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    Flirt I was a faithful husband in a monogamous marriage of three years. My husband was a god among men: handsome, strong, successful, and a great partner in every way. But when I let my mind wander, it wandered down the same path. What likely started off as a desire to see raw fucking had morphed over the years into a fetish for bug chasing. And such dominated my fantasies (as well as my porn searches). I was not on any hookup apps but was popular on other social media. Periodically, I received messages from strangers wanting to meet me or chat me up. I generally declined their messages., but for a reason still unknown to me, one such message didn’t go ignored. The sender’s name was Travis. A brief skim of his profile revealed he was cute (though skinnier than I preferred). He worked as an EMT and lived in the suburbs. His life looked decidedly less – refined? desirable?-- than ours, with a cheap and dirty looking apartment compared to our city condo, a pickup truck to our luxury SUV, a mutt to our Labrador. He initially messaged in response to a photo I posted from the gym, complimenting me on my form. I thanked him, and followed him back. Minor chit chat ensued between Travis and me periodically for the weeks after. And then one Saturday afternoon, our exchange took a turn: Out of nowhere, he sent a photo. It was a selfie from neck down, revealing a skinny torso giving way to what I can only describe as a perfect dick. Thick, long, and beautiful, with a mushroom head that I immediately craved. I was mesmerized and told him so. I wanted to see and know more about Travis suddenly – not just chatter, but substance. His dick had penetrated me through my phone. In the coming weeks, through online conversation, we got to know one another through words, photos and videos. I learned that Travis only fucks bare, which I found so hot. Condoms, he said, were a turn-off. I learned he had followed me online for a while, intuitively knew that I was a bottom who would want his dick. He was a master of words that struck at my core of sexuality: I needed raw penetration and I needed cum. Ultimately, our chats led to the inevitable question: would this be just an online flirtation, or could we meet up in person to consummate our passion. For him, there were no reasons not to get together. He wanted to breed me, and I wanted to be bred. End of story. On my end, all I saw were reasons why this could never happen. I was married (happily, I might add), and my husband would never let a third like Travis into our relationship or allow any open-ness for me to experience this tryst. And if I were to cheat, which I never had, I couldn’t do it raw despite all of our banter and my fantastical desires for Travis’s cum. Travis pressed for a secret get-together. He described how it could go down: I find you in a bathroom, where you drop to your knees. You pull out my big soft dick. You take my cock in your mouth and it grows to rock hard. I pull you to your feet and take you into a stall, bend you over and slide my wet hard cock, drenched in precum, into your amazing hole. Then you milk my load out of me. I loved every detail of this fantasy and tell him so. I told him how I wanted his load in me so badly. I told him what a god he was, how my hole was made for penetration by his perfect wood. But conflicted and faithful, I said I couldn’t. Travis said I was wasting his time by chatting with no future. Our online conversations were likely coming to an end, and that our fantasies were going to be thwarted by reality. But then, unexpectedly, my husband had to leave town for the weekend. Drunk My husband and I were rarely apart, so his weekend away was somewhat momentous. I went out drinking with friends, who treated the event almost like a bachelor party. Midnight rolled around after a long day of boozing, and I decided to call it a night. In the cab home, I instinctively opened my phone and messaged Travis. He was always on my mind. “Hey stud.” “Sup?” was his nonchalant response. “My husband’s out of town this weekend.” A statement that dropped like a rock into a still pond, with ripples reverberating forever into the distance. “I have to come over. Now.” Travis said. I guess I knew I’d invited this response, but it was just so… real. Did I really just open myself up to having an affair with one drunken text? “Like, now now? For real?” I responded. “Yes. Send me your address. I can leave right away.” My stomach churned with excitement and fear as I typed out our address and told him to text me when he arrived so I could guide him into our building. I panicked. What was about to happen? I didn’t know Travis beyond smut talk. It was already late at night. What was I thinking? I decided to jump in the shower to sober up a bit and to prepare for whatever was about to happen. Time was limited if he was already on his way. Fuck My phone buzzed: He was downstairs. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.” I said aloud to myself. I was literally shaking as I walked to the elevator. I looked at my reflection in the doors as they slid shut. I’d opted for my go-to outfit at home: a jock strap, mesh shorts, a tank, and sneakers. I thought the lighting did right by my muscles, and I smirked at myself. The door opened into the garage level, and there he was in real life. Travis. He was not my type, but he was also everything I hoped him to be. He was tall and lanky, with a mop of sandy-blond hair and a mustache. He wore baggier jeans than I would wear, and his t-shirt had a stretched out collar. He was pale and wore a bright gold chain. For a fleeting moment I thought of my husband, tan, muscular, and perfect, some five hundred miles away for work as the warm summer air blew through our parking garage. “Sup, Eric.” He stated as he boarded the elevator and put his hand on my shoulder with a grin. The doors closed. His hand made its way down my back. He squeezed my ass. Once inside our apartment, he pushed me to my knees. Even though I could surely overpower him, I was powerless: he was in command. Just like in the fantasy he’d sent earlier, I unlocked his soft dick from his jeans and began working it with my mouth. Looking up, I could tell by his facial expressions he was pleased. “Damn boy, I didn’t think this would ever actually happen. Thought you were catfishing me. Yanking my chain.” I didn’t think it would ever actually happen either, I though, as his dick grew. A salty taste gradually took over my mouth; I knew he was pre-cumming a lot. My head bobbed back and forth, occasionally taking a break to suck on his balls or to lick his shaft up and down. His dick was as glorious as I’d thought via photos and videos. Perfect really, and now pulsing thanks to my oral pleasures. Finally, he pulled his cock from me and said “get up” And I did. “I want to fuck you in your bed.” He said with a grin. He liked the symbolism of fucking in my marital bed. I led him to the Master bedroom, turned, and he pushed me down onto the mattress. “Take your clothes off.” He commanded, but then seeing the jock strap said “Leave that on.” Spreading my legs wide, he positioned himself next to the bed and removed his clothing. He then stroked his glorious dick a few times and began aligning his dick with my hole. No lube, just pre-cum and spit. He pressed. It burned. His perfect mushroom head plodded inside me. My longstanding fantasies arose with Travis’s raw entry. I thought about how personal it was to be fucked bare, how there could be no further closeness to be had. I thought of how vulnerable it was to take another man’s bare cock and to accept their load, with whatever that load carried with it. I then thought of the dudes who begged to be pozzed in the videos I’d watched, and the dom tops who boldly proclaimed they were pozzing their subjects. My hard-on raged. “Are you….?” I trailed off. “Fuck that feels good. I’m… I’m not on PrEP. Are you…” It wasn’t my sexiest banter. I felt his dick drive slowly deeper within my tight ass. He diverted his eyes from his dick entering my hole to my face. “I’m not either.” And he grinned wider, pulling out slightly then pushing back inside me. He began these mini-thrusts with his hips. Slowly but surely, plunging his cock getting deeper and deeper. “That’s hot.” I exclaimed. “It’s too late for me to be on that shit. And too late for you now dude.” “Huh?” I half-asked, delighting in the rhythmic fuck. “What do you mean?” “Dude, you’re mine now. It’s just you and me. My raw dick. Inside your pretty ass. Soon my bare, poz cock is gonna be dumping an unmedicated load in you. I’m marking you forever tonight, Eric.” I arched my back and my eyes rolled back as I felt the ecstasy of our hairy balls finally hitting each other as his dick reached my prostrate. His words were processing in slow motion. “Fuuccckkk” I moaned as he pulled out a bit. “You like my poz dick in you?” he said, just as I’d heard many porn stars say before. Red flags were going up in my brain, but “Fuck yeah” escaped my lips. “I knew you would. I knew you were meant to be my slut.” Travis exclaimed as he increased the vigor of his thrusts. “Fuck your ass feels so good. I’m so fucking ready to take you as mine.” I heard and felt his slim thighs and his full balls slamming against mine as his rhythm grew even more. I clenched my sphincter muscles around his dick, hoping to milk it soon. My tender hole could not take much more of a pounding. My dick was leaking precum all over my stomach. I looked up at Travis, who’s grin had given way to an intense grimace as though he wanted to destroy me with his forward thrusts. His skinny torso was glistening with sweat. His chain bounced back and forth as he pounded me hard. He began grunting loudly – I worried my neighbors would hear. “UNH – UNH – UNH – UNH – FUCK I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNG CUM!!! UNH!!! UNH!!! UNH!!!!!! OH YEAHHHH!!!!!!” He screamed, as a toxic eruption took place deep in my guts. I was rock hard and my dick was throbbing as my fuck hole was now lubricated with Travis’s unmedicated being. I stroked furiously, thinking to myself how hot it was that I’d just taken a load from this stud with the perfect dick I’d worshiped from afar for weeks. He resumed slowly pulsing his dick out and in my ass, fucking his POZ jizz deeper into my chute, he wanted to make sure it would take hold. I gripped my dick harder and kept stroking. “You’re mine now, bitch. I’ve marked you like a dog pissing on a tree. You have my DNA in you forever. Your purpose from here out is to worship my cum, to worship me, and to become mine in every way. Lick my pits you fucking bitch. He leaned down and let me lick his sweaty armpits. My tough meandered down to his nipples. My balls tingled, signaling it was time for me to erupt too. “Fuuucckk!” I screamed, and a fountain of neg spunk erupted over my torso.
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    I’d been drinking, and in my inebriated mind decided to walk home rather than wait for a night bus. After checking a couple of apps, I was feeling a bit horny even if I had no mind to do anything about it. It was then when I noticed the illuminated sign for the sauna. I’d passed it many times before and knew it had something of a reputation for its theme nights where one night it’s Daddies/ Bois or no towels or whatever. I decided that I would pop in for a bit, freshen up in the shower and maybe get sucked off. Job done. Once I’m buzzed in I realise that I’m actually doing this, and so check in for a towel, give reception my email for some reason for their mailing list, and head into the changing area, clumsily undress and then head into the main part of the sauna. After doing the rounds – and discovering there’s even a sling area, which stank of piss – I settled into a wood cabin that seemed fairly quiet bar the two older daddy types, mid-50s, looked like regulars but were in hot shape, gently feasting off each other’s bodies, teasing each zone and clearly been there a while. I settled down on a bench to the side and vaguely watched them. One of them reached over under my towel and put his hand on my stiffening cock and smiled “What have we here?” He leaned over further and began nibbling on my cock. Fuck. I hadn’t quite budgeted for this, but my horniness seemingly had me pinned to the spot as his mouth started to suck. His mate slid over and handed me some poppers. I felt obliged to really. It seemed rude not to. Although the minute I whiffed a few snorts my head felt like the wiring had come lose and all that now mattered was this hairy dad feeding on me. His mate leant into kiss me and again and suddenly I’d never wanted this stranger more. I felt the cocksucker’s fingers probe my hole, somewhat looking confused that it was dry and tight, but almost instantaneously the evidence of a sick grin replacing it. “Slow night brother?” It took me a moment to realise he was talking to me. “Uh… not really. Just a bit drunk and horny” I replied. “Hehe, nice. Drunk and horny on a PozBro night. I get you” “Wait, what? I thought that was Tuesdays...” “No mate. Been Thursdays for the last four months. Every other week we let in non-members and chasers” “Really? Ah okay. Bit of a mistake. I’ll leave you guys to it then” as I went to get up, the popper daddy pulled me backed into a kiss. I was beginning to feel strange, and realise these fuckers had me in their web. I could hear the door being locked and started to feel panicked “Not so fast bro… Hey Steve I think we’ve got ourselves a newbie!” I kept struggling as Steve pulled out the poppers again. Fuuuuck. What was in them? They were making me react the way they wanted. My body betraying my frantic mind. Half terrified, half horny. Jesus. I could only hope to get out of this alive. “I think you’re right Glen. Luckily for him we’re on a recruitment drive. I think we should showcase a few of the membership benefits while he’s here.” Glen was starting to tease my hole with his tongue. Oh boy, not felt anything like that before. I had begun to bliss out with the intoxication, feeling reasonably good despite the fact I was naked, horny, off my face in a locked room with two poz fuckers talking about recruiting me. Holy shit. I found myself turning my face to Steve’s cock. Man, what a fucking amazing poz tool, I thought. Thoughts that evaporated as I begun to suck down on it. Meanwhile Glen had been probing my hole, and I’d been slowly aware of letting him begin to probe me further. I wasn’t quite understanding my behavior, but everything felt so good and right and I figured I could risk this. They must be bluffing, I thought, there is no way someone would be so toxic that it would take immediately… That’s how I looked at it. Surely every guy doesn’t get pozzed instantly… That said, Glen was still pursuing my hole. I noticed him spit on his cock. I hoped there’d be lube but it was unlikely I was to get a smooth ride. These two fuckers know too much as it is. “That’s one tight hole there. Good thing you have us here to help you realise what a pleasure centre you can be. So much potential for you as a pozbro”. Oh fuck.
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    I struggled as those words sank into my head: ‘Good thing you have us here to help you realise what a pleasure centre you can be. So much potential for you as a pozbro’ – fucking hell. I need to get out of here now. However I’ve been sucking on a poz cock, and there’s another one targeting my hole. “That’s right bro. Let us in” Glen said as his precum started to drip over my hole and started to make his way in. Fuck it hurt, but a good hurt. Everything screaming at me to wake up out of this nightmare. These two toxic men have me pinned down, with no escape. “What’s your name, pig? Good to know which new members to keep an eye on” “Huh? Um, yeah, it’s Dan” “Hey Dan, hot body you have there. We rarely see guys your age – I’m thinking 40? - still neg here, so you have to understand our excitement.” “Yeah but… I don’t want to join. I just want to go home. Please… let me go and I’ll leave you to it” “Too late bro. You’ve got toxic precum in your mouth and around your pighole now, and those poppers are helping us to see what your prospects are and what you REALLY want” “Seriously, don’t do this. I don’t want to become a poz…” It was then when Glen rammed his cock further into me at the same time as Steve shoved his cock into my throat. The pain of gagging subsided as I got used to my plight. I’m being spit-roasted by two toxic fuckers and somehow calming down into their strokes and rhythm against my best wishes. I could hear Glen and Steve muttering encouragement to each other “Yeah, that’s the stuff. He’s adapting nicely”, “That’s right lad, accept your fate. Let these daddies incubate you and start you off right”. My mind was slowing down. The feelings of fear and panic put on the backburner, as I was reveling in my new glimpses of pigginess. Betraying my sensible side and belonging right in the moment. For the next few minutes I was part of a scene I’d longed for but always felt I’d know when to get out of it. My energy, my whole being basically acting as a life support to a cock. Hey… this isn’t quite as terrifying as I feared. Then I was jolted out of it as Steve roared and blew his load in my hole. My addled mind wondering why come I denied myself that cum, that hole usage all this time? A sense of calm flowed across me. Enlightenment. “Oh Steve, I think you’ve hooked him now” Glen then pulled out of my mouth and replaced Steve at my hole, and then set about adding his blend to the mix. “Two unmedicated poz loads. I bet you didn’t expect your evening to end up quite so exciting, hey Dan? You’re going to become one of us mate, and I can tell that you’re starting to come around to the idea.” Dear God help me.
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    Part 63 - Confrontation The alarm went off and the coach laid there in bed. All he really wanted to do sleep the rest of the day and recover from the nine hard breedings he took the day before. Instead, he got up and slowly walked to the shower. He stood there letting the water rush over him and then took the soap and cleaned himself off. He got dressed and then packed his bag up and took it to the van. His legs and ass were sore, he was sure that anyone looking at him could tell he had been fucked all night. He walked back into the breakfast area and the team was already there. “Hey coach!” Shane said. The team all had grins on their faces and the coach was sure they knew he had had a rough night. “Hi, guys. Ready for the last day of camp?” he asked. “Yeah. This was a lot of fun” Marty said. “I hope you learned a lot too. We need to be really competitive the rest of the season to make it to finals” the coach said as he shifted his position to find one that hurt less. “You ok coach? You look like you’re in pain” Ethan asked. “I’ll be ok. I just slept funny” the coach replied, getting up and then heading over to get a quick breakfast. The team all snickered and gestured on the positions they thought he was in while “sleeping.” The coach came back and they all finished breakfast. The coach tossed Shane the keys to the van and said “Get everyone’s luggage in the van and bring me the room keys.” Shane and Ethan handed over the room keys and the team headed to the parking lot. The coach went to the front desk and Dakota was standing behind the desk. “Hello, Dakota. We’re checking out” the coach said as he pushed the keys across the desk. “I hope you enjoyed your stay, Coach Adams. I know I did” Dakota said with a smile. “Feel free to stop back any time, no reservation is needed for that hot ass of yours. We give free booster shots, too.” The coach nervously looked around to see if anyone could have heard the last part and was relieved that no one was nearby. “Uh, sure” the coach replied. The coach started towards the front door and saw Ric walking towards the front desk. “Leaving in a couple minutes, Ric” he yelled out. “Thanks, coach. I’ll meet you over at the University. I’m meeting a friend first.” Ric replied. The coach shook his head. If it had been one of his team, he wouldn’t let him skip out of part of the camp, but since Ric wasn’t a swimmer, he just let it go. “Be sure to be over there by 4PM” the coach told Ric. The team headed over to the athletic center and Ric poked his head into Dennis’s office. “Hey Dennis, how’s it going?” RIc asked. “Doing good. I hope you guys had fun while you were here” Dennis replied. “Oh yeah. A lot different than the last time, but still a lot of fun. With any luck the room may have gotten another convert or two” Ric said with a devilish grin. “Yeah, it gets a lot of action and hopefully you guys were successful” Dennis said before he motioned for Ric to come closer. “Keep this between you and me, but you should keep an eye out on your coach. He may need some help in a few weeks.” Ric’s eyes got big “You tagged him?” Ric asked. “Yeah, my boyfriend, Dave, Dakota, Tony, Luis, Juan, Tyler, Carl and I all fucked him” Dennis said. “Dave? The escort? As in Joe?” asked Ric. “Oh, you know? Cool. Yeah, that Dave, er.. Joe” Dennis said. “Wow, you really did a job on him with that many guys. Does he know about you guys being poz?” Ric asked. Dennis replied “Yeah, Joe told him and he seemed to get off on it. We’ll see how enthusiastic he is when the flu hits.” “Now his comment when I ran into him in the sauna makes some sense. He saw my biohazard tat and asked if someone sent me in there. I bet he thought I was sent to breed him” Ric said. “Hehe, yeah. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t once you’re back home” Dennis said. “Fuck no! I don’t want to end up on the news as another student that fucked his teacher. It would screw both of our lives up. Maybe after I graduate, but even then I don’t know” Ric answered. “He’s got a great ass, but yeah, I get it. So you guys head back today?” asked Dennis. “Yeah. This is the last day of camp. The team already left. First, I’m going over to get pierced by Daryl and then meet them at the University before going home” replied Ric. Dennis smiled and asked “Cool. What are you getting done?” “I want to get my nipples done and then a ladder on my cock” answered Ric. “Wow, that’s a lot in one day” Dennis replied. “Yeah, but its kind of hard to get up here. Do you know what bus I need to take to get over to Daryl and Thad’s shop?” asked Ric. “Don’t worry about the bus. I can take you over in the shuttle. Just let me know when” Dennis said. “Thanks, I really appreciate it” Ric said. Dennis dropped Ric off at the tattoo shop telling him to call when he was done and he would take him over to the university. Ric walked up to the door and pulled. It was locked but after a few knocks, Daryl came up and let him in. Dennis drove off and Ric went inside the shop. “So, nips and a ladder? You’re going to be one sore puppy” Daryl said with a smile. Ric picked out a pair of barbell’s for his nipple piercings and they went into the back room. Ric pulled his shirt off, sat down in the chair and leaned back. He felt the adrenaline start to pump through his body and then there was the rush of endorphins as the needle poked through. “Fuuuucck!” Ric yelled out while still trying to hold still. “One down, five to go” Daryl said with a grin. He moved over and pierced the second nipple, with Ric yelling out like before. “Rest there for ten minutes and then we’ll work on the ladder” said Daryl as he got up and put the needles in the used bin and went to get the stuff for the other piercings. Daryl laid everything out and then said “Ok, now take your shorts and underwear off.” Ric did and Daryl smiled as he saw the hung cock between Ric’s legs. Ric sat back down and Daryl asked “Is that what its like soft?” “Nah, its a little hard now” answered Ric. “OK, get it hard so I know what size and where to put it” Daryl said. Ric stroked his cock and once it was hard Daryl rolled his eyes and said “I forgot how big it gets. Just a sec, I need to find some longer bars.” Daryl rummaged through the container of straight and slightly curved barbell piercings and then muttered “Shit.” He got up and went to the front of the shop and Ric could hear him pulling out case after case. Ric sat there with his cock rock hard and wasn’t sure what to do so he kept stroking it to keep it stiff. Daryl came back into the room and said “Sorry, bud. I don’t have anything that’s the right size. Most guys aren’t as thick as you are, and the ones I have would be too short and pretty painful. Let me measure exactly what I need and then I’ll do it when they come in. I know this sucks for you since you can’t get up hear that easy, but I want to do it right.” Ric looked up at Daryl, the disappointment clearly showed on his face. “Damn. Ok. I understand” Ric said getting up out of the chair. He put on his clothes and they walked back to the front of the shop. He paid for the nipple piercings and gave Daryl his number to call when the right piercings came in. Ric called Dennis back and told him he was done getting pierced and a few minutes later the van showed up. Ric hopped in and Dakota was driving. “Heading over to the athletic center?” Dakota asked. “Yeah, gotta meet up for my ride home” Ric replied. There was a long silence as they drove through the streets until Dakota said “Your coach is a great fuck. He took everything I could give him. You think he’s really neg? I mean, not for much longer, but now? He took some pretty potent seed.” Ric squirmed in his seat, feeling a little uncomfortable talking about the coach getting bred. “I dunno. I’m not even on the team, I just tagged along to have some fun with the guys and I haven’t fucked the coach” Ric replied. “Ah, gotcha. Dennis said you were in the club, so I assumed you had tagged him too. I saw you fuck the one coaches in the sauna. That was pretty hot. Too bad you got interrupted by those guys. You should have fucked the bottom guy and left him a surprise present” Dakota said. “I was tempted, but I really just wanted to get out of there. Besides, my balls were empty after I fucked the coach” Ric replied. They pulled up to the center and Dakota turned to Ric. “Here’s my number. Whenever you’re up this way I’d love to hookup some time. You seem like a nice guy and Dennis said you are a great fuck. Maybe we can swap strains” Dakota told Ric. “Thanks, that sounds like fun” Ric replied as he squeezed Dakota’s leg. Ric hopped out of the van and walked into the building and went to find his usual spot. He saw someone sitting over there and as he got closer he realized it was Joe. “Hey, what are you doing here?” he said as he got close. Joe turned and said “Hey, Ric. Well, I got a message from Marcus to meet you and him here. I’ve been waiting an hour. I saw him over with the rest of the swimmers but he hasn’t come over.” “Oh shit. This isn’t good. He showed up at the hotel yesterday and then ran out when he saw my biohazard tat and figured out we were poz. I guess you didn’t warn him” Ric said. “Fuck. No, I didn’t. I don’t think he knows I’m poz either. This might get ugly. I’ll take the heat, don’t worry” Joe said seriously. A whistle blew and that session was over. Joe saw Marcus walking their way. “I’m gonna take us to the wrestling room. No one else needs to hear this” Joe said as he got up and pointed towards the doors. Ric and Joe started walking to them and Marcus changed his direction there too. Joe and Ric got to the doors and walked to the wrestling room. They went in and then kept walking to the second room. “No one can hear us in there even if he yells” Joe said. Once inside, Joe stopped and turned around, waiting for Marcus to come in. The door flew open and Marcus came towards Joe and they could tell he was pissed. “What the FUCK do you think you’re doing? Setting me up with a poz dude? Are you fuckin’ nuts?” Marcus said as he walked up to Joe. He jabbed his finger into Joe’s chest with each of the last four words. “Marcus, you seemed to like him and he liked you. I just thought I’d let you know where to find each other and that there was mutual interest. We haven’t fucked in a while. I don’t know what you’re into or not any more. Shit, you’re both adults and you know you have to have these conversations if you’re gonna fuck… thats if you actually care if a guy is neg or poz” Joe said back in a stern voice. “What? You think I’d fuck with poz guys? This guy’s still in high school. Why would I think he’s poz?” Marcus asked back. “You don’t think guys in high school fuck raw? I know I did. I never used a condom until I got to college. And I know we never used one when I fucked you all those times. Who knows how many poz guys you’ve been with and didn’t even know it” Joe countered. Marcus was stunned. “I… uh… I’m careful about who I fuck with” Marcus finally said. “Doesn’t sound like it to me. Ric said you never asked and only stopped when you saw his biohazard tat” Joe replied. “But I told you, I never expect a guy that age to be poz” Marcus said. Joe could tell the intensity was easing from Marcus’s argument. “That doesn’t mean shit. Old, young, smooth, hairy, athletic or obese. Anyone can be poz and with most guys you can’t tell. Are you on prep?” Joe asked. “What? No. Why would I be. I told you, I’m careful” said Marcus. “Would you have let the other guy in my room fuck you raw?” Ric asked before Joe could say anything. “Sure. He’s cute and had nice cock, but he seemed more interested in getting fucked” Marcus replied, not expecting to get questioned from both guys. “Then you would have take a big toxic load. He just converted a month ago. He’s not on drugs and is really potent. He loves getting his dick in neg holes too” Ric said. Marcus’s jaw dropped and he backed up a step and was clearly panicked. Joe laughed and said “Who knows, that pretty little ass of yours might already be knocked up. You’ve always been a horny bottom. You probably want it but are just afraid to admit it. I’ve seen it a lot. First guys stop asking if the tops are neg and then after they find out they've taken a few poz loads they get comfortable and start looking for the poz guys.” “No, its nothing like that. It just makes things awkward” Marcus said. “That isn’t what guys that are intent on staying neg say. You’re just playing russian roulette. One day the bullet will end up in the chamber and you’re gonna be pozzed up like Ric and I are. It might have already happened” Joe said with a chuckle. Ric was grinning, since he thought he knew where Joe was taking the conversation. “You? You’re poz too?” Marcus asked incredulously. “Yeah, I am” Joe said smiling back at Marcus. “Why don’t you just admit that you want a good poz fuck. You always liked my cock and I bet you’d love Ric’s cock too. He may be young, but he’s hung and knows how to use it” Ric moved behind Marcus and gently ran his hands over Marcus’s speedo covered ass. He heard Marcus gasp and then his breathing became labored. “No, thats crazy dude. Why would I ever want to knowingly take a poz load?” Marcus asked. “Once you’re poz, you never have to worry about some guy pozzing you again” Ric said softly in his ear as Ric’s hands continued to rub over his ass. Joe moved closer and brushed his hands over Marcus’s chest, rubbing the hard, pierced nipples. Joe could see Marcus fight with himself. “I know you want it. Just tell us and we can give you a fuck like no other. You can choose who and how. Just me, just Ric or both of us. I could even set something up and get a group together, but Ric might not be able to make it and you really should experience his cock. Just say yes, Marcus and we’ll take you over to the storage room and give you the fuck of your life” Joe said. Marcus was muttering to himself as he listened to Joe. A large wet spot of precum had soaked through his speedo and his cock was getting harder. Ric thought he heard “oh fuck” over and over but since he was behind Marcus he couldn’t really hear it. Joe saw a tear run down Marcus’s cheek and then he said “I want to but I shouldn’t. Oh god, what do I do?” “Let fate decide for you. That’s what I did” Ric said. “What?” Marcus said, confused more than ever. “I took the loads and let fate decide if I got pozzed. My life has been so much better since then” Ric said. “oh fuck, oh god” Marcus said and then was breathing heavy. Joe and Ric let Marcus stew with the thoughts and finally Marcus said “Give me your poz cocks.” Joe's grin got more intense and he led Ric and Marcus over to the storage room. The three went inside and Ric locked the door. Ric moved in behind Marcus and started to kiss the back of his neck and put his hands inside Marcus’s speedo and pulled them down. Joe pulled off his t-shirt and dropped his shorts to the floor. A tug and his jockstrap was laying on top of his shorts. Joe moved closer and kissed Marcus deeply. He could feel Marcus’s cock get stiffer between them and rubbed his body against the leaking shaft. Ric was the only one with clothes on, so he pulled away and shucked his clothes onto the floor too. Getting closer, he got down on his knees and pried the firm ass apart. Ric inhaled deeply, smelling the sweat and scent from Marcus as well as the chlorine from the pool. He licked along the crack and and felt Marcus shiver. Joe licked and kissed down Marcus’s front and took his stiff cock into his mouth. Joe sucked and licked, trying to get Marcus to a stage of lust that he would never want to come down from until his ass was full of Ric and Joe’s cum. He could hear Ric doing his best on Marcus’s pussy and knew they had to be intense but not take Marcus over the edge. When Marcus started to squirm he knew that it was time. Joe pulled off and pulled Marcus down to his knees. Ric sat down on the rolled wrestling mat as Joe directed him to. Joe turned Marcus so that he was in between Ric’s legs and then moved in behind Marcus, like he had done dozens of times before and slicked his cock up with spit. Marcus started to lick Ric’s hard cock and braced himself on Ric’s legs. Joe pushed the piercing into the throbbing pucker and added more spit. Pressing in harder he could feel Marcus start to tense up. Joe gave him a few strokes with his hands along his back and Ric’s hands were caressing his his head which was enough to relax Marcus and Joe pressed in harder. A few more rubs of his hand and Joe felt the hole open up enough and he gave a nudge, letting the rest of his cock head pop past Marcus’s outer ring. When Joe had fucked Marcus in the past, Marcus was always eager to get all of his cock inside him. This time Joe was going slower and figured once he got a good rhythm going Marcus would become the usual cock hungry slut. Joe started to rock his hips, pushing deeper in each time. Marcus was energetically sucking Ric’s cock and Joe’s strokes got longer. Soon he was fucking Marcus just like the old days. He pushed all the way in and then got up on his feet, pushing Ric’s cock deep into Marcus’s throat. With Joe now in a better position, he began to pound Marcus’s hole. He could feel the ring tug and pull as he jabbed it into the tender walls of Marcus’s rectum. Joe was hammering away at Marcus’s ass and was amazed that Marcus was still sucking Ric’s thick shaft. Ric had his eyes closed and was enjoying the oral workover from Marcus. Joe knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, but wanted to make sure he got Marcus’s chute opened up and prepped for Ric’s larger cock. He pulled out and plunged back in a few times but that just intensified the tightness in his balls. Joe grabbed Marcus’s shoulders and drove his cock in deep. The pulses from his cock were intense and he could feel the cum shoot out and cover the walls of Marcus’s tunnel. Joe grunted as each wave of toxic seed pumped into the swimmer. Marcus had stopped sucking when he felt Joe start to breed his hole. It was too late now, Joe’s poz cum was now inside him, possibly infecting him. Marcus was expecting it to feel different, but it felt just like all the other times Joe had cum inside him. It was a feeling that he loved - the warmth and wetness of another man’s cum deep inside him. He let out a loud moan that surprised not only Ric and Joe, but himself. His heart was racing, knowing that he had just done something that he had been avoiding since he took his first cock. Joe left his cock inside Marcus for a minute after the shots of cum ended. He slowly pulled out and left the gaping, cum filled hole empty. Ric realized it was his turn and gently pulled his cock from Marcus’s mouth and slid over before quickly moving behind Marcus. He saw some of Joe’s cum dripping out of the battered hole and smiled as he lined his cock up. He pushed in and Marcus’s hole was tight. The coating of spit and Joe’s cum didn’t seem to be enough to let his cock just slide in. He waited until Joe was in place in front of Marcus and Marcus had started to lick the still hard shaft clean. With a little more pressure, his cock descended deeper into Marcus’s hole. He could hear the groans but kept pushing further. When he hit the inner ring he looked down and still had over an inch left to go. Ric grabbed Marcus’s hips and thrust in, plowing in the rest of the way. He heard a muffled scream so he stood there motionless for half a minute. When Marcus seemed to recover, he pulled back and heard another muffled groan. Ric started to rock back and forth slowly, letting Marcus get used to his sizable shaft. Just like he had done the first time fucking most of the guys, he let Marcus get used to it and then fucked faster or longer. Marcus seemed to adapt quicker than many guys and he thought it might be one of the few times that Marcus would know how it felt to be fucked by his own cock. Their length and thickness seemed to be similar from the short time that he saw it before Joe began fucking Marcus. Ric soon had a good pace going, long firm strokes felt good inside the experienced hole. Marcus even started to squeeze down on his cock occasionally. A tingle or two from his balls told Ric he was nearing the point of no return. He fucked harder and looked at Joe who was watching Ric pound Marcus’s ass. Joe grinned and nodded to Ric as he sensed Ric was getting close. Joe held Marcus’s head down on his cock as Ric pushed in all the way. Ric let out a growl as his cock pumped shot after shot of charged cum into Marcus’s wrecked cunt. After the first few spurts, Joe let go of Marcus’s head and let him gasp for air while Ric flooded his ass. Ric left his cock inside Marcus while his body recovered from the orgasm. Ric pulled out and sat down on the floor against the rolled mat. Marcus then backed away from Joe and laid down on the floor on his back, breathing heavily. “Oh my god that was wild” Marcus said. Joe got a wicked smile on his face and leaned forward and crawled between Marcus’s legs. “What are you doing, Joe?” Marcus asked. “I just want to feel what that hole feels like after Ric stretched you out” Joe replied. Before Marcus could say anything, Joe lifted his legs up and slid his hard cock right into the loose, cummy hole. Joe started to drill Marcus again, this time feeling Ric’s and his cum mixed together coating his cock. Marcus moaned as Joe fucked him. He tried in vain to clamp his hole down around Joe’s cock and just laid back and let Joe pound his pussy. “Damn, you’re loose now” Joe said. “Think he can take us both?” Ric asked. A look of fear came over Marcus’s face as Joe said “We can try.” Joe hooked his arms under Marcus’s arms and then leaned back until Marcus was now riding him. Ric pushed Marcus over so he was laying on Joe’s chest and he straddled Joe. He pressed his cock against Joe’s shaft and then up to Marcus’s hole. He shoved in and got nowhere. He then pulled his foreskin back and pushed slowly and felt his cock head catch on the battered hole. Pushing harder he heard Marcus whimper and then it stretched enough for him to start sliding in. Joe held Marcus still as Ric’s shaft pushed along Joe’s. Ric felt Joe’s piercing drag along the bottom of his cock as he gave Marcus the last few inches. Marcus was fully impaled on both cocks and had never felt so full in his life. Ric started to move back and forth with his hips and while the strokes were only a few inches long it was enough to send shockwaves through all three of them. He kept it up for a few minutes and then felt Joe’s cock start to pulse against his own. Another dose of Joe’s viral cum pumped into Marcus’s ass and the feeling caused Ric to shoot another load in too. Marcus whimpered and yelled out “Oh fuck!” as he felt the third and fourth poz loads fill his tortured hole. Deep down he knew this was probably it - his neg days were now numbered. He was on an adrenaline high like never before with the risk making it so much more intense. Ric pulled his cock out and Marcus stood up, his shaky legs barely holding him vertical. Ric put his clothes on and helped Marcus get his speedo back on. Helping Joe off the floor, Ric watched him put his clothes back on. They walked slowly out of the wrestling rooms and towards the pool. As they got closer to the pool, Marcus went over to where all the swimmers were. Joe and Ric went back over to the other side. Joe gave Ric a hug and told him to keep in touch and let him know where he decided to go to college and then headed out the door. He stared at Joe's ass walking away from him until the door closed. The final whistle blew and the camp was over. The teams showered and packed and Ric dragged the equipment duffles back to the van. Everyone hopped in for the drive home. They pulled into the school parking lot and as Ric was unloading all of the bags the coach walked up to him. “Ric, I’d like you to stop by my office some time this week. I think you’re the only one at school that can help me with a few things I need to know. This is just between you and me. OK?” Coach Adams said. “Sure thing coach” Ric replied.
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    Part 64 - Return Call Steven was scrambling to get ready for work. He and Ryan had been fucking since they got back from their 2PM classes and his ass was full of charged cum. Ryan had just dumped load number three in his ass when he noticed the time and realized they were going to be late for work. Standing in the shower, he pushed it out and watched it run towards the drain, the water helping it along. He hated to do it, but with that much cum he knew it would want to escape at the least opportune time while he was working. They dressed and both walked over to the restaurant. Once again the manager asked Steven to wait tables. It seemed that he was getting asked to do it more and more so he felt that they had confidence in him and hopefully he would be doing it all the time soon. As he took the order from table 12, his phone buzzed. He knew he had to be careful when looking at messages while at work. So when he finally had a spare minute he ducked into the storage room and read it. “Are you available tonight after work?” He looked at the contact and it was from Mr. Snyder. He hadn’t heard anything from him since the first meeting a week and a half earlier. Steven’s heart started beating faster. He kind of had hoped that he wouldn’t hear from Mr. Snyder ever again, but he did like the money he got. Several thoughts went through his mind - was the one fuck enough to infect him? It was probably too soon but he could be. Did he want to meet so he could accuse him of pozzing him up? A man that rich could crush Steven and leave him broke and homeless on possibly in jail for the rest of his life. He showed the message to Ryan who told him he was being too dramatic and just go turn the trick and enjoy the extra cash. During the next lull Steven was back in the storage room and typed out a reply - “yes. meet out front again?” A few minutes later he got a simple reply - “Yes. 10:15” He finished his shift and he once again tried to clean up a bit in the bathroom before meeting Ryan out in back of the restaurant. Ryan kissed him and said “Have fun!” They walked along the side of the building and when they got to the street Steven spotted the SUV. Ryan turned left and headed back to his dorm room and Steven walked over to the truck. The driver opened the back door for him and he got in and was on his way to Mr. Snyder’s mansion. Steven was even more nervous than the first time he went. He felt guilty for not telling Mr. Snyder he was poz and quite infectious if the last test results he got from Tyler were to be believed. He tempered that guilt with the knowledge that Mr. Snyder was well educated and yet never questioned Steven about his status and willingly got fucked raw by him. They pulled up to the huge mansion and the driver opened the door. This time he went to the front door by himself. Before he could knock, the front door opened and there stood a guy with a bow tie and a black jockstrap and nothing more. He was about Steven’s age and height, slightly more muscular, dark close cropped hair but that was the extent of any hair he could find. The guy said “Welcome Steven. Our master awaits you” as he ushered him inside. Steven got a knot in his gut. He wasn’t anyone’s slave, sub or boy, unless someone was referring to Ryan, and even then that was not how their relationship worked. He followed the guy and passed the doors to the room he was in before. The guy opened another door and then descended down the steps to a lower level. They walked down a hallway and then the guy opened yet another door. He stood to the side and motioned that Steven should go inside. Steven walked in and saw a large sex room. It was like the one that Joe and Kyle used to have in the bedroom he now used, but much larger. He saw Mr. Snyder laying on a padded bench, his stomach on the leather and each wrist and ankle locked to the thick wood legs. As he walked towards him, he heard the door close behind him and the guy quickly walked past him until he was standing next to Mr. Snyder. Steven looked back and forth between the two and was unsure what to do. “I’m glad you could come tonight, Steven” Mr. Snyder said. “Yes, sir” Steven replied. “I thought you might like to meet one of my boys. I have a few on staff to keep me entertained. They are all bottoms, since I usually prefer the top role. It is only when I need to satisfy a different itch, that I bring in people such as yourself” Mr. Snyder said. There was a pause and he continued “Obviously, I enjoyed our last encounter. It was much more satisfying than the previous few. It’s nice to find a younger man who knows how to properly use another man. First, I want to watch you use Will, here. He has earned the privilege of being fucked by someone besides me. My cock has been the only one that has ever been inside him. Please use the mat in front of me so I can see and enjoy him as you wish.” Steven smiled and hoped that Will knew what he was getting into. He slowly disrobed and replied to Mr. Snyder “Yes, sir. Thank you.” He stood there naked trying to figure out what to do to make sure that Mr. Snyder was pleased with his performance. Thinking back on his fun with Ryan earlier, he was happy that he didn’t have a chance to blow his load during their fuck. Steven stroked his cock and moved to the mat. Will was already there, on his knees with his hands behind his back, awaiting Steven’s orders. Steven approached and stood in front of Will. He stood there for an extended period of time, waiting to see if Will would make a move to suck him before Steven told him what to do. Will stood there and Steven could see how eager he was to either suck or get fucked, but stood his place. Will licked his lips and Steven slapped his face firmly, but without much force. “You will wait until you are told what to do” Steven said sternly. Steven’s cock got harder by the second. Mr. Snyder may be the master around this house, but he was going to be the best alpha. Will had a look of shock in his face as he resumed his position and now expressionless face. Steven grinned and only looked over at Mr. Snyder with his eyes. He saw a slight grin and figured that he was doing a good job so far. He moved closer and his rigid cock was only two inches from Will’s lips. He stroked it a few times, pulling the foreskin back and watching a drop of precum form at the end of his cock. He held it there, taunting Will with his hungry cock. Will wasn’t going to move until told to do so. He already found out that Steven was almost as demanding as his master. His breathing got quicker, but he stayed in place even though he wanted to leap forward and swallow down the first non-white cock he had ever been this close to. Steven moved an inch closer and he could see Will tense up. He then leaned in and brushed his cock over Will’s lips, testing him a little more. Satisfied that Will would obey and was eager, Steven put his hand on the back of Will’s head and then told him “Suck it, Will.” Will opened his mouth and licked off the drop of precum, savoring Steven’s unique taste. His lips brushed against Steven’s cock as he took more of it into his mouth, using his tongue to slather spit over it and stimulate it more. Steven was slowly fucking Will’s head onto his cock, deeper and deeper each time. His cock nudged into Will’s throat and he was pleasantly surprised at the lack of gag reflex. He put his other hand on Will’s head and thrust in all the way. Other than a warm, moist throat enveloping his cock, Will did not protest or struggle. Instead, he massaged the end of his cock with throat muscles. Steven held him there, enjoying the feeling until he felt the muscles seem to spasm. He pulled Will’s head back and tilted it up towards his. Will was quietly gasping for air, refilling his lungs. Steven knew that Will was no stranger to this sort of treatment. With no struggle until his body instinctively showed his limit, Steven knew that Will was trained to serve and trust his master. Once he had replenished his oxygen supply, Steven pushed his cock back into Will’s waiting mouth. He released his hands and let the boy prepare his cock for its eventual anal entry. Will deepthroated Steven’s cock several times and pulled off after almost twenty minutes of oral stimulation. He looked up briefly to Steven and saw first his smile and then his nod. “Show me that ass” Steven said and Will turned around and presented his smooth butt. Steven kneeled and pulled the two halves apart. He spit on the hole and then pressed two fingers to the puckered ring. He rubbed the spit around the hole and then pushed them in. They sunk in easily and soon Steven knew why. He pulled them out and saw the creamy coating. He licked the tips and then fed his fingers to Will who eagerly sucked them clean. He heard Mr. Snyder quietly chuckle and knew that he had prepped Will’s hole. Steven jabbed his face into the crack and pushed his tongue in before sucking out some of the cum inside Will’s cunt. He could tell the move surprised Will, but he recovered quickly and braced himself for the next step. There was no need for any more foreplay and Steven sat up and shoved his cock into the freshly bred pussy. He drove in with one long, fast movement until his body slammed into Will’s. There was only the slightest of grunts from the bottom but Steven could feel his body race to adapt to the bare cock that was now fully implanted inside it. Before Will was completely ready, he pulled back and rammed in again feeling the quivering hole around his shaft. Steven began a series of slow, hard thrusts which forced much of Mr. Snyder’s cum out of Will’s hole. What was left was the bare minimum of lube coating Steven’s cock and the vulnerable walls of Will’s chute. Steven knew that this was the right time to pound the hungry cunt and abuse it enough to make it receptive to the virus that was slowly seeping into his body from his precum. He fucked hard and then harder still until he was pulling all the way out and then shoving back into the battered hole. Steven looked over and saw Mr. Snyder watch him fuck his sub ruthlessly. He didn’t have an expression of surprise or pleasure, but one of admiration. Steven’s pace picked up and the tightness in his balls increased. Holding on to Will’s hips, he slammed in several times, the last one bringing a flood of poz cum into the bottom’s well used hole. Steven growled as the pulses added spurts of jizz into the throbbing cunt. Steven pulled his cock out slowly, using his fingers to push any cum that tried to escape back into the confines of Will’s hole. He shoved two fingers in and roughly twisted them around, gouging his fingernails into the soft flesh. This last move caused the only real audible noises from Will. It was louder than a whimper and almost a quiet scream. One more twist and Steven pulled his fingers out and pressed them to Will’s lips. Will licked them clean and then started to turn around before he stopped, realizing he had received no instructions to do so. “That’s ok. Turn around, Will. Assume your sub position, facing your master” Steven said pointing to a spot to make sure he was off to the side so he could have a better view of the upcoming activities. The grin on Steven’s face told Will and his master that he was thinking of something devious. Steven stood and walked the few steps over to Mr. Snyder and pressed his cum covered cock to Mr. Snyder’s lips. Trapped, Mr. Snyder started to object but Steven’s hands on the back of his head told him it was futile. In seconds, his mouth opened and took the slime coated cock into his mouth. Steven slowly fucked in and out, making the master become his cocksucker. Steven heard Will gasp and assumed he had never seen his master forced into submission. He only spent a few minutes making Mr. Snyder clean his cock of the cum mixture before pulling out and saying “Very good.” Steven moved around to the back of Mr. Snyder and caressed the exposed butt. He moved his hand so that it ran up and down the crack and then pushed his middle finger into the crack so it dragged along from the taint to the hole. He pushed the dry finger into the hole and heard a moan from Mr. Snyder. If anything, it felt even tighter than the last time. Steven fucked and twisted his finger around until he could push a second finger in. He heard a pained groan as he screwed his fingers in harder. Will stood to the side, keeping quiet but the expression on his face showed his shock. Steven dripped a gob of spit onto his fingers and pushed them in and then added a third finger. Steven gave one last twist and pulled his fingers out. One step had him centered behind the millionaire’s ass, close but not touching. He looked down and saw the pucker wink at him and he knew that Mr. Snyder was anticipating his penetration. Steven dripped some spit and let it run down the crack, over the hole and down to the elder’s balls. He drew it out, waiting longer and making both Will and Mr. Snyder wait for the inevitable plunge. On their first meeting, Mr. Snyder was completely in control with what happened and when. Steven was taking advantage of this new situation and was going to do things his way this time. He reached down and circled the now quivering ring with his finger and pushed it in to the second knuckle and left it there. He heard Mr. Snyder clear his throat, but other than that he stayed silent. Will was craning his neck to try and see what was happening, but his master’s body blocked the view. The hole pulsed around his finger and Steven smiled. He waited several seconds more and then pulled his finger free and jammed his dripping cock into Mr. Snyder’s pussy. He was balls deep in only a second or two and heard a loud, pained grunt from his bottom. Will looked shocked as he watched his master being violated like he was but did not move from his position. Steven gave Mr. Snyder only a moment to get used to the cock in his tight cunt. He started with long strokes, pulling back slowly until just the tip of his cock was inside and then shoved back in. Each time was a little faster on the withdrawal until he had an even pace, fucking in and pulling back. He started moving his hips around and each thrust dug in at a different angle. He felt Mr. Snyder squirm on the bench and a quick slap of the lightly haired ass stopped that movement. He heard a quiet gasp from Will and smiled back at him. Steven gave a half dozen quick and hard thrusts and then went back to slow pulls and firm shoves. He could feel the hole getting slicker, no doubt from his precum and maybe some ass juice from Mr. Snyder. He marveled at how stiff his cock had remained since he first entered Will until now. He didn’t have a chance to take a vitamin V before the session, since he kept his small stash that Joe gave him at home. He wondered if the first fuck was enough to infect Mr. Snyder or whether this was the one that would do it. Of course with his more aggressive attitude this session, there might not be another meeting to fuck him again. He wasn’t sure that Mr. Snyder liked having an aggressive top after the previous session where he had been a Dominant bottom and told Steven he wanted to be in control. It didn’t matter. Steven wanted to fuck his way and while he liked the money, if this was the last time then he didn’t care. He started to fuck harder and grabbed Mr. Snyder’s hips to brace himself. Their skin slapped together and his formerly swinging balls started to draw up closer to his cock. He could feel the occasional spray of precum from Mr. Snyder’s swaying cock as he slammed into him. Steven jammed in one more time as his cock swelled and began shooting it’s charged payload into the abused tunnel. “Oh fuck yes, boy” Mr. Snyder exclaimed. The pulses faded and Steven started to slowly fuck the now sloppy hole. Something inside him wanted to keep fucking Mr. Snyder’s ass. He thought partly it was to do a thorough job and partly because it felt so good to have a tight cum filled hole gripping his cock. He knew he wouldn’t last very long and the third load of the night would be small but he fucked with determination. He heard a few grunts from Mr. Snyder and could tell that he wasn’t used to being fucked for as long as Steven had. He pounded for a few minutes more and then unleashed four last spurts of toxin into the battered hole. He slowly removed his cock and looked around the playroom to see if he could find a plug. Not seeing one he walked around Mr. Snyder and presented his dripping cock to Will. Will glanced over at his master and then back to the cock in front of him. He licked the charged cum off the shaft and then cleaned off Steven’s bush and balls. Steven patted him on his head and said “Good job, Will” before turning back to Mr. Snyder. “Thank you sir. I hope you enjoyed it.” Mr. Snyder was not used to being the one on the bench and looked back at Steven. “Yes, boy. That was a lot more than I was expecting. I may have misjudged your talents. The driver will have your payment. You may go now” Mr. Snyder said, still locked on the bench, sweating profusely and with labored breathing. Steven assumed that Will would release him, just as he assumed he had locked him down before Steven’s arrival. Steven had been careful to always face Will and Mr. Snyder so that they couldn’t see the brand, but he looked down at Will and walked right in front of him, the biohazard branded ass cheek just inches from his face. He thought he heard a slight gasp but he wasn’t sure. He took a towel from the table and wiped his cock off and put his clothes on. Steven showed himself out and heard the front door click shut behind him as he walked to the SUV. The driver was waiting with an open door and Steven climbed in. On the seat next to him was an envelope and he picked it up and held it for the ride back to the restaurant. The driver stopped and got out, opening the door for Steven. As Steven got out the driver said quietly “You must be good. Few ever go back for a second visit, much less get a bonus. Enjoy your night, sir.”
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    5. The journey continues “I think it’s time we showered and went to bed don’t you? I’ll call mum and tell her we ran into you and you have come to stay over for a catch-up, OK?” Ben informs me. “Yes please bro, I’d love that.” We group showered and the hot soapy water washed my cares away as both Ben and Olly soaped me up paying particular attention to my cock, balls and gently played with my battered ass crack. Refreshed and reinvigorated we lept on to the bed in a heap, kissing and caressing as I extended my gay sex education from my brother and his partner and eager to learn more secrets spots as well as have more of his special cum from Ben doing what I always wanted him to give me. I felt a small pressure on my head, feeling his hand guide my head towards his straining cock and balls. Well, time to properly try this out...something I had dreamed about since I stole his used cum-rag T Shirt. I open my mouth to properly suck off my brother and feel the spongy texture of his dick-head as I ran my tongue over and around it, savouring the deep smell of pure Ben as I inhale... I was in heaven, hell, and everywhere in between. "Wow...no teaching required in giving head" Ben's face had a mix of pleasure and happiness to it, enjoying the playful humour mixed in with my spirited exploration of every part of his magnificent cock. I tried to mimic what I had seen in gay porn videos, but damn...his big fat cock seemed bigger than it did in the toilets but I must have been doing something right by the way Ben moaned to himself, the way he grabbed and played with his nipples, his knees mixing between being steady waving open and closed and trying to buck under the pressure of pleasure. What I lack in skill, I guess, I make up for in vigour. And vigorous I was. I doubled my effort to move on to his big bull sized balls to lick, kiss, suck and taste every inch of this dangling sack this delicious taboo and depravity. It was Ben and it was perfect. So hot to the touch, I could almost feel his balls move with me in tandem to every lick. I sucked each of them in, savouring them and I could tell it was driving Ben crazy. Apparently I was a natural at playing with balls... "Damn fucking damn... I'm already close..." Ben whispered to me, I guess I was good... Or perhaps the emotions of playing with his brother that got the better of him. “Me too” piped up Olly, who I had all but forgotten about as my life long fantasy played out in real time, a quick glance confirmed he was jerking off watching us two brothers enjoy one another. "What do you want me to do?" I asked looking up lovingly at Ben "Just... " His eyes were shut tight, riding each wave of ecstasy in his mind. It was so hot... I went back to bobbing my head on his rock-hard dick. I could taste a mix of my own saliva and his delicious precum and I just fell into a comfortable rhythm. My head and tongue moved in tandem with his thrusts, and I could see his body stiffen. I'm..." And with that feeble whimper of warning, Ben climaxed, grabbing my head tight feeding me every drop of cum he could muster. And what cum it was. I could feel my mouth filling up, gush after gush, till I was forced to stop savouring and start swallowing. But the taste. Different from his precum, but still perfect... It was so hot, slightly sweet mixed with a bitter aftertaste but in a sophisticated, fancy restaurant type of way. "Fuck... fucking fuck... Damn..." Ben's knees buckled but thankfully he never toppled over. He leaned back and rested against the bedhead, catching his breath, his body flush red. He wiped his sweaty brown hair out of his eyes, his breathing slowing, coming down from the rush. "Well... I'm... impressed bro. You aren't half bad... Not bad at all." Ben laughed lightly patting the top of my head. "Oh! Wow, fucking wow, that was soooooooooooo HOT... damn! Look at me." I opened my eyes and looked across at Olly as he smiled devilishly as jet after jet of poisonous jizz painted my face and hair, thick gobs of HIV laden cum dripped down from my hair, stinging in my eyes, I scooped as much as I could in my right hand and slurped on the bitter tasting spunk as I made sure to clean up every drop. “Fuck that was awesome bro, but no more wasted cum going down your throat or over that pretty face…we gotta share you with Dan, Rich, Mark and a few other friends to make sure it only goes in your hole so you convert and join our own special brotherhood. After ordering in a takeaway we all clambered into bed and following my sexploits I quickly went to sleep tightly snuggled up between Ben & Olly as they text or spoke to their pals. During the night I dreamt in full technicolor of every detail of the day’s events partially thrusting back as it felt for real like I was being fucked once more…in fact I caught myself moaning out loud and was afraid I would wake the boys. When I came to, I realized I wasn’t dreaming, it was Ben spooned up behind me, nuzzled into my neck and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re here, I couldn’t help myself, I just had to claim your hole as mine.” “He’s mine after you’ve finished you dirty dog, remember we share everything!” said a wide-awake Olly and with that Ben groaned as he filled my boycunt with his special brew. Olly threw back the duvet and presented me with his huge dick which was very thick and, in the half-light, looked dark and menacing with protruding veins that gave it a gnarled appearance. “Jeez I glad I’m lubed up with Ben’s load coz’ I think my hole is about to get its biggest challenge yet!” “On your back boy.” Olly authority demanded and as I rolled on to my back Olly knelt before me and pushed my legs apart. “Push some of that thick Poz spunk out” he instructed and as I did so a torrent of cum flowed out on his hand which he them smeared over his cock and pushed the rest of Ben’s jizz back in. Olly placed his dick-head at my hole and pushed the puckered skin open and continued pushing, inching his ever-thickening shaft in further pushing my internal flesh aside as his cock slid in gliding on Ben’s DNA. I let out a blissful groan as I felt Olly bottom out with his hot heavy balls resting on my taint. Now he was all the way in he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and leant forwards and began easing in and out. “Fuck me Ben, this is one fine pussy your brother has here.” As Ben switched on the bedside light to fully watch his partner have his way with me. I whimpered not in delight but in pain as not only Olly’s pace changed but the direction varied too further stretching and tearing at my internal skin as the hammering assault continued. I didn’t know what was happening next as Olly got Ben to move over and see his cock sawing in and out of my ass but he suddenly had a look of total satisfaction on his face as he intensively stared straight in to my eyes. Then punching in hard between each word, then says, “you’re torn up and bleeding-which-should-guarantee-your conversion-our-boy” and simultaneously upon hearing this my cock exploded in jets of negative cum that splattered up my stomach, neck and face. As my climax fired off my sphincter twitched and gripped hard around Olly’s monster dick which set off a train reaction; first his breathing becoming ragged, then his body shuddered as he then punched in soooo deep, roared as his virulent load flooded my intestines. He slumped over me and tenderly kissed me, a loving kiss as he gently pumped his still hard cock in my battered hole, “Welcome to the club kid.”
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    6. thanks for the love over this story guys, much appreciated We eventually woke late and Ben announced that as it was Saturday and no college work for me today as better time would be spent at the Sauna Club socializing with Dan, Rich, Mark and a few others of their friends. “Yeah your brother is going to be a magnet for what you usually like most” Olly said before laughingly adding, “plenty of group action” “Fresh meat, no loads refused always draws out the best of humanity with gifts to share with a newbie.” Responded Ben already rubbing his crotch. “Bro, you’d better just have an energy shake for breakfast and then we’ll teach you how to clean out the lovely hole of yours in readiness for a mid-day work out.” For me mid-day couldn’t come soon enough but it was well into the afternoon by the time Ben & Olly lead me into the Sauna Club, paid our entrance fees then off to the locker room to strip down to towels which my brother and partner tucked in around their waist but I was told to just drape mine over my shoulder. “No point hiding the goods on offer is there?” They led me upstairs to the large viewing room full of guys whose lustful eyes coveted me as I passed by with wolf whistles and groping of my ass. On we walked to an area beyond where five cubicles, each with a scuzzy stained mattress was on the floor with just a curtain for privacy. Ben ushered us in one and left the curtain open and then he and Olly removed their well tented towels and pull me into an intense round of kissing and after several minutes of tongue jousting my brother pushed me down on my back.. “You ready for this? You don’t have to if you don’t want to you know? Ben says, “I already have yours and Olly’s Poz cum in me, so yeah, I’m good with this!” and by the time Ben had worked up to three fingers buried deep in me hole we had an audience of several pairs of eyes hungrily looking on, hard cocks in hand jerking off. I had to laugh as I imagined I was circled by sex-starved wolves ready to pounce and consume me, whatever, the though was enough to make my cock swell and drool a constant flow of precum over my groin. Once Ben and Olly had donated more of their Poz cum up my chute Olly said loud enough for all to hear, “Off to the Sling Room for you to complete your afternoon/evening of NO LOADS REFUSED action” “I’ve heard about them but never been in a sling.” I managed to splutter upon seeing the contraption spot lit in the darkened room. “Hop in, lie back and make yourself comfortable.” “Woa the leather’s cold” “Don’t worry it’ll soon warm up, now let me tie your wrists and ankles to the chains…don’t want you escaping little bro! There how does it feel?” I had just one word, “Fantastic!” “There you go guys…he’s all yours” as he addresses a growing throng gathered around. “Ah Dan trust you to be first….” I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw a smiling Dan move towards me as all I could focus on was his tattoo of an elephant’s head inked all over his crotch with, yes, you’ve guessed it, his long cock for its trunk! He flashed a killer smile that caught my attention and then I saw his sparkling eyes and yet despite the comedy tattoo me and my cock felt an instant attraction. Fuck I wanted this man. I wanted him just as I lusted after my brother all these years. Our eyes remained locked on one another as Dan took up station at my exposed and quivering ass, “Do you like elephants Liam?” he asked all innocently. “Sure” I tell him “D’ya know how they wash themselves?” to which other guys burst out laughing… “Yeah they suck up water in their trunk and spray it over their bodies.” “Well done Liam, look just like this.” As he pulled his long foreskin back revealing a shiny Prince Albert, something I’d heard about but never actually seen before. I was mesmerized and didn’t at first realise as he let rip a torrent of piss all over me and simultaneously others standing close by joined in the golden shower. I had never indulged in piss-play before but I was surprised at how turned on I was, or was it just because it was Dan? When Dan’s PA’d elephant trunk piss stream eventually stopped he lined his dick with my hole and pushed in balls deep…and if it hadn’t been for the previous loads it would have been painful but now I just felt full. My eyes locked on to Dan’s as I felt the electricity flow between us as I enjoy his full attention…it didn’t go unnoticed by my brother who stroked my face and said, “You’re doing great, we’ll make a great cumslut out of you yet. I can tell Dan likes you and I think you like him too, am I right?” I nodded, unable to speak as Dan’s bulbous dick head and PA continuously rubbed over my prostate…I let out a satisfied “Aaaaahhhh” just as a rock-hard cock was pushed in my mouth. I guess Dan felt it too as still staring deep into my eyes he starts licking my feet and sucking my toes, “Ummmm, sweaty teen feet, I just love your smell” as he runs his nose all over the soles of my feet and under my toes making the hairs on the back of my neck raise and me uncontrollably squirm. “Ohhhhh Myyyyy Godddd…Dan, please … Arrr fuck…! Please, please… please breed me” The stimulation or feet licking is too much, my hole clamping tight around his cock in spasms; I know the signs so well now my cum fires out high in the air and then splatters down all over me in hot jets of cummy rain. “Oh yeah bro…., you get shot of all that neg seed.” Ben encourages me, “Now get ready for Dan’s Poz cum, tell him you want it, you want him to knock you up” This is all new to me and I cannot articulate properly any dirty talk other than. “Yeeeessssss”, is my response, my whole body now shaking in anticipation! “Yes, what?” asks Dan “I want you to Poz me” Well, I’m not going to refuse you, am I? “You sure you’re ready for this, coz’ there’s no going back now?” “Sure, oh God. Yes! Come on, don’t play games with me, fill me up with your POZ jizz!" is my breathy reply. Dan goes from slowly and deliberately pushing my ass ring open with each inward thrust and pulling it out on each outward stroke to now hammering in hard and fast in my slick passage. His eyes bug wide and sweat glistening over his body giving him a luminance God like appearance and at this pace his PA feels unworldly and fantastic in my hole. “I know I’m not going to last long, oh yeah…oh yeah”…he says over and over again He jabs harder and faster, says “I’m almost there” as all of his efforts are solely on giving me what I want and what I need. Dan’s toxic delivery. "Please breed me. I want your toxic cum." He rams home HARD smashes my prostate to fire off rope after rope of thick highly toxic baby makers in my guts as in the same instant my balls pull up and yet more useless cum squirts out. “Welcum to the club…my Bug Brother!” then leans forwards for our first incestuous kiss. No sooner had Dan pulled out of my hole it wasn’t left vacant for long as my brother, Olly and Dan made sure I was anally and orally fucked as all the guys kept revolving around taking turns. This was all new with hands continually playing with my cock, balls, nipples and stroking every other part of my body. One by one they all unloaded their Poz cum in or over me until there was just the four of us. Olly held me then said, “I think Dan is infatuated by you, look…” as Dan moved round to my battered and puffy hole, but instead of pushing in he rest his steel like cock on my aching balls and lovingly licked and sucked on my toes again before pushing his “trunk” in tenderly a few times, watched me adoringly, then pulled out his pink foamy spunk covered cock to offer me the dripping spume to my open and willing mouth. “There you go Bug Brother taste the essence of us, Poz, proud and family all connected by Ben’s strain.” As I slurped and spotlessly cleaned his dick the other three all cheered and as I pulled off and looked back up at him. "Ummmm, delicious..." “Do you want to come home with us or go with Dan to rest and recuperate bro? “Err…..” I knew I really wanted both options and then it hit me, “Why can’t we all go home together?”
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    As Glen shot into my hole, I had to admit that the feeling of cum in me was starting to turn me on. I laid there, cradled by the pair of them like something they needed to feed and feed off. The grim realisations can hold off for an hour or two, right now I’m starting to understand why guys chase and become cum addicted. The seed deposits soak in to you. Creating a stronger deeper connection with who you’re with. That moment feels like it could last forever. You bond. Perhaps I needed to be shown that, I needed that urge to be forced upon me. So I could see for myself. It was as if the toxic cum decided on me regardless and had begun its takeover, its rewiring. Like I said, I was starting to understand. “How you feeling now Dan. Happy you’ve begun a new life?” That freaked me out. I was drunk and stumbled into a sauna on the wrong evening and now here I was being assimilated into the poz brotherhood. Wait… I’d read that phrase before and now I’m thinking it? I need to get out of here before it’s too late. Steve shoved the poppers under my nose again “It’s time you tasted my cock Dan. It’s been in you already, so nice to complete the circle". I started to play with my own cock, now harder than ever. Glen brushed my hand aside and began to lick my cockhead. The connection was beginning to overwhelm my senses. No wonder they called it a brotherhood. Being like this was something far closer and more erotic than just lovers. Glen was muttering encouragement to me as I sucked him off. “Oh mate. You’re doing very well. I think we should take this elsewhere. What do you think Steve?” Steve removed his mouth from my cock “Fuck yes, maybe see if the sling is free” “Good idea. It usually isn’t free but we can get Dan to the front of the queue. What’s the point of running a night like this if we don’t get first dibs? The others will understand the need to fast track Dan. Maybe one or two of them can pitch in with the next round of recruitment” "There’s another round? What the fuck is this? I saw the sling area earlier and there were a handful of guys hanging around it, all taking it in turns on some poor guy they’d ballgagged. There was no way I was going to get involved in…" “Sniff, Dan. You’re going to love it… eventually.” Oh man.
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    Just finished breeding this hot barely legal HS boy, made sure his boy hole was fucked hard and deep before leaving three loads of my toxic cum inside him, he made the hottest sounds too as I slammed my raw dick deep inside him, can’t wait to use his hot body again soon...
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    I fucking LOVE blackout rooms and non sex and putting the two together puts me into overload. I was back in ATL this weekend to visit my mom and brother and was excited because the Eagle was having their blackout party Sunday night. The first blackout thing I did was at the Eagle and it was so hot. I had a fake ID and was 18 at the time and amazed I could get in. I'd been chatting with other guys about it before and knew the drill. I didn't want to check my clothes but knew to wear as little as possible...sticking to nylon shorts, no underwear, and a t-shirt, I left a towel in my car for cleanup in case things got messy and made sure to bring lube. The place was packed and the back room was pretty much on tiny room...maybe 15' x 15' with guys packed so tight you could barely move. Some guys were sucking but most were fucking and from the sounds it was clear they were fucking bare. Guys were grabbing my cock and ass so much I finally pulled off my t-shirt and shorts so they could have at it. I could feel myself getting pulled back into a corner and I couldn't clearly tell by who but I didn't fight it. I could feel sliding in my ass and hear a voice asking me how I liked it. A chubby Latino guy was down on my cock giving me an intense and hot BJ as the guy inside me started stroking harder and deeper. I was close to busting my load and the Latino guy stood up and slid his ass down on my cock and rode me until I shot in him, and not long after that the guy fucking me bust his nutt inside me. As he pulled out another anon cock slid in me and a circle of guys had gathered watching, most jacking off. The guy fucking me bent me down to make me suck a cock and I went for what looked like a younger military guy with a nice sized dick. Hotter still I could tell he was uncut once he was in my mouth and as insucked him I could feel his hips swaying like he was getting fucked. The guy fucking me must have cum as he pulled out and another guy was in me within moments. I could barely breathe gasping from him plunging in deep and at the same time military boy shot a massive load in my mouth which I desperately tried to swallow. He lifted me back up and started kissing me deeply and we snowballed his cum between out mouths. Another guy had taken his turn fucking him and as soon a second that guy shot he turned around to ride my cock. That this hot military stud wanted to take me load had me rock hard and I was frantically fucking him even as I was taking god know which number guy in my ass. I'd lost count if it was the fourth or fifth guy to fuck me and he too blasted inside me and another guy entered me almost as soon a second he pulled out. My ass was starting to get sore but I wanted to finish fucking military boy before I broke off and called it enough. I blew my load in military boy just as the guy fucking blasted his mutt inside me and I frantically slid out of the military guy and off the dick of the guy fucking me before someone else could get inside me. Another guy took his turned fucking military boy and he was groaning with delight. I moved to the side and continued to turn away guys who wanted to fuck me, desperately trying to watch the rest of the scene. I pulled my shorts and t-short back on and moved further away from the group of guys frantically fucking and sucking. Guys kept touching my dick and ass and finally I moved out to the regular bar to get a drink and cool down and calm down. I stopped off to get a soda at a convenience store on the way home and it was only when I got back in the car I realized I had cum on my face, hair, t-shirt and shorts. When I get home I made sure to rinse all my clothes off in the shower and thoroughly showered to get it all off me. The first time is probably the hottest and the one I remember. I love getting piggy and just going for it sexually.
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    Thank you for the support over this story and I hope you enjoy the way Liam is opened up to new experiences... 7. Share and share alike Dan, Ben and his partner Olly helped me to my feet, half help walk/carry me to the Locker Room, dressed me and got me back to their home only to reverse the process! Once stripped down I was bent over to have a medium sized butt-plug eased into my sore puffy hole. This time the intrusion felt alien and my ring clammed down on it in protest. They then led me to the shower, my tired legs not allowing me to stand just sit there as they sprayed water all over me and when satisfied I was as clean as I could be they dried me and then carried me to bed. I was sore, exhausted, and asleep in seconds, but not before Dan leaned into me, kissed me and said "you’re amazing – wish you were mine all the time" and laid back down. I curled up under his arm, my head on his chest, "me too" I said then fell into a deep breathing rhythm and I fell asleep. When I woke next morning only to I find myself alone in bed, I called out and got no response, there was no-one in the house and as I sank back into the pillows and reflected on yesterday. It was a mixture of thoughts, at first, I wondered whether the night before was just a dream but the ache in my ass told me it certainly wasn't and my jaw ached too from being stretched open taking so much cock. I needed to piss, so got out of bed, and walked slowly to the bathroom my legs were weak but managed to carry me…as I emptied my bladder I remembered being hosed in piss and instantly my cock began to thicken, wow where did this fetish spring from? I dropped my hand into the flow and licked them clean. The taste was not so nice, strong and bitter but my cock was rock-hard. Returning to bed and just stretching my legs made them feel a bit better as I slowly jacked my erection remembering the night before. It was at that moment the door of the bedroom opened as Ben, Olly and then Dan came in. "Ah, so we're awake now?" asked my brother smiling. Caught out wanking with a sheepish look across my face I don’t know why but I rapidly tried to cover my steel-like erection…, "We've just been for breakfast. Left you here asleep" and with that Dan leaned in slowly towards me, closer and closer, I didn't move. Couldn't move. His hand moved mine allowing my cock to spring free in a spay of pre-cum just as Ben's lips touched mine I willingly accepted his kiss; a gentle loving kiss and I didn't resist as he pushed me backwards onto the bed, my body involuntarily responded, my back arched upwards thrusting my cock into my brother’s jogger clad leg. My World revolved around what Dan was doing to me right now, so much so that I failed to notice Olly and Ben strip off as Dan's tongue jousted with mine as his hand began pushing the rest of the bedclothes away leaving me totally exposed, naked and as Dan released his kiss I found myself next to my naked brother and his boyfriend. My mind only had a split moment to work it all out as Dan’s lips were still clasped onto mine, tenderly kissing me, his tongue in my mouth, I felt the bed moving a little as Dan moved off and then felt hands caress my straining cock, lightly tug my balls, then move to my chest, as fingers pinch my nipples. I was in heaven! Then as Dan pulled away Ben resumed the kissing, gently rolling me on my side as his now naked body snuggles up next to me, his hard precum slippery dick pressed up against my butt as his hot breath and lips shower butterfly kisses on my neck. His hands running down lower over my back, gently holding my butt cheeks, squeezing, caressing and then twisting out the butt-plug. After closely inspecting it, “Oh yes, yes, yes, it’s dry, all that Poz cum has been absorbed into your guts overnight. Good boy” I hear Olly say as he tenderly stokes my face. Ben whispers: "lie on your side to face me, wrap your legs around me." I do so, facing my brother my legs wrapped around his back pulling myself so close to him skin on skin – an electric moment – as I kiss him hard on the lips I feel his slippery cock ease into my fully exposed hole. It felt so good. It felt better than anything I had ever experienced by another man as we kissed hard, passionately….”Why did it take us so long to discover this?” I barely felt the bed move, but then knew that someone was behind me, holding both of us, resting his cock along the crack of my ass, rubbing it gently against Ben’s cock which was slowly and deliberately sliding in and out of me. “Go for it Olly” purred my brother letting me know who was tight up against me. It was obvious Olly had lubricated his cock with something, so when he arched his back like an expert, then thrust upwards and forwards, his cock slipped straight into my already full hole. I grunt out an, “Oh fuck!” as my ass painfully feels like it’s split asunder as it spasms around two cocks. Yet it was just what I wanted wow I’ve gone from being an anal virgin to now taking two cocks at once in my love canal. The two hard cocks were like an electric current in me as they rubbed against each other, the pre-cum lubricating them sliding against each other within the tight confines of my anal passage. For the next few minutes it was an amazing mixture of sensations skewered on two cocks feeling every speed or angle change as all my senses focussed around my sphincter and prostate as the constant rubbing and constant kissing by them sent my brain into overdrive. As my brother and his partner alternated sliding their cocks in and out of my ass slowly, slow enough I guess for them to fuck and inflict damage yet with not enough friction for them to cum. Throughout their fucking my brother is whispering in my ear things like, "what a fabulous fuck your boy pussy is," followed by, "your cunt is so good around our cocks," then "what a nasty Poz cum dump you are," as other obscenities came I had to break the kissing to moan in arousal, arousal like this I had never felt before and was so turned on by the obscene compliments. Not to be left out Dan slid his hand between Ben and I and wrapped his free hand around my cock which was already jabbing into Ben’s now very slippery chest and as Dan controlled the movement of my cock, I kept fucking my cock into his fist. I was close, so close, my breathing now coming in short sharp intakes until I was begging to cum, to be fucked harder: it was so arousing. I also knew from their breathing that the other two men weren't far off cumming too. Suddenly there was only the instinct to cum, all three of us swallowed up in the moment. I felt my ass being pounded and my prostate prodded once too often as I cry out, “I’m c…c…c cumming” firing jet after jet of Neg cum all over Dan’s hand and my brother’s chest. “Fuck kid, where does it all cum from?” asks my cum splattered lover. As my sphincter squeezes hard around their cocks with each ejaculate I suddenly hear Ben cry out, “Oh fuck…” his cock stiffens, and I feel him pumping his radioactive Poz cum deep into my ass. It was too much for Olly as well. He screams out as he is pumping yet more toxic cum into me at that same moment. All three of us seem to last pumping out cum forever, but perhaps it’s only for a few seconds. Then all four of us are left lying relaxed in a heap together until Ben’s cock shrinks out of my ass…Olly relaxes in his arms as Dan looks at me "can I lick you clean as you suck me off ‘coz I’m the only one here yet to cum?" Dan squats over my face as his thick PA’d dick slides snake like to my open and willing mouth, my tongue dancing around his dick-head playfully licking around the horseshoe shaped metal adornment, as my hands instinctively grip his ass. Holy fuck, I think to myself, that ass of his. Like two blonde fuzz peaches. I have got to devote some time to just feeling that later and I went back to bobbing my head on his rock-hard dick. I could taste a mix of my own saliva and his delicious precum and I just fell into a comfortable rhythm. My head and tongue moved in tandem with his thrusts, as his tongue and mouth lick and tickle my groin, abbs and chest as he hoovered up my cold spent Negative juices. “Take care on the Prince Albert…I…I…I ahhhhh…can’t afford….ah…your dentaaaaaaaaaal…..Abruptly and without warning other than I see his body stiffen. “I'm...CUMMING! is all Dan said as he climaxed, grabbing my head tight between his legs and feeding me every drop of his Poz cum he could muster as it is filling me up, jet after beautiful jet, my mouth is full and his toxic red-hot cum starts to dripple down the sides of my mouth. “Liam! swallow before you fucking drown in cum!” Eventually our breathing returns to normal and I turn around and kissed Dan feeding him some of his own cum, “ummm nearly as tasty as you! Thank you, Liam, because that was... there are orgasms, and then there are ORGASMS and boy that was intense.” Then as he turns me over to inspect the damage done after my first DP fucking says on seeing my gaping puffy sore and raw hole says with laughter in his voice, “Err…Looks like we need a bigger plug to keep all that dirty cum in there now!”
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    A Weekend Away. I’m Greg, and I’ve been together with my boyfriend Aiden for almost five years now. I was his second serious relationship. When he was at college he had a relationship with a guy named Brandon but it did not work out for a number of reasons. Perhaps one of the major ones was that Aiden is a total bottom, and Brandon wanted to get fucked too from time to time. Aiden is a very jealous guy and insists on absolute monogamy, but Brandon wanted more variety in his life, variety which included getting fucked by other guys. After they broke up they remained good friends and still keep in touch. In some ways, Aiden and I have a similar problem to what Brandon and he did. Basically we are both bottoms and sex ends up being blowjobs and cuddling, with the odd attempt at fucking being a disaster. Aiden insists on using condoms and I cannot get hard wearing one. My sex life generally consists of jerking off to internet porn when Aiden is not around. I was scheduled to spend a week at a conference in the same city as Brandon and his husband Ben, and was surprised when Aiden told me that he had contacted Brandon that I would be visiting and suggested that we meet up. I had never met the guys, but had talked with them on the phone. We had all become friends on Facebook and they had lots of pictures of themselves and their friends. They were two hot hunks! I wondered if Brandon and Ben had the sort of “open” relationship that Brandon had insisted on and that Aiden couldn’t stomach. I had no plans to find out but I must admit that I was curious. It had been a long time since I had been properly fucked! After some to-and-froing of emails and text messages, I arranged to meet them at the hotel I was stating at, and they would take me out for a drink at a local gay bar or two. I was waiting in front of the lobby at the designated time when I saw a their car pull up. They got out to greet me and I didn’t want to believe what I saw even though I recognized them from photographs. Both Brandon and Ben were hotter than fuck with tight t-shirts and pants that showed of their bulging crotches and asses. I had tried to look as good as I could and was wearing tight faded blue jeans showing off my massive bulge and a tight white t-shirt. One look at them and my mouth started to go dry, and I immediately started fantasizing about being fucked by them. I didn’t want to cheat on Aiden, but I really needed to be fucked so badly. I think they noticed that I couldn’t stop staring at their crotches. Ben hopped into the back seat and I sat beside Grant in the front. Brandon started describing the various local bars but I just grinned at him. "I've had a long day. You said you guys live close by and I'd like to see your place and get to know you better in a quiet environment. If you have something alcoholic to drink why don't we just go to your place." Just looking at those two sexy guys was starting to make me hard. I am not sure what I was thinking of, certainly I had no plans of cheating on Aiden but they were SO sexy. The more we talked about this and that the harder I got. We got to their place and as we walked from the car to the front door making small talk I could not help but notice what nice butts they had in their tight pants. Brandon’s tight khakis clearly showed the lines of the jock that he was wearing, and Ben’s jeans fitted in a way that emphasized his bubble butt and the cleft between. I’m not really a top but I would have to say both of them were fuckable! It was so long since Aiden and I had had any sort of sex that I was as horny as hell, enough to turn top for the night. Fuck! What was I thinking! Cheating! Nope. I had broached the subject of opening our relationship to Aiden several time and every time it ended in tears and shouting. I loved Aiden too much to fuck up our relationship, even though I ended up spending way too much time jerking off to porn. Always bareback porn as that is hotter and it since it was all a fantasy to me, it may as well be risky. Brandon and Ben were not making things any easier! Brandon whispered something in Ben’s ear and Ben put his hand down the back of Brandon’s jeans. It almost looked like he was fingering his hole, making me jealous of their obvious displays of affection. Brandon opened the door and we all entered. Brandon waved us towards the couch. “Why don’t you guys get comfortable on the couch while I get us each a beer? We have all sorts? Any preference?” I responded “An IPA if you have one”. “Sure, we had a few in the fridge.” Was his response as he left the room. I looked around the room. Nicely decorated in a clean modern style, but I could not help noticing the porn DVDs lying around on the coffee table where no-one could miss them: “Bareback Blond Boyfriends”, “Raw Cheating Lovers” and a few others including “Raw Load Takers.” One night when Aiden was at a work function I had found a copy of “Raw Load Takers” online and I knew its plot line. Guys hanging out in parks and men’s rooms getting fucked bare by anonymous strangers. An interesting choice of videos for a married couple. There was also a small bowl with condoms and a bottle of lube on a side table, which I thought a rather odd thing to leave in a living except if they regularly hooked up with other guys. The condoms were a contrast to the DVDs though. Brandon returned with the beers and gave me one. “Go slow, they are strong. They’re 8% alcohol. You’ve had a long day. We wouldn’t want you to get out of control.” I felt a twinge of excitement at the suggestion that I might “get out of control” and I said something to change the subject. “Wow. Bareback porn. Aiden won’t let me buy any, as he says you shouldn’t reward them for promoting unsafe sex.” Brandon just smiled. “Well, if you like we can watch one. I know you want to watch one.” I was conflicted. Forbidden fruit was calling. “But only if you want to. We won’t try anything. We're married.” Brandon was standing directly in front of me with his bulging crotch at eye level. I looked straight at him. “No, of course not.” I paused, then continued “You choose a good one, one that you like.” He slipped “Raw Cheating Lovers” into the DVD player. His choice of title made me wonder if he was planning anything. Whatever my mind was trying to tell me my body had other ideas and glancing down I saw an obvious shiny circle of pre-cum leaking through my jeans. I covered it with my left hand so that they would not notice. We made small talk and sipped our beers for a few minutes as the movie developed. At about the point when the first cheating boyfriend snuck out of the house to hook up with a trick he met on Grindr, Brandon spoke quite casually, as if it was a coincidence. “You know of course, that Aiden and I broke up about the whole question of monogamy. I wanted some variety, and he couldn’t deal with it. He has phoned me more than once to cry on my shoulder about fights that you guys have had about the issue. Did you ever sort it out?” I did not know what to say, and it was hard to hide the raging erection in my jeans. “Uh, it sort of blew over. We don’t talk about it, but I haven’t had sex with anyone else.” Brandon just smiled and made sure I saw as he re-arranged his massive bulge in his jeans to make it more comfortable. We sat in silence for a moment or two watching the move and when the first trick shot his load into the first cheating lover I had to admit to them how hot the movie was. “Fuck, I don’t know when last I watched bareback porn on a screen bigger than my cellphone. It’s hot!” Brandon laughed. “Yeah, like cocks, the bigger the better.” The action on the screen was had gotten me stimulated, as the bulge in my pants now stretched out in a fat straight line almost as far as my jean pocket and I had also had to make some adjustments for comfort. I had been stealing glances at Ben and Brandon’s crotches all the way through the conversation, and now all three of us were rock hard. This was starting to get awkward, although I have to admit that I was totally turned on by what was happening. I asked them the question that had been brewing all evening: “You guys are obviously really into bareback porn. Maybe even as much as I am. Do you bareback each other? Aiden and I still use condoms even though we have never slept with anyone outside of our relationship. At least, I know I haven’t.” Ben answered. “Yes, we got tested after we got married. Only with each other. We don’t fuck around.” I wondered if that was true, considering that both of them seemed to be getting turned on by me with my obviously swollen package watching porn with them and the convenient supply of condoms and lube. As the screen showed the bottom’s wrecked ass leaking cum from an internal cum shot I realized that I wanted to be fucked and take a load or two more than anything. “So which of you guys is a top? Aiden and I are both bottoms, which sucks.” I didn’t mean to say it in a way that implied that I wanted to be fucked by them, but it came out that way. Ben and Brandon were obviously thinking along the same lines as they both answered. “Both of us.” Great! "So who bottoms?" "Both of Us. We're versatile." I looked at the rock hard bulge in Brandon’s thin khaki pants. "So you guys bareback. Does it really feel so much better than with condoms?" This line of discussion was obviously turning Brandon on as he started leaking pre-cum and creating a slick patch around his cock head. "Fuck Yeah", He responded. "The only thing that feels better than pumping your load into a juicy ass is having someone fill your gut with his sperm." By now his cock was drooling so much that the patch was about the size of a quarter and very obvious and I could barely take my eyes off it. I also pre-cum a lot and if anything, the wet patch on my jeans was bigger than his! Brandon looked straight at me and said. "By the looks of things the movie and the conversation have got you quite stimulated." For a fraction of a second I panicked about what I knew was about to happen as I realized what it was that I wanted so badly and that Brandon and Ben were more than willing to give it to me. Brandon continued. “Based on what you're packing in your jeans you should try to top more. There's lots of guys that would love to have that up their ass.” I didn’t respond to that but asked. "I want to see you guys fuck bareback. I've never seen it live and up close before. I’ll just watch you guys and jerk off. Brandon chuckled. “When you see how hot it is, you’ll want to be fucked!” Inkew it to be true, but I wasn’t ready for bareback yet. “Then you can fuck me with a condom. I've never cheated on Aiden before, but we'll be safe and he'll never know.” Ben needed no encouragement and started stripping down to his black and red jock briefs. His ass looked really hot framed by the cutout at the back. Brandon undressed a little more slowly, putting on a show for me. I made no moves to undress but was rubbing my cock through my pants. Brandon went straight for Ben’s ass and started eating it out and getting it nice and wet ready for fucking. I had now unzipped my pants and was working my dick with my hand and it was now drooling copious amounts of pre-cum. Ben bent over forward and exposed his hole and I could see it was well used. I found it a surprising turn on, something I did not expect. Brandon spat on his hand and slicked up his cock and then spat again into Ben’s hole and slid his bare cock all the way in. I guess he didn’t need lube. By now I had stripped off all my clothes and was naked on the couch with my ass over the edge jerking my meat while I watched Brandon fuck Ben inches away from me. The sight of his fat raw dick sliding in and out of Ben’s hole was an incredible turn-on, coupled with the juicy and wet sounds of the fucking. The more they fucked, the slicker Brandon’s cock became as if Ben was pre-lubed. I thought for a moment that perhaps Ben already had a load up his ass and I almost came at the thought. Brandon whispered something in Ben's ear and Ben turned around and started kissing me on the mouth while Brandon pulled out of his ass. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brandon grab a condom from the side table, tear open the packet and roll it over his dick I heard the pop of the cap on the bottle of lube and I heard the slick sounds of lube being applied over the condom. Then he went down between my legs where I could not see him, as Ben was deep tonguing my mouth. I felt him slather my hole with lube. Brandon moved forward and I felt his cock head pressing against my hole. It felt different some how to when Aiden fucked me. Brandon is uncut, and Aiden is cut, but that shouldn’t really make a difference with a condom. Of course, the only thing that had been up may ass in the last few months was one of my selection of dildos. After seeing the size of Brandon’s rock hard dick, I was glad that I had spent the last afternoon at home with the largest one up my chute! Brandon started slowly probing my anus with his dick and I relaxed and felt a brief moment of pain as the fat dick head started spreading my anal sphincter and forcing its way in. The sensation of Brandon’s fat cock sliding up my anal passage stretching out the walls to the maximum and then up to and past the inner sphincter was intense, and made me realize how much I missed it in Aiden and my relatively sexless relationship. “Oh fuck, that feels so good. Damn!” I uttered as he bottomed in my colon and I felt his crotch slam against my butt cheeks. Both of them chuckled before Brandon spoke. “You like my dick filling your hole huh?” He was not joking. His massive dick was the best thing I had felt in years, and I don’t think I had ever had a dick that felt that good before. My brief pangs of guilt were rapidly banished by the growing lust in my crotch. He slowly started fucking me with long strokes and I wished I could see his dick sliding in and out but now Ben had gone down on me sucking my dick and his head was in the way. “Fuck yeah, it feels different than when Aiden fucks me. Better. Thicker.” Brandon grinned at me as if he knew something I didn’t. “Maybe it’s because he is really a bottom and doesn’t know how to fuck?” He chuckled and picked up the pace. My dick was starting to leak profusely and moved my hand to start jerking off, but Ben grabbed it and held it away. “No, not yet. Later.” Brandon was fucking me hard and fast while Ben had left my crotch and was deep kissing me again and it did not take more than thirty seconds or so before he started cumming. I then realized why it felt different: I felt seven or eight massive squirts of scalding hot cum against the walls of my bowels for the first time. "Oh fuck. FUCK. Yeah FUCK!" was all I could say. Ben had now conveniently moved out of the way so that I could see Brandon’s cock in my ass. As he slowly pulled out it was obvious that the condom had burst and that his fat cockhead was glistening with his cum. I had suspected something was different when I felt Brandon’s cock slide up my chute, and knew it was bare when I felt cum in my ass but it was still somewhat of a shock as I observed the damage and understood that I had taken a load for the first time. The shock quickly turned to lust. “I guess that’s why it felt so good, it was bareback.” “Yeah,” Brandon responded. “Feels good doesn’t it? Maybe you’d be a top more often if you were not dealing with tight numbing latex on your cock.” My rock hard dick was still drooling pre-cum into the puddle that was forming on my belly. I was obviously not turned off by the idea. Brandon grinned at me. “I’m the only one of us who hasn’t been fucked yet, but also the only one who has cum, so why don’t you try and fuck me? Bareback, of course. And see what it feels like. Put that big dick of yours to good use and you may find that you like topping when you can fuck bare. You can even cum in me.” Ben grinned with agreement. “And then Ben can fuck you and give you his load also.” I was still on my back on the couch and before I could say anything Brandon came over and lowered himself onto my dick, after slicking it up with some of the pre-cum from my belly and cum from my ass. The sensation of my cock sliding up his velvet soft juicy hole was incredible. I almost came on the spot. He started riding me like a champion and I realized how good fucking an ass was, as long as it was raw. It was almost too much for me and it was not long before I shot my first unprotected load deep in Brandon’s gut. Ben was watching all this with his dick in his hand, planning the next move. As Brandon slowly lifted himself off me Ben spoke. “Let’s take a break for a few minutes and then I’ll can fuck you and you can fuck me.” “Bareback?” I asked. “Yeah, of course. Just like I said.” was Brandon’s response. Ben got us each another beer and they told me about their “arrangement”. I wished that Aiden and I could get something like that worked out but I found it strange that after the attempt to use a condom for the first fuck, and which almost immediately broke. Neither Ben nor Brandon pursued their stated “only safe with strangers” rule. Oh well, they did say they had been tested and the result was negative, so it was probably OK. Certainly, I now understood the attraction of barebacking. By the time I had slugged the second beer I had lost all my inhibitions, and Ben had no trouble unapologetically sliding his raw dick into my hole. By the end of the evening I had dumped a load into each of them and they had each loaded me up twice. I totally understood what Brandon had said about raw fucking. Without a condom sliding my bare dick into a juicy cunt was magic. I was going to do a lot more fucking in future, it just was not going to be with Aiden and with a condom. We got together a few more times that week, and each time both of them loaded me up. I wasn’t complaining. Brandon even helped me set up a profile on their favorite bareback hookup site. My last words to them as they dropped me off at the hotel on the last evening was : “I’m not going to say anything to Aiden, but I’m going to start fucking around behind his back, and topping, and giving loads. All bareback of course.” They just grinned at me.
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    I was 20 years old and new in town. I had moved to the city to go to college and also to get away from my conservative parents. There were lots of guys on the team to fantasize about. I had never had gay sex, or even known another gay guy so I had no way of knowing who on the team, if any were gay. I certainly was not uninformed about gay sex, thanks to the joys of the internet. I even had a small collection of dildos that I would play with while imagining all sorts of hot sexual encounters. Luckily my parents never found them or I would have had some explaining to do. Many of the guys on the team seemed to delight in seeing who could wear the smallest swim suit. They made all sorts of excuses about how the tighter the suit the faster they could swim but I did not care. I just loved looking at their bulging crotches and if the suit was so small that it showed butt crack so much the better! Team suits were fire engine red or white, depending on the event. I loved them both but most of all the white suits which were pretty see through when wet. I loved the way the guys’ ass cracks showed through the lycra when wet, and also the way he could catch a hint of their dicks through the front of the suits. The lining in the front was not really that effective at hiding things! One of my lucky days was when one of the guys on the team left his swimsuit in the shower after practice. I hung around for a while to see if anyone claimed it and no-one did. It was a well-worn tight white suit and I slipped into his gym bag. When I got to my room I could not wait to try it on and jerk off while fantasizing about whichever hunk’s suit it was. It fitted me like a second skin. I was wearing this suit the day this story began. During my three months on the swim team I had recognized some of the guys as my favorites. Three in particular were especially hot. Firstly Robbie, Robbie was a stunning blue eyed dark haired stud with a body like a Greek god. He had a really nice ass and he filled out the front of his suit with an ample bulge. Then there were the Baker twins, Brad and Brent. Tall, well built, blond and brown eyed, and just as capable of filling out a speedo as Robbie. I would make sure that he got out of the pool before they did. Then I would make sure that I was somewhere on the side of the pool where I had a good look at their crotches when they exited the water. I loved the way the spandex clung to their dick and balls as they emerged from the water. One thing that fascinated me to the point that they caught him staring a few times: Their red speedos seemed to show more than the other guy’s suits. I could swear that he could see the shadow of their dicks through the soaked fabric. To the point that I knew by now that Robbie was cut and the Bakers were uncut. I finished my laps and as usual and left the pool before the other guys. I watched as the Bakers and Robbie got out of the pool. Today all three caught me staring at their crotches. The stood talking for a while and then slowly started moving toward the locker room. I took off ahead of them. I went and sat down in the center of the three toilet stalls and left the door open a crack. I was so turned on by the sight of their bulging suits that I had the idea to lurk in the stall while they showered and changed and then jerk off once they had left. I heard someone enter the stall alongside me. I could see his bare feet under the partition. The guy muttered…”Damn, all that water coach makes us drink…I gotta piss real bad” I recognized the voice. It was Robbie. Before I could wonder why Robbie was pissing in a stall and not at the urinal he heard splashing water hit the floor. I could not believe it. Robbie was pissing on the floor. Surprisingly it was not a strong thin stream - I could see a shower of droplets falling and wetting Robbie’s feet and the floor. I sat stunned for a few seconds. Just long enough for Robbie to leave the stall and throw open the door of the one that I was sitting in. “Yeah Cocksucker. I’ve seen you looking at my dick” Robbie said. “Since you seem to like looking at it so much why don’t you take a closer look” Robbie said as he stepped closer and pulled down the front of his suit exposing his stiffening dick. Robbie was well endowed, at least seven inches, with a thick veiny shaft and a big fat mushroom head. “Suck my dick” he said as he moved closer and thrust his dick in my face. I needed no encouragement. This is what I had dreamed of for years. A thick perfectly shaped cock to suck attached to a gorgeous man. I opened my mouth and slid my lips over Robbie’s dick and attempted to take in as much as possible. As I had never sucked dick before I had no idea what to expect. Certainly I did not expect was the strong salty taste and the smell of urine emanating from Robbie’s pubes. Robbie was looking at me intently, as if he expected some comment from me. I suspected that he had simply pissed in his speedo in the stall alongside, to get his crotch nice and raunchy before confronting me. Whatever I thought about Robbie’s pissy crotch, it did not put me off for long and Iwas soon sucking cock enthusiastically. It was quite obvious to Robbie that he was not very good at it. (yet). “You’ve never sucked dick before, have you?” I answered with a muffled affirmative but continued sucking. “Well, blow me down. And I thought you were an experienced cock sucker the way you keep looking at my dick. Wait; let me show you how it’s done”. Robbie gently pushed away my head and pushed me back so that I was leaning back with my back against the toilet tank. Robbie then went down on his knees and started sucking on my already stiff cock through my swimsuit. He put his mouth over my dick head and then started to massage it with his lips while slobbering it with all the saliva he could muster. As soon as everything was nice and wet he started to move down the shaft to the base. He moved down towards my balls while he pulled down the waistband releasing my engorged organ. Putting his hand around the wet shaft, he started moving it up and down slowly, while still sucking on my balls through the cloth. Then it was show-time. He took my dickhead in his mouth and started working my head and piss slit with his tongue while slowly moving his hand up and down in a rotary motion on the spit slick shaft. He could hear my breathing getting heavy so he backed off a bit and removed his hand and swallowed my dick all the way to its base. I grunted with pleasure. “Oh Fuck, Dude. I’ve never felt anything like that before. You call me a cocksucker and you are obviously an expert cocksucker. I guess you are not straight after all”. Robbie pulled back from my dick to speak. “Hell No, dude. No way. I like dick and ass too much. I love to suck dick and have mine sucked. Girls don’t like to suck dick like guys do. And I like to fuck ass; Much juicier than pussy. And I love to have a big fat cock up my ass. Girls can’t do that.” I just grinned. It was a fantasy come true. Robbie continued “and Girls don’t like to lick guys butt holes either. Gay guys do. And guy butt hole tastes much better than fishy pussy. While you’ve been eyeballing my crotch I’ve been looking at your ass. That worn out speedo is mostly see-through when wet. Stand up and turn around and let me see. I did as he was told. I stood with my legs apart leaned over the toilet bowl and put my hands on the tank. Robbie was treated to the sight two hot globes of firm ass encased in taut spandex with the dark shadow of my ass crack between. “Not really see through anymore. I need to have a better look” Robbie said as he pulled down the back of my swimsuit. There staring him in the face was my virgin asshole. It did not take him a moment to bury his face in the crack and start slurping. Suddenly I was aware that we were being watched. I heard a sound in one of the stalls alongside. Someone climbed up onto the toilet seat. Brent stuck his head over the stall partition “Whatcha two homos doin’?” he said over the top of the stall partition. “Mind if we join in?” said Brad over the other partition. “There is not enough space in the stall for all of us so join us outside.” I pulled up my suit and followed Robbie into the locker room. There Brent and Brad were waiting for us with shit-eating grins and big wet pre-cum patches on their red speedos. Brad spoke first “We’ve been watching you two guys for a few minutes. We want in on the action! But we need to be careful. Someone could walk in at any moment. Keep your speedos on and we can take turns watching the door. All except you! You get to be the center of the fun. It’s your special day. Did I hear someone say virgin?” He started moving towards the door” I’ll keep a lookout first.” “I need to taste some more of that hot ass” Robbie said. He motioned me over to the wall next to the washbasins. I was a quick learner and he knew what to do. I pulled down my speedo to expose my ass and dick, bent over and put my hands on the wall. Brent went down on his knees between my legs and started sucking my cock. I relaxed my ass to allow Robbie’s tongue to probe deeper into my hungry hole. Robbie’s hot breath in my ass crack along with his expert tongue was really turning me on. “Yeah Robbie. That feels too good, your wet tongue in my hole. The only thing that’s ever been there before are my big rubber dildos.” All Robbie could respond with was a muffled “mmmmmm” but a few seconds later he withdrew his face from my butt. “We need to do something about that” he said as he stood up and moved closer. He rubbed his swollen dick head against my hole and ass crack and pressed his crotch against my butt. Robbie’s dick was drooling copious amounts of pre-cum in anticipation. Robbie moved back a step and slowly worked a finger into my ass. He pushed his finger in about an inch, then withdrew it and sucked it, getting it well wet with saliva. He did this several times until his finger was as deep as it would go. Then he repeated it for two and then three fingers in turn. I felt Robbie’s fingers leave my ass to be replaced by his huge pre-cum slick dickhead pressing gently against my spit lubed hole, trying to find its way in. “Uh…dude…What about a condom?” I said with some concern in my voice. “Nah! You’ve had rubber up your butt before, all those toys. You need real meat now. Plus it’s easier raw the first time. Rubbers don’t slide as easily as dick. They can be really uncomfortable for a tight hole” I heard a muffled agreement from Brent who was still deep-throating my dick. “I’ll use a condom if you really want, but trust me, it’s much better bareback. I’d love to fuck you bare but I’ll use a condom if you insist. But I really hate condoms.” He winked at Brad while he said this so I wondered if he would be true to his word. Robbie leaned over and reached into his bag which was lying close by. He pulled out a bottle of lube and some condoms from a side pocket. He squirted some lube onto his swollen cockhead and then some more into the rubber. He rolled it on slowly. I was watching in fevered anticipation. Robbie squirted some lube onto his hand and lubed up the condom and then slowly inserted first one then two and finally three slick fingers in my hole. All the while Brent was sucking on my dick and balls. Robbie pressed his rubber sheathed dick against my anus and started to push it in. He pressed harder but his dick head was a little too big. “Relax dude. Just relax your ass like you were farting. Or better still, like you were taking a dump”. I relaxed and Robbie pushed again and slowly his big head started to enter my hole. I let out a gasp of pain as I felt it slowly enter my ass. “Slowly Robbie, I’ve never been fucked before. In fact I’ve never had any sex before”. Robbie stopped for a moment. “I’ll let you get used to my dick for a moment before I push all the way in. Just shout if it is too sore”. Robbie pushed further in and I felt his dick slide up my anal canal. It hurt a lot more than I expected. Robbie sensed my discomfort and withdrew until just the head was inside and then pushed in again. “I’m telling you, it would feel much better raw.” Suddenly Robbie’s dickhead passed the inner sphincter and it was inside my rectum. “Oh yeah, that feels good” we both said simultaneously. I continued. “I’ve always dreamed of your hot dick up my ass but this is even better than I imagined. I can feel every inch of your dick inside my gut. I feel so full with your meat”. Robbie was ecstatic. “Oh man! What a tight ass! You sure you’ve had dildos up there? Must be the tightest ass I’ve fucked in ages. It even feels good with a rubber on”. Robbie waited a few seconds and then slowly started fucking me with long deep strokes, enjoying my virgin ass. I could feel the fat dickhead sliding in and out of my rectum and anal passage. It was more uncomfortable than I imagined it would be and I was grunting with discomfort as the sliding latex covered cockhead tugged at my anal walls. By now Brent had withdrawn his head from my dick and was kissing me full on the mouth so that I could not see what Robbie was doing. Robbie asked me “You want me use some more lube?” and I grunted agreement. He pulled out slowly, slid off the condom and surreptitiously threw it under the bench. He squirted another load of lube onto his dick and slowly eased it back into my tight ass. “Oh yeah” Robbie moaned, “that feels so much better” as he felt his raw dick slide up my ass. “What a tight ass, so soft and wet!” I could sense something had changed for the better and I suspected that he was condom-less but it felt so good that I decided to say nothing. “Oh yeah dude. That feels so good, much better than before. Your dick is sliding up and down much easier.” “That’s because I took the condom off. You’ve got my bare meat in your hole; just until you are used to being fucked. I’ll pull out before I cum or put on another condom.” Brent was watching the anal action from a few inches away. He moved back between my legs and started licking his balls while jacking his own dick with his spare hand. Robbie started breathing hard…”Oh yeah. Virgin man-pussy. Ready for my hot stud load?. Yeah!” Brent started licking Robbie’s balls each time he thrust all the way into me. Brent was now sitting flat on the floor with his head buried between us. He was licking Robbie’s slick shaft as it emerged from my stretched anus tasting all of my ass-slime. That was enough to put Robbie over the edge. “Ugh..Ahhh Yeah. I’m cumming. I’ll pull out.” As he thrust deep into my gut I felt his dick swell and pulse as he squirted five or six times deep in my rectum and then pulled out and covered my hole and back with another few loads of hot cum. Robbie thrust forward again, but this time into Brent’s hungry mouth. Brent licked him clean. Robbie pulled back and pulled up his Speedo. “I’m not finished yet. Our little virgin needs to fuck me before we go. My hole needs some fresh meat in it. Let me take over from Brad in watching the door for now.” I was still standing bent over with my hands against the wall. Brent moved around to behind me staying on his knees the whole time. He looked at my hole. “Mmmm. Nice fucked hole. Kinda slimy. I’ll need to clean that up before I put my dick in there” My hole was much more relaxed than it was a few minutes before and my ass crack was streaked with dribbles of lube, cum and butt slime. Brent dived in and stuck his tongue into my hole and licked off the ass juices and cum leaving it wet and glistening with spit. He stood up. “Now it’s my turn. Pity you are not a virgin any longer.” Brent pulled back his foreskin exposing his purple head covered with copious amounts of pre-cum. “I gotta pull my ‘skin back. I don’t want anything between my dick head and your tight ass. I wanna feel where Robbie was fucking as my dick slides in your hole.” I wanna feel your hot slimy ass walls tight around my dick”. Brent was obviously not intending to use a condom. I was going to say something but Brent spoke first. “I want to feel your ass with my bare dick for a few minutes. Then I’ll put on a condom and fuck you some more and cum in it. Usually Brad and Robbie and I fuck around bareback, but for you I’ll make an exception.” Brent guided his dick to my hole and slowly pushed it in. Brent was much bigger than Robbie, a full nine inches long and proportionately fat, but with a dickhead only a little wider than the shaft. He pushed all the way in until his pubes were hard against my ass and then slowly withdrew until just the head was inside. “Oh man, I love fucking a tight ass, with my bare dick sliding in your hot slick hole.” He looked down at his dick. It was glistening with the juices that Robbie had pumped up there. He slowly fucked for a few moments and it felt really good but just as I was starting to get used to it he pulled out with a plop. “Lie down on you back on the bench. I want to see your face while I fuck you. I’ll put a condom on as well”. Then Brad can also have a better view. I did as I was told and lay down with my legs open and my ass over the edge of the bench. Brent made a good show of rolling the condom over his dick and then slowly pushed his dick into my ass for the second time. He only fucked me for a few strokes before I realized that it was really uncomfortable. “Stop...that hurts. Take off the condom and fuck me without it. But promise to pull out in time!” I did not really want him to pull out as I had enjoyed the sensation of Robbie unloading in me. Robbie may have thought that by pulling out and squirting a few drops on my back I would have thought that he did not cum up my ass, but I knew he had Brent did as he was told and … I thought it felt even better than Robbie’s dick. Maybe it was because the shaft was thicker, perhaps because it was longer, or perhaps because my hole was more used to having a fat fleshy dick up it. It probably helped that it was lubed with some of Robbie’s cum as well. While Brent slowly fucked my ass, Brad climbed onto the bench and on his hands and knees straddled my face. As he thrust his dick into my hungry mouth I noticed he had a small tattoo on his crotch, but I could not make out what it was. I immediately started sucking with gusto. I was surprised and somewhat disappointed that Brad’s dick tasted and smelled of nothing more than pool chlorine - none of the salty pissy funk of Robbie’s crotch. It really excited me to have the Baker boys fill my ass and mouth at the same time. It did not take Brent long to cum. “I’m getting close, you want me to pull out?” I could not speak as my mouth was filled with Brad’s cock. “Oh Yeah. Slimy hole. Cum slimy hole. Gonna give you some jizz. Get your hole really lubed up for my brother. Ahhh..Ahhhhhhh Aaaah” he shouted as he shot his load deep into my ass. I felt his fat dick spasm and pump squirt after squirt of sticky cum into my rectum. I had never felt anything as good before and could feel every twitch of Brent’s nine inch cock and each squirt of scalding hot cum as it hit my gut. Brent paused a moment and then slowly withdrew from my butt with a plop. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath. “Your turn little brother” he said to Brad. “I’ll watch the door for now. But clean me up first” Brad needed no encouragement. He put his hungry lips around Brent’s dick and sucked off all the sex juices. Obviously Brent and Brad loved the taste of cum and ass juice as much as they loved fucking butt. While I lay back on the bench Brad went between my legs. My anus was now relaxed to the point that Brad was easily able to stick his tongue up as far as it would go and taste the mix of Robbie and Brent’s cum and my ass juice. Once he had licked off all the cum and juice he stood up and slid his huge uncut dick into my gaping cum lubed hole. It felt really good to be filled again by one of the Baker boys. Brad’s dick was the same size as Brent’s but it had a slight curve in it. I relished the fact that each of their dicks felt different in my hole. I was now in such ecstasy that I did not even think about Brad wearing a condom. Brad fucked me deep and slow and now that my rectum was used to the sensation and size of a dick sliding in and out it felt better than anything I could imagine. I was incredibly turned on by the squelching and slurping sounds of the fucking. They did not need spit to lube me now. My rectum was well stretched by having had three fat cocks sliding up and down within its virgin walls and two loads of cum deposited deep into it. Robbie stood on the other side of the bench, and offered up his dick to my hungry mouth. I noticed that he also had a small tattoo on his crotch, but again I was unable to make out what it was before he buried is cock in my mouth. At first I was reluctant to suck Robbie’s dick, as it had been up my ass only a few minutes earlier. To my surprise it tasted good. The ass juices and cum did not taste as bad as I had feared: Slightly salty, sweet and funky all at the same time. I felt really dirty and turned on smelling and tasting my own ass on Robbie’s dick. I was just getting really used to having both mouth and ass filled by fat hard cocks when Brad surprised me by withdrawing. Robbie also pulled his cock out of my mouth. Brad motioned Robbie towards the urinals and he went and stood there slightly bent over with his legs apart and his hands against the wall between two of the urinals. Brad spoke to me. “Fuck Robbie now. Then I want to cum in your hole while you are fucking Robbie” I pulled my dick out of the leg opening of my swimsuit and pulled down the back of Robbie’s speedo. With my other hand I grabbed a condom and tore the packet open with my teeth. I unrolled it onto my dick and then squirted lube onto my hand and worked it onto my sheathed cock. The other guys looked at me with surprise but said nothing. I did not know why I was doing it: after all I had already had three raw dicks up my ass and was about to get a second full load. Due to the closeness of the urinals I was very aware of the smell of stale dried piss. I wondered for a moment why Brad suggested that Robbie stand there. I reached around and collected some of the slime and cum from my ass crack. I added it to the lube on my dick and then I pressed my cock head against Robbie’s hole. I slowly pushed my way in, feeling the tightness of his sphincter and then the velvety passage until my head entered Robbie’s hot rectum and slid all the way in. “You in dude?” Brad asked “Fuck him slowly a few times and then it’s my turn in your ass again.” I was surprised at how easily my dick had entered his ass. After pushing all the way in I withdrew slowly until only the head of my dick was in Robbie’s passage. I started fucking with long slow strokes and could not decide if I preferred fucking, or getting fucked. Both felt so good! Robbie interrupted my thoughts. “Your dick feels good in my ass, but I really want to get fucked bareback.” I thought about it for a moment and realized that I was the virgin, and I was the one with the condom! I slid out of Robbie’s ass, slipped off the condom and plunged back in. Instantly I knew why guys bareback. I could not believe how slick and soft Robbie’s chute felt. Robbie uttered a “Yeah” and Brad “Fuck yeah, that’s the way dude” as pressed his dick against my sloppy hole. Brad pushed his way in easily. And now I knew the answer to my question: This was definitely the best of both worlds. My dick was up Robbie’s hungry hole while Brad’s huge dick filled my gut from behind. Brad and Robbie basically stood still while I moved, alternatively filling Robbie’s hole and getting my hole filled by Brad. I was so turned on that I came rapidly. Brad felt my sphincter start to tighten and so he thrust deep into me and we came simultaneously. Our pleasure was interrupted by Brent. “Quick guys, pull up your speedos. Coach is coming.” Brent pulled out of me and I withdrew from Robbie and we all rapidly pulled up our speedos. I had the problem of getting my still very hard dick back through the leg opening. I looked down at my speedo with horror. It was filthy. I grabbed my shorts that were lying on the bench close by and managed to get them on only seconds before the coach appeared around the door. “Hey you lot.” He barked. “Time to get out of here. You are always the last guys to leave the pool and leave the locker room. I need to close the pool.” With that he left the room. We quickly finished dressing, grabbed our bags and walked out. We stood outside for a few minutes talking. The guys all wanted to know more about me and what I thought of my experiences of the evening. Robbie also let out a little secret. “I know it was the first time you fucked someone tonight so you didn’t know what it feels like. But it does not always feel like it did tonight because it was not the first time I was fucked tonight! My ass does not always feel so slick. I am sure it felt real good. Brent and Brad fucked me just before swim practice and I was swimming around with two loads up my butt.” Then Brad chipped in “It was no chance that Brent and I caught you and Robbie. We three have been checking you out for a while and making plans to fuck you and decided to make our move tonight. You obviously enjoyed it as much as we did.” Brent had noticed the state of my swimsuit and told me. “Dude, you are never going to get that suit clean again. You need to save it to wear when you are around us in private. So you may as well cut out the front lining. Then we can really see your goods. We cut out the lining of most of our suits. That is why you can see more. And we know you have been watching us and enjoying what you saw.” I really looked forward to the idea of hanging around with them and hopefully fucking again. One thing still puzzled me though, and that was the tattoos I had seen on Robbie and Brad’s crotches so I asked them. “Guys I noticed that Brad and Robbie have tattoos. I could not make them out but they looked the same. What are they?” Brent looked at me with a wicked grin. “Oh, that? We are all members of an exclusive club. I’ve also got one. Want to see it?” He slowly pulled down the front of his sweatpants and then his speedo revealing the little black bio-hazzard tattoo burned into his crotch.
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    CHAPTER 1 - Three Weeks Earlier: My 18th birthday just HAD to be the same day that president Trump was elected. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the people who voted for him, with the exception of two people... My parents. They came in wearing their "I voted" stickers. My dad even had one of those stupid hats on. I braced myself for the inevitable conversation. Or should I say, the inevitable fight... My parents were in denial about me. If there is one thing you can know about me just by looking at me is that I am undeniably, 100%, obviously, SUPER FLAMING GAY!... Hyper-religious, super conservative parents will tend to shy away from that subject. I wont get into it... I wont bore you with it... but the argument that ensued led me to find my true self. To my parents, I was a project. I was to be there perfect christian son. A devout and well behaved representation of their excellent parenting. Nothing I ever achieved was because of me in their minds. I was a product of their making. Little did they know how much I just wanted to be an object... How much I wanted to show them exactly what they ACTUALLY created. They left for a dinner party and were going to be out late. I decided to pop on some nasty porn. Gangbang was always my favorite... I loved imagining myself as the slut in the middle. Looking so perfect when it starts but so used and MESSY by the end. FUCK I would love to get dolled up and be treated like that... What if my parents saw it.... What if....What if... I thought about online dating before... But maybe I could just go full slut online and have a little fun. I wanted something nasty. I wanted to write a profile that if my parents saw it, the embarrassment would be unbearable. A little searching led me to BBRT.com. I took my time with the profile. I would publicly state just how badly I wanted to film my own gangbang porno. I felt so alive telling the world about my true self.... so liberated... I posted my slutty ad for the world to see. but no luck. Without a pic, nobody cared. But I was feeling it. I hopped in the bath. Like a dainty princess, I shaved my legs, pubes, arms. It was all a blur. I was smooth as silk and taking selfies in no time... I felt like I was hot shit. Like I was going to be the star of the site. I kept getting bolder. Soon pics of me in my moms heels, stockings, legs spread, legs up, full make up! I was in a daze. I picked my favorite slutty shots and kept the girlier ones for my private pics. Not to many men are into femme bois on BBRT. So my inbox was silent again. Disappointed but happy with my online self, I decided to take a break, but as I was walking out the room I heard the "oink oink" sound from my speakers. 1 message in my inbox from "YOURGOD" with the subject. "We've been waiting for you!" My eyes were glued to his message. He could host. He knew exactly what I needed. He knew EXACTLY what I was. My body was tingling as we wrote back and forth. We were connecting on every level. He was a MEAN DOM DAD and I was the perfect lil sissy princess that he and his "group" liked to defile. Then he demanded my number... I was too deep in.... I didn't want him to catch on that I was just trying to get off.... I couldn't resist the temptation and before I knew it, it was in his inbox. My phone rang seconds later.... "Good Gurl... You really must be ready to be an owned, pathetic, fuck doll, huh?" His voice... His deep demanding voice "Yes sir." I said sheepishly "I am MASTER, you dumb cunt!" he yelled "Yesssss MASTER!" I obediently muttered. There was such joy in being ordered to bend to his will. We talked over my fantasy, about my parents, about the porno, EVERYTHING. He had the key to my desires. My heart sank when I heard my parents pulling in. "Oh no MASTER Im sorry they are home. FUCK!" "Just tell me one thing slut. Are you serious about this?" I didn't want the fantasy to end. So I said, "YES!" "Three weeks... Check the site in a little bit... Bye whore! I hope you know what you are getting into." I hid in my room as my parents went to bed. "Check the site?"... I logged on... Hmmm. I have way more messages now.... Then I saw the ad.... My pictures, my face, my pale bare ass. "FEMBOI DESTRUCTION at the CABIN" I had no control, yet again. No way to get the pics down without a scene. I was mortified... terrified... and soooo turned on. 13 guests already??? The next day I rushed to my laptop to check again.... My mouth fell to the floor... 53 attending. School was near impossible. All I could think about was getting home to playing my little game. Flirting, being a swishy tart, giggling at the threatening messages being sent to me. Every day I would get into character. Put on my best sissy voice and act as slutty as possible. Then the big day arrived. The decision to take the cab was easy. I would make the trip. Make this as real as possible. Experience the thrill of the anticipation and happily come home and delete my account... I packed the outfits he wanted. I walked right by my school and called the cab. Im playing hookie today. I would soon find out that this was not a game.... That he was not playing... THEY were not playing... and even though I didnt know it yet... I wasn't playing either! To be continued...
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    Ch. 1: Part 3 They both went to the couch and talked for hours. Shane told Jeremy how, ever since he came to Chicago, he started going to the local bars and bathhouses pretty regularly. And then he told him that a few weeks ago, one of his bathhouse buddies, Chip, invited him to a Bareback orgy down in the heights. He told Jeremy that by the end of the night that at least nine guys had fucked him and 7 of them had dropped their loads in his ass. It wasn’t until the orgy had begun to wind down that he noticed a few of the guys that had fucked him and loaded him up had biohazard tattoos. One even had a scorpion on his belly, with the sharp tail ending on the tip of his dick. Not being especially new to the barebacking scene he knew what they meant immediately. He had never been fucked by a POZ guy before, and even though a large part of him was terrified, he was also slightly turned on by the idea. He went up to the guy with the scorpion tattoo and grabbed his dick and looked up into his eyes. “You like what you feeling, boy? You want another charged-up load?” The man asked. Without saying anything, Shane nodded yes and turned around. That was all the consent the guy needed; he rammed into Shane in one slick thrust and began to fuck him against an old, beat up chair. “You want that load in your beat up cunt again, boy?” He said. Shane said that all he could do was moan something that sounded like a yes, even to him. “I’m cumming, boy! Take that unmedicated POZ load deep in your cunt!” He nearly screamed and howled as he slammed as deep into Shane as he could before unleashing a huge torrent of diseased cum into Shane’s body. Without touching his own cock, he came all over the back of the chair that he was bent over. Shane told Jeremy that the man had then told him to clean his cum off the chair and then to clean his cock, so he got down on his knees and started to like the cum covered cloth of the chair before turning to the man’s quickly deflating cock and swallowing it in one gulp. He tasted himself along with what could have only had been the other loads that were deep in his ass and, to his brief dismay, a bit of blood. Shane told Jeremy that for a few days after the orgy he debated on going to the doctor to get on PEP, but, in the end, for better or worse, he sided against it. Sitting on the couch with Jeremy now, recanting his story, he couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason again, but in a sense, he felt more liberated than he could possibly have imagined. He knew there were still going to be HUGE hurdles to come, but for the moment, he didn’t care. With the way he barebacked, he knew it was going to happen sooner or later and even though he wasn’t sure if he’d ever meet the guy with the scorpion tattoo on his dick, he knew that he now had a connection to him wherever he went (even if it wasn’t him that converted him.)
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    PART 13 Tom broke off the kiss and looked down at me. “You sexy little stud. I am so lucky you walked by my door. I am gonna keep that little boyhole so happy. And so full,” he whispered. I just nodded up at him. He grabbed me a little rougher than normal and flipped me over. “I want to see my cock going in and out of my boys hole,” he grunted. He was stroking his already hard cock. Instinctively, I arched my back and went ass up and head down, completely offering my already fucked and cum slick cunt up to him. My legs were spread and my hole was totally exposed, as he started sliding his cock up and down my crack, teasing me. Then he gripped the base of his massive cock and began running tiny circles over my rosebud with his cockhead. It was driving me crazy and i was bucking back to try to get it inside me. Finally, so hungry and teased I couldn’t take it, emotion took over and I practically cried out for it, “Please fuck me!”. And with that, I felt the pressure increase and my hole began to open up and accept Tom’s beautiful penis. He went slow but steady, and it was a little hard to take but the cum he had already shot into me slickened it up. The fullness increased and I fell into ecstasy again. He was going slow but fucking me with deeper and longer strokes. It felt incredible and I pushed out my hole to try to get even More of him inside me. “My cock looks so fucking hot going in and out if you Chris. Your tight little boy butt. It’s like magic just pulling the cum out of me. I can’t help it. You are gonna make me shoot again. Is that what you want?”, he said in that whisper-moan of his that drove me crazy. “I want it! I want it please!”, I practically yelled. The strokes were longer even, all the way til just the Head was wrapped around my ring and then all the way in balls deep, slowly and steadily. “You want to take another poz load sexy boy? Is that it? You need that special cum inside you don’t you. Dont you? Deep in your little boy hole.”, he grunted. And I lost it. The lust overpowered me and I found myself answering him, “Fuck yes I need it. I fucking need it in me. Cum in me. Cum in me. Cum in me.” Who knows how many times I repeated the last part. He sped up and he was driving deep. It hurt but I didn’t care. The sharp pain of his cock stabbing my guts almost made it feel even better. And then he drove extra deep and his hiv positive sperm erupted into my eager and begging hole. And I had begged. He had asked me and I had begged him to do it. And I wanted it. At that moment all that mattered was that I was his bottom and he had just shared his sperm with me. Given me his seed. He collapsed on top of me. “Please stay in me”, I whimpered. “My baby boy already addicted to man cum in his hungry little boy hole. My sexy baby boy,” as I felt him throb inside me as he tried to milk every drop of cum into me that he could. And my mind flashed quickly HIV load number four now. But instead of fear, I was thinking of load number five, which I knew I would need. And need soon. The hunger was just growing. The need to get fucked. And bred.
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    Jockstrap Party My boy and I have been having a lot of fun lately, very little of it safer fun. We hooked up with another couple a few weeks ago and had a blast playing raw. Jim and Dan are both a bit older than us, and both very vers. Jim has a sexy hairy chest and Dan is almost entirely hairless. Both of the guys fucked my boy raw and left big juicy loads in his ass. I was rawfucking Dan’s hairless hole at the same time as he bred my boy. They cradled my boy while I plowed their loads deeper into his hole before adding my own. We made a point to let the guys know we wanted to play together again. They invited us to a jockstrap party at a big warehouse bar on the outskirts of town. We went to work that morning, both me and my boy wearing sexy jockstraps under our slacks and dress shirts. The four of us met for a few courage drinks before heading to the warehouse. We stripped down to our jocks and shoes and checked our clothes before going into the main bar area. We had heard that things could get steamy there, and were more comfortable playing raw with friends than with strangers, so we tucked some single use lube packets into our socks and a few condoms. Dan said that might be a good idea as some of these guys were POZ and sometimes fucking happened at this kind of party. There must have been a hundred men there, some sweaty and rank, some squeaky clean. Jim and Dan knew a couple of the guys there and introduced us to some of their buddies. I assumed that they had all fucked around. They were nice, shook hands, groped crotches and butts, but were generally non-threatening. Jim went to the bar and brought back a stack of solo cups and a pitcher of beer. Dan pointed out a guy on the edge of their group named Sean. He told me he was a really hot top but to play safely with him… I assumed that meant he had some kind of bug or kink… Jim spilled some beer on my jock’s pouch while pouring me a cup. Of course, Sean made a bee line to me, knelt down and licked the beer, of course making my cock grow and stretch out the front of my jockstrap. Sean is pretty tall and beefy with a broad chest and massive nipples. He had on tall boots and a leather harness. He growled at me and smiled as he stood up thanking me for the free sip. As we stood drinking and chatting, Sean kept rubbing his crotch. I knew he must have had a big dick as his pouch kept filling more and more. Dan and Jim ran off to hang out with some friends on a private VIP roof deck, where I knew there would likely be some fucking action. We promised we’d head up soon. Sean leaned in and grasped me and my boy’s bare buttcheeks. He said into our ears, ‘Finally, I’ve got you guys alone!’ I laughed as we were hardly alone, there were at least fifty guys standing around. I knew he was flirting pretty heavily, but I figured we were safe in public. Plus, if we wanted to fool around, I remembered the condoms in my socks and thought how glad I was to have come prepared. I felt Sean’s hand getting closer to my crack, and I sort of whimpered, I guess. He grinned at me, then at my boy. He brought his hand to my boy’s mouth and inserted two fingers. My boy groaned and suckled them. This guy was clearly seducing both of us. Once his fingers were good and wet, Sean brought his hand back to my ass and started gently playing with my hole, sinking just his fingertips in, lubed with my boy’s spit. I must have thrown my head back, savoring the sensation of this stranger’s fingers teasing my hole, and closed my eyes. Before I could open them, Sean inserted his finger into my mouth. I sucked hard and he slipped two more fingers in all the way to his thumb. I thought I was going to puke, and gagged as he pulled his hand away. I knew it was going to go directly to my boy’s ass, and that I’d helped prepare my boy’s hole for whatever was about to happen. We stood face-to-face for a bit Sean he was really playing with our asses. He might have had two fingers in me a few knuckles deep. The way my boy was bucking, I knew he was deeper in his hole. My boy is much more of a bottom than me, and much looser, so it was all sort of going fine. Sean released his grasp on my ass and situated himself behind my boy, with my boy facing me. My boy was practically panting and shoved his tongue down my throat. He grasped my jaw with both hands and leaned into me. With his face in mine, I couldn’t see with my eyes what Sean was doing, so I let me hands wander. I put my hands around my boy’s slim waist and felt him grooving. He was driving his crotch into mine, but also his ass into Sean’s crotch. I slipped my hand into Sean’s jockstrap and felt a hefty drooling cock with a thick cold metal cockring at its base. My boy kept moaning as he felt that fabric-clad shaft grinding into his buttcrack. I pulled away from my boy. I tried to whisper into his ear that he was about to get fucked. With the booming music in the bar, I had to repeat myself, ‘If you don’t want to get fucked right here on the dancefloor, you should pull off!’ He might have misheard me and he just nodded. Then he shouted back into my year, ‘YES! Pull it out!’ I realized he thought I was asking if he wanted Sean’s raw dick as his hole. I chuckled knowing that he was hungry for to get fucked like a slut in the middle of the bar. My boy’s eyes pleaded, so I freed Sean’s dick from his jockstrap. I jerked his massive thick tool a few times smearing his precum all over his shaft. Sean kept grooving, but had contorted my boy so he was sort of squating with his ass stuck out for better access. I’m not naïve and my boy wasn’t acting like he wanted Sean to stop. I raised my ankle up and got out a condom and some lube from my sock. With my boy leaning against me for support, I tore open the condom wrapper and tried to lower it on to Sean’s throbbing cock head. He was shimmying around so I couldn’t quite land it. He lurched forward and the condom fell out of my hand and onto the floor. He lurched forward again a few times as I got another condom out and unwrapped. My boy was pushing back against Sean, groaning deeply, as I was busy trying to get a condom on Sean. When my hands were where I thought his dick was, I realized it was too late for a condom. Sean had slid his bare cock all the way into my boy’s ass. I told my boy, ‘He’s in you raw. Is that ok?’ My boy nodded and wrapped his arms around my head, kissing me hard. He clenched his eyes shut and let Sean use his ass. I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was Dan back from whatever mischief they’d gotten into upstairs. I leaned back so he could say something in my ear. ‘Good thing you brought those condoms. Sean usually only fucks raw… and he shoots toxic loads.’ He pointed to the wrapper on the floor. I just nodded, knowing that Sean was about to breed my boy. Sean started grunting and plowing my boy’s ass faster and harder. My poor boy nearly lost his balance. Dan helped support my boy as Sean moaned, spewing his toxic spunk into my boy’s ass. Sean pulled back, his cock falling out of my boy’s guts with a wet plop. Dan realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom and moaned as he dropped to his knees. He grabbed Sean’s cock and swallowed it all the way. Jim showed back up and saw my boy leaning on my and his boyfriend blowing Sean. I spread my boy’s cheeks and Jim saw how opened and wet it was. He shrugged and also knelt, tonguing the POZ seed off and out of my boy’s ass. There must have been ten guys in a tight circle around us. A few guys were jerking their cocks and one stepped up to me asking, ‘Your boy takes loads? Can I breed him next?’ I nodded and my boy opened his eyes grinning. He said to me, ‘It’s going to be a long night…’
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    As I was at the airport for my flight to ATL I realized I was probably being cruised by this hot young military looking guy. The airport was pretty dead at midday so I followed him into the bathroom and saw he was headed into the big handicap stall and was motioning for me to join him. I followed in a closed the door and he pulled out a nice thick uncut cock that was rock hard. I wasn't gonna wait for an invitation and dropped to my knees to suck on his cock, which was leaking a lot of tasty precum. I began pulling off my shorts in case he wanted to fuck me as I wanted to be ready. I was giving him the best head I could and he suddenly pushed me back and stopped me, saying he was close to cumming and motioned for me to stand up. As I did he asked if he could fuck me, and I said yeah. I'd been fucked earlier that morning so I knew even with that big cock I should be able to take him. The only thing was I didn't have any lube on me as I didn't want to risk it with security and he didn't either, so he wound up spitting on my ass as his cock. It hurt at first, but soon he was balls deep in me and it was hot he didn't even bother with a condom. He was pounding me pretty hard and I was trying hard not to make a lot of noise, but it was difficult as he was pounding me so hard and deep. Finally he busted inside me with an intense orgasm I could feel and it turned me on when he said he wanted to put another in me too. As he was fucking me he was stroking my cock, telling me how bad he wanted to fuck me, and that once he came in me again it was his turn. That this hot stud wanted my seed inside him had me horny as fuck and he seemed to desperately want it because as soon as he came again he pulled out of me and was up against the wall for me to fuck him. I was spitting on his ass and also wiping some of his cum from my ass on his ass and my cock and as I slid in him he gasped and asked if I had a condom on or not. I kept sliding more inside him and told him I didn't have one. He groaned and asked me to stop as he wanted me to put one on. I kept sliding more in and asked if he had one and he said he didn't. By now I was stroking in him balls deep hoping he'd change his mind. He was gasping and not saying much, which I took as being tacit agreement to getting fucked bare. i normally would offer to pull out to cum but this fucker had unloaded in my twice and now he had the balls to ask me to wrap? Fuck that noise! I figured I'd lean into it and started telling him I knew he wanted me to cum in his ass. Again he said nothing as I kept pounding in him and I knew then he did want me to cum inside him. i precum like crazy and my dick was sliding in him balls deep with no problem. I told him how hot his ass was and how bad I wanted to cum inside him. And truthfully it felt like he'd been fucked recently too. I finally blew my load inside him with no further protests, pulled out, hitched up my shorts and headed out, leaving him there with my load in his ass, my job done. I grabbed lunch and headed to my gate only to realize he was there in my gate area. Love is a small airport so it was no coincidence he was there and I presumed on my flight. I smirked at him and sat down and he shot me a mischevious evil grin. As we lined up for preboarding he was near me and once on the plane he sat next to me. This had me worried as I'd seen him as an anon hookup but maybe he was looking for more. He introduced himself as Jake and I introduced myself as well. It turned out he was indeed in the Army and was going from Fort Hood to Fort Benning. I didn't want to sound like a slut but I'd been with lots of military guys like him as I'd often go down to Fort Benning to cruise parks and places lit Foxes to hoo up with guys like him. The plane was about half full and few people near us. After take off I felt his hand on my cock and he started rubbing my dick through my shorts. I could see he was hard too and I wondered where this was gonna go. He had me close to orgasm a couple times but backed off and soon I had a massive wet spot on the front of my shorts. He was playing with his dick too and suggesting we should fuck again when we got to Atlanta. We talked some more and I learned more about him, like that he joined the Army out of high school, was only 19, and was straight until he joined. It was only once he joined he started having sex with guys and claimed he only does it for sexual release. That may sound fine, but I wasn't buying it as he seemed a little too eager to get fucked in the ass. But I didn't care...all I wanted to do at that point was to plug his ass again and maybe take his cock too. When we got to Atlanta we both hit the first restroom at the concourse and immediately stripped naked again. I was gonna fuck that stud until my balls were empty and promptly dumped a load inside him and kept stroking to pop a second one inside him. This time he was begging for my cum though, which put me over the top. by the time it was over he had three of my loads in his hole. Once I was out it was my turn and again he pumped two loads in me in pretty rapid succession. They weren't such intense orgasms this time but I could feel the first load he busted inside me. Once we were all done I scarcely knew what to do. I said I was only in Atlanta for the weekend and then back to Dallas. He looked sheepish and said he was going to be stationed at Fort Benning and added he was really only looking for sex. I thanked him for being honest and admitted I usually only had casual hook ups and anon sex. He laughed a knowing laugh at that and said he preferred anon too and was glad I got that. I pulled my shorts back on and headed out and realized he'd stayed behind. Curious got the better of me and I ducked into a news stand to get a coke and see if he headed out. He did, but only to hang outside of the bathroom, like he was looking for another guy. I could only guess he was hoping to get fucked anon again by another guy. Part of me wanted to stay and watch it play out, but I had places to go and things to do.
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    Ch. 1: Part 4 Up until Shane had finished his story, Jeremy was feeling sad for him. Once he told him about having that connection to someone, his heart reached out and reminded him of the connection that he thought he had had with Daniel. He wanted to feel a connection like that again. He leaned over and kissed Shane, deep, on the mouth. Shane, after realizing what was happening, backed up and looked at his roommate. Even though they were both gay and had been living together for a while, they had at no time even hinted that the one was sexually attracted to the other. “We really shouldn’t, it wouldn’t be a good idea.” “I know… it’s just that… I’m kinda in the same boat you were in. I can’t go back to condoms, so I’m bound to get it eventually, and if I do, I’d rather get it from someone I trust. A friend that I know will be there for me like I could always be there for him.” “You have been helping me a lot lately. I don’t think I could have gotten through all of this without you. I owe you so freaking much.” He began to shed a few more tears. Jeremy brushed them off his cheeks before pulling him back in and kissing him. Shane pulled off again, “One thing, though; can we stay just friend for the time, though? I guess temporary fuck buddies would be the best term for it.” Jeremy laughed at the unique molding of the term, but he nodded in agreement. He was glad Shane had said it since Jeremy still held out the briefest strands of hope that Daniel would return to him one day. Shane had his own flame to fan after too, now; the man with the scorpion tattoo from the party. They kissed again. Jeremy got up and helped Shane off the couch. Jeremy led Shane to his bedroom, and they both undressed each other in front of his bed. Just as Shane was about to take off his underwear, Jeremy stopped him and pulled them down himself. Shane’s six-inch cock sprang out of his underwear, and Jeremy caught it in his mouth. As he began to bob up and down on his cock, Jeremy noticed the beads of precum trickling out and he consciously realized that he was, purposefully, taking POZ seed down his throat for the first time and that, soon, that cum, and a whole lot more, would be in his ass. Though the thought would have terrified him before all this, it turned him on, and he felt his own cock strain against the briefs he was wearing. Jeremy couldn’t take the anticipation any longer, he pulled down his underwear and laid back on his bed and pulled his feet into the air. Shane immediately positioned himself next to the edge of the bed and put his cock up against the warm pucker of Jeremy’s asshole. He spat on the tip of his dick and smeared the saliva all around the entrance to his hole. Before he began to push in though, he looked up at Jeremy, “Are you sure you want to do this? There’s no turning back.” Jeremy didn’t say anything, too afraid that he’d tell him, no, to stop, so he just nodded as he looked deep into Shane’s eyes. Shane began to push his bare cock into Jeremy. He was extremely tight, but the initial pain that he had felt quickly went away. Shane began to pump his cock in and out of Jeremy’s asshole, already leaking toxic precum that was being absorbed into the small tears in his rectum from when he first entered him. It was starting to feel good to Jeremy, and he started to let out little moans which got even louder when Shane reached down and started to play with his nipples. With that he began to reflexively clamp down on Shane’s dick; his nipples were the most sensitive part of his body during sex, and he loved when other guys played or sucked on them. “Yeah, fuck me, Shane.” Jeremy began to moan. “Fuck me hard.” “You want that POZ dick?” “Yeah!” “You want me to convert you?” “Oh yeah. Give me that POZ cum, boy.” Having Jeremy call him boy reminded him of his tattooed man and reflexively made him start cumming. “Oh, god! I’m cumming! I’m charging up your chut!” Shane growled. Since he hadn’t cum the whole time he was sick, the load that Shane shot was huge. Easily a good, solid ten to fifteen spurts of extremely toxic cum injected deep into Jeremy’s, for now, NEG asshole. That was not the load that converted him though. It was a load that Shane fucked into his roommate two days later that ended up being the load that caught his body’s defenses while they were down. The virus seeped through the damaged walls of Jeremy’s ass, multiplied, and began to spread throughout his body. About three weeks later, Jeremy got really sick, and they both knew that the constant fucking that they had been doing over that entire time had paid off. Even more miraculously, was the fact that they DID keep it to a strictly “temporary fuck buddies” type of situation, without having feelings get in the way. The first night his fever broke past one hundred degrees they fucked one last time, and Shane left his POZ load in Jeremy’s, now, POZ ass for the last time (at least for a while.) After he came, Jeremy kissed him as deeply as he could and thanked him for his gift. They fell asleep in each other’s arms and for the next week and a half that it took him to recover, Shane never left his side.
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    Ch. 1: Part 2 When Daniel left him all those years ago, Jeremy didn’t know what to do with himself. He had never loved or cared for anyone before like he had cared for Daniel. But the second they both revealed how they felt, Daniel left. He left him there, with no one who would ever look at him the same way Daniel would. He stayed in his room for a week, hardly leaving. He couldn’t help to text Daniel back when he texted him, but for the most part, he wanted to throw his phone against the wall every time it chimed his ringtone. He had never been so hurt in his life, he felt like a giant exposed nerve, flinching at even the slightest breeze. He knew he had to get away. Away from all the memories of him. Jeremy began saving his money and eventually had a decent enough savings to afford a comfortable place in Chicago. Much like Daniel, though, when he was alone, his money went fast, even though he was able to find a good paying job. He found a roommate, Shane, and he took the guestroom that Jeremy wasn’t using. Shane had red hair, a runner’s build and as stated in his CL ad, was gay like Jeremy. They got along pretty well, mostly keeping out of each other’s hair so long as the rent was paid and toilet paper was replaced. About a year after he moved in, Shane got pretty sick. He broke out in a fever, had the chills, and had a hard time keeping any food down other than soups. They weren’t dating, but Jeremy took a few days off to help Shane through it. When he wasn’t feeling bad, Jeremy caught Shane crying and holding himself. Jeremy remembered holding himself like that after Daniel had left him, and he’d go over to him and hold him, placing his baking hot forehead against his chest. He stayed there like that with him for hours, not asking him why he was crying, or anything like that; he knew that sometimes you just had to let these things out, even if you were with someone. Once he started to feel better and Shane was able to get around without any help, Daniel found him sitting at the dining room table next to a drugstore testing kit of some type when he got home from work one day. Jeremy walked up behind him and saw that the kit was a home HIV test kit. When he looked down at the actual kit he saw that it had two lines on it; one next to a C and one next to a T. “I can’t say I’m surprised,” Shane said. “What does it mean?” “Positive. It means I’m HIV positive.” Jeremy wasn’t sure how to react. Shane had obviously taken the news somewhat difficultly, but now that he had the results (though not official ones Jeremy noted), he seemed a bit more calm. “I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?” “Don’t leave me tonight,” Shane said, almost immediately. Jeremy wasn’t sure where that came from since he normally kept to the apartment while it was Shane that was the one always going out. “No problem, bud. I’m here.” Jeremy said as he gave Shane a hug from behind since he was still sitting at the table.
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    Part 2; I knelt in between his legs, spreading them, and jabbed in his toothbrush. Brushing vigorously as I would my own teeth. I could tell it was really hurting him as he yelped and winced, but he seemed a real natural at pushing through the pain barrier. I took out the brush, and it was covered in blood. This nasty pigs depravity needed a lesson, and with that thought I stuck my Dick in. Fuck, I LOVE that wet and warm feeling of flesh to flesh! I fucked him doggy for several minutes, withdrawing for a rest. My Dick was covered in his cunt blood. 'Lick that up'. 'Yes Sir. Sorry for being such a messy piggy' He licked his blood from my Dick as he looked up at me with his subservient 'I am worthless, do what you want with me' expression. 'Get on your back'. He was clearly naturally submissive as he was immediately on his back, and holding his legs in the air by his feet. I put the tip of my toxic Dick at the entrance to his cunt, and leaned over his torso with mine, our faces meeting, my Dick sliding in as far it would go. I commenced fucking him, slowly, yet deep, our eyes locked together as we bred. 'You absolutely sure you want infecting?' 'Yes Sir. I stand by everything I have already said. It is what I need, what I deserve. I decided this a few years ago. And now I am completely ready to be violated'. 'You twisted sick fuck' ...I spat in his face! This caused him to open his mouth wide, keeping it open, and hyperventilate with lust. I repeatedly spat in his gob. All of this suddenly made my Dick pulsate. He felt this and began milking my Dick. I felt myself getting close... 'Right, you fucking asked for it you nasty whore' 'YES Sir, fucking breed my neg cunt with your Poz cum'. That was it, his last chance gone, and with a few strokes I started spewing my poison inside his nasty cunt, holding still as my Dick unleashed toxic cum with each orgasmic twitch of my shaft, continuing to spit in his mouth. I slowly grinded my shaft for a few more minutes, probably pushing what he was after even deeper. 'Thank you Sir, very very much'. I pulled out, upon where he handed me his toothbrush... 'Brush hard inside my nasty cunt again please, Sir' The Nasty pig!
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    This is my first story on here, and... well... it's a long one folks. I've been reading fiction from this site for over a year and here's my crack at it. I really wanted to focus on a more romantic element to the POZ genre, so it will get a bit slow at times. Thankfully, I already have a few parts already made so I'll be able to post them pretty quickly before I break to create more. Tell me what you think and see you on the other side of these LONG ass post. It might take a little bit of time to build to the POZ stuff too, but don't worry... it's cumming. 😉 Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prologue POP It was the sound that Daniel had dreaded to hear ever since he first started to have sex at the age of 15 and even more so since he started bottoming at the age of 18. The condom had broken while Jeremy was fucking him. From the look on Jeremy’s face, he knew it too. He slowly pulled out of Daniels ass to reveal the shredded piece of latex waving at the end of his dick. “Oh shit. I knew that would happen. This thing’s been in my wallet for forever.” “What?! You’re not supposed to do that!” Daniel had done his share of research on the topic of condom use and proper condom use around the time he started to bottom. “I know, but it’s not like I have room for them in my other pockets. Do you have another one? Maybe in your glove compartment?” They were parked in an open field and in the back seat of Daniel’s SUV. “No, my parents take my car so much, I don’t want them to start snooping and find any.” “Well… fuck. What do we do now?” Jeremy asked, looking more bummed out than Daniel had seen him be in a while. “I could-“ “What?” Daniel asked. “You know… do you without a condom.” “You mean raw?” Daniel did not like the idea at first. Even though he and Jeremy had been going out, monogamously, for a while now, he didn’t know if he would be comfortable risking his entire future once he came down from being so horny. But he was incredibly horny. And even though the thought may have repulsed him a little at first, he was curious as to what Jeremy’s big cock would feel like up his ass. “I guess that’s what you would call it. So, what do you say? I’m pretty sure I’m clean as a whistle. You’re the only man I’ve ever been with, and I REALLY like you.” Daniel couldn’t take it anymore, and on top of everything, Jeremy looked at him with his pretty blue eyes. The moonlight shining through the windows reflected off the interior of the car and lit his face in a nearly perfect crescent (an image that he would come back to on his lonely nights in the future.) Laying on his back, Daniel grabbed Jeremy’s cock, removed the shredded remains of the broken condom and placed it at the entrance to his hole. He looked up into Jeremy’s eyes, “I REALLY like you too, Jeremy.” Daniel kissed him. As he was kissing him, he wasn’t sure if he just LIKED Jeremy. He wasn’t sure if he LOVED him, but he did know that he felt so safe in his embrace. Safer than he’d ever felt with another man before. As they were kissing, Daniel grabbed the lobes of Jeremy’s ass and pushed his dick into his asshole. They both let out a moan of pure ecstasy. This was the first time that either of them had fucked or been fucked without a condom and the feeling, momentarily, overwhelmed them both. Jeremy continued to push further into Daniel’s ass, and with each inch, Daniel felt as if he was going to explode. He had never felt this close to someone else and, deep down, he was glad that it was Jeremy that he was with. Jeremy began to slowly piston in and out of Daniel’s asshole. “Oh my god! Your ass feels so good! Like warm silk. Are you doing alright?” Jeremy asked between grunts, each one sounding as if he could cum at any minute. "Yes, just please don’t stop yet. Your dick feels amazing. It’s like I can feel every detail on your skin,” Daniel said as Jeremy continued to piston his hips into his ass. Jeremy then began to pick up his pace and really started to pound Daniel’s ass. This was a new side to Jeremy that Daniel had never seen before; Daniel never fucked him like this with a condom. All the while they kept eye contact and while, without him even knowing he was going to do it, he began to mouth out the words, “I love you.” That was what pushed Jeremy over the edge. He pulled Daniel in close to him, chest against chest, and held him as he continued to plow his hole until he slammed into him as deep as he could and began to fill his hole with his cum for the first time. They both took a minute to catch their breaths, and Jeremy continued to hold Daniel who was, internally, freaking out over what he had just said, or hadn’t said; he wasn’t sure if he had just mouthed the words or actually said them out loud. While Jeremy was still hard inside Daniel’s ass, he pulled back, just enough to see Daniel’s face and said, “I love you too.” That night, Jeremy pumped one more load into Daniel before Jeremy allowed Daniel (who normally didn’t bottom) to pump a load into him. At the end of the night, Daniel dropped Jeremy off before returning to his parent’s farmhouse out in the country. That was the last time Daniel would see Jeremy for a few years. In the morning, Daniel got a call from his friend in Utah that was working for a lawyer who happened to need another associate. Daniel didn’t want to leave so quickly, but he knew that chances like that didn’t come around all the time. He jumped at the opportunity. Daniel texted Jeremy in the morning and, even though he seemed happy for Daniel, he could read some angry subtext. He left on a plane two days later for the interview and was hired on the spot. He went home, packed up his things and headed in his car to Utah. He thought about seeing Jeremy again while he was home, but the thought was too painful, and he didn’t think he’d be able to go through with the move if he did. He was running away, yes, but he also knew that this was the best chance for him to have a career. As he drove west from Illinois, he’d occasionally catch himself looking in the back seat remembering being held in Jeremy’s arms as he told him, “I love you too.”
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    Ch. 1: Part 5 While Shane was still trying to convert Jeremy, he started to do a little sleuthing, and he quickly found the identity of his scorpion tattooed guy from the orgy. He found him on BBRT, and his name (at least online) was PaulK83. He met up with him at his place, and he instantly remembered him. When Shane told him that he had probably been POZED at that orgy, Paul (his actual first name) moved in and kissed him, then backed just far enough to tell him that he hoped it was his load that had done the trick. Shane looked into his eyes and told him that he hoped it was his load that did the trick too. They fucked like rabbits that day and for a few nights to come until Paul started to catch the same feeling for Shane that he had had for Paul. After Jeremy had gotten sick, Shane went to Paul and told him the news that he was able to POZ his roommate. Paul picked him up and spun him around the room; you would have thought that they had gotten engaged rather than the fact that one of them had spread their deadly disease. After they had had sex, Paul told him that if it was his load that POZED Shane, then it’s his DNA that’s now in Jeremy. The idea really turned him on. He had POZED plenty of guys and bug chasers in his time, but he had never really cared about the people that begged for it from him. Most of them, he never met again; another reason why Shane tracking him down was a big deal for him. But he cared about Shane and, even though he had only met him two or three times, he was beginning to like Jeremy. It was then that Paul asked something he thought he’d never ask anyone, especially since he was first diagnosed; he asked Shane if he wanted to be in a relationship. Still open, he didn’t think he’d ever be monogamous, but he wanted Shane to be a big part of his life. They agreed and not three months later, Shane was moving out of Jeremy’s apartment and into Paul’s house. They hosted their own orgies and even invited Jeremy over for a hot threesome sometimes, but when Jeremy did come over, he noticed that the two only had eyes for each other. He was happy that his friend had found someone. However, Jeremy was alone… again. He was sad for a few weeks until, out of the blue, he got the call from Daniel while Shane was over, having some beers and catching Jeremy up on the orgy circuit gossip that he suddenly been thrown into. Jeremy didn’t tell Shane who it was, but from the smile on his face when he hung up the phone, Shane knew that it had to have been the mysterious Daniel that he had heard so much about.
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    8. After cleaning ourselves up lounged around and watched the lunch time football match on TV, not that I was interested and, as I knew Dan had a big-time foot fetish which to me seems harmless enough as he loves massaging my feet and I love him doing it. My bare feet are in his lap so I started stroking his cock with my feet through his jeans and he’s loving the attention ‘coz in no time, he was as hard as me. I'd never done anything like this before but his cock springing back to life just by my feet was driving me wild. He slowly unzipped his jeans and pulled his pants and jeans down and started stroking his dick with my feet. He was in heaven as I jacked him up and down as his cock became beautifully sticky and slick with pre-cum and he moaned out loud as I slowly teased him. My toes were a perfect fit around his thick shaft as he began stroking my toes…which just made me giggle and squirm. I pulled my shirt off as he looked at me very intensely “you sure you’re ok with all this” he asked as I finished stripping my clothes off and “Oh yes” especially as he quickly found I am ticklish so it went from light tickling to him saying 'one day I'm going to strap you down and tickle those feet'. He was still holding my toes as I somewhat egged him on with “Oh yeah, you and whose army?”. “Oh you’ve asked for it now!” He read me so well and without warning he pulled me to the floor and snatched his belt off his jeans while pulling my hands behind my back securing me. He ran to the bed room and grabbed another belt looping it around my ankles leaving me hog tied!!! Ben decided to leave us two love birds to it by suggesting to Olly, “Time for some afternoon delight ourselves….” As they made their way to the bedroom. “You are SO in for it now” he said as he began stroking my bare feet and then to my surprise his tongue went between my toes and up and down my soles. “Fuck yeah. I love your feet” I thought I was going to cum right then. It was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me so far and so different from last night’s Sling experience. He never left suckling on my toes or licking and it was obviously I was digging the whole scene as my cock continually leaks long strands of clear liquid. I was sweating from the torture and could not wait to see what else he had in mind as I thought continually about him fucking me. He rolled me over, eased out the butt plug and slid his rampant cock in my once tight hole in one simple motion I felt nothing but pleasure as he picked up the pace. His cock is big and I just love every second of him fucking my ass. I stroke my cock as the orgasm builds between us...I feel him swell up as he blasts another dirty load of cum in my now full to the brim cunt as I too cum all over the floor.... “Very soon that’ll be Poz cum you’re firing slut” Dan whispers in my ear and upon hearing those words my spent semi hard cock stood straight up ridged!!
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    Part 62 - The Runaway The hotel room phone rang and the voice told them that they were to meet a half hour later for dinner. It wasn’t the coach’s voice, it sounded more like someone at the front desk. Zac and Marty went back down to the game room hoping to beat their scores from the previous day. Shane and Ric were taking a look at the porn flicks that Dennis had left them on the memory stick in the TV. There was a wide variety of gay porn - twinks, interracial, leather guys, BDSM, daddy/son, muscled guys, even some trans porn. They would watch a few minutes of each flick and then tell each other which guy they wanted to fuck or be fucked by. Both were just wearing underwear and occasionally stroking their cocks. There was a knock at the door and both scrambled to shut the TV off and then throw on some shorts that hopefully would hide their raging boners. Ric went to the door and opened it just a few inches. Looking out, he saw the black swimmer from the camp. “Ric? Joe said you were in this room” Marcus asked. Ric opened the door a little wider and said “Marcus? I thought he was joking about telling you what room I had.” Marcus laughed. “Joe rarely jokes when sex is involved. Uh, can I come in?” “Oh yeah. Sorry. I’m just a little shocked” Ric said as he opened the door and let Marcus enter before grabbing the “Do Not Disturb” sign from the back of the door and putting it outside and then closing and locking the door. “Mmm, who’s this sexy one? Your boyfriend?” Marcus asked. “Nah, he’s our team captain. Shane, this is Marcus. You remember him from the camp, right?” Ric said. “Hell yeah. It’s hard to forget someone that hot” Shane said. The three guys stood there gazing at each other and feeling their cock’s get hard. Ric made the first move and pulled Marcus’s shirt off over his head and then started feeling his tight body. Shane knew what he wanted to see and reached down and grabbed Marcus’s cock through the sweat pants. After a few strokes, he reached inside them and was feeling the thick shaft and balls that were straining inside the jockstrap. Marcus’s eyes were closed as the two fondled his body. Ric’s hands moved lower and then tugged the sweatpants down, letting them drop to the floor. Ric kissed the back of his neck while his hands felt the firm, smooth bubble butt and the crevice between the two mounds. Shane moved closer and started kissing Marcus’s lips as his hand moved inside the jockstrap pouch. Shane moaned as he felt the long and thick cock that seemed to keep growing. He squeezed and stroked it wondering how he was going to take it. It felt a little thicker and longer than Ric’s and he struggled to take his sometimes. Marcus opened his eyes and looked at Shane. He reached down and pinched Shane’s nipples and then pushed his trunks down with a thumb on each side. Shane’s hard cock snared the top band, but with a few tugs, the shorts dropped down and Shane’s cock sprung free. Shane thought he was well endowed, but he was obviously the smallest dicked guy in the room. He didn’t care since what he wanted was to feel Marcus’s raw cock deep inside him. Ric pushed his underwear off and then turned Marcus around. It was his turn to feel the cock he had admired inside the speedos the past two days. He leaned down and kissed Marcus, pushing his tongue into Marcus’s mouth and their two tongues explored each other. Shane kissed down Marcus’s back until he had his ass in front of him. Shane licked each ass cheek and then up the crack. Spreading his ass apart, his tongue probed deeper and deeper, licking from the bottom of the jock pouch, across his taint and up to his hole. He licked around the ring and then pushed into the pucker with the tip of his tongue. Ric turned Marcus and then backed up to the bed. The kiss ended and Ric pushed Marcus to his knees. As Marcus sank down, he flicked his tongue over Ric’s nipples and then followed the treasure trail down. As he descended into his trimmed pubes, Marcus suddenly stopped and he jumped back. “Fuck!!!” yelled Marcus as he stood upright, still in his jock. “You’re poz? What the fuck, man” Marcus exclaimed. “Joe knows, so I thought he told you” Ric said. Shane was kneeling with a very confused look on his face. Marcus threw his sweatpants and shoes on, grabbed his shirt and took off out the door. “Well that fucking sucks” Shane said. Ric nodded and they sat back down on the couch, stroking their cocks and turned the TV and porn flick back on. A while later there was a knock at the door and Ric got up, grabbing his underwear to cover his cock as he opened the door. It was Marty and Zac and he let them in. “Who was the lucky fuck?” Zac asked. “No one. We didn’t get very far and he ran out of the room when he found out we were poz” Shane said. “Bummer. Well, its time for our late dinner so lets go to the lobby and get some chow” Marty said. The team stood around the lobby for several minutes and the coach came running from the hallway, his hair still damp and his shirt untucked. “I hope she was fun, coach” Ethan said before laughing. The coach looked a little flustered, unsure how he should respond so he just said nothing other than “Let’s get some food.” They hit a pizza restaurant and all through dinner the swimmer’s needled their coach about why he was late and had the hotel call to tell them rather than do it himself. “He had his mouth full” teased one swimmer. “Maybe he was all tied up” joked another. The coach was getting more embarrassed by the minute. The comments were getting too close to the truth and he didn’t want them to know what he had done. After dinner, Ric wandered around the hotel. He figured his chances with Marcus were gone, so he was hoping he would run into Spencer. He walked through the gym and didn’t see him. He went to the game room and played a couple games, but when he ran out of tokens he left and headed back towards his room. As he was crossing the lobby, he spotted Spencer coming in the front door with some of his team. Their eyes met and Spencer told his team to get to their rooms and not cause any trouble. He grabbed Ric by the arm and took him down the hall towards the gym. “Hey, sexy. Were you ignoring me today? I saw you with a couple other guys during camp” Spencer said. “Yeah, that was a friend of mine. He’s a student here and stopped by so we could catch up. His boyfriend stopped by too. He used to wrestle here, so he showed me around the athletic center” Ric explained. “Ah, ok. So what are you up to tonight?” Spencer asked. “Well, I was out wandering around looking for you” Ric said with a grin. “Oh you were, huh? And what did you have planned after you found me?” Spencer replied. “I don’t know. Maybe you have a few ideas” Ric said. “Let me change and I’ll meet you in your room in 15 minutes?” Spencer asked. “I think my room is taken. We can try the locker room or sauna…” Ric said. “I don’t know. I don’t want to get caught fucking in a public place” Spencer replied nervously. “Lets just try it and we can look for somewhere else if we have to” Ric said. Ric headed back to his room to grab a few things and found Shane, Marty and Zac sucking each other off. He tossed on a tank top and some basketball shorts and went back to the gym. He took his time since Spencer had said 15 minutes and made a detour through the game room and spotted several swimmers from the camp in there. He got to the gym and was trying to decide whether to start a workout and then go with Spencer into the sauna or to just go there directly. When he saw the half dozen guys working out, he figured he should just go to the sauna and stake out a place. He went to the locker room and took his clothes off, putting them into a locker and went over to a shower. He quickly rinsed off and then grabbed a towel and tossed it over his shoulder. Ric opened the door to the sauna and walked in. He looked left, then right and then jumped back a bit. “Uh, Hi coach. I didn’t expect you to be down here” Ric said, scrambling for something to say. He quickly looked the coach over, never having seen him naked before. The coach’s eyes were huge as he saw Ric come into the sauna. He looked him over from head to toe, but spent a lot of time looking at Ric’s cock. “Holy fuck!” the coach said, sitting up but unsure what to do next. Then he spotted it. The now familiar tattoo, right above Ric’s huge cock. “Oh my god. You’re poz?” Ric swallowed hard. He wasn’t expecting to have this conversation between the coach and him. Ever. “Uh, yeah. Can we keep that just between you and me, coach?” Slowly, the coach said “Oooooookaaaaaay. After a few seconds the coach then asked “Did anyone send you here?” “Send me here? Uh, no. I was going to meet someone, but I think that’s a bad idea now” Ric replied. “No, no. I was just trying to relax. I’m done, I’ll head up to my room and leave you here to meet your friend” the coach said as he quickly got up and grabbed his towel. As he walked out the door he got a closer look and quietly muttered “Fuck that’s big.” Ric was a little rattled and he sat down on his towel. He looked around the sauna and noticed the lock on the door. He smiled and started to relax when the door opened and Spencer walked in with a towel around his waist. “Hiding the good stuff, huh?” Ric joked. “Saving it for you” Spencer said as he walked into the sauna. Ric got off the bench and walked to Spencer, locking the door and then pulling him in tightly and kissing him. Spencer dropped the towel on the bench and wrapped his arms around Ric. His hands moved down and cupped Ric’s ass, pulling it apart to let his fingers slide in. “You want it, huh?” asked Ric. “Fuck yeah. I wanted to flip last night, but you were more interested in knocking me up. Tonight, I’ll fuck you first then you get to breed my ass” Spencer said. “Sounds fair” Ric replied as he turned and then pushed Spencer against the wall. He licked down Spencer’s body until he got to his semi-rigid cock. Ric licked around the helmet of Spencer’s cut cock and grazed his teeth over the shaft as he swallowed it into his throat. He felt Spencer’s hands on the back of his head and it excited him. He was usually the guy forcing a guy to swallow his cock, but now he was the cocksucker. Spencer’s thick six and a half inches wasn’t huge, but it had a nice meaty feel to it and he hoped Spencer knew how to throw a good fuck. Ric sucked for all he was worth and then put his hands on Spencer’s ass. He heard Spencer tell him “Not so fast, I get to fuck that hot, poz ass of yours first.” Ric bobbed on his cock and then pulled back when Spencer’s hands let go of his head. Spencer picked Ric up and turned him around, telling him to kneel on the lower bench. Spencer kneeled and then dove into Ric’s hairy ass. His tongue licked up the sweat and manscent and it drove Spencer wild. He tongue fucked Ric’s hole, forcing some spit inside. Spencer stood up and rubbed his hard cock between Ric’s ass and then pushed in. There was some resistance but Ric relaxed and Spencer’s shaft pushed into his hole. Ric enjoyed feeling the thick cock stretch his hole out and he found out that Spencer was a good fuck. Ric was yelling out encouragement to Spencer who responded by fucking harder. Ric braced himself for the rough pounding and grunted with the harder thrusts. “Breed my ass Spencer” Ric called out and Spencer drove in harder. Spencer put his hands on Ric’s shoulders and used them to pull himself as deep as he could for several more strokes and then pushed in and held it there a moment. Growling, Spencer’s hips bucked with each spurt of cum that he pumped into Ric’s ass. Spencer laid down on RIc’s back as his hips continued to drive his cock in with each fading shot of seed. Spencer was breathing heavily on RIc’s back and then kissed his neck over and over until his body had settled back to normal. “Fuck, dude. That was hot” Ric said. “Well, you have a great ass. I loved feeling it around my raw cock and you really know how to milk it” Spencer replied. He pulled his cock out of Ric’s ass and Ric quickly swung around and began to lick all of the cum off his cock. “Holy shit” yelled out Spencer. Ric pulled off and looked up at Spencer and asked “You’ve never had a guy clean your cock after you fucked him?” “Nope. One guy tried but he stopped after one lick” Spencer said. Ric finished licking the cum and assjuice off of his cock and then stood up and pushed Spencer to the bench. Ric slapped his ass and then quickly rimmed Spencer’s hole. He scooped up some of the cum that was dripping down his leg and rubbed it over his cock and was about to push into Spencer’s hole when someone banged on the door. “What the fuck” Ric said as he spread Spencer’s ass apart. There was more banging and he could hear people talking outside. Not wanting to draw more attention to themselves, Ric stood up and turned around and unlocked the door. It opened up and there were three swimmers from the camp standing there. One was naked the others had towels around their waist. “What the fuck guys? We’re busy” Ric told the guys. “You’re not the only one that wants to fuck in here. Can’t you share?” one of the swimmers said. “Holy shit. Look at the size of that cock” one of the other swimmers said. Before Ric could tell them to just wait their turn in the sauna the three pushed in and were staring at Ric’s cock. Spencer was still kneeling on the bench looking back and was relieved it wasn’t guys from his team that were barging in. Ric said “Can’t you wait your turn? We’ll be done in ten or fifteen minutes” but the guys ignored him as they oogled over Ric’s cock. “That would fuckin destroy your ass” the tallest one told the short, dark blond swimmer. Ric rolled his eyes and then said “Just use the other end and fuck him there” and he turned back towards Spencer. He spread Spencer’s asscheeks apart and then spit on his hole before pulling back his foreskin and pressing the head of his cock to Spencer’s pussy. Spencer took a deep breath and tried to relax, but Ric’s cock was much larger than what he usually got fucked by. He had taken it yesterday so he knew he could do it, but it was still a tight fit. Ric pushed harder and then the head popped inside. Spencer tried to stay quiet, but he just couldn’t. A loud groan came out of his mouth as his ass stretched to take Ric’s cock. “Oh my god. He’s taking it” Ric heard over his shoulder. He looked and the three swimmers were right behind him, watching his cock plow into Spencer’s aching hole. “Get the fuck to the other end and screw each other!” Ric yelled out. When the guys didn’t move right away, he added “NOW! Or I’m gonna fuck all three of you hard with no lube!” The guys scurried over to the other side and Ric started to fuck Spencer, who was happy having a moment to let his ass get used to Ric’s shaft again. Ric slowly started to fuck into Spencer’s ass, first getting deeper before he went faster. With his legs slapping against Spencer’s ass he heard more murmurs from behind him. He looked back and the shorter one was on his knees sucking the other two guy’s cocks. The taller ones were talking between themselves. Ric only heard parts of their conversation but they seemed to be in awe that anyone could take Ric’s cock and they now felt like that had small cocks. Ric varied his strokes but it was obvious to the three swimmers that he was going to give Spencer a long fuck. He started fucking harder and Spencer was letting out the occasional “Fuck!”, “Shit!”, “Oh god” amidst the grunts. It had been over twenty minutes of plowing Spencer’s hole and Ric felt his orgasm building. He said to Spencer, so that the others could hear, “Oh fuck… I’m getting close… You want this load???” and Spencer replied “Fuck… Yeah… Breed my ass and give me that hot cum.” Ric slammed in hard several times and then planted his cock deep, past the inner ring, and then let his balls unleash their toxin. Ric grunted with each pulse of poison that shot into Spencer’s ravaged hole. The other guys were stunned as they watched Ric fill Spencer’s ass full of cum. One asked “You really breed him, dude?” Ric shook his head and said “Yeah I did. My cum is deep inside him trying to get him pregnant.” The guys gave a tentative laugh, unsure what RIc meant. “Guys couldn’t get pregnant, could they?” they thought. Ric slowly pulled his cock out of Spencer’s cunt and sat down on the upper bench next to Spencer. Spencer moved between Ric’s legs and licked the cum from his cock. It had a coppery taste to it and he knew that Ric had done some damage inside his ass, which was sore into its inner depths. Neither Ric nor Spencer wanted to hang around and have to deal with the swimmers, so after Ric was licked clean, they got up and headed to the door. “Dude - I’ll give you twenty bucks if you fuck Howie, here” The tall brown haired guy said. Ric laughed and said “I’m done for now and besides, I don’t think he could handle it.” The short dark blond guy said with a cocky attitude “Sure I can.” Ric laughed and he and Spencer let the sauna door close behind them as they went into the shower room and showered together, washing off the sweat. They dried off and then got dressed and headed back to their rooms. “That was fuckin’ weird. If I wasn’t all ready to nail you, I would have beat the crap out of them” Ric said. The coach was laying in bed and glanced over at the alarm clock and it said 10:54PM. He was thinking about what he had done with the three guys in the sauna earlier. Then his mind switched to thinking about him seeing Ric in the sauna. He never suspected him of being hung like that and definitely wouldn’t have thought that he would be poz. He was jolted back to the present when the phone rang. He picked it up and said “Hello.” “Are you ready for more?” asked the person on the other end. “Yes” the coach said hesitantly. “Be ready in five minutes. Naked, on all fours, on the bed, ass to the door” said the other person. The coach’s heart started beating faster. “What was he getting into?” he thought. He got into position with a bottle of lube on the bed next to him and waited until he heard the beep from the electronic door lock. The door opened almost exactly five minutes after the call and he heard it shut. “You never told me if you moan or scream” a familiar voice said. He heard a zipper and then clothes hitting the floor. He felt someone climb on the bed and was trying to remember who’s voice it was. The bottle of lube got picked up and a few drops fell on to the coach’s ass, above his hole. It dripped down and got fingered in roughly. The coach heard another squirt of lube and assumed it was for the guy’s cock. Suddenly he felt a cock resting on his sore rosebud and the guy said “Scream, then moan, that is my favorite.” With that, the cock was rammed into the coach’s unsuspecting hole. The coach screamed out as the long thin cock tore into his ass. It just seemed to keep pushing deeper inside him and the coach couldn’t prevent his hole from spasming around the guy’s shaft. When he felt guy’s pubes against his hole he knew that was as deep as it could go. The coach’s hole was on fire and the searing pain had spread throughout his body. “Lube” was all he could say. “Too late for that, I’m all the way in. Now let the precum drip and coat your guts so we can get you all charged up” the guy told the coach. He pulled back and the coach felt the long shaft try to pull his body inside out. The coach could feel the mushroom head tugging against his outer ring and then it pulled free. Suddenly his ass was empty but he knew it wouldn’t be for long. Seconds later, the guy shoved his stiff cock back inside until the two bodies were fully connected again. The second scream was just as loud as the first. The guy did it two more times and the scream seemed to be the same each time. “Yeah, it wouldn’t be good if your swim team heard you scream like that. Lets see if your moaning is better.” The coach felt the cock inside him pumping in and out three or four inches at a time. With many guys that would be a full stroke, leaving just enough inside to not pop out, but with the cock that was inside him now it was only a third of the length. The pain faded away and as his rectum was coated with precum, and the pleasure of being fucked came to the front. Within ten strokes, the coach became a moaning slut. Moaning and begging for more cock. Faster thrusts. Deeper shoves. “Yeah, that’s a good slut. Moan and beg like a good cumwhore. You want me to shoot my seed into that jock cunt, don’t you?” the coach was told. “Oh god yeah. Breed me deep and give me your load” the coach begged. “What kind of load do you want?” The coach responded without hesitation, saying “Fuckin breed me full of poz cum. Poz me up!” The strokes of the ten inch cock inside the coach got longer and harder. All of the previous thrusts had stretched the coach’s hole open and there no longer was a struggle for the shaft to attack the neg hole. After long stroking the coach’s ass for several minutes, Dakota pulled back and rammed in as hard as he could, making the coach whimper as his cock erupted, spewing hot virus-laced seed deep into the coach’s chute. Dakota pulled his cock out, seeing streaks and spots of red on his long fuck-stick. He wiped his cock off on a towel and told the coach “You have half an hour until the next one.” Every hour throughout the night a new person showed up and fucked the coach, pumping in a virulent load of semen and then letting it soak in. The twenty to forty minute breaks in between each fuck let the coach get a quick catnap while the bug filled cum soaked into his body, hunting for a way to infect their new host. When Tony walked in at 4 AM, the coach was asleep. The coach was awakened by his cock sliding into the tortured hole. Tony held the coach tight against his body as his hips pummeled his cock into the coach’s puffy, throbbing, red pussy. The coach was just a whimpering shell of a man. His body ached everywhere - from the deepest parts of his guts to his toes and fingers. “UGH UGH UUGGHHH” Tony grunted as he jabbed his cock into the coach’s ass. The stretched out hole almost looked like the coach had spent the night getting fisted, but only cocks and some fingers had penetrated the oraface. Once his load was deposited inside, Tony pulled out and looked the coach in the eyes and said “AIDS cum is the best, isn’t it?” Tony got dressed and the coach curled up in the middle of the bed, pink ooze dripping out of his well-worn hole. He heard the door close and then was back asleep.

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