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  1. adame25

    My Dirty Nephew

    I hadn’t been the best brother in the world to my sister, Jane, since our parents had died three years earlier. My life was hectic and I travelled plenty which meant it was rare for us to actually be near each other long enough to meet up. I did talk to her by phone often especially after her divorce as she had struggled for a number of years with Ethan, her teenage son. When we eventually arranged to meet, it was over the coming weekend as I’d not seen her or Ethan since our parent’s funeral. I knew Ethan had just turned 18 but when I finally laid eyes on him I was really shocked. Not in a bad way, in a very, very good way. First I should say I’m 42, gay and had definitely been the black sheep of the family. I am also HIV+. My sister was four years younger than me and had married young and to her school sweet heart Jamie, who, after several years, turned out to be a right fucking cunt. They’d had one child, Ethan who it seemed had, in recent years, had been bullied by his Dad for some unstated reason, and his mother had had to keep the peace. I encouraged her to boot the bastard out, which she eventually found the courage to do. My life revolved around work but I was also constantly and insatiably hungry for cock. I didn’t mind where and who (so long as legal) and the more at once the better. I don’t know who had knocked me up but I’d been living with HIV for 10 years now. I had kept myself in shape since my teens and still had a reasonable six pack and good definition. I also kept my body smooth and luckily had yet to find a grey hair so I did look younger than my age. When I spoke with my sister, I invited her to stay with me in my London flat for a few days so we could catch up properly. When she arrived, I had a very pleasant surprise as she was accompanied by Ethan. The original plan was that he would stay with friends, but apparently his plans had changed, and truth be told, my eyes must have been out on stalks because Ethan had grown into a very good looking teenager. He had short blonde hair, a bit of a nice tan too. Blue eyes and perfect white teeth. His smile lit up his face which frankly, was absolutely beautiful. My ex-brother in-law was a cunt but he’d sired a very hot young stud. I embraced my sister and shook Ethan’s hand and welcomed them in. Considering I’d not seen them for so long it was like we’d not been apart. My sister was keen to chat but I had to admit I found it hard to stop staring at my nephew who besides being very eye catching had removed his jumper to reveal well defined arms which clearly belonged to a toned body. I knew it was wrong but my cock was semi hard and my mind playing out all sorts of scenarios. I don’t think I was imagining it either but I was getting a few glances from Ethan too. We sat in my large lounge with its views over the Thames, drinking wine. Jane had commented how her ex had maltreated her, when Ethan chimed-in with the blunt statement “He was also such a cunt to me." “But why?” I asked looking at both of them. I never liked Jamie at all to be honest but I never saw him as particularly evil and certainly not to his own son. Jane shifted a little not saying anything but Ethan looked me in the eye, answering “He found me making out with my boyfriend." I was a little taken aback, to be honest I had no idea Ethan was gay but I looked at my sister who just nodded back. I guess the family gay gene was alive and well. “So he’s a homophobe?” I asked “Too right he is, the wanker” Ethan replied with clear hatred for his father laced in every word. “Oh Ethan, he just didn’t know how to deal with it” Jane began but Ethan got angry and glaring at his mother, “And beating me with his fists was his way of dealing with it?” he retorted. “What?” I interjected angrily. “He didn’t mean to," Jane replied, glaring frantically at us. Ethan, however, interrupted with an emphatic “Mom, he did it to both of us. Stop making excuses for him.” Ethan was very agitated by now. I looked at them both as tears poured down my sisters cheeks and her son sat red faced and fuming. “OK guys, time out,” I said in my best management style. “I didn’t know all of this Jane. You should have said something,” I started. Jane, however, correctly reminded me “Why? You were never around for us after Mum and Dad died. You were off on business while I had to face it all on my own,” she managed between sobs. I couldn’t argue with her. She had a point but it had brought the afternoon down to a shitty low point. “Okay, well, look, let’s start anew. I’m here now,” I said smiling at both of them. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening catching up, with the tone lifting considerably. I cooked them both a nice meal and by the time we were ready for bed their moods had been totally uplifted although, I couldn’t help notice the many times Ethan had touched my hand, arm, back and yep, even my ass. My flat only had two bedrooms so I let Jane stay in the guest room and I handed Ethan a blanket and pillow, pointing to the couch. “Trust me it’s comfy, I’ve slept on it loads” I said. He thanked me and took them and I left him to retire to my own room. It had been a long day but I still couldn’t get my sexy nephew out of my thoughts. I stripped, climbed into bed and turned on the TV,choosing to stream some hot twink/daddy porn in which a hot lad was taken roughly by a hard daddy type. I watched for perhaps half an hour, slowly wanking my rock hard dick when I heard a faint knock at the door. Turning off the TV, I rose out of bed, pulled-on my robe, and opened the door, honestly expecting to see my sister but there stood my nephew wearing nothing but his briefs. He was stunning. Teenage six pack and perfectly defined body which was completely hairless. “Uncle, can I talk to you?” he asked at the door looking at me pleadingly. I looked at him for a moment before realising what he’d said….”Well, errr yes, sure come in,” I replied. He came into my room and shut the door behind him. He walked over to the bed and sat down. I stood with my robe open and I could see he was checking out my defined muscle chest. “What do you want to talk about Ethan?” I asked also finding it hard to not look at his perfectly defined upper body and perfectly clear skin. “I err,” he began looking down at the floor, “I know you’re gay too” he started. “I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about being gay. Mum wouldn’t talk to me and Dad would just shout at me,” he continued. I watched him with a mixture of utter lust as well as feeling terribly sorry for him. “Can I talk to you about my feelings?” he asked finally looking up at me. I smiled back at him and came and sat down next him on the bed, put my hand on his. “Of course Ethan. Anything you want," I replied in as even a tone as I could manage. He looked into my eyes and smiled back at me. “Is it true you are HIV positive?” he asked. I hesitated momentarily before answering, “Yes.” He looked at me for a long time before speaking again. “Will you breed me?” he asked. I was totally shocked to be honest although I was also excited too. “Ethan you’re young. You don’t want HIV…. not to mention I’m your Uncle. What the hell would your mother…. my sister say?” I blurted back. He stared intently at me, seemingly not at all embarrassed. His right hand moved and rested on my leg. My rock hard cock actually twitched. “Uncle, I like older men and I only like to fuck raw. I know I'll eventually convert, but I'd rather get it from a man I like and trust, and who I think is hot,” he explained. I didn’t reply straight away either. I stared back into his eyes and my lust was beginning to overpower my shock. My extremely sexy nephew wanted me to breed his cunt with my seed. The irony being I was actually having a few problems staying undetectable at the moment so my seed was pretty deadly right now. “Ethan you’re extremely hot, I can’t deny it but you’re asking me to infect my flesh and blood,” I finally replied. A smile broke out in Ethan’s young beautiful face. He leaned slowly forward to me until our faces were millimeters apart and moments later we were kissing passionately. I couldn’t help myself. He was exactly the sort of twink I’d happily fucked and infected in the past, but this time a family member wanted my deadly seed. I wrapped my hands around his body and pulled him to me and within minutes had one hand down his briefs and feeling his quite thick and substantially rock hard cock. He may have been 18 but he seemed very experienced and forward. I guess no different to how I was at his age. Eventually we broke off the kiss and I pulled my robe off so he could see me naked. He stood and dropped his briefs to let his thick eight inches swing free. He was stunning. I knew I would be ploughing him for hours to come. Luckily I’d had my bedroom sound proofed as, having had many a naked slut tied to my bed, screaming while I’d inflicted my particular blend of depravity on him, I decided discretion was prudent, so I had spent quite a bit of money to ensure the outside world was unaware of my play time. So, I knew I could fuck Ethan without his mother hearing anything but still the electricity between us was unlike anything I’d ever experienced: I would convert my nephew and what was more, he wanted it. I pulled him back on to me and our naked bodies wrapped around each other as I reached down to probe his smooth asshole. Ethan was happy to be led by me and clearly was the subservient type which suited me perfectly as our tongues once more probed each other’s mouth. I forcefully pulled him up and fully devoured his cock as he groaned to my touch. I sucked him for no more than five minutes before he began to groan, cumming hard into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his load. As I expected, his cum was delicious and plentiful. I smiled, devouring my nephew’s first load. Young pups cum quickly but often which pleased me. I forced him round and he fell down on my cock as we now 69’d. He devoured me rather expertly for a teenager and I rimmed his smooth mancunt getting my tongue deep inside his lovely hole, followed by a finger or three. He moaned as I invaded him for the first time and his expert ministrations blowing my cock was getting me so horny. The need to pump a load into his negative hole was paramount. After ten minutes I pulled him forcefully round and we kissed hard again as he straddled me. My cock erect and now against his ass cheeks. Pushing him off me finally, “You want my toxic load Ethan?” I growled staring into his eyes. He didn’t even pause, “Yes Uncle, breed me. I want you,” he whispered back. I didn’t need asking twice and with his help my cock was now at his hole and Ethan began to push back against my cock. He was well lubed by my saliva and my cock easily began to slide into him. He began to inhale hard and groan as my thick member stretched him wide. He rode my cock like a pro. Clearly he knew how to bottom. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as we fucked. I thrust up to meet him as he rode down on me. His body was absolutely stunning and involuntarily I reached up to twist his nipples which, of course, only made him fuck me harder. He was making a lot of noise as we fucked and even though my room was sound proofed I pulled him down to kiss him and silence him. My dark desires were starting to come out and I gripped his throat and squeezed hard. Some guys panic a little and find it too much but Ethan seemed to like being fucked hard and never once stopped me from throttling him as I fucked his ass. The more he moaned the more I squeezed his throat until he couldn’t breathe and he seemed to love every minute of it. I pulled him down on to the bed, positioning him on this back, and fucked him missionary. His eyes were fixated on mine, connecting at a primal level. He was delicious and the thought of converting him with my positive seed excited me far more than some anonymous fuck I would have otherwise met at a bar. “Breed me, Uncle,” he kept moaning as I rammed his cunt. I could feel my seed beginning to boil and very soon I knew I was close. “Do you want my seed you dirty little cunt” I growled as I felt my orgasm building. “Yes sir” he replied staring up at me. I was close but I felt Ethan actually clamp down on my cock as my cum exploded inside his negative cunt. Groaning loudly I pumped my deadly load inside him as Ethan pulled me down kissing hard, my cock twitching as it continued to pump seed in him. “Oh fuck” I moaned, the realisation that I’d just dumped a high viral load of cum inside my kin suddenly dawned on me. My nephew seemed almost joyous though and while we kissed all he could do was grin, “Thank you Uncle” he moaned. The damage was now done and I began to relax and felt it my duty to make sure he converted with someone he knew. We kissed for many minutes and even though I’d cum my cock remained hard and still inside my nephew. “Have you taken positive loads before?” I asked eventually breaking the kiss. “Yes, I’ve been cruising since I was 15 and I know I’ve taken undetectable loads before, but I know you are poisonous at this moment,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “And how do you know that?” I asked a little taken aback. “You told me on BareBackRT last week,” replying with a big grin. It suddenly dawned on me what he was talking about. I regularly hook up with guys on BBRT and just recently I’d been talking to a guy without a profile picture who said he was chasing and I told him how I loved to breed guys with or without their knowledge. I’d also said I had an infectious viral load right now, “You are Chaserboy?” I asked starring into my sexy nephew’s eyes. “Yes. You’re not mad are you?” he replied looking a little afraid. I paused a moment then a grin split my face and I forced my tongue back into his mouth. “No Ethan. I’m glad I could help you out,” I finally replied. We spent the next couple of hours fucking several more times. I also spent some time scratching his asshole, with the intent of ensuring he converted. After pumping my third load inside him with Ethan riding on top of me like some wild banshee, he collapsed on top of me, our bodies sweating profusely, breathing hard. I looked over at the clock. It was nearly 5:00 AM. “Listen Ethan you’d better go back to the lounge to get some sleep,just in case your mother gets up and finds you missing,” I suggested, staring at my sex crazed nephew. This had been a fucking awesome visit and I suspected I’d be using his body as my sex toy plenty more yet. I particularly wanted to explore his tolerance to pain. To be continued……..
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  2. pervinmt

    My New White Boy

    It was a typical Saturday afternoon and I was at my usual spot outside of the bookstore. A sleazy, popular joint that attracted all kinds of men and was an easy place to deal. If I thought I was being watched I could just slip inside and get lost for a while, always at least getting my big,11 inch ebony snake sucked, or dumping my load in some hungry manpussy. I didn't even have to pay to enter the maze of booths. The owner was a regular customer and I'd let him worship my monster, so I had unlimited access to the arcade. I was leaning against the side of the building, waiting for one of my regulars to come by when a black Escalade parked across the street, half a block down. I didn't think nothin of it when nobody got out right away. Wasn't unusual for dudes to sit in their cars getting up the nerve to actually go inside. It must have been about 15 minutes before the driver finally got out, and damn if one look at him didn't get my cock stirring in my jeans. Out stepped the sweetest little white boy I had seen in a while! He had to be barely 18 if a day, with strawberry blond hair, and a plump little bubble butt. My eyes followed him as he walked toward the door, nervously looking around before he ducked inside. My hardening dick told me to follow him, and I did. The kid was looking around the store, his hands stuffed into his pockets, obviously new to this whole thing. I could tell he was a rich kid with his Air Jordan's that didn't even have a scuff on them, his Sean John jeans, and his Ralph Lauren shirt. That was no doubt Daddy's Escalade he rolled up in. Hell, he had probably never been to this neighborhood before. But if he was here lookin for what I think he was, he was gonna get more than he bargained for if I had my way. He finally went up to the counter and handed the guy some cash, and showed him his ID. He had to pass by me on the way to the booths and I got a good smell of him. He smelled like soap, teenage boy, and sex. I went up to the counter and got a bottle of poppers and headed back there after my prey. My eyes had to adjust to the dark, but I didn't see my prize anywhere. I wandered the halls for about 5 minutes before I finally saw him exit a booth. He walked past me, giving me a nervous glance that said both, "I don't know what I'm doing", and "I want you." Damn right he wanted me. I was a fine mother fuckin piece of man. 6'2", and at 35, had a rock hard, wirey body, and beautiful ebony skin. The kid went into another booth and started to shut the door. My hand stopped it, and I slid in behind him, shutting the door. He didn't say a word as I gently reached out and stroked his face, but I could feel him tremble. "First time here?" I whispered to him. He just nodded, his blue eyes looking up at me. He wasn't very big, probably 5'9" and slender, but he did possess that plump mound of ass. I placed my hand on it while I said "relax baby boy, Jesse's gonna take real good care of you." I tilted his head back and leaned down, placing my full lips on his. He opened his mouth and I stuck my tongue in him. Mmmmmm....he tasted like candy. My hands rubbed his ass as my mouth took control of him. He just melted into me and I knew I had found my next bitch. I opened up the bottle and held it under his nose. "Breath deep baby boy, this will make you feel good. He inhaled deep like a good boy. I just switched nostrils back and forth a few times while he sucked in the fumes. I sat down on the chair and he sank onto my lap. Grabbing my face he started kissing me passionately while he ground his ass into my lap. I knew I had him hooked. "You like that baby boy?" I asked. "You like how that made you feel?" "Mmmmmmmm yea," he moaned. "Feels good." "I got something else that will make you feel sooooo much better. You wanna try it? You trust me?" "Oh yea," he moaned, licking my neck. Stupid little bitch. He didn't know he just sealed his fate. I pulled a little pipe out of my pocket that I kept preloaded. "You know what this is baby boy?" He just shook his head no. "This is Majic Miss T. She knows how to make you feel real good." I lit my lighter and melted the shards. As soon as the pipe filled up, I took the first hit, blowing the smoke into his mouth. Then I held up the pipe for him. "Breath slow and deep," I told him. Then blow it into my mouth. He did as instructed, so obedient. I just kept feeding him the pipe, until he finished off the bowl in 6, big hits. "Good boy," I told him. "You did that very well." Even in the dim lite I could see his eyes become dark saucers as lust glazed them over. I pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his creamy, alabaster skin, and his little pink nipples. I latched my mouth onto one, sucking it hard, and biting it with my teeth. He squealed and writhed, but I held him firm, then attacked the other one. I could feel his hard dick in his jeans pressing into my stomach, assuring me he was loving the rough treatment. I pulled off his shoes and socks, throwing them in the corner, and unbuttoned his jeans. I pushed him onto the floor and grabbed the legs, pulling them off, leaving him in his Calvin Klein boxer briefs, but not for long. I grabbed the waist band and ripped them off, leaving him naked and vulnerable, just how I like my white boys to be. His dick stood straight up out of his patch of reddish pubes, and he looked at me with crazed lust. "How much time you got baby boy?" I asked. "As much as I want. My parents and my sister are on vacation for two weeks." He panted. "Oh bitch," I thought to myself. You don't know what you just got yourself into.
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  3. versbbguy

    Kevin Is Hiv+

    Chapter 2: I met Mike a couple of years back when I was just 21, a few weeks from my 22nd birthday, and we quickly became regular fuckbuds. At that time, I thought I was sexually adventurous. Mike, however, opened me up more sexually. Mike fucked me, occasionally shared his piss with me, and my favorite part, he liked group sex and took me to sex parties. It took almost no time before I was chasing the bug with him. I had always barebacked, without giving it much thought, now I hungry for a poz man’s cock. I wouldn’t say we were ever dating, but we were close, we had a lot of sex, and spent a lot of time together. I met Mike on BBRT. Another cute versatile guy among the hundreds. Mike’s profile listed his stats as 24, 5’7”, 135lbs, large cock and his HIV status read, 'Ask me'. I wasn’t sure about that part but I really wanted that cock in me; I was hot for him. I unlocked my pics and noticed he checked out my profile. A minute or two later he had unlocked and I had emails from him. I thought about it and supposed 'Ask me' might well mean he was HIV+, but I was interested, I replied and simply asked. Mike’s reply was “I'm probably neg, but always bareback and want guys to ask." "Why not just say 'Not sure'", I asked. He had no answer, but only replied “Looking .. text me,” giving me his number. I showered and cleaned out and in about 30 minutes was at his front door. He answered the door, looked like pics, but he had serious bed head. He was wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. We made eye contact, I smiled, “Haaaa… looks like I’m overdressed” I said, and in attempt to impress him, stripped right there in the foyer. He kissed me, “Let’s go to my bedroom.” He led me down the hall, I sat on the end of his bed, him standing over me, and we kissed again. It was amazing, his lips were so soft and when his tongue invaded my mouth I got an instant hard-on. He looked down at me, “You’re neg too?” I nodded, “Cool,” he murmured. I kept the eye contact as I lowered myself to my knees, licked the head of his cock while he watched, “Ahhhh … mmmmm … feels good," he moaned. I went slowly, licking the slit, then the head, then taking as much of his cock in as I could get. Back and forth I repeated the motions. I knew it was working, in 3.2 seconds he had become a leaky faucet of precum, and I was greedily swallowing every drop. His hands rested on my head as I serviced him. “Stand up," he ordered, and upon doing so, he again kissed me. Mike pointed to the bed, “Turn around and get on all fours. Show me that hot hole of yours." I climbed on the bed, head down, ass up, spreading my legs and ass with it – I wanted to feel vulnerable and exposed. I wanted him to fuck me. “So hot”, I hear him say softly. He got up on the bed close to me, and ran his hand over my ass and lightly into the crack … teasing. I heard what sounded like him pulling a finger from his mouth, then I felt pain, he shoved his middle finger right up inside me. “Ahhhhh … ahhhh,” I gasped. In a subdued voice he remarked “Mmmmm … Yeah that’s what you want … oh fuck that’s a nice, tight hole." I knew he was just looking down at me – lightly massaging inside me, this time he spoke up, “Yeah I’m gonna fuck and breed you like a little bitch. You’re queer for my seed ain’tcha?” The words were like a drug, “Yes … Yes I am." “Yes, what? You want this raw cock and seed?” This time I didn’t hold back, “Fuck yes I do! Fuck I want that raw cock and seed!" “That’s right boy .. mmmmm .. gonna breed that ass so deep.” Mike removed his finger from my ass, leaned in a little bit and then I could hear the lube as he stroked some on his cock a few times, then another squeeze, and I could feel cold lube running into the crack of my ass. “Bitch, it's time to breed that hole." He then placed one of his hands on my waist and I knew the other was on his cock; I could feel his cock head touching my hole. Mike was about to put that hot cock where his finger had been. I wanted it. I pushed back a little let him know. “Ahhhh … ! Ahhhhh fuck!”, I cried out as he pushed in and his big dick invaded the tight space of my ass. “That’s right boy … fuck, … ahhhh … that’s right, fuck … give that ass to me … gonna breed you so deep – fill you with cum." I knew Mike could feel how tight I was but it didn’t stop him from using slow, constant pressure n his cock, “That’s it … so hot … ahhhh… ahhhh... fuck yeah, .. fuck yeah," and he bottomed out, “That’s all of me babe … got that raw cock all the way in." I moaned, “MMMMMMMM”, it stung but feeling his hairy nuts touching my ass made me want his load that much more. He moved back out almost as slowly as he entered, then back in again. It didn’t take very long before he was pounding my ass hard. I could hear his balls slapping against my ass as he pushed all the way in. "Fuck me, mmmmmm… fuck … fuck … yeah, fuck me," I begged. Mike now grunted in reply “Fuck yeah, take my cock, bitch!” I kept my face down in the comforter as he rode my ass like a pro. I had been fucked many times before but Mike was riding this ass like a champion at a Rodeo. “Spread your cheeks more for me”, I reached back, “Yeah like that… like that”, it felt like that raw cock pushed in a little deeper, if that was even possible. “Fuck yeah … breed my ass … I want it. Fuck .. fuck .. yeah you want this dirty load don’t you?” I had no idea what we were even saying, “Yeah, I do," I replied. I was too involved to give any other reply. Mike rode me like that for a solid 10 minutes and I could tell from his grunts he was about to go over the edge. “ahhhhh … I’m close … fuck! … I’m getting close babe, … gonna dump this huge load inside you … ahhhh”, “Fuck yea … fuck I want it”. Mike made a few final firmly planted thrusts, and then it happened, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH … FUCKKKKK … FUCKKKKKK”, I felt him make one final thrust in deep and I knew he was squirting his load into my guts. “FUCK!”, he shouted, as I felt his cock spasm and the sweat from his balls against me. There was no mistaking I had just taken another man’s cum. We were both hot and sweating when the a/c kicked on … we stayed connected like that for a few more minutes, neither one of us wanting to move or let his cock slip out of my hole. “That was so hot .. did you get what you wanted?” It seemed a bit of an odd question, but I just replied with, “Fuck yeah I did. I wanted your big load. It was so hot." Mike withdrew and lay down beside me and we started to share soft kisses as we lay there just soaking in the whole experience. “So you like this raw cock huh?” “Love it … that was so hot.” “Nice … we gonna do it again?” I replied “Hell yeah, anytime.” “You up for group fun sometime, too? Fuck bud of mine loves breeding ass … he usually just fucks me." The image of Mike taking raw cock while fucking me went through my head, “Bareback?” “Yeah, it's the only way I get fucked," he replied. I just laughed, “Yeah, I’m up for that anytime." Mike looked at me, “Kevin … he’s poz … that still cool?” I hadn’t given it any thought before, but this made me acknowledge, even as hot as he was, I had just let another guy I didn’t really know cum inside my ass. I know there was a risk, but in the few seconds it took me to process his question I could tell he wasn’t sure if he should’ve said anything, so I just spit out, “I’m good … yeah,.. yeah, it's cool.” “You sure? I gotta say, I fuckin' love his cock too." “I’m sure, yeah, I’m sure. Will he want to fuck me?” “He might. Yeah, I think so. You might as well let him." “Yeah.” “You just took my cum, and he’s been fucking me for a while now.” I smiled back at Mike, “Yeah, he can definitely fuck me if he wants.” I swallowed hard, then I just kissed him. Mike just smiled a mischievous grin.
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  4. 1981virginia

    In The Dark Room With My Boy

    Last summer, my boy and I took a vacation to Europe together. It was one of those packages, seeing a different city every day for a week and a half before flying home. We thought it would be exhilarating, but it turned out to be exhausting. When passing through Berlin, we decided to separate from the group and see the gay neighborhood. I had sort of hoped we’d get up to some naughty fun so I brought a small tube of lube and condoms in my shirt pocket, just in case. I bet there was a place where I could fuck him, safely, with maybe a few strangers watching. The very idea got my cock stirring. We fuck bare in private, but I didn’t want any strangers to think my boy was a slut who took all loads… We wound up in a two-level club with a sign proclaiming CRUISING BASEMENT. The street level bar looked like a normal bar, except with flat screen televisions playing bareback porn. There was a set of stairs at the back of the bar down to what must have been the cruising area. We were both kind of nervous being there, with nothing like that in our hometown, or even in most big cities in America for that matter. We quickly downed two large beers each in quick succession. We joked about exploring downstairs and seeing what trouble we could get into. Maybe some beers would help ease our angst and loosen us up a bit. My boy asked the bartender where the restroom was, and he gestured with a wink to the dark staircase. I knew he had to take a piss and he got up to head downstairs as I ordered another beer. A few minutes went by. Then a few minutes more passed. I was halfway through my beer and needed to take a piss myself. I gulped down the rest of my drink, paid our tab, grabbed my boy’s untouched beer and headed to find him. I found the bathroom, surprisingly clean and well-lit. No sign of my boy. I took a piss into a stainless steel trough urinal, holding my boy’s beer with one hand and my streaming cock in the other. I felt someone come up behind me, and press his crotch into my ass. I melted into him as he reached around and shook the last droplets from my dick. He pulled way, knelt down and took me into his mouth, moaning as he deep-throated me, occasionally holding up a bottle of poppers to huff. I like good head as much as anyone, but I was worried about my boy. I pulled the guy off my now-wet dick and backed out of the bathroom. The guy stayed on his knees grinning at me as I headed into the darkness to rescue my boy if he needed rescuing or to join in some raunchy, hopefully safe fun. In the darkness, I followed the sound of whispers and groans down a short hallway where I found my boy in an open doorway, leaning out and moaning, with his eyes closed. I reached out to feel his chest. His shirt was pulled up behind his neck. He clenched his eyes and I ran my hand down to his crotch. It was so dark that I could barely see that his pants were at his ankles, and someone was eating his ass. I grabbed my boy’s hard cock and he swatted my hand away. I cleared my throat and he opened his eyes. He reached out to me and wrapped his arms around my neck, supporting his weight as the stranger worked his ass. My boy whispered, or rather hissed into my ear "Is it okay if he fucks me?" I murmured approval, extracted the condom from my pocket, and handed it to the top who stood up and started slapping his sizeable dick against my boy’s wet ass crack. Of course I expected him to pull on the condom, but instead he scoffed and threw it to the dirty ground, pushed my boy’s back down so it was parallel to the floor, and his ass arched up. My boy grabbed onto my waist with both arms as the stranger lurched forward. My boy yelped and I knew the top had entered him raw. Just then the guy who had briefly blown me in the bathroom stepped out of the darkness and held his bottle of poppers under my boy’s nostrils. My boy huffed deep and held his breath. Had I been thinking clearly, I might have tried to stop it, but I was honestly too turned on. The top pounding my boy’s raw ass went at it for about thirty seconds, only to mutter "Too tight. Gonna make me breed him too soon." Then giving a disapproving grimace he pulled out and disappeared into the shadows. My boy was dizzy from the experience. I grasped both of his hands and led him towards a deep bench against a wall. I sat down and he collapsed, face first into my lap, thinking he would take a quick nap, but I was wrong. He shimmied my pants down and swallowed my hard dripping cock to the root. I was still wet with the poppers guy’s spit. I knew there were other guys around. I could hear them whispering, and kissing, and sucking, and fucking. Knowing that at least some of them were watching really got me hot. The guy with the poppers had followed us and knelt down behind my boy, diving into his freshly-fucked ass with his tongue. My boy moaned on my dick. The guy lapped away for a few moments and then crouched down behind him. From my place on the bench, I watched as his aimed his raw cock into my boy’s willing ass. My boy squealed as he took another raw anal assault. The poppers guy took a huff and then leaned over my boy, making him do the same, and then offering them to me. I took the bottle and inhaled very deeply as the poppers guy's pace picked up only to halt. I knew he was firing his cum into my boy’s bare hole. He slapped my boy’s sweaty, and now cummy, ass and pulled out. I thought he’d go away, but he leaned towards my boy and whispered with his thick German accent, theatrically so everyone around could hear "Good thing that other guy didn’t blow his load inside you. He’s POZZED up more than a few tourists here." He chuckled as my boy fisted his cock, his moans announcing he himself was close to cumming. The poppers guy laid down on his back, under my boy, on that filthy sticky floor, gobbling down my boy’s cock just in time to swallow his load. Just then, the first guy, the hulking POZ one, crept out of the darkness again. His huge cock was still wet and shiny, either from my boy’s hole or from some other bottom in the basement darkness. He slapped it against my boy’s cummy crack a few times, leered at me, and slammed all the way in. My boy tried to swallow my dick, but the top was so aggressive that he mostly just moaned with an open mouth around the head. He fucked my boy hard and quick for no more than two minutes. He cursed in Dutch, or German maybe, a few times before quickening his pace and then pounding six times with decreasing speed, filling my boy with toxic seed. It got me super close to going over the edge. My boy felt my nuts tightening up and pulled off my cock. The POZ top disappeared and the poppers guy just laughed as I pulled away and got behind my boy, marveling at the cum streaking down his thighs and the low light glistening on his sweaty back. I slid easily into is loose sloppy hole and came after five seconds. My boy threw his head back and lost another load into the poppers guy’s eager mouth. My boy stood up on his trembling legs and threw his arms around me, kissing me deeply. He growled into my ear "We gotta get out of here, and fast, or I’m going to wind up taking every load in this basement." "And what would be so bad about that?" I asked. He kissed me hard, grinned and waved at me, and backed away into the darkness….
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  5. Slipstream

    Red Letter Day

    This is a story in five parts, the first I've published. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ------------------------------ Red Letter Day, Part 1. As he pressed the buzzer on the innocuous looking door on the side street in Madrid's Chueca district, Dan was shaking. What the hell was he doing here? It was 4:00 AM but the narrow streets were still busy, party-goers enjoying the night air, cooler than the scorching heat of the late Spring day but still without cause for a jacket. He paused again, looking around cautiously, making sure that no one else from his group was around to observe his indiscretion. But they were all back at the apartments that they'd rented for the trip. Ten guys and a token straight girl on a trip to Madrid over the spring weekend. They'd eaten tapas, seen the obligatory tourist sights, drunk copious amount of alcohol, and danced the night away. But whilst everyone else had gone back to the apartments, drunkenly stumbling the three blocks back to their weekend home, Dan had headed just a short walk away to indulge a craving. His boyfriend, Alex had called it an early night, having peaked a little too early and would be blissfully unaware of Dan's late-night diversion. He jumped slightly as a voice spoke at him from the panel. "Third Floor", the North American accent seemed out of place in the hubbub of a Spanish city. But he was reassured, the guy on Grindr who'd invited him to this party, a celebration of sleaziness, was Canadian. The door buzzed, he pushed it open and went inside. The door closed and the dark elegant entrance hall was suddenly quiet, cool, and still. It wasn't too late, he could still turn back, he could go to bed and pretend this hadn't happened, but something drew him on, pulling him by his nether regions up to the third floor. The door was ajar and he could hear music playing, the instructions on his phone had told him just to come in, no one would be greeting, they'd all be too busy. The small room off the hallway to his left contained a myriad of shoes and clothing, some in neat piles, some strewn untidily. He stripped naked, and paused to look in the full length mirror before folding his clothing neatly into a pile on top of his shoes. He was tall, just under six feet with short messy dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Clean shaven, his body was toned, with hints of definition that left him not quite a twink and not quite a jock. He shaved the patchy chest hair that naturally popped up leaving him with a smooth chest that showed his muscles. A tight, groomed treasure trail led down to the asset that left most boys hungry. Eight inches of thick uncut meat, not the largest you'd ever seen, but large and inviting rather than intimidating. It curved slightly when hard and grew particularly thick in the middle; that was the bit that made the boys moan the most. His ass was a muscly bubble butt, shaved smooth with a tight smooth hole that begged for a tongue or a nice dick to enter it. Dan always purported that versatility made life more interesting. He walked down the hallway to the source of the music and voices. Entering the large living room of the duplex apartment, he was greeted by the sight of some fifteen or twenty naked guys, variously drinking, chatting or busily engaging in the favoured activity of the night. He spied the party's host who walked over to greet him. Where Dan's look fell somewhere between twink and jock, Greg was a hundred percent the latter. Tall and muscled with tousled sandy hair and white teeth, Dan's gaze was drawn immediately to the large uncut cock that swung as he walked. Dan guessed it would be longer than his, but not as girthy when hard. He began salivating at the prospect of sucking it, and his dick began to indicate his desire. "You must be Dan? I'm Greg, glad you could make it" he put his hands on Dan's hips and planted a kiss on his lips, as Dan felt their cocks rubbing together, not for the last time that night. "Thanks for the invite" Dan replied, still slightly shakily. "Don't be nervous, you'll have a great time, I promise." said Greg, grinning at him. "So, you don't need any paint yet?" Greg enquired. "Nope" responded Dan, "We'll soon change that" said Greg, laughing slightly. Dan knew exactly what he meant, he'd been told clearly how the party worked in a Grindr conversation that evening that had him terrified and excited in equal measure. He'd been intensely hard the whole time the party was described to him, hence why he was standing there naked now. The invite was exclusive, the host wanted only the hottest guys and as Dan looked around the room he couldn't see any he wouldn't be happy to do at least something with. A little over half the guys in the room, and presumably the guys already roamed into other rooms in the duplex apartment, had writing on their chests in red body paint, one word: POZ. The game was simple, you could do whatever you wanted with whomever you wanted, but the real goal was for those with POZ on their chests to add, one letter at a time, that word to those who'd arrived without. Dan figured that most of those already marked were probably undetectable, like the host, and some were negative guys enjoying the power fantasy. Likewise some of the unmarked guys were indulging in fantasies of their own, but his host assured him that he should only attend if he was ready for the consequences of tonight to be more permanent than the paint it was written in. Greg has warned him that several loads in the room were unmedicated, filled with virus that would leave his negative status a thing of the past. "Where do I start?" asked Dan. A drink had appeared in his hand and the fresh surge of vodka buoyed his confidence. "Wherever you want" came the reply. With barely a moment's hesitation, Dan placed his drink on the table and dropped to his knees, pulling Greg's already semi-hard cock into his mouth. It tasted of cum and ass, and Dan was immediately intoxicated by the flavours that revealed his host's previous endeavours. It quickly grew hard and Dan struggled to contain it all in his mouth, but he was an expert sucker, he'd been doing it since he was 13 and knew exactly how to tease a large man cock with his tongue. Cut dicks were a rarity for him but he'd spent enough time abroad to know how best to work them. Greg moaned and began pumping Dan's face with his dick. Greg drew back and pulled Dan onto a nearby sofa, Dan felt the cool black leather on his knees as Greg reclined and Dan went onto all fours, consciously exposing his ass to the few guys now watching the action unfold. As he worked Greg's long dick, he felt a warm tongue around his hole. Glancing behind himself, Dan saw a tall, preppy, geeky blonde with a skinny, pale body and glasses who grinned as he worked Dan's ass. Dan returned the smile and went back to his sucking duties whilst the pretty, preppy blond went to work on his ass with vigour. Greg leaned down and whispered to him "Jamie there won't just mark your body tonight." With a dirty smile he leaned back, enjoying the feel of Dan's tongue working the thick head and shaft. Dan's cock jumped at the thought of Jamie's load and he pushed back, enjoying the expert tongue work. Suddenly a warmth surrounded his dick and he saw a Spanish guy with just the perfect amount of hair on his chest working his hardened dick. His enjoyment of the sensations in his mouth, ass, and dick were interrupted by Greg who pulled him up with his muscular arms and flipped him round so he was facing blond Jamie, his ass exposed to Greg's cock, wet with his spit and copious precum. Greg pulled on his shoulders and Dan felt the familiar pressure of a dick forcing its way into his hole. Dan's mind burned with the three letters written in red on Greg's chest as he heard the slight pop and felt the filling sensation of raw cock entering him. Raw poz cock. Dan's mind blurred from the vodka, the poppers presented under his nose and the sensation of the cock sliding into him in one go. He let out a moan and found his mouth filled by Jamie's dick. Massively thick, Jamie's cut dick left him barely able to breathe as Jamie thrust into his mouth and battered his throat. Behind him, Greg was working up his pace, his long dick spearing Dan's hole rhythmically and Dan once again felt the Spanish guy Antonio, sucking him. He could feel Greg's dick swelling as he urged "Get ready for this huge poz load you little neg slut!" Greg moaned loudly "Fuck yeah", Dan felt his cock spasm and the familiar warmth of cum filling him. "Take my poz babies" moaned Greg as he thrust the last of his orgasm inside Dan's hole. Jamie withdrew his dick from Dan's mouth and he suddenly felt empty at both ends. He collapsed onto his front and Greg rolled him over, "Jamie's saving his load for somewhere other than your mouth, but right now it's time to mark you up." He took a pen from the table and wrote a large P over Dan's right pec in red body paint. It should have terrified him, but he felt nothing except excitement at the idea of collecting all three letters that would mark him as poz.
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  6. Let me start by saying that this isn't fiction but a true story! About 6 months ago i was on my profile page just looking around, when a message came in from a very cute looking 18y/o twink. He wrote that he was looking for someone experienced to finally fuck him. He told me that at earlier dates with guys his own age it they stopt trying after a few attempts, I explained to him how i would have opened his ass. His excitement grew more and more the longer we talked. after a few hours he asked me if he could come by. I said 'Yes', but explained him that i like to play on chems and that i play bare. It became very quiet at the other side, but after nearly a minute he said 'No problem'. i was glad because i already had a date planned with a 21 y/o kinky twink that wanted to try fisting, but he never showed up and his phone was switched off. Within 20 minutes the young twink arrived and i open the door in gear with my hard cock sticking out. He looked surprised maybe a little anxious, but i saw that he made up his mind. He gathered his courage and came inside. 'Clothes off!' i ordered. He replied with 'can't we talk first'. 'Yes, but only when we are on the same level... i'm nude so...' i said. He started to take off his clothes. A very hot body emerged and looking at his semi-hard dick i had to conclude that his was a bit bigger than mine. We started talking but after a while i noticed that his left eye wandered off. He tried watching the porn that i put on just before he arrived. I could see the immediate effect because his dick started growing. i ask if he knew how big it was but he answer that he never measured it. 'i be write back with a tape-measurer and something to drink for us both' i said. When i came back i asked if i could measure his dick, he nodded. He came less than halve a centimeter short to reach 23cm (about 9 inches). We can have lots off fun with that monster i laughed. He picked up his glass to drink. So i gave him 2 pills; one ecstasy-pill and an erection-pill. 'I don't want to do chems' he told me. I said to him that i was very disappointed because i explicitly told him. 'I know, but i'm scared' he answered. He continued: 'Swallowing pills, mixing chems with your drink or putting a needle in your arm. It just makes me freeze up. If i didn't know i was taking or getting then it would love to do it, but there's no way i wouldn't know'. I nodded and told him it was okay, but in my mind i already had a plan to get him high without noticing the administering. He leaned and kissed me and then he went lower and start sucking my cock. i pushed his head down and rammed my cock deeper, he started to choke. He came up for air, ao i give him a few tips to counter the gag reflex. A few extra breathes and he want down again. With every time i pushed my cock deep in hist throat he became more relaxed and i could feel his throat accepting the brutal skull fucking. His cock was rock hard so i pushed him on his back and started licking his cock. When his dick was dripping with my spit and his precum i grab his cock and with one move i let myself slide upon his dick. He asked if i had used a condom. 'What do you feel?' i answered. 'Just close your eyes and compare this feeling to all the times you fucked with a condom. Feel the wetness, feel the heat. Flesh stroking flesh'. He closed his eyes and i saw his face change. He was loving it and he started to moan. After a while he opened his eyes and pushed me off him. He grabbed my legs put them on his shoulder. He rammed his dick in my ass an started drilling my ass. The full length disappeared with every thrust in my ass. He pounded me for at least 15 minutes none-stop. Sweat was running from his face. I was flying high on the way he was ravaging my asshole. OMG where did this kid learn this?! 'i'm close, i'm summing' he said. He tried to pull out but i grab his hips and pulled them in close. 'I want you to flood my ass with your cum' i moaned. He didn't have time to respond because at that moment his dick shot thick warm streams of jizz deep in my ass. I could feel how his seed was flowing inside of me, filling me. We stayed locked for a while then he pulled his cock out and saw his seed oozing out my ass. 'I have never came like this before. i have the idea that i'm completely drained' he said with a big smile. 'Do you want a short break before i fuck and breed your ass?'. He nodded first and then he started to stutter 'you may fuck me without, but you have to promise that you take it out before you come'. He was relieved when I told him that i wouldn't do anything he didn't want me to do. But I knew that it wouldn't be long before he is begging me to shoot my hot load deep in his ass and knowing that my 'special' dna is merging with his. [To be continued]
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  7. pervinmt

    My New White Boy

    Part 2 I picked up my boy and bent him over the chair. "Stick out your ass baby," I instructed him, and he arched his back showing me his sweet little pink cherry. There are few things I like more than the first taste of a virgins hole, and this one looked luscious. I kneeled down and lightly kissed his pink pucker and he slightly moaned. I licked around the outside a bit before I planted my lips against the sweet, sweet hole. Damn he tasted good. So fresh. So sweet. I dug my tongue in as far as I could, tasting my fresh new victim before his hole would become a gaping, sloppy gash. I ate that boypussy for a good 20 minutes while my baby boy moaned like a little whore. I finally pulled myself off of it and pulled out a little baggie. This baggie and some nice size rocks and I pulled one out and placed it on his opening with the tip of my finger. Slowly I pushed it into him and he hissed a little as it started to burn. I just slid my finger in deep, and worked that rock around into his tender membranes, rubbing it hard while he continued to moan. I turned him around and sat back on the chair, pulling him into my lap. He went crazy kissing me, trying to devour my tongue. I started pinching his nipples which only made him crazier. I knew I had me a true slut. I stood up and gathered up his clothes. "We're going to change booths," I told him. He looked a little confused, but was already too high to disagree. I stuck a finger up his ass and guided him out into the hallway toward my favourite booth, one that had glory holes in both sides. It was time to put my bitch to work. We passed several men in the hallway, some who knew me and knew what I was up too. They leared at the naked boy attached to my finger, knowing what was in store for him. I closed the door in the new booth and pushed my boy down to his knees. Almost instantly a cock poked through a hole, hard and dripping. "Suck that cock baby boy," I told him. "I want to watch you suck it." I held the poppers under his nose as he took several long drags, fueling his lust further. He crawled to the cock and started sucking it. I could tell he was inexperienced, but that was ok. I let him take his time, and he was doing ok. Soon the cock started to shoot, and I pulled my boy off after the first couple squirts in his mouth so the rest could go on his face and hair. My boy was going to be a dirty bitch and I wanted him to start looking like it. Another cock appeared on the other side and my boy didn't have to be told what to do. He dove on that cock as I held more poppers under his nose, reving him up more. This time I held his head and pushed it back and forth on the cock, forcing it down his throat, stretching him open. When the cock started cumming I pushed his face right against the wall so it was shooting down his throat. Then I pulled him off and coated his face with the rest. He was starting to look like a real cumslut. More poppers and a third cock to suck, and I started fingering his hole. Quickly I had two, then three fingers sliding in and out as the third cock erupted in his mouth. Without being told he pulled off and milked the rest of the load all over his face. Damn he was easy, and I knew he was ready for the next step. The next cock that came through he started sucking it. After he got it nice and wet I pulled him off and turned him around. More poppers and I grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them as I pushed him down on the cock. "Sit on it baby boy," I breathed in his ear. "Relax and let it in you." The kid was so high it took no effort before he had the cock all the way in his pussy. I just held him against the wall as the cock drilled in and out of his hole. He moaned and grunted while he took his first fuck. "Good boy. Now you're learning what your pussy is. You're gonna make Jesse real happy!" He just continued to moan as the cock pumped his ass full of cum for the first time in his young life. Without even pulling away from the hole in the wall, a new cock quickly pushed into my boy, fucking him and getting his hole wetter and looser, and depositing another load in his guts. I opened the door of the booth and saw a buddy out side. I handed him the bottle of poppers and told him to keep an eye on my bitch for a few. "Make sure his holes are getting used! I'll be back very shortly" I grabbed the kids clothes except for his underwear and left the arcade. I tossed his clothes into my car, taking his wallet out of his jeans. I could sell his clothes easy for a few bucks. The Jordans should bring a little more. Then I grabbed his keys and went to the Escalade. I looked in his wallet, $300 bucks in cash, not bad. Stupid kid didn't even know enough to not bring money to a bookstore. A couple credit cards too. Wouldn't take me long to run them up. Daddy would just think they were stolen anyway. I looked around the Escalade for anything else, but found nothing. I looked at the kids ID. Blake Darby. He lived in the Heights. I knew it. Big houses up there. Blakey boy was in for a wild couple of weeks! I returned to the arcade, and slipped into an adjoining booth. I wanted to watch my new slut in action secretly. My buddy just stood there as Blake rode another anonymous cock through the hole. He looked blitz and he just pushed his ass back onto the partition, taking it as deep as he could. My buddy knelt in front of him and fed him his cock. Blake sucked it like a pro already. I watched my boy get spit roasted through the hole as both cocks filled him with more cum. I decided we had spent enough time in the bookstore and it was time for the next phase. I entered the booth and looked at my new slut. Cum dripped off his face and leaked out his no longer virgin hole. I just grabbed his shorts and told him to put them on, we're leaving. He didn't even hesitate or ask where the rest of his clothes were. He pulled on his shorts and I stuck my hand down the back, sticking two fingers in his dripping cunt. I guided him out into the hallway and out of the bookstore to his vehicle. I tossed him in the passenger side and off we went to Daddy's house in the Heights.
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  8. Rawdad4sons

    Father's Day Suprise

    Father’s day surprise Daniel at 19 years old, 5’10” tall with sandy brown hair and green eyes, athletic, smart and what most would consider very good looking, he was a son that would make any dad proud. He had done drama productions in the fall and played baseball in the spring, throughout his high school years, girls and guys would swoon when he entered a room, and he seemed inseparable from his best friend and partner in crime, Mike I’m Eric, believe it or not I’m only 35, with a hot 19year old son who now lives with me, doing the math, I was 16 when Daniel was born, a near virginal birth, you see I never had sex as a youth, unless you count masturbation. That pissed off my girlfriend (beard) at the time, as she was always trying to get me to do her, but she just didn’t get a rise from me. She somehow managed to steal my semen and impregnate herself. Karen was a bitchy cheerleader and wanted my baby, after all, I was captain of the football team, straight “A” student taking AP classes, 6’1 150# dishwater blonde hair and the ultimate catch for her. She managed to make it through the semester then disappeared during the summer returning with an adorable baby boy in the fall, DNA test proved Daniel to be of my linage, which bolstered my reputation, one which I did not deserve, I might add, and made me even more popular, and allowing me to stay in the closet. I experimented a little in gay sex in college, determining I really liked guys but I still refused to come out, preferring casual hook ups, always safe, and occasional fuck buds, usually in other towns as I traveled a lot after college getting my business up and running. When Daniel was 10, Karen sent him to live with me, as she could no longer handle his behavior, or the pranks that he and Mike would pull. I had built up a successful business by then and could give Daniel a good home life, whereas Karen had fallen in with the wrong crowd and I suspect CPS was soon to intervene anyway. Having this precocious little 10 year old put a cramp in my sex life but I loved him, and was willing to sacrifice my pleasures to make sure he was taken care of. Although I did manage to find hookups when Daniel was in school, and when he would spend the night over at Mike’s and when I would go away on business trips the local baths played host to my sexual desires, and there was always the internet. At 13 Daniel came to me and confessed he liked boys more than girls. We had a chat about it and he promised me he would abstain from physical sexual contact till he meet the right guy or 18 which ever came first, I chuckled at that and we were happy to know he felt comfortable with his sexual identity. Mike and Daniel were neighbors and classmates from third grade on, Mike’s parents moving to my side of town when he was around 10, our town being a small rural community it didn’t change what schools either r boy attended and they remained stuck like glue, though I had to reel them in on the pranks to maintain their good citizenship in the community. They both went out for the same plays and sports teams, Mike seemed to be over at our place as much as he was at his own. Mike was a hot stud just like Daniel at 6’2”175# of solid muscle, he too was 19 and athletic and smart. This story started with Mike about a year ago when he asked me to help him plan a birthday party for Daniel’s 18th birthday, what I didn’t know at the time was his plans for what would become the birthday party then the lockdown birthday bash. The party was scheduled just a couple weeks into the fall semester of the local community college, guest started arriving around 4:30 a mixed crowd of late teen guys and gals, we mingled for a couple hours had appetizers and beverages appropriate for the age range had cake and sang happy birthday to Daniel, opened a few presents then the crowd started to thin, I noticed it was mostly hot guys sticking around, and a few late arrivals, I told Danny and Mike I was bushed and headed up to my room, I could still hear the small remaining crowd downstairs as I relaxed on my bed slowly drifting into a sleepy nap. I had stripped to a tank top and basketball shorts commando as usual as I lay on top of the covers drifting in and out. About a half hour later I felt a weight get on the bed then a pair of hands wraparound me, a pair of lips met mine and began kissing me, my cock began stiffening as a second pair reached under the flimsy material and began stroking my cock. As I opened my eyes to find Mike kissing me, a pair of lips engulfed my throbbing penis, I glanced down to see Daniel with half my cock in his mouth, working it expertly, Mike continued to work my nipples beneath the tank before lifting it over my head as Daniel pulled my shorts down so he could have better access to the jewel that produced him. I looked around and the perimeter of the room was filled with hot young men, bare ass naked watching my boy and his best friend seduce me, many were wanking, others were making out. Daniel began licking my balls and his finger found my manhole and began caressing it, Mike worked down my chest past my nipples realigning his body so I was face to face with his junk I had never even entertained the idea of having sex with my son, his friends maybe, but I thought I had kept that pretty much to myself and the internet porn I watched and here I was presented with the opportunity to suck my sons best friend while he worked my cock and hole. While his friends watched was kinky in my mind, Daniel was beginning to rim my hole as Mike started sucking my cock, it felt like I was dreaming as the over stimulation of my neither regions took over my rational thought. Daniel and mike started making out around my now rigid cock, the Mike scooted up and presented his cock for me to suck as Daniel straddled my torso lowering himself down onto my cock “Daddy you told me to save myself for the right guy, so both Mike and I want you to take our cherries tonight in front of all these witnesses” With that he pressed his virgin ass down onto my cock, taking in my fat mushroom head, his eyes bulged out at the initial shock of pain and tears formed at the corners, he lifted off my cock as a drop of precum dribbled out, I grabbed some lube from the nightstand and handed it to Daniel who applied it to his hole then slid back onto my cock, stretching him wider as he took another inch into his boycunt. He slowly edged himself down my 9 inch shaft, impaling himself on his father’s rock hard cock. I was deep throating Mike as Daniel began riding my cock, I was meeting his downward slides with an upward thrust, fucking into my son as deep as I could go. After about a half hour I blasted my load into my son’s raw hole, somewhat of a first for me as I almost always played safe. Daniel whispered in my ear ”Dad, now that you’ve bred me, can you breed my boyfriend?” With that he pulled off of me and Mike slid down my still hardened phallus. Daniel bending over to let Mike rim his cummy ass. The evening progressed from there to an all-out orgy, the others in the room moving in to join in on the sex. I must have took at least a half dozen loads that night and my boy took just as many, along with his best friend/boyfriend. The others started getting dressed and drifting away around 3 in the morning as my son and Mike cuddled up to me, no longer a need to hide my sexual activities from Daniel, since it was evident that he and Mike would becoming a staple in my activities. I had almost always played safe up until that night with the boys, the exceptions generally with regular fuck buds who I knew to be neg. at the time. While I fantasied about hot bare sex, I was just too scared to take the risk. That all changed after Daniel’s 18th birthday party/orgy, call me a convert but I realized I liked feeling raw cock in my ass as well as sliding my bare tool in some hot stud. I soon set up accounts on BBRT and other bareback sites and soon found I had developed a kinky side, somehow finding my way to breeding zone. It took about six months or so and I started fantasizing about chasing the bug and stopped asking status of the guys I hooked up with, while Daniel and Mike were away. Mike moved in to Daniels room about two months after his birthday party and they would routinely end up sleeping in my bed, with many mornings waking to find them taking turns on my rod as I lay in that state between sleep and being awake, vying to see who could end up with my seed. Not sure but I think they would hack into my computer and spy on dear old dad and his proclivities. Over the next year while they attended community college we would throw sex parties and we would all end up filled with cum. I got to know some of their close friends biblically and almost never ran out of young bucks to fuck and fill with my baby batter, or take their young meat into my holes. One such party was last night, Saturday before Father’s day, it started out as a barbecue with some friends on the deck and soon I was deeply impaled on my son’s cock, followed by Mike’s impressive tool, then about five of their friends filled me up, before allowing me to slide into a hot new blonde twink boy, that they had just met a few weeks ago at school. He was tight, claimed he mostly topped, which I can understand with a 10 inch cock hanging between his legs, he was a moaner when getting plowed and quite vocal when plowing a hole, I think I even heard him proclaim “Take my dirty seed” to one hot red head he was plowing. That just got my juices flowing faster as I pounded his boycunt. I later learned he was just 18 and just a freshmen at the local university. I fucked him for a good 10 minutes before I felt that familiar tingle in my balls and soon filled his guts with my seed, clenching my ass cheeks tightly together to keep my own loads from leaking out. As I blasted his hole I started to remember he was one of the guys who had filled me earlier, I blasted a couple more squirts before pulling out and he swung around and cleaned off my tool then kissed me passionately, winking back as he walked away, later that evening as the boys cuddled with me under the stars, they asked if I had, had fun, I replied yes, and as the final guest left we all cuddled into bed. I awoke late and wandered down to the kitchen, a note was on the table which read "Hey, Dad. Mike and I are heading to the lake for some fun. Feel free to come out and join us. We’ll be at the north beach area. You know where. BTW, Happy Father’s day." Clipped to the note were two pieces of paper, HIV test slips, both about nine months old, one with Danny’s results, and one with Mike's results. Both were poz.
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  9. ch132

    Only Two Days Without My BF...

    Matt and Roger I’m Matt, 27, 6’3”, 230, white, coarse dark brown hair, buzz cut, furry chest, legs, trimmed beard, brown eyes, 7.5 thick cut dick, TT, gym rat, and workaholic. Roger, my boyfriend of six years, is 5’11” 185, 3/4 white 1/4 blatino, eight inches, thick uncut dick, vers, with really light olive skin with sporadic dark curly hair. He's also gym rat. We’ve been monogamous for all six years and have lived together for four in the upper east side of Manhattan. We have in a nice daily routine, which consists of waking up, my fucking a load into him, going to work, lifting at the Equinox from six to seven PM, taking a steam, and heading home to stuff our faces with protein. Sometimes we fuck again at night but usually we save it for the morning session. Monday. This morning Roger had to go out of town for work until Friday, so he left for the airport at 6:00 AM. I missed fucking him, but I didn't jack off because I knew I would have his hole when he got back. I slept in until the last minute and headed to work where I found my balls unusually heavy, and when walking to the break room to get coffee my dick had scarcely rubbed against my boxers when it got somewhat fluffy. Then, when my straight Dominican 45 year old 6’1” 200 lb masculine beefy co-worker came into the break room and began chatting with me about expense reports, my gaze drifted back and forth between his soft wet dark pink lips and the dick bulge visible even through his suit pants. Involuntarily I licked my lips thinking about the taste of his surely uncut, musky dick and ass. By now my dick was pumped full of blood. I definitely needed to stop looking at him. One day of cum backing-up and I was already turning into an animal. Heading back to my desk I popped an Adderral and before I knew it, 5:00 PM arrived, so I headed to the gym. Although my dick was a half staff, I managed to bust out my lift, pop by Chipotle, and get to bed early. Tuesday I was even more horny, and my dick involuntary got hard throughout work. After I was done I headed to the gym, only to find the locker room was busier than normal, with probably twenty or so guys, half of whom were getting dressed, and half of whom were milling around wearing only a towel, en route to the steam room or showers. My senses were heightened. I could smell and practically taste the odor of man. My eyes discretely explored the various bodies as I passed through the locker corridors. In the second such corridor I found a muscled body, fully naked, bent over as he was putting his underwear on. His hairy hole was fully exposed for the second I could observe him. My dick jumped. If it was socially acceptable I would have spit fucked him right there, right then. Instead I went into the last corridor to my usual locker, only to discover two furry bearded muscle daddies, about 50 years old, one 5’9 175, the other 6’ 200, both wearing briefs and pulling on their workout clothing. I can’t help but visually explore their tight furry, veiny, leathery bodies, including the top of a scorpion tattoo which was visible on the waist of the taller man. My eyes made their way down to his hefty bulge visible through his white briefs. His dick was clearly a giant. I could almost see veins running down through the fabric. His balls were so heavy his briefs were sagging somewhat, and his whole crotch was obviously bushy with dark hair. He was definitely a piggy poz daddy. I wanted to bury my face against his crotch. The blood, meanwhile, was surging into my dick, and my entire body temperature was rising. Although only a few seconds had passed since I rounded the corner, both men noticed I was looking. They paused in their chat, which led me to realize my mouth was gaping open, and I was all but drooling. Blushing, I quickly started changing, thinking to myself 'Fuck, you're an idiot. I love Roger'. I also thought 'You're definitely going to have to jack off tonight, if only to get some release'. The two daddies, however, were like lions stalking weak prey. The taller one initiated conversation with me remarking "I hope the gym isn’t as busy as this shit show locker room.” “Hah, agreed,” I replied. "What are you lifting today?” he persisted. "Chest and probably some shoulders. You?” "Nice. I'm working chest and tri’s. Dave here is doing cardio. If it’s nuts out there and you want any machine I’m on, don’t hesitate to let me know.” “Thanks, man. Same to you.” With that the three of us walked upstairs to the workout floor where it truly was a shit show. Nearly every machine and weight was occupied. I got lucky and spot a bench which was about to be vacated, and started loading up the 45's. The six foot daddy approached remarking “Hey, lucky guy, you mind if I join you?” "Not at all. Matt here. What's your name?” “Frank. Nice to meet you. Guess you're up first, youngin'.” Laying back on the bench I could feel Frank's eyes undressing me, and to be honest it was reciprocal, because when I looked up I found myself staring at his bulge and black furry armpits. I also found myself thinking he must be middle-eastern decent, or his ancestors came from somewhere in that part of the world. His arms were huge and quite veiny. He was wearing a black tank top and grey basketball shorts which complemented his build. As I lay there I inhaled a few times to pump up for my set. The smell of dick musk was palpable and intoxicating, so naturally blood pumped into my dick. “Hey Matt, you going to do this or just pass out from breathing too much?" Frank joked, his voice extremely deep and sexy. I busted out my set, and then, now spotting him, my bulge was huge, as I was half hard. I try to adjust my dick in my boxers to minimize its appearance, but Frank, already laying down and looking from a position where he could see up the leg of my shorts, chuckled and suggested “Move a bit forward so I can look up your shorts and see what’s causing this distracting view." Blushing, I smiled and awkwardly didn't make a reply. Frank kept up the banter throughout his entire set, and ended-up working with me for the rest of my routine. After every lift he either patted my back, butt, or briefly massaged my neck in a very bro style. He knew exactly how to seduce me, and as we walked towards the locker room Frank made his move “Dave is going to be doing cardio for a bit longer. We almost meet here after work, but he usually leaves after I do. How about grabbing Chipotle? I’m starving.” I was also, and without hesitation replied “Sure, I’m game.” We quickly changed into our street clothing and headed out. Just as we hit the street he briefly massaged the back of my neck as he asked “Hey, do you mind if we pop into my place really fast so I can get a heartburn pill? I love hot sauce but it kills me. My apartment is on the way to Chipotle.” It felt wrong but I couldn't think fast enough to get out of it. “Sure no problem.” His place was on the next block up. Walking in, he pulled off his shirt, kicked off his shoes, and dropped his pants and underwear as he moved deeper into the apartment. His body was so strong, and showed quite a bit of fur on his upper back and above his ass. His ass and legs were, in fact, completely covered in thick black hair. My heart was about to explode out of my chest and my dick was pumping full of blood. I wanted to lick him all over. “Sorry, man, I'm gonna throw on some dry clothing, real quick.” As he paraded into his bedroom I could see his dick sway between his legs. I had to regain my composure, so I asked to use his bathroom. "Sure, use the one through here, though, attached to my bedroom. The guest bathroom is being renovated." No sooner had I entered his bedroom he than he turned to me, his monstrous, poisonous, uncut dick thick and half hard. His scorpion tattoo also caught my eye, especially because it was much bigger than I had realized, stretching from his waist to his balls, buried in black hair. Stepping forward, Frank grabbed my face and growled "Come here." He had me under his spell. When he jammed his tongue into my mouth I was surprised how soft his lips felt, surrounded by his thick beard. Pulling back slightly, he ordered "Open your mouth.” I complied without a thought and he spat deep into my mouth, actually hitting the back of my throat. Again his mouth engulfed mine, his tongue wresting with mine. I felt virtually weak kneed with lust as my dick throbbed with arousal, my precum seeping into my underwear. He completely dominated me, and it seemed only correct that as his tongue explored my mouth and throat, he should pull my pants down and my shirt off over my head. My mind flashed ever so briefly to Roger, and a wave of guilt hits me, but the combination of Frank and my throbbing dick overcame my sense of guilt. There was no question: at least at this moment, Frank and my throbbing dick were in control. As we kissed, Frank's hand made its way to my furry muscular ass, squeezing first one, then the other cheek, hard, grunting into my mouth as he did so. Then he found my asshole and starts to scratch into it. Fuck, no one had done that to me in so long. It felt amazing. Even though I was completely dry, he forced his middle finger in knuckle deep, digging away. It seemed as if electricity was shooting from my hole to my dick. I could probably could have cum from that play alone, but instead he pulled closer against his chest, in so doing trapping his rock hard monster cock between our bodies. I'm not exaggerating when I say it stretched all the way up to my chest. And fuck, he was poz. His massive dick was leaking toxic precum onto my chest. I thought 'Well, I can’t get poz from spit, right? So as long as we just jack off I'm good', but Frank apparently had a different idea 'cause he took me into his arms, picked me up, and deposited me on the bed as he joined me there, the entire move without having let go of me. At this point his rock hard monster nine inch, thick uncut dick was oozing precum onto my stomach. Positioning himself between my legs, Frank ground his dick against mine as we continued making out. It had been so long since I've been with a guy other than Roger that everything felt new, and it was new in another sense. I had never before been dominated. Breaking our kiss, Frank stood up, and, standing over my body, jacked his huge furry dick while twisting his nipple. Then he crouched over my face, presenting his massive balls for me to admire. I was in sensory overload. They were so ripe. Taking ragged, deep breaths, I was all but getting high off of Frank's man smell. I wanted all of his sweat in my mouth. Frank, however, had his own agenda, and he placed his dickhead onto my forehead, which allowed me to lean my head all the way back so I can finally taste his dick, which was apparently his objective, as he slowly guided his dick head towards my mouth, pulling back his foreskin, and squeezing himself in the process. Silky poz cum oozed out of his head, flowing into my mouth. Although at one level I knew it was pure poison I unhesitatingly swallowed it. Frank then sank his dick into my mouth, and I opened as widely as I could. Nevertheless his cock head could barely fit into my mouth. Not to be deterred, Frank grabbed my jaw and forced his dick down my throat. I couldn't breath or move. He was virtually impaling me from the top down. My dick seemed to be getting harder the deeper he went into my throat, and finally his balls were resting on my nose. He remained stationary, balls deep, for several seconds as I struggled not to choke and cough, but eventually I had to at least try to push his weight off of my face. Still he was in charge as he thrust in a few times, grunting with pleasure. My throat involuntarily kept trying to swallow his massive piece of meat, even as my eyes streamed with tears from the effort of accommodating him. After what seemed to be about 20 seconds he finally pulled out. I gasped for air, my spit thick and stringy. "Good boy,” he whispered. Then he leaned forward, dangling his dickhead at my mouth and swallowed my seven and a half inch dick with ease. My balls tighten and tingled, and involuntarily I moaned, grunting "Oh fuck, I'm close.” Pulling off immediately, Frank growled "We can't have that yet.” I reached down to jack myself off, but he grabbed my hand, stopping me. My dick was so hard it seemed permanently flexed, and was almost hurting. I was so close to cumming to use the words 'blue balls' doesn't give the experience credit. Frank, meanwhile, picked-up with his agenda, and climbed over and behind me, pulling my legs up and initially onto his muscular hairy shoulders, then, as he propped my torso back on my shoulder blades, so my hole was facing the ceiling, my knees were now flung forward, resting on the mattress, one leg flanking each side of my head. With one hand he grabbed under both of my knees so he could examine my hole. I was completely exposed, and he was so strong. Spitting directly into my hole, he fingered it in, massaging my ass lips. My dick had never been so hard. More spit, and more massaging. I knew what he had in mind, and I didn't care. He was hitting my prostate; I felt him working the cum out of my balls with each prod. I was a human fuck toy to him. Then he pulled my legs back down to his shoulders, leaned forward, and gave me a deep kiss. His huge uncut dickhead likewise kissed my open hole. This was so dangerous. I knew it was, and I suspected he was leaking precum into my hole. Giving one last effort to be rational, I gave a half-hearted effort to push him off and to break off the kiss, trying to explain "Noo.. no way I’m bottoming.. I have a bo....” Frank didn't care about my protestations. He leaned over me again, jamming his tongue back into my mouth, his dick head now firmly lodged against my hole. Rocking our bodies a few times, I senses his slick foreskin unrolling on my hole, revealing the poisonous leaking raw helmet out of which his precum freely oozed. In fact I could feel his excess spit and his precum dripping down my ass crack, onto my back. My hole was slicker with each of his thrusts, and my head spun in excitement as Frank broke through my sphincter, opening me up with small thrusts, pushing ever harder to sink ever further in. Then, when he was about three inches in, he stopped. My hole was wrapped so tightly around his giant dick, I found myself involuntarily flexing my ass muscles, not knowing what to do otherwise with the foreign object lodged there. Moaning like a lion Frank muttered "Fuckk.. too tight,” his dick flexing and throbbing as he bred me with his poz cum. My dick spasmed without any manual touch, stimulated by his flexing dick which flooded my hole with his seed as he sank further into my ass. “You’re mine now,” he murmured, repeatedly kissing me. With this he pushed me over the edge. I moaned into his mouth as my balls erupted, volley after volley of my cum flowing onto my chest and neck. My hole was in unknown ecstasy. Frank's huge hairy balls were now on my ass as he had bottomed out and was not moving, but his cock continued flexing, doubtless oozing more and more poz cum into my ass. We made out for several more minutes, our tongues intertwined, but eventually Frank slowly withdrew his snake from the depths of my ass and then collapsed on the bed to my right, pulling me under his arm. We lay there breathing heavily, taking in the experience. I found myself thinking 'What the fuck have I just done?' My asshole was still gaping, and I could surely feel Frank's poz jizz leaking on to my ass cheeks and the bed. Taking a deep breath, Frank propped himself up on his elbow and wryly asked, "So, was that the first poz load you've taken, youngin'?” a smile in his eyes and on his lips.
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  10. versbbguy

    Kevin Is Hiv+

    Chapter 1: By the time I was 23 I had become quite a cum slut. I couldn’t seem to get enough cock and cum inside me, I would hook up with younger guys, older guys – I had to have cock. Before that It took me all of about a year to go from just being a bareback bottom to full on bug chasing and I wanted a man to convert me. I’ve always barebacked. I think bare is the only way I men should fuck, and I was getting fucked a lot -- especially right before I converted. To a point, I mostly didn’t think a lot about getting infected, I just wanted to take loads from as many guys as I could and occasionally share mine. The anonymous encounters were the best and always got my cock squirting. Then something happened that had not happened before, one of my favorite fuck buds informed me that he had just tested positive for HIV. I didn’t react badly, to be honest, we wound up talking on the phone and in person about it. We were pretty close for fuckbuds and one thing led to another … he fucked me and stayed the night, neither of us seemed to care. We had been chasing HIV, we weren’t dumb, and so it wasn’t entirely a surprise when one of us tested poz. I even created a profile on BBRT with a status of 'Positive' and began exclusively hooking up with guys whose status was listed as 'Positive', 'Undetectable', or 'Not sure'. The versatile 'Not sure' guys were my favorite guilty pleasure. Sure enough at some point, one of the many loads of cum I took, maybe even the one of the ones from my fuck bud, sealed the deal for me. I remember the day I got the news. Since the time my fuck bud told me he tested poz I had tried to mentally prepare myself for those words, I had been having a lot of bareback sex with him and lots of other guys, and I thought to myself, 'I guess you got what you wanted. Now you’re a poz cum slut'. To some it might seem perverted but I boned up when I got the call about my test results. The nurse confirmed it and, of course, the doctor, who I thought was kind of hot, wanted me to come back in to discuss treatment. I honestly had a raging hard-on the entire time he talked to me, and while part of me hoped he didn’t notice, part of me hoped he did. Anyhow, he told me that day that my viral load was very high, in fact it was almost one million. He also told me my viral load might well continue to rise for a while, and I should avoid sexual contact, as there was a substantial risk that at this point, more than down the line, that I would infect any guys with whom I played. I got back to my car, a little sweaty, head spinning, and realized I was incredibly turned on; I’d had a lot of sex chasing this bug and testing poz just now was the result of that. I was just 23 years old, and I was HIV+. An evil grin crossed my face, I knew that a lot of other men, hopefully, would end up HIV+ at the firing end of this boy’s rock hard dick. I jacked off right there in the hospital parking lot. Sweaty, tired and covered in poz cum, I took off my shirt, wiped up the mess, and drove home. (The backstory ... I decided to create a new story ... more chapters to follow soon, hope you guys enjoy)
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  11. pervinmt

    Fucking The Passed Out Quarterback

    It was the annual Toga Party at my frat, Omega Chi, the sexiest party of the year. I belonged to the hottest frat on campus, the one that all the top jocks belonged to. And the Toga Party was the most sought after invite of the year for anyone who was anyone. It was tradition for everyone to wear nothing under their toga. This near nudity, combined with alcohol and young libidos generated an atmosphere of super charged, horny college boy's and girls. And PLENTY of fucking went on around the house, in every closet and corner. Some people even fucked right out in the open, only their togas hiding their naughty bits. My name is Cole, and I'm a Junior and Treasurer of Omega Chi. As such I get the rare priveledge of one of the small private rooms on the third floor. This is nice because I'm secretly gay and it gives me a private place to jerk off on a nightly basis, fantasizing about my brothers, all of whom I've seen naked many times. I also like to sneak their dirty jockstraps out of their laundry and inhale their musky odors while I finger my hole and shoot my load. I'm not a jock like the rest of them, I'm a straight up nerd. I'm in the frat to help keep the grade average up for the house, and to tutor the guys that need it. I'm 5'10" and skinny and couldn't throw a football if my life depended on it, so being in this environment with all these hot studs was a dream come true. My biggest crush was Mitch. He was a GOD! He was only a freshman, but he was already the starting quarterback, he was that good. He stood 6'3" with buzzed blond hair, dazzeling blue eyes, and a body built like the Nordic, Minnesota, cornfed, farmboy he was. And a cock to match! I had showered next to him many times in the house, which was always a challenge to not spring a raging hard on. Tonight he was drinking pretty heavy, something he didn't do often. As the night went on he got more and more sloshed, hitting on several girls, fingering them under their sheets. But he must have been TOO drunk for them to take him up on his offers to fuck. Sometime around 1:00 he disappeared and I figured he finally was getting laid. I was getting tired too and headed up to my room. As I opened my door my heart leaped into my throat. There, sprawled out on my bed was my every dream come true. My Nordic god was passed out, snoring away with his toga barely covering his naked body. I froze, not knowing what to do, my eyes scanning him from his beautiful size 13 feet, up his bare legs that were covered in dark blond hair to his torso also covered in a light smattering of blond hair. The toga exposed one of his luscious pink nips and the arm over his head exposed his hairy pit in all it's glory. My mouth went dry as I looked at him and shivered. I did the most logical thing I could and grabbed his shoulders, shaking him and telling him to get up. He just responded with more snoring. I slapped him hard across the face a couple of times, and still he didn't wake up. The shaking had managed to open his toga more, exposing his uncut cock nestled in his big, furry balls. At this point my mind exploded. Here was my ultimate fantasy, passed out cold, nearly naked, and totally vulnerable on my bed. Before I even realized what I was doing, I locked my bedroom door, and stood over him, dropping my own toga so I was naked, my own 7 inch cock standing straight up. I breathed heavily. Do I dare act out what was running through my mind? What if he DID wake up? He'd beat the shit out of me! But my own half drunk horny brain took over the better part of reason. Carefully I undid the rope around his waist, opening his toga all the way, totally exposing every inch of his beautiful body. Leaning down, I kissed his mouth which was slightly open, slipping my tongue inside, licking his teeth and tongue, sucking on his lip, gently biting it while my hand crept down to his cock. Grabbing it firmly, I started to stroke it, my hand trembling at the excitement of finally touching what I had wanted for so long. His cock stirred and started to get hard as I manipulated it, pulling back the foreskin and rubbing his cockhead. He just continued to snore. I moved my mouth to his nipples, sucking first one big pink tit, then the other. I gently bit them as I sucked, nibbling on his nubs as his cock grew harder in my hand. I swear he slightly moaned. Getting more and more bolder, I then buried my face in his armpit, breathing deep his musky scent. I couldn't get enough of his smell as I sniffed and licked his dank hairy pit. His cock just got harder. I pulled out of his pit to look at the cock I had been dreaming about. It stood rock solid at this point, the big, pink mushroom head pushing out of it's sheath. It was a solid 9" at least, and a fat one at that. Throwing caution to the wind I dove down on it. Mitch let out an audible groan as my mouth engulfed his knob. I had to stretch my mouth wide and it was almost to fat, but I was too far gone to stop and I forced as much as I could down my throat. Then something surprising happened. Mitch started to piss. Without warning piss just started flowing into my mouth. I was shocked but just clamped on and swallowed all I could. There was NO way I was going to pass this once in a lifetime chance to drink the starting quarterbacks piss! There was so much it flowed out of my mouth all over his stomach and balls, soaking both us and the bed sheets. When he finally stopped I continued to nurse on his still rock hard cock until I started to taste his precum. He just continued to snore and breath deeper. Now I was at a crossroads. Do I keep sucking him, or do I go a step further. I realized as much as I wanted to suck the load out of him, I wanted something else far more. I wanted him to breed me. And this might be my only chance ever. I grabbed some Vaseline out of my drawer and spread a big glob on my asshole, working it in me. Then I spread another big glob on his cock, working it around, getting him slicked up. Then, my body trembling in fear and excitement, I straddled his stomach, pulling back his foreskin, and placed the top of his throbbing cock against my hungry hole. I took a deep breath and pushed his head into my hole, wincing as he popped through my ring. I paused for a moment as I adjusted to his size. I wondered to myself what the fuck was I doing? I'm insane! But I no longer cared. I had the quarterbacks studly cock in my hole and I started to slide down on it. Slowly I slid down his pole until I had all 9 inches buried in me and I could feel his hairy bush against my stretched hole. Now I started to ride it, up and down, pulling it out till just the head was in, then sliding back all the down, my hole squeezing and milking his cock as I went. Leaning over, I planted my lips on his while I rode him like a sorrority bitch. I sucked his tongue while my ass gave him the best fuck he had ever had, even if he didn't know it! I swear he started moaning and pushing his hips into my hot wet hole. He was probably dreaming he was fucking some hot pussy, and he was, just not the kind he thought! Even in his drunk, passed out state it didn't take him too long to cum. Such is the beauty of youth. Soon I felt his cock expand and start throbbing deep in me and I knew he was flooding my innards with his hot, jock cum. I sat all the way down on his dick and milked it as hard as I could with my ass muscles, draining him of every drop of his precious nectar. I finally had what I had wanted for so long. I was bred by the quarterback. When his cock started to shrink, I gently pulled him out of my ass. As much as I wanted to keep his load deep inside me, I had a better idea. In my drawer I had hidden one of his jockstraps. This one was nice and used when I snagged it, smelling deeply of his cock and ball sweat and urine. I held the pouch up to my ass and squeezed his load out and into it. This way I had another way to enjoy him later as I jerked off, remembering tonight. I just had one problem left. MY own rock hard cock begging for release! I thought of just jacking off while I stared at my naked god, but my perverted mind told me other ideas. Carefully, I rolled my snoring stud over onto his belly and spread his thighs apart. Taking the Vaseline, I lubed my cock and his hole. Quickly I lined myself up to his hairy hole and slid my head in. Stopping to make sure all was well, I then pushed the rest of my cock all the way in. OH MY GOD it was like nothing I had ever felt! Pure smooth velvet engulfed my dick as I buried myself to the hilt. As I ground my pubes against his hole I know I heard him grunt, then let out a small moan. That was all I needed to hear. I slowly fucked my frat bro deep and long, enjoying every moment of his luscious hot hole. But I was so worked up at this point, it didn't take long before I was pumping my own hot load into his sweet jock guts. I could hear him moan and mumble something as I pumped shot after shot of sperm as deep into his guts as I could. Finally, I had no more in me. I reluctantly pulled my spent cock out of what was pure heaven, and cum slowly trickled out of his slightly gaping hole. Without a thought, I buried my face between his cheeks and feasted on the hole I had just devirginized. Digging my tongue in and sucking my jism out made him moan some more. When I got all I could, I stood up, got dressed and left my room, leaving my sleeping Adonis alone on my bed. The next morning I was terrified about what I had done! The reality of raping the quarterback and all the consequences filled me with dread as I eventually went back to my room and slowly opened the door. Mitch was gone. I sat on my bed and pulled open my drawer that contained his dirty, cum soaked jockstrap. On it was a note that said...."I know what you did!" My heart pounded in my chest as I turned the note over. "It's our secret. To be continued...." All I can say is the rest of our college time together was pretty fucking hot.
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  12. Gymguy8

    Unprepared For Stealthing

    1. Seth "The invitation said there was a carefully selected group of '...positively-minded hot men.'" I had read the story every day since I had found it on Breeding Zone. It was the summer I turned sixteen. I had jerked off to it almost as often, thinking about the freedom and utter lack of fear of the narrator. I must have spilled gallons of sperm thinking about the impunity to fuck bareback, even with guys I knew were poz. I wanted that freedom to enjoy it and to even revel in it. I admired the courage of the narrator. I wanted his strength, but the consequences terrified me. I would stroke my cock, fantasizing about getting fucked raw and then hate myself for my depraved dreams after I shot my load. Freshman year in college, I discovered BarebackRT, and started to chat with guys on there. But I was still too afraid to do anything beyond chatting. Then, in the spring, I started to hear about PrEP. It seemed like a dream come true. A daily pill and I could have what I had been craving for so long, without fear. I started to chat more openly, with more guys and in greater, explicit detail. But, then, my freshman year came to an end; I had to go back home, a boring suburb in the Midwest. I was still chatting with guys on BBRT, but they were now so far away. In early August, I came home one day from my summer job as a lifeguard to see an envelope addressed to me sitting on the kitchen counter. Just like in the story, it was fine, heavy paper, hand-addressed in thick, confident strokes. I wondered what my mom had thought it was when she had gotten the mail. Of course, I had immediately though of the story I had blown so many loads to. I raced to my room. In just the two flights of stairs up, my cock had grown rock hard, telegraphing just what I expected to read. Alone in my room, I turned the card over again. The return address read "Jon Corelli." Jon was a guy I had met on BBRT just as I was heading home for the summer; our chats quickly spilled over into text, where I found myself opening up and telling him my fantasies. We started to exchange pictures. Mine were little more than erect nudes, but his were a moveable feast of bareback sex: him fucking guys, him getting fucked, and an occasional solo cum shot. I held the letter, trembling with excitement, anticipation and maybe some fear. I opened it up, savoring the feel of the paper and extracted the card. It was an invitation, handwritten as well, inviting me to a party over Labor Day weekend, a party for men "with a positive, uninhibited outlook on life," and encouraged me to "come PrEPared for a mind-blowing weekend." Jon was inviting me to his place for three days. We had talked enough for me to know that he had a beautiful condo in a downtown building, where he would occasionally host days-long bareback sex parties with his two partners. Jon had made it clear that although they ranged from very vanilla to extremely kinky and taboo, they were always bareback. He had hinted on text what he had been planning: it would be a party just for me with three days of uninhibited, unprotected, raw sex. It worked out perfectly; I had to go back to school the week before. I would have more than enough time to get a prescription for PrEP from the clinic at school. The next few weeks were endless. I was still texting with Jon, trying to get any details about the weekend. But he was keeping any details a secret, only teasing me with an occasional shot of his cock sliding into a tight raw hole, or a hot young man, his hole dripping cum. I would beat off every night, re-reading the story, re-reading the invitation, looking at the pictures he had sent me, and imagining it was I in the middle of all of the action. Everything seemed to conspire to only prolong my agony. First, my flight back to school was canceled, and I had to spend another night at home. Of course, that meant that I had to cancel my appointment at the student health clinic to get my prescription for PrEP. Then, I tried to re-schedule the appointment but seemingly every opening was full. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to get it in time for the party. But then, two days before I was due at Jon's condo, when I was terrified about making a final choice between long-anticipated pleasures and long-term responsibility, the clinic called about a last-minute cancellation. The Wednesday afternoon visit was quick and painless. The doctor took some blood, explained how PrEP worked, and I was out of there in less than fifteen minutes. Thursday morning I was stuck in classes until noon; when I finally emerged, the doctor had left a message. "All clear. I phoned in your prescription and it will be ready tomorrow morning." I was cutting it close, but I would have it in time for the party. I texted Jon and let him know the good news. "Great," he texted back. "Just make sure to take a pill as soon as you get them." I didn't need any reminders. All afternoon, I was stuck in lab, as Jon continued to send me pictures: first of his boy Cal sucking him off, followed him fucking Cal, his long cock covered only in lube, spit and pre-cum, and then, finally, of Jon's thick white spooge dripping from Cal's ass. I was jealous. That load was supposed to be inside me. I was the one who was supposed to get fucked bareback. I was the one who needed to get filled with cum. And I was the one who wanted to feel Cal's tight hole wrapped around my throbbing cock. At least my roommate was gone when I got back to the dorm. I took the opportunity to quickly jerk off, once more re-reading Jon's invite. Getting off barely seemed to make a difference in how horny I was. Six PM Friday afternoon was now only twenty-four hours away, but I wasn't sure if I was going to last that long. I sent a picture of the trail of cum splashed across my chest and abs to Jon. "That should be in Cal's tight hole," he texted back. "And save the rest for tomorrow. You are going to need it." The rest of the evening was spent eating, studying, and trying not to think about what the next day would hold for me. Even thinking about the barest glimmer of possibilities that lay in store would make my cock start to throb. I had to force myself to not jerk off again, and sleep did not come easy. I almost welcomed the alarm that morning; I had set it so I could get to the pharmacy right as it opened. Even at right at the morning opening time, there was already a line at the pharmacy. I took a number, and waited what seemed like hours for it to be called. But, it was really only twenty minutes before I was at the window. The pharmacist seemed already bored with his day. "I'm here to pick up a prescription," I said. He barely looked up from his computer. "Name?" he asked me. "Seth. Seth Hunter." He typed in something. "Date of birth?" "March 29, 1995," I said. I was a child of the AIDS epidemic, born in some of the darkest hours. But now I wouldn't have to worry about that. I wouldn't have to worry about it. Ever. "Just a second," he said, getting up from his stool, and walking into the back. It took him a few moments to find my prescription. "Let's see," he said as he sat back down. "Have you ever taken Truva..." He trailed off. "Mick?" he said, calling back. There was an indistinct response from someone I couldn't see. "Can you take this?" A few seconds later, a tall, thin guy appeared. The pharmacist handed him the bag. "Mick will talk to you about your prescription," he said. The man I assumed was Mick smiled at me, and pointed me to a door at the far corner of the room. "Meet me there," he said. As I followed him, I checked him out more carefully. He was about 6'2" and his blue polo shirt hugged his body tightly highlighting his muscular gymnast's build. I saw a bit of a tattoo sticking out from his collar. Also sticking out if you knew to look was his pert ass. I willed my cock to go down even as I imagined what it would feel like to thrust my raw, unprotected erection into his hole and drip a steady stream of pre-cum into him. He opened the door, and motioned for me to go in. It was a small room, a desk with two chairs, a few posters on the wall, and a filing cabinet. He had blue eyes and just a hint of stubble and gave me a knowing smile as I walked past him. I could feel him looking me over and trying to piece together my story. I hoped my boner was not too obvious. "Go ahead, sit down," he said. I sat down, glad to have some cover for the lump in my shorts. "I'm Mick," he continued. "I'm Seth," I said. "Nice to meet you," he said. He reached across desk and shook my hand, before sitting down. "We just like to do a bit more counseling for certain medications." He opened the brown bag, and took out a white bottle with a yellow band around it. "Truvada" was printed on the side of the bottle. "Is this your first time for PrEP?" "Yeah," I said. "It is." "That's cool. As you may know, every drug can have side effects. This is no different" "What kind of side effects?" He paused. He got up from the desk, and went over to the filing cabinet. "I have a pamphlet somewhere." He knelt down to open the bottom drawer. As he did, his polo shifted up, and his pants shifted down slightly. I saw a thick white band of a jock strap, and the tiniest hint of the smooth skin of his ass. My cock throbbed once more, wondering if he knew how badly I needed release. I forced myself to look away, to think about anything but sex. Unfortunately, as I looked up, I met his eyes. He had seen me checking him out. "You know," he said, closing the drawer without getting the pamphlet he had promised me. "I'm on PrEP as well." I took a breath; he had seen me staring at his ass, but he didn't care. "What's it been like for you?" I asked. He stood up, and leaned against the door with his legs spread slightly. "It's been..." He searched for the right word. "Liberating," Mick finally said. "My boyfriend. He's poz. And now we're fluid bonded." "Fluid bonded?" "He's shot his load inside of me. Not in a condom. It's more important than I thought." His hand dropped down to his groin and covered his crotch. Or maybe he was rubbing it slightly. It was hard to tell, and I knew my dick was seeing what it wanted to see. "It's really important for men to share fluids." He stared out into space for a moment, reliving some private, intimate experience. "Why are you starting?" "The protection," I started, but paused. "The freedom" I continued. I was staring at him, fantasizing about him. In my mind, I had already undressed him and was feeling his body next to mine. The idea of warmth of his ass against my cock was making me hard. I knew the welcoming wetness of his hole would make it impossible for me not to stick my shaft in him. There would be no fumbling with a condom and no barriers between us. It would be just fucking, the way it was meant to be. "Yeah. Freedom." He said, bringing me back to reality. "To fuck who we want. How we want." I hadn't even taken the first pill, but just the presence of the bottle in the room was liberating enough. I stood up and faced him, no longer trying to hide the hard shaft in my shorts. "Where we want." I said. He reached behind him, and locked the door. In the sudden silence between us it sounded like a heavy safe door closing. He turned off the light; there was still plenty of light streaming in through the shade-covered window. "When we want," he said. He unzipped his chinos, exposing a white jock strap. His cock was straining against the fabric. I unzipped my shorts, exposing my underwear. My cock had tented them as well. He took a step towards me. When I took a step towards him, my shorts fell down, gathering around my ankle. "Nice," he said. He took another step, and was now right in front of me. He put a hand on my basket. "Very nice." "Thanks," I said. "Your boyfriend..." "Calls me his slutty sperm bank." He smiled. "The more I get, the more he gives me." I nod. This was the freedom I had dreamed of every time I had jacked off. From a pocket, Mick produced a small bottle of lube. "You are prepared," I said. He laughed. "Yes," he said. "Besides. You're not the first today." "Really?" I ask. "Yeah. One from my boyfriend and one from a guy at the gym." Mick reached into my underwear and grabbed my cock. "Cum makes the best lube. You'll see" His hand was warm around my shaft. I wondered how his ass would feel. His cum-filled ass. It sounded so dirty, that he had already gotten two loads before 10AM. But it was also so hot. To not worry and to just enjoy sex. "Aren't you worried?" "No. I look for poz guys now. Undetectable poz guys are the safest ones out there. And if you are worried, take one of those." He pointed at the bottle of Truvada on the desk. "This is exactly what it's here for. To let you enjoy sex without fear. Real sex. Bareback sex." My cock got harder at the words. Mick let go of my cock, but in a practiced notion, pushed down my underwear. They fell to the ground, the cool air of the office a shock. I turned to the desk and picked up the bottle. As I fumbled with the cap and the foil, Mick stepped out of his sandals, took off his polo and kicked off his chinos. I tried to focus on the pill bottle but it was difficult. Mick he turned to show me his ass, and I was distracted by how the white straps of his jock perfectly framed his butt. "Breed me?" he asked. There was a hunger to his voice. So many stories on Breeding Zone had described that hunger. But I had never heard it in real life from another man, just in videos. The raw reality of the need triggered animal instincts, which had been long suppressed by society and convention, and these instincts were driving my every action. I had to fuck him. It was programmed in my DNA to spread my sperm as far and as wide as possible. And when a beautiful, talented hole presented itself, eager to be plowed by my thick cock, I was going to do what I was born to do. I managed to extract one pill. It was larger than I expected but was a calming shade of blue. I popped it in my mouth and swallowed it dry. "Fucking hot," Mick said. "Seeing you do that. Knowing you're gonna fuck me now." He poured a bit of lube on his hand and grabbed my cock, greasing it up. "We can just do this?" I asked. It seemed so simple. I took a pill, and now I could slide into his ass. No fumbling with a condom, no tight feeling of rubber. Just skin on skin and pleasure against pleasure. All of that came from a simple pill and only once a day. "Yeah," he said. "Quit talking. Start fucking." I lined up my cock with his hole. I could feel the warmth against the tip of my dick, and in response, I started to dribble pre-cum. "Ready?" I asked. "Of course," Mick replied. "I'm always ready." I pushed against his hole, forcing my way into his body. I was still new to gay sex, but even in my limited experience, I could tell Mick was an amazing bottom. His butt provided just the barest amount of resistance before opening up and allowing my cock to enter. "Damn. That's a nice one. Thick." "So warm. Welcoming." "That's what I want to hear." I stood still, trying to process all the sensations. This was what sex was supposed to be; it was like watching seeing a movie in color for the very first time. Every motion was more intense than I had remembered with a condom, and it was clear I was getting to know Mick on a fundamentally deeper level than I could if I was fucking him with a rubber. Even though I was standing still, sexual hunger was consuming Mick, and he was squirming in a feeble attempt to contain the forces consuming him. He needed more of my cock, and was now pressing back against me. Relentlessly, my shaft slid into his tight, firm body. "Oh. Fuck," I moaned. My cockhead had hit a pool of warmth. It took me a moment to realize the soft liquid was the sperm the other men had shot into Mick. "That feels good." "Doesn't it?" Mick said. He stopped trying to force himself on me, and let me explore the sensations of a hole already dripping with cum. I had never fucked someone with a load already up there, and it was a new sensation for me. I now understood how important fluid exchange was for men. It was especially vital when we were blessed with the opportunity to fuck another man. I was glad that Mick was not going to ask me to pull out when I came. I wanted to cum in him so badly and absolutely nothing was going to get in the way of me cumming inside him. "Your boyfriend," I asked, then pausing, wondering if I could ask the question I wanted to. I barely knew Mick, but yet he had given this intimate side of himself to me. "He's really poz?" It wasn't an intrusive question compared to what he had already offered me. "Yeah. He is. And the guy at the gym. Eli." He squeezed his hole around my cock, coating it with semen from the two men. "He was too. Poz, I mean." It was more than just a physical sensation; it was as if the cum carried far more. It was the DNA of the sperm, transmitting the two men's genetic inheritance and it was the RNA of the virus, transmitting the men's eventual downfall. There was something else there; something powerful and emotional. I just had to experience it; it would never be explained by reason or logic. As my cock soaked in the liquid, mental images and emotional traces of Mick's experiences came to me. I could see Eli the muscular black man that had fucked Mick at the gym, and how grateful Eli was for the chance to release his sexual frustration into Mick's strong, masculine body. I could feel the love that Mick's partner had for Mick and how the two of them used insemination as a way to celebrate and deepen that that love. I had no explanation for it other than I was learning from the semen in Mick's ass. There was also something else there: something furtive that slipped away as soon as I tried to focus on it. It was something evil, scared, and angry. "You feel it too, don't you? The darkness?" Mick asked. "It's the virus. It doesn't like being thwarted. It needs to infect us and it needs to spread. It needs it so badly" Once he had named the dark sentiment was easy for me to focus on it and understand it. It was a dark knight and it was a strong, relentless and deadly predator. It wasn't used to being defeated; over the years it had taken far too many victims and it reveled in its own carnage. "But we are powerful now. Armored and well defended. It's enraged, so it is going fight hard." "But," I stammered, "We're ok, right?" I had been promised that the virus had met its match, and I hoped we were both safe behind the walls Truvada had built. "Of course we are. Now, stop worrying about AIDS and fuck me, Seth." I tried to forget about the dangers of what I was doing, as Mick continued. "Fuck me like you mean it." I pulled my cock out, leaving just the tip still inside of Mick. My shaft was coated with cum. Seeing such hard evidence of how slutty Mick was and knowing my load would be the next in his collection drove me crazy and I slammed my cock back into his hole and all the accumulated poz seed. Mick grunted. "That's what I am talking about," Mick moaned. "That's what I fuckin' need." He was loud enough that I worried that people outside could hear it. "That's what I want, Seth. Don't stop." I pulled out again, and slammed my cock back into him. The force pushed him forward so I grabbed his hips and held him in place. I needed to feel the entire length of my cock buried inside his hole. I slid past the pools of cum in his butt, spreading the thick fluid across the insides of his body, before finally settling deep into Mick's guts. I held my cock steady in place and it pulsed slightly before emitting a drop of pre-cum. It was my first fluid exchange with another man. The full impact of what I had just done took a while to penetrate my mind, clouded as it was by the pleasures of sex. I hadn't swapped my fluids with any one, not a fuck buddy nor even a boyfriend. This first time was with a stranger, someone I had barely met. Even worse, it was while I was at a pharmacy picking up my prescription for PrEP. If that didn't permanently mark me as a Truvada slut, I don't know what would have. I sighed in pleasure. The day and the weekend were getting off to a very good start. I hoped that it also foretold what the rest of the month and the school year was going to be like. But those thoughts were a distraction from the task at hand. I pulled my dick out, and then pushed it back into Mick. It was amazing how good he felt. His hole was wet and smooth and warm, like the longest kiss my cock had ever gotten. I could feel every inch of Mick's ass, every slight objection to my penetration and every eager gulp of my shaft. With each stroke, I learned something new about Mick, some part of his desire. I understood how sex was supposed to feel. I would never be able to put a condom on again and lose this pleasure. "Oh hell yeah," Mick moaned, as I slammed my cock in and out of him. "Breed me, man,╙ he continued. I stopped trying to analyze the situation, and instead just focused on how damn good it felt to be fucking this man. It seemed to go far too fast, and before I knew it, my balls were tensing up and my cock was vibrating with pent-up need. "Don't pull out," he moaned. "Fucking let me have your seed." "Oh fuck," I grunted. My dick was dripping pre-cum like a leaky faucet. "I can't hold back," I said. "Just do it," Mick groaned. His ass tightened around my shaft, kissing it and milking out the last bit of precum. I closed my eyes, shoved my dick all the way in, and let my animal instincts take over. Bareback sex gave me an orgasm unlike one I had ever had before. I felt every drop of cum travel down the length of my shaft, and it flow into Mick's hungry ass. There was nothing held back between us. There was nothing to protect Mick from me, and nothing to prevent me from fertilizing his hole. The first spurt of cum was quickly followed by another, and then another and then one more. In the throes of the orgasm, it was hard to stay standing, but my cock was doing all the thinking necessary. My erection needed to be inside of Mick's wet hole, and my bestial instincts made sure my body maintained the balance needed. "Oh FUCK," I grunted. I hoped that people in the next room couldn't hear us. "Give it to me," Mick said. He squeezed his hole around my cock, and milked out another spurt. Without a rubber, I could feel just how hungry his hole was and how badly he needed my load. For a brief moment, I wondered if he could ever be satiated. But then, my cock demanded attention, and I focused on the pleasure of Mick's warm hole, tensing and releasing as he drained my balls of their load. "Oh hell yeah," he continued. "Damn," I said, as the last few drops of spooge dribbled out of my cock and into his hole. "That was fucking amazing." "That was bareback fucking," Mick said. "That was how men are supposed to have sex." I nodded in silent agreement. It was hard to think about anything; my mind was still clouded by the intensity of the orgasm. My dick was still buried in Mick's hole, and every slight movement from either of us reminded me how unbearably sensitive my dick was. "Think you can go back to rubberized sex now?" he asked me, understanding the struggle I was now contemplating. I slowly pulled my cock out of Mick. The ridges of my dick head pressed against the bare skin. It was just barely lubricated by the cum I had just deposited inside of Mick, and every move was a torrent of sensation. "Never," I said. As my cockhead pulled out, a small drop of white fluid dripped out of his hole. I reached down and pressed it back into him. "Yeah," Mick said. "You know how it is. I want every drop." His own penis was straining against the fabric of his jock strap. I thought for a moment he was going to start jacking off, but he turned around and faced me. "We have to do that again," he said, and pulled on his chinos. I stuffed my softening cock into my underwear and zipped up my shorts. "Yeah," I said, still not quite able to think clearly. "Don't forget your pills," Mick said, grabbing the white bottle off the desk and handing it to me. "Better living through chemistry, huh?" "For sure," I said. Mick put on his polo shirt. It was hard to believe that only a few minutes ago, he was practically naked, bent over the desk, and letting me fuck him bareback. "Uh," I stammered. "Here," he said, reaching into his pocket and extracting a card. "Give me a shout." He handed it to me; it had a name and a phone number on it. "Ok," I said. Reality was slowly sinking in. I needed to get going; there was a lab session I would just barely make in time. "Awesome," Mick said. He adjusted his clothes, and ran his hand over his head. With his close-cropped hair, it was a pointless gesture, but it forced a change in his bearing. He was no longer a bareback cum hound, but a young, professional man. The entire encounter had barely been fifteen minutes, but it was a window onto a world I desperately wanted to be a part of. He opened the door for me, and I stepped out. The people milling about in the waiting room barely noticed us. I wondered how they would have reacted if they had known what we had been doing. "Remember," Mick said. "Take the medicine regularly." I smiled, and headed out. As I walked out, I pulled out my phone. There was a message from Jon waiting for me. "Did you get your prescription?" "Yeah," I wrote back. "And I fucked the pharmacist as well." "Seriously?" "Yeah. He was on Prep as well." "Prep sluts are fucking hot. A guy taking care of himself, so he can take every load without fear." There was a brief pause. Jon was still typing. "Did you take your first dose yet?" "Yeah. Right before I fucked him." "So fucking hot. Two young studs, being safe. Taking care of themselves." He continued. "All so they can have sex without fear. Without condoms. With anyone they want." "I know," I wrote back. My ass was quivering in anticipation. I now needed to know what Mick had felt as a raw cock slid into his hole. "Now, you just have to remember to take it tomorrow morning. We're going to keep you up late tonight." "Good. I hope so," I texted back, before disappearing into the chemistry building.
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  13. shinelover

    How Low Will I Go?

    HOW LOW WILL I GO? (A Fiction/Fantasy Story) Chasing started as a natural progression once I began taking loads bare. Something inside of me just hungered. For cum. More and more cum. And then not just any cum but viral loads. After months of taking every load I could get up my ass, including several HVL’s from HIV poz fuckers, I got my last test results -still negative. What does it take? How far am I will to go to get what my body needs to satisfy this craving? How low will I go? I was walking home from work one day and passed a guy, much smaller stature than me. At first I just thought he was a little guy. But when I glanced at him just as he passed, I noticed that he wasn’t a small guy. He was wasting. This was the first time I had actually seen a man with FULL BLOWN AIDS in person -naïve, I know. The thought of it had always terrified me until I began chasing. Now, taking one look at him . . . something happened. Without even thinking about it, I found myself following him another block to a black door in between two businesses. I knew there was a sort of hidden bathhouse somewhere around here, but had never had the nerve to check into it. I had always heard that the most hardcore and nasty types of guys went there. And every disease available was floating around from guy to guy in that place. The stuff of nightmares for the younger me. Now? It was the stuff that was making my dick swell in my pants and my ass involuntarily yawn open. I need something in me now! I followed the wasting man down the dark stairs towards the glow of a room opening at the bottom, filled with the sounds of pulsing music and the grunts and groans of pure animal man sex. After he payed his entrance feel, he glanced over his shoulder and saw me. I don’t think he’d been aware of me following him, but his eyes showed some recognition when they locked on mine. “Did you turn around and follow me down here?” he asked, his voice surprisingly deep, raspy and sexy. The desk clerk took my money and went back to playing on his phone, not caring what we did from that point on. “I, uh, yeah, I guess I did,” I admitted. I followed him to the changing area and stowed my clothes, while we continued to talk. “Why?” he asked me. It wasn’t a suspicious question. He seemed sort of playful at the thought that I, normal looking, ‘regular’, healthy guy, would follow him into a seedy bathhouse. I decided to just bite the bullet and be brutally honest. Nothing to lose, right? “Well, to be honest, the first thing that went through my mind when I walked passed you and really saw you was ‘sex’. Now.” He laughed, but not at me. “You really want to have sex with me? Do you have any idea what is coursing through my blood right now?” I swallowed over my dry throat and looked him in the eyes. “Yes, I do.” “And you still want me to fuck you?” The giant bulge in his jock told me that he wanted to fuck me, too. “Yes.” “You realize that I will only fuck you bare. And I will not pull out. You will get all of my toxic AIDS seed in you. Is that really what you want?” “Fuck yes,” I growled. He smiled a very devilish smile and yanked me by the hand to follow him through a couple of doorways into another dark space. I could hear sex happening everywhere around us, and it only made me crave it so much more. In fact, it wasn't just the sounds. It was the smells. That intoxicating blend of sweat and cum that has always worked better than a bottle of poppers for me. My stomach was a jumble of nerves, and I was both scared and excited at the same time. I knew that I was crossing a line that I couldn’t uncross. But logic had flown right out the window and I was just doing what an animal does, following my hunger. After a few minutes in that room my eyes adjusted to the dark. I could see a few different pairs, in the midst of their sucking and fucking, lost in their own worlds of depravity. Suddenly I felt his fingers at my hole, testing to see how tight or loose I was. It was going to be a tight fit no matter what given the bat he had swinging between his legs. It looked almost wrong -such a tiny body with such a huge cock. I suppose if he was at a healthy weight it might not have looked so extreme. But it was his wasted look that had gotten my attention, anyway, so I didn’t care. He pushed me down onto a small padded bench, giving him a better height and access to my opening. I heard him pumping his dick to full mast with a lubed hand, and then he started pressing into me. I knew that this was not going to be slow or gentle, and he just kept pushing, forcing my hole to open and take him into me. He just kept pushing and pushing, and I swear that I could feel my inner lining splitting a little. That little thought and realization made my heart thump wildly in my chest. Am I really doing this? He made me bleed, I’m sure. There is no escaping his bugs now. The force and heat in my ass naturally took over, and I found myself shoving myself back hard onto his huge cock. “Fuck yeah, take it!” he yelled, slapping my ass hard. He stopped only for one second when I felt his bony hips flush against my round ass cheeks. And then he yanked himself back, almost all the way out, and the drove back into me. HARD. I couldn’t help but grunt and growl. I was giving into the animal, I might as well sound like one, too. There was nothing fancy going on, no switching positions or breaks. He just stood there and pounded my pighole over and over, for at least fifteen or twenty minutes. I was impressed with his stamina, not knowing what to expect with his frail looking condition. As his fucking got even harder and deeper, it felt like his cock was growing even bigger inside of me. And I knew that he was getting close to cumming. This is it, am I really going to let him cum in me? I could pull off right before, it’s not too late. He started growling, and then spoke for the first time since he’d penetrated me. “I’m getting close buddy. There’s no backing out now . . . you’re going to get my load.” Oh, fuck, I forgot that he made it clear he would not be pulling out. The tingling in my stomach met with the fire in my groin and ass and I knew there was no need to deny it. “Fucking give it to me!” I yelled, surprising myself at how loud I’d been. “Knock me up!” “You want it? You want my AIDS?” he asked. “I’m going to pump you full of my toxic seed. Fucking knock you up with my AIDS babies.” “You got a neg ass there?” I heard one of the other guys ask. “Yup,” my fucker replied. Getting as loud and vocal as we’d gotten, I shouldn’t have been surprised that we attracted an audience. And they had all stopped their own messing around to watch me get impregnated. Knowing all eyes were on me taking this stranger’s dirty seed seemed to make something snap inside of me and I felt like a true cumwhore. Now all of the guys were yelling at us, at him, to get me pregnant, to trash my hole, to pound me and rip me up. And I was really getting into it, shoving back hard to feel every inch of him in me. My hole felt gaping, sloppy and wet, slick with my own ass juices, his natural lube and my blood. Finally he growled through clenched teeth, gripped my hips so hard it hurt as he impaled me balls deep as he emptied his balls into me. “That’s it, take it you fucking whore,” he finally panted as his cock began to soften after a few minutes. I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. He smiled back and said, "You must be a fucking whore to follow a guy you don't know, who is full of AIDS, and beg him to breed you." He slapped my ass one last time and let his cock fall from my hole. So there I was, naked, on my hands and knees on a little padded bench, in a room filled with strangers, panting and covered in sweat, with a butt full of toxic high viral cum from a FULL BLOWN AIDS fucker. And I felt happy. And I wanted more . . .
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  14. Scorpion

    The Stables

    The Stables (Part 1) Gregory was a shy boy. At the age of 18 he was still living with his parents and they didn’t know Greg was gay. His dad tried several things to get his son into girls, once even hiring a whore to introduce his son to sex. While Greg was terrified, the prostitute, Mandy, was a nice lady, and, although she tried to stir his interest, she may very well have sensed his sexual preference that Greg was unable to perform. Or perhaps she was just glad, seeing that she had been paid and hadn't had to actually satisfy another John. Who knows? Perhaps she saw it as simply easy money. In any event when the time was up and she and Greg met Greg's father who was waiting in the 'salon' for his son, Mandy made a show of kissing Gregory on his mouth and giving his crotch a grope, thanking him for the hot ride. Greg’s dad was more than proud and for the moment was relaxed as it had crossed his mind that Greg might be a faggot. After all, while Greg had plenty of female friends, he had never had a girlfriend, and certainly (prior to Mandy), had apparently never messed around with a woman. No, he was a shy and sensitive boy and even at 18 was more into music and the arts than playing football or basketball. Although unspoken, Greg's father's greatest fear was that his son would turn into a dick-taking faggot. But after the session with Mandy, Greg's father was fairly sure everything would turn out all right: his son fucked a whore and he would soon find another hole into which to unload. Everything was running slowly but on the right course. Little did Greg's father know that Gregory had his own suspicions. Greg remembered experienced as early as the age of six when in swim class, he saw this other boy whose name was Alec. Gregory didn't, of course, have the vocabulary to put a name to it, but he always got excited when Alec accidentally brushed up against him when the two were standing in line. waiting to jump from the 1-meter board. A couple of years later, when Greg was around ten, he found himself fascinated by Mickey, another ten year old in the same class. So, while Greg was perfectly happy to stare at Mickey, giving unconscious smiles, Mickey was none to keen, so Mickey purposefully and angrily shoved Gregory away, once even giving him a punch in the face. Although the punch was unexpected and quite painful, Greg nevertheless enjoyed being on the receiving end of Mickey's attention, even if there was a substantial degree of hostility. Some four years later, , now 14, Greg truly had a crush on Mr. Wilson, his English teacher. Mr. Wilson might have been in his late 20s, but he generally wore hot, tight jeans, and, as Mr. Wilson moved about the class room, Greg couldn’t stop but staring at Mr. Wilson's bulge. Of course Greg's obsession wouldn't end-up going anywhere: Mr. Wilson was married and had a baby daughter. He never even registered Greg's interest, but no matter: Greg utterly idolized his teacher. This was the time when the rumors began circulating suggesting Gregory was a fag. His mates in class recognized the difference - when they associated erections with girls, Greg seemed to get an erection when Mr. Wilson passed down the corridor. Greg's schoolmates took their suspicions out on Greg, slapping him around, ostracizing him, and occasionally dumping him into the school dumpster. Naturally wanted less and less to do with his schooling, and eventually dropped out early, getting a job at a gas station. The job didn't, of course, pay all that much, but Greg earned a couple to keep his car running. His parents didn’t ask him to contribute to rent or food, although his dad urged Greg to join the army, believing this would make him a ‘real’ man. Greg was quite innocent. He had never seen a gay porn. He had never heard about the dangers of unsafe sex. He still thought, rubbers were made to prevent pregnancies. But he overheard some conversations about a place where guys would date for sexual encounters, with other guys. It was some sort of a bar…. but he had no idea how frivolous and risky his trip would be. He had his day off finally and decided he would take the dare and visit this bath house. It was a two hours drive, but it was okay. He didn’t want to risk meeting someone from his home town. He wore his best clothing: a white shirt, with some expensive pair of jeans which he thought framed his ass perfectly. He even bought new sneakers just for this event - not realizing he would take all this clothing off within a few minutes of having entered the bar. After a short while he found a parking space. He exited the car and turned around. He had no idea which way to go and so he asked some guys hanging around if they would know the nearest to ‘The Stables’. They looked at him grumpy and nodded at him. “Get lost faggot” was the unmistakably answer. Greg looked anxious and stepped back to the pavement and tried to get mixed with the crowd. He felt so stupid. He left his hometown thinking in a big town as this one, people would be differently, but the thugs reactions were more than just hostile. They started to follow him around. Greg was in panic. What if he wouldn’t find a safe place? What if he wouldn’t reach his car? What if they beat him up or kill him for being gay? What if their parents found out the reason for his death…. and while those ideas were spinning in his head ‘The Stables’ appeared before him. He couldn’t believe his luck. He hurriedly entered the premises. He looked back and saw the guys got lost in the crowd. Their victim had escaped. “Well, well…. aren’t we excited….. you are quite heavy breathing…. are you a mare, or a stallion?” the cashier asked. “I…. I am…. what?” Greg asked. “Oh dear…. your first time?” the employee asked. Greg simply nodded. The guy behind the counter inspected Greg. He recognized at once by the way Greg walked, the way he took a glance, the way he licked his lips….. that he was at the receiving part tonight. “You want to get fucked, then you are a mare…. if you fuck, then you are a stallion. It is not so difficult. We got this pink bracelet for mares…. and the blue bracelet is for studs” the guy explained. Greg got the idea and they both said at the same time: 'Mare'. He paid the entrance fee and received his pink bracelet, which was sealed along around his wrist. “Without this wrist on, the party will be over for you. So no switching. You are a mare!” the man giggled. He received a key to a locker and got a pink towel. Then he was told he could take off his clothes in the locker room and then enter the basement. “Enjoy the party” the fellow said and then got busy folding towels. His heart was almost jumping out of his throat, while walking down the steps to the basement. It was quite dark and several corridors showed many opportunities to seize this chance to finally get fucked. “First timer?” the bartender asked. “Is it so obvious?” Greg answered shily. “It won’t be in the darkroom…..” the bartender laughed. “Darkroom” Greg repeated the word. The bartender watched at him, as if Greg just stepped out of a spaceship. “Yeah…. Darkroom. A dark room, where you can empty the dicks with your mouth or your ass….. are you for real?” he asked. “Sorry mate, but this is my first time ever in a big town. I have never ever seen a place like this. This is amazing. I can get filled up here.” Greg’s eyes were flashing. “Filled up….” the bartender repeated the words. This kid had no idea. First he took away the shell of condoms, that was presented at the counter. “You should not start with the darkroom then…. If I were you, I would take the glory holes, there you can concentrate on one or two cocks at a moment” the friendly looking guy explained. “Glory hole….” Greg said in an awe. “ What’s that…..” he asked seriously. The bartender looked around as if he was searching for the candid camera. He told him to sit and take a drink, he would explain it to him in a second, but before that he went to another associate and told him about the fresh meet. “Go and let the poz stud know, that a negative mare is waiting for her fillings. It didn’t take a long time, after this astonishing announcement, that the blokes were checking the undamaged merchandise. Greg didn’t know which way to look. He still had his towel wrapped around his hips. The room was full of stallions now, which was clearly so, because of the mass of blue bracelets. “Are you still willing to let this dicks poz up your mare ass…..” the bartender asked sickly. “I had never had a dick up there, will it hurt bad…. ? Gregory whispered back. “I will help you with that. Get this towel off then sit down again.” he got advised. “Just slip a little bit back on your stool, so your ass is accessible” the guy said. The guy announced loudly that he would prep this new recruit for his deflowering. He repeated intensely that he would lube this virgin ass for his first of many poz rides and squat behind the stool. First he started licking Greg’s cleft. Greg thought he had died and gone to heaven. The bartender was lapping over his opening and pulled his ass cheeks further apart. He pressed his tongue inside this virgin’s ass and tonguefucked him so hard. He smelt the overwhelming scent and sucked out the innocence of this first-timer. He loved the way the sweet ass tasted, and started use some lube on the twink. He turned back to the other studs and showed them his two sharpened fingernails, which would be quite helpful for the upcoming task. While lubing the guy up he started scratching the intestinal walls. The nice feeling Greg had felt gave way to the pain, while the man behind him tried to scrape and claw the intestinal walls for only one reason. Instead of telling Greg the truth, he explained it would hurt, because it is the first time he was prepared for some serious poz fucking. “Man I can’t wait to get all your poz dicks up my ass” Greg announced proudly. ‘You could use rubbers of course’ someone said out loud. You could hear a pin dropping to the ground while the guy who suggested using a rubber was escorted to another room immediately. Greg didn’t see the commotion behind his back, since he was trying to clench his teeth to stand the pain he was enduring right now. “I am your mare, but I won’t get pregnant, that’s for sure” Greg shouted out. ‘The boy got it damn right’ someone groaned. ‘Yeah – let us breed him our babies nevertheless’ another one added, ‘Fuck the little brat – pump him up with premium poz seed’ this and other voices mingled in Greg’s preparation. “I think I will help you in the stall. You should concentrate on getting ripped up from your behind. You shouldn’t serve both holes” he got advised. The bartender fucked him hard with two fingers and when he pulled them out he showed all the guys the bloody fingers. The boy was already a mess. Then it all happened quite fast. While the fellow bartender led him to the stall the other guys lined up at the stall right next to it. It was agreed, that Greg should take it up the ass. Greg was extremely excited. He looked around. There was a monitor with a gay porn movie flashed across the screen. For the first time he saw guys actually fuck each other in the holes. He looked at both holes while the associate pointed at the one in question. The first hard dick was already poking through the hole. It was a thick and long dick who was simply waiting for the cunt to receive his toxic gift. “But I won’t see them this way” Greg complained. “Believe me honey, most times you don’t want to see them in broad daylight….. now come on, this is part of the fun” the guy said. “This way you concentrate on your work, which is draining dicks. It doesn’t matter how cool the guy in the other stall is, you just have to squeeze his dick with your cunt and accept his load. Then the next will deposit his load and so one and so on…. this is your job!” he explained. “If you need more lube tell me. It doesn’t help anyone if you tolerate the pain for only one or two dicks. Your job is to empty those guys balls, no matter how painful it might be. As a mare you are advised to accept and receive…. so I will lube you up whenever you need it. The guys have to wait then until you are ready to get your next poz load. That is all that matters”. Gregory nodded and turned his ass-cunt towards the dick spearing through the hole. The bartender helped the fuck stick to find his way home to the slut and slowly Greg received one inch after another, while he moaned intensively. “Oh man…. this fucker is tight…. I can’t….. oh fucking god….. sweet jesus…. I think he pinches my dick off…..” the guy panted loudly. “Baby….. push a little back. Try to relax and let this guy enter you completely” while Greg got instructed the bartender used a bit more lube on the invading dick. Only half of the nine inches had entered the young ones body, but the employee could already see the bloody streaks. He had done a great job and was proud of himself. While thinking of that, he decided he would help Gregory a bit more and so he squat in front of the twink and pushed against his hips and finally more inches entered the abused hole. Greg couldn’t help but to express his pain and groaned loudly. On the other side of the wall you could hear several guys cheering and even the bartender praised the good work of Greg who believed every word he was told….
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  15. His name is Aiden and he just turned 18. Becoming 18 was very special for this blond hot twink, because now he could finally go visit the nearest gay sex sauna. He was having dreams about it since a slightly older friend told him about it when he was 17. Aiden wasn't unexperienced with sex anymore so he had a hard-on by only thinking how many 'naked' boys and men he would see. He waited until this weekend because today the entrance was free for boys under 23, and he was hoping that lots of them would come. The location was only 6 tramstops from his house so with 20 minutes he was entering 'his dream'. A guy behind the counter greeted him and supplied him with everything he needed and even supplied him with some explanation before leading him to the locker room. Aiden stripped naked as fast as he could showing his athletic body 6-pack and a big hard cock. He put his stuff in his locker and put a towel around his waist. When he walked into the sauna area he could see some boys and man standing around. He looked around and saw one off the hottest guys he had ever seen: around 20 y/o, dark hair and a ripped muscular tanned body. Their eyes locked and before he knew it the boy came up to him and said 'You are hot! follow me'. Still dazed he grab his hand and of they went to the cabin area. The boy openend the door and let Aiden in. When the door closed Aiden heard a dark voice saying 'Hello boys'. Aiden saw a beautiful muscular black guy from around 35 y/o lying on the bad. He stuttered 'H..el..l..o' back. 'This is my daddy' the other boy said. 'YOUR DAD?' Aiden replied. 'No! My daddy...' said the boy and explained what this means. Aiden listened to the boy. 'My name is Marco and before i can go off with a boy i like i have to show him to daddy'. 'Okay! and am i allright' Aiden answered. 'I have to inspect you first' daddy said. After saying this Marco yanked off Aiden's towel with one fast hand movement and pushed him closer to daddy while whispering 'Relax.... You'll love this'. With one swoop daddies muscular arm grabbed him and tossed him on the bed. Marco climbed on the bed and placed him behind Aiden started to massage his neck. Aiden froze and didn't know what would happen next. Daddy was looking very pleased at Aiden and complimented him on his young hot body. Aiden replied by saying that he also liked the bodies daddy and Marco had. 'I get hard on compliments like that' daddy said and then removing his towel. A 27cm (10 and a half inches) long black cock emerged. 'Lick it' Marco said while pushing Aiden forward. Mesmerised by this huge cock he grab it and started licking. Then he felt Marco's tongue licking his ass. Shivers went down his spine. 'Put it in your mouth' daddy said. Aiden openend wide and started sucking on the head of the thick black cock. Marco slowly put a wet finger inside Aiden's ass. After removing the finger he quickly grab a bag put his finger in and emerged with a finger coated with ice-like crystals. With one movement he drove the finger into Aiden wet hole. Aiden wanted to scream but at that very moment daddy grab his head with two hands and drove his cock deeper in his throat. Aiden felt his arse burning and his throat closing so. Gasping for air he felt a warm sensation going through his body. It made him relax and his throat openend up and he could breath through his nose. 'Yeah! i feel him relaxing. Load his ass up with more Tina' daddy said to Marco. Aiden was feeling so horny that he was sucking on the big black cock and the drool started running out of his mouth making the cock slippery wet. 'Have you ever had something this big in your ass boy?' daddy asked. Aiden shook his head. 'Wanna feel it?'. Aiden took the cock out of his mouth and high on meth said 'Ohw yes please'. 'Then sit on it and see how far you can shove it in your ass' daddy replied. Aiden stood up and lowered him self on the cock while Marco was guiding it in place. Aiden could feel the head of the cock pressing against his hole. Marco stood up and put a bottle under Aiden's nose. 'Inhale deep thru your nose' Marco whispers . After 4 deep inhales Marco started pushing on Aiden's shoulders; Aiden was forced harder an the big dick and in less then a second the ass openend up and Aiden ass accepted the full length of the cock. Aiden unable to scream only gasped. His body started pulsating. Daddy could feel his dick being squeezed as if his cock got milked. Before he knew it he started to cum uncontrolled deep inside Aidens ass.... To be continued!
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  16. adame25

    My Dirty Nephew

    Part 2 ........................... I had no more than two and a half hours sleep before my alarm was waking me up for my morning jog. I dressed and left the apartment for my usual six-miler which was my time for contemplation, although today I was having thoughts about just one thing, pozzing my gorgeous nephew and all the other things I wanted to do to him. I got back to my apartment and even before I opened the door I could hear the argument ensuing inside. I stepped in and the distinct and irate voices of my sister and her son could be heard clearly. “You’re not fucking dropping out of school” my sister was shouting at her son. “It’s my fucking life. I’ll do what I want” was the equally loud response. Walking into the lounge I found my sister and her half-dressed son almost nose to nose, red faced and glaring at each other. It was wrong but my cock twitched again at the sight of my beautifully bare chested nephew but swiftly putting that aside, “What the hell’s the matter?” I asked. There was a moments pause before each turned and started shouting their response simultaneously at me. “Guys, time-out”, I said holding up my hand, “Jane, what’s wrong?”, Ethan crossed his arms and fumed, but stayed silent. “It was all sorted. He was going to University starting this year and I wake up this morning and he’s announced that overnight, everything has changed and he wants to move to London and have a life down here.” She blurted at me without pausing. I looked at Ethan who just continued to glare at his mother but the sinking feeling began to spread that somehow I might possibly have done more than infect my nephew’s body last night, maybe I’d poisoned his mind too. “Ethan why do you want to give up University and come to London?” I asked. “I want what you have. I want to work and enjoy myself as you do” He replied putting a little too much emphasis on the word ‘enjoy’ than I liked. “Ethan, I went to Uni and I’ve worked hard to live like this. It wasn’t easy.” I said as kindly as I could. “You see. I told you that” Jane shot back at Ethan. Ethan glared at me too now and before I got both barrels from him, “Listen Jane. Why doesn’t Ethan stay with me for a few weeks and I’ll show him what the opportunities are like here for him. There are some great Uni’s down here, maybe there’s a compromise we can explore.” I said. Ethan’s face immediately changed from angry teenager to ecstatic teenager in an instant. Clearly Ethan thought this was an excellent idea. Jane’s expression softened too as she looked at me for a moment to contemplate what I’d said, “You’d help him? …….Why now though?” she asked. I had to think quickly myself but then It dawned on me that being his Uncle had other advantages too,” Listen I haven’t been around to help you guys. Let me do this. I’ve got some great contacts, we can look at Universities and I’ll help sort accommodation if it’s what he wants.” With my best brotherly charm. Jane looked almost pacified as she shot Ethan a stern glance then looking back at me, “Alright, we can at least explore the option. We have time I suppose”, she finally relented. “Thanks Uncle” Ethan said grinning like some mad Cheshire cat. I smiled back knowing full well what was exciting my nephew right now and it wasn’t the thought of looking at Universities in London! “Sis, why don’t you take a shower and I’ll freshen up and make us breakfast”, I said. She smiled at me and on leaving the room she kissed me on the cheek. “Ethan, is this because of last night?” I asked when I had heard her bedroom door close. Ethan moved quickly and was on me kissing me hard. I didn’t want to but I broke the kiss quickly, “Careful” I said looking behind me. “If you pozzed me last night I’m probably going to get sick in a few weeks, how will I hide that from her? She opens my post, what happens when she sees the doctor’s letters?” He asked staring at me with his puppy dog eyes. I looked at him for a few moments contemplating the consequences of what I’d done to him but I couldn’t help feel excited about what I could get up to with a hot kid like Ethan living under my roof. “Will you never tell your mother if you become HIV positive?” I asked without really thinking it through. “Will you?” he replied smiling back, hand on my chest. “I guess you have me there.” I said grinning, “But one step at time. I need to think this all through and I’m desperate for a piss and a shower.” “Let me Uncle” Ethan replied with a wicked little smile and with that he dropped to his knees and pulled my shorts and briefs down. My cock was placid, sweaty and no doubt musty smelling but Ethan gently held it, kissed it and licked it, pulling my foreskin back and using his tongue to tickle the end of my cock and especially my urethra, expertly coaxing a torrent of piss out of me. I swear he never spilled a drop, drinking all I could give him as he stared up at me gulping down my amber nectar. After I finished he licked his lips, stood up and we kissed so hard. I could taste my urine in his mouth, he was driving me wild. The rest of the visit was much happier with Jane seemingly relieved and happy to receive my help with her son, while Ethan was ecstatically happy about staying with me for a while. I was a little taken aback during one conversation when Jane asked Ethan how his boyfriend would feel about me coming to live in London. “He’ll be cool, he wants the best for me and he can come visit us, right Uncle?” he asked with a twisted little grin which I knew had some double meaning. “I guess, but I didn’t realise you were still with him?” I asked, giving Ethan an equally probing stare back. Later when Jane had gone to bed and Ethan and I were still polishing off a bottle of wine, “So you have a boyfriend?” I asked him. “Er yeah, Chris” he replied “And what will you tell him?” I asked “Oh he’s cool besides I thought you might like breeding him as well” Ethan replied winking at me. My cock was rock hard and I didn’t care. I was quite well oiled and my sexy nephew was equally pissed and sitting here telling me he wanted me to breed his boyfriend, I was so turned on, “And he wants it too?” I asked. “I don’t know, but does it matter?” he shot back with that evil grin of his again. “You’re deliciously dangerous young Ethan” I replied grinning back, “I think this will be fun” That night I fucked Ethan until the early hours again only this time I was much rougher with him. He was becoming the the kind of sub slut that I love to treat very badly. Ethan loved every bit of it especially when I plunged a tooth brush into his ass hole and ravaged his anal passage, drawing it out to show him the blood. After three more loads inside his cunt and one down his throat I knew he was well on the way to his desire of being positive. I must admit when Jane and Ethan left on Sunday morning it was with a little tinge of disappointment. This visit had been amazing on many levels but not least the revelation that was Ethan. Over the next few days he was all I could think of, even when I engaged the 22-year-old rent boy from Sleepyboy to come round and massage me. Ravaging the sexy whores cunt with two deadly loads still wasn’t as exciting or as fulfilling as fucking my nephew. It wasn’t until Wednesday evening when I got a call from Ethan that my excitement began to return as he informed me that he’d sorted things out his end and wanted to come up on Friday and spend a few weeks with me. I was just about to say Friday was fine when it suddenly dawned on me I had a major board meeting with one of my business interests which would likely end with the CEO and the Artistic Director of the company coming back to mine for a late night drink session which always ended in a ‘party’. This particular business interest was a company that provided content to the adult entertainment industry, something I enjoyed and when an old fuck buddy of mine set up the business and asked me to invest, I was happy to do so. “Friday is going to be tough Ethan I have something going on” I replied. I could tell he was disappointed but then a wonderfully sadistic thought popped into my head, “Although, maybe you could help out, thinking about it” I told him that my colleagues were coming round on Friday evening and that perhaps he could be some of the entertainment for us. Ethan couldn’t have been more enthusiastic especially when I told him both Don and Julian were very sexy and very positive too. “Can I bring Chris?” Ethan asked. “Your boyfriend?” “Yeah, he knows we fucked”, Ethan started, “He’d love to be used too” “And will he know we’re all positive?” I asked “I won’t be telling him. He loves bareback though” Ethan replied matter of factly. “OK you two can put on a little show for us and then we’ll get the party started” I replied. So I had it all planned and by the time I put the phone down I had to go take care of my rock hard cock. Friday evening Don, Julian and I were sat in my lounge with some background music and low lighting drinking a great red. Don was a mountain of a man. He was a black, 6ft 5inch ex-body builder, ex-porn star but still hugely proportioned with a massive nine-inch cock that I had enjoyed riding many times. Julian was a smaller, athletic guy, 6ft exactly with a great smooth body and nice seven-inch fat dick. Usually on these occasions we’d get some rent boys round to party with but after showing them a picture of my nephew and the mere thought of incest in the room, seemed to excite them. At 6pm I’d received a text from Ethan saying that they would be with us by 9pm and that they had a surprise, but wouldn’t elaborate. So just after 9pm while we started on our third bottle, the intercom buzzed. I came back into the room, “Three guests coming up” I said looking confused at Don and Julian. They both looked at me and all I could do was shrug. When the doorbell went I went to answer it and there standing before me was my overly excited nephew who was in my arms and kissing me before I could stop him. Breaking the kiss, he stepped aside and did the introductions, “Uncle, this is Chris” he said as a great looking dark haired stud stretched out his hand for me. Chris was just over 6ft tall with a lovely complexion and great smile. He was clearly as athletically built as Ethan and about the same height. I shook his hand and he said hello. “And this is Chris’s younger brother, Sam” Ethan said, barely containing his excitement. “Brother” I repeated, completely taken aback. Sam held his hand out to me also and I shook it seeing the similarity now with Chris. Sam was perhaps a little smaller in build but no less as attractive as his brother. I let them into the hall and shut the door. “Ethan what’s going on?” I asked. “I didn’t want to tell you before but Chris and I regularly play with Sam and when he found out about tonight he wanted to come too”, Ethan replied grinning from ear to ear. I was literally gob smacked and it probably showed, “You boys fuck together?” I asked Chris who was also now grinning at me. “Yes” He replied, “And each other”, with a little wink. “Fucking hot” I replied, grinning back, “Wait, how old are you both?” I asked. “I’m nearly 20 and Sam has just turned 18” Chris replied. “Sweet” is pretty much all I could say. “Ethan, why not dump yours and the guys stuff in the spare bedroom and then come join us in the lounge.” I said grinning at them all. I walked back completely dazed and both Don and Julian could tell something was up. “You are not going to fucking believe this”, is all I could say to them. I grabbed my glass of wine to take a swig and both men continued to look at me expectantly. Before I could say anything else I heard the boys coming into the room and looking round they entered having all quickly removed their clothes bar their briefs and their sheepish grins, which spread when they got sight of Don and Julian, but particularly Don. Chris and Sam were both blessed with excellent physiques and looking at the three of them it was hard not to be envious of their teenage bodies. “Guys, let me introduce you to my nephew, Ethan” pointing him out. He beamed at them and came over to me putting an arm round me. “And this is Chris, Ethan’s boyfriend” pointing to Chris who smiled back at them, “And finally, this is Sam” I said, “Chris’ younger brother”. Both Don and Julian did a double take and then stared at me mouthing “REALLY”. I just grinned and nodded back. “Fuck” said Don in his deep gravelly voice. “Well boys why not grab yourself a drink and come join us.” I said sitting down. The boys grabbed bottles of beer and then came and sat with us. Ethan sitting next to me, Sam next to Julian and Chris was almost on Don’s knee. Considering teenagers are supposed to be difficult to talk to these three were very chatty and while Ethan and I already knew each other quite well I could feel his erection in his briefs as he watched Chris who had his hands all over Don’s muscles. Sam too was clearly happy with Julian and although Don was the same age as me, Julian was actually a couple of years older, not that the boys seemed to care. After a few more beers the boys were getting loosened up and since we were already well ahead of them, I whispered in Ethan’s ear that it might be fun for the three of them to put on a little show for us. Ethan bit my ear and squeezed my cock through my jeans. “Guys, let’s put on a little show” he said standing up, speaking to Chris and Sam. They both grinned and getting up they stood in the middle of the room and started making out in a three-way kiss with hands all over each other’s bodies. I looked at Don and Julian who were both mesmerised. In porn they had seen their fair share but I happen to know it did not include brothers. We watched as Ethan and Sam were soon on their knees sharing Chris’ quite long and reasonably thick cock between them. I had had to release my dick and was now slowly wanking myself and noticed Don and Julian had done the same. Don’s was enormous, a fact not lost on the teenagers. The show got more and more erotic and soon there was a full on spit roast going on with Ethan in the middle taking it both ends. It seemed the brothers were expert tops and then after almost ten minutes of fucking, Sam pulled out and bent over and soon his big brother was inside his cunt fucking him while Ethan fucked his mouth. I was wanking myself silly by now and so were Don and Julian who were both out of their clothes. I was quickly losing mine too and then the boys, realising their audience were in need had broken apart and Ethan was on me, Chris was on Don, devouring his cock as best he could and Sam was kissing Julian. I’d already discussed with Don and Julian the fact that I wasn’t sure if Chris knew or cared what our status was but tonight was a breeding session instigated by my nephew who was in need of all our poison cum. Julian was actually undetectable at the moment so wasn’t sure he could contribute much in the poison cum stakes but Don was even more deadly than me, with a very high viral load. I didn’t even know if Sam was into raw sex but very quickly that thought was answered as he positioned himself astride Julian and lowered himself down onto his raw cock. Don had manoeuvred Chris onto his back on the floor and was about to plough his ass which was accompanied by a lot of high pitched squealing as he entered and stretched his cunt. Ethan was sucking me so well but I pushed him forward on to all fours and got up behind him, ramming my cock straight in. There was now fucking going on all over the room and lots of grunts and moaning. Chris was in for a long haul because I knew through experience that Don took ages to cum, but I’d not climaxed at all today and after 10 minutes I came big and loud dumping yet another positive load in my nephew’s cunt. Julian was about to cum too and as he pumped his first load into Sam we all heard, “Take my dirty load you FUCKING BITCH!!” coming hard and long inside the boys cunt. I looked at Ethan who grinned at me and then at Sam for a reaction but I don’t think it registered, although Chris had looked up until Don went down and shoved his tongue in his mouth while he continued to power drive his ass. Ethan took the initiative getting up and kissing Sam he told him to go over to me and then Ethan was on Julian. Kissing him hard and deep. Sam was smiling at me and I pulled him into a long hard kiss feeling his beautifully smooth and tight body and his sweet ass cheeks. I fingered his hole and felt Julian’s load dripping out and my cock grew hard again, so I pushed Sam down onto it to clean it and get it ready for my next fuck. He was very eager and did a great job, taking me fully down his throat. We all knew Don was close now as he was groaning with such a deep voice, I knew it so well and very soon he too was about to cum. He hammered away at Chris and then the deep voice boomed, “Fucking bitch, you want my seed?” He asked of Chris. Chris didn’t hesitate and between moans. “Yes sir, I want it” he groaned. “Here it comes, TAKE MY POSION LOAD!!!!” he groaned as he came hard inside him. Chris suddenly looked up as he realised what Don had said, “Wait, WHAT?” He cried. Don pumped what I knew to be a gallon of toxic cum inside Chris and his massive bulk held the frantic boy still. Breathing heavily and sweating profusely he collapsed on top of him. I could tell Chris was a bit panicky, which just made me hornier as I held his brother down on me shaft who too had now realised that perhaps the cum they were taking tonight was tainted. “Did you like being bred boy?” came Don’s deep voice. “Your poz?” Chris asked with clear panic in his voice and looking over at his boyfriend, Ethan got of Julian and knelt down by his boyfriend and cupped his head in his hands and began to kiss him. “Baby, you know you thought about being bred” he said pacifying him. Don got up off Chris who remained on the floor with Ethan kneeling beside him and then Ethan pulled Chris onto his front and parted his legs. As we watched, Ethan went down and began to lap Chris’s cunt which was dripping profuse amounts of Don’s cum. Ethan licked it out for a few minutes before kneeling up and then kissing Chris again, now with a mouth full of Don’s feltched load. It was the horniest thing and it spurred me on to fuck Sam who was also know panicking but I lifted him up firmly onto me and fed my cock inside him and started to fuck him. He moaned and tried to resist but I held him tight and fucked him hard. Not wanting to be left out and packing another erection, Julian came up behind Sam and I slowed, knowing he was going to force his cock inside Sam in a double penetration. Sam squealed like a pig as Julian forced his cock in and Chris looking up at his brother’s pain, slowly calmed, perhaps realising the futility of it and giving into the lust. He even grinned watching his younger brother getting DP’d, although we later found out that Sam and Ethan regularly liked to be DP’d. Sam too began to enjoy the fuck and once Julian and I had got our rhythm going, we were stretching the young kid’s cunt so wide and he was moaning in ecstasy. After a good while of fucking, “I’m near” I groaned to Julian, “and me” he replied through gritted teeth. “You want me to breed you bitch?” I grunted at Sam as he looked into my eyes. He paused in thought and pleasure but eventually replied, “Yes master, breed me” That pushed both Julian and I over the edge with him firing first, I could feel his warm load on my shaft as I pumped my toxic cum into Sam too. Ethan and Chris were still sat with Don, luxuriating together, feeling his massively muscled body as they nestled either side of him, all watching us rape Sam. Chris looked positively happy now slowly wanking himself as he watched his little brother being knocked up. Julian pulled out but I stayed inside Sam with him clutched to my chest. I could feel his heart racing as fast as mine and the heat from our perspiring bodies and then I felt Julian’s tongue on my shaft. He’d gone down to clean up Sam’s hole, so I pulled out of him which let the flood of cum pour out into Julian’s open and very willing mouth. With a mouth full of jizz he finally knelt beside us and instinctively Sam opened his mouth so that Julian could spit some cum in. I opened mine and he dribbled some in mine too. Then I was kissing Sam, sharing our toxic loads between us. To be continued………………………….
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  17. BBbttm4BBtopsss

    Support Group

    I had dated the same girl throughout high school, and I loved her dearly, tall, slender, redhead; but she was as wild as I had heard from other in their relationships, she loved sex any time, any place, and would love to finger my ass after she came to get me to cum. but I like to read about sex stories a lot. I came across breeding zone on gay story search and found things very erotic, love the interracial stories, about men and women. The stories about guys bug chasing seemed well, farfetched. So one day I am doing my online searches and Poz stories about black men breeding white boys got me off a few times that day, but I then found an ad about support groups for HIV infected men; well I had to see for myself if it was true what these stories boast about. I called the number and spoke with a guy who stated that they were starting a group in downtown of the city and the only requirement was that I had HIV; I lied and stated yes, he gave me the address and time and hope to see me there. So the date rolls around and I drive from my suburb city downtown and find the address of a rather old dilapidated building and go in and up to the fourth floor where I met the guy behind the counter and after filling out some paperwork with a fictitious name and address he led me into a conference room where the table was like 15 feet long by 4 or 5 feet wide. To my surprise were 9 black men ranging in age from 35 to maybe 50 and appeared to be from all walks of life. I think they were just as surprised to see a skinny 18 year old white kid being walked in by the counselor. After the counselor called the meeting, he had us go around the room and introduce ourselves and why we were there, everyone had a story to tell on how they were infected and the most veritable was drugs and sex with other men. When it came my turn, I used some of the other stories and put my own together with the part that I had been infected by a black man. Then counselor asking agitated on how I knew it was a black man, I told him that since I lived in the city, I was seduced by a black man and only had sex with black guys in the park or at black guys homes that liked to use white guys, boy did the smiles break out around the room. The counselor then asked what we were all looking for in the group sessions, of course I just stated that I wanted someone or other people to talk to about my problem. At the end of the meeting and some more paperwork, we all headed out. I stopped off on the second floor to pee before I headed home since it was a good drive back. As I entered the bathroom, there were four of the guys in my group standing around smoking what smelled like weed and one guy standing at one of the two urinals. I just stated “HI” and walked up to the other urinal and started to pee when one of the guys smoking asked if I wanted to hit the pipe. Not wanting to be rude, I stated “Sure”, I had also noticed the guy next to me was pulling on his cock and was getting longer by the second, he made sure he was back far enough for me to see his growing cock. As I put away my now hardening cock back in my pants and zipped up, I turned and walked up to the other three who handed me the pipe and gave me a lighter; after several hits, I asked what kind of weed was this, that it was more potent than any I had ever smoked before. They all laughed and stated it had T in it, not sure what T was, but didn’t want to act stupid and just accepted it as a more potent weed made. I was flying pretty well when they asked me if I liked being a bitch to black men? I of course not wanting to give away my real reason for being there, just said “Yes”. They turn me around and the guy at the urinal had his pants down stroking a big black cock and just told me to get to work. His cock as coal black and big as it was, scared the shit out of me, yet I was mesmerized by it also that a cock could be that big. He walked up to me and stated “what the fuck you waiting for, bitch boy; get the fuck on your knees and suck my big black cock”. I guess he didn’t like to wait and grabbed my hair and pulled me down to his cock, which caused me to go to my knees hard. “Open that fucking white mouth and take what you love, Bitch”. I opened my mouth to tell them the real reason I was there, but I never got the words out, only his cock in. This guy grabs the back of my head and starts to face fuck me all the time telling what a good group bitch I was about to come. As he hit the back of my throat with his cock and tried to get it down my throat, I started to gag and though I was going to throw up; that is when he had me hit the pipe a few more times and sent me flying higher and then came the brown bottle later found to be poppers which let this guy get his cock down my throat. I then heard a sound that was more frightening than before, zippers of the other guys going down; Fuck, I was going to suck all four of these guys cocks? I just wanted to try and run and not look back, but I could see I had nowhere to run and no one to call for help. I could see out of the corners of my eyes the other guy’s cocks as they were stroking them waiting their turn. I knew I was destine to suck all four of their cocks, the first thing I had forgot about was that I was going to be swallowing their seaman or as the first guy started saying, “yeah, white bitch, get ready to take this charged nut down that faggot white throat”; then it dawned on me, “Charged” fuck, they were going to make me swallow their poz cum. I pulled back and told the guy face fucking me that I had to tell them something first; he pushed me back on my ass and stated “what the fuck does a white punk bitch got to say to us, except that you love these nigger cocks and want us to make you our bitch for the next 9 weeks”. The tears started to flow as I told them the real reason I was there and that I had never sucked cock or been poz. They all looked around at each other and then me on the floor, the guy who had been face fucking me started to laugh and reached out his hand to me and help me up, stating “ that’s ok white boy, I get it, you wanted to check out us black poz guys”, he then stated no hard feeling and offered me the pipe; taking the pipe to not only to relax, but to show them I was sorry and no hard feelings, I took a deep hit, but this time it was strangely different, my head went into dream land, and all I could hear was that I was loving the pure T in the pipe. The next thing I know is they are all rubbing their hands all over my body and squeezing my cock, the guy that had been face fucking me handed me the pipe, and I tried to refuse, but he squeezed my balls and I inhaled deep from the pain and now barely able to stand. I was feeling so high and warm and now a funny feeling of hornyness had come over me, but I did not know that it was the drugs doing this to me, I was just in a daze. Then next thing I know is my t-shirt was lifted off me and one of the guys had undone my jeans and had them around my ankles along with my underwear. One of them hit me behind my knees causing me to go back to my knees on the floor, where I felt my pants yanked off. The black guy who was face fucking me, said the party was just starting and that they were going to make me a chemed up bitch for black cock before I left, he then walked up to my face with his cock now at my lips and demanded I open my faggot white mouth and get to my new job pleasing his cock. I opened my mouth, not knowing what else to do and began to suck his cock, he then told me how the grab his shaft and cup his balls and to use a lot of spit to get his cock ready to bred me. I was given more hits of poppers and found myself now sucking this giant black cock willingly or at least the drugs had me sucking and starting to feel like it was no big deal, not that the name calling and hair grabbing was not helping. It seemed the more they called me a faggot, bitch, and what they were going to do to me; well I just became what I thought I should be; to service these magnificent black cocks with my now cocksucking white mouth. The guy face fucking me told me to use a lot of spit, because that was what was going to be used to breed my faggot white cunt, and that I wouldn’t be able to walk right for a week when they were done with me. The strange part was that the other three were just standing there with their cocks in hand, but not being aggressive like the guy in my mouth; maybe he was the leader and they were waiting their turn, maybe they just wanted to watch and I would get out of there with just sucking or getting fucked by one cock. Then I thought the later was true, if I got this leader off in my mouth, my ass would be spared and I would never come back or talk about this to anyone. After I got the leaders cock hard and sucking as if my ass depended on it; and it did, he looked down at me and almost knew what I was doing, “think you get this cock off before I take that cherry white ass? Not going to happen bitch”. He then grabbed my hair and stood me up and walked me up to the sink and pushed my face down at the bowl and kicked my feet apart; I then felt what felt like spit on my ass, and this guy now had his cock at the entrance of my ass. The leader then leaned over me and whispered in my ear to hold tight and let him in and it wouldn’t hurt so bad, but it is going to hurt at first, then I hope you love getting fucked as much as I am going to love making you our bitch boy!! His cock started to push and of course I was attempting to hold tight, but one of the other guys came up and slapped my ass HARD and the leader slapped my face, that I forgot about the pain around my ass and thought about the other slaps and in his cock started. I SCREAMED out loud to the point they all started laughing and calling me a queer little bitch who just didn’t know how much I was going to learn to love black meat. One of the guys came up on the other side and gave me the pipe and then a hit of poppers, but my screams made someone notice, an older black guy, I think the janitor walked in and asked “what the fuck was going on”, the look on the janitors face was a look of taken back of four naked black guys and a naked with boy getting fucked in the ass. The fourth guy told the janitor to “get the fuck out and not say a thing or they would make him take my place”; the janitor turned and left as fast as he came in stating he don’t see a fucking thing. The leader never even stopped for a second, just kept pushing further and further up my ass until I felt his balls slapping against mine. A couple more hits of the pipe and poppers I was so fucked up, I hadn’t even noticed that I was now in a slow moan and not screaming to stop, but feeling like a used bitch in heat, I think I was even pushing back somewhat. The leader was now looking at his friends stating “look at white boy shaking his ass, he is liking it”; the leader then told one of the guys to use the other end. One of the guys then pulled me off the sink and they got me to my knees without the leader ever pulling out, I know had a black cock at my mouth and I just opened up and let him in. I never felt so sexy as I did right now, I was a white bitch who was satisfying black men’s cocks and I was liking it, no loving it. My ass and mouth were being used like a girl’s cunt and mouth and I wanted what they do, CUM a lot of cum. The more poppers under my nose, the more I sucked like it was my last, and at that point I was praying I would see these guys again and let them use me. The leader then began to fuck me with a passion, no a mission, FUCK he was about to cum, cum in me and he was poz, his poz cum was about to fill my ass. The leader stated “yeah bitch boy, I am going to cum in that now faggot white cunt and make you a poz chasing black cock bitch. The leader roared and pushed deep and held his cock deep in my ass and asked me if I could feel my life change, because I was now the property of black men who needed to get off. The black cock in my mouth was right behind the leader tell me if I didn’t swallow every drop he would kick my ass all over the bathroom. The pulsing of his cock now evident as I felt the first of several spurts of cum shooting into my mouth and he just kept telling me to swallow; and I did, I was not happy with the pungent taste, but I didn’t want to get beat up more! The guy that had just cum in my mouth and patted my faced stating that I did a good job, but would get better. The leader then pulled out of my ass, fuck did that feel different. The leader then walked up to my face and presented his cock, “get to work and clean me up BITCH”. I really didn’t want to suck a cock that just got out of my ass, but the third guy got down between my legs and shoved his cock ball deep into my ass. I didn’t have time to think as I opened my mouth to scream again, but found the leaders cock in my mouth telling me to be a good cocksucking white bitch and start cleaning, I could taste his cum, my ass and blood, but just did as I was told, knowing I was now defeated. I was cleaning a poz cock that had just raped my ass, had cum, shooting poz cum in my ass and swallow his friends cum and now getting fucked again by another poz cock. As the leader was satisfied that I had done my job, he pulled out and the fourth guy just looked at me with his cock in front of me, I just opened up and took him in, with a few more hits of poppers, I was back in heaven being bred at both ends knowing that I was going to get two more poz loads in me. The guy in my ass grabbed my hips and started to fuck me with a vengeance and I know that he was going to fill me with his hot seed. I heard the leader call me and as looked over I saw he had his phone pointed at me taking either photos or videos of me, I tried to look away, but was ordered to turn and look at him. The leader then looked at the other two and told them to “Do it to him”. They both pulled out and jacked their cum all over my ass and face and then shoved them both back into my holes with cum dripping on my back and down my face and seeing that the camera was still focused on me, I knew I would be at their beck and call till they tired of me. After the other two pulled out, I fell on my stomach and layed there feeling cum dripping down my waist, legs, and face as they all go dressed and told me now to be late for the next meeting if I knew what was good for me. They all walked out laughing, high fiving each other, the leaders last works I heard was, we got another white cunt to turn.
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  18. denVERScub

    The Newest Staff Member

    THE NEWEST STAFF MEMBER Part 1: MeaTing the appliCUNTS “NEXT!” Riley called at full volume into the large gymnasium/impromptu waiting room, before glancing up and realizing there was only one kid still waiting to interview for the sales position. “Oh sorry kid…didn’t see you there…you know this position is for 18 or older, right?” “Yessir,” responded the lad who Riley guessed to be 15 at the oldest, based on his height, smooth skin, round cheeks and the layer of baby fat still clinging to his trim frame. Sensing the older man’s disbelief, the boy produced his Velcro wallet by tugging on the chain connecting it to his neon green belt, which contained a driver’s license that showed him to be 18 only two weeks before. “See dude…I mean, sir. Just turned 18 on the 23rd of last month.” “I see that,” Riley said, still examining the ID. The edge of the window containing the laminated sheet conveniently covered the expiration date, making the man smirk to himself. He remembered using the same trick when using his cousin’s expired ID to get into clubs in college. Still the boy was able to answer all the trick questions Riley could come up with (what is your sign? Isn’t your house right down the street from ______? I guess that means you graduated in _____?), so he let it drop and turned his attention to the kid’s application as he turned to head back into the office. “I don’t wanna waste your time young man,” Riley said to the boy, offering him a seat across the small desk from where he’d set up his laptop. “We’re looking for someone with some sales experience, and the only work you’ve done is mowing lawns and walking dogs.” “If you give me a chance Mr. um” The boy paused, realizing he’d forgotten to catch Riley’s name when he announced it to the group earlier that morning. “Marx. Riley Marx.” The older man reminded him, smirking again at the inexperience the teen showed. “Seriously?” The boy’s face widened with a smile, making him seem even younger. “Riley is my name too!” “Is that so?” Marx returned the smile as he glanced down at the application the teen filled out and turned into him. “This says your name is Robert Dawson.” “Uh, yeah.” The boy’s voice cracked as his mind sped to find an explanation. “that’s, you know, my, um, legal name. Everyone just, um, CALLS me Riley, cause, um, my Dad’s name is Robert too and that way we don’t get mixed up.” It was more likely that this young man really was named Riley and the ID and name belonged to a similar looking older brother or perhaps even a family friend, but Riley Marx decided he would let it slide since the boy seemed so relieved that he was not asking any follow up questions. Instead he sat back and listened to the determined teen insist that, given the chance, he’d prove himself to be a hard worker, quick learner and dedicated employee. He told a sad tale of his acceptance into a program at the nearby community college, but being unable to afford it as the 5th of 7 kids. It was tempting to hire the boy, but Marx knew better than to give in to such fancies when corporate sent him to handle the hiring of a new sales force at jobfairs like this one. They cared very little about sweet stories and high hopes in comparison to high volume sales and technical know-how. Heartbroken, the boy stood and shook the hand of the 43 year old interviewer and walked slowly towards the door, nodding along as he heard the same reasons he’d heard at every interview he’d been to since dropping out of school and getting his GED. As he was about to step back into the gym, now eerily quiet and lonely with no one left waiting, he stopped and turned to make one last plea. “Please sir, I gotta get some money and move out on my own. I can’t take another day sleeping in a room with my 3 brothers, sharing one bathroom between the 9 of us,” the younger Riley begged, his eyes welling up with tears. The older Riley was still ready to stand firm until the boy uttered the three most perfect words: “I’ll do anything.” “I can’t hire you for the company,” Riley Marx repeated, causing the boy to look down and sigh, but his gaze shot up as the man continued. “But, if you’re willing, I’ve been looking for someone to work for me as a pool cleaner, grounds keeper and general go-fer at my house. I can’t pay much, but you could stay in the basement while you’re working for me, and there should be plenty of spare time for you to find another part-time job and perhaps even start school again.” “I’LL TAKE IT! ” The boy shouted, lunging back into the room and thrusting his hand into the older man’s palm. “Thanks so much dude, this is awesome-“ “Not so fast!” The man said, stopping the pumping hand grasping his own, and pulling the teen in slightly. “If I’m gonna put my ass on the line for you, there will be no more of this Dude stuff. It will be Sir or Mr. Marx, and I will call you Riley or kid, got it?” “Yes Ri- I mean Yes sir, Mr. Marx.” The teen was a quick study. “Good, and one more thing,” Mr Marx lowered his voice and pulled the teen even closer, until his sandy brown mop of hair was so near to Mr. Marx’ nose that he could smell the cheap shampoo and sweet scent of hair gel, making his dick begin to harden inside his designer briefs. “I can’t have my neighbors thinking I hired some random kid off the streets or wake up to your parents banging on my door, demanding I return their little boy, so as far as your family is concerned, you tell them you’ve got a job working as a camp counselor and won’t be able to call or text or anything except occasionally email. If anyone near my house asks, you’re my nephew, and you’re living with me until you find a job, understood kid?” “Yes sir, Mr Marx. Thank you sir!” They shared a momentary “bro-hug” (one arm pat on the back while shaking the other arm) and the teen dashed off with instructions to check his email when he got home, where he would find Mr. Marx address and the time and day that weekend he was to arrive. Now that the kid was gone, Marx wasted no time in opening his laptop, freeing his hard cock from his khakis and briefs and setting to work to find the boy on social media. With the help of the 20 year old female profile, (Tricia) he’d created to aid in such searches, he quickly landed on the home page, blog and profile of one Riley Dawson. Jerking furiously, he scrolled through album after album of pictures from school dances, summer parties, family vacations, until he found some pictures from a friend’s slumber party with a lock on them. Two lines of flirting with the boy who’d posted them and a friend request from Tricia was all it took to get the password and Marx had to slow his stroking to stop from cumming right then and there. From start to finish, the photos showed the kid and a few buddies performing a strip show for some girls, each lad eventually ending up in nothing but a sock pulled on over his semi-hard teen tent pole. Some of the teens were better hung or more ripped, but none of them had the cute, innocent, cherubic look that Riley Dawson had. Plus, the kid was nearly hairless from head to toe, except for a light dusting under each arm, a slight trail from his belly button to his “sock” and some peach fuzz on his calves, forearms and buns. The most promising pictures appeared once the boys were back in their boxers though. A set showing the underage party goers enjoying a bottle of jack daniels, jello shots and a very large bong with a huge bowl filled to the brim with green, sticky-looking weed. The last photo in the collection featured the kid, bong in one hand, plastic cup filled with jack and coke in the other, as he exhaled a mighty cloud of smoke towards the camera. Jumping up with his pants around his ankles and dashing as best he could to the door, Marx locked it and shut the blinds over the window looking out from the rec center office onto the empty gym. He could hear the sounds of kids playing ball in the next gym over and occasionally their coach’s whistle, but he risked the possibility of being found in favor of smoking while jerking to the photos of his new guest. Whipping out his glass bubble, he sparked the torch and melted the crystal puddle inside it. His hand left his throbbing 9 inch prime cut of meat long enough to take a massive hit from the pipe, before setting it aside and continuing his work. He imagined how easy it was going to be to convince the kid to try smoking tina, and with a small dose of g to ease the road, how much fun they’d have once he had the kid, nude, lubed and stuffed full of his massive member. Closing his eyes and seeing the teen’s smile, he heard the boy’s voice repeat over and over “I’ll do anything” and could see his face change into a gasp of ecstasy as his imaginary penis covered them both in boycum, while his sweet virgin hole took every inch of Marx meat until he was swallowed entirely by boybuns. Fountains of sperm erupted from the perverted drug-dealing middle-aged man’s cock at that moment. The desk, keyboard, screen, cheap carpet, squeaky old rolling chair, his shirt, pants, briefs, tie and even the calendar pinned up behind him all received a healthy shot of seamen across them, soaking in where they could, and otherwise drying until sticky and crusty white. When the last spasm shook his body, Mr. Marx collected himself, emailed the photos to a couple of friends and packed up his belongings. The idea of cleaning his fluids from the office furniture or at least wiping off the boys basketball calendar crossed his mind, but he decided to leave things as they were, since no one would be back to this office for a few hours anyway, and by then the stains would be mistaken for spilled soda or sunscreen. “Shit,” Mr. Marx stopped just outside the door to the exit, and turned instead to the locker room, since he could see the splash of cum across his oxford, tie and pants now that he was under the fluorescent lights of the gym once more. Standing at the sink, he dabbed the spots with cold water, and while he saved the shirt and khakis, he knew there was no chance for the tie. Untying it and pulling it from round his neck, he rolled it up and tucked it in his pocket, deciding to save it anyway, his mind filling with naughty thoughts of how many ways he could use it to restrain his new teenage boytoy. His cock was hard again, so he turned around and walked back towards the stalls, only stopping when he heard a soft moan coming from a changing booth at the far end of the lockerroom. Glancing down to where it originated, he had a hard time seeing since the lights were out at that end and the sun had set enough to only give a soft glow through the frosted glass bricks that lined the top of the stalls. Still, he couldn’t miss the unmistakable sound of a lighter clicking and a boy coughing while an older voice whispered “that’s good boy. Take another hit then get back to sucking my cock.” Sneaking closer, careful to be as quiet as possible, Mr. Marx smiled as the occupants came into view. The older voice belonged to the Basketball coach and Mr. Marx longtime friend who allowed him to use the gym for interviews. The young coughs belonged to a teen from the team, who was so busy puffing at the pipe and thrusting his hard cock against the coach’s, that he never saw the two old pervs share a smile and the coach signal for Mr. Marx to come join them. The boy choked and coughed on his huge cloud, but the coach wasted no time before shoving the young college bound ball player’s head towards his hefty 8 inch uncut black meat. With his mouth impaled on the black battering ram, no one heard his muffled scream as Mr. Marx unleashed his dripping dick and speared it up the boy’s hole. Crying and struggling, the boy was no match for the two older, more experienced men, who had raped barely legal lads like him for nearly twenty years together. It wasn’t until he was so defeated that he went limp that his arms were allowed to fall from where the coach had twisted them behind his back. Knees buckling, he only whimpered as they twirled him onto his back on the changing booth floor and continued tag teaming his hole while feeding him hit after hit off the pipe. Soon he had two sizeable cumloads inside him, and his own boyjizz splattered all over his smooth tan abs, team jersey, and smeared across his coffee colored lips and burgeoning black moustache. “Thanks for letting me get in on that,” Marx said as the men watched the teen limp to his beaten-up old sedan and speed off towards home. Experience told him not to worry about the young man possibly reporting him for rape. To young latin studs like him, masculinity was everything, and if it got out that he’d taken the sperm of a black stallion and some white business man, he’d be dead to his family, and never be able to find a woman who would marry him. “I’ll text you this weekend, Coach, once my new pool boy moves in and you can return the favor after I break in his virgin ass.” “Sounds good Mr. Marx,” The muscular black 47 year old replied as they parted ways in the parking lot. “Been awhile since we shared a virgin, you gonna invite all the guys?” “Maybe,” Marx replied, feeling his dick throb again. “we’ll see if I think he can survive a gang bang like that…” End of part 1
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  19. Sodomight

    Learning From Mr. James

    Hey guys, this is my first porn story, so I hope you like it. There's plenty more chem-fueled pigginess in later chapters if you guys are into it. It was the summer after I’d graduated from high school in Dallas, Texas in the early 2000s. I’d come out a couple of years earlier, lost my virginity, and became a bit of a rebel. The thing was, no matter how hard I tried, what crazy color I died my hair, how baggy my jeans were, or how much I sneered and skulked around, I always looked like a sweet, innocent little boy. I looked maybe 15, max, but even that was pushing it. My skin was lily white and covered in freckles. I had curly strawberry blonde hair that grew out to be a big bush on the top of my head, small mouth, and big expressive blue eyes. I stood about 5’9 with a bit of a belly and the remnants of man boobs from growing up as a fat kid. When it came to guys, I had very little confidence at all. But I was horny all the time. All. The. Time. And from reading stories about older guys seducing younger guys on nifty.org, I’d learned that putting things in my ass was a hell of a good time. I’d put any kind of household object up there, tooth brushes, a wooden flute, even a small shampoo bottle once. I’d read all these stories about kinky sex that I wanted to try, but was too scared to look for or really even understand. But I did manage to meet up with a few older dudes for fun, but they didn’t turn out as hot as my fantasies were. So a week after my 18th birthday, there was a death in the family. I wasn’t particularly close to this great aunt, but my family all wanted to go pay their respects. My grandmother decided to leave me behind to run her business where she was the only employee while she was gone, and that suited me just fine. They packed up the car, and I promised to take care of her office, flashing my boyish smile. All was good. On the second or third day of me manning the place, one of her long-time customers came in. His name was James. He was about 6’1 with a lanky frame and salt and pepper hair in his late 30s or so. He wasn’t the most handsome guy, but he’d always been extra nice. I basically grew up in that office, so I’d known him for at least 10 years at that point. And every time I saw him he’d make sure to give me a big hug and would tell me jokes in the squeaky, over-animated kind of voice he had, like an extra from Mr. Rogers or something, but he always made me laugh. That day, I guess he’d been out riding his bike, because he was covered in blue lycra with a nice sized bulge in the crotch that I tried really hard not to look at for too long. I’d never noticed that James had so much going on between his legs before. “Hey, kiddo, how you doing? Where’s your grandma?” “Hiya, Mr. James!” I exclaimed. I called nearly everyone Mr. So-and-so in those days. I told him where she’d gone, but that I’d be happy to help him any way I could. He got this dark, mischievous grin for a second and said, “Oh, gosh, that’s right, isn’t it. I guess I must have forgotten! I’m so silly sometimes.” “You are silly without a doubt, Mr. James.” His voice was like a cartoon character. It was fun to have banter like we did when I was a kid, but I was clearly a grown man at this point. Mr. James seemed to have other ideas. I bristled a bit, but I was determined to prove that I was all grown up now. He demanded a hug, like always, so I got up from behind the desk and gave him one. I tried to be firm and manly to show him just how mature I was at that point, but when he wrapped his arms around me I felt this jolt go through me I’d never felt before. His grip was so soft and comforting. I felt so safe and secure there in his arms. The smell of his sweat and the lycra made my head spin. My breath was a little heavier than I would have liked, but he didn’t seem to want to let go. The hug went on a little longer than it probably should have, but then we settled back into our chairs and struck up a conversation. He was sitting right across from me with his legs spread in typical man stance. I could see the clear outline of his bulge in those blue lycra shorts, and it was making me hot as hell. The conversation was boring small talk, but he kept opening and closing his legs. And every time he did I couldn’t help but look down to watch his bulge shift and flex, and could almost see the outline of his cockhead resting just to the left of his balls. He pretended not to notice and kept the conversation going. But I just couldn’t stop looking at his package, and his dick, it just seemed to keep growing. I started to get a bit nervous, but it didn’t stop me from looking. I found myself just staring openly at the lump moving down his thigh, and the conversation trailed off. I looked up at him all sheepish for a second at having gotten caught, but he just chuckled his goofy little laugh and smiled encouragingly at me. But I was too dumbfounded to move. He looked down at his crotch and back up at me with a look of fake surprise, like he’d pulled a quarter from behind my ear and just discovered it. “Hey, hey! Look at that!” he said. Slowly he reached down, grabbed his cock, and waggled it at me with a playful little smirk. I was frozen in place, mesmerized. “So how long have you been into guys,” he asked the question so casually, but my heat leapt into my throat. “Um…a few years now,” I stammered. “A few years, huh? Well it sounds like you got started early.” “Yeah,” I said, laughing a little. “Have you been with a boy yet?” “Um…well, I lost my virginity at 15. He was 48, though, so not really a boy. And I wouldn’t say I’ve had good sex yet.” “Oh I see. That’s my precocious boy. Exploring what he wants before anyone expected. Have you ever been to a bathhouse?” “No,” I muttered, “I just turned 18 last week.” “Aw,” he said, with a little bit of disappointment, but he gave me this wolfish smile. I couldn’t believe I was being so honest with him. Something about him just made me feel like I could trust him. “Hey, kiddo, have I told you how handsome you’ve gotten?” I just blushed, not sure of what to say. “I mean you’ve always been a very cute little boy, but now you’re beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that?” They hadn’t, and it showed. I couldn’t help but beam at him, and his cock twitched. I flicked my gaze down and saw that his bulge had grown even larger. A wet spot had formed at the tip. My small mouth opened in surprise. James watched me and his goofy smile disappeared. He got serious and quiet. Suddenly he wasn’t the same old silly Mr. James I’d known all these years. There was this darkness to him I’ never seen before. Like he’d been planning to get me into a spot just like this all along, and I thought briefly about what I was getting myself into. “Let’s try something fun,” he said quietly. He got up, his cock now obscenely stretched against his hip. I could see every vein and the thick ridge of his cockhead. Methodically he strutted around the office, closing all of the blinds, his dick wobbling back and forth under the lycra, and I marveled at his transformation, how masculine he seemed, how in charge. I stumbled up from the desk and followed his lead, shutting the door and locking it. He turned to look at me with this sense of purpose in his eyes, like whatever he was about to do to me was inevitable, and I got scared. He checked himself immediately and the goofy smile came back as he flexed his cock. The wet spot got bigger. He spread his arms and did this funny little duck walk over to me that made his dick bob up and down with every lurching step. I couldn’t help but laugh and was immediately put at ease. He’d spent years perfecting the art of cheering me up. It worked every time. He came in for another big hug, his man-sized frame enfolding mine. I could feel his cock throbbing against my stomach. “Hey, kiddo,” he said as his hands slid down to hold my plump ass through my jeans. “How you doing?” “Good,” I stuttered. I was shaking like a leaf. “Goooooood,” he said in soothing tones and moved my hand onto his throbbing cock. It felt firm and full in my hand and I gave it a few little squeezes. He moaned and brought me in for a kiss, my neck straining back to accommodate his height. I felt his tongue pressing against my teeth, which was new for me. Wanting to show him just how much I’d grown up though, I just went with it. His big wet tongue invaded my mouth and explored every nook and cranny. I gagged a bit when he reached the back of my throat, but he just petted the back of my head and held me in place. Soon I was sucking on his tongue like there was no tomorrow. He pried me away and kissed down my cheek to my neck. I let out a little gasp and my whole body went rigid. It was the most amazing thing I’d felt up to this point in my life. And when he began to gently suck and lick, I couldn’t help but moan. Immediately he pulled back and laughed. Putting one of his big, hairy hands gently over my mouth. “I love your pretty little moans, kiddo, but you’ve gotta keep it quiet right now, understand?” I nodded. “Why don’t we go into the back for a while?” he said. And I hastily grabbed his hand and led him back to the little hallway where we had a tiny kitchen to the left, and the bathroom and a big pile of bird seed sacks to the right. He pushed me up against the sink and kissed ravenously. He unbuckled my jeans and they fell to the ground. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my whole life as he squatted down, took off his classes, and yanked down my briefs. My 6 inches of uncut boymeat bounced into the open and, without missing a beat, Mr. James swallowed up my entire cock in his mouth and started slurping away. If what I felt before was good, this was at least a thousand times better, and I bit my lip to keep from moaning. He reached up with his long, hairy arm and clamped his hand over my mouth while he mercilessly milked my dick for every bit of pleasure it could get. I got real close to cumming, I was right on the edge, but he pulled away as quick as he had started. He stood up and tugged me to him forcefully, spitting on his fingers and going in for another deep kiss. His fingers found my pink little boy hole and began gently circling, teasing, as he fucked my mouth with his tongue. His touch was electric on my hole and I moaned into his mouth, thrusting my hips against him. Firmly but gingerly he teased around the outside of my hole, getting each and every one of those nerve endings tickling. Then he pulled back his hands and his kiss and unzipped a pocket in his riding vest that looked to have a little sandwich baggy inside. He put two fingers deeply into his mouth, coating them thickly with spit and rummaged around in the sandwich baggy, covering them in white powder. “What’s that,” I whispered in a scared voice. “Just some special lube to help get you opened up.” ‘B-but it’s powder,” I stammered. “Don’t worry, it mixes with the spit once it’s in your hole, and then you'll start to feel really good.” And with that he shoved his finger inside me. I tried to cry out, but he planted his lips over mine as he wormed his way deeper inside me, stretching out my ring and making himself known to my tender insides. The finger burned like fire, and I tried to pull away, but he had me where he wanted me. My hole winked around his finger with the struggle and he slipped the other finger in and I gasped. My heart started beating faster in my chest, my hole started to loosen, and my horniness got ramped up more than I thought was possible. After a minute his fingers felt like magic inside me, and I unreservedly thrust my cock between his lycra clad thighs. I became acutely aware of his cock throbbing against my stomach and rubbed myself against him. “Hey kiddo, that’s my boy,” he murmured as he stretched out my hole. “That’s it.” All I could think about was how much I wanted his cock inside me. I needed it. I didn’t really like bottoming that much with actual guys, really, but I had to have his cock, and I had to have it right then. I grabbed his cock and gave it a desperate little tug. He laughed and asked if I was having a good time. “Yes, Mr. James.” I said, unintentionally mimicking the cadence I used when I was little. “Oh, good boy,” he said, his cartoony chuckle coming back. “I like that you still call me that. Now do you know what comes next, son?” “No, sir,” I said, but I really, really hoped. “Oh-ho I think you know,” he said, and twisted his fingers even deeper inside me I moaned and he withdrew his fingers. I felt so empty and scared it might be ending. “Why don’t you go get on that stack of bird seed bags, kiddo, and stick out your cute little but for me.” I giggled, and did what he asked. Once I was on all fours on the bird seed, I stuck out my ass and gave it a little shake, and Mr. James let out a low moan. I heard him spit on his hand and felt him move in behind me. He put up one leg on the birdseed next to me and soon I felt the wet tip of his cock moving up and down my crack. My whole body tensed and I stammered out, “D-d-d-do you have a condom?” “Uh-oh!” he said in a sing songy voice and kept rubbing his cock along the crack of my ass sending vibrations through my entire body. My hole was begging for his cock. “I’m fresh out of rubbers, little buddy. Do you want me to stop?” he said, swirling his hips and making my hole twitch and buck. I didn’t answer. “Because I sure will if you want me to, kiddo. Do you want me to?” Still I didn’t answer. “Huh?” he asked, poking at my hole with the head of his cock. “Huh?” he asked going deeper. “I mean…” I trailed off. He broke through the seal of my hole and sunk in deep. All seven inches of his thick cock were buried in me to the hilt, and I could feel his heartbeat through his cock in my stretched out ring. He smoothed his hands around the small of my back and leaned down to give me a kiss right between the shoulders, and I relaxed and let out a big breath. This was Mr. James, after all. He wouldn’t hurt me. “Mmmm, it seems like you might like that, I don’t know if you want me to stop, do you? Gently he made little circles in my hole with his fat cock, loosening me up. My hole burned, but it also felt better than any cock I’d ever experienced. I let out a little yelp of pleasure. “Hmmm, what was that? Did you want me to stop?” he asked, thrusting his hips in even deeper, giving me short little strokes as he ground around inside me. “Do you? Do you want me to stop?” The thrusts grew longer, and I couldn’t keep quiet anymore. “I want to hear an answer from you, little buddy, do you want me to stop, or do you want me to pound your fucking pussy?” I let out a cry of joy, pushing back on him. Trying to get more of this dick that was bringing me into a whole new world of pleasure. “That’s not good enough, kiddo. I said I wanted a fucking answer,” he said and he maneuvered himself so both his feet were on the bird seed bag, it bulged with our combined weight. He sunk his cock in as deep as it would go and leaned over to whisper in my ears. “Now, I want you to think about this and give me an answer like a good boy, okay? Can you do that for me?”. I nodded. “Now,” he said, grinding his cock in swirls, rubbing his leaking cock head against the walls of my ass. “Do you want me to stop? Or do you want me to pound. That. Pussy!” And with those last three words he would pull all the way out and slam right back in. A sound ripped from my throat. “Yes! Yes, please don’t stop!” “Stop what?” he said, back to the slow grind. “Please don’t stop p-p-p-pounding my—please don’t stop pounding my pussy,” I said, unintentionally slipping back into that little boy cadence. He groaned a deep throated groan and softly petted the back of my head. He leaned in close and licked my ear. “Then get ready.” What came next was an unrelenting assault on my hole. He fucked me deep and he fucked me hard, and he didn’t stop. He wrapped a hand over my mouth and pulled my head back so my whole back arched up, exposing my plump, lily white ass for the taking as he thrust in deep over and over. I freaked a bit and tried to buck him off, but he just held me still until I gave in to the onslaught of his cock. His breathing got faster, and his thrusts got more ragged as my hole squeezed at his thickness. “Unnnnh, little buddy, I’m gonna give you my load.” I struggled when he said this. I’d never taken a load before, and I was terrified. I always used condoms. Always. But he had me in a firm grip. His pounding kept going and going and going and I couldn’t stop the waves of pleasure he was forcing through every cell in my body. He let out a strangled cry, thrust in as far as he could go, and I felt his cock spasm over and over again. Wetness spread deep inside me, and my dick instantly got steel hard again. As he collapsed on top of me, the lycra of his riding fest sticking to my back, cock still lodged inside of me, I started to panic. Just like he always did, though, Mr. James calmed me down and we curled up together on the bags of birdseed, spoon style as he gently thrust in, rubbing his cum into the walls of my hole. With the intensity of the moment, I started to sniffle a bit, but he held me tight. “Hey, hey, kiddo. There’s no need to cry. Was that your first load?” “Yeah…” I said quietly. “Well then that was a big step you just took. I’m proud of you, little buddy. Good work. Did it feel good?” he asked as he spread his man cum around my tender insides. “Yeah…” I muttered. “Well then who gives a hot damn, is what I say. You’ve gotta embrace that inner pig I just saw, and I’d love to show you how. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Here, why don’t we get cleaned up, kiddo.” With that we got up and got our pants back on. Mr. James pulled me in for a big hug and rubbed my back in big circles. “That was a lot of fun today, but there’s so much more I want to show you. Here’s my number in case you ever want to try going to one of those bathhouses we were talking about.” I took the slip of paper he handed to me, and gave him one more hug for the road. “Thank you, Mr. James. That was a lot of fun.” “Anytime, partner,” he said, as he walked toward the office door. “Hey, have you ever tried ecstasy,” he asked? “No, but I’ve always wanted to,” I replied. He grinned that goofy grin. “Well, then, until next time."
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  20. I spent the last two days taking high viral loads from an unmedicated poz buddy, taking five of his charged toxic loads between 7:00 PM Friday and 10:00 AM Sunday. I had been barebacking for years, and knew, of course, of the risks, but remained negative. Even so, I struggled with my fantasies and desires for a long time before I embraced the idea of activity chasing poz tops to load my neg but poz craving ass. Eventually I decided it was time, and made arrangements for this to go down with a long time bud. We’ve been friends for years and have enjoyed many experiences together at bookstores, bathhouses, and back/darkrooms at various clubs, so we've seen each other naked many times, and in fact have had sex in the same room while pigging out on our various sleazy escapades, but we had hadn't had sex with each other. Rather our respective role had always been to be 'wingman' or 'safe buddy' to each other, just to made certain each of us had someone there to help in case we got into a dangerous situation. Sure, I had fantasied of getting my first poz load from a random anon top who either let me know he was blowing his poz seed in me while he was cumming in my ass or after I’ve taken his load, but it never happened. After I decided I wanted my first pozzing experience to be an intimate setting where both of us were fully aware of what was taking place, I asked my buddy (who became poz randomly and not though active chasing), if he would help me out. We talked about it for a while and he agreed to be my first openly poz top once he was convinced it was what I really wanted. He came over Friday night after work with the mutually agreed upon plan that he was to dump as many of his poz loads in me as possible and we got right down to the business of making that happen. Once we were naked and in my bed he said, “Damn, you’re more nervous and excited than I have ever seen you before." I replied, “I know, it’s the combination of knowing what’s going to happen and the excitement of you being the one to initiate my journey.” It was then that we confessed to each other that we’ve both shared an unspoken interest in being more than friends and how hot our first time together was going to be. He was turned on by the excitement of pozzing a bug chaser and I was equally turned on by the excitement of giving in to my desires and finally letting myself get pozzed on purpose. I’ll skip over the boring parts of our hot weekend together and just highlight important parts. Our first fuck was amazing. We did it in every position possible for almost two hours with the excitement of knowing how we both wanted it to end, with him pozzing my neg ass for the first time. We finished in the missionary position so we could both share the enjoyment of that moment when it happened, exchanging a lot of intimate but dirty verbal chat as we worked up to that moment. When the time came we were face to face making out with each other and he said “I’m getting close. You want my load?” “Yes, cum in my ass,” I answered. “You know I’m poz and shooting dirty loads,” he replied. “Yes, that’s why I want it so bad. Give me your dirty seed.” “Are you sure? It’s not to late change your mind.” “I’m more sure than I’ve ever been. Please give me your dirty load", I said. With that, he went over the edge and started pumping his poz load in my ass. “Oh yeah, that’s it. Fill me with that toxic load Give me your gift. It’s what I’ve needed for so long,” I begged. “Fuck, it’s so hot knowing you want it so bad. I’m cumming so fucking hard in your ass right now,” he replied nearly breathless and panting with excitement as we locked eyes and I marveled in the joy of his facial expressions and his 'O' face. With that, I went over the edge and shot what could be my last neg load all over both of us (hands-free in what I’ve described as a pozgasm in a previous post). He collapsed on top of me when we were both done and we relished in the pure sexual satisfaction of what we had just done. He had pozzed me for the first time and I had no regrets. It was an amazing experience for both of us. He fucked four more of his charged loads in my ass before our time together was done. We enjoyed plenty of role play and hot verbal, including the scene where he was pozzing me during an anon scene where I wasn’t expecting it. They were all hot but none were equal to that first time described above. I'm looking forward to experiencing more sexcapades with this guy in the future as well as any other poz gifters I can find. Thanks for reading and commenting and hope my story wasn’t too long or boring before I got to the good parts.
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  21. PHXariesAZ

    Str8 Jock to Porn Star

    Part 1 He was one of the few straight guys I sold to and definitely the hotest. His name was Troy and he was 19. And at 6'2", lean 190 pounds, blond hair and blue eyes he was the next door AF/frat boy type. He had a scholarship at the local university, but lost it over the summer for some infraction (probably drugs). He was mostly doing weed and coke, until a girl he picked up one night introduced him to Tina. He loved fucking on Tina and developed a nice habit. That's where I came into the picture. She introduced Troy to me so that he could get his own supplies. Soon he was hitting me up on a regular basis, but always seemed to be short on cash. Now, I am an entrepreneur. I have several "businesses' I run in addition to selling the best shit on campus. One of my businesses is a video web site where guys show off (either solo or couple). I knew he needed cash and started to plant the seed in his brain at how much cash he could make in one night. The conversation wnet like this: Me: "If you need cash I have a way you can make $100 a night easy." Troy: "I'm not seeling drugs!" Me: "Nothing like that, I have a web site that features hot guys like you that show off for viewers all over the world." Troy: "I aint doing anything gay, I'm not a fog." Me: "You don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with, but I will tell you the more you please your viewers the better tips you might get. I have a couple guys that clear close to a grand in one night." Troy: "I'll think about it." Me: "There's a special, secret viewing for those hot boys who like to blow clouds and stroke for the customer." I knew I had him thinking as I gave him a small supply of Tina for the night. It was enough to cloud his brain and when he wanted more without any means to pay for it I would have him. Sure enough by the next morning I got a text from him asking for more Tina. He and a girl he hung out with went through what he had in a few hours. He had no cash on hand and I brought up our discussion from a few hours earlier. I could tell he was in desperate need as he agreed to do the web site if I fronted him some Tina. I had him! He came over to where the video was broadcasted and I presented a contract for him to sign. He signed it without reading (what a dumb jock) and I gave him a teener of T. I informed him that he was to be back at the studio the next night around 8 pm to be prepared and given instructions. The next night he showed 5 minutes late (better late than never) and he was given a razor and instructed to trim or shave his balls, ass and chest. He was then led to a bathroom (which had a number of concealed cameras) where he proceeded to shave his entire body hair off. When he returned he was shown to his private room and told to show off for the viewers while chatting with them. I reminded him the more he would do for them he might get some tips. He spent the next 8 hours on camera stoking his coke (a nice coke actually, too bad by the time I'm done with him he won't really get to use it. By the end of the night he had received very few tips and only made $150. He was disappointed and asked "Do you have any suggestions how I could make more money. I lost viewers as the night went on." I asked him "Would you let another guy suck your dick? I know that would get you more viewers. They'd love to see a straight jock sucked off. I'd even up your base to $150 plus tips." Troy siad h "I need to think about that, when do I go on again?" I let him know he has a week to decide. The following week when he returned, hungry for some smoke made his decision easy. He agreed to have another guy suck his cock. I made sure he had plenty of G laced Gatorade (since it would help hide the taste) and plenty of Tina for them both to smoke. I knew with all those factors I might get him to do more. I had paired him up with Tommy, who was actually one of my vers/top studs and also HIV+! This session went better then his first session. He let the Tommy play with his cock and eventually give him a blow job while paying some attention to licking his taint and a few licks to his hole. As the night progress Tommy made sure that Troy smoked a lot of Tina. Troy started to get offers ($$) to blow Tommy. The first offer was $50 to which Troy politely replied that he was straight and didn't suck dick. The viewers questioned Troy on his sexuality and he continued to tell them that he was in deed straight. The offerd began to get better until the final one (prompted by me) came in offering him $500 to give Tommy a blow job to completion. I saw Troy's eye go wide at that offer and he thought this over. It was apparent that Troy was having dificulties getting hard as Tommy was still playing with his Tina dick. Tommy let Troy know that if they were going to make some serious cash they needed some action. I added to the fire with my private chat to them to get the action on before we lose any viewers and I lose money!! Tommy helped guide Troy's head to his crotch as Troy gave in knowing he needed to perform. He reluctantly began to suck Tommy's growing cock as he produced ample amounts of precum. Soon Tommy had Troy's mouth fully on his 9" cock as he he paid a little attention to Troys ass. Troy was lost in his attempt to suck cock for the first time he barely noticed Tommy work a finger coated in Tina laced lube into his hole. Troy was starting to get plesure from the attention to his ass while he attempted to suck his first cock. Tommy took his time as he added more lube and eventually a nice size shard of Tina to Troy's hole. Troy began to moan around Tommy's cock as more fingers were added to his hungry hole. When Tommy had worked a second shard inside Troy along with 3 fingers Troy was definitely entering slut mode when he asked Tommy "Oh god bro, that was feeling great, will you put your fingers back inside me." Tommy was perfect, "You want something in your straight, jock ass bro? How about my cock? Would you like me to slip my cock inside your ass?" Troy attempted to deny his fate, "Bro, I'm straight. I don't get fucked by guys" as he continued to suck Tommy's cock. Tommy pushed Troy down as far as he'd go onto his cock and asked "Do straight boy's like you suck cock? I know you want cock in your hole, it's hungry for me to breed it." Troy was completely defeated as he never let Troy's cock out of his mouth and shook his 'yes' letting Tommy know that he was accepting his fate. Tommy moved between Troy's legs positioning his bare cock at the jock's virgin hole. I made sure to get a close up of Troy's face on a split screen as Tommy's cock began to make its way where no man had ever been before. When Tommy's head breached the outer ring, there was a look of confusion on Troy's face. But as he slowly sank the full length into the Jock's ass the look turned to one of pure pleasure and desire. Tommy sank in balls deep as the Troy moaned out "Oh, fuck yeah!" Then he pulled out a bit and began to slowly initiate our former straight jock to the joys of man on man sex. With Tommy's abilities (and a little bit of Tina) he fucked Troy bast the time their show was supposed to end giving him 6 dirty poz loads of cum, and bringing this jock one step closer to being a gay porn star.
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  22. Scorpion

    Predators And Prey

    Predators and prey Michael was a good boy. He was a good pupil and always listened to his parents. He helped old people in crossing the street and was involved in his church. And Michael believed in God. Still there was a dark secret hidden in this otherwise always friendly guy. Michael fantasized of being sexually dominated by men. His parents didn’t know he was gay. To the extent either of them thought about it, both his mother and father assumed he was shy with girls, but that eventually he would grow out of it. Neither ever considered Michael might be a dick-taking faggot. Now, at the age of 18, having received his driving license, Mike felt an overwhelming urge to get fucked. The urge grew from day to day. In his mind he was ripped open by one, two, three, sometimes even four guys. He wanted to serve them with his body. He instinctively knew his role was to be on the receiving end. Living in a small village, where everyone knew each other it was impossible for Mike to stare at the other boys. He was always keeping his little secret to himself and never gave anyone the opportunity to think otherwise of him. He was the cute Christian neighbor boy, who was saving himself for the right girl. “Mom?” “What is it” his mother yelled from the kitchen. “Can I borrow the car, please?” he asked politely. His mother came into the hall. It was almost 10:00 o’clock in the evening. "Why do you need the car at this hour," she asked. "I forgot a school book at a buddy's house and I need it for an upcoming exam," Michael explained. His mother trusted Michael in all of his action and although she was worried about him, driving in the dark he convinced her, that he needed the book urgently and would be back soon. Michael’s father died two year ago from cancer. Since then he was ‘the man’ in the house. His mother smiled to him and asked him to drive slowly and to be home soon. Michael took the keys from the table and told his mother he would return soon and that he might chat with his friend a bit. Michael never mentioned a name and his mother didn't think to ask which of Michael's friends. In any event off Michael went in his mother's car. Of course his destination was not a buddy's house, but rather a cruising lot where gays met to fuck each other. He read about the place on the internet. His destination was a parking lot which adjoined a nearby forest. As he drove into the parking lot, Michael thought "Now is the time to get some action." In the forum he read about the cruising area. It was well visited and people wrote about their sex encounters which made Mike always horny. He read about the option of being fucked bareback. Mike knew about condoms, but sex was never a subject at home. He knew condoms prevent a girl of becoming pregnant, but he was not a girl. Believe it or not, but Michael was unaware of the dangers of STD’s or HIV. This was just not part of his world and although he needed cock, he was also full of doubts, if the path he walked would lead him straight to hell. He had to drive quite some miles and in the back of his mind was hoping his mom didn’t check the mileage after all. Finally he arrived at his destination. It was almost 11:00 pm. There were several other cars parked in a big parking lot. Although the parking lot was officially a rest area, none of the cars were occupied with passengers. Mike was hard. He was wearing a tight blue jeans and a blue shirt with an imprint of his school, St. Barnabas. His heart was beating so fast. He thought it would burst inside of his chest. His jeans almost did anyway, showing a nice bulge, although Mike had not the biggest gun for sure. He opened the car door and exited the vehicle. He couldn’t see anyone although the moon was shining bright. Slowly he started walking towards the forest. He felt his ass tingle in excitement. Tonight he wanted to take cocks into his arse. He wouldn’t mind if some guys would use him and although he had dreams about the only one, he knew this was impossible for him. His was expected to get married one day and have a bunch of children. But he also had this needs and for tonight he would let guys be in charge of him and his young body. Michael entered the forest and suddenly saw a first couple engaged in sexual activities. He was so horny. This was the first time, he saw two guys actually doing something. One male was on his knees and was sucking a daddy type. The bearded hunk was around 40 and observed Michael instantly. Michael was actually looking shyly at the big cock of this dark haired top but was too afraid to stand still and start jerking or so. So he continued his way deeper into the darkness while the guy who had just focused on Mike pushed the sucker away and told him to fuck off. He had set his mind on this young twink, who was obviously the first time at such a place. Maybe he was a virgin. He closed his jeans and followed Michael. Other guys had also noticed the fresh meat and like predators they surrounded Michael eye-fucking the youngster. Michael was so excited. He had the feeling he wasn’t almost able to breathe. He passed some guys on his way through the woods. Deep voices reached out to him, enticing him with open invitations, such as “Hey there young one, need some hard dick?” And “What’s up, puppy? Looking for a daddy?” and again, “Hey boy, let me fuck your tight hole.” The sweet invitations to partake of debauchery of which Michael had only passing knowledge. He was too shy to reply, but he smiled cutely at all of them and was always looking at their big bulges and that was quite inviting for all of them. Another hunk actually stopped Michael by holding him by his shoulder and asked "Are you looking for some dick? We are all here to give it good to you. All you've gotta do is to spread your legs, you little cunt." Mike looked at the front of this guy's jeans. The buttons were open already and a thick cock was sticking out of his pants. Without a word the stud increased the pressure on Michael's shoulder and pressed him down onto his knees with the simple command "Suck." “I don’t know…how," Michael replied in a quiet, reserved whisper. “Are you a fucking virgin?” Mr. Big asked loudly. Michael nodded, in abject shame. “A fucking virgin,” Mr. Big replied with a coarse chuckle, adding “You know, you're gonna taste and feel many cocks tonight, little one.” With this pronouncement Mr. Big grabbed Michael's hair, pulling him down closer too his cock. “Just open your mouth and suck my dick. And take care of your teeth. Don’t scratch me with your fucking teeth” With that Michael was got his first taste of cock. He tried to look up to this macho fucker, but sucking for the first time, took much of his concentration and so he tried to take as much of the fuck meat into his mouth. The big guy pushed his dick further into Mikes throat and he choked on his cock. This was fucking great Michael thought. He hoped he would get used hard tonight. He wasn’t able to see, but 6 other guys were already jerking off. They had all heard the news, that this fucktoy was a virgin obviously. “Do you want to take dick up your cunt?” the guy above him asked. “Yes – please” Mike answered and blushed. “I just used my last condom bitch – you got some?” he asked loudly. “No – my mom would kill me, if she found condoms in my room”. "Your Mom?" the guy snickered. “You take it bare?” he asked loudly, so everyone nearby could hear the questioning. “Yes if course, that’s not a problem. I would love to take it raw. I will accept everyone” Michael replied and continued sucking dick. “Good boy. Very good boy. Let’s go. There is a shack nearby with a mattress inside. This is just the place we need to fuck you hard and give you some charged loads. Let’s go!” the male commanded. He dragged Michael by his arm and forced him to follow him through the woods. Michael now saw some other guys who were grinning at him wickedly. He felt like the star of the night. He knew everybody was wanting him and he was willing to accept every dick in his body. There was a glade in front of them and there he could see the booth. He was scared, but also excited. He wanted to be used. He needed cock. Tonight was the night he finally would experience what it meant to be a fagboy…
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  23. sfbbbtm

    Pimped Out By Two Daddy's

    I’d been blowing clouds with a daddy I would hook up with. He would have me come over and there would be a pipe loaded and ready for me when I arrived. “Sit, hit this until you finish it.” He’d say. And for the next twenty to thirty minutes I’d watch porn as I hit the pipe. When I was done, he’d fill it again. “Ok, lemme know when this is done.” And so I’d continue. By the time I was done I’d be flying and he’d be ready. He’d fill it again, move to the bed and take his clothes off. “Get between my legs and suck my meat, boy.” He nonchalantly order. And I’d take my clothes off, leaving on my jock, and I’d begin to suck he thick daddy dick. He was southern, white trashy / redneck sort of guy. Nice enough, with a great cock between his legs. I’d suck his dick for hours, and he’d feed me the pipe. He loved getting me higher and higher and having my spun mouth work over his dick. At some point in the night, after hours of me nursing his meat, he’d tell me to grease up my hole, turn around and sit down on his dick. And I would gladly oblige. One night, about midway into the session he received a text. And then sent another, and received another. “Hey, I need to go get some more shit. I have a friend staying in the other room. You are going to entertain him until I get back. Go over, knock on the door and he’ll let you in. When I get back, you can continue. Without hesitating I stood up and walked out of the room. I knocked on the door, it slid open, dark except the glow of a cell phone on a nightstand. And I walked in. A figure, taller than me, muscular, quietly said “Hey there.” and shut the door behind me. I moved toward the bed and he followed. He was naked and hard. “Is your hole open yet?” He asked. “Haven’t been fucked today yet” I responded. He reached over and lubed up his finger. “Lay down.” He told me. I laid on the bed and he guided my legs in the air. Lubing my ass and pushing in with his finger. “Not too tight. Good.” He pushed me further back and climbed on top of me. He handed me a bottle of poppers. “Hit these deep a few times, let me know when you are done with them.” He said. I hit them deep and hard, and immediately my skin and head buzzed and I felt light as a feather. I could feel him lubing up my hole more, and then he pushed my legs all the way back by my ears and placed a pillow under my ass. Then I felt his cock head on my hole and it pressed in. My hole was eager and I just wanted it to be filled with something big and thick. I still couldn’t make out his face really, but his body was firm, long and muscular. His dick with thick and just long enough. He slid all the way in. And I started to move a little for position. He grabbed my neck and said, “Do not move. Your job is to lay there, silently and take it. You move and I stop. You make a sound and I stop. If you need poppers, just tough your nose. Otherwise don’t move. Got it?” I was so turned on. “Yes.” I quietly responded. “Good. You are a bottom. My whore. Just a hole. And I want to get off. So shut up.” And he proceeded to fuck me deep and hard. I didn’t dare move. He handed me the poppers and and I inhaled deeply. About twenty minutes later he blew his load into my hole. It was still completely dark, I still hadn’t seen his face really. And when he was done shooting his load he pulled out. “Thanks. I think our bud is back.” And he walked to the door, slid it open while staying in the dark and ushered me into the hall. I went back to the daddy’s room. He was laying in the bed, porn on, dick out, pipe loaded. I went right back to sucking his meat. “How was my friend?” He asked. “Great.” I mumbled as I worked his cock with my mouth. “You just made me $40.” He said. “Daddy’s little whore.” My dick got rock hard. And I sucked him until he came. He fell asleep almost as soon as he came, and I quietly dressed and slipped out into the pre-dawn cool air of the street. I wasn’t nearly done. So I drove to a local sex club, parked and went in. This place was a sleazy hole, no private rooms, just lockers. And it had a few slings, some glory holes and a second level lofted with various spots to fuck and suck. I stripped down to my jock and sneakers, locked my locker, grabbed a cigarette and ran to the little smoking room towards the back. It was fairly quiet, no one doing anything, a guy was on the computers scrolling through profiles online, and another guy was already in the smoking room. Wearing jeans, a leather harness, and boots. He was smoking a cigarette. I sat down, he offered me a light. A few mins in, he pulled a pipe from his jeans and torched the bowl, and blew a big cloud. He offered me a hit, and I took it. We started chatting. He asked about my night, and without sparing much detail I told him what had happened so far. He smiled. “Woof!” He snarled. “Want to get fucked more?” He asked. And I nodded. He stood, pulled out a bag, and then found a small but nice size rock. “Bend over bud, lets get this deep in there.” And I turned around showed him my ass, and he pushed the rock deep inside. I turned around and sat back down. He pulled out his phone and started typing. “I have a few buddies who might be close by who would love a go on your ass. Let’s see what we can get going.” And he hit send on his phone. “Ok, go get that hole in a sling. I’ll be right there.” I walked out of the room and found a sling I liked toward the front. I slid up into it, and noticed a few more guys had come into the club. One big bear, younger, and fully clothed. An older guy, about 65, tall, lanky, with his dick hanging out of his jeans and a leather vest. And a third guy, about 40, long hair, long beard, kinda looked dirty and homeless. The all took note of the me hopping into the sling. My friend from the smoking room came out and handed me his poppers. “They are heading over now.” He said. I hit the poppers and he stuck a finger in my ass. The other three circled closer to the sling. He looked up and said to the dirty looking one, “Want his ass?” And with that he gave me to the dude. I never saw his dick, but felt it go in. He pushed all the way deep, and it felt amazing. My new smoking friend moved toward my head, gave me a hit of poppers. Looked quickly around, pulled out his pipe and lit if for me and I inhaled deep as the homeless guy plowed into my ass. “Your hole is mine tonight, and I’m going to keep it full.” My new buddy announced. As soon as the homeless guy blew his load in my hole, he motioned for the lanky older guy to take his place. This guy had been quiet so far watching, but as soon as his dick entered my ass it nearly doubled in size and he tore into my hole hard. It hurt from time to time, and my bud would make sure the poppers were at the ready. This went on for at least a half hour, and I noticed a few others had joined us. The old man finally busted his nut and pulled out. He leaned in and whispered to me “I love a good fucking whore. what locker is yours, I’ll slip me number into it. Call me as soon as you are done with here tonight, and I’ll keep you busy later.” I gave him my locker number and off he went. “My friends are here.” My smoking bud said with a smile, handing me the poppers again. “I also had them text their friends.” And before I had finished the hit of poppers, another dick was in my ass.
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  24. seanpeck09

    Meeting Trent

    Matt walked in the door and made eye contact with Trent. "Hey, I'm Matt" "Damn Matt, you look even hotter than in your pictures." Matt blushed, trying not to show how much he liked the compliment. "Yeah, you're hot too. Nice apartment." Trent smirked. This kid was perfect. He could tell he had limited experience. Trent would enjoy corrupting his mind. "Let's get a drink and chat." Trent grabbed a couple of cokes... and his bottle of G. He sat down on the couch next to Matt. Trent said, "You want to try this? It's called G. It'll help loosen you up, get you ready. Is this your first time getting fucked bareback?" "Sure, sounds good. It's just like a shot, of like liquor?" Matt asked. "Yeah" "Yeah, this is my first time getting fucked bareback, but I've fucked one guy without a condom once it broke," Matt replied. "Nice, you'll love it. Bareback is the only way I fuck anymore," Trent added. "Yeah, thank god for prep," Matt laughed. Trent just chuckled. He started drinking his G-spiked drink and Matt followed suit. Matt, slightly nervous, chugged the rest of his drink fast, consuming the copious amounts of G that Trent had added to it. They chatted for a bit, ESPN on in the background. Trent asked Matt about school and where he wanted to go to college next year and Matt asked Trent about his work. Before he knew it Matt's head was spinning and he was feeling relaxed. "How is the G treating you?" Trent asked, his hand on Matt's thigh, fingers already within the leg holes of his shorts, fingers rubbing on Matt's thigh. "I feel good, man" and he was. He noticed Trent's hand on his leg and felt himself getting hard in his jock. Trent leaned in, kissing Matt. Matt kissed back, feeling good and relaxed and horny. Matt noticed Trent had put some porn on the television, but he wasn't sure when. Damn, he thought, "I'm a little out of it." But that thought was quickly forgotten, feeling Trent's hands groping his body, hand moving up on his thigh, feeling the bulge of Matt's jock. Matt catching glimpses of the porn on screen of two daddies fucking a young looking twink boy bareback. One even had the biohazard tattoo that Matt knew meant he has HIV+. Weirdly he felt his dick jumping thinking of that, the G dampening his inhibitions. "Fuck that's hot," Matt said aloud. Trent replied, "Let me show you this vid, it's so hot." Trent went back to kissing Matt, lifting off Matt's tank, which slipped right off. Then he removed his own shirt. Matt, half distracted by Trent, half by the TV, mind fogged up from G. Matt caught a glimpse of the TV. Saw two hot guys, clean cut studs in there twenties. He was one had a tie around his arm, and the camera focused in. Matt saw a needle go into his arm, a flash of red appeared, and then he saw the plunger go down. He half noticed Trent pulling down he shorts as he focused on the television, watching the guy who just had the needle in arm coughing and looking wide-eyed. "Fuck that looked hot," Matt thought, wondering what was in the syringe. "You think that's hot?" Trent asked. "I.. uhh yeah, what did they shoot up?" "Crystal. It's pretty hardcore, but I've heard that the sex if fucking amazing. Especially when they slam it right into their veins." Trent replied. "You ever try it?" Matt asked. "I few times, it was pretty okay." Trent said, knowing it was crucial that he remained low key about it. It was important Matt not build tina up. The more relaxed the atmosphere was, the easier Matt would be to corrupt. Trent, down on his knees, pulled Matt's cock out of the side of his jock. Matt's eyes went to the back of his head as an expert cocksucker worked on his dick. His eye were still fixed on the screening, watching the guy who had had the needle in his writher around in pleasure, looking blanked out. Before he knew it, Matt was ready to bust in Trent's mouth. He was going to warn him before he came, but it happened to fast. But Trent swallowed his entire load, without missing a beat. "Damn he thought, this kid has good tasting cum." Matt, his cock now hypersensitive, tensed up as Trent continued sucking his cock. Trent let up, and collapsed back onto the couch. Trent touch Matt's cock back into his jock, thinking about how sexy this kid looked in his blue and white stripped jockstrap. Trent decided it was about time to breakout his gear. He grabbed his equipment from his bedroom and brought it back to the couch, setting his bag down on the coffee table. Matt watched in silence as Trent took out some gear. Matt's head was still swimming from the G, making him feel numb and relaxed as well as horny. He couldn't stop thinking about playing with his hole. Matt stuck a finger in his mouth before stroking his hole with it, slowly working it in. Trent saw this out of the corner of his eye, smiling to himself, knowing the G was working beautiful. Trent pulled out a sharp from a little baggy, crumbling it up into smaller pieces as he loaded it into the bowl. Matt asked, "What it that?" "It's T. It's even better than G. It'll get you really horny and ready to fuck. It's what those guys injected in the video. Smoking it is a bit less hardcore." Trent was loving easing Matt into this. He picked up a lighter, flicked it on, and watched the crystal turn into clouds. Taking a big hit, Trent felt the hot smoke fill his lungs before blowing a thick cloud. "Fuck that's good," Trent said, enticing Matt. Trent leaned over to Matt, helping him him with the pipe and lighter. "Alright, inhale when when I say, once it heats up." Matt was nervous but pumped to try T for the first time, the G lowering any hesitation he might have otherwise had. On Trent signal he inhaled a big cloud. "Now exhale" Trent told him. "How does that feel?" Matt responded, "It feels pretty good." Matt felt a little rush, his heart beating faster, a bit of a head rush.Trent coached Matt into taking hit after hit. Afterward, Matt was feeling amazing, his heart racing, feeling this mix of pure excitement and unadulterated ecstasy, almost feeling proud and invincible. Matt wasn't sure how long he was out of it, before snapping back to attention. Looking a Trent "How do you feel?" Trent asked. "Fucking amazing man, one thousand fucking percent," Matt replied, "and so horny. But my dick is kind of soft" "Oh yeah, sometimes that happens with tina. Good thing you're the one getting fucked tonight." Trent knew he was hooked. He grabbed another shard from his bag and started working it into Matt's hole. Matt barely noticed the slight burn as he worked it in, knowing this would get the boy begging to get fucked. "You ready to get fucked, fag?" Being called a fag got Matt even more turned on. "Yes sir." Trent lubed up Matt's hole and his cock. Trent took off his pants to reveal his 8 inch cock. "Fuck," Matt thought. His cock looked even bigger now. He reached over and grabbed the poppers he had in the pockets, huffing deep preparing for Trent's cock. He could feel the head against his hole, popping in, making Matt moan like a bitch. Trent pushed Matt legs up against his chest, giving him better access to Matt's hole. He was one-third in already. Matt was taking it pretty well, huffing on a bottle of poppers every couple of seconds. His dick kept going in, further and further, finally bottoming out. "How does it feel to have raw cock up your virgin boy hole?" "Ohhhh, ffuucckk.." Matt moaned, so turned on by taking raw cock just like the thousands of porn sluts he had jerked off to in the past. "It feels so good sir." "Fuck yeah boy," Trent said, thinking how this boy was a natural sub faggot, "bet you'll only take raw cock from now on." "Oh, yes sir," and he meant it to. This was way better than any fucking he had done before. Of course, Matt knew the drugs were probably helping too. Trent pulled all the way out, seeing the gaping hole he had left behind, lubed already dripping down from his it. He slammed back into Matt hearing him gasp, his limp cock hidden in his jock pouch. Trent loved seeing a boy focused only on his hole, cock out of sight and out of mind. Unlike Matt, Trent was rock hard thanks to some viagra and his cocking on. Matt had notice the cocking earlier, and fuck did it make him desperate for Trent's cock. Matt head spinning from the drugs, poppers and the hard fuck he was receiving. He handed the poppers to Trent to put on the table behind him. Trent twisted around slightly, and Matt glimpsed a bit of a back tattoo. It was a biohazard symbol. With the T clouding his thinking, Matt didn't understand what it was for. He knew that a lot of poz guys had that tattoo but he knew Trent was on prep and neg. "Hey Trent, why do you have biohazard tat? Guys will think you're poz" Matt half chuckled. Trent leaned in, grabbing hold of trent ankles and pressing them above his head, plunging his cock back in. As he was trusting, he said, "My tat?" "Yeah, won't people thinking you're poz?" Trent continued fucking Matt, speeding up his thrusting. "I got it..." Trent was panting, "when... I..." Trent's breath was ragged, his body getting tenser "discovered...." Trent started moaning, almost gasping, "that... I... was...OOOO.. fuck... that i was poz" Trent let out, as cum erupted from his cock and into Matt's guts. Trent could see the warning lights in Matt head as his eyes went wide. "Your profile says you are neg!" "I never updated it, but I stopped taking it. Too many side effects for me. I got pozzed up a few months after that I think. Plus I think you wanted a poz load." He reached down and felt Matt's cock through his jockstrap, which was rock hard, the head popping out through the side, leaking pre. "Fuck," Matt thought, "he's right." "I bet this is the hottest sex you've ever had boy. Clearly you like taking poz loads or your cock wouldn't be rock fucking hard," Trent said. "Now look, you're free. Free from fear, able to take any load from any cock. Be the hot cumdump faggot you were meant to be." Matt's head was spinning. He knew Trent was right. But images kept flashing through his mind, of him, his teammates, other people from school, his parents, knowing that he was marked now. Part of a brotherhood of barebackers, proud poz men. He had seen the sites, images on tumblr, of proud poz men. Deep downing knowing this was what he wanted the entire time but just couldn't admit to himself. Beyond all that though, he knew right know that he had to have more cock. "Now," Trent sat down next to Matt, cum leaking out of his hole, "what do you say?" "I want more cock sir." "You perfect fucking faggot. And what about my poz load?" "Thank you for pozzing me sir; I'm a dirty cumdump who deserves to be pozzed up." "Yes you are boy, and your night is not even close to over. I'm taking you to get way more loads. After all, we need to make sure my DNA gets into your blood." Trent went into his bag. Matt saw him take out a syringe. It was a prepared point. Matt knew it was going to go in his arm, so he was a little surprised when he saw Trent put it in his arm, and pull the plunger. But then, Trent removed the point from his arm. "Now boy, this will guarantee that you get my bug in your blood. It's a mix of crystal meth and my blood. You can't have one with out the other. And I want you to beg for it." Matt wanted that point in his arm so bad. "Please sir, give me your toxic blood. Get my addicted to T." Trent found a vein, pulled back on the plunger, saw the red vial get a shade darker and then pushed down on the plunger. He saw Matt's pupils dilate, heard his breathing go ragged. Practically seeing the rush. He pulled Matt's arm up, and told Matt to cough. Matt was flying, freaked out, feeling amazing, the thought of Trent's toxic blood in his getting him hard. After letting Matt settle down, Trent told him to get dressed. "Let's go faggot. Time for you to take more AIDS cock." Trent pulled Matt to him, kissed him deeply, grabbed his gear bag, and lead Matt to out of his apartment, closing the door behind him. Then, he lead Matt to his car.
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  25. 1981virginia

    My Boy Wanted Big Dicks

    My Boy Wanted BIG Dicks Chapter 1. My boy and I fuck as often as we can. We have great sex, even if it can seem like the ‘spark’ is gone sometimes. He nearly always bottomed for me, raw, of course, and he could take all of my cock like a champ, but I sensed he wanted something more. One night, as I was pounding his hole, he reached back and slid a finger into his hole next to my thrusting cock. He moaned and pulled out his finger. I quickly replaced it with mine, and soon had three fingers inside his hole along with my cock. I used my other hand to grab my phone off the bedside table and took a few sexy pics. The extra girth had him whimpering like a bitch in heat. That sent me over the edge, and I bred him deep. When I pulled my cock out, I kept working my cummy fingers into his hole, more puffy and stretched than I’d seen it in a long time. We swung back and forth from having an open relationship at times to relatively monogamous. It seemed to me like it was time to find something bigger for my boy to get stuffed with. I realized that if I didn’t do it for him / with him, he’d do it without me. The next day, after work, I stopped by an adult bookstore where in the past I had often sucked cock through a gloryhole. On this occasion, however, I was after a cock ring to plump my dick up, and, who knows, perhaps find a big-dicked stud to bring home with me to open my boy’s hole up. I found a cock ring that looked promising; it was chrome and looked as if it would fit snugly around my cock and balls. I paid for it, as he gave me the change, the cashier smiled at me, offering to show me how to put it on. I accepted his invitation and and followed him to a video booth in the back. He left the door behind him slightly cracked and started to pull down his track pants. Out plopped a nice plump seven-inch dick with some big low-hanging balls. He lifted his nutsack, and I could see he was wearing the same cockring. He unzipped my trousers and fished out my dick. My cock does the job if it is only average. He smirked at me and whispered, "I can see why you’d like a little… enhancement." I chuckled as he unhooked my belt and shoved my pants and underwear down to my ankles. "The trick," he continued, "is to put it on before you get really hard." He slid the ring over my cock and then fished one and then the other nut through the opening. As soon as I had it on, he swiveled me around so I was facing the wall. He grabbed my hips so my ass was ripe for fucking. He spit on his plump dick and slapped it against my ass a few times. I wanted to feel that big dick opening me up, so I grabbed my cheeks and spread my ass wide. He worked three spit-slick fingers into me at the same time. I yowled, but let him keep going until that silky hardness of thick cock sunk into me. It had been so long since I had been fucked that I was super tight. He leaned over me and grunted into my ear "You like getting raw-fucked with that big cock?" I nodded and grunted back at him. He pounded me until he was close and then pulled out, plopping down on the bench and pulling me down, spearing my loosened hole. I bounced up and down until he grabbed my shoulders so my ass was a few inches above his balls and pistoned into me. "I don’t pull out until I cum. Hope you’re okay with that." "FUCK YES!" I shouted, as he picked him his pace, and slammed into me a few final times. I knew he had shot his load deeper into me that I had ever bred my boy. He lifted me off of his cock and had me clean it off. That juicy cock stayed hard thanks to the cock ring, and I licked off his seed and my tangy tinny ass juice. I wondered if he had ripped me up a little. He stood up and pulled his track pants back over that glorious cock and simply walked out. It looked like an anaconda in his pants as he sauntered out. I was still squatting on the filthy floor of the booth when I saw a cock come through the hole in the wall. I sucked it down my throat, less girth and shorter than the cashier's, but still impressive. I notice a spade sign tattooed onto his crotch just at the base of his cock. I kissed it. Once I got that cock slicked up, I turned around and back onto it, swallowing it into my cummy asshole. My unseen buddy held his balls against the hole and let me fuck myself onto it. I heard him grumble, "Gonna cum, dude. You want my load in your ass?" I didn’t answer, but kept bouncing up and down until I heard him squeal and pushed back as he bred my guts. I pulled off and swallowed his cock down to the root, licking our combined wetness and swallowing it. He pulled back and stuck his mouth against the hole. "Your cock, man. I wanna suck your cock." I obliged and stuck my straining dick through the hole. He gulped and slurped until I lost my load down his throat. He swallowed it all like a champ, lustily licking his lips and gurgling as he stood up. I had an idea, and grabbed one of my business cards out of my pocket and thrust it through the hole. He took it and laughed, "We’ll be in touch." I felt more horny than ever, and was still hard. I decided it was time to get home to my boy. On the way out, I slipped my card to the cashier as well. He asked if I wanted a repeat performance, and I replied "’d love to watch you breed my boy." "You pimping his hole out? He cute?" I showed him pics on my phone of me and my boy, some clothed and some naughty, one of my raw cock in his hole alongside my fingers. "You think he’d like my big raw dick?" I nodded and he handed me his phone to enter my number. "I’ll be in touch," he commented as I headed towards the door. I drove home, feeling those two loads oozing out of my ass. When I got home, my boy was naked, ass up in the bed. I was still wearing the cockring, and squeezed out some seed from my ass into my hand. I worked it up and down my plump shaft and slapped it against his ass. As I did so, I saw a glob of cum work its way out. "You been fucked?" He nodded, still face down. "Was he hung?" "Like a fucking horse," he moaned into the pillow. "And you let him breed you?" He nodded again. "He NEG?" I asked, already about to blow my load. He hesitated, so I made him answer by shoving my cummy cock into his freshly-bred hole. I asked again, "IS HE NEG?’" "I didn’t ask." He moaned as I fucked him, and then turned his head around, reaching for my cock. "You feel different. Thicker. Plumper." I pulled out to show him the cock ring, slapped his ass with my dick, and dove back in. As I rocked my hips against his ass, pile-driving his slutty hole, I told him what I’d been up to. "I just took two loads at the bookstore Didn’t ask if they were NEG either." "FUUUUUUCK," he groaned into the pillow as I added "I lubed your hole with their loads." "UM HMMMM," he groaned. "So you've got three loads in your ass, and you’re about to get your fourth!" With that I bred him as deeply as I could, although admittedly not as deeply as either of the guys who had bred me at the bookstore. I pulled out and flopped down on the bed next to him. "Did you really get fucked at the bookstore?" I nodded. "Shit. I just jerked off earlier and fingered my own load into my ass to be ready for you." I laughed, thinking he was joking, but then I realized he wasn’t kidding. He knew I wasn’t either when he reached back and fingered my ass, which was still juicy and leaking seed. He brought his cummy fingers to his lips and licked them. I was still hard and he grabbed my dick, pulled me up and onto my knees, shoving my face into the pillow. He ate my ass, gobbling up as much cum as he could before slamming his face against mine, as we kissed those loads back and forth. I reached for my phone to get a pic of our cummy satisfied slutty faces and saw that there was a text. It read: ROBBY HERE. THE CLERK. U WANT ANOTHER LOAD TONIGHT? HOW ABOUT UR BOY? I CAN BREED YOU BOTH. HOPE U DON’T MIND POZ CUM. I showed it to my boy, who grinned, and grabbed the phone. He texted our address back, followed up with: WE’RE READY NOW. CUM BREED US.
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  26. 1981virginia

    Steam Room Breeding

    Steam Room Breeding Chapter 1. I was out of town for a conference, staying at a really swanky hotel in Amsterdam, the kind with it’s own spa and sauna area. I finished my morning lectures and presentations and didn’t have anything all afternoon until a dinner meeting. After walking around town a bit, I went back to the hotel to change and explore the sauna area. Some of my straight colleagues had told me about the sorts of antics that went on there during past conferences. A manager told me that he got a handjob from another guy once. I suspected that if he admitted to a handjob, he probably did more. Another junior manager told me that he saw two guys blowing each other, which probably meant he was the one sucking cock. Hearing these straight guys, in Amsterdam no less, talking so lasciviously about a hotel sauna, I wondered what they must have though of the Red Light District… I thought their idea of deviant behavior was somehow quaint. Anyway, I skyped my boyfriend back home and told him I was going to go exploring. He winked at me, and told me to have a good time, and then told me that he would be entertaining a few friends of his own that afternoon. I knew he’d wind up taking loads, so there was nothing to stop me from having some raunchy sweaty fun. I went downstairs and was disappointed to find that the whole spa area was closed for the day for cleaning. Just my luck. I went back to my room and found a few overtly gay saunas online and headed that way. I found the address and was buzzed in. I saw a poster with a comic of an asshole leaking cum and some Dutch writing I couldn’t understand, but I did note today’s date featured prominently. I walked in, and the attendant spoke to me in perfect English, asking if I was a member, I told them no and that I was just visiting. He smiled and said, members only, but that today there was a special offer. I handed over the cash, paid my admission, and he gave me a yellow bracelet and told me to wear it so that members would recognize me as a newcomer and welcome me. I thanked him, and headed to the locker room to get rid of my clothes and into a towel. I shucked off my clothes as two guys came in, sweaty and smiling. They noticed my bracelet, smiled at me, and dropped their towels. Both were semi-hard, and one had a glistening cock that looked like he had just been fucking. He shook his cummy cock at me, smiling, as his buddy bent over the bench and pulled his cheeks apart, showing off a sloppy freshly-bred asshole. My mouth started to water. They laughed and said something in Dutch that I didn’t understand. ‘English,’ the top asked me. ‘American.’ I replied. ‘He wants to know if you want to fuck him…’ I was instantly rock hard and walked up to the bottom’s upturned ass. "Condom?" I asked. They both shook their heads no, and the bottom spread his cheeks wider. I lined up my raw cock and slapped it against his shiny wet hole. He backed up onto it, and I gasped as I easily slid all the way inside. The top walked up behind me and tweaked my nipples, sliding his slimy cock between my ass cheeks. The bottom sank himself until my balls were tight against him. They both babbled in Dutch as I pounded that hole. "Breed him," the top hissed into my ear. I could feel my orgasm building in my gut, and shot my load into his eager friend’s ass. I bent forward to catch my breath, still inside the wet hole below me. The top took that as an invitation and lurched forward, tearing my ass open. I knew he was in me raw, and I didn’t stop him. He had been rubbing off against my ass, surely leaking precum. That precum and the bottom’s ass juice still on his cock were the only lube as he jackrabbited against my ass. His fucking kept me hard, and even though the bottom was still, he was clenching his gut muscles. Just as the top started breathing more quickly and fired off his load into me, I lost another load inside the bottom. The top pulled out and walked into the showers, smiling at me, and beckoning for his friend to join him. The bottom kissed me on the mouth and fingered my ass a bit. He stammered as best as he could in English, "Nothing like fresh toxic cum…." My jaw dropped, and then I shrugged as I thought to myself 'My boy and I had both been taking cum from strangers for a long time. We certainly must had taken more than one POZ load. No big deal, right?'. Then why was I getting hard again, especially after just having cum twice? To be continued…
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  27. I discovered public toilets during my first year at university. I had been brought up in a very religious community in the north of Scotland and when I came down to Glasgow to start university I had just turned 18. I loved everything about living in the city. I had very little sexual experience and in many ways I was quite innocent but I masturbated frequently, thinking about fit lads and their cocks and balls and arses. I suppose I knew that things sometimes went on in public toilets but I had never really thought about it. Then one afternoon I didn't feel like studying so I went for a walk. I walked right through Kelvingrove Park and out the other end and after a while I came to another park which had a public toilet near the entrance. Genuinely needing to pee, I went in.... I knew as soon as I went in that something was going on. A cubicle door was shut quickly and I saw someone disappearing round the side to the sink area. An older guy was standing at the urinal and as I began to piss I sensed he was looking at me. I finished pissing but didn't put my cock away. Nothing happened for a minute or two and then the older guy turned towards me, showing me his hard cock I was shitting myself, but I turned towards him and showed him my cock and before long we were both wanking. He moved towards me and took hold of my cock. It was all I could do to stop myself shooting my load there and then but as he started to wank me, a cubicle door opened behind us. I turned round and saw a blond lad about my own age sitting on the toilet, his pants and trousers at his ankles and just then another guy came round from the sink area and went and stood in front of him. The older guy stopped wanking and went and stood in front of the cubicle, motioning to me to follow him. I really wanted to see what was happening so I followed him and soon I was watching the young lad suck the other guy's cock. I was more turned on than I had ever been and soon I had my cock out again, wanking as I watched the guy come in the young lad's mouth. When he had finished coming, he zipped himself out and left. I thought the show was over but the young lad motioned to me to come and stand in front of him. I hesitated for a moment but the older guy pushed me gently towards the young lad and soon my cock was in his mouth and I was being sucked off for the very first time. I cant tell you how good it felt and I knew I wouldn't last very long. The older guy was standing right behind me and I didn't stop him when he pulled my pants down to my knees and began to play with my arse, pulling my cheeks apart and fingering my arse hole. When he wet his finger and pushed it right up my hole I lost it and blew my load right into the young lad's mouth. I was out of there in seconds, mortified by what I had done but also more turned on than I had ever been. I remembered my upbringing and vowed to myself that I would never to anything like that again. That vow lasted about a week and then I was back there. I got sucked off again and enjoyed every minute of it. I started going there regularly and sucked my first cock in there. One afternoon the blond lad who had sucked me off was in there again. This time he was bent over the toilet being fucked by an older guy. I watched and wanked as the guy came up his arse and, though I had the chance to take my turn fucking him, I just wasn't quite ready to do that yet so I watched and wanked as another guy fucked him and shot my load down the tiles of the cubicle wall as he too shot his load up the young blond lad. A few weeks later I was in a toilet I had discovered near the university and I was sucking off a tall dark haired guy. He told me he lived nearby and asked me if I wanted to come back to his flat and fuck him. I liked him - he was tall and geeky looking, early to mid 30s and I liked his smile so I said yes and followed him to his flat. Soon I was sucking his cock again and then he pulled me up and we both stripped off (my first time naked with another guy!) and carried on sucking each other. Then he asked me to fuck him and laid back on the bed with his legs in the air. I was very horny but also quite nervous and somehow I just couldn't quite get my cock up him. I thought he would laugh at me but he was very patient with my fumbling attempts to get my cock up his arse. He smiled and said "Let me make it easier for you." He turned round and knelt up on the bed, pushing his arse towards me and pulling his cheeks apart. I stood behind him and pushed. This time my cock went right up him and I began to fuck. I wanted the feeling to last forever but I knew it wouldn't be too long before I blew my load. He sensed I was getting close and told me to fuck him harder and cum in his arse. Shooting my cum up him was the best feeling ever and as I walked back to my Halls of Residence I was on top of the world - I had finally done it!! I was growing in confidence now and a week or so later I slipped my cock up another lad in a toilet and fucked him. I knew I was ready to be fucked but so far, despite quite a few offers, I hadn't let anyone fuck my virgin 18 year old arse hole. One day I was in a toilet cubicle with another student and I was lubed and bent over the toilet. He was just about to push his cock up me when there was a disturbance outside - some drunk guy was shouting so we thought it better to zip up and get out of there before he came in. I was a bit disappointed, but I knew now it wouldn't be too long before I took a cock up me. A week or so later I was in a toilet in a park in the north of Glasgow. I had discovered it a few weeks before and had had some really horny experiences in there. It was dirty, with cobwebs and boarded up windows and smelt of piss but it was rapidly becoming one of my favourite haunts. Most of the action took place round the corner in the sink area and one afternoon I was in there sucking off an older guy. We were joined by another lad - a fit builder lad in a sweatshirt and trackie bottoms which were splashed with paint and plaster. He got his cock out and I began to suck him, moving between him and the older guy. I really fancied the builder lad and enjoyed every minute of sucking his fat cock. As I sucked him, the older guy pulled me up and unzipped my trousers, pulling them down along with my pants. I was so turned on sucking the builder lad that I didn't stop him when he started wanking me and fingering my arse hole, even when I felt him rubbing some lube into my hole. I felt the head of his cock pushing against my hole and instinctively I spread my legs further and pushed back. After a couple of failed attempts, his cock slid up my virgin bum hole - I was being fucked! It hurt at first, of course, but after a fairly short time I began to really enjoy it. I didn't really fancy the guy who was fucking me but I loved the fact that he was doing it as I sucked off the fit builder lad. I wondered what my family would say if they could see me, pants down in dirty public toilet being fucked by a total stranger. Somehow this thought made me even hornier and when the older guy shot his cum into me and pulled out I turned round and offered my arse to the builder lad. He didn't hesitate and soon I was being fucked for the second time. His cock was bigger but I managed to take it. He fucked me hard and fast and soon I was taking a second load of cum up my no longer virgin hole. As I walked back through the park I felt as if my hole was gaping and I wasn't sure I could stop the cum sliding out. Then I thought "why not?" and pushed. Two loads of cum slid out my arse into my underpants and when I got back to my room in the Halls of Residence my pants were sopping wet with spunk and I felt on top of the world. The next time I went back to that toilet I noticed a breakdown truck parked near the park entrance. When I went into the toilet a young, dark haired guy in mechanic's overalls was standing at the urinal. Soon we were wanking together and before too long we were in a cubicle and I was bent over the toilet being fucked again. He was a very fit lad and I enjoyed every minute of him fucking me. When he had cum in my arse he asked if I wanted to fuck him and soon he was bent over the toilet, his overalls at his ankles and his white pants stretched across his knees as I fucked his tight, hairy arse and shot my load up him. It didn't get much better than this! The following week I was back in the first toilet I had visited and the young blond lad was in there again. I watched as two older guys fucked him. This time I took my turn and shot a load up him myself before pulling out and letting another guy take over. I didn't hold back now - and have had many horny experiences in public toilets over the years. Of course I can't remember most of them, but I can remember some of my best experiences like it was yesterday. I'll share some of those in Part 2.
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  28. versbbguy

    Kevin Is Hiv+

    Chapter 3: After that first hook-up with Mike, we made a regular point of getting together a couple of times a week; sometimes more. He’d come to my place, or me to his, he fucks my brains out, breeds my ass … lots of hot piggy sex. I always end up with an ass full of cum. It’s been nearly a week now though, and I’m really horned and about to go crazy – I need to be fucked. I’m honestly feeling like a bit of a pig. How did I get so hooked up on one guy’s cum? I don’t care. I decide I’ll message him on Kik. Kevin: Sup He doesn’t immediately respond … then my phone buzzes. Mike: Hangin with my friend Chris, horned Kevin: Me too ... come fuck me Mike: Gotta finish up here first … 6 ok? Kevin: yep At that moment an image of a huge cock inside a tight ass appears. Kevin: HOT! Mike: Told you about Chris, right? Mike: That’s him >=) Kevin: MMMMMM Mike: Ok if I bring him too Kevin: Yea Mike: k … told you he’s poz right? Kevin: yea Kevin: It’s cool Mike: Showed him your pics Mike: Thinks you’re hot Kevin: oh yea? Mike: haha … prob wants to fuck you too, he pretty much only tops Kevin: Pic? Mike sends me another pic. Chris is definitely hot. He looks like he’s about 27, nice short cut brown hair, trimmed up beard and beautiful eyes. Then another pic appears, same cock dripping cum over a spread hole, cum is everywhere; Mike knows how to get me hard. Then he follows that up with a link to an XTube video … I’m about to click on it when another message comes through. Mike: Pic is Chris’ cum in my hole and all over my ass Kevin: Fuck he’s got a hot cock Mike: I know Mike: Vid is Chris breeding me Mike: Wait ‘til you feel him doing that Kevin: MMMMMMM Mike: See you in a bit I click the link to the video and all you can see is a guy on all fours taking a cock bareback … he’s begging for raw cock and cum and the top is encouraging him … ‘til the top reaches a big orgasm, and he shoots all of it inside. I need to be fucked like that so bad right now. Mike says he and Chris are coming over at 6 so I decide to get into the shower and get myself and my hole cleaned out and ready. I feel mixed about letting a poz guy fuck me bareback but I’m so turned on after talking to Mike I’m not sure I can say no. I can’t get the images of Chris’ cock and cum, going inside Mike like that, out of my head. I want to beat off right here in the shower, but somehow manage to stay focused, and not touch my cock. As I’m drying off I finally come to a decision, “Fuck it, I want him to fuck me, and I want him to cum in me the way Mike does”. I quickly finish up, I’m cleaned out and ready to go. I feel silly thinking about what should I wear to answer the door but I find myself doing it anyway. I grab a pair of white athletic socks and my favorite ball cap and that’s all I’m wearing. I want to set the tone. I think, “No need to be coy about it … you want him to breed you”. Mike and Chris arrive not much later and Mike lets them in. I can hear them talking, and come popping out of my room, “Hey guys!” I see Mike smile, and he moves to kiss me, “Oh… hey… this is Chris… told you about him”. I move and he kisses me too, he says softly, “Damn Kevin … you’re hotter than Mike let on”. I blush a little bit. I look over at Mike, who’s already removed his clothing, “This way”, he says, pulling both me and Chris toward my bedroom. They’ve been here all of 2 minutes and I already feel a bit attached to Chris, maybe I’m needy, maybe it’s those eyes. Mike and I start making out, Chris moves in closer, and then there’s this mad mash of tongues as the three of us are making out. Chris reaches around and puts a hand into my ass crack… then pulls back, I grab his hand and move it back to my ass; I want him to know I like it there. We break apart and Mike, not wasting any time, leans over the end of my bed ass up and ready. “Someone needs to be fucked … get him ready”, I hear Chris, “Fuck yea I do”, says Mike. I think Mike’s ass is “so hot”, exposed like that, I can’t stop myself and bend down, “There’s some lube there”, pointing, and then bury my face into that hot little ass, “Ahhhhhhhhhh….ahhhhh… fuck yea … eat my hole… so hot”. I love eating Mike’s ass, it gets him so horny. I hear Chris removing clothing and lubing his cock, “Looks like a hot, twisted boy slut needs another load in that ass”. I move off of Mike, I can’t help it, I want to see Chris’ cock. “Another load?”, I think, I’ll have to remember to ask about that, then I hear Mike, “Yeah man … needing another dirty load in there”. Chris removes his tank top and joins me and Mike naked. “Don’t hold back this time man … I want it, hard, raw, intense ….did I say hard?”, Chris just looks at him, “Pig. You want more of my raw cock ehh?”, not really expecting an answer. I look at Chris, “I’ve got poppers if you want ‘em”, handing him the bottle, he smirks, “You’ll want these babe”, throwing them down beside Mike’s head. Chris and I just stare at each other as he gets ready to lay into Mike, “Go lay on the bed beside him … help him through this, but be ass up and ready for me”. The direct approach, I like it … I just smile. Laying down beside Mike I feel myself pushing my ass up. I think, “I want this stud to fuck and breed my ass like he does Mike’s”, it’s scaring me, but exciting me all at the same time. Mike and I put an arm around each other’s back and we’re close enough to kiss … our bodies touching all the way down past our asses. “Please Chris … c’mon man, breed me, pahhz … “, Chris interrupts him, “Yeah you want this”, spanking Mike’s ass with his cock,”… you want this cum … don’t you pig?”, “Yeah”. Hearing Mike beg for cum and seeing him, submissive like this, a slight look of comfort and surprise comes over me. Then I see that look on Mike’s face and look back at Chris, I know he’s teasing and putting pressure on Mike’s hole. I hear Mike moan, “Ahhhhhhhh…”, and I know the head is pushing its way inside him now. Chris moves his body up and over Mikes, covering most of him, and from the look on Mike’s face I can tell Chris’ cock is about to bottom out. Chris kisses Mike’s back and neck and leans in closer, “Yeah baby … gonna give you another poz load from this poz cock … that what you been needing?” I look at Mike, his eyes are closed, he’s gone, “Yes … yeah man … nail me … really give it to me, do it this time”. I think, “This time?!”, I realize how little I really know about Mike. All this talk about “poz cock” is freaking me out a bit, but my hard cock wouldn’t lie to me – would it? Chris for his part isn’t letting it go, “Fuck yeah ... gonna get that load where it belongs”, and Mike blurts out, “In my hole”. After just a few brief warm up strokes Chris puts his full weight into fucking Mike, and from the way the bed’s moving, he’s forcing his cock in deep. Watching all this gets my cock rock hard and I suddenly feel the urge to be the one begging Chris for a load of his cum … his poz cum. I’m so fucking horned. Mike is going crazy from being penetrated, it’s like I’m seeing him in a whole new light, but I’m so fucking horny I can’t think, and sometimes you gotta ask for what you want. I push my ass up further, reach back and spread my cheeks and looking at Mike just spit it out, “Please Chris ... please breed me too”. Chris just keeps fucking. Mike’s eyes open … he smiles at me, “You sure you ready for this babe?”, I smile back nodding, “Yea I think so … I’m just so horny right now, I need it so bad”. “When he starts fucking you he’s not going to stop until he’s cum inside you too”, I nodded, “I know … I know … it’s cool”. Mike just grins, “Alright … you gotta ask for him for it then”, “I thought I did”. I look back at Chris again, “Chris … will you fu’… uhmm”, and I try to sound more serious, “Chris will you breed my ass?”. Chris keeps grunting, ignoring me, he just keeps pounding Mike’s ass. I can see they’re both sweating, and Chris is really moaning and I bet he’s close to dumping his load. “I told you he’s poz, right?”, I nod, Mike’s eyes rolled a bit, “Ohhhhhh… fuck yea … Well … you gotta ask for him for his poz cock … otherwise he’s not gonna fuck you”, Mike’s eyes close, the expression of bliss obvious on his face. I gulp. Hundreds of things float through my mind, images, thoughts, ideas … it’s almost overwhelming for just a brief second. I swallow, open my mouth, and state matter-of-factly, “Chris will you please fuck me with that HOT poz cock of yours and cum deep inside me?” I feel myself nearly breathing the words when I mention his cock and cum. I look at Mike for approval he seems shocked and happy all at the same time – if that’s possible. Chris looked down at me, then kisses Mike, “Looks like your buddy wants my poz cum too”. Mike smiles at that statement, “Yeah I think he does”, and then he looks at me, “Don’t worry Chris can cum more than once”. I realize Chris probably just dumped a load of poz cum in Mike. I feel him tapping my leg, “Ass up again boy”, then to Mike, “Come suck this clean”. I move my ass and look back to see Mike sucking Chris’ cock, it seems so freaking huge. “Ohhhh yeah…. Clean that cock boy … MMMMMM … get me ready to breed your boy”, I can’t take my eyes off Mike’s head bobbing up and down on Chris’ cock, I think, “That cock will be inside me in a minute”. Mike seems very happy being Chris’ bottom, it’s amazing to watch him like this, I think he’d suck him ‘til he squirts again if no one said anything. Chris wants to fuck though, “Ok … I’m good … time to get in that ass”. Chris looks at me, “You need lube?”, “Yeah some, please, I’m tight”, he smiles devilishly. Chris takes some lube and greases his cock and my hole, sliding a finger in the way Mike likes to do me, but then backs it out almost as quickly. I try to relax when I feel it coming, “Ahhhh … ahhhh”, it stings, as the head of his cock eases its way into my ass. “Ohhhhhh fuck … fuck … fuck… “, I can’t stop the words, “You ok boy?”. “Yeahhh… Yeahhh… haaaa …ahhhhha… I’m good… ahhhh… just haaaaaa… stings, but feels good too”. Working me, like he did Mike taking several long, slow strokes to figure out the best angle and see how tight I am before diving in too fast, feels good. Mike moves around to my face and presents his amazing cock to me. He’s always so cute the way he almost beams when he’s in a “top” position, I know what he wants, and open my mouth, letting my tongue go to work on that amazing dick. Then I feel it … Chris works his strokes into a rhythm and I can feel his sweaty sac and chest against my body, I know Chris is poz, and I know he’s going to cum inside me… I also know I’m hard as a rock. I pull Mike’s cock from my mouth, “Just like that … ahhhhhhh … oh fuck yea… ohhhhh that’s good … give it to me”. I don’t want him to stop, not that he’s going to, it’s clear we both want the impending climax. I go back to sucking Mike’s cock. Chris pounds me for what seems like hours, he’s got a strong rhythm, it’s clear to me why he’s only tops. He’s groaning and sweating and just keeps working my hole. I look over at my phone and realize he’s been fucking me a total of maybe 10 minutes but it seems like longer and my jaw is starting to ache from sucking on Mike. Chris pulls out, “Flip over”. I flip onto my back and I think, “Open sesame”, as my legs immediately go up without so much as a word. Mike moves his face to mine and kisses me as Chris reinserts his fuckstick and gets back to work, “I wanna put this second load in deeper”, I pause from Mike’s kiss and my eyes get wide, he just looks at me as if to say, “… told you he can cum multiple times”. Mike moves so his cock is just over my mouth and starts to jack off,… there’s no going back, if I end up poz I’m apparently meeting it head on. My legs are on Chris’ chest and his cock is pounding me, it feels so amazing to be fucked this way. Knowing I’ve already got a load from him is keeping my cock hard as a rock. Mike moves a hand down to my cock, it’s electric, I can’t hold it back, “I’m gonna cum… fuck … I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum”. I want Chris deeper inside me, so I push down on his cock, and I feel my load building … “Ahhhhh.. ahhhhh… FUCK! FUCK! … CUMMMMMMING!”, and my cock shoots squirt after squirt of my seed all over my chest, all over Mike’s arm; it’s going everywhere. My ass grips Chris’ cock like a vice, but he pushes hard enough to keep fucking into me while I orgasm. My eyes are closed but Chris’ grunts tell me he’s getting close, Mike is encouraging him, “Fuck yea man… really give it to him … breed that ass”. Followed quickly by Chris, “Ahhhhh …ahhhhhh …..fuck…oh…ahhhhhhhhhh… FUCKKKKKKK! FUCK YEAH!”, then Mike, “FUCK YEAH!”. I’m getting cum in both ends with Chris fucking a 2nd load of poz cum into me. I join in, “Fuck yeah man! … Fucking give it to me!”. Chris looks at me completely serious, but smiling, he just keeps stroking into me as his cum squirts into my guts, working his load in. His strokes start making that sound that comes from a wet cummy cock fucking a well-used ass … the afterglow is intoxicating. Chris finally pulls out and lays down on the bed beside me, Mike joining him and we just chill in the few minutes following some very hot, pig sex. Mike looks at me smiling, “You good?”, I nod, “Yeah … very good”. I look over at Chris, “That was so fucking hot!”. He smiles back.
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  29. pervinmt

    Christian Teen Cumdump

    My name is Jacob. I grew up in a very strict evangelical Christian family. We attented church twice a week, had bible study every night at home, and believed sex was only in marriage for procreation. That's why we had 9 kids in our family. I was number 5. We lived in a small house with no privacy. All the boy's shared one room, all the girls another. So needless to say not only was masturbation a sin, it was near impossible to find a place to do it. But teenage hormones always find a way. I had mastered the art of silently rubbing myself off late at night, cumming into my hand then licking it clean to leave no telltale sign of my disobedience. Disobedience was a severely punishable crime. After God, Father and Mother reigned supreme, and any fractions were dealt with swiftly and severely. This most often consisted of a switch to the palms, or bare buttocks. I remember once my older brother Elijah was caught touching himself and Father made him strip naked in front of us boys and bend over, grabbing his ankles while his buttocks were administered with 39 lashes, the same number Jesus endured. He had to say "I am a sinner, I deserve this, Thank you Lord Jesus" after every strike on his flesh. All I could focus on was his exposed anus and his testicles and penis hanging down, all covered in light hair, such as I was sprouting at the time. I felt my own penis getting hard as I stared at my naked brothers private parts. But like I said, hormones drive teenage boys to take risks. I was 15 when I discovered I could sneak into my neighbor's garage while he was away at work and have a much more satisfying masturbation session that I could late at night in my room. Here, I had privacy and could strip naked and enjoy my body without fear of getting caught. Or so I thought. I had been enjoying Mr. Jackson's garage for several years, when one day there was a new development. I had snuck in as usual and started dropping my trousers when something caught my eye. On a shelf were some magazines. And not just any magazines, they were sex magazines. GAY sex magazines! Even more sinful than unmarried men and women! My blood ran cold knowing the devil was tempting me beyond my youthful masturbation, but I couldn't look away. I was transfixed at the images. I had of course heard of the evils of homosexual sex, but had never seen it. And here it was staring me in the face. And my penis had never been harder! I had barely touched myself when I ejaculated a mighty load all over Mr. Jackson's magazines and garage floor. I panicked at the thought of leaving evidence of my tresspassing and frantically licked my sperm off the magazines as best I could before replacing them as I found them. I pulled up my trousers and quickly went home, forgetting about what I left on the floor. A couple of days later, I returned to find the magazines again. This time I looked through more of them as I delicately stroked my penis until I orgasmed into my hand and cleaned up the evidence. I was hooked. The devil had his claws in me, and that night I prayed and prayed to God to save my soul. But I was too far gone with my interest in those magazines. Several weeks went by, with me there almost every day, falling deeper into the devil's trap. Then it happened. I was laying naked on Mr. Jackson's garage floor, stroking my penis, and I heard it. The door to the house opened and there I was, caught red handed. I didn't realize Mr. Jackson was home that day and I was caught hook, line, and sinker. I froze in terror, unable to move. Mr. Jackson just looked down at my naked body and smiled an evil smile. "Well, well, well," he snickered. "So it's you Jacob. I was wondering which boy had been sneaking over here. Looks like I caught me a tresspasser." As he said this he aimed his phone at me and snapped a couple pictures. "How old are you now boy?" he asked me. "18 now Sir." I was barely able to get out. "Perfect." he said as he snapped another picture. "Now what would your parents say if I told them about this and showed them these pictures?" "Please Sir!" I begged, tears running down my face. "Please don't tell them. I will be condemned." "You already are boy. Your mine now." He laughed as he stared down at me. Mr. Jackson was an older black man, with a short greying beard and a bit of a pot belly. He started unbuttoning his pants as he said, "I know you're a faggot Jacob. I know you've been looking at those magazines as you jerk off. Well boy, now I own you, and if you want to keep this private, you'll do as I say!" With that he pulled out his big, black dick which was already rock hard. I knew what he wanted me to do. I had now seen dozens of pictures of men sucking each others penises. I was about to do the same. "Meet your new friend, Kahn." he said as he grabbed my hair and pulled me up. "Open up faggot!" My mouth spread apart as the tears ran down my face. Without ceremony he pushed his penis into my open mouth and started ramming it in and out. I struggled and gagged, choking on it as he held my hair, pulling my head back and forth, taking more pictures of my first oral sex. "Suck it you self righteous little whore. You're my whore now! God can't save you. You'll learn to worship and pray at your new god. You'll do anything I tell you, and learn to beg for it!" With that he started ejaculating down my throat, pumping his sperm down into my belly. When he was done he pushed me back down to the ground, smiling at my rock hard teen dick. "Jerk it boy!" He ordered me. I just grabbed it and started to shoot as soon as I had stroked it a couple of times. Mr. Jackson of course took more pictures as I shot all over myself. "Lick it up bitch!" He demanded. Then get dressed and get out. I'll be in contact." With that he went inside the house, leaving me naked and trembling at what had transpired. I knew I was now his property.
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  30. bbfarm

    Bred Thru A Gloryhole . . . And My Bf Didn't Know

    Picture it. 2005. My spouse and I, 20 years of togetherness. Both of us are HIV neg. We bareback each other, and are generally monogamous except for when we play together (or on my occasional side trysts to the ABS or sex grounds at the local park). Anyhow, we were on vacation In Hawaii, specifically in Oahu. Vacation means, well, vacation. On the occasions I can get my usually-very-vanilla-husband to do anything different, vacation can be a good time, especially as we are both more relaxed when away from home. I’m definitely the kinkier, and likely the hornier of the two of us, so I had done my research. In the past when traveling we've visited sex clubs in New York, Prague, Hong Kong, and Dallas, but on this occasion, when driving across Oahu, I suggested we stop at an adult bookstore in Wahiawa about which I had read interesting reviews. As it was mid-day, I thought it might be a long shot, but as the place was quite literally on our route around the island, there wasn't any downside to stopping in. Upon entering the place we found the typical ABS set up: a register with some retail shelves up front, and in back there was a small hallway off of which was a line of doors for each of the numerous individual viewing booths. The place was small and clean, but it was empty. So we waited. After some time we heard some movement and the soundtrack from a video emanating from the only occupied booth. So we waited so more. After some more time, I was getting bored, especially knowing we had a relatively busy day planned, so I suggested to my spouse "Hey, why don’t we go into adjoining booths, and I’ll blow you through the glory hole in between the two booths?" He liked that idea, probably because I don't usually particularly enjoy sucking his dick as he almost never comes that way, so it turns-out feeling too much like work, or sort of like what I imagined foreplay with a woman would be like. In any event I don't often blow him, but under the circumstances it seemed like the best way to salvage the visit, and, after all, fair is fair. He goes in the booth at the end of the hall, and I slip into the next one, still no one in sight. I scrape the chair out of my way and I’m down on my knees. He unzips, pulls his flaccid dick out, puts his crotch to the hole. Mine for the taking. I hear him pressing buttons trying to find a video he likes. I don’t care what’s on my screen. There’s a gay movie on and the moaning and sex sounds are perfect. God I love these places. My bf likes to be blown slow, especially at first. So I fondle his dick. I smell it. I take his balls in my palm and pull forward on his dick, nuzzling it with my nose and making it grow. As his shaft lengthens, I can get the head in my mouth, ever so gently. I go to work on that spot on the underside, right where the head, the shaft, and the hole all come together. No man can resist that. I swirl my tongue around it and feel his erection fill out fully hard. Now I can really get that dick wet. I wrap my teeth with my lips and slide all the way down, getting it slippery with spit. He’s not a big pre-cummer my bf. So I bang the back of my throat a little as I’m gently going up and down on it. I want some of my throat snot to get things really viscous. His dick is getting harder, wetter, and more into a rhythm going in and out of my mouth. Oh yeah we are getting somewhere. . . Not too long and I get a little light flash in the corner of my eye. I hear a door behind me close and the partition superstructure shake. I pull off my bf’s dick to look. There behind me in the glory hole to the booth on the other side of mine is this face. HOLY FUCK. It’s this jarhead face. Gone in a second. FUCK MAN! HOT SOLDIER BOY. There are some sort of barracks near here aren’t there? My heart skipped a beat. That haircut never lies. I imagine one of dozens of tumblr pictures - a soldier boy, in the desert, waving a gun, dick out, friend taking a pic of it. FUCK man THINK FAST. Hot solider in the booth next to me. C’MON FAST!! Boyfriend’s spit shiny junk is in my hand, with my spit dripping down the hair on his balls. I let go with a squeeze. Stand up. Drop my shorts. Turn around. Put my ass at the hole and I trace down it with his dick. He loves my ass. This’ll distract him. And I just want to SEE the soldier. Just a peek. I’m feeling his hand on my ass. Boyfriend took that hint. He’s caressing it. Spreading my cheeks. I’m bending over to look in the glory hole beyond. UNF. I feel a hot breath on my hole. BF loves sticking tongue in me. Makes me a little squirrelly, so we don’t do it that often. My focus is across the way anyhow. I see movement. He’s too close to see his face again. And it’s dark. Bless whoever designed this place. Perfect size. I have my ass at one hole and my face at the other. I hook a finger through, and try to look up. FUCK I feel my spouse’s tongue in my ass. But the soldier . . . unzipping his pants . . . hand goes in . . .wrestles out his already hard dick. It is maybe seven inches, curves up, reminds me of my cousin's (that's a different story). My mouth waters. HOT DAMN He puts it through the hole, downy covered nuts and all. I stroke down it with my hand. Powder soft and dry. Once. Twice. Watch it bob. I find that spot between his balls where his juices originate and work a finger up up the underside of his shaft. Fuck yes! A huge drop of precum appears. So tempting to eat. But I rub it around the mushroom head. It makes his dick dance and quiver. Slippery. Musky. Ready to suck. I start going down on the shaft and HUH there's my partner's dick pressing at my backdoor. My mind swoons with dick sensation overload. I rarely get fucked, and never starting bent over like this. NEVER have though a glory hole. Have I ever been spit roasted? Brace yourself! Think about the dick in your mouth! Dont lose rhythm! Fuck! He pushes into my ass. The pain! Ah, but the smell of the dick in front of me. I'm trying to flex and relax both, letting the dick work into my ass. My own dick is rock hard bobbing around, drooling webs of precum all over the place. "Some pig", it might spell out on the floor. Here I am on vacation, mid day, in a booth in the dark, with my bf's cock in my ass, and a soldier's in my mouth. And I want cum from both. I am getting into a rhythm with the dick stroking in and out of my ass. My mouth stroking up and down on the dick in front of me. You know how there’s blowing a dick, and then there’s blowing a dick to cumpletion? I mean in my experience there is a point where you know the dick in your mouth can cum that way. When it starts juicing? When the hips start bucking? I knew that soldier was going to feed me his load. When - damn - suddenly no dick in my ass and <poke poke> my bf is poking me on the ass cheek with his finger. I do NOT want to lose momentum on the dick in front of me. But reluctantly, I pull off and turn around to ask my spouse “What?!” My ass is there at the solider’s side. “There’ rub it against that” is what I was thinking. Up to this point I’d swapped plenty of glory hole head, but never fucked through one. UNF the soldier slides his dick right in me. HOLY FUCK A STRANGE DICK UP MY ASS BAREBACK. I push back on it. Rock hard 20 something soldier dick. Inside me. Not what I’d planned. I wince and hide what’s going on from my bf’s view. He would FREAK at a stranger’s raw dick inside me. “I can’t cum this way,” my boyfriend says. “I am going to rinse off.” “Is it dirty?” I ask. “No,” he replies. “But you know me. This is too much.” Vanilla is as vanilla does. “Okay, I’ll go next,” I say. And he’s out his booth door. I hadn’t even focused on the soldier cock stroking in and out of me. I squeeze my ass and look over my shoulder. His fingers are grasping the top of the partition between us for leverage. He’s speeding up, hitting it harder. My thoughts are filled with his flared mushroom head wondering if it’d swell up get hard and red before he shoots? I was thinking of his precum in the back of my throat climbing up out my nose, now in my ass making it slick making it ready. Use that hole man. He gets louder louder UHNN UHHN I press back hard willing it wanting it. UHHNN UHHN He STOPS. I feel the twitch. My ass goes from lubed to wet. I feel the fluid filling me. FUCK! First time . . . a stranger unloading in my ass. Should I be scared? Guilty? UHHN he rocks it back and forth making me feel it squish - his dick in its own ejaculate. Rapidly softening he slips it out of me. Fuck! What have I done? My spouse is coming back in like a minute and I . . . Standing there with my legs shaking, my dick is a sticky mess I haven’t touched it, but there’s plenty of lube. In ten strokes I push a finger from my other hand in my hole and feel the soldier’s load there. I BLAST one of the largest loads of my life onto the laminate partition wall. It trails down and pools on the floor. I said this place was clean. Too bad. I hope it’s still there for the next guy. Maybe the clerk will come lick it up? There’s my bf’s face at the hole. “C’mon, let’s go.” “I’m coming! Just a sec. Let me clean up a little here . . .” On the way out, he says to me, “ Hey did you hear that one guy cumming? Someone was having fun.” He has no idea.
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  31. samso

    Star Of The Party

    The twink who responded to my Grindr profile was just right. Early 20sish, preppy, safe-only, bottom. I told him I my roommates were having a house party so there might be a little noise outside the room while we were together; I just didn't let him know he'd be the guest of honor soon enough. I led him through my crowd of friends, who were making cat calls, dicking around, drinking beer, being cheerful assholes. As soon as I had him in the bedroom i immediately had him against a wall and was kissing him fiercely. He was a little tense at first, but he relaxed into it soon enough. Soon enough we were both naked, with him lying face down on the bed while I ate his ass. You could tell he loved the idea of a strong older guy pinning him down and using him hard, and he was quickly moaning like a bitch in heat. My cock was rock hard anticipating dropping my load in this I turned him over so I could keep eating his ass, him sprawled out flat on the bed writhing on my tongue, me putting just enough baby oil on my cock to make this an easy entry. Kissing my way up his back, I lined my cock up with his hole and teased his asshole. His hands immediately sprang for the condoms he had placed by the bedside, but I found my mark and slid half way into him. "Condoms!" he hollered while putting up a struggle to get out from under me, but I was stronger. "Shh, baby, don't worry, we'll use one," I said while sliding even deeper into his silky hole, which was spasming like mad around my dick. He didn't let up the struggle; I had to put my hand over his mouth to keep his from screaming and held him down while I pulled a little before sliding all the way in to the hilt. When he tried to bite my hand I slapped him hard on his face and told him he'd regret trying that again. As he continued to struggle, I punch fucked him a few times and made it clear he needed to settle down if he wanted me to be any gentler. He slowly subsided, clearly panicked but also doing his best to adjust to me in him. I settled into a rhythm, alternating between slow and fast strokes while his resistance to what I was doing faded. He was clearly hating himself for starting to enjoy it. After 10 minutes of that his ass was open and taking it without a problem. At this point I pulled out of him so that I could turn him over and do him missionary-style. I like to look in their eyes when I fill them. As soon as I did, he was reaching for the condoms again and pleading with me to put one on now. I took the condom wrapper from him, kissed him deeply, and positioned my cock at his ass again but wasn't quite able to slide in. In this position he had more leverage to fight me. So I quickly tore the damn thing open, rolled it about an inch and a half down my dick and put some more baby oil on it. He relaxed a lot after that and I slid into his ass easily. I managed to fuck the condom off and into him in about 30 seconds. He was begging for my dick now, telling me how good it felt. This bitch talked too much: I kissed him to shut him up while I held his arms up by his sides so he couldn't jerk his cock or investigate about the condom. Of course, after about five minutes he asked me if it was still there. I just told him "yes." I was so fucking close now; I pulled my face up to his, looked in his eyes and told him that his ass was on the verge of making me cum. He got another panicked look and asked me again to pull out. "Don't worry baby, I won't cum in..." but the sentence trailed off as I felt myself go over the edge. With a triumphant roar, I thrust in him as hard as I could as I shot jet after jet of cum in his ass. "Fuck, fuck, did you just cum?" he asked, panicked. Instead of answering, I slowly let my dick slide out of his ass, clearly bare, and a thick stream of my cum immediately flowed out. "What the fuck?" he cried, but before he had any further time to respond the bedroom door opened and my boyfriend Manuel walked in (We had arranged for him to walk in right after I came ahead of time). "What's going on in here, boys?" he asked with a giant shit-eating grin on his face. The twink was struggling to get off the bed, but I held his arms down again and said to Manuel, "Look at the gift this little slut just got!" Manuel wasted no time in grabbing and holding up the boy's legs while I held down his flailing arms. "Wow! You let him drop his load in you? What a fucking little whore!" The boy was starting to cry and whimper a bit at this point. Manuel bent his head down and felched some of the cum out of his ass, then licked the cum across the boy's (very hard) dick. "Look at how stiff he is! He must have fucking been begging you for it!" He stripped off his shirt and jeans in a heartbeat. "Well if you like it so much, I get another big dick with a six-day load for you." The boy pleaded with him to put on a condom. "Why? You're clearly a cum slut. I'm not putting on a condom if he didn't have to." "But he raped me!" "Then why is your cock sticking up like a flagpole?" Manuel asked, slowly tonguing the kid's dick up and down while he let out an involuntary gasp. "That's right, bitch. Rape is only if you don't want it! Hey, I have an idea, George." (Here he was referring to me). "Go get one of the guys from the other room, since they're too lazy to come see where the real entertainment is." After a minute I returned with James, a hulking 6'2 former college linebacker. Manuel released the kid and laid down on the bed, cock pointed upward. The kid tried to make a break for it, but there wasn't any getting past us. "You boys help me lower our guest onto my dick so he can experience what it's like to be a cowgirl!" Now the boy was trying to plead with James to be saved from this, but course he knew it was hopeless. I got some rope from the dresser, and together we tied up his arms and then slung the rope up on one of the sling hooks on the ceiling so that his ass was hovering over Manuel's dick. I manned the rope, slowly slackening while James and Manuel worked together to make sure the kid's ass came in line with Manuel's eager rod. While he was still struggling, he was fighting both us and gravity as Manuel's cock met his open hole and then slid in. Manuel's dick is longer and thinner than mine, so at one point the tip came into contact with what I hadn't opened up yet and the boy let out a yelp and tried to jerk up, but remained impaled. "Oh, fuck, I can feel your load dropping from his ass down my cock. Fuck this boy's ass is amazing. Keep riding me, slut." With some prodding, the boy bounced up and down on his dick but kept hitting the spot he couldn't seem to slide past where his ass was still tight and welping. Manuel grabbed his waist, halting the bouncing motion before sliding all the way out beneath him, with out help. "You should see this ass, my friends. It stays open to welcome me back in." With that he positioned his cock and very slowly slid the boy all the way back down his cock again. When he hit the resistance point, he held the boy's waist to keep from jumping off and throbbed his dick several times inside the boy's ass, widening it before the boy slid the remaining length and he was fully impaled. The boy looked resigned, dejected and fucking adorable. Manuel started fucking him with short, deep strokes. At one point he even promised the kid that if he could bring him off within five minutes he wouldn't cum inside the boy. Of course he said this with one of his patented, sardonic "We both know I'm lying" looks, but damned if the boy didn't work for it. Actually, after about four and a half minutes Manuel began tensing up, and in a few more seconds he issued out something that sounded like a prayer in Spanish and slammed in, his balls throbbing as he unloaded his jizz. Then he fell backwards on the bed, contented. After I untied the boy's arms, Manuel told him: "Hey boy, come lick your ass off my dick!" Now the boy was complying without putting up a fuss, and bent over to take the dick in his mouth. This gave James the opportunity to line his absolutely massive dick up with his ass, and slowly pushed in. You could hear him groaning but not really trying to fight it. "This boy is tight as a fucking virgin!" James said, thrusting in inch by inch using small thrusts. We both laughed at the implied insult; we all had impressive cocks; James just had a third leg. "This isn't going to work. Let's change positions." He slid out, which made the boy seem almost to deflate. Then he flipped him over on the edge of the bed in a missionary style position before thrusting back into him. I could see several blots of cum on the carpet and bedsheets from where it had leaked out of the boy's ass (small price to pay). James then wrapped his arms around him and stood up, so that the boy had to put his legs around James while being driven down further on his dick. James began bouncing the boy while kissing his mouth. Actually, more like fucking his mouth with his tongue. In that standing position, while the boy bounced on him over and over, James began taking slow steps out of the bedroom. This was the kind of funny, strange thing James likes to do. Heading back out through the hall and to the living room, he announced to the eight other guys, "Hey boys, I got me a new ornament for my Christmas tree!" There were many cheers, and a few chuckles. James forced the boy's back against a wall and began doing his dammedest to squeeze every last inch of his dick into they boy's insides. A few other guys and I pulled out our cell phones to take videos of the event. "Ready for your third poz load of the night?" James announced, more to the room. Another cheer went up as his eyes rolled back in this head and he let loose what was almost certainly the biggest load of the night. Another of the guys (Hector) managed to get his mouth under the boys ass and began lapping up the stream of cum that managed to drop down. That's when James, who was still nearly balls deep in the boy, got that relaxed look on his face that told me I needed to take immediate action. "James, goddammit, if one drop of the piss your flushing him with ends up on my floor..." James cheerily flipped me the bird and walked the boy to the restroom, never exiting him. A few minutes later, the boy reemerged looking a little more invigorated but also kind of fuzzy; I figured James probably gave him a little 'party favor' to keep him up. That's when the full-on frenzy started. While one guy hauled the boy against the arm of the couch, lifted a leg and started power fucking him, another one sucked the boy's dick while yet another had the boy suck his dick. After the guy behind came, they switched so that the boy was on his back while he ate one guy's ass. My pal Joey saw this as an opportunity to ride the boy's dick, which he guided into himself with practiced ease and began bouncing on him again and again. You could hear the boy moaning in pleasure even while he was eating the ass, and it wasn't long before he was filling Joey's guts with his last neg load. Joey then pushed the other guy off, took his own place at the boy's face and had him felch his own load before telling him "Welcome to the club, kid!" After having cum, the boy seemed even more out of it, the way bottoms sometimes do after they shoot, but that didn't stop anyone. Two more guys took their turns, with one fucking Joey from a seated position on the couch while the other managed to wedge his dick alongside his friends from a kneeling position. The double fucking was entertaining, but neither one was able to cum that way and soon the boy was face-down in the pillows while they took turns fucking him from behind until each one dropped their load. Manuel and I set up the sling in the bedroom, and soon one guy was hard fucking him while another was dropping a load of piss down his throat, with warnings about what would happen if he failed to swallow any of it. Hector took a turn at his ass, using his Prince Albert to stimulate the boy in a way that seemed like it hurt but was turning him back on. A guy named Carl shot his load across Hector's dick before Hector plunged it back in, eventually howling like a crazy man when he came. At one point about five different guys gave the boy a piss bukkake in the shower while Joey fucked him from behind. All in all he probably took about 15-20 loads. Finally the night wound down and people made their exits. After they left, we capped things off by me fucking the boy while Manuel rode his dick. The boy's second orgasm of the night drenched Manuel's insides, and I let loose my own second load. Exhausted, the boy fell asleep sandwiched between us, and that's how we ended up spending the night and early morning. In the morning, we revealed another special surprise: a leather choker (the kind that locks). Initially he didn't want to put it on, but it didn't take much convincing (or threatening) after the previous night. After we fitted him with it, we informed him that until we chose to unlock it, he was our slave. He weakly protested that he wanted to go home. But of course, he was home. His new home. And we had other plans for him that day.
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  32. Slipitupme

    I'm Going To Let Him

    They dragged my trousers and underpants down and my cock sprang up strong and stiff. Then warm, wet lips engulfed it and I gasped with pleasure, even though I knew what I was doing was dangerous and wrong. Now another smell hit me as someone opened a bottle of poppers which filled the small space. My heart began to race and I put my hands on the head sucking me, and felt thin hair and wrinkled skin. Meanwhile, other fingers gripped the base of my cock, probed between my buttocks and pinched my nipples through my shirt. Oh god, I thought, I should go. This was all wrong. A bottle was thrust into my nostrils. "Take a deep sniff" whispered the man who'd been kissing me, adding "enjoy yourself." I inhaled, and felt the popper-rush and my resistance melted. Someone pushed my head down and fed a thick cock into my mouth. It was slippery and tasted of cum and smelled of ass juices. I gagged, but the poppers had me high and I began to suck and clean it. Someone asked "Who is he?" "Dunno," whispered another, explaining "Some yuppie slumming it." "He's sure eager for cock." A low chuckle "Yeah, and he's gonna get what's coming to him." I felt a finger against my arsehole. It was cold and slippery and I realised someone was rubbing lube into it. Oh no. This was too much. I needed to come to my senses. But it felt so good as the finger slid gently into me and the poppers bottle was thrust under my nose. I groaned and stayed bent over, my heart beating fast and a pulse roaring in my ears. "Fuck it!" someone urged. I felt a body behind me and then a thin, mushroom headed cock probing my hole. I reached back and realised it was bare, and my heart skipped a beat. What was I doing? How could I do this? But the head popped into me, followed by the long, thin shaft and I could only groan with pleasure and surrender. He began to thrust slowly, deliberately in and out, and I could feel calloused fingers feeling for where the shaft entered me. His thrusts were getting more deliberate, faster, as he worked himself towards orgasm. 'I'm going to let him', I thought, 'Oh Jesus, I'm going to let him'. He was now thrusting fast, so I wasn't surprised when he gasped "I'm gonna cum!. I'm gonna breed your fuckin' arse!" He gave a deep growl of pleasure, and I felt the cock in me swell and throb and knew he was spurting, his sperm carrying god knows what diseases into my guts. I was shaking with fear, but also with the realisation that I'd crossed a line into depravity and it was also exciting. Fingers probed my hole and a man said "Spunked up him, did you?" "Oh yeah. Gave him a dirty load." Someone stroked my head surprisingly gently. "Nice one, mate. Now you've joined the club." Fingers undid my shirt, pulling it off my body and then they gently, reverently pulled me into a cubicle. Someone sat on the toilet, I couldn't see who, and pulled my head down onto his cock. He stroked my face as I sucked him and gave me more poppers. Then he reached over my back and I felt his strong hands pull my cheeks apart, asking "Who's next? Anyone want to knock him up before he leaves?" Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I realised what was happening to me, the awful depravity of it, and I also knew I wanted it. An obese man mounted me, resting his heavy belly on my bottom as his stubby cock slid into my wet hole. He was excited, dripping with sweat and only lasted a few seconds before he gasped and came in me. He pulled out roughly, and I felt a gush of warm, slimy spunk dribble down over my balls. 'Yes, I'm going to let them', I thought as another cock nosed easily into my dripping hole. I had gladly accepted my fate.
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  33. ch132

    First Time In The Big Apple

    I can feel my heart about to jump out of my chest as I check into the Courtyard in Chelsea. I am 27, in the best shape of my life at 6’1 210lbs all muscle. I am visiting Manhattan for the first time for work from small town Missoula MT. Tonight i am going to a bathhouse for the first time. I have messed around with a handful of guys but have always been too scared to do much more than JO and kiss. Tonight is the night i might try bottoming and definitely want to try topping. I can’t help but speed walk to my hotel room to get cleaned up. I google how to clean my ass. It seems my only option is to use the Smart water bottle in my room. 45 minutes later and a hole rubbed raw from the lip of the bottle, my ass is fresh and clean. The closest bathhouse is only an 8 minute walk. I don’t bother putting underwear on under my jeans, knowing i’ll be taking everything off in a few minutes anyways. I jam a few condoms in my pockets, and get on my way. Whatever transpires will be safe. I have heard of prep but don’t know anything about it, nor ever plan on having unsafe sex until i’m in a serious relationship. My goodness this place looks sketchy. The entrance is a dirty metal door with a dimly lit “Spa” sign above it. I go in the reception room. Behind the glass is a 40 something year old, 5’9 170 lb, white guy with a pretty handsome face, brown eyes, stubble, and looks like he’s pretty fit and hairy under his tight fitting white crew neck tshirt. I know he can sense my newness. He asks if I am a member. I simply say no. “room or locker” “umm” $15 or $35 “locker?” “okay $15, ID, phone, and any other valuables you want me to lock up and keep back here.” My hands tremble as i hand him my credit card and everything else. Here’s the key and towel. Locker 48. He buzzes me through the second metal door. It’s so dark and humid. It smells like a really dirty locker room and a heavily chlorinated jacuzzi. EDM music lightly plays through speakers in the ceiling. There is also the sounds of occasional light deep man groans and showers turning off and on. I see a few shadows walking away down a hallway. I find my way to the lockers, get fully undressed, wrap the towel around my waste, and lock the locker. As start aimlessly walking down a hallway I approach a shadowy figure. I can feel his stare. I don’t slow my walk but he reaches out to graze my stomach. He says “hey”. My eyes aren’t adjusted to the dark lighting yet. I squint and can see he’s a fit guy, about 50 years old, pretty fit at about 5’10 and 170lbs but not really my type. I don’t say anything and keep walking. He stands in the hall staring at me as I come to the first corner of the maze-like hallway. It’s a hairpin turn that opens to multiple paths with gloryholes. I stop and lean up against the wall. There is one guy about 5 feet in front of me hunched down giving head to a mystery guy on the other side oh the hole. I want to try that. My dick starts to twitch and fill with blood. Someone comes around the corner. It’s a fit 30 something year old latino guy. He’s about 5’8, muscular, and from what i can see a very handsome face. He slows nearly to a stop to check me out. My dick is now hard and throbbing. I reach down to pull it to the side in my towel and hold it. I can feel my towel getting wet from my precum. The latino sees me holding my dick, steps up to me and grabs my hand/dick and kisses my neck. I am startled by how assertive he is but also at ease. He’s sexy. He’s now full on licking my neck, jaw, and running his hands all over my body. My heart is pounding from the excitement. I can smell his spit and feel his heavy breath and wet tongue. I let go of my dick and his hand replaces mine. Both of my hands slide up his muscular hairy arms, slowly making their way to his built back. He’s very muscular. He licks his way to my lips and mouth. His other hand is now grabbing the back of my right leg. He’s scrunching up my towel to get a grip on my bare ass. His tongue enters my mouth. So big and wet. He pulls back and spits into my mouth. It’s shocking, no one has ever done that to me, but it’s so hot tasting his spit. I want this guys juices. All i can do is stand there, paralyzed as he takes complete control of my body. I rub the back of his thick neck with one hand while my other is grips his dick. It’s a solid 8” and uncut. I’ve never touched an uncut dick. Both of our towels fall to the floor. I have never been so naked, but his confidence and assertiveness makes me feel at ease. His dick is so slick with precum and the extra skin makes it easy to jack him. He’s found my hole with his right hand and fingers. His fingers are dry but he’s pushing hard and scratching his way inside. He reaches up to his mouth and spits in his hand, reaches down to his dick head, wipes off precum, and goes back to my hole to dig a bit more. It hurts but feels so good at the same time. He repeated his another time and adds precum from my dick also. No one has ever touched and invaded my hole like this. It feels amazing. His index finger is knuckle deep feeling around. He pulls out, grabs my waste, turns me around, pushes on the small of my back and pulls on my hips to bend me forward. I rest my forehead and hands against the wall. He kisses the back of my neck and starts to lick his way down to my ass. He loudly spits on my hole and buries his face and tongue in it. My head is spinning. Although my dick is untouched, it’s throbbing. I look to my sides. A few more shadowy figures have leaned up against the wall on both sides of us and are jerking, watching him eat my ass and probe with fingers. My mind jumps back to reality as I think about how unsafe it is for him to be inside me.. Spit is safe right? As long as he doesn’t try to fuck me raw. Fuck I forgot the condoms in my pants. I’ll have to go back and get them before any fucking. My mind races back to how good he feels on and in my hole. A shadow reaches over and grabs my throbbing dick. He spits in his hand and starts slowly jerking me. I grab his hard dick also. I realize he's the 50 year old. He has a decent 6” or so average thickness dick. I feel his precum leaking as I explore his dick and heavy balls. Im so turned on, I jerk him also. the 50 year old leans in and jams his tongue down my throat. His tongue is slimy but I still want his spit in my mouth also. I hear other guys to my right moaning and it sounds like one is getting head. I hear one growl “I’m gonna cum.. oh fuck yeah..” and his sucker moans. My latino’s right hand disappears from my ass cheek. The latino reaches over to the sucker and says “spit”. The latinos hand returns to my ass crack and wipes the suckers spit and i think shadowy figures cum on my crack and hole. Before I can think about it he jams his index and middle finger into my hole. Then a third finger. Then he wipes the liquid from my upper ass crack and seems like he's trying to jam it all in. My dick can’t help but throb. I feel my load building up. I am about to erupt. I moan “I’m close” the latino quickly stands up and presses his body against my back. He slides his fat precum wet dick into my loose slick hole with little resistance. What the fuck am i doing? I stand there in shock.. I try to push my waste forward to escape him bottoming out in my ass, but the latino pins me against the wall. He quickly thrusts three times balls deep and then stays balls deep in me. He grunts and breaths heavy on my neck. I feel him throbbing. He’s breeding me. I feel every pulse. My involuntarily flexes against his dick as if my body knows it wants to suck all of his cum out of his balls. He stays there pulsing. My dick cant hold it any more and erupts. The 50 year old continues to jerk me as I spray shot after shot on the wall and ground. About 15 seconds go by while the latino is pressed up against me and I’m pressed up against the wall. We catch our breath. He slowly slides out of my ass. He whispers “hot. thanks”.. I can’t find words to say anything back. He pulls away from my body. My hole is burning but cold and empty. I feel cum and liquid dripping down my thigh. The latino disappears down the hallway. The 50 year old takes his cum covered hand off my dick and licks his fingers. I bend down and grab my towel. I can’t believe it but my dick is still rock hard. I’m so turned on but so uneasy that I just got bred. I wipe my ass off and wrap my towel around my waist. I have to pull my still hard dick against my stomach. I turn my back to the wall again and lean up against it to regroup about what just happened.
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  34. boy4you

    Our First Time Giving The Gift

    This is a true story: On 1/28/16 I was diagnosed as being POZ , the news hit my BF and I hard as he too tested POZ. Over the last year we had been doing a lot of PNP and had not been taking our meds the way we should have, so we have no one to blame but our selves. I'm not going to hide what my status is so on groups like this and others I listed I was now POZ. With in hours I started to get emails asking me to give them the gift of becoming POZ. This one person kept hounding us to no end , so my BF and l went to a local Starbucks to meet him and try to talk him out of this for 3 hours, as he kept saying either we POZ him or he will find someone else. All the wile my dick is getting harder and harder just thinking of doing this, before he leaves we tell him to do a very deep clean out like you are going to be fisted. Later I ask my BF how he felt about doing this and he said if he could bend him over the table and dry fuck right in Starbucks. We call him back and said we will do it as we have friend who place we can use. As we ride over to Brooklyn our dick are raging hard and can't wait to start. We told the one we are about to POZ that we are bring over some friends to witness this and he agrees. Once we get there we ask him for the last time about taking our toxic loads that could make him POZ , all he says is he wants it. He is on the bed and I take out a dildo get him on all fours, I spit on his pink hole and start to work it in his so to be wreck hole. The only lube we will use is our toxic spit. As we both have a PA this might help as I lost the coin flip as to who is to be first. My BF is not going to be gentle as this is not love but to do all we can to bury our toxic seed in his ( We hope ) in his former neg hole and he gets his wish of being POZZED for life. I get sloppy seconds but it's ok as his hole is now well lube hole with my BF cum. I'm really getting off as the people watching are calling him a pig and he is getting off as they are also using him as a urinal when they have to piss. We even have him clean off our dicks after we shoot our loads in his hole. By the time we are finished the BF and I dump 4 loads each in his hole and after we are finished we shove a large butt plug in his hole and tell him to not take it out for 8 hours and give us a call about what comes out. Then we kick him out and the real party starts as we now become the cum dumps for thous who witness this.
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  35. rawcardiff1991

    Long Weekend

    I'm 31 but look about 25, I am 5'11", athletic build with dark blond/light brown hair. I am pretty much smooth all over, except my legs which are pretty hairy. I have an amazing arse and make an excellent bottom boy. I've been barebacking since my teens. I hope you enjoy the story. It was Thursday evening at last and the start of my long weekend off work. I’d had to work the previous four weekends but now it was my time to relax. I drove home, it was a beautiful hot summer evening and the weather forecast was promising non-stop sunshine. I got out of my uniform as soon as I walked in through the front door and headed for a shower. As I dried myself off I texted my dealer asking if he was around this evening and if he could sort me out with some gear. He was free around 20:30 and the price was good– it was a big order so I got bulk discount. I dried myself off, making sure that I was completely smooth all over, threw on a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt before heading to my dealer’s place. I knocked on the door and one of his regulars answered the door, I gave him a hug and walked in, kicking my flip-flops off in the hallway. There were three other regulars there, all sitting around drinking cans of coke and enjoying a spliff. Kirk, my dealer, was sat in an armchair at the end of the room weighing out small bags of gear and decanting GHB into smaller bottles. Kirk is black, in his early 40s, poz and is rumoured to have a massive cock with a metal ring through the end of it. I have no idea how true this is, he’s just my mate and my dealer. He looked up, saw me and smiled. I walked over to him and gave him a big hug; his muscled arms wrapped around me and gave me a squeeze. He gestured for me to sit down and told me that he was just measuring out the last of the gear for me. I put the cash on the table in front of him, he didn’t have to count it; he knew that I was good for the £250. We made small talk and I told him about my plan to get completely fucked up over the weekend. He smiled and laughed and said he wished he was young enough to join in. He passed my the bags of mcat and crystal meth, a bottle of GHB and a bottle of poppers, and a pack of ten Viagra to keep the party going. I thanked him, waved goodbye to his regulars and headed out the door. Back in the car I checked the gear that he’d given me and saw an extra bag of gear with a winky smiley drawn on in black marker. I didn’t know what it contained but if it was from Kirk, I knew it would be good. I drove home, stripped off, did a couple of small lines to get me started and opened Grindr. I had 10 old messages saying “hey” or “hi”, but nothing worth reading so I deleted them and changed my profile name to “HnH raw bttm”. I scanned the profiles and it was mostly the same pics that were always there, but a new one caught my eye: Joey, 24, white, hung top, 4 miles away. I messaged him with a pic of my arse and body and asked if he was free tonight. To my surprise he messaged back straight away with a pic of his beautiful cock with a big head and a drop of precum oozing out the end. He said he was visiting from Brighton but his mates had let him down at the last minute so he was looking for somewhere to crash tonight. I said he could stay at mine if he was cool with chems and bareback. He replied with a load of winky smileys and asked for more pics. We sent a few more back and to and he was gorgeous so I sent him my address. He told me that he wanted me blindfolded on all fours on my bed wearing a jockstrap with a buttplug in. I told him that I only had big buttplugs and he replied, “the bigger the better”. I agreed and said that I’d be ready and waiting for him. I prepared some bombs of mcat and crystal meth in Rizzla papers, made up a couple of drinks with GHB in and popped a Viagra. The fresh bottle of poppers were on the bedside table and were so strong that I almost got high from just taking the lid off. Joey was about 5 minutes away so I lubed up the buttplug, took some mcat and GHB, three deep hits of poppers and squatted over it. I felt it cold against my hole and pushed down on to it, feeling it opening my hole and stretching me, then it popped in and I felt a rush flow up through my body. I had a line of crystal meth, put on my jockstrap and blindfold and waited. After a couple of minutes I heard someone open the front door and let themselves in, they came up the stairs and walked in through my bedroom door. Neither of us said a word. I listened to him get undressed and he headed over to the bed where I was waiting on all fours, my plugged ass in the air. I took a couple of hits of the poppers and waited, precum poured from my cock from the excitement. He was behind me, he leant over and gently kissed both of my ass cheeks and ran a finger around the base of the buttplug, stroking my ring. Then, without warning, he grabbed the plug firmly and pulled it straight out of me leaving my hole gaping wide open. I shouted “fuck” but he told me to shut up and take some more poppers whilst he rubbed some of the crystal meth around the inside of my gaping hole. It started to burn as the crystals rubbed my delicate insides, but then a feeling of warmth and extreme horniness spread through me and I was begging him to ruin my hole. He leant over me, the tip of his precum covered cock just teasing my arse and whispered in my ear “do you really want me to ruin your cunt forever?”. “Yes!” I replied, taking two more deep hits of poppers and sending myself higher than I had ever been before. “OK” he said and pushed all 9 inches of his cock into me in one go. It felt amazing but then he started to push his hand inside me too, finger after finger entered my hole beside his cock until his whole hand was inside me and he was fucking my stretched out hole, rubbing his precum all over my insides. He started fucking and fisting me at the same time, wave after wave of intense please pulsed through me as he got rougher and rougher. He whispered in my ear “Where do you want my load?”. “Inside me” I replied. “You are bleeding, are you sure?”, “Fuck yes” I said as I imagined his thick creamy load shooting deep into my guts. His pounding got quicker and then he stopped with his dick completely inside me and he started wanking himself off. He grunted and I felt his whole body spasm as he shot a weeks worth of cum into my ruined bleeding hole. He pulled his cock and fist out of me at the same time and immediately replaced them with the buttplug. “Stay there” he said, “I’ve got another present for you”. Long Weekend – Part 2 He got off the bed and went over to his pile of clothes where he messaged someone on his phone before coming back to the bed. He told me to turn over and sit up, which I did, and he gave me one of the premade bombs of mcat and crystal meth and I swallowed it with the drink laced with GHB. After he’d helped me with a glass of water to wash away the taste he told me that his friends hadn’t let him down but were actually in a van outside and he’d messaged them to come in. I asked how many and how old they were, he told me that there were three of them, two other young guys like him, 23 and 26, and their daddy, 48, who had the thickest cock he’s ever seen and had piercings along the whole length of it. By now the chems had really kicked in and I couldn’t think about anything other than getting my hole used and seeded. The idea of these four guys taking turns to breed me seemed like heaven so of course I agreed. He told me to take some more poppers to get me really flying and then they would start using my holes. After the second hit of poppers I heard them coming up the stairs, I was still blindfolded but I could hear three new voices. The older guy, who they all called Daddy, told them to unpack the equipment and set it up by the bed. I asked what equipment and they told me that it was a video camera and tripod and a few straps and sex toys. I could’ve tried to refuse but there were four of them and only one of me, and I was so high that I would agree to anything. Whilst the three lads set up the camera, Daddy stripped off and got on to the bed, pushing my on to my back and propping my plugged arse up on pillows to make it more accessible. He gently teased the buttplug and pulled it out of me slowly, allowing a stream of pink cum to run out of my gaping hole. Daddy scooped some of it up with his fingers and pushed it back into my hole, then used the rest to smear over his thick pierced cock. He slapped my exposed hole with the head of his rapidly hardening cock, causing the piercings down the length of his shaft to jangle against each other. He positioned the head of his cock against my hole, took a hit of poppers and then held the bottle under my nose for six long slow hits. My hole opened up and he started to push his thick pierced cock inside me. I had never been fucked my a pierced cock before and every piercing sent a new wave of slutty pleasure through my body as they forced their way in through my ring and rubbed against my prostate. It was definitely the thickest cock I had ever had and I felt so full. Daddy asked me if I liked his cock and all I could do was whimper in a mix of pleasure and pain. He slid in and out of me slowly, the metalwork in his cock rubbing my delicate insides, and his three sons were watching and wanking. Daddy pulled out and rubbed some more crystal meth around my gaping hole to make me hornier and sluttier and more relaxed. After the burn had subsided and he had pushed his cock back inside me I begged for more. He told his youngest son, Josh, to slide his cock into me at the same time. After a couple of changes of position, Josh’s 8 inch cock was hammering in and out of my hole whilst Daddy enjoyed the new tightness. I could tell that Daddy was getting close to cumming because his breathing was deeper and his groans were more frequent. He told Josh to pull out and to hold my cunt wide open with both hands and then he wanked himself off all over my hole before telling Josh to fist it into me. It burned as Josh fisted it deep into my guts and it felt like no cum I’d ever had before. I asked Daddy what had happened and he chuckled and said “Welcome to the family, you belong to me now, you’re carrying my strain”. He got off the bed and told Josh and Zack, the eldest, to finish me off. They got me on all fours and spitroasted me, taking turns to use my hole and my mouth, the taste of poz cum on their cocks. Joey, who had been quietly operating the video camera, came over to the bed and released my rock hard cock from my jockstrap and started to wank me, more and more precum oozed out of my cock as he played with my sensitive head. “I’m going to suck your last ever load of neg cum out of you” he said as he slid underneath me to suck me off and watch his brothers breed my hole. As Zack shot the last drop of cum into my hole and pushed the buttplug back to keep it all inside, I came into Joey’s mouth, the most powerful orgasm of my life. I collapsed onto the bed with a massive smile on my face and four poz loads in my sloppy greedy hole. Long Weekend – Part 3 I had lost all track of time and couldn’t even tell if it was day or night. I slipped the blindfold off and looked around my room. At first I wasn’t sure if I had imagined what had just happened but I could hear the guys downstairs and my arse was sore and plugged. I slipped the cum-drenched jockstrap off and put it in the laundry basket before putting a towel around my waist and heading for the shower. The hot water felt amazing against my skin and I gingerly squatted down and eased the plug out of my arse. A huge blob of thick pinky white cum fell out of me, followed by a stream of yet more cum. I touched my hole with my fingers and it wasn’t closing. I tried to clench but it just stayed open and gaping. I finished washing, towelled myself off and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. The four guys were in the lounge watching porn on the TV. I downed my glass of water and sat down on the sofa between two of them. None of them were in their 20s or 30s, they were all older guys in their 40s and 50s who had duped me with false photos and I had been blindfolded. Each of them had a large toxic symbol tattooed above his cock and they smiled as I realised what had happened. Daddy, the oldest guy in his late 50s, explained that they had all been poz for at least twenty years and had never had any treatment so their viral loads were as high as possible. The told me that they enjoyed pozzing slutty young bottom boys like me and increasing the size of their poz family. Before I could reply, Daddy asked me what my deepest darkest fantasy was now that there were no repercussions. I sat quietly for a bit, thinking, and then said that it was being gang raped by hung black poz guys and being fisted between each cock until my rosebud hung out. All four guys smiled and nodded – they definitely approved and their cocks were hardening again. Daddy asked me if I knew of anyone could help so I nodded and went upstairs to get my phone. I texted my dealer Kirk and explained what had happened and asked if he’d be up for joining in, then I texted my mate Tim from back home and told him what had happened and asked if he was free to come down for the weekend. Tim and I had had a dirty weekend of breeding and fisting in a hotel a couple of years previously and it was his goal to give me a permanent rosebud. I waited for a reply then realised that it was Friday morning and they would probably still be asleep. To my surprise, Kirk replied first and said that he wasn’t free until the afternoon but he was definitely up for breeding my hole with his poz cum. Then he sent me a photo of his cock and the rumours were not wrong – it was huge with a big metal ring through the end of it. And above his cock, tattooed but slightly hidden by his pubes, was a toxic symbol. I replied with a message of my ruined hole and told him that I couldn’t wait for later. Tim replied about half an hour later and explained that he had work, but when I told him what our plan was and that he could actually live his fantasy and turn my rosebud inside out, he called into work saying he was ill and started the drive down to my place. By the time Tim and Kirk arrived the four guys had all dumped at least one more load in me and ravaged my hole with the selection of toys that they had brought with them. After the introductions, Daddy took me upstairs to my bedroom where my bed had been pushed to one side and a sex swing had been erected with plastic sheeting to protect the floor. One video camera had been attached to the top of the frame looking straight down at where my arse would be, and the other was on a tripod looking at my arse. Daddy helped me to prepare some drinks laced with GHB and large bombs of mcat, crystal meth, and the mysterious powder that Kirk had given me for free. I took two large bombs with a drink of GHB before getting into the sling and Daddy strapped my feet up before rubbing a generous dose of crystal meth inside my hole. He passed me a fresh bottle of extra strong poppers and asked me if I was ready. I nodded, took a couple of huffs of the poppers and relaxed back into the sling. I was absolutely flying by the time Kirk walked in through the door, his massive black cock pointing straight out in front of him. I looked at him and said “Breed me”. Without putting any lube or spit on his cock or my hole he just shoved the whole thing inside me and started fucking me mercilessly. I could feel the big metal ring rubbing against my prostate and up through my second ring. He looked deep into my eyes and said “Beg for it”. I took two more hits of poppers so that my hole was as open as it could be and started chanting “Breed me with your poz load” over and over again. His thrusts got deeper and I could feel his cock getting harder and thicker inside me. Then he exploded inside my hole and continued to fuck me hard, rubbing his toxic load into my guts. He slapped my face hard and shouted open your mouth before spitting on my face. I licked my lips and he did it again before pulling out and shouting for Tim to come upstairs. As Tim walked in, I was licking the mixture of blood, cum and ass juices off Kirk’s cock. Tim scooped up some of the cum that had dribbled onto the floor and used it to lube up his fists before ramming one inside me. He punch fucked me for a few minutes and then started pushing his second fist inside. Kirk held the bottle of poppers under my nose and made me take hit after hit. Soon both of Tim’s fists were punching in and out of me and my hole felt amazing. He pushed both fists in as deep as they would go and and then pulled them out quickly at the same time, causing some of my rosebud to come out of my hole completely. He stood there and stared at it. I was too loose and relaxed to suck it back inside myself, it just hung there, dripping with poz cum. He massaged my delicate insides with his hands and then started to fuck them with his precum covered cock. Waves of pleasure shot through my body as Tim added his load to my sloppy ruined cunt. He pulled out and walked around the sling so I could suck his cock clean. He looked into my eyes and said “I’m poz too, always have been” and winked. I looked up at him, his cock still in my mouth, and smiled. Long Weekend - Part 4 The guys unloaded their fucking machine from the back of the van and attached it to the frame of the sex swing, lining up the large ribbed dildo with my ruined hole. My arse was so full of cum that I didn’t need any lube, but they rubbed a generous portion of crystal meth over the end of the dildo to push it deep into my hole. They turned on the fucking machine and it slowly started to slide in and out of my cunt, I was in heaven. They turned up the speed until it was running at maximum and the dildo was just a blur as it pounded my hole relentlessly. They gave me another bomb of chems with some GHB and left me there with a bottle of poppers. They took my phone downstairs and logged into my Grindr account, updating the profile name to “No load refused” and started chatting to anyone who showed any interest. Within an hour they had 8 confirmed guys to come over and breed me, from 19 to 72 years of age. They came upstairs after an hour to find me in a world of euphoria, covered in my own cum and with a messy gaping cummy hole that offered no resistance to the relentless assault from the fuck machine. They switched it off and pulled it out of me before undoing my straps and helping me out of the swing and into the shower. They washed me and made me presentable for the queue of guys who were waiting to breed me. They had been told that there were no limits and no rules, except that their loads had to go up my ass. To avoid having lots of different cars arriving at the house and drawing unwanted attention, they decided to take me in the van to a local area of woodland that was well known for cruising. The 8 guys would meet us there and take turns breeding me. I put on a jockstrap, some loose shorts and a t-shirt and jumped into the back of the van, which had a mattress in. Joey drove with Josh and Zack beside him in the front. Daddy, Kirk and Tim got in the back with me and took turns fucking me as we drove to the woods. Once we were there, Kirk asked if I’d ever tried slamming before. I said that I hadn’t and that I wasn’t keen on trying. Kirk winked at Daddy and Tim and they pinned me down so that Kirk would inject me with a decent hit of crystal meth. I felt the sharp point of the needle and then they released the tourniquet, the rush engulfed my body and I coughed hard before falling back on to the mattress. I was in outer space and could think of nothing but filling my hole; it was so hungry; it needed to be filled. Daddy saw the hunger in my eyes and lay on his back and told me to sit on his thick pierced cock, then Kirk came up behind me and slid his monster black cock inside me at the same time. I was in heaven as they fucked me. There was a knock at the back door and Tim opened in cautiously. It was the 19-year-old, he was tall and muscular and was wearing a pair of tight gym shorts and a tank top. A large patch of precum was seeping across his shorts, that were tight against his big cock. Clearly turned on by the site of my hole being raped by these two older guys, he jumped into the back of the van and unleashed his veiny cock. Daddy and Kirk pulled out and put me on my back ready to receive this 19-year-old’s seed. His balls were the size of eggs and hung low in a perfectly smooth ballbag. He milked his cock and a glob of yellow green goo eased out of his piss slit. The other guys looked at him and said “no load refused” and pulled my legs back to expose my trashed hole. The 19-year-old rubbed the infectious puss over my hole and then slammed into me with all his weight. He reached over me and picked up a large dildo and told me to take some poppers. Tim held the poppers under my nose as the 19-year-old lad forced the dildo into my hole beside his cock, then he picked up another one and tried to do the same, but it was a bit too big. “Give him some more chems” he said as he fucked my hole with his dick and the dildo. Kirk pulled out the bag with the winky smiley on it and said “this is what he needs” before mixing some with GHB, mcat, crystal meth and Red Bull. I downed the mixture and Kirk gave me another slam. Five minutes later both dildos were firmly in my hole and the 19-year-old was close to cumming. Tim went behind the 19-year-old and without warning pushed his precum-covered dick up his tight hole. The 19-year-old screamed for Tim to stop but Daddy and Kirk pinned him down on top of me and spread his ass cheeks so Tim could fuck him easier. I held the poppers under the 19-year-old’s nose and he soon started enjoying the fuck and moaning. Then I felt his cock twitch and unload his dirty spunk deep into my hole. His hole tightened around Tim’s cock and Tim shot his poz load up the young lads hole. He thought the fucking was over but then the three blokes who had been in the front of the van came to take turns with their new fuck toy. After he’d taken loads from everyone, he was sent away to find more guys.
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  36. Sodomight

    Learning From Mr. James

    Hey everybody, I'm glad you guys are digging the story. I've got plenty more where this came from with this storyline if you're into it. Hope you enjoy part 2! So, a few weeks passed after Mr. James fucked me silly in the back of my grandmother’s office. Things returned to normal for the most part, but every time my cock would get hard, I’d think about Mr. James and what he did. Late at night, I would lay in my bunk bed and fantasize about going to the bathhouse with him. I thought about rolling with him and how good it would feel. That always got my hole to twitch. And then there was my hole. Mr. James had called it a pussy, and I’d never really thought of it that way. When he did at first, I was kind of grossed out, but the more I would rub my fingers around it, the hungrier it got to have his cock again, and I thought that maybe he knew more than I did about this. Maybe I did have a pussy after all. But most of all, I thought about his cum. For the whole rest of the day that he’d fucked me, I’d felt it inside all wet and sticky trying to ooze out my battered hole. And when I got home I found my favorite makeshift dildo and went to town smearing his nut as deep inside me as I could get it. I’d always used condoms before, and I was such a stickler about not wanting to catch anything, but during those late night moments in bed, I knew I needed more of his cum shooting inside me. It was just a matter of time. Finally, I worked up the courage to use the number I kept in my wallet. I bit down my nerves, and gave him a call. My heart was pounding, and I sat with my legs crossed to squeeze down my hardon as the phone rang. The other line picked up and a gruff male voice answered. “Uh, Mr. James?” “Oh, hiya, kiddo! How’s the day treating ya?” he said, immediately switching to that oversized cartoon voice he always used with me. “I’m good,” I said, and that seemed to be the extent of the words that would come out of my mouth at that point. “Oh, good, good. Have you been thinking about what we talked about last time I saw you?” “Yessir.” “Ah, well, then I’m glad you worked up the balls to say something. I’ve always said you can do amazing things if you put your mind to it, little buddy.” A shiver went through me when he said this, like some kind of horny premonition. I chuckled softly, but the silence came right back. “Well tell you what, why don’t we make this easy. What are you doing Friday night?” “Nothing.” It was two days away, and my dick ached at the thought of having to wait that long. Mr. James knew what he was doing, though, so I needed to follow his lead. “Good. Why don’t you swing by my place around 7. We’ll get ready and get a little relaxed and see where things go from there, how does that sound?” “Great,” I said, my voice cracking with a bit of relief. I cleared my throat and thanked him. He gave me his address, and we got off the phone. My whole body was flushed with horniness. I’d done it. I was about to do it, try something I’d never thought I would. It was going to be a long wait until Friday. The day finally came, and I made sure I was showered up and as ready for anything as I could have possibly been. I put on a black t-shirt, my tightest white briefs, and my baggiest jeans, and drove to his house. The drive took over an hour, and I was scared shitless the whole way, but there wasn’t much in the world that could keep me from having an adventure with Mr. James that night. I managed to pull up in front of his big stone-worked house right at 7. My legs shook when I got out of the car, and my hands were trembling uncontrollably. I could have called it all off right then, but I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Mr. James answered almost right away wearing nothing but a musty looking red jock and black motorcycle boots. I guess I should have realized this before, but he was one hairy guy. His entire 6’1 frame was covered in dark hair, and the jock sagged with the heaviness of his bulge. Right above the waistline on his jock was a tattoo of a biohazard symbol like you’d see in a doctor’s office. It looked so cool! “Hiya, little buddy. Your evening awaits,” he said with a little mock bow ushering me inside. I chuckled and stepped through the door. He had a big living room to the right with several comfy looking sofas and a big coffee table with a weird looking glass pipe on top of it. “Come on, get comfortable. No need to be shy here, kiddo.” He took a hold of my hand and drew me in for a gentle kiss. I melted into him as he unbuckled my pants. I was losing myself in his kiss while he was working my shirt up toward my head. He laughed a bit and pushed be back. “Hold on, partner. Let’s get you undressed and then we can get to business. We’ve got all night.” I pulled my shirt off and stepped out of my jeans and Mr. James let out a gasp. “White briefs? My beautiful boy, how did you know they were my favorite? Let’s just keep those on you. Now where were we?” He pulled me in again, and I opened my mouth ready to take in his big man-sized tongue. He came in close but stopped short of actually kissing me, holding my head in his hand and reaching up to cup one of my boy boobs in the other. I grunted a bit, sensitive about my doughy body. “Mmmm, such a beautiful boy. I love your body,” he said, as he made little circles around my nipple with his thumb. I couldn’t help but blush. No one had ever said that to me before, and I knew I’d do anything I could to make Mr. James happy. At first the nipple play felt just like touching any other part of me, but soon I felt this pulsing building in my nipple and moving straight down to my ass. The more he tweaked and massaged, the more on fire I became. He gave it a good pinch, and I let out a little whimper looking into his eyes that had become like steel. Then he kissed me deep and hard before I could protest, and I felt myself give over to him. After a few minutes, he pulled away. The front of his jock was tented and wet. He took a finger and dabbed at the precum oozing through fabric and brought it to his lips with a smack. “Tell you what, why don’t we go relax a bit and plan out the night.” I followed him over to the living room, where we plopped on couches opposite one another. “Do you smoke?” he asked. “Cigarettes?” I asked, worried about a lecture coming on. Mr. James just laughed his funny cartoon laugh. “No, silly boy. I’m not talking about cigarettes. Have you ever heard of Tina?” I shook my head no. “What does it do?” I asked nervously. I’d smoked pot a time or two, but never anything harder than that “Well, that’s a good question, kiddo. You see it makes everything a little brighter, a little better. You feel a bit like a superhero to be honest, and it makes sex the best thing you’ll ever experience in your life.” “Oh. Oh wow.” “Yes, wow. And what I happen to have here in this very pipe is grade A Tina just for us, little buddy. Tell me, do you want to unlock the pig boy I saw inside you the other day?” I nodded slowly. “Yes. Please, Mr. James. I want you to show me how.” “Ok, kiddo, let me show you how it goes,” he said with his characteristic goofy flair. “This here is a pipe. Now I assume you’ve smoked before, but not quite like this, am I right?” I nodded. “That’s my boy! See you’re already halfway there. Now this is how it’s done. I’m going to light this torch here, and when the crystals start to melt it’s going to get all smoky inside, and that’s where those pretty little bow lips come in.” I couldn’t help but let out a giggle. I couldn’t believe I actually giggled. “Once that smoke gets going I want you to suck in light and steady until I tell you to stop. You got it? Can you do that? I knew you could. Ok, let’s get started.” Just like he said, he lit the torch and the crystals melted. Whispy smoke filled the bowl, and he offered me the pipe. I wrapped my lips around the end and started sucking slowly. I kept going for what seemed like forever, until I was about to burst, when he told me I could stop. I let out a huge cough a giant cloud of smoke. That stuff tasted just awful, but immediately I felt as if I’d found a power up in a video game. I felt stronger, the light seemed brighter, and it seemed like my whole body was humming, particularly my pink little hole. He gave me some encouragement, and we passed the bowl back and forth a few times until I was flying high. He set the pipe down on the coffee table with one of his little chuckles, raised his arms above his head and flopped down into the cushions of the sofa. Both boots were flat on the floor so his bulge was thrust up obscenely, and I had no trouble seeing that he was rock hard. “So, little buddy, how you feeling? Isn’t this stuff great?” He looked at me with what seemed like love and mischief. The Mr. James I’d always known, but so much more. “Oooooh yeaaaaaaaah.” We both laughed, and he adjusted his leaking bulge. “So, you liked it when I opened up your pussy the other day, huh?” My expression changed, and he took notice. “Aw, you don’t like your pretty little hole getting called a pussy? You don’t like your little boy butt getting called a pussy, is that it?” He said playfully, reaching over to my couch to tickle me. “Mr. Jaaaames!” I laughed. “Well that’s what it is, kiddo, a pussy,” he said, leaning back into the super chilled out position he was in before. “A bright beautiful pussy, and I’m going to do everything I can to convince you. Ok?” “Ok, I guess.” “You guess? Do you trust me, buddy?” “Yes,” I said, without a second thought. “Are you willing to do anything I ask? All we want to do tonight is make each other feel good.” He had this intensity that I’d never seen before. His eyes were gleaming. I felt like I was about to sell my soul or something. I thought for a bit. Everything I wanted was just a word away. My senses were reeling. It all felt too vivid to be real, but it was. “Yessir, I’m ready.” “That’s all I needed to hear. I knew you would be just a perfect boy for me, little buddy. I’ve always known since the first day I laid eyes on you when you were a little thing. All you need to do is let go, little buddy. Enjoy the ride, and I promise we’ll have an amazing adventure together." With that, packed us another bowl and laid back on his couch in the reclining position, thrusting out his crotch. “Why don’t you come here and sit on my lap, kiddo,” he said patting his leg. Wordlessly, my ears thumping in my head and my skin all tingly from the Tina, I went over to him and straddled his pelvis. He let his cock loose from his jock, and I felt it thwack against my underwear clad butt. Feeling his dick touch me brought be back to my senses with a shock, and I moaned. I couldn’t wait to get that monster back inside me, stretching me, filling every little bit of me up with cock. “That’s it, kiddo, just let go.” He rubbed his hands all over my body, resting on my ass. Without a pause, he ripped them open, leaving a gaping hole in the back. I moaned and scooted my ass back to get his cock closer to my hole. Mr. James spread apart my lily white cheeks, propped his cock up against my hole and grabbed the pipe next to him. “I don’t think you’re quite ready for my cock just yet,” he said as he lit the torch. “I wanna see you positively fucked up, kiddo,” he said with a wink. I took in a deep hit and felt my hole loosening around his cock, bit by bit. His thick head made an indentation in my sphincter. The smoke lit me up inside, and suddenly all I could focus on was the tightness slipping from my hole and how much I wanted his cock buried deep inside me. “That’s it,” he said. “Good boy. Let the smoke take you over. Let it let you give me that pussy, little buddy. Yeah, open up for Mr. James. Open up real wide.” His head popped in me with a jolt, and we both gasped. He got me to take another big hit, and my head was spinning like crazy. I started to sink down on his cock and he took one of my nipples into his mouth and started slurping. My mouth hung open and I moaned loudly, catching myself, but burying my hole on his 7 inch cock right down to the root. “Yeah, baby boy, that’s it. Let yourself go. Make any kind of noise you want while you take my cock,” he said. My hole was feeling really jittery, and it seemed like Mr. James’s cock was the only thing that could make it go away. I slid up on his shaft so just the head was left inside me and made little swirls with my hips. Mr. James bit down on my tit and I slid all the way down on his shaft. He reach up a hand and began tweaking my other nipple as he sucked, and my hole twitched along with him. My head thrashed around wildly. Out of control. That connection between my nipples and my hole was like a full blown electric current now. I was in a frenzy for cock. For cum. He touched my face with one hand and moved me back to make eye contact. I could barely focus on him, but I saw his big goofy smile and all seemed well again. “Hey, kiddo, look at me. Look at me. There you go. That’s my boy. I think you’re ready now. Show me how much you want me to take over that pussy, kiddo. Ride my cock and show me.” I took in a deep, shuddering breath. Mr. James was right, I did feel like a super hero. A super hero built for fucking. I grabbed at his cock with my hole and rotated my hips. I felt his precum oozing into me, and all I wanted was more. So I raised myself up, sank all the way down and began milking his cock for all I was worth. Root to tip and back again. Mr. James let out a low, unrestrained grunt. “That’s good, baby boy. Show me how much you want my cock.” He wrapped his arms around my waist, and I leaned back into his cock. It stretched me from a whole new angle and for a second I thought I would burst. I felt a sharp pain, but nothing was too good for Mr. James, so I bit my lip and ground into him until all I felt was his cock filling me up. I bounced myself on him, increasing my pace. The more I bounced, the better it felt, and soon I was jackrabbiting myself on his steel hard cock, and he started playing with my titties. “Tell me how much you love your pussy, kiddo. Tell me.” “I love it Mr. James. I love my pussy, and I looooove your cock. Please. Please. Please. Oh, fuck I love my pussy. Thank you for making me feel good. Thank you for—“ He crushed his mouth against mine, and took control. He held me against him and pounded into me so hard I thought my pussy would rip open. I tried to tighten up to protect myself, the ferocity he fucked me with ripped away any control I might have had. Panting there against his chest, I felt a spot deep in my pussy Mr. James was hitting. pleasure radiated from that spot to my whole body, and I felt myself start to shake. Mr. James kept fucking me hard and deep and relentless. “Give it to me. Give me that pussy, baby boy. Give it up.” And I did. The pleasure took me over. My muscles twisted up in knots as our bodies slapped together ratcheting up the tension in my pussy more and more with each thrust until everything holding me back seemed to burst open and I let out a primal yell like I’d never imaged I could make. I held onto Mr. James for dear life as wave after wave of pleasure shot through me. I shook uncontrollably. “Ilovemypussyilovemypussyilovemypussy…” was all I could say. “Let that pussy cum, baby. Just let it happen. This is why you give your pussy to men, because they can make it cum for you. As the waves subsided I felt him flex his cock inside me over and over. What I imagined as a river of precum was flowing right into my pussy, and I couldn’t be happier. I collapsed onto Mr. James’s chest a sweaty mess, and he wrapped me up in is arms, kissing the top of my head. The front of my ripped white briefs were soaked, but it didn’t feel like cum. I reached down to touch myself. It definitely wasn’t cum. “Don’t worry about your boy-clit right now, baby boy. Your clitty hasn’t cum yet. That’s just a fuckload of precum.” I was still catching my breath, and Mr. James held me tight against his chest while I did, making big circles against my skin with one hand. And he never stopped grinding his fat dick into my new pussy, painting my insides with his fuck juice while he made cooing shooshy noises at me. “How did that feel, little buddy, did it feel good?” he said in a low, comforting voice. “Mmmmore please,” was all I could get out since my head was still buzzing so fast. Mr. James laughed really loud and I felt his cock flex inside me. That made me giggle. “Well that was really hot to watch, kiddo. You done good. Just thinking about is making me leak like a faucet in your little pussy right now.” He tickled me a bit, and I giggled some more and flexed my hole around his cock. “I know, I can feel it. It feels soooooo gooooood, Mr. James.” “It does, does it?” “Yeah. Wanna feel you cum in me.” “Oh-ho! Do you now? Well why don’t you lean back, baby boy. Let’s talk for a bit. Here, why don’t you suck on this pipe for a little bit.” “Oh, Mr. James, I don’t think I should. I’m real fuckeded up.” “Ha! I know you are, baby boy. But nearly high enough for Mr. James. You don’t want to disappoint me now, do you?” Of course I didn’t, so I settled all the way down on his cock, brought the pipe to my lips and sucked while he held up the torch. “Do you see this tattoo here, kiddo?” he said, pointing to the biohazard tattoo just above his jock line. “Do you know what it means?” “Biohazard,” I said, and he smiled his big goofy smile. “Biohazard, that’s right. And do you know what it means when a man has a biohazard tattoo, little buddy?” I shook my head no. “Well, it means that he’s HIV positive,” he said in this very school teacher kind of way. I tensed up immediately and let out a big cloud of smoke. It couldn’t be true! This couldn’t be real. I started feeling afraid, so I clenched my pussy around Mr. James’s cock and ground myself against him to make myself feel better. Mr. James just nodded and lit the pipe again. “Now I know that’s a bit of a shock, isn’t it.” “Yeah…” “But you trust me, don’t you?” he said, taking the pipe away. “Of course I do, Mr James. Always.” He took a wrist in each hand and brought my arms down against my sides. “Well then I’m going to tell you a little secret, ok? Ok? Tonight, baby boy, I’m going to give you HIV. Hush! No, no, no, you’re not going anywhere now, kiddo.” He said and held me tight. I couldn’t get away if I tried. “Hey, hey, kiddo, you want my cock don’t you?” I nodded yes. “And you want my cum, don’t you? Again, I nodded. “But you don’t want my HIV, do you?” I shook my head no, tears gathering in my eyes. “Well, they’re a package deal, kid. Do you want my cock?” He used my arms as leverage to impale me even deeper on his thick fuck stick. “Yeeeesss!” I cried out. “Do you want me to pull out? Do you want me to stop?” “No, please no!” “I could if you want, little buddy.” “Don’t do it Mr. James. I need your cock in my pussy!” “Well, ok. If that’s what you want, buddy, I’ll keep my cock in you. But if I do you this favor, then I’m gonna have to coat the inside of that little pussy of yours with my toxic cum, ok? It’s only fair.” I huffed a bit, but in that moment, I needed his cock more than anything else on earth. “It’s only fair, kiddo.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone. “Ok.” I said quietly. “That’s settled then. Now let’s get you into position. Here, get your hands on the floor, but keep your little but propped up on the couch.” I did as he asked. Withdrawing his cock from my ass took a bit of coaxing, but I got into position, ass pointed toward the ceiling and hanging a bit off the couch, while I propped myself up on the floor. I rested my head on the carpet. Mr. James got on either side of my ass and squatted, pointing his dick right at the entrance to my pussy, but just holding it there. “Alright, kiddo. Get that pussy ready to get pounded.” With that, he shoved his entire dick inside me and I let out an animal howl into the carpet. “Yeah, you like my fat poz cock, don’t you?” He said as he mercilessly pounded my pussy. All I could do was let out a long moan that vibrated with the impacts of his thrusts. “You like my cock. It’s better than any cock you’ve ever had in your life, boy, and do you know why?” he said, pushing my lower back to grind my face in the carpet. “Because this is a poz cock, and they always feel better. Don’t they?” I moaned my ascent. “Don’t they,” he said. I twisted my neck around to look at him. “Yes. Yesssss.” “Good, now tell me what you want.” “Your big. Poz. Cock. Mr. Jaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhh—“ he really started pounding and it co “And that poz cum?” “Gimme your poz cummmmmnnnnnnnn” “Here it cums, baby boy.” He thrust himself into me so hard my face skidded on the carpet. His cock swelled to twice its normal thickness stretching my pussy to the limit. He let out a deep yell and I felt every jet he sprayed my insides with rope after rope after rope of thick cum. I squeeze down to milk every drop. With his cock still embedded in me he pushed me off the couch like a plow and laid himself down on my back. I could feel his cum oozing deeper inside me, and it was the best feeling in the world. “You’re going to be my poz baby boy, aren’t you?” I honestly didn’t know what he was talking about, but as long as I had his cock in my hole, any cock, I would be just fine. “Now what do you think about that bathhouse?” I let out a tired, but excited yay, punching the air with a weary fist. Mr. James laughed. “Great, but first we need to rid of all this nasty hair. You’re too pretty to be that hairy.” I agreed, and my hole twitched in anticipation.
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  37. pervinmt

    My New White Boy

    Part 3 As we drove I reached over and pulled his underwear down, exposing his still hard cock. I admit I was impressed he didn't have Tina dick, at least not yet. I looked at his nakedness in the bright light. He was completely smooth except for his pubes. His face was flushed from the drugs, but it too was baby smooth, making him look younger than 18. He still had some baby fat on him which made me smile. He wouldn't have that too much longer after I turned him into my personal Tina slut. "Play with yourself," I ordered him. "I wanna watch you, but don't cum!" He obediently stroked his little dick, oblivious to the vehicles around us that could see him. I liked how obedient he was! This boy was a prize! In about 20 minutes we pulled into the driveway of his house, a big one that even had pillars in front. It made me think of a plantation house in the south, and I laughed to myself thinking that this time, I was the master! I pulled the Escalade into the garage and we went into the house. Yea these people had money. There was even a pool in the back, with a high privacy fence all around it. Perfect. I noticed a very well stocked bar and helped myself to some very nice scotch. "So why didn't you go on vacation with your family?" I asked. "Fuck them!" He said, flopping on the couch. "They don't give a shit about me. They were happy to leave me behind. Mom's a drunk, and dad's a lawyer. I'm just in the way." Awww, a poor little rich white boy with family issues. Fuckin putty in my hands! "Don't worry baby boy," I said, laying my body on top of his, "Jesse's gonna take care of you." I started kissing him again and he sucked my tongue into his mouth like a hungry pig. My little pig. I took out my pipe and a baggie and loaded a big load. I gave Blake the pipe and told him to hit it. He eagerly sucked in a big hit, exhaling a large, white cloud. "Again." I told him. He hit it two more times before I took it away. "You like that, don't you?" I asked. "Mmmmmm yea." "I got something else you'll like even more." "What's that?" he asked eagerly. "Lets go upstairs and I'll show you." We went up and I found his parents bedroom. I guided him in and pushed him on their bed. He didn't even object. I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my jeans, freeing my semi hard cock. Blake's eyes got real big as he looked at my monster. What really caught his eye was my big P.A. "You ever see one of those?" I asked. He just shook his head no. "They feel extra good." I lied, knowing it was going to tear his sweet hole to shreds. But I was about to get him so fucked up he would be begging for the sweet torture he was about to get. I took my little case out of my pants and pulled out a rubber tube and wrapped it around his arm. "What's that for?" he asked. "Shhhh." I said placing a finger on his lips. "This is the extra special treat. Just trust me." He didn't say another word as I swabbed his arm, he just watched my dick get bigger. Fucking up white boy's made my dick hard. As I stuck the needle into his vein, my cock reached full hardness. I slowly pushed the plunger as my full, fat 11 inches throbbed, ready to forever change Blake's life. I pulled out the needle and released the band. Blake fell back on the bed coughing and I moved like a lion attacking. I grabbed his legs and pushed them back, and before he could comprehend what was happening, I slammed my big, black monster into his cum filled hole, forcing all 11, fat inches into him, balls deep in one thrust. Blake howeled as he was ripped open like never before, and I didn't give the kid a chance to adjust before I was pounding him mercilessly. Over and over I slammed him as hard and deep as I could, digging my P.A. into his guts. Frothy pink cum oozed out of his hole as I shredded his insides, making him forever my bitch. Soon he was moaning instead of screaming as I deep dicked his ruined hole. His head rolled from side to side as he babbled incoherently. "Fuck yea you stupid punk!" I yelled at him as I raped him. "You fuckin take that nigger cock! You're my fuckin whore now! I'll fuckin use you and sell your cunt! You fucking worthless piece of shit! Stupid fuckin white kid pickin up niggahs! Yous a niggah whore now faggot! Say goodbye to your old life!" I kept up the verbal asault as I broke him, physically and mentally. I called him every filthy name I could think of as I told him his new position in life. Soon I was ready to fill him with my seed. "Here you go slut! Take my fuckin load! You fucking niggah cumdump!" I yelled as I pumped my cum into his ripped insides. "This is what you are now bitch. I own you! You gonna make me some money!" I pulled my spent cock out of his bloody cunt as he softly cried to himself. "Shut up bitch and clean off your Masters cock, you worthless pig!" He opened his mouth and took my messy cock into it, cleaning off the mess like a good bitch. When he was done I grabbed my phone and started making some calls.
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  38. bbbugfkr

    How it Started

    I was young - 23, cute, 5'8", furry and preppy looking with brown hair, hazel eyes, a seven inch cut cock and a bubble butt. And I loved sex. My boyfriend and I had been together for three years and were monogamous. We fucked any and every where we could. We knew about HIV/AIDS. We both tested regularly even though we only fucked each other, bareback, of course. Walking around with my bf's load in my hole was amazing. He was a stud. 24, 5'11" 175" smooth and athletic. Hung and hooded. Blond and blue. I bone up thinking about him even after all these years. We were committed to each other. At least I wanted to be. I mean to be. Thought I would always be. I was working for DHHS when 'He' walked into my office on a July afternoon in Dallas. He was sweating after a 30 minute bus ride from the Cedar Springs neighborhood. Now, our catchment area included what was then the gay ghetto. Bars, gay businesses, restaurants and Chris was a new client. He was nice looking. Built like my bf. Dirty blond with grey eyes. A huge bulge in his tattered jeans. And he was obviously ill. Beginning to look wasted, kinda pale, the fire in his eyes fading. He came into my office to apply for assistance. He had AIDS. He couldn't work. I reached out to shake his hand and holy fuck I wanted him....bad. I don't know why. Maybe it was his lost puppy vibe or his grey eyes or that bulge in his pants. Or maybe it was the bug. Maybe it was that he had AIDS. My cock rose in my pants as my hand touched his. Lust rose up in me. Inside I was freaking out. I was turned on by some hottie with AIDS. But I composed myself and got down to business. That helped. My lust subsided. I did my interview, had him sign the right forms and scheduled his next appointment, which would be a home visit. Giving him a cab voucher, I showed him out Back at my desk I got back to work. But he kept coming to mind. That smooth chest, that bulge, those grey eyes, that whatever it was that made him so fucking hot. I kept boning up. reaching down and adjusting my hard-on. All afternoon it was hard and semi-hard, hard and semi-hard. Leaking pre-cum. I'm surprised it didn't look like I pissed myself. I got home that evening. My bf was working late. So I jumped in the shower. As soon as the water hit me, the image of the client popped up in my mind. I was so fucking horned thinking about him. In my mind I was slowly unbuttoning his shirt knowing that his body was full of deadly virus. Opening it up. Licking his smooth chest and biting his nips. He was moaning softly. Encouraging me. "Yeah, baby. Suck my nips, you got me so hard. I want you baby. Want your sweet ass." I was licking further down, His belly. Tonguing his navel. Starting down that happy trail to.... Shit. I turned around and flipped on the cold water. The guy had AIDS. What was I thinking? I knew the score. There was no real treatment back then. There was AZT, and there were also some new experimental drugs, some of which involved massive doses of antibiotics and blood transfusions, but more than not, back then it was still considered a death sentence to come up poz. And I was insanely hot for this guy. Monogamous me. My bf might have due home anytime but there I was fantasizing about having sex with a guy with AIDS. My cock was rock hard. Even with the cold water running on me. I just couldn't stop myself. An image of Chris' bulge fixed in my mind, I grabbed my cock and stroked once, twice, three times and bam! I spewed a huge load all over the shower wall, groaning Chris' name as I came. Shot after shot. All I could think was 'I want Chris. I want his cock. His cum. His cum in me'. And the thought also flashed in my brain 'I want his AIDS'. Instinctively I put my cummy hand to my mouth as the last shudders of my orgasm racked my body. As I licked my own cum the thought flashed again: 'I want his AIDS'. I fell back against the shower wall and slid down. Freaked the fuck out. What the hell was I thinking? And why the hell was I still hard? I just sat there for awhile, the cold water running over me until I heard my bf come in. I wouldn't tell him about this. I couldn't tell him. What a freak I was. That night I slipped inside him while he slept, gently fucking him awake. I love his smooth fuckhole, still I was thinking about Chris as I filled my beautiful man with seed. We fell asleep again. The thoughts of Chris dulled over the next few days. I had almost forgotten him until some three weeks later I looked at my schedule where I read 'Chris H, Home visit'. Shit. My cock started growing.
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  39. versbbguy

    Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    This thread will contain the new adventures for Cody, his Dad, and his friends. You don't need to have read "Cody's Return" Part 1 and Part 2 to know what's going on here [Moderator's Note: Links Added] , but it can give you some back story. Also, I want to say a huge thank you to all the guys who's reached out to me... there's a few of you who've messaged me here and on BBRT and got my cock very hard (you know who you are), this first chapter is dedicated to you (and what I hope we get to do). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 1: Cody: There is a tingling, a pleasurable stinging sensation, when a man’s raw cock slowly snakes its way into your ass that feels like no other kind of sex; when that man is your Dad it's even hotter. My Dad might have been asleep, but his cock was wide awake and ready to play. Considering all of the time I had recently spent with Sam, I really needed my father’s cum. I also needed to have 'the conversation' with Dad about Sam, but while my ass was quite sore, still I couldn't sleep as I was insatiably horny. I wanted Dad’s cum in my ass; his boy needed it right then. Dad was so good, so practiced at breeding my ass. It wasn't, perhaps, fair of me to let something like his need for sleep to get in the way of breeding his boy’s tight (but well used) butt. Still, as Dad and I almost always cuddle at night, and as on this night he was on his back, well, with a little lube, a little precum and a little patience, his cock slid into me nice and slow. I gritted my teeth a bit, wincing from the stinging sensation. Sam, and his friends generally fucked me hard and hung me up wet, but I didn't care; I needed Dad’s bare cock. I work him into me slowly until I can feel that familiar hairy sac brushing against my ass cheeks. I love how he feels inside me; it’s amazing how he can stay asleep. It’s well past 3am and his breathing is restful and calm, I know he’s still sleeping as I slowly ride him. Sitting on top of him like this, with his fully engorged cum stick lodged inside me, I start thinking about the first time he fucked me and our first sex; I had just turned eighteen two weeks prior. When I was too young to completely understand, my Mom died; Dad later called it “Pancreatic Cancer”. All I knew is one day, Mom is there, and then she’s not, and then it’s just me and Dad. Life slowly returned to normal and he and I grew very close. Around the house Dad rarely wore clothes, and subsequently neither did I, he never said it wasn’t normal and I never gave it a second thought. As I got older it crossed my mind that my friend’s Moms and Dads all wore clothes at home, but I didn’t care, I just kept those things to myself. I’d get home from school and the clothes were off – it was just a normal part of our life. Dad and I had always been open and he shared everything with me, he never talked down to me, or lied, even when I asked questions about adults or sex or the body. As I got into my teens I became a bit awkward around him even though I knew our home life wasn’t an abnormal thing. Dad and I had the conversation and he told me what he thought was right but also said I’d eventually decide what I want and what is right for me. The other thing we did that I didn’t see others do is we never closed doors, even when using the bathroom. More than once at night, from my room, I could hear him moaning. I always wanted to go to his room and see, but I never did. As I found the internet, and my hormones, I had a pretty good idea what was going on but I pretended not to hear it. The year I turned 18 my Dad planned a big birthday party for me and several of my friends and we had a great time. As it got late, and everyone finally left, I immediately went to my room and got rid of my clothes. I’m bent over pulling off my shorts when my Dad comes by, already naked, and stops for a moment. By now he’s relaxed and had a beer or two and we’ve seen each other naked more times than I can count. I didn’t give it a second thought – it did seem like Dad is checking out my body though. “Thanks for the party today, it was great.” He smiled, replying “You’re really growing up to be a handsome young adult, Cody.“ I think I blushed a little, then he offered, “And … You’re welcome.” With this he walked over, giving me a big hug and a kiss on my forehead. I remember feeling like a kid again, warm and safe in his hug, but then it happened: I felt my Dad’s cock rubbing against my stomach. My cock awkwardly comes to life, but then Dad releases me and left the room, but my cock continued to rise, thinking about him. It seems like whenever I jack off all I can think about is Dad, he’s my whole world, and his cock was literally just pressed against me. I can still smell him … I cut out the light and lie down, horny as fuck. I imagine his cock pressed against me again, my mind is racked -- I want him, but I don’t know what to do about it. I’m lying there in bed, beating off, imagining his body and his cock, when suddenly I hear him moan … my Dad is beating off too, and like all those times before, I’m curious. I decide I’m 18, I’ve decided what I want, and I want to see his cock again. I sneak towards his bedroom with the intent of watching. I make my way down the hallway, doing my best to be conscientious of my body and any noise it might make, doing my best impression of a Cat. I get on the floor to crawl in, Dad’s bed is positioned in such a way that, with the lights off, if I crawl in I can hide at his footboard unnoticed. I really do love his bedroom it smells like his body, my heart is pounding and my cock is hard and leaking – “FUCK IT! I’m going to jack off, too”, I think. “Ahhhhhh… ahhhhhh yeah…. “, I hear Dad moaning, and I hear the sound of him beating his cock, “Cody… Cod… oh fuckkkk … ohhh baby … ohhh baby boy … that’s it yeah”, I freeze, Dad’s calling my name. I think, “Did he see me? Hear me?” My cock feels too good to care though, “Ahhhhhhhh”, and I subconsciously let out a moan of my own. As I’m wondering if I’m too loud, I feel a hand on my shoulder, “Cod baby ... you don’t have to hide … you can come up here. We’ve always been open with each other … you don’t have to sneak around … we can jack off together”, I look like a deer caught in headlights “GUILTY”, I don’t know what to say to him, “Ok”, is all that comes out, and I swallow hard, my eyes completely trained on the shadow above me. I can hardly see him as I move to the side of the bed, “Get under the covers with me son”, he pulls the sheets back and I can just make out a shadowy naked form; I look down trying to see his cock. I realize he’s looking right at me, “Come on boy”, and I look back at him and climb into his bed. He turns on one of his lamps very dimly, now I can see his face, “Dad … I …”, “It’s ok son … I told you no secrets between us, I love you”, “I love you too Dad”, “… and it looks like I’m not the only one who’s horny”. I turn a little red but smile, then he smiles back, and it breaks the tension of the moment. “Dad … I … I’m just … “, “You what baby boy? Its ok … it’s me, we share everything, you can tell me anythi….”, “I love you!”, “I lov...”, “I want you!” interrupting him and literally blurting out the words. Then I immediately look away feeling awkward; Dad puts one of his hands on my chin and turns me to face him. “Dad …”, but Dad puts his finger over my lips, “Shhhh…”, his eyes looking through me, then he looks down towards my cock. Before I can think, he takes my left hand and puts it on his cock, and then he puts his on mine and we start to slow stroke each other not speaking and not breaking eye contact. I can feel his precum – I can’t believe I’m stroking my own father’s cock. Dad leans in to me smiling with our eyes trained on each other. Dad’s face is now right against mine and he’s looking at me and my mouth and then my eyes, back and forth. This is the first time I’m jacking off with my father when he suddenly presses his lips to mine and kisses me, not like all the other times he’s ever given me a fatherly peck, this is a lover’s kiss. I can feel his precum on my hand and I do my best to kiss him back the way a lover will do. After that Dad invited me to sleep with him every night. It wasn’t long until I learned to suck and appreciate his big cock; my Dad, my boyfriend. Dad said, “Once you become an adult you can decide for myself what you want Cod”, and he made it clear this is how he thinks of me. This is what I had fantasized about, my first boyfriend – my own father. “Ahhhhhhhh……….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. ”, a huge groan and exhale and Dad’s hands are on my thighs; I’m riding my father’s cock and he’s fast awake. At this point though I’m impaling myself on his cock, and as much as it stings, I really want his cum inside me – I’m working him hard to get it. “Ohhhhh fuck boy ... ohhhhh fuck … you needed Daddy’s cock huh?”, I let out a long moan, “Yeeeeeeeeess….”, “Do it boy… ride Daddy’s big cock”. The sounds of sex in the room is obvious as we can both hear the sloshing sound of a raw cock fucking a cummy ass, “Is that cum in there boy”, “Yes, Daddy”, trying to sound younger than my 22 years since I know it makes him a little crazy, “FUUUUCCCKKK that’s hot!” Dad seems so horny, but he also seems completely happy to just lie here and let me do all the work for to get his spunk. I start wondering if I’m really HIV+ now from all sex with Sam and his friends, and then it crosses my mind again, “If I’m positive from Sam fucking me, is Dad HIV+ from him, too?”, “ohhhhhh…. Ohhhhhh…. It feels so fucking good Dad”, “Yeah boy… ride me… I’m getting close”, and I know my Dad is about to cum inside me; he never lasts long after he says he’s close. The thoughts of Sam fucking me flashes through my mind and me literally begging him to fuck poz cum into me, which he more than happy to do … if I really am positive now, what can I say? I asked him for it … more than once. “Dad … I … I …. “, but the words aren’t coming, and then, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Oh fuck … Daaaaa…..” and my ass clamps down on his cock as a huge load comes flying out of the business end of my cock, “Oh fuck…. Oh fuck… “, my orgasm racks my body. “Cod! ... FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” and I know Dad’s cock is releasing its pent up load. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck Cod…. Ohhhhhhhhhh … Ohhhhhhhh”, the moans and the breathing are heavy between us as our orgasms quell and we start to come down from the release. “That is so fucking hot”, I moan between breathes, “Yes it is baby boy … needed that so bad”, he says to me all breathy, “…and I’m soaked now”. We both laugh. I climb off his cock and lie down beside him and we kiss… he leans into me and presses almost all of my cold, wet cum into my stomach; I love him so much. I can’t think of how to tell him I might be infected, he’s always been there for me, and been open with me, I have to find the words. “Did you have a good time with your friends last night?”, I ask him. “Yeah it was good … this is better”, as he kisses me, “You?”. “Same with me … “, I pause, “Dad, I’ve been having sex with …”, “It’s ok Cod I’ve been having sex too”, “Sam?”, I blurt it out. “Yes, … “, he pauses, “Sam … how did you?”, “Uhmmm… well saw a message from him on your phone once, and then didn’t know it was him, but met him on BBRT and we started talking and well ... He’s fucked me a couple times”. There’s an awkward pause, then he says, “Same with your old man I guess … I don’t ‘always’ go jogging”, a laugh escapes us both, “Haha… uhmm yeah … figured”. “Dad it’s just that … well, I’ve been fucking bareback “, another pause, “Me too baby boy… always hated condoms. I got tested last week”, “You did… what did…”, “Negative “, I look at him pausing then the thoughts run through my mind, “I haven’t actually tested poz … so who says I am until they tell me otherwise?”, then he pipes in, “Why don’t we go this week… we can get tested together?”, “But you just …”, “Doesn’t matter, plus the guy that works there…”, I pipe in, “Chris”, “Yeah… how did you?”, “Fuckbud brought him over once, he’s hot”. “Yeah he is ... anyways, not that you’re positive, but you can see how easy it is to test, and maybe it’ll put your mind at rest”, “Yeah … uhmmm… ok”, my only reply. A day goes by and Dad and I spend it together then the next morning he’s out for a jog when it hits me, “I bet Sam is fucking him right now”, part of me is jealous. I’m really horny, I decide to find out. Me: I’m horny Sam: Me too Sam: Busy today though Me: Breeding my Dad? Sam: Maybe: P Me: Fuck! I want Sam: What do you want? Me: + cum Sam: Dirty boy Sam: Jake asked if he can text you, gave him your #, hope that’s ok Me: That guy you told me about before? That’s cool, can I have his # too? Sam: Yeah I’ll send it, one sec Sam sends me Jake’s # and I decide to message him instead of waiting when literally a message from an unknown contact appears on my phone. Jake: Hey this is Jake, … Sam gave me #, hope it’s cool to message you Me: That’s weird Me: I was just going to text you lol Jake: LOL Me: Yeah it’s cool … Sam told me he gave you my # Jake: He talk about me? Me: A little lol Jake: Oh really? What’d he say? Me: Nm … just said you guys had some group fun Jake: Yeah we did … that it? Me: He said you’re HIV+ … prob from that night Jake: Yep I’m poz Jake: About a month now Me: Hope its ok he told me that … don’t wanna seem nosey Jake: Its cool Me: So you got it from him? Jake: Always bb’d here Jake: We think his hot friend Sergei is the one that actually gave it to me Me: How do you know that? Jake: I’m horned. Can we get together? Horny? Me: LOL… always Me: Yeah that’s cool Jake: HOT (includes a pic of his cock) Me: Damn… that’s a hot cock! Jake: And it’s poz … sure it’s ok? Me: Yeah Jake: Cody gives me his address and I tell him I’m headed that way. It makes my cock leak thinking that we’re both HIV+, and he will find out at some point when he gets tested. I intend to make him beg me for poz cock and then when he does test poz, we’ll hopefully discuss it, and I’ll let him know he got it from me. Also be hot to see him fuck and breed a few guys before he gets tested, just in case he gets weird about being poz, or goes on meds right away. Personally I don’t intend to take any meds until I have to… I want to share this with as many guys as I can. I start driving to Cody’s house when that hot guy Chris at the testing center crosses my mind, the way he flirts with all the guys there, I wonder if he’s just a flirt or if he’s already poz? Or maybe he’s still neg and chasing it? I think I’ll just have to find out.
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  40. rough-one

    Belfast Delivery Guy

    I knew what I was getting into. I’d heard of Lawyer John’s notorious parties through the grapevine for years. My friend Con, who was a filthy gossip, pointed him out to me a few times in the nightclubs of Belfast. Lawyer John (our nickname for him) was pretty to miss though given his overall “too-hot-to-stay-in-Belfast” looks and physique. Lawyer John was a suave stunner in his mid-forties, with a gym fit body and expensive tousled “salt and pepper” haircut. He should have been modelling suits for Gucci or something, and not raising the bell-curve for us poor mortals who didn’t have any other option but to stay here in the North, drowning our sorrows as we were that night. Northern Ireland once again performed abysmally in rugby, getting trashed by the All Blacks earlier that day. Con’s favourite pastime, after a few jars, was nodding his head over at some poor trick in the club and divulging all his nasty secrets. Usually they involved Con, a quirky fetish and/or an STI. Con was an old-school gossip and would always start off in his thickest working class Belfast accent with the line “Didja ya see that wee lad there righ? Well…” At this point our posse would be leaning forward wondering what new tale of desperation or filth we were in for. With Lawyer John, Con would always drink deep from his Guinness, nod over at him and then launch into the following tale. “Did I tell ye lads about our friend Lawyer John over there. Mike (this was me) knows, but I’ll tell the rest of ye. Steer clear of that fucker. A right nasty piece of work they say lads. They say he hosts these parties y’see. Where all the A-gays of Belfast go and get gee-eyed out of it on G and E and coke and whatever else you’d be having. No condoms, no fucking sense, and a few prossies hired up from London or wherever. He works over in the courts too, so he should know better. Anyways, the parties always get really fuckin wild, and to hear tell of it, at one of the last ones there was a lad who overdosed. Some fucker up from Fermanagh, still wet behind the ears and looking for his bit of freedom from his mammy and the farm, thought he’d try his hand at hooking. Anyways as the story goes, the lad reacted badly with the cocktail of drugs he was on and it wasn’t till after the party that they realised he was unconscious and had been for about a day or two. It was then that they dropped him outside the Pipeworks sauna and called the police. Kid nearly died. Seemingly was left with some nasty nerve damage too. And that kid…” and Con leaned in here, building suspense, “is none other than Ugly Eoghan!” I’d heard it before so chuckled to watch the looks of incomprehension on our mates as they tried to fit the pieces together. Lawyer John was some jet-setting executive who probably had a sea of hot accountants who wanted him to write off their “bad debts”. Meanwhile Ugly Eoghan was the odd drunk that’d turn up outside the Kremlin as the crowd turned out in the early morning, trying to chat up the very, very drunk twinks outside. He worked the “going-home” crowd, cause he’d been barred from every gay establishment between here and Dublin. He was only in his early thirties, but had such a way with him that he looked at least ten years older and while there was nothing necessarily disfigured about him, he had a constant stoop, squinted eyes and a perpetually sneering mouth, so you couldn’t help but be repulsed by him. To think that this gay “character” had been created by the beautiful and sophisticated Lawyer John was a good yarn, but none of us really believed it. Sensing our disbelief, Con urged us “it’s true honest! Ugly Eoghan’s life wasn’t always the car-crash you see outside the chipper on a Saturday pawing at the twinks. But seemingly Lawyer John has high connections, and got the whole thing hushed up. The police, the other party-goers, even the sauna staff, everyone was hushed up”. We nodded as Con knocked back the rest of his Guinness and looked to see who was getting the next round in. He always got a bit conspiracy-ish after a few, talking one minute about chem-trails, and the next about how the fluoride pumped in Irish water was to keep people passive. A nudge knocked me out of my reverie. It was my round. I waited at the bar for the hot new barman Sven to get my drinks. Seemingly he had to learn how to replace a keg or something, but you’d forgive a white blond Nordic god a lot for a flash of his dopey smile, so I pulled out my phone and checked my apps. Grindr and Scruff were disappointing as usual, though my profile didn’t invite a lot of comment – it was just a torso like all the rest of them – showing off my six-pack from two years ago, which had since gone into a small hibernation. Not that most tricks minded. None of them looked quite like their photos either, and as long as I wasn’t, well, ugly Eoghan, and I shoved all nine inches of my cock into them, I heard no complaints. The only messages I had was from this hot nurse Gavin who I always had a great back and forth with, but who always chickened out of all the dates I suggested, to the point where I gave up trying. Sometimes I was in the mood to flirt with him, knowing it’d have no effect, but not today. Sensing someone pushing past me for a newly opened gap at the bar, I moved to let the guy settle in beside me. I did a very subtle double-take when I realised it was the devil himself – Lawyer John. He didn’t even notice me. He still had his head turned, taking drink orders off of some tall muscle-bound blond who’d be perfect as an extra in any World War 2 film, yellow blonde where Sven was white. I took the time to properly study the Lawyer-man up close. God, he was gorgeous. He’s one of those guys who looks so much better as a 40 year old than he ever would have as a 20 year old. His tailored shirt opening to show a defined lean body and sculpted lines across his collarbones, up his neck and in his deep dimples as he laughed at something the Aryan giant said. I waited for the polite “eye-contact” nod that in Ireland passed for “thank you for giving me space at the bar”, but the lawyer studiously turned forward and blanked me. Pfft. Whatever. I guess if you don’t look like you breathe the same rarefied air as these little gods, you may as well be invisible. I then heard the distinctive message tones from Gay-Romeo beside me. I looked over, and sure enough, Lawyer John had his phone out too. I guess little gods need a bit of help looking for love too. I noticed he was mostly scanning an app with a black and orange design. I leaned over a little further. It was called “BBRT” or something like that. I then heard the Sven clear his throat “Ah Mike, jour drrinks” “oh right, cheers Sven!” A few drinks more with the lads at the pub, then at Con’s house and eventually we’re all calling it a night. It’s proper late, by the time I’m back in my flat near the university, like 6am. I clumsily broke the laptop out and looked up this BBRT website. Bareback Real Time Sex, it said. I gulped a little. I’ve not usually been one for bareback – topping’s the same to me if I top protected or not, so I always chose the former. Up until this point I’d never successfully bottomed, with or without a condom, so I saw no attraction in barebacking. However, Lawyer John was on it, and who knew, maybe he was only a click or two away. I could beat off to some pics of him, no harm, no foul. I read through the usual preamble with starting an account, and then once I’d verified my email and put up the bare skeleton of a profile (Newry9inch), I got to seeing who was online in Belfast. This was a very different pool to the Grindr/Scruff guys. There were a few kinky bastards who revelled in anything pain related, a few kids that had the title Bug-Chaser in their profile and then me by the looks of it. Noone else was online. I went back to filling out my profile, deciding to put up a cock pic as my main profile pic (it wasn’t as if I was looking for friends or gym buddies on this site). Then after a bit more thought I added a headless nude shot and an over-the-shoulder arse pic. “Fuck it!” I thought and headed to the bathroom. When I got back, I was in luck. My inbox had three more messages from three different guys – not just the welcome bot. The first was a proper daddy type who wanted to spank my ass for being up so late. I chuckled, and politely declined. The next was from a blank profile online asking “u into scat?” I once again replied “cheers, but definitely not my thing. All the best”, cause I may be many things, but I always answer people, so there’s no ambiguity. I’m a motherfucking gentleman! The last was interesting. It was another blank profile “northernlights”, this time asking “u into pnp?” Now I won’t lie. I love me a bit of rolling with molly or speed-pumped sex, so this had my slut-senses tingling – could this be Lawyer John? I answered “could be. Why?” And waited… About half a minute later I get a reply. “We’re looking to score” and a link to a webpage within BBRT. I clicked through the link and it directed me to an expired party page from earlier that night– some sort of group page that BBRT did for people arranging group meets – wow BBRT really knew their audience! This page had the description “Party – Titanic Quarter for titanic men”. I snorted at that. The blurb below was written as if a size queen on meth – detailing all the types of men who could apply (a very select few) and all the guys who couldn’t. To be honest the description was a turn-off. One of those impossibly high standard parties that I wouldn’t dream of trying for after a few rejections earlier on in life. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I feel pretty hot – I rock the slightly rough/scruffy, three-day stubbled scally lad look, but I would never fit in with the built Abercrombie and Fitch crowd. My body was lean and I was an in-shape lad especially for my job (a journalist for a less than reputable paper… ok so, a tabloid journalist – it paid the bills) but I’d never have this party’s required “defined muscles” or “less than 5% body fat” (I kid you not – that’s what they wrote). The rest of post summed up that a group party had been organised (about 6 hours earlier) for the A-gays of Belfast. Good-fucking luck to ‘em I thought! I saw my inbox had another message and clicked it. Northernlights again. “u know any dealers?” I chuckled and then remembered something. Looking to my chest of drawers in the middle of the room, I pulled out my sock drawer and fumbled at the back. I pulled out my old metal tea-box that had my weed and the makings of my joints in, a few pills, and also… at the bottom… …Eureka!.. I found the bag of MDMA that my mate’s sister’s boyfriend’s friend left behind at a houseparty a year back. The lad went mental looking for it afterwards, but cause he was a dick I didn’t call him up a week later when I found it behind the coal bucket. It was about 10-15g of product, but I’d tried it, and maybe cause it’d be been left out somewhere humid, or maybe cause it was it was just a shit supply, but it did nothing for me. But there was enough here for a trade. Maybe I’d get some money for it finally? I messaged back. “None that are awake right now. My usual guy’s disappeared too. I’ve a bit of my own supply - MDMA here (10-15g), dunno how good it is, if you’re desperate? J” (Was the smiley too much?) Northernlights was quick to reply “Yeah would be up for that - could buy it – where u? Could send taxi round? We’re in X” Obviously I’m not gonna reveal where exactly the guy was – but it was a very swanky part of town. Northernlights sent me on details of the place and then signed off – “…Thanks lad. See you soon” No name. But honestly considering we’d just agreed to perform a crime online I could understand that. Nice one! I was gonna finally sell off my old stash and at least see what the inside of one of these exclusive parties looked like. The taxi came round 15 minutes later. I was barely out of the shower and into my cleaner pair of going-out trackies when I heard my phone go off. I grabbed my whole stash box and all the way there I was full of nervous jitters. I kept thinking I was going to end up at some weird “eyes-wide-shut” masked party. The apartment building was one of the very modern ones that went up as part of the Titanic quarter’s refurbishment after the peace agreement. I remember seeing it being built and even then thinking I’d never be able to afford living in a posh place like this. I rang the apartment bell. Elocution lessons answered; “Yars?” “Um, this is ahem, Newry….” “Oh roight! Yars yars, push the door when it buzzes” I made my way up. On the way up I kept formulating and reformulating the plan. See how much they were willing to pay to keep their party going. Get a good look around to see how to super-hot live and try to see a few fucking, to fill the wank-bank. Get them to order me another taxi. Would they stretch to a pizza too? Oh, but how to make sure this wasn’t an elaborate police op? Wasn’t that entrapment? Did that law even apply in Belfast? Better make sure to get them to do a line for free first. I got to the door. I rapped gently on it. No answer. I was about to ring the bell when the door opened and there in a red and grey silk dressing gown stood Lawyer John. A-Gay of Belfast numero uno! “Newry9inches?” he said, smiling at me, showing those dimples. Those goddamn beautiful dimples! I nodded mutely and he waved me in. He muttered something about doing business upstairs in his room as I looked around the split-level apartment. There were bags and clothes on most of the chairs and couches in the main entrance hall-cum-living room. The floor plan was pretty open and segued from living room to foyer to kitchen (which was divided from the rest by an outjutting counter) all across the entire lower floor. There were some shadowy figures in the extremities of the kitchen and living room, but before I could better make them out, John beckoned me up his stairs (solid oak beams projecting from the wall, no banistair, very swanky!) I clambered up behind him, getting glimpses of his very tan, very developed gym-toned legs, to come out on a long corridor landing. Everything was ivory tones and expensive looking. There were about four doors off the corridor – two guest bedrooms, the main bedroom and main bathroom. As we went into the main bedroom I saw the entire outer wall was one plate window giving a fantastic view back over Belfast City. The bed was massive and recently used and there was an en-suite bathroom to the left. John sat down on the bed and looked expectantly me… “The MDMA?” “Oh right, yeah let me just get that out” and I walked over to the desk. He followed behind me as I lay the bag of white powder on the table. I saw the remains of some other lines of powder there and a credit card. I turned to him. “Um, don’t take this the wrong way, but cause I’m not used to, um, normally, ever doing this, and how do I know this isn’t some police sting?” He laughed a rich baritone laugh at that and said something about the differences in UK and American law, and that he’d asked me to bring over with me to sell, which indeed would be a form of entrapment. He then smiled and said, “but if it makes you feel better, I can do a line in front of you now?” I nodded, and he took the bag from me and poured some out. Crushing it with his credit card he asked me to roll up a twenty-pound note as he scraped together four short lines. When he pulled back he waved me forward to do the first two lines – oh right – I weirdly hadn’t expected to be doing the MDMA in front of him, but fuck it. I ducked down, snorted them up and passed the twenty. Squeezing and pinching my nose I looked over as he rose from his lines. “So do you wanna sit down for a bit, to see if it kicks in?” I asked. He nodded toward the bed, snuffling back all the powder. I sat down on the edge, he sat beside me. “I think I saw you out earlier” I mentioned. He nodded. “Mike here by the way” “Simon here” he replied, extending his hand for a handshake and smiling. I started to feel something in the back of my brain, but I was never great with MDMA. “I think I’m feeling it” I mentioned, “but it’s always a bit odd for me, how about you?” I asked. He was raising his half-shut eyes and muttering to himself… Yeah he was definitely feeling something. “Oh yars Mark” “uh it’s Mike” “Sorry Mike. Yah I’m feeling it – that is …some good stuff you have”. He looked at me. His eyes were massively dilated. We said in unison “wow your eyes…” and trailed off and chuckled. I looked at this guy who only hours before had seemed a part of the frosty impenetrable A-gay elite rubbish of Belfast, and yet here we were now, bonding. It was beautiful. I felt Simon and I were having a special time outside of time and that I could suddenly confide totally in him. “You should laugh more dude, your dimples are gorgeous” He smiled at this, and replied, “you’re pretty cute yourself dealer-man” I got a cheeky thought “what else can you do to prove you’re not a police officer?” His deep chuckle was adorable. “Well what would you like me to…” We got cut off by a knock on the door, the en-suite door. “Hey Si, are you still with that dealer guy?” The door opened and a tall pale guy with jet black hair stepped in. He was wearing a towel around his waist and had obviously come from the shower. His body definitely fit into the 5% body fat category. I think I could have seen him on a Men’s Health magazine or something – he had a familiar look about him. Every random Latin-named muscle was on display and some new ones too I think. “This him?” he asked Simon. “Yeah, this mmmmm here is…. Mark..no Mike! This is Iain” Iain smiled and extended his hand to me. “Not named after the Reverend I assure you.” I laughed and still felt very odd to be shaking everyone’s hand at a sex party. He then turned to look back at the desk. His back was just pure sculpture. I looked over to see Simon/Lawyer John smirking at me, catching me ogling the beefcake mere metres away from me. I giggled and nudged him. Yeah ok maybe the MDMA was having an effect. I’d missed Iain’s request “What now?” Iain repeated himself “Is it ok if I sample a line or two” “Be my guest,” I sorta slurred out. Iain bent over the desk to crush out a line’s worth. I was looking at Simon. He had mischief in his eyes. “Iain” Simon called, “I need to prove something to Mike here” and reached over to his towel-covered ass. Tugging on the towel as Iain crushed his line, Simon succeeded on pulling the towel off, revealing Iain’s pale magnificent ass. Iain barely reacted, engrossed in his task. The twin globes were just that right blend of smooth and bubble-butt, spreading down into two tree trunks of thighs. A real rugby player physique! Oh shit, now I knew where I’d seen Iain before. He’s Iain the rugby player! The gay rugby player Iain Hawkins! He was the prop-forward for the Northern Irish team who’d recently come out and had all his family support him in the papers, and his… boyfriend! I watched him earlier today get trounced by the fuckin Kiwis! My tabloid journalist was itching at the size of the scoop I had in front of me. Belfast A-Gay number 2, Iain Hawkins prop-forward for Northern Ireland, showing me his incredibly fuckable ass, while doing Class A drugs. Another part of me took over as I refocused on that ass. “Mike” Simon called back to me, “I’m gonna do something I’m pretty sure no undercover cop would do” and with that licked a finger and started to pull Iain’s ass-cheeks apart. Then exposing Iain’s pink rosy hole, he guided the lubed finger into Iain’s hole. Working it in quite quickly I figured Iain had already been fucked this night. Simon replaced his finger with his tongue as he got up properly to rim his friend. I heard Iain groan in appreciation and follow it with one quick snort. I was rubbing my cock through my grey tracksuit bottoms. Simon winked at me and looked to my growing bulge. “Looks like your username wasn’t lying” I smirked and coyly asked “do you want to check for yourself?” as I stood up, raising my crotch to his head height. He used his free hand to snag my tracksuit bottoms down exposing my navy blue jockstrap and jutting nine-incher. Simon mouthed a “wow”, as most guys do. It’s not just nine or nine and a half inches, it’s also quite a thick girthy cock which often a lot of bottoms can’t work with – they think they can, but their eyes are too big for their asshole. Simon got to work, pushing the jockstrap pouch to the side and freeing my monster. As he started lapping on the underedge of my cock, I reached over and started rubbing Iain’s ass cheeks. Iain took another snort and wriggled his ass in appreciation, or at least that what I took his ass-wriggle for. Unopposed I moved both my hands to cup Iain’s ass, kneading and massaging, rearranging our trio so that I could bend over to rim Iain while still giving Simon clear access to my cock. Iain’s hole tasted beautiful. You could tell that the cunt has been used, I could even detect some cum that hadn’t been fully washed away. Damn right I’ll admit I look for a good sloppy-seconds ass when I’m whoring myself round. I steer the fuck away from virgins and twinks. Fucking a cum-dump’s ass where it’s cold and virginal on the outside, but hot and juicy at the core… mmm my version of heaven. After a few minute of rimming and sucking – Simon sure loved sucking my cock and I was feeling a little more adventurous. I was alternating my tongue and my two left fingers, playing Iain’s ass like a fiddle. Iain pushed his juicy orbs again back at us, Simon pulled off of me to come beside me and watch as Iain started twitching his ass. I kept a grip on his ass shoving my left thumb inside him. Simon grabbed and turned my cheek and we stared intensely into eachother’s eyes. Simon took a step closer and asked, “would a policeman do this?” and grabbed the back of my head pulling me in to a full-on kiss. Our tongues were running against eachother, his spit, my spit. As I kissed him passionately back I felt his robe fall open and felt my cock bounce and joust with his thick 7 incher. Every bit of his body was tan, including his cock. I ran my right hand up and down his defined body, running over each muscular ridge – I kept asking myself, was this really happening? I looked down to pinch myself and could see a pearl of precum had started to drip off of his hooded shaft. I started to bend my knees to lick up every drop from his precum-dripping cock – I love a dripper! However Simon held me back and wiped his steady precum flow onto my own spit slicked member. After milking himself this way for a bit, he grunted up at Iain, “look back for a second Iain” Iain, minor sports celebrity, minor gay celebrity for the UK had recently done a fashion-spread for GQ magazine with his boyfriend. Yet right then he was currently sporting just a white powder moustache and a smile. He looked back over his shoulder at my proud nine-incher slick with Simon’s juices, as Simon tapped my cock against his twitching hole. “Oh yeah Mikey, shove that gorgeous stick into me” All thoughts of his boyfriend evaporated, all my thoughts of safety evaporated, I needed those ass-pussy lips on my poor naked cock and I needed it now! Ok yeah, the MDMA was definitely working at this point. I didn’t wait for a second request and shoved my tool deep in that slut’s hole. And what a fucking hole, it was a prime hole – medium rare/pink on the outside, juicy yet well done on the inside. I was a bit worried Simon’s precum wasn’t enough lube, but Iain already had a least two loads in him giving my cock the lovely cream covering as I churned that gut-butter up. I gave that rugby player a fucking penalty, conversion and a try. In fact I lost myself so much in pounding that perfect white arse's hole I didn’t notice Simon was gone. He had gone around to salvage the MDMA. It seemed I ploughed Iain a bit too heavily and now the prop forward had it all over him looking like some Japanese Geisha or some shit. “Oh shit dude, you’re gonna get so fucking high” I laughed, but I didn’t stop pounding him.
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  41. Scorpion

    The Hitch-Hiker

    The Hitch-Hiker (Part 1 – Daniel) It was in late fall. I was driving down the interstate without a route in my mind, without any directions. I was looking for the right guy. He shouldn’t be too tall as I liked my toys around 170 cm. Not taller. He should be skinny as I want to be able to move his body around when we are in action. He should be young, preferably a twink with no body hair at all. While 18 years would be great, certainly no one older than 21. It was around 6:00 PM and it was getting dark already and so I chose to close the books for today and head home, when I saw a blonde angel sitting on his huge backpack at the side of the road and holding a handwritten sign with the single word '‘Portland’. I slowed my car down and slid the window down on the passenger’s seat. “Hey there,” the guy said politely, adding “Going north…. ?” He looked very tired. “Well, I can give you a ride for a while, though I won’t drive to Portland,” I explained. “That’s rocking. Any distance will help," he replied, not moving from the passenger’s side, presumably awaiting my instructions. I got out of my car and, opening the trunk of my car, said "Here, put your backpack in here, and then hop into the car." He turned to his backpack. I could feel my cock growing while he was bending down and trying to lift it from the ground. His tight blue jeans showed slipped down a bit and showed part of his ass. I wanted to rip his clothes off right then and there, but instead I helped him lift the stuff into my trunk. After we both got into the car and fastened our seatbelts I started the engine and we drove off. “What’s your name?” I asked. “Daniel. And yours?" “My friends call me 'Scorpion',” I replied with a grin. He chuckled, saying "I like that," as he added "“Nice to meet you, Scorpion and thanks for giving me a ride.” He gave me a broad smile, flashing his perfect set of teeth. “How long had you been waiting on the side of the road?" “Man, forever, it seems. I had trouble with my girlfriend. We had a huge fight and then she kicked me out of the car, the stupid bitch,” he complained. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I am slightly older than you, but women can be bitches in all decades.” “Well, thanks to you, at least I'm one step closer to getting home," he commented. “Living still at home with your parents?” I asked. Daniel nodded. We kept on talking for a while. Daniel mentioned me he had just celebrated his 18th birthday with the slut of his girlfriend and now he was heading home from this bad vacation. “Would you hand me the water bottle from the back seat?” I asked him suddenly. “Sure” he replied and unfastened his seat belt trying to fetch my bottle from the seat behind. That way I could almost smell his ass cunt, and, as the seat of his jeans slid down, the upper reaches of his butt cheeks were clearly visible. Having retrieved the bottle,he turned around and gave me the water. “You’re thirsty?” I asked. He nodded but told me, that his bottle was in the backpack and that one was in the trunk. I suggested he look around, that there should be another bottle some where in the back seat. I knew there was one left, since I had spiked it with GHB. Again Daniel made his way to show me the moon. My cock was already bulging out dangerously. He opened the water bottle and didn’t seem to register that he didn’t hear the obvious ‘click’ from a sealed bottle. He swallowed a few sips and we continued talking casually. I started to drink from my water bottle again and animated Daniel to drink some more water too. After a while I realized, that Daniel was getting sleepy I slowed down the car speed. It appeared he had drunk about half of the bottle of spiked water. I wanted him to be conscious, but helpless. I hoped he didn’t drink too much. The open bottle in his hand dropped to his crotch and spilled on his jeans. I pulled over into an apparently little used parking lot and stopped the car. There were no other cars in sight. I grabbed the bottle out of the boy's crotch and asked him if he was okay. He wasn’t barely even able to open his eyes, but he saw the mess he produced. “Oh no…. I am sorry mate….. I am just so tired. I don’t know what…..” he mumbled. “No big deal” I replied and added, that it was only water. Still I told him I needed to dry the mess, since the water was already reaching his seat. He nodded solemnly, but didn’t reply and so I took a hand towel I had deliberately placed on the driving console, and wiped Daniel’s crotch, giving his dick a good groping. He moaned and tried to focus on me, but was not able to show great resistance. “Spread your legs, so I can reach the seat” I instructed him. He did, but I didn’t care about the seat. I was, however, very interested in the guy's crotch. It was time. I threw the towel aside and massaged Daniel’s dick unashamedly through his jeans and started opening his buttons. He moaned softly, but didn’t open his eyes anymore. “Got you,” I murmured as I turned back and re-started the engine. I wanted to reach the nearest possible abandoned place, and, as I knew the area very well, I already had a good spot in mind. I glanced at my drowsing new toy and thought ‘The Scorpion is about to sting again'.
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  42. Cleancutfukkr

    Boy Next Door Finds Craigslist

    Part 4 Clay walked through the front door of the building. Pulse racing and his leg muscles were shaking. " what the hell am I doing here?" he asked himself. It had been a long time since he had felt nervous about a random hook up, and his usual confidence was clearly shaken. " what if I don't like it?" His mind was swimming with nervousness, " you can always leave if you're not into it, besides...what if you like it?" This thought seemed to bring Clay some reassurance, so he began his climb up the stairs. When he reached the top his eyes darted from door to door until he found the number he was looking for. He tried to swallow and knocked twice. Twenty seconds later Clay heard the shift of a deadbolt and the doorknob turned. The door opened partially and a shadowed face appeared, as a calm masculine voice said "come on in". Clay stepped into the hall of the apartment as he heard the door close and lock behind him. He turned to face the Man at his back and instantly felt at ease. The guy was definitely the same as his picture. Late 40s, shaved head, and a little bit of scruff on his face. He was good-looking, but in an average Joe kind of way. His bod was a fit dad build with trimmed chest hair visible under his black tank top. Strong legs dusted with hair met at his crotch where his black jock strap concealed a very meaty looking bulge. "Woof" thought Clay to himself as he noticed the scent of sweaty Man, and something acrid he didn't recognize in the air. "I've got some porn on in the living room, feel free to take some layers off and make yourself comfy on the couch. I'm going to get us some water, your going to want to stay hydrated." Clay was surprised by how calm the guy spoke and realized how much it seemed to calm his nerves. " yeah whenever I roll on E, my friends are always pushing bottles of water in my face" he said, trying to sound sound like a confident party boy. "Are you from New York?" the man asked paying no mind to Clay's comment as he poured cold water from the fridge. Clay began to remove his shoes and replied " well, I'm originally from the Midwest. But I moved to New York about 6 years ago so I'm almost official." and gave a slight laugh as he removed his socks and began unbuttoning his jeans. He was feeling more at ease. "I'm a transplant too" the Man said "but I've lived here for about 20 years. I'm Pete by the way." "Nice to meet you Pete, I'm Clay." Clay was surprised he revealed his real name to this guy. Normally there wasn't much conversation at all when he met up with a trick, but talking seemed to help him feel a little safer, almost trusting. He stepped out of his jeans and stood there in his black Calvin Klein briefs, black tee, and green ball cap. Pete walked over and eyed Clay up and down with devilish smirk and said "Well Clay, why don't we head over to the couch and get you fucked up...midwestern boy." With that he grinned, handed Clay a glass of water and gave his ass a firm squeeze and led the way to the couch. They sat down and Clay looked at the porn playing on the laptop. He instantly recognized the hungry bottom star from Treasure Island Media, as he had beat off to this video many times online. His eyes looked around the rest of the small one bedroom apartment but had trouble making anything out as it was dark. He then looked to his right at Pete who was staring back with that same devilish grin. "You are way fucking cuter than your pictures kid." Clay muttered a thank you and realized he was starting to get nervous again almost like nearing the top of a roller coaster. He caught another intoxicating whiff of Man sweat and felt his dick begin to fatten in his briefs. Pete then leaned down and pulled a plate out from under the coffee table and set it on top. On the plate Clay observed some kind of lighter, a small baggie with some big white shards, and a wet folded paper towel. Sitting on top of the towel was a thin glass pipe with a large bubble on one end. The pipe was clean and looked to Clay like a piece of a chemistry set. Pete grabbed the baggie and pipe, looked at Clay and asked "are you nervous?" Clay stammered and lied "no not really ". Pete smiled again and said "Good, Tina is a lot of fun, just don't let it run your life". Clay nodded as if this made perfect sense. "I want you to watch little boy as I take a few of these shards and put them through the opening of this bowl." They made a small satisfying clink as they landed inside the bubble. "Next I want you to hold the tip of this pipe in your mouth." Pete handed the pipe to Clay who was trying to keep his hand from noticeably trembling. A cautionary thought came to his mind "You're playing with fire here Clay..." But Clay looked into the smiling yet devious eyes of Man next to him, and felt his now hard dick ooze precum through his briefs. "Well then, let's play with a little fire." Grinning a fiendish grin in his mind he lifted the pipe to his lips awaiting further instructions. Pete said, "now I'm gonna light this torch under the bowl and the crystals are gonna start to melt. When that happens, gently roll the bowl between your thumb and fore finger from side to side." Clay was eager for every word, missing nothing. "Then, white smoke is gonna start to circle around inside, and when I tell you, slowly start to suck, inhaling steadily." Clay was breathing heavy now, focused and ready to party for the first time. Pete grinned "here we go kid, get ready to suck" and he gave Clay a wink. The torch ignited with a powerful hiss and began to heat up the bowl and its contents. Sure enough a small puddle began to form and Clay got the nod to begin rolling the pipe side to side. Then came wisps of smoke, circling inside and getting thick like a dense white cloud. When the smoke started to escape the top of the bubble Pete flashed a pleased smile and said "ok little boy, time for you to suck, slow and steady." And Clay took his first hit of T, drawing slowly and deeply and keeping eye contact with this sexy Man who wanted him to suck. "When you can't take any more in, I want you to hold your breath for a few seconds, and then blow it all out." Clay, having reached his lung capacity, took the pipe from his mouth, held his breath for a few seconds and then exhaled. Out came a weak streak of smoke. Pete laughed as Clay looked slightly confused and disappointed with his results. "It usually takes a few tries to get it right boy. Don't worry, we've got plenty of Tina and all night to practice." Clay's dick pulsed again at being called boy and realized that Pete was hungrily staring at the growing wet spot forming in his briefs. "Let's try again, and this time empty your lungs first so you can get a big hit from this pipe. And remember, I want you to suck on it slow and steady." Clay exhaled as much as he could and again put his lips around the glass pipe. The torch hissed powerfully under the bowl, and again a puddle began to form. When the smoke began to exit the top of the pipe, Pete nodded that he should begin sucking. Slowly Clay began to suck and it felt warmer this time. He was encouraged as Pete began rubbing his own dick through his jock and said "that's it suck it little boy, make me proud " he sounded like a pleased father. Clay took longer this time and when he reached lung capacity, held his breath for five seconds. When he exhaled, A beautiful white silky cloud escaped his pursed lips and filled the space between them. It was beautiful and Clay felt somehow proud of this accomplishment. "That was it kid, did you like that?" Clay nodded a big yes, but stated that he wasn't sure he felt anything yet. Pete smiled and said "well i definitely want to get you fucked up kid so let's get you three more big hits to start with and then we will see how you feel". Clay liked the thought that this Man wanted to get him high his first time, and couldn't wait to show his appreciation. The crack and hiss of the torch quickly became a conditioned sound for Clay as he took a second big hit, followed by a third. He loved how big his clouds were getting, and he was starting to feel a lift in his stomach. His body started to buzz and his muscles and skin felt awesome. Pete could see the change beginning to wash over Clay, and he laughed to himself and said "Fuck you're hot sucking on that pipe kid, how about this next hit you shotgun into my mouth and we can pass it back and forth". Clay couldn't have asked for anything better at that moment. He waited for the smoke to form, and began taking his longest hit yet. Pete locked eye contact the whole way and lifted his eyebrows when Clay stopped sucking and leaned forward for the shotgun. Feeling better than Clay had ever felt, he hungrily put his lips to Pete's, opened mouth and pushed in the chemical smoke. Small plumes of clouds snuck out between them. Pete groaned and pushed them back into Clay's lungs and penetrated his mouth with his tongue. Clay began to feel high as a motherfucker and sucked on Pete's tongue as they made out, smoke being pushed back and forth til it was gone. Fuck Clay felt good. Pete pulled away just a few inches but kept his eyes focused on Clay's now dialated pupils. He massaged Clay's head and ruffled his hair, which drove him wild. "God Damn you're such a good boy, how do you deal now?" Clay only grinned, his lips and face Excitedly buzzed from the T, reached out and for the first time since he arrived grabbed ahold of the package between Pete's hairy legs. It felt thick, and Pete had some big nuts. Clay had never been so hungry to suck a Man's dick in his life. Pete only smiled and said "It looks like you found Daddy's dick, why don't you lay down in my lap, and you can watch me take some big hits while you get Daddy hard." Clay couldn't have been happier to hear those words.
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  43. pervinmt

    Christian Teen Cumdump

    Part 2 At dinner that night I sat there, ghostly pale, my stomach in knots. I could barely eat. I was sure the others could tell I had sinned so greatly. I was sure they could see the devil standing over me. "Are you not feeling well Jacob?" was all my mother asked. I just told her I wasn't and wanted to go to bed early. I went upstairs and brushed my teeth extra long, trying to wash away the lingering taste of Mr. Jackson's sperm. That night, as I lay in bed next to my brother, I couldn't sleep. My thoughts were filled with that big black dick, he had called it a dick, in my mouth, ejaculating down my throat. I had liked it, and secretly wanted more. And I had a feeling I would get that and lots more, like those pictures in the magazines. The next day, Mr. Jackson came over to talk to my parents. I tried to eavesdrop on their conversation, but my siblings made it impossible. After he left, my father came to tell me about the visit. "Jacob," he began, "Mr. Jackson needs some help for a few weeks on a cabin he's building in the mountains. He's offered to pay a nice sum for your services, and I think the work and time in God's nature will do you good." I secretly shivered when he said "services" because I could only imagine what those would entail. But I could not disagree with my father. So the next day I was packed with a few changes of clothes, my work boots, and a bible and hopped into Mr. Jackson's truck and off we went. I looked back at my family as they waved me off into a future none of them could imagine. "That was easier than I could have ever hoped!" Mr. Jackson laughed as we drove away into the unknown. We didn't talk much on the way, I just sat there trying to imagine what the next few weeks would bring. It was only a couple hours to the cabin, and we arrived mid-afternoon. As I reached for my bag in the back, Mr. Jackson said "leave it boy, you won't need nothing in there except your boots. Grab those other bags and follow me." I did as told and we went into the cabin, the door locking behind me. "Strip boy!" He commanded me. I stood there nervously, not moving. Mr. Jackson raised his hand and slapped me hard across the face. "I SAID STRIP!" I quickly shed my clothes, trembeling as I realized there was no one around to help me. As I pulled my clothing off, Mr. Jackson was pulling items out of the bags. Various strange looking things, most of them in black leather. "Now stand at attention boy! I want to inspect my property." I stood there, arms at my side while Mr. Jackson looked me over. I stood 5'8", a little shorter than his 6ft. I had a pale, thin body from too much time indoors praying instead of playing. My legs were covered in dark hair, and I had a little on my chest which ran down my stomach into dense, bushy pubes. The crack of my buttocks was also quite hairy, as well as my armpits. "Not bad boy," Mr. Jackson sneered. I like my white bitches skinny. We'll take care of the smooth part next." With that he pulled out a bottle of something orange and told me to drink it. It tasted kind of funny, but I was thirsty and drank it all down. Soon I was feeling really warm and mellow. And my dick was rock hard. Mr. Jackson had pulled out some clippers and went to work shaving my body. Soon there was nothing but stubble covering me. He then took a bowl of hot water and a razor and shaved the rest of me totally smooth. The hair on my head was the only thing left. And I have to admit the feelings of his hands all over my body made me tingle everywhere, especially my rock hard penis that stood straight up the whole time. Mr. Jackson stepped back when he was done to look at me. "Very nice boy! Now you look like your about 13, naked and smooth with your little boy cock sticking up. What is it, about 5"? Certainly not a real man's cock." I blushed as he commented on my body, feeling shame at my nakedness. "But now the real fun can begin!" He put leather straps around my wrists and ankles, and a collar around my neck. Then without warning I felt a body wracking jolt around my neck. I screamed and dropped to the floor as I jerked and spasmed. "That's a shock collar boy, to keep you in line. And just know, that was only half voltage! So don't even THINK of escape!" I softly whimpered and prayed to Jesus to save me from my plight. "I told you who you would pray to now boy!" Mr. Jackson said as he kicked me in my stomach. "Jesus can't help you now!" With that, he pulled out a small case and sat down on my chest, pinning me down. He wrapped a rubber tube around my arm and said "hold still boy if you don't want to get hurt! I've learned this is the quickest way to turn bitches like you into nasty chem sluts!" I had no idea what was about to happen when I felt a slight prick in my arm, then he released the band on my arm. WHAM!! A force flew through my body unlike anything I could ever imagine. It was like God himself had entered me. My lungs seized up and I started a coughing fit. Mr. Jackson just stood up and went out side, returning with my bible. As the coughing subsided, he pulled me up and over his knee and started to beat my buttocks as hard as he could with Gods words. Over and over he paddled me, an intense warm feeling increasing all over my body. Then he threw me over the arm of the sofa and moved back between my legs, tossing the bible into my hands. I could hear him spit several times then I felt something pushing against my anus. "I gonna rip you open bitch!" Mr. Jackson yelled. "I'm gonna make you my slut! Your cunt is gonna bleed for me!" With that, he pushed as hard as he could and his penis popped into me. I screamed like I've never screamed before. It was as if the devil himself was raping me. "Scream bitch! I love it! Scream, cry, pray to be saved! There is no one to hear you! Not even your god!" With that he slid his dick all the way into me and I howled as I clutched my bible. "PLEASE GOD! HELP YOUR POOR SERVANT!" I cried as Mr.Jackson started to plow in and out of me. Tears flowed from my eyes onto my bible as I prayed and prayed to be delivered from Sarah Palin. Mr. Jackson just laughed while he continued his rape. Slowly the pain started to subside, and a new feeling replace it. A good feeling. "That's right boy," he said, noticing the change in me."you know what God made you for. To please men. Your my property now boy. That's your cunt I'm fucking. Its going to learn to take lots of Cocks in it! Your going to be my little chem whore!" I just moaned and buried my face into the couch, accepting my fate. Mr. Jackson continued to debase me before finally yelling, "oh yea! Take it boy! I'm breeding you bitch! Take my cum now!" I could feel his cock pulsing deep inside me, and I knew at that moment I would never be the same. God, or the devil, it didn't matter. I would serve Mr. Jackson. He pulled out of my throbbing hole and grabbed my hair. I could see a messy mix of blood, cum, and shit covering his half hard cock. I didn't care. He shoved it in my mouth and like a demented whore I sucked everything off. When it was clean, he pushed me onto the floor and stood over me. "Jerk off whore!" He ordered me as he let loose with a load of piss. I grabbed my cock and furiously beat it, quickly shooting my sperm all over me while he showered me in piss. "I baptize you Jacob. I baptize you into your new life as a piggy chem whore." I just opened my mouth and accepted my new gods gift.
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  44. barejackbro

    Fucked Through A Glory Hole

    A lot of times if I go to a sauna, at one point I’ll go into the glory hole section with my ass lubed and press it up against the hole and wait. There are almost never any takers, although once or twice someone might fuck me for a couple of minutes and then leave, or the guy will try to push my ass away to reach through the hole to grab my cock, which means I will just leave. My experiences with glory holes may simply be bad luck, or maybe I don't quite know how they work, but in any event I’ve never had my ass properly bred through a glory hole, although I've long wanted to. One of the very very few times I’ve topped was through a glory hole and I unloaded in the guy's ass, but I’ve never had it the other way, the way I really want. Until Saturday. The towel was on over the door, and the cubicle next to his was empty, so I walked in, making sure I was careful to leave the door open - it’s fun to let people watch. My ass was nicely lubed with a previous cumshot and I press it up against the hole, and waited. I felt fingers inside me, then his cock, long and slow as he entered me. It’s an interesting experience for me: all I know of him is the feel of his cock starting to fuck inside me, and the sounds he’s making from the other side of the wall. No hands on my body, no words, no gazing into his face. A purely deconstructed fuck. And it felt really good! He had the perfect size cock for my ass, thrusting hard enough to trip my body orgasms but without causing any pain. Niiiice! Some guy has stopped by the open door to watch, and I was making a lot of noise as the guy behind the wall starts to get deep into thrusting in a good rhythm. I pressed my ass hard against the wall and could sense he was doing the same, pressing his hips into the wall to achieve the maximum depth as each of us reached a crescendo. As I was aware the top was getting close, I stared into the eyes of the guy who was watching and shouted loudly “Oh yeah, cum in me!” I found myself repeating the words "Cum in me, cum in me" over and over as I really didn’t have much control. I could already feel the body shivers and orgasmic ripples that accompany a good fuck session and my legs are shaking a bit from pressing my ass against the wall - but no matter. It felt so fuckin' good. Then, simultaneously, I felt a warm rush inside my ass. Yessss! Just as from the other side of the wall I heard a breathless “Mmmmmm!” and “uhhhh!” It was so interesting just to feel the cumshot and hear the sound but nothing else. I pushed my ass hard against the wall, taking the guy as deeply as possible. He kept fucking for a bit longer and then pulled out. He was about to leave his cubicle when, in a split-second, I realised I didn't want to know anything about this man, so I quickly shut the door and looked away. Weirdly, it felt as if I was hiding. Clearly I wasn't ashamed as I was happy to let the other guy watch, but I wanted to preserve the absolute anonymity of the encounter. I heard his door open, and he was gone. I have no idea who he was, how old he was, if he was fit or not. Nothing. But I had was his cumshot in my ass, a flying jizzjoy which left me rock hard and smiling, and the memories of the sounds he made. Perfect.
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  45. sse4me

    Bottoming At A Fuck Party

    The weekend was approaching and I was cruising for some action on Craigslist. I noticed an ad stating there was going to be a barebacking fuck party and they needed more bottoms. So, being a committed BB bottom, I responded. The guy (Sam) explained he and his buddy (Nick) were renting two adjoining rooms for the weekend at a hotel and there would be no more than four bottoms - they were both bottoms and needed two more bottoms for the party. They were renting two adjoining rooms each with two queen beds. After exchanging notes, I understood that I needed to be: 1. Cleaned out at all times, including before I arrived for the party. Additional enemas would be administered as needed. 2. I could not refuse any cock and its load. 3. Poz loads were a definitely a possibility, and, were highly likely. 4. The party started Friday evening and continued until Sunday afternoon. 5. My holes were to be available for loads the entire time. 6. All fucking was going to be bareback - absolutely no condoms were allowed! Being neg, I worried about the poz loads, but the lure of that much cock invading my ass over a weekend was too much to resist. I signed on. I arrived cleaned out, but had mentioned my predilection for wine enemas. Having brought my own supply of wine, and it still being early on Friday afternoon, Nick and Sam, the organizers of the party, gave me a nice wine enema upon my arrival - 50-50, white wine (it doesn't stain if leaked) and water. I let it soak in for an hour and just after expelling it, our first two tops arrived, Being a bit tipsy, I was ready to suck and fuck. We had drawn numbers as to who would be invaded by the first cock. I had been lucky enough to be number two, and so it was in no time I had sucked the second cock nice and hard before rolling over to feel its owner stick it deeply into my tight (well, within reason), asshole. I was in heaven, taking my first cock, and its load, of the weekend. One I knew would be the first of many cocks and loads, far outpacing anything I'd done up until this moment. As I was getting my hole pounded by more cocks, er..., more tops showed up. I reveled in knowing that some, if not all, would be using my hole for their pleasure, and that I'd be taking my pleasure from them. At that moment, only slightly high, the knowledge that some loads would be poz, crossed my mind... I also knew that I had agreed to taking any and all loads and that, most likely, I would not know the "status" of any cock and its load inside me. Though still somewhat sober, I knew I was committed for whatever was going to happen to me. After responding to the ad, and finding out the "rules," I'd done some soul searching and finally decided that, if I hadn't already done so, sooner or later I'd take an, unknown to me, and even perhaps to its giver, a toxic load that would poz me. Getting pozzed, or, somehow, "dodging the bullet," was going to be a matter of fate. Perhaps, like some, Maybe, by an odd stroke of luck, I was resistant to the virus. Perhaps not, but travelling the path I was, of barebacking every cock I took, unless its owner wanted a condom, could (would?) result in me getting converted sooner or later. I had decided to stop worrying about getting knocked up and just accept it when it happened. Soon enough, my first load was in, and it was followed in no time at all by three more. Then there was a lull in the action, so, Sam suggested another wine enema, and of course, loving enemas, and wine enemas even more, I agreed. About the time it had soaked in nicely, six more tops showed up. I quickly lost the enema so my hole could be at their service. I began to lose count of who had their cock inside me and how many loads I'd taken so far. Part of the problem is that, since two of us were sharing a bed, sometimes the top went back and forth between our assholes. But also, the tops were circulating between beds and assholes, so who knew what cock was inside them, and for that matter, who cared? After who knows how many cocks and loads, someone decided I needed yet another wine enema. Who was I to protest? After letting it soak in, and expelling it, I noticed a clock read 11:00 PM and things were getting lively, As soon as one cock unloaded into me, it was replaced by yet another one, I was now beyond knowing, or caring, whether or not it had left its load in me. Viral status? What did the word "toxic: mean at the moment? Neither my asshole nor my inebriated brain cared. Yeah, there were guys, who as I recall now, who had scorpion and what (I now know to be bio-hazard) tattoos in the room, but which cocks had slid into my ass - well, by now, I no longer recalled, nor cared. Now I know what those tats meant, but at that point, I didn't. Not that it would have mattered. Poz loads were now not just accepted, they were readily accepted. Poz loads are part of barebacking, and I was an eager and committed barebacker. Poz loads are simply part of the deal, and sooner or later, one will convert you or not. I do recall one guy mentioning, as he shoved his cock balls deep into me, "I hope you enjoy my hot load." I asked him what ne meant by that, and he said he was pumping me full of his poz load. He sure wasn't the only one to tell me that, but which guy and which cock he was connected to began to blur. At that point, I knew I'd signed onto taking poz loads and at this point, so much poz seed was inside me, more wouldn't really matter. The guys (whomever) gave me another wine enema, and after that, sometimes I woke up vaguely knowing my hole was getting fucked really hard and good. I have no idea how many cocks and loads I took. At one point though, I was woken out of my drunken stupor by anal pain! My hole didn't just ache. The pain was intense! Stabbing! I finally realized that that something huge was inside me and that it was furiously pistoning in and out of me! "Take my poz load you bitch!" Well, I was just conscious enough to know that this guy was pounding the hell out of my hole and he was going to pump a deadly load really deep inside me, and... I was ready for it! I just relaxed, laid there, and reveled in the sheer pain he was giving my hole! I was calm, even though the pain of him ripping me open was intense. The wine numbed me and made it okay. I willing took his toxic load, and if he pozzed, me, then it was fate. In fact, as I laid there and faded back into sleep, I craved his huge cock and the toxicity of his load. Then I fell asleep again. I don't know how many other cocks unloaded into me after I fell asleep. I don't care. I just appreciate that their owners deemed fit to use my abused, open, receptive hole for their pleasure, even while I was drunkenly asleep. Maybe it was as much of a turn on for them as it was for me, to know they used my hole while I was "out." Whatever happened to me while I was that drunk, I deserved. In the morning, I awoke, my hole ached, but, as agreed, I stayed for Saturday's fun. Every stroke hurt my hole, which I accepted as my just dues as an anal bottom. with a hole for someone else's use and pleasure, (including mine, even if it hurt). Yes, sure enough, the fuck flu hit me - pretty hard - as one would expect. I am no longer the neg fresh meat at these parties (I am now part of the trio that organizes them, and I know I was somewhat set up, but I don't care, I had it coming and knew the risks going in), but my (not so longer tight) hole is still appreciated by all of the tops. Plus, even though I am a committed bottom, I have enjoyed sharing the gift, both as a bottom, as well as the occasional top.
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  46. ButtB4iGo

    The Broken Jock

    This erotic fiction is a continuation of my story, The Broken Jock, that started in the "General Bareback Sex Stories" section that now, at Part 3, seems to belong in this section instead—for reasons you will soon discover. Check out Parts 1 and 2 to see how far this young, gay, safe-sex only, softball player has fallen. Enjoy. ________________________________________________________________________ The Broken Jock by @ButtB4iGo, Part 3 The next Friday afternoon, Hank texted me. Hank: Hey boy, I have plans for that hot little hole of yours tonight. Be at room 228 at the Folsom Motel at 11. It had been almost a week since Hank fucked me last and I was feeling really horny. I had made plans to meet friends at a Castro bar at 8, but I figured I could excuse myself around 10:30 and head to the motel to get another one of Hank's anonymous fucks. I still don't know what he looks like. Me: OK, sir. -- When I got to the motel room door, the hall lights were dimmed by so many fluorescent tubes being out with one or two flickering. I’m in a horror film, I thought to myself with a grin. But since the typical motel had its hallways outside under the lights of the surrounding city, it actually wasn’t as dark or menacing as all that. I knocked on door number 228. “Who’s there?” I heard Hank say. “It’s me. Adam.” I heard lamps being turned off and then the door opened. “Get on the bed face down, boy. Push down your pants, too.” I felt my way to the bed and laid down on my chest while opening the fly to my jeans. Hank closed the door, came up behind me and helped push my pants down. “Nice white jock, boy. You know what gets my dick hard.” He then pushed his soft leather cod piece against my bare ass. “Let’s get this blind fold on you.” My cock was rock hard in anticipation for Hank to plow my hole again. Did he bring more anonymous used condoms like last time? Hank got on top of me and licked the left side of my face in one long upward lick. “Your going to get some more of ol’ Hank’s cock tonight. Plus, I’ve invited a few friends over from that hook up site, BareBackFuckers.” “Yes!” I didn’t use my inside voice. Hank explained more, whispering in my ear. “I found your profile on that safe-sex only site you are still on, and I took a screen shot of it. Then I went to BareBackFuckers and shared that screen shot with some select tops that I want to see get inside you.” Hank shoved his hand under me to feel my dick. He easily felt the precum I was leaking into my jock pouch. “Fuck, boy! Already leaking. I knew you needed some more raw cock in you.” He continued rubbing my cock head through the cloth as he went on. “I told these select men that safe-only ShortStop91 is now taking all loads. There are two men coming here tonight to fuck and load up your hole while you suck my cock. These guys will only have one mission: to breed that nice newbie hole of yours. Then you’ll get fucked by me. Understand?” I nodded. “Yes, sir.” Hank seemed especially intense tonight, but I wanted it, and Hank knew just how to use me. Hank got up and unsnapped the leather cod piece. He walked around to the other side of the bed and I felt the mattress take on his weight in front of my blindfolded face. His cock was rock hard as he rubbed it on my face and in my hair. His P.A. was cool on my lips when he told me to open up. He pushed his cock in forcibly to the back of my throat and he held the back of my head as I squirmed and gagged on the P.A. “Fuck yeah, jock boy. Take my cock in your throat. I know you can take Phil’s cock in there.” I relaxed my throat to help Hank invade, and I breathed through my nose the way Phil always commanded. Hank said he wanted to skull fuck me before the other men got there. I did pretty well, I think. I tried to forget about the scary P.A. in my throat and just focus on Hank’s cock head. About every minute or so, Hank would push all the way in and keep it there while I gagged. As he pulled out I got some air again, recovered, and opened my mouth to let Hank to do it again. “Good boy, Adam. Let me have that mouth and throat!” A knock on the door. “Who’s there?” Hank yelled. “Ahhhh… I think we’re both from the site,” came from a man’s voice from outside the door. “I’m Coach4Jox and this other fella is…” “Pops9in!” the other man’s voice finished. They must have arrived at the same time. "Come on in, guys." The door opened and I heard the men enter. "Turn on that one lamp, too. I’ve got him blindfolded.” I heard the click of the lamp and shortly thereafter felt a hand feel up my naked ass and another hand in my hair. “Shit! It really is you!” said the man near my face. “I’ve been checking you out on the safe-sex hook up site for two years. Your ass looks so good in that softball uniform pic! I’ve messaged you, too. But I figured you didn't answer because I’m a lot older. I see you at the bars sometimes, too. I have fantasized many times about fucking your gorgeous butt, and I have schemed in my head about how I’d pull the damned condom off without you knowing. I can’t believe I get to finally put my cock in that butt of yours—although I have to admit, a good stealth breeding of your jock ass would have been truly amazing.” As the guy near my head was talking, the other guy was already trying to push his cock into my hole. He was about a quarter way in dry. As Pops9In was taking my hole I realized that I recognize the other guy’s handle from the safe-sex site. Coach4Jox was a white-haired man, mid-60s, who was constantly trying to set-up a fuck date with me with messages like: “I have condoms. I would love to shove my daddy cock into that very nice jock butt of yours.” But, I have had lots of men trying to get in my pants who were hotter than Coach4Jox, so I just never really gave him much thought. Hank pushed his cock back into my mouth and announced to the other men that ShortStop91 is going bareback today and that they should "fuck me up.” “As my handle indicates, I’ve got 9 inches of raw cock I’m going to shove up his 'safe-only' butt.” He kept pushing into me. "Fuck, this hole is tight!” "There’s lube next to you on the bed,” Hank offered. “I brought the oil-based stuff this safe-boy has always avoided.” Hank was playing like I was being offered up for barebacking for the first time to these men. Close enough for me. In my head, I was still in the process of being fully used and violated by my Hank. A man who started fucking me into bareback whoredom only two fuck sessions ago. I thought to myself, Pops9in and Coach4Jox will be men #11 and #12 to shoot their loads inside my hole. “Ahhhhh!” I gasped. With a lubed cock, Pops9in entered my hole. “Nice! We have penetration!” Hank said. The man’s large cock filled my rectum as I gripped Hank’s leather-clad thighs. Hank pulled his cock out of my mouth and put an opened poppers bottle under my nose. “Take a good hit, boy.” I took about six hits as the cock inside me pushed in some more. I felt the inner tingle and static from the poppers. “Mmmmm,” I moaned as Hank pushed his P.A. and cock head back into my throat. “He’s lit,” Hank said. “Go ahead and try to fuck him now.” “He’s really tight,” the man said. “Take my cock, son. And no fucking rubbers, safe boy. This is raw cock inside you. This is what taking a man’s cock is supposed to feel like. Damn, I’m all the way in.” The man, Pops9in, bucked so that his cock head nudged the deepest part of my hole. “Oh, yeah. Fuckin’ sweet hole here. Can’t fuckin’ believe my luck today when you messaged me.” He then started fucking in long strokes. Grunting and telling me to take it. Telling me that I loved raw dick now. “And my cock is not pulling out until every one of my fucking sperm is inside your young" —thrust— “jock” —thrust— "butt.” “Do it!” Hank’s cock got extremely hard in my mouth as he watched the man fucking my ass. “Let me see you shove that poz cock up that jock ass. Fuck that neg jock ass.” Was that just hot talk? Did I hear Hank say “poz”, “neg”? It began to sink in how Hank might be violating me tonight. All the years of getting fucked with condoms to avoid HIV infection, and was it true? Was I getting fucked bareback by an HIV positive top? Was it just fantasy talk? Hank held the poppers under my nose again, and I surrendered. “Yeah boy, take another hit. Poz9Inch wants to load up your hole tonight. Take his poz cock and let him load you up.” I realized then I had originally misheard the handle on the man whose huge cock was now pistoning in and out of my hole, a poz cock without a condom. The poppers had taken over my head, so I gave in. Hank put his hard cock back in my mouth and told me to suck on the head. A wave of poppers-induced electricity went right to my groin and asshole. I found myself using my mouth and my ass muscles to milk the two cocks that were inside me. I was going to knowingly have a raw anonymous poz cock unload inside my ass for the first time. Once Poz9In heard his HIV status revealed to me, he started fucking rougher, grunting as he landed his cock head deep in my hole. “Fuckin charge that hole, man,” I heard the Coack4Jox say. “Breed that safe-only ass!” “My pre-cum has been lubing him up for the last 15 minutes, so this neg jock is getting it already. Might as well load ‘em up.” I heard the men wickedly cheer as Poz9in was building up to unload inside me. “Do it, man,” said Hank. “Unload in his hole, he’ll take it. Won’t you, boy.” I nodded. “Fuck yeah, kid. Here is comes.” Poz9in made guttural grunts as his cock shot his warm toxic cum into my rectum. “Yes! There is it boy. All my sperm having a party inside your hole right now. Ah! Ah! Fuck! Yeah! Let me fuck that in.” Poz9In fucked me hard for about a minute. His cum was so battered in my hole that I could feel some of it leaking down my nut sack and into my jock. “Fuck!” I cried. “Fuck!!!” “That’s it, boy,” Hank coached into my left ear. “Take the man's poz load, Adam. I knew you’d be a good submissive boy for me tonight.” Poz9in pulled out of my ass and I felt the cool air of the room on my exposed jock-strapped ass. My legs had been kicked wide apart by him as he bred me, maniacally trying to shove his cock as far in as he could. I felt completely open as the white-haired old man got in place between my legs. Coach4Jox entered me quickly and began hammering his good sized meat into my cum-slicked hole. He fucked in and out of me as he talked. “Fuck yeah! For so long, I’ve fantasized about doing this to you, Adam. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve stalked you at your softball games and watched you get drunk at the bars, hoping you’d get wasted enough to need someone to walk you home. I’d imagine promising you that I’d wear a condom if you’d let me fuck you. Thinking about how I could use a condom and wait until you’re passed out drunk on your bed to rip the condom off and slide back in, stealth pozzing you when I unload shot after shot of my toxic cum inside that young jock butt of yours.” Coach4Jox kept fucking my hole and promising me another poz load as Hank, listening to the man’s perverted confession, climaxed. “Damn! I’m cumming in your mouth, boy! Open up that throat.” I let Hank’s cock head into my throat again and immediately felt the warmth of his sperm in my throat as I swallowed. I took Hank’s load like he was a familiar lover. He kept his dick in my mouth as he watched and listened to the old man fuck me. Hank pushed my head to the bed hard. “Now’s your chance, Coach. You’ve got him passed out on the bed now. Fucking stealth that young jock ass. Fucking breed that neg hole with your poz cock." “Fuck! Here it comes, you fucking neg shortstop tease," Coach4Jox said. “Take my load up your sweet butt for good.” Coach4Jox unloaded a hot torrent of poz cum into my hole. The men celebrated my violation with profanity and slaps on my ass. The old man pulled out of my ass and told the other men to look at my hole. “Fuck! This is what two poz loads up a hot young bubble butt looks like. Poz9in added, "Fucking hot jock boy, getting knocked up by anonymous men like that.” He slapped my ass. After the rustling sounds of men getting dressed, Hank said, “Thank you, gentlemen, for helping me out tonight. This was a safe-only boy who submitted fully to me only recently. As far as I know you two are his first poz loads. I am hoping to get him introduced and used at the bathhouse soon, and I think tonight should ease that transition.” I could hear, “sure thing, man” and “anytime” from the outside corridor. With the door open, I could feel the cold San Francisco air on my wet asshole. I heard Hank put keys on the night table by the bed. “Check out’s at noon. You can stay until then, if you want. You were great tonight, boy. Let’s consider meeting up again mid-week. I’ll text you.” My violation would continue. “Yes, sir.” “That’s what I like to hear. Keep that blindfold on for five minutes!” I heard the door close and listened as Hank’s footsteps faded. I fell asleep in that position: facedown, bare assed, legs spread. My asshole felt wet, open, used and empty. I slept soundly, dreaming only of sex. I wanted more. Edited July 31 by drscorpio Put a link to the first 2 parts in 37
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  47. straightnomore

    I'm Gonna Have to Charge You

    My job has led to a lot of interesting interactions. I've seen and spoken to so many people that nothing surprises me anymore. I've heard more vanilla and more kinky stories than you could imagine - you'd be surprised how much someone is willing to share when they're stood in line waiting to get into a club. I'm a doorman for one of the most prestigious gay nightclubs in town; everybody wants to be on the guest list. The events that the club holds are always invite-only to begin with, then staff can send people in and finally if there is any space anyone in the line can come in. Because staff get to send in the next group of people there are always people willing to do anything to get in. It's not uncommon for members to sleep with staff just to gain access into the club. In fact it's a known thing that happens. The club itself has two rules. When inside and in the sex rooms there is strictly no safe sex. This was actually a request from our members and being the club we are we like to listen to what they have to say. The second is strictly no straight men. We allow straight women in (though they very rarely get selected by staff or have an invitation), but straight men are just not allowed. That still doesn't stop people from trying though. That's where Toby comes in.... It was a cold December night and we were running our "Leads up for Christmas" event which is a very BDSM / S&M focused event and as it was close to Christmas the usual $20 cover was waived. Naturally because of this the line was the longest it has ever been. At the front of the line were three guys, Toby, Scott and Adam. Toby was five feet, seven inches, with short brown hair and the most amazing blue eyes you have ever seen, and, although his baggy shirt tried to hide as much, I could see from a distance the man was cut like a diamond with rock hard abs. When he turned around to face his friends my cock actually twinged at the site of his small bubble butt. I found myself wondering how far he'd be willing to go to get into the club. So I moved over to the guys and chatted with them. "What do you think the odds are we will get in?" Adam asked. "Depends how nice you all are to me," I replied. "It is Christmas soon you know so think how festive you can be." Adam and Scott smiled and giggled and Toby just stood there with a blank expression on his face. I pressed on, trying to find some answers, and asked "So are you guys all together then?" "We are," Scott replied gesticulating between himself and Adam to indicate they were together, "Toby here hasn't been out with a while and just broke up with his gi...well he's out of a serious relationship anyway so we thought a night on the town would do him good." Fuck. He was straight. Even better. I made my move. "Alright guys you two can go in but I want a word with Toby here" I opened the barrier to let them. As Scott and Adam passed through the barrier, Toby asked "What? Why, am I in trouble? Aren't you going to let me in?" "Calm down", I said, grabbing his arm and holding on to his left bicep for probably longer than was required as I admired his soft and supple physique. "I just need to get some details from you. It's clear these two are members but you don't seem to be. Next time you come you won't have to wait in line then, so come this way." I led Toby into the back office where the bouncers go to, well, take details. Since the office was heated, Toby removed his coat. The denim jeans he was wearing did nothing to disguise the small bulge I noticed in his crotch. He was excited to be here. I opened my questions by asking "Look, Toby. I know you're straight. Having worked here for ten years my gaydar is second to none. Why are you here?" "I'm not straight," Toby interjected, "I'm 100% gay." "Okay, well, for starters no gay guy would ever say he's 100% gay. And if you really are gay, come here and kiss me." Toby looked shocked. I don't think he expected me to say it or that staff of a business could even do such a thing. "It's only a kiss Toby besides you're gay and I already know you haven't got a partner to cheat on since you just broke up." Toby contemplated what I had just told him but I got bored of waiting, so I walked across the office pulled him to his feet and started kissing him. His lips were so soft and sweet and my cock started to grow. I had to fuck this straight boy and be the first inside his virgin ass. I pulled back from Toby and stood looking at him, admiring what I saw in front of me. I stared at him for about 15 seconds then I dove back in. As my mouth touched his I threw him back against the wall as I slid my tongue down his inviting throat. I placed my hands under his shirt and stroked each and every one of his six pack abs, working my way up to his nipples and tweaking them. Toby grunted, the first sign he was mine. I moved back down towards his trousers and started to unbuckle his belt. He put his hands down to try stop me but I grabbed his arms and held them in place above his head with one hand as, with my other free hand, I went back to work on this belt. I popped the buckle open, then the jeans button and the zipper and let them fall to the ground. I move from his mouth and started kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear lobe, "Kick them off," I whispered. He shook his head no. I bit his ear, hard, demanding "Kick them off now." This time he complied. I pulled back from Toby. Once more I could see his white boxer-briefs becoming somewhat transparent - no doubt his cock was leaking. Smiling, I murmured "Someone is happy to be here." I grabbed Toby's hand and led him to the couch, telling his to remove his pants and get on all fours facing the back of the couch. To my surprise he complied immediately. Toby's body was completely hairless. He was an absolutely beautiful specimen of a man. And as he crouched there on all fours I saw his virgin ass pulsating, inviting me to go to town on it. I walked up to him and dropped to my knees, and breathing heavily over his beautiful hole, I started to rim his ass. "Fuucccck" Toby groaned. "You just wait until I really start" I replied, and with that I moved in for the kill. My tongue entered his ass and I was instantly hit with the sweet taste of unbroken ass. It had been a long time since I had tasted this and I wanted to savour the moment. After ten minutes of rimming Toby's ass I was ready to move things on, and from the looks of the pre-cum dripping from his cock so was he. I dropped my trousers and started massaging his hole with the head of my cock. "No wait, put a condom on" he said. "Toby the club is a no condom zone," I replied. "I can't let you fuck me if you don't" he replied. Thinking the argument was not worth having I walked over to my draw and pulled out a 'already worked' condom which I had previously poked many a hole in, thus ensuring its failure. I wasn't really going to bother with Toby but I don't like when people don't listen to the rules, I had to punish him. I slid my finger inside his ass and started to work my nails around the lining of his ass. "Gently, please," he whimpered. "Don't worry. It's just because your ass is new. You'll get used to it." I withdrew my finger and smiled at the little specs of blood on there. He was ready. I rolled the condom on and walked back up to Toby. As I slid into his ass he started to moan and squeal like a little bitch but I kept on pushing, unrelenting. Within thirty seconds my seven inch cock was deep inside him and my balls were touching his ass. I pulled back out to check to see if the condom had broken. It had. This time I didn't take so long and slight straight back in with all my might. Toby screamed the place down but I carried on regardless. He would soon learn what it felt like to be properly fucked. I pounded Toby constantly, my balls slapping his ass so hard they began to leave a slight impression on his cheeks. With each thrust Toby squirmed and moaned and cried some more. This bitch was taking every inch of me and was loving it. He knew he had come to the right place. As I drew closer to the edge I slowed down and pulled Toby up to me, I whispered in his ear "Toby I know you are straight, so to get in to the club this time round I am going to have to charge you." "How much?" he moaned out. With that I blew my load into his ass, then I threw him back down on the couch and pushed deeper than I ever had in him to make sure every drop was deep inside of him. Then I withdrew from his ass, disposing of the condom away before he could see its condition. "There, I've just charged you Toby." "What so the sex was the charge?" he asked. "I guess. Go join your friends and tell them I've charged you and let them explain things. I think I'll be seeing you around here a lot more, Toby."
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  48. Slipitupme

    Memories Of The Fort - Part 2

    It was my second visit to the Fort, a sleazy pub in London which held naked days on Wednesdays, and where I began my descent into depravity when I was fucked in the sling in full view of the bar. As I remember it, the bar was dark, the music was loud, and the room smelled with the body odour from the many old trolls lounging naked at the bar. I removed my clothing, storing them ia locker, then walked naked to the bar area where I ordered a drink. Numerous pairs of eyes glittered in the dim light as they scanned my body. Naturally I was nervous, and still unsure of what I was doing. As I turned from the bar and moved towards the far wall, a man walked past me and stroked my bottom in passing. I turned and he gave me a smile. His face was swarthy, with deeply sunken cheeks and his body was quite muscular, his veins clearly protruding. "Nice arse," he remarked in a clearly Italian accent. "Thanks," I replied. His body was so obviously wasted it made me shiver with fear and excitement. "Want to have some fun with me?" he asked. I had to ask, "Are..are you poz?" Again he smiled answering "Yes, of course. Twenty years now. Come and play," as he led me over to a corner, gesturing at a couple of empty bar stools, asking " You kinda new here, eh?" "Second time here," I admitted. "Then you should get plenty of cock. A fresh boy like you. Still neg?" I nodded, and he shrugged as if to say not for long and then said "Raise your legs and show me your hole." I leaned back and managed to raise my legs almost to my chest. He gently fingered my slit and poked the tip of his finger into it, urging "Push it open, Try to suck it in. The guys like it nice and puffy." I gasped as his finger slid into my hole, definitely glad I had pre-lubed myself when I undressed. He probed in and out, at the same time offering me a bottle of poppers. I sniffed deeply, and felt the familiar melting rush. I half-noticed some guys moving closer to get better view, and my new friend winked at them as his fingers opened me up. I looked down and saw he had an erection, and a thick drool of precum was hanging from the mushroom shaped head. I took another sniff of poppers and suddenly, in a matter of fact way like a dog mounting a bitch, he removed his finger, pushed his hips forward and slid his slimy, toxic cock up into my rectum. I gasped with shock, but he crouched over me, shoving the finger which had been up my hole into my mouth as he thrust his cock in and out, grunting "Take it! It's what you came here for, isn't it?" There were several men clustering round us now, and someone supported my shoulders and two more held my legs up as the Italian man slid sensuously in and out of my arse. "Very nice!" he remarked, but not yet. I will maybe make you pregnant later maybe, eh?" With that, he slid out of me and stepped back. I was thoroughly excited, and my hole, gaping. The guys lowered my legs, and the Italian gestured for me to bend forward over the stool. I complied and he fed his slimy cock into my mouth, asking the general question "Okay, guys,, who's going to be first to knock up my little slut?" I felt strong fingers pull my arse cheeks apart, and a short, thick cock opened me up further, then slid up inside me. I looked over my shoulder to see a fat, middle aged man dripping with sweat as he started to fuck me, but the the Italian clearly was in charge of matters as he slapped my face, positioning my mouth to take care of his cock. "No, no," he almost cooed, urging "You just keep sucking. You don't need to see who in your hole, or, for that matter, who knocks you up." I felt the fat man grunt and shiver as his throbbing cock unloaded in me. When he withdrew his warm sperm ran down my balls. Another cock immediately began it's journey into my rectum, but this time I had learned my lesson: like a good slut I didn't look round this time, nor did I check out the series of men who mated with me. One after the other the men kept cumming until the sperm overflowed from my puffy arsehole. The Italian man, all the while, stroked my hair, reminding me what a good boy I was....
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  49. ch132

    First Time In The Big Apple

    II i stand there and process that I already have two random guys cum in my ass. The risk isn't that high, is it? Definitely no more unsafe sex. But I do want to blow another load or at least explore this place a bit more. I make my way through the glory hole room. I pass a few more guys at holes sucking off dicks. Theres a long hallway with doors on each side. Those must be the rooms. I walk down the hallway and hear guys grunts and fucking. My dick throbs, letting me know its not ready to leave yet. I feel more liquid leaking down my leg. I reach down to wipe my towel on it. As i pull my hand up i catch a little more light. My fingers are pink. Is my ass bleeding? I look at my towel. There are red marks. My ass is bleeding. It must be from the scratching or something? Luckily I don’t smell any shit.. just liquids. I approach a larger room with showers. One heavy set guy is showering. A bit passed the showers are jacuzzis. There are a few older guys sitting it it. Their eyes follow me as I walk passed. I see a few dark narrow hallways. I enter one. Its a video room with a big elevated bed area. A younger dude in his mid 20s is on it. He looks american but fully hairy and a little stocky, but still hot. He’s stroking his dick. His dick is shiny and huge. It looks like it’s about 9” or so. Very hot. He spots me and then turns back to the projected bareback porn. I exit that room and try to look down the other narrow hallway but it’s pitch black. I hear some sucking, moaning, and slapping. I can’t tell if its a room or a hallway now. I enter running my hand along one of the walls. I come across a shoulder and chest. the skin is smooth and a bit loose like an older guy. I whisper “sorry”. He whispers “anytime” and then he feels my waste, back, and slide his hand down to my ass. My dick twitches but I keep slowly making my way forward. My legs lightly bump a guy on his knees. I squeeze his shoulder in apology. He’s unfazed and sucking a dick. I decide to stop and lean up against the wall until my eyes adjust more to this new darker room. I hear what must be 3-4 pairs of guys sucking and or fucking. A hand from my right, no doubt the guy who's chest i touched, grabs my hand an brings it to his bare dick. It’s about 5” and average thickness but rock hard and uncut. He’s leaking precum. As I hold his dick he grabs my wrist and makes me jerk him. His other hand undoes my towel and it again falls to the ground. My hard dick is free again. He starts exploring my muscular body with his hands. he whispers “hot body, bud..” As he explores my body his fingers find my wet hole. He moans “mmm.” He starts to probe my hole with his finger while stroking my dick. I do the same thing to him. I feel his ass and hole. He’s definitely older. I can feel the looseness of his ass skin. His hole is loose and slimy. I then feel another set of hands grab my dick. Then a month cover it. Its the cocksucker. He must have spun around. I’m overwhelmed again. Another set of hands start touching me from the left. They grab my face and bring me in for a kiss. A mystery tongue is shoved in my mouth. This guy has bad breath and almost metallic tasting spit. I try to pull away but he forcefully holds my head while exploring my mouth with his nasty tongue. My heart pounds. The danger and riskiness of it all turns me on even more. i know I shouldn’t want this, but I do. I start to kiss him back. He’s breathing into my mouth while kissing. It’s like he’s trying to push his breath into my lunges. Its making my head light. I’m powerless against these guys. All I can do i hold onto the dick to my right and the bald head sucking my dick in front of me. A free my face to get a breath of air. I then feel a cool glass tube against my nostrils. I cant help but inhale. What the fuck is this? My head spins. It’s like paint thinner. I grab the wrist of the hand holding the bottle. But I'm weak. It presses against my nose harder. I cant help but breath more into my body. I start to black out. All i can feel is my heart pounding, my dick throbbing, and fingers sliding in and out of my ass hole. A few moments go by. I start coming back and grab for the cocksuckers head. His head is gone. I grab hips. He’s how fucking himself on my dick, raw. i’m balls deep raw in this old feeling body. one hand grabs the back of my head and the tube is pressed against my nose again. I breath a few more times and black out again only feeling my dick and ass. I’m shuffled a few steps forward away from the wall. I feel my balls begin to boil. im barely standing, and more holding onto the sloppy bottom to keep balance. My dick is so hard. The tube remains under my nose. I think I’m going to pass out but i don’t. Then I feel a wet slimy body behind me. I’m bent forward a little bit. Something larger than a finger is inserted. I finely hear “fucking take it.. oh hell yeah.. keep the poppers there.. this guy is fucking hot..” He trusts a few times and growls “ahh” I feel his 5” dick blasting inside my raw ass. He’s flooding me with what feels like gallons on old warm jizz. My dick erupts. My body spasms and the tube loses my face. I shoot volley after volley of cum into this raw old ass. The bottom doesn’t stop fucking against me. He keeps bottoming out against my body. The dick from behind me disappears and the guy from my left, the one with the tube groans. I feel a spurt of hot cum on my ass crack and then he quickly pulls my waste bask onto his dick. He’s much bigger that the previous old guy. He thrusts a few more times. I can feel he had a big load. I can feel his dick stretch my ass lips and my innards as he throbs. I start coming back from my high. I’m still impaled in the ass and the bottom is trying his hardest to make me cum again. My balls are still tight. I could come again if he continues. The guy behind me shuffles out from behind me. I fall back against the wall. It give me enough room to pull out of the bottom. I can’t believe this is happening. The bottom tries to find my dick with his hole again but I hold him away and whisper “no more”. I reach down on the ground for my towel but it’s gone. I am wet slimy everywhere. My dick is still so hard though. What is happening to me here? I start making my way to the exit of the room when I feel more fingers find my ass and. I hear a guy whisper “ah found it.. here this will help you..” I try to escape his hands but he shoves something in my ass. It hurts. He shoves it as far as his finger will go. It feels like a small piece of glass that’s on fire. I quickly grab his wrist and formally pull his hand away and say “what the fuck man..” and walk away. My asshole is on fire. My dick is still hard though. It sways with each step.
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  50. 1981virginia

    Steam Room Breeding

    Chapter 2. My new friends made out in the shower as I wrapped the towel around my waist, barely hiding my hard sticky cock pressing against my thigh. I headed out of the locker room and down the hall. There were a few booths with some guys relaxing on narrow thin mattresses, some smiled at me as I passed, and some were already busy either fucking or getting fucked. I stopped for a few moments to watch a muscle stud fill up a skinny dark-skinned bottom wearing a yellow bracelet. He held that guy’s hips in place as he pounded into him, only stopping after he came hard and then worked that load in pretty deep. He slowly pulled out, slapped the bottom’s ass and walked away, brushing past me in the narrow hallway. The bottom worked the fresh load out of his ass with his fingers, and held eye contact with me as he licked them clean. I nodded and moved on. I went into a dry sauna, took off my towel, spread it out on the wooden bench, sat down, spread my legs and played with my cummy ass. I leaned back and closed my eyes, working my fingers in and out of my hole. I hadn’t necessarily planned on giving and taking loads, but within ten minutes of taking my clothes off, I’d done just that. Not to mention I had taken a POZ load. My thoughts were interrupted as the door to the sauna creaked open. A tall burly man, with a shaved head and a furry blond chest came in, clutching his towel. The towel wrapped around me just fine, but on this man, it barely made it around him. He nodded at me, and grinned, opening his towel and scratching his big furry nuts. He sat down next to me on the bench and spread his legs wide. I nodded at him, taking in his muscular chest and abs, going down to a sizeable uncut cock. He smiled and scooched over to me until his knee touched mine. He looked at my hand, then at his cock, inviting me to touch it. I reached over and wrapped my hand around him. Even soft, my fingers barely touched as they grasped the root of his cock. I hefted his fuzzy blond balls a bit as he leaned back and moaned. His cock steadily grew in girth and length. He reached over, with his head still back, not looking at me, and groped for my hole. When his fingertips found my ass, he smeared some of the toxic top’s seed around and brought it to his mouth. With his eyes still closed, he tasted that POZ cum and smirked, knowing that I was taking loads. It was sweltering hot in that sauna, and both of us were pouring sweat. He stood up and gestured to the door. I grabbed my towel and followed him. This hulk led me down the hall to whirlpool, stark naked with his gigantic cock bouncing the whole way. Only then did I notice the small dark blue scorpion tattoo on the small of his back. I was pretty sure that meant he was POZ. He sat on the edge and I sat beside him. He smirked at me, spread his legs, and gestured to his cock, harder than ever, with a pearl of fresh precum at the head. I crouched before him in the water and swallowed his cock, well, as much of it as I could. He hadn’t spoken a word to me and just groaned as I tried my best to get my mouth all the way around his monster cock. He leaned forward and started working his fingers into my ass. I squirmed, still only lubed with that first POZ load. The hulk spun me around, and I realized that there were three guys in the hot tub jerking each other off. One stood up and walked through the water to me, shaking his cock in my face. I opened my mouth to let him know I was willing to blow him. As I started lapping at his uncut cock, the hulk spit on my hole and started lapping at it. He chuckled and muttered the only word he would to me, "Sau…." I’m pretty sure he called me a pig. Meanwhile the guy in my mouth held my head still and pounded my throat. He put his hand on my forehead forcing my eyes up at him. He spat right in my face and his friends cheered him on. He shoved his cock in as far as it would go and held it there. I thought he wanted to shoot down my throat, but he just stayed there, flexing his cock. The hunk stood up and slammed his thick bare cock into me. I gagged on the cock in my mouth, gasping for breath through my nostrils. The hulk pounded my ass as I did my best to keep from passing out. I could feel the cock in my throat flex as its owner nodded to the hulk bare-fucking me. At the same time, I felt cum pelting the back of my throat and a warm wetness in my ass. Two loads of POZ cum in my hole, and one unknown down my gullet. The other two guys stood up and patted their friend on the back. The hulk pulled out, nodded to me, and walked away. The other two guys in the hot tub replaced the sudden emptiness in my mouth and ass, and switched places after a few minutes. I savored the mixed taste of fresh seed and ass juice when they changed places. They took turns using my holes until the first one finished in my ass. He pulled out and had me clean off his cock, while his friend bred me. I shot a load into the water beneath me without even touching myself. As they walked away, one said to the other, in a voice meant for me to overhear in English, "He’s brave to take all of our POZ loads. Do you think he’s already POZ?" "Brave... or stupid," his buddy replied, looking over his shoulder, adding "besides, if he wasn’t he will be soon." Four POZ loads in my ass, and I had cum three times. My knees quaked as my cock sprung back to life. To be continued…
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