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    Growing up, I'd always suspected that my dad was gay. Or at least, shall we say, sexually indiscriminating? I mean, he was still married to mom and I had to come from somewhere. Besides, I do remember hearing them occasionally banging one out as their bedroom was right across the hall from mine. But I had my suspicions, which were reinforced by behaviors. From the time I could remember I'd always just been around my dad when he was naked. Nudity was just an everyday thing at my house, so it never struck me as odd. Nudity was a thing for mom and me, too. Heck, Theres many a pic of me running around our house as a kid in my all-together! However, as I got older I started to notice dad was nude around me more often than mom. It was more "our thing". Just two dudes hangin.... We bathed and showered together quite often, and hung out watching TV afterward as we air-dried. And When I wasn't bathing too, I used to keep him company while he took a bath. He would let me play with boats in the deep end while we talked. Occasionally we'd play "light house". Where I would drive the boat between his legs to the "lighthouse" that was standing erect there. The boat would crash on the "rocks" below and I would laugh and laugh.... Anyway, I also first learned about masturbation from my father when I spied on him when he pleasured himself in the garage. I saw him fire his load into a shop rag, and after he went back inside I retrieved the rag and investigated it. What was this sticky fluid? Naturally he came back and caught me-- I was SO embarrassed! But he took it very much in stride and was completely matter of fact about it all. And that's when I learned all about the birds and the bees. And also about what guys can do for special fun on their own, like he just did. Things that we "should never tell mom about because she's a girl and wouldn't understand". Dad's special magazines were also readily available for me; he really didn't even bother to hide them. They were just at the bottom of a magazine basket in our den. They started out as Playboy, but as I got older they became Penthouse, Club, Chic, Oui, and then some harder core mags with dicks and fucking in them too! Those were my favorites-- the ones that showed closeups of men with erections. Anyway, As I got older I gained hair and modesty, so the joint showers and nudity stopped and doors started being closed. Well, really just my doors-- although that didn't stop my dad from interrupting me on more than one occasion. The first time, I was in my room "studying". I was just about to cum when he barged into my room. I don't think I ever moved so fast in my life! He just laughed and said, "Whoops!" And as he closed my door he said, "Just don't get any on my Penthouse." There were a couple more times after that, and dad would always joke and say something like "Damn, boy! Don't wear it out!" Or "Do you ever put that thing away?" Which is why I started jacking in the shower or in a locked bathroom while "pooping". Slowly over this time, my suspicions about dad being gay and his "extracurriculars" increased. He was gone longer hours. Working out more, or at least saying he was working out. Sometimes he'd come home and you could tell he'd had a beer or two. He and mom fought more over piddly shit. I pretty much figured he was having an affair, or hooking up somewhere. And I could clearly see my parents on the clear trajectory toward divorce. He was also buddying up to me more during this time. Telling me that I was really growing into a man. How handsome I was becoming. Conversations felt conspiratorial (sm. He joked with me more and the joking took on more of a sexual nature. Everything was a double-entendre. Well, the summer before my senior year of high school, mom started a new job and started working nights. I think she took this job just so she and dad would spend less time breathing the same air. It also forced dad to be home more to take care of me (in theory). Dad still Was late getting home sometimes (smelling of... I didn't know what), but he was definitely more often at home now. Which conveniently left us together with free time. In the evenings. Before bed. As I said before, mom and dad's room was right across the hall from mine. And in their room they had an old tv with a vcr. You know-- for watching movies in bed. And with mom working nights and dad being dad, well... he fired up the vcr. A lot. I mostly ignored it the first few times-- but I could hear the porn playing and the soft, creaking motion of his bed and I knew what was going on. But it was my father! I shouldn't be listening, hardly daring to breathe. I shouldn't be turned on by this, should I? Why did I have a boner?? So many thoughts... so many conflicted emotions. Finally one night I couldn't take it any more and I wanted-- no, NEEDED-- to see. So I snuck out of bed and crept quietly into the hall. Dad always left his door ajar, so I figured I could peep in and see him and the porn while he was too distracted to notice. I figured I was being quiet as a cat. I was wrong. "You might as well just come on in," he said in a loud voice. Fuck! Busted AGAIN by dad!! Well, I sheepishly went into his bedroom and he gestured for me to sit next to him on the bed. He wasn't even trying to hide his erection. "Come on, you might as well 'take a load off' too. I can see you want to," again with the double entendre as he nodded to the boner in my pajamas. I stood next to the bed, guts churning, nervous as hell and shaking like a leaf while I stared at the erection held in his first. He smiled and patted the bed-- and I took my place beside him. Little did I realize that this small action would set me on a dark path and seal my fate. That first night we watched porn together and jacked off. Well, he jacked off and I mostly watched him jack off. When he came all over his belly and fist, I came too. In my pajamas. Without touching myself. From there we slowly progressed. It wasn't an every night event, but when I was in bed and I'd hear the porn soundtrack, I'd get up and join him. It started out as innocently jacking together. From there it became me jacking him off while we watched. I still vividly remember the first time I touched his erection- it was like a bolt of lightning struck me and I could barely breathe. And again, when he came, the feeling of his seed running over my knuckles made my own dick cum in my underwear. (No more Jammie's for this guy!) From there it soon progressed to blowjobs. Never him on me-- I was the son and it was my duty to get him off. To be a good boy. Oddly enough, it was a bigger deal to first jack my dad than to blow him. The blowjob came naturally. Feeling the smooth, warm skin of his head with my tongue just felt right somehow. And when he shot in my mouth? There was no hesitation. I swallowed instantly. Happily. At this point in our relationship I had definitely shifted to just being his convenient sex toy. Sort of his human fleshlight. He didn't really make eye contact or acknowledge me at all. He was focused on the straight porn on the VCR. I didn't jack off or really touch myself at all in his presence. I would finish him off, he'd turn off the VCR and lights, and I'd go back to my room. Once there is either jack off or go to sleep. More often than not, I didn't even jack myself. And then one night it finally happened. This was in January of my senior year. It was after Christmas and I was back in school, mom was back to work, etc. I heard the porn fire up, but it was different porn. This time the grunting was more masculine-- on whiny bitch moaning. I went in and I saw dad watching porn-- but this was a different porn. There were two guys on the screen. Two, hot, furry, mustachioed men... and they were fucking! It was so hot and the breath caught in my throat. Dad and I started as we usually did-- him jacking for a minute, then me doing it for him. Then my mouth on his dick, as usual. But this time instead of cumming down my throat, he tapped my head after awhile and I stopped. "Get on all fours," he whispered. We NEVER talked during our sessions so this startled me. It was almost like a slap. But he just stopped everything, gestured toward the TV with a chin flip, and told me to "assume the position". My guts instantly turned to water as I knew what was about to happen and I wasn't sure about it at all. Wasn't sure I wanted "that". But it was my dad and instinctually I wanted to please him so.... I got on all fours. I was facing the porn and I felt the bed shift as he got behind me. He reached and got some KY off the nightstand. My heart was thundering in my chest. Soon I felt the cool, wet hardness of his cockhead pushing at my sphincter. This was it-- I was losing my virginity. To my father. He pushed into me and i remember it burning like hell. I tried to push back a bit on his thigh, so slow him or get him to stop but he was clearly bent on fucking. Which he started to do. I winced and grunted as he thrust inelegantly into me. It hurt and it felt like my asshole was ripping because of his thickness. I tried to relax-- I tried to understand how the one guy in the porn seemed to be really enjoying the penis in HIS ass. Did it hurt him as much? I tried to breathe through it. I teared up a bit. Then suddenly my father was buried inside me and shuddering. I could fee his cock throbbing in my ass, much as it had done in my mouth. There would be five or so pulses and a few aftershocks, again... like usual. I counted them off in my head. His hands were on my hips as he slowly pulled out of me. Then he magically produced some paper towels to wipe himself with and he was done. Stunned I made my way to the bathroom to wipe myself clean. There was a KY residue, some brown, and some red. Blood. So I HAD torn a bit. I stood in the bathroom a long time and looked at myself in the mirror. I was confused and hotly ashamed, mainly because I found myself aroused at the thought of what just happened to me. I jacked myself and came all over the bathroom sink while thinking about my dad's cock violating my ass. Two nights later the same thing happened. And again a couple nights after that. Soon, I realized this was our new norm. So I stopped at Walgreens after work one day and got my own tube of KY that I kept in my secret hiding spot in my room. I started fingering my ass and lubing myself before heading in for our father-son bonding ritual. As time went on, some weeks there was less sex and I found myself a bit disappointed (and if I'm being honest, jealous). Because dad was "late" getting home, his clothes smelling of cigarettes and "that smell" that I'd later come to realize was the stench of an adult bookstore. I'd always find myself wondering why I wasn't good enough-- had I done something wrong? Was he displeased, or worse... bored with me? But then he'd fire up the VCR again, and everything would be right as rain. Of course it's not like I was completely innocent during this time either. Dad had sort of opened the door to my sexuality. I had a couple friends at school that I was blowing fairly regularly. And there may have been one or two "park encounters" between me and older men. Anyway- this continued through the summer until it was time for me to leave for my freshman year of college. In my mind this was also the cutoff point for my activity with Dad. I was going to college to start the next chapter in my life. I wanted to be normal. I wanted a change. And I knew i was more an adult now, and really wouldn't be living at home anymore. I'd love to be able to say that we had one final night together before I left, where we spent the entire night fucking and he actually fucked me on my back while looking at me, and telling me that I was a good son and he was proud. Ah, the romantic in me! But no-- our sessions ended not with a bang, but a whisper. Really I don't even much remember our last fuck. As summer waned he sort of did it less and less. Plus dad got really sick earlier in the summer, and that really seemed to zap his energy levels. I was okay with all this. It made my college transition that much easier. When I came home at Christmas break, Dad met me at the door and had me sit down. He had some things to tell me, he said. My stomach lurched as I could predict what was coming. Well... ALMOST predict. In a somber voice he explained that mom had moved out and that they were getting a divorce. He said there was something else, too. He had been to his doctor and... He took a deep, shuddering breath and said the last thing I expected: "Son... I'm HIV positive."
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    The Mugger I’ve never considered myself naive, but I did tend to walk around as if nothing bad would ever happen to me. Sometimes I would find myself walking home late at night and not even pay attention to the fact that I was passing through a rougher neighborhood. I always made it home safe every time, so in my mind I was always safe. Until Friday night a couple of weeks ago. It was dark and the streets were basically deserted -which is probably why I always felt nothing would happen to me. How could something happen if no one is around? Someone was around, though. I just didn’t see him before it was too late. I didn’t hear his footsteps as he stalked me, eventually wrapping his arms around me from behind and growling in my ear to hand over my cash. Luckily my other instincts kicked in and I went into self-defense mode, wrenching his arms free from me, and spinning around to face him (which I couldn’t see anything -it was too dark). I nailed his jaw with a right hook and then did something I never thought I would do -I slammed my knee into his jewel box. He dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, groaning in agony. When he looked up at me, his black hoodie fell back to reveal quite a handsome face. Mind you, it was contorted in agony at the moment, but his good looks were not lost on me despite what had just happened. “Jesus, why’d you do that?” he hissed. My true nature came out at that point and I started apologizing to him (I’m know -idiot!). “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” I had always felt that I would never have the heart to inflict such pain onto another man, but somehow something else had taken over at that point. “In my defense, you were trying to mug me.” “Yeah, but I wouldn’t hurt you,” he moaned, rocking a little on his knees and cupping his crotch. After a couple of minutes he managed to stand. Now that he was facing me I could see he was much larger than my own trim 5’9” frame. Great, I thought, he’s going to kick my ass first, then take my money. He just stood there eyeing me for a minute, probably debating over which of the hundreds of painful and bloody ways he could kill me. He stepped closer, never taking his eyes off of me for a moment. “That fucking hurt,” he told me in a low voice. “If it means anything, I really didn’t mean to do it. It just happened,” I blubbered. “Kicking a guy in the balls is pretty low. I think you owe me more than just some cash, for that kind of pain,” he said, lunging at me and somehow managing to get me into a choke hold that I could not break. I wasn’t completely out, but the lack of oxygen did it’s part in immobilizing me. He dragged me just around the corner into a rundown old house. It was dark and I didn’t hear any voices. I knew we were alone. Through the house he dragged me until I found myself on a bed. His large body loomed over me as the cobwebs and fog cleared from my head. Well he could have killed me in an alley and not have to deal with disposing of the body, so maybe he’s not a homicidal maniac. On the other hand, maybe he is, and he just enjoys toying with his prey and taking his time torturing them before they succumb to the vast array of injuries he’s inflicted upon them. The bed threw me off, though. I’ve seen Dexter -these guys like a work space. As soon as he stripped his shirt off, revealing a mouthwatering rugby player type of build, I knew he wasn’t planning on killing me. Still, being raped was never something I dreamed about, either, so I started to move, trying to get my bearings so I could make a run for it. He had just opened his pants and out flopped a dick that was totally proportionate to his hunky hulky body. It had to be at least 8 ½ inches long and it was just starting to harden! And thick -bloody hell! That was my cue to get my ass in gear, so I struggled to a crouch on the bed, jumped, and then tried to run around him. His muscular arm caught me around the waist, heaved me up in the air, and deposited me back down in the center of the bed. “Uh-uh, you’re not going anywhere ‘till I’m done with you. We’re gonna have some fun tonight, you and me.” Despite my fear, my dick was hardening in my pants and my ass was going into spasms of anticipation. What can I say -sometimes you can’t take the gay slut out of the man. Show me a rapidly growing dick and beautiful body and my body knows what to do. I lost my head by then, and there was no point in fighting him. Besides, if I submit to him maybe he won’t be too rough on me. That dick can do some damage, I thought. “Fuck it,” I said, rolled back to my knees on the bed and beginning my own strip show for him. His face lit up seeing that I wasn’t going to give him a hassle. “Well, I guess I found myself a bitch, didn’t I?” “I’ll be your bitch,” I told him, my breath coming up short. I shuffled to get closer to him, and then taking him by the hands, pulled him down onto the bed with me, kissing him hard and deep. He kissed me back, but he took the kiss over. We were definitely going to do this his way. And he wasn’t in the mood for anything affectionate. He kissed me almost violently, his tongue invading my mouth and throat (yes, throat -he’s got a long one!) nearly made me gag, but I became so turned on that I just rode it out and tried to match him. Suddenly he broke the kiss, grabbed me and flipped me over onto my stomach. I felt him moving on the bed until his hot breath was on my butt. Lucky for him I had gone to the bar prepared tonight. Unluckily for me, had I gotten lucky I wouldn’t find myself in this mess. His long tongue immediately began to snake up into my ass. I’ve never felt a rimming like it -it was beyond ecstasy! It literally felt like a small snake going up into me. It was insane! I couldn’t help but moan and writhe -what else could I do? After a few minutes I was desperate to feel his cock in me -despite the fact that it was now full-grown and towering at an impressive 12 ½ inches. I’ve never had anything that big in me, the largest so far being around 9 inches. “Oh fuck, you have to fuck me,” I pleaded. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here, bitch? You’re gonna pay for kicking me in the junk. And I’ve got a special way to pay you back. You’re gonna take my poz loads all night long.” Suddenly there were sirens and shrieking going off in my head! Did he say ‘poz’? What the fuck? I’m negative and had been very conscious to keep it that way. I began to struggle against him, trying to keep him from straddling me, but his size made that impossible. I went back to pleading. “Please, man, I’m negative. I don’t want this.” “Who asked you, bitch? You got to pay for what you done to me.” Okay, he was hot -his vocabulary didn’t need to be ivy league when you look like that. What the fuck? How can my mind be thinking about vocabulary when he’s about to put HIV+ cum inside me? I begged and struggled for a few more minutes, and then he got fed up, laying his entire body weight on top of my back. His face was next to mine, and he was breathing hard. “Am I going to have to choke you out again?” he asked menacingly. Lord only knows what he might do if I’m totally unconscious, so I weakly told him it wasn’t necessary. “Good bitch. I don’t want to feel that ass pushing me out, either. When I go in, I’m staying put until my bruised nuts fill you up with their revenge.” Shit, there goes my other plan. I figured that I might be able to buck him off of me or push him out just before he blows. I’ve never felt that kind of conflict before. My mind and heart were telling me to do whatever necessary to get the fuck out of there before he infects me. But my damned hormones . . . as soon as they kick in, all reason and logic fly out the window. My hormones were telling me that I’d gone out to the bar tonight to get laid. Now I was going to get laid. Quit complaining. Bitch. Hormones with attitude, right? It’s bad enough HE’s calling me ‘bitch’, I don’t need my own subconscious calling me names! Alas, the hormones were in the driver’s seat and I just surrendered to him. If the opportunity presented itself to escape I would take it, otherwise I would just survive. I can always go and get that pill I heard my friends talking about. “That’s it, I feel the fight going out of you. You’re my bitch for the night. You might as well like it,” he told me. I felt his fat cock head at my entrance, and he rutted his hips a couple of times, enticing my hole to yawn open and swallow him all on it’s own. Would you believe that the damn thing did? Suddenly my ass was sucking several hard, thick inches in. It actually took my breath away, the rush of him suddenly entering me. But by now I was so hot I didn’t resist -despite the pain. Oh, yes, there was pain. That was a fat knob pushing into me. I’m sure that I felt tearing inside, especially since he had only used spit to lube my hole. “Fuck, buddy, your ass is just eating that big dick up! You’re nothing but a whore, aren’t ya? How else would that ass just take it like that? I got a big dick and most bitches can't get past the head.” He sounded like he was enjoying himself, and he reared back and then thrust in, this time adding a few more inches to the penetration. A couple more times like this and I felt his pubes scratching my ass. Fuck, he was balls deep in me! It hurt like fucking hell, and he’d torn me open good doing it. My insides were going into mad spasms, while I silently let the tears pour down my face and drip onto the worn bed sheet. Shockingly, he wasn’t a complete asshole, and he held still until he felt the spasms subside, and then he got to fucking. It really only took a few minutes for my hole to feel totally open to him, and by now the pain had morphed into unbelievable pleasure. I wanted his dick in me. I loved his dick destroying my hole. I guess that might make me a whore, but just then I was happy being a whore. By the time he got a rhythm going that he liked, I was really into it, and raised up onto hands and knees and began shoving my ass back at him, riding him deep and hard. “Fuckin’ pig likes it!” he roared. “Pig’s gonna like my toxic cum, too.” Reflex response had me saying, “Please, pull out before you cum,” even before I had a chance to consider it. Of course, I came back to my senses when I felt the sharp sting on my ass as he smacked my cheeks hard. Really hard, like I’m sure there will be a bruise in the shape of a hand print. “No fuckin’ way, bitch. That’s your payback for nailing me in the balls. You’re gonna learn how important that real man cum is. Toxic venom flowing through my veins, in my sperm. And soon it’s all gonna be in you.” My logical mind was becoming more and more cloudy as I rode that cock. It just felt too damn good. And yes, I do take loads from guys, so naturally my body is craving his seed in me. That’s just the natural order -dick goes in, fucks, deposits seed. Sometimes repeat. And right now my ass and guts were praying he would fill me with his load. It was like the devil sitting on one shoulder and the angel on the other. One says, “Fuck yeah, you want it!”, while the other says, “Don’t listen to him. You know you shouldn’t be doing this!”. As usually happens when my hormones are in flux, that little devil went over and drop-kicked the angel right out of the equation. The next thing I know . . . “Fuck yeah, give me that load,” I heard myself saying. Excuse me? “That’s it, bitch. You know you want me to knock you up. Beg me for it, bitch.” “Do it, cum in my ass!” I yelled. “Say it,” he ordered. “Please, cum in me,” I pleaded. “SAY IT!” he demanded again. And then I knew what he wanted to hear. “Poz me!” I screamed. “Give me that toxic cum! Cum in my ass and infect me!” “That’s right, bitch,” he said in almost a purr, now really railing into me. I knew it wouldn’t be long now, and sure enough he slammed in particularly deep, roared, and slapped my ass again as I felt his balls blast my battered hole full of his venomous load. “Take it, you fuckin’ whore. Take that poz cum!” he yelled. “Yes! Yes, poz me! Poz me!” I yelled back. At that moment I was loving every second of that fuck, despite what would probably result from it. What’s done is done, and I might as well get some enjoyment out of it. I can go to the clinic in the morning and get that pill. His dick stayed hard in my ass and he just kept on fucking me. After 3 more viral loads from him, he finally extracted himself from my gaping hole and took a break. He went and got himself a beer. Nothing for me. After he’d finished it off I knew why -I was allowed beer, only it’s the same one he’d just drank. He stood over me and I clamped my mouth down on his semi-hard dick, and immediately began to swallow as his piss sprayed into my mouth. I chugged like a champ and didn’t lose a drop. Seeing that actually turned him on again, and within seconds he was back up my cum sloppy hole. He used my ass all night long. Literally. I’ve never met a man who was such an animal when it comes to sex. He just could not get enough. He blasted a dozen loads into me in one night. Some guys don’t even get that much at a gangbang! By the time the sun was shining and the rest of the world was up and on their way, he finally took his spent dick out of my hole. We were both covered in sweat and cum. And we were exhausted. He lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. “There, your ass got what it deserves. Next time you’ll think twice about hitting below the belt,” he reminded me. “Now get the fuck out.” “Is it okay if I take a quick shower before I go?” I asked. “Fuck no. This isn’t a date, bitch. Get the fuck out,” he ordered. Now reality was sinking in again and the sex haze had lifted. Time to get out before he decides to get violent on me. I grabbed my clothes and raced from the room. I dressed just inside the front door, and then hurried outside.
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    PART 3 I walked to the front desk noting the time: almost 11:45. I still had another five hours. I smiled and felt wicked. Then, I remembered Cy but didn’t see him at the front desk. He probably had left work early. The next time I saw him I’d thank him and pay for the double room. I didn’t want to owe anyone and certainly didn’t want to be known as cheap. I wondered if maybe he had to pay for the room difference out of his own pocket. I frowned. The idea bothered me. My feet took me back to my room where I decided to try being a host. I dimmed the light to various levels before deciding on a setting, opened my door wide, and climbed on the bed settling back against the wall raising my left leg up foot flat on the bed and hooking my right ankle around my left ankle. My left hand rested on my mounded cock which I began to slowly rub. Much traffic passed by looking in with some men stepping back to the doorway for another quick glance before moving on. Others momentarily returned and lingered or stood across the narrow hall to my door before moving on as well. None chose to enter or wait around long enough for an invitation. I had just about given up on playing host when a familiar face looked into my room as it went past my door. Cy stopped abruptly, grabbed the door frame, and pulled himself back to fill my door smiling that same smile he had at the counter. I sat up returning his smiling. “How’s it going? You having a good time,” Cy asked. “Super. Better than I thought I would,” I replied. “Good. That’s what we like to hear. That’s why guys come here—to have a good time,” Cy said as he grinned broadly and his eyes sparkled. “Any problems? Questions?” “No problems or questions,” I said, then, glanced quickly over his shoulder trying to make sure I wasn’t overheard. “I have sucked off three guys and swallowed my first cum ever,” I whispered grinning and beaming at my accomplishment. Cy’s eyes bugged up as he bent over slapping my knee and laughing quietly then saying, “This is your first time having sex with men? That’s the way to go, sport. That’s why we’re here. Good for you. You fuck anybody yet or anyone fuck you?” “No. I’m having too good a time sucking so far,” I said, “but I have thought about it. I guess if I met the right guy I would.” “Well, no time like the present for an offer to be made then,” Cy said as he broadly smiled once more taking a step further into my room. I smiled back at Cy. Then it slowly dawned on me finally roaring down on me like a ton of bricks. Cy was propositioning to fuck me . . . or me fuck him. Was this his way of getting repaid what I owed for the room? My look must have changed as I continued to process. Then, I looked at Cy as I had looked at myself earlier in the evening. What I saw was amazing. How had I overlooked his details. Cy was over 6 feet because he had looked down at me at the check in desk, weighed maybe a little more than my 175, same muscles or more, crystal blue eyes, blond hair, and the whitest teeth I had ever seen that created such an enchanting smile. “Uh, well, uh, you see, I, that is . . . .” I rambled on like an addlebrained simp. “Hey. Just an offer. When you came in tonight, I thought you were hot looking and knew you would be a hit here. Just thought I’d stop by and give it a shot. No harm meant. No offense,” Cy said sounding disappointed. “I really took a liking to you is all. And, then, you go and tell me tonight is the first time you’ve ever had sex with another man . . . WOW . . . I thought I might get lucky with such a hunk like yourself and pop that cherry of yours.” That big bewitching smile with those big blue effervescent eyes melted me. He was hot looking. I trembled slightly in excitement and anticipation. “Well, uh, you’re working. If you weren’t working, I’d really like that a lot,” I heard myself saying with a shaking voice. “I don’t want you to get in trouble or anything.” I stopped speaking and then slowly added, “I really would like for you to, you know, uh, well . . . make me . . . not a virgin any more.” My voice trailed off. Cy looked at me from where he stood. His smile grew and slowly those perfect pure white teeth shone at me. “I manage the place; not an issue what I do. Come on. Leave your things here. I’ll get us a bigger bed and room.” PART 4 Cy took me to room 71 on the second floor. It indeed was a bigger room and bed. I had taken a towel with me and wore my jock leaving everything behind. Cy shut the door and dimmed the light leaving enough though so that we easily could see the other. He quickly slipped out of his shoes, socks, and body hugging t-shirt revealing a muscled chest with huge nipples and areolas. He looked up at me and smiled; I felt like melting into a puddle on the floor. He unsnapped the button on his jeans and unzipped them shaking them loose and down to the floor where he quickly bent over stepping out of one and then the other leg. He tossed his jeans onto the rest of his clothes as he stood up and began to approach me. I felt as if someone had taken a 1 by 10 and hit me square on my face. I became nervous and unsure from what I saw. Cy began to wrap his arms around my waist leaving me to lift my arms up around his neck. His body touched mine as he ground his huge uncut cock into my jock-covered crotch. We hugged for several minutes causing my cock to begin to stretch the material of my jock. Cy said nothing. He moved his head where I felt his tongue lightly lick on my neck followed by licking my ear externally. His tongue felt hard and thick but was quite gentle as he masterfully moved it over me sending chills down my spine and causing the hair on my head to stand up. Several minutes he continued to work on me. My nervousness began to wane. He drove me crazy when he drove his dominating tongue deeply into my ear. I shivered with excitement and anticipation. Several minutes later, Cy pulled away slowly lowering his head down my upper torso licking his way until he reached my left nipple. There, he began to lick and suckle gently if not in an almost hesitating way. My head spun. Time passed dreamlike as my head swirled from the sensation. The licking continued but I soon felt Cy’s teeth slightly abrading my nipple. I gasped while his tongue and teeth moved me psychologically along the path Cy had chosen for his deed. I was a 19 year old virgin being seduced by a probably 30 something year old man who was driving me crazy. I was heady with the sensation of his work but would not stop him from doing anything to me. Cy’s left hand moved from my waist up to my right nipple where he began to gently squeeze and pinch me. Cy would attack first one nipple and then the other returning to the first for more work. Just when I thought I could not stand his attention any longer, he began working on both nipples at the same time. His intensity of stimulation increased yet I held my objections in check. The tips were now almost raw from the work Cy had been doing to them. My cock was straining for release and had soaked my pouch with pre-cum. My hands wanted to push Cy away and a nanosecond later I wanted to pull him in closer so that he wouldn’t stop doing what he was doing. Suddenly, Cy slapped his palms over my nipples shocking me back to reality as his hands dug into my skin. With a firm grasp on me and saying not a word, he guided me to the bed where he backed me against it causing me to fall back onto the bed while my feet stayed on the floor. As I fell backwards, Cy released my nipples, knelt between my legs spreading them, pulled off my jock with some difficulty, lunged forward grasping my nipples between two fingers on each hand, and swallowed my cock to the base. The suddenness took me by surprise causing me to call out which I quickly strangled off in my throat. Cy milked my cock like an expert using his talented tongue to fire up my nerve endings as he had done to my neck and ears. Up and down my cock his mouth went using his hard tongue to massage and tease my cock. Coupled with his hands working on my nipples I found myself in complete disarray and under Cy’s magical spell. With great speed, his left hand left my right nipple and grabbed my balls massaging them downward away from my body. His hand adeptly moved my balls away from their firing position as he stopped his nipple play and sucking. He began to lightly bite up the entire length of my cock causing me to begin losing my erection. I was devastated and, oh, so, frustrated! I had been so close! Cy knew it. Cy let my softened cock slip out of his mouth as he released my balls and nipple. His hands were put below my thighs which he hoisted high up and back onto my chest where he told me to grab them and hold on. I obeyed. Cy slapped his mouth directly on my ass hole and began to lick and lick me. He lasted about a minute before he drove his pointed hard tongue into my hole. I was repulsed and turned on at the same time. I now wanted more of his tongue in me and began grunting my approval as he worked so very hard. My moans were loud and sustained. His big hands held onto my spread buttocks. He pulled his tongue from my hole and began using his teeth. I let out a loud guttural moan. It seemed his efforts doubled. Soon, I began to whimper and gasp as sweat now rolled off my body. Cy placed his mouth over my hole and began to suck and suck and suck. My head thrashed about as my fists beat the mattress beneath me causing Cy to take his hands and shove my legs back up onto my chest. This 19 year old was flying high and on the precipice of erupting once more.
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    Part 5 I woke up with Craig spooning me, his arms around me, and his hard cock pressing against my ass. I smiled as I reached back and guiding him back inside me. He slid in and let out a sleepy sigh. It was heaven just feeling his body pressed against my back and his cock filling me up. It seemed he was still half asleep, and I was barely awake myself. Thoughts were drifting in and out of my mind. He said he had a "hot guy" and I felt I needed to ask him more about that. I really didn't want to be the "other man." Right then he pulled back a little and fucked me with a few very slow strokes, followed by another sigh. He whispered in my ear, "Does that feel good baby?" "It sure does. This is the best way to wake up ever." He kissed my ear and gave me 3 or 4 long slow strokes. His hand moved down and found my hard cock and he started to stroke it just as slowly. "A penny for your thoughts, white boy," he said. "Well," I started, but paused. "Tell me, baby. Are you worried about what we did last night? I'm sorry." "No- it's not that at all," actually it surprised me that I hadn't given that a single thought. "I was just wondering- you mentioned this guy you have. Is that something serious? Are we doing something wrong? I don't want to break anybody up." It sounded stupid once I had said it, but I couldn't take it back. Craig pressed his cock inside me again deep, and left it there. "You are such a good guy." He gave my ear another kiss. "There is nothing to worry about. He's a great guy, too. I love him- we love each other. I don't thin I would ever leave him. We're together, but we both play with other guys sometimes. We tell each other everything... eventually." He let out a little chuckle. "I'll tell him all about you today. If he was here he'd be fucking you right now. Or he might fuck me while I fuck you." He squeezed my cock hard. "I think that might turn you on. Am I right?" He was right. I pictured another man being in bed with us, and I was very turned on. In fact, I realized the imaginary other guy I pictured in my mind was Frank. My ass muscles gave his cock a squeeze. "That does sound hot." "There, I think we are both finally awake. I know for sure that hot hole of yours is awake, and I need to give it another good fuck." He got up out of bed and was grabbing his clothes. He took out his phone. "I want a picture of that sweet ass- that OK?" "Ummm.. I've never had anyone take pictures of me like that. I guess it's OK, as long as you promise not to post anything online, OK?" "Oh these will be just for me. Well, I would have to show my guy, too." "That's fine," I said. He stood beside the bed and told me what poses to take. He took pics of my hard cock, and even more pics of my ass, some close-ups, but when he told me to smile I knew he was including my face in some shots. This was oddly exciting. Then he told me to get on my back and lift up my legs. I reached down and pulled my ass cheeks apart. 'Damn babe, there's just a little dribble of my poz cum leaking out. Let me gets that shot." He then moved closer. "You have me so horned up again. I need to give you some more of that poz love juice!" I smiled, and lifted my legs just a bit higher. His beautiful black cock pressed against my hole and slowly entered again. "Oh baby, prettiest picture yet!" He plunged into my well used hole all the way and started plowing me good. The shutter sound had stopped. I stopped thinking about the pictures and concentrated on the marvelous feeling of his cock. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. "Baby it feels so good. Your ass feels so good. How does my cock feel?" "It feels great- fuck me!" I gasped. "You want my cum baby? Tell me how much you want it." "Give me your cum!" "Tell me what I want to hear, white boy. Beg for that seed!" "Give me your seed please!" "Tell me what I want to hear." I knew what he wanted to hear. It was the same thing I wanted to say, "Give me your poz seed. I need your poz cum in my hole!" "Fuck yeah baby!" He plunged in and I felt him shoot deep into me. He pulled out his cock, and I looked up. He was still holding his phone up and pointing it down at his cock and my hole. I felt some cum shoot out onto my balls and my hole, and he reached down and swept it all up with his dick and fucked it all into me. He was taking a video! "There's my poz cum in you babe," he said. He put his phone down and lowered himself onto me and I felt the aftershocks go through his body. His head was right next to mine and he kissed me softly on the lips. "Did you just video that?" I asked. "Yes, don't worry. I think it's a hot video. Want to see it." "Of course I do, but don't move yet." He let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. His hand slid in between our sweaty bodies and found my raging hard cock. He stroked it while he kissed and chewed on my neck. I no time I let out a quiet grunt as I shot my own load all over both of us. He lifted up his head, and brought his hand to his mouth and licked my cum off. The he kissed me, giving me a taste. He eased himself up and bent down to lick some of his load out of my hole. Then he moved up for another kiss. I had both our cum on my tongue. "How does that taste- poz and neg cum mixed together?" "Delicious!" I had never in my wildest fantasies thought I would have such hot sex with such a hot man. My life was changing for sure. It felt like his poz seed had already infected my mind. Part 6 coming soon
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    1992 I was in my early 20's and new to the city. I worked at a fairly okay job and lived in a nice apartment. My life wasn't all that exciting. I had a few friends, but because I was so bad at socializing, these were friends I'd accidentally accumulated only because they were drawn to me for whatever reason: The girl neighbor who was a stripper/prostitute, the crazy guy who worked at the bookstore and assorted hangers-on from here and there who were all defective in some way. No complaints on my end. I was a skinny gay man who was so far deep in the closet and so scared of AIDS that I'd probably never have sex. Ever. Whatever. The friend whose company I enjoyed the most was a 40-something guy named "Gene". I met him the very first time I ever went to the gay bar called "Bella" near my work. The place was never crowded -- especially in the 5-7 pm period when I usually stopped there to get a decent buzz. Almost immediately I found myself stuck next to a bar stool next to Gene. I got the feeling he'd been there since it opened and was always drinking mixed drinks while I just wanted mugs of beer. How to describe him? Well, he was not bad-looking and about my height. He had some gray in his hair and a gut that was a little bit bigger each time I saw him. I wasn't attracted to him at all and he knew that. When there's no sexual tension between two people, the conversation flows freely. He had lots of experience and a huge cache of interesting stories. I was never bored and we actually got to be very close friends. We'd go out to dinner regularly and that's when I started to realize why some men were attracted to him. He was warm and easygoing. Comfortable. Going to Bella after work and chatting with Gene became an everyday habit for me. After a while, he started admitting things and telling me more of his scandalous stories. In the course of one week I earned that he was a fan of amphetamines, HIV-positive and liked to fuck young bottoms with no condom and not telling them his status. He even admitted to poking holes in the condoms he'd wear so he could give them "his gift". I was a little sickened now. He knew from our many talks that I was a virgin and terrified of disease. I was just like one of the guys he had regularly bugged. As much as I tried not to react, Gene could tell I was shocked and also a little scared, but he kept talking and I kept listening. As time passed, the weather got warmer. I liked this time of year because men wore fewer clothes as the temperature climbed. I had an unspoken appreciation for guys in shorts and sandals thanks to my fetish for long, hairy legs and big feet. Gene could tell I was enjoying the scenery, and he used the opportunity to tell me which guys he'd victimized already. ""Yeah -- that one has my DNA in him", "He was so easy to fool...and he's a doctor", and so on. I tried to keep track of which ones were polluted now, but it was just too many faces, names and bodies to remember. I put it all out of my mind and wondered if I should find another bar to go get buzzed in since this place was obviously his hunting ground. He either noticed my disillusionment or ran out out of stories because he stopped talking and we just chatted like old times. I almost forgot about his dangerous side after a few weeks. Instead of bragging about his stealthing conquests, he started asking about me and my life. He became Therapist Gene and tried to get me to open up about why I didn't seem to have much of a personal life beyond Bella and him. Answers were slow coming but I eventually tell him about my lifelong shyness and fear of everything and anything. He turned out to be an excellent listener. The only advice he ever offered was "You need to get laid". He thought would fix everything...and I wondered if maybe he was right. The next time I walked into the bar I saw Gene sitting next to some younger guy and I assumed it was his latest target. I sauntered over to pinball machines and dug in my front pocket for quarters. Just as I realized I hadn't ordered a beer yet I turned around to see my friend right behind me with a sentence already forming on his lips. "Not even going to say 'hi'??" me asked. "It looked like you were busy" I answered. "Him? That's just Bradley -- a friend of mine. He's a top like me so we've never hooked up like that. And don't worry...he's super clean and a 'condom nazi'. It took about an hour of looking through my collection of phone numbers, but I finally found you the perfect date." I glanced in his direction and 'perfect' was a pretty accurate description. He was tall, had dark features and wearing a really nice suit. In other words, he was out of my league. Gene noticed my paralyzing shyness start to consume me again and just grabbed me and led me over to the bar where introductions were made. I felt awkward and could barely put words together, but a conversation began as Gene bought me shots and interjected his happy banter during pauses. Time passed and drinks were consumed and Bradley and I found quite a bit to talk about. He wasn't much older than me, had a job similar to mine and only wore nice suits because his brother was a tailor and had all kinds of connections. He was also a rabid "Walking Dead" fan and we discussed that show for a long time. Too long, probably - because my buddy had disappeared somewhere. "Where'd Gene go?". I asked him. "Oh who knows? He's probably passed out or on the hunt somewhere". I tapped my empty shot glass and said "Speaking of 'passing out', I think I've gone beyond my limit here. What time is it?" I felt a little dizzy. "11:30. I need to go home soon too. Let me walk you to your car". I followed him out the door and onto the sidewalk, but he headed in the opposite direction of where I was parked. Okay. I guess I was walking him to his car instead. As we got around the corner, he stopped and pushed me back against the big glass window of some lamp store I'd never been into. He was crushing me into it and mashing his lips onto mine. I mashed mine back as I barely remember ever feeling shy. His tongue was exploring my mouth and throat as he made some grunting sounds. I felt his insistent boner through his pants, prodding into my stomach. Within a few blurry minutes Bradley had driven me back to his tidy apartment where I was undressing (or was undressed) in under twenty seconds. We both standing naked in a tight embrace right there in his living room. I could not get enough of kissing him, but he pulled away and said "Check it out". Following his gaze, I looked down and saw his perfect erection pointing upward. Holy shit. He pulled a condom from nowhere and held it to my face. "Inspect it all you want and then put it on me". It was already unwrapped and I did try to look at it carefully, but my vision was a little blurred. The task of getting it over his engorged penis head proved too difficult for my uselessly shaky fingers though. He took over and rolled it down his magnificent dick as he led me back to his dark bedroom where I instantly found myself, face down, on his deliciously comfortable bed. He was moving around and fiddling around with what I assumed was lube after an oily blob landed between my ass cheeks. I couldn't see anything, but the feelings were more than enough. He was massaging the lube over and into my butthole. I relaxed even further into the bed's softness. "OK". He spread my legs a little and settled on top of me. That perfect, latex-sheathed dick moved in and struck my virgin prize. Yes, it hurt. It hurt very much, but the pain was as blurred as my thoughts and didn't last too long. And then this Bradley was moving his hips and cock inside of me. My first thought was how nice it felt and my second thought was that my virginity was gone forever now. Everything was slow and perfect until he got a little rougher with his thrusting. Rougher and faster."Tighten that ass, kid. I'm about to cum". I clenched as much as I could with a rectum full of big dick. I guess I did it right because he responded with tiny rapid pushes and a loud moan. He was breathing heavily and sweating all over my back. "Shit, shit, shit!" he suddenly exclaimed. Huh? "What?" "The condom broke". I was quiet and feeling warm. Also stupid. This Bradley guy used one of the tricks Gene told me he himself had used on a few of his victims. An unwrapped condom that 'mysteriously' broke at the moment of no return. I should have been outraged, but my whole body was tingling with pleasure. So what? Everybody had to die of something. At least he drove me back to the Bella parking lot so I could get my car and go home. Of course there was a light blinking on my answering machine and of course it was a message from Gene. "Well, it took forever, but I finally got my DNA inside of you. Brad was one of my early conversions and now the three of us are family. If you're feeling okay tomorrow, lets go have brunch or something".
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    This is my first story on here Bald Man Stealths Young Stud Daniel was sitting at the bar. He was from a small town in Oklahoma and recently transferred to a college in Miami. His hometown was extremely conservative, and he always had to hide the fact he was gay and always participated in masculine activities to hide it. He was on the football and baseball teams, and even had girlfriends to add to the illusion, but deep down, he knew that all he wanted was to get fucked hard by men. The only time he had ever had any gay experience was a time he jerked off in a bathroom with another guy while in Tulsa. But that was going to change tonight- and he would remember it forever. Daniel participates in intra-mural sports because he still likes athletics, keeping his body fit. He was around 5'10", trimmed his body hair very short, and has thick black hair and slightly tanned skin. His dick isn't huge (around 6.5") but he didn't intend on topping tonight. The bar that he was in was not too lively. It was a place to pick up guys and go fuck. He saw it on a website- it was far from his campus and was quite low-key. Even in Miami, he still didn't feel ready to come out. But what he didn't know was that this bar was frequented by HIV Postitive men, which he would soon come to know very well. A man approached him at the bar, he was older, had a swimmer's body, and he was around 45 and had a shaved head and a thick beard to match. Daniel always had an affinity men that looked like him. He was around 6'3", so he was substantially taller than him. The man looked at him and asked with a deep voice, "Can I buy you a drink?" Daniel looked at him, smiled, and said, "Sure. Just a beer is fine." "Well you heard him, a beer for the him please," he said to the bartender. The bartender quickly filled up a glass from the tap, placed a napkin on the bar, followed by the beer. "You don't look like you're from around here," the man said, noting Daniel's mannerisms and conservative way of dress. "I'm not. I'm actually from Bumfuck, USA," Daniel said while the man laughed. "You remind me of when I was your age. In college in a new city, looking to fuck the nearest man I could find," he said. "I moved here when I was around 19, and it has been a wild time. I'm Sean, by the way." "Daniel." They did the usual small talk about sports, the weather, etc, and drank a few beers until Sean looked at him and said, "Do you want to go back to my place?" Daniel responded with a shaky, "Yeah, sure!" Sean paid for both of their tabs, ordered an Uber, and they headed back to his apartment. When they walked in, Daniel was taken aback. It was on a higher floor of a pretty nice building, overlooking the Miami River with a huge window which took up the entire wall opposite of the entrance. It was night, so you could see the lights of the other buildings, but not much else. Inside the apartment was more interesting. It was a bit cold, and the furniture was quite modern with sharp edges that contrasted the grain of the black hardwood floors. To the right was a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and black cabinets. The room was entirely black and white, with only a few blood red accent pieces to break the contrast. To the left, he could see an unlit hallway which he somehow knew would lead down a dark path. Sean dropped his keys into a blood red dish sitting on a black table next to the door, snapping Daniel out of the almost hypnotic fugue the apartment gave him. "Wow this place is... nice," Daniel said in a wavering voice. It truly was nice compared to his shitty dorm room. "Do you want a drink?" Sean said as he made his way into the Kitchen area. "Sure," Daniel responded. Sean opened the freezer pulling out a bottle of vodka, and said, "Is vodka soda alright?" "Yeah," Daniel said. Sean poured two drinks and walked over and handed on to him. He looked at Daniel and commented, "You look nervous." "Yeah its just that... I've never really... done this before." "What, hook up with a random guy you just met in a bar before?" Sean said with a laugh. "Among other things," Daniel said, feeling a bit more relaxed. "It's alright. I used to be nervous doing this sort of thing too. It takes practice," he said slyly as he took the empty glass from Daniels hand and placing both glasses on the table. Daniel looked at him for a second and felt his face flush as Sean looked him in the eye. Sean then embraced and kissed him. Daniels legs felt wobbly. Daniel wondered whether it was the booze or how good it felt to finally touch a man like this. The kissing became more intense as Sean began unbuttoning his shirt. Daniel immediately went for his chest and began his descent. He took a pause at his belly button and noticed a biohazard tattoo and wondered what that meant. He didn't wonder for very long as he began to unbuckle Sean's belt, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, and pulling them down. Underneath was a pair of white boxer briefs which struggled to keep what looked like a huge package contained. He pulled them down too, exposing what was an 8 inch dick and about as round as a beer can. He began sucking and jerking it, struggling with its size. Sean tilted his head back and let out a moan of pleasure. After a few minutes, Sean nudged him up and said, "Let's go to the bedroom." He took of his shoes, socks, and pants from around his ankles and headed for the hallway. Daniel followed, undressing himself completely on the way. The bedroom was similarly designed like the rest of the apartment. Black woods floors, white walls, and a black bed with blood red bedding atop of it. Sean turned around, embraced Daniel and kissed him once again. He reached down and stroked Daniel's hard cock for a few seconds. Immediately after, Sean took Daniel and pushed him on the bed and started sucking his dick. Daniel started moaning, looking down at Sean as he expertly pleasured him. He placed a hand on his completely smooth head and closed his eyes enjoying the moment. He started to tense up and said, "I think I'm gonna cum." Sean pulled up and said, "I'm not near finished with you yet." He flipped him over and started licking his asshole. Daniel moaned harder, never feeling any sensation like this before. After about 30 seconds of this, Sean pushed his index finger at his hole. "Damn you've got a tight ass," as he began sliding his finger into Daniel's virgin hole. Daniel let out a moan as Sean began fingering his with no lube. He immediately added another finger and pushed them deep into his hole. He twisted them around, and Daniel could feel his fingernails dig into the wall of his hole. Daniel thought that this must just be how it is as he moaned into the blood red pillow, writhing in ecstatic pleasure. Sean pulled his fingers out and said, "Turn over. I want to look at you while I do this." Daniel obliged, turn over and putting his legs around Sean as he got between them. Sean spit on his hand, rubbed it on his dick, and started pushing at Daniel's hole. A thought crossed Daniel's mind to ask him to put on a condom, but it felt so good right now he didn't even care. As Sean managed to get his rock hard dick inside his tight hole, Daniel's eyes shot wide open as he let out a pained moan and gripped the blood red fabric of the bed spread. Sean leaned over him, kissing him as he started fucking him. Daniel felt Sean's dick picking up the pace, feeling the friction of the skin on skin struggling to be lubricated with only a bit of spit. Daniel was in a state of utter pleasure looking at Sean in the eye while he was getting fucked. After a few minutes Sean's fucking was getting more desperate. He was feeling his own pleasure peaking. Sean said, "I'm gonna cum." Daniel thought about asking him to pull out, but before the thought could come out of his mouth, Sean kissed him again. Daniel came right then, without touching his dick, feeling himself being pumped full of Sean's cum. Sean slowed down, moaning through the painful pleasure of fucking after you've cum. He pulled out and collapsed beside Daniel as they both panted, both of them staring at the ceiling while they lay on the blood red bed. Daniel did not know at that moment that Sean would be a part of him forever.
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    PART 1 My parents just left me—their little Jason—in my fully furnished studio apartment. I was now positively on my own. They drove me up to Chicago to attend university—class of 1990. I have three weeks before classes start, and I’m going to explore the city. I already know where I’m going tonight. It’s been on my mind for months ever since I heard about the place. But, now, I have some shopping to do to get ready. A whirlwind shopping spree found me back at my place by 5:00 and my modifications finished by 5:30. (I had to get used to a new time zone.) I looked at my new shower addition and couldn’t wait to try it since I had never used one before. I got the hang of it quick enough. I took my time so that I could be sure that I would be absolutely thoroughly cleaned out in anticipation of tonight’s fun or what I hoped would be fun. I had already decided I was a good prospect to find another guy tonight to have sex with, and I didn’t want anything to go wrong. Eight o’clock found me champing at the bit. I was running crystal clear water out of my ass. I took a quick shower making sure not to put on any deodorant. I looked at myself in the full length mirror on my bathroom door and liked what I saw. I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs all going at full speed. I almost decided not to go but chastised myself for being a chicken. This is what I had dreamed about for so long. I looked once more at myself and took inventory: 19 years old; manly baritone voice; 6 feet tall; naturally tan body; 175 pounds of running and swimming muscles; brown eyes; brown hair covering my arms, legs, head, and crotch triangle; size 11 ½ feet; long slender fingers attached to big hands; and cut thick 8 inch cock hanging in front of naturally hairless sac containing 2 large hen egg-sized balls. I was nervous that I might be not up to par for the men where I was going. But, then, if I didn’t go, I wouldn’t know if I were or were not. I hurried from the bathroom, slipped on an old Bike white jockstrap, a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. I stuffed my money, ID, and CTA pass in my front pocket, picked up my gym bag with the lock and goods, and grabbing my keys went out the door. The clerk at the counter smiled a lot; his name was Cy he told me. I told him I was Jason. He gave me a wink and told me to come to him if I needed anything at all because he would be there all night. He was hot. He talked me into getting a room, actually what he called a double, telling me it was his treat since I had not brought enough money. I found my room after making a quick stop at a commode, stripped putting all my clothes and sandals in my gym bag locking it, made sure my lube was on the bed after applying some to my ass, tossed my towel over my shoulder, strapped on my door key, and left my room wearing only my trusty white Bike jockstrap and a smile. I wandered around the huge bath house going upstairs and in the basement. I went in the steam room finding several men engaged in sucking. I watched for a long time. My mind was racing at what I saw as an almost open invitation to having sex in public areas . . . and no one cared. This is what I had heard about the place and what had kept me in a subdued yet excited state for the last several months. I knew once I had decided where I was going to university I would have to visit this place. I had at last arrived. When I left the steam room, I again wandered over the three levels noting what must be protocol. I stood back and watched other men who also were wandering the narrow halls. What I suspected was true or at least I hoped so. I put my theory to the test returning to a room on the second floor where a hot looking man had been. He was still in his room with the door opened wide. I stood across the hall from his door and watched the man as he slowly rubbed his towel-covered cock. After a couple of minutes, he lifted the towel up allowing his cock freedom to rise upwards. I looked to my left and right and entered his room shutting the door behind me. He stood up as I crossed the room to him. I knelt quickly on the floor using my towel for comfort. I was breathing heavily and my hands shook. My mouth was dry but I opened it. I took his cock in my hand guiding it into my mouth where I tasted my very first cock. I began slowly moving up and down on the shaft as my mouth awakened providing saliva to make the move easier. I carefully began sucking my first cock. There would be many more I hoped. This stranger put his hands on either side of my head and held me still as he began to piston in and out of my mouth. I began quietly to moan at his taste as my head began to swim in blissfulness. My eyes fluttered briefly until I recomposed myself. He fucked my mouth easily for many minutes as I drooled in anticipation. I heard him begin to moan and looked up at him seeing his head tilted backward. His hands tightened on my head; I braced myself for what I knew was going to happen. Several more minutes passed as he continued to moan and increase the tempo of his fucking my mouth. Then, with a growl, I felt his cock fill and hit the back of my mouth. Seconds passed; I felt a flexing of his cock as the first load of his cum shot into my mouth. I gagged like the beginner I was but kept my mouth closed mostly learning to swallow each salvo of his nectar. Rank amateur and I’m sure he knew it, but he said nothing. My cock was straining in my jock. PART 2 I was ecstatic when I left his room and felt as if I were flying! My heart was racing at what I had done. I was giddy but tried to contain my wild enthusiasm as I began walking back to my room. I decided to hit up the basement before the first floor where my room was. My pace was unhurried and garnered several long looks and smiles, a couple of pats on my bare ass, and one distinctive grope of my bulging jock. As I rounded the last corner in the basement, I noticed a door open that I thought had been previously closed. Inside was a young guy who couldn’t have been much older than me. He was naked standing by his bed and stroking a cock that looked to be very similar to the one I had just sucked. I stopped directly in front of his door. Without hesitating, he beckoned me in; I went closing the door. I went to the floor and began working on his cock which was indeed very similar to the first one I had just sucked. The difference was this young guy was a lot more hurried and soon I could tell he was looking for a fast cum shot. Well less than 5 minutes, I heard him groaning as he pummelled my mouth blasting out his load which I swallowed. He hurried me out of his room. Oh. My feet took me up the stairs where I wandered the round-about hall on the first floor. The room next to mine had an older man—read probably in his fifties—in it. He had grey hair, very thin but with muscles, no body hair to speak of, and was propped up against the wall as his uncut cock lay across his thigh. I unlocked my door and stepped over to look at him once more. He motioned me to come into his room. I closed my door and joined him. As I stepped away from his door, I began to kneel once more, but he pulled me back up on my feet. We stood looking eye to eye. He put his arms around my waist, and I put mine around his shoulders. He leaned in and kissed me which took me off guard. I backed my head away for a brief moment and then relented. We kissed several minutes before separating. I knelt down taking his uncut cock into my mouth. He had a very different taste and texture than my first two cocks I had sucked. I soon found that I could slip my tongue beneath his foreskin and had a lot of fun swirling my tongue first one way and then the other. My host sighed quietly and emitted gentle moans. I looked up and saw his face with his eyes closed swaying as if there were a gentle breeze. I sucked on the entire shaft learning my trade and trying different tricks to taste more of this new cock and to be sure that the man to whom it was attached was enjoying himself. We continued for some time. My knees began to hurt, my legs began to cramp, and my mouth began to ache. Somehow, I persevered until without warning a guttural moan crept out of his closed mouth just as a huge glob of cum hit the back of my throat. I was startled and choked at the same time. His cum landed in my mouth as if it were a military barrage. Each salvo landed in a different spot. I felt a backlog of the sticky fluid building in my mouth until I thought it would burst out and spew everywhere. Fortunately, just as I was running out of room the bombardment began to abate; I began swallowing faster. I felt his body shiver and let his spent cock slowly slip from my mouth. My host helped me to my feet and once more hugged me. We kissed some more. He told me I tasted good. I had a momentary dull brain before I realized about what he was talking. I laughed and told him he was the one that tasted good. He had a very pleasant smile. I had an epiphany as I stood there with him. I realized that I had now sucked three men and swallowed their cum loads. I was not nervous or anxious any more about my being accepted. I knew I was attractive enough and had what it would take to find plenty of men at this bath house to sate my repressed sexual appetite. My mind began to race as I thought about starting a journal and keeping track of my sexual trysts. Abruptly, I returned to my reality of being held by this nice older man. Indeed, all three of my conquests were superb in their own right. Any hint of ageism fell away. I resolved that it was about sex and me getting a lot of it to make up for “lost” time. I had no time for age numbers.
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    It's been about ten years since I graduated from college and I guess that's why this encounter entered my mind recently. I used to jerk off to the memory of it for awhile, but thankfully my lust for barebacking and cummy adventures has filled my brain with lots of spankable material since then. But still, when I think back, I get pretty hard. I was a Resident Assistant for two years in college and I loved it because I'm a social person and because I got to have my own room and bathroom. It was the perfect situation for me, who at the time was a "straight" college student at a big southern state school--a way to get to know a bunch of people but still get my own privacy when I needed it. Mostly, on campus I needed it to jerk off. If I needed to fuck and dump a load in a nice ass, I went online and found a bottom somewhere who could host and needed to be bred. I don't exactly know when I became a barebacker--I guess from my first anal experience really. I frequently went to an adult book store to get head through a glory hole--something I had discovered far off campus my freshman year and regularly visited after that--and one time, as I was getting close for a particularly good blowjob, the mouth pulled away. I pulled my cock back through the hole and looked through and heard the guy on the other side say "unlock your door." I did and suddenly he was in the small cubicle with me. He was a small framed latino with a furry body, including his ass which I fucking loved. He had me sit in the chair with my pants and underwear around my ankles and he sat on my raw hard cock until I was balls deep inside him as he stared into my eyes. He rode me until I felt my orgasm build and suddenly burst inside him. I saw how his eyes got wide and glazed over with satisfaction and animal-like lust and I was hooked. I was a top who bred bottoms...and they craved my thick raw cock with a head that swelled and grew as I shot a large lload deep in their guts and the curve that played their prostate like a fiddle. I quickly discovered bottoms became addicted to my thick curve and would beg for it once I'd bred them one time. I knew once I entered them, their asses belonged to me. One particular college night, I was especially horny and needed a good bottom to unload in. I went online to Craigslist and found a 40 year old bottom looking to "take as much college dick and cum" as he could. I sent him a pic of my cock and my stats and waited. Within a few minutes he sent me his hotel and his room number with some pics. I checked out his pics; nice lean, masculine frame, salt'n'pepper hair, moderately hairy with a relatively hairless ass with a very furry crack. He said he'd meet me naked on all fours with the door propped open and that he might find another top to join. I got ready and headed his way. I arrived at the hotel and found the door ajar. I went inside and immediately could smell the familiar scent of masculine sweat, lube, and cum. This hole had been used. "Got a cummy ass for me?" I asked as I loudly undid my belt buckle (bottoms love that part...always see them either excitedly re-position like a puppy who knows it's getting a their bodies tremble and their asshole winks. Either one gets my dick hard) "Got two loads so far...you college boys are hungry." I had finished undressing, leaving on only my backward hat with my school's logo proudly displayed, and placed my large hand on his ass. He shook with pleasure. "Suck my cock and get it ready for your cummy pussy," I ordered. He moaned and dove for my cock. The moment it passed through his lips and he began to feel the girth and the length, he let out a animal-like grunt and instinctively arched his back to raise his furry-cracked bubble ass higher. I could see the glistening wetness on his slightly-open hole in the dim light of the hotel room as he continued to feast on my cock, moaning and grunting like a good little fuck pig. This pig needed more seed. The pigs cell phone on the bed next to him began to ring. He pulled off my cock "Sorry, sir, it's the other college guy top who's going to breed me with you--if you don't mind, sir." "Answer the phone so you can get back on my cock, pig." He answered the phone and it was clear the kid was asking for directions and this guy didn't know the city. He looked at me "Can you help him find this place?" I took the phone in one hand and grabbed the back of the pigs head with my other and guided his mouth back to my cock. I spoke into the phone. "Hey, I've got this pig hungrily slurping on my cock but his cummy butt needs more cock in it. Where are you so we can get you in one of these holes and make this pig a happy cumdump?" The voice on the phone hesitated at first, but when he spoke it was clear he was horny as fuck. "I just need to figure out how to get there from where I'm at--I'm new this semester." "I've got your welcome present here--don't forget the balls, pig--if you want a big load you better worship those balls, too. Okay, so where are you?" I talked with the other top about where he was and quickly directed him to where he was going. He was only five minutes away. "The door is still ajar, come in and shut it and get undressed before you fully enter the room. I want you ready to take over this mouth the second you walk in, because I need to reward this bitch for slurping on my cock so much by driving this thick curve deep in that wet hole." "You got it, man. Sounds so hot." I hung up the phone and threw it on the bed. The pig kept slurping on my cock as he held up a bottle of poppers. I took a huge hit and let the warmth and hunger wash over me as the cumdump took a few hits and hungrily returned to slobbering on my thick cock, savoring the precum and moaning like a fucking bitch. I heard the door open and heard the new college top fumbling with his clothes. He was a bit nervous--that's alright. I can take charge here and get him where he needs to go...I'm sure once he tries out this mouth he'll be ready to go. The other top comes in from the small hallway with the door and enters the bedroom...and that's when I realize. I know this other top. He's actually the new guy who moved in on my floor a few weeks ago. I had met him a few times--quiet kid, mostly stayed to himself. A musician. I'd thought he was cute but didn't think much of it; after all, I was outwardly "straight." But here he was, standing naked in the hotel room, completely hard with an impressive erection and completely mortified with an expression that showed he definitely recognized me. He seemed a bit frozen, unsure of what to do. So I took charge. "Pig, you've had enough of my cock for now. If you want my cock in that ass, go show our friend here how hungry you are for cock." The cumdump immediately got off the bed where he had been on all fours sucking my cock and rushed in front of my resident. Without hesitating, he dove on that cock, loudly moaning and slurping like a slut. I watched as the panic melted away to pleasure and I walked overa and placed the bottle of poppers under my resident's nose. He took a deep hit in both nostrils and immediately I saw it in his eyes--the hungry glazed look of a barebacker. He was ready. "On the bed on all fours, cumdump," I ordered. The 40 year old man quickly complied, making sure his back was arched to make his ass and mouth more appealing to the two college tops he was pleasuring. I looked at my resident, "You want mouth or ass?" He smiled, "I want ass--cuz I know I'll cum if I watch you fuck him and I want to breed him if he's got some loads in him already." I climbed on the bed and got comfortable and the bottom immediately got to work sucking my cock. He was so excited knowing he was about to get fucked. My resident hesitated a second "Is there lube?" "He's got two loads in him--just eat his ass a bit to get him wet and push it in." I watched as my resident got between the bottom's legs, spread his ass cheeks, and went to town eating that cummy hole. The bottom loved it, from all the moaning and added skills he was pulling out for the blowjob, thanking me for making sure he was fucked and filled right. The boy loved eating cummy ass--the quiet musician who lived down the hall. I was going to have fun with this boy. "Now fuck him--I'd say the bitch has earned a few more loads." I love being able to see both the bottom and the tops faces looking at me when a top first slides his cock into a cummy-holed slut. The ecstasy and hunger is so fucking hot and as I watch both my resident and the cumdump flooded with pleasure, I take a large hit of poppers and begin to face fuck the bottom. He's loving every second of this spit-roasting, and from the grunts coming from the top, I can tell he's barely gonna make it five minutes. I stop facefucking the bottom so he can really enjoy my cock, appreciating how he's thanking me with each tongue-flick and motion of his jaw. He's enjoying the resident's cock, but he knows he belongs to me. This cumdump can tell before I've even penetrated his hole that my cock is special. He's a true cumdump. I look up as the resident is practically howling and know he's going to cum soon. I pull out of the cumdumps mouth and walk around the bed so I'm right behind the resident. I let my hard cockhead rest against his ass cheek as I lean in close behind him and say in his ear, "Load him. Load up the cumdump.. I'm going to fuck him and I want your load deep in his guts while I'm filling him up. Give him your warm, thick load. Beg for that load, bitch...tell him that you want it." The 40 year old begged and pleaded for that load like the true cumdump he is and I could tell the resident was going over the edge. I grabbed the bottom around the waist and pulled him back so that the resident was completely balls deep and grunted in the resident's ear "Shoot that Load." I felt his body spasm as he came, wave after wave of orgasm hitting him as the cumdump moaned and thanked him over and over again. When he was done cumming, the resident pulled out with a wet "plop" and collapsed on his back on the bed next to the cumdump. I immediately grabbed the cumdump by the waist with both hands and spit on my cockhead. I placed my cock at the wet, hot, cummy hole and slide my entire 8 inch shaft deep into his guts. The noise the cumdump made was unlike any I'd heard him make. It was a deep, guttural groan that seemed to escape from deep in his gut. He was truly a bitch in heat. I took my time enjoying the cummy wetness of his warm guts as I pounded his ass, using every stroke to caress and massage the hole so that it began to naturally form to the shape of my cock. As I owned his ass, the cumdump eventually coaxed the resident to scoot up on the bed so he could suck his semi-hard cock while in the daze of the poppers and the pleasure of my cock filling his cummy hole. I felt my orgasm building as I watched the resident's cock growing harder in the cumdumps mouth and watching as the cumdump hungrily started really working for a load in his mouth, feeling that another in his ass was coming. He was pushing back and meeting each thrust while giving focused attention to the cock in his mouth. This was a true cumdump. He was earning his cummy rewards. I unloaded in his ass moments before the resident unloaded in his mouth and felt the cumdumps body shivering as he felt my cockhead swell and release a giant load in his guts. His ass was filled to the brim with cum, and as the resident began to flood his mouth the cumdump laughed around the dick as he moaned and savored each drop. As my orgasm subsided, I pulled out slowly and felt the cum following my dick. When my cockhead popped out of the cumdumps used asshole, a splatter of cum came out and landed on the hotel bedspread. In a flash, the resident dove on the cummy hole, licking and slurping up the cum and ass juices leaking out. "Push some of it back in" the bottom begged. "Please give me the seed." I used my still hard dick to gather some of the cum on my cockhead and slid my cock back in his cummy ass. The resident kept his face right there by the hole, watching and breathing on my cock as it made sure the hole stayed full of cum. As i slowly pulled out, the bottom tightened his hole to keep his mulltiple rewards--and the resident immediately took my cummy cock in his mouth and cleaned it off. I smiled and let him enjoy my cock for a few moments before pulling him off. "Come on, we've got to go--I'm sure this cumdump has more tops on the way." "Just a couple," the bottom said looking over his shoulder at his. His cummy asshole seemed to wink. I began to get dressed as resident quietly walked to his clothes by the door and put them on. When I finished getting dressed, I opened the door and said "Thanks, cumpdump," over my shoulder as I walked out. Resident followed me out and was silent until we were in the elevator. "Will this change anything at the dorms? Cuz I'm not really out--" he said nervously. "Hey, nothing's going to change." I smiled. "Except you're going to suck a load out of my cummy dick when we get back to the dorms." From his smile, I'm guessing he decided a little change wasn't such a bad thing. This is my first story on here. Let me know if you guys enjoyed and I should keep writing...I have PLENTY of other great stories up my sleeves (or up someone's ass)
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    PART 5 Cy stopped his tongue assault on me which again sent me crashing down the sexual height to which he had driven me. I raised my head up and looked down my torso at his limpid blue eyes staring back at me. I could tell he was grinning at me on several levels as I lay there wet with perspiration and the remains of my gasping for air. “Now, to give you what you really want and haven’t had. We’re going to pop that cherry of yours,” he said quietly. Quickly, I righted myself and scooted backwards away from Cy. “I can’t,” I said definitively. “Cy, there’s no way you can fuck me—no way! You’re too big!” I protested yet so desperately wanted him to fuck me. I was terrified of the thought! Cy grinned and crawled up on the bed on his hands and knees moving closer until we were face-to-face. I had seen his limbless tree trunk swollen and leaking a long line of pre-cum that draped down to the sheet as he came toward me. It was more than twice the size that it was when he had stepped out of his jeans. His cock had to be 10 inches long if not more, and it was as thick as . . . I didn’t know what. The hood had slid back showing a slick purplish mushroom head that was fatter than the shaft. I wanted that cock in my ass; my brain and my ass said no way! I had felt the gooey tip touch my legs as Cy had moved up to me. “What if I told you to trust me, and that I won’t hurt you in the way you think I might,” Cy purred into my face. No doubt my eyes filled with fear if not terror looked into his hypnotic eyes that sparkled with confidence. “You know you want to. You know you came here for it. You know you want me to be the one to pop that cherry of yours,” he cooed and licked my nose. I kept staring into his somnolent eyes that kept luring me back to him with unspoken faux promises of no pain but maddening delight. He kept making almost imperceptible movements with his transfixed eyes as he repeated in a narcotic whisper almost as a mantra, “Come on; you know you want to.” We held our looks for minutes which I could not gauge until at last in a dream I slowly shook my head in assent. Gently and with great touching assurance, Cy moved me around on the bed. I found myself on my elbows and knees with my knees apart. Cy left the bed going to the foot. I heard a bag rustling and then he climbed back up on the bed behind me. (Where had that bag come from?) “I’m going to lube you inside and out real good with a lot of lube. That makes everything slick and easy to slide,” Cy told me as he stroked a buttock. “But, to do that I’m going to have to insert a small tube in your ass; it will feel strange at first but nothing to hurt you. I’ll use the tube to fill you with enough lube to make this so easy for you. You’ll feel something cool; that’s the lube. If you want me to go on, just shake your head.” I hesitantly shook my head. True to his word, the apprehension that I felt dissipated the further Cy moved the tube. He went slowly stopping after awhile. I soon felt a coolness inside me that spread as he removed the tube until at the opening he took the tip in his hand and spread a large amount around my ass hole. “How’s that? How’s my baby doing?” Cy whispered. He evidently moved his wares out of the way as I lazily enjoyed the feeling or something. “Is my baby doing okay now?” “Yes,” I said quietly with no mistrust or anxiety. I was at peace with thoughts of confidence in Cy and his ability. “Just be sure, please, to wear a condom.” “Oh, baby, you know I will with everything going on these days a condom is a must for everyone . . . all the time,” I heard his voice of reason and consent as it murmured his response. I knew this man was good, and he was going to be good to me. He already had been good to me in many ways. I could trust him with my life. “Just a little bit more time to let all that lube get good and spread around. In fact, I’m going to insert something else to help spread it around so that my baby won’t feel any pain. Is that okay with you, baby?” Cy asked. “If it is, just nod for me baby, and we’re almost ready for you to have that cherry popped. I am so lucky.” I slowly nodded once more. I later found out that Cy had laced his lube with a numbing agent. He knew I would not feel anything or at most only a small amount of pain that he was actually inflicting on me. Nothing need be said about the damage he was about to do for his evil deed. He took a long flexible brush with short tough bristles and began to insert it in my ass. I felt an occasional prick and would jerk but made no protest as he pushed it further inside me. Once fully inserted, I felt him slowly withdrawing it and returning it inside me. Several passes were made as he “spread the lube” around inside me. He then withdrew the tool, and I have no doubt he saw the pink mixture on the white bristles. I’ve since seen Cy do this on so many young unsuspecting novices. PART 6 “Okay, baby. You’re ready to go. I got you brushed up real good and in the pink now. You are so good to me. I am so lucky to get to pop that cherry of yours and turn you on to a new life,” I heard Cy crow in a hushed soothing voice. Little did I know what new life he meant. “Jason, baby, I know to use a condom, but, baby, it makes it so much easier for me and a lot less painful for you to make that first bust through without one. I promise not to fuck you without one.” He laughed a little. “Well, not unless you want me to.” He laughed again. “So, are you good for me to ease you open without a condom? Baby, I don’t want you to be hurt not now not ever. I want you to feel good,” I heard Cy say in a soothing concerned voice behind me. The thought of a cock in my ass without a condom scared me—no, terrified me. It was 1986 after all. I had heard reports on television and read newspapers. This was Cy not a man who was sick. He was hung, handsome, and healthy—I could tell that from just looking at him. Anyone could see he was okay to pop my cherry and not hurt me by not using a condom. He would then pull out and don one to fuck me. “Okay,” I quietly said with some reluctance. I felt something at my hole that slid easily and slowly inside me. That didn’t hurt at all. “I’ve just put one of my fingers in your hole, babe. I’m going to put some more in and do a little stretching exercise to help things to go smoothly. My babe isn’t going to hurt; I want him to feel so good when he joins the club,” I heard a husky purr response. Just as Cy had told me, I felt him slowly working more fingers inside me stretching my ass hole wider open. I did feel a tingling of pain but nothing as what I had expected. I relaxed more confident in Cy’s ability and safeness. Cy removed his fingers, and I felt him move close up behind me. I tried to remain relaxed but confess to some tenseness about the unknown that was to come. A pressure was felt where Cy’s fingers had once been. Cy put his hands on my hips and gently held them as more pressure was felt at my hole. The pressure began mounting and continued to increase as I envisioned a needle on a gauge slowly inching toward the red zone. Discomfort began to set in on me, but I fought back not wanting to disappoint Cy and ruin my chance for losing my virginity. Then, everything happened at once as if in a single moment of time: My sphincter popped opened and spread wide allowing the massive mushroom head to slide inside me as Cy’s hood slid backward off the head of his cock. It felt like a foot or more of his gargantuan cock had entered me whereas in reality no more than a couple of inches had. Cy’s hands gripped my hips like a vise making sure I went no where. I rose up instantly on my hands ready to bolt. I gasped in shock holding my breath for a long time. I perceived I was hurt badly when in fact it was the surprise of the sudden entry that jarred me and not any actual pain. Cy had done well in administering the numbing agent. “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You’re okay, babe. I got you now. You’re with me,” he whispered and continued to softly utter his words of assurance allowing me to indeed reject my fear and return to my starting position. Cy made no further move to enter me. My angst abated and soon I began to feel connected to Cy in a very special way as his bare cock became an obsessive thought for me. In due time, I heard Cy caressingly say, “Babe, you ready for me to fuck you properly now?” At the same time I detected a gentle pressure as he carefully eased another inch or so inside me. “Yes, but, please, put on a condom like we agreed,” I quietly said as my eyes closed while I felt how wonderful he was making me feel. The pressure and movement halted, and my head spun with delicious satisfaction of his occupation of me. Shortly, Cy repeated his question in the same caressing and caring tone, “Babe, you ready for me to fuck you now?” He repeated his gentle pressure sliding another inch or so inside me. My head was rolling around as if drugged, and I quietly repeated my request, “Yes, but, please, use a condom.” Again, he stopped allowing me to register his progress. My ass felt so amazing. Cy again in his caring quiet whisper asked, “Babe, you ready for me to fuck you? You need to feel the power within you that you have over me. You need to know how special you are to me. You need that last small step taken to awaken to the beauty that you hold. You need me to awaken the positive feelings in your body.”
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    I answered a Craigslist ad this morning here in Las Vegas. It stated that he was a 45 year old, straight, married guy, here in Las Vegas for a few days for a convention. He was horny and just wanted some guy to come by his hotel room to suck him off. We exchanged a few emails and pics. He gave me his hotel name and room number, so I jumped into my car and drove to his hotel that was just off the Las Vegas Strip, near the Convention Center. I knocked on the door and a very handsome, 45 year old business man opened the door. He was still dressed in his suit and tie from his morning business meeting when he invited me into the room. He seemed nervous and awkward. We made small talk for a few minutes. He told me he had only been sucked off a couple of times by guys. Both times had been here in Las Vegas, when he'd been here on business. He was quite clear that he only wanted to be sucked off. He won't reciprocate. I told him I was fine with that, and let's get to it. He moved removed his clothes except for his black socks. Then he sat on the edge of the bed. I got on my knees, between his legs and began to suck on his cock that was only partially hard. He was uncut and I started out sucking and gently chewing on his foreskin. He really enjoyed the attention I was giving to his skin. His cock grew. Then I sucked his foreskin into my mouth and slid my tongue up into the puckered skin. Licking his piss slit. Now he was fully hard. A bit over 6"s. My lips pushed his foreskin back and he moaned as I licked around his cockhead. Then I licked up and down his shaft several times. Then sucked on both his balls. He moaned when I did that. I lifted his legs and licked under his balls. He pulled his knees to his chest and I began to lick his asshole. Finally sliding my tongue up inside his hole, tongue fucking him. After rimming him for several minutes, I went back to sucking his balls, licking his shaft and then swallowing his cock for some deepthroating. I came up off his cock and took some hits from my popper bottle. "Would you like to fuck me", I asked? "No. Just suck me", he said. But, after just a minute of more cocksucking he said, "You got a condom?" "Yes. But, you can fuck me raw", I replied to him. "I've never fucked a guy. But, I will if you've got a condom. I won't fuck you bare. Got a wife. Can't do it", he replied. I went for my pants and pulled some condoms and lube from my pocket. I came back to the bed and climbed on. Kneeling on the edge. I put some lube on and in my hole, then handed the condom and lube back to him. He put on the condom and lubed it up. Then he stood behind me and began to press into me. He fucked me for a few minutes, but his cock went soft. I pulled the condom off and sucked him hard again. Then I put another condom on him and got back on my knees on the edge of the bed. He again slid up into me and fucked for a few minutes. But, again, went soft. "DAMN! I always get soft in a condom. Shit! Guess I can't do it, bud. Condoms make me go soft", he said. He pulls the condom off and I take his soft cock back into my mouth. I suck until he hardens in my mouth again. I suck his cock, suck his balls and lick his ass again. He's now hard as a rock again. I again get on the edge of the bed with my ass facing him. "Just rub your bare cock on my ass", I say to him. Rub your cockhead on my hole. Maybe jack off on my hole", I again say to him. He does rub his hard cockhead on my hole. I'm squirming my ass and spreading my asscheeks for him to get clear access to my hole. He's obviously turned on having his raw cockhead against my hole. He then starts to press his cockhead into me, just a little bit. Then pulls it out. He repeats that several more times. Putting just a little bit of his cockhead into me, then pulling out. He's driving me wild teasing me with his raw cock. When he pushes his cockhead slightly into me the next time, I press back against him and the entire cockhead plops up past my sphincter. He again pulls completely out of me and rubs his cockhead on the outside of my puckered hole. Damn! I want him inside me. I'm not sure if he'll continue to do this? But, he slaps his cockhead on my hole a few times, then again presses it into me. Going up into me, past my sphincter again. I press back and soon he's all the way up inside me. Raw and natural in my ass. Just as I like dick in me. He holds his cock there. He's not really fucking me. I squeeze my ass on his cock a few times. Then I begin to very slowly pull off his cock, then slide back onto it. He's not really doing anything, but allowing me to fuck his cock with my ass. Soon, he can't take it any longer. He grabs me around the waist and begins to pump his cock in and out of me. He's immediately into full throttle fucking. He's now slamming deep into me. He's grunting very softly. Almost like he doesn't want me to hear him enjoying the fuck. He's now fucking fast and hard. It only takes him a minute or two before he grunts really loudly and slams deep into me. He holds it there inside me as I feel his cock throb and fill my ass with his load. I'm squeezing and milking his cock with my ass. Then he quickly pulls from me and goes into the bathroom. I can hear the water in the sink turn on and he's washing off his cock. His raw cock that has just been inside my faggot ass. His str8 dick that has just filed my queer guts with his married, str8 guy cum. While he's washing off, I quickly dress. I'm just ready to leave his room as he comes out of the bathroom. "Thanks", I say as I pass him in the bathroom doorway. "Sure", is all he says as I leave his room. He's not even really looking at me. But kind of looking into dead space in shame. Damn! I just LOVE getting str8 guys to go further than they ever expect or want to go.
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    Part 6 I could have stayed in bed with Craig all day, but frankly, my hole was feeling a bit used up. Craig said, "Babe, this is sweet, but I have to go." "Yeah, so do I," I answered, remembering I had a date with Frank that day. I was eager to get to know him better, to learn more about the real man before my fantasies became impossible for anyone to live up to. We both cleaned up and grabbed something to eat. Craig's phone went off. I washed up dishes while he talked. He ended up with, "OK I'll try to get a ride. See you in a bit," and he winked at me. He hung up and asked me if I could drop him off somewhere. Of course I could. We headed down to my car. He looked at me seriously. "Are you doing OK? How are you feeling? Any regrets?" "I feel.. well I am not sure yet about all my feelings. But I have no regrets. Last night felt like my destiny. It felt like a first step on a journey." "I know what you mean. I'm still with the guy who showed me that first step." He leaned in for a kiss. He pulled out a small notepad. "Here's the address I'm heading for. Do you know it?" I looked and my jaw dropped. It was Frank's address- the house on the lake! He saw my reaction. "Something wrong?" It took me a few seconds to say anything. "I know that place. I know who lives there. Mr. Marco is your guy?" "Mr. Marco?" He laughed. "I mean Frank. He was my teacher in high school." Craig laughed harder. Pieces were falling into place. "He is your guy- the guy who pozzed you?" Craig nodded, and his laughing calmed down. "So that's why he..." Craig said, "Why he...? Why he what? This sounds very interesting." "I met him about 2 weeks ago. After 20 years... He invited me over to his place, his parents' old place. We went swimming and..." "And... did he fuck you?" "No no- I sucked him off and he blew his load all over himself. I wanted to lick it up but he wouldn't let me." "No he wouldn't. That's just like him. He wouldn't do anything like that unless you knew his status and he knew you wanted it. I guess you guys didn't talk about that yet. Hey, I have an idea. I want to play with him... just a little." He had that evil grin again. "You have no idea how much I want to play with him! With both of you, actually!" Craig laughed again. "Oh that will happen, babe, believe me. I want to send him a pic of you- smile!" Craig typed on his phone. "I told him I found a ride with a nice guy who says he knows him." I realized I had not even started the car, so I did and we headed towards the lake. "He just texted me back- says your name is Jeff." He typed some more. "I asked him if I should fuck you... He says no way! I'm sending a different pic of you now." I was starting to breath a little heavier, wondering how this would turn out. Craig's phone was quiet. I didn't want Frank to get angry. I was about to say something when the phone went off again. "Oh boy, I think he's really pissed!" Craig didn't seem too concerned, but I was. "I think he likes you, he's being very protective. I'm sending him something else." "Craig, I don't know about this." But he just leaned in for another kiss. I paid attention to the road, but my mind was spinning. After 5 minutes Craig's phone went off. "I sent him that video I took of us." Oh my god! What would Frank think? "He says he watched it 5 times and he says to hurry. Well see how this goes." Craig sure was a trouble maker. I sped up the car, but we were almost there anyway. We pulled into the drive. Frank was standing there waiting for us. He opened my door for me. I got out and fell into a big warm hug from him. "Jeff, it is so good to see you again. You have been on my mind quite a bit these last 2 weeks." "You've been on my mind, too." It felt so good to be in his arms. He seemed calm and happy. But then he turned toward Craig with a scowl and said, "You and I will have a talk later, boy." Craig had a sheepish look on his face and made himself scarce. What a change in him. Frank put his arm around my shoulders and led me into the house. "You and I need to talk right now, Jeff." It sounded almost like a scolding from a teacher, but the tone was softer and full of concern. He had questions- how I met Craig, did I know their connection when we met, did Craig know of our history from 20 years ago? I answered it all as we slowly walked through the house, his arm around me the whole time. He said, "Now let's get serious. You know now we are both poz. I am happy and healthy, and so is he. Are you sure he didn't talk you into anything? He didn't trick you?" "Not at all," I said. "We spent 2 nights together. The first night he didn't tell me his status. I fucked him, but he didn't fuck me. I would have let him- I was really turned on, but he wouldn't. But he said things that I figured out later. I guessed he was poz. I gave that a lot of thought. Believe me, it made me think. I realized some things about myself. I got honest with myself and m y fantasies, and even all the sex I had had the last couple of years. I had been subconsciously seeking it out- watching bareback porn exclusively, fucking and getting fucked bare. The next time I was with him he told me the truth, and he was willing to play the same way with me. But I told him I wanted it. It was 100% my own decision. You saw that video. You heard me say I wanted it. And I still do." I realized we had ended up in a bedroom. Frank kissed me and held me close to him. I felt his thick, hard cock pressing against me, and I'm sure he felt that mine was hard, too. "Yes I saw that video. Damn, Jeff, I saw that video." He was whispering into my ear. "I saw it and I heard you say those words. My cock has been hard for you since I saw it. I want you so bad." "And I want you. I want you and all you can give me." Frank let out a low, deep growl and dragged me over to the bed. He started taking my clothes off, and I started on his. We were soon naked and kissing again. His fat uncut cock was oozing precum. I reached down for it and started slowly stroking it. I got down on my knees and took it into my mouth. His hands stroked my hair. After a short minute he reached down and pulled me up to face him again. He brought me down onto the bed with him and started to kiss my chest. He licked and nibbled on my nipples and I moaned deeply. I reached for his pierced nipples and squeezed them and twisted them. That got him going even more. He pushed my legs up a bit and swallowed my raging dick all the way. Oh my god! What a feeling. I couldn't believe how close I was to blowing my load. He seemed to pick up on that nd moved his mouth down to my balls. He licked them and took them into his mouth one at a time. Then he took them both and swirled his tongue around them. Then he tongue trailed down lower and started to tease my fuck hole. He kissed it and licked it very gently, making deep humming noises. My head was tossing side to side. This was unbelievable I had fantasies about having sex with this beautiful man so many years ago, but my boyish fantasies had never been like this. They had never been so hot! He lifted his face up and moved up and kissed me on the lips with a tender passion. He looked me in the eyes with a big smile and rested his hand on my chest. I felt that wonderful cock of his pressing against my hip. He said, "Baby, I want you so bad, but that sweet hole of yours seems very tender. My boy sure used you well." I smiled back, "He sure did. I took 3 loads from him." "Believe me, I want to give you even more, but you need to recover." "Frank, please!" I knew I sounded desperate, but I really was. "Well, baby, I sure don't want to stop! We're not done yet, don't worry." He scooted up the bed and rested on his back. His sexy, furry body and hot, hard, dripping cock were all I could look at. I wanted him so much. I wanted his seed- his poz seed. "I remember your mouth on my balls. Come up here and do that again." I scurried up and took his balls in my mouth. I suckled on them every way I could. I delighted in the noises he made while I worshipped those balls. He grabbed my head and held it there. "Feel that cum churning in there, baby. That's a load just for you. Do you want that load?" All I could do was mumble and nod yes. "That load is your and yours alone. Now that I know you want my charged cum, my cum is longing for you. Every seed needs to be inside you." I reached up to touch that cock. He had been slowly stroking it, but his hand fell away to let me do the work. I squeezed his veiny dick and pushed the foreskin up and down. My hand got wet from his precum. "Oh fuck, baby! I'm going to blow that poz load now! I want you to swallow every drop now!" In no time I took his cock in my mouth. I plunged down to the root of it. He wasted no time- his cock pulsed again and again as I tasted that glorious cum. My own cock started to shoot without even a touch. "Oh fuck!" he shouted. "Take that load! Take that poz cum!" He must have shoot 8 or 9 times into my mouth. I kept my lips wrapped around the base of his cock until I felt it stop twitching. His bod eventually relaxed, but I did not relax my oral grip on him. His hands were slowly stroking my hair. After what seemed to be a long long time, but not quite long enough he said, "Thank you, Jeff. That was the best orgasm I have had in a while. Let's go get cleaned up." I lifted my head up reluctantly. He looked down and said, "Well, it looks like you got every drop. Good boy." My heart swelled when he said that. He took my by the hand and we went into the bathroom. We stepped into the shower together and slowly and sensually soaped each other up, kissing and caressing the whole time. We got out and toweled each other off. We went back out into the bedroom, and there was Craig standing in the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest and one eyebrow raised. "Is it safe to be here?" he asked with a bit of a smirk. "Yes, boy, you are safe. We're cool," Frank said with a beaming smile. "I think Jeff needs to go home- after we feed him. Well, I just fed him, but you know what I mean" Frank laughed, and Craig laughed, and so did I. Frank continued, "He needs to let all our seed germinate a bit, and his ass needs a rest. You sure had your fun with him, boy." He put his arm around my shoulder again. "But we need him to come back after he recovers. I am thinking of all kinds of things we can do with this hot fucker together." Now Frank got that same evil look in his eye. "Are you OK with that, Jeff?" "You have to ask? I sure as hell am OK with that!" I almost shouted that. "Can I come back after work on Friday?" Frank gave my shoulder a big squeeze. "Friday will be perfect. That gives me and my boy enough time to get things ready. Let's get down to the lake for a swim." I grabbed my clothes, and we all 3 hurried down to the lake. I was ondering what things they were going to get ready, but I didn't ask. I was going to enjoy many fantasies about that before I came back. Part 7 coming soon
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    Samuel: I’m a 50+ year old bear, been positive for more than 25 years, with not quite the perceived look, but with the alternate look of someone who has been on the various drug regimens throughout the AIDS epidemic, not really wasted but skinny in my extremities, but with the uneven fat redistribution caused by drugs like AZT and crixivan, so slightly bloated belly look with little fat in face and ass. Was diagnosed less than a year after I met my current husband, most likely from my fucking around in restroom stalls and frequenting backrooms and bathhouses, and never getting tested until the early 90’s after one of my husband’s previous fuckbuddies was diagnosed with KS and AIDS. Well for the best part of time since my diagnosis I have been undetectable, and had no problem sticking to the three times a day, two times a day, 8-15 pills a day regimen, but when my doc got me on a single pill a day cocktail, damn if I can remember to take that horse pill, so much so that after glancing at the calendar it’s been a month since I last took one, bad bear. I have not suffered any major illnesses in the last 25+ years although there has been a couple close calls with opportunistic infections, mostly dermatological or gastronomical, but no major illnesses. But last time I tested I was no longer undetectable, 150 to 500 copies, and that was from just missing a couple doses, and know I been drug free for over a month, my viral load must be sky high. I had been having a rough night with my blood glucose being high I was having a hard time finding rem sleep, I tossed and turned throughout the night, my thoughts going to sex more often than not, it had been a little over two weeks since my last real ejaculation, I was downright horny. I finally got up early around 3am and started flipping through the apps on my phone, BBRT, A4A, CL to name a few, when I came upon a ad on CL: YNG Newbie in need of mature guidance Just turned 18 virgin cub ISO Daddy bear, show me the ropes, never been with anyone outside of boyfriend and we just kiss and fondle, Will be in town today and tomorrow touring collage universities, HMU if you’re Mature, kinky, Down for fun with a virgin and can meet me at my motel room early or late before and after our tours. + is a +, interested in exploring my wild side I started to bone up as my mind saw an opportunity for release, I emailed the poster and really didn’t expect much of a response, but about ten minutes later my phone pinged and I had a reply. Very nervous, never hooked up before, can we do this this morning around 8, staying at the RR inn off of **** room 210 Timing was perfect, dropped off my hubby at his work at 7 and made it back home in time to pick up my bag full of goodies, Dildos, restraints (If he was into that), lube, poppers, and at the last minute I threw in my cruel condom (not sure how kinky he wanted to get) the +is+ had me thinking this virgin was a chaser for some odd reason. I arrived at the motel and went up to the room and quietly knock, not wanting to raise any suspicion from the other guest (although this motel was popular amongst the working boys and girls if you know what I mean). I waited a few moments then the door opened and I was greeted by a mid-thirties Latino guy, who quickly ushered me into the room, my first inclination was to bolt back out the door to my car, but then I saw two boys laying on the bed in tank tops and basketball shorts, the one with strawberry blonde hair bounced off the bed and up to me, hugging me then planting a quick kiss on me “Hi I’m Dan the guy you have been messaging with, this is my best friend Jon and his step dad Manuel, you must be Sam” I sort of just stood there for a couple then replied “Um, I thought it was just us, you failed to mention these other guys when we messaged back and forth” “I’m sorry I just didn’t want to scare you away, I didn’t know if you’d be into a group scene or not, but I took the chance” Dan leaned in again and this time kissed me deeply our tongues intertwined, his hands caressing my body. Dan stood a little shorter than my 6’0” at around 5’10”, Jon was a bit taller at 6’2” and Manuel was maybe 5’8”, they all had lean bodies, Dan with Blonde hair and Jon with brown, and Manuel with the start of white peppering his jet black locks. They all were quite good looking, Dan and Jon were 18, Dan just turning a couple weeks before and Jon a few months older, Manuel was 32. Dan led me to the bed and slowly undressed me as Jon crawled over to me and began caressing my groin, as Manuel, began kissing me with Dan moving south as he sat me down on the bed, Manuel following me, his mouth never leaving mine as we began a deep make out session. The boys then got in front of us and began licking and tonguing our respective cocks Dan on mine and Jon on his Step dad’s impressive piece, neither boy seemed like they had ever done this before so their technique was not the best. Dan was not the best cocksucker but he was good enough to get me hard as Jon worked over Manuel, his step dad began talking dirty to the boy “Oh son, you have no idea how long I waited these last couple years to finally get you to service me, oh yeah lick those balls, take that cock deep oh yeah work for that daddy juice” Dan, having gotten me rock hard moved up and began kissing my belly then my chest and neck and finally his lips met mine again and he kissed me deep “Daddy make me yours forever, breed my virgin boi pussy with your toxic sperm” He whispered in my ear as he lowered his dry hole to the tip of my cockhead, which was drooling precum onto his sweet hole, he rubbed back and forth a bit then with a hard push dropped his ass over my ridged pole impaling himself in one swift motion, his eyes bugged out from the pain and as he began to lift himself off my cock I held him firm letting my precum seep into his colon, his now clenching sphincter trying to expel the invading rod of fire which he had impaled himself down into the depths of his own hell. I twitched my tool inside him and gradually let him slide up an inch or two before pushing him back down on my toxic staff, each time I lifted him up and allowed him to impale himself again he began to feel less pain and was soon riding my stick on his own. Now I don’t generally get to fuck 18 year olds and it felt great having my hard cock sliding in and out of that sweet boy hole, but I wasn’t ready to dump my load just yet so as I began to feel the urge, I lifted the boy off of my ridged cock and laid him beside me once again caressing his body and kissing his full lips. Seeing Dan with his pert just plowed hole laying there half on top of me, Jon abandoned his make out session with hi step dad to dive between his best friend ass cheeks and for the first time rim Dan’s puffy ass lips, Manuel took the time to head over to the bathroom, but instead of using the facilities he reached into a bag and pulled out a pill blister pack, poured a glass of water then offered me a little blue pill “Here with these two we’ll both probably need these” I gulped down a pill and then went back to being caressed by the two boys, while Manuel dove down and took my cock in his mouth to clean it off. It was a sight, seeing Dan and Jon playing with each other for what they say was their first time doing sexual things to each other, sucking each other and fingering holes, Manuel began kissing me again as the boys played at the foot of the bed, 69ing each other, he periodically broke the kiss to tell me of their situation, how he married Jon’s mother 4 years ago and he thought of himself as Bisexual but was leaning more towards gay as Jon’s presence was leading him more to darker thoughts of Man on Man sex. “So what’s in the bag my amigo?” “Just some toys, and supplies” He was curious so he opened the bag and placed the items on the bed next to the guys, he took the lube and greased his finger then began inserting his finger into his stepson, slowly working his index finger into the second knuckle, I moved around and used some lube and slowly inserted the dildo into Dan, rotating it slightly on the inward stroke then reversing on the outward pull, Dan began moaning as I increased the pressure and speed on which I was working his hole. His boi pussy was opening nicely, so I upped the stakes and grabbed the cruel condom and slid it over the toy, lubed it up then began working his hole again, by the time I had worked it in about ten times it was beginning to come out with a pinkish tinge, I rammed it in once more and pulled the dildo out, leaving the condom in Dan, who was already holding his legs up to his chest leaving his hole exposed for me, I stepped behind him and slid my still rock hard cock into the sheath and began fucking Dan in earnest, Manuel took the bloodied dildo and began working it into Jon’s hole while I fucked His Boyfriend/BFF, as I had not cum in like two weeks the added friction of the cruel condom brought me to verge quite quickly after I got over the initial pain of the metal mesh scratching and tearing the tender glans allowing me to bleed into the wrecked hole “Where you want my cum slut?” “In my ass Daddy” “You want me to shoot my Toxic load inside your wrecked pussy boy” “Yes Daddy cum in me give me your toxic load, Poz me up” With that I began shooting my 2 week old load into Dan as Jon and Manuel looked on, Jon with a dildo being worked into his hole. As I came down from my orgasmic high, my cock was still rock hard and dripping boy spunk from Dan’s sloppy ass, I looked at Manuel and Jon “Who’s next?” Manuel indicated Jon’s puffy lips as I slid over to Jon and slid in without the use of any more lube, just the CC sliding into my new boy, tearing up his ass as I pushed in. Manuel began licking and slurping Dan’s rose bud then slid his large Hispanic cock in and began pumping into the boy, pushing my toxic load deeper within the once virgin slut, relishing in the cum sloshing around his pulsating tool, all that cum was going to make him cum fast adding his negative seed to mine. Hearing Manuel rut in Dan’s gut, triggered my second load of the morning as I blasted Jon’s intestine with my toxic spunk. I pulled out of Jon and laid back on the bed, still rock hard but exhausted I pulled my two boys up to me and cuddled and kissed them both, while Manuel set to cleaning my slimy cock licking every drop of spunk and ass juice and blood off my ridged pillar. He then laid beside Jon and we cuddled and made out for a while. The sounds of men making out and caressing were the only sounds in the room, then Manuel got up and slid the CC onto my cock, lubed up his hole then sat down on my cock, you could see the pain in his eyes as he worked his ass raw up and down on the mesh sheath, he soon had the third load of the morning making its way out my piss slit and deep within his guts, all the while talking dirty on how he wanted my Poz load to infect him and the boys and that no matter which university the boys choose in this area I was going to be their Poz Daddy and he would rent a place for them and me to fuck our brains out whenever the need presented itself.
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    PART 11 We lay for a bit more before Cy very, very slowly began pulling his cock out of my ass. When free, Cy lay beside me as I stayed on my stomach but turned my head to face him. We looked at each other. I was the luckiest 19 year old that ever lived. In less than a day of moving into my new studio, I had met a hot hunk of a man who was so totally honest with me, and I was convinced that he genuinely really liked and cared for me. I suddenly remembered myself and in a flash rushed down to Cy’s cock and bathed it clean before returning to lie on my stomach. “I have to go, babe. I need to stop by my place to take care of a couple of things before going to work tonight. I’m on tonight from 9:00 until 5:00. You will be coming back, I hope,” Cy said. “If you’re working, what’s the point of my being there? I don’t want to be possessive but you’ve spoiled me,” I chuckled lightly giving Cy a longing look I had not intended. “Oh, well, when you’re the manager, perks come with the job,” he grinned his toothy white smile at me as his eyes twinkled. “Besides, you need to experiment with other men. Not just any man though. Just special men like me who are positive about life. Special men who can teach you things about taking control of your life and turning it into a positive one where you can charge out into the world and change men in it.” Our eyes met, and I felt as if I were being hypnotized. “Of course, babe, you are so very special to me; you know I would never abandon you,” Cy whispered dreamily. “But, you should be willing to learn from other men I know who have their own special . . . talent . . . to teach you. Would you want to do that, babe? Would you want to do that for me, Jason? You know I wouldn’t suggest it unless it really meant a lot to me.” Cy said the last so very slow as he lowered his head averting his eyes from me. Again, I felt drugged and horrid for almost outright defying the man who had spent so much time teaching me and taking me under his wing for protection and safety. I was so crestfallen with myself at my selfishness. “Cy, you know I will be there if you want me there. I always want to do what you want me to do. No, I will do whatever you tell me. You mean so much to me and have been so good to me I will never be able to repay you,” I said eagerly needing his approval. That narcotic loaded smile beamed at me as Cy raised his head. He reached over and kissed me so tenderly and long using his hands to pull our two bodies together in an embrace of passion. My brain now screamed at me to slow down, but my emotions brushed them aside like trash. I would do whatever Cy told me to do. I reminded myself not to question him. He was safe. Cy slowly pulled away, looked deeply into my eyes, and then began to get off the bed. I followed. He stretched and headed to the bath room stopping. He turned back grinning like a Cheshire cat. I looked at him and saw a god. I was missing him already and yet he still stood here in my apartment in all his naked glory. Da Vinci should have been around to make a life-size statue of him. My head swooned. Cy continued to stand there until at long last my stupid brain awoke me to what was expected of me. I almost ran to him. I looked up at him and said nothing. I knelt obediently lifting his life-giving disbursement tube to my mouth where I stuffed it in gently closing my lips all around to seal my mouth. My hand helped to keep me steady. I turned my eyes upward and waited. Cy looked down smiling. I could see all the way to Olympus; Zeus had been replaced. There was a new main god in charge. A warm trickle of water found its way into my mouth and continued until I got my rhythm going of how to fill my mouth and swallow. I never took my eyes from Cy’s. My learning was quick and Cy began to let his flow increase. My game was upped to meet his pace. I felt overwhelmed a couple of times but kept at my duty until finally there was no more. I worshipped and cleaned Cy’s cock gently removing it easing it down until it was peacefully resting in front of his two regal orbs of manly authority. Cy pulled me up and kissed me sweetly. He then pushed me toward the bath room spanking my ass telling me to go and piss. I dutifully complied. When I returned, he was dressed and waiting by the door. “Jason, babe, are you sure you want other men to teach you things that I don’t have the ability to do,” Cy asked. “Cy, I will do whatever you tell me. I will not question you or your motives. You know how I feel about you. You’ve changed me in a major way already. I mean what I say; I won’t question or doubt you in anything you tell me to do.” He looked at me briefly and issued his orders, “Then, bathe and clean yourself extra deep. Be back at 9:30 sharp. I’ll have everything set for you. Bring your ID and apartment key. You won’t need anything else. I’ll have everything for you. Wear what you did last night and nothing more. Do you understand?” “Yes,” I said. He looked at me and smiled, kissed me squeezing my ass at the same time, and left. PART 12 I arrived precisely at 9:15. Cy looked up as he finished with a customer and waved me around the line causing some grumbling. He took my ID and key putting them in his pocket. He had a room key, 2 towels, a padlock with a key, and told me to follow him. We quickly got to room 11 and entered. Cy hugged me closely and kissed me deeply. “How’s my babe,” he asked beaming at me. “I’m doing just great, now,” I responded. “ I, uh, missed you today.” “Good. I’ve got things set for you for tonight. Remember your promise not to question what I set in motion for you. Strip and give me your clothes; keep your jock. I’ll put everything in your locker. You can do whatever you want until 10; you must be back here in this room at 10 with the door open because your first trainer tonight will be here then,” he said. I hesitated but then quickly stripped. Cy gave me a small bottle of lube and the room key, kissed me again, and was gone. I stood there wondering what was happening; then, I opened the door and walked out. I walked the floors and found two different men whom I sucked and swallowed their loads before returning to my room. I arrived about three minutes before my first trainer. He walked to the door filling it with his body. He was 6 feet, probably 180 pounds, hairy arms and legs, short hair on his head that fed down onto his face, chiselled body of muscles, and the most notable seen fact was he was a black man. He told me he was sent by Cy to train me in his specialty. He pointed to the sling; I presumed I was to get in it and did so with some difficulty since I had never been in such a contraption. While I struggled with my assignment, he closed the door and made sure the sliding window panel was closed. He set a small bag on the bed behind him, checked my position adjusting it, then, he strapped my wrists and ankles securely. I was excited, afraid, and every emotion in between. I did not question him but merely obeyed as that is what Cy wanted me to do. He turned back to the bag removing a modified respirator mask. He held it up for me to see and walked to my head placing it on me. He adjusted the straps so that it fit tight around my face. I had a clear view of everything because of the huge face piece lens. The guy took out a bottle and cotton; unscrewed the end on the tube to the mask; dipped cotton in the bottle; stuffed cotton in the tube; capped it. He laid the tube on my chest turning a valve. I smelled something and kept breathing; soon I was dizzy. I watched him turn a knob and felt fresh air. He alternated doing this as I got used to the smell. I kept getting higher and real woozy. Then, without warning, I felt a sharp jolt of pain as my ass collided with something. I looked down and found he had just rammed his cock deep in my ass. He smiled at me with such an evil grin. He knew something that I didn’t know. I tried to think of what it could be but the aroma kept my thoughts from forming. Then, the earthquake struck and everything began to shake. I looked around as my head reeled from the aroma that kept being fed to me. I would about pass out and then just before I did I could breathe fresh air once more. All the while the tremors of the earthquake rattled everything in the room. In reality, my trainer was fucking me with his 9 inch black cock and making sure he buried it deep inside me. He kept fucking even when he saw the telltale signs of blood on his cock from where he had used the brush Cy had given him to use. I began to lay my head back totally unconcerned and smiled at how I was feeling both my head and my ass. I wasn’t filled like I was with Cy but this man was shredding any possible last vestiges of my virginity. I realized this was what Cy wanted for me to learn and experience. How I longed for him but pushed him out of my mind and focused on this black man who was tearing me up. I began to encourage him through my fog. I yelled for him to fuck me harder and deeper. I tried to push my ass back onto his cock with very little success. My air and odor concentration continued to alternate keeping me messed up. I loved it. Still, I screamed for him to fuck me more. Peace. Tranquillity. Stillness. Serenity. I was jolted back to reality by the sudden and rapid cessation of my earthquake. I struggled but finally focused on the man who was fucking me. He stood between my legs in sheer rapture as his cock delivered his nut butter deep inside me. I watched him as no doubt millions and millions of his wriggling sperm gushed out of his piss slit and into my body. My brain seized on the thought and flooded me with endorphins. I felt my cock rising up; I looked down at it. From the deepest of my depths, there came a gush of my own seed that flew up and out of my cock spraying like Ol’ Faithful in Yellowstone. I screamed as my geyser continued to coat the room causing the cock in my ass to begin a second flooding because of my flexing sphincter. When it all was finally over, the two of us looked as if we had just exited the steam room and were totally exhausted.
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    PART 7 I was in a narcotic state of mind feeding on the so full sensation that I was having with Cy’s giant cock speared inside me. “Yes, I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me . . . now.” “Babe, you want me to fuck you now? Right now?” I heard Cy quickly ask. “Yes. Fuck me now,” I repeated with my head spinning full of cobwebs and conflicts. I was in a turmoil but couldn’t let Cy change his mind just for a condom. Cy began to ease his swollen delivery tube further inside me. He was in no rush so that he would not shake me out of my now blissful trance. At intervals along the way to total impalement, I felt sharp pain causing me to moan loudly halting his movement. He allowed enough time for me to adjust to the discomfort before moving once more. In the interim of time which was not long, Cy found his 10 ½ inch uncut cock fully encased by my ass. My pheromones were wild! I felt Cy’s hooded massive bratwurst begin to slide from me. No more than 3 inches had been removed when I began feeling nakedly empty and began to whimper opening my eyes and raising my head. Still more of the colossus slid out of me. I whimpered plaintively trying to push back onto the receding cock. Cy would have none of it using his hands on my hips to keep me in check. My ass felt his oversized stopper of a mushroom head snuggle up to the inside of my entry hole halting Cy’s retreat. I was almost in a frenzy by now at the vacant sensation. My whines were seemingly ignored as Cy withheld himself from me driving up the demand in my brain. He knew how to create a deep need to be occupied feeling in young men such as me. When my benefactor was ready, he began once more filling the void that he had created. Slowly at a snail’s pace I felt Cy’s monster sausage re-entering my ass. Gone were the thoughts of a condom as he slid his raw now pinkish coloured boner inside me. As he did, the pricks and slices that he had created with his brush oozed with my blood coating his manhood. Minutes passed before once more I felt that filled sensation from all of him being inside me. I became sedated. As we were conjoined via his tube, Cy flexed his cock to even greater girth causing me to verbally groan loudly with contentment. Cy had to know the effect he had on men. He was an expert, and I gave thanks for having met him. All too soon, though, Cy began his withdrawal once more as I protested by using my sphincter as a trap. I clamped down hard but could not overcome his power. He continued his egress stopping as he had before. He waited until my begging finally got the better of him, and he returned inside my ass pushing his jumbo middle leg deep. I do not remember how many times Cy teased me in this fashion but I knew that time was passing. Each time when he was barely in my ass I would whine, whimper, plangent, and bemoan my emptiness only to be delayed on his return inside me until he was ready to satisfy my sexual hunger and yearning. This was all about his making me addicted to his powerful thrusting super piston. Indeed, by the time this night was over, I would be a wreck in more ways than one. And, then, my hunger began to be fed in earnest. Cy became more generous with his powerful sex piston. He began feeding a steady and consistent diet to my ass by not stopping on his inward or outward strokes. He himself began moaning and told me how grateful he was to be allowed to do this for me. He praised how my ass felt and lamented not having met me sooner as he slowly increased his tempo of fucking. His words were heard but my brain was concentrating on the physical sensation I was feeling as the blockbuster uncut cock began to ravage my bleeding insides. Still, there was the nagging issue of no condom which grew less with each in and out stroke of his god phallus. More and more Cy revved up his powerful sex engine until soon he was punching inside me jarring my body with ever increasing pelvic slams as he kissed me again and again. Minutes passed as my joy quickened at feeling his gut wrenching prick pulverizing me. His hands now tightly held me for a greater purpose. On and on I felt his cock perform a blitzkrieg attack on me until I was finally knocked back to reality on the battering slams I felt as Cy with a single purpose fucked my ass. Still, he carried on his assault until I thought I could stand it no longer. I rose upward off the bed and grabbed a handful of the sheets beneath me digging in my knees and hands. Were it my head being so struck a concussion no doubt would have occurred. With all the grit and determination I could muster I squeezed my sphincter as hard as I could clamping down on Cy’s cock as I pitched myself backwards as he barrelled forward. Once, twice, three times I met his forward thrust with my rearward thrust. Four, five, six, seven more times we collided in magnificent coupling. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Cy screamed then bit my neck as he battered his way deep inside me stopping as the ball nectar flowed so freely and abundantly from his piss slit flooding my insides like a tsunami. PART 8 Cy continued to unleash more of his cum into my ass as he held his magnificent breeding tool deep inside me. Each salvo created another heavy wave of his ball honey that flew through his blood engorged love shaft filling more of my intestine. The thick coating of DNA reached several of the cuts and openings that Cy had made with his brush. Infrequently but consistently, Cy would pull backwards on his toxic waste delivery system so that some of his poison swimmers would be spilled into unfettered areas then once more push forward smearing his juice waste into the open cuts assuring their absorption by his blood covered dispenser. He knew how to be as effective as he could. Some info he had surmised based on what he had learned from the medical community. He much later taught me his techniques and perfected skills. My education would be complete in many ways but this education came without a degree. All I cared about at this very moment was how he made me feel as he poured millions and millions of his man milk into my ass. I was sweating, gasping for air, trembling, and feeling as if I had won a billion dollar lottery. I was elated beyond description. Cy carefully slid us down onto the mattress where he lay on top of me covering me; I felt to be in such a protective position. He nuzzled my neck as he soothingly murmured into my ear, “Oh, Jason, you are so special. You were great; I can’t believe that you have never been fucked before because of how well you took me. I am positive . . . that this is the best fuck I have ever had. You are so special to me letting me pop your man cherry. I want so much to fuck you again and again and fill you full of my love juices. You do want me to fuck you again, don’t you Jason? Do you want me to positively fill you many times with my cum, baby?” He accentuated each of his lines with licking my neck or ear. I had never felt so complete, excited, sexually aroused, whole or wanted and was undoubtedly filled to an overflowing measure with addictive lust for this man. In the recesses of my mind, I knew what we had done was wrong; oh, so very wrong. I didn’t care. This was Cy. He had made everything so clear. He had explained everything to me. It was sensible. He was so sure of himself. Everything that he told me had been true. I gathered my thoughts. “Cy, I never imagined I could feel like this. You have been so good to me. If it were any other man but you, I would never have let him fuck me without a condom. You have been so truthful to me explaining everything. I am so grateful you are the man, who popped my cherry and took my virginity from me, no, I gave it to you willingly. You feel so good inside me. I want you to fuck me as much as you will and will never ask you to use a condom. I know I can trust you. You have had such a positive influence on me,” I whispered back to him. “Oh, baby doll, you have no idea, Jason, how much you mean to me. I want to breed you all day long and fill you full of my nut juices. And, I want you to promise me always that when I do you will always lay on your stomach afterwards so that all of my cum will drain as far inside you as possible. That way there is less chance that any of it will slip out of you. I want us to be so very connected and joined together. Right now I feel as if I’m in a holy place and want to worship you for what you have given me tonight,” he cooed into my ear. “I have such positive thoughts about you and me right now. Oh, such wonderful . . . thoughts . . . and all so very positive.” Cy’s words wooed me into such a sense of loyalty and dependence. I knew he would be in my life forever. I took such comfort and felt so safe. We lay there for a long time just basking in the afterglow of such a glorious sexual mating. No doubt the actual deed that Cy had intended had been done. Still, I was content and ready for more. Soon, I felt an awakening inside me as Cy’s anal impaler began to stir stretching itself once more to its former great size. We both began to follow the lead given us by his monster. Our path was much the same only this time we lay on the bed. This time Cy took a long time finishing our coupling ritual and filling me again with a huge load of his cum but he did. There was more pain this time as the numbing agent had worn away I figured out later. I was determined though not to make any utterance of discomfort. In fact, by the time Cy was spraying his second load of toxic waste inside me, I was revelling in how the pain felt. It acted as if an aphrodisiac to me. What my brain told me was I needed Cy to fuck me and fill me with his wonderful jism. When we finally separated and sat back against the wall on the bed, I was stunned and shocked to see that Cy’s cock was smeared with red streaks. I looked panic stricken at him. He wrapped his safe arms around me and assured me that everything was okay—I was okay. That any time a cherry gets popped, there is a little blood. He told me soothingly to trust him. I did.
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    This happened yesterday, but it was the first time I'd ever been double penetrated. I've watched DP porn and always thought it was hot, but I never thought I would be able to take two cocks in my ass at once. I went to the local bathhouse around 10pm, and things were pretty quiet at first. I started off by sucking a muscular Asian guy in the hallway. Then, I wandered the halls a bit before coming across a room with a black man who had a very nice and thick cock (~8 inches). He asked me to leave the door open, which was perfect for me as I love having an audience or when people join in. I started off by sucking on him for a bit before riding his cock. We fucked in various positions, and over the next little while, a number of people came by to join in and watch. One fit white daddy came by and took turns on my ass before dropping a nice big load inside me. The black guy churned the load, while an Asian guy fed me his cock before cumming in my mouth. Next, a Latino daddy fed me his cock and fingered my hole while I was still being fucked. It was the next guy was the one who wanted to DP me. This was about 2 hours in, and he was a white guy with an athletic build and hot tattoos all over his body. He came into the room and asked if he thought we could fit both cocks into my ass. I was really hesitant because the black guy's cock was already on the thicker side of what I've ever taken, and the white guy's cock was just about as thick and almost as long. But I was willing to give it a try - we repositioned ourselves so the black guy was lying on his back, I was seated on his cock in a cowboy position, and the white guy started pushing his cock inside me at the same time (apparently the position is called group inverse missionary). Initially, it was a bit of a struggle. There was a pretty intense burst of pain and distress at having my hole stretched wider than it's ever been stretched before. But once both cocks were inside me, it was the most incredible and amazing feeling - I've never felt so full and turned on. We switched between that position, and then me lying on my back on top of one guy, and the second guy fucking me while facing me (group bent spoons). I don't really know how long this went on for but I was high on the adrenaline and knowing that two raw cocks were inside my ass at the same time. After that, I took one more load, and let one other guy fuck me (he used a condom, but I let him since he was cute). I'm a bit sore today, but having two cocks in my ass at the same time was addictive and I'm definitely looking to do it again!
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    Handsome and hung Miami trick is seroconverting from my AIDS load now. Vers boy (with a brand new PA) has shot his last neg load.
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    No HIV positive guys - It was bound to happen It was a week before I was flying to reunite with Connor in New York City. Reunite. That really was the word. I felt like half of me was gone in another place. I could communicate with it, but it felt as if my legs were detached. My brain could tell myself to walk, but I couldn't feel the movement of walking. The hope of seeing Connor again and reconnecting the missing pieces, missing feelings was growing daily. I moved us into the new apartment with Ramon, Seth, John and Bradley. We ran into some of my neighbors while moving. Bradley knew a few of the guys. They were older, late 30s early 40s maybe. They invited us down for drinks once we finished. We were all exhausted after we moved everything. Seth and Ramon bailed on us. Bradley and John went home to change. An hour later John, Bradley and I knocked on my neighbor's door. There was some music playing and we could hear voices. It definitely sounded like a party. Bradley's friend took us inside and introduced us to a couple of people. Everyone was really nice. I was not wearing party/club clothes, but was instead in older running shorts, flip flops, and a tank top. I had just picked what was on the top of the garbage bag (classy, I know) and quickly dressed. I thought it was just drinks at the neighbor's place; not a party. I was a bit embarrassed that I was under-dressed. John told me not to worry, that I looked like the most perfect Jewish bottom boy ever. We laughed, especially since John is the most perfect WASP bottom boy ever. We were at the makeshift bar at this point and one of the guys said; "You're right. He is the most perfect Jewish bottom boy ever." I turned to see who it was and I was stunned. It was the guy who had given the lecture in psychology class my freshman year - the positive guy who said it's the other guy's fault if he doesn't ask my status or ask me to use a condom. My cock twitched. What the fuck was wrong with me. He introduced himself as Rob. He was sexier now than I remembered him. I didn't remember the nice pecs, the great biceps or the amazing smile. He was older, but he was so fucking hot. No wonder guys would forget to ask him to use condoms. We chatted for a bit while I drank my first cocktail. John chatted with Rob's friends. Bradley scouted for his older bottom guy for the evening. We had arrived a little around 8pm. By 10pm guys were thinning out to go to the bars, but most of the crowd stayed. Bradley peaced out with a very well dressed man on his arm. John and I both rolled our eyes - Bradley's type is so expected. It's as if an archetype just keeps churning these guys out to sit on Bradley's cock. I was decently tipsy because I hadn't eaten and had moved furniture all day. I had now been drinking for about 2 hours. The host came into the back yard and asked if a few of us would run to the corner store to buy some vodka. Rob was near me and said he would go and said he would take the "most perfect Jewish bottom boy ever" with him. He looked at me and said, "You moved today. At least I know you can carry things without breaking them." Off we went. It was about a 6 block walk. Rob asked me a lot about myself on the way to the store. He also hit on me blatantly. He told me what a tease I was wearing an outfit that barely covered anything. In truth, my tank top reached almost down to the hem of my shorts so at times it looked like I wasn't wearing any shorts. John had also told me that he cold see my underwear up my leg hole when I sat down earlier at the party. So I just stood the rest of the time. I guess I was dressed like a slut. I tried to explain that I had a boyfriend, had just moved, grabbed what was on top of the bag, didn't know it was a party, etc. Rob listened and then leaned close to me and said, "You are still making me hard you perfect Jewish bottom boy." He asked if I was a bottom. I told him I was. He asked if John was my boyfriend and I laughed and said "No, he's another bottom boy." Rob said, "I bet he'll have some guy's cock up his ass by the time we get back to the party." I explained what a "good boy" John was and how he always made me feel slutty because he would never do things like go to a party and end up getting fucked by a guy he just met there. Rob caught that immediately. He said, "But you have gone to parties and been fucked by guys you met there." I blushed. About a block from the store there was an area with old growth trees that blocked the street lights. It was darker than other areas along the main street. Rob pushed me up against the tree and kissed me. He pushed his body against me and I could feel his hard cock on my thigh. I opened my mouth for him. He invaded my mouth. His hands slipped onto my ass and he said, "Plump ass." He slipped his hands down the back of my shorts and I was wearing a jock strap. He said, "Slutty most perfect Jewish bottom boy wearing easy access jock strap." I kissed him and felt his chest and biceps. He was a well built guy. I felt his cock. It was a good cock - 7", but thick in the right way. I unzipped his pants and took his cock out. I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock. I was such a fucking slut. I wanted this cock. I knew he was HIV positive and I didn't care. I was on the sidewalk sucking off a guy I had just met at a party. He must've been horny because he did not hold back. I was quickly swallowing his load. He said, "Good boy. I'll have to try that ass later." We got the vodka and headed back to the party. We had probably been gone 30-40 minutes. When we got back the party was probably down to 12-15 guys, including us. I put the vodka in the kitchen and went to find John. This was a typical one story New Orleans house - not a shotgun house; but a typical layout with bedrooms opposite the main living areas and the kitchen in the back leading out to the backyard. I looked through the living areas, checked the backyard, and then the bathroom. There was a guy I had seen speaking with John earlier coming out of the bathroom. I asked if he had seen John. The guy nodded his head to one of the bedroom doors and said, "He's fun." I laughed and said, "I know right." I opened the door to the bedroom. There was John bent over the bed naked getting spitroasted. One guy was fucking his ass while he was sucking another guy's dick. I made a move to check on him and make sure he wasn't being raped. As I stepped closer, I saw that John was drunk but definitely working that cock in his mouth with all his effort. I heard Rob say, "Told you." I turned and Rob was in the doorway. I was kinda turned on by the scene, but also really surprised. I started to leave the room. Rob stopped me and turned me around. He stood me in front of him and had me watch the sex scene. The guy fucking John said he was getting close and John said, "Cum on my back." The guy fucking him pulled his cock out, ripped off the condom, and jerked his load all over John's back. The guy in front then went to fuck John's ass. He put his cock at John's hole and John handed him a condom. "No glove. No love," John said. I relaxed a bit. John may be slutting around, but he was still being safe, per usual. Safe sex poster boy John. He really was a good boy. What was wrong with me. I craved bareback sex. I was actually less turned on my the baseball player shaped hunk plowing WASPy twink John's ass because he was using a condom. I actually felt my cock get softer. I looked at Rob and said, "Want another drink?" We left the bedroom, closed the door and headed to the kitchen. I poured a vodka cranberry and stepped outside. Rob didn't leave my side. He said, "You're right. Your friend is a good boy. He's giving his ass up just like a good bottom boy should." I said, "I know right. He's almost too good. Like I said, he makes me feel like the slutty one most of the time." Rob laughed out loud and hard. He said, "Really? Your friend is in a stranger's bedroom, getting fucked by multiple guys, and doesn't look like he's going to stop anytime soon. All you've done is suck my cock and swallow my load. I think he's taking the slutty prize tonight." I drank some of my drink, wanting to get drunk. Wanting to just say that "I'm sluttier because they wouldn't be using condoms to fuck me. I'm sluttier because I wouldn't stop once we ran out of condoms. I'm sluttier because I love when a guy cums in my ass." But I just stood there and drank my drink. Rob looked at me. He handed me his drink and said he would get himself another. When Rob came back he asked if that was the first time I ever saw John getting fucked. I laughed and told him that John and I met at a party both getting fucked over the same bed. Rob took an ice cube and ran it up the back of my shirt along my spine. I squirmed. He laughed and said stand still. He slipped the ice cube down my ass crack and against my hole. In all the sex I'd ever had with Justin or Connor or Eli or anyone else; I'd never had someone do that before. He pushed and I thought my body would react my tensing up against the cold. Instead my ass popped open and he slipped the small, rapidly reducing ice cube up my ass hole. I was surprised. He did it a few more times. Then I realized I needed to push out all the water or it would all leak out of my ass and down my leg. I went to the bathroom, embarrassed, and sat on the toilet pushing out some water. Luckily, I had cleaned out before I left the house because I thought I would have a couple of drinks and come home and jerk off with a vibrator. I cleaned up, opened the door and Rob was standing there. He asked if I was all clean. He smiled and took a drink. I said that I was. He asked if I wanted to leave. I said, "Not yet. I want to check on John, make sure he is okay, and finish my drink." I wanted Rob, especially after that fucking crazy ass ice trick; but I knew he was HIV positive and I was in no rush to ride his cock. He turned me on so much, but I knew I would be betraying Connor again. And this time I could really hurt him. I was in no rush. If Rob grew bored of me or thought I was a tease, so be it. I opened the bedroom door. The baseball player hunk was laying on the bed obviously in post coital glow. John was sucking off another guy. I went in and sat on the bed. I gave John a questioning look. He leaned over while still jacking the guy off and said, "I'm out of condoms and the host says he doesn't have any more. I'll get this guy off and then I'm ready to go if you want." I said, "Ok. I'll be in the backyard." I went out, shut the door, refreshed my drink and went outside. Rob was sitting in a lawn chair talking with the host. I went over to them. The host asked if John was cool. I said, "He's having fun. Says you are out of condoms though and he's ready to go." Rob almost choked on his drink. He looked at the host and said, "I didn't even know you had condoms." The host looked at Rob warily and said, "Of course I do, but I'm honestly out. And John is out of his own. Either he's getting fucked bareback or he's not getting fucked anymore tonight." I said, "What if other guys want to hookup?" The host said, "My friends don't usually end up with a twink taking multiple cocks in my bed so I wasn't prepared for it." We all laughed. Rob slipped his hand up my shorts leg. I naturally spread my legs. His finger found my hole. He rubbed my wet ass and tried to slip a finger in me. It went in some, but not much. The host asked me if I wanted to hang out after John left. I said sure. John came out in the backyard almost on cue. He said he was ready to go and the baseball player hunk was going to take him home. We hugged and I told him I was going to finish my drink and head out. The host walked them out. He went inside and came out with the guy John had been sucking off. The host said, "One friend is passed out in the guest room. It's just the four of us and I locked the front door. I'm too tired if more people show up/come back." We all laughed. Rob pulled me into his lap. I sat there and spread my legs over his so they were laying outside his thighs. I leaned back against him and drank my drink. The host and the other guest sat in chairs facing us and we all chatted. The host asked if I smoked pot. I said I did and he went inside and came out with a small tray with a few boxes on it. In one there were rolling papers and in another one pot. He rolled a joint and we all smoked. I was really relaxed now. Rob told me to tell them about how John and I met while both getting fucked over the same bed at a party. I told the story. As I did, I could feel Rob's cock growing against my ass. He pushed off my tank top and said, "You've been teasing us with your body all night. Let us see some of it." I let him take it off me. I was drunk, horny, and high and my cock was getting hard in my old running shorts. The other guest said, "Zach, I can see your underwear. I'm guessing you wore those shorts hoping we would see up the legs." I tried to protest that I didn't know it was a party and it was just the stuff on the top of the bag. The guest slipped his hand up the leg of my shorts and said, "Don't worry man. You already saw my cock. Showing off your stuff won't shock us." I felt his hand rub my crotch and he asked, "Jockstrap?" I nodded. He said, "What did John call you?" Rob answered, "John called Zach the most perfect Jewish bottom boy." The host asked, "Are you?" I blushed and drunkenly said I was. Rob said, "You wear a jockstrap when you want to get fucked don't you?" I said, "I wear one almost every day." Rob asked I've I'd been fucked yet today. I said I hadn't. The host said, "But you want to get fucked don't you." I said, "Yes." Rob stood me up and slid the running shorts down my legs. I stepped out of them. I looked back at him and kissed him. I undid his pants and took out his cock. I bent over to suck his dick, showing the other guys my ass framed by the jockstrap. I felt their hands on my ass. I then felt some slickness on my ass as one of the guys put some lubed my ass. I heard clothes dropping to the ground. I felt fingers ease into my ass. It wasn't long before there were three fingers inside me. I heard one of the guys say, "Sweet ass." The fingers were removed. I felt a cock head push at my hole. He pushed and it hurt a bit. The angle was wrong. I came up off the Rob's cock, said "more lube," and then grabbed the bare cock and aimed it at my ass. The cock slid right inside me. I knew without a doubt that one of these older guys was in me bareback right now. I had felt his bare cock when I lined it up to my hole. He called me a hot slut as he fucked me. He kept asking me how I liked his dick. I would either say it felt great or I would mumble something around Rob's cock. I heard the guy say he was going to cum. As I was trained to do, I popped my head up off Rob's cock and said, "Do it! Cum in me." The guy blew his load in my ass and I went back to sucking Rob's cock. The second guy slid his cock in me next and I knew he was bareback too. Another guy whose name I didn't know and whose status I hadn't asked. I knew he was in me bareback because there weren't anymore condoms in the house. He rode me for maybe 3 minutes before his cock blew in my ass. He withdrew. I turned around and saw both guys walking into the house. I didn't know which order they'd fucked me in. But now I was lowering myself onto Rob's cock. Rob's cock. I knew he was positive because he had spoken to my class. I knew I hadn't discussed HIV status with him. I knew neither of us had condoms. I knew his raw cock was sliding inside my hole as I was thinking all these thoughts. I was riding his cock and jerking mine. I was thinking about how Rob said it was my responsibility to ask about HIV status and how it was my responsibility to ask him to use a condom. I was thinking I wanted his cum in my ass. His positive cum. This man who made me rock hard telling me how irresponsible I had been in my freshman psychology class now had his raw cock inside me. I squeezed my ass and his friends' cum lubed him more as it slid out my ass and around his cock. I rode him harder as I was getting closer to cumming. I told him I was going to cum soon. He said he was too. I got so turned on thinking about it that I started cumming and almost screamed, "Do it! Cum in my ass." Rob pulled me down on his cock's full length and exploded inside me. His positive cum was inside my ass. FUCK! I slipped off Rob's cock and laid on the grass. Rob looked at me and then got on the grass with me. He said, "You really are the most perfect Jewish bottom boy and you have an amazing ass." He slipped a finger inside me as we laid there. He said, "Your ass is so wet with our cum. You like getting cum in your ass don't you?" I said I did. We just laid there. He ruminated a bit and said something about Tulane. I said, "You spoke to my psychology class my freshman year." He said, "Oh really?" I said yes and told him what I remembered about his talk. He said, "But you didn't ask my status or ask me to use a condom." I said, "I know." He said, "Most of the guys I fuck from those classes seek me out. They never ask my status. They know it. They never ask me to use a condom." I was a bit surprised. As he slipped his hard cock back into my well fucked ass he said, "That's why I've been giving those talks for years. And I always will. So many of you college boys want my poz cock that I never lack a hot young ass to fuck." I moaned as he fucked me. This time he lasted longer, but after about ten minutes I was begging him for another poz load. Once I left the house, I felt incredibly guilty. What had I just done to Connor? What had I just done to myself?
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    I thought I'd share a true experience from my past. Tried to post this as a blog first but somehow that failed. Recently I reminisced about the time I worked in the US. This was 1998-2000. My company sent me to the Boston area to work on a project. I would spend 6-7 weeks there and then back home for two weeks and back again for 6-7 weeks and so on for about two years. I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Marlborough, Mass. when I was there. Later at a suite hotel in Chelmsford (can't remember the name but by the photos looks like what is now County Chelmsford, had a different name then). There I was: In my 30s, single, and horny as fuck all the time. Apart from work there was not much to do. Sometimes went to the mall a bit further up the highway (I-95 exit 37?) ogling the hot guys in their "American look" of cargo shorts, t-shirts or polo and baseball caps which I found really hot (something which is common now in NL too but not at the time). I soon adopted that look when I was in MA and not working. And I looked hot in those even if I say so myself. This was in the early days of internet and I only knew gay.com and cruisingforsex.com as possibilities in the US to hook up. I had to be careful because I didn't know what the IT guys could see what I was doing on my company laptop but I took the risk sometimes. I couldn't really host at the Embassy. Even though it was a reasonably big hotel the staff knew me by my first name from all the time I was spending there. And colleagues would stay there too. I could not run the risk of word getting back to the company about "indecent behavior". I think it was on cruisingforsex.com that I got a message from this guy Robert. I had some pics of my smooth bubble butt in my profile stating I was looking for tops in the area. He said he was a Daddy hosting sex at his place on Friday nights. He liked to watch guys fuck. Did I want to get laid and was I interested? Can't remember exactly but I think he was located in Hudson (Newton first came to mind but I now think that is too far away). I hesitated at first but then took him up on his offer, not knowing what to expect. He gave me the address and told me to be there around 8pm on Friday. Not really knowing the area I had some difficulties finding the place so I was late and showed up at this bungalow around 8.30. He was a Daddy alright. In his 60s, white bearded cigar smoking Daddy. I was nervous as hell. So we made small talk at first and he kept pouring whiskeys to make me more comfortable. Said I was a hottie, he would find some guys to come over to fuck. The next hour he spend on the phone on a gay sex chat line. He always started with "This is Robert. I am a Daddy. There is this hot Dutch bottom looking for loads. Are you interested?" Within an hour he had three guys, gave them his address and told me they were on their way. All the time he was on the phone I was on the couch watching a porn video, downing whiskeys to get rid of my nerves and getting hornier with each glass. Add poppers to that and I went into slut mode. First guy showed up 30 minutes later. Average Joe but nice cock. Sucked him a bit first then he lubed me up and fucked me on the couch. Robert was watching us fuck all the while on the phone trying to find other guys. Guy shot his load within minutes, dressed and left. Didn't even know his name. From then on until 2am guys came and went. In total about 8-10 or so, lots of flakes too. I was pretty drunk by that time even if it didn't show, felt like a total slut and loved it. Some were a bit put off by the "old guy" watching but none walked away (it was more or less anon for them anyway) and all dumped their load in my ass. No talk of condoms. A few were in and out the door quickly, most took much longer. Sometimes the next guy arrived when I still had a dick up my ass. All the while Robert was on the phone and in between chats encouraging the guys ("fuck his ass!", "load him up"!) At 2am Robert's much younger boyfriend (around my age) came home. He looked at me but didn't say anything and they retired to their bedroom. He had probably seen this before. Robert had told me I could sleep on the couch being too intoxicated to drive. Also told me Steve, the guy who rented the room upstairs, would be coming home from his work shift around 4am but to stay away from "that nasty piece of work". I woke up when I felt someone trying to stuff his dick in my mouth. BIG dick! It wasn't the BF. Still boozed up and still horny I just opened my mouth and sucked. Then I heard him whisper "come upstairs". Despite Robert's warning I followed him. And loved this "nasty piece of work". Rough hard fucker who planted two consecutive loads in my cummy hole. Sneaked downstairs afterwards. In the morning (BF still asleep) I had a coffee, lied to Robert about Steve and drove back to my hotel getting horny again thinking about what had happened. This was a first of many Friday evenings/nights spent at Robert's place over those two years. I couldn't go if colleagues were staying at the hotel (was expected to socialise) but when I had the weekend for myself I would drive over. He always managed to get guys to come over and fuck me, one time more than the other. He on the phone watching us fuck, he never participated. Some guys showing up I thought were really hot. Got a few phone numbers from them and even spend a weekend with a hot top I met at Robert's in his apartment in Boston. He and a friend taking turns in my ass all Saturday evening and night. Several came back to fuck "the Dutch guy". Even the BF fucked me a few times when he came home at 2am now that I had become a regular visitor. Not saying very much, just fucked and afterwards retired to the bedroom with Robert. And always there was Steve upstairs for a "nightcap fuck" when Robert and BF were already sleeping. I don't think Robert ever found out about Steve fucking my cum filled sloppy hole when he was asleep. I don't recall how many cocks and loads I took on those Friday nights for two years but it were dozens. It wasn't until internet became what it is now that I learned about guys who like whoring out guys. Only then I realised there was a name for it and I had been whored out by Robert in Massachusetts in those two years..... And had loved it! Later I thought that maybe there had been a hidden camera recording those fuck sessions but I never saw anything on internet and he never mentioned it. After the project was completed I did not get to return to Boston until two years later. I tried to get in touch with Robert again but his phone was disconnected and email didn't seem to work. That time I stayed at a hotel in Chelmsford. It was easier to hook up then at the hotel as I was alone and my room was located on the ground floor next to the back entrance so guys could come in unnoticed by staff. But there I never reached the level of sluttiness as I had at Robert's place.
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    PART 15 I heard Cy greet Jo Jo. They stepped outside the room and closed the door. I tried listening to their conversation but to no avail. Besides, I was trying to re-hash everything that had happened to me in the last few hours. In the midst of my review, I suddenly freaked at what I had done: allowed Cy to fuck me without a condom and unload his cum in my ass on numerous occasions; an unknown black man who had kept me high on something and had also fucked me without a condom shooting his cum in my ass; let some white guy torture me especially with a dildo that he paddled hard and then fucked me and filled me with his cum; and, now, some Latino guy named Jo Jo who had shoved his hand and forearm in my ass and eventually fucked a load of his cum in me. What the hell was wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?! I began to hyperventilate and began to make some screeching noises as my panic level grew. Cy hurriedly pushed open the door closing it quickly behind him. He reached for me quickly holding me as best he could as he hushed and consoled me. He kept calling me babe and Jason and asking what was wrong. I couldn’t talk but only continued with my panic state for a few more minutes. Cy’s presence and voice began to calm me lasting a few minutes more. The last vestiges and images of what I had done left my mind as I focused on Cy. I whispered to him that I had become upset over what I had done since meeting him. I poured out my fears. Cy knew exactly what I needed and began soothingly to talk to me in his hypnotic voice assuring me that he was positive that I knew what I was doing and that he was positive that I was okay. He told me how proud he was of me for agreeing to the training and how well I had done. He explained he had to have the other men to train me as they had the expertise that he didn’t and he was positive that I would enjoy everything that they had done to me. He began to push me on making a decision as to whether or not that I had indeed enjoyed everything after I had learned to enjoy myself. He had me to think about everything now that he was there holding me. Then, he asked me to think once more and decide if I was positive that I had enjoyed the training or if I was positive that I had not enjoyed it. My arms longed to wrap around Cy’s neck for comfort but instead contented myself with looking deep into his eyes as he smiled down at me. In an epiphany, I realized that Cy was sincere about not having the skill to do what the three men had done to me. I realized also that this was something that Cy wanted to see me doing. I was to become some sort of actor on a stage somewhere so that Cy could get excited being a voyeur. I knew that at some time in the future Cy would arrange all of this to happen again, but he would be there to watch me. I remembered my vow to him and repeated it with absolute conviction: I would do anything that Cy wanted me to do no matter what it was. “Jason, babe, you make me so proud and you do me such an honour for trusting me on all this,” Cy whispered addictively in my ear. “I am positive . . . absolutely positive . . . that you are becoming as positive as I am. By the end of my shift, there is no doubt that you will be as positive as I am. We’ve known each other so short of a time but I feel so close to you as if you were a part of me in some way. I want so much to be a part of you . . . in a positive way. I want to be such a big positive influence on you.” Cy’s narcotic words whirled around in my head. I had a flashback when I first saw Cy last night. He looked up at me and smiled that bewitching big grin of his that mesmerised me and left me flustered. His strength drew me to him as if he had a great purpose. I knew I had a great purpose last night: explore this bath house and my sexuality which had been suppressed for so long. I looked up at Cy and as I nodded consent said, “I want to be as positive as you, Cy. Make sure I become as positive as you. I need you to be a part of me forever.” Cy kissed me lightly as he released his hold on me. He walked to the end of the sling where he stood looking down at me as he lined his thick cock up with my sore and loose hole. He had no lube but slid inside me slowly creating a great deal of friction. I was uncomfortable but I made no outward sign of my pain. It seemed like hours before Cy was fully balls deep in me. He gently grasped my nipples and began squeezing as he now withdrew his fully erect phallus. I jerked at his fingers on my still sore nipples. He began to piston his cock in and out until his speed and depth grew to such intensity that he released my nipples and began pounding until he yelled and slammed deep flooding me again. PART 16 Cy stood between my legs and trembled as the last of his cum deposit flowed into my willing ass. I looked at Cy and smiled weakly. He leaned over me to kiss me as his deflated cock slowly slipped out of my ass. I whispered to him, “Whatever you want . . . anything you tell me to do . . . all you have to do is tell me . . . I won’t say no to you . . . I need you . . . I want you to be a part of me always.” Cy winked at me and smiled that infectious white toothy grin I knew him for. I was smitten with him. The last of his cock slid out of my ass; I felt some liquid flow out as well but I didn’t care. Cy walked to my side and bent down kissing me several times. I knew I belonged to Cy. I knew he cared for me a great deal. I had figured out that Cy wanted me to “catch up” with him on different sexual appetites that he had and he wanted me to enjoy them as much as he did. From his fucking me, I knew I had passed the test he had laid out for me without telling me it was a test. I was renewed with energy now. “Jason, babe, are you sure you will do whatever I tell you to do? No questions asked? Never contradict me? Never say ‘no’ to me?” Cy cooed at me. “You don’t realize that already I am a part of you forever. Yeah, I’m . . . definitely . . . positive . . . that I am a part of you forever.” He kissed me gently. “Cy, I promise; I really do promise,” I whispered up to him with longing eyes. Cy began to unbuckle my restraints. He helped me out of the sling where I had been for almost five hours. He worked with me to regain my circulation. At last we sat on the bed with Cy’s arm around me. We sat in silence for a long time. I partially stood then knelt on the floor facing Cy. I looked up into his face with no innocence. I looked for a very long time as my brain raced through everything that I had done and most importantly everything that Cy had said to me. My thoughts began to focus on how Cy had phrased everything. “You . . . fucked me . . . without . . . a condom . . . and . . . shot your cum . . . in my ass . . . many, many, many times,” I began. “You . . . had . . . me . . . come here . . . tonight . . . to have . . . other men . . . do . . . the same . . . and to . . . do . . . other . . . things.” I paused then went on more directly. “Everything that you did . . . or arranged to do to me was to make me . . . HIV positive, wasn’t it? You deliberately infected me and had other men to deliberately infect me.” My face did not betray where I was coming from. There was no anger or outrage or betrayal in my voice. Cy looked into my face for an answer but found none. He smiled cupping his big hands around my face leaning down to me. “Yes, I fucked you without a condom and shot my cum in your ass many times. I arranged for tonight to be sure that what I started got completed and that you converted. When I saw you, I knew you were neg. I knew also I had to fuck you and that meant you wouldn’t be neg after I did. So, I had you set up tonight to make sure.” We looked at each other saying nothing. Nothing more needed to be said. Cy released his hands from my face. I slowly stood up and cautiously walked around the room. I fingered the sling. I walked back to the bed where Cy still sat. I stood before him but not too close as I was still thinking about what Cy had finally admitted and that I had just realized moments before. I leaned over grasping each of Cy’s knees in my hands. I spread his legs and knelt between them. I lifted his tumescent cock to my mouth where I swallowed it in its entirety. I nursed and suckled on it until it began to grow and expand. Not long I had to withdraw part of his cock from my mouth as it no longer would fit. I made a mental note to learn to take it all. When his cock had swollen to its largest size, I slid it carefully out of my mouth. My head lifted upwards and looked deep into Cy’s eyes and said, “You are my guru; you are my most superior teacher. I will follow you and learn everything that you tell me to learn. I will do whatever you tell me to do. I will not refuse you anything no matter the end result. You are a part of me and always will be. I will need more of you in me if I am to live. I want . . . need to be HIV positive like you.” Cy hung on every word that I said. He looked at me closely. He stood up lifting me off the floor. He wrapped his big arms around me and hugged me tightly. We kissed deeply and long. When he pulled his lips from mine, he smiled once more at me causing a narcotic rush inside of me. “From now until 5:00, you will kneel on that bed facing away from the door which will be left open. Any man who enters the room may fuck you and cum in your ass. Never look over your shoulder; you don’t care who he is or what he looks like. You only care what I look like. We are going on such a positive trip the likes of which no one will ever have. I am going to get as many poz men as I can to breed your ass full of their venom. But, I will always put the first poz load in you and the last poz load every day.” Cy said. And, from that day until now which is four years later and I’m graduating tomorrow is how Cy turned me into a poz cum hungry bottom taking any cum in my ass. I am so fortunate to have met Cy and to have an outlook on life that is so . . . positive.
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    PART 13 The black man had just finished packing his bag when there was a knock at the door. He opened it greeting someone. The door closed, and I got to see my new trainer sent from Cy. He stood about my height and maybe weighed 165 pounds. He had blue eyes and brown hair. He was clean shaven and no hair on his chest. He set his bag down opening it and removing items laying them on the bed where I couldn’t see them. He came over to my head leaning down whispering in my ear that he had been sent by Cy. He told me that Cy was positive that I would not object to his work. He said that Cy gave him his word that I would not make any sound or object to anything that he did to me. He asked if Cy was correct? I studied the face of the man in front of me. Cy knew I was here. I trusted Cy. Cy wouldn’t let just any man do anything to harm me. He knew this man and trusted him. I looked up into his face and told him Cy was correct. I did not object to his work whatever it was and would not make any sound. He patted me on my chest. His first trip to his bag and back to me resulted in clamps being put on my nipples. I yelped a little at the shock of the first and broke out in a sweat as I shook my head left to right. The second clamp was eased onto my second nipple. I was still panting heavily but that abated in time. The second trip back ended with him grabbing my balls and pulling them down away from my body. He slipped something around them, and I heard snaps being clicked. I watched as he attached two weights to whatever it was. He carefully lifted the weights over each side of the sling allowing each to play out the full length of the cord holding them. My balls jerked upward and strained causing a tingling sensation. I looked at him, nodded, and smiled. He reminded me that he was here at Cy’s request and that I had agreed to no noise. Cy’s reputation hung in the balance of my reaction to my training. I nodded my head again wondering still why it was that Cy wanted me to do all this. I would have been quite content to have just him to fuck me. It would have been so much better as I wouldn’t have to worry about other men and what I might get unwanted from them. But, it was Cy who wanted me to do this. Once more I looked at the man in charge, smiled, and shook my head in consent as I steeled myself for whatever might be coming. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! My body stiffened with each strike of the paddle on my ass. I was as tense as I possibly could get and my ass was on fire. I felt a great struggle as the man attempted to stuff a dildo in my ass. It took some time to relax and when I did I whimpered loudly as a long dildo was rammed deep inside me without the benefit of any lube. Tears were running down my cheeks by this time. I thought of Cy and remembered my promise to him to always do whatever he wanted me to do. This was what Cy wanted me to do: I was resolved to finish this training. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! With each smack of the paddle, the dildo was driven hard into my ass. I twisted and turned in the sling as best I could but to no avail since I was strapped in. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Tears rolled down my cheeks now abundantly. I began to doubt I could do this as I began a high-pitched whine of pain acknowledgement. A hand rubbed over my cheeks. I jerked at the touch. I felt a hand fumbling around with the dildo which was yanked out of my ass unceremoniously. I tensed again stiffly as a deep guttural howl eventually died in my throat. I collapsed on the sling in great pain. As I lay recuperating and gasping for air, once more the dildo was plunged full length into my ass. There was the same pain as before but my body only half jerked in resistance. Again, the dildo was yanked out of my ass causing me to barely stir. For the next several minutes, my teacher repeated the process of shoving in my ass the dildo and yanking it back out once more. I was aware of the violence and as more of it was foisted on my body I focused my brain on Cy. My brain began a mantra: anything for Cy. I repeated it over and over and over and over. Then, it all stopped. I heard what had to be the dildo hitting the bed. I felt the device around my balls with the weights removed as well as the clamps on my nipples. Sharp pain emanated from my balls and especially from my nipples. I sighed deeply with each removal as my body trembled at the release and relief. I lay in the sling in quiet reflection for several minutes as I heard the man packing his bag. Then, in a swift entry, I felt his hard cock bury itself deep inside me stretching my ass wider than it had ever been. I looked up to see his grinning face with his wide eyes looking at me as he grabbed my hips and began fucking me wildly. I looked at him and began growling for him to fuck me. He began a maddening pace of in and out of my aching sore ass. The chains rattled wildly as I now screamed for him to fuck me which he did. But, all too soon he began to growl loudly and slammed inside me deeply unleashing his torrent of ball juices. No doubt millions and millions of sperm now flowed freely from deep within his body to deep into the shadowy recesses of my own body. PART 14 After my ass beater left me and leaving the door open, I found my heart pounding in my chest from the force of the paddling and his fucking me. I closed my eyes and reflected on what all had happened to me since my parents had left me alone in Chicago. My thoughts always went back to Cy and what he had talked me into doing. No, that’s not fair. Cy didn’t talk me into anything. I willingly agreed to do everything; I had told Cy as much. I just didn’t know it was going to include all of what had been occurring tonight. I was conflicted big time, but I also knew I wanted to do everything Cy asked of me. I mean I was okay with Cy fucking me without a condom; well, sort of okay with it. I knew I could trust him. He had that hypnotic look that I just had to agree to do whatever he wanted. I was sure that he really cared about me. But, these two men who had just spent time training me for . . . well, I wasn’t sure what. But, Cy had said they were okay, so, they were okay. Period. About that time in my rehash of events, the door pushed open and in walked a guy I had to look at real close. I finally realised he was a Latino. He stood about 5 foot 4 inches, brown eyes, black hair, clean shaven with a slight stubble on further notice, and no hair on his torso. He introduced himself as Jo Jo and had been sent by Cy to do some training. I told him I was Jason. Jo Jo told me to relax that he would not hurt me. He closed the door. It dawned on me that Jo Jo had introduced himself whereas the first two men had not. I wondered if I should be concerned. I had not noticed that Jo Jo had brought a stool with him until I heard it being settled on the floor. Jo Jo sat on it. I heard something being opened. A thick blob of something was pushed onto my ass hole. It was cool. I felt Jo Jo pushing the blob into my ass which still smarted from the paddling I had received. He tried several different ways to get the stuff in my ass. I realized that it must be some sort of lube as it felt greasy. Jo Jo began working his fingers in my ass which hurt still. He was very good at getting this lube in my ass. I did finally lay back and began to relax as what he was doing felt sort of good. Jo Jo began fingering my ass hole. He told me that it looked and felt like I had been fucked a lot. I told him that in reality I had begun being fucked just yesterday. He stopped fingering my hole and told me he was surprised. I finally began to tell him about the trainer who had worked on me just before him. I told him everything including the dildo shoved in my ass and being paddled with it in me. Jo Jo never commented but began fingering me once more but kept adding more fingers as he plied away on my ass. In no time, I felt a strong force trying to enter my ass. I tensed and began to groan. Jo Jo told me just to relax; he wasn’t going to hurt me; Cy had told him not to hurt me. I suppose to make me compliant he told me to think of the training as if Cy were doing it himself. He—Jo Jo—was just a proxy since Cy was working. I thought about that and resolved to focus on Cy. Jo Jo continued to calmly talk with me encouraging me to work with him so that Cy would be very pleased with his progress. He was very upbeat as he worked on my ass non-stop. It rattled my brain a bit when I finally realized that it was Jo Jo’s fingers that he was trying to push into my ass. In a final determination, I screamed at my brain to accept what Jo Jo was doing to my ass and to let his hand slide inside me. Like magic on the third attempt after my chastising my brain, I felt a shockwave of pain course through my body as my ass hole opened up and I felt Jo Jo’s small hand slide inside me. My throat caught a guttural howl as my sphincter clamped down on the wrist now holding still while in my ass. Jo Jo sharply told me to breathe through my mouth and pant like a dog. I complied. Time passed as usual as the pain which I had never felt before ravaged my body causing me to shake violently as I lay restrained in the sling. I believed I was going to die. Multiple minutes passed until exhaustion set in on my body and brain. The sound of the rattling chains grew less as the pain in my ass soothed itself. Jo Jo sat quietly and patiently until my acceptance of his hand in my ass. Jo Jo knew when he could begin the real training and did so. Though there was pain it was not as bad as I had made it out to be. It was more of the surprise if not astonishment that such a feat could be done than real pain. Sweat poured off my body as Jo Jo encouraged me telling me how Cy would be so positively pleased at my accomplishment. Jo Jo slowly pushed his hand further into my body until he reached his mid forearm telling me where he was. I then felt him withdrawing his arm until his wrist was once more at my opening. We rested for a bit and then Jo Jo began once more to enter my body pushing his hand further and further. A dozen times he slowly pushed his arm into me, and a dozen times he slowly pulled his arm out of me. I felt him gently turning and twisting arm until the thickness of his palm popped out of my sphincter followed by his fingers. I was tired and drenched in sweat by happy that I would so positively please Cy. I looked up to see Jo Jo wiping his hand and arm with a towel. He then used the towel to wipe my ass. He patted my inner thigh as he inserted something which pricked me as it entered. No doubt this device was what Cy had used on me. After withdrawing it from my ass, Jo Jo stood on the stool and inserted his cock where he fucked me several minutes and finally with no sound at all slammed his cock deep inside me and began shooting his load of cum. I looked deeply into Jo Jo’s shining dark brown eyes nodded and smiled at him. As he was pulling his softening cock from my ass, there was a knock on the door.
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    PART 9 We left the room. I followed Cy back to the entry counter. I looked at the clock and discovered I had less than half an hour left of my eight hours. I was shocked at how long Cy and I had been fucking. Cy asked the clerk who had been covering for him if there was anything he needed to deal with and was told no. Cy came back to my room with me where we stood inside my room holding each other until he told me to pack my things; I should go home. I knew I would and got dressed. Outside the bath house, we hailed a cab and soon were in my studio apartment. I immediately got the money I was short at the bath house and offered it to Cy. He laughed and told me he had more than been paid back. It took a quick second to realize what he was referring to, and I deeply blushed and laughed. He helped me open my Murphy bed. I closed the blinds and draperies tightly as Cy stripped. I followed suit, and we both climbed in bed where Cy held me tightly and kissed me repeatedly. Then, he rolled me up on all fours, got behind me, and without any lube began to probe my ass with his tumescent uncut cock. “Oh, Cy, we’re going to need some lube,” I said and winced. “Naw. This is part of the treatment, babe. Lube should be created naturally. Besides, there should be at least a little of that last cum load of mine still in you. But, yeah, this time around Jason there will be some pain. Your ass has dried up from the lube I used. I guess you didn’t figure out I used a numbing agent to make things go easy for you the first time. Babe, I promise if it becomes too painful, I will stop. I mean totally stop . . . if you want me to. I mean that,” he cooed at me soothing my nerves. “You mean so much to me, and I feel so close to you. You are very special to me, babe. I have such positive thoughts about you . . . us . . . now.” I heard his words as they fed me a dose of self confidence and pride at having done all that I had done. I felt such a bond with Cy. He made me feel safe and secure. Still, I weighed his words especially the new information regarding a numbing agent. No wonder I had not felt any pain. I had been prepped. Then, I remembered he had spread lube around deep inside me which must have contained the numbing agent. He is so considerate and caring. How had he remained single with him being so hot? I could not believe that I was so lucky. I finally turned my head around to him and conceded, “Okay. You know what you’re doing. I trust you. If I doubt you ever again, tape my mouth closed.” “Babe, you are in the hands of a man who knows exactly what he is doing to you. You can be positive about that; I know I’m positive,” he said. “But, just to keep you in the know, this time will hurt a lot more because I’m not using lube. You have to work with me and trust me that you can work through the pain. And, once it’s over, it’s over. I’ll fuck you good and fill your ass once more with some more of that good protein rich special enhanced gravy of mine. Your ass does love eating my gravy. You love the idea of your ass eating my gravy, don’t you, babe?” “You bet I do. I’m positive I want you to fuck me and flood me with your special enhanced protein gravy. I feel like I belong to you now,” I confessed. “Oh, babe, just for that, I’ll give you a little starter lick so you’ll have at least a little spit to ease me inside you,” Cy admitted. He crept backwards and lowered his face to my ass and began eating my hole driving me wild as he wetted the area. He soon returned behind me and began to push inward. My world became surreal once more. The pressure mounted as did the pain level, then, Cy’s titan hooded joystick popped through my sphincter. I did cry out rising upright pushing my back against his chest. Cy wrapped his arms around me holding me tight as I clamped my mouth together whining and screaming in my throat. He held me tight to keep me impaled as I struggled. Time passed and the pain eased to nothing; I resumed my 4-stance. I commanded my brain to obey and ignore the pain that was coming and my ass to open up and let Cy inside. Much as he had done the first time, Cy jerked himself an inch or two at a time creating another wave of pain which I fought off until at last once more I was filled with the heavenly full feeling of Cy’s majestic 10 ½ inch cock inserted in my ass. This time though he did not wait for me to accommodate him but went right to full length body-jarring piston strokes in and out scraping my insides raw as he re-opened some of his cuts and abrasions which coated his turgid one-eyed trouser snake. He rammed inward harder it seemed to me than he had before, but I didn’t care. This was Cy; I accepted his fucking no matter how I felt. I belonged to him, and my ass did, too. Cy fucked me a long time. I know it was a long time because I knew what time it was when we got to my place. It was now almost an hour and a half after that. He had been fucking me for over forty-five minutes now, and I was in synch with him as I counter fucked down his shaft as he thrust forward. I matched his violent forward thrust into my ass with an equal violent backward thrust onto his cock. I needed his cum load in me where it belonged. He wanted his cum in me as well. We worked to reach that end. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” Cy screamed in his throat as he again flooded my ass with his globs of ball nectar. I felt each salvo again as it flew through his cock slathering every part of my gut. He pumped and pumped and pumped it felt like gallons into me until at last the pumping ebbed to a dribble. He eased us down onto the mattress where he rested a long time before slowly pulling himself out of my ass. I felt so alone and empty. PART 10 “You stay there; don’t move,” I heard him command. He slipped off the bed and went over to his clothes retrieving something from a bag. I watched carefully as he rubbed something on the item. He returned to the bed and held out to me what looked like a big wedge of something. “This is a butt plug for you. I can’t keep using my cock as one, and you know how I feel about your losing my cum. Pull your ass cheeks open,” he said. Without hesitating, I complied. I felt the tip touch my hole. I could tell there was lube on the butt plug as I felt Cy smearing it around the area. I dismissed as irrelevant the fact that he had lube but didn’t use it with me. Cy had already explained why. I would not question him. He knew what was best for me. Still . . . “Take a deep breath; let it out; another in; out; in; out; in; let about half out and hold it,” Cy said flatly. I obeyed. He shoved inward and twisted the butt plug until the entire mass was seated. I jerked violently but held my cheeks open and choked off all sounds. “There. Now, we have you all set for that latest load to stay in you. You do want to keep my loads, don’t you, babe? It means so much to me,” Cy almost whimpered. “Cy, I’ll take all the cum loads you give me and will never get rid of them if that is what you want,” I said sincerely as I turned around now to look at him. Even though I had tried to make the room as dark as I could there still was light coming in allowing me to see this wonderful kind man. My eyes dropped once more to his cock which now was covered in even more blood. My eyes quickly snapped upward questioningly to him. “Babe, I want to fill that beautiful wonderful ass of yours all the time . . . and will every chance I get. Don’t worry about the blood. You’re okay. You know you can trust me. I’d tell you if anything was wrong wouldn’t I?” Cy asked in such a sincere and soothing voice touching me gently as he spoke. We looked at each other, and then he leaned in and kissed me deeply. We pulled apart, and Cy lay down on his back. “Since it bothers you so much, babe, why not do something about it? Why don’t you go down and clean off my cock?” I looked at Cy then his bloody cock and back to Cy. My mind was blank. Was he serious? I hesitated only for the briefest of time before moving between his legs and devouring as much of his cock as I could. My tongue and mouth laboured on cleaning the dry and drying blood off his cock. My Cy was going to be clean again soon; I would see to that; it was my job. Soon, no trace was left of any blood. He smiled at me and motioned me to join him which I did. We got beneath a cover, and I snuggled into him as he wrapped his protective left arm around me. We slept for hours. I felt a movement and opened my eyes finding Cy slipping his arm out from beneath me. He got out of bed and strode to the bathroom where I could hear a strong stream of piss landing in the toilet. I got out of bed and followed him standing near him until he finished. He turned to leave, but I blocked his way by kneeling in front of him. I looked up, picked up his lazing colossus, and stuffed it in my mouth tonguing it and especially the piss slit. I made sure there was no remnant of any piss. I released his tube steak and stood. He kissed me and went back to bed. I urinated, flushed, and returned to bed also. It was 2:14. Cy told me he needed to get something to eat. We got dressed and went out to a place he knew that wasn’t too far. We got back about 4:00. Cy had me to go with the butt plug still in my ass—just to be sure I didn’t leak. When we got back we climbed on the bed and began making out with great long deep kisses. Soon, Cy had me in my 4-stance and slowly pulled out the plug tossing it on the foot of the bed. He pushed his limp cock in my ass inching it inward slowly. The more he got in me the harder he got until once more he was at full attention. Cy rode my ass harder than ever. I revelled in the feeling of his giant phallus taking command of my ass. We continued fucking at what had become a standard almost violent scene to which I gave full consent. He fucked me for over a half an hour before he cried out and filled me with another of his wonderful cum loads which seemed to go on forever. We eased down onto the mattress as usual with him remaining inside me. We lay there recuperating when in the midst of our rest time a warm feeling spread throughout going deeper and deeper in me. I lay there and said nothing until it dawned on me that Cy was using me as a urinal. Now, I loved his piss, too.
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    I stepped into the kitchen from the garage, tossed my pants and shirt into the laundry room. Stripped off my t and briefs as well. I strode through the house naked. Feeling alive, confident. The air felt like thousands of tiny fingers caressing my flesh. I was so aroused. So full of lust. Need. A fire smoldered in my belly. I let it burn. Wanted it to burn. Prayed to whatever dark forces would come to my aid and stoke the fire. The craving for it. The need for Virus. I went into the bathroom and cranked up the shower. As the shower was heating up I grabbed my client list. It wasn't unusual to call the evening before to confirm an appointment. I had one appointment. Chris. I dialed him up. Standing there in the hallway of my house naked, boned and dripping. The phone rang. Once, twice. "Hey." The voice on the other end answered. I immediately, instinctively grabbed by cock. "Hi Chris, just calling to confirm our home visit tomorrow at 2... It's Matt from DHHS." I heard club music in the background. Voices. "Oh., yea, I'm ready for you." he answered. My cock throbbed at the phrase "ready for you." I wanted it to mean what I thought it meant. That he knew I craved him. Craved his seed. "I got a few questions." "Ok." I answered taking a long stroke on my cock, then placing my foot on the chair next to the phone table, running my hand down into my ass. "I'll be sure to give you whatever you need..." my fingers slipped into my hole "for answers. Whatever you need." My voice cracked. "Sounds like you got a party going there." I said hoarsely finger fucking my dry hole, my cock drooling onto the floor. My breathing was getting ragged and stroking rhythmic. I was closing in on orgasm listening to Chris's voice. Feeling like climbing through the phone into his body. "Yea, partying while I can. You know how it is....AIDS and all." He laughed a little. His voice lowered. "I'm guessing you got something going yourself there right now. Your breathing and the grunts are giving you away, dude." I flushed. Sputtered. Cum dribbled from my dick head. "It's OK dude. I seen how you looked at me. I know you want me..." I moaned loud. "Yea faggit, you want me." he sneered. "I got four friends here right know, all infected and we got a young stud like you tied down in the bedroom. We're gonna go fuck him. All of us. Give him our AIDS cum. Make him ours." I moaned so loud and cum starting streaming from my cock. "That's right boy. Cum. Spew that clean precious seed cause tomorrow, if you got the guts to come here, we're gonna give you what you want. Say it faggit." "I want your AIDS cum, Chris. I need it." I came hard, fast. Cum everywhere. The table. The floor. All over my hand. I could hardly breathe. The line went dead. I slumped to the floor. No more doubt. If I really wanted I could get virus I craved so badly. I rolled onto my stomach and started licking up my cum. I never showered. Just shut the water off, took a couple big slugs of Jack and fell asleep on the sofa sticky with cum and still hard. I dreamed I was drowning and ecstatic. I came again in the night.
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    They say one in every seven gays in London are HIV positive. I went to test this out. Going along to my local sauna at the most popular time at the weekend, I headed straight for the darkroom and positioned myself so everyone there would know I was up for a fuck. Kneeling on the bench, I placed my arse so that it could easily be entered by anyone there who wanted to. It didn't take long for the first obliging cock to enter me bare. He kept up a good pace, but I suddenly felt a warm sensation inside me as he unloaded his cock straight into me. Load one. Another guy in the darkroom took over from the first man and shoved his cock in, assisted by the first guy's lubrication. This guy was quite old and not well endowed, but he fitted the bill: able to fuck me raw. Although he took some time with much grunting, he eventually spunked his cum right up me. Load two. Unfortunately, the time it had taken him had left the room empty of other donors. I had to wait a good time before my third load. A young guy with a decent sized cock came in and I happily sucked his dick to its full length. But whilst I was doing this, another guy entered the room and as I was pointing my arse outwards, he took it as fair game for him to stick his bare cock in. He fucked me really well and hit just the right point. He had me pouring a string of precum out of my dick whilst he pounded my hole. Soon, he was jerking his jizz right up in glorious spurts. Load three. I then turned my attention to the guy I'd been sucking off whilst being pounded. At first he seemed reluctant to fuck my arse as I moved round to position myself over his beautifully erect cock, but with some gentle persuasion I was able to lower myself onto his cock. Now I was in control and able to set the pace of the action. I played with his dick, moving my arse around to feel his cock inside me. I slowly increased the pace until I was bouncing up and down on his dick fast. This proved the trick and he unloaded deep within me. Load four. My next bare encounter was with an extremely well-endowed black guy that I really struggled to accommodate. The previous loads combined with persistence on his part and poppers on mine, finally saw him fully push his whole nine inches up me. He then got into a good rhythm. Pulling almost out of me and then thrusting deep within me. This continued until he stopped thrusting and pushed in to me as hard as he could muster, I could feel a sensation of his cock throbbing which was the telltale sign that he'd left his deposit up me. Load Five. The last two loads were in quick succession. One of the guys who'd been watching the large black cock pumping up me, immediately took over and thrust his somewhat smaller cock inside. He carried on thrusting away until his progress stopped and a large groan from him indicated he's just shot inside me. Load six. My final breeding was straight afterwards. I sucked the man to full erection and then turned round to receive his impressive manhood. He easily pushed it up me with a great squish with all the spunk now filling my well-bred ass. With great thrusts he hammered away for some time sliding in and out of me bare. I was enjoying every bit of it, I felt him tense up and his cock started twitching inside me. Load seven. Over a couple of hours I received seven loads, in all probability at least one of them was poz. I wondered which one, as the cum from seven different men started gushing out of me.
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    RawAdventures Saturday, April 8, 2017 marked my first year of being positive or rather the day I was given my results. I told my doctor what I thought was happening. The results from those tests were neg although I had chlamydia down my throat and up my ass. My first real STDs as well as the realization that most of the guys I had been partying with enjoyed giving and didn't care if I had. My world was growing more amazing as what I loved most was even better. I went back to NY for a while and returned to SF where I got the results of my successful conversion on April 8th. I did not celebrate sexually until that weekend as I knew EXACTLY who I wanted inside me. I had the best time with him as he was a older man who has the beautiful toxic wasted look that I long to have. We connected because I knew that I belonged to him for as long as he wanted and my body accepted everything as graciously as always. I didn't do anything on my new birthday yesterday but hope to soon. I never have expectations or agendas but when there is a mutual connection (attention Scorpios. Aries here), then all falls into place. I would love to find someone who would get off having my body take all of their fluids, being vocal about what they are sharing with me after taking a brush to my insides with or without a speculum, feeling the rush and joy as they admin me for my birThday with what was just in their arm. I am in San Francisco and game for most anything with like-minded fukkers wanting to have great fun with each other and others from buddies to family to homeless guys under the highway as they deserve to unload in a welcoming ass that wants all that they have. Poz. Dirty. Seedy. AddicTed. All sizes. Ages. Races. Cameraman most likely needed
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    1992 The early 90's were so liberating for me -- in some ways. I'd accepted that I was a gay man, but had no idea what to do with that information. I went to the adult bookstore and bought porn mags and porn videos...and that was pretty much the extent of my sex life. I was barely in my 20's and could beat off four to five times an evening back then. Like most of us, straight and gay, I developed a special devotion to one or two porn stars in particular. There was one spectacular guy who I guess was one of the most famous gay idols of that period. I won't even use his initials here because some of you would know exactly who I'm talking about. He made some great videos and was mostly a top, but occasionally bottomed. Some of his movies were strictly 'safe sex' and some were as raw as could be. He did a lot of magazine spreads at the time. I'm sure the "profiles" were pure fiction, but I bought into the fantasy. My favorite photo was in a magazine called "Inches" and it just showed him sitting bare-ass on a couch with his huge, fat boner pointing straight up. The accompanying quote said something like "I love to feel a guy's throat muscles work on the shaft of my dick." I looked at that pic all the time and tried to imagine how in the world that would even fit in my mouth - let alone down my throat. I found out through one of the alternative newspapers they stacked in the lobby of my apartment building, that the guy I'll just call "Star" was in town for the weekend. He was going to be "dancing" at two different places. One was a porn movie theater on a street where two or three murders happened each week -- the other was at a gay bar I drove past all the time. I immediately called my friend Benjamin and told him the news. He knew already. Benjamin was a little short queen with a huge personality. He knew everybody and had been everywhere -- including the scary porn theater. I admitted how much I loved "Star" and really wanted to see him in person. "And what do you think will happen?" He was going to lecture me. He had that tone. "Do you think your eyes will meet and he'll quickly whisk you off to his hotel and fuck your brains out?" No, but yeah. I didn't know what I expected...maybe at least an autograph? "Let me tell you about these guys. Most of them are fucked in the head and on every single drug you can name. They are smaller in person than they look on film. They all take steroids and that causes acne which they cover with heavy makeup. Some of them are straight , but your guy isn't. They are all out to hustle for a buck. Oh, and they have major STD's in every hole." Is it crazy that none of this phased me in the least? I kept him on the phone a little longer and begged him to go to that bar with me Saturday night. "Can't. But I CAN share a little tidbit with you even though I probably shouldn't...." I waited. He sighed and then reported that Star was staying in town a few extra days to do escort work. Benjamin had no idea how much he charged or any other details except a phone number which I wrote down as he said each digit over the phone. "I have to go now. Do what you think you have to do, and call me afterward", he said as a goodbye. Click. So Saturday came and I went out to tan, get a haircut and buy a few new shirts. I still imagined I'd be going to the bar that night. I even bought a few bottles off wine to chill. Around 8 pm, I got dressed and combed my hair several times. I still wasn't ready to do this so I poured a glass of wine and turned on some music. Nope. I couldn't make myself leave. I poured another glass, sat down with phone and called the number. Oh God, what if HE answered? No. He was probably out already. I got a messenger service and the very pleasant lady took my name and number. "Are you calling about having a meeting?". she inquired. "No. Yes. Yes, I am." "I'll make a note of that", she said sweetly. We hung up and that was that. I'd never sleep now. I finished the bottle of wine and watched MTV until bleariness forced me to bed. I woke up with a slight headache the next morning, but some coffee and a few aspirin cleared that up fast. I looked at my phone like it was a bomb ready to explode. What had I done? I just wouldn't answer it if it rang...I'd take a shower, do some work and get myself collected for a new week. That's pretty much what I was doing when the bomb went off.... RING, RING, RING "Hello?" "Uh...is this Rodney?" "Yes it is." "If you don't know the voice - this is Star. You want to meet up pretty soon?" My brain was connected directly to my crotch when my mouth said "Absolutely!" "You sound young, Are you of legal age?" He sounded tired. "I'm almost 23". "OK. Here's the deal. You can come to where I am and stay for an hour-long date that'll cost you 150 dollars....or I can come to you for the same amount of time and it'll be 200 dollars. No checks. Cash only". I was unprepared for any of this. "I'll come to you!" He gave me the address and I was sort of surprised that it was very close to where I lived. Walking distance. "I got poppers,grass and liquor and other assorted things. If you want rubbers, bring them yourself. 7 pm work for you?" "Sure. I'll see you soon". "Don't forget...cash only." I knew just where he was. It wasn't a hotel -- it was a building full of furnished apartments. I also knew there was an ATM on that corner. Swell. Now I just had to make myself do it. Wine! I had a full bottle that I could finish off in the next 90 minutes. A lot of my friends took Xanax and bragged about how wonderful it was, but my doctor was a mean old lady who would never prescribe something like that. I turned my insides purple with wine that I quickly gulped while watching CNN. People were starting to talk about this Bill Clinton guy quite a bit. After emptying that bottle, I was cruising down the sidewalk. Condoms! I'd forgotten I was supposed to bring some. Oh whatever. Here was the ATM. I withdrew 300 bucks (that was my bank's limit) and just shoved the bills in my pocket. And then I was there at the building. Usually you have to be buzzed in to these places, but the door was open. Apartment # 14.... knock knock And there HE was. The eyes and hair color was the only things I recognized. He looked somewhat obliterated. His face was sunken in like he was starving and his body was not nearly as Greek God-like as I imagined. He was just as tall as he looked on film. He looked like he'd just got out of bed. He was wearing a ratty Styx t-shirt, striped pajama bottoms and flip-flops. He hadn't showered in a day or two. But I looked at him brightly as if he were the idol I'd always imagined him to be. My face betrayed nothing. He broke into a smile of jacked-up yellowish teeth. "Rodney??" "Yep. That's me. I'm probably early. Sorry." "No, no". he shook his head, "I was expecting anything except a normal guy". He led me inside and closed the door. "Let me make you a drink." I sat down on the brownest couch in the world and watched him futz around with drinking glasses and bottles in the kitchen. He was downright jovial at this point. He asked me a few questions about myself and listened like he was interested. And then I couldn't help but ask about his career in porn. Why did he never kiss any of his porn partners? Why did he always demand guys lick his ass but he never licked any ass? Was it really different fucking with a condom? Who was his favorite costar? He made a hand motion for me to back off a little. I guess I was being a little too intrusive. "The truth is that none of that matters because I can't get a contract with any studio now. I'm done". "Why?" He looked at me like I was slow, and simply said "I'm retired." "Oh". I took a sip from the powerful drink he'd concocted. I stared at the floating ice cubes and asked him about that particular photo spread in "Inches" that I loved so much. He was confused and so I tried to describe it a little...including the quote about being deep-throated "I probably had over a thousand photos taken of me during the good old days and they paid me shit for them. And I never said those words. First of all - you can't fit a really big dick down some dude's throat. You can maybe get past the gag reflex a little, but not all the way down his fucking throat". Oh. I took a deep swig from whatever kind of drink he'd given me. I didn't want all of my fantasies to crumble in the first ten minutes. Maybe he sensed my disappointment. "Why? Would you like to try?", he said teasingly. He pulled his pajama bottoms down a little to reveal that magnificent penis in all its hard glory. He kicked off his flip-flops and stretched his long legs out, waiting. I could do it. I wanted this legendary cock all the way down my throat and thrusting toward my lungs. So i bent over his lap and started kissing the head, lapping up as much of the taste of him as I could. I moved lower down on his shaft when I felt my gag reflex protest and the wine in my stomach start to boil up. I fought onward, determined to feel his weapon in my actual throat. But then my air was cut off and I thought I'd pass out. I pulled away and started gasping. "That was an excellent try, little man!" he was sniffing a little brown bottle of what I knew where poppers. "I know what would make it easier for you", he said as he led me to the bedroom. The bed was unmade and he pulled off all the sheets and told me to lay down the opposite way with my head hanging off the end of the bed. I took off my shoes and complied. He then stood behind me and hunched over a little> He drilled my mouth from that position, but the breathing problem kicked in again. I decided to just endure it as he moved deeper down. His pubes were on my chin when he announced,"You did it!" I half-wondered if he'd cum when he was down there, but I doubted it because he still had a swinging hard-on. And still sniffing from his little brown bottle. He removed what little clothes he still had on and told me to do the same. Of course I did and, soon, we rolling around on the bed naked. My instinct was to kiss him on the mouth, but he kept dodging my attempts. OK. It was nice enough just to feel that giant dick slide up and down my chest and stomach. I felt I had already got my money's worth, but it wasn't over. He got up and stood at the foot of the bed again and then pulled me all the way down to the end. My bare ass was at the edge and he lifted my legs up and started tonguing my asshole. What?! He'd never done that on film before. It felt great but alien somehow. I was unsure how to process the sensations. It didn't last long, and then he was rubbing oil into me. Baby oil? Hand lotion? I had no idea because I was looking up at the stained ceiling and never saw the bottle or tube or whatever it was he had. "Bareback OK with you?", he asked. I'd never heard that phrase except when it came to horse-riding, but I said "Yeah". Then he pushed that famous head into me. It hurt like hell and I sat up to protest, but he held the poppers under my nose and told me to breathe deep. I did. My face got warm and my whole body seemed to relax except for my boner which got even stiffer. "One more". He help it out for me to take another huff. I inhaled and got very dizzy and wondered if this stuff was addictive or if it would give me a stroke or something. While I was wondering that, he was working that dick even further into me. It started to feel good...really good. And then he was thrusting in and out and my whole body reacted -- including my brain. "You want my dirty cum, Little Man?". His breathing was heavy and I didn't have time to answer because he started jerking and deep thrusting and groaning. He was spent. His seed was now a part of me and that was worth way more than his escort fee. We lied in bed for awhile, just talking. He said, "You bled a lot". "On the bed??" I was so embarrassed. "Shhh. It's fine. I'm flying back to LA tomorrow. Let someone else worry about cleaning it'. He seemed on the verge of passing out on the bloody bed, so I got up and got dressed. I wanted to go go home so badly. I thought he was passed-out as I left the whole three hundred dollars on his coffee table. I'd skip my cable bill that month. As I made sure my keys were in my pocket, Star got up and crossed the room to see me out. Before he opened the door, we kissed. A long kiss that was like something out of the movies. "Good night, Rodney". "Good night, Star". That's when he told me his actual first name. I left, saying his name in my head over and over again. Of course I got sick about three weeks after that. I knew what was happening to me. I was being consumed with my idol from the inside out.
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    I was searching the ads on Craigslist this morning. One ad really got my eye. This guy had posted on both the M4M and the M4W pages. He said he was a black trucker, stuck at a Vegas truck stop for the day. He wanted to get blown in his sleeper cabin. Maybe fuck. I sent him a message with some pics. Telling him that I wanted to suck, rim and bottom for him. He messaged me back and said he was chatting with a female right now. He preferred fucking a female, but he'd get back to me if it didn't work out with this chick. About 20 minutes passed. So, I assumed he was going to hook up with the female. Finally, I got another email from him. "She's a hooker. I'm not paying. Come on over". I quickly hopped in my car and headed for him at the truck stop. Luckily, it's the closest of the truck stops to my house. I was pulling into the Flying J truck stop in about 20 minutes. He had told me the color and make of this 18 wheeler rig. And said he was parked in the last row, at the far north end. I easily found him and was able to park my car nearby. As I walked towards his truck, he flashed his lights. I walked to his truck and he pushed open the passenger door. I climbed up into the cab and found a 55 year old, grey haired, hot, daddy, black man. He was dressed in jeans, a black tee-shirt and had big, black work boots on. He looked hot as hell. As I got into the cab, he told me to go back into his large sleeper area. He locked the doors to his truck. Came back into the sleeper and pulled the curtain between the cab and the sleeper. It was kind of dark, so he flipped on a small lamp, giving the sleeper a dim light. I sat on the bed and he walked over to me, unzipping his pants and pulling out a nicely sized BBC. He put his partially hard cock to my lips and I began to suck. His cock hardened in my mouth. Once he was finally hard, he had probably about 9"s with a nice thickness and a swollen, mushroom head. As I'm sucking, he pulls off his tee-shirt, tossing it to the floor. Then he pulls out, sits next to me on the bed and begins to remove his boots. Then stands and pulls his jeans and underwear off. He's now standing in front of me, fully naked, with his large BBC standing straight out. His dark, smooth skin was turning me on. I quickly stripped and went back to sucking his cock. Then he knelt on the bed and told me to eat his black ass. I put my face up to his ass. I licked around his hole. His ass smelled and tasted kind of musky. He'd been driving for many hours. His sweaty ass tasted salty and bitter. "Eat it, Fag", he growled. I spread his ass cheeks and dove my tongue up into him. "Good boy", he moaned as I tongue fucked his straight ass. He was pressing his muscular ass up against my face. I licked, lapped and flicked my tongue across his rosebud. "Ah, yeah! Good Faggot! Eat my hole, piggy". He's very verbal, and I'm finding that a real turn on. "Now suck me, Fag. Suck my black dick", he demanded. He turns and I again swallow as much of his cock as I can. He grabs my head and tries to fuck my face. I'm gagging on his cock as he rams it down my throat. After about 5 minutes of cocksucking, he says, "Show me that pussy". I come up off his cock and get on my hands and knees. I spread my ass for him. "Mmmmm...... Nice!", he says. "Hand me my pants, please", I ask. He reaches for my pants and hands them to me. I pull my poppers and lube from my pants. I hand him the lube and I start to sniff my poppers. "I don't need lube, Fag. Just my spit is all you'll get". He spits on my hole a few times. While he's spitting on his cock, I add more of my spit to my hole. He's big and he's thick. I'm going to need as much spit as I can get in my hole. As he begins to press into me, I again sniff on my poppers. His cock burns a bit as he's sliding in me. I'm continuing to breath in my poppers, trying to stifle my desire to cry out. He plunges into me in one quick thrust. And immediately begins to pound my hole. It takes a couple of minutes for the pain to turn to pleasure. But, soon I'm begging him to really pound me with his big dick. He's obviously only interested in his own pleasure. He's ramming me repeatedly. Calling me a whore. Calling me a faggot. His thrusts become almost brutal and he seems to enjoy hearing my grunts as he rams into me. About 6 or 7 minutes of powerful pounding finally pays off as he takes one final thrust into me and holds it there as his cock throbs and fills my ass with his hot cum. I'm both sad, but relieved when the pounding stops. I milk his cock with my ass as he begins to pull out of me. Once his cock fully plops from my hole, I spin around and open my mouth. He knows what I want and feeds me his still hard cock to clean off. "Yeah. I thought you'd be a greedy pig and want my cock some more. Clean it, Pig!" I clean his cock of all his and my juices as it softens in my mouth. He pulls from my mouth and grabs some gym shorts to pull on. I take my cue and get dressed. He lays back on his sleeper mattress and says, "I was really wanting a pussy to pound tonight. But your ass was mighty damn good". "Do you pass through Vegas often", I ask? "A fair amount", he replied. "Let me know, next time. My ass is yours to use anytime you want", I said. "Watch your email tonight. I may have another load to fill you with. I'm gonna get a bit of sleep. And we'll see?". I finished dressing and let myself out of his truck. "Lock the door", he yelled, as I jumped down to the ground. I'll be keeping a close eye on my emails later tonight. I would love a second pounding from him.
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    My buddy called again last night wanting to know if he could stop by at my work after close. Obviously I said yes and knew what he wanted. He called again when he was in parking lot wanting to know if I was ready. I said yes. Ready means I'm naked in restroom, lights out and on my knees waiting. He come in and I start sucking him. He grabs my head and he's unusually rough fucking my mouth and throat. He's talking shit telling me I'm such a slut and asking me if I been fucked that night yet. I say no, he says he's gonna fix that. Reminder he's only 20. He stands me up and keeps me bent over still holding my head and rough fucking my mouth when I feel another set of hands on my ass. Had no idea he brought somebody with him. I never see this other guys face. He spits on my hole then fingers me deep and gets rough. I'm trying to take it like a good bottom should. Other dude then slides his dick in me balls deep as I realize he's not average size and I feel every inch. He never speaks, he uses me hard as my buddy is holding my head and using my mouth telling me how I'm such a nasty slut taking that raw dick. Other dude got this death grip on my shoulders and getting in me deep. Snapping his hips hard each time like he's trying to make it hurt which he does. I'm trying to hang on. He goes in me deep one last time and holds it. My buddy asking him "you doing it?" as he's pumping his load in me. My buddy starts jacking and shoots his load all over my face. That first time my buddy doesn't breed me. He pushes me to the floor, I'm on my knees catching my breath and dripping cum I hear my buddy say " hope you fucked him up good". They both leave, I never saw the other guy, he never spoke. Have no clue. Hope a repeat soon.
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    So. I spend a weekend in the carribean, having lots of fun. Without knowing I booked a gay resort. Many straight people though but after 6 pm the spa is only available for men. I had a bad day already ( woke up , got a load from a white guy, had a threesome, then another guy, black Xxl, bred me... ) so I went to the spa.. it was hot!' First there was this arab guy that I hooked up with yesterday (he bred me twice), I sucked him and All of a sudden he blew his load . I swallowed..;) then I saw these three latino's playing together. Two lightskin , 1 Black. I koind in the fun. One of them started Fucking me safe/ them he fucked the Other two as well.. he went back to me and the Black Guy. In the end he shot in the Black Guy, In the condom. The Other lightskin started Fucking me Bare. When he took a break , black guy fucked me, bare as well .. he made me cum and shot his load in my ass... his bf then put me in doggy position and fucked me untill he came too ( less then 2 minutes ) it was HOT!!!
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    This chapter is dedicated to joethomas and his hot, unmedicated poz dick. CHAPTER 13: Chris: Watching Ty being bred and then seeing him naked and blindfolded in front of us was almost too much. My cock was very hard and very wet. Just then my phone buzzed. Our exchange follows: Jake: sup My mind reeled at the thought of of Jake. That guy has impeccable timing. Chris: Hard and horned. And wet. Jake: Oh, yeah? Wanna fuck? Chris: Hell yeah. Come over. I wanna see this hole bred. Jake: Hot! Can be over in about a half hour or so. Chris: Cool. Jake: Hope you want it. I must be potent. I knocked up two guys recently I’ve been fucking. I mouthed the words 'Fuck yeah', a perverted grin crossing my face at the idea of Jake breeding Ty. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark: The sight of my son fucking and dumping a poz load in a young guy’s ass normally makes me hard as fuck, but at that moment my cock was locked down in a cock cage, which was becoming somewhat uncomfortable. Tyler might just be 20, but he was hot and ready, and apparently taking unmedicated loads like a champ. I knew Chris said he was on PrEP, then went off of it for his at-the-time boyfriend, then started taking it again, but now he’s obviously off. So young and full on bug chasing. Chris and I watched as he flushed a nearly full bottle of Truvada down the toilet, returning with an empty bottle, all to entice Cod to breed him. I had never known Cody to be so adamant about something. He must been determined to poz Tyler, although, to be honest, I was somewhat jealous that Cod chose to fuck Tyler rather than fuck me. I really wanted Cod's poz swimmers deep inside my ass. In front of us, Tyler was on his knees, leaning into the large chair as Cody teasing the crack of Tyler's ass, even as he looked at me, licking his lips. They were both teasing us. Precum leaked from my cock as my boy gave the impression he wanted to fuck the chrome off my bumper. If at that very moment I wasn't poz, I definitely intended to convert and Cody was just the man to make it happen. I wished I was at home with him right now having hot, sweaty, piggy dad/son sex the way should be. Mentally I could hear myself shouting "Cod, POZ ME!" as I watched him wipe his precum all up and down the crack of Tyler’s perfect little ass. Chris was watching as intently as was I, so I gave him a hint of my condition by taking his hand and moving it so his fingers were bathed in the precum flowing from my cock head. Smiling, Chris licked his fingers clean as we both watched intently as Cody's poz dick continued slowly torturing Tyler's ass. “You need more boy," Cody piped up. “Yeah, yeah,” Tyler softly murmured, his lips barely moving. “Good boy. I think there’s at least one more load for you. I'm gonna ruin that hole for you, boy. That what you want?” “Fuck yeah,” Tyler again murmured. “Gonna knock you up boy,” Cody softly grunted, adding “Now, move over to the couch for me,” instructed, gently guiding Tyler into position. Chris and I were occupying the couch so we stood and moved out of the way, conscientiously moving quietly, but I got the impression Tyler suspected he and Cody were not alone, that there was one or more present in the room, and he apparently was on the cusp of saying something when he was distracted when Cody who gently guided on his knees, towards the couch, instructing him “That’s it boy … don’t talk … just move your body, gonna get you in position, ready for more cock.” Complying, Tyler didn't say a word but moved into the position as Cody directed. Chris and I re-seated ourselves at opposite ends of the couch so that Cody and Tyler were in the center. Once in position Cody reached around giving feeling Tyler’s cock a feel, noting “You need to nut, Ty. You really need to get off.” Tyler nodded in agreement as Cody felt him up. Cody gestured to me, indicating he wanted me closer. When I was re-seated, Cody placed my hand on Tyler's ass, gesturing that I should explore Tyler's butt. "Aahhhhhh….” moaned Tyler as I played with him. As Cody was also exploring Tyler's body, using two hands, Tyler must have known there were at least two in the room, although he didn't actually say as much, rather he indicated his understanding with subtle bodily movements. Leaning in, Cody kissed me, whispering very, very quietly “Suck him … suck him off … don’t swallow the load, though.” I grinned, gave Cody a quick kiss, nodded and squeezed into the space between Tyler and the couch in order to get at the boy’s cock. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris: My arm pits were sweating profusely as I watched my little brother being fucked and bred on cam, but as I witnessed this all play out in front of me, I felt dampness not only in my pits, but also at my crotch. Not only did I crave sex with Tyler - I also wanted Cody’s poz cock. And both Tyler and Cody were right in front of me. I needed to play with these guys, and I also knew it was possible I had already converted, if only because Jake had been regularly fucking me as of late. I relished the possibility that in fucking Tyler, I might, through my rigid cock, transmit Jake’s virus into his body. I thought to myself “I’m in heat … I need to fuck and I need to be fucked,” adding the thought "Tyler is such a hot little slut he deserves a big, possibly poz load from his older brother. Right?” Cody told Tyler to move toward the couch and guided him in that direction. Mark and I moved out of the way. When Cody and Tyler were situated, Cody went back to teasing Tyler’s hole. “Mmmmm...”, I heard Tyler moan as Cody rubbed his cock up and down Tyler's ass crack. “You need to nut, Ty, you need to get off,” Cody commented as he continued to tease Ty, simultaneously reaching around to feel him up. Tyler moaned his approval as he pinched his tits. I could see the sea of sweat pouring down his chest. Cody was virtually torturing Ty, rubbing and licking the back of his neck, and nudging his hole. Cody looked over at at the two of us, and motioned for his Dad to move in closer, and when he was sufficiently close, Cody pulled him in very close, gave him a kiss, and whispered a couple of words in Mark's ear. Mark returned Cody's kiss, stooped down, taking Tyler’s cock into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhh...” escaped a moan from Tyler, and a part of me was a bit jealous of my little brother. Perhaps recognizing my sheer need to get some action, Cody shot me a grin, and gestured for me to make a silent approach, and when I was within reach Cody asked “You need some more cock in your ass Ty? That what you need?” as his cock continued to massage Tyler's ass crack. “Ahhhh… ahhhhh … mmmmm yes … yes, … please,” Ty answered, almost purring as he responded to the invitation and to Mark's expert ministrations to his cock. Cody spat in his hand, took my cock, smiled, and then positioned my cock against Tyler's hole murmuring “You’re about to get it Ty, you’re about to the cock you want so bad.” I suppose Ty could most certainly recognize Cody was accompanied by another guy, but he didn't seem to respond as if he knew what was about to happen. Pushing me into position behind Tyler, Cody spread Tyler’s cheeks apart with one hand as he simultaneously scooped the precum oozing off of my cock and smearing it onto Tyler's hole. Cody further prepared us by rubbing a bit of cool lube onto my cock and into Tyler's crack. I took great inward pleasure in the thought of playing a role in Tyler's seroconversion. As a counselor at an HIV testing and outreach center, I had counseled many men on ways to avoid HIV, and Tyler and I had had more than one conversation on the subject, yet there we were, horny, naked, and wet. I was about to fuck and breed my brother’s ass, and I was about to do so, knowing that after several extremely hot and extremely unsafe fuck sessions which culminated in Jake filling me with his poz sperm, I might well have also seroconverted. One or two rubs and Cody made it clear he wanted my cock inside Tyler and, applying pressure to the small of my back, he guided my cock into Tyler's ass. “Ahhhh…. Ahhhh… so good,” cooed Ty. Cody leaned over and in a quiet, soft voice asked “That what you want boy?” “Yes … ahhh… yes”, moaned Tyler. “Glad you like it, boy. You can have this cock any time you want it," Cody remarked. Before this occasion I had never fucked Ty, but I remember thinking, hoping that this would be the first of many such occasions. My rock hard, well lubricated cock ground its way ever deeper into Tyler’s beautifully smooth butt. I took hold of his waist and slowly pull him onto my dick, allowing his weight to drive it even deeper. “Ahhhh…. Fuck… Fuck… so good,” I involuntarily moaned out loud. Recognizing my voice, I felt a jolt surge through Tyler. It was my turn to smile at Cody. Now Tyler knew my bare cock was inside his ass. Of course what Tyler didn't know was the frequency with which Jake fucked me, and likewise the relatively high probability I was actually poz. Sadist that I can be, I thought “Maybe I’ll get tested later.” Tyler and I got into rhythm, pumping our cocks in unison, my hard cock slipping in and out of Ty's ass, matching Ty's every motion. Then hands grabbed my waist, held us still for a moment, as a large knob pushed against my hole. Cody’s hard, fat cock was sliding deep inside my ass. I moaned uncontrollably as it completely filled my fucking warm asshole. The rhythm of the session had now completely changed as Cody, in joining the group, immediately took control. With each thrust of his pulsating cock deep in my ass, the power of his plunges pushed my cock deeper into Tyler, causing his cock to echo the motion inside Mark's warm wet mouth. With each cycle Cody almost completely withdrew his hard-on from my ass, with only his cock head remaining inside my hole. I did the same, and supposed Ty was doing the same inside Mark's mouth. Soon we were all in unison, and another vigorous, urgent cycle of pounding cock ensued. I knew Cody had just blown a load, and therefore could fuck me without concern of cumming, but with each thrust into my little brother I was closer and closer to falling over the edge into the abyss. It was so hot: fucking my brother while he mouth-fucked Cody’s Dad and as Cody fucked me. Gradually Cody increased the tempo of his assault on my ass, which caused me to do the same to Ty, and Ty followed suit to Mark. “Ohhhhh fuck… so good… your cock is so fucking good,” I heard Tyler murmur, as, over and over, the hairs of my sweaty crotch slammed against his ass. Notwithstanding the intensity of the three-way, not until Ty blew his massive cum load into Mark's mouth did a chain reaction result in everyone else getting off: just as Tyler's balls were draining themselves into Mark, Tyler's ass muscles tightened around my cock, causing me to violently orgasm, with the result I completely filled Ty's amazing ass gobs and gobs of hot white, possibly poisonous, semen spurting from the head of my dick. Each volley of cum caused me to gasp in pleasure. Not surprisingly, my orgasm pushed Cody over the edge: his hard cock swelled in my ass, his balls retracted, readying themselves for an explosion, which immediately followed with Cody filling my ass with his infected seed. As Cody’s orgasm began to take control of him, his grasp on my waist clamped even stronger and he repeatedly plunged his hips against my ass, sending his angry cock deeper than ever before. Shot after shot of cum fired from his cock deep inside my hole, filling me with his own special sauce. He gave me his warm, gooey, toxic cum, as I filled my brother with a concoction which I hoped to be similarly toxic. It seemed to me each man's orgasm lasted a life time, that my cock just kept filling Ty's ass, even as my ass was being filled by Cody. Still, eventually we all began to slow our violent thrusts, eventually coming to a complete stop as the last drops of spunk drained from our rock hard cocks into each other’s body. I softly kissed and licked Tyler’s neck the way Cody had, softly murmuring “Love you Ty,” thereby letting him confirm my identity. "Oh my god, that’s fucking fantastic!" Cody enthusiastically commented, as, having caught his breath, he withdrew from my ass. No one could possibly have missed the plopping sound which accompanied his withdraw. We separated and Cody reached around me, pulling off Tyler’s blindfold. Tyler looks down at Mark, who's mouth was closed and presumably full of cum. Glancing first at me, and then at Cody, I could see Tyler was processing what just happened. A smile passed over his face. “Dad,” Cody expectantly commented, prompting Mark to rise to his feet and give me a deep, French kiss, a kiss that seemed endless. From my peripheral vision, it seemed Tyler was watching intently, so I'd like to think he was well aware Mark and I weren't merely tongue wrestling, but rather Mark was actively sharing Tyler’s load with me, that, for the first time, I was tasting my baby brother’s semen. Eventually Mark and I parted, and n so doing, a few drops escaped our lip lock and dribbled down onto my chin. No words are spoken as we’re all enjoying the light of our orgasm. I look at Tyler. His eyes, pleading, looking at me. Subconsciously I leaned in toward him, and he leaned in towards me. Suddenly we were kissing, and as we did so, I remember thinking “I sure hope he can taste some of his own delicious spunk." Cody and Mark dressed and left as Tyler and I made out. I couldn't get enough of my baby brother. The thought that I had dumped a load in his ass kept my cock wet, and it was clear Tyler was excited, if only because of the kisses with which he showered me. Eventually, however, we broke off kissing, and simply gazed at each others, only to smile, and resume kissing. After several minutes passed, I found my lips to be all but numb - there's only so much making out one can undertake - apparently. I couldn't believe we had waited so long to play with each other, so I got to my feet, took his hand, and suggested "Let’s go to my room.” Tyler shot me a quick smile and nodded in agreement. Once there, we climbed into bed, and I reached over him to confirm the camera was still recording - I wanted a record of the hot scene of two brothers about to have sex. Then an idea hit me, "Be right back Ty… don’t go anywhere.” Jumping out of bed, I walked into the living room, searching the closet for two of the test kits from work. Before I found the kit, however, Jake’s head appeared in the window of the front door. I opened the door even before he could knock, and gestured for him to enter. Giving him a quick kiss, I softly welcomed him saying “Come on in sexy … you’re just in time for some fun … get naked.” Jake smiled, gave me another kiss, and removed his shirt, ad I returned to the closet, finally locating the two HIV test kits of which I was thinking. Giving me a quizical look, Jake gestured at the kits. “Just gonna run a test for Ty and myself," I explained, adding “Stay here for a minute, get naked and let me start these,… be right back.” Taking the test kits into my bedroom, I placed them on the night table, sat down, and gave Tyler a kiss. He asked “You wanna test? Can’t we...." “Yeah, we could wait but I wanna know now,” I responded as I opened the kits, swabbed our arms, and put the test strips into the liquid. Kissing Tyler another time, I commented "One more time, be right back sexy."
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    As I approached the beautiful shore, the front door of which had been left slightly ajar, I pretty much knew how this was going to go down. I entered the foyer and had begun to climb the stairs to the bedroom when I heard a voice from the living room. "In here!" Well, this is different. I had been fucking this couple for over a year. I found them on a4a when I was living on the Jersey Shore (not the TV Jersey Shore, the nice Jersey Shore). They were a committed couple in their mid forties, both in good shape and in their relationship. Tom (6'0, 240, Beefy Built Daddy) was the top and Jerry (5'8, furry otter build) was the total bottom. Turned out, Tom has a versatile side and while they rarely played with others, when they did it was a top who would fuck them while they were on all fours side by side. When Tom saw my profile pic: He knew he had to have it deep in his ass and he couldn't wait to see me deep dicking Jerry. Tom set up everything, pursued me aggressively, and offered me one thing to which I couldn't say no: two piggy bottoms with great asses (one furry and round, one meaty and muscular) both of which wanted to take my raw cock. After the first session, during which I blew two loads in Jerry and one in Tom, I could tell that they both loved it, but Tom was clearly especially hooked. When I slid in balls-deep into Tom's hole the first time, a wild look crossed his face, a loo that was reflected in the floor to ceiling mirror on one of the bedroom walls and they faced, side by side, on all fours, so they could watch themselves (and each other) being used. Anyhow, when, on the occasion I first entered Tom's tight hole, he moaned in ecstasy, his eyes locked on mine. His hole opened up but his ass remained tightly wrapped around my shaft as each inch slid deeper in his guts. I sensed when the curvature of my cock dragged across his prostate, particularly as his ass juices went into overdrive, which left his hole amply lubed. Tom never broke his stare with me, and I almost forgot that Jerry was there as we locked eyes and I really got into a good fucking rhythm. Every once in awhile, I drove myself in deep and intentionally hard to pop in a bit deeper and really open him up. Tom gasped in pleasure only to growl two words through his heavy moaning and breathing, "Breed me." After I'd dumped my first load in Tom's guts, we tag teamed Jerry until he got one of Tom's loads and two of mine and his bottom sensibilities were completely satisfied. He quickly ran off to the shower and smiled at Tom as he said, "show our guest out, Tom. And make sure he knows the way. He'll definitely be back." As Tom took me to the door, he stopped me and kissed me, long and deep. As we were kissing, I reached around and smacked his ass and both cheeks in my large hand and he moaned into my mouth. We stopped kissing with a small, semi-awkward laugh and Tom looked at me. "Here's my number. We have to do that again. Us--and you and me." He winked and I left. A week went by and I'd only fucked only disappointing new bottom so needless to say I was horny as fuck. Tom texted me on Friday afternoon, "Hey, what are you up to stud?" "Just got home from work, just about to eat, why?" "Want to eat my ass and then breed it?" I stared at the text as my cock began to harden. "Should I head over to your place?" "No," Tom replied. I was confused until he sent, "Send address. I'm coming to you." I quickly began to clean up my place, horny and excited at the thought of fucking Tom...and Jerry, right? He didn't say... Tom showed up alone. He came inside and within 30 seconds he was on his knees with my cock deep down his throat. Ten minutes later I had Tom on the sofa on his knees bent over the back looking out the window and moaning like a bitch as I tongue fucked his hot daddy hole. His "mostly top" daddy hole, I thought as I spread his cheeks and darted my tongue around the edges of his hole before driving my tongue deep and letting my beard tickle and scratch his exposed ass crack and cheeks. I handed Tom a bottle of poppers and smiled suggesting "Take a big hit, Daddy, 'cuz I'm about to breed your ass and claim it as my hole." "You already claimed it when I first felt that cockhead swell as you dumped your seed in me. That cock is amazing, boy. Give it to Daddy." So that became the norm. Once a month or so I was at Tom and Jerry's place fucking them senseless (always making sure that Jerry got more loads that Tom, if only to make Tom crave it more)...and about once a week, Tom was sneaking over to my place or I was going to his while Jerry was working and putting loads in his ass. Tom was texting me daily, taking pics of his ass and sending them to me, wearing jocks to work and sending me pics to entice me to let him come over. I had a couple other bottoms that I fucked here and there to keep things fresh, the occasional random bottom to try out a new hole (who doesn't love breeding a new butt for the first time?!) but Tom was my regular, steady cumdump. I loved filling him up knowing that he went home and his partner had no idea he had just been ass up on my bed a few miles away spreading his ass cheeks and begging for my load. He was a Top at home, but that Top was my Bottom cumdump. So when I arrived at Tom and Jerry's place to breed Tom (Jerry was out of town) I was surprised to be going into the living room. I'd never been in any room in the house other than the upstairs master bedroom and master bathroom. I entered the living room and immediately my cock thicken in my pants as I saw Tom sitting naked on their L shaped couch. "Thought we'd try something a little different this time...why don't you get naked, have a seat here on the couch and let me get my mouth on that thick cock. We have time, let's enjoy ourselves. I know it was only a different location in their house, but sitting on their couch as Tom was on his knees between my legs slobbering and deep throating I was really fucking turned on. Tom was licking my balls now and I slid down the couch a bit, really giving him room to get in there and worship my nuts. Then Tom's tongue darted lower, leaving my balls behind as he took his hands and put them on my legs, going to raise my legs in the air, exposing my butt. I resisted for a moment and thought: I'm a total top--I don't do things with my ass. Hell, no one's even licked my ass before and I--I should stop him. I mean, I'm a Total Top. And then I looked down between my legs at the man who was a Total Top--except when he was giving up his hole to me to breed and seed. And I saw Tom's thick cock, a cock I've watched fuck and breed Jerry many times--and suddenly I lifted my legs, allowing Tom to place them on his shoulders. Tom flashed a devilish, hungry grin as he looked me in the eyes then looked back at my butt. He leaned forward, his tongue already escaping his lips. Well, this is definitely going to be different. Stay tuned for Part II
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    Both in the giving and in the taking!!!
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    CHAPTER 10: “ahhhhhhhhhh… ahhh… ……. oh fuck………. oh fuck………. oh fuck………..”, “FUCK YES! FUCKING BREED ME!”, there’s much heavy breathing and we’re both moaning like crazy as Mike’s raw cock scratches my most urgent itch. “I want it … oh fuck … yeah, I want it … fucking load me up Mike, fucking poz my hole!”, I’m practically yelling at Mike as he pounds my ass; our sex is usually loud and verbal. I just feel I need him to know how much I want him and how much I want his cum inside me; I also know how much hot verbal gets him off. “Fuck babe… fuck yea… gonna fucking load you up”, “Fuck yea … “, the breathing is heavy and our words are labored, erotic and filthy. Between breathes and expletives Mike kisses me. I’m in my favorite position for being bred, on my back, legs up, ass vulnerable. When Mike and Chris fuck me lately its everything I can do to tell them how much I want this and how much I want to convert. I can hardly believe I’m saying the words considering how afraid I’ve been in the past. But, now I’m full on bug chasing, and I intend to test positive from one of their loads if I haven’t already. “My poz cock’s so hard … Gonna fucking knock you up Kev … Gonna fucking poz that hole, gonna fucking breed you”, he says to me in his usual determined tone. I know the home test says I’m neg, but I also know I can already be HIV+ and the home test just isn’t sensitive enough to pick it up yet. “OHHHH Mike … oh fuck, … If I’m not already, I’m gonna be soon”, I think. “FUCKING DO IT MIKE! FUCK!”, I groan again as he long dicks me and the head of that perfect poz dick stabs away at the walls of my ass. I can feel every part of his raw dick, every vein, every inch. “I want that poz load … I wa… “, but he pulls his cock all the way out of me, interrupting me. Mike gives his cock a few quick strokes, “Yeah you’re a twisted fuck like me, aren’t you? … You’re gonna get it babe. You’re gonna end up an HIV+ bareback pig slut just like me. You like that idea don’t you?”, I love it when he’s verbal and aggressive, he doesn’t wait for me to respond, “That it huh? That’s what gets you off?”. He continues stroking himself, getting closer and closer. I didn’t need to think about it though, I only need the heat of his body and the raw sex to answer for me, “Fucking poz me Mike! Fucking tag this hole … knock it up!”. I can smell the sweat in Mike’s armpits and the beads from his forehead are dripping on to me. His breathing is so heavy that his words are mostly groans. “Open up”, he says with a groan, “Ahhhhh… ahhhhhh……… fuck…. Fuck………. You want this? OPEN UP!“, he demands. Mike groans loudly, and then collapses on top of me, and almost immediately I feel the warm flow of his cum squirting into me, as it pulses and throbs deep inside my asshole. “Ahhhh, fuuuuck, babe; thats so hot!", he says, breathless. I seize the moment and squeeze down with my ass trying to milk the last drops of Mike’s toxic load as he lifts his head to look at me. One final kiss, followed by a, “Love you babe … but gotta finish up and get out of here”, and Mike pulls out, leaving my hole feeling empty. I find a butt plug and work it in to keep his poz load inside me. I take Mike to the airport for his business trip, two weeks without him will suck. Chris and I will finally have some private time though, and as much as I love Mike, I think Chris and I both are needing some sex together with just us. On the way back the phone buzzes, and its Chris, I mouth the words, “Speak of the other devil” and look at the message: Chris: “Sup” Me: “Dropping Mike off” Chris: “Cool. Headed your way, horned af” Me: “MMMMMMM” Chris: “Be wearing your little present for me” I shouldn’t text and drive, by now, Chris knows what I want and need. I hope he’s there when I get back. As soon as I walk in the door the clothes come off – I hate them – I love being naked almost as much as I love being bred. I’m naked in the house most of the time now anyways. I put my cock cage on, per Chris’ direction, and suddenly I’m very aware of my equipment. I hear his car, then foot steps, then the key. I greet Chris at the door, “Hey sexy man”, and I kiss him passionately, “Hey you”, kissing me back. “Got you all to myself now huh?”, he asks with a little hint of darkness in his voice. I nod. He looks down and notices me wearing my cock cage, he smiles, “Key?”, he asks bluntly. I knew he’d want it, so I have it with me, I press it into his hand. “Good boy … you’re gonna be in this all week … turn around”, kissing me again, “Gotta couple of surprises for you”, he says. Chris is being coy, and a little dramatic … its almost maniacal on his part. I honestly have no idea what he’s means by “surprises”, but I’m good at taking direction, and I turn around presenting my ass to him. Chris feels me up, “I’m so fucking horny … been wanting this hole all fucking day”, I moan feeling his hands on my ass. Chris drops to his knees, and just like clockwork, I feel the scruff of his facial hair and then his tongue on my ass. “Bet he’s searching for Mike’s load”, I think, but all that comes out of my mouth is a soft, intense moan. Chris grabs my cheeks, kissing and biting each one before pulling me in closer to his face. His tongue laps at the folds of my ass lips with long, erotic strokes. "Oh fuck Chris … feels so fucking good", I moan as he’s digging his tongue deeper into me. I can feel his nose run over my hole over and over as he runs his face and tongue up and down the crack. Getting my hole ate is one of the most intense, erotic things I can ever imagine – I love it – I crave it. I can never get enough. Chris continues eating my ass like a starving man, I moan and unconsciously find myself pushing my ass back into his face, literally trying to fuck myself on his tongue. "FUCK! That ass is so good, I can eat this pussy all night", he doesn’t realize I might just take him up on that. I reach back, spreading my cheeks for him, begging him to go deeper. “That Mike’s load?!”, he barks. I know Chris loves felching and I’m doing what I can to help give him a taste of Mike’s cum. Chris’ spit is going all over my ass and I know he’s not only trying to get at Mike’s load, but he’s also prepping me for what comes next. For the next five minutes, Chris goes to town on my ass. After plunging his tongue into me again and again, he starts to move outward. Licking the skin of my cheeks and sucking on my taint. When he gets as far as my balls, he pauses to huff my nut stink before diving back down on my hole. “Ahhhhhh… . ahhhhh… “, through this intense torment, I’m moaning, and I can feel my dick trying to breach the cock cage without any luck. My eyes are closed and I’m lost to what his face is doing to my ass – its pretty clear I love it when Chris eats my ass. Mike also eats my hole, but its nothing like when Chris does it. Suddenly Chris stands up, hovering over my backside, holding me close. I can feel his rock hard cock, I’ve awaken the weapon, and now its letting me know that its loaded and ready to fire. Chris guides me to the back of the arm chair pressing his cock against me. Pressed against me, he just holds me there for a moment, letting me know who is in control. “Fuck me”, I beg him, feeling his precum leaking out onto my body. Chris moves his cock up and down in the crack of my ass coating it with toxic precum and teasing me all at the same time. Chris likes doing this, he likes showing how he’s the top and you’re the bottom. I’m just a hole to him, and he’s about to inject a big load of HIV+ cum into it. When Chris fucks I know his intent is to convert the guy he’s breeding. "I want you to ride me", Chris moves around to the front of the arm chair and sits down, "Just come up here and sit on it". With Chris moving to the chair I’m nearly sex starved without his touch, my mouth is hanging open as I crawl up onto the arm-chair, it creaking slightly underneath the weight of our bodies. I let Chris line up his cock with my hole before lowering myself. “Fuuuuuuck”, a moan escapes me, I didn’t realize how much I’ve been craving his poz dick. I do my best to stay focused on the dick in my ass, not the pain in my thighs from our position. Part of me worries that I’ll slip and impale myself painfully on his cock. I know my ass is well used, and pre-lubed with Mike’s load, but not so well that Chris’ big prick can go balls deep all in one shot. With guidance I finally reach the base and nestle my ass into his groin. My cock is straining against the cock cage, it stings, and I know its no joke that Chris intends to keep me locked down all week. Chris groans loudly, "Kev …, fuck babe, I need you to ride this dick, not just sit there. You want some more poz seed? You better fucking work for it". Not needing to be told twice, I start bouncing up and down on Chris’ cock. I quickly realize that I’ve got nothing to get leverage on, so I grab Chris’ shoulders, using his body to lift myself up and down, impaling myself. We kiss, “Fuck”, I moan again, as I thinks about Chris being both a boyfriend to me and a lover. I can’t focus, each time Chris’ cock thrusts into me, its like fireworks, it makes it so hard for me to concentrate on anything. The hot, wet kisses continue as he fucks me. I can tell the movement and the sensations of my ass are working Chris over and making him more than a little crazy. Chris brings his hands up along my torso and he rubs my back, then he moves his fingers over my ribs and starts to pull and tug on my nipples. “Fuck! … oh fuck!”, escapes my mouth, both from the tit play and the girth of his poz dick in my hole. Chris grabs the back of my head and pulls my mouth to his face again, his spit and tongue invading my mouth as we start a longer, sloppier make-out session. Our tongues wrestle as they lick and kiss each other's open mouths, lips, and cheeks. After about a minute, Chris breaks away from me and leans back into the chair, letting me full on ride him. He starts moaning, almost like he’s in a trance. "Oh fuck, that's so good", he says, "Oh yeah babe… that's good … So fucking good", he repeats over and over. I know Chris’ body, and I know the onset of his orgasm, and I know my ass is about to take a second load of unmedicated poz cum for the day. Chris grabs onto my hips and starts to really fuck me. He pulls his dick out five or six inches and then plunges it back inside. We’re both sweating, the pace is quickened, and Chris starts to grunt. "Ohhhh fuck … oh fuckk… Here it comes. Another dirty …. AHHHHHHH … AHHHHHHHHH… FUCK!!! FUCK!!!!", Chris groans loudly into my body, holding me tightly. The feeling of sudden pleasure and warm wetness rocks me and I can't help but yell out an incomprehensible string of sounds that taper off into a moan. I watch Chris' face as he starts to blow his load. His lips are slightly open and his facial expressions change as the blast wave of pleasure hits him. I always try to imagine Chris' poz dick swelling up deep in my gut and then the ropes of his load spewing from the flared head when he orgasms. I can hardly take it, its sensory overload, and I start bucking up and down, doing my best to get every drop. Chris leans up and kisses me again, both of us moaning our assent of the rough, sweaty sex that just took place. We both know he just pumped another load of poz cum into me. “That’s so hot baby… your ass just took a big fucking load”, “I know … I felt it”, I can bare speak between breathes. I climb off of the chair, sitting on the couch, and we both relax and enjoy Chris’ orgasm for a few more minutes. “Let’s take a shower babe”, he says popping up off the chair. I follow him into the bathroom and get the warm water going. The shower in my house is a glass cube and its got room for all of us. It strikes that Mike and I have sex in the shower all the time but I’ve almost never done this with Chris, “That needs to change”, I think. I open the glass door to the shower to lead him in, “We need to fuck in here, too”, "I can handle that any day of the week!”, he follows me in, “Right now though I need to piss" he says. I know what I want and I move the shower head back so its not hitting us so directly. I immediately sink down to my knees in the shower stall. "Don't waste that", I say with a sinister tone in to voice. He looks at me and his eyebrows shoot up, then he’s got the biggest grin on his face. He moves to face me, pointing his cock squarely at my chest. His piss splashes out, in a burst onto me, and he guides the stream down to my crotch, then to my hips. As the stream jets out Chris moves his cock methodically back up to my chest, hitting each of my nipples with his piss bath. The titillation is too much for me and I lean forward, gobbling the tip of his pissing cock into my mouth and do my best to guzzle it all down – fresh from the tap. "Oh fuck baby ... oh fuck yea ... oh yea, swallow that piss ... oh fuck ... yea, drink down that man piss like a good pig." I look up to his eyes and he’s watching me intently as I drink him down. "Yea babe, been wanting to share piss with you all day and this is just what I need, watching you drink it all down. FUCK this is too HOT!" I swallow as fast as I can, but he’s not holding anything back and some of his piss overflows my mouth, coating my chest and crotch. I gulp and gulp his hot piss, trying to groan around the head of his dick as I realize how much my dick is throbbing in the cock cage, being contained from the excitement of the piggish thing I’m doing right now. Finally, I can tell his piss flow is slowing down, and then he does exactly what I long for, he pulls his cock from my mouth with his hand and shakes the remaining drops right onto my face. I stand up, moving the streaming water back onto us, and Chris kisses me, tasting his own piss in my mouth. After a few minutes of kissing and touching we actually wash our bodies and get cleaned up before leaving the shower and heading back into the living room. With our towels in hand we plop down naked on the couch. Chris proceeds to tell me about his “surprises”. He tells me that later this week he and I will visit a doctor friend of his, and I will get properly tested for HIV. “I think its time we find out if you’re poz babe … “, I nod, then he drops the other shoe, “I want to know if you’ve got my strain, Mike’s strain or someone else’s”, he says, “Sounding a little hopeful that its his”, I think. How does he know what Mike’s strain is, “How do you … “, “I took Mike three weeks ago … he doesn’t have my strain”. “How…”, “They can test if it’s the same … plus my strain is partially med-resistant. I’m resistant to both of the medications in Truvada, Mike’s isn’t”. I nod again, the reality of all this “reality” is hitting me a bit cold; I feel myself go a bit pale. Chris can tell the information is a bit much and pulls me close, “Don’t worry babe … this is all part of everything about being poz … and we both know you’re probably going to test positive”. I nod again, Chris’ hands on my body make me feel loved and more comfortable with his words. “I know … I know … “, I say trying to sound more comfortable. Then I grin devilishly at Chris and whisper, “I hope its yours”, he smiles, kissing me, “Me too”. Then it occurs to me, “That your only surprise? I thought you said ‘surprises’”. “There’s more”, he says. I look at his eyes, like a puppy, awaiting explanation. “There’s this boy … “, he starts, I nod thinking, “There always is”. “He’s 18 … maybe 19 now, he’s on Prep and always teasing me on Grindr about how he’s ok taking poz dick and that we need to hook up and so on… and on and on”, he continues. I nod, but he pauses, my mouth must be hanging open. Just as I’m about to ask him, “He’s doesn’t know I’m resistant to Truvada and he’s coming over here with me this weekend.” It occurs to me, “He must think he’s safe on Prep”, then Chris continues, “You and I are going to fuck and breed him and try to … ”, but I finish his sentence, “Poz him”. We both stop, then, “Oh fuck that’s hot”, softly escapes my lips.
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    Part 7 I couldn't concentrate on work over the next few days. Hell, I couldn't concentrate on anything! Wondering about what would happen when I returned to Frank's place on Friday was very distracting, so I replayed the events of last weekend many times in my head. I had taken 4 poz loads. I had taken them knowingly and willingly. At first I was shocked that I had done it. It was hard to believe. But each time I thought about it, it seemed more real, and I was more excited about it and less apprehensive. I said it out loud, "I took 4 poz loads." The fear was less. In fact, it made my cock hard to say it. I said it again, and the fear seemed to dissipate. Actually, there was still some fear, but it was a different kind of fear. It was the fear of the unknown, the fear I felt taking on a challenge. But there was also the resolve I needed to have to face the challenge. I knew deep down that the fear would not stop me. My cock was hard more often than usual, even when I was dealing with work issues and day to day things. But I did not give myself any release. It felt like that would be wrong, that I should not cum until I was with Frank and Craig again. I kind of enjoyed this self-imposed celibacy. It was certainly a new experience. It was the longest 4 days I had ever experienced, but Friday finally arrived. After lunch I hurried through some work that had to be finished. Around 3:30 I called Frank's house. Craig answered, "Hello?" "Hi Craig, it's Jeff." "Hey white boy! You need to get your ass over here!" He had a friendly tone, I heard an edge to it. "Jeff, I'm sorry if that sounded pushy. Frank and I are expecting you... whenever you can get here. Can you come for dinner?" He was trying hard to be relaxed, but that edge was still there. "I can come over any time now. I'm done with work for the day." "Great!" he almost shouted, "Jeff babe, I really need you here." That was wonderful to hear. "I need to see you again, too. I need to see both of you." He let out a nervous little laugh at that. "Jeff, I have to be honest with you. Since you left the other day, things have been a little tense here. Frank hasn't touched me since then. That's weird- he usually fucks me at least once a day. I finally asked him about it yesterday because it was messing up my mind." "Craig, I don't want to come between you, believe me." "I know babe, and it's not like that. It's cool. He told me he has been saving it all up for you. It's like some kind of self-imposed chastity. And that's freaky because he is the most highly sexed man I have ever known. And me too! I haven't even jacked off. I'm horny as hell and I'm about to explode!" "Craig, you won't believe this, but I haven't touched myself since Monday either, and I am just as horny!" "Well, get your sweet ass over here now! We've been working like dogs getting things ready for you. And plan on spending the whole weekend, OK?" "OK! I'm going to pack a bag and then I'll come right over." "Don't bother packing too much- you won't need clothes!" He laughed. I packed quickly and started my drive to the lake. What the hell had they been working so hard at? Well, I would find out. I arrived a before 4pm. Frank was waiting in the driveway just like last time. He was beaming, and he greeting me with a deep kiss and wrapped me in his arms. Our hard cocks pressed against each other. "Jeff my boy, I think we have an emergency upstairs. Let's go." We hurried into the house. Craig was nowhere to be seen, but that thought quickly passed. Frank's arm was around my shoulders again. The warmth of his body and his masculine scent were all I could think of. We ended up in the bedroom. We both shed our clothes as fast as we could. His thick uncut cock was already leaking precum. He led me to the bed and we lay down together. Frank started to kiss me again, running his hands lightly up and down my body. I felt his body, too. My hands felt his strong shoulders, his beautiful furry chest, and of course my hands couldn't stay away from that cock. I slowly stroked it, pulling the foreskin back and then pushing it up to cover the head. He let out a deep, quiet growl, and bit my lower lip. He took hold of my shoulders and moved me onto my back. He was on top of me. My hand was still stroking his dick, and the precum seemed to pour out of it. He got up on his knees and grabbed my legs and lifted them. He bent his head down and licked my puckered hole. His tongue was forceful as he pushed it inside me. He started to grunt as he ate my hole like a hungry animal. I was in heaven! He lifted up his head and looked deep into my eyes. He straightened up and I felt his cock rest on my wet hole. He smiled and started to slide his cock along my crack, breathing heavier. Our eyes were locked, and a look of lust passed between us. "Jeff- Jeff- my boy Jeff- my Jeff." He was almost panting. "Jeff, I have been saving up my seed just for you. Do you want it?" "Oh yes! I want you to fuck me. I want you to seed my hole." "You know what that means. You know my seed will mark you. Is that what you want?" "Yes please! I want it so bad!" "This four day load feels very potent. It's a huge load- a huge poz load." "Poz me! Plant you seed inside me! Change me! Mark me as yours!" He reached down and I felt the head of his cock press against my fuckhole. He slowly pressed in. The only lube was his spit and precum. He was going very slowly, but as he entered me it started to hurt. But I did not want him to stop. "I know this hurts, boy. Open up and let me in. This is your destiny, boy." He pressed more of his cock into me. I cried out a little. He bent down and kissed me, fucking those fist couple of inches in and out of me. Each stroke was a bit easier to take, but I couldn't believe how hard and thick it was. "Your hole is so warm, boy," he whispered. And all of a sudden he plunged all the way into me. I let out a sharp cry of pain, which he muffled with another kiss. He stayed like that, kissing me while his dick remained planted in my hole all the way to the root. My hole twitched, try to accommodate this invader. "Oh my god!" he shouted out. I felt his cock throb, and with each pulse of it he let out a grunt. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. His beautiful face thrilled me. He was cumming inside me! He pushed into me with the last few pulses and his last grunt turned into a long, satisfied groan. His body relaxed and lowered onto me, but his cock remained deep inside my hole. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my ear. I didn't want him to move. We stayed like that for a few minutes, neither of us speaking. His dick was still as hard as ever, and my ass was still adjusting. I squeezed my ass muscles gently and his arms squeezed me back. He let out a deep sigh and a soft chuckle. His eyes opened and found mine. "I am sorry, boy." "Sorry for what?" What was he talking about? "I'm sorry I came so quickly. But it was amazing finally being inside you." "I have no complaints. I think we both needed that." I squeezed my ass again. "And I don't think you are done yet." He laughed, and pushed himself up slightly. He reached between us and found my cock. He slowly rubbed it back and forth against his furry belly. "You're not done either, boy." "I will cum very soon if you keep that up," I said. He stopped and I whimpered a little. He laughed. "Don't worry, we have plenty of time." He held me by the shoulders as he scooted over to the bedside table, keeping his cock planted deep. He opened a drawer and said, "There's something here for you. It has your name on it." He pulled a buttplug out. He rose up and I felt his cock gradually leave me. He pressed the buttplug into my hole to replace his cock. He pushed it in firmly. "Leave that in there for now. Let that seed percolate and get absorbed. I'll be right back with Craig." He gave me a sly wink and got up off the bed, his still hard cock bobbing as he walked out the door. In no time at all he was back with Craig. Craig was naked and also had a raging hardon. The curve of it was matched by his broad grin. He jumped up onto the bed beside me and planted a kiss on my lips. He reached down and tapped the base of the buttplug. Frank moved over to Craig's side of the bed. He reached down and stroked Craig's cock and looked down on us kissing. "Jeff needs to let go of a load, but I owe you some, boy," he said to Craig. He started stroking his partner's dick with one hand, and fingering his hole with the other. Craig broke off our kiss. He looked up at Frank and said, "It's not going to take much for me to blow my load." Frank said, "I know, boy. But tell me when it gets close, and tell me in time." He reached down and took Craig's cock in his mouth. Craig moaned, and I reached over and pulled on one o his nipple rings. Craig moaned louder. Frank lifted his head up. "Tell him what you have deep inside you, Jeff." His hand started stroking Craig again. "I have Frank's load in me." "You want another load, Jeff?" "I sure do!" "Good. You are going to get many loads this weekend. Now I think you know what get's this boy really hot. Tell him about that load again. Use his magic word." Frank winked at me. I knew exactly what he meant. "Frank gave me his seed. He planted his poz seed deep." Craig cried out "Oh god! I'm so close!" "Hold on, boy," Frank said. he took his hand away from Craig's dick, and reached over and pulled the buttplug out of my ass. "Boy, plant that load in there too. He needs both our loads. Fuck him now!" He reached down and rolled me onto my side facing away from Craig. I felt Craig's dick plunge into my hole. He fucked a few rapid strokes and then I felt him shudder as he let loose with a load of cum. He seemed to cum forever. He eventually slowed down. "Boy, keep that cock in there deep and grab him tight," Frank demanded. Craig's arms circled around me. "Roll onto your back with Jeff on top of you." My back was on Craig's chest, and my hard cock was pointing at the ceiling. Frank bent down and took my dick in his mouth. he rubbed my balls with the palm of his hand as he gave me an expert blow job. In no time my balls began to pull up. I was close to shooting my load. Frank replaced his hot mouth with his hand and move closer to us. He was stroking me, and the head of my cock was bouncing against his big, hard cock. I gasped as my orgasm came over me. My cum started to shoot out, and Frank directed it onto his own cock. With each spurt, my hole clenched onto Craig's dick. At my last spurt, Frank reached down and pulled Craig's cock out of me. He climbed up and filled my hole with his own cock which was coated with my own load. It was so wonderful to feel him stretch my hole open gain. He kissed me, and slowly removed his cock, replacing it immediately with the buttplug. "There," he said, "that was a good start. Now I think it's time for a little nap before dinner." We all lay on the bed and snoozed for a bit. We were 3 happy men snuggling together. I was in the middle, and Frank's hand was resting under my balls, gently holding the plug in place. I couldn't stop smiling. Part 8 coming soon.
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    Hey everyone ! It's been a while since the last update, I hope you'll enjoy this part, which should make up for the shortness of the previous one. Let me know what you think (love knowing this story made you shoot, if you have the evidence, even better) ! ———————————————————— When Brandon freed one of his hands from his grip on my wrists, I seized the opportunity to take him by surprise and wrestle my way out from under him. We switched positions, and I pinned him underneath me. "I see you are ready," Brandon said with a huge grin, and damn did that make my heart jump in my chest. He was an absolutely gorgeous specimen, and under other circumstances, I certainly would have enjoyed having such a beautiful lover. He was still my son, however, and as his father, I had a responsibility to put an end to this, right now. We had done more than we should have. I shouldn't have given in the temptation, that first night. How bad was my luck that the one guy I actually cross the line with turned out to be my own son ? I moved from the bed, leaving Brandon on it, but the latter grabbed my wrist before I could get too far, and tried to pull me back. "Dad, where do you think you're going?" He said, almost threatening. I found the strength to resist his grip, and walked away, grabbing my underwear before getting out of the room. I needed to escape from him, but walking proved to be difficult, with the butt plug he'd put in me. I pulled it out and threw it in Brandon's room, groaning when I felt Brandon's cum dripping down my legs. Fuck, that shouldn't be so hot, but my cock just got harder. Damn fucker really had got me hooked on getting bred. How would I get my fix now? I wondered. I shook my head, mentally chastising myself for thinking about more cheating. I had done enough. I had to put a stop to this madness. I could hear Brandon chasing after me, but didn't let that stop me. I pulled on my boxers before I ran down the stairs. "Dad, come on," Brandon shouted, and before I knew it, he'd caught up to me and hugged me from behind, effectively trapping me with his arms in a tight embrace, and I could feel his cock protruding against my ass. Fuck. I felt his hot breath on my neck, his overwhelming scent intoxicating me. "Where will you even go at this hour, huh? Let's talk like adults." "I'm putting an end to this, Brandon," I said with as much authority as I could muster, and couldn't keep a moan from escaping me when Brandon thrust his bare cock up against my hole, with only the thin layer of my cotton boxers as a barrier, ruining any credibility in my words. It would be so easy to say fuck it, and let Brandon take me again right here in our living room, let him fill me up and shoot his second load in me tonight. Just thinking about it almost made me come, and that was such a hard thing to process. How had my mind been so screwed that it found the idea of fucking around with my son even hotter than if he were some random jock I wasn't related to? It probably was because of all the times I got off with J—fuck, Brandon—pretending he was my son. At the time, it was just a nice innocent fantasy. It was harmless, to fuck a hot young jock who was yearning for a daddy, but fucking him so many times, calling him my son, it really did make me enjoy the thought of it, and I never saw it coming. I had become conditioned to it. Damn it. "Oh, really?" Brandon said, his tone challenging as he thrust again, taking a whimper out of me as he grasped my cock. "Then tell me you want me to stop, 'cause your dick seems to be disagreeing." My hole was itching to be filled again, and it was all I could do to not give in. I had to remain strong, no matter how difficult Brandon made it for me, so I removed Brandon's hand from my cock. "Please stop," I said, and to my surprise, Brandon did let go of me. I finally turned around to face my son, thinking about what to say next. He looked stunned, and still so eager. It shouldn't be this hard to tell your son that he's not supposed to be fucking his own father. "Brandon, what happened between us tonight—hell, what happened the past few weeks—it never should've happened. I never should've cheated on your mother, least of all with you. I'm sorry I let this all happen." "Why should this end? We've got a good thing, Dad," Brandon protested. "It's actually the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you, so much." "And I love you too, you know that," I said even as my heart broke, feeling like I was breaking up with my son. "But you're my son, and we shouldn't be more than that. And what about Julie?" "I'll dump her," Brandon said, shocking me into silence. He took my hand, looking me in the eye as he added, "If that's what it takes. She means nothing next to you." "That's insane," I said. "That's not even my point. I like Julie. I thought you two were doing good. Fuck, can't you see? This thing between us, I never wanted it to happen, Brandon." "Then explain me something," Brandon said as he stepped closer, making it impossible for me to ignore how good he looked, how amazing he smelled. "When you didn't know it was me you were fucking all this time, what were you doing, cheating on mom with a young guy—repeatedly—getting your rocks off pretending you were fucking your own son, huh? I distinctly remember you being pretty into the whole Dad-Son role-play." He had me there, and I didn't know what to say to that. I was guilty of enjoying all those times I fucked him while being called Daddy. Just the taboo aspect of it made it so much hotter. But I wasn't so screwed that I would do my son, knowing it was him. "Well, it was just a fantasy. Like I said, I never wanted to actually have this kind of relationship with you." Until now, I omitted to say. My mind had never made the connection between Brandon and finding sex between father and son hot. "I love you as a father, all right? Despite everything that happened between us, I want you to remember that. And that's why we can't keep...you know, doing what we've done." "So, what, we're just going to pretend none of this ever happened?" Brandon said, crossing his big arms over his chest, his hard cock pointed at me. "I don't think I can do that." "Well, you'll have to, there's no other way," I countered, doing my best to keep my eyes on my son's face. "Get back to your room, all right? I'll go clean up." "Dad, please," Brandon pleaded as he grabbed my hand before I could walk back up the stairs. "If you really want to stop, can you at least let us have this one last time? I'm begging you." Fuck was I tempted. Brandon's face was a mixture of despair and lust, and as I let my eyes sweep over his gorgeous young body, I almost said yes. All I did was shake my head and turn my back on him before I could change my mind. I went back to the master bedroom, locking the door behind me and hurrying to change the sheets back and open the window to dissipate the sex smell in the air. Brandon left me alone while I covered our tracks, which was a relief. I had used up any resolve I had in me, ending things with Brandon, and I felt utterly heartbroken. I washed away all the evidence of our fucking in the shower, but couldn't resist jacking myself off to the memory of that hot and huge cock while fingering my hole with the remaining sperm that was there. I knew I was no saint, now less than ever, but at least I had declined Brandon's offer to pursue things further. I came hard, whispering my son's name as I came with my fingers up my ass, his cum still in my guts. I brought my fingers to my mouth, tasting for the last time the sweet taste of my son's cum, wishing I had never gotten a taste of it in the first place and gotten hooked on it. ————————————————————————— The next morning, I rolled through the motions, barely acknowledging Kate on my way out to work as she came home. I barely got any sleep at all, tortured with vivid images of Brandon's perfect body glistening with sweat, fitting against mine like no one else ever had. Needless to say, I woke up with a raging hard-on, and had to beat off in the shower in shame again. Brandon was still asleep in his room when I went to check on him, his beautiful bare torso in display for me. I was thankful I had work the whole week to get me out of the house, away from Brandon. I'd taken the day off yesterday just to welcome Brandon home—and what a welcome it was. Trying to focus at work turned out to be easier than I'd anticipated, and I plunged myself into it, willing to find any distraction I could to take my mind off of my son. I'd even turned my phone off during the day. If I lingered a little longer than usual, I didn't think too long on it, even when I knew I was dreading coming home. By the time I left work, my wife had already left for her shift, leaving the house only to Brandon and I. I found my son lounging on the couch, almost naked if not for the tiny pair of briefs he was wearing. Fuck, but he was so gorgeous, lying here so close for the taking. My cock stirred to life in my tight pair of khakis, and I had to bring my briefcase up to hide it. "Hey, Dad," Brandon greeted me with a tentative smile that I returned, casting my gaze away from his magazine cover body. "Hey, son," I greeted back before making a retreat to my bedroom. The fucker was teasing me. He never used to walk around the house wearing so little before. I hid in the ensuite bathroom, splashing my face with cold water as I undid my tie. I changed into more comfortable clothes, debating what to do with my son. When I stepped back in my bedroom, I found Brandon sprawled on my bed. "Long day?" Brandon asked, giving me a sultry look. "You never answered my texts." "I turned my phone off," I answered, fishing it out of my pocket to turn it on, in case something serious had happened. I was surprised to see a dozen texts from Brandon, and even shocked when I found they were all pictures of him naked in incriminating positions. He even had a video of himself showing his cummy hole, which kept playing over and over on my phone, hypnotizing me. He must have taken that video last night, with my fresh load in his ass still. Fuck. I proceeded to delete them all before throwing my phone on the bed, looking back to a smug Brandon. "Liked what you just saw?" he inquired with his sultry voice as he stood up and marched towards me with grace. I stood my ground and tried to steel my features. He wanted to rattle me, and all I had to do was to get through it, to show him nothing was going to happen. I didn't know what to expect after our conversation last night when I went to bed, whether Brandon would give up or keep pursuing me—guess he went with the latter. I had hoped my attraction to Brandon would peter out after the cold realization I was forced to face yesterday, but so far, nothing. "No," I replied, trying to sound indifferent. He was right up in my face now, smelling clean and oh so amazing. It was impossible to stop my cock from getting hard, and there was no way he wouldn't be able to see how hot he was making me with only a pair of sweatpants covering my crotch. He made a show of gazing at my cock, then back up to me, with a cocked eyebrow and a smirk. "Why do you have to make things so difficult, Brandon?" I hissed, frustrated at myself, at my libido. I fisted my hands hard, hoping the pain would stop my erection. "Because I'm not giving up on you so easily," Brandon countered, his flirty tone changing drastically to a serious one, his face hardening. "I've wanted you for so long, thinking I was insane and hopeless. It took me a while to come to terms with what I want, and after all the wonderful times we've had together, you're mistaken if you think I'm letting you go without a fight." I had not expected that, and was caught by surprise when Brandon cupped my face and brought me in for a kiss. I responded on instinct, kissing him back for a second before I pulled away, before he could pull his muscled body against mine. "No, Brandon, I told you this is not happening," I said firmly, only to be manhandled by my son and pushed on the bed. He locked the door to the bedroom, putting himself between myself and the only exit. He proceeded to move his body then, in a way I didn't know he was capable of, undulating with more grace than any stripper I'd ever seen. Oh God, I was getting a lap dance from my son, I realized, when he got close to me, showing me his eight pack, his hard pecs, turning around to shove his meaty ass up my face. I was hard as a rock, watching Brandon in all his naked glory, with his tiny briefs hiding next to nothing, only accentuating how big his glutes were, and how hard and big his cock was. He rubbed his ass against my cock, and I grunted in pleasure, desperate to shove my cock back inside his sweet young hole, where it belonged. The treacherous thought froze me on the spot, and prompted me to stop my son's movements. Fuck. Fuck. I threw Brandon on the bed, and jumped for the door, unlocking it to make my escape. I ran as fast as I could, grabbing my car keys and wallet on my way out. I drove away, not knowing where to go as I willed my stiff cock to go down. It was so unfair I almost wanted to cry. I headed back to the office to cool down, away from Brandon. Everyone had gone home when I got there, so I was peacefully alone with my sinful thoughts. I needed to figure out how to deal with Brandon, what to say to him to make him see reason. I rested my head on my desk, lost in my thoughts, trying to come up with a solution but finding none. I felt so alone, with no one I could talk to about this particular issue. I couldn't bring this up to anyone, and that just made things worse. I felt so consumed with guilt and lust at the same time. "Dad." I whipped my head up, finding Brandon standing in the doorway of my office, wearing more clothes than the last time I'd seen him, with old jeans and a tee shirt so tight that it could very well have been painted over his pecs and abs. "Come home, please," Brandon said, his blue eyes pleading. "You can't escape forever, you know? I'm sorry for coming on so strong. It's just so hard, having you so close, but not being able to have you. I'll give you some space, ok? Just come home." He sounded so sad, so genuine that I had to listen. This was Brandon, just yearning for my affections—the wrong kind, of course, but affections still. I got up from my chair and walked around my desk, pulling my son into a hug. I felt him relax in my embrace, burying his nose in my neck. He was trembling, and I really felt for him. I stroked his back, and he tried to pull me closer in return, but I made sure to keep our crotches apart. We stayed like that for a few minutes, just hugging each other. "I love you, son," I said, meaning every word. "I love you, Daddy," he whispered, that last word going straight to my cock, unfortunately. I pulled away, offering my son a soft smile, and then proceeded to get my things and switch everything off in my office. He kept his word and didn't try anything as we went home in separate cars. I was glad to know he was going to back off, and hoped we could repair our relationship now. I was hoping, above all else, that with time, his current infatuation with me would fade away—as well as mine. Brandon deserved great things in life, and I wanted him to have it all. A sexual relationship with me never factored in the plans I had for Brandon's future. He was headed toward a great life with Julie, as a future lawyer. I kept that in mind as my mantra to strengthen my will, in case Brandon tried to make me stray again. It was for his own good, I told myself. When we got home, Brandon kept his clothes on—thank fuck—and offered to cook dinner for us both, refusing my help. I took that opportunity to wrap some things up for work I'd left unfinished today. The evening went by a blur, with wine and good food at the table, I let myself go and kept on drinking, needing to unwind. I didn't think, and drank whenever Brandon gave me a refill, probably drinking more than I should have. I felt buzzed, and free, and could finally break the tension with my son. We laughed over old times, as though nothing had happened between us, and for a moment, I could almost forget our affair. "Thank you for dinner, son," I said as I prepared to clear the table, but had to steady myself when I stood up on wobbly legs. "You're welcome, Dad, but you don't have to do a thing, let me," he said as he helped me to the couch. I was dizzy, and lied on the cushions face down, hearing dishes being put away in the distance. Sleep was taking over me when Brandon shook my shoulder lightly. "Let's get you to bed, Dad," I heard him say, and next thing I knew, I was lying in my bed on my back. I threw my arm over my eyes, feeling a headache approaching, and longed for a good night of sleep. "I'm so hot," I mumbled, feeling uncomfortable in my shirt and my sweatpants. I felt hands on me, and breathed a sigh of relief when my shirt was removed and the cool evening air brushed my skin. I was aware enough to feel my sweatpants taken off, leaving me in my boxers only. I scooted higher on the bed until my head hit my pillow, and soon enough, I succumbed to sleep. Once again, Brandon invaded my dreams, naked on the bed with me, crawling over my body on all fours with a seductive grin. Looking up at me with his beautiful baby blues while his plump lips wrapped around my cock. His rock hard abs flexing in front of me as he rode my cock like an expert, moaning Fuck me, Daddy, loud enough to be heard in the entire neighbourhood. The images were so vivid it almost felt real, even my cock felt warm, as though it really was inside Brandon's sweet hole. That thought startled me into awareness, and when I opened my eyes, mind still foggy, I found the object of my desire actually going to town on my cock. The sight alone almost made me shoot my load. I couldn't even move, watching my own son impaling himself on my cock in front of me, an identical replica of my dreams just right now, with a sheen of sweat on his taut belly. "Oh yeah, fuck," Brandon whispered, eyes closed, a look of pure bliss on his face that had me mesmerised. He never looked as beautiful as he did in that instant, and I hated myself for thinking that. He looked so far gone he hadn't even noticed I was awake now. The second thing I realized as I looked down at my cock, was that he was riding it bareback, just like I'd wanted for so long, all those times before when he'd make me wrap it up. "Brandon," I said, catching the look on Brandon's face, like a deer caught in headlights. He recovered quickly though, and grinned at me as he kept on fucking himself. "Hey, Daddy, glad you decided to join me," he said, and actually quickened his pace, bringing me closer to the edge. "Brandon, stop," I begged, my mind still feeling dizzy enough to tell me that I hadn't been dozing long enough to sleep the alcohol off. "You told me you'd give me some space..." I mumbled, moaning despite myself. "And here you are...fuck.... molesting me in my sleep!" "I couldn't resist, Daddy," he said between thrusts, and put his hands on my chest, caressing my pecs, playing with my nipples. "You looked just too damn irresistible, laid out here, almost naked, ripe for the taking, and your cock was so fucking hard already. I didn't know booze made you so horny, but I'm glad I found that out." "Brandon, please," I begged again, for what exactly, I didn't know, but his raw hole felt so fucking good, all warm and wet, so tight around my cock. "Come on, Daddy, fuck me, please fuck me," Brandon said, pinning my wrists down above my head as he leaned down to capture my lips in a passionate kiss. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," he kept muttering between kisses. I was so overwhelmed, from the incredible warmth around my cock, to the feel of Brandon's soft skin over my hips, his beautiful lips on mine, his intoxicating smell, I couldn't think clearly anymore. I was drunk in the first place, but now I was also drunk on lust, and in a sensory overload. "I want your Dad sperm in me, please, Daddy, fill me up," Brandon said, slipping his tongue in my mouth again and making me engage in a long kiss as my hips started moving, thrusting up so my cock met his ass in a perfect tandem. "Fuck, baby, you feel so good," I let out, unable to filter my thoughts any longer. "Made such a beautiful boy." "All yours, Daddy," Brandon said, kissing me harder. "I love your bare cock in me, stretching my hole, filling it with your load." "Fuck." Brandon had such a dirty mouth, I'd almost forgotten just how nasty and vocal he could be. I'd almost forgotten just how much I loved his dirty mouth, how much it turned me on. "I want your babies, Daddy," Brandon added, fucking himself harder on my cock. "Want you to knock me up, keep my guts coated with your loads all the time until it takes." I couldn't take it anymore, with everything Brandon was saying, doing to me, I shot my load hard, my cum bursting inside my gorgeous and young son's ass. He stopped moving the moment I started shooting, taking my cock all the way in, as deep as it could reach. "Yeah, sperm me, Daddy, sperm me," he said with a huge smile on his face as he came himself, hands free, the look so beautiful it only added to my climax. His cock twitched back and forth as it shot its thick, creamy son cum all over his abs and mine. It was without a doubt the hottest thing I'd ever experienced in my life, my mind absolutely blown away. I watched as Brandon scooped up his load off his belly and mine, coating his own cock with it, and letting some drip over my waiting tongue. "How's it taste, Daddy?" "Fucking sweet," I growled, completely lost in lust, my tongue licking some of the cum that had dripped on my lips. I watched my son grab something from the bed, the same black butt plug he'd used on me yesterday, and slip it in his hole easily as he came off my cock. He threw my legs up in the air then, resting my shins on his shoulders as he aligned his cock toward my hole. I could feel his cum-coated erection teasing my entrance, and threw my head back with a moan. "Fuck, you're so hot, Daddy," he said, leaning over to kiss me. I kissed him willingly, licking at his tongue desperately, letting his lips meet mine in a fiery dance as the head of his cock slowly penetrated me, pushing some of his load in. I groaned, the sounds coming from my throat swallowed by Brandon while he picked a pace fucking my hole with his sperm as the only lube. My hole was still a bit loose from the night before, and it only hurt a bit as his big son cock started fucking me eagerly. "Fuck me, son, fuck," I said, grabbing Brandon's firm ass, kneading his cheeks and urging him to fuck me harder. "Love you, love you, love you, love you," Brandon muttered in perfect timing with his frantic thrusts, and soon enough shot another load, this time inside me, the familiar feeling making me climax again. There really was nothing quite like getting a fresh, warm load of young cum bursting inside you, coating your guts so deep you could feel it. I felt like an addict getting his fix, and kept his hips in place until I could milk every last drop of his son sperm inside me. I was in heaven, and nothing else could bring me down in that single perfect instant with my son.
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    I grew up in the early 80's in a small town that was only an hour away from a fairly large city. My family rarely went there, but we got their newspaper every day. I never really cared about anything except the comics pages, but I discovered the "Arts and Leisure" section around the age of 10. I liked reading movie reviews and book reviews and I really loved the ads for all the movies they showed in the big city. It felt like such a gyp because my family didn't even have a VCR at the time. there was always one ad for a movie theater that always showed a shirtless muscle guy or some man in tiny shorts. The ad gave an address, but not the name of the place unless "Sizzling Hot Movies 24 Hours" was the name. I was well in to my late teens when I mentally decided to go to that theater one day. The ads were always vague but enticing. For around four straight weeks it showed this pouting, hot guy who I now know was Jeff Stryker. He became my secret fantasy boyfriend in those last years of high school. I knew I was gay, but had no idea how to BE gay. 1989 When it came time to pick a college, I knew I wanted to go somewhere in that city. And live there. My grades and my family's finances played a big part in me choosing a community college. Despite their somewhat humble means, my parents could be snobs and they thought the dorms were disgusting. "Like tombs made of concrete and painted in hideous colors", my mom declared. Dad thought there'd be too much partying and 'carrying on'. They agreed to put me up in a nearby apartment as long as it was under 250.00 a month and I got a on-campus job to help pay for some of my expenses. Deal! I found a place all by myself...only a few blocks from that nameless movie house. It was a studio in a sort of nice building that had virtually no smell. The neighborhood wasn't great and you could only park on the street, but I had a shitty car with no stereo, so I didn't worry about it being stolen or broken into. I moved my stuff in and nested a bit that week before classes started. I found a part-time job in the science building taking care of newts, salamanders and frogs. Feeding them was easy, but cleaning their tanks was a smelly hassle. I went to classes and met a few people who seemed nice. The studying and homework took not that much time....high school was tougher. So the weekend came and my only obligation was showing up to feed the amphibians at 11:00 am on Saturday morning. So on Friday night, I decided to go to that theater at last. I was only about three blocks from there and decided to walk. This was a pretty poor area and some of the streetlights were out and the sidewalks were crumbled and littered with broken glass. I didn't have an imposing physique, but I walked like a bad-ass who had been living here for twenty years. It worked because I arrived under the flashing lights of the marquis unscathed. There I was. I was at the no-name movie house .... finally. The sign was sloppily arranged with big plastic letters that almost properly spelled out "Deviant Pool Party" and "Leather Dungeon" and "Special Guest". OK. I was ready. The ticket counter was one-way glass and I couldn't see the woman who asked for twenty bucks. I was cool, though -- and acted like I came here all the time. There was no concession stand or the smell of popcorn. Just a simple lobby that made an attempt to look like a cinema entry. There were two doors....one led upstairs and one led downstairs. I could already hear speakers blare out the cheaply-composed music I always figured porn would have. I went upstairs. It seemed like a pretty sparse crowd down in the theater seating, but the very upper wall was crowded with guys just standing. As I let my my eyes adjust, I saw that some of them were making out intensely and about five were down on their knees giving blow jobs. OK. I just had to find a spot to be. I could lean against a wall as well as anybody. As I looked around, a couple of hands reached out and touched me...and then I was in a tangle of dudes. My crotch and ass were pawed and somebody handed me a full can of beer. I diplomatically removed myself from the impromptu molestation and made my way farther down the wall. I think I said something like "My friends are waiting for me. Be right back." But hey - I had a free beer. I strolled and drank it down. It was warm and tasted a little weird. I found a bare spot against the wall and got to lean back at least. I finally got a chance to look at the screen. Some muscle guy with a perfect ass was drilling a smaller dude on the side of a pool. It was a sunny scene and so I could see a lot of the guys around me. One of them was leaning against the back row of seats but has turned around to look right at me. He was a little chubby, but not terrible-looking. He had a handsome face, but with dark circles under his eyes. I nodded at him and he approached me. "Whatcha drinkin'?" I took another sip and told him that somebody had handed it to me. He took it from me and smelled it. "Well. Don't do that again". I grabbed it back and finished it off with one swallow. "Why not?" I was feeling just great. "Well, look behind you. Those guys drugged you so they could fuck you. Are you new to the planet or something?" I looked back and there was a small gang of shadows slowly moving toward us. "Come with me", this new friend said as he grabbed my wrist with his large hand and drug me away. We went down some stairs and through a door. We were in a whole different theater. I was confused and felt like going to sleep. "This is where they show straight porn movies. We'll be okay here for a while, but I need to get you home". I was tired but horny at the same time. I held my hero close and kissed him on the mouth. My first kiss. I reached around and caressed his ass and felt his dick grow through the crotch of his jeans. "Not a smart idea, friend". "It's the only idea I have". Over the speakers, I could hear some woman moaning in a completely fake way. "My cum is hot," he finally said. I thought that sounded sexy, so I started unzipping him and making a move to my knees so I could put it in my mouth. "Wait. Do you not understand?? I have AIDS! I'll do this, but you need to understand what it means for you". I had a head full of mud and couldn't really think of anything but sucking his dick. So I did. And he let me. It was nice at first and then he pushed a little too far in my throat and I gagged a bit. "Oh what the fuck", he said as he pulled me up and took my pants down. Before I even knew what was going on, he had his dick in my ass. My instincts ranged from screaming to falling sleep. I let it be. He was thrusting into me and telling me how sorry he was. Sorry? I was on all fours on the floor and hot cum friend was inside of me. He kept going and going. How long did gay sex last? I had to sleep soon. Then he groaned and held my hips to his crotch. "I'm sorry". I wanted to ask him why he was sorry about everything, but he quickly pulled me up and helped me get my jeans zipped as he did the same. "They're here." I yawned and said "Who?" "That posse that gave you the tainted beer. The bearded Mexican guy is poz as are most of his friends. I know at least a few of them carry knives. I have to go. I'm so, so sorry". I would miss him, but I really needed a nap now. I laid flat on the floor and had crazy dreams about men laughing as they fucked my mouth and ass. I also dreamed I was bleeding. Also hungry salamanders who would go a whole day without food.
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    Finally the moment I've been waiting for, the day I was to be initiated into the poz brotherhood had arrived. My initiator was tall and skinny black man with the wasted look and a magnificent ten inch cock. Staring deep into my eyes he commanded "Get on your hands and knees. You're getting my AIDS babies." I assumed the doggie position and his lightly lubed cock pressed up against my anus, initially causing me extreme pain, but once he was balls-deep, the pain quickly switched to extreme pleasure, particularly when his thrusts vigorously stimulated my prostate with his over-sized cock head. Man, I was in ecstasy having his bbc up my white ass, so I found myself moaning and begging him for more, which only made him fuck me ever harder. I was utterly proud of myself as I felt I had reached my goal of being the cumslut I had long dreamed of being. When he precipitously asked "Do you want my AIDS babies?" my reply was spot on: "Give 'em to me." Silence reigned for several minutes as he fucked away, and the silence was broken only when he announced "I'm ready to cum," adding "Do you still want my AIDS babies?" "Uhhh uh uh more, more, more," was all I could manage as he blew his thick load of poz cum deep inside my ass. As he collapsed on my back, his breath ragged and sweat pooling on my body, he casually commented "I can virtually guarantee you will convert, if only 'cause my viral load is 4,000,000. I knew then that I was on my way to full blown AIDS.
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    I cannot believe this happened to me only a few minutes ago. My husband and I have been living in our current apartment for about a year and it was obvious that we are outgrowing it. My husband hates apartment hunting and moving in general so it was obviously understood that I was the one who was going to do the looking around. I had set up an appointment to see this place today after work. As soon as work finished I texted my husband that I would be late picking him up since I was going to see this place. On paper it looked like a great place, however when I arrived there it was obvious that it was a pretty dirty dinghy apartment complex. For a second I hesitated going in but I had scheduled myself an appointment with the agent for the complex, so I thought I shouldn't be rude and went into the rental office. As I entered the rental office I was greeted by a pungent smell. It smelled like a mixture of rank body odor and the smell of a week old unwashed socks. "Hi there," grunted a hairy burly giant standing behind the desk. He was about 300 pounds, and was over six and a half feet tall (which seemed huge compared to my 28 year old 150 pound, five foot seven frame). The giant looked to be in his early 40s and was wearing an open shirt on which I could see a label which was embroidered with the name 'Dave'. He had a thick six inch long beard which blended into the thick mat of curly dark hair which covered his chest, and which was clearly visible through (and over) his dirty wife beater. It didn't take a genius to figure out this beast, Dave, was the source of the distinct smell in the room. My ass started to twitch as I took in his rugged masculinity. "You okay?" he asked. I realized that I had been staring at his hairy chest for at least thirty seconds. "Oh, sorry, I lost my thought. Ummmm.... Hi. My husband and I called to see the two bedroom unit," I managed to reply. "Your husband? We waiting for him?" "Uhhh. He won't be joining us. I came over to take a look at the apartment that's available." I didn't understand why I was so jittery. "Follow me," he directed as he swoshed past me. I got a whiff of his scent and felt my dick get hard. I quietly walked behind him staring at his immense frame. My mind was going crazy with thoughts of him but I reminded myself that I was married and just entered the apartment that he unlocked for me and walked in first. It was a very small place which opened into the living room with no windows. Dave followed me inside and shut the door behind him. I thought I heard the door lock. I quietly turned around to see him standing there smirking at me. "Uhhh... Why did you..." I didn't know what to say. "I saw you looking at me bitch. You thirsty for this?" He grabbed his crotch. I was dumbfounded and frozen in place. He moved forward bent down to grab me by the waist and put his huge tongue in my mouth. His mouth smelled like cigarette smoke. I made a weak attempt at trying to squirm away and he lifted me up and threw me on the floor. He held me down with one hand and unzipped his pants with the other. I was frozen in place. At nine inches his dick was huge and so thick it reminded me of a tree trunk. He flopped his cock on my lips with the warning "You bite and I will break your beautiful teeth." He put his huge dick in my mouth and started to pump in and out. I could smell his rank crotch. I was hard as a rock. But his dick was too big for me. I started to gag and choke. My eyes started to water and I struggled under his weight, but Dave only laughed and after what seemed like an eternity pulled out of my mouth and got off me. I rubbed my eyes. I looked down and started to cry. I was confused and hurt. "I'm married. I didn't want to do this." "Hahaha! You bitch. You think this is over?" I looked up to see that he was now standing in his dirty black socks with holes in them and ripped up wife beater. He was a hairy gorilla. With one hand he then turned me over and pulled down my pants. I screamed and he put a hand over his mouth. With the other hand he took off one of his rancid socks and stuffed it in my mouth. He then held me down and entered my ass without even spitting on it. It hurt like hell since the only lube I had was my saliva on it. I tried to scream but my voice was muffled by his stinky socks in my mouth. "How do you like having a real man inside you bitch?" he asked, grunting as he pumped into my hole. I was crying perhaps with pain or perhaps because of the guilt that I was enjoying this assault on me. I knew that my ass was bleeding and he didn't care about it. As I felt his entire weight on top of me I felt like I was going to die of suffocation. After about ten minutes of brutal thrusts, I could sense his pace start to quicken. "Here you go bitch. You're gonna leave with a piece of me inside you." He grunted as I felt him thrust harder and harder. I could feel my insides getting fuller and fuller with his sperm and after about thirteen final deep thrusts (which I am sure were accompanied by volleys of sperm) he pulled out of me. I pulled his nasty sock out of my mouth and quickly grabbed my bag as he struggled to get back into his clothes. "Rent is $950," he commented as I pulled up my pants and ran out the door, heading for my car. Somehow I had had the presence of mind to hold onto my keys, so although I had to fumble to get the key into the ignition, I held it together long enough to drive off into the evening traffic. As I made my way to pick-up my husband, I was utterly dumbfounded. What should I do? By any definition I had just been raped! Should I report it? But given I was raped, why did I feel so fulfilled? Why wasn't I more upset? Why did I feel good? I was so confused. I drove to my husband's place of work. He was waiting for me at the door of his office, and smiled broadly as I drove up. Getting into the front passenger seat, he gave me a loving kiss, whereupon I quietly drove home, and parked, locking the car. As we walked to the apartment I reached into my pocket to get the apartment key, and in so doing found my pocket contained the stinky sock which Dave had used as a mouth gag a few minutes earlier. My ass twitched as my rapist's sperm leaked from it. "I think I found us a new apartment honey...."
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    Half of this story is true. Half of it isn't. Everything's so different now when it comes to chat rooms. It used to be simple. There used to be just this one big chat site where you could go directly to your city or region and start a conversation with guys nearby. I'm in a medium-sized city and always found guys to talk to. It was 1998, and I was just a stupid kid messing around online. I was "out", but not really happy with the clubs I'd been to or the personal ads I'd tried. Somewhere around that time I discovered I was a "bug chaser". It was a surprise to me even though a therapist once told me that the thing you fear most is the thing you will eventually go after. So be it. I don't pretend to understand the human mind -- least of all, my own. So I'm chatting in my city's room and I started a conversation with this guy who called himself "a tall, tasty top". Just my kind. But he also had HIV that was advancing ever so close to full-blown AIDS. We chatted for a bit and exchanged some personal information. He worked at a big museum and did misc. artwork for the place. He was a musician and seemed altogether interesting. But then he moved things along to sex talk. I'd already told him I was HIV NEG, but he seemed to want to know how far I'd go with him. I admitted that I wanted to suck him off. "You'd suck a poz dick?", he asked. "Just yours," was my reply. "My doc is really concerned about my viral load. I'm getting my tonsils taken out in a few days because he thinks that will help,". Oh. OK. "Well, maybe we could meet for lunch later on?" "My operation is Thursday morning. Want to meet for a late lunch on Friday?" "Absolutely". I thought that seemed kind of soon after a surgery, but I suggested a little bar and grill that was near both our workplaces. He agreed and it was all set. After I signed-out, I realized that even though we'd set a date, place and time --- we had no idea what the other looked like or would be wearing. All I had to go on was 'tall, tasty top'. That'd have to do, I guess. Friday came around and I told my boss I was taking the afternoon off. At 1 o'clock, I slipped out and was at the place plenty early to see if I could spot him coming in. It didn't take long before I spotted him coming through the parking lot. He was super tall, very skinny and looking like Hollywood (in my opinion). Dark black hair and full beard and mustache, glasses, and dark eyes directed toward me. He knew me too. Amazing. he was dressed way more casual than I was, but he was an artist after all. Lunch. Well, I could have picked a better place for a date with somebody who'd just had throat surgery. They didn't even serve soup here, just hot chili which I doubt he could tolerate. I ordered a burger and he ordered a turkey sandwich. While waiting, we finally got around to basics like our names and ages and where we lived. He was so fascinating to look at, and his voice was low and friendly. His name was Kent. I took two or three bites from my burger and I couldn't eat any more. My stomach was doing flips like I was teen girl in love. He finished his food and half of mine before suggesting we go to a gay bar around the corner. "Just for a bit" We got there and I immediately ordered a large pitcher of beer. He was a little concerned that my stomach was too empty for so much booze, but I lied and said I'd had a big breakfast. We were sitting at the bar on two stools. He was wearing old jeans with holes everywhere - including the ones that let me see his white, white bony kneecaps. I wanted to touch one of them, but needed some beer first. I hated myself for being shy. We drank and talked, and at some point he took my hand in his. Life was perfect. I guess I should've eaten more and I guess I shouldn't have downed the beers so quickly because we were deep-kissing right there in front of everyone. I'd touched both knees and possibly even kissed one. I might have even have rubbed his crotch. It's all blurry ---even the part where he drug me out of the bar and drove me to his house. I was fairly awake and lucid when we went in his front door. He escorted me to a very long couch where I just knew I'd fall asleep. It was so plush and luxurious that I was prepared to close my eyes and let dreams come on. I'd forgotten all about Kent. He'd disappeared somewhere. And then he walked in and cleared his throat. "Wake up!" I sat up as my head spun a bit. "I want to play a concerto for you". he announced. He was completely nude and I noticed the scars on his neck, his fat dick and his long, long feet. He walked casually over to a fancy piano and started pounding out the most beautiful music I'd ever heard. Should I remain on the couch? Should I go stand closer? I opted to get closer and watch him. It was all so wonderful and my head was filled with colors and images from each perfect note. And then it was over. He sat up from the bench, took my hand and led me upstairs to his bedroom. Either I undressed myself or he did it for me, but I was naked under his covers. He crawled in beside me. "Still want to suck a poz cock?" "Oh yeah. I do." He was stretched out on his back and I immediately put his thick knob in my mouth. Did I realize what I was doing? No. I just did it. I moved as far down the shaft as I could. He started bucking his hips and I knew he wanted me to complete the task. I pulled off, took a deep breath and continued. I kept sucking and my jaw got tired when he suddenly thrust his groin up and shot a huge load against the roof of my mouth. I didn't spill a drop and swallowed it all. Bug cum. I took his sudden snoring as a sign I could sleep too. And, oh I did. I dreamed of birds and piano music. I woke up to two things: a desire for water and a prodding between my ass cheeks. Kent had woken earlier and had worked himself into full-blown hardness. He was pushing it into my hole. There was no way I could pretend to be asleep for this, but I needed to try. He got the fat head in and I yelled out. Very awake now. "Sshhhh". "It hurts too much. Maybe we shouldn't do this now". "Get on all fours. Pretend you're The Sphinx". I did as told...thinking of that odd monument in Egypt. And then he was covering me with his lean, furry body. He worked his way back inside with some lube this time. It nearly killed me, but it as it kept going I felt a little better. And as he slid in and back, I felt pleasure in my crotch area, I told him how much I was enjoying this and that made him thrust harder. And then he came. His poz cum was inside of me and I hadn't even mentally prepared for that. Too much to think about. I'd have so much to deal with when I woke up, but right now I just wanted to sleep. And dream.
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    Really great that weekends cum around so quickly ..
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    Since the weather has been nice the last few days, I decided to scope out some places to swim and possibly camp. Found a good place about 45 minutes from me. It was secluded, and a good path that had to be hiked due to put holes that a vehicle can't get through. When it opened up to the lake I found two guys had already set-up a camp. As I approached them to introduce myself, I saw the two guys were in their late 20s, and both were naked as they were apparently swimming in the lake. Both walked up to me and shook my hand and acted like everything was cool, as if it was not unusual for guys to go skinny dipping. As we made our introductions, they both suggested I take a dip in the lake, adding there was no one else around, so it was fine if I skinny dipped. At this point I began to wonder if I had interrupted them, as both guys' cock was somewhat plumped up, and each was at least seven inches in length, and quite thick. I noticed they were both very 'touchy' with me - for certain, if either could find some excuse he did so, so I went with it. Before long, I was naked and sucking off both guys. After a few minutes of sucking, the more dominate guy asked "Hey, guy, do you have any condoms?" Of course I didn't, so I paused in sucking his buddy and answered "Just go ahead," as I went back to sucking his buddy, and as I presented my ass to the other guy. The more dominant guy went balls deep on the first thrust. My cock immediately began to leak precum, and didn't cease for the next hour as they alternately fucked my hole. Finally one shot up into my hole and the other instantly spun me around and pushed his dick inside and shot his load. With two loads in my hole, I collapsed onto my back. The more submissive guy immediately rolled over and sucked me off. Before, however, he had a chance to swallow my load, I kissed him and we snowballed the load between ourselves. I think I'll be camping at the lake quite a bit this summer.
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    Yesterday I returned home from a three day trip to Georgia. I had been invited to have some fun with a couple I had met sometime earlier. Naturally I was happy to accept their invitation. I drove down and when I arrived at their place we all relaxed. My hosts were a 19 year old bottom fem guy (who's dick was locked-up in a cock cage) and his other half, the top, was about 29 and very domineering. After relaxing for a couple hours the bottom pulled down my shorts and started sucking me off as I made out with the top. After a few minutes the bottom stood up, pulled-down his shorts, slid down on my cock and rode me. Now, ordinarily I don't top, but the bottom was as hot as fuck so I went with it. It didn't take long fit me to shoot my load in the bottom's hole. The next morning I woke up to the top rolling me onto my belly and sitting onto my hole. He slowly pushed his eight inch dick into my ass where he spent about a half hour fucking my hole until he shot inside me. Afterwards he rolled off, grabbed my head by my hair and grunted "Lick up all that cum and your ass juices." I went to town, savoring the mixture of cum, lube and sweat, and when I had cleaned his dick to his satisfaction he ordered "Get on all fours," as he gestured for the bottom to slide a fairly large dildo into my hole. By this point I was leaking precum, and when, without warning, the bottom removed the dildo from my hole and rimmed my ass. I was frantic to cum, so when the bottom directed me to flip on my back I was eager to comply, and no sooner had I done so when the bottom swallowed my dick and vigorously sucked me until I blew my load, which he swallowed with gusto. Afterwards the three of us made out. That's just the first 18 hours. I'll post more later on.
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    Part 2 For the next two weeks, all that my mind kept wandering to was him. I didn’t even know his name. But I did know where HE lives. And HE was the best sex I’d ever had in my life. And I wanted MORE. It’s like something had invaded my body with that poisonous cum. The part of me that used to be scared of catching HIV no longer existed. It had been devoured by the disease that was incubating inside me. That’s right, I never went to the hospital. How could I? I was so turned on every time I thought about him and what he did to me. How could I sit there and tell a doctor about it without my raging boner giving me away. I wanted more of him. I needed more of him. And so that brings me to tonight. Right now. I am probably doing something completely stupid, but I think I might go insane if I don’t feel him in me again. So I put on a pair of ass-hugging jeans, simple tee shirt, and grabbed a jacket that hangs a little longer than last time, and headed out. My heart was racing the entire walk, and now I find myself standing in the shadows across the street, watching his house. No movement, but there is a light on. Doesn’t seem like there is anyone else there with him. I walked to the door and knocked. And waited. I was so nervous I was actually shaking. After what felt like eternity, the door flew open. With the one step up into the house from the top step I was on, he was towering over me. “Well, well, well. The bitch came back for more, didn’t ya?” he chuckled. I hadn’t figured out just what I wanted to say to him, despite how many times I played it out in my head. So I ended up stammering, “I just, I wasn’t sure, but, maybe-” He reached out, grabbed my arm and yanked me into the house. In a flash he spun me around and jammed that long tongue down my throat again. This time there was no resistance from me. My tongue was in there, too, gliding and dueling with him, causing us to become a big slobbering sloppy mess. It was a hot fucking kiss! “I knew you’d want more,” he panted once our lips parted. “Come on,” he said, taking me by the hand back to the bedroom. As I got undressed, he was on his phone texting or something, and then he stripped, too. We basically got right back to how it was last time. He wanted me on my stomach while he rimmed me, then he climbed up the bed and straddled me before slowly working his big meat back into me. I’d been so horny for this the last two weeks, my ass felt no pain, and it felt awesome! “Fuck yes, I’ve dreamed about that dick in me every day since I left here,” I groaned. “I knew you would, pig. That’s what sluts, do, right?” he laughed. “Did you keep my babies in you like a good bitch?” “Yes, I put a butt plug in and kept it in me all day,” I replied. “Good, bitch knows what to do. And now you want more. I’ll give you more. We’re gonna get you more than you can handle,” he commented, now working up to quite a frenzied fuck before blasting his first load of the night. That first fuck hadn’t lasted long, but lucky me, I knew that he was good for plenty more. He lay flat on top of me as he came down from his orgasm, his breathing returning to normal. But he seemed perfectly content to lay on me with his hard rod still buried up in me. I was content with it, too. “Any signs of infection yet? It’s been two weeks,” he pointed out. “Not so far,” I told him. “And my ass was bleeding, too. No wonder everyone stared at me on the way home. My pants were soaked with cum and sweat and some blood.” “I’ll get you what you want. It is what you want, isn’t it?” he asked, teasingly rutting his hips to stimulate my ass even more. “Yes.” “Yes, what?” “I want you to fill me with your virus. Infect me. Poz me,” I said. “Good bitch,” he cooed in my ear. “We’re gonna give you more deadly cum that your body will know what to do with.” We? Who is this ‘we’? Suddenly I heard the front door slam shut, and the sounds of several pairs of feet clunking down the hall to us. I tried to look back and see how many people he’d invited over, but his face was right next to mine. I could hear jackets and shoes being removed, but no one spoke at first. Finally HE (I still didn’t know his name) did a push-up and hovered over me for a moment before ramming into my ass with a couple of powerful slams. And then he eased out completely and climbed off of me. I quickly flipped over and was greeted with a sight most horrific. Where HE was built and hot, his choice of friends left a lot to be desired. A rougher bunch of men I’ve never seen. Five in all, they looked like they ranged in age from 40-ish to at least 60. A couple looked like bikers, in their beat-up leathers. Another looked like he was homeless he was so messy looking. And the remaining two were basically skeletons with skin. My stomach lurched. This is not what I came here for. I just wanted a hot fuck from a real stud again. This was delving into dark territory. What do you do when your entire body is lit up with lust but your brain is screaming ‘FIRE!’? I guess HE saw my hesitation and spoke up. “There’s no where to go so you might as well lay back and enjoy the ride. Just like you enjoyed it with me the first time. It brought you back here, didn’t it?” he noted. I couldn’t argue with that. Besides, I was staring at a wall of hard dicks and horny men. Fuck it! I rolled back over and presented my ass to them. I don’t have to see them, anyway. It’s just their cocks I’m interested in. “Fuck yeah, that’s right, bitch,” one of the guys said as he crawled up behind me and lined his hard dick up with my cum-lubed hole. “We’re going to fuck you up,” he added right before shoving balls deep in me, forcing the breath from my lungs. I groaned and sucked in air for a few seconds. Luckily my ass was already fucked by the biggest dick among them, and well lubed, so he had a smooth ride. They all stood around cheering him on. I could tell from the feel of him that he was one of the bikers, just from his general size. His dick felt good, a comfortable ride at 7-ish inches. He slammed into me over and over and over. The friction in my ass was heavenly. After I don’t know how long, he lost control and buried balls-deep into me while his toxic cum flooded my ass. I swear I was born with extra nerve endings back there -I can always feel every drop of cum as it enters my fuckhole. “What do you say, bitch?” HE bellowed. “My friend just gave you a gift.” “Thank-you, Sir.” “Thank-you, Sir for what?” the guy asked me. “Thank-you for your poz load, Sir.” “Not just poz, bitch. I’ve got AIDS. Enjoy,” he chirped, sliding out of me and giving my unbruised butt cheek a swat. Next came the one I thought looked homeless. I knew it wasn’t the other biker because he’s bigger, and it definitely wasn’t one of the skeletal men, either. His dick actually felt bigger than the first guy, a nice surprise for a smaller guy. It stretched my hole and filled me. As he pounded my hole, the thickness caused my ass to make all sorts of raunchy sloppy slurping noises, which the guys all seemed to get off on. Hell, I was getting off on it, too! Between that and the knowledge that my hole was getting filled with their seed, I was feeling like one happy pig. I didn’t bother trying to hide my big smile as I rode back on that dick and fucked myself with it. HE laughed when he saw my obvious pleasure at being used like a cumdump. “Look at you, smiling and happy like a true whore. I should be makin’ money off of you,” he laughed to himself. Then HE grabbed his phone off of the night stand and started taking pictures of my smiling face as I rode the stranger’s dick. I didn’t try to hide myself from that, either. I had no idea what he had planned for the pictures, but I was feeling too good to care. This guy came in my ass, and immediately climbed off. Only seconds later one of the bony thin men was pressing himself up against my upturned ass. I could feel the bones of his hips against my butt cheeks for a moment before he pulled himself back and lined his cock up with my hole. This dick was crazy -it was so thick my hole hurt as it tried to stretch open. Honestly, it felt like he was trying to fist me. Finally just the huge head popped in, causing me to yelp out. This, naturally, caused all of the men to laugh and taunt me. And spur the skinny fucker on. Not the best idea when it didn’t feel like he was going to get in me another inch. It was THAT thick. But not waiting for me to voice any protest, HE ran behind the guy and shoved forward hard. I yelled out as I felt my hole stretch and tear for the unnaturally thick cock. I knew I was torn because as he began to fuck in and out of me, I could feel my hole get a lot slicker from the added blood mixing with the cum. I glanced down between my legs and watched. After several minutes of hard pounding, causing an even more obscene sloppy slurping noise, I began notice a light pink mixture oozing down the insides of my legs. Cum mixed with blood. It wasn’t shockingly red, not even close, so I didn’t panic. I knew that the worst was over, and his dick was now feeling great slamming into me. Eventually I was pushing my ass back to meet his thrusts, riding that monster meat like my life depended on it. I was hoping that his wad would be proportionate to the size of his dick. I could feel a set of big balls flopping against my own low hangers with every forward thrust he made. They felt like big balls, so I really did hope they were full for me. Sure enough, within a matter of minutes, he was giving telltale signs that his orgasm was near. His bony hips hit my ass cheeks harder and faster while his skinny fingers dug into the flesh of my waist. Finally he roared loudly, called me a fucking AIDScumWhore, and literally drenched my guts with his toxic seed. And yes, those balls were FULL. He stayed in me for a couple of minutes, and his dick pulsed non stop the entire time. My hole was slick. With an audible slurping/sucking sound, he gently eased his semi-hard cock from my hole, and I felt the other biker take his place. “Fuck yeah, I love some AIDS sloppy seconds,” he grunted as he jammed his cock into me. It wasn’t nearly as thick as the last guy, so he easily coasted into my hole and set about pounding me to mush. His basically average sized dick was a nice break from the stress my body had been enduring, so now I was able to catch my breath and allow him to use my hole to dump his load. A few minutes passed and he added his cum to the mix of venomous seed that was polluting my insides. Just the thought of it now had my dick twitching like a divining rod beneath me, and leaking precum like a faucet. Last up was the other scrawny wasting man. His dick wasn’t as thick as his mates, but it was longer. He hit me deep as he entered me, slowly but surely, until his hips rested against my ass. This entire time I’d been doggie, so it was actually a relief when he pulled back out and told me to flip onto my back so I could look at all of the men who had gifted me with their precious HIV+ semen. I didn’t hesitate and was on my back as quickly as one might expect from a cumwhore. He was back in me and slamming away in a matter of seconds while the others cheered him on. My eyes scanned them all, the look of satisfaction they all wore on their faces, and their already hardening dicks that were probably going to be making a second stab at my ass as soon as this wasting fucker got through with me. They all took such pleasure in passing their disease on. I wondered how many other unsuspecting guys had fallen victim to their deadly dicks. Just thinking about all of that cum in me, their toxic baby batter, it kept me so high and in heat, I started egging the fucker on. After all, they wanted me to play the part of the toxic cumwhore -give the people what they want! “Come on, give it to me, fuck another load of AIDS juice into me. Flood my ass,” I urged. “Oh, yeah, you like taking dying AIDS dick in you?” the skinny fucker asked. “Sick fuck, that’s what you are. And you’re getting loads from a bunch of truly sick fucks, you fucking pig. You’re gonna be so diseased and toxic when we get done with you.” “Fuck yeah, give it to me. I want all of your loads. Fucking load me up!” I begged. They all cheered us on, and finally he jammed as deep into my ass as he could reach. I thought he was going to empty his nuts now, but he settled close to me and I could feel him fidgeting around my ass. I wasn’t sure what he was doing until I felt more pressure at my opening. After a couple of minutes of pushing, I felt a sudden rush and the pressure stopped, his hips were as tight against me as possible. That’s when I realized he’d shoved his balls up into my ass, too. Fucking hell, I’ve never had a man even try to do that before but it was HOT! Of course he couldn’t really fuck now or they would pop out, so I squeezed his entire goody package with my ass muscles (I somehow managed considering how slack I felt inside) and worked to milk his load out of him. The other guys were going nuts watching this, cheering us on. And I was thrilled -I felt like I’d climbed Everest or something. It really was a wonderful sensation having his cock and balls plugging my hole. Like a butt plug that gives you loads -what a dream! I squeezed and squeezed and finally he started grunting. “That’s it, whore, milk my load out. Come on, pig, work that ass and you’ll get a nice big load right up in there. Uuugh, fuck yes, that’s it!” he roared as I felt his balls twitch and his dick throb, filling me completely with his offering. It was quite a while before we finally came down, and he carefully worked his sensitive balls and dick out of my hole, and then HE stepped up and jammed a big plug into my ass. “Come on, guys, let’s go get a drink and leave the pig here to rest a few minutes before we get onto Phase 2.”
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    The Mugger -Walk of Shame (Aftermath from part 1) The walk home was interesting. I reeked of sweat and cum and just sex in general, and I got plenty of funny looks as I walked the rest of the way to my apartment. And since I’d been trying to score last night, I wasn’t wearing anything that would cover my finest asset -my ass- so the cum that was smeared all around my hole, not to mention what was leaking from me, brought a lot of attention as a huge wet spot formed on my pants. This was beyond the walk of shame. So why was I still horny from the thought of it all? I got into my apartment and stripped, giggling at my throbbing hard cock. To hell with the shower. I raced to the bedroom and grabbed a nice fat dildo and jammed it up my ass while I jacked my cock until I exploded in the most powerful orgasm of my life. All of this because of him. I still had a hunger in my ass, so I shoved a nice fat plug in there and slept most of the day away, my dreams filled with the rugged and rough handsome stranger who had basically raped me into submission.
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    Its that time of the week again when thoughts turn to what the days ahead may have in store for all the whores, sluts, holes, cocks, sleazy & depraved guys that inhabit this wonderful BZ Brotherhood ...
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    Part 4 Craig looked me deep in the eyes. He grabbed my hand and brought it down to the bulge in his pants. He was fully hard. "This is what you just did to me," he said. I grabbed his hand and lead him into the bedroom. I pushed him onto the bed and started to take off my clothes as fast as possible. He didn't take his eyes off me while he started to strip his own clothes off. I stood before him naked, and he said, "Turn around, baby, and let me see that sweet white ass." I did. "Now back up here and let me have it." I did. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks. He squeezed them and pulled them apart. "Such a pretty pink hole- now bend over." I felt his warm breath on my ass and then felt his tongue lick up and down my crack. "Sweet, sweet ass, babe," he whispered, and then started kissing and licking my puckered hole. He grabbed me around the waist and forcefully pulled my ass into his face. His tongue traced around my hole and eased in deeper. He was eating me like I was candy. My ass opened up for his warm, wet, rough tongue. He tossed me onto the bed on my back, He pushed the backs of my thighs and raised my legs and kept slurping away. Then he pushed a finger into my hole and gently fucked in and out. After a couple of minutes, he entered me with 2 fingers, and then with 3. He got up on his knees between my raised legs, spit on his cock, and pressed the head against my relaxed hole. He just held it there and looked at me with lust. I knew then I really was ready for this, whether he was poz or not. I knew I had to have his cock inside me, and needed to feel him cum in me. After a few seconds that seemed like an hour he said, "You have no idea how much I want this, Jeff. But I can't without telling you - I'm poz. I can't just fuck you without telling you that." "I know," I said, "or I thought you probably are. I can't believe how much I want you. Please fuck me! I am so turned on right now just thinking about taking your load. Fuck me, fuck me please!" His face lit up in an evil smile, and he very slowly pushed into me. It was an unbelievable feeling, unlike any other fuck I had ever taken. He eventually stopped when he was almost all in. My ass was giving a little resistance, but I reached for his ass and pushed him all the way in. Wow! He leaned down and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. Then he slowly pulled back until only the head of his cock was inside me. He began to give me long, firm strokes. We were both enjoying this slow, deliberate pace of his fucking. My hands left his ass and found those sexy pierced nipples. He closed his eyes and threw his head back and moaned. I started to tug on his nipple rings, and he fucked faster. Each thrust felt deeper. His ass moved around in a corkscrew motion. His cock was hitting every spot. This was heaven! My whole body felt flushed and I pushed back against every deep thrust. His moans and the tempo of his fucking increased. I gasped and moaned, too. He looked down at me with a look of ecstasy and said through his deep, panting breaths, "I'm getting real close, baby. Tell me you want this. Tell me how much you want my seed." "I want it. Seed my hole!" "What do you want, white boy?" "I want you cum inside me... please!" He fucked harder and harder, but wasn't yet cumming. "I'm so close, baby! Tell me again!" "I want your cum! I need your CUM!" I cried out. "What kind of cum? Tell me what you really want. I'm so fucking close!" "I want your hot cum- I need your cum- your POZ cum! Give me that hot fucking POZ CUM!" He gave a yell and plunged his dick deep as it would go. He grunted and grunted and I knew he was shooting. "Take that poz cum, white boy!" he gasped. His breath stared to calm down, but he was still deep inside me. He bent down for another lustful kiss. I held him tight. His cock remained deep inside me, and I loved it. His mouth finally left mine. "I'm still hard, baby, roll over." Somehow I rolled over face down on the bed without loosing his cock. He was on my back, slowly fucking his cock in and out. He was kissing my neck and nibbling my ears and still he fucked my loaded hole. This amazing fuck was not over yet. He whispered in my ear, "I love that ass. I want to fuck you forever." My hole was sloppy from the huge load he had planted in me, and he kept right on with his gentle fucking. "I'm pushing that cum deeper in, baby. How does it feel?" "I love it. Fuck me all night. Please don't ever stop," I whispered. "I feel another load coming, babe. Tell me you want it. Tell me- you know what I want to hear." His breathe felt wonderful in my ear. My heart was starting to pound again. "I want your hot poz cum. I need more of your poz cum. Please give it to me- please..." He gasped and pushed into me all the way again. I felt him shudder and felt him shoot in my hole. My mind was flying, almost like I was getting high from his hot seed. We stayed like that for a long time. His cock softened only a little. He let out a deep sigh and slowly started to pull out. But my ass clenched tight on his cock without me thinking about it. My hands reached back to his ass and pulled him close. I wanted his cock in me as long as I could have it. He gently kissed my neck, and we slowly rolled over onto our dies in a spooning position. We both drifted off to sleep with my ass milking out those last drops. Part 5 coming soon
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    An Audition for the Bare Fuck Club My boyfriend and I had fooled around behind each other's backs for some time. I knew he was getting fucked by other guys, and he knew I was fucking other guys too, but we kept it discreet and never really talked about it. I always played safe with other guys, but fucked my boy bare. I assumed that he made the guys fucking him wear condoms, especially after finding a half-empty box of rubbers in our closet. I was headed out of town for two weeks for a project and we agreed to video chat as often as possible. The first few days we chatted and caught up, and he always seemed focused and happy to see me. On the third day, he seemed distracted, like someone else was in the room. I made a joke that I didn't want to keep him from his date, and he blushed before making excuses and logging off. The next day, I jokingly asked how his date went. I was surprised when he said, “Pretty well. He fucked me good!” I still wasn't sure if he was serious, and I asked if he was well-hung. “Fuck yeah. He's got at least ten thick inches, and he knows how to use it!” My jaw dropped. My boy went on, “When he came in me, I swear I could feel it in my throat!” I was shocked that he had let some other guy breed him. I guess over the next few days, the guy came back, fucked him raw again, and gave him his load. A few days later the guy brought a friend along too. Both guys took turns at my boy's ass before they creamed his hole. My boy made sure to tell me in detail how they used him and how much he liked feeling their cum leaking out of his slack hole. I couldn't help but be turned on. The following day was my last full day out of town and he messaged me a pic of his ass full of hard dick, with cum oozing out of his ass and puddling on his top's huge hairy balls. I came hard jerking off to his photo. My boyfriend met me at the airport and told me he had a fresh load simmering in his gut as he drove us home. As soon as we were inside, we tore off each other's clothes. Right there in the hallway, I had him bent over the staircase railing with his jeans at his ankles and spread his cheeks. I knelt down and slipped my tongue into his loosened hole. I was rewarded with a dollop of cum. I spit it onto my dick and forced my way into his cummy hole. There was a froth of cum forming around my cock as I pounded his ass. He moaned with pleasure as I added my cum to the mix already deep in his belly. We fucked again before going to bed that night. As he cuddled with me before drifting off to sleep, he told me how glad he was that I was ok with other guys fucking him raw. I honestly told him how much it turned me on, and that I would love to watch him get fucked and take some stranger's load. A few days later, my boy arranged for his ten-inched friend to come by to breed him after work. My boy met Joe at the door and kissed him hard before welcoming him into our living room. Joe extended his man-paw and shook my hand. He was HOT. Six foot tall, in tight jeans and a t-shirt that stretched over his powerful frame. He had a trim beard and a tuft of silver chest hair peek out of the collar of his shirt. He wrapped his muscled arms around my boy's frame and lifted my boy's shirt off. My boy started chewing Joe's nipples through the shirt as he unbuckled Joe's jeans and shucked them to the floor. Out plopped a beautiful hardening cock. My boy expertly deep-throated Joe's tool as he fished out his own dick. When Joe was fully hard and his cock shining with spit, he flipped my boy over the arm of the sofa. He jammed his bare cock without warning into my boy's raw ass. I was mesmerized as I watched Joe's powerful ass ram into my boy's body. I fisted my own cock as I watched Joe pump away. My cock was oozing pre-cum as I watched Joe's pace quicken. I crept closer to watch Joe's dick plow my boy bare. All the while, my boy was whimpering, “You gonna breed me, you sick fuck? Gonna give me your load? Gonna fill that hole?” Each time, Joe grunted back, “Fuck yeah, man. Gonna fill you up!” As Joe's pace sped up, his shirt crept higher on his muscled ass revealing a small black tattoo. My heart stopped as I recognized the symbol to mean BIOHAZARD. This hunk fucking my boy's bare ass was POZ! I wanted to cry out to let my boy know the danger he was in, but before I could say anything, Joe threw his head back and growled as he pumped his toxic seed into my boy's bare hole. I was silent until I realized that I had blown my load all over the floor. Joe withdrew his cock with a squishy plop and grabbed the back of my head. He forced my face into the diseased seed leaking from my boy's hole. I couldn't help but lap it up. I was about to swallow when he pulled me to my feet and drove his tongue into my mouth, sucking out and swallowing his own POZ cum. My boy collected himself and asked me if watching him get fucked bare was everything I thought it would be. I gestured to the puddle of my cum on the floor to answer and he dove down to lick it up. Joe excused himself to the bathroom to clean up a bit, and I took the chance to ask my boy if he had seen Joe's tattoo. He told me frankly that he had, and he knew what it meant, and that he was willing to take the risk of POZ seed if that meant he got more loads. I was still trying to process that my boyfriend had been knowingly taking POZ cum in his ass, and was planning on continuing, when I realized that Joe had come back into the room. Joe smirked at my naivety and asked if I was okay with what had just happened. I told him that I knew he was taking loads, but didn't know he was fine taking POZ loads. He told me that it was a natural progression, and taking POZ cock was bound to happen sooner or later if a bottom didn't demand his top use a condom every time. Even though I knew I should be outraged, my cock was telling a different story. I was rock-hard and drooling pre-cum. Joe reached out and stroked my dick, asking if we wanted to hear about a club he was in. My boy and I were all ears. Joe told us that he belonged to the Bare Fuck Club, an exclusive audition-only group of guys who liked to give and take raw loads. Some were POZ, but most were NEG. For these guys, it was about cum, not status. Every member agreed to a no-questions-asked / no-loads-refused policy. My boy was panting at the thought of being in such a club. He asked Joe what the audition entailed. Joe said he would put us in touch with the audition committee and they would be in touch. A few days later, we were sitting together in our living room, waiting for two strangers to come over and meet with us. I knew from their message that at least one of us would have POZ seed in our holes before the night was through. To be continued...
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    last year You know how people love to gossip and talk shit about other people? I took a psychology class in college and have talked to a few therapists, but I still don't know why we like to repeat negative information about fellow human beings. What desire does it satisfy? Not that I'm innocent; I not only repeat nasty rumors, but also eagerly listen to them. That's how I found out about Randy. Guys at the little tavern I stopped at after work were the most chattering, gossiping bunch of hens you'd ever want to meet. I knew most of them by name after a few months of going there. I was still inexperienced with actual gay sex, but I don't think I came across that way. When I told my friend my friend Joseph that I was a virgin, he didn't believe me at first. I play it cool. After he realized I wasn't lying, he took it upon myself to point out all the men I should stay away from. "He'll rob you blind". "That one has a partner and they both cheat". "He has HIV". Huh? It was 2016 and the disease was very manageable with medication, right? Plus -- I knew how to use a condom if the occasion finally ever arose for me. One evening I got a little too drunk and found myself in a circle of young guys who were dishing about everybody they knew. That's when Randy's name was first mentioned. Apparently he was a guy that once frequented this place but had disappeared from the scene about a year ago. A few guys were sure that he was dying in some hospice and others said he was haunting the one bathhouse. For whatever reason, I wanted to know more. He was known to be HIV+ and didn't have the ability to treat it with even the newest medications. Not only that, but he was supposedly still active sexually. Just not here. I felt my boner rise. As I waited for more information about this guy, a few hot businessmen walked in and all their attention was diverted. They were pretty tasty-looking, but Randy was all I could think about. I finally managed to drag Joseph aside for a few minutes and interrogate him about this infamous man. "Do you know Randy?" "Sort of. He lives in my building and I see him every other week or so. Why?" "I want to meet him. Or see him at least. Where does he hang out?" "Oh no! You heard about the 'super strain' he's got in his balls and now you're wanting to have sex with him! Are you crazy? No. I know what you are: a 'bug chaser'." I should have protested and reassured him that I was just curious, but I just stood in silence. "Well, I'll miss you if that counts for anything. I knew a few guys like you and they're all gone now. Tell you what -- go home and sleep it off and if you're still intent on this, I'll text you his email address tomorrow". Deal. I found my way back to my apartment and slept off and on until dawn. Once the sun was up, I rolled out of bed and called in sick to work. I went back to try and sleep. but just couldn't. Ever notice how you can't force yourself to be tired? It was late in the morning and still no text from Joseph. I should have guessed this. He's not the most reliable guy in the world and has a tendency to bullshit. Then a little "ding" went off and then another. Not a text -- that was the sound I gave to incoming emails. They weren't from Joseph. They were from HIM. Hi. Joe told me a little bit about you and assured me you were cute and cool. I'm 44. Is that too old? LOL My heart was jumping all over my chest. I seldom smoke anymore, but found an old pack and fished one out. There were two more emails from him. OK. Me again. Sorry I forgot my number. It's --- -----. Hope to hear from you soon. The last email was just a photo of him. He looked very normal. He kind of looked like one of those divorced dads I's see on weekends at the grocery store. Medium weight and somewhat shaggy blonde/brown hair that was just a few weeks past 'clean cut'. He needed a shave too. I loved the pic because it wasn't a posed selfie. It was just an honest, candid shot that somebody else must have taken. I was nearly in love at that point. I made myself do some laundry and the dishes and some general tidying up before I called him just at 1:12 pm. "Hello?" "Hi. Is this Randy?" "Yes! Is this Joseph's friend, Tim?" "It is. Got your emails and pic... thanks!" "Sorry. That's the only photo of me I had saved. I had some more 'interesting' ones on my old phone but it died. Maybe we can take some new ones later." Wow. This was moving fast. "I took the day off and was wondering what you were up to". "I am supposed to go feed a friend's dogs, but not until later. Wanna go do something?" "Sure. Like a movie?" " No. Definitely not a movie. You can't talk n a movie, and there's not much out there I'd want to see anyway." "Well YOU decide then". "I'll come pick you up and we'll go find something to do. Just give me your address and I'll be there in thirty minutes." I was dizzy now and had to sit down, but I gave him my address and we said our goodbyes. I rushed to change clothes. I was going to go casual because he struck me as the ultra-relaxed sort. I should have taken longer because it had only been five minutes since I'd hung up the phone. Waiting waiting waiting. Dear Lord. I wasn't religious, but felt the need to pray for some reason. And then there was a knock on my door.I opened it and there he stood -- looking exactly like his photograph. He was a tad taller than me -- wearing a simple t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. He didn't look sick or too thin or give any sign of being "viral". He sized me up a little and then smiled brightly. "Let's go!" he said. I followed and don't even remember if I locked the door behind me. We drove away on that beautiful late-Spring day and sat in silence. "Let's go to Rose Park and take a walk," he suggested. It was called Rose park because it was full of regularly-tended rose bushes, but they wouldn't bloom until later in the Summer. "Sounds good", was all I said. I should be talking more. I should also stop glancing down at his legs. They were mostly hairless but well-formed. Nothing about him suggested bad health. For such a perfect day, there almost no other visitors at the park. It's not the weekend, I reminded myself. We strolled down a path past the pond, the fountains and the not-blooming rose garden. Once were deeper into the park's wilder area, he started talking. "Joseph is a character isn't he? He didn't tell me much about you". I guess this my cue to give him some details about my life, but he wanted to move the conversation forward again. "I'm sure you know all about me, though. Right?" I wondered how in the world I was still walking and breathing. I was dizzy and stumbled a bit over a rock or an acorn or something. He reached over and took my left hand to steady me. "Thanks. I'm fine. It's okay". But he still kept holding my hand. "I heard a little. Just bar talk". "Well -- I'll tell you everything. I'm HIV positive and have multi-resistant strains. I guess it's all mixed to become one, but I don't know enough about stuff to officially classify it. I just know I hate doctors and I hate taking pills and I absolutely hate the big pharmacies that are pushing these little chances of life when you know damn good and well the cure is within their reach. Fuck 'em". I could tell he was getting worked-up because his grip on my hand tightened and he was sweating. At that moment I realized my hands were only a few skin layers away from his mega-toxic veins and bloodstream. Plus his sweat was probably tainted as well. I should be talking more, but I didn't feel entitled to right now. We were under some overgrown willows and the shade was almost cool. I wanted to say something. Anything. "How do you feel?" was all I could come up with. "Powerful", was his simple, calm response. "Good", I said because I was really glad he felt that way. Randy led me off the path and further into the forest of willows and untended grass. He turned around to face me. "I lied", he said out of the blue. "About..?" "Joseph told me all about you. I saw your Facebook and your Instagram. I know more than you think I do. He also told me your goal was to get THIS inside you", he said, grabbing his crotch with the hand that wasn't holding mine. "Why? Wha...What did he say?" "Sshh. Sshh. We'll do this and you'll have a good story to tell at the pub. Watch me get naked and work yourself up. We're alone here". Sure enough -- he pulled down his shorts (no underwear), kicked off his flips, and yanked off his shirt. He was perfect in a way. So very normal. His dick was average-sized but super hard. I briefly looked at his scrotum because I knew that's where the super strain was cooking. Maybe he noticed my glance. Maybe not. I could barely get my shorts and undies down because my dick was so uncontrollably hard. I barely got my loafers off before he engulfed me in a bear hug. It felt nice and I would have been happy if it all ended now. "Work on this dick, little chaser boy". I knew he meant for me to blow him because that was close to a line I'd heard in porn videos. I knelt and had the head of his super weapon on my tongue. Way closer to the bug than my hand had ever been. It wasn't too bad at all. I didn't choke or gag like I'd always suspected I would if this ever happened. This was going well I thought as he started bucking his hips and mumbling non-words. "STOP!", he commanded, "I'm about to cum". Then he turned around and offered his spread ass cheeks to me. This is what I never imagined doing. But I planted my face right in there and then let my tongue take over. He sure loved that. I was starting to like it too, but he stopped me again. Randy grabbed his discarded shirt and made a little mat for me to lie down on. "Get down there now". I was on my back and looking up at him as he jerked his dick. "You don't even want me to pretend I'm putting on a condom, do you?" he asked. I shook my head and he fell on top of me. "Fuck Yeah" was all he said before pushing his crotch down onto mine and grinding. I would have been happy if it all ended now. My brain was in the clouds somewhere when I felt a knife-like pain in my ass. I almost yelled but his mouth was over mine. His tongue was a fat worm rolling around all over my teeth and gums. Our first kiss was not all that romantic. And then he was inside of me completely. The most toxic guy in the city (possibly the state) was fucking me. Raw. "Why?", I asked for whatever reason. Maybe because it felt a little bit like a rape. Of course it wasn't. I'd pursued this and participated fully in everything leading up to it. "What do you mean 'why'?", he asked as his breathing grew heavier. I said nothing. "I have all the power and you have none. You can't escape the consequences at this point....speaking of...." He was thrusting uncontrollably now, He had cum. Deep in me. He kissed me one more time and then rolled off, exhausted. We were both on our backs, looking up at the swaying willow branches and the dying afternoon sun. Dying. What now? He drove me back to my place in almost complete silence. I thought we'd say 'goodnite' at that point, but Randy escorted me up to my door and then invited himself in. We spent the night in my bed, arms wrapped around each other. He was in my life now...as was his virus I supposed. OK. It was somewhat early and we hadn't eaten dinner, but fatigue won over and we slept deeply.
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    Chapter Five Confused, I stood there on the street. Lost in a different time. I replayed each of the three events in my head, wondering what the hell got into me. The honk of a car horn brought me back to reality. Not six feet from me was a cab. It wasn't until I got in when I realized it was the driver who had delivered me to this place. Before words could be spoken, he held up his right wrist. Across the wrist was the raised symbol - the whole symbol. “I have so many questions..” I blurted out “For which I can not answer, this is your path, mine was different” he replied. Disappointed, I flopped back in the seat. I was tired, but I wanted more. “Show me your hole” the drive said Without question, I turned, dropped my shorts to my ankles, knelt in the seat and spread my crack. Cum was still leaking and I was sure that my hole was a little puffy. I rubbed my finger on my hole, giving my cabbie a little show. I could see a bit of his reflection in the rear view mirror. His tongue was circling his lips and I knew I was turning him on. I pushed my hardening cock back between my legs, giving him more to see. “Fuck me” I demanded. “No” he said, “Until you complete your baptism into the order, no member of the order may fuck you with out permission from a Priest” Disappointed, I slowly fingered my wet, sloppy hole. I wanted more dick. I was lost in the memory of what happened as the darkness outside the rear window was interrupted by the street lights. Buildings appeared and quickly disappeared from view. More and more, the glimpses of buildings become more recognizable as we moved through the city, until we were outside mine. As we stopped in front, I pulled my shorts up and turned to face the driver. “My card, you still have it?” the driver asked, to which I nodded yes. “Embrace the viruses you have been given, allow them to take over. At the moment you convert, call the number on the card, no matter the time and I will come. Time is critical in order to insure that your body is making the virus it’s own” I nodded again while exiting the cab. The following week went by and nothing. My mind wondered if the inoculation even took. It wasn't until the following Wednesday I started to feel like I had been run over by a dump truck. At midday my boss send me home, commenting I looked like shit. Once home I stripped naked and crawled between the sheets, waiting for sleep to find me. I was so hot, that sweat ran from me like a leaking hose and my body ached so bad that I laid frozen to the bed, not wanting to move due to the hurt. Sleep found me soon enough as well as the nightmare. I slowly opened my eyes to a semi-lite room, instead of my bed, I was laying face down on something smooth and cold. My fingers slid along the top, finding the corner and slowly going over the side, which was rough like stone. It then occurred to me I was on a stone alter. Everything below my waist hung over the edge, without touching the floor below. I was naked, my hard, aching, throbbing cock was wedged under me. It looked as if I was alone, yet I sensed that I was not. Stepping out of the dark was two fingers in black robes, covering their heads were hoods. Each one held a scythe, yet their hands were covered with fabric from the sleeves of the robes. Panic set in as my mind determined that these two were Grim Reapers. Fuck - was I dead. Was this the place that I was delivered to, was this my Hell? Quickly the two separated, one walked around me to my ass end and one stepped in front of my face. I watched as the one in front of me dropped his scythe, but no sound was made, if it hit a floor and I could only imagine the one behind me had done the same. The Reaper’s hands appear from inside the sleeve, which was nothing but bone. Gripping the middle of the black robe, the bony hands open it, revealing the skeleton body of the Reaper. Right in front of my face was a long bone and two round ball like bones to each side of this long bone. They were attached to nothing, yet hung like a cock and balls. I watched as the long bone slowly started to rise, thicken and twitch, until it was pointing straight at me. The Reaper slowly moved closer to my head as I felt bony fingers grip my ass checks and pull them apart. Coldness invaded my crack. My breath was visible more and more as the Reaper advanced toward me. Without warning, my hole was stabbed over and over by the Reaper’s bony cock. Pain shot through me as the bony cock ripped open my hole, driving deep. There was no warmth, just coldness. The warm inside me was turning to a painful coldness, as the Reaper began to move the bone in and out of my hole. The Reaper in front of me inserted his cold fingers into my mouth, forcing it open, then drove his bony cock deep with in, freezing my tongue as well as the back of my throat. I felt my lips go numb from the cold, as it face fucked me. The hard bony balls froze my chin as they collided with it as the drove deep into my mouth. The stone alter that I was on fell away, leaving me hanging in the air between the two Reapers, who were thrusting in and out of my holes. I could feel air rushing past my chest and stomach, as if we were falling. My body shivered from all the cold, causing my nipples to harden. I wanted to brace myself, but the coldness had me pull away, leaving my arms to hand just like my legs. I couldn’t see anything under me, no ground, nothing, just blackness. The Reapers continue to freeze fuck my holes, spreading the numbness through out my body. Over and over they drove their bony cocks into my holes. I imagined my hole and lips turning blue, as they death fucked me. I could hear my heart beating slowly in my chest and it was getting slower and slower. Panic set in, accompanied by fear. Darkness was closing in around me and the Reapers, until I could no longer see them, only feeling their bony cocks pump in and out. I tried screaming with the cock in my throat…… I sat up in bed screaming, breathing hard, and covered in sweat. My heart was pounding in my chest as I tried to calm myself. The clock across the room read 12:35. A chill traveled through my body, hot from fever and cold from the wet sheets. Grabbing my phone and business card, I called the driver. After three rings, he picked up. “Is it time?” he asked “Yes” I replied “Prepare! I will be in front of your building at 3:30 - be waiting” then the line went dead. Knowing what I had to do, I set about my task. At 3:20 I stood out front of my building propped up against the railing, watching. Exactly 3:30 he arrived. I was so tired and weak, I couldn’t move. Without words, the driver was out, helping me into the car, then was back in the driver seat. We speed off as I fell over in the seat, not caring where we were headed.
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    The play room is all clean and scrubbed for the weekend. The count down is on for the 19 year old Neg bottom boy that wants to be breed by me and my boy. I am looking forward to sinking balls deep and then make him beg for it make him tell me what he wants. Tell me he wants that charged load and beg all the while I use him. When I am close to blasting my load I am going to ask were do you want this toxic load slut? Making him tell me in his hole and tell him beg boy beg for my load.

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