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    Going to the doctor is a pain in the ass, but when your doc blocks the renewal of your Truvada script, he has you by the short hairs. I booked the last appointment of the day to minimize the time off work. When I arrived, the waiting room was packed out. I stood out like a sore thumb, dressed in my suit. Most of the guys were casual, wearing jeans or shorts. Given the time of day, I guessed most of the guys weren't working, particularly as my doc has a large infectious disease practice. Some of them were clearly long-term poz, showing a little wasting and or a lot of vascularity. So fucking sexy! Soon I was brought to a room, and shortly thereafter Doctor Woods came in and gave me a warm hug. It's great having a doctor close to my own age, and so sexy too. I've been going to Brad for several years, and we have a great doctor / patient relationship. We're both early 30's and keep ourselves fit. From time to time I see Brad and his boyfriend at the gym and out at the clubs. They are both tall and lean, and surprisingly vascular from exercise. Having seen both Doc Woods and his boyfriend in the showers at the gym, I knew he has a sweet uncut cock, just like mine, and his boyfriend is cut and has huge low-hangers. Both of them are also quite gifted, swinging big packages. "Rik! Dude! It's been six months since your last appointment! To stay on Truvada, I need to see you every six months." "Yeah, sorry, I've been busy with work and just didn't make the time...." He looked in my eyes and held the gaze for a while to make his point, and said "Go ahead and take everything off except for your underwear, and then up on the table." He asked the usual health history questions you might expect as he was feeling around my neck and then listening to my heart and lungs. His hand grabbed on to my pec as he listened to my back. He gave my tit a little squeeze and then gave a little tweak on my nip... which made my cock spring to attention. He made some notes and then asked, "I'm going to assume you've been sexually active, right?" He gave me a big smile, because he knew that I was testing just how good Truvada really is. "Yep, I'm breeding and seeding. Always looking for holes and poles." "I don't doubt it; your reputation is firmly intact. Once a slut, always a slut! (He's called me a slut in the locker room at the gym, so this isn't anything new!) “Go ahead and lay down and turn on your side. I'll do a rectal swab and check your prostate." I slid my underwear off, then turned to my left side. Dr Woods lightly touched me under my leg saying "Bring your knees up towards your chest." Then he brought a rectal swab and a specimen container over to the table, commenting "The lube is cold, sorry." With that, his gloved finger slid inside me. And... I was totally boned at the feeling of his finger probing my hole. He had done it several times over the years, but each time I find it completely hot. As his finger felt-up my prostate he shot a few more comments to me: "It feels like this hot hole is seeing a lot of action. There was almost no resistance to my finger." "I've had a fist or two up there, and I always enjoy having a hot top breed me to keep me in practice." "You do have hot ass... and interesting choice of word. 'Breed'. Do you know whether or not you've taken any poz loads?" "Yeah, I imagine I have. But most guys are undetectable these days. I don't even ask anymore." "Yeah ... a cum dump. You haven't had a guy tell you he just gave you a poz load?" "Not often enough!" "Yeah, a lot of my patients get off on that. You get off on taking toxic loads?" His continued rubbing of my prostate and working my hole was making me crazy. This wasn't the conversation I imagined I'd be having with my doctor. "Doc, you better take it easy there, you got me close!" "I don't think I heard an answer to my question." "Oh god ... yes ... yeah, I get off on toxic loads ... fuck I'm going to cum!" With that, he inserted a couple more fingers up my hole, and with the other he put the specimen cup over my uncut cock. "Cum in the cup, stud." I had one of the biggest orgasms I've had in a while. I did my best to get my load inside the cup, but I made a mess everywhere. "Nicely done, stud. Just relax for a minute and I'll do your rectal swab." I felt him swabbing my hole and then heard it go into its receptacle. He placed the uncovered specimen jar on the counter. "Take a minute to pull yourself together. Here's a couple paper towels, clean yourself off. Don't worry about the mess. Leave your shirt off. Teddy is going to come in and draw some blood. I'll be back before you leave, I need to consult with another doctor about something." I dressed and moved over to the chair. The exam table had cum everywhere ... and some dripping down the wall. I guessed Teddy would be tasked with dealing with the mess. I've known Teddy for years. He's a hairy 5'8" Italian fireplug that I've fucked with over the years at the baths. He's one of those guys who has a a 5:00 o’clock shadow at 10:00 AM. Back in the day, he would be described as a Castro Clone, sporting brown hair and bushy mustache. Way before seeing him at Doctor Wood's office, when we met up at the sex club, he worshipped my muscular arms and pecs before we'd get down to breeding. Now he gets to perv out over my veiny arms during a blood draw. I'm got low body fat, so giving blood is no big deal. I've got veins for days. The standard routine is I lay my arm out for him to find a vein, and he lightly traces his fingers up and down my arm, while telling me hot sexy it is. When Teddy arrived, he stepped into the room, closed the door, and walked over to me giving me a quick kiss, saying, "Hey sexy!" Being about 6" taller than him, I'm at a perfect height for him to latch onto a nip and let him suck it to being fully hard. If I hadn't just cum, I would have been aching to fuck him right there. Teddy broke the daydream and asked, "We're doing the usual HIV labs, right?" I replied "No, Teddy, I'm neg and on Truvada." He said, "Oh, sorry. Most guys that come here are poz. My mistake." I said, "Don't sweat it, it's not a big deal." Teddy replied, "Good, by the way, I converted six months ago and would love a chance to breed you. I'm nice and toxic," he said with salacious smile. I pulled him close to my chest and whispered, "I'd love your poz load." He whispered back, "Believe me, I'd like to give it to you." Once again my cock was as hard as a rock. After Teddy drew up some vials of blood, he gathered the swab and blood vials and said "The doctor will be with you in a minute," leaving the door open as he left the room. I saw there shirtless, and noticed several patients who passed through the hallway gave me a good glance. While I wanted to tweak my nips to give them something to look at, I held off. Dr. Woods then arrived and closed the door, "I think I felt something on your prostate ... kinda like a couple bumps. I'd like to be safe and make sure it's nothing important. I've made an appointment for you with Dr. Grant. I want you to see him for an ultrasound, no other urologist. Also, I need you off Truvada for the time being." "You gotta be kidding me! Is that really necessary?" "You're whining. Just do it." At the checkout desk, I got my referral card for Dr. Grant. The appointment was two weeks away! Holy fuck, how the hell was I supposed to stay off Truvada for that long? It was the longest two weeks of my fucking life. Sure, I got to breed some hot hole, and got my hole fisted by a couple guys, but it wasn't like getting fucked and taking a load. I hit up some of my undetectable poz buds who I know are good about their meds so that I could get their loads. The day of my appointment with Dr. Grant, I had the day off, so I got a quick workout at the gym done before I drove to the appointment. He's in the same building as Dr. Woods, just one floor up. After brief delay in the waiting room, I was called into the back area. A hot, young Hispanic nurse had me take off my clothes, put on a robe, then lock my stuff in the locker. He looked like he just barely got out of high school. I wanted to pull him into the dressing room and fuck him senseless. He was at least six-foot-tall and had exceptionally beautiful caramel skin. He was absolutely gorgeous. The hottie was waiting when I came out of the dressing room and took me to an exam room. "The doctor will see you shortly," he said with a smile and disappeared. The door to the exam room opened and in walked Dr. Grant ... who, it turned out, was Dr. Wood's boyfriend. Standing in front of me was the stud with a brick shithouse body who, for years, I've seen naked. And he looked good enough to eat. He was wearing a lab coat over a form-fitting polo shirt and his pecs were straining against the fabric. It was an amazing vision. I was glad I was sitting on the exam table because the robe hid my growing hard-on. If he wasn't quick, there would be a big precum wet spot growing. I extended my hand and said, "Justin, I didn't know you were a doctor as well! "Yeah, it's easier having a partner that understands the demands of the job. It's great to see you, hot stuff! Brad called me when you were in his office and he told me you have an issue that both of us can help you with." "Yeah, he said there were some bumps on my prostate and I should have them looked at." "And the Truvada?" he asked, "Have you complied with his direction?" "Yes, I have." "Great," he said as he removed his lab coat, which meant I got to appreciate his beautiful body. Some tufts of hair poked above the neck of his shirt, which suggested both his arms and his beautiful pecs were covered with fur. "Okay, I need to check your prostate health to make sure everything is okay. Go ahead and lay back on the table, turn your side and we'll get a look." With my cock rock hard, Justin went about with the ultrasound. He showed me the ultrasound probe that would be going up my asshole, explaining the procedure won't take long. In short order, he rubbed some lube on my hole, then inserted two, then three fingers inside my anus, rubbing them in and out, just like Brad had done two weeks earlier. I remember feeling a slight sting, possibly from a fingernail, but the subtle pressure he was applying to my prostate had turned into pleasure, so my attention was re-directed. I do remember being slightly surprised he wasn't wearing any gloves, but figured that was his business. "Feels awesome doc ... I've needed some action back there." "Good, I'm going to insert the ultrasound probe. It's a little bit bigger, but I'm sure you'll take it like a champ." Justin pulled out his fingers and inserted the ultrasound device. He moved in slow movements in and around my hole. His eyes were focused on the monitor, one hand was managing the probe, but the other hand was draped over my abs inching towards my fully engorged cock. After a couple minutes, Justin untied the gown and pushed it off me, fully exposing my body to him. With the probe still inside me, all I could do was enjoy the experience of him working my hole. He continued to to explore both my ass and also smeared the precum around the head of my cock and foreskin. He was driving me crazy. He withdrew the probe and said, "I have something else that would make your hole feel nice. Just lie still." I heard him strip off his shirt and remove his pants. He felt around my lubed up hole, which he spread onto his cock. "I think you'll like this probe better." Still on my side, he easily slid his big cock inside my hole from behind and started slowly fucking me. After a few minutes, he pulled out and said, "Stand up, I want to feel your whole body." I turned to face this amazing stud, with buzzed pubes and huge cock... and a big biohazard tattoo right above his cock. His cock was a little messy with lube a little blood, but everything else was perfect. In a sex club, I would have sucked that cock clean. He asked, "What turns you on more, my fat cock or my biohazard tattoo?" "They both do." He smiled, "One before the other, so back up onto the table and let me back inside that sweet hole." I put my hand on his chest and asked, "You undetectable? Because you know I'm off Truvada." “Yeah, that's just the thing. We had you stop Truvada for a reason. Brad and I both know that you get off on taking all kinds of loads, and we'd like the opportunity to share our DNA to poz you. We converted about a year ago and don't take meds. We're working on converting several more hot guys, and we hope you'll join our conversion club.” "You know this is kinda fucked up, right? I’m probably not protected!" "Rik, look at your cock. You haven't stopped precumming since you got a look at my biohazard tattoo. Get a feel of my low-hangers and tell me you don't want me to fill your hole with a hot load." I reached out and grabbed his huge nuts, and he just moaned. I gave them a squeeze and a tug, and his poz precum oozed on my hand. Actually, he was precumming like crazy as well. I thought my cock gushed precum, but his was drooling. He probably already spread his poison all inside me. "You join our conversion club and you will go on the adventure of a lifetime. Brad and I really want you in with us in breeding the hottest guys." I needed a minute to think about this, but his biohazard tattoo was calling to me. I squatted down to run my fingers over it and to absorb what it meant to him … and what it might mean for me. I was compelled to lick it and suck his tattoo, as if that alone would make a difference. Having a tattoo like that would be sexy as hell. Justin brought me to my feet and backed me up to the table, then bent down to suck on my nips. How could he know that's the fastest way to make me lose control? In no time he was nursing on my tits while I was flat on my back on the table. I was in ecstasy having this infected stud wanting to breed my hole. I lifted my legs to let Justin into my neg hole so he could poz me. Getting his load was just too hot to deny. I could figure out the rest with Dr. Woods later if I change my mind. He said, "Put my cock in your hole and show me what you want." I reached out and grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it up and down my gaping ass slit. His eyes rolled back and he had a satisfied grin on his face. "Yeah, stud. You will love our virus. We'll change your life in ways you can't imagine." I let go of his cock and wrapped my legs around his sexy ass to pull him into me. "Oh yeah ... We've wanted to breed you for a very long time. We've seen you at the gym and always thought you would be an excellent hole to breed and seed. Ever since we converted, you have been on the top of our list to infect." This was so fucking erotic, having this amazing man wanting to fuck his poisonous load inside me. I was happy to take Truvada and stay neg, but having the opportunity to get bred like this is amazing. Justin started his fucking easy, but it wasn't long before he really pounded my hole, doing his best to attack from several angles. "Oh man, your cock feels great … just as good as I hoped it would.” He threw he head back and said, "Fuck dude, here comes my nasty load right inside your hole!" My hole was gaping and abused, and he looked like he just ran a marathon. After keeping his infected cock in my ass for as long as possible, he slowly pulled out. He grabbed a pillow to put under my ass. "Just let that toxic load marinate inside you. Let the infection take hold." “…nfection take hold .…” It took a minute to set in. After having spent years trying to avoid HIV, I had willingly agreed to seroconvert. He cleaned up his cock, pulled on his jock, and picked-up the intercom saying "Mateo, please let Dr Woods know he's needed here. And then please join us in the exam room."
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    I gave Justin a "what the fuck" look. He said, "You just stay put." Mateo, the sexy nurse from earlier came into the room and smiled when he saw me with my ass up on a pillow. "I've heard a lot about you. I'm glad you're here to get pozzed up!" "Rik, meet Mateo. Mateo had the fuck flu six months ago and he's really toxic right now... shares the same strain as Brad and I. I hope you don't mind if he breeds you as well." I really wasn't in a position to say no. Besides, this kid was smoking hot. He pulled off his nurse's uniform top and pulled loose the drawstring from his pants. He must ride a bicycle a lot as the has big meaty, muscular thighs, covered in sexy fur. And above his buzzed pubes, a biohazard tattoo as well. Fuck, that is hot. “Wow! You have a biohazard too?” Mateo smiled and asked, which one? He turned around to show me the same tattoo on his right ass cheek. Justin explained, “We know an amazing guy named Zak in Chicago. He has a place off Halsted Street called Windy City Tattoo. He's prolific poz breeder and sexy stud. He's done the biohardard tattoos for all of the conversion club members. As much as I am intrigued by earning a biohazard tattoo, the raging hard-on that Mateo has right now merits more attention. Toxic or not, I need this kid's load in my hole. I lifted my legs for him, providing consent for him to add his diseased DNA to my system. For being a young guy, he knew exactly how to press my buttons. Like Justin, he rubbed his cock up and down my pre-lubed hole before sliding all the way inside me. Freshly fucked, I felt my ass juices start to ooze out, even though he worked to wipe the juices back onto his cock and inside me. Justin watched as Mateo skillfully bred my hole. He tweaked my nips for a while, but it wasn't long before he had his eyes closed, looking like he was praying to the god of all poz cocks. You know that look of sheer bliss. I was close to the same state, feeling him sliding in and out of my battered hole. While I was getting fucked, Brad and Teddy came in the room and joined the audience. At this point, I didn't care who saw me getting bred by a poz cock. This felt amazing, and I would deal with whatever it brought at another time. Brad and Teddy were getting naked as well, so they were totally into my breeding. Before long, Mateo's breaths started getting short and it was clear he was getting close to cumming inside me. I blurted out, "Come on stud, fuck me with your poz cock. Give me your disease!" And with that his cock started flooding my hole with his charged load, bathing my guts with his AIDS virus. This kid fucked me like he hated me ... it was awesome. He had a need to seed, and my hole was his infection target. I just asked for a diseased load. What the fuck just happened? Mateo pulled out and I did my best to keep the charged seed inside me. Brad and Teddy were naked at this point, and they were in a three-way kiss huddle with Justin. How fucking hot was that to watch? I managed to get up on my feet and being fucked on my back for so long. I was wobbly - and with good reason. The three guys broke their embrace and pulled me into them for a hug and a grope. That's when I noticed Teddy and Brad both had biohazard tattoos above their cocks. Teddy also had one between his shoulder blades, and Brad had another one on his arm ... which is when I figured out everyone in this exam room was poz, except for me ... and my immune system was on its way out. Brad looked me in the eyes and asked, "I hope you'll accept our invitation to the conversion club. I know this is a lot to take in, but it will be worth it ... even through your fuck flu." I looked gave a glance at these four breeders and said, "Yes, I want to be on your team. Infect me." Teddy grabbed an ass cheek and said, "We gotta get started planning where your biohazard tattoo is going to go." Brad said, "Well, I'd love a chance to breed Rik and I know Teddy does too, but we need to get back to work. So, I have a question for Rik. How fast do you want to earn your biohazard tattoo?" "Depends. What do I need to do in order to speed up the process?" I asked. Justin said, "Come over on Friday night. Clean out your hole and we'll have some fun. We will all give you a dose of our DNA, and if you are a good boy, a blood donation from all of us." We all kissed goodbye and I headed home. What took place was so fucking erotic, I just wanted to hop on Breeding Zone and jack off to some conversion fiction. But I really needed to get a workout in before I do that. I got into the BodyCombat class at 6:30 and powered through the boxing, karate and taekwondo kicks and punches. It is a great way to work up a sweat while keeping flexible and strong. There was a sexy black guy there, new to the class. His sexy body got even sexier with a sweat, and his shorts clung to his bubble butt. A couple sideways glances turned into flirting. At the end of the class I headed down to the locker room and, as luck would have it, his locker was right next to mine. Strange how the world works. I said, "Give me a sec and I'll be out of your way." He smiled and said, "Don't sweat it, take your time." I pulled my shirt off and as I was getting the sweat off me, this beautiful man stripped off his shirt and revealed beautiful chestnut brown skin, rock hard abs ... and a fucking biohazard tattoo. It didn't stand out as much due to his skin color ... and half of it was hidden under his underwear. But the design is the same as the three guys I had seen earlier that day. I found myself wondering 'Am I the only guy in town without a fucking biohazard tattoo'? The locker room was full of guys and I needed to be discrete, but I had to get more info about this. I drew up some courage and said, "I like your tattoo ... a lot." He smiled and said "Thanks, it took a lot of work. Do you have one?" "No, but I'll probably be getting mine soon. Any chance you know Brad and Justin?" He smiled and said "Yeah ... Let's talk on the way out." We stepped out to the street where it was a little more private. I said, "Thanks for taking to me about this." "Sure, no problem. Let me ask, how far along are you?" "Earlier today was the first time." "Wow. You are just beginning." "Yeah, I know. Big decision. So fucking hot." "Hey, I live a block from here. You want to go there and talk for a minute?" "Yeah, thanks. I have a million questions." "Cool. By the way, I'm Rik." "I'm Blake." We got to his place and after offering me a bottle of water, we sat down on the couch when Blake asked "Were you chasing?" "No, not at all. Getting pozzed wasn't on my mind at all. Were you chasing?" "Nope. I went to Dr. Woods for PEP after a gun came in my hole. I was freaking out and went to see what he could do." I laughed, "I guess he took care of your problem!" He smiled. "Yeah, he sure did." I asked, "How bad was your fuck flu?" Blake replied, "Dude, that's the best part of being with this club. The doctors will help you through the whole thing. You can go to their place and they'll give you an IV or drugs to make it easier ... if you want." I was surprised. "That's cool!" Yeah, Blake continued, "I was really fucking sick when I converted, but the club guys helped out a lot. That's when your body is trying to fight off the infection, and that's when you need extra doses the most." "Extra doses?" I asked. Blake replied, "Yeah, more poz cum. You'll take more infected loads the whole time. It's hot." I found his attitude towards seroconversion fucking twisted. Seroconverting only to take more charged loads. I loved it. In fact my cock was straining against my shorts, leaving a wet spot of precum. I couldn't help but notice Blake's cock was also rock hard. "I'm getting totally turned on." Reaching over, I cupped Blake's cock and asked, "Any chance I can taste your poz cock?" He smiled, "I'd prefer to fuck some of my charged load in your hole." I knelt on the floor and pulled his shorts off and then went directly to sucking his cock. His cock was quite large, beautiful, and, of course black. It was quite a mouthful. After working on his cock for a while, I looked up and asked, "Will you breed me? "Rik, let's go to my room. I'd love to get inside you." Tossing clothes off as we walked, we were both naked by the time we got to his bedroom. "How many biohazard tattoos do you have?" "My pubic one hardly shows, so just the one for now." I asked, "It looks so sexy on you. Fuck dude. Did you do the blood donation process, or did you do it the old-fashioned way?" "They didn't start using blood until recently. You going to do that?" "Yeah, probably Friday night." "Too fucking hot." My finger traced his ink as I was fantasizing about earning my own biohazard. With his finger on my chin, he lifted my lips to his and we made out for a while. "I got a toxic cock here and I really want to be the one who converts you. How about I get my cock inside you now?" I laid onto the bed on my back and he crawled between my legs. "I love uncut cock. Let me taste you." He went face-down on my hard cock and played with my foreskin. He knew enough to run his tongue underneath it, in order to make it really intense. He reached over to get a little lube for my hole and then some for his cock. He slowly worked his infected cock inside my already ravaged hole. The lube made it feel great. I wiggled my ass around his cock in an attempt to get it in faster. I really wanted to be a bond with Blake. His cock, my third toxic cock of the day, started slow and easy. He was adept at leveraging his cock into my ass. His strokes were full, making great use of his huge cock. Blake fucked my hole like a master. We’d make out for a little bit but his primary focus was getting off. My hole was just a tool that enabled him to get off in. We got into a comfortable rhythm as if we were one. I whispered in his ear, "I'm begging you for your poz cum. Please infect my neg hole." And that did the job. Blake started bucking against my hole like crazy. He was a man possessed, totally focused on how to make his cock ejaculate his toxic load inside my asshole. And it felt glorious. Blake gave a deep inhale, “Oh God ... Fuck, Oh God I'm close.” “Fuck me Blake, do it to me ... fuck me up.” Two more strokes from Blake and he yelled, “Damn!!!!!!!!!” With that my ass was filled as if by a fire hose. I unmistakably felt Blake's ejaculations blasting into my hole, his poz cock shooting cum like a shot gun. It was a beautiful experience. Totally spent, he collapsed in my arms and we both went unconscious for a couple minutes, after which we made out for a while, and whispered sweet nothings, about how fucking random this was, how getting a deadly infection had brought us together, and our prospects for the future. It was awesome. Blake said, "We're a mess. Let's shower quickly. I have a steam shower. You'll love it." He pressed a button to get the steam going, and within a couple minutes it was starting to fog up, at which point he invited me to join him "Come on in, there's room for two." He turned on the waterfall shower and we both took turns rinsing the day off us. He turned off the waterfall and grabbed the soap. As the fog raised, he grabbed me from the back and started to soap me up. His big hands slid all over my body. He reached around and grabbed my dick with soapy hands and started getting my cock to full extension. Oh fuck, he felt amazing. He moved to the front of me and then soaped his hole, asking "Any chance I can get some of the last of your neg cum load? It would be an honor to take whatever you got. Please fuck me!" I've wanted inside Blake since the moment I saw him. Some guys ... you just want to breed them. In this case, I got to do just that. I worked a finger inside Blake's ass, and he loosened right up. This would be fun! I pushed his back forward to bend him over and was able to slide right in. His ass was magnificent. Definitely one of the better holes I've fucked. Since I had cum earlier that day, I needed to up my game and really work up a cum load. I hoped he was ready for an animalistic fuck, because I had no choice but to rut his hole like a wild animal. It was so fucking hot. During the whole time, he repeatedly chanted "Yeah .... Yeah ...." After a little bit, I said, "OK Blake, I gotta blow in your hot ass. I can't hold it any longer." And with that, I gave him any neg see left in my body. He got the last of it. I looked him in the eyes and said, "This was an unexpected joy being with you. I hope your cum infects me. You can be my poz daddy anytime." He smiled and said, "Just wait, with the conversion club, it'll be so easy to breed and gift poz guys. Our numbers are growing and infected loads are everywhere. You'll see." I asked, "Will you be there Friday? I'm supposed to get bred by Brad and Teddy, and they talked about the Blood Donation." Blake smiled and said, "Yeah, that sounds like a great time. I'd love to have more of my DNA coursing through your veins." With a quick kiss I replied, “I’d like that.” And with that, I headed home with visions of Friday night.
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    My partner, Shane, and I did a long weekend in Palm Springs last weekend with some friends. One day we grabbed day passes to All Worlds, which we hadn't been to before. Seemed to draw a regular weekend crowd from LA, since many of the guys we chatted with in the pools were from the LA area. Shane is 5'11" has a swimmer's build with a smooth ass and furry pecs; he has green eyes and black hair and easily maintains a tan (total opposite of my ginger self); he's always eye candy at these places. When we first met, he wasn't it anal at all -- neither as a top or bottom. In fact, he'd never bottomed. It has been 9 years, and we've gradually introduced him to the intense pleasures of anal sex. He now identifies as a vers/bttm, and has slowly begun exploring his sluttier side, though he's not usually into random play, bath houses, or ABS (again, quite the opposite from my self). We hung by the pool, meeting a slew of new guys, chatting it up. I wasn't worried about working the crowd for sex -- I was confident I'd get some at some point in the day. I could see some chemistry developing between Shane and another couple. They were a tall muscle bear, Joe, and his husband who was shorter and leaner with a shaved head and mustache. They were there with a group of friends, including an adorable otter in his late 20s who easily could be in Game of Thrones. Really nice guys. We were told it was BYOB, so I strategically left him in the pool while my buddy and I went to get some bottles of wine to bring back. When I returned, I could see the chemistry was definitely there, the tall muscle bear now with an arm around Shane's waist. I opened the wine, poured a couple glasses, and wandered to check out the rest of the resort. I have a strong voyearuistic side to me, and had read AW is cool with open door play, plus there's a play room. I found the playroom and checked it out. Relatively quiet, except for a small group sucking cocks in a corner near some sorta plywood maze / gloryholes (though these were HUGE gloryholes). I pulled my dick out of my swimsuit and let a couple guys work on it for about 10 minutes. I was a long way from coming, and wanted to see what else was happening. I peeked out at the pool and saw Joe and Shane making out in the pool. I did a loop and saw guys were starting to break away for some playtime. Several rooms were open and you could see 2-3 guys naked and sucking cock. I watched a couple of the LA guys I'd been chatting with head into a room opposite the main pool, and leave their door open. The muscle bear's husband was with them, as well as the GoT otter. I chatted them up briefly, catching the sexual vibe growing in their room, then continued my loop. There was some activity around two rooms at the rear of the main pool area. Outside the pool, I saw my partner standing naked with the muscle bear, making out, Joe's hands firmly gripping Shane's ass. I instantly got hard. I walked back to the locker where I'd stored my stuff earlier; I refilled my wine cup and grabbed my little "to go" bag with lube and poppers in it. I peeked back into the main pool area. My partner and my friends were all gone. I wandered back to the open doors in the rear of the pool area. A few guys had started fucking in each of the two adjacent rooms. One guy I'd chatted with earlier was fucking a blonde I'd seen laying out, but not speaking to anyone. I JO'd for a few minutes, then wandered again. I love to be a voyeur, but there's no one I love watching more than Shane playing with someone else. I stopped at the LA boys' open door. Two guys were leaving, but there were still 7 naked bodies inside. The GoT otter was on his knees alternating between two cocks. I stepped inside and slipped off my swimsuit. On the bed, I could see my partner, on his back, his legs being held high and spread by someone kneeling behind his head -- I didn't recognize the guy, and wandered if he had recently shown up on a day pass. Meanwhile, Joe, the muscle bear, was eating my partner's ass. A bottle of poppers was being passed around, so I took mine out and offered to share -- groups always appreciate another bottle of poppers being passed around. I added my dick to those the GoT was already sucking, and let myself enjoy his amazing hot mouth. Eventually I looked over and saw Joe standing at the edge of the bed, Shane's legs spread in front of him, slapping his cock against Shane's exposed hole. Joe's cock was impressively long and girthy, and I honestly doubted Shane would be able to take it. As if reading my mind, Joe stepped aside and crawled onto the bed alongside Shane, while the stranger nodded to the stranger quickly moved into position at Shane's ass. Joe pressed a bottle of poppers under Shane's nose, "Take a long, deep hit," he growled. I positioned myself for a good view of the bed, and could see Shane's face go lax as the poppers took hold of him. "Now take that cock," Joe said. Shane obeyed. I heard him groan as the anon cock slid inside him, totally raw. Joe leaned down and kissed Shane, driving his tongue deep, while the stranger started a rhythmic fuck. I turned my attention back to the GoT otter, his cute furry face buried in someone's groin as he deep-throated a cock. I bent down and ran my hand along his fuzzy ass, letting my fingers graze his hole. He ground his ass on my fingers. I licked my fingers to naturally lube them, and started to probe his hole. I fucking love an otter hole! And this one was nice and tight. I played with GoT's ass for awhile, letting my fingers probe and loosen him up. My cock was rock hard. I heard Shane groan louded, and turned to see Joe had taken up a position at his ass. He held both Shane's ankles in one hand, and used the other to guide his cock into the waiting hole. The stranger was standing off to the side, and pressed poppers under Shane's nose again. As he fell under the popper's spell, Joe steadily pushed inside. "Fuck yeah!" Shane grunted. There was suddenly a lot of movement in front of me. I turned around and the GoT otter was leaning in to kiss me. We made out for a few minutes, totally lost in the exchange. Then he whispered, "fuck me." I spun him around and positioned him on all fours on the bed, so I could see his hot ass in front of me, and Joe pounding into my partner to my left. Shane is often loud and sometimes verbal when he's getting fucked. But Joe's cock was so powerful that all Shane could do was grunt, with an occasional whimper, and a long groan when Joe varied him rhythm to go long and deep. Joe was silent, but in total control of Shane's ass. I loved it!! And I was rock hard watching this. Poor otter boy ended up getting penetrated faster than I normally would have, and I hurt him grunt with the suddenness of my entry. Fortunately I'd loosened his ass with my fingers, otherwise I may have wrecked his hole before we even got started. I went to town on that hot, furry hot!! Otter boy and Shane exchanged a couple quick kisses, but both were getting pounded and couldn't hold their focus on another person. I climbed up on the bed, and started dipping my cock down into GoT's hole, pressing on his sphincter in a new way. He gasped, "OMG fuck me! That's amazing!" I was starting to get close. As if he read my mind, he said, "I want your load." Well fuck, that did it for me! I put one foot on the floor, and the other on the bed alongside him, grabbed his waist, and started fucking for the gold. I unleashed my load, trying to keep pushing into him, but caught in that crazy rush of electricity that jolts through my body when I come like that. I stepped back, slapping that hard ass, and laughed a bit as the energy kept rushing through me. Then Joe roared. That's the only way to describe it. He roared! And with a few prolonged thrusts, he buried his load in Shane's hungry ass. Shane had never been bred by another other than myself before, and I was totally turned on seeing this muscle bear breed my partner's ass. The room was quiet for a bit after that as Joe and I recovered from the shockwaves of cumming, and Shane and otter boy both flopped on the bed relishing the breedings they'd both taken. Ironically, neither came. Joe and I offered to finish them, but both declined. As it turned out, both were still cock hungry and would be offering their holes for use in the darkroom -- but I'll save that story for my next post.
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    My name is John, i'm 24, average height, slim build with soft brown hair and blue eyes, I'm not the best looking guy but I get my fair share of attention. i'd finished university in the summer, split up with my boyfriend and started my graduate job in a large business firm in the city. The company managed product development for major companies and brands so I was thrilled to get a place within such big company. My parents always told me to never turn down an opportunity that could take you somewhere. After working in the office for a few months I quickly got used to the fast pace, that started to creep into every part of my life. After working all week, putting in 50 hours, I was normally exhausted on a Friday night and would just head straight home and masturbate for as long as I could, it had been ages since I'd had sex, with work being so busy. That is however, until I got talked into going to a bar by one of my co-workers. He was married, unhappy about it, and constantly stressed in work. We went to a bar a couple of streets away from the office, It was dark and you would walk past it if you didn't know it was there. It wasn't the sort of place I imagined anyone in work would go to, least of all Mick. We sat at the bar and was served by an overly flirtatious girl, I rolled my eyes now realising why Mick came here; "Not your type then?" Mick asked me "She's certainly not anything I'm looking for." I said, realising i'd probably said too much. "Oh shit, I didn't realise you were gay, don't worry about it my nephew is gay, It doesn't bother me." "I...er... please don't tell anyone in work. It's hard enough being new without them knowing." I pleaded "John... relax, lets have a drink and i'll point you in the direction of the gay bars in the city, you need to try stop thinking about work all the time." We finished our drinks and after Mick had bitched about work and his family we headed out. He told me what train to get and explained where to go from there. I thanked him for the drink and told him I'd see him on Monday. Little did I know what was coming. I took the train to a part of the city I'd never been to before, walked the short distance and found a few bars with guys hanging around outside smoking. I walked into the bar with the least amount of guys hanging around outside, hopefully it meant the bar was quieter. I just wanted a couple of drinks and maybe a dance-floor fumble, I was still exhausted and hadn't prepared for any kind of sex, my pubes hadn't been trimmed for weeks and my ass wasn't clean. I grabbed a drink and found a stool at a table in the corner of a small but open bar and dance floor area. It was inoffensive and there was an okay selection of guys. Mostly in their 30's and upwards but I didn't mind a slightly mature guy. They tended to be less pushy. After nursing my drink for about 10 minutes or so a guy sat down across from me. He was in his late 40's, maybe. Good hair, perfect smile and from what I could see he kept himself in shape. It was his crisp white shirt that first caught my eye. "Hey, I'm Tom." It took me a minute to register what he said, I was lost in his bright blue eyes. "I'm John" I mumbled out, I couldn't stop looking into his eyes. "Are you here by yourself?" He asked, breaking our gaze and looking around the room. Once I regained my composure I smiled at him. "I've just came from work and was just looking for a quick drink, I'm not looking for anything else tonight." "You're a bit presumptive kid" he said laughing "How about I buy you one more drink, and then once we've chatted a bit you can try turn down my sexual advances then" He smirked at me and his blue eyes narrowed in a dangerous way, he turned for the bar and I found myself just sitting there. I wasn't normally as direct with guys, but there was something about Tom that made me feel slightly scared, even if my cock was growing in my briefs. Tom came back with two drinks, he handed mine over and I took a few long sips, trying to avoid conversation. "Sorry it took a while, I bumped into a few friends at the bar.... so, I'm guessing you're not from around here?" "I just moved to the city after I graduated, I got a job in the city. A friend told me about here, tonight, I thought I'd come take a look, I've not been out much since I moved." I quickly finished the rest of my drink, completely embarrassed by how pathetic I sounded. We chatted for another half hour or so, my cock stayed hard the entire time. I told him about myself, where I grew up, what I studied, how I've only had one boyfriend at Uni and how I hadn't had sex since we split up. He just sat there the entire time staring into my eyes, I realised I hadn't asked him anything about himself. "Sorry Tom I've not even asked you anything about yourself." "Don't worry about me, I find you very interesting. How did you and your ex have sex?" I was surprised, I wasn't expecting such a blunt question, I guessed it was only fair after our conversation earlier. "Well...I'm versatile, but I mostly fucked him" I said timidly "You cum in his ass boy?" "I...eh...no, we only played safe, the condom broke once, but we stopped." I was surprised at myself for telling this stranger about me and my ex's sex life. "I'm sorry Tom, I really should be going home, thank you for the drink." I stood up and turned towards the door. Tom stood as quickly as I had. He was six foot, and his chest and arms looked very buff. I glanced at his crotch too and he had a nice bulge under his black suit trousers. "Wow kid, slow down, just asking you some friendly questions. If you insist on leaving, at least let me walk you back to the train station. It's easy to get a bit disorientated in this part of town." I let him walk me down the street towards the train station, the fresh air must have gone to my head, I was beginning to feel a bit dizzy and my vision was getting blurry. I felt Toms' arm around my waist holding me up, we turned a corner. I didn't remember walking this much when I first got off the train. "Whats happening...I don't feel right" I mumbled finding it harder to walk now. "Shhh...Not much farther, my car is park just over here. You must have had too much to drink...." Tom said with a wicked smile, although I couldn't see it. We walked a bit further and I heard the sound of a car door being opened, I felt myself being laid across the back seat, too limp to say no. While lying there with my eyes closed I could hear mumbled voices outside of the car, I think I heard Tom say; "I'm going to claim him first, I'll text you when he's ready"
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    Part 2 After I heard the car door open and close, I blacked out. I woke up in a massive bed. The room had no furniture in it except for the bed and a side table next to it. The wall was a full mirror as was the ceiling. I sat up and looked around. At that moment the door opened. It was Tom, he walked into the room smiling, still wearing his black slacks and white shirt. “Hey sleepy head, you blacked out. How are you feeling?” “Where am I?” “I brought you back to my place, I didn’t know where you lived so had no choice really. Look it’s only about 1 in the morning, you weren’t out for long. Why don’t you have a shower and I’ll drive you home?” I had so many thoughts racing through my head, mostly I was relieved that nothing bad had happened. I really needed to piss and I’d been in bed with my clothes on so I felt a bit sticky and sweaty. I agreed and Tom showed me an ensuite bathroom. When I was having my shower I noticed an enema attachment on one of the hoses. I thought I owed Tom a good night seeing as he helped me. So I cleaned myself out, just in case. Once out the shower, I went back into the bedroom to find Tom sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed. I was just in my towel and blushed as I looked around for my clothes. “Come over here, let me dry you off boy.” Tom said smiling at me, calling me boy made me cock twitch. Tom started to rub my towel over my body, he carefully opened it up to reveal my now growing cock. I blushed. He took the towel and carefully made sure I was completely dry, focusing especially on my ass and cock. “Hmm, you’re a bit bushy down there boy” “Sorry, it’s been a while” “Don’t worry about it, let me tidy you up.” Tom said with a wink. I’d never had another guy shave any part of me before, I wasn’t particularly hairy but I’d left myself for too long. Tom took me to the ensuite and lathered up some soap over my cock and balls, teasingly jerking my cock a few times. He then took an open razor and clean shaved my entire crotch, I hadn’t been that smooth since before puberty. He turned me around and did the same to my ass. Once he was satisfied I was smooth he put me in the shower again and told me to rinse off. “Did you clean your ass for me boy?” I nodded and explained that I felt I had to make it up to him for looking after me. He just smiled and turned back to the bedroom. I rinsed off, grabbed a towel and followed him. Once in the bedroom he again sat on the bed and dried me off. I just stood there hard as a rock. I leant down towards him to kiss him but he pulled away and took the back of my head and forced it into his crotch. “Been wanting to do that all night kiddo.” I started nuzzling his crotch and then slowly undid the zipper and pulled out the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It was semi hard and already about 8 inches and as thick as a beer can. I gulped. “Don’t worry boy I don’t expect you to take all of it but a little tease wont hurt.” Tom lifted me onto the bed we 69’d, he had his clothes on the entire time. I managed to get just past the head of his cock in my mouth and was beginning to enjoy myself when I realised he was sliding his finger into my ass, he had used just spit and it scratched a little as he pushed in. “Fuck boy, you’ve got a tight cunt!” Tom said slapping my ass cheek. He flipped me on to my back and spread my legs wide, eating out my ass. I was moaning like I had never done before. My ex never rimmed me and I hadn’t been fucked in a long time, heck I couldn’t remember the last time I had kissed a guy! It was almost euphoric. Tom grabbed some lube and started fingering my ass, he slowly worked up to 3 of his thick fingers in my hole. He grabbed the lube and started coating his cock. “Have you got a condom?” I asked “I don't have unsafe sex, I’m negative and scared of getting anything. Not that I think you do…” “Shh boy.” Tom said with a wicked smile, he reached to the unit next to the bed and grabbed a Condom. He made a show of tearing it open carefully and sliding it down his now 12in hard cock. The condom barely made it half way down the shaft it was so thick. “Please go slow, it’s been a long time” I whimpered as Toms cock teased at my hole. “I won’t put it all in, just the tip, enough to make you feel good boy.” I sighed as he slid a couple of thick inches into me, he slowly rocked the top of his beautiful cock in and out of my hole, after a while he asked if we could change positions because he wanted to cum. I rolled onto my front and again felt him slide a couple of inches into me. He kept up a steady pace and then I felt his restraint as he came. He didn’t pound deep into me but just pulsed where he was. “Shit, the condom broke” Panic rushed through me like an icy chill. “Are you sure, shit, are you clean. Fuck” I got up and immediately ran to the bathroom, I started to try push out his cum but it must have been deeper than I thought because nothing came out, when I wiped my ass there was some blood on the toilet tissue. “Look kiddo it happens, don’t let it ruin the fun” Tom said while pulling me in for a tight hug. I felt his strong arms hold me in place and his cock grow again slightly. Although he never said if he was clean or not, but I didn’t dwell on it. When I glanced at his now sweaty shirt I could see colours of a tattoo under his shirt, but I couldn’t make them out. Tom gave me my clothes and he took me back to my apartment, as I was getting out the car he took my hand. “John, I’m sorry if tonight seemed a bit much.. I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow and take you for some drinks to make up for tonight. I won’t take no for an answer boy” “I normally have stuff on over the weekend and I enjoyed myself but I should probably go and get myself checked tomorrow and… “ I babbled on “Kiddo, I’m picking you up tomorrow, end of discussion.” With that he let go of my hand, pushed me back and slammed the car door. He drove off, leaving me at the side of the road, not quite sure what had happened, and what was to come.
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    Part 4 A hard slap to my face brought me back from the dark, Tom was still on top of me, my arms still tied and my ass burning with pain. I wasn’t dreaming. “Fuck boy don’t quit on me now, you were doing so well” I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. Tom was buried deep inside me, tearing my barely lubed hole with every flex of his cock as he began to slid in and out of me. “You’re going to be mine, whether you want it or not. I’m going to breed you so deep you’ll taste my seed.” Breed? Did he mean cum in me. Apart from the 2 times a condom has broken, I’ve never had anyone cum in me. “Please…no” I begged Tom didn’t listen, he grabbed the poppers, took a huff and then forced me to do the same. My body rushed and I almost enjoyed him fucking me, I even got a semi. “There you go boy, enjoy Daddy’s cock. If you do well I might let you cum your last clean load.” I didn’t know what Tom meant by that but he had started to pick up the pace. The pleasure quickly turned to pain again as he slid further out and in, each time slamming all 12 inches deeper inside me. I could feel a trickle of blood running down my ass cheek. “Tell me what you want Boy” “I… er… please… no more” Tom slapped me hard and looked me dead in the eyes, his piercing blue eyes stirred my cock. “Tell Daddy you want him cum, the longer you take, the harder I fuck…and I’m being gentle with you boy” I gulped and resigned myself to the thought that if I tell him what he wants then it will be over with sooner and I could make my escape. “I…want your cum….” He stared at me as he slammed harder than before “Try again boy” “Give me your cum … Daddy” As soon as the word ‘daddy’ passed from my lips Tom slammed completely inside me and I felt his cock pulse ribbons of hot cum deep inside me. It felt like hot lava, burning me from the inside. The entire time he didn’t make a sound but just stared deep into my eyes. He leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth, I wanted to fight back but felt lost in the embrace. Did I enjoy it? Had I really called this man ‘Daddy’, and been turned on by it? Tom broke our kiss and slid from my hole in one quick motion, I could see the blood and cum stained cock slowly soften as he stood from the bed. “Clean me up Boy, Daddy’s doesn't want ‘boy juice’ on his $200 suit” I hesitated and then realised he meant for me to suck him off. He walked towards me and I had no choice but to open my mouth. I could taste the bitterness of blood and the faint saltiness of his cum as he tried to force his cock down my throat. “Good boy. A couple more loads from me should do it and then you’ll truly be mine” I still didn’t really know what he meant by that and I was still curious as to why he always had his clothes on. But by the end of the weekend I would know everything about my new Daddy.
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    Thanks for all the comments and feedback guys, makes it more fun to write knowing you're enjoying it. Part 5 Once Tom was satisfied that I had cleaned his cock well enough he pulled away from my face and tucked himself back into his trousers. He looked at me with those piercing blue eyes. I got hard again. “If you promise to be good Daddy will untie your arms.” He walked towards be and slowly untied the restraints around my wrists. My arms ached when I moved them. I slowly sat up as Tom’s eyes burned into mine. My ass was sore, so I had to support my body as I tried to lift myself from the bed. Tom just stood there, never offering to help me as I struggled to stand. “Where are my clothes?” I asked forgetting that they had been cut off of me and would probably be of no use now. “Why would you need them boy? Daddy isn’t finished with you yet.” I stood frozen in fear, yet my cock was still solid. Tom walked towards me, his muscled chest inches from my nose. “I told you, you are mine boy. Lets make sure you don’t loose any of my gift from that fuck hole of yours. Especially when you asked for it so desperately” He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the mirrored wall, it was a sliding door. Tom slid it open to reveal shelves filled with everything you’d imagine to find in a sex shop. Toys, Poppers, Lube, Underwear, Rubber, Leather, Masks, Hoods. My eyes didn't know where to look. He grabbed a large, solid silver looking butt plug. It looked almost spiky around the ball. “Bend over on the bed like a good boy for Daddy, the sooner you move the more lube I put on it.” Ask he spoke he twisted his grip around my wrist, causing it to burn slightly. I didn’t see the point in fighting him so I turned as quickly as I could towards the bed, but he didn’t let go of my wrist. My feet never moved far and my body was jerked backwards. Tom smiled at me with his eyes burning dangerously. “I’m doing as you said” I struggled, confused by his actions. “I’m impressed Boy, but I don’t want to spoil all the fun” He took slow steps towards the bed, pressing his body closer towards me each time, in a quick swipe of his arm he spun me round and I landed on the bed face down. I looked round to see Tom applying some lube to the butt plug, although it came from a glass jar and It had a funny smell. “I’ve been saving this for my boy, I haven’t wasted a drop since I first saw that innocent bubble butt of yours walk past me” I turned my head to ask what he meant and how did he know me, but before I could open my mouth, Tom was pushing the butt plug again my now very sensitive hole. “Take a huff of those poppers boy. you’ll need them” I grabbed the poppers from the bed in front of me and took a couple of deep hits. I relaxed as much as I could but the butt plug felt wider than Toms’ cock and it was solid with no give to it. As it got deeper into my ass I could feel spikes, they were sharp and I could feel them stinging inside my ass. Tom started twisting the butt plug as it went deeper inside me. I screamed out in pain. “Thats it boy, mix it all together. You’re my boy, you’ll want nothing but Daddy” With a hard smack he slammed it fully into my hole, the pain was unbearable and I felt myself go weak. Tom leaned down to my ear and whispered “Who do you belong to boy?” I could barely open my eyes but my lips betrayed themselves, I mumbled out. “You...Daddy” I could feel Tom lifting me and placing me under the bedsheets as I started to drift off from exhaustion. “Good Boy, get some rest, you’re going to remember this night forever.”
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    Thanks for the comments guys. Hope you like it! Part 3 I woke up about mid-day on the Saturday and tried not to think about the night before. I don’t know how I ended up getting myself into that situation but I made a promise to myself to watch what I was drinking and to stay focused on my work. I did jerk off to the thought of Tom though, I mean he was hot, even for an older guy. About 6 in the evening once I had been to the gym, did my grocery shopping and done some laundry, I finally felt like I had made up for my spoiled evening. That is, until my phone lit up. ‘Hey Boy, time to make up for last night. I’ll pick you up in an hour, be clean. Don’t try to say no’ I paused for a few minutes, and re read the message over and over. How did Tom have my number, what did he mean by ‘don’t try to say no’? I threw my phone back on the chair and thought it best just to ignore it. After watching some TV for an hour or so my phone lit up again. ‘You better be ready Boy. I don’t like to be kept waiting. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.’ I thought about it again, and against my better judgement I got up and had a shower, this time I made sure I was thoroughly cleaned out, I could still feel Tom’s cock from the night before. I convinced myself that we’d have a drink and maybe another fumble and then I’d make it clear that I didn’t have time to be seeing anyone romantically and that he’s out of my age range. After cleaning myself up and throwing on a pair of black jeans and a plain red t-shirt. I paced around my apartment waiting for another message. Right on cue a black BMW with tinted windows rolled up at my building. I couldn’t remember Tom’s car from last night but I guessed it was his. ‘Black BMW, move your ass kiddo.’ I was right. I made my way down to his car and without doubting myself I jumped in. “Looking good boy” Tom said looking me up and down with a smirk. Those blue eyes piercing through me, I got a semi within seconds of looking at him. “Thanks, sorry again about last night. I didn’t think I had drank that much. it was good of you to look after me the way you did. Oh and don’t worry about the condom breaking, I’m due a check-up this week anyway, so I should be fine.” “I’ll look after you kid, don’t you worry about that.” We drove off, I wasn’t sure where we were going but didn’t feel comfortable asking. Tom had been perfectly quiet since we started driving. Occasionally he’d adjust his crotch, which only made me hard, but he never spoke. “We’ll jump into my place first for a drink. I don’t want to take my car anywhere.” he said giving me a slight fright. I just smiled over at him. Once we were parked and in his apartment he put his hands on my shoulders, leaned down and whispered into my ear; “Take that hot boy ass of yours into my bedroom, I’ve been wanting another go at it since I dropped you off last night.” I gulped but couldn’t find the words to say anything, I took myself into Tom's room and turned to face him. “Tom, look, sorry, I think I need to be clear, I’m not really after anything at the moment. You’re a nice guy and I’m flattered you’re interested in me but I don’t think we should do anything. Maybe I should just go” I stammered out, my heart racing. Tom slowly turned and closed the door, locking it shut. He then turned to face me with that intense stare I remembered from the bar. He walked towards me and shoved me onto the bed. I was shocked and completely terrified. “Please Tom, sorry…I…” “Shut it boy, I’ve been wanting to claim your ass since you first rolled into town. I tried to be polite and let it all happen accidentally, but you’re a tough little cunt. Not to worry, Daddy will break you soon enough.” I lay on the bed, confused and terrified. Did Tom know me from before the bar last night? What did he mean by ‘Claim me’? I didn’t know what to think but my body was betraying me, I was hard as a rock, each time Tom called me boy my cock did a leap and when he called himself daddy I could have came. Tom marched over to the bed and immediately was on top of me, pinning my body to the mattress. “Mmm, Boy you’ve got a boner. Wait till I tell you what Daddy has for you, then you’ll really get scared!” He reached around and after a brief struggle, and a hard slap to my face, my hands where pulled tight and I was tied to the bed. My legs were still free which let me try to kick him, but that resulted in another slap. “Try that again boy and I’ll leave a permanent mark!” I stopped struggling, now really concerned for my safety. “What do you want? Stop, please don’t rape me!” I started to plead as tears rolled down my flushed cheeks. Tom just laughed, he took a pair of scissors off the side table and cut off all my clothes. I lay there completely exposed, freshly shaven, hard as a rock and quietly crying. He reach for a small bottle of what I guessed were poppers, he put them under my nose. “Take a deep huff boy, you’ll need them! Daddy isn’t going to be as gentle tonight.” I took a couple of hits and felt my head spin and my body relax. Again Tom kept his clothes on and just took his monstrous cock out, it was growing bigger every time he stroked it. He grabbed lube and swiped some up my crack, it was cold and certainly wasn’t enough to allow even the head of his cock in me. “Please Tom, I’m sorry, I don’t want this….” I continued to cry He took the tip of his cock and pushed it against my tight hole, edging slightly inside. “At least put a condom on!” I screamed out. A hard slap hit my face, I was dazed from the surprise. “You’ve already had it in you raw, I’m not wrapping it up again. It takes a lot of effort to tear a Condom when a daft boy keeps checking it, and you’ll call me Daddy from now on Boy!” As he spat those words out he slid about 3 inches raw into my barely lubed hole. I screamed out. “Keep screaming boy, It just makes Daddy harder!” he moaned as he kept pushing deeper inside my hole, with a hard thrust he slammed completely into me, and I blacked out.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty Eight Doc’s basement was nothing like ours, well at least this part wasn’t. We had entered a waiting room, complete with out of date magazines. I was a bit surprised and puzzled. Wondered if this was really where he practiced medicine, or was this some sort of role-playing set up. “What’s wrong” Dad asked? “Not what I expected” I answered. “It’s not always about fucking, most of the time yes, but not always” Dad pushed a button and somewhere in the back a bell went off. I assumed it was Doc’s way of knowing his next patient had arrived. I flopped down into a chair to wait my turn. Of course this wasn’t a great idea, pain surged through me once my ass hit the seat. It wasn’t long until a door opened and I expected to see Luis or Jose, hell what ever his name was, standing there, but his man I didn’t know. He was a tall black man dressed in scrubs and they looked like they were about to pop. His muscular body was stretching them to their limits and his crotch was bulging outwards. “Matt?” he said. I stood up and moved towards him. He had extended his hand and I grabbed and shook it. His hand was rough and dry. “You want me to come with you son?” Dad asked me. “I’m a big boy Daddy, I can do this by myself” I said back to him walking through the door and into a hall. “Good luck” dad said. The man led me to a small room at the end of the hall. We both went in and I sat down on the exam table. “Doc knows why you are here, so strip and wait for him, please” I jumped up and removed my shirt before the man could leave. I turned and bent over, dropping my chest, exposing my ass to him. I made sure that my crack opened giving him a little show of my pucker. I could hear him moaning as he watched my little show. Before I even got to a standing position, he was gone and the door was shut. I sat back down on the exam table and looked around the room. Looked like a standard doctors office. Was I missing something? As perverted as my Dad and his friends were there would have to be something I couldn’t see. There was a soft knock and Doc entered. “Matt, I heard your hole has had some trauma?” “Well, Dax had Dad pretend rape me for a live sex show and things got a little out of control” “Yeah, I saw that, shot two loads when it was live and two more from my recording” “Really?” “Yeah was fucking hot” he said. “We fucked again when we got home and I wanted it rough again” “And now pain” “Yeah not the good kind” “Put your feet up and let’s take a look” I did as I was told and put my feet up in the stirrups, leaving my ass open for him to exam me. He grabbed a tube of lube and put a little on his finger. He sat on a stool at in front of my ass and began to exam me. I felt him pull open my hole, slowly and gently, moving his head in for a closer look. It was only seconds, when he stood up. “Nothing really major, just a superficial scratch in your ring. Will heal on it’s own. I will give you a cream to put on it to ease the pain. Will put your hole out of commission for about two weeks.” “Damn no dick” He just shook his head. He was standing at the end of the table. I watched him unbutton his white lab coat, then unzip his pants. Reaching inside he pulled out his semi hard cock and his balls. They hung down in front of him. “Doc, I thought you said no dick” “Were you really going to obey that advice” I pushed my pucker out, winking at him, enticing him. His cock twitched as I pushed my hole out over and over, it grew until it was rock hard. He spread some lube onto his cock and pushed in. I tensed up in pain. “Relax, it will only hurt for a moment” Doc said. I took a deep breath as he slide his cock deep into my hole. I felt his belt buckle press against me as he pushed deeper into me. I moaned loudly. “Don’t worry boy, the only people that can here you are your Dad and my nurse James. And if I know your father he is riding that black cock as I speak” “I dumped a load in Dad this morning, so he has some lube” “Might need a bit more than that, James is hung, over eleven inches” “Damn, I would like to see Daddy taking that” My mind started thinking about James sitting in a chair, scrub pants around his ankles and Dad sliding his ass up and down on his big black cock. My own cock was getting hard, not just from the mental picture but from Doc’s big cock in my hole. “James is always horny, dumped two loads up my hole this morning” Doc said. I reached down and grabbed Doc’s shirt and pushed him back only to pull him in hard, driving is cock in and out of my hole. That was until he pulled my hand off. “On no you little fucker, I’m in the driver’s seat, your just the ride!” Doc took off his lab coat and started to unbutton his shirt. I watched as he exposed his chest to me. As he did this he slowly moved his cock in and out of my hole. I slide my hand down to my cock and slowly ran my hand up and down the hard shaft. Doc increased his speed of fucking my hole. His nut sac and his belt still hitting my ass as he drove into me deep. His cock felt amazing in my hole, and the pain that I had experienced was now pleasure. Of course, I was slowly discovering that pain was a pleasure, even intense pain. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, as Doc increased the force of him driving into me. The table was making all kinds of noise, squeaks, rattles and was moving a bit as he slammed his cock into me. He bent over and slid his arms under me, and looked them around my back, instinctively I did the same, but around his neck. He lifted me up off the table and I slowly dropped down onto his cock, impaling myself of his thick, hard cock. “Good boy” he said, “hold tight” Doc opened the door to the room and headed down the hallway and back out into the waiting room. As we got closer I could hear the sounds of someone being fucked and knew it was Dad and James. Doc reached for the door that was separating the hall and the waiting room, as he opened it I squeezed my ass around his cock. Doc turned to close the door and I got my first view of Dad and James. They were both naked and James was sitting in a middle chair, Dad was facing away from James and was slowly lifting and lowering his ass on James cock. The contrast between the two was so erotic. Doc lifted me off his cock, placing me on the floor. I was on my hands and knees between Dad’s legs. He then shifted, putting his feet on the chairs next to James, one on each side. Doc rammed his cock in and pushed me forward, closing the gap between me and James’s cock. “Lick his cock and balls as your Daddy fucks himself on it” James said to me. I didn’t need to be told twice, my tongue was out and licking the shaft of his cock as soon as it would appear out of my Dad’s ass. I was amazed that Dad was sitting on the whole fucking thing. I was massive not only in length but girth. When Dad was all the way down on it I was licking his massive dark nut sac. Doc was steadily fucking my hole. Slamming into me harder and harder, smashing my face in James sac. Dad’s cock and balls were bouncing off the top of my head as he moved up and down James’ shaft. Dad pulled off James’ cock and I seized it quickly in my mouth, sliding as far down on it as I could. I could feel the big black cock cutting off my airway and I slid back on it, I could taste Dad’s ass juice and my load from earlier. I wrapped my finger around the base and held it straight up for Dad to sit back down on it. He had turned so he was now facing James. His beautiful hairy ass would now be in my view. I watched as his hole stretched open and James’ big cock slid inside. My own cock jumped at this. Dad started to ride James’ cock again, this time he was moving faster. James’ hands were cupping Dad’s hairy cheeks and guiding him up and down his shaft. Doc was fucking my hole at nearly the same pace that Dad and James were fucking. “Work my nips Drew,” James said to my Dad. Dad’s fingers grabbed James’ nipples and began to twist and pinch them, I could see his muscles move in his arms as he did this. James liked his nipples worked hard, it seemed. I started to lick James’ sac again, but this time sucking his nuts into my mouth. “Squeeze them you little fucker” James yelled. I reached up and wrapped my fist around them, while Doc grabbed my hips to help steady me. I slowly applied pressure to his sac, squeezing harder and harder. I could see his head was thrown back. I tighten my grip and squeezed harder. Doc was pounding my hole, ramming his cock in and out, and at some point had started to remove his cock completely and then ramming it back in. I knew my hole would be gapping after this. Dad was still fucking himself on James’ cock. I could feel his balls tightening up in my fist, so I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. “Fuck, going breed your hairy hole Drew, gonna shoot” I could feel his body stiffen up as his cock and balls started to jump. I had a close up view of the contractions of his cock as he emptied his load into my Dad’s hole. It just kept pulsing as Dad sat on it. Doc slammed his cock into me and I felt his cock pulse and twitch in my hole. I was getting my first load of the day and it only made me want more. I really wanted to slide down on James’ cock. Rip in my hole or not. I wanted that cock. Dad slowly raised off of James’ cock, I leaned in and engulfed the big black head in my mouth. It was still leaking cum and I slid down, again taking it in until I was choking myself. “Maybe your pussy can take it all, little man” James said. “That’s something I want to see” Dad said. “Let’s move to the bedroom” Doc said. We all got up and headed up to Doc’s bedroom, where I was tossed on the bed. “Looks like little man is ready for a good old fashioned gang bang” James said.
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    Blake was the next to fuck me. He easily slid his cock inside me and said, "I love fucking your cummy hole ... you feel amazing." I said, "You feel great too, stud. Your cock is rock hard ... Please poz my hole!" I didn't have to ask twice. He fucked me hard, the whole time looking in my eyes, saying I'm going to be the one to convert you." I said, "Yeah, be the one that does it." After a little more time, he announced he was coming inside me, giving me what I want. We kissed as he came down off his orgasm, but his cock was still hard. "He winked and said, "I'll be back for round two." After my second fuck from Blake, it was a blur. I remember Mark with the HIV+ tattoo fucking me and I was licking his tat. I think the three inductees got eight loads each from guys before they went for second rounds with the inductees or split off to recharge the other poz guys. During a brief lull, Teddy came by and suggested Andrew, Mike and I stand up and stretch our legs and get some water. He gave each of us two bottles and said, “Drink up.” We stood up to get our bearing, drank a bottle then went into a three-way make out session with each other. It made sense for us Mike and I to get to know Andrew, since he's going on the same journey as us. Mike’s nipples were calling to me, so I latched on to one of them while reaching between Andrew’s legs to play with his ass. I must have been doing something right, as Mike was moaning like crazy, almost as much as Andrew was. These guys are fun. Blake tapped me on the shoulder and said, “We never talked about it, do you drink piss?” I said, “Yeah, I love piss, you got some for me?” He said, “Yeah, I got a lot.” I said, “I’ll drink you if you drink me!” He said, “Happy to drink your piss.” Mike told Andrew, “I want your piss, you got some for me?” Andrew said, “Hell yeah, and I want yours.” I knelt down and took Blakes cock into my mouth. Looking up, I see this incredibly sexy black man with a great cock and biohazard tattoo. I placed my hand on his tattoo and stroked it lightly waiting for Blake’s piss. He said, “You look good down there waiting for my poz piss with my cock in your mouth.” Just then a dribble started and my focus was on getting everything he had. He finished and it was my turn for Blake to drain me. I grabbed Blake and gave him a kiss, giving him a taste of his piss. Andrew drained Mike’s cock and they switched up too. My cock was in Blake’s mouth and I was trying to get a flow started. Looking over, Andrew spread his lips apart with his fingers, but Mike said, “Relax, I got this.” Mike used both hands to spread Andrew open, lightly licked him up and down, and then put his lips over Andrew’s piss hole. I said, “Here you go,” and my piss started flowing. I caressed Blake’s neck and felt him swallow my load. He didn’t miss a drop. Neither did Mike. I said, “Let’s go inside and see what’s going on there.” Some guys were talking in groups, mostly sexual related, some sucking cocks and some breeding. This was wild. I passed a group of four really hot guys that were talking. One of them smiled and said, “Here’s one of the neg guys!” I stopped and said, “Here’s the sexy poz studs” with a wink. One of them grabbed my cock and said, “This is beautiful … I gotta feel it.” With that he turned around to let me slide inside him. He said, “Fuck, this is a great cock.” One of the other guys said, “I bet his hole feels just as good” and he fed his cock into me. And … I’m the meat in a three way. It was empowering to enjoy being a piece of meat. Nobody knows what car I drive or what I do for a living, or if I’m homeless. I’m just a cock and a cunt for everyone to enjoy. Kevin was getting his cock sucked. I went over to watch for a minute. His KS lesions were beautiful … I had never seen them before. I reached over to stroke one of them, and Kevin said, “You know you want to lick it, go ahead.” I bent over to suckled one of the bigger ones beneath his pecs. The imagery of this physical manifestation of his disease was so erotic. As I was worshipping Kevin’s lesions, I felt a cock slide up my hole. “I said, “Oh fuck this is hot!” Kevin said, “Yeah, Mateo is sharing his med resistant strain with you, enjoy the ride.” I was content to continue this all night. Teddy came back over and asked me if I was ready for my blood slam. I said, "Hell yeah!" He asked me to follow him to another room in the house. As we walked, I could see a lot of guys had Band-Aids on the inside of their elbows. Pretty cool to see so many guys want to speed up my conversion. Teddy put a tourniquet on my bicep, just to make it easier for the IV catheter to slide in my vein without a lot of blood leaking out. He slid the catheter in and taped it down. I asked, "Is it okay to mix blood types?" Teddy said, "Here's our secret: I have the invite list and I know everyone's blood-type. I pulled blood from fifteen guys, and was sure to keep the compatible ones separated. You're getting seven toxic loads that won't cause a problem... other than AIDS. And don't leave before I fuck you. " I asked," Am I getting your blood? " Yes, we're compatible. Blake? Yes Justin? No Brad? No Mateo? Yes Kevin? Yes... and four other guys. Nobody but you and I know who they are. Oh, Andrew and Mike are compatible." We got back to the group and Brad said, "It's blood slam time guys. We have three syringes, who wants to do the first injection? A group of guys were standing around me with a couple of them feeling me up. My cock has been rock hard the whole time ... And not going down soon. Blake grabbed a syringe and Teddy helped attach it to the IV catheter. Teddy said, "Not too fast." Blake started the slow blood slam at the same time I feel a huge cock slide up my hole. An arm wrapped around me, and I saw the KS lesions. I'm getting Kevin's blood and toxic cum. Talk about sensory overload! Blake finished the first blood slam, and Mateo started the second syringe. Blake said, "This is so fucking hot... I wish they could have done it for me. You're going to be toxic in no time. I can't wait to get your strain." Mateo finished the second syringe, and Mike said, "Rik is my college roommate, and I'm not officially poz, but I would love to inject this slam!" Teddy hooked up the last toxic syringe and said, "Nice and slow... Mike, don't you wish you had done a slam too?" Mike nodded his head and said "Yeah, big time." Once Mike finished the blood slam, Teddy said, "Let's go back to the pool area and I'll get this IV out of you, and give you my personal donation." We walked back outside and Andrew was getting fucked by Mark with the HIV+ tattoo, which was so hot to see. I laid down on the cushion and Teddy pulled the IV catheter out. He put a Band-Aid on my arm and said," It's time you get my poisonous load, stud." I lifted my legs and said, "Please infect me." He didn't need to be asked twice. His big dick slid easily into my gaping cunt. He was in heaven. "I love sloppy 2nds... and even tenths. You're so wet... You feel amazing. I’ve wanted you to convert for so long … you’ll be a great gifter." As always, Teddy gave a great fuck. It was even hotter knowing his infected load was going to contribute to my disease. He sped up his fuck strokes and I knew he was getting closer to blowing his load inside me. I said, “Give me the fuck flu, stud.” And with that he shot a big load deep in my guts. Teddy pulled out of my messy hole and said, “To be continued.” Still lying out on the deck, Andrew brought over waters for Blake, Mike and I. We were talking about hot amazing this night has been. Brad and Justin walked over and said, “Anyone thirsty?” Mike and Blake said, “Sure,” and the four of them headed to the deep end. Andrew came over next to me and gave me a kiss. We made out for a little bit then he sat on my abs to play with my nipples. I said, “You have such a hot furry body. So goddamn sexy.” He said, “I love your veins, they pop almost as much as long-term wasted guys. You could be poz already … I find that incredibly hot.” He started grinding against my cock which was amazing. I could feel his wetness ooze from his crotch. Andrew said, “I’ve only been fucked in the ass tonight, but I want your uncut cock up my cunt.” He reached down and slid my cock up his cunt. Holy fuck he felt great. I rubbed his clit while he rode my cock. It wasn’t long before we came at the same time. Andrew climbed off me and said, “Let me know when you convert, I want your next load in me to be poz.” To be continued
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    Part 6 I woke up feeling hot and tight as if I had been wrapped in something. When I opened my eyes the room was dark and my vision was restricted, I had something over my face. It was a hood, it was tight, I couldn’t open my mouth and I only had two nostril slits to breath. I tried to remain calm, not knowing what was now happening to me. “Good you’re awake. I took the liberty of dressing you in something more exciting” It was Toms voice, I tried to look around but my hands and feet were restrained, I was face down on the bed now. “You look hot in rubber boy, you're making daddy hard” I realised I must be wearing a rubber body suit. Completely covered except for my ass, which felt cool and exposed. Tom had climbed on the bed behind me and I could feel his body near my ass. It was burning with the butt plug still tearing my hole. “I won’t lie boy, this is going to hurt” Tom said laughing to himself I thought I’d pass out with the pain when he started to slide the butt plug from my ass. He twisted it as he pulled it from inside me, I attempted to scream but I couldn’t open my mouth to make any noise. I just groaned into myself. With one last tug the butt plug was removed from my ass. Almost instantly Tom slammed his cock balls deep into my now destroyed ass. “Fuck boy. You’re wrecked…such a sloppy hole, it’s dripping” The wind had been fucked out of me, I struggled to catch my breath with the suit and hood on. Tom fucked me for what felt like hours, my hole burned and never relaxed to the invasion of his cock. I don't think it would ever feel comfortable inside me. He never slowed his pace, occasionally speeding up but never loosing momentum. The entire time he told me how much of a good boy I had been for daddy and that he would reward me with a gift. “Fourth load boy. You’ve definitely got it now.” Had Tom cum in me 4 times? I felt used and terrified but shamefully horny. He untied me and lifted my weak body, He placed me down and I felt suspended in the air, I was in a sling. Had Tom built it while I slept? I glanced upwards and could see my reflection in the mirrored ceiling. I was completely covered in shiny black rubber, my cock completely hidden and just a hint of my exposed ass as Tom fixed my legs into restraints, keeping them open. That’s when I noticed Tom had changed. He was wearing leather trousers and a black harness across his chest. His cock was hanging out, it was pierced, he caught me looking at it. “I thought I’d put my ring in for you boy. I’ve told the others not to wear theirs, I want you to know when it’s Daddys cock in you.” Others? What others? My breathing started to increase again. Tom noticed. “Relax boy, it’s all part of the gift. My friends seen you in the bar with me. I promised they could help me break you in. Make you discover your true calling.” My heart was racing and my mind was running a mile a second. I wasn’t into group sex, Tom had barebacked me, I didn’t want strangers cumming in me. I looked at Tom, I could vaguely make out a tattoo on his chest, it was black and red and looked tribal. I knew I had seen it before. “They'll be here soon boy. Just remember you're my boy. I won’t let anything happen to you that I don’t want to happen.” He walked over to his sex wall and removed the glass jar of lube and placed it, along with a long syringe, on to a table next to the sling. He caught me glancing at his chest again. He just smiled and filled the syringe with lube . “This is all Daddy boy. I want my friends to fuck me deeper into you with every thrust.” Tom could probably sense my confusion. “This jar is 3 months worth of my cum boy. I told you I’ve been saving every drop since I first seen your tight little ass. My friends are going to use it as lube before they add to my loads already.” He never gave me a chance to respond, he walked out of the room and left me. After half an hour or so, the door opened and Tom strode over towards me, followed by a group of men. I couldn’t see how many there were, at least 10 anyway. I tried to look at them, they were all in their 40’s, muscled and stripped down to chaps, jockstraps and harnesses. They looked like they had just came from a kinky porn set. I noticed one of the guys had a similar tattoo to Toms, not only him but another, and another. In fact all the guys had the tattoo, in varying places. Some above their crotch, on their chest, arms. I’m sure one of them had it on his dick. ‘Biohazard’, thats what it was… wait did that mean they were all…
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    ***This is a fictional story. The construction worker is based on a real construction worker, though, and he is absolutely stunning and sexy.*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CORRUPTION CHAPTER ONE I’d broken up with my boyfriend three months ago and the sexual tension had been building up for some time. I’d never been good at going without, but following the messy breakup, it seemed right to take a break. Still, I felt like I was going to explode! Luckily I had a day off and decided that the best thing for me was to spend some time at the adult book store, hopefully taking some loads. It was a great, sunny day, so I walked the few blocks there. Just around the corner from the ABS there was some massive construction going on in the street so it occurred to me the book store might be dead, but as I was already almost there so I decided to check the place out. Before I rounded the corner one of the construction guys caught my eye. He was gorgeous, to say the least: lean, muscled, and tanned from all of the time he spends outdoors. And he stared at me for a second, his eyes piercing me in such an intense way that I couldn’t tell what he was thinking - good or bad. I’ve honestly never experienced anything like it before. Those eyes. It’s not so much the color because, to be honest, he was too far away for me to determine the color of his eyes, but I could clearly appreciate the intensity of his gaze. It was unbelievable. And hypnotic. I almost couldn’t look away. I gave him a little grin right before I turned the corner, although I have no idea why. This guy had ‘straight guy’ written all over him. Not only that, but with his good looks, he was also probably a total dick. So why did I feel like I had done a little flirting there? I shrugged it off as just being so fucking horny I would have let anyone bang me at that point. Just as I thought, the book store was not busy. But there were a couple of guys in there. For the next twenty minutes I was involved in some three-way sucking, kissing and petting, but nothing went beyond that. This was not what I needed today. I needed an intense exchange. I hadn’t thought about it, but when I had arrived it was just before noon, so as the lunch hour struck, the place got a little busier. I opted to get my ass into a booth and hope for the best. Just as I was ducking into my booth I got this tingling feeling on the back of my neck, and I looked down the hall to spot that beautiful construction hunk standing there. There were other guys milling around, clearly drooling over him, but he seemed to focus on me. Now I was sure of that. I stepped into my booth, closed the door -but not all the way. I left it open just enough for him to see that it was open. I started up a movie, stripped my pants off and waited to see what would happen. Seconds later the door began to open. He peeked in, rather timid for someone who ought to be oozing confidence. That’s how I knew that he had never done anything like this before. I couldn’t help but wonder what had made him come in now. As soon as I saw him I dropped to my knees, the floor still wet with someone else’s cum, but I didn’t care. My eyes didn’t come off of him as he stepped in and locked the door behind himself. Not one word was spoken. He stood before me, opened his pants and fished out his semi-hard cock, and pointed it right at me. I wasted no time and went right for it. Figuring that I was his first guy, I wanted to make this good. Better than any bitch he’s ever wasted his time with - like his wife. Yeah, that ring didn’t escape my attention. Technically, I suppose, he could have be married to a man, but I was 99% sure such wasn’t the case. Anyway, I started at the head, licking gently, making him feel really good, and then started to take inch after inch into my mouth, letting him enjoy the progress of pleasure. It’s amazing how you can watch a man unravel a little as you begin with a tiny pleasure and let it grow to more and more. I noticed him jump a little in surprise and I wondered if I’d scraped him with my teeth, but when I looked up his eyes were fixed on the glory hole behind me. Glancing over my shoulder I saw that someone had slid his large dick through, obviously hoping to get in on some of the action. Again, not a word was spoken. He just lifted his chin, motioning me in the direction of that other cock. He wanted to see me go down on that big meat. I slurped and sucked it for a couple of minutes while my construction god stood there fisting his hard meat. After a couple of minutes he wanted my attention again and pulled me off that other dick and onto his. I was getting into sucking him to the point that I was forgetting everything else going on around me. He grabbed my shoulders after a few minutes and began shifting me so that he could lean against the opposite wall while my ass was facing the glory hole. Still, without saying a word, he shoved me back, guiding my ass down onto that big cock that was still sticking through the hole. My ass was HUNGRY so I immediately gobbled that shit up inside my ass, quickly sinking balls-deep in one long steady shove. The construction worker audibly growled in his throat, clearly impressed I could accommodate the cock as readily as I had. Watching me get fucked clearly turned him on as he got more frantic with his lunges, driving his cock to the back of my throat again and again. His hands returned to me, this time grabbing hold of my ears, quite painfully actually, and guided me up and down to meet his urgent thrusts. By some miracle, both he and the anonymous fucker unloaded in me at the exact same time. For his part, he was shockingly silent as he blew, only breathing heavily through his nose, almost like a bull. What a rush feeling my ass and mouth get flooded by hot spunk at the exact same time. His cum tasted absolutely delicious, and that’s not always the case, so I reveled in it. He didn’t, however. As soon as his balls were done draining, he stepped back and stuffed his softening cock back into his pants. The cock up my ass was still there and he shoved me onto it more, and he leaned back and took a moment to catch his breath. “That was fucking awesome,” he said, his voice as sexy as the rest of him. Deep, a bit scratchy, all man. “You suck good dick.” “Thanks, your dick is awesome to suck. Anytime you want, buddy,” I offered, hoping he’d want to meet up again for some other lunch breaks. “Doubtful. We’re done this job in a day or two,” he sighed, keeping his eyes focused on my ass. The guy in my ass finally pulled out and I stood up straight to ease my back a little. I had barely stepped away from the hole when another cock popped through. I glanced over at my construction hunk. He responded by giving another nod towards the glory hole and grumbling g “Go on. Your faggot ass obviously wants it.” I could tell from the way he spoke, the tone, that he was a little disgusted with it all. Maybe with me for being so slutty. Typical straight guy thinking that gay men are freaky pigs. Well, I am a pig, but he doesn’t know me that well. Still, his slightly abusive attitude turned me on. He was a total Alpha Male and those are the types that turn me on most. He’ll tell me to do anything he wants and I will really have no choice but to do it. I sank my ass down onto the hard cock behind me, easily taking it all the way given that the big dick before him stretched me open and lubed me good. When I glanced up a moment later, he was flipping through something on his phone. Just before he slipped it into his pocket I snatched it out of his hand. Quickly I opened his contacts and added my first name, Christopher, followed by ‘xxx’ and my cell number. I handed the phone back to him and continued to bounce on the glory hole cock. “Call me any time you need to get off.” He cocked his eyebrow at me. “Anytime?” he asked skeptically. “Yup. Whenever you need those balls drained, I’m your guy.” I was speaking so self-assuredly, which was completely out of character for me. But it felt good and I didn’t want to pass up another chance to work that dick. It’s not that his cock was more impressive than others. It’s slightly above average, nice shape and thickness. But it’s more about him and his sexy attitude that I wanted more of. Maybe I was looking at him as a challenge? Plus I was hoping he might be into more the next time. Just then the man fucking me began to howl and moan loudly as his nuts exploded and emptied into me. “Fuckin’ pigs,” construction guy chuckled, shaking his head. “I gotta go. You sure you meant it when you said anytime?” he asked again. “Absolutely.” “Fuckin’ slut,” he said, through a mixture of a sneer and a smile. Clearly he did enjoy me and the idea of enjoying me again, but he just maybe didn’t think it was right. Clearly he was a married man, probably raised by those damned Catholics, too. Either way, as he stepped through the door, I hoped and prayed that he would call me sometime soon. And he did.
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    You might say queer ran in my family. I know they say there is a gene and all and that it is recessive in most people, that is why the Kinsey report only states 10% are gay and 10 percent are straight and the rest fall somewhere in the middle. Well my family fell in the middle at the gay end. Isn’t life bliss when social norms are hidden away? Now, we didn’t go around advertising we were queer. To the outside observer we would look like a wholesome middle class family, but enter our inner circle and our deep dark secret would be evident. Growing up, I admired the bond that my dad and grandfather and uncles seemed to share. My mother seemed to have the same kind of bond with my grandmother - both were feisty, in natgure almost butch. We shared a lot of good times. I was the youngest of three sons and had several cousins, most of whom were boys, similar to me as we were rough and tumble - jocks and farm boys. Growing up in a rural town in the Midwest with most of my family nearby, I got to see a lot of my family and the influence it had on our town. As I grew older the admiration for my families bonds grew stronger, and as my brothers and cousins reached maturity I noticed that they too began to share in the bonds between the adult family members, as they went off to college and would return with girlfriends and wives, the sexes would divide several times of year to form bonding circles. I didn’t really know what was going on until I was about 15 and my middle brother was all excited to go on the adult father son fishing trip which I would be invited to the summer after my 18th birthday. With Bud having turned 18 just weeks before school got out, he was all a flutter and told me that grandpa and dad and Cameron, my eldest brother were ready to make him a real family man, along with my uncles and any male cousins that had turned 18 that spring. This was the camping/fishing trip that would declare my brother and our newly adult cousins, part of the male bonding brotherhood of Madison clan. Evidently my brother was not disappointed as he returned with a smile on his face, a lift to his step, as he returned back to the family business in the mailroom, the same mailroom we both had worked when we each turned 14. Bud having worked there two and a half years longer was theoretically my supervisor, but he was my big brother and best friend first so we got along and hardly ever fought. Bud though would be moving up soon and I would become mailroom chief as one of my younger cousins was introduced to the mailroom when he turned 14 in a month or so. When Bud moved up onto the sales floor, Hamilton came into the mailroom. It was my responsibility to train him in the ins and outs of the lowest rung on our family corporate ladder. I really liked Hamilton even though he was a year younger than me. He was really cute and athletic, which made working around him hard at times because he distracted me. But we endured and before we knew it my 18th birthday was approaching. I knew the make out sessions with Hamilton would soon be at an end. I really enjoyed sneaking off to a corner and kissing my cousin, but another two cousins, Jack and Kris, had already joined us in the mail sorting endeavor. Jack and Kris were just as cute and farm boy cute, and I knew they were just as sexy as Hamilton since we all showered together at school after practice, football in the fall and baseball in the spring. I was doing my homework, when a knock on my door occurred, my back to the door I did not see who had tapped on my door but an envelope had been slid under my door. I picked it up and it read “Happy 18th birthday, Thom. You are now able to attend the Madison Men’s Camping / Fishing Experience. Be ready on June 5th, 6:30 AM. The boat waits for no one." I was excited and thrilled it was finally my time to bond with my male family members and find out what all the hoopla was about.
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    Safe Sex Only Advertisement (Part 3) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** “What do you think? Can we start right away with our big dicks banging into your hole? Or should we widen your hole for a couple of minutes? “Could you do that?” Brian asked me seriously. “Sure. This way our cocks can introduce themselves to your tight hole.” “Start sucking some dick and I will push some lube into your ass” I said. While I was fishing the tube out of my back pockets, I also retrieved a sharpened instrument, almost like a foxglove. I could pull it over my pointing finger and it would be quite helpful to start the boy bleeding, before even one cock tore at his guts. My friends really knew how to keep him busy, while I was doing my work stealthily. Sometimes he attempted to raise his head up and look at me. I guess the tearing and scratching did actually hurt him quite a bit, but my co-conspirators drew his attention back, by holding his head in place. Three dicks tried to gain entrance at the same moment. That was quite a challenge for our little victim. After a while I smacked my hand on the lad’s ass cheek and told the guys I’ve finished preparing the slit. “Okay guys. Everyone gets three minutes with our star. Try not to cum immediately into his slit.” I announced and saw the sluts frightened face. “But… But this is not really necessary. Isn’t it?” Brian begged. “You guys wanted just to indicate the sex scenes, remember?” “Don’t worry puppy. We have to add some drama and excitement to the advertisement anyway” “Please… don’t….” Brian whispered. “Listen you little brat. Just because you are the star of the whole thing, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like. If you want to quit – be prepared to pay the full fine.. Half a million dollars… wow – I bet this will make your life misery” I grinned evilly. Brian’s face turned pale. He started to sob softly. “Thought so…. Now get on your back and simply open your body to our cocks. Take off your pants now and Oliver you will go first. Make him wet. We need something to slide in. The boy seemed to respond. With shivering hands he took off his briefs and got on his back finally. His whole body was shivering. Both legs were grabbed by two guys and they pulled Brian’s legs apart and raised them a little bit. Oliver was like a bull, with rather a short fuse on his first time. He can’t hold it back for more than two minutes. It is always the same. But in the next round he would ram the kid into the filthy mattress without mercy. Somehow he is so overwhelmed, when he ejaculates for the first time into a teen boy. That was the reason, why he would go first. His cum would provide us with enough lube to get this bitch pregnant with the virus. “But…. please… don’t cum in me. Ok? You can fuck me without condoms, but please do not shoot your junk into me, ok…. OK?” the boy begged us. Oliver smiled wickedly at Brian, while he got onto the bed between the twink’s spread legs. “Hey Buddy – just relax. This won’t take too long” he winked at Brian. Brian crossed his arm over his chest and started to cry silently. Oliver penetrated Brian’s hole without extra lube and without spit. He wanted to give the kid a tearing inspiration, while pushing his 9.5 inches big cock into the clueless boy. “Oh baby…. you are tight. No shit…. you are really tight. You’re almost like a virgin you… BITCH!” Oliver had a strange way to give the lad a compliment. “OOOOH… Ouch…. AIIIYYEEE…. *grunts*” Brian hollered. “Guys, you will enjoy him. He is superb. Yeah Bitch, massage my cock with your fucking cunt…. man, I will… *ough* fucking….. *oooooh* destroy your ass cunt” “OOOoooorrrrrrrmmmmmPPPHHhhhhh* Our mate started jack-hammering his fat cock into the defenseless twink. “Look at me cunt… Look into my eyes…” he grunts. The lad looked up with fear in his eyes and saw the stud leering down at him. Our first contestant was about to ejaculate into our victim and I guess Brian was getting suspicious. He focused his gaze on Oliver’s face and getting a bit frantic. “Fucking whore…. *gasps* Now you are getting…. you are getting IT good….” our idiotic fucker mumbled. “Are you cumming in me? ARE YOU… CUMMING…IN ME???” The lad almost screamed hysterically. We had to force Brian down, to give Oliver the time to get all his toxic junk into the little lad. “IS HE CUMMING?” he turned to us. “Please stop him… I beg you, please. PLEASE…” “Don’t get hysterical. He didn’t even use your body for two minutes. No one ever came that fast – calm down now. Stop struggling” I soothed the boy. Somehow my words relaxed the twink again. I bet he never heard of guys, who would really cum within 2 minutes. Oliver slipped out of Brian and turned to one of the couches. We heard him apologize to the guys; he claimed that it was only the bitches fault. They calmed him down and whispered to him he did a perfect job, giving Brian his first poisonous load. Brian could see me stroking my cock slowly. With my 9 inches I was a bit smaller than Oliver, but my dick was much thicker. The damned shook his head and tried to talk me into a break. “You need a break after one cock?” I chuckled. “Sorry – but we don’t have the time. If we continue with this speed, we won’t be finished with the Advertisement until Christmas next year.” “Relax… you need another cock to loosen your cunt up a bit… don’t worry. I will be careful, not hurting you… too much.” I lined up my cock to Brian’s twitching hole and while I pushed my cockhead into the boy, I turned my head and yelled: “How big is your cock again Oliver?” “9,5 inches” he yelled back. My head turned back to our victim and without remorse I whispered: “I got only 9 inches, you should be able to take that in one stroke, don’t you think - whore?” With that I slammed my cock into the lad and he howled like I stabbed him in the ass with a knife. Weak fists tried to hurt me, by hitting me on my chest desperately. This didn’t stop me to bang the little fuck hard and brutal. “STOP… STOOOOOP” he screamed at top of his lungs, but no one seemed to care. My mates encouraged me to fuck the boy harder. “No code word…. remember?” I moaned. Brian wailed in pain, but there was nothing he could do. He had to stand the pain of my cock stabbing over and over into his guts. Somehow it was not possible for me to cum within 3 minutes and so I exceeded my fuck time a little bit and no one complained about it. Not even our little darling. He just stared to the wall on his left side while I ripped him up quite good. “Oh god damn… you filthy bitch… look what you have done…..” I panted while ejaculating deep into his bowels. “What did you do? Did you…. did you shoot your cum into me?” he asked me softly. “Yeah – you bitch. But it was all your fault *gasp*. You massaged my dick so good with your cunt it just happened…. man that was great. You are the perfect slut for this multi media act” I growled. “I am sorry… sorry…” he apologized cutely. “Never mind you horny slut, it is okay. After all, you are getting more and more into your role…” “I am just so scared….” you almost couldn’t understand his word. “And that is exactly the look we need for the shoot later on. Be afraid… be very afraid.” We all looked down at the innocent guy and grinned evilly. “Come on guys – who is next?” I yelled.
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    This started at a hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bar near downtown. This is a bar where MEN go to meet MEN. I ordered a beer, and was taking in the scene. The bar wasn't particularly busy, but it was still somewhat early, so I found a stool at the bar and settled in the wait, all the while admiring the hunky bartender. Initially I didn't notice the guy take the stool next to mine. He was an somewhat older fella, in his late 50's to early 60's, lean, grey for days; the Sam Elliot type. Somehow we introduced ourselves. His voice was, just like Elliot's, as gravelly as a country road, and his face was a roadmap of a hard life lived. This was a guy with a lot of mileage. Oh yeah, I was interested. Soon enough, I was in his house, naked, on my knees as he stood over me, unbuttoning his jeans to reveal a dirty jock. I started to pull it down, slowly revealing that beautiful biohazard tattoo above his bush. My jaw fell open. I locked onto his black eyes as his hard cock hit my chin. And I took him onto my mouth. The smell and taste of musk and sweat was intoxicating. He watched me service his cock like the submissive slut I was. I looked up at his face, at a look of entitlement and superiority. Yeah. He had that right. He was verbal too. Good and filthy. Told me exactly how to service his cock, his balls, how to work his nips. With that gravel voice, he called me his bitch, telling me directly "I'm gonna fuck your pussy, boy. I'm gonna seed you," and later "You know what you're gettin' tonight, boy? You want what I've got?" I shuddered and gasped, my cock and hole twitched in response. I stared at that tat above his rod and heard myself say,"Yes...please, please, I want it. I want it from you." I swallowed hard and bowed my head. He stepped away and finished undressing, "Show me your boy pussy", he growled. I responded instantly. With my knees on the edge of the bed, I spread my ass apart and showed him my cunt. The fucker dove in. He ate me out. Oh god, he was good. I felt his talented tongue. I felt the rasp of his mustache. His calloused hands. His fingers playing with my hole as he mumbled something unintelligible. Yeah, he had me moaning. This was happening, now. I had stepped off the ledge. There was no turning back. He was strong. He flipped me over. He lifted my legs and delivered them to me to hold. "Yeah...lift those legs in the air. Show me that pussy." I lifted them higher. He took in the scene. A look of satisfaction passed his face. In that moment, I knew I had become his bitch. Spitting on his hand, he coated his uncut meat. I watched as he kissed my hole with his ample wet foreskin. He looked me in the eye, and he pushed his raw cock deep into me. He held it there, allowing me to adjust to his girth, his heat. Absently, I murmured, "My pussy. Please...fuck my pussy...fuck my pussy...please, fuck my pussy." Over and over, barely a whisper, I said it. For in that moment, my fuckhole had become just that; a pussy to be bred. His cock hardened even more inside me. And he fucked me like he owned it. He fucked me legs up like the bitch I had become. And I swear to you; I felt whole. Abandoned to my base instincts. A stupid smile took residence on my face. I had given it all to him. For his part, he was pumping. Full bore drilling. Sweat dripping off of him and onto me. I felt him start to tense. His head fell back. And he roared as he shot inside me. I swear I felt every volley of cum course from his hairy balls, through his veiny cock, and I to my cum hungry cunt. Without having touched myself, I began to cum on my belly. Not in shots, but like a slow faucet. We both watched as it poured from me like syrup. He ground himself into me...for a good long time, churning his sick seed into me until he was satisfied. Then he slowly slid his cock out, and replaced it with two of his fingers. I felt his ragged nails scrape along inside me. I was about to yelp. "Shhhhh...There ya go!", he hissed, adding "Need to make sure, don't we?" He smiled sadistically at me, "Don't we?" It was too much to bear. I choked-out a yell as my cock spewed out yet another load. He held his fingers before me, slimed with cum and tinged with red. "Oh, yeah, beautiful. Verrrrry promising." My whole body convulsed at the realization. I honestly don't remember what happened immediately afterwards. I don't remember dressing. I don't remember driving back to my hotel. The next thing I knew I was standing in the shower in my hotel room and watching, transfixed, as the water would occasionally turn a soft pink as it swirled down the floor drain....
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    This story is fiction. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. That written, I'd love to have it go down this way. Traveling for business allows me time cruise the hook-up sites for guys in different cities. It is an enjoyable pastime since I am usually trapped in a hotel room with no place to go and nothing better to do with my evenings. I was in the middle of one of those trips, sitting in my room sipping glasses of wine cruising sites on both my computer and iPhone. Being an older daddy-type, I wasn’t generating much interest. I was about to be frustrated with my search when I received a hit from a college-age twink looking for a daddy. I do love it when younger guys with their incredibly hard cocks want to breed me. Not only that, his avatar showed him to be beautiful—and I mean that in every sense. I first thought he was just playing with me, but as our conversation continued, I realized that he was serious. We began making plans to meet, but then he asked me the question I hate, “Do you have condoms?” I thought for a moment, knowing young guys tend to be “safe” sex freaks. I hate condoms. I responded to him, “No.” “Damn,” came back the reply. “Why?” I asked. “I don’t like fucking raw, lol.” “I don’t have any, but I’m neg and don’t have any STIs.” I was encouraged, at least he indicated that he fucked raw sometimes. I waited for the response. It came back in an unexpected manner, “I tend to cum too quickly if I don’t wear a condom.” I relaxed a bit and responded, “don't worry about that. I'm sure it will be fine. I don’t mind as long as you put a load in me as deep as you can.” “OK, as long as you’re sure,” he replied. He was at work and we agreed to meet in about an hour in my hotel room. I was excited because nothing else happening on the usual sites. I gave him my hotel and room number. I asked him to text me when he was in the lobby. I like to stay at a certain hotel where I can see the elevators and I could watch him come up to the floor. We chatted a bit more during the hour while he was preparing to get off from work, He asked if I liked to be rimmed, and I responded emphatically, “Yes.” “Then be ass up and face down on the bed when I get to your room,” was his reply. “I really want to suck your dick,” I sent back. He replied, “Just let me come in and start eating that sweet ass first and then you can." I was even more excited because I knew he was something special. As the time drew near, he told me as he was getting off work. Being only a short drive away, I knew he would be in the lobby soon. I touched up my prepping because I wanted to be especially clean so that he would enjoy rimming my ass deeply. “In the lobby,” came the text. I texted him that the door would be set so he could just push it open and I walked out to the balcony overlooking the atrium to catch a glimpse of him on the elevator, but there were other people on board and I could not make him out clearly. As the elevator approached my floor I went inside my room and made sure the door could be pushed open, I stripped and took the position on the bed, ass up and head down. I heard the door open and he came into the living room of the two room suite. I glanced as he came into the bedroom and he was as beautiful in person as in his picture. A preppy college student. He walked over to the bed, slapped my ass a couple of times and dropped to his knees to give me the best rimming I’ve had in a long while. He also was filling my hole with saliva so we would not need any lube. Frankly, I hate lube because it taints the taste of the cock and after I’ve been bred I like to clean it off and enjoy all of the flavors. He stopped rimming and I heard him undo his pants and then some rustling next to me. I turned my head and bumped into the hardest and most erect cock I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I saw he had just pushed his pants down and pulled his shirt up. I wanted all of this twink. I encouraged him to take all of his clothes off so we could enjoy each other. As soon as he was free of his clothes, I began to work his cock and balls over in my mouth. I enjoyed his engorged cock, knowing I was preparing it to fill me deeply. His ample balls were covered in luscious hair which I enjoyed as well. His excitement was building. He said, “I've had this erection since I walked into the lobby. I was worried others would notice it.” I smiled and continued sucking his dick and licking his balls. I wanted to rim him too, but he said no. “Get on the bed, doggie,” he ordered. I knew he wanted to get deep inside of me. There was no discussion of condoms as he easily worked his cock into me and was soon balls deep. His cock felt great in me. He fucked me for a bit and then withdrew. He ran his cock head across my hole a bit and reinserted and fucked me some more. He twisted my nipples and heard me moan. He twisted them harder and I said, “More.” He repeated the fucking and withdrawal a few more time and I knew he was trying to prolong the session. After a few minutes I told him, it was OK to go ahead and fill me with his cum. “You’re sure?” he asked. “Yes, I love the feeling of a cock pulsing it cum deep inside of me. And don’t pull out right away when you finish.” He shoved his cock deep into me, a bit roughly, but I was fully open and it felt great. He grunted and I felt his cock pulse it cum load into me as he held me in a choke hold. I laid forward on the bed with him still deep inside of me once he was done and enjoyed the feeling of his still erect cock in me along with the cummy-full feeling of my bottom. He finally pulled out and we stood up to hug. I sucked his cock clean and fully enjoyed the taste of his cum and my juices. When I was done, I offered to let him use the bathroom to clean-up, but he said I had cleaned him well enough. As it was my last night in the city, there was to be no chance for another meeting. We said good-bye and he left. With his load brewing in my bottom, I was back one my computer looking for another guy when I received the following text : “Hey, you never asked and I forgot to tell you something. I was diagnosed poz two-weeks ago and am not on meds yet. Maybe we should have used a condom.” The twink had stealthed me.
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    I was out of town on business. Of course, I stopped in at the baths. It was half price lockers and rooms that night. So even though it was a weeknight, the place was packed. I had a lot of fun. Sucked a couple of cocks, got fucked by a so-so guy...just to get things going, and fucked a couple of willing holes in the steam room. But I held my nut. Still, I was feeling very randy and my inhibitions, if I had any by that point, were fully suppressed. I had just finished fucking a boy and headed to the shower. And there he was...barrel chested, massive arms, broad shoulders, a bit shorter than me, red hair, blue eyes, MAJOR beard, and random tattoos EVERYWHERE that seemed to float above his pale skin. Stunning. And the fucker had a damn thick fucktool hanging between his legs and HUGE balls. Just scorching hot. He was standing there in the shower rinsing off and chatting-up who I assume was either his buddy or his most recent fuck. I wasted no time. None. Too much competition around for me to play it cool. He didn't even see me walk into the shower area. I walked directly up to him and grabbed his fat swinging meat. He turned to me. And before he could say a damn thing, I leaned in close, eye to eye, and said "Room 221...NO LIMITS. ANYTHING you fuckin want!". I held his cock and his gaze for a moment longer, letting him know I meant what I said. The look in his eyes and the feel of his fuckpole told me my message had been received. I turned and walked away before he could say a word. I went back to my room and waited. Stroking my cock in anticipation. I didn't have to wait long before he walked in, his towel dropped to the floor and so did I. I hit my knees and sucked his beautiful thick meat. He seemed to like it, but it wasn't getting him too hard. Abruptly, he turned around, put one foot up on the mattress and parted his ass. NOT what I had expected. But OK. I started licking his freshly washed fuckhole. Pink, tender, and oh so warm. I rarely eat ass, but this guy made me want it. (His being freshly washed certainly helped.) "Fuck, man - put it in me" he growled. OK...not what I was looking for, but also not a problem. As I had laid down some good spit and I was rock hard, I slid right in and pushed my entire weight against his. Be began cursing me. Actually growling. Ordering me to get on with it. Commanding me fuck him. So I did. Oh yeah...I did... I fucked him standing, bent over, legs up and a couple of other ways I cant even remember. And as I fucked him he became super hard. All the while cursing me out like a sailor. The more I long dicked him, the filthier his language, and the harder he got. And I mean, that cock was hard as steel - a nine inch wrecking bar. Suddenly, he ripped himself away from me. Quite violently, really. Then pulled me up to him. There was fire in his eyes. “Gonna pound your fuckin’ cunt!”. He spit those words at me. “Understand?!”, it was NOT a question. He smacked me hard across the face. I was stunned for a moment. He took control of my body; with absolute authority he pushed me to my knees on the rack. “Gonna split your fuckin pussy!”, he hissed as he brought his cock up my crack. I had no time to lube his cock or my hole. In a hot second he punched himself into me and was all-out pounding my hole from behind with THE HARDEST DAMN COCK I've ever taken. Sweat providing the only lube I would get. I was breathless. Overwhelmed. Pinned down by his steel rod pistoning into me without mercy, I flailed under him. He got loud - I got loud. He got louder. My senses were overwhelmed. I was sweating like I never had. The room was an oven. I opening the door. I was getting the fuck of my life and I needed to be seen...seen being used like meat. The doorway quickly filled with admirers. “Game On, Fuckhole!”, he sneered wickedly at me as his holewrecking intensifed. And he absolutely ravaged, RAVAGED, my cunt...viciously fucking me. Urgently, savagely - like a piece of meat - he yelled out “You like this, fuckhole? You like being used like a BITCH?!” He was a man posessed. He was assaulting my hole. Angry fucking with a vengeance I had never experienced. I fought to catch my breath. He slapped my ass - HARD. This was an animal charging up my hole. A force of nature, unstoppable. His rail splitter destroying my cunt. "THIS WHAT YOU WANT? THIS HOW YOU NEED IT?!”, he yelled. “Yeah...yeah...use it...take me...breed me...”, I stammered. My hole being absolutely wrecked. ”Oh you’re gonna get it, fuckhole....and you’re gonna get SOOO MUCH MORE!” As those words passed his lips, a long string of precum practically poured out of my turgid cock. I moaned at the prospect of this animal charging up my cunt. “Do it, fucker! Do it! CHARGE ME UP!!” I cried...I begged. ”You want it?! YOU WANT MY TOXIC LOAD, FUCKHOLE?!” I could tell he was barely holding it back. ”DO IT, FUCKER! PAINT MY GUTS! POZ. MY. FUCKIN. CUNT!” That’s all he needed. He dug his fingers into my flesh and he let loose an primal yell as he filled my wrecked pussy with his toxic load. Over and over he spasmed and spunked inside me. He churned his cream into me. Then he leaned in and growled in my ear, “I just fuckin’ POZZED your ass”. And that’s all it took - for the first time (in a long time) I shot a hands free load. Mind blown. I was gone. We, both of us, fell onto the rack - panting. My hole destroyed and distended. Wrecked. Beleive it or not, a smattering of applause came from the half dozen of so men watching at the door. We both had forgotten about them. “Thank you...thank you...don’t forget to tip your waitress!”, I announced as I closed the door. We had a really good laugh at that. An honest hearty bellylaugh. He was smiling sweetly through the thicket of his beard. The demon that had destroyed my hole was gone. The fire in his eyes was quenched - now a beautiful cool blue. My god he was beautiful. He pulled me against him. We lay there catching our breath. He ran his fingers on my wrecked, distended pussy...making me moan...making me whimper. We chatted awhile. Turns out; he is a natural top, actually hates getting fucked. His cursing me out? Not a show. But he can only get hard enough to fuck if he's been fucked first. Takes all kinds, huh? I told him how hot he looked in the shower, how fucking majestic his cock is, and how awesome a fucker he is. He actually blushed at that. This bull of a man BLUSHED at a compliment. Wow. All the while, his finger circled my pussylips...absently...like he owned it. And in fairness, he had every right to do so, for this bull of a man had claimed it like NO man ever had. He told me about his tats. He said he liked to my no nonsense attitude and complimented me for not pussying out on my no limits promise. That he rarely got to go balls out savage like he just had with me. He said that sheepishly. I thanked him for the recharge. He liked hearing that. After awhile, we stood...there was that awkward moment when he was about to leave. And then, he leaned in and kissed me for the first and only time...tenderly. His hand, that earlier had felt like a vise, softly caressing my face. It was a sublime moment. And then I watched as he walked down the hall, his towel draped over his right shoulder...the bare bulbs overhead causing his red hair to intermittently blaze, and his perfect white cheeks to glow as he passed under each one before turning the corner and disappearing. Neither of us asked the others’ name. I still think of my Red Bull.
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    Outside the locked bedroom door, the crowd talked, sang and danced, the music blared, the drinks were being spilled on the apartment’s wall-to-wall carpet, and the mood was set for the late night rager to continue for hours. Inside the bedroom, two strangers kissed passionately grinding their hard, naked dicks against one another’s, arms wrapped around waists, and hands groping, exploring, squeezing. Their clothing lay in piles around the room, evidence of their passionate foreplay. Dicks had been sucked, asses fingered, armpits licked, nipples tweaked. And there they stood kissing, on the precipice of the final act. One of the strangers broke free of the embrace. He sat on the bed and opened a drawer to his bedside table. He withdrew bottles of lube and poppers, and he searched for a condom. He wrestled through the miscellany, but found no latex protection. “Shit.” He said. “I can’t find any rubbers.” He looked to the other man. “It’s ok with me if it’s ok with you,” the stranger replied, “I’m clean.” Innocently believing his body wasn’t hosting an ever-rising viral load and that his cum wasn’t venomous. The muscular 25-year-old sitting on the bed briefly contemplated what to do. His dick was raging hard and dripping pre-cum, and he needed to get fucked the Adonis before him. With either alcohol or passion dictating his actions, he laid back on his bed, resting his head on his pillow and spreading his legs wide. His hard dick lay on his tight abs and his bubble butt was inviting entry. He gave a cocky smile at the approving gaze he received and raked his fingers through his blond and buzzed head with one hand and stroked his fat dick with the other. The bass of speakers outside pounded. The other stranger, who just turned 30, climbed onto the bed and kneeled between his junior’s thick thighs. His seven-inch dick was raging hard and his tingling balls needed release. He grabbed the lube and applied it to his throbbing dick. “Jack?!” A knock at the door. “We’re doing keg stands!” The younger stranger – Jack – yelled back “Give me 10 minutes!” Jack chuckled. “Sorry about that” he said to the other guy, who’s precummy, lubed, raw dickhead was now pressing against Jack’s puckered hole. “You want this?” He said with a devilish grin. “Yeah. Fuck me, dude.” Jack replied. The stranger guided his prick into Jack’s sphincter. It was a slow decent: the raw dick head plotting the cock’s course down the younger man’s guts, growing ever harder, expanding in the tight grip of the skin to skin contact. Jack reached for the poppers and inhaled. A euphoria overcame him, making the invasion less painful and more invited. He arched his back and spread his legs wider. The stranger was on his knees in between Jack’s spread legs when his bare dick bottomed out. He grabbed Jack’s ankles and placed them on his shoulders where he held them. “I’m all the way in.” He sat still with his cock bottomed out in Jack. His balls rested against Jack’s supple ass cheeks. Jack looked up at the strapping stranger and studied his muscular torso: he was a prize of a man, tan, beefy, sexy, with tattoos on the side of his chest. The stranger began to assault Jack’s hole. He pulled his dick three inches out and then slammed back in. He then retreated until only his prick’s wide mushroom head was inside, then slammed back in again. Over and over, he methodically pummeled Jack’s tight fuck chute. In. Out. Body crashing into body, over and over, like waves onto a shore. The crowd outside began singing along to a popular song, muffling the grunts of the strangers mating inside the bedroom. Jack lay there taking the wondrous fuck like a champ, milking the perfect cock with his hole. His glute muscles were clenched tight around the stranger’s wonderful dick. Jack was, of course, unaware that the raw tool was pillaging his ass, robbing him of his purity. He had blissfully opened his door to a thief, to whom he was handing his unblemished DNA forever. Jack’s dick, much like the stranger’s within him, was a faucet of precum. It glistened with his own juices. He stroked his cock with a firm grip and in rhythm with the stranger’s drum beat against his body. “I’m close. I’m gonna cum” The stranger barked as he pulled almost completely out and then slammed back inside. “You want my load?” There was no option, though: Jack needed this guy’s dick in him with every rub of his own fat cock until completion, even if that meant a load of stranger cum in his guts. “Fuck me. Don’t pull out.” Jack said as he stroked his own dick at an ever-increasing pace. The stranger’s hips moved quickly. In, out. Back, forth. Balls colliding. Skin slapping. Grunts escaping. “Oh fuck. Oh yeah. Oh fuck!!!” The stranger emitted. The stranger accidentally pulled out completely to the dismay of both men, who were in heat. “Oh fuck” he said as he grabbed his well-greased cock, realigned it with Jack’s newly abused hole, and slammed forward into Jack again. As the tip of his cock neared Jacks’ prostate, an explosion of toxic jizz erupted. “FUUUUCCCCKKK!!” The stranger said as his dick finally bottomed out again in Jack. Volley after volley of poz cum spurted deep inside Jack’s guts. Jack’s eyes rolled back as his final strokes brought forth a spray of his own cum up over his chest and onto his face and pillow. His body convulsed he emptied his neg load.. Infected cum lubricated Jack’s guts as the stranger began to pull out minutes later. The two sweaty strangers kissed and collapsed beside one another, unaware of the dark forces at work within their bodies.
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    Been sick the last week, so this took a bit longer than I wanted. Hope you enjoy. -- PART 8: Open for Business Putting a TV dinner into the microwave, I went around the apartment and started collecting the few things I would need for my night of debauchery. My ass pleasantly ached from the pounding Jackson had just given me, and with each step, I felt the three loads swirling around deep inside me. Walking over next to the island, I felt the butt plug in my ass moving around as bent over, the large knot pressing firmly against my hole. Butt plug: check. Reaching out, I grabbed the small silver bottle on the ground. Making sure the lid was on securely, I slid it into my pocket and stood back up, loving how the big plug slid around inside my hole, rubbing against my already abused prostate. Thanks to the earlier night’s event’s, I would likely have plenty of stretching and lubrication in my ass. Lube: check. Poppers: check. Walking back over to the other counter, I opened the small humidor and looked at the various cigars. I sat for a few moments, trying to decide on one before finally deciding on a rather large, medium brown one with the name Punch on the side. Recalling what Eric had done in the shop that day, I ran the stick under my nose and sniffed, my cock immediately swelling at the aroma. Happy with my choice, I grabbed my lighter and the cigar and put them in the opposite pocket. Cigar and lighter: check. Feeling my ass, I checked for my wallet, and as I did, the microwave let out several beeps, letting me know my food was ready. I quickly ate the hot meal, and after a quick once over, I grabbed my phone and keys and walked out of the door. Waiting for the elevator, I re-read the texts from Kyle earlier that evening. I felt my cock stir, thinking about all the random loads I was about to get up my formerly tight, nearly virginal hole, mixing in with the three already placed in my ass after the dark and twisted dirty talk with Jackson. In the back of my mind, I felt slightly scared at the risks I was taking, and the possibility of catching something, but then again, the talk of getting pozzed had definitely also made me cum hard earlier in the evening. And if confronted with the issue, I knew I could always just write a prescription of my own for PEP or PrEP. One of the few true luxuries of being a doctor. Looking at the wording and phrases Kyle used in the texts, I casually wondered if Kyle might be into guys getting knocked up, especially with his deviant talk of anonymous cock and special loads. And admittedly, the thought of getting high on poppers, lighting up a few cigarettes and smoking them also had their own special appeal while taking loads. Hopefully, I thought to myself, I can get with Kyle in the future and try that out. Suddenly, my phone dinged as the elevator doors finally opened, and a new message popped up from Kyle, directing me to several websites. Kyle: here, check these out. might help w the smoking and slut training Kyle: breeding.zone and smokinmen.com Curious, I stepped into the elevator and selected the ground floor before I tapped on the first link. Making a quick glance, I realized it was a barebacking site. A quick glance at some of the topics got my cock hard. Bug chasing being one to immediately jump off the page at me. I bookmarked the site, instantly knowing I would be checking it out again soon. Next, I went back to my messages and opened the second link and was instantly greeted with images of all different men of ages and types smoking. I felt my cock lurch as I zoomed in on several younger guys, cigarettes hanging slightly out of their mouths as they smoked. This must be what Kyle meant by dangling… and even quicker than before, I tapped the bookmark icon. Stepping off the elevator, I made a quick beeline to the front door, ignoring the front desk entirely and walking out into the crisp fall night, before walking into the bookstore next door. At first, I wanted to make a straight line to the gloryholes, but I knew I would need to make one last purchase. Walking around, I looked for a few minutes at some of the toys before seeing that I one thing I wanted to add to the mix before going down into the depths below. Grabbing the package, I walked up to the counter and made my quick purchase. Waving away the bag, I walked over to the counter for the video booths and looked at the blue haired twink. With a start, I reached for my wallet and started to pull out a $10 bill. “Um, Benny, right?” I asked, slightly nervous for some unknown reason. Without more than a glance, the kid let out a sigh. “It’s twenty-five.” “Oh… um….” I said, remembering that the previous night it was only $10, “Well, Kyle sent me and said to tell you he wanted me to have the friend discount.” “Uh… huh…” he said, still not looking up from his phone, “Everybody is ‘friends’ with Kyle, sweetie… so try again.” I was starting to get a bit annoyed at the guy’s attitude. Pulling out my phone, I searched through my messages before I landed on one of the messages Kyle had sent me. “He also said to tell you I’m…” I briefly hesitated before continuing, “Looking to be a cum dumpster tonight and that you would help me. Can you really do that or should I just go home?” Apparently, that got his attention. He stopped and looked up at me from the screen of his phone with a mildly shocked look on his face. “Shit, he really was telling the truth,” he said, letting the indifferent mask fall for a few brief moments before quickly putting it back up, “Fine. I guess I’m out $25 because of you and Kyle. Need to see your ID.” Confused, I grabbed it my wallet out and handed the card to him, guessing that they just need to make sure people entering are 18, perplexed however since Kyle had never asked for mine the day before. “God damn it, how does he always know?!” Benny muttered under his breath before handing me back the card. “Excuse me?” I asked, putting the wallet back in my pants. “I need to stop making stupid bets with him. Another fifty fucking dollars…” Benny groused, staring at the ceiling, “Never would have pegged a doctor type as a cum slut. But he sure did. He one of your patients or something?” “Uh… no…” I let out, quickly wanting to just leave at this point. “Fine, you’re in, and here’s the key to Booth 8,” he said, tossing a small bronze key to me, “Only one that is reserved here.” “Oh, cool,” I said, catching the key. “By the way,” he asked, as he buzzed me in, “Tell me the truth. You serious about what Kyle said? You truly taking loads from anyone tonight?” At first, I was going to shy away from the question before I caught myself. Shying away was the old me. New me was going to seize life by the balls and milk them dry. With a slightly cocky smile and nod, I looked Benny straight in the eyes. “Yeah,” I said, confidently, “Why, you wanting to add to the mix?” “Fucking nice, man,” he said, raising his eyebrows somewhat appreciatively, “After all the money you cost me tonight, you bet your ass I’m not leaving here without sampling your hole and leaving my mark in it.” With those final words, I walked down the stairs and into the dimly lit red hallway before, the sounds of grunting and smell of fresh sex increasing with each step. — I walked around for several minutes, looking at each door trying to find Booth 8, quickly thinking that maybe it had all been a joke by Benny and Kyle. In almost a cruel irony, none of the booths seemed to go in order. I was finally about to give up when I stumbled onto it, having at first dismissed it as a broom closet on my first pass of the hallways. Grabbing the key, I opened the door and found myself in a long, narrow booth. Tape covered the bill acceptor, and there was already gay porn playing on the screen. The door closed behind me and with a soft click, I heard the door lock as well. Something the other room had lacked. Looking around the room, it appeared to be well stocked and pretty clean. A bench appeared to be positioned between the two glory holes, both at what seemed to be the perfect height to either stand or if one wanted to, kneel on all fours on top of the bench. There was comfortable looking padding on the bench. There was even a nice sized ashtray, so apparently, this room had been set up for a long stay in mind. Reaching into my pockets, I started pulling out my different items. Cigar, lighter, poppers, and my newest purchase, a cock ring. I knew with all the smoking, fucking, and sucking I would be doing tonight, the temptation to play with myself and cum would be overwhelming. I didn’t want to lose the urge to get filled once my balls had completely drained, so, I decided the best course of action would be to keep myself from cumming until the best time. I stood in the room for a few moments, staring at the tv watching the bareback orgy scene on the tv. Quickly, I felt myself get hard and decided to fully undress. Unzipping my pants, I stepped out of them and then pulled my shirt off, folding them both and putting them in the corner. Next, my ass plug was going to need to come out. I took the bottle of poppers and opened them, taking several hits and savoring the warm, relaxing rush through my body and steady swell in my cock. Reaching behind me, I slowly pulled the plug, now firmly and comfortably lodged deep inside me, holding back the three loads Jackson had left up my ass. I tugged gently at first, feeling as the plug stubbornly stayed in place behind my ass lips. Slowly, I increased the pressure and finally pulled it out with a loud plop, suddenly leaving me feeling empty as a few drops of cum slowly make their way out and slide down my thigh, making me moan. My ass felt so very empty and gaped for a few moments at the sudden loss of the large plug. Feeling the inside of the leg, I fingered a few of the cum drops back up my ass, feeling the gaping, wrecked remains of my formerly tight hole slowly closed down on them. Now finally closed again, I pulled them back out and looked at the thick white glazing on them. Horny, I stuck them in my mouth, rubbing the loads into my tongue and savoring the taste of my ass and Jackson’s thick cum, as I had that morning with Kyle and Mateo’s loads. It was a smokier and creamier taste, and I wondered if the fact that Jackson was a cigar and pipe smoker accounted for a different taste in the cum. Looking down at the plug in my hand, I looked over it quickly, and after not seeing anything but cum, stuck it in my mouth, sucking more of the thick cum and ass juices off. It tasted amazing. Satisfied it was clean, I then turned my attention to the cock ring. It was a small rubber o-ring type device. Guessing it was much like the small tourniquets I used in trauma surgery for the ER, I stretched it out and surrounded my cock and balls, much like I would for a finger laceration. I released it and with a soft hiss out of my mouth, looked down at my now encircled cock and balls. I loved how the ring somehow made my dick and balls stick out further, making each vein more prominent and giving more feeling; sensitive but somehow also not. Giving myself several quick tugs, I was happy to find the ring did its job without cutting off circulation, but still giving a nice firm squeeze, and would likely do its job well. All that left was the cigar. Instead of rushing like I had before, I knew I wanted to take things slower. Grabbing it and my lighter, I took the cigar and again ran it under my nose, enjoying the scent once more before placing it in my jaw. I then greedily sucked on the end, wetting it. Flicking the light on, I slowly lit the end, puffing gently, getting a nice cherry on the end of the brown stogie, and after an especially nice deep inhale, I shut off the flame and let the smoke jet out of my nose. I was a little surprised at this point, as, after this light up, I didn’t cough at all, and instead just felt the mild burn in my chest as I ‘fed them.’ Encouraged by my sudden growth as a smoker, I looked at myself in the dim reflection of the now momentarily dark monitor and was almost dumbfounded by what I saw. With the cigar in my mouth, it's smoke drifting out of the side of my jaw, and my cock lewdly sticking out, veins bulging from the cock ring, I looked, well, fucking hot. Looking down at my phone, I got a slightly wicked idea, and after a few quick taps, I took a quick selfie and sent it to Kyle with the caption ‘see what you’re missing?’ With that sent, I sat down, and started watching the new scene on the monitor, which showed a young guy in the middle of a bareback orgy on all fours, a line of several rough looking guys all covered in different tattoos, talking to each other and kissing as they stroked their cocks, waiting for their turn. Puffing on the cigar, I slowly started stroking myself, waiting for someone to stick their cock through one of the holes. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long as a cock was shoved into the hole on my left. There in front of me was a large, cut black dick. Easily, it was at least 10 inches long, and thick as 3 of my fingers as well. My ass ached to be filled with it. Getting up, I grabbed it and started stroking it, slowly bringing my ass over to it. I thought at first about sucking on it but then decided to instead back up my ass and slowly lower myself down. Halfway down, my ass started to hurt a little, and so I took my cigar out of my mouth, grabbed the poppers and huffed deeply several times in each nostril, before sticking my cigar back in my mouth and with a deep inhale, forcing my ass down the rest of the way. The guy in the other booth immediately let out a string of curses in appreciation as I let out a smokey moan, feeling the big black cock throb inside me. We sat there for a few moments as I slowly smoked until the guy started to slowly move in and out of my ass, my stretched hole gripping the large member raping it. I sat in silence as I listened to the onslaught of words coming from the guy next door. “Fuck yeah, gonna rape your white boy pussy tonight. A nice wet hole like yours is great at making my dick feel good boy. H-oooooh fuck,” he said, pausing for a moment before moving again, “in you with no rubber too, so gonna be able to breed you nice and deep, mix my potent baby batter with these others. You want that slut?” I let out a loud moan as he continued. “Damn, didn’t think I would get grade A prime ass tonight. Gotta thank that bitch Benny for hookin’ me up. He’s got lots of fuckers lined up for your ass tonight.” Almost like clockwork, a cock was shoved in front of me after he said that, and with a quick inhale of my cigar, I took my smoke out of my mouth and dove face first onto the nicely shaped light brown cock in front of me. I began to suck as if my life depended on it, as the cock in my mouth slowly dripped precum on my tongue. I sucked harder, enjoying the taste as the black monster in my ass continued to rape me. “Gonna cum soon up your tight white cunt. Fill you with my special little swimmers, and breed you. With all the loads you’re gonna take tonight in your guts, you won’t know who got you pregnant, bitch. Hope it’s mine though fucker.” Pulling off the rapidly leaking cock in my mouth, I took a few quick, deep inhales on my cigar and started to rhythmically squeezed down on the cock in my ass, completely oblivious to the words being said to me as my cum lust began to take over. Full of smoke, I went back to sucking and was quickly rewarded with a thick creamy load in my mouth. The cock in front of me was pulled out and just left the big black cock in my ass, whose pace was picking up. I slowly savored the creamy semen in my mouth before swallowing it down. “Balls are about to explode motherfucker, deep in your cunt with the other loads in here. Take this nasty fuck deep faggot.” With a final set of slams, I felt the black cock start throbbing in my ass, filling me deep with a warm volley of jizz. I began to puff on my cigar again, enjoying the feeling of my ass and lungs getting fed. The black guy quickly pulled out, and within a few moments, I could hear a door slam. I sat there for a minute or two, my ass at the hole, wondering if anything else would happen when I felt another cock get shoved deep in my ass and start fucking it hard. I sat back, enjoying the pounding in my hole as I slowly smoked my cigar, keeping the smoke in for longer and longer before finally, another cock appeared in front of my face. It was a shorter, uncut white dick, with massive bull balls. I immediately took it in my mouth and sucked, getting reamed by both ends in silence, except for the occasional grunt or groan. Quickly enough, the cock spewed a load in my mouth and I swallowed it down, and with a quick pull out, the hole was empty again. I went back to smoking my cigar and shortly after heard the top grunt and drop a load up my ass. Almost instantly, another cock was shoved up my ass, with an appreciative ‘nice’ said out loud, and my ass being slammed yet again. Another cock in front of my face appeared, long and thin, with a few piercings down the shaft. Much like before, both came without much much fuss, and in between, I continued to smoke my cigar, which was starting to get smaller and smaller. I occasionally would take a few hits on my poppers, enjoying the feeling of the warmth in my body as they did their work. This continued for the next hour and a half, and much to my dismay, my cigar was nearly spent. Looking down, I looked at my phone. Only 11:40. I didn’t really want to end before midnight, but I knew without the cigar, it wouldn’t be near as much fun for me for. And I also wanted to eventually cum as well. At my count, I had to have at least 9 loads in my ass, and another 7 loads in my stomach. Some guys had been verbal, others had thanked me for the use of my ass or mouth. My balls felt heavy and full of cum, and my ass was still hungry for more. I stood up, as there was a lull in the visitors to my holes, and debated getting the plug up my ass and getting dressed to leave when I heard a soft knock at the door. “Hey, it’s me…” the voice called out, at first not registering with me. I first, I was tempted to get dressed before answering the door, but then thought better of it. Most of these men had already or were likely willing to cum in my ass and mouth. Who cares if they saw me naked. I walked to the door and opening it a crack asked softly out loud. “Who?” A hand forced the door open and pushed me back, before quickly shutting it again. “Kyle, dumb shit,” the sexy skinhead before me replied. “H-Hey!” I said, with a smile on my face, as he immediately started stripping, “What’s up?” “My cock fucker,” he said with an evil grin, grabbing his cock and flicking it, the PA in it glaring evilly in the dim light, “I got your message and couldn’t wait to try out the kinky fucking shit we talked about.” Quickly, he pulled his shirt off and reached into the knapsack I had failed to notice him carrying inside the small room. Suddenly, he pulled out a large red and white box. “Had to see you taking all those fucking loads while we smoke these bad boys,” he said, tearing open the box and surprising me as he pulled out a box of Marlboro Reds and tossed them to me before pulling out one for himself. Watching him open the pack, I grabbed my next to completely spent cigar and inhaled a few drags as I followed his lead, before finally getting out one of the long white sticks. Grabbing the cigar butt from my mouth, he held the end to the Red, puffing it to life with a deep inhale and a load, guttural moan. “Fuck yeah,” he moaned, smoke pouring out before motioning to me to grab the butt and do the same, “needed that. You next. Rape those fucking lungs.” I followed his lead and quickly got the Red lit. With a deep inhale, I enjoyed the sensation. Less and different smoke, to be sure, but it was enjoyable none the less. And with the number of cigarette packs Kyle had brought, we would be having fun all night. “So, how many loads you had dumped in you so far tonight?” he asked, stroking his cock as he grabbed my ass cheek and dipped a finger in, grinning when my ass started dripping. “Nine, I think?” I said, as he grabbed his dick and stroking it, inhaling the red before nose jetting it, “I also ate another seven.” “Fuckin’ sexy cum whore!” he said, grinning and shoving two more fingers inside, “Want even more? Word is your ass is taking all sorts of tainted cock tonight.” Suddenly, several things hit me at once. First, the words of the owner of the big black cock hit me. Special swimmers, nasty fuck, getting pregnant… I had to have been fucked by a poz guy who was looking to gift. At first, I didn’t know how to feel. Shame, fear, lust, excitement… However, having not cum, my ass and cock and balls did all my thinking for me. Next, Kyle’s words. He definitely wanted to see me taking poz cock tonight. Much like Jackson, he must get off on the idea of bug chasing, or at least others chasing. “Fuck yeah,” I said, smiling wickedly as I looked down at my cock and watched as some of the anonymous loads dripped out of me while Kyle's fingers fucked my wet ass, some of the loads running down my balls and cock. I took a deep haul on the Red in my mouth and then let it dangle from my lips before continuing. “Get me all the toxic loads you can.” “Good,” he said, pulling them out and bending me back over before shoving my ass against the hole, “Gonna keep you smoking and huffing poppers as long as you keep that hole open for business. A lot of horny guys paid good money to be here tonight, and are wanting to fill you and breed you with their DNA.” I relaxed my hole open as I felt another anonymous cock press against my ass. Looking up, I watched as Kyle quickly smoked his red and stroked his metal filled cock, texting away on his phone. Grinning in reply, I started hauling on my red as the cock in my hole slammed away at my abused jizz-filled ass.
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    There were five of us that raised our hands. Two of us neg guys and three biohazard guys, including Blake. Teddy said, "I'll get them prepared, you guys go in for the meeting." I said to Blake, "You've done this before?" He said, "No, but I want to you to get as much cum of mine as I can." I gave him a kiss and said, "Please do your best to poz me." Mike smiled and said, “Save some poz cum for me too!” A couple guys close by said, Don’t worry, we’ll help!” This is a perfect place to ask for what you want from guys that can give it to you. The Conversion Club assembled and Brad and Justin addressed the 20 guys in attendance. Brad started, "I've greeted you already, but again, thank you for being here. As you can see our club is growing, and we have you guys to thank for that. What we're doing is pretty amazing, and I'm thrilled you're on the journey with us. Congratulations to Mark and Nate. Their conversion is complete. Nate didn't get the fuck flu ... " (The crowd boo'd and then laughed" and we just about lost Mark, but the Conversion Club took care of him here, and with some IV fluids and some meds, he's here ready to breed and seed. They returned a couple weeks ago from their visit with Zak in Chicago. Zak did his typical great work on their tattoos. Because Mark rolls a little different, in addition to the standard biohazard tattoo above the cock, he has one that says "HIV+" on his chest. Hopefully we'll get the next group out to see Zak in the next couple of weeks. We have these tattoos because we appreciate being poz and have pride in our shared disease. We are all stronger together because of them." There was a door knock, and Brad left the room to take care of that. Justin stepped up and continued. "We have two of the three inductees here. Hopefully the third will be here soon. We also have a special guest here. Kevin, can you come out?" A massive 6'6" guy, came out to join the group. Tall and lean, he must be a long-term survivor, as he has the sexy sunken cheeks, veiny arms and legs and wasted ass. So sexy. He had is biohazard tattoo over his cock, like most everyone else except me and Mike, but also had one on his arm. But the most erotic feature of Kevin was his KS lesions, scattered over his body. "If you've not met Kevin, he pozzed Brad and I. This kinky stud throws a great fuck and you're going to love him if he's not fucked you before." Kevin's presence kicked up the erotic energy in the room, bringing several of the guys fully erect ... me as well. The thought of having him in me was too hot and got my cock stirring even more than it had been. Brad returned to the room with the third inductee a twenty-something brown-haired cutie, with sexy scruff and a hairy, athletic body. Other than his good looks, his defining feature was the lack of a penis ... a sexy FTM transguy. Brad said, "And everyone is here. This is Andrew, everyone. Like a lot of you, he's been craving poz cum for quite a while, and needs the help of our group to get it done. He'll get his first poz load ever here with us, and he's lucky to have one more fuckhole than the rest of us. Over here is Mike who is also taking his first poz load. If you're nice, he'll let you suck on his budding nipples while you fuck him with your hot load. If you want your nips like that, let me know. And our third inductee is Rik. Justin and Mateo were lucky enough to breed him a couple weeks ago, and I understand Blake has given him a load. He's on the FasTrack program, so if you want to share your DNA, let Teddy know and he'll draw it up. Hopefully we'll have several syringes to inject him within an hour or so. For the new folks, I hope you take the opportunity to try out as many cocks and holes as you can. You’ll see, everyone here is open to getting a cock inside them, even for a quickie. Our inductees will be bred on the pool deck, and Teddy has set up chaise lounges for everyone's comfort. He also has the TriMix available for those who want it. Please make an effort to breed a neg hole before you breed a neg one. It's hot out so drink lots of water. We recommend one bottled water for every two loads. If you’re not pee shy, guys that usually hang around the deep end of the pool will drink your piss and not spill a drop. Again, thanks again for being here. Have fun!" Everyone got the message that this was the time for sexual activity. We didn't even get out to the pool before everyone was feeling everyone else up. Nobody was left out. If I was being kissed, someone was feeling my cock, balls or asshole. Some of the guys were fully boned, with their cocks either hard against their abs or slightly pointing out. This was going to be a fuck fest for the ages, and a life-changing one for me. Teddy saw Mike and I and said, "Let's get the TriMix injections done first so we can get started. " Mike and I didn't need the TriMix, but we didn't need AIDS either. We wanted it. Teddy injected Mike's cock first and then mine. Fuck it stung, but I felt the blood flowing into my cock already. My uncut cock was almost fully hard and my foreskin was hanging on trying not to roll down. Teddy gave us a gauze square in case of bleeding, he said "Hold that for a sec while you take your lounge." Andrew, Mike and I laid down on our chaise lounges and were given a small lube container by Brad. Simultaneously, each of us had someone to rub some lube our holes, to work some fingers inside us. The poz guys wanting TriMix got their injections next, including Kevin. The difference was Teddy let the blood ooze a little bit from their cocks. That's a sexy way of getting the ball rolling. Being the hosts of the event, Brad and Justin always got to breed first. Brad chose me and Justin chose Andrew. Kevin (and his bloody cock) chose Mike for his first fuck. It was the first time that Brad has been inside me and he's a great fuck. Such a great cock and a sexy body. Getting fucked my him and seeing the other two guys getting bred at the same time was beyond erotic. Add to that, the other guys were sucking each other or having their asses played with. It wasn't long before Justin's orgasm moans triggered Brad and Kevin's as well. All the tops were letting the us know their charged loads were being delivered, and us bottoms were begging for their loads.
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    I appreciate all the feedback that I’ve been getting from everyone, and as always, I always love to get more. Feel free to message me personally if you ever have questions or anything you’d like to see if you don’t want to comment publicly. Hope you enjoy. -- Part 9: Closing Time “Fuck yeah, take that cock deep in your guts,” Kyle said, watching as the large cock slammed away at my hole. I grinned, taking an extra deep puff on the smoldering red in my mouth, and began clenching my hole down as I nose-jetted the smoke out. “Shit yeah dude,” the guy behind the wall said, slamming my hole extra hard in appreciation, “Grip down on my cock with your juicy hole!” With a nod at me, Kyle knelt down next to the hole and watched the anonymous cock pound away as we both smoked. I looked down and enjoyed the scene as well as Kyle took a deep inhale on the red in his mouth and took it out of his mouth before starting to suck on my cock. I moaned as his hot, smoky mouth surrounded my cum-slicked dick and he sucked hard. “Oh fuck,” the man behind the wall yelled out, as my ass involuntarily got tighter as I fought the urge to keep from cumming in Kyle’s warm wet mouth. “Ugh…. stop Kyle…. gonna cum if you keep that up!” I whispered, puffing hard on my red to try and keep focused and calm down my building orgasm. Pulling off, he growled at me and roughly grabbed my balls. I instinctively yelped at the shock and pain. It worked, however, and my orgasm disappeared. This though also caused my ass to tighten again. “Fuck, can’t hold it in anymore!” the guy yelled, his strokes suddenly becoming erratic, “Gonna shoot up your hole man! My dicks gonna add to the soup cooking in there. Here it comes fucker! Gaaaaahhh…. fuuuuuuu…” With that, he suddenly slammed into my hole and stayed still. I felt his cock start to pump into my ass, jerking hard and moving around with every shot. After a few moments, he finally finished and Kyle pulled me off the cock and turned me around. “Clean him up bitch,” Kyle said, stroking his cock and puffing away at the cigarette in his mouth, “Show him your appreciation for the kind gift of his load.” I nodded and started to suck the cock clean, enjoying the taste of all the loads and my ass on the guy’s meat. I gently nursed at the large piece and as I finally got it deep in my throat I could see the small tattoo on the base of his pelvis. It was a symbol I must have seen at least a thousand times every day at work, warning me of the dangers that lie inside. And now, I was face to face with the symbol, prominently attached to the guy who had just dumped what felt like a huge load in my hole. I jumped back just slightly, even though I had definitely taken poz cum earlier that night. Knowingly taking it after the fact though added to my surprise, and after my mind processed it, I moaned somewhat in pleasure and fear. “Fuck yeah man,” Kyle said, slowly positioning my ass to another waiting cock at the opposite hole, “you add a nice buggy load to my friend’s neg hole?” “Shit yeah! My cobra only spits venom! Wait…. Fuck, that you Kyle?” the muffled voice said, pulling out of my mouth and shaking the cock at my face, hitting it with a few stray drops of semen-laced spit before stepping back. “Yeah man!” he said, as he shoved my ass down, making me gasp. Looking around I realized my cigarette was now out and to the butt. Kyle grabbed it and threw it to the ground. Next, he pulled a fresh one from the pack and placed it between my lips and lit me. I instinctively inhaled deeply several times, hungry and happy to be smoking again as Kyle and the mystery guy continued to talk. “Fucking nice hole you found there. He’s neg, huh?” the guy asked, as he pulled his pants up. “Yeah, cute fucker just started coming here last night. Practically a virgin from what his hole felt like when I used it,” he replied, looking at me expectantly. I gave a nod in agreement, half listening as the cock in my ass slowly pumped inside me, “Let me plant a hot load deep inside him and the fucker even stole my gar so he could blow his load. Nice tight hole, right?” “Hell yeah. Though with all those loads up there, that juicy ass is gonna poz up in no time!” the guy said, and suddenly I was face to face with a younger looking Asian guy with a goatee and a heavy 5 o’clock shadow, “Let me taste my cum in your mouth buddy?” Pulling my red out of my mouth, Kyle pushed my head forward and I immediately found myself with the guy’s tongue probing at my mouth. I opened up and could taste cigar smoke and whiskey on his breath. The taste made me take his tongue deeper, allowing it to probe deep inside. We proceeded to make out for a few minutes as the man in my ass let out a loud grunt and unloaded in my ass. He must have pulled out and left, due to the slamming his door in the room. Kyle slowly pulled my ass away from the hole, filling it with his fingers. Finally, after a minute or two, another cock must have stepped up to play, and Kyle removed his fingers and shoved me back down to take another load. The guy stopped kissing as I let out a moan from the stretching of my ass to accommodate the bigger dick. “Fuck! Nothing better than tasting my poz cum in a neg guy’s sweet mouth. Damn, you were right Kyle, the kid is sexy as fuck and a great kisser, and sounds like a born bottom breeder,” he said, as I felt Kyle play with my balls, pulling them down and back, making me ride the cock harder. The guy then looked me in the face and continued, “Guessing a cute fucker like you is likely a non-smoking little preppy boy, right? Kyle helping you become the pig you always wanted to be?” With a laugh, Kyle answered for me. “Nah man, I wish,” he said, releasing my balls as I heard the click of a lighter, “This pig already was on his way. Just helping him out tonight on getting there quicker!” “Hot damn!” the guy said, reaching down and grabbing my jaw before running his thumb across my lips. He gave me a hungry look before he stuck the tip of his thumb in my mouth. “Cute innocent face and fuckable lips…” I felt the tell-tale sign of yet another load getting dumped in my ass. I opened my mouth involuntarily, moaning as the cock slammed harder and shot another load. “I’m Ren. Get my number from Kyle. I want to play with you again,” he said softly before finally releasing my face. With a light slap on my left cheek, he turned away and walking out of the room. I pulled my face away and looked at Kyle, who was stroking his cock, the wicked looking PA gleaming at me as if it were evil and sentient. “Ren want’s you to have his number?” Kyle guessed, blowing his smoke in my face. I took a deep breath in. In the back of my mind, I realized I enjoying it, savoring the nasty smoke where I would have hated it and gotten angry at the act in the past. “Yeah, you got it?” I asked, wincing as the cock pulled out, and the anonymous fuck left without a word. “Definitely. He’s one twisted kinky fucker. Also my tattoo and piercing artist. Works at a place I go to a few blocks over,” he explained, walking slowly over and rubbing his hard dick against my lips, “Might have to get you over there sometime.” “Definitely, “ I said as I nodded and opened my mouth and slowly started to suck on his cock. “Fuck yeah man, suck on my monster,” he said, as another cock presented itself to my ass. I swallowed hard and felt the metal in his cock head hit the back of my throat as the next guy to fuck me slid inside. “Wet as fuck. Nasty little slut,” the guy at my hole said out loud before slamming away at my ass. “Hey fucker,” Kyle said, slowly starting to pull out of my mouth. “Mmmmmph?” I replied, clamping down on his dick in reply. “Seriously dude…” he continued, smiling down at me and blowing another cloud of smoke at me before continuing, “Stop… Gotta go take a piss.” I started to release when my mind went back to the text messages from earlier in the evening. I pulled off his dick and looked up at him. Reaching down, I grabbed the bottle of poppers and took several deep hits before setting it down. “Feed me it,” I whispered, licking my mouth almost surprising myself as the words left my lips. “Shit, seriously?” he said, clearly shocked. “Might as well try it and see if I like it,” I replied grabbing the red from his hand and sucking in a lungful of smoke, “Give me that fucking prick and fill my stomach full of your hot piss. “Damn… you really are a fucking pig, bro,” he said, and stepped up closer, letting his dick get closer to my mouth, “Love pissing into a human urinal!” Slowly he inhaled on his red and nodded at me, instructing me to do the same. Satisfied I have a big enough lungful, he pulled it out and stuck it in his mouth next to his. Slowly, he pulled my jaw open and gently inserted his dickhead into my waiting mouth. I clamped gently down and waited for a few minutes, enjoying the rough fuck from the top in my ass, who was spewing nasty words out about my hole. “Fucking nasty little bug chaser. Getting his hole filled with any cock that will take it. Probably already a stupid fucking poz cumdump…” the man yelled, announcing to the world my debauchery. “Hear that man?” Kyle asked, his voice sounding strained, “You’re getting even more advertising. Gonna have you service every guy here tonight, and when they’re done, Benny and I are gonna leave our loads in you too. Having Benny use the money he owes me to get you an extra special gift to commemorate your night here.” Suddenly, I felt a hot gush of warm salty liquid fill my mouth. The liquid quickly filled my mouth, and after a second of hesitation, I gulped down the hot piss.The taste was different than I expected. Kyle let out a sigh and I continued to gulp, enjoying the feeling of the hot liquid filling my stomach. After a while, his cock slowly dribbled to a stop and he pulled his now throbbing member out of my mouth. I suck as he pulled out, freeing the last few drops of piss from around the large PA lodged in the pisshole. Staring up, I looked at Kyle, who was staring down at me in happy awe. “Fucking nice man!” he said, grabbing my chin and moving my head around, my body jolting occasionally in response to the hard slams in my hole from the verbal guy deep inside it, “Not a drop wasted. You’re a natural piss toilet. I love it. Next one is getting showered all over you though.” Suddenly, the pace in my hole picked up suddenly, and I heard the guy in my ass yell out. “Fuck! Knocking your stupid ass up with my babies, bitch! Take it! TAKE IT!” he said, slamming my hole hard enough to make the wall shake. After a few moments, he pulled out, and Kyle spun me around. “Thank the nice man and help him get cleaned up to leave, slut,” he growled, shoving my face into the hole. I immediately looked through and opened my mouth. A large, uncut cock was quickly shoved roughly into my mouth, a large scorpion going down the shaft. I felt Kyle shove my hole onto yet another cock, and I winced, feeling the smoke and poppers starting to wear off. Satisfied he was clean, the top pulled his cock out of my mouth and smacked my face as hard as he could. “Stupid fucking faggot,” the guy said and walked out without another word. “Fu… Ow!” I said, pulling my face back and rubbing it. Kyle nose-jetted down at me with a questioning look. “Asshole slapped my face really hard. And my hole is getting tired,” I groused, grabbing the bottle of poppers. “Sorry about that,” Kyle replied, kneeling beside me and grabbing two fresh reds and sticking them both in my mouth as I took several deep hits off the bottle. Soon enough, my ass started to enjoy the pounding it was receiving and I closed the bottle. Kyle lit the two cigarettes, and I took a deep inhale. “Fuck, that’s better,” I sighed, enjoying the extra thick smoke pouring out of my mouth, “Going straight to my cock.” “Nice, dude,” he said, lighting two from his pack as well, “Love fucking my lungs with a double. Figured you would too. Gonna try an’ get a whole pack inside you by the end of tonight.” “Holy shit yes,” I said, enjoying the smoke as I hauled away, happy to have the smoke and poppers fucking me up again. “Gonna have you so full of buggy little swimmers you’ll be shitting cock slime for the whole week fucker,” he continued, looking beneath me at my asshole, smiling as the guy in my ass came silently and pulled out, a second cock instantly now fucking it, “Nice, two for one. Maybe they have different strains.” “Fuck yeah, my ass is full of all sorts of bugs tonight,” I said, zoned out on the poppers and smoke, letting my cock and balls do the talking, “Gonna really get knocked up like the slut I am tonight.” “Yeah buddy, can’t wait 'til you get turned toxic and get your poz badge!” he agreed, licking at the loads dripping from me off my now aching balls, “You want to bug up? Get the gift?” “Fuck yeah,” I said, realizing that the people in the next room could likely hear our dark conversation. The cock in my hole twitched hard at my reply, and its pace quickened, “Can’t wait until my ass gets fully converted and I get my gift.” “Gonna need to get you a tatt then,” he said smoke pouring out of him as he gave my dick a few strokes. My ass clenched at his stroking, and the cock in my ass blew its load, its owner groaning behind the wall. “Fuckin’ awesome man, milk that tainted cock,” Kyle said, our dirty talk making both of us smoke down our reds to the filter in what felt like record time. We both removed the spent butts. Kyle reached for our packs as he planted a deep kiss on my lips, his fingers expertly pulling out our smokes as his smoky tongue intertwined with mine. Pulling back, he spit into my mouth and then dove back in. I sucked on his tongue, somewhat unsurprised to find a piercing there as well. We released and Kyle stuck my two reds on my lips as he did the same with his. With a quick flick of the lighter, Kyle lit us both up and we continued to smoke. Another cock was shoved in my ass as Kyle continued to talk. “Fuck yeah, haul on that double. Gonna feed you the whole pack before you leave tonight. Got to admit, was surprised you actually agreed to let me whore you out tonight and try get your ass knocked up,” Kyle said, grinning and stroking his cock, “Fuckin’ love it though. Also, love watching you take so quickly to the reds. Think you’ll fuck your lungs with them again, man?” “Yeah,” I grunted, nose jetting the smoke and sliding my ass back against cock, enjoying the slick, loose feeling in my hole, “Definitely prefer cigars, but these are great too, especially two at a time.” We both sat in silence as we smoked and I was fucked, Kyle stroking his cock next to my face. Another cock appeared in front of me when suddenly Kyle pushed me out of the way. He stroked it a few times, and then wiped his hand across my soaking wet balls, collecting the multiple loads dripping out of my wrecked ass. He grinned at me as he smeared some of the jizz on the cock, and then on his asshole. “Watching you take all those toxic loads making my ass hungry too,” he groaned, quickly sinking down on the glistening cock, “Wanna make out and swap smoke for a while as we take all these loads, bro?” I nodded and for the following hour or so we did just that. I quickly lost count of the number of guys who dumped a load in my ass, instead just enjoying the feeling of my ass loosening up into a dripping cum dump and sharing the smoke with Kyle. We smoked the packs of reds down quickly, my lungs burning and my head swimming at the massive amount I inhaled. Both of us eventually found out holes empty, and Kyle and I stood up, making out and stroking each other, our cocks both dripping. A knock interrupted us followed by the sound of a set of keys at the door. Slowly the door opened and Benny, the blue-haired twink walked in. Promptly, he pulled his pants down and revealed a massive, cut cock. I was frankly shocked, as I would never have guessed he was packing such a large cock on such a small body. He walked up and shoved at my upper back, bending me over as he took my ass without a word. He made quick work, not making a sound as he slammed away at my hole until he released his load and whispered into my ear. “Take my unmedicated high viral load bitch,” he said and licked my neck before pulling out his cock and grabbing his pants, pulling them back up and tossing a set of keys at Kyle. “Hey, fucker, what’s these for?” he said, catching them with ease before stepping up to my ass and shoving his cock in as well, “And where’s the thing?” “Gonna take a few days to get it. You’ll live,” he said, his voice sounding bored, letting out a loud yawn, “I gotta go. Everyone else is gone and it’s all pretty much locked up. Let yourself out.” With those parting words, Benny walked out and left me alone with Kyle. “So,” he said, "didn’t get to give you your gift for helping me prove my point to Mr. Queen there. But maybe I can give you another in its place…” Kyle slammed his metal filled cock up my ass and proceeded to fuck me hard, having us both light up as he did. I looked into my pack, and to my surprise found only 1 red left. “Gonna be an incentive for you to get your own,” he said, looking over my shoulder as he puffed away, “…fuck, getting close already.” I clenched my hole down, trying to milk his cock and help him along when he continued talking, his voice strained. “So, fucker…” he said, slamming my ass as hard as he could, his PA rubbing around in my hole and abusing it, “Remember when I told you I got tested the other day?” I nodded, unable to say anything due to the solid reaming I was receiving. “Never did tell you the actual result,” he continued, wrapping his hands around my neck and squeezing slightly, changing his angle and making me harder, “… didn’t stop your ass for milking me dry though. Also bet you’re wondering how I knew you’re a doctor and won that bet with little Princess Betty.” Again, I nodded. I had vaguely wondered how Kyle had known this. “Was at your hospital the other day, and saw your sexy ass in the cafeteria talking to all your doctor friends. Had my first appointment with my infectious disease doc,” he said, his pace picking up somehow even faster, “Fuck yeah, knew when I saw you that if I ever saw you again, I’d find a way to fuck your sweet hole. Shiiiiit… I got to stealth your sweet hole last night. Now I’m gonna shoot my fucking toxic poz load inside you again slut.” And with that, Kyle slammed into my ass and held still, letting out a loud growl as his cock throbbed, shooting what felt like a huge load deep inside me. It was powerful, forcing out some of the other loads in the process as my ass ran out of space for all the cum inside of me. Part of me was shocked, as with the way Kyle had told me his status the night before, he almost sounded like he was negative. But thinking back to his exact words again, I realized he was right, and never actually gave me a full answer. Slowly, he reached around me and grabbed the now cold and unforgotten butt plug that had been in my ass hours earlier. He quickly pulled himself out and shoved it in, eliciting a gasp from me as the cold plug seated itself deep inside me and my hole slammed shut at the cold intrusion. “Fuck yeah, grab that plug with your stretched out ass lips. You know you want those loads to stay inside where they belong.” Kyle then grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face to his crotch. “Suck me clean so we can go, pig.” I sucked him clean, slowly savouring the taste of all the different cum loads coating his dick. His tasted great, with an extra smoky taste to it. I realized I likely had something to my theory of smoker’s cum tasting different. After a few minutes, and coaxing a bit more of Kyle’s cum out of his cock as it deflated, I stood up, getting ready to jack off. “No way fucker, save that for tomorrow when you remove that plug,” he said, smacking my hand away, “Let those loads marinate inside your ass and then jack off in the morning. Give that virus a chance to knock you up.” We both dressed in silence, my ass feeling delightfully full again with the multitudes of cum sloshing inside my hole around the plug. I pocketed the box of reds, now empty save for one lone cigarette. We climbed the stairs in silence, and I stood back and rubbed my still hard and aching cock and cum-swollen balls, watching Kyle open the door before letting us out. He grabbed another cigarette and lit it quickly before handing it to me to share. I took a deep puff and handed the red back. “Well, I’m off to home. We gotta do this again soon. Next time though, I expect you to bring your own smokes,” he said, a wicked grin on his face as I slowly nose-jetted the smoke. “Who says I’ll be back?” I asked, jokingly getting an attitude as he started to walk away. “Dude, pig like you will be here every night I bet,” he said loudly, “Besides, got to work your ass up to being ready for the bathhouse somehow.” I secretly was glad the street was empty, as his words echoed off the different storefronts. “Sounds like a plan then…” I said, turning away and starting the short walk to my apartment building next door, “Don’t forget to send me that Ren guy’s number?” “Will do. But only if you send me a pic of your ass tomorrow after you take the plug out. See ya soon!” he called back, waving to me as I left. I waved back, knowing the action was pointless since he couldn’t see me. Slowly, I walked in the front door, looking at the security guard at the desk. I was silent, seeing that he was clearly asleep, his legs on the desk and hat on his face. Looking at him, I glanced at the clock behind him and quickly realized the time. 3:45am. Holy shit, I thought to myself, as I called the elevator, which quickly opened with a soft clank, did I seriously spend almost 6 hours at a glory hole?! I grinned at the realization, catching my reflection in the now closed doors. I looked… well… well-fucked was the first thing that came to mind. My hair was tousled, and I had what looked like a small bit of cum coating my bottom lip. I instinctively licked it. Yep… cum. The doors quickly opened, and I walked out, quickly unlocking the door to my apartment and stepping in. A slightly hazy cloud of cigar smoke still hung slightly in the air from the nights earlier festivities. I took in a deep breath and inhaled deep through my nose, now enjoying the smell. I quickly made my way to the bathroom and removed the cock ring from my member before taking a quick piss. The relief was instant, as I felt my dick slowly deflated and I unleashed a full bladder. My eyes felt heavy as I relieved myself. The night quickly was catching up to me, as I felt the tiredness suddenly hit me like a brick wall. Yawning, I undressed, and pulled back the covers, climbing into bed. In almost no time at all, I quickly drifted off to sleep, with ass plug deep inside me as the countless loads inside my ass stayed trapped. Kept warm inside me, allowing them to get absorbed.
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    CHAPTER TWO Two days later he called me. Well, texted, actually. I think not having to actually speak to me made it less of a violation to him, like he wasn’t really cheating -and he certainly wasn’t cheating with another dude! The text said: Last day near book shop. Noon. Don’t be late. Short and sweet and to the point. I was at work but everyone deserves a little cock with their lunch, don’t they? I ducked out early so that I could get there on time. As before, it was just before noon and not terribly busy in the book store. I’d been coming from the opposite direction, so I didn’t see any of the construction or the crew when I arrived. But within a matter of minutes, he walked in the front door. Rushed in, actually, clearly so that none of his work buddies would see where he was sneaking off to. Our eyes met immediately and we headed back, silently, to the booths. We were there with a purpose so no time was wasted talking. He just followed me into the booth, locked the door behind us, and while I took my pants off, he fished his already fully erect dick out of his pants. This time he didn’t just take his dick out through the fly. He opened his jeans and let them fall to his ankles so that I could get a good look at those sexy, thick muscular legs. At first glance he looked lean-muscular. But those legs told a different story. Those legs were powerful and sexy -a strong weakness of mine. As if his Alpha attitude wasn’t enough to brainwash me, those legs certainly would do the trick! I got on my knees on the cum-sticky floor once again and got to work on that beautiful meat. He threw his head back and moaned as he enjoyed everything my mouth did to him. I heard him whispering to himself -Fuck, what are you doing to me? This was having some kind of effect on him, just not sure what. I think he was still in some sort of denial that he was in an adult book store with his dick in a faggot’s mouth. After a while I wanted to see how open I could get him to be so I eased off of his cock and started tonguing his balls. I slurped and licked those milk-makers like it was a melting popsicle. They were big and heavy, obviously full of cum -that thought got my mouth watering even more. What I wouldn’t give to feel that load going up my ass!! I wasn’t going to push my luck, though. He knew that I took dick up my ass without question, so it was there if he wanted. But all he seemed interested in was my mouth on his cock and balls. So he let me alternate between the two for at least 15 minutes. I normally get a little bored with lengthy blowjobs, but considering the environment and the sexy guy, I wasn’t bothered this time at all. I tried to brace myself with my hands on his muscular legs but he slapped them away. He really wasn’t into me touching him -probably too intimate, too gay. If only he knew -I really wanted to reach behind him and grab a firm butt cheek in each hand to pull his cock all the way down my throat as he emptied his seed into me. But no hands on legs definitely meant no hands on butt, so I managed. I was actually feeling a little like a con artist. Only I was going for the long con. Start off slow, earn their trust, and as he gets more comfortable, begin introducing new things extremely slowly so as to not scare him away. Possibly make him think it had been his idea -that would take a little work, but with patience it could be done. With a little time, I knew that I could get him wanting, needing, more than just a blowjob. Like last time, he took a firm grip on my ears and began to slam his cock into my throat, gagging me so deliciously, until he finally grunted loudly and flooded my mouth with his yummy cum. I let it all pool on my tongue, delighting in the feel of his as it slithered around in my mouth. The very second that I taste a fresh load, I get so fucking horny, and today was no exception. This was putting me into overdrive. Finally, after a minute or so, as he redressed and caught his breath, I swallowed his seed and smiled up at him. “Worth it?” I asked. “Worth what?” he asked, frowning. “The risk of getting spotted coming here.” The corner of his mouth tugged up on one side, giving him an extra sexy crooked grin. “I already scoped the area out this morning before anyone showed up to the site. Back door will take me out of sight and I’ll head back around from the other way.” I stood up to relieve my sore knees, and laughed at him. “Sounds like spy work. Too bad today’s the last day on this job.” He raised his eyebrows. “Yeah? You like sucking this dick, faggot?” he asked, grabbing his denim clad bulge in his right hand. Fuck, I can never resist a man who grabs his crotch -there is nothing more masculine. “Damn right I do,” I told him. “My offer still stands. Any time you need to drain those balls, call or text and I’ll be there.” “You an on-call whore for all guys?” he asked gruffly. “Nah. I have a few friends I fuck around with, but no one I’ve made that arrangement with.” He just nodded, maybe glad, I don’t know. He’s not at all interested in me, so why would he feel possessive? He let those other guys breed me last time, maybe he just likes being in charge. Alpha, after all. I thought he was going to leave but he stopped with his hand on the handle, and turned back to me. He gestured over to the glory hole. There was no dick sticking through, but there was a helluva lot of cum dripping down the wall from some morning customers. Probably some ass juices, too. “Clean that shit up,” he ordered. My eyes took in the messy hole. There was cum all around it, and a thick trail all the way down the wall, ending with a nice sized puddle on the floor. My mouth was salivating again, my dick was throbbing in my jock strap, and my ass was quaking. I really wished I’d gotten fucked again while sucking him, but no such luck today. I started slowly licking around the hole, glancing sideways at him to see if he was enjoying what I was doing. Judging from the bulge in his jeans, I’d say so. I couldn’t believe I was doing something so dirty. Spent cum from total strangers, and who knows how many guys it had come from? Although that thought sort of scared me, it turned me on more, and fueled my hunger. I slurped and licked my way down the wall and stopped at the puddle on the floor. There had to be a good half cup or more there. On my knees again at this point, I couldn’t help it -I reached down and swirled my fingers around in the cummy mess. Once they were good and coated, I watched him as I reached back and inserted those fingers up my ass. “Fucking pig whore!” he yelled at me. “Do it again!” he ordered. I dipped my fingers in two more times and shoved the cum into my greedy hole, and then he lifted his booted foot up and stopped on my shoulder. Then he pushed me down, face down, towards the puddle. Even though I’d scooped up some of the loads into my ass, there was still lots there and he clearly wanted to watch me eating it all up off of the dingy disgusting book store floor. I couldn’t even imagine how many years of loads had accumulated on this floor and here I was on my knees, about to ingest all that I could. For him. His foot held firm as my face was in the slimy puddle like a pig in a trough. I slurped and I sucked until there was nothing left. And then he released me. I sat up licking my chops, smiling at him, even though he wore a look of amused disgust. “I’ll call you,” he said, abruptly turning and disappearing. And just like that he was gone, and I realized I had to get my filthy ass back to work. Good thing I had a high-protein lunch to get me through the rest of the day. I hoped I didn’t have to wait long for his next call.
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    It was hard to concentrate on my geometry homework, I kept looking at the invite, and finally I went over to my bulletin board and circled the date Tuesday June 5th 1973. My brother Bud would be coming home from college during the Memorial Day weekend just in time for my graduation ceremony, I was looking forward to seeing him again. Bud and I were close but shortly after his camping fishing trip he started hanging out more with my cousin Cole who lived about a half mile away, sure they would include me in movie nights and such but I felt like I was drifting away from my middle brother. Then Bud got accepted to Miami state University and was soon whisked away with college life, just like Cameron when he got accepted to NYU a year earlier, even though Cameron and Bud were just over a year apart in age Bud gravitated towards me as we held similar interest. I was excited on many fronts that evening and when I went down for dinner was gleaming and giddy, Mom put out dinner and we all dug in, Dad kept glancing my way with that all knowing smile on his face. It was just the three of us that night but between that evening and Memorial day Gramps came over frequently to help dad prepare for the camping trip, what little I could discern of their conversations it was what tackle to bring, what the weather was forecast for the area around the cabin and other non-useful to me subjects of conversation, no hint of what might be really planned for the trip. My family had been going up to the Madison Family Cabin for years, my first recollections of summer vacations were at the cabin. It was a monstrosity of a building five bedrooms, three baths (now) and a large great room in the middle of it all, adjacent to the enormous kitchen. It had been built by my Great-Great Grandfather Madison three quarters of a century before, so that the family would have a retreat from the daily trivialities of the times. It had a large closet stocked with games and was set on a large plot of land adjacent to a lake, very private and secluded, what a wealthy family would prefer. My Great-Great Grandfather started the business and had become well off in spite of the economic turmoil of the day. He was also responsible of starting these annual pilgrimages of Father-Son camping trips. The weeks leading up to Memorial day were agonizing, with finals and preparing for graduation, and then realizing I would soon lose some of my privacy for the summer with Bud coming home I began beating off franticly attempting to relieve the anxiety and sexual tensions I had been feeling especially around the mail room, with my cousins beginning to really turn me on scampering around, and Hamilton only got sexier as he developed into a hot jock boy. I finished up my finals on a Wednesday and cruised through an easy Thursday rehearsal for graduation before heading home to kick back and jerk off before having to go put in some hours in the mailroom, where I now oversaw 6 of my cousins sorting incoming mail orders and scheduling postal pick-ups for outgoing packages, we only handled the smallest of them so it wasn’t that big of a deal. That Thursday as I sat contemplating the week to come I noticed that Hamilton and one of the younger cousins had disappeared, I got up and wandered back into the rows of shelving to find him in a close embrace with Hector my 16 year old cousin making out and oblivious to their being caught, I cleared my throat and they broke apart, Hector acting very nervous and Hamilton grinning “Found another one that likes to be kissing cousins Thom” I just shook my head, Hamilton was such a tease, in just over a year I’d be seeing him at the camp out, and maybe we could sneak off together and make out I thought. He was after all a really good kisser. The next morning I had planned to sleep in as graduation wasn’t till 2pm and I had the day off from work because of the celebration the family was throwing for me and 4 of my cousins who were also graduating. I was deep in a wonderful dream where I was kissing and fondling one of my older cousins when “whoop” a body landed on my bed, actually it was a good thing as I was rock hard and dripping precum into my pajamas and had been left alone most likely shot a huge load in a great wet dream. “hey little bro I’m home” it was Bud pouncing on me and waking me up, he pulled back the covers and smirked in an effort to get me up he found me “up”, a large wet spot not only on my pajamas but on the sheets below, he smirked that ever knowing smirk and pulled me up my rock hard cock leading the way to the bath room as he stripped my pajama bottoms off me and tossed me into the already running shower, it wasn’t extremely cold but it was brisker than I generally enjoyed, my hard on subsided as my brother just smirked, he had knowledge and lust in his eyes as he stripped down, jumped in and soaped up my body then flipped me around to rinse the suds, I was a bit shocked although we routinely had bathed together just a year or so earlier, to save water and hell we were brothers after all. I got out and toweled off he continued cleaning as if this was common place for him, then exited and shut off the water before beginning to towel himself dry. I couldn’t help to notice he had filled out in his first year of University, he was more athletic if that was even possible, after all he was the star Wide receiver for our High School football team just 2 years ago, but he was manlier now, I couldn’t put my finger on it but he had somehow changed while away at school. We both were dry and he threw some underwear and shorts at me, before reaching into his dresser and pulling out a tee shirt and shorts for himself, I noticed he didn’t bother with his usual boxers, he was going commando today, I just chuckled to myself and slipped on my boxer briefs then donned my shorts and white tee shirt. I looked in the mirror and thought how sexy I looked today, and to be able to hang with my middle brother made me stand even taller. Bud was my cheerleader at Graduation, he led the family in whoops and hollers when I took my diploma and he was the loudest in the crowd when my honors and accomplishments were read for all to hear. He also worked hard to get me buzzed at the family celebration that evening even though he paid almost as much attention to Cole and his little brother, Sam who graduated with me, and to my other three newly graduated members of the Madison clan, Paul, Mike, and Chester, who would also be joining us at the campout in just 4 days. I liked Sam, Paul, Mike and Chester, the first three played on my Football squad and Sam and Mike played Baseball with me, Chester was in band and Paul had joined the pep squad in the spring to cheer our team on. We were a happy clan, and most likely to get happier in the times ahead. As the evening wore down Cameron came over to hang with the graduates, joking about how much fun we would be having on the trip to the cabin, then the 8 of us moseyed towards the back of the park and Cameron and Bud each produced a joint lit them up and passed them around, by the time the last of the weed was smoked all of us 18 year olds were pretty buzzed, Cameron, Bud and Cole exchanged glances as they could tell the weed had also the effect of making us very horny “Hey guys we better make it back to the main party before someone misses us” Cameron exclaimed, then we made our way back to the main area of the park. Each of us grads cut a cake and everyone ate some in honor of our achievements, Cole and Bud plied us with a little more beer, to keep our buzz going and as midnight was getting closer the crowd thinned out and we all made our way back to our respective abodes. I had slept with Bud’s bed empty for almost a year, having the room all to myself, but tonight Bud accompanied me to the bed room that we had shared throughout our youth. Bud closed the door and we could hear Cameron next door prepping for bed as well. I was still a little buzzed when Bud put his arms around me “I love you little bro, you can always count on me to be there for you” He lifted my tee shirt over my head and held my arms there trapped in the fabric as he turned me around to face him and planted a hot wet kiss on my lips. He started making out with me and soon had me down to my briefs and socks. I figured he was buzzed as well and just went with it, it feeling so good to have him hold my nearly naked body next to his as he removed his tee shirt and shorts, kicking off his sneakers and somehow removing his socks without breaking our embrace. I was melting in my middle brothers arms and I felt a love that would endure. Bud was strong as he lifted me onto my bed and laid me down, lying beside me we continued to cuddle and kiss, I could not feel any closer to my brother than I was at that moment. We lay there embraced when I realized Bud had gone commando all day and now was pressed up against me with just my briefs separating his naked body from my brief clad one. He was getting aroused as I felt his hard cock pressing into my thigh, but I soon heard his breathing get shallow and he was soon snoring lightly down my neck, I was in heaven as I drifted off to sleep beside him, nestled in his arms.
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    The next day at work, I got a phone call from Dr. Woods. I answered the call and he said, "Hey Rik, how are you doing?" I responded, "I'm good. What's up?" He responded, "I know yesterday was a surprise and wasn't want you planned. Are you onboard with the treatment plan we discussed?" He must have been at the hospital seeing patients, as I could hear the overhead announcements in the background. That explains the formality of his tone. "Yeah, I am actually. I guess this is something I've wanted for a while, but didn't have the balls to go for it." He replied, "Excellent. I was hoping you would be open to this. Dr. Grant and I took a look at your lab work yesterday after you left your first treatment and your immune system is really strong and can take a beating, if you know what I mean. Are you still interested in the FasTrack blood donation program, or are you going old-school?" Luckily, I have an office at work, because my cock starting getting hard over this conversation. I'm discussing my seroconversion and setting a course for the rest of my life. "Yes, Dr. Woods, I think the FasTrack process makes sense for me. I'm excited to get started and earn my own biohazard tattoo." He replied, "That's great. I was hoping you would say that. I'm going to cancel Friday night, and we'll push that back a week. You will get a Club e-mail inviting you to an event the next Saturday. Three days before that, stop by the office at your convenience and see Teddy. He will give you something to suppress your immune system. It's a safe medication and it will help with the FasTrack process. How's that sound?" I replied, "That sound perfect. I look forward to receiving the e-mail. Thank you, sir." "Thank you, Rik." Later that day, I received the following e-mail: ___ Conversion Club Members - Please accept this invitation to our home next Saturday at 4:00 pm for some light refreshments and some Conversion Club business. We will have the pool warmed up for those who wish to enjoy it. (Leave the bathing suit at home. We'll have the usual clothes check for you.) Conversion Club business starts at 6pm where we will congratulate recent conversion and we have three inductees to welcome, one of whom is a FasTrack participant. Justin and I look forward to seeing next Saturday. Brad Woods ___ I left work early that next Wednesday and stopped at the office of Dr. Woods. I let the receptionist know I had an injection appointment with Teddy. In short order, Teddy called me to the back and had me follow him into his work area where he often draws blood. In a growing medical practice where private rooms are at a premium, he has an open alcove area. He pulled me close and gave me a kiss. His moustache brushed against my lips and felt really hot. In hushed tones he said, "You're coming on Saturday, right? "Yeah, I wouldn't miss this for the world!" He replied, "You're going to have an amazing time. I can't wait to help you with your treatment plan." I looked down at the growing bulge in his pants. "I can see your willingness to help right now." He looked in my eyes whispered, "I've wanted to poz you for a very long time. When I converted I was going to call you, but I made the decision to wait until my viral load was high enough to make a difference. Giving you my poz load and my blood is an honor." Both of us were hard, but this wasn't the place to do anything about it. He said, "Let's get your shot before I cum in my pants. Here's your Decadron shot. This will knock down your immune system response for the next week. We'll also give you a flu shot today. You might be a little achy. This will keep your immune system preoccupied so Saturday will be a success." "Sounds great. Let's do it." In the following days, I spent some extra time at the gym to make sure my body made a good impression. I cut even more fat out of my diet and went to extra spin classes to lean out further. Saturday around noon, I put my 24" colon snake, my big dildo, and some lube in the shower. I first used the douche hose to make sure my hole was totally cleaned out. I worked the colon snake up inside to confirm everything was out. Then I lubed up the dildo and rode that bad boy for a while, doing my best not to bust a load of cum. Keeping an eye on the time, I pulled out the dildo to see only a little mucus and just a trace of blood. That's perfect. Before getting out of the shower, I put some lube on my hand and worked my fingers up my hole. I've had my fist up my hole several times, and the feeling is awesome. The dildo stretched me out already, and it was fairly short order before my fist made its way inside. After a couple punches and turns, I pushed my hand out. My rosebud was pushed out nicely. Getting dressed, I looked in the mirror and got a look at what my diet and exercise plan achieved. I now have surface veins popping where they were buried before, my arms were veiny before, but you can see them all the way up my arm. My leg veins were showing and my lower abdomen veins were out for the first time. With the temperatures in the 90’s, I drove to the event with the convertible top down in just shorts and flip-flops. The sun felt good and I liked the cruising I got from guys. I arrived at Brad and Justin's place around 4:15. There were about 10 people there already fully naked. With a kiss, Brad welcomed me to his home and showed me to the den where the clothes check was. I put my shorts and flip-flops in a bag and headed to get a drink. I passed by Mateo, looking sexy as fuck. Justin welcomed me with a hug and a kiss. "I'm glad you're here. You're going to have a great time. Hold the sex for after 6pm. Let's get you a drink and introduce you to the Club members." This was a diverse group of guys, anywhere from 19 years old (Mateo) on up. We made our way to the bar area where three other guys were chatting, one of them was Blake. Justin said, "Guys, I want you to meet our FasTrack inductee, Rik. This is Bob, Tracy and Blake." I shook the hands of Bob and Tracy, with a "nice to meet you," and then gave a kiss and a hug to Blake. I said, "Blake and I have already met." Bob smiled and said, "Define met." Blake smiled and said, "He meant bred." Justin turned to me and asked, "So, what would you like? "AIDS." "You'll get that in a little bit. What do you want to drink?" I looked at Blake and asked, "What are you having?' He said, "You!" I said, "You'll get that in a little bit. What are you drinking?" Blake said, "You can have a beer or bottled water. It’s important to stay hydrated." I said, "A water sounds perfect." Blake and I made our way around the place, heading outside to the pool area where the rest of the guys were. Being the new meat, I got the once over from everyone, which I expected. There were cocks of every description ... some big, some smaller, some cut, some uncut, and some pierced. Most of the guys either buzzed or shaved their pubes. Strangely enough, I felt naked not having a biohazard tattoo. Everyone there had one above their cock, and most had one additional one. Some new arrivals were greeted by Brad, and one of them was my college roommate Mike. Holy shit ... when we roomed together, he was one of the biggest condom freaks on campus. He's a beautiful man, tall, dark and handsome. Other than his condom thing, he was a freak sexually. So fucking fun. I excused myself from Blake and went to say hello once he ditched his clothes. He was facing the bar when I approached, so I grabbed his ass and said, "Fancy meeting you at a place like this!" Mike turned around with a smile, "Rik! Great to see you." We hugged briefly and both pulled back to check for tattoos. He didn't have one yet. He's one of the other inductees. He didn't have a tattoo, but his cock was pierced and his nipples were huge ... like bigger than silver dollars and unusually puffy. So fucking sexy. I said, "So looks like we're getting pozzed together. It'll be cool to do this with you!" Mike said, "Yeah, are you the old-school or FasTrack?" One of the biohazard tattoo guys standing around said, "You're the FasTrack one, huh?" I replied, "I need to earn my biohazard bad. Hopefully I'll get the fuck flu soon" He said, "I'll do my best to help!" I turned back to Mike and said, "I love what your body mods. Your cock looks amazing with a PA ring. So sexy." I brushed my fingers against his puffy nips and said, "And these are amazing. Holy fuck they're hot ... dude, how do I get those?" He smiled and said, "Yeah, I love them ... they're so much more sensitive right now, I can cum just by having a guy suck on them. Dr. Woods has me on a couple things to help grow them." "Wow. They're so fucking sexy. I'll talk to Dr. Woods about doing that as well. Mike said, "Dr. Woods can make your dreams come true." He asked, "How are your parents?" I said, "Good. How about yours? He said, "They're doing great. I spoke at Stanford and saw your younger brother Tom last week. He fucks like you do!" I said, "Um ... Tommy's straight..." Mike said, "Only his big uncut cock is arrow-straight, and he fucked me good. He loves my nipples ... great sex. You gotta try him." OK ... now my brain is racing ... but not a conversation for now. About ten minutes before the Conversion Club meeting, Teddy came through the group with a bowl of blue pills and yellow pills. "Anyone want a Viagra or Cialis? We also have TriMix injections available if you want one." Mike said, "Have you ever done TriMix?" I said, "I've never heard of it." He replied, "The TriMix makes me rock hard for hours." I said, "I'm open to everything today." Mike said, "Great, let's do it." Teddy was across the room, so Mike said, "Teddy, Rik and I will do the TriMix." Teddy said, "We'll do those out by the pool." When Teddy was done handing out the pills, he asked, "How many for TriMix?"
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    I've been traveling for work since last Wednesday -- a string of boring cities and no one to talk with. I did manage a couple hotel hookups on Scruff, but both were lame and anticlimactic (literally). I've had dinner alone for 5 nights, and was just looking for someone to share a few beers, chat it up, and maybe go back to my hotel room for some playtime. But I really wanted some conversation. My trip was extended to included New Orleans at the last minute, so I flew from Artizona to NOLA the other night. I've been to NOLA once before, about 6 years ago for work with some colleagues, but hadn't explored all the gay spots. So, I pulled out my phone and started checking out places to go. I hoped on Scruff (knowing I wouldn't find anyone for dinner on BBRTS), but it was a slow night. So, I finally ate alone, hung at the hotel for bit, then got read to hit Bourbon Street and the gay bars. It's still warm here, so I threw on shorts, a tank top, and flip flops to head out. I popped into two bars across the street from one another that looked promising -- Oz and Bourbon St. Pub. I liked the pub better and settled at the bar with a cosmo. I gotta say, the bartender was generous. I chatted up a couple people at the bar, buit they came and went fast. The bartender was engaging, and I thought he was a possibility for later. But I also don't like waiting around for hours for a bartender to finish his shift. I had a second cosmo, and the circumstances didn't improve much. Scruff and Growlr were sporadic, and had way too many, "Hey!" Then never said anything more. I was scanning gaycities to see what other options existed. Phoenix Bar was intriguing, but I didn't want to walk that far. Rawhide was only a block or two away. I knew the reputation, but it wasn't really what I wanted tonight. Honestly, I was feeling pissed. My first night in years in NOLA, where you supposedly can get laid just walking down the street, and there were few people around, and no action. No one in the bar really excited me, and I decided to leave when my cocktail was finished. I headed over to a neighborhood bar (Good Fellas? Something like that) and had another cosmo. STill nothing but small talk, and the bar was mainly empty on both floor. The cosmos were feeling good, and I was feeling a bit resentful toward the pairs and threesomes of guys talking here and there. I decided to leave. I kinda knew where I was gonna go, though part of me really didn't want to. But I walked the couple blocks to Rawhide and went in. What a seedy place! I mean, it smells like an ABS but has a bar in it. I thought about leaving, but was still intrigued by the legend and had to check it out. I got a vodka and cranberry, and started to wander around. At this point I knew I was kinda drunk, and really just wanted to leave, but was still enthralled to see if it lived up to its reputation. There were only 4 or 5 guys hanging in the back, near a chain link fence in middle of the room (I still don't know what that's about!), but no one really caught my attention. I was easily 10 years younger than any of them, and probably 20 years younger. I stood along the back, leaning against the counter, resoluate to leave. One guy to my right was standing along the wall and seemed to be stroking his cock slowly. I couldn't see the size in the dim lighting. There was a much older guy, I would guess late 60s, skinny and not attractive, staring at me from the other side. I ignored him and moved away to my right. Finally, a guy stepped out from a side area -- the bathrooms, I learned later, and walked over near me. We checked out each other, giving tugs at the front of our shorts. He pulled out his cock and started stroking, so I did the same. He didn't wait long before stepping closer, letting our cocks bump, and stroking together. After a minute, his hand touched the back of my head, and guided me down to his cock. It was a nice cock! So I started sucking him. Then I felt a hand slide into the back of my shorts. I realized it was the older guy, and I pushed his hand away, concentrating on the cock in my mouth. Now I felt another hand on my ass, this one firmer and bigger. I saw the guy I was sucking leaning to his left to get a better hold of my ass. I let my shorts slide to the floor. There was some awkward movement for a moment, and I realized he was pulling something out of his pocket. There was a plastic snap, and I felt a drizzle of lube run down the crack of my ass. His fingers quickly began probing my hole, working the lube inside. Again he moved kinda awkwardly, his fingers disappearing from my hole, and then a bottle of poppers appeared under my nose. I took a deep hit, then a second, holding my breath momentarily to catch the full rush. He pushed against my back to bend me forward, and I positioned myself against the built in seating along the back wall, while his cock started to probe my hole. fuck it felt good! He had long deep strokes, and I just groaned as he took me from behind. All I could see was the gritty ledge in front of me. He pounded my hold like that for minutes, keeping a steady pace, and then pulled out. I don't think he came -- there weren't any of the tell-tale actions or sounds. He just stepped back. Before I could turn around and reassess what was going on, another cock slid into my hole. This guy didn't waste any time, or give me a change to say no. He just started fucking hard. I stepped out of my shorts and flip flops, spreading my stance to take his cock better. I pulled off my tank top over my head. I was feeling used, and just wanted to be naked. I had another hit of poppers (no idea from whom), and again the guy stepped away from my ass. I quick turned around, picked up my shorts, then leaned back on the ledge and pulled my legs up. The guy I'd seen stroking when I came in stepped up and starting pushing inside. He had a mushroom head and I yelped when it stretched my hole. He didn't care. He started plugging away at my ass. I was totally caught up in it -- laying naked in the back of a bar, getting fucked bare. I was rock hard. "Yeah! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!" The guy pounded me. I was thinking he'd come soon, but he had stamina. I grunted through a few more strokes, then noticed the old guy standing close to my left. His cock was out and he put it in my hand. It was BIG! Really BIG!! It had to be 9 inches ( a real 9, not the faux 9 some guys claim online), and had some girth to it. It was intimidating and enthralling at the same time. I was lost in cock lust, and he knew it. The guy fucking me stepped back, and the old guy stepped up to the plate. His slid inside. I grunted, thinking I couldn't take it all. He held my ankles, spread my legs wider, and started fucking my raw ass with long, deep strokes. I just moaned, leaning back and feeling like a total whore in the scene. I wouldn't give this guy the time of day, but now he was using my ass for his pleasure. That was HOT~~~ All of a sudden he started grunting, three quick sounds that matched three sharp thrusts into my ass. The fucker had just bred me without a word. And now he was just stepping back and walking away. Not even a tap on my ass to thank me. I was winded and lighted headed, learning forward and trying to catch myself to get upright. A few guys were standing around watching the show. I wasn't sure if I wanted to hang out and get fucked again, or leave. I waited a moment to reoriented myself. The guy with the mushroom head stepped up again and pushed his cock against my hole. I submitted immediately, and he fucked me standing up. This time he was fucking with more urgency. "Take my load!" And then I felt him spasm. He pushed deep inside and held it there, "My load is buried deep." Then he pulled out, tapped my ass, and walked toward the bathrooms. I put on my shorts and flip flops, carrying my tank top as I walked out of the bar. I felt like a total whore as I walked back to my hotel, feeling the stickiness across my ass. Fucked raw by four random guys, two of whom bred me. My head was spinning, even after I got back to the hotel and jerked off thinking about it all.
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    At least I can finally write my own story. My name is François, I'm half french and half Swiss. I must ask for your forgiveness if my English isn't all that good. I have read all the time stories here, especially those about cumdumps because this is one of my biggest fantasies, and I've always wanted to do it. And finally, two days ago, I finally had the perfect opportunity to experience my fantasy. I'm 23 years old, although I look to be in the range of 18 to 19 years of age. I'm 170 cm in height, and weigh 53 kg. I have brown hair and eyes and rather pale, white skin. At the time of this story I had arrived in Berlin a month earlier, but let's stop talking about me and tell you what happenned to me the other day. It was Friday, I didn't want to out with my friend because i was fucking horny and was craving to get filled. I met a guy i already saw before, he is 42yo, thin with a big nice dick (18cm) I guess and kinky side (He promised me that he will whore me out sometimes).He fucked me good for 30 minutes i think and opened my hole well before giving me his hole but i didn't came and was still horny. So i decide to go to the Boiler (Maybe some of you know this place). So i took the train to get there, once i arrived, i was amazed of how big, clean and so full of beautiful guys was. I walked around a bit to discover the place but already some guys were cruising with me and trying to have their ways with me but i didn't give myself until i saw this sexy 40 yo londonian man stroking his big dick in front of me, as i saw him, i didn't take long to get against him jerking him off and caressing his body. we went in some special room where there is some kind of window with another room where guys can come and watch the fuck. he was very sexy and very sensitiv to my pleasure, he sucked me good but not as good as i sucked him, i even succeed to deepthroat him, then things became hotter, he eat my ass and it gets even more sloppy then it was already (I kept the load from my first fuck) and before i could say anything, he was balls-deep into my ass. He was a great fucker, I couldn't avoid myself to moan like a bitch, but i didn't lost my time and sometimes I ride him and bring him to the edge of his pleasure. I love looking the guys who's is fucking me into the eyes while i ride him good, they are always with star in the eyes and a bit shocked from getting so much pleasure to see this cute little twink bottom that I am, riding their cock. in the next room a lot of guys pass and one of them locked himself in the room to be quiet while he watched us fuck. But i don't give him too much attention. the londonian guy told that he wants me to cum at the same time and want me to ride his cock to make him cume and so i did. It didn' take long to him to filled me with his cum and for me to unload on his chest. after that i collapsed a few minutes on him, all sweaty with his cock still buried into myself. After that, i went on my way again. The fuck was great but i was still horny. I took a shower but still kept the 2 loads hardly won and went drink a beer at the bar. And when i came back in the cruising area, i finally saw the guys who was going to be my dominant top, my alpha, my daddy. I think he crushed on me instantly too because as soon as we saw each other, he went into a room and look at me like to say "come to me". He was a very sexy 38 yo looking daddy muscked but not too much bith a very nice veiny pretty big dick (18cm) black hair and beard and very hairy with a ring on of this nipple. Once I got in his room, we kissed and caress each other, I gently caress his nipple which seemed to turn him on a lot and then he threw me on the blanket and fucked me hard and good. He was so hard that I moaned loudly and some of the cum inside my ass dripped out, i was a bit afraid that he noticed but didn't care and continued until he fucked me even faster than before wrecking my ass and finally got as deep as he could to unload too in my ass. I was on the edge and came too very fast fingering my hole with all that cum but it didn't stop, we chatted a bit and he asked me if i liked to do threesome and maybe being shared and i said of course, i do with a pretty naughty smile. He said that's cool and i replied to him that he could share me with more than one guy. so we went into another room and fucked again and he gave me another load in my gutts then he opened the door and told me to get doggystyle while i sucked him. At the beginning, few guys just passed in front of the room but soon a group appears in front of the door but they were only watching so my friend (Antonio) got behind and fucked me good in front of them and invite guys to come. He stopped and spread my cheeks apart with his big hands and then i felt a great thick cock fucking me good, the cock was not too long but perfectly thick and his skin against mine felt amazingly good (Antonio told after that he was black), then he came i felt so full of cum, i felt my ass dripping of it but each time it happends, Antonio carefully put it back in my ass with his fingers, another's man cock or his own. I couldn't see the guys who fucked me but i didn't care, i was so happy and i could do it all night long if i would taken drugs. two other guys came after they didn't have so big dick as Antonio or the black but they got endurance and big loads. after the third one i asked Antonio to make a break and smoke a cigaret because my ass was sore but it begin to hurt me a bit (I got a tight ass). So we moved in another room and he fucked me again and i asked him to piss in my ass, he was so happy that i asked him to do it that he fucked me even harder to come and then he emptied his piss in my ass. After that i felt amazing, we took a shower together and i had to be careful because my ass was so open that i could feel piss and cum running down my legs. Piss fucking is great but it's always a bit difficult to continue fucking after so i went to the bathroom to emptied and clean my ass. and get back to the cruising area where i joined Antonio again, we cruised a bit and in the smoking area found 2 super sexy arabic guys who were staring at me with sexual interest eyes, that makes me a bit blush and laugh because i was next to my daddy and they looked at him a bit like they were jalous. But the night proved that they don't have to. We went back in another room and do it again, soon even more guys than before were in front of the door looking at us, stroking their cocks and they beginn to enter the room, a 50yo man with a nice dick beginn to fuck me but then the 2 arabics guys came and Antonio told the guy's fucking me to go and so, after i was sucking one of the arabic while Anotonio sucked his friend, quickly one of the arabic guys with a very nice dick i have to say came in my back and fucked me while i sucked his friend. But there was too many people in the room. there was even a second bottom getting fucked next to me. And this was the first time i got so many fucked and my ass really hurt, even more after Antonio pissed. Unfortunately i didn't heard one of the arabic guys asking Antonio to go the four of us in another room and decided to stop here. when i knew that i was a bit disappointed but i had enough cock for a first gangbang experience and decided to go back home. I stayed a bit with Antonio and exchange each other number, took a shower, try to ged rid of the cum or the piss still in my ass and walked home. This experience was amazing and i'm looking forward to do it again. I hope you enjoyed this story. And if you are a sexy top, Alpha man too that wants to whore out your bottom let me know and come chat with me ;). If there is enough comments to ask me how i look like, i will post my pictures.
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    Part 7 'They’re all positive. Tom is positive. He’s been fucking HIV into my torn hole all night.' My mind went into a panic. I tried to struggle but couldn’t move. My breathing became panicked and quick but because I couldn’t open my mouth I felt slowly suffocated. Tom reached down to me and took advantage of my panic, placing poppers under my nose. I had no choice but to inhale. My body grew warm and flushed and my hole twitched. I felt numb all over. He grabbed the syringe filled with toxic cum and slid it deep inside my hole. It was cold as it filled me, my ass felt full with his seed. He positioned himself at my ass and in one unmerciful thrust he ripped deep into me. I tried to scream but couldn’t make a sound other than a guttural moan. Leaning down, Tom whispered in my ear “Daddy never said he was negative, boy. I’ve bred your ass and claimed it. I chose you. This is your gift.” I felt my eyes fill with tears, I didn't want this. Why had I allowed myself to get into this situation? The tears streamed from my eyes. The men around me noticed, and someone, a man with white hair and the biohazard tattoo above his swelling cock taunted me sneering “Look at the bitch. Crying with happiness. You love your Daddy, don’t you?” I tried to shake my head. Did all these men think I wanted this? I looked pleadingly into Tom’s beautiful blue eyes. “Daddy loves you John. I want this for you and me. Take it and enjoy it. We’re free now.” I didn’t quite know what he meant but I knew he was close to cumming. My ass burned and I could feel the cum splashing from my hole with every thrust. I felt his cock ring stabbing at my insides. I suspected my ass was bleeding. Tom thrust harder into my hole, and I distinctly felt his cock spasm as he came, the jets of cum flowing deep into my body. The spectators cheered Tom on, catcalling him saying “Fucking breed him,” and “Give him that Daddy load,” and perhaps most to-the-point, “Knock-up his cunt.” Yeah, the room was filled with the sound of encouragement for Tom as he became my Daddy. After he was satisfied that I’d received ever drop of his cum he withdrew his cock, walked round next to my head and placed a blindfold over my eyes, remarking “I want you to feel the cum filling you, not focus on who’s giving it to you. My load is the only one you should love and cherish. The rest are because I want it for you.” Tom placed more poppers under my nose as the first cock slammed into me. I spent hours taking load after load of cum. I began to feel satisfied knowing I had made someone cum. Every time I felt the spasm of a cock or the moan of one of the men in the room I felt a sense of pride. Was I doing a good job? I didn’t want to let Daddy down. I couldn’t believe I felt this way. Tom had truly broken my mind. I was craving the cum of every man present. Each time another syringe of lube was unloaded into me I felt closer to Tom, knowing Tom’s cum somehow allowed the other men to use my ass with violence. I felt the familiar sting of Tom’s cock as it buried into my now destroyed hole. Light flooded my eyes as the blindfold was removed. Tom’s blue eyes were the first thing I saw. He was smiling. I felt a deep sense of calm wash over me. I glanced up at the ceiling: the room was empty except for the two of us. Each time Tom’s cock slid from my ass I noticed it was covered in thick white cum. I knew there was nothing I could do now, it was too late, this was my fate. Tom quickly bred my ass, blowing his load so deep I could practically taste it. Reaching over to the table, he grabbed the jar of cum, which was now two-thirds empty. The remaining third ended-up in my ass by means of the syringe. I thought my ass would burst, and apparently Tom was of the same mind, as he abruptly slid a butt plug into my hole. Mercifully this plug did not have spikes. “Good boy. You did Daddy proud tonight.” With that Tom released my legs, but before either leg hit the mattress I had passed out from exhaustion.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty Five As we walked in silence to the set, I couldn’t help but think about the basement, wanting to be in it right now, playing with the other members and Dad. The first meeting of Dax at the house was so misleading, instead of being decent, he was a complete ass hole. Dad’s head was looking down as he walked, I could see the guilt now on his face. I reached over and put my hand on his back, a silent gesture of assurance that it was okay. He half faked a smile back at me. We arrived at the set, which looked like a typical teenager’s room. There were other men, naked, standing around waiting, not on us but on Dax. “Okay fuckers we had a change of plans.” Dax’s loud voice said from behind us. I could see the expressions on the men’s faces as if they were annoyed by this news. “Instead of a porn shoot, this is going out live on our site” he said, “And wipe the fucking attitudes off your faces” I didn’t wait for any instructions, I stripped off all my clothes and went on set and got onto the bed. I looked out at the men, the cameramen were slowly getting hard seeing my naked body. “Okay Daddy,” Dax said with a smart ass tone, “Get in there and rape that ass” Dad quickly stripped off his clothes, I stared at his hairy, muscular body still in awe of how hot Dad was. His cock was slowly getting hard. “I want you to get in there, pin him down and ram your big cock up his ass” Dax said slapping Dad’s ass. “Oh and make it hurt, for real” Dax said, “OR ELSE” Camera’s were up and I could see myself in monitors, as well as on their website. The count of how many were watching was quickly climbing. Dad moved in and jumped on the bed. He grabbed my arms and twisted me around, then slammed me face down on the bed. My eyes widened. I had never seen him like this. He had a look of hatred on his face and rage in his eyes. 
HIs legs pinned my legs together and held them there. He slammed his body down on my back, knocking the wind out of me. As I tried to catch my breath, he twisted my head to the camera. His hand gripped the back of my neck hard as his other hand lined up his hard cock with my hole. Without saying a word, Dad rammed his cock deep into my hole, fast and hard. I screamed as he pulled out and slammed back into me. “Excellent” Dax said as he watched. The camera men were moving about getting the fucking from different angles, as the site manager worked to get the three camera views up for all those watching to see. Dad had dropped his head behind mine as his hips pumped his cock in and out of my hole. Using his feet he pushed my legs open wide, spreading his with mine. I felt someone get between our legs and knew right away that it was a camera man getting a good close up of my hole stuffed with Dad’s hard cock. “I’m sorry” Dad softly whispered in my ear. The pain was gone and I was enjoying the fuck from Dad, it was a new side of him, I liked it. My cock was hard between me and the mattress, which was squeaking from Dad’s thrusts. I tightened up my face, as if I was in pain. Shit I was going to give Dax and his perverts a good show. Dad grabbed my hair with his fist and pulled my head up some. He released my neck and slid his forearm around my neck, pulling in tight. I could feel him choking me a bit, not cutting off my air supply, but just showing me he was in control. I fought the urge to push my ass up to meet his cock as he fucked my hole. I was sure that Dax wanted this to be as realistic as possible. I cried out in pain a few times, instead of moaning in pleasure. The slapping sound of Dad’s hips hitting my ass, echoed through the warehouse. His cock was rock hard slamming into me, harder and harder. I rolled my eyes up as if he was choking me out, thinking about Garrett, Coach and everyone else at home watching this live, stroking their cocks. “Your faggot ass is going to get filled with AIDS” Dad screamed at me. “No” I said crying a bit. I started to think about the saddest thing I could and the tears began to flow. “That’s it faggot, cry! Your life is over” He pushed my face down into the mattress as if he was trying to suffocate me. He pulled me back up moment later, I gasp for breath and was soon face down in the mattress again. I could smell the piss and sweat in the fabric. He pulled up and again I gasp for breath, as convincingly as possible. Dad cock continued to assault my hole, slamming in and out of it. I really started to panic when I could feel something run down my balls. I knew I didn’t have any cum inside me, not for two weeks and Dad didn’t use any lube or spit as he entered my hole. It was dry. I really started to panic as I thought about blood running down my balls. Dad sensed this and put his mouth down by my ear, whispering: “Relax baby, Daddy will take care of you” I don’t know how the mics or Dax didn’t pick up his whispering but no one reacted. “Hope you are ready for death” Dad said. He slammed his cock deep into me and held me tight. I could feel his cock shoot deep inside me. Dad was grunting, cussing and breathing heavy. He released me head and hair as he pushed himself up, putting his hands on my shoulder blades. He had me pinned this was for a moment and then started to pull out. “Get a close up on his cock, especially if it’s bloody” Dax ordered. Dad’s cock popped out of my hole. He gripped it by the base and held it tight as two camera men zoomed in for a close up of his cock. Cum hung from the piss slit. His cock head and shaft was smeared with a little blood. The other camera man zoomed in on my hole. It was red from the pounding and a small amount of blood. Cum was leaking out. I watched the whole thing play out in the monitors until they went black. Show was over. “It was good, but it could have been better” Dax said. I just laid on the bed as Dad stood at my feet. “Fuck cleaning up, get dressed and get out” Dax said, “I will let you know when you need to be here again” I jumped from the bed, pain shot from my hole. I didn’t want to give Dax the satisfaction of seeing me in pain. I quickly redressed and started for the door. The cool night air felt good as I stepped out. I had no idea where Dad was, I didn’t wait for him. I was leaning against the passenger side door as Dad exited the warehouse and made his way to the truck. The horn blew twice as he unlocked the door and I went in. Dad got in and started up his truck. “I’m sorry” was the only thing said as we drove home. I went straight to my room and shut the door. There was a soft knock on the door, followed by Dad saying: “I’m so sorry son” I laid down on my bed, plotting. I was going to get Dax, one way or another.
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    Part 13 “Do you know who I am” the mature man asked. I shook my head no, although I had an idea, but I wasn’t a hundred percent sure it was who I was thinking. “I own this company” I just looked into his eyes, waiting for him to continue. “When I learned that many of my executives, managers, and employees were inflicted with different incurable social diseases, I created a new program and you my boy are the first employee of that program.” I stood up, giving my legs a break from being in the same position for a long period of time. “These men are under a huge amount of stress and fucking is a good outlet, except their wives have cut them off, that my boy, is where you come in.” What the fuck, I thought, they are making me a whore. “You have been infected with the main disease that is carried by the men, yet you show no signs of sero-converting to carrying the disease yourself, so we are infecting you with other curable diseases to weaken your immune system.” I am going to be their cum dump whore and not worry about the guilt of passing the disease since I will have already caught it. “My boy, you will be paid handsomely for this new position, plus all your medical expenses will be paid. You have nothing to worry about except being the best fuck that you can be” “I will be a whore, Sir” “Technically yes, a whore.” “I’m not sure if I can do this Sir” “You willingly let your boss, a client, and two other men fuck loads into you infected with diseases and now you say you can’t do this” “I mean, I don’t think I can do this and my job here” I replied, “Oh I don’t mind the fucking and servicing these men. It’s just putting me behind in my work” “My boy, don’t worry about that. You no longer have that position.” I just stood there nodding my head. The mature man stood up and tucked his soft cock into his dress pants. “I think we are now in agreement” he said moving by me. “Are you not going to fuck me Sir” “I carry nothing you want, nor do I want what you carry” he said opening the stall door. I heard the outer bathroom door open and footsteps echoed inside the restroom. “He’s all yours” the mature man said to the new man, “Seed him deep with your gift” The outer door opened and closed. The new man slowly pushed the stall door open. I quickly got back in my bent over position and put my hands on the toilet bracing myself. “You’re the whore with HIV, gonorrheal and syphilis up his ass?” “Yeah fucker, what’s that cock got for me” “Going to shoot my ‘gooey stuff’ deep in your pussy” “Fuck yeah, chlamydia, it’s what’s my hole is missing” The man’s pants fell to his ankles, exposing his muscular legs. His hand slapped my ass as he rammed his cock into my hole and drove in deep. I jumped. This man didn’t wait until i was ready he just started to fuck me hard, deep and fast. I had to hold on to the toilet to keep from being pushed into the wall in front of me. “Damn I can feel those toxic loads coating my cock.” I moaned, his cock felt so good up my hole. His balls were slamming into mine as he rammed into my ass with his hard cock. “Fucking whore” he yelled. “Fuck my hole, give me your disease you bastard” I yelled back “That’s how a true whore acts, he begs for it, cock, cum and disease” “Give me your clam - you twisted diseased fucker” He began to slap my ass harder and just as fast as he was fucking me. I heard the outer door open again. A smile grew on my face as I thought of how we were attracting attention. “Sounds like he’s a good fuck” a voice said. “Yeah buddy” “Fucking give me your disease” The man fucking my hole grabbed my hips and slammed into me harder and harder. “Can’t hold back any more” he said. He rammed deep into me and his cock bounced up and down in my hole as it emptied cum deep into my. He was grunting and breathing hard and quick. He slowly pulled his cock out as I squeezed my hole around it, not wanting to loose any of the cum from him or the other men. “Let’ me clean that cock” the voice from outside the stall said. The man turned and opened the door. I turned my head to watch. The man slowly walked out of the stall. There in the middle of the floor was man on his knees, mouth open. I watched the semi-hard cock slowly go into his mouth and he began to suck and clean it. I could hear a moan coming for the man sucking. He was rubbing the crotch of his pants. “That’s enough” the man said, pulling his cock out and tucking it away. “Doc is outside to give you the shots you need to get rid of the diseases you have been exposed to” The man quickly left. Leaving me with the new stranger. “Hi, I’m Brad. I work with Dr. Martin. We will be your medical team.” “Alex” I said extending my hand. “Let’s take a look at that hole” Brad moved over to me and spread my cheeks open. “No issues, but does look like it needs to be filled again.” “Slide your dick in” “You are a whore, just like they said”
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    I was in New Orleans on one of my semi-regular business trips to the city. I had a long day with lawyers and decided to have dinner then pay a visit to the Club on Toulouse for some 'relaxation'. I thought that I would go to the bar for a drink before dinner to get me in the mood for the rest of the evening. The bar was empty apart from one other suited guy. He was about ten years younger than I, good looking, tanned and looked to be in good shape. He was chatting to the bartender and after a while I joined in, and eventually he introduced himself as Dan. As the bar got busier I found myself in a one-on-chat with Dan. When he talked he stared into my eyes and I knew there might be something there. This was confirmed when he suggested dinner in the hotel. He said that as were both on our own there was no point eating on our own. Over dinner we chatted and whilst things got more personal -we were both single and unattached – we did not discuss our sexuality. However my gaydar was in overdrive. As we got up from the table it was he who suggested a night cap. As the bar was now very busy he suggested that his room may be more personal and I agreed. As soon as the door was closed he pulled me to him and started kissing me passionately – he paused briefly to say “Not wrong am I?” Without replying I simply pulled him back to me and continued the kissing. Without breaking apart we made our way to the bed and fell back on it. We must have been locked in the embrace for ages. It was both passionate and highly charged. After a while we removed each other's shirt. He had a lovely, toned, and moderately hairy chest - I got the impression he shaved it from time to time. I buried myself in his chest and started sucking and nibbling his pert nipples. As I did so I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. At last I could feel his cock. It was just above average but very thick. I was somewhat surprised that he too was uncut. I had to have his cock so I went down and took it in my mouth. I tongued and nibbled on his foreskin for a while and then took it all the way down. He enjoyed this for a while then pulled me off in order that we remove the remainder of our clothing. We then started kissing again and body rubbing – as a result our cocks were both solid and I could feel our pre-cum between us. After a while he broke away and went down on me. He was a great sucker and as he devoured my cock he started fingering my hole. My reaction let him know exactly what I was after and he rolled me on my stomach. I felt my cheeks spread and another finger entering my hole - this was soon replaced by his tongue, and boy did he know how to pleasure me. Frankly, how he got is tongue in so far I do not know but I was now frantic for his cock and he knew it. The next thing I felt was his cock head rubbing against my hole – he did this for a while and I was screaming at him to fuck me. I felt him push his cock in but I pulled away. “Have you got any condoms” – I asked. “No” he replied “did not think I would need them on this trip.” He continued to rub his cock against my hole and I was passed the point of no return. “For fuck sake fuck me” I cried out “but don’t cum in me!” With that his cock was soon in me. He was thick and stretched my hole at first but once he got into the rhythm I soon began enjoying the feeling of him inside me. This was the first raw cock I had ever had inside me and it felt great – so natural! The more I thought of his raw cock inside me the hornier I got. He was a great fucker. He loved to pull right out of me then ram his cock all the way home. He had been banging away at my hole for some time when I felt his cock quiver inside me. “I am about to cum” he said and started to pull out. I was desperate to feel what it was like to have someone cum inside me and without thinking I said “Do it” and pulled him back inside me. Within seconds he was shooting a huge load and I could feel every drop of it. He stayed inside me until his cock started to soften then pulled out. As he pulled out I felt the cum drip down my leg. It was the greatest fuck I had ever had to date. I had been converted to raw fucking and do it every time I get the chance. I won’t miss out on a fuck just because the other party wants to use a condom, but my preference these days is raw. This is not a problem as it seems that more and more guys want it this way too!
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    This happened years ago. I had gone out find a hole to fuck and breed. Yep. Plain and simple. There were several men out that weekend. But I just could not land one. As the night wore on, there he was, on the margins, always looking my way. Nice enough looking: late 30's, average height, a little heavy, cute, a bit reserved. But I saw something in his eyes...a hunger for cock. For cum. For more than he had experienced before. My testosterone levels must have been through the roof. Because soon enough, we were at his apartment, naked. He, servicing my hard cock. Me using his throat. Holding the back of his head down on me. Using him for my pleasure. And him enjoying every bit of it. His stubby dick, which I refused to let him touch...at least not yet...dripping for release. I made it damn clear I was POZ, that I was gonna fuck him bareback and that I would NOT pull out. I could see desire and apprehension in his face. But I've learned how to heighten the first while leveraging the latter. I knew he was enjoying the idea of danger. Intoxicating. So I upped the ante with rough, POZ talk. After a good bit of foreplay, I had him on his side, me behind him. Holding him tightly to me as I grunted breathy, filthy words into his ear. Telling him not to worry, how he shouldn't deny himself anymore. My very hard cock grinding at his back door. He was breathless, speechless with excitement. The key to a good fuck is to fuck the bottoms mind first. I made him say he wanted my cock in him. That he wanted me raw. Then I distracted him; I made him refer to his hole as a pussy. As a cunt, made for cock and seed. I had him beg me to fuck his pussy. My hard cock kept knocking insistently at his hole. I told him how I knew what he needed. That I could the hunger in his eyes, a hunger he had denied himself feeding his whole life. I told him that I would give him what he needed, what he craved...but first I would some lube. I felt him attempt to move towards the bottle on the nightstand. I did not allow it. "No, no." I guided his hand to his stubby dick. "Jack yourself off", I ordered. He complied. "Good boy. That's it...Now, you had better cum big...and do you know why?" He was unable to respond, for he was jacking furiously in anticipation of what I was about to say. "Because I'm gonna use your own cum for lube. You want that don't you?" Again, no reply - his breath growing more shallow, more rapid. I was drunk with power. He was under me complete control. And when he was just about to do so, I ordered him to, "CUM NOW!" He came as ordered. "You're gonna want to catch every drop, boy." I sneered as he came into his hand. His whole body convulsing. I released him just enough for him to move him cummy hand to his fuckhole. He shamelessly slathered himself and my cock with his own seed. "Thats right..lube up that pussy for me." The whole room smelled of cum. I pulled him even tighter towards me as my now urgently hard cock penetrated him in one long thrust. He yelped. "Is this what you wanted?" No reply. Just his gasps. "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!" I barked. "YES!!", he cried. "My raw, POZ cock in your worthless cunt?!". He was shaking by this point. I could see him trying to form words. "Answer me.", I insisted. "Yes...yes...", he whispered. So I got my fuck on. Oh yeah, I. Got. My. Fuck. On. And I pounded his hole with one arm around still wrapped tightly his chest and the other around his neck. There is something oddly satisfying about watching a man struggle to breathe while I fuck him. There's a moment when you can see the desire for mix with panic. You can sense it like a presence in the room. If you've ever experienced it, you know. "Tell me what you want.", I said. No reply. "Say it....say it.", I persisted while longdicking him . "Oh god...OH GOD" he cried. I laughed and sneered, "Oh no, fuckhole...god can't help you now. That time has cum and gone....funny thing is...in a couple of minutes, I'm gonna do the same. I'm gonna cum..and then I'm gonna go. But first, I need to hear you ask for it." He was barely holding together now. "Say it.", I insisted as I intensified my pounding. He started to mumble words. "SAY IT!" I commanded - barely able to forestall myself from cumming. "OH, FUCK...OH FUCK! PLEASE, BREED ME! GIVE ME YOUR DIRTY SEED! PAINT MY GUTS! I NEED IT! POZ ME!!!" He bellowed. That was when the flood gates opened and two weeks of charged seed filled his boypussy. I howled with release as I churned my sick cream into him. That satisfying cumsloppy fucksound I do so enjoy filled the room. I stayed in him as long as I could, grinding my toxic load into him. He whimpered as my softening cock slimed out of his oozing cunt. Only then did I release my hold on him. When I was done. And he lay there panting...used in the way I wanted to use him. I got up, wiped off, and dressed. All the while, he lay there panting. The realization of what had happened just starting to dawn on him. I stood there a moment, taking in the sight of this piece of meat I had used. A bead of my toxic seed dribbled down the crease between his thigh and his asscheek. A wicked smile took residence on my face. The time for words was done. I simply left, stepping out into the cool night air. It felt damn good.
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    Part 8 I awoke to the sensation of my ass being stretched. Mitch was spooning me as he pushed his morning hard on into my willing hole. I moaned as my god buried himself fully in me. He rolled me on my stomach and placed his powerful hands on my shoulders, allowing him to pile drive into me. He fucked me fast and hard for ten minutes before he let out a deep groan and pumped another of his delicious loads into me. Mitch collapsed on my back, breathing heavily as he started to piss into me. God I was so horny I humped the bed and shot a load while I served as a urinal for the hottest man ever. When we both finished, I glanced at the clock. "Shit dude!" I exclaimed jumping up and running to the toilet. "It's 11 fucking 30! We're dead meat!" Mitch laughed as I sat on the toilet, wishing I could keep his piss in me forever. "Don't worry dude! I went down and paid for another day. We're fine." "So we have the whole day together?" I asked excitedly, jumping back into the bed. Mitch grabbed me, kissing me deeply. "We sure do! And, um, I kind of have an idea." I looked at him curiously. "Well let's face it, we BOTH enjoyed last night. Maybe we can continue it." I snuggled into him as he told me his ideas. I got hard again as he talked. He wanted to place a few adds online, and see what happens. Soon we were running to the store for a couple of things. When we got back, I took a series of pictures of Mitch posing in a ski mask, displaying his killer body, nasty writing and all. Soon we had posted on several sites. The add read..... Teenage jock cumdump avail to be used. All day and night. Anonymous. Downtown hotel. Cum in and fuck a prime piece of 18 yo ass. Find him blindfolded, tied down, ready for your load. Dump and go. No cock refused. And then we waited. It was less than an hour when the first reply came in. Soon more poured in. I was in charge of replying, just sending hotel and room number. As we were expecting someone soon, I moved Mitch into position. I had him lie on the bed, legs hanging off the end. I spread his legs and tied them apart, then pulled his arms toward the head and tied them. He looked so sexy like that, helpless, vulnerable. I couldn't help but dive onto his asshole and rim him for a few while he moaned. Then we heard a knock. I put the mask on him, blindfolded him, and answered the door. The man that entered was not attractive at all, kinda heavy, but we said any cock. He walked up to Mitch and grinned as he rubbed his rock hard ass cheeks. "Mmmmmm......nice." he said, dropping his pants. He had a respectable dick that he stroked to hardness, spit on it, then slid it into my man. Mitch moaned as the stranger buried himself in the quarterback. The guy was quick. A few minutes of quick pumping and he was breeding Mitch. He pulled out and left without a word, but not before adding his marker slash to the rest. 20 minutes later, another knock. This was an old man this time. Probably in his 70's. He bent and sniffed Mitch's jock cunt. The he licked it, running his tongue up and down Mitch's hairy crack before sucking on his hole. Mitch moaned like a whore. Then the old man pulled out a surprisingly big dick, which he promptly rammed into Mitch, causing the stud to loudly moan in pure pleasure. The old man fucked for a long time. The next guy arrived while he was still fucking. "Damn he really will take any cock, won't he?" Stated the new guy. The old man just kept fucking and fucking, finally burying himself deep as he shuddered while he climaxed. As soon as he pulled out, the next guy pushed right in. Mitch just begged him to fuck him hard. The man obliged, pounding Mitch with all his might. After about 10 minutes, he too unloaded into the bound cumdump. This is how the day went. Various men of all kinds showed up for the chance to breed a hot teenage jock. Mitch loved every moment of it. Then they showed up. Andre and Tony. Oh shit. They were in our frat! Fuck! We never thought someone we would know would show up. "What the fuck is this?" Asked Andre. "Cole? Is that Miller? He's a fag? Holy shit!" Mitch started to panick when he recognized the voices. "Guys...." he started. "I'm not a fag!" "Bullshit! Look at you! Taking anonymous cock, tied up, in a motel room? You're a fucking queer! Now we ain't no queer, we just like hot ass. And bitch, you've got one. Now if you don't want us telling everyone, you'll do as we say. Untie the fag." He ordered me. "We're gonna have some fun!" I untied Mitch as instructed. "Kneel bitch!" Mitch nervously kneeled. Andre ripped off his blindfold and mask. "Won't really need these, will we? I wanna see your face fag, as we rape you! What the fuck is written on you? Faggot Jock cumdump? Cum in here? You've taken 35 loads? Damn u nasty Miller! Open that pretty white mouth, suck my cock!" Mitch obeyed. There was no use in denying the truth now. He sucked Andre deep while Tony laughed. "Oh yea Miller. We're gonna have a nice next couple years now that we know your secret! I get horny a lot, and bitches ain't always available. It will be nice to have a house slut! Now, on the bed, show me that cunt. On your back like a whore, spread em!" Mitch complied, grabbing his legs, exposing his cum dripping hole. "Fuck what an eager slut he is!" Laughed Tony. "Get in there dude!" "Look at me Miller!" Demanded Andre. "I want to see your eyes when I sink my anaconda into your cunt!" And it was an anaconda! Easily 12 inches. Andre lined his purple cockhead up to Mitch's red, dripping gash. With one hard, mighty push, he buried his huge fuckstick all the way into Mitch causing the jock to groan loudly as his eyes rolled back in his head. "Oh yea, take it fag! TAKE IT!" Andre shouted as he ground his wirey pubes into Mitch's swollen ass lips. Mitch panted in heat as Andre began to pound him. Mitch wrapped his legs around Andre, holding him tight. "Fuck yea!" Cried Mitch. "Fucking give it to me dude! You cant rape the willing! Dont be a pussy! Think your such a hot fuck? Prove it nigga! Come on. FUCK ME!" Andre was spurred on by Mitch's goading, and fuck him he did. Andre fucked Mitch as only a horny 20 year old jock in his prime can. Of all the fucks I've watched Mitch take, Andre was the most brutal. He pounded Mitch with no mercy. For 15 minutes he rode the quarterback as hard as he possibly could, and Mitch just begged for more. "Oh yea faggot! I'm gonna cum! TAKE IT!" Andre spit into Mitch's mouth as he added his load to the many others that had been previously deposited. He pulled out and Mitch's stretched hole leaked cum like a river. "Get in there dude!" He told Tony. "Best ass I've had in a while!" Tony dropped his pants to reveal a ridiculously thick cock. This mother fucker was beer can thick. He too wasted no time, crawling between Mitch's open legs, and rammed his fat cock in deep and hard. "OH FUCK!!" Yelled Mitch. "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" That's all Mitch could spout as Tony ripped him open. Andre shoved his dirty cock in Mitch's mouth while Tony pounded him mercilessly. "Oh FUCK!!!!" Tony shouted as he added yet another load into the jock slut beneath him. "I'm definitely gonna be back for more of that hole!" He said, pulling out. More cum ran out of Mitch as he was unable to close his hole. Mitch cleaned his cock off as well. As their frat bros left, Andre said, "Expect a lot more cock Miller! See you at the house." As they left, Mitch just laid there, exhausted. I pushed his legs up so I could see his fucked open hole. Cum was oozing out. I planted my lips against it and sucked, hard, being rewarded with a mouthful of cum. I placed my mouth on Mitch's, and we kissed, sharing the loads from his ass. The rest of the night was less eventful. More men showed up, more cum pumped into Mitch's swollen ass. By the time we checked out, Mitch had 53 slashmarks.
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    I was in Honolulu a few days ago for work. Early in the afternoon I placed an ad on Craigslist, stating that I was going to unlock my hotel room door, close the draperies, turn off the lights and take all anonymous loads that walked into my room. In addition to getting emails directly from CL, I had posted my KIK address and had hidden my cell number into the ad. As soon as my ad appeared, I started getting responses. The first guy was a young str8 kid that said he was nearby. He told me that he wanted the room dark. An eye mask or something tied over my eyes. He wanted me on my knees and wanted me to suck him off. But, he didn't want to be seen. I told him I had a sleep mask. I would do as he asked. I'd be on my knees with the sleep mask over my eyes. I gave him my room number, and within 5 minutes, I heard the door open, close and his zipper was being unzipped in front of me. I opened my mouth and he put his soft cock into my mouth. I sucked on his cock as it slowly hardened in my mouth. Soon, he backed up and sat on the edge of the bed. He guided me over to him and I continued to suck on him. Then he removed his pants and underwear giving me better access to his cock and balls. I licked his balls and licked under his balls. "Will you lick my ass? I've never been rimmed." he said. I lifted his legs and licked his hole. He moaned loudly and lifted his knees to his chest. I licked and flicked my tongue across his young, straight hole. I gave him about 5 minutes of mouth to ass pleasure, then went back to licking and sucking on his balls. Then wrapped my lips around his cock again. By now, he was so turned on, he soon was filling my mouth with his hot load of cum. In true str8 boy fashion, he quickly got up. Put his pants and shoes back on and was out the door in less than a minute. I checked my messages and had several more responses. I messaged both of them. The first response was from a young black guy in his mid 20's that was staying in the same hotel. He told me he was str8 and with his girlfriend. She was out shopping and he wanted to come to my room. He also wanted it completely dark, my ass up on the bed, my face buried in the pillow. He didn't want me to see him. I gave him my room number and told him to push the door open, I'd be on the bed as he asked. He said he'd be at my room in 2 or 3 minutes. The other guy said he was 20 minutes away. I gave him my room number and told him to just push on the door and come in when he got here. I positioned myself on my knees, on the edge of the bed, my ass facing the door. As he said, in just a few minutes I heard the door open and close. I felt his finger rub my asshole as I heard him pull his cock from his zippered pants. He spit on my hole a couple of times and spit on his cock. Then he pushed up into me in one quick thrust. I had no idea who or what he looked like. His cock felt fairly large, but not too thick. But, he was truly hard as a rock. That's one thing I really love about young top guys. Their cocks get hard as steel. He slapped my ass a few times as he pounded me. I tried to milk his cock with my ass as he fucked me. After about 5 or 6 minutes of his fucking me, he now grabbed me around the waist and slammed deeply into me. Soon he grunted a couple of times as he filled my ass with it's first load of the day. As soon as he came, he pulled from me, zipped up and was out my door. I tried to catch a glance of him as he was leaving my room, but all I could see was a guy wearing a hoodie sweatshirt exiting my room. I checked my messages and there was a message from one of my "former regulars" that fucked me a lot when I used to travel to Honolulu on a regular basis. I gave him my room number. He said he'd be there within the hour. Just as I finished replying to my "former fuck buddy" I heard my room door open. I quickly assumed my position on the edge of the bed. I soon felt someone feeling up my ass and feeling my wet hole. He slapped his cock against my hole a few times as he stroked his cock to harden it. Then he pushed his cock up into me. The load of cum the black kid put in me left me well lubed for his cock to slide deeply into me. He fucked me for a few minutes, then pulled from me and completely removed his shorts and underwear. Then slammed back up into me and resumed fucking me. He soon pushed me further up on the bed and put me in several positions. He finally had me on my side as he laid behind me and fucked me hard and deep. It wasn't until he had cum inside me and began to dress that I got a view of him. He looked like he was in his mid 40's. He had a military haircut and when he began to dress, he was putting on green boxers, like the Army guys wear. He also had dog tags on. So, obviously he was a soldier at the local Army base. Soon after the soldier had left, my former fuck buddy came into the room. He completely undressed and I began to suck him to get him hard. Once he was fully hard, I asked him to fuck me. He put his face up to my ass and licked my hole. "Damn, Dave", you've got some cum in you, already", he said. "Yup! Two loads, actually", I said. He hungrily licked my hole and tried to eat as much cum from my hole as he could get. Then he put his cock to my hole and slid up into me. He fucked me doggy style for a few minutes, then he told me to get on my back and he fucked me in that position for awhile. When he was ready to cum he pulled out of me and told me to open my mouth. He began to spray his cum all over my face, chest and into my mouth. He had quite a large load to cover me with. He came, dressed and was out my door in just a few minutes. I checked messages again and had 2 new messages. There was a message from a young guy. He said he was nearby and wanted to seed my hole. I gave him my room number and he said he'd be there in about 5 minutes. The second message was from the black guy that had fucked me an hour earlier. He said he enjoyed the fuck and if I wanted a second load from him, he could come now. I messaged him back and told him I had someone coming over now to fuck me. I told him he could come now and share my ass with the other guy. Or he could wait a bit. It was up to him. But, I told him the door was still unlocked, just come in and fuck me. True to his word, the young kid showed up. I sucked him till he was hard, then I climbed onto the edge of the bed and he began to fuck me. While he was fucking me the door opened again and I assumed it was the black guy again. The kid fucking me pulled out of me and I could hear him sucking on the black guys cock. Then I heard the black guy tell the kid to get off his cock, he wanted to fuck me. I felt the black guys familiar cock slide back up into me. Again, he was slapping my ass as he fucked. I could hear the kid sucking on the black guys nipples as he fucked me. I couldn't see any of this, but it was a turn on knowing that the two guys were both turned on. The black guy fucked me about 10 minutes, before he groaned again and filled me with his second load. He pulled from me and I felt the young kid slide his shorter, but very thick and hard cock up into me. As the kid began to fuck me, I heard the black guy leaving my room. The young kid was really turned on and he only took a few minutes of fucking me, before he was moaning and unloaded his balls deep into me. By now, I was hungry and getting tired. I removed my ad from Craigslist and headed out to get something to eat and then came back to the hotel to take a nap. After those fucks, I slept well for a few hours, dreaming of the unseen cocks that had filled my ass the previous few hours.
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    I was on a business trip in Pennsylvania and was surprised to find there was a video arcade within 20 miles that had glory holes and heavily a M4M clientele. I like to tell myself I'm not a BB whore (although I am), so I slipped a couple of rubbers, a bottle of poppers, and lube into my pocket and made the trip to the arcade. Although I found the place without difficulty, there was no actual signage, so the building looked to be abandoned. I approached the door, range the bell, and was buzzed inside where I paid the $12 admission fee and passed through the turnstile. Inside I found a few hallways, all of which were very dark, each hallway being lined with individual video booths. There were also a couple video rooms with rows of seats, and a few rooms at the back with benches. I could smell the stale cum and antiseptic cleaner everywhere. This place was seriously seedy. There were about ten guys hanging around, a mix of body types, though all looking eager. I finally checked-out an booth which, I saw, contained two glory holes, one cut into each of two opposing walls. Taking a seat, I pulled-out my dick and began slowly stroking myself to the porn on the screen. Before long a player arrived at each of the two adjoining booths. Dropping to my knees, I rested my fingers on the rim of each glory hole and was quickly rewarded on one side with a nice thick cock to suck. Getting into it, and sensing the guy in front of me was enjoying himself, I pulled off my shirt and pushed my jeans down to my calves, pulling a bottle of poppers out of my pocket. I took a hit, inhaling the scent of sex and acetone, and felt the welcome warmth pass through my body. My ass also wanted some attention. As I worked the cock in my mouth, I became aware a hand was reaching through the other hole, so I slid back far enough the guy could play with the tight muscles of my ass. I was bent over so I could keep my eye on the cock I'd been working in my mouth. He withdrew from the glory hole to see what was happening, and heard me take a whiff of poppers. That cock was beautiful. The hand behind me started fingering my hole, poking a bit roughly with too little spit. In front of me, I saw the guy applying lube to his cock. Immediately I felt a rush thinking he would take me raw. I turned around and presented my ass to the glory hole, kicking off my flip-flops and one pant leg so I could position more easily. I inhaled poppers again, and almost immediately the head of that beautiful cock was rubbing against my arse, seeking the hole. I pressed back against the wall and moved my ass a bit. His cock slid in nice and smooth. "Fuuuuuuck yeaaaah," I moaned. He held inside me a moment, and then the fuck started. He was obviously playing for a long game, working me open with his cock, which got wider at the base, and setting a rhythm to his thrusts. I moaned and grunted, stroking my own hardon, vocalizing my satisfaction. I was standing naked in a dark video booth with my ass pressed against the wall and some anon cock boring into me. After a few minutes, the cock slid out of my ass. I waited anxiously, but heard the door to his room open. I stepped away from the glory hole, getting ready to present my ass the other direction. Then the door to my booth opened and in stepped a lean, handsome guy in his early 50's. I recognized the shirt tails I'd seen through the glory hole. He didn't say a word, but pulled his hard-on out and turned me around. I inhaled deeply from the bottle of poppers as he pressed my upper body into a corner by the video screen, my bare skin rubbing against that filthy wall, and my feet sticking to the floor. He slid his cock right back into my hole, and started fucking more vigorously than before. His hands held my shoulders for leverage as he propelled all seven inches inside my hole. I could distinctly feel his balls slapping against my cheeks, which left me even more excited. Pounding my hole for a good five minutes or more, we were both caught up in the pleasure. At once his rhythm changed, becoming more deliberate with each thrust. His grip on my shoulders tightened and he began grunting softly. The guy had decided to seed me, and I had no say in the matter. He stayed in my arse only a moment before withdrawing. He stuffed his spent hard-on into his pants, the lining bulging, gave a quick "Thanks" as he opened the door and slipped out into the dark hallway. I stood there panting in a poppers fog, my ass freshly bred, in a filthy little booth with my clothes strewn on the floor.
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    CHAPTER THREE I didn’t hear from him again for weeks. The first week I spent lots of time fantasizing about getting my hands on him again, hopefully taking things to another level. The second week I didn’t think about him as much, and by the third week he rarely popped into my mind. Just when I was ready to move on, that’s when he decided to re-appear. It was just past the third week when I received this text from him: Need to drain my balls. Where are you? I did happen to be at home so I figured if he really wanted his balls drained, I guess he should come here. It’s probably better than him risking a public meeting place. So I replied: My place. Want to stop by? Address?? I sent him the address and rushed to get cleaned up. I douched even though I wasn’t sure if he would ever go that far, but better to be prepared. He arrived twenty minutes later. It was mid-afternoon, and he was quite dirty, so I figured he was either on a break or taking off from work early. Either way -lucky me! Just like when he entered my booth at the book store, he entered my apartment silently. I led him through to the living room, figuring it was a good spot to start, not as daunting to a straight guy as the bedroom might be. Remember, I was going to the long con, and if I could get him slowly more comfortable with being with another guy, eventually I knew that I could get him to breed me. Corrupting this straight, straight-laced man was becoming my latest obsession. Despite his filthy clothes, I let him sit on the sofa. I didn’t care at that point. Nothing else mattered but serving this stud. He was looking around at my stuff as he plopped down onto the cushions, his gorgeous legs spread wide and inviting. His crotch bulged obscenely, in that way that I think every man should look in a pair of nice fitting jeans. Just mouth watering. Literally. I was licking my lips to keep from drooling. Maybe it had been too long, but he was looking better to me than before. He was a little different this time. He seemed more relaxed and I figured that with the absence of other men around, he had less chance of being found out. It was just the two of us. He just leaned back into the sofa, his arms stretched out to his sides resting on the top of the cushions, emphasizing his terrific chest and biceps. And he hadn’t opened his jeans for me, which means that I get the privilege of putting my hands on him. Yippee! Crawling between his legs, I tentatively touched a hand on each of his thick thighs and, getting no slap or other negative reaction, I gently let them brush their way up, taunting him until I reached his massive bulge. As handsome as this man is, I couldn’t take my eyes off of his big bulge. His cock had seemed average-ish before, but this bulge was telling me something different. “You missed my fuckin’ dick, didn’t you, pig?” he leered. “Yes, I fucking have been,” I breathed. "It looks bigger than I remember,” I added, still not moving my eyes from his crotch. “Haven’t been able to blow a load for a couple of weeks,” he growled, shaking his head in a way that told me he was pissed about something. “Well, lucky for both of us that I enjoy helping you out with that,” I said, finally glancing up to smile at him, and I noticed that his face visibly relaxed. It was as if I had just lightened his load -well, I was about to, but I mean metaphorically. Something was bothering him and I was taking his mind off of his troubles. Not about to waste any more time, I opened his pants and freed his throbbing cock. It did seem bigger than before, but it was steel hard, so I guess he really was overdue and extra horny. Drops of precum were quickly oozing from his piss slit, evidently it had already made a small puddle in his underwear that I hoped to get to lick clean before he left. I licked away the precum from his head as fast as it formed, and then just dove down on him. I wanted to make him feel good, forget about all of his troubles, and put a little seed in his brain. A thought that would grow, one in which he would equate pleasure, release and satisfaction with me. A loud growl ripped from within his chest as I took him as deep in my throat as I ever had. My need to please this man was stronger than ever knowing that he was upset about something. It just didn’t seem right that a man so beautiful should ever look sad. I knew that this first load was not going to take long, but I hoped that he was horny enough to go two rounds today. Sure enough, within a matter of minutes he was thrusting his hips up to meet my face, growling softly, and finally blasting hot delicious cum into my mouth. I savored every drop before swallowing and sitting back onto my heels. He rested his head back, staring at the ceiling as he puffed out loud breaths that turned into soft chuckling. When he lifted his head back up and looked down at me he was looking much happier and satisfied. “Damn, I needed that, pig. You suck good dick. Better than my bitch wife,” he grumbled, his sour demeanor returning. I wasn’t sure just how much he wanted me to know about his life, so I didn’t bother trying to pry into his marital problems. I just smiled at him and said, “Look around. There’s nobody here but you and me.” A look of relief washed over him and he relaxed again. “I don’t know what you fucking do to me, but for some reason you make me feel good, so I should at least say ‘thanks’.” Wow, a genuine bit of emotion sent my direction. I never would have expected that. But it was appreciated. “Anytime,” I hesitated a moment, wondering if it was wise to say more, but considering I’d already committed my brain to the long con, it made sense to. “Look, I don’t know anything about you or what is going on with you. But my offer is always on the table. You ever need to get away and de-stress, this is a safe place. I’ll do anything you want as long as it makes you feel good.” His eyes narrowed at me and he was frowning. “Why? Like you said, you don’t know a damn thing about me. Why would you want to help me out?” “Because from that first time I saw you on the street, something drew me to you. And something clearly drew you to me.” I wasn’t sure if it was wise to insinuate that he had some sort of feelings towards me, but something did bring him to me that first time and the subsequent times since. “I feel like I was put in your path at the time when you needed it. So that’s it -you need me, then it is my job to make you feel better.” “That’s it,” he said, statement not question. “You just feel like you have to please me? You don’t want anything from me out of it?” I took a chance and ran my hands up the insides of his legs, working over to the top once I reached his upper thighs. “The only thing I want is to make you happy,” I told him. “What I get out of it is what you give me.” Now his eyebrows shot up, clearly confused. “What do I give you?” For someone so damn sexy, he certainly wasn’t as into himself as one might assume. “For starters, you let me suck that beautiful cock. No other guys get to suck you off.” I knew that without having to ask. He was still too uncomfortable with the notion of being with another man to have more on the side. “And your cum. You’re a sexy guy, and to bring you the thrill that comes with every orgasm, that is my pleasure. Sex doesn’t just feel good from your end of things -everything that I do feels awesome to me, too.” I threw in that last part hoping that he’d remember how I’d enjoyed getting my ass fucked and seeded. He was still frowning, but not really in a bad way. “I guess I have a lot to learn about, you know . . . gay guys,” he said sheepishly. “I really never knew any before.” “That you know of,” I pointed out. “I bet at least five of the guys on your construction crew have done more than get their dick sucked by another dude.” He looked surprised by that. “Really? You know them?” “Not those guys in particular, but statistically speaking. Plus, I’ve seen my fair share of construction guys in the bathhouses and book stores to know.” “Have you been with many of them? What do they do?” he asked, cutely shy and curious now rather than repulsed by it all. I just shrugged my shoulders. “Sucking, fucking mostly.” I noticed that his dick had begun to fill out again, not totally hard but nearly there. Clearly this conversation was going exactly where I’d hoped it would. My hands were still resting on his upper thighs, so I pulled at his pants some more until I could get at his underwear. That’s where I found another prize -that delicious wet spot that had been pooling in there all day. I leaned forward and noticed he was now watching intently. He was no longer avoiding my gaze or avoiding watching another man work his cock. I think he was now getting into it. After all, how could he deny the pleasure that I had brought to him? And would continue to bring him. I pointed my tongue out while he watched and then licked over the wet spot. He took a sharp breath, stunned that I would do something like that. It tasted just as good as the rest of him, so I licked harder and harder until I’d gotten it all. By the time I looked back up, he was smiling huge and his cock was standing up tall. I quirked an eyebrow at him and dove back down on it. He threw his head back and roared, “Fuck yeah, suck that dick, man. Suck it, Ugh!” I licked, slurped and bobbed on that thing for about ten minutes before I saw his balls twitching in their sack. I reached in and gave them a gentle squeeze and dove down as hard as I could onto his shaft, lodging him in my throat deep enough to cut off my air supply, then I swallowed a few times, massaging his dick head in the process. “Fuck!” he hissed, grabbing my head now -not just my ears- and began to skull fuck me until his nuts erupted and filled my mouth with his stud juice. He recovered and caught his breath as I sat back on my heels and licked my lips clean. I could still smell his crotch on my face and it had my own dick painfully hard in my pants. That would wait until after he left. Which he did moments later. He shoved himself up to standing and adjusted his clothes back into place, stuffing his now semi-hard cock back into his pants. He grinned down at me and then headed for the door. I got up and followed behind to see him out. Before exiting he turned to me. “Thanks, for that. You okay with me calling more often?” “How often,” I asked, trying to contain my smile and excitement. He took a deep breath, as if finalizing something in his mind. “Often. Like, can I come back tomorrow?” I smiled coyly at him and said, “Like I said, anytime.”
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    Sorry for the delay with the next chapter. Let me know what you guys think! Part 8 I didn't know how long I slept for, when I woke up I felt like I was lying in a cloud. My body was heavy, I was now naked and had been washed. My stomach let out a growl, I hadn’t eaten since Saturday. I didn't even know what day it was, or the time. There were no windows in the room. I glanced around. The sling was gone and the sex closet closed over. I sat up and immediately regretted it, my ass burned out in pain. I still had the butt plug in. I got up and went for a piss in the en-suite. I tried the bedroom door but it was locked. I was trapped. I tried to remove the butt plug from my ass, but it was too deep and I couldn’t get a grip on it to try pull it out. I climbed back into the bed and began to sob. What had happened to me? The door opened. I wiped my face, not wanting Tom to see my like this. I just wanted to go home. “I’ve brought you something to eat, you slept right through the day.” Tom placed a tray of soup and some slices of bread on the bed next to me. “What’s the time, is it Sunday? I asked trying to sound calm and not panicked. Tom laughed, “It’s just after 7 in the evening and today is Sunday kiddo” ‘When can I go home?” I looked at Tom cautiously. “John, you are home. I know this is an adjustment but it’s not going to change. You’re mine, don’t you remember saying you belong to Daddy?” I sat in silence, a thousand things ran through my mind, “What about my work?” why was that the first thing I asked? “You’ve called off work for 2 weeks boy. It’s all been arranged, I want to make sure I’ve claimed you and you’re truly mine.” “You contacted my work? How do you know where I work? Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone about this weekend” Tom’s blue eyes narrowed and he sighed. “Never mind any of that, you’ve got to eat something. You need your strength.” I felt frustrated, who did this guy think he was? I kept my face passive, not showing the anger building up in me. “Need my strength for what?” I spat out the words. “For when my seed takes over you. I’m highly viral, and my strain is resistant to meds. You’ll carry my DNA for life, just as a Daddy’s boy should.” I made to stand up but Tom calmly put his hand on my chest. “Don’t make me take control, you’ve been doing well Boy.” I looked at him in disbelief. “Take control? What the fuck!” I lost my cool “Are you serious? You’ve already raped me, had me gang raped, tore up my ass and filled me with infected cum. You’re keeping me against my will, have contacted my work after clearly stalking me for some time and yet you don't want to “take control”” I rolled my eyes and immediately started to panic, the adrenaline was wearing off. Tom narrowed his eyes and spoke softly “Eat your food boy, I’ll allow you that one outburst due to you adjusting to your role. Do it again and being raped will feel like a day at the beach in comparison to what I could do with you.” He got up slowly and left the room, locking the door on his way out. What had I got myself into? Out of desperation I ate the food he had brought me, I wolfed it down and felt better having ate something. I put the empty tray next to the door. I lay in the bed for hours trying to think of a way of escape, yet each time I thought about it I realised I was trapped. He had contacted my work and been watching me for 3 months. Tom clearly wasn’t someone to mess with. Eventually I came to the conclusion that if I played along I’d be less likely to be hurt and could maybe reach out for help when I got out of this room. I tried not to think of the HIV. He had tricked me the first time he fucked me, he deliberately broke the condom to infect me...my cock stirred at the memory. Tom came back to the room, he was wearing only a pair of white briefs, they barely contained his monster cock. He locked the door behind him. “If you’ve calmed down now, lets get that butt plug out of your ass.” I made my way to the bathroom with him. He had me squat over a bucket and slowly he eased out the butt plug. It stung like hell but Tom was gentle. It took me by surprise. Without warning cum and blood rushed from my hole. I felt instantly lighter. Tom pushed the bucket aside and led me back to the bedroom. “I want you to have one last tender moment, I will be in control of you from now on boy, my pleasure and satisfaction will be your only focus. Tonight I will give you pure satisfaction once last time, before it becomes insignificant in our lives together.” I tried not to roll my eyes and told myself to just play along with him. Tom took my cock in his hand and before I could fight the urge I was hard. He pulled me close to him. “Daddy is going to fuck the last neg load your body will ever make… every last drop of it” I was so hard I couldn’t focus, we were in bed before I realised we’d moved and Tom had his tongue buried in my ass. “Fuck, you taste bitter boy” Tom said with a smile. I moaned in pleasure. I felt the familiar cold sting at my ass. Tom had lined up his thick pierced cock at my hole. “Tell Daddy what you want boy” “Fuck me Daddy” I played along. He slide into my ass with more ease than before, but it was still tight and after the first six inches it was painful again. “That’s it, open up for daddy.” Tom made me take long deep hits of poppers. My mind was spinning, Was I enjoying being fucked? I was leaking pre-cum. “I’m not all the way in yet boy. I want you to cum as I breed you. Make you shoot that neg load from the inside.” My body was in ecstasy and agony all at once. I eventually felt his balls against my ass and knew he was in me completely. He changed the angle that he was fucking me and before long I was in a state of frenzy. Each time he slid in and out of my hole he brushed his piercing against my prostate. My stomach was quickly covered with a pool of pre-cum. He took my cock in his hands and I could feel my orgasm building. Tom stared into my eyes, my lips betrayed me; “Breed me Daddy, claim your boy. Cum in my ass, knock me up.” “You want my toxic load boy?” Tom asked not breaking his stare. “Yes Daddy…poz my boy hole” He fisted my cock and my ass started to clench, I couldn’t hold it back any longer and neither could he. We both screamed out in pleasure and as ribbons of cum shot across my body, Tom filled my ass. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. Before the last of the orgasm Tom grabbed my body and pulled it into his, he kissed me. It was both tender and romantic. “I love you boy” Tom said his piercing blue eyes locked on mine. “I love you too Daddy” My stomach flipped…was I still playing along?
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty Six I’m must have fallen asleep because when I woke up the house was quiet, but it was still dark outside. I stripped naked, then quietly opened my door. The hall was eerie quiet and dark. I slowly made my way down to Dad’s room. As I got closer, I could hear him softly snoring. His door was wide open. I stopped and stood motionless in the doorway, just watching Dad sleep. He was just barely covered by a white sheet. His hairy muscular chest, rose and fell with each breathe he too. A big mound, just under the edge of the sheet, indicated his cock and balls. He was soft, but it was still erotic seeing the mound. I quietly, but quickly moved to his bed. Gently I lifted the sheet and climbed in, sliding next to his body. He stirred a little causing me to freeze. I slid my hand under the sheet and wrapped my fingers around his cock. Still asleep he quietly moaned. “Daddy I need it” I whispered in his ear. He mumbled something I didn’t understand. “Daddy, I need your cock bad” He still didn’t wake. I moved my face closer and could smell the Scotch on his breathe. His cock was slowly growing in my fist. “Slide your cock into my boy pussy” His hips were moving slightly, fucking my hand. “It’s so empty without you inside me” “Can’t, hurt you” he mumbled. I turned my ass towards him, reached back and put his fingers near my crack. They soon were rubbing up and down my crack. “Mmmm boy pussy” “Yes Daddy, my boy pussy needs your hard Daddy dick” “Mmmmmm” “Please Daddy, please” He flipped on his side, his cock was rock hard. I aimed it towards my crack, then started to rub it up and down. “Your so hard Daddy, slide it in me, pleeeaaasse” He pulled me in closer, which caused his cock to press against my hole. I spit in my hand, reached back, and rubbed it on my hole. “Fill me Daddy, fill me with your cock” He slowly pushed forward, his cock head pressed hard against my hole. I pushed out and his head popped in. I bit my lip to keep from crying out from the pain. Taking a deep breathe, I pushed back, swallowing his hard cock with my hole. “Oh Daddy, I love your big cock feels good in my hole” “Oh son!” I felt more pain as his hard cock stretched my hole open. I didn’t stop I kept sliding back on it. Dad moved in closer and I could feel his breathe on my next. “Daddy, fuck my hole” He slowly moved his cock out until his head was just inside. He pushed back in slowly. I moaned through the pain that shot through my body. “We don’t have to, son” “I want to Daddy” “If you are sure” “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me like you did earlier” He pulled out quickly, reached around and put his hand at my throat, squeezed as he slammed back into my hole. My cock jumped as he slammed in. I grunted loudly as he continued to pull out and slam in. “That’s it Daddy, rough fuck my hole” I yelled “Daddy is going to rip you open boy!” His fingers tightened more around my throat, as his cock slammed in and out of my hole. I could feel my hard cock bouncing, hitting my stomach and leaving pre-cum. The pain was quickly turning to pleasure. Daddy pushed the sheet off us and lifted my leg high. I could see in the mirror of the dresser that was across from the foot of the bed, Daddy’s big cock quickly moving in and out. His balls were moving up and down in his sac as he pumped my hole. “I need your big thick toxic load Daddy” “You are going to get it boy” “Seed me deep Daddy” “Oh fuck buddy” He pulled his hand off my throat. His arm slid under me, the wrapped around putting me in a choke hold. He now free hand slapped my ass hard. I jumped. He grunted loudly as he thrusted into my hole. “You sure you want Daddy to dump his load into you” “Yes Daddy, recharge me” He pumped fast and faster, squeezing my throat tighter. I felt a bit panicked as he tightened his forearm against my throat. I started to breathe shallow, quick breaths. He pushed deeper and deeper with each thrust. “Can’t hold it son, you going to get my poz load” He rammed in deep into me, pressing his hairy crotch and hips against my ass. “Take it son, recharging your strain!” His cock twitched, as my hole tightened and pulsed as I shot my load without even touching my cock. He released my throat as we finished shooting our loads. “Damn son, you know how to work Daddy up” “I know Daddy” His cock slowly slid out as he softened. “You’re really into rough sex huh boy” “Yeah, a little” “Let’s not let Dax know, he will exploit that” “I’m going to get him some how, some way” “I don’t know how we can get away from him” “I’m working on something, maybe with the help of Garrett’s cop friend we can” “We have to be careful” “Yeah I don’t want you in trouble” “Let’s get some sleep, I will call Doc tomorrow to set up an appointment to check out your boy pussy” He wrapped his arms around me, held me tight until we fell asleep, my mind plotting away.
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    I awoke early Saturday morning, even though it was past midnight when I fell asleep nestled in Bud’s arms, playing little spoon to my brothers big spoon. I rolled over just enough to see the clock “5:45”. Granted I had just had one of my more erotic of dreams where Hamilton and I were naked together making out and caressing each other’s bodies as Bud and Cameron cheered us on. I awoke as the Nocturnal Ejaculation subsided, having shot a huge load into my briefs, Bud’s hard cock rubbing on my covered ass cheeks, evidently he too had a nocturnal ejaculation as the seat of my briefs was wet and sticky as well. It somehow felt good to have Bud’s cock rubbing on my ass, I wasn’t sure why but it just did. I slowly disengaged myself from Bud’s embrace and stripped off my cummy underwear I held them to my face and inhaled their masculine scent, making my cock rise again, I stuffed them under my pillow, wrapped a towel around my waist and crossed the hall to the bathroom. After taking a piss I returned to our room, I slid naked next to my brother and wiggled my ass against his semi hard cock, it just seemed right. I fell back to sleep, waking up almost three hours later to find Bud had found his way back to his bed and was snoozing under a light blanket. I threw back the covers revealing my hard cock as I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, Bud watching my every move, I could see him lick his lips as I stood up, reaching into my chest of drawers I pulled on a pair of Bud’s boxers, my cock tenting out the front then turning my back on Bud I reached down and grabbed my shorts, seductively bending over to reveal my ass encased in Buds boxers as I pulled the shorts on, teasing my big bro. I pulled on a tee shirt and tossed Bud his shorts and a clean white tee “Mom will have breakfast on the table soon, I can smell the bacon” He chuckled and flung the blanket off himself revealing his hard on “see what you do to me little bro, you sexy little fucker” His cock was bouncing as he attempted to put his shorts on, now I never thought of Bud as one who might be interested in guys but Fuck I was and why not Bud as well. I left the bedroom door open and headed down stairs, to the kitchen where dad and Cameron were already digging into the pancakes stacked before them, I grabbed a plate and stacked a couple on my plate along with a scoop of eggs and a couple of sausages, bacon really wasn’t my thing. Bud walked in about 2 minutes later, grabbed himself some grub and sat down next to me at the table, nobody the wiser what we shared last night and this morning. After breakfast I went up to take a shower only to have Cameron and Bud Join me in the stall their bodies rubbing against mine as we all three attempted to soap and rinse off, I noticed Cameron was chubbed up just like Bud and me, I began wondering if my eldest brother got off on guys as well. I got dressed and headed over to the office, I had some sorting out to do in the mailroom, Hamilton was already there as well as Rick his little brother and Hector as well. I went through my sorting routine and then cornered hector in the back corner “So you like making out with your cousin eh, would you like me too?” “Oh Thom, I’ve had a crush on you since I started” I planted a kiss on his lips and then slipped a tongue between them, it was fun teasing my little cousin, I slapped him on his ass and told him to get back to work, and after all I had to keep some semblance of decorum didn’t I? The rest of the day I teased Hamilton and Hector with sideways glances and innuendo then sent them home frustrated and horny. Sunday was a family day and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch out in the park , a game of touch football, and a friendly softball game pitting the various groups of Blue Madison’s against the Gold Madison’s, a formulation devised by my Great-great grandfather to make up sports teams without the usual picking system of team captains picking from a line up, instead the blues would be comprised of the Senior member of the clan and the 2nd and 4th born or even birth in each family group be it male or female who wanted to play, The Golds would consist of the Junior most member of the clan and the 1st and 3rd born or any uneven birth. I being a 3rd child got to play on the Golds along with Cameron, whereas Bud played for the Blues. Now the captain of the blues hardly changed unless they retired or handed down their title the Captain of the Golds changed each year after the camping trip, since the youngest member of the Clan would become the junior clan leader thus giving a fluidity to the clan’s hierarchy. I having been born just a few weeks prior to the Camping trip and the Clans annual meeting of the families would most likely be named Junior Clansmen. Another thing to excite me, Bud and Cameron stuck close by me during the picnic and we had a great time, eating so much that upon dinner time we were only just snacking, at around 7 Cameron asked if I would like to go running with Bud and him, I readily agreed and ran up to put on my running shorts, I stripped out of the shorts I had been wearing all day and removed my underwear as well expecting to don my jock to keep my junk from flopping I suddenly realized I had put my jock in the wash on the last day of classes and didn’t want to put on clothes just to run down to the laundry, I reached in Bud’s drawer and pulled out his jock, raising it to my nose I inhaled my brothers scent, it was a mixture of ball sweat, urine, and I detected cum. It made me hard I reached under my pillow and retrieved the briefs with my and Buds cum dried on them and inhaled in that scent as well making me even harder, I was becoming a pervert as I stuffed the briefs back under my pillow, and put on Bud’s Jock strap then my running shorts, the jock was so stretched out and my cock was so hard it did little to contain my semi hard snake but fuck, I was just going running with my brothers. I made it down stairs without running across my mom or dad and joined Bud and Cameron out on the porch, lucky for me some of my excitement had subsided and my cock was beginning to be contained by the jock. We started out slow and steady running down the street and into the park along the paths set up for running and jogging as well as biking. We were about a mile ingot the jog when Cameron pulled onto a less used Jogging trail and headed up a small hill, Bud and I just followed. Upon cresting the hill and just beyond so the park was obstructed from view Cameron pulled off into a clearing and sat on the picnic tables which conveniently had been placed here, I guess for secluded romantic picnics. He sat on the bench glistening with sweat and pulled out a doobie and lit it Bud, took it from him and took a drag, then passed it to me to Tooke on, I took a hit and passed it back to my eldest brother who took a hit then reached over and grabbed my head, put his lips to mine and exhaled the smoke into my lungs, shotgunning the hit into me. But as I exhaled back through my nose he continued to kiss me placing his one hand behind my head and the other caressed my chest. I was all hot and sweaty as well and although the kiss was hot and sweet, the fondling of my torso was a bit abrasive and I soon pulled away. I looked at my older brother and smiled “Sorry I liked the kiss, but my tank top sticks to my torso when it gets damp and sweaty and not that all comfortable when pressed into my skin” Cameron smiled back “well then take it off let’s see how well little Thom has developed” I pulled my top over my head and tucked it into my shorts, actually into the waist band of the jock as my shorts had sunk down revealing the elastic band and the top crevasse of my ass, Bud standing behind me noticed and quietly catcalled as Cameron again took me into his embrace and kissed me again “Fuck, weed gets me so horny” Cameron was excited and conflicted as anyone could come running by at any moments and we were out in the open, he ran his hands over my sweaty chest, almost leaning in to lick the droplets from my skin, then pulling back “Just two more days little bro, just two more days and we can start having fun together” Cameron got up from the picnic table and began to jog in place taunting Bud and I, before turning and running down the trail even further into the woods, Bud and I ran after him catching up almost a football field’s length away. We continued or jog as the path circled back around into the park, I reached home first with Cameron and Bud close behind, I raced up the stairs and into my room, Bud followed suit and I could hear him and Cameron on the stairs bouncing off of each other just like they did as kids, what seemed like so long ago but in actuality was just a few short years before. After all Bud was just 21 and Cameron was just 22 each in a different college. They had not really seen each other since Christmas and the men’s gathering would give them a chance to reconnect as well. I grabbed the top from the waist band of the jock and threw it in the hamper, I was removing the running shorts when Bud came into the room, walked up to me and snapped the band on the jock “So you’re not just borrowing my boxers you’re pilfering my used jocks as well, you little pervert” He had caught me but he was smiling this shit eating grin, which told me he was fine with me being a bit kinky and borrowing his clothes even the more intimate ones. I let him remove the jock from my body as my cock popped out and struck him in the arm, he wrapped a hand around my hardening cock and said “two days little brother and we can have some fun, but for now you have to wait” he dropped my cock and wrapped a towel around my waist pushing me towards the bathroom. Our house was modest but it also said we were pillars of the community, it was large enough at four bedrooms to afford Cameron, being the oldest his own single (Smaller) room with Bud and I sharing a good size room which accommodated two single size beds two dressers a chest of drawers and two desk with ample room in the middle to wrestle if we wanted, which we did as kids a lot, I missed those days a bit. My parents had a large master suite at the other side of the house and our bedroom shared a large bathroom that had a tub separate from the large shower. Dad had the bathroom remodeled when we were kids taking space from the fourth bedroom, which mom made into the craft room, during the remodel he realized that all his boys were jocks and not really ashamed of their bodies, as we always bathed together so he installed a shower which would accommodate multiple persons. It had two shower heads and room for four guys to stand at a time if needed. I entered the bath to hear the shower already running and saw Cameron standing under a spray of water his eyes closed his body glistening with the rivulets of water running down his back and sides. I dropped my towel and entered in behind him. I reached around him and hugged him as he turned and planted a kiss on my lips never opening his eyes, he reached down and groped my hardening cock. He open his eyes and mumbled “oh Shit Thom” I looked at him confused, Bud entered behind me sandwiching me between my brothers “he thought it was me little bro” “Just over a day and we can have fun, Thom, Dad would have our asses if we broke the code” “The code?” “You’ll find out on Tuesday little brother” He began washing the sweat from my body as Cameron washed down my front soaping up my chest and engorged tool letting the soap flow down between my legs, then stepping back to allow the water to rinse away the soap, Bud backed off as well turning me around so all the soap would rinse away “Ok, Thom time for you to hit the hay its already getting late, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow” I had no clue what he meant about big day, but I toweled myself off and wrapped it around my waist and went to my room, threw on a pair of Bud’s boxers, then returned to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Upon my entrance I found my brothers embraced in the shower, Cameron grinding against Bud, who was leaning up against the wall moaning, suddenly Cameron stepped back and Bud dropped to his knees and took Cameron into his mouth, Cameron then deposited his seed on Buds tongue, Bud gulped down his spooge, I was excited and shocked as I backed out of the bathroom and back to my bedroom. I left on Buds light but extinguished my own, pulling the covers up and rolling towards the wall. It was about 15 before Bud reentered the room, I could hear him rustling around on his side, and then the room went dark, I closed my eyes an tried to sleep but I couldn’t get the image of Cameron shooting his load into my middle brother’s mouth. I was rock hard fantasizing it was me getting that load, questions ran through my head, did his cum taste like mine, as I routinely licked my spunk from my fingers when I jerked off, I pulled the briefs from my pillow and breathed in their aroma, I was dripping precum into Bud’s boxers, but I didn’t care as I kept fantasizing it was me in that shower, I fell asleep with visions of me and Cameron, and Bud, my dreams were filled with all the boys I had lusted after over the years both family and those from school and athletics. The boxers were drenched in cum when I woke the next morning, my sheets were wet and sticky, for a second I thought I had wet the bed but being kinky and perverted I sniffed the offending wetness to discover it was cum, I must have shot multiple loads throughout the night for them to be so wet, I looked over at Buds bed and it appeared to not have been slept in, I couldn’t decide whether Bud had become a neat freak in college however I doubted that or had slept elsewhere last night. With the coast clear and no one to witness my actions I went back to taking in whiffs from my sheets and the boxers which I had removed, leaving me sitting there naked with the shorts pressed to my face, my tongue lashed out at the material lapping up the remnant of my nocturnal emission, it was salty sweet, I began sucking the material to get as much cum out as possible, then started lapping at the sheets sucking out the cum, I was quickly getting addicted to the taste of my cum. I was once again rock hard as I lay back on Bud’s bed heels over head tilting back so as to get my cock near my lips, a thought struck me and I righted myself somewhat and being limber I once again raised my legs locking my knees behind my armpits, leaned my head forward and took the head into my mouth, as I relaxed a bit in this position and I pulled my hips further back I could suck almost half of my cock in. I ran my tongue around the head and soon as I worked my tool felt that tingling start in my loins I sucked faster, and was soon rewarded with a sweet load of creamy jism flowing into my mouth. I kept sucking until I became too sensitive to continue, thank you mom for suggesting those stretching and ballet classes to limber up my body and give me more grace out on the field as a wide reliever and third baseman, guess it also made me more limber to pleasure my sexual needs. When I got downstairs, Bud was just getting in “Spent the night at Coles last night” leaning into Dads ear whispered “Didn’t want to break the code, Thom is just so sexy and tempting” dad just grinned, turning towards me he pulled out a typewritten page of things I need to do in the mail room today, even though it’s a holiday, some preparations need to be done to accommodate the weeklong shut down of the business, although the most Junior members of the family would see to daily operations of the mail sorting. I walked to the office and went down the list with Hamilton who would be the next in line to be senior mail clerk. After going through and confirming things Hamilton asked me to join him in the break room, it was already well into the afternoon and I had little left to do, although I accomplished a lot already, more than I had expected. “Cuz, I know you’re off to the retreat tomorrow, and it won’t be the same when you return” There were tears in his eyes, and I could tell he was upset “I don’t know how to say this but I think I’m in love with you, you are my hero, and I’m afraid as you move up and go off to school, you’ll forget about me and what we mean to each other” By now he was full on crying and sobbing uncontrollably, like it was a real breakup or something “I’ll never forget you Ham, you’re one of my favorite cousins, kissing or no, you’re my best bud, my partner in crime, and next year is your turn for the retreat” His weeping subsided “Really, is that how you feel about me?” I pulled him to me and kissed him full on, driving deep with my tongue, massaging his shoulders and pecs, it took a lot of energy but I reframed from going lower to grope his package. He pulled apart from me and confessed “Thom, I don’t know if I can go through with it, I I’ve had fun teasing you and our other cousins and brothers, but it’s just a game to you all, I think I’m really queer, how will all the others react when that comes out?” I tried not to laugh but a chuckle did emerge, which made him angry, I pulled him in and gave him a tight hug “We’ll cross that bridge when the time comes stud” With all the queer things that had happened to me over the years, especially since I turned 18 I didn’t think Hamilton had much to worry about. I looked up and it was almost supper time so I told Hamilton and the boys to go home, they had their work cut out for them over the next week. Bud was already at the table when I got home and Grandad was there too, I tipped my ball cap to them as I rushed up to clean up for dinner, mom had made pot roast and mashed potatoes Cameron was missing and when I asked about it Dad said he had gone up early with my uncles to prep the cabin and stock the fridge for the week, had spent last night at Grandads loading the truck and supplies. I ate a hearty meal, then turned in early, Bud said he’d see me in the morning before heading over to Coles for the night. I retreated to my room and stripped down, I curled over and lifted my legs and soon was giving myself another blowjob, as I relaxed and perfected my technique I soon discovered I could almost take my whole shaft into my mouth, the head hitting the back and partially sliding down my throat, I gagged a couple time then began fingering my hole abit and my cock slid deeper into my throat as it seemed to lengthen and expand, I was just about to reach the point of no return when I heard my parent climbing the stairs, I quickly uncoiled, though my hard member continued to throb, they passed by my door and told grandad he could sleep in Cameron room for the night, Shit now I really had to be quiet. As my cock continued to throb and demand attention, my curiosity got the better of me and I reached into Bud’s desk drawer and retrieved the tape measure, holding an inch at my base I measured 10.75 inches, I was no slouch in the cock department nine and three quarters was pretty respectable, as big as what I’ve seen on my brothers, I guess we were all gifted, then I wrapped it around, damn I was a little over 6 inches around as well, no wonder I gagged a little when I sucked it down my throat. Then the pervert in me took over, it felt good with my fingers shoved up my hole, I wondered if my cock was long enough to shove it up there. I stood over by the dressing mirror and bent over, I spit on my fingers and shoved them in my hole, it was hot watching myself finger fuck me, then I pulled my cock down and around the head hit just above my hole, it would be tricky but I soon lined it up and began pressing myself into my hole, I was tight but with more spit and some Vaseline I found under Bud’s bed, the head slipped in, it hurt like fuck, but as I relaxed once more I found I could slid about three inches into my hole, then suddenly as I was sliding it back and forth in my hole I hit something inside that felt wonderful, I had almost half of my cock buried up my virgin ass, I kept bumping that spot and I moaned as my orgasm hit me, rope after rope of my own semen was filling me, as I kept pressing my cock into my hole, I kept shooting, not getting sensitive like I had when I jerk off or when I sucked myself off, no I wanted to keep fucking myself and cumming in my hole. I kept pounding my hole with my cock till I started to soften and shrink, it was then that my cock began to get sensitive and I laid back on Bud’s bed, for a year or so I hadn’t touched much on Buds side of the room but my curiosity was starting to get the best of me, and I was still really horny, even cumming loads up my own ass, I had seen the Vaseline when I bent over to fuck my hole. With my own cum dripping down my leg I leaned over with a flashlight and looked deeper under his bed, lots of dust bunnies and a shoebox was shoved into a corner I got down and reached for it, it had not been there a week before when I dust mopped the room, pulling it out, I realized Bud must have brought it back from college, It was boot sized and a little heavy. I opened the box and my cock sprang back to life, it was filled with novelties, sex toys to be exact or at least I believed them to be sex toys. One caught my eye though it was shaped like a little cock but it was tapered with a phalange at the base I grabbed it and using the cum dripping from my ass I lubed it up then shoved it into my hole I was smart enough to recognize the kinky little butt stopper and I was beginning to guess the uses for some of the other objects I quickly closed the box and placed it back under Bud’s bed slipped on a pair of his boxers then climbed into bed, if this box was any indication the next week would be loads of fun. Bud woke me up early the next morning at 5:45, I had once again had a nocturnal emission and my sheets were soaked with cum. With Bud spending last night at Coles and Cameron already up at the cabin I knew I’d have the shower to myself. As Bud went down to Breakfast, I tore my bed apart, placing the sheets in my laundry bin, I knew mom would appreciate my consideration to let the bed air out while I was gone, I grabbed some shorts, socks and a tee and headed into the bathroom, butt plug still firmly in place, I removed the plug and sat to expel my bowel only to have a cummy fart emerge, then some fecal matter then some more cum I pushed harder as more cum spurted out. I grabbed the plug and headed to the showers, coach had once shown us how to clean our bowels in health class and I wanted to be squeaky clean, I used the douche bag from under the sink and filled it with warm water from the shower head then proceeded to rinse out my bowel took my shower and reinserted the butt plug, it felt good rubbing up against my happy spot. I got dressed cursing I had forgot to grab a clean pair of boxers from Bud’s drawers, I did so like wearing his underwear, when I didn’t need to be contained. Oh well I thought I’ll just go commando like Bud does. I combed my blonde hair, brushed my teeth and headed down to breakfast, Dad and Grandad were grinning at me and Bud had a shit eating grin on his face as he and Cole and two of my other cousins jostled each other. I quickly downed the oatmeal mom had prepared, I was ready for adventure. By 6:30 we were loading into Grandads 1968 ford truck, Bud and Cole and my other two Cousins jumping into the back inside the camper shell their sleeping bags spread out on top of an old thin mattress, I between my Dad and Grandad. It was close to a four hour drive to the cabin, given its seclusion and distance from populated areas and although I had gotten a semi-restful night’s sleep I dozed off about an hour into the drive, as I slept on dads shoulder I would occasionally wake when we slowed down or hit a bump, once I dreamed I had looked back into the bed of the truck and saw Bud naked on his hands and knees sucking on one of my cousins while Cole was eating his ass and the other cousin was under him sucking his dick as we drove down the road. Or maybe I wasn’t dreaming, as grandad pulled off the main road, still almost an hour away and Bud was barely in his shorts as Cole and my cousins were feeling his chest and nibbling on his pecs. I had a hard on which was protruding from my shorts and drooling precum on my leg Grandad had his hand on my thigh and was occasionally scooping up the fluid and licking it off his fingers, dad was rubbing my nipples through my tee. Gee I thought I must still be asleep and dreaming as Grandad pulled up to the gate on the private road and dad got out to open it, grandad drove through and waited for dad to return, scooping up a large amount of precum dripping out my cock he licked it from his fingers then pulled me into kiss him my seminal fluid still on his lips, damn I tasted good and so did grandad. Dad got back in the truck and I turned around to the back to see Cole riding Bud’s engorged cock, the jostling of the truck helping Bud thrust deeper into the 21 year old
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    Thanks for all the positive comments! I always look forward to reading them and as always, look forward to any feedback. As promised, here is this week's update. I think I should be good with going on a weekly posting schedule. I'll post though if anything gets delayed. Enjoy. --- PART 7: Trying Something New I grabbed at my dick through my pants when I watched as the hot older hunk in front of me suddenly stripped, taking first the shirt and then the pants off. Apparently, no underwear on underneath. Jackson stuck the thick black cigar, one of the Asylums, into his jaw, and walked over to the door of my apartment. Taking a quick peek outside, he pulled the sign down and closed the door, locking it and drawing the extra security lock. “Making sure we don't get any interruptions,” he said, walking back to me as he slowly undressed. I licked my lips as he came over to me, grabbing my face tenderly and ran his thumb along the side of my face. Running his hand to the back of my head, he pulled the now wet cigar out of his mouth and gently pulled my head back and began to kiss me. His beard rubbed against my face as he slowly coaxed my mouth open with his tongue, allowing me to taste him. I savored his smokey breath and began to let my hands wander on his body, my logical mind getting pushed away as lust took over. I ran my hand down to his cock, enjoying the heavy girth and length to it, knowing it would soon be shoved up my ass, stretching it and making room for his thick cum as we both smoked and fucked. Jackson suddenly stepped away, and I moaned in disappointment. “No pig boy,” he said, his voice taking on a deeper tone, “You know the drill. You gotta make Daddy happy if you want his meat in your hole.” “What do you want me to do to make you happy, Daddy?” I asked, playing along, half-jokingly, and half wanting to see where things would go now that I was sober with this hot muscled hunk. “First off, piggy, you know Daddy needs to see his boy naked. I want you to take your clothes off for Daddy, and show him what you want him to claim.” With that, I slowly started undressing, watching as he turned his attention to the cigars and started prepping them. Pulling off my underwear, I turned around and slowly bent over, showing him my hole, now mostly recovered from the night before. “Hmm… looks like Piggy Boy has been letting others shove their dick’s in Daddy’s meat hole,” he said, bringing the first cigar to his mouth. Slowly, he lit it, bringing the cigar to flame before drawing deep. A bright cherry glowed at the end and Jackson let out a huge nose jet, which made my cock jerk. “Who did you let play in your ass, boy? Give me all the dirty details.” “I needed it so bad… Daddy,” I began, telling him the truth, “I was watching bareback porn next door, and I found a hot uncut Latino guy who let me suck on him for a while. Then he sucked my dick for a while before he came into my booth and asked to fuck my hole.” “That’s a good boy,” he said, his eyes hooded over and he slowly stroked himself at my retelling, “Did you let him cum deep in your little slop hole like you did Daddy? No questions, no condoms?” “Yes Daddy,” I replied and nodded, watching as he took another deep inhale on the cigar before opening the bottle of poppers, “I let him deep in me. He had poppers and made me feel so horny. I wanted to feel an uncut piece of meat dump a load in my ass like you did. But I told him he had to let me fuck him too.” “Did you ask for a condom, boy?” he asked, handing the open poppers bottle to me and watching as I took several deep hits before setting them back down. “Yes Daddy,” I replied, slightly wobbling as the poppers took effect, spreading their warmth through my body, “But he didn’t have any. It was the only way I could shoot my load.” “Fucking nice Pig,” he said, and with that handed the unlit thick black cigar to me, which I immediately grabbed, “So fucking glad we got you turned into a smoker. That makes me so happy. Daddy wants to see you get that big fucking gar lit up, and take all the thick smoke deep in your pink lungs. You gonna smoke it all?” “Fuck yeah, dad,” I said, the cigar already in my mouth and waiting to be lit. With that, I watched as Jackson flicked on my new lighter and held it under the end of my cigar. I puffed away greedily at the end, bring the cherry to life and after he shut off the flame, took a deep inhale. Immediately, my lungs burned, happy to finally be getting fed after such a long wait. I held the smoke in and after a few seconds slowly let it back out, the smoke flowing out of my mouth in a thick cloud. I let out a tiny cough, my lungs itching to cough more. Taking the bottle of poppers, I took several massively deep hits and as the room started to spin, I put them down. I then proceeded to copy the moves of the two previous smokers I watched that day and hauling deep on the cigar again, let a massive nose jet of smoke out. My semi-virgin lungs no longer hurt, having given into the assault of the brutal fucking they were getting with the poppers and smoke mixing together. Jackson let out a growl of satisfaction as he grabbed his cigar and got it lit. “Nose jet that smoke, you fucking little popper slut. Show me how much you love fucking up those lungs,” Jackson replied, smoke pouring out of his mouth as he grabbed his cock and shook it. A small drop of precum flew off and landed on the floor, “Now… Lick that up piggy… show Daddy how much you love the taste of him!” Immediately I got on all fours, cigar in one hand, and began licking up the spot. The poppers were clouding my mind and making me lose control. And I didn’t want to stop. I sat up, crouching on my legs as he walked up to me. “Smoke that cigar, bitch,” he said, as he slowly stroked himself, “I wanna see you become a full-fledged smoker. Inhale deep for me. And then tell me more about how you whored around in the bookstore.” I nodded and began to take more inhales, savoring the returning burning sensation in my throat from the harsh smoke and enjoying the buzz the cigar was giving me. My balls and cock felt heavy and my lungs burned some with the smoke. I let out another cough. Jackson handed the poppers to me again, and after a few hits, the burning went away, replaced with the warm horniness all over my body. “Shit boy,” he said, pulling me up and removing the cigar from my mouth, “I love watching you fuck those perfect lungs, gonna get you addicted quickly at this rate. Makes my balls ache thinking about you becoming a little smoking Piggy. I gotta get in that sweet hole of yours soon. Tell me what else you did.” “The Latino guy came deep inside my ass and I switched spots with him. He said he had probably six or seven loads up his ass already and my cock went into his ass easy,” I said, leaning back and stroking my cock slowly, slowly puffing away on the cigar in my mouth as I recounted the tale to Jackson. “But right after I shoved my cock up his ass, someone else came into the room. The other guy came in and shove his bare cock up my ass too.” “Damn, fucking hot!” Jackson exclaimed, fisting his huge pierced meat as I told him the story, “Did you take it like a good piggy, no questions asked?” “I did just like you taught me, Daddy,” I said, giving a show with another nose jet of this cigar smoke, “The second he lit up a cigar, I let him fill me up with his smoker cum. I also shared his cigar so I could shoot my load up the other guy's ass.” “Fuck yeah, boy!” Jackson said, grabbing both of my hips and turning me around, “Turning into a natural bareback smoke-fucker, aren’t you, you fucking slut! Boys like you are nothing but cum receptacles to be molded and used, huh?” Poppers still clouding my mind, all I could do was nod and start to turn around and bend over, offering up my hole to him. “Not quite yet… remember last time boy?” he said, grabbing my chin to make me look at him. “Yeah?” I asked, confused. I obviously wanted his cock up my hole, and he wanted to fuck me. He pointed to his tattoo. And I remembered. “You’re still undetectable, right?” I asked, remembering his poz status. “I am, baby,… but, well, here’s the thing…” he said, his face taking a somewhat serious look. “What is it?” I asked, curious as well as horny. I slowly ground my ass against his throbbing uncut cock. However, he surprised me by pulling away slightly. “I like some really twisted shit sometimes, and if I’m reading you right, I think you might be really into it,” he said, slowly rubbing my side. “Ok…” I said, not sure where he was going with this train of thought. “Well, I was wondering if we could do some role play,“ he said, rubbing his cock up and down my hole, making me moan. “OK…” I said again, nearly willing to do anything to get the monster up my ass again. “I could go for really dark and dirty sex, but only if you’re okay with it. You want to stop, we can. Just say the word and its over. Just don’t want to scare you off or get the wrong impression,” he explained, slowly reaching around and twisting my nipples. “Yeah…. ok. Like, do I need a safe word or something?” I asked, my mind starting to clear a little from the poppers, as I puffed on the cigar some more. “No, we don’t need anything like that. It’s just…. not exactly a normal kind of vanilla kink. Just, go along with it let me know if you want to stop, okay?” he said, a concerned, and almost worried look on his face. “Well, sure,” I said, grabbing the poppers and getting myself high on them again, “You really haven’t steered me wrong yet… And hell, you could have really taken advantage of me that first night instead of being honest with me. I trust you. That and, well I know where you work.” “That’s true, and I know where you live slut, so we have mutual destruction,” he said, grabbing the bottle from me and huffing them, “I’m ready when you are. Piggy?” With nod, we went back to the fun, as I stuck the cigar back in my mouth and starting hauling on it, alternating between nose jets and exhales. I felt Jackson spit on my hole and shoved two fingers roughly up my ass, making me moan in appreciate at my hole finally getting filled. “You enjoyed taking those raw loads up your tight boy cunt, didn’t you fucker? Probably went running next door as soon as you could to that nasty bookstore to get them…” he asked, playing with his tits with his free hand as he hauled on his cigar. The roughness of his fingers sliding up my hole made me wince in pain as they slid in, making my cock jump and me inhale deeper on the steadily shrinking stick in my mouth. I nodded and felt Jackson roughly jab his fingers deeper in me. “I want to hear you say it, boy,” he said, his face close to mine. I felt him take a deep draw on the cigar, the heat close to my face. I watched as a cloud of smoke surrounded my head and I spoke softly. “Yes Daddy,” I started, and let out a moan as he went deeper, his nails somewhat hurting on the way in before I added louder, “I got the loads from the men at the bookstore. I loved feeling them shoot their loads inside me. I wanted to feel their loads drip out after they were done using me.” “You made Daddy very mad when you got upset about when he creamed in your neg hole with his load. And now he’s hearing about you taking it raw from any fucker with a cock at the bookstore? Piggy needs some punishment,” he said, adding more spit, and now the third finger before spanking my ass hard. “I needed their cum, Daddy,” I said, thinking I was now getting the idea. He probably liked the idea of me whoring myself out to other guys like Kyle and Mateo. I could get into that. “I went ahead and backed my ass to the hole because I knew they would shove their cocks deep inside me and spray their loads deep in my hole.” I took several deep inhales on my cigar as he finger-fucked me, adding more spit as he stretched me out, getting ready for his monster cock. Then I took more hits of the poppers, which relaxed my hole even more. Satisfied I was stretched, he pulled his fingers out and we smoked for a moment. “Did you love taking stranger cum up your ass?” he asked, stroking his cock, lining it up with my hole. “Yes,” I said. The short answer immediately illicit another hard smack on the ass, this one slightly throbbing. It shocked me for a second, but I decided to roll with it, seeing where it went. “Little fucking shit, you will address me as Daddy or Sir. I own you bitch. Now, tell me what turned you on the most about it?” his voice menacingly deep and growling, making me just a little more scared. “Feeling another part of someone deep in my ass, Sir,” I answered truthfully, pushing my ass out, waiting for him to shove his dick in me, “Feeling how much they enjoyed my hole with their thick loads being deep inside of me all night and then watching them drip out the next day. Making my hole feel so slimy and used. It made me do nasty things after.” “Nasty how, bitch,” Jackson said, slowly rubbing the sore asscheek when I finally flinched as he went to spank me, “Tell me what you did piggy.” “I ate their cum out of my ass and jacked off. I loved tasting what they put in my ass, Sir.” “Fucking nice,” he said, rubbing his cock head, now dripping with precut along my crack, “That’s what a good cum hole like yours is meant for. To let a top’s swimmers stay nice and warm until they’re ready to be tasted or fed to another pig. Or to use for lube for the next bare cock. Even trapped inside with a nice plug to marinate until they all get absorbed and impregnate a bitch like I’m gonna have you do tonight.” “Fuck yes Daddy,” I said, suddenly feeling even hornier at the different ideas that I was being given for the uses of my hole. “You’re gonna let Daddy and all the men he tells you to let in use that sweet boy hole from now on, and never ever ask for a condom, aren’t you?” he asked, crooking his fingers up and began milking my prostate. When I didn’t reply, he stabbed harder on it. “I never once heard you say that you asked about status when you took those loads at the bookstore,” he said, his voice raising more, “Did you piggy boy? Did you fucking ask if you were getting your pussy posed up?” I shook my head no, and Jackson suddenly pulled his fingers out of my ass. I was about to moan at the loss when Jackson slammed his hand down on my bare ass cheek. “YOU FUCKING SHIT! IF YOU EVER,” he yelled, slapping my ass hard in-between some of the words for added punctuation as he continued, ”COMPLAIN ABOUT MY POZ DICK AGAIN, THEN THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY WITH YOUR ASS.” I screamed out loud at the sudden assault on my ass, my heart racing as I was shocked at the sudden change in attitude. However, my dick got even harder. I sat there as silence filled the room and suddenly felt Jackson feel my hard dick. “Very good boy,” Jackson whispered into my ear, softly rubbing my ass before he shoved his cock deep in my ass. “I’m gonna fucking infect your cunt whether you want it or not, bitch. Gonna wreck your ass until you give me your last useless neg load, you fucking cocktease,” he said, laughing cruelty as he grabbed the back of my head and spit in my face. Then, it clicked. Jackson got off to the idea of pozzing a guy by abusing and raping him. If I hadn’t met him before, I’d have been scared shitless, as not only was he actually being rather rough, but also really quite convincing. But knowing him, knowing that I could say stop at any time, I felt strangely safe. He seemed to me like the type of person that would honor his word and didn't seem to be letting the abuse go too far or get too painful. And with the state of my cock, apparently, I enjoyed the idea of getting raped and pozzed too. “You gonna let Daddy fill you up with his toxic cum from now on boy?” he said, immediately slamming deep in my hole. I wasn't prepared to have him up to the hilt in my ass and nearly dropped the cigar. Regaining my composure, I stuck the cigar back in my mouth and inhaled. “Answer me bitch! ” Jackson demanded, pulling my hair slightly hard and making me arch back. “Yes daddy!” I pleaded around my cigar, puffing away he started slamming away at my hole, “I’ll be a good boy and take all your toxic cum.” “Love corrupting stupid neg sluts like you, bitch,” he said, slamming my hole harder. Then I felt the first round of cum from Jackson’s bull balls shoot deep inside my ass. In my drunken stupor weeks before, I hadn’t been able to tell that I was getting loaded, but this time, I could feel and appreciate the difference. My ass felt slicker, I could feel his cock twitching. Jackson hugged me closer to him, growling as sweat started dripping from our naked bodies onto the ground. I felt him pull the cigar from his mouth for a moment, kissing the back of my neck briefly, before putting it back in and hauling on it. He then twisted my nipples hard. I moaned and continued to smoke my cigar. “You feel that don't you slut?” he asked, not pausing at all on his assault on my ass. “What’s daddy doing? What’s he giving his boy?” “You’re cumming deep in my ass, Sir,” I replied, barely able to focus due to the hard reaming my ass was getting, the slickness adding a nice feeling to the large cock inside me. “No shit, you useless fuck,” he growled, grabbing my hair again, making me arch back again. This time he wrapped his hand around my neck and got close to my ear and in an even deeper growl asked “What kind of cum is it?” “Poz cum, daddy,” I only partially pretended to strangled out, playing along with the act since Jackson wasn't actually using enough pressure to chock me. ‘You’re shooting in my ass and filling me up with your toxic seed.’ ’Smart fucking piggy.’ he replied, slamming my ass even harder and after a quick adjustment of the cigar in his mouth, he began to jack my cock, “and whats that going to do to your hole?” “Knock it up daddy,” I said, enjoying the wrongness of this verbal foreplay, “Please poz my hole. I want to get my ass knocked up and pozzed by your load, daddy.” “That’s right boy,” he said, adding another grunt as he came a second time in my ass, “I’m gonna poz this cumdump up. Make it nothing but a toxic cum dump for men to use whenever they want. And if my load doesn't take, I’m gonna pass you around to all my buddies at the bar. Tie your ass down while they rape your ass. I’ll even be nice and get your beautiful ass high on poppers and fuck your pink lungs with thick black cigars until their heavy and black and filled with tar.” I let out a moan, my hole starting to tighten as my balls drew up, ready to spew my load. “Knew the moment I saw you, a hot boy like you would be giving up his hole to men whenever they want it. That’s why fuckers like me are at the bars and gloryholes,” Jackson growled out, his slams in my ass quickly becoming irregular, “Waiting until young cum dumps like you are either too drunk to care, or don't see us as we knock you up and give you our gift. And neg boys like you are always willing to take it.” “…please daddy. Give me the gift!” I cried out in ecstasy, my brain in a haze of cum lust, smoke pouring out of me. “This scorpion already stung you twice tonight. Going to be giving you another deadly sting,” he continued, as I felt his cock swell even larger in my ass as he blew his cigar smoke around the back of my head, “Gonna flood your hole and fill you full of my bugged up smoker jizz.” With that, Jackson slammed harder as his thrusts started getting even more irregular, his angle changing as he started hitting my prostate. I couldn't take anymore, and taking one large inhale on my cigar, I felt my balls churn as my orgasm crashed over me, making my hole clamp down hard on Jackson’s bare cock and milk him as he shot wad after wad of cum up my hole. “Fuck yeah bitch, milking out your last neg load out of that useless prick of yours and knocking your ass up,” he panted, his voice strained as he shot over and over, “Gonna make you my poz smoke slut! Fuck yes! Charging up that neg hole boy. Take this fucking bug. Gonna trap my toxic swimmers inside to let them grow.” I kept inhaling as deep as I could on my cigar, enjoying the buzz it was giving me as I continued to spray my cum all over myself, feeling as Jackson's cock continued to jerk deep inside me. We sat there for a few minutes as we came down off of our adrenaline highs and our orgasms subsided. Eventually, I felt Jackson soften and with a soft plop, his cock came out of my ass. I felt some of his cum drip out of my ass we both stood up. “Fuck!” Jackson said softly, reaching down and turning my chin up, kissing me deeply. Standing up tall with a loud pop from his knees, he released my face and stretched his back, more pops easy heard in the silence of the apartment. Cigar smoke filled my apartment with a haze and I watched as Jackson opened the window and let the place air out. Coming back over to me, he tilted my chin up again and gave me an even longer kiss. “Holy shit man,” he said, pulling away, “That was so fucking awesome. So glad you let me do that. Was worried you were going to freak out when I got pretty intense.” “Agreed,” I said, out of breath, feeling the cum squishing inside of my abused asshole. Looking down, I saw the puddle of cum from our fucking. I reached over, grabbed the buttplug from the side of the counter, and in a swift motion, shoved it up into my ass. “So…” Jackson chuckled as he watched me, before grabbing a hand towel and wiping his cock off, “Hopefully pretty hot?” “Yeah,” I replied breathlessly, still chilled slightly from the sudden coolness of the large plug in my hole. Catching the towel as he tossed it to me, wiping the cum from on my asscheeks and around the plug and slowly standing up, walked awkwardly over to the new washing machine and dropped it in. “Jesus, it's fucking weird walking with a plug in my ass,” I said aloud, walking back in and grabbing my clothes, now strewn across the floor, “When can we do this again? The dirty talk was fucking hot!” “You know that was all role play, right? he asked, clearly worried as I walked back over to him and grabbed the two spent cigar butts and threw them in the sink, “I really am undetectable.” “No worries,” I said, pulling him up to me and giving him a hug, ”It was damn hot. I don't think you'd lie about something like that. You even answered a few questions I had for myself that I didn’t even know I was asking.” “Oh?” he replied with a grin, as he broke away and started getting dressed. “Yeah, I think I have even more ideas of what I want now sexually or at least things to try…” I continued, smiling. “Cool man. Glad I could help. And I’m always down for a hot fuck like that,” he said, finishing up getting dressed and pulling his shoes on. “Same!” I agreed, looking down at his cock, “Especially if you bring that monster with you.” Looking over at the clock on the stove I noticed the time. 9:15pm. I made a mental calculation as I watched Jackson put his shoes on. My ass wanted more cum, and I wanted to really try out some of the things Kyle mentioned in his messages. I could eat, get dressed, go down to the bookstore and get to the glory hole. Should take me about 30 mins. I grinned to myself and pulled my pants and shirt back on, leaving the boxers on the floor. Jackson got up and I walked him to my door, giving him a kiss goodbye as he walked out. I turned around and started getting ready. With a grin, I looked down at my now re-hardening cock and thought to myself… time to get my ass and mouth filled.
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    I decided to go to a nearby cruising area one night that I had heard about, situated just off a main road. Night time was always the busiest time apparently and there were always loads of guys looking to fuck a cute ass. I was new to doing this. I knew it went on, but had never actually been to a cruising spot at night, especially one where I knew there was loads of action. I was nervous, scared and excited at the same time. I knew if I got out of the car and wandered into that darkness, that my young and hungry hole would be ravaged by all sorts. My cock was very hard and pre-cum was leaking into my shorts. I took a deep breath and got out of the car and headed into the bushes. There were plenty of passages and assorted fuck areas, dens throughout the park and the floor scattered with used condoms. I didn't have to walk very far before a guy was following me into the woods. My heartbeat increased and I continued to go deeper into the bushes, knowing I was being stalked. Others wandered around looking aimlessly for some action, passing by and turning around. Our eyes met and the language of no words uttered, as we all knew why we were there. I stood in the first empty den I saw large enough to encompass a group, dropped my shorts and pushed out my pert and hungry hole. I hung onto the branches of the overhanging bushes, poppers in hand and waited for the inevitable. My heart pounding, my cock hard as wood and my hole exposed.. Finally, I felt a hand touch my ass. Rough fingers touching my soft tanned cheeks, spreading them and touching my damp hole. Hmmmmmm, exciting. I reached around to feel a hard and rather large cock in his pants. I dropped immediately to my knees taking out his fat piece of meat and began sucking like a hungry dog. His shaft was covered in veins and hard, bulbous and uncut. He thrust it down my throat, gagging me and making me splutter. 'You like that boy?! Do you take it raw in your ass?' he said. I managed a mumbled 'Yes. Yes please.' Not long after, others started to appear, watching and masturbating at the horny scene. Very excited by the crowd I stood up, took the guys wet cock and pushed it up against my hole. He spat on my crack and without any hesitation started to slide it into my ass. No condom, straight in, bareback. Oh my god, what was I doing, this was insane, but so exciting. Letting dirty old men fuck me bareback in a truck stop, any cock, just dump your load in my hole and leave! I took a deep hit on the poppers and let him start pumping my cunt.. The guy fucking me ushered others to come forward and soon I was being spit roasted by two complete strangers. Others sticking their cocks in my face, men I didn't know or could barely even see were forcing me to my knees and making me sniff poppers. All my inhibitions disappeared and I began sucking all of them, anyone that wanted to have me. I knew what was going to happen, I was going to let all these men cum in my holes bareback. I was scared and yet very excited. I huffed on more poppers and feeling the rush started pushing back hard on the cock pounding my ass. The pace picked up and the guy behind spurted his load deep into my ass, squeezing me tight as he emptied his balls. 'Good slut', he said as he removed his dripping and limp cock from my hole. Hmmmmmm, very horny. Before I could move another bare cock was taking it's place. I looked around to see three or four guys standing around, cocks in hand, waiting their turn. It seemed I was going to have little choice, my hole was going to be fucked again and again and all that spunk was going to get pushed inside of me. Dangerous, who were these men? But I didn't care, I just wanted anonymous sex and to be filled with the spunk of strangers. I hit the poppers again, this was far too exciting to stop. My head was spinning, my hole was wet. I held onto the branches and let the strangers fuck my gaping hole. One by one they came forward out of the darkness and took their turn. I have no idea how many, it was a bit of a blur. I got the impression someone was spreading news that there was a cute and hungry whore taking it bareback from anyone, as more people seemed to suddenly appear. I was fucked raw and passed around numerous times. My hole now a wet and sloppy cunt for anyone to fill. After each one had shot his toxic load into me I stuck a finger into my cunt and smelled and tasted the last load. They all left as fast as they appeared, leaving me to deal with my very aroused self. Dripping with sperm and still very horny, I waited until more men cruised the area. There is nothing that excites me more, than being fucked bareback again when I am already full of cum. Other guys love it too. When they stick their stiff cock in and feel it's all warm, hot and wet. That bucket of used spunk, to pump full of yet another load. Guys really pound your hole when it's all full of sperm, making it very sloppy. Nothing beats huffing poppers and have strangers spurt into your hole at the same time. More groups formed through out the night and my ass was freely passed around with a bottle of poppers. I let anyone fuck me. Numerous strangers, young, old, fat and thin all fucked my holes, pumping my mouth and ass full of hot semen. By the end of the night I counted a total of 15 men had cum in my ass. Most dribbled out around the tenth, between my thighs and all over the balls of the guy fucking me raw while bent over a branch huffing poppers. The slapping and sloppy sound of the spunk being pumped into my guts still gets me hard. Even at this point more men were appearing and looked like they were waiting for their turn. I got scared at that moment and wondered how many loads I was going to take! I was fucked until late into the night. I squeezed the cum out of my asshole all the way home, my jeans were absolutely soaked when I arrived back at the apartment. I sniffed and licked the crotch of my crusty jeans the next day, remembering and smelling the previous night. Then I went sunbathing on a naturist beach, spreading my legs in the sand dunes, letting all the voyeurs see my stretched and battered hole and thought about the multiple loads of anonymous juice that was pumped into me the night before..
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    I lost track of my fellow inductees for a while. I was inside enjoying being naked with all the other guys. What I found in this club was the freedom of being sexual with other men without the usual posturing and bullshit. It I wanted to experience a guy’s cock for a couple minutes or an hour, that was cool. If I was talking to a group of guys and a guy starts rubbing his cock against my gaping rosebud, it was cool too to let him explore my hole. And of course, no drama about are you “neg or poz.” It was great to talk to them about their biohazard tattoos. What it means to them, and why they chose the placement of their second one after they got the standard one above their cock. It was interesting to learn why it was important for some guys to have their second one hidden, to why some had theirs exposed most times. It was after midnight, and the Conversion Club members were slowly saying their goodbyes. The four of us felt given the amount of poz cum, and the blood slams that I did, we're pretty well set for seroconversion. We grabbed our stuff from the clothes check and thanked everyone for their hospitality and for sharing their infection with us. The four of us exhanged cell numbers and e-mails so we can hang out soon. I gave Mike a kiss, stuck my hand down his pants and said, "I want more time exploring those nipples ... maybe I'll get some too." He said, "I was hoping you would!" I switched off and kissed Andrew and said, "I want more of you!" He said, "You didn't stick your hand down my shorts ... I don't believe you." With that I turned him around, slid my hand down the front of his shorts and inserted two fingers inside. I asked "Believe me now?" I pulled my hand out, and he grabbed it and suck my fingers dry. He said with a smile, "Yeah, we're good." Blake said, "I took Uber, can you give me a ride? I said, "Yes, of course." We got in the car and I put the top down ... it was still a beautiful night. Blake said, "Where's your shirt?" I said, "I didn't bring one. You're overdressed ... take your shirt off." He said, "Just my shirt?" I said, "For now ... and undo the top button of your shorts. I might need in there." I undid my button and pulled the zipper down a little bit. I asked him, "Can we stay together tonight?" He said, "I was going to ask the same thing. My place is closer and I have an underground garage. Let's go there." We were back in traffic again, really the only one way to go ... so I reached over and unzipped his shorts so I could grope him. He did the same to me ... and it did not go unnoticed. Guys in trucks and people walking on the sidewalk saw us ... and we didn't care. We parked at Blakes building and got into the elevator. I pulled his shorts down and then my shorts ... and when the door opened I led the way out of the elevator, naked, carrying my shorts. He said, "You are a nut!" Once inside, I said, can we please shower? I'm gross! He said, "I'm already getting the shower heating up and the towels set aside." Before we stepped into the shower, he took my arm and removed the bandage from the blood slam. He licked the injection point, and said, "Just for good measure." We got under the rainfall shower head and let the sweat and body fluids roll off us. It felt good. "You know," he said, "We both have a butt-full of cum in our holes." I said, "Yeah, I've been focused on keeping it all in." He gave me a kiss and said, "I think it's ok to let it out now." I smiled and said, "I want it on my chest!" "You what?" I want to lie down on the floor and I want you to squat over my chest and let your ass juices flow all over my chest." His cock jerked and rose to attention. I said, "I see you hate that idea." I got down on the shower floor and he positioned his cock near my mouth and his hole over my pecs. He slowly opened up and cum, plus a little mucus and blood, came oozing out. It was hot to see his hole open up for me. I took my fingers and ran them in and out of his hole, then pushed him back a little bit so I could use my cock to plunge in and out, just to get it all out ... at least that's what I told him." We didn't wipe his ooze off, but I traded places with him so I could give him my ass slime. He was tugging on my foreskin trying to break concentration, but my cum loads needed to come out. I opened my hole to get it to gape open to let the bulk of it out, then I worked on pushing out my rosebud. I said, "Put your hand under my hole and leave it there." Once Blake's hand was in position, I put some pressure on my guts and my rosebud slowly pushed out onto his hand ... dripping the whole time. He said, "What The Fuck Is That!" "Blake, Feel it. Here, I'll push out more... " He said, "This is wild ... it feels amazing ... can I fuck it? I said, "If you don't I'll be really pissed off!" He positioned his cock and slid my prolapsed rosebud over his big black cock. He used my flesh tube to jack his cock.. and his eyes rolled back in his head. He said, "This is amazing ... I need this" I said, "I'm glad you like it." He said, "I'm going to cum in it." I said, "Yeah, one more toxic load can't hurt, go for it!" Soon it was "fuck .. fuck.. fuck ... fuck... this is amazing ..fuck" He shot his wad and shivers all over his body. He was in his happy place. We both stood up and watched the infected cum run off us. He wiped some of the cum from my abs and had me lick it off his finger. I said, "You're such a fucking pervert. Don't stop!" I wiped some cum off his biohazard tattoo and fed it to him as well. He turned on the shower, we dried off and went directly to bed. The next morning as we were having coffee, our cell phones both alerted at the same time. We checked e-mail and read the following: ___ Conversion Club Members - Thank you for attending last night's meeting. I hope you enjoyed your time and helped our three inductees with their quest. Their contact information has been added to our Conversion Club database in our medical practice online portal, under the special access tab. We anticipate Rik and Andrew to display seroconversion symptoms anywhere around two weeks. There's a chance Mike will convert later, but we'll be standing by in the event they require special care. Feel free to message me through the portal. Hopefully we'll have good news in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again to all who shared their gift. Brad Woods ___ I said, "These are organized fuckers, aren't they?" Blake said, "Yeah, totally. You'll get another one soon regarding your care package." And just like that, I received another e-mail message: ___ Conversion Club Inductees - Thank you for attending last night's meeting. It was getting getting to know (and breed) each of you. We're excited you're going on this journey with us. Seroconversion symptoms include: -fatigue (tiredness) -fever (high temperature) -sore throat -rash -headache -loss of appetite -aching muscles and joints -swollen lymph glands If your fever is over 103 degrees, please call Teddy immediately. Otherwise, send us a message if you experience the other symptoms. In the next couple of days, you will receive a care package from us to help us monitor your conversion.They include extra strength asprin, a thermometer and 12 bottles of Gatorade that will help replenish your electrolytes. There will also be six OroQuick HIV tests. Once your symptoms appear, take a test. If you continue to test negative, test again in three days if your symptoms continue. We have tentatively scheduled your time with Zak for your tattoos. You'll be going approximately five weeks from now. He will be in touch in about three weeks with futher info. Please keep us in the loop. Brad Woods ___ I kept in contact w/ Andrew and Mike during the next couple weeks. We met up a couple times a week at the gym for classes and Blake met up with us for a couple 5 mile runs. We talked about how the seroconversion might go and our trip to Chicago for our tattoos, and where we are going to place the biohazards once we earn them. Tuesday, Andrew started with a sore throat and then a headache. Wednesday, Mike complained of feeling flu-ish and swollen glands. Saturday afternoon, Blake and I went for another 5 mile run... wtf? How can I not be sick? Sunday night around 7pm, I was exhausted. I mean, just done. Around 9:30pm I got a headache and a fever. I texted the guys: Rik: Great news .. I feel like shit! I think it's on! Andrew: Sweet! Mine is annoying... no big deal. Mike: Join the club... still feel like shit. Mike: Blake has been over a couple times to help out. Good guy. Blake: Excellent! I'll come over to monitor the fever. Rik: Thx ... door's unlocked. Blake walked into the bedroom all sweaty. "Were you out on a run?" "Yeah, just finished when you texted. You look like shit!" I was sweaty myself, naked and laying on a couple beach towels. Blake stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. He said, "Looks like I'll be here a while, I gotta cool down." I said, "Get all the way naked and I'll definitely run a fever." He stepped out of his shorts and said, "Done. Let's see where your temperature is now." I was at 100 degrees, which is high but not alarming. Blake said, "You're sexy when you're sweating." I said, "I don't feel sexy." Blake said, "Poz sweaty guys are usually sexy, and you're no exception. You can finally give me a recharge!" I couldn't deny it ... the thought of being able to finally give him a load of poz cum was incredible. My cock started growing and his did too. He said, "You just lie there, I'll climb on and do the work, but I really need your load. But first..." Blake grabbed the lube bottle and then crawled between my legs. He lifted them up on his shoulders and rubbed lube on my asshole and on his poz cock. I said, "Wait, you're going to fuck me ... now?" He said, "I'm going to make sure you get pozzed. My viral load is through the roof and I gotta fuck you up while you're sick. This is the right time to bring your immune system down." I said, "Oh my god, you twisted fuck..." I was covered in sweat, burning up from the fever and it wasn't long before he was sweating as well from sliding in my hole. While he was fucking me, he said, "I wanted to do a blood slam with you while you're converting, but your ass is too fucking sexy. Would you have liked a blood slam?" Halfway delirious, but still, to share Blake's toxic blood sounds amazing, and now I can slam my blood into him. How fucking hot! I'm running on empty and sweating like crazy from my seroconversion, but the idea of my toxic blood flowing in Blake got me totally boned. He saw my cock getting hard and that pushed him over the edge. "Dude, I'm going to blow my load in your converting hole ... if you're not sick now, just wait until this takes hold." His gasps became more frequent, and then the shot inside me. I could feel his cock spasm inside my hole. After he came down from his climax, he pulled out of my ass and then brought it up to my lips. His big, beautiful black cock glistened with lube and his sperm ... and I didn't hesitate to suck it all in when he pushed inside my mouth. My assjuices were funky, but I love eating ass. He moved down to my uncut cock and then lubed up his hole. Being so out of it, I started to get soft. Blake said, "I got two syringes from Teddy last week and I was going to do some blood slams with you. You would have liked that, huh?" All I could do was nod yes. Blake continued, "I'm sorry I didn't do that. But those syringes didn't go to waste ... last week I did a blood slam with Andrew and Mike ... they fucking loved my toxic blood." Now my cock was rock hard thinking of all of us sharing blood slams. He squatted on my cock and then sat down on it in one swift movement. He took a moment once he was at the base to get comfortable, and then started riding my cock. He said, "Just think, you can now poz neg hole..." It was such a turn on ... all I could do is moan in ecstasy. He continued, "Yeah, you fucking gift giver now you can convert neg boys." He was getting me excited. "Tell me who you want to poz first!" Without thinking I said, "My little brother!" and at that point, I shot my load into Blake's hole. Despite being the sickest I've ever been in my life, I had a life-changing orgasm that rocked my world. I was litterally wet from sweat and had soaked the towels beneath me, but I drew the strength required to deposit my first infected load inside the guy that might be my poz daddy. He rode me until my cock fell out of his hole. He bent down to kiss me and said, "We need to discuss pozzing your brother." I said, "Right after you clean your ass juices off my cock." I remember him licking my cock clean, including under my foreskin ... and then I passed out.
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    Sorry for the long delay in getting to this chapter. Steve came in my ass with a roar. My cum was already pooled beneath us. Steve hugged me tightly and rolled me on my side. He was still inside me. We slept. We'd been fucking for weeks since the "Under 35" party and it was great. We'd had a few threesomes, fucked other guys from bars, parties and bathhouses. In the end though, I liked having Steve's arms around me when we slept. It comforted me. My anxiety about barebacking also was rapidly evaporating. Ever since I heard "Safe Sex John" beg a guy to cum inside his ass and saw the guy's bare dick slide out of John's ass; it was like my final "safe sex" source of anxiety dissipated. I loved getting it raw and loved getting bred. I just needed a guy who liked or accepted that in me. Like Steve whose arms were wrapped around me and was kissing the back of my neck. A few hours later, we were getting ready for work and I checked my phone. I missed calls from Sara, my brother, my parents, my aunt and uncle. I listened to the messages wondering what was going on. Sara's message was that my brother proposed to her and she said yes. My brother's message was the same. I put down the phone and realized I could listen to the other messages later. I made the coffee, took a cup to Steve in the bedroom, and took a shower. I told him my brother was getting married to Sara and had proposed last night. He looked at me with excited eyes and said, "That's great news Zach. They make a really good couple. Sara has really brought him out of his suburban straight boy sheltered shell." I looked at him and nodded and drank my coffee. We finished getting ready for work and as we were leaving his apartment he slapped my ass and said, "I hope I get to be your wedding plus 1." We laughed and kissed. I listened to the other messages as I was arriving at school. I called my brother back and congratulated him. He asked me to be best man. I was shocked he was asking me to be best man. I said "Yes, but you have closer friends. You don't have to ask me just because I'm your brother." My brother responded, "Dude, sometimes I just don't get you. I thought you would want to be my best man." I said, "Of course, I just never expected you to ask me." My brother said, "You have real issues man. I love you. Are you going to be my best man or what?" I told him I would. I didn't even know my brother liked me. I basically felt like he mostly just tolerated my presence. I was genuinely surprised that he asked. I texted Sara and Steve about it who both sounded so excited and happy in their responses. Over the next few months, the family was embroiled in wedding plans. Holy crap! I never expected a wedding could be the subject of every single conversation for months. It was maddening. My parents hired a wedding planner after a few months of unsuccessfully trying to book locations and pick a date. My aunt and uncle had everyone over to their apartment to meet the planner. I arrived late, walked into the dining room and stopped. The wedding planner was hot. I recognized him from somewhere. My mother and Sara introduced us. His name is Liam. As soon as I heard his Irish accent, I knew him. He was one of Marty's friends. A guy who had fucked me a couple of times at the baths. He smiled and we shook hands. Liam and I ended up leaving with my brother and Sara that evening. We parted ways with the couple and were both walking toward the subway. Liam asked if I wanted to get fucked. I said yes. I was immediately turned on. He pushed me down an alleyway and up against a wall. We had dumpsters everywhere blocking us. He kissed me and said "I have a 5 day load for you. You want it in your mouth or ass." His hands were unbuckling my belt as he said it. He knew where I wanted his load. He turned me around toward the wall. I had taken Steve's load that morning and a guy had fucked me on my way to the meeting (which is why I was late). Liam felt my wet hole and said, "Knew you'd take it raw. You have such a hot ass. It's already loaded too. You are a hot slut." He pushed his raw cock into me. My pants just at my thighs and my ass pushed back. His cock slipped in fairly easily and then I felt his zipper and belt on me as he bottomed out in me. "Hope you don't mind," he said, "I'm going to be quick." He fucked me hard and fast and within a few minutes was blowing his 5 day load in my ass. I moaned and took it. As we left the alley, Liam said, "I hope you are going to take a few more of my loads up your ass as I plan this wedding." I smiled and said, "That's likely." Liam called me a slut again playfully and grabbed a cab. I went to the subway and went home. As the weeks went by, the couple settled on a date, location for ceremony, location for party, and were now thinking about details. My brother and I went to wine tastings by a caterer. Liam met us there. It was fun. We drank like 20 different wines. We didn't pick any that day because Liam said there was another caterer he wanted us to try before we settled on this one. Liam and I went to his place and he and his roommate spitroasted me on their couch. I got one load in my mouth and three in my ass that evening. Then I went to dinner with Steve and took two more loads in my ass from him that night. Liam instructed the parents and the bride and groom to submit their initial invitation lists. This was the broad strokes list. It would be cut down from here. After a couple of weeks, the large list compiled; there were 636 people on the list (including plus 1s). I rolled my eyes. I was so staying out of this mess. I casually glanced at the list and noticed I didn't have a plus 1. I looked further down the list and noticed that almost every other name that wasn't a couple had a plus 1. As I turned the page and scanned down; there it was --- Connor and Jake. WTF?!?! How the fuck is my ex boyfriend on this list? Why is he on this list? I called my brother and asked. My brother told me that he always liked Connor. They ran into each other a couple years ago and had been hanging out - lunches, brunches, baseball games, etc. My brother, Sara, Connor and Jake had recently bought theater season tickets together. I asked why he never told me. He said, "I never thought it was that important. Connor and Jake are great. We spend a lot of time together. You and Connor are long over. Why does it matter?" I told him it did matter to me and how hard it is for me to still see Connor. My brother told me to get over it. Then I asked, "On another note, why don't I have a plus 1 next to my name?" My brother said, "Why would you? You're single. You don't have a boyfriend and haven't in years. I don't want to spend money feeding one of the guys who occasionally fucks you." I hung up. I was fucking furious. We'd now spent months talking about their wedding almost every day and, as expected, even after all this "bonding time" with family no one had ever once asked if I was dating anyone. I must've said Steve's name over 100 times in various conversations with the family members and Sara and my brother over the last 4-5 months. That night, after Steve and I fucked, and as I am laying there in his bed with his cum leaking from my ass; he asked me what was bothering me. Steve said, "Something is up. You are normally a lot more engaged in sex. You were pretty distant." I told him about the Connor and Jake on the invitation list and how I didn't have a plus 1 on the list. I also told him about the conversation with my brother. Steve sat up in bed and held me. He told me that sucked and then said, "Zach, I'm not sure you can blame them for the plus 1 thing. We've been sleeping together and dating for 6 months. You've seen my parents twice in that period. I've never been invited to meet your family. I've only met Sara once. It's not like you don't see your family - you see them all the time. I think they think if you were seeing someone worthy of spending their money on, someone who you care about, you would at least have introduced me by now." Steve stopped speaking as I got out of bed and leaned on his dresser looking at him as he spoke. I said, "I don't know what to say. I like what we have here. I didn't want to complicate it." Steve said, "Relationships are complicated because people are complicated. I'm glad we are having this conversation now. I think it's well timed." I asked what he meant. Steve said, "I have been offered a promotion at work. It's in San Francisco. I would need to move. I've been thinking about it for a few days. I didn't know how I felt about you and if we should discuss it as a couple. But, this conversation is helping me a lot right not because I am realizing we aren't a couple. I'm not trying to be hurtful by saying this. This is our moment. We are either going to decide we want to be together or not. I am closer to making that step than you are. I don't think you are ready. It's kind of obvious to your family and even one of your best friends, Sara, that you aren't in a relationship because they didn't ask or include a plus 1 for you. I don't even think you really disagree with what I'm saying right now, do you?" I said, "This is really hard. I didn't expect all this today or tonight. You are kind of my refuge from the craziness I deal with from the family. I didn't want to expose you to it. And now you are leaving?" I looked up at Steve with big eyes, not knowing exactly how to feel except totally empty and alone again. Steve said, "I'm sorry Zach. I really do think this conversation tonight helped me make up my mind. I'm taking the job in San Francisco. It's not that I don't care for you, I do. I really do. I'm just not sure you are ready to do what it takes to make us work. But, this doesn't mean I'm angry with you. It doesn't mean I want us to stop seeing each other while I'm here. It doesn't mean I don't want you to come visit. I do want all those things. I think of New York City and you intertwined. I don't want my last weeks here to not include you." And with that conversation, whatever Steve and I had; stopped moving forward. We hung out and fucked a lot over the next few weeks. I cried a lot after I would leave him each time. I also tried to fix the wedding invitation list issues with my family, but my parents sided with my brother. Connor was a good person. He was part of my brother's life. Of course he should be there. They loved Connor too. It was Sara who deftly excluded them from the list as they were cutting. Sara who told my brother to call me to tell me that Connor and Jake didn't make the cut. Sara who helped me move some of my stuff out of Steve's place before he moved to San Francisco. But it was Liam's cock that kept my ass filled with cum after Steve moved. Liam and his roommate and his friends all bred me. Liam who was planning my brother's wedding was breeding my ass every chance we got. I went to my brother's wedding. It was fun. Even though I was at the wedding alone, Liam got a room in the hotel and asked 3 waiters and another gay couple to join us. After I got drunk at the wedding, I went up to the hotel room and found this little orgy. I got fucked and bred a dozen times before morning. Liam told all the guys I wanted their loads in my ass. Told them not to use condoms to fuck me. I begged the guys to fuck me bareback and begged them to cum in me. It was a hot fucking night.
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    Grant Sam might have had Sam as his fuckbuddy at college, but I had a fuckbuddy too. Except in my case we even tried dating for a while. It did not work out for us for a number of reasons. Aiden was almost exclusively a bottom and I wanted a dick up my ass. Secondly he was very jealous and insistent on having a monogamous relationship but I wanted more variety than that. After college we moved to different cities but still remained in contact. Aiden eventually found a very attractive guy Grant, and they became boyfriends. From what Aiden told me it seems that Grant was almost as much of a bottom as he was. So what did they do sexually then? Mostly blowjobs, but also the very occasional fuck and even though they were a monogamous couple, they always used condoms. Sounded familiar! I was quite surprised to receive an email from Aiden to say that Grant would be spending a week at a conference near to where Ben and I lived and that he would like to meet me. I had seen quite a few pictures of Grant on Facebook, and I was just as keen to meet him. An incredibly hot bottom who was obviously not getting fucked as often as he would like. Although he was with Aiden, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try and get him into bed and fuck a toxic load into him. All the more so because Aiden had phoned me more than once close to tears because he and Grant were having relationship issues, usually because Grant wanted to be fucked and if Aiden wasn't going to do it he wanted permission to go outside their relationship to get it. Aiden was having none of it but he assured me many times that he did not think that Grant ever acted out his desires. Grant had once asked Aiden why he and I broke up, and Aiden had told him point blank that it was because I wasn't into monogamy. Grant knew I was married to Ben as Aiden and I had swopped a lot of pictures and tales over the years. One thing I had never let Aiden know is that Ben and I had a totally open relationship and that we fucked around freely. After some to-and-froing of emails and text messages, we arranged to meet Grant at the hotel he was staying at and take him for a drink at a local gay bar. Both Ben and I made sure that we were dressed as sexily as possible, with jeans that made the most of our crotches. As I pulled up in front of the hotel Ben and I could not believe our eyes. Grant was way hotter in person than we imagined. Tight faded blue jeans packing a massive bulge, tight white t-shirt framing a muscular torso, golden hair and blue eyes, with a gorgeous smile. One look and Ben and I both wanted to fuck him so bad. We got out of the car to greet him and I could not help noticing that he kept glancing at our crotches. Ben hopped into the back seat and Grant sat beside me. I started describing the various local bars but Grant looked at me with a smile. "I've had a long day. You said you guys live close by and I'd like to see your place and get to know you better in a quiet environment. If you have something alcoholic to drink why don't we just go to your place." He looked at me earnestly and I swear that the massive bulge in his jeans had swollen a little. We walked from the car to the front door making small talk and I noticed that Grant seemed a little distracted. Nervous perhaps? Was he planned to cheat on Aiden or was he thinking that we were going to seduce him? I don’t know about the first, but Ben and I were definitely planning on the latter! I opened the door and let them in ahead of me, waving them towards the couch. “Why don’t you guys get comfortable on the couch while I get us each a beer? We have all sorts? Any preference?” “An IPA if you have one” was his response, which was fine as Ben and I like them and we had a few in the fridge. I had carefully left a few bareback porn DVDs lying around on the coffee table where no-one could miss them: “Bareback Blond Boyfriends”, “Raw Cheating Lovers” and a few others including my favorite “Raw Load Takers.” As Ben led Grant to the couch I saw his eyes widen. “Wow. Bareback porn. Aiden won’t let me buy any, as he says you shouldn’t reward them for promoting unsafe sex.” I thought to myself; Yup, that sounds like Aiden. “Well, if you like we can watch one.” I sensed a hesitancy in Grant. Forbidden fruit was calling. “But only if you want to. We won’t try anything. We're married.” (Yeah Right). I could see a hunger in Grant’s eyes as he looked straight at me. “No, of course not.” He paused, “You choose a good one, one that you like.” I brought the beers and slipped “Raw Cheating Lovers” into the DVD player. An appropriate choice for what I was planning. We made small talk and sipped our beers for a few minutes as the movie developed. At about the point when the first trick shot his load into the first cheating lover Grant brought the conversation around to sex. “Fuck, I don’t know when last I watched bareback porn on a screen bigger than my cellphone. It’s hot!” I laughed, “Yeah, like cocks, the bigger the better.” The action on the screen was obviously starting to stimulate him, as the bulge in his pants now stretched out in a fat straight line almost as far as his jean pocket. He was obviously packing some serious meat. I also caught him stealing glances at Ben and my crotches all the way through the conversation, and our cocks were already hard in response to his interest. He asked the question that was brewing all evening: “You guys are obviously really into bareback porn. Maybe even as much as I am. Do you bareback each other? Aiden and I still use condoms even though we have never slept with anyone outside of our relationship. At least, I know I haven’t.” Ben answered for me. “Yes, we got tested after we got married. Only with each other. We don’t fuck around.” (Liar). As the screen showed the bottom’s wrecked ass leaking cum from an internal cum shot Grant asked us. “So which of you guys is a top? Aiden and I are both bottoms, which sucks.” Ben and I were obviously thinking along the same lines as we both answered. “Both of us.” "So who bottoms?" "Both of Us. We're versatile." He looked at the now very obvious growing bulge in my thin khaki pants. "So you guys bareback. Does it really feel so much better than with condoms?" This line of discussion was really turning me on and I started leaking pre-cum and creating a slick patch around my cock head. "Fuck Yeah", I responded. "The only thing that feels better than pumping your load into a juicy ass is having someone fill your gut with his sperm." By now my cock was drooling so much that the patch was about the size of a quarter and very obvious. I could see the lust in his eyes. It was time to step things up a notch. I looked hard at him and said. "By the looks of things the movie and the conversation have got you quite stimulated." For a fraction of a second I could see the doubt and confusion in his eyes as he realized what it was that he wanted so badly. I continued before he could change his mind and chicken out. "Based on what you're packing in your jeans you should try to top more. There's lots of guys that would love to have that up their ass.” He didn’t respond to that but asked. "I want to see you guys fuck bareback. I've never seen it live and up close before. Then you can fuck me with a condom. I've never cheated on Aiden before, but we'll be safe and he'll never know. Ben needed no encouragement and started stripping down to his black and red jock briefs. I always told him that the cutout at the back really framed his ass well, and he had obviously chosen to wear them today for maximum impact. I undressed a little more slowly, putting on a show for Grant. Grant made no moves to undress but was rubbing his cock through his pants. I went straight for Ben’s ass and started eating it out and getting it nice and wet ready for fucking. Now I really needed someone to suck my dick and get it slicked up with spit as I wasn’t going to use lube but Grant wasn’t taking the bait. He had now unzipped his pants and was working his dick with his hand. I could see with satisfaction that it was now drooling copious amounts of pre-cum. Such a waste that he was a condom bottom. With a juicy dick like that he should be a bareback top. I spat on my hand and slicked up my cock and then spat again into Ben’s hole and slid all the way in. It was slick and juicy with somebodies cum, not mine. My slut husband had obviously taken a load from someone not too long before. Just the way I like it. Fucking a sloppy hole. I started fucking him with deep hard strokes, slamming my crotch into his ass with every thrust. By now Grant was naked on the couch with his ass over the edge jerking his meat while he watched me fuck Ben. I made sure that the fucking was as juicy and wet sounding as possible and I could imagine what was going through Grant's mind. As I started getting close I whispered "now" in Ben's ear and he turned around and started kissing Grant on the mouth while I pulled out of his ass. I made sure that Grant saw me grab a condom from the side table, tear open the packet and roll it over my dick. Then I went down between his legs where he could not see me and slathered his hole with lube. I pulled back on the condom and it broke as planned. I pulled back the shredded latex onto the base of my cock and slowly started introducing it into his hungry anus. It slid in surprisingly easy for someone who reportedly did not get fucked often enough. “Oh fuck, that feels so good. Damn!” he uttered as I bottomed in his bowels. “You like my dick filling your hole huh?” I slowly started fucking him with longs strokes so that he could get the maximum pleasure from my bare dick sliding up and down his hot anal cavity. “Fuck yeah, it feels different than when Aiden fucks me. Better. Thicker.” I grinned at him and thought, but didn’t say aloud “and bare, lubed up by some anonymous guy’s cum from Ben’s ass.” “Maybe it’s because he is really a bottom and doesn’t know how to fuck?” I just chuckled and picked up the pace. His dick was starting to leak profusely and he moved his hand to start jerking off. I held it away. “No, not yet. Later.” I was fucking him hard and fast while Ben was deep kissing him and it did not take more than thirty seconds or so before I started dumping seven or eight massive squirts of scalding hot poz cum deep into his colon. "Oh fuck. FUCK. Yeah FUCK!" was all Grant could say as he felt the cum shooting against the walls of his bowels for the first time. As he came down from his orgasm I saw him looking at me with a strange expression as if he suddenly realized something. I slowly pulled out of his ass so that he could see the shredded condom. I saw the wide eyed shock in his eyes as he observed the damage and understood that he had taken a load for the first time. The shock quickly turned to lust. “I guess that’s why it felt so good, it was bareback.” “Yeah,” I responded. “Feels good doesn’t it? Maybe you’d be a top more often if you were not dealing with tight numbing latex on your cock.” His rock hard dick was still drooling pre-cum into the puddle that was forming on his belly. He was obviously not turned off by the idea. “I’m the only one of us who hasn’t been fucked yet, so why don’t you try and fuck me. Bareback. And see what it feels like. Put that big dick of yours to good use and you may find that you like topping when you can fuck bare. You can even cum in me.” Ben grinned with agreement. “And then Ben can fuck you.” Greg was still on his back on the couch and before he could say anything I went over and lowered myself onto Greg’s dick, after slicking it up with some of the pre-cum from his belly. I started riding him like a champion and I could see he was experiencing sensations he had never felt before. It was almost too much for him and it was not long before he shot his first unprotected load deep in my gut. Ben was watching all this with his dick in his hand, planning the next move. As I slowly lifted myself off Greg clenching my ass to prevent any cum leaking out Ben spoke. “Let’s take a break for a few minutes and then I’ll can fuck you and you can fuck me.” “Bareback?” he asked. I thought that was a dumb question considering the sex we had just had. “Yeah, of course” was my response. Greg spent every evening with us for the rest of the week, and by the time he went back to Aiden, Ben and I had each given him five or six toxic loads. He parting words to us were. “I’m not going to say anything to Aiden, but I’m going to start fucking around behind his back, and topping, and giving loads. All bareback of course.” I just smiled. Yeah. Within a few weeks those loads are going to be highly toxic.
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    CHAPTER FOUR He didn’t call or text me the next day. Apparently he couldn’t make it through the night. That seed I’d planted had clearly planted strong roots, and he was now looking to me to bring some right to his world. When he showed up at my door at 2 am, he was looking frustrated, a little angry, and exhausted. And he smelled of beer. I let him in, against my better judgment. After all, I knew nothing about him, and he seemed agitated. Who knows what kind of drunk he is? I get horny when I’m drunk, but some guys like to punch. He paced the length of the apartment behind the sofa where he’d relaxed only hours before. He was mumbling to himself and running his fingers through his hair like he was frustrated. Finally he stopped pacing and looked at me. His face and eyes looked so vulnerable. “What have you done to me?” he asked, sounding almost broken. I frowned and took a moment to choose my words wisely. It didn’t seem like the appropriate time to come back with, “Besides suck your dick?”. That might lead to a punch for sure! I carefully motioned over to the sofa so he could take a seat and maybe calm down a little. I sat at one end while he took the other. He was hunched over, elbows resting on his knees, and he wasn’t looking directly at me. “Okay, now, why don’t you start from the beginning,” I began gently. “You’re upset about something. Did something happen?” He turned and looked at me now, but I didn’t like what I saw on his face. “YOU happened,” he spat out. “You know what happened when I left here today?” He didn’t wait for a reply, simply steamrolling ahead with, “I drove home with my cock still so fucking hard because I couldn’t stop thinking about your mouth on my dick.” I sat back and wondered where to go from here. “Okay, I thought you enjoyed it. If that’s not the case, we don’t ever have to do it again.” I kept my tone even and completely nonthreatening. He ran his hands through his hair a couple more times. “That’s the problem. That’s ALL I want,” he moaned. “I went home and my bitch wife was there and she tried sucking me when she saw that I was so hard. But it was just more to keep me off of her back, she doesn’t enjoy it like you. And all I could think about while she tried to get me off was you.” Oops. I hadn’t counted on that. I corrupted the poor guy but not in the way I had hoped. I thought I could just be a little outing in his life, a little secret getaway. Be his little something on the side. Then again, clearly his wife is no good in the sack if she can’t keep his attention. It’s no wonder straight guys end up finding pleasure with willing gay men. I swallowed hard to try and moisten my dry throat. “I’m sorry,” I told him softly. “I’m sure that neither of us expected something like that to happen when we started this. If you want to stop and pretend that it never happened, go back to your life, I completely understand.” He shifted himself so that he was turned facing me now. His level of annoyance had decreased significantly, and he looked like he was ready for a rational conversation now. “My whole adult life I had to listen to all of the guys talk about their wild and hot sex lives and mine never felt that exciting. Until now. I’m not about to stop it. If there are other things about gay sex that feel that good, I want to do them, too. With you.” Okay, I didn’t see that one coming. “What do you mean?” Was he saying that he wanted to fuck me? Please let him be saying he wants to fuck me!!! “I . . . I don’t know. All I’ve ever heard about gay sex is sucking and fucking. But you must know more stuff, don’t you? Teach me. If I don’t like how something feels, can we stop?” I felt like I might explode with happiness. “I told you before, I will do anything you want that feels good. So if something doesn’t feel good, then we will stop,” I assured him. I can’t even describe how relieved he looked. “Great. Great. Somehow I knew I could count on you.” And then we were sitting in silence for a moment. “Was there a specific reason why we had to have this conversation in the middle of the night?” I had to ask. I was still sleepy, but seeing him sitting there on my sofa, he got my blood boiling again. “I couldn’t cum, she couldn’t get me off. Then we had a fight and I left. I checked into a motel and started drinking. The more I sat there, the more I thought about how good I felt when I had you on my cock. And then the next thing I knew, I was in a cab on my way over here. Sorry if I woke you up,” he told me sheepishly. “Don’t worry about it.” What I wanted to say was, “What gay man in his right mind would not want to get woken up by a stud like you?”, but I didn’t want to gush too much over him and frighten him away. He shifted again, trying to get comfortable and then I could see why -that bulge that was there this afternoon was there again. This poor horny sexy guy needed some relief. As I lifted my eyes from his crotch, our eyes met. Finally his expression changed and he grinned. He knew that I couldn’t resist him any more than he could resist me. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor between his knees, sucking that beautiful meat for dear life. This time he held my head in his powerful hands the entire time. He no longer seemed afraid of intimacy with me. I don’t think he was considering things in terms of gay and straight anymore. He merely registered what felt good, and if something feels good then it is on the table. I swirled my tongue around his cock head and massaged it down his length, wanting to give him as many sensations as possible. In the back of my mind I knew that before long a simple blowjob would not be enough for him. He would need to feel more. And hopefully the next stop will be my ass. I tried to smile at that thought, even though my mouth was full, and as that hopeful notion settled into my mind, my mouth was flooded with his delicious seed. When he finally drained his balls totally into my mouth, I let it pool under my tongue and spend a minute playing with it, letting it slither and slide over and under my tongue. He watched me with wide eyes and a curious expression. He was not repulsed by me anymore. I think he was intrigued. Reaching out, he cupped my chin in his right hand and tilted my face up to meet his. “Show me,” he said. I opened my mouth a little and showed him his load as it moved around in my mouth. Still holding me, he said, “Swallow. I want to watch you swallow it.” Keeping my mouth open, I let it slide to the back of my throat and then gulped it down. Then he released me and sat back. His dick was still rock hard and standing tall. He looked down at himself and then back up to me. “See? This is what I was talking about? What do you do to me?” he asked in frustration. “I’m constantly hard when I just think about you doing stuff to me.” I sat back on the sofa where I had been before and grinned. “That’s not such a bad problem to have. We will just have to try out some new things to see about wearing you down. I think your body is just trying to compensate for the years when you didn’t have the sex you wanted. Now you’re enjoying yourself, so why stop?” He looked over to me and said, “I don’t want to stop. Is it too late to do more tonight?” he asked hopefully. Awesome, I’ve got him right where I want him, I thought.
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    Part 9 Tom pulled out from inside me, he flipped me on to my side. He scooped up the cum from my chest and covered his cock with it and slide back inside my hole. “Thats the last clean load you’ll ever shoot or have inside you boy.” He stayed inside me, spooning me and we fell asleep. I woke up with his cock still in me, the desire to escape was conflicting with how comfortable I felt. I could feel Tom getting harder as he was slowly waking up. He didn’t say anything but slowly started to fuck my ass. I could feel the previous loads of cum around his cock, lubing my battered hole. Before long his cock was pulsing another load into my ass. I was hard the entire time. I made to jack myself off but Tom grabbed my wrist to stop me. He pulled out and rolled away, I felt suddenly alone. I heard the door to the walled closed open, i rolled over to see Tom taking a few items from the shelves and climb back into bed. Without warning he grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard! “Fuck…” I screamed out in pain. Instantly went soft. Tom took my soft cock and started putting it into a metal tube, with a cock ring attached to it. I heard a few clicks and my dick felt tight. I looked at Tom confused. “I’m locking this away boy. You don’t need it anymore. The only cum you need to concentrate on are the loads for your ass.” Tom slid a leather jock strap on me and looked over my body with a sense of satisfaction on his face. “What are you going to do with me?” I asked not really wanting to know the answer. “That’s nothing you need to worry about boy. Daddy has everything planned. We just need to make sure you’re mine first before we do anything more.” He got up and left the room. I lay in the bed not sure of what he meant or what had just happened. I looked at the device now restraining my cock and couldn’t see a way out of it. If I was to escape I’d need to have it cut off. I didn’t want to think of how I’d manage that. I got up and went for a piss, it burned! The door opened and Tom was stood in his tight white briefs, his biohazard symbol fully on display on his chest. Next to him was a man I didn’t recognise. He was a similar build to Tom, white hair and at least 50, but very handsome. He was wearing a black pinstripe suit. “This is him Brian, My Boy” “You’ve got good taste Tom, how much has he had so far?” Brian said as he made his way to the table in the room placing a black leather bag on it. “The first 7 were mine, 20 from the group, 100 stale, give or take, and a couple more. Including his own last neg load.” Tom said smiling I stood confused between them not sure where to move to. “On the bed boy” Brian said, I looked at Tom, he nodded and I made my way to the bed. Why had I looked to Tom for approval? “Did you plug it in for long enough?” Brian was removing medical looking equipment from the bag and placing it on the table. “About 12 hours. I’ve still got what wasn’t absorbed if we need it.” I was lying there trying to figure out what they were talking about, the conversation felt like it was going above my head. “Probably best to restrain the boy” Brian looked at Tom who made his way over to me, he took straps fastened underneath the bed and tied me face down. My ass was exposed to the room. “What is going on” I said, unsure of the situation. “Tom if he’s going to talk then gag him. I don’t need to hear your boy, I hear enough from my own at home” “You did claim a chatterbox Brian” Tom said laughing, he took his briefs off and stuffed them into my mouth, I could taste his cock. “Let’s see if you’ve claimed your own boy then. Let’s test your strain first. You don’t want someone else’s venom to have gotten to him first.” I could see Brian taking blood from Tom and adding it to solutions in different vials. “Your count is nearly 200,000. A cold and you’d have full blown AIDs. Once he’s bred with your strain we need to start exploring more options for managing your count. You want at least a few years with your boy” “You know i’m resistant to meds, he will be too. With what he’s got coming his way I won’t need to worry about having a few years. He’ll be full blown long before me.” “Hmm, lets get him tested, I’ll examine his cunt and we can deep breed if we need to.” What were they talking about? Full blown? I started to panic, how would I ever escape from this? Tom leaned down and whispered in my ear. “You’re going to be Daddy’s boy forever, you’ll be stained with my DNA by the end of today, one way or another.” My dick twitched and my body flinched in pain, I couldn’t get hard, it hurt so much my body practically convulsed. I could hear Tom and Brian laughing…
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    Yesterday I stopped at Peepland during the "noontime rush" that most of the Las Vegas ABSs get during lunch time. When I pulled into the parking lot, there were only two cars, still I paid my admission and got $20 worth of $1 bills to feed the video machines. Sure enough, there were two red lights illuminated over two booths in the hallway of a dozen booths. I tried the first door. It was locked. Damn! I tried the second door. Bingo! Unlocked. I went in to find a handsome, next door neighbor type guy in his mid 30's sitting on the chair, his cock out in his hand, stroking it to some str8 porn. I stepped fully into the booth, locked the door, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his semi-hard cock. He let out a soft moan as his cock began to fully harden in my mouth. After a couple of minutes, he pushed my head away, unbuckled his pants, lifted his ass as he pulled his pants down to his ankles. I took this time to take some deep drags on my poppers. He pulled his pants off his feet and tossed them into the corner. I went back to worshiping his cock, which had swollen to about six rock hard inches. I licked up and down the underside of his cock, then licked his smooth balls. Now he groaned loudly. I licked under his balls and he lifted his legs slightly, so I pushed his legs up and licked his hairy asshole. "Oh, fuck!" I heard him softly say. I licked his ass and balls for a few minutes, then went back to sucking his cock. It only took about seven or eight minutes of cocksucking before he finally began to fill my mouth with his sweet juice. In typical "Str8 guy fashion" he immediately pulled his cock from my mouth, stood, pulled-on his pants and was out the door in a flash. LOL. I always laugh to myself about this with str8 guys. The nano-second a straight guy begins to cum, he decides he must get out of this situation immediately. I've found more than one straight guy won't even finish cumming before he splits - almost as if something clicks in the guy's brain and he just then realizes a GUY has just him off and it's just too "Gay" for the straight guy to deal with. As soon as this guy had exited the booth, the door opened again and in walked a Latino Daddy type guy in his late 50's. He was short and slender with a black mustache and one or two day's growth of facial stubble. He entered the booth, locked the door, opened his pants and presented his limp, uncut cock up to my lips. So naturally I began to suck on his foreskin. After a minute or so, he sat back on the chair as I fed several dollar bills into the video machine, also taking a few drags on my poppers. Then I resumed sucking on his ample foreskin. His cock grew, then I pushed his foreskin over his cockhead and began to suck his cock. His cock quickly grew to full hardness as he flipped through the movies to find one that was exciting to him, settling on a firm involving two black guys feeding an Asian chick. After I had plied my cock sucking skills for about five minutes to his seven inch, very thick cock, the Latino papi leaned forward and felt up my ass. Great! He wanted to fuck. "Want to fuck me?" I asked. "You got a condom?" he asked. "No", I replied. "Damn!", he said. I continued to suck him. After a few more minutes he again leaned forward and felt my ass again. "Show me your ass," he demanded. I stood, unbuckled my shorts, pushed them to my ankles and stepped out of them. Turning, I bend over and spread my ass. Without hesitation he fingered my hole. Reaching into the pocket of my shorts, I located and handed to the Papi a small bottle of lube I had brought. I further prepared myself for the invasion by taking some drags on my poppers. He dribbled some lube on my hole and likewise lubed his cock. As I took another hit on the poppers, his cock head was pressing at my hole, only to push its way in to my hole in one quick, smooth thrust, immediately thrusting hard and deep. I took hold of the molded plastic chair that's bolted to the cement floor as he rams deeply into me. About ten minutes of hard pounding finally brings a soft groan as he fills my ass with his load of cum. My ass milked every last drop I could get from him. He then quickly withdrew, wiped-off his cock with the paper towels from the dispenser by the screen, pulled-up his pants and was out of there. I put my shorts back on and sit down to catch my breath for a second. The movie time runs out and I decide to go out into the hallway and check to see if anyone else had arrived. At the far end of the hallway of booths are two booths that share a gloryhole between them. I see one of those booth doors closed and the red light is on. So, I go into the adjoining booth, lean down and view into the large, oval hole that's been cut into the wall. I see a white guy in his mid 40's standing in that booth. His limp cock is hanging out of his zipper as he flips through the movies available on the tv monitor. I do the finger tap on the bottom of the g/h. He sees me do it, but continues to flip through the channels. There's 200 channels in these booths and he seems to be in no hurry to find one. Finally after what seems like an eternity, he settles on a chick on chick film. Two slutty bitches are taking turns eating each other's shaved pussies. He now touches his limp cock for the first time as I lock the door to my booth and feed a couple of dollars into my video machine. I now position myself on my knees, my face at the g/h. He now turns to me and steps up to the hole, putting his limp cock onto my tongue as I open my mouth and extend my tongue. I wrap my lips around his cock and begin to suck. His cock is not quick to harden. But I'm determined to get him hard. I want his str8 load. Finally, his cock starts to harden. His cock is about 6"s. It's very slender. It's actually the perfect size and angle for me to deepthroat. I'm swallowing his cock balls deep. Without taking his cock from my mouth, I sniff some poppers and make love to his cock. I'm massaging and tickling his hairy balls as I worship his cock. I feel his cock begin to throb, his mushroom cock head swells, then his cock unloads in my mouth. Again, in typical str8 guy fashion, he quickly pulls his cock from me. He zips up and leaves his booth. Another guy quickly steps into the booth, closes the door and leans forward to see my face in the large, oval glory hole. He feeds a dollar into the machine an unzips. This guy is perhaps late 20's, early 30's. He's got shoulder length, dirty blond hair. A short beard and mustashe. He's muscular, wearing shorts, flip-flops and a tank top t-shirt. He's really quite a hunk. He changes the movie to a str8 film with a likewise muscle stud pounding some blond bitch. His cock is already fairly hard. Just a few moments of my sucking has him now fully hard. His cock is a very nice 8", very thick with an ample foreskin. I love to make love to foreskin. And he's loving it. I'm sucking on his cock, then he pulls from me and motions for me to come join him in his booth. I stand up and leave my booth. He's now opened his door. Instead of letting me into his booth, he steps out of the booth and motions for me to follow him. We cross to a booth across the hall. He whispers to me, "This is a bigger booth". We enter the booth and lock the door. He quickly strips off his pants. I feed a few dollars into the machine. He's now bent over the chair and tells me to lick his ass. I happily do as he asks, spread his ass cheeks and lick his hole. I lick his hole for several minutes, then he turns, sits and I go to work on his cock. He's flipping through str8 films until he settles on one. About eight or nine minutes of my cock worship finally brings him to orgasm. I had been in the arcade for less than an hour and had gotten four loads. It was time to leave and get errands done for the day.
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    Part 14 “Make this whore happy, slide your dick in me please” “Sorry, you are carrying way to may STD’s for me” Brad said. I heard the outer door to the restroom open and foot steps. “Maybe it’s another cock for me” I said. “Nope, just Dr. Martin” he said, “and his cock won’t go near you either” Damn, just my luck. I wanted more cock. “Brad, go out and pack up, we are done here, well at least for today” Brad quickly left the stall and the restroom. Dr. Martin came into the stall, standing a few feet away. “Have a seat, Alex,” he said, “You are done here today. You are to head home and let the viruses do their work. It’s best to not get fucked anymore, since you are carrying a few STD’s and the company doesn’t want this project to go public. Stocks and shit like that” “Yes, Doctor” “This is for you” he said, giving me an envelope, “you are instructed to read it at home” “Yes, Sir” “Here is my card, when you sero-convert, please call me.” “I what” “Sero-convert or in other words, get the fuck flu.” he said, “and you will know when you get it” “Flu, got it” “Card is inside the envelope” He left the stall and the restroom with out another word. I slowly put my clothes back on and by the time I left there was no one outside the restroom. Once in the elevator, I stood quietly as I rode down to the parking garage. I only nodded a hello to the people coming and going on the elevator with me. I was mostly worried that I smelt like sex or I had a wet spot on the back of my pants. Then it occurred to me, I wasn’t going to be coming back here anyway, this building was in my past, I had a great unknown future ahead of me. Leaving early, put me a head of the rush hour traffic and I got home quickly, which also made parking a lot easier too at my building. I had another envelope taped to my door, waiting for me, but I soon discovered it wasn’t from my boss. It said: Alex, I need to talk to you. I got really sick over the weekend and I went to my doctors. He was a bit baffled as to why I was sick. He did a bunch of tests and i just got the results. He and I were shocked with one. I tested positive for HIV and I think you and your boss gave it to me. You two were the only ones that I had sex with without a condom, and that was not by my choice. It was yours and his. I need to know if you both have this disease and what are you two going to do about it. Danny I laughed so hard reading this, shit this fucker was so stupid. I put my stuff in my apartment and went back to the parking area. His car was gone, so I quickly went back to my place to write a reply. Danny, How fucking dare you accuse me and my boss of giving you HIV. I am negative and so is he. You twisted whore, you do know condoms fail. Maybe one of your “safe” tricks fucked you with out one or best yet, wore a doctored condom so it would break while he was fucking you and flooded your ass with cum. You may act all innocent, but I have heard from different guys at the bars that you are a whore and don’t really care, even though you act like you do. Just admit that you are a whore and fucked yourself over. Oh and as for your “what are you two going to do about it” - you can shove that up your poz hole, because we are not going to do dick. You are going to live the rest of your life as a whore, taking loads. Your passive/aggressive note pissed me off - so go fuck yourself. Accusing people with no proof. You ass hole. I didn’t even sign my name, I didn’t fold it, or put it in an envelope. I quickly put it on his door for the whole floor to see. I can’t wait to hear the talk through the building. I made a couple cocktails and sat back in my dark apartment, listening to chatter outside in the hall and doors opening and closing. In my mind I was laughing my ass off. I had anticipated a knock on my door at some point in the evening but none came. I climbed under my covers, watched a movie on my lap top with headphones and went to sleep early. Totally forgetting about my boss’ letter. It was about midnight, when I woke up to piss and remembered it. Before I got it, I cracked open my door, just to see if that sniveling prick responded. I chuckled when I saw that he hadn’t I grabbed my boss’ letter and went back to bed.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty Seven Dad was up and out of bed before I even woke. I found him sitting naked in the kitchen drinking his morning joe. “Need some cream for that” I asked him. “I’m good, black is better” “I heard that too” I said, “we need to try” “Already called Doc, he wants to see you at one, don’t worry I will take you” “Okay, but I think I’m okay. Seriously” “You’re still going” “Okay, I’ll go, may get the answers I need” “Answers?” “It’s best you don’t know right now” I said walking away. I wanted a shower and Dad’s was the best in the house. I turned on a few heads to warm the room up and stepped under the hot water. It felt good running down my body, warming me as it traveled down. I grabbed the soap and started to wash my smooth skin, moving the soap around and sliding it up my crack. It stung a little as the soapy water ran across my hole. Taking a deep breath I slowly massaged my puffy hole, then slid my finger in. My hole felt like it was on fire, but that sensation quickly subsided. I worked my finger in and out of my hole. My cock responded to the stimulation of my hole, growing hard under the hot water. “Nothing gets Daddy hard, then watching my sexy boy finger fucking his pussy” I spread my feet wider and bent over, sliding another finger into my hole. No shame putting a show on for Dad. “That’s it son, finger that pussy” “Your cock would feel better Dad. Got to make sure there is a load for Doc to discover” “Why don’t you slip your boy dick up Daddy’s hairy cunt” As Dad walked to the shower, I pulled my fingers from my ass, expecting to see blood but they were clean. I grabbed the soap and started to lather up my cock. Dad backed up to me and bent over. “Fuck me son” he said. I lined up my hole and rammed in. He pushed back and I popped in. I pushed in driving deep. Dad tried to pull off my cock, but I grabbed him and pulled back. “Damn son, take it easy on your old man” “Shut up and take it bitch” I said getting more aggressive with him. I started to pull out, then ram into his hole. Dad took some deep breathes as I rough fucked his hole. I could feel my balls swinging as I pumped his hairy hole. I was grunting loudly as I rammed my cock into his hole. Dad had braced himself by putting both hands on the tile wall in front of him. His clock was swinging back and forth between his legs. I was fucking his ass hard and fast, jack rabbiting his hole. “Not going to last much longer bitch” I said smacking his hairy ass. I pushed in hard and shot. My cum load felt huge. My cock twitched at least a dozen times. I collapsed onto Dad’s back, breathing heavy. “Shit Dad, I needed that” “Feels like you flooded my hole” “It was a big load, haven’t shot that big in a long time” “But what was with calling me a bitch” “Payback” I said laughing. “Guess I deserved it” “Let’s clean up and head to Doc’s place” I pulled out of his hole and we soaped each other up, teasing one another. We stayed in the shower longer than we should have and had to rush to get dressed and head over to Doc’s. I had never been there before. Once in the driveway, Dad pointed to a set of stairs on the right of the garage door. They went down to the basement. My cock grew in my shorts, thinking about our basement and wondering if his was like ours. Dad slapped my shoulder, bringing me out of my fantasy and telling me it was time to get out and head in.
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    It was Cumunion in Atlanta last night and over 100 guys were there. As usual, I went to the gay bar across the street to have a couple cocktails before offering my ass up. I arrived at Cumunion about 9pm and the place was already packed. I had already pre-lubed my poz cunt and was hitting the poppers pretty heavy before walking into the sex club. Once inside, I stripped off my tank top and spandex tights and put them in a locker then headed to the darkroom. I was only wearing a black mesh jockstrap, mesh arm sleeves and a collar with SLUT on it. My goal tonight was to break my previous 15 load Cumunion record. As I pushed my way into the darkroom and bent over the bench, a guy immediately sunk his cock into my cunt. It didn't take long for him to shoot his hot load deep inside me. As soon as he pulled out, other guys started taking turns fucking and filling my ass with cum. Within 20 minutes I already had 8 loads in my cunt and I was totally craving more. I took a break from the darkroom and decided to get in one of the slings. Two more guys came up and took turns fucking me and asked me to beg for their poz loads. Of course I begged them to pump their toxic cum into my diseased cunt and use me as their poz cumdump. They both unloaded their poz loads into my willing cunt. Now with 10 loads in me I headed back to the darkroom and bent over the fuck bench spreading my ass open for more guys to use. I felt like a total slut with all that cum in me and still wanting more and more pumped in my poz slut bod. Next to fuck me were three black guys who had huge cocks. I was totally loose now and took them easily in my cum drenched, wrecked cunt. They all shot their loads deep in me adding more to my cum collection. I had so much cum in my ass I started to finger my cunt and eat some of the cum from my ass. It tasted great as I waited for some more guys to fuck and fill me. I ended up taking 4 more loads for a total of 17 loads for the night and hoping most of them were poz loads! So I was successful in breaking my previous record and will set out to break this record at the next Cumunion!
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    Craigslist ad was Chub for BBC. Pic of my ass I hope was alluring. Me in a jockstrap. Big, beefy, pale ass. Guy responds with body and dick pics, one of five or six responses. A couple flakes, and one pic exchange where I wasn't his type after all. Honest mistake, and good luck out there, buddy. So this guy responds, and he's got a good sized cock. It's pretty big in the photos, but 8 or 9 inches, can't tell and honestly, doesn't matter as long as it's owner is proud of what he has and what it can do. We exchanged emails and he said he could come over as soon as a friend picked up keys. Less than a half hour. Something like that, one of those things guys say when they intend to flake out. He seemed okay and into me during our meager exchange, so I said sure. Hit me up. I also thought the encounter may not happen because I asked for us to use condoms. I know that this makes part of the story unpopular, but I wouldn't be posting this story if things didn't go as I had asked. I love bare--always prefered. But I'm not a bathhouse guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that - I jerk off to those stories too and admire those dudes. Warriors. But I'm uh...shyer. I fantasize about having three guys loads in me at once, because I haven't even had two different guys' cum in me at once. And I'd love to make this fantasy come true. So, I asked if condoms were okay. I didn't want to tell him that if we hit it off, maybe we'd end up condom-free somewhere down the road, two or three encounters later. I dunno. I love raw. But my brain sometimes doesn't adjust to the possibility of doing it immediately. And I love those stories on this site. He texts me and said his friend obligation was complete. He didn't live far and I had given him the cross streets, so he texted me, "I know it's later than we said, but it's Friday night, so I know you're up. Give up that fat ass. I'm a block away. Address." I liked his attitude. 28 to my 50. Big dick and a no-fuck-around attitude. He showed up and I was pleased. He was too. I could tell as soon as he walked through the door, a knowing grin that was, "this is my type." I led him to the bedroom. Got him some water. We made a little small talk while we undressed. He was pleased, because this was the first time in a month a craigslist ad had worked out for him. He described three incidents going to someone's house who was a no show and, of course, disappeared from text or whatever communication. He shrugged it off, while I helped peel off his underwear. His cock was thickening and I thought to myself, "We might not use condoms." It was bigger than the photos, both of them, and it wasn't fully hard. I sucked and he loved it. It took me a minute or two to accommodate his whole cock in my throat, but I like to take my time getting there anyway. I like surprising the guy that, yeah, I can take more of this fat dick. More than that. Surprise! I can take another inch and a half more. His hands were on my head, pleasantly surprised and exclaiming, "Oh shit." I thought he was cumming, but he was just getting ready to push deeper. I sucked him this way, luxurious deep strokes and then 'holding position,' when his shaft was at its deepest. He loved this and so did I, getting him throat-slobberred. At one point, he pulled out, slowly, inch by huge inch and I realized it was probably 11 inches. Fat. In our brief emails, he never said, "I have an 11 inch cock." I wondered how many guys would flake out if he had volunteered that detail. But it was a fuck monster, and it was fat, and bloated, and at that same moment, we both knew it was time for him to be inside me. I think I knew at that moment, we wouldn't use condoms. They were sitting a few inches away. I crawled up on all fours and he liked what he saw. Growled without trying to be an ass about making sex noises. I get that chubby guys is not for everyone, but it was for him. He ate my ass, and when I pushed back and made my own growling, grunting fuck sounds, he pushed his tongue in further. I could hear his hand jacking his cock, because I had slathered him in my throat spit, so it was juicy as he jacked it. I thought about how big it was. He pushed the head into my crack with intention. I said, "What about condoms?" He pushed a little more and when he popped in, I think he was again, pleasantly surprised by how deep he got on the first push and I could take it. Not all the way, no. But more than six inches. I felt him keep going, and I knew he was talking me out of condoms, but not using words. He pushed deeper and then slowly pulled out, some longer strokes to let me know what I'd be missing if I insisted. I didn't insist. He fucked me more. Deeper. Slow, and then sometimes fast jabs so I knew to open up when he encouraged me to open up or he'd get his way jackhammering me. Either way. So, I opened to him. He pounded me good, and I felt him tense. Not "cum in four seconds" tense, but he had completed a few laps and had now worked up a good sweat. He really liked my ass and I felt like that 11 inch dick was maybe more. I dunno. I was ravaged. I said, "You're gonna cum in me, aren't you?" He said, "Yeah. I am." Maybe he had assumed he always would. He was probably used to men giving up their ass easily to him. Once I stopped asking questions of him, he could see that he would reach the goal line, he got more intense, excited to release himself in me, now that he had gotten the permission he may not have waited for anyway. He fucked harder, yelled, yelled again, and said, "Oh, shit," in a louder voice, followed by repeatedly saying, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" He dumped his load in me. Before he had even gotten soft, hadn't had time to pull out, he was pounding my ass again, so I talked dirty to him. Now that he had done it, why not? I described the creamy froth he was creating in my pink colon, fucking his own cum into me deeper, and how his sons would swim further than other men, because he was stronger. He loved this kind of talk, and it wasn't long before he dumped a second load in me. We took a break after that, lying around sweating, both of us, "wow-ing," and me kissing and licking his balls and saying, "thank you." He liked that, too. A lot of things I did were getting to him. Soon, he was inside me again. He didn't cum inside me that time. He jerked his whole body hard as he began to cum and his cock jumped out of me, spurting along my crack but he couldn't get his cock inside for the full cum. The fourth cum was inside me. I was admiring his still half-hard penis, sucking it, worshipping it with my lips, and that's how I swallowed the fifth load. Sixth load less than twenty minutes later. Took a shower before leaving. We walked to the front door, me talking about how crazy this was, and how did he know he was gonna breed me? He didn't answer, just said, "That was hot. We need to do this again soon." I talked dirty to him about how his sperm was inside me, would be all night, and he used my hand to show me he was hard again. I led him by the cock again to my bedroom and he fucked the sixth and seventh loads into me. I kept sucking his cock after he came to get all the drops of cum out, which turned him on even more, and so...I swallowed the eight load. He admitted he had never experienced anything like this before. He had dumped up to four loads in a guy, but this was a new record. I walked him to the door and we laughed about the craziness, how Craigslist had some incredibly frustrating experiences, but sometimes there was this, a connection that was so intense that incredible things happened. We've been texting all day. I bought a thong because he likes thongs. It's Saturday, around 8:30 pm. Central time when I'm writing this. Not sure when this will actually appear in the posts, but that's what time it is now. He's coming over in an hour.

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