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    It's the weekend, men. Get out there and fill your asses with some strangers' cum😎
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    Every body is different, BUT... there are a few good basic guidelines. If you plan on a full night of taking it up the ass, then you should plan for a deep clean. A quick few bulbs until you're clean is fine for a quickie in the bathroom at work or in the backseat of a car, but for a more drawn out session, you need to allow for movement over the course of the night. Deep cleaning is about 5 times what I would do for a normal fuck. Time is your friend here. Take your time and don't rush it or you may have to stop for a retouch in the middle of getting hot and heavy (or not - some guys like that). I will usually eat lighter the day before (with lots of fiber) and take a does of immodium about an hour before clean out to help slow down my system. A shower hose is essential, in my opinion, for the long sessions. You can get deeper and have more control over the pressure and volume. I always incorporate dildo play during these clean outs. I will clean and clean and then when I think I MIGHT be ready, I open myself up with various dildos. Thick ones, long thin ones, curved and vibrating ones. whatever floats your boat. The thing is to use the muscles in your hole and let any surprises happen while you're still cleaning out. After my second (or sometimes third) round of cleaning, I'm usually squeaky clean and my hole is usually REALLY hungry. I've used water-based lube, and silicone/oil based and the oil is definitely slicker, but it's harder to clean up. It all boils down to what you like, but make sure you have lots. Some guys use more, some less, but as a bottom taking (hopefully) a lot of cock, you have to be ready to add some yourself to make sure your hole stays hungry and not irritated. They don't care about your hole lasting all night. They only care about it lasting till they nut, which is perfectly fine. I also am a big fan of aftercare. After being a cumdump, I like to add a bit of salve to my hole before I sleep to help it cool down and start to repair itself. I use a product called Bottom Boy Butt Gel, it's a holistic gel made by a man I met while I was big into fisting. It works great in keeping my hole happy in between pummelings. I can send you a link if you're ever interested.
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    My first time being fucked was bareback and have never stopped since. Have been fucked with a covered cock but only about 6 times total. First poz bareback was undet and same guy did me about 11 or 12 times. First time hvl poz just a short time ago, like a year. Very hot young man with avg cock but youthful extreme hardness and felt marvelous. Now all I really want is bareback poz hvl cock in me.
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    what a beautiful view!
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    So glad that you're back pup. Wonderful to read your words again. You're fucking amazing. Have a great weekend sexy boy.
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    Had a surprise last night. My family goes down to the Charleston, SC area every couple years to vacation, and several years ago I had met a cute bearish couple around my age for a casual "meet over dinner". The one was interested in playing (let's call him X), but I don't think his partner was into it at the time. So, we've kept in touch through FB and the apps over the years, and they have moved into an open relationship. All this time, X has kept saying that he wants to get piggy with me and take my load. But, each time we've been back to vacation, I haven't been able to get in to Charleston by myself to meet up with him. So last night, I get home from campus around dinnertime and hop on Scruff and see a profile pic I recognize...it's X and hes 4 miles away! I message him, he doesn't recognize my profile right away but once he realizes who I am, he says "I'm out to dinner with coworkers, come breed me tonight at my hotel". Turns out my university is a client of his, so he might even be back again sometime. Needless to say it was a great time...after all the build up we've had over the years, anything less than spectacular would've been awful. His bear ass felt perfect, he loved my cock in there, and when we weren't fucking we were either making out or cuddling and chatting the entire time (couple hours total). Amazing night...so glad I caught him on Scruff! If/when he comes back, I'll try to find some other tops to tag team him with...we looked a little on the apps during a break in the action but, like usual, when you want to find more for a group it's impossible.
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    Fuck me sum of u guys act like highschool girls. I have a few msg me but obviously either just jerk off n block me or stop talking or get pissy because I can't respond straight away n block me because they don't understand I have a job n personal life n don't live my life online........ For those laidback perverted pigs who r actually happy to chat ongoing n not looking for an over obsessive online relationship n just want a filthy chat. Hit me up on ipexcub on wicker.
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    THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION 1985 Xana, Kansas Worst year of my life. But then again, I've been saying that just about every year since I started high school. It really went to hell at that point people started to notice I was 'different'. Up until that point, I had a regular life. Almost regular. My two best friends were my sister Janice (a year younger than me) and the most popular boy in the world. He was everything I wasn't: athletic, good-looking, and fearless. Kevin and I started as friends because we lived on the same block and our moms would get together daily to watch soap operas and drink highballs. But then...but then puberty hit us all like a tsunami. Everybody was changing except for me. The girls got periods and boobs while the boys turned into actual men. The only different thing about me was my new love for music and acting. It was a discovery made when our music class would put on theatrical shows twice a year. At the end of the first semester we always did "A Christmas Carol" and something random in the Spring. I never got a leading part, but I didn't even care. Toward the end of my Sophomore year, I got the role of Linus in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". I was so excited because there was a solo part of me dancing and singing to my blanket. According to Janice, the whole school and even some of the adults were talking about my performance, and obviously gay I was. Apparently I was a little too into it and had practically glided on air. She claimed an older couple behind her were debating whether I was a boy or a girl. The news came as a heavy blow and it ruined my life. I was a "faggot'...and everybody knew it. Even Kevin turned on me. High school was going great for him and he couldn't risk hanging out with me. He couldn't even risk NOT bullying me out in the open. He would push me against lockers, spit on me and call me every possible homosexual slang term there was. And just to make everything worse, Kevin and my sister were dating. I felt like I'd lost everything and everybody. I held everything together waiting for this day...graduation. I wanted to get far away as if enough distance would erase the first 18 years of memories and pain. I'd skip college because that seemed like a continuation of high school and I'd already done my time. I had three possible plans in mind with what to do with the college funds set aside for me: 1. Move to Australia, work some menial job there and never come back. 2. Move to L.A. and try to get an acting job. 3. Take a trip to Hawaii and jump into an active volcano. What I ended up doing was just staying home and retreating into books, TV and booze. My parents were both functional alcoholics and not the violent, mean kind -- they were happy and clueless kind. They must have assumed I was just taking some time off to figure out a plan. My plan was to raid their liquor cabinet as often as I could. My sister did the same, but she was never at home. She'd broken up with Kevin for reasons she wouldn't go into. I'd already assumed she lost her virginity since Janice had been boy crazy since first grade. I was predicted she'd be knocked up and/or married before her senior year. We were both pretty much unsupervised, but she was the only one taking full advantage. I was just a boring, garden-variety delinquent. One July morning I got out of bed just in time to see Mom walk out the door with her big purse. This meant she was going over to hang out with Kevin's mom and get good and plastered. She'd left a note for me. Dennis -- If you can, please water the flower beds and also give the grass a good soaking. I love you! The fact that we had one of the nicest yards in town was a great disguise for the secrets inside. People talk in a small town no matter how green your lawn was. Our family unit consisted of two drunk adults, a teen slut and a fag. Whatever. I mixed a generous rum and coke in a plastic quart cup from the convenience store and went out to attend to the greenery. It was hot as hell and also very dry. There was a region-wide burning ban in place for the fifth week. I was almost finished with everything when I felt a tap on me shoulder. It was Kevin. "Hey man. There's two partying old chicks at my house so I thought I'd come over and say hi." Hi indeed. He was pretty obviously stoned...and looking really good. I'd made a point of never looking at him these past few years. He had filled out completely and still had the same dirty blondish hair I remembered. He was a few inches taller than me and solid as steel. He was wearing flip-flops, swim trunks and an ancient Foreigner concert t-shirt. Only a year ago I would have been thrilled to have him talk to me again, but now I had my guard up. "Why are you here? Won't you get point deductions for even being near me?" "I'm sorry. No. I really am. None of that shit matters now, OK? I should have never treated that way." "No you shouldn't have. But again, why are you here?" "Hey - can I have a sip of what you're having?" I hated myself for forgiving him so easily, but maybe I'd find out why he and my sister broke up. "Come on in. I'll make you one and we can play Atari or something." "Cool." We went into my dark living room and helped ourselves to the abundant booze. I was still suspicious, but this felt like old times. Kevin and I, squandering a precious Summer day. Only with cocktails. We sat like yogis in front of the TV and played "Burger Time". It was the only game I'd never beaten, but I was still beating Kevin's scores. After we'd had our fill of the crappy graphics and annoying music, Kevin suggested we go out in the back yard for a smoke. As nice our front yard looked was how crummy the back was. "I see your dad still has a hammock up. Remember how we took turns getting all wound up in in it and pretending we were one of Spider-Man's enemies caught in his web?" Of course I remembered that. Kevin produced a joint from somewhere and lit it. I guessed it might have been his third one of the day. Kansas deserves all the negative impressions people have of it, but the homegrown weed is hardy plentiful here. Janice and I gotten stoned together before we'd ever had a taste of booze. "So what happened between you and my sister?" "She didn't wait for me when I went to go visit my uncle in L.A. for three weeks. It wouldn't have lasted anyway, Dennis. She is a wild child. Did you know she had an abortion last Monday?" "No way!" "Yup. In Wichita. I had to pay for half even though I doubt the baby was mine. We should go to the pool." I wasn't in shock, just sad that she didn't tell me. Oh well. Janice and I were basically just strangers now. "Los Angeles, huh? I wanted to move there after graduation - to be an actor. Lost my courage." "You'd be a great actor, but it's a dangerous place. Trust me. I'm going to go there again and live with my uncle. Maybe I'll be a bartender or something. Maybe you can come live with us. Yeah -- that would be cool. My uncle would love you!" "I don't ever remember you talking about an Uncle in California..." "Well -- he's not my real uncle, but I'll explain more later. My parents are going to Chicago for the weekend....you can come spend it with me and I'll fill you in on everything. Can you?" "Yeah. Sure. My parents are going to the Ozarks this weekend. I guess you don't want me to bring Janice." "Oh -- maybe it's the Ozarks I was thinking of. You never know what they're up to." What? He was full of information about something. But what? I could have asked more questions but I had a real nice buzz going. For whatever reason I stood up, climbed into the hammock and spun myself into a cocoon, "Curse you, Spider-Man!!!" By Friday, I'd tried to put all the pieces together but there were too many missing. Were my parents going away for the weekend with Kevin's parents? Why did he have a fake uncle? Why was I so quick to forgive the guy who'd made my life hell for three years? And what was the deal with Janice? She and I used each other as a sounding board years ago. She probably needed one more than ever now. Oh well...it's not like she didn't know where to find me. My mom and dad were packed and ready to go by 4:30 that afternoon. It was an almost seven hour drive to the Ozarks. They would have left earlier but cocktail hour lasted longer than they'd planned. Mom had changed her hair and put on maybe a tad too much makeup. "So you're spending the night at Kevin's house? Good. You two used to be so close. He's a little cocky, but mostly a decent kid." They left the house in a flurry of cologne and alcohol fumes. Janice wasn't home. I helped myself to a drink while wondering what the hell I was supposed to bring over to Kevin's house. When I was a kid I always took my sleeping bag and pajamas, but that was a million years ago. Oh well -- I could always come back and get what I needed. I didn't want to walk half a block with an overnight bag in broad daylight anyway. "Hey! Come on in. Mom and Dad just left." "So did mine." "What a coincidence," he laughed. "So what do you know that I don't?" "Only thousands of things. Come on....we've got all weekend to talk." He led me to the basement for some reason. It was like all the other basements around here; bare concrete floors, mouse droppings and a ping-pong table that usually had boxes of Christmas decorations on top of it. It had changed. Big time. It was a large, furnished, plush area with carpeting and a bar. "Wow! When did all this get done?" "A few years ago. It's a 'play space'." What? It looked a little too fancy and grown up to be somewhere where you'd gather to play board games or charades. "And check this out..." Kevin walked over behind the bar a flipped on some dim colorful lights on the walls and ceiling. It was cool but still confusing. I sat on one of the giant leather couches and waited for the next magic trick. "I have some questions, Kevin." "I know. I'll tell you everything you want to know. In case you don't want to know any more as I'm talking, just say the word and we'll go upstairs and wait for 'Nightmare Theater'. Can you believe it's still on? Same old guy too." Talk." He was barefoot, wearing the same swim trunks and a Spider-Man t-shirt that he'd probably had since junior high. It was faded and way too small for the broad chest and shoulders he'd developed. "OK. I'll start out small and go from there. Remember, as soon as you feel uneasy -- we stop." "OK" "First of all, your sister is sleeping with Coach Glover, from school. They've been together for a few weeks now." "No way! He's old and married and has kids!" "Well, Janice has already dated every other guy in town. It's coach's turn now." I hated that guy. How could he fool around with young girls when he had a handicapped kid at home? When exactly did I lose her? "So are my parents and your parents going to the same place?" "Yup, but let's back up a little...does this room remind you of anything?" I looked around with new eyes. It was suddenly so obviously meant for sex and seduction. Why else was Kevin so cryptic? "It's a sex room, right?" "Very good! You've earned a drink. Come over to the bar and I'll serve you." It was so fancy. I took a seat on one of the stools and noticed the blue and red neon lights above the liquor bottles. Pretty. Kevin handed me some type of fizzy clear drink in a tall glass. "So your mom and dad remodeled all of this just for a place to have sex?" "Sex parties. They're swingers. You know what that means, right?" I did. I learned about them on HBO. "And guess what else? So are your mom and dad." Fucking hell! I could never look them in the eye again. "No. I mean...how do you know?" "Ready to go upstairs now, or do you really want to know?" The world had tilted so severely on its axis, that I was ready to hear everything. "Go on." "Well these people have parties all over the country. They all get in a room and it becomes a big orgy. And it gets very weird after they've smoked enough weed and snorted enough cocaine. Want to try some? Anyway, my 'uncle' Ray got super out of it and wandered up to my room where he fucked me in the ass." "No! How old were you? Did you tell anyone?" "I was legal...I was born three months before you. It hurt like hell, but just enduring it got me invited downstairs to join in. I fucked Miss Stucky from the library. Mrs. Strotkamp sucked my dick. I don't know if any of our parents noticed because they were either wrecked or ... busy." I gulped my drink all the way down. I knew too much and wanted to go home or go to Australia or kill myself. "Did you?...." "NO. I never did anything with your mom or your dad." "So your fake uncle molested you and you still went out to L.A. to visit him?!" "Don't say 'molested'. I could have kicked his ass if I wanted to. It hurt and all, but it wasn't that bad in the end. My California trip out there was a sex vacation. He hosted great swinger parties all the time. I had sex with so many woman and men." "But...but what about AIDS? Aren't you afraid of that?" He'd mixed me another drink. "Nope. By the time it gets here, everyone will have it. I already tested positive for the HIV. You can get it from kissing. These are The End Times, Dennis. Enjoy life while you still have it." This was too much -- way too much. I remember the days when I'd spend the night and we'd stay up and play poker while watching old scary movies. "So you've..uh..done stuff with gay guys?" "Oh yeah. It's no big deal. Sex is sex. You'll find out some day." I remembered all the times I heard him call me 'fag' and 'homo'. All I did was dance and sing to a blanket on stage, while he was essentially the same as me - actively. "It's not so bad sucking a dick when you focus on how it feels to get yours sucked. It's probably my favorite thing in the world to shoot a wad in somebody's mouth." He was looking at me carefully and I noticed how his face had changed. He was still genetically cursed with dark circles under his ice-blue eyes. The neon lights did him no favors. I finished off the second drink. "Is that all?" "Just one more thing. I talked to Uncle Ray last night and told him about you wanting to come to L.A. to be an actor. He's got a huge house near the beach and wants us BOTH to come and live with him. Wouldn't that be cool? Us in L.A.? It's a whole new world there." "I...So I...never mind." I wish I could be 12 years old again, sitting on Janice's bedroom floor and spilling out all the things I was thinking, feeling. We used to do that all the time. "That's all. Are you okay?" "Yeah. I...got any weed?" "Of course. You haven't heard the sound system yet. I picked up some great music in L.A. Bootlegs and stuff you'd never hear in Kansas." He magically produced a fat joint from somewhere and held it between his lips as he fiddled with some stereo stuff. "You should hear the thumpa thumpa stuff they usually listen to down here. Here's a mix tape i made from my collection. I like punk that's not the angry stuff. It has a melody, but not like what you're used to. Give it a chance." I was sitting on the floor, wishing we could just play poker or war or something. The speakers were hidden and I could swear there must have been dozens of them. The sound was rich and filled the room like a heavy fog. Any kind of music would have been a pleasure to listen to. "What group is this?" "'Heavy Disharmony'. The drummer gave me a blow job once, but that's not why I like it. This is just the sound I dig now. Like it?" I did. It sounded so different and so exciting...and kind of sexy somehow. Kevin came over and sat on the floor with me. "You always liked being on the floor -- I remember now." We shared the joint and listened without talking. It was good because I didn't want to hear anything besides this. "OK. This next song is a dud -- want another drink? I've got dry mouth something terrible." The song was in fact not very good, but the sound still shined. "My uncle says I could make a lot money if I started stripping in clubs out there. You think I could be good at that?" "Probably. You've got a good body. Like in a gay bar or something?" "Mostly. Those guys tip like crazy if you show a little ball sack...and even more if you fuck them." "Wow. The last time I danced in front of people, my life was destroyed." "You're taller and bigger now. You maybe need to work out a little. It can only help you get acting jobs if you're buff. I'll show you. Not to this song. The next one." "The songs are so long." "Because this was all recorded live. It's not three minute Madonna song, Dennis." Kevin stubbed out the roach and stood up. "This next song is one you're going to remember forever." I think he was building it up too much. But okay. The opening of the song was mostly drums and the bassist playing a ditty that I almost recognized somehow. Shit! What was this? Kevin stood a few feet away from me and started grinding his hips. He said I'd remember this song forever, and he was exactly right about that. He slowly peeled off his t-shirt and didn't miss a beat. He was only wearing those trunks and had obviously worked himself into a hard-on. Was he teaching me or trying to seduce me? I didn't care. Then the singer finally started in.... Spider-Man, Spider-Man/Does whatever a spider can/Spins a web, any size..." It was a punk/pop version of the old cartoon theme song. He smiled at me in the most delicious way. He was grinding away, humping the air. My face must have given something away because he started to tease down his swim trunks. There were his minimal pubes -- I wanted to smell them, inhale his funk. The dance was deliberately effective and I knew he's make a ton of money on the coast. It's about then that I realized I was still on my knees but standing up to his crotch level. My position was was just as suggestive as his dancing was. He stepped out of his swim shorts like a seasoned professional. ...To him, life's a great big bang up/Wherever there's a hang up/You'll find The Spider-Man Kevin's cock looked better, thicker than I would have guessed. Impossibly hard and sticking straight out. There's no way I could ever be as confident as he was. He said something, but I couldn't hear it above the music. He danced closer until his dick was just inches from my face. The momentum of all this had reached warp speed. The head of his dick poked me in the cheek, and then my right eye. I wanted him to stop dancing and just let me suck him off. Viruses be damned. I wanted this. As soon as the slick head of his penis went past my lips, he stopped the strip tease at last. I just swallowed as much of him as I could. There was a taste and a smell of a sour dishrag briefly -- probably from those damn swim trunks he wore constantly. He grabbed the back of my head and just thrust his strong hips back and forth like a machine. Is he strong? Listen,Bud/He's got radioactive blood I wondered if he was going to cum in my mouth and I wondered if he knew how much I wanted him to. But no. He stepped back as a line of drool strung out of my mouth and caught a random purple light from overhead somewhere. It glowed. He pulled a mat from underneath one of the plush couches and pushed me down on it. Wait -- didn't I get a say in any of this? It was an almost too familiar feeling of being abused in high school. I guess I'd given my consent by not even trying to fight back. I was on my stomach with Kevin's full weight on top of me. He put his mouth close to my ear "This won't feel good the first time, but I'll make it quick. Hang in there, buddy. He just jabbed his hard dick into my asshole before I even knew what was happening. gear GOD! PAIN! Maybe being everyone's punching bag for years had toughened me up because I didn't yell or cry. Those instinctive responses had been suppressed in me for too long. He pumped away faster and faster. This was gay sex. In a sex basement. It hadn't even ended and I was ready to do it again. He stopped, bent down to me ear again "I just blew my nut. How do you feel?" The music had stopped. "Uh...bathroom?" "It's to the right of the bar. There's a shower in there now. Just do what you need to do, take your time." I used the facility without looking at myself in the mirror. That would need to wait a day or two. There was mouthwash there - which I used while wishing there was such a thing as 'asswash'. When I came out, Kevin was back behind the bar and mixing us more fizzy drinks. "Everything OK?" "I'm fine. What time is it?" "A little after 10. Have a seat...want some peanuts or chips or something?" "Maybe later. So I guess I'm not a virgin anymore." What a retarded thing to say. I needed that drink. "No, but it was about time, don't you think? The good news is that you hardly bled at all. And I didn't even use lube. I bled like crazy the first time Ray fucked me. You were turned on and having fun -- that makes all the difference." "Yeah. Just think -- we could have done that years ago. But I guess you were too busy doing my sister. So I'm going to get AIDS now?" "No. You don't get it from just one fuck. You might possibly have the virus now, but it could be ten years or more before you get the disease. That reminds me...." He went and retrieved a cordless phone. Who the hell was he calling? Oh. Never mind. I should have guessed. "Hi! Did I wake you up from a nap or are you just out of it? Oh. Yeah -- he's here. Ask him yourself, dude. No. No. Oh just let him tell you. Uh...OK. I promise. I don't know, man. Ask him." I knew he was going to hand me the phone. He did. "Hello?" "Dennis! Having fun? Kev showed me your senior picture and you're a handsome young lad. Did you skip a few grades? You look like a kid." "No. Just a late bloomer I guess." "Well I can't wait for you guys to get out here so you can enjoy some sunshine. I'll hook you up with Hollywood people too." "Yeah. Uh huh." My butt hole hurt like a stomachache. Pause. "I'll let you boys get back to your Friday night. Good talking to you, Dennis." "Thanks. You too. Here's Kevin." I handed over the phone. "Yeah. Well -- he's a little shy. No. I know. Let me handle it, OK? Yeah. Bye." "So...that was Uncle Ray, huh?" "The one and only. Neither of you make good first impressions - no offence. He's super excited to meet you though." He handed me a fresh drink and then came out to sit next to me at the bar. "He knew that tonight was the night I was going to break you in. I told him it went just fine." "Break me in?" "I couldn't bring a virgin out to L.A. You understand. He wants me to get you used to the idea of sex for fun. Want to fuck again in the morning?" "Maybe. I need to think about stuff...talk about it." "Thinking is fine, but overthinking is a waste of time. Can you suck me again?" "Not now." I kind of wanted to taste his sperm in my mouth. There was no going back from here. In the chill of the night/At the scene of a crime/Like a streak of light/He arrives just in time
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    I generally operate the same as I always have: a minimal online presence with no photos, no biohazard tattoo to give away my secret, and no annual trips to the same gay event or the same bear run. Why? I don't want anyone to know me. I enjoy being the "new meat" at the bar, the campground, the bookstore. I can be a new person everywhere I go. What do I mean? Here's a few examples: At a bookstore I'm a working class fella, popping in after a hard day at work. I'm a bit dirty, old jeans, camo hat. My wedding band shining against my sun darkened hand. I see the guys' eyes light up when I walk in, thinking they're finally gonna get to service a straight fella, maybe even better than his wife. I go for the 30 year old who looks like a younger version of me. He's bearded, beefy but not yet old enough to let himself get fat like all of the other guys in this rustbelt town. Probably has a girlfriend and really wants another"straight guy" for some on the side fun. Plus he thinks I'm safer as I'm not whoring myself out like some of the fags in here. We chat a bit, but not too much. I pull my cock out and jerk it a little, and he can't take his eyes off it. I tell him to suck it, and he's on his knees gobbling my cock. I grab his hair, and begin slow fucking his mouth. I tell him to pull his cock out and jerk it for daddy while he's sucking me. He wastes no time doing this. I let go of his hair and let him do what comes naturally to him. Once he's worked up, I tell him to stand up, and I shove my tongue in his mouth. He's a bit surprised, but accepts it and kisses me back. I grab his asscheeks and began squeezing and rubbing them. He kisses me harder, which tells me he's ready to be my whore. I spin him around and wrap him in my arms. I'm rubbing his hairy torso, and my cock is pressing into his ass crack. I begin rubbing his hole with my finger, occasionally scooping some of my toxic precum from my cock head and rubbing it in and around his cunt. He loves this and pushes back into me. With my mouth at his ear, I whisper to him to bend over so daddy can fuck his hairy ass. He does exactly as I say. They ALWAYS do at this point. I've done it dozens of times in dozens of bookstores. I line my cock up, and in less than 10 seconds, my bare cock is fucking this stranger, leaking my juices inside him. All I'm envisioning at this point is the finished product- my cum shooting deep into his ass, making him MY whore forever. No matter what he does from this point on, I'm the one who changed him, the one who knocked him up. I fuck him for less than five minutes, and as my balls begin to shoot rope after rope of my load in his guts, I grab his shoulders and go deep as I can. He accepts my gift willingly, without knowing what it is. I slide out, stand him upright, and begin jerking his cock from behind. As he cums, I realize this could be the last untainted load he ever shoots. His last clean load of cum. I jerk him harder and feel his cum coating my hand, slickening up his cock. As he catches his breath, I release him and tuck my cock away. He pulls his pants up and looks at me. Kinda akwardly, but also with pride. He knows he did a good job since I came up his ass. He's proud of himself for giving dad what he needed. He'll be smiling later that evening, as he's sitting at home thinking about his bookstore visit, feeling a bit of soreness in his behind. Maybe even have some cum leaking out. And he'll think it was fun, but in the past now, and that's the part I love. Our encounter will come back to him. Maybe not when he gets the fuck flu a few weeks later, but definitely by the time he gets pneumonia years down the road and blood tests are necessary. And by then, who else has he fucked in the bookstore, or after a night of drinking with his buddies? At a campground, say on a bear weekend in July, I'm the lone bear all alone on his campsite. Small tent set up next to my truck. Maybe I just wear boots and jeans all weekend, smoking my pipe almost full time, nodding to the passing drunk bears and cubs. Careful not to look at them too long, as I want to seem disinterested. By denying them my attention, this always serves to make them WANT to get my attention. As day goes by, and more drinking happens, they get braver, and maybe come over to chat, to compliment my pipe or beard. Again, I say I got this routine down. I'm humble, I mention I'm just out of a relationship, anything to make the other man want me that much more, don't wanna "catch anything" from this seedy bear weekend. All of this to set the stage for when I pretend to finally give in to their advances and fuck em. And I'm pretending it's all so unexpected and I'm so caught up in the passion of the moment I rawdawg their negative ass with my toxic cock until I breed em deep. And their so proud of themselves for 'seducing me' and getting what they want they don't consider for a second it was all a trap I set, and they most certainly are my prey. Yet, afterwards, I'm shy and humble, saying I'm not usually like this, and they just were so sexy I couldn't help it. They eat it up. They tell me it's ok, and rub my belly. And they leave the tent with my cum in their cunt, and I rest up for the next one. So that's my story. You may call me a predator, but I never force my way into a negative ass. They always give Daddy what he wants, they just don't know WHO Daddy really is. I do- he's a gifter, a dirty breeder who wants to poz your cunt, and he's coming for you
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    Love cum in my mouth. So delicious
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    this is how i want you to suck!
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    A couple of months back, I had recently turned 26 and I was looking to be a little more socially responsible. I wanted to be able to help those in need by sharing my talents and strengths. Being gay myself, I thought that volunteering at the local AIDS Hospice would be a good way for me to do that. I called and spoke with Brian, the director, and he suggested that I come in and tour the place to see if I thought that I would fit in. On the day of my interview I showed up full of anticipation. Brian had me fill out an application and then gave me a tour of the place. There were a dozen men currently living there, all in different stages of being affected by the virus. Some guys looked completely healthy and others were more visibly ill. When the tour concluded, Brian suggested that I spend some time with one of the residents. He walked me down the hall and knocked on the bedroom door at the end. When it opened, Brian said, “Hiya, Francis! I’ve given Alex here the grand tour. I think he likes the place. Could you, maybe, give him the lowdown on living here? You know…an insider’s viewpoint.” I should tell you about Francis. He was my height and very thin. He obviously had lost a lot of weight. His sweatpants hung from his bony hips. What appeared to be a pretty sizable cock bobbed enticingly against the grey fleece material. His tank top loosely covered his torso. His face was still quite handsome…gaunt but cheerful. Francis always had a smile…at least for me. Francis invited me into his room. There were no chairs so he had me sit on his bed and he sat down next to me. “So,” he said, “do you like the place? You thinking of working here?” I told him that I was impressed with the setup. “Brian said I could start out working the overnight awake shift. I’d be alone but, he told me not to be concerned because nothing much ever happens during those hours. I’m sure I could handle the work. You know…I’ve always wanted to be in a job where I could be of service!” Francis told me about his fellow house mates. He made a point of reminding me that these weren’t just patients. They were flesh and blood men with wants and needs of their own. I responded that, if I worked there, I’d do anything I could to improve their day to day lives. Of course, I ended up taking the job. I started the following week and, on my first night, after everyone else was settled in for the night, I rapped on Francis’ door and poked my head in. “Hey!” he called out. “Come on in!” He was just wearing an old frayed bathrobe that dangled from his skinny frame. He got up and joined me in sitting on the edge of his bed. I told him that I was just checking to make sure he was set for the night. “Thanks!” he said. “That’s real thoughtful of you, Alex! I like you! In fact…I like you A LOT!” With that, he leaned over and brushed his lips against mine. Without much thought, I kissed him back. His hand caressed my knee. “Remember?” he said. “Remember when you told me that you wanted to be of service to the residents here?” “Sure!” I said. He continued. “When we found out you were coming to work here, we all talked it over. Now…I could tell you what we need most…but here, let me show you.” That said, he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me back onto the bed. He followed me down so he that was laying on top of me. His sunken chest pressed against me. His lips locked on to mine. At the same time his hand slid over my crotch and began a gentle squeezing. “We may be sick…but we’re MEN, you know. Men with NEEDS. And right now, Alex, I need YOU!” I wasn’t sure how far Francis was going to go with this but I didn’t mind making out with him. Like I said…he was a good-looking guy and his urgency was contagious. How could I say no? He opened the drawer on his bedside table and took out a small bottle. “Here, Baby…take a hit of my poppers here!” They must have been fresh and, whatever they were, they were awfully strong. My mind spun off into the void. I was utterly relaxed and felt an indescribable bliss. I was remotely aware that my pants and briefs were getting tugged down off me. When I began to re-focus, I realized that his hand was tugging and stroking my dick which, naturally, began to swell and harden. “Take some more!” his voice said and off I went again. When my vision cleared, there stood Francis, between my legs, raising my legs up to his shoulders. His bathrobe had parted, revealing a stiff cock that was already dripping toxic goo. He leaned close. “And AGAIN!” the voice commanded. He held the bottle in place so that I had to take 4 or 5 breaths of the heady vapors. That really sent me to the moon. Fucking heavenly! As I returned to earth, I became aware of a rocking motion. The cause was soon apparent. Francis had entered me and was thrusting forcefully against my upturned ass. I could feel his cock sawing back and forth. His speed increased and his breathing grew ragged “FUCK! HERE I COME!” he shouted as he pushed into me one last time and held himself in place, his cock spasming repeatedly. Although he had emptied his balls deep inside me, he didn’t withdraw, opting to stay on top of me, his dick plugging my hole. “Come on, Baby! Let’s give my seed time to latch on…start to grow in you. I kinda wanna be the one that knocks you up!” As we lay there, he explained that all the men in the hospice had decided that what they needed most was for someone like me to be their willing partner whenever they wanted to breed. Most of them felt shunned by society and hadn’t been able to fuck a bottom like me in a long, long time. They wanted to be able to use me during the night hours as they would a lover. They wanted someone that wouldn’t say no to receiving their dirty seed! Francis asked, “Are you willing to do this for us?” Again, how could I say no? That was several months ago. Since then, some residents have died and new ones have replaced them, but night after night I’m there to service them…my 12 Poz Lovers.
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    Having YOUR dick and ass would be GREAT!
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    Part 4 Dan kissed me again and spoke softly "You should know that to me love making is natural sex, you become one with me and share a very intimate bond and will take everything I give, no questions and no hesitation.". I knew that my brother and Gary were undetectable so the chances of being infected by them was pretty low, but I had to figure out how to ask the question of Dan. I breathed loudly and moaned as Dan licked my nipple and worked his way down my chest and navel, the hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood up at the sensation of him exploring my body with his tongue. I felt my last few items of clothing being removed from my body, laying naked on the bed Dan removed the rest of his clothes to reveal a beautiful specimen of a cock, long and thick covering a set of heavily hanging balls. I reached out and touched his cock and he moved forward towards my mouth, my lips parted as the head of his now semi erect cock slipped between and in to my mouth. Tenderly sucking and applying pressure I could feel it growing in my mouth and pushing further in towards the back of my throat, gagging he pulled out and kissed me again between my gasps for breath. Dan positioned himself on top of me as he continued kissing me and probing my mouth with his tongue, his left leg pushed in between mine forcing them apart, I moaned as his full weight was on me, my legs were wrapped around his hips. Without realising he had placed me in the missionary position, drawing his legs further up towards my hips causing my legs to move up around his waist. I was now in place ready to be penetrated, I could feel his cock rubbing against my hole as the kissing continued. Dan was an expert kisser as he continued on with his mission of making love to me, caressing my body, stroking my face, his mouth never broke contact with mine. Slowly his hips raised as I felt the head of his cock starting to caress my hole, it was very slick and lubed from his precum already oozing out. I felt my ass opening as the head slipped in, moaning and wriggling he held me firmly. A sharp pain shot through my ass as he started pushing the shaft of his cock inside me. I broke form the kiss about to cry out from pain when his hand clamped firmly over my mouth muting any sound. My body was trying to reject the invasion but my mind was full of desire for him. A gradual and intense pressure was now applied as he slipped the rest of his cock deep inside until I felt his balls touching my ass. He removed his hand from my mouth as I panted hard adjusting to the size of his cock now embedded in my body. His mouth clamped down on to mine as he started to kiss me again. Feeling his balls rubbing against my ass as he slowly gyrated his hips was intoxicating and I felt absorbed in the moment. Plop, plop, plop was the sound of his balls hitting against my ass as he started to fuck me, the soreness and burning in my ass grew intensely as he relentlessly bucked his hips back and forwards. Moaning in to his mouth as he continued kissing me I suddenly felt his cock stiffen and swell, Dan broke from our kiss and wrapped his arm around my head hold me close as he let out a long grunt and groan in my ear. My hands grabbed his shoulders and I closed my eyes as warmth started to spread deep in my ass as torrents of his poz seed now flowed into me, with every upward jolt and grunt more seed was pumping from his cock in to my body. Dan collapsed on top of me still keeping his cock tight inside whilst his hips ground against my ass working the seed further into me. His mouth closed in on mine as we kissed. After around 15 minutes he slowly pulled his cock out carefully so not to have fall out from my ass, he rolled on to his back "Oh fuck, that was hot. I wrapped my arm over his chest and snuggled up to him as he placed his arm around my neck and we both fell asleep. We woke just after sunrise and looked at each other and spontaneously laughed. As we laid there I asked Dan about him being poz, "Been poz about 5 years." he replied, "Oh, do you have a medication regime?", he looked at me and smiled "No, not on meds yet, have a pretty high viral load but it's not affecting my cell count to badly yet.". I looked worriedly at him "You do know I am neg don't you?", stroking my face he replied "Probably not after the breeding I gave you last night, but you will definitely get my gift if you want to keep having sex with me." he winked got up and began to get dressed as I went to the bathroom desperately needing to sit down and break wind, so I thought. What happened in fact was a loud wet sloppy noise as he seed was being expelled by my ass. Wiping after I finished and taking a look there were no tell tell signs of blood mixed in his poz seed, stupidly thinking I escaped the bullet. As Dan left we kissed and he said he would see me Monday on the metro as usual.
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    Bit of a late update as this was last Sunday... Went to SOP had a great time: Fucked one guy in the sling fairly early on but switched places with another top as I didn't want to cum that early on. Spent some time in the sling myself - had a couple of guys take turns while a third soaked us. That was hot. Then the dark room emptied out for a bit and I was deliberating between being patient and staying put or getting another drink. I stayed put and was rewarded by a short muscled guy who had a quick play but came back a couple of minutes later and used his hands to really stretch my hole out. I guessed he liked it loose... anyway he rubbered up and began fucking but paused after a bit and I noticed something a bit different and realised he'd removed the condom. He took a while to shoot and we'd drawn attention from a few guys, which I like as I enjoy guys watching and - even better - participating. One of these guys, a black guy then rimmed and feltched me - which I was in two minds about as I wanted to keep the load inside. He must've read my mind as he switched and pressed his cock against my now slightly sore hole. One hit of poppers and I used the sling to push myself onto him a bit - he took the hint and in a moment he was all inside. And he knew what he was doing... It ended up being one of those occasions were I came from being fucked coincidentally with the top. It was pretty intense. I remember getting out of the sling and still being a bit wobbly after the orgasm. SOP can be hit or miss for me, but that was one of the better ones.
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    I do too nd I just love seed in my mputh too. I often spend lunchtime at a video booth sucking whatever cock comes through the hole who needs lunch when you can suck the marrow out of four or five cocks. It also horns me up so I get srraight home and straight online to get fucked. Perfect day!
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    Met a guy last week at the tubs. He went crazy on my hole, but used a condom. He asked me where I lived, we live not too far from each other. He asked for my number and he texted me yesterday. He's a married Latin guy, with a son. On the DL. He was just here, and bred my hole. First we made out. Then he sucked my nipples. I sucked his uncut cock, he fucked my face then we made out some more. I bent over and he dropped to his knees, he spread my cheeks apart hard then put two fingers from each hand on each side of my hole and pulled it as far open as he could, and then proceeded to hungrily eat my hole. He gave me love bites all over my beefy ass cheeks, down both legs and down my calves. I pushed my hole out and he buried his face between my cheeks again, took my inner hole in his lips and sucked hard pulling it into his mouth. He loved pulling my ass cheeks apart and looking at my hole, licking it again, before he plunged his tongue back in and gobbling it up again, then pulling back again looking at my hole, slapping my ass. This went on for a while. I wasn't sure if he was going to fuck me raw but he didn't hesitate and slid it right in. He did that for awhile then he got on the bed with his rock hard cock pointing in the air. He asked me to fuck myself on his cock. I climbed on and rode his cock. he pumped his cock in and out of my hole. I moved my feet to each side of him and raised ten lowered my hole, over and over onto his cock. I leaned back so he could see his cock slide in and out as I fucked myself on his rock hard pole. We did that for a while when suddenly he rolled me over on my side, slid it back in and began to fuck my hole hard. Then he shot a huge load in me, that seemed to go on and on. hole so happy
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    Part 10, I think this is the part many have been waiting, As I was laying there in the fur lined sling, every inch of my body felt alive from feeling the softness of the fur and the magic the little brown bottle were providing. I felt a finger rubbing on my left nipple in little circles first clockwise and then counter clockwise. Then I felt a second finger on my right nipple doing the same thing in unison. I muffled through the hood to 'please be careful with those'. I heard Mr. Terry's voice in my ear saying 'what pup? We couldn’t hear you'? I said, 'please stop Mr. Terry, those are very sensitive and something embarrassing is going to happen if you don’t.' I felt the hose move and I prepared for another round of medicine through the tube, this time it was again a deep breath of air from my daddy, followed by hit one of medicine. He made me hold it for a long time before tugging on the leash to exhale. Just as I exhaled, I heard Mr. Terry in my voice saying 'oh, no worries boy, don’t be shy, we want your nipples to open up that pussy. We are going to use your perfect little boy tits to open that pink little fuck pussy wide.' I muttered to myself in the hood, he is so funny, I am a man, and I don’t have a pussy. With that, I inhaled the next deep breath of medicine. Then followed by a third. With each exhale, I felt my little pink boy nipples being played with a little harder and with a little more authority. I felt my daddy move between my splayed out legs and lean over my crotch and then it felt like a bolt of lightning hit me as his tongue gently licked on my belly and I heard my daddy say 'his precum tastes like candy, it will make great lube'. I felt him licking my belly and then felt his hands on my upper thighs pushing on my legs in the stirrups. Within a second, I felt something so incredible I started to ride up in the sling. His tongue slowly, incredibly slowly started to lick from my ass crack up toward my cock. His tongue was wet and slimy, traveling up my crack and over my hole as slow as a snail, and leaving a slime trail behind as the precum came of his tongue and was applied to my tender virgin hole. He continued moving his tongue up over my smooth hairless taint and up to my nuts. I felt my nuts being lifted by his nose as he licked all the way up to the base of my big heavy nut sack. He stayed in place but I felt him squeeze the head of my cock to get more precum from under my uncut cock's hood. I heard Mr. Terry again whispering in my ear, 'what do you think boy? Have you ever had such an amazing dream?’ I was still flying on the poppers and incredibly confused by the sensations on my nipples, on my cock, on my hole and on my hole body as I lay there in the mink lined sling. I felt so alive I thought I would come out of my skin. I said, 'oh this is a dream? God I am so confused? What is happening to me?' It was a little hard to hear through the hood, but I heard my daddy say with authority. 'Son, I am going to give you a magical night you never dreamt of, but that I have laid awake and jacked off to this night for years. Do you trust me son?' 'Yes daddy', I said with an additional nod in case he couldn’t hear me through the mask. 'Do you love me son'? Just then I felt my nipples being twisted hard and I felt his finger rubbing my precum onto my hole. He started making little circles around my hole with quite a bit of tension. The mental image I had reminded me of stories my buddies told me about sex. I said, 'oh god daddy, yes. Please daddy'. 'Please what?' Mr. Terry said to me. 'Please, please don’t, please don’t stop, please, that feels amazing. I never knew I could feel so good, please daddy don’t stop.' He said, my question was, 'do you love me son?' I grabbed the fur lined blanket with my fists and moaned as he licked and said, 'Oh god, yes daddy, I love you'. I heard some snaps coming undone as his finger just kept rubbing in tight circles around my boy clitty, slow and fast, and then slow and soft and fast and a little harder. I was moaning and again feeling that fur under my skin was making ever nerve ending in my body fire. I felt so alive, so warm, like I was floating in a dream. I felt the tube being pulled over toward where Mr. Terry was standing. I was hooked; I wanted more medicine so I started to breath deep. I heard Mr. Terry say, look at you pup, you are huffing before I am even ready. You horny and greedy little pup. I just nodded instinctively, knowing I needed more poppers in me. I didn’t want to come down from these feelings. I didn’t want this feeling to end. I never understood there was pleasure possible like this. I didn’t have to wait long and I felt the first breath of medicine. And a second with a really long hold, fuck I was loving this tingly warmth that rushed over my face and chest and shot tingles down from my left nipple that he was still rolling like a radio dial right to my asshole. My daddy was still rubbing my hole but it wasn’t his finger any more, it was bigger. Maybe it was his thumb? Gosh it felt huge. The poppers were making me so confused. The next inhale caught me off guard, but it was more cigar smoke. I was a good boy and so fucking high on poppers I didn’t flinch this time, but took it. I felt Mr. Terry rubbing my head through the hood and said.....'Fucking good boy, you are a very good boy' and he tugged the leash for me to exhale. One more really big deep hit of poppers and I felt daddy rubbing his finger, or thumb? Or something up and down my crack. Again, from the base up and over my hole where he put a little pressure and up my taint to the underside of my nuts where he pushed them up toward my cock. My cock was pulsing along with my heart beat. I could tell it was harder than steel. I felt my daddy grab it again, I had never been touched by another person before, and it felt so strange having someone touch my cock. It felt amazing and again made me push up in sling with a wave of pleasure; the chains clanking were loud even in my hood. He slowly was moving this 'thing' up and down my ass channel, every time on the up push he grazed slowly at my hole and pressed a little harder until it slipped past and went over my taint. I heard a click and felt an amazing wetness being poured onto my nuts, taint and down my ass crack. It felt like cups and cups of if, warm, thick wet. I felt the blunt end of his thing? His thumb? Against my hole again and this time it didn’t slip past it slipped in a little bit. I heard daddy say. 'Take me inside of you son, take my shaft. The next hit of poppers I went super deep, I could feel my lungs fill and felt like my chest was expanding more than ever. Mr. Terry even noticed how big it had inflated and said that I was a good pig. Hearing his words triggered something in me. I felt different, I felt alive, and I felt like an animal. I lunged forward in the sling and I reached up and grabbed onto the chain with my left hand. I started to extend my right hand down to my ass when I heard daddy say 'go ahead boy, feel me inside you'. My hand went to my hole and it dawned on me that is his cock trying to get into my hole. Daddy said, go ahead boy, touch my big veiny horse cock. I wished I could see it, but I wrapped my hand around it and it was like steel wrapped in a tight skin lining. I ran my finger over the huge veins, tracing them with my finger up and down his cock. I felt my wet hole and he said, 'see how hard your boy clit is, rub it son'. I said, 'I have a clit?' I had my finger at the entrance to hole. He said 'of course you do, every good pup has one, that why you feel so horny right now. I love that your clit is so hot and throbbing.' Mr. Terry unsnapped a piece on my hood and my ears were exposed. He also undid a couple other snaps and my mouth became free to the open air. I could clearly hear my daddy now; say 'touch your boy pussy, son. Feel how alive it is? Feel how hungry it is? Feel how it needs to be opened like a good pussy should be opened, wide and deep.' I said, 'oh daddy, there is no way that is going to fit inside my hole'. He said, 'oh son I will make it fit because I am going to pop that cherry in less than a minute.' Mr. Terry encouraged me to take the last feel, my hand was wet with lube and the whole sensation of touching my ass in such a pleasurably way, the head of his monster cock and the lust I felt in my soul was like nothing I felt possible. He then took my left hand off the chain and encouraged me to rest back into the fur blanket. He brought the poppers to my nose and said, breathe slowly and very deeply. As I was inhaling I felt daddy sink his shaft into me. Mr. Terry had one nipple and my daddy had the other, and had slowly worked my pink little nipples into a hard little knots. Daddy slowly, ever so slowly pushed in, then withdrew a tiny little bit and then pushed more. I heard him say, 'son, I have waited for this day for years, and it is just as perfect as I knew it was. Even better actually, your pussy is opening nicely. You were made for this. This is your glory; this is your destiny, open up for daddy and make me proud.' I exhaled just as he said proud and I pushed up toward him and I felt my hole gape open and soon I felt the tickle of the hair on his nuts poke my ass crack and his pubes caressing my nut sack. As he slowly pulled out, I heard Mr. Terry say. 'Well?' Daddy said, 'The cherry popped and there are some red streaks of his cherries juice.' I nestled back into the fur and thought, what a strange time to be trying the pie. But soon my mind was back to the present daddy pressed in again. He started to pick up his tempo and said, 'fuck I thought after feeding him that load earlier I would be good to go for a while, but the troops are getting anxious to release'. With that he started to pick up the pace. I raised my hands over my head to the chains as they were rattling really loudly now. Mr. Terry gave me another hit of medicine and started really working on my tits. I was wiggling and moaning and squirming around on that fur and taking the full pressure of daddy slamming his big fucking veiny dick deep into my boy pussy. I heard him making comments like, ‘fuck boy this pussy is made for breeding. And look how those pussy lips swell. And my sperm is going to be painting the walls of your cunt very soon. And how hot it looked as my peach fuzz clung to his shaft as he withdrew from my boy cunt'. His words were so hot to me, I felt like I had been loved and wanted for the first time. At that time he lunged forward and laid his chest on mine. His hips were convulsing and resting, then convulsing repeatedly. I could feel a few drops of sweat come off of his chest and land on mine. Mr. Terry was playing with both of my tits as I felt my daddies tongue enter my mouth. I was being kissed by a man; actually I had never been kissed so I smiled wide as his tongue slid into me. 'What a great first round' Mr. Terry said. Daddy said, 'Oh, yes, we are going to love sharing this.'
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    Couple months ago I was looking for a place to drop my loads and went on GRDR. After chatting with a couple guys that were bs I heard from a guy that started off with "hi daddy, will you seed my hole?" well of course! I started chatting this guy up and the longer we chatted on GRDR is was obvious he was for real. He was horny and ready to take some loads. We traded pics and he gave me his address. I head on over and my dick is already hard. When I arrive the door is answered by this handsome dark haired guy in this 40's. Trim body and hairy chest. He was so happy to see me with a big smile and equally big hard on. I went inside and was ushered into the bedroom. We started kissing and making out. Man he was hot. My dick started to rise to attention. He pulled off his clothes and I mine. When we were naked he bent down and sucked my cock. An amazing mouth licking and sucking my cock, making it feel so good. I turned him around and started to rim his hot hairy hole.. this made him moan wildly. He got on the bed and begged me to plow his hole and "give me daddy seed." I got up on top of him as our cocks were rubbing together. He turned over on his stomach. My favorite position and I put my arms around him while my cock probed his hole. It felt so warm and wet I slid right inside. He started hitting some poppers and offered me some. We both poppered up and I started to fuck his warm wet hole. It felt so good going inside. I pounded his hole and soon felt my load ready to shoot. He pushed back on me and my cock went deeper inside him. My load shot out and up his fuck hole. I kept fucking his ass and soon I felt another load working out of my balls. He turned around and kissed me and there was a large wet spot where he was. He shot his load while I fucked him..very cool. We rested a bit and exchanged numbers. I thought it would end there but I have heard from him several time. We connect and fuck our brains out. He is a great kisser and loves taking my seed. He has become a fuck bud and last week we both went to a bareback orgy hosted by a local guy I know. 20 guys fucking sucking and breeding. It was great. He was a pig and took 5-6 loads. He wants to fuck weekly. No complaints from me. The more ass I get, the more I want!!
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    Sleazy horny twink available for all kinks, age/looks not important. Hosting in Rochester 585 642 4682 or wickr bareben
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    Part 3 As I entered the house Gary and my brother were in the kitchen, I shouted hello at them and went to my room and got changed. Gary appeared at my bedroom door "Everything alright?" he asked, "Yes, although still a little sore from what you did to me" he laughed at me, "Don't worry it will get easier, dinner is ready.". I followed him down to the kitchen where my brother looked over at me "Sore?" he asked as my face turned red and I nodded, we sat down and ate dinner. As we were clearing up my brother came over and put his arms around me, his head forcing mine over to the side exposing my neck he clamped his mouth at the bottom and started biting and sucking. I pleaded with him to stop but he sucked harder, as he released he looked at the spot and grinned before saying "That will take around 5 days to disappear and before it goes I will show you real brotherly love.". I walked over to the oven door to check myself out then turned to face him "You better make sure you do.", he came over to me and grabbed my face with both hands and started kissing me on the mouth. I fancied the hell out my brother so gladly I responded and kissed him back deep. "That is so hot." Gary said, I broke free from my brother's kiss and went over to Gary and kissed him. "Just getting more practice in." I said and laughed. The rest of the evening we spent in the lounge watching a film, I knew at some point I would have to broach the subject of Gary fucking me without a condom but for now I just wanted to start enjoying the freedom. I went on to tell them about Dan and the incident on the metro to which they both replied that I didn't waste much time putting it about. The more I thought about it and Dan I wondered if it was only going to be a matter of time, as the film finished I kissed Gary and my brother goodnight and headed up for some needed sleep and thank heavens tomorrow was Friday. The metro pulled to the station and as I stepped on board and headed to find a seat, I settled in and was about to put my headphones in when Dan appeared and took the seat opposite me. "Morning Josh." he smile was so radiant "Morning Dan, ready for another day?" I asked, "Yeah, but I know what I would prefer to do." laughing and winking at me. By the time we got off the metro and headed our separate ways I had found out that he was 31 years old, worked a couple of blocks away and lived close to the metro stop after mine. I had agreed to meet him lunchtime at the gym, the morning went by so slowly and I tried to busy myself to stop me from clock watching. At last it was midday and I finished off an email and collected my gym bag and headed out of the office. I had just finished a 5 mile run and slowing the running machine down as Dan appeared from the weight room and joined me, we chatted a bit then headed to the showers. Dan stood next to me in the shower, his naked body was doing it for me and I was finding it difficult to control my arousal. He looked over at me "Didn't know you had a partner.", I looked over at him "Why would you think that?", "Your love bite." he replied. I chuckled "That was my brother last night, claims he wants to do me.", "OMG that is not normal." he laughed before realising I was serious "Your brother wants to bed you....hmmm I can see why as I would as well.". I felt an overwhelming surge of sexual desire but contained myself and played it cool "Yeah." I laughed and winked at him. We parted company agreeing to meet at the metro after work. I decided to invite him for dinner partly out of curiosity and that I also liked his company, fortunately the afternoon sped by and at 5pm I logged off my work computer and left the office for the weekend. Dan was already at the station when I arrived, bracing myself to pluck up the courage to ask him if he wanted to join me for dinner. To my surprise he agreed, I hastily sent a text to my brother to let him know there was 1 addition for dinner, he replied with an okay as I took my seat on the metro. As we entered the house I called out to my brother and Gary whom both appeared so I quickly did the introductions, my brother nodded approval and smiled at me saying "Dinner will be in 20 minutes.". I took Dan upstairs to my room closing the door behind him and wasted no time, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him as his mouth sought mine and his tongue speared in to my mouth. His kissing was so intense and dominate that my legs started to shake uncontrollably, his arms circling around my back he gradually lifted me off the ground and took me over to the bed. Gently he lowered me down and laid on top of me continuing his kissing, my hands were all over his body as I couldn't get enough of feeling his toned torso and arms. After some time we heard Gary shout that dinner was ready and Dan released me and flipped on to his back, "Seriously I am going to have to make love to you later." he said grabbing at his crotch and giving it a good rub, my head was buzzing with excitement but also the thought of how dominant and controlling he appeared to be. Over dinner and wine the conversation was good and interesting, hardly any sex talk and mostly a getting to know Dan and vice versa, my brother showed a little to much interest in Dan so I made our excuses as we headed back upstairs to my room. Dan stroked my chest through my shirt as we lay on the bed, gradually he undid the buttons exposing my chest, his head moved forward as he started licking and sucking at my nipples, I found out by this simple move that my nipples wired to my groin causing an instant erection. Dan realised he had found my erogenous zone on first strike. My hands moved across his broad shoulders as I started to undo his shirt buttons, as I reached the button button I moved my hands inside the open shirt and ran them up towards his shoulders pushing the shirt over them to reveal his body and those tattoos. A tribal tattoo that run down his left arm, paw prints over his right breast that ran down towards his groin area. I commented on his tattoos and how amazing they looked as I inspected the tribal tattoo further, embedded within I counted 3 biohazard tattoos that were designed to mix in perfectly. I knew what they meant and commented on how well designed it was circling around each biohazard symbol, "Ahh, you noticed them." he said looking at me "You know what they mean?", I simply nodded and muttered "Yes, I know.".
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    Was in Denver the weekend of Easter for a conference most of the weekend. I had time off work so got there last Wednesday afternoon. I’d placed bbrt ad and had approved 42 guys. Turned out be a bit of a disappointment. It had started to snow as I had gotten into town. After I had prepped, I sent out the usual email of which hotel and room. I will hand it to the handful of guys who did take the time to email saying they couldn’t make it either to last minute business trips or due to the snow. In the end I got 11 loads from 6 guys. First was a young, heavy set black guy with a thick, stubby cock. He really loved my ass and loaded me good. Next was a sexy, furry Latino. As I was sucking him, a middle aged, athletic guy showed. They took turns fucking me. An older silver fox showed while this was going on. He hung out in the back, watching and stroking. Athletic guy eventually bred me and silver fox slid in. As he was fucking me, Latino shot his load in my mouth. As those two left, silver fox kept fucking. But he was having problems staying hard. He said it takes him quite a while to cum and hoped others would show. After about 5min of awkward silence, he finally left. Next up was a fit black guy with a nice thick cock with a wicked cum. He was doing things to my ass and hitting all sorts of buttons. Part way through, a Latino papi and a Middle Eastern guy show up, get naked and join us on the bed. They all start taking turns on my ass and mouth. At one point I’m on my back, legs being held back by papi, as I eat his ass, while getting fucked by BBC. BBC finally cums deep and ME guy slides in. Him and papi take turns fucking me with papi giving me two loads. We take a short break and I start riding papi’s hard cock again. I have ME come up behind me and have him slide in along with papi’s cock. My second time ever being DP’d and it felt amazing. It felt great to ME as he finally dumped his load in me. We chatted for a bit and found out ME had bred me on my trip to Vegas in Dec. After he left, papi and I played. Him dumping a few loads in me. Me fucking him for a bit. All the while checking bbrt and a4a. A early 20s white kid hit me up saying he finally got into town and wanted to swing by. Gave him the info and he showed up. Had a decent cock on him. We fucked around and ended with me riding him hard to get his load. He hung around and watched papi fill me with the final two loads. All in all, it wasn’t a bad night but not like how I had wished.
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    I think breeding zone should make their own Craigslist. How am I going to be Blindfolded and be a No load refused slut anymore ? Bbrt is okay but Craigslist was hot because I didn't even get a description of the men who would come and use me. Super bummed
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    I'm a straight acting guy who loves loads and loads of cum dumped all over my face and down my throat. Im such a cumhungry faggot. I save and freeze all my own loads of cum. So when I can't find any cocks to drain. I'll pull out my frozen block of cum and cover my face with loads after loads after loads of my own cum and take pics and videos of myself. Tell me your cum stories
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    PART 7 Rom and his friend walked in the room and shut the door. I was laying on my back on the bed with my elbows propping me up. It wasn’t exactly bright lights in the tiny room, but it was light enough. I took the new guy in, really really aware he had already been told there wAs a bottom that took it bareback waiting for him. I didn’t get his age, but he was somewhere around 45, give or take a year or two. He had long legs and I guessed he was maybe 6’ 1”, But he was pretty lean. He had a light patch of greying hair on his chest and his face was clean shaven. His mostly grey hair was cut very short. He wore his towel low on his hips. I thought he was hot as hell. Ron spoke up, “Chris this is my friend Steven. Steven meet my sexy young friend Chris. Chris, is Steven your type?” I nodded vigorously. “Steven, did I deliver on my promise of a beautiful young sexy bottom boy?” “ Hell yes you did,” said Steven, adding to me, “it is so nice to meet you sexy boy. Ron here told me this is your first time here? And your first time barebacking?” I nodded. “Well, I understand. Man sex is hot enough, but in a place like this where everyone is so fucking horny ano practically naked and its just us men, so we can have the freedom to explore. Like you explored tonight. I gotta tell you Chris, seeing you there like that, it makes me really want you. It makes me want to fuck you.” Ron had stepped back, making it obvious he was just there to watch. I didn’t care at that point. “I... I think you are really hot too Steven. Do you like to bareback too?” It was at this point that he finally let his towel drop and I got to see his hardening cock for the first time. My eyes were just glued to it, as he slowly gripped it and began to stroke. He was getting hard really fast. And fuck, he was hung. It was perfect. 8. 5 inches with beautiful cut head that topped a thick shaft that had just the slightest most perfect curve. He had trimmed most of the hair away and his balls were shaved. His balls...big round balls, the kind that probably make a lot of cum. His package was magnificent. “It’s so fucking perfect,” I marveled out loud. “I am so glad you like it so much, baby. I’m gonna give you a chance to touch it, and lick it, and suck it... and then it’s going all the inside you. Every. Single. Bit. Is that ok, baby? Is it ok if I fuck you deep?” I am sure I was nodding when I blurted out “I wanna do that all for you just please fuck me bareback.” He looked down at me smiling. “Of course I am gonna fuck you raw Chris.” And then as he leaned into me and i prepared for a kiss, he added, “and I promise you I am not pulling out til all my cum is in that little hole. Is that ok baby?” Looking in his eyes, I nodded. As he leaned in and kissed me hard, I realized very acutely, I had already agreed to lick and suck this strangers cock before letting him fuck my already beaten up hole bareback until he cums inside of me. And I had no idea if he was hiv positive. And I knew it didn’t matter because I would have let him fuck me no matter if he was positive or not. And that totally scared me and totally turned me on. And I knew when this night was over, I was gonna spend a lot of time thinking why I had all of a sudden started hoping the guys I was with had hiv. But right now as my mouth opened and his tongue invaded, I just melted. My cock was like steel and I just wanted him. And I wanted him to be poz. I had to know. As I broke the kiss, I whispered “Steven it’s ok with me if you are, but I just wanted to know.... are you hiv.” He cut me off before I finished. “Yeah sexy. I’m poz. And I know that’s ok with you. I can tell. It’s so sexy. You’re so sexy, that hungry hole. I can’t wait to be inside you.” And i couldn’t wait either.
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    Learned it when I was 17 from the clerk at an AVS who made me suck him in a video booth when there were no other customers around. He closed the shop then and came to my booth. Showed me how to do it and what he liked. He was also the first one to fuck me one of the next times I was there. Always went there around closing time and hung around until the last customer left. Let's say that when I was moving on to cruising the park (after he left to work somewhere else) I was an experienced cocksucker and knew how to take dick up my ass ;-). Loved that guy for showing me the ropes.
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    I learned my art by lots of practice from the age 16 with my close friend to practice on. Of corset with the reward of tasty cum for a job well done keeps me cumming bank for more, truly the key is practice and learn new techniques, since there's no one size fits them all. Of course guys that tell you what's working for them and what's not is a tremendous help
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    What a shitty attitude
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    Last night. A guy (late 30s) I have seen online for a long time because he lives pretty close to me. But his byline is "Big dicked hairy bottom. Safe Only". So I never paid attention to his profile and was surpsrised when I got a message from him saying he was horny and asking if I wanted some fun. My initial reaction was to reply "Read the fucking profile!". But politely told him I'm a bottom too in case he hadn't noticed.... He replied he was more versatile now and was in the mood to top. Sent me a few pics that made my mouth water. Juicy fat dick and a hairy muscle ass. Lost my regular Saturday night FB and my last loads were more than a week ago, two real quickies from young guys. I was horny as fuck for some real action. Had a great time with this guy. Asked for a condom at first and hesitated when I told him I didn't have any (white lie, I do have some old ones). I guess he was too horny at that point to leave and just went for it. Sucked his delicious thick dick before he told me to get on all fours. He liked doggy. From slow fuck to hard pounding and everything in between. Took him a long time to cum (which I didn't mind ;-) and then stuck around for while. We just chatted and made out until he was ready again. Knowing what it feels like being a bottom has it advantages I guess as he exactly knew how to push my buttons. Shot my load all over my bed while he was pounding me the 2nd time. When he left he said he still likes to take it up the ass but he wouldn't mind fucking me some more when he was in the mood to top (and it is convenient I live so close....). You're welcome anytime buddy! Quite sexy too if you like the preppy business type. Hope to see him again soon.
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    Hi guys, I'm here to tell you another story that happen to me when a friend of mine, 'Big Daddy', who was coming from France visited me in Berlin this last end of year. I knew that some crazy sex parties were going on as he always like to invite some other guys fuck and breed my ass in front of him. I think of him as a daddy who wants to see his son get fucked well and deep before sliding his dick in his son's ass full of someone else cum. So I prepared myself to be away from my roommates for few days and joined Big Daddy in his hotel, the Two Axel Hotel in Berlin. When I arrived he was already naked and there was already another guy in the room. The other guy was the sort who turned me on but he was more into daddies and bears (which unfortunately I am not). However, as I was horny as hell, I sucked Big Daddy's cock as he and the other guy were standing side by side. Big Daddy's cock was really big and I had to suck it at least 20 minutes times to make my jaw and throat used to it before deep throating him. Of course after 30 minutes of intense oral attention, Big Daddy couldn't resist anymore. He threw me on the bed and make his way to my ass. His tongue on my asshole made my body quiver with excitement, and after my hole was thoroughly wet, Big Daddy's giant dick entered my ass. My favorite position is on my back. For me there is nothing more exciting to see the guy slide his dick in his ass, to see how deep it goes, to see the guy's face when he is balls-deep, while, at the same time watching his face register the pleasure my hole is providing as it accepts his big piece of meat. Big Daddy fucked me gently, soft and deep while dirty talking to me, but we were interrupted when the other guy left. The atmosphere subsided a big until a wonderful Arabian / Spanish escort boy arrived. The escort was slightly smaller than me, but that wasn't the focus of attention - rather, his his cock was as big as that of Big Daddy, and as hard as wood. As soon as he saw me, a light turned-on in his expression, telling me that lust which kicks in when one meets a guy who is really into one, and who happens to have a dick that would wreck one's hole. I couldn't do anything but smile like the dirty boy I am in my mind. And so the party went wild. Big Daddy resumed fucking me as I sucked the escort, bringing him to a full erection. He couldn't wait for Big Daddy to finish, but instead he gestured for Big Daddy to move aside, and when the coast was clear the escort went down on my ass, giving me a full oral service, as his dick bounced around, his dick which was rock hard, and if not as long as Big Daddy's, was a bit thicker. At the beginning, perhaps because I was somewhat apprehensive, I couldn't take every inch of his dick, so we paused, chatted and smoked. The, before he slid back in, the escort mixed something with the lube, applied it to his dick and then slid back in. Immediately my ass opened to accept his cock. My ass felt amazingly good and I only wanted more of him inside me. He fucked me in the multiple position and, around 3:00 AM, he told us that he had to nut, at the same moment, fucking me wildly without a pause. Frankly he fucked like a possessed wild animal as I groaned like a little slut in heat. His dick was wrecking my hole so deep, so quick. I found myself thinking my ass had become a pussy, especially when some of my ass juices flowed out. The escort's face looked edgy, and when he blew his load, he absolutely shrieked in pleasure, filling my hole entirely with his cum. I had never before witnessed any buy cum the way he did. His cum was hot almost burning my insides, even if it simultaneously felt amazing. I can honestly say the pleasure I experienced was so intense I was utterly let down when he withdrew, a bit of his precious cum drooling out of my hole. After a few minutes the escort left, and Big Daddy and I were tired and went to bed. Please let me know if you liked this story and if so, I'll tell you what happened over the next couple of days.
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    Part 7 Those guys sure talked funny. How the hell can a guy get pregnant? Must just be their way of talking about him cumming in that other guys ass bare or something? I could hardly believe how hard I had cum, though, listening to them talk though. Been way too long since I had some pussy for me to get off on hearing those guys fuck. I looked at my clock and noticed it was about 2:30 in the morning. I had slept pretty good till then. I had to get up to go take a piss badly now though. I got up and headed into the bathroom, which was next to my bedroom. While taking a piss, I could hear voices coming, apparently, from the new owner's bathroom too. I leaned towards the wall and could hear someone saying, "Oh, yeah, feed me more of your piss. It tastes so sweet." I almost pissed down my leg when I heard that. Some guy was drinking another's piss? I had kind of wondered what that tasted like, but had never tried it. I thought, what the hell, and stopped my flow and stepped into my shower. I was naked and as I got in there, I aimed my cock upwards and let go. I got a faceful to start with and then got it lined up into my mouth to try. The taste was a little bitter but also some sweet to and drank up all I could get and licked my lips when done. Hmmm, not that bad, really at all. I found that my cock was getting hard again, too. I could still hear more sounds and as I leaned to the wall, I heard the guy who had drank up earlier, saying, "That was nice, now give me your cum to drink, too. Oh, that is really . sweet." As I heard that, it made me wonder again about that taste. I was already stroking and so close, so I laid down and raised my legs over my head. I soon was ready to cum and opened my mouth and blew my load. My aim was not all that good to start with and a lot went all over my face before I got it lined up with my mouth and lapped it up. As I was doing that, I used a finger to get all the rest of it wiped up and into my mouth too. As I sat back up, I was swishing it around in my mouth and then swallowed it down. Hey, it tasted pretty good too. I got out of the shower and washed my face off and headed back to bed, kind of wondering if all guys's cum tasted like that.
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    Pervs like you make visiting BZ Hot. Please share your pix & adventures with us. Thanks for following me too.
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    Just do it & u will be a lot happier U will not half to worry about if u r poz or not. I barebacked for yrs & finally got converted about 5 yrs ago roughly. I am a lot happier now. I have been taking poz loads & enjoying it.
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    Part 6   I awoke sometime later. I am sure a noise had woke me up. I listened and could hear more sounds. I started to get up, when it dawned on me that my new neighbor and owner of the duplex had the noises coming from his place, again. I leaned closer to the wall and could definitely hear the sounds of sex coming through the wall. The unmistakable sound of a cock pounding a hole, with moans of pleasure. There was no talking. Just moans of pleasure and panting and the sounds of a cock pounding the hell out of a hole. I could almost imagine my own cock pounding one of my girls. I noticed I was getting hard as hell listening to it. I soon had to get my cock out and started to jack it in time with the sloppy sounds coming through the wall. I could imagine fucking and wishing I was getting some. It had been way too long now. Then, there started to come sounds of talking, almost yelling. I heard, what had to be the one getting fucked saying, "OMG, give it to me. Pound me harder, faster. Fill me with your cum." The one doing the fucking was then saying, "Oh, yeah, getting so close now. Going to knock you up and give my my babies." That sounded weird to me but whatever. I found myself getting closer to cumming now also. Just as I was about to cum I heard to fucker yell, "Here it comes, take my 10" cock and my hot cum to knock you up forever." There was a loud grunting sound and I heard both of them saying, "I'm cumming hard." As they said that my own cock erupted all over my wall with one of the largest loads I had ever let loose. Then, I heard the one who had to have been the dancer saying, "WOW, I sure tore your ass up good that time. I can see traces of blood and cum running out of you. You will almost definitely be pregnant, now." What?
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    Part 5   I really had no idea what to say, really. I kind of turned my head a little as, sitting down, Hank's cock was sticking straight out at me tenting the hell out of his shorts. As I turned my head, I found I was looking directly at the dancer now and his cock seemed to be like a snake sticking up. He was in the process of taking off his jock completely and it almost made Hank's huge cock look small in comparison. Hank stepped back then and I stood up. I told him, "Looks like you guys are getting a little busy now, I better head over to my place." As I turned to go, I noticed a couple of the guys, on the other side of the room, were already naked and playing with each other's cocks. I turned back to Hank and noticed that the dancer was already on the couch with the other two guys and one of them had that huge cock in his mouth and the other guy seemed to have his mouth buried in his ass and I noticed that the dancer seemed to have a large biohazard tat on his back just above his ass crack. Hank said, "Really am sorry about that if it shocked you. We kind of meet up about every couple of weeks for a 'sometimes' sex party. Didn't mean to have it actually start while you were here though." He went on, "Looks like I'm the odd one out at the moment." and laughed. He then escorted me to the door. As he opened the door he said, "Thanks for not freaking out much, I really appreciate it." I said, "Don't think anything of it. No harm done." He said then, "WOW, you are so understanding and nice." I turned to go, when he grabbed me from behind in a huge hug. Again, he was thanking me and was just overwhelmed. I could feel his big cock against my ass and it was right in my crack. He held me close for a few seconds and then let go saying, "You are much nicer than about anyone I have met in a long time." I turned and couldn't help it as my eyes went down to his crotch for a second. He noticed and said, "sorry about that too. That dance was really hot and I am still thinking about it and it won't go down. Nice isn't it?" With that he reached down and dropped his shorts and it sprang up, hard and fat. I couldn't help looking again, and then noticed he had a biohazard tat just above his cock that I hadn't noticed before. He said, "I better get back in there if I want any fun. You take care and come over anytime you want to." I turned and went home to my place and was soon in bed and fast asleep.
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    Part 4   I headed out to my favorite bar then. For some reason, being a Saturday night, it was dead as hell. I ended up going to about 4 different bars and they were all deader than I could remember them ever being. Not a thing going on and the few girls I saw were not the type I usually went for at all. I had a drink in each bar but was just getting more and more frustrated at the lack of anything going on. I had not had sex in at least 3 weeks now and I was in need badly. The last bar I went to, as dead as they all were, I downed my drink, hit the toilet to take a well needed piss and decided to head for home. No use spending money for nothing I always thought. Arriving home, I headed in to my place, noting that the new owner seemed to still have all his company there. I went to the kitchen to get a beer and there was a knock on the door. I answered it, to find Hank standing there in his short shorts again. He said, "I hate to bother you this late, but I am about out of ice and wondered if you had any to spare or would be willing to run to the store for me to get some?" I told him, "You are in luck tonight as I just bought a bag of ice and hadn't opened it, yet. You can have it if you want." He said, "You are a life saver. I could sure use it. I will replace it tomorrow if that is ok? We are just drinking a little more than I thought we would." He then, just reached out and grabbed me and gave me a huge hug. I could feel that huge cock of his poke me when he did that. He then pulled back and said, "Sorry about that. Just overwhelmed a little by your kindness." I got him the ice and as he was leaving he said, "Hey, that offer is still open, if you want to come over and have a drink, too." With that he was off to his place. I went into my livingroom and turned the TV on and drank my beer. Then I got up to get another one and realized it was the only one I had and didn't even have a bottle of booze in the place as I had meant to pick up some on the way home with a hot date. Now, I was thirsty and nothing to drink but water, ugh. I thought about it for a couple of minutes and then decided to take up neighbor on his offer and at least I could get something to drink. I headed out the door and over there. I knocked on his door and he opened it up. He looked surprised but invited me in. He said, "I didn't think you come by, but come on in and have a drink. One of my friends is a dancer and was just going to give us a demonstration. Hope you won't mind as he gets a little erotic at times with it." I told him, "That was fine, I just found out I was completely out of anything to drink and thought I might as well impose and get a free one." He opened the door more and waved me in. I entered and found that basically everyone there had not much more clothes on than Hank did. I was somewhat overdressed after being out all evening. Hank asked what I wanted, indicating that he had quite a bit of almost anything. I told him I usually drank Rum and Coke. He said, "That is one of my favs too and always keep that around." He headed to his bar and soon had one fixed for me. He indicated a chair, telling me it was where he had been sitting but he could squeeze in next to one of his buddies on the couch, since one was going to be getting up to dance anyway. The one going to dance got up and seemed to have more clothes on than the others did. He put in a cd and told us this is the one he danced to the most. The musice started and he was soon dancing to it. He seemed to be pretty good. As the first song came to an end he was working up quite a sweat and kicked off his shoes. By the end of the second song he had pulled his socks off too and by the end of the third one he had his shirt off and was really getting into the music. As I sipped at my drink, it dawned on me that his dance seemed to be good but was also intermingled with some quite hip gyrating moves also, almost like a sexual thing. His fourth song was definitely of a hard slow beat and he was then really gyrating and moving back and forth around the room to the others and almost thrusting his hips into their faces. I finally decided he must be a 'stripper' or something like that. He was then actually pulling each guy he came to by the back of their heads into his crotch area and rubbing all over their faces. As his 4th song ended, he was back in the middle of the room, and grabbing his pants jerked on them and they came right off as they had snaps on the sides I had not noticed. He was now down to only a very small gstring jock strap. My mouth just dropped open as he had a hard on that looked to be a good 10" sticking straight up out of the top of his jock. I took a quick look over at my neighbor and he and all the others were applauding and cheering. My neighbor, stood up and I could tell that his shorts were sticking straight out and he seemed to have a hardon too. I was shocked and had forgotten, for some reason, that Hank was gay and probably all of his friends there were also. He turned to look my way and walked over the me. He said, "Oh, hell, I forgot you were straight. I didn't even think about it. Sorry if that shocked you. If I had remembered I would have warned you before he started."
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    Part 2   I awoke Saturday morning nicely refreshed from a good nights sleep. It was a nice day, so I decided to sit outside on the porch and drink my morning coffee. As I was sitting there enjoying the wonderful sun, I heard the door of the otherside of the duplex open. I turned to look over there and Hank and Tom walked out, also drinking coffee. When they saw me, they both waved and went down the steps and came over to my side. I asked them to have a seat. We all sat around for a while then drinking coffee and chatting, again, about nothing in particular. Then Hank told me, "I guess you know now that I am gay and so is Tom?" I told him I had kind of guessed it, but did not add that I had heard them last night. Hank asked, "That doesn't change anything with you does it?" I told him it didn't mean a thing to me at all, it was his business. He kind of looked relieved and said, "That is great, so many think badly of it." I shrugged my shoulders and said, "it was no big deal, I was always curious as to why guys and gals were like that, but it really wasn't any of my business to judge." He smiled and thought that was a good way to be and if I had any questions to just ask and he would try to answer them as best as he could. Our talk turned to other things then, the weather, work and so forth, nothing much just passing the time. Then Hank and Tom got up and went back inside Hank's place. I got up and went in to tidy up and do my dishes. Then up to my bedroom to make the bed up and maybe take a shower. I heard noises again and again, I leaned towards the wall to listen. It seemed Hank and Tom were back at it again as I could hear the moans of pleasure again. Both seemed to like a lot of talk during also. Could hear them telling each other how great they felt. Hank telling Tom how great it felt being deep inside him and Tom saying how great it felt having his hole pounded deep and hard.
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