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    Smooth feels so wonderful and fucking or being fucked by poz guys is always such a thrill. Have never used a condom and I am now 80. The only reason for our being is mutual unlimited pleasure and gratification.
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    Part 18 - Showers And Shopping The last few days had been quite busy and Jake didn't know how he was filling his time. He spent a lot of it in the gym and pool with Marco and Ben, occasionally Andre would join them to work out. Marco and Jake were making love twice a day, they were becoming in separable. Friday morning had come, Jake laid on his back in Marco's arms. He wiped the sweat off Marco's chest. "I am so in love with you Marco." "Do you think being sweet to me will get you out of your training schedule today?" "Busted, thought it was worth a try." "We should shower." Jake got up from the bed and walked through the dressing room to the bathroom, struggling to keep his cheeks clenched as he went. He turned on the water and stood there letting the cool water wash over him. He felt Marco's hands caressing his arse. "I forgot to tell you how much I love you Jake, you mean everything to me." Jake turned his head and kissed Marco as his arms circled around his body, he continued tenderly kissing the back of Jake's neck. Before long his cock was hard and pressing up against Jake. For the first time he knew he was going to get fucked in the shower. He leaned his head back against Marco. He felt the resistance of his arse as Marco began penetrating him. He grabbed Marco's arms pulling them tighter around him, he stood on his toes as he felt the love of Marco pushing deep in to him. He moaned several times, his arse wriggled to take more of his lover. Marco sought his mouth and kissed Jake at the same time his hips began undulating tight against Marco's arse. Jake raised his hand and held Marco's neck as their kissing intensified. Marco grunted loudly in Jake's mouth, his arms tightened around his lover. Jake pushed his hand out against the wall of the shower to stop him from falling forward. Marco took hold of Jake's cock and gently caressed it, he felt his arse expand and as Marco's cock swelled and began releasing pulsing rivers of his love in to Jake. His couldn't contain himself, his legs wobbled as he began shooting his cum in to Marco's hand. He held him tight and kissed him deep as their orgasm slowly ebbed. Jake closed his eyes and let the water run over his body as Marco reached for the shower gel, liberally applying it to his hands he rubbed over every inch of Jake's body and himself. Jake remained close to him, the smell of the ginger and lemon from the shower gel penetrating his senses. He knew this was where he wanted to be and belong. They finished their workout in the gym and spent 45 minutes in the pool. Jake was resting against the side as Marco swam up and kissed him. "Marco, can we go out shopping. I would like to get a new shirt for this evening?" "Yes, you can give your credit card a little exercise, but I need to get your finger print recognition for the gate done as well." "Oh yes, Andre told me how much trouble he had with that one night." "The sensor doesn't like bbq sauce." "I will remember that. Shall we invite Ben as he looked a little lost for something to do this morning?" "I'm sure he would love to come. I will get JP to bring the card round." "No, let's go by bus, have a little adventure." "Come on then, let's go find Ben and get changed." Ben was all hyper and super excited to be asked to out with them. As they headed out they stopped at a small building behind some trees. "What is this place?" "This is where security is." The door opened as they approached, there stood a six foot muscled and tattooed guy in his late 30's. "Hello Marco and this must be Jake." "Hi Darren, yes this is Jake." "Come on young one, lets get you on the system. And no eating bbq sauce." "I promise I won't." "If you do I lock you up in my cage here for the night. Andre does it on regular basis." He winked at laughing at Jake who was unsure if he was joking. He need not worry, there in the corner of the control room was a cage. Everything done, Darren patted Jake and gave him a kiss on his head. They went done and tested it against the pad and sure enough the gate opened. The bus ride was hot and long up to Oxford Street, Jake was last off the bus and he looked up at the imposing building. "Are you sure you want to shop here?" "Marco, my parents would never allow me in this shop. They have the most amazing window displays at Christmas, but yes I do." As they approached the front door the livered door man opened it and politely welcomed them to Selfridges. The three of them were dressed in shorts and t-shirts as Marco put it 'to blend in', this in itself was quite difficult to do with Ben. A fan had recognised him and wanted a selfie, Jake just looked on confused but Ben told him she is a fan and also a gymnast. Ben started picking clothes up and unfolding them and putting them back giggling as he did so, only to watch the assistant follow them folding things back up neatly. Jake decided to have a go, as he put the jumper back on the shelf the floor manager approached them. Ben whispered in Jake's ear to ask for the personal shopper. Marco stood back to watch as he knew this either going to be funny or end in them being banned. "May I help you gentlemen, are you looking for anything in particular?" "Oh err yes, I guess you can help." "Please tell me what you are looking for." "My friend and I need something to wear for dinner tonight. Casual but dam nice." "I see, we have plenty of 'nice' things, however they do come at a price." "Could you hold this me for a moment." He pulled the credit card out of his pocket and handed it to the floor manager. Immediately his hand went in the air and two assistants appeared. "I think you gentlemen would be more comfortable in our VIP lounge." He ushered them to a discreet door off the floor and into a plush lounge, where two stewards offered the three of them champagne. Marco leaned in to Jake and Ben telling them they will get offered lunch in the Palm Court. The floor manager instructed the assistants to find exquisite casual dining clothes. Before they even managed a sip of the champagne the store manager appeared and introduced himself and offered them lunch. They tried on some clothes and decided on 3 pairs of casual designer trousers and loose neck shirts. Marco spoke to the floor manager asking for the items to be delivered to the address by 4pm. The three of them were sat on a prime table as the waiters cleared their plates. "I can't believe what that card can do Marco." "That's nothing Jake." They left the store and headed back to home to get ready for dinner. Jake was a little nervous about Fabian meeting his brother. He had promised to be civil to everyone, Jake knew that he would do his best.
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    Went hiking this past week in the mountains south of Reno, NV. Found a nice secluded spot under a small grove of trees next to a small spring. Dropped my cargo shorts and bent myself over a large tree stump. Took my partner's horse bone deep in my hungry fuck hole (spit was my only lube). Was pounded hard, moaning like the bb whore that I am...begging my stud for his seed. My stallion did not disappoint...dropping a multi-day load deep in my well fucked hole...Pig 🐷 heaven!!! Was nice and wet for the rest of the hike. LUV bb fuck in the woods...my fantasy has now become a reality...More, more...Oink! 😋
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    Ch. 5: Pt. 2 Halfway to the bedroom, Jeremy picked Daniel up and carried him the rest of the way to his bed. Before he placed him on his bed, Jeremy kissed Daniel’s sweating, feverish, forehead. Daniel smiled at that and noticed his breath pick up, from lust or from the flu he couldn’t tell. Jeremy took off Daniel’s shirt and saw that, even though it had faded with the meds, Daniel still had a faint rash, almost in the shape of wings across his chest. Jeremy looked at the rash for a moment longer before placing his hand on Daniel’s chest, right above his heart. He pictured the virus, the one that he had taken as his, was now in his lover, spreading through his body. That Jeremy was now a permanent part of Daniel made him feel closer to anyone than he had ever felt in his whole life. Though he knew that the virus, one that had lead to the deaths of millions of gay men just like them, would probably end up killing both of them one day, he didn’t care. As long as they were together, he knew that it would have been worth it. And now they always would be together. He leaned down and kissed Daniel’s chest, right above his heart before kissing his way down to his jeans, licking the sweat off his torso when he crossed it. Jeremy unbuttoned Daniel’s pants, and the sweaty smell of his overheated crotch wafted up through his sweat-soaked briefs. Normally, the musty smell disgusted him (and embarrassed him when it happened to himself), but when it was coming from Daniel, Jeremy couldn’t help but be turned on. He dug his nose into the fabric of Daniel’s briefs, right over his warm balls and inhaled deeply. Daniel was even turned on looking at Jeremy sniffing his, probably, rank underwear and his dick began to strain against the already tight elastic of his briefs. Jeremy couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled down Daniel’s underwear, and as his cock flopped onto his stomach, Jeremy knew that he wanted to clean his lover as much as he could (long before a shower would even be considered.) Jeremy went down to Daniel’s balls and put them in his mouth, one at a time, savoring the vinegary flavor of each as he massaged them with his tongue. He licked each one as he pulled off them and then generously bathed the stretch of his sack in between his balls before moving up to Daniel’s rock-hard cock. He licked and bathed each side of his dick, inhaling Daniel’s musty smell as he did so before he engulfed just the head of his cock. He couldn’t tell for sure, but Jeremy could swear that Daniel’s cock was bigger than it was the last time he saw it. Jeremy’s was still bigger by a long shot, but Daniel’s dick, especially the head, seemed to be way bigger, and thicker than it had been. He sucked on just the head of Daniel’s dick a bit more, poking his tongue into the slit of Daniel’s urethra. Daniel let out something between a moan and cry of pain every time Jeremy would do that. Precum was streaming from his slit, so Jeremy continued to play with Daniel’s cock head as he lapped up any precum that flowed into his eager mouth. Eventually, Jeremy began to make his way down Daniel’s cock until he was at the base and had his nose pressed into his musty bush of pubes. Still turned on by the smell, Jeremy took a big whiff of Daniel’s pubes as he still had his cock lodged down his throat. Remembering his promise, at least to himself, that he was going to clean Daniel, he took Daniel’s dick out of his mouth and licked his way along the back of his dick until he had his pubes in his mouth. He licked them, trying to coat the sweaty skin underneath in his saliva as much as he possibly could through the thick patch of hair. As he was doing this, Daniel’s dick jumped and smacked Jeremy on his chin. “Kinky boy,” Daniel said through a sluggish haze. “Oh, you have no idea, baby.” He ran his tongue back up to Daniel’s mouth and kissed him. Daniel tasted his own sweat as they kissed, but surprisingly was turned on by the taste rather than disgusted. Jeremy pulled back and began his descent back down toward Daniel’s groin. This time, though, he passed Daniel’s throbbing dick entirely and went for his taint. Jeremy licked and bathed the smooth patch of skin underneath Daniel’s tight balls. Before he went any lower, he pulled away and flipped Daniel onto his stomach and positioned his hairy ass in the air. Jeremy dove in and licked from the bottom of Daniel’s taint to the center of his puckered hole. He circled his tongue around his tight hole before pushing forward and invading his lover with his mouth. He tasted Daniel’s insides, the sharp, coppery, tang of his ass driving him even more mad with his desire for him. He began to dart his tongue in and out of Daniel’s tight hole while Daniel buried his face into the sheet below him and moaned with pleasure. “I think you’re ready. Do you?” Jeremy said as he pulled his tongue out of Daniel’s ass. “Yes! Please! I need you inside of me, baby! Please fuck me!” Daniel whimpered, trying his best to look back at Jeremy while keeping his ass up in the air. Jeremy didn’t need to be told twice; he finally took off the shorts that he was wearing and spat on his dick before pressing it up against Daniel’s asshole. He didn’t want to use lube, maybe later once Daniel was better, but, for now, he wanted it to be him and Daniel, nothing else. He lubed up his cock with his spit and pushed in with one fast movement. Daniel, who thought he was ready, was not, and let out a yelp that turned into a scream before he could muffle his pain into the sheet below. “Fuck! Sorry, baby. Just got excited!” “It’s… ok. Probably best to make sure that we get as much of you in me as possible.” Daniel said once the pain faded. Daniel looked back and gave Jeremy a wink. “Don’t be afraid to tear me up a bit more.” Jeremy smiled at that and marveled at how committed Daniel was to chasing now. He pulled all of the way out of Daniel before slamming back in. Daniel yelped again. Jeremy repeated himself about three more times, each in different directions inside Daniel before he started a slow and steady rhythm. Jeremy slowly made love to Daniel and watched as his large cock pistoned in and out of his asshole. He felt his cock already leaking his toxic precum, coating the insides of Daniel’s rectum, helping the virus that was wreaking havoc on his body by providing reinforcements. “Oh, baby! Fuck my ass, Jeremy! I want you to pump more POZ seed in me!” “Yeah? You want me to recharge you?” “Yeah, Jeremy! Recharge my POZ hole!” Hearing Daniel acknowledge that his hole was probably POZ now is what sent Jeremy over the edge. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum, Dan! I’m gonna blast you with more POZ cum, baby!” Jeremy said as he shot a huge load of his toxic cum into Daniel, painting the walls of his rectum. More of his virus did, in fact, seep into Daniel’s bloodstream and sealed his fate for good. Jeremy’s cock twitched in Daniel’s hole as his orgasm subsided. Daniel moaned with the sudden movement of his dick. “Oh, baby! Your cum feels so good in my ass. Makes me want to cum right-“ “Don’t even think about it.” Jeremy interrupted Daniel as he was about to start jerking his own cock underneath them. Jeremy undocked his cock from Daniel’s ass and turned Daniel around to face him on the bed. “What? Why not?” “Because there’s a test we need to check up on and if the results are what we think they are, I want your first official POZ load up MY ass.” Daniel smiled at him before leaning up to kiss Jeremy. They both got up and headed to the kitchen, Daniel complete naked and Jeremy only wearing his shirt, his cum, blood, and ass-juice covered cock swaying as he walked.
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    I was eighteen, short for my age at just five foot and very slim. Often people thought I was younger but my Id provthem wronged . While I enjoyed school I hated sports and took every opportunity to avoid them. However when I couldn't I tended to go for cross country runs, probably because they involved no physical contact. Looking back now though it was one of these runs that set me on a path for life. Our runs took us for miles, through urban areas and also through woodland and parks. And it was on one of these that I had the urge to urinate. I held on as long as I could but the effort of running simply exacerbated that need. Eventually at the edge of some woodland I spotted a sign for some public toilets. Relieved, I padded down the path through the bushes and trees and came to a secluded toilet. Entering, it took a bit before my eyes adjusted to the relative darkness compared to the bright sunlight outside. A sort of twilight, lit purely from whatever daylight managed to filter through the small and dirty windows at a high level on one wall. I stepped over to the urinals and, fishing my penis out from the leg of my shorts, let go a long stream of piss from my bursting bladder. As I finished I realised that a tall man was also standing at the end urinal and seemed to be watching me intently. Somewhat innocently I turned as I rearranged my shorts and our eyes met. Then he glanced down and my eyes automatically followed. He turned slightly and I saw this huge erection jutting from his trousers with two heavy balls hanging below. I stared fascinated. It was the first mans cock I had ever seen, and it was enormously erect with a big swollen purple head that glistened moistly. His hand was wrapped around the shaft and he slowly eased it back and forth, the foreskin rolling over the head as he did so. A big drop of fluid emerged from the end and hung there obscenely, glistening in the dim light. "Come here", he said authoritatively. And I felt my legs propelling metowards him as if hypnotised. As I stopped a couple of feet in front he suddenly reached up and grabbed my hair with his right hand while his left swiftly covered my mouth. I seemed to come to my senses, but too late. His fingers were woven into my hair and he forced my head down relentlessly until my face was level with his swollen member and a small biohazard tattoo to the upper left of his cock. Two fingers of his lefthand were being forced into my mouth and he prised my teeth apart. He prised my jaws open until my mouth gaped and then he slid the swollen moist head of his cock between my lips. "Don't try to shout or scream boy, just enjoy it, and don't bite me or I'll hurt you", he said, removing his fingers so that my lips clamped around the head. I was disgusted but his grip of my hair prevented me from moving my head. He slowly eased his cocK further into my mouth until the head hit the back of my mouth at the top of my throat. He moaned and then started thrusting slowly back and forth. He had about four inches in my mouth and transferred his hands to hold my ears while he settled into a rhythm, my saliva and his precum lubricating the thrusts. As he raped my mouth I adjusted to the feel of his cock sliding over my tongue. It seemed like ages but was probably only about five minutes. But he was not satisfied with this and his bell end increasingly bashed against the back of my mouth. Then he held me firmly by the ears as he pushed the head into my throat. "Stop teasing me boy and take it right down your throat. You know you want it.", he said. I gagged and resisted and my arms flailed about as I struggled to resist. But then I heard one of the cubicle doors creak open and realised we had been watched by another man. He came over and grabbed both of my arms pulling them together behind me. At this the first man forced his cock into my throat, ignoring my gagging, and started a brutal throat rape. His cock stretched my throat open and his cock rammed a couple of inches into my gullet. "That's it, throat rape the little slut", I heard a new voice, as the second man encouraged him. I was now held firmly by the ears and wrists and couldn't struggle. "Hang on a minute, lets strip him", he added and he grasped both my wrists in one handand using the other dragged my tee shirt over my head. He then proceeded to tie my wrists together behind my back using my own tee shirt. The first man resumed his rape of my throat, slamming his swollen cock into my gullet and into my throat. The second man then pulled my shorts down to my ankles and raised one of my feet to free the shorts completely. This unbalanced me and I fell forward, impaling myself fully on the tool reaming my throat. Pubic hair was ground into my face as my throat accepted the full length. "Yes, take it!", I heard the first man say and he started long dicking my throat to the hilt. I gasped for air and my breathing rasped noisily as I struggled to breathe around the thick shaft. At the same time I felt my buttocks being parted and a finger pushing into my virgin boyhole. It was withdrawn and the second man spat onto my hole, reinserting the finger to the knuckle. Then a second finger was thrust in alongside stretching my hole open. The man worked my hole loosening it up. Then he pulled out his fingers, kicked my legs apart and I felt his cockhead against my spittle wet hole. He held my hips and pushed the head inside. The pain was excruciating, but my groans were muted by the cock raping my throat and my efforts to complain just opened my throat more. The second man pushed and slowly forced his cock further and further in, deeper than I thought possible. Eventually, with one savage thrust his cock was in to the hilt, his pubic hair scratching against my virgin buttocks. "God his cunt is tight", he said. "I think he's a virgin", responded the first,"lets break him in as a pussyboy, I need to dump this toxic load". The second man started thrusting in and out, long smooth strokes that pulled my hole inside out on each exit stroke. Together they long dicked me both ends synchronising their strokes so that both ends were filled at the same time. I realised my only hope of surviving was to cooperate and try to relax both my throat and boyhole. "He's starting to enjoy it", one of them said and they settled in for a long session. A whistle announced the arrival of another man. "Hey John, who's your new fuckboy then?", "He letting you do him bareback, obviously doesn't know you?" I heard. It seemed the new arrival already knew one of the first two. "Didn't give him a choice, but he wants it now, Just see how he's taking it and he's gonna get myspunk soon." "You wanna bit of him too?" "Damn right, I'll just get my mate from the van and we'll do him after you". He left, returning after a couple of minutes with his mate. "Fuck, he's a cute young pussyboy, what's his cunt like?" "Fucking tight". "I'm gonna cum in a minute", the first man added. At the same time he speeded up his thrusts and his shaft swelled even thicker and harder. He pulled my ears as he thrust fully in and held his cock right down my throat. I felt his cock pulsing and then a stream of hot thick cum poured into my throat. He pulled out so that just his cockhead was in my mouth and continued pumping load after load into my mouth. "Swallow boy, get used to it" he said and I complied, the thick spunk sliding downing my throat as I urgently sought to swallow it all. It tasted funny, sort of salty. The spurts of cum slowed down and I managed to gulp air into my lungs. He pulled out completely, wiping his cockhead on my lips. "Fuck that was amazing", he said. "I'm gonna cum too, take my poz load.", the second man said. Shit it made sense. The biohazard and toxic talk. They had HIV and they were cumming in me. I struggled but to no avail. I felt his cock swell and pulse and I felt his hot spunk shooting into my guts, holding it fully in as he filled my boyhole, the hot spunk searing the tenderised insides. Then he too pulled out and a rush of cool air replaced his cock in my ravaged hole. The muscles contracted, closing my ring and preventing the big load of spunk from sliding out. I could feel it sliming about inside. I felt relieved that was over, but I hadn't counted on the two new arrivals. As I looked up the two arrivals, both black men were stripping off. I stared fascinated, one had a long thick erection about 10 inches with a massive cock head while the other had a slightly shorter 9 inches but really thick. They both started to wank their shafts, and I watched, fascinated, as the one in front of me rolled his thick foreskin back over the bell shaped head and it became rock hard with a large drop of precum glistening obscenely at the tip. I started to panic but the first quickly grabbed my head and thrust the head of his cock into my mouth. My lipsstretched to accommodate it all as he slid in along my tongue and into mythroat. At the same time his mate lined his cock up to my open boyhole and thrust in all the way, his massive tool like a bottle stretching the tender walls of my boyhole. I felt spunk running down my legs as the savage battering forced it out. The savage rape of my holes was now taken over by these two black men with huge cocks. "Hold him steady will you", one of them said and the first two men took up a position on each side of me pulling my arms and holding me tightly and rigid. Sweat was pouring down my face and dripped to the floor and my breath rasped noisily as I stuggled to inhale. My throat had become an open channel to the massive invader long dicking me at each thrust. His mate was synchronizing his thrusts so that both were embedded to the hilt together. Fortunately the thick load of spunk lining my boyhole made the anal rape less painful and I focussed on just staying conscious. Suddenly both men stopped, as if by some signal and dragged me into a cubicle. One sat down on the toilet and pulled me back to sit on him, impaled on his engorged cock. It slid fully inside to the hilt. The second black guy grabbed my ankles and drew my legs up to his shoulders, my white socks and trainers each side of his head. His cockhead brushed against my stuffed boyhole. Then slowly he pushed forward and against all resistance forced his cockhead in also. He held a hand over my mouth and suppressed my screams as he pushed further and further into my hole. I must have passed out because after a bit I came to with both cocks fully embedded in my cunt. I felt stretched beyond what was possible. The sitting guy raised me by the hips until both massive cocks were almost out – just the big heads inside my newly formed boy pussy. Then he slammed me back down and the two massive black cocks mashed together expanding my cunt to its limits. Againand again, faster and faster, and gradually the wilder the doublefuck became the more I began to enjoy the invasion and ignore the pain. Slamming in and out, sliding against each other, their two dicks fought, tearing through the last remains of my sweet boyhood. And the tender walls of my newly formed cunt fitted the double fuckpoles like a glove. Then suddenly my head was pulled down to one side as a third guy forced his cock into my mouth and started raping my throat. My boyhole was stretched beyond its limits to take the savage double fuck that was happening and my lips were numb and my throat raw into its brutal rape. I managed to slip my wrists from the tee shirt and clung on to the thighs of the guy under me. Suddenly the door swung open. From the corner of one eye I could see 2 new guys had arrived and were enjoying the spectacle. Here I was, an 18 year old slutboy, naked and being gangraped brutally and at the same time enjoying my conversion into a hollow fucktube. They opened their trouser flys and started pounding their big cocks. It seemed to continue for ages. Eventually I could feel the two cocks in my boy hole speed up further and I felt them expand. One guy and then the other started shooting a huge double load deep into my guts. Then the third guy rammed his cock deep into my throat to the hilt and held it there. I felt it pulsing and throb as jet after jet of thick cum was unloaded deep in my throat. After a minute he pulled his still semi erect cock from my throat, pulled up his jeans and just left without saying anything. I slumped forward against the standing black guy. "Wassup boi?" he asked. But I was too exhausted to reply. He stepped back and the guy under me pushed me forward. I slumped forward onto the floor, naked and sweating, with cum seeping from my cunt and a dribble trailing from my swollen mouth and lips. "You've now got a pussy both ends boi", the first black guy said, pushing a thick finger into my swollen pussy, and the both laughed obscenely. I just lay on the dirty stinking piss covered floor as they dressed, too shattered to move. "We've got some mates who wud love to use you boi, so if you want you can be out new white pussyboi. Just be here next Friday at 5.30 after work". Then they turned and left laughing. The two guys who had been watching now pulled me onto all fours and one stuffed his swollen cock deep into my throat while the other rammed his cock into my tender raped cunthole. They rammed in and out to the hilt until they too unloaded their spunk into me. Then they simply let me slump back to the ground and left laughing. I lay there for a while gathering my senses, then crawled around and found my shorts and tee shirt. I pulled them back on and managed to stagger from the toilet into the sunlight outside. Bow legged with cum seeping from my ravaged hole I slowly headed back to school and decided to tell them I had got lost and beaten up by some youths. But I wondered if my throat and new pussy would be sufficiently recovered for next Friday and wondered how many mates they had and how much I could take. It wouldn't be long before I found out...
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    fuck i want to be toxic
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    I sat at the small desk, looking through profiles on barebackrt while I drank my scotch. I had already cleaned out and was so horny to get fucked. 8 weeks it had been. I was so busy back home with work the best I had managed was a blow job. I was hard, horny and drunk. Jacking off looking at all the hot guys in the local area and I knew I needed a good hard fucking. I should never make choices when this drunk. The scotch had gone down far too easily tonight, and the warm water of my douche only served to turn me on more. 4 weeks ago i had stopped taking Prep. I'm not sure why but i just wasn't getting any action so it seemed like it was kinda pointless. But now sitting here I was wondering if I had made a mistake. It just wouldn't fulfil me to use a condom. I needed to feel someone filling me with cum. Needed to know i was being used as a cumdump. I decided in my drunkenly state maybe just to find a neg top and leave it at that. That should be reasonably safe atleast and I could jump straight back on the prep the i got home tomorrow. I had already drunkenly given my mobile and address to a number of profiles on BBRT and Recon. The kinda guys i jacked off to. Massively hung, rough, no holds barred. I did;t want them to stop when i gagged on their cock or screamed when they thrust into my hole. I wanted to feel that searing pain as they tore my ring just like my ex used to. There was nothing hotter then being held down under his older muscly body, to feel him cover my mouth and force his cock into me with just spit. He liked having a bf 20 years younger then him he could control, that he could use and rape. I think he got off on seeing my blood on the sheets in the morning. He paid for everything and in exchange he used me hard, it was a shame i was too old for hi to use by the time was 20 and he went for a younger model. Now at 21 I needed another daddy - but i had to be sensible. By logical brain warred with my drunken horny one. My phone went off...He hadn't responded to my msg he'd just come over. Shit. I quickly look up his profile. Fuck. Everything I want but i shouldn't have. a good 9 inch thick as a beer can cock if his pics do it justice. 6'3 to my only 5'7 height and he had 30kg on me. He was a monster of a man. And the big metal PA on the end of his poz cock was unlikely to do my ass lining any favours. My sober self said to ignore him and hope he went away. But i couldn't this was more that I'd dream about. Chapter 2 coming soon P.S I'm in sydney for real in July if there are any poz tops wanting to help give me some more inspiration.
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    Yeah that's always the problem!
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    Agreed. Use of the n-word is such a deeply divisive and sensitive subject. I've met only a handful of Black Tops that wanted me to say it to them while fucking. One guy that comes to mind was this uber-Alpha, super-Dom Top that was into raceplay and rapeplay/forced sex. Sex with him makes think of those rape tentacle monsters one sees in Japanese anime. He absolutely loved driving his rhino-sized cock balls deep on the first stroke. The more I pleaded for him to stop or cried out in pain, the harder he fucked. We didn't have a safe word, so I had to pterry much trust him that he could walk that tighrope and not actually injure me seriously (or worst). Slapping, spanking, and choking was normal. And, he always made me beg him to fuck me with his "huge n***a dick", scream out that I love being a "n***a's fuck toy" or a "sissy faggot that needs big n***a dicks" and to please breed me with his "n***a nut" while he spat racially charged words back at me. He wasn't the type of Top I wanted to fuck with on the regular as I was usually a wreck in the end. He was one of those guys that always scared me a bit but my inner fuck freak just craved and needed when I couldn't hold it back any longer. He's a maestro of the dick, able to fuel his sexual energy with hate and pain and make it into something painfully beautiful and erotically edgy.
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    Chapter 2 - ( a bottle of red and I'm ready to write, please excuse the grammar) I messaged him back and asked him to come up. It seemed like ages as I waited skilling the rest of my scotch, it burned as it travelled down my throat, a shover ran through my body from the strong alcohol and the anticipation. A koch came at the door and I opened it to look on heaven or maybe hell on earth. Tall, handsome, rough. He smelt good. I could never understand why guys liked stench. I like men who smelt like clean men. I could smell him but also the faint waft of hugo boss. His jeans hugged his waist and his black shirt opened slightly at the chef too show off his curly dark chest hair. His pictures didn't do him justice. This man was hot, he was the man i was dreaming about. But the i noticed something that made me pause. My arm blocking the door. Behind him stood a muscled black guy. He was fucking hot don't get me wrong but this wasn't part of the deal. I thought it would just be my breeder, who was this random. "Hey mate, I'm patrick or seeder69. This is carl, I was hanging out with him at the pub and thought your hole would enjoy his cock too. Mind if we come in", he asked as if it was an obvious forgone conclusion. I guess it was really. I couldn't control myself. Stepping aside I ushered them in. "Sorry its not much but i get it for free from a mate", i explained. " did you want a scotch? I've polished off half the bottle already/' "Why do you have some shots with us" spoke Carl for the first time. His voice was deep and husky, it made me leak. "i think you are going to need to be loose if you plan to take both of us on." Following his suggestion i set up 3 shot glasses. we slammed them down and enjoy the warm glow of a good single malt. Patrick removed his shirt, showing off his muscles chest followed but his jeans. The muscles corded his arms and legs clearly displaying someone who not only worked hard at the gym but had a physical job. His body was massive. There he stood, perfection, in his jockstrap. A massive bulge bsecenly tenting the material and a wet patch marking the zenith of his organ. It pulse and did a little jerk as he looked at me, still in my boxers. We couldn't be more different. My pale slim and hairless chest. I wasn't a slouch in the cock department and filled out my undies nicely. But i just couldn't compare to the monster that was clearly contained within his briefs. I dropped to my knee and shuffled forward in front of him. "Can I suck you?" " Only after another shot, I like my boys messy". I leaned forward and smelled his crotch. Clean, manly but with that hint of sweat and musk. He grabbed my head and ruffled my hair as he pressed my face into his groin. "Oh baby, I'm going to break you tonight, you are going to walking well tomorrow". Did I want this, I could feel my cock leaking in my undies. He was everything I dreamed of, maybe more than i couldn't handle. But he was poz, and we hadn't even considered his mate Carl.
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    Just to make it clear about my relationship with this boy. He is not mine "totally". However I am helping him and training him to be a pig slut and cumdump. Since he lives at home, he is available at my place every Thursday and Friday night. He's new to being a whore, but is looking to be trained to accept more anon, cock. Therefore, if you are looking to fuck and seed this boy, I'm going to push it to the next level, you may contact him directly at 315-892-1561. Aside from his job, he is available for use other than the times at my place. If you're in the Rochester area, I recommend this sub, although he is need of "cumdump" training. Any misbehavior on his part, please let me know, and it will be dealt with his next visit at my place. And as always my boy (bareben) is available 7 days a week. Contact me for details on either of the boys.
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    Chapter 5: Home Again Ch. 5: Pt. 1 The first thing Jeremy did as soon as he got Daniel up to his apartment was getting him hydrated and tossed water and Gatorade bottles at him and demanded he chug them before he took any more pills. Daniel complied, and then Jeremy gave him two more ibuprofen. Then Jeremy made both of them some soup which he picked up at the drug store that was just around the corner. He also told Daniel that he picked something else up while he was there, but it would have to wait until after they had eaten. While they were both eating, Daniel talked to him about the hell of a trip he had just been through, and there were multiple times where he thought that Jeremy was about to break down in tears at any moment. “What’s wrong?” Daniel asked. “It’s just that… I did this to you. I feel guilty for what I did. I mean, you could have been really hurt on the trip. I feel as if we should have waited until after your trip to have tried to charge you up.” Daniel laughed at that, weakly. “Hey, it takes two to tango, guy. I wanted it then, and I don’t regret a damn thing now.” Daniel reached across the table and grabbed Jeremy’s big hands. Daniel pulled his hands back, but only to finish his soup. “So… what’s this surprise you got from the store?” “Stay right there, and I’ll go get it,” Jeremy said as he went into one of the other rooms to retrieve a plastic bag. He returned quickly and sat the bag on the table before sitting down next to Daniel instead of across from him this time. “I’m not sure if it’ll work just yet, but as soon as you called this morning with your symptoms, I went out and got all the drinks and soups and stuff. But I also got this.” From the plastic bag, Jeremy pulled an HIV home test kit. At first, the box terrified Daniel, but soon he found himself legitimately curious to know if the flu he was going through was the virus’ first known drastic assault on his body. “Moment of truth, I guess. Let’s do it.” Daniel said. Jeremy took the kit out and got the swab ready to swipe the inside of Daniel’s mouth, but noticed Daniel wince as he heard Jeremy rip open the packaging. “Listen, Dan. Regardless of what this test says. I’m always going to be here for you, alright? I’m going to take care of you. No matter what happens, I’m going to be by your side through everything.” “I know, it’s just strange… that I want it to be positive. Something I’ve been terrified my whole life, and right now, with you, I’m hoping that I have it.” Daniel said as he looked up into Jeremy’s eyes. Jeremy wanted to kiss him but knew that that might be enough to give a false positive (even though they were both pretty sure what the result was going to be.) He gave Daniel a hug instead before pulling back and swabbing the inside of Daniel’s cheek. “Is it done?” Daniel asked as Jeremy put the sample in the testing solution with a SNAP. “We should know in about twenty minutes, but yeah.” “Good,” Daniel said before practically attacking Jeremy with a deep kiss, invading his mouth with his tongue. Jeremy held them as they kissed at the table. “I think we should make sure that virus takes and load you up a few more times. What do you say? This is the best time to do it while your immune system’s so weak.” Jeremy said as he pulled back from the kiss. Daniel didn’t say anything, driven by lust and still covered in sweat, he just nodded as they both got up from the table and made their way to Jeremy’s bedroom.
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    Last night had a guy off BBRT come over, he wanted me door unlocked, blindfolded ass up and lubed. I have done this kind of thing before without the blindfold, I definitely felt uneasy about it but he assured me that he had no intentions of hurting me or robbing me. He just wants to breed a hot ass and go. I took a deep breath and sent the message that told him to be here around 9pm with my address and apartment number. After getting ready I lubed myself up with some boy butter, got myself into the position, and waited, 9:02 I get a text from him that he is here. I hear him come into my apartment and make his way to the bedroom, I hear his belt buckle clink and the sounds of him getting undressed. I feel his hand run down my back to between my cheeks, I take a whiff of poppers as he slides inside me, my head starts spinning as he begins slow fucking me, he starts picking up the and grabs the top of my jockstrap and pulls it tight. I could feel damp front fabric squeezing up against my balls, I was leaking a lot of precum. I start to relax as he fucks me, kissing my back occasionally. He then pushes me forward and gets on top of me on the bed. I feel around for my bottle of poppers, he says "here they are boy" and puts the bottle in one of my wondering hands, I take another deep whiff and as Im screwing on the cap he takes the bottle out of ny hand and I hear him taking a hit of them. I start squeezing his cock with my cunt muscles as continued on pounding me, he definitely notices and says " oh thats a good boy, milk that cock Im getting close" He slows down and starts going balls deep long hard strokes in and out of my ass. "Yeah Im going to breed you boy" He starts groaning loudly as he is cumming balls deep, pushing into me so hard it caused me to yelp in pain. He pulls out and pushes it back in a few times he grabs my neck and tells me to clean it up, I let him maneuver me around to his cock, he forces it into my throat, my nostrils buried his pubes, I can smell the delicious light chlorine hint of his cum. He pulls out of my mouth, lightly slaps me on the ass a few times and says "that was fucking hot, let me know when we can do this again" I hear him getting dressed, leaving the room and eventually my apartment door closing. I immediately pull off my blindfold, make sure nothing is missing in my apartment and then to the bathroom to checkout my well used cunt. Showered back up and went to bed a happy boy. So I popped my blindfold cherry, definitely want to do this again
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    Part 15; The new twink and I hopped into a cab, driving towards his new life. Remember my mate Phil who entered this story at part 3. I messaged him; 'Hey Phil. I've got a new one. Just your type too. You free to come on over and give him your nasty filthy fully blown load?' We arrived at mine, and as we got out the cab Phil messaged back. Hell yes, he was game, and would be over later. We entered the garage directly instead of accessing it the usual way via the house, and locking it behind I motioned the new boy to the back, where my Dungeon is... 'OMG, a sling, I have always wanted to lie in one whilst having FUN'. 'Well, hop in'. I immediately restrained his wrists and ankles! I saw the mixing bowl that my newly charged twink had emptied the 17+ loads out of his cunt as I had instructed ... HOT! I went to find him. He was relaxing on the couch, watching some TV, naked, sitting on a towel as his was obviously leaking cum. I got him a set of my German Army Boots ... 'Hey, put these on, and come with me to the Dungeon. I picked up a sexy twink at the Sauna'. My newly charged up poz pig looked concerned ... 'Don't worry, he's not here to replace you. In fact, I reckon you'd make great brothers'. And off we went to the garage. What a beautiful sight, to see another twink accepting his destiny, as he lay there in the sling. I said to him ... 'This is your brother. I infected him about 1 month ago. He got his results today. My newest poz piggy. Now, earlier you took my strain in it's pure form, and soon you will be mutating it to make it your own. Now you are going to get my strain again, BUT, in an already mutated form via your brother, so, you are getting me .... TWICE, in one evening'. I looked at my newly charged up poz pig ... 'Go on, FUCK your brother, let's become a close knit toxic viral trinity; The Father and his two boys'. My newly charged up bottom poz pig found his inner 'Deviant Top', and stuck his very infectious Dick up his brothers cunt, grabbing onto the chains of the sling, growling and snarling like his old Man would do (he's already picked up some very good habits from me, it seems). Watching my two Beautiful Boys bonding like this was oh so super sexy. One newly infected, and one on the way, and both ultimately connecting with their Dad on a permanent level! It was also very sexy to see my newly charged up boy still sporting the sign 'Poz-Faggot' that I wrote on his chest earlier. As they fucked I prepared a special treat for the newest boy ... I attached a catheter to a syringe, and closed of the catheter with a clip, so anything I would put in the syringe would not leak out. I then scooped the 60ml syringe into the bowel of 17+ loads of cum, attached the plunger, and propped it up against a wall, ready for use. Looking up I saw my two sons fucking, but now both kissing passionately also, as my newly charged up boy hips rocked back and forth as he ground in his filthy weapon into his brothers sweet beautiful neg cunt. Fuck, I had to join in! I pulled my jeans and pants down, spat on my fully blown Dick, and entered my boy as he fucked his brother. It was obviously fate for me to have these two boys as my sons, as we immediately entered into a natural rocking rhythm as the three of us fucked in a lustful toxic Dad son uni'son'. Suddenly my newly charged boy started making cumming noises, yelling and grunting. I felt his cunt grip and massage my nasty Dad Dick. Fuck it. I started to let go of my very own lethal death juice, spraying inside my sons guts. We all lay there, spent ... Dad and his two boys! ... 😈😈
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    Part 5; My Doctor moved forward, pulled my boys meaty ass apart, and sandwiched his wet Hard vertical Doctor Dick between his sexy beefy round Latino cheeks. He started to spank him, as he did, he said ... 'So you want to end up like my patient here, is that it?' Continuing to firmly spank ... My boy looked up at my gaunt sunken face, smiled, and said ... 'Fuck yes Doctor'. 'You sick twisted Fuck' .... *Spank ... SPAnk ... SPANK* ... Slapping my sons perfect round ASS. My Doctor pulled away, put his Dick away, ordered my son to get dressed, re-iterated the 2pm appointment for tomorrow, then left to go home as his shift was finishing. The NEXT day; It was 11.45am, my son and I were joking and laughing with one another as we played cards. The Doctor walked in doing his morning rounds. Again, we discussed my case, then, the attention turned to my boy. 'The examination suite I booked for you is free for 1 hour before, so, I'll be here to pick you up 1.15pm, then we can get started a little earlier, for about 1.30pm, and I can do an even more thorough examination, OK'. 'Yes, OK'. The Doctor looked at me, and smiled ... 'You'll be coming too. You deserve to be there. You are the reason all this is happening'. 12.30pm my ordered lunch came. They also allowed my boy to eat there too, so we often ate together. As soon as 1.15pm came the Doctor was there, along with a porter to push me in a wheelchair. We arrived outside the suite at 1.25pm, and before he left my Doctor instructed the porter to pick me up @ 4pm. My son wheeled me in, with my Doctor locking the door once we were all inside. In an authoritative tone he ordered my son to strip naked, and lie on the examination couch with his ankles in the stirrups. My Doctor had my sons brand new medical file all of a few pages, and asked him to confirm his name, date of birth, and first line of his address. He confirmed he had no known allergies. The Doctor inserted a cannula into my boys hand, stating he was going to give him something to relax his body, to minimize any if not all discomfort that the examination might bring. 'Oh wow, I feel super relaxed'. 'Good, now I can give you that thorough examination'. The Doctor put on a pair of latex gloves, liberally lubing them all over, inserting one finger, then two, then three, then a fourth, right upto his knuckles. Then in went his thumb, and without much effort he was right upto his wrist. Whatever medication he had administered, it certainly was working its purpose! My son started moaning with pleasure, arching his back in and out. 'Keep still'. My Doctor released his fist, and inserted a 3 pronged rectal speculum, slowly opening it up until it was really stretching my boys cunt lips super wide. He came over to me, stood me up, and walked me over to where my sons legs where spread, and cunt was stretched. But, it seemed the Doctor didn't think they were stretched enough, so, widened the rectal speculum further still. My son didn't flinch one bit. Very nicely tranquilized! My Doctor then stuck a Bio-hazard sticker to my forehead. I could see right inside into my sons cunt, which stiffened my already hard Dick further, making it bounce against my hospital gown, which I had been wanking though when the Doctor first had his FFist inside my boy. The Doctor removed my gown, revealing my pale wasted body with bones sticking out, and a healthy big veiny hard-on which was oozing pre cum. The Doctor scooped up my pre cum and walked over to my boys face, ordering him to eat it! He looked over at me ... 'Go on, stick your nasty death-weapon inside his beautiful cunt, and breed his glowing womb with your fertile bugs'. I needed no prompting in all honesty, and was back inside my son for the first time in a few weeks. 'So, you want my patient to infect you, huh?' 'Oh god, YES Please' 'Well, he will be unable to infect you now' 'Eh? Why?' 'Because, he has already successfully managed to bug you up. I got your results this morning. Congratulations. You are now officially a nasty poz whore' With that the Doctor slapped a 'Bio-hazard' sticker onto my boys right pec. I was recovering nicely, my boy received the news he was wanting, and I was about to cum for the first time in weeks, and it was going to be inside my sons newly diagnosed poz cunt --- What a WONDERFUL examination! 'You are becoming so much better. Go on, breed him ... Breed Him ... BREED the nasty poz fucker'. My Doctors aggressive verbal talk started to send me over the edge to cumming. Not that I needed much to reach that point. My Doctor could tell I was getting close, so, rushed behind me to view me climax. I started to unload inside my boys speculum gaping cunt... 'Oh FUCK Yeah, what a stunning wasted ass showing off completely your anus and perineum. I know you are cumming right now as I see them twitching. Go ON, fucking give it to him'. Spent, I took my Dick out, and could now even see my toxic juice lying inside my sons beautiful dark pink cunt. I went to the head of the examination table, kissed my boy, and let him lick my Dick clean. My Doctor sat in front of my boy again, and proceeded to fill up a 60ml syringe with a creamy fluid. Of course, this was CUM! 'I am now going to lube you up with CUM ... Want to know where it is from?' ... 😈
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    Part 4; My Doctor didn't seem phased by my loyal boy snuggling with me in my bed. I guess as a Doctor and an adult he has seen it all and more in his time. We discussed my progress, latest blood-work, and he went over my upto date obs chart. I was doing very well, but, it looked like I would certainly need a few more weeks as an inpatient with further treatment. My topless sexy rugby stud got out of my bed to fetch himself a cool drink from his bag, his torso glistening as he drenched in sweat. His legs hobbling him in his now weak feeble state. 'Are you OK?' my Doctor asked him, with an air of concern. 'Oh don't worry Doctor, I am sure it is just my body beginning to accept the HIV virus'. 'What makes you think you have HIV?' My sexy Latino stud looked at me, and smiled, and with our eyes locked he answered the Doctor... 'I had a very high risk exposure nearly 4 weeks ago'. 'Do you happen to know your sexual partners HIV status from the high risk exposure encounter?' 'Yes. They are positive. I was fully aware before our exposure. In fact, I sought it'. 'It was with me, Doctor'. With both hands holding onto my medical file my Doctor automatically and before he could stop himself instinctively grabbed his crotch. Immediately realising what he had just done he awkwardly straightened his tie, that didn't need straightening, clearing his throat. He immediately left the room. A short while later, a nurse came in and took my sexy boy away. In short, she took his medical history, basic obs, and took pertaining bloods covering sexual health. Upon his return to my room he hopped back into bed with me, still sweating, still shivering. He looked up at me, and said ... 'I've grown very fond of you, and see you as a Father figure, and desire to look after you'. ... I smiled with joy, and kissed him on his forehead, his beads of converting sweat moistening my lips ... 'I've grown very fond and paternally protective of you too sexy boy'. He smiled back, and as we held one another we both gradually fell asleep together, as his body fought against the acceptance of my virus invading his system, a part of me becoming a part of him, for always. The Doctor walked in which woke us up. There was a small round window on my room door which had a small curtain if privacy was ever required, so, he pulled that shut, and put a sign on the door that read; 'No entry, treatment in progress'. He looked at my Latino son ... 'Right, out of my patient's bed, and strip naked, and kneel on the floor a few feet away from the bed, facing it side-ways, with your palms on the floor like you are a dog, I want to check you for any rashes'. My tight bodied son stripped down to his jock-strap which my Doctor ordered him to leave on, and knelt where where and how he was told to. He knelt in front of him, feeling all over his arms, chest, torso, and legs. This was more than an examination for rashes, I could tell he was getting aroused groping my sweaty shivering rugby stud. He got up and knelt behind him, stroking his arms again, and back, and slipped his hands underneath the straps to my sons jock, squeezing and kneading his tight bubble ASS. I must have been beginning to recover, as I got my first erection in weeks, and started stroking my filthy weapon! He pushed his cheeks apart to reveal my sons cunt-hole, and keeping one hand on a pushed back ass cheek he let go of the other cheek, licked two fingers, and placed them on his smooth cunt-hole, to which he let out a whimper of ecstasy! 'Now close your eyes, and keep them closed, and open your mouth, and keep it open' My Doctor got up, stood in front of my son, and unzipped his trousers. Leaving himself buttoned up he pulled his Hard Dick, and balls through the open zip. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, yet, I was LOVING it! He put his Hard Dick in my kneeling boys mouth, and began to rock his hips to now be fucking his open wide mouth. As he done this he had his fists raised to shoulder height facing forwards, and clenched. 'I've booked a double slot for 2-4pm tomorrow, so 2 hours to one of the examination suites. I shall be performing a full sexual health examination. It would be very helpful if you would have a thorough douche'. He took his Dick out of my boys mouth... 'Open your eyes, get up, and bend over the foot of the bed' My son opened his eyes, closed his mouth, and looked at the Doctors Hard saliva sodden Dick. He gave him a subservient look, biting his bottom lip. He stood up, and bent over the foot of my bed as instructed ...
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    Mr. Peeps yesterday. I was deep-throating a cock through the glory hole, but I'd left my door unlocked. I heard it open, and it stayed open for about ten seconds or so, then he stepped inside and closed the door. I never looked back, but I heard the clink of his belt buckle, then his fingers rubbing my hole, and with a bit of wiggling he adjusted my position and started fucking me while I was working for the load in front of me. They came within a couple of minutes of each other, and I never saw either of them beyond the cock in my face.
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    Many years ago I was sharing a house with five other people. One of them, Wim, was a super camp, very fem guy who everyone loved. He decided that I should be just as camp. We played dress up a lot and he would teach me things to do with gay sex. I was 18 and had only had relationships with women. He opened up a whole new world for me. We used to have a lot of parties in the house (this was the 1970's and life was one long party...or so it felt) with lots of people who would just drop in and out as they saw fit. One guy who I'll call Jeff (because I really have no idea what his name was but it makes it easier to write) would often come around so that Wim could suck his cock. From memory, Jeff was a bit of a leather loving type of fellow with a meaty cock and not a lot of conversation. One, memorable, night Jeff dropped by but Wim wasn't around. I'd gone to bed but was suddenly woken up by Jeff, smacking my face with his cock. He just said 'Suck' and put it in my mouth before I could say anything. It didn't take long but I thoroughly enjoyed it. His cock was a good size and very, very hard. He came in my mouth then left. I went back to sleep. Later, after I told Wim, he was all excited for me, saying it was my first step onto the road of 'proper' sex. And it was, really. From then on I sucked all the cocks I could lay my hands on, eventually took cocks up my ass, gave handjobs in cars, you name it. It was a great time of experimentation and learning. Over the years I was taught by many different guys what they liked and didn't like, how to breathe, how to use my tongue and my hands, it was great fun and valuable. Now I like to think that I give pretty good head. In fact just the other day I blew an old chap who was full of praise for my skills and wants me to go back and see him as soon as I can.
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    Gum blow jobs are the best, its like silk. I used to have an old guy blow me in a cottage, he would take his dentures out in front of me, give me poppers, wait a moment wanking my cock and then suck me off till i came in his mouth, he would then pop his teeth back in and go... aeesome,
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    How about 25? I’ve never done it before but would love to do it.
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    I sucked my first time 4 or 5, my own age. At 6 a family moved in next door, one 11 one 14 I sucked daily after the 14 yr old came in my mouth I couldn't get enough. I was 7 when I got to suck my first man cock followed by 4 of his buddies that wanted to see if I could swallow all the cum the could produced. At nine I seduced/coned a 16 year old to let me suck him, after the 3rd time he deside he wanted more, I couldn't but he promised we would work on it, the following weekend he began "watching" me while my parents was away. By the 6th month I was begging him and trying daily till that one afternoon while fishing....
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    I started at about 10, with my slightly younger brother and I sucking each other, and then our cousin joining us. I think kids should be let to experiment. I also think that if a boy/teen takes the lead with an older man, he should be allowed to suck. Admittedly, that age depends on the boy/teen. I was ready for men's cocks (although I didn't get any) at about 12. In short, it depends on the boy/teen/adult.
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    I'm an only child but still wish I'd had an older brother to fuck me and cum in my ass, would have loved for him to share me with his mate too. A great fantasy. If only ...

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