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    Part 12 I sat up in the bed and looked over Tom. I’d forgotten how handsome he was wearing a pair of sweats that failed to hide his large cock, and a white vest top that showed of the musculature of his chest. His piercing blue eyes caught mine and he smiled. “Why don’t we get you freshened up and have some dinner together?” “What day is it?” my voice was hoarse and sore. “It’s Thursday boy. You’ve had a busy week.” I look at Tom dumfounded, how could I have been out of it for so many days? Surely someone must have noticed I was missing? I know he’d contacted my work, but what about family and friends. “Do you have my phone? I’m sure people will have been trying to contact me.” “I replied to any messages you’ve received. Daddy has it covered boy, just you concentrate on getting your strength back.” I slowly removed the drip from my arm, it stung. When I attempted to stand up Tom came over to help me. My legs felt weak, I hadn’t stood in 4 days. Tom helped me shower and shave, he also cut my hair, tidying up my hairline but left enough length in it to grab, or so he told me. I felt vulnerable yet cared for. He never took off the device on my cock or even acknowledged it. He made me wear a white jockstrap and nothing else. The house was warm, for the first time we left the bedroom. I’d never paid much attention to his apartment before but when I looked around I noticed it was scarcely furnished. A couch, coffee table and a television in the living area that led into a large open plan kitchen with a dining table. I realised there were no personal touches, artwork, pictures, even cushions. It was all very clinical. “Have you been here for long?” I asked “About 6 months boy, moved here just before the summer.” “Where were you before?” Tom stared at me and calmly said “Enough questions boy, you need to eat” He had a seriousness to his tone that stopped me from asking more. There was a knock at the door which broke the tension “Dinner is here, Daddy has a treat for you boy.” Tom grinned and went to the door. There stood a pizza boy, he was about 21, fresh faced and very innocent looking. He was staring right at me, I realised then that I was in just a jockstrap, Tom had a semi that was painfully obvious. The boy blushed, and squirmed slightly. “Come in, I need to grab my wallet, I’ve not got it on me.” Tom smiled and made a show of patting along his sweats, highlighting his growing cock. The pizza boy walked in nervously looking right at me, I noticed his jeans tightening around his crotch. Behind him Tom locked the door and held a finger to his lips, signalling for me to be quiet. I didn’t know what he had planned…
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    I walked over to Bubba and sat down next to him. "You ok?" He responded with a shrug. I asked what was wrong. "I am very happy for you, but I really want that for myself." "Do you want to go for a walk?" Bubba nodded yes. I told Daddy that I was going for a walk. Daddy told me to have fun. Bubba and I walked around the campground and talked. He made mention that he felt that he didn't have what it took to be a boy. I asked him why he felt that way. He said, "I just can't give myself to many people." He confessed that he did once and that he was hurt pretty bad. We walked back to the site and I told him that he was sleeping with Daddy and I tonight. "I don't want to impead on the night of your collaring." I told him that Daddy insisted you spend the night in the tent with us. His face lite up a bit and he smiled. "I would like that." We walked to the tent, it was now almost midnight. We crawled inside, stripped and crawled under the covers. I spooned him from behind and wrapped my arms around him and drifted off to sleep. Shortly after, Daddy came in and got naked and crawled in front of Bubba. Bubba layed his head on Daddys chest and we driffted back off to sleep. Both of us sandwhiching Bubba between us. A few hours later I heard Bubba take an inhale of breath. I opened my eyes and grinned. Daddy had lubed up his cock and was entering Bubba. In the moonlight, I could see pleasure on Bubba's face. Daddy was kissing his neck. I leaned in and started kissing Bubba. He was rock hard and precumming against my belly. I broke the kiss and said, "feels good don't it?" Bubba could just nod. I reached down and stroked his rock hard uncut cock. I told Daddy, "I think Bubba needs to experience you full on." With that Daddy withdrew his cock and laid Bubba on his back, lifts his legs to his shoulders and entered him again. Bubba whimpered. I leaned down and gave him another kiss and said, "Enjoy this. You really need it." Daddy rode Bubba's ass for a while and then flipped him over onto his hands and knees and rammed his cock in again. I crawled under Bubba on my back in a 69 and in eye shot of the pounding he was receiving. Daddy pushed Bubba down to my cock. Bubba swallowed my cock and he slide his cock down my throat. I could feel the sweat dripping off of Bubba on to my cock. Daddy was pounding his hole hard and started to breath heavy. I pulled off Bubba's cock momentarily and announced that Daddy was going to be seeding his hole soon. Bubba gobbled my cock to the base. He slid his cock back into my throat and I started to suck him hard. Daddy pounded for a few more minutes and then grunted and shoved in Bubba's hole one last time. I could see his cum dripping out the sides around his cock. That set me off and I blew my load down Bubba's throat. That triggered Bubba to blow a huge thick load of cum down my throat. Daddy pulled out and I planted Bubba's ass onto my mouth and sucked out Daddy's load. Bubba crawled off and leaned in for a kiss. I fed him Daddy's load. Bubba said, "Damn I needed that so much." He leaned up and kissed Daddy. Daddy then announced, "Lets get more sleep. We can have more fun in the morning." ***Too be continued***
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    As Travis and I walked back to the site and noticed that most of the guys had rode off to one of the Bike Exhibitions that were happening that night. Bubba was at the site cleaning up. Travis excused himself and said he was going to go find Robert. I looked around for Daddy and Bubba said he went with the other guys. I pitched in and helped Bubba with cleaning up. Bubba started talking about how much it was good to see me and was really jealous that I was getting so much sex. I told Bubba that I had not had that much sex in a long time. He told me that he shot three loads watching everyone in the tent. I asked him why he didn't join in. Bubba told me that he has a hard time just joining in if he is not invited. I walked over and planted a kiss on his sexy bearded face. I said, "you are always welcome if I am there. You know that." He layed his head on my chest and sighed. I loved Bubba a great deal. He has been there for me when my ex and I broke up. I pulled his head up and gave him a kiss. Bubba had the sexiest blue puppy dog eyes. "I love you Bubba. You are my best friend. Keep an open mind and things will happen for you." Bubba wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug. "I know, you keep telling me that." We finished cleaning up and were sitting at the table when most of the guys came back. It was around 10pm by now. Beer and whiskey were pulled out. Alex made sure everyone had a drink. Alex rose his glass and said, "I want to make a toast." All the guys followed suit and raised their glasses. "To a lifetime of love, being in love and loving you all." Everyone agreed and took a drink. Daddy came over and clinked glasses with me. "Gentlemen, I have an announcement." Confused about what Daddy was going to say, he continued. "I am going to do probably one of the weirdest things I have ever done in my life. But, my heart has been touched once again." Daddy pulled me up and stood me directly in front of me. "This man is the one to do that." I stood there blushing. No one could tell, but the look on my face lite by the light of the fire, I was happy to hear those words. Daddy reached into his pocket and continued. "When a Sir finds a boy that is worthy of his attention, that boy deserves something to show his gratitude and love." I heard something click behind me. "A symbol in normal standards is usually a ring, but in our lifesytle a silver chain collar depicks the start of something good." Daddy turned me to face him and said, "This chain around your neck has many meanings. I am your Sir and you are my boy. I own you in love and respect. Do you accept this collar as a start of what this could and will be?" I was shocked that this was happening. I said, "Yes Sir. I am ready and willing to learn and be by your side forever." Daddy wrapped the collar around my neck and clicked the shiny lock around my neck. The guys errupted in cheers. Daddy grabbed my chin and raised my gaze to his eyes and said, "I have been waiting for a long time for a boy like you to cross paths with. Are you sure about this?" I told him, "I will do my best to make you proud." Daddy responded, "Good. I love you so much even after a short period of time." I asked him, "Even after I had taken so much cock and cum from all the guys?" Daddy said, "Absolutely. You made me really proud." We joined the rest of the guys in having a good time the rest of the evening. Many of which came up and congratulated me. Bubba was sitting by himself at the table. I told Daddy, "I know this is quick, but Bubba looks like he could use some cheering up." Daddy said, "Go make me proud. This is your first order as my new boy." I said, "Are you sure?" He told me yes. "Take him to our tent. I will be in shortly." ***Too be continued***
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    It's a fucking shame he has to use this. Hey cutie! My hole or mouth is here!
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    This was when I first embraced being a bareback bottom. I would go to the Club Z in Seattle weekly. I was in my late 20's and looked like, well, to be honest I looked like sexy Jesus. People often remarked on my looks that way. I had long dark hair sometimes a trim beard, slim body, tall (6'2") with a pleasing dusting of chest hair. When I would walk up the stairs at the club in a towel I would see my reflection in the long mirror at the top of the stairs, gay Jesus coming to fuck away all your sins. On your knees and pray or suck the cock in front of you. Sometimes seeing my image like that I would feel sexy. It gave me the confidence to offer my body to the men at the club that day. I was not everybody's type but more than enough men wanted me and I liked that feeling. No, I loved it and I loved making them feel good. The smile a man gives you as he fucks you when he is really into you is such a mind trip. Many of my fucks start out completely anonymous but some end up as a face to face encounter that can be every bit as satisfying as the faceless, nameless fucks that leave you loaded and dripping with cum. I was feeling great, good hair day (long hair can be such a pain), no zits, horny as 15 year old boy with a stolen Playgirl hidden under his hoodie. I checked in and discovered I was in my favorite room, number 211. Yeah, I went there so often I had a favorite room. You will find out why in a minute. Going into my room and shutting the door is one of my favorite parts of my time at a bathhouse. I get to shut away the world. I have my tiny haven away from all the troubles and trauma of the outside world. Here I can be myself among men who are like me, won't judge me for who and what I am. The anticipation of what is beyond the door or what will come through it excites me. My cock begins to harden. Who knows, it might be a dead night and I will end up jerking off in the porn room or I might take load after load from raw cock all night. Usually it is something in between the two. I am prepared. I had already done a thorough cleaning out so deep I will be able to fuck for several hours without a whisper of taint. I get out my supplies: lube (two kinds), poppers, cock ring and a bottle of rum. Rum first to heat me up, loosen my muscles give me a bit of a buzz. Booze makes me hornier. I take my time putting on my ring and lubing up my hole. I am not a natural born bottom. I have learned to take cock like a trooper but I need plenty of lube and a top who takes a few seconds to enter my ass. First I apply a small amount of Vaseline and then plenty of Elbow Grease. Isn't that a great name. I even take a tiny huff of poppers. That really makes my cock take notice. I love poppers more than I can express. Sigh. The new poppers today are shit. R.I.P. poppers high. I want to get to the fucking but for some reason I decide to make a tour, see what is happening, who is there. Its early and not terribly busy. That is okay I only need one cock for now. Later I will want one in each hole. Making my way back to my room I remember the man who passed me on the stairs after I checked in. He me 'gives me 'that look'. You know what I am talking about. The look that says, "I am interested, wanna find out what my cock tastes like." I can be very shy at times like this. I don't ignore him and I don't encourage him either. I don't know how to handle situations like that, at least not sober with my clothes on. Back in my room I dim the lights and toss the towel up near the head so I can bury my face in it once I open the door. I use the pillow like a wedge under my hips to elevate my ass and make it obvious I am offering my hole up for fucking. Burying my face in the towel, clutching the little brown bottle of heaven I slowly grind my cock into the pillow trying to be inviting and seductive. It is a weird and self-conscious position to be in. Offering your body to anyone with a hard-on seems to me to be pathetic, heroic, humiliating, dangerous, adventurous and somewhat arrogant. Who am I to think Joe Schmoe is going to want to stick his dick into my body? Do I think I am so hot that I can just put myself out there like that and expect to get fucked? Mostly I feel embarrassed because I don't feel worthy of the cock I crave. I feel like I don't deserve to get fucked exactly for the reason I want to get fucked, because I am total cum hungry cock whore. A cum dump who will let anybody fuck him. It also makes me feel soooo horny and sleazy but in a good way. The anticipation of this situation can be excruciating and thrilling. The wait is mind blowing. Your ears become attuned to every noise. It drives me crazy when a noisy neighbor arrives, some twink with a friend who makes ten trips back and forth from his room each time passing the open door framing my lubed up ass, an obvious invitation to be used by any Tom, Dick or Harry. Why do I care what he thinks. I don't care about him, unless he stops by to drop a load. I like this room because it is close to a hallway but not in plain view of a passerby. To see into my room you have to be looking, you have to be on the prowl for cock or ass. As I wait I listen and imagine. I listen for the tell-tale creak of a floor board. This room has a loose board at the threshold so if you step close or just inside the room I will hear that faint creak. It is a squeak that sends chills down my spine and makes my nuts churn. It might only be a gawker, which is fine but frustrating but then again I might feel a hand on my ankle. Of course I never know what to expect. My favorite are the men who get right down to business, the ones who upon discovering my lubed up hole mount up and begin fucking. I hate being fingered. It makes me tense up but I will endure it for a minute if I think it turns my top on and get him hard enough to want to fuck me. I enjoy being rimmed but a devoted rimmer will ream all the lube out of me. Not such a big deal, especially in my room where it is close at hand but its still a delay in what I really want, raw cock unloading in my eager hole. This night I do not have to wait long. There is the creak and then nothing. Silence, no touching but I am sure he is still there. I can sense him watching me. I continue to grind my hips. Slowly I reach down and push my hard cock into view between my legs and to the side of my balls. I have big balls. Its no boast just passing on what men have told me over the years. Still nothing. I wait...and wait. Finally it comes. A hand slides up my calf and grazes my ass to the small of my back. He caresses me for a while. He is enjoying the feel of me, the sight of my prone and naked body offered up for his use. I shiver. The club is cool tonight and I am going mad with anticipation of what this man might do to me. The mystery ends when he straddles my ass and pushes his cock into me. Just like that I am getting fucked and I could not be happier. My anonymous top stretches out on top of me and I luxuriate in the feel of his skin and the pressure of his weight on me. I want him to fill me and fuck me and crush me to the mattress with the exertion of his thrusts. I want to be drenched in his sweat and I want him to take ownership of me by breeding my ass with his DNA. I use the poppers liberally and so does he after I hold them out to him. My eyes are still closed. All I know of the man is from sound, smell and feel. He feels awesome. He has a Goldilocks cock, not too big, not too small.....just right. High on lust and poppers I am in love with this man who is giving me the gift of his body, the joy of his manhood and I know in my heart his seed. He will breed me when he is done taking his pleasure. Eventually he flips me. At this point is seems ridiculous to keep my eyes close. I open the and see the man from the stairs grinning down at me. He is wearing a baseball cap. I find that both weird and boyishly sexy. I can tell he is immeasurably happy to be fucking me. This makes me happy to be alive and at that moment there is no other place I would rather be. His boning is energetic and enthusiastic. He discovers the full length mirror which gives us a great view of the action and is enthralled by watching his cock pound my ass. I get caught up in it too and our eyes are glued to the mirror like we are watching a feature film. It's a beautiful sight I have to admit. The guy can't get enough of the scene. He pushes and pulls me into different positions all the while keeping his eyes glued to the mirror. He cums like that, watching live porn of his own making. When his tremors subside but his cock is still in me he looms for a moment smiling down on me with a satisfaction that warms my heart. His load is already warming my guts. And then he is gone leaving the door open and me to ponder what just happened. I am feeling fucking great, goddamn fantastic, on top of the world. What do I do next? Roll over of course and wait for the next top to breed me. I don't remember specifics of the rest of the night. That first top stands out but I know I got several more loads, all anonymous. I feel very close and grateful to all those men who fucked me. I realize I might be nothing more to them than a warm wet hole to sink their dick into and unload. That's not just fine with me its what I want. If they are fucking me I know they are getting what they want. They didn't have to choose me. I have not pressured them in any way. They want to fuck me. When I know a guy is getting his nut while in my ass I am in love with him, I am desperate with need and desire for him. His particulars don't interest me. I don't want to know his name or see his face. All I want is to feel his hard cock breeding my cum hungry ass and when he does I love him for it. Like I said its a strange kind of intimacy when you get anonymous loads.
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    Saturday I was home visiting family in west Texas, and hit up my favorite video store. This place has booths with glory holes between them, and as I'm sure anyone who's read my previous posts knows... I LOVE Anonymous glory hole sex. Well it was about 6pm and I risked it, not knowing the busy times anymore. Well I was rewarded with a full parking lot, which was amazing since it had just rained quite a bit also. I parked and went inside, saw the same clerk who's been there since I was in college. Purchased some new poppers and had some small talk with him and he gave me the run down on who was there and who to stay away from (which means those guys were definitely on my list). First guy was a college guy, latino, nice athletic build similar to mine. He was cute. Made eye contact and we went into a booth, the same booth with a glory hole on the other side. Well we're sucking each other and he has a nice uncut cock and thick, maybe about 6 inches. I ask what he gets into and he said oral. But once he saw my ass he asked if he could fuck me. I said yes. No talk of status or condoms or anything. He uses spit on my ass and lines his cock up to my tight hole. I'm. now facing the glory hole and the guy in the next booth starts to stroke my cock as latino guy slides in. I'm hitting the poppers and he's balls deep soon and pumping me. He doesn't last more than 5 minutes and announces he's going to cum and I tell him to breed me. He loves the sound of that because he's pounding harder and I feel him unload deep. I milk him dry with my ass and he pulls out a couple minutes later. With one drop of cum on his cock, I bend over and lick it up. He pulls up his pants and thanks me and leaves. Didn't even get his name. It was amazing. So the guy in the next booth pushes his ass against the glory hole and I slide my pierced cock into his ass, it's warm and already full of cum. I fuck him for about 10 minutes and hit the poppers and he's begging me to cum. I shove all the way in deep and unload as he moans and says he can feel my cum invade his ass. He pulls off and spins around and sucks my cock clean. I then realize he's one of the guys I was told to stay away from... So I turn around and push my loaded ass against the glory hole and he immediately starts to eat and fletch my ass, he stands up and pushes his 8" cock into my ass and really pounds me. I can he his breathing quicken and then feel his cock thicken and then the cum hits my prostrate. It was so hot! I bend over and ask him his status and he says pos, but think's he undetectable even though he's not on meds and hasn't been to the doctor in over a year. I hope something else comes up... I'm still so horny from this whole experience!
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    Part XX They led me downstairs then. We stopped at the closet where my shoes were and picked them up. I didn't take time to put them on, just carried them and followed after my buds. We headed to a door I hadn't really noticed before and they led me through it and it was another stairway down to the basement. They went down and then into another room there. As I entered, I noticed there was a huge flatscreen TV there with a vid on it playing. My mouth dropped open when I saw it. It was me as the star, taking load after load after load of cum from dozens of cocks. Many of the men fucking me had biohazard tats very visible as they unloaded their toxic cum deep inside me. There were lots of moans, most coming from me, and a lot of verbal with them telling me how nice my hole felt taking their loads of AIDS cum in me. I just grabbed the first seat available and collapsed on it. It was a padded table, but I didn't notice that at first. I just sat there and stared at the screen as my ass was assaulted and loaded, over and over again, till it was flowing out of me as each cock unloaded in me and was withdrawn, to be replaced by another cock. I was in total shock as I had no idea any of my sex had been videoed, but at the same time my own cock grew hard as a rock remembering how they had felt. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of the vid and found myself rubbing my own cock through my pants as I watched it. Soon, just rubbing wasn't enough and I undid my pants and pulled my cock out and was stroking it hard. Then one of my buds bent over and moved my hand away and replaced it with his mouth and swallowed me to the base in one gulp. The others all gathered around me and soon my clothes were completely off again and I was naked and laying down on the table. My bud still sucking me and another had his cock buried in my mouth and down my throat and I had a cock in each hand stroking them, also. The one sucking me stopped and they rolled me onto my side and he then started to finger my ass. He quickly had two fingers in my hole deep and I found it was hurting and feeling wonderful at the same time. He reamed me hard, dragging his fingernails in and out of my hole and then another finger was inserted and then a fourth also. He reamed me roughly and I was groaning and moaning as I felt his nails ripping my hole open. Then he pulled them out and rammed his cock in me to the hilt in one hard, crashing thrust, making me scream in pain as my insides were destroyed. He then proceeded to pound my hole as hard as he could and I could do nothing as the pain swept away and became total pleasure to me. He didn't last long and soon was filling me with his highly toxic load and then another cock took his place and I realized I did not want it to end. I wanted their cocks, their cum and most of all every bit of their AIDS cum I could get and I wanted to keep it forever.
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    between working long hours and attending some cool concerts daddy has been dead tired to post on here. Friday night after a concert I went to cum union since it was on my way back home. Rolled in a got pummeled by two big dicked daddies. No faces seen just the sound of spit hitting my ass and fucked senseless. Two load later and my digits fully expressed I bailed. Resting up for some Texas adventures this week ! If your in dallas hit me up. I know of two private pig plays. 🐷
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    After I graduated from college at the end of my senior year I embarked on what is easily the most boring road trip of all time. I had to drive my little car, from Orlando where I went to school all the way up to Rockledge, Illinois where my parents lived. I was transporting my books, papers and clothing, having sold the rest of my stuff on craigslist. So now was in my compact car full of boxes heading northward. I had decided to do the drive in three days instead of two like I had done when I moved to college, and so I spent the first night in Atlanta in a shitty hotel on the ring road. What with packing and graduating and the parties and everything I was completely exhausted by the time I got to the hotel that night, and promptly passed out right after dinner. Now being 22, 5’11” and 150lbs with short brown hair, a tight smooth swimmers body I tended to attract a lot of attention from men, a fact that I took full advantage of. During my four years at college I had gotten used to getting fucked at least five nights a week if not every night, and to be honest usually by a different guy each night. By the time I reached my hotel on the second night in Effingham, Illinois it was four days sense I had last been fucked and I was climbing the walls. I was already on Grindr before I got in the lobby of the hotel, rolling my suit case behind me. I walked up to the counter and gave the guy my name without looking at him, it wasn’t until he asked to see my ID that I looked up from scrolling through trolls and looked at him. He was reasonably handsome although older then I normally go for, he looked to be about thirty-five, sandy blond hair, broad shoulder, and a powerfully built frame. He took my Driver’s license, typed in whatever information he needed from it, and then handed me a key card without saying much of anything. “Alright Mr. Martin, you’re all set. Room 115, just down this hall, last room on the left.” He pointed down the hallway just past the counter and smiled a broad toothy smile. I took the car and nodded, heading back down the hallway, my attention already back on Grindr. The room was larger then I expected, with a nice queen sized bed at one end with a tv on a rotating stand across from it. An archway separated the bed at the far end of the room from the little sitting area composed of a single couch and a coffee table with a lamp and the bathroom. I dropped my suitcase next to the bed got out my laptop and sat down on the little couch. While I waited for my computer to boot up and connect to the hotel Wi-Fi I scrolled to the top of Grindr and refreshed the page. A new profile appeared right next to mine, one of those headless torso pictures. I don’t normally pay much attention to headless torsos, I usually think “what are you trying to hide,” but I was getting desperate so I clicked. He didn’t have his distance shown but he had to be close. The enlargement of his picture was hot though, showing not just his well-built blond haired chest but his flat stomach and deep pelvic v that made my mouth water a little. He listed no stats, which is normally another red flag for me, but I was so horny and he was one of the few decent looking guys from what I could see in a twenty mile radios so I clicked the message icon. Hey what’s up? I opened adam4adam on my computer and changed my city view to Effingham hoping to have better luck there. A few moments later my phone buzzed. I pulled Grindr back up and found a message from the headless torso. Just working. How are you? Alright. Just got into town. Bored n horny. I responded. His reply came before I put my phone down. This town sucks for guys. I’m always horny as fuck. LOL. Any more pics? He responded with a picture of a long fat cock nestled in a thick bush of light brown pubes a thin sliver of well toned abs and a thick blondish treasure trail visible at the bottom of the picture. Damn that’s a hot fucking cock. How big are you? Again his response came before I could put my phone down. 8.5 and thick. What are you into kid? Bottom, the rest is up for grabs. Nice, send me a pic of your ass. I pulled one up quickly on Grindr’s photo log and sent it. Hot. Face pic? I asked. This time his response took longer. In fact it didn’t come at all. Fucking flake, I thought, and pulled up some porn on my computer. I checked Grindr every once in a while is I jerked off and fingered my hole but he didn’t reply back for over an hour. Just as I was thinking I should just finish off and go to bed my phone buzzed again. It was a message for the headless torso who was still the closet guy to me. So you wanna get fucked tonight kid? Yeah. But I need to see a face pic. I sent back. A few moments later there was a knock on the door. I looked at the clock on my computer; it was ten o’clock at night, who the hell was knocking on the door. Shifting my boner so that it was tucked up into my waistband where it was mostly unnoticeable I walked over to the door. When I opened it I found the tall blond from the front desk standing there. He looked even bigger no that he wasn’t behind his desk, I noticed how broad his shoulders were and how massive his pecs appeared to be through the shirt. He looked like a beefy farm hand from a 1970’s porno. “You wanted a face pic?” I heard for the first time a slight country twang in his low voice. “What,” I stammered. “You said you needed to see a face pic before I got to pound that sweet ass of yours well here it is.” He was the headless torso, the front desk guy that I had barely glanced at when I came into the hotel. “Look I’m not really supposed to do stuff like this but I just got off my shift, so can I come in before the night shift guy sees me?” “Fuck, yeah, sure.” I said hurriedly. The massive hulk of a farm hand walked quickly into the room and I shut the door behind him. He smiled that broad toothy smile again and said, “Well I trust you like what you see.” “Yeah, you’re hot.” “Good, then why don’t you strip boy and show me that hot ass.” I pulled my t-shirt off, my heart pounding. I had had quick Grindr hookups before but never had I had a guy show up at my door without my having really invited him over and start to give me instructions. I hesitated for a moment before dropping my briefs and kicking them off. I now stood completely naked in front of the front desk clerk of the hotel I was staying in while he rubbed his boner through his trousers. “I’m Will,” he said and unbuttoned his shirt. His headless torso picture hadn’t been a lie, his body looked even better then in the picture. Now that I could see his perfectly round small brown nipples up close, and that thick blond hair, his bushy pits, the heavily veined and muscled arms I felt weak at the knees. “I’m Tyler,” I answered him, as he undid his belt and dropped his trousers a slightly yellowed jockstrap straining to contain his swelling cock. “Why don’t you get on your knees and suck my cock before we work it up your sweet ass.” He said rubbing his chest with one hand. I didn’t need to be told twice and quickly feel to my knees in front of him. I licked his cock head through his dirty jock tasting the salty taste of old sweat and piss on the fabric. This guy was a pig and I loved it. He brought the hand that wasn’t busy tweeking his own nipples down on the back of my head to hold me in place and moaned, “Go on and get my cock out boy.” I moved his jock aside and the fat mushroom headed cock he had sent me a picture of sprung out accompanied by two large cum laden balls. Not wasting another second I opened wide and swallowed his cock head. Will groaned pushing me down further, forcing more of his cock into my mouth. I gobbled as much of his cock as I could down into my mouth feeling it hit the back of my throat too soon. For a few minutes Will tried to force his cock further down my throat before pulling out and instructing me to lay on the bed with my head hanging off the edge. I had heard this command before and knew what was coming. I got up onto the bed and lay with my head off the end my mouth already open. “Good slut, you’re gonna get the pounding you need just wait.” He slid his cock into my open mouth and using the leverage and angle of my throat to his advantage began to throat fuck me, forcing his cock down my throat making me gag occasionally. Will pounded away as if my mouth were an ass, and I thought that if he fucked me half as hard as he was fucking my mouth I would be set for a week. Spit and precum dripped out of the corners of my mouth as he pounded my face, his balls slapping against my nose. I heard his breathing change and noticed that his balls were retracting slightly. Shit, I thought, he’s going to cum and not be able to fuck me. Just as I thought that his cock throbbed hard in my mouth and began to rocket cum down my throat. He pulled out till his head rested in my mouth shooting his load onto my tongue. It tasted sweet and salty just like his jock. Slowly he pulled out of my mouth and stepped back. I rolled over and looked at him a little sadly, he just smiled and said, “That wasn’t my only load kid, I haven’t even gone soft yet.” It was true his cock was still hard as a rock. “Lay on the bed normal will yah,” he instructed. I flipped around so my head was resting on the pillows laying on my back and he climbed onto the bed with me. Will moves so quickly I didn’t notice it happen, he suddenly was between my slightly parted legs his strong muscular hairy body over mine as he bent down to kiss me. He forced is tongue into my mouth and I quickly opened up for him. He pressed his chest against mine as we kissed, this was more tender and passionate then he had been. I didn’t really notice that he was slowly spreading his knees forcing my legs apart, in fact I didn’t notice what he was doing until he had managed to get my legs spread wide and his hands holding my hips as he rubbed his cock up and down my crack while he kissed me. I groaned into his mouth as he worked his cock closer and closer to my hole. Eventually I felt his warm wet cock head, slick with spit and more precum, press against my hole. He kept his mouth pressed to mine as he rubbed his cock more forcefully against my pucker. His kissing became rougher, more fanatic, and I was so distracted my his quick moving tongue that I completely forgot about his cock pressing against my hole until I suddenly felt his head press into my hole stretching my sphincter across it’s bulbous form. “Wait,” I gasped, feeling his cock sliding a little deeper into my hole, “I have condoms in my bag.” He pulled away from my a little so he could look me square in the face, still pressing his cock into my quivering hole, “I only fuck raw kid. You want this cock you take it as it is.” I hesitated, and he kept thrusting his fat cock into my hole, stretching me wide. I felt his cock head brush against my prostate and gasped, “Please fuck me,” I moaned. “Good boy,” he slid in the rest of the way, my dry hole pulling a little as he did. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, this stranger this man I had never met before was fucking me raw. Up until that moment I had only let my first boyfriend fuck me raw. I had forgotten how good a bare cock felt inside of me, but I hadn’t even asked his status. I was so conflicted between the values and rules I had set for myself, the risks I understood, and the insane amounts of pleaser that this man’s raw cock slowly pulling out of my hole was giving me. “Are you NEG,” I asked quietly. Will laughed, and said, “Doesn’t matter now, your hole’s full of my precum. I leak like a faucet you’ve seen that already.” It was true, when he had been throat fucking me I was astonished by the amount of precum he dripped in my mouth at times it had felt like almost a constant stream. “Do you want me to stop boy?” He flexed his cock inside of me as he spoke. When I hesitated he flexed his cock again pressing against my prostate and I gasped, “No, fuck me. Please, I need to get fucked so bad.” He smiled at me and started to slip in and out of my ass faster, his precum quickly lubing my hole for him. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the euphoria of having my hole used by this massive hulk of a man. Will pushed my legs into my chest giving himself more leverage to fuck down into my hole. I felt drops of sweat dripping onto me as his face and chest started to glisten. His breathing became erratic and I felt his thrust getting rougher he was going to cum in me, I could tell. After a few moments though his breathing returned to normal and he went pack to pounding me deep. “Man you hole feels so good on my raw cock,” he said, emphasizing the word raw as if reminding me of the choice I had made. I loved getting fucked, and I had had a lot of great tops but his cock did feel better inside of me. He was giving me more pleasure then I had had in a long time. My whole body seemed to be tingling, alive with electricity and my lust for Will and his cock grew. His breathing started to get ragged again as he long dicked me, pulling his cock completely out of my hole before slamming it back in to my now gaping sphincter. “I’m gonna cum soon,” he grunted on one of his body rocking inward thrusts. “Where do you want it,” he asked on the withdrawal. I thought for a moment, but I had already decided when I thought he was going to cum before that if I was getting raw fucked that I was at least going to get the reward. “In my hole, I want you to cum inside me.” “You sure?” “Yes, dump a load in me.” “I knew you were a slut bottom when I first saw you,” he said in one quick breath as he slammed into me again and unleashed his second load of the night into my twitching rectum. His cock throbbed as he came and we both held perfectly still. I realized that I was holding my breath after a moment, and just as he finished cuming we both exhaled slowly. We breathed together for a few long slow breaths before Will flexed his cock inside of me again and began to slowly fuck his cock into me again. “You can go again,” I said, surprised. He put his hands on my thighs pressing them into my chest, pinning me to the bed, “There’s plenty more POZ cum where that came from.” “POZ!” I almost shouted trying to push him off. “What are you trying to push me off for kid, you’ve already got two POZ loads in that sweet hole of yours and about a gallon of precum.” “Two,” I said with tears in my eyes. “Yeah I came in you once but just kept fucking.” So he had cum that first time. His cock brushed my prostate again as I struggled and I felt the euphoria wash over me. “I’m gonna cum at least three more times tonight,” he went on, “and they are all going in this hot little ass of yours one way or another.” He flexed his cock, “So we can either do this the easy way or,” another flex of his cock, “the hard way. What do you say kid, you wanna take these loads like the good slut I know you are or am I going to have to make you take them.” I was panting from his slow fucking and flexing his cock against my prostate, it took me no time to think of my answer. “Fuck your loads into me. I want everything you can give me.” After a few long moments he bent low and kissed me, wrapping his arms around my body. Then he reared back, and swinging his legs out, flipped us both over so that he was now laying flat on his back and I was sitting astride him with his still hard cock in my ass. “How about you milk the next one from my cock.” I rode his cock till he unloaded inside of me again, and then he flipped me over doggy style. After that it was a blur as he pounded my hole all around the hotel room, sometimes bending me over the little sofa or pressing me up against the door. Five loads later we passed out on the bed his cock still buried deep inside my now leaking, puffy, fuck battered hole. The next morning I awoke to the feeling of Will sliding his cock, which had slipped out during the few hours sleep that we got when it finally went down, back into my hole. I pressed my ass back against his cock, having completely given myself over to him and his toxic loads. He sank balls deep and holding onto my hips kept me still as he kissed the back of my neck. I suddenly felt a huge warmth inside of me and realized that Will was pissing inside of my ruined hole. I had heard about people doing this but always thought it way too extreme but now that I felt the flood of piss warming my guts is wondered how I ever could have thought so. “Good slut,” he said when he had finished peeing, “now go and let all that out in the bathroom and then ill give you one more load for the road.” He kissed the back of my neck again and spanked my ass cheek as he pulled out. I quickly clenched my hole not wanting any of the warm liquid to escape and shuffled off to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe how much piss was inside of me when I sat down on the toilet and let my ass relax. It was like a never-ending flood. When at last my hole was empty I got up to flush and was surprised when I looked in the yellow water that there was no cum mixed in. My body had absorbed all of that POZ cum while I slept. My heart pounded in fear but my cock was hard as a rock. Knowing that there was only one thing to do I went back to the bed where Will was laying on his back stroking his fat cock and mounted his dick in one swift move. Will actually gave me three more loads that morning and I arrived at my parents house after four more hours of driving with my hole still feeling wet and slick. That night despite my parent’s objections I told them I was going into Chicago to see friends. When I got off the train in Boys Town for the first time in my life I walked I crossed the street and walked right into Steamworks. I paid for a locker, got my towel and spent the rest of the night taking any cock that came my way. I’ve already taken almost a dozen POZ loads, I told myself, so what does it matter what loads I take now. THE END
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    Part 11 Tom slammed his spike tipped cock balls deep into my ass. I screamed in pain, feeling the spike tear me inside. My body bucked and tried to get away from the assault on my ass, but I couldn’t move. Tom stayed silent. After a few minutes I blacked out. I must have dipped in and out of consciousness, occasionally I would feel the familiar pain in my ass when Tom fucked me, but I never remained awake for long. I don’t know how long it went on for. I eventually woke up feeling heavy, I was no longer tied up and I was wearing a pair of cotton briefs. My hole felt tender and tight, I could hear voices arguing around me. “Tom, you should have called me sooner, you're lucky I got here when I did.” “Brian he took it like a champ, you remember how intense you got about your own boy!” “Yeah but I have medical training, you don’t want to kill the kid. He should have had fluids two days ago, how many times did you fuck him with the spike?” “About 6 loads worth. Not used it in the past couple of days though, he was taking longer to come round after each fuck. That’s why I called you.” “Just as well you did. I’ll examine his hole and test him, I’m sure you’ll have claimed him by now.” I lay there with my eyes closed listening to them talk about me. I was too tired to really take in what they were saying. I felt my body being rolled over, making me face down on the mattress, I felt my briefs being pulled off exposing my ass. The familiar coolness of lube on my hole and the slow stretch of the speculum in my ass made me feel more awake. I realised I had an IV in my arm as I moved slightly. “Fuck Tom, how much cum has he had, his hole is coated in it. Tears are beginning to heal up, looks like they were deep. I’m sure he’s got it now.” “I used some frozen loads I’d been saving for lube. Will it show up in a test that quickly?” “One way to find out. You were right though, he’s a tough boy” Brian removed the speculum and put my briefs back on me. He took my arm for a sample of blood. Tom climbed into the bed next to me and held me in his arms, I felt strangely comfortable. He leant down and kissed my hair and ran his fingers, I felt so confused. Tom had been so cruel to me yet here he was being affectionate. “Congratulations Tom, you’ve claimed him. You’ll need to wait until the initial flu has passed to check the strain is the same but it looks promising. Maybe you should reward him?” Tom kissed me again, this time on the mouth, his lips lingered over mine. My body rushed, I still couldn’t get hard though with my dick being locked away still. Tom got up and began to walk Brian out. “Thanks again Brian, you’ll come to his flu party?” “With your strain Tom he’ll need my help to get through it, be good to him it’ll happen within the next couple of days.” I finally opened my eyes, there wasn’t much left in the IV bag on the stand next to the bed. I glanced around the room. It was still bare and dimly lit, I caught my reflection in the mirrored ceiling, I looked thinner, my hair unkept and I had thick stubble. I did however look clean and didn’t smell. Tom must still have been washing me. “Welcome back boy. You’ve been in and out for a few days now. Brian was just checking out your progress.”
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    CHAPTER FIVE Or maybe he’s got me right where he wants me? Hmmm. We didn’t do more that night, though. It was incredibly late and no matter how much we both wanted it, he was still drunk and before long we were both fighting the yawns that overtook us. Not wanting to take things too far, I left him to sleep on the sofa instead of trying to get him into bed with me. I still wanted him to feel at ease in my company, and rushing into anything while he’s a little tipsy could backfire on me come morning. I needn’t have worried, though. I woke up with the sun streaming into my bedroom and noted the unmistakable feel of a man’s arms wrapped around me, holding me close, and the definitely unmistakable feel of a hard cock nestled in the crevice of my butt cheeks. When exactly did he decide to sleep with me? And how the hell didn’t I notice it sooner? I guess he’s getting past things a little faster than I gave him credit for. Or maybe he just wandered in here by accident from his way to the bathroom in the dark, saw the bed and just assumed that’s where he was supposed to crash. Yeah, that’s got to be it. I had been trying to remain still but clearly I had moved enough to wake him, because I felt him stiffen behind me -in posture. The rest of him was already stiff. I rolled away and turned over so that I could see him. He gave me a sheepish grin. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have gotten into bed with you without checking first. My mind was just spinning last night and I wanted to hold onto someone. Is that stupid?” Good heavens, could he be any more adorable!?! Everything in me wanted to reach up and just touch the side of his face, give him a reassuring stroke down his cheek, but I was still worried that it would come across as too intimate. So I just replied, “Hey, you’re in charge here. We go as fast or as slow as you want. So if you felt better sleeping in bed with me, then sleep in bed with me.” “Why are you so accommodating with me? You can’t seriously be this easy with all the guys,” he noted, though I don’t think he meant ‘easy’ the way I generally think of the word. “I told you before. I felt something that first time that I saw you working that construction site. We were drawn together and I feel comfortable with you. Believe me, I’ve done a lot more with people I know a lot less than you.” “But you don’t really know me,” he pointed out quickly. “I’ve never even told you my name,” he whispered, sounding almost ashamed of himself. I could tell what was going through his mind at this point. He was asking himself what kind of man he was to let me suck his dick and sleep in his bed and not even give me the courtesy of a name. Are all straight guys this sensitive? He was staring down at the sheets between us, so I took a chance and nudged his chin up so he would see me. “Hey, I never told you my name either,” I told him. Cocking an eyebrow, he said, “You put it in my phone.” “Who says that’s my real name?” I asked playfully. Now he laughed out loud. “Okay, so your name isn’t Christopher?” “Yes it is, but you didn’t know that.” “Patrick. My name is Patrick. Call me Pat,” he said softly. We lay in bed like that for hours, just talking and feeling shockingly comfortable in each other’s semi-nude company. And we got to know a little more about each other. It was actually really nice. That didn’t stop me from wanting to strip off what little clothing he had on -which was just boxer briefs and a tank top that was molded to his beautiful body like a second skin. Not to mention, every time I glanced down at his cock, it was tenting his underwear again. I’m not sure I’ve ever met another man who is as horny as me, but I think I finally met my match. As the hours passed, and we got more comfortable, the sexual tension started buzzing in the air again. I was stealing glances at his beautiful bulge more and more, and I know he was watching me watching him. Finally he cleared his throat and said, “So, are you just going to keep looking at it, or are you going to put me out of my misery and help me drain my balls?” I growled in my throat and replied, “Well, I like a man who gets right to the point,” as I reached out and cupped his crotch in my hand. He closed his eyes briefly and sighed. When I looked back up at his face he was staring intently into mine. “I don’t know what’s happening here or what you seem to do to me, but for the first time in my life I feel alive. I don’t want this to ever change.” And then he did it. He did what I’d been wanting to do to him -he reached out and held the side of my face in his left hand, gently cupping my cheek and holding my head in place to keep my eyes locked on his. Although it was a simple, innocent gesture, it said so much. Or I hoped it did. This really wasn’t going where I had originally planned. He was just supposed to be a trick, a fuck bud, someone to use me and be done with me. And now it was looking more and more real. I think I caught feelings. Dammit all to hell.
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    fuuuk i need a brutal breeding! no mercy! make me submit and use my neg college boi pussy. please!
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    Absolutely, that is the fun of being a cumdump, backing up to a gloryhole, presenting my cunt for any one that would want to use and breed it. And... the more cum mixture I get the better I like it!
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    I'm not sure the measurements but I happen to have a picture of the biggest I've ever sucked. I met him in an adult theater and was amazed by his cock. I had recently seen some comparison pictures so I asked him if he would mind coming in the bathroom for a picture, as it was way too dark in the theater and I didn't want to use a flash. I'm about 5 1/2 inches so that gives you an idea of his size. I could barely get the head in my mouth, and my mouth was wide open.
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    I was working from home one Friday noon when there was a knock at the door. It wasn't the UPS guy or mailman, so it had to be just what I’d hoped for—Doorbell Trade. It turned about to be Seth, whom I hadn’t seen for a month. Seth did a one breath confession that he'd missed me (Sure, Mary!), hadn't played around since he’d been here last (Poor Dear!), didn't have much time because he had to pick up the kids, and that he would have been over weeks ago, had he not taken ill—all this bespoken in the time it took him to strip, piston his Shaft, give me a Hug, and aim his Tongue at my Tonsils. The first time Seth was here, he acknowledged he was "BI” and had been Fucked only once before. The second time he divulged he had a wife and two kids. And now he revealed I’d Knocked Him Up! Of course, he didn’t Cum right out and say that; but I figured it out. I played it real casual though, mentioned there were all sorts of weird Flu going around. I learned Seth had suffered Headaches, a Rash, the Runs, and Night Sweats. Bingo! Sounded like the Bug to me! We did Kissy-Kissy and Sucky-Sucky while I played 20 questions. I learned his “Flu” had gone away after several days. The Night Sweats were the worst. Yup—they always are. I inquired if he still had Sex with his Wife. Yeah, he confessed, every third Thursday; and last night was the night. I smirked to myself that the Odds were we’d POZZED her. Soon she’d have a little more to worry about than Keeping Up with the Joneses. I’d sure hate to be him, when ‘fess-up time came around. But that’s the price you pay for playing the field. My POZ COCK was slimy and dripping—so EROTIC had I found his revelations. And I was the FAGGOT who’d POZZED him. But I knew enough to shut up and give him what he’d Cum for. So I began the preliminaries of Rimming his Ass. I love the musk and sweat on a Dude at the end of a hard day. Since amorous Seth kept his Butt in the air, I reached for the Lube, spread some on me and in him, and mounted him for a Rough Ride. I'm one of those Sadists who enjoys Fucking to Hurt, so the Bottom definitely knows he’s been had. When I’m engaged, I usually stare off into space, but in Seth’s case I couldn’t resist watching my POZ DEATHSTICK glide in and out of his Mancunt, knowing I’d already Fucked Up his Life, and each fresh Toxic Load was Icing on the AIDS cake. He ought to have quite a Viral Load by the time he got to the Doc. Regardless, I spewed forth my Venomous Jism where it does the most good—deep inside a clueless Butt Hole, preferably NEG. When Seth shot, I greedily encircled his Rod and sucked up every drop of his Noxious Cream. I know it may have been my imagination, but it tasted extra familiar—knowing his POZ JISM had roots in my own. After I’d savored every last drop, Seth, who of late always seems harried and tense, dressed and departed. Fondly, my parting wish was that he’d Cum again soon
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    GAINESVILLE - Went to a trailer park where this darker-skinned young guy was staying to take his load. He wanted me to come in, get blindfolded, then bend over and take his huge cock and load. I agreed to the terms and we did just as planned. He loved my ass and I could hear him saying "I haven't had an ass like this in so long...." Haha. He nutted in me after fucking me in several positions and it was a big load. I kept it in me all night as I went to the local gay bar. Was hoping to find a boy to breed but no such luck! I'll be in Raleigh, NC again next weekend if anyone wants to breed!
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    September and October has been busy so far. Total load counts now at 595 and 43 swallowed. paris gangbang was dissapppointing. Only took 12 loads there, but London was amazing! 80 loads from 60 different. Guys!! The rest I took in various lcal ductj bars /saunas. Still counting but achieved my 500 goal ffor 2017. next gangbangs: 26 october 13.30-17.00 as pre party for Amsterdam Leather Pride - Amsterrdam Bar Netherlands 5 November meatmarket in Club Church. Will be redheaded cumdump there 6 November evening: Bareback treffen Cinema Munchen Germany 6 November night: sling dump in Sauna Deutsche Eiche Munchen Germany 7 November: ducht dellights loads challenge: Munchen edition. Blindfoldded gangbang in my Hotelroom. Munchen Germany if you can attend one of these, come over and drop your load(s)!!
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    This last week was on a business trip and had a hotel room to myself. Placed a CL ad that I wanted to breed and seed..I got 4 guys over a couple days and loaded each one up several times..Oh and the business trip was successful too!! hehe
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    Put a CL ad up looking for tops to breed my ass. The word “breed” is magical. Started getting reply’s almost immediately. Took one load from a hung black guy. Next black guy deposited two loads one of which after he had cleaned his dick off to leave but decided to leave another load. He liked churning the cum and kept commenting how hot it looked. He wants to setup up a small gangbang with his buds and me for next weekend. Will see what that leads to if anything.
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    Hell fucking yea no limits no morals depraved sick taboo perv chat on kik (cumwhoreslut5432) or wickr (cumslut5432)
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    Going to the doctor is a pain in the ass, but when your doc blocks the renewal of your Truvada script, he has you by the short hairs. I booked the last appointment of the day to minimize the time off work. When I arrived, the waiting room was packed out. I stood out like a sore thumb, dressed in my suit. Most of the guys were casual, wearing jeans or shorts. Given the time of day, I guessed most of the guys weren't working, particularly as my doc has a large infectious disease practice. Some of them were clearly long-term poz, showing a little wasting and or a lot of vascularity. So fucking sexy! Soon I was brought to a room, and shortly thereafter Doctor Woods came in and gave me a warm hug. It's great having a doctor close to my own age, and so sexy too. I've been going to Brad for several years, and we have a great doctor / patient relationship. We're both early 30's and keep ourselves fit. From time to time I see Brad and his boyfriend at the gym and out at the clubs. They are both tall and lean, and surprisingly vascular from exercise. Having seen both Doc Woods and his boyfriend in the showers at the gym, I knew he has a sweet uncut cock, just like mine, and his boyfriend is cut and has huge low-hangers. Both of them are also quite gifted, swinging big packages. "Rik! Dude! It's been six months since your last appointment! To stay on Truvada, I need to see you every six months." "Yeah, sorry, I've been busy with work and just didn't make the time...." He looked in my eyes and held the gaze for a while to make his point, and said "Go ahead and take everything off except for your underwear, and then up on the table." He asked the usual health history questions you might expect as he was feeling around my neck and then listening to my heart and lungs. His hand grabbed on to my pec as he listened to my back. He gave my tit a little squeeze and then gave a little tweak on my nip... which made my cock spring to attention. He made some notes and then asked, "I'm going to assume you've been sexually active, right?" He gave me a big smile, because he knew that I was testing just how good Truvada really is. "Yep, I'm breeding and seeding. Always looking for holes and poles." "I don't doubt it; your reputation is firmly intact. Once a slut, always a slut! (He's called me a slut in the locker room at the gym, so this isn't anything new!) “Go ahead and lay down and turn on your side. I'll do a rectal swab and check your prostate." I slid my underwear off, then turned to my left side. Dr Woods lightly touched me under my leg saying "Bring your knees up towards your chest." Then he brought a rectal swab and a specimen container over to the table, commenting "The lube is cold, sorry." With that, his gloved finger slid inside me. And... I was totally boned at the feeling of his finger probing my hole. He had done it several times over the years, but each time I find it completely hot. As his finger felt-up my prostate he shot a few more comments to me: "It feels like this hot hole is seeing a lot of action. There was almost no resistance to my finger." "I've had a fist or two up there, and I always enjoy having a hot top breed me to keep me in practice." "You do have hot ass... and interesting choice of word. 'Breed'. Do you know whether or not you've taken any poz loads?" "Yeah, I imagine I have. But most guys are undetectable these days. I don't even ask anymore." "Yeah ... a cum dump. You haven't had a guy tell you he just gave you a poz load?" "Not often enough!" "Yeah, a lot of my patients get off on that. You get off on taking toxic loads?" His continued rubbing of my prostate and working my hole was making me crazy. This wasn't the conversation I imagined I'd be having with my doctor. "Doc, you better take it easy there, you got me close!" "I don't think I heard an answer to my question." "Oh god ... yes ... yeah, I get off on toxic loads ... fuck I'm going to cum!" With that, he inserted a couple more fingers up my hole, and with the other he put the specimen cup over my uncut cock. "Cum in the cup, stud." I had one of the biggest orgasms I've had in a while. I did my best to get my load inside the cup, but I made a mess everywhere. "Nicely done, stud. Just relax for a minute and I'll do your rectal swab." I felt him swabbing my hole and then heard it go into its receptacle. He placed the uncovered specimen jar on the counter. "Take a minute to pull yourself together. Here's a couple paper towels, clean yourself off. Don't worry about the mess. Leave your shirt off. Teddy is going to come in and draw some blood. I'll be back before you leave, I need to consult with another doctor about something." I dressed and moved over to the chair. The exam table had cum everywhere ... and some dripping down the wall. I guessed Teddy would be tasked with dealing with the mess. I've known Teddy for years. He's a hairy 5'8" Italian fireplug that I've fucked with over the years at the baths. He's one of those guys who has a a 5:00 o’clock shadow at 10:00 AM. Back in the day, he would be described as a Castro Clone, sporting brown hair and bushy mustache. Way before seeing him at Doctor Wood's office, when we met up at the sex club, he worshipped my muscular arms and pecs before we'd get down to breeding. Now he gets to perv out over my veiny arms during a blood draw. I'm got low body fat, so giving blood is no big deal. I've got veins for days. The standard routine is I lay my arm out for him to find a vein, and he lightly traces his fingers up and down my arm, while telling me hot sexy it is. When Teddy arrived, he stepped into the room, closed the door, and walked over to me giving me a quick kiss, saying, "Hey sexy!" Being about 6" taller than him, I'm at a perfect height for him to latch onto a nip and let him suck it to being fully hard. If I hadn't just cum, I would have been aching to fuck him right there. Teddy broke the daydream and asked, "We're doing the usual HIV labs, right?" I replied "No, Teddy, I'm neg and on Truvada." He said, "Oh, sorry. Most guys that come here are poz. My mistake." I said, "Don't sweat it, it's not a big deal." Teddy replied, "Good, by the way, I converted six months ago and would love a chance to breed you. I'm nice and toxic," he said with salacious smile. I pulled him close to my chest and whispered, "I'd love your poz load." He whispered back, "Believe me, I'd like to give it to you." Once again my cock was as hard as a rock. After Teddy drew up some vials of blood, he gathered the swab and blood vials and said "The doctor will be with you in a minute," leaving the door open as he left the room. I saw there shirtless, and noticed several patients who passed through the hallway gave me a good glance. While I wanted to tweak my nips to give them something to look at, I held off. Dr. Woods then arrived and closed the door, "I think I felt something on your prostate ... kinda like a couple bumps. I'd like to be safe and make sure it's nothing important. I've made an appointment for you with Dr. Grant. I want you to see him for an ultrasound, no other urologist. Also, I need you off Truvada for the time being." "You gotta be kidding me! Is that really necessary?" "You're whining. Just do it." At the checkout desk, I got my referral card for Dr. Grant. The appointment was two weeks away! Holy fuck, how the hell was I supposed to stay off Truvada for that long? It was the longest two weeks of my fucking life. Sure, I got to breed some hot hole, and got my hole fisted by a couple guys, but it wasn't like getting fucked and taking a load. I hit up some of my undetectable poz buds who I know are good about their meds so that I could get their loads. The day of my appointment with Dr. Grant, I had the day off, so I got a quick workout at the gym done before I drove to the appointment. He's in the same building as Dr. Woods, just one floor up. After brief delay in the waiting room, I was called into the back area. A hot, young Hispanic nurse had me take off my clothes, put on a robe, then lock my stuff in the locker. He looked like he just barely got out of high school. I wanted to pull him into the dressing room and fuck him senseless. He was at least six-foot-tall and had exceptionally beautiful caramel skin. He was absolutely gorgeous. The hottie was waiting when I came out of the dressing room and took me to an exam room. "The doctor will see you shortly," he said with a smile and disappeared. The door to the exam room opened and in walked Dr. Grant ... who, it turned out, was Dr. Wood's boyfriend. Standing in front of me was the stud with a brick shithouse body who, for years, I've seen naked. And he looked good enough to eat. He was wearing a lab coat over a form-fitting polo shirt and his pecs were straining against the fabric. It was an amazing vision. I was glad I was sitting on the exam table because the robe hid my growing hard-on. If he wasn't quick, there would be a big precum wet spot growing. I extended my hand and said, "Justin, I didn't know you were a doctor as well! "Yeah, it's easier having a partner that understands the demands of the job. It's great to see you, hot stuff! Brad called me when you were in his office and he told me you have an issue that both of us can help you with." "Yeah, he said there were some bumps on my prostate and I should have them looked at." "And the Truvada?" he asked, "Have you complied with his direction?" "Yes, I have." "Great," he said as he removed his lab coat, which meant I got to appreciate his beautiful body. Some tufts of hair poked above the neck of his shirt, which suggested both his arms and his beautiful pecs were covered with fur. "Okay, I need to check your prostate health to make sure everything is okay. Go ahead and lay back on the table, turn your side and we'll get a look." With my cock rock hard, Justin went about with the ultrasound. He showed me the ultrasound probe that would be going up my asshole, explaining the procedure won't take long. In short order, he rubbed some lube on my hole, then inserted two, then three fingers inside my anus, rubbing them in and out, just like Brad had done two weeks earlier. I remember feeling a slight sting, possibly from a fingernail, but the subtle pressure he was applying to my prostate had turned into pleasure, so my attention was re-directed. I do remember being slightly surprised he wasn't wearing any gloves, but figured that was his business. "Feels awesome doc ... I've needed some action back there." "Good, I'm going to insert the ultrasound probe. It's a little bit bigger, but I'm sure you'll take it like a champ." Justin pulled out his fingers and inserted the ultrasound device. He moved in slow movements in and around my hole. His eyes were focused on the monitor, one hand was managing the probe, but the other hand was draped over my abs inching towards my fully engorged cock. After a couple minutes, Justin untied the gown and pushed it off me, fully exposing my body to him. With the probe still inside me, all I could do was enjoy the experience of him working my hole. He continued to to explore both my ass and also smeared the precum around the head of my cock and foreskin. He was driving me crazy. He withdrew the probe and said, "I have something else that would make your hole feel nice. Just lie still." I heard him strip off his shirt and remove his pants. He felt around my lubed up hole, which he spread onto his cock. "I think you'll like this probe better." Still on my side, he easily slid his big cock inside my hole from behind and started slowly fucking me. After a few minutes, he pulled out and said, "Stand up, I want to feel your whole body." I turned to face this amazing stud, with buzzed pubes and huge cock... and a big biohazard tattoo right above his cock. His cock was a little messy with lube a little blood, but everything else was perfect. In a sex club, I would have sucked that cock clean. He asked, "What turns you on more, my fat cock or my biohazard tattoo?" "They both do." He smiled, "One before the other, so back up onto the table and let me back inside that sweet hole." I put my hand on his chest and asked, "You undetectable? Because you know I'm off Truvada." “Yeah, that's just the thing. We had you stop Truvada for a reason. Brad and I both know that you get off on taking all kinds of loads, and we'd like the opportunity to share our DNA to poz you. We converted about a year ago and don't take meds. We're working on converting several more hot guys, and we hope you'll join our conversion club.” "You know this is kinda fucked up, right? I’m probably not protected!" "Rik, look at your cock. You haven't stopped precumming since you got a look at my biohazard tattoo. Get a feel of my low-hangers and tell me you don't want me to fill your hole with a hot load." I reached out and grabbed his huge nuts, and he just moaned. I gave them a squeeze and a tug, and his poz precum oozed on my hand. Actually, he was precumming like crazy as well. I thought my cock gushed precum, but his was drooling. He probably already spread his poison all inside me. "You join our conversion club and you will go on the adventure of a lifetime. Brad and I really want you in with us in breeding the hottest guys." I needed a minute to think about this, but his biohazard tattoo was calling to me. I squatted down to run my fingers over it and to absorb what it meant to him … and what it might mean for me. I was compelled to lick it and suck his tattoo, as if that alone would make a difference. Having a tattoo like that would be sexy as hell. Justin brought me to my feet and backed me up to the table, then bent down to suck on my nips. How could he know that's the fastest way to make me lose control? In no time he was nursing on my tits while I was flat on my back on the table. I was in ecstasy having this infected stud wanting to breed my hole. I lifted my legs to let Justin into my neg hole so he could poz me. Getting his load was just too hot to deny. I could figure out the rest with Dr. Woods later if I change my mind. He said, "Put my cock in your hole and show me what you want." I reached out and grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it up and down my gaping ass slit. His eyes rolled back and he had a satisfied grin on his face. "Yeah, stud. You will love our virus. We'll change your life in ways you can't imagine." I let go of his cock and wrapped my legs around his sexy ass to pull him into me. "Oh yeah ... We've wanted to breed you for a very long time. We've seen you at the gym and always thought you would be an excellent hole to breed and seed. Ever since we converted, you have been on the top of our list to infect." This was so fucking erotic, having this amazing man wanting to fuck his poisonous load inside me. I was happy to take Truvada and stay neg, but having the opportunity to get bred like this is amazing. Justin started his fucking easy, but it wasn't long before he really pounded my hole, doing his best to attack from several angles. "Oh man, your cock feels great … just as good as I hoped it would.” He threw he head back and said, "Fuck dude, here comes my nasty load right inside your hole!" My hole was gaping and abused, and he looked like he just ran a marathon. After keeping his infected cock in my ass for as long as possible, he slowly pulled out. He grabbed a pillow to put under my ass. "Just let that toxic load marinate inside you. Let the infection take hold." “…nfection take hold .…” It took a minute to set in. After having spent years trying to avoid HIV, I had willingly agreed to seroconvert. He cleaned up his cock, pulled on his jock, and picked-up the intercom saying "Mateo, please let Dr Woods know he's needed here. And then please join us in the exam room."
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    I lost track of my fellow inductees for a while. I was inside enjoying being naked with all the other guys. What I found in this club was the freedom of being sexual with other men without the usual posturing and bullshit. It I wanted to experience a guy’s cock for a couple minutes or an hour, that was cool. If I was talking to a group of guys and a guy starts rubbing his cock against my gaping rosebud, it was cool too to let him explore my hole. And of course, no drama about are you “neg or poz.” It was great to talk to them about their biohazard tattoos. What it means to them, and why they chose the placement of their second one after they got the standard one above their cock. It was interesting to learn why it was important for some guys to have their second one hidden, to why some had theirs exposed most times. It was after midnight, and the Conversion Club members were slowly saying their goodbyes. The four of us felt given the amount of poz cum, and the blood slams that I did, we're pretty well set for seroconversion. We grabbed our stuff from the clothes check and thanked everyone for their hospitality and for sharing their infection with us. The four of us exhanged cell numbers and e-mails so we can hang out soon. I gave Mike a kiss, stuck my hand down his pants and said, "I want more time exploring those nipples ... maybe I'll get some too." He said, "I was hoping you would!" I switched off and kissed Andrew and said, "I want more of you!" He said, "You didn't stick your hand down my shorts ... I don't believe you." With that I turned him around, slid my hand down the front of his shorts and inserted two fingers inside. I asked "Believe me now?" I pulled my hand out, and he grabbed it and suck my fingers dry. He said with a smile, "Yeah, we're good." Blake said, "I took Uber, can you give me a ride? I said, "Yes, of course." We got in the car and I put the top down ... it was still a beautiful night. Blake said, "Where's your shirt?" I said, "I didn't bring one. You're overdressed ... take your shirt off." He said, "Just my shirt?" I said, "For now ... and undo the top button of your shorts. I might need in there." I undid my button and pulled the zipper down a little bit. I asked him, "Can we stay together tonight?" He said, "I was going to ask the same thing. My place is closer and I have an underground garage. Let's go there." We were back in traffic again, really the only one way to go ... so I reached over and unzipped his shorts so I could grope him. He did the same to me ... and it did not go unnoticed. Guys in trucks and people walking on the sidewalk saw us ... and we didn't care. We parked at Blakes building and got into the elevator. I pulled his shorts down and then my shorts ... and when the door opened I led the way out of the elevator, naked, carrying my shorts. He said, "You are a nut!" Once inside, I said, can we please shower? I'm gross! He said, "I'm already getting the shower heating up and the towels set aside." Before we stepped into the shower, he took my arm and removed the bandage from the blood slam. He licked the injection point, and said, "Just for good measure." We got under the rainfall shower head and let the sweat and body fluids roll off us. It felt good. "You know," he said, "We both have a butt-full of cum in our holes." I said, "Yeah, I've been focused on keeping it all in." He gave me a kiss and said, "I think it's ok to let it out now." I smiled and said, "I want it on my chest!" "You what?" I want to lie down on the floor and I want you to squat over my chest and let your ass juices flow all over my chest." His cock jerked and rose to attention. I said, "I see you hate that idea." I got down on the shower floor and he positioned his cock near my mouth and his hole over my pecs. He slowly opened up and cum, plus a little mucus and blood, came oozing out. It was hot to see his hole open up for me. I took my fingers and ran them in and out of his hole, then pushed him back a little bit so I could use my cock to plunge in and out, just to get it all out ... at least that's what I told him." We didn't wipe his ooze off, but I traded places with him so I could give him my ass slime. He was tugging on my foreskin trying to break concentration, but my cum loads needed to come out. I opened my hole to get it to gape open to let the bulk of it out, then I worked on pushing out my rosebud. I said, "Put your hand under my hole and leave it there." Once Blake's hand was in position, I put some pressure on my guts and my rosebud slowly pushed out onto his hand ... dripping the whole time. He said, "What The Fuck Is That!" "Blake, Feel it. Here, I'll push out more... " He said, "This is wild ... it feels amazing ... can I fuck it? I said, "If you don't I'll be really pissed off!" He positioned his cock and slid my prolapsed rosebud over his big black cock. He used my flesh tube to jack his cock.. and his eyes rolled back in his head. He said, "This is amazing ... I need this" I said, "I'm glad you like it." He said, "I'm going to cum in it." I said, "Yeah, one more toxic load can't hurt, go for it!" Soon it was "fuck .. fuck.. fuck ... fuck... this is amazing ..fuck" He shot his wad and shivers all over his body. He was in his happy place. We both stood up and watched the infected cum run off us. He wiped some of the cum from my abs and had me lick it off his finger. I said, "You're such a fucking pervert. Don't stop!" I wiped some cum off his biohazard tattoo and fed it to him as well. He turned on the shower, we dried off and went directly to bed. The next morning as we were having coffee, our cell phones both alerted at the same time. We checked e-mail and read the following: ___ Conversion Club Members - Thank you for attending last night's meeting. I hope you enjoyed your time and helped our three inductees with their quest. Their contact information has been added to our Conversion Club database in our medical practice online portal, under the special access tab. We anticipate Rik and Andrew to display seroconversion symptoms anywhere around two weeks. There's a chance Mike will convert later, but we'll be standing by in the event they require special care. Feel free to message me through the portal. Hopefully we'll have good news in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again to all who shared their gift. Brad Woods ___ I said, "These are organized fuckers, aren't they?" Blake said, "Yeah, totally. You'll get another one soon regarding your care package." And just like that, I received another e-mail message: ___ Conversion Club Inductees - Thank you for attending last night's meeting. It was getting getting to know (and breed) each of you. We're excited you're going on this journey with us. Seroconversion symptoms include: -fatigue (tiredness) -fever (high temperature) -sore throat -rash -headache -loss of appetite -aching muscles and joints -swollen lymph glands If your fever is over 103 degrees, please call Teddy immediately. Otherwise, send us a message if you experience the other symptoms. In the next couple of days, you will receive a care package from us to help us monitor your conversion.They include extra strength asprin, a thermometer and 12 bottles of Gatorade that will help replenish your electrolytes. There will also be six OroQuick HIV tests. Once your symptoms appear, take a test. If you continue to test negative, test again in three days if your symptoms continue. We have tentatively scheduled your time with Zak for your tattoos. You'll be going approximately five weeks from now. He will be in touch in about three weeks with futher info. Please keep us in the loop. Brad Woods ___ I kept in contact w/ Andrew and Mike during the next couple weeks. We met up a couple times a week at the gym for classes and Blake met up with us for a couple 5 mile runs. We talked about how the seroconversion might go and our trip to Chicago for our tattoos, and where we are going to place the biohazards once we earn them. Tuesday, Andrew started with a sore throat and then a headache. Wednesday, Mike complained of feeling flu-ish and swollen glands. Saturday afternoon, Blake and I went for another 5 mile run... wtf? How can I not be sick? Sunday night around 7pm, I was exhausted. I mean, just done. Around 9:30pm I got a headache and a fever. I texted the guys: Rik: Great news .. I feel like shit! I think it's on! Andrew: Sweet! Mine is annoying... no big deal. Mike: Join the club... still feel like shit. Mike: Blake has been over a couple times to help out. Good guy. Blake: Excellent! I'll come over to monitor the fever. Rik: Thx ... door's unlocked. Blake walked into the bedroom all sweaty. "Were you out on a run?" "Yeah, just finished when you texted. You look like shit!" I was sweaty myself, naked and laying on a couple beach towels. Blake stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. He said, "Looks like I'll be here a while, I gotta cool down." I said, "Get all the way naked and I'll definitely run a fever." He stepped out of his shorts and said, "Done. Let's see where your temperature is now." I was at 100 degrees, which is high but not alarming. Blake said, "You're sexy when you're sweating." I said, "I don't feel sexy." Blake said, "Poz sweaty guys are usually sexy, and you're no exception. You can finally give me a recharge!" I couldn't deny it ... the thought of being able to finally give him a load of poz cum was incredible. My cock started growing and his did too. He said, "You just lie there, I'll climb on and do the work, but I really need your load. But first..." Blake grabbed the lube bottle and then crawled between my legs. He lifted them up on his shoulders and rubbed lube on my asshole and on his poz cock. I said, "Wait, you're going to fuck me ... now?" He said, "I'm going to make sure you get pozzed. My viral load is through the roof and I gotta fuck you up while you're sick. This is the right time to bring your immune system down." I said, "Oh my god, you twisted fuck..." I was covered in sweat, burning up from the fever and it wasn't long before he was sweating as well from sliding in my hole. While he was fucking me, he said, "I wanted to do a blood slam with you while you're converting, but your ass is too fucking sexy. Would you have liked a blood slam?" Halfway delirious, but still, to share Blake's toxic blood sounds amazing, and now I can slam my blood into him. How fucking hot! I'm running on empty and sweating like crazy from my seroconversion, but the idea of my toxic blood flowing in Blake got me totally boned. He saw my cock getting hard and that pushed him over the edge. "Dude, I'm going to blow my load in your converting hole ... if you're not sick now, just wait until this takes hold." His gasps became more frequent, and then the shot inside me. I could feel his cock spasm inside my hole. After he came down from his climax, he pulled out of my ass and then brought it up to my lips. His big, beautiful black cock glistened with lube and his sperm ... and I didn't hesitate to suck it all in when he pushed inside my mouth. My assjuices were funky, but I love eating ass. He moved down to my uncut cock and then lubed up his hole. Being so out of it, I started to get soft. Blake said, "I got two syringes from Teddy last week and I was going to do some blood slams with you. You would have liked that, huh?" All I could do was nod yes. Blake continued, "I'm sorry I didn't do that. But those syringes didn't go to waste ... last week I did a blood slam with Andrew and Mike ... they fucking loved my toxic blood." Now my cock was rock hard thinking of all of us sharing blood slams. He squatted on my cock and then sat down on it in one swift movement. He took a moment once he was at the base to get comfortable, and then started riding my cock. He said, "Just think, you can now poz neg hole..." It was such a turn on ... all I could do is moan in ecstasy. He continued, "Yeah, you fucking gift giver now you can convert neg boys." He was getting me excited. "Tell me who you want to poz first!" Without thinking I said, "My little brother!" and at that point, I shot my load into Blake's hole. Despite being the sickest I've ever been in my life, I had a life-changing orgasm that rocked my world. I was litterally wet from sweat and had soaked the towels beneath me, but I drew the strength required to deposit my first infected load inside the guy that might be my poz daddy. He rode me until my cock fell out of his hole. He bent down to kiss me and said, "We need to discuss pozzing your brother." I said, "Right after you clean your ass juices off my cock." I remember him licking my cock clean, including under my foreskin ... and then I passed out.
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    Like I said before, Caitlin was (and still is) my best friend, and so maybe it's not too surprising that when I finally dipped my toe into party favours, she was right there beside me. It was a cold winter Saturday, and we were headed to a rave in the south end of the city. It was probably 10pm or so, and we were on the train with big coats and sweatpants on over our tiny skirts and skimpy bikini tops, chattering away about the DJ schedule and whether or not my (recently ex) boyfriend was going to be there. Suddenly Caitlin stopped mid sentence and started looking through her purse. Then she swore, and bit her lip, obviously trying to figure something out. I poked her. "what's wrong?" She looked around, then leaned over, and in a low voice said, "I forgot my E at home. I left them on the dresser. Fuck." She paused. "I think I know a guy I can get some from, though..." She pulled out her phone (she was the first girl in our circle to have a cellphone, the envy of all of us. Her parents bought it for her because they worried about her out late at night) and dialled. "Hey is this Jeff? Yeah? This is Caitlin, remember me, the St Francis girl from last month?" She blushed at whatever the reply was, and then "Yeah, I had fun too... I was wondering if you wanted to meet up tonight at Rez? Yeah? You're going? Cool! ...hey, do you happen to know where we can get some stuff as well? Me and my friend Sarah...Yeah, she was at the last party, the tall girl with the brown dreads... Okay, we can meet you, what's your address?" She quickly wrote it on the back of her hand, and hung up. Turned to me and smiled "Awesome, it's just off the next stop." We got off at the chinook station, and walked (quickly) through the freezing night for about 20 minutes, to an apartment building. In the lobby, Caitlin called again, and shortly after that a guy came down to meet us. I recognized him from several previous parties, an older guy, good looking, short beard, hornrimmed glasses. Kind of nerdy. He broke into huge grin seeing Caitlin, who gave him a hug and smacked his ass, then kissed him. I stood there awkwardly until he stuck out a hand and shook mine, and invited us to come up. We hopped into the elevator and got off on the 6th floor. His apartment was pretty cool, he had a good stereo playing some trance techno, and a big couch and some of those bean-bag chairs. It was all furnished in old stuff from the 60s, but nice stuff, and the place was also nice and clean. I'd never dated a guy who had his own place, and looking around at Jeff's made me think that it might have it's benefits. He grabbed a couple of snapples out of the fridge for us, as we shucked out of our heavy winter clothes. He laughed to see us basically naked under our parkas and snow pants, and commented that now he felt overdressed. Disappearing into the bedroom, he came back with a pile of rave outfits, a baggie of pills, and a flask of blue liquid. He offered us the baggie, and Caitlin downed two pills and pocketed 5 more, I shook my head. Jeff shrugged, "want some G for your snapple?" I wavered a bit... G was something I had always wanted to try, and gave in... "Sure, I've never done it before, but I've always wanted to..." I trailed off "What the hell, first time for everything!" Jeff measured out doses of G into our snapples, and I sipped mine. The taste was weird, kind of bitter, a little like soap. People always talked about how disgusting G tasted, but mixed with the snapple, it wasn't so bad. Jeff sorted through his outfits, trying to decide what to wear for the party, and me and Caitlin gave our opinions. Caitlin became more animated as her E took effect, and I could feel a soft warmth filtering into me, which I assumed was the G. It felt a bit like being drunk, but not exactly, I didn't feel clumsy, just giggly and a little bit lazy. As jeff tried on various shirts to go with the fun-fur pants we had picked out for him, I noticed how well built he was. He was lean, and not very broad, but he had solid muscles, and a nice six pack. His nipples were brown, and pretty big for a guy, and he had chest hair, which was something none of my boyfriends had. It was brown, and not very much of it, and it dwindled down into a line that vanished into his pants. I realized I was staring and looked away, but not before he noticed. He flushed a bit, and to cover it he spoke. "Thing about G, Sarah, is you have to be careful how much you do, and it's really easy to do too much and get sleepy. So let us know if you feel sleepy, or if it starts to wear off... Oh, and don't drink anything. Alcohol, I mean. G and alcohol don't mix." I nodded, leaning back on the couch with Caitlin. Eventually, we decided it was time to head out. Jeff decided to call a cab, and off we went. Caitlin was rolling pretty good now, sitting between me and Jeff in the back of the cab, her hands restless, stroking and petting both of us. Jeff glanced at me over her head, obviously wondering if I was uncomfortable. I grinned at him, feeling just fine about it. The G was really very nice, it mellowed me out, made me feel happy and safe. It didn't hurt that I felt a really good vibe off of Jeff. I was no stranger to creeps at raves, but I sensed that Jeff was a decent guy. It also didn't hurt that I was finding him increasingly sexy, and starting to think about how I was single again... We got to the rave, got our wristbands, we insisted on paying for Jeff's cover, and walked in. Like most raves, this one was in an empty commercial building. Recent economic slumps had a lot of warehouse space empty, and it was easy to find a building manager willing to make a buck renting to ravers. The music was bouncing, and about a thousand people were milling around. Not much dancing yet, things were still building, so we bought some energy drinks from the bar, and headed over to the chill zone to chat. we settled in to a corner piled high with cushions and blankets and walled in blacklight posters and banners. I snuggled up against Caitlin. Jeff leaned over "Hows your G feeling?" I thought about it. "It's fading a bit, but I like it!" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little bottle. Hiding it under his coat, I saw him measure some out. I handed him my energy drink and he squirted it in. I grinned thanks, and leaned over. "I should pay you for this" I whispered in his ear. He laughed and shook his head "G is super cheap, even if I was selling it, it's only 50 cents a ml. And so far you have had only 5ml... Don't worry about it! I feel guilty letting you guys pay my ticket, so this helps make up for it" I felt an odd rhythm as I sipped my G. Suddenly I realized that Caitlin's leg was moving to a beat. Strangely though, it wasn't to the music. Idly, I looked over to realize that the two of them had their hands in each others laps under the blanket. They were fingering each other. I shivered a bit, suddenly very turned on. I twisted around so I could see them both. At first they didn't notice, but then Jeff saw me looking and abruptly stopped, embarrassed at being caught. I remember noticing how dark his eyes looked, with his pupils so big from the E. I shook my head quickly, reached out and pushed his hand back, leaning forward to say: "It's okay, I don't mind!" For sure I didn't mind, I could feel a gush of wetness in my panties, I was so turned on. I glanced around, nobody was watching us, and slipped my own hand inside my skirt. Jeff stared, I stared back, and within 10 seconds of rough little rubs, I gasped quietly and came hard. The orgasm was amazing, the G seemed to extend it, and as I slowly came back to earth I could see that both Caitlin and Jeff were looking at me intently. I smiled at them. Suddenly I knew that tonight was going to be different.
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    I love older men so much I became one. It's useless to fight your maturity, so embrace it. Just today, a 22yo hit me up to ask if I'd be his tutor in kink. He can't learn what he needs from guys his own age. Be patient. They'll catch up to you eventually. You're too old for this when you're dead.
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    Part 10 My crotch ached, I realised now that the device Tom had put around my dick stopped me from getting hard. It didn't stop me feeling horny, although I still couldn’t understand if I was enjoying myself or still just trying to play along. Brian took my arm and wrapped a band around my bicep, forcing my veins to raise giving him easier access to draw blood. He took about 8 vials and I could feel myself going a bit light headed. “Tom you need to feed him more if you plan on using him that hard. Boy’s are no fun without some energy.” Brian chastised Tom who just smirked. Brian started mixing my blood and I’m guessing tested it too. My heart was racing, surely you can’t be infected that quickly. I hoped I’d escape and get PEP before anything had taken hold. Brian silently ran tests and took notes, Tom slowly played with my hair. I felt oddly calm. “His immune system is compromised, low counts of antibodies. Still negative but we can change that today.” Brian broke the silence. “Let me do an exam and see what we can do, you still against blood slamming?” “I want to breed him the old fashioned way, I want it to come from me. Pun intended” Tom laughed to himself. I felt cold lube on my hole and could sense Brian at my ass. He slid something cold and metal into my hole, it slowly started to stretch me. It was a speculum. ‘A few abrasions, residual cum, minimal bruising and excellent muscle control. He’s got a good cunt on him Tom, I thought you followed the guidelines and used the stinging butt plug? I can’t see many cuts?” Tom stopped stroking my hair and was next to my ass with Brian. “I slammed it in Brian, maybe he’s got a tougher hole than I thought. I’m sure he’d have been knocked up by now.” “Well I can make sure his wall is damaged for you if you like or you can do that yourself? I brought some things with me. Tom slid the speculum from my ass and threw it back into his bag. He pulled out a silver object, I barely got a glimpse of it. “This will do the trick, then we fill and plug again” “If that doesn't work then blood slamming might be the only option.” “Think he’ll be able to handle it Tom? My boy begged for the slam after I pulled that out.” “He’ll take it, my boy knows I only want the best for him.” I couldn’t see what Brian had given to Tom but after hearing them talk about it my mind was racing. “I’ll leave you to it for now. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Remember to keep him topped up and for fuck sake feed him something.” Brian packed up his things and Tom led him out the room. I lay there terrified of what Tom was going to do with me. What had Brian meant by his boy begging. Tom came back into the room and climbed on top of me, I could feel his dick growing along my ass crack. “Boy I want to breed you the old fashioned way, this will hurt like hell but remember it’s what Daddy wants. I’m going to keep you tied down because once I start I’m not stopping.” My body trembled in fear. I felt Tom applying more lube to my ass and then I felt it, instead of Tom’s usual PA piercing it was a sharp spike….
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    What insurance plan covers these office visits...?
  28. 1 point
    I remember being neg and my partner was also neg. When I would travel I would hook up with as many guys as I could, raw of course. Loved being a whore for cum. I think i was pozzed by a couple of guys in richmond, va. Ended up with the fuck flu and poz. Was a bit hard to explain to my partner. Could not admit to him at the time that i was chasing... fucking turned me on and still does
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    Not sure if Coach was ever going to come through or not, but Chad set up an 'event' at the bath house where a blond twink from the community college ('Danny') and a bearded young cub from the Army base ('Dennis') were trussed up and bred by Chad and a dozen of his good buddies. Chad had lured the twink; meeting him on Grindr. Chad's shared pics showing a dick that swung almost to his knees was pretty powerful bait. The cub Dennis was a referral from one of his buds, who'd hooked up with him on BBRT. Most of his buddies were men in their thirties and forties, some regulars at the sex club, and others were just Chad's favorite fuckbuddies. The Army cub was a hairy fuck, about 6 foot tall and 220 pounds, and he climbs into the sling with a big smile on his face. "Come at me, bro!" he calls out, like he's ready to take on each of the 13 guys Chad has invited. The first to take him up on his offer is a tall, hairy viking nicknamed 'Redbeard,' a big furry ginger bear in his late forties. He sidled up between the cub's legs and pressed his thick heavy meat into the cub's hungry, eager hole. The cub took it like a trooper. "Aw, man, shit yes," the cub called. "Ride me fucker, that's right, ride my fucking shithole." Chad takes the first crack at the twink, who lies on his back on a bench; it was a rigged-up affair, a padded board attached to a pair of sawhorses; sort of like a weight bench, but higher off the ground so the bottom could be fucked without the top bending over. It also gave the bottom the option of lying on his stomach if he wanted the fucking anonymous, or on his back if he wanted to see the men who were fucking him. The twink chose to lie on his back. Chad begins by treating the little blond bitch to some firm pinches on his nipples. "Ow!" This makes Chad pinch even harder and the twink grimaces against it. “Just take the pain,” Chad tells him. “It will take your mind off what's happening next.” Chad then slaps his very, very large erect cock against the twink’s balls, showing off its full impressive length. The blond twink's eyes light up with a mixture of anticipation and fear. Chad slicks up his dick, with its head the size of a child's fist, with Aqualube as the blond takes in a long huff of poppers held out to him by Randy; a dark-haired, brown-eyed college student, aside from the twink the youngest guy there whose initiation to Chad's group had been on the very same rough bench. (Randy had been the center attraction at an event last year, and one of the few who got invited back. He was so fresh-faced and innocent the guys had just loved wrecking his sweet ass. There were rumors out that he was trading that sweet ass for drugs, now. Guess that sweet innocence didn't last too long.) As the poppers took hold, the twink puts his hands under his thighs the better to spread his legs and expose the pink star of his fuckhole. Chad begins the long and painful process of squeezing his enormous cock into the barely used hole, and both of them are locked in concentration; Chad from trying to squeeze his oversized dick into the tight spot, the twink from trying to bear up to the damage he knows his coming. The twink's smooth taut abdomen quivers, and the muscles in his arms... such as they were … tense and he grips the chains so tight red marks are gouged in his palms. He closes his eyes tight and grits his teeth; in agony but determined to off himself up as a sacrifice to Chad's big dick. The head finally squeezes into his tight hole and then the first four inches of his thick shaft and then the twink's face screws up and he cries out. "No, no, stop... hold on, I need to... um... just hold on..." Chad pauses just long enough for the twink to relax a little bit, then push the next four inches into his hole. "Oh... fuck...," the twink cries out again. Chad pushes all of it in, then draws out all but his head, the chains creak as he pulls out and the twink pushes back. Then he pushes in again. "Oh, fuck," the twink near tears, his knuckles white around the cold metal chains. He continues to complain as Chad begins really fucking him, building a pace and rhythm; and as Chad began really driving it home, the twink's cries and moans lose all coherence. Chad starts breathing faster and harder, and then he came with a few more hard thrusts. When he drew his cock out, its tip glistening with residual cum. The next guy to get a shot was Chad's buddy Carlo. Not as hung as Chad, but just as horny and twisted. He was one of the older guys, the deep lines on his face betrayed his black-dyed hair and pencil moustache. Carlo was doctor, and he wrote prescriptions for Viagra, Cialis, and Truvada for Chad and his other friends, and used the same to keep himself hard, erect, and undetectable. He also wrote prescriptions for Oxy for any young dude willing to let the doc rawfuck him. That wasn't the worst part; the worst part was that his wife didn't know about any of it. Carlo rubs his hard dick against the crease of the twinks buttcheeks a few times as the twink's holes, still wide from Chad's brutal assault, try to close. He slides into the twink's slick hole and gets to fucking rapidly, reaching a hard pistoning rhythm almost instantly. Nearby, Redbeard hadn't yet finished with the cub, but sweat is beading on his brow as he hard fucks the young, meaty soldier, who was loving every fucking second of it. “Oh, yeah, fuck me, daddy. Fuck me like that! FUCK ME LIKE THAT,” he shouts over the clanks of the chains of the sling. The other guys are starting to get really horned up watching all this and one of them, a biker bear called, no shit, 'Bear,' sported a thick beer-can of a chubby. Randy was getting cock-hungry and it doesn’t take long for him to get down on his knees and that beercock to find its way into his warm mouth and then deep into his throat. Bear cups the back of his head to make sure he takes it. Not that Randy needs the help. Randy joyously slobbers over the cockhead then took it deep back in his throat. Carlo came pretty quick, and you could tell when he was getting close because he got really tense and every vein in lean body stood out against his taut skin. He gave the twink his load after less than a minute and Redbeard came almost at the same time. Carlo shoots his load with a silent shudder, but Redbeard’s orgasm is accompanied by loud, gutteral groans of release. Bear comes almost at the same time, roaring, “Yeah, that’s suck my cum, you faggot” as Randy swallows eagerly. The twink, the Army cub, and Randy take simultaneous loads deep in their guts. After Carlo is finished, Big Eddie... a big, blond electrical lineman... steps up for his turn on the twink's ass. Bid Eddie wasn't as big as Chad... nobody was... but like Bear he was plenty thick. Even after the stretching Chad gave him, the twink wasn't ready for Big Eddie. "It hurts," whined the twink as Big Eddie's big thick cock enters his sore ass. The other men laugh at him. Over at the sling, Austin – a handsome, trim grad student in his early thirties with a chin strap beard – was lining up his cock against the cub's hole. Austin is wearing his leather harness and spots a 1 gauge PA at the head of his above average large pink cock. The sight of it makes the Army cub's eyes light up. “Oh, yeah, fuck me with that.” Austin smiles... he had great teeth... and plunges his dick into the cub's manhole. “Oh, fuck, yeah,” moaned the Army cub. “Shit… fuck…” “You're ... hurting... me...” the twink whined again from the fuck bench. “I can't do this anymore. I can't... I can't...” Without breaking rhythm at all, Big Eddie sticks his hand into the twink's mouth, "Somebody get me a gag." Daddy Ron ... the oldest guy there, with a paunchy gut and a handlebar moustache ... pulled a dirty red handkerchief from his back pocket and tied the rag over the twink's mouth, saying, “We've had enough of your whining, you pathetic whimpering little bitch. Now, will shut the fuck up and enjoy the privilege of superior men using your sad twink faggot ass!” After that, the twink got a lot quieter. The chloroform in the rag might have had something to do with it. It didn't knock him out, but once he breathed enough of it in, has was pretty much a helpless to spectator to everything that was done to him, which was a lot, and only got more perverse as the night went on. After Big Eddie's fat dick discharged one of his notoriously large loads into the twink, he moves over to the sling, planning to give the cub a ride once Austin shoost his load. The next guy up is Reggie the black state trooper; of course, without his uniform, he was just another light-skinned, big-dicked black guy whose dick had the most beautiful upward curve to its glistening brown and pink tip. He mounts the twink fast and rides him hard, muttering, “You like nigger dick, bitch? Take my nigger dick, bitch! Fuck you, you little white faggot bitch.” Meanwhile, the Army cub was getting his share of dick as well. His first ever ride in a sling, his first ever gang bang. The tatted cub eagerly took in each of the men who wanted to fuck his ass. His ass is hairy, and despite the multiple assaults has remained pretty tight, and the hairs around his asshole, though slick, provided friction. He verbally encouraged the men; not with groans, but with words. “Oh, yeah, fuck me dude. Give me that fucking load dude.” And, “Fuck, yeah, dude, screw it in me,” demanding a finishing thrust after the load is delivered. Fucking the twink was different. His slick, loosened hole briefly resisted each dick that invaded it. By the fourth fuck, his insides were so slick with lube and cum that his resistance was meaningless. Chad and Big Eddie had opened him up good, and as man thrusted a little harder and slapped it in rougher to create more friction and resistance than 'Danny's' ravaged ass could offer any more. His muscles still tensed and released, out of rhythm with the cocks that thrust inside. Load after hot load mixed with the others and his guts became a stew of DNA. Round about 2 or 3 in the morning, most of the men were spent by then. The cub was satisfied with the eight or nine loads he had taken, and the twink was out of it; eyes open, responsive to a touch or a command directed at him but otherwise pretty out of it. The twink’s sweet, smooth, round bubble-butt is dripping and his hole is gaping and raw after maybe ten or a dozen more guys have had their way with it. His eyes, color undetectable in the dim light, have glazed and his mouth hung open. Drool drips from a corner of his pale lips. Maybe at the back of his mind he realizes he got more than he bargained for, but this late in the game, he is powerless to do anything about it. Every time he so much as moaned, Daddy Ron or one of the other guys would cuff him upside the head. “Shut up, bitch-boy.” So he stopped after a while. As the party was winding down, Chad was whispering something in the cub's ear that makes his eyes light up. “Yes, sir,” he agrees eagerly. Chad makes Randy hold his hand under the cub's asshole while he pushes out the cumloads he has taken that night. Then Randy carries them over to the twink while two of Chad's buddies pull his legs apart, revealing a wide open, abused hole that has already leaking from a dozen loads. Randy presses his handful of loads into the twink's gaping hole; ensuring that every man in the place now has cum in the twink's ass. Randy then uses his own hard six-inch dick to push the cummy mass deep into the twink's rectal cavity. He pumps for two or three minutes; having spent himself three time already, he doesn’t cum but churns up the cum in the twink's asshole into a foamy mess. Then, the cub mounts the twink, pushing his thick stumpy dick into the twink's hole and pumping furiously until his load, too, was added. Chad, Big Eddie, and Daddy Ron all fuck the twink one last time for being a bitch. Finally, the twink is released from his restraints. Redbeard picks him up as he is quite unable to walk. The cum that has leaked from the twink's ass, they collect in a 7-11 Slurpee cup. Chad gives Randy a choice. “You can drink it, or you can be fucked with it. Which way do you want it?” “In my ass, sir,” Randy replies, a grin across his face. He mounts the “bench” and Chad fucks the loads into him while the remaining men shouted cheers and encouragement from the side. At the end of the night, Chad takes the twink home with him; poor thing was going to need to some tender loving care while his poor ass healed; and maybe some more care later on depending on whether anything in those loads that he took got into his bloodstream.
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    i'd love that! If you're ever in the vicinity of Sweden, please get in touch so you can use my ass!
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    Would love to have my ass pissed in. i'm usually clean because that's what most tops prefer, but i don't mind being dirty if i'm with one who likes that. Of course i'll suck him clean after in any case
  32. 1 point
    Absolutely! Nothing hotter than being blindfolded, ass up, and just having anonymous cock slide in your hole and unloading. That is a sign of a "true slut"
  33. 1 point
    I LOVE it when they do that ANON PUMP, DUMP, and GO.. they THRUST HARD and GRUNT their load up my cunt and then just walk away.. PERFECT.. I'm all about the load.. who cares who he is..
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    Having absolutely no idea who I'm sliding my cock into through a gloryhole in an ABS is the hottest. All I know is that some guy has him ass pressed against the hole and I assume he wants me to fuck him bareback. I also assume he would be disappointed if I pulled out before I came, and the whole time having no idea at all who I'm fucking.
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    Yes for sure, i do it all the time just not at glorholes so much because they're a bit thin here. But otherwise face down ass up just about anywhere the woods the clubs the sauna's. Love it totally to get filled with anon spunk.
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    True. King of the Pigs! it's a pat on the back and makes me feel like I'm doing something right! (Personally, I think it means that everyone who gave me a rep owes me a load...)
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    Hi there! Welcome to Breeding Zone, the best place to go for information, tips and stories about barebacking. Since you decided to join our community of nasty men, please take the time to read a little bit about how it works, so you have a more pleasant experience here. Men bareback for many different reasons, and what turns on one may be disturbing for another. While we deal openly with subjects related to bugchasing and drugs, we try to keep them in a special section called The Backroom that can only be seen by registered members. That way, people who might be offended, digusted or threatened by those topics can browse the Breeding Zone forums without concerns about these subjects showing up. Some of our users are in recovery, so please make sure drug-related posts go in designated areas. If you are in recovery, contact one of the moderators and we'll make it so you can't see those sections of the site. This is a forum by gay men for gay men. There are some heterosexual and bisexual barebackers and bugchasers, and since there aren't other places for them to discuss their feelings and desires we give them space in our community, but we still remind them that most of our users have zero interest in straight sex or pics of naked women, so posts about straight sex are restricted to a dedicated straight/bi section. Likewise, pictures of women are not allowed in the gallery portion of the site, but may be attached to posts in the heterosexual parts of the site. Ditto for cross-dressers and transsexuals – the whole fem thing isn't something most men are turned on by sexually (straight men are more into that, actually), so please keep those posts in the dedicated cross-dresser / transsexual section. [FTM trans guys are welcome to post wherever – just keep the pussy pics to a minimum in the more public areas.] In general follow these rules when posting (the rules are ordered, the first one you hit that's a match is the one you should follow)... If it's about women or heterosexual sex, post in the Hetero/Bi section of the site (posting hetero topics anywhere else will result in a temporary ban from the site - there are no warnings) If it's about cross-dressing or MTF transsexuals, post it in the cross-dresser / transsexual section of the site (posting in other areas may result in a temporary ban from the site). If it involves drug use, post in either the Chem Sex Stories section (fictional stories), or in the Sex With Enhancements section (discussion topics) If it's a about bug chasing, gift giving or HIV as a fetish, post in the appropriate section of The Backroom (fiction, discussion, available bug chasers, available gift givers, poz guys looking for a recharge) If you're writing about a personal sexual experience - post your story in the Members' Blog section (blog posts are moderated before they go up so be patient - do not post discussion topics - they'll be deleted) If you're posting a fictional story, post in the Bareback Stories section If you're posting that you're looking for a hookup or have a city or region-specific topic, post in one of the Regional Hookup sections If you have a problem or question, post in (or read) the Tips, Tricks & Help section If your post is about bareback porn, post in the Bareback Porn Discussion section (new threads are moderated before they go up - never mention or link to a site that has pirated porn - you'll get banned - there are no warnings) If none of those other things fit and you have a general discussion topic, post in the General Discussion section I know that's a lot of rules, but keeping things where they belong helps everyone - you'll appreciate the organization as you use the site more and more. Also, please realize, while our community is made of nasty, sweaty fuckers and pigs, that doesn't mean we can't have intelligent discussion and be polite to each other. We want a community where people feel free to express their opinion and exchange views, where nobody feels uncomfortable or insulted, even if people disagree with them. So far we have been remarkably successful in achieving that goal, but we need your help to keep it that way. If you have a problem with someone, choose your words carefully - there's always a polite way to tell someone they're wrong. And if you have any doubt or are experiencing problems with the website, please don't hesitate in sending one of the moderators a message.
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    I woke a few hours later. Several of the guys had fallen asleep in the tent. I had to go to the bathroom and got up grabbed a pair of shorts and my towel. I headed to the showers. As I walked I noticed a handsome younger guy sitting in a chair next to his tent smoking a gar. I couldn't make out what he looked like completely, but saw that he was covered in fur and had a shaved head and a big beard. We nodded and said hello as I walked by. I got in the shower building and headed for a stall. As I was doing my business, I heard the door to the building open and someone walk in. He walked up to the sink and set down his towel. I looked at him through the opening in the stall door. It was the guy I had just seen. I could see now that he was really attractive. His back was covered with the same fur that was on the front. While I was eyeing him up I noticed he was looking directly at me through the mirror. Shit I was caught. I heard him finish washing his hands and walk to the shower stalls. I finished my business and got out and washed my hands. I walked over to the stall next to his and prepared to start my shower. I hung up my shorts and towel and crawled under the water. The stalls were set up so you could see the person showering down the line. He broke the silence and said hello, which scared the hell out of me. His voice was low and had deepness to it that really turned me on. I returned his greeting. "I'm Travis," he remarked and we chatted a bit as we both soaped up. "Sounds like you were having some fun when I got in," he commented. I blushed but managed to reply "Guess you could say that. It was pretty hot." "I know. I watched through the tent window. You really took a pounding." My cock started to get hard knowing someone had watched me getting fucked. Continuing he explained "I just sat in my chair and edged my cock while watching, all the time wishing I could have joined in." "You should have. The more the merrier," I replied. We chatted a bit more and he finished before me. We continued to chat a while as he dried off. He asked how many guys were in the tent. I told him I think 10, but wasn't sure as I was pinned to the floor getting my hole bred. He came to my stall, opened the curtain a bit, looked me in the eyes and said "I wash I could have seen the action up close." My eyes trailed down his body as he stood there. Travis was a thick chunk of muscle. My eyes got down to his cock that he was slowly stroking. Not real long but beer can thick. I grinned and looked back in his eyes. He opened the curtain and joined me in the stall. Pulled my mouth to his and gave me a big wet kiss. He pulled away and told me that he had almost shot his load when his partner shot his load in me. It felt fucking awesome. Travis grabbed my cock and asked if he could have a taste. Got on his knees and went down on me. My cock slid all the way down his throat, burying his bearded face in my crotch. I leaned back against the stall wall and enjoyed what he was doing. My cock was feeding him precum the whole time. After a little while, he pulled off my cock, stood up and turned around. "Fucking hot cock man," he remarked as he spat into his hand and lubed my cock. Turning off the shower, I presented my erect cock for his pleasure, and he took the hint, sliding his furry hole all the way down my cock. He let out a growl and started to fuck himself. "Fuck man, you feel good. I needed this so bad after watching you all going at it." I pushed him up against the wall and grabbed his hips and picked up speed. I wrapped my arms around his furry chest and pulled him closer, tweaking his nipples as I slid in and out of his hole. I started to nibble on his neck. "Fuck yeah man. Nothin' better then taking a raw cock. I need that seed in me." I picked up speed and pounded his ass hard. "Fuck yeah, breed me, bear." "Hell, yeah, fucker," I growled. "I wanna feel you blow. Come on," he urged. A few more strokes and I pushed all the way in and unloaded. "Holy shit man. Yeah, fucker, breed me deep," he grunted. Breathing heavily I pulled out. Travis reached around back and scooped up some cum and covered his cock with my load, and grinned saying "My turn. Looks like your hole needs another load." Nodding in agreement, I gladly turned around and presented my ass. He aimed his cock at my hole and pushed hard. Even with all the fun I have had already, his cock still stretched me out. He started to ride my ass and talked dirty the whole time. "Yeah that fucking poz hole needs more juice. Big fucking load for you too. Fuck I am glad I held off shooting. Your ass needs this load." He fucked me for a good 15 min and then asked "You want this load fucker?" "Yeah, give it to me. Flood my guts, man." A couple more pounds and he shoved in one last time. His cock expanded and I felt each shot of cum as it exploded out into my well used hole. "Oh fuck, man, that was hot," he exclaimed, adding "I want that ass again before this weekend is over." I pulled off his cock and got down and clean the remaining cum off his cock. I stood up and we kissed again, suggesting "Shall we shower again?" I reached down and the water started running again. We locked and kissed under the shower. ***Too be continued***
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    I love it. Always wanted my dad's hairy cock to breed my yng hole.
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    I hate that term “Boy Pussy” and think it’s a major turn-off for me, especially when I am in the middle of fucking a bloke’s ass. But I think the “Boy Pussy” thing is often associated with feminine bottoms – and I am not attracted to feminine guys and I won’t fuck them. So I have not had any experience with that. But I have had a few non-feminine blokes call their ass a “Boy Pussy” or “Boy Cunt” whilst I have been fucking them and I have stopped fucking them for a minute and told them not to say that – and they complied. TONY
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    It's His. He is owning it. He can call it what He wants.
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    I'd love to take some raw dick in Pleasuredrome anytime between Sunday the 7th and Friday the 12th of August.
  43. 1 point
    that's how I want it hot and raw and knowing I would be at more then full blown aids, I want to kill my system so much that I become the sickest bitch ever!
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    Jeremy the neighbor –as told by Brandon I did a lot of thinking during the three hour drive to get home and was looking forward to a nice cold beer followed by a shower. I opened the front door and was surprised to clothes strewn over the floor; Shirts, socks underwear and two pairs of jeans. I also noticed a pair of sneakers that I did not recognize. I heard muffled sounds coming from the bedroom. I was not expecting Ben to be at home so I slipped off my shoes and quietly tip-toed closer. I stood just outside the door where anyone inside the room could not see me. The sounds were unmistakable. The slapping of thighs against ass, creaking bed and Ben’s muffled groans of pleasure. Someone was fucking him! To my surprise I found the idea that someone was fucking my boyfriend in our bedroom strangely stimulating and I found myself with a growing hard-on. I did not know quite what to do so I decided to stand there for a moment and see where this all went. The top started talking. “Fucking tight hole. You know how to work it on a man’s dick.” “Lots of practice. Plus your fat bare cock feels so good in my ass.” More slapping of thighs on ass and grunting. “Do you like my dick as much as Sam’s?” “Fuck Yeah. A little shorter but I love your fat mushroom head.” “As much as Matt and Josh’s dicks?” “Any raw dick, the bigger the better. Fuck me hard!” I could hear the juicy sounds of sex speeding up. “I’m getting closer. Where do you want my load?” I heard Ben respond “Up my ass of course.” “Does your boyfriend know you let guys bareback you and load your ass?” “Nope. We agreed to always use condoms.” The rate of fucking increased even more and I could hear the guy’s breathing quicken. “You’re only the fifth guy who has fucked me since we got married, four of them fucked me in the last week.” “All Bareback?” “Yes. Of course.” “And you took their loads.” “Yeah. Deep in my ass. And I kept them there for as long as possible.” “Fuck yeah. Fucking bareback cheating slut. Fucking hot. I’m gonna load up your cunt like you just loaded mine.” He started grunting and I heard the slapping sounds slow and become more intense. “I’m gonna shoot. Ah. Ahhh Ahhhh.” “Fuck YEAH. Fill me with your load. I’m cumming too.” The ass slapping stopped but the heavy breathing did not. The stranger was the first to speak. “Another one for your load collection. I try to get as many loads in my ass as I can and you have a way to go until you can beat my record. I’ll take anyone’s load who will give it to me.” I decided it was time to leave before they came down from their orgasmic high. I rapidly left the condo before they caught me listening behind the door, grabbing my shoes on the way out and closing the door as quietly as possible. There is no denying that I was incredibly turned-on by what I had heard. My fat dick was swollen to the point on discomfort in my tight jeans resulting in an obscene bulge with a wet slick of pre-cum about the size of a quarter. Now what? I asked myself. I had no idea other than that I should have taken up Zach’s offer the previous day. Since Ben was obviously screwing around behind my back I should feel free to do so myself. It was the “Agreement.” It was “don’t ask don’t tell” after all, even though “don’t listen” was never discussed. The only part that troubled me was that we had agreed to “no bareback” when he stopped PrEP and here he had no problem with breaking that part our agreement. I guessed that Ben had no idea of where that had taken both of us. Hearing Ben getting fucked had made me extremely horny, and I wanted to get my rocks off one way or the other, preferably fucking or getting fucked. I walked to the stairwell from which I had a clear view of our front door and took out my cellphone and called Ben. He took a moment to answer and he sounded breathless. “Hi Brandon, how’s the trip going? Still going to be back in time for dinner tonight?” “Got finished early, I’ll be home in about five minutes.” He waited a while before responding, obviously taken by surprise. “Uh, oh, Brandon, you’re going to be home in a few minutes. That’s good.” He obviously said that for the benefit of his playmate so give him the heads up to get dressed in a hurry. I was going to give them just long enough to get dressed before opening the door. I wanted to see what this mystery fucker looked like. He certainly had a very sexy voice. In any case, if he left in a hurry I would see him. Ben and his playmate were sitting on the couch acting as if they had been there all afternoon, even though I knew that they had probably only finished dressing minute or two earlier. I was somewhat surprised, but not in the least unpleased, to see that the stranger was the hot guy who had the condo five down from us. I had never met him before but I had seen him tanning at the condo pool a few times. I had always been impressed by the way his very muscular body filled out the skimpy bulging speedos he always wore. I noticed with amusement that there were two beers on the table in front of them, which had not been there five minutes earlier. I have to hand it to Ben, he’s a quick thinker. They stood up and Ben introduced us. Jeremy was wearing a skin tight spandex tank top and tight red nylon shorts that were well filled out by his ample bulge. I noticed that he was eyeing the bulge in my jeans as well. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer and sat down between them. We had not been chatting for long before Jeremy stood up. “Excuse me guys. I have to take a wicked piss. All that beer.” As soon as he left the room I whispered in Ben’s ear. “He’s fucking hot. Do you think he is up for a threesome?” Since both of them had cum in the last hour or so I was curious to hear the answer. Ben was a little hesitant. “Maybe. It would be awkward for me since he has been here for a while but maybe you should flirt with him a little.” I thought to myself that the only reason it would be awkward for Ben to flirt was because he probably felt at least a little guilty about what he had done. I kicked off my shoes and took off my shirt and arranged my cock in my jeans to show the maximum bulge. Not that that was difficult as my fat cock is pretty big even when soft and now it was starting to fill with blood in anticipation of what I hoped was coming next. I had moved away from Ben so that the only spot on the couch was between us. I was determined to find out if he was as load hungry as he sounded when he was fucking Ben. Jeremy looked at Ben and then me and smiled as I motioned to him to join us on the couch. There was just enough space for him to squeeze between us. As he sat down he took a good look at the growing lump in my jeans and put his hand on my thigh and spoke. “Fuck dude, I like your jeans. Fucking hot.” There was nothing special about my jeans except for the now massive bulge. He glanced at me for a second and then placed his hand on the bulge. Ben went to work immediately as well, pulling up Jeremy’s shirt and rubbing his chest and nipples. It almost seemed as if they had planned this in the moments before I walked in the door. I placed my hand on his crotch and started rubbing his cock through the silky nylon. Since Ben and Jeremy were obviously raring to go I wasted no time. I wanted to see what he was packing. “Jeremy, the couple of times I saw you around the pool I always admired your package. Show me what you’ve got.” Jeremy lifted his ass off the seat and pulled down his shorts revealing his fat dick barely covered by the tight white unlined speedo he was wearing. His dick was already half hard and starting to leak profusely turning the thin white spandex transparent. Damn, I liked what I saw. A fat uncut dick with a massive head. And I noticed the small red logo on the left hand side of the swimsuit: a red scorpion. Interesting. Now it was his turn. “Ok, now your turn guys. Show me your stuff.” I unbuttoned my jeans and let them slide to the floor, revealing my well filled red jock-brief. Ben took off his sweatpants to reveal that he was also wearing a white unlined speedo. From a quick glance it was his TeamBB suit showing off his rapidly stiffening cock. I knew this was going to be good and I leant over and started deep kissing Jeremy. Ben took the hint and joined us in a threesome of slurping tongues and mouths. Jeremy started rubbing my cock through my briefs while we were kissing and I reciprocated in kind. This continued for a minute or two before I needed to take this action up a notch. I knew they had both emptied their balls recently, but I had not cum since jerking off while thinking of Zach and his bareback sex tryst of the previous evening which I had been too scared to join. I stopped kissing for long enough to say “Jeremy, show us what you’ve got.” Jeremy stood up and I saw that the speedo had the “TeamBB” logo across his butt. He turned around and I got a great view of his massive cock, laying almost horizontal across the pouch with the oozing head almost at the side seam of his swimsuit. It was so fat that it lifted the waistband clear away from his stomach and I got a clear view. There was only one place for that cock, in me. First my mouth and then my ass. I did not worry about Ben for the moment. He had already had his fun for the day. I pulled Jeremy towards me and he pulled down the front of his swimsuit releasing his cock. His foreskin was starting to pull back from the swollen mushroom head. I swear I saw a brief flash of panic cross his face as we suddenly were aware of the smell of cum and Ben’s ass juices. Jeremy had obviously got dressed in such a hurry that he had not cleaned himself up completely. I guess he was not expecting to have a mouth on his dick so soon. I immediately went down on him taking him as deep as possible, savoring the juices on his cock. Ben got on his hands and knees and moved around behind Jeremy and it looked as if he was going to rim him. I was not going to let that happen until after I had tasted his ass. I stopped sucking and spun Jeremy around and pulled down the back of his swimsuit. And pulled him back bringing his butt to within inches of my face. Jeremy knew what I wanted and reached back and spread the cheeks of his ass to give me full access to his crack. He had not done to good a job with his ass either and the musky cummy scent of his ass hit me as I began to slurp and down his trench, pausing at his anus and its swollen puffy lips. I thrust my hungry tongue into his chute tasting the tang of his ass-juices and the dribble of fresh cum that leaked out. Not only had he been fucked very recently, but his hole showed signs of heavy use. I suspected it could easily stretch to taking two cocks at once, which gave me an idea. He ground his ass into my face. “Get my hole good and wet so someone can fuck me.” Ben was working his dick over and getting it nice and slick. Jeremy was the only one whose mouth was not busy and he was looking down at my full erect eight inches. “Oh Fuck! I need that cock in my ass so bad.” He moved away from my mouth and backed his ass onto my lap with my dick sliding in his ass crack. Since they did not know that I had overheard them in the bedroom I found the next part of the conversation rather amusing. You have to give Jeremy points for trying. “Do you guys have condoms, so that we can fuck, or do you bareback?” Ben, looking straight at me, answered. “Yeah. We bareback, but only with each other. When we fool around with others we always use condoms.” “Bareback is so much hotter” Jeremy responded “I prefer bareback. But condoms are Ok if the other guy insists.” Since Jeremy was on my lap it was Ben who went to the bedroom to get the condoms and lube and it took him quite a while to find them as we had not used them for months. Jeremy and I made out on the couch with him still sitting in my lap. Jeremy whispered in my ear. “Do you take loads? Ben says you only play safe. But you look like a cum-whore who needs a load up his ass.” Based on what I had just learned in the parking lot of the CVS, I was about to start making up for lost time. I wanted to feel his fat mushroom head stretching out my anal walls as he slid it in raw. Jeremy was going to be the second man ever that seeded my ass. I whispered in Jeremy’s ear. “Fuck yeah. I want your load. And I know you want mine. I tasted cum in your hole. Don’t say anything and you’ll know when not to say it.” He knew exactly what I meant and said. “I’ll let you take the lead but I’m willing to help with the illusion.” Ben walked in with a handful of condoms and a large bottle of lube. Jeremy looked at me for a second and then Ben and back. “Fuck, you guys are so hot. I want to see you bareback Ben. It will be such a turn on. But don’t cum. Then we can fuck with condoms. Fuck him on his back.” I suddenly realized what Jeremy was thinking. Ben lay back on the couch with his ass and legs over the edge. I dropped to my knees, slicked up my cock with spit and slid in. Jeremy had opened him up nicely for me. I made a few slow deep strokes enjoying the sensation of his slick chute. I moved him so that he was fully on the couch with me on top of him balls deep in his cum slick rectum. We were deep kissing like crazy tongue fucking each other’s mouth. My asshole was exposed inviting Jeremy to fuck me. Both Jeremy and I knew that Ben would not be able to see his dick sliding in and out of my ass. Jeremy stood where Ben could see him and very visibly slicked up his dick with lube and then rolled a condom over it. Then he climbed onto the couch and moved behind me. He slid the tip of his sheathed dick into my hungry chute and withdrew. “You want this dick deep in your cunt? You ready for it?” I answered him by putting my hand behind me and sliding the condom off. “You know you want it, you’re gonna get it deep.” He slowly inserted his condomless cock and uttered a grunt of pleasure as he penetrated my anus. The sensation of his fat mushroom head sliding up my anal passage stretching the walls of my chute was incredible. He was only the second guy to bareback me after Ben and I had never been able to take really fat cocks before. Bareback made the difference and it felt incredible being filled with his meat. I was definitely going to enjoy doing this as much as possible in the future. “Oh fuck yeah, Fuck me. That feels so good.” I uttered. Jeremy just chuckled as I started moving between them, alternately slamming into Ben and impaling myself on Jeremy’s dick. His massive cockhead sliding unprotected in my ass was too much for me and I did not last very long. I started loading Ben with one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. My ass contractions brought Jeremy to climax and he started thrusting furiously as he deposited squirt after squirt of cum deep into my colon. Jeremy surprised me with the amount he came, considering that he had just fucked my husband less than an hour earlier. Perhaps it was the excitement of dumping a load of cum in two cheating husband’s holes in the same day. He waited a few moments before withdrawing and I made of pretense of removing the condom which had been in my hand the whole time. I held it up for Ben to see before I threw it on the floor out of sight. There was enough lube in the condom that from a distance it looked as if Jeremy had cum in it. Ben was the only one of us who had not yet cum. I did not want him to fuck me again because he would realize that Jeremy had shot his load into me. So the obvious choice was for him to fuck Jeremy. And I was going to make sure he was wearing a condom. I leaned back with my dick still in Ben. His dick was still rock hard as he had not yet cum. I grabbed a condom and lube from where they were lying on the couch and lubed and sheathed his meat. Jeremy looked at me and grinned. He hopped on the couch and lowered himself onto Ben’s cock, with his back towards me. He started fucking himself on Ben’s meat rising up slowly and slamming down hard. My dick in Ben’s ass started to get hard again as I watched Jeremy’s muscular back and ass as he rode Ben’s sheathed dick. It was time to execute my plan. I slid out of Ben’s chute and started probing Jeremy’s hole with my dick as Ben was fucking him. Jeremy immediately got the idea and leaned forward giving me access. My cock slid in easier than I would have thought and within seconds my fat bare dick was sliding up and down in Jeremy’s hole slicked up by Ben’s cum while Ben’s dick was encased in rubber. Jeremy was obviously no stranger to being double dicked as I had thought. “Fuck yeah. Two dicks in my man cunt. Fuck me hard. Load me up. Give me your cum!” Even though I had cum not even ten minutes earlier it was too much for me and it did not take long before I blasted a massive load into his hungry hole. Ben had still not cum so after a few seconds Jeremy lifted himself off and as he did so cum dribbled out of his abused anus and onto Ben’s pubic hair. Ben slid off the condom, scooped up some of the cum and used to lube his dick as he jerked off to conclusion, spraying cum all over himself and onto the couch behind him. After a few moments to recover we all took a quick shower in turns and then it was time for Jeremy to leave. It was a pleasure to meeting Jeremy and I hoped that we could get together again soon. I would not mind if it was just me and him, but it would be fine to have Ben as well. As I shut the door after Jeremy left Ben looked at me with questioning eyes. “When we double fucked Jeremy were you wearing a condom? I’m not sure I saw one?” I look at him with a smile. “Of course” I said as I held up three used condoms, one of which had been taken out of its packet and filled with some of the cum splattered on the couch while he was showering. He did not need to know that I knew, just yet.
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    This is my one dream I would do anything to have a guy or guys riding me telling me they are infecting me with full blown seed. If you tell me I'm getting the fuck of death I'm sure to cum without touching myself! Any men with AIDS out there who need to breed?
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    So fuckin' sick and twisted, man. Can't get any better than that!!!
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    Sunday I spent much of the day ass up for a stream of raw black cock and my hole was fucking creamed by the end of it. Cock and load #1 came from a regular fuck buddy of mine I met on BBRT. Slim black guy with a thick 8 inches. He's a quick cummer so he's great to get me pre-lubed for a day of load-taking. Mounted me for about 20 mins before dumping his load inside. I felt him shoot so it must have been a big one. Cock #2 and loads #2 and #3 came from a MASSIVE massive massive 10.5 inch black cock (I think poz?) who responded to my slutty bareback ad on CL. WOW. This guy was fucking sexy and his dick destroyed my hole. I'm usually a responsive bottom who tries to match the pace of my top's thrusting and throw myself back on the dick. Not with this guy. He just wanted me to lay there like a piece of meat and take it which was fine by me. He shot a huge load deep in my cunt, pulled out and started getting dressed. I was playing with my cummy cunt which made him hard again and he decided to plunge in for a second load, which he gave me in about 15 minutes. When he pulled out the second time his piss slit was dripping cum so I spun around and sucked it clean like a good little whore. Cock #3 and load #4 came from a 9 inch black top from BBRT. Guy was handsome with a great body but he was a pretty average fucker and a quick cummer. It was the load I wanted anyway. He seemed a bit freaked out by the scene I usually have going when tops walk in: lights low, ass up on bed. But that didn't stop him from sliding into me raw and pounding a load into my hole. Needless to say by the end of it my hole was wrecked. I went into my bathroom, huffed some strong poppers, put on some TIM porn and dildoed my cunt, pushing out the 4 loads inside and using them to jack off.
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    two nights ago i had a party back at mine after the bar a few friends (girls and guy's) one girl i have been into for the last few years but something always came between anything happening . at the party i threw on some comfy clothes sweats and a hoody etc , had the girl in my bedroom and finally got the to fuck the girl i wanted, i'll be lying to say it was bareback fun but meh i was happy. a few minutes in though. our friend (female) my ex knocked at the door and basically shamed the girl i was fucking , i wasn't happy as yet another thing complicated my sex life. after hearing her cryingi was in a rage, i walked the girl home with another friend (male) , her sex drive completely dropped but as i got to her door she kissed me and gave me back my hoodie .til next time she said . this got me hard in an instant (thats the power she has over me , my friend waiting in the estate he was drunk a good bit but i just said let's go back mine for a few drinks with rest of my friends , he has a girlfriend of 8 years but he also has a bro-crush on another friend which is funny at times i never thought of him sexually still don't. on the walk home i realized my pants were like a tent . i'm just shy of 7 inches thick and uncut he was walking in front of me a swaying from side to side i was sober at this stage laughing at his walk before i knew it he stumbled back and his a hand groped my dick he had a look of shock , being the comedian i am i laughed and said that was for her, not you dude . he looked at me a little cranky and said too bad . kinda confused me but we walked on , now i'm thinking what just happened as we passed the local church he stumbled again this time grabbing it still rock hard , he said " funny how it is still hard when we left her a good 30 min's ago . i said dude " if you would like to sort it, be my guest". still grabbing it i could see his eyes light up . he jerked me threw my pants and as cars passed by we walked around the church very dark and secluded . he rolled down my pants and started sucking me off , it felt crazy good but i was thinking about the blonde i just walked away from but i did not share this . now my dick is pulsing and he knows i'm into it . when i reach for my condom pocket i realize my jeans is at home , when he seen me searching for one he smirked and said he had one . ( i am ok with bb and condom sex ) when he brought the condom out of his pocket he laughed and said it will be a tight fit . he got it on but basically covered half my dick . when i asked about lube he said it would be fine with just spit . this shocked me as i have to use lube a lot with girls. as he bent over he positioned my dick at his hole lightly guiding my dick the condom broke . he laughed and said i knew it would not last long . the condom now is on wrapped around the shaft of my dick , thinking he would try for another condom he did the opposite pushing his hole over the head of my cock .it was as if his asshole and my dick were french kissing,out came the head of my dick from my foreskin . in one thrust his hole devoured the head of my dick dry all the way to where the condom ended . in two thrusts he was balls deep , looking up the sky i was pounding away perfect motions between us , i honestly could not clap as fast with my hands the sound of his ass cheeks slapping against me . bout to cum i warned him , but with each clash of our bodies i grabbed his hips tighter knowing i was going to cum inside and even if he tried to get me out of him he had no chance . "that will be my second load tonight he said moaning" . in the space of 3 maybe 4 seconds a race of thoughts ran through my head . SECOND !!!!!!! it all made sense how he took my dick with ease . how my dick felt so wet with such little spit , i realized i had been fucking a cum soaked mess .I LOVED IT . i blew so hard and for as long my balls emptied to the stage my scrotum shrunk and actually tightened on my balls it hurt , but a good hurt on the way home he told me him and the bro-crush friend had fucked in the toilet at my house a little over an hour ago. when we arrived at the house i grabbed a few bottles and made my way to the back garden . there my newly seeded friend was all ready sitting next to his crush , i am sitting here still smiling away about it . hope you guys enjoy reading
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    And then Chad shows up. Chad is big, horny Greek dude in his late thirties; his boyfriend is a hot Latino. They're not offically "open" but they fuck around on each other constantly. They frequent the baths, but never together. Chad missed the show last time. And he's damned sure not to miss it tonight. He enters the room and wordlessly unwraps the towel from his waist, showing up a thick, veined monster cock the size of a forearm. Coach grins. "Oh, baby, Fuck yeah." Chad is something of a legend round these parts for being too big to fit through the glory holes. Even the slut bottoms fear Chad's monstercock. Georgie tried to ride him once, but only got a couple of inches in before giving up. Chad usually has to settle for jacking off unless he can find a freshly fisted guy on muscle relaxants or horse tranqualizers who's been opened up enough to take him. The boy can't see what he's in for, but he can feel Chad's meat as Chad positions himself between his spread out thighs and slaps it across his buttocks to warm bot of them up for the fucking ahead. Nothing his master done could have prepared him for the twelve-and-a-half inches of hell about to invade his rectum. He shudders in fear. The boy moans and grunts as Chad squeezes his daikon radish of a cock into the boy's hole. Though it's been opened up by a half-dozen willing cocks, nothing has prepared him for the invasion it is feeling from a cock as thick as a strong man's wrist and long enough to tickle his tits from the inside. The puckered sides of his asshole strain to accept Chad's swollen head. "Steady, Kyle," Coach says, the only word of encouragement he has offered the boy all night. Chad doesn't fuck around, he slides that monster in until his pubes touch the boy's ass. Kyle grimaces in agony, he's crying out now, mostly incoherent, but the phrase, "please fuck no" escapes his mouth more than once. For once, coach, probably aware of how much agony it is for a slender young twink to take a monstercock like Chad's doesn't admonish him to be quiet. When Chad makes his first thrust, the boy whimpers. "Just relax," Chad tells him. "I'm going to fuck you 'til I cum no matter what. There's nothing you can do about it. And it'll go a lot easier if you just relax and take it." To make his point, his next thrust is harder and deeper, he's obviously pushed through the second sphincter. He thrusts again, and Kyle doesn't know whether he's in agony or ecstasy, such is the mix of sensations flooding his brain. Chad goes easy on him for the first five minutes, thrusting in slowly and pulling out slowly as Kyle's chute learns to accept the length and breadth of the monster squeezing inside him. But after that, Chad picks up the pace, pulling his dick farther out on the downstroke, and pressing it in harder on the upstroke. Sometimes, he tries to squirm free, or raise his arms as though to push Chad away, but Chad just pushes them back down. After a while, Kyle just succumbs to the fucking he is getting, as though he has gone through the pain and come out the other side. He's breathing really hard, gritting his teeth, biting his lip against the severe thrusts Chad is throwing into him, but he gives up trying to escape. The jism from the other men has become a foamy coating on Chad's head and shaft as he fucks the kid. Everything that was in the kid's bowels is being churned together into one frothy mass by the action of Chad's monstercock. Chad's rhythm gets even faster and his breath starts coming in abbreviated gasps as his huge cock grinds in and out of Kyle's tortured hole. "Oh, fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck," he chants. "Fuck yeah. Oh fuck. Oh f-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-c-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k!" In mid-thrust, he shoots his load deep into Kyle's ravaged guts. His rhythm and motion diminish, his remaining thrusts grind his manload deep into the torn-up walls of the boy's rectum. 'Coach' himself has shot a load watching the onslaught on his boy's ass. His big meaty hand is coated with wads of slick white cum. "Oh, shit," coach says, catching his breath. "Whew." Chad slowly extracts his beast from inside as the boy whimpers softly. His cock makes a suction sound as he pulls his head from the boy's hole. Kyle's asshole is a wide gaping hole after the pounding it took from Chad; his eyes are wet and he's been crying. Underneath him, though, drops of white cum have spattered the floor. In the midst of his hard fucking, Kyle came, too. Chad picks up his towel from the floor and begins sponging off. "Fuck, that was great. Where do you find theses boys?" Chad asks. Coach looks at him like he is an idiot. "Within ten miles of this spot, there's a college, an army base, a rest area, and a prison for young offenders 18-21. It's like a gaddam hunting preserve." He winks. "You might say the Government sends me boys and I make men out of 'em." As he talks, he thrusts one of his rough, muscly hands into the crack between the boys ass cheeks and roughly works two then three fingers into has rectum, massaging in the loads the boy has taken earlier in the night and mixing his own with them. "Don't you dare make a sound," he orders Kyle. He scoops more cum from underneath the boy and shoves it in, mixing Kyle's cum in his ass with the cum of all the men who've fucked him. Chad wraps his towel around himself. "Every other month, me and some of the guys have a party. It's pretty exclusive, but if you're willing to bring some 'entertainment,' we'd love to have you. Interested?" Coach half-grinned. "I might be able to arrange something for ya."
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    Part 2 It wasn't hard to find out which room they'd taken... a short line has already formed outside and there is room for three or four men inside. Coach stands just on the inside, naked, a metal cockring visible at the base of his erect beer-can dick, glinting in the available light. The guy inside the room clearly is not Joey. He's more slender than muscled. He's blond, with scruff on his chin and upper lip, a tall, lean boy of about 22, maybe. He has been positioned on the fuck bench in the center of the room, ass up and naked except for the studded leather cuffs that secure his hands behind his back. The only light in the room, a dim yellow bulb, is directly above him, spotlighting his ass, making it possible to see his face, although the men he's been offered to will remain anonymous to him. A ginger-haired bear with a goatee is plowing him, raw, his thick body and the overhang of his gut assaulting the boy's hindquarters with each thrust. His dick is not so long, merely a stump on his massive hairy body, but it is thick and veined and its purple mushroom head is buried in the boy's asshole and already smearing it with a steady trickle of precum. The bear has worked up a sweat and drops of his perspiration fall steadily from his red-skinned brow onto the boy's smooth back; the smell of him fills the room, mansweat like sour, rusty coins. He is focused with utter and complete intensity on fucking the young man underneath him. The boy doesn't take it with the detachment that Joey did, maybe he is not drugged, or maybe simply lacks the necessary discipline, but he grits his teeth and clamps his eyes shut tight against the onslaught his rear quarter is getting. His dirty blond hair hangs over his brow (and by the end of the evening will be slick with perspiration). Every few strokes he lets out a grunt or a moan, his breaths come quick, as he snatches air whenever the bear lifts his weight from his back. Suddenly, the big ginger bear's pace quickens. His load his rising. He thrusts harder and harder into the boy, bracing his meaty arms on the boy's upper arms. He throws one final, deep thrust into the boys guts and grunts like an animal, like a bull, finishing the act of insemination. And with that, the first stranger's load of the night begins soaking into his guts. The ginger bear pulls out and leaves. Next, coach let a pair of guys tag team his charge. A stockier and balding guy in his forties with a rusty-red goatee and a thick veined dick and a military-looking guy in his mid-thirties with an average dick and tattoos on his arms and calves. The army guy goes first, sliding his dick smoothly into the kid's hole and fucking, just fucking, while the older guy strokes his cock to a respectable boner. The military guy pulls out and let's the other guy in. They swap back and forth until finally the military guy shoots his wad into the boy's hole. He leaves before the other guy blows his wad in the hole, too. The next top mounts the supine young man; a lean gentleman with a trim beard, salt and pepper hair, and a thick gauge silver Prince Albert glinting at the tip of a long 8 inch penis. He pushes the boy's thighs apart to gain better entry, then in a quick thrust buries to full length of his cock in the boy's mineshaft. The sudden movement takes the boy by surprise and he cries out in pain. At which point 'Coach' moves to the front of the fuck bench and clamps a big, meaty hand across the boy's mouth. "These fuckers don't want to listen to your whinin'" he says. He holds his hand there long enough to interruption the boy's breathing. When he pulls it off, the boys gasps for breath. "Now, you keep your bitch mouth shut or I'll dump you off where I found you," 'Coach' says. The Prince Albert guy maintains his fucking throughout this exchange, thrusting long, sure strokes as the kid grips his teeth and tries to stay quiet, another guy walks in, and bustles his way over until he is standing next to 'Coach.' His name is Georgie; he first started showing up at the baths two, maybe three months ago; a short, young cub with a cherubic face. A little heavy, but not fat, barely older than the boy on the bench, and so very eager to please; he's taken loads from most all of the regulars, and is usually the first to go up to any newbies and offer his ass. His shining eyes look up at 'Coach' and he smiles. "You should do that to me sometime," he says. "Reckon I might," Coach replies. "Let me get a look at that ass." In a quick movement, 'Coach' grabs him by the back of the neck and bends him over. With his other hand, he grabs one of Georgie's pale smooth as cheeks and pinches it hard, then pulls his cheeks apart to get a look at his rosebud. "Oh!" exclaims Georgie, more in shock and surprise than pain. Coach leans over and whispers something into Georgie's ear. Whatever he whispers makes Georgie blush. Prince Albert grunts and shoots his load into the boy's ass. He pulls his deflating dick out of the hole almost immediately and departs, almost as if embarrassed. Coach pulls Georgie up straight again. "You see what's dripping out from my boy's ass," says coach. And without waiting for a reply, he orders, "Clean it up!" Georgie cocked his head, unsure of what he had heard. "Sir?" "What are you, deaf? Clean up my boy's ass with your mouth or get the fuck out of here," coach said. The young cub kneels behind the fuck bench and buries himself in the boy's ass, licking the four cumloads as they leak through the widening fissure of his ass crack. A moan escapes the boy's mouth. "That's enough," says the Master. "Don't clean it all up. I want that juice to soak up inside him real good." Georgie stands and wipes his chin. He turned to 'coach' with glittering eyes. "Thank you, sir." "Go on, git!" coach orders. Georgie turns as he reaches the door and lightly rubs his ass cheek invitationally. Coach winks at him. "Git!" Georgie retreats from the room. The coach turns. "All right, Buddy. Your turn."

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