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    ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** ************************************************************************************************************************* He was seated at the bar, drinking with a couple of guys. From his loud laughter, and the silly things he was blurting out, as well as his overall behavior, it was clear to me he was quite drunk. But on the other hand, he was quite sexy. He was, of course, young, no doubt just over 18. The guys recognized him being intoxicated and touched him inappropriately all the time. They grabbed his ass or rubbed his junk while passing him by. He never complained about it. He just grinned like a fool, feeling probably flattered to be the center of the attention. So I tried my luck and ordered a drink at the bar and while standing close to the drunk twink I let my hand slip into his low hip jeans on his backside and my middle finger moved downwards between his ass cheeks, just to find his hole. I pressed my finger against his hole and he relaxed it and let me pass his sphincter. What a slut, I thought to myself. I gave him a cheeky grin and then went back to the two fellows I was with that night. We were all biohazard stallions and we were, let’s put it this way, interested in the youthful guy. He blinked at me and then moved to the back area, where the darkroom was. My mates fist bumped me and cheered, while I got up from my chair I told them to be nearby, in case…. Getting into the backroom my eyes had to adjust to the dimmed light. I saw him wandering about, but I doubted he would actually be notice all the guys lurking about. The risk was too high, that another dick would grab him first and so I hurried up and greeted him with my low voice. He tried to focus me and then showed a foolish smile asking me, if I was the guy fingering outside. I laughed and nodded to that. “You know… I think I had a drink too much and all the jocks look the same to me. Just a big bulge…..” he claimed. “Oh that’s okay…. you are nothing more than a hole to me.” I replied and although my answer was quite reducing him he flashed another smile. “How about three big cocks?” I asked him referring to my two friends. “I guess it would be okay, but we have to play safe. Okay? My boyfriend is out of town and we are faithful to each other. FAITHFUL (in a loud voice). That’s why you can’t fuck me, but it is okay to fuck me now….” he babbled. Such a wasted guy… I signaled my friends to attend me and so they appeared out of the darkness and greeted the teen. “Hey guys – can I touch your bulges to see if you are well endowed?” he asked us. He massaged each of our bulges and seemed to be satisfied to feel 9+ inches of hard cock meat. We looked for a dark corner and there we turned him around, so that he faced the wall. I opened his jeans and lowered them. They fell to the ground and revealed a beautiful round ass. “Don’t forget the condom” he whispered. “Of course not, but let me first finger you. Get you ready for my fat dick.” I suggested and used a bit lube on my fingers and entered his hole with three fingers at once. I crouched behind him, to get a good angle to finger fuck him roughly. He was moaning and enjoyed it obviously. After a while I used only my index finger and my middle finger to actually scratch him from the inside, while pulling my fingers out. I repeated it over and over again and he complained about the growing pain. I told him that I had to prepare him for the hard fuck, but that I would soon been done. I had to rely on my handy work and so I got up and started lubing up my dick. “Sorry guys… but I can’t get hard. Too much alcohol I guess” he giggled. “Never mind, just let us charge your cunt up and we are gone anyway” I replied. “Give him some poppers” I told one of my friends. He handed the boy the brown bottle and told him to use it. “How?” he asked seriously. “I don’t do drugs” he added. “That’s not a drug baby, it is something to inhale to make you feel horny for cocks” I explained. You can keep the bottle afterwards, in case you want to enjoy some other gentlemen dicks in here. “The condom on your cock already?” he asked while he opened the bottle with a ‘plop’ and then sniffed at the bottle opening, while a pal pressed against his other nose opening. ‘Whoooosh’ “Oh my…. oh fuck…. what is this…..” he stuttered. My friends helped him stay on his feet. I parted his ass cheeks in the meanwhile and entered his soft asshole raw. “Oh fuck, this is it…. oh it feels so good. man…. fuck me hard…. fuck me hard into my pussy” he moaned. We made him inhale more of the poppers and every time he was almost freaking out and begging me to fuck deeper into his body. Of course I rammed my whole cock hard into him. This wasn’t supposed to be a romantic affair. This was hardcore POZ fucking. I fucked my dick hard into his hole, trying to inflict even more damage with every thrust I could muster. “You want to get your slut ass charged?” I whispered into his ears, while he experienced one rush after another. He nodded only “Tell me loud, that I can charge your cunt up” I advised him with my low and calm voice. “Fuck me hard into my ass…. (and then louder) Charge my slut ass up” he exclaimed. I grunted and held him by the shoulders, while I was speed-fucking him now. This put me over the edge and my toxic semen erupted inside his ass. My cock gushed five times and I kept on fucking him, to make sure my seed would infiltrate his body soon. After I pulled my cock out, I pretended I would get rid of the condom and stuffed my dick back into my jeans. My pal was next and I told him, while taking his place, to think about the condom. “Yes…. safety first please…. I don’t want to get sick by these…. sick…. bastards….” he repeated himself and took another good whiff. “I think there is enough lube left in there” my friend said with a smirking face. Without hesitance he entered the twink’s ass, who had one POZ load already inside his body…
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    Dad’s Basement Part One OFF LIMITS !!!! That’s how it always was, no one had access to the basement except Dad. Growing up I used to imagine that he was a mad scientist and it was his laboratory where he conducted hair raising experiments. As I got older, my thoughts changed - was it his private gym - he was built, but I knew he went to a gym early in the morning - hell I even went with him quite a few times. My mind always wondered, but I never had the chance to go down —— until now. Here it was my eighteenth birthday, I was home alone, which was the norm since Mom ran off with some man she met on the internet when I was starting my teen years and has not been heard from since. It was when I was heading to the kitchen to get my breakfast, that I saw it. The basement door was open, not wide open, but just enough to know someone could go down there. Stomach be damned, my curiosity was strong than my hunger at this point. I had to see what was down there. “Dad, are you home?” I yelled. No response. I made my way to the laundry room, which accessed the garage and saw that his truck was gone. My stomach groaned - not from hunger, but nerves. I made my way through the house, looking for my Dad. I wanted to make sure I was home alone. I was still scared of getting caught in the “forbidden basement.” He was no where to be found in the house, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t hiding some where. Fuck I can’t believe I would think that my own Dad would set me up. I had to make sure. Grabbing my cell, I dialed Dad’s number, he quickly answered after one ring, was he waiting for this call. Was this a set up? “Morning Squirt, what’s up?” he said. Squirt - the nickname he knew I hated, yet called me that when it was just the two of us. “Dad, do you want me to do the yard today?” I asked “It’s your birthday and you want to do yard work? We can do it this weekend, together. Any more silly questions or can I get back to my work so I can be home on time?” he replied. “Yeah, are you coming home early or what, like you said it is my birthday.” “Right now, Squirt, it looks like normal time. Got any other pressing questions?” “Nah, I’m good” I replied. "Bye, Dad.” I hung up and quickly made my way to the basement door. In my mind I expected it to be closed and locked, thinking it was all a trick of my mind. Without knowing it I held my breathe as I made my way to the door, only to slowly release it seeing that the door was still a jar. Nervously, I slowly pushed the door open, exposing the darkened stairs which lead to the mysterious basement below. I squinted my eyes to see if I could see anything in the darkness below. Nothing! That first step was the hardest, I had always known I was not allowed down here, but with finding the door opened I could not help but break the rule. I felt the way to see if I could find a switch to illuminate the mystery, nothing. Another what the fuck? I slowly descended the stairs until I was at the bottom. The nerves in my stomach were twitching so bad that I thought I was going to throw up. I was frozen to the floor, as my hands explored the walls, searching for a light switch. It wasn't long until I found one. I closed my eyes and flipped it, as I thought “let there be light.” At that moment, I wondered if this is really what I wanted. Did I want to know my Dad’s secret? I slowly opened my eyes, finding the room flooded with a red light. The walls were darkly painted and if I were to guess they were black. There was symbols painted on they walls with phrases under them. The one that was the biggest and stood out the most was a circle like symbol, that I had seen somewhere before, but did not know where, and had the phrase under it that said “TOXIC FOR LIFE” Else where there were sayings like “no load refused,” “Seed belongs in holes,” and “gifting is the way” - and more. I didn’t under stand. I slowly moved inwards, noticing a leather pad hanging from chains in one corner, two padded “saw horses” in the middle of the room. What the fuck is this place, I thought. It’s not a gym, because I have never seen equipment like this. As I made my way back, I saw that tucked under the stairs was an open shower area, with white tiles and three heads and two drains. I still didn’t understand. I passed out of that room and into another. The room was painted just like the other, with more phrases. The only different was the symbol, this time there was a huge scorpion on the wall, freaky as shit and ugly as hell. Under the big scorpion was shelves with little brown bottles on them, as well as what looked like plastic bottles filled with a clear liquid. I racked my mind trying to figure out what this shit was and what it was used for. From where I was standing there was a darkened opening to my left and one to my right, leading off to who knows where and what. Being adventurous, I went to the left, it was dark inside so I felt my way. I bumped into the a wall in front of me, but felt an opening to my right, so I turned and continued. I bumped and turned many times again. Shit this was some kind of maze. I panicked, I tried to remember which way I turned and went. What if I get trapped in here and Dad finds me here. I turned and moved, finding relief when I found the opening to get out. I have to be more careful. I discovered nothing with that adventure, so I decided to head to the other opening I went across the room and into through the other opening to find a wall blocking me, but with openings on the left and right. I went left only to find that this lead me to a room with another wall that went completely across the room. I walked to my right keeping a distance from the new wall with my hand on the wall that I first came to. I saw that there was three holes in the wall, which allowed light to come through. I gathered my courage and crossed the room to the middle hole, to discover that the hole came up to about my crotch. I slowly squatted down and looked through the hole - only to see the outside door to the left, which was letting in the light from out side through the frosted windows. I didn’t understand any of this. I went back out and look around the big room again, I failed to notice more shelves holding more brown bottles and plastic squeeze bottles. In each corner was a TV, hung high near the ceiling. As I got back to the stairs, I realized there was another opening on the wall with the light switch. It was still dark inside, so I reached around inside trying to find the new room’s light switch. A musty smell invaded my nostrils, rousing my curiosity, as well as my cock. Why was I turned on by this smell. Moments later I found the switch and found this room was a locker room. The lockers formed a square in the center, yet none were on the outer walls. Entering I found why. There were hundreds of used jocks nailed to the wall with pictures under them. The jocks were stained, some a bright yellow, some creamy, some very dark yellow. I lifted one of the jocks to look at the picture. It was of a naked man who’s cock was hard as a rock, my guess the owner of the jock. I lifted the picture up, to find a name, date, and what looked like a code - numbers mixed with three letters in the middle. Looking around I could see that three walls were almost covered with jocks. The fourth was bare. At this point I wanted out of the basement. I had so many questions, yet I found that I didn’t want to seek the answers to them. Switching off the lights I made my way I back upstairs, climbed them and put the basement door like I found it. My mind was racing - what the fuck was that shit downstairs and what did it all mean. Confused, I wanted answers, but again I didn’t. Was I really suppose to see this? Did Dad make a mistake? I went to my room, grabbed my laptop, determined to find out what all this was, even if it took all day. I logged in and had an email from my Dad pop up on my desk top. It’s subject line was “BASEMENT” - I forgo my searching to read this. It read: Squirt, I left the basement open for you today. It is time you found out what the secret is. It was after your call that I knew you were going to head down there. So here is what I do down there. I SUCK DICK, GET MY DICK SUCKED, FUCK ASS AND GET MY ASS FUCKED. I can only put it bluntly. Yes, son I am a faggot, cocksucker, or if you want me to be pc - I am gay. I built the basement as a sex club for men like me. We get together as much as possible to have sex. There is a sling hanging from the ceiling, fuck benches, a maze with glory holes, and a glory hole wall to suck cock from people not in our “Club.” I have well stocked it will lube and poppers (you snort to get a rush - not drugs), the TV’s are for porn. I am sure you are wondering what are on the walls. Son, we are a Poz Fuck Club, each of the members is HIV positive and each man enjoys passing his strain to others. We do not let loads of cum go to waste - we swallow and we breed. The jocks and pictures are of men who had been converted by our club members. I know this may shock you, that your Dad is a toxic cock slut, but after discovering what you were watching on line, I thought it was time for you to know, learn and maybe join in (this part makes my cock hard) Don’t be embarrassed - I want you to be open about sex even with me. I will be open with you. We will talk more when I get home. Happy Birthday Son Love ya, Dad I read the email over and over. He knew what I watched on line. I was so scared that if he ever discovered my secret, it would either scare him or anger him, not turn him on. I needed to talk my mind off him and the basement until he got home. So I headed to the living room to watch movies until he got home.
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    I hadn’t been the best brother in the world to my sister, Jane, since our parents had died three years earlier. My life was hectic and I travelled plenty which meant it was rare for us to actually be near each other long enough to meet up. I did talk to her by phone often especially after her divorce as she had struggled for a number of years with Ethan, her teenage son. When we eventually arranged to meet, it was over the coming weekend as I’d not seen her or Ethan since our parent’s funeral. I knew Ethan had just turned 18 but when I finally laid eyes on him I was really shocked. Not in a bad way, in a very, very good way. First I should say I’m 42, gay and had definitely been the black sheep of the family. I am also HIV+. My sister was four years younger than me and had married young and to her school sweet heart Jamie, who, after several years, turned out to be a right fucking cunt. They’d had one child, Ethan who it seemed had, in recent years, had been bullied by his Dad for some unstated reason, and his mother had had to keep the peace. I encouraged her to boot the bastard out, which she eventually found the courage to do. My life revolved around work but I was also constantly and insatiably hungry for cock. I didn’t mind where and who (so long as legal) and the more at once the better. I don’t know who had knocked me up but I’d been living with HIV for 10 years now. I had kept myself in shape since my teens and still had a reasonable six pack and good definition. I also kept my body smooth and luckily had yet to find a grey hair so I did look younger than my age. When I spoke with my sister, I invited her to stay with me in my London flat for a few days so we could catch up properly. When she arrived, I had a very pleasant surprise as she was accompanied by Ethan. The original plan was that he would stay with friends, but apparently his plans had changed, and truth be told, my eyes must have been out on stalks because Ethan had grown into a very good looking teenager. He had short blonde hair, a bit of a nice tan too. Blue eyes and perfect white teeth. His smile lit up his face which frankly, was absolutely beautiful. My ex-brother in-law was a cunt but he’d sired a very hot young stud. I embraced my sister and shook Ethan’s hand and welcomed them in. Considering I’d not seen them for so long it was like we’d not been apart. My sister was keen to chat but I had to admit I found it hard to stop staring at my nephew who besides being very eye catching had removed his jumper to reveal well defined arms which clearly belonged to a toned body. I knew it was wrong but my cock was semi hard and my mind playing out all sorts of scenarios. I don’t think I was imagining it either but I was getting a few glances from Ethan too. We sat in my large lounge with its views over the Thames, drinking wine. Jane had commented how her ex had maltreated her, when Ethan chimed-in with the blunt statement “He was also such a cunt to me." “But why?” I asked looking at both of them. I never liked Jamie at all to be honest but I never saw him as particularly evil and certainly not to his own son. Jane shifted a little not saying anything but Ethan looked me in the eye, answering “He found me making out with my boyfriend." I was a little taken aback, to be honest I had no idea Ethan was gay but I looked at my sister who just nodded back. I guess the family gay gene was alive and well. “So he’s a homophobe?” I asked “Too right he is, the wanker” Ethan replied with clear hatred for his father laced in every word. “Oh Ethan, he just didn’t know how to deal with it” Jane began but Ethan got angry and glaring at his mother, “And beating me with his fists was his way of dealing with it?” he retorted. “What?” I interjected angrily. “He didn’t mean to," Jane replied, glaring frantically at us. Ethan, however, interrupted with an emphatic “Mom, he did it to both of us. Stop making excuses for him.” Ethan was very agitated by now. I looked at them both as tears poured down my sisters cheeks and her son sat red faced and fuming. “OK guys, time out,” I said in my best management style. “I didn’t know all of this Jane. You should have said something,” I started. Jane, however, correctly reminded me “Why? You were never around for us after Mum and Dad died. You were off on business while I had to face it all on my own,” she managed between sobs. I couldn’t argue with her. She had a point but it had brought the afternoon down to a shitty low point. “Okay, well, look, let’s start anew. I’m here now,” I said smiling at both of them. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening catching up, with the tone lifting considerably. I cooked them both a nice meal and by the time we were ready for bed their moods had been totally uplifted although, I couldn’t help notice the many times Ethan had touched my hand, arm, back and yep, even my ass. My flat only had two bedrooms so I let Jane stay in the guest room and I handed Ethan a blanket and pillow, pointing to the couch. “Trust me it’s comfy, I’ve slept on it loads” I said. He thanked me and took them and I left him to retire to my own room. It had been a long day but I still couldn’t get my sexy nephew out of my thoughts. I stripped, climbed into bed and turned on the TV,choosing to stream some hot twink/daddy porn in which a hot lad was taken roughly by a hard daddy type. I watched for perhaps half an hour, slowly wanking my rock hard dick when I heard a faint knock at the door. Turning off the TV, I rose out of bed, pulled-on my robe, and opened the door, honestly expecting to see my sister but there stood my nephew wearing nothing but his briefs. He was stunning. Teenage six pack and perfectly defined body which was completely hairless. “Uncle, can I talk to you?” he asked at the door looking at me pleadingly. I looked at him for a moment before realising what he’d said….”Well, errr yes, sure come in,” I replied. He came into my room and shut the door behind him. He walked over to the bed and sat down. I stood with my robe open and I could see he was checking out my defined muscle chest. “What do you want to talk about Ethan?” I asked also finding it hard to not look at his perfectly defined upper body and perfectly clear skin. “I err,” he began looking down at the floor, “I know you’re gay too” he started. “I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about being gay. Mum wouldn’t talk to me and Dad would just shout at me,” he continued. I watched him with a mixture of utter lust as well as feeling terribly sorry for him. “Can I talk to you about my feelings?” he asked finally looking up at me. I smiled back at him and came and sat down next him on the bed, put my hand on his. “Of course Ethan. Anything you want," I replied in as even a tone as I could manage. He looked into my eyes and smiled back at me. “Is it true you are HIV positive?” he asked. I hesitated momentarily before answering, “Yes.” He looked at me for a long time before speaking again. “Will you breed me?” he asked. I was totally shocked to be honest although I was also excited too. “Ethan you’re young. You don’t want HIV…. not to mention I’m your Uncle. What the hell would your mother…. my sister say?” I blurted back. He stared intently at me, seemingly not at all embarrassed. His right hand moved and rested on my leg. My rock hard cock actually twitched. “Uncle, I like older men and I only like to fuck raw. I know I'll eventually convert, but I'd rather get it from a man I like and trust, and who I think is hot,” he explained. I didn’t reply straight away either. I stared back into his eyes and my lust was beginning to overpower my shock. My extremely sexy nephew wanted me to breed his cunt with my seed. The irony being I was actually having a few problems staying undetectable at the moment so my seed was pretty deadly right now. “Ethan you’re extremely hot, I can’t deny it but you’re asking me to infect my flesh and blood,” I finally replied. A smile broke out in Ethan’s young beautiful face. He leaned slowly forward to me until our faces were millimeters apart and moments later we were kissing passionately. I couldn’t help myself. He was exactly the sort of twink I’d happily fucked and infected in the past, but this time a family member wanted my deadly seed. I wrapped my hands around his body and pulled him to me and within minutes had one hand down his briefs and feeling his quite thick and substantially rock hard cock. He may have been 18 but he seemed very experienced and forward. I guess no different to how I was at his age. Eventually we broke off the kiss and I pulled my robe off so he could see me naked. He stood and dropped his briefs to let his thick eight inches swing free. He was stunning. I knew I would be ploughing him for hours to come. Luckily I’d had my bedroom sound proofed as, having had many a naked slut tied to my bed, screaming while I’d inflicted my particular blend of depravity on him, I decided discretion was prudent, so I had spent quite a bit of money to ensure the outside world was unaware of my play time. So, I knew I could fuck Ethan without his mother hearing anything but still the electricity between us was unlike anything I’d ever experienced: I would convert my nephew and what was more, he wanted it. I pulled him back on to me and our naked bodies wrapped around each other as I reached down to probe his smooth asshole. Ethan was happy to be led by me and clearly was the subservient type which suited me perfectly as our tongues once more probed each other’s mouth. I forcefully pulled him up and fully devoured his cock as he groaned to my touch. I sucked him for no more than five minutes before he began to groan, cumming hard into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his load. As I expected, his cum was delicious and plentiful. I smiled, devouring my nephew’s first load. Young pups cum quickly but often which pleased me. I forced him round and he fell down on my cock as we now 69’d. He devoured me rather expertly for a teenager and I rimmed his smooth mancunt getting my tongue deep inside his lovely hole, followed by a finger or three. He moaned as I invaded him for the first time and his expert ministrations blowing my cock was getting me so horny. The need to pump a load into his negative hole was paramount. After ten minutes I pulled him forcefully round and we kissed hard again as he straddled me. My cock erect and now against his ass cheeks. Pushing him off me finally, “You want my toxic load Ethan?” I growled staring into his eyes. He didn’t even pause, “Yes Uncle, breed me. I want you,” he whispered back. I didn’t need asking twice and with his help my cock was now at his hole and Ethan began to push back against my cock. He was well lubed by my saliva and my cock easily began to slide into him. He began to inhale hard and groan as my thick member stretched him wide. He rode my cock like a pro. Clearly he knew how to bottom. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as we fucked. I thrust up to meet him as he rode down on me. His body was absolutely stunning and involuntarily I reached up to twist his nipples which, of course, only made him fuck me harder. He was making a lot of noise as we fucked and even though my room was sound proofed I pulled him down to kiss him and silence him. My dark desires were starting to come out and I gripped his throat and squeezed hard. Some guys panic a little and find it too much but Ethan seemed to like being fucked hard and never once stopped me from throttling him as I fucked his ass. The more he moaned the more I squeezed his throat until he couldn’t breathe and he seemed to love every minute of it. I pulled him down on to the bed, positioning him on this back, and fucked him missionary. His eyes were fixated on mine, connecting at a primal level. He was delicious and the thought of converting him with my positive seed excited me far more than some anonymous fuck I would have otherwise met at a bar. “Breed me, Uncle,” he kept moaning as I rammed his cunt. I could feel my seed beginning to boil and very soon I knew I was close. “Do you want my seed you dirty little cunt” I growled as I felt my orgasm building. “Yes sir” he replied staring up at me. I was close but I felt Ethan actually clamp down on my cock as my cum exploded inside his negative cunt. Groaning loudly I pumped my deadly load inside him as Ethan pulled me down kissing hard, my cock twitching as it continued to pump seed in him. “Oh fuck” I moaned, the realisation that I’d just dumped a high viral load of cum inside my kin suddenly dawned on me. My nephew seemed almost joyous though and while we kissed all he could do was grin, “Thank you Uncle” he moaned. The damage was now done and I began to relax and felt it my duty to make sure he converted with someone he knew. We kissed for many minutes and even though I’d cum my cock remained hard and still inside my nephew. “Have you taken positive loads before?” I asked eventually breaking the kiss. “Yes, I’ve been cruising since I was 15 and I know I’ve taken undetectable loads before, but I know you are poisonous at this moment,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “And how do you know that?” I asked a little taken aback. “You told me on BareBackRT last week,” replying with a big grin. It suddenly dawned on me what he was talking about. I regularly hook up with guys on BBRT and just recently I’d been talking to a guy without a profile picture who said he was chasing and I told him how I loved to breed guys with or without their knowledge. I’d also said I had an infectious viral load right now, “You are Chaserboy?” I asked starring into my sexy nephew’s eyes. “Yes. You’re not mad are you?” he replied looking a little afraid. I paused a moment then a grin split my face and I forced my tongue back into his mouth. “No Ethan. I’m glad I could help you out,” I finally replied. We spent the next couple of hours fucking several more times. I also spent some time scratching his asshole, with the intent of ensuring he converted. After pumping my third load inside him with Ethan riding on top of me like some wild banshee, he collapsed on top of me, our bodies sweating profusely, breathing hard. I looked over at the clock. It was nearly 5:00 AM. “Listen Ethan you’d better go back to the lounge to get some sleep,just in case your mother gets up and finds you missing,” I suggested, staring at my sex crazed nephew. This had been a fucking awesome visit and I suspected I’d be using his body as my sex toy plenty more yet. I particularly wanted to explore his tolerance to pain. To be continued……..
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    Note: This story is FICTION. It DID NOT HAPPEN. Enjoy ************************************************************************************************************************************ "I want to give you my AIDS, now." The email was from, AIDSGftr, a new guy on BBRT. He had appeared just a couple of weeks earlier, and I noticed geo locator showed him to be just 300 feet from my place. I'd never emailed him, but thought he was hot: he was obviously sick, wasted, an AIDS belly, a few Kaposi's lesions. Looking at his pics made my asshole ache for his deadly cum. His profile said he had never been on meds, was recently diagnosed with AIDS and he got off on infecting neg bottoms. I was still neg, even after taking several loads I knew were high viral load, and, of course, having taken numerous anonymous loads. This guy looked to be my chance to take an AIDS load, to get the infection I craved. I knew there was a 1 in 70 chance of infection with each fuck from a regular high viral load poz top, and I wondered if taking a load from a guy who had been diagnosed as actually having AIDS would mean certain infection. I hammered out a reply and hit send. "Yes. Where?" "The big apartment building half a block east of you. Ground floor, corner unit, will be waiting in patio. Hurry." "On the way. Five minutes." I pulled on a coat and shoes, grabbed my keys and was out the door in less than a minute, cock rigid, oozing and about to blow. Was I really, at long last, about to take an AIDS load? It was 206 steps from my door to his patio. I made it in three minutes. He was waiting in the open door to his place, naked, hard cock jutting out, sipping on a beer. I walked up to him, he turned stepped aside and motioned me in. I stood looking as he smiled at me and stroked his cock. It was beautiful, long, thick, hard, perfectly formed - the perfect weapon to fill me with death cum and infect me with AIDS. He pointed at the back of a couch and set the beer down. "Bend over, pants down. You still neg?" I nodded and obeyed, my heart about to explode, and reached back to spread my cheeks. He looked disgusting, obviously very sick, but I needed his disease bad. To my shame I whimpered as I felt his cock smear precum on my hole. I getting AIDS virus on me! "You want my AIDS, my disease, you want that?" "Yes, god, yes, give it to me, give me your AIDS!" "Oh, yeah bitch, gonna give it to you, gonna pump a load of my death cum in your guts, right now. I've infected three men that I know off, you'll be number four. You want that? You want my AIDS?" "Yes, fuck yes. Please, give it to me, infect me now. Please infect me, give your AIDS!" "Okey dokey, one more infected bugchaser, one more faggot dying from AIDS, coming right up." He grunted and shoved hard, I squealed as his diseased cock slammed deep into my ass and he pumped away frantically. Four pumps and he shoved in hard and grunted into my ear "Fuck, bitch, fuck! Pozzing you, bitch, cumming in your ass, bitch, knocking you up, infecting you good! You gonna be one AIDS infected dick sucker!" A warm flood filled my guts as he ejaculated. I convulsed with the hardest orgasm of my life. He humped into me spasmodically, gasping as he pumped his AIDS-laden cum into my ass. My cock kept jerking and squirting and I wondered if I had been infected. Had he ripped me open when he shoved in without lube? I could feel my ass burning. Was I bleeding? If I was, his virus had a direct route into my bloodstream. Was this the time? Would I convert and eventually come down with AIDS? I hoped so. We slid to the floor and lay flat, breathing hard. I wiped my ass with my hand and sniffed, then licked. Cum and ass juice, no red streaks. Was there a slight coppery taste? If I was bleeding there was no way he hadn't infected me. I bent over his crotch and swallowed his still hard cock. More cum, some ass juice. No taste of blood. He was ready very quickly. He flipped me over and spread my legs, dove in and licked and sucked my ass. I moaned as his tongue wormed up my newly pozzed hole, knowing he was about to mount me and pump another load of death deep in my guts. As he mounted me again, I groaned with pleasure, and this time he slid in with no trace of burn. My neg ass was well lubed by his poison cum. He pumped me slowly, pulling out and plunging in repeatedly, stroking deeply, not quite long enough to bump my sphincter but plenty thick enough to feel incredible. I moaned and fucked him back, eager for infection. "Fuck my neg ass, yeah, fuck, infect my neg ass, yeah, give me your AIDS, infect me good. Do it, fuck me, pump me full of death cum! Give me AIDS!" He slammed in hard, humping me deep and moaned "Fuck yeah, bitch, gonna poz you good you bugchasing bitch, gonna infect you good! Mmm, yeah, fuck yeah, bitch, gonna fuck you full of my AIDS juice, yeah, you gonna die from this fuck!" He slammed in hard and fast and held it deep. His cock pulsed and hot semen squirted into my guts. More toxic cum, more HIV pumped deep into me. "Fuck, bitch, yeah, you're getting it now, giving you my bug, bitch, giving you my AIDS, bitch, you're one infected faggot now, giving you my AIDS! One guy already died from my AIDS! You're next!" I lay back breathing hard, my asshole pleasantly sore, feeling his toxic semen ooze out of me. No more doubts. I wanted more. I wanted him to infect with HIV. I leaned over and swallowed his cock again, savoring the taste of semen and ass juice. Two poz loads in my guts - so far. I hoped he was up for more. Would I be infected with HIV before I left? He moaned and pushed me off his cock. I lay back and smiled, feeling his cum run out of my ass. Had he already infected me, or was that wishful thinking? "Damn, that was good, you're a hot piece of ass. I never fucked a man who begged for my death cum like you. That was hot, knowing you want to die from that fuck." "I do, I wanted death cum in my butt, I want AIDS in me, as much as I can get. I want to die from your AIDS." "Well, you got some. I've been full blown for a while. My doctor warned me that if I had unprotected sex with a guy, I would likely infect him. Hope you're really okay with that." I was. There was no question what I wanted. "Yes, I am. I want your bug, I want you to infect me with HIV. I wanna die from your AIDS." "That's good, I'm gonna give it to you. You up for another fuck?" "Hell, yes! Let's make sure you infect me. Plus, that big dick of yours feels incredible in my ass." "Give me a minute, I'll breed you again. Mmm, do me a favor?" "Sure." "Don't fuck anybody but me until you test poz?" "Sure thing, as long as you keep pumping my guts full of your AIDS, I'm your bitch. Anytime you want my ass, you got it." He fucked me twice more that night. I finally waddled home about 4:00 AM, my asshole raw, bleeding and leaking semen. In the next two weeks he screwed me at least once a day. My ass stayed raw, my shorts spotted with blood until I came down with the flu. When I was able he gave me a ride to the clinic. I was poz. Another dicksucker successfully infected with HIV. Right after I got the news, my AIDS daddy texted me: another guy he had infected had just died from AIDS. And so will I.
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    Sold Health (Part 01) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** “Hey… need a hole to fuck – only 50 Dollars and you can fuck mine” the twink whispered to me. I knew, there would be young hustlers in this part of the park at night. Most of them were addicts. They were shadows of human beings. This one was not finished yet. He was still good looking, but his youth was vanishing. His eyes seemed clouded and he slurred the words. “You got a place to go?” I asked. “There are many deserted areas here. We can find a place easily…” he answered. “Nah… I am looking for a guy to fuck him in his bed” I said shortly and turned around to leave. “Wait… wait… let’s say 30 Dollars and you can fuck me here… what do you say?” he begged. “What do you say, if I give you 100 Dollars for your mouth and a bit of your time?” I replied. “Okay. But my flat is not so… tidy.” he said. “I didn’t expect it to be. It will be enough if you are on your knees and suck my dick there… and maybe some other stuff.” I answered. We left the park and walked through deserted streets. It was way after midnight and the good people were all asleep. We walked without talking. The guy was always two steps ahead and I followed him. I watched his ass move and this made me quite horny. His body was shaking from time to time. Obviously he needed money for his next fix. It was such a shame. He had been a good looking lad once. Don’t get me wrong. He was still doing ok. I have seen worse looking boys. It would be a pleasure to use this one. We stopped at a run down house in some part of the city. The lad tried to open the first door to the hall with his key, but he was shaking so much, that it took him a while to open the entrance. I didn’t touch him… Not yet. I just watched his petite frame. He would have been a cute guy, with his blonde hair and his cute little ass, but he chose the wrong path one day in his life and now he was rushing downhill, with no one able to stop him. “Sorry… I am a bit shaky” he apologized. “Take your time…” I answered with my low voice. I followed him to the second floor and again he had to complete the impossible task, to open the door with his key in a calm fashion. When he finally managed to unlock the door to his flat, he opened the door and he stumbled into his own one room apartment. I stood outside and waited. After a second he came back and looked at me questioningly. “Don’t you want to welcome me?” I asked. “Yeah sure… come in” he said. “No I mean… welcome me, with your mouth - outside of your flat.” I insisted. “Dude… I live here. The people around here know my girlfriend.” he whispered desperately. I stood there calmly and simply looked into his eyes. “Oh damnit…” he cursed. He walked outside into the hall and crouched before me. With trembling hands he tried to open my jeans. It was hilarious how much time he needed to set my cock free. And still it was cute, how bad he needed the money, that he even serviced a John out here in the open, just to get cash for his drugs. My cock hardened already, because of the massage his fingers gave to me, simply by opening my pants. Finally he grabbed inside of my cage and freed my hardening cock. I pressed the button for the floor light. The twink flinched. “Man… please… don’t…” he whined. “Open your mouth and suck!” I ordered him loudly. For the first time I saw his face in a bright light. The lad seemed to be broken already. His face showed the story of his decline. He was working for one thing only and that was his drug. It didn’t matter what kind of substance he abused. The drug ruled his life. His blue eyes looked up to me, while he sucked my cock deep into his throat. He had this pleading look. He wanted me to give him the sign, that we could move into his apartment to finish this job. I nodded at him. Thankfully he smiled at me and crawled backwards into his one room flat. I followed him inside his home. Home sweet home… The whore wanted to get up and close the apartment door. “Stay on your knees dog.” I simply ordered and closed the door myself. “What…?” he asked. “You understood me. Stay where you belong… on your knees.” I pushed the light switch but the room stayed dark. “No light?” I asked. “I didn’t have the money to pay it. I guess they shut down the electricity.” the boy mumbled. On his knees he scurried through the room and lit some candles. “How romantic…” I said ironically. “Can I have my money first? Then I will finish sucking you.” he asked with a broken voice. I interrupted stroking my dick and gave him the 100 Dollars. “Who are these people on those pictures?” I asked and pointed to some photographs on a cupboard.” “That’s none of your business I guess. I will suck your dick…” he argumented. “I paid for that AND your time faggot” I rebuked. The teen moved closer and watched at those pictures. “My parents… and that’s me one year ago. When I turned 18.” he sighed. “That was you? One year ago? May I say it, you look shit today” I replied coldly. “I know. I have changed a bit, but I am still handsome… at least my girlfriend tells me so” the boy mumbled. “You changed a bit?” I laughed. “You’re girlfriend… *chuckles” “Is she a whore too?” I asked him. “Huh?” “Is your girlfriend also a whore like you?!” I repeated the question. “She does what she has to do” he answered. I turned to him and fed him some cock. I like my boys to keep their heads still. It is my job to move and so I held him by his ears and shoved my cock deep into his throat. “Open up” I ordered. “Would it be okay if I would piss into you?” “Ho… mu….” he inarticulated. “What?” I pulled my cock out of his mouth. “How much… can I get for it?” he asked. “So you would drink it. You would be my urinal, for my stinking piss. It just has a tag on it” I chuckled. I will give you another 100 Dollars just to piss. But I won’t use your mouth bitch. What about your bed? Or could I simply piss into your closet… onto your clothes. He could see another 100 Dollar bill waving in front of his face. It took him a while, but then he grabbed for the money. “Easy cash… easy cash…” I repeated. After he accepted the other bill I turned around to the little cupboard and showered all the pictures with my yellow liquid. I laughed out loudly. “Saw that? I pissed on your family. I pissed on your girlfriend and I pissed on you… 18 years old handsome guy…” I grinned evilly. Then I stopped pissing and wandered around. I opened the closet and started another stream of my dark yellow colored piss. “This is okay… for you. Right? I'm allowed to piss on your clothes. Since your flat is a pigsty anyways…” I reassured myself. The guy held his money in his fist and nodded defeatedly. I walked to the fading beauty and crouched next to him. “Listen – you have already lost everything. Do you think you can make it – any time soon?” I asked him seriously. “Maybe… if I get some help. Maybe then I can start a new life” he whispered. I stood up and pushed my cock deeply into his mouth again and rocked softly in and out of his throat. “What would you say, if I tell you tonight… I will give you a great amount of money, if you are willing to gamble with your health…” I asked him softly. “*Hrmpf* I don’t understand…” he interrupted his sucking motions. “You know HIV and AIDS? Sure you know…” I grinned knowingly. “Are you clean…?” I asked him “I am carefully – sharing my needle and I don’t let guys fuck me without a condom” he said. “I got an HIV rapid antibody test with me. We could know within 20 Minutes, if you are infected or not” I told him. “And then…?” he didn’t know my intentions, but he accepted my cock again and suckled on it. “If you are negative… a friend of mine and I will pay you 10.000 Dollars to fuck you bareback. The only risk is, we are both not medicated AIDS Tops and highly contagious. Are you willing to take the risk?” I asked him. The lad was stunned. His eyes seemed to be empty, but I knew his thoughts were rotating around the money. He probably didn’t realize, but he was still sucking my infiltrating cock. “Think of all the things you can do with it. Pay your next fix. Move out to a better apartment with your girlfriend. Start a new life!” I reasoned with him. “You can keep the 200 Dollars and I will leave, if you decide that’s a risk, you don’t want to take” I withdrew my cock from him. “But if you are willing to get POZ fucked, we will pay you the money tonight. My buddy will have the cash on him. And there is still a chance, you won’t get infected. In that case you can keep the money of course…” I explained. “So? Do we have a Deal or No Deal?” I wanted to know.
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    Dad’s Basement - Part Two I spent the day on the sofa, half watching movies to take my mind off what I saw in the basement and the other half thinking about it. I would catch myself playing with my cock through my shorts when my mind wondered to the basement. The thought of Dad and his buddies fucking and sucking seemed to leave my cock harder than I had ever before experienced, and the thought they were (I imagined) playing in the basement even while I was sleeping upstairs somehow made the vision even more enticing. Still, one would have thought I would have heard my Dad come home, or at least the garage door go up and his diesel truck pulling inside, but nope: I was lost in thought, my hand inside my shorts wrapped around my hard cock when Dad's voice awoke me out of my day dream. “Wow, Son that’s quite a greeting for your old man!” Dad said when he saw me. “Dad!” I yelled, slapped back to reality and jerking my hand out of my shorts. “Anything interesting happen today, Son?” Dad asked coyly. “Well, let’s see. I found out that my Dad likes cock - every which way he can get it, has a sex club in our basement, and likes to spread his disease to others,” I said. "Other than that it was a quiet day.” “Yeah Son, I am a pig, a toxic pig, who loves to give into the most deviant sexual pleasure imaginable, and I am not ashamed to do.” “It’s okay Dad, I think it’s hot.” “Hot, huh? Like when you spy on your old man and jack your cock as I shower or stroke my cock in bed?” I had to smile as I nodded 'yes'. “It’s okay Son. I have no issue with any of that. Fuck, it was a turn on knowing you jack your boy cock watching me,” Dad remarked, adding “See?” I looked down at the front of his jeans, his hard cock was straining against the denim. I stood up, which allowed Dad to see my shorts were tented by my own very hard cock. “Does knowing what we do in the basement turn you on, Son?” “Definitely, Dad.” “Good, but I need to know if the full range of our activities turns you on, or is there some component of our sessions leave you uncertain or even afraid?" “The HIV component, Dad, scares me, yet it also excites me," I had to acknowledge. “Most boys your age have those mixed emotions. After conversion (or infected), sex becomes uninhibited, free from restraints of safety. That’s what we do in the basement: fuck free. There are times when we meet just to help a man break those restraints and become free. Understand?” “I think so. You take men who are not carrying HIV and give it to them?” “Yes. Some take it willingly and some don’t. Some want it and some don’t know they want it, but still get it.” As he gave this explanation Dad was rubbing his cock through his jeans, which rendered me even more excited. Our conversation was turning both of us on, and in fact I am fairly sure I could see his cock pulsate, even through his jeans, particularly when his palm caressed the his cock head. “Do the jocks and pictures nailed to the wall represent all of the men that you have infected?” “I didn’t infect them all, Son, but yes, they do represent the men who were infected by a member of the Club. That's our trophy wall It reminds us of who is carrying our virus.” Without thinking I started rubbing my cock, mimicking what Dad was doing to his. His eyes darted down, watching my hand. “Drop them Son,” he ordered. "Show Daddy.” Blindly obeying, I hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my shorts and pushed them to my ankles, where I stepped out of them. Standing upright again, my cock jumped up and down, finally resting pointing in front of me. “Grew up nicely there, Son,” Dad commented as he kicked off his work boots, unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles, stepping out of them. Standing straight up, he put his hands on his hips, allowing me access to view his crotch, this time with out spying. His cock was hard as a rock, pointing outward just like mine, but that is where the similarities stopped. His cock was at least nine inches long and almost as thick as a beer bottle. The head was massive and veins ran up and down it. I found myself wondering how I had managed to overlook these amazing details when I spied on him. His nut sac was smooth and hung low, with one ball higher than the other. When I looked up at his face there was an evil grin on it. “You like looking at that cock, Son?” I nodded slowly. “I like you looking at it.” I was mesmerized. The cock that made me was not six feet away, obscenely pointing at me, teasing me, and all I could do was to stare and slowly stroke my painfully hard cock. “That’s it Son, stroke your cock for your Daddy.” I watched as he bent down, slid his hand into the pocket of his jeans and pull out one of the brown bottles. Dropping his jeans, he moved to my side, his cock and balls bouncing with each step. My mind was focused on his cock and balls, so huge. He unscrewed the cap on the brown bottle, positioned it under one of my nostrils, pinched the other closed and urged “Inhale deeply, Son.” I did as he instructed, still stroking my boy cock. He switched nostrils and repeated his instruction. Again I complied. Almost instantly, I felt like I was flying, the sensations of my stroking intensified and my heart raced. My breathing was heavier. Dad’s hot breathe in my ear urged “Touch it Son, you know you want to. Feel the cock that made you!” I slowly moved my hand over to his cock. The closer I got, I could feel the heat rising from his dick. I closed my eyes and wrapped my fingers around it. It was hotter than I expected. And harder. Instantly I shot my load, out in front of me and unto the floor. “Good boy” Dad said with a smile. “I think you are ready for more. Let’s go to Daddy’s shower, Son. I have so much more to teach you before you join us in the basement.” He took off his shirt as he headed down the hall, his furry cheeks bouncing as he walked away. I pulled my shirt over my head and followed, like a little puppy.
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    Blonde And Stupid – Two Christian Boys Dragged Down (Part 01) Blonde And Stupid – Two Christian Boys Dragged Down (Part 01) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** Ryan and Ben met each other on the internet. They were both 18 years old and looked for companionship, since they were both still in the closet. They talked about their dreams, their school, about their sexual fantasies and about their families. It is not easy to come out, if you were raised under Christian guides. Both families were heavily engaged in their churches. There was no way to just come out and tell them ‘Hey Mom and Dad…. I have to die…. I’m just kidding…. I won’t die. I am only gay.’ Both parents would have probably said, it would be better that their sons were dead instead. Ryan lived in Macon (Georgia), while Ben was from Rome (Georgia). After chatting for a few days, they planned to meet in ‘real life’ in Atlanta. It wasn’t that easy, because Ben had no car. He had to borrow it from his mother. Ryan’s parents bought their son a car, when he turned 18. The two guys could have been brothers. They laughed about it, when they first met. Both teens had blue eyes. Both were blonde. While Ben had curly long hair, Ryan had a nice sidecut. Both twinks were around 5,6 feet tall and were quite slim. And even sexually they were both totally bottom guys. They couldn’t even think about sticking the own cock into someone else’s orifice. They would rather fantasize about jocks, passing them by on the streets of Atlanta. Or classmates they had, who were captain of the football team. They even managed to connect their families, by telling them, they both met on an interschool scientific project. And since both boys were totally alike, and were both from Christian families, the parents would allow overnight stays. On one of those ‘week-end’ occasions, the two friends surfed together on the internet. They were logged into a gay dating portal and browsed through the pictures and ads. “Here…. look at this. Gang-Bang Atlanta Bottoms Wanted….” Ryan pointed at the screen. They opened the profile and saw some pictures of different sized cocks. So far so good, they thought. Both admired the different shapes and sizes and expressed both, that they would love to get fucked by these guys. The profile stated 8 tops and 1 bottom were looking for other participants. Ryan had a raging hard on and Ben also massaged his cock underneath his jeans. They just left the profile, when a message popped up on their screen. BioHazard1 asked if the guys would like to get their asses fucked by eight BioHazard Tops. Ryan replied ‘That would be great. We both would love to be hammered by your big cocks’ *he wrote the message, without Ben’s approval and hit the ‘sent’ button* Ben laughed out loud, when he saw, what his pal was offering. BioHazard1 sent another message and demanded some pictures, since the their profile had none. Both boys discussed, if they should send their pictures to the guys. They agreed to send a fake picture from the internet, to keep the horny game going, but in the meanwhile another message appeared on the screen. Biohazard1 said ‘We could use Skype and sent the address needed.’ “Oh oh… and now?” Ben said and slapped his friend playfully over the head. “We could open the cam and turn it around for a while. I would love to see those cocks” Ryan pouted. Ben was the scared and shook his head. He wouldn’t hold his face into the cam. He got up instead and left the range. Ryan was a little bit more cocky and sent a request, with his cam turned to the wall. On the screen another room went alight. Four jocks were sitting in front of the cam. They were cheering and yelling at them, smiling into the camera. Then one guy asked, why the cam stayed dark. “That’s such a bullshit. If you want to fake stuff, then look for other guys. We are serious about meeting, you little fuck. You are probably….” he couldn’t finish the sentence, because Ryan turned the cam into his direction now. Why did he do that? Maybe he just wanted to show, that he was for real. Maybe he wanted prolong the chat, while watching the guys on the other side. Now that they saw Ryan they hollered again. “Fuck – you are hot. Where is your friend?” “He is shy and standing further away. Ben, come back here. It is only fair, that they see you, since we can see them” Ryan begged his friend. Ben rolled with his eyes and walked back to his seat. Another four guys came into view. You couldn’t see all the handsome faces, now that almost all guys were in front of the cam. When they saw Ben they freaked out even more. “When can you be here? We want to rip your asses apart” the same guy said. He stood up and held his dick into the cam, which was such a fat cock. It reminded Ryan of a huge coke can. “How big is it?” Ryan asked. “Nine inches! Come and try it out. I will make it fit…” the guy growled. “We’re in Macon right now and it is quite late” Ben mentioned. “Fuck that – come here at once. We need guys like you offering their pussies. Come and be happy with our dicks… that’s what you need you FAGGOTS.” “Are you two brothers?” another jock asked. “No – just friends, but we are both totally submissive. We love to bottom. Do we have to fuck also?” Ben wanted to know. “If you want to get hammered only, it is fine with us. Just bring your bodies to us and we will do the rest” the others cheered. “So we would be three bottoms?” Ryan played on with the game. “Fuck that old slag here. We will kick him out if you two dolls are coming. We really want to fuck you bad….” Both twinks were already massaging their bumps in their jeans. “Show us your assholes faggots. Turn around and show us your hole…. BITCHES” several guys yelled and showed their bare penises. “CUNT CUNT CUNT….” they shouted out loud. Ryan stood up and turned around, while opening his jeans. “Are you serious?” Ben was totally shocked. “You can’t really show your….” he continued but was too late. Ryan moved the chair away and lowered his pants and briefs. He pulled his cheeks apart and showed his virgin asshole. Because of his fair and blonde appearance he almost didn’t have any hair around his pucker. You could hear loud cheering form the speakers, before the sound and the picture stopped. Ben had disconnected the streaming. “Are you totally nuts? Your parents are sleeping downstairs. Do you want us to be killed?” you could see he was really agitated. Ryan was still standing there bare assed. His face was totally red and all of a sudden he felt also ashamed of his actions. He pulled his pants back on and sat down in silence. “I am sorry… but I felt so horny and these guys are so cool. Did you see the sizes of their cocks? We should be in Atlanta and not here. Oh man – this sucks!” Ryan answered. Suddenly the guys heard another signal. A new message came in from Biohazard1. ‘Hey – what happened? Where have you gone?’ Both guys just stared at the screen. Biohazard1: ‘Are you scared?’ “Are we going to answer them?” Ryan asked. Ben didn’t react. “Look – if we just run away, then this might happen over and over again. And I don’t want to run. I want to get fucked…” Ryan sighed. “Ok…. answer then” Ben nodded. ‘Yes we are scared’ Ryan replied. ‘What is your status then? Do you know?’ Biohazard1 wanted to know. Ryan and Ben didn’t understand the real meaning of the question. ‘We are both still in the closet. That is our status. Our parents do not know that we are gay and we never met other guys for sex. We didn’t even fuck each other, because we are both strictly bottom.’ Ryan wrote honestly. ‘So you are both virgins?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Never had a cock in your ass or mouth?’ Biohazard1 replied. ‘We are totally new to this… I mean I know where it should go in and what it does there, but I am not so sure about Ben though’ Ryan hit the ‘send’ button and laughed. Ben gave his thigh a knock and both friends laughed. ‘We respect your virginity and understand your fear. But it would be cool for us, if you could decide to keep the contact to us.’ Biohazard1 answered. Both lads couldn’t see the guys on the other side anymore. If they would have seen them, they would have doubted the honesty of those words. “Fuck…. fuck…. they are virgins. We need to get our toxic junk into them… come on, write something nice. Don’t fucking lose them” some guys whispered to the one, who called himself Biohazard1. ‘I am not talking about the sexual aspect here. Although we would answer you those questions too. But it seems to us, that you need some assistance. Some sort of guidance – maybe from guys who are a bit older than you and have some experience already.’ “What do you think” Ryan asked Ben. “They sure looked like horny jocks, but I think we could really need some help to get out of this hole” Ben sighed. ‘We would love to keep the contact. We got you on Skype. Maybe you would like to talk to us tomorrow?’ Ryan suggested. ‘We would love that too. Have a good night then’ ‘Good night and May God Bless you all.’ That was the second, when Biohazard1 shot a load all over his keyboard. They would drag those Christian boys down. All the way…
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    Safe Sex Only Advertisement (Part 1) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** My friends and I met on a friday night in one of those gay leather bars. We knew each other for quite a while and were comfortable with us being positive through and through. It was for us quite a sport to convert innocent guys, but times are rough with all the prep around. And all of a sudden Brian ‘happened’. Brian was a cute blonde angelic twink, who had the goal to prevent other guys from practicing unsafe sex. The night he came to our table, he greeted us friendly and asked if we would enjoy the evening. Probably all of us got an instant hard-on. There he appeared, like an angel on the borderline to hell and we were sitting in the shadows, lurking for his innocence. Of course we asked him for which organization he volunteered. ‘None’ was his answer. That made us curious and so we started our conversation which led Brian to take a seat at our table and tell us about his story. After introducing ourselves we moved on. “So…. Brian. It is interesting to meet you. I mean such a young guy working on such an important subject is not so usual” Brian beamed and was willing to tell us about his reasons. “I didn’t come out to my parents yet. I mean… with 18 I just didn’t find the right moment to open up.” We nodded understandingly getting probably wet spots on our jeans from our leaking dicks already. “Then I met another guy on a chat. That was a year ago, but he used me only and since we had bareback sex I was very scared about HIV and stuff” he continued. “Understandable and so grown-up” “I see it as my duty to the gay community to warn them about the risks of getting stuff you know?” he blabbered. “Of course it is” we agreed wholeheartedly. I could see all my chaps were already in the hunting mode. It was our time to make the next move now and so I opened with a made-up story about an advertising company who was looking for male models, to star in an HIV commercial. He listened to my lies – in which we had found a twink-model, but that the guy turned out to be positive and since we would record dangerous scenes it was not justified to endanger our other active participants. We had to fire this guy and so the big deal was off and we would probably lose our jobs by the end of next week. “Why? I mean it is not your fault that your star was sick.” “But our bosses won’t care if we are guilty or not. They want to see results. It is a tough business…” we expressed with sad eyes. “Hey…. aaaaw… forget it” a pal of mine (Mark) interfered. “What is it?” the little angel wanted to know. “You would be ideal for the role of the innocent twink. You look young and would fit into age gap we want to reach with the advertisement” he explained. It was only one way he could react and that was with a polite rejection. “That’s too bad – see you could safe some of your twink friends with this add, instead of coming to bars or clubs. I bet people try to hit on you. You know what I mean? Your issue is so honorable and still there are so many guys out here who try to get into your pants. With this add it would be different you know? Yeah – they would see your cute face of course, but they would see the message behind it” Then he revealed his true problem. Since he wasn’t out of the closet, he was scared his parents or neighbors or probably his friends would see this. That was the reason he was scared about mostly. “Uhm… we work for an international advertising company with a european branch” and we explained to him, that this spot was only for the european market. We assured him, that it wouldn’t be shown in the US. “It won’t be even shown on the internet, only in certain cinemas in the opening credits, because of its open sexual content.” another friend of mine (Oliver) explained. “But we are dealing with a serious subject here” I added. “Guys… guys… our other models are gone too. The active studs – remember?” the third pal (Morton) mentioned. “Damn he is right… although, we could take the part. We are active and well hung and we are all negative” With that I assured him again we would be healthy and all over nine inches. “Our company would pay you and your time of course. The checks could be payable to you. All we need is your address and last name. We would handle the rest then. “Uhm… how much would I get…. if I am willing to participate in the educational spot” Brian asked and was obviously ashamed of bringing the subject of payment to the table. “Depends on how long we work on you and how much you are willing to do – we could explain that all to you, but only if you are actually interested” I told him. Of course he understood, that it would be a waste of time explaining all this, if he wouldn’t want to do it anyway and so he signaled to us, that he would love to a part in this advertisement. That was a great offer and after some exchange we welcomed him happily on our team. “What do I have to do?” he asked innocently. “Well – we need two days for this shoot. First we would film all the risky scenes, the bareback and stuff” we explained. “Bareback? No way! That is way too dangerous.” he revolted. We had to realize, that we didn’t have a young and good looking twink at our table, but also a stupid one and so it was necessary to get him back where he belonged. On our POZ cocks. “Actually our company requires an HIV and STD test every four weeks. You are the high risk factor here. You are young and attractive – it is highly possible, that you are sick already!” “No way – I had only one boyfriend and he was the only one getting into me without a condom. And since we broke up, I waited my share of time and made a test and it came out negative.” Brian answered. “See – and that is why, we are willing to take the risk with you, since we are totally positive about being healthy too” I confused him. “Do you guys have a studio?” he asked. The little brat caught us but Tim came to our rescue. “Our budget is big enough to rent a studio but our clients in europe want the spot as real as possible – so we wanted to start with some shoots here in the bar and then in a cheap hotel down the street. Only if it looks authentic, people will probably recognize the scheme and avoid this situation in future.” Brian nodded understandingly and mentioned that there are so many dangerous places around to be fucked up with HIV. “There are so many filthy toilets or guys get infected because the fuck around in a back seat of a car” he added. We agreed on that and discussed if we should do some sequels on the toilets but Morton argued against it. He brought us back to our client’s wishes (a lie: there was no client) and said it had to be a casual meeting between a boy slut and some POZ studs. “Too bad we only got our high definition mobile cams with us (a lie: we referred to the cams of our mobile phones). Our other gear is in our hotel and this is on the other side of the town. Those mobile cams are property of our company and they are really good” we fabricated but Brian believed every word we said by now. Almost like old friends we ordered him a beer and clinked glasses. He refused at first, since he didn’t like alcohol at all, but we convinced him to drink with us. In the end we had something to celebrate. He asked us to be kind to him. He had no experience with being an actor. “Of course – and remember it is all a reference to dangerous sex acts. We will penetrate you of course, but we are not shooting a porn movie or so. It will be still tasteful and show only the hint of risky behavior. If the scenes are too much hardcore after all, they will be edited anyways. So don’t worry about it.” We would explain every scene to him before shooting it. It was only important for him to know, that on the first night we would record the scheduled ‘unsafe’ scenes and on the other night we would do the ‘safe’ scenes and the contract between him and our fake company would be signed. The second night would never happen though. After another glass of whiskey, we decided it was time to set off. Brian was a little bit tipsy and as we left the bar, two of us helped Brian to walk straight. It was a funny sight. He looked so small and thin. His 5.4 foot and our over 6 foot tall bodies would make a nice contrast. I couldn’t wait to shoot my toxic load into his small and tight ass…
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    Last summer, my boy and I took a vacation to Europe together. It was one of those packages, seeing a different city every day for a week and a half before flying home. We thought it would be exhilarating, but it turned out to be exhausting. When passing through Berlin, we decided to separate from the group and see the gay neighborhood. I had sort of hoped we’d get up to some naughty fun so I brought a small tube of lube and condoms in my shirt pocket, just in case. I bet there was a place where I could fuck him, safely, with maybe a few strangers watching. The very idea got my cock stirring. We fuck bare in private, but I didn’t want any strangers to think my boy was a slut who took all loads… We wound up in a two-level club with a sign proclaiming CRUISING BASEMENT. The street level bar looked like a normal bar, except with flat screen televisions playing bareback porn. There was a set of stairs at the back of the bar down to what must have been the cruising area. We were both kind of nervous being there, with nothing like that in our hometown, or even in most big cities in America for that matter. We quickly downed two large beers each in quick succession. We joked about exploring downstairs and seeing what trouble we could get into. Maybe some beers would help ease our angst and loosen us up a bit. My boy asked the bartender where the restroom was, and he gestured with a wink to the dark staircase. I knew he had to take a piss and he got up to head downstairs as I ordered another beer. A few minutes went by. Then a few minutes more passed. I was halfway through my beer and needed to take a piss myself. I gulped down the rest of my drink, paid our tab, grabbed my boy’s untouched beer and headed to find him. I found the bathroom, surprisingly clean and well-lit. No sign of my boy. I took a piss into a stainless steel trough urinal, holding my boy’s beer with one hand and my streaming cock in the other. I felt someone come up behind me, and press his crotch into my ass. I melted into him as he reached around and shook the last droplets from my dick. He pulled way, knelt down and took me into his mouth, moaning as he deep-throated me, occasionally holding up a bottle of poppers to huff. I like good head as much as anyone, but I was worried about my boy. I pulled the guy off my now-wet dick and backed out of the bathroom. The guy stayed on his knees grinning at me as I headed into the darkness to rescue my boy if he needed rescuing or to join in some raunchy, hopefully safe fun. In the darkness, I followed the sound of whispers and groans down a short hallway where I found my boy in an open doorway, leaning out and moaning, with his eyes closed. I reached out to feel his chest. His shirt was pulled up behind his neck. He clenched his eyes and I ran my hand down to his crotch. It was so dark that I could barely see that his pants were at his ankles, and someone was eating his ass. I grabbed my boy’s hard cock and he swatted my hand away. I cleared my throat and he opened his eyes. He reached out to me and wrapped his arms around my neck, supporting his weight as the stranger worked his ass. My boy whispered, or rather hissed into my ear "Is it okay if he fucks me?" I murmured approval, extracted the condom from my pocket, and handed it to the top who stood up and started slapping his sizeable dick against my boy’s wet ass crack. Of course I expected him to pull on the condom, but instead he scoffed and threw it to the dirty ground, pushed my boy’s back down so it was parallel to the floor, and his ass arched up. My boy grabbed onto my waist with both arms as the stranger lurched forward. My boy yelped and I knew the top had entered him raw. Just then the guy who had briefly blown me in the bathroom stepped out of the darkness and held his bottle of poppers under my boy’s nostrils. My boy huffed deep and held his breath. Had I been thinking clearly, I might have tried to stop it, but I was honestly too turned on. The top pounding my boy’s raw ass went at it for about thirty seconds, only to mutter "Too tight. Gonna make me breed him too soon." Then giving a disapproving grimace he pulled out and disappeared into the shadows. My boy was dizzy from the experience. I grasped both of his hands and led him towards a deep bench against a wall. I sat down and he collapsed, face first into my lap, thinking he would take a quick nap, but I was wrong. He shimmied my pants down and swallowed my hard dripping cock to the root. I was still wet with the poppers guy’s spit. I knew there were other guys around. I could hear them whispering, and kissing, and sucking, and fucking. Knowing that at least some of them were watching really got me hot. The guy with the poppers had followed us and knelt down behind my boy, diving into his freshly-fucked ass with his tongue. My boy moaned on my dick. The guy lapped away for a few moments and then crouched down behind him. From my place on the bench, I watched as his aimed his raw cock into my boy’s willing ass. My boy squealed as he took another raw anal assault. The poppers guy took a huff and then leaned over my boy, making him do the same, and then offering them to me. I took the bottle and inhaled very deeply as the poppers guy's pace picked up only to halt. I knew he was firing his cum into my boy’s bare hole. He slapped my boy’s sweaty, and now cummy ass and pulled out. I thought he’d go away, but he leaned towards my boy and whispered with his thick German accent, theatrically so everyone around could hear "Good thing that other guy didn’t blow his load inside you. He’s POZZED up more than a few tourists here." He chuckled as my boy fisted his cock, his moans announcing he himself was close to cumming. The poppers guy laid down on his back, under my boy, on that filthy sticky floor, gobbling down my boy’s cock just in time to swallow his load. Just then, the first guy, the hulking POZ one, crept out of the darkness again. His huge cock was still wet and shiny, either from my boy’s hole or from some other bottom in the basement darkness. He slapped it against my boy’s cummy crack a few times, leered at me, and slammed all the way in. My boy tried to swallow my dick, but the top was so aggressive that he mostly just moaned with an open mouth around the head. He fucked my boy hard and quick for no more than two minutes. He cursed in Dutch, or German maybe, a few times before quickening his pace and then pounding six times with decreasing speed, filling my boy with toxic seed. It got me super close to going over the edge. My boy felt my nuts tightening up and pulled off my cock. The POZ top disappeared and the poppers guy just laughed as I pulled away and got behind my boy, marveling at the cum streaking down his thighs and the low light glistening on his sweaty back. I slid easily into is loose sloppy hole and came after five seconds. My boy threw his head back and lost another load into the poppers guy’s eager mouth. My boy stood up on his trembling legs and threw his arms around me, kissing me deeply. He growled into my ear "We gotta get out of here, and fast, or I’m going to wind up taking every load in this basement." "And what would be so bad about that?" I asked. He kissed me hard, grinned and waved at me, and backed away into the darkness….
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    Firstly, this is a true story although I might have changed a few names and to make it read OK, I can’t remember all the conversations so a bit of poetic license. The picture on my profile is me, hello, and I’m athletically fit and work out regularly with a good firm stomach and defined six pack. I’ve also got a nice eight inch uncut cock and smooth bubble butt (which I keep hairless as I love a smooth ass). I’m 31 and HIV positive and have been since November 2013 but my conversion was not an accident, rather it came about because I wanted to get bred in style, so to speak, and I specifically hoped I would to convert after playing at a BB party which was held in early August, 2013, and which was specifically hosted for those chasing. The party had been organised by Jeremy, (Jez), a 46 year old positive guy living in Acton in West London who advertised the party on BBRT. His profile specifically stated he was positive and that he had a high viral load. If you’ve ever requested a party invitation on BBRT you’ll know that if the guy isn’t online he may take some time to come back to you. So it was on this occasion. Although when I sent my request, there were already 30 odd guys who were listed as going. Perusing the list showed guys ranging in age from 24 to 56 and since this is the real world, they weren’t all super fit studs, (sadly) or more-or-less those with whom I would want to play, but there were definitely a few guys on there that floated my boat. One in particular, a 32 year old muscle hunk named Jamie was certainly fucking hot and dangerously positive. The party requirements were for neg bottom or versatile guys and for ideally poz guys with high viral load. Undetectable guys would be invited if there was space. The poz guys also needed to be top or versatile. The party acceptance list showed that there were about 16 poz guys going and 14 neg or no status on their profile, which, of course, could mean more poz guys. Either way it looked like good odds to get knocked up. And to me, well I’m a gay guy living in London. I moved here when I was in my late teens for University and ended up staying as I love the place. Not to mention it is great for a single gay slut boy like myself who needs it as often as he can and as dirty as he can, although to be fair I’d become more and more depraved as I gotten older. I’d been barebacking totally since I was 25 having had a few fuck buds I’d do it with before then. Then I just realised I loved it raw so sauna sex became all the easier as no one really bothered with rubber in there anyway. God knows how I managed to stay neg until 29, but I did. And I knew I had taken poz loads. In fact on those few occasions where I was being fucked by a guy who had either told me upfront that he was poz, or who was sporting the bio hazard tattoo, the sex was more thrilling than any I had had before. The thrill came from the specific danger that the top could change my life for ever. It was why I knew I needed to be pozzed: so I could breed too. A few days before the party, I still not had received an acceptance to my request, and I seriously thought about cancelling my request as I was playing over the likely scenario in my mind, which led to the question 'What the fucking hell was I doing?' But I didn’t cancel and the day before the party I (and another 20 or so guys) received an acceptance, so the prospective headcount was somewhere around 50 guys with the result I found myself hoping the host had a big house. Naturally I looked over the list of attendees, and to my pleasure I found quite a few by whom I wanted to be fucked. The guys ranged in age from 20 to 60, and about 60% were listed as poz, which led me to think 'We neg boys are gonna be fucked to death. Literally'. The party was an overnight affair starting on Saturday afternoon and finishing Sunday afternoon and so the day of the party I made sure my man cunt was douched thoroughly, and I also pre-stretched, using my biggest dildo. I took the tube and arrived at the party house at 2:00 PM, an hour before the official starting time of 3:00 PM. The party house was a huge Victorian semi-detached villa with at least four floors that I could see from the street. As I approached I found several other early arriving guests who were being checked-in by a man who was ticking off names on a clipboard. Although I had downed a couple of beers before I left my house, I sensed a bit of awkwardness, so I specifically greeted the guys who were waiting in line. The guy at the door was a cute lad, mid 20’s, athletic and dressed in shorts only so you could see his nice smooth chest and pert little nipples. He was friendly with a nice smile. “Profile name?” he asked, looking me over. “I’m Adame24” I said and he looked at his clipboard. “Yep got you” he said ticking my name off. “Neg boy” he said, smiling back at me. “Not for long, I hope,” I replied, returning his smile. “Make your way in and you’ll find the dining room on the left is the locker room. Take you kit off and store your clothing in a bag then head to the lounge. It’s naked only” he instructed. “Thanks” I replied stepping past him into the hallway. “I’ll check you out later” he said, winking at me. I grinned back as I walked through the door he had identified. I presumed from his last statement he was poz and without a doubt I looked forward to taking his load. I found three other guys getting undressed as I entered and they all looked at me and grinned as I started removing clothes. I followed the guys down the hall and towards the music and chatter. The house was very big and entering the lounge it seemed long and vast and quite full of naked guys. Even allowing for the fact that the party had 50 acceptances, you could reasonably expect some wouldn’t turn up but I’d have to say there was over 40 guys there. I didn’t really know where to go at first but I saw a large table set up with drinks so headed for it, and in route I got quite a few glances from the guys, even if when squeezing past the men, my cock was somewhat timid, even if I would say even if flaccid my cock was still impressive. There were all sorts of guys here and I scanned around looking for Jamie. I hadn’t yet seen him but I did spot a few other muscled up lads, the younger guys weren’t bad either especially one who looked like a teenager and was getting plenty of stares. Some of the older guys too were doing it for me although there were some that had plainly gone to seed but none were really fat so I guessed our host had been picky in his acceptances. I felt my ass being handled and turned to see a guy of my age, he had shaved head and short stubbly beard but his bod was as taught as mine. He was hot and, judging by his semi-erect cock, he had a big one. “Hey fella” he remarked in what sounded to be an Australian accent. “Hi, you okay?” I asked as I turned to face him. “That’s one fine ass,” he replied, grinning broadly. “Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.” “You chasing?” “I am," I replied with a smile. “Superb, mate,” he said. I notice his cock was swelling-up as we talked. “You?” I asked suspecting he was about to say what I wanted to hear. “No mate, I’m gifting” he answered, giving me a welcoming smile. I smiled while my cock got hard. Before we could do anything about it the music suddenly went silent and someone cleared his throat loudly. “Guys could I have your attention please.” I looked over as the naked bodies parted to show our host, Jez, stark naked too with a massive dick hanging between a reasonably toned body. He was a fine looking Daddy type with nice pecs and some chest hair. “Guys, welcome to my house. I’m Jez and I’ve organised this weekend’s soirée to help out a few of my negative friends and also some of my positive ones. Firstly, I love breeding and here tonight are 28 like minded guys who love to breed and pass on their DNA.” There was a few ripples of nervous laughter as he paused. “We are also joined by 16 negative boys who are totally fucked up presumably and chasing positive loads,” he continued again with a smattering of laughter. “So for the rules. You may use all but the very top floor which is roped off. All the rooms and beds are made for whatever depraved fucking you want to get up to. If you’re into piss could you do that in the bathrooms and please, no scat tonight.” He said looking towards two guys who looked away at his stare. Presumably he knew something about them we didn’t. “There’s lube all-round the house and anyone found using a condom will be asked to politely fuck off. You'll find drinks in this room and also you’ll find a stash of Viagra, poppers, tooth brushes and weed in here. If you’ve got anything harder then please feel free although please don’t burn my house down. There are towels in all the bathrooms and please shower as often as you want. We have food in the kitchen so help yourself.” “So the main event: all you neg guys are bottom or versatile so please pick up a red arm band from the table so we know who you are. Everyone else is obviously a top. And so you know, every top is not only positive but has a high viral load. A few boys clinically have AIDs. There are no undetectable guys here. Neg boys, make sure you try and take everyone’s load before you revisit guys again. You can’t refuse a cock either so get pissed and high and get horny for us breeders. Dirtier the better please. Some of us tops are versatile and I can understand a top taking cock while waiting for his erection to 'recharge', but make sure you're a top, make sure you take cock from the versatile neg boys so as not to waste any charged loads on a poz lad. Finally, tonight is about converting 16 neg fuckers into breeders. We have our duty cut out for us, boys, so let’s get dirty.” With that he finished his introductory speech and there was a polite round of applause and cheers. I turned back to the table and saw a pile of red arm bands. Slowly guys were picking them up and I did too wearing it on my right arm, my badge of shame. Negative and ready to be deflowered. The Aussie top grabbed my ass again and turning we kissed hard as he gripped my now erect cock. “Let’s find some space” he said, pulling me by my cock. He tugged me, letting go as we made our way passed bodies to an inviting leather chair in the corner. Aussie sat down and with his now erect 7 inches of thick cock pointing up he pulled me down and we kissed again. He started to jack my cock but I went down on him and took him fully in my mouth devouring his thick manhood. I licked the precum off and worked him hard while he moaned and pushed my head down hard, face fucking me a little. After a while he told me he wanted to fuck me so I swivelled round taking some lube and fingering it up my hole and smearing his cock. I slowly lowered myself down onto him as he sat there. He pushed up to meet my cunt and I felt his cock slowly penetrate my ring. I’d stretched my hole well today so I easily slid down his dick feeling him inside me. I started to lift up then dropped back down as I felt him meet my rising and falling. His cock felt good and my own banged against my stomach as I fucked him, sniffing on a bottle of poppers. We did this for a few minutes but I wanted to kiss my top so I got off, turned and knelt my legs either side of him and slid back down onto him again. Now I could kiss him which we immediately did and Aussie boy started fucking me. It felt so good being fucked and I steadied myself on the arms of the chair as he plowed my cunt. He was grunting louder and louder, “You want my poz load bitch?” he grunted through thrusts. “Fuck me, poz me “, I moaned back. He suddenly went into overdrive and fucked me fast and deep before I felt him slow and groan loudly. He held me hard on his shaft as I felt his cock twitch in me. His highly toxic load was pumping deep in my guts. We kissed hard while he kept his cock inside me making sure I got every drop. Finally we broke the kiss and I got off him. I could feel drips coming down my leg and reaching down I wiped it up with my hand. Looking at the liquid on my fingers I licked them clean savouring his and my juices. “Dirty bitch” he said grinning at me. “Fuck you later” and with that he got up and walked off. I got back to the table and watched a number of guys fucking before I saw my next breeder coming towards me. It was a younger guy of early twenties and he wasn’t what you’d call fit but he was good looking and smooth. His cock looked to be 6 inches or so and quite thick. “Follow me” he said, which I did obligingly We walked out the lounge and upstairs, I could hear fucking going on everywhere with moans, grunts, smacking and screams audible from every direction. My next top led me to a small room which had two floor mats. Two guys were already on one fucking like mad and he pulled me down on the other. No small talk, he knew what he wanted and pushed me on my back, lifting my legs up to expose my hole. He had lubed his cock and was plunging it into me within moments. I lay back watching him fuck me, his face was emotionless and he stared into my eyes pumping in and out of me. I grabbed his face and pulled it down and we kissed hard, our tongues dueling together.“Fuck me baby.” I moaned at him biting his bottom lip. He doubled his efforts and was hammering away at me for ages. The two guys besides us had obviously cum and they got up only to be replaced by another couple. Usually I like plenty of positions if I’m being fucked this long but he seemed to like missionary best and after a while I could sense he was close. “You want my toxic cum?” he asked me through gritted teeth. “Yes baby” I replied “Breed me” He pumped what must have been a heavy load in my ass as he came with a long, loud moan, cumming hard. I could feel him inside me. We lay together for a few more minutes, his heart was pumping so fast and his cock stayed inside my cunt. Finally he got of me and without a kiss said, “Thanks” and left the room. I felt like such a slut but to the side I could see the two guys in their thirties fucking missionary too. I lay still and watched the guy on his back getting fucked and he saw me grinning with beckoning eyes. I moved over and we started kissing while the top was fucking him. He tasted of smoke but it was hot to French kiss him while his ass hole was being invaded by another lad. I heard the door open and looking up another guy had poked his head round, he saw my available ass hole and was down with me in moments. I carried on kissing the guy and felt my legs being lifted and a new cock invading my hole. This felt bigger and I turned to look at the guy now about to fuck me, he was 40's, OK build, bit hairy but clearly a good size cock on him. He also had a few bruises on his skin and deep sores which I guessed could mean he was one of the guys with Aids. I turned back to the lad being fucked and we continued kissing as I felt the first thrusts in me. For a few minutes we were both being fucked and I carried on with the hottie while being fucked by the older guy. The guy fucking him suddenly started groaning and slowed as he was clearly cumming in the guy’s ass. He grinned at us both and after a few moments pulled out and got up. The guy stayed on his back and pulled me into another kiss as my ass was getting a serious pounding now. This guy was doing a good job of stretching me and I was really enjoying his efforts. Finally after a few more minutes he started to slow and moan and looking round he came in me. I could feel his cock twitch as he dumped his load. “I hope you like Aids” he said as he pulled out of me. I looked round and thanked him as he left the two of us. “Lick me out” the guy lying next to me said. I grinned and went down on his sloppy ass hole, it was quite full of spunk and there was blood mixed in the residue dripping out. I feltched the guy. I do love licking loads out of used sloppy ass holes. He must have had a few loads in there as I got quite a mouth full. I didn’t swallow immediately and we ended up snowballing the toxic spluge together and sharing. “Do me” I said and he did the same for me, licking me clean. Again we kissed and snowballed. “You just bottom?” he said finally breaking the kiss. “No I top too” I said grinning back. “Cool lets meet later I’d love you inside me” he said and with that we kissed and got up, looking for more poz boys. I went back to the lounge and grabbed another beer, there were less guys in here now but still plenty of fucking going on. I grabbed another bottle of poppers and a tooth brush. The latter was there to rough the anal passage up so we’d bleed and help the virus invade our blood stream. I needed to know tonight was worth it so I decided to make certain. The rest of the afternoon and evening blurred into a right royal fuck session with various highs and a few lows. The highs were getting double penetrated by the host and his fuck slut boyfriend who turned about to be the fit lad on the door I’d met earlier. They were really hot and stretched me so wide on their big double bed. I got fucked by a nice toned black guy while I took a quick shower and was happy to down a few guys piss while they came in to use the toilet. Black cock fucking my ass and guys depositing their piss in my mouth. Of course I did get a bit spit roasted too. But the pièce de résistance came around 11pm when Jamie suddenly honed into view. I hadn’t seen this fucking stud all night so maybe he turned up late but he saw me, came straight towards me, grabbed me and we were kissing hard without saying a word to each other. His muscular arms were gripping me hard. I could feel his fat dick between us. “Come” he said in a deep voice. I got dragged to a bedroom and luckily the bed had just been vacated so he threw me backwards on the wet sheets. He pulled my legs up and went down on my exposed sloppy ass hole. His tongue was inside me faster than a ferret up a drain pipe. He was eating me out so good, with fingers invading me too. I wanked my cock as he rimmed me. Finally he came up for air, pulled me towards him roughly and then spat the spludge into my face and mouth. Then started licking it off before kissing me hard again. We shared it between us but this guy was in total control and was holding me down as he kissed me. He bit my lip too and was on my nipples painfully biting them. I like rough but this guy was going to be leaving marks, I could tell. His fat dick kept banging my stomach and I was so horny to feel it inside me but Jamie was in control of me. I gripped his tight and pert bum cheeks forcing him down onto me and lifting my legs to expose my cunt to his cock. He didn’t need asking twice, he pulled up, grabbed my legs and pushed them towards my chest, then aimed his fat dick at my hole and pushed straight in. He didn’t even wait and luckily I was loose enough to accommodate him, just. He still hurt though and I actually screamed out. “Shut it bitch” he commanded and I fell silent and bit my lip. He went into hammer drive pretty quickly too and was fucking me deep and fast. I just about kept up but since he was slapping my face and squeezing my throat, slowly shutting of my oxygen, I had other things to think about too. I was so turned on and honestly a little scared but too horny to care. He kept on plowing my ass hard and although I was having difficulty drawing breath I was enjoying it so much. He finally let go of my throat so I could breathe then pulled out. Flipped me over on my front and dragged me onto all fours towards his cock then plowed back into me and carried on fucking me. He got deeper if anything and I was in heaven as he hit all my spots. I heard the door open and some guys came in but Jamie told them to watch only or fuck off. It seemed I was his bitch and he didn’t want to share. The guys stayed and watched Jamie continued to pummel my cunt and was slapping my ass so hard, I knew I’d have hand marks for weeks. No word of a lie, over the next hour ish, he fucked me in so many positions taking ages to cum. He was amazing and just kept going, we did get a bit of an audience although I noticed it turned into guys fucking around us. When he eventually came I was riding him on his back as he practically pulled my nipples off. He groaned loudly as he pumped his jizz in me and I crashed down on his cock to squeeze every drop out of him. It was the most amazing fuck and honestly he’s up there as one of the best tops I ever fucked. A real stallion. I collapsed on top of his sweaty body and lay there feeling him breathing fast. He pulled my face to his and we kissed long and hard again. Now that he’d cum he’d turned into a lover boy and we lay kissing for ages, feeling each other. Finally I got off his dick which was still in me. He was still hard too but the rules said we had to take cock from everyone before repeats. I must admit I was ready to go again but he pushed me off and said later. I was a bit disappointed but only for a micro second as two other guys were clambering on the bed next to me and were clearly about to rape me too. I kept fucking until about 5am but there were a few guys flagging by now with couples snoozing together after presumably fucking first. I think I’d had about 15 loads by now and had cum a few times. I’d used the tooth brush to rough up my ass a couple of times too or if truth be told I’d used any I found lying around of which they all had blood on them already. My cunt was certainly loose and sore by now but I saw a space on the settee in the lounge and sat down for a quick nap. No sooner had I closed my eyes than my cock was being sucked and looking down I saw the guy I’d feltched earlier staring up at me with his lips round my shaft. He had a couple of fingers in my cunt too but I knew he wanted to ride me and after a while of sucking me he knelt over me and slid down on my cock. I hadn’t topped all night so it felt great to fuck him. We kissed loads and I liked gripping his throat and squeezing as I tweaked his nipples hard. He didn’t complain and we fucked for ages. I got him on all fours at one point and was slapping his ass with gay abandon. After finally dumping my load down his throat, as he wanted to taste me, we collapsed in a hot sweaty mass and ended up sleeping together for a while. I woke up with him at 8 and he kissed me and left to find someone else to breed him. I got some quick breakfast and couldn’t even manage that without getting a blow job from a cute 20 year old lad who was neg too. I told him to take his arm band off and we found a spot so I could fuck him, he was just too cute to resist. The rest of the morning I needed to make sure I got a few more loads and I couldn’t remember everyone who’d fucked me (with a few exceptions) so I just took what came my way. Now that’s a real slut for you! I took another six loads by midday but there was a definite air of finality by now as I suspected the tops were tiring and so by 2pm Jez called to everyone to come back to the lounge and slowly guys did. “OK guys, we’ll call it a day. All you neg boys please let me know your test results and I’ll post to everyone to see how many we converted. I hope you all get what you deserve you dirty fuckers” he said grinning. There was another round of applause and that was that. So here’s the thing, I know I took two dirty loads a week before the party. Yep I should probably have said that at the beginning but in my book it was this party that changed my life. Three weeks later I actually got fuck flu which I thought was a myth but I was ill for a week and sweated so bad. My glands were swollen for ages, I just couldn’t get right. I got tested in October and got a text message from the clinic on November 12th 2013 to say I was positive. Epilogue – Happy to say I met up with Jamie again and again and again. He’s so fucking hot. I’m also breeding my pretty little ass off although I’m currently undetectable.
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    This is my first story. Go easy on me guys The following is pure fiction. It never happened and any similarity to any real life happenings is an amazing coincidence. Part 1: Intro “Fuck!” Mark yelled as he put his phone down. His calls with his parents had grown less frequent the past few years, but they always seemed to find a way to piss him off. The latest way was that they wanted him to go check up on his brother Joey at college since they had found out Joey had got thrown off the wrestling team and lost his sports scholarship and wouldn’t talk to them. “We would do it ourselves, but you know how we don’t like to travel to big cities” they said. “Big city? Its a damn college town in the middle of farmland," Mark replied, thinking to himself 'It seems my brother is following in my footsteps', knowing that his brother was even more easily distracted by partying than he had been. Mark began to think about the events that had brought him from a small, rural midwest town to where he was today. It had been quite a wild ride. Mark had left his small hometown and went to college several hours away for many reasons. First was to escape his parents who were very conservative and religious and tried to control everything Mark did. Second was so he could meet other gay guys his age without trying to hide it from his family, friends and nosy townspeople. And last was because there was nothing other than small community colleges nearby and Mark wanted be able to find a good career and move to one of the coasts and enjoy city life far away from his family. After a shaky start in school from too much partying his first semester, he did well. He got good grades, met lots of people and enjoyed a very active sex life. He was a lot more reserved his senior year when his brother decided to go to the same university. His parents were relieved that they were both going to the same school so that Mark could look after his little brother during his first year, but the reality was that they saw little of each other. Mark was busy with finishing up his senior projects and some hard classes while Joey was working out and practicing with the team when he wasn’t studying. They would occasionally run into each other at parties and go home for holidays together, but other than text messages they just lived in different worlds. After graduating, Mark landed a good job at a Silicon Valley software company and moved to California, sharing an apartment with his friend Eric who had also found work out there. The two of them had become friends with benefits their junior year but they never wanted to commit to a relationship since they enjoyed fucking everyone they could. Both, however, were quite relieved to be out of the Midwest, feeling liberated on the West Coast. They frequently went to San Francisco on weekends and hit any baths, bars and sex parties they could find. They had an easy time picking up guys - Mark was tall, a six foot Midwestern white guy with dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, nicely toned even though he only sporadically went to the gym (and then usually just to check out the guys), a light fur covered his chest with a trail down to an impressive package - almost eight inches and thick sporting a PA that he recently upped to 0 gauge. His legs and bubble butt also had a covering of light hair. Over the last year he had been adding ink to the two tattoos that he had gotten in college. Both arms now had complete sleeves - the left continuing the tribal motif he started in college, the right being considerably darker and gothic. He was about to start on the tattoos for his back and was getting the art finalized with his tattoo artist. Being truly versatile, he could usually find sex partners almost anywhere - top, bottom or other vers guys to flip with (his favorite). Eric was equally as handsome but very different than Mark and could easily attract his share of men too. Eric came from a traditional Japanese-American family who was not pleased when he came out. He rarely talked to them and it was one thing that Mark and Eric had in common and they had become each other's family. Eric’s darker skin was devoid of any tattoos and he worked out to a strict schedule to keep his muscular five foot, nine body toned, taut and shaved, except for a neatly trimmed bush surrounding a thick 6 inch uncut cock. The only adornments were a small goatee, pierced ears and nipples, and an ever present smile. Eric considered himself to be versatile as well, but in reality he spent most of the time as a bottom. Most would consider him a power bottom - aggressive and usually in charge. That attitude continued when he topped. Whoever he fucked knew who was in control. A few months ago, Mark came down with nasty flu and was home in bed for over a week. A few friends told him to go get tested and he found out he was HIV+. Eric got tested too, but was still negative. The news didn’t really slow either of them down, they both continued to work hard and play harder but Eric was more cautious with whom he hooked up with. Some of Mark’s fuck buddies wouldn’t fuck with him any more, others insisted on condoms which Mark still refused to use. Mark did try condoms with Eric to keep their sex life going, but they both hated the feeling so sex between them stopped. Eric didn’t want to get infected and started to think about going on prep. They still did social events together, but their relationship started to drift apart. Mark did find a new group of guys to fuck that were either already poz or didn’t care. Mark kept putting off the doctor's instructions to begin meds. Several of his poz friends started letting him know where to find neg guys that wanted poz loads and he really enjoyed his new found power. The first week he bred five neg guys, all of whom announced he had come down with 'the flu', which gave Mark's confidence a boost. He no longer feared he was either never going to have sex or only get to fuck a few other poz guys. None of Mark’s family knew of his sexuality or infection and Mark was keen to keep it that way. He had heard enough from his parents preaching about “how those queers were going to rot in hell.” Mark tried to talk to his brother over the phone about his parents' concerns, but didn't get any solid answers out of his brother, so Mark concluded he would need to meet with his brother in person if he was to get a handle on what was going on. He really cared about his brother Joey and wanted to make sure he was able to graduate and escape like he had. Mark talked to his boss and was able to get a few days off a couple weeks later, so when he got home from work he sat down at the computer and hit all the travel websites and found what he needed - air tickets for going Thursday and coming back Monday and a rental car. He originally thought it would be better to stay at his brother’s apartment, but the more the thought about it a hotel room would make it a lot easier to hookup if he had time. After hunting around for a couple hours, he found a place that wasn’t a dive and didn’t cost a fortune. The hotel had outside door access and remembered going to a few sex parties there when he was in school. Everything was set. He would have to work hard the next two weeks since he might have a few days off, but the deadlines were still the same. He closed the laptop and got up and got ready for bed. Naked, he slipped into the bed with Eric and they kissed each other just like countless other nights before Eric pulled away and told Mark “We need to talk.” Mark’s heart sank at the sound of Eric’s words. Thoughts flashed through his mind, but the one that stuck was that he was about to get dumped. Looking at Eric he knew something was wrong because Eric's smile was gone and he looked very serious. “I know things have been pretty awkward between us since you found out you are poz” Eric said. “I want you to know that I still love you.” Mark’s heart sank even lower. He started to speak but Eric cut him off before he got the first word out of his mouth. “Let me finish” Eric continued. “I’ve decided that I don’t want to go on PrEP, Mark. It just isn’t me. I want our relationship to be like it used to be. Passionate. Sensual. Wild.” He waited a moment and took a deep breath. “I want you to poz me Mark. Share with me your virus like we used to share everything else. I want a part of you to be with me forever.” Tears ran down Mark’s face as he heard Eric talk. He wasn’t sure he heard it all correctly, since he just relieved with the fact that Eric wasn’t dumping him. “Are you sure?” Mark said after a long pause. “You really want me to infect you?” Eric’s smile came back as he wiped the tears off Mark’s cheek. “Yeah I do. I’ve thought about it a lot and realized I was jealous of those guys you have pozzed. I want to share our life together as a poz couple” Eric replied. Kissing Mark passionately and aggressively, Eric stroked Mark’s cock. Breaking the kiss he continued “And I want you to start now. Breed my fuckhole full of your toxic seed. Make me the poz pig you know I can be." “Oh fuck yeah” was all that Mark could say as his mind raced. Since the moment he found out he was poz he had wanted to bring Eric into the poz brotherhood but knew it had to be Eric's choice. He had almost given up hope that Eric would change his mind, but now it was happening. As months of pent up lust took over his body, Mark grabbed Eric’s head and forced it down on his hardening cock. Eric greedily sucked down Marks shaft, feeling the new larger piercing push into his throat. Eric always prided himself on having almost no gag reflex but this was the first time with Mark’s larger piercing and it was noticeably bigger. His throat covered Mark’s cock with slime as his tongue flicked and probed around the cock. Eric was eager to feel Mark’s cock back inside his ass after such a long time. He really missed their almost daily fuck sessions that they had done since their college days. Wrapping his hand around Mark’s balls, he tugged a bit, something he knew Mark loved. He felt the big balls with his fingers knowing that their poisonous contents would soon be deep inside him. The thought sent waves of excitement through his body. With his other hand, Eric stroked his cock which was now harder than he ever remembered it being. Leaking his neg precum onto the bed Eric bobbed on Mark’s cock, occasionally pulling off and grabbing the piercing with his teeth and shaking his head driving Mark crazy. Finally Eric couldn’t wait any longer and climbed up on top of Mark and positioned Mark’s poz cock at his ass ring. Feeling the steel on his hole for the first time in months, he grinned and remembered how good Mark’s cock always felt inside him. Mark looked up at Eric as their eyes locked. “Are you sure about this Eric? You can stop if you want to” Mark said softly. Eric just breathed deep, letting his hole relax a bit and shoved down as hard as he could onto Mark’s rigid cock. The pain was intense and he let out a scream, but it was what Eric wanted. He wanted to make sure that his fuck hole would have lots of small tears so that the virus could quickly enter his body. In some ways he wanted to make sure that it was the first fuck that infected him, but he wanted to take Mark’s charged load every day until he knew that he was no longer neg. After pausing a few seconds with Mark’s cock balls deep inside, Eric begin to ride Marks cock like he had hundreds of times before. He moved with hard, long strokes bouncing off Mark’s body. The look of pure lust came over both of them as the sounds of grunts and their bodies slapping together filled the room. After twenty minutes of Eric riding Mark’s cock, Mark bucked Eric off, pushing him on to his back. Grabbing his legs, Mark lined his cock up to Eric’s swollen hole. Looking down he saw a few red streaks on his cock and he looked straight at Eric and said “You are so fucking ready to get knocked up. My precum has been soaking into your wrecked hole and now its time for you to get bred." Without any hesitation Eric replied “Fuckin’ do it. Poz me up.” With that, Mark shoved his cock back into Eric’s hole, making sure to go at an angle and dig his cock into the walls of Eric’s chute. As if possessed, Mark started to pound Eric rougher than he ever had. He used all of the tricks he learned from the past few months of breeding several bug chasers he had fucked and converted. The bed was rocking from the force of Mark’s thrusts. Both of them were moaning and grunting in the sheer ecstasy of the moment. Sweat was dripping off his body onto Eric’s own sweaty body. At one point, Mark flipped Eric onto his stomach and then pulled him up onto all fours. Standing up, he shoved in three fingers into Eric’s gaping hole and roughly twisted them, scratching with his fingernails as he turned his wrist back and forth. Eric whimpered at the pain from Mark’s preparation. Mark quickly replaced his fingers with his throbbing cock. He knew he was close to shooting his poz seed into his boyfriend. Leaning forward Mark’s head was next to Eric’s ear. Eric could feel the heavy breaths on his neck as Mark feverishly thrust his cock in and out of Eric’s ravaged hole. Their bodies slammed together over and over until Mark drove his cock in deep and held it there whispering “I love you” into Eric’s ear as his cock erupted. Spurt after spurt of toxic cum pumped into Eric’s gut. Mark just moaned as the cum kept shooting. He couldn’t remember ever shooting that much cum before. Marks body was pressed on Eric’s back while his cock unloaded the virus laden cum deep inside. As the pulses of cum subsided, Mark slowly started to thrust back in and out, pushing the cum around and deeper into Eric. A few minutes later his cock started to soften and Mark slowly pulled out telling Eric “Stay right there.” Mark jumped off the bed and went to the toy drawer in the dresser and pulled out a steel butt plug. Jumping back on the bed, he pressed the cold steel to Eric’s puffy hole and pushed it in until he felt the familiar pop as Eric’s hole sucked the plug the rest of the way in. Moving around to the side of the bed, he fed his dripping cock to Eric who quickly licked and sucked it clean. Once he had finished, Mark laid down in the bed, covered in sweat, cum and spit. Eric curled up next to him and kissed him one more time whispering “Thank you” as they both quickly fell asleep.
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    Virgin POZ Night (Part 1) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** I was strolling around my favorite bath house, when a booth awakened my attention. A note was pinned at the door: ‘Virgin POZ night’ was written in bright red letters. ‘Don’t wake the sleeping beauty’ was added. I heard there was some heavy breathing going on in the booth, but I had the feeling, that only one guy was in it, jacking off. There was no moaning from another party or so. So after a couple of minutes the door was unlocked and a guy I knew so well left the both, with his pants still open and a hard cock sticking out of it. Next to the door was a little blackboard and he drew a line and then left without even noticing me. I could see five marks already. ‘Nice’ I thought and entered the little booth. A blonde twink was laying with the front of his body downwards a short bench. I guess he must have been 18 or 19 the most. He was body was fixed with a strap tightly around his chest and around his lower back. He wouldn’t able to make a move – not an inch, but he was obviously asleep or knocked out more likely. His head was hanging down on one side of the bench. On the other side his cunt was leaking some cum. He had been used for quite a while it seemed. I was drawing a line on his sweat covered back. He shivered….. His hands had been tied to his back. He wouldn’t be able to defend himself, if he would be awake. His body was flawless. Not a single hair could be seen between his ass cheeks. “Beautiful…” I mumbled. I closed the door and locked it behind me. *Click* “Hmmmm… hm…..” he moaned and shook his head a little bit. “What…. where…. am I” he whispered. I was standing right behind him looking down at this young guy who seemed to regain consciousness. “Hello…. is there…. *sigh* is there someone….?” his voice was so soft. “Hey there” I said with my low voice, not getting myself into his view yet. “Sir… my head is spinning. I can’t move…. where am I” he asked slowly. It seemed like the thoughts he had formed slowly the sentences I heard. I didn’t know what to reply. I was sure he wasn’t suppose to know in which town he was or even that this was a biohazard bath house. “Could you…. please…. help me to get up? he stammered. While hearing the twinks soft voice I started massaging the lump in my jeans. “Uuuuugh…. I don’t feel good….. *sighs again softly* … my head is spinning” he sniffed. “Well how did you get here?” I asked with a worried tone. “Uuuuhm….I…. hmmmm….. I don’t know” he mumbled. “I just came around by accident and heard you moan – I came to see if everything was alright” I lied to him. “Are my hands tied Sir? I can’t move them…. could you please untie me?” “Someone handcuffed you behind your back….” I described to him. “Hmmmm…. ooooh…. hrmpf….. my ass is hurting so much. What is happening here? Please… can you open the handcuffs, please Sir” he begged. His head was still hanging down. He didn’t have the strength to raise it by himself. I walked around him and stroked him softly his hair. “Well… I can’t see the keys….” I made some noises like I was looking for a key. Then I grabbed his head and yanked it up violently. I pressed my groin area against his face. *Oooomph* His head had no chance to escape. I pressed my bulge against his him and he wailed a bit. “Can’t…. breathe….” he moaned in panic. “Open your mouth wide then – I am trying to help you here young man!” I exclaimed. The silly twink did just that and opened his mouth widely only to get more of my bulge into his stupid mouth. He tried to yank himself away, but that way he would just sprain his neck and I knew his pain, especially in the back of his neck would be extreme by now. He expelled his hot breath against my crotch. I could feel him fighting for breath, while I almost dry humped his face through my jeans. Then I moved away from the helpless boy. “No keys here…. no nothing….” I hissed. “Then….*gasps for air* please… do you got a mobile phone?” he asked me. “Please… call my parents. Tell them to pick me up.” he almost cried by now. “Calm down lad. Everything will be fine.” I tried to reassure him, that everything was alight. I crouched in front of him and he whispered his mom’s mobile phone number. I couldn’t almost understand every digit, but after I repeated I made sure I would safe this number. In expectation that I would call his mother immediately he gathered all his strength and lifted his head up again. He could only see my body up to my waist and didn’t understand what I was doing. I unbuttoned my jeans slowly and enjoyed to see the terror in his eyes rising. “You really don’t know why you are here, eh” I cackled gleefully. “You are the hole…. A hole for toxic dicks” I explained his fate to him. “Five guys have already fucked you up and now you will get the sixth viral load up your tight asshole” I smiled. “Wait – let me make a picture for your mom… one before…. and one after I POZ fucked you” I said coldly. “Smile for your parents…. smile for your mom” I grinned…
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    The Tattoo Artist: Chapter 1 I was a gay man in my early 20s with some sleazy, kinky, taboo desires. I always had that streak in me. I love cum so bareback sex made an instant connection with me, and not just any bareback sex, but totally uninhibited bareback sex. Yes, I had a fantasy involving a hot guy, lots of bareback pig play, and him shooting his seed in me. Not just any seed, but poz seed. There was also something edgy and erotic about a tattooed, bareback pig. Seeing heavily inked guys always made my cock hard, and I always wanted to be one of those guys. It just took me a while to decide what type of tattoo I wanted on my body. I researched local tattoo artists for months, but none of their work proved to be of the quality I was looking for. I decided to drive 90 minutes south and attend the annual tattoo convention in Chicago in hopes of finding an artist with a portfolio that impressed me. It was such a lustful trip for me. I also love unusual facial hair like longer goatees and beards and handlebar mustaches. Guys with piercings also turn me on. Tattoos, facial hair, and piercings seem to go hand in hand. The convention center was packed with people covered in ink with a ton of piercings and facial hair of every length and type. The continuous buzz from all the tattoo guns running could be heard throughout the place. Every booth had an artist or two working on fresh ink. I eyed the sexy men between browsing through artists’ portfolios. There was a ton of guys with no shirts on getting inked up at the various booths. Some with sexy hairy chests or a nice treasure trail disappearing into their jeans. My brain was in eye candy overload, and my cock was half erect for most of the show. I rounded the corner walking through the rows of booths and came across a very hot tattoo artist. He looked to be about 28 and was slender with a shaved head. His hair was reddish brown, with a slightly wavy goatee that must have been about a foot long. It ended in a point near his belly button. His mustache had a slight twist of small handlebars at the corners of his mouth. Full sleeves of ink extended from his t-shirt. He even had hand and neck tattoos. He was working on the back piece of a handsome little twink, and he glanced up at me as I approached his booth. He gave me a smile, and a nod of his head to say hello as he returned to his art piece. I stopped and paged through his portfolio. I kept glancing up to look at him while turning the pages. As I turned another page I glanced up to check him out again. My eyes traveled up his sexy body to his face and found him looking directly at me. He smiled at me again, and I quickly turned my eyes back to his portfolio. Sure that he noticed me checking him out, I began to blush. It was hard to keep my eyes off him, though, and I again glanced back at him. He again was looking at me too, and stopped his tattoo work. He told the twink he would be back in a minute to continue and walked toward me. He appeared to have a nice sized cock from the bulge in his jeans. Holding out his hand he said, “Howdy, I’m Zak.” “Isaac, but most people call me Zeek,” as I shook his hand. I again paged through the book of ink, “Is this your work?” “Ah, yes it is.” “Nice work, I like it.” “Well, thanks. Are you looking to get some ink done?” “Yeah, I just don’t know what I want to get yet.” “Do you have any tattoos yet?” “No, it would be my first.” “Are you from Chicago?” “No, but I’m only about 90 minutes north of here in Milwaukee.” “Cool, well, if you would like to talk about it, I can help you with design ideas.” “Awesome, I’d like that.” “Here’s my card. Give me a call, and we can set up a time to talk.” “Thank you, Zak, I’ll do that.” “Nice to meet you.” “Ditto.” With that he returned to his customer to continue his ink, which gave me the perfect opportunity to check out his ass. Just as I imagined, he had one nice butt and I found it hard to look away. When he sat down he again looked at me, and found me staring at him. Zak picked up his tattoo gun, glanced back at me, and gave me a look that set my gaydar off. A smile came across his face. I nodded, smiled back at him staring straight into his eyes then disappeared into the crowd. I wandered the convention center enjoying the hot, inked up men and all the beards and 'staches. Pure heaven for this gay man. I had to piss, and found the bathrooms were lined up with guys waiting to empty their bladders. It took a while waiting in line, but I was next to piss, and a stall opened up. I wasted no time getting into the stall. My cock felt like it could burst from holding back my piss. I closed the door to the stall and quickly unzipped my pants. The entire toilet seat was splattered with piss. I chuckled a little thinking there must be a lot of PA piercings in those pants today, otherwise just a bunch of hot pigs with a bad aim. I let out a full stream of piss, emptying my bladder. It felt good to relieve the pressure, but I quickly found myself fully erect smelling all that piss and testosterone in the air. I also loved piss play, and thoughts of lapping up all the urine from the toilet seat was hard to resist. I stroked my cock a few times, then tucked it back into pants, trying to hide my hard on the best I could. I zipped up again and quickly left the men’s room. I buried myself in the crowd, waiting for my cock to go down then continued to stroll through the packed convention booths. About a week later I came across Zak’s business card in my wallet and decided to give him a call. The phone rang a few times, “Windy City Tattoo, this is Zak.” “Ah, hi Zak, you may not remember me, but I met you at the tattoo convention last week. You told me to give you a call if I wanted to discuss tattoo options.” “Zeek!! Glad to hear from you.” “Wow, you remembered my name.” “Of course I did. So, you want to set up a time to discuss tattoo designs?” “Yeah, are you free any time this week?” “My last appointment should be done around 5:30 tomorrow. Can you get to the shop tomorrow night around 6?” “Sure. I’ll see you then.” “Awesome!! See you tomorrow.” I had a three day weekend so this was the perfect way to kick off my weekend. I left plenty early to try and beat Friday rush hour traffic heading into Chicago. I arrived early, and realized Zak’s tattoo shop was just outside the gay district on Halsted Street, so I wandered around the gay district for a bit. When I returned to Zak’s shop he was just finishing with his last tattoo appointment. He was wearing black biker boots, faded blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. I loved his fully inked sleeves and hands. His entire neck being inked was so hot too. Just the sight of him gave me a partial wood. He invited me to the back of his shop, and we sat on a sofa and discussed the style of tattoos I was looking for. His suggestion of Japanese style tattoos intrigued me. He explained the meaning behind different tattoos in Japanese culture, and I decided my first piece would be a colorful full sleeve with yin yang koi, waves, flowers and filler. Zak sat next to me, and occasionally touched my arm as he discussed options and placement. Our legs were touching as we continued to look at designs. He suggested I remove my shirt, so he could do a quick, rough sketch on my arm. He explained that he liked to just draw out the design directly on the body to get better placement than trying to use transfers. I pulled my t-shirt off, and he began touching my arm, and turning it in different directions. Then he pulled out a marker and started drawing on my skin. His touch began to turn me on, and before I knew it my cock was fully erect. I couldn't hide the bulge that formed in my jeans. It was obvious Zak also noticed my hard cock, but he kept himself focused on drawing on my arm. The sketch began to take shape, and Zak maneuvered my arm into different positions as he continued to draw on my skin. Each time he lowered my arm to my lap his hand brushed again my hard cock, and I noticed his rod was also erect extending down his jean leg. He again moved my arm to a new position and my hand came to rest on his thigh next to his cock while he continued his design. I couldn't resist it any longer, and I brushed my hand against the bulge in his jeans. His cock throbbed against my hand, and before I knew it I was rubbing his cock through his jeans. He stopped drawing on my arm and reached over and massaged my hard rod. Zak leaned over to me and began to French kiss me. Our tongues and lips were locked in a passionate exchange for a bit. Then Zak stood up and saying “I was hoping you would be interested,” as he pulled his t-shirt off over his head revealing a fully inked chest with a sunburst around his belly button that continued down and disappeared into his jeans toward his cock. “Damn, man…..wooooooof!” He pulled me to my feet. We continued to make out, our tongues twisted together in deep, erotic kissing and panting. Zak wrapped his arms around my waist, grabbed my ass with his hands, and pressed our hard cocks against one another through our jeans. We continued to kiss, grinding our bodies against one another; our cocks throbbing with excitement. I was free-balling it and could feel a wet spot forming in my jeans from precum leaking from the head of my shaft. Zak reached for my crotch, rubbing my cock through my pants before unbuttoning my jeans and dropping them to my ankles. He pushed me backward onto the couch. I landed on my ass and leaned back on the sofa in a lounged sitting position, with my cock standing at attention. Zak flipped my shoes off and pulled my jeans from my ankles. He stood up in front of me, kicked his shoes off then unbuttoned his jeans and dropped them to the floor. His cock sprung to attention standing straight in the air, pulsing up and down. The shaft of his tool curved slightly to the left and upward about 8 inches long. His cock was pierced with a large prince albert, and inked with flames leading down the shaft to a black biohazard tattoo centered below his belly button. More ink led to the sunburst around his belly button. The ring to his cock piercing dangled with each pulse of his cock, and precum began to hang from the end of his jewelry. Tattoos covered a good 75% of his body. His body was an erotic piece of art that made my cock dance with excitement at the sight of this stud. “Fuck, you are so hot. I want to be covered in ink like you.” Zak pointed to his biohazard tattoo. His eyes remained locked onto mine, and a playful conversation started, “You know what this one means, don’t you?” “You’re poz?” “Are you okay with that, because I only bareback?” “Yeah,” with a smile on my face, “Are you ok that I’m neg?” “Yep.” “Do you want to cum in me?” “Uh huh.” “Are you into gifting?” “Are you into chasing?” “I could be.” “Then I could be too.” My mouth was like a magnet to his cock. I was on my knees in a flash. I wrapped my lips around the head of his rod, tasting his precum before sliding the full length of his shaft deep into my throat. His cock stiffened in my mouth, and he moaned as my tongue slid back down toward the tip of his shaft. Zak put his hands on the back of my head and slowly face fucked me with the full length of his tool, as he murmurred “That’s it, suck my poz cock. Taste my toxic precum.” As he continued to leak precum down my throat, fucking my throat with his death stick, he remarked “I’d love to do your ink work for you. Maybe I’ll even be marking you with a biohazard tattoo. Would you like that?” “Yes!!” “Want me to poz you, Zeek?” “Yes, charge my ass up, please.” Zak pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled me to my feet. He turned me around and pushed me onto my knees on the couch. “You want my poz cock in your ass?” “Yes, please fuck me. Give me your seed.” I was so turned on I felt like I could shoot my load at the anticipation of taking his charged spunk. He knelt behind me, spread my ass cheeks with a firm grip, and buried his tongue in my hole. It didn’t take long for my puckered hole to surrender as his tongue slipped past my cunt lips. His tongue lubed my hole and slowly worked inside, begging to open me up. Zak gave my ass a deep tongue bath and began to fuck me with its full length. The sensations made me horny as hell, and a strong urge to feel his bare cock buried in my ass burned within me. I moaned, “Please fuck me. I want to feel your cock deep inside me.” Zak continued to rim my ass, and worked a finger inside. He slowly advanced his finger all the way in and out of me then added another, before continuing to lick and fuck me with his tongue. My ass was wet and primed for his shaft. Zak stood behind me and spread my ass cheeks with his hands. I felt his against my cunt, then he slid his slick cock head across my hole, further lubing me with precum. He continued to rub the full length of his rod against my hole, driving me wild to be opened up wide. I felt the steel from his cock piercing fold to the side tight against his cock as he pressed the head of his dick against my hole. He slowly thrust the head of his tool, spreading my ass, and slipping inside. He spit on my hole lubing us both some more for me to take the rest of his meat inside me. I pressed my ass against his rod, and he again thrust inside me. Pain shot through my body and my hole tightened around his shaft as I tensed my body. Zak held his cock in place, “Easy, just relax…..relax.” The pain subsided and I arched my back and again pressed firmly against his cock. Zak grabbed my hips and with one abrupt thrust buried his cock balls deep into my guts. I again tightened my ass around his toxic meat, and let out a little gasp. It hurt so good, but my cock pulsed rock hard. I began to moan with pleasure. This was the first time I had a pierced dick in my hole, and it felt incredible. “You like my pierced cock in you, huh?” “Oh God…..yes!!!” I began to relentlessly pump my ass against his death stick, and Zak joined the rhythm. Tightening his grip on my hips, he pounded my ass hard with each thrust. His balls slapped against my ass with each plunge. “Ah, you’re a hungry pig for my toxic seed, aren’t you?” “Fuck, yes. Poz my faggot ass.” “Slow down, stud. You’ll get my DNA but not until I’m ready to flood your ass.” He held my hips steady, then slowed his pumping motion and continually withdrew his cock to the tip, with just the steel of his piercing remaining in my hole, then again thrust deep inside me, commenting as he did so, “Man, your hole feels awesome wrapped around my cock.” “That's good, 'cause fuck, I love your rod in me.” He continued a slow steady pace, edging himself close to shooting his load in my guts, then stopping, I could feel his cock pulsing a few times deep inside me, then Zak again began working his dick in and out of me. Each time he brought himself close to cumming then backed off. “You want my poz seed in you now?” “Yes, you feel so incredible. Load me up.” He again began to thrust in and out of my hole, but this time he slowly increased his pace, plunging in me harder and faster. “Fuck, I’m really close. You’re getting all my seed.” “You want it pig? Want my charged cum?” “Yes, give it to me.” “Yeah?” “Yes, I want to poz. Give it to me.” I again tightened my ass around his shaft, and he thrust in me one more time. “Here it comes….take my poz load.” He groaned and grunted, as his cock throbbed and pulsed deep in my hole. The sensations of his cum shooting from his death stick deep in my guts pushed me over the edge, and my cock erupted gobs of cum over and over with each throb of my shaft. With his cock still pulsing inside me, he grabbed my shoulders and shoved his cock even deeper in my ass. I couldn’t get enough of Zak’s cock. It felt amazing buried in my cunt. My balls drained themselves of all their seed. My ass was now filled with Zak’s poz juice. As he pulled his cock from my ass, cum trickled and dripped from my gaping hole. I knew he filled me with a huge load of sperm. My intestine walls were coated with his virus. Would it find its way to my bloodstream? The risk was incredibly exciting. I was hooked. There was no stopping it. I was definitely becoming a junkie for poz cum. Zak flopped on the couch next to me, panting and sweating. “Fuck that felt awesome. You have one hot ass.” Grinning and puffing, “It was very hot.” I turned and lay on the couch with my head resting on his thighs at his cock. I licked his mushroom head clean and ran my tongue down his shaft. “So……..am I hired to do your ink?” “How can I say no after a consultation like that?” We remained on the couch, naked. My head rested on Zak’s lap with his beautiful meat before my eyes. A small drop of poz spunk leaked from his piss hole and I lapped it up. We talked for a bit, getting to know each other a little better, while touching and caressing each other’s bodies. Zak told me he was born and raised in Chicago. He always had a fascination with tattoos from an early age on. He started working in a tattoo shop at 15, and after a few years became an apprentice for several years. He was lucky enough to be able to open his own shop a few years ago. Tattooing was something he loved. It was his passion, and all his tattoos had meaning in his life. I ran my hand across his biohazard tattoo. “So how long have you been poz?” “Not long, just a few years.” “Are you on meds yet?” “Ah…..no, so you got a fully charged load. Hope you’re cool with that.” My cock started to bone up. I nodded my head for him to look at my rod, “Does that answer your question?” “I guess so, you hot pig.” “Do you know who pozzed you?” “Yep,” with a slow drawn out descriptive tone, “A hairy, muscular, leather daddy with a beautiful ass and huge, uncut cock.” We both chuckled. “Did you know he was poz?” “You mean, did I chase?” “Yeah, did you want to convert?” “Fuck, yes, and it was one hot breeding.” “So why aren’t you with him?” “We weren’t looking for a relationship. We both got what we wanted from it. I was determined to get his poz load in me, and he was determined to make me work for it. It was an all-out, totally uninhibited, raunchy, verbal, poz fuck.” “It sounds like a hot breeding.” “Poz talk makes it the hottest conversion sex.” After a short pause, “So, when do you think you can get back down here to start your ink?” “Are you free next Friday in the afternoon? I could get down here by 3 or so.” “Ok….Friday at 3 it is. We’ll start your sleeve.” “Great, sounds good.” So, Zeek, what do you do up in Milwaukee?” “Well, let’s see, I like a lot of things. I graduated from college last year and just bought a home. I love doing remodeling and landscaping, so I’m redoing my house, fixing it up. I like being outdoor, hiking, biking, camping; stuff like that. I really enjoy movies, and dining out with buds.” “Cool. So what’s your degree in?” “Marketing and web design.” “Bonus!! If you’re up for it, maybe you can redesign my website for me.” “I’ll show you some of my work. If you like it, I’d love to do that for you.” “Awesome.” We stayed on the couch a bit longer and lye in each other’s arms. His naked body felt so good cuddled up against mine. “Hey, Zeek, do you have to be back in Milwaukee at a certain time? “No, I’m not on any schedule tonight. What did you have in mind?” “Want to go grab a few beers?” “Sure, that would be great.” Neither one of us moved too fast to get up. I think we both enjoyed cuddling together naked, but we reluctantly dragged our asses off the couch and slipped our clothes back on. Zak hung out in boystown at a few of the gay bars so we walked a few blocks to his favorite hang-out for a few beers. Zak introduced me to a few of his buddies that were out. We did a few shots with them then continued some one-on-one chat. “So, Zeek, what else gets you going besides ink, piercings and taking poz cock raw?” I chuckled, “Well, I’m pretty open-minded. I have a bit of a kinky streak in me.” “Oooh, kinky streak, like what? And you can’t shock me, believe me.” “Anything from toys, slings, sounds, to watersports, and more. What about you?” “There isn’t much I wouldn’t do, and everything on your list…… been there, done that. I’m a pig.” He leaned over to me and gave me a gentle nibble on my lip before planting a wet kiss on me. Standing up from his bar stool, Zak circled behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. He whispered in my ear, “I have to piss if you want a taste.” He made his way to the men’s room and looked back at me with a grin. You didn’t have to tell me twice. I was off my bar stool in a flash and following him to the bathroom with my beer in hand. When I walked into the bathroom, Zak already had his pants unzipped and his pierced meat dangled at the urinal. I walked up behind him and grabbed his ass. He turned to face me and pushed me to my knees. I took his cock in my mouth, and he held me still with his hands on my shoulders. “Fuck, here it comes.” As the first drops of piss hit my tongue I must have sprung an instant boner. I loved drinking from the tap. Zak’s warm piss sprayed from his cock filling my mouth. It had just a slight bitter taste to it, but was pretty watered down from the beer. I was like a hungry pig sucking its mother’s tit, wanting every drop of piss down my throat. Zak repeatedly stopped his urine stream, giving me just enough time to gulp down all of his nectar before letting his piss flow again in my mouth. My cock throbbed over and over again. He pulled his cock from my mouth and the last few sprays and drops of piss landed on my face, stache and beard. It was as if he was marking his territory. I stood up, slammed the rest of my beer in front of him then held the bottle to my cock head. I let out a full stream of piss filling my bottle to the top. I took a swig of my own piss then Zak took the bottle from my hand and left the bathroom. When I returned to the bar, he was sitting on his bar stool drinking from my beer bottle in front of everyone. They had no idea he was actually swigging my sweet cock nectar and not beer. After tipping another beer together and an erotic farewell kiss, I left for Milwaukee. On my drive up I94 I had time to think outside the heat of the moment. Even though I had fantasized for a long time about taking a poz cock raw, that was the first time I actually went through with it. A little fear set in knowing I could possibly poz from Zak’s DNA planted deep in my hole. I debated pulling into the Oasis pit stop, heading to the bathroom and emptying his seed from inside me. Those thoughts were quickly diverted by my cock boning up over thoughts of how awesome his hard shaft felt in me, and that having his poz cum in me also turned me on. The thoughts of his hot naked, inked body danced through my head. The smell of his piss still lingered on my beard and stache. My cock again throbbed in my jeans. I never even considered myself an actual chaser, but found myself craving more of his toxic spunk. The Oasis was just ahead, but I drove on past as my car continued down I94; my cock raging hard and my ass twitching full of Zak’s charged cum. I still had some fear in me, but I knew there was no turning back. I began to accept that I wanted to charge up, and I wanted Zak to be my gifter. The Tattoo Artist: Chapter 2 Unable to sleep, I got out of bed, and started my day. Today was a special day for several reasons. It was my 23rd birthday, and it was also Friday, the day of my first tattoo session with Zak. I was a little anxious and nervous, but excited to be seeing him again. I wanted to start my journey becoming a heavily inked pig, but I was not sure how much it would hurt. I turned on Netflix and watched some episodes of Miami Ink. Seeing hot Ami James and all his sexy ink just got me turned on and more determined than ever to go through with it. It was what I wanted. I decided to get dressed and cruise down to Chicago early. It was a perfect day for a drive, sunny and warm. I rolled down the windows and cranked the music. The air felt invigorating blowing across my body. I arrived in Boystown well ahead of my tattoo time with Zak, so I decided to browse the shops in the area. I came across a cool bookstore and bought a tattoo magazine. I also found an awesome pair of black biker boots, and a few t-shirts. Then I came across an adult bookstore and couldn’t resist checking out their gear. I ended up walking out with a “pig” t-shirt and a new yellow “piss pig” jock. After my little shopping spree I headed for the tattoo shop. I arrived a little early for my appointment. Zak greeted me with a hug and told me I could have a seat on the sofa while he finished up with his client. He grabbed me a bottle of water, and I sat down in the same place where just a week earlier I was taking Zak’s poz cock raw. The thought of it just gave me a major erection. I tried to find a distraction to get my boner to stop poking at my jeans. After all, Zak and his client were within eye’s shot. At least his client had his back to me. I found Zak’s portfolio sitting on the table next to the sofa. I browsed through the pages, but seeing his ink work only made my cock harder. I glanced at Zak, and he happened to look up at me. I immediately grinned back at him and stood up to show him my raging hard on through my jeans. I rubbed my crotch, and he chuckled then gave me a look that said, “Behave yourself.” I returned to the sofa and remembered an article I read several years earlier about a guy that popped wood at an inappropriate time and tried to “kill” the “snake” that had come to life in his pants by thinking about greasy dishes. (Why the hell I remember that article I have no idea). Maybe that would kill the beast in my pants. I tried to concentrate on dirty dishes, but all I could think about was stripping naked and having Zak fuck the hell out of me and unload his poz seed in my ass. My hard cock raged on. I grabbed a pillow for my lap to camouflage the bulge in my pants. After about a 15 minute wait, Zak poked his head around the corner and told me to follow him to his tattoo station. He walked to the entrance and locked the front door. “Now we’re all alone. No interruptions.” I pointed to my pants, “Good, because something is still up.” Zak laughed, “You’re becoming a cum-crazed pig. You know that don’t you?” “Yeah, and I love it.” I took a seat at his work station, and he walked up to me from behind. He put his hands on my shoulders, bent down and ran his tongue across the back of neck. He kissed my neck, nibbled my earlobe then worked his way to kissing my cheek. His tongue licked across my upper lip and he buried it into my mouth and started to make out with me, swirling his tongue with mine. Zak showed me his now hard cock bulging through his jeans, “As much as I want to tear your clothes off and fuck you right here, we won’t get anything done that way.” “And why is that a bad thing?” He again chuckled, “Let’s focus on your ink. We can play after.” “Oookkkaaayyy, ok.” “So are you ready to get started, sexy?” “Yeah, I’m ready.” “Awesome.” He grinned, “Besides, I’ll kill your hard on in no time when you feel the needle.” I chuckled and smiled at him, “You seem to be getting too much pleasure from that.” “I probably am, but there’s only one way to find out. Let’s get started. I made a few sketches for you to take a look at. If you like them I’ll use the one you want.” After looking at both designs, I had a hard time deciding between the two. Both were so cool. “Wow, I’d be happy with either design. They rock!!” “Well then, can I make a suggestion? This one is my favorite, because I think it will follow the curves of your arm the best.” “Cool. Then that’s it. It’s the one.” “Great. Get your shirt off and I’ll start the layout.” I pulled my shirt off over my head and sat down in the chair again. Zak was grinning at me. “What? What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I’m happy you are here, and allowing me to give you your first tattoo. That and you have one hot, trim body.” He pulled his chair next to mine, and took me by the hand. He positioned my arm and started the sketch. “This tattoo is going to look so cool on you, Zeek.” After about 10 minutes Zak completed the rough layout, and started to set up his ink. “Go look in the mirror and let me know if you’re happy with the layout.” I walked to the mirror and checked out the design. “It looks perfect.” “Awesome, get your sweet ass over here.” “Yes sir.” “Have a seat and get your arm up here. I’ll start out slow so you can see how it feels. We’ll work on it as long as you can. If you need a break, just let me know.” I sat in the “hot seat” again. I was nervous and excited all rolled up into one. Zak positioned my arm, “Here we go. You’re about to lose your tattoo virginity.” The familiar buzz of the tattoo gun filled the room, and my adrenaline rush kicked in. Zak rubbed a dab of aquaphor onto the first spot and the needle pierced my skin and the first line was inked in no time. I was happy to find the pain tolerable. It felt more like an annoying pinching sensation than anything. I also quickly discovered that I like to watch. I like to see the needle entering my skin watching the tattoo take shape. Guess that doesn’t come as a surprise to me, since I love visual stimulation with sex too. Seeing piss or cum shooting from a hot cock, or watching a hard piece of meat sliding in and out of a gaping ass is totally erotic. I like eye contact while getting fucked too. There definitely is a sexual side to the process of getting tattooed. The needle poked my arm again and snapped me back to reality. After about an hour and a half or so of turning my arm this way and that way, and switching to lying on the table, while Zak carved his design into my arm, the line work was finished. “How are you doing, Zeek? Need a break for a few?” “Sure. A stretch break would be good.” “How does it feel?” “It’s definitely burning a little, but it’s ok.” “Cool, we won’t finish in one session so let me know when you need to end. I’ll let you call it.” I walked over to the mirror to check out my new ink. Zak appeared behind me in the mirror, slipped his arm around my waist and kissed me gently on the neck. “It’s looking so hot on you, Zeek.” “I love it so far.” “Wait until you see the color start to fill it in. It will come to life.” Zak returned to his seat and set up the colors needed in his ink caps. After about 5 minutes, “I’m ready for you, Zeek. Let’s start shading in that sucker.” This time Zak had me lay on the table to start. He positioned my arm straight out away from my body. “Damn, Zeek, you make me want to tear those jeans off and fuck you right here.” Zak wheeled his chair to the side of the table and kissed me on the belly. I caressed the back of his head. His lips felt incredible on my skin, and his beard tickled my side. My cock certainly responded to his touch. It was already half erect. “I’d love to seed you right now.” “As hard as this is to say, Nah uh, it’s ink time. We can play soon enough.” He said, “I know, I know…..Focus.” The buzz of his tattoo gun kicked in again, and the color started on my sleeve. About 2 ½ hours later we were finished for the day. A bunch of color was completed and it was looking awesome, but my arm was also on fire. Zak cleaned up sleeve, and lightly rubbed a thin coat of aquaphor onto my skin. “That’ll cool it down, Zeek. Go check it out, man.” I walked to the mirror. “Oh my God, Zak, I love it.” He walked over to me at the mirror. “Wait till it’s finished. It’s going to look awesome.” He wrapped my arm then taped it in place then returned to his work station and began to clean it up. I continued to look at myself in the mirror, admiring my new ink. “It’s going to bleed a little and leak ink a bit, Zeek, so clean it when you get home. Put the aquaphor on it a few times a day while it heals.” “Ok….no problem.” Zak again appeared behind me in the mirror. He pulled his t-shirt off, put his arms around my waist and pulled my body tight against his. I could feel his hard cock against my ass. My dick quickly boned up. I reached back and slipped my hand between us to grab his hard dick. I rubbed his hard rod through his jeans. His cock throbbed in my hand, and Zak let out a moan of pleasure and began kissing my neck. As he whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you raw, right here and right now,” he rubbed my hard cock, and unbuttoned my pants. He reached down into my pants and stroked my meat. My jeans dropped to my ankles, and Zak began to grind his cock against my bare ass. I could feel the wetness on the head of my cock as my precum leaked from my piss hole. Zak smeared my juice onto my shaft then put his wet hand over my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and licked up my precum from his hand. Zak slipped his thumb into my mouth, and I began to suck it. While he continued to kiss my neck from behind me, he unbuttoned his jeans and dropped them to the floor. I grabbed his ass and pressed his cock tight into my ass cheeks. Zak again moaned then grasped me around the waist and chest. He kept grinding his cock between my ass cheeks. “Fuck, you feel so good, Zeek. I want to feel my cock inside you. Give you what we both want. “Yes, you know I want it. Charge me up, Zak. Please fuck me.” I stepped out of my jeans and kicked them aside. I was now naked with Zak’s cock pressed hard against my ass. His precum began to lube my hole as he continued to rub his hard cock between my cheeks. He kicked his jeans off. Our bodies were both naked. The touch of Zak’s skin against my body sent chills up my spine, and I could already feel the sweat forming between us. Zak held me tightly from behind with his arm across my chest, and with a firm grip caressed my ass cheeks and rubbed his hand across my hole. My ass tightened and puckered while my cock stiffened and throbbed. Zak kissed me on my mid back, then on my side, and raised my arm above my head to bury his tongue in my arm pit. He continued to lick my pit, lapping up the scent off my body. He moved in front of me then pressed his lips to mine and slipped his tongue into my mouth. I could taste my salty sweat on his lips and tongue. He spit in my mouth, and we continued to exchange saliva, while twisting our tongues together. With a firm grip on the back of my neck, we continued deep, erotic, French kissing for a few minutes. Then he hugged me and kissed my neck. He nibbled my ear lobe and buried his tongue in my ear while we ground our naked bodies against one another. Zak backed away from me, and snuck in one more kiss on my lips, then took me by the hand, our cocks both standing at attention and rock hard. He led me to the sofa where he first planted his seed in me the week before. He motioned to the couch, “Get on your knees, and spread those cheeks.” I eagerly obeyed. Zak knelt behind me and spread my cheeks wide with a firm grip. My puckered hole twitched with excitement, and he gave me one slap on the ass before burying his tongue into my ass. I arched my back and after continuous prodding and licking my hole opened up and his tongue slipped inside. He buried his tongue as deep as he could into my ass. The sensations sent chills through my body, and my hole begged to be filled by his cock. Zak gave one last grasp to my ass cheeks and a little massage. He stood up and then lounged back in a sitting position next to me on the sofa. His cock stood straight in the air. “Get your mouth on my cock and lube it up.” I shot onto the floor on my knees and slid the full length of his shaft down my throat. My tongue slid along his cock, and I began for work his dick in and out of my mouth. I continued to suck Zak’s cock, and it throbbed and pulsed in my mouth, spilling sweet precum down my throat. Zak grabbed the back on my head, shoving his cock deep down my throat. “Yeah, work that poz cock, swallow that charged precum.” He held his cock buried all the way in my mouth setting off my gag reflex, and making my eyes water. “Get up here and ride my cock. I want to see my meat slide all the way inside you.” I stood on the sofa, my legs straddling Zak’s, my pole standing straight up; balls dangling in front of his face. He tugged on my sack and engulfed both of my balls into his mouth. He sucked my balls, and licked them before grasping them with his hand and pulling them down to devour my cock down his throat. He sucked my rod for a few minutes, then said, “Sit on my poz cock, boy.” He spit in his hand, and as I lowered myself toward his hard shaft he smeared his spit onto my hole and lubed his cock with a few wet strokes. He directed the head of his meat toward my hole. His eyes were fixed on the head of his shaft as I squatted above his tool. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock. His PA ring and dick head pressed at my asshole, and with a quick thrust his cock head slipped inside. With a slow, steady motion my ass lips slid down the full length of his shaft. His hard cock was all the way inside me. Zak grabbed my hips and buried his cock even deeper in me. “FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!! Feel my poz rod in you. My PA is going to tear you up.” His cock stiffened in me, and his PA stretched my hole with each pulse of his meat. Zak cupped his hands onto my ass, and spread my cheeks wide open. I began to ride is pole all the way in and out of me with slow, steady motions. He groaned each time I took his cock all the way inside me. “Fuck, yes Zak!” The sensations were driving me wild. My cock was stiff and pulsing. Zak again grabbed my waist and began to shove me down onto his cock faster and harder, thrusting his hips each time to drive his death-stick all the way inside me. I could feel his PA further stretching and working my hole raw with each slam of his cock into my hole. It felt amazing. “Damn, Zeek, I can’t hold out much longer. You want my poz load?” “Fuck, yes. Breed me. Make me your poz pig.” My ass tightened around his shaft. “Oh, fuck, yes, here it comes. I’m going to poz you up, pig.” Zak thrust inside me. I felt his cock throb over and over again. As he filled my guts with his DNA, I stroked my cock, erupting cum onto his face, and beard. He opened his mouth. My cock continued to pulse, and I shot more of my jizz across his lips onto his tongue. While my cock still throbbed, I slowly worked the length of his shaft in and out of my ass. “Fuck, yes, Zeek, work my poz babies into you.” Blood tinged cum dripped from my ass with each plunge down his cock. Then I sat on his cock until I felt it stop throbbing inside me. I pulled his dick from my ass, and it slapped against his biohazard tattoo. His meat was covered with streaks of pink tinged cum. “Fuck, yes. Look at that, Zeek. Keep my virus in you. It definitely has access to your bloodstream.” Zak scooped up his blood streaked cum from his cock and put his fingers into my mouth. I licked and sucked them clean, swallowing every drop. Blood dripped from the edge of the bandage covering my freshly inked arm. It splattered onto Zak’s biohazard tattoo and cock. He ran his fingers down his shaft through my blood, across his lips and tongue. I kissed his mouth, tasting my blood on his lips. Still puffing and panting, “Fuck, Zeek. That was so hot. I love fucking my poz cum into your ass.” “I love feeling you shoot your toxic seed in me.” We need to change your bandage. Zak removed the wrapping from my arm and walked to his station for more bandages. I enjoyed looking at his naked body. It was such a turn on to me. He returned with more supplies and reapplied the bandage to my arm. We lie naked in each other’s arms on the sofa. “When can you get back down here to see me? We can continue your ink after a few weeks too. Let this heal a bit first.” “I definitely can get here in two weeks to continue my ink.” “How about we go on a date next weekend and an ink session two weeks from tonight same time?” “Sounds perfect to me.” “You know, you could possibly be ready for a biohazard tattoo in two weeks too.” I smiled, “Fuck yes.” My cock started to bone up at that thought, and I planted a slow, passionate kiss onto Zak’s lips. “Zeek, I want you to know something. I don’t want to just poz you. I like you, and not just a little. I like you a lot. I want you to be my boyfriend, my poz pig. What do you say?” “I’d like that a lot.” We continued to make out on the sofa. Our naked bodies pressed tightly together. Before we knew it both of our cocks were fully boned up again. We began to grind our bodies together. Zak kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “Zeek, I want to give you my DNA again. Make you my poz boy……….”
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    Chapter 2: I met Mike a couple of years back when I was just 21, a few weeks from my 22nd birthday, and we quickly became regular fuckbuds. At that time, I thought I was sexually adventurous. Mike, however, opened me up more sexually. Mike fucked me, occasionally shared his piss with me, and my favorite part, he liked group sex and took me to sex parties. It took almost no time before I was chasing the bug with him. I had always barebacked, without giving it much thought, now I hungry for a poz man’s cock. I wouldn’t say we were ever dating, but we were close, we had a lot of sex, and spent a lot of time together. I met Mike on BBRT. Another cute versatile guy among the hundreds. Mike’s profile listed his stats as 24, 5’7”, 135lbs, large cock and his HIV status read, 'Ask me'. I wasn’t sure about that part but I really wanted that cock in me; I was hot for him. I unlocked my pics and noticed he checked out my profile. A minute or two later he had unlocked and I had emails from him. I thought about it and supposed 'Ask me' might well mean he was HIV+, but I was interested, I replied and simply asked. Mike’s reply was “I'm probably neg, but always bareback and want guys to ask." "Why not just say 'Not sure'", I asked. He had no answer, but only replied “Looking .. text me,” giving me his number. I showered and cleaned out and in about 30 minutes was at his front door. He answered the door, looked like pics, but he had serious bed head. He was wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. We made eye contact, I smiled, “Haaaa… looks like I’m overdressed” I said, and in attempt to impress him, stripped right there in the foyer. He kissed me, “Let’s go to my bedroom.” He led me down the hall, I sat on the end of his bed, him standing over me, and we kissed again. It was amazing, his lips were so soft and when his tongue invaded my mouth I got an instant hard-on. He looked down at me, “You’re neg too?” I nodded, “Cool,” he murmured. I kept the eye contact as I lowered myself to my knees, licked the head of his cock while he watched, “Ahhhh … mmmmm … feels good," he moaned. I went slowly, licking the slit, then the head, then taking as much of his cock in as I could get. Back and forth I repeated the motions. I knew it was working, in 3.2 seconds he had become a leaky faucet of precum, and I was greedily swallowing every drop. His hands rested on my head as I serviced him. “Stand up," he ordered, and upon doing so, he again kissed me. Mike pointed to the bed, “Turn around and get on all fours. Show me that hot hole of yours." I climbed on the bed, head down, ass up, spreading my legs and ass with it – I wanted to feel vulnerable and exposed. I wanted him to fuck me. “So hot”, I hear him say softly. He got up on the bed close to me, and ran his hand over my ass and lightly into the crack … teasing. I heard what sounded like him pulling a finger from his mouth, then I felt pain, he shoved his middle finger right up inside me. “Ahhhhh … ahhhh,” I gasped. In a subdued voice he remarked “Mmmmm … Yeah that’s what you want … oh fuck that’s a nice, tight hole." I knew he was just looking down at me – lightly massaging inside me, this time he spoke up, “Yeah I’m gonna fuck and breed you like a little bitch. You’re queer for my seed ain’tcha?” The words were like a drug, “Yes … Yes I am." “Yes, what? You want this raw cock and seed?” This time I didn’t hold back, “Fuck yes I do! Fuck I want that raw cock and seed!" “That’s right boy .. mmmmm .. gonna breed that ass so deep.” Mike removed his finger from my ass, leaned in a little bit and then I could hear the lube as he stroked some on his cock a few times, then another squeeze, and I could feel cold lube running into the crack of my ass. “Bitch, it's time to breed that hole." He then placed one of his hands on my waist and I knew the other was on his cock; I could feel his cock head touching my hole. Mike was about to put that hot cock where his finger had been. I wanted it. I pushed back a little let him know. “Ahhhh … ! Ahhhhh fuck!”, I cried out as he pushed in and his big dick invaded the tight space of my ass. “That’s right boy … fuck, … ahhhh … that’s right, fuck … give that ass to me … gonna breed you so deep – fill you with cum." I knew Mike could feel how tight I was but it didn’t stop him from using slow, constant pressure n his cock, “That’s it … so hot … ahhhh… ahhhh... fuck yeah, .. fuck yeah," and he bottomed out, “That’s all of me babe … got that raw cock all the way in." I moaned, “MMMMMMMM”, it stung but feeling his hairy nuts touching my ass made me want his load that much more. He moved back out almost as slowly as he entered, then back in again. It didn’t take very long before he was pounding my ass hard. I could hear his balls slapping against my ass as he pushed all the way in. "Fuck me, mmmmmm… fuck … fuck … yeah, fuck me," I begged. Mike now grunted in reply “Fuck yeah, take my cock, bitch!” I kept my face down in the comforter as he rode my ass like a pro. I had been fucked many times before but Mike was riding this ass like a champion at a Rodeo. “Spread your cheeks more for me”, I reached back, “Yeah like that… like that”, it felt like that raw cock pushed in a little deeper, if that was even possible. “Fuck yeah … breed my ass … I want it. Fuck .. fuck .. yeah you want this dirty load don’t you?” I had no idea what we were even saying, “Yeah, I do," I replied. I was too involved to give any other reply. Mike rode me like that for a solid 10 minutes and I could tell from his grunts he was about to go over the edge. “ahhhhh … I’m close … fuck! … I’m getting close babe, … gonna dump this huge load inside you … ahhhh”, “Fuck yea … fuck I want it”. Mike made a few final firmly planted thrusts, and then it happened, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH … FUCKKKKK … FUCKKKKKK”, I felt him make one final thrust in deep and I knew he was squirting his load into my guts. “FUCK!”, he shouted, as I felt his cock spasm and the sweat from his balls against me. There was no mistaking I had just taken another man’s cum. We were both hot and sweating when the a/c kicked on … we stayed connected like that for a few more minutes, neither one of us wanting to move or let his cock slip out of my hole. “That was so hot .. did you get what you wanted?” It seemed a bit of an odd question, but I just replied with, “Fuck yeah I did. I wanted your big load. It was so hot." Mike withdrew and lay down beside me and we started to share soft kisses as we lay there just soaking in the whole experience. “So you like this raw cock huh?” “Love it … that was so hot.” “Nice … we gonna do it again?” I replied “Hell yeah, anytime.” “You up for group fun sometime, too? Fuck bud of mine loves breeding ass … he usually just fucks me." The image of Mike taking raw cock while fucking me went through my head, “Bareback?” “Yeah, it's the only way I get fucked," he replied. I just laughed, “Yeah, I’m up for that anytime." Mike looked at me, “Kevin … he’s poz … that still cool?” I hadn’t given it any thought before, but this made me acknowledge, even as hot as he was, I had just let another guy I didn’t really know cum inside my ass. I know there was a risk, but in the few seconds it took me to process his question I could tell he wasn’t sure if he should’ve said anything, so I just spit out, “I’m good … yeah,.. yeah, it's cool.” “You sure? I gotta say, I fuckin' love his cock too." “I’m sure, yeah, I’m sure. Will he want to fuck me?” “He might. Yeah, I think so. You might as well let him." “Yeah.” “You just took my cum, and he’s been fucking me for a while now.” I smiled back at Mike, “Yeah, he can definitely fuck me if he wants.” I swallowed hard, then I just kissed him. Mike just smiled a mischievous grin.
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    Austin Hi, my name is Austin. I’ve just had a life changing experience I'd like to share with you. First, a little about me. I’m 19 years old, stand about five feet, five inches, and weigh 135 pounds. Although I don’t work out, I guess you would say I’m in shape as I have a trim build with a flat stomach. I’m told that I have a cute face with light brown hair and dark blue eyes. I’m currently attending a community college in my town and work at a regional chain coffee shop as much as I can to pay for things. I met my girlfriend Racheal through her twin brother Jacob who works with me at the coffee shop. Jacob is 20 years old, and stands about six feet tall and is very thin, his hair is dark brown and shaggy. He's good-looking, but not what most people would describe as handsome or cute. We are good friends despite the fact that Jacob 'found the Lord' last year and has become highly religious, sometimes to the point of irritation, but we work through it. His sister Rachael is extremely pretty and outgoing. When Jacob introduced us one day we hit it off very well. We are dating pretty seriously and have even talked about marriage one day, but the bad news from my perspective is that she has also 'found the Lord', so any pre-marital sex is not in the cards for us. So I was a virgin. Jacob and Rachael come from a very conservative and wealthy family. Their parents are very active in the community and have political influence. I found out through Jacob that they had a 'black sheep' brother about whom no one really spoke. I did learn, however, that his name was Alex and that he was 30 years old. Alex had been in and out of trouble as a juvenile and then got involved with drugs when he was 20 years old. Alex had robbed a store at gunpoint trying to get money for his drug habit. Despite his father’s best efforts, Alex was convicted and sent to prison. Making matters more complicated, Alex had contracted HIV while experimenting with drugs. Most people never expected him to survive his prison sentence. As Thanksgiving approached word came that Alex was going to be released. Alex asked his parents if he could come home and live until he could find work and an apartment. Although reluctant, his parents agreed. So Alex came home and moved in on the Monday before Thanksgiving, but he was accompanied by a surprise: he brought home a man he met in prison who had been released only days before Alex. Apparently they had become friends in prison and now were going to try and find a place to live together. Despite the surprise, the parents agreed to let him stay, provided he was out by January. Rachael had invited me to Thanksgiving dinner with her family, so that would be my first opportunity to meet her brother and his friend. When I arrived that day, Rachael, Jacob and their father Josiah were in the family room watching football on TV. A few minutes later Alex and his friend Devon entered. What I saw was stunning. Alex was about six feet two inches tall and probably weighed 230 pounds. He obviously used his time in prison to work out. His body rippled with muscles and he wore a tight white 'wife beater' tee shirt and basketball shorts which stretched to fit his body. His face reminded me of New England football quarterback Tom Brady. With his shoulder length brown hair and piercing blue eyes he was stunningly handsome. Alex’s friend was a black man named Devon. Devon towered over everyone at about six feet, seven inches, and weighed about 225 pounds. He was not as muscular as Alex but his body was perfect. His hair was closely cut and his face was model worthy. He was putting on his shirt as he walked in and his perfect eight pack abs were impressive. He too wore basketball shorts which snugly fit his body. When Rachel left the room to help prepare dinner, Alex and Devon sat on the couch on either side of me. Jacob and his father sat in the recliners watching the game. Both Alex and Devon engaged me in conversation and were very interesting. They talked about how they got to know each other in prison. Devon confessed he too was HIV positive and they met during counseling and treatment sessions they attended. They tried to engage Jacob but he was his usual quiet self. I enjoyed the conversation but I felt so small between these two men. I couldn’t help but be jealous of how beautiful they both were. When their father left the room, both men started quizzing us on our sexual activities. I confessed I was still a virgin and both guys laughed and rubbed my head and said I needed to change that. Jacob was very embarrassed to talk about the sex but he admitted he too was a virgin and he didn’t even masturbate because it “offended God”. Both guys chuckled and rolled their eyes. We all were called to the table and enjoyed a huge feast. As usual, I stuffed myself and knew that a nap when be the next thing on the agenda. Jacob and I crashed on the reclining chairs and their father fell asleep on the couch. Rachael and her mother left for a walk to the park and said they would be back in a couple of hours. Alex and Devon went to the bedroom for what I assumed was a nap. About ten minutes later, Alex came out and asked me if I would help him set something up in the bedroom. "Sure," I replied, and followed him into the room. When I walked in I was surprised to see at least three video cameras around the room along with three fairly large video monitors. From what I could see the screen showed that the cameras were pointed at various areas on the bed. When I entered, Devon, who was wearing only his shorts, closed the door and I heard him lock it behind me. I was a little confused and nervous and I asked Alex what he needed help with? “We make amateur movies for sale on line and we’d like you to be the star”, he said with a huge grin on his handsome face. At that moment Devon pressed up against me and grabbed my waist. He slowly slid his hands up my body taking my shirt with them. He tossed my shirt to the floor and I could feel his chest pressing against my naked back. I felt his hands reach around me and unfasten my belt and unbutton my jeans and they fell to my ankles. I wanted to tell them to stop but I felt powerless. Unfortunately, I guess I was unaware what was about to happen to me As Devon was slowly undressing me, Alex stood and watched. I could see on a monitor that he had trained a camera on me and I saw and felt Devon’s hands come around and begin caressing my chest, then they slid down into my underwear, slowly pulling them down. His hands touched my penis and I gasped. The contrast of his dark muscular hands against my pale white body was hypnotizing. As he pulled me closer I realized he was no longer wearing shorts. As my underwear slipped to my thighs I could feel and see his muscular legs pressed up to mine. I could feel what I only describe as a thick rubber pipe lying perfectly in the crack of my exposed ass. It wasn’t hard yet but it was starting to thicken and push against me. Now Alex slowly dropped his shorts and stood totally naked in front of me. God his body was perfect! He was well muscled and smooth except for a small line of hair running from his navel to above his penis. His thick penis hung down. He was uncircumcised. It was the first penis I had ever seen like that. He was starting to get hard and as he approached me his penis pushed up between our two bodies. I could see us in the monitor as he reached behind me and grabbed both sides of my ass and Devon pushed up more firmly behind me. I was so small between them. My head was spinning with what I was feeling. Four big hands caressed my body. Alex leaned forward and looked me in the eyes and then his lips were on mine. I resisted at first but Devon buried his mouth in my neck and sucked deeply as his hands wrapped around my slowly hardening penis. I let out a moan and opened my mouth to let Alex’s tongue in. Alex would switch from kissing me to kissing Devon and I could feel that both of their penises were now hard. I was in their spell and laid back into Devon’s arms. Both of them wrapped their arms around me and lifted me like a rag doll to the bed and laid me on my back. As Alex adjusted all of the cameras, Devon crawled up on top of me and began kissing me passionately. I involuntarily wrapped my arms around his gorgeous body and pulled him tighter against me. He slowly kissed his way down my chest, stomach and briefly took my penis into his mouth and I moaned “Oh God!” Devon grabbed both my legs and pushed them back, lifting my ass slightly off the bed. I looked over at a monitor which clearly showed my hole totally exposed. Devon leaned forward and I could see him and feel him spit into my ass. The next think I felt was one of the best feelings I’d ever had, at least until that moment. Devon’s tongue began to play with my hole. When he stuck his tongue inside it and I was in heaven, moaning loudly and leaking semen out of my penis. I had closed my eyes in total ecstasy until I felt something wet and warm brush against my face. I opened my eyes to see Alex kneeling over me and his huge penis inches from my lips. He grabbed me by the head and slowly pushed the head against my lips. As Devon worked his tongue deeper into me I opened my mouth and tasted my first penis. It was warm and salty and extremely wide and long. I suddenly was embarrassed by the size of my penis which wasn’t even half his length. He slowly and gently eased his penis deeper and deeper into the mouth and I sucked and licked as much as I could before my gag relax kicked in and he would pull back and start again. With his penis in my mouth Alex leaned forward, grabbed my legs and pulled them further back. Devon looked at Alex and said almost begging, “Can I fuck his cherry hole first, he’s got the most beautiful little ass I’ve seen and I want to breed it so bad?” Suddenly I realized he was going to have unprotected sex with me and he was HIV positive. I was frightened and started to struggle against Alex’s hold he had on my legs. “I think our little twink just realized he is going to get fucked in the ass” Alex laughed. Alex leaned forward again and his penis slid deeper into my mouth and he began to kiss Devon. “His ass is all yours, give him a nice virgin fucking and fill him good.” I tried struggling more but Alex had me tight. Alex pulled out of my mouth and inched forward straddling my chest. I looked to my left and saw the video showing my tiny hole glistening from Devon’s saliva. The head of Devon’s huge penis was inches away from it. “Please don’t!! I don’t want to be infected”, I begged. “If you don’t struggle, maybe I’ll pull out and cum on your face, instead of inside you” Devon said. I looked over at the other monitors, one showed my face, the other showed Alex from the front sitting on my chest pulling by legs back and my ass up to expose it more for Devon. Alex leaned forward and spit on Devon’s penis and then on my hole. Devon worked the saliva over his penis, which now looked well over a foot long. I watched the video totally mesmerized as Devon’s penis pushed up against the small opening in my body. His penis seemed to throb and a string of semen hung from the tip. I knew in my mind that his fluids were poisonous but I just watched and waited. The head pushed against the hole. It looked to be three or four times bigger than the opening it was trying to enter. As he Devon pushed I felt an intense burning feeling as I began to split open. The head was not being stopped and the pain was excruciating. I screamed and Alex slapped his hand over my mouth for fear of alerting Jacob and his father. I could see my hole expanding around his invading penis and I could see a trickle of blood run down my ass as I ripped open. Tears ran from my eyes as I screamed my muffled pleas to stop into Alex’s hand. As much as it hurt I couldn’t take my eyes of the monitor and watched the head slowly push onward. ”Holy fuck he’s tight”, Devon moaned. Alex slid his hands to my ass and pulled the cheeks apart. Then suddenly, with a loud popping sound, the head was totally inside of me and more blood ran down my ass on to the bed cover. I nearly passed out from the pain. Devon paused as my hole tried to adjust to the massive invader. The pain I felt at that moment was nothing compared to what happened next. Alex shifted himself so he was behind me and he held me in his muscular arms. He kissed me gently on the neck and then softly whispered in my ear. “I’m going to hold you Austin because this is really going to very painful. Devon is going to bury his whole cock in you and not stop till his balls are on your ass.” I looked at the monitor and could see about 10 inches of glistening penis ready to follow the head of into me. I begged Alex to let me go and stated to sob. “Don’t worry baby, after a few strokes your pain will turn to pleasure and you’ll beg to be fucked,” he said softly. Alex and Devon both leaned toward me and kissed me and then kissed each other. “Fuck and breed him Devon,” were the frightening words I heard next. Devon pushed gradually forward. It felt like my insides were being split in half. I screamed into the palm of Alex’s hand which covered my mouth. He pushed forward and I could feel Alex’s other hand caress my nipples and penis, trying to relax me. Suddenly, Devon stopped, “Oh fuck, this is what I’ve been looking for,” he said. He grabbed me by my hips and snapped me toward him as he lunged forward. He seemed to enter another part of my body I didn’t realize existed. I stiffened in absolute agony and screamed. My legs were straight in the air and my toes seemed to curl involuntarily. I could feel his huge scrotum resting against my ass. I looked at the monitor and realized every inch of his enormous penis was now inside of my body. My little hole was no longer little and it stretched and ripped to accept the HIV positive penis ready to fill me with poison. Devon leaned forward and kissed me and as he did his penis seemed to push even further into my small body. His body covered mine and felt so warm and powerful. The pain had slightly subsided but then He slowly began to pull his penis back out. It felt like he was pulling my insides out of my body. I softly begged him to stop and he did just before his penis head came out. Alex grabbed a video camera and moved around to get a close up shot of my filled hole. I looked at the monitor as Alex showed my stretched open ass and I could see a dark red trickle of blood running out of my ass down onto the white sheet where a large stain was developing. Devon grabbed my head and passionately kissed me working his tongue into my mouth. As he did he slammed every inch of his rock hard penis back into me. My head snapped back and I moaned loudly and cried “Oh my god!” “Oh my god” “You’re killing me!!” Devon began to get into a rhythm and as he did my pain started to subside and a new feeling began. Devon’s penis began hitting something inside of me that sent waves a pleasure through my body. The pain was being replaced by ecstasy and I started moaning. “You’re mine now baby,” Devon growled and his pounding intensified. I could hear the loud smacking sound as his penis hit deep into me and his scrotum flattened against my ass. Devon was moaning now too and my head was spinning. I looked around the room and saw different views of my virginity being taken away. Suddenly, Alex hovered over me and the camera was aimed at my face. “You are liking this, aren’t you bitch?” Alex asked from behind the camera. I could only moan and cry “God yes!!” Devon was like a wild man. He wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me up and jackhammered his penis into me. Any thoughts he had of having his orgasm on my face were long forgotten by him in his passion. He pulled entirely out of me several times and like a guided missile plunged back on the target and deeper into my body. It felt like he was getting bigger and harder. I looked away from the monitors and into Devon’s face. Our bodies were covered in sweat. My penis was rock hard and I could feel my own orgasm building deep in me. Alex was masturbating his huge penis as he attempted to record us from various angles. The room was filled with our moaning, the sound of our bodies smacking together and Alex saying “This is fucking hot!! We are going to make a fortune selling this.” Devon’s eyes seemed to roll back in his head. He leaned forward and moaning and nearly screaming. Suddenly he bit down on my neck and made a high pitched wailing sound and it happened. The first pulse from his penis felt incredibly warm. He bit down on hard my neck again actually breaking the skin and drawing blood. I grabbed his beautiful ass and pulled him deeper inside of me. His muscular black body seemed to ripple with intensity and his penis continued to pump warm streams of poison semen as deep as he could go into my body. I could feel every shot coating my insides with more semen than imagine could come out of one person. My penis suddenly erupted and Alex leaned forward catching most of it in his mouth. He then leaned up and kissed me as my own semen was swirled with his tongue back into my mouth. Devon was laying on me breathing so hard and I could feel his heart pounding against my body. Slowly he began to pull out and Alex zoomed the camera in on my ass. What I saw was unbelievable. My hole appeared to be three or four times bigger than before and as he pulled out large amounts of his semen and my blood oozed out of me. I knew it was poisonous and the pummeling I had just received had created the perfect bloody environment for the infection to take hold. As he pulled out he kissed me and whispered “Clean me Austin”. I willingly licked and sucked his penis clean trying to get his semen mixed in my mouth with my semen that Alex had deposited there. Devon rolled off the bed and Alex hopped into his place. “My turn”, he said with a big smile on his face. I wasn’t sure how I could take such a pounding again. Alex’s penis wasn’t as long as Devon, but it was so much thicker and he was so muscular. I knew the sex act would be more intense. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Austin are you in there?” It was Rachael!! I froze in fear. My girlfriend was outside the door and I was feet away, naked on a bed with a man’s semen running out of me and my neck bleeding from bite marks inflicted during passionate sex. Then I heard Jacob say, “What are you guys doing?” They were both there and I couldn’t speak or move. Alex and Devon looked at each other. Instead of fear they both smiled. Alex got up and unlocked the door. I couldn’t believe it!! Devon shouted, “Come on in, we need your help with something.” I saw the handle turn and the door opened……
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 1) “What’s up? Are you looking for a tight hole to fuck?” a private message popped up on my screen. ‘RapeMeRaw’ was the guy’s virtual nickname. I clicked to view his profile. …18 years old …White …Slim …Blonde …No hair on his body, as far as the body-pictures showed. “Show your face faggot” I wrote back. He didn’t reply right away. Then he sent me a message, telling me, he would rather like to exchange some messages before sending his picture. “Don’t waste my time – Fake!” I answered him unfavorably. Several minutes later he sent me another message. “Please…. don’t show this to anyone. My parents still don’t know…” he wrote. Attached were some pictures of a cute young twink. He had an innocent look on his face and an angelic smile. “No one cares about you. How old are you?” I wanted to know. “18?” he instantly wrote back. “Are you asking me…?” I wrote, since he looked so youthfully, but who gave a shit. “Give me your skype address. I want to see you. Prove to me, that you are not fake news” I hit the send button. “I will show my face on cam. But I am not doing a sex show for you… just to let you know. I am not stupid…. you might record it after all….” his quick reply flashed on my screen. After getting his skype name I sent him a request. He accepted the call and I could see his face ‘live’. It was the handsome face on the pictures and after he passed this reality check, he turned his cam off again. “Okay whore – when can I rip you open?” I asked him via skype. “I don’t know… I can visit you if you like. I want to be raped hard.” he wrote. “Ever had a cock up your cunt?” “Sure - lots…. I am a true cunt” he lied. Since it is difficult to actually date a twink like this, if you write too long, I asked him to rape his ass that evening. I was sure, that he was already jacking off his young dick fiercly. “Can’t we write a little bit before?” he asked me seriously. “Nah – I am into the real stuff. If you want a hard cock up your slit, raping you savagely… then I am the right guy. Give me your contact address and I will pick you up.” Minutes passed without a reaction. I checked my profile. He hit it 9 times by now and was just surfing on my site. I had some hardcore pictures of my dick fucking tight assholes. The biohazard symbol was visible on my left shoulder. “Are you healthy?” he asked me suddenly. This guy was either stupid or simply not so experienced, as he would like to be. “Of course I am” I replied. I had no cold. I had no headache. I was feeling fine. My lips formed a devilish smile. The next moment ‘RapeMeRaw’ went offline. Oh well I thought and invited a bottom pig to my apartment. I knew this poz whore already and I was sure it would be fun fucking more of my poz cum into his snatch. The following day I received several messages. The little pup apologized for logging out so abruptly. His mother had entered his room and now he was scared, I would believe he was just a no show. He was begging for forgiveness and asking for another chance to be my rape victim. More messages came in, asking me for a second chance. Damn – this fuckslut seemed to be desperate for cock. Who would I be, if I wouldn’t give the kid a chance, meeting my toxic cock. “Apology accepted – meet me this evening at 6pm at a WalMart parking lot nearby” I gave him the exact address and told him to wait in front of the main entrance. During the day he wrote me several other messages. He told me, how he wanted to be ripped open and destroyed by my big cock. He mentioned, that he needed my cum in his puppy cunt so badly. He begged me to fuck him as brutally as I could and that no cry or plea should change my mind. I never replied to any of them. He saw me being online. He knew, I read the messages, but didn’t react. I was sure he got the right feeling, that this would be his one and only chance to meet me. When I came closer to the meeting point, I could see him from afar already. He wore tight white jeans which showed his butt perfectly. It was small ass and promised a tight fucking. His hair had a perfect sidecut. He was in a good shape and had a nice and slim body. It would be fun to show no mercy on the guy. “Hello Sir” he greeted me, looking at my big bulge. “Come with me boy. Let’s move to my car," I ordered as I took a good grip on his nape, leading him to my automobile. He was obviously scared, but as much as he looked around, his gaze always returned to my crotch, which bulged with excitement. Apparently he made-up his mind as he sighed and willingly walked to the car, where, upon arrival, I unlocked the doors and gestured for him to get in. He complied, closing the door as I took my seat in the driver's seat. “Where are we going?” he asked bashfully. I did not even look at him. I opened the buttons of my jeans and pulled my cock out of the fabric. “Suck until I cum, or until I tell you to stop - you fuckwhore” I demanded. I pushed his head down to my crotch and felt his hot tongue playing clumsy with my dickhead. I could feel his hot breath on my toxic rape-stick. He was no professional! That’s for sure. I started the ignition and we drove slowly off the lot. He wanted to be raped… you got to be careful what you are wishing for…
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    Dad’s Basement - Part Four As the week went on Dad taught me more and more about man to man raw sex, although it wasn’t physical, I knew that would change once the weekend arrived. Dad didn’t hold back when it came to my new sexual education, the more twisted and perverted the harder his cock got, and well, mine too. As each day past, my anticipation grew. I wondered if this would be the day that Dad popped my cherry, but it wasn’t and soon it was Friday. “Morning Son,” Dad said, as he slapped his hard cock against my forehead. “Morning." “Tonight is a big night for you. I have left you something on the table. You know what you need to do today for tonight,” he said, tucking his hard cock inside his pants. “Yes, Daddy.” “We both have to be ready for tonight,” he said. "See you about two this afternoon, Son.” With that he left, leaving me in my bed with my morning hard on which I slowly stroked under the covers, only to return saying “Son, quit playing with your cock. In fact don’t touch the fucker until I tell you. Not even to piss.’ “Fuck” I said, but it was too late. He was gone. Slowly I got out of bed, thinking pissing is going to be interesting and messy today as I headed down to the kitchen to see what he had left me. Wasn’t hard to find, he had propped a new jock in its packaging up against a huge black fake dick. Seeing this caused me to smile. Written on a post it was a note which read 'Wear this all day. Mark it as yours'. I opened the new jock and stepped into it. My hard cock tented the material of the pouch out. It was going to be a long day of getting ready for tonight in the basement, so I had to do what Dad had told me to do in order to be ready. Dad came home a little after two to find me seated on the floor in my jock which was still tented outwards by my hard cock and now stained yellow from piss. "Damn, that’s fucking hot, Son,” Dad remarked with pleasure. “Thanks,” I replied with a grin. We both did our thing to prepare for the night's activities, and were ready about 6:00 PM. I was in the kitchen leaning against the counter in my nasty jock when Dad came in. No words were spoken as he opened the basement door and disappeared into the darkness. I quickly moved towards the door and then down the stairs until I bumped into Dad at the bottom. My pouch inadvertently rubbed against his ass. “Easy Son. There will be time for that shortly.” I could hear movement already in the basement, yet it was completely dark. I began to think that the darkness was messing with my mind, until Dad hit the light switch and there in the middle of the room was eight nude men, each man's cock obscenely hard and pointing directly at me. Some of the men I recognized, while others were new to me. Dad turned to me, gabbed my upper arms in his fists and announced “Tonight Son, each of these men, will fuck and seed your neg hole. The goal is to convert you.” “Does that include you Dad?” I asked. “FUCK YEAH” he firmly declared, adding “I will be the first and the last in the first part of tonight's conversion party." My cock got harder in my pouch. I could not believe it. Tonight Daddy was going to take my virgin cherry as well as my disease cherry. My hole twitched as I looked at the men in the room and the hard man cocks. Never one to waste time, Dad pulled me into the locker room, where he pulled down my jock, freeing my hard cock. He positioned me on the empty wall, as another man stepped forward with a camera, his hard cock bouncing as he moved. I saw a flash and then I was pulled in a new direction. Fuck these twisted fuckers were in a hurry. I lost my jock in the locker room, not really caring if I ever saw it again. Then I was taken back to the first room. A fuck bench had been moved to the middle of the room. My heart was pounding and I felt my legs getting weak, the excitement was getting to be too much. It was obvious what was intended. I climbed on the bench, both my holes exposed for easy access. I felt my arms and legs being tied to the bench as my torso. With what was about to happen, these men wanted me to stay in place. Rough hands roamed my body, my ass was slapped over and over, nipples pinched, my cock jacked and balls squeezed. I felt one cock after another slap my face while other men spat in my face. I closed my eyes, hoping this was not a dream. I wanted this. A hot breathe in my ear asked “You want this Son?” It was my Daddy. I nodded in affirmation. “Not good enough, Son.” “Yes.” “You want Daddy and his friends to fuck you, to shoot their poz loads in your hole, to gift you their disease?” “FUCK YES DADDY! Fuck me, poz me, convert me.” “Good boy,” he said as the other men grunted in approval. My ass was spread wide by two men, as something rough was pushed into my hole. It hurt like hell as it passed through my clenched hole. I could feel scratching inside my hole as this object moved in and out of me. As my mind tried to get my mouth to object to this invasion in my hole, my cock jumped and leaked over powering my mind. Then the object was abruptly withdrawn, causing my hole to clinch shut in pain. Tears welled-up in my eyes, which I fought to stop. Again I felt breath in my ears announcing “Your fuck hole is ready Son.” My Dad was displaying a bloody toothbrush for my inspection. Standing up, he stroked his cock and handed the tooth brush to a tattoo covered man with a big uncut cock. Hands were still exploring my body, teasing and torturing me. My ass was burning from all the slaps. “Men, Let the games begin," Dad announced, asking me "Are you ready for Daddy’s cock, Son?” I felt Dad’s cock head rub up and down my crack. My legs were shaking from fear as well as excitement, knowing my Dad was going to take both my cherries right now. His head teased me over and over, until he grabbed my hips, and thrust his cock head into my hole. It resisted at first, but with consent pushing and the slapping of my ass checks from other men, it open and his cock plunged deep into my hole. The pain was intense. I screamed as he continued to push deeper and deeper, until he was balls-deep. He continued to press against my ass with his body, holding me to him as I tried to pull away and fight my bindings. The men all around grunted in approval of my Dad's assault on my ass. Some liquid was flowing freely down my crack and onto my balls. Dad pulled his cock out slowly, allowing me to feel every vein on his shaft, until only his head was inside my broken hole. Without warning he thrust back into my hole, doing this over and over. The pain continued with each thrust of his cock, but slowly diminished, until it was replaced with pleasure. My grunts of pain, turned to moans. “He’s fucking enjoying it now,” someone observed, adding “I can’t wait to shove this uncut cock into that used broken boy hole and let him feel that extra cock skin.” Someone else commented “Fuck, I have a week's worth of cum churning in my balls for this boy," and yet another "Conversion is almost certain for your boy.” Dad continued to fuck my hole, increasing his rhythm, balls bouncing off my ass. I could hear him grunting like a wild animal. His breathing was getting faster and faster too. I knew it would not be long until his poz load would be shooting into my wrecked hole, and I was right. “Here it comes Son. Daddy is going to corrupt you, convert up, fuck you up,” he exclaimed in triumph as he pushed in deep as his cock started shooting its toxic load out of the piss slit, which was accompanied by the declaration “Daddy is pozzing your boy pussy!” I could feel his cock jump. I could feel his cum shooting inside hitting the sensitive walls of my ass. Once done, he abruptly withdrew, which left my ass leaving me feeling empty, but not for long. Another cock head was breaching my hole, filling me up again, driving in balls-deep as the new man gripped my hips. I closed my eyes. This time the pain was less and was quickly replaced with pleasure. “Good job Son” my Dad said in my ear, “look at Daddy’s cock.” I opened my eyes to see my Dad’s semi hard cock in front of me. It was red with blood, mixed with cum. I could not believe his magnificent tool had been in my hole. “Clean my cock, Son.” With out hesitating I opened my mouth and he pushed it in. I licked and suck on his cock, tasting my blood and his cum, knowing that it was the second poz cum load he had given me, but the first one up my pussy. The man behind me continued to fuck my hole. His cock wasn't as thick as Dad’s but it was almost as long, didn’t really matter though, he knew how to fuck and please a hole, and it wasn't long before he rammed his cock deep inside and shot his load. Another poz load in my hole. Fuck, I was getting into this. I wondered how many loads I would get. He pulled out my used hole and laughed, saying "Damn, after only two cocks, look how that hole gapes!” Even if I couldn't see what he was talking about, after having been fucked by two cocks in rapid sequence, I could feel not only were my ass lips puffy, my hope was gaping open. The ventilation in the basement was causing slight drafts, and the air blowing across my hole caused it to wink a bit, but still stayed open. Shivers ran up my spine, and straight to my cock, causing it to jump more and leak more. I was surprised I hadn't yet shot my load. “Ready for a new sensation Boy? Uncut cock. Lots of skin.” I felt the cock slide in deep. The new man held it there, then slowly pulled out. I could feel the skin moving as the cock moved. I moaned. With only one thrust and pull out I knew I was hooked on uncut cock. He wasn’t going to continue to bring me pleasure this was about him, so he grabbed my hips and began to fuck me harder and harder, but the uncut cock and rough fuck only made me moan loader. “Your Boy is a fucking natural,” my latest fucker announced as he continued fucking with gusto. I was to occupied with getting fucked to hear any replies, but I felt another cock poking at my mouth so I sucked it in, cleaning it off, tasting my ass, my blood, my Dad’s cum and his cum. I wanted poppers but none were ever presented to me. Soon the uncut man rammed in and began shooting. Pulling out he was replaced by another cock. This was done over and over for several hours. Each man had shot his poz load into my well-used hole. I had no idea how long I was tied there, taking each man’s poz cock and cum up my hole. I did know, however, I was fucked by each one, starting with my Dad, and, as promised, to be concluded by my Dad. “Time for the cock that made you again, boy.” I felt Dad’s big cock, easily slid into my hole. I moaned as I was sore from the earlier fucks, but the slickness of all the poz loads reduced the pain and increased the pleasure, although there was no escaping the fact that the torn tissues in my ass were a source of substantial pain. Dad, however, was not concerned with my discomfort, he was focused on getting off and ensuring my conversion. He fucked my hole with fast jerking movements in and out of my hole, until he changed the motion to long strokes. I could feel his cock head sliding in deep, hitting my prostate with each thrust. “Going to fuck that last neg load out of you, Son.” I could feel someone holding my cock, slowly jacking it. I knew I would not last long with Dad fucking my hole and someone jacking me. I bit my lip to hold of on shooting until I couldn’t hold it any more. My cock start to shoot, my ass muscles would contracted around Dad’s cock. “Oh FUCK BOY!” my Dad yelled, “your hole is squeezing Daddy’s cock, gonna poz you again, can’t hold it.” With that he slammed balls deep into me and shot, as the man finished milking my cock. Still breathing heavy Dad, pulled out and slapped my ass check with appreciation, praising me saying “Good boy, Son, but it isn't over. Ten poz loads is only the beginning.” I was lifted off the fuck bench, held up by two men, one on each side. I looked down to see with cocks hard as rocks. Grins came across their faces. “That was just part one Boy” one of the men explained, adding “Part two is the mind fuck.”
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 5) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** Davis was on the floor, trying to avoid the beating. I stood above him, with two of my pals and we were swinging our belts and hit his body in every possible spot. He trashed around, but had no chance to escape the whipping. The scene was filmed by the 4th guy and he switched between close ups of the welts appearing all over Davis’ body and the scenery from afar. So we could enjoy those minutes again and again later on. We showed no mercy. It was like the warming up before the main event. Our cocks stood out proud and hard, just wishing the rape would start right now. Davis was not screaming at the moment. It was more or less just grunting. He clenched his teeth and almost seemed out of this world. And again the lad tried to flee from the pain and the violence. He simply fainted on us. We were so in motion, that we didn’t notice it at first. Out of breath we stopped our attack. “You brought us a nice piece of meat” someone said. “Wake him up” I said coldly. Another bucket of cold water was splashed over his head. He gasped for air and looked around disorientated. “No more…” were his first words. “No more…” he repeated again. “No more… beating” I said. “No more…” I stressed my words and crouched next to him. “Move your body to the bed” I whispered to Davis. “Move your fucking body to the bed and spread your fucking legs so we can start ripping your ass open.” with that I got up again and gave the lad a little nudge with my boots to make him more cooperative. Slowly he crawled to one of the beds, accompanied by our booted feet, showing him the right way. Every muscle in his body was tensed. It was such a great moment, hearing his soft sobbing, realizing he wanted to crawl away from us, but we gave him little kicks, so it would be easier for him to find our love nest. We grinned at each other and jerked our cocks slowly. “Good boy” I teased him Davis looked around scared, when he got onto the bed. “On your back cunt and spread those damn legs” I growled. Davis assumed position, but didn’t look all too happy about it. “Now… Davis… wouldn’t it be nice, if you would repeat the words you used, when you contacted me?” I asked soothingly. “About getting fucked?” he asked timidly. “About everything…” I answered loudly. “Tell us how you wanted to be raped and your cunt busted.” The 18 year old boy shook his head. “You better tell us…” I warned him. “I… I wanted to be raped. I… I wanted my cunt destroyed *sniffs* I needed hard cock….” Davis mumbled. “Exactly and now a little bit louder and say it in a way, that we believe it.” I ordered him to tell us the things a second time. Before that, I told my pals to assemble on the bed, next to our little rape toy and let him stroke our cocks and lick two cockheads, while the 5th fellow would film this great scene. Davis looked around, not knowing how to react. While Davis got a zoom up, jacking us off or lick our dickheads we gave him the opportunity to look straight into the cam and tell us his deepest desires. “I…. *sob* I… want to be raped.” “I am a useless cunt and need to be destroyed” Tears ran down his face while he praised his hole to be torn apart and to be fucked bloodily. “Good cunt…. we will give you, what you were looking for.” and we fist bumped each other, while using insults on the lad. “So let’s get started. You must be delirious already” I laughed cruelly. I went between the guys legs and arranged his legs to be on my shoulder. Davis tried to push me away, but I was a lot stronger than this helpless little twink. “Someone hand me the lube….” I demanded. It was a lot commotion going on now. Davis felt my cock nestling against his tiny hole, already probing to gain entrance. He wasn’t happy about it and tried to push me away. “Lube….” I shouted and tried to get the boy under control. “Erm… nobody brought lube with him apparently.” “We need lube…. oh well, spit and blood will do it also I guess….” I mused. “This will hurt lad, but it will hurt you more, that it will hurt me” I cackled gleefully. “As soon as you bleed, my cock will glide more easily into your twat. Don’t worry….” I added. “Maybe this will help?” someone said. A guy came out of the bathroom, holding a used toothbrush in his hand. He looked at the men… They looked at me… I looked at Davis… “We need to get your hole bloody…” I told him truthfully. Suddenly Davis understood the concept and started wailing…
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    I discovered public toilets during my first year at university. I had been brought up in a very religious community in the north of Scotland and when I came down to Glasgow to start university I had just turned 18. I loved everything about living in the city. I had very little sexual experience and in many ways I was quite innocent but I masturbated frequently, thinking about fit lads and their cocks and balls and arses. I suppose I knew that things sometimes went on in public toilets but I had never really thought about it. Then one afternoon I didn't feel like studying so I went for a walk. I walked right through Kelvingrove Park and out the other end and after a while I came to another park which had a public toilet near the entrance. Genuinely needing to pee, I went in.... I knew as soon as I went in that something was going on. A cubicle door was shut quickly and I saw someone disappearing round the side to the sink area. An older guy was standing at the urinal and as I began to piss I sensed he was looking at me. I finished pissing but didn't put my cock away. Nothing happened for a minute or two and then the older guy turned towards me, showing me his hard cock I was shitting myself, but I turned towards him and showed him my cock and before long we were both wanking. He moved towards me and took hold of my cock. It was all I could do to stop myself shooting my load there and then but as he started to wank me, a cubicle door opened behind us. I turned round and saw a blond lad about my own age sitting on the toilet, his pants and trousers at his ankles and just then another guy came round from the sink area and went and stood in front of him. The older guy stopped wanking and went and stood in front of the cubicle, motioning to me to follow him. I really wanted to see what was happening so I followed him and soon I was watching the young lad suck the other guy's cock. I was more turned on than I had ever been and soon I had my cock out again, wanking as I watched the guy come in the young lad's mouth. When he had finished coming, he zipped himself out and left. I thought the show was over but the young lad motioned to me to come and stand in front of him. I hesitated for a moment but the older guy pushed me gently towards the young lad and soon my cock was in his mouth and I was being sucked off for the very first time. I cant tell you how good it felt and I knew I wouldn't last very long. The older guy was standing right behind me and I didn't stop him when he pulled my pants down to my knees and began to play with my arse, pulling my cheeks apart and fingering my arse hole. When he wet his finger and pushed it right up my hole I lost it and blew my load right into the young lad's mouth. I was out of there in seconds, mortified by what I had done but also more turned on than I had ever been. I remembered my upbringing and vowed to myself that I would never to anything like that again. That vow lasted about a week and then I was back there. I got sucked off again and enjoyed every minute of it. I started going there regularly and sucked my first cock in there. One afternoon the blond lad who had sucked me off was in there again. This time he was bent over the toilet being fucked by an older guy. I watched and wanked as the guy came up his arse and, though I had the chance to take my turn fucking him, I just wasn't quite ready to do that yet so I watched and wanked as another guy fucked him and shot my load down the tiles of the cubicle wall as he too shot his load up the young blond lad. A few weeks later I was in a toilet I had discovered near the university and I was sucking off a tall dark haired guy. He told me he lived nearby and asked me if I wanted to come back to his flat and fuck him. I liked him - he was tall and geeky looking, early to mid 30s and I liked his smile so I said yes and followed him to his flat. Soon I was sucking his cock again and then he pulled me up and we both stripped off (my first time naked with another guy!) and carried on sucking each other. Then he asked me to fuck him and laid back on the bed with his legs in the air. I was very horny but also quite nervous and somehow I just couldn't quite get my cock up him. I thought he would laugh at me but he was very patient with my fumbling attempts to get my cock up his arse. Smiling, he suggested "Let me make it easier for you." With that he turned round and knelt on the bed, pushing his arse towards me and pulling his cheeks apart. I stood behind him and pushed. This time my cock went right up him and I began to fuck. I wanted the feeling to last forever but I knew it wouldn't be too long before I blew my load. He sensed I was getting close and told me to fuck him harder and cum in his arse. Shooting my cum up him was the best feeling ever and as I walked back to my Halls of Residence I was on top of the world - I had finally done it!! I was growing in confidence now and a week or so later I slipped my cock up another lad in a toilet and fucked him. I knew I was ready to be fucked but so far, despite quite a few offers, I hadn't let anyone fuck my virgin 18 year old arse hole. One day I was in a toilet cubicle with another student and I was lubed and bent over the toilet. He was just about to push his cock up me when there was a disturbance outside - some drunk guy was shouting so we thought it better to zip up and get out of there before he came in. I was a bit disappointed, but I knew now it wouldn't be too long before I took a cock in my arse. A week or so later I was in a toilet in a park in the north of Glasgow. I had discovered it a few weeks before and had had some really horny experiences in there. It was dirty, with cobwebs and boarded up windows and smelt of piss but it was rapidly becoming one of my favourite haunts. Most of the action took place round the corner in the sink area and one afternoon I was in there sucking off an older guy. We were joined by another lad - a fit builder lad in a sweatshirt and trackie bottoms which were splashed with paint and plaster. He pulled out his cock so I began to suck him, moving between him and the older guy. I really fancied the builder lad and enjoyed every minute of sucking his fat cock. As I sucked him, the older guy pulled me up and unzipped my trousers, pulling them down along with my pants. I was so turned on sucking the builder lad that I didn't stop him when he started wanking me and fingering my arse hole, even when I felt him rubbing some lube into my hole. I felt the head of his cock pushing against my hole and instinctively I spread my legs further and pushed back. After a couple of failed attempts, his cock slid up my virgin bum hole - I was being fucked! It hurt at first, of course, but after a fairly short time I began to really enjoy it. I didn't really fancy the guy who was fucking me but I loved the fact that he was doing it as I sucked off the fit builder lad. I wondered what my family would say if they could see me, pants down in dirty public toilet being fucked by a total stranger. Somehow this thought made me even hornier and when the older guy shot his cum into me and pulled out I turned round and offered my arse to the builder lad. He didn't hesitate and soon I was being fucked for the second time. His cock was bigger but I managed to take it. He fucked me hard and fast and soon I was taking a second load of cum up my no longer virgin hole. As I walked back through the park I felt as if my hole was gaping and I wasn't sure I could stop the cum sliding out. Then I thought "why not?" and pushed. Two loads of cum slid out my arse into my underpants and when I got back to my room in the Halls of Residence my pants were sopping wet with spunk and again I felt on top of the world. The next time I went back to that toilet I noticed a breakdown truck parked near the park entrance. When I went into the toilet a young, dark haired guy in mechanic's overalls was standing at the urinal. Soon we were wanking together and before too long we were in a cubicle and I was bent over the toilet being fucked again. He was a very fit lad and I enjoyed every minute of him fucking me. When he had cum in my arse he asked if I wanted to fuck him and soon he was bent over the toilet, his overalls at his ankles and his white pants stretched across his knees as I fucked his tight, hairy arse and shot my load up him. It didn't get much better than this! The following week I was back in the first toilet I had visited and the young blond lad was in there again. I watched as two older guys fucked him. This time I took my turn and shot a load up him myself before pulling out and letting another guy take over. I didn't hold back now - and have had many horny experiences in public toilets over the years. Of course I can't remember most of them, but I can remember some of my best experiences like it was yesterday. I'll share some of those in Part 2.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Three Dad’s shower was open with multiple heads, like something you would see in a locker room, which made it easy to spy on him. I stood outside the shower area as he turned on the water for each head. His cock bounced as he moved alone the wall completing his task. The steam began to rise almost instantly, heating the air. I watched Dad step under on of the head, water began to run down his muscled frame, matting the body hair as he became wetter and wetter. It was like a dream watching him run his hands over his body, massaging his muscles. His hands explored every inch of his body, slowly running along the length of his cock and cupping his balls. My cock began to harden again as I watched the live shower scene of my Dad. He slowly turned his back to me. His hands began to move down the front of his thighs, causing him to bend over the lower his hands went down his legs. I watched his furry ass as he bent over. Once his hands were near his ankles, his furry crack opened, exposing his hole to me. It was so fucking hot. His hands moved to his ass checks and spread them open more, giving me a better view of his hole. I felt like I was frozen to the floor, as I watched his hands massage his cheeks then slowly move towards his crack. His fingers ran up and down the furry trench, teasing his hole and me. Unknowingly, I was doing the same to my crack, my fingers were sliding up and down my own crack, teasing my self. It was pleasure I had never experienced before. Each time my fingers hit my hole, my cock jumped. “Step into my parlor, Son.” I stepped in and joined my Dad under the shower heads. The hot water felt good on my body. I closed my eyes and put my head under the falling water. “Relax” was the only word spoken. One of Dad’s hands was pushing my forward on my upper back while the other was rubbing my lower back. He was bent of slightly, opposite of me, his fingers were lightly toughing my skin above my ass, slowly moving down. I bit my lip when the found the entrance of my crack and slowly work down. The first pass they just went over my hole, each finger dipping slightly in as they went over my puckered hole. Dad’s fingers stopped as they pasted upwards. This time he pushed his fingers into my pucker, just getting the tips in slightly, over and over. Each time he did this I would moan ever so silently. Grabbing some soap, he lathered up his fingers, then returned to my hole. With each push inwards his fingers invaded deeper and deeper into my virgin hole. The little bit of pain, turned to pleasure with each push inwards. I braced myself with my hands against the wall. “Daddy loves your boy pussy, Son” he said as he quickly moved behind me, pressing his furry muscled body against my back. His hard cock was laying in my crack and in my mind’s eye I could see it covering the whole length. He was slowly moving it up and down my crack, breathing on my neck. "Hard to keep from pushing my cock into your hole, fucking you good and seeding your hole, Son,” he said, “Restraining myself is hard. If I am to convert you, I have to do it correctly.” “Yes Daddy,” was all I could say. He turned me around, pulling me close again. This time our cocks were pressed together. Being slightly shorter than him, our eyes were inches apart, as well as our lips. I licked mine as I stared into his eyes. “Get on your knees, Son,” he said, putting his hands on my shoulders and pushing me down until his cock was in my face, adding “Taste your Daddy.” I opened my mouth as wide as possible and engulfed Dad’s big veiny cock, taking it as deep as possible. His hands moved to the back of my head, pushing gently. Placing my hands on his thighs as I moved back and forth on his cock, doing my best to take it further and further down my throat. Apparently that what Dad had in mind as he grunted a deep voice "Deeper Son, DEEPER.” I tried to take more and more of his cock into my mouth and throat as I went down on him, only to gag more and more. His hips began to thrust more and more towards my face, pushing more of his cock into my mouth and throat as he cooed “Relax Son, Daddy won’t hurt you.” I tried to relax but this was so new. His hands moved from the back of my head to the sides, holding me in place as he thrust his hips faster and harder towards my face. I felt his balls hit my chin as his cock inched deeper into my throat, until there was a pop. His cock slide into my throat and he pressed his crotch against my face, balls against my chin. “Good Boy," Dad again murmured, only to hold still for a moment, then only to pull out, and then resume face-fucking me. As he did so, spit shot out of my mouth, landing in his crotch hair and running down my chin. I focused my eyes upwards to see his chest heaving, his head thrown back while biting his lips as he teased me saying “Not much longer now Son.” I muffled a moaned as a response. I was in my own ecstasy. I had my Dad’s hard cock fucking my mouth. Tasting his pre-cum, a preview of the cum that was infected with his HIV. My hands were rubbing the wet furry thighs as my cock jumped a little as it stood between my thighs. “Hot fucking mouth Son. Can only imagine how good my cock would feel slipping in and out of your neg fuck hole,” he remarked. Again I replied with a muffled moan. “Want Daddy to shoot on your face or down your throat Son?” he asked. “faummmce” I replied. “Throat it is, Boy.” He pulled his cock out slightly as his piss slit opened. His poz cum shot out, landing on my tongue giving me a taste of my Dad’s toxic seed. After two shots, he pushed his cock all the way in and shot the rest of his load down my throat to my waiting stomach. I could feel the pulses of cum shooting against my tongue. “Fuck yeah, huge load,” Dad commented as the intensity and frequency of his cum shots decreased, finally stopping. Dad repeated withdrew himself, only to push back in, each time his cock softening on the down stroke. “Lick Daddy’s cock clean, Boy.” I did as he demanded, running my tongue all over his cock while it was inside my mouth. Once it popped out, I continued to lick it. My cock bounced as I licked his softening cock. He bent over, grabbing my chin in his hand, locking his eyes on mine and announced “Your first HIV load, Son.” Without touching myself I shot my load in the air. It was washed away with the hot water from the shower. "Soon you won’t be shooting neg loads, Boy.”
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    It was Saturday night, and I had just gotten back to my apartment building, when I realized I didn't have the key to my front door. I'd taken it off my key ring for a friend to use that afternoon, and I'd forgotten to put it back on. Well now what was I going to do? It was 1:30 in the morning, everyone in the building was asleep, my boyfriend was gone on a business trip, and everyone else I knew was on the other side of town. As I was thinking about spending the night in my car, I saw one of my new neighbors drive by, probably just getting home like I was. He'd just moved into the building next door, and I'd seen him walk past my window pretty much every day, wearing his work clothes and looking fine as hell. He was white, pretty tall, and blasted hip-hop music in his car whenever he drove by. He always walked with swagger, but he also seemed really approachable, too, like he was always on a chill pill, and nothing ever bothered him. I'd been hoping to run into him at some point. My neighbor parked on the street and started pimp-walking toward his apartment, like he always does. I was still trying to think of where I was going to sleep that night, as he walked past my building. He nodded at me and said, "Whatsup?" "How's it goin'?" I said. He looked just as good up close as he did from my window. Then he looked at the keys in my hand, looked at the locked door to my building, and looked back at me. "Are you locked out?" he asked, stopping at the bottom of the stairs. "Yeah," I said, laughing self-consciously, "I left my key inside." "Aw, shit," he said, "What are you gonna do?" "I don't know, it's not too cold, I guess I'll sleep in my car." "Ah for real?" he asked, "that sucks." "It's alright," I said with a shrug, "it's just one night." He seemed to think for a second, then he said, "Yo, I got like a big chair back at my place, you can crash there tonight if you want, that's gotta be more comfortable than sleeping in your car, man." My heart skipped a beat at that point. I'd seen this guy from far away a bunch of times, but I never thought I'd ever even talk to him, and here he was inviting me to spend the night back at his place! I knew it didn't mean anything, which was good since I had a boyfriend anyway, but how could I say no? "That would be really awesome," I said, "are you sure it's okay?" "Yeah, man, it's cool, we're neighbors, right?" "You are incredible," I said, "I'll be gone first thing in the morning." "Don't sweat it, man." I tried not to look too eager as I walked down the stairs and let him take me back to his place. He told me his name was Simon, he'd just gotten back from some clubs with his friends, and he wanted to crash as soon as we got back, which was fine with me. He had a roommate, but the roommate was a heavy sleeper, so we didn't have to worry about waking him up. The chair in Simon's room was big and comfortable, and I was just starting to go to sleep, when I heard him say, "Fuck." I didn't think anything of it and started to go back to sleep, when he said, "Fuck, man." I sat up a little and looked over to where he was lying in bed. "What's -- what's wrong?" "It's all these bitches at the club, man. They want you to buy them drinks, buy them drinks, and they be rubbin' up on you all fuckin' night long, but then when you wanna take them home, then they got a 'boyfriend', or 'Maybe next time,' or some shit like that." "Oh really?" I asked, having no clue about bitches in clubs, then realizing I'd totally just given myself away. He didn't seem to notice, though. "Fuck yeah, man, and now I'm trying to get the fuck to sleep, and they got me hard as a fuckin' rock." What did he just say?? Did he really just tell me he had a fucking hard-on, while I'm spending the night in his bedroom? Is this what straight guys normally talk about with each other? Or was he looking for…something else? "You're -- you're hard right now?" I asked, trying to figure out what the heck to do. "Rock, fucking, hard," he said without hesitation. "How the fuck am I gonna go to sleep like this?" I was glad the room was dark, because I probably looked like a deer in the headlights. If he weren't my neighbor, if I didn't have a boyfriend, and if I'd had a few drinks in me, I might have jumped at what seemed like an open invitation to this hot straight guy's cock. But if I made a move on my straight neighbor who walks past my place every day, and it turned out I was wrong…. Just then, I heard him make a slapping noise, one, two, three times. "Uh, Simon?" I asked. "Yo." "What was that?" "That was my fuckin' cock, man, I'm tellin' you, I'm rock hard right now, I can't go to sleep." "It just sounded like your hand or something," I said, still trying to buy time and figure out whether I should just go for it, or forget the whole thing. "Yo, if you don't believe me, turn on the fuckin' light, man." I still didn't know what to do, but there was nothing wrong with just looking, was there? So against my better judgement, I got up, went to the light switch, and turned it on. And there was Simon, no shirt on, his boxers pulled down, and 7 inches of hard cock pointing straight up to his belly button. He lifted his cock up, then let it smack down hard on his abs a few times. So that was the slapping noise I'd heard before. "Wow, you're really hard," was the only stupid thing I could think of to say. "What are you gonna do?" "I need to fuckin' bust my nut," he replied, adding "I don't even care, a hot mouth, or a tight pussy, or whatever the fuck, you know?" When I didn't respond right away, he looked at me and asked, "You like dick, don't you?" "What?" I asked, panicked. I wasn't expecting that question, even though I guess it was obvious. "I -- yeah, I --" "Can you help a brotha out? Please, man," he said, making his fat white cock smack on his abs a few more times, then looking back at me. I knew I had a boyfriend, and I knew I shouldn't be messing around with guys who lived right next door…but how many times was I going to get a hot straight guy begging me to suck his cock? So I turned the light off again, figuring that's how he'd want it, and walked over to the bed, filled with lust, and guilt. I climbed between his legs and tentatively put his cock head in my mouth, still not believing he was letting me do this. He sighed as soon as my lips closed around his hard-on, so I kept going. I slowly went all the way down to the base, feeling his cock gag me a few times. When he still didn't stop me, I sucked his cock a little faster, gagging myself a few more times. Then I went after his balls, swirling them around in my mouth and licking underneath them. After a couple minutes, I had this stranger's hairy balls rubbing all over my face, and I felt so disgusting, and so happy. Then Simon surprised me by grabbing my head and moving my mouth from his balls back onto his cock. I figured he wouldn't want to touch another guy at all, but he kept his hands on my head as he started roughly forcing his cock head down my throat, making me gag and slobber. "You like that fuckin' dick, don't you, pussy boy?" My eyes were watering, my nose was running, and he wasn't letting me off his cock, even though I tried pulling up a few times. "Yeah you do, you fuckin' bitch boy, I knew you wanted this dick the moment I saw you." Then without warning, he took his cock out of my mouth and started pulling my shirt off. I started to say something, but I was still trying to catch my breath, so I just let him do it. Then he moved around behind me, pushed me up the bed onto my stomach, and started tearing my jeans off, too. "No, I don't --" I started to say, but he kept pulling them off, and threw them onto the floor. He moved back up the bed and forced his cock down my throat again. This time as I was gagging on his cock, he slid his hand inside my briefs and started playing with my hole. Well this was happening too fast, and it was more than I'd bargained for -- I'd thought I would just suck off this stud, and keep my clothes on, and that would be that. That wasn't really cheating on my boyfriend, was it, if I didn't even take my clothes off? But it looked like my neighbor wanted more than to just get his cock sucked, which I wasn't really okay with. Well, maybe he just wanted to play with my hole while I sucked him off, I thought, and that was it. I mean, he was straight, wasn't he? And he hadn't even taken my underwear off. So after a few seconds, I stopped fighting him and just let him rub a couple slick fingers on my hole while he fucked my throat. But after just a few minutes of that, he yanked me off his cock and threw me up the bed onto my stomach again. While I was catching my breath and wiping the slobber off my face, he tore off my underwear, and then he was between my legs, with his tongue up my ass. How the fuck had that happened? He was straight, wasn't he? And I barely even knew this guy! What was his name again? And I'd been with my boyfriend for almost three years, and I'd never cheated on him. What the hell was I doing? This was totally wrong, and way too fast, and I had to get him off me, and get out of there….But he was making me feel so good, and my boyfriend had never been this passionate and aggressive with me. Sex with my boyfriend was pretty routine, and he almost never ate me out, and definitely never as good as this guy. I could barely even think straight…. Then my neighbor stopped eating me out all of a sudden, and after a few seconds, my head cleared up and I turned around to face him, remembering what I'd wanted to say. "Listen, I -- I should probably go, I mean I was just going to suck you off, and that's it, but I mean I barely even know you, and I just --" "Shut up, bitch boy!" he said to me. "You're mine tonight!" With that, he grabbed my face and slammed me down into the pillow, stunning me. Who was this guy?? What had happened to the laid-back, easygoing guy on the chill pill I'd seen walking past my window every day? Was he seriously not going to let me leave? He kept my face buried in the pillow, then I felt his weight on top of me. I heard him spit a few times, then I felt him rubbing his slick cock head against my hole. No, this wasn't right, I wasn't a cheater, I couldn't do this to my boyfriend, this was way too fast, I had to get out of there. "No, wait, I have to go, I can't do this -- " I started to say, determined to get out of there, only to feel a sharp, very painful slap across my face "Shut the fuck up, bitch," he grunted. What was happening? No one had ever slapped me that hard before. I tried to force my way out from under him, but he was much stronger than me, and shoved my face back down into the pillow so I could barely breath. Then I felt his cock head push harder against my hole, and then he was inside me. I screamed into the pillow, and he held his cock still. "You can take this dick, you fuckin' slut," he whispered into my ear while holding my arms down so I couldn't fight him. "You know you want it. Let me in, let me get off inside you, make me feel good." I had stopped fighting him and was just focusing on relaxing my hole so it wouldn't hurt so bad, and he had started kissing me as he was whispering these nasty things into my ear. "I'll stay right here till you get used to me, I'm not goin' anywhere, I know you want this dick." I don't know if he was right, and I did want it, but my ass eventually started to open up and let him in. I couldn't fight him, he was much stronger than me. So maybe if I just let it happen, it would all be over soon and I could just forget about this whole thing, and my boyfriend would never find out. "That's right, I can feel you loosening up for me, I knew you wanted it," he kept whispering into my ear, with his hands still grabbing my wrists. "Fuck, that feels good, bitch boy, you feel so good." He started moving his cock in and out of me, and moaning into my ear. I hoped he would just finish soon. Then I heard him say, "I've fucked hundreds of bitches just like you, you always put up a fight, but you always take the dick in the end." Wait, did he just say hundreds? How was that even possible? I'd only been with 20 guys, tops, and I thought that was a lot! Was he even wearing a fucking condom?? "Wait, are you wearing a condom?" I asked, but he didn't answer, he just kept sliding his hard prick in and out of my hole and breathing right onto my face. I know he heard me, why didn't he respond? "You have to put a condom on," I said, "I never -- you can't fuck me without one." He still didn't say anything, he just moaned a little louder, fucked me a little faster, and grabbed my wrists a little harder. I had to get him to stop. I'd been so careful with the other guys, and I'd even gone with my boyfriend to get tested when we'd first started dating. Now here was this total stranger inside me with no protection, and he'd said he'd had sex with hundreds of other people! Had he fucked all of them without a rubber, too?? "No, stop, I have a boyfriend!" I said, desperately trying not to catch anything from this guy I had just barely met. "Get off me!" I started to struggle again, but it was no use. Instead of letting me go, he got up off me, grabbed both my wrists with one hand, and slapped me hard with his other hand, one, two, three times. My face was still sore from the first time he'd slapped me, and my eyes started to water. I knew there was no way to get away from this man, he was all the way inside me with no condom on, and he wouldn't stop no matter how much I begged him or struggled to get away. He didn't lie back down on top of me or start kissing me again. This time he grabbed my wrists and started slamming his unprotected cock into me as hard as he fucking could, anger-fucking me into the mattress. I could feel sweat dripping off of him onto my back. He seemed determined to give me a fuck I'd never forget, whether I wanted it or not. I stopped fighting him, and just hoped he'd hurry up and finish, so I could go. Then he switched from slam-fucking me to piledriving me, pounding his cock into me over and over again without stopping. And as angry and worried as I was, his cock started to feel really good inside me, and I started to moan, too. I didn't know what was happening, or how I could enjoy this even a little bit, but his cock started to feel incredible inside me, like it belonged there. Once again I couldn't think straight, and started to forget that I wanted to get out of there. Then after a few minutes of piledriving me, he started to moan louder, and I knew he was about to cum, which brought me back to reality. For a second, I still had hope he would do the decent thing and pull out before he came, since he knew I didn't want this, and that I definitely didn't want his cum inside me. But then he started to really slam his raw cock inside me and hold it there, and I knew he was shooting his load deep inside me. He knew I didn't want his cock or his cum, but he didn't care, he was giving me his load whether I wanted it or not. After he finished cumming inside me, he let go of my wrists and rolled onto his back. "Fuck, that was good, bitch boy," he said, slapping me hard on my ass, which was now full of his cum. I couldn't believe what had just happened, or that I had this total stranger's cum deep inside me, and I didn't even know what his status was. Did he even know? What had I done? I started to get up so I could get my clothes back on, when he rolled toward me and held me down again, pushing me into the pillow. What more did he want with me? I thought he was done? Then I felt another hand on my ass, and I knew it wasn't his. What the fuck? He felt me jump and held me down harder. "My roommate wants some, too." His roommate, what the fuck? Had he been there the whole time, watching this guy force his bare cock into me and shoot his load inside me when I'd begged him to stop? Had he watched me struggle and done nothing? The roommate didn't waste any time with foreplay, and before I could say anything, he was on top of me, sliding his hard dick right into my loose, well-fucked hole. I hadn't even seen the roommate and had no idea what he looked like, and I knew he wasn't wearing a rubber, either. He must have already been stroking his cock while he was watching Simon fuck me, because he only pounded my ass for a few minutes, then he was shoving his hard cock all the way inside me and shooting his load deep in me to mix with Simon's. "Fuck," was the roommate's only word, then he pulled out of me and left. I couldn't believe yet another complete stranger had just cum inside me, and I hadn't even seen this one. Was I even still clean now? Had they given me anything? What had I done? I started to get up again, but Simon wouldn't let me go. He turned me on my side and crawled up behind me, pressing his semi-hard cock up against my cummy hole. "You did so great, baby doll," he whispered to me, kissing my neck and nibbling my ear. "You made me feel so fuckin' good, you know that? So fuckin' good." He held me tight, pressed up against my back, and for some reason, I could start to feel myself getting turned on. He shouldn't have cum in me, and he shouldn't be holding me like this. I had a boyfriend, and this was so completely wrong. But he kept softly kissing my neck, and I didn't stop him. "And it was so hot seeing you take my roommate's dick, I wish you could have seen that." His hand started sliding down my bare chest, towards my cock, which he'd completely ignored before now. When he wrapped his hand around my cock and balls, I was surprised to realize I was totally hard. He started stroking my cock, and I didn't tell him to stop. He spat in his hand and went back to stroking me. I moaned a little and relaxed into his body, and I think he knew I was his. After just a few minutes, I was shooting a hot, guilty load all over his sheets, and pressing hard back into his chest. "I know you're confused right now, baby doll," he said softly as he nibbled my ear some more. "But I know you liked it. And I liked it, too. And I know you'll be back for more." And as I drifted off to sleep with these two strangers' loads planted deep inside me, I knew he was right.
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    Halloween: the night when all the freaks come out, and I decided, as I usually did, to join them. Usually I go as the sexy pizza boy or shirtless lumberjack. I get a lot of grabs and looks from the boys at the bars, all in the name of harmless sexy fun. However, this year I decided to go as the Dark Knight Batman: a little dark, totally anonymous with the face mask, and I get to let my inner nerd out. I also decided that since I'm 26, I don't have to be treated like an object at every costume party, at least this year. I live with my parents close to the local college which my younger brother attends, now 21 and in his junior year. He is almost always out at parties or bars, he just sleeps here. Sometimes. Anyhow, since around here Halloween gets very noisy and disruptive, my parents went on a weekend get away, leaving the house in my care. On the big night, I prepared myself for the festivities, dressing in flattering torso armor, armored tights, half mask, utility belt, phone, keys, cash, my ID, and a couple condoms and couple lube packets- after all, a superhero is prepared for all forms of combat. A couple of my boys wanted to meet up at the local leather bar rather than our normal hangout. Since Halloween is a Saturday this year, the bars are going to be packed. The leather bar usually has fewer people, but it has surprisingly good music and a small dance floor. Drinks are cheap, too, so I'm looking forward to the party, and to get fully in the mood, I made myself a couple of vodka tonics, and down them just before I left the house to await an Uber at the end of the driveway. As I stood there, I could feel the vodka kicking in, I must have poured them stronger than I thought, it's going to be some night! The driver could tell I was drunk by the time we got close to the bar. There was utility truck and a small crowd, so he had to drop me off down the street. I stepped out, thanked him, to which he replied, "Looks like you're going to have a lot of fun! Stay safe!" I laughed. I felt sexy, I was solidly buzzed, I loved how the tights clung to me. I still had my runner's body from college. I was giving myself a hardon, and I chucked: the plastic codpiece let me sport full mast and no one was the wiser. As I approached the bar building, I heard a guy beckon, "What's got 'ya grinning, Batman?" I turned and looked, and saw a beautiful specimen in a snake-scale body suit and had a cobra half-mask with open hood around his neck standing the entrance to the alley leading behind the bar. "Whoa..." I stuttered, "y-you do." I suddenly gained my composure and pretended to play cool. I glanced down and saw an unsupported bulge in the spandex pants and I licked my lips. "Hot costume. Looks like you're a very big snake!" I stepped closer to him and he stepped closer to me. "You're too kind!" he said, pretending to be bashful, placing a hand on my chest. "But you see, I'm cold blooded. I grow a little as things heat up." "Really?" I stepped closer and started to lean in. "Sounds like we need to heat you up and get you all stretched out. You must be all cramped up." I could feel my heart begin to race. I'm never this quick and obvious, but the vodka and my concealed erection were speaking on my behalf, and it's working. The cobra guy suddenly puts a hand behind my neck and pulls me in for a kiss. Our masks just barely let us kiss. I lean in entirely into his body, minding my codpiece and moved to the side slightly, allowing his slowly growing cock to press firmly against my thigh. A couple guys whistled as they passed behind us, one even grabbed my ass, pushing me into Cobra a little more. I felt a cold spot soak through my tights: a precummer, sweet. We continued to make out for a minute and I had to have him. It was clear for the moment, both of us looked around, grinned devilishly and Cobra grabbed my hand and pulled me deeper into the alley. Barely turning the corner, we continued to make out with abandon. My hand ran down his body suit and to my relief, found the waist of his tights. I grabbed his bottom lip with my teeth and felt around with my other hand to find the waist at his other hip. He laughed as I pulled on his lip and started to lower his tights. His cock sprang out as soon as it was free from the spandex. It was a nice seven and a half inches, thicker than my own, uncut with loose foreskin. I was a little jealous- I remember as kids my parents explaining they changed their minds about circumcision when I saw my brother's peeper was different than mine. Ever since, I had foreskin envy. Seeing that uncut beauty, I immediately dropped to my knees. One of the plastic knee pads jabbed under my kneecap and made me jump and readjust. It's ironic that these armored tights hurt. "Are you okay, Batman?" "Yea-" I gulped as I slid my mouth as far down that cock as I could go, pulling that supple foreskin with my lips. I felt my Snake's body shudder as the head of his cock hit the back of my throat. I wrapped my tongue around as much of the shaft as I could and started to swallow all my drool and all his precum that started gushing out. "Oh, God!" he yelped. It sounded like he was holding back tears. He gasped slightly every time I slid down his cock, brushing my tongue and lips across his foreskin. It sounded like he never felt a real blowjob before. I'm glad I was giving it to him. He took a deep breath and came down from his small piece of heaven, placed his hand under my chin to gesture me to look up. When I made eye contact with him with his dick still in my mouth, he started talking, "It's been a couple weeks since I've been able to sink that fang you're sucking on into something tasty, and I'm starving. Can I take a bite?" I nodded. All this character talk would normally be cheesy, but it made me even hotter. I slowly stood up, letting his dick pop out of my mouth in one smooth motion. I reached into my utility belt and found the lube packets and set them on the lid of a trashcan next to us. I reached back into the pouch, trying to feel for the condoms when I felt Cobra's hand unsnapped my belt and pulled my own tights down. I stuttered, "wait a-" when I felt his hands bend me over and his tongue slide in me. Getting rimmed while drunk is amazing, I instantly relaxed and moaned as his spit started to invade me. I put my hands on the wall in front of me, pushing my hole on his tongue. I felt him stand up and felt an equally wet cockhead against my hole, and I instinctively pushed back and wiggled to help get his rod into me. He was a little thicker than I was ready for so I stood still for a second. Cobra knew why I stopped for a second and I felt him squeeze another lube packet onto his partly-inserted dick. I took a deep breath and he took that opportunity to slide the rest of the way in. I grunted and moaned when he hit me balls deep. He impaled me breathless. He was the perfect size to stretch me to capacity without pain. He held there for about twenty seconds. I felt his cock twitch in me, buried to the hilt. He was sharing this heavenly moment with me. His cock pulsed in me again, and my prostate tingled, causing me to involuntarily shudder. He inhaled rather forcefully and whimpered, "Damn..." as pulled his dick out slightly and pressed firmly back in. This brought me back down to Earth and awakened a cock frenzy I never felt before. I slid back and forth, almost letting Cobra's cock slip out of me slamming my full body weight back onto his dick. He grabbed my hips tightly and took control back from me. "Damn, this is the finest meal I've ever sunk my fang into!" He exclaimed as he gave my ass a slap. His breath heaved. "I recently charged up, been waiting almost a month for prey like you to try my potent venom on!" "Oh ye-yeah!" I grunted. "This feels too good, this is perfect!" as I succumbed to being my Cobra's meal. My hole started pulsing around his dick as he sent me into an anal orgasm and I moaned uncontrollably. Five minutes of constant solid pounding, I felt Cobra's body begin to shake, I knew he was close. He leaned over and spoke in my ear, "My fang is in you. It's toxic. It's about to shoot. Can I shoot my poison in you?!" By the tone of desperation in his voice I knew he had only a couple seconds before cumming. I clumsily nodded with my Batman mask teetering on my head, I pulled my ass as apart as I could and surrendered my hole. He tightened his grip on my hips and started full-force slamming into my ass. After the tenth thrust, he pulled my hips into him and held me there, neither of us could breathe. Five seconds later his cock started flexing in me and a torrent of cum was unleashed. His cockhead swelled with each jet which actually hurt. His dick went from the perfect size to swelling into something I could not fully handle. My hole disagreed and tightened and pulsed to match the spurting of his dick in me. We were startled by the sound of clapping. Two guys deeper in the alley watched the show without either of us noticing. They were a shorter muscle-built Latino and a taller black man. The Latino had his dick out and was fully hard. He was probably stroking for a few minutes as we unknowingly put on a show. Cobra laughed which made his dick throb in me. Being stimulated and embarrassed, I could only blush and look down. "Can't let any of that POZ load go to waste!" The Latino proclaimed as he started to walk up. "Nope! Go for it!" Cobra agreed as he pulled out of my hole, volunteering it. The Latino's cock was already underneath Cobra's dick to catch any cum that might leak out. I felt an ooze forming when I felt Latino's dick pressed against my hole. "That monster of yours and my load, this piece of meat has no chance!" I started to panic and pull away when the black man stepped up and pushed me down. I started replaying everything. I thought it was character talk, not him trying to poz me. I couldn't find the condoms in the utility belt then forgot about them. Latino started to push in. His cock was thicker than Cobra's. "Wow, that's one wet mess in there, he must've cum a bucket!" Latino just kept pressing in farther. I stiffened up. "Relax dude, he already filled you up, I'm just going to make sure it stays in there." Latino wasn't even as deep as Cobra was in me as I felt impossibly full- all of that really was cum. Latino chuckled, "Now for the fun part!" He pushed firmly but slowly into my hole. "Lee, for my next trick, I'm going to pop this boy's 2nd ring cherry!" He commented to his black companion. I heard a cell phone bloop as Cobra somehow produced his iPhone. "Damn, I wanted to watch this, but I gotta go!" Cobra tucked his cock back in his tights and straightened his costume. "Make me proud!" He laughed as he hurriedly marched out of the alley. "Yessir!" replied Latino. He pressed deeper into me and the pressure was getting intense. Lee was holding me down and Latino kept driving into me. My ass flexed and twitched on the inside, I felt a gush deep in me... My hole clenched Latino's cock again and I felt another gush. I now knew what he meant by popping my 2nd ring cherry. Latino moaned each time my ass clenched which made him push harder. Then he hit a spot and couldn't go deeper. It hurt. Latino spoke up, "There's that 2nd ring! I felt that other dude's load squeeze in there so it's nice and lubed up, but I gotta push the rest in. It's gonna hurt at first, but once my nine and a half is balls deep, you'll want to marry me." Latino could feel me panicking, my legs were shaking and Lee wasn't letting me up. "It's okay, take a couple deep breaths." I followed his instructions, knowing I had no choice. He felt me relax, "There you go, baby, this isn't bad. This sounds a little complicated, but grip my cock and push out when I tell you. Now breathe... Grip and push!" Latino leaned his whole body into me, my inside muscles started throbbing. I started yelping and Lee had to muffle me. All the pressure gave way and I felt Latino's pubes starting to scratch against me. I groaned involuntarily as my second ring was learning to relax around this thick cock which was now fully impaled in me. I somehow got fully hard and was on the edge of an orgasm. Latino grunted, "You're damn tight! God!" He started thrusting deep in me, "I can't hold back!" Within seconds Latino started to cum. The load shot deeper in me than anything has ever gone in me. His cock flexing in my second hole started to make me cum. His dick hurt but felt incredible. I shot a spurt onto the ground. Lee was able to catch some of it and fed it to Latino. Latino was coming down from his orgasm and snorted in laughter, "Sweet like a virgin!" Latino started to pull out- I shuddered as he extracted from the second ring and let out a gentle moan as each inch tugged out of me. He had two inches left in me and he commanded, "Tighten that hole!" To which I complied. He suddenly jerked the final two inches out to a 'pop' like a wine bottle being opened. I sighed in relief. "Good to the last drop?" Lee teased Latino. "Always!" as Latino slapped my exposed battered hole. "Cool. It's my turn, yo!" Lee unzipped and let out his seven inches. Latino moved to my shoulders and Lee moved behind me and slid all the way in me. I offered no resistance, my hole had no resistance left, Lee was able to pump into my hole at will. Bending over me and whispering in my ear, "I love a worn out hole. I only fuck sluts like you." Lee continued his pace for another minute and unceremoniously ejaculated in me. "Last deposit of the night!" And pulled out. Lee zipped up and patted Latino on the shoulder. "Time for drinks!" They walked down the alley laughing, leaving me with my armor tights at my knees, already forgotten. I pulled up my tights, sat on a crate next to the trash can and took off the Batman mask. I'm amazed it stayed on the whole time, it nearly fell off a couple times. I looked down at the ground. Two wrapped condoms. They must have fallen out as I was looking in my utility belt. My utility belt... Some superhero I was... I couldn't even work that right. I opened one of the pouches on the belt and found my phone. A couple text messages were sent about ten minutes ago- friends wondering where I was, saying the dance floor was amazing tonight. I texted back, "Srry. Feeling Sick. Staying home." I sat there for ten more minutes and recollected myself. I stood up, put my Batman mask back on and walked out of the alley. A taxi was chilling just down from the bar entry. I walked over, hopped in and ordered him home. The cab driver said, "Great costume- done partying already?!" "Yeah. Kinda not feeling well." "Aww. That's too bad. We'll get you home quick and you can get to rest." The rest of the cab ride was silent. I tossed him a twenty, almost double the fare and hopped out without a word. I got in the door, stripped my costume off as I started climbing the stairs, threw it in my room and walked naked to the bathroom, where a cool shower greeted and comforted me. I dried off, put on a pair of boxers and went back downstairs to watch TV in the living room. I woke up about an hour later to the front door unlocking. My brother came in the door and carrying a couple bags. I got up to greet him, "Rick, I'm surprised you're home tonight. I thought you would crash at one of your bud's." Rick put his bags down next to the living room stairs. "Yeah, but I gotta come home sometime, this is where I keep my clean underwear." We laughed. I glanced at him- tank top and basketball shorts. He's usually commando in those so yep, home is where your undies are. "Thought you'd be out with your boys at one of your gay bars. No Slutty Starbucks Barista this year?" Rick asked. "Nah, got dressed, went out, started to feel sick, came back. I started prepartying, didn't sit well." "That sucks." "Did you go out?" I asked Rick. "Yeah. A few of us got in costume, went around some of the Houses. I'm not as wasted as I should be!" Rick peeled off his tank top and threw it on top of one of the bags. "Tomorrow's laundry. Gonna turn in, absolutely drained, you know." He looked at me with a naughty glint. "Oh, really- deets then bed!" "Just some bar skank, met passing in front of a bar, wandered into a back alley, didn't get a name... Costumes and all made it one of the hottest hookups ever. Like I said- drai-ained! K, night!" Proud of his account, Rick promptly ran up the stairs and abruptly closed his bedroom door, shaking the handrail, knocking over one of his laundry bags, spilling its contents. A cobra mask rolled out. ~fin~
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    Only once was I fucked by a dog. I think the whole thing was set up in advance without me knowing. My boyfriend at the time took me to a party at a dude's house which was way out in the country. The dog was owned by our host. As the party got going, my boyfriend and the host were just casually chatting, while my boyfriend, who had slid his hand down the back of my shorts, finger-fucked me, bragging about how much cock I could take. Our host then bet my boyfriend that I couldn't take the cock of his 'friend' Butch. One thing led to another and before I knew it, there was money at stake. With that our host opened the door and called for Butch. A big German Shepherd came bounding into the room, and sidling-up to our host, his Master. The later scratched his ear and the dog started sniffing around my ass cunt. I later learned that the dog had been trained to fuck guys. My boyfriend pulled-down my shorts and, no sooner had I stepped-out of them, than Butch jumped-up and forced me down on all fours and in one thrust was in my ass. Then he knotted-up. His thrusts were so so powerful the dog effectively dragged me across the floor by my cunt. Naturally all action at the party stopped, and Butch and I had the undivided attention of the eight or so guys who were in attendance, cheering on Butch. Now, when fucking, dogs cum continuously and the guys are all yelling and cheering and jerking off. Naturally there was cum everywhere. Butch, however, wasn't done with me for some twenty minutes, when he finally unknotted. Then I had to lick up all that cum. Or, perhaps I should say I GOT to lick up all that cum, An intense experience, but I could be convinced to do it again.
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    THE ISLAND Part One I wanted to get away, away from everything and everyone. Just me. Some place tropical, isolated from the main land - some place where a man can be alone with his mind and his cock. After an exhausting search, I found the perfect place, and island in the Pacific, just off Pitcairn Island - a UK territory. It was a small private island, just a thirty minute boat ride from Pitcairn. The accommodation offered a main house, which was stocked with all the essentials needed for one's stay. Thankfully, the two week period I wanted was available, so I booked my stay, my cock hard in my shorts as I did so. My vacation arrived quickly and the travel there seemed like an eternity. I had packed very light, practically nothing. I intended to be naked the whole time. With just my back pack over my shoulder, I walked from the air strip to the pier, a mere five minutes, and found the boat that was to take me to the island. The boat was The Todger. I called out and from below deck a God appeared. He was at least six foot five and close to three hundred pounds. My eyes went down his massive chest, down to his chiseled stomach to his waist, which was wrapped with a light blue fabric, which did not hide the mound of man meat hanging between his tree trunk legs. “Morning!” he said, extending his huge hand. “Morning,” I croaked in reply. “David?” he asked. I responded with just a nod, trying not to stare at this hunk so obviously. “Come aboard and we can be off” he said as he offered his hand, adding “I’m Jack.” I grabbed his hand and stepped aboard. I moved around to the front of the boat, to have a great view of where I was going. After untying the boat, getting behind the controls we were off. I tried to keep my eye on the beautiful surroundings, but they always came back to Jack. He was standing behind the controls, slowly rubbing his chest and working his hand down his abs. My cock was slowly growing in my shorts as I stared at him. The sun felt great on my body, so I pulled my shirt over my head and exposed my chiseled body to Jack. I wasn’t built like him, but I worked hard to look like I did. I felt the boat slow when we were about a ten minute ride from the pier. I turned to look toward the island and could make out the house, just steps away from the little beach. The boat slowly turned from our path to the house. “Going to take you around the island, let you see the sights and soak it in,” Jack said. I watched as the island grew closer. Palm trees and colorful flowers were every where. It was just as described on-line. I couldn’t take my eyes off this paradise, which was my home for the next two weeks. I glanced back at Jack and was surprised to see the blue fabric thrown across a box next to him. He was still behind the boat’s control, which blocked my view. “You like, David?” “Very much so," I replied, not sure exactly what he was referring to, but aware my reply would work for a myriad of situations. “Want to see more?” “Yes, please.” We made our way around the opposite end of the island. He stopped the motor of the boat once the pier and mainland island were out of view. I watched as he stepped out from behind the controls. He was naked. I could feel my eyes get bigger, my cock get harder and my hole twitch. His cock, at least six inches soft, was swinging between his legs, its head was covered by foreskin, hanging about an inch past the tip, tightening into a small opening. A smile slowly grew on his face. “Don’t be shy, strip down,” Jack suggested. I didn’t wait for him to tell me again. Jumping up I pulled my shorts down, my cock bounced out and slapped against my stomach. I kicked off my sandals and stepped out of my shorts. I quickly grabbed them and stuffed them in my bag. “You like what you see, don’t you,” Jack asked. “Fuck yeah.” He reached out his long arm and pulled me closer. I was now face to chest, his hands roamed my back, then shot down to my ass, kneeling my bubble butt cheeks in his massive hands. I could feel his finger tips sliding into my crack, gently moving across my hole. I pushed back into his hands as his his cock poked my stomach. I looked I was astounded by the sight of a thick ten inch cock jetting from his crotch, foreskin pulled back exposing just half of his massive head. “Let me welcome you to the island.” He quickly turned me around, lifted my right leg onto the side of the boat and dropped down behind me. Before I could move or say anything, his hands pulled my ass cheeks open and his tongue invaded my crack. As his wet tongue licked around my hole slowly, I sucked in the warm sea air. I tilted my head back, feeling the sun warm my face as this muscle God ate my hole. He slowly ran his tongue around the edge of my hole, then moved it into the middle, gently pushing it inside. His hot breath moved across my wet hole. Renewing his grip of my ass, he positioned a finger on each side of my hole, stretching it open. As he did his tongue invaded my hole deeper and deeper as it slid in and out. I moaned very loudly. My cock was hard and dripping pre-cum. I knew if I touched it I would shoot my load all over his boat. My hole was getting wetter and wetter with his spit. I could see his massive horse cock bouncing between his legs as he tongue fucked my hole. He was also leaking fuck juice, put it hung off his cock in a long string, getting closer and closer to the boat deck. He stood, gripping his cock in his hand, rubbing his massive hand across the head, coating it with the drool of fuck juice. He guided it to my crack and began to rub the tip against my hole, mixing his pre-cum with his spit, making my hole even more slippery. His free hand and arm wrapped around my chest as he held his cock at the base and pushed against my hole. I breathed in deep and pushed my hole back onto his cock head. I could feel the head slowly moving into my hole, stretching it open around it. His foreskin was pulled back completely. I felt the ridges of his cock head pass into my hole, then slowly inch by inch of his shaft entered me. My hole stretched more and more as he inched into my more and more. I could feel his hand pressing against my ass cheeks. He released his grip on his cock and slammed the remaining inches into me. I jumped only to be kept in place by his thick arm. I could feel pain coming from my stretched hole. I tried not to squeeze my hole, but I did, over and over adding to the pain "I'm gonna give you a proper welcome, something to remember me by,” Jack explained. Shifting his hands to my waist, he took a firm grasp, pulling his hips back until only his head was in my hole, only to suddenly, slam his horse cock deep into my hole. His grip on my waist kept me from flying forward as he pulled out and slammed in again. I grunted both in pain and pleasure. “Damn your hole is tight,” he commented with a growl, adding “Going to open you up.” He pulled completely out, then slammed all the way in. I let out a yelp which earned me his admonition “Scream you fucker, no one can hear you and if they did they would only come to fuck you too,” he said as he pulled out again, but before I could hold my hole open, he rammed it back in. This time I screamed loudly. My scream only made his cock harder and his thrusts even rougher. I continued to scream as he fucked me harder and faster, opening my hole more and more. “You’re going to be popular once I get the word out,” he said. “Fuck me,” I begged. “You’re going to get fucked, more than you know,” he said. He was pumping his cock in and out of my hole faster and faster, his balls swinging back and forth between his legs, grunting more and more often as his uncut cock slid in and out of my hole. “Here it comes,” he said, slamming into my ass balls-deep. I could feel his cock pulsing and jumping inside me, shooting his load deep into me. It was then that I realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom. I tried to pull off of him, I needed to push out his load. “Where do you think you are going?” he asked pulling me back onto his cock. “You fucked me without a condom,” I replied, adding “I only play safe.” “Not while you are here you don’t.” I watched him reach over and pull some thing out of a cubby near the controls for the boat. He flexed his cock, making it pulse more in my hole. My mind was panicking. “Squeeze my cock” he ordered. I tightened my hole around his cock as he slowly pulled it out. I was going to be sneaky and push out his load, but once his cock head was out, he pushed something into my hole deep. My hole stretched open around it then quickly tightened up. He pulled me up straight, holding me tightly against him. “It stays in until your next visitor,” he commended. "I will know if you took it out and there will be hell to pay if you don’t do as instructed.” I nodded wondering what I had gotten into. Only to have Jack mysteriously add "Need it to take.” “I don’t understand,” I replied. “You will” he said, “you will.” He released me and I moved to where I was seated before. He was still naked and started the motor again and we moved quickly to the dock near the house. I jumped off the boat and stood on the dock. “Guess you didn’t read the fine print of the site” he said laughing, “and it’s too late now - no access on the island.” He wrapped the fabric around his waist again, hiding his massive cock from view commenting “Don’t worry, I will shove it up your hole again,” as he clutched his soft cock through the fabric. I just nodded, standing naked, my bag over my shoulder. “Sun is good today. A good soak in it will help you relax,” Jack remarked. I watched as he moved to boat back out towards the main land, yelling “Won’t be long.” Entering the house, tossed my back pack on a chair, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and headed to the beach. I could feel my hole gripping the plug in my ass as I walked. I spread out the towel and laid face down in the sun.
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    I was on vacation in Chicago one summer visiting a friend when I found out about the Bijou theater. One night, around 11:00 PM I was looking on-line for the local bathhouse when I found a reference about the theater and the play space it offered. I took down the address and was off to check it out, arriving there about midnight. I paid admission, purchased some poppers, and when the clerk explained lockers were offered for guys who wanted to strip down, I rented a lock. Jackpot! I liked to wander around nude, and now I could without fear of loosing my wallet. He buzzed me in and I walked into a dim theater where I found old porn from the 70s playing, so I took a seat and waited for my eyes to adjust. Soon enough I noticed there were only two other guys in the theater, one of whom was asleep or passed out, I wasn't sure, and the other, who happened to be in my row, was an older guy, balding with a gray mustache and sideburns. He looked like an aging 70s porn star with a lot of mileage on him. I started to feel a bit self conscious as he kept looking my way. In fact, he started to creep me out a bit, so I focused on the porno and tried to get into it, taking a hit of poppers to enhance the action. It worked. With my first sniff I was feeling my head spin and my cock get hard. Those nasty 70s porn boys were fucking on a dance floor to disco and I wanted to boogie in the worst way. I glanced over to the dirty old man in my row to see he had pulled his cock out and was stroking away. It was big, about nine inches. I couldn't stop looking over at it, and decided it was time to reward this nasty fucker with a little show so I got up and made my way to the lockers in the back. They were in a small room with a spiral star case that led up to the play space. i stripped down to my tighty whites and my keds high tops and put the rest of my clothes in the locker and walked back to my seat. As soon as I sat down I took another hit of poppers and looked over at that dirty daddy with the big tool. He was still stoking it and staring right at me. I could see the lust in his eyes and feel his appetite for me. I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it. When I looked over at him he had stuck his tongue out and was gesturing like he was licking out a hole. Fuck! I could feel the heat rise from my cock and my ass all the way through my body. I got up and headed to the play space up stairs where, upon arriving at the top, I saw many little booths with large glory holes in the partition walls. I wandered down the rows, but the place seemed to be deserted, so I let it all hang out: I dropped my shorts and walked about wearing nothing but my keds high tops. Then, as I rounded a corner, another, about the same age as the guy on the first floor, came out of one of the booths. He was fully dressed, had a full head of grey hair, a short trimmed beard and mustache and he was a little chubby. He began to talk to me as though it was normal to see a naked guy in his keds high tops. He asked how often I came there and I replied I had never been to a place like that before. When I said I was nervous, He told me I was a strapping young man and I should be proud to show my body. Just then the guy from down stairs came around the corner. he was totally naked. I could see how skinny he was. He had skinny legs with bone knees and no ass. His arms were as skinny leading to hands with long fingers. He didn't seem to have an once fat on him except through his mid section which was kind of thick. I could notice his face closely. His upper cheeks had a strange sunken look. He stood there beating off. I couldn't help getting a boner. My heart was racing, maybe from the poppers, maybe from the danger or both. Then the other man said lets get in a booth. He took me by the arm and led me into one of the booths and shut the door. He put his arms around me and said " now just relax" and we kissed. At that he said "good boy". He held the bottle of poppers up to my nose. I inhaled deeply. Then he said "that's it son" he rapped his arms around me again and reached back to my ass and spread my cheeks apart as he backed my ass to the hole in the wall. I could hear the door in the next booth open then shut. Then my new Daddy said "Put your bum through the hole and let that nice man on the other side check it out." I could feel fingers spread my cheeks apart and then something warm and wet push against my hole. Daddy encouraged me, saying "Let him check your bum to see if it's a pussy." At that I could feel a boney finger enter me and slide in deep. i could feel it feeling around up inside of me. Daddy asked if the man was checking my bum and I nodded. The the finger withdrew and the warm wet tong pushed up inside of me as daddy made me take another hit of poppers. I could feel it push deep into me, tasting me. I said to daddy that the man was eating my hole. Daddy made me take another hit of poppers and said the man was going to turn my boy hole into a pussy and asked if I wanted that, If I wanted to be a pussy boy. I told him I did and daddy said good boy and we kissed and daddy's tong entered my mouth. I had two tongs inside of me now, two men new what I tasted like. Then the nice man on the other side of the wall stopped eating my hole. in a few seconds I could feel something hard push against my hole then push up inside of me. I long shaft slid deep inside of me. I could feel it push past my second sphincter. and into my belly. Daddy asked me if the man's cock was inside of me. when I said yes, he made me take another hit of poppers. The man began to fuck me deep, pistoned into me like a machine. Daddy asked me if I liked that big raw cock in my pussy. I told him I did and he gave me anther hit of poppers. Daddy said that the man's big raw cock was going to fuck my pussy and make it into a cunt by putting sperm in my pussy. He ask if I wanted the man to put his sperm in my pussy and knock it up. I told him I did. Daddy made me take another hit of poppers and then held me tight. We kissed and then he said in my ear," good boy, Good boy, let that big raw cock breed you." "It's going to impregnate you with poz seed". " Your getting knocked up son". "Good boy!" He put his hand on my belly and pushed "I can feel that big raw poz cock inside of you. This is were it's going to put it's poz seed. My head was spinning and my heart was pound in my ears. My hole was getting fucked like a cunt. That's all I wanted in the moment was to be a cunt and get knocked up by that big cock inside of me. To receive its seed, be injected with cum and be permanently impregnated. Daddy held the poppers up to my nose and then I said,"daddy I'm getting knocked up, I'm getting knocked up daddy." He said "that's it son take that poz seed in you cunt". At that the cock inside of me began to speed up its thrusts and I could feel it get harder. Then three hard deep thrusts as a loud moan came from the other side of the wall. I felt the cock inside of me spasm as it squirt sperm deep inside my gut. After a moment, the cock began to slowly come out of me. I had a full filling even after it was all the way out and I knew it had put a big thick load in my cunt. I could the door to the next booth opened and the man left. The hole thing could have been a dream except for the wad I could still feel inside my gut. Daddy opened the door to our booth and led me to a sling. He made me get in and for the next several hours, I was the cunt for the hole place and several other men that showed up. I went back to my hotel and fell asleep with my belly full of cum. The next morning I woke up and it had all absorbed into the walls of my colon. a few days later I woke up with morning sickness. I was pregnant. I had the fuck flu. I had really gotten knocked up by a half dozen men but I think it was the first one that was my baby daddy.
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    Matt and Roger I’m Matt, 27, 6’3”, 230, white, coarse dark brown hair, buzz cut, furry chest, legs, trimmed beard, brown eyes, 7.5 thick cut dick, TT, gym rat, and workaholic. Roger, my boyfriend of six years, is 5’11” 185, 3/4 white 1/4 blatino, eight inches, thick uncut dick, vers, with really light olive skin with sporadic dark curly hair. He's also gym rat. We’ve been monogamous for all six years and have lived together for four in the upper east side of Manhattan. We have in a nice daily routine, which consists of waking up, my fucking a load into him, going to work, lifting at the Equinox from six to seven PM, taking a steam, and heading home to stuff our faces with protein. Sometimes we fuck again at night but usually we save it for the morning session. Monday. This morning Roger had to go out of town for work until Friday, so he left for the airport at 6:00 AM. I missed fucking him, but I didn't jack off because I knew I would have his hole when he got back. I slept in until the last minute and headed to work where I found my balls unusually heavy, and when walking to the break room to get coffee my dick had scarcely rubbed against my boxers when it got somewhat fluffy. Then, when my straight Dominican 45 year old 6’1” 200 lb masculine beefy co-worker came into the break room and began chatting with me about expense reports, my gaze drifted back and forth between his soft wet dark pink lips and the dick bulge visible even through his suit pants. Involuntarily I licked my lips thinking about the taste of his surely uncut, musky dick and ass. By now my dick was pumped full of blood. I definitely needed to stop looking at him. One day of cum backing-up and I was already turning into an animal. Heading back to my desk I popped an Adderral and before I knew it, 5:00 PM arrived, so I headed to the gym. Although my dick was a half staff, I managed to bust out my lift, pop by Chipotle, and get to bed early. Tuesday I was even more horny, and my dick involuntary got hard throughout work. After I was done I headed to the gym, only to find the locker room was busier than normal, with probably twenty or so guys, half of whom were getting dressed, and half of whom were milling around wearing only a towel, en route to the steam room or showers. My senses were heightened. I could smell and practically taste the odor of man. My eyes discretely explored the various bodies as I passed through the locker corridors. In the second such corridor I found a muscled body, fully naked, bent over as he was putting his underwear on. His hairy hole was fully exposed for the second I could observe him. My dick jumped. If it was socially acceptable I would have spit fucked him right there, right then. Instead I went into the last corridor to my usual locker, only to discover two furry bearded muscle daddies, about 50 years old, one 5’9 175, the other 6’ 200, both wearing briefs and pulling on their workout clothing. I can’t help but visually explore their tight furry, veiny, leathery bodies, including the top of a scorpion tattoo which was visible on the waist of the taller man. My eyes made their way down to his hefty bulge visible through his white briefs. His dick was clearly a giant. I could almost see veins running down through the fabric. His balls were so heavy his briefs were sagging somewhat, and his whole crotch was obviously bushy with dark hair. He was definitely a piggy poz daddy. I wanted to bury my face against his crotch. The blood, meanwhile, was surging into my dick, and my entire body temperature was rising. Although only a few seconds had passed since I rounded the corner, both men noticed I was looking. They paused in their chat, which led me to realize my mouth was gaping open, and I was all but drooling. Blushing, I quickly started changing, thinking to myself 'Fuck, you're an idiot. I love Roger'. I also thought 'You're definitely going to have to jack off tonight, if only to get some release'. The two daddies, however, were like lions stalking weak prey. The taller one initiated conversation with me remarking "I hope the gym isn’t as busy as this shit show locker room.” “Hah, agreed,” I replied. "What are you lifting today?” he persisted. "Chest and probably some shoulders. You?” "Nice. I'm working chest and tri’s. Dave here is doing cardio. If it’s nuts out there and you want any machine I’m on, don’t hesitate to let me know.” “Thanks, man. Same to you.” With that the three of us walked upstairs to the workout floor where it truly was a shit show. Nearly every machine and weight was occupied. I got lucky and spot a bench which was about to be vacated, and started loading up the 45's. The six foot daddy approached remarking “Hey, lucky guy, you mind if I join you?” "Not at all. Matt here. What's your name?” “Frank. Nice to meet you. Guess you're up first, youngin'.” Laying back on the bench I could feel Frank's eyes undressing me, and to be honest it was reciprocal, because when I looked up I found myself staring at his bulge and black furry armpits. I also found myself thinking he must be middle-eastern decent, or his ancestors came from somewhere in that part of the world. His arms were huge and quite veiny. He was wearing a black tank top and grey basketball shorts which complemented his build. As I lay there I inhaled a few times to pump up for my set. The smell of dick musk was palpable and intoxicating, so naturally blood pumped into my dick. “Hey Matt, you going to do this or just pass out from breathing too much?" Frank joked, his voice extremely deep and sexy. I busted out my set, and then, now spotting him, my bulge was huge, as I was half hard. I try to adjust my dick in my boxers to minimize its appearance, but Frank, already laying down and looking from a position where he could see up the leg of my shorts, chuckled and suggested “Move a bit forward so I can look up your shorts and see what’s causing this distracting view." Blushing, I smiled and awkwardly didn't make a reply. Frank kept up the banter throughout his entire set, and ended-up working with me for the rest of my routine. After every lift he either patted my back, butt, or briefly massaged my neck in a very bro style. He knew exactly how to seduce me, and as we walked towards the locker room Frank made his move “Dave is going to be doing cardio for a bit longer. We almost meet here after work, but he usually leaves after I do. How about grabbing Chipotle? I’m starving.” I was also, and without hesitation replied “Sure, I’m game.” We quickly changed into our street clothing and headed out. Just as we hit the street he briefly massaged the back of my neck as he asked “Hey, do you mind if we pop into my place really fast so I can get a heartburn pill? I love hot sauce but it kills me. My apartment is on the way to Chipotle.” It felt wrong but I couldn't think fast enough to get out of it. “Sure no problem.” His place was on the next block up. Walking in, he pulled off his shirt, kicked off his shoes, and dropped his pants and underwear as he moved deeper into the apartment. His body was so strong, and showed quite a bit of fur on his upper back and above his ass. His ass and legs were, in fact, completely covered in thick black hair. My heart was about to explode out of my chest and my dick was pumping full of blood. I wanted to lick him all over. “Sorry, man, I'm gonna throw on some dry clothing, real quick.” As he paraded into his bedroom I could see his dick sway between his legs. I had to regain my composure, so I asked to use his bathroom. "Sure, use the one through here, though, attached to my bedroom. The guest bathroom is being renovated." No sooner had I entered his bedroom he than he turned to me, his monstrous, poisonous, uncut dick thick and half hard. His scorpion tattoo also caught my eye, especially because it was much bigger than I had realized, stretching from his waist to his balls, buried in black hair. Stepping forward, Frank grabbed my face and growled "Come here." He had me under his spell. When he jammed his tongue into my mouth I was surprised how soft his lips felt, surrounded by his thick beard. Pulling back slightly, he ordered "Open your mouth.” I complied without a thought and he spat deep into my mouth, actually hitting the back of my throat. Again his mouth engulfed mine, his tongue wresting with mine. I felt virtually weak kneed with lust as my dick throbbed with arousal, my precum seeping into my underwear. He completely dominated me, and it seemed only correct that as his tongue explored my mouth and throat, he should pull my pants down and my shirt off over my head. My mind flashed ever so briefly to Roger, and a wave of guilt hits me, but the combination of Frank and my throbbing dick overcame my sense of guilt. There was no question: at least at this moment, Frank and my throbbing dick were in control. As we kissed, Frank's hand made its way to my furry muscular ass, squeezing first one, then the other cheek, hard, grunting into my mouth as he did so. Then he found my asshole and starts to scratch into it. Fuck, no one had done that to me in so long. It felt amazing. Even though I was completely dry, he forced his middle finger in knuckle deep, digging away. It seemed as if electricity was shooting from my hole to my dick. I could probably could have cum from that play alone, but instead he pulled closer against his chest, in so doing trapping his rock hard monster cock between our bodies. I'm not exaggerating when I say it stretched all the way up to my chest. And fuck, he was poz. His massive dick was leaking toxic precum onto my chest. I thought 'Well, I can’t get poz from spit, right? So as long as we just jack off I'm good', but Frank apparently had a different idea 'cause he took me into his arms, picked me up, and deposited me on the bed as he joined me there, the entire move without having let go of me. At this point his rock hard monster nine inch, thick uncut dick was oozing precum onto my stomach. Positioning himself between my legs, Frank ground his dick against mine as we continued making out. It had been so long since I've been with a guy other than Roger that everything felt new, and it was new in another sense. I had never before been dominated. Breaking our kiss, Frank stood up, and, standing over my body, jacked his huge furry dick while twisting his nipple. Then he crouched over my face, presenting his massive balls for me to admire. I was in sensory overload. They were so ripe. Taking ragged, deep breaths, I was all but getting high off of Frank's man smell. I wanted all of his sweat in my mouth. Frank, however, had his own agenda, and he placed his dickhead onto my forehead, which allowed me to lean my head all the way back so I can finally taste his dick, which was apparently his objective, as he slowly guided his dick head towards my mouth, pulling back his foreskin, and squeezing himself in the process. Silky poz cum oozed out of his head, flowing into my mouth. Although at one level I knew it was pure poison I unhesitatingly swallowed it. Frank then sank his dick into my mouth, and I opened as widely as I could. Nevertheless his cock head could barely fit into my mouth. Not to be deterred, Frank grabbed my jaw and forced his dick down my throat. I couldn't breath or move. He was virtually impaling me from the top down. My dick seemed to be getting harder the deeper he went into my throat, and finally his balls were resting on my nose. He remained stationary, balls deep, for several seconds as I struggled not to choke and cough, but eventually I had to at least try to push his weight off of my face. Still he was in charge as he thrust in a few times, grunting with pleasure. My throat involuntarily kept trying to swallow his massive piece of meat, even as my eyes streamed with tears from the effort of accommodating him. After what seemed to be about 20 seconds he finally pulled out. I gasped for air, my spit thick and stringy. "Good boy,” he whispered. Then he leaned forward, dangling his dickhead at my mouth and swallowed my seven and a half inch dick with ease. My balls tighten and tingled, and involuntarily I moaned, grunting "Oh fuck, I'm close.” Pulling off immediately, Frank growled "We can't have that yet.” I reached down to jack myself off, but he grabbed my hand, stopping me. My dick was so hard it seemed permanently flexed, and was almost hurting. I was so close to cumming to use the words 'blue balls' doesn't give the experience credit. Frank, meanwhile, picked-up with his agenda, and climbed over and behind me, pulling my legs up and initially onto his muscular hairy shoulders, then, as he propped my torso back on my shoulder blades, so my hole was facing the ceiling, my knees were now flung forward, resting on the mattress, one leg flanking each side of my head. With one hand he grabbed under both of my knees so he could examine my hole. I was completely exposed, and he was so strong. Spitting directly into my hole, he fingered it in, massaging my ass lips. My dick had never been so hard. More spit, and more massaging. I knew what he had in mind, and I didn't care. He was hitting my prostate; I felt him working the cum out of my balls with each prod. I was a human fuck toy to him. Then he pulled my legs back down to his shoulders, leaned forward, and gave me a deep kiss. His huge uncut dickhead likewise kissed my open hole. This was so dangerous. I knew it was, and I suspected he was leaking precum into my hole. Giving one last effort to be rational, I gave a half-hearted effort to push him off and to break off the kiss, trying to explain "Noo.. no way I’m bottoming.. I have a bo....” Frank didn't care about my protestations. He leaned over me again, jamming his tongue back into my mouth, his dick head now firmly lodged against my hole. Rocking our bodies a few times, I senses his slick foreskin unrolling on my hole, revealing the poisonous leaking raw helmet out of which his precum freely oozed. In fact I could feel his excess spit and his precum dripping down my ass crack, onto my back. My hole was slicker with each of his thrusts, and my head spun in excitement as Frank broke through my sphincter, opening me up with small thrusts, pushing ever harder to sink ever further in. Then, when he was about three inches in, he stopped. My hole was wrapped so tightly around his giant dick, I found myself involuntarily flexing my ass muscles, not knowing what to do otherwise with the foreign object lodged there. Moaning like a lion Frank muttered "Fuckk.. too tight,” his dick flexing and throbbing as he bred me with his poz cum. My dick spasmed without any manual touch, stimulated by his flexing dick which flooded my hole with his seed as he sank further into my ass. “You’re mine now,” he murmured, repeatedly kissing me. With this he pushed me over the edge. I moaned into his mouth as my balls erupted, volley after volley of my cum flowing onto my chest and neck. My hole was in unknown ecstasy. Frank's huge hairy balls were now on my ass as he had bottomed out and was not moving, but his cock continued flexing, doubtless oozing more and more poz cum into my ass. We made out for several more minutes, our tongues intertwined, but eventually Frank slowly withdrew his snake from the depths of my ass and then collapsed on the bed to my right, pulling me under his arm. We lay there breathing heavily, taking in the experience. I found myself thinking 'What the fuck have I just done?' My asshole was still gaping, and I could surely feel Frank's poz jizz leaking on to my ass cheeks and the bed. Taking a deep breath, Frank propped himself up on his elbow and wryly asked, "So, was that the first poz load you've taken, youngin'?” a smile in his eyes and on his lips.
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 6) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** I slapped Davis hard to calm him down. “Shut up and stop squirming around” I told my mate to hand me the tooth brush and held it closely to Davis’ face. He watched hypnotized at the instrument, which should make him bleed and give all the others the comfort of raping him. It was an old and used brush. Another guest forgot it probably in the bath room, or just didn’t want to take the tooth brush with him anymore, since it looked quite shabby. I touched Davis face with the brush. It didn’t hurt him, but still he tried to avoid contact. I drew a line over his cheek and smiled at him. “What do you think? We will use this to rip your cunt open” “Will it hurt me very much?” he was obviously frightened. “I won’t lie to you… it is pretty painful, but this way we can enjoy your wet cunt much more later on, do you get it?” I asked him calmly. “It is necessary for you to get the full impact of our cum into your system” I explained to him. “Believe me, once we’ve finished with you, you will drool for every cock in town to give you another shot of charged up cum and with your looks you will be prime meat…. and we give you enough experience to know your future role as a faggot cum dump for dirty loads…..” I spoke to him soothingly. “So…. we will push you down now and I want you to relax your sphincter. We want to enjoy this moment, so don’t trash around or scream out loud…. you don’t want to make me angry again… do you? I asked him sternly. Davis looked around in panic. “Of course…. if you would use the tooth brush on yourself….” I thought out loudly. “You know your body best. If you put up a good show for us, we might not even fuck your hole” I continued my thinking talking more or less to me. I saw a gleam of hope in the boys’ eyes. “Are you nuts?” one of the guys complained. “I want to drench his cunt with my lethal injection” he laughed out loudly. I turned around and winked to my companions, then turned back to the lad again. “Believe me. If you use this tooth brush and fuck yourself with it for a while, we will shoot our loads without even touching you.” I smiled. “You must be good though. Just entering with the tip and then hoping for good is not enough. We will instruct you probably, while you are having fun with yourself, but I promise we won’t interact in any other way” “And you won’t rape me after all? You promise?” Davis asked cutely. “If all of us shoot a load within an hour into your mouth, you will be free to go….. I promise” I vowed. I held the tooth brush still in front of Davis’ eyes. His hand raised up slowly and with a promising wink he accepted the torture instrument. The guys moved closer to the bed stroking their cocks slowly. The video-cam was stationed on the tripod again. We pulled the tripod a bit to the side, so that the bed was in good view. One of the guys stood behind the cam to zoom in from time to time. Davis was still looking at us with fear in his eyes. He tried to sit up and while staring at us the brush vanished under his body eventually. “This way you won’t be successful in avoiding your rape and the time is ticking” someone advised him. “We could shackle his feet to the bedpost” a buddy suggested. “This way he would be on his back, with his legs spread widely and chained up to those posts.” “No! I don’t want to be tied up!” the youth exclaimed at once. “Listen…. just comply. I am a man to my word. Make love with this tooth brush and accept our loads in your mouth, then you won’t be harmed any further.” I tried to convince the lad. “Get on your back now…“ I continued. He looked me into my eyes and slowly moved into a horizontal position. “Get the handcuffs” I hissed. While we helped him to pull up his legs, we tied him up finally. We were able to see his ass crack slightly open for us. “Now try to find the hot spot – use your other hand to spread your ass cheeks. We need to see what’s going on in order to cum…. just trying to help you lad.” I encouraged him. Davis moved his left hand to get a good grip of one ass cheek. While he pulled it away, we could see his asshole finally. “Good boy…. now use the brush and slowly enter your hole with it…. Don’t pull back…. never pull back until I tell you…..” He sobbed silently while pushing the tip of the tooth brush into his body. He stopped suddenly. I promised him, we wouldn’t interfere but I saw the danger in him pulling out immediately. So I rested my hand calmly on his hand and told him in a comforting voice not to pull out now, but to keep the pressure and push deeper into his cunt. He nodded understandingly and while he pushed the brush deeper into his asshole, I withdrew my helping hand and continued stroking my hard dick. All the guys were slowly jacking off, while they heard the youth whimper and watched him cooperate to our advices. “This is so fucking beautiful” I whispered. “Good job boy, just a little bit deeper… stop now” I ordered him. “How do you feel?” I asked the heavy breathing lad. “I’m scared…” Davis lamented. “No need to baby…. now listen to me…… look onto my eyes cutie… look at me…. Keep the eye contact… now…. *moaned* Yank the tooth brush out of your fuck hole you son of a bitch…. yank it out!” I shouted out loud. Davis pulled the tooth brush out of his arse in one fast motion and immediately started screaming on top of his lungs. “Aiieeeeeee… AAAIIIIEEEEEE … *sobbed*” Two guys covered the youth’s mouth to mute his alarming sounds. Davis trashed around, but since he was not able to move his legs, he had no choice but to scream about the horrible pain he just endured. He dropped the tooth brush next to his ass but I picked it up for him. Two other pals on both sides used the situation already and grabbed both hands of the cub and made him stroke their dicks, which he actually did. That was so hot. In the moment of his biggest pain he still functioned as the goddamn faggot he was. I let the guys fool around a bit, but after the first wave of pain faded away, I handed Davis the tooth brush back and praised the lads guts, to fuck himself with this device. “That was a great beginning, but if you want us to cum into your mouth, you better continue to fuck yourself with this!” I exclaimed. I helped Davis, who didn’t seem to be so brave anymore, and led his hand back to his hole. We wanted to see blood sipping out of his ass cunt profusely. The pub tried to find some sympathy in our eyes. That was the only thing he could see – the slits in our masks revealed how much we enjoyed this despair and pain. “Push now!” I demanded and with a cry of help he entered his tiny hole a second time, knowing it wouldn’t be the last…
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    Brad is totally my type: tall, lean, and having a basketball player's build, has reddish-brown hair and the most sexy light brown eyes. He's 6' 6", 190 pounds and 26 years old. He is simply one of the sexiest guys I've ever known, he has a gorgeous eight inch cock and a great set of balls. I was very happy with him, and had been with him for six months when he found out that he was poz. I was negative, and during those six months when we had sex, Brad had never cum in me ... although I asked for him to. I thought it was quirky at first that he wouldn't shoot inside me, but just let it go, although I knew ex had done IV drugs and they had plenty of bareback sex.) When he told me he was poz, he said he would understand if I broke it off with him, feeling I deserved a less-challenging relationship. I wouldn't hear of it. Three months later we moved in together into a West Hollywood apartment and had sex all the time - always bareback. Brad's doctor suggested he attend a gay men's poz support group where he could talk about being poz with guys who could understand. That's where he met Justin, who was also in a poz-neg relationship. Justin and I are surprisingly similar in build, 6 foot tall, 185 pounds, 28 years old and light brown hair. They both had the same HIV doctor and had met once before in the doctor's office, although just in passing. Since the beach is a long drive, Brad and I regularly went to a bathhouse, North Hollywood Spa that has an outdoor sun deck. We'd lay out to get some sun and then go inside to have some fun, always together. It worked for us in our new relationship, so why not? Being around other hot naked guys just got us even more horny for each other. Shortly after Brad joined the poz support group, we ran into Justin on Santa Monica Blvd, and he told me he thought it was cool that I was OK with Brad being poz ... and that his neg partner wouldn't touch him at all because of it. I said "You're a hottie! I can't imagine any man not wanting to be naked with you!" OK, so sometimes my 'edit mode' doesn't work well, and I guess the cat was out of the bag. Justin was hot and now he and Brad knew I thought as much. Justin wanted to know how Brad fucked my neg ass without him pozzing me, so Brad explained he would pull out of my ass right when he was starting to cum and then shoot on my abs. That way we were able to avoid condoms and also avoid having me seroconvert. Then Brad apparently had a brain storm 'cause he said "Rob and I are going to lay out naked at the tubs on Saturday," adding "would you like to join us?" Justin was up for it as his boyfriend was out of town for work, so we arranged for Justin to meet at our place and then we'd head out together. Justin had never been to a bathhouse before, so we got him checked in and inside. I got a big room for us to throw our stuff into, with the thought we'd strip down and then head to the sun deck. That's when Brad and I first saw Justin's cock. Holy Fuck, it was huge and he was sporting a Prince Albert. His nipples were also pierced, which I also found hot. I definitely wanted his cock in a big way. While I knew the poz support group’s rules said Brad and Justin were not supposed to play around with each other, I had the distinct feeling that rule would be broken before we went home that day. Brad and I chose to lay naked, and Justin wore a Speedo as he wanted a tan line. Brad and Justin lay next to each other, and my lounge chair was in front of their's, which, as long as I was on my stomach, made it really convenient for me to stare at Justin's basket. The Speedo barely contained his pierced poz cock. I wanted it. So did Brad. I had a spritz bottle, so after a little bit, I misted water on me to cool off. I then to be a dickhead, adjusted the stream to a jet and squirted Brad directly in the balls. That got his attention! His cock started getting hard, so I continued doing it. Justin laughed at what I was doing, so I squirted his Speedo as well, then worked the stream up to his nips. My cock was hard. Brad's cock was hard, and Justin's cock was filling out his Speedo even more. "Let's take a break inside and cool off," I suggested, wanting to be naked with these two studs. The three of us showered off downstairs and then headed to the room, "Just for a couple minutes." But no sooner had the door behind us, than we lost our towels, and we were three guys in heat, making out and feeling each other up, our cocks drooling precum like crazy. We were horny and needed to get off. In no time, the three of us were on the bed and ravaging each other. I was on my back with Brad sucking my cock, while Justin sucked Brad's cock. It wasn't too long before it was time to switch-up. "I gotta get a taste of my first pierced cock," Brad said. I said "Don't get him off, because I want some too." Justin wasn't used to three-ways, and this was his first since he converted to being poz, and he certainly wasn't used to a neg guy being so hot for his poz cock. Brad switched places and laid on his back and Justin crawled up to straddle Brad and fed him his cock. This was a great opportunity for me to get Brad's cock up my hole and to feel up Justin while he got his cock sucked by Brad. Justin blocked Brad's view, so Brad was surprised when I lubed up his bare cock and lowered myself onto him. I moaned at how hot Brad's cock felt up my ass ... and what a hot view I had of Justin's butt and hot body. He turned around to see what I was up to behind him, and was surprised I was taking Brad's cock right there. It was erotic as hell to watch Brad suck on another poz cock, and I certainly enjoyed having his cock up my ass. Unfortunately, Brad's gag reflex had a problem with the ring in Justin's cock, so he had to back off it and just suck on the tip. Seeing what was going on, I said, "Let's switch positions ... I'll be able to take his big dick with no problem." Brad and Justin just looked at me and laughed as Brad remarked "My boyfriend the slut! Give the man what he wants." Justin took Brad's place on his back, I bent over to suck Justin's cock and Brad fucked me doggy style. Everyone was happy until Brad pulled out saying, "I'm getting too close. I don't want to cum yet." Justin said, "Yeah, I want to have a turn with Rob too." I moved off his cock and stood next to Justin who then reached over to my loose lubed butt and gave it a grab. I turned a little to give him easier access to my hole and he slid a finger up inside me. Brad and Justin got a little quiet and for a couple moments Brad and Justin looked at each other's eyes, and gave each other a slight nod. Brad said, "Yeah, Justin ... it's Rob's turn." Brad slid back on the bed to give us some space and watched while Justin worked my already-lubed hole with one finger, and then two fingers, and as he did so, Justin turned to Brad saying "Rob's ass feels amazing. No wonder you told me you love fucking him." Brad said, "Go ahead and give him a couple more fingers, he loosens right up." At that point I was bent over the bed just enjoying the amazing treatment Justin was giving my asshole. I was totally relaxed having him do what he wanted and Brad was playing with his cock watching Justin. Justin slid his four fingers out of my ass and slid his pierced poz cock inside me. Wow, he felt great. I love my boyfriend's eight inch cock but Justin's seven inch, fat cock was a whole different kind of great. "Yeah, fuck me," I urged Justin. Brad meanwhile was jacking his cock, taking in the scene, his cock rock hard. Clearly he was totally into watching me be get plowed by his poz friend. Justin bent over and whispered in my ear, "You get off on my hot poz cock, don't you?" Brad didn't notice Justin's question, but it had me rock hard. I didn't say anything at first, so Justin asked more loudly "You want that, huh?" Brad looked up at both of us and smiled when I answered "Yeah, fuck me ... give it to me! But first let me change positions!" We all started laughing and they both made room for me to get on my back with my legs in the air. Justin said, "Let me take a couple minutes ... Brad, you get back inside him." Justin pulled out of me and noticed a little redness on his cock. He realized his Prince Albert piercing was rubbing my asshole raw from the friction. We looked at each other and he was about to say something about it. I gazed into his eyes and slowly shook my head and whispered, "Don't say anything." Once his cock was inside me, Brad said, "Oh yeah, Rob has such a hot hole. God I love fucking his ass." "Yeah, I want this ... fuck me, Brad," I urged. As Brad fucked me, Justin kissed me, quietly saying "Rob, I'm going to help you get what you want." Brad looked at Justin saying "We're probably okay fucking him, since we're both undetectable." A strange look crossed Justin's face, which led Brad to ask "What's that look for?" In a slightly dull tone Justin answered "My doctor didn't like my blood panels, so he took me off my HIV meds two weeks ago. I thought I told you." Justin continued, "But don't worry about me. Fuck Rob's hot hole and shoot inside him!" There wasn't much room behind Brad and the wall, and Justin had a plan. He got off the bed and stood next to Brad, lightly tweaking his nipples. That drove Brad crazy and filled him with lust. Justin then moved behind Brad as he was fucking me and tweaked his nipples. Brad muttered "Oh, fuck, I'm getting close!" I grabbed Brad’s hips to pull his cock into my ass, and Justin lodged himself against the wall so that Brad couldn’t back away as Brad yelled, "Shit! I'm cumming ... fuck, I'm shooting." I was also shooting, but unlike Brad's load, my cum load blew all over my chest. It was likely the biggest load I've ever had. Fuck that was hot. After all this time with Brad, I finally got him to cum inside me - and I wanted it really bad. Poz cum just made it hotter. Brad's cum had nowhere to go, but inside my ravaged hole. And he was freaking out softly saying, almost to himself, "Oh my god, I came in you! Fuck! I don't want to poz you." "Hang on, honey, it'll be okay. A lot of guys don't get pozzed the first time they're bred! Come here...." Brad's cock was still in my hole and I pulled him towards me and kissed him many times, murmuring "Don't worry." He moved off me and laid down on the bed and Justin was there with a slight smirk. We both knew what he did for me, and I was grateful. "Can I get a hand here?" Justin asked. In the excitement, Brad and I hadn't helped Justin get off, and his cock needed to blow a load. "Yeah, I think I can help you out," I replied, turning to Brad and asking "Okay with you? I think it's Justin's turn." Brad looked at both of us and slowly nodded yes. I pulled Justin down to make out with him, and I could feel his poz cock grazing my thighs and balls. I reached down and aimed his cock inside my hole, easing his pierced poz cock inside me, my boyfriend's poz load the only lube. I announced with genuine excitement "Fuck, this is amazingly hot." Justin grinned as he slid in and out of my wrecked hole and asked "You really like this. Fuck, man, I never thought I'd ever get inside your hole." "Hell, yeah, man, this is amazing." In a slightly louder tone Justin asked "You want me to cum in you?" Mischievously I replied "Ask Brad if you can." Justin replied in a voice loud enough for the guys in the adjoining rooms could hear "It's not Brad's hole I'm breeding. Do you want my poz cum?" There was only one possible reply for me: "Fuck yeah, dude. Shoot your hot poz load into my ass!” Just then every muscle in Justin's body tensed up as a prelude to his hot load. He pounded my hole even harder, as if to force his virus into my body. Justin yelled, "You're such a cum slut, take my poz load." I could feel his cock unloading in my guts. The spasms triggered another orgasm for me. I was in heaven, as was Justin who collapsed on top of me, with his cock still lodged inside my hole. We hugged and kissed. Brad looked a little shell-shocked at what just took place. We all stretched out on the bed and wrapped our arms around each other just to hold on. I wasn't sure what was going through Brad's head, so when everyone caught their breath, I said, "That was amazing. I've wanted that for a long time. Thank you." Brad looked at me with a puzzled look. He said, "I had no idea ... you never talked to me about it or asked me for it." I asked, "Would you have bred me if I asked you to?" Just then, I felt Brad's cock start to get hard against my thigh. Brad said, "Justin and I hoped you would be okay with us just fucking you, but now, you'll have a lot more of our cum from now on." The three of us smiled, relieved about how the afternoon turned out. Brad got off the bed, his big poz hard on, pointing in my direction. I got up on all fours, and pointed my ass in his direction and my mouth on Justin's cock. Justin's cock was slightly funky, but I didn't care. It was my turn, and I got what I wanted.
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    Just another wasted youth (Part 2) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** “How old are you bitch?” I asked him, while pulling his nipples through his t-shirt. “18” he moaned. “I turned 18 two days ago” “Aaawwww… and now we seem to be your gift” I smiled. The boy smiles back at me. “Keep yourself dizzy bitch” I encouraged to sniff at the poppers bottle as often as he could. “Enjoy your ride to hell” I stated and my buddies and I laughed loudly while we held this twats body up. “Wouldn’t you enjoy to get fucked by everyone in this darkroom?” I whispered. “Imagine all the cocks getting hard, just because of your cute butt” “They sure would enjoy pounding your sweet loyal cunt” my mate grunted. “I don’t know” the youth replied. “You guys got big dicks…. I am horny for big dicks tonight” he replied. “A true bottom should never refuse a hard cock – not on a night like this” I tried to persuade him. “I love my boyfriend… I don’t want to cheat on him” said the twink who just got his ass fucked by totally strangers. “You are not… tonight your boyfriend isn’t here. You miss him so much, that is why you allowed us to plow your ass….” I talked to him soothingly. “It is your boyfriends fault. He should have been here with you at your birthday party. But don’t worry about it, no one needs to know, that you are a greedy little ass cunt.” The guy behind the twink had his hands on the youths shoulders and fucked him high speed. “Yeah…. it is all *grunts* his fault. He should have been here with me, instead of working for his company…..oooooh - I got needs” he moaned. “Yeah and let the guys here fulfill your needs just for tonight. Tomorrow your boyfriend will get to love you anyway and you love him, but tonight we are here to please your cunt” “Doesn’t it feel good to have a big cock up your ass, jamming your tight entrance…. give us the chance to make you feel good. Let’s make you the star of this night… let all the guys here fuck your ass…. just so, because you can do it…. and you do it so good baby.” I whispered those words into his ear. “Don’t reject anyone… see every cock as a present for you to set a new world record in getting charged up in one night – don’t be a fool to let this chance pass you by….” I continued to talk him into. “You don’t even have to look at the guys. Just stay here, look at the wall and imagine your ass a deposit for cum. Take another whiff….. Yeah….. imagine you are just a hole to us. Help us to get off…. into your sweet little body.” “Oooooh fuck…. your cock feels so good…..and maybe I should let you all fuck my pussy – but only tonight” the lad agreed. “Yeah – only for tonight slut” I answered satisfied. “And only with condoms….” he insisted. This was ridiculous. There he was – a totally drunk teen and buzzed up with poppers and still he had the audacity to demand safe fucks? I sighed deeply and looked at our third mate, who would have been the next to fuck this toad. “Sorry man… then you can’t fuck him with your 12 incher” I winked at him. “Man…. what the fuck….?” he complained. “You know his dick is so huge and thick… he has really problems finding condoms which would fit him.” I explained to our target. He peered at the next cock and seemed to be mesmerized. “Ooooooh *sighs* your cock is fucking beautiful. I have never seen a real dick being so thick and long” he moaned. “And do you see how much he looked forward to demolish your hole? Look at the streams of precum, dripping to the floor already.” I brought his attention to my pals Gono infection. But he was so swept away, that he really didn’t draw the conclusion or maybe it was simply too dark. He asked instead if he could lick his ‘precum’ away. “Of course” my friend said and while still getting fucked up the ass, the lad bent a little to the side and started sucking his fag beater. After only two minutes he got up again and asked my mate ‘Are you okay?’ “I feel great….” my pal replied. “No I mean, are you healthy……?” he mumbled under the influence of the alcohol. “Yeah faggot. Don’t worry I am clean” he lied stealthily. In the meanwhile the second fucker reached his orgasm and ejaculated the second high POZ load flooded the boys’ sewer. “Okay…. then fuck my ass raw.” he whispered. “What?” my mate answered as he was hard of hearing. “FUCK ME RAW” the twink shouted. “Gentlemen…..this twink just turned 18 two days ago and he is willing to accept the gift…. Please…..make sure you make room to those who are willing to share…..” I exclaimed. “You want to get charged up, right?” I asked him loudly. “Yeah man, charge me up with your dicks” he moaned. “I didn’t hear you?” I teased him. “OH FUCK….. GIVE ME YOUR COCKS….. *moans* CHARGE ME UP PLEASE!” he almost cried out. In no time we had a nice crowd of guys gathering around to take part at this spectacle. While our last friend started penetrating the boys’ hole, the twink moaned in pleasure and pain. 12 inch of hard cock meat worked his way up the lads’ ass cunt. “Ooooooh yeah…. this is it….. fuck me…. FUCK….. batter me with your huge dick” he begged. “Don’t worry pups…. I will fuck you hard and give you all I got…..” he snickered.
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 4) “Come here… stroke my cock while you dance you horny fuck” I ordered Davis. He hesitated at first and looked at me worried. Then he moved slowly towards me and lowered his head. I could see him crying. He took my hard cock in both of his hands and started stroking it gently. We could all hear him sob. I handed the cam to a mate, then put my arms around Davis and pulled him closer to me. “Continue stroking me, pup” I told him in a normal tone. His head rested against my right shoulder. I could feel his tears on my skin. My hands started massaging his ass cheeks through his white pair of jeans. My black leather gloves made a nice contrast to the white fabric. Davis’ sobbing increased slightly. He was shaking like a leaf. He guessed obviously, that I would tear his jeans down from him and rape myself into his body. “What’s wrong baby? Don’t you want to welcome us with your sweet innocent hole?” I asked him softly. He shook his head slowly, without looking at my ski mask, revealing only my eyes and my mouth. “Open your jeans and keep on moving your body to the music” I said. Another friend moved closer and pressed himself against the youth’s backside, twisting Davis’ nipples again. Davis heard a loud squeak - just to learn it was himself making those noises. My buddy pressed his hard dick against the boys’ jeans and Davis felt an enormous erection pushing against his ass. The guy moved slowly with Davis rocking body. There was danger in the air. “Start to unbutton your jeans now” I repeated myself squeezing his ass cheeks even more. Davis shook almost violently while sobbing and started to follow my order. It took an eternity for him, to unbutton his pants, but as soon as he accomplished the task, my friend and I pulled Davis’ tight jeans down to his upper thighs. His movements were now more restricted, because he couldn’t get rid of the whole pants at once. I looked down and realized the slut was wearing a jock strap. “Oh you cheap whore…. you dressed up for us? Huh?” I looked at him with my masked face and lifted his chin up, so he could see my cold eyes through the slit. “I bought it for today” he sniffed. “You bought this for our date? You hear that guys? This slick cum bucket bought this whore pants for us” I sneered. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and my mate immediately attacked the boys’ hole. He tried to push his glans penis into Davis, who wailed in distress. It was fun to keep the boy in place, while my mate tried again and again to push his cock into this narrow pink hole. It seemed impossible to fuck him dry. I mean… of course with enough brutality it would fit sooner or later, but we had another plan. “Let a real man open up this cunt” another guy leered. We dragged Davis to a couch and positioned him over one of the couch arms. Someone spread the boys’ ass cheeks apart and with a little bit of spit the second guy actually entered the boy two inches. Davis screamed like a maniac. I pushed his face into a cushion, to muffle his screams. “How does it feel, getting ripped up without lube. Do you like his cock boy? Do you want more of his tube in your cunt?” I shouted out. “Man… he is tight…” the lucky bastard moaned. He withdrew his cock and we let go of Davis. The little punk tried to get up and run for the door, but fell over his own two feet. He tumbled down and crawled away, only to end up hiding in a corner of a room. There he tried to be invisible. Davis blinked and saw three pair of legs walking into his direction. The guys walked slowly and removed their belts slowly. He didn’t dare to examine the whole situation. All he could see were several legs, three hard cock and some dangling belts. Then he felt the first blow….
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    Tonight I traveled to the tops' apartments - Got fucked by 5 guys in about 3 hours and got 4 loads... By the last two fucks there was a puddle of cum under where we fucked I had so much in my ass...
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    I live in Las Vegas and for a town called Sin City, it can really be hit or miss if you're a bottom. But I'll never forget the time that I was essentially raped at Entourage, one of the two remaining bathhouses here in town. I'd been out with a couple of friends and we'd gone to Badlands, a somewhat old style saloon in the same commercial center where Entourage is located. I was feeling buzzed and was in no condition to drive home so as we said our goodbyes, my buddies went their way and I walked over to Entourage. As it was roughly 2:00 AM on a Friday night, all the rooms were taken up and I had to settle for a locker. I figured I'd just wait til a room was available and get some sleep then. In the meantime, I figured I'd check out the action. I undressed and walked around with the towel over one shoulder, which, for the most part, covered my cock, but which left my ass visible. The hallways and TV room were nearly empty and, as I made my way around, I could see that most doors were closed. I silently regretted those last two Jack and cokes I'd had because they were beginning to hit me and all I wanted was to lay down somewhere quiet and get some rest. That's when I saw Him walking towards me: good looking, muscular, 20 something year old dark haired stud with a USMC tattoo on his right pec and a beer can thick cock hanging between his legs. He walked past me without acknowledgement, but as I turned to look over my shoulder, I caught him doing the same, apparently staring at my ass. For the next few minutes, as I looked for a place to lay down, I would occasionally see him in my peripheral vision, stalking me as if I were his prey. I finally made my slightly disoriented way into the empty dark room and lay face down on a waist high platform, ready to get some shut eye and oblivious to the fact that the stud had followed behind me and was standing a mere few feet from me, fisting his thick cock and making plans for my hole. As I lay there on the verge of sleep, I suddenly felt him straddle my ass, spread my cheeks with both hands, and what felt like a baseball bat pressing against my asshole, trying to stretch it against its obvious resistance. The shock and pain woke me the fuck up and in a drunken slur I said "Please don't, you're really big." Without saying a word he backed off and I could hear him pop open some lube and begin to jack his cock. I naively thought that that was the end of it when he suddenly lay his full weight on my back, clamped one hand around my mouth, and used his other hand to maneuver his now slick cock between my cheeks and started using that big mushroom head as a battering ram. The slippery lube and his insistence gradually spread my hole and with an almost audible pop, his cock head forced its way through my sphincter and I heard him groan savagely as I lay there and saw stars from the pain of the sudden invasion. I tried getting up from under him but he used his body weight to hold me down and as he shoved the remaining length of his hole wrecker in me, he hissed into my ear, "I'm fucking balls deep in you now, just fucking take it." I felt helpless as I lay there and felt him bucking his hips and sliding his thick fucker in and out of me, feeling his huge cock head drag and push my insides as he shoved in and out of my guts. In the back of my mind, I was worried and scared because I knew I was essentially getting raped by a big dicked stud who hadn't even contemplated putting a condom on before spearing my guts with his huge cock. But in the forefront, I was beginning to really enjoy the fuck as I he would slam balls deep and ram directly onto my prostate. I couldn't help it and I started moaning uncontrollably against his hand on every down stroke. He soon noticed and that seemed to turn him on. He started getting more vocal, whispering encouragements into my ear, "That's right, fuck yeah, I knew you'd love my cock.....yeah, take my fucking cock all in you..... Yeah, your tight little pussy is gonna make me cum..... Yeah, I'm gonna fill you up with my load." The rhythm of the cock pistoning in and out of my ass began to become more frantic, even as I recognized a complete stranger was about to shoot his cum into my unprotected hole. His breathing became more ragged as he suddenly pushed himself as deep into me as he could and froze in place as I could feel his cock twitching and throbbing balls deep in me as he flooded my guts with his cum and groaned, "Fuck yeah, knocking your ass up with my seed! Yeah, take it all bitch, take my babies in you, fucking take my load!" My hole spasmed around his cock, responding to the stimulus as he lay on top of me, his heart beating like a jack rabbit and his cock still throbbing with the last jets of his orgasm. He pulled his cock out of me and I felt empty as the cool air hit my now puffed up ass lips. He smacked my left ass cheek and said, "Keep my cum in you and let it do its job, cumdump." With that advice he got off of me and walked back into the darkness. I lay there confused and conflicted as my military rapist's cum slowly trickled out of my hole and ran down my balls to join the load I'd unexpectedly shot as he took my ass and made it his cumdump.
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    It was the annual Toga Party at my frat, Omega Chi, the sexiest party of the year. I belonged to the hottest frat on campus, the one that all the top jocks belonged to. And the Toga Party was the most sought after invite of the year for anyone who was anyone. It was tradition for everyone to wear nothing under their toga. This near nudity, combined with alcohol and young libidos generated an atmosphere of super charged, horny college boy's and girls. And PLENTY of fucking went on around the house, in every closet and corner. Some people even fucked right out in the open, only their togas hiding their naughty bits. My name is Cole, and I'm a Junior and Treasurer of Omega Chi. As such I get the rare priveledge of one of the small private rooms on the third floor. This is nice because I'm secretly gay and it gives me a private place to jerk off on a nightly basis, fantasizing about my brothers, all of whom I've seen naked many times. I also like to sneak their dirty jockstraps out of their laundry and inhale their musky odors while I finger my hole and shoot my load. I'm not a jock like the rest of them, I'm a straight up nerd. I'm in the frat to help keep the grade average up for the house, and to tutor the guys that need it. I'm 5'10" and skinny and couldn't throw a football if my life depended on it, so being in this environment with all these hot studs was a dream come true. My biggest crush was Mitch. He was a GOD! He was only a freshman, but he was already the starting quarterback, he was that good. He stood 6'3" with buzzed blond hair, dazzeling blue eyes, and a body built like the Nordic, Minnesota, cornfed, farmboy he was. And a cock to match! I had showered next to him many times in the house, which was always a challenge to not spring a raging hard on. Tonight he was drinking pretty heavy, something he didn't do often. As the night went on he got more and more sloshed, hitting on several girls, fingering them under their sheets. But he must have been TOO drunk for them to take him up on his offers to fuck. Sometime around 1:00 he disappeared and I figured he finally was getting laid. I was getting tired too and headed up to my room. As I opened my door my heart leaped into my throat. There, sprawled out on my bed was my every dream come true. My Nordic god was passed out, snoring away with his toga barely covering his naked body. I froze, not knowing what to do, my eyes scanning him from his beautiful size 13 feet, up his bare legs that were covered in dark blond hair to his torso also covered in a light smattering of blond hair. The toga exposed one of his luscious pink nips and the arm over his head exposed his hairy pit in all it's glory. My mouth went dry as I looked at him and shivered. I did the most logical thing I could and grabbed his shoulders, shaking him and telling him to get up. He just responded with more snoring. I slapped him hard across the face a couple of times, and still he didn't wake up. The shaking had managed to open his toga more, exposing his uncut cock nestled in his big, furry balls. At this point my mind exploded. Here was my ultimate fantasy, passed out cold, nearly naked, and totally vulnerable on my bed. Before I even realized what I was doing, I locked my bedroom door, and stood over him, dropping my own toga so I was naked, my own 7 inch cock standing straight up. I breathed heavily. Do I dare act out what was running through my mind? What if he DID wake up? He'd beat the shit out of me! But my own half drunk horny brain took over the better part of reason. Carefully I undid the rope around his waist, opening his toga all the way, totally exposing every inch of his beautiful body. Leaning down, I kissed his mouth which was slightly open, slipping my tongue inside, licking his teeth and tongue, sucking on his lip, gently biting it while my hand crept down to his cock. Grabbing it firmly, I started to stroke it, my hand trembling at the excitement of finally touching what I had wanted for so long. His cock stirred and started to get hard as I manipulated it, pulling back the foreskin and rubbing his cockhead. He just continued to snore. I moved my mouth to his nipples, sucking first one big pink tit, then the other. I gently bit them as I sucked, nibbling on his nubs as his cock grew harder in my hand. I swear he slightly moaned. Getting more and more bolder, I then buried my face in his armpit, breathing deep his musky scent. I couldn't get enough of his smell as I sniffed and licked his dank hairy pit. His cock just got harder. I pulled out of his pit to look at the cock I had been dreaming about. It stood rock solid at this point, the big, pink mushroom head pushing out of it's sheath. It was a solid 9" at least, and a fat one at that. Throwing caution to the wind I dove down on it. Mitch let out an audible groan as my mouth engulfed his knob. I had to stretch my mouth wide and it was almost to fat, but I was too far gone to stop and I forced as much as I could down my throat. Then something surprising happened. Mitch started to piss. Without warning piss just started flowing into my mouth. I was shocked but just clamped on and swallowed all I could. There was NO way I was going to pass this once in a lifetime chance to drink the starting quarterbacks piss! There was so much it flowed out of my mouth all over his stomach and balls, soaking both us and the bed sheets. When he finally stopped I continued to nurse on his still rock hard cock until I started to taste his precum. He just continued to snore and breath deeper. Now I was at a crossroads. Do I keep sucking him, or do I go a step further. I realized as much as I wanted to suck the load out of him, I wanted something else far more. I wanted him to breed me. And this might be my only chance ever. I grabbed some Vaseline out of my drawer and spread a big glob on my asshole, working it in me. Then I spread another big glob on his cock, working it around, getting him slicked up. Then, my body trembling in fear and excitement, I straddled his stomach, pulling back his foreskin, and placed the top of his throbbing cock against my hungry hole. I took a deep breath and pushed his head into my hole, wincing as he popped through my ring. I paused for a moment as I adjusted to his size. I wondered to myself what the fuck was I doing? I'm insane! But I no longer cared. I had the quarterbacks studly cock in my hole and I started to slide down on it. Slowly I slid down his pole until I had all 9 inches buried in me and I could feel his hairy bush against my stretched hole. Now I started to ride it, up and down, pulling it out till just the head was in, then sliding back all the down, my hole squeezing and milking his cock as I went. Leaning over, I planted my lips on his while I rode him like a sorrority bitch. I sucked his tongue while my ass gave him the best fuck he had ever had, even if he didn't know it! I swear he started moaning and pushing his hips into my hot wet hole. He was probably dreaming he was fucking some hot pussy, and he was, just not the kind he thought! Even in his drunk, passed out state it didn't take him too long to cum. Such is the beauty of youth. Soon I felt his cock expand and start throbbing deep in me and I knew he was flooding my innards with his hot, jock cum. I sat all the way down on his dick and milked it as hard as I could with my ass muscles, draining him of every drop of his precious nectar. I finally had what I had wanted for so long. I was bred by the quarterback. When his cock started to shrink, I gently pulled him out of my ass. As much as I wanted to keep his load deep inside me, I had a better idea. In my drawer I had hidden one of his jockstraps. This one was nice and used when I snagged it, smelling deeply of his cock and ball sweat and urine. I held the pouch up to my ass and squeezed his load out and into it. This way I had another way to enjoy him later as I jerked off, remembering tonight. I just had one problem left. MY own rock hard cock begging for release! I thought of just jacking off while I stared at my naked god, but my perverted mind told me other ideas. Carefully, I rolled my snoring stud over onto his belly and spread his thighs apart. Taking the Vaseline, I lubed my cock and his hole. Quickly I lined myself up to his hairy hole and slid my head in. Stopping to make sure all was well, I then pushed the rest of my cock all the way in. OH MY GOD it was like nothing I had ever felt! Pure smooth velvet engulfed my dick as I buried myself to the hilt. As I ground my pubes against his hole I know I heard him grunt, then let out a small moan. That was all I needed to hear. I slowly fucked my frat bro deep and long, enjoying every moment of his luscious hot hole. But I was so worked up at this point, it didn't take long before I was pumping my own hot load into his sweet jock guts. I could hear him moan and mumble something as I pumped shot after shot of sperm as deep into his guts as I could. Finally, I had no more in me. I reluctantly pulled my spent cock out of what was pure heaven, and cum slowly trickled out of his slightly gaping hole. Without a thought, I buried my face between his cheeks and feasted on the hole I had just devirginized. Digging my tongue in and sucking my jism out made him moan some more. When I got all I could, I stood up, got dressed and left my room, leaving my sleeping Adonis alone on my bed. The next morning I was terrified about what I had done! The reality of raping the quarterback and all the consequences filled me with dread as I eventually went back to my room and slowly opened the door. Mitch was gone. I sat on my bed and pulled open my drawer that contained his dirty, cum soaked jockstrap. On it was a note that said...."I know what you did!" My heart pounded in my chest as I turned the note over. "It's our secret. To be continued...." All I can say is the rest of our college time together was pretty fucking hot.
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    HOW LOW WILL I GO? (A Fiction/Fantasy Story) Chasing started as a natural progression once I began taking loads bare. Something inside of me just hungered. For cum. More and more cum. And then not just any cum but viral loads. After months of taking every load I could get up my ass, including several HVL’s from HIV poz fuckers, I got my last test results -still negative. What does it take? How far am I will to go to get what my body needs to satisfy this craving? How low will I go? I was walking home from work one day and passed a guy, much smaller stature than me. At first I just thought he was a little guy. But when I glanced at him just as he passed, I noticed that he wasn’t a small guy. He was wasting. This was the first time I had actually seen a man with FULL BLOWN AIDS in person -naïve, I know. The thought of it had always terrified me until I began chasing. Now, taking one look at him . . . something happened. Without even thinking about it, I found myself following him another block to a black door in between two businesses. I knew there was a sort of hidden bathhouse somewhere around here, but had never had the nerve to check into it. I had always heard that the most hardcore and nasty types of guys went there. And every disease available was floating around from guy to guy in that place. The stuff of nightmares for the younger me. Now? It was the stuff that was making my dick swell in my pants and my ass involuntarily yawn open. I need something in me now! I followed the wasting man down the dark stairs towards the glow of a room opening at the bottom, filled with the sounds of pulsing music and the grunts and groans of pure animal man sex. After he payed his entrance feel, he glanced over his shoulder and saw me. I don’t think he’d been aware of me following him, but his eyes showed some recognition when they locked on mine. “Did you turn around and follow me down here?” he asked, his voice surprisingly deep, raspy and sexy. The desk clerk took my money and went back to playing on his phone, not caring what we did from that point on. “I, uh, yeah, I guess I did,” I admitted. I followed him to the changing area and stowed my clothes, while we continued to talk. “Why?” he asked me. It wasn’t a suspicious question. He seemed sort of playful at the thought that I, normal looking, ‘regular’, healthy guy, would follow him into a seedy bathhouse. I decided to just bite the bullet and be brutally honest. Nothing to lose, right? “Well, to be honest, the first thing that went through my mind when I walked passed you and really saw you was ‘sex’. Now.” He laughed, but not at me. “You really want to have sex with me? Do you have any idea what is coursing through my blood right now?” I swallowed over my dry throat and looked him in the eyes. “Yes, I do.” “And you still want me to fuck you?” The giant bulge in his jock told me that he wanted to fuck me, too. “Yes.” “You realize that I will only fuck you bare. And I will not pull out. You will get all of my toxic AIDS seed in you. Is that really what you want?” “Fuck yes,” I growled. He smiled a very devilish smile and yanked me by the hand to follow him through a couple of doorways into another dark space. I could hear sex happening everywhere around us, and it only made me crave it so much more. In fact, it wasn't just the sounds. It was the smells. That intoxicating blend of sweat and cum that has always worked better than a bottle of poppers for me. My stomach was a jumble of nerves, and I was both scared and excited at the same time. I knew that I was crossing a line that I couldn’t uncross. But logic had flown right out the window and I was just doing what an animal does, following my hunger. After a few minutes in that room my eyes adjusted to the dark. I could see a few different pairs, in the midst of their sucking and fucking, lost in their own worlds of depravity. Suddenly I felt his fingers at my hole, testing to see how tight or loose I was. It was going to be a tight fit no matter what given the bat he had swinging between his legs. It looked almost wrong -such a tiny body with such a huge cock. I suppose if he was at a healthy weight it might not have looked so extreme. But it was his wasted look that had gotten my attention, anyway, so I didn’t care. He pushed me down onto a small padded bench, giving him a better height and access to my opening. I heard him pumping his dick to full mast with a lubed hand, and then he started pressing into me. I knew that this was not going to be slow or gentle, and he just kept pushing, forcing my hole to open and take him into me. He just kept pushing and pushing, and I swear that I could feel my inner lining splitting a little. That little thought and realization made my heart thump wildly in my chest. Am I really doing this? He made me bleed, I’m sure. There is no escaping his bugs now. The force and heat in my ass naturally took over, and I found myself shoving myself back hard onto his huge cock. “Fuck yeah, take it!” he yelled, slapping my ass hard. He stopped only for one second when I felt his bony hips flush against my round ass cheeks. And then he yanked himself back, almost all the way out, and the drove back into me. HARD. I couldn’t help but grunt and growl. I was giving into the animal, I might as well sound like one, too. There was nothing fancy going on, no switching positions or breaks. He just stood there and pounded my pighole over and over, for at least fifteen or twenty minutes. I was impressed with his stamina, not knowing what to expect with his frail looking condition. As his fucking got even harder and deeper, it felt like his cock was growing even bigger inside of me. And I knew that he was getting close to cumming. This is it, am I really going to let him cum in me? I could pull off right before, it’s not too late. He started growling, and then spoke for the first time since he’d penetrated me. “I’m getting close buddy. There’s no backing out now . . . you’re going to get my load.” Oh, fuck, I forgot that he made it clear he would not be pulling out. The tingling in my stomach met with the fire in my groin and ass and I knew there was no need to deny it. “Fucking give it to me!” I yelled, surprising myself at how loud I’d been. “Knock me up!” “You want it? You want my AIDS?” he asked. “I’m going to pump you full of my toxic seed. Fucking knock you up with my AIDS babies.” “You got a neg ass there?” I heard one of the other guys ask. “Yup,” my fucker replied. Getting as loud and vocal as we’d gotten, I shouldn’t have been surprised that we attracted an audience. And they had all stopped their own messing around to watch me get impregnated. Knowing all eyes were on me taking this stranger’s dirty seed seemed to make something snap inside of me and I felt like a true cumwhore. Now all of the guys were yelling at us, at him, to get me pregnant, to trash my hole, to pound me and rip me up. And I was really getting into it, shoving back hard to feel every inch of him in me. My hole felt gaping, sloppy and wet, slick with my own ass juices, his natural lube and my blood. Finally he growled through clenched teeth, gripped my hips so hard it hurt as he impaled me balls deep as he emptied his balls into me. “That’s it, take it you fucking whore,” he finally panted as his cock began to soften after a few minutes. I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. He smiled back and said, "You must be a fucking whore to follow a guy you don't know, who is full of AIDS, and beg him to breed you." He slapped my ass one last time and let his cock fall from my hole. So there I was, naked, on my hands and knees on a little padded bench, in a room filled with strangers, panting and covered in sweat, with a butt full of toxic high viral cum from a FULL BLOWN AIDS fucker. And I felt happy. And I wanted more . . .
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    Moderator's Note: The first couple of pages of this story don't have chasing in them. It only starts near the end. I've been lurking on here for a while and decided to post about my experiences slowly progressing from a safe sex only guy to a bareback slut. I don't know how many of these stories I'll post, but if y'all like them, I'll post more. I grew up in the late 80s/early 90s in New York. In my brain back then, everyone who was gay died. I tried hard to hide my sexuality. When I would lapse and mess around with a guy, it was only oral and making out. I never swallowed cum and always felt guilty afterward. Eventually Aaron, a neighbor boy, and I started trying to fuck. It hurt and we stopped most times, until one night in a not yet developed part of his subdivision he fucked me. It was safe that time and every time he fucked me after. I'd always feel guilty after Aaron and I messed around, but we always did it again until I graduated from high school. After that, we only saw each other when I was home from college. Aaron is another story. My freshman year, I didn't really fool around with guys much. I joined a fraternity, dated girls, drank and partied. In was my sophomore year when I met my first boyfriend. He was a medical student, 4 years older than me, at 23. He always topped me and he always used protection. I was also not really satisfied with our sex, but I was in love. That is, until we broke up about a year after we started dating. It was my junior year and I moved out of the fraternity house spring semester because I was tired of having a roommate. I moved in with a straight guy and finally had my own room. I hooked up with a bunch of guys and was learning to top as well as bottom. I was having a blast. I was still all about using condoms every time I fucked back then. I was very serious about only playing safe. Then I turned 21 and my friends and I started going to the gay bars to dance and drink. It's here that I should say I was 6'2", blonde, blue eyes, 185 lbs with a 30" waist and a 7.5"cut cock. I became really popular at the bars, not that I thought anything of it. I would hookup with guys and still always used protection, but the more I drank the more likely I was to get fucked that night by a guy I had just met - white, black, latino, asian, didn't matter as long as they were young and hot. One night, I was dancing on the box in jeans and a pretty tight fraternity t-shirt and this guy got on the box with me and we started grinding. We kissed and went to get a drink. We ran into friends and I learned this guy's name was Matt. We had a few drinks, danced some more, and I could feel his dick getting hard as he was grinding my ass. He said let's have another drink and talk. We went off and talked and drank some more and he turned out to be a really cool guy. Unfortunately, he wasn't a local. He was in town for work and staying with a friend for the weekend. After a while, he kissed me and his hand slipped into my pants and grabbed my ass. We made out at the bar like that for a while and then he pushed me into a darker corner and slipped his hand down the back of my pants and underwear and rubbed my hole. I moaned and I kissed him hard and asked if he wanted to get out of there. We left and went back to his friend's place a few blocks away. He had me naked as soon as we were in the door. I didn't even know if his friend was home, but I was naked and sucking Matt's cock in the living room of this apartment. He was hard and I was getting his cock wet as fuck. I wanted to make him feel good more than anything in that moment. He took his shirt off and then as he got the rest of his clothes off he told me to turn around. I got on all 4s and he ate my ass. No one had ever done that before. I was in heaven. I was moaning and pushing my ass back on Matt's tongue. He ate my ass for about 10 minutes and then he turned me over and we made out and I could taste myself on him. It was so hot. I wrapped my legs around his waist and we must've made out for 20 minutes or more. It felt like forever and I was so into it. The whole time his cock was rubbing in my ass crack and poking at my hole. I knew we should stop and get a condom but I was so turned on and I figured we wouldn't fuck yet. His cock felt so good on my ass that a spread my legs more and just then his cock slipped in my ass about halfway. I was shocked and so was he. We hadn't used any lube and he wasn't trying to penetrate me yet, but there was his cock in my ass bareback. It felt so good. I grabbed his ass and as he looked into my eyes questioningly, I said, "Don't stop. Fuck me." He started to rock his bare cock in and out of my ass. I loved it. No cock had ever felt this good in my ass, On the floor on this random guy's friend's apartment, I was getting barebacked and I loved it. I thought about stopping but I didn't want to. I knew it was dangerous, but it felt so great that I just kept kissing him and saying "Fuck Me." It didn't take long before I felt him getting close to cumming. He started tensing up and I slid my hands down his back and grabbed his ass hard. He looked at me as said, "I'm going to cum in your ass." I said, "Do it. Cum in me." and I pulled him into me as he shot his cum in my ass. I'd never felt anything like it. It felt so good that I came right after he shot his load in me. He said, "Wow that was so hot.' and he slipped his cock out of my ass. He said, let's take a shower and we did. In the shower he said, "I never thought you'd take get fucked bareback. You seem like such a good boy." I told him that was my first time bareback and he got hard immediately. He asked if I wanted his bare cock in me again. I just leaned against the shower wall and spread my legs. He lined up his cock and for the second time ever, I let a cock in me without a condom. He fucked me there until the water got cold and then we went out to the couch in the living room. He slid his bare cock in me again fucked me on the couch on the living room eight next to my jeans where I knew I had a condom in the pocket. I didn't want the condom though. I just was his bare cock. I was on all 4s and he was behind me. He was getting close again and I was jerking my cock. It's then that he said, "Tell me you want my cum." I heard a noise, but was so into getting fucked that I just said loudly, "Cum in my ass." He blew his load into my ass. I was so turned on that I was in a haze. I had just let a dude cum in me again and I loved it. After a few seconds, we looked up and there was his friend who had just seen me getting fucked and heard me begging for cum. He smiled and said, "Glad you're having fun Matt." I was so embarrassed. Matt was too, but less so than me. Matt and I slept together that night for a bit, but I couldn't sleep knowing what I'd just done and been seen doing. I left Matt my phone number and left for my own apartment. I was really freaked out, but that night and for almost a month I jerked off remembering Matt fucking me bareback and cumming in my ass. I told myself I wouldn't fuck again without condoms, but part of me knew that wasn't true.
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    Chapter 1: By the time I was 23 I had become quite a cum slut. I couldn’t seem to get enough cock and cum inside me, I would hook up with younger guys, older guys – I had to have cock. Before that It took me all of about a year to go from just being a bareback bottom to full on bug chasing and I wanted a man to convert me. I’ve always barebacked. I think bare is the only way I men should fuck, and I was getting fucked a lot -- especially right before I converted. To a point, I mostly didn’t think a lot about getting infected, I just wanted to take loads from as many guys as I could and occasionally share mine. The anonymous encounters were the best and always got my cock squirting. Then something happened that had not happened before, one of my favorite fuck buds informed me that he had just tested positive for HIV. I didn’t react badly, to be honest, we wound up talking on the phone and in person about it. We were pretty close for fuckbuds and one thing led to another … he fucked me and stayed the night, neither of us seemed to care. We had been chasing HIV, we weren’t dumb, and so it wasn’t entirely a surprise when one of us tested poz. I even created a profile on BBRT with a status of 'Positive' and began exclusively hooking up with guys whose status was listed as 'Positive', 'Undetectable', or 'Not sure'. The versatile 'Not sure' guys were my favorite guilty pleasure. Sure enough at some point, one of the many loads of cum I took, maybe even the one of the ones from my fuck bud, sealed the deal for me. I remember the day I got the news. Since the time my fuck bud told me he tested poz I had tried to mentally prepare myself for those words, I had been having a lot of bareback sex with him and lots of other guys, and I thought to myself, 'I guess you got what you wanted. Now you’re a poz cum slut'. To some it might seem perverted but I boned up when I got the call about my test results. The nurse confirmed it and, of course, the doctor, who I thought was kind of hot, wanted me to come back in to discuss treatment. I honestly had a raging hard-on the entire time he talked to me, and while part of me hoped he didn’t notice, part of me hoped he did. Anyhow, he told me that day that my viral load was very high, in fact it was almost one million. He also told me my viral load might well continue to rise for a while, and I should avoid sexual contact, as there was a substantial risk that at this point, more than down the line, that I would infect any guys with whom I played. I got back to my car, a little sweaty, head spinning, and realized I was incredibly turned on; I’d had a lot of sex chasing this bug and testing poz just now was the result of that. I was just 23 years old, and I was HIV+. An evil grin crossed my face, I knew that a lot of other men, hopefully, would end up HIV+ at the firing end of this boy’s rock hard dick. I jacked off right there in the hospital parking lot. Sweaty, tired and covered in poz cum, I took off my shirt, wiped up the mess, and drove home. (The backstory ... I decided to create a new story ... more chapters to follow soon, hope you guys enjoy)
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    The Stables (Part 1) Gregory was a shy boy. At the age of 18 he was still living with his parents and they didn’t know Greg was gay. His dad tried several things to get his son into girls, once even hiring a whore to introduce his son to sex. While Greg was terrified, the prostitute, Mandy, was a nice lady, and, although she tried to stir his interest, she may very well have sensed his sexual preference that Greg was unable to perform. Or perhaps she was just glad, seeing that she had been paid and hadn't had to actually satisfy another John. Who knows? Perhaps she saw it as simply easy money. In any event when the time was up and she and Greg met Greg's father who was waiting in the 'salon' for his son, Mandy made a show of kissing Gregory on his mouth and giving his crotch a grope, thanking him for the hot ride. Greg’s dad was more than proud and for the moment was relaxed as it had crossed his mind that Greg might be a faggot. After all, while Greg had plenty of female friends, he had never had a girlfriend, and certainly (prior to Mandy), had apparently never messed around with a woman. No, he was a shy and sensitive boy and even at 18 was more into music and the arts than playing football or basketball. Although unspoken, Greg's father's greatest fear was that his son would turn into a dick-taking faggot. But after the session with Mandy, Greg's father was fairly sure everything would turn out all right: his son fucked a whore and he would soon find another hole into which to unload. Everything was running slowly but on the right course. Little did Greg's father know that Gregory had his own suspicions. Greg remembered experienced as early as the age of six when in swim class, he saw this other boy whose name was Alec. Gregory didn't, of course, have the vocabulary to put a name to it, but he always got excited when Alec accidentally brushed up against him when the two were standing in line. waiting to jump from the 1-meter board. A couple of years later, when Greg was around ten, he found himself fascinated by Mickey, another ten year old in the same class. So, while Greg was perfectly happy to stare at Mickey, giving unconscious smiles, Mickey was none to keen, so Mickey purposefully and angrily shoved Gregory away, once even giving him a punch in the face. Although the punch was unexpected and quite painful, Greg nevertheless enjoyed being on the receiving end of Mickey's attention, even if there was a substantial degree of hostility. Some four years later, , now 14, Greg truly had a crush on Mr. Wilson, his English teacher. Mr. Wilson might have been in his late 20s, but he generally wore hot, tight jeans, and, as Mr. Wilson moved about the class room, Greg couldn’t stop but staring at Mr. Wilson's bulge. Of course Greg's obsession wouldn't end-up going anywhere: Mr. Wilson was married and had a baby daughter. He never even registered Greg's interest, but no matter: Greg utterly idolized his teacher. This was the time when the rumors began circulating suggesting Gregory was a fag. His mates in class recognized the difference - when they associated erections with girls, Greg seemed to get an erection when Mr. Wilson passed down the corridor. Greg's schoolmates took their suspicions out on Greg, slapping him around, ostracizing him, and occasionally dumping him into the school dumpster. Naturally wanted less and less to do with his schooling, and eventually dropped out early, getting a job at a gas station. The job didn't, of course, pay all that much, but Greg earned a couple to keep his car running. His parents didn’t ask him to contribute to rent or food, although his dad urged Greg to join the army, believing this would make him a ‘real’ man. Greg was quite innocent. He had never seen a gay porn. He had never heard about the dangers of unsafe sex. He still thought, rubbers were made to prevent pregnancies. But he overheard some conversations about a place where guys would date for sexual encounters, with other guys. It was some sort of a bar…. but he had no idea how frivolous and risky his trip would be. He had his day off finally and decided he would take the dare and visit this bath house. It was a two hours drive, but it was okay. He didn’t want to risk meeting someone from his home town. He wore his best clothing: a white shirt, with some expensive pair of jeans which he thought framed his ass perfectly. He even bought new sneakers just for this event - not realizing he would take all this clothing off within a few minutes of having entered the bar. After a short while he found a parking space. He exited the car and turned around. He had no idea which way to go and so he asked some guys hanging around if they would know the nearest to ‘The Stables’. They looked at him grumpy and nodded at him. “Get lost faggot” was the unmistakably answer. Greg looked anxious and stepped back to the pavement and tried to get mixed with the crowd. He felt so stupid. He left his hometown thinking in a big town as this one, people would be differently, but the thugs reactions were more than just hostile. They started to follow him around. Greg was in panic. What if he wouldn’t find a safe place? What if he wouldn’t reach his car? What if they beat him up or kill him for being gay? What if their parents found out the reason for his death…. and while those ideas were spinning in his head ‘The Stables’ appeared before him. He couldn’t believe his luck. He hurriedly entered the premises. He looked back and saw the guys got lost in the crowd. Their victim had escaped. “Well, well…. aren’t we excited….. you are quite heavy breathing…. are you a mare, or a stallion?” the cashier asked. “I…. I am…. what?” Greg asked. “Oh dear…. your first time?” the employee asked. Greg simply nodded. The guy behind the counter inspected Greg. He recognized at once by the way Greg walked, the way he took a glance, the way he licked his lips….. that he was at the receiving part tonight. “You want to get fucked, then you are a mare…. if you fuck, then you are a stallion. It is not so difficult. We got this pink bracelet for mares…. and the blue bracelet is for studs” the guy explained. Greg got the idea and they both said at the same time: 'Mare'. He paid the entrance fee and received his pink bracelet, which was sealed along around his wrist. “Without this wrist on, the party will be over for you. So no switching. You are a mare!” the man giggled. He received a key to a locker and got a pink towel. Then he was told he could take off his clothes in the locker room and then enter the basement. “Enjoy the party” the fellow said and then got busy folding towels. His heart was almost jumping out of his throat, while walking down the steps to the basement. It was quite dark and several corridors showed many opportunities to seize this chance to finally get fucked. “First timer?” the bartender asked. “Is it so obvious?” Greg answered shily. “It won’t be in the darkroom…..” the bartender laughed. “Darkroom” Greg repeated the word. The bartender watched at him, as if Greg just stepped out of a spaceship. “Yeah…. Darkroom. A dark room, where you can empty the dicks with your mouth or your ass….. are you for real?” he asked. “Sorry mate, but this is my first time ever in a big town. I have never ever seen a place like this. This is amazing. I can get filled up here.” Greg’s eyes were flashing. “Filled up….” the bartender repeated the words. This kid had no idea. First he took away the shell of condoms, that was presented at the counter. “You should not start with the darkroom then…. If I were you, I would take the glory holes, there you can concentrate on one or two cocks at a moment” the friendly looking guy explained. “Glory hole….” Greg said in an awe. “ What’s that…..” he asked seriously. The bartender looked around as if he was searching for the candid camera. He told him to sit and take a drink, he would explain it to him in a second, but before that he went to another associate and told him about the fresh meet. “Go and let the poz stud know, that a negative mare is waiting for her fillings. It didn’t take a long time, after this astonishing announcement, that the blokes were checking the undamaged merchandise. Greg didn’t know which way to look. He still had his towel wrapped around his hips. The room was full of stallions now, which was clearly so, because of the mass of blue bracelets. “Are you still willing to let this dicks poz up your mare ass…..” the bartender asked sickly. “I had never had a dick up there, will it hurt bad…. ? Gregory whispered back. “I will help you with that. Get this towel off then sit down again.” he got advised. “Just slip a little bit back on your stool, so your ass is accessible” the guy said. The guy announced loudly that he would prep this new recruit for his deflowering. He repeated intensely that he would lube this virgin ass for his first of many poz rides and squat behind the stool. First he started licking Greg’s cleft. Greg thought he had died and gone to heaven. The bartender was lapping over his opening and pulled his ass cheeks further apart. He pressed his tongue inside this virgin’s ass and tonguefucked him so hard. He smelt the overwhelming scent and sucked out the innocence of this first-timer. He loved the way the sweet ass tasted, and started use some lube on the twink. He turned back to the other studs and showed them his two sharpened fingernails, which would be quite helpful for the upcoming task. While lubing the guy up he started scratching the intestinal walls. The nice feeling Greg had felt gave way to the pain, while the man behind him tried to scrape and claw the intestinal walls for only one reason. Instead of telling Greg the truth, he explained it would hurt, because it is the first time he was prepared for some serious poz fucking. “Man I can’t wait to get all your poz dicks up my ass” Greg announced proudly. ‘You could use rubbers of course’ someone said out loud. You could hear a pin dropping to the ground while the guy who suggested using a rubber was escorted to another room immediately. Greg didn’t see the commotion behind his back, since he was trying to clench his teeth to stand the pain he was enduring right now. “I am your mare, but I won’t get pregnant, that’s for sure” Greg shouted out. ‘The boy got it damn right’ someone groaned. ‘Yeah – let us breed him our babies nevertheless’ another one added, ‘Fuck the little brat – pump him up with premium poz seed’ this and other voices mingled in Greg’s preparation. “I think I will help you in the stall. You should concentrate on getting ripped up from your behind. You shouldn’t serve both holes” he got advised. The bartender fucked him hard with two fingers and when he pulled them out he showed all the guys the bloody fingers. The boy was already a mess. Then it all happened quite fast. While the fellow bartender led him to the stall the other guys lined up at the stall right next to it. It was agreed, that Greg should take it up the ass. Greg was extremely excited. He looked around. There was a monitor with a gay porn movie flashed across the screen. For the first time he saw guys actually fuck each other in the holes. He looked at both holes while the associate pointed at the one in question. The first hard dick was already poking through the hole. It was a thick and long dick who was simply waiting for the cunt to receive his toxic gift. “But I won’t see them this way” Greg complained. “Believe me honey, most times you don’t want to see them in broad daylight….. now come on, this is part of the fun” the guy said. “This way you concentrate on your work, which is draining dicks. It doesn’t matter how cool the guy in the other stall is, you just have to squeeze his dick with your cunt and accept his load. Then the next will deposit his load and so one and so on…. this is your job!” he explained. “If you need more lube tell me. It doesn’t help anyone if you tolerate the pain for only one or two dicks. Your job is to empty those guys balls, no matter how painful it might be. As a mare you are advised to accept and receive…. so I will lube you up whenever you need it. The guys have to wait then until you are ready to get your next poz load. That is all that matters”. Gregory nodded and turned his ass-cunt towards the dick spearing through the hole. The bartender helped the fuck stick to find his way home to the slut and slowly Greg received one inch after another, while he moaned intensively. “Oh man…. this fucker is tight…. I can’t….. oh fucking god….. sweet jesus…. I think he pinches my dick off…..” the guy panted loudly. “Baby….. push a little back. Try to relax and let this guy enter you completely” while Greg got instructed the bartender used a bit more lube on the invading dick. Only half of the nine inches had entered the young ones body, but the employee could already see the bloody streaks. He had done a great job and was proud of himself. While thinking of that, he decided he would help Gregory a bit more and so he squat in front of the twink and pushed against his hips and finally more inches entered the abused hole. Greg couldn’t help but to express his pain and groaned loudly. On the other side of the wall you could hear several guys cheering and even the bartender praised the good work of Greg who believed every word he was told….
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    Let's just file this one under fiction, okay? 'Cause I'd die if people knew what happened to me. I guess it all started a few weeks ago. I was on a4a and received a message from a hot hung dude. Let's call him Tommy. In my entire life I had never before seen so stunningly gorgeous a man, and his dick was perfection. Then I read his status: poz. Although he was amazingly good looking, I thought about it, and held-off on responding to his message. A couple of days later he messaged me again and asked if I was his type. I didn't want to be rude, so I told him I thought he was hot but I don't play with poz guys. Well, to make a long story short, he made an interesting proposition that was hard to ignore. Or maybe I couldn't ignore it because I was hard? Ehh .. who knows. To make a long story short, he ended up at my place and his dick was starting to enter me. In all honesty I was a little freaked out: a poz dick was about to enter my hole. This was definitely a first. But, I remembered Tommy's assurance that he would only 'shallow fuck' me and this was very safe. His plan was to very slowly work his fat dick into my hole and then very slowly and very gently fuck me with just the tip of his massive cock. He explained to me that it could feel better than being fucked hard and deep because all of the sensations are magnified when the top goes slow. And damn, was he right! Not only was his cock the biggest I had ever had in my ass, he also entered my ass more slowly than any big cock had ever fucked me before. When we started, I honestly thought it would hurt like hell, but he used a massive amount of lube and, true to his word, was very gentle. The problem was that it felt way to good. He didn't need to ask me. I'm sure my moans told him all he needed to hear. "How's that feeling?" he whispered into my ear. All I could do was answer with more moans and gasps. "Okay," he said, "we should probably stop now. I'm glad you enjoyed it." Then, he stopped and withdrew. Almost involuntarily I found myself pleading "Please, put it back in!" He kissed the back of my neck and replied "Gosh, I love fucking your hot bubble butt, but, I'm liking it too much," adding as he rubbed my crack with his cock, "and I'm worry you will like it too much and that I'll turn you into a chaser." I just wanted to get fucked more. II heard about bug chasers before. Those were stupid crazy people. I'm not one of them. "Please just a little more,"I pleaded. Tommy complied, saying "Okay, but I have to go just a little deeper. If I don't, I might pop out; the real difficulty is in the penetration. I have to make sure that I stay in your hole." That kinda made sense, I reasoned. I felt him slide it back in. Oh God! It felt beyond fantastic. My ass was stretching wide, but it didn't burn like most tops make me feel. "Fuck, that's deep!" I shrieked. Tommy assured me that it was only half-way in. "You're taking it well." And the brief painful jabbing sensation I had just felt was immediately replaced by a warm pleasant sensation. His pace was much quicker than the slow shallow strokes with which he had started. Now each stroke was more forceful, and brought me even more intense pleasure. Tommy whispered into my ear, "we should probably stop soon before I lose control. Unless you want a load of poz cum deep inside you." He drove his cock deeper into me as if to emphasize how far he was invading my hole at that point. The rational part of my brain told me that I needed to stop, but, it felt so wonderful. My orgasm was building. And I didn't want the pleasure to stop. All I could do was moan in response. Tommy tried to remind me that I was making a bad decision. "I can tell you're loving this, but, if you don't tell me to stop, I'll blast my poz cum inside your ass. Is that what you really want?" He then picked up his pace as if he knew the answer I couldn't say aloud. Oh my god. Why didn't I say stop? Was it because it felt amazing? Or did I maybe want a poz load in me? Wait, am I a bug chaser? Tommy was pounding me hard and deep now. I felt his balls slap against my taint. The sensations were overwhelming. I couldn't think straight. No, I'm not a bug chaser. But, fuck .. it felt so good! I just wanted him to keep fucking me. That's all. When I heard my voice demand he 'Fuck me', somehow it seemed like someone else had given the order. He paused for a moment. "Oh, you love this big dick inside you huh?" Why was he teasing me now. "Yes, fuck me!" I blurted out. My orgasm was so close. I needed him to continue. I pulled at his legs to show the urgency I felt. He slowly resumed pace and gave me one final warning "this big poz dick is gonna give you AIDS," as his pace picked-up. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! He was assailing my hole. I felt my balls tighten and I could feel his dick grow tight. My hole was being destroyed with each thrust, but I couldn't let it end. I couldn't believe the words that came out of my mouth as I started to jerk my cock, "I don't care! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I was so close to cumming. A voice in the back of my head was telling me "you're becoming a chaser." Or wait, did Tommy say that? I couldn't think clearly. But, all I could say before I came was "shoot your poz cum in me! Give me AIDS!" I felt a his cock twitch and pumping, and even as he did, another voice in the back of my head was telling me 'he's shooting poz cum into your ass'. And I didn't care. In fact, I loved it and blurted out "Yes! Fuck yes!" just as I shot my own load into my stomach. I could still feel Tommy pulsating inside my as as I shot more cum than I ever had in my life. Tommy collapsed beside me. As the seconds passed I came to reality. Holy shit, what I had I done?
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    Part 2 I looked around and realized we were attracting quite a crowd. Probably 20 people, both guys and girls had gathered, many with cell phones recording what was about to happen. Many of the people I saw there were from school and church and now I was lying naked in front of them with my best friend next to me being seduced by two powerful men. Jordan came close to us and whispered “Don’t be afraid baby you will enjoy what’s about to happen and it will change you forever”. James came up to the table and told us that we had the two sweetest asses he’d ever seen and it would be a pleasure to have the chance to 'breed' us. Paul, who looked very frightened asked timidly what 'breeding' meant. Jordan chuckled and said “We are going to fuck you baby and both of us are going to fill your sweet virgin asses with our hot cum.” I heard Paul whimper “Oh dear god no” as he reached out and grabbed my arm. I was not expecting to hear Jordan's explanation, and I, like Paul, was frightened. James flipped Paul on to his stomach and Jordan did the same to me, remarking “Goddamn those asses are perfect. Time to open them up.” I felt Jordan’s hands on each cheek of my ass pulling the crack open. I felt something warm and wet and realized he had just spat on my hole. I looked over to see James bury his face in Paul’s ass. Paul threw his head back and moaned. The next think I felt was Jordan’s tongue lapping at my hole. Then suddenly the tongue penetrated the rim. The feeling was exquisite and I involuntarily pushed back to feel more. Jordan started to laugh and said “You're going to be hot little slut, baby.” Suddenly I felt Paul grab my hand and whimper “Oh my god.” James had stopped tonguing his hole and was now burying a finger into him. He pushed in a second and said “Fuck he is tight! It’s going to be fun tearing him open.” Paul arched his back and moaned and squeezed my hand tightly. Jordan’s tongue was now replaced by two fingers in my hole and I let out a long moan as he shoved them into me and worked them around. I turned my head towards the crowd that had gathered and saw Emily standing there next to Aaron who was rock hard with his own huge penis and rubbing her shoulders. Jordan saw me looking at her and he shoved his fingers deeper into me with one hand and pulled me back up towards him with the other and began kissing me passionately. I could feel the metal ring and his massive penis pushed against my back and I realized everyone could see how hard my penis was. I moaned loudly and uncontrollably. “Time to breed this one” I heard James say as he turned Paul on his back. He pulled Paul’s small body up to his and kissed him. Paul at first resisted but slowly his mouth opened and he willingly allowed James’s tongue, which moments ago had explored his ass, to enter his mouth and play with his tongue. Paul wrapped his arms around James’s beautiful body and I watched Paul’s penis harden too. James laid Paul back down and then pulled him so his ass was at the edge of the table. James took a step back and I could now see his rock hard penis. I gasped as did many in the crowd. It had looked long before but now fully engorged it seemed to have grown even longer. He turned to Aaron and asked for lube. Aaron handed him a container and he handed it to me. “Get my cock ready to fuck your friend” he said to me. I squirted some of the liquid on his penis and rubbed it up and down the shaft. “Get it all covered because this is all going in his body” James said. I got a closer look at the tattoo on his navel and finally recognized it. The tattoo was the symbol for 'biohazard', a symbol I had seen in the chemistry lab at school. I thought it was a bit strange thing to sport such a tattoo, but then looking back I was so naive. James’s penis was just throbbing as I put more liquid on it. There was some fluid oozing from the tip that Jordan told me was called 'pre cum'. Jordan pushed my head down by Paul’s ass and told me to lick it to get it wet. I put my tongue in and heard Paul moan. I pulled my head back as James positioned his penis up against Paul’s tiny hole. There was no way that massive body part could fit into that tiny area. Jordan leaned down next to me and whispered, "Watch how his hole will accept his cock. Your ass will shortly accept mine." Only inches away, I watched the huge tip begin pushing against the hole. James pushed and pushed some more and nothing happened. Suddenly, he pushed harder and the head disappeared inside Paul. I felt Paul’s body stiffen and he screamed “Oh my god! Oh my god! Please, no!” James pulled back slightly then forward and another two inches went in and Paul screamed again. He pulled back almost all the way out and pushed forward again. There was about four inches still not inside of Paul. “Take it out! Take it out! It hurts so badly” Paul cried as he tried to squirm away from the onslaught. Jordan pulled me up and remarked "You need to hold your friend in place so James can fuck the rest of his cock into him. It’s going to hurt him for a while but once James gets him open he will love it.” I climbed up and took Paul in my arms. He was crying. “Please Caleb stop him, he’s so deep in me, I can’t take any more!” he begged. I lied to Paul and told him it was only a little more to go. I held Paul tight as James pulled his penis almost all the way out. He slid back in again but still had over two inches to go. This time James pulled all the way out and spit on the head of his penis, and turning to Jordan remarked "It's time to open that second ring.” Jordan smiled and James pushed into Paul forcefully and did not stop until his scrotum was pressing against Paul’s ass. Paul’s entire body stiffened, his head snapped back with his mouth open to scream but nothing was coming out and his legs shot straight up with his toes curled like fists. J ames pulled back and pushed in again and again. He grabbed Paul by the ankles and spread him wide open. Slowly James picked up the pace. His long penis pulling nearly out before taking the long trip back deep into Paul’s small body. Paul’s head snapped from side to side with each stoke, his hands digging into the blanket covering the table and his eyes wide open and full of fear. "You're going too deep! You're gonna kill him” I yelled. James’s just smiled and continued the pounding. Suddenly, Paul looked back up at me and his eyes appeared to roll up in their sockets. His body relaxed and his legs tried to wrap around James’s massive body. The contrast of Paul’s thin pale white body being pummeled by the massive dark muscled body of James was stunning. Screams of pain were being replaced by moans of ecstasy with each trust of the long black penis he was impaled on. I looked around the yard to see the crowd had grown. Jordan pulled me over towards him and I looked at his massive cock with the metal ring. There was a long string of precum dripping from it. I suddenly realized that in a matter of minutes it would be inside of me and I would be experiencing the agony and the ecstasy that Paul was now feeling. I heard a scream from the crowd and looked over to realize that Linda had returned to find us and was witnessing her boyfriend being ravaged by a man. Paul saw Linda too but turned back to James and reached up and wrapped his fingers in James’s dreadlocks and pulled him forward and they locked in a deep kiss. James looked into Paul’s eyes and said “Are you ready for me to breed you, do you want me to fill your body with my hot cum and knock you up?” As James picked up the pace Paul screamed “Please breed me, I want to feel your cum inside me.” Suddenly Jordan grabbed me and pushed my head down by Paul’s ass ordering “Watch your friend get filled, kid. Your turn is next.” I could feel Jordan’s tongue back on my ass and I moaned again, even as I saw James’s cock was pounding harder now and I could hear Paul keep screaming “Oh god yes!” James began to moan loudly. He arched his back and every muscle on his beautiful glistening body seemed to tighten as he pushed every inch of his penis deep up into Paul. James’s scrotum began to pulse as he exploded inside of Paul, who exclaimed "I can feel you! I can feel you filling me!” At the same moment Paul's hard penis erupted in three shots of semen which shot involuntarily across his chest, face and into his hair. James collapsed onto Paul’s small body and laid there for a minute. He kissed Paul and slowly began pulling out of him. As he pulled out a large amount of semen came with it. The semen was tinged in red, which I knew must be Paul’s blood coming from the rips inside him caused by the pounding he had just received. James climbed up next to Paul’s head and fed him his now softening penis and Paul willingly licked off the cum, blood and whatever remained of his once virgin ass. Jordan’s fingers were now back in me and he kissed me softly. “I’m a lot bigger than James, so this is going to really hurt at first and tear you up inside. Do you want me to be the first to breed you?” he whispered to me. I looked in his eyes and looked down at the gigantic penis between his legs and answered “Hell, yeah. I want you inside of me.” I was flipped on my back and Jordan grabbed me by the ankles. My heart was pounding as I looked around me. James was holding Paul in his arms as they prepared to watch me lose my virginity. The crowd around the table of spectators had to be more than thirty. Cellphone cameras were everywhere. Emily stood there with Aaron who was holding her from behind as she watched her boyfriend give himself to this gorgeous black man. Aaron approached and applied some lube to the head and metal ring on Jordan’s penis saying "Fuck his brains out, Uncle Jordan.” Jordan’s penis pressed against my hole and I could feel the coldness of the ring. Jordan leaned forward and kissed me and said “Give me your ass baby.” I could feel my hole resisting the pressure and then suddenly it felt a flash of burning hot pain. My hole was opening and the pain was blinding. Jordan kept pushing slowly ever deeper. “Please take it out” I begged but the pressure continued. “Oh god James, this one is so tight. You can feel his little hole slowly stretch and open.” Suddenly I felt a painful popping followed by the sensation of being completely filled. His penis head and ring had won the battle. He was in. He continued to push and I tried to squirm away from the huge monster that was invading my body. “Don’t run baby, let me in.” He pulled back a little and pushed in again and I could feel him slowly moving deeper inch by inch. My body was tense and he grabbed my nipples and twisted and I screamed and he pushed in more. “Fuck I need somebody to hold his legs apart so I can spread his ass and get it all in,” Jordan commented. James laughed and said “You’ve never gotten all that thing into anybody.” “I’m getting it all inside this little slut,” Jordan grunted as he pressed ever deeper. The pain was so intense that I just closed my eyes and pleaded with him not to tear me in half. I suddenly felt activity around me and realized there were new hands griping my legs and spreading me wide open. It was Aaron who was holding my right leg and then glanced to my left and, to my amazement, Emily was holding the left. Aaron’s hard penis was inches from my lips. Emily smiled and pushed my head toward the shaft and Aaron moaned as it slid into my mouth. As Aaron slid into my throat he leaned over and kissed Emily. With my legs split wide open, Jordan spit on the part of his penis still not in me and then he grabbed my ass cheeks pulled them apart and lunged forward. His penis pushed through what felt like another opening inside of me. I screamed but it was muffled by Aaron’s penis deep in my throat. I felt Jordan’s balls slap against my ass. He pulled all the way out and straight back in. His ring dragged across something inside me which sent waves of pleasure through my body. The pain was horrible but the ecstasy was mind blowing. “You’ve got him now Uncle Jordan” Aaron gleefully remarked. Jordan pulled all the way out again and slammed back in as Aaron pulled his penis out of my mouth. I moaned “Oh my god, it’s so big!!” I could feel him filling places in my body I didn’t know existed. “Holy shit you got it all in his tiny little ass” James laughed, adding “that’s got to fucking hurt.” Aaron told Emily to take her hand and place it at the bottom of my abdomen right below by navel. She did and Jordan pulled back and drove himself deep twice. Emily looked stunned and turned to me and said “Oh dear Jesus Caleb, I can feel him inside of you.” After a few more slams deep into me Jordan pulled his penis out. I felt so empty without his body inside of mine. He rolled me over and told me to get up on my knees. I knelt with my ass up in the air facing him. Aaron stood up in front of me and pulled Emily to her feet. He kissed her passionately and untied her swimsuit which fell to the table. I was seeing Emily naked for the first time and she was beautiful, but I knew I wanted Jordan back in my ass. I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to me and I wanted to feel the cum from his body shooting into mine and experience the same ecstasy Paul had just experienced. Looking back at him, I saw his totally engorged penis and generous traces of blood on the metal ring - my blood. I bent down keeping my ass up and rested my head on the table. I was breathing heavily anticipating the pain that was about to return. He grabbed me by my shaggy hair and pulled it back so I was looking at Emily. “Tell her what you are feeling” he said and he pushed the head inside me. I screamed “Oh my god it burns like fire.” He pulled out and pushed back in slowly “I can feel every inch, I feel the ring moving in me. I don’t want it to ever stop!” I could feel those beautiful muscled thighs slam up against me and I reached back to feel his muscles tensing as he began to pound me hard. I was falling forward so he grabbed my hair with one hand and put the other around my throat and started to jack hammer me. All I could do was moan and scream as wave after wave of pain and pleasure swept through me. Emily grabbed Aaron’s penis and directed into my open mouth again. It tasted so good and I sucked and licked it. Aaron began to pound my mouth and throat while Jordan hammered me from behind. I reached up to touch the smooth contours of Aaron’s beautiful body and reached around to grab his firm ass and pull him deeper into my throat. Aaron looked into my upturned eyes and said “I’m going to fuck your girlfriend before this night is over. “ Emily was moaning and I realized Aaron had shoved several fingers into her vagina. Aaron was breathing hard and grabbed my head with both hands, I could feel the wetness from Emily’s vagina on his fingers and I felt his penis growing harder in my mouth. “Fuck!! I’m cumming” he yelled and exploded. Jet after jet of hot semen shot into my mouth and throat. It was so salty and I swallowed as fast as I could. He pulled his softening penis out of my mouth and put his arm around Emily saying “Get me hard bitch so I can fuck you.” Emily knelt down and started sucking his penis. With that Jordan pulled out and flipped me back on my back. “It’s breeding time." This time he pulled his body up on top of mine. The warmth and wetness of his skin and muscles felt incredible pressed against my body. His penis was pressing up against my tingling hole. He looked in my eyes and said “I’m going to fuck you now and breed you baby. I want you to know my cum is poison to you. All three of us have HIV and your friend Paul was probably infected when James fucked him. Now I’m going to infect you, are you ready?” I was stunned by what he had just told me but my desire for him was overwhelming. I looked over at Paul and James and saw that they were both hard and kissing intensely. I glanced at Emily who was sucking and licking Aaron’s penis which was again hardening. I turned to Jordan and answered softly "Please do whatever you want to me. I need you to breed me.” Jordan kissed me as he slid his penis slowly back into me. I could feel every pulsing vein in it as slid inch by inch deep into my body. When is balls touched my ass I involuntarily exclaimed "Oh, dear god!” I wrapped my arms tightly around his back and he slid his strong arms around my small body and pulled me tightly to him. We kissed and then it began. He gradually picked up the tempo. His balls slapped hard against me. The pain I had felt before was gone. Only wave after wave of pleasure each time the penis made its trip back and forth. Something strange started happening inside of me, feelings I had never imagined grew stronger. My penis was so hard it felt like it would rip open. We both were in total ecstasy and we were moaning and screaming uncontrollably. Everyone watching the scene were mesmerized by the passion we were experiencing. I wanted it to go on forever. I could feel his muscles rippling as I watched his perfect firm ass going up and down as he ravaged me. “It’s time baby! Time to make you mine!” Jordan grunted as his penis seemed to expand and become even harder. “Oh God!! You’re so big!!” I yelled. Jordan pushed in me as deep as he could and I knew what was about to happen. He arched his back. His eyes were rolling back in his head. I felt a slight throb from his scrotum which was pressed against my ass. Then his whole penis throbbed and throbbed again. I could feel hot jets of cum coating me inside. He pulled back slightly and throbbed again. The warmth and the throbbing in that spot put me over the edge. I could feel my own cum rushing toward my penis. I reached for it but Jordan was on top of me with my penis trapped between our bodies. I erupted with shot after shot of semen. “Fuck yeah,” Jordan commented, adding “My baby just blew his last negative load." Jordan slowly withdrew his penis from my ravaged ass. I could feel the still warm cum leaking from my open hole. His penis was dripping with red tinged cum. He dragged his penis through the puddle of my cum pooled on my stomach, and climbing up to my head and told me to lick him clean. I opened my mouth and cleaned off the remains of his cum, my blood, my cum and the remnants of my once virgin hole. As I lay dazed I could hear and feel activity next to me and heard a female scream. I turned to see Emily lying next to me as Aaron drove his penis into her virgin vagina. His body was so perfect and I was jealous, not that she was giving herself to him first, but because I wanted his beautiful body on top of and inside me. Kissing her to try and keep her from screaming Aaron pounded her mercilessly. When she started to moan with pleasure he knew he had her. She looked at him and began pleading “Please don’t cum in me! I don’t want to be pregnant, I don’t want AIDS!” Aaron was not stopping and even picked up his tempo as he replied “Here’s my seed, bitch!” Aaron began moaning and I knew the flood of cum like he had just fed me was about to blow into Emily, and sure enough, Aaron grunted “I’m cumming!” As he did so, Emily’s body convulsed in total orgasm as Aaron’s sperm shot into her womb. Afterwards Aaron pulled out and, having crawled over to me, he fed me his penis to tongue-clean. I complied without hesitation. Jordan and James then picked Paul and me, and carrying us in their arms, carried us back towards the house. "What are we going to do?" I asked, my head resting against Jordan’s chest. "We're gonna clean you up, get some sleep and then we have more plans for you both tomorrow."
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    Blonde And Stupid – Two Christian Boys Dragged Down (Part 02) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** Ryan was so excited. He thought of all the handsome and masculine jocks and his ass was tingling. Ben saw things differently. He was also horny, but he was more carefully and a bit scared too. What if their parents would find out, that they were gay. How would they react? What if they would change their behavior. He didn’t want to act like a sissy. Right now they lived a peaceful life. A little bit undercover. Maybe they were not happy all the time, but… it was a good and easy life. They had average grades at school. It wasn’t too hard to get good results at school, maybe because of their looks. Of course they got also teased from the members of the different sports teams, because they weren’t so much into the boy stuff. Girls, on the other hand, would adore the teens. Everything would change, if they decided to open up and come out of the closet. Ryan tried to calm his pal down. “No one said, we need to come out to our parents or our friends. Just let us experience some fun and meet some guys who are willing to help us and feed us some cock” “Nothing happens without a price. If we do one thing, it will trigger another. That’s what I’m afraid of” Ben answered. “You are thinking too much with your brain. Start thinking with your ass…” Ryan said and farted loudly. Ben threw his pillow towards Ryan and both guys laughed merrily. The next day was an ordinary Saturday. They went downtown and did some shopping. They met some of Ryan’s female friends at Starbucks. Then they returned home and had lunch with Ryan’s parents. In the afternoon they watched some stuff on TV to kill some time. Both guys had to admit, that they kept thinking of the big cocks they had seen last night on Skype. Ryan’s parents were invited that evening and told his son and Ben, they would be home way after midnight. So the lads were all alone, when they started their computer and opened Skype. Soon they received a request and accepted the call. This time they had their cam turned to them and they smiled, when they saw the jocks from last night. These guys seemed to be in their mid-twenties. Ryan liked that. He felt more open to them, because the age gap wasn’t too big. “Oh… Only three guys tonight?” Ryan looked disappointed. “We thought it would be better to talk to you in a moderated number. You guys are too hot. We are a bunch of horny fuckers. If eight hard cocks are on this side, we won’t be able to talk to you in a decent way” the guy on the other side said. Both boys wore only shirts and tight underwear. “So what are your names?” he asked. “I am Ryan and this is Ben. We are both friends. We met on the internet and know each other only for a short while. But we became very close” Ryan answered. “Understandable. Two fags giving each other support and rubbing their dicks together. You surely sniff at each other’s asses.” Biohazard1 replied. Ben was a bit intimidated by those rude words, but Ryan was turned on by that and already massaged the cock in his briefs. “You said you live in Marcon?” one guy asked. “Well… I do. I live with my parents… Ben lives in Rome… also with his parents.” Ryan chatted. “And you two are virgins? How come? You are two nice looking faggots” one guy expressed. “It is not so easy. Our parents wouldn’t approve. They are heavily engaged in our churches and we don’t want to hurt them….” Ben answered. They described the situation at their schools also and mentioned the names of the schools nonchalantly. “Your parents won’t have to know, that you let your faggot asses get fucked by some horny jocks….” another guy mentioned. “How come you haven’t fucked each other yet? Can’t you get a hard on, if you are supposed to be an active fucker?” someone wanted to know. “Well… we both want to be… pure bottoms and we talked about it a lot. We tried some things, but that was limited to kissing each other and jerking off a lot.” Ryan sighs. “So you fags want to be used as cheap fuck holes. You need your cunts stretched beyond repair. We can do this for you, you know?” Biohazard1 explained. “But you know, we must be sure, that you are not just fakes. You got to prove to us, that you are really fags and that you really want our cocks” The three jocks muted their microphone and discussed the situation obviously. While both lads stared at the screen, two guys got up and opened their jeans slowly. They hauled their dicks out of their pants and started stroking their cocks, while being heavily engaged into a disputation. Ben and Ryan were hypnotized, just viewing the big hunks stroking their tools slowly. “We’re back. So do you dare to prove your seriousness?” Biohhazard1 asked. “Yeah…. yeah…. we will do anything, to prove we are sincerely.” “Okay…. Ryan. Go to the room, where your mom keeps all the dirty laundry and get the box to your room. Go and get it NOW” the guys ordered. Ryan couldn’t imagine why he should pick up this box and get it into his room, but he followed the order. Then they guys told him to pick up every dirty laundry out of the box and show it to them. There appeared socks, trousers, shirts… every time he pulled something up, he had to show it in front of the camera and drop it to the floor. Then Ryan picked up a white brief out of the box with only two fingers. “What’s that? Biohazard wanted to know. “My dad’s underpants” said Ryan and wanted to drop the dirty thing also, but the guys told them to stop. They wanted to get ea closer look and so Ryan held the briefs in front of the cam. “Are there piss stains on that underwear or is it dried cum?” Biohazard1 wanted to know. “It looks like piss…” he added. Ryan shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know… “ he simply answered. “Then find it out. Sniff at it…” Biohazard1 ordered. “I can’t sniff at it. That’s disgusting… it’s from my dad!” he whined. “Pull the underpants over your head. The front of it should be over your nose and mouth. If you don’t do it now, we will our conversation with you guys.” Biohazard1 threatened. Ryan looked in panic to Ben. Ben seemed to be happy, it wasn’t him who had to smell at the underwear. “I am counting to 3…. if you are not wearing the fucking thing over your face and inhale your fathers scent, we will log off. 1…… 2…… aaaand….” the guy counted. Ryan’s eyes spoke volumes of despair but he pulled the white briefs over his head and wore it as requested. Ben was disgusted but the guys on the other side of the cam cheered loudly. “Well done bitch. How does it smell? Do you enjoy your daddies smell?” Ryan had a tight feeling in his chest, but tried to inhale deeply. “I… I don’t know. It smells sweaty” “Why don’t you lick the pants from the inside. This way you can tell us more about the consistency. We would still like to know, if it is piss or dried semen. Maybe both?” they laughed hysterically. The boy retched. The idea of touching the underwear with his tongue, where his dad usually had his dick in, made him sick to the stomach. “You better start licking now. Make it all wet and tell us about how it tastes….” the three guys ordered. All of the sudden they saw how something poked against the fabric from the inside. Ryan truly started licking the undies. “Damn… make it really wet. Use your spit to soak the encrusted stuff. Get the whole flavor you dirty bitch.” the leader of the pack growled. Ben was petrified when he heard his name suddenly. “Hey Ben. Why don’t you help your boyfriend a little bit. Go and use your faggot tongue and start making out with him.” “I don’t understand…” Ben cried. “Lick the pants from the outside. Help him with your spit and do some french-kissing. Your tongues won’t ever meet, since the textile will always separate you. Give him nice and wet kisses – NOW” Ben shivered and moved closer to Ryan. He closed his eyes in fear and started to flinch his tongue against Ryan’s tongue. ‘Are you recording all this shit?’ one of the jocks whispered to the other. ‘Of course I am – this is just too hot man’ he replied. This went on for quite a while, until the hunks had enough fun. Both boys seemed out of breath and had glowing cheeks. “Well… what was it now?” the three guys still wanted to know. “I think it was piss” said Ben. “Yeah, but it was really encrusted from the inside. I guess it was cum also” said Ryan and looked totally unhappy. “Don’t be so shy. What do you think? As faggots you will do other stuff, which will humiliate you even more, just because it is your job. This was nothing!” Biohazard1 stated to them. “Maybe both of you will mouthwash your dad’s underwear continuously. Wouldn’t that be nice? Is it clean now?” he asked. Ryan looked at it silently. “There are no stains anymore” he replied softly. “Get up whores….” Both boys got up and revealed, they had built small tents in their shorts. “That’s what I guessed. You are little perverts. I knew it all along… 100 % FAGGOTS!” With that the connection was interrupted. Ben and Ryan looked at each other desperately. A message came through. ‘Be here tomorrow night at the same time’ Ben looked at Ryan and asked him, if there was another dirty underwear from his dad in the laundry box. Ryan nodded slowly. This time Ben pulled it over his head and both boys repeated the procedure, but this time they jacked off violently. It was for both boys the strongest orgasm they had ever experienced.
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    The lights came on at 3:00 A.M., just as the security started ushering the masses out of the club. Once out on the street, Luke looked for familiar faces of his friends and saw no one he knew. He was drunk and shirtless and sweaty. He checked his phone and saw the text message string saying all had left, some heading to after parties, some heading home. “Shit” he said to himself, not wanting to pay for a cab all by himself. When looked up from his phone, he noticed a man eye-fucking him from just a few feet away. He looked back down at his phone, suddenly feeling shy and drunk and happy, and when he looked up again, he briefly studied the stranger. The man was least 15 years older, maybe more, all muscles, tattoos, and piercings. He’d apparently just exited the leather bar next door and not the night club from which Luke emerged. The leather man was totally not Luke’s type, but Luke was drunk and horny, and needed a ride home, preferably without his gossipy gaggle of friends to judge any decision he made at this particular point. Pulling on his shirt, Luke glanced back down at his phone, trying to focus sufficiently to pull up the text messages from his friends, but as he did so, he noticed in his peripheral vision a pair black boots approaching. Looking up, Luke found the leather man was his side. “Hey. I’m Steve.” “Luke,” he replied as he automatically stuck out his hand. “Wanna come back to my place?” It was the most direct pickup line Luke had ever heard. “Yes," Luke replied, even before he could consider the alternatives. Twenty minutes and a cab ride later, Luke found himself walking through Steve’s massive loft wondering what he was getting himself into. From behind, Steve approached him and began caressing the 25 year old prize with his strong, knowing hands. Luke, it should be said, had a boy-next-door aura to him, and at 5’11, 170 pounds, he was muscular and lean. Inhibitions were flaring up as the alcohol buzz wore off a bit, and Luke wasn’t sure he was game for this tryst with an older guy. But that didn’t matter, as Steve was decidedly in control. Coming up behind Luke, Steve reached around Luke, unbuckled the younger man's trousers, pushed them to the floor, tweaked Luke's nipples and simultaneously grinding his his crotch against Luke’s supple ass. “I probably shouldn’t…” Luke whispered with a little resistance, until he felt the whiskered jawline making its way between his butt cheeks. He moaned in delight. “Fuuccckk” he said as Steve’s tongue penetrated his hole. Steve enjoyed making Luke melt, and as hot as the foreplay was, he knew it was only going to get better. Soon, he'd be leaving an indelible mark in Luke's cunt, marking it forever that he had been there. And indeed, Luke's cock was rock hard. If he had been asked, and had he been able to answer coherently, Luke would probably have asserted he had ever been so aroused as he was under Steve's expert attention. Luke was, in fact, dripping copious quantities of pre-cum, and that was before either Luke or Steve even touched Luke's cock. After a few minutes, holding Luke's body against his, Steve stood up and undid his belt and pants. They fell to the floor. Now, both men were half-dressed, with their shirts on and their pants/underwear on the floor below. Luke felt a massive dick pressed downward in his crack and felt Steve’s hairy legs against his. Luke was questioning the trajectory of the night. This was not a romantic encounter – this was him in a stranger's house with his pants on the floor about to get fucked. He’d never really had such a tryst, and it felt cheap and raunchy (albeit exhilarating and hot). Was he going to let it go forward? Did he even have a choice? Luke tried to turn around, figuring his exit plan would be a blow job and a kiss goodbye, but Steve knew his seed needed to be implanted in this twenty-something-god. He knew it from the moment he saw Luke. And Steve wasn’t going to let the power shift in this encounter, even if such would involve Luke’s perfect lips on his cock. So he just held Luke tighter with one arm and grabbed his cock. He glided the tip of his dick up and down Luke’s crack, lingering at his moist hole. “Fuck” Luke said, as the feeling of the Steve's dick against him was utterly overwhelming. Naturally his brain flirted through an array of concerns, but he finally settled on letting this happen. “Slut it up tonight” he said to himself, kind of proud at his decision. Steve positioned his dick against Luke’s hole and began to press forward. In response, Luke tensed-up in pain as the monstrous tool invaded his ass. Steve, however, knew how to get his way, and calmed Luke urging him “Relax, boy. Let go and take it.” Steve's deep, resonate voice did the trick, and Luke responded by doing his best to open up as Steve’s huge and veiny dick made its way deeper inside him. “Fuuuck” Luke moaned. He’d never taken such a big dick before, and his body was tearing to accept it. Ever patient, Steve slowly sunk in, pushing in a little and withdrawing a little, gradually getting deeper and deeper. He finally bottomed out, balls-deep in Luke's ass. As Steve reached full depth, he kissed Luke’s neck and announced “I’m all the way in." Luke smiled in satisfaction. “Hot. So fucking hot.” Luke was elated that the most painful part of the encounter was likely over and was ready for the pain to become lustful ecstasy. And the slut inside him was kind of proud for him taking a stranger's raw dick. Steve withdrew a little, and then pressed back into Luke’s ass. And again. And then he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into him. Finally, Luke was there: Steve's monster dick had invaded his ass completely and was now thrusting in and out with less resistance and more pleasure. Steve meanwhile, had found his fuck rhythm, and was pounding Luke’s ass with tempo and determination. Both men were sweating through their shirts, and beads of sweat ran down their legs. Steve’s balls were smacking against Luke’s. A few more minutes of Steve ravaging Luke’s cunt passed, before Steve grunted into Luke’s ear “I’m close.” Luke whimpered. “Fuck yeah” and let out a few moans. “I’m gonna breed you," Steve announced. Luke loved this kind of dirty talk, so responded “Fucking breed me. Shoot your load in me,” flexing his ass muscles to work and milk Steve’s huge cock. Steve rammed his dick deep inside Luke and a spasm of pure physical pleasure erupted as Steve’s toxic load spurted into Luke’s torn interior, coating the young man's fuck chute, and exposing Luke to the wrath of Steve's prior exploits. With Steve’s raw dick still in him, fucking the big, virus-laden load ever deeper into his ass, Luke feverishly jerked his cock until he shot his thick load onto the carpeting. Afterwards each man pulled-up his pants, and exchanged numbers with the other. Luke also had to borrow cab money, and with that he headed home. **************************************************************** To be continued.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Five I was led by the two men, into the next room, the one that was divided into two. We continued to move until we were in the area with three glory holes cut into the wall. Not much light was coming through the holes, so I knew the sun was going down outside. “Taking all loads is like Russian roulette - raw cock goes into your hole and the cock shoots - could be shooting blanks or a hot round of poz cum” one of the men said. I was placed with my back to the wall and pulled over at the waist allowing my ass to open at the glory hole. “Plus Son there is an added excitement to taking cocks that you don’t know who it is attached to, Do you know them or are they complete strangers you will never see again” I pushed my ass checks back against the wooden wall. I could hear sounds coming from all around. I looked to my left to see my Dad putting his ass against the wooden wall too. Only there was already a hard cock sticking through the glory hole. It was dark, thick and sticking straight out. I watched my Dad spit in his hand, rub the spit onto his hole, and push back on the dark cock, It slowly disappeared into Dad’s hole. My cock started to expand. I was watching my Dad take cock up his hole. It was the hottest thing I had ever saw. Dad’s head was thrown back with pleasure and one of his buds shoved a bottle of poppers under his nose, which he inhaled deeply. “Show your Son how to take cock” I watched as Dad’s ass pressed against the wood wall, the cock was deep inside his hole. I could feel the thrusts of the man fucking my Dad, move the wall on my ass. Dad moaned load as the cock moved in and out of his hole. I was lost watching Dad take raw cock, until I felt something pushing at my own hole. One of Dad’s buds reached back and spread my checks giving the unknown man access to my used hole. “Fuck man, that is one used cummy fuck hole” said the man on the other side of the wall, who was pushing his cock into my hole. I had heard that voice some where before, I knew it but could not place it. My hole opened around the cock, allowing it to slide deep inside, pushing the cum forward and out ward of my hole. I moaned as the cock began to move. I concentrated on the rhythm of the fuck - as he pushed in I pushed back and pulled off as he pulled out. “Good Son, take that anon raw cock - you know it could be anyone even grandpa” Dad said, “imagine being fucked by not just me but him as well today Son” My cock throbbed at that thought. I loved over and Dad was matching his fuck just like mine. We moved together. I looked up to see the other men who fucked me earlier either sucking or fucking each other. Dad took another big hit of poppers and then handed them to me - and I followed suit in huffing them. “Fuck that hole just opened” the top said on the other side of the wall, picking up speed. I looked to the other side of me, to see another cock coming through the hole. I could not help be think it was a beautiful sight to see, another hard fucking cock. I watch the tattooed, uncut cock man back his ass up, taking the cock deep into his hole, moaning as he was penetrated. I passed him the poppers and watched him inhale deep. I continued to push back against the hard cock working in and out of my hole. Poz cum flowed out of my hole and dripped down my balls. “Stay where you are fucker, I have to eat that ass!” the owner of the cock fucking me said. I felt his cock slip out and was soon replaced with a hot tongue. It was sliding in and out of my cum covered gapping hole. It was another new sensation. I moaned more and more as he switched from tongue fucking me and sucking my hole to eat out the cum deposited in there. My cock twitched rapidly as my mind wondered if he knew he was not only sucking out my Dad’s cum but also sucking out and swallowing nothing but poz loads. I ran my finger over my cock and scooped up the pre-cum leaking out. I was bringing it to my lips when I felt my Dad’s hand grab mine and pulling it to his mouth. “Give me your pre-fuck juice Son” I felt his mouth engulf my finger, sucking it like it was a skinny cock. The uncut guy reached over and scooped some of my pre-cum onto his finger and sucked it off, just like my Dad. “Fucking tastes like yours bud” The man stopped eating my ass and pushed his cock in my hole again, sliding all the way in and all the way out, over and over. I could hear a growl coming from him and knew he would not last much longer in my hole. “Never thought I would breed that hot ass that you strutted around campus, teasing the hell out of every man” he said. “you fucking overachieving whore” Fuck me, where did I know that voice from. I felt him slam his body against the wall, as his cock start to shoot deep inside my hole adding his cum to the rest. The thought of not knowing if I was getting more poz cum or not was a huge fucking turn on. Soon the pulse of his cock stopped and he pulled out. I fought the urge to look through the glory hole to see who it was. “Hot as fuck is right Dad” I said turning to him, watch him pull off his cock. “Got a load?” I asked him “Switching” I watched him and the uncut man switch cocks, fuck it was hot the just slid back on the new cocks, using each other’s ass juices as lube. I felt fingers playing with my hole through the glory hole. I closed my eyes as I felt them enter me. The new man pushed in two fingers, then three and then four, ramming them in and out. I wanted to scream out just give me your fucking cock, but didn’t. He removed his fingers, leaving empty and wanting to filled. I felt his hard cock rubbing up and down my hole, slowly moving, wetting the head with cum. I balanced myself on my knees and reached back spreading my ass open more. He positioned his cock head at my hole and pushed in, driving deep. I moaned again, I felt full as his cock spread open my ever loosening hole. Even with soreness setting in, I felt pleasure. He slowly moved his cock in and out of my hole. Steadily fucking me. I turned and watched Dad slam his ass back against the wooden wall, fucking himself on the cock sticking through the glory hole. Harder and harder Dad pushed back against the wall, until he pushed all the way back and held his ass against it. “Getting bred Son” he said smiling at me. The cock inside my hole was still steadily pumping in and out, working the ridge of it’s head against the muscles of my loose hole. “NEXT” Dad yelled as to signal anyone on the public side of the glory hole he was ready for the next anon cock. I watched as he braced himself, knowing that a cock had just entered his hole. “Oh yeah, fuck me hard bud” Dad said as he began moving back and forth on the new cock. Sounds of fucking and sucking echoed through the basement, while the smell of cum, piss and musk infused with the heated air. “Going to get loaded up Son, so I can squat over your mouth and feed you cum from my hairy ass!” Dad said. The cock inside my ass grew thicker and harder, giving me the sign it was going to shoot it’s load deep into my hole. I licked my lips, knowing that I was going to be flooded with more cum. One strong push in and the flood began. I could feel pulse after pulse of seed shooting into me. He pulled out and within seconds another cock stabbed at my hole, sliding in deep this time with almost no effort. “Your first black cock Son.” Dad said, “Hold on tight I have had that cock before and he fucks hard and long” My cock oozed pre-cum knowing that this cock had fucked and breed my Dad. Such a fucking turn on. It drove deep inside me. I still wondered how Dad knew what cock was fucking his Son’s ass. Was these anon fucks pre-arranged. Those thoughts quickly left my mind, as the black did started to pull in and out my hole. The cock would pull completely out of my hole, only to be shoved deep into me seconds later. This punch fuck attack continued for what seemed like for ever. Looking over at Dad, I could see him lost in a world of pleasure as his hard cock jumped up and down between his legs as he was fucked. Pre-cum was hanging from the head and almost touching the floor. I wanted to taste it, I wanted to suck every drop out of that piss slit. I watched Dad push back against the wooden wall, getting fucked and taking loads. “Good boy pussy” I heard grunted though the wall, “Gonna give you a highly toxic load Boy” My cock jumped knowing that this man was advertising his poz load and I was going to get it. His cock roughly punched my used hole, deeper and deeper. I jumped when he hit deep inside me. “Don’t pull off Boy, so fucking close” he said He continued to fuck me harder and deeper, until he pushed in deep and stayed there. Grunting and groaning as his piss slit opened and his toxic load invaded my used hole. I tried to squeeze my ass around his cock to milk out every drop, but my hole had been fucked so much by thick cocks, there wasn’t much pressure. “Clean it Boy” he said pulling out of my ass. I flipped around positioning my mouth at the glory hole. I closed my eyes and opened wide. I felt the cock pass through my mouth, gently sliding against my lips. It was slick with cum and the juices from my well fucked hole. I closed my lips around the black cock and lick and sucked. It began to move in and out of my mouth. Fingers began to feel around my hole, sliding in and out. The black cock soften and popped out of my mouth. He pulled away and I turned to back my ass against the hole again, waiting for the next cock to arrive. Time continued to pass, as the fucking continued. I lost count of how many anon cocks and loads I had taken through the glory hole, as well as how many Dad had. The third glory hole had seen many men presenting their holes to be fucked so I didn’t even try to concentrate on them. I knew it was getting late in the night, but I wanted more, more cock, more cum, and more disease.
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    This is a story in five parts, the first I've published. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ------------------------------ Red Letter Day, Part 1. As he pressed the buzzer on the innocuous looking door on the side street in Madrid's Chueca district, Dan was shaking. What the hell was he doing here? It was 4:00 AM but the narrow streets were still busy, party-goers enjoying the night air, cooler than the scorching heat of the late Spring day but still without cause for a jacket. He paused again, looking around cautiously, making sure that no one else from his group was around to observe his indiscretion. But they were all back at the apartments that they'd rented for the trip. Ten guys and a token straight girl on a trip to Madrid over the spring weekend. They'd eaten tapas, seen the obligatory tourist sights, drunk copious amount of alcohol, and danced the night away. But whilst everyone else had gone back to the apartments, drunkenly stumbling the three blocks back to their weekend home, Dan had headed just a short walk away to indulge a craving. His boyfriend, Alex had called it an early night, having peaked a little too early and would be blissfully unaware of Dan's late-night diversion. He jumped slightly as a voice spoke at him from the panel. "Third Floor", the North American accent seemed out of place in the hubbub of a Spanish city. But he was reassured, the guy on Grindr who'd invited him to this party, a celebration of sleaziness, was Canadian. The door buzzed, he pushed it open and went inside. The door closed and the dark elegant entrance hall was suddenly quiet, cool, and still. It wasn't too late, he could still turn back, he could go to bed and pretend this hadn't happened, but something drew him on, pulling him by his nether regions up to the third floor. The door was ajar and he could hear music playing, the instructions on his phone had told him just to come in, no one would be greeting, they'd all be too busy. The small room off the hallway to his left contained a myriad of shoes and clothing, some in neat piles, some strewn untidily. He stripped naked, and paused to look in the full length mirror before folding his clothing neatly into a pile on top of his shoes. He was tall, just under six feet with short messy dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Clean shaven, his body was toned, with hints of definition that left him not quite a twink and not quite a jock. He shaved the patchy chest hair that naturally popped up leaving him with a smooth chest that showed his muscles. A tight, groomed treasure trail led down to the asset that left most boys hungry. Eight inches of thick uncut meat, not the largest you'd ever seen, but large and inviting rather than intimidating. It curved slightly when hard and grew particularly thick in the middle; that was the bit that made the boys moan the most. His ass was a muscly bubble butt, shaved smooth with a tight smooth hole that begged for a tongue or a nice dick to enter it. Dan always purported that versatility made life more interesting. He walked down the hallway to the source of the music and voices. Entering the large living room of the duplex apartment, he was greeted by the sight of some fifteen or twenty naked guys, variously drinking, chatting or busily engaging in the favoured activity of the night. He spied the party's host who walked over to greet him. Where Dan's look fell somewhere between twink and jock, Greg was a hundred percent the latter. Tall and muscled with tousled sandy hair and white teeth, Dan's gaze was drawn immediately to the large uncut cock that swung as he walked. Dan guessed it would be longer than his, but not as girthy when hard. He began salivating at the prospect of sucking it, and his dick began to indicate his desire. "You must be Dan? I'm Greg, glad you could make it" he put his hands on Dan's hips and planted a kiss on his lips, as Dan felt their cocks rubbing together, not for the last time that night. "Thanks for the invite" Dan replied, still slightly shakily. "Don't be nervous, you'll have a great time, I promise." said Greg, grinning at him. "So, you don't need any paint yet?" Greg enquired. "Nope" responded Dan, "We'll soon change that" said Greg, laughing slightly. Dan knew exactly what he meant, he'd been told clearly how the party worked in a Grindr conversation that evening that had him terrified and excited in equal measure. He'd been intensely hard the whole time the party was described to him, hence why he was standing there naked now. The invite was exclusive, the host wanted only the hottest guys and as Dan looked around the room he couldn't see any he wouldn't be happy to do at least something with. A little over half the guys in the room, and presumably the guys already roamed into other rooms in the duplex apartment, had writing on their chests in red body paint, one word: POZ. The game was simple, you could do whatever you wanted with whomever you wanted, but the real goal was for those with POZ on their chests to add, one letter at a time, that word to those who'd arrived without. Dan figured that most of those already marked were probably undetectable, like the host, and some were negative guys enjoying the power fantasy. Likewise some of the unmarked guys were indulging in fantasies of their own, but his host assured him that he should only attend if he was ready for the consequences of tonight to be more permanent than the paint it was written in. Greg has warned him that several loads in the room were unmedicated, filled with virus that would leave his negative status a thing of the past. "Where do I start?" asked Dan. A drink had appeared in his hand and the fresh surge of vodka buoyed his confidence. "Wherever you want" came the reply. With barely a moment's hesitation, Dan placed his drink on the table and dropped to his knees, pulling Greg's already semi-hard cock into his mouth. It tasted of cum and ass, and Dan was immediately intoxicated by the flavours that revealed his host's previous endeavours. It quickly grew hard and Dan struggled to contain it all in his mouth, but he was an expert sucker, he'd been doing it since he was 13 and knew exactly how to tease a large man cock with his tongue. Cut dicks were a rarity for him but he'd spent enough time abroad to know how best to work them. Greg moaned and began pumping Dan's face with his dick. Greg drew back and pulled Dan onto a nearby sofa, Dan felt the cool black leather on his knees as Greg reclined and Dan went onto all fours, consciously exposing his ass to the few guys now watching the action unfold. As he worked Greg's long dick, he felt a warm tongue around his hole. Glancing behind himself, Dan saw a tall, preppy, geeky blonde with a skinny, pale body and glasses who grinned as he worked Dan's ass. Dan returned the smile and went back to his sucking duties whilst the pretty, preppy blond went to work on his ass with vigour. Greg leaned down and whispered to him "Jamie there won't just mark your body tonight." With a dirty smile he leaned back, enjoying the feel of Dan's tongue working the thick head and shaft. Dan's cock jumped at the thought of Jamie's load and he pushed back, enjoying the expert tongue work. Suddenly a warmth surrounded his dick and he saw a Spanish guy with just the perfect amount of hair on his chest working his hardened dick. His enjoyment of the sensations in his mouth, ass, and dick were interrupted by Greg who pulled him up with his muscular arms and flipped him round so he was facing blond Jamie, his ass exposed to Greg's cock, wet with his spit and copious precum. Greg pulled on his shoulders and Dan felt the familiar pressure of a dick forcing its way into his hole. Dan's mind burned with the three letters written in red on Greg's chest as he heard the slight pop and felt the filling sensation of raw cock entering him. Raw poz cock. Dan's mind blurred from the vodka, the poppers presented under his nose and the sensation of the cock sliding into him in one go. He let out a moan and found his mouth filled by Jamie's dick. Massively thick, Jamie's cut dick left him barely able to breathe as Jamie thrust into his mouth and battered his throat. Behind him, Greg was working up his pace, his long dick spearing Dan's hole rhythmically and Dan once again felt the Spanish guy Antonio, sucking him. He could feel Greg's dick swelling as he urged "Get ready for this huge poz load you little neg slut!" Greg moaned loudly "Fuck yeah", Dan felt his cock spasm and the familiar warmth of cum filling him. "Take my poz babies" moaned Greg as he thrust the last of his orgasm inside Dan's hole. Jamie withdrew his dick from Dan's mouth and he suddenly felt empty at both ends. He collapsed onto his front and Greg rolled him over, "Jamie's saving his load for somewhere other than your mouth, but right now it's time to mark you up." He took a pen from the table and wrote a large P over Dan's right pec in red body paint. It should have terrified him, but he felt nothing except excitement at the idea of collecting all three letters that would mark him as poz.
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    For as long as I can remember, my hormones have had more control over me than anything else. And when they kick into high gear, there is no denying that I need sex. Times like these, a trip to the bathhouse is definitely in order. A casual hook-up will not do the trick when I'm this hot -I need to feel like a whore. After checking in and getting a room, I stripped and did a round to check out who was on hand. Lucky for me the place was busy enough and in no time I had a sexy Daddy-type checking me out. He came over, looked me deep in the eyes and said, "I know what you need," in a deep and sexy voice. "You got a room?" I nodded and he grabbed my hand and led the way out. Neither of us was into wasting time. I'd already prepared my ass for some major action and was lubed and good to go, so once in my room, he bent me over the small bed and slid his very nice dick into my hungry hole. His dick felt perfect in my ass -long enough to feel it, and thick enough to give me that stretch that I ache for. He eased in balls deep on the first go, and then gave his hips a couple of ruts to smack my butt cheeks, and then hauled back and began to pump me. We stayed in this position for a while, 10 or 15 minutes, with his hands on my hips, pulling me back and impaling me onto his meaty shaft. I loved hearing the smack, smack, smack of our bodies colliding, and feeling my buns ripple with every impact. He suddenly pulled out of my now loose hole, making a wet popping sound from the abrupt retreat, and told me to get on my back. He knelt over me and lifted my ankles to his shoulders, then shoved forward and entered me again. He was working up a really good sweat and I was loving every second of it. I get extra hot when the guy who is fucking me gets to sweating like a pig, dripping all over me, and huffing and puffing. After another 15 minutes like this he said he was going to cum and pulled his hips back, his dick falling out of me, and let my legs fall to his sides. There had been no discussion before this fuck, but I assumed that since I hadn't questioned condom use he would know that I wanted his load up my ass. I reached down and positioned his dick at my hole again and managed to wiggle myself until I had a couple of inches back into me. He looked down at me with a worried expression on his handsome face. "I can't . . . I'm poz," he said regretfully. I must admit that I never considered myself a chaser. Sure, I've gotten hot watching poz videos online and reading the stories. But I was not entirely sure if it was something that I would go after. Until now. I felt a surge inside of me, a rush of adrenaline, and a hunger that didn't originate in my stomach. I scissored my long legs behind his back, locking my ankles against his butt, and pulled him deeper into me. "Undetectable?" I asked. "Toxic," he replied, now looking into my eyes. The rush inside me grew even stronger, and I heaved my hips off of the bed and lunged further towards him, taking his entire dick into me now. "I want your cum in me," I said in a breathy voice. "You're poz?" he asked me. I just shook my head 'no' in response. "You sure you want this?" I tightened my grip around his waist and he got the message. His entire expression changed, and I saw the hunger that I was feeling mirrored in his face. "Fuck, you are so hot," he growled, leaning down to rest his upper body weight on his hands, hovering over me and slamming his dick into me over and over again. "I'm going to pump you so full of my toxic baby juice . . . you're gonna get pregnant tonight," he said, now wearing a very happy grin while he continued to pound me. Knowing that he was going to give me the gift of his virus seemed to spur him on, and he fucked me like I've never been fucked before. Deep and hard. One of those fucks that is all-consuming. We were so engrossed in each other that the crowd that had formed at the door didn't distract us for even a second. "You ready for it? You ready for me to knock you up?" he asked. "Fuck yes! Breed me! Give me your poz load!" I yelled so that everyone could hear. "I'm gonna charge you up! Fuuuuck!" he yelled, and I could feel his dick swelling, and I could also feel his dick spray painting my guts with his viral load. He was panting and drenched in sweat, and lay entirely on top of me while his balls emptied their seed into me. When he finally came down enough, he lifted his head and kissed me sweetly on the mouth. "That was amazing. I can't remember the last time I blew my load inside a hot ass. I hope you're ready for this." "It's my decision and I'm happy that I finally made it," I told him confidently, just in case I had to erase any doubt or guilt that might be creeping up on him. He finally shoved his weight up and off of me and eased his now softened cock out of my loose hole. "In that case, why don't we make sure that you get good and knocked up tonight" he said. More to come?
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    Predators and prey Michael was a good boy. He was a good pupil and always listened to his parents. He helped old people in crossing the street and was involved in his church. And Michael believed in God. Still there was a dark secret hidden in this otherwise always friendly guy. Michael fantasized of being sexually dominated by men. His parents didn’t know he was gay. To the extent either of them thought about it, both his mother and father assumed he was shy with girls, but that eventually he would grow out of it. Neither ever considered Michael might be a dick-taking faggot. Now, at the age of 18, having received his driving license, Mike felt an overwhelming urge to get fucked. The urge grew from day to day. In his mind he was ripped open by one, two, three, sometimes even four guys. He wanted to serve them with his body. He instinctively knew his role was to be on the receiving end. Living in a small village, where everyone knew each other it was impossible for Mike to stare at the other boys. He was always keeping his little secret to himself and never gave anyone the opportunity to think otherwise of him. He was the cute Christian neighbor boy, who was saving himself for the right girl. “Mom?” “What is it” his mother yelled from the kitchen. “Can I borrow the car, please?” he asked politely. His mother came into the hall. It was almost 10:00 o’clock in the evening. "Why do you need the car at this hour," she asked. "I forgot a school book at a buddy's house and I need it for an upcoming exam," Michael explained. His mother trusted Michael in all of his action and although she was worried about him, driving in the dark he convinced her, that he needed the book urgently and would be back soon. Michael’s father died two year ago from cancer. Since then he was ‘the man’ in the house. His mother smiled to him and asked him to drive slowly and to be home soon. Michael took the keys from the table and told his mother he would return soon and that he might chat with his friend a bit. Michael never mentioned a name and his mother didn't think to ask which of Michael's friends. In any event off Michael went in his mother's car. Of course his destination was not a buddy's house, but rather a cruising lot where gays met to fuck each other. He read about the place on the internet. His destination was a parking lot which adjoined a nearby forest. As he drove into the parking lot, Michael thought "Now is the time to get some action." In the forum he read about the cruising area. It was well visited and people wrote about their sex encounters which made Mike always horny. He read about the option of being fucked bareback. Mike knew about condoms, but sex was never a subject at home. He knew condoms prevent a girl of becoming pregnant, but he was not a girl. Believe it or not, but Michael was unaware of the dangers of STD’s or HIV. This was just not part of his world and although he needed cock, he was also full of doubts, if the path he walked would lead him straight to hell. He had to drive quite some miles and in the back of his mind was hoping his mom didn’t check the mileage after all. Finally he arrived at his destination. It was almost 11:00 pm. There were several other cars parked in a big parking lot. Although the parking lot was officially a rest area, none of the cars were occupied with passengers. Mike was hard. He was wearing a tight blue jeans and a blue shirt with an imprint of his school, St. Barnabas. His heart was beating so fast. He thought it would burst inside of his chest. His jeans almost did anyway, showing a nice bulge, although Mike had not the biggest gun for sure. He opened the car door and exited the vehicle. He couldn’t see anyone although the moon was shining bright. Slowly he started walking towards the forest. He felt his ass tingle in excitement. Tonight he wanted to take cocks into his arse. He wouldn’t mind if some guys would use him and although he had dreams about the only one, he knew this was impossible for him. His was expected to get married one day and have a bunch of children. But he also had this needs and for tonight he would let guys be in charge of him and his young body. Michael entered the forest and suddenly saw a first couple engaged in sexual activities. He was so horny. This was the first time, he saw two guys actually doing something. One male was on his knees and was sucking a daddy type. The bearded hunk was around 40 and observed Michael instantly. Michael was actually looking shyly at the big cock of this dark haired top but was too afraid to stand still and start jerking or so. So he continued his way deeper into the darkness while the guy who had just focused on Mike pushed the sucker away and told him to fuck off. He had set his mind on this young twink, who was obviously the first time at such a place. Maybe he was a virgin. He closed his jeans and followed Michael. Other guys had also noticed the fresh meat and like predators they surrounded Michael eye-fucking the youngster. Michael was so excited. He had the feeling he wasn’t almost able to breathe. He passed some guys on his way through the woods. Deep voices reached out to him, enticing him with open invitations, such as “Hey there young one, need some hard dick?” And “What’s up, puppy? Looking for a daddy?” and again, “Hey boy, let me fuck your tight hole.” The sweet invitations to partake of debauchery of which Michael had only passing knowledge. He was too shy to reply, but he smiled cutely at all of them and was always looking at their big bulges and that was quite inviting for all of them. Another hunk actually stopped Michael by holding him by his shoulder and asked "Are you looking for some dick? We are all here to give it good to you. All you've gotta do is to spread your legs, you little cunt." Mike looked at the front of this guy's jeans. The buttons were open already and a thick cock was sticking out of his pants. Without a word the stud increased the pressure on Michael's shoulder and pressed him down onto his knees with the simple command "Suck." “I don’t know…how," Michael replied in a quiet, reserved whisper. “Are you a fucking virgin?” Mr. Big asked loudly. Michael nodded, in abject shame. “A fucking virgin,” Mr. Big replied with a coarse chuckle, adding “You know, you're gonna taste and feel many cocks tonight, little one.” With this pronouncement Mr. Big grabbed Michael's hair, pulling him down closer too his cock. “Just open your mouth and suck my dick. And take care of your teeth. Don’t scratch me with your fucking teeth” With that Michael was got his first taste of cock. He tried to look up to this macho fucker, but sucking for the first time, took much of his concentration and so he tried to take as much of the fuck meat into his mouth. The big guy pushed his dick further into Mikes throat and he choked on his cock. This was fucking great Michael thought. He hoped he would get used hard tonight. He wasn’t able to see, but 6 other guys were already jerking off. They had all heard the news, that this fucktoy was a virgin obviously. “Do you want to take dick up your cunt?” the guy above him asked. “Yes – please” Mike answered and blushed. “I just used my last condom bitch – you got some?” he asked loudly. “No – my mom would kill me, if she found condoms in my room”. "Your Mom?" the guy snickered. “You take it bare?” he asked loudly, so everyone nearby could hear the questioning. “Yes if course, that’s not a problem. I would love to take it raw. I will accept everyone” Michael replied and continued sucking dick. “Good boy. Very good boy. Let’s go. There is a shack nearby with a mattress inside. This is just the place we need to fuck you hard and give you some charged loads. Let’s go!” the male commanded. He dragged Michael by his arm and forced him to follow him through the woods. Michael now saw some other guys who were grinning at him wickedly. He felt like the star of the night. He knew everybody was wanting him and he was willing to accept every dick in his body. There was a glade in front of them and there he could see the booth. He was scared, but also excited. He wanted to be used. He needed cock. Tonight was the night he finally would experience what it meant to be a fagboy…
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    This erotic fiction is a continuation of my story, The Broken Jock, that started in the "General Bareback Sex Stories" section that now, at Part 3, seems to belong in this section instead—for reasons you will soon discover. Check out Parts 1 and 2 to see how far this young, gay, safe-sex only, softball player has fallen. Enjoy. ________________________________________________________________________ The Broken Jock by @ButtB4iGo, Part 3 The next Friday afternoon, Hank texted me. Hank: Hey boy, I have plans for that hot little hole of yours tonight. Be at room 228 at the Folsom Motel at 11. It had been almost a week since Hank fucked me last and I was feeling really horny. I had made plans to meet friends at a Castro bar at 8, but I figured I could excuse myself around 10:30 and head to the motel to get another one of Hank's anonymous fucks. I still don't know what he looks like. Me: OK, sir. -- When I got to the motel room door, the hall lights were dimmed by so many fluorescent tubes being out with one or two flickering. I’m in a horror film, I thought to myself with a grin. But since the typical motel had its hallways outside under the lights of the surrounding city, it actually wasn’t as dark or menacing as all that. I knocked on door number 228. “Who’s there?” I heard Hank say. “It’s me. Adam.” I heard lamps being turned off and then the door opened. “Get on the bed face down, boy. Push down your pants, too.” I felt my way to the bed and laid down on my chest while opening the fly to my jeans. Hank closed the door, came up behind me and helped push my pants down. “Nice white jock, boy. You know what gets my dick hard.” He then pushed his soft leather cod piece against my bare ass. “Let’s get this blind fold on you.” My cock was rock hard in anticipation for Hank to plow my hole again. Did he bring more anonymous used condoms like last time? Hank got on top of me and licked the left side of my face in one long upward lick. “Your going to get some more of ol’ Hank’s cock tonight. Plus, I’ve invited a few friends over from that hook up site, BareBackFuckers.” “Yes!” I didn’t use my inside voice. Hank explained more, whispering in my ear. “I found your profile on that safe-sex only site you are still on, and I took a screen shot of it. Then I went to BareBackFuckers and shared that screen shot with some select tops that I want to see get inside you.” Hank shoved his hand under me to feel my dick. He easily felt the precum I was leaking into my jock pouch. “Fuck, boy! Already leaking. I knew you needed some more raw cock in you.” He continued rubbing my cock head through the cloth as he went on. “I told these select men that safe-only ShortStop91 is now taking all loads. There are two men coming here tonight to fuck and load up your hole while you suck my cock. These guys will only have one mission: to breed that nice newbie hole of yours. Then you’ll get fucked by me. Understand?” I nodded. “Yes, sir.” Hank seemed especially intense tonight, but I wanted it, and Hank knew just how to use me. Hank got up and unsnapped the leather cod piece. He walked around to the other side of the bed and I felt the mattress take on his weight in front of my blindfolded face. His cock was rock hard as he rubbed it on my face and in my hair. His P.A. was cool on my lips when he told me to open up. He pushed his cock in forcibly to the back of my throat and he held the back of my head as I squirmed and gagged on the P.A. “Fuck yeah, jock boy. Take my cock in your throat. I know you can take Phil’s cock in there.” I relaxed my throat to help Hank invade, and I breathed through my nose the way Phil always commanded. Hank said he wanted to skull fuck me before the other men got there. I did pretty well, I think. I tried to forget about the scary P.A. in my throat and just focus on Hank’s cock head. About every minute or so, Hank would push all the way in and keep it there while I gagged. As he pulled out I got some air again, recovered, and opened my mouth to let Hank to do it again. “Good boy, Adam. Let me have that mouth and throat!” A knock on the door. “Who’s there?” Hank yelled. “Ahhhh… I think we’re both from the site,” came from a man’s voice from outside the door. “I’m Coach4Jox and this other fella is…” “Pops9in!” the other man’s voice finished. They must have arrived at the same time. "Come on in, guys." The door opened and I heard the men enter. "Turn on that one lamp, too. I’ve got him blindfolded.” I heard the click of the lamp and shortly thereafter felt a hand feel up my naked ass and another hand in my hair. “Shit! It really is you!” said the man near my face. “I’ve been checking you out on the safe-sex hook up site for two years. Your ass looks so good in that softball uniform pic! I’ve messaged you, too. But I figured you didn't answer because I’m a lot older. I see you at the bars sometimes, too. I have fantasized many times about fucking your gorgeous butt, and I have schemed in my head about how I’d pull the damned condom off without you knowing. I can’t believe I get to finally put my cock in that butt of yours—although I have to admit, a good stealth breeding of your jock ass would have been truly amazing.” As the guy near my head was talking, the other guy was already trying to push his cock into my hole. He was about a quarter way in dry. As Pops9In was taking my hole I realized that I recognize the other guy’s handle from the safe-sex site. Coach4Jox was a white-haired man, mid-60s, who was constantly trying to set-up a fuck date with me with messages like: “I have condoms. I would love to shove my daddy cock into that very nice jock butt of yours.” But, I have had lots of men trying to get in my pants who were hotter than Coach4Jox, so I just never really gave him much thought. Hank pushed his cock back into my mouth and announced to the other men that ShortStop91 is going bareback today and that they should "fuck me up.” “As my handle indicates, I’ve got 9 inches of raw cock I’m going to shove up his 'safe-only' butt.” He kept pushing into me. "Fuck, this hole is tight!” "There’s lube next to you on the bed,” Hank offered. “I brought the oil-based stuff this safe-boy has always avoided.” Hank was playing like I was being offered up for barebacking for the first time to these men. Close enough for me. In my head, I was still in the process of being fully used and violated by my Hank. A man who started fucking me into bareback whoredom only two fuck sessions ago. I thought to myself, Pops9in and Coach4Jox will be men #11 and #12 to shoot their loads inside my hole. “Ahhhhh!” I gasped. With a lubed cock, Pops9in entered my hole. “Nice! We have penetration!” Hank said. The man’s large cock filled my rectum as I gripped Hank’s leather-clad thighs. Hank pulled his cock out of my mouth and put an opened poppers bottle under my nose. “Take a good hit, boy.” I took about six hits as the cock inside me pushed in some more. I felt the inner tingle and static from the poppers. “Mmmmm,” I moaned as Hank pushed his P.A. and cock head back into my throat. “He’s lit,” Hank said. “Go ahead and try to fuck him now.” “He’s really tight,” the man said. “Take my cock, son. And no fucking rubbers, safe boy. This is raw cock inside you. This is what taking a man’s cock is supposed to feel like. Damn, I’m all the way in.” The man, Pops9in, bucked so that his cock head nudged the deepest part of my hole. “Oh, yeah. Fuckin’ sweet hole here. Can’t fuckin’ believe my luck today when you messaged me.” He then started fucking in long strokes. Grunting and telling me to take it. Telling me that I loved raw dick now. “And my cock is not pulling out until every one of my fucking sperm is inside your young" —thrust— “jock” —thrust— "butt.” “Do it!” Hank’s cock got extremely hard in my mouth as he watched the man fucking my ass. “Let me see you shove that poz cock up that jock ass. Fuck that neg jock ass.” Was that just hot talk? Did I hear Hank say “poz”, “neg”? It began to sink in how Hank might be violating me tonight. All the years of getting fucked with condoms to avoid HIV infection, and was it true? Was I getting fucked bareback by an HIV positive top? Was it just fantasy talk? Hank held the poppers under my nose again, and I surrendered. “Yeah boy, take another hit. Poz9Inch wants to load up your hole tonight. Take his poz cock and let him load you up.” I realized then I had originally misheard the handle on the man whose huge cock was now pistoning in and out of my hole, a poz cock without a condom. The poppers had taken over my head, so I gave in. Hank put his hard cock back in my mouth and told me to suck on the head. A wave of poppers-induced electricity went right to my groin and asshole. I found myself using my mouth and my ass muscles to milk the two cocks that were inside me. I was going to knowingly have a raw anonymous poz cock unload inside my ass for the first time. Once Poz9In heard his HIV status revealed to me, he started fucking rougher, grunting as he landed his cock head deep in my hole. “Fuckin charge that hole, man,” I heard the Coack4Jox say. “Breed that safe-only ass!” “My pre-cum has been lubing him up for the last 15 minutes, so this neg jock is getting it already. Might as well load ‘em up.” I heard the men wickedly cheer as Poz9in was building up to unload inside me. “Do it, man,” said Hank. “Unload in his hole, he’ll take it. Won’t you, boy.” I nodded. “Fuck yeah, kid. Here is comes.” Poz9in made guttural grunts as his cock shot his warm toxic cum into my rectum. “Yes! There is it boy. All my sperm having a party inside your hole right now. Ah! Ah! Fuck! Yeah! Let me fuck that in.” Poz9In fucked me hard for about a minute. His cum was so battered in my hole that I could feel some of it leaking down my nut sack and into my jock. “Fuck!” I cried. “Fuck!!!” “That’s it, boy,” Hank coached into my left ear. “Take the man's poz load, Adam. I knew you’d be a good submissive boy for me tonight.” Poz9in pulled out of my ass and I felt the cool air of the room on my exposed jock-strapped ass. My legs had been kicked wide apart by him as he bred me, maniacally trying to shove his cock as far in as he could. I felt completely open as the white-haired old man got in place between my legs. Coach4Jox entered me quickly and began hammering his good sized meat into my cum-slicked hole. He fucked in and out of me as he talked. “Fuck yeah! For so long, I’ve fantasized about doing this to you, Adam. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve stalked you at your softball games and watched you get drunk at the bars, hoping you’d get wasted enough to need someone to walk you home. I’d imagine promising you that I’d wear a condom if you’d let me fuck you. Thinking about how I could use a condom and wait until you’re passed out drunk on your bed to rip the condom off and slide back in, stealth pozzing you when I unload shot after shot of my toxic cum inside that young jock butt of yours.” Coach4Jox kept fucking my hole and promising me another poz load as Hank, listening to the man’s perverted confession, climaxed. “Damn! I’m cumming in your mouth, boy! Open up that throat.” I let Hank’s cock head into my throat again and immediately felt the warmth of his sperm in my throat as I swallowed. I took Hank’s load like he was a familiar lover. He kept his dick in my mouth as he watched and listened to the old man fuck me. Hank pushed my head to the bed hard. “Now’s your chance, Coach. You’ve got him passed out on the bed now. Fucking stealth that young jock ass. Fucking breed that neg hole with your poz cock." “Fuck! Here it comes, you fucking neg shortstop tease," Coach4Jox said. “Take my load up your sweet butt for good.” Coach4Jox unloaded a hot torrent of poz cum into my hole. The men celebrated my violation with profanity and slaps on my ass. The old man pulled out of my ass and told the other men to look at my hole. “Fuck! This is what two poz loads up a hot young bubble butt looks like. Poz9in added, "Fucking hot jock boy, getting knocked up by anonymous men like that.” He slapped my ass. After the rustling sounds of men getting dressed, Hank said, “Thank you, gentlemen, for helping me out tonight. This was a safe-only boy who submitted fully to me only recently. As far as I know you two are his first poz loads. I am hoping to get him introduced and used at the bathhouse soon, and I think tonight should ease that transition.” I could hear, “sure thing, man” and “anytime” from the outside corridor. With the door open, I could feel the cold San Francisco air on my wet asshole. I heard Hank put keys on the night table by the bed. “Check out’s at noon. You can stay until then, if you want. You were great tonight, boy. Let’s consider meeting up again mid-week. I’ll text you.” My violation would continue. “Yes, sir.” “That’s what I like to hear. Keep that blindfold on for five minutes!” I heard the door close and listened as Hank’s footsteps faded. I fell asleep in that position: facedown, bare assed, legs spread. My asshole felt wet, open, used and empty. I slept soundly, dreaming only of sex. I wanted more. Edited July 31 by drscorpio Put a link to the first 2 parts in 37
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    Hello : I hope you all enjoy this story. It's my first try on here, so please be a little forgiving. Bart listened to the two young brothers talking in the bar. The one slightly older brother telling his younger brother about testing positive a month ago and starting his meds in about two weeks when his insurance kicks in. Then Bart's ears perked up, the little brother mentioned his thoughts of just to stop worrying about converting, as he hated condoms, but was scared. His brother felt the same about not wanting to use condoms anymore, but was scared about passing the bug along. Bart was a conversion master. He had parties monthly for charging up new comers. He always wanted to get a set of brothers together for a charging. He had a special plan for helping a set who were not sure about completing the process. Now it looks like he could get his dream. This was a little out of the way bar, and the bartender owner was his good friend and buddy in parties, as well as shared his dream. Two hours later, Bart and Tim had the passed out brothers in Bart's playroom. Bart's playroom was no ordinary playroom. It was in someways a dungeon master's wet dream. Different slings, crosses, frames, a water trough accessible from different angles, a large shower area, different electro toys and other toys. All in a large garage like building on Bart's out of the way land. He could have loud parties and no one to bother or notice. Or in this case, two brothers who may be a little loud in their resistance, and no one to hear them. Bart and Tim worked together to strip the two young men and get them strapped into their respective works. As they stripped the older brother they found a muscular athletic body, good amount of hair covering his chest and abs, and very thick trail leading to trimmed pubes. Below was a beautiful uncut cock, a plump almost six inch soft penis and nice large balls. Beautiful fuzzy ass as well. Can't wait to see how large this cock gets and performs. He was strapped into a standing frame a little larger than a doorway and on locking wheels, his body not quite an X but almost. Next to be stripped was the younger brother, which they found a tight swimmers bodied boy. Hair just sprouting around his nipples and a nice neat treasure trail leading to a full set of pubes, and another beautiful uncut cock. His cock actually had a longer foreskin then the older brother, but his cock was little thinner and shorter, but not by much. This brother was strapped into a roll away sling. The brothers were in their respective devices for about 45 minutes when they started coming around, and realizing they couldn't move much. Aaron fixed in a standing position, and Ryan in a prone position, and very much naked. They struggled for bit and then began yelling. This brought in a changed Bart and Tim. They had changed into black jock straps and masks. The two men were very muscular and hairy, each with biohazard tat on one of their pecs. Bart came up close to the two brothers "You might as well settle down, you two aren't going anywhere for a while." "Now, we overheard you talking about your position and your hidden desires. Well little bro, your big bro is going to help you out with a little gift, and big bro your little bro will be helping you out in the process. Both of you will be helping us to live out a dream as well." Aaron struggled a bit and yelled, "What do you mean? Let us go." Tim came up to Aaron and lightly tugged one of Aaron's hairy nipples, "Oh, you'll be sharing a more detailed amount of DNA than you already do." Aaron then recalled what a biohazard tat generally meant for most gay men, and really started struggling. "No, I'm not going to do that. You can't make me." "Oh, you'll not have much of a choice in the matter soon. We'll be sure you get in the 'mood' to give your gift." Bart smiled, and stepping over to a table, he opened a carry bag out of which he selected a small plastic bag containing some little blue pills, another small plastic bag containing a few yellowish shards, another plastic bag containing something that looked like tea leaves, as well as a couple large bottles of water. Then he reached over to the wall and took two medium sized enema bags off of the hooks where they were hanging, poured one of the bottles of water into a pan and started lightly warming it. Bart crushed a blue pill and stirred it into some warm water with some of the tea leaves, and let it sit. He then took a largish yellow shard and crushed it up and put it into one of the enema bags. Bart than took the rest of the warm water and filled both of the enema bags all the way up. "Help me move our guests over near the trough." Bart and Tim moved Ryan closest to the trough, just to the side of the trough near one of the short sides, furthest from the drain. Then moved Aaron to the opposite end closest to the drain. "Now, you get to watch us start to get little bro ready to receive his gift." At this point the brothers starting yelling again, and struggling. Tim knelt down between Ryan's spread legs, held him still, and tongued his hole. In only a few minutes Ryan's hole loosened up to Tim's expert tongue, and Ryan's screams were turning to moans of pleasure. Tim then began fingering Ryan's hole, spreading a little lube into the opening, after a minute or so announcing "He's ready for the first rinse." Bart than hung the first enema bag, the one with plain water and slowly started to insert the nozzle into Ryan's ass. Slowly moving it in and out a little, making Ryan moan a little but still trying to say no. Then with the nozzle fully planted in Ryan's ass, he started the water flow. Tim at the same time rubbed Ryan's belly softly and gently. "There you go little bro, just relax. Let the water in you. Let it pour into your guts. Just relax," Tim kept purring to him. Soon the bag was empty. Bart then lubed up a small/medium butt plug. In one swift motion pulled the nozzle out and shove the plug in. "Let's let the water loosen up everything for bit, and work on big bro now." Aaron started struggling and yelling. "That's not going to you any good. You just need to drink a little something right now. You can either be a good boy and drink or we'll get you to drink it. Yelling does not good, no one is here to hear you. The drink actually tastes real good." "Boys, you might as well relax and enjoy and stop struggling. You'll enjoy it more, and really have fun giving and receiving your gifts." "Your not going to force me to infect my brother with HIV. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do this to my brother. You can't make me. See, I'm not even hard. I'm not going to do it." "Oh, after having this tasty little drink, you'll be more in the mood. In fact, you'll be a horn dog ready to fuck anything." "You can't make me. I won't let myself cum, I'll fight it" "Oh, your too young to resist shooting a load when you get going. Besides, we have our ways." During this time Ryan's eyes got bigger, now that he fully understood what was happening. He'd never been fucked by a real cock yet. He'd had his ass played with, and lots of dildos, but never a real cock. But he'd always dreamed of his brother taking his cherry. When his brother told him he was positive he thought it would never happen now, except maybe using a condom if his brother would take him. As Tim was still rubbing Ryan's belly, Ryan stopped struggling, and Tim noticed Ryan's cock was thickening up and getting a little longer. "Hey bud, I think little bro is liking the idea of what he's hearing." Bart then looked at Aaron, "See your little bro seems to like the idea. So relax, give the gift." "No, you can't make me." Bart then came over to Aaron with cup of liquid. The drink is a modified tea. It of course has the well known little blue pill in it, but also the tea leaves were a mixture of herbs that help in the same manner and also turn up the desire in a man. Usually within an hour a man is harder than a rock and so horned up a goat would be appealing. Between the blue pill and the herbs, Aaron will not be able to fight the urge his body will be put into. But in Aaron's case, it will be something much nicer, Ryan's sweet ass. Aaron forced his mouth shut, and shook his head as Bart tried to get him to drink. "Okay, I guess we'll have to do this the hard way than." Bart set the drink down and went to the wall, reaching up he retrieved a small padded clip and a mask like item that seemed to have a mouth piece and a hose with a funnel sticking out. Ryan's eyes got a little big when he saw this, he didn't want his brother to be forced to do anything, he didn't want his brother hurt. "Aaron, its okay. Drink it. If it makes you want to fuck me, so be it. Aaron don't fight them anymore. I love you. If I have to get infected, I'd rather it be from you. I'd rather you take by cherry, not some stranger if that's want happens. Just drink it if it will help you." "NO!" Bart approached Aaron with the items. "One last time, you want to drink?" Aaron shook his head. "Okay, here goes. Bud come over here, and hold his head." Tim left Ryan and came over behind Aaron and grabbed his head and held it still. Aaron clamped his mouth down harder. Bart then reached over with the little rubberized clip, and clipped it to Aaron's nose, pinching his nose shut. Aaron's eyes got huge as he realized what was going to happen, just as Bart started to talk. "With your nose all pinched shut, you can only breathe through your mouth, so you'll have no choice but to open your mouth. Then I'll get this mask on you and you'll drink whatever we put in the spout. If you don't breathe through your mouth, you'll just pass out and we'll put the mask on anyways. So, one more time you want to drink?" Aaron shook his head, but he was getting red from the need to breathe. Bart readied the mask to shove into his mouth when it opened. "Aaron, just drink it, don't let them hurt you. Please, don't fight them." Aaron felt himself getting light and a little headache from not breathing, and suddenly his reflexes kicked in and his body on its own forced him to open his mouth to breathe. Bart quickly shoved the mask into Aaron's face, forcing the mouth piece into Aaron's mouth and held it there as Aaron panted through his mouth. While Aaron was distracted with the need to breathe, Bart held his head from the front, and Tim fixed the strap to the back of Aaron's head. The mask wasn't going anywhere now. Aaron would now drink whatever Bart or Tim wanted to put into the funnel. "Ok big bro, you will drink now. You'll love the taste. And you'll love how it makes you feel soon. Just relax now. You can either enjoy where your going and in giving your gift, or it will continue to be a struggle and you'll find out how we make you continue." He released the nose plug from Aaron's nose so Aaron was breathing better now. Tim was no longer holding Aaron's head, he didn't need to. Anything poured into that funnel would go into Aaron's mouth and be swallowed by hook or by crook. Aaron just shook his head. "Aaron, please stop fighting. Just drink. I'm scared, but I love you and its okay. It's okay, don't fight them anymore. I'd rather you be the one to do this to me. Please, stop fighting." Ryan was lightly sobbing for his big brother. He was scared, but deep down he knew he didn't like the idea of condoms, he always wanted to feel the real cock, not the rubber. So he knew at some point he'd probably come up poz like his brother. So who better than Aaron to give it to him. Tim pulled over a small stool and lifted the funnel up so the tea would go smoothly down to Aaron's mouth. Aaron's eyes were huge, and tears slowly dripping down. Bart began stroking Aaron's struggling head. "Just relax. Here comes your liquid treat. You'll love the taste" Tim started to slowly pour the tea into the funnel. When the tea hit Aaron's mouth he started shaking his head more, trying not to swallow and hold it in his mouth. The tea was just the right temperature and flavor that his body wanted to swallow. Bart then started caressing Aaron's neck and throat purring at him to swallow, not to fight any more just relax and swallow. Between the pleasant flavor and the stroking of his throat Aaron's body took over and he swallowed, and swallowed as the liquid came into his mouth. "That's a good boy. See it tastes good. That's my boy. Now relax. I'll take the mask off now." Now that Aaron had his drink, Tim went behind Aaron and undid the mask and then reached around Aaron and rubbed Aaron's fuzzy belly, kissing the back of Aaron's neck. Bart started to pull on the mouth piece, "Relax your jaw boy and I'll pull this out." Aaron complied and the mask popped out. Ryan was now getting a little uncomfortable with the liquid in him and started to moan a little. "Ok little bro, time to drain you" Bart and Tim headed over to Ryan, pushed his sling over to the trough, so his ass was over the trough. Tim began rubbing Ryan's belly as Bart pulled the plug out of his ass. All the water began rushing out of Ryan's ass. "Just relax and let it all out, don't push, just relax and let your body do its thing. Enjoy the feeling of it leaving you." Ryan just relaxed and actually chubbed up a bit as the water poured out of him. When he was done, Bart sprayed him off and dried him off. Bart then went over to the table and picked up the next enema bag, the one with the yellowish shard all crushed up in it and a toothbrush, plus a little special lube that also had the same type of crushed shard. "Okay little bro, time to prep your body to receive its gift, and give you your mood enhancer. This might smart just a little, but then you'll start feeling really good once we get the liquid enhancer into you." Bart then begin to tease Ryan's hole with the lube, dipping his finger in and out, and adding more lube as he went. Then he lubed up the toothbrush, which Aaron started moaning no out loud, and lightly sobbed. Bart slowly inserted the toothbrush into Ryan's ass. Slowly out and back in, moving the brush around a little in Ryan's ass so his insides were being brushed all around. Bart was carefully brushing in deeper and deeper into Ryan's ass. Ryan was moaning both in some pain and in pleasure. All the while Aaron watching with tears slowly running down his checks, thinking of what would be coming. "That's it little bro, relax and accept the brushing. Getting you all ready for your special gift from big bro. I'll show you the brush when done, its getting nice and pink." Ryan saw Aaron lightly shaking in his sobs, "Aaron I'm okay, it doesn't hurt. It actually feels sort of good. I'm getting a little warm inside, and a little tingly. If I'm going to get this, I want it from you, no one else. Don't worry Aaron." Ryan also had a few tears running down his checks, mostly because he didn't like seeing his brother so upset. Tim had continued to rub Ryan's belly cooing at him. Bart pulled the toothbrush all the away out again after spinning it around inside Ryan. The brush was now a little more towards red than pink. Bart nodded his head. "Your ready for the mood enhancer now it looks like. See how nicely colored the brush is? See all that nice blood color, this means your ready for the gift and your body will fully accept it." Bart showed the brush to Ryan, who only stared at it and really didn't make much of a noise, as he was too busy feeling the warm tingly feeling and something else starting to rise in him. Bart then walked over to Aaron and showed Aaron the brush. Aaron could only moan again and some more tears fall from his eyes. Aaron moaned, "No, please no, don't do this to us. Please let us go. I don't want to infect him." Bart then placed the brush down on the edge of the trough so Aaron could see it. He then picked up the enema nozzle and generously lubed it up with the special lube, and then inserted into Ryan's ass. "Okay little bro, here comes the good stuff. In a little while you'll really be feeling good, and your ass will begin to scream to be scratched, and a good fucking is the only way to cure that itch." Bart then opened the nozzle letting the liquid flow into Ryan's ass. Ryan began to moan a little as there was a light stinging as it flowed in, but then a little numbness set in. Tim continued rubbing his belly as the liquid began filling him up. Tim was cooing into his ear, "Take it all in little one. Feel it slowly filling you all up. Feel your ass warming to it." Aaron was moaning as he was watching what was going on, and had a feeling he knew what was in that liquid. Once the bag was empty, Bart popped out the nozzle and immediately pushed the plug in again. "Okay, you're all filled up. Let's let you relax and wait for your ass to get hungry. We'll work a little on big bro now before his little drink kicks in more. We don't want him too hard for this part." Bart went back over to the table and picked up a little white soft fuzzy pipe cleaner, that had a smooth waxed tip. Tim walked behind Aaron and wrapped his arms around Aaron, and began rubbing Aaron's fuzzy chest and belly, kissing the back of his neck and grinding his jock covered hard on against Aaron's ass crack. "Okay big bro, time for your special prep. This will help to make your gift that much stronger. Like on your brother, this might smart just a little but then began to feel really good once the lube kicks in. It will also help make your cock hungry for that ass over there, especially with that drink starting to kick in." Bart than grabbed Aaron's cock which was slightly chubbing up because of the drugs in him, and pulled the generous foreskin back exposing the beautiful pinkish purple head of Aaron's penis. What a beautiful large piss hole he had. Bart couldn't help himself, he leaned over and lightly tongued that big hole, the tip of his tongue sliding in a little. Aaron couldn't help himself and moaned a little. Then Bart took the soft pipe cleaner, and slowly, carefully inserted it into Aaron's hole into his penis. Aaron moaned a little in pain, as this was stinging quite a bit. Bart ever so slowly was moving it in and out, going deeper and deeper each time. After a minute the lube's special ingredient sort of numbed the brushing, readying the lube to enter Aaron's bloodstream to make him want to fuck. Also the white of the fuzz was getting subtly pinker, not as pink as the toothbrush, but just a little pinker. Aaron's penis was truly now becoming Aaron's cock, as it was starting to grow and get harder and hotter. The combination of drugs was starting to take affect. The white fuzz was now a true pink, again not quite as red as the toothbrush, but this was only to release a little more of Aaron's toxic fluids into the cum when he shot. Bart pulled the pipe cleaner all the way out, and again gave a little lick to that beautiful cock head. Before he pulled the foreskin back up and let go of Aaron's cock, he dribbled a little more of the special lube on to the head, and carefully pushed what he could into the piss hole, then carefully covered the head up with the skin. "Okay my boys, you are just about ready for the giving of the gift. Let's get little bro the rest of the way ready while big bro's cock gets the rest of the way hard. Oh yeah, one more little thing for you big bro." Bart that pinched his nose causing Aaron to subconsciously open his mouth, and he rubbed a little white powder on and under his tongue, "That will give you a little help in being more compliant." Tim and Bart then moved Aaron's frame a little bit a way from the trough so there would be more room around him. This moved Ryan out of his eye sight. Aaron's head was beginning to spin a little, and he was feeling the most horny he'd ever felt. He looked down and his cock was rock hard and pulsing with his heartbeat. He tried to feel bad about for what was coming, but his sex crazed brain and body just wouldn't let him fully think about it. Tim went over to Ryan, and began rubbing Ryan's belly and looked into Ryan's eyes, which were sort of wide and spacey, and he had that sex blush on his chest. "How you feeling little one? You hungry for cock?" "Fuck, I'm warm all over, I feel so full." "Just wait until we get that water out and put a little more lube in there. Then give you your other little treat. Now the plug is going to be pulled out, you just relax and let the rush feeling just go over you." Bart then removed the plug. Pinkish water came pouring out and into the trough. As the water left Ryan, he started to become hungry for more to be in his ass. Once the water stopped, Bart rinsed him off, and dried him again. Ryan's eyes glassed a bit more and he was starting to moan. "Okay little man, lets move you over near your brother. Then its time for you to receive your special gift." Tim and Bart wheeled Ryan over to within a foot of his brother. Ryan saw Aaron's super hard cock sticking out from his body. He didn't remember it being that big, but maybe that was because it wasn't about to be put into his ass before. Aaron also had a sex flush on his chest going, and he was starting moan saying "Oh fuck, oh fuck." His cock was still pulsing with his heart, and now was starting to leak just a little. Tim kneeled between Ryan's spread legs and started to tongue bathe his hole again. This time though, Ryan's hole was hungry, it wanted sex, it wanted cock. His tongue slid right in deeply making Ryan moan loudly. "Oh fuck, more, I need more." Bart had moved over to the table for the lube and a little nose mask with a small brown bottle. "Just wait little bro, you'll have more in a minute." Bart set the bottle and mask down on Ryan's chest. The went down to his ass, which Tim moved out of the way. Bart took a medium sized syringe and filled it with the special lube, and slowly shoved it up Ryan's ass. Then as he slowly pulled the syringe out he started squeezing a generous amount of the lube into Ryan. The effect was almost immediate for Ryan, making his ass now desperate for cock, for his brother's cock, for his brother's gift. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, please fuck me, I need it up me." "Just a minute little bro, you'll be getting big bro's big cock in you. Lets get your little treat on you now." Bart carefully opened the bottle, and screwed it into the bottom of the nose mask, then carefully fitted it onto Ryan. Ryan automatically breathed in a little with his nose which forced the hit into him. "Oh fuck, ohhhhh" Tim then reached down and rubbed Ryan's chest and pinched a nipple. "Now don't breath in from nose again yet, wait until big bro starts to go into you, then take a deep breath in, you'll get the biggest jolt and high." Bart looked down at Ryan's penis, which was no longer just his penis either, it was a erect cock not quite as impressive as big bro's but just as beautiful in its own way. Bart leaned down and gave it a little kiss, pulsing his tongue into the skin to gently nudge that hidden head. Ryan just moaned louder. "Okay boys, time for big bro to give his gift." Tim got behind Aaron, while Bart securely locked the wheels of Ryan's sling, then slid heavy bars behind and in front of the wheels to be sure that the only movement from the sling cart was just from the sling, which this one didn't move much, just sort of gave little to thrusts, it didn't really swing like the others. Bart was now kneeling down on the floor with the bottle of the special lube, and Tim began to move Aaron's frame to his brother's sling cart. Aaron was now struggling in his mind, he knew he didn't want this, but the drugs in him had him so horned up, his cock was actually itching for action, all his nerves were wired to lust. He tried to yell no, but it came out more as a moan. He felt Bart take hold of his rock hard cock, and start generously lubing it up, all over his cock and inside his foreskin, and an extra amount on the tip of his foreskin. The lube hit him quick and he was starved for sex. Bart stood up with a little bottle in his hand, and held it up to one side of Aaron's nose, and as he pinched the opposite side close he told Aaron to breathe in. Aaron couldn't help it, he did as he was told in his sex crazed mind. The hit went to his brain and he was quaking for sex. Again Bart knelt, and, taking Aaron's cock in hand, nodded his head to Tim to push Aaron to his brother. As Aaron's cock approached Ryan's ass, Bart was thrilled to realize that because Aaron was close to ten inches hard, once he was inside and the frames and Aaron were secured, his cock head would always be buried in his brother no matter how he moved. Tim continued to push Aaron to his brother. And just as Aaron's cock touched Ryan's ass, a small part of Aaron's mind did allow for him to try to pull back, and because he wasn't fully secured in that part of his body his cock did move back. Tim then moved his heavy muscular body against Aaron, and pushed him fully forward and didn't allow him to pull back. This put Aaron's cock nicely into the crack of Ryan's ass. Ryan felt his brother's cock touch him and he moaned loudly, "Please, put it inside, I need his cock inside me, I need it. Aaron, please don't fight it, I need you in me, please." "Breathe in boy, here it comes." And as Bart said this, he held Aaron's cock still and pointing directly against his brothers open hole, and Tim slowly but constantly pushed Aaron so that Aaron's hard cock slowly and evenly slide into his brother. Both brothers moaned in sexual bliss, both slightly quivering from the excitement the of entry. While both brothers were suddenly overwhelmed with the entry, and what their bodies were feeling, Bart quickly secured the two frames together with their special locks, and then secured the special soft belt around Aaron that secured him to the sling. Now if Aaron did try to fight fucking his brother, he wouldn't be able to get away, and his cock was so long it wouldn't fully come out of his brother either. They were meshed together perfectly. "Okay boys, have some fun getting and receiving your special gift. Enjoy this time, feel this time." Tim started moving Aaron's hips a little to help Aaron start his thrusting, while Bart rubbed Ryan's crotch. Aaron was moaning and shaking his head, trying weakly to fight this. His sexual craze taking over a little while causing him to slowly move his cock in and out of his brother. Ryan was just moaning incoherently he was so into it. His cock had actually gotten a little harder, and was beginning to leak precum. Bart couldn't stand it, he had to taste that neg liquid, and ran his tongue all over the top of Ryan's cock, and into the foreskin, making Ryan buck and moan. This causing Aaron's cock to move more in his ass as will. Aaron was moaning in pleasure, but also trying to fight the urge. The fight of the urge was getting more control. "No, please, I can't do this. Ummmm, ohhhh." "Well, lets see if we can get little bro to give you a little help." Bart than moved over to the wall and took down some little pads and a control box. He plugged in the long cord to the control box, and set it down on the floor between the brothers. He then got down on the floor, and saw the beautiful sight of Aaron's big beautiful cock buried in Ryan's ass, with both sets of balls tangling. Bart leaned up and licked each set, causing loud moans from above. As he did this he peeled paper off a pad and stuck it on one of Ryan's ass cheeks as close to Aaron's cock as possible without touching Aaron's cock, and then placed the other on the opposite side. He then plugged the pads into the controller. "Lets help little bro's ass start sucking you a bit big bro, show you how much he wants your gift." Bart and Tim got down under the brothers to watch this. Bart then turned a couple of knobs, and they saw Ryan's butt cheeks twitch, which pulsed his hole and insides on his brother's cock. Aaron felt this and moaned, "Oh, ohhhhh, oh god, no, please, don't make me do this. Ohhh, god, Ryan, I'm sorry. Ohhhh fuckkk your ass it's sucking my cock. Ohhh, ohhh god, I can't, can't give you HIV. Please stop this." Ryan though, because he'd never really been fucked by a real cock, never had drugs, was so lost in lust craze. "Aaron, oh fuck, your cock feels so gooooood in me. I've dreamed of this. Oh fuck, take my cherry. Oh push it in deeper, please." Aaron in a moment of drug lust, shoved as deep as he could go into Ryan at the same time a surge went through the pads, and both brothers moaned and yelled at the intense sexual pulse. Bart afraid Ryan might get too many hits from the bottle now, took off the nose mask, and then pushed off his jock so he could rub his cock as he watched the brother's. Tim also slide off his jock to do the same. The intense sexual excitement of watching the brothers fuck was just too much. Both Bart and Tim saw that the next time Aaron's shaft came out, it was covered in a light pink thick liquid. So all was open and ready to receive Aaron's poison. Between being over a month poz with no meds, and the brushing of both of them, this gifting should take first time. Ryan's ass kept twitching at various intervals, with Aaron trying to fight the urge to fuck, succeeding sometimes and sometime thrusting a few times. Both brothers had a sex sweat covering them. Ryan's cock was at this point copiously leaking precum on to his stomach. Both of the masters were leaking as well, but holding off for the final shot. "Please, please stop this, I don't want to give my brother this, please let me pull out. I know I'm already leaking in him, please I can't give him this. Ohhh ohhh fuck, that ass, ohhhh fuck Ryan, your ass just, ohhhhh god." And he thrusted back in, still trying to fight cumming. This went on for about twenty minutes, Ryan was obviously over the moon in sexual bliss, Aaron was crazed but had just enough of his mind to try to resist. Bart and Tim got up, their hard cocks jutting from the bodies. While both of them were considered well hung, Aaron still was bigger than both of them. Once Ryan got as old has his brother, he might also end up being bigger than them. These brothers with these beautiful cocks, if this gets them into their poz world will make great gifters in their parties. Bart stood up to Aaron and Tim to Ryan. Bart began rubbing Aaron's sweaty fuzzy chest and tweeking his nipples, causing Aaron to moan and jerk a little, and Tim doing the same to Ryan. "Well big bro, I didn't think you had it in you to resist so well. Looks like we'll have to step it up a notch, looking at little bro he's dying to have the gift and your just being stingy. So we'll help you want to give that gift, or more to the point, push it out of you." "No, you don't have to. Oh Aaron, just give me your gift, I want your gift. Give me your bug. I want it, I want it from you. Please, ohhhh, your cock feels so good in me, give me the rest." Ryan came enough out of the haze to moan this at Aaron. "Ryan, bro, ohhhh fuck your ass is still sucking, I can't let myself. Oh fuck, part of me wants to shoot my load in you, and give it to you. But I just, oohhh fuck that feels good, I just can't let myself cum." "Well, okay boys. Buddy, can you get big bro ready for his help in giving his gift." Tim got behind Aaron at this point, and pushed him forward spreading his cheeks, and started to expertly tongue lash his sweaty hairy hole. Aaron just moaned at this and tried to push back to get more tongue, as he loved having his ass eaten out. While Tim was eating Aaron's ass and relaxing it, Bart went to the wall again and brought down two small wired clips, and an elongated butt plug with a wire hanging down. Aaron's hole had opened up to Tim's expert care, so Tim took the same syringe used on his brother and filled it with the lube and lubed up Aaron's insides. While he was doing that, Bart affixed a clamp to each of Aaron's nipples, just tight enough that they wouldn't fall off. Then plugged them into the same control box as Ryan's pad, and turned a knob. Now when Ryan's ass twitched, there was a little tug to Aaron's nipples. This caused Aaron to scream in ecstasy and jerk forward into Ryan, which made Ryan moan harder and his cock twitch a little. Now for the last piece that ought to do the trick, and make Aaron give his reluctant gift. Bart stepped up behind Aaron with the butt plug, and lubed it up with the special lube, he then bent it a little, then slowly pushed it into Aaron, creating a hook. Aaron moaned real loud and shook, especially as it bumped his prostate, which is where it rested. Bart than plugged this into the controller as well, and adjusted another knob. Bart and Tim now stood up to each side of the brothers slowly jacking their hard cocks, their pecs with the tattoo slowly twitching. Aaron was now moaning loudly, "Oh fuck, oh fuck what have you done." Then the pulse from the controler went through for the first time with all the attachments in place. Ryan's ass twitched on Aaron's cock, a tug on Aaron's nipple caused him to start to jerk but then the push against his prostate caused him to push harder into his brother than before. "Ohhhhhh, fuuuckkkk. Ohhhh gooodddd." The pulse stopped. Aaron relaxed and his cock backed a little out of Ryan's ass, with Ryan moaning loudly and saying put it back in. Then another pulse happened, and Aaron's body moved forward jamming his cock back deeply into his brother, both moaning loudly, and now Ryan's cock would jump up with a string leaking from his foreskin to his belly. The pulse stopped and Aaron slide back, with a loud fuck. "Aaron, shove it back in, please, I need it. Please, shove it back, oh god that feels good, its hitting that deep itch. Fuck, oh shit, fuck me. Please." "Ryan, ohhh god, your ass. I'm losing control, I just can't infect you. It's just not fair to you. Ohhhh, ohhhh fuck." And another pulse hit them. Aaron drove forward, with a little pulse of his cock in Ryan which he knew was him pushing a glob of precum in, and Ryan's cock twitch up with its own glob of clear liquid dribbling out. "Ohhhh, Ryan, I don't know how much of this I can take. I really want to cum, I just don't want to let myself, but if I do I'll give this to you, I'll hurt you. I love you, I can't give this to you." "I love you Aaron. I've wanted you inside me since I knew what sex was. I want you inside me, I want your cum. I don't care if it infects me, it will be a part of you in me. Please fuck me, I need you." Another pulse, lasting a bit longer hit them. Aaron was shaking this time a little, groaning, but still refusing to cum, though harder to fight it. Ryan's cock shot up and squirted his clear precum a couple of inches, and he moaned. All the while the masters were jacking off. Bart saw the resistance in Aaron failing, "Big bro, your ready, little bro is ready to receive. I'll help you give your gift to him now. You won't be able to hold off anymore. I can see little bro's ass is dripping with the lube, ass juice, your precum and a little blood. It's time, you need to release your gift. Give your gift to little bro." Bart then turned the knob on the leads to Ryan's ass up a notch which will make it twitch harder and multiple times, he only turned the nipple knob so it will twitch multiple times, and then turned the butt plug up three notches of strength. The next pulse came. Aaron threw his head back, and his waist shot forward harder than ever before, throwing his pubes hard into Ryan, driving his cock the deepest it could go into Ryan. Because the butt plug was on constant not pulse, Aaron held there feeling the tugs on his nipples and Ryan's ass muscle quickly pulsing around his cock. Ryan's cock shot another glob of thick clear fluid out 2 or 3 inches. Both brothers moaning more loudly than before. "Oh bro, I'm not going to be able to hold off. I'm going to cum in you soon. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm weak. I love you so much, I've wanted this too, but not to give you this bug. I'm sorry." Another pulse hit, and Aaron's body shot forward again hard, again driving his cock as deep as it could go, and him trying to push farther, if he could shove his balls in too he would. Pulse stopped, and his cock relaxed back. Sweat was pouring off their bodies. Precum all over Ryan's belly, and still leaking from his cock. Pinkish juices slowly oozing out of Ryan's ass around Aaron's cock. But this time both of their balls were starting to move up tightly to their bodies. It was another few seconds before the next pulse. Bart quickly adjusted knobs so the next one would be a notch stronger all around, and last longer. This was going to be it for them. Bart and Tim were jacking harder, as Bart said, "We're ready to see the gifting, your ready for it. This is it. Your going to shoot now." Then the pulse hit the brothers. Aaron shot forward hard, and because of the strength of the pulse on his prostate and the squeezes around his shaft, his cock just could not take it and the toxin started its hard and fast travel, he was shaking hard against his brothers ass. "Oh fuuuckkk, I'm cumming, I can't stop. Ohhhhh goooddd. Ohhhh, fucckkkk. I can't stop shooting." Shooting he was, he was shooting deeply into Ryan, his cock vibrating and moving and spreading his toxic semen all over the abused walls of Ryan's ass. Ryan at the same time had been through enough, when Aaron's second shot started, Ryan's cock shot up almost straight up and started shooting its on copious load all over his neck, chest and abs. Aaron was in an orgasm for almost five minutes even though the pulse stopped, he didn't remember ever shooting like that. He did it, he shot into Ryan, he probably infected him. But instead of feeling sad, it almost excited him more. Bart and Tim also shot their loads on the floor watching such a forceful show from the brothers. This was all that their dream was imagined. Now if they can get the brothers to come to parties. Bart approached Ryan and ran a hand into Ryan's cum, and lifted it to his mouth to taste the clean sweet cum, Tim did the same thing. Bart gathered up another good amount and lifted his hand up to Ryan, "Here little bro, have some of your cum, this may be your last neg load ever. Remember this as the last." Ryan took the cum and moaned as he swallowed it. Bart scooped up more, "Here big bro, you need to have some of this as well. It's probably his last clean load. Taste its sweetness. Savor your brothers flavor, and remember what a special gift you have given to him." Aaron took the scoop of cum, there was nothing else to do, the deed was done. His brothers cum was delicious. Sweet, a little nutty. "Now you two are even more brothers, you have more DNA together. You've given each your gifts. Big bro's bug will begin growing in you now little bro. Your big bro has given you a gift of freedom, freedom to take what ever cock you want as bare as it should be. And big bro you got his cherry, and he's freed you too. Now the thought of giving your cum isn't scary anymore." Ryan's cock jerked at this, and so did Aaron's which was still about half way in Ryan's ass. "We'll just leave you to together like that. Little bro, just enjoy the feeling of your bros hard cock resting in there. It's going to be hard for some time yet, and it will keep that toxic semen locked in there soaking into you." Aaron though began to feel an urgency in his groin, he had to pee, and he had to pee badly. "I gotta pee, please let us go, so I can pee." Bart and Tim just smiled even broader, "Oh what a treat! That will just seal the gift. Just pee, just let it go, right into his ass. Let your toxic pee will just inject further into his body, fill him up." Ryan sort looked a little shocked, but he secretly always had a desire to feel someone pee in him, so okay, let it me his brother. "Do it Aaron, I want it, pee inside me, just let it go." Tim stood behind Aaron, wedging his semi hard cock into Aaron's fuzzy valley holding Aaron tightly, and began softly rubbing on Aaron's fuzzy belly, right on his bladder. "Do it stud, pee. Let it go. Let it go into that ass. You'll love it, how the hot fluid builds up and around your cock. Let it go. Give him more of the bug, more of your special gift." Bart stood by Ryan and began rubbing his belly, "You ready for your brother's pee, more of his gift, his toxic gift. Get ready to get filled with liquid again, your brother's special liquid." Aaron's head feel back and rested on Tim's shoulder, the sweet talking that light rubbing on his bladder, it was too much, and Aaron begin releasing a torrent of toxic urine into his brother's ass. Shooting with a strong force, shooting well up into Ryan's guts. Filling his guts with the hot liquid. Ryan began moaning loudly as he felt the hot liquid filling him, the rubbing was relaxing him enough to accept the flood of fluids. But it also caused him to start peeing all over himself as his brother was gushing into him. "That's it little bro, just let it go, let it go all over you. Your last neg pee all over you. Feel your brother's going in you, and your's coming out just as hard." Aaron heard this and had to look down to see his brother peeing, and it was a sight. Neither brother remembered peeing so long or hard, nor with such pleasure. "Okay boys, we'll let you rest." Bart rubbed and patted Ryan's full belly, "Big bro will just keep his nice big cock in you for a while, and keep your gift inside you for awhile. We'll keep you here for a couple of weeks as our special guests, just to be sure the gift takes. And if you want to keep giving and receiving the gift to each other, you can. This is a safe place for you to enjoy your new found brotherly love that you two obviously have wanted for some time." Note : I hope you enjoyed this, I know it was a little long, but I wanted all of this in one story for now. I may continue it a bit more, if I can think of a good continuance. Please let me know what you think.
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    Father’s day surprise Daniel at 19 years old, 5’10” tall with sandy brown hair and green eyes, athletic, smart and what most would consider very good looking, he was a son that would make any dad proud. He had done drama productions in the fall and played baseball in the spring, throughout his high school years, girls and guys would swoon when he entered a room, and he seemed inseparable from his best friend and partner in crime, Mike I’m Eric, believe it or not I’m only 35, with a hot 19year old son who now lives with me, doing the math, I was 16 when Daniel was born, a near virginal birth, you see I never had sex as a youth, unless you count masturbation. That pissed off my girlfriend (beard) at the time, as she was always trying to get me to do her, but she just didn’t get a rise from me. She somehow managed to steal my semen and impregnate herself. Karen was a bitchy cheerleader and wanted my baby, after all, I was captain of the football team, straight “A” student taking AP classes, 6’1 150# dishwater blonde hair and the ultimate catch for her. She managed to make it through the semester then disappeared during the summer returning with an adorable baby boy in the fall, DNA test proved Daniel to be of my linage, which bolstered my reputation, one which I did not deserve, I might add, and made me even more popular, and allowing me to stay in the closet. I experimented a little in gay sex in college, determining I really liked guys but I still refused to come out, preferring casual hook ups, always safe, and occasional fuck buds, usually in other towns as I traveled a lot after college getting my business up and running. When Daniel was 10, Karen sent him to live with me, as she could no longer handle his behavior, or the pranks that he and Mike would pull. I had built up a successful business by then and could give Daniel a good home life, whereas Karen had fallen in with the wrong crowd and I suspect CPS was soon to intervene anyway. Having this precocious little 10 year old put a cramp in my sex life but I loved him, and was willing to sacrifice my pleasures to make sure he was taken care of. Although I did manage to find hookups when Daniel was in school, and when he would spend the night over at Mike’s and when I would go away on business trips the local baths played host to my sexual desires, and there was always the internet. At 13 Daniel came to me and confessed he liked boys more than girls. We had a chat about it and he promised me he would abstain from physical sexual contact till he meet the right guy or 18 which ever came first, I chuckled at that and we were happy to know he felt comfortable with his sexual identity. Mike and Daniel were neighbors and classmates from third grade on, Mike’s parents moving to my side of town when he was around 10, our town being a small rural community it didn’t change what schools either r boy attended and they remained stuck like glue, though I had to reel them in on the pranks to maintain their good citizenship in the community. They both went out for the same plays and sports teams, Mike seemed to be over at our place as much as he was at his own. Mike was a hot stud just like Daniel at 6’2”175# of solid muscle, he too was 19 and athletic and smart. This story started with Mike about a year ago when he asked me to help him plan a birthday party for Daniel’s 18th birthday, what I didn’t know at the time was his plans for what would become the birthday party then the lockdown birthday bash. The party was scheduled just a couple weeks into the fall semester of the local community college, guest started arriving around 4:30 a mixed crowd of late teen guys and gals, we mingled for a couple hours had appetizers and beverages appropriate for the age range had cake and sang happy birthday to Daniel, opened a few presents then the crowd started to thin, I noticed it was mostly hot guys sticking around, and a few late arrivals, I told Danny and Mike I was bushed and headed up to my room, I could still hear the small remaining crowd downstairs as I relaxed on my bed slowly drifting into a sleepy nap. I had stripped to a tank top and basketball shorts commando as usual as I lay on top of the covers drifting in and out. About a half hour later I felt a weight get on the bed then a pair of hands wraparound me, a pair of lips met mine and began kissing me, my cock began stiffening as a second pair reached under the flimsy material and began stroking my cock. As I opened my eyes to find Mike kissing me, a pair of lips engulfed my throbbing penis, I glanced down to see Daniel with half my cock in his mouth, working it expertly, Mike continued to work my nipples beneath the tank before lifting it over my head as Daniel pulled my shorts down so he could have better access to the jewel that produced him. I looked around and the perimeter of the room was filled with hot young men, bare ass naked watching my boy and his best friend seduce me, many were wanking, others were making out. Daniel began licking my balls and his finger found my manhole and began caressing it, Mike worked down my chest past my nipples realigning his body so I was face to face with his junk I had never even entertained the idea of having sex with my son, his friends maybe, but I thought I had kept that pretty much to myself and the internet porn I watched and here I was presented with the opportunity to suck my sons best friend while he worked my cock and hole. While his friends watched was kinky in my mind, Daniel was beginning to rim my hole as Mike started sucking my cock, it felt like I was dreaming as the over stimulation of my neither regions took over my rational thought. Daniel and mike started making out around my now rigid cock, the Mike scooted up and presented his cock for me to suck as Daniel straddled my torso lowering himself down onto my cock “Daddy you told me to save myself for the right guy, so both Mike and I want you to take our cherries tonight in front of all these witnesses” With that he pressed his virgin ass down onto my cock, taking in my fat mushroom head, his eyes bulged out at the initial shock of pain and tears formed at the corners, he lifted off my cock as a drop of precum dribbled out, I grabbed some lube from the nightstand and handed it to Daniel who applied it to his hole then slid back onto my cock, stretching him wider as he took another inch into his boycunt. He slowly edged himself down my 9 inch shaft, impaling himself on his father’s rock hard cock. I was deep throating Mike as Daniel began riding my cock, I was meeting his downward slides with an upward thrust, fucking into my son as deep as I could go. After about a half hour I blasted my load into my son’s raw hole, somewhat of a first for me as I almost always played safe. Daniel whispered in my ear ”Dad, now that you’ve bred me, can you breed my boyfriend?” With that he pulled off of me and Mike slid down my still hardened phallus. Daniel bending over to let Mike rim his cummy ass. The evening progressed from there to an all-out orgy, the others in the room moving in to join in on the sex. I must have took at least a half dozen loads that night and my boy took just as many, along with his best friend/boyfriend. The others started getting dressed and drifting away around 3 in the morning as my son and Mike cuddled up to me, no longer a need to hide my sexual activities from Daniel, since it was evident that he and Mike would becoming a staple in my activities. I had almost always played safe up until that night with the boys, the exceptions generally with regular fuck buds who I knew to be neg. at the time. While I fantasied about hot bare sex, I was just too scared to take the risk. That all changed after Daniel’s 18th birthday party/orgy, call me a convert but I realized I liked feeling raw cock in my ass as well as sliding my bare tool in some hot stud. I soon set up accounts on BBRT and other bareback sites and soon found I had developed a kinky side, somehow finding my way to breeding zone. It took about six months or so and I started fantasizing about chasing the bug and stopped asking status of the guys I hooked up with, while Daniel and Mike were away. Mike moved in to Daniels room about two months after his birthday party and they would routinely end up sleeping in my bed, with many mornings waking to find them taking turns on my rod as I lay in that state between sleep and being awake, vying to see who could end up with my seed. Not sure but I think they would hack into my computer and spy on dear old dad and his proclivities. Over the next year while they attended community college we would throw sex parties and we would all end up filled with cum. I got to know some of their close friends biblically and almost never ran out of young bucks to fuck and fill with my baby batter, or take their young meat into my holes. One such party was last night, Saturday before Father’s day, it started out as a barbecue with some friends on the deck and soon I was deeply impaled on my son’s cock, followed by Mike’s impressive tool, then about five of their friends filled me up, before allowing me to slide into a hot new blonde twink boy, that they had just met a few weeks ago at school. He was tight, claimed he mostly topped, which I can understand with a 10 inch cock hanging between his legs, he was a moaner when getting plowed and quite vocal when plowing a hole, I think I even heard him proclaim “Take my dirty seed” to one hot red head he was plowing. That just got my juices flowing faster as I pounded his boycunt. I later learned he was just 18 and just a freshmen at the local university. I fucked him for a good 10 minutes before I felt that familiar tingle in my balls and soon filled his guts with my seed, clenching my ass cheeks tightly together to keep my own loads from leaking out. As I blasted his hole I started to remember he was one of the guys who had filled me earlier, I blasted a couple more squirts before pulling out and he swung around and cleaned off my tool then kissed me passionately, winking back as he walked away, later that evening as the boys cuddled with me under the stars, they asked if I had, had fun, I replied yes, and as the final guest left we all cuddled into bed. I awoke late and wandered down to the kitchen, a note was on the table which read "Hey, Dad. Mike and I are heading to the lake for some fun. Feel free to come out and join us. We’ll be at the north beach area. You know where. BTW, Happy Father’s day." Clipped to the note were two pieces of paper, HIV test slips, both about nine months old, one with Danny’s results, and one with Mike's results. Both were poz.
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    True story from Dec. 23rd holiday party. My partner Shane and I went to a friend’s holiday party. It’s a semi-annual event, and always one of the best parties of the year. This year there were around 70 guys attending. There was a small catering team handling the food and bar. My favorite was the blonde waiter; when we chatted, he shared he was a senior in a nursing program and was thinking about PA school next year. The bartender was a muscular guy, shaved head, in his late 30s or early 40s; he was pouring the drinks pretty heavy. I chatted briefly with another waiter, this one a bit shy with dark, thick hair and glasses who was also finishing college, and looking a bit overwhelmed by all the men. There was a really mishmash of guests, ranging from late 20s through early 60s, with the majority in their 40s and 50s. A good cross-section of fit and outgoing gentlemen. I knew about half of the guys from other social events, and a few from prior seasons in Ptown. A few close friends were attending, and I was mingling throughout the night. Shane and I crossed paths now and agin in the house — a 3600 sq. Ft. Home built along the edge of conservation land, so it was nice and private. There was a constant level of flirting and sexual energy in the group; not ususual for one of these parties. Men were casually chatting, rubbing one another’s chest, and breaking the touch-barrier by laying a hand on someone new’s shoulder or around their waist. The buzz in the house was lively as guys moved from room to room, and occasionally out to the chillly patio, during the evening. Around 10 p.m. some guys began to take their leave. I’d chatted with my friends, made some new acquaintances, and even exchanged a couple nice kisses with some new handsome guys. Shane introduced me to a tall, lean red head named Eric, and I chatted with the handsome ginger for a bit before needing to visit the bartender again. There’d also been a slow migration of some guys to the upper floor, which had a walkway and small seating area that overlooked the living room. Guys were hanging out up there, and then disappearing down the hallway. I wasn’t in a hurry to wander upstairs, and was enjoying the conversations still happening on the main floor. Around 10:45 the main floor was growing pretty thin. The last of my close friends that were still hanging around were saying goodbyes. The main floor was littered with empty food plates, wine glasses, and cups. I peeked into the front living room and saw a guy sitting on the couch with another kneeling at his feet blowing him. In the kitchen, three guys were in a tight embrace exploring one another’s bodies under their winter clothing. I decided to wander upstairs and see what was happening there. The master bedroom was at the end of the upstairs hallway, past several other closed doors. The hall was quiet, and there wasn’t much noise coming from those closed rooms. The master bedroom door was opne, but the room was dark. With about 6 feet left to the hallway, I could begin to hear the happy murmurs of men in the dark. There were about 25 guys in the bedroom, a large space with 2 levels — the lower level had a king size bed in the center of the floor looking out a wall of glass into the woods. Behind the bed was a low wall with steps on either side that went to the upper level. Guys were everywhere. From the upper level, I could see a group of 7 guys active on the bed, with one guy laying spread eagle and another laying on top of him. Two other guys were on all fours at opposite sides of the bed being fucked from behind. Around me were small groups of naked men sucking, and I spied what looked like a metal framework in the corner opposite the hallway. I stripped, tossed my clothes behind a chair, and started to wander the upper level to see who was there and where I might join in. The bedroom was filled with happy moans and groans of men sharing sexual intimacy. There were random bottles of poppers and lube floating around, and I took a quick hit of poppers to get myself going; my dick was already rock hard, my favorite leather cockring hugging it tight at the base. My friend Matthew was laying on a blanket on the floor, holding his legs in the air as someone I hadn’t spoken to tonight started penetrating his hole. Three guys were on their knees in the middle of a group of 6 or 7, hungrily sucking one cock after another. The frame I saw in the corner was for a sling, but the sling was empty at the moment — I didn’t think that would last very long. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness, just a few candles punctuating small areas of the room, and casting most of the bodies as silhouettes until you got up close. I picked up a bottle of poppers and took a second hit as one of the guys kneeling reached out and touched my cock; I slipped it into his mouth and enjoyed a nice blowjob before he moved back to the guy on my right. I wandered down to the lower level by the bed. The sounds here were more intense — skin slapping against skin, and short grunts, moans, and gasps as men were being fucked in the near darkness. I had to get close to make out faces. To my surprise, the adorable blonde waiter was bent over the edge of the bed being fucked by one of the hosts. The host leaned over as I got close, and made out with me while he kept fucking the boy. There was a bottle of lube and some poppers laying nearby on the bed, and I reached underneath to feel the host’s bare cock sliding in and out of the boy’s hole. I stepped around and knelt on the bed, taking a hit of poppers, sharing one with the boy, and pushed my cock into his mouth to spit roast him. I looked at the other pairs fucking on the bed, and realized it was Shane laying spread eagle on one side of the bed with the red head plowing into his hole. I felt the thrill that goes through me when I see Shane being fucked by someone. He was grunting over and over as Eric delivered thrust after thrust, his body weight pressing Shane into the mattress. The muscly bartender was standing at the other edge of the bed, stroking slowly as he watched two other guys fucking near him; he occasionally reached over and touched Eric’s ass and ran his hand up along his spine. I decided to walk up top and see if there was an available ass ready to be fucked. My friend Matthew was now in the sling with a couple guys standing near, but no one stepping up. I quickly lubed my cock, stepped up to Matthew’s waiting hole, and started to push in. He and I smiled to each other for a second, then he took two long hits of poppers knowing what was coming, and then the fuck started. His ass was incredible warm wrapped around my dick, and I felt the smooth skin rubbing against my cock as I pumped in and out of his hole. I fucked him with long strokes, purposely trying to have my balls slap against his ass. He started jacking himself, and I picked up the pace as he starting moaning. I went from long and deep strokes, to a more moderate pace, letting the sling begin to do some of the work as it swung forward and back, pulling his hole away from my cock, and then plunging back to impale him again. Matthew was groaning loudly, which totally turns me on, and I started a power fuck, slamming his ass hard as I pulled back against the chairs holding the sling. Matthew and I locked eyes, him grunting and snarling like someone who loves his ass used hard. My pelvic bone was starting to hurt I was fucking him so hard, pulling back on the chains to bring his hole back to me. Matthew grunted and then asked for a break. I stepped back, and helped him up, his lightly furred chest drenched in sweat, and he was gasping a bit. We stood there making out for a few minutes, then he went downstairs for water. I washed off my cock in the shower (I think that’s always polite after fucking someone’s ass), and wandered back toward the bed. There were at least 10 guys on or around the bed, and the energy had become primal. Shane and the blonde waiter was laying on their backs along the bottom end of the bed, with a third guy on all fours beside them. All three were being fucked. Shane was taking the bartender’s big cock, his moans conveying how hot the fuck was. The blonde was giving it up for a silver fox, and the third was impaled on the host’s cock. This is where everything just begins to become a pagent of smells, sounds, and feelings. I jumped onto the bed, and there were others that followed. The next 40 minutes was a circus of mystery cocks slipping in and out of willing holes as tops moved around the bed regularly, I fucked a cute otter at the edge of the bed while watching Shane take the silver fox in his ass, and another guy push his cock into Shane’s mouth. I was just thinking of breeding the otter when someone came up behind me and pushed into my ass. I became distracted by the mystery cock inside me, and the incredibly warm feeling of the otter’s hole. I thrusted forward to bury myself deep, feeling the dick in my slide out to his head; and then pushed back onto the cock behind me while giving the otter a moment of relief. I was caught up in the amazing slippery feelings on my cock and in my ass. There was a rotation on the bed, and I lost my otter hole only to find the blonde waiter sniffing poppers with his legs spread wide. I didn’t waste time taking that beautiful hole, watching the expressions on his face as I began to pump in and out of him raw. A suddenly loud grunting / growling sound was off to my left, and I could make out (through the tangle of bodies) a bearded guy from Connecticutt pumping his load into Shane’s ass. My poppered up blonde was cradling his knees in his arms, lifting his ass up for my cock. I pounded him, shifting my stance a few times to reach different angles in his hole. He vacillated between low moans and quick whimpers as he took another cock in him. I made out with a guy next to me who then asked for a turn with the blonde. I gave myself a quick respite for some water, then returned to the bed. The redhead Eric was back at Shane’s ass, holding his legs wide while he pumped away at the hungry hole. Shane was moaning, and after a few minutes I heard him ask for Eric’s load. The redhead pumped with determination; I could hear their bodies slapping against one another, and felt it in the bed itself. Finally Eric unloaded into Shane, still pumping away to push his load deep inside. I felt someone fingering my hole, but he was a bit too tentative to keep my attention. Meanwhile, the otter was available again, and he presented his hole to me. I decided this was where I was going to finish for the night. I made out with the handsome otter, letting my hardon tease against his hole for a moment before pushing back inside. We found a quick rhythm and made out while I fucked his ass. I felt the urge building inside me to shoot. I looked up and saw one of the hosts bending Shane over the edge of the bed and positioning his cock to enter my partner. “Are you gonna breed me?” The otter asked. ”Fuck yeah!” I grunted. He looked at me with cocklust in his eyes, and I knew I was going to tag his ass. I let the urge build, my cock aching to release, “OH YEAH~” and I let my cum flood the adorable otter in front of me. He started grunting, and I saw his own cum shoot across his chest and hit his chin. I licked him cum onto my tongue, and pushed it into his own mouth, letting him taste his own cum while mine filled his ass. Our host grunted again and again as he unloaded into Shane’s ass in front of me. I got off the bed with the otter, the two of us walking hand-in-hand, I lead him toward the shower. I slapped the host’s ass, “Nice work” and he smiled back. “I’ve wanted to breed that ass for over a year!” The otter and I showered, then snuggled in one of the other bedrooms for awhile. When I finally got up to collect my clothing and boyfriend, I found him showering with a bearded guy from Boston I’d met before. He had fucked Shane in the sling and given him another load. Shane told me later that he’d been fucked by two guys in the sling, taking both loads. If you enjoyed hearing about Shane’s and my holiday orgy, click the Blue Heart and Upvote, and leave a message.
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 2) The lad was giving his best, to satisfy me with his mouth. I was pretty sure, he didn’t have the experience to give a great blow job, but it was alright. He played more with his tongue around my dickhead, than actually swallowing my cock. Probably he was impressed with the length and thickness of my dick. My right hand was resting on the backside of his head and from time to time I pushed him deeper into my crotch. He understood the signal and tried at least for a while to suck me off. “No teeth, baby…. no teeth” I warned him with my low voice, when he scraped me once. We passed the outskirts and I told my rapetoy, that I would fuck him so hard, as soon as we reached the motel. I chose a good one. No questions asked. I reserved a bungalow under the name ‘Smith’ and payed the fees in advance and in cash. No tracks…. The boy tried to answer me in between sucking. “Yeah… force me. Rape my ass hard. Make me bleed out of my hole” He would get that and more. I would make him bleed and gift him with my virus. I was not only positive. I was an AIDS bloke with a deadly poison in my balls and was eager to breed the stupid twat forcefully. “Once we pass that door, you will be nothing more than an object to me. Just a hole… and you will do anything for me, to get my charged up load into your system” I advised him in a calm voice. I slapped him on the back of his head and asked him if he understood. “Hm hum….” he mumbled while trying to cope with the 9 inch meet planted deeply in his throat right now. I pulled him off my cock and asked again: “You got that… punk?” “Yes… yes… reduce me to a thing. Destroy me with your cock” he gasped. “Fuck yeah… I will reduce you to a pulp” and with that I pushed my cock in his mouth again. After another hour drive we reached our destination. We passed the reception bungalow without stopping. A long and winding road led us to a distant corner of the park. There I stopped my car. Although the cute guy had tried his best, to suck my cum out of my balls, he was not successful. He looked up to me with a guilty look in his eyes and said ‘sorry’. “Don’t worry pup. Your body will do now. I will use your hole to pollute you – stupid fuck” The guy was getting up from his squatted position and stretched himself. “My name is Davis by the way” he smiled cheekily at me. “Who cares?” I looked at him sternly. “Just get out of the car and get inside the apartment. We both got off the car. I surveyed the area. No other human being could be seen. It was half past seven already. I opened the door and Davis entered the room and froze in place right then and there. Two guys were sitting on a couch, watching hardcore porn on the television. Another guy fiddled about a cam, which was attached to a tripod – facing one of the two beds. A fourth guy just came out of the bathroom, while we entered the whole scene. All guys were dressed in black. Black boots, black jeans, black t-shirts, black gloves. Davis seemed to be stunned. He was scared, that all of a sudden four other dudes were here in the same room with him, obviously waiting for his arrival. I closed the door behind us and greeted the other tops. Both guys on the couch masturbated slowly their cocks while checking Davis out. The other two guys had also their dicks hauled out of their jeans, but they were only half hard right now. All the guys had their highest button of the jeans closed, but all the other buttons downwards have been opened and so their dicks were hanging freely, waiting for a hole to appear. “What… is…. this…. all…. about” Davis stammered. “Is this the rape hole you promised us?” one of the guys asked me with greedy eyes. “Man…. my dick is already getting fully set” the guy at the camera looked down and Davis saw how the cock slowly extended to its full 8 inches and rising. “Please…. I am not sure if I can stand that. What is the cam for? Don’t do this to me please” the twink started begging me. Without taking notice of this babbling the guys started putting on black ski masks. I disguised my face also, as we could see the horror in the young lads eyes. “Start filming…” I said. The cam turned around to the entrance. I grabbed Davis from behind and pulled my right arm firmly over his neck. Breathing became difficult now. The two guys from the couch moved closer and started pinching the boys’ nipples severely. Davis just screamed. I covered his mouth with my big left hand while the guy from the bathroom squeezed the lads’ balls hardly. I bit into Davis left ear - pulled and tore like a mad dog - growling dangerously. “We will destroy you” I hissed to Davis. “Look at this!” the guy crushing the boys’ balls exclaimed. Davis became rigid and a wet spot appeared in front of his jeans. The poor lad pissed himself out of fear. The cam was recording every second of it. His white jeans changed the color to yellow, while the piss started wetting his fabrics downwards. The two guys next to the pup started jeering and twisted his nipples brutally now. “You know how to make a guy horny” I whispered into Davis ear. Davis couldn’t help but to sob and piss himself. He was scared to death

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