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    Dad’s Basement Part Twenty-Four I looked between my legs, wonder which one of the men jacking their cocks would be next to slide up my hole. I winked my hole at the men, inviting them to come fuck me. My eyes locked on an older man, he looked old enough to be my grandfather. His hair was white as snow on his head, chest and crotch. His cock was uncut and hung semi-hard from his crotch. “Don't be shy” I said coyly. His eyes widened, as his hand slowly began to move his foreskin back and forth over his cock head. He licked his lips staring at my hole. “Slide in my hole” I puckered my hole for him, trying to lure him over so he would fuck me. Dad and Zane watched closely as I tried to seduce the older man. I watch his cock slowly expand in girth and length. “Daddy won't mind if you fuck me” I pointed over to Dad who was motioning for the older man to fuck me. I slid my finger to my hole and started to circle my sloppy, slightly puffy hole. My finger slid easily around my wet, cummy hole. I slowly pushed my finger into my hole as deep as I could. The older man’s cock was now rock hard and he was slowly jacking it. “Please grandpa fuck me” He took a few steps forward, smiling. “Daddy fucked me, now I want you to” He took a few steps closer, his smile growing. “Bet you fuck better than Daddy” He moved until his cock head was pressed against my hole. Zane had a huge grin on his face, as if he was trying not to laugh. “Put it in please grandpa” His hips moved forward and his head popped in. I moaned loudly “Like that little one” he asked “Yes grandpa” He slid in further, until I could feel the soft white hair above his cock tickle my ass. He pulled out a little then pushed in all the way. I moaned more. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide as he began to fuck my hole at a steady rhythm. Dad stood and moved to the side of the old man tucking me. “Fine hole he's got?” Dad asked “Your boy?” “Raised him, fucked him and pozzed him” “Did the same to my boy, about the same age as him I suppose. But back then it wasn't HIV/AIDS, it didn't have a name.” Dad slowly stroked his cock as he listened. “He was always interested in my cock, so we started playing, until he was begging me to take his hole. Even after I explained I had the “gay virus” but he didn't care, started to beg for that too” I couldn't help but get turned on and started to stroke my cock. Zane’s interest had peeked and he joined the old man and Dad. “I was so turned on seeing my boy on his back, legs up, just like your boy here, that I pretty much raped his hole. All the time he was begging his Daddy to fuck him and cum in him” His cock slide in and out of my hole slowly, as he told us his story. Dad and Zane was standing next to him stroking their own cocks. “Since I passed on the virus, he couldn't have kids of his own so he adopted a boy, raised him and when he reached the same age as he did, he and I passed on the family tradition to him. Just like you and your boy has done” “My only wish is that his grandfather, my father would have started the tradition, the beautiful tradition.” Dad said. “Is your son and grandson here” Zane asked. “Not this trip, but they have been.” “Maybe Dad we can invite them to join the club if they want” I said Dad just nodded and said “I will give you the details Sir, and you can tell me if that interests you” The old man continued to thrust his cock into my sloppy hole. Dad leaned over and started to kiss him deeply. I knew his tongue was going deep into his mouth. The old man's cock grew thicker and harder, yet he continued at the steady rhythm that he had been. His chest movements became faster and faster, until he pushed his cock in all the way. His moans were muffled by Dad’s mouth. I squeezed tightly around his cock, well the best I could, trying to milk his cum out. He pulled out and Dad, Zane and the old man moved to the side, allowing other men to step up and fuck me as they talked. The rest of the afternoon I stayed in the pool area and got bred. I lost count on how many men fucked me and how many loads I had taken. I do remember waking back to the cabin and cum running down my legs, I couldn't hold it all in. Sadly Dad told me that this would be the last night at the resort. We were leaving in the morning to head home. My gang bang to join the club was in three days and I needed the have my hole well rested - well it needed to tighten up again so the members would enjoy fucking it and the bred me and brought me into the club.
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    Part XIV I had just taken about 2 dozen poz loads up my formerly straight ass. I found myself lapping the cum running out of my ass off of my fingers as I reached between my legs to scoop that runoff. It tasted wonderful and my ass was torn up and I could feel it was still gaping open after all the pounding it had taken. I had no idea what to do now. I wanted to get dressed and run away and yet wanted to stay and see if I could get more. What a conflict I was still having. I was still sitting there when my bud came back in. He sat down and we started to talk about what was happening. We talked for a good two hours. At the end of that time I still had no idea what to do. He grabbed me and planted a kiss on me and soon we were laying down, again. He ran his hands all over me as we kissed and caressed each other. My cock and ass were both tingling and in need of more. I can't get enough it seems. Soon we are 69ing each other and I love the taste and texture of his cock and the precum he leaks is marvelous and never seems to stop. Sweet, salty and slick and wonderful on my tongue as I slurp it up and suck his cock into the recesses of my throat. He raised my legs up and I know what is next, as his tongue and mouth trail down across my balls, sucking on them a little and then across my taint, till, heavenly, he is at my hole. His mouth and tongue go to work on my ass and my hole drives me crazy as his tongue goes in deep. My hole is still gaping and his tongue goes deep. I feel my ass raise up with each in thrust of his tongue. This is crazy but feels too good to stop, I need this badly. Soon he stops and starts kissing his way up across me, stopping to nibble each of my nipples and then as he gets to my mouth, he drives his cock into me completely with one long thrust. I feel his balls bump against mine and know he is all in. He then starts to pound my hole deep, fast and hard. Thrusting, grinding, hammering my hole for a good 20 minutes and then, even with my hole gaped open, I can feel his cock expand as he empties another highly toxic load of cum deep inside me. I am at complete relaxation now and feel my own cock erupt and then I fall asleep with his cock still in me and him holding me tight.
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    It was my last day on Maui. My wife and kids took an earlier flight home and I was alone at the resort. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone at the resort or nearby to fuck my ass. I was contacted by a very thin, AIDS wasted looking guy but he wasn't nearby. He said he was undetectable. He was, however, near the airport. So I took an Uber to his place and he took me to his barn where he had a sling set up. We spent the next hour fucking each other in the sling. Time was running out so i fucked him hard and bred his ass. Then I was mounted back in the sling and he pounded me hard before flooding my ass with his big poz load. It was a nice parting gift from the island and I took it home on the plane.
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    (a long time ago) From a very young age, my parents pushed religion on me. I'm probably not alone in that background. I thought it was pretty entertaining, but it never seemed "real". Looking back, I think I was drawn to all the magical parts of the bible. Parting seas, a flood covering the Earth, burning bushes, talking snakes, and people turning into salt. Wow! I had an uncle who was dying of lung cancer right when I first learned to read. I had to sit in the hospital waiting room for hours on end. There were very few books for kids there. "Stories From the Bible". It had great illustrations and I had practically memorized them after four weeks. That whole deal with Noah's Ark was fascinating. Imagine being on a boat with every animal ever. I had so many questions: What about every bug? What about the animals who only ate other animals? I was such a sucker for the magical things that might possibly happen at any time. It probably didn't help that I was watching "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeanie" every day after school. Those shows taught me that the supernatural was ordinary and very common. One year, I actually spent a whole Summer looking for a genie bottle. It wasn't until I was in second grade that I changed obsessions. Science was my new religion. I was flabbergasted by the fact that plants gave us air to breathe and that Godzilla-looking creatures once walked the Earth really and were for real. It was the concept of the solar system that really blew my mind. It was almost impossible to imagine other worlds with nobody living on them -- then why were they even there? And Jupiter had a whole bunch of moons and there was nobody living there to even see them in the night sky? Made now sense. Mystery and magic were up there somewhere. I remember sitting on our sofa at home and reading aloud from my science book. "Pluto is even colder than Alaska. All the time. Can you imagine that??" Mom was ironing and watching one of her soap operas. She didn't respond. Both parents were good at tuning me out, and I was used to it. Saturn was my favorite planet. It seemed like you could just walk on the rings, even though I knew from science that they were made of dust and rocks. You couldn't really even stand on the rings. Dang! A few years later, our teacher Mr. Nielman told us about an eclipse coming this April. ON my birthday! It was't going to be a full eclipse. Only people living somewhere interesting would see the complete one. We learned about it for weeks. Mr Nielman must have thought we were dumb because his quizzes were so easy and he kept trying to explain what an eclipse was over and over again. Who didn't get it by now? The moon moved between the sun and the Earth for a few minutes. That was it. And we wouldn't even get to see the complete one....just a glimpse of a corner of the sun disappearing. I wished so bad that we could see a total eclipse...because it seemed like magic in a way. Maybe a whole new world would open up in the sky. Fantastical winged creatures would swoop down and we could ride them above the clouds. Science and magic would come together at last! We were told over and over again we mustn't look at the sun during this event. Who didn't know that already? For art class, we made these dumb little cardboard boxes where you could see the eclipse. I wanted mine to be perfect. I really put effort into it, even though I knew I'd be tempted to look at the magic with my naked eyes. Would I go blind? Nope. It rained heavily on the big day. Bummer. I wasn't too sad because it was still my birthday after all. I got some books and colored markers and a big sheet of blank paper to draw on. I got birthday cards from a few relatives, but who even cares about getting dumb greeting cards? (not so long ago) I got older and stayed interested in science and the universe. I didn't end up getting a degree in anything scientific because that would require some knowledge of math. Math...ugh. Numbers made no sense to me. Still don't. It takes me too much time to figure out how much to tip a waitress. My brain didn't work that way. I got an art degree and was doing a lot of freelance cartooning for magazines and had built up some good business online. Things were fine, professionally. Socially, though, I was as stunted as you'd imagine a guy look me would be. I knew a few of my neighbors and talked to people online. I had a few "fans" from my computer stuff and my blog. We chatted and exchanged pleasantries. There was one guy who emailed me all the time. He even sent photos of himself. Not bad-looking at all. He had reddish-blonde hair and a full beard. He seemed close to my age and obviously really into fitness. He kept asking for my cell number, but I blew him off. He lived two states away and maybe he would be disappointed in my voice or how I talked or something. I always felt inferior .. for years. Lo and behold, there was going to be a visible eclipse in my stupid city. 100%! It was in the news for the whole Summer. We were in "the path of total coverage". Maybe I'd get to see a magic world after all. The kid in me had shrunk to almost nothing because I worried about traffic coming in and strangers standing in the street. I more or less just wanted it over with. It was like The Super Bowl was coming to town. Another chat request from Jeff: "Hi!! What's up? It's Jeff. How have you been? Did you know there's going to be a total eclipse of the sun in your area?" "God, yes. It's all we hear about. I used to be into stuff like this. It's going to be a headache." "Well...I want to come there for a visit. Can I stay with you one night? All the hotels are booked. I want to see it, and I even bought the special glasses." "I guess. You better not be a serial killer. LOL" "I promise I'm not. Did I tell you how much I liked your comic about Arnold's first time seeing 'Rocky Horror'? It felt like I was reading a page out of my life. How do you do that?" "Thanks. I was proud of that one." "I'll see you a week from today. Are you still on Juniper Street?" "Um..yeah. How did you know my street?" pause "I guess you told me...or I found it with Google." "Oh okay. It starts at noon. Will you make it by then?" "Sure. I'll leave at two in the morning and be there in plenty of time. If I can spend the night at your place, I'll leave the very next morning." "Sounds good. My cell is --- -----" "I can't wait!" What a mix of feelings I had. Was this smart? Why did I say 'yes' so fast? Did he like me in a different kind of way? Why did I post that very personal comic. I'd insinuated before that the Arnold character was me. And he was gay. I sometimes shared too much. For the next few days, Jeff sent me tons of emails with pics attached. Lots of his face and upper torso. Was he nude?? And also his dog....a lovable mutt. He also sent a photo of him standing by his car. He was a tall guy. Big and husky. His notes always had smiling faces with them. And then kissing faces....and hearts. I hesitated to reply to those emails. What was on his mind? And then he sent me a nude shot of himself. Damn! He was muscular and had a very impressive penis. What? Seriously? Then he sent a close-up of his hard dick. What have I done? He was sending me things that straight guys send to their girlfriends. I didn't even know him. His note: "I can hardly wait to meet you. I hope these pics are not offensive. I just feel like I know you so well. I love you already and have for awhile. If you are freaked out by that -- I can't help it. I'm an honest guy." He was. I knew it somehow. I spent that night in bed, thinking about the photos. Those strong legs...the hard penis... The day of the eclipse arrived and I had barely slept a wink. He'd here before noon. I was a neat person, but I worried about first impressions too much. What if he immediately changed his mind when he got here? My mind kept playing tricks on me... I heard cars pull up that weren't there. I swore I saw the sky getting dimmer, but it hadn't yet. About 12:15, a very real car pulled into my driveway. The doorbell rang. A very sweat-soaked Jeff came in. "Sorry I'm late. Traffic is unbelievable...and my air conditioner broke halfway here. I'm a mess. I'd ask to use your shower, but it's almost zero hour." "Do you want to go somewhere to watch." "No time...and the traffic is a mess. I didn't know you had so many trees around here. We won't see much from your porch. Any clear sky close to here?" "Yeah...let's go out back." There was an empty lot behind my backyard. I passed it almost daily. They were going to build an "urgent care" clinic there. All the trees were gone and there was just gravel and openness. "It's starting. Don't look at it!" The sky was looking different. More purple. No clouds. It took everything I had not to glance into the sun. I was so tempted! "I have my glasses. Put them on because I know you want to look up." They were a little damp from his sweaty body. So dark. It was like wearing a blindfold almost. Then I saw a gray circle with what looked like a bite being taken out of faintly glowing cookie. Cool! It could end now and I'd be satisfied. This is more than I'd ever expected as a kid. So I was fine with Jeff wearing the glasses for a few minutes. As he gazed into the sky, I snuck a few glances at his body. He was wearing shorts, flip-flops and a random t-shirt that had a lot of dampness in the armpits. Poor guy. He'd earned this. The light was still changing. Birds were alarmed and very quiet. I told Jeff about how I used to believe a total eclipse would be like a hole for another world to enter through. I'd expected something special and life-changing. But no. "You should make a comic about that. You are so good with words...and your drawings. Oh shit! It's almost halfway now. Here...look!" "No. You keep watching. You went to a lot of trouble to see this I'm happy just being with you as you enjoy this." He stared up and also grabbed my hand. It felt like the most natural thing in the world when he did it. His sweaty big paw was just so over-sized and strong. I thought my knees would buckle as we stayed like that for four or five minutes. The sky changed from light purple to a slow dark gray. Crickets and frogs began to sing. "It's half there...LOOK!" I did. The window to another world was opening. I'd seen more than I thought I ever would. I was about to hand the glasses back to Jeff. "No. Keep looking. I need to tell you something. Don't take the glasses off. I have AIDS. None of the medications work on me. I've been so alone since finding that out. Like a monk. But that's when I found your cartoons online and saw your profile pic. I shamelessly searched the whole internet for more info about you. You've been my pretend boyfriend for over a year. But now you're here and real. I've been wanting to love you for so long. You can tell me to go right now and I will." "Stay, Jeff. It's almost time." The streetlights blinked on. It was dusk at 1 PM. Jeff glanced up at the event as I rubbed his forearm. I was probably in love with him now. He smelled like my sexiest dreams. Sundown was coming in the middle of the day. Dogs were barking from all directions. I wondered about that dog of Jeff's. Did he put him in a kennel or get a pet-sitter? What did the animals think was happening right now? They had internal clocks and this was probably very scary for them. Speaking of scary... AIDS. I knew a lot about it. But I don't think I'd ever met anybody with the virus. I assumed medicine had advanced far enough that it wasn't killing people anymore. I knew what the bug did, but I never considered the actual human part of it. I guess I had to now. There was a sexy big man standing inches away from me who had it inside of him. It was a strain that resisted all the new drugs. But he said he loved me. I pretty much put my whole life online with my cartoons and my blog. Jeff knew almost everything about him, and all I knew was what his dick looked like. "Be smart", I told myself. "Oh, WOW! It's almost total now! Here, look" The eclipse had been an afterthought now. A security light on the construction site came on. We were exposed. I looked up and there it was. A full and complete eclipse. The door was open now. A hole in reality. Maybe the bible was real and this would be the end of the world. Plagues would come and the dead would rise. "It's like something from a science fiction movie! I'm impressed as fuck!" "Cool, isn't it? I thought it looked like an album cover. Ever hear that song 'Black Hole Sun'?" "Great song. Here...you take the glasses now, Jeff." He looked for a few minutes longer. And I studied his body some more. I could tell he was getting hard. When I reached to hold his hand again, he guided my hand down to his groin. I was glad. I wouldn't have dared do that on my own. A big, hard dick with HIV in it. "It's past completion now. Wow. What a rush." "That light is bugging me now. Let's go sit in your backyard and sit for a little. I bet you'll get a good tan from this. You needed it." As we walked back, the sky got slightly brighter. Like pre-dawn. We sat at the wooden picnic table that had been here since I bought the house. It needed some paint, but I seldom felt the need to picnic. "This is a nice backyard. I can't believe how huge the trees are here. Hold on...I'll be right back." Jeff walked in my backdoor and then came back with his laptop bag. "Your house smells nice. Do you burn incense?" "Sage. The smell of it always gives me ideas." I was afraid he wanted to do something on the internet right now, but he just searched through the bag and found a joint. It didn't shock me or anything. I smoked pretty regularly. There was a teen in my neighborhood who was selling weed instead of getting a Summer job. We blew out our clouds and chatted randomly. The thing about weed is that I usually think too much. Alcohol is a social drug, but weed is not. I looked around at the changing light and weird shadows. I guess the new world hadn't come through after all. I started talking my thoughts out loud.... "I don't know what I was expecting. I thought something major would happen. It's like Christmas, you know? Everybody builds it up for months and then it's over." "You're disappointed? My dad died not all that long ago. He was born in 1937 and never got to see what we just saw." Good point, Jeff." It was. "But what are you thinking about what I told you before? And about us fooling around?" He'd said a lot in a short time. "I think I really like you, Jeff."" I the false morning light, I saw his face nearly crack in half with a smile. "But I'm poz. Does that scare you?" "Maybe a little. I've never met anybody who had it." "Never? I figured you probably spent too much time inside, drawing and writing. What about when I told you I was in love with you?" He'd kicked off one of his flip-flops and rested his big bare foot on my knee. "I can't help it." "My first thought was that it was too soon. I was going to explain how you didn't know me, but I realized everything about me is public...for all to see. Everything I put out there online is personal. I don't have that kind of information about you." He grabbed my hand from across the picnic table. "Feel me. You'll know it all." It was nice to be holding hands, but it didn't tell me much. He was perfect and I had a painful erection. A begging hard-on. The sky started to lighten more. It's almost as if the sun had had a concussion and was just now coming to. Birds resumed singing. It was all so perfect. "Here's what I feel, Jeff. I feel like you're not a stranger, but someone from the new world that opened today. Someone who I feel like I already know." 'Wow. I could listen to you talk all day. Tell me more." "I also feel like I don't want you leave in the morning. I want you to stay longer, but you've got a dog who probably misses you." "Bo? He's staying with my mom and she spoils him like you wouldn't believe. I can stay for a few more days, but I doubt I'll be able to leave you here." "I could listen to your voice all day too." "Well, listen now. We're going inside and we're going to make love. I'm pretty much past the point of turning back now." "I am too. Let's go." Jeff left his flips underneath the picnic table and I wonder if he knew how much I liked his feet. I'd massaged his sole as we talked. Once inside, I turned the AC up a little higher. With company, I usually fussed with throw pillows or tried to find some nice background music. Now, however, I felt primal. I just wanted this man. Badly. "Is it alright if I get a glass of water? I think I've sweated about ten gallons of liquid out of me." "I'll get it for you." I went to the kitchen and got a glass from the cabinet. I turned around to ask if he wanted ice, but he was right behind me. He'd taken off his sweaty t-shirt and exposed his toned hairy torso. He didn't look sick at all. "Oh hi. Did you want some ice? I've got Diet Pepsi too. Or a beer?" His eyes were the color of wheat. And he smelled like August felt. "I'll take a beer." I watched him gulp it down in thirty seconds. "Ah. That's better. I'll have another one if you've got it." " I do. I'm always prepared for guests." "Great.But you have to have one with me. And I'm not a 'guest'... I'm your other half." So we sat on kitchen stools and drank our beers. I knew from very limited experience, that alcohol made me horny....but I was beyond horny. I couldn't even see 'horny' in the rear-view mirror. I had barely finished my third sip when Jeff crushed his can and let it drop to the floor...like he was at a campground or something. Huh? It was rude and I almost pointed out the trashcan next to him.. "You're a very good host, but the politeness has to end. I'm in charge now, and we're going to kiss." And he bent down and took my chin in one hand. Our mouths touched and it was the softest, most erotic kiss I could ever imagine. But that changed. He was practically devouring my face. Almost violently. I knew the hunger he had because I felt it too. And while I knew it was almost impossible to get HIV from kissing, damned if I didn't want it now! He held me in sweaty, hairy bear hug and squeezed the oxygen out of me. He moved his mouth to my right ear and groaned a few words. I didn't even care what they were. He pulled away and looked at me. "Well?" "Well what?" "I just told you to suck me and you're still just standing there." "Oh...sorry. I didn't underst -" He forced me to my knees. Right there in my own kitchen. I could do this. I wanted to do this. I pulled his cotton shorts down and was looking at his big, hard penis. The pink head was right at eye level and I could see the gaping pee hole clearly. Talk about a hole to another world! "It's OK. Go ahead and just kiss it right now." I could have just put my lips on the head, but I took as much of his dick in my mouth as I thought I could handle. He tasted just like he smelled. It was something I felt born to do. I was meant to suck this man's cock and like it. He was maybe a little impatient, and thrust too far down past my tongue. I thought I'd throw up. He read me and eased up a little. "Oh man! You are a natural! I am too close to stop...gonna cum in your mouth. SHIT! Get ready!" I wanted that more than anything in the world. Before I had any time to think more, a gush of hot, milky fluid spilled between my lips. I couldn't compare the taste to anything. I grabbed his bare ass, held him close and drank greedily. It was done. I had just sucked a dick. I'd been marked and branded by this man. He stepped back and helped me up. "Wow. That was...that was great, Jeff. Thanks." "Did you just thank me for cumming in your mouth? Cut the politeness shit. Now. Take me to your bed." We were nude and walking into my bedroom. I'd made up the spare for him, but I wanted him to sleep with me now. My bed was made and the room was clean. Jeff looked around and said, "Open the blinds a little. I need to piss. You want to watch?" I did. But...But why? I should only open the blinds a little. My street was popular with joggers and kids on bikes and... "Why are you so slow? You want me to pee on your carpet or something? Get up and show me where the bathroom is." I hurried and opened the door, flicked on the light and he went right to the toilet. He stood and aimed his dick down. The stream was heavy and pretty dark. I knew that being dehydrated did that to your urine. "You like that. I'll pee in your mouth some day. And on your face." "Yeah. I want you to do that." "Not now. Leave me be for a minute. Get in bed and relax. GO!" I did. I wanted to feel him next to me. I had a complete hard-on, but hadn't thought to take a few seconds to give myself relief. It was all about Jeff now. I heard the shower go on. He was cleaning himself. Damn. He was washing all that wonderful sweat away! If he used my soap, he'd smell just like me. Like Dial Sports Scent. Damn. He walked into my bedroom wiping himself with a towel. "Your shower is nice. Good water pressure." "Why did you wash up? You were fine as you were." "Shut up for now, okay? I just came...and it'll take a little while to get it back and ready. We're going to do some things. You didn't jack off, did you?" "No. I didn't." "Good. It would hurt my feelings if you had." He scooted under the sheets with me and wrapped a deodorized arm around me. I couldn't pout at this point. He would hate that. He said we'd do some "things". Like what? Fuck? Actual gay butt sex? As his body dried and got warmer, Jeff started to smell like Jeff again. Nice. "I'm going to lay back now while you suck my dick. Get it hard. Don't forget my balls." I got up and moved between his legs. This was a little more effort than it was before. My neck ached a bit, but I wanted to please this man. It got heavier and thicker in my mouth. I could do this every day and not get tired of it! "Lick my balls, man." I did. They were hairy and loose. I awkwardly tried to lick every part of them, but he was pushing the top of my head down. He wanted the very back of his sack attended to, I guess. Then I somehow figured out he wanted his anus licked. Another hole to a new world. He knew that I knew what he wanted and lifted his legs up over me. I dove right in and tongued his butt like I'd done it a hundred times before.It didn't smell or taste like poo. It was hot down there. It tasted hot. I was glad he didn't want to do this to me -- I don't think I would like it. His full boner was bouncing off the top of my head. "You amaze me...and you put in the work. I'll let you lie back now. I'll do some things." It felt good to lie flat on my back. I breathed out. It was a regular afternoon outside. The secret other world had closed but left this perfect man in my bed. Jeff was checking out the ceiling. Oh God...what was he planning? I was a little afraid...especially when he stood on the mattress and reached up to steady himself by keeping his fingers on on the stucco. "I know you like my feet for some reason. They're big and gross, but this is for you." A foot came down on my face. His fat sole was pressed over my mouth and nose. I should like this, right? I tried, but it felt a little like abuse. I could never tell him that. He was lifting my legs up and positioning his super hard erection between my two feet. He held them together and masturbated himself between my two smooth soles. I was glad I took care of them. I used a pumice stone on the bottoms every time I showered. I'd never seen this in a porn video before (and I'd seen more than a few). He was working his hips into a frenzy. "I can tell you think this is weird. Just give me a minute. Suck my toes." I did. He maybe needed to trim the nails a little, but this is the man I loved. His big toes were like candy to me. He stopped. Did he cum again? No. I would have felt it rain down on me. "OK. This is it. I'm going to fuck your little ass now. I brought lube with me, but it's in my bag which I left out back. I'll use spit. That'll help." He spit in his hand and rubbed that glorious prick. "Grab your ankles and fold your knees as tight as you can. Relax your stomach muscles as much as you can. Don't be tense." I did as told. It wasn't exactly easy. But this is what gays did. I thought about the things Jeff had done when some man infected him. I was ready. Or so I thought. That dick just kept hurting me as it tried going into me. No. I could go back to the other things, but this didn't feel good at all. Forget it. Next lifetime, maybe. "Damn! You need to help out here. Let me in. Open that shit up a little..." I wanted to. I wanted this. But it wouldn't happen now. Maybe if there lube or something or m --- AHHHGGGG! He drove his giant dick right into me. It was not a pleasure at all. I should have never answered the door when he arrived. GODDAMN! Why did gay men ever do this?? HOW? "I'm all the way in...right up to my balls. I'll go slow. Please stop crying. That makes me feel bad. It'll get better soon. Let it get better." He just kept pumping. I felt his weight was giving him power. His muscular hips were doing what his hormones made him do. I was participating volunteering. It felt almost nice for a few seconds. "Good boy. You are getting me in you so fucking deep now. Look at me." I tried. He was a little blurry through the tears in my eyes, but I saw his loving expression, He wasn't doing anything I didn't secretly want. A heavenly shudder shook me. "Yeah. There you go. I;m going to cum. You already did. Did you notice? It smells good. Here is mine....again...it's going in..it's..SHIT! I just came in you." He let me relax my legs at last. Would I feel the virus go though me? How long before I'd be sick? Jeff settled down next to me. "You OK?" "I'm cool. So it's early. Want to nap for a while and I'll make dinner later?" "YES. Let me go call Mom and tell her I'll be coming home a few days later than planned. We're going to do all this again several more times. OK?" "Go call and tell her "hi" from me." I never got rid of Jeff after that day. He stayed for a week and then a month. We made one trip to get Bo and some of his stuff. He asked me to marry him when we stopped for gas on I-70. He already a ring in his pocket. I said "yes" right away. Bo is in my backyard and Jeff is always next to me. At all times. I'm poz now, but we're both healthy. I got my own magical creature from that time when the sky opened. I hoped everyone was a s lucky as me.
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    Very dead weekend, but always is just before the students start moving into town. Hooked up with a few regular friends Friday and Saturday to swap loads. Hopefully next weekend will find a lot of fresh college boi ass ready for breeding.
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    Fortunately I didn't have to wait long. A couple days after my anniversary with my boyfriend (when I'd let him bathe his uncovered cock in Jaime's cum without telling him), Simon said he was free and wanted to "fuck that cheatin' ass" again. I told my friends I wasn't feeling well, and practically ran over to Simon's place that night. I walked into his apartment like he said, and I found him naked on his bed, playing with his hard cock. I wanted to jump on him right then and there. He looked over at me with a mischievous smirk. "Been a while," he said. I nodded, happy to see him again. The last time he'd fucked me had been three weeks ago, the night he'd told me about his plan to get Jaime to come over and give up his cherry, which is just what happened a week later. Jaime and my boyfriend had both fucked me since then, but it wasn't the same as getting fucked by Simon. I wanted him inside me immediately. But as usual, he wasn't going to let me have it that easily. As I was choking on his cock, he told me, "I know you want this dick in you, boy…." He fucked my throat really hard then, making a point. "….But first you gotta take care of my friends." Friends? Fuck, how many dicks did I have to take before he would just fuck me again? I didn't want anyone else, I wanted him. But he always liked to push my boundaries and see what he could get me to do, so I guess I wasn't really surprised. He pulled me off his cock. "Put this blindfold on," he told me. I didn't even argue. The faster I got his "friends" out of the way, the sooner he'd be inside me again. I put the blindfold on. "Good boy," he said, rubbing the side of my face with tenderness that surprised me. "I trained you good, didn't I? You'll do anything for this fuckin' dick, won't you, bitch boy? So fuckin' hot." Then he took his hand away from my face, got up, and left. A couple seconds later, I heard some people come into the room, but I had no idea who they were, or how many. One of them rubbed my ass, and another one put his cock in my mouth, and I started sucking him. As I worked on his cock, the guy behind me buried his face in my ass and started eating me out, very tentatively at first, then with more confidence. Pretty soon he was slapping my ass, then he was lining his cock up and pushing into me. When he was all the way inside me and lying down on top of me, I finally recognized him as Jaime, the kid from across the street. This was the third time in two weeks he was sticking his cock in me, bareback again. I wondered if he was hooking up with anyone else, besides me and Simon. Jaime got into a nice rhythm and started breathing into my ear as I swallowed the cock in front of me. After a while, someone pushed my head to the side, and then Jaime was sucking on the cock, while he was fucking me. Jaime was really turning into a little slut, it looked like. I'm sure Simon was proud of his work. After a few minutes of the two of us sucking the stranger's cock, Jaime started to moan really loud and fuck me harder, and I knew he was close. Then, as Jaime started cumming inside me, I heard Simon's voice, "That's right, boy, give him your fuckin' load again, make him get used to takin' cum, don't even ask, just shoot your fuckin' load inside of him, make him take it." Jaime pulled out, and the guy in front of me moved around behind me and pushed inside my cummy hole. Then after a few seconds, I finally recognized the mystery fucker as Simon's roommate, who'd fucked me plenty of times before. And even though he'd pumped his cum into me every time, I still didn't know what he looked like. Once the roommate had gotten started, I let my head rest on the bed, thinking that these were the "friends" Simon was talking about, and that there were no more (which both relieved and disappointed me). But then I felt someone lift my head up, and then there was yet another cock being shoved down my throat. It wasn't Simon's, Jaime's, or the roommate's, and it definitely wasn't my boyfriend's. That meant whoever this guy was, he really was a stranger, making him the third random guy Simon was pimping me out to. These are the thoughts I was having, as the roommate gave me his load, and the stranger moved around and forced his cock inside me. This was the third guy in about 15 minutes to stick his raw cock inside me, and somehow it felt totally…natural, like this is what I was supposed to be doing. My hole was totally sloppy with cum now, and there was a complete stranger inside me who only Simon knew, but I wasn't scared or nervous anymore, I was actually starting to like it. God, what was Simon doing to me? The stranger fucking me was being really passionate and kissing my neck and my back, like he'd never fucked an ass before. He was whispering things in my ear, like, "Oh, this is better than I thought," and, "Oh, you're so wet," and, "I've never done this with my wife before." He kept gasping and moaning, and it was actually a big turn-on to be appreciated like that, and to make someone feel so good. Before long, the stranger was gasping and panting in my ear, and then I felt him shove into me really hard and hold it there, and I knew I was getting my third load of the night. The three guys left, I took the blindfold off, and then finally Simon let me sit on his fucking cock. I bounced up and down with a big smile on my face, and Simon put his hands behind his head and let me do all the work. He looked up at me with a big grin as he felt all the cum inside me. After just a few minutes of that, Simon grabbed me and roughly flipped me onto my back to fuck me. But this time, instead of just pounding me into the mattress like he usually did, he was very slow and gentle. He moved in so close to my face that our noses touched, and I thought he was going to kiss me. He moaned softly and his eyes glazed over as he slowly fucked in and out of my wet, sloppy hole. "You have no fuckin' idea how good you feel, baby," he said to me. "You have so much fuckin' cum inside you right now. It was so hot seein' you give it up for my friends like that. You were such a good lil' boy." And I realized then that I would do anything to hear Simon talk to me the way he was talking to me right now. This is what I wanted -- to make Simon happy, to have him inside of me. "You ready for my load now?" Simon asked me before long. I nodded emphatically. "Yes, please, Simon, I need it, I've been waiting so long, please, I can't wait any longer, give it to me!" "You want me to pull out?" he asked, teasing me. "No!" I practically shouted at him. "Don't pull out, I need you inside me, I wanna make you feel good, make me yours, Simon, please, cum inside me, give it to me!" "Good fuckin' boy," he said with a big smile, and he started pounding me harder, fucking all the cum into me, making loud sloshing noises. He started grunting and groaning, then he leaned in next to my ear, grabbed me tight, and started shooting his load inside me. Finally, I thought, this is what I'd wanted so bad, this is what I needed. I didn't care about anything else. Now I was complete. "Fuck, boy, that was incredible," he said, as he lay down next to me and sighed. "You're learnin' real fast. Takin' a total stranger's dick like that, very nice, boy, very nice." Then he thought for a second, and said, "Well, he might not be a total stranger to you," he said with a chuckle, "but he was to me!" "What??" I asked. I wasn't sure which part was more horrifying -- that Simon had no idea who I'd just let fuck me, or that it might have been someone I knew! "Don't worry, baby doll," he said, pulling me in to cuddle with him, like always. He knew I loved when he did that. "I met him last week, he's a real nice guy, a family guy, you know? He just wants to have a little fun on the side, and I knew you would take care of him. You made him feel so good. Wish you coulda seen the look on his face. You did so great, baby doll, you always do." And then he started to kiss my neck, and I started to forget that Simon had just tricked me into having sex with someone even he didn't know. "You've learned so much," he said, kissing my shoulder now, and sliding his hand down to my cock, "but you have more to learn, and I'm gonna teach you." I didn't know what Simon meant by that. But if it meant I got to keep seeing him, and keep feeling his skin pressed against mine, and keep making him happy, then I was all in.
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    Part XIII After finishing fucking me the two guys got up, thanked me and left the tent. I laid there too exhausted to move and fully satiated as I had ever been in my life. As I rested my mind was still in total turmoil, wondering what the hell I thought I was doing? I still could not, even after 3 days of being fucked silly, figure out why I was doing it. Why was I, never having had a gay thought in my life, all of a sudden just letting these guys fuck me and fill me full of their POZ cum like I was. I have a wife and had never even thought about cheating on her and now I was probably on my way to becoming, what? A poz cum dump or what? I just craved more and more for some reason. It felt so wonderful while it was happening but after, I was just in shock about it. I was laying there trying to figure out what the hell I needed to do now, when my bud came back in. He was followed by about 5 others and all had raging hardons. He just walked up to the table grabbed my ankles, climbed on the table, lifted my legs up and pile drove his cock into me without a word. In about 15 minutes he told me he was cumming again and then as he got up the others took me, also, one after another, with the final two grabbing me and both ramming their cocks in my now wide open hole at the same time and DPing me till they had cum also. I couldn't seem to stop and wanted more and more and soon more guys entered. By the time they were done I probably had two dozen loads in my hole at least. I finally sat up and could feel the cum running out of my sloppy, open hole. I put my hand down there and scooped some up and could see streaks of pin in it, so I knew I was torn up some, and I didn't seem to care and lapped it off of my fingers hungrily.
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    Was able to get the next chapter finished. Thanks, all of you who commented, and as always, please feel free to give me feedback. If you want to see something in here, let me know, and I'll do my best to work it in. And in appreciation of all of you who made it through the ordeal that was part three, I give you part 4. Also, if anyone is fluent in Spanish and notices any mistakes on my translations, let me know so I can fix them. -- PART 4: A WARM WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD Bent over, I waited for the uncut cock attached to the guy behind me to enter my ass. I had to have been a sight to see. A short, blond guy in his mid-20s, short, well-kept hair, swimmer’s build, naked from the waist down bent over a small bench, waiting expectantly for a hot Latino to shove a dripping uncut cock deep up his ass raw. The very thought made my cock drip as I felt the guy trying to get access to my hole. Frustrated, he kept pressing harder and harder against my hole, which refused to give up under his assault. He pulled out the bottle of poppers, opened them up and handed them to me. “Keep breathing those in puta (whore),” he muttered, shoving two fingers up my hole, making me gasp in pain and shock, “You need to take my bicho (dick).” I nodded, immediately sniffing the liquid, its effects hitting immediately as my hole relaxed to the stretching the hot guy behind me was doing. I took a quick look back at him, watching as with a slight nod of his head, he pulled his fingers out. With a quick push, he slammed his cock deep into my guts, making me yell out in both pleasure and pain. Fully sheathed within my ass, he held me for a second, waiting for me to adjust to his cock before he licked up the side of my neck. Satisfied that I was ready for more, he reached under my shirt and pinched my nipples as he bit on my left earlobe. This immediately caused my ass to clamp down on his cock, making him hiss in pleasure. Reaching back down, he grabbed my hips, and whispered into my ear, “Follemos, cochino. (Let's fuck, pig.)” With those words uttered, he started slamming my hole like a jack hammer, causing me to cry out again as he began his assault on my ass. The pain was like nothing I had ever felt. Gritting my teeth, I rode it out, using one arm to prop myself up on the bench, and the other stroking my throbbing cock. Slowly, the intense pain in my ass slowly gave way to pleasure with each passing stroke. I could feel each stroke slamming against my prostate, sending pleasure down into my balls and up through my aching cock. I had never been fucked like this before, but I was loving every minute. Above me, the hot Latino muttered words under his breath in Spanish. I only caught bits and pieces, such as ‘quieres sue me venga (do you want my cum),’ ‘a huevo (fucking sweet),’ and ‘pajarito (faggot).’ Sadly, I didn’t know what any of these meant, but they way he said them told me that had to be dirty and hot. We continued fucking at his fast pace for a long time, my tight hole stretching further and further before a slight squelching sound hit my ears. ‘This guy is turning my ass into a fuck hole’ I thought to myself. The idea made me even harder, causing me to drip even more precum. After the onslaught on my ass, I knew I would be shooting a huge load quickly up his ass. Quickly enough, I noticed his strokes becoming more and more irregular. Sensing he was close, I clamped down on his cock, recalling how much Jackson had liked it. “A huevo, puta! (Fuck yeah, whore)” he yelled out, slamming even harder into my ass, “Me voy a venir! (I'm going to cum)” Even with my limited knowledge of Spanish, I knew it likely meant he was going to come in my hole. I continued the motion with my ass, trying desperately to milk his cock. With one final, hard slam, I felt his cock start to throb as he yell out loud. “Me vengo, cabroń (I'm cumming, fucker)! Me pinche corro en tu nalga (I'm fucking cumming in your ass). Y sin forro, joto! (And without a condom, faggot!),” he yelled out, feeling my ass milk his cock for all it was worth, as he weakly kept slamming my ass before finally stopping. We both stood there in silence for a few minutes, sweat pouring from our faces as our hearts raced. Finally, I felt him pull slowly out of my ass, a hiss escaping both our lips and we both stood up and kissed. Breaking apart, I knelt down, taking his softening cock into my mouth, sucking the remnants of ass and cum off, making him involuntarily push my head off. “Damn, Papi (baby),” he gasped, a grin spreading on his face, “Too sensitive.” With that, he grabbed my shoulder, pulling me back up before taking my hard, hot, and throbbing cock into his hand giving it a few tugs. Leaning in, his kissed my neck, grabbing slightly on the back of my head to pull me closer. “What’s your name, baby?” he asked, giving slight kisses down my neck, his hand slowly moving down to my balls, giving them a slight tug. “Jake. You?” I replied, lust making my voice deepen. “Mateo,” he replied, letting go of my balls and stepping away slowly, his fingers rubbing in his ass before he bent over slowly, holding his cheeks apart to showing me. “Your turn, papí,” he said, looking back at my through his legs, “Fill my nalga (ass) with your hot load.” I let out a loud gulp before reaching beside me to the lube dispenser, coating my bare cock before rubbing the remaining lube onto his hole. Slowly I pressed against his ass, relishing as it quickly swallowed my cock halfway to the hilt, making Mateo groan before me. I stopped suddenly, worried I was moving too fast. “You ok?” I asked, inadvertently pulling out slightly. “Coño (Fuck) man!” he said as suddenly pushed his ass the rest of the way, making me groan in return, “Give me that piece of meat! This puta (whore) needs it bad.” I sat for a minute deep in his hole as I felt it adjust to my sudden intrusion. The wet tight heat wrapped seductively around my hole, slicker that I would have expected. “Fuck,” I muttered, “You’re so wet!” “Yeah man,” he said, reaching down and stroking his slowly re-hardening cock, “Been taking loads all day. Probably six or seven in there.” With those words, I felt my dick throb. Jesus, I thought to myself, shocked yet somehow turned on by those words. Here I was, balls deep in a stranger who had just cum up my ass, and he’s now telling me he has several random loads in his ass. With that though, I smiled and slowly started pumping in and out of Mateo, enjoying the feeling of stranger’s cum sliding around my meat. This continued for a few minutes when I heard the door suddenly open. “Shit!” I said, stopping suddenly as whoever had just entered closed the door. I went to pull out of Mateo when I felt a pair of hands grab my ass, one of the fingers probing into my well-fucked hole before smacking my ass with a loud pop, causing me to jump and nearly cum right there. “Damn,” the voice said, sounding extremely familiar, “didn’t expect you a hot piece of ass like you to take to this place so quickly!” Looking over my shoulder, I instantly recognized the man behind me to be the skinhead attendant from people. “Feels like my boy Mateo here already got the first dibs on breaking in your hole,” he continued, pulling his finger out and sticking it in his mouth, “Fuck! Nice tasting hole too!” I watched as the skinhead made his way in front of me, unbuttoning his pants and pulling his shirt off before standing in front of Mateo. “Fuck ya.. 'Sup Kyle,” the Latino grunted, as I started fucking him again. “Shut the fuck up slut,” Kyle muttered, as he pulled his pants off. I stared in awe as Kyle revealed his cock. Like his face and ears, the 9-inch cut cock before me glistened with multiple piercings. A large PA stuck out of the tip of his cock, with an ampallang bisecting the head. Multiple piercings bisected his urethra before ending further down into another piercing, which I now know as a lorum. He also had several scrotal piercings. I stared down at his glittering groin as I continued to slowly watch in stroke himself a few time, before finally stuffing it into the Latin’s open mouth. I watch as the hot Latin guy below me was stuffed on each end, gagging on the skinhead’s meat while I plugged away at his hole. Suddenly, I found myself getting close to orgasming, when I felt Mateo grab my balls and squeeze them roughly. “Fuck!” I yelped, immediately feeling my building orgasm disappear. I watched as Mateo slowly pulled his mouth off Kyle before he smiled up at him. “I loosened him up for you,” Mateo said, an evil grin on his face. Raising his eyebrows, Kyle turned to me, gripping his pierced cock at me. “Well boy,” drawled out, stroking his meat with the copious amounts of saliva from Mateo’s mouth, “I do think a thank you is in order. I did, after all, let you in here for free. And it appears you let the money run out on your monitor. Very bad form.” Looking over at the monitor, I saw that it had in fact run out of time. Looking back at him, he continued. “Honestly, company policy is that we’re supposed to kick both of you out,” he continued, grabbing the back of my head and pulled my hair, causing my head to arch back, “But you see, Mateo and I go way back. So I’d have to just kick you out.” He pulled his face close to mine as I opened my mouth in a slight wince. He smacked my ass, even harder than before causing my mouth to open further in pain, and without hesitation, shoved his warm wet tongue deep in my mouth. Releasing my mouth, he looked deep into my eyes. “I could look the other way if you let me sample that prime boy pussy of yours. I’d wager it’s never had a nice thick piece of pierced meat inside it. And hell, I’ve been dying to feel my cock inside you the second I saw you walk up to me. So what do you say? Let me drop a nice load in that freshly fucked twat?” I stared at him as he pulled away from my face, staring at me with an evil look in his eyes. My mind raced at the thought of taking a second cock in my hole. The idea made me horny, but I still felt myself hesitate. I stopped fucking Mateo as my brain went through its mental gymnastics. “No?” he asked mockingly, stepping back further. He reached into his pocket and pulled out something long and dark from his pocket. I realized with a start that he had pulled a cigar, sticking it in his mouth before proceeded to pull out a lighter from his other pocket, expertly lighting it. That was what did it for me. Something clicked inside my mind as everything hit me. Being balls deep and completely raw in a hot Latino guy who minutes before had come inside my ass after a hard pounding, and now a hot skinhead smoking a thick cigar talking about sampling my hole. It was taboo. It was risky. It was SO. FUCKING. HOT. Immediately, I started nodding, excitement causing my previously tight ass to pucker. Kyle drew deeply before he pulled the cigar out of his mouth, blowing it directly into my face. “Good choice bitch,” He said, immediately walking behind me smacking my ass several times. I felt him pull my asscheeks apart, lightly rubbing his PA across my hole. I was surprised at how warm the metal felt until I felt him pushing into my newly wrecked hole. With no effort, he worked himself deep inside me, the different piercings adding extra pleasure to my hole. “Fuck,” I blurted out, feeling the metal continually pounding into my swollen, well-fucked prostate, “That feels so good.” “Always aim to please fucker,” Kyle replied, puffing away on the cigar as he continued to rape my ass. The three of us continued to fuck, sweat dripping off each other. Mateo, underneath me, was now fisting his cock in time with my strokes into his ass, muttering in Spanish. Every once in a while, he would tighten his hole, which would cause me to slam him harder. This caused Kyle to nearly pull out of my hole, and in turn take an extra long stroke back into my ass. The room took on a haze as the cigar smoke, the glow of the monitor accentuating it. We continued pounding at the others hole, and before long, I felt Mateo start to tighten even more on my weeping cock. “Hostia!” he cried out, his ass giving my cock one final squeeze. “Me vengo (I'm cumming)! Shit! Si, venga papi, vente en mi culo (Yes, cum baby, cum in my ass)!” “What?” I asked, trying desperately to not lose my composure. “He wants you to cum up his ass fucker,” Kyle barked, taking a drag on the cigar and watching as Mateo began shooting all over the floor, “Give him your load and you can get mine injected right up your cumdump! Give him all you got Pig!” I picked up the pace, feeling my balls start to boil, but I just couldn’t get to the point of no return. Then, an idea hit me. I put one hand in the center of the spent Latino’s back and grabbed the bottle of poppers he had been sniffing, taking several hits in each nostril before setting back down. I waited a few seconds, feeling the warm feeling rush through my body, and then, pausing for a second, I stopped fucking Mateo’s hole and reached behind me, pulling the cigar from Kyle’s mouth. I stuck the nearly spent, spit covered cigar butt into my mouth and start smoking the cigar. FUCK! This is what I needed! I thought to myself and started slamming the hole in front of me. Suddenly, I felt the burning sensation deep in my loins, and with one final stroke, shot deep. “HOLY! FUCKING! SHIT!” I yelled as it felt like all my body fluids shot through my piss hole, my balls draining completely of their cum. Shot after shot flowed out of me, shooting deep into Mateo's hole and mixing further with the other loads in his ass. “Fucking hot,” Kyle cheered, watching as I twitched over and over, my orgasm took over my entire body. With one final twitch, I slumped over slightly over Mateo, letting out a deep breath. “My turn piggy,” Kyle said, and with an extra hard slam, I felt his cock begin twitching in my ass. He picked up the pace, a blur in my hole. Kyle moaned as he slammed my hole, and with one final groan, he slowed to a steady slow slam, sliding deeper than he had gone previously, over and over with each shot. I moaned in time with each thrust, feeling the cum jet deep inside me. After about 20 slams into my hole, he finally stopped moving, pulling the now spent cigar from my mouth and tossing it on the floor, crushing it under his foot. We all stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the afterglow of the hot experience that had just transpired. Mateo was the first to move, standing up slightly and pulling my now deflated cock from his ass. Kyle followed suit, and with a soft plop, cum dripping from my wreck hole. My asshole quivered as the air hit my gaping hole as I stood up, a content smile on my face, still panting from the workout. I watched as Mateo reached into his pants, and without warning tossed me his phone. Catching it, I looked down, slightly confused. “Put your number in it dude,” he replied, pulling his clothes back on, “We definitely have to hook up again soon.” Nodding, I put my cell into the phone, adding my name and handed it back to him. With little more than a wave, Mateo left the room, shutting the door behind him. Kyle did the same with his phone, and as we both got dressed he started talking. “So, what do you think?” he asked, picking up the used cigar and throwing it in the trashcan. “Is it always that…” I started to ask, at a loss for words to describe exactly what I felt. “Hot? Dirty? Fucking twisted?” he guessed, pulling his shirt back on, “Not always. Usually, a lot of trolls here looking for a piece of prime boy pussy like yours. Just depends. Fridays and Saturdays are best.” I nodded, making a mental note of everything he was saying as he continued. “Mateo is a regular here, but it's rare to see him top. That boy tends to be a gut busting bottom. Nice to see him giving a load to a hungry hole for once.” “Oh,” I replied, a look of concern on my face thinking back to what he had told me earlier. Seeing my face take on the look of concern, Kyle continued. “Don’t worry. That cumslut works down at the free clinic on Broadway. Also on PrEP, if his profile is to be believed. And I just got tested last week, so no worries from me.” A bit of relief from those words, I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. “So, got a name stranger?” he asked. “Jake,” checking my pockets to make sure I had everything, starting to feel tired as the adrenaline and hormones finally ran their course. “Nice to meet you, or should I say 'meat your hole',” he replied with a chuckle, “Really from around here, or just visiting?” “No, really am from around here. Just moved in next door,” I replied following him out the hall and towards the stairs up to the main part of the bookstore. “Nice! You should really consider getting a membership then!” he said, climbing the stairs before opening the door and holding it for me, “It’s usually $100, but I’ll talk with the owner and see if he’ll give you a deal.” “Thanks,” I said softly, considering the idea. “Well, I’m off and have finals to study for, dude. See you soon?” he asked, nodding at the new attendant in the booth, who then handed him a backpack. “Sure,” I replied, and with a slight flourish of his hand, he waved goodbye. “I’ll text ya soon!” he called behind him and walked out the door. Feeling my exhaustion ebbing at my mind, I walked out the door as well, making the short walk to my building. Looking down at my watch, I realized that it was already 1 am, and I was suddenly thankful that I had the weekend off. The security guard at the front desk looked up from the computer screen and his phone, starting to get up. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my key, and with a slight nod, he sat back down and turned his attention back to the monitor. — A quick ride up the elevator, I dragged myself across the hall as the elevator opened. With my key still in hand, I tapped the card to the door and listened as the door lock whirred and let me in. The door closed automatically behind me, and I grab the knob, turning it back to locked. Slowly, I trudged into my bedroom and stripped off my clothes before pulling back the covers and climbing into bed. The cool air of the room caused goose bumps to break out across my skin, and I pulled the light sheet on top of me. I reached over and shut off the lights before laying back in the extremely comfortable bed. Lying in bed, I let my mind wander to that night's events. Slowly, I ran my fingers slowly down my torso, grabbing my ever slightly hardening cock, still too spent from the earlier festivities, relishing in the slight stickiness from ass juices and strangers cum mixed with my own now dried all over me. I let out a slight laugh and continued to draw my fingers ever lower before lifting my left leg up slightly and shoving a finger into my sloppy, cum-filled hole. I slowly shoved the finger in, loving the slick feeling as it sank in deeply, followed by a second and then a third. After a few minutes of finger fucking myself, I pulled them out and brought my fingers to my nose. I took a deep sniff of them. Fresh cum and ass. My cock twitched slightly, and an evil thought flashed into my mind. Tentatively, I licked the index finger. The flavor of two loads mixed with my ass tasted amazing. I sucked them clean, thinking about what Matt would say if he saw me doing it. I smiled again, and after a second sighed. “Fuck the British twat… he doesn't get a say anymore,” I muttered before turning over, quickly drifted asleep.
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    It all started on Grindr. I was looking for a dominant top to experiment with my submissive side, and found the perfect fit. He was 6'3'', 30 years older than me, with an amazing 9" perfectly proportioned cock, and was looking for submissive boys. He would be able to dominant my 5'3'' 115 frame without breaking a sweat. The first encounter we had was at my place where he wanted to find out if I was submissive enough for him before bringing me to his place. He ordered me to the bedroom and for me to strip down to a jockstrap. as he examined me, he asked what my limits would be and I said that I only play safe, and had never had a raw cock up my hole before. He stated that he preferred to play bare, but would respect my decision (knowing full well what he was going to do in the future with me). He then ordered me onto the bed and my knees as he restrained my wrists behind my back, and my mouth open with a mouth cage. I got rock hard and he said "I can tell you are going to enjoy this" and rubbed on my hard cock. He then stripped down and unveiled his massive cock and started hitting my face with it. I then preceded to worship his amazing cock as he started playing with my ass. He said the first time that he fucks me he wanted me at his place to get the full submissive experience, so we finished off with him shooting his load over my face and setting up a time for our next encounter. Just a couple days later, its time, and he picks me up to take me over to his house. As soon as we get inside, his immediately starts ordering me around; to get naked and lie face down on his four post bed. He immediately starts placing cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and then attaching them to the bed so I am completely restrained. Next he says 'open your mouth' and sticks in a ball gag. The last thing he does is put a leather collar with a lease around my neck. At this point my cock is leaking precum, and i finally realize the role in life i was meant to play; a boytoy for alpha men! He starts to open my hole with some toys, and then grabs a condom from the bedside table. His cock feels absolutely amazing as he starts to slowly go deeper and deeper, as I moan with each thrust. All of a sudden, he puts a blindfold over me, he pulls out, and I feel something get set on my lower back; he had removed the condom. He then goes back to fucking me, now thrusting faster and faster, and it felt even more amazing than before. He grunts, and smacks my ass as I can feel his cock expand as he shoots a load deep in my ass, and then collapses on top of me. As he slowly pulls out, and his cum drips out of my ass he says "Damn that ass looks amazing with my cum coming out of it". Never even bringing up the fact that I had told him I only played safe. I was in such a post fuck daze that I wasn't even thinking about anything but how amazing it felt and that I had found my place. I should have known that getting bred was going to happen in that situation. Maybe in the back of my mind I knew it was going to happen, and that I wanted it to happen. Oh well, it turned me on to barebacking! Was the best sex I had ever had and can't wait to be strapped down to his bed again. Next time he said to expect to be there until he has my ass completely full of cum, and that my ass completely belonged to him now. As he drove me home he firmly placed his hand on the back of my neck and asked what I thought about him finding others to join next time, and I replied "I don't think that is my decision to make sir" to which he replied, "good boy! You are going to be my little slut taking cock I bring you!" wish me luck!
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    I woke up this past Sunday with that craving, that urge to spread my ass and get rough fucked- that need to get bred. I have to say I love raw sex, it’s the only way I can get off and I love the feeling of becoming a receptacle for my tops' cum; just a hole to be filled and used and dumped into. Being a cumdump for me was as natural as riding a bike. Even when I was in a monogamous relationship I would have my boyfriend fuck his load into me in the morning so I could feel it slide out of my boy-ass on the subway reveling in the private piggishness of my thoughts, while morning commuters read their papers on the way to work. I would have that warm jizz absorbing into me for the better part of the morning the way some take caffeine. But this Sunday I got a call from one of my regular clients. I sometimes escort for extra cash. This guy is older but has a huge uncut cock. He never once asked me about my status but also never tried to use a condom. He’s the kind of guy that likes smaller boyish twinks and loves to hear me beg for his load. I’m 24 but I look really young. I still get carded for a pack of smokes every time and this is usually my biggest hook in the escorting business. A young boy that takes loads for money, and will beg you for your seed. He fucked me hard and good and deposited what would be my first load of the day. I lay there with his cum dripping from my ass, recovering from the poppers - while he got showered. Something snapped in me right then and I was so horny I knew I needed to collect some loads. This Sunday would be dedicated to me taking cum in my ass no matter who the guy was. I was so horned thinking about being used my ass twitched and I fingered out some of my client's cum to taste and wet my palate for more. When I left his place I immediately texted a guy who had been wanting to fuck me. We had chatted on a4a and he was a dirty talking poz guy into giving seed to young boys. He got off on mixing strains and having a willing recipient for his toxic load. He was in his mid forties, thin with some musculature but kind of wasted looking in the face. I’ve always loved poz men. Even when I was neg I would fantasize about them plowing their infected loads in my ass while I looked into their wasted faces knowing I was taking their DNA in me forever. I cabbed it over to his place on 30th street. He answered the door naked and wasted no time pushing me to my knees so I could suck his cock. I was barely in his doorway and the door wasn’t even shut completely but I was being face fucked and gagging on his monster tool. He was definitely not as hot as his pictures but his cock was even bigger than I imagined with really pronounced veins I could feel roughing themselves against my tongue and pulsing in my mouth. His entire body was pretty veiny. I was in poz-pig-boy-heaven sucking his cock as furiously as I could. He kept feeding me poppers and would wait until my sucking became more ravenous before dirty-talking me. “Yeah boy, that’s a good boy. That’s a good fucking mouth. Suck daddy’s cock, choke on it yeah! Tell me where you want this cock! Tell me!” He growled at me. I wanted it in my ass deep and hard. “Please daddy put that cock in my ass!” I said between sucks. “You want it boy? You want that poz cock in your ass? Beg me for it!” As he said this he put the bottle of poppers under my nose and I took a huge whiff. My head was reeling and all I wanted was his toxic cock in my ass. I got up and leaned against the wall with my ass jutting out and spread my cheeks so he could see my hole. “Please daddy fuck me with your big poz cock, I need it in me, fuck me now, plow my ass! Infect me daddy!” He came up from behind me and grabbed my arms pinning behind me. He put his mouth close to my ear: “Tell me again, boy. Tell me what you want.” His cock was right at on my hole ready for penetration. “I want your poz-tool, daddy. I want your fucking AIDS in my ass!” With that he shoved in as hard and fast as he could. I yelled out in pain but he took no mercy and ripped my ass open with his nine inch poz death tool. My ass was surely going to be sore after this. He rammed me each time slamming it all the way in to the hilt then pulling out to the tip and repeating. I couldn’t move all I could do was moan and try to hold on as this poz fucker mutilated my ass. He slowed down for a sec just to put the poppers back under my nose then picked up the pace again thrusting deeper and deeper into me. I fucked my ass back onto his cock and let him have his way with me like the whore I was. He loved it, he knew he had found an amazing cumdump bottom boy and was going to reward me with his poz cum right in my gut. He put his mouth close to my ear and said “I want you to know I’m full blown. I AIDS and I’m going to fuck it into your sweet boy ass.” I was going nuts at that point and he put the poppers under my nose again. Now dizzy from the poppers and so immensely turned-on he threw me to the floor on my back and lifted my legs up on his shoulders. We were still only right passed his apartment door and I’m sure the noise was travelling down the hall. He never left my gaze and I knew he was close. “Fuck me daddy fuck me! Fill me with you AIDS cum, fuck it into me, ram it up my guts, I want to feel it in me!” I yelled in lusty poppered daze. I saw it in his eyes and he smiled this evil devilish smile. “Fuck boy! Here it cums take my fucking poz load you fucking AIDS cum slut!” He shot his poz seed in me with fury fucking as hard as he could sloshing it into my ass, making sure he fucked as much of his cum into my ass as he could. I could feel the froth he was beginning to churn out of my hole. My hole felt amazing, I was over whelmed with popper-lust and begged him to keep fucking it into me. He obliged for as long as he could. When he pulled out I felt some of his cum dribble out. I immediately slid a couple of fingers in to my ass to scoop some up. He was one of those sticky thick cummers; the kind that was almost gelatinous and I took pleasure in licking my fingers clean. He then shoved his cock into my mouth and I sucked ever last drop of his cum from that veiny shaft. He kissed me probing my mouth with his tongue and then told me "Get the fuck out. I’m done with you, you fucking whore. Get the fuck out.” I left with my pants unbuttoned and my shirt off. I finished dressing in the hallway. When I was in the elevator I felt my hole again - it was deliciously sore and cummy. I was all lubed for some more. I headed to the Blue store on 8th Avenue next….
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    Always so horned up.... Almost anything for a load or two
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    Tonight while my boyfriend was at work a blonde twink four floors up in my apartment I hook up with came over. We made out, 69ed, and then I filled his ass up with my cum
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    27 white male. 6'1. 180lb. red hair. sub masc bottom looking to get knocked up. Current;y disease free. In roanoke, va but willing to travel or whatever.
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    Hi, Rawboyz! Sunday Afternoon BB Sex at Steamworks Toronto I arrived at Steamworks Toronto around 1:30 PM, hoping to stay for my usual 8 hours. I was a bit tired from my shift work at a contract job for August. But I knew that I wanted to rim and fuck boycunts and suck younger cock. At first, it was slow. No much action. Then in the front, large gloryhole-dark space large groups of men showed up. Some lucky bottom was being fucked. I got to fuck several younger guys bare. No questions asked about status or name. Just good ol' bb fun! In this area I got to rim, suck cock, and fuck raw. One guy was being fucked on the bench there. I got to fuck his juicy boycunt. This bottom moaned his delight. Another bottom was on the other side. I switched guys and slid my hard dick into his ass. His ass muscles began to milk my cock, and it never fails, in about 5 mins. I rewarded his cunt with my saved load. He kissed me to thank me. It was so dark, I never did see his face. All I knew that he was younger than me and I was more than happy to provide his hole with an anonymous cumshot. Only 4 hours today -- but I had a lot of fun rimming ass, sucking cock, and bb fucking. What more can a voyeur-explorer barebacker like me ask for? I can add any Sunday afternoon/evening to a regular Friday/Saturday night at Steamworks Toronto. These are the best days and times for bb sex there.
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    Oh yeah, nothing beats getting 2 toxic loads at the same time, well apart from 3. Of course the is the other opening to use too ;@)
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    A view from the inside and it gets loaded mmmmm
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    FT. LAUDERDALE - Stopped by a seedy hotel to breed a Latino bottom taking loads yesterday. When I arrived he sucked my dick and informed me he had already taken 15 loads. A little bit later he was filled with number 16. He wants me to whore him out sometime. Hmm.... should I ???
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    As Danny is walking out the door, I'm texting Peter from my accounting class and told him I was free. He said he would be there in 10. Peter is an avg looking guy, he is 6'2, maybe 150 pounds, skinny kid but a good heart and a nice cock to boot. Peter walked in and kissed me, was we moved to the couch he grabbed me ass and felt the left over lube, spit and little bit of cum that leaked out of my ass into my short. He pulled me back into him and whisper in my ear. "Who has been fucking your ass this morning". We are open about our sex life, so I told him Danny had been over 15 mins ago and dropped a load in me. He held me from behind and guided his cock into my ass, he informed me that he wanted to fuck me and push my ex's load in deeper as he was biting my ear. Peter has the ability to do it to, he is 8.5"long and loves to long dick. He is not as thick as the ex but its a nice thickness all the same. He bent me over the couch and dropped my shorts, then ran a finger over my hole. "I love pre-lubed holes he informed, specially cummy holes" he said. He starts spitting on my hole and rubbing his cock head around my hole. He asked if I want it and what could I say but yes. He slowly pushes it in till he got to the last inch and told me to hold still, then he slammed the last inch or so in. He holds it there and say " the ex's load is deeper then he could have gotten it now and laughs". He then starts pulling all the way out and then pushes all the way back in, he is a pervert like me. He tells me as he pulls out a second time, that his cock is covered in my ex's cum and drives back in and holds it there. He pulls out again and drives back into me, he does this for the next ten mins, he tells me the whole time how he loves the way my ass takes his cock. As we are fucking my cell goes off and it's the other ex that I texted about fucking. Peter looks over my shoulder as he is pushing into me and ask if I'm going to let him fuck me today also. I told him that I wanted to top today, but it is looking like a bottom day. Peter tells me that if I let the ex fuck me he will come over after and push his load in deep like he is doing now. How could I say no to that, Peter is not a rough fucker, he likes to take his time and enjoy a long fuck. So, i text the ex back an ask when he is free, he replys after 1, its only 11:30 and I'm having the second fuck of the day. So I said 1:00 would work for me. At this point, Peter has been fucking me for about 25 mins, going at a nice easy pace. My legs are getting tired and my back is hurting from being bent over the couch, I ask Peter if we can change it up and he told me that he is getting close and he wants to blow because he has to get to class. I started to jerk my cock and told him to bring it on. Peter starts to fuck me faster and is only pulling out a few inches now. Peter is getting close and ask where I want it, I had to laugh at that. I tell Peter, ur fucking me raw with my ex's cum as lube, where do u think I want it. With that, he pushes in as far as he could and loads me, telling me that he is so far up in me that I should be able to taste his load, because it was a big one. Peter pulls out and tell me that he wants me in my team shorts and jock later tonight when he comes back to fuck me again. As I'm pulling up my shorts, the cell dings again, it's college boy. The blond hung monster, he is horny and want to play after class around 2. Peter ask me about him, and I told him about the massive cock twink and what we had done in the pass. Peter not a dom, but he can act aggressive sometimes. He tells me that I should let college kid fuck me also. That I should be a true cum slut today and take all the cocks and loads as I can. I have only let five guys ever fuck me at this point and the most I have ever been fucked in one day is four times and that was by Danny the ex. I didn't know if my ass could take four guys and five fucks. Peter tells me that I can handle it and maybe one more, I just look at him strange, as in who would be the one more. Peter just smiles and says he has a fuck buddy that has wanted my ass for a long time. I ask him who it was and he say Zack, this skinny, short punk kid. Zack is cute in a punk way, so I asked if he thought he would be up to it today and Peter says he would skip class if he had to, to fuck me. So, I ask the big question, is he hung? Peter just laughs and tells me that Zack is about the same size as him, maybe a little thicker and uncut. He does warn me that zack is aggressive and twisted when it comes to sex. That they have done some kinky things together and talked about doing some-other things but he didn't tell me what they were. I trust and know Peter, we have been playing for the last year. What all has he done with is punk that we have not done and how twisted can this little punk be? What can he be into that peter and i have not done before have? Plus, I have not had an uncut cock before. Just something you don't see around here. So, I told Peter to set it up and ask if he was clean, dumb question to ask someone since I have taken two loads and was looking at taking three maybe four more. But all the loads were from guys that have fucked me before and yes it's a risk, but I was comfortable with taking their loads. Peter told me that he was clean and that they been trading loads from time to time. So I said, set it up.
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    I like to see a cock pulsing as it pumps the seed deep in the bottom. If the balls draw up with each shot, that's even better. Then he can pull out so the viewer can watch the results of his efforts. The more the better.
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    Part XI OMG I can't believe this yet. I was just going to stop and watch a few minutes. Then, almost out of nowhere my new biker bud was knocking on my car window and was completely naked. As I put the window down he leaned forward and I found myself sucking his cock into my mouth. Then after a few minutes he had pulled back and told me to get out of the car and when I did he told me to follow him but get naked and leave my clothes there and I did that, also. Then I followed him down towards the rest of the guys there. Why am I doing this? I can't seem to help myself. He leads me to the tent there and we go in. The next thing I know he has turned, grabbed me and planted his lips on mine in a very deep and passionate kiss and I find myself returning it and his tongue drives between my lips and deep into my mouth. By the time the kiss is done my own cock is hard as it can get and he has his hand on it and stroking it and I find I am doing the same to his without realizing I had started to. We kiss again, stroking each others cocks for a bit and then he gently pushes on me, without breaking our kisses and backs me up towards the table set up in there. I feel my legs bump the table and he gently keeps the pressure on me as I bend my knees and sit on it and then start to lay down. There is a cover on it and we do not break our kissing or stroking off as he slides me further up onto the table and I find myself being pushed down to lay on it as he moves to the side of it. He then breaks off our kiss and starts to kiss me down across my neck to my chest and then a stop to kiss and suck each nipple and then his kisses go further down across my stomach. As he gets to my cock he has climbed onto the table also and then as his mouth engulfs my cock I find myself taking his into my mouth also. We suck each other for a while and it feels so good. I don't think my cock has ever been this hard before. After a few minutes of this I feel him pull my legs up and spread them out as he lets go of my cock with his mouth and starts to kiss and suck my balls and then lower till he is rimming my hole. I feel his tongue going in and out of my ass, driving me wild, as he probes deeper and deeper and slathers his spit all over making me wet there. Then he pulls his cock from my mouth and turns around on the table. He moves between my legs and leans down and plants another kiss on me as he raises my legs up and over his shoulders. Then I feel him probe for a moment with his cock till he feels my hole and then with one smooth push, he enters me and doesn't stop till he is buried all the way in my ass completely. All I can do is moan around his tongue in my mouth, it feels so good. He then starts a slow out and back in slow and hard, thrusting as deep as he can get into my channel, pulling almost all the way out and then deep into me, over and over again.
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    Prefer the pulsating stuck inside and see the nuts working up and down with each shot, nice when the bottom gets a second loading with the first one as oozing lube.
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    Great cum shot, hope it is not wasted ;-)
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    Well when used, always a good place to store them Oink
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    Went into total slut mode the last couple weeks before selling the house and moving. Door was unlocked all the time when i was home and guys were just walking in to find me naked and ready to be used at any time. Texted all the guys that fucked me in the past and ended up having over 150 different cocks in my ass and even more loads. I LOVE being a total cock whore and being a hole for hard men!
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    Hey totalcumslut what abs was that. I may have fucked the same ts. She and I meet Friday nights at abs. We both get fucked by as many guys as possible then I fuck her before I leave. She doesn't get hard but I have sucked the cum out of her cock (and her ass!)
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    Went to an ABS in Houston tonight. I was a lucky little slut ! First cock I got was a Tranny cock , she had been getting fucked all night and had cum dripping from her ass and down onto her ballsack . I guess it was time for her to get her rocks off and she shoved her nice cock through the gloryhole and I gobbled it up and sucked until she gave me her load directly into my throat . The next two were bbc's that needed to get off , both of them just walked into the booth and shoved through the hole looking for relief which I gladly provided by giving them a warm wet mouth to unload their cum into . I am a happy slut with a belly full of swallowed anon cum , mmmmm so fucking hot to make complete strangers cum !
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    Man, for as long as I have taken it up the ass, I have enjoyed keeping cum in my ass as long as possible. Usually have my glass plug with me.....comfortable, just large enough.....so I can stay plugged.....but also open a bit (for the NEXT load) as long as possible. And, there is something so wonderfully erotic about it being a virus laden load. Even though I have been POZ for a few months now, knowing I took a POZ cock and have that diseased cum in my ass turns me on like little else can.
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    I've really never cared for 'the money shot'. Just a waste of cum, even if it is just a squirt or two before shoving back in. The hottest videos I've seen had great close-ups of the tops cock and balls, and you could see the balls jump and his cock pulsing as he unloaded shot after shot and you just know that the bottom is getting flooded. That really got me hot, but maybe it's just me.
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    Columbus Ohio - today was a pretty good day at Club Columbus. I started in the steam room getting my ass eaten by another bottom, but as soon as a couple other guys came in, he left. I started by bending over and sucking a nice sized cock on the one guy who came in and sat down near me. While I was blowing him, I felt another guys cock at my hole pressing for entry. He didn't last very long before he shot his load in me. The guy I was blowing then shot a massive load down my throat. I wandered around the club for a bit before getting invited into the room of a sexy black man who had a beer can thick cock. He was already hard and wasted no time burying his BBC balls deep in my hole and leaving me gaping and oozing his load. Picked up another two loads in my ass in the glory hole area of the dark room plus one more oral. I went to my room and lay there on my belly with my door open. Wasn't too long before I felt a hand on my ass just before he straddled me and entered me with ease. 20 minutes later he was grunting out a load, told me he would be back as he pulled out, didn't see him, just heard his deep voice that got me going all by itself! The sexy black man came by and took me back to his room for another load, damn he can fuck! The sexy voice guy came back an hour later and deposited a second load too! This time I was able to see him and it was a good thing I was laying down as I got weak in the knees, just gorgeous! I was about worn out but I went out to the pool area and the gazebo. A cute guy who was also out there and I started some mutual stroking. He went down on me and as soon as I was hard, he stood up, spun around, and impaled himself on my cock. I rarely top but he did have a great ass and a velvet smooth hole. I left my load with him and called it a day.
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    Frazer was walking in a countryside park when he encountered a group of naked men fucking each other. Instead of being horrified, the sight of this activity turned him on. After a short while watching them, he got his cock out and started to wank it, so turned on was he. This brought a newcomer to his attention, who came over to him and started wanking Frazer's cock himself. Before Frazer knew what was happening he'd got his pants and underwear off him and had undressed fully himself. He wanted to fuck him bare, but Frazer would have nothing of it and made him use a condom. It hurt as the man thrust his cock up his virgin arse. When another man passed by to watch the scene, the man who was fucking Frazer encouraged Frazer to fuck this other man whilst being fucked by him. After a condom was rolled on Frazer's dick, he proceeded to shaft this new guy whilst still being fucked by the first! Frazer continued visiting the site always insisting on condoms until one day he arrived well lubricated. Indeed his state of inebriation may have contributed to his visiting the park. As he approached the area, his saw a black with a large cock beckoning him over. After some sucking he was ready for more action. He turned Frazer round and with not much ceremony shoved his bare cock up him. Frazer was too drunk to care and enjoyed the thrill of the fuck, but still had sufficient willpower to stop the fuck before it had gotten too far. Frazer was both attracted and appalled by barebacking. He refrained on other occasions, but started watching bareback porn, which encouraged him to experiment further. On a visit to the cruising site, he bumped into the man he had fucked those many months before when he had started coming to the park. After a lot of foreplay, the man turned round to be fucked, Frazer got out his lube and his condom as normal. But the temptation was too great for him and he squirted the lube on his bare cock before thrusting it into him. This really turned him on and he came inside the man. The man turned in delight rather than anger when he realised he'd been barebacked. This lead to many other such sessions. Frazer then started to visit men's saunas. He soon discovered how amazing darkrooms were. He was very popular there because of his well endowed cock. Some older trolls would trap him in a corner and force themselves on his bare erection. He also discovered after having exploded into someone who was riding on top of him that not everyone was able to notice when someone had come inside them. But he still avoided being fucked bare. This changed one visit as he was passing by one of the open booths as he spied a young man playing with his magnificent cock. He went over to him and started to work on his great cock with his mouth to reach its full manhood. Then with lust in his eyes, he decided he needed that cock inside him and went to straddle it. With much coaching, help with positioning by the young man and the lube in his possession, Frazer managed to great this large dick up him. Frazer started to ride him, knowing that everyone who passed by could see that they were barebacking. He raised himself up on the cock as far as he could go and then plunged himself down again. This really turned him on. It must also have turned the young man on, because before he knew what was happening, the young man was urging him to pull off as he looked down on the still engorged cock that it was oozing cum. Frazer had had his first load and he really enjoyed it. Frazer craved more and when he next visited the sauna, he went straight to the darkroom, which was heaving with bodies and perched himself up on a bench with his arse out to receive loads. He wasn't disappointed as many of the occupants took turns to load him with their spunk. He was particularly turned on by the feeling of being fucked raw and the cum that trickled out of him after the loading. Even when he got home, a great gush of cum emptied into his pants. Having experienced this, he wanted it again and again. He tried to visit more often to get that same exhilarating feeling of being barebacked. As yet another cock exploded in his mouth and he moved onto another accommodating cock that he wantonly rode with abandon. Frazer realised that he had moved from being a condom user only to being a cumdump as the man, who was fucking him, infected him with a release of his toxic load right up Frazer's arse.
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    Whilst we'ed been talking I heard the front door open a couple of times and footsteps in the changing room and then going up the stairs. I left Sid reading his paper and levered myself off the chair, aware of the cool spunk coating my cheeks. Upstairs, I ignored the sauna as I heard voices in the small TV room off on the other side of the landing. There were three guys there, much older than me watching the TV. One sat in a threadbare sofa on one side and the other two on another sofa on the other side. They were real trolls with sagging tits, spindly legs and old, lined faces. There was a porn movie playing with a couple of twinks fucking in a bedroom. "Nice cock on that lad." Said one as the camera zoomed in to show the heavy cock sliding into an arsehole. "Not bad," Said another. "Got a good technique, too." They could have been discussing football or something for all the casualness in their voices. "Alright matey?" The one on the sofa on his own smiled at me reavealing a mouthful of bad teeth. "Why dontcha sit here?" I sat down beside him, conscious that he smelled of body odour, and noticing his hand tugging idly at his cock had dirty fingernails. The others were watching the porn, wanking each others cocks as they moved on to taliking about some new housing estate being built. "Been before?" Asked the old man next to me. "Nope" I said. "First time. Been here a couple of hours" He cackled. "Yeah and I bet Bill or Sid have been up you by now - they don't hang about!" I blushed and nodded. "Both of them." He interrupted the other two. "Dirty bastards have fucked our friend here already!" They laughed and one of them, with rings through his sagging tits and a paunch hanging over his heavy cock gestured me over. "Let's have a look,then." I stood and went over. He turned me round and I bent forward, allowiing his scaley fingers to spread my cheeks and probe my hole. "He's wet, alright. Carrying a bellyful of dirty spunk, I reckon." The other man next to him was very thin and wasted looking with heavy veins on his arms and legs and a fat erection sticking up from his lap. "I need a fuck," He announced. "Once I get off, I can relax a bit." They pulled me onto the sofa between them, getting me to kneel on the cushions and rest my arms on the backrest. Lube was rubbed roughly over my hole, and then the wasted man got off the sofa and got behind me. Without any warning, he slid his cock into me making me gasp with the size of it, but the lube and spunk in my hole allowed it to slip in easily enough. "That's better," I heard him say as he started to thrust into me. The other two ignored us and began a conversation about the news whllst next to them I was being fucked by this disgusting old man. "Ahhh... " he said to the other two. "That feels better. Just need to empty my balls and then I'll hit the sauna." He hadn't even acknowledged me but now I felt his thrusts becoming urgent. For all he cared, he was fucking a piece of meat just to get off. "Yeah...he gasped. Here it comes!" With that he collapsed on my back, shuddering and grunting in orgasm as he shot his load up my insides. After a while, he got heavily off me, pulling his cock out brutally and said. "Right, see you later" to the other two. Then he left. I just knelt there gasping and embarrassed, spunk now dripping over my balls and onto the cushions. "Look at all that spunk!" Said the one with the tit rings. "Reckon Arthur gave him a bellyful that time!" I looked over at them, my face flushed with lust. The man with the tit rings stood up and held his heavy cock in his hand. "You do know you've been pozzed, dont'cha mate?" I nodded and just knelt here. He grinned and for the first time I saw the dark blotches on his skin and the sores on his lower legs. "Good, So you won't mind another bellyful of poz babies then, will you? With that he got behind me and began to slide his fat cock slowly, deliciously into my rectum. "Hold still, darling and let's see if we can get you pregnant today." He whispered as the other man laughed in the background.
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    ehhh not into that. if a man is sucking me off, i want him to keep my cock in his mouth until all of my sperm is deposited. isnt that what he'd want anyway?
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    AUGUST 11-12 STEAMWORKS TORONTO Hey, RawMen! Another installment of my raw sexcapades. Yesterday I'd had to say overall was VERY fun at Steamworks Toronto. Only one black bottom with a hard dick the size of cucumber wanted me to be covered with a condom. I refused. So I got to chew on his nipples and brush his ass with my hard daddy dick. Oh well, more raw guys to explore. I usually spend about the whole 8 hours watching and exploring Steamworks to see how many boycunts I can fuck. I did douche, hoping at least 1 guy'd fuck me. One guy started to but after a minute didn't want to fuck me any more. WTF! On to more bare topping. Does this happen to you, raw vers guys?? I did take one guy's advice and came in a young man's cunt about 3 hours in. I knew he wanted it bare and asked if I had a load. It was in the middle dark spare close to the sling. He stuck his ass out. I put my dick in. He established an awesome rhythm and a few minutes - BANG! He got my saved up load. I did like his devilish, slutty nature. No questions asked, just fill him up! I got to fuck more bottoms in the front dark space/glory hole area, plus suck a few cocks there too. In the back dark room, a guy was being fucked. As soon as he came, I knelt down to get the load he just exploded. He tasted great! The guy that was fucking him saw that I was hard and jerking off another load. He said to unload on his chest which I did. He thanked me for blasting on his chest. So, all in all, so many asses fucked. I could feel their cummy deposits. Bottom always love a good hard dick up their butts. I got to blast in a young man's anon boycunt (HOT!). And I blasted again. Always a new crop of guys. The guys I played with I've never seen before there. I'll be back for more. And this was a regular Friday night-Saturday morning, no Cumunion...
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    I am not going. But you can find cruise mates on this gay site: http://meetmeonboard.com/cruise_calendar.php This trip is listed. I haven't registered so can't see who's on board. It is not so much a site looking for sex but if members registered you can see who's going. Have fun.
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    i like to stealth until i am ready to unload before i tell, just to be nasty... you don't ask, i don't tell - if you take it raw, i don't care anymore
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    Dad’s Basement Part Five I was led by the two men, into the next room, the one that was divided into two. We continued to move until we were in the area with three glory holes cut into the wall. Not much light was coming through the holes, so I knew the sun was going down outside. “Taking all loads is like Russian roulette - raw cock goes into your hole and the cock shoots - could be shooting blanks or a hot round of poz cum” one of the men said. I was placed with my back to the wall and pulled over at the waist allowing my ass to open at the glory hole. “Plus Son there is an added excitement to taking cocks that you don’t know who it is attached to, Do you know them or are they complete strangers you will never see again” I pushed my ass checks back against the wooden wall. I could hear sounds coming from all around. I looked to my left to see my Dad putting his ass against the wooden wall too. Only there was already a hard cock sticking through the glory hole. It was dark, thick and sticking straight out. I watched my Dad spit in his hand, rub the spit onto his hole, and push back on the dark cock, It slowly disappeared into Dad’s hole. My cock started to expand. I was watching my Dad take cock up his hole. It was the hottest thing I had ever saw. Dad’s head was thrown back with pleasure and one of his buds shoved a bottle of poppers under his nose, which he inhaled deeply. “Show your Son how to take cock” I watched as Dad’s ass pressed against the wood wall, the cock was deep inside his hole. I could feel the thrusts of the man fucking my Dad, move the wall on my ass. Dad moaned load as the cock moved in and out of his hole. I was lost watching Dad take raw cock, until I felt something pushing at my own hole. One of Dad’s buds reached back and spread my checks giving the unknown man access to my used hole. “Fuck man, that is one used cummy fuck hole” said the man on the other side of the wall, who was pushing his cock into my hole. I had heard that voice some where before, I knew it but could not place it. My hole opened around the cock, allowing it to slide deep inside, pushing the cum forward and out ward of my hole. I moaned as the cock began to move. I concentrated on the rhythm of the fuck - as he pushed in I pushed back and pulled off as he pulled out. “Good Son, take that anon raw cock - you know it could be anyone even grandpa” Dad said, “imagine being fucked by not just me but him as well today Son” My cock throbbed at that thought. I loved over and Dad was matching his fuck just like mine. We moved together. I looked up to see the other men who fucked me earlier either sucking or fucking each other. Dad took another big hit of poppers and then handed them to me - and I followed suit in huffing them. “Fuck that hole just opened” the top said on the other side of the wall, picking up speed. I looked to the other side of me, to see another cock coming through the hole. I could not help be think it was a beautiful sight to see, another hard fucking cock. I watch the tattooed, uncut cock man back his ass up, taking the cock deep into his hole, moaning as he was penetrated. I passed him the poppers and watched him inhale deep. I continued to push back against the hard cock working in and out of my hole. Poz cum flowed out of my hole and dripped down my balls. “Stay where you are fucker, I have to eat that ass!” the owner of the cock fucking me said. I felt his cock slip out and was soon replaced with a hot tongue. It was sliding in and out of my cum covered gapping hole. It was another new sensation. I moaned more and more as he switched from tongue fucking me and sucking my hole to eat out the cum deposited in there. My cock twitched rapidly as my mind wondered if he knew he was not only sucking out my Dad’s cum but also sucking out and swallowing nothing but poz loads. I ran my finger over my cock and scooped up the pre-cum leaking out. I was bringing it to my lips when I felt my Dad’s hand grab mine and pulling it to his mouth. “Give me your pre-fuck juice Son” I felt his mouth engulf my finger, sucking it like it was a skinny cock. The uncut guy reached over and scooped some of my pre-cum onto his finger and sucked it off, just like my Dad. “Fucking tastes like yours bud” The man stopped eating my ass and pushed his cock in my hole again, sliding all the way in and all the way out, over and over. I could hear a growl coming from him and knew he would not last much longer in my hole. “Never thought I would breed that hot ass that you strutted around campus, teasing the hell out of every man” he said. “you fucking overachieving whore” Fuck me, where did I know that voice from. I felt him slam his body against the wall, as his cock start to shoot deep inside my hole adding his cum to the rest. The thought of not knowing if I was getting more poz cum or not was a huge fucking turn on. Soon the pulse of his cock stopped and he pulled out. I fought the urge to look through the glory hole to see who it was. “Hot as fuck is right Dad” I said turning to him, watch him pull off his cock. “Got a load?” I asked him “Switching” I watched him and the uncut man switch cocks, fuck it was hot the just slid back on the new cocks, using each other’s ass juices as lube. I felt fingers playing with my hole through the glory hole. I closed my eyes as I felt them enter me. The new man pushed in two fingers, then three and then four, ramming them in and out. I wanted to scream out just give me your fucking cock, but didn’t. He removed his fingers, leaving empty and wanting to filled. I felt his hard cock rubbing up and down my hole, slowly moving, wetting the head with cum. I balanced myself on my knees and reached back spreading my ass open more. He positioned his cock head at my hole and pushed in, driving deep. I moaned again, I felt full as his cock spread open my ever loosening hole. Even with soreness setting in, I felt pleasure. He slowly moved his cock in and out of my hole. Steadily fucking me. I turned and watched Dad slam his ass back against the wooden wall, fucking himself on the cock sticking through the glory hole. Harder and harder Dad pushed back against the wall, until he pushed all the way back and held his ass against it. “Getting bred Son” he said smiling at me. The cock inside my hole was still steadily pumping in and out, working the ridge of it’s head against the muscles of my loose hole. “NEXT” Dad yelled as to signal anyone on the public side of the glory hole he was ready for the next anon cock. I watched as he braced himself, knowing that a cock had just entered his hole. “Oh yeah, fuck me hard bud” Dad said as he began moving back and forth on the new cock. Sounds of fucking and sucking echoed through the basement, while the smell of cum, piss and musk infused with the heated air. “Going to get loaded up Son, so I can squat over your mouth and feed you cum from my hairy ass!” Dad said. The cock inside my ass grew thicker and harder, giving me the sign it was going to shoot it’s load deep into my hole. I licked my lips, knowing that I was going to be flooded with more cum. One strong push in and the flood began. I could feel pulse after pulse of seed shooting into me. He pulled out and within seconds another cock stabbed at my hole, sliding in deep this time with almost no effort. “Your first black cock Son.” Dad said, “Hold on tight I have had that cock before and he fucks hard and long” My cock oozed pre-cum knowing that this cock had fucked and breed my Dad. Such a fucking turn on. It drove deep inside me. I still wondered how Dad knew what cock was fucking his Son’s ass. Was these anon fucks pre-arranged. Those thoughts quickly left my mind, as the black did started to pull in and out my hole. The cock would pull completely out of my hole, only to be shoved deep into me seconds later. This punch fuck attack continued for what seemed like for ever. Looking over at Dad, I could see him lost in a world of pleasure as his hard cock jumped up and down between his legs as he was fucked. Pre-cum was hanging from the head and almost touching the floor. I wanted to taste it, I wanted to suck every drop out of that piss slit. I watched Dad push back against the wooden wall, getting fucked and taking loads. “Good boy pussy” I heard grunted though the wall, “Gonna give you a highly toxic load Boy” My cock jumped knowing that this man was advertising his poz load and I was going to get it. His cock roughly punched my used hole, deeper and deeper. I jumped when he hit deep inside me. “Don’t pull off Boy, so fucking close” he said He continued to fuck me harder and deeper, until he pushed in deep and stayed there. Grunting and groaning as his piss slit opened and his toxic load invaded my used hole. I tried to squeeze my ass around his cock to milk out every drop, but my hole had been fucked so much by thick cocks, there wasn’t much pressure. “Clean it Boy” he said pulling out of my ass. I flipped around positioning my mouth at the glory hole. I closed my eyes and opened wide. I felt the cock pass through my mouth, gently sliding against my lips. It was slick with cum and the juices from my well fucked hole. I closed my lips around the black cock and lick and sucked. It began to move in and out of my mouth. Fingers began to feel around my hole, sliding in and out. The black cock soften and popped out of my mouth. He pulled away and I turned to back my ass against the hole again, waiting for the next cock to arrive. Time continued to pass, as the fucking continued. I lost count of how many anon cocks and loads I had taken through the glory hole, as well as how many Dad had. The third glory hole had seen many men presenting their holes to be fucked so I didn’t even try to concentrate on them. I knew it was getting late in the night, but I wanted more, more cock, more cum, and more disease.
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    I had been talking to a guy online for about two months before this point. Let's call him Tom. Tom had a profile on BBRT NKP and here on breeding zone. I had been wanting to experiment with chemsex for about 6 months before I left for the states, I had been watching some videos to see what the deal was. I believe it was this site that introduced me to the concept, before hand I had no idea about meth use in the gay community(or a subsection of the gay community) but I had it in my head that if I was to try it, it should be in America(where I could get away with it). Plus it seemed to be more available over in the states. What I was looking for was tough, a top who was willing to introduce someone to Tina for the first time who also was hiv negative. This may not seem like much. But first of all nobody seemed to even respond to me on NKP(maybe they were too high) I was beginning to this it was an online ghost town, or that perhaps my account was broken. After searching for some time, I found two profiles that matched the requirements, a neg Top, who can administer. I messaged both guys. One replied "Any pics?" I sent him some pics of me, including a face pic. "Hmmm any more pics?" He wasn't sure. A little disappointing. The next guy I message replies "I would love to meet". However plans changed and we didn't get to meet for quite some time(scheduling conflicts). This was a good thing in some respect. We managed to talk a little more and I felt comfortable this was an honest and open guy, he was in his 40's and seemed mature, extremely attractive, and sexually right up my street. He asked for porn vids that I found hot so he had an idea of what I was into. He liked these very much. We eventually arranged to meet a little over one week before I was set to leave. He was situated up the top of Manhattan and told me to meet him around 9pm. I took the train up, then hopped a cab to his place. A nice apartment complex. I don't remember feeling nervous. Strange really, I felt more nervous walking into a gay bar, or sucking off my first New Yorker, but this, what would be the most extreme thing I was about to partake in, and I felt eerily calm. I also remember thinking very calmly "I could die here" just before I pressed the buzzer. He unlocks the door from his room upstairs, I'm not told what room number or floor he is on, but the second I step in I get a text. "Be right down, have to get something from the basement" I wait in the foyer. Probably a good time to mention my previous experience with drugs. Tried ecstasy a handful of times, first two times were great, the rest sucked. Cocaine 3 times previously, got absolutely nothing from it(became quiet and fidgety) and weed on a handful of occasions. In no way was I a drug user, never partied and played, with the exception of weed with two guys in NYC. So why I was actually doing this I have no idea. But I'm hoping it's good. Tom comes down to meet me, and we both head to the laundry room where he empties the machine. He seems rushed, I spend my time examining him as he does his laundry. His head is shaved(bald), he has a grey goatee, very handsome masculine look, dressed in a tank top and sweatpants, he's in good shape. He really is a perfect match. Perfect Daddy. I wonder if he's high already, but I think he isn't How will he be with me, what will I do when I'm high? "Positive thoughts" I keep telling myself in my head. Positive thoughts. We enter his apartment, it's nice, big, he leads me to the bedroom. A large bed is covered with rubber sheets, to the left of the bed on the floor is a large duffel bag, filled with all kinds of sex toys. To the right is a computer and desk, on the desk lay some syringes. Now my heart starts to race a little. "Do you want to have a look through the toys?" "Sure". He shows me his collection, rubber cock and ball rings, rubber anal inserts, large buttplugs(one shaped like a sperm), sounds kit(makes me wince), rope, cuffs, things that I couldn't even identify. "That's an impressive collection" I say, wide-eyed. "Yeah. So I'm thinking we get you in a harness" He instructs me to take my clothes off. Then he puts the harness on me and tightens it. I feel infinitely sexier. I've never worn a harness before or since, but it felt great. He began to explain the benefits of said harness. "So when I'm fucking you I can just grab it like this, and pull you towards me" he says as he demonstrate by grabbing the shoulder straps and pulling me towards him, this makes me horny. "Hmm, a rubber jockstrap." He then takes a jockstrap from his bag, again, I've never worn one before this. It fits well and covers up that dick of mine. I'm slowly being transformed into his toy, there is only one thing left. He talks me through the whole experience, what it will feel like, how he preps the meth by pouring hot water until the crystals have fully dissolved, etc etc. He then shows me about 4 or 5 videos of slamming, and explains what the person might be feeling. "Ok so are you ready?" "Have you ever done this with someone for the first time?" "No, never introduced anyone" I sit on the cold rubber bed, he props two pillows behind my back. "Hmm, hang on." He goes to the bag, and takes out two of those, I actually don't know what they are called. Like small leather hoods that go over your hands. and leather cuffs. He loosely ties me to the bed. ​"It'll be interesting to have you tied up for your first slam" My heart starts to pound faster, the nerves are coming in hard and fast. Should I look at the needle going in? Maybe not. Everything will be fine. He holds the needle up to the bedside lamp. "They're full dissolved, see? Let's see how hard it is to find a vein." He runs his finger over the inside of my elbow, a vein comes up immediately. He then puts on the tourniquet and waits a few seconds. Wipes my arm with a pad and sticks the needle into my vein. He pulls back I look, see red inside the needle, then look away. "Ok. Now tell me if you feel any burning or stinging in your arm." I look again, he slowly pushes the plunger until the meth is inside me. He then snaps off the tourniquet and looks at me. I feel nothing. He gives me a look as if to ask how I feel. "Nothing?" I say, smiling nervously. He looks in disbelief. "Nothing?" "Nope" "Are you sure?" "Yeah I don't feel anything" "Hmm, that's crazy. Maybe I didn't give you enough" He turns around to look at the syringes on his desk. I let out a nervous laugh. "Maybe if I moved around a little" I say as I bend my arm up and down(as much as it will go with the restraint) Then I feel a sudden tingle in my legs, reminiscent of the first time I tried E(which I was the last to come up on then too), then BAM! This indescribable rush goes through me, my breathing becomes heavy and I blow out a long shaky "woah" I look at Tom, he seems excited. "OK....nowitsworking" I say in a short burst. I start to feel myself and wish these restraints vanished. I start to feel as if I could make them disappear if I really wanted to. Tom sees me squirming in ecstasy on the bed. "Now I know it's working." He then turns around and straps up his arm and gets ready to slam himself. I writhe around feeling everything with my body, everything tingles in such an amazing way. This is too good for words. I'm loving this, nothing has happened yet and I'm loving it already, I think of a thousand scenarios of what will happen throughout the night in the space of a second or two. My mind is well and truly fucked! It's very hard to focus on anything, everything has a shudder effect. I hear Tom exhaling heavily I look over and he's whipping of the strap from around his arm. "Fuck" "Fuck" I say almost at the same time. He seems very controlled, I don't know how he does it. "Do you have sensitive nipples?" "Not really" I answer. "You will". He then straps two sucking cups to my nipples and pumps them until they stick. "Thank you so much for this" I gush, I feel forever in his debt. I become overtly grateful and complimentary, he smiles knowing it's the drugs doing their work. He also becomes very talkative, he asks me about the first time I had sex. He raps my legs around his waist and I start to grind against him as I describe my first time. "Tonight will be a night of firsts" He tells me in that calm and hushed voice. For some reason we both feel the need to half whisper to each other. "Ok let's get these off" He removes my restraints as I thank him again for being so generous to have me over and get me high. He thanks me for coming. "God if we met earlier? I'd send you home stupid". After some talking, he takes my head and buries it into his armpit. I lap away at it as he moans. He takes the suction cups from my nipples and twists them as I start to suck on his. I still don't feel sensation in my nipples, however the rush from the meth was too much to notice if I did. This was perhaps the most sexually confident I had ever felt, I had to constantly remind myself, this is actually happening. I move down to work his cock. He tells me to suck it hard, so I do,gripping with my like and sucking down on his soft veiny dick to the balls, he grabs both balls and pushes them against my mouth "open" I try to accommodate for both cock and balls but it proves too hard, even though his cock is only semi erect, his balls are far too big. I settle for one ball and a dick in the back of my throat, my mouth is stuffed. He likes the feeling as I gag and retch. Eyes water, stomach knots, body squirms. Next I take both his balls in my mouth which is another mouth-filling task, his dick lays on my face with his wet helmet resting on my right eye. I feel like a good little slut. He tells me to smell his dick, which smells of precum. After sucking his dick some more it becomes hard enough to fuck with. He puts a rubber cock ring and ball separator on himself and tells me lie back. I put my legs in the air and present my hole for fucking. "No." he says. "Put your feet here" he motions to his chest. I place both feet on his chest and he slides his cock into my ass. At first my hole rejects him, pushing him out when he gets into a rhythm. It's the Tina, it has made my ass tighten up. However, I have an idea. I get up and take out a bottle of poppers out of my bag and lay back on the bed. "Maybe if you choke me" I suggest. He places his open palm against my neck, just under my Adam's apple, then moves up and down to find the strongest pulse. I take a huff of my poppers and raise one hand in the air(this is a safety technique I use at first with some guys, when the hand drops, I'm out and they should let go. Any longer and it could become quite dangerous). He presses down, not too hard, but enough to make my feet tingle. Everything goes tunnel vision. I'm back in Ireland doing something menial or talking to a friend or something. All of a sudden a man's face appears from nowhere, then a room behind him, where am I? Confusion. I feel a heavy tingling and something moving in and out of my hole. It has a similar feeling to pins-and-needles. Then I remember where I really am, in an apartment in New York, high on meth, being fucked unconscious by a complete stranger who could have killed me with little effort. The rush of realization is incredible. My breathing becomes heavy "Wow! Oh my God" He leads in to make out with me, his dick is now in my ass without me pushing it out. "Did you have a little dream, baby?" "Yeah, how long was I out" "Only about 5 seconds, don't worry." He fucks me harder and although his cock isn't rock hard it feels incredible. I could feel the rubber of the cock ring against my hole. I wanted everything he had inside me. "I think I can get my balls in you" he lets out in a grunt as he thrusts back and forth. "Yeah?" I ask with some scepticism, the drugs have taken away any pain the fucking may have caused, but it in no way made my ass wider, in fact it had a tightening effect on my hole. This problem was solved with a little force, or a nice choke-out. "Yeah, I think so. Hang on." He rolls me back so my ass is in the air, he then stands over me and squats down. I feel him pushing against my hole and decide to push out, hoping it will let him in. This works and he pushes his balls inside me. He pulls them out "Oh fuck" he lets out in pleasure. He pushes just his balls into my hole a few more times, dipping them in and out until it becomes easy. He then pushes his sloppy cock into my widened hole, followed by both balls. Everything is inside me. It has to be the best feeling I've ever had during sex, it's incredibly hard to describe that pleasure, knowing you're connected to another man by both his cock and balls, they fit tightly into your hole. You are being completely used as a place for him to rest his dick and balls. The feeling of his pelvis pushing against your ass, knowing there is nothing further that can go in, he is as deep in you as he can possibly go. Amazing! I feel with my hands to ensure everything is in. I rub his taint while he grinds against me. He stops moving, but I continue to grind in a circular motion, churning my insides with his balls and dick. "Hold still" he tells me, he looks focussed and stares into the distance. "You feel that?" "Nope" "I'm pissing inside you" "Oh fuck!" I concentrate on the feeling, a tingling in my lower back, I'm being used as this guy's urinal. "Ugh, it's hard to piss in this position". He only pees a little in me before slowly pulling his balls and cock out of my piss-filled whole, he keeps me propped up with one hand. "Don't move boy. Fuck yeah" he spits in my gaping hole. Then reaches into his bag of toys for a large butt-plug. He spits on it, and pushes it against my ass lips, it's not going in as easy as it should. He calmly instructs me to breath in and out, eventually the rubber plug slides right in, filling my ass completely. After about 30 minutes of playing, I go to the toilet to take out the plug and push out the piss. I feel very wobbly on my feet but very happy also. I notice that when the plug comes out there is no more piss up my ass. I feel around to check. Either my ass has absorbed the little piss there was, or it's gone a lot deeper than I can reach. The next few hours become a blur. I get slammed again which is so much stronger than the first, I cough and it hits me like a euphoria freight train. This turns Tom on greatly. We make out more, fuck, suck toys and attempted fisting. He could slide four fingers but not past the knuckle. I found it extremely hard to concentrate on what was going on, everything spun and shuttered, I felt fantastic, almost a state of frenzy. When Tom is on top of me he sweats so much it dribbles down onto my face and chest, almost like a tap. Our sweat has a distinct smell, a chemical smell because of the meth. He takes me to the shower to cool off. I check the time and hours have gone by. It's about 10.00am the next day. "My boyfriend will be home soon" What? Oh no, "is this going to get awkward?" I think. I say nothing. "It's ok though, we could always go to the bathhouse" First time for everything. I let him know I'm up for this adventure and he tells me to get dressed and meet him at the nearby subway, while he cleans up and gets dressed. I walk to the nearest subway, it's a hot day out and people are up walking to work. I'm very aware of my movements, not to act like a tweaker. He eventually meets me and we head towards the bathhouse. It's not long until we are there. I'm becoming paranoid that people will know I'm high. Tom seems fine. We get our locker key and head to our room. After stripping, I head to the locker with our clothes. To large black men check me out in my jockstrap(given to me by Tom) the place seems pretty empty, which doesn't surprise me given the time. I put away my stuff and head back to our booth/room. I'm tingling all over and moving faster than usual. I get in and Tom lunges at me, jamming his tongue down my throat and shoving his fingers up my hole. I turn to liquid in his arms, the feeling is very hot. He has a small bag of toys with him. He takes out a large metal buttplug. It's very wide, "Guess where this is going" he says as he slaps it against the palm of his hand. "No way" "Get on all fours" I climb onto the bed on all fours. He squirts some lube onto the top of the plug, then pushes against my ass. I feel there is know way this will fit. I try to push out to open my ass up. "Breath, relax." He instructs. It's hard to do so, even though there is no pain at this point(from the drugs) I'm still nervous of damaging my ass. I breath in and out. Then take a big hit of poppers and repeat. I feel it enter my hole, it begins to hurt. "Damn, is this nearly in" I think to myself, then my ass retracts. "It's in" he tells me, before leaning in to gently kiss my ass cheek and tell me "good boy". He slaps the base of the plug and every time he does is sends an extremely pleasurable shiver up through my insides. He lays me back on the bed and spreads his ass cheeks. "Stick out your tongue" I do, then he sits down hard on my mouth. I work my tongue slowly up and down he asshole, trying hard to push my tongue deep. He lets out a series of moans and groans to indicate he loves the sensation. He then grabs the back of my head and really pushes me into his hole. He wants me to go deeper and I can feel his hole pushing out against as my tongue slides deeper. My tongue is stretched out to the point of pain, but knowing the pleasure it gives him causes me to endure it. This goes on for a few minutes(with a few air breaks) before he lifts his hot ass from my face. He hands me down a rubber butt plug. "I want you to put this up my ass" "Can you pass me the lube?" "No just use spit" He opens my mouth and slides the plug all the way down to the end, I gag, he pushes further, fucking my throat with the plug. This gets him off. He sits on the end of the plug and forces it down my throat with his ass. I'm now being smothered and choked. I cough up some spit. and he takes the plug out and turns it around, facing his hole. I take it off of him and push. It takes some force and I worry about hurting him, but he seems to be fine. It eventually goes up his hole. I smack the end of it as he done with my and he groans in ecstasy. We make out for a while with plugs up our asses, I then go to give him a blowjob. After some time sucking his semi-flaccid cock I feel it's time to take the plug out. I leave our room to walk to the toilets. I get a few propositions on the way, but ignore them in a chemmed out haze. I enter one of the cubicles and try to push out the plug. This is more difficult and painful than getting it in. I finally manage to pull the metal plug from my insides and the thing is hot. Really hot. Hard to hold. I have to run it under a cold tap before I can carry it back to the room. By the time I get back he has jerked his cock hard. And places me on all fours before fucking me for quite some time. "Shit I've got to go to work soon" I wonder how he can even think of working, as my mind is so confused and fried from the meth, I could barely see straight. I guess this guy is well used to this kind of activity. This worries me slightly. Maybe all isnt as it seems with him. He edges himself with my ass a number of times but is too uptight to cum. "Wanna meet me later on, say 7pm?" "Ok". We both head to the showers. As we wash up he tells me "I think I have to piss" "Can I drink it" "Sure, get down there." I get down on my knees and open up. He shoots hard, like a fire-hose down my throat. It tastes extremely strong but I swallow every drop. As we walk back to our room to get dressed it hits me hard. It had totally slipped my mind that his piss was filled with strong chems, and it sent me flying high. "You feel it?" He asks me in a hushed tone. It really tickles him that I'm high as a kite in public. We get dressed and leave the bathhouse. I get home(somehow) and try to get some sleep. This is impossible. I am shaking like a leaf and sweating buckets. I go to the bathroom to have a cold shower. I look in the mirror. My face frightens me, it looks so different to what I usually see. There is a deadness in my eyes. I try not to focus on it, and shower and change. By the time this is done it's almost time to head out the door again. I get to Tom's apartment again, his eyes are red. He looks like he's just shot up. "Hey baby, come in" I come in and undress. "Ready for another slam?"
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    A/N : Here's the next part of this story. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think ! Oh, for good measure, here's a refresher of what my characters look like, you know, just to help things along when you read this. Josh, Daddy, and Brandon. -------------------------------------------------------- Brandon didn’t waste time and moved in on me, his lips capturing mine, his tongue invading my mouth as his arms enveloped me in a tight embrace. I was utterly lost, and didn’t know what to do anymore. Fuck Brandon, don’t fuck Brandon? Continue down this path of incestuous depravity or condemn my son to a life of meaningless fucks with dangerous strangers? I responded to Brandon’s kiss, unable to think, and let my son take me to my bed. “Brandon, wait, please,” I managed to say as I came up for air, but not fast enough to prevent my son pushing me back on the mattress, leaving me at his mercy. “No more talking, Dad, I’m tired of arguing with you,” he said as he ripped my shirt open, his display of strength turning me on. “We can’t do this here,” I said. We couldn’t leave any evidence of what we were about to do. This thing between us had to remain a secret. “Why not? We’ve already done it before,” Brandon whispered in my ear while grinding our hard cocks together, pushing the sex addict in me further out. “Please, son.” “Please, what, Daddy?” Brandon asked, running his hands over my hard pecs, our cocks sliding along more easily as we leaked more precum. “Anywhere but this room, I’ll do anything you want, but not here,” I finally panted, hating myself for giving in. Brandon had won. I didn’t want him to fuck strangers. I didn’t want him to endanger himself, letting anyone fuck him bareback. But above all else, I wanted my son. I wanted to keep experiencing this incestuous and unbelievable love from him. I could admit it to myself now, but it didn’t make me feel any less guilty and bad. Brandon had the hugest grin on his face as he got up from me, taking my hand to pull me up from the bed. I was still wearing shorts, but I discarded my now ripped shirt. Brandon was in nothing but his tiny speedos, and I was fixated on his firm bubble butt as I walked behind him. He led me outside to the garden, where the sun was slowly setting. “I want to fuck you underwater,” Brandon told me as he undressed me completely, before we sat down on the edge of the pool, naked. I was too turned on to care, and had switched my brain off, too hurt by all the confusing thoughts running around my head earlier. We lowered ourselves in the water, Brandon’s smooth and hard body pressing against my back, his hard cock resting comfortably in the cleft of my ass as he rubbed my hole back and forth. The itch in my hole was strong, and I wanted Brandon to take me already. I pushed back against Brandon’s cock, and begged him to fuck me. “I love you, Daddy,” Brandon said, his hands caressing my chest as the head of his cock slowly pushed against my hole. “Love your raw ass, love your body.” “Fuck, son,” I muttered as Brandon entered me fully, and started thrusting hard. Without any lube, his thrusts hurt more than usual, and Brandon must have sensed my discomfort as he quickly stopped. “Sorry, Daddy,” he said, pulling out of me and helping me out of the pool. He lowered me on one of the long chairs, grabbing a bottle of lube to finger me properly. “I was so eager I didn’t prep you.” “It’s ok, son,” I assured him as I lay on my front, moaning as he added a second finger, getting in more lube inside me. Brandon took his time, using one hand to stretch me open while his other massaged my back, my neck. He was awfully patient now, probably confident that I wasn’t going to bail on him anymore. “What do you say we get back in the water?” Brandon said as he rose back up, his strong frame towering over me, giving me an outstanding view of his perfect body. I took him in, eyeing his cock hungrily while he took some more lube and fingered himself. My cock twitched as I watched my son’s beautiful face, his eyes closed as he moaned loud. “Fuck, my hole feels so empty without your cock, Daddy,” Brandon said as he bent a little more forward and kept fingering himself. It was mesmerizing, watching my son pleasuring himself that way, and my cock was so hard it was starting to hurt. I stood up and grabbed his hand, taking us back to the pool. He clung to me as soon as we fell in the cool water, his legs wrapped around my waist, my cock teasing his lubed hole. He lowered himself until I penetrated him, his loud moans spurring me on, his warmth around my cock pure ecstasy. “Oh, fuck, fuck me, Daddy, yeah,” Brandon kept muttering, his arms around my shoulders, my hands holding his perfect ass while I pounded him. “Fuck, nothing feels as good as your ass, son,” I said, throwing my head back, giving access to my neck, which Brandon took as a sign to kiss me there. “Not even Josh’s ass?” Brandon challenged, tightening his grip around my waist with his legs, clenching his hole around my cock. “Not even Josh’s ass,” I replied before we kissed again, our moans muffled as our tongues stroke. I slid in and out of my son easily, my thrusts making waves all around us. I walked further into the deeper end of the pool until the water level came to our shoulders. The water was cool on my skin, and Brandon’s own skin felt silky against mine, his hard cock rubbing against my abs as I fucked him. “You’re mine, Daddy, mine only,” Brandon said, working my cock with his ass in a way that made me cum faster than I thought I would. I unloaded my paternal seed inside my son, groaning as I came hard, at last. Brandon’s velvety hole around my cock, his young and smooth hard body against mine, it all felt so good I saw stars when I closed my eyes. I had so much pent up sexual frustration from all the teasing it was a relief to finally be able to release myself. “Fuck yeah, Daddy, knock me up, that’s it,” Brandon shouted, loud enough for our neighbors to hear, which, part of me hoped they would. Fuck. I stayed inside him for a while longer as we kissed, Brandon’s incessant moans making me hard again. “It’s your turn now, baby,” I said and started to pull out, but Brandon stayed put, holding on to my cock. “Wait, let’s get out of the pool first,” Brandon said, looking at me with wide eyes. “I don’t want your load to spill out in the water.” It seemed like a waste, indeed. So I carried my son out of the pool—it was a good thing I had made steps built in the pool so I could actually walk out of it with Brandon in my arms, my cock still inside him. I lowered my son on his back on one of the long chairs, pushing wet strands of hair out of his beautiful face. I slowly pulled out of him, watching his hole close tight to keep my seed in. “I love you, son,” I told him, heart swelling as I looked into his revering eyes. In that instant, I knew I had made the right choice. I couldn’t let anyone else take my son the way I had just taken him. This was the only way I could keep him safe. “I love you, Daddy,” Brandon said and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me down for another kiss. I settled over Brandon, straddling his waist until his cock faced my hole. I pushed back and forth, letting my son spread my cheeks so my hole could meet his cock. “Fuck me, son,” I said between kisses. “Fuck Daddy.” “Yeah? You want my raw cock in you, Daddy?” “Fuck yeah, give it to me,” I said as Brandon teased my hole some more. I pushed back, letting the head slip in, an animalistic sound coming out of me when I engulfed my son’s cock entirely to the root. I rode him slowly, rocking back and forth over my son’s body, maintaining eye contact with Brandon as he drilled me. “Fuck you’re so beautiful, Daddy,” Brandon said, caressing my upper body with deference. Brandon fucked me for what felt like hours, and I couldn’t get enough of his cock inside me. “I’m going to cum, Dad,” Brandon said after a while, picking up his pace, fucking me faster. “I’m going to fill you up.” “Do it! Give me your sperm, son,” I said, catching up with Brandon’s frantic thrusts. “I’ve been craving it all day, ever since you left me hanging at work.” “I knew it, Daddy,” he said, going all the way in and holding my ass in place as his cock twitched and released its precious cum in me. I could feel every pulse of my son’s seed inside me, and I bit down on Brandon’s neck to keep my moans in check as I kept milking his cock with my hole. I wanted him to stay in me forever, and tried to let him know with a passionate kiss. I lay down fully on top of Brandon, clenching my ass when his cock pulled out of me to keep his load inside, and tangled our legs together. I rested my head on Brandon’s chest, enjoying the comfort his embrace brought me, and was about to doze when someone spoke up. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” It wasn’t Brandon’s voice, I startled and got up from Brandon, grabbing a towel to cover myself as I faced the intruder. “Josh?! What the fuck are you doing here?” Brandon said as he stood up as well, glaring at his frat brother, who was wearing the same outfit as earlier, save for a pair of shorts covering his speedo. Josh was walking over from where he’d been clearly hiding, behind the outdoor stone oven. He was licking his hand, and as he came closer, I noticed he was licking his own cum off of his fingers. “I left my shorts at your place earlier, what with you two rushing me out, so I came back to get it. Imagine my delight when I overheard your little conversation through the front door,” Josh said, tapping on his phone and turning the volume up. My eyes widened in horror when I heard what Josh had recorded, when I heard my voice loud and clear. ‘I’m sorry, okay? You saw how pushy Josh is! He forced himself on me!’ ‘Really, Dad? Until you were fucking him?’ ‘I’m sorry’ ‘Really, Daddy? What are you going to do to make me forgive you?’ ‘Son, we really shouldn’t. Brandon, you don’t want to prove Josh right, do you? This is getting dangerous, he’s onto us.’ “All right, that’s enough, cut it out,” I barked, my heart beating erratically as panic took over me. Fuck, fuck, fuck. We were so screwed. I was right all along, someone was bound to find out—I just never thought it would be so soon. “And it just goes on and on,” Josh added with a victorious smile. “You two were so caught up in your little lovers’ quarrel you didn’t even hear me following you around, recording every damning piece of evidence of your little affair.” “What do you want, Josh?” Brandon growled, arms crossed over his chest as he stepped protectively in front of me. I felt so small, not even daring to look at my own son as I wrapped the towel securely around my waist. I wanted the ground to shift and just swallow me. “Best part of it all? I filmed you two out here,” Josh said, gesturing at our garden. “With the sunset and everything, it was so romantic…and deliciously forbidden. You two were so fucking hot you made me cum hard.” “What. Do you. Want, Josh?” Brandon repeated, advancing on him threateningly. I was speechless, completely frozen on the spot. I might even have been hyperventilating; feeling like my entire world was about to collapse. Josh was going to expose us both, I was going to lose everything. “I want him,” Josh said, pointing at me. I looked up at the blond’s handsome face, silently pleading for his mercy. “No,” Brandon started to protest, but was cut off short when Josh held his phone up again, and played the footage he’d just recorded of us fucking in the pool, our loud groans coming through. I didn’t know what to do to get out of this situation. I never should’ve listened to Brandon. Had I been stronger, we never would’ve gotten into this situation. I would’ve just left the house, and Josh would’ve had no proof but a voice recording. We could’ve denied everything, but he had that video footage too. “Really, Bran-bran? Are you really going to try to argue?” Josh said with a fake sympathetic face. “I mean, if you don’t hand Daddy over to me, I’m going to show everyone what nasty things you’ve been doing together, starting with Mrs Marks.” “No!” I shouted, stepping forward, ready to deliver myself to this perverted young jock. “I’ll do anything you want, Josh, please.” “Now that’s what I like to hear,” Josh said, beckoning me over with a hand as he pocketed his phone. I started to walk, but Brandon held me back with a strong grip around my wrist. “Dad, no, don’t leave me,” Brandon pleaded. He looked so young and vulnerable, naked, even with the grown and strong body he had. I didn’t want to leave my son, but what choice did I have? Josh was in control of both our fates here. “Let him go, Bran,” Josh said with a warning tone. “I’m taking him with me. Don’t worry, I’ll take real good care of him.” “You bastard,” Brandon spat, letting go of me. I went to Josh, the latter grinning when finally I was within his arms’ reach. He pulled me into a hug, whispering into my ear, “You’re finally mine now, Daddy. I’ll make you see just how wrong you two were, saying my ass doesn’t feel best.” Josh wasn’t shy, running his hands all over my body, right in front of my son, going as far as slipping his hands under my towel. “How does it feel, Bran? Watching your Daddy getting fingered by your bro?” Josh asked, slipping his digit in my cummy hole. I couldn’t help but moan as Josh worked on my prostate, loving the feel of Brandon’s load moving around inside me. “I’m going to fucking kill you,” I heard Brandon say, but lost myself in the feel of Josh’s body, of his fingers in my hole, his hard cock pressing against mine. “You’re right, I’m being cruel here,” Josh said, pulling his fingers out and taking one of my hands. “We’ll just be on our way. Bye, Bran-bran.” I looked back at my son, who looked as defeated as I felt, before I let Josh bring me back inside the house. Brandon was hot on our heels, but I could see how helpless he was, not being able to stop Josh. “Let’s go get your things, and we’ll go,” Josh said, leading me up the stairs to my room with a firm hand on the small of my back. I saw Brandon try to take Josh’s hand off of me, but my son stopped when Josh glared at him. “Why are you doing this, Josh?” I asked, putting on a pair of briefs, followed by another pair of shorts and a black tee shirt. I turned to the blond jock, who raked his eyes over me before making eye contact, nodding with satisfaction at my looks. “Because you’re the Daddy of my dreams, and I don’t plan on letting you go anytime soon,” Josh replied, casting a glance at my son. “I mean, I totally understand how Bran here couldn’t resist you.” Brandon was glaring daggers at Josh, and I was almost afraid for a moment there that he was actually serious about his death threats towards Josh. Brandon stepped closer to Josh, but the latter a hand up to stop him. “Don’t try anything funny, Bran,” Josh warned him. “My phone’s already uploaded everything I’ve recorded to the cloud.” Damn it. Fucking modern technology. Brandon marched towards me instead, and I wanted to meet him halfway and pull him into a hug, but Josh put himself between us. “I think it’s best for you to stop touching each other,” Josh said, a bit too happy about it. “I mean, haven’t you two done enough?” I groaned in frustration, and obeyed Josh, who was apparently my new master. I felt so stupid, being manipulated by a man who was half my age. When I had gathered my night bag and my keys, Josh took me to his car, not even letting me say goodbye to my son properly. “I’ll bring him back to you tomorrow,” Josh told Brandon before getting in the driver’s seat, urging me to get in next to him. I did as told, keeping my mouth shut as I threw my duffle bag in the backseat. I had no idea what Josh had in store for me, but couldn’t bring my self to think about it—I was too scared of what he was going to cook up for me. “What am I going to tell my mom when she doesn’t find him home?” Brandon said in front of our house. How long was Josh going to keep me with him? Would I be home before Kate? What if I wasn’t? Brandon did raise a good question. “I don’t know, get creative,” Josh replied. “You must’ve gotten quite good at lying to your mom lately, right?” With that, he pulled out of the driveway, not giving Brandon a chance to respond. He pulled me into a sloppy kiss when he stopped at a red light, his expert tongue actually making me hard. Fuck, that gorgeous bastard was good. “We’re going to have so much fun, Daddy,” he said when we pulled away, his eyes back on the road as he let one hand travel up my thigh. tbc ——————————————————— A/N : I've got so much more in store for these guys....I'll try to update as soon as possible, but I can't make any promises as to when !
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    Part VII I think I have gone crazy. Here I am laying beside a guy on a park bench filled with his poz cum, again, and supposed to be straight. All I can think of is wanting some more now. This can't be. I hear a voice and look up to find another of his buddies just coming in the tent. He is sayin how nice that looks and is dropping his shorts and soon in naked as well. He climbs on the table with us and my legs just kind of on their own go up and out. His hard cock centers on me and he drives it deep into my ass. I can only moan in pleasure. The first guy gets up and tells us he will be back and leaves. This new guy is pounding my hole hard and deep and all I can do is moan in my pleasure. He is hitting my prostate and driving me wild again. My mind is in a panic but my ass is loving this and I can't do anything but drive back onto his cock as he drills me good. I find myself begging for more and more and harder and faster. He complies and pile drives me with all his might. My ass is on fire. "Do me, do me, do me," is my chant. I hear some rustling and look around to find at least 5 or 6 other guys have come into the tent now. I hear myself telling them to line up, I want you all. OMG, what the hell am I saying? Soon this second guy grunts he is cumming and grinds his cock into me, then gets up and another guy takes his place. On and on they go, as one gets done another takes his place. I can't seem to stop or get enough. I want them all. "Fuck me," I tell them. They all keep dumping their loads into my willing ass and I am loving it. Finally, they seem to be done though. I look around and the first guy is back and sitting beside me and telling me it is ok now. Just to relax and and let it happen. He kisses me again and I fall to sleep in his arms as he climbs on the table with me.
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    Was cruising Robert E Lee Park in Uptown last night, was end of Texas ahead Round Up and wanted something different. It started sprinkling around 11 so I took my t-shirt off and let myself get wet. This cute built Latino boy was walking towards me on the sidewalk so I said "hey how's it going?" And smiled at him. He smiled back at me but said nothing although he slowed down a bit, I circled around and followed him, not saying anything more. He walked down towards Turtle Creek and I kept following him. We went into one of the secluded spots and he leaned in and started kissing me while fondling my dick. Pretty quickly we both had out dicks out stroking, saying nothing he turned his ass to me and pulled his shorts down showing off his ass. I pulled the lube out of my pocket and quickly lubed up his ass and my cock and slid my cock in him before he could ask me to wrap or see I hadn't. He had that perfect ass, not super tight but clamping down on my dick at the right part as I stroked in him. I quickly came in him but kept stroking and before long shot a second load inside him. He was moaning he was close to cuming, so I pulled the lube out of my pocket, handed it to him and took my place. he had a nice thick cock that felt good in my ass. I love how a thick on strains my ass open, but hate the results as then usually it leaks out when they're done. Like me he came in no time but kept stroking in me and soon he shot a second load in me. He slid out of me and kissed me quickly and deeply, saying nothing, then he put he t-shirt back on and walked briskly away, I could only guess he maybe didn't speak English or was embarrassed about what he needed and did. It was too bad as I'd definitely hook up again as he was very good looking and had a hot body. Not to mention I love playing with anon fucksluts like me!
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    For a great deep clean...especially if you're on a budget or don't have a reusable anal bulb (which personally I think every bottom should own a reusable anal douche. You don't even need to get it from the sex stores or online. They're available anywhere that has a laxative section and both Walgreens and Cvs even have an inexpensive generic brand) Anyway-my cheap trick of the trade for a good deep clean on a budget. 1. The day before easy light and if possible why not just enjoy a one day liquid fast! 2. The night before right before going to bed down a full bottle of magnesium citrate($1 at drug store) Come morning time you'll be getting rid of everything in your system. 3. Internal salt water cleanse. Bc a simple lax won't clean everything in your track I don't a salt water bath that also helps flush the laxative effects away. Do this in the morning. 6-8oz warm water mixed with 1-3tsp sea salt (it has to be un-iodinized. If it's regular salt your body will absorb it but it you but sea salt without iodine it will not absorb in the body) drink this and then a few glasses of water and you'll flush everything else out of your system. 4. I like to have a good protein shake with 2tbsp of Chia seeds every morning regardless of my play. You don't have to go this but it's a good idea to get some quick, easy and light nutrition in your body before your fuckfest. Plus, Chia seeds, besides being super healthy, are a btms best friend to good digestion. 5. At this point your inside intestinal tract and digestive system it's extremely cleaned out and you shouldn't worry. But...just in case...about 2hours before playtime you can use a fleet enema ($1) to douche with. However you wanna pour out the saline water as its just another laxative and use the bottle to fill with plain warm water. Squirt up and ready until water runs clear. 6. Before I hop in the shower I like to pop a few Imodium(anti-diarrhea otc med) just because with all the cleansing internally with the laxatives this is going to stop the feeling or urge to shit if you still have it(sometimes it lingers when using laxatives) plus it'll help to bulk up any stuff left over you've eaten that day. 7. In the shower just wash your ass thoroughly and and put a soapy finger up there to clean yourself. 8. 1hour before playtime I'll sometimes take a couple more Imodium depending on how my insides feel but you wanna do a quick spot check with the douche again. Even when the water runs clear the first time you douche over time shit can settle in there. So fill it up with warm water, quirt and go. Really give a look at the water. If it's still clear you're good to go! However I always recommend sticking a dildo up there because water can get trapped and this will help it set free and trust me, that water that gets stuck up there can be nastier than actual shit! 9. Once that water is released I'll usually put in a plug that I like to lube up with preparation-h. You don't have to but with all the liquid shooting and douching I get self conscious personally about possible hemorrhoids or strain so this guarantees a nice looking asshole for your top(s). 10. After plugging which I'll wear till they arrive or if going to their place I'll remove it in their bathroom or if they don't care and are into it I'll do it in front of them, I like to take a few gas-x tablets. With all the cleansing of your system and shoving things up your ass You're going to build up some air and I find it polite to not be ripping ass in the face of my top! Plus if your going for a gangbang chances are they're gonna be rough and in and out and slamming your hole which that alone can create an abundance of air in your stomach/intestines. This is why we get stomach ache and pains sometimes during rough sex. It's because of trapped air. So the gas-x for me helps because any air I caused myself during cleaning will be taken care of and you won't need to worry later on. This is what I tend to do if I know I'm having an all day fuckfest. It's quick, painless, cheap And easy! But if I'm just having a hookup, one night stand or plan on a 2 or 3 hr fuck session most of the time I don't bother with most of this shit because truth be told if you take care of yourself and eat right, get some exercise and drink lots of water on a daily basis you don't need to worry about this level of cleaning. I'm 32 and I've never had a mess or shit dick situation once and the cleaning protocol I outlined I've only done maybe 3 times. Normally just a quick douche, shower and go is more than fine and there's been soooo many times I've bottom without any prep at all and I'm still clean as a whistle. Then again I take a daily fiber supp and as I said the Chia seeds in my daily protein shake help. But, in the end it's up to you the level you want to go to in order to prepare. I have found though that as bottoms we tend to over prepare when it's not needed. Not judging cuz I do it too and I'd rather be safe than sorry in the clean factor! Hope this helped.
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    The next day I could hardly concentrate on my work, thinking about what I'd done and the risks I'd taken. But at the same time, my cock was rock hard with excitement and when 5 0'clock came, I couldn't resist going back to the toilet. It was getting dark, but I saw several men go inside as I nervously smoked a cigarette and got up the courage to go in too. After a while, when no-one had come out, the curiosity of what might be happening got the better of me and I went through the doorway. It was gloomy, not pitch black like the night before, but the same smell of piss, poppers and sweat assailed my nostrils and my heart beat fast with excitement. The small space was filled with men, clustered around in a group. I heard the unmistakable grunts and moans of men engaged in sex and pushed forward to see what was happening. I gasped when I saw chubby, smoothed-skinned twink bending forward, naked from the waist down as a skinny old man held him around the waist and energetically fucked his fat arse. He must have been 18 or 19, short with blond hair which was matted over his brow. His eyes were bright with fear and lust and I saw bottles of poppers being jammed under his nose. The spiders had caught a fly, I thought, and now they were spinning their nitrate web around the lad as he sagged in helpless lust between their old, diseased bodies. The man fucking him gave a grunt and his hips spasmed in orgasm. When he pulled out, a gush of sperm dripped over the twink's testicles and onto the filthy floor. There was a scramble and then a black guy in a filthy polo shirt dropped his shorts, rubbed the thick cock below his bulging belly and slid it up the glistening hole, driving a low moan of pain and surrender from the sweating twink. I watched, fascinated as the black guy thrust in and out in a primeval rythym as the others urged him on. He gasped and shuddered in ecstasy then staggered back and I found myself in the front of the queue. Hands opened my belt and dragged my trousers and pants down and gnarled fingers guided my throbbing cock into the gaping, wet hole, as other hands pushed my bottom forward until I was sheathed in a delicious, hot, wet tunnel.After a few thrusts, I couldn't hold back and I spurted and spurted, and added my sperm to the toxic brew in the twink's backside.
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    Happy to inspire a night of slutty cum taking btmtbbred. Let me know how your whoring goes. ~Jack
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    Dude, you got to get past this! Taking loads, eating ass, having the guys at a party line up to seed your cunt -- Man! That's paradise on Earth. You got an awesome, joyous life in store for you once you get past this inhibition. i had the advantage of starting really young, and so by the time i was smart enough to have inhibitions, i was long past that. G'luck dude.

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