was over at my place riding my ass and breeding me. We were in bed after a hot fuck and he asked if I had any fantasies. I told him that I wanted to get fucked bareback in public and have the guys around know I was getting fucked bareback. He said "That's hot, especially since you are so preppy and clean cut that most guys would probably be shocked to know what a cum dump you are." We got so turned on that he turned me face down and slid his hard cock inside me again and fucked me. A few weeks later, I ran into Justin at a bar in his neighborhood while I was out with a few guys I knew (but not well). These guys and I had all just been at a mutual friend's party and had some drinks, so we were feeling good. Justin was drunk, but not sloppy yet. As we all hung out and drank the guys were all hitting on me and Justin and buying us drinks. We were having a good time and when the bar closed we decided to go to another, sleazier bar up the street. Justin loves this place. It's pretty big upstairs, three bars and there is a sex room downstairs. I'd only been down there once and only to see what it was like. It's the kind of sex room where you have to take your shirt off to get inside but it's clean and just feels like a sterile bathroom when you are in it. By this time, it's pretty late and since this bar is one of the only ones still open it is getting a decent crowd. Justin and I are making out by this point and his hands are all over my ass and down the back of my pants. The other guys we are with can see all of this and one of them, Rob, said, "I knew you were a bottom. You're so hot. I really want to get my cock in you." "Maybe another time," I replied, explaining "I'm going home with Justin tonight." We all danced and drank a round or two of shots. Justin said, "Let's go downstairs. You rubbing your ass on my cock has me really horny." I hesitated. Justin said, "Come on. We can play out your fantasy." I immediately got hard. I asked if he was sure and he just took my hand and down the stairs we went. I took off my polo and Justin took off his tee shirt at the door to the room. As soon as we got in the room, I opened his jeans and took out his hot cock(no underwear and he was wearing a cock ring). He pushed me against the wall and we made out and I stroked his cock. He pushed me to my knees and I sucked his cock. He loves blowing loads in my mouth, but tonight he was going to fuck me and I needed to get him pretty wet. I was sucking him and we started to get a small group of guys watching us. Some older, some chubbier, some hot; but all watching me suck Justin's hot cock. Justin pulled me up and turned me around. I undid my jeans and slid them off my ass showing off my jock strap. (There are condoms and lube packets all over this bar). Justin opened a lube packet and lubed his cock and my asshole. I heard one of the guys say, "I think they are going to fuck bareback." Justin said, "If he wants to, we can." I reached back and slipped his cock in my ass. I winced and had to get used to it, but I was ready for his fuck pretty quickly. Justin asked if I liked his cock. I moaned that I did. He said, "You like getting fucked bareback don't you?" "Yeah," I replied. Justin repeated his question to me several times, insisting I repeat myself, and expressly say much I liked getting bare cock in my ass. The guys watching us were getting really turned on. I couldn't see them all, but I could see that a few were stoking their cocks and others were starting to make out. Justin fucked me against the wall like that for a while. He stopped and told me to take off my jeans so he could spread my legs more. I was nervous about this but I did it. I was now in my jockstrap and Converse shoes. I leaned back against the wall and spread my legs. Justin slid his cock back in my ass and started pounding my ass. He made me say again that I loved getting fucked bareback. Then Justin said, "I'm going to cum in you bitch." I said, "Please cum in my ass. Don't pull out." He rammed his cock home inside me and groaned filling me up with his cum. I hadn't cum yet and was really horny. Rob, one of the guys we'd been hanging out with all night, came up and said "That was fucking hot. Can I fuck him too?" Justin said, "Sure. I don't own him." Justin slipped his cock out of me, made sure I was cool with it, and stood next to me and kissed me. I made out with Justin as Rob ran his cock over my ass crack. He opened a lube packet and spread the lube on his cock. He said, "Since I know how much you like getting fucked bareback I guess I don't need a condom." "No, you don't," I replied as his cock slipped in my ass. Now, his cock wasn't as thick or long as Justin's but still it felt good, especially as while Rob was fucking me, Justin and another bystander began making out, which made the experience all the more of a turn-on. Rob pushed me over some and pulled my ass out more and started pulling his cock all the way out and slamming it back in. I was loving it and moaning. Rob started speeding up and he said, "You want my cum, don't you?" "Yes," I replied, but like Justin, Rob insisted I repeat my 'yes' several times, so I did, over and over, louder each time, and by the Rob shot his load in my ass I was all but shouting. Then he unceremoniously withdrew. I still hadn't cum, but I was loved getting fucked. I looked around hoping to see Justin but instead saw another guy, probably in his late 40s. He had stepped behind me, and had positioned his cock at my hole. I didn't know him, but that didn't matter. Rather I compulsively I pushed back on his cock and the head popped in. I knew he was in me bareback. He just started fucking me, grunting as he did "You're one fuckin' hot slut - my cock loves your hole." Then he leaned forward, pulled my face to the side, and kissed me, sliding his tongue as deep into my mouth as we could manage. I sucked on his tongue, thinking of it as a very muscular cock as he kept fucking my ass. I found myself moaning into his mouth as he paused and muttered "I'm going to cum." "Blow inside my ass," I replied. Slapping my ass cheeks, he did just that, giving me every drop of his load. A bystander asked if we knew each other, and the top replied as he withdrew from my ass "No, but thanks, slut. That was good." Another guy stepped up and his bare cock slipped inside my ass. He came in me too. Then another cock and another cock. Then I heard a familiar voice. I looked back and it was one of the summer interns from the firm. He said, "Fucking hot ass man. I wanted to fuck you all last summer. Now you're going to take my poz cock." I don't even remember this intern's name, but he slipped his bare poz cock in my cum filled ass and fucked me silly. This guy was really hot and he really knew how to fuck. He must've fucked me for 20 minutes. It was starting to hurt a bit and he reached around and started jerking my cock. He said, "For such a slutty bottom you have a great fat cock." He jerked me and fucked me. Just as he was cumming in my ass, Justin showed up and asked if I was okay. As the intern semi-collapsed on my back, his sweaty chest leaving me soaked, I replied "Yeah, I'm absolutely fine." Justin got on his knees and started giving me head. I blew my load with the intern's cock still inside me. He said, "Holy crap you just totally worked my cock when you came." He asked if I wanted another load from him. I said sure and he fucked me pretty fast and gave me another load. Justin then pulled me off his cock, turned me around and kissed me. "Did you get what you wanted? Was the experience as hot as your fantasy?" Justin asked. "If possible, it was even more so," I replied. Then Justin and I dressed and left, taking the intern in tow, the three of us going back to my place. The three of us fucked all night and most of the next day, eventually passing out in my bed. It was a really hot night. I really am a cumdump now. I love it. The end.
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    An Unexpecting Breeding Part: 4 My ass was a little sore from the fuckings from Jeremy. I was busy for the next few days, but had a hard time concentrating on tasks at hand. Jeremy was on my mind constantly. I was totally infatuated with him. My fears about pozzing were gone, and all I wanted was to be with him. I hoped that the breedings I received would poz me, but part of me was also enjoying the chase. Just thinking about it would get my cock rock hard. I was turning into a bareback pig and found I loved every bit of it. I felt like myself for the first time. After a few days my ass was feeling better and craving more poz cum so I gave Jeremy a call. He said that he was busy for the next few days, but we made plans to get together on Friday night for dinner and catch a movie, and of course more breeding for my 'neg' ass. He said he had a surprise for me, something that he thought would make my cock hard. I was intrigued, but he wouldn’t tell me what it was, saying instead “You’ll see soon enough.” When Friday finally rolled around I was so anxious and horned up to see Jeremy. I drove to his apartment and we headed off to dinner. Summer was winding down soon and during dinner Jeremy wanted to know if I was staying in the area for college. I was already enrolled in the local college, and I said, “You’re not getting rid of me that easily.” He was happy to hear I was staying in the area. He told me he wanted me to be with him. This wasn’t just about pozzing me up. He wanted me to be his in every way. I told him I wanted that too, and we agreed to see each other on a regular basis. He was my daddy and I was his boy. For the rest of the dinner we talked about our likes and dislikes. He enjoyed the outdoors, camping and fishing and loved to travel. We also talked more about our turn on for gifting and chasing and bareback pig sex. He said he loved to go to bath houses and loved anonymous gloryhole sex. I told him that was something I had not experienced yet, but wanted to. Just thinking about it made my cock twitch. He said he would take me, but I had to wait until he pozzed my ass. He said, “It’ll be a celebration of your pozzing.” I then asked what the surprise was and he said, “Be patient. I’ll tell you later tonight.” After dinner we headed to the theater. It was our first real date together and I was enjoying all my time with Jeremy. We entered the theater just in time. The movie had just begun, and just what I was hoping for, there was only a few other people in the theater. We sat near the back of the theater with our legs touching each other. Jeremy put his hand on my thigh. About halfway into the movie Jeremy slid his hand up my leg and in no time had my cock standing at attention. He pressed against my cock through my jeans. His touch made my cock pulse and chills ran through my body. I started leaking precum and could feel the wet spot forming in my underwear. It was erotic. He leaned over to me and quietly said, “I’m going to take you home and fuck the hell out of you, boy. You want more of my poz seed tonight?” After hearing those words I pressed his hand tight against my cock so he could feel my hard on pulsing through my jeans, and whispered in reply “Does that answer your question?” He smirked and said, “You hot little pig, boy,” then rubbed my cock again and slid his hand onto my thigh. I could hardly wait for the movie to end. I was too horny and kept thinking about Jeremy’s cock in my ass filling me up with his poz fluids. On our way to his place I put my hand on his thigh and slid my hand up his leg to feel his poz cock. It was getting hard as I stroked it through his jeans. He got fully erect, and I kept stroking his shaft, pressing firmly against his jeans. Then I unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them and stroked his cock through his underwear. The head of his cock was sticking out of his underwear, and he was already leaking poz precum. I slid his large dick out of his underwear, stroked it, and ran my fingers over his cock head. I scooped up his precum and licked it off my finger. Then I leaned over and slid my tongue down his shaft from the head to the base. Precum was leaking from his piss slit and running down the head of his cock and I licked that up. It tasted so sweet. He said, “That feels so good, boy” as he ran his hand over the back of my head and neck. I slid the head of his cock into my mouth, and then took the full length of his shaft against my tongue and all the way into my mouth. I could feel it throbbing with excitement as I slowly sucked his cock all the way in and out of my mouth. Then I sat up and ran my hand under his shirt to feel his hairy belly and chest, and at that point Jeremy quietly said “I can’t wait to get you home.” When we got to Jeremy’s apartment he led me to the bedroom. He stripped me naked and pushed me onto my back on the bed. My cock was already getting hard. He said, “Are you ready for your surprise, boy?” He had a big smile on his face and kept his eyes fixed on me lying naked on the bed. He slowly undressed. He pulled his shirt off, showing me his hairy chest. I could see the bulge from his erect dick through his jeans. Then he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. As he dropped his jeans and underwear to the floor his cock sprung to attention. Then I saw it. He had a tattoo on his right lower abdomen near his pubic hair. It was a biohazard tattoo, and the numbers 2, 19 and 12 appeared between the points of the symbol. He could see my eyes fixed on his tattoo and said, “Do you know what it means?” I said, “I have an idea, but I’m not sure.” He then said “In the gay community it’s pretty well known that having a biohazard tattoo means you’re poz. Now, I’m poz and very proud of it. You know it’s erotic to me and that I chased to poz. While I’m seeding your ass with my poz cum you can see my biohazard tattoo and know every load from my cock is toxic.” I asked what the numbers meant. He proudly said, “That’s the day I tested poz. It’s kind of like my second birthday – February 19th, 2012.” He then asked “So what do you think of it?” “It’s awesome. I love it!” Then he looked into my eyes and said, “And after I poz you, if you want a biohazard tattoo, I’d love to take you to get your tattoo. It will be like your second birthday, proudly marking you as my poz boy.” I burst out, “Yes, absolutely!!!” I looked at him standing naked in front of me. He had such an awesome body and his new tattoo and hard poz cock made my pole dance with excitement. I was fully erect. I was excited at the thought of pozzing and marking my body as his poz boy. He said, “Now let’s get back to pozzing your ass, boy.” He walked over to the bed and told me to get on my knees and suck his cock as he stood next to the bed. I crawled over to him looking into his eyes then put my hand around the base of his cock cupping his balls in my hand and slid the full length of his cock down my throat. He moaned with pleasure and said, “Yes, get my cock nice and wet for your tight ass, boy. I’m going to breed you good.” I kept sucking his cock and massaging his balls. He had his hands on the sides of my head guiding his rod in and out of my mouth. His cock swelled even harder in my mouth. He grabbed my shoulders and said, “Woah, slow down, boy! You’re going to make me cum, and that seed is for your ass.” He pulled his cock out of my mouth and lay on the bed on his back. He motioned for me to come over to him and I strattled him with his hard dick pressed between my ass cheeks. I leaned down and started to French kiss Jeremy and worked my ass against his cock. He wet his hand with his spit and lubed up his rod. He told me to ride his cock and I did just what my Daddy told me to do. He guided the head of his dick toward my hole, and I took it from his hand and pressed it firmly to my tight hole. As I worked the head of his cock into my ass, and he remarked “This may hurt a bit boy.” With one fast motion he grabbed my hips and thrust upward slamming the full length of his shaft deep in my ass. I let out a yelp from the pain and involuntarily my muscles tensed up. It burned like crazy and Jeremy sought to prepare me by remarking “This may get a bit rough, boy. I’m going to work my cock in that ass good. You’re going to be poz by the end of this night.” He gave me a second to catch my breath from the burning sensation. Then he grabbed a bottle from the night stand. He opened it up and held it to my nostril and said, “Here, you’re going to need this. Breathe in and hold it in.” I inhaled deeply. My head began to spin a little and my heart was racing. I felt my ass relax as Jeremy started to slide his cock in and out of my ass with his hands on my hips. Pain turned to pleasure and I started to ride his hard cock. I was taking it all the way in as far as I could slide his pole into my ass. His cock stretched my ass open wide and it slid in and out with ease. I was wet and knew his cock was leaking his toxic precum in me, lubing me up. I loved feeling my ass tight around his shaft engulfing the full length of his cock with each plunge down to his balls. I rode his cock and when I had it buried deep in my ass he suddenly grabbed me around my back. He quickly rolled me over on the bed onto my back, grabbed my ankles and started working his cock in and out of my ass harder and harder and faster. My cock showed all my excitement pulsing and totally hard. He fucked me long and hard and told me, “Boy, you are really working me up. You’re going to get my poz cum.” I begged him to cum in me, and he said, “Here it comes, boy. Your first load of cum tonight. Take my poz seed.” I loved that I could feel his cock pulsing in me every time he shot all his toxic seed into me. The excitement pushed me over the edge without even stroking my cock. I moaned in pleasure and I began to shoot my cum onto my chest. My ass tightened around his hard cock with each shot of cum from my dick, draining every drop of cum from his piss hole. His body shook and he moaned with pleasure. My ass was full of his poz seed. Then he pulled his cock from my ass and fell to the bed next to me. I said, “That was amazing!!” He told me, “You’re not done, boy.” Then he worked his fingers into my ass and pulled them out with cum and pink streaks of blood on his fingers. He told me to lick them, and I happily cleaned his fingers with my tongue. It excited me to take his seed both in my ass and down my throat. He spooned me on the bed. He was still hard and slid his cock back into my ass. He kept it inside me breathed heavily on the back of my neck and wrapped his arms around my chest. I could feel his cock getting harder again as he slowly slid in and out of my wet, dripping ass. Then between deep breaths he whispered, “I can give you another load, boy.” That turned me on and my cock started to get hard. He kept pumping my ass with his hard cock. I was boned up and stroking my rod. He said, “I’m working that seed into you, boy. Let it in.” He fucked me faster and faster. We were both hot and sweating. It didn’t take him long and he said, “Are you close? I’m going to cum again.” “Yes," I replied, and he chuckled. “Shoot your load with me, boy.” I tightened my ass around his cock again as I started to cum. He pumped my ass a few more times, and then shoved into me deep, moaning “I’m cumming, boy. Feel my cock shooting in you again?” He held me tightly as his cock emptied another poz load in my gut, his arm across my chest resting in the puddle of my cum on my chest. He caressed my body with his hands rubbing the cum and sweat around on my chest and belly. Then he put his fingers to my mouth. I licked them as he smeared my cum across my lips. His cock softened and slid out of my ass. I could feel his poz cum running down my ass cheek. Then Jeremy reached into his nightstand, grabbed some kind of toy from the top drawer, and slid it down my ass crack, lubed the toy with the cum leaking from my hole, and then pressed the toy home. “I filled you good. Keep that butt plug in you, boy. You need my seed to do its job,” Jeremy remarked contentedly. We lay in bed together curled-up together, and I asked “You told me your viral load is higher. How high is it?” Jeremy told me, “My last test was a few months ago and it was close to 250,000 at that time. I’m sure it’s gone higher since then. My doc wants me to start meds, but my T-cell count is still high, so I've refused. I’m not starting meds until I’m at AIDS status. I want to breed as many asses as I can before going on meds.” I said, “Well, have you pozzed anyone before this?” He said, “I ONLY fuck bareback, and most guys just bend over and take it. I’ve stealthed some neg pigs. I have fucked some chasers, but you’re the first guy I met that I want as my boy,” adding "he first night I saw you in the bookstore, you definitely caught my eye. When I was fucking you that night, and told you to take my poz cum, I was so excited to see it boned you up big time.” Then he pulled my body closer to his and ran his finger across my lower lip. He slowly slid his tongue across my lips and into my mouth and kissed me slowly and passionately. I melted in his arms and rest my head on his chest lying in his arms. He asked me if I was spending the night again, and I said, “Yes!!” Then Jeremy asked, “Can you come over every night this week when I get home from work? We need to flood your ass with my toxic seed. You’re going to be starting college soon, and I’d like you fully charged by then.” I told him I definitely could, and that I also hoped to have MY biohazard tattoo by then. For the next week Jeremy fucked my ass every night. He gave me load after load of his poz cum deep inside me. I was staying at his apartment more and more, sleeping with him all night. By the following weekend I had taken 14 more toxic loads in my ass. I woke in the middle of the night ringing wet with sweat. By morning I was terribly sick. Jeremy stayed in bed with me. He said, “You’re seroconverting. Now you’re my poz boy.” As sick as I was I was so excited to be connected with my man forever. He was now a part of me. After five additional days I was still experiencing night sweats, headaches, body aches, and had developed a rash on my abdomen. I felt tired, and still very sick. Jeremy told me that this would all pass after my body adjusted to the virus. He took me to the local AIDS resource center for my confirmation blood test. I was so boned up in the car on my way to the test center. I knew the results already. I sat in the waiting room with Jeremy. He said, “You’re going to be fine…..don’t worry, boy. Know that I’m proud to be your Daddy. I love that I pozzed you, and I’m falling in love with you.” They called my name to get my results. The test was reactive. I was poz. I felt my cock twitch upon hearing the words 'You’re HIV positive'. That night Jeremy took me to the bath house to celebrate. I got fucked by multiple guys in the sling room and gloryhole booths. My ass dripped with six loads of cum and I took three loads down my throat. It was a fucking wild night. Also, after Jeremy had both pissed on me and pissed down my throat, he licked-up the cum that dripping from my ass, and then pressed his rock hard cock head into my ass. Cum leaked out of my stretched hole as he fucked all those loads into my ass. I was so turned on and was stroking my cock when he shot his poz load into my ass, mixing it with all the seed I already took. My body jerked and sloppy, wet ass tighted around his pole as I shot a huge load of poz cum. Jeremy licked up my poz seed. My ass was leaking cum all the way home. I was so boned up that Jeremy pozzed me. The baths were fucking hot, and I loved being a total, bareback poz pig. When we got back to Jeremy’s apartment, my cock was fully erect again. Jeremy said, “Now fuck my ass boy. Give your daddy your poz seed.” I wasted no time sliding my cock into his ass. I fucked him slowly and deeply before planting my seed deep in his ass. Then I sucked his cock until his rod was pulsing in my mouth, shooting his toxic cum down my throat. The following week, Jeremy took me to get my biohazard tattoo. It’s the same as his, in the same spot on my body with the three numbers 8, 23, and 14. My second birthday of when I joined the proud poz club. I love that Jeremy pozzed me and made me his boy. We’re both piss and cum pigs. We love swapping our toxic seed, chasing poz cum, and seeding neg chasers together. This has been so liberating for me. I feel like this was meant to be. What a turn on.
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    An unexpected breeding Part: 2 After expressing my desire to continue with my breeding I said, “You know, after that first night with you I went home and realized I don’t even know your name.” He chuckled and said, “It’s Jeremy, but we need to talk, boy. Can you meet me tomorrow at 6pm in the parking lot of the bookstore where we met? I’ll take you to dinner.” I quickly replied, ”Sure, Jeremy, I can meet you. See you tomorrow night.” I hung up the phone wondering what he could want to talk about. I know I had my second thoughts about pozzing at first, but I wanted nothing more than to take all the poz cum he could give me and make me his boy. I was concerned that he was having second thoughts. What if I pozzed from my first time with him and he didn’t want to see me anymore? I tried to put the thoughts out of my mind. What a switch around. A few months ago I was in high school and had a girlfriend. Now I graduated, was getting ready to start college, realized I’m gay, and not only gay, but craving to have one hot, rugged guy poz my ass. The clock seemed to stand still. I was anxious to meet Jeremy again and find out what he wanted to talk about. It was finally time to get ready to go meet him in the parking lot of the seedy adult bookstore. I showered and tried to look my best and put on a tight pair of faded blue jeans. I hoped my ass looked inviting to this sexy man. I showed up about 10 minutes early and waited for him to arrive. He was right on time and looked as rugged and sexy as I remembered. He told me to hop into his car. He said he knew a great place with awesome food that was quiet so we could talk. We got a table on the patio in the back corner away from the small crowd. After placing our order I looked into his dark brown eyes and asked what he wanted to talk to me about. I was prepared for the worst. He said, “This is a big decision you are making. I want to talk to you about it so I know you are absolutely sure about this. I know I chased to poz, and I love being poz. It feels so right and erotic to me, but I also know it’s not right for everyone. I want nothing more than to make love to you and give you all the poz cum I can. I want to make you my poz boy, and I have higher viral loads, so I know you will poz from me. I want to share this gift with you, but only if you are ready for it and want it. So what are your thoughts? Why are you turned on by this, and why do you want to me to poz you?” I said, “Jeremy, I know after taking your toxic seed last week I had second thoughts about this. I’d be lying if I told you anything different. I’m a little scared, but I do want this. I’m still new to all this. I just realized I’m gay, but I also realize that our night together was so erotic and passionate. When you told me to take your poz cum, it only excited me even more. I tried to not think about it, but I crave this. It was like the ultimate rush. I was cutting loose and I felt like I was being myself. I felt like your bareback pig boy and that excited me. You know when I left your place I went home and jacked off thinking about your poz cum inside me. I can’t resist this and don’t want to. I want to be your poz boy.” Jeremy said, “Well, that was what I was hoping to hear from you. There’s no turning back once we continue. I’m excited about this. I’m going to give you load after load of my toxic cum. You keep it all inside you not knowing if that’s the poz load that will connect us forever. It won’t take long, and you’ll be charged up. You know you will most likely get sick, but I’ll take care of you. But you have to promise me you will take only my cum, at least until you poz. I want you to be my boy…..my poz boy. I want you to know I converted you.“ The entire conversation had my cock standing at attention. I was going to be Jeremy’s poz boy, and the thought of him shooting all his toxic seed in my tight ass made my cock even harder. I asked Jeremy if he knew who pozzed him and when he realized he was poz. He said that he didn’t know his gifter. He always played bareback. He played at the baths and the bookstore a lot. He also said he loved getting fucked taking anonymous loads in his ass through gloryholes. He never turned down a load and took all the cum he could get. He’d stay and get filled with multiple loads of cum. He loved when the guy fucking him turned out to be a verbal gifter. It was the hottest, but he also wished he had that bond with the guy that pozzed him by knowing who he was. He said he knew he was converting when he got extremely sick with a flu that just wouldn’t go away. As sick as he was it only turned him on more knowing he was pozzing. The conversation continued about poz talk throughout the dinner. I was totally turned on by this sexy man. When dinner was finished I was smiling, but nervously excited, and hoping he would take me home with him. Then he said, “So, are you ready to begin tonight?” I told him I was hoping he would say that and he drove me to my car so I could follow him home. We got to his apartment and he said, “Take off your clothes, boy. You’re about to get a huge load of poz cum deep in your ass.” I stripped my clothes off and he ran his hands over my naked body. My cock was standing straight up with a little curve to the left. He said, “Let me suck your cock, boy. I want to taste the last of your neg precum.” He got down on his knees and began to slowly suck my cock and pulled firmly on my balls. I could feel my cock swelling in his warm mouth with each caress of his tongue down my shaft. His mouth was wet and made me want to fill his throat with my cum, but I told him to slow down, because he had me very turned on and too close to shooting my load. He just said, “Sweet precum, boy. Now get on the bed on your belly. He took my hands and bound them together and tied them to the headboard. Then he tied my ankles to each corner of his bed so my ass was spread open revealing my tight neg hole. He said, “What do you want, boy?” I said, “Please fuck me. I want your poz cum in me.” He said, “You’re going to get it rough, boy. I’m going to work my seed deep inside you. You’re going to be my poz boy.” With that said he stripped naked and walked toward the bed. He stood next to my face showing me how hard his 8 inch cock was. It was standing straight up and I could see a drop of precum oozing from his piss slit. He said, “You like that boy? You have my toxic juices flowing again. See that poz precum? My hard cock is going to be leaking my virus in your ass with every drop of my precum.” He then got on top of me and slid his hard cock in my ass crack. I could feel it wet with precum lubing my hole for his hard cock. He worked his hard cock against my ass while he caressed my body with his masculine hands. He said, “Here it comes, boy, what you’ve been waiting for.” He aimed the head of his cock at my hole. He then spread my ass cheeks and spit on my hole and the head of his cock. I had a puddle of spit soaking my hole as he pushed the head of his cock inside me. It burned again, but not as bad as the first time he fucked me. This time he worked his cock in faster and a bit rougher, plunging all the way in with one thrust of his hips against me. I moaned in pain and pleasure. He said, “You like that, boy? Feel my hard cock tearing your ass up to let my virus in?” He started to plunge all the way in and out, each time pulling the head of his cock out of my ass and slamming back in. You could hear his balls slap against my ass with each thrust, and I arched my ass toward his cock to let him in deeper. My cock was so hard. I was so turned on. He kept fucking me faster, then slowed down, then he would repeat. He said, “We’re going to make this last, boy. I’m enjoying filling your ass with poz precum before giving you my charged load. How does it feel?” I said, “I love it. It feels awesome. Give me your seed, daddy.” He edge played with me for a long time. I could feel the sweat dripping from his body onto my sweaty body. I was in heaven feeling his cock stretching my ass with every thrust. I was getting close to cumming as he rubbed my hard cock against the bed and my belly with every deep plunge. He then said, “I’m getting close, boy. You’re going to get your second poz load soon. Do you want it?” I said, “Yes.” He replied, “Beg for it boy. Tell me to poz your neg ass.” I said, “Please, I want to feel your poz seed filling my ass. Charge me up!!!” He thrust in me hard and deep three more times and said, “Here it comes. I’m going to make you mine. Take my poz cum, boy.” He kept his cock buried deep inside me, and I had my ass pressed firmly against his body. I could feel his cock unloading his toxic juices in my tender hole. My ass was sore, but all this poz talk while fucking me had me so close to cumming. I just said, “Yes, it feels so good,” and I began to shoot my load on the bed. I loved taking his poz cum and laid my belly down on the bed in my own cum. Maybe I was laying in my last neg load of cum. He said, “You got every drop of my poz seed again, boy. Now keep it in your ass, let it make you mine.” Then he kept his hard cock in my ass and laid his sweaty body on top of mine. He was kissing the back of my neck and I felt his cock getting softer and slid out of my ass. I could feel cum run down the crack of my ass onto my balls. He got up and said, “There you go boy, you have a streak of pink blood mixed with cum leaking from your ass. That will help get your ass charged up.” He leaned over, licked up the blood streaked cum from my ass and kissed my ass cheek. He just said, “Sweet,” and then he untied my arms and legs and laid on the bed next to me. He pulled me into his arms and held me close. He kissed me deeply and passionately and said, “Can you stay the night, boy? I want to sleep with you curled up in my arms. Besides, I may be filling your ass again soon.” I said, “Yes, I definitely want to stay,” and he held me in his arms pressing my naked body firmly against his. I just thought to myself, this feels so right.
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    I cant agree with you more , this is exactly what happened with me 4 years ago when i first met my Tgirl lover . She has turned me from a straight safe guy into a sub bareback bottom for her beautiful cock and i am so proud to be her "dirty gay whore " for her . I have no regrets at all to cheat on my wife so many times to be her cumdump whore
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    Just saw this post - lovin it. I'm a "str8" young alpha dude - by that I mean in public - I don't want anyone I know to find out I fuckin love dudes dumpin come in my ass on the DL. That's the shit that turns me on is that none of my buds or girls I fuck have any clue that I get off having guys fuck and breed me on the DL - so fuckin dirty - that's what makes it hot to me. Started this shit bout a year back. Yeah I was thinkin about takin cock but kept that shit to myself and my jo sessions, but finally one night in Mexico after kiting all day I got partied up didn't know anyone enough to give a shit what they knew and ended up having this Mexican guy realise I wanted dick and he fuckin pushed me down face down ass up just pulled my shorts down and raped my hole till he dumped his load up in me and left. Yeah I wanted it cause if I didn't I would have beat the shit outta him - but fuckin turned me on having a dude treat me like a cum dump and ever since then I sneak around and let dudes breed my hole on the DL

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