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    Here's me and dad's story: we started when I was 18 he 36. He had just got out of prison. Armed robbery. Did 6 years. Went in pretty straight but...ya know. said the first cock he sucked was his cell mate, this tatted Nazi biker dude. After a few months he was hooked. Anyway when he got home, I was eager to reconnect. The prison was far from home and we only saw him a few times a year .I kinda knew I wasn't into girls but I didn't know for certain what I was. I just knew I was fascinated by his muscles and prison tats. One Saturday my mom went shopping, And I guess he thought that I gone with her, Cause I was hanging out in my room when i started to hear porn playing in the living room. But I didnt hear any females. So I quietly tip toe in and he's on the couch naked, jerking it to some old school gay VHS (this was 1997 after all). but uh, he saw me after a couple minutes of me staring at his cock and was like "get over here you little fag, I always knew you was queer." and just like that I was sucking dads cock. I had sucked others before but i had never been more turned on than just then. My dad was the one I first penetrated and was penetrated by. Oddly I fucked him before he fucked me. When we gets all spun he turns into a huge bottom. But I remember the first time (it was about 2 weeks intp it all) he shot me up with meth , gave me poppers and i was more than ready. Legs in the air and hole hungry for daddy's cock and cum. Didnt even hurt, it was liie something was finally there that had been missing my whole life. and when he came, just railing into me like a machine, but still kissing my neck, and as he came i could feel it filling me and he pushed in balls deep and held it there and whispered "Il love you son." And we actually both teared up a little bit, because before it had just been raw animal lust. But jsut then it was real, intimate. We had not really realized up until that moment how much we had missed one another. Click here to Reply or Forward
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    The Mugger I’ve never considered myself naive, but I did tend to walk around as if nothing bad would ever happen to me. Sometimes I would find myself walking home late at night and not even pay attention to the fact that I was passing through a rougher neighborhood. I always made it home safe every time, so in my mind I was always safe. Until Friday night a couple of weeks ago. It was dark and the streets were basically deserted -which is probably why I always felt nothing would happen to me. How could something happen if no one is around? Someone was around, though. I just didn’t see him before it was too late. I didn’t hear his footsteps as he stalked me, eventually wrapping his arms around me from behind and growling in my ear to hand over my cash. Luckily my other instincts kicked in and I went into self-defense mode, wrenching his arms free from me, and spinning around to face him (which I couldn’t see anything -it was too dark). I nailed his jaw with a right hook and then did something I never thought I would do -I slammed my knee into his jewel box. He dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, groaning in agony. When he looked up at me, his black hoodie fell back to reveal quite a handsome face. Mind you, it was contorted in agony at the moment, but his good looks were not lost on me despite what had just happened. “Jesus, why’d you do that?” he hissed. My true nature came out at that point and I started apologizing to him (I’m know -idiot!). “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” I had always felt that I would never have the heart to inflict such pain onto another man, but somehow something else had taken over at that point. “In my defense, you were trying to mug me.” “Yeah, but I wouldn’t hurt you,” he moaned, rocking a little on his knees and cupping his crotch. After a couple of minutes he managed to stand. Now that he was facing me I could see he was much larger than my own trim 5’9” frame. Great, I thought, he’s going to kick my ass first, then take my money. He just stood there eyeing me for a minute, probably debating over which of the hundreds of painful and bloody ways he could kill me. He stepped closer, never taking his eyes off of me for a moment. “That fucking hurt,” he told me in a low voice. “If it means anything, I really didn’t mean to do it. It just happened,” I blubbered. “Kicking a guy in the balls is pretty low. I think you owe me more than just some cash, for that kind of pain,” he said, lunging at me and somehow managing to get me into a choke hold that I could not break. I wasn’t completely out, but the lack of oxygen did it’s part in immobilizing me. He dragged me just around the corner into a rundown old house. It was dark and I didn’t hear any voices. I knew we were alone. Through the house he dragged me until I found myself on a bed. His large body loomed over me as the cobwebs and fog cleared from my head. Well he could have killed me in an alley and not have to deal with disposing of the body, so maybe he’s not a homicidal maniac. On the other hand, maybe he is, and he just enjoys toying with his prey and taking his time torturing them before they succumb to the vast array of injuries he’s inflicted upon them. The bed threw me off, though. I’ve seen Dexter -these guys like a work space. As soon as he stripped his shirt off, revealing a mouthwatering rugby player type of build, I knew he wasn’t planning on killing me. Still, being raped was never something I dreamed about, either, so I started to move, trying to get my bearings so I could make a run for it. He had just opened his pants and out flopped a dick that was totally proportionate to his hunky hulky body. It had to be at least 8 ½ inches long and it was just starting to harden! And thick -bloody hell! That was my cue to get my ass in gear, so I struggled to a crouch on the bed, jumped, and then tried to run around him. His muscular arm caught me around the waist, heaved me up in the air, and deposited me back down in the center of the bed. “Uh-uh, you’re not going anywhere ‘till I’m done with you. We’re gonna have some fun tonight, you and me.” Despite my fear, my dick was hardening in my pants and my ass was going into spasms of anticipation. What can I say -sometimes you can’t take the gay slut out of the man. Show me a rapidly growing dick and beautiful body and my body knows what to do. I lost my head by then, and there was no point in fighting him. Besides, if I submit to him maybe he won’t be too rough on me. That dick can do some damage, I thought. “Fuck it,” I said, rolled back to my knees on the bed and beginning my own strip show for him. His face lit up seeing that I wasn’t going to give him a hassle. “Well, I guess I found myself a bitch, didn’t I?” “I’ll be your bitch,” I told him, my breath coming up short. I shuffled to get closer to him, and then taking him by the hands, pulled him down onto the bed with me, kissing him hard and deep. He kissed me back, but he took the kiss over. We were definitely going to do this his way. And he wasn’t in the mood for anything affectionate. He kissed me almost violently, his tongue invading my mouth and throat (yes, throat -he’s got a long one!) nearly made me gag, but I became so turned on that I just rode it out and tried to match him. Suddenly he broke the kiss, grabbed me and flipped me over onto my stomach. I felt him moving on the bed until his hot breath was on my butt. Lucky for him I had gone to the bar prepared tonight. Unluckily for me, had I gotten lucky I wouldn’t find myself in this mess. His long tongue immediately began to snake up into my ass. I’ve never felt a rimming like it -it was beyond ecstasy! It literally felt like a small snake going up into me. It was insane! I couldn’t help but moan and writhe -what else could I do? After a few minutes I was desperate to feel his cock in me -despite the fact that it was now full-grown and towering at an impressive 12 ½ inches. I’ve never had anything that big in me, the largest so far being around 9 inches. “Oh fuck, you have to fuck me,” I pleaded. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here, bitch? You’re gonna pay for kicking me in the junk. And I’ve got a special way to pay you back. You’re gonna take my poz loads all night long.” Suddenly there were sirens and shrieking going off in my head! Did he say ‘poz’? What the fuck? I’m negative and had been very conscious to keep it that way. I began to struggle against him, trying to keep him from straddling me, but his size made that impossible. I went back to pleading. “Please, man, I’m negative. I don’t want this.” “Who asked you, bitch? You got to pay for what you done to me.” Okay, he was hot -his vocabulary didn’t need to be ivy league when you look like that. What the fuck? How can my mind be thinking about vocabulary when he’s about to put HIV+ cum inside me? I begged and struggled for a few more minutes, and then he got fed up, laying his entire body weight on top of my back. His face was next to mine, and he was breathing hard. “Am I going to have to choke you out again?” he asked menacingly. Lord only knows what he might do if I’m totally unconscious, so I weakly told him it wasn’t necessary. “Good bitch. I don’t want to feel that ass pushing me out, either. When I go in, I’m staying put until my bruised nuts fill you up with their revenge.” Shit, there goes my other plan. I figured that I might be able to buck him off of me or push him out just before he blows. I’ve never felt that kind of conflict before. My mind and heart were telling me to do whatever necessary to get the fuck out of there before he infects me. But my damned hormones . . . as soon as they kick in, all reason and logic fly out the window. My hormones were telling me that I’d gone out to the bar tonight to get laid. Now I was going to get laid. Quit complaining. Bitch. Hormones with attitude, right? It’s bad enough HE’s calling me ‘bitch’, I don’t need my own subconscious calling me names! Alas, the hormones were in the driver’s seat and I just surrendered to him. If the opportunity presented itself to escape I would take it, otherwise I would just survive. I can always go and get that pill I heard my friends talking about. “That’s it, I feel the fight going out of you. You’re my bitch for the night. You might as well like it,” he told me. I felt his fat cock head at my entrance, and he rutted his hips a couple of times, enticing my hole to yawn open and swallow him all on it’s own. Would you believe that the damn thing did? Suddenly my ass was sucking several hard, thick inches in. It actually took my breath away, the rush of him suddenly entering me. But by now I was so hot I didn’t resist -despite the pain. Oh, yes, there was pain. That was a fat knob pushing into me. I’m sure that I felt tearing inside, especially since he had only used spit to lube my hole. “Fuck, buddy, your ass is just eating that big dick up! You’re nothing but a whore, aren’t ya? How else would that ass just take it like that? I got a big dick and most bitches can't get past the head.” He sounded like he was enjoying himself, and he reared back and then thrust in, this time adding a few more inches to the penetration. A couple more times like this and I felt his pubes scratching my ass. Fuck, he was balls deep in me! It hurt like fucking hell, and he’d torn me open good doing it. My insides were going into mad spasms, while I silently let the tears pour down my face and drip onto the worn bed sheet. Shockingly, he wasn’t a complete asshole, and he held still until he felt the spasms subside, and then he got to fucking. It really only took a few minutes for my hole to feel totally open to him, and by now the pain had morphed into unbelievable pleasure. I wanted his dick in me. I loved his dick destroying my hole. I guess that might make me a whore, but just then I was happy being a whore. By the time he got a rhythm going that he liked, I was really into it, and raised up onto hands and knees and began shoving my ass back at him, riding him deep and hard. “Fuckin’ pig likes it!” he roared. “Pig’s gonna like my toxic cum, too.” Reflex response had me saying, “Please, pull out before you cum,” even before I had a chance to consider it. Of course, I came back to my senses when I felt the sharp sting on my ass as he smacked my cheeks hard. Really hard, like I’m sure there will be a bruise in the shape of a hand print. “No fuckin’ way, bitch. That’s your payback for nailing me in the balls. You’re gonna learn how important that real man cum is. Toxic venom flowing through my veins, in my sperm. And soon it’s all gonna be in you.” My logical mind was becoming more and more cloudy as I rode that cock. It just felt too damn good. And yes, I do take loads from guys, so naturally my body is craving his seed in me. That’s just the natural order -dick goes in, fucks, deposits seed. Sometimes repeat. And right now my ass and guts were praying he would fill me with his load. It was like the devil sitting on one shoulder and the angel on the other. One says, “Fuck yeah, you want it!”, while the other says, “Don’t listen to him. You know you shouldn’t be doing this!”. As usually happens when my hormones are in flux, that little devil went over and drop-kicked the angel right out of the equation. The next thing I know . . . “Fuck yeah, give me that load,” I heard myself saying. Excuse me? “That’s it, bitch. You know you want me to knock you up. Beg me for it, bitch.” “Do it, cum in my ass!” I yelled. “Say it,” he ordered. “Please, cum in me,” I pleaded. “SAY IT!” he demanded again. And then I knew what he wanted to hear. “Poz me!” I screamed. “Give me that toxic cum! Cum in my ass and infect me!” “That’s right, bitch,” he said in almost a purr, now really railing into me. I knew it wouldn’t be long now, and sure enough he slammed in particularly deep, roared, and slapped my ass again as I felt his balls blast my battered hole full of his venomous load. “Take it, you fuckin’ whore. Take that poz cum!” he yelled. “Yes! Yes, poz me! Poz me!” I yelled back. At that moment I was loving every second of that fuck, despite what would probably result from it. What’s done is done, and I might as well get some enjoyment out of it. I can go to the clinic in the morning and get that pill. His dick stayed hard in my ass and he just kept on fucking me. After 3 more viral loads from him, he finally extracted himself from my gaping hole and took a break. He went and got himself a beer. Nothing for me. After he’d finished it off I knew why -I was allowed beer, only it’s the same one he’d just drank. He stood over me and I clamped my mouth down on his semi-hard dick, and immediately began to swallow as his piss sprayed into my mouth. I chugged like a champ and didn’t lose a drop. Seeing that actually turned him on again, and within seconds he was back up my cum sloppy hole. He used my ass all night long. Literally. I’ve never met a man who was such an animal when it comes to sex. He just could not get enough. He blasted a dozen loads into me in one night. Some guys don’t even get that much at a gangbang! By the time the sun was shining and the rest of the world was up and on their way, he finally took his spent dick out of my hole. We were both covered in sweat and cum. And we were exhausted. He lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. “There, your ass got what it deserves. Next time you’ll think twice about hitting below the belt,” he reminded me. “Now get the fuck out.” “Is it okay if I take a quick shower before I go?” I asked. “Fuck no. This isn’t a date, bitch. Get the fuck out,” he ordered. Now reality was sinking in again and the sex haze had lifted. Time to get out before he decides to get violent on me. I grabbed my clothes and raced from the room. I dressed just inside the front door, and then hurried outside.
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    Pass the Bottom My boy and I are both pretty versatile, but lately, he's been getting more into topping. Now, I like to get fucked every now and then, but not as often as he's been interested in topping, so we decided to open our relationship up a bit and find other guys for him to fuck. We've always played bare with each other and only felt it natural to let him fuck other guys raw too. We've placed a few ads online and hooked up with some hot guys for some pretty steamy times. Sometimes I'd fuck the guy after he pulled out, sloshing around in the bottom's hole, already well-lubed and well-fucked. Maybe we hooked up with six or seven different guys, but one, Tom, was really special. In fact Tom was absolutely adorable. He was no taller than 5' 6” and had a tight little swimmer's body. He kept his strawberry blond hair close cropped, which butched him up a bit. I loved watching my boy plow his raw hole. Tom would bounce up and down on my boy's pole with his head thrown back. He could ride for as long as we could give it to him. Hot. After a really hot three-way, we were piled on our bed with Tom's legs spread wide and his hole loose and cummy with both of our deposits. He asked if we'd be interested in joining him and some fuckbuds for a party. We said sure and he sent our email addresses to Dylan, the guy putting the fuck party together. We got an email from Dylan a few hours later. Here's what he wrote: Dudes, We're a group of guys who like to fuck bare and like to share. We lost two tops and Tom says you guys would fit right in. Condoms provided but not necessary. Frankly, few guys wear them. The bottoms prefer to take their tops' loads home in them. Cum play... We were boned just thinking about it and made sure to clear our schedules. The next Saturday night, we arrived at a fancy house in a really expensive neighborhood. Dylan answered. He was fucking hot. Must have been over six foot tall. Wide shoulders, trim waist, and washboard abs pressed against a tight black muscle-t. He had red hair and big green eyes. Without knowing if he was a top or a bottom, I knew my boy and I would have fun with him either way. Dylan escorted us down to the basement where there were a few guys waiting. He introduced us around and we chatted up the guys. Dylan told us that we could discuss our favorite positions, top or bottom, and fetishes, but no one was the mention status. “Status?” I asked. “POZ or NEG, man. It brings the mood down if we know who we're playing with. Besides, isn't it more exciting not knowing?” Fuck, I thought. This might be more intense than we had planned, but from the growing bone in my boy's shorts, I knew he wanted to stay. I figured since we were both invited there as tops, the risk was really low anyway. My boy and I shook a few hands and groped a few hardening cocks as we mingled. Tom was there with another top friend of his, Andy, who wore a leather cap, was really skinny, and was in his 40s. When the last two guys arrived, Dylan grouped us into a circle. There were eight of us altogether, but it would up being five tops and three bottoms, not including Dylan himself. Dylan asked for a volunteer to switch sides and bottom. My boy's hand shot up in the air immediately without even asking me what I thought. I was a bit taken aback, especially since he had been so into topping lately. Dylan had him and the other three bottoms stand in a circle as he had the tops gather four chairs, plus one for him into a circle around them. “We're gonna start tonight with a round of PASS THE BOTTOM.” “Fuck yeah!” one of the guys shouted. Dylan continued, “Here's how it works. While I play some music, you tops will have about twenty seconds with a bottom in your lap before you have to pass him to the next top. If you don't have a bottom in your lap when the music stops, you loose an article of clothing. If you wind up with your date on your lap when the music stops, you get to remove an article of your bottom's clothing. And remember, there are condoms in the bowl if any of you are chicken...” I did a head count and realized that the numbers were off because the rest of the couples had been invited top/bottom. The rules seemed pretty simple. Dylan sat down to my left and clicked his phone to start the music and the bottoms picked a top and started grinding in his lap. A hot skinny black guy started first with me. He sat down with his back to me and ground his tight ass against my crotch. I reached around and tweaked his nipples. He got up, and the next round, I was without a bottom. I looked two guys to my right to see my boy writhing on the lap of a really big beefy bald guy. The guy had his hand snaked into my boy's shorts and must have been working his nuts or his ass. The top next to me was a lean gym bunny. He had both hands down the back of the black boy's shorts. Then, came the switch. Tom wound up on my lap and straddled me, sticking his tongue into my mouth as he ground against my crotch. A middle-aged guy with a bit of a gut sat down on me next. He sat down so hard that he practically knocked the wind out of me. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around my head then grabbed my hand and shoved it down the back of his shorts. He whispered into my ear, “I've had my eye on you, stud. Like what you feel down there?” My fingers found his loose ass all greased up and ready for fucking. I grunted, “YEAH!” and he hopped up. Just after he pulled off to sit on the next guy, Dylan stopped the music. My boy was in Dylan's lap and I was alone. I pulled my shirt over my head as the guys clapped and Dylan restarted the music. My boy plopped down on top of me, grinding away. I reached my hand into his crotch and could feel a puddle of precum there already, moistening the basket of his jockstrap. “Gotta make the next round faster! I want to end up in your lap so I can loose some clothes!” Instantly, the skinny black guy was back on my lap. He worked my nipples hard with his fingers and slipped his tongue in my mouth. He was a great kisser. I grabbed his bubble butt with both hands and helped him dry hump my crotch. Tom skipped over Dylan and was next in my lap. “Having fun, so far?,” he teased as he sat down on my lap. He reached behind himself and started unbuckling my jeans. “Is that against the rules?,” I asked. “The rules are gonna go to shit in a few minutes... Looks like your boy's having a nice time too.” I peeked over Tom's shoulder and saw my boy on his knees in front of Andy. My boy was working down his tight jeans and Andy was forcing my boy's face into his swollen crotch against his briefs. Another switch brought the guy with the guy into my lap again, and then my boy. I'd never seen him so wild. He was fingering his own hole with his hands in his shorts when the music stopped. I yanked his shorts to the floor and he stepped out of them, leaving his ass exposed and beautifully framed with his jockstrap. So far, he was the only bottom with his hole exposed. I knew things were about to get interesting. As we passed the bottoms around again, I saw that some pants had been unbuttoned and some shorts pushed down, but all of the tops seemed to still have their underwear on. As much fun as I was having with those bottoms dry humping my underwear clad dick, I was equally turned on stealing glimpses of my boy's bare hole rubbing against five big hard underwear-clad precummy dicks. The bottoms were passed around three times before the music stopped. While the skinny black guy was wriggling on my lap, Tom wound up on Andy's lap. With Andy's jeans at his ankles, his cock was straining to pop out of his briefs. Tom helped him poke his dick through the slit as he pulled off his own shorts revealing that he wasn't wearing underwear. Before the music started, Tom aimed Andy's dick at his hole and sat right down it with a loud gasp. Dylan restarted the music and pulled Tom down in his lap. I didn't have a bottom, so I looked to one side and saw my boy pulling the bald guys shorts up and freeing his drooling massive cock. He was slipping his asshole over the hard cock smearing the bald's guys precum all over his hole. I jerked my head to the left as I saw Dylan sink his cock into Tom's hole. I couldn't help but pull my underwear down and fist my cock. When they switched, Tom sank right down onto my dick as the guy with the gut shucked down his shorts and took Dylan's bare cock. My boy was bouncing up and down on Andy's tool with his head thrown back in ecstasy. By now the rules were out the window and all bottoms were getting barefucked. Dylan kept the music playing and the bottoms kept moving from guy to guy. I was amazed at how silky and tight Tom's hole was compared to the loose wet sloppy cunt on the guy with the gut. We kept passing each bottom after a few strokes in their hole. Dylan yelled, “Round and round and round they go. Who gets a TOX load, nobody knows!!!” I realized that at least one of the top must have been POZ. I wondered if my boy wanted to take my load or someone else's. When he came by I asked him as I grabbed his ass, raising it onto my dick. “You want my load, or you want one that might be charged?” “I can get your load whenever I want it. I wonder whose I'll get!” With that he winked at me and pulled off of my dick and mounted the gym bunny to my right. I knew I was getting close and thankfully I only had a few strokes in each bottom's ass before they were passed. I loved knowing that I was mixing my precum with each top in all of those asses. The gym bunny was the first to cum, with Tom on his lap. He held Tom's shoulders down and shot his load deep with strong thrusts, raising his muscled ass off of the chair. “I'm taking his load!!!!!!!!,” Tom shouted. That send Andy over the edge and he came hard in the black guy's ass. Those guys pulled their chairs out of the circle leaving me, the bald guy, and Dylan, passing around my boy and gut-heavy guy with the loose hole. We passed them around between us about three times before Dylan lost his load deep up my boy's raw, used ass. The bald guy was balls deep in the guy with the gut and exclaimed, “Help me out over here. He's so loose I can barely feel a thing!” I hopped out of my chair and slid into that sloppy stretched-out hole right alongside the bald guy's thick tool. Finally, I could feel some friction. The bald guy fired off first and I followed suit coating the sloppy cunt with my load. Dylan started applauding and the guys all joined in. My boy had his arms wrapped around Andy and Dylan. “So, can we talk status now?,” he asked. Dylan and Andy smiled at each other and they pulled their shirts over their heads. Andy had a red biohazard tattoo over his left pec and Dylan had a black one around his navel. The gym bunny and the bald guy took off their shirts too, but no tattoos. “Just 'cause we're not marked doesn't mean we're not carrying charged loads!,” grunted the bald guy. Tom smiled and wrapped his arms around my shoulders saying, “I think me, you, and your boy might be the only guys here who are still NEG.” My boy was weak at the knees, and not from shock, but from elation. “I guess I'm going to get it sooner or later. Anyone want to go for round two and make it happen tonight?” The tops all shouted, “Hell yeah!”, “Fuck yes!” I knew he wanted to be the center of attention. As each guy who wanted to fucked him, I cradled his head and kissed him. Dylan pulled out just before he was ready to cum and slipped behind me. As the bald guy bred my boy, I took my first and only cock of the night. Dylan filled my hole with his toxic spunk before pulling out. All in all, I only took one POZ load compared to my boy's four!
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    Kevin was browsing through profiles on adam4adam and once again found himself staring at the hottest guy he had ever seen. The guy was six one, 145 pounds, 26 years old, white, with a smooth nine and a half inch cut cock. And he was poz. "Damn," Kevin thought, "why does he have to have HIV?" As he had done many times before, Kevin couldn't help but to click through each picture of the guy's photographs, hoping to see more of the man's gorgeous body and enormous cock, but the most memorable image was the outline of guy's huge dick underneath the guy's bathing suit. The text on his profile always caught his eye, and Kevin found himself inexplicably turned on as he read it again "I'm poz. I fuck bare. Don't message me unless you want poz jizz in your hole." The first few times Kevin had read the man's profile, the message scared and repulsed him, but increasingly he found himself somewhat aroused as he found himself wondering what it would feel like to have the huge cock filling his ass with jizz. His thoughts were interrupted when the a4a alert noise cracked through his speakers and startled him. He checked the messages. 'Oh shit', he thought, 'it's from *him*'. The following conversation followed: hungpozfucker: hey, you always look at my profile. so i thought id say hello. dont worry, you can't get pozzed just chatting with me. kevinboi22: oh. um sorry. ur hott and all, but i dont fuck guys with hiv. hungpozfucker: no worries. it's not like i would let you fuck me. i would, however, attack your ass with my huge cock, if u were willing. Kevin found that his half-way hard cock was suddenly at it's full seven inches. kevinboi22: like i said ur hott. it's just the hiv thing. ya know? i wish i could see more pics of your cock though. hungpozfucker: i don't have any more pics here. look, let's meet up, and i'll show you in real life. don't worry, i'm not gonnarape your little boi hole or anything. i'll just come over, we can chat, i'll give you a glimpse, and then i'll leave. it doesn't hurt to make new friends does it? Kevin's cock was now throbbing as he imagined this huge cock being forced into him. "uggh," he thought "i wanna see it. i want him to fuck me, but not with hiv." kevinboi22: well, i guess that's cool. i'm a little shy, just so you know. and i only want to take a look, okay? hungpozfucker: deal About an hour later, Kevin heard a knock on his door. His heart was pounding, and his cock immediately resumed it's rock-hard status as he imagined what was on the other side of the door. Kevin let his new poz 'friend' into his living room. An awkward pause followed, but then the visitor took over. "I'm Bret. I guess I'll just break the ice," he introduced himself; and then casually pulled his shorts down revealing the longest and thickest soft cock Kevin had ever seen. "Oh my God," Kevin said as his mouth dropped. "Go ahead and touch it, it's okay. You can't get nothing by just feeling it." That was all the permission Kevin needed. He quickly got on his knees and inspected the beautiful cock as he slowly caressed it and felt it harden in his hands. "How big is it?" Kevin asked. "About 9.5 inches. Probably too big to fit in your hole anyway," Bret said half-smiling to himself. Kevin's cock was throbbing again. He continued to stroke Bret's enormous piece as it got fully hard. "Why don't you give it a little kiss since you like it so much?" Bret said while smirking. Kevin was scared, but too aroused to care at this point. He starting softly kissing the massive cock in front of him from the tip to the base, and back up to the tip. "Good, now give it a french kiss," Bret instructed. Kevin hesitated for a moment, but gave in to the urge and licked his tongue around the thick headed mushroom tip. After just a couple of seconds, he decided to just give up on the "kissing" and starting to go down on Bret's cock. "That's it," Bret assured him "suck that cock you've been wanting for soo long." Kevin tried desperately to fit the entire cock in his mouth, but could barely get past half. He kept trying with all earnest. After a few minutes, he stood up to take his shirt, jeans and underwear off, while Bret finished taking the rest of his clothes off. "Get back on that cock," Bret urged him. Kevin quickly obliged and sucked as hard and far down as he could. "Oh fuck yeah, use lots of spit. Make my dick as wet as you can like you want me to fuck your ass using your spit for lube," Bret insisted. Somewhere in the back of his head, Kevin was afraid; but the fear was somehow feeding the intense arousal he felt as well. He imagined this big tool being forced into him; and all he could do was continue to suck and apply as much spit onto the cock in his mouth as possible with each lick and suck, while he slowly tugged on his own cock. "Yeah, I knew you would surrender to my cock, that's it," Bret was smiling to himself knowing that he had won his prize. "Mmmmmmm" was all Kevin could muster to say as he gobbled and slobbered all over the cock he was worshiping. "Get on all fours now," Bret demanded. Kevin was both nervous and ecstatic to hear this. He was finally gonna get the cock he wanted; and any thoughts of Bret's HIV status were completely forgotten now. "Oh god, fuck me, please!" Kevin begged. "First things first," and then Bret licked at the tight little boi hole in front of him, "I need to make sure you're nice and wet to take this." Kevin already felt an orgasm building, and nearly came just from the wonderful tongue-fuck his ass was receiving. "Are you sure you want this now?" Bret asked, confident of the answer to follow. "Yeah!" Kevin said nearly interrupting the question, " fuck my ass with your big cock!" "You're ready for your first poz cock to attack your ass?" Bret clarified. Kevin didn't care anymore. All he knew was that he needed to get fucked by this cock. "Fuck yeah! Give it to me!" Bret forced his thick headed tip into Kevin's tight hole, and with some effort had the first few inches inside. "OH MY GOD!" Kevin yelled, "it's so fucking big. Oh, fuck!" Bret continued to press until he was mostly inside. Kevin felt a pleasure unlike any he had felt before, even as his ass was stretched ever more open, and Bret's magnificent cock slid deeper into Kevin, certainly more deeply than any other cock had done so before. Kevin nearly fainted from the simultaneous pleasure and pain his ass was feeling, but after a few glides in and out, he got used to it; and then the pleasure took over and sent Kevin into pure ecstasy. "You like that huh?" Bret asked. "Oh fuck yeah" Kevin panted out. "Tell me you want me to poz your ass." Bret said as he thrust all the way into Kevin. "OH FUCK! Yeah man, poz my ass!" Kevin could barely mutter as his ass was assaulted with deep punishing thrusts. "Do what?" Bret asked. "POZ MY ASS!" Kevin answered. Bret smiled to himself. He had his new cocklover right where he wanted him. "Do what?" he asked again, smiling to himself. "POZ MY ASS" Kevin blurted even louder. Kevin was completely under Bret's control; and was trying not to cum as he felt the big cock owning him. "POZ MY ASS!" Kevin again yelled. "Okay," Bret answered, "get ready for my poz cum to explode in your ass!" Brett quickened his pace as Kevin started stroking. Brett started to unload; and Kevin felt his ass getting slippery and started shooting his cum onto the floor. Brett grabbed Kevin's waste tighter and fucked as hard and deep as he could as he unloaded into Kevin's hole. Kevin suddenly remembered Bret was poz and found himself panicked as he realized he was getting a poz load blasted into him. The panic turned into excitement; and Kevin continued to cum, shooting a huge load onto the floor as Bret continued to cum deep inside Kevin. It was the most intense orgasm Kevin ever felt, and he could not believe how much cum was being shot into him. "Oh fuck!" Kevin yelped as he felt one final jab of Bret's huge dick shove into him. "There ya go," Bret whispered. "Finally got what you wanted." Kevin felt a strange sense of relief and satisfaction. "That was fucking amazing. I never came so hard," Kevin confided. "Be careful what you wish for," Bret thought to himself. They both managed to stumble to Kevin's bed, where they then passed out from exhaustion.
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    I got my last load in my mouth this morning from my brother's cock.
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    No HIV positive guys - It was bound to happen It was a week before I was flying to reunite with Connor in New York City. Reunite. That really was the word. I felt like half of me was gone in another place. I could communicate with it, but it felt as if my legs were detached. My brain could tell myself to walk, but I couldn't feel the movement of walking. The hope of seeing Connor again and reconnecting the missing pieces, missing feelings was growing daily. I moved us into the new apartment with Ramon, Seth, John and Bradley. We ran into some of my neighbors while moving. Bradley knew a few of the guys. They were older, late 30s early 40s maybe. They invited us down for drinks once we finished. We were all exhausted after we moved everything. Seth and Ramon bailed on us. Bradley and John went home to change. An hour later John, Bradley and I knocked on my neighbor's door. There was some music playing and we could hear voices. It definitely sounded like a party. Bradley's friend took us inside and introduced us to a couple of people. Everyone was really nice. I was not wearing party/club clothes, but was instead in older running shorts, flip flops, and a tank top. I had just picked what was on the top of the garbage bag (classy, I know) and quickly dressed. I thought it was just drinks at the neighbor's place; not a party. I was a bit embarrassed that I was under-dressed. John told me not to worry, that I looked like the most perfect Jewish bottom boy ever. We laughed, especially since John is the most perfect WASP bottom boy ever. We were at the makeshift bar at this point and one of the guys said; "You're right. He is the most perfect Jewish bottom boy ever." I turned to see who it was and I was stunned. It was the guy who had given the lecture in psychology class my freshman year - the positive guy who said it's the other guy's fault if he doesn't ask my status or ask me to use a condom. My cock twitched. What the fuck was wrong with me. He introduced himself as Rob. He was sexier now than I remembered him. I didn't remember the nice pecs, the great biceps or the amazing smile. He was older, but he was so fucking hot. No wonder guys would forget to ask him to use condoms. We chatted for a bit while I drank my first cocktail. John chatted with Rob's friends. Bradley scouted for his older bottom guy for the evening. We had arrived a little around 8pm. By 10pm guys were thinning out to go to the bars, but most of the crowd stayed. Bradley peaced out with a very well dressed man on his arm. John and I both rolled our eyes - Bradley's type is so expected. It's as if an archetype just keeps churning these guys out to sit on Bradley's cock. I was decently tipsy because I hadn't eaten and had moved furniture all day. I had now been drinking for about 2 hours. The host came into the back yard and asked if a few of us would run to the corner store to buy some vodka. Rob was near me and said he would go and said he would take the "most perfect Jewish bottom boy ever" with him. He looked at me and said, "You moved today. At least I know you can carry things without breaking them." Off we went. It was about a 6 block walk. Rob asked me a lot about myself on the way to the store. He also hit on me blatantly. He told me what a tease I was wearing an outfit that barely covered anything. In truth, my tank top reached almost down to the hem of my shorts so at times it looked like I wasn't wearing any shorts. John had also told me that he cold see my underwear up my leg hole when I sat down earlier at the party. So I just stood the rest of the time. I guess I was dressed like a slut. I tried to explain that I had a boyfriend, had just moved, grabbed what was on top of the bag, didn't know it was a party, etc. Rob listened and then leaned close to me and said, "You are still making me hard you perfect Jewish bottom boy." He asked if I was a bottom. I told him I was. He asked if John was my boyfriend and I laughed and said "No, he's another bottom boy." Rob said, "I bet he'll have some guy's cock up his ass by the time we get back to the party." I explained what a "good boy" John was and how he always made me feel slutty because he would never do things like go to a party and end up getting fucked by a guy he just met there. Rob caught that immediately. He said, "But you have gone to parties and been fucked by guys you met there." I blushed. About a block from the store there was an area with old growth trees that blocked the street lights. It was darker than other areas along the main street. Rob pushed me up against the tree and kissed me. He pushed his body against me and I could feel his hard cock on my thigh. I opened my mouth for him. He invaded my mouth. His hands slipped onto my ass and he said, "Plump ass." He slipped his hands down the back of my shorts and I was wearing a jock strap. He said, "Slutty most perfect Jewish bottom boy wearing easy access jock strap." I kissed him and felt his chest and biceps. He was a well built guy. I felt his cock. It was a good cock - 7", but thick in the right way. I unzipped his pants and took his cock out. I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock. I was such a fucking slut. I wanted this cock. I knew he was HIV positive and I didn't care. I was on the sidewalk sucking off a guy I had just met at a party. He must've been horny because he did not hold back. I was quickly swallowing his load. He said, "Good boy. I'll have to try that ass later." We got the vodka and headed back to the party. We had probably been gone 30-40 minutes. When we got back the party was probably down to 12-15 guys, including us. I put the vodka in the kitchen and went to find John. This was a typical one story New Orleans house - not a shotgun house; but a typical layout with bedrooms opposite the main living areas and the kitchen in the back leading out to the backyard. I looked through the living areas, checked the backyard, and then the bathroom. There was a guy I had seen speaking with John earlier coming out of the bathroom. I asked if he had seen John. The guy nodded his head to one of the bedroom doors and said, "He's fun." I laughed and said, "I know right." I opened the door to the bedroom. There was John bent over the bed naked getting spitroasted. One guy was fucking his ass while he was sucking another guy's dick. I made a move to check on him and make sure he wasn't being raped. As I stepped closer, I saw that John was drunk but definitely working that cock in his mouth with all his effort. I heard Rob say, "Told you." I turned and Rob was in the doorway. I was kinda turned on by the scene, but also really surprised. I started to leave the room. Rob stopped me and turned me around. He stood me in front of him and had me watch the sex scene. The guy fucking John said he was getting close and John said, "Cum on my back." The guy fucking him pulled his cock out, ripped off the condom, and jerked his load all over John's back. The guy in front then went to fuck John's ass. He put his cock at John's hole and John handed him a condom. "No glove. No love," John said. I relaxed a bit. John may be slutting around, but he was still being safe, per usual. Safe sex poster boy John. He really was a good boy. What was wrong with me. I craved bareback sex. I was actually less turned on my the baseball player shaped hunk plowing WASPy twink John's ass because he was using a condom. I actually felt my cock get softer. I looked at Rob and said, "Want another drink?" We left the bedroom, closed the door and headed to the kitchen. I poured a vodka cranberry and stepped outside. Rob didn't leave my side. He said, "You're right. Your friend is a good boy. He's giving his ass up just like a good bottom boy should." I said, "I know right. He's almost too good. Like I said, he makes me feel like the slutty one most of the time." Rob laughed out loud and hard. He said, "Really? Your friend is in a stranger's bedroom, getting fucked by multiple guys, and doesn't look like he's going to stop anytime soon. All you've done is suck my cock and swallow my load. I think he's taking the slutty prize tonight." I drank some of my drink, wanting to get drunk. Wanting to just say that "I'm sluttier because they wouldn't be using condoms to fuck me. I'm sluttier because I wouldn't stop once we ran out of condoms. I'm sluttier because I love when a guy cums in my ass." But I just stood there and drank my drink. Rob looked at me. He handed me his drink and said he would get himself another. When Rob came back he asked if that was the first time I ever saw John getting fucked. I laughed and told him that John and I met at a party both getting fucked over the same bed. Rob took an ice cube and ran it up the back of my shirt along my spine. I squirmed. He laughed and said stand still. He slipped the ice cube down my ass crack and against my hole. In all the sex I'd ever had with Justin or Connor or Eli or anyone else; I'd never had someone do that before. He pushed and I thought my body would react my tensing up against the cold. Instead my ass popped open and he slipped the small, rapidly reducing ice cube up my ass hole. I was surprised. He did it a few more times. Then I realized I needed to push out all the water or it would all leak out of my ass and down my leg. I went to the bathroom, embarrassed, and sat on the toilet pushing out some water. Luckily, I had cleaned out before I left the house because I thought I would have a couple of drinks and come home and jerk off with a vibrator. I cleaned up, opened the door and Rob was standing there. He asked if I was all clean. He smiled and took a drink. I said that I was. He asked if I wanted to leave. I said, "Not yet. I want to check on John, make sure he is okay, and finish my drink." I wanted Rob, especially after that fucking crazy ass ice trick; but I knew he was HIV positive and I was in no rush to ride his cock. He turned me on so much, but I knew I would be betraying Connor again. And this time I could really hurt him. I was in no rush. If Rob grew bored of me or thought I was a tease, so be it. I opened the bedroom door. The baseball player hunk was laying on the bed obviously in post coital glow. John was sucking off another guy. I went in and sat on the bed. I gave John a questioning look. He leaned over while still jacking the guy off and said, "I'm out of condoms and the host says he doesn't have any more. I'll get this guy off and then I'm ready to go if you want." I said, "Ok. I'll be in the backyard." I went out, shut the door, refreshed my drink and went outside. Rob was sitting in a lawn chair talking with the host. I went over to them. The host asked if John was cool. I said, "He's having fun. Says you are out of condoms though and he's ready to go." Rob almost choked on his drink. He looked at the host and said, "I didn't even know you had condoms." The host looked at Rob warily and said, "Of course I do, but I'm honestly out. And John is out of his own. Either he's getting fucked bareback or he's not getting fucked anymore tonight." I said, "What if other guys want to hookup?" The host said, "My friends don't usually end up with a twink taking multiple cocks in my bed so I wasn't prepared for it." We all laughed. Rob slipped his hand up my shorts leg. I naturally spread my legs. His finger found my hole. He rubbed my wet ass and tried to slip a finger in me. It went in some, but not much. The host asked me if I wanted to hang out after John left. I said sure. John came out in the backyard almost on cue. He said he was ready to go and the baseball player hunk was going to take him home. We hugged and I told him I was going to finish my drink and head out. The host walked them out. He went inside and came out with the guy John had been sucking off. The host said, "One friend is passed out in the guest room. It's just the four of us and I locked the front door. I'm too tired if more people show up/come back." We all laughed. Rob pulled me into his lap. I sat there and spread my legs over his so they were laying outside his thighs. I leaned back against him and drank my drink. The host and the other guest sat in chairs facing us and we all chatted. The host asked if I smoked pot. I said I did and he went inside and came out with a small tray with a few boxes on it. In one there were rolling papers and in another one pot. He rolled a joint and we all smoked. I was really relaxed now. Rob told me to tell them about how John and I met while both getting fucked over the same bed at a party. I told the story. As I did, I could feel Rob's cock growing against my ass. He pushed off my tank top and said, "You've been teasing us with your body all night. Let us see some of it." I let him take it off me. I was drunk, horny, and high and my cock was getting hard in my old running shorts. The other guest said, "Zach, I can see your underwear. I'm guessing you wore those shorts hoping we would see up the legs." I tried to protest that I didn't know it was a party and it was just the stuff on the top of the bag. The guest slipped his hand up the leg of my shorts and said, "Don't worry man. You already saw my cock. Showing off your stuff won't shock us." I felt his hand rub my crotch and he asked, "Jockstrap?" I nodded. He said, "What did John call you?" Rob answered, "John called Zach the most perfect Jewish bottom boy." The host asked, "Are you?" I blushed and drunkenly said I was. Rob said, "You wear a jockstrap when you want to get fucked don't you?" I said, "I wear one almost every day." Rob asked I've I'd been fucked yet today. I said I hadn't. The host said, "But you want to get fucked don't you." I said, "Yes." Rob stood me up and slid the running shorts down my legs. I stepped out of them. I looked back at him and kissed him. I undid his pants and took out his cock. I bent over to suck his dick, showing the other guys my ass framed by the jockstrap. I felt their hands on my ass. I then felt some slickness on my ass as one of the guys put some lubed my ass. I heard clothes dropping to the ground. I felt fingers ease into my ass. It wasn't long before there were three fingers inside me. I heard one of the guys say, "Sweet ass." The fingers were removed. I felt a cock head push at my hole. He pushed and it hurt a bit. The angle was wrong. I came up off the Rob's cock, said "more lube," and then grabbed the bare cock and aimed it at my ass. The cock slid right inside me. I knew without a doubt that one of these older guys was in me bareback right now. I had felt his bare cock when I lined it up to my hole. He called me a hot slut as he fucked me. He kept asking me how I liked his dick. I would either say it felt great or I would mumble something around Rob's cock. I heard the guy say he was going to cum. As I was trained to do, I popped my head up off Rob's cock and said, "Do it! Cum in me." The guy blew his load in my ass and I went back to sucking Rob's cock. The second guy slid his cock in me next and I knew he was bareback too. Another guy whose name I didn't know and whose status I hadn't asked. I knew he was in me bareback because there weren't anymore condoms in the house. He rode me for maybe 3 minutes before his cock blew in my ass. He withdrew. I turned around and saw both guys walking into the house. I didn't know which order they'd fucked me in. But now I was lowering myself onto Rob's cock. Rob's cock. I knew he was positive because he had spoken to my class. I knew I hadn't discussed HIV status with him. I knew neither of us had condoms. I knew his raw cock was sliding inside my hole as I was thinking all these thoughts. I was riding his cock and jerking mine. I was thinking about how Rob said it was my responsibility to ask about HIV status and how it was my responsibility to ask him to use a condom. I was thinking I wanted his cum in my ass. His positive cum. This man who made me rock hard telling me how irresponsible I had been in my freshman psychology class now had his raw cock inside me. I squeezed my ass and his friends' cum lubed him more as it slid out my ass and around his cock. I rode him harder as I was getting closer to cumming. I told him I was going to cum soon. He said he was too. I got so turned on thinking about it that I started cumming and almost screamed, "Do it! Cum in my ass." Rob pulled me down on his cock's full length and exploded inside me. His positive cum was inside my ass. FUCK! I slipped off Rob's cock and laid on the grass. Rob looked at me and then got on the grass with me. He said, "You really are the most perfect Jewish bottom boy and you have an amazing ass." He slipped a finger inside me as we laid there. He said, "Your ass is so wet with our cum. You like getting cum in your ass don't you?" I said I did. We just laid there. He ruminated a bit and said something about Tulane. I said, "You spoke to my psychology class my freshman year." He said, "Oh really?" I said yes and told him what I remembered about his talk. He said, "But you didn't ask my status or ask me to use a condom." I said, "I know." He said, "Most of the guys I fuck from those classes seek me out. They never ask my status. They know it. They never ask me to use a condom." I was a bit surprised. As he slipped his hard cock back into my well fucked ass he said, "That's why I've been giving those talks for years. And I always will. So many of you college boys want my poz cock that I never lack a hot young ass to fuck." I moaned as he fucked me. This time he lasted longer, but after about ten minutes I was begging him for another poz load. Once I left the house, I felt incredibly guilty. What had I just done to Connor? What had I just done to myself?
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    They say one in every seven gays in London are HIV positive. I went to test this out. Going along to my local sauna at the most popular time at the weekend, I headed straight for the darkroom and positioned myself so everyone there would know I was up for a fuck. Kneeling on the bench, I placed my arse so that it could easily be entered by anyone there who wanted to. It didn't take long for the first obliging cock to enter me bare. He kept up a good pace, but I suddenly felt a warm sensation inside me as he unloaded his cock straight into me. Load one. Another guy in the darkroom took over from the first man and shoved his cock in, assisted by the first guy's lubrication. This guy was quite old and not well endowed, but he fitted the bill: able to fuck me raw. Although he took some time with much grunting, he eventually spunked his cum right up me. Load two. Unfortunately, the time it had taken him had left the room empty of other donors. I had to wait a good time before my third load. A young guy with a decent sized cock came in and I happily sucked his dick to its full length. But whilst I was doing this, another guy entered the room and as I was pointing my arse outwards, he took it as fair game for him to stick his bare cock in. He fucked me really well and hit just the right point. He had me pouring a string of precum out of my dick whilst he pounded my hole. Soon, he was jerking his jizz right up in glorious spurts. Load three. I then turned my attention to the guy I'd been sucking off whilst being pounded. At first he seemed reluctant to fuck my arse as I moved round to position myself over his beautifully erect cock, but with some gentle persuasion I was able to lower myself onto his cock. Now I was in control and able to set the pace of the action. I played with his dick, moving my arse around to feel his cock inside me. I slowly increased the pace until I was bouncing up and down on his dick fast. This proved the trick and he unloaded deep within me. Load four. My next bare encounter was with an extremely well-endowed black guy that I really struggled to accommodate. The previous loads combined with persistence on his part and poppers on mine, finally saw him fully push his whole nine inches up me. He then got into a good rhythm. Pulling almost out of me and then thrusting deep within me. This continued until he stopped thrusting and pushed in to me as hard as he could muster, I could feel a sensation of his cock throbbing which was the telltale sign that he'd left his deposit up me. Load Five. The last two loads were in quick succession. One of the guys who'd been watching the large black cock pumping up me, immediately took over and thrust his somewhat smaller cock inside. He carried on thrusting away until his progress stopped and a large groan from him indicated he's just shot inside me. Load six. My final breeding was straight afterwards. I sucked the man to full erection and then turned round to receive his impressive manhood. He easily pushed it up me with a great squish with all the spunk now filling my well-bred ass. With great thrusts he hammered away for some time sliding in and out of me bare. I was enjoying every bit of it, I felt him tense up and his cock started twitching inside me. Load seven. Over a couple of hours I received seven loads, in all probability at least one of them was poz. I wondered which one, as the cum from seven different men started gushing out of me.
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    Another Real Experience - How Big Are Those Cocks? This is another true party story from about a year and a half ago. A long term play buddy of mine on the Upper West Side had started using his large floor-thru apartment near Columbia University as almost a full-time party location and meeting place. Additionally as time went by, he began to also help guys find the potions and combinations that enhanced and ramped up their sex experiences. My buddy Jack was a shorter white guy, with a steel grey buzzcut and goatee - he was around 60, but kept a very muscular body with just a bit of belly - he had a nice cock and a beautiful ass. He still liked to play himself, but sometimes was so busy setting things up and dealing with the guys who came simply for favors that sometimes he could not have the sex sessions he planned... and someone else might benefit from what he'd set up for himself. That's what happened to me that fateful Friday. So one summer friday, responding to an invitation for a play session he'd set up with me the day prior, I headed to his place and arrived around 5pm. Jack figured we'd play a bit early, he'd break for a while to take care of those arriving in the early evening for favors, then begin playing again when he was through - while I could continue with any other guys who happened to be staying for his evening play party. When I got there, he was already mostly naked with some leather, so I also got out my harness, metal cockrings, armbands and the like and pulled on a jock-strap until things really got started. He had two adjoining rooms, the smaller had a daybed type affair and his computer desk the other larger room a very big bed and most of the porn screens. We sat by his desk, puffing on a huge glass bong and shotgunning while we chatted and he let me know some of what was going on that evening to come. He also gave me a vitamin "v", and I started getting hard watching porn over his shoulder as we chatted and puffed up. I needed to piss after a bit (and as we were not yet playing, I didn't think there'd be any issue with me getting rid of a bit) and he said to just make sure I knocked before going into the bathroom as there was someone showering and cleaning up in there. He also told me to take my time as he still had a few IM's and E-mails to respond to before he could take a break. Cool, I thought, I can wait outside if they're shy and show-off if a bit if they are not. Headed to the bathroom on the other end of the apartment - down a LONG corridor past the front door, then through the living room, into the kitchen and then to the bathroom which adjoined the third bedroom located all the way to the rear of this long narrow apartment. I knocked on the closed bathroom door, and heard a familiar voice ask who it was... I called out my name through the door and heard "just a minute, then I'll open up..." While I was waiting, the door to the bedroom opened and Derrick, the guy renting that room from Jack, opened the door naked with a bong in one hand and torch in the other. Derrick was a wiry very white guy with a ripped body, lots of ink and a damn big cock. He was also a very popular DJ and party organizer, and also an escort. "I heard it was you out here, and I wanted to talk to you a second... here" he said, handing me the bong and using the torch to melt the T. As I was shotgunning him, the door to the bathroom opened and he hustled me inside. The occupant was Craig, a 20-something African American guy with a soccer player type body and nice size cock. He was from the same part of the south Jack was from. Craig was a nursing student, and was staying with Jack partly as delivery man, partly as assistant, and partly as fuck buddy. I took my piss as we three shared shotgun hits from the bong. Derrick told me he was glad I was there, because he had set up something for the evening that was really special for Jack, fulfilling a fantasy that Jack had been wanting to try for many years. He was glad I was there because he himself could not stay long (escort clients, you know) and Craig would likely be in-and-out, so Derrick was pleased that there'd be someone with real control there who could make sure the scene didn't get out of hand. Had to admit I was damn curious at that. While Craig pulled out some Testosterone Gel (this was just before they started making an issue about them) and started rubbing some into my muscles and his own, Derrick continued, telling us he had set up a gang bang for the evening with three EXTREMELY hung black top guys. All claimed also to be straight but just liked a walk on the wild side occasionally, especially when lots of party favors were involved. We all took a few more hits off the pipe while we each took turns giving each of the other guys a quick suck and a quick rimjob. We didn't want to leave Jack alone for too long, and Derrick was "working" in a short time, so he headed back to his bedroom while Craig and I went forward to Jack's two adjoining rooms in the front of the apartment. Jack and Craig and I got onto the daybed and sex play got started. All three of us are vers, with both Craig and I leaning more to top and Jack more to bottom. Still in our first round, we totally round robin-ed with each of us sucking and rimming each of the other two, each of us getting fucked by the other two and each of us fucking the other two. A very nice start to the evening, let me tell you... We took a break as John had guys coming very shortly for party favors and Craig was going to need to get things ready for a delivery run. I kicked back watching porn and we puffed the pipe some and a few guys came through... some heading right back out, others hanging a bit to see if they'd be invited to hang for a bit and get into the scene. After a bit, Derrick came into the room with some guys behind him. Derrick announced that Jack's "birthday present" from him was here, and Jack looked like a kid in a candy shop. One guy, Alastair, was a lean lighter skinned Jamaican guy with dreads and a goatee and appeared to be in his 40s; Pierre was a shorter darker Haitian guy who was neither toned nor flabby but was smooth all over and could have been anywhere from 30 to 50; finally there was Alex who was early 20s, very nicely muscular and looked like the All-American College Jock type. And as they stripped down, they all had cocks that were pretty damn big while soft... The guys were given a nice big baggie from Jack along with some vitamin-v. We sat around watching the porn and hitting the pipe hard. At first Alastair and Pierre were really quiet, and I guess to some people a bit menacing. Two of the guys who'd hung around slipped out quietly, while I noticed that the next few of Jack's arrivals didn't even bother staying for more than a puff or two. The three guys prepared points for themselves and the rest of us puffed on the pipe. Craig passed around drinks with G and the guys started to mellow a bit. We were down to the three of them, plus me and Jack, Craig and Derrick - who each would be leaving shortly - and a string bean of a white middle-aged top named Jimmy and a cute Hispanic twink, Rico. The three "friends" of Derrick's started to get hard, and holy shit! I've been a player since I was a teenager, and these were some of the biggest cocks I'd encountered in all that time - almost impossible that three of that size were in the room at the same time. Alex, who did some porn occasionally, had a beauty of 9-incher, and Pierre a slightly longer, and somewhat fatter battering ram that had to be 10 inches. Then there was Alastair. He was slowly fisting a cock that seemed impossibly long - someone whispered "how big IS that thing?". Alastair rather smugly replied "Thirteen inches" to which Jimmy responded "No way." As proof, Alastair pulled from his bag a goddamn TAPE MEASURE to prove it - said he got tired of people not believing him. Sure enough, it was past 12 1/2 inches long - officially making it the second longest cock I'd ever personally encountered. "Satisfied?" he growled at Jimmy, who looked a bit scared. All three seemed to be getting impatient with waiting for Jack to finish up though when Rico tried to go down on one of them he was pushed away. Jimmy and Rico retreated to the daybed behind Jack's computer and started to fuck around. It was also becoming obvious that Jack was VERY upset about some message he was getting on his phone and he started to curse under his breath. The three guys looked a bit pissed and started whispering stuff to Derrick and then Craig who moved over to them to see what was going on. Craig went back and forth from them to Jack. Finally, Craig and Derrick came over to me and began to talk in a hushed tone, while Jack spoke to the other guys. Seems Jack was going to have to go out because he was having some problem with a supplier that frankly I didn't need or care to know any more about. He was taking Craig with him. Derrick was heading to paying clients shortly. So I was left to hold down the fort and make sure nothing went wrong and was given a set of keys to the various cabinets. "And there's something else," Derrick mumbled. It seems his three pals were tired of waiting and wanted to fuck NOW. Jimmy was a top only, and was clearly showing signs of avoiding them at all costs, and they were very much NOT into Rico, whom they found too feminine and girly (odd, for straight guys, I thought, but whatever...). "That leaves YOU," Craig finished for Derrick. Shocked I looked at them like they were crazy. "You want ME to bottom for three of the biggest cocks on the island of Manhattan?" They both nodded. "You HAVE to, or its not gonna be pretty real soon" whispered Derrick. "But don't worry, we can help make it easier." See here's the thing. Yes I do like to bottom, and in fact had griped a few times lately that I wasn't getting any bottom time at the last few get-togethers I was at, but really... I could think of 10 friends off the top of my head who would pay a huge amount to be gang-fucked by 3 super-hung black men, but being the subject of ANY gangbang had never been a fantasy of mine. And any of my fuckbuddies can tell you that although my hole is rather talented when it comes to muscle control, I am tight, and usually take a bit of time to warm into being fucked. Craig got me some G and some K and tossed a sprayer of Maximum Impact on the bed we'd be playing on. The three guys got the points they'd prepared earlier out, and Derrick pulled a tourniquet around my bicep and swabbed my arm. Jack and Craig slipped out quietly, and Jimmy and Rico paused in their play to watch as the three guys administered themselves and Derrick did me. There were several coughs and as I held my arm over my head, Derrick whispered "good luck" and headed out. I was pulled over to the bed and my ride began. On my knees in front of them as the sat all on one side, I sucked on each of those huge cocks - I could deep throat Alex, and Pierre barely, but I could not get Alastair all the way no matter what. I got to rim Alex for a bit and then they pulled me up on the bed and onto all fours. The maximum impact was sprayed on a cloth and I took a huge suck on that blessed cloth. Alastair and Pierre knelt in front of me while my mouth went back and forth between two dicks and two sets of balls. Alex climbed up behind me and I was astonished to feel his tongue give me a rimjob! Then the cloth was shoved under my nose and Alex started to sink his missile into my hole. Thank goodness for all of the chemical assistance, as I was able to take him in with far less trouble than normal. There was a bit of pain at first, and an uncomfortable feeling that lasted even longer but I wasn't in agony or anything. Rico, fascinated by all this came over with the bong, and held it for me to take some huge hits and blow them out on the two cocks I was sucking. After that, I settled into pure pleasure from Alex's fucking. Pierre's foray into my hole was a bit more difficult and he was far from the best top I'd ever had, but I was one of the first male holes he'd ever fucked supposedly, though he had received many blowjobs from guys over the years. Eventually it was Alastair's turn. I booty bumped before he began, along with many more hits on the pipe and more Maximum Impact. And amazingly, it was astonishingly good. He was narrower than Pierre, which helped a lot, and he also seemed to know his way around a man's hole. We continued to fuck and suck for hours, with Alex sitting his gorgeous ass on my face a couple of times when I was getting fucked on my back, and even giving me a little sucking action on MY cock every now and then. His buds did raise their eyebrows a bit when he did that. I also gave Pierre his first rimjob ever, though I could not convince Alastair to allow me to do the same thing. Jack and Craig eventually returned and things broke up. I wound up driving Alex back to his place in Spanish Harlem, and going inside with him. We smoked some more bowls and his cousin arrived during and got high with us - this teenager from North Carolina got quite an education that night, as I wound up sucking and rimming him, getting fucked by him, and briefly allowing the two of them to DP me. Unfortunately, that pushed things a bit too far for my overworked hole and I had to call it quits and head home. My butt was pretty wrecked for about two weeks. I certainly wouldn't have sought this situation out, and I'm not sure I'd ever want to repeat, but I'm glad I experienced something like that at least ONCE in my life. I have actually hooked up with Alex a few more times, and I'm close to convincing him to let me fuck him!
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    This chapter is dedicated to joethomas and his hot, unmedicated poz dick. CHAPTER 13: Chris: Watching Ty being bred and then seeing him naked and blindfolded in front of us was almost too much. My cock was very hard and very wet. Just then my phone buzzed. Our exchange follows: Jake: sup My mind reeled at the thought of of Jake. That guy has impeccable timing. Chris: Hard and horned. And wet. Jake: Oh, yeah? Wanna fuck? Chris: Hell yeah. Come over. I wanna see this hole bred. Jake: Hot! Can be over in about a half hour or so. Chris: Cool. Jake: Hope you want it. I must be potent. I knocked up two guys recently I’ve been fucking. I mouthed the words 'Fuck yeah', a perverted grin crossing my face at the idea of Jake breeding Ty. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark: The sight of my son fucking and dumping a poz load in a young guy’s ass normally makes me hard as fuck, but at that moment my cock was locked down in a cock cage, which was becoming somewhat uncomfortable. Tyler might just be 20, but he was hot and ready, and apparently taking unmedicated loads like a champ. I knew Chris said he was on PrEP, then went off of it for his at-the-time boyfriend, then started taking it again, but now he’s obviously off. So young and full on bug chasing. Chris and I watched as he flushed a nearly full bottle of Truvada down the toilet, returning with an empty bottle, all to entice Cod to breed him. I had never known Cody to be so adamant about something. He must been determined to poz Tyler, although, to be honest, I was somewhat jealous that Cod chose to fuck Tyler rather than fuck me. I really wanted Cod's poz swimmers deep inside my ass. In front of us, Tyler was on his knees, leaning into the large chair as Cody teasing the crack of Tyler's ass, even as he looked at me, licking his lips. They were both teasing us. Precum leaked from my cock as my boy gave the impression he wanted to fuck the chrome off my bumper. If at that very moment I wasn't poz, I definitely intended to convert and Cody was just the man to make it happen. I wished I was at home with him right now having hot, sweaty, piggy dad/son sex the way should be. Mentally I could hear myself shouting "Cod, POZ ME!" as I watched him wipe his precum all up and down the crack of Tyler’s perfect little ass. Chris was watching as intently as was I, so I gave him a hint of my condition by taking his hand and moving it so his fingers were bathed in the precum flowing from my cock head. Smiling, Chris licked his fingers clean as we both watched intently as Cody's poz dick continued slowly torturing Tyler's ass. “You need more boy," Cody piped up. “Yeah, yeah,” Tyler softly murmured, his lips barely moving. “Good boy. I think there’s at least one more load for you. I'm gonna ruin that hole for you, boy. That what you want?” “Fuck yeah,” Tyler again murmured. “Gonna knock you up boy,” Cody softly grunted, adding “Now, move over to the couch for me,” instructed, gently guiding Tyler into position. Chris and I were occupying the couch so we stood and moved out of the way, conscientiously moving quietly, but I got the impression Tyler suspected he and Cody were not alone, that there was one or more present in the room, and he apparently was on the cusp of saying something when he was distracted when Cody who gently guided on his knees, towards the couch, instructing him “That’s it boy … don’t talk … just move your body, gonna get you in position, ready for more cock.” Complying, Tyler didn't say a word but moved into the position as Cody directed. Chris and I re-seated ourselves at opposite ends of the couch so that Cody and Tyler were in the center. Once in position Cody reached around giving feeling Tyler’s cock a feel, noting “You need to nut, Ty. You really need to get off.” Tyler nodded in agreement as Cody felt him up. Cody gestured to me, indicating he wanted me closer. When I was re-seated, Cody placed my hand on Tyler's ass, gesturing that I should explore Tyler's butt. "Aahhhhhh….” moaned Tyler as I played with him. As Cody was also exploring Tyler's body, using two hands, Tyler must have known there were at least two in the room, although he didn't actually say as much, rather he indicated his understanding with subtle bodily movements. Leaning in, Cody kissed me, whispering very, very quietly “Suck him … suck him off … don’t swallow the load, though.” I grinned, gave Cody a quick kiss, nodded and squeezed into the space between Tyler and the couch in order to get at the boy’s cock. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris: My arm pits were sweating profusely as I watched my little brother being fucked and bred on cam, but as I witnessed this all play out in front of me, I felt dampness not only in my pits, but also at my crotch. Not only did I crave sex with Tyler - I also wanted Cody’s poz cock. And both Tyler and Cody were right in front of me. I needed to play with these guys, and I also knew it was possible I had already converted, if only because Jake had been regularly fucking me as of late. I relished the possibility that in fucking Tyler, I might, through my rigid cock, transmit Jake’s virus into his body. I thought to myself “I’m in heat … I need to fuck and I need to be fucked,” adding the thought "Tyler is such a hot little slut he deserves a big, possibly poz load from his older brother. Right?” Cody told Tyler to move toward the couch and guided him in that direction. Mark and I moved out of the way. When Cody and Tyler were situated, Cody went back to teasing Tyler’s hole. “Mmmmm...”, I heard Tyler moan as Cody rubbed his cock up and down Tyler's ass crack. “You need to nut, Ty, you need to get off,” Cody commented as he continued to tease Ty, simultaneously reaching around to feel him up. Tyler moaned his approval as he pinched his tits. I could see the sea of sweat pouring down his chest. Cody was virtually torturing Ty, rubbing and licking the back of his neck, and nudging his hole. Cody looked over at at the two of us, and motioned for his Dad to move in closer, and when he was sufficiently close, Cody pulled him in very close, gave him a kiss, and whispered a couple of words in Mark's ear. Mark returned Cody's kiss, stooped down, taking Tyler’s cock into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhh...” escaped a moan from Tyler, and a part of me was a bit jealous of my little brother. Perhaps recognizing my sheer need to get some action, Cody shot me a grin, and gestured for me to make a silent approach, and when I was within reach Cody asked “You need some more cock in your ass Ty? That what you need?” as his cock continued to massage Tyler's ass crack. “Ahhhh… ahhhhh … mmmmm yes … yes, … please,” Ty answered, almost purring as he responded to the invitation and to Mark's expert ministrations to his cock. Cody spat in his hand, took my cock, smiled, and then positioned my cock against Tyler's hole murmuring “You’re about to get it Ty, you’re about to the cock you want so bad.” I suppose Ty could most certainly recognize Cody was accompanied by another guy, but he didn't seem to respond as if he knew what was about to happen. Pushing me into position behind Tyler, Cody spread Tyler’s cheeks apart with one hand as he simultaneously scooped the precum oozing off of my cock and smearing it onto Tyler's hole. Cody further prepared us by rubbing a bit of cool lube onto my cock and into Tyler's crack. I took great inward pleasure in the thought of playing a role in Tyler's seroconversion. As a counselor at an HIV testing and outreach center, I had counseled many men on ways to avoid HIV, and Tyler and I had had more than one conversation on the subject, yet there we were, horny, naked, and wet. I was about to fuck and breed my brother’s ass, and I was about to do so, knowing that after several extremely hot and extremely unsafe fuck sessions which culminated in Jake filling me with his poz sperm, I might well have also seroconverted. One or two rubs and Cody made it clear he wanted my cock inside Tyler and, applying pressure to the small of my back, he guided my cock into Tyler's ass. “Ahhhh…. Ahhhh… so good,” cooed Ty. Cody leaned over and in a quiet, soft voice asked “That what you want boy?” “Yes … ahhh… yes”, moaned Tyler. “Glad you like it, boy. You can have this cock any time you want it," Cody remarked. Before this occasion I had never fucked Ty, but I remember thinking, hoping that this would be the first of many such occasions. My rock hard, well lubricated cock ground its way ever deeper into Tyler’s beautifully smooth butt. I took hold of his waist and slowly pull him onto my dick, allowing his weight to drive it even deeper. “Ahhhh…. Fuck… Fuck… so good,” I involuntarily moaned out loud. Recognizing my voice, I felt a jolt surge through Tyler. It was my turn to smile at Cody. Now Tyler knew my bare cock was inside his ass. Of course what Tyler didn't know was the frequency with which Jake fucked me, and likewise the relatively high probability I was actually poz. Sadist that I can be, I thought “Maybe I’ll get tested later.” Tyler and I got into rhythm, pumping our cocks in unison, my hard cock slipping in and out of Ty's ass, matching Ty's every motion. Then hands grabbed my waist, held us still for a moment, as a large knob pushed against my hole. Cody’s hard, fat cock was sliding deep inside my ass. I moaned uncontrollably as it completely filled my fucking warm asshole. The rhythm of the session had now completely changed as Cody, in joining the group, immediately took control. With each thrust of his pulsating cock deep in my ass, the power of his plunges pushed my cock deeper into Tyler, causing his cock to echo the motion inside Mark's warm wet mouth. With each cycle Cody almost completely withdrew his hard-on from my ass, with only his cock head remaining inside my hole. I did the same, and supposed Ty was doing the same inside Mark's mouth. Soon we were all in unison, and another vigorous, urgent cycle of pounding cock ensued. I knew Cody had just blown a load, and therefore could fuck me without concern of cumming, but with each thrust into my little brother I was closer and closer to falling over the edge into the abyss. It was so hot: fucking my brother while he mouth-fucked Cody’s Dad and as Cody fucked me. Gradually Cody increased the tempo of his assault on my ass, which caused me to do the same to Ty, and Ty followed suit to Mark. “Ohhhhh fuck… so good… your cock is so fucking good,” I heard Tyler murmur, as, over and over, the hairs of my sweaty crotch slammed against his ass. Notwithstanding the intensity of the three-way, not until Ty blew his massive cum load into Mark's mouth did a chain reaction result in everyone else getting off: just as Tyler's balls were draining themselves into Mark, Tyler's ass muscles tightened around my cock, causing me to violently orgasm, with the result I completely filled Ty's amazing ass gobs and gobs of hot white, possibly poisonous, semen spurting from the head of my dick. Each volley of cum caused me to gasp in pleasure. Not surprisingly, my orgasm pushed Cody over the edge: his hard cock swelled in my ass, his balls retracted, readying themselves for an explosion, which immediately followed with Cody filling my ass with his infected seed. As Cody’s orgasm began to take control of him, his grasp on my waist clamped even stronger and he repeatedly plunged his hips against my ass, sending his angry cock deeper than ever before. Shot after shot of cum fired from his cock deep inside my hole, filling me with his own special sauce. He gave me his warm, gooey, toxic cum, as I filled my brother with a concoction which I hoped to be similarly toxic. It seemed to me each man's orgasm lasted a life time, that my cock just kept filling Ty's ass, even as my ass was being filled by Cody. Still, eventually we all began to slow our violent thrusts, eventually coming to a complete stop as the last drops of spunk drained from our rock hard cocks into each other’s body. I softly kissed and licked Tyler’s neck the way Cody had, softly murmuring “Love you Ty,” thereby letting him confirm my identity. "Oh my god, that’s fucking fantastic!" Cody enthusiastically commented, as, having caught his breath, he withdrew from my ass. No one could possibly have missed the plopping sound which accompanied his withdraw. We separated and Cody reached around me, pulling off Tyler’s blindfold. Tyler looks down at Mark, who's mouth was closed and presumably full of cum. Glancing first at me, and then at Cody, I could see Tyler was processing what just happened. A smile passed over his face. “Dad,” Cody expectantly commented, prompting Mark to rise to his feet and give me a deep, French kiss, a kiss that seemed endless. From my peripheral vision, it seemed Tyler was watching intently, so I'd like to think he was well aware Mark and I weren't merely tongue wrestling, but rather Mark was actively sharing Tyler’s load with me, that, for the first time, I was tasting my baby brother’s semen. Eventually Mark and I parted, and n so doing, a few drops escaped our lip lock and dribbled down onto my chin. No words are spoken as we’re all enjoying the light of our orgasm. I look at Tyler. His eyes, pleading, looking at me. Subconsciously I leaned in toward him, and he leaned in towards me. Suddenly we were kissing, and as we did so, I remember thinking “I sure hope he can taste some of his own delicious spunk." Cody and Mark dressed and left as Tyler and I made out. I couldn't get enough of my baby brother. The thought that I had dumped a load in his ass kept my cock wet, and it was clear Tyler was excited, if only because of the kisses with which he showered me. Eventually, however, we broke off kissing, and simply gazed at each others, only to smile, and resume kissing. After several minutes passed, I found my lips to be all but numb - there's only so much making out one can undertake - apparently. I couldn't believe we had waited so long to play with each other, so I got to my feet, took his hand, and suggested "Let’s go to my room.” Tyler shot me a quick smile and nodded in agreement. Once there, we climbed into bed, and I reached over him to confirm the camera was still recording - I wanted a record of the hot scene of two brothers about to have sex. Then an idea hit me, "Be right back Ty… don’t go anywhere.” Jumping out of bed, I walked into the living room, searching the closet for two of the test kits from work. Before I found the kit, however, Jake’s head appeared in the window of the front door. I opened the door even before he could knock, and gestured for him to enter. Giving him a quick kiss, I softly welcomed him saying “Come on in sexy … you’re just in time for some fun … get naked.” Jake smiled, gave me another kiss, and removed his shirt, ad I returned to the closet, finally locating the two HIV test kits of which I was thinking. Giving me a quizical look, Jake gestured at the kits. “Just gonna run a test for Ty and myself," I explained, adding “Stay here for a minute, get naked and let me start these,… be right back.” Taking the test kits into my bedroom, I placed them on the night table, sat down, and gave Tyler a kiss. He asked “You wanna test? Can’t we...." “Yeah, we could wait but I wanna know now,” I responded as I opened the kits, swabbed our arms, and put the test strips into the liquid. Kissing Tyler another time, I commented "One more time, be right back sexy."
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    Part 2 For the next two weeks, all that my mind kept wandering to was him. I didn’t even know his name. But I did know where HE lives. And HE was the best sex I’d ever had in my life. And I wanted MORE. It’s like something had invaded my body with that poisonous cum. The part of me that used to be scared of catching HIV no longer existed. It had been devoured by the disease that was incubating inside me. That’s right, I never went to the hospital. How could I? I was so turned on every time I thought about him and what he did to me. How could I sit there and tell a doctor about it without my raging boner giving me away. I wanted more of him. I needed more of him. And so that brings me to tonight. Right now. I am probably doing something completely stupid, but I think I might go insane if I don’t feel him in me again. So I put on a pair of ass-hugging jeans, simple tee shirt, and grabbed a jacket that hangs a little longer than last time, and headed out. My heart was racing the entire walk, and now I find myself standing in the shadows across the street, watching his house. No movement, but there is a light on. Doesn’t seem like there is anyone else there with him. I walked to the door and knocked. And waited. I was so nervous I was actually shaking. After what felt like eternity, the door flew open. With the one step up into the house from the top step I was on, he was towering over me. “Well, well, well. The bitch came back for more, didn’t ya?” he chuckled. I hadn’t figured out just what I wanted to say to him, despite how many times I played it out in my head. So I ended up stammering, “I just, I wasn’t sure, but, maybe-” He reached out, grabbed my arm and yanked me into the house. In a flash he spun me around and jammed that long tongue down my throat again. This time there was no resistance from me. My tongue was in there, too, gliding and dueling with him, causing us to become a big slobbering sloppy mess. It was a hot fucking kiss! “I knew you’d want more,” he panted once our lips parted. “Come on,” he said, taking me by the hand back to the bedroom. As I got undressed, he was on his phone texting or something, and then he stripped, too. We basically got right back to how it was last time. He wanted me on my stomach while he rimmed me, then he climbed up the bed and straddled me before slowly working his big meat back into me. I’d been so horny for this the last two weeks, my ass felt no pain, and it felt awesome! “Fuck yes, I’ve dreamed about that dick in me every day since I left here,” I groaned. “I knew you would, pig. That’s what sluts, do, right?” he laughed. “Did you keep my babies in you like a good bitch?” “Yes, I put a butt plug in and kept it in me all day,” I replied. “Good, bitch knows what to do. And now you want more. I’ll give you more. We’re gonna get you more than you can handle,” he commented, now working up to quite a frenzied fuck before blasting his first load of the night. That first fuck hadn’t lasted long, but lucky me, I knew that he was good for plenty more. He lay flat on top of me as he came down from his orgasm, his breathing returning to normal. But he seemed perfectly content to lay on me with his hard rod still buried up in me. I was content with it, too. “Any signs of infection yet? It’s been two weeks,” he pointed out. “Not so far,” I told him. “And my ass was bleeding, too. No wonder everyone stared at me on the way home. My pants were soaked with cum and sweat and some blood.” “I’ll get you what you want. It is what you want, isn’t it?” he asked, teasingly rutting his hips to stimulate my ass even more. “Yes.” “Yes, what?” “I want you to fill me with your virus. Infect me. Poz me,” I said. “Good bitch,” he cooed in my ear. “We’re gonna give you more deadly cum that your body will know what to do with.” We? Who is this ‘we’? Suddenly I heard the front door slam shut, and the sounds of several pairs of feet clunking down the hall to us. I tried to look back and see how many people he’d invited over, but his face was right next to mine. I could hear jackets and shoes being removed, but no one spoke at first. Finally HE (I still didn’t know his name) did a push-up and hovered over me for a moment before ramming into my ass with a couple of powerful slams. And then he eased out completely and climbed off of me. I quickly flipped over and was greeted with a sight most horrific. Where HE was built and hot, his choice of friends left a lot to be desired. A rougher bunch of men I’ve never seen. Five in all, they looked like they ranged in age from 40-ish to at least 60. A couple looked like bikers, in their beat-up leathers. Another looked like he was homeless he was so messy looking. And the remaining two were basically skeletons with skin. My stomach lurched. This is not what I came here for. I just wanted a hot fuck from a real stud again. This was delving into dark territory. What do you do when your entire body is lit up with lust but your brain is screaming ‘FIRE!’? I guess HE saw my hesitation and spoke up. “There’s no where to go so you might as well lay back and enjoy the ride. Just like you enjoyed it with me the first time. It brought you back here, didn’t it?” he noted. I couldn’t argue with that. Besides, I was staring at a wall of hard dicks and horny men. Fuck it! I rolled back over and presented my ass to them. I don’t have to see them, anyway. It’s just their cocks I’m interested in. “Fuck yeah, that’s right, bitch,” one of the guys said as he crawled up behind me and lined his hard dick up with my cum-lubed hole. “We’re going to fuck you up,” he added right before shoving balls deep in me, forcing the breath from my lungs. I groaned and sucked in air for a few seconds. Luckily my ass was already fucked by the biggest dick among them, and well lubed, so he had a smooth ride. They all stood around cheering him on. I could tell from the feel of him that he was one of the bikers, just from his general size. His dick felt good, a comfortable ride at 7-ish inches. He slammed into me over and over and over. The friction in my ass was heavenly. After I don’t know how long, he lost control and buried balls-deep into me while his toxic cum flooded my ass. I swear I was born with extra nerve endings back there -I can always feel every drop of cum as it enters my fuckhole. “What do you say, bitch?” HE bellowed. “My friend just gave you a gift.” “Thank-you, Sir.” “Thank-you, Sir for what?” the guy asked me. “Thank-you for your poz load, Sir.” “Not just poz, bitch. I’ve got AIDS. Enjoy,” he chirped, sliding out of me and giving my unbruised butt cheek a swat. Next came the one I thought looked homeless. I knew it wasn’t the other biker because he’s bigger, and it definitely wasn’t one of the skeletal men, either. His dick actually felt bigger than the first guy, a nice surprise for a smaller guy. It stretched my hole and filled me. As he pounded my hole, the thickness caused my ass to make all sorts of raunchy sloppy slurping noises, which the guys all seemed to get off on. Hell, I was getting off on it, too! Between that and the knowledge that my hole was getting filled with their seed, I was feeling like one happy pig. I didn’t bother trying to hide my big smile as I rode back on that dick and fucked myself with it. HE laughed when he saw my obvious pleasure at being used like a cumdump. “Look at you, smiling and happy like a true whore. I should be makin’ money off of you,” he laughed to himself. Then HE grabbed his phone off of the night stand and started taking pictures of my smiling face as I rode the stranger’s dick. I didn’t try to hide myself from that, either. I had no idea what he had planned for the pictures, but I was feeling too good to care. This guy came in my ass, and immediately climbed off. Only seconds later one of the bony thin men was pressing himself up against my upturned ass. I could feel the bones of his hips against my butt cheeks for a moment before he pulled himself back and lined his cock up with my hole. This dick was crazy -it was so thick my hole hurt as it tried to stretch open. Honestly, it felt like he was trying to fist me. Finally just the huge head popped in, causing me to yelp out. This, naturally, caused all of the men to laugh and taunt me. And spur the skinny fucker on. Not the best idea when it didn’t feel like he was going to get in me another inch. It was THAT thick. But not waiting for me to voice any protest, HE ran behind the guy and shoved forward hard. I yelled out as I felt my hole stretch and tear for the unnaturally thick cock. I knew I was torn because as he began to fuck in and out of me, I could feel my hole get a lot slicker from the added blood mixing with the cum. I glanced down between my legs and watched. After several minutes of hard pounding, causing an even more obscene sloppy slurping noise, I began notice a light pink mixture oozing down the insides of my legs. Cum mixed with blood. It wasn’t shockingly red, not even close, so I didn’t panic. I knew that the worst was over, and his dick was now feeling great slamming into me. Eventually I was pushing my ass back to meet his thrusts, riding that monster meat like my life depended on it. I was hoping that his wad would be proportionate to the size of his dick. I could feel a set of big balls flopping against my own low hangers with every forward thrust he made. They felt like big balls, so I really did hope they were full for me. Sure enough, within a matter of minutes, he was giving telltale signs that his orgasm was near. His bony hips hit my ass cheeks harder and faster while his skinny fingers dug into the flesh of my waist. Finally he roared loudly, called me a fucking AIDScumWhore, and literally drenched my guts with his toxic seed. And yes, those balls were FULL. He stayed in me for a couple of minutes, and his dick pulsed non stop the entire time. My hole was slick. With an audible slurping/sucking sound, he gently eased his semi-hard cock from my hole, and I felt the other biker take his place. “Fuck yeah, I love some AIDS sloppy seconds,” he grunted as he jammed his cock into me. It wasn’t nearly as thick as the last guy, so he easily coasted into my hole and set about pounding me to mush. His basically average sized dick was a nice break from the stress my body had been enduring, so now I was able to catch my breath and allow him to use my hole to dump his load. A few minutes passed and he added his cum to the mix of venomous seed that was polluting my insides. Just the thought of it now had my dick twitching like a divining rod beneath me, and leaking precum like a faucet. Last up was the other scrawny wasting man. His dick wasn’t as thick as his mates, but it was longer. He hit me deep as he entered me, slowly but surely, until his hips rested against my ass. This entire time I’d been doggie, so it was actually a relief when he pulled back out and told me to flip onto my back so I could look at all of the men who had gifted me with their precious HIV+ semen. I didn’t hesitate and was on my back as quickly as one might expect from a cumwhore. He was back in me and slamming away in a matter of seconds while the others cheered him on. My eyes scanned them all, the look of satisfaction they all wore on their faces, and their already hardening dicks that were probably going to be making a second stab at my ass as soon as this wasting fucker got through with me. They all took such pleasure in passing their disease on. I wondered how many other unsuspecting guys had fallen victim to their deadly dicks. Just thinking about all of that cum in me, their toxic baby batter, it kept me so high and in heat, I started egging the fucker on. After all, they wanted me to play the part of the toxic cumwhore -give the people what they want! “Come on, give it to me, fuck another load of AIDS juice into me. Flood my ass,” I urged. “Oh, yeah, you like taking dying AIDS dick in you?” the skinny fucker asked. “Sick fuck, that’s what you are. And you’re getting loads from a bunch of truly sick fucks, you fucking pig. You’re gonna be so diseased and toxic when we get done with you.” “Fuck yeah, give it to me. I want all of your loads. Fucking load me up!” I begged. They all cheered us on, and finally he jammed as deep into my ass as he could reach. I thought he was going to empty his nuts now, but he settled close to me and I could feel him fidgeting around my ass. I wasn’t sure what he was doing until I felt more pressure at my opening. After a couple of minutes of pushing, I felt a sudden rush and the pressure stopped, his hips were as tight against me as possible. That’s when I realized he’d shoved his balls up into my ass, too. Fucking hell, I’ve never had a man even try to do that before but it was HOT! Of course he couldn’t really fuck now or they would pop out, so I squeezed his entire goody package with my ass muscles (I somehow managed considering how slack I felt inside) and worked to milk his load out of him. The other guys were going nuts watching this, cheering us on. And I was thrilled -I felt like I’d climbed Everest or something. It really was a wonderful sensation having his cock and balls plugging my hole. Like a butt plug that gives you loads -what a dream! I squeezed and squeezed and finally he started grunting. “That’s it, whore, milk my load out. Come on, pig, work that ass and you’ll get a nice big load right up in there. Uuugh, fuck yes, that’s it!” he roared as I felt his balls twitch and his dick throb, filling me completely with his offering. It was quite a while before we finally came down, and he carefully worked his sensitive balls and dick out of my hole, and then HE stepped up and jammed a big plug into my ass. “Come on, guys, let’s go get a drink and leave the pig here to rest a few minutes before we get onto Phase 2.”
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    Glad you guys are enjoying this storyline... Part III My boy followed Brent up the stairs to our bedroom as Sam got up and sat down beside me. “I imagine they'll need about fifteen minutes for the next part of the audition, so we've got some time to get to know each other,” he said, as his leg brushed against mine and he slapped my inner thigh with his hand. “Mind if I ask some questions about your sexual skills and experience?” “Sure,” I answered. “Ever been in an orgy?” “No, not yet.” He made a mark on his pad. “Ever felched a hole before sharing your boy's ass with Joe?” “Not on purpose. But I'm sure I ate my boy's hole once or twice when there was already cum in there.” He made another note. “Ever suck a cock that might be POZ?” “Not yet,” I answered, waiting for him to take note of my response. “Want to try?” Sam leered at me as he put down the clipboard, spread his legs, and forcefully guided my hand to his crotch. He thrust my hand to his belt, and helped me unbutton his jeans, releasing a thick uncut cock. “Get to it, slut.” I crouched between Sam's muscular thighs and he forced my head down into his crotch. “Make my dick nice and wet. It's gonna fuck at least one hole tonight!” I slobbered all over Sam's cock, and fished out my own hard-on. My mind reeled with sex as I breathed in the scent of Sam's crotch and swallowed his dick. I knew at the very same moment, there was a good chance that my boy was blowing Brent. I sucked Sam off for a few minutes. I have always loved giving head, and I wanted to make a good impression. Sam was running his fingers through my hair and even pulling it as he led my head up and down, completely controlling the pace. After a bit, he held my head with one hand on my throat and kept my head still. He POUNDED my throat until I was gagging. “You're doing well man. Just let me use your throat. You want to be used, don't you?” Sam yanked my shirt over my head and leaned forward so he could stick a spit-moistened finger in my ass. I tensed as his first knuckle jammed into me. I started moaning so much that I must have been giving a really shitty blowjob. Sam spun me around so my face was on the floor and my ass was up. He dove between my cheeks and roughly licked my ass with his fingers and his tongue. I tried turning my head to see if he was getting ready to fuck me, but he used his free hand to hold my head to the floor as he stuck three fingers of his other hand painfully inside me. Sam released my head as he got to his knees behind me and teased my ass with his raw cock. He slid up and down my crack. I squirmed around until his head was right at my hole. “You trying to get me to fuck you?” “Uh huh” I grunted. “Take your time. I'll take your ass when I'm good and ready.” “Fuck yeah,” I moaned, adding “it's your's to take!” I couldn't believe I was giving into being a bottom pig for a total stranger who was very likely POZ. My knees were weak and I could feel myself shivering a bit knowing very soon I would be full of raw dick. Sam slapped his tool against my hole a few times and I could feel his precum dripping into me. He jabbed the head in just until my ass closed around his mushroom. I started to push back on his cock, and he pulled out. “Dude, I know you think this is about you, but it's not. Be patient.” Just then, I heard a chuckle from the staircase. I looked up to see Brent coming down the stairs alone. He was dressed but had removed his tie, and unbuttoned and untucked his shirt. Brent stood me up and chastised Sam, “Go easy on him. He's new to all this.” Sam immediately grabbed his clipboard and made a note. “Now go upstairs,” he told Sam, explaining “the boy is ready for you.” At that point, I didn't know how far Bent had gone with my boy's part of the interview, but I figured they hadn't fucked since he was still dressed. Sam shucked off his jeans in a pile at the base of the stairs, and eagerly bounded up towards the bedroom. I knew he would be rough-fucking my boy raw within minutes. Brent wrapped his arms around me and gave me a bear hug. “Your boy did very well. I'm sure you'd be proud of how well his portion of the audition went. You're a lucky man.” I beamed with pride knowing that he approved of my boyfriend. “Did you fuck him?” I asked. “Maybe, maybe not yet. But I'm down here with you now. Let's talk about you.” Brent's tone was completely different than Sam's: he was more experienced and more even-tempered, just as sexy but in total contrast. Brent leaned forward and kissed me. He was making love to my mouth as his hands explored my chest, tweaking my nipples and working lower until they found my rock-hard cock. He sat me down on the sofa and went down on me, gingerly lapping at my balls and going lower as he slowly raised my legs until my hole was exposed to him. He gently licked my ass and made wider and wider circles as I relaxed. He worked in a finger or two without me feeling any pain at all. I felt myself melting into his hand. Brent stood up and began taking off his clothes. “You know what Sam is doing to your boy right now, don't you?” “I bet he's pounding him hard.” “Probably. Are you sure you're ok with that?” “Yes. I'll be more ok with it if you fuck me right now.” Brent smiled down at me as he opened his trousers and revealed a beautifully long thin shiny wet dick. When I saw it, I wondered if he had already fucked my boy. He spit on his hand and lubed his cock. He gently leaned into me and without feeling any pain, I took his entire length, balls deep. He eased in and out of me until my ass was spasming with pleasure. Brent kissed me, filling my mouth with his tongue as I melted completely into him. His pace increased, but he was tender as he fucked me. It was more like making love than I had ever experienced with my boyfriend, completely different than the brute animal energy I had received from Sam. “Do you want me to cum in you” he asked. “Yes. I want to feel your cum in my ass. I want to join your Club and let all of the guys fuck me!” His pace quickened. “Even the POZ ones?” “YES! Especially the POZ ones!” “And your boy? Do you want him to take our loads too?” “YES! Give us both your seed!” His pace slowed until he stopped, holding his pulsing dick deep in me. “You want us to give you both our POZ seed?” “YES! Give us your POZ seed!” He pumped slowly as he kissed me and then withdrew his cock. “I already have.” I knew in that moment that he was POZ. And I knew that he had cum inside me. My head swam as I realized what I had allowed to and even encouraged happen. “Want to go upstairs with me and see how Sam is getting along with your boy?” To be continued...
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    Part IV Brent kissed me gently and stood me up, my knees wobbly from nervousness and excitement. He guided me towards the stairs and stopped at the bottom step as his cummy dick pressed against my sloppy hole and he wrapped his arms around me, whispering “You know, you and your boy are both very lucky to have each other.” With that he turned me around to face him and kissed me again, adding “with some couples, one is clearly more interested in joining our Club than the other one, and that can ruin a relationship.” I nodded as he continued saying “this should bring you and your boy closer than ever as you go through this experience together, and it will be my pleasure to be part of that process.” His cock was getting hard again as he turned me around and gestured upstairs. As rough as Brent had been with me, I figured he would be practically raping my boy by now, but I was surprised to hear no sounds at all as we approached the bedroom door. Brent stepped to my side and placed his hand on mine as I turned the handle and opened the door. There, in front of me, on our bed, my boy was face down with a jockstrap shoved in his mouth as a gag. Sam had his ass up in the air as he held his face down and jackhammered into his hole. Only the sound of heavy breathing, balls slapping sweaty ass, and my boy's whimpering filled the room. Sam looked up and grinned at me and Brent. “Good thing Brent leaks a lot! He lubed him up good for me!” I knew then that Brent had fucked him, and bred him with his POZ cum. My boy tried to raise his head to look up, but Sam held it firmly down as he slammed into my boy's hole. Sam continued saying “Yeah, his style is different than mine, but Brent sure can fill 'em up! But so can I!” With that, he fucked hard and then held his hips still as he shot his load deep into my boy's guts, gasping the invitation to me “Get over here and have a look.” Sam pulled his cock out of my boy's ass. His pubes were matted with sticky froth that must have been Brent's toxic load working it's way out of my boy's hole. My boy's ass was red and puffy, and his hole was much more open than I had ever seen it before. Sam grabbed my head and shoved his sticky dick down my throat. “You gonna gag on that cock? Gonna choke on my stick?” I was too busy sucking cum from his dick and swallowing it down to even think about gagging. Sam pulled out and forced my head into my boy's ass. I lapped away as my boy groaned and squirmed around. Sam got behind me and lined up his still-hard cock with my own cummy hole. Sam entered me, and I was glad to have Brent's load in my as lube, or I would have really been in pain. As Sam commenced fucking me hard, Brent got down and swallowed my cock, holding my dick deep in his throat. Meanwhile Sam's pistoning made me more or less fuck Brent's mouth. My boy had rolled over and was working his fingers in and out of his sloppy ass with one hand as he jerked his straining cock with the other. Brent pulled off of my gasping for air and motioned for my boy to take his place. My boy blew me for a minute but Sam's erratic action made it hard for him to wrap his lips around my dick. Instead, he spun around and sunk his ass down onto me. Sam was practically screwing my boy again as it was his thrusts that were fucking us both. It was too much for me to handle, and I fired off, adding my load to the two already deep inside my boy's savaged hole. When I came, my ass spasmed and sent Sam over the edge for the second time in five minutes. I now had two loads oozing out of my ass, at least one of which was POZ. The four of us were covered in sweat. Brent and Sam gave each other a wide grin, and Sam commented “Well, looks like they passed to me.” Brent raised his eyebrows and trailed his fingers from his hairy chest down to his ass as he spread his legs and fingered his own hole. “Almost, but there's still something left. We need to know that they're good tops as well.” Sam eagerly got on his knees and repositioned Brent. They were facing each other across the mattress with their sweaty asses up in the air. Brent took my hand and guided me behind him. Sam wiggled his ass as my boy got the clue that it was his turn to top now. In that moment, I realized that I had never seen my boy top, nor had I even ever heard him talk about it. I worried that he might not be able to get it up. My fears were quickly allayed as he spit on his cock and forcefully slid into Sam's ass. I had my boy's ass juices and my last load to lube me up, and I entered Brent as gracefully as he had entered me less than twenty minutes earlier. Sam squealed louder than expected as my boy returned the hard fuck he had just received. Brent craned his neck to smile up at me, saying “You're doing a great job, but I want to see how good your boy fucks too.” Without any further invitation my boy pulled-out of Sam and we switched places. Sam's ass was chunky for such a fit guy, and I loved rolling his cheeks around in my hands as I plowed into him. Sam and Brent kissed hard as my boy and I locked eyes. He nodded his head as he was ready to cum and fired off inside Brent's ass, and seconds later I blasted my load into Sam. The four of us collapsed onto the bed in a cummy, sweaty heap. About an hour later we had all showered together and cleaned up. We went back downstairs where we each had another cocktail. Brent and Sam gave us paperwork to sign including legal waivers, and also provided the address and time for the next Bare Fuck Club meeting. We knew we wouldn't miss it for the world. We kissed goodbye on the steps and Sam and Brent left. My boy and I fucked again that night. He told me what had happened that evening from his perspective and I did the same. My boy told me that Brent had revealed to him that both Sam and Brent were in fact POZ, as was nearly every member of the Club. Brent had been just as gentle with him as he had been with me. Brent also revealed that he was likely the one to have POZZED Joe. Sam had told him that his specialty was roughing up NEG asses so POZ seed could do it's work. I knew our NEG days were numbered, but it hardly mattered. We were going into this Club together. We were both looking forward into our Bare Fuck Club initiation.
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    New guy at work had a few of us over last night. There are 7 of us milling around on the deck. New guy was manning the grill and his boyfriend was in and out of the kitchen bringing drinks and keeping things lively. Everyone has had a few drinks and seems to be having a good time. New guy is funny and people are laughing at his stories. I head inside for a new drink and flirt with his boyfriend for a bit. He is flirting back just as much and asks if I want a tour of the house and I say sure. He shows me quickly through the first floor and then heads upstairs. I am enjoying watching his ass stretch the fabric of his shorts with each step. I take a chance and reach out to rub his ass and he stops and pushes back on my hand. He gropes my crotch and finds my cock well on its way to being hard. He grabs my hand and pulls me into their bedroom and says we don’t have much time. I undo my shorts and push them down as he falls to his knees and sucks me deep. He looks up at me as he takes my cock then says he needs me to fuck him. He stands up and pulls me over to the window and we can see the others outside on the deck as he pushes his pants down he bends over. He tells me he has new guys load in him already so I line up and he pushes back on my cock. We both know we don’t have much time so we get to fucking. I am pushing deep into him as we watch his boyfriend out on the deck. I know I am not going to last much longer and ask where he wants my load. He says breed my hole, give me your load, mix it with his and that sends me right over the edge. We get ourselves back together and then head back outside.
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    The first time I ever had sex was with my uncle and his boyfriend. They lived a few blocks away and I would mow their yard and then jump in their pool. I would occasionally “catch” them fooling around but looking back on it I am sure they knew I was watching. One hot day, a cold beer, and skinny dipping in the pool turned into so much more. I can still close my eyes and clearly see both those hard cocks just as I did that day. I remember them sitting on the side of the pool kissing and swimming over to them and watching as my uncle pushed his boyfriends’ mouth down on his cock. I had never had sex and seeing it live and so close was amazing. My uncles’ boyfriend slipped back in the water, got behind me and inched me closer to my uncles’ cock. He rubbed his cock over my lips and I reached out and wrapped my hands around that thick shaft with his boyfriend behind me encouraging me to suck it. I licked and sucked my uncles’ cock like it was going to be my last meal. He got back in the water and we all three kissed and groped each other. Eventually we climbed out and my uncle told me he wanted to watch me fuck his boyfriend. He showed me how to eat his ass and get his hole ready. He got my cock slicked up with spit and lined it up with his boyfriend hole and guided me in. I could not believe how hot it was. We took turns fucking his boyfriend and then my uncle said he wanted my ass. I was scared but more turned on. He ate my hole and his boyfriend sucked my cock and then I was on my back with my legs on my uncles’ shoulders. He pushed into me that first time and it brought tears to my eyes I didn’t think I could take it but he leaned down and kissed me and slowly he worked more of his cock into me. He eased in but then just rammed into me balls deep and would give my virgin hole a few hard, rough pumps then ease off. Soon the pain turned into something amazing and I was begging for him to fuck me harder. We sucked and fucked each other all afternoon long. That was the first of many times we fooled around. That day started my obsession with fucking and cocks and cum.
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    Alex got back in the sling and got himself settled as the next guy in line stepped up. This guy was muscled up with a shaved head and a thick goatee. And he was hot as hell. But there was something about him that seemed familiar to Daddy Max. He had a good sized 8 inch cock with a thick PA and both of his nipples were pierced. He also had a large biohazard tat around his belly button. The stud looked at Max, winked at him, and said in a deep, masculine voice, “Max, you look good.” It was the voice that triggered it. “Roger, is that you?” “You better believe it stud,” he replied. The 2 daddies laughed out loud and hugged each other. “It’s been years,” Max said. “Just got back to town recently,” Roger replied. “We’ll have to get together soon and catch up. This isn’t exactly the time or place for it.” “You’re right about that,” Max replied, “There’s a boy here in need of your poz cum.” “Oh, he’s getting more than that, I’m full blown now.” “Ooooooooh yeah,” Alex moaned. “Looks like you have an anxious boy on your hands, Max.” “He knows what he wants, and right now, it’s your big Aids cock and that thick PA inside him.” Max replied. “Let’s see what kind of damage I can do to that sweet boy cunt. Don’t want to leave this to chance,” Roger countered. He stepped up to the sling and used a hand to get some of the jizz that was running out of Alex’s well fucked hole. He slicked up his thick Aids cock and PA and said, “Hang on, I’m coming in.” He worked the PA and head inside the open hole, grabbed Alex by the hips, and slammed his cock all the way in. “GODDAMN!” Alex exclaimed as the thick cock rammed deep inside him. It wasn’t that it hurt, much, as it took his breath away. Roger started fucking him hard, slamming in every time and pulling back til just the PA was left in. He rammed in and out over and over, giving him a good, rough fuck. “UNGH, Fuck yeah, let me have it! Tear that ass up!” Alex said, letting Daddy Max know that the PA was probably doing some damage. He kept up that steady pace for several minutes, pounding him good. “You still good for a couple of loads?” Max asked Roger. “Oh yeah, I’ll dump a couple in your boy here, walk around for awhile, then probably dump one more before I’m done.” Alex grinned at that, then grimaced as he slammed his cock in him and obviously hit a sore spot. “Let’s just say it’s a good thing you just got double fucked, boy,” Roger commented. “You’ll bleed a little bit from this, but not like you would if I was your first cock of the night.” He could feel his first load building up and didn’t see any reason to delay it since he was going to keep fucking. “You ready for Aids load #1 boy?” “Oh yes Sir, please give it to me, please dump that toxic load inside me.” “Getting close boy, gonna breed you good, but it ain’t over yet. Not by a long shot.” He never sped up, just kept up the same pace, ramming in and out, but finally roared, “FUCK YEAH, TAKE MY AIDS CUM!!!” as he rammed home and stayed there, pumping his first load of the night. It was intense after such a hot, hard fuck. He stayed still for a couple of minutes letting his balls unload, then, with his cock still rock hard, started fucking again. He seemed to be taking it a little easier, but was still plowing in and out pretty well. He kept fucking in and out of Alex’s used cunt, churning up all the cum that was inside him, slamming his thick PA into the inner walls doing more damage. Alex’s cock was rock hard and leaking pretty heavily from all the abuse his hole was getting. Daddy Max noticed this and leaned down to Alex’s ear. “I know you’ve cum 3 times tonight, but all without touching yourself. Now that your hands are free, I’m sure you’d like to jack out a load.” Sensing he was whispering for a reason, Alex just nodded. “Since my buddy Roger is doing you such a favor by breeding you with his Aids cum, why don’t we make his 2nd orgasm something to write home about?” Again, Alex nodded. “His nipples are hard wired to his cock and if I get behind him and start working them, it’s going to turn him on big time. If you jack off and shoot while he’s fucking you, you’re asshole is going to literally squeeze his 2nd load out. How about it, you game?” Alex didn’t nod this time, he turned his head and kissed his daddy. “Good boy. Give me a couple of minutes to start working him, and then go for it.” He kissed Daddy Max again and started playing with his own nipples. Max stood back up and walked over to Roger, who was still plowing good and steady. “I do appreciate what you’re doing for my boy here.” “Your boy, huh?” Roger asked. “We still have to work out a few details, but yeah.” He reached up with both hands and turned Roger’s head to the side, giving him a deep kiss. While he was doing that, he started running his hand all around Roger’s chest. He broke off the kiss and got behind Roger, reaching around with both hands to his chest. He rubbed around some, then found both nipples and started playing with them. He had known Roger for a long time and knew what he liked. Hell, Roger was the one who pozzed him. Even before he got his nipples pierced, playing with them turned him on. Now that they were pierced, he was sure it was even more so. He pulled on the rings in them and pinched the nips, really working them. “OH FUCK YEAH!!!” Roger blurted out, obviously very into it. Alex knew that was his cue, so he used all the precum on his cock and started jacking off. He was so turned on by the 1st load of Aids cum, plus the fact that he was about to get a 2nd load, that he knew it wasn’t going to take long. Daddy Max kept working his nips and they could tell he was fucking harder now. “Oh yeah, give me that 2nd load! Fucking fill my cunt up with your Aids cum. Convert me you stud!” Alex said. He was getting close jacking on his cock, getting ready to shoot possibly his last neg load. He kept working his cock, feeling his balls draw up. Roger was plowing him good when Alex came. “FUCK, I’m cumming with your Aid cock in me!” he cried out. Same as last time, he had a couple of weak spurts from his cock and then some cum dribbled out, but mostly his cock jerked in his hand as if it was cumming. The important thing was he had a huge orgasm and his cunt clamped down on the thick Aids cock that was inside him. As soon as he yelled out he was cumming, Max clamped down hard on both nipples at about the same time Alex’s used hole clamped down on Roger’s cock. “AARRGGHH!” Roger roared as he unexpectedly blew his 2nd load into Alex. He just managed to slam his cock home one last time before he emptied his balls again. He pumped his 2nd Aids load deep inside Alex, knowing some of it would get in his system. When he fucked hard with his PA, they always bled. He’d lost count of how many guys he’d converted over the years. But it always turned him on, especially when they wanted it as bad as Max’s new boy did. He and Max had some good times when they were together. Alex was one lucky boy. When Roger’s load finally subsided, he slowly pulled his cock out. “Well, look there, I believe I see some bloody cum on my cock,” he said. He walked around to Alex’s head, “Care to clean my cock off for me boy?” Alex opened his mouth wide so Roger could feed him the cock that had just fucked him. He sucked on the softening cock tasting Roger’s cum and his blood and ass. Once his cock was clean, he leaned down and gave Alex a big kiss on his lips, then turned to Max and gave him a kiss as well. “We will definitely have to do this again soon. Give me a call once he converts and we’ll all get together for some more fun.” “You got yourself a deal,” Max replied.
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    I finally made my way to Atlanta Cumunion again this week. I loved it the first time, but have reg fuckbuds and was trying to avoid what seems like a guaranteed sti at cumunion (didn't catch anything the first time). But I loved the sleazy and anon atmosphere, and my main purpose this time was to finally breed MuscledHorse on here who I started talking to since he joined. I wanted that muscle hole and I wanted it sloppy, so this was my chance! I got there at 8:30, and it was pretty different than my first time there. Many fewer guys and many fewer that made my dick hard But I was there with one purpose in mind - although I did go with my hole cleaned and ready for whatever happened until I was ready to unload. As soon as I wandered around I pretty quickly found my "target" at the edge of the darkroom with guys waiting their turn to fuck that fine muscle slut. I took my turn in that perfect ass, and his hole had a nice grip and friction. I could have cum, but I was only there 5 mins and wanted to have more fun first. I wandered around for a while more, kind of amazed at the difference from the last time I was there, then I stumbled on the exact same muscled black guy that fucked and bred me on my first trip to Cumunion. I shot a nozzle full of lube up my ass before I left home - just in case - and I was glad I did since no one had messed with my hole yet and neither of us had lube on us. We swapped head, made out and rimmed each other, and before long he was pushing against my hole again. Nice rigid fat BBC with no lube besides what I had squirted in before I left home. But soon he was fucking me and I was hard as a rock. Was hoping we'd flip, but pretty quickly he was ready to cum. For some reason he pulled out this time and shot all over my legs and cock (bred me deep last time), but it was good. PLay around with a few more guys, had some small latin guy wrecking my hole with multiple fingers in the dark area. Thought for sure he'd fuck me after but never did. Fucked one muscled Daddy type but careful not to cum. After about 90 mins, this crazy hot bubble butt jock/frat type with a jock on and backwards cap arrived, and he messed around with me and I had a couple fingers up his unused ass (so far)....cock was totally hard in the jock, but fairly obvious he was there to bottom. He had just arrived and had guys all over him though. I pulled myself away, hoping he's a local, and walked around to find MuscledHorse again and found him bent over on the fuck bench where I already saw him a few times. Guys all around watching him get fucked by someone. As soon as that guy stepped away, no one immediately took his place. He'd been getting fucked for at least 90 mins by that point, so I decided this was it - I pulled up behind that slut - never turned around to see who anyone was fucking him - and his fuckhole was so loose I barely even realized I was inside (like fucking a tunnel). I'm so visual, and this guy was such a hot muscle stud I knew I'd get off fast. He was egging me on to breed him without any clue who it was, and I only lasted a minute or two till I blasted my load up his slimy ass and added to whatever he had already. I walked around to the front of him and said thanks, and told him who I was from here. Some other heavy guy had taken my place, but when he finished, MuscledHorse got off the bench and we talked a few minutes (true gentleman ). I reached around his ass and loads were literally running down his big legs. That stud is 100% accurate with his pics and self description - true cumwhore happy to help guys get off and clearly loves being mounted and taking cock and seed.......wish there was a way to give "references" on bbrt. I'm guessing he will post here about his accomplishments - I'm already looking forward to the next time but hopefully get my shot at that young jock ass I gave up on in the meantime lol - wish i were a multi-cummer, or at least stay hard after I cum!! Thanks MuscledHorse - true mating stud!!
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    I can't remember a worse night than than the night when Hillary lost to that asshole who's in office now. I was already depressed about a number of things, and this just added to the deepness of it, Both of my parents were dead and in the ground. I was an only kid and had nobody in the world to love me. Yeah -- I had a few friends, but they had their own lives. They had kids even. I don't know why they bothered -- the world would be ending soon. Trump was bullying every country in the world. He wanted a big war. and even though, at 37, I was past drafting age I was afraid of the bombs that would be dropping on our country. I didn't want to die of radiation burns. I sunk deeper into a funk. Maybe radiation would not be so bad. You had to give it a chance.. I guess. I sat and waited. That's when the phone rang. Could it be work, asking where I was? No -- I'm pretty sure I was fired automatically for not showing up at my desk for the last week. The call was from a friend I'll call "Calvin". He hadn't seen me around or heard from me in so long. "I thought you'd moved or something". "No. But We're all about to move, ya know? Like off the planet? Do you know what it'll be like? To go outside one morning and have fire rain down on you from the sky??!" "Oh God. You're depressed again. What did I tell you? Get some meds. I'm on Lexepro and happy as a little clam. Do you still have the name of my doctor?" I liked Calvin. He was almost short enough to be called a 'little person' and gay as could be. We knew each other in college somehow. He was HIV+ and still took rigorous care of his health despite that particular obstacle. "Trump's going to get us in a war with Russia and North Korea and Iran and China...and we're going to be wiped out. I know it." "Oh shut the fuck up, Idiot. I just need to get you laid". "And maybe you need to get me poz." silence "That's your depression talking and I don't feel like hearing it right now", he then let out a heavy sigh. "I'd never do it to you anyway". "But you must know somebody who would". "Oh no. You're serious, aren't you?" "As a heart attack". "OK. I'll tell you a few names and then I'm washing my hands of it. Check your email in about an hour. Asshole." "OK. Bye." click. I clicked on CNN and checked out my window, searching the skies for missiles and explosions. I thought about my parents and how they had once lived peacefully on a little farm less that an hour from an air force base. I was almost glad they were dead because the incoming nukes would destroy the peaceful world they'd always known. There were two emails when I checked my laptop. The first was from Calvin: Hi Nut Case: I know two tops who are poz and willing to infect idiot neg guys like you. No matter what, call me afterward! 1. Edward G. lives North of the River and is very fond of young men, but he's almost 70 and not the least bit hot. Plus he's got a dungeon in his basement and likes to film everything. But his dick is GIGANTIC. 2. Terry R. is about our age and lives in your area. He fosters dogs that are up for adoption -- so I'm sure his place is a mess and smells. He isn't that cute, but I sent him your email and phone number already. He's poz, but thinking about going on meds soon. The second email was from # 2. Terry. Hello I'm Terry and ol' Calvin said you'd be interested in getting together. Want to meet at Silver's at around 7 pm for a drink? If that's too soon, I can make it later or on another day. Looking forward to talking to you soon. My phone number is ---------- Please call.' He sounded maybe a tad too upbeat, but you can't read tone in emails, I'd call him. In a minute or two. I waited all of twenty seconds before I dialed the number. He loved dogs after all. "Hello?" "Terry?" "Yes! Is this Tim? -- Calvin's friend? I'm so happy you called!" "And I'm so happy to talk to you. Do you still want to me a Silver's at 7? That's only a few blocks from me". "Yes. Absolutely. Don't dress up too much. I'm in my white overalls and grey t-shirt. I've been transporting some abandoned puppies to a shelter two counties away. They're adorable, but so scared of the world. Breaks my damn heart. I'll clean up as much as I can. But I'll be the white overalls guy. I have brown hair that's a little thin and a full beard and mustache. What do you like to drink? I'll have one ready." "Just beer...and maybe a shot of something. I'll be in jeans and a red t-shirt. I'm clean cut and have no facial hair". "Calvin already sent me a pic of you. You're cute as fuck! See you at 7!!" "OK." click It was almost 6 now. I showered and shaved and dressed in no time. I watched CNN for half an hour and convinced myself that I was doing the right thing. Death inside of me or death outside of me...what was the difference, really? I got to Silver's and found Terry right away. he was not bad looking at all...maybe a little chubby, but manly and he radiated friendliness. He had a mug of beer ready for me and a shot of something brown. I downed the shot immediately. Whiskey. And started in on the cold beer. "Next round's on me", I said. "No. No. I seldom drink. I'll have one tonight and then I have to get back to my foster dogs. They always need to walk or be cleaned up after. You can come help me if you want?" "Sure. Let's go." I drained my beer and stood up. Usually I jingled the keys in my pocket at this point, but I'd walked here and so I just fiddled with the coins, Tums and Chapstick tube I'd brought with me. Terry was parked right near the door. He had a big blue SUV with tons of cages in the back. "Let's go to your place...I'm currently overrun with dogs where I live. That okay?" "Sure. We're about fifteen seconds from my building." And then we were there. And inside my door. I wasted no time in unbuttoning the straps on his overalls and pulling them down to his feet. He kicked off his work boots, and just stood there in a t-shirt, boxers and white socks. I knew that under those boxers was a poz cock. I made a gesture with my head that he should strip all the way. I did. I was nude almost immediately. I wanted him so badly. Actually I wanted the death he could give me. But I had to be cool. We went to my bedroom where Terry finished stripping. He did smell a little like dog, but that's not the worst smell in the world. He lied spread-eagle on my bed and let out a relaxed groan. I knew he was tired. So I started massaging his feet, and then moved up to his legs. His unselfish personality took over and he pulled me up to him. We kissed a good long time. Let the bombs come. He broke away from my lips and got serious. "You really want to get fucked raw...by a poz guy?" "Yes. Now." He shifted himself on top of me. His dick was average size, but extremely hard. "I'll take care of you forever", he said in a lusty voice. My God - he was so gentle. He pushed the head of his dick into me slightly and let me get used to it by fractions of inches at a time. Once he was halfway inside, I reached around and grabbed his ample ass. He understood that meant he could go deeper - and he did. That poz dick was all the way inside of me and I briefly thought about a jet pilot flying over some country and dropping bombs without a thought in his head. He understood he was dropping death, but the target had it coming. Terry started furiously pumping and I felt it down to my tailbone somehow. And then he stopped suddenly and breathed in heavy gasps. The poz bomb had been dropped. World War 3 was now internal. There would be invasions and casualties and one side would eventually win. Terry and I live together now. He's on meds and so am I. I don't worry about the end of the world anymore because there about twenty dogs i have to worry about first. .
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    Thanks for the great review. A sexual athlete like me could ask for nothing better. I have to say my first CumUnion was utter bliss from start to finish. I drove down to Atlanta the afternoon of the event and checked into the Cheshire Inn, a nearby hotel with a rep for being gay cruising friendly. I got settled in, left the blinds open and stripped down to begin my preparations for the evening, must of which involved hosing out my horsehole so it was squeaky clean and ready for the kind of heavy use I enjoy. I also brought a couple of my oversize toys from bad-dragon along with me and enjoyed taking those for a little while. After that I dressed in short body hugging gym shorts and a t-back tank top and headed over to Manifest. I was among the first guys to check in and eagerly stripped down. I carried a bottle of lube with me for part of the night even though by an hour in a was cum filled enough to not need it. Within 10 minutes of entering the front door of Manifest I was already taking my first cock in the form a nicely hung black guy. His load started off my evening and from there I went out to explore the rest of the club and its corridors, slings and open mating areas. My first stop was up a set of stairs towards the back where a group of guys were already going at it. A thick cocked young latin guy who would later fuck me started out by letting me suck on his sizable manhood. Then as I stood up his fingers groped my fucked hole and he slid a finger in. Realizing the kind of hungry hole I had he quickly retracted the finer and then reinserted four. While that was stimulating my ecstasy overdrive a guy on the landing below (this area has three tiers above ground level) was sucking my fat meat and stroking it while my ass was being semifisted and then fucked. From there I wandered down and into the dark area, which, once you became accustomed to the semi darkness it was easy to make out bodies and such. A guy felt my body, then my cock and my hole. As soon as his hands felt the moisture of lube and cum around my open hole he immediately slid his own cock in and began to fuck me. This was followed by another and another and another. This kind of scenario repeated itself for a good while and I gained some more cum in my jock hole. There was a lull in the action so I decided to explore some more. It was here that I found the fuck bench. I love fuck benches even more than slings. Not only are they very comfortable for the bottom by it puts you in the kind of position an animal would be in on a breeding far when it got mated. I was on the fuck bench all of a minute before the first guys was inside me. The guys took turns and I sucked a couple of guys while others were plowing me. It was great to look up and see guys getting off watching the amount of use I was getting, though I was amazed at how my guys stayed mostly clothed throughout the night. I love a good audience like that. One couple tag teamed me for a bit and I enjoyed the long cock of one and the fat cock of another. During this run of guys that lasted a god long while I got bred by justsexnowatl and it was great taking his load in with the others that were filling my well used fuck guts. IN spite of the heavy use so far and a good deep fucking by another black horsehung guy I still wanted more and after a short break to get some water I returned for additional use on the fuck bench like the Breed Steed I am . I took a break and let another guy enjoy the bench for awhile and I returned to the dark area. One thing I loved about it was that it was dim so you could see all the guys in there and it was great as they felt my body and slid their hands along my beefy ass crack to feel my gaping hole and cum drenched hind quarters. That seemed to inspire each one to have to slide into me and fuck me some more. I then followed that up with getting fucked by several different guys while bent over a sling in one of the short halls. From there I returned to the dark are for the third and final time. This was the best as it was late by then and guys who had been resisting the urge to nut were now all about it and I gained a number of loads in quick succession. It was hot feeling my ass so trashed that the moment a guy pulled out I could feel a noticeable increase in the amount cum that flowed from my well fucked jockunt. I ended the night with over 40 partners, though some in the darker areas could have been repeats and a solid 21 loads in me. I returned to my room, ass sloppy and slept like a baby. The beds in my room were actually very comfortable. I slept naked and left the blinds open though. by 6:30am I was awake and well rested from five hours of hard sleep and the blinds open as well as grinder paid off and I was bred three more times before checking out around 8:30am for the drive home. Nut juice leaked from me and when I got out of the car at a rest area my crack of my bubble ass was slick with cum that I could feel as I walked. I returned home satisfied but hungry for more--and just a little sad I couldn't have sex like that everyday.
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    sorry i haven't updated you for so long, was with a real nasty perv for a few weeks and hat a really nasty infection afterwards that i'm still recovering from. But it was worth it! I'm down to 107 again! its going really fast this time! and i have hep a + syph! hep a: check, hep c: check, syph: check... sooo horny right now!!
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    Even though he is your bf, a discussion needs to take place on this issue. I would be willing to be bred with undetectable loads, but not so sure about someone not on meds. It sounds more like your fantasy at this time, and I get it totally. You know him best, so initiate the conversation and see where it takes you.
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    back from lunch. hooked up with a top who's been chasing my hole for a while (timing has always been bad). He hit me up this morning and though I was working, we arranged to meet for lunch. He sent his address and a time. I showed up and he answered the door naked and hard swinging a bigger than average thick cock. I dropped to my knees in the doorway and swallowed him to his balls. He let out a moan and pulled me inside. I quickly stripped and resumed sucking on his meat as he plopped down on the couch. I took my time working his knob and shaft and sucking on his balls. He was loving it all based on his moans and breathing. He pulled me up and started fingering my hole. I opened up for him and he gave me an appreciative "fuck yeah!". He shoved me down onto the counch so my ass was upin the air and he started eating my ass like it was his last meal. I LOVE this! He sucked and tongue-fucked my hole getting me wet. I begged him to fuck me and he DID. He pounded my ass HARD - deep strokes all the way to the balls and then all the way out so my ass popped as his big dick pulled out. I could feel my asslips being pulled out each time. I was in heaven! He fucked hard and rough and then eased off and teased my hole. As he got close, he sped up and really pummeled me, talking dirty and telling me I was his cumdump and to milk his load out of him. I immediatley complied. He thanked me by loading my ass with a HUGE load. It was running out my gaping ass after he pulled out and fed me his still dribbling meat. I swallowed every drop and licked his cock clean as he played with his cum running out my ass. After I get redressed he confessed that he gave me his best fuck because he wanted me to be a regular. I told him to fuck me like that and I'll be available ANY TIME! Love finding a new regular. Smiling as i sit typing this and my hole is tender and still leaking.....
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    As Roger was leaving, the next guy stepped up to the sling. He had about a 6 inch cock, on the thick side. He was older and didn’t really say much. He pushed his cock in and started fucking. He fucked at a good, easy pace for quite a while, and then started picking up his speed. He finally slammed his cock all the way in and left it there, shooting his load. “UNGH!” He hadn’t cum in a while so he shot his poz jizz for almost a minute. As he pulled out and moved away, the next guy immediately stepped up and shoved his long thin cock in. He obviously needed to cum bad because he only fucked for a few minutes before he shoved in and held still, obviously cumming. The next guy had a little more personality to him. He was definitely more verbal. He came up to Alex in the sling and said, “You want this poz load?”. “Mmmmmm, you know it,” Alex replied. “Let me have that poz cock and your cum!” The top rubbed his thick, mushroom up and down Alex’s wide open cunt, getting the head coated with the cum that was leaking out of him. “Here it comes.” The new guy had a 7-8 inch cock with about average thickness. He got the head in with no problem and started fucking in and out, slowly going all the way in and then back out. “Fuck man, your ass feels awesome with all those loads in it. I’m going to enjoy adding another to it!” He settled in for a nice, easy fuck and didn’t seem in any hurry to cum. Alex laid there enjoying his latest poz fuck. Daddy Max stayed pretty much beside Alex the whole time he was in the sling, enjoying the scene, but also being protective to make sure no one took advantage. So far, the only one who had even appeared menacing had been a friend. And besides, he knew deep down, Roger was a teddy bear. A fucking hot, toxic teddy bear, but still. He mostly watched what was going on with Alex, staying semi hard from all the hot action, but occasionally scanning the room and the crowd outside the room. He noticed a big Hispanic bearish guy who was a few guys back in line who was kinda hot. He had an air about him, though, that made Max decided to keep an eye on him. He definitely looked like a tough guy, which added to his hotness, but he wanted to make sure he didn’t get too rough with his boy. He stopped and smiled at that thought. He was already thinking of Alex as his boy. They were definitely going to have to spend some time together and soon. He turned his attention back to the line and saw that the latest guy was still in Alex’s ass. He was amazed at the amount of sex he’d had tonight. Maybe he’d finally found someone who could keep up with his sexual appetite. The top fucking Alex had finally started picking up speed and was definitely getting close. “Man you’ve got a great ass,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed this fuck. I can’t hold back much longer, though.” “Let me have it, stud! Give me your poz cum,” Alex replied. All the verbal poz talk had Alex’s cock rock hard again and he couldn’t resist playing with it. The top started fucking even faster, “Take my poz load, man, here it cums!” He slammed his cock all the way in and held it there, unloading inside him. “FUCK YEAH!!! TAKE MY POISON!!!” It didn’t take long for Alex to reach another orgasm, although other than some precum, his balls were dry. His ass still spasmed around the thick cock inside him, which made the top’s orgasm even that much more intense. He pulled out and did what guys had rarely done that night, leaned in and kissed Alex, “Thanks stud, that was a great fuck!” Daddy Max got his info before he left the room. Including his friend Roger, there were 4 guys from that night that they potentially to play with again. Max figured that was either 16 or 17 fucks Alex had gotten that night. There were 2 more guys and the Hispanic guy left in the room, so when the guy who’d just fucked him left, he went ahead and closed the door again. He would see how Alex felt after this group. He hadn’t indicated it, but his used cunt had to be getting worn out. The next guy to step up to the sling did something no one else had done that night. He knelt down and started licking Alex’s gaping asshole. He stuck his tongue in as far as he could and started sucking some of the cum that had been deposited there. Alex started moaning, “FUCK that feels good!” He continued eating him out for several moments, then stood back up and lubed up his cock. He put his uncut cock up to the used hole and slid it all the way in, starting fucking him. The guy was Asian and had a decent sized cock, but no hair. Max noticed he had a biohazard tat around his left nipple. He kept fucking Alex for some time, occasionally pulling all the way out and shoving back in. Pretty soon, he started fucking harder. “Gonna breed you, slut,” he said. “Gonna help poz your cunt.” “Fuck yeah, let me have it. I want it. Fucking gimme that poz DNA.” Alex replied. The Asian guy slammed his cock home one last time and started shooting his jizz. “UUUNNNGGGHHH!” When he finally pulled out, he again bent down and licked Alex’s used cunt, getting a little of the cum he’d just shot in him. He grabbed his towel and let himself out of the room. The next to the last guy stepped up to the sling. He was an adorable blond muscle cub. He had blond fur all over him and a nice thick 7 inch cut cock. He had a wicked biohazard tat between his shoulder blades. He put his cock head up to the puffy ass lips and slipped it in to the now loose hole. “I’m gonna breed you good, cumdump. I’ve watched guy after guy breed and seed you and I’ve been anxiously waiting my turn.” “Well don’t keep me waiting,” Alex replied, “Let me have that hot poz cock of yours.” The cute blond continued pushing in until he was balls deep in his juicy, cum filled hole. “GOD your hole is hot!” “Thanks stud, your cock feels amazing and you’re pretty hot yourself!” Alex countered. Max touched his shoulder with a quizzical look and Alex nodded. He would get this hottie’s info before he left. The blond cub started fucking the used cunt, muttering to himself as he plunged in and out. “Gonna poz this hole. I want to shoot deep inside you and infect you. My load is going to be dripping out of your hot cunt.” All the hot poz talk, plus the fact that the cub was such a stud, had Alex playing with his cock again. There wasn’t even much precum coming out of it this time. He started tightening up his hole on the cock fucking him, trying to make him feel good. “Oh yeah, that’s turning me on. Squeeze my poz cock.” The top reached down and started playing with Alex’s nipples making him moan, “OOOOOOOOH YEAH!” Alex spit on his cock to help with his jacking off and Daddy Max helped by pouring some lube on his cock. He knew he was going to be shooting blanks after the night he’d had, but he could feel his orgasm building. The stud had started picking up his speed, so Alex started jacking faster, determined to get there first. His hand was a blur on the lubed cock and he could feel it starting. “UNGH!!!” he yelled and even though it was a dry orgasm, he knew his asshole would be clamping down on the hot cock inside him. The hot stud felt the velvety ass he was fucking get really tight on his cock as Alex had his orgasm and couldn’t hold back any longer. He rammed it home one last time and bellowed, “TAKE MY FUCKING CUM!” as he shot over and over inside Alex. It was obviously intense for him as he had to hold on to the chains of the sling. Max went over to him and put an arm around him to support him should he need it. “You ok there stud?” he asked. “Goddamn that’s one fine ass your boy’s got,” he replied. Max looked at Alex with pride, “Yes, it is, isn’t it.” He helped the blond stud over to the bunk to sit down for a minute and to get his contact info. That left the big, rough looking Hispanic guy coming up to the sling. He had taken off his towel a while ago, but Alex had been so focused on whoever was fucking him that he hadn’t paid too much attention to anyone else in line. The guy was very muscled up and had tattoos all over. He had a skull tat over each pec and a very ornate biohazard tat between them. He had a little bit of hair on his chest and stomach and his legs and ass were pretty hairy. And he had an enormous cock. It had to be 10 inches long and as big around as his wrist. He was uncut and had a very large PA. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna love this,” he said in a low voice. “Even with as many cocks as you’ve had inside you, you’re gonna feel this one.” Alex wasn’t paying much attention to anything other than his daddy getting the blond stud’s phone# and showing him out the door. He didn’t notice his last top bringing his right hand up to Alex’s loose cunt, but he did feel it when he shoved 4 fingers in his hole and started scratching with his nails. “HEY, OW! GODDAMN!!!” Alex cried out, feeling the blunt insertion of most of the guy’s hand, not to mention it feeling like he was trying to tear his asshole from the inside out. That caused Max to turn back around from the door to see what happened. “What the hell’s going on?” Max asked. Before Alex could say anything, the top said, “Didn’t mean to be too rough with him. As you can see, I’ve got a huge cock and I just wanted to make sure he was stretched out enough. And since the whole point of this is to make sure he gets pozzed, I scratched him up a little.” He smiled at Max. Even though Alex had just met Max that night, he could tell he was pissed. But he decided to diffuse the situation and get this over with. As much as he was sort of glad his daddy had closed the door because he was getting tired and sore, he did want this one last fuck. This would be the biggest cock he’d had all night and he was definitely poz from his tattoo. “It’s ok, Daddy Max. It just surprised me is all,” he said. Max gave the top a look that said he was not going to put up with any more bullshit then looked at Alex and said, “Ok boy, if you’re sure.” He looked back at the top as he took his place next to his boy and said, “As you can tell, he’s more than stretched out enough for you.” The top pulled his fingers, now coated with bloody cum, out of Alex’s hole and slicked his cock up. He never stopped smiling as he licked his fingers clean. He put the PA up to his puffy, gaping pussy lips and pushed a couple of inches in. Even after all the cock he’d had that night, it was still a tight fit. He pushed the 2 inches in and out a few times, grabbed the chains of the sling, and said, “Get ready, going in.” He slammed all 10 inches in and started fucking hard. “UNGH!!!” Alex said through gritted teeth, but put his hand on his daddy’s arm. It definitely hurt, but wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. As obvious as it was that this bruiser liked to hurt people, he was grateful he’d had all the cocks he had tonight before this one fucked him. He could only imagine what he would do to someone without all that prep. Then a strange thing happened. Alex got hard. He got rock hard, not only from the pain this asshole was causing him, but at the thought of what he could have done to him. As the guy kept rape fucking him, he found his hand on his cock, stroking it hard. It was insane that he was this turned on as much as it was insane that he was jacking off. His last orgasm had been completely dry, but he couldn’t stop himself. Daddy Max was watching the whole scene, making sure nothing else got out of hand, and noticed his boy’s excitement and his activity. He made a mental note for later and poured some lube on his boy’s cock to help him out. Alex looked at him and mouthed “Thank you Daddy” as he worked his cock. The Hispanic ruffian kept fucking his hole hard, slamming all 10 inches all the way in and bringing them out til just the head and the PA were still in before slamming them home again. Even though this guy wasn’t screaming like he was used to, he was still enjoying fucking him. It was obvious it was hurting him a little, but he was getting off on it, which turned him on even more. If the chaperone hadn’t been there, he would have been twisting his nipples by now, trying to go as extreme as he could. But he would be satisfied with unloading in his bloody cunt. He’d only been able to dig his nails in once, but he’d jabbed them pretty hard and he knew his PA would be working those areas. This was definitely a tame fuck for him, but what could you expect in a bathhouse with so many guys around. He really was a twisted fuck, he thought. He focused on thinking about some of his other encounters that went more his way as he started fucking even harder. Alex’s hand was a blur as he worked his cock. Max poured a little more lube on it for him. The pain in his ass made him so turned on, even though he wasn’t going to shoot any jizz, he wanted to cum bad. He could feel it building up and he knew he was going to orgasm soon. If he’d had any cum left, it would most likely have shot over his head after this. The top was still slamming him hard, stirring up all the cum that was in him, getting ready to add his own toxic contribution. He could feel himself tensing up, getting ready for his orgasm. Then it started. Not only did his cock start to jerk, shooting blanks, but he felt it in his asshole, too. He was having an anal orgasm. He’d heard about those from other guys, but he’d never had one himself. “OH MOTHERFUCK GODDAMN!” he yelled out as his body started convulsing. His asshole clamped down on the big man’s huge cock like a steel trap. He’d been close to cumming, but that pushed him over the edge. He slammed his huge cock in one last time and flooded the already full asshole. “AARRGGHH YEAH, TAKE MY FUCKING POISON!!!” Alex could feel himself getting fuller from all the cum the man was shooting. And as big as his cock was, it had nowhere to go but further in. His anal orgasm left him weak, but completely satisfied. The big man finally finished shooting and yanked his huge cock out of the used hole, inflicting one last bit of pain. Alex flinched, but didn’t say anything. He was too exhausted. Daddy Max had already picked the guy’s towel up, handed it to him, and showed him to the door, pretty much pushing him out and locking it. Once again, he helped Alex out of the sling and over to the bunk. He had a smile on his tired face as he lay there. Max stroked his hair with a smile on his face as well. “Looks like I’ve got myself a brand new boy,” he said. “You ok with that?” “Oh yes Daddy Max, I’m more then ok with that. I love it!” Alex replied. Max smiled from ear to ear. “You rest for a bit and when you’re up to it, we’ll go get cleaned up and check out, and then we can head to my place for the night.” “Sounds perfect,” Alex said. To be continued in a separate story……….
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    Moderator's Note: The 2nd part of this story was posted in another thread. I am copying it here, so the story will stay together. Porsche911, please add any additional parts to this thread. Do not start another new thread. Jeremy awoke the next morning on the couch. He squinted his eyes as the morning light came in through the windows. Propping himself up on his arms, he looked around. Christopher, Sean, and Danny were also on the couch. His friends were still sleeping. Every one of them were nude. Jeremy could spot dried cum stains on their bodies and the couch from the previous night’s events. All three of his friends were sprawled out because of the large size of the furniture. And they were the epitome of what men should look like. Bulging arms, thick legs, and tight abs were all standard fixtures on their bodies. It was the result of long hours in the gym and camaraderie that went well beyond the weight room. Jeremy stood up and stretched. He had a semi-erection from looking at the guys beside him. It felt somewhat strange, having this attraction. Jeremy went to the kitchen naked and got one of the protein shakes from the refrigerator. He silently went back past the living room and into the hallway. In his bedroom, Jeremy looked at himself in the mirror. There was dried cum on his front. He didn’t care, though. He did a many push-ups as he could on the floor. Sweat beaded on his forehead and his triceps and chest singed. As he stood up, Jeremy heard water running from another room. “Hey,” came a voice from behind him. “Woah,” Jeremy started, turning to see Porter standing in the doorway. Porter wore only a black jockstrap. It stood out against his pale body, as did the faint blue veins feeding his beefy muscles. “Hey.” “Good night last night?” “Yeah, I . . . I guess so.” Jeremy remembered what he had seen transpire between Porter and Addison. “Yeah, me too.” “What’d you guys do?” “Uh, we just watched some porn.” Porter smirked, walking into the room. “Sure you did. Were you expecting something like this to happen?” “What do you mean?” Porter shrugged. He grabbed Jeremy’s right arm, rubbing it up and down. Though his palms were calloused, it matched the firm push he applied. Porter always went rough with his workouts. He lifted less weight than most of his friends, but could do more reps than any of them. He was Porter the Powerhouse. Jeremy could only imagine what that could translate to under the sheets. “You like that?” Jeremy observed Porter’s eyes. They were fixated on Jeremy’s body. Only his body. “Feels good, man.” “Sure does.” Porter lifted up Jeremy’s right pec a few times, watching it bounce. “Flex,” he commanded. Jeremy did as he was told. Porter smiled at the ripples of muscle. “Good body, man.” “Thanks. You, too.” “Yeah?” he asked, stepping back. “You like this?” “I—” “Look at my bod, man, NOT my face,” Porter said sternly. Jeremy looked over the light skin of his friend. Well, Jeremy wasn’t sure if this could be considered something friends did. But who gave a fuck. He loved the dusky coat of scruff over Porter’s chest and abs. The pure balls of strength on Porter’s shoulders, his thick trunks of legs. “You look great, Porter. Your hair is . . .” “Yeah, I’m debating on shaving it all off or not.” “Nah, it’s hot.” Porter nodded, looking down at his body. “Addison would agree with you.” “Oh? You and Addison—” “Look, most of us here came to terms with what we wanted freshman year,” Porter said, flexing in the mirror. He appeared like a narcissistic asshole looking at himself. But the primal instinct in Jeremy, deep inside him, made Porter look like the hottest person he’d seen in a long time. Forget any girls’ tits he’d seen, Porter had most all of them beat in size with his own furry pecs. And to hell with pussies, because that bulge sticking out of his jock was pure erotic. Not to mention that ass . . .“First it was me and Addison, then it spread to the other guys around mid-sophomore year. We know what we like. We know what it takes to look like we do.” Jeremy was slightly confused. Confused, but excited. “What do you mean?” “Dude, look at how much work we put into our bods. Look at all the money and time spent, protein, creatine, glutamine, and weekends we’ve given away. All the planning and dieting we’ve done. What was it for, huh?” Jeremy thought. “Looking good.” “Fuck yeah. Now why would we waste all this,” he said as he flexed his bicep, “for some anorexic drunk bitch at a club? Or a stoned cunt at Lollapalooza? We’re better than that. We’re better than them. We take strength and looks over everything, so it was natural for this to happen.” “What to happen?” Jeremy asked. He knew it was a dumb question. He already knew the answer. But he wanted to hear it from Porter’s vain mouth. The man in front of him was never more lucrative. “Jeremy, we fuck studs now. Men. The biggest ripped, toned, meatheads we can get our dicks into.” Porter chuckled as he examined his calves. “We’re sluts. We want hunks.” Jeremy slowly nodded, processing the information. “So does everyone, I mean, all the other guys—” “We’ve all fucked each other,” Porter finished. “You were the most reserved and uptight about girls and shit, so we tried to keep it from you.” “Why?” Porter shook his head. “I dunno. I knew you’d want to, but the others weren’t so sure.” “Hmm.” Jeremy did not even notice that he was leaking precum onto the floor. Porter did, though. “You can make the decision for yourself.” Porter came over, without invitation, and tugged on Jeremy’s dick. It immediately stiffened. It felt amazing. “I know you’re a slut for studs. I want to see you in action, too. Do you want to see me?” Jeremy’s mind was reeling. This was happening fast. But it was a surge far more exciting than anything he’d ever experienced before. “I . . .” Porter let go, stepping backwards. “Addison’s in the shower. We’re going to fuck. You can come watch if you want.” With that, Porter left the room, his ass almost bouncing as he walked. Jeremy was not sure what to do. After that discussion, Porter definitely made him feel like he was above fucking girls. But he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to fuck a guy. On the other hand, Porter was by and far the hottest person Jeremy thought he had ever let touch him. It was the muscle, vanity, and arrogant attitude that escalated him to a prime piece of ass. Jeremy looked at himself in the mirror. It was instinct for him to flex some part of his body. Just to see the results of his labor. Yes, he decided, he was like Porter. And he wanted to see more. Jeremy followed Porter’s path, going towards the sound of running water. He went into the bedroom across the hall. The room was a mess. Clothes enough for two people and a thong were strewn on the floor. The sheets on the bed were tangled and twisted. It was clear Addison and Porter had spent the night together. The door to the bathroom was wide open. Light steam was coming out of the doorway. Jeremy, totally naked and sporting a semi, gingerly walked over the threshold and into the bathroom. There was a sink by the door, followed by the toilet, and a wall-to-wall Jacuzzi bathtub on the opposite wall. Addison was standing up in the tub, which was filled with water. His strong jaw was glistening with sweat. His tanned body was without any hair at all, except for the small patch above his rock hard cock. Porter was on his knees in the tub, practically gagging on Addison’s manhood. There was a lust for it, a desire. Porter took pleasure in it, not at all deterred that he looked like the bitch of the situation. Addison looked up, then winked at Jeremy. “Morning,” he smiled. Jeremy nodded, not wanting to interrupt too much. Porter looked up from the cock he was servicing. A strand of precum connected his lips to Addison’s manhood. “Sit on the toilet, slut. He’s mine for now.” Jeremy did as he was told. He sat down and began stroking himself. He had plenty of precum to lubricate. Porter sucked on Addison for a little while longer, choking vigorously. He sucked like he lifted: no holding back. Jeremy wished Porter was sucking on his cock. He got harder just thinking of it. Eventually Addison shoved Porter off of him. Some water sloshed out of the tub in a single wave. No one cared. “Bend over, bitch,” Addison grinned. His dick had to have been at least eight inches long. With a stern look and a nod, Porter turned around and lifted his ass to Addison. It wasn’t for fun, it seemed, but a duty to Addison. Jeremy could tell through Porter’s face. Porter believed Addison deserved his ass. It made Jeremy all the more harder. He stroked with more vigor. Addison reached on the bathtub rim for a condom conveniently laying there. There was also a bottle of lube. Addison ripped the wrapper apart with his teeth and began to put it on. Porter, watching Jeremy with strict eyes, shook his head. “No.” “What you say?” Addison asked, the condom halfway on his dick. “No. No condoms. I want him to see natural man-fucking.” Addison smirked, then ripped the condom off his dick. He threw it at Jeremy’s face. “Fag,” Addison laughed. Addison then lubed up his dick and began to push it into Porter’s hole. Jeremy took the condom off his face and cast it onto the floor. He wanted to see everything. Addison took no time in getting into Porter’s man cunt. It only took a total of ten seconds before he was balls-deep. Jeremy was impressed. Porter only held a look of concentration as Addison went to town on him. Pound after pound, with varying intensity, pushed into him. “Fuck yeah,” Porter said after a couple of minutes. “Fucking POUND that pussy!” he yelled. His face was starting to get red. Addison kept nailing Porter, harder and harder. Jeremy looked closer at Porter’s ass. It was hairy and slick. The fur clung to Addison’s dick as it was thrust out and into Porter’s insides. Porter turned and looked at Jeremy. “I want you later,” he said. It was as if no one was fucking him, like natural conversation on the side of the street. Addison took an extra hard thrust. “Good thing about Porter,” Addison panted, “is that he never complains. He’s a power bottom.” “FUCK YEAH!” Porter screamed. It took Jeremy by surprise at the volume. “FUCK ME, MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!” Addison went into a wild thrusting. He rutted harder into Porter’s hole than Jeremy had seen in any porn. It was wild. Porter in turn grabbed the backs of Addison’s legs and pushed deeper inside himself. Addison started to curve his spine. “Uh, uh, I’m about to cum.” “FUCK ME!” Porter screamed, pushing Addison harder into his hole. Jeremy was bewildered. He stroked his cock faster. “UH, UH, OH my GOD!!” Addison yelled, stopping the thrusting and slamming his pelvis into Porter’s hole. Jeremy could tell Addison was spurting in Porter’s ass by the ruts of both their hips. “Fuck yeah!” Porter yelled, slapping the water in triumph. Half a liter of bathwater was thrown onto the walls and floor. Addison pulled his dick out and crouched in the water. He was eye level to Porter’s hole. “Come on, man, show me the money,” Addison urged. “Oh my god,” Jeremy said, unable to hold himself. He was so close to cumming. Porter looked over at him. “Come over here, show me what you’re working with.” Jeremy, without hesitation, got up and kept stroking himself. “I’m close.” Porter looked up at him. He was not a lover, hooker, friend, or even weight lifter at that point. He was a slut. Only existing for cum. Man juice. The milk of all humanity, sperm of life. Given to the holes of sluts. Jeremy began to spurt, cumming all over Porter’s ass. Addison looked up with a smile and caught the rest in his mouth, sucking on Jeremy’s dick. Jeremy pushed him away. “No! I want it on him!” Addison laughed and spit the cum on the small of Porter’s back. “Fine, dude!” Jeremy finished cumming and shook the last of his spunk onto Porter. Addison was still crouching, watching the cum drizzle. “Fuck.” Porter, looking up at Jeremy, tightened his abdomen and squirted Addion’s splooge out of his ass. He was like a water gun. The cum fell all over Addison’s ripped chest. Addison leaned back in the bathwater and breathed heavily. Porter stood up. His skin was splotched from the exertion. His cock was still rock hard. “Lick it.” Jeremy looked form Porter to Addison and back again. He made up his mind. In two licks, he went down on Addison’s chest and removed all the cum. He held it in his mouth. It was incredibly salty. Porter stepped out of the tub and pushed his body tight against Jeremy’s. “Give it to me.” They made out, transferring the cum between both of them and using is as lube between their tongues. Each swallowed greedily after most of it had dissolved. Porter stood back. His dick was standing proud. “You slut. Welcome.” Jeremy had never felt more free.
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    I need to personally thank Read1 for recommending the Club 120 party. Holy wow, that event is what I thought CumUnions would be like. It was a little weird to be going (and leaving) an orgy party during daylight hours (party ran from 4pm-8pm), but it was so well worth it. I was there from 5 till 7:30. Based on Read1's other reviews I think they were expecting a big turnout this time, not only were there 4 slings setup, but they also had a "fantasy fuck wall" (think/Google "Czech Gay Fantasy" -- that's almost exactly the setup they had for this wall). The turn out was great - at least 60 guys probably more (>200 signed up). Sadly the fuck wall wasn't in use hardly at all since it was on the main floor and most of the action was happening on the floor above it where all the slings where. I spent a little time in one and didn't have a single taker. Upstairs however, I got plenty. It was pretty crowded and all I really had to do was lean over the railing with my ass pointed out and grin at anyone who gave me a pat -- this lead to me getting fucked by 6 or 7 different guys over the course of the evening with a couple returning to my hole to take another turn several times. One of the guys who fucked me invited me into a sling where I stayed for a while and had lots of spectators and a couple guys taking turns on my smooth hole -- it was my first time in an actual sling and for sure won't be my last. Finally near the end of the evening (who wants to cum early?!) I got 3 loads of cum shot nice and deep into me. One by an older beefy muscle guy, one by a thicker asian dude, and one by a tall bro-y looking white dude. As if all this wasn't enough a super cute tiny asian twink rimmed and blew me until I was ready to cum. We were standing beside a very hairy guy wearing a wrestling singlet taking loads in the sling -- his hole opened for use just as I was ready to blow (perfect!) -- it was very wet and clearly well-fucked, AND he cleaned me off too. I'm still pretty new to bath-houses and big sex parties, I was pretty shy and nervous up until about Jan of this year when I started PReP. I always kind of thought bathhouses would be a non-stop gay orgy and events like CumUnion would just add to that, and while I always get some action, it's never been quite the experience I envisioned (honestly, why are guys so shy at the bathhouse?! We all know why we're there!). This party at Club 120 was wholly different and exactly the kind of uninhibited piggy sex I've always been fantasizing about. Can't wait for the next one (May 14th! Come to Toronto!). Let me know if you saw me there, I was wearing the same turquoise jock as in my profile pic.
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    I was never actually an official bug-chaser. It just turned out that way....which was a surprise to me since I used to be so shy and inexperienced. But my old lady doctor (who is crabby, but treats me like a son) noticed some inflamed lymph nodes on my neck, some weight loss and recommended I take the test. I did, and found out I was poz. Wow. When did it happen? With who? I could remember three times when it might have happened. 1. The After Party I live in an old neighborhood with some beautiful old buildings and lots of trees. There's a crappy little tavern in the midst of it that I went to all the time. The guys there were older and overall less "pretty" than at the dance clubs. I met these two brothers there who were older and a little sleazy. They always had weed and always hosted us stragglers at their big, beautiful house after closing time. It was within walking distance and we'd all drunkenly stumble down the block to their mansion. Mostly, we all sat around in the grand living room and passed a bong in a circle. It was always good stuff on its own, but some new skinny, tall stranger decided to add coke to the bowl. I'd never even tried cocaine, but I figured fire would kill the powder's effects. So I took in and blew out the clouds with everybody else, and after about ten minutes, I noticed I was really, REALLY fucked-up. The crowd started to thin out and go home and I thought about doing the same, but my legs didn't seem to be willing. And then there were three. The older brother, the skinny stranger and me. And they had both taken off their clothes. They sat on each side of me on the antique couch and demanded I strip too. I stood up and wobbled a bit. "I need to head home". But they insisted. And they aggressively stripped me. They got me from the front and back in a squeeze. I felt their cocks move into me from both ends. I had a thought about how this is how rape happens, but that was my last clear thought. Then we were all rolling around on an old oriental carpet. At one point, I found my face right in the crotch of the older brother. He had a huge boner and instructed me to "talk to it". I was so out of it, that I just wanted to lie down on the beautiful old carpet. The skinny guy kept prodding me with his boner and I wanted to fight him off, but was so, so tired. I can't even remember what he looked like. Then I slept. One of then could have slipped some seed in my neg ass, but I have no way of knowing. 2. The Bathtub Guy What his name? Mike? Anyway -- I'd seen him out at all the same dive bars I frequented. He was always making out and leaving with somebody new. He was tall, but not all that cute. It turns out, he had a reputation for sporting a really big dick. I guess it was my turn that one Saturday night. He took me back to his really tiny apartment and we had a serious make-out session. He wanted me to suck him, but I didn't do a very good job. His cock was genuinely huge. I kept getting to almost halfway down, when I just couldn't stand it any longer. "The day you take all of it, we're going to celebrate!" We'd talked and he knew I had a kinky side. So he put a blindfold on me and led me to his mini bathroom. I lied back in the cold tub and waited. It took about thirty seconds before I felt hot, burning drops land on me. Oh. He must have lit a candle and was dripping hot wax on me. It was kind of a turn-on, actually. If some guy wants to do this to you, just go along with it.... it doesn't hurt much and is kind of thrilling. And then came the piss. He was peeing on me and I got the biggest erection. Here was a kink I'd never even thought of! I stood under the shower nozzle for a bit to wash it all off and then we were in his bedroom/living room. He had lube samples from the bar, but they weren't enough to get his big organ into me. I ended up sucking him off and letting him shoot a load in my throat. We were lying back in his bed when he admitted that he had a boyfriend -- a poz boyfriend. Who lived IN THE SAME BUILDING! What the fuck? I had to find my clothes and get out of there. I thought of all his fluids that I'd experienced,and calculated the risks I faced. 3. The Listener I went against my better judgement and went to one of the trendy clubs where all the cuties went. I lasted all of twenty minutes before going back to a sleazier place. That's where a met a big, tall leather man. He went all out for his cause... boots, leather pants, leather cap. Everything. I sat two stools away from him and ordered a draw. The he stretched out, and his giant boots were in my lap. I guess I looked the part of a sub as much as he looked the part of a leather daddy. So be it. We had a conversation and I told him about the club I'd been to. "You had enough of twinks and want a real man now?" "Absolutely, " I replied. We left in his car and went to a pretty modest apartment building. On the drive over, he kept asking about what I'd done and how many guys I'd been with. I was honest. I told him about my grandma doctor and how carefully she monitored me every six months. I thought about asking him for a background too, but didn't. Once we were inside of his little apartment, he wanted to chain me to the ceiling of his living room, but the hook was meant for a houseplant - not a 150 pound male. So that didn't work. He was tired and didn't feel like pursuing any more kink stuff. So we went to the bedroom and he had me strip him down. I don't know how you fold leather clothes so I just stacked them as neatly as I could. He was flat on his back in bed and I stood at the end and started kissing his feet -- because they were so massive and beautiful and perfect. He loved it for awhile, but made me quit. "Tell me a hot story". "Tell me a fantasy." I was quiet for a minute....and then told him about my desire to get fucked in the changing room of a swimming pool, I also told him how I wanted to be raped by a UFC fighter. He was fully hard and beating off furiously. I bent over and waited for the load to shoot into my mouth. "Are you sure you're neg?" "I'm sure." "OK. Wait". Then his big dick erupted in the most massive flow of semen I could ever imagine. I lapped up some of it, but he held my head back and scooped the rest of it up in his left hand. He weirdly poked me in the eye with that hand and it stung like crazy. Then he turned me around and painfully shoved the rest into my butt hole. So now I wonder who put the poison in me. One of them? Two of them? A combination of all three? I guess it doesn't matter now.
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    1989 I'm dumb. I'm so, so dumb. It was a few days away from Christmas and the weather was terrible -- and yet I decided to drive out into the country for a coworker's holiday gathering. The TV had warned there'd be blizzard conditions and black ice on the highways. What the hell is "black ice" anyway? I'd never seen it or slid in it. I seemed like a fake weather thing they used to fill air time. I'd never seen "updrafts" or "heat lightning" either. The little party was nice even though over half those invited didn't attend due to the dire weather forecast. I ate well and had many rum and Cokes. Probably one or two too many. The hostess tried to convince me to just spend the night on her couch, but I really wanted to be at home. So I ventured out. The dirt road leading away from her place had started to drift closed a little, but it was nothing my car couldn't handle. The little two-lane highway heading back wasn't drifting at all, and I could almost go normal speed. I was still in a very rural area and it would be another fifteen minutes before I'd glimpse the lights of the city. No problem. I saw the sign for a narrow bridge up ahead and tapped the brakes a bit. Mistake. I was suddenly sliding and almost went into a full 360 degree spin. I ended up going backwards into a ditch with my headlights shining up into the snowy night sky. I felt pain. Did I not buckle my seat belt? No. I had not. My neck and tailbone ached right away and I could feel slight pain spreading across my forehead. At least the car was still running, with the heater going. I wouldn't freeze to death or anything. Maybe I could just close my eyes for a few minutes and see if I felt better pretty soon. I dreamed for a few seconds. A stranger was handing me a huge wrapped gift and wanted to watch me open it in front of him. I ripped into the paper and --- "HEY!" I was awake and a guy was standing over me. I was outside and lying on the snow. How? After coming to completely, the pain in my back and head came vividly back to life as well. "I'm hurt", I said to the large shadow over me. "No shit!", he said. "You're fucking lucky to be alive". "Help me", I pleaded. I didn't think I could move or walk without jabs of pain shooting through me. I guess maybe this man knew that because he picked me and gently slung me over his shoulder. I was pretty high off the ground which meant he was pretty tall. The jolts of stabbing pain were pretty bad, and I my let ice-cold tears drip onto his down coat. And then I was propped up on the front seat of his truck. I'd never realized how painful it could be to just sit upright. And then I was sleeping again. I woke up, flat on my back in a nice comfortable bed. "I think you've got a concussion so I probably need to keep you awake for a while". "Can you call an ambulance?' "I tried. The phones are out. The weather's even worse now. Open your eyes and look at me". I did. His face came into focus after a few seconds. He was a big beast of a man with jet black hair and a full, bushy beard. Mountain Man. He studied my eyes and concluded I was probably OK. "But just to be safe, keep those eyes open and talk to me". "My name is Ross. What's yours'?" "I'm Ed. You live around here?" "No. I live in downtown in a little apartment". We went back and forth until he was fairly satisfied I wouldn't slip into a coma or anything. He told me about growing up in Boston before his stepdad kicked him out and he moved to L.as Vegas and then to L.A. where he was in some movies. He was doing pretty well until he got sick and moved here to the middle of Kansas to live on the farm his grandfather left him when he'd died. He raised a few cattle, but it was hard because all the meds were kicking his ass. Meds? For what? He kept talking and I kept listening until sleep finally grabbed me. I maybe woke up two times that night and was aware that he was lying next to me....nude. My clothes were gone too. The next morning, I was made instantly aware of he soreness in my body. Ed was gone, but he came soon enough with a glass of ice water -- which I desperately wanted. With some painful effort, I sat up and took a few greedy gulps. I knew I'd have to pee soon, and God only knew how I'd manage that. I had so much pain. "Do you have any Tylenol or anything like that?" "Oh I got something way better. Hold on." He returned a minute later with a white tablet in his sausage-like fingers. "Swallow this." I did. "You don't have any broken bones, by the way. I checked you all over last night. You might have some fractures, though." "Oh shit...my car." "I'm fixing to go tow it out while you sleep. The phones ought to be up by the time I get back". Once I realized I wasn't in pain anymore, I celebrated by giving in to the sleep that was creeping up on me again. I woke up twice. Once to find myself in his bathroom, leaning against him, aiming pee into his toilet. I didn't really register that he kept holding my dick after I was finished or how he was massaging my balls. The second time I felt the soft, spongy head of his penis sliding across my lips. He was very casual about it. "Your car isn't banged up too bad, but the battery is dead. I'll charge it for you. Go back to sleep". I closed my eyes again and yet he was still rubbing the hardening dick across my face and neck. I even felt a little stickiness ooze out. I slept yet again, but not as deeply. I was almost completely aware of Ed sliding a second pill between my lips. And he talked some more. I half-listened in my partial slumber. He talked about how lonely he'd been and how he hadn't had any sex since getting AIDS three years ago. And then he gently hugged me. "Did that hurt?" "No. I don't have pain now, man." "Good. I need to do this". I didn't know what he meant, but then he knelt down between my naked legs and let his hard cock poke me in the balls. And then he prodded it against my unguarded asshole. I knew this was some gay sex about to happen, and I knew it hurt the bottom guy a lot. But then he moved his big dick in and it pinched, but didn't really hurt that bad. I guess everything down there was numb thanks to the pain pill. He was gentle, but fast. He thrust in and out until he stopped suddenly and released his load inside me. Later in the day, I was able to get dressed with just some stiffness here and there. The weather had cleared and I could finally go home in my somewhat dented car. Ed and I said our goodbyes with a promise that we'd meet up again. Which we did. Several more times. My physical injuries were minor, but my blood was now injured irreparably.
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    Grandfather. Lived with him and nudity was the norm. He would put me on his lap and watch tv and could feel him grow. Became normal to feel the head of his cock on my hole and him pressing. One day it popped in and he said just sit there and watch tv. I eventually felt his head pulse, him letting out a deep groan , then shrink and pop out. I would go to the bathroom later and the was always a large load of cum in the toilet. I freaked out the first time seeing it and he said that it will happen every time now and its fine. Of course, I didnt realize what it was at the time. It eventually evolved to him actually pumping in and out while making me dry cum. He was a great guy.
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    If you're on a smartphone but are not smart enough to know when someone sends you a message; You only talk to "local" people despite the fact that you live in Bumfuck, Montana, 50 miles from the nearest post office; or Are such an enormous pussy that you quickly exit the room when someone messages you-- Here's a friendly suggestion: don't go into the fucking chat room! Holy shit, what a concept!
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    Gorgeous cute cub couple invites me over as they live 50 metres from work they suggested I come for a quick session before work. Ahhh why not i thought.I got ther 40 minutes before I started. After some plesantries we headed to the bedroom. Some passionate 3 way kissing and me on my knees taking their cocks in my mouth. Daniel bent over and I rimmed his arse. He then suggested he sit on my face while his boyfriend rode my cock. It was amazing. I had a beautiful arse on my face while I felt his boyfriend go ballistic and bounce wildly on my cock. I then got on all fours and Daniel pounded me hard until he shot his load deep in me. While we took a breather I sucked jons cock. I asked to sit on it so he could stir up his fellas jizz. As it slid in and out the wet sound got sloppier and Jon threw me on my back and pummelled my pig hole. It wasn't long before he dumped his seed in my hole too. Off to work I went, cum still leaking out for most of the day until I met fuck number 3. A gorgeous ginger guy who fucks like a machine. He was in awe of my arse telling me how beautiful it looked and that he could smell and see the cum from my fucks that morning. He spoke of pimping me out to his mates who he was sure most would have never had a hole as hot as mine. He seemed genuinely in awe of everything about it. The pinkness, the softness, how loose it was. How much of a pig hole it was. He fucked hard and his facial expressions confirmed that he really loved fucking my cunt. He smiled as he was ramming it hard and said those magic words. Here it comes and then he was burying it deep he unloaded deep in me. Later that night the last guy I had came over to my place and proceeded to fuck me for 12 hours. With a few breaks to hydrate and catch our breath. In that time he blew 5 times. Best cum sloppy 48 hours ever! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59032b4bcc239 A before and after vid
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    I suppose after lurking here for awhile this is as good a place as any to make my first post. I started messing around with guys my own age when I was about 8ish, like many guys do. A couple years after that I, for a period of about a year and a half or so I was fooling around with acquaintance of my dads who was in his thirties and then him and my dad both. I've never used the word "molested" when referring to my experience because it makes me uncomfortable because despite applicable, I enjoyed myself a lot, and I don't have negative associations with that times. I never told anyone about it until I was in my late 30's a few years ago, after he had passed away. There were a couple of reasons for that. One I didn't want people to think them as monsters. And felt like a bit of a freak for viewing an experience that is for many a horrible, traumatic even, as extremely erotic for me. Plus I've never liked being accused being a liar, and given what happened I can see people not believing it. I can now accept that I myself was VERY lucky on several different levels. In that if circumstances had been different, it could have been a terrible thing to happen , that the the circumstances all came together for that brief period of time to make it happen. I mean a lot of guys don't even think about a trick they had last night, 30 years later I still some terrific memories. I do wonder if it I fluenced the type of guy I go for, since they were both hairy, bearded, redneck guys and I still go for that. And having met other people with similar positive experiences, is a big reassurement.
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    Dumped one in my 24yo FB's hole last night and in his mouth this morning. Took one from my bro in my hole today.
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    The Summer of 1992 was a personal low point for me. I'm not here looking for sympathy here, so I'll just report that I'd lost my job and was about to lose my mom. I was also broke as hell. I had to sell my car just to pay rent and survive. My mom had bone cancer and it was fast overtaking her. She'd chosen to die at home -- which was about four hours from where I lived. My older sister, in a rare moment of compassion, bought me a train ticket to my hometown to say see her one last time. She also sent me a hundred bucks which I immediately spent on booze. I'd developed a fondness for beer and decided that was more vital to my mental stability than a paid phone bill. It was a tragically nice day in July when I headed to the train station. I didn't bring much with me -- just a few changes of clothes, a book I'd been reading, cigarettes, and about ten cans of beer. Also the $80.00 I had left. Maybe train stations were nice places at one point in history, but not anymore. It was like a giant room filled with the same people you'd see waiting at a bus stop...only they were carrying black garbage bags filled with their belongings. I had a fairly nice duffel bag, but was in no place to judge. We were all among the defeated. I was way too early because it was my constant big fear in life that I'd be late for something. So I had almost two hours to kill. I found a mostly empty row of seats and dug out my book. Lots of people departed and the lounge was getting emptier every few minutes. I was deep in the middle of the novel when some guy sat down right next to me. What the fuck? There were plenty of other places to sit. He smelled a little sweaty and a lot like smoke. I concentrated harder on the pages, but this dude decided to strike up a conversation. He asked things like "what's your name?" and "where're you headed?" instead of making comments that I just grunt a reply to. I gave up reading and put the book back in my bag. "Nice bag. Is that a Reebok?" "No. Nike. My name is Arnie and I'm headed to Norton...to the South of here". I suddenly thought of Mom. She always said 'Don't talk to strangers.' It was by-the-book parenting, I suppose. 'Don't ever take rides or candy from strangers.' It was in no way helpful to a non-idiot child, but I still loved the old gal and would miss her very much when she was gone. I finally looked right at the pest. He was a few years older than me, dirty blonde hair, mustache and dull beard. I'd only recently admitted to myself that I liked looking at men more than I liked looking at women. I thought he was pretty handsome. For whatever reason, I thought guys were hotter with beards but I always tried to picture them clean-shaven. Would I still find them attractive? "I'm Mike. I'm going to Revitt City to look for a job. I think Norton is on my stop. Any work there?" "In grain elevators or the railroad maybe". "I can do anything. I can sell Cadillacs even". I looked at him a little more. He was very tall and thin, but with a slight gut. He was wearing a Cubs t-shirt and the most worn out jeans ever. On his over-sized feet, he had on sneakers without socks. I decided Mike was worth getting to know. We had a little over an hour to kill. Book forgotten. We talked for a bit. I told him about the reason for my trip and he told me about fleeing from bill collectors and people 'hassling' him in general. "I owe so much money to the hospital. I hope that Clinton guy gets elected so I can get some free medicine at least". "What kind of medicine?" "Lots. Hey I saw some beers in your bad when you put your book away. Want to split one now?" "Here??" He grabbed a newspaper from a nearby chair and unfolded it fully open, "We can hide it". I pulled out a can and we shared sips of brew under the guise of giving a shit about current events. We shared another and another and pretty soon it was time for our departure. I have to say that the inside of the train was cleaner and nicer than the station. Mike and I plopped down in empty seats right in front of a huge window. The landscape would be boring, but at least we had something to look at. I felt like taking a nap. "Hey, Arnie. Do they got a smoking section on this thing? I'm craving one after those beers of yours". We poked around and found that they had a smoking car. We found it and went inside, feeling the tracks speeding by beneath us. It smelled bad and was too brightly lit. We sat down and smoked greedily. He kept talking and I hunched over and looked straight down at the floor. I kept sneaking peeks at his big feet. Maybe I had more preferences than I wanted to admit. I thought I was being casual, but Mike knew where my eyes were going, He started prying his bare feet out of those old sneakers and resting his soles on top of them. "I'm always barefoot, you know? Most of my shoes are secondhand and never fit very well. You can touch them if you want". "Not here". "Gotcha, Arnie. Lets go back to our seats". We did. We had practically the whole car to ourselves. The seats swiveled and he stretched out his long legs on my lap. I puled off his shoes again and massaged those feet with all kinds of pent-up passion. Next thing I knew he was sporting a little fat boner poking out of his jeans. "Better stop now. Let's save it for our stop...it's not far now." "OUR stop? I thought you were going to Revitt City?" 'Not anymore. Not now. Now close your eyes and get a snooze in". He left those bare feet up against my torso, but I was still able to relax and nod off". I was out. And then there were dings and the lights that went up. We were in Norton. By the time I collected myself, Mike had his shoes back on was holding his grubby little gym bag of stuff. It was almost dark outside and I could smell a storm coming. Thunder. Mike left with me. I had no idea what to do with him now that I was the "host". My mom's house was only five blocks away, and no way could I take him there. I'd have to figure something out soon. We passed the park outside of the city library. It was a regular park with one interesting feature: a really old locomotive engine from, like, the 1800's or something. I tried to tell Mike about why there was a big-ass train in a park, but he suddenly pulled me to the ground. I dropped my bag as he pawed at me like an animal. "I need to fuck you, little Arnie." He was on top of me groaning and humping. I tried to figure out a way out of this. "But I've got bad news and even worse news and then really bad news". He stripped down to nothing His fat little dick was bobbing in front of him. "You can undress yourself or I can do it for you. Decide in three seconds." I stripped down too. I think I wanted this. He covered me with his sweaty heat and started talking right into my right ear. 'The bad news is that I don't have lube with me. The worse news is that I don't have condoms. Worst of all possible news is that I have AIDS". I was stunned, but not enough to freak out. Or was I? Then he pushed that chubby prick into me fast. I tried to yell out but his bearded mouth covered mine. He kept going. And going. I felt a few rain drops on my head and saw flashes of lightning. I dared to reach around and hold his bare ass as it pumped up and down into me at a really fast pace. I was on a fast track to a deadly disease. And then the stormy evening sky really opened up and drenched our naked bodies as he kept fucking me. Through the noisy downpour I heard him shout,"Here it is, kid!" He was finished and was eager to find his clothes and some shelter. "Your ass is bleeding like hell. Stand in the rain a bit". I did for a few seconds but then put on my wet clothes and made a made a quick dash all the rest of the way to Mom's house. The hospice nurse let me in and then went back to sitting with her patient. I showered and went right to bed. I'd go be with my mom for a while in the morning and then try to find Mike. I sat with my mother for a bit, but she slept most of the time. I held her hand and admitted so much to her. I kissed her forehead and left. Mike wasn't in the park anywhere -- nor was he in the library. That was it. Mom died 32 hours later and I had a disease. Like I said, it was a low point for me.
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    On Wednesday, met up with this super hot poz top with a 9in thick bbc. Started out making out and sucking each other before he started lifting up my legs to his shoulder. Took several hits of poppers and he pushed all the way inside even passed my second ring. Made me see stars. He was quite verbal and had me begging for his poz seed. Before he came he asked me where I wanted it, I just replied by wrapping my feet across his back and held him tight so he couldn't pull out. Ended up dumping a super large load in me where it kept dripping out throughout the night. On Thursday, ended up meeting with 2 verse guys, both took turns hammering at my ass. Both were 7in cut but super thick. Went at it for hours before they dumped their loads into me as well. Came home and checked out my hole and its gapping big time. It no longer look like an asshole. It looks like a pussy.
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    No. Especially when you're infecting someone. That's fucked up on a multitude of levels. Otherwise, just to get your rocks off and you know you're "DDF", it's fairly inconsequential but its not okay. If someone can't fully consent and come to terms with whats happening, you shouldn't be sleeping together.
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    Was in the bookstore yesterday afternoon, Very slow crowd but there was 1 black guy with a nice package in his pants. He was standing next to me in the back smiling at me so i thought friendly guy. So i asked him does he like to fuck. His reply was do you have a condom. My reply was do you need one. With this his smile grew bigger & he grabbed my ass & i intern grabbed his cock. Nice big package. I loosened my pants pushed them down to my knees exposing my faggot cunt in a jockstrap. I got down like a pig on the ground face down ass up. He got behind me pushed my legs apart & pushed his big cock inside me. He was fucking me good & bare for a good 10mins all the while pumping my ass full with cum. He must have shot at least 3 separate loads inside me but every time he shot he just continued pumping me & filling me up with more cum. It was hot. When he was done he pulled out & thanked me for a great fuck. That sure was a horny fuck with his baby batter deep in my guts churning.
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    I love it when a top buries his cock as deep as possible in my ass. It enhances the feeling, just the tip in doesn't do it for me. I want to feel the whole length of it. Additional bonus points if he has a set of low hanging balls that I feel and hear (!) slapping against my butt.
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    no it isn't okay. if you're having unprotected sex with an unknown partner, and serostatus isn't discussed, that isn't stealthing. it's just situational ignorance. if the condom fails without assistance, that isn't stealthing. if you're having sex with someone and you've led them to believe that you're negative and/or that you're using an unaltered condom when in fact you aren't, that's stealthing. you don't get to decide what your partner 'really' wants/needs/deserves. there are plenty of guys out there actively looking for poz seed. forcing it on someone who doesn't want it is rape, in my opinion, and that is never okay.
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    Regardless of how "hot" you think it is, anyone who deliberately violates the conditions under which their partner agreed to have sex is an asshole and is committing sexual assault. And just because this this is a site for guys who like breeding, doesn't mean that everyone here is only having sex with guys who also like breeding. If a guy tells you he wants you to use a condom and you don't want to use one, be a fucking adult and find someone else to have sex with.
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    Love it balls deep but for the most pleasure comes from a cock with extra girth. Love the way it stretches out my Puss
  42. 3 points
    I think there is a beauty about learning about your manhood from your dad.
  43. 3 points
    People with low self-esteem are more likely to not stand up for themselves. If you are asking "are bottoms with low self-esteem more likely to agree to bareback sex when they really wanted to use protection?" then that answer is likely "yes" for only that reason. There are plenty of bottoms like me who will only have sex bareback and who always want the load. It doesn't take any talking us into it. Don't assume that guys who take loads aren't just as into it as the guys who breed them. For me, the fact that it is risky adds to the turn on.
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    I am a big fan of anonymous sex. There is nothing hotter than walking in and finding a guy naked, ass up on all fours waiting to get fucked. Year or so ago replied to an ad online for a walk in anonymous scene. The guy wanted to be fucked and loaded and didn’t want to see who did it. Sounded perfect to me and soon I was outside his hotel room door. I walked in and he was naked and blindfolded on his knees. The only light in the room came from the bathroom but it only took me a minute to realize I knew this guy, we worked together. His tattoo was what gave it away. We had flirted at work a few times but he had a partner and flirting was as far as it ever went. I thought about leaving but then realized that would be stupid. He had gone to the trouble of renting a hotel room and was advertising for anonymous cock and loads. If not me then someone else would do it and the more I thought about fucking him the hotter I got. I stripped out of my clothes and rubbed the head of my cock on his lips and he eagerly opened his mouth and took me in. He moaned softly as I grabbed his head and pushed my cock deeper into his throat with each thrust of my hips. I didn’t want to talk and risk him figuring out who I was so I pulled out, grabbed his hair and pulled his head back as I kissed him and then pushed him onto the bed. His ass was round and just the right amount of hairy. I pushed his face down on the bed and placed his hands on his cheeks and he pulled them apart showing me his hole. I licked and ate that hole until he was begging to get fucked. I stood up and rubbed my cock on his ass enjoying teasing him and hearing him begging to be fucked. I took a hit of poppers and passed them to him and then pushed my cock balls deep in one quick thrust. He fisted the comforter and cried out which did nothing but make me fuck him harder. I fucked for a bit then pulled out and licked his hole and sucked his cock until he begged to be fucked again. I rammed back into his open hole and started a steady rhythm forcing my cock all the way in over and over. I grabbed his hips and grunted as I fucked my load into this anonymous load taker who turned out to be my coworker. I kept pumping his hole and gave him another load which I promptly licked out of his hole and kissed him with. We were both moaning and a part of me wanted to pull the blindfold off but the pervy side of me knew it would be hotter with him not knowing it was me.
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    Was heading back to Cincinnati from the hinterlands of west virginia. Was hard all the way because I knew I was stopping at ne of my favorite bookstores, Route 35 Adult Books. FUCKING SLEAZY place. Pull into the lot and smoke a bowl before I go in. Weed always makes me super horny and piggy. I go in and pay for my tokens. See average guy in the arcade. Went to a booth that had a huge gloryhole. He walks in and shoves a greeat big thick beautiful cock through the hole. I start sucking. FOr about 5 minutes I went at it then gave up. Watched a bit of the movie then let him go. Walked around another 20 minutes thinking of that cock. I make a lap and find him cock out sitting in a chair in the open courtyard kind of area the booths made. Seeing him bate got me so horney i lowered my pants and winked my hole at him. He slid up behind ad shoved his raw unsheathed dick balls deep in my hole. he pumped for about 5 and then said he could not cum. I bolted to the other side that like one big open room with everyone fucking. Standing by the gay couch is this hot 35 yo ish muscle stud, I sit down and within 5 seconds his cock is out so I know hes ready to play. I strip and sit right down on his raw cock. I must have ridden his cock for about 10 minutes when he erupts just as i an bottoming out on his cock. I sat there impaled for another 10 before he went soft. His load tated delicious as I cleaned him with my mouth
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    I love getting fucked, don't get me wrong, but for me it's all about the cum...I want as much cum inside me as I can get.
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    I don't think it's right to stealth HIV on anyone. Yes, if you're barebacking, and I do, then you should know that one of these times you will get stealthed, it comes with the territory. But I'd like to be told someone is poz and then let me decide if I want his cum inside me. My b/f is poz, UD and has been fucking me raw for two years. If he wasn't UD, I"d still take his raw loads and that would be my choosing, not someone stealthing me for kicks.
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    Any cigar or pipe men out there? Let me hear from you.
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    I think a lot of guys get scared at how much they are addicted to cock and cum. Their need to be breed is innate and is on their mines almost every second of every day. I don't think you can turn to a fetish to curb your need to be bred as you will never stop needing cock and cum in your ass. The easier said than done solution is to find a top BF with a big fat cock who will shoot double digit spurts of sperm in you - especially after you have been pre-lubed with multiple loads. A true top will understand your addiction. Don't give up on having a cum dump bottom as a BF. I have known and bred quite a few couples who both total bottoms. Most of them have stayed together longer than most other couples and have an intimacy that few share. There is a freedom in admitting to each other their shared desires and lots of ways to play together - toys and tongue fucking each other while talking about how much you both want cock and cum - you'll soon be fucking and breeding each other. I bred one such couple on a regular basis for a long time. They had a ton of fun going out together and trying to find a guy to do them side by side, or challenging each other to see who could get the most loads and then coming home with both of their asses cum lubed and sharing with each other the details of the cocks they took. And they fucking loved playing with each other's sperm dripping holes. None of what I said might appeal to you. Just be honest with yourself and find a way to be yourself within the parameters you have set.
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    have all my life

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