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    ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** ************************************************************************************************************************* He was seated at the bar, drinking with a couple of guys. From his loud laughter, and the silly things he was blurting out, as well as his overall behavior, it was clear to me he was quite drunk. But on the other hand, he was quite sexy. He was, of course, young, no doubt just over 18. The guys recognized him being intoxicated and touched him inappropriately all the time. They grabbed his ass or rubbed his junk while passing him by. He never complained about it. He just grinned like a fool, feeling probably flattered to be the center of the attention. So I tried my luck and ordered a drink at the bar and while standing close to the drunk twink I let my hand slip into his low hip jeans on his backside and my middle finger moved downwards between his ass cheeks, just to find his hole. I pressed my finger against his hole and he relaxed it and let me pass his sphincter. What a slut, I thought to myself. I gave him a cheeky grin and then went back to the two fellows I was with that night. We were all biohazard stallions and we were, let’s put it this way, interested in the youthful guy. He blinked at me and then moved to the back area, where the darkroom was. My mates fist bumped me and cheered, while I got up from my chair I told them to be nearby, in case…. Getting into the backroom my eyes had to adjust to the dimmed light. I saw him wandering about, but I doubted he would actually be notice all the guys lurking about. The risk was too high, that another dick would grab him first and so I hurried up and greeted him with my low voice. He tried to focus me and then showed a foolish smile asking me, if I was the guy fingering outside. I laughed and nodded to that. “You know… I think I had a drink too much and all the jocks look the same to me. Just a big bulge…..” he claimed. “Oh that’s okay…. you are nothing more than a hole to me.” I replied and although my answer was quite reducing him he flashed another smile. “How about three big cocks?” I asked him referring to my two friends. “I guess it would be okay, but we have to play safe. Okay? My boyfriend is out of town and we are faithful to each other. FAITHFUL (in a loud voice). That’s why you can’t fuck me, but it is okay to fuck me now….” he babbled. Such a wasted guy… I signaled my friends to attend me and so they appeared out of the darkness and greeted the teen. “Hey guys – can I touch your bulges to see if you are well endowed?” he asked us. He massaged each of our bulges and seemed to be satisfied to feel 9+ inches of hard cock meat. We looked for a dark corner and there we turned him around, so that he faced the wall. I opened his jeans and lowered them. They fell to the ground and revealed a beautiful round ass. “Don’t forget the condom” he whispered. “Of course not, but let me first finger you. Get you ready for my fat dick.” I suggested and used a bit lube on my fingers and entered his hole with three fingers at once. I crouched behind him, to get a good angle to finger fuck him roughly. He was moaning and enjoyed it obviously. After a while I used only my index finger and my middle finger to actually scratch him from the inside, while pulling my fingers out. I repeated it over and over again and he complained about the growing pain. I told him that I had to prepare him for the hard fuck, but that I would soon been done. I had to rely on my handy work and so I got up and started lubing up my dick. “Sorry guys… but I can’t get hard. Too much alcohol I guess” he giggled. “Never mind, just let us charge your cunt up and we are gone anyway” I replied. “Give him some poppers” I told one of my friends. He handed the boy the brown bottle and told him to use it. “How?” he asked seriously. “I don’t do drugs” he added. “That’s not a drug baby, it is something to inhale to make you feel horny for cocks” I explained. You can keep the bottle afterwards, in case you want to enjoy some other gentlemen dicks in here. “The condom on your cock already?” he asked while he opened the bottle with a ‘plop’ and then sniffed at the bottle opening, while a pal pressed against his other nose opening. ‘Whoooosh’ “Oh my…. oh fuck…. what is this…..” he stuttered. My friends helped him stay on his feet. I parted his ass cheeks in the meanwhile and entered his soft asshole raw. “Oh fuck, this is it…. oh it feels so good. man…. fuck me hard…. fuck me hard into my pussy” he moaned. We made him inhale more of the poppers and every time he was almost freaking out and begging me to fuck deeper into his body. Of course I rammed my whole cock hard into him. This wasn’t supposed to be a romantic affair. This was hardcore POZ fucking. I fucked my dick hard into his hole, trying to inflict even more damage with every thrust I could muster. “You want to get your slut ass charged?” I whispered into his ears, while he experienced one rush after another. He nodded only “Tell me loud, that I can charge your cunt up” I advised him with my low and calm voice. “Fuck me hard into my ass…. (and then louder) Charge my slut ass up” he exclaimed. I grunted and held him by the shoulders, while I was speed-fucking him now. This put me over the edge and my toxic semen erupted inside his ass. My cock gushed five times and I kept on fucking him, to make sure my seed would infiltrate his body soon. After I pulled my cock out, I pretended I would get rid of the condom and stuffed my dick back into my jeans. My pal was next and I told him, while taking his place, to think about the condom. “Yes…. safety first please…. I don’t want to get sick by these…. sick…. bastards….” he repeated himself and took another good whiff. “I think there is enough lube left in there” my friend said with a smirking face. Without hesitance he entered the twink’s ass, who had one POZ load already inside his body…
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 1) “What’s up? Are you looking for a tight hole to fuck?” a private message popped up on my screen. ‘RapeMeRaw’ was the guy’s virtual nickname. I clicked to view his profile. …18 years old …White …Slim …Blonde …No hair on his body, as far as the body-pictures showed. “Show your face faggot” I wrote back. He didn’t reply right away. Then he sent me a message, telling me, he would rather like to exchange some messages before sending his picture. “Don’t waste my time – Fake!” I answered him unfavorably. Several minutes later he sent me another message. “Please…. don’t show this to anyone. My parents still don’t know…” he wrote. Attached were some pictures of a cute young twink. He had an innocent look on his face and an angelic smile. “No one cares about you. How old are you?” I wanted to know. “18?” he instantly wrote back. “Are you asking me…?” I wrote, since he looked so youthfully, but who gave a shit. “Give me your skype address. I want to see you. Prove to me, that you are not fake news” I hit the send button. “I will show my face on cam. But I am not doing a sex show for you… just to let you know. I am not stupid…. you might record it after all….” his quick reply flashed on my screen. After getting his skype name I sent him a request. He accepted the call and I could see his face ‘live’. It was the handsome face on the pictures and after he passed this reality check, he turned his cam off again. “Okay whore – when can I rip you open?” I asked him via skype. “I don’t know… I can visit you if you like. I want to be raped hard.” he wrote. “Ever had a cock up your cunt?” “Sure - lots…. I am a true cunt” he lied. Since it is difficult to actually date a twink like this, if you write too long, I asked him to rape his ass that evening. I was sure, that he was already jacking off his young dick fiercly. “Can’t we write a little bit before?” he asked me seriously. “Nah – I am into the real stuff. If you want a hard cock up your slit, raping you savagely… then I am the right guy. Give me your contact address and I will pick you up.” Minutes passed without a reaction. I checked my profile. He hit it 9 times by now and was just surfing on my site. I had some hardcore pictures of my dick fucking tight assholes. The biohazard symbol was visible on my left shoulder. “Are you healthy?” he asked me suddenly. This guy was either stupid or simply not so experienced, as he would like to be. “Of course I am” I replied. I had no cold. I had no headache. I was feeling fine. My lips formed a devilish smile. The next moment ‘RapeMeRaw’ went offline. Oh well I thought and invited a bottom pig to my apartment. I knew this poz whore already and I was sure it would be fun fucking more of my poz cum into his snatch. The following day I received several messages. The little pup apologized for logging out so abruptly. His mother had entered his room and now he was scared, I would believe he was just a no show. He was begging for forgiveness and asking for another chance to be my rape victim. More messages came in, asking me for a second chance. Damn – this fuckslut seemed to be desperate for cock. Who would I be, if I wouldn’t give the kid a chance, meeting my toxic cock. “Apology accepted – meet me this evening at 6pm at a WalMart parking lot nearby” I gave him the exact address and told him to wait in front of the main entrance. During the day he wrote me several other messages. He told me, how he wanted to be ripped open and destroyed by my big cock. He mentioned, that he needed my cum in his puppy cunt so badly. He begged me to fuck him as brutally as I could and that no cry or plea should change my mind. I never replied to any of them. He saw me being online. He knew, I read the messages, but didn’t react. I was sure he got the right feeling, that this would be his one and only chance to meet me. When I came closer to the meeting point, I could see him from afar already. He wore tight white jeans which showed his butt perfectly. It was small ass and promised a tight fucking. His hair had a perfect sidecut. He was in a good shape and had a nice and slim body. It would be fun to show no mercy on the guy. “Hello Sir” he greeted me, looking at my big bulge. “Come with me boy. Let’s move to my car…” I ordered him and took a good grip on his nape, leading him to my automobile. It was obvious he was scared. He looked around, but his looks came always back to my crotch area. He sighed deeply seeing my bulge move around, while walking to the car. I opened the car and we both got into the car. “Where are we going?” he asked bashfully. I did not even look at him. I opened the buttons of my jeans and pulled my cock out of the fabric. “Suck until I cum, or until I tell you to stop - you fuckwhore” I demanded. I pushed his head down to my crotch and felt his hot tongue playing clumsy with my dickhead. I could feel his hot breath on my toxic rape-stick. He was no professional! That’s for sure. I started the ignition and we drove slowly off the lot. He wanted to be raped… you got to be careful what you are wishing for…
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    Virgin POZ Night (Part 1) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** I was strolling around my favorite bath house, when a booth awakened my attention. A note was pinned at the door: ‘Virgin POZ night’ was written in bright red letters. ‘Don’t wake the sleeping beauty’ was added. I heard there was some heavy breathing going on in the booth, but I had the feeling, that only one guy was in it, jacking off. There was no moaning from another party or so. So after a couple of minutes the door was unlocked and a guy I knew so well left the both, with his pants still open and a hard cock sticking out of it. Next to the door was a little blackboard and he drew a line and then left without even noticing me. I could see five marks already. ‘Nice’ I thought and entered the little booth. A blonde twink was laying with the front of his body downwards a short bench. I guess he must have been 18 or 19 the most. He was body was fixed with a strap tightly around his chest and around his lower back. He wouldn’t able to make a move – not an inch, but he was obviously asleep or knocked out more likely. His head was hanging down on one side of the bench. On the other side his cunt was leaking some cum. He had been used for quite a while it seemed. I was drawing a line on his sweat covered back. He shivered….. His hands had been tied to his back. He wouldn’t be able to defend himself, if he would be awake. His body was flawless. Not a single hair could be seen between his ass cheeks. “Beautiful…” I mumbled. I closed the door and locked it behind me. *Click* “Hmmmm… hm…..” he moaned and shook his head a little bit. “What…. where…. am I” he whispered. I was standing right behind him looking down at this young guy who seemed to regain consciousness. “Hello…. is there…. *sigh* is there someone….?” his voice was so soft. “Hey there” I said with my low voice, not getting myself into his view yet. “Sir… my head is spinning. I can’t move…. where am I” he asked slowly. It seemed like the thoughts he had formed slowly the sentences I heard. I didn’t know what to reply. I was sure he wasn’t suppose to know in which town he was or even that this was a biohazard bath house. “Could you…. please…. help me to get up? he stammered. While hearing the twinks soft voice I started massaging the lump in my jeans. “Uuuuugh…. I don’t feel good….. *sighs again softly* … my head is spinning” he sniffed. “Well how did you get here?” I asked with a worried tone. “Uuuuhm….I…. hmmmm….. I don’t know” he mumbled. “I just came around by accident and heard you moan – I came to see if everything was alright” I lied to him. “Are my hands tied Sir? I can’t move them…. could you please untie me?” “Someone handcuffed you behind your back….” I described to him. “Hmmmm…. ooooh…. hrmpf….. my ass is hurting so much. What is happening here? Please… can you open the handcuffs, please Sir” he begged. His head was still hanging down. He didn’t have the strength to raise it by himself. I walked around him and stroked him softly his hair. “Well… I can’t see the keys….” I made some noises like I was looking for a key. Then I grabbed his head and yanked it up violently. I pressed my groin area against his face. *Oooomph* His head had no chance to escape. I pressed my bulge against his him and he wailed a bit. “Can’t…. breathe….” he moaned in panic. “Open your mouth wide then – I am trying to help you here young man!” I exclaimed. The silly twink did just that and opened his mouth widely only to get more of my bulge into his stupid mouth. He tried to yank himself away, but that way he would just sprain his neck and I knew his pain, especially in the back of his neck would be extreme by now. He expelled his hot breath against my crotch. I could feel him fighting for breath, while I almost dry humped his face through my jeans. Then I moved away from the helpless boy. “No keys here…. no nothing….” I hissed. “Then….*gasps for air* please… do you got a mobile phone?” he asked me. “Please… call my parents. Tell them to pick me up.” he almost cried by now. “Calm down lad. Everything will be fine.” I tried to reassure him, that everything was alight. I crouched in front of him and he whispered his mom’s mobile phone number. I couldn’t almost understand every digit, but after I repeated I made sure I would safe this number. In expectation that I would call his mother immediately he gathered all his strength and lifted his head up again. He could only see my body up to my waist and didn’t understand what I was doing. I unbuttoned my jeans slowly and enjoyed to see the terror in his eyes rising. “You really don’t know why you are here, eh” I cackled gleefully. “You are the hole…. A hole for toxic dicks” I explained his fate to him. “Five guys have already fucked you up and now you will get the sixth viral load up your tight asshole” I smiled. “Wait – let me make a picture for your mom… one before…. and one after I POZ fucked you” I said coldly. “Smile for your parents…. smile for your mom” I grinned…
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 4) “Come here… stroke my cock while you dance you horny fuck” I ordered Davis. He hesitated at first and looked at me worried. Then he moved slowly towards me and lowered his head. I could see him crying. He took my hard cock in both of his hands and started stroking it gently. We could all hear him sob. I handed the cam to a mate, then put my arms around Davis and pulled him closer to me. “Continue stroking me, pup” I told him in a normal tone. His head rested against my right shoulder. I could feel his tears on my skin. My hands started massaging his ass cheeks through his white pair of jeans. My black leather gloves made a nice contrast to the white fabric. Davis’ sobbing increased slightly. He was shaking like a leaf. He guessed obviously, that I would tear his jeans down from him and rape myself into his body. “What’s wrong baby? Don’t you want to welcome us with your sweet innocent hole?” I asked him softly. He shook his head slowly, without looking at my ski mask, revealing only my eyes and my mouth. “Open your jeans and keep on moving your body to the music” I said. Another friend moved closer and pressed himself against the youth’s backside, twisting Davis’ nipples again. Davis heard a loud squeak - just to learn it was himself making those noises. My buddy pressed his hard dick against the boys’ jeans and Davis felt an enormous erection pushing against his ass. The guy moved slowly with Davis rocking body. There was danger in the air. “Start to unbutton your jeans now” I repeated myself squeezing his ass cheeks even more. Davis shook almost violently while sobbing and started to follow my order. It took an eternity for him, to unbutton his pants, but as soon as he accomplished the task, my friend and I pulled Davis’ tight jeans down to his upper thighs. His movements were now more restricted, because he couldn’t get rid of the whole pants at once. I looked down and realized the slut was wearing a jock strap. “Oh you cheap whore…. you dressed up for us? Huh?” I looked at him with my masked face and lifted his chin up, so he could see my cold eyes through the slit. “I bought it for today” he sniffed. “You bought this for our date? You hear that guys? This slick cum bucket bought this whore pants for us” I sneered. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and my mate immediately attacked the boys’ hole. He tried to push his glans penis into Davis, who wailed in distress. It was fun to keep the boy in place, while my mate tried again and again to push his cock into this narrow pink hole. It seemed impossible to fuck him dry. I mean… of course with enough brutality it would fit sooner or later, but we had another plan. “Let a real man open up this cunt” another guy leered. We dragged Davis to a couch and positioned him over one of the couch arms. Someone spread the boys’ ass cheeks apart and with a little bit of spit the second guy actually entered the boy two inches. Davis screamed like a maniac. I pushed his face into a cushion, to muffle his screams. “How does it feel, getting ripped up without lube. Do you like his cock boy? Do you want more of his tube in your cunt?” I shouted out. “Man… he is tight…” the lucky bastard moaned. He withdrew his cock and we let go of Davis. The little punk tried to get up and run for the door, but fell over his own two feet. He tumbled down and crawled away, only to end up hiding in a corner of a room. There he tried to be invisible. Davis blinked and saw three pair of legs walking into his direction. The guys walked slowly and removed their belts slowly. He didn’t dare to examine the whole situation. All he could see were several legs, three hard cock and some dangling belts. Then he felt the first blow….
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 2) The lad was giving his best, to satisfy me with his mouth. I was pretty sure, he didn’t have the experience to give a great blow job, but it was alright. He played more with his tongue around my dickhead, than actually swallowing my cock. Probably he was impressed with the length and thickness of my dick. My right hand was resting on the backside of his head and from time to time I pushed him deeper into my crotch. He understood the signal and tried at least for a while to suck me off. “No teeth, baby…. no teeth” I warned him with my low voice, when he scraped me once. We passed the outskirts and I told my rapetoy, that I would fuck him so hard, as soon as we reached the motel. I chose a good one. No questions asked. I reserved a bungalow under the name ‘Smith’ and payed the fees in advance and in cash. No tracks…. The boy tried to answer me in between sucking. “Yeah… force me. Rape my ass hard. Make me bleed out of my hole” He would get that and more. I would make him bleed and gift him with my virus. I was not only positive. I was an AIDS bloke with a deadly poison in my balls and was eager to breed the stupid twat forcefully. “Once we pass that door, you will be nothing more than an object to me. Just a hole… and you will do anything for me, to get my charged up load into your system” I advised him in a calm voice. I slapped him on the back of his head and asked him if he understood. “Hm hum….” he mumbled while trying to cope with the 9 inch meet planted deeply in his throat right now. I pulled him off my cock and asked again: “You got that… punk?” “Yes… yes… reduce me to a thing. Destroy me with your cock” he gasped. “Fuck yeah… I will reduce you to a pulp” and with that I pushed my cock in his mouth again. After another hour drive we reached our destination. We passed the reception bungalow without stopping. A long and winding road led us to a distant corner of the park. There I stopped my car. Although the cute guy had tried his best, to suck my cum out of my balls, he was not successful. He looked up to me with a guilty look in his eyes and said ‘sorry’. “Don’t worry pup. Your body will do now. I will use your hole to pollute you – stupid fuck” The guy was getting up from his squatted position and stretched himself. “My name is Davis by the way” he smiled cheekily at me. “Who cares?” I looked at him sternly. “Just get out of the car and get inside the apartment. We both got off the car. I surveyed the area. No other human being could be seen. It was half past seven already. I opened the door and Davis entered the room and froze in place right then and there. Two guys were sitting on a couch, watching hardcore porn on the television. Another guy fiddled about a cam, which was attached to a tripod – facing one of the two beds. A fourth guy just came out of the bathroom, while we entered the whole scene. All guys were dressed in black. Black boots, black jeans, black t-shirts, black gloves. Davis seemed to be stunned. He was scared, that all of a sudden four other dudes were here in the same room with him, obviously waiting for his arrival. I closed the door behind us and greeted the other tops. Both guys on the couch masturbated slowly their cocks while checking Davis out. The other two guys had also their dicks hauled out of their jeans, but they were only half hard right now. All the guys had their highest button of the jeans closed, but all the other buttons downwards have been opened and so their dicks were hanging freely, waiting for a hole to appear. “What… is…. this…. all…. about” Davis stammered. “Is this the rape hole you promised us?” one of the guys asked me with greedy eyes. “Man…. my dick is already getting fully set” the guy at the camera looked down and Davis saw how the cock slowly extended to its full 8 inches and rising. “Please…. I am not sure if I can stand that. What is the cam for? Don’t do this to me please” the twink started begging me. Without taking notice of this babbling the guys started putting on black ski masks. I disguised my face also, as we could see the horror in the young lads eyes. “Start filming…” I said. The cam turned around to the entrance. I grabbed Davis from behind and pulled my right arm firmly over his neck. Breathing became difficult now. The two guys from the couch moved closer and started pinching the boys’ nipples severely. Davis just screamed. I covered his mouth with my big left hand while the guy from the bathroom squeezed the lads’ balls hardly. I bit into Davis left ear - pulled and tore like a mad dog - growling dangerously. “We will destroy you” I hissed to Davis. “Look at this!” the guy crushing the boys’ balls exclaimed. Davis became rigid and a wet spot appeared in front of his jeans. The poor lad pissed himself out of fear. The cam was recording every second of it. His white jeans changed the color to yellow, while the piss started wetting his fabrics downwards. The two guys next to the pup started jeering and twisted his nipples brutally now. “You know how to make a guy horny” I whispered into Davis ear. Davis couldn’t help but to sob and piss himself. He was scared to death
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    Just another wasted youth (Part 2) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** “How old are you bitch?” I asked him, while pulling his nipples through his t-shirt. “18” he moaned. “I turned 18 two days ago” “Aaawwww… and now we seem to be your gift” I smiled. The boy smiles back at me. “Keep yourself dizzy bitch” I encouraged to sniff at the poppers bottle as often as he could. “Enjoy your ride to hell” I stated and my buddies and I laughed loudly while we held this twats body up. “Wouldn’t you enjoy to get fucked by everyone in this darkroom?” I whispered. “Imagine all the cocks getting hard, just because of your cute butt” “They sure would enjoy pounding your sweet loyal cunt” my mate grunted. “I don’t know” the youth replied. “You guys got big dicks…. I am horny for big dicks tonight” he replied. “A true bottom should never refuse a hard cock – not on a night like this” I tried to persuade him. “I love my boyfriend… I don’t want to cheat on him” said the twink who just got his ass fucked by totally strangers. “You are not… tonight your boyfriend isn’t here. You miss him so much, that is why you allowed us to plow your ass….” I talked to him soothingly. “It is your boyfriends fault. He should have been here with you at your birthday party. But don’t worry about it, no one needs to know, that you are a greedy little ass cunt.” The guy behind the twink had his hands on the youths shoulders and fucked him high speed. “Yeah…. it is all *grunts* his fault. He should have been here with me, instead of working for his company…..oooooh - I got needs” he moaned. “Yeah and let the guys here fulfill your needs just for tonight. Tomorrow your boyfriend will get to love you anyway and you love him, but tonight we are here to please your cunt” “Doesn’t it feel good to have a big cock up your ass, jamming your tight entrance…. give us the chance to make you feel good. Let’s make you the star of this night… let all the guys here fuck your ass…. just so, because you can do it…. and you do it so good baby.” I whispered those words into his ear. “Don’t reject anyone… see every cock as a present for you to set a new world record in getting charged up in one night – don’t be a fool to let this chance pass you by….” I continued to talk him into. “You don’t even have to look at the guys. Just stay here, look at the wall and imagine your ass a deposit for cum. Take another whiff….. Yeah….. imagine you are just a hole to us. Help us to get off…. into your sweet little body.” “Oooooh fuck…. your cock feels so good…..and maybe I should let you all fuck my pussy – but only tonight” the lad agreed. “Yeah – only for tonight slut” I answered satisfied. “And only with condoms….” he insisted. This was ridiculous. There he was – a totally drunk teen and buzzed up with poppers and still he had the audacity to demand safe fucks? I sighed deeply and looked at our third mate, who would have been the next to fuck this toad. “Sorry man… then you can’t fuck him with your 12 incher” I winked at him. “Man…. what the fuck….?” he complained. “You know his dick is so huge and thick… he has really problems finding condoms which would fit him.” I explained to our target. He peered at the next cock and seemed to be mesmerized. “Ooooooh *sighs* your cock is fucking beautiful. I have never seen a real dick being so thick and long” he moaned. “And do you see how much he looked forward to demolish your hole? Look at the streams of precum, dripping to the floor already.” I brought his attention to my pals Gono infection. But he was so swept away, that he really didn’t draw the conclusion or maybe it was simply too dark. He asked instead if he could lick his ‘precum’ away. “Of course” my friend said and while still getting fucked up the ass, the lad bent a little to the side and started sucking his fag beater. After only two minutes he got up again and asked my mate ‘Are you okay?’ “I feel great….” my pal replied. “No I mean, are you healthy……?” he mumbled under the influence of the alcohol. “Yeah faggot. Don’t worry I am clean” he lied stealthily. In the meanwhile the second fucker reached his orgasm and ejaculated the second high POZ load flooded the boys’ sewer. “Okay…. then fuck my ass raw.” he whispered. “What?” my mate answered as he was hard of hearing. “FUCK ME RAW” the twink shouted. “Gentlemen…..this twink just turned 18 two days ago and he is willing to accept the gift…. Please…..make sure you make room to those who are willing to share…..” I exclaimed. “You want to get charged up, right?” I asked him loudly. “Yeah man, charge me up with your dicks” he moaned. “I didn’t hear you?” I teased him. “OH FUCK….. GIVE ME YOUR COCKS….. *moans* CHARGE ME UP PLEASE!” he almost cried out. In no time we had a nice crowd of guys gathering around to take part at this spectacle. While our last friend started penetrating the boys’ hole, the twink moaned in pleasure and pain. 12 inch of hard cock meat worked his way up the lads’ ass cunt. “Ooooooh yeah…. this is it….. fuck me…. FUCK….. batter me with your huge dick” he begged. “Don’t worry pups…. I will fuck you hard and give you all I got…..” he snickered.
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    Hey guys... This is going to be a seven chapter series. I've got it partly written and fully outlined... Hope you all enjoy ;-) Chapter I. My boy and I had been going through a rough patch. We’d both been busy at work, not spending enough time with each other, and both cheating behind the other’s back. We had an ‘open relationship,’ so we were allowed to fool around, but I think we’d been neglected each other for easy ass and dick. My boy would come home later than usual, and not be in the mood. When we’d snuggle up in bed, I’d shudder to realize his hole was loose and sloppy, dripping someone else’s cum. Sometimes he’d let me breed him a second time, but more often than not, he’d roll onto his back and just pass out. We knew we might be headed nowhere fast, and decided to take the summer off to reconnect. We figured we’d both go off PrEP too, since we’d be alone in the countryside and not easy access to refills. We rented a cottage upstate that needed some fixing up. It belonged to an older gay guy in our building. He’d been having some health issues lately, and wouldn’t manage the trip this summer. The rent was cheap provided that we’d take care of the grounds, do some minor electrical repairs, and a bit of painting. We thought it would be good to have a project to keep us busy, together, and away from the gay bars with thirsty guys. We got six weeks off of work, rented a car, and drove away, subletting our apartment in the city, for the income, and so we couldn’t chicken out of the hard work and countryside life… Maybe three days into the first week, some of our new neighbors started to get nosey about the new guys, and one by one came by to introduce themselves. They were all older, mid-50s at the youngest, and all painfully straight. Except Will, who lived a few lots down the road. Will was easily 60, but suave in a way that led me to think he must be gay. Older guys aren’t really my thing, and they are certainly not my boy’s thing. He much prefers slim hung twinks. Will as decidedly not slim and not a twink, but it looked like he might be well-hung from what appeared to be a tree trunk down his shorts. Will whistled as he walked up our driveway. He must have been close to six foot tall, and he had a big beer belly, with ginger and salt hair peeking out around his shirt collar. He’d brought a six-pack, and introduced himself with a big grin. We kicked back, and made small talk on the back porch. It was fucking hot, and I downed two beers really quickly. We all did. We loosened up with the beer, and Will told us that he had been buddies with the owner of our cottage, enquiring after his declining health. He was happy to see some ‘young blood’ in the neighborhood, and even more glad that we were fixing the place up. He offered to loan us some tools to help take care of some brush in the back yard. I was pretty sure he attempted an innuendo about tools, and another about sharing… I laughed it off and we made a plan to stop by the next afternoon to pick them up. Friendly neighbor, right? I excused myself to the kitchen to get some new cold beers, and left Will with my boy to chat. I got the beers and went to the freezer in the basement to fill up a bucket with ice. When I came back upstairs, Will had let himself in and was taking a piss with the door open in the bathroom just off of the kitchen. I snickered and he looked over his shoulder, apologizing for not closing the door. He turned his whole body to me and shook the last few droplets of piss off of one the biggest, longest, thickest cocks I had ever seen. Jesus. This thing was easily 10” long, and totally soft, with a dark purple hood of foreskin over the head. I felt myself instinctively licking my lips. He joked it off, saying he usually would be polite and close the door, but he had to pee pretty badly and forgot to close it… I shrugged it off, as he shook his cock, ever so slightly stroking it. I closed my open mouth, he pulled up his shorts, and we went back outside with his meaty paw wrapped around my shoulder. We sat back down on the porch, but once I’d seen that massive meat, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was plain to see that log snaking down his left leg. My boy gave me a funny look then followed my eyes down to that meaty cock. I heard him gasp. Will noticed it too, and I swear, that big dick lurched in his shorts. We quickly downed another bunch of beers, and my boy went inside to get the next refill. It looked like he needed to cool off... I offered to help, and brought the empty bottles in. As soon as we were in the kitchen, he whispered to me, ‘Damn! Did you see his big cock!?!?! Fuck! If I were into older guys, whoah…’ I faked chastising him and knew Will would wind up fucking one or both of us before the summer was out…. To be continued…
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    I had been lurking on bbrt, getting hard to bug chasing fiction on here and jerking off to verbal poz porn on tumblr for a couple of years before I finally took my first toxic plunge. It was just before my 30th birthday and I was in my prime, 6ft, boy next door good looks, tight gym body with a round peach of an ass covered in soft fair bum fluff. I was turning heads in the bar and clubs but I was finding safe and vanilla hook ups didn't do it for me anymore. The sight of a condom in person or in porn was an instant boner killer. I started spending more and more time fantasizing about getting knocked up and began chatting to guys on bbrt. I lived in a small city with an even smaller and discreet bareback scene, at the time there weren't many open bug chasers even on bbrt. I'd already been through a couple of profiles and chickened out on few meets and was finding it difficult to find verbal gift givers, most guys were undetectable and looking for the same. It was a Friday night and work had been a bitch that week. I picked up some weed and beers and settled in for a night of cruising for raw cock. I don't know what clicked in my mind that night, whether it was my looming 30th birthday, the shitty week in work or the disappointing sex of late but I knew that night I would finally let my neg hole be flooded with a toxic load. I was getting a nice buzz from the weed and beer and had some filthy porn on in the back round. It was the kind where the guys were all obviously poz and even implied in some scenes that Toxic tops were pozzing neg bottoms without outright saying it, it gave me an idea to take a different approach online. Logging onto BBRT, I edited my profile, taking out any overt references to being a bug chaser and changing my status to "ask me" instead of "don't know, don't care." If tops could stealth then I could be a stealth bottom and steal the strain I craved. Before I saw what I wanted. His profile described a hung top in his 50s, status "poz" not "undetectable" which really got my attention, and seemed to be close by. Perfect! I messaged him and unlocked all my pics. He got back to me straight away, turns out he was a stoner and was at home high and horny too. We got though all the online pleasantries quickly, he could host and was only a short walk from my place, we were sexually compatible and both up for meeting now. Neither of us asked or disclosed our status in the messages. I supposed he assumed I was poz and, like many others on the site, was being discreet. I asked him to unlock his pics, it was a formality on my part I knew I was ready to give up my hole to him from our brief exchange but it would be nice to get a look first. The notification came through and I nearly came there and then. I was greeted by pics of an obviously wasted body and what once would have been a handsome face but was now sunken and had lined cheeks, mouth and eyes that gave him the appearance of cheeky chappy who would rough me up. Hanging between his skin and bone legs was a veiny flaccid monster, there was more meat on his poz cock than any of his other limbs. He didn't have any fully erect pics but I didn't need to see any more. We swapped numbers, he texted his address and we arranged to meet. I hit the shower and while douching had precum dripping from the semi I had since seeing his pics. It was always at this point before where I would text with some lame excuse to cancel and go have a wank thinking about what could have been. This night was different, although my heart was pounding out of my chest it was with pure excitement not anxiety. My cock was hard the whole 15 minute walk to his place, my hole was twitching with anticipation and instead of any conflicted thoughts I was filled with a focused, frenzied desire to take this strangers poz, hopefully unmedicated cum in my neg cunt. I arrived at the address and text to let him know I was outside, minutes later he was opening the door and leading me to his "flat" at the top of the house. It was more of a efficiency, containing little more than a couch facing a TV, a small bed in the corner, and a kitchen alcove, and what at first glance appeared to be a closet was actually an en suite bathroom. As soon as we were in the door we embraced and kissed. He was somewhat shorter than my height, but the kiss we shared ignited something it both of us and we could both tell we were in for a good night. His frail, small body felt so warm in my arms and instantly put me at ease. We moved to the couch were a joint was waiting, from the first kiss we were never not touching one another, a hand on a knee, a stolen kiss, caressing our hard-ons through our jeans. We were obviously from different worlds but had an instant connection. We made some easy small talk and finished the joint while watching some porn which would not be needed to get me going. I moved off the couch onto my knees and unleashed his hard cock from his jeans. The virus might have done a number on his body and his face but his cock was pristine, a good nine inches with a slight upwards curve, a wet purple head covered in the softest foreskin. When I took it in my mouth I could feel the veins pumping, filled with the poison I was here to take home with me. I didn't take long for us to get naked and onto his bed, his skinny smooth body felt amazing on top of my muscled frame. We were wild for each other, I hadn't been this hard since I was a teenager. I knew it wouldn't be long before I had his toxic cum pumping deep in my hole. I lay back and began to finger my hole giving him a little show, the look on his face was priceless. He was the cat who got the cream, I imagined he couldn't believe his luck having a hot young guy ready to be fucked raw. How was he to know I was the one in absolute awe of him and the poz gift he was going to unknowingly give me. Soon I was flipped onto all fours with his tongue in my sweaty hole, I was moaning like a bitch in heat. He pulled me back to him and I kissed him from behind tasting my ass in his mouth. While we were making out he lined up that perfect poz cock with my neg boy pussy. I fell back into doggie style as he pushed into my wet hole. I was in heaven, I finally had a toxic cock inside me. I arched my back and backed up fully onto that monster, wordlessly letting him know there was no need to be gentle and he got the message and went to town on my greedy cunt. We bucked and fucked in perfect unison. I had a raging boner which I never normally had when getting fucked before, I was feeling new levels pleasure in my mind, hole and dick I had never felt before. I begged him to "breed my hole" and "give me his load" and he responded likewise. Amazingly in my state of bug chaser ecstasy I managed not to let out the usual poz buzz words and give away he was knocking me up, I doubt he would have cared at that stage but I wasn't taking any chances he would pull out. I began to feel his cock getting even harder in me and those tell tale pulses, he was about to cum. I started to squeeze my now loosened hole around his beautiful poz prick. I turned my head and met his eyes, gave him a cheeky smile and told him to "give it to me." He didn't need telling twice and started to slam into my neg cunt. I almost couldn't believe it - his more-than-likely toxic poz cum was going to flood my guts! Additionally, for the first time fucking had never before felt so right and free. I reached for my for my fully erect cock and with one stroke let loose the hardest longest orgasm I had ever felt, spurts and spurts of useless neg jizz landing on the bed spread. This set off a chain reaction in my cunt, he seemed to have an equal orgasm to mine. I felt spasm after spasm inside me, the precious gift deposited deep in me that I was going to try and hold onto, hopefully to regift if it took. He pulled out and I turned around to clean off his cock, licking his sweaty balls, taking in the smell of him, moving my tongue up his torso to his lips and fell back onto the bed in a euphoric embrace. We lay there in after glow bliss kissing and caressing each other, running our hands up our spines inducing those after cum shivers I love. I felt reborn anew lying there, a new clarity had come over me, gone was the indecisiveness and the shame. I had made fantasy reality and it was more than I could have imagined. There was no going back. I knew now for certain I was meant to convert, it was my destiny to be free, to be a poz cum dump. The whole hook up had seemed to fly by but I checked my phone and a couple of hours had passed by, we were both spent and called it a night, agreeing to do it again soon. I was overjoyed leaving and now I was grinning like the cat who got the poison cream. I left my unwitting gifter with a passionate kiss on the doorstep and practically skipped home with his dirty load inside my ass. Several weeks later I came down with a nasty flu. I had to take a sick day from work it was so bad. Still being a horny bastard and bored at home I logged into bbrt and saw him online. He must have noticed me online as I got a text message from him looking for a hook up. I told him I was sick and decided to bring up the fact that I was neg, I asked if he thought there might be a change he could have pozzed me. He text back that there could be, he had health complications and wasn't always 100% with his meds, hence his "poz" status on bbrt. He seemed to worry then and responded with apologies, I told him not to worry that it was what I wanted I knew what I was doing. He replied by text that he presumed I was poz because "Poz guys are always amazing in bed." Turns out he was right.
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 5) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** Davis was on the floor, trying to avoid the beating. I stood above him, with two of my pals and we were swinging our belts and hit his body in every possible spot. He trashed around, but had no chance to escape the whipping. The scene was filmed by the 4th guy and he switched between close ups of the welts appearing all over Davis’ body and the scenery from afar. So we could enjoy those minutes again and again later on. We showed no mercy. It was like the warming up before the main event. Our cocks stood out proud and hard, just wishing the rape would start right now. Davis was not screaming at the moment. It was more or less just grunting. He clenched his teeth and almost seemed out of this world. And again the lad tried to flee from the pain and the violence. He simply fainted on us. We were so in motion, that we didn’t notice it at first. Out of breath we stopped our attack. “You brought us a nice piece of meat” someone said. “Wake him up” I said coldly. Another bucket of cold water was splashed over his head. He gasped for air and looked around disorientated. “No more…” were his first words. “No more…” he repeated again. “No more… beating” I said. “No more…” I stressed my words and crouched next to him. “Move your body to the bed” I whispered to Davis. “Move your fucking body to the bed and spread your fucking legs so we can start ripping your ass open.” with that I got up again and gave the lad a little nudge with my boots to make him more cooperative. Slowly he crawled to one of the beds, accompanied by our booted feet, showing him the right way. Every muscle in his body was tensed. It was such a great moment, hearing his soft sobbing, realizing he wanted to crawl away from us, but we gave him little kicks, so it would be easier for him to find our love nest. We grinned at each other and jerked our cocks slowly. “Good boy” I teased him Davis looked around scared, when he got onto the bed. “On your back cunt and spread those damn legs” I growled. Davis assumed position, but didn’t look all too happy about it. “Now… Davis… wouldn’t it be nice, if you would repeat the words you used, when you contacted me?” I asked soothingly. “About getting fucked?” he asked timidly. “About everything…” I answered loudly. “Tell us how you wanted to be raped and your cunt busted.” The 18 year old boy shook his head. “You better tell us…” I warned him. “I… I wanted to be raped. I… I wanted my cunt destroyed *sniffs* I needed hard cock….” Davis mumbled. “Exactly and now a little bit louder and say it in a way, that we believe it.” I ordered him to tell us the things a second time. Before that, I told my pals to assemble on the bed, next to our little rape toy and let him stroke our cocks and lick two cockheads, while the 5th fellow would film this great scene. Davis looked around, not knowing how to react. While Davis got a zoom up, jacking us off or lick our dickheads we gave him the opportunity to look straight into the cam and tell us his deepest desires. “I…. *sob* I… want to be raped.” “I am a useless cunt and need to be destroyed” Tears ran down his face while he praised his hole to be torn apart and to be fucked bloodily. “Good cunt…. we will give you, what you were looking for.” and we fist bumped each other, while using insults on the lad. “So let’s get started. You must be delirious already” I laughed cruelly. I went between the guys legs and arranged his legs to be on my shoulder. Davis tried to push me away, but I was a lot stronger than this helpless little twink. “Someone hand me the lube….” I demanded. It was a lot commotion going on now. Davis felt my cock nestling against his tiny hole, already probing to gain entrance. He wasn’t happy about it and tried to push me away. “Lube….” I shouted and tried to get the boy under control. “Erm… nobody brought lube with him apparently.” “We need lube…. oh well, spit and blood will do it also I guess….” I mused. “This will hurt lad, but it will hurt you more, that it will hurt me” I cackled gleefully. “As soon as you bleed, my cock will glide more easily into your twat. Don’t worry….” I added. “Maybe this will help?” someone said. A guy came out of the bathroom, holding a used toothbrush in his hand. He looked at the men… They looked at me… I looked at Davis… “We need to get your hole bloody…” I told him truthfully. Suddenly Davis understood the concept and started wailing…
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    I'm kind of at a loss for words, but I'm feeling so many things now. my ass is still leaking cum and its sore to sit down, so let me start from the beginning this morning on my way into my summer job i pulled up grindr and got a message from a couple looking, 22 and 23. we swapped pics and they were hot as hell, both a year ahead of me at our university, both discreet and in fraternities. not really my type but i was craving dick and they wanted a bottom to use, so obviously we made plans to meet. we met up this afternoon at their place and they were both sweet talkers. they smoked me out a bit (green) and both asked me questions about school and my life and normal stuff. at one point i was so relaxed i was kind of just staring at one of them and all of a sudden the other one pulls me back into him and they both start taking my clothes off. aggressive and hot, I was into it. what happened next is kind of a hot and sweaty blur. somehow we ended up on a bed and i was sucking one dick while my ass was licked by the other. i love to deep throat and they had the perfect size dicks, both about 7 inches and the perfect size to fit my throat. both of them really enjoyed it. at one point fingers started going into me and i told one of them to get the poppers from my shorts pocket on the floor. while i was sucking one dick and getting lube slathered into me, i felt a finger then two go into me, so naturally i clench my sphincter and that drives him wild. i kind of remembered them mentioning condoms before we met but i felt a hot bare dick head on my hole and it got me excited. while i was deep throating one, i felt the other's raw dick head trying to push into me. i stopped and took a hit of poppers and then felt him push it all the way in. the unanticipated raw dick felt so fucking great, and the fact that they didn't even mention condoms once i was there was driving me wild and my dick was rock hard. i blew my load 5 minutes in but stayed hard, something that rarely happens. both took turns pumping their loads into me, mostly on my back while one fucked me and i sucked the other. i came two more times. after the fact we swapped more saliva and i was on my merry way. now its been a couple hours and i still feel their cum dribbling out of me and i just got their phone numbers in a grindr message. very excited for more
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    Every once in a while I get extra-horny and post for anonymous tops on Craigslist with the subject, "No condom, no pulling out." It rarely gets any interest, maybe one guy who might be serious or might not - I find guys are more inclined to fuck bareback if it hasn't been discussed or mentioned as an expectation up front. Somehow amid the clouds and sun of a Saturday afternoon, I got not one but three responses. The first guy who answered informed me that he had a top friend and they were looking for a bottom to use together. Needless to say, I sent my info, he told me when they could arrive, and went in the bathroom to prep myself while they were en route. As I was getting ready, I continued to check email and got the other two responses. I wrote back to each guy with my address, telling them that I had two others coming over, so they should just show up and I'd leave the front door open so they could just walk in. One wrote back "OK" but the other was silent, something I usually take to mean that he's going to flake and not show (I hate when they do that after you give them your address!). After about 20 minutes, the first pair arrived, and they didn't disappoint! I let them in, made sure the front door was unlocked, and led them into the living room where I stripped and got down on all fours on the floor and took some huge hits from my brown bottle. They wasted no time in peeling off their clothes and almost immediately I had a thick 8-inch shaft plunging down my throat. I couldn't breathe, I was gagging and drooling all over the place, but I was in heaven! I didn't know where the other guy was until I felt his hands roaming over my ass, fingering my already-lubed hole, and giving me the occasional smack as his friend fucked my throat. The cock in my throat got noticeably harder before its owner withdrew it and moved behind me. I had only a moment to take another hit of poppers before it was replaced by an even bigger shaft, this one at least 9 inches but not quite as thick. This second guy slid into my mouth and down my willing throat in one smooth motion, continuing where his friend had left off. While he did that, I felt the head of the first guy's cock pushing at my hole, and I pushed back a little in order to accommodate him. His cock was slick with my deep throat juices, and he groaned as he slid in balls-deep and began thrusting. As I was stuffed with cock from both ends, I heard the front door open. In walked not one but both of the other guys I had heard from! Talk about timing, they had pulled into my place at the same time. They quickly stripped, being careful not to mix clothes, shoes and phones with the other guys. On seeing these two newcomers, the guy in my throat stood up, and I knelt upright being careful not to dislodge his friend's thick cock, which continued to pound my hole mercilessly. He did this, I saw, to free up both of my hands so that in no time, I was stroking the two new guys, one with each hand, while the first guys continued their assaults on my throat and ass. I have had trains of more guys over the course of a few hours, but never in my life have I had four cocks using me at the exact same time! The guy in my ass finally grabbed my hips and gave a mighty thrust and held it, planting his seed deep inside me. I was disappointed when he slid out, but his friend pulled out of my throat and took his place behind me. His cock in turn was replaced in my throat by one of the newcomers, both of whom I was happy to see had nice seven-inchers. The one entering my throat was thick and uncut, and drooling precum before it even hit my poppered-up lips. And that's how it went for almost an hour this afternoon as I served each cock in turn with my mouth and then my ass. True to my post, each guy fucked my throat and then my ass with no condom, and all added their loads to my stretched out (and now dripping!) hole. I'm siting here with their brew running out of me, typing this and thinking that maybe I'll post again tonight, and maybe add a BBRT ad to the mix to see what additional trouble I can get into!
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    I finally got to play out one of my fantasies yesterday afternoon. I've always wanted to pick up one of the illegal Latinos who hang out in front of the local nursery, Home Depot and Loews, looking to get hired to undertake work in one's yard or home. As I drove into my local nursery yesterday, the usual group of nearly a dozen Latinos hanging near the entrance to the parking lot. A cute, buff, dark-skinned Mexican guy in his early 20's caught my eye. Not only was he naturally dark skinned, it was obvious the hours he had spent out in the hot Las Vegas sun had given him a very dark tan. Apparently he realized I was checking him out, as he motioned to me and smiled as I drove past him en route to the parking lot. Still I drove past him, parked and went into the nursery where I selected a Mediterranean Fan Palm that I wanted to plant in my yard. It was in a large 10 gallon container. Two nursery workers lifted it into my SUV, but I realized once I arrived home I wouldn't be able to lift it out, let alone maneuver it to the location where I wanted to plant it. In addition, it occurred to me the record breaking heat here in the desert was so severe that I really wasn't looking forward to digging a hole and planting the bugger, so, just as I drove out of the parking lot, I stopped at the curb in front the guy who had flashed me a smile, and, rolling down my passenger side window I hollered "Hey! You looking for work?" He walked over to my car and stuck his head in my window asking "Si. What you need me to do?" "I need help planting this palm. Can you do that?" "Si." "Would you do it for $40?" "For $50 I will have my cousin, Eduardo help me. We will get it done quick for you. I'm Jessie. My cousin and I work good for you." He motioned for his cousin to come over to my car. Eduardo looked to be close to the same age, a little taller, perhaps 5'9", 150 pounds. He, like his cousin, was wearing a long sleeved shirt over a black wife beater tee-shirt, jeans and heavy boots. With a floppy flannel cowboy hat on to protect from the brutal Vegas sun. Eduardo didn't say anything, but flashed me a handsome smile as he peered into my car window. "Deal. Hop in," I said. Both guys jumped into my back seat and we took off for my home a few miles away. I was a bit nervous, having two strangers climb into my car. But, it was also exciting. I was entering the 'unknown'. We reached my home in about 15 minutes. I let them both out on my driveway, then I pulled all the way into my shaded garage and unlocked the back of my SUV. I jumped out and pulled open the back of the car and they both pulled the palm out of the car. "Where you want it?" Jessie asked. I walked over to the area I wanted the palm planted and pushed some of the landscape rock away to mark the spot. Jessie and Eduardo lifted the palm and brought it to where I wanted it planted. "I'll show you where my shovels and other garden tools are in my garage. Follow me." Leading the two guys into my garage, I pulled out two shovels, showed them where my potting soil and palm food was, explaining I wanted mixed with the dirt that they dug up when planting. I pulled the hose out for them and then told them I'd be in the house if they needed me. DAMN! The temp was 113 degrees. I felt bad for them out there in that heat. But I made a big jug of ice water. Took that and some cups out to them. By now, both had taken off their long sleeve shirts and were in their wife beater tee shirts. These cousins looked more like brothers. Similar in size, build and muscles. Eduardo was definitely the taller of the two, perhaps by two inches, but other than that, they could almost be twins. They even dressed alike. It took about 35 minutes for them to dig the hole and plant the tree. I'd looked out my front window a few times to check on their progress and to check out their hot bodies. Once they were done I could hear them putting the shovels and other planting tools back where I got them in my garage. Then Jessie knocked on my door from the garage. "We're done, Senor. You want to look?" he asked. I followed them back to the palm. They had done a great job and had put all the ground cover rock back around the tree. "Nice job, guys. Thanks. Would you like a beer?" I asked as I opened my door from the garage and invited them in. "Gracias, but we're really dirty, Senor. We shouldn't come in," Jessie replied. "Nonsense. Take off your boots. You'll be fine. Come in." I held the door open and both guys hesitantly came into my cool home. "Gracias, Senor. It feel nice and cool in here." I motioned for them to take a seat at my table as I pulled a couple of beers from the fridge. I handed them the cold beers and they downed them instantly. The heat had gotten to them. Who knows how many hours they had been standing out in front of the store before they came to work for me. Reaching back into the fridge I grabbed two more beers which I gave to Eduardo and Jessie. They gladly accepted the offer. Then I pulled out a bottle of Patron from my pantry and poured each of us a shot of Patron. "Oh, no, Senor. I have to work," Eduardo laughed. Up until now, Jessie had been the only one to talk. "Nonsense. Drink up," I replied as I downed the Patron. Both guys did the same and we downed the second beers a bit more slowly. "Thank you so much, guys. I appreciate your help. Good job. Would you both like to rinse off in my shower before I take you back? You'll feel so much better to get that dirt off you and cool down in a cool shower," I suggested. "Oh, no, Senor. We're good," Jessie protested. "No. Really. Take a quick rinse in the shower. You'll feel more like going back to work in that hot sun." I urged. Both guys looked at each other, puzzled at least at first, but then Eduardo looked up at me, smiled, saying "Gracias, Senor. I like that." I got up and told them to follow me to the master bedroom. I have a large master with a big king sized bed. And an overstuffed leather love seat and ottoman in front of the large screen TV at the opposite side of the room. I walked into the master bathroom and pulled out a couple of bath towels and washcloths from the cabinet. And put them on the edge of the tub, next to the shower. Then I came back into the bedroom and told them to go ahead and shower. Eduardo wasn't shy. He quickly stripped his clothes off. He was sporting a nice uncut dick of about six inches, sporting an ample foreskin which was draped over his cock head. Stepping into my shower he turned on the water as I took a seat on the loveseat, which gave me a direct view of the bathroom mirror in which I could see Eduardo soaping up his beautiful, brown, naked body. "Have a seat, Jessie," I said as I patted the cushion next to me on the loveseat. "I'm too dirty to sit on your couch," Jessie protested. "Well, take your clothes off, then. You're going to need to to shower, anyway," I suggested, flashing him a friendly smile. Jessie began to undress. He seemed very nervous and awkward, but he stripped to his boxers and came over to sit next to me on the sofa. His body was also nicely toned from all his hard labor. I flipped on the TV in front of us, immediately punching in the channel number for one of the straight softcore porn channel which I could get on cable tv. A beautiful, blonde, busty woman was on the screen sucking off a black guy. "Oh, shit!", I laughed. "Got the fuck channel on here. Want me to change the channel? Or do you want to watch?'' I asked him with a smile on my face. "It okay," Jessie replied, his eyes glued to the TV. Eduardo, meanwhile, finished showering and stepped out of the shower to towel off. Standing in the doorway to the bathroom he could clearly see the TV screen, and his eyes were also glued to the TV, even as he toweled himself dry. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him wrap the towel around his waist as he stepped back into the bedroom to retrieve his clothing. A very visible rise under his towel was very evident: he was getting a hard on. I turned and patted Jessie's thigh suggesting "Your turn for the shower," as I viewed the bulge which, like his cousin's, was quite evident. He stood and pulled his boxers down as a nearly full on erection bounced up in front of him. He quickly went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. Eduardo took his towel off and continued to dry off with the towel. His cock now standing straight out in front of him. He blushed a bit as he saw me staring at his cock. I stood and walked over to Eduardo. He stopped toweling off and stood there naked and hard in front of me. I reached over and took his hard cock into my hand. He didn't move. Nor move to push me away. So, I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his foreskin. His cock tasted sweet and clean from the shower. I pushed him back so that he then sat on the edge of the bed and again began to suck on his cock. He was fully hard and my lips pushed his foreskin back from his cockhead. I sucked on his cock, taking it to the back of my throat. Then I lifted his legs and sucked his balls. He moaned. Then I licked down to his asshole and licked it. He moaned louder. Just then, I heard the shower turn off. Jessie stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. He could see back into the bedroom and saw his cousin, still naked, laying on his back, his legs to his chest, with my face buried in his cousin's ass. Jessie said something to his cousin in Spanish. His cousin answered back in Spanish. They conversed for a moment, then Jessie walked over to us. His cock also growing to full hardness. I motioned for Jessie to sit next to his cousin on the bed. I then took turns sucking on each man's cock and balls. Finally I stood up. "Eduardo. Get on my bed and kneel on it. I wanna eat your ass." Eduardo got onto the bed and knelt on it. His ass to my face. I knelt on the edge of the bed and put my face to Eduardo's ass and began to eat his hole. I then spit on my fingers and smeared my asshole with the spit. I did that several times. Then went back to eating Eduardo's brown, puckered hole. I felt Jessie feeling my ass and fingering my hole. Then I heard and felt him spit on my hole. Before putting his cock up to it and push in. He quickly plopped into my hole and began to fuck. I ate Eduardo for several minutes. Then he turned and laid back on the bed as I sucked his cock. Jessie fucked me hard and deep for about 10 minutes, before he groaned and slammed deep into me, filling my ass with his load. Like a well rehearsed team, as soon as Jessie pulled his cock from me, Eduardo climbed off the bed and rammed his cock into my hole, requiring only about five of pounding before he deposited a his load, my second of the day, into my hole. As soon as Eduardo came in me, he pulled out and quickly began to dress. Jessie was already dressed. When we were all presentable, we silently walked to the door leading to my garage where they pulled on their work boots as I locked-up the house. Then we all climbed into the car and I drove them back to the nursery where I had picked them up. As we got there, I pulled the cash from my pocket. We had agreed on $50 for both. But I handed each of them $50 saying "Gracias." "Gracias, Senor," Jessie said. "We be here if you need more work," Eduardo said, a smile on his face. "We work for you again." "Gladly", I replied, as I pulled away and they walked back to their group of buddies. I wonder if they would tell the other guys what had happened. I got my tree planted and my ass filled with two Latino loads. Quite a productive afternoon.
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    Chapter II. We said good-bye to Will, both of us ogling his crotch. We got ready for bed, brushing our teeth in the bathroom off the kitchen. My boy remembered to take one of his last Truvada pills, and got the bottle out of the medicine cabinet. We had put our remaining pills together in a bottle with his name on them. He raised his eyebrows, clearing thinking about taking Will’s mammoth cock. That night, my boy and I had great sex, the best sex we’d had in a while. My boy lay down, face buried in the pillow, and whimpered as I ate his hole. "Stretch me out," he murmured as I worked four fingers into his hole. I knew he was fantasizing about taking a dick way bigger than mine. I pounded the fuck out of him, as he moaned, bouncing up and down on my raw cock, and slipped in two fingers. When I pulled out to re-position his ass, his hole just stayed open and quivered. I bred him deep, and he kept riding me until he shot a big load all over my chest. Even though we were both nearly off PrEP, it was still safe, since it was just us two, right? I worked my hand into his cummy ass past my knuckles. I scooped his fresh seed up and worked it into his ass, savoring his wet and stretched-out hole. As I toyed with his ass he asked "Do you think I should go visit Will tomorrow to borrow those tools?" I chuckled, knowing he was going to Will’s house so Will could seduce my boy, and I was going to let it happen. The next day, my boy was sprouting morning wood. I rolled over and let his precum drip into my ass. It got so wet, he rubbed back and forth until his head popped in. After a few minutes, he had my ass lubed with just precum, no lube, no spit. As he slid into my hole, holding me still, he slid one of his hands into his own ass, pleasuring himself until he shot a big load deep into me. He pulled out, winked, and pulled on some clothes. He grabbed a pair of old nearly threadbare gym shorts. They’d be fine for gardening or a slutty go-go scene. He added an old t-shirt with the sleeves and sides cut out, stained with paint, telling me he was off to Will’s and he’d see me in a bit. I could see his cock was still a little hard from our morning breeding session, and there was a dollop of precum darkening a spot on his shorts. I smiled as I fingered my own cummy hole. I got out of bed and pulled on some work clothes, relishing the squelch of fresh cum seeping deeper into my guts. I made some coffee, and put together a to-do list for the day. It was mostly boring stuff like cleaning out the gutters and taking the shutters down so they could be stripped and repainted. I enjoyed a cup or two of coffee and noticed the time. Nearly an hour had passed since my boy had gone over to Will’s. I knew he was up to something. I smiled to myself, sort of surprised that my boy was still up to his slutty ways; even out here in the country, he’d managed to find the biggest cock around and was determined to take it. With a dick as big as Will’s was soft, he’d need more than my cock and a few fingers to get him ready for it, especially after being out of practice for a few weeks… I got to Will’s and knocked on the front door. I put my ear to the glass and wasn’t surprised to hear moaning. Someone was getting fucked! I let myself in and followed the sound upstairs. What surprised me wasn’t seeing Will’s plump ass jackhammering into a willing hole, it was that my boy was on his knees fisting his cock while Will was fucking someone else. My boy looked mesmerized, with his eyes glued to Will’s dick as it pumped in and out of the stranger’s ass. Seeing me, Will gave me a goofy smile as he waved me over, as if nothing was out of the ordinary, remarking "Welcome to the party! Take off your clothes and join in!" I followed directions and moved to the other side of the bed. My boy saw me and sheepishly grinned at me, but that didn’t stop him from fisting his cock with one had and playing with his hole with the other. Will put his arms out, one on my boy’s shoulder, and one on mine. The guy he was fucking didn’t even look up. "This is my buddy Jimmy. Jimmy likes big cocks. If he can’t find one big enough, he’ll take two." Will pulled out of Jimmy’s ass and spit into it, not on it, but into the gaping quivering red hole. My eyes went from that opened hole to Will’s epic dick. I’d only seen it soft before. Hanging there, too heavy to stand out straight, was the biggest dick I’d ever seen, slick with precum and spit. It nearly touched the mattress it hung down so far. And Jimmy had taken him balls deep. And raw. Will winked at me and turned to my boy asking "You two want a go?" My boy nodded anxiously. Will scooped Jimmy onto his knees and caught him against his sweaty furry chest. I recognized Jimmy. He was the guy who delivered the newspaper. A totally adorable skinny twink with floppy brown bangs, maybe mid-20s, probably home from college for the summer. He went around on a bike every morning, chucking the local paper from his bike. He was a cute kid, and clearly an experienced bottom if he could take Will’s big thick cock. Will motioned for my boy and I to climb onto the bed, on our backs, with our asses together, and dicks both pointed upwards. Will jerked us both off for a second, spit onto his paw, and raised Jimmy up so his ruined ass was right above our bare cocks. I grimaced as his ass lowered down capturing our cocks and pressing them together. I though that we should both be wearing condoms and cast a glance over to the bedside table thinking maybe there would be a pile of them. "What ’cha looking for?" Will asked. "We don’t play with rubbers in this house. That okay with you boys? You’re safe, right?" My boy and I nodded, with Jimmy lowering down and moaning the whole time. He didn’t stop until he’d bottomed out, instead riding our cocks which were pressed together and sliding back and forth in his velvety hole. The entire time he didn't say a single word, he just moaned in pleasure and (maybe) a bit of pain. Will jerked his massive tool as Jimmy rode our dicks. My boy muttered filthy things to him the whole time. "Yeah! You like taking those raw dicks, don’t you!?" and "Slut" and "This whore is so ruined, his hole can take us both!" Jimmy just grunted and moaned approval. As Jimmy rose and lowered himself, white globs dripped out of him. Will leaned down, smiled, and started licking them off of our cocks and balls. "Delicious," he whispered as he slurped, his hot breath on our balls. It dawned on me that Jimmy was leaking fresh cum. That got me so hot. He’d already taken a load. Will pulled back from slurping the churned seed out of Jimmy’s ass. He lurched for a bottle of poppers, took a big hit, and held it to Jimmy’s nose. He grunted approval and huffed as deeply as I’ve ever seen. Will lowered his mouth to Jimmy’s cock. Without touching his dick, Jimmy squirted volley after volley of cum into Will’s greedy mouth. I shot my load into Jimmy’s ass. My boy could sense the fresh wetness and shot too. Jimmy collapsed backwards onto the pillows, our dicks easing out of him followed by a stream of fresh cum. Will eagerly lapped it up until his face was dripping with seed. He patted me and my boy on our legs and started laughing. Will grunted "Looks like we’ve got some fresh pigs to share with the neighborhood, right Jimmy?" Jimmy moaned, his eyes still closed, his ruined hole still dripping cum. In fact, Jimmy was so exhausted he passed out entirely, and Will tossed me a towel to mop up suggesting "Let him sleep, huh? You guys should have seen him this morning!" I nodded and we grabbed our clothes and followed him back downstairs. Will remained naked, so we followed his example. Turning to us, Will explained "I met Jimmy a few years back, and have been breeding him while he's on summer vacation. I had to train his hole that first summer, and every year he’s got a rough few weeks when he comes home." Grabbing his big dick, which was still swinging and somewhat hard, he added "He can't find dick like this at school. Fortunately for Jimmy, the neighborhood guys will help stretch him out for me." Then he quietly whispered "Sometimes his Pa helps, but keep it quiet. Jimmy doesn’t know. His Pa only fucks him when Jimmy’s wearing his blindfold." With that Will extended his paw and groped my boy’s ass. "They can help stretch you out too, ya know… the neighborhood pigs, and Jimmy’s Pa." My boy grinned from ear to ear as Will went on "Now, in the meantime, let’s get you those tools." We followed him into the backyard, and into the garage. It was a normal tool shed with a few surprises. Next to the screwdrivers and cups of bolts, there was a pegboard full of sex toys. There were butt plugs, dildos, a whip, some handcuffs, and much more. There was a tool bench, and a fuck bench, upholstered in black leather. Will went on as if we weren’t naked and hadn’t just raw-fucked the paperboy, saying "You’ll need some big pruning shears to take care of that underbrush, and maybe my palm sander for that porch molding. And to take my cock, you’ll need these...." Will walked over to the sex dungeon part of his garage and took down a massive butt plug and a squirt bottle of lube. The butt plug had a hole in the middle. My boy and I stared at it, not sure what to do with it. We’d also just cum deep in Jimmy’s ass, but we were hardening up again. "That there is a pig hole. You guys seem like pigs, so enjoy it!" Will laughed at his little joke, as did we also. Then his face got serious, as he grunted "No. Now. Enjoy it. Your pig training starts NOW." Will grabbed my boy by the back of the neck and laid him down on the fuck bench on his belly, with his chin over the edge. He lined up his big cock with my boy’s mouth and stuck it in as far as it would go, which admittedly, wasn’t far. Will’s massive head had my boy’s jaw opened as wide as it would go, and he was already gagging. Will smiled. He was enjoying himself. He turned to me instructing me "You, there. Start on his hole." I climbed up on top of the bench and pulled my boy’s cheeks apart, tonguing his hole, burying my face between his cheeks. Will leaned forward and held my head down, allowing me up to gasp for breath every half minute or so. Each time I gulped air Will chuckled, as he forced my head down into my boy’s hole, his huge cock lodged into my boy’s mouth. He had us both gulping for air. When Will had had enough, he pulled out of my boy’s mouth and released my head. "Now, about that pig hole. Put this in your boy. Help him get used to my big dick. It’s gonna ruin his hole. Your’s too, if you’re lucky." With that he handed me the hollow butt plug. Even with a hole in the middle, it was thicker than my dick, which was throbbing hard already and oozing a steady stream of precum. Will squirted a big dollop of thick creamy lube into my hand, so I lubed up the plug, and smeared some lube on my boy’s ass. Will leaned over and spread my boy’s cheeks as wide as they’ve ever been spread urging "Now, put it in him, but remember to take it slow." I eased the plug into my boy and he released a guttural groan. I pushed it in more and he winced, tightening every muscle in his naked and sweaty body. "Pacing," Will commented sternly as he swatted my hand away. He climbed up on top of the table, straddling my boy's legs with his knees and cooed, "Yeah, pig boy. You can take this. You know you want this. You know you need this. You need to get fucked by some big daddy dick." Sliding the plug up and down over my boy’s ass, and my boy relaxed when Will inserted the plug slowly, but surely, gazing into my eyes all the while, as if he owned that hole. Will shook his giant dick and globs of precum drizzled down. Without looking, he had aimed his precum perfectly to drip into the open hole inside the plug and deep into my boy’s ass. He backed up and ushered me onto the table again, with my ass pressed up against his hard cock, urging "Fuck him." I realized that I’d need more lube to get my cock into the pig hole, and I reached back and swiped some precum off of Will’s dick, smearing it onto my own. He wrapped a paw around my chest and grunted approval. "I knew I liked my new neighbors." I eased my hard dick into the pig hole and leaned forward. My boy moaned and whimpered, his hole stretched more than it had ever been. Will hopped off of the table and aimed his dick at my boy’s mouth. This time, my boy dropped his jaw and readily accepted about four inches of that huge tool. I pumped my hips as long as I could hold out, knowing that the scene was so hot I wouldn’t last long. I fucked my load into my boy’s pig-hole-stretched ass with a moan. Will smiled at me and mounted the table, facing me. He leaned forward and gently kissed me. I was shocked by his gentleness after such rough play and closed my eyes. He grabbed my dick, pulled it out of the hole, and slowly jerked me off. I melted into him, sharing my boy’s ass with this near stranger and stuffing him full of butt plug. When I opened my eyes, I looked down and saw Will coaxing an unbelievable stream of creamy white cum out of his cock and into the open pig hole, dripping right into my boy’s ass. My mouth was wide open, and I gasped for air. "Well done," he smirked, adding "He’s ready for my cum. Soon enough he’ll be ready to take it from the source. Good thing he’s on those pills in your medicine cabinet. I hope they work." He smacked my boy’s ass cheeks and walked out of the garage. My boy turned over onto his back, knees up and ass exposed, still stuffed with the plug. He wanked out a huge load all over the fuck bench. I licked it up and tongued it into his open hole. He tried to pull the plug out, but it wouldn’t budge. We saw Will laughing from the open doorway. "Yeah. You’re still tight. Wear it home under those slutty shorts. It’ll work it’s way out on it’s own sometime today." We got ourselves together, sticky with sweat and cum, and got dressed. I gathered the tools we’d come there to borrow. My boy walked painfully a few steps ahead of me. I saw a dark wet spot form and grow as the cum leaked out of his pig hole-stuffed ass. It dawned on me then that Will had mentioned our blue pills in the medicine cabinet. Did Will just tell us he was POZ? To be continued…
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    No Risk… No Fun… (Part 3) We watched Davis’ face, as he pissed himself out of fear and distress. I kept on choking him and enjoyed the way his body reacted. He tried to free himself, but then the guy kneeling in front of him simply punched at his crotch area, while he was still letting go of his bladder. We cheered as Davis howled helplessly. I bumped my cock against his pissed white jeans. Again and again he felt my hard flesh demanding entrance to his fuck hole. The guy behind the camera loved the sheer brutality and grinned demonically. You could see his eyes being slits only and a pearl of white teeth flashed behind his mask. You could just imagine his whole face being a diabolic grimace. Maybe I pushed a bit too hard on his windpipe, or maybe it was the situation overall, but all of a sudden Davis lost his consciousness. He stopped struggeling but kept on pissing into his pants. We laughed loudly and continued filming the scene. As soon as he stopped wetting himself the guy kneeling in front of him told his buddies to lift each of the victims legs up and spread them real wide. He wanted to punch the guys balls a few times, while he was still dressed in his white jeans. Davis probably felt the pain, because he was moaning while his balls got additional treatment. Soon he got too heavy for us and so we dropped the body unceremoniously. I knelt over the boy and slapped him into his face a few times. He was breathing normally, but was just hiding inside – I guess. We knew how we could help him, getting out of his shell and so we took a bucket of cold water and splashed it on the useless trash. *Zooooosh* and there he was – back again. Looking up he saw us standing next to him. We were surrounding his young body with our cocks dangling from above. Protrouding out of our jeans – showing we were ready to rip his slut ass apart. He started sobbing again immediately and we let him cry and beg us to stop. “Hush…. hush…. it’s okay to cry. Cry for us…. yeah Baby…. I know….. yeah….” We were all stroking our cocks slowly to the melody of his weeping. “We should concentrate on his slit. He is only a decent sucker. Let’s gag him, before we shred his ass to pieces” I suggested to my fellow gang rapists. “So one after another gets to charge him up?” one of my mates asked me. “That’s the way it works. Let’s fuck this kid up so bad. Let’s pump our strains into him…” I hollered. The guys cheered and high-fived each others. Davis had no idea, what we were talking about, but he was not interested in a rape anymore. He was so afraid, that all five cocks would actually hardcore fuck him. He begged us to let him go, but this went unheard. Instead I told him to undress himself. “Strip naked bitch” I hissed. And to stress my seriousness, I kicked him hard into his ribs. “Aeeeooooow” he screamed. “Silence I said…. you can cry all you want, but don’t scream out again, or you will regret it” I told him calmly. “Now strip for us!” Two of us hauled the twink in front of two couches and while the table was moved aside we started some slow music, so Davis could actually be a little more artistic for us - while undressing himself. While four of us enjoyed sitting down and watching Davis strip, I stood nearby with my arms crossed and made sure the pup wouldn’t try to reach the door in a favorable moment. “Move your ass while you strip - you lazy bitch!” I shouted. Jamelia’s song ‘Stop’ played on the radio and gave this atmosphere something special. Davis removed his t-shirt slowly and held it in front of his body. I ripped it away from him and told him to play with his nipples. “Twist your nipples you slut” I said coldly. “Move your body around and dance while you twist your nipples” another cheered. A third one said he wanted to see Davis lick his lips slowly while watching them. He started to dance, he licked his lips, but he didn’t dare to play with his tits. “If you don’t start twisting you nipples now, I will rip them off your chest” I told him sadistically. That was all the help he needed. Sometimes I can be quite convincing. Maybe he thought, licking his lips would rescue him. But we wanted…. More….
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    I was having some drinks at my local gay bar and went into Grindr where a hot furry muscled guy contacted me, mentioning a nearby sleazy bar with which I somehow wasn't familiar, especially as the sleazy bar was equipped with dark rooms. After a few rounds of trading pics and words, I met up with him and a few other of his lads and wasted no time in seeking out the basement of the sleazy bar. There wasn't, however, much action in the basement, just a handful of middle aged guys waiting for some action to start. Not one to waste time, I knelt down. Immediately my furry muscle guy pulled out his juicy package. He was already leaking precum. I hastily stuffed it into my mouth and start enjoying his dick. His Friend start to lube my arse from behind and he slid into my hole, vigorously fucking me as I worked on his buddy's dick, much to the approval of the audience at the bar. Apparently the guy in my ass was pleased by my hole, as before long he tensed-up, and blew a load deep into my hole. He wasn't one to linger, however, as no sooner had the last load of cum oozed out of his cock when he withdrew and gestured for my hook-up to take over, frankly treating me as if I was a worthless piece of meat. Using his friend's cum as lube, my furry muscle guy slid into my arse bareback, giving me an impressive fuck session. A guy watching our show called out "Yeah, fuck him raw, give him your spunk!" Another observer thoughtfully passed me his bottle of poppers, of which I was happy to make use, particularly when another observer held the bottle as I closed one, then the other nostril to facilitate inhaling the fumes. "Good boy," he remarked as the flush turned my body and face red with lust. After several minutes the top in my arse actually picked me up and directed me into a nearby sling where, once I was situated, he unceremoniously resumed pumping my arse. I was in ecstasy, completely satisfied by how the evening had progressed, when my hook up suddenly grunted "Hope this will bump up your viral load!" With that he froze as his cock fired multiple volleys of cum deep into my hole, the final shot of which seemed to blow even deeper than the preceding shots. When I registered the meaning of his remark, I slid off the guy's cock, turned to him and asked "What are you talking about? I don't have a viral load!" Leaning over, he kissed my forehead answering "Don't worry honey. You'll have a nice viral load real soon." I heard some laughter from the audience. His remark had apparently been overheard. In shame I zipped up my pants, feeling like a shameful, used slut, and left the sleazy bar with two loads in my arse: one anonymous and unknown, and one definitely a poz load.
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    It was two years ago this month. I saw GoodExercise (he is on here, but I did not know about that) on Grindr. I was in Chicago for the weekend, but we couldn't meet then. We talked more on Grindr and GE agreed to drive to Urbana on a weekend. I had just turned legal, and GE made me show him my real and fake IDs (smart to ask for both). I wasn't chasing, but I never used condoms. GE had me on my back in his hotel room, and was fucking me real good (big dick but knows how to use it). GE put his forearm across my throat and told me to beg for his Poz load. When he let up, I was so light headed. I suppose that I could have said No, or could have thrown him off me. But I went for it. He made me repeat it louder, too. Then I got the load that gave me the Gift. Not too long after, my BF at the time (now former BF), had the fuck flu at the same time. My former BF was all concerned that he gave it to me, but I know I got it from GE almost 100 percent certain. Meanwhile, I learned from that that my former BF was cheating on me doing risky sex without warning or protecting me. Even though I was doing the same thing, it made me angry at him and made me feel even less concerned about others when it comes to whatever happens as a result of sex, but I wasn't all that concerned to begin with. This must be the "right" forum because it involves me stealthing my former BF.
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    I posted on Craigslist the other day that I wanted to suck, rim and bottom for straight dudes. I got hit on a lot, most of which turned out to be obvious gay guys posing as straight. Now, I have nothing against other gay guys, but I get a real thrill by servicing horny straight dudes. After all, that what what my advertisement said I was looking for. After wading through all the Craigslist Flakes, I decided on a guy that said he was in the Air Force and was living just off base at an apartment one block from the main gate at Nellis AF Base in North Las Vegas. His pics were really hot, so I was willing to drive totally across the valley to the AF Base to service this hot soldier. I got to his apt. right on time. He met me in the lobby and I took the elevator up to his floor. It was a spartan studio apartment, but was as clean and tidy as you'd expect a military guy's room. We began to undress and he asked me, "Do you want a quick suck and go? Or do you want to go for awhile? If you want to go for awhile, I've got a shot I can put in my dick that will keep me hard for an hour or two. I can easily cum two or three times if I use it. How much time you got?" "A shot in your dick?" I asked. I'd never heard of that. "Yeah. It's for ED. I don't have ED, but, I love to fuck and fuck for hours so I asked my doctor to give me a prescription. I get four shots a month. I don't want to waste it if you're a quick suck and go, but if you want to suck and fuck for an hour or so, I'll take the shot. It just takes a few minutes to work. Plus, sometimes when I'm fucking a guy, it feels good, but I can't always keep an erection for a long time with a guy. But, with this shot, I have no problem. My dick won't go down even after I cum. Should I take it?" he asked. He was a really good looking young man in his late 20's. Kind of on the short side, but muscular. Had a "rough around the edges" good looks to him. And his soft dick even looked impressive. So, I was game to go for awhile with him. "Sure. Go ahead. Let's fuck and play for awhile," I replied. He went into the bathroom and injected this stuff into his cock. He came out after a few minutes, his semi-hard cock leading the way. Taking a seat facing me, he began to stroke himself a bit. His cock continued to grow and lengthen. So I grabbed my poppers, took a deep hit, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his military cock. It continued to grow and swell in my mouth. Then he stood up and completely undressed, his naked body on full view - except for the white socks he was wearing. I leaned forward and resumed sucking his straight cock, fully engaged with his cock for the next five or six minutes. Then I asked "You wanna fuck me?" "In a minute", he said. "I want to cum in your mouth first. I'll fuck you for the second load," he replied as he again took his seat. I continued to suck his now rock hard cock, and at one point moved to to lick his asshole, but he stopped me saying he'd never had that done and wasn't sure he wanted that., be clearly loved the attention I was giving his cock and smooth, hairless balls. After about six minutes of sucking he shot his first load into my mouth. Kind of bitter tasting, and that taste could have been from the ED meds he had injected into his cock., but still I swallowed his load. Afterwards I took a seat to catch my breath. As I did so, he continued to stroke his still hard cock. "Show me that ass, fag. Show me where my dick is gonna go in your faggoty ass," he ordered. I stripped naked, and knelt on the edge of his small double bed. I'd brought some lube and lubed up my hole for him, then handed the lube up to him to use. As I looked back to hand him the lube, I could see him opening a condom package. "You can fuck me bare, if you want," I told him. "Nah. I use condoms on you fags. Not taking any chances. I'm sure you're a whore like most fags are," he grumbled. I hate condoms, but I wanted his cock in me, so I said nothing. Soon he had rammed up into me in one swift thrust. He grabbed me around the waist and was pumping into me with great force. He was a completely silent top, the only sound was the sound of his pelvis slapping against my ass as he pounded into me. And the occasional grunt that I would let out when he slammed into me extra hard. No wonder this guy was in such good shape and had such a rock hard, washboard stomach. He could really fuck. He didn't seem to tire as he continually rammed up into me. He was using a lot of force and was a brutal fucker. But, I was loving it. It felt great to have this straight soldier using my faggot ass for his pleasure. I kept sniffing my poppers as he assaulted my hole with his dick. After close to 15 minutes of fucking, he pulled out and exclaimed "Shit! The condom broke." He walked away and opened a drawer. "Shit!" he again said, adding "I thought I had more condoms. You got any?" he asked. "No. I didn't bring any," I replied. He shut the drawer and walked back behind me. "Fuck it!" I can't stop now. I got to shoot another load or two. You're clean, right?" he asked. "Yeah," was all I said. He immediately slammed his now raw cock back into me. Fuck! That was what I wanted. I definitely preferred the feel of a raw cock in my ass. I had come to hate the feel of a condom, whereas his raw cock felt awesome. So I was not unhappy when his rock hard cock again began an assault on my ass. This guy could really fuck. It required another 15 or 20 minutes of intense pounding before he finally let out a soft groan as his cock filled my ass with his load. My ass milked as much of his straight sperm into me as I could get. He pulled out and plopped back down onto his chair, sweating up a storm as his chest heaved with excitement. I loved the fuck. And also loved that he had blown his load into me, but still I was glad it was over. My inner thighs couldn't take much more of being in that position. We both sat there for a few moments breathing hard. Finally he got up, walked to the fridge and pulled out two small bottles of water. He handed me one and we both drank them down quickly. As he sat back down, across from me, I could see that his cock was still rock hard. After I caught my breath and had had some more sips of the cold water, I again dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. Sucking it and tasting his cum and my ass on his cock. I sucked him for about five minutes, then he stood up and began to stroke his cock fast and furiously. As I saw his face contort, I could tell he was close to cumming. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Even having cum twice before, he shot a huge load on me. Some went in my mouth. But more went in my eyes, in my hair and all over my goatee. I loved the feel of his hot cum spraying all over my face. I had a handkerchief in my pocket and pulled it out to wipe his cum from my eyes. My face felt sticky. And I loved it. I wiped what cum I could from my face and tasted it. Still bitter tasting, but still I loved tasting his straight sperm. I got up and dressed, thanked him for his loads and headed back home. This morning I woke up to a text from him, asking when I would again be free. He also said I could be his cum receptacle whenever I was up his way. I intend to accommodate his schedule as much as I'm able.
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    I am a sub masc asian bottom, handsome, 29 years old and 145 pounds and fit with a great ass and hole. The combination of my cocktail, as usual, had turned me into the biggest submissive cock slut bottom so I was looking to get bred. For the longest time most people were not very responsive, but this one Mexican top guy who was around my age and tall with a nice thick cock kept open the line of communication but was unfortunately really looking for a 3 person group (2 tops and 1 bottom). I had given up hope when he stated that he couldn't find anyone and that was it getting late and that he was heading to bed. 20 minutes shortly after that message, I got a text saying he'd found another top: a 30 y/o handsome beautiful Black man who was not only buff and well proportioned, but also had a beautiful big cock to go along with it. The two were interested in sharing me, taking turns tagging my hole, and in 15 minutes we all met up at the Mexican top's place. The moment we get through his door I strip out of my black tank top and drop my shorts (not wearing any underwear) to stand fully nude in front of our lovely Mexican host. I get on my knees like a good sub btm, unbuckle his pants and fish out a nice thick uncut cock. Immediately I envelope it with my mouth, alternating between going all the way down to the shaft and then making little licks along the side of the shaft and the base, all the while looking up. The Black guy rejoins us from the bathroom and he too, gets undressed and I shift my attention to the nice 8" cut piece of meat pointing straight at me. I am in heaven as i have a cock in each hand, making sure to give each one ample attention from my mouth. Looking up and seeing these two tops standing over me while I serviced their cocks was such a big turn on for me and for them, that soon we moved it to the next level. Mexican top got behind me and brought me back to a standing position before bending me forward so that he could go to town rimming my hole. His tongue was so intrusive; these weren't gentle licks but rather directed tongue thrusts with the intent of getting my hole nice and wet and open for what was to come next. While he was doing that, the Black top stood in front of me as I clung to his thighs to steady myself from the force of the rim job. He gently waved that wonderful black cock in front of my face as a signal that I should be servicing it appropriately with my mouth. This went on for some time before I could sense that I was about to do what I was there to do. I felt some cold lube being applied to my hole from behind, and I quickly reached for my poppers. As i began to take my first inhales, I could feel that firm Mexican cock head nudge against my hole, poised and ready to begin its first entry in my hole. With the poppers hitting, I let out a soft plea to "give it to me, fuck my Asian hole with your raw Mexican cock." He pushed in, slowly at first, but then without stopping he steadily sank his cock all the way to the hilt, burying it deep in my ass. I bucked forward from the pressure and sudden fullness, only to have the big black cock shoved into my throat. In the midst of my getting impaled on both ends, my eyes glanced at the closet mirrors that were reflecting our fuck, and I found myself turned on even more seeing a thick brown cock sliding in and out, disappearing in my hole from behind, and a big black cock doing the same in front as I swallowed as much of it as I could. This was heaven. The two tops tag teamed me for the better half the night, each taking turns to fuck me from behind doggy style; my face down and ass up and elevated; facing forward with my back arched as I hooked my legs underneath theirs for better leverage for me to back my ass towards their cocks. It wasn't long though, that I received my first load from the Black top with my laying on my back with my legs pulled back, and he pounding my ass. I love this position because it gives me the best view to see the tops cock disappear to the hilt inside my hole, and also I can look up and see his expression as he's feeling the breed build up. In a sudden exclamation he let me know he was cumming in me, and I immediately hook my legs around him, pulling him and his cock deep in me and ask him to not pull out just yet. He obliges and does some slow thrusting to further plant his cum deep in my hole before pulling out. Immediately, the Mexican top, who had been watching and enjoying the show, told me to get on all fours and proceeded to do some hard piston fucking. By this time my hole was fairly sloppy with the Black top's cum serving as extra lube, but even then I couldn't help letting a few moans of pain and pleasure escape with each forceful thrust. He liked to change positions frequently. He next positioned me onto my back with one leg down and one leg up, resting on his shoulder as he drove his raw cock in me without break. From there he shifted me onto my side, a position that allowed me to gaze in amazement and wonder at how easily his thick Mexican cock was now rapidly sliding in and out of my hole with little resistance. He finally shot his load and fucked his cum deep inside me in that position with a bit of extra roughplay when he looked straight into my eyes with his hands around my neck as he pounded his load deep. Definitely the best 3 some I have ever had: good chemistry all around, beautiful men with beautiful cocks, and 2 loads deposited in my hole to let me know that they own it. Below are the pics from the encounter where both tops demonstrate how much they enjoy shoving their raw cocks deep to the hilt.
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    I spent two days of Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta getting mounted and mated like the breed steed I am. The first day was spent taking a few guys at my CHeshire Inn hotel room followed by some solid use at the Manifest sex club. I didn't get near as much cock as I had during CumUNion but I still came away with 12 sex partners and 9 loads in me. As usual my beefy ass attracted some fine horsemeat to it and I those guys bred me deep. At 3am I headed back to my room and passed out only to be awakened by a huge thunder storm about 6am--the kind that makes the walls rattle. After trying to go back to sleep for the next half hour I realized that wasn't going to happen so I hauled out of bed and went and got breakfast. During breakfast I was messaged by a guy on grinder that said he was horse hung. The pics weren't kidding. he was huge. After I finished eating, I went back to my room, hosed out my fuck guts real good and went to meet him. True to his work, he was the thickest cock I have ever seen on a human that was natural. It was 10 x 8 to 8.5 depending on where you measure on the hefty shaft. He was excited to meet me since most guys, even ones that enjoyed big cock, had trouble handling him. I was still well used from the night before and trying to wrap my hand around his horse meat only made me want it more. The next hour of me life was amazing as he was in me and pulling all the way out, admiring my huge canyon hole gape and shoving his massive cock back in me. It was like taking a pony that was walking on two legs--literally. I had toys his thickness and thicker but never dreamed I would take a real person this huge. By 20 minutes in he was going on about how guys couldn't take him and the majority that could only lasted 5 to 10 minutes. He was blown away by my ability to accommodate him as he went in me from multiple positions and every angle he could. The feeling of excess pleasure was indescribable and on the level of getting fisted. The feeling every time his massive cock pulled out of me was that same feeling when a guy's paw and arm pulled out of me and his every pleasure nerve on the way our, leaving my hole gaping. The best part for me was that he is like me and is a gym guy that doesn't dirnk, smoke ot use recreational drugs. By the time he came I was a puddle of satisfied, used pig. We exchanged numbers and have texted since I left. Soon as one of us can get to the other's city we will be mating again. He wants to endurance test me and see how long I can last since I went longer than pretty much any guy he has ever been in. The rest of the day was decent but nothing to match the human horse. My hole stayed loose and wrecked as I headed to Flex around noon time and proceeded to get used by a series of guys in the sling including another horseman, who felt kinf of small after the ass wrecking morning I enjoyed. All in all I had 27 sex partners and 22 loads in about 36 hours. This is what I hope heaven is like. I can't wait to be mounted by my new stallion man and give him more pleasure as his huge meat trashes and slops my hole, which we both get off over.
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    CHAPTER 15: Jake immediately assumes the spot between Ty's legs. He pulls Ty’s hips close, lightly teasing and touching his hole. Then, in one swift movement, he turns Ty over onto his back. My adorable little brother’s, relaxed and slightly fatigued face, emerges from the pillows, along with his very stiff dick; his brown hair sporting a serious case of bed head. Ty’s body is mostly hairless, a lot like me about 10 years ago, but he’s so adorably cute. “Part of me always wanted him”, I think. I watch as Jake pulls my brother's ass up close, so that he can easily get down to the business of breeding ass. Using his middle finger, he applies a little pressure, to tease Tyler before placing the head of his poz dick at the entrance, wiping some precum onto Ty’s well lubed hole. With a quick push and a grunt Jake pushes in the head. “Ahhh... ahhh... fuck… fuck… so good… feel so good”, Ty starts to moan as Jake’s dick works its way into him. From where I’m standing, holding Ty’s toothbrush (now covered in his own blood), I’m completely enthralled. It looks to me like Jake’s dick is fitting into Ty's ass like a custom made glove. “Fuck yea”, softly escapes my lips. Jake pushes his way in further, getting all the way in, and just soaking in Ty’s pulsating warmness. I know the wonderful sensations from Ty’s hole that are surrounding his poz dick right now. I watch as he brings his hands down and rubs Ty's smooth body. Staring at them, I feel my cock start to drip, and I know I’m going to be topping him again sooner rather than later. I glare at Jake’s body and notice how the slight amounts of hair on his body contrast nicely with Ty's smooth one. Ty's eyes seem glued to Jake's body, too. Jake seems interested in Ty as well and he can't help but notice the lead pipe jutting up from my brother’s crotch. Odd. He almost never notices my cock when we fuck; I not sure why he’s noticing Ty’s. I don’t expect him to give Ty’s dick any attention. "Chris, come here dude, suck your little brother’s neg dick for me", he says half-smirking, without turning his head away from Ty. Ty doesn’t even look at me as Jake speaks. I put the toothbrush down, and obey Jake’s words like one of Pavlov’s dogs, leaning over and sucking my own little brother’s dick right into my mouth. Initially my head is positioned perpendicular to Ty's body, but Jake uses his hands to encourage me to change my position. I climb over Ty, into more of a “69” position, but I’m intent on just taking care of him and don’t try to get my ass or cock into his mouth. “Jake must love the idea of his sweaty abs banging against my head”, I think as I suck and lick at Ty’s cock. To be in the middle of things, this position is better. By holding Ty’s nut sac, I can easily see past Ty's junk to where Jake's dick is moving in and out. As Jake's cock slides out it tugs at Ty's ass lips much the way my cock did, and then he pushes them back as he slides home again. From here I can easily tell Jake’s cock is wet and shiny; its coated with bits of cum and mixed with a tinge of what can only be Ty’s blood. Ty’s ass must be bleeding some now, and its receiving unmedicated poz sperm, “Not a good combination for staying neg”, I think. Besides today, I’m not sure how often Ty gets his dick sucked so I just go for it, trying to make him feel good. Ty’s dick isn’t that big, its obvious why he bottoms, and after a bit my mouth easily forms a nice, warm cocoon around the shaft. A dark thought crosses my mind, “Bottoms that bareback end up HIV-positive, not gonna be squirting neg loads much longer gay boy”. Ty is moaning from all of the stimulation he’s getting at both ends. I can feel his hair against my legs as his head thrashes back and forth. Then his body starts to tense up, he’s moaning, “Gonna cum Chris … gettin’ close”, and I feel like he’s looking up at Jake asking him what to do. But Jake can hear him too, "Let it go boy … spill that last neg load", Jake says to him as he continues fucking into Ty. Looking up I can see sweat on Jake’s body and some of it is dripping, from what I imagine is his forehead, onto my neck and into my hair. I think, “Mmmmmm… I’d love to get in those arm pits of his right now”. I sense a change in Ty’s body, he’s letting his need to cum take over. Then suddenly his second orgasm of the night rips through his body and this time, with another mouth covering his cock, he can't help but squeal as he unloads. Ty's load erupts into my mouth and my lips tighten around him so I can swallow every drop of his cum. "Keep sucking Chris," Jake says, "Help your little bro squirt ". Jake is clearly getting off on the sight of some brother-on-brother incest and maybe me gulping down a load of cum. Jake puts his hand on top of my head, as I swallow Ty down, to give me that confirmation and approval. I’m turned on swallowing Ty’s cum, “I want this cock poz”, I kind of mumble but it just comes as a hum with Ty’s softening cock stuffed in my mouth. Jake and I both know Ty is going to be another HIV+ bottom. I barely finish sucking down Ty's salty cum when Jake grabs me by the hair. "Get behind me and lick my hole, babe", he says. I’m spellbound by how in control he seems – he’s such an Alpha when he’s fucking. I look him and without a word, stand up, and move to his ass. I’m completely transfixed watching Jake's ass bulge and contract as he pistons in and out of Ty. I grab onto the muscular cheeks and spread them apart. Jake mostly tops, now that he’s positive, and his ass seems tight; its also hairy and winking at me. I drool. I want to lick it, suck it and tongue fuck him until he loses some of that self control. "Get your mouth on my hole, dude … make out with it", he demands. I can tell Jake is in the Alpha-zone and he fully expects me to comply. He reaches behind himself trying to find my head, but I manage to get my mouth into his crack before he can force me to it. I run my tongue over Jake's pucker before moving my tongue up his crack. The salty smell and taste of his ass sweat fills my nostrils and mouth before I move south again to really go after the prize. I push, as best I can with him moving, and his rhythm slows as I force my tongue in a bit; Jake tenses up. "That's it dude, … get in there", he moans. I’m lost in his words and I push deeper. Jake's asshole is occasionally clamping down on my tongue; its driving me crazy. I lick and suck while Jake attempts to increase the speed of Ty’s breeding. I know before too long Ty’s ass is receiving another toxic load of sperm. “My baby brother … intentionally pozzed”, I think as I suck and lick at Jake’s ass. Jake leans forward and starts to kiss Ty. The angles are weird, and we can hardly connect, so I pull back for a moment. Ty wraps his arms around Jake and allows Jake to lift his upper body off the bed. Jake's strong hands grip onto Ty's back and support him, making out, while Jake is firmly buried in Ty’s ass. I know from our sex Jake is a fierce kisser and I can see his lips pushing Ty's mouth open. Jake is licking the inside of Ty's mouth and they both start to pant and moan. "I'm gonna cum so hard in your hole, boy! I’m gonna dump a poz load in you. Your ready for this?", Jake asks. When Jake fucks me its always about the smells and the feeling of his body and his dick. I know Ty can smell Jake’s breath and arm pit sweat as their kiss breaks. "Breed my cunt … breed me. Fucking fill my ass with poz cum", all I can do is stare as the acrid words come out of my little brother’s mouth. I’ve never seen or heard him be so filthy. Its amusing how your innocent image of someone can be so easily shattered. I watch Jake bite down on Ty's lower lip, “ahhhh… ahhhh… fuck … fuck“, and his orgasm hits. I get under them and take the opportunity to lick Jake's balls and shaft as the poz cum is flowing out of his dick and into Ty’s body. His big balls are lifting and pulling together as every drop is forced out. When he’s done, I quickly extract my self and Jake pushes forward, collapsing on top of Ty. His dick slips out and the two continue making out. I can see Jake’s poz dick hanging right there in front of me, and I can't help but go for that last drop of cum hanging from the tip. I lick the cum off of Jake's cock before sucking the tip entirely into my mouth. Jake's cock tastes like Ty's ass, and I work as hard as I can to get every last bit of cum out of his piss slit. Jake and Ty are making out and I get up and move my face closer to them. “Fuck yea”, I moan. Ty looks over at me, breaking his kiss with Jake, and proceeds to make out with me.
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    I live in Las Vegas and for a town called Sin City, it can really be hit or miss if you're a bottom. But I'll never forget the time that I was essentially raped at Entourage, one of the two remaining bathhouses here in town. I'd been out with a couple of friends and we'd gone to Badlands, a somewhat old style saloon in the same commercial center where Entourage is located. I was feeling buzzed and was in no condition to drive home so as we said our goodbyes, my buddies went their way and I walked over to Entourage. As it was roughly 2:00 AM on a Friday night, all the rooms were taken up and I had to settle for a locker. I figured I'd just wait til a room was available and get some sleep then. In the meantime, I figured I'd check out the action. I undressed and walked around with the towel over one shoulder, which, for the most part, covered my cock, but which left my ass visible. The hallways and TV room were nearly empty and, as I made my way around, I could see that most doors were closed. I silently regretted those last two Jack and cokes I'd had because they were beginning to hit me and all I wanted was to lay down somewhere quiet and get some rest. That's when I saw Him walking towards me: good looking, muscular, 20 something year old dark haired stud with a USMC tattoo on his right pec and a beer can thick cock hanging between his legs. He walked past me without acknowledgement, but as I turned to look over my shoulder, I caught him doing the same, apparently staring at my ass. For the next few minutes, as I looked for a place to lay down, I would occasionally see him in my peripheral vision, stalking me as if I were his prey. I finally made my slightly disoriented way into the empty dark room and lay face down on a waist high platform, ready to get some shut eye and oblivious to the fact that the stud had followed behind me and was standing a mere few feet from me, fisting his thick cock and making plans for my hole. As I lay there on the verge of sleep, I suddenly felt him straddle my ass, spread my cheeks with both hands, and what felt like a baseball bat pressing against my asshole, trying to stretch it against its obvious resistance. The shock and pain woke me the fuck up and in a drunken slur I said "Please don't, you're really big." Without saying a word he backed off and I could hear him pop open some lube and begin to jack his cock. I naively thought that that was the end of it when he suddenly lay his full weight on my back, clamped one hand around my mouth, and used his other hand to maneuver his now slick cock between my cheeks and started using that big mushroom head as a battering ram. The slippery lube and his insistence gradually spread my hole and with an almost audible pop, his cock head forced its way through my sphincter and I heard him groan savagely as I lay there and saw stars from the pain of the sudden invasion. I tried getting up from under him but he used his body weight to hold me down and as he shoved the remaining length of his hole wrecker in me, he hissed into my ear, "I'm fucking balls deep in you now, just fucking take it." I felt helpless as I lay there and felt him bucking his hips and sliding his thick fucker in and out of me, feeling his huge cock head drag and push my insides as he shoved in and out of my guts. In the back of my mind, I was worried and scared because I knew I was essentially getting raped by a big dicked stud who hadn't even contemplated putting a condom on before spearing my guts with his huge cock. But in the forefront, I was beginning to really enjoy the fuck as I he would slam balls deep and ram directly onto my prostate. I couldn't help it and I started moaning uncontrollably against his hand on every down stroke. He soon noticed and that seemed to turn him on. He started getting more vocal, whispering encouragements into my ear, "That's right, fuck yeah, I knew you'd love my cock.....yeah, take my fucking cock all in you..... Yeah, your tight little pussy is gonna make me cum..... Yeah, I'm gonna fill you up with my load." The rhythm of the cock pistoning in and out of my ass began to become more frantic, even as I recognized a complete stranger was about to shoot his cum into my unprotected hole. His breathing became more ragged as he suddenly pushed himself as deep into me as he could and froze in place as I could feel his cock twitching and throbbing balls deep in me as he flooded my guts with his cum and groaned, "Fuck yeah, knocking your ass up with my seed! Yeah, take it all bitch, take my babies in you, fucking take my load!" My hole spasmed around his cock, responding to the stimulus as he lay on top of me, his heart beating like a jack rabbit and his cock still throbbing with the last jets of his orgasm. He pulled his cock out of me and I felt empty as the cool air hit my now puffed up ass lips. He smacked my left ass cheek and said, "Keep my cum in you and let it do its job, cumdump." With that advice he got off of me and walked back into the darkness. I lay there confused and conflicted as my military rapist's cum slowly trickled out of my hole and ran down my balls to join the load I'd unexpectedly shot as he took my ass and made it his cumdump.
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    Fuck, for a kid his age he was taking a hard fucking well. Jony is an amazing top fuck. Not only is he beautiful---from the Dominican Republic so he has that caramel skill that is of fucking hot, he has a BBC that is both unique and worthy of the BBC description. Longer than most at over 11 inches, it is also narrow, but has a mushroom head to die for. In fact, it almost looks like some cartoon toadstool. Best of all it has that curve that you know will drive your prostrate into a faggot frenzy. Jony also fucks hard. Not just a little....but damned hard and can go forever before giving up his tainted seed. First time he split my queer ass, it was over an hour until he finally rewarded me with his cum. It was one of the only times I remember thinking I was glad to have a cock out of my bruised hole. But Trey was a trooper. We had selected Jony to go first since we all knew what Trey was in for. If the little homo wanted to fuck like a real man, then taking a pounding like this would prove it. The kid hardly made a noise as Jony mounted him from the rear. Still, those watching could see Trey wince and thrust his white ass to meet that black monster. He must have done some dildo play, because he took that cock like a pro and they were soon fucking hard and fucking in great rhythm. For nearly 35 minutes that skilled top worked Trey into a sexual frenzy. And all that time that fresh bottom hung in and took it. Jony has fucked me enough that I recognized when he was ready to unload. His noises, his movements, the speed and rhythm all were so familiar. My own hard-on was leaking precum by the buckets. I am not sure what was the most exciting, seeing Jony fuck him, think about how that diseased Dominican dick feels in my own ass, or knowing that I was "on deck" to fuck the boy next. When the low moaning started escaping from that dark skinned top, I knew it was happening. Without a single word, Trey had just taken his first POZ load and one of several gifts he would that night...the night he graduated from high school. In our small, isolated mountain town there are limited social opportunities. I suppose we are lucky that there are plenty of "unique" folks in the area so one local diner/pool hall/bar/grocery store (yeah all in one) is very open and accommodating. Thursday is unofficially queer night and a number of us get together to bullshit, play some pool and eat. Must of us are fuck buds in one fashion or the other, but queer night is not really sexual---just a hang out, food and talk thing. Trey first started hanging out a bit right after he turned seventeen. Since all of us regular fags were much older, we were quite careful about our conversations and comments when he was in the place. Eventually, we figured out he was gay---and eventually he brought a few of his own age high school friends and presumed friend with benefits. No doubt, we were all clear that any of that group was strictly off limits. Regardless of how cute, those underage guys are ALWAYS a no-fuck-zone. He was a decent guy, at once he had very serious and introspective and on the other hand, we could see a wild ass homo developing. He asked a million questions about being a "growed up gay". One night, when the subject of the discussion was my recent intentional POZZING, he became more animated than I had ever seen. Clearly he had some connection to chasing and gifting. He thought it was great to know someone (ME) who was POZ and unleashed every question imaginable. Little did he know that the other 5 guys at that big round table were just as POZ as I was and quite likely one of them was the dick that knocked my ass up. A few weeks later, we held a bit of a birthday party as he turned 18. Although he was not longer jail bait, the other locals and I had declared him off limits. We all agreed that as good as fucking him could be, it may be best if he figured out his own place without our horny asses influencing him any more than we had. He seemed happy with his gifts.....some very good lube, a gross of condoms and a huge butt plug. So, it was with major shock that we heard him say, "thanks but what I really want is POZZED'. WTF did he just say? Trey? Wants fucking POZZED? What the shit is up with that.? What we got was one of the most beautiful descriptions of how a young queer, now of age, understood his place in the generations of queers--past, present and future. He knew he had all the loving connections he would need...good family and friends...what he longed for was to be as authentically a fag as he could be. For him , like so many other including me, that was the starting block for our chase. He was clear and eloquent--this kid wanted to get POZZED and SOON. Eventually the subject changed and we had a fun time and the evening ended around 11. Nearly two hours later my phone rang. It was Jamie, the BBC that I think knocked me up. He was worked up. "Man", he said, "you got to give it to him". Half asleep I slurred, "why the fuck me...and what the hell are we even talking about this for/" Jamie continued, " you know he is gonna do it and soon....better that he gets it from someone who cares than a back alley stranger". He kept talking and added, "besides you were just knocked up a few months ago...you know you have the highest VL, you know you could breed him". My brain and my cock were at instant war. My head saying no fucking way and my cock stiffening up as to say "let me at that tender ass." I finally got Jamie off the phone, but could not get back to my sleep. How erotic, how amazing, how wrong, how inappropriate, how...fuck how..fuck how...over and over all night. Nothing else was said until maybe a month later. I had gotten nailed by an honest-to-god AIDSBONE the previous weekend and was all to eager to tell the others about taking that seriously sick dick. I really had not noticed that Trey was not around. Then another occasional partner and part-time group member, Dave, suggested that I introduce the AIDSBONE to Trey and get it over with. Jamie chimed in with a "why ask the AIDS dude when we all could get that done". Starting in jest, an hour later we had designed the perfect POZZING party for our 18 year old buddy. I knew that I was not the only one horned up by the idea as the group started breaking up early. I knew I needed fucked and suggested that anyone who wanted to play could follow me home (two block walk). Four of us spend the next hour sharing our toxic cum and lusting over who might get to POZ Trey. Jony clearly spend some effort to make sure he fully drained his nuts and distributed his load thoroughly in Trey's ass As that black snake slowly withdrew from that very white young ass, we were all waiting to hear any comments the new graduate might have. He just had a world class fucking from an amazing black dick and was filled with a load of HIV+ cum. Not bad for a kid that just a few hours earlier was awearing a green cap and gown as he ended his high school career. All he said was, "fuck, I want more".....and started wagging his ass. I was up next. Of course my cock had been rigid the entire time Jony was working his magic. I was second for several reasons. Not only was I sporting the highest VL of the group due to my own fairly recent POZZING, I was also a confirmed breeder---one conversion in my short life as a POZ FAG. Additionally, I had done the prep work to make Trey as responsive as possible. I washed out his hole to squeaky clean status....removing any natural barriers to the tainted seed he was about to receive. Then, using the same brush that prepped my ass for conversion, I worked his hole until I had achieved a pinkish slime on the bristles. I am sure he was disappointed as I mounted his ass. Not only am I unskilled as a top (full on bottom except for the chances to breed a neg bottom) and I have none of the size Trey's first gifted presented. But, we got into a rhythm and for 5 or 6 minutes, I enjoyed fucking that hole and feeling the leftover cum. But all too soon I knew my time was up and with a loud shout, that little twink got exposure number two. I drained the contents of my balls into his hole. I know what it feels like to get knocked up and to knock up a horny hole.....and I could only hope that highly enjoyable fuck was good for him. As I started to pull out, he clenched his ass, holding more for a bit longer---no doubt, he HAD enjoyed it. And maybe, just maybe me seed was planted once again. We had a planned "break". We wanted to be sure he understood what was happening. By plan, there booze and drugs were absent from the night (save poppers). But, any horned up fag worth the name knows that POZ COCK LUST is even more powerful than the best enhancements. One of the things we offered was a chance to stop at that time. Additionally, he could stop and we would get him to an ER to seek PEP, had he changed his mind. We offered to postpone anything else--anything to make sure he knew he could stop, could get treatment or simply have time to think. Trey had been sipping on a Red Bull while he heard us blab about his options. Suddenly he chugged the rest of his drink, grabbed Dave's cock and said "Somebody needs to fuck me now". Dave is a real cutie, perhaps a bit old to be called a twink at 27, he none the less has that look. Tall and thin, he is also a red-headed Irish guy with that translucent alabaster skin that some ginger Micks display. His skin is just as soft as it is beautiful and his body is fully hairless except for the fire red patch of hair surrounding his junk. Dave and I had met some years before either of us chased. We hooked up a few times, but never were extremely close. He was introduced to me (again) by my most likely gifted. Dave's one infection came the tip of the same BBC some 5 months before I converted. We laughed a bit at the fact we had only fucked with condoms and now were both POZ. Anyhow, Dave is a very nice lover. Enough skill and size to make it enjoyable, but also largely effortless. He is neither fast or slow in summing. Just an all around nice fuck. I knew why Trey wanted him next. Dave had been on meds after getting the bug, but never went "undetectable". He still unsure if it is his own make up or the strain he has, but he continues to have a 100K VL. From my discussions with Trey, I knew he had a fetish for the more extreme strains and was hopeful Dave had one. Dave rolled the twice fucked twink onto his back, wedged his shoulders under the boy's legs and proceeded to mount him with speed and enthusiasm. Again, Trey took cock without a sound (he is going to have to give TOPS some feedback), but Dave let out a huge laugh. The feel of the two loads already deposited was a joy for him. The pure pleasure of breeding a cum filled hole was giving Dave a real thrill. I think it was Trey that really started that fuck off. He was rocking on his ass and working Dave's dick with some decent skill and a whole lot of young-dude testosterone filled lust. Dave started moaning about what a great fuck it was, Trey making a low mooing sound. They were soon in their own fuck-focused world where their bodies were joined and nothing else existed. I suspect many of you have had a fuck like that...where the connection is strong, the lust is mutual and the feelings and desires of both men are matched. It was clear, Dave was NOT FUCKING Trey, rather those two handsome, smooth men were making intimate love. The fucked slowly and deeply for nearly a half hour. At times, they were still, connected, touching, feeling breathing. Other times, they writhed in unison and moaned the same guttural sound as the fucked at a higher intensity. Then for the first time of the night, Trey begged for demon seed. "Dave", he panted loudly, "give me your seed. i want all of your cum. fuck it into me.". A little jealousy was welling in my body as, I expect in Jony". The boy took us without a word And now, after the erotic ecstasy had peaked with Dave, it was all Trey wanted and he kept saying so. Dave responded, "here it is, here is my POZ cum, I want you to have my bug". And with that comment, Trey had his third exposure to the bug. There is way more to this story...and if anyone likes it...will be glad to add to it in other "chapters".
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    My first time was with my best friend from high school. For years my buddy and I alternated staying overnight at each other's house, usually sharing a bed, and wearing only our underwear, which was no big deal as we were too young to even know about sex. However one night, when we were somewhat older, things were different. We had planned ahead, and my buddy was to come over to my house after a football game and spend the night. Looking back I think we both knew something was going to happen that night. As we expected, the football game ended late in the evening, and, as was typical for our small town, we meet-up with the football boys and cruised the town for a while, which meant we got back to my house even later. We each took a quick shower and crawled into bed, as usual, wearing only underwear. And we both promptly fell asleep. At some point I woke up with his body directly against mine. I was in the small spoon position and he had pressed as much of his body against me as he could. I found the sensation of a body (which was 95% naked) pressing up against my body to be very erotic, particularly as it was the first time I had ever really felt body-to-body contact. Naturally I had a raging hard on. In addition I could feel a hard bulge against my ass cheeks. I lay in bed, enjoying the experience of warm flesh against my own naked body, but after a few minutes I pretended to stir slightly, as if I had just awaken. Reaching back, I pretended I was scratching my ass, only to discover a very hard and BIG bulge against the back of my hand. That was the first time I had ever felt an actual dick. Granted it was still inside some tighty whities but it was hot, warm, hard, and felt quite large. He hadn't moved at all during my courageous attempt at coping a feel, so I thought I would try again. I really wanted to gauge its size, so again, I again reached back. This time there was no mistaking the fact that he thrust his hard bulge against the back of my hand. Since he didn't hide the fact that he thrust his cock at my hand I left my hand there, between my ass and his cock. The moment of truth came, and I was so hard and horny that I didn't even think about it, I turned my hand around and grabbed his bulge and found an incredibly hard rod stuffed extremely tightly in some white Hanes briefs. I began feeling his junk through the tight underwear, massaging his balls, rubbing and stroking his steel rod paying particular attention to, what I thought was his head near the waistband of the underwear. He finally reached around my hip and started massaging my hard leaking cock through my underwear. I have a decent seven and a half-inch cut cock which is quite thick, but I could tell he was even thicker. Wanting to find out just how thick, I grabbed his waistband and plunged my hand into his underwear grabbing his cock. This is when I discovered I hadn't been massaging his dickhead, his underwear had been so tight, that it trapped his hard cock pointing down, so he wasn't even able to get fully hard. Good lord, how big was he? I pulled his cock out of its fabric prison and found out. Now, even to this day, his cock was the biggest, thickest, longest uncut cock I've ever seen in real life. I could no longer think straight. I was overwhelmed with horniness. I immediately pulled his hand off my cock, turned around and ducked under the blanket and sheets. I got his 9.5 inch dick into my mouth as soon as I could and began giving my first blowjob to the biggest dick I'd ever have. I sucked and licked and tongued his cock for ages, enjoying the huge hard thickness and foreskin. He had grabbed my head and was trying to force as much of his dick into my mouth as he could. Unfortunately I have a gag reflex, and he repeatedly gagged me. Maybe that was turning him on, it sure made my blowjob more difficult though. I couldn't get to all of his cock though because the underwear was still covering too much of his junk. I tried to pull his briefs down but he wasn't lifting his ass up to help me any. I was crazy fucking horny and quickly became very frustrated with his this tight white fabric covering some of my prized cock I was working so hard on with my mouth. I finally used both hands and grabbed the waistband and yanked them down hard! So hard that they ripped. I didn't give a fuck that they ripped or that it might have hurt him. I was happy finally getting to put his balls and shaft in my mouth. It seemed like an hour, but it was probably five to ten minutes before he nutted. I was ready for his load as definitely (if not desperately) wanted him to cum in my mouth, and I had even decided when the time came, I would take his cock in my mouth as deeply as I could and start swallow every drop of his load. It was heaven: his body tensed-up, his rock hard dick felt like a titanium crow bar, blasting its load into my mouth, shot after shot of cum rocketing out of his meat, repeatedly filling my mouth, over and over. And I swallowed every drop, not loosing a single drop. Afterwards I slowly nursed his cock with my lips and tongue, eventually coming out from under the blankets and resumed my sleeping position. He made some attempt at blowing me, but it wasn't very good and we just went to sleep. Later on, he paid me back in spades, making me cum several times. We never talked about it, but down the weeks, months, and years, we enjoyed many firsts with his huge dick and his tight hole.
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    I was getting a haircut when I received a text from a number that wasn’t in my contacts but that looked familiar. Hi Dan. It’s Ricky. Can we talk? Oh fuck, Ricky who? Is it the Health Department again? I text back with a question mark. Ricky texts back a face pic. Oh, that Ricky. Mid-20s graduate student in music history. Dirty blond hair and soft set dark blue eyes. Sheepish grin. Dimples. Soft spoken with wry humor and the incongruent mix of confidence and insecurity of an exhibitionist. I found him on Craig’s List where he had a body shot. 5-9, 160. No muscle and no hair on his manboy body, but no flab either. So pale, with some moles. Hairless taint. Hairless hole. I was going to skip over the ad because it didn’t mention anything about either safe or bareback sex, and he didn’t sound like somebody with cash because he said he was on Spring Break in Urbana. But the end of the ad said he wanted a young top, preferably black or Latin. I’m young and Latin. He had his phone number strung out through the text of the ad. Hi217, my hole is hungry356, etc. I texted him my face pic and told him to respond if he was generous for an 18yo (at the time) Latin bareback top, 250 roses. He responded with a lowball offer, and we settled in the middle. Graduate students always have money for the necessities. I thought that I was being pranked when I got to his apartment building. Too nice for a student. But also too nice to be a law enforcement trap. I got buzzed into the building and went to the apartment. It was filled with antique guitars on the wall, memorabilia, old sheet music and piles of glossy music books. And there was a framed Ph.D. in music history hanging on one of the walls. Ricky tells me that Matt the professor is out of town for a symposium so he has the place to himself. Where do I sign up for one of these professors of my own? Ricky is wearing a black t-shirt and bright white Fruit of the Loom briefs. Looking at him in the t-shirt would make you think he was picket fence white until you kept gazing down and the briefs showed that he is pale and pinkish instead. Ricky has a few small blemishes and blotches on his legs. He must bruise easily, and he must get tossed around in bed. He also had some cute moles, but no freckles (which was a shame). I fucked Ricky twice, and he came both times. He was wearing a cock ring that made his 8-inch uncut cock beet red. The first time was in the living room up against the sliding glass door to the balcony. Blinds pulled open, of course. The second time was on the bed. I had Ricky with his legs up over his head and his cock in his mouth while I shot in his ass and he squirted in his mouth and all over his pretty face. Ricky licked and scooped it all up and ate it, and put his black and white outfit back on. Ricky didn’t want me to leave, but I was working and I needed to find another client if I was going to make rent. My parents wouldn’t kick me out or anything, but they count on the money. Ricky watched me wash up at the sink. My next client was going to have to be a top because I was soft and depleted. I had forgotten to turn off the sound on my phone. We didn’t hear anything while we were fucking, but now it was making me feel awkward. All the feelers that I put out before I landed Ricky were texting me, wanting action. Ricky said that I can check messages at his place. I decline, but he insists. He volunteers himself for a three-way if that’s what the next client wants. Okay, sure, that will happen. I stay and respond to messages. Ricky is also checking his email and scrolling through Craigslist. I know that I am breaking some escort rules here, but I live by my own rules. Now Ricky wants to trade devices. No. No fucking way. Ricky accepts that answer, but sits next to me. I know he can read the screen, and some of the chats reveal that I am trying to arrange a bareback encounter with a Poz prospect. Ricky asks if I’m Poz. This question comes up over and over again AFTER I have shot one or two unmedicated loads in a guy. I tell Ricky that I am Neg and that I test every month. He says thank God because he and Matt (the professor) are both Neg. Good for you both, Ricky. Time for me to go. Before I can get to the door, Ricky wants to know if I will do a three-way with him and Matt. Ricky will take care of the payment and Matt doesn’t need to know that I’m escorting. I make Ricky tell me what Matt looks like and then I say that Matt is not my type, even though Matt sounds hot as hell and like a more mature version of Ricky himself. A week later, Ricky texted me three days in a row pleading for me to do the three-way. I never responded, and that is how Ricky’s number got deleted from my contacts. Maybe I should have blocked him. Another three weeks go by before I get the text at the barber shop. What should I do? He could confront me if he tested Poz. He’s could have been topping Matt, too because all of the cock and sexual energy that Ricky wields would be a shame to go to waste. Another text arrives, it says something like: I tested Poz. Matt swears it wasn’t him. I need to know the truth. I don’t play raw with many guys. I want to hear you tell me in person. I’m not biting. It’s not my problem. It could be a setup. A few minutes go by and my haircut is done. The next text says: Please. Will roses help? Shit, it is the end of the month again. Now I bite. 20 minutes, 250 roses. Where’s Matt. I’m not going to walk into a shit storm. Ricky says okay and that Matt is in Chicago all day. Come over now if you can. I can leave my truck where it is parked and walk to Ricky’s apartment. I check for utility and delivery trucks like I can spot cops if they were around. Ricky buzzes me in, and he opens the door right away when I get to his and Matt’s apartment. Ricky is dressed for the occasion in a baseball cap and plaid boxer shorts. He’s not wearing a wire. I’ve already decided on a story on the way over. Yeah, I’m Poz. I just found out, too. I’m so scared, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to hurt anybody. That sort of shit. But Ricky beats me to the punch. He loves Matt. Matt denies being Poz but doesn’t want to get tested. Ricky has been so sick with the fuck flu most of the time that Matt has been back from the symposium that they have not had sex even once. So Matt is safe if Ricky got it from me. Tears are streaming down Ricky’s pretty face. He is struggling to not fall apart. Funny thing is that all this guy wants from me is to hear that I am Poz and he doesn’t care if I knew before we met or learned about it afterward. I still think my lie is the safest route, but I blurt out the truth. I explain that we didn’t talk about HIV before we met, so I just assumed that he was Poz. And when he asked me about my status I froze and lied to avoid a scene. I should have been honest. But that’s why I didn’t come back for the three-way and expose Matt. Ricky let out a loud sigh of relief and broke into a big smile. Then he frowned. Oh Dan, I’m sorry you’re Poz. Are you okay with it? Sure, sure, yeah, I’m cool with it. No problems so far. I ask if I should go now. Ricky says No, and that he has one more question for me. Do I have time for him to thank me for coming over and being so honest? Ah … yes .. but … how? Ricky says that he needs to break his dry spell now that he’s feeling better. Craig’s List wasn’t panning out and he thought he could kill two birds with one stone if he had me come over. I get lost in my own thoughts. Here is my most recent known convert. He is a vulnerable bag of emotions. And he wants a second (or third) planting of his Gift seed. Ricky is cute and nice. Matt is lucky. They’re fucked being one Poz and one Neg, but that’s not for me to solve. All I can do to help is make love to Ricky. Damn it. I face Ricky on the sofa, remove his baseball cap, and put my hands on his cheeks. I wipe away the remnants of his tears, and I pull his lips to mine. Kiss me Ricky. Kiss your young Latin Gifter. Do you even know whether you like it or not yet? You are only a year behind me in my Poz journey. Matt will never let you stay off meds, but nobody is ever going to push that poison down my throat. My life, my body and my Rules. And my cock is hard. My balls are boiling, brewing a virile load. I pull Ricky’s face down and press his lips to my crotch. I’m still in my jeans. Ricky moans. His voice is so soft. Tender. Ricky licks and nibble the denim before he unfastens, unbuttons and unclothes me from the waist down. My six inches of uncut Latin killer cock is right there. My dark foreskin is still covering all but the very tip of the head, letting my piss slit leak some precum. Each drop is enough to bond another bottom into the Brotherhood. I pull Ricky’s mouth back down onto my manhood. He takes me in one blessed inch at a time while he fishes his semi-chubbed meat out through the fly of his plaid boxers. That beautiful cum gun is never going to shoot Neg blanks again, unless someone like Matt forces silencer pills down Ricky’s throat. What a shame if that happens. There are blowjobs, and then there are blowjobs. Ricky has been on the injured reserve list for four weeks, and now he is back in the game with something to prove. Ricky tongues the head and puckers and purses his lips all the way down the shaft. It’s a symphony of tongue, lips, spit, throat and lust. This is the lust of a boy who has found his way home. Yet he is the elder and I am the younger, and still it is my seed that has allowed Ricky to fulfill a quest that he has to have known that he was on even if he was not willing to admit it to himself until he had taken the final steps. Suck it Ricky, you’ve earned it. I remember how much fun the bedroom was last time. Let’s go to the bedroom Ricky. The sparks in Ricky’s dark blue eyes responds with a soft but unmistakable yes. Ricky and I are on our feet, hand in hand. Oh wait. Get rid of the boxers, Ricky. Get rid of my t-shirt. Now take my hand in yours again and let’s return to the scene of the … , let’s call it the immaculate conception. I get on my back and Ricky knows exactly what to do. Time for some PrEP. Ricky positions himself with his ass above my face, bending forward to deep throat my cock some more. How can a 26 year old man naturally have not a single hair along the path from his balls to his newly inaugurated AIDSHole and out all the way to the small of his back? Let me explore that mystery with my tongue while Ricky continues his deep dive into the secrets of the young male penis. Ricky tastes like desire, and he has goose bumps encircling the alluring moles and blemishes that show this little angel to be a mere mortal after all. Now you have your wings, Ricky. Will you fly, or will you allow them to be clipped? I massage Ricky’s buns, and work my hands into his primal center. I want to get the blood flowing to his rectum and anus so that he is warmed and ready to receive me in that moment of discomfort that yields to pleasure when the right buttons are pushed and the proper levers are pulled – like the Latin lever fucking Ricky’s throat while I am still working on his ass end. If Ricky is more ready than me for the fucking to begin, then he is more ready than 10 men because I am throbbing with desire to get back inside his lovely manspace. What position shall it be? I reach forward and grab the sides of Ricky’s head. His soft hair feels nice in my firm grip. I shake his head like he is an Answer Ball. Ricky plays along, not missing a beat as he adjusts the suction to allow his oral tour de force to continue with an impressive demonstration of fire and nice. Ricky should have been a Ginger with all of his fiery desire and deviance. He has the complexion and markings, lacking only the hue of the hair. One gene away from being a full and true Ginger. And one more Latin load away from recommitting to being a true and full member of the Brotherhood, if only you can keep it that way. The Answer Ball says fuck Ricky on his back. Ricky tilts, lifts and slides off me, flipping right onto his back with his face at my feet. He pulls in my foot and licks my sole. You do touch my soul today, Ricky. Now let me touch yours. Ricky puts his hands behind his legs above the inside of the knees and raises himself up as I get on my knees between his makeshift altar of debauched man love. It’s not the First Communion, but it is the Confirmation. And the same padre ministers to both ceremonies. That would be me. Oh God, what have I done to you, Ricky? You are Poz beneath me, spread before me, and devoutly awaiting to be boarded for the journey to the next station. God forgive me, but I am going to re-infect this sexy and lovely man if I possibly can. I don’t know where my foreskin went. My dick is so hard, the head is exposed like a circumcised penis. But I know where my cock is going. In. Further in. Decisively all the way in. Crushingly in with my balls pressed against my body and my shaft rubbing Ricky’s prostate. Do you feel it like I feel it, Ricky? Will Matt the professor do this for you? I bend down and slide my arms under the back of Ricky’s shoulders so that I can grab him by the clavicles and pull him harder onto my pulsing penis. Easy, Chief. Not yet. Look at him. His cheeks are so red and where once there were the tracks of tears there are now droplets of sweat trickling down all the way from his furrowed forehead. His heart is beating so hard he could break a rib. His cock is at 110 percent of capacity, soon to burst at its hidden seams if the pressure is not released. His feet are on my shoulders. I kiss the top of one, and the toes of both curl. Ricky cannot remain in this precarious state a moment longer. Time slows. Ricky is looking me deep in the eyes and I see nothing but desire staring back at me. Dark blue desire set in a face beautifully contorted into a display of primal expression that signals permission to mate. And then it happens. Ricky’s hands are at his side, glued flat to the bed. My hands are on his feet, which I have moved down from my shoulders to my chest so that I can press his soles into my sweaty chest. Ricky’s pinkish pale toes dig into my pecs and his hips thrust into the air. Crescendo. Ricky’s foreskin covers most of his cockhead, but it is no match for the force of his orgasm. His Poz load, the load that I made Poz for him, rockets out as the shaft of my penis continues to rub against the ejector button that is his prostate. Ricky’s head thrashes from side to side and his body convulses in successively diminishing waves. Mid-way through Ricky’s return to earth I launch my own missiles. Every Poz soldier landing as far inside Ricky as possible and establishing a beachhead. I don’t give a fuck that I Pozzed you once, but I am proud that I may have done it twice. And look at you, Ricky. That sheepish smile reveals all. You like it. Ricky tilts his head up and says he can’t believe that just happened. The evidence is clear, Ricky. But here, let me eat the evidence. OMFG, it is warm and salty sweet with just that little hint of Ginger that makes it unique to this hot little fucker. I lap it all up, traversing the moles and the blemishes on Ricky’s pale, smooth torso along the way. This little journey within a journey ends with the thick chunks of cum that were the first to fire, and that landed on Ricky’s chin. My mouth is full of Ricky’s cum. Then my lips are on Ricky’s lips. I empty my mouth into his, and he licks my tongue clean with his own tongue. My cock has slid out of Ricky. It was released slowly as I worked my way up his cum trail. But there is another cum trail that I need to take care of. I get my face down between Ricky’s legs, and he raises his ass up off the bed for me. The errant spillage of cum is small but still substantial. I lick it up with my tongue, and I continue licking right into Ricky’s gaping rectum. His most intimately exposed flesh is wet with the cummy signs of love. This has to feel good for Ricky. I know it feels good when guys do it for me. I finish lapping up Ricky’s ass, and journey again to his lips for a final kiss. On our first visit together, I washed up at the sink. But this time Ricky and I showered together. Still, I moved through the task with some speed, because I didn’t know what time Matt might return from Chicago and I wanted to give myself plenty of time to clear the area, and Ricky enough time to gather his thoughts. I know he will tell Matt that I Pozzed him. But will Ricky tell Matt what he did to thank me for the information?
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    Chapter III. My boy and I walked back to our place, already sweaty from raunchy morning sex, and then our pig hole tryst in the garage with Will. I sprouted a fresh hard-on as a I followed my boy up our driveway , my eyes glued to the dark wet spot spreading in his shorts as he dripped cum from his stretched-out asshole. When we got inside, I ripped his shorts down and dove into his ass. I knew he wanted to fuck all day. So much for housework, right? My boy braced himself against the backdoor and I spread his cheeks. The pighole was still firmly planted in his ass, but there was a steady stream of cream leaking out of the middle opening. I knew it was a mix of my NEG cum, and Will’s seed, which he had suggested was POZ. I lapped that mixture up, shivering the whole time. After a few minutes of sucking, the flow stopped, and my boy was weak at the knees. He laid down on the floor and swallowed my cock. He bobbed up and down a few times and I spurted a load right down his throat. I knew he’d be disappointed that my load hadn’t gone into his pig hole. He gulped and swallowed and chugged. The sound of him gagging on what must have been an enormous load kept me hard. He finally pulled off, my cum dripping down his chin. He pivoted around on his hands and knees, ass up, and begged me, ‘Pleeeease. Please breed my pig hole. I need more cum!’ I aligned my sensitive dick up to that pig hole and eased in. I was rock hard, but my dick felt almost wounded from the hot sex we’d been having. I slid inside my boy and let him rock back onto me He pumped back against my cock. Had I not just lost two loads, I would have cum right away. That tight wet pig hole squeezed my dick so good. I let him fuck himself on my dick for a few minutes, but knew it would take me a while to work up another load. ‘Baby, let’s take a break… I have an idea. You want more dick, right?’ With my dick sort of out of commission, or at least needing help, I thought it might be fun to log onto one of those apps on the phone and see who might be within a decent distance and hungry to fuck my boy still stretched out that that pig hole. I snapped some pics of his puffy ass and uploaded them to my profile. I saw a photo of a crotch stretching out a sweaty jockstrap and messaged the guy. His profile name was HUNG DAD. Woof. Sounded up my alley, and he was only a few miles away. The guy sent a few dick pics before he sent his face and body shots. He had a proud pot belly and an impressive gnarled cock. I have a thing for older guys, and I love the idea of seeing them use my boy. Maybe it’s a power play, but it gets me off. I told HUNG DAD that my boy was training his ass with a pig hole and was hungry for loads. He responded with a pic of his cock half embedded in a pig hole, the same red as my boy’s. He told me that he had a boy too, but he was away for the day entertaining a buddy. I sent our address and the guy said he’d be right over. Maybe ten minutes later, HUNG DAD arrived. He looked to be late-50s, with a shaved head and a salt-and-pepper handlebar mustache. I can imagine this guy starring in trucker porn. This stud’s big dick was visible through his tight denim shorts, right under his impressive low-hanging belly. His shorts were cut so short, I could see the straps on his jock peeking out under his beefy asscheeks. My boy licked his lips as he unbuttoned and forced down the guy’s shorts. HUNG DAD grunted approval down at my boy and oiked at me. He handed me his phone and told me to snaps some pics. I did, snapping away as my boy licked that stained jock pouch with his tongue, and then fished out a great big dick. I got a pic with my boy’s lips at the head of his glorious cock, and then with it shoved as deep down his throat as it would go. HUNG DAD pulled my boy off his cock and bent over. He ordered my boy, ‘Pig! Tongue my shithole. EAT IT.’ My boy followed orders and I snapped a few more pics. HUNG DAD took his phone back and told me to get my boy’s pig hole as slick with spit as it could be. While my boy and I ate ass at the same time, HUNG DAD was busy with his phone. I heard that familiar tone that he had texted someone a pic. He chuckled. Then sent some more. Once he was satisfied that my boy’s sluttiness had been shared with a stranger, or several strangers, He put the phone down and reached around, grabbing the back of my boy’s head and forcing it into his ass. HUNG DAD craned his neck back to me and oiked again. ‘Your boy is eating my boy’s cum outta my ass. That alright with you?’ I nodded approval, not that there was anything I could have done to stop it. When he was satisfied with my boy’s job on his hole, HUNG DAD stood up and squatted down between my face and my boy’s hole. ‘Put me in him. My raw dick. His pig hole-stretched ass. Put me in him. You wanted this, remember?’ I followed orders, spitting in my hand and getting his dick slippery, then easing the head inside my boy. I slipped my hand down his cock as it disappeared into my boy’s ass. ‘Don’t neglect my balls, man,’ I heard him moan. I suckled his balls, one at a time, then both as he gently rocked back and forth into my boy. He was surprisingly gentle to be such a manly stud. He tenderly slid and out. His rhythm was steady and strong, all the way in, nearly all the way out. HUNG DAD’s phone made a noise as he got some response to my boy’s pics. He pulled out of my boy, ‘You ready to finish the job, man?’ he asked me? I was more than ready and slid into my boy, plowing away at that pig hole for a few minutes. He felt so wet! HUNG DAD alternated between busying himself with his phone and snapping more photos. What might have been intimate lovemaking between me and my boy was now becoming fodder for strangers to join in on, in person, putting their cum in his raw hole, and with those pics. Realizing that we might never know who HUNG DAD messaged, or what he or the other stranger, or strangers, would do with those pics, I shot my load deep into my boy’s sloppy piggy ass. HUNG DAD oinked at me again, taking some close-ups of my cock easing out of my boy, and then of my seed oozing out afterwards. He knelt down and lapped up a big glob, and then spit it onto his cock. He jammed it back into my boy, and I decided I’d talk dirty to him, and egg him on. ‘You gonna breed my boy? Gonna fill him up? Add your load to mine and let it soak in?’ He oinked back, and started hammering my boy. Without slowing down his anal assault, HUNG DAD looked right at me, ‘You got it wrong, man. I’m adding my second load to him. I bred him nicely a few minutes ago, and you didn’t even notice. No more Mr. Nice Daddy. This time everyone will know it when I breed your boy!’ He gestured to his phone. ‘Video,’ was all he said, and I followed orders. As I filmed, he let loose a torrent of filth. ‘Stupid fucker. Sharing your boy’s raw hole with a perfect stranger. You didn’t ask status, didn’t ask me to wrap up or pull out. Whatever he catches from me is totally on you! YOU wanted this!’ I knew he was right. If my hands hadn’t been busy holding the phone, I would have been fisting my cock. My boy just moaned into the floor. Seeing HUNG DAD breed my boy was so fucking hot. He made sure to shoot his first squirt deep into that pig hole. He pulled out and looked not at me, but at the camera. He growled, ‘SEEDING HIM DEEP! I’M BREEDING YOUR BOY!!!!!!’ And did. He pulled out and grabbed the phone, still recording. He zoomed in on a river of seed drooling out of my boy’s pig hole. He kept recording as he forced my face down there to lick it up, and as I kissed my boy, sharing the mixed loads in his ass with a kiss. HUNG DAD plopped himself down on the sofa. ‘Damn, boy,’ he said looking at my boy as he rolled over onto his back and fingered his puffy sore hole. ‘And you just started your pig training this morning?’ my boy nodded, ‘Yeah, we made a new friend in the neighborhood. He’s got a huge dick. And we want him to fuck me. I need to loosen up to take his cock. Maybe you know him?’ HUNG DAD chuckled, his belly shaking. ‘Yeah. Will. We go way back. Come to mention it, I think I met him right in this room… Will and I share my boy sometimes. But more about how we met, and sharing my boy later…’ HUNG DAD went on directly to my boy as if I wasn’t even there, ‘You have dinner plans? Wanna make this an afternoon of breeding and seeding?’ My boy nodded, ‘I was gonna share my boy at a blindfold BB BBQ tonight. Two boys will be twice as fun.’ My boy nodded again. ‘Get yourself cleaned up, pig. You’re fucking filthy.’ My boy got up immediately and headed to the bathroom. He came back and kissed me full on the mouth, then ran out of the room. HUNG DAD looked at me, ‘So, when I’m in the room, you’re both mine. Understand? If I want to talk to you, I will. I only needed you to get into his ass the first time. Now, he’ll beg me for it. That leaves you out of the picture, man. You can watch, and join in, but only when I say so. Got it?’ I nodded, getting hard again. ‘Unless, you wanna bottom too, and be one of my boys…’ I grinned before I could stop myself. ‘Yeah. You need to start pig training too.’ To be continued…
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    Feeling sick, high fever, headache, sweating...maybe sluttiness has caught up to me? horny af though. Heading to baths
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    Had my first night in Paris of what I'm calling my tour to be a whore. First stop was Mec Zone, advertised as a small local bar with a dark room in the basement. Not much of a crowd but as long as they were willing to fuck my ass I didn't care who it was. Ordered a beer and then went down in the dark room where one guy who'd been checking me out followed me down the stairs. I immediately pulled down my shorts to show the leather jockstrap that I was wearing and to show that I was available. He came over he felt up my ass, stick his finger in my hole, and then ate me out but it didn't progress beyond that. That seem to be the general theme so after about an hour I decided to move on. Mensch.... immediately upon entering this bar I knew things would be much better… The bartender who was hot and naked with a great Prince Albert informed me that some Americans get nervous when they come here because of the naked policy. I told him I had no problem with that and that I came here to participate so I quickly stripped down to my jockstrap. Got my beer and then headed downstairs to the darkroom and play space area. More of a crowd and this crowd was ready to play. The theme was leather night but most people were pretty naked. While walking around I could feel the eyes on me and I knew things were going to happen. An older gentleman with an average dick size was following me so I leaned over a fuck bench and stuck up my ass in his direction. I've learned the value of that first fuck as it encourages others to follow. Which is what happened that night he entered started going at it and within five minutes shot his load in me pushing it in as far as he could. In rapid succession, five more tops followed with several more loads. I had no idea who was fucking me which I always find exhilarating. I love just being used like that. After that nice little train… I spent the remainder of the evening walking around and having repeats as the crowd did not get really any bigger. Had some time in a sling with a nice couple from Paris. Altogether a great time! The bar closed and being the horny asshole that I am… I wanted more dick up my ass. I get to the point where I feel insatiable...just want more and more. Headed to Krash bar because they stayed open until five and have a dark room. Same procedure… Got the beer and immediately headed downstairs. Mostly drunk and horny guys at this point wanting to fuck but unfortunately too drunk to get hard. Had a couple of good pounding sessions from two African guys Who got me in a booth and had their way with me. They took turns using both of my holes… I'll be sucking one off and the other one would be pounding my hole. One of the Africans had a nice 10 inch dick that I could fit in my hole but not in my mouth. He was merciless in his pounding. They both got off degrading me…slapping my head, shoving on my back to arch further, and showing no regard for my hole except what pleased them. Staggered out into the dawn with cum dripping down my leg and walked back to my hotel. this is my first load post… Let me know if it's too long, what you think, or if you'd like me to continue writing about my trip...thank you.
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    It was years ago and I can’t remember where I read it, but someone once wrote that at some point you’ll get to a certain age, and you won’t give a damn that you’re being fucked by guys half your age, guys twice your age, guys young enough to be your son or old enough to be your father. I got to that place pretty quick in life! A few days ago I was in the city centre and jumped on Grindr, but didn’t really see anyone about. I sat down in a quiet spot to see if anyone might turn up. After about 3 minutes, I get a message – check the profile: cute lad, 18, black hair, vers btm and a rower (I think to myself… hmm, strong hands!)… 55 metres away… Him: Hi. You’re close. Horny? Me (liking that he’s upfront) : Yeah. Up for being fucked. Him: Cool. Shall I come over? It slowly dawns on me that the young guy with the headphones sitting barely 20 metres away is this guy. He’s obviously seen me and messaged… So obviously I say yeah. He’s kinda nervous and laid-back at the same time. Guessing because he’s vers btm and I want to be fucked. We’re both wondering where to go, somewhere quiet, because it’s late afternoon in the city centre. Quiet spots are hard to come by… but I know a place about 10 mins walk away. It’s a dead-end alleyway or maintenance access path next to a building not far from a busy public footpath. A bit risky, but is he up for it? Apparently yeah. Well it takes about ten minutes to get there – filled with occasional conversation, but to be honest, we’re both just about the fuck, so this is just killing time – and once there, we scope it out a bit, decided its fine. I lead him down the path and immediately drop my jeans to my ankles (I’m going commando) and pull my vest top over my shoulders so I’m basically naked. ‘I don’t kiss, is that ok?’ he says. Fine. He grabs my cock and runs his hand down my body but I’m already opening his jeans and pulling out his cock. Drop to my knees quickly and slip it into my mouth. It tastes good, about 7.5 inches and quite girthy… I think I’m gonna enjoy this. I suck for a bit and look up, but I can see he’s getting worried about the surroundings, so I use the mixture of spit and precum in my mouth to lube my ass up, then stand up. I think if we stay too long he might get too nervous to fuck. I give him a few reassuring smiles then spin around and present my ass. He slides in quite easily, and starts fucking slow. I remember he’s a vers btm so I wonder how much experience he’s had being a top, but his cock feels good in my ass as he makes long slow strokes with his cock. Pulls almost out with only the head of his cock inside me, and then slowly pushing in as deep as he can, and then repeats, with a slow rhythm of three or four seconds. I normally like it fast and rough but this is interesting. I’m starting to feel good. He’s switching on my buttons now, and I’m starting to get all over body shivers rippling in the long, slow rhythm he takes. This feels new! His extra girth means I am starting to feel him swell inside me as well, and I notice that the rhythm picks up, but not fast or frantic. I’m normally used to the rhythm of a top picking up speed before a cumshot, but the thought occurs to me – and it makes me smile – this guy is rowing his cock into me! This is a rower’s rhythm! I arch my back a little to let him in a little deeper, maybe to encourage him to go faster, but his rhythm is at about once every two to three seconds now, and then suddenly a big warmth inside me. I’m not used to his rhythm so it’s an unexpected cumshot… but of course always welcome. He thrusts in real deep and stops dead, and I feel his stationary cock pulse three or four times inside me with more warm rushes in my ass and belly as he does so. Fuck it’s hot! A week later, even thinking about it, I still have the memory of his pulsing cock in my ass, shooting his cum into me. We’ve been quiet up to now, because of the nearby footpath, but I can’t resist – ‘oh fuck yeah! Fuck I can feel you cumming in me!’ I say, pretty loudly – as he picks up the rhythm again and fucks me for a bit longer, before slowly pulling out. I turn around and see him grinning from ear to ear, looking pretty satisfied with himself. He should be. ‘That’s only the second time I’ve ever done that,’ he says. ‘Guess you liked it, then.’ ‘Fuck yeah!’ I reply enthusiastically ‘You’re good at that!’ We get dressed… well, I get dressed, he just pops his cock back in. He looks like he wants to say something. As we’re walking away back into public, he asks, somewhat circumspectly ‘Is there any advice you’ve got, y’know, about topping a guy?’ My reply is simple: ‘Just do what you did. Because wow!’ …and then we go our separate ways.
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    CHAPTER 16: Chris: I never realized how intense making out with my own brother could be. I never even thought about it once, honestly. Hmmmm… ok, maybe, once. Ty, who is momentarily wrapped up in all that’s going on while kissing me, is almost entirely ignoring Jake. But I can feel Jake move and it feels like he’s going to go for round two on Ty’s neg hole. I love that Jake is such a perv when it comes to sharing poz loads with neg guys, and I’m glad he’s here now to help knock up my little brother. “Ahhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhh…. “, Tyler groans breaking our kiss. The feeling of Jake’s cock re-entering his body makes itself obvious, “Fuck yeah…. “, I moan, “Give it to him … breed that hole”. Jake looks at me, giving me a dirty grin, and then slides in, deep dicking our little pledge. "Oh fuck, yeah man, … fuck! Want … another … load", I hear Ty almost mumbling. “Cumslut”, pops out of my mouth before I can stop myself, but I not sure either of them actually hear me say it. Ty’s cunt is again stretching to take Jake’s bare cock. "You want another poz load in that tight pussy? You gotta cunt that needs to be knocked up? That what you need?", Jake asks him, rhetorically. When Jake fucks me he’s not so verbal, it turning me on watching and hearing him treat Ty like a cum dump. "Yes… fuck yes! Fill my cunt with poz dick. Do it .. Fucking drill me hard", Ty’s voice very clear this time. "I’m in the mood for a rough fuck, not sure how long I’ll last this round", Jake tells him. Jake pulls back and then slides all eight inches of his meat back into Ty's ass. He’s grinning at me as we both watch my brother's thin frame devour every last fucking inch of poz dick. The same poz dick that, I’m pretty sure, infected me. “Yeah … “, I moan, “Fucking give it to him like you did me”, I say out loud. Ty gasps and is breathless for a minute. “Hope you love that poz dick as much as I do baby brother”, I tell him, but Jake forces his cock down into Ty more quickly than before and it takes his breath away. “Ahhhhh…. Owwww…. Ohhhh… Oh fuck … wow”, I know Jake's hard cock is pushing aside Ty’s insides as it invades his cummy-filled bowels. There is always a dull ache when Jake fucks me – its so hot to be able to watch someone else take his cock. Then, without pause, Jake withdraws his long dick until only the head remains. He glares down at Tyler. Ty’s face begins to sweat and he’s panting. I know how that withdrawal can leave you feeling empty as it pulls at your ass lips in a way that makes you crazy with lust; all you want is that poz dick back in again. Jake massages Ty's ass cheeks. “Fuck yea… fucking squeeze my cock head babe, twitch that hole and milk my dick for cum”, say Jake. Ty is grunting at his words, then Jake adds, “You’re definitely gonna get it”. Jake looks at me and winks as he’s lording over Ty’s hole. Then suddenly Jake dips back in and picks up the pace once more. Ty is grunting with each thrust and tries his best to push back against Jake's dick. Jake moans, "Oh fuck, babe, oh fuck. Your cunt is literally trying to milk a poz load right out of me". Jake slows down a little and starts taking long, determined, slow thrusts. Each time he reinserts his dick, he moves a bit. It looks like all of the different angles are causing new sensations for both of them. I grab my camera and move behind Jake to record Ty’s breeding. I think this is the hardest I’ve ever seen Jake’s cock, and I know Ty's neg chute is driving him wild. Jake's hands are still on Ty’s hips, pulling his ass back onto his dick as hard as he’s thrusting forward. "FUCK! You're so goddamn tight! He’s tighter than you", Jake says, obviously speaking about me, but his words aimed at the both of us. Jake moves up and collapses on top of Ty, pummeling his ass. I move with him to continue recording – I think, “We will definitely beat off to this later”. All of Jake's body is now covering my little brother, and Jake starts humping Ty harder. His ass rising and falling with the brutal, short, quick thrusts. Ty’s eyes are closed, but if he could see my face he’d know I’m as caught up in lust watching him take poz cock as taking it myself. I move the camera up and around to catch their love making. Jake is moving his face to Ty's shoulder and he bites down on him while they fuck. Ty gasps and turns his head toward Jake. Jake moves in to kiss him, but it turns into more of sloppy, animalistic kiss than a romantic one. As the hot stud who knocked me up, pounds my brother, they just pant into each other’s mouth … sharing saliva. "I'm gonna cum … gonna shoot", I hear Ty. I move so that I can I record him getting off while being bred. "Yeah," Jake says, "You like poz dick in that pussy, huh? Gonna shoot your load while you’re being fucked and bred?" Ty is sweating and he doesn't need this much encouragement. His dick, rubbing against Jake’s abs, and suddenly he spews another load. As he does, he bucks up a little so that he can drive his cock harder against Jake’s body. Jake pushes in deep when Ty lifts his ass, and I know the added sensations are bringing Jake closer to his orgasm. He raises his body and grabs on to Ty's ass and drills him. Ty's ass tightens and convulses. I can see Ty’s sticky cum blasting out in between their bodies and rolling down the side of his stomach. His abs are covered in cum and all I can think about is how much I want to slurp that neg load up right now. "Fuck! Fuck! Your cunt lips are making me crazy", Jake moans, "Your quivering hole is fucking amazing". Jake pumps into Ty a few more times, then Jake uses his hands on Ty’s hips to grab on tight. "Here comes my load! Gonna dump another unmedicated load in you!", I hear Jake in his most direct voice yet, "My poz nut is going to be swimming in you all night". I move back behind Tyler so I can record Jake’s cock as it dumps its venom in my little bro. “Ahhhhh… fuck… ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhh”, Jake groans and it happens. I know his cock is swelling and with each pulse of cum, he plunges deeper and deeper into Ty’s ass. The way Jake is pulling back and hugging Ty, it almost looks like he’s trying to climb inside of him. After his orgasm finishes, Jake rolls off of my brother. A sticky, cum covered cock slides out of Ty's ass and starts to shrink from all the abuse. I get a shot of Ty’s wrecked ass. Jake lies down beside Ty, both of them sweaty and panting. Ty looks over at Jake, and Jake flashes him a quick smile as they catch their breath. I decide to get one more shot of the damage, and Ty’s cum covered stomach, before putting the camera away. I look at them both. My bedroom smells like guys, sweat, cum and sex and Jake's body is covered in sweat; his hair, damp and messy. Right now I’m so turned on I just want to bury my face in his body and lick him clean.
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    Do you want my virile load? It will cause you to have my viral load.
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    last night I was really itching for some. I'm a bit picky so I hit up my friend who's a cop, he's around 40 years old, fit, buzzed head, blue collar kind of guy. now let me tell you a bit about his dick. it's huge- about 9 inches long and almost as thick as a coke can- and I'm no power bottom. every time we've tried to fuck with a condom it hurts too much, I've even cried before lol. anyways I started prep about a month ago and decided to finally take the plunge into some hot bareback. I told him he could fuck me raw. I was over in about 30 min, sucking his dick until he flipped me on my back and started eating me out like never before, I guess he was excited. he slicked it up and i took a hit of amyl and the entire fuckin thing was in me in about 20 second- something that never happened before in the 6 months or so that I've known him. let me tell you, it felt fucking great. I blew my load in 10 minutes and he blew his inside me shortly after. will definitely be going back for more soon.
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    The library closed at 5:00pm. One of my jobs when I close the library is to walk through all three floors to make sure that nobody got locked in the basement, first floor or second floor. The place is empty up until I get to the study carrels on the second floor outside the rare book room. Some guy is in the last carrel, totally asleep with his head down on his arms on the desk. I’ve seen this guy around before in the same outfit with a green stripe t-shirt, khaki shorts and some white canvas All-Star sneakers. He’s got dark brown hair with a conservative cut, not too short but real simple. I know from checking him out other times that he has a real fresh face that is almost boarding school preppy except for dark brown puppy dog eyes that make him look more down to earth. He has a narrow nose and thin lips, but a big smile with laugh lines that put some character on a face that some guys might think is too pretty or too plain to be sexy. Well, he’s also 6-2, 170 and real masculine, with a prominent Adam’s Apple that reminds you he is a man, not just a pretty boy. He’s got real full hair and you can’t see the Widow’s Peak but you know that it’s there because of the way the hair dips down his forehead. So you could draw line from that downward dip in his hair to his kind of pointy nose to his strong chin to his big Adam’s Apple. I know all this because I have studied him. Plus, I’ve kept going further down, checking out his lean torso and the bulge in the front of his favorite khaki shorts. There is no hair on his forearms, but he has decent hair on his legs. Maybe the hair is more sparse on his legs than it seems because the hair is so dark on his pale skin. He looks Irish, like he could be a Kennedy. I studied this guy online, too because I help with Online Journals and Databases where things can get slow because the students know how to use them better than the professional library staff which is why they bring in someone like me to help. It took me a long time to figure out this guy’s name because when he is with friends in the library they call him Tip. No students named Tip. I saw him check out a book a few months ago that I looked at, and learned his first name is Nate. He went straight to law school from undergraduate, he will be a second year law student in the Fall, and he is 22 or 23 depending on his exact birthday (which I can’t locate online). After all that research, one day I see Nate getting picked up in a car by a real pretty blond girl and the hello kiss makes it real clear she isn’t his sister. Straight, girlfriend, forget it. Move on. Plus, she’s driving a shiny BMW. I don’t know where these people get all that money. I call his name, but the guy is not waking up. Nate, Tip. No response. I really don’t want to touch him, because students can flip out over nothing. I can’t afford any trouble. But okay it’s time to leave and I need to go find some action. What I want to do is run my hands through his full head of hair, but that would be trouble for sure. I shake his shoulder and call his name again – Excuse me, Nate, Tip? Time to go. That rouses him. Nate looks at me kind of confused because he has no clue who I am, and he rubs his face. I’m closing the library now. Its closing time. You have to clear out, okay? Nate checks his phone and sees the time. Fuck! I’m sorry, man. I was just resting my eyes for a minute. I have a paper due tomorrow. I need to look something up that’s not online so I can finish. Will that be okay? This is not my fucking problem, but I can’t say no to Nate. So we go look for the book in the stacks. It’s not there. Nate panics because students have no common sense. I know there is a copy at the reference desk. Hey, there should be a copy downstairs at the reference desk. Let’s go see. Nate is so grateful. His smile just melts me. When we get to the reference desk I pull the book and hand it to Nate. He flips through the index and turns to where he needs to get his information to finish his big paper. Now he’s flipping out, turning the pages again and again. The exact page that he needs is missing because somebody cut it out, like with an Exacto knife. That’s how students treat each other. Nate is ready to cry. I mean his chin is trembling and I can see his puppy dog eyes welling up. It is melting me. Hey Nate, I think we can call around to another law library in the morning and get a scan of your page. They’re not supposed to photocopy or scan books, but they’ll do it for me. Nate stands there thinking, like he doesn’t know what to do. So lost. Nate finally decides that he can wait until morning. The smile is back on Nate’s face and he is extending his hand. I’m Nate, but you know that already. Not sure how. Anyway, my friends call me Tip. You can call me Tip. Now I’m smiling back and shaking Tip’s hand. I’m Dan. Nice to meet you. Too bad you have a girlfriend is what I want to say, though. We go back upstairs so Tip can get his stuff and I can finish checking for any other students still in the library. Tip is all gentlemanly when we get to the stairs, and motions for me to go first. I swear to God I could feel his eyes on my ass, which I am confident looked good in my tight jeans and just a jockstrap underneath. I get back from checking for students, which there were none, and Tip is standing at the study carrell reading some notes. WTF, Dude, I have things to do. Like I need to go find someone to fuck. Tip blushes and scampers around throwing shit in his backpack. I mean he is flustered at this point and it is fucking adorable seeing him trying to get his act together. Phone check. Its right there, Tip. Wallet check. Still in your back pocket. Notes check. Really, you’re gonna read them again? I thought your paper was done except for one last piece. Everything is finally all gathered up. Tip looks at me and smiles, and he puts his hand on my back to gesture that he is ready to go. I’m supposed to be playing it cool here, but I jump. Tip doesn’t pull back, though. He just rubs my back a bit and smiles. Ready? There is lots of little brushing up against each other on the way out of the building. Its making me horny to go find some ass to breed. What time should we meet in the morning? Ten o’clock, Tip. That’s when we re-open. The reference desk is closed, but I can take care of it for you. Where did I park? Lot C7. Well, that’s on my way, I can walk with you, Dan. Tip starts making small talk, asking me what kind of car I drive. He’s never even heard of a Ford Excursion, and says he wants to see it. Come on, Dude. But I did just have it washed and it is my baby. I think Tip likes the truck. It’s giant. Do you ever let anyone else drive it? You’re kidding, right? But okay. Let me get it out of the parking ramp. Then we can switch. Ignition, AC, music (too loud, had to turn it down), gear. I pull to the curb and climb out. Tip is three inches taller than me. He’s spending an eternity adjusting the mirrors. We’re not going that far, Dude. No, take your time. You know what? My girlfriend is out of town and I have a gift certificate from Ribeye that is going to expire. Want to go? Tip is looking really good behind the wheel of my truck, and I want to say yes but my balls are going to burst if I don’t get laid soon, even though I fucked Paul yesterday and jacked off this morning. I can’t. I have to … go to church. Isn’t that on Sunday? Well, I mean I have to get up early so I can go to Church before work. Are you sure, I would love to thank you for helping me out. I haven’t done anything yet. I know you’ll come through. Tip’s arm is right there rubbing up against mine on the center console because he is so cocky driving a truck he never heard of or saw before that he can drive with one hand. Tip nudges my arm and says Come On. We’ll make it quick. It’s early, there won’t be a line. Dinner was a big mistake. The food was pretty good and the service was very good, but Tip kept eyeing the waitress. What was I thinking? You know what? That waitress looked like Tip’s fucking girlfriend and I don’t know either of them but I hate them both. Oh, so the paper is about finance and tax in mergers? Can you tell me more? I’m fucking fascinated. The only good part was the drinks. I had to use my fake ID, but I got served. Tip was impressed that I am (fake ID) 21. So we’re only one year apart. That fills in my biography. Tip is 22. So what? I’m horny, I’m frustrated and, yes, I’ll have another beer. Yep, all finished. Sure, I’ll drop you home. Yes, you can drive again. Easy on the gas, Tip. Are you sure you’re okay to drive? So, there’s plenty of parking at Tip’s apartment building. He pulls the truck into a space open on both sides, which is good because he is not exactly between the lines. Tip is reaching into the backseat trying to grab his backpack. I’ll get it for you. I climb out and open the rear door and get the backpack. I come around to the driver’s door and Tip is standing there with the door open. He takes the backpack from me and leans forward to put it over his shoulder. A bit of a stumble, and I steady him. My hands are on his waist and I’m looking up into his handsome face. Tip is smiling, a different smile than I’ve seen so far. Like he wants something that he knows he shouldn’t have. This is visitor’s parking. I mean, if you wanted to come in for another beer or if you need to use the restroom. Yeah, I need to use the restroom to jack off before I cum in my jeans without touching myself because you give me a big erection. Or a beer? I may not be a fancy law student, but I’m no idiot. I reach past Tip to get the keys out of the ignition. Our bodies are rubbing against each other for that maneuver, and I feel myself turn red because my boner is rubbing against Tip’s thigh. Tip steadies me now, with his hand on the small of my back. God damn, why are you touching me there, Dude? I should just leave and hit the rest stop or something, but maybe there’s something going on here. Some law student live like kings, and Tip is one of them. The place is all brand new. Nice floors. Kitchen hits you when you walk in, but it’s all granite and high end. A tour? Balcony. Washer and drying. Bathroom. Fuck, it’s like a spa. Study. You have a study? And you’re sleeping in the law library? Small bedroom with the bed up against one wall. Everything is all clean. I bet he has a maid. Oh yeah, and a girlfriend, because her shoes were right by the front door and her makeup was on the bathroom sink. No, I’m good, but go ahead if you want another beer. Tip gets his beer and pops the cap, leaving the opener and the cap on the counter for the maid. I’m sitting on the sofa and Tip sits next to me. Not right up against, but not all the way to his end. Tip takes off his sneakers. It’s like a production. Untie. Pull them apart. Raise your leg. Pull off the sneaker from the heel. Pull off the little sock from the heel. Stuff the little sock into the sneaker. Do the other foot. Law students are anal. Tip has big feet. They have to be size 12s or 13s, I don’t know. Big. Nice. I’m wearing my dressy loafers from work, but I just kick them off. Staff aren’t allowed to wear sneakers to work. Nice jeans are okay, but no sneakers and no t-shirts. Tip gathers up his shoes and my loafers and deposits them neatly by the front door. He lands a bit closer to me on the sofa when he returns. Do I have a girlfriend? OMFG. Where are my loafers? Not really. I’m lucky? Why? Tip is not looking at me now. He’s just looking past me, out beyond the balcony. He’s thinking again. I shouldn’t say anything. It’s not your problem, and we don’t even know each other. This goes on for a while. I don’t know how it happened, but we ended up to where we were both sitting on the sofa facing each other with our feet up on the cushion and our legs to our chests. Tip never said anything about being gay or bi. But I pulled off my socks and placed them neatly on the floor. Folded and everything. While Tip is talking about all of his guy friends and girlfriends in college and how close he felt to all kinds of different people, I slid my bare feet forward to lay on top of his. And I spread my legs open, which made my boner all the more obvious if it wasn’t already. I’ve never cheat on my girlfriend. Fuck you, Tip. Hand me my socks and shoes and I’m outta here. Well, it’s not cheating if it’s with another guy. Now, I’ve heard before that this line works, but this is the first time I ever even had a chance to try it out. More looking off into the distance. Then Tip spreads his legs open to mirror my position. He has to reach down and adjust his cock because his boner is pressed against the front of his shorts the wrong way. I get up on my knees, and then bend forward into Tip. My hands are on his broad shoulders. You’re handsome. Oh, the blush and the smile. This is a nice t-shirt, but maybe we can take it off. Awesome pecs. Flat abs. No hair except what should be there drawing a line from his belly button to the top of his shorts. I take off my polo to keep things even. My dark skin is also smooth, but I have a patch of hair between my pecs. Tip runs his hands up and down the sides of my torso. No kissing, okay? I understand. It’s cool. I mean, on the lips. Understood. I help Tip out of his shorts and underwear, with him still seated against the arm of the sofa. No wonder he had to adjust his boner earlier. Is it seven or eight? Whatever, it’s real hard. Tip has big balls at the base of his cock. Pretty hairy sac and lots of pubes running partway up his dick. Not a manscaper. Veiny shaft with darker skin below the head where the foreskin would retract to if he still had his. Shame about that. I swear to God the head is so big. Giant piss slit. Now I’m smiling because all I can think is that the tip is so big. My girlfriend never made the connection. None of them ever did. But all of my gym buddies get it immediately. Please, please stop with the girlfriend, Tip. I lean back and work myself out of my jeans and jockstrap. I’m a full six inches, but I feel small in comparison to Tip. My foreskin is hallway back already, and my own tip is moist with precum. I get back on my knees like before, put my hands on Tip’s shoulders and feel him returning his hands to the sides of my torso. We say it together, let’s do this. I bend down and take the head of Tip’s cock in my mouth. I tongue it, and I tongue the edge of it and even try to get that dark skin down below it with my tongue. Then I relax my throat and swallow his cock to the base. I keep my mouth there while I purse my lips to tingle on his pubes, and I run my hands up his thighs until the backs of my hands have his balls rubbing up against them. I use my hands to thrust his cock even further down my throat. I know how to breathe through my nose, and good thing because Tip’s cock is getting bigger and he is starting to pulsate. Oh fuck. Oh, watch out. The ejaculation is intense. Tip is bucking up involuntarily throat fucking me while his white hot sperm is jetting out and running down my throat. Tip’s comedown was slow. His cockhead was like suctioned and glued to my throat. When he eventually released and withdrew, his cock was still hard and slapped up against his flat belly. Honestly, he looked happier than I can remember ever seeing a guy look. Wow. Oh, I’m sorry, Dan. I tried to warn you. Is it always that good? How long did it take you to learn to do it like that? Is there a book or something that I can give my girlfriend for Christmas to read up on? Dude, one more comment about the girlfriend and I’m outta here. We are just talking for a while. Back like we were before except now our legs are outstretched and intertwined, and my cock is hard or maybe semi-hard while I play with Tip’s cock and balls with my feet and toes. Unlike at dinner, now Tip wants to listen to me. Do I have a boyfriend? No, but I have my eye on a few guys. Do I date? Sometimes? Do I hookup a lot? A bit. Do I fuck around with any of the guys at the law school? No, but I’ve met a couple other undergrads and an engineering grad student or maybe also a Ph.D. candidate for economics. Have I ever been with a girl? No. No, I don’t think I would, but you never know because we’re both still young and learning. Can I suck your cock? Tip gets up on his knees and begins to try to do for me what I did for him. He bends down and stares at my penis. He licks the head. He strokes the shaft. He fiddles with the foreskin. He swirls the precum around the head with the tip of his finger. I don’t know if he is mesmerized or scared. You can suck it, Tip. Oh my god. He takes me in his mouth and it feels so good, and it looks good too because this handsome guy is getting his M4M card with me. Tip struggles with technique, but I just lay back and play with his full head of hair while he explores. The foreskin is kind of an advanced maneuver, and I’m not embarrassed by it but it’s not like I washed up before we started fooling around so the fresh cheese had to be totally foreign since Tip doesn’t even make his own because he’s circumcised. Amazing how fast a guy can figure out how to give at least a decent blowjob. Tip instinctively tried to do what I had done to him, and I think he was also trying to show me some of the technique that he would like on himself. He worked the base of my cock with his big, strong hands while he sucked what he could without getting me past the back of his mouth or the very beginning of his throat. Tip took a break, and got back up on his knees. He’s just looking me in the eye. Fuck it, I’m melting again seeing desire and fear in him. I glance down and see that Tip is rock hard again. Full mast. Do you want to go to the bedroom? Hmmm, what happens there? Uh-huh. We stand up, and we balance each other as we walk together into the bedroom. I lay on the bed on my back, and Tip kneels between my legs. He caresses my torso again, and he jack my cock a bit. He even sucks me some more. Tip puts my legs up on his shoulders and gets his cock up against my hole. I think I’m in for it right there, but Tip begins to caress my thighs. Is he going to change his mind? So I’m just laying there wondering how this is going to play out when Tip spread my legs open with his hands. He puts his shoulders down into the backs of my knees and pushed my ass up off the bed. I do shave down there, but it’s hairy and I think it could even be a little ripe because of the no washing up. Tip must like this position for straight sex because he is skilled. He places his hands on the sides of my ass cheeks and pulls apart my pucker, exposing my rectum to his whim. I jump like I’ve never been licked down there before. Tongue, lips. Pulling on my little hairs with his teeth. Tip is lavishing attention on my asshole, and I am in shock at how much I like the fact that it is him doing it compared to how I feel when its random. But this was random, but now it feels different. Tip retreats from between my legs and comes forward and sticks his dick in my mouth. I tell him to turn around so I can deep throat him, and he does it. Tip is fucking my face again and I think he will soon be sucking my cock. No, he pulls my ass back up in the air and picks up where he left off. Except now with his fingers in my ass, too. I am so ready to be fucked by this guy, but I can’t speak with his dick down my throat. I have to gently push Tip up out of my mouth. Hey Tip, I’m ready whenever you are. In an instant, Tip is back where he was when we first got on the bed. Kneeling between my open legs. He places my legs up on his shoulders and gets us into position. His cock is right there. Do we need to use a condom? Not unless you want to, Tip. I can’t believe I consented to being fucked with a condom. Okay then. No need. Tip caresses my thighs again as he put the head of his cock begins to open me up. It’s big. I hope that I can take more than just the tip. Lucky for me, Tip catches on to every physical and non-verbal clue. Our eyes are glued on each other as Tip penetrates me fully. Tip already came once from me sucking him. So he has some stamina to keep fucking me now without shooting too soon. But I don’t touch myself because the puddle of precum on my own flat belly would quickly become a an ocean of cum all over myself if I touched my cock now. Do you like getting fucked like this? Yeah, you’re really good, Tip. Do you want to get on your side? Tip maneuvers us so that he is taking me from behind with us on our sides. I am cradled in Tip’s arms. No kissing, but this feels intimate to me. Do I need to pull out? No. No, please don’t. I really want to feel you in me like that. I mean here we are fucking like lovers and I’m shy to say the words cum in me because this guy is being so nice and sweet and primal all at once. Tip grips my dick and starts jacking it while he thrusts into me. He doesn’t need to move his hand because my body is being pulled back and forth by his motion. My orgasm is so powerful, I’m seeing stars. My ass must be contracting and gripping on Tip’s cock. But I can’t really feel or hear anything until Tip is laying there still, with his cock still in me but slowly receding. Thank God its clean when he pulls out. I don’t know why it’s so clean because I sure got a thorough drubbing, but it was. We layed together, now side by side but face to face. Does it always feel that good? Do you ever top? Can we do this again, sometime? Do you have any friends that are hot like you that are not too feminine? Not too feminine? Yes to it all. Well, except that it’s not always quite this good. You are really good, Tip. Tip wants to shower, so we do that. It’s still relatively early in the evening, but we are both exhausted. The visitor spaces are good for overnight if you don’t use it more than one day in a row. Yeah, but I have church in the morning. Please stay. I can’t believe that I slept with this guy. I mean slept with him holding me in his arms. He dozed right off, but I feel like I was awake a lot of the night. I don’t sleep with the tricks. The sun wakes us up early. Tip has some morning wood. I am full bore. But I really do need to go to church because my family will freak out if I don’t. Tip digs around and finds me a new toothbrush and he puts the toothpaste on it for me. Do you want to shower again? The water is so warm. My cock is rubbing up against Tip’s inner thigh with me standing behind him. I’ve fucked lots of guys in this exact same scenario, but I’m not taking that initiative in this situation. Tip reaches back and places me into position. Slowly. So very slowly. My foreskin actually makes it easier to penetrate Tip because it slowly gives way, and when it does retract there is just enough new space for his ass to relax and then grip around the head of my bare cock. We fuck under the water. It’s a nice rainfall thing, and it is amazing. I have Tip pulled up against me with my arms around his torso and my hands exploring his pecs and squeezing his nipples. Nobody has ever played with my nipples before, Dan. I do it when I jerk off though. Tip works his cock with one hand while he joins me in working his nipples with the other. I show Tip the same courtesy that he showed me. Should I pull out? No, Dan. No, please don’t. I want you. Well, I can’t really remember what the fuck Tip said for sure. Because I was shooting so deep and hard and he was spraying the shower wall with his own load. We washed each other up in the groin area, and Tip even fingered my hole some more. You know what, Tip? This was really good. We dried off went together back into the living room where I got dressed. There was no awkwardness. No expression of remorse or misgiving about what happened. I guess it’s true, it’s not cheating if you do it with a guy, and I know Tip had a good time. I did, too. See you at 10:00 o’clock. Thanks, Dan. See you then. Oh God, the mirrors were so fucked up in my truck. And I didn’t even notice, but the seat was also moved. I dealt with that, got some breakfast and made it to church. The benefit of early sunrise, there. Tip was waiting outside the library when I got there at 9:45 to open up. He had on a fresh outfit with a law school t-shirt and basketball shorts. Nice and relaxed. I got a scan from the book that Tip needed, and sent it to his email before he went home to finish his paper in that nice study. Now we have each other’s email! Why do I even give a fuck? I got laid. I should be moving on. Probably will. Definitely will. But maybe there should be more with Tip, at least until he graduates next May. I can let him drive the truck again. I swear, I think it was the truck that got me laid. Anyway, the reference librarians don’t work today, so I could use a computer in one of their offices to pound this out. How can I be horny again? And I have to work until 5:00pm.
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    I was bored at work and even after work when my friend Javier texted to ask me to see Hairspray with him at Parkland. I wasn't interested in the show, but I went to get out of the house and hang out with Javi since I couldn’t be up in Chicago for Pride because I had to work all weekend. The show was better than I thought and I kept watching one actor the whole time. Javi tells me at intermission that he knows the guy. In fact, that's how Javi got the tickets. Why didn’t I know about this friend? We wait around after the show for the cast to come out and meet up their families and friends. The dude I like is with his mother. But Javi knows them both and takes us over so I can meet my new find. Javi convinces the mother to let Justin (changing the name up here) to hang out with us the rest of the night. We pile in my Excursion and try to figure out a place to go. Nowhere because Justin doesn’t have a fake ID, but we should hang out. My place is no good because of the parents and the same for Justin. But Javi has his own place. We go to Javi's and have a couple of beers, and Justin has me all boned. He's my age. Short like about 5-7 and 140 with brown hair and eyes. Real handsome the way a young actor should be, but maybe a little too preppy looking. He reminds me of Tom Holland the Peter Parker/Spiderman actor except not as lean or tall, but still suitable for my needs. But there are two bigger issues. Javi's place is a studio, and it’s going to start getting too late to consummate anything sexual with Justin. Javi is the best wingman. He assesses the situation and asks to borrow my truck because the Walmart Supercenter is open 24/7 and he needs to get some stuff and wants to take advantage of my truck being available while he can. Javi says he is going to try to keep it to 30 minutes because I'm gonna need to drive Justin home after that. The door closes and I check my watch, it's 11:15. I tell Justin I need to piss. That’s true, but I also need to wash the gono crud from my cockhead and foreskin, and scrape it from my black underwear the best I can. It’s been oozing starting this morning at work. It must be from Paul at the car wash the other day. I’ll have to text him later and drop off some Internet antibiotics. Fuck, Tip probably got it from me last night and this morning before work. I’ll have to think about that one. All I have on Tip is his email, and I don’t want to blow things by sending something about getting checked. After I finish in the bathroom, I join Justin on Javi's nasty couch. I put my hand on Justin's thigh and lean in and kiss him, nice and soft. Justin kisses back more aggressive and moves my hand to on top of his dick, nice and hard. I unzip him while we are making out and work his dick free. Justin does the same for me, and we both pull our pants and underwear down to our ankles. Justin gives me a real nice blowjob while I jerk on his dick. Its a five incher max, cut. Born to bottom. I tell Justin I want to eat his ass, and he gets on his knees and bends down with the side of his face resting on the arm of Javi's nasty couch. It's a furry ass, and I pull him apart and look at his hole before I get in there and do what I said I wanted to do. He's kinda fragrant and tangy with sweat from being on stage all night, and that makes my cock twitch while I kiss and lick Justin's asshole. I get up on my knees behind Justin. I think it’s going to be tight and require more than spit for lube. Javi comes through again with a couple of half-used bottles of lube laying out right on the coffee table. Thanks, Javi. I put the lube on and my dick is right there ready to do what I need to do when Justin asks for a condom. This is bad news because there are condoms right there in plain sight on the coffee table. I told you about that, Javi. Condoms are so nasty. And now I don’t have the Out of Condoms excuse. Hey, Justin, I really like you. Can we please do it raw? Justin tells me to just put on a condom. A little backbone there. Maybe we should save anal for next time is what I tell Justin. Because there isn't going to be a next time because I am never going to fuck you with a condom, is what I say in my head. Justin wants me in him, I can tell that from the way his shoulders slump when I mention stopping the fun. He says he promised his mom to always play safe. That was my opening. I tell Justin I'm safe. Are you Neg? Yes. When were you last tested? Yesterday? What the fuck? In April. No mention of a year. I’m sure that it was in April of some year. Do you fuck Poz guys? No way, I'm real selective. Can you not cum in me? Yeah, I'll pull out. No problem. Justin grabs a lube and puts some on his fingers and slicks his hole real good. The clock is ticking until Javi will be back, so I move in immediately. Justin greets my dick with a firm ass grip as I glide in, but he is not tight like a vise. I fuck him pretty good, making every move count. Switching up the motions and the angles, but just from behind. Either Justin is a great actor, or he really likes my style, maybe because its raw and I hear that it feels better than a condom but never actually tried a condom to test that theory. I push all the way down and press my body against Justin, and he whimpers when I kiss his neck and lick his ears. Justin says he wants to ride me. That’s my least favorite position, but I am so close to shooting that I know I can finish with him riding me. I pop out, sit up, and Justin pulls off his pants so he can get up on his knees facing me while he leans down and back onto my waiting cock. I let Justin do all the work and enjoy the show while he tugs on his tool. Actors are pleasers, so I start telling Justin how much he is pleasing me. Making me feel real good. Showing me a great time. That works, causing Justin to pump his load on my chest while my seed pumps into his ass. Justin was loud, but I had to be super quiet because I promised to pull out. I am going to pull out as soon as his ass and my cock stop causing each other to twitch in reaction and counter-reaction to our natural mating ritual. I calm myself down as quick as I can, getting composed before Justin recovers his senses. When Justin emerges from his orgasmic fog, he leans forward and kisses me like he loves me. That’s nice, and all the while he is rocking himself back and forth on my cock because I am still hard enough to keep it going especially with the tender affection and the fucking stimulation still going. I’m also sitting there thinking that Justin is working my Poz load into his ass better than I could have imagined, and that Javi is going to be pissed if I get blamed for Justin testing Poz or catching a case of gono. All of that can be dealt with later if any of it happens. It is 11:40 when I look at my watch with Justin still seated on my raw cock. Hey Justin, Javi will be back in five minutes. I have to save my load for later. We should clean up. Justin dismounts and goes to the bathroom to cleanup at the sink and I use the Bounty that is right there next to the condoms and lube to wipe up my cock which should be soft by now but stays semi-boned. I pull my pants up and watch Justin walk back to the couch to get his pants. Hey Dan, we should make it look like we used one of these. Justin is pointing at the condoms. I don’t want Javi to know that I didn’t use protection. Hmmm, okay. He's never going to rat me out because he would have to out himself at the same time. Justin tears a Trojan BareSkin off the pile and rips the package apart. He pulls the condom open, spits in it, and closes it back up and rubs it in his hand. Yeah, well, I guess that looks like other used condoms I have seen laying around the rest stop. Justin is putting my Kleenex and the condom and wrapper in the bathroom trash bin when Javi walks in with a few Walmart bags in his hands. Javi won’t be able to miss that planted evidence. Javi says that it smells like sex, and Justin blushes and says that he hopes it’s okay if we borrowed a Trojan. Natural born bottom, and natural born actor. I’m driving Justin home when he quietly apologizes that he might not have got all he lube out at Javi’s. I’m sorry if it leaves a mark on your seat, Dan. No problem, Justin. They’re leather and cleanup really easy. Yeah, that lube can get runny. I had a great time. We should do this next time you have a show. Justin might have been hoping for something sooner but I know that he is going to have some stuff to deal with over the next few days or week. Justin recovers like a pro and tells me that he will be in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Cool. Maybe you can play some of that bare chested (I almost said bareback, but caught myself). I’ll be there. We exchange a big smile and a kiss while I pull to a stop. It’s 11:58 when Justin climbs out of the Excursion at his mom’s house. See you! I drive around the next corner before I find a place to stop and get a napkin out of the console to clean up the wet spot. Taking care of the truck reminds me to text Paul from the car wash. Hi. Gono again. Will be at car wash on way to work with Rx. Love, Dan.
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    Just an introduction so far. Still working on the filthy parts. Let me know if you want me to continue. --- I had seen them at the bar for a few months now. A Daddy and his boy, always at the same table. I watched from afar, longing for what they had. Daddy Jack, as he was known, was a big bear of a man, at 6 foot 9 inches, over 300 pounds, in his early 60's. Brick shit houses were built like him. His salt and pepper flat top picked up more salt as it blended into his thick beard. More hair could be seen sprouting from his shirt collar and the gap between his cuffs and gloves. He was always in full leathers, just snug enough to show off his body and massive package. He exuded testosterone. Every time he caught me looking he would look back with his piercingly blue eyes. I always looked away first. Once I got up the nerve to follow him into the men's room. He stood at the bar's trough style urinal, a strong golden stream flowing from an absolute snout of a foreskin. I tried my best to act natural, taking only glances at his cock, rather than climbing into the trough and drinking my fill. Mid-way through an epic piss, Daddy Jack cracked his neck twice and then stretched his arms up over his head. I thought I was being subtle with my sniffing, but then I heard Daddy Jack's deep throated chuckle. He roughly grabbed the back of my head, pulling my nose to his pit. Such a wonderful manly mix of musk, leather, and Old Spice. My cock got rock hard fast enough to cut my piss off mid-stream. While boy scott had nearly the same intensity, it was on a different wavelength. A foot shorter, half Jack's age and weight, swimmer's build he was the otter to Daddy Jack's Bear. Well maybe dolphin instead of otter. His head was shaved, and he looked like the razor ran across his scalp more often than his jaw. One night he was even missing his eyebrows, I still wonder what he did to deserve that. He dressed more casually, t-shirt and jeans most nights. This was set off by his chain collar, thick inch long links dipped in orange latex, with a heavy lock. However, scott was no beaten and broken slave, he was his Daddy's boy and proud of it. The pride could be seen in his bearing and the look of quiet satisfaction. Speaking of quiet, I don't think I ever heard him talk at the bar. One hot summer day, I was sitting at the bar bored after work. Not wanting to go home, not wanting to do much of anything. When a massive mitt in a leather glove reached over my shoulder and grabbed my beer. "Hey!" I shouted as I turned around to see Daddy Jack downing the drink in one gulp. He let loose with a massive belch. "Damn carbonation. Come on we're leaving." "But, but," I sputtered trying to make sense of the situation. Putting the bottle back on the bar, he grabbed me by the chin, looked directly into my eyes and growled, "Boy, I said 'we're leaving' now, pop your donkey-clutch get your ass in gear." He confidently strode out of the bar. Not knowing what else to do, I hurried after him and got into the passenger seat of his car. His smell filled the small space; stronger, with hints of cum and smeg. Soon as I buckled up, he took off like he was making a jail break. A couple miles down the road I found my voice again, "Where are we going? ... ... sir?" "We are going home." "Okay?" still not understanding. "Once we get there, scott will poz your boi cunt good, and then we'll kill him." "Wait, WHAT!?"
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    Every faggot in the room had a stiff cock by the time Trey took load number three. The erotic fuck show Dave and the kid just performed was amazing and we all were mesmerized by the apparent connection and animal like fuck that was just finishing. The look on Trey's face was amazing. He truly was enthralled with his partner and was thrilled to feel that pale cock unload in his ass. Still on his back, he remained coupled to Dave even as the thrusting subsided. Both gifted and chaser had a look of utter satisfaction. I know there were three thoughts in my head, damn what a fuck, can't wait to see number 4 plow the boy and fuck, I NEED a cock in MY ass. But just as we expected them to separate, Trey began bucking and riding what evidently was at least a partial erect cock. HIs noises were still animalistic sounding as he flexed his pelvis to fully enjoy some more of Dave's balls deep penetration. Dave quickly responded and was moving his own body in response to the tortured movements of the young ass he had just inseminated. Trey was clearly on his way to orgasm and was fully in control. We were all powerless to stop watching as Trey's breathing deepened. He rocked and moaned as his nice size, but hardly huge cock throbbed and bobbed at full attention. I suppose I was a bit stunned. We all knew that plenty of gifts would be delivered, but I had not thought about the need for Trey to explode. Moments later, hands free, all that movement turned into a moment of joy as he shot an amazing load that splattered on Dave's creamy torso. At that moment, I had no doubt about Trey's authenticity as a fag. Anyone who can essentially cum hands free while wiggling their ass on a partner's cock is gonna do just fine in the world of queer fucking. Ray was already lubed up and working his massive cock into rock hard fuck mode. Ray is a damned big dude...well over 6' 4" and probably close to 300 pounds. Full time redneck and former college football offensive lineman, he could be described as a power fuck. His dick is kind of unique. Not overly long (7 inches perhaps) it has an amazing pyramid shape and quickly tapers from it's pointy head to a base I cannot circle with one hand. Ray got knocked up years ago and seems to alternate between being on meds and not. Ray and I had never fucked a lot. It was ok, but usually just a hard, quick pounding and he was done. He relies on his size, not his skill to impress the bottoms he fucks. But hell, it is a unique cock and probably a tainted load, so I knew it would do the kid some good. But Trey and Dave remain coupled and cuddling on the bed, totally unaware of the anticipation visible in Ray's stiff poker. It was clear those two boys had experienced more than just a fuck. When they finally stirred a bit we got to hear something surprising. Trey said loudly, " well that is done". Six puzzled homos waited for clarification. "Dave knocked me up", he nearly shouted, " I know it". Becoming more animated, he said, " I felt the energy pass while we were fucking.". "I know it was his bug load entering me. I know I am really POZ". It was a clear and honest statement. Based on the show we watched and those words, we all knew those two had forged a fuck infused connection. Maybe it was not the bug, but there was something going on. There is nothing subtle about Ray. He was ready to fuck and was vocal about it. If Trey was done, then Ray was prepared to fuck the next ass that wagged in front of him. Not to worry, our new cum slut rolled over showed his cum filled ass and braced for the near rape that he was about to experience. An opened hole and three injections of POZ lube made Ray's entrance a bit easier, but still he mounted the kid and went balls deep in one powerful thrust. Ray's size, weight and thrust caused the boyish bottom to crumple. As our young friend disappeared under that mountain of man flesh, the pile driving began in earnest. Trey's whimpers were a signal that Ray was hurting him some---anyone who had been topped by that man knew the feeling. Unlike the hard, but skillful fucking Jony had given a couple hours earlier, this was a brutal rape/fuck. As the whimpering got louder, Ray offered him some relief. But the boy just kept on taking it. Ray always seems to finish up in the same way. He pulls his pointy dick out all the way and rams it back in had and balls deep. He repeats the action until in one mighty shove he blasts a load. I know I smiled a bit as that sequence began and a half dozen painful jabs later, Trey had gift number four mixing with all the tainted cum previously enjoyed. There was not cuddling after that coupling, but for the first time that night, Trey was offered a cum and slime covered cock to clean in an ATM "opportunity". It was clear he had never been exposed to ass to mouth cock cleaning. I have to admit it is a bit of an acquired taste--but one I learned to love myself. Trey froze in hesitation as that slicked up horse cock posed near his mouth, waiting on the completion of the last fuck act. A smile slowly started on Trey's face as he realized he was going full on into the kinkier part of men fucking men. He started opening his mouth to welcome the cum slathered dick. As soon as his lips parted, Ray took charged and rammed the pole down the kid's throat. Just as quickly, the gag reflex kicked in and our former HIV virgin puked all over himself, Ray, the bed and anything else near by. Unfazed by the vomit, Ray rammed it home again and this time Trey managed to suckle it. Like the fuck pig he yearned to be he slurped and licked that cock clean of all substances. The newly minted slut was learning new things. We had a bit of a break in the action as some of the guys started cleaning up a bit. Trey hit the shower to clean up. Nobody was sure if he was done or not, but it would be his choice regardless. I decided to take advantage of the slow moment and cornered Jony and started sucking his cock. I was needing fucked myself (as was every other queer in the room). As expected, I coaxed that black snake to life and soon he was probing my ass. The cock that busted Trey's AIDS cherry was now probing my horny shit chute. But, it was a short fuck. Trey came strolling back to the bedroom still fully nude and sporting a serious hard on. The smile on his face said he wanted more. He laughed as he asked "any of you faggots wanna fuck my queer ass?". Six dicks sprang to attention at that comment. Carl was up next. Carl is also a proven breeder and takes pride in spewing his demon seed into any negative ass that wants it. During my own chase, I rode Carl's "significant" BBC more than any other cock. I am fairly certain it was Carls seed replicating in my own body. Carl and I were something less than partners, but something more than just fuck buds. Perhaps some would call us lovers. All I know is he is a great human, an ebony god and a very, very talented lover. And now, I was going to see that beautiful, glistening black rod dip into the pasty white ass of an evolving man-whore. Trey and Dave had made love. Trey took my very HVL seed with relish. Ray raped his young ass and Jony had given him a world class fucking. But now, he was about to experience, what I thought would be the fuck of a life time. Carl is that damned good. Ten inches long, coke bottle diameter, Carl's cock is uncut. If there was every a perfect BBC contest, Carl should easily win. He is actually quite serious about fucking and takes his role as a dominate top to heart. Trey was being a bit playful and joking around a bit. I think he had no idea about what was to cum his way. Carl was a bit put off by the lightness of the mood and acted to change it. He sternly commanded Trey to get on his back, legs in the air. Slowly Trey responded. Carl then focused the room. "Boy" he said, " I have converted over 15 twink asses in the past 6 years". I know my cum is toxic and I am gonna spew it inside you" Carl continued, " in the next few minutes I am going to convert your little ass and turn you into a jack of spades, only black cock will satisfy you when I am done". I whispered to Trey. "that is the fucking truth" just as Carl unsheathed his monster cock and started pressing it into our boy's battered hole. Trey was gonna be fucked like he had never imaged.
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    Slam that cock in me Daddy. I want it. Give your boy another load. I need it Sir. Daddys cock was pounding my hole hard. The pounding must of have got the other guys at the site aroused as they were now watching us from the entrance of the tent. From the light of the moon, I could see about 10 guys naked and jerking their cocks watching Daddy get ready to breed my ass again. Daddy shoved his cock in and out a few more times and shoved one last time and unload a third load deep inside my hole. Daddy fell on top of me and the guys started saying fuck that was hot. Looks like we have an audience Sir. Daddy rolled next to me on his back and asked why are you all out there and not in here? The screened entrance opened and in crawled the crowd that was outside watching. All the guys were naked and now laying in the tent. The tent could easily accommodate the 10 guys. We all laid there talking. My head on Daddy's chest. I dozed off to Daddy saying the boy is worn out. I woke a little while later to the sounds of sex happening next to me. I opened my eyes to see David getting fucked by someone new and taking Daddy's cock down his throat at the same time. The new guy was covered in tats, furry chest, bushy goatee and shaved head. Alex was blowing Bubba in another corner. I was getting hard just watching and hearing it all. Daddy saw that I woke and grinned at me. A small light was in a corner of the tent. A couple other guys were kissing in another corner. That is a hot site to watch. Daddy told the new guy that he wanted some of Davids ass. The new guy pulled out and David turned around to let Daddy slide in. The new guy came over and laid down next to me regaining his breath. He introduced himself as Robert. Robert was still sporting a hard 8 inch uncut thick cock. Looks like you were having fun. His breath started slowing to normal and said that Davids ass was fucking awesome. Daddy looked over and told me that I should take a ride motioning to Roberts hard cock. Don't have to tell me twice. Robert then asked if I was ok. He had heard I just been fucked a few times tonight. I told Robert I was good and got on all fours. Robert slowly slid his thick cock slowing into my hole. Fuck it was thick. Even after taking Daddy, Roberts cock was stretching me even more. I leaned up so I could jerk on my cock as he fucked me slow. Robert slipped one arm around my belly and the other around my neck. He started to pick up speed as his arm around my neck started to cut off my breath. For some reason this was turning me on a lot. Robert asked if anyone wanted my cum as he thought I was about to blow. David switched positions and flopped on his back in front of me while Daddy continued his assult on his hole. David turned his head and took my cock down his throat. I was so close to cumming and I David knew that. David reached around to Roberts ass and helped guide his cock deeper in my hole. Robert started to make his assult faster and more powerful. I am going to fill that hole with a 5 day load. He asked if I was ready for load of high viral poz cum. I rocked back and forth between his cock and Davids throat. Robert was hitting my prostate hard. I shot my load down Davids throat. He swallowed and grabbed my head and shoved it down on his cock giving Robert even better access to my hole. I was a cum hungry bottom slut on a mission as I sucked on Davids cock hard. I wanted a load in both ends. I could hear David and Robert both getting to the point of no return. I said to both of them that they need to seed me. Give me those loads. I went down on David and sucked him a few more times and he shot his load in my mouth. Fuck it tasted good. Then once David was done, Robert pushed my head down on Davids cock, held my neck and started to really drive his cock home. all I could do was moan and await the much needed fourth load of the day. Fuck yeah you are going to get it buddy. With that slammed into my hole once again and let out a bear growl and shot his load. I could feel the pulses his my insides and his cock expand as he unloaded. My ass was on fire with pleasure. We all fell onto the tent floor reveling in the sweaty antics that just transpired. I could feel Roberts load start to leak out of my hole. Daddy handed Robert a butt plug and told him to shove it in my hole. I don't want any of those charged loads to leak out. This boy is on his way to converting. Damn you are a good boy. I hope you liked having another charged load injected into you. My cock was hard again. I grinned... ...Too be continued
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    After kissing for a little while Greg and I fell asleep. Greg spooned me the whole time. I woke to it being past dinner. I had rolled over and had my head laying on Greg's chest. I smiled as I saw his chest rise and fall as he slept. It was warm and we were both sweating. I started to rub his chest and he let out of sigh and opened his eyes. He said good morning and we both chuckled. I leaned in for another kiss. He stopped the kiss and said to be careful its loaded. I looked down to see his cock standing at full mast. It was the kind of cock that any horny cock sucker loved. Not overly long, but pretty thick. The kind that takes your breath away as it slides in deep. I reached down and grabbed his cock and balls at the base. Giving him an evil grin I told him that I couldn't wait to feel that exploding in my hole. Greg let out a low growl and said not time like the present. I crawled on top and straddled his furry chest and rubbed my ass on his cock. The man was a leaker for sure. I looked down in his eyes and told him that I liked a man that didn't need lube. I leaned down and started making out with him. God I love a man that knows how to kiss. His cock found my hole and he let out a sigh. My hole was slick with his precum. I pushed back as we were kissing and he lifted his ass to help guide his cock into me. I put my hands on his chest and sat up as I slide his cock all the way in my hole. fuck you are thick I said. His eyes were wide as I sat all the way down on his throbbing cock. He told me he loved it when a bottom guy took control and rode it. I started to ride his cock slowly at first keeping eye contact with the sexy biker underneath me. I looked down and told him that he was not pulling out and I wanted to feel him explode deep in my hole. I want that fucking cum in me bad I said. He grinned and said you mean my dirty load? I said yes Sir. We started picking my speed. He was hitting my prostate with such force my cock was leaking all over his chest. He was meeting my thrusts down hard. I looked down and told him that my hole was his. I wanted him to make my hole his. with that he rolled me onto my back with his cock still deep in my hole. My legs on his shoulders now he was pounding my hole and bottoming out hard with every thrust. I looked up at him as his sweat was pouring down on my body. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me harder. Mark me with your load. He leaned down and folded me in half and fucked me even harder. He covered my mouth with his as I started to moan. Our breath being shared back and forth. Daddy started to growl with pleasure. I held on around his back and whispered in his ear. I am yours Daddy. As I said those words I felt his cock unload as he shoved in me hard one last time. His load shooting from his cock hard. 8 hard shots of poz cum unleashed into my hole. Both of us breathing heavy. He stayed hard in my ass and started to slide in and out again. My hole was wet with his load. Fuck I love your hole boy he said. Its yours to take anytime Sir. With that he started to slide in and out again. His cock still hard as a rock. He looked at me and said I hope you can handle another load, because I have all night. I lifted my legs and pushed on his ass sliding his cock in my hole all the way. Tightening my ass around his cock, I said you are not going anywhere and leaned in for another kiss. ***To be continued
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    CHAPTER 17: Chris: I wake up the next morning and quickly realize my arm, along with most of my body, is wrapped around Tyler. Pressing my nose into his neck I inhale a lung full of the scent of his body. For a few minutes I savor the sensations as my brain slowly wakes itself up. I can feel his feet touching mine, his legs, his ass against my cock and my stomach firmly pressed against his back. I kiss his neck. He doesn’t flinch. “Someone got used pretty hard yesterday”, I softly mumble. I know Jake jackhammer fucked him and gave him two loads, and he took two other loads from me. I pull back, the sensation in my hard dick is pressing against the lower part of Ty’s back. I pull backward and I feel the hairs on my stomach rightly complain from the combined stickiness of lube and precum probably from both of us. With a slight wince, and a tug, I pull backward enough to free my body from his. I reach down to feel Ty’s hole. Its puffy and wet. Feeling that, my cock is more awake than I am right now. Reaching down to my cock the tip is dripping wet. I know Ty is sleeping but he’s about to take another load of his big brother’s poz sperm. I look down at his body, touching him, touching his hair, feeling him. A delicious grin covers my face. I think, “I want him to test positive”. Part of me feels dirty thinking this, but at the same time I feel closer, and more like a big brother to him, than ever. Right now I have to power to pump a load of cum into my baby brother’s ass that will change his life, and the best part is, we both want me to do it. Bug chasing for me was a natural evolution of bareback sex with hot guys I met and wanted to get naked with, but I’m not sure how Ty got into it. I want us to have that conversation when he’s poz. Then it dawns on me, “Jeremy!”, and I realize his ex must have somehow turned him on to the bug. I suddenly feel a little guilty, “Am I any better than that guy?”. I rub my fingers through Ty’s hair I quickly put any thoughts of backing out, out of my head, and focus on his body. I turn away from him just enough to grab some lube from the nightstand and get a bit of it on my raging cock. I set the lube down and again press my stomach against him. This time I push my dick into the crack of his ass where it glides against his skin easily. My phone buzzes, probably a text, I ignore it. Right now nothing will keep my horny cock from filling the Ty’s ass with an infected load. I use my hand to guide my cock to Ty’s hole and press against his body. Applying slow, even pressure the tip disappears into his ass almost effortlessly. I can still feel some of the cum trapped inside him. Looking at his back and body I mouth the word, “POZ”, its the only thing I can think of as I work my dick into him. I drive my cock deep inside, going as slowly as I can, the bright pink head pushing his hole apart, digging its way in. Pressing more firmly my dick continues its invasion and its not long before my balls are pressing firmly against his ass. Ty is still asleep and hasn’t moved but now he’s got nearly 8” of poz dick attached to him. I press myself more closely, running my tongue over the back of his neck. I rub his dark brown hair again and again, moving my mouth close to his ear. “I want you poz, Ty”, I whisper to him, more for my own pleasure than expecting him to hear me. I pull my cock back slightly and work it in again. “I want you poz, Ty”, this time I grunt as I say it, feeling dirty. I know he’s asleep but I say it over and over again kissing him each time as I do, using his body to help get myself off. I keep pushing my dick into my little brother when finally he turns his head slightly. He realizes I’m using his ass and I get a groggy, “fuck yea” out of him as he moves his left arm to my ass and I feel him trying to pull me in deeper. "Ohhh fuck!", I hear Ty’s soft voice, rolling his head around as I enter him again all at once as if to drive home the point that we’re having sex. "Awwww, fuck yeah...", I moan, slowly beginning to thrust myself in and out of his trembling body. “You want this Ty? … You want big brother’s bare, poz dick?”, he moans, “Yes”, “That what you wanted with Jeremy? Wasn’t it? Wasn’t it babe?”, I ask bluntly, working my dick into him. "Ohhh god... oh god, oh god!", Ty gasps, almost wailing … I can feel his skin getting hot, “Think I nailed it on the head”, I respond. I’m pretty sure Ty can feel my dick throbbing and I want more than anything to just spill another load him. This feels so good though, I want it to last. "Faster, Daddy", comes Ty’s response to; its an almost demanding tone. I love staring at his body and the nape of his neck while I fuck him, smiling and grunting, as I push harder into his ass, "You must really want this poz dick baby". "Yes daddy! Harder! Do it.", in what is the loudest, most demanding thing to come out of his mouth yet. My ego can hardly take it and a broad smile covers my face. Breeding my little brother Tyler is getting me hotter than ever and I can feel my pits sweating as I labor over him, "Yeahhhh… you’ll get it, don’t worry … I'm gonna breed you like the dirty faggot you are". My raging boner is stabbing at his insides, expanding his hole and piercing into the deepest parts of his anus, "Yeahhh, Daddy! Fucking do it!" It’s so hot hearing him beg me for it. "I'm gonna fuck you like a cheap whore, ... you’re gonna be another HIV-positive bottom, Ty", I grunt, smiling as his hands rub my hairy thighs, "You and your dirty cunt", slamming my dick in to emphasize the point. “Ohhhhh fuck Daddy… fuck … ohhhhh fuck!”, "Shut up," I tell him, "No one else is here, its just me, you and my poz dick". I slap his ass a few times and a bright red handprint appears. "UHN!" Ty moans, almost as if it hurts. I keep fucking him, faster now, pumping in and out of him -- drilling him hard. My hips slapping into Ty's ass and my legs almost entirely surrounding his, keeping him right where I want him. My waist bucks up and down, thrusting me deeper and deeper inside his boy hole. With each passing second, I’m growing closer and closer to fucking another load of unmedicated HIV+ cum into my littler brother. Part of me feels conflicted about all of this, the angel on my shoulder feels shame, but the devil on my other shoulder is turned on as fuck and beating off. My hips bang his body repetitively with my hairy groin, deep dicking him good. I’m going at it, lost, throwing caution to the wind as I pull on his body and shove my bare dick into him, over and over. Right now I don't care about Ty's well being … I just need to breed him. All I care about is getting off in Ty’s neg ass. I’m mating with my dirty fag brother like he’s my bitch in heat. I’m intent on making sure the next time he tests, he gets two lines. My bedroom is filled with the smells of man sex and the sound of testosterone-filled fucking, mixed with horny grunts and deep moans of power. I can feel Ty quiver a bit each time my hairy mess of pubes tickles his crack – its almost like he’s turned on, but a bit scared. My large, hairy balls are banging against his sensitive hole, and I can feel his ass clench a bit around my dick each time they do. They’re pulling up tight, getting in position ready to fire out another load, ready to impregnate this horny little bitch. I grip tighter onto Ty's arms, there’s a bit of sweat in the light dusting of his hair, unlike my nuts which are almost entirely bathed in sweat now. When I decided to bug chase I knew I’d want to share it. It gives me a bit of pride and stokes my horniness knowing that my own brother is the first guy to receive the poison from my dick. I’m fucking him like an animal, and my full, heavy balls are proof of that. "Uhhhnnnn... Daddy! Fuck! Breed me ...", he’s moaning, barely able to get it all out, but he knows just the words my dick wants to hear. I’m sweating, mouth wide open and the drool beginning to run down my lips. I love the feeling of his ass tightly wrapped around me. Having mostly bottomed I’m enjoying being rough and primitive with some twinky ass, even my own brother’s, and now I’m finally getting a chance to play things out as a Top. "I'll breed you right, baby," I grunt, some of the saliva dripping on Ty’s back, "And I'll fuck your hole up good". I never called Ty “baby” before but I like the sound of it, part of me wonders, “Could Ty and I have a thing like Cody and his Dad?” I’m pulled back from my moment by his voice, "Do it, daddy. Fill me …", then out of nowhere, loudly, “FUCKING BREED ME!”. I’m pulling hard on his arms. It feels like they might be ripped away from him at any moment, but he doesn’t seem to care. Ty is letting me have my way with his body, feeling his neck, his back, his groin again and again, pound after pound, my body crashing into his. "Fuck! Ughhh! Fucking take that cock boy!", I yell back, the veins in my biceps popping as I keep hold of his arms. He’s spasming a bit, and each time, his hole squeezes down a bit on my cock, “…you want my poz cum, you’re gonna get my poz cum”. Ty’s hand flows over my body, feeling me, “I’m gonna fucking fill you up with my salty, poz spunk, Ty”. I continue our sex, fucking him wildly, slapping my crotch against him, as though I’m sex-starved. I can feel my orgasm coming, the semen is welling up in my balls. I grunt and huff at the air coming off his twinky body, both of us barely able to speak more than a grunt. Then, finally, I feel it. My balls jerk against his skin and my whole body tenses, my dick stiffens, rigid and losing it’s deadly payload. "Awwww fuckkk... FUCKKKKKKKK!! I'm cumming! CUMMMING!", between heavy breathes. Ty moans like a schoolgirl, "Yeah daddy! Yeah!" In the span of these seconds a huge wad of toxic sperm lurches from my nutsac and shoots out the end of my fat penis, all while buried deep inside of Ty's hiv-negative hole. I groan in pleasure, driving my dick hard against Ty and dumping a hot load of cum all over his insides. I stay like that humping his waist over and over, my seed spilling into my little brother’s hot anus that’s locked around my dick. My dick shakes as more and more my sperm explodes out of the tip, “Want you poz Ty … fucking want you poz”, I groan. I wrap my arms around Tyler's waist, pressing my torso hard against his back. My sweaty chest and erect nipples digging into his backside. I slow hump him, gripping him tight and push, trying to get deeper and deeper into his throbbing hole. My eyes close as the feeling takes over my entire body. Spurts of cum escaping my cock head, my boner still pointing upwards inside his body. Then, I rub his pubes, reaching down to the his erect cock. I want to suck him off, but I’m spent, he’ll have to settle for my hand at this moment. My phone buzzes one more time with a text, “FUCK”, I groan under my breathe. I won’t be pulled away from what’s important to me.
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    Hey folks. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just had a very hot quickie in a fast food restroom right before work. A semi-regular, married fuckbud I've run into in some of the most random places was getting lunch, and we ran into each other at the counter. We made some general small talk before he said "I gotta piss, meet me in the restroom." So I did, with him just a couple steps behind me. We went into the handicapped stall, he whipped his dick out and I started sucking. It wasn't quiet, and if anyone had walked in, we weren't exactly subtle, with him moaning "Yeah, suck that cock" and the slurping/sucking noise of me obliging. After a couple minutes, he announced "I'm gonna put it in your ass", and moved behind me. I spit in my hand, rubbed some on my hole, and he pressed in. Nice, thick head and shaft, average length. But without any real prep, I could feel him splitting my hole open. He grabbed onto my hips and fucked me while I was bent over the toilet, standing. Pounded away for another couple of minutes before those magical words "I'm gonna nut". My response of "Oh fuck, nut in my ass" sent him over the edge and he shoved all the way in, dropping his load into my guts. I pulled my pants up, gave him a quick thanks and a kiss on the lips, and slipped out while he recovered. I'm sure I'll run into him again somewhere...we always do.
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    I tried something a little different today. It turned out pretty well, so I may try it again. In the past when I've had a hotel breed and seed, fuck party here in Las Vegas, I've gotten a motel room, near the LV Strip and hosted them in the evening. However, this time, I got a room at a Hotel/Casino in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson. It's a larger hotel, but it's easy to reach. Just off the exit where 2 freeways merge. There's free parking. And the elevator doesn't require a keycard. So, I decided this would work well for a sex party. I had for 2 days been putting ads on Craigslist. I had also posted a sex party on BBRT. I'd received several dozen replies, saying they wanted to attend. From past experience, I know only a small portion of the guys that say they're coming, actually show up. But, I was hoping for the best. One guy told me that he could only come if it was before 3pm. check-in time was 3pm. But, I was able to check in a bit early, so I got to my room at about 2:30p. I quickly messaged him and gave him the room number. He said he'd be there in 10 mins. I spent the rest of the time messaging everyone that had requested an invite, my room number and told them that the door would be unlocked. Come in and fuck. I then used duct tape to cover the door lock, so the door could just be pushed open, I dimmed the lighting, I undressed, I put out my poppers, wet wipes, a few hand towels and lube. All was set when I heard the door open, close, and he appeared in my dimly lit room. He came into my room and stood at the foot at the bed, kicking off his shoes and opening his jeans. I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his partially hard cock. He continued to undress as I was blowing him. Then he moved to the bed and layed on his back. I then climbed between his legs and again sucked on his now hard cock. I worshipped his cock and balls, then licked his ass. "Oh, FUCK!" he moaned when I licked his asshole. "I've never had my asshole licked", he said. "Are you str8?" I asked. "Yeah. And I don't have much time. My girlfriend is expecting me home". I continued sucking on his short, but fat cock as I tasted precum oozing from his piss slit. "Oh, dude! You're gonna make me cum!", he exclaimed, as he began to shake and fill my mouth with his hot cum. In probably 4 minutes, he had come, cum and was now quickly dressing and was out my door. Typical str8 guy, actually. Quick draws. Not two minutes after str8 boy number one had left, the door opened again and in the darkness I could make out a handsome Jock type guy in his mid 20's come into the room. He was about 5'9", 175 and muscular. He was wearing gym shorts which he quickly shucked. I knelt in front of him and began to suck on his giant cock, that was already rock hard. It was about 9"s long and really thick. Truly ROCK HARD, with a swollen mushroom head. While I was sucking on him, the door opened and closed. From the side of my vision, I could see a tall, broadly built guy in his early 50's walk past where I was kneeling and walk to the corner of the room. He stood there, unzipped and pulled out his cock. He was stroking his cock as he watched me suck the Jock kid. The Jock kid said to the other guy, "Come on over. He can suck us both". "No. Go ahead. I just want to watch right now.", the newcomer said. I continued to suck on the Jock as the door opened and closed again. In walked a stocky guy in his 50's. He quickly undressed and stood next to the Jock. I took turns sucking on both their cocks. The Jock said, "Someone needs to fuck this guy. That's what he wants. Right?" I got up and knelt on the edge of the bed. Grabbing my poppers and placing the lube on the mattress beside me. "Fuck, Yeah! Someone fuck me", I said. The stocky guy quickly came behind me and slapped his hard cock on my hole. I handed him the lube and he lubed both my hole and his cock. I sniffed on the poppers as he slid up inside me. He took no time to begin slamming into me. He wasn't really large. But his cock felt great. And he knew how to fuck. He fucked me for about 5 minutes with some good, hard pounding. While he was fucking me, another guy came into the room. He was a young guy in his 20's. The new 20-something guy quickly undressed and he began to suck on the giant mushroom cock of the Jock. All the while the other tall guy stood in the corner jacking off. The guy fucking me soon came, dressed and left. Then the guy that had just been watching walked behind me. Pulled his jeans open and slapped a huge rock hard cock against my ass. He thrust into me in one quick stab. Thank God the other guy had lubed me well and had dumped a nice load in me, so my ass was well lubed. He slid in me easily. He grabbed me around the waist and pumped hard and deep. It didn't take long for him to cum. He let out a loud growl as he emptied his balls into me. He then quickly pulled out, wiped off his dick, dressed and left. Finally the Jock with the giant, long, thick, mushroomed headed cock decided to fuck. He was completely naked. His body hard and muscular. Even as big as his cock was, the two loads already in me made his thick cock slide in me easily. His cock felt absolutely amazing! The mushroom head was hitting my prostate as he slid in and out of my ass. Sadly, he was so horny and had been enjoying blow jobs from both me and the young kid that had entered, so the Jock came pretty quickly. Damn! I would have loved for him to have fucked me for a long time. His cock was so large and hard, it almost felt like a dildo. But he came quickly, then pulled out. The young guy that was still in the room, but had not played with me dressed while the Jock was dressing and they left together. I was now alone after about 45 minutes of intense fucking. I checked my messages. I had several replies. A couple said they were on their way. And a few said they weren't coming. I heard the door open and close again. A hot black guy in his early 30's came in. He quickly got naked. His bbc was hanging between his legs. I dropped to my knees and began to suck. His cock swelled and lengthened very quickly. Then he literally grabbed me by the arm, pulling me up, pulling me towards the bed. I climbed on, again assuming my "position", on my knees, on the edge of the bed. The handsome bbc stepped behind me and slammed up into me in one, quick thrust. He wasted no time getting to it. Slamming my ass hard and deep. "How many loads you got in you, Faggot?" "Three in my ass and one in my mouth", I told him. "Any black dick, yet?" he asked. 'You're my first, so far". "You like black dick, Fag?" "Fuck, yeah!", I said. He's fucking me hard and slapping against me as the door opens again. From the side of my head I can make out an older white guy and a young black kid come into the room. The older white guy for some reason quickly turned and walked out. Don't know why? Maybe just wasn't his thing? Or he was scared? Or intimidated? Who knows? But, the young black kid quickly undressed and had a hard cock already. "Want a try?" asked the black guy fucking me. Without saying anything, the young black kid walked behind us. The guy fucking me pulled out and the kid took his place in my ass. The kid was not particularly hung, but he felt great. He had that incredible hardness that only young kids have. He was silent as he fucked. But he fucked me for about 6 or 7 minutes. The older black guy knelt on the bed in front of me and I sucked his cock as the young kid fucked me. The only sound the kid made was when he finally came. He let out a soft moan, then quickly pulled out and dressed. The older black guy once again came behind me and slid up in me. His cock was long, but not thick. He slammed in me for about 4 or 5 minutes, then let out a loud "OH, FUCK!" as he shot his load into my ass. As he pulled out of me and began to dress, the door opened again. A very, very tall, muscular guy in his 50's walked in. His emails said he was 6'4", 240 lbs of muscle. He had a very broad build. He walked to the other side of the room and stood there as the black guy finished dressing and left. I walked to the newcomer as he unzipped his pants. He was a very rugged looking guy. His muscles, height and bulk made him kind of intimidating. But, also a real turn on. I sat on the edge of the bed in front of him. He took a few steps towards me and fed his soft cock to me. He had about 8"s. Not particularly thick. But a nice size for sucking. The thickness was just right that I could take it deep down my throat. While I was sucking him the door opened again. The younger guy that had been sucking the Jock, earlier was back. I was puzzled by that, since he'd had no interaction with me. But he came over to where I was sucking this muscle bound hunk and he wanted to taste the dick as well. So, this young kid was going to be a party crasher. He had no interest in fucking me, but wanted the dick that I was providing. He was really turned on by this older muscle guy and was wanting to horn in on my action. I finally asked him to leave when he began to beg the muscle daddy to fuck him. "Excuse me. But, this is my breed & feed. Get your own hotel room. Post your own ads. And have your own party. Get the fuck out", I said to the kid. The kid started to protest when the Muscle Daddy added, "You heard the man. Get out". The kid dressed and left the room as the Muscle Daddy asked me if I wanted to get fucked? "Damn right, I do", I said. And I climbed onto the edge of the bed. "You got a condom?", he asked. SHIT! I'd been really clear in my ads and correspondence that it was bareback only. BUT, Muscle Daddy was so hot, that I was willing to let him fuck me with a condom. I did have one condom in my "fuck kit", so I pulled it out, handed it to him along with the bottle of lube. Again, assuming my position on the bed, he put on the condom and lubed it up. His covered cock slid up into me and he gave me a great fuck. About 10 minutes of wonderful fucking. Even though there was a condom on, this may have been my favorite fuck so far. His cock was just a perfect size. It was long. Thick, but not too thick. His large, swollen cockhead was rubbing my prostate as he slid in and out of me. His fucking actually made me cum. I was shaking in orgasm as he finally got to that point himself. "Where do you want my cum?" he asked. "Anywhere you want, dude", I replied. His fucking got faster and harder. I could feel his cock getting harder inside me. "Ahhhh.........Damn!", he groaned as he pulled from me and began to stroke furiously on his cock. I stayed where I was and I could feel his cockhead slapping my hole. Finally I felt his hot cum shooting all over my ass and my asshole. As he stepped back away from me, I got off the bed. And for the first time got a really good look at him. He was still handsome, but I could tell that in his younger days, he'd been quite a stud. His large, muscular chest was covered in a thick mat of salt & pepper hair. I rubbed his chest. "Damn! You're a hot man!" I said. He laughed. "Thanks", he said. "You're in amazing shape", I said. He again laughed. "Well, I used to be a professional bodybuilder. I'm getting kind of fat. But, thanks". "I just had a testosterone injection 3 days ago. I've been horny as hell. So, I needed this. Thanks. We need to do this again. Can I get your cell number?", he asked. I gave him my cell number and he quickly sent me a text, so that I would have his number. "Can you host?", I asked. "No. Married. Can't host", he said. "Well, normally, I can't, either. But we can always get a room, sometime." I said. "Yeah. Let's do that. You're a good fuck. I'll fuck you anytime", he said. "Thanks!", I say. "So, you're str8?", I ask. He laughs again. "Well, let's just say, I love to fuck. I don't care if it's a pussy. I don't care if it's an asshole. A nice hole is a nice hole. And you've got a nice hole. I'll fuck you, anytime. After Muscle Daddy left the action seemed to die. About 20 minutes went by with no one coming in. It was now 5pm. I'd been going at it for over 2 hours. And my time was getting short before I needed to leave the hotel and meet my friends for dinner. But, I got an email from a young black kid that had been saying he wanted to come. He said he was on the freeway and was 15 minutes away. Was I still taking dick? Well, this kid seemed to have a nice cock. He had sent me several pictures of his very long, very thick, bbc. He even sent me a video of him jacking off and shooting a load. It was hot! And I wanted him inside me. I told him I only had 30 minutes left, but I'd wait. Sure enough at 5:20pm, he was coming through my door. He was a nice looking, heavy set black kid in his mid 20's. He immediately stripped and sat on the edge of the bed. I began to suck on his foreskin and cock as it swelled to full hardness. I licked down his shaft and licked his balls. That pushed a button for him. "Yeah. Suck my balls", he groaned. I sucked on his balls. I sucked first one of his balls into my mouth. His balls were actually kind of small. So, I was able to get both in my mouth. I stroked his cock as I sucked on his balls. He was dripping precum. I went back to sucking him. If I hadn't been so pressed for time, I would have taken my time to savor his beautiful bbc. But, time was running out. I finally climbed onto the edge of the bed, putting my ass up. He climbed off the bed and put his cock to my hole. He began to press into me. His cock was so thick that it was hurting. I had to have him slide in me, real slow. I was sniffing poppers like crazy as I tried to relax my ass to accept his cock. Finally, his cock popped up into me. Then he began to pump. Slam, actually. The pain ended and turned to pleasure as he rammed his young, bbc into me. About 15 minutes of intense fucking resulted in my last load of the night. By the time I dressed and packed up belongings it was time to quickly drive to my dinner appointment.
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    (Fiction) Till a few weeks ago, I hardly knew what how a man arms felt, let alone sex. I had been lretty closeted and felt that I was straight for 20 years until i found out that i got attracted to men more and more. I finally realised that i was bisexual but more gay than straight. My road to being attracted to cocks started from fascinating how a woman suck a dick and how she loves eating that slimy nectar from the juicy meat that spews it. With each new video and story i began to be spellbounded to cocks until one day i realised i was getting off on full blown gay pornos but hardly on straight. My desire for cock grew more and more until one day i watch a monster with a scorpion tattoo spew poison inside a hole. That got me off a lot. I kept re-watching it again and again fantasizing myself in that position. Being a 20 year old i full well knew the repercussions of being fucked by a hot rod with poison nectar. Then one day stumbled across this website and i found how people relish in the thought of getting infected which kind of made me horny. I kept continuing reading each story and each day i longed for poz cock, so much more that I couldn't have a hard on if it was not a poz cock story. So I finally decided to start of myself getting fucked by a cock as my curiousity got the better of me. I downloaded Grindr and Planet Romeo and searching for people. It was scary at what would happen if my relatives were to find out accidentally while i chatted with guys and had phone sex randomly. One day as i was filtering through an app, i got a message with a usual hi, i replied back similarly. He asked "How are you?" Me: Fine, u?? He: I m fine. So whats the plan for the weekend? Me: U know, the same boring staying home. He: If u don't mind, how about a drink at XYZ bar, Friday night?? We can chat up. Me: I m not sure. I hardly know u. He: I m not going to bite. Tell u what, dinner and drinks on me. We will just have a nice conversation. *Sends a semi naked photo of himself with jeans on* "Damn!!" I thought "This guy is hot. Wouldn't hurt to meet him". So to which I said yes and made the arrrangements. Come weekend, we met at the bar and this guy was hot at a height of 5 ft 10 inch, probably at mid thirties while i m a slim short guy at 5ft 5 inch whom guys called pretty cute. We had a pretty nice convo on what we do and where we r from and after a few many drinks the alcohol hits me, i get horny and started checking him out. To which he takes perfect advantage by saying the most sleaziest line "Buddy, u seem hammered. Why don't we take u home. U can sit on my lap there, and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up?" To which i said "I m curious enough to talk about anything". We hurriedly go over to his house and as soon as his door closes, he pulls me in his powerful arms and french kisses me deep. His tongue ravishing through my mouth deep into my throat, his saliva running down my lips as i embrace his . His short stubble carresing and pleasantly tingling my baby face. I definitely knew i had to have him. His hands carresses through my clothes removing my shirt as he keeps on kissing my lips and sucking my neck, loosening my belt. I felt my stomach flutter as he rush his hands though my underwear to my 5 inch raging hard cock. He breaks away and removes his shirt and i gaze at hus physique. He was definitely hot, not hairy but sculpted. He starts sucking my nipples as i moan at the touch of his hand slowing jacking my cock. He then suggests to move into the bedroom. When we do, he loses his belt and asks me to uncage his monster. I unbuckle his pants and u derwear and drop em. What i gaze upon was a beautiful 8 inch cock as thick as a rod fully raging hard an unmasted. I begin to drool at this piece of art. He pushes down on my shoulders to my knees where i face his majesty hair breadth away from my wet lips.I noticed a small scorpion tattoo nearhis dick. He lightly pushes on the back of my head and i give way with my tongue first savouring the hot meat. It tasted amazing. I slowly sucked on enjoying the feeling of his cock humiliating my face as i looked up deep into his eyes. He slowly started moaning. "Damn!! Where did u learn to suck cock like that?? U r a real true faggot. I love it how u cute lips look on my dick. Keep sucking like that." And he pushed my head a little more and i started gasping for air. He laughed."Don't worry, u will get used to it, here are some poppers as he whips out a small bottle that smelled odd under my nose and yold me to breathe deeply. Once i inhaled deeply, i felt really horny and sucking on his manhood vigorously trying to get the best of it with each suck, he then pushes my head onto his pubes and his cock deep in my throat and shot a ropes and ropes of thick cum i to my unsuspecting mouth. It was a mouthful. "Sorry bitch, i filled u with so cum more than u cud swallow", as cum leaked down my mouth and dripped from my chin. "Don't worry, i m a multi cummer". With that he pulls me up and kisses me and we snowball he cum. He then pushes me with my back on his bed as he keeps on kissing me and he slowly went down. I though he would suck me off back but i was surprised when he lifted my legs revealing my asshole and started reaaming me with his tongue full of his cum. I was in heaven. His tongue was amazing. He continued for a few minutes and i was in heaven. I moaned back and pushed my hips down to his face. He stopped reaming and i felt a bit sad at his tongue moving away. But it was not for long as i felt his cock slowly moving up and down my asscrack slowly teasing my cunt.I asked for a condom and he said, he ran out of it and if i wanted him to fuck it would have to be bare. I was too horny by that point to reject him. He said "Bitch, today i make u mine." And he with that he forcefully pushed his dick inside my asshole. He dick ripped apart my spinchter and i felt a sharp pain to his cock through my ass. I cried. He just with one powerful hand muffled my mouth and proceeded to fuck me rough. It was painful at the start but it started carrying out its magic immediately after. I was aggast at how can a cock perform such a miracle. I loved it and started pushing my ass on his cock more and more. "Bitch I knew u would like it faggot". I knew from the moment i saw u in the bar that u were a horny whore." It was awesome. He steamrolled my i sides and hit my prostate with each stroke. I pulled his face and we get into a deep kisses. I wanted to be his. I wanted his babies. "Bitch u seem to be having the time of ur life." "YES, FUCK ME MORE.I DON'T WANT IT TO STOP". "I ain't stopping until i get u pregnant" "I dnt care if u make me urs. I don't care if u make me pregnant.I don't even fucking care if i die now.JUST DON'T STOP FUCKING ME". "YEA!!WHORE. I WILL KILL U ALRIGHT. U WILL DIE AS I MAKE U PREGNANT WITH MY POZ BABIES". With that he started cumming inside my hole. The stream of cum seemed endless. I could feel my hole slick and wet. I shuddered at his words. "Yo.... You're Poz??". "Yeah bitch. I thought u knew when u saw my scorpion tattoo. But its too late now, my babies are already swimming side ur gut and it will incubate inside u." I was stunned, but he pulled me into a deep kiss and said "You said u didn't care if u die, I am only giving u ur wish. Ur free now." I realised its too late and knew his babies were already working inside of me slowly eating at me and making me his. Although I was shocked, a part of me felt weirdly happy that such a hot guy made me his. I would be his bitch and I would carry his DNA inside me. I pulled him for another kiss and said "I haven't cum yet. U gonna leave me like this??" "Haha...u filthy whore. I knew u would not be satisfied with that, so while we coming down here i called a few of my poz buddies saying that a whore needed breeding. They r probably here and watching". I then look around to see 5 guys with huge dicks stroking their cocks waiting for their turn to fill me in. Looks like this weekend i would not only get pregnant from this hot guys but will have other's babies too. I had the hootest weekend with the 5 guys fucking me day and night and feesing me cum at both ends. I felt fulfilled. A couole of weeks later, i got down with a very bad fever. I got myself tested and found out that i an HIV +. I called up the guy and give him the news. He said " U lucky guy. Looks like ur wish is coming true. U r going to die slowly. Get ur ass over here so that i can help u with that." I rush over to hus place and he fucked me straight for 2 hours. A few days later I moved into him and ever since, he and his friends come over and keep fucking me, keep me on a leash with a collar written faggot on it.I am loving every moment of it and m sure I will let him fuck me and whore me out till i breath my last.
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    This chapter is dedicate to @RotzBBengel, because I think he will appreciate the story line. CHAPTER 14 As I’m about to head back to the living room a dirty thought occurs to me, I say it to Ty softly and with a lustful tone, “Get on all fours sexy. I only wanna see that hot hole of yours teasin’ me when I get back … face down, ass up”. Ty just looks at me his tongue hanging slightly out of his mouth and his best “fuck me” eyes and I quickly leave the room before my dick ‘accidentally’ falls into his ass again. I feel perverted. I’m intentionally putting my own health at risk by having raw sex with Jake, and I’ve made peace with being poz. Jake and I glorify it when we fuck, and personally, I keep hoping one of his toxic loads does the deed and knocks me up. But the fucking dirty pervert in me really wants Ty to take a poz load from Jake, and the truly perverted part of my brain wants him HIV-positive, too. Just the thought of that waiting hole is making me leak. I feel like a horny lab rat testing the effects of too much caffeine, I’m hard, energized, and running circles in a maze. I can smell the dampness in my pits; its nearly too much for me. When I get to the living room, Jake is sitting there on the couch looking hot as fuck – naked and ready. “Hey sexy”, I say as he moves toward me, and grab on to his cock while planting a kiss on him. “Ready to breed my tight neg …”, and I momentarily pause. He looks at me deliciously and reaches around to feel my hole, I know he thinks he’s fucking me. I quickly add, “… baby bro, Ty?”. I can see the words register as he looks intently at me. A smiles slowly develops on his face, “Dude … you’re fucking your little brother… that’s fucking twisted!”, he says. He reaches over and grabs a framed photo of me and Ty and glares at it. I put my hand on his ass and respond, “Well… I am now”, and then gently take the photo from him and setting it back down. He gives me another evil grin. I move to get my laptop and turn the cam recording software back on. I turn it around to show Jake, “See”, I tell him. On the screen you can clearly see Ty waiting ass up, “That’s a perfect little twinky ass waiting for another poz load”. Knowing Jake, I can almost imagine the twisted thoughts going through his head as he looks at the screen, then at me, then back, smiling as he does. “Fuck I’m so horny”, he says as I set the laptop down. “Me too”, I respond, and I see Jake raise an eyebrow, “Fuck yea”, nodding at me. I grab Jake’s hand and we head toward my bedroom. I know how much Jake enjoys breeding neg ass and part of me is turned by the idea of watching him fuck and breed Ty with the same toxic semen he’s been pumping into my ass for weeks now. We stop in the doorway glaring at Ty’s ass. He leans into my ear, “He’s neg?”, I shrug my shoulders, “Think so” which prompts me to look over at the test kits. Without saying anything I grab Ty’s test, the one nearest the bed, one slight red line is showing. I show Jake, mouthing the word “Neg” while lightly flexing my eyebrows as if to say “see”. He looks at me, grinning, I know he’s horny and turned on, but then he looks away and his eyes enlarge a bit. A devilish smirk crosses his face and I realize he’s looking over my shoulder at the other test kit. I grabbed Ty’s test so quick I didn’t even notice my own, I lean into him, “That’s mine”, and I turn around to switch Ty’s for mine. I’m frozen for a second looking at it carefully, but its clear, there are two faint red lines on the test. “I’m … I’m positive”, comes out of my mouth but its barely audible. I’ve administered hundreds of these tests I know exactly what two red lines mean. I suddenly feel a bit pail, tingly and light-headed, I turn around and show Jake. He nods. He’s looking at it, then my body, he leans into me and says it softly … “Poz”. I look at the test again, then at him, then the test; time seems to stand still for a moment while I collect my thoughts. Then I just nod my head at him affirming the test’s result. I set it back down, moving back to Jake and finally mouthing the words with a wicked grin, “Jake. I’m poz!”. I know these tests can often take weeks or months to show an accurate result, and I also know once in a while they aren’t 100% accurate, but right now I’m fairly sure – I am HIV+. “I’m poz”, saying it this time in his ear, I can hardly believe the words as I’m saying them. Jake kisses me, and whispers in my ear, “You’re poz” … then waiting a second for dramatic effect he adds, “… hot fucker”. I grab his cock and whisper back, “Your doing.” "No, we both did this," he responded. Part of me was elated. My only response was to nod in agreement. Taking hold of our poz dicks, I rubbed them together, kissing him as a sign of my approval. My head was swimming but I certainly wasn't surprised by the test result. Jake hadn't been taking any meds and we had been having lots of bareback sex; we were both intent on me converting. If I was surprised, it was only that my conversion occurred rather quickly. Jake looks at over Ty’s ass, then back to me, “He know?”, he asks softly. I shake my head. A grin covers our faces. I know Ty is about to be fucked and bred with more unmedicated poz cum. I feel almost a little weird and twisted about trying to convert my own brother, but a dark part of me hopes the virus that’s in my cum takes him over the edge. I climb on the bed behind Ty, my breathe on his hole, “You ready for more babe?” He responded with a soft 'Yeah'. “Open it up for us," I instructed. Ty reaches behind himself with both hands and starts to pull his cheeks open. His hole is still wet with cum from me and Cody. He’s already taken two poz loads today. I blow on his hole and he reflexes a little and the I spit and lick at it, “fuck” comes out of his mouth in a slow moan. "Fuck," Jack muttered as he gazed at my little bro's wet hole. Ty rubs the spit into his hole and then I spit on him some more, "That hole needs to be wet." “I’m already wet Chris," , he says, “… please fuck me again”, I hear him. I look up at Jake with a huge smile, and he’s giving me his most devious grin that says, “Again, huh?”. Ty is fingering himself a little bit and working my spit into and around his ass. I know he’s horny and he can’t resist touching himself. Taking that as a cue that he wants it, I line up my poz dick with Ty's hot little hole. "You ready for this babe?", I ask. “This what you want?”, pressing against his hole teasing him, “You want poz dick in your ass?”. “OH fuck… fuck … fuck me Chris … please fuck me”, he responds from the pillows covering his face. Fucking Ty earlier I tried to be gentle at first. I loved the way his body tightened up, shook, spasmed, and then relaxed; his ass seemed to resist before suddenly giving in. Right now though, he’s been used, he’s wet and I’m just going to lay into him. I push forward plunging into my brother's ass. The thick head of my dick disappears into Ty inch after inch. Without a cock in my ass I can focus solely on using Ty to get me off. The sensations coming from my dick are amazing and if I hadn’t just unloaded a bit ago I’d worry I might blow this load too fast. I can already feel my dick leaking some of its venomous precum into him, and that perverted thought gives me a bit of a thrill. I get most of my poz dick into him and I can hear him grunting a little, but I’m not stopping until my balls are resting against his ass. I push just that extra bit harder to get it in all the way. Ty is twitching, and his stretched out asshole is tightly grabbing the base of my dick. I could feel him squeezing down on my cock, “Ahhh… fuck yeah, Ty. you want this?” "Fuck yeah," he answered, giving my dick an additional anal squeeze, just for emphasis. I was so wrapped up in breeding Ty that I’m completely ignoring Jake right now, but I feel like he’s ok just watching us, taking in brother on brother sex. Lowering my body on top of Ty's, it occurred to me that while Ty was young and twinkish, he wasn't tiny. Still I loved the undeniable fact that my build was overall taller and beefier than was his. In fact I'd say every part of me is a little wider or longer. “Why haven’t we done this before? He let that fucker Jeremy breed him, but he can get his HIV from his own brother now”, I say in my own head grunting and forcing my hips against Tyler’s tight ass as I think those thoughts. Fucking him, sharing a poz load with him, it feels so right. My cock feels like its buried in it's rightful home. Jake is standing close, slow jacking his cock, and occasionally rubbing my ass; I know he wants his turn at some new meat. I move my hands over Ty’s nipples and twist them just enough to get the requisite “Ahhhhhhh….”, out of him. I keep a constant rhythm of fucking him going but I stop supporting myself, laying almost completely on his back. I want him addicted to the feeling of sweat from my chest and the smell of stink from my pits. We live together, he’s seen me naked plenty and likely smelled my pits more than once. I want that smell to connect him to our sex. As I fuck him my strokes tug on his ass lips, as I withdraw, and then I dive back in pushing at his stretched hole. I sit back up and pull on Ty’s shoulders encouraging him to move up with me in a half twist; I use this opportunity to make out with him. My fucking motions slow as our tongues battle. I reach over to Jake pulling him in close and suddenly the three of us are locked in a three-way kiss. The kiss breaks and I push on Ty again, my arms are locked around his shoulders and arms as I ram my cock into him over and over as I announced “I wanna cum inside you so bad,” going in for another kiss with that announcement. I can feel every inch of my dick as it moves in and out of Ty. I position my mouth close to his ear, "You’ve got a fine ass, babe". My tongue traces over the lobe and then I bite down gently and a growling noise escapes me. I want this – I want my cum in his ass. My mouth moves to his neck. I bite down one more time, this time getting a groaning and noise from Ty. I look at Jake, “Give me your boxers," I instructed. A quizical look on his face, he stepped out of the room, returning immediately, his shorts in his hand. I reached for them, and promptly shoved Jake’s dirty boxers into Ty's noisy mouth. In this moment I pick up the pace a bit more on his ass. I’m holding on to his waste, pounding him hard, I know I’m about to dump a poz load in this ass and I want him to feel it. My strokes are short so I’m able to keep the majority of my dick buried in his butt. I want to deposit this load as far up inside my brother as possible. This will, hopefully, increase the change that if he isn’t poz yet, that this is the fuck from which he converts. Ty grunts around the boxers as I slam fuck his willing hole, slamming my poz dick in and out of him. As I grind and use Ty, I feel myself getting progressively louder. Dirty, filthy, twisted thoughts and ideas are coming to me as I bang my bro’s butt. "That's right Ty, take my dick. Fuck! Take my poz dick! Your hole is so tight, feels like it was made for pulling poz loads out of me”, he grunts, “ I bet you've been dreaming about taking this dick forever. Haven't you? Did you even think about your own brother breeding any when Cody was using this ass? Huh, Ty?", I ask, indignantly. Ty doesn’t really respond to me. I grab onto his hair and get real close to his ear again. I know he can feel my hot breath on his cheek, "Did you ever eat your own cum dreaming that it was mine?". “Fuck”, I hear Jake moaning as he watches me use Tyler. I’m completely lost in the moment of our sex. Ty finally nods from my prodding. We both know he’s done all of these things and probably more. With a sharp thrust I push my dick into Ty. I’m getting so close to cumming now. "Oh, fuck, … fuck … I'm gonna overflow that ass with poz cum Ty. Gonna breed you … gonna make up for lost time." Ty is thrusting his body back against mine. He’s arching his back to try to connect us and get that skin-on-skin feeling again. I’m leaning back but I can see what Ty is doing and I lean forward against him instead. Our hot, sticky skin slides against each other as my tight balls bang up against him. Ty groans. He spits out Jake's boxers and he’s pants now – loudly. "You gonna cum Ty? Do it.”, Ty is jacking his cock feverishly, “Get off on me fucking you, babe", I tell him. Ty's is racing back and forth, then I feel his hole tight even more and I know he’s dumping his load all over my bed. He clamps down on my cock, and I can see the waves of pleasure that are breaking over his body are augmented by my own grunts as I get closer and closer to delivering another load of charged seed to that ass. "Fuck… fuck… so close … I'm so fucking close Ty. Gonna cum … Where you want it?", I ask him. "Ahhh… ahhhh… All the way in … deep", he responds. I thrust deep inside of Ty. I bend forward licking one of his ears. "Here it comes… fuck… oh fuck.. It's gonna be a big load. Fuck!", I can barely think or speak. I can feel the cum welling up and I know Ty’s about to take all of it. Then I let out a long moan, grunting and shoving into Ty, with short, bone shaking thrusts. Ty can feel me pushing his whole body moving forward as my poz cock expands and stretches him to the limit, and then violently, my hot cum begins flowing into his gut. I know he can feel my hot breath on his neck as I hump my load into him, but I also hope he can feel my cum squirting into him. This the first of many poz loads he’s going to receive from me. I slowly pull out of Ty’s ass and he turns around to kiss me. We make out for a solid minute. Its at that moment I again realize I’ve forgotten Jake, and that he’s still in the room, and watching us intently. I can see some sweat on his body and his cock is hard as granite. I kiss Ty again, “Get back on all fours babe, Jake’s turn." Ty looks over at Jake, then at me, then he kisses me again and lays down in his own cum. He reaches back with his hands and pulls his cheeks apart exposed his hole. I can see some of my load leaking out of it, “Fuck … the little bitch wants it”, I hear Jake, “Yeah he does”, I respond. Jake leans down and uses his hands to pull Ty’s ass up like before, then he buries his tongue in it. “Ohhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… “, Ty groans as Jake makes out with Ty’s cum filled hole. I lean down to Jake’s ear, “Be right back”, but he ignores me. Jake is literally making out with Ty’s ass, trying to force his tongue inside. I return and just watch, like Jake did, as he teases and licks and eats at Ty’s well fucked hole. He finally pulls back, looking at it, his tongue hanging out of his mouth and lapping at his lips. I squeeze a little lube onto the toothbrush I brought back form the bathroom, “Let me in there for a moment”, I tell him. Jake moves. I kiss Ty’s hole and blow some cool air onto it again, and again he responds, “Ohhhhh ohhh… fuck… fuck me”. I don’t answer him and instead start using the brush to tease and tickle his ass, his hips jump, “ahhhhh” as the brush rubs roughly against his skin. “Hold on to him”, I tell Jake. Jake just looks at me, we haven’t used any toys in our sex play and the toothbrush I guess seems odd to him. I lightly brush back and forth against Ty’s hole, up and down, trying to get him used to the feeling. He’s moaning, he isn’t telling me to stop, so I start pushing the tip of the brush with increasing pressure until the head disappears in his hole. I read in a few places about guys using a toothbrush to make it more likely that poz cum will infect a bottom. I pushed in deeper slowly, not wanting to hurt him. After I get a few inches of the brush in I stop. Tyler is panting and moaning but he doesn’t appear to be in pain. Jake moves down the bed to face Ty and they start making out. I use that as my cue to keep going with the brush. I begin slowly then adding more and more agitation until I’m brushing the insides of his ass back and forth with a nice, steady motion. Then it occurs to me that I mean for Ty to convert today – I’m infecting my own brother with HIV. Whenever any other man fucks him he’ll always know this is the day he converted. The brushing keeps up for a few minutes and I slowly work it back out. The bristles are a deep red, I hope I haven’t injured him permanently, but he’s still making out with Jake and doesn’t seem in pain. I look down at Jake, and he looks at me, he knows its time for him to breed my brother.
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    AIDS Revival coming soon. The so-called AIDS Epidemic was actually the Golden Age.
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    Yesterday I asked which one of 5 guys you might want to take home to meet Mom. Oh dear ... you lot are just a sleazy bunch of sexual animals ... with a lot of you saying you wanted them all. Mind you I'm not at all surprised! So, today we have to decide who we're going to travel with. Five more guys to choose from, including the mechanic, but maybe don't be too greedy this time ...
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    NOTE: This is fiction. It did not and has not happened. All characters are fictional, except maybe myself. I think I am real. I hope that this is how my neg bottom will be pozzed some day, soon. This is my first story and i sincerely hope that i do not accidentally violate any rules. I have read the rules and I think it is OK. This story has some graphic language and personal slurs. The door to my hotel room was ajar, just as he directed. The room was dark and I was naked with my ass up on the bed. A lamp was on in one corner of the room with a towel over it to diffuse the light. My hole was as clean as i could make it and ready for the expected gift. My breeder had texted me from the hotel lobby that he was on his way up to my room. I was ready, but I was nervous. Yet I was excited too. How did I get here? We connected on BZ. It was clear that this was the high viral load, med resistant HIV+ and full blown AIDS breeder that I had been seeking. He was willing to gift me. We exchanged medical reports, he wanted to ensure that I was truly NEG and I wanted proof of his claimed 2.1 million viral load. I traveled just to be bred by his toxic cock. I had seen pictures of him and I wanted to worship his death stick before it plunged deep into my most private places seeding me with his toxic death. He was my executioner. I had no plans to go on meds. I wanted AIDS. I wanted to share it widely once I was fully toxic. But first, I needed him to breed me deeply. I heard the door slowly open and then close. I snapped back into the present. I wanted to look, but knew I shouldn’t. He said, “Good faggot! I hope you are ready because I have not cum in five days and you are going to get the most toxic load I have ever shot.” I heard him take off his clothes. and shuffle over to me. He roughly stuck a finger into my hole and spun it around. I could feel his fingernail cutting into my tissue. I stopped breathing and held my breath knowing that this would make the virus he carried more likely to infect and then ultimately kill me. “Say it,” he said. “Give me AIDS,” I quickly replied. I had been prepared for him to ask that question. With that he stooped over and began to rim my clean ass deeply. “MMMM, perfect. You are clean and properly prepared to receive my gift,” he uttered. It felt good to have his tongue so deeply inside of me. I knew his cock would soon be delivering its special load of death to me. He grabbed my cock and balls and gave them a nasty twist. My precum was flowing copiously. He took some of my precum and wiped it on my hole. “Suck me,” he commanded. I had been waiting. I wanted to worship the instrument that was going to infuse death into my body. It was the executioner’s tool, as lethal as the guillotine, the axe blade or the scimitar; only this death would take longer to consummate. I would have a lot of time to reflect upon my decision and the chain of events which led me here. I eagerly took all 8 inches of his uncut cock into my mouth. He was already semi-erect and I knew that I was to bring him to full hardness. It was then that he would be ready to gift me as we had planned. I wanted this. His balls and pubes were shaved. It was very exciting for me to feel the bare skin against my nose as I took him deep. I gave him the best blow-job of my life, fully worshiping his cock and balls and the seed that was within. I lost track of time while preparing the instrument of my ultimate destruction. I became aware that he was beginning a slow in and out motion as he became more excited. He started to pull his cock from my warm mouth. “Turn around faggot, it is time.” I was jolted back into reality and realized the moment had arrived. This beautiful cock that i had been deep throating was about to become the instrument of my ultimate demise. I slid my mouth off the heavily veined shaft of his cock, lingering for a moment to run my tongue under his foreskin. I love uncut cock and the sensitive glans protected by the foreskin. I savored the flavor of his precum and I knew in a few moments this hard instrument of sex and enjoyment would be deep inside of me. And he was hard, like a piece of steel. Once I had relinquished his cock from my mouth I got back onto the bed and and presented my ass for his use and enjoyment. He had previously told me he only bred doggie, so there was no question what position I needed to assume. He bent over and licked my hole one last time. “This is your last chance you sick fuck,” he said. “Once my cock head is in your bottom there is no turning back. I will fuck you and give you AIDS and you will die from it. You will get sick, you will have terrible diarrhea, and my strain is med resistant. Meds will not help you nor will they save you. And just so you know, I may have some other bugs that I will be sharing with you too. It is a complete package of sickness and death.” My own cock started to get hard as he was telling me about what he was going to do to me. I wanted it so badly. I relaxed to allow his steel hard cock easy entry even though I knew it was going to hurt like hell. He told me there would be no mercy. I was being bred like a mare and this stallion had infected over 100 men and some women and almost all of them had developed AIDS within a year and many had died. He was very proud of his toxicity. I felt his cockhead brush my hole. No lube was going to be used, just the little bit of precum that dribbled from his cock. I was both scared shitless and excited beyond belief at the same time. After weeks of planning he was finally going to breed me. “Last chance,” he said. “If you are ready, you know what to say.” I knew the magic words, but I was enjoying his cock playing across my hole. I backed up a bit to try and entice him to enter me and he playfully pushed in a bit. But then withdrew. I relented, for some reason I didn’t want to say the words and actually give him permission to fill me with AIDS and almost certain death. I wanted him to take it from me. But I was willingly going to my own execution and I had known that from the beginning. I knew he was a fully experienced breeder and understood there needed to be a moment before the willing victim agrees to sentence being imposed. “Give me AIDS,” I finally uttered. Instantaneously his steel hard cock slammed past my sphincter and drove into the deepest part of my inner self tearing past my second sphincter. He held his cock deep inside of me for a few moments for me to adjust to the pain. This was not supposed to be enjoyable. And it wasn’t! He started roughly fucking me to tear my insides up as much as possible. Then he put all of his weight on me and grabbed each of my nipples and twisted them hard. I loved it. It was stimulating and helped me get past the pain from his rock hard cock which had found its rhythm. I felt some lubrication and knew it was a mixture of blood and my naturally wet ass. “OMG,” he said, “you have an awesome ass, faggot. I am enjoying wrecking it and giving you AIDS.” “I’m tearing you up and my bugs are preparing to thrive inside of you,” he continued. He twisted my nipples extra hard and that almost caused me to shoot my last neg load onto the bed. “I’m going to give you AIDS,” he muttered. “You are gonna be sick and you are gonna die from fucking me today. My AIDS is the worst and no meds in the world can save you now.” I backed up onto his cock too take it deeper into my ass. My second sphincter no longer hurt, it was probably totally destroyed. I looked down between my legs to see what I could see and I saw what was probably blood dripping onto the bed. I reached down with one hand and felt his steel-hard cock as it plunged in and then came out of my bottom. “Your ass is awesome and soon it is going to be a toxic waste dump.” His full weight was on me as he fucked me deeply and twisted my nipples. I felt his already hard cock begin to grow thicker. “Faggot, it is almost time for you to become pregnant with my toxic seed, I hope you are ready for it because you don’t have a choice.” I knew that. I was here because I wanted to be here. I wanted him to infect me. I wanted his AIDS to destroy me. I wanted to share his HIV and AIDS with as many other chasers as I could. I wanted, no I need him to fill me with his cum. His cock continued to slide in and out of my now bloody ass. He stopped deep inside of me and held his cock still. I felt it quiver. I knew he was close. He pulled it all the way out of me and despite the pain, I felt empty. I needed his cock in me and I needed his cum. He looked at his cock and announced, “It is covered with blood, I am about to shoot my five day toxic load into you. I hope you’re ready.” As he finished speaking he rammed his cock back into my ass so hard that it took my breath away. He fell back onto me and twisted my nipples some more. The thrusting began to increase in intensity and speed. “I am about to get pozzed,” I realized. My chase was going to be over, my dream was cumming true. “Give me AIDS,” I said to him. It excited him and his thrusting reached a feverish pitch. “Fuck,” he cried out. “I am giving you my AIDS and you are gonna die you worthless fuck slut,” he screamed as he came deeply inside of me. He held his cock in place for a long time. I felt it spasm eight times with each one shooting poison deep into me. I relished each shot. He was giving me the gift I sought for so long. He was giving me the gift of death. He held his cock in me for a while as the excitement of the moment subsided. It had felt each shot of cum. I was ecstatic, it was done now. We hadn’t talked about what would happen next, but I was not surprised as he pulled his cock from my ass with an audible plop and he instructed me to clean it off. I love the taste of cum and ass juice mixed with blood. I took the executioners tool into my mouth and greedily cleaned it. It tasted good. There was a lot of my blood on it, but there was also a generous amount of his cum with my natural ass juice. It was a tasty mixture. I took my time to ensure his cock was completely clean. Once his cock was clean I asked him, “Do you want to go again?” He smiled at me as said, “No, I don’t need to and you are now poz, bet on it. You are fucked and you have the gift you desired. It only takes once with my 2.1 million VL.” I pointed the open bottle of wine that I had prepositioned on the desk with two glasses. “Do you want a drink to celebrate?” i asked. He smiled and said, “Yes, you did really well. I fucked you harder than anyone else just to make sure. I am happy to celebrate your conversion and soon to develop AIDS.” We drank a small drink of wine in silence in the still darkened room. I was naked and he got dressed pulling on some jeans without underwear and a t-shirt. He had no socks either, just shoes. We finished the drink and he said, “In about two weeks you are gonna get so sick that you will think you are dying. My strains are very strong. And, O by the way I also left you with some herpes and chlamydia. Enjoy them. I was trying to get syph for you too, but couldn’t. I wanted to fuck you up real well. Call me when you test poz and stay in touch as you develop AIDS.” He put his glass down and walked out of the room and closed the door behind him, but I knew he would never be out of my life.
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    1998 I've been a practical, plan-ahead, cautious guy. Maybe it's because I grew up in a chaotic household or whatever, but I always knew I wanted to be a responsible adult some day... and now I was. I had a good job, a little house with a sensible mortgage, and I lived life without much drama. It was a quiet, sensible existence, although somewhat lonely at times. I was gay, but I didn't have any gay friends. i didn't go to bars and never drank alcohol. I'd seen enough of drunken stupidity as a kid. I liked my co-workers and I liked my boss. Everything was fine....until it wasn't. What was the first sign? I'm not sure. I remember finding a cigarette butt in my driveway, but I'd guessed it was from the mail guy or maybe it just blew in with other trash I'd sometimes find in my yard. I didn't think more about it. And then I started getting strange phone calls - on both my cell and land line. If I answered, the other party would hang up. If I didn't answer, my voicemail would fill up with cryptic messages: "You in?" "Wash your car." "I can see you." Called ID was no help because all the numbers were different and none of them could be called back. I just turned off voicemail on both phones. Nobody needed to reach me anyway. I was isolated. I couldn't not answer or turn off the voicemail at work however. Nothing weird ever happened there. Impossible. But one afternoon, I got back from getting coffee to find three voicemail messages that were from the same person. It was a man with a deep voice. All of it was the same nonsense Id heard before. None of them were sinister, but they were definitely creepy. How did this person know all of my phone numbers? I started getting paranoid. I even changed all the numbers, but after a few more days, the calls would resume. I couldn't wrap my mind around it. Why? What was the point? If the purpose was to make me scared, it worked. I lowered my blinds and made sure my door was locked. I thought about getting a German Shepherd, but that would mean walking him and putting myself out in the open. I called a couple of home alarm companies, but the cost was ridiculous. I just stayed home behind a locked door and closed windows while the phones kept ringing. And then I got an email: "Tired yet? You can make this stop by leaving your bedroom window unlocked. You ass is my goal. Give that up and things will go back to normal" What the fuck?? I couldn't reply to the email of course. It didn't exist. I changed all my passwords immediately. I didn't use the computer much these days except for work stuff and maybe some casino games, but there was a time I used to go to gay chat rooms and look at porn and stuff like that. Not anymore. Nope. That's probably where this guy got all my information. I should be okay now. I had taken every precaution possible. I set up a firewall and basked in the warmth of those flames. I sat in my little "office" in the back room and played solitaire. Nothing happened for a week. My phone rang at work one morning: "Hello?" "One is the loneliest number.." "Excuse me?" "You heard me. When are you going to let me cum inside your ass?" "Not interested. Call someone else. LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I didn't realize how loud I was until other people in my office dropped by to ask if I was okay. So I stayed home alone and played solitaire over and over. My IM dinged: "Is this all you do now? Lose card games hour after hour?" Something broke in me. "What do you want from me? Who are you?" "I told you what I want. Let down your guard and let me in. I will leave you alone after I fuck your ass raw. Deal?" Weirdly, I was suddenly aroused. I had a helpless boner that just would not go away. It was storming outside. "Fine. You win. I surrender. When?" "Not now. The weather is bad and I'm drenched. Plus you need to shave." And then he disappeared from the screen. OK. The stalker had won. I was going to give in and let whatever happen. I hardly slept at all that night. It thundered and rained for hours. He said he was drenched. Was he looking through a window at me? All the blinds were closed, but maybe there was a peeking spot. I went outside the next morning and looked around. I saw more cigarette butts and some huge footprints in the mud. It had rained since our chat. Maybe he had hung around afterward. I called in sick to work. My phone rang shortly afterwards. I answered. "Don't waste any more sick time. You're going to be needing it soon enough. Take a shower, shave and leave your house unlocked. See you after dark." It was early. I tried to take a nap, but I kept having flashes of dreams of this mystery man. He's won alight -- he was inside my head now. I showered, shaved and groomed. I made the bed and sprinkled sage oil around the room. It was barely even dusk now and I was already coming out of my skin with anxiety. I dressed really quickly and drove down to the corner liquor store. I needed to relax. The store was small, but so crowded with bottles of everything that I had no idea what to buy. The old lady at the register asked if I needed help and I stood there, looking stupid. "Y-yeah...what do you recommend?" "Pardon?" "I mean...if you needed a drink right now because you were stressed, what would you have?" "I figured you needed to sleep. You're wearing pajama bottoms." Oh shit. I was. My mind was so occupied that I'd put on pajama pants instead of jeans. Did I remember a wallet? No. "I'm so sorry to bother you. I left my money at home. I'll come back." "No problem. You've got an open account already. Some tall gentleman just came in here, described you and said he'd pay for whatever you wanted. Friend of yours?" "Yes." The guy was always a step ahead of me, and I'd rather have someone like that as a friend than an enemy. "Well, I'd suggest some Grey Goose vodka. It's smooth as hell and always puts me in a good mood. It's expensive, but you're not paying -- get the big bottle." And I did. By the time I got back home it was dark. I was shaking as I went in my unlocked door. I somehow managed to pour a short glass of vodka. Are you supposed to ice to it? Water? Coke? I drank it straight. It burned my insides,but in a good way. It was officially night. I took one more drink and headed for bed. I left all the lights off. Inside my bedroom, I flipped on a lava lamp in the corner. I didn't want complete blackness. Not yet. I took off my t-shirt and sandals and lied back in bed. Every little noise set my nerves on edge, but I guess the vodka was kicking in because I started to finally doze for a a bit. It was raining hard again. The great thing about lava lamps is that the light is never the same. It swirls and tumbles slowly as you watch. Another storm was moving through. I slept hard before a really huge clap of thunder woke me up. What time was it? I looked around for my digital clock and saw him standing there. "There might be a tornado coming. Prepared for the worst?" I was confused and alarmed. The stalker man was standing a few feet away from me wearing a black plastic raincoat with his bare legs and bare feet showing. He was 6'7" at least, but I couldn't see his face because he had the hood on and was facing away from the meager light. "Nice lava lamp. It smells different in here.... like oranges. Did you do that for me?" "You've been in here before?" "Many times. It usually smells like fabric softener and you. I know your smell by heart." Seriously? I needed to wake up a little. "Here", he said, handing me a full glass of vodka. "Have an eye-opener." I gulped it like a pro. "Very nice. I used the nice glasses your grandma left you. Need a refill? I brought the bottle." "I want to see you." "You will. Have another shot first. Have two. I've already had my share of it." I drank as much as I thought I could stand, wiped my mouth, and sat up. Whoa. Head rush! "No more until I see you", I said impatiently He just kept standing there before finally parting the bottom of his raincoat, revealing a huge erect penis that was pointing right at me. I was breathless. He was naked underneath that rain gear. "Lie back down. All will be revealed, kid." I did. There was a crinkling of plastic and then silence. Suddenly he was on top of me. In the weak light, I could see his head was shaved bald. He had a big, handsome face that was a little shrunken somehow. He didn't look evil, but he didn't look normal either. "You won. You said you wanted my ass. Take it." "I won, but so did you....sort of. Lie still." He shoved a long finger in my butt. It wasn't comfortable, but not painful either. Then it was two fingers. Ow. "Relax. Think of my dick. I know you liked it when you saw it." Yeah. I did. He tried three fingers, but it wouldn't work. "You're almost there. Push your hole out a little." I tried. I really did. And then he held a small bottle under my nose and told me to inhale. It smelled like the stuff I used to clean my laptop screen. It made me dizzy and a little sick, but the three fingers were deep inside of me somehow. I liked it. I never even thought of that part of my body before and now it was being treated to this wonderful sensation. Damn. "Good. Good. Now I need you to make me feel good. I'm gonna sit on your face so you can eat my ass. He was suddenly planted there right on my head. His ass was nice and hard and skinny. I thought by "eat" he meant "lick" and so that's what I did. I wore my tongue out working on his anus. He kept telling me how good I was. I thought I might shoot my load right then, but he pulled away. I thought that's all he had in mind until his dick entered my mouth from on top. Hell, he invaded my mouth and throat before I could even understand what was happening. His tender, skinny thighs were squeezing my head from both sides. "Earn this dick!" I swallowed and gagged and felt close to vomiting, but every time I felt overwhelmed by penis, he'd back off a little. It was like he was reading me. I kept sucking him and noting new flavors. "You have to stop now. I'm not wasting a load down your throat." He let me have more sips of vodka and more sniffs of the cleaning fluid. I noticed how good I was feeling as he spread my legs apart. He put his dick up against my hole and teased me a little. He moved in and plowed directly into me. No rubber or anything. I guess the fingers and booze and that sniffing stuff had worked because I was fine. It pinched a little, but I loved having that glorious dick inside of me. "I'm so close to coming. I'll try to...I...Ohhh. Hold on!" He started bucking and thrusting. "Shit. It's too late. I'm giving you your prize now!!" He came and my dick spontaneously shot a wad that landed on his stomach. And then we stayed in position for a long time. He rolled off and lied next to me. We watched the purplish-pink lights from the lava lamp play on the ceiling. "Lava lamps are cool because they're always changing. Like you. Whether you feel it or not, your body is changing right now. I changed you forever. Are you aware of that?" "Yes." "No, I mean I just.." "Yes." "Ah. Smart. You've always been smart. I knew that about you." "How? I mean, how did you keep track of me and see me no matter what I did? How?" "You know. You just don't know you know." "How do you move?" Strange question, considering everything...but it seemed like the right thing to ask. "Like dust motes. Ever been staring into a ray of light through a window and seen dust floating in the air...and then they move quickly in one direction and you don't know how or why? That's me and that's how I move." Oh. I thought about the army of viral invaders in my bloodstream right now. It wasn't like I had a choice. We slept. His long, narrow feet stuck out over the end of the bed. Maybe that's why he was gone in the morning. I kept leaving all the doors unlocked and sleeping with my lava lamp on. Sometimes he visited again. Then I got the flu really bad and he was over constantly. He took care of me until I recovered. "Keep looking at the lights. I changed you, but you can change yourself as well. I'll be back." Beautiful, soft colors at night. I knew he would be there whenever I needed him.

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