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    It was all falling into place. I had just discovered my boyfriend of ten years was cheating on me. How did I discover it? Today, Saturday, I was sleeping in late as I recovered from a godawful, unseasonable flu. My guy had left me to work overtime, yet again, and in his hurry he had accidentally picked-up my phone, leaving his plugged into the charger. As the text message pinged, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and groggily picked up the phone and opened what I thought was a message for me Pitor: Ive not cum since we last fucked got a huge Poz load 4 u my filthy POZ cum slut? I had to re-read it as those two words jumped up off the screen at me: Poz and Fucked. The bastard was getting barebacked, then turning around and fucking ME and didn’t have the decency to say and I didn't even know the fucker bottomed as he certainly didn't for me! I was stunned. My boyfriend Grahame is cheating on me AND was fucking with a guy with HIV. I couldn't believe it and felt sick as I scrolled through a series of text and picture messages. With my heart sunk with each conversation as I realized they had been chatting and fucking for the past nine months. My stomach churned as I think back on the deceit and web of lies doing extra hours at work or dashing off to see family but as mad and pissed as I was my cock was rock hard as I read the multiple messages. Grahame: I would LOVE to get fucked by your big PA’d dick! Pitor: U know i'm POZ? Grahame: I don't care. J I want to feel ur big dick in me raw!!! As I read on it was obvious this just was not just dirty talk. Pitor Good I wanna mark ur your ass as mine! i've had to come off meds now but still have a low viral count but u can still get pozzed. ru cool with that? Grahame: ive thought about it but I cant give up on the best fucks of my life. i dont want to stop taking your cock!!! Pitor: good, i can't get enough of your ass. Grahame: Jeez my ass is still ripped, sore & bruised from yesterday. I can barely walk! You fucked me so hard. I can't get enough. I WANT MORE!!!! Pitor J yeah, followed by a picture insert I saw a little blood flecks mixed in with some cum that was dribbling from your hole. I know it was Grahame because of the series of moles on his right ass cheek. I knew you'd like my 10 inches. I love pumping my DIRTY cum deep up ur ass. Ur NEG ass is soooo fucking hot. Grahame: Yeah knock me up with ur + babies Pitor: Good coz Ive got a bonus 4 u this afternoon ;-) Grahame: That was awesome! I cant remember the last time I did ass to mouth I love it when you drill both holes! I can’t believe I’m reading this behavior coming from a guy who didn’t like to rim me because he thought doing that was too dirty-- the fucker! Pitor: yeah that was hot! glad I got to cum in each hole. U got to deep throat well even tho I choked u a few times. Grahame: No worries i fucking loved that! Having sooo much cock in my mouth was intense I almost blacked out. i can't decide if i like ur dick in my mouth or ass the most. Pitor: well i'll just have 2 keep fucking both ends like today then. Grahame: Oh yes please!!!! I’ve never felt so dumb, stupid and humiliated. Yet my cock had never been harder as their fucking tales unfolded and I realized I wasn't just upset, I was jealous. I had been missing out of being rammed by the apparently humongous cock which Grahame had been enjoying. 'Ummmm, I wish I knew what it felt like', I murmured to myself as I found myself jacking my dick. Pitor: It’s all set for this afternoon. Don’t forget to bring your leather blindfold he he I had no idea he owned a leather blindfold-- or where he kept it. The things you learn! Pitor continues: You really love POZ cock n cum up ur ass don't you and say u cant get enough so I have a plan 2 make sure u do get MORE than enough Grahame : I want it and am willing to do anything thing for your cock and cum Pitor: Anything eh? Grahame: Yes, yes, YES! In a trance reading all these reckless indiscretions I realized I was furiously wacking myself, and a huge amount of my pre-cum had pooled on my abs. Pitor: so what did you think of my Polish friends Pawel & Kris? Grahame: bloody fantastic m8 great big cocks rammed in both ends switching back and forth whats not to like? Glad they came first b4 you used that jagged PA on me. Pitor: yeah cum as lube is best, especially when its freshly diagnosed as POZ cum Grahame : Hell yes! Pitor: They’re in town a few more days. u wanna play some more with them? Grahame: YES!!! as much as we can!!!! But without the blindfold this time as I want to watch their faces and look into their eyes as they shoot their payload into me. Really want 2 make this happen…Harry and me have played around with guys in the past but always safe and I hate condoms so now I’m probably Poz from all the fucking WE have done Harry and me can bareback all the time and not worry. As u wont let me cum when we fuck I’m sooooo horny by the time I get home I’ve been fucking Harry almost every time I get to bed he must be POZ by now too! Pitor: Sweet my strain lives on Grahame: I’ve called in sick i wanna get fucked by them all RIGHT NOW. I notice there is a couple of weeks’ gap now between their conversations Pitor: when ru gonna get tested? Grahame: NO point, I’ve felt like crap for the past 2 weeks with what must be fuck flu but all good now can’t wait to ride your death stick again. Pitor: Great! i've got another friend u’ll like. Hes looking to become poz too. CUM over Tears ran down my face as I read about Grahame’s conversion party and confirmation of his seroconversion and realised from his symptoms that I was almost certainly also seroconverting. When I came to this realization, my cock exploded, shooting the biggest load of my life as my poz cum flew everywhere, giving me a real sense of perverse accomplishment, knowing that I could see this as an all around positive outcome as I could now share my seed and TOP for the first time. Without hesitation I scooted over to my laptop, open the web browser and post a BBRTS advertisement which read “Hung Poz Cock Seeking a Neg chaser".
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    Thanks for your comments guys. Here's Part 2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relief flooded over me. The decision was made. I was knocked up, had experienced the morning sickness and had joined the brotherhood of poz men. Nothing could take away my membership so I embraced it, loved it, and was determined to do my best in sharing it with others by gifting them, regardless of whether or not the guys wanted it. Showered and feeling newly energized, my cock bounced with every heartbeat becoming painfully hard with the need to breed, so much so strings of clear venomous pre-cum drooled onto the wooden floor boards leaving a toxic slippery snail trail as I walked about. Upon checking my laptop I found several replies to my advertisement, one of which answers, one in particularly captured my attention. The individual replying posted under the name tag ‘Seeks Scorpion Sting’ and simply stated “Hot TOP jock wants POZZING." My cock jumped and twitched as more pre-cum oozed out as I typed "What u looking 4, jock.” The reply was virtually instantaneous. “Being fucked raw, status important. Unmediated HVL POZ.” I could barely breathe. My dick was rock hard as I thought 'Should I go to him or just to fuck my bf off by fucking this stranger here in our bed'? I made my decision and replied “Here’s my cell number and address ___________________." He immediately then logged off. 'Fuck it, too bold, too brazen, damn!' I thought to myself only to hear my phone ring. Glancing at the screen, I didn't recognize the number, and as I was thoroughly pissed off the guy apparently had bailed, I almost ignored the call, but instead, taking a deep breath, I answered with a curt "Yes?” “I’ll be there in 15 minutes POZ Daddy” a voice answered, but before I can speak he clicked off, and to my amazement, true to his word, in 15 minutes my doorbell rang. Now naked, my steel hard cock leading the way, I opened the door and found a twenty something Nordic Adonis, about my height of around 6’3”, his white T barely concealing a muscular body with his long length silky shorts giving no indication of what he was packing between his legs. Confidently he stepped into our house, initially kissing me lightly, then more vigorously as our hands frantically explored each other, and as my slimy, cum-smelling cock smeared copious amounts of toxic pre-cum all over his now tented shorts. Just as my hands slid down under the waistband of his shorts, grazing the valley between his ass cheeks, his right hand firmly gripped my pulsing cock as he murmured "Lead me to the bedroom.” Once there I pushed him onto the bed, back first, grabbed his ankles, forcing his knees against his chest, which, of course, left his winking hole exposed and his beautiful thick hard-on unattended. Positioning myself against his ass, my cock brushed against his seemingly virginal pucker. I was hot and hard more than willing to tease his hole. This was soooo not my norm. I had definitely changed. I bend forward and devour his ass. There’s no other word for it – my tongue, my rough stubble and occasionally my teeth – I feel the need to eat that hole from the inside out. He bucks against me as my thick tongue dives in deep slurping making loud wet noises that makes him moan, “Oh yeah mmmm” The boy goes to stroke his cock but I beat him to it and bat his hand away. “Leave it! Concentrate on pleasuring MY cock not yours! I hiss I circle around the rim on his tasty boyhole, then spear in with my curled tongue, rubbing my stubbled chin scratching over his hole making it red and sore, then my tongue again, licking and lapping and then a sudden unexpected bite on one ass cheek and then other then pull those rosy cheeks as far apart as possible pulling the boys ass as open as I could. I’d never eaten ass like this before, and I was in heaven, he on the other hand was in hell, it was making him crazy for me to fuck him. Oh.. please... oh!” he was gasping between my tongue lashings. Pre-cum flowed from my piss slit like a tap turned full on leaving a pool of poison on the duvet cover. I pull back just a little. “Please, what?” “Please!” he gasped, “Please fuck me!” He moves his hand and pushes a single finger against his spit-slick pucker, and groans again. “Please!” “Hope that’s enough spit, boy because that’s all you’re getting.” I’m enjoying this new me. “Look into my eyes boy and don’t look away I want see the moment you first feel my deadly POZ cock enter you.” I looked up at him, losing myself in his youthful brilliance and rub my slick cock up and down his furry crack before my mushroom head hits bulls eye, his hole. I push, pressure mounting as I start to press in past his ass lips. His hole offers surprisingly little resistance as my cock quickly presses into his sphincter stretching it open across my bulbous head. “Ooooo, Aaawwwwwow..I feel every vein, mmmmmm, every, mmmmm, contour of your fat cock as it slides, urggh, deeper and mmmmmmm deeper into my hole” is his running commentary as finally, all eight inches had sunk in and my pubes rested against his pale furry cheeks. “You feel that boy? Feel how easily my POZ cock slid into your hole? You’re no Top, just a hole made for taking loads you should never have been able to take this fat POZ cock so easily.” I flex my diseased cock deep inside depositing yet more radioactive venom, “You like having my POZ cock inside you boy?” “Yes.” “You want me to fuck you now?” “Yes.” “Breed you?” “Yes” “Yes what?” “Please I want you to fuck and breed me with your POZ cock.” “Your wish is my command.” I lean over him, pressing down my mouth to his own. It was less like a kiss and more like possession and domination as my tongue enters his mouth and flex my cock once again before kissing him back fiercely once more and oh so slowly withdraw my cock until the head begins to push his ass lips wide again and wait. Then I pushed, inexorable, not fast but without pause and inch by inch, I felt his body open even though he tried to rock back away from my invading cock. “It’s so thick, so large” The boy says “Yeah boy, eat that up.” I bucked and pushed in twisting as much as I could. “I’m more stretched and full than I’ve ever been”, he says as his eyes start watering, breathing in short bursts, trying to catch his breath. “Good boy…..now take IT” as I ram in as the words leave my mouth. His voice wobbled in response, “Y-esss S…i…r” as he thrashes about under me as I pick up speed with raged rough shoves in and out of his hole. He yelps, I kiss and I swallow the boy’s cries and notice his erection had subsided leaving his once gorgeous cock now lying impotent across his groin I pull my cock from his hole in the same slow deliberate manor that I had pressed it in, allowing the head to pop out too and then with the same inescapable pressure slid back inside and I sense jolts of electric pulse through his hole as the bulging head and veins on my cock push home. I started groaning telling him to I’m going to fuck him in earnest before all of a sudden slamming the full length of my cock into him with the entire force of my body behind it. He screamed. Then it was on, keeping my promise of wrecking his hole. I had never fucked like that, I had never felt so connected to someone, I had never wanted someone as much as I wanted him in those moments. The room became hot and the smell of cum and sex filled the air, I felt beads of sweat drip from my face as my bucking body rammed into him but neither of us cared. The sound of slapping flesh combined with we sloppy squish of his hole was the only sound in the room save for the occasional whimper as my cock forced its way past his second sphincter. I was a beast, hammering away full force at his hole for nearly twenty minutes never missing a beat before…, “I’m about to change your life boy. I’m going to flood your guts with the first of many POZ loads.” “Yeah give me your POZ load,” he pleaded red faced and panting “Here it comes.” As with one final lunge I bottomed out, as the head of my flexing cock bursts past his second sphincter, my load firing deep into his guys. I swear that load was massive and more powerful than any before as I roared, finished cumming and ground my cock deeper into him, working my load to where it could do the most damage. “Oh my god,” he panted, “That was amazing.” “Don’t worry boy, there’s plenty more where that came from,” as I flexed my still hard cock inside him. We shift on the bed as I swear I hear a sound come from the outside? Or was it our front door? I don’t hear anything else expect our hearts thumping as we momentarily recover. “Let’s see how many loads get pumped into your hole to make sure it takes.” Slowly, I begin to fuck him again as my cock never went down or left his battered hole. “feel good boy? I ask as I set out with a slow rhythm and start to pick up speed. The second load was going to take a little longer until I gripped him tight and whispered in his ear “You like riding the death stick thats gonna get knocked you up?” “Please daddy, POZ ME UP!” And with that I was panting raggedly and my balls were retracting. It was time. “I'm pozzing you all over again, cum slut!” The boy was being fucked raw by a complete stranger who's rock hard cock was utterly turned-on. I knew nothing about this boy, nothing, but I fucked more, driven on by an inate sense of generalized revenge. His hole burned around my dick, as I changed pace, giving him a few more rough thrusts as my balls prepared to to blow another load deep in his flooded hole "I'm getting real close-- where do you want me to cum?" I asked, without breaking my pace. He didn't answer. Again I asked "I'm about to blow, man - where do you want it?" He, however, was totally blissed out, eyes closed, laying there, his soft cock expanding as I repeatedly slammed into his prostate, only to have him suddenly exclaim "Oh, Fuuuuuuuuuck!" as perhaps his last negative jizz spurted from his throbbing cock. I was in heaven as his ass had clamped down, squeezing my deathstick, massaging its toxic cargo out, but he wasn't done, he had one trick left up his sleeve. “Convert me,” he plead, adding “I want your toxic cum, to take every lethal swimmer you have. Knock me up, man!” That was it. I pounded even harder, slamming deeper, completely withdrawing with each out stroke, with the result that on one such out stroke, my cum shot all over his crotch, but it also meant that when I plunged back in, I also blew balls-deep in his hole. Of course I continued stabbing his hole forcefully until my climax finally subsided and utterly involuntarily I collapsed on top of the boy, squeezing the air out of his lungs. When I had caught my breath I slowly withdrew, rather carefully almost, and then rolled back on my haunches to survey the damage. Cum was dribbling out of the boy’s puffy hole, cum which was pink with streaks of red plop oozing onto the duvet. Leaning forward, I slid my fingers deep in his cunt and relished finding gobs of mixed diseased spunk and ass juices which I fed him from my fingers. From behind my back the bedroom door creaked open, and I heard clapping and the enthusiastic praise of my boyfriend calling “Way to go Harry!”
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    Bathhouse pozzing Alex was excited and nervous. He hadn’t been to a bathhouse in years. And back when he did go occasionally, he was very strict on using condoms. Now, not only did he prefer bareback sex, but he’d started flirting with the idea of becoming poz. He knew there was always a chance you could become poz from unprotected sex, especially anonymous sex, but more and more, the idea of becoming poz had started to excite him. He looked for pozzing stories online and the hard to find video clips of guys begging for poz cum whenever he jacked off. He checked in at the front desk getting a locker and a towel and headed to the locker room. It was a busy Saturday night and the locker room was full of guys either getting undressed to put their towel on and go be sluts or getting dressed to leave after getting their fill of hot anonymous sex. There were all types of guys in there, fit, muscular, stocky, hairy, smooth, young, and old. He loved seeing a lot of their cocks before they wrapped their towels around their waists. He started getting a boner himself, just from being in the room. A muscular, hairy, bearded daddy noticed Alex’s thick 7.5 inch hardon, raised an eyebrow, and gave him a brilliant smile. He had just the right amount of gray in his hair, beard, and chest hair to make him hot as fuck. As he walked past Alex, he reached out and squeezed his shoulder. Alex took a couple of deep breaths, locked up his locker, put his towel on, and headed out of the locker room. He had to pass through the lounge area where several hot guys were sitting around talking or watching porn on the big TV. He walked by the wet area, taking a glance inside. He saw guys showering and in the hot tub. Some of the guys in the hot tub were making out and one guy sitting on the edge of the tub was getting his big cock sucked. Alex decided he could come back by there in a bit. He started walking around the halls, checking out guys standing by their rooms playing with their cocks through their towels. Occasionally he would pass by a room with a wide open door, the occupant naked on the bunk with his ass towards the door. That was an open invitation for anyone to come in and fuck them. He decided he would have to do that on his next visit, seeing how he was mostly bottom and the idea of random guys coming in to fuck him really turned him on. There was no telling how many of them would be poz. The thought made his cock tent his towel. He saw a crowd standing outside one door at the end of the hall. It was one of the bigger rooms with a bigger bed in it. Alex got where he could see in the room and there was a minor orgy going on. 3 guys were on the bed getting plowed and the room was full of guys waiting their turns. He could tell no one had a condom on and the thought of that kept his cock rock hard. He recognized a friend, Sam, waiting in line. Sam waved Alex in so he waded through the onlookers. Even though Alex was mostly bottom, he did like to fuck occasionally and he had a nice thick cock. Sam was a friend with benefits and he greeted Alex with a hug, a deep kiss, and a squeeze on his hard cock. He took his towel off and they stood at the side, watching the 3 guys getting fucked good and watching the waiting guys keeping their cocks hard for their turns. The energy in the room was very sexual and there was a lot of verbal nastiness going along with the fucking. “Oh yeah, take my big cock!” “Love the sloppy feel of your cunt with all those loads in it.” “Gonna fucking breed you, getting so close.” The one who was about to cum was the one Alex and Sam was standing by, a stocky guy with nice muscles. He started fucking the bottom’s ass harder. He had about 6.5 inches, but he was really thick. You just knew the bottom was feeling that cock, even if it wasn’t his first for the night. “Goddamn yeah, take my fucking gift!” the stocky fucker yelled and slammed his cock home. Hearing that he was trying to poz the bottom made Alex perk up, something Sam noticed. Once the guy finished dumping his toxic load, he pulled out, grabbed his towel, and headed out of the room. Sam looked at Alex and said, “I was next, but looks like you need it worse than I do”. “Are you sure?” Alex asked. “I couldn’t help notice his little announcement about gifting really turned you on. Go ahead and shove your cock in that toxic loaded cunt and enjoy yourself. Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve fucked you, so we can both get something that makes us happy.” Sam replied. “There is one thing you need to know, though. I recently tested poz. I’m on meds, so it’s up to you. It took Alex 2 seconds to start smiling at Sam, “Fuck me, Sam!” Sam smiled back and nodded. The bottom that Alex approached was on his back, which was fine with him. He did indulge himself in a little fantasy by squatting down and licking the guy’s asshole, tasting the poz load that had just been deposited there. He stuck his tongue in and sucked some of the toxic cum out of the well fucked ass. He savoured the flavor of the fresh poz cum that had been pumped into the used asshole. He swallowed some of it and spit some out in his hand to lube up his thick cock. He lined his thick, slicked up cock with the wide open man pussy and slid all the way in. “Oh GOD yes, please fuck me! Breed me!” the bottom begged. Alex proceeded to do just that. He started a nice steady pace in the used ass. He noticed that the other 2 bottoms also had new partners by now. This was by far one of the hottest scenes he’d ever been involved in. The next thing Alex knew, he felt Sam spread his cheeks and stick his tongue up his asshole. To give him better access, Alex shoved all the way in and ground his cock around, stirring up all the cum that was in there. One load at least was poz, no telling how many others were. He started making little fuck movements, backing his hole onto Sam’s tongue, and then shoving his cock into the used cunt he was working. Next, he felt Sam’s fingers working their way in him. He pushed all the way in and started working the bottom’s eraser sized nipples, giving Sam a chance to get his poz cock inside him. Alex had become a pretty big slut the last few yrs and he liked cocks of all sizes. He loved to get stretched out and he loved a good, deep fuck. Sam had a long, thin cock, perfect for getting deep inside him. He slid his long, toxic cock halfway into Alex and then held still. Alex knew he was leaving him room to fuck himself back onto Sam, and then back into the bottom. And that’s exactly what he did. He got a good rhythm going, fucking into the load of poz cum and then fucking back onto his friend’s poz cock. Alex was in heaven. The whole scene had him so fucking worked up that he knew he wouldn’t last long. He picked up the pace going back in forth, into the ass and onto the cock. “Fuck I’m getting close,” Alex said to both guys. “I’m getting ready to breed your guts,” he told the bottom. “Yes, please fill me up with your cum. I need it!” Sam whispered to Alex that he too was getting close. “Are you ready for my poz cum in your ass? I’m gonna fill your fuck hole up with it.” “Oh fuck yes, I can’t wait any longer, I’m gonna shoot and I want you to shoot too. Fucking cum in me! OH FUCK I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” Alex bellowed, shoving all the way in and shooting his cum. Sam pumped a few more times and then he also buried his poz cock to the hilt and spraying Alex’s guts with his poz jizz. Alex had never had such an intense orgasm. Knowing that he had intentionally taken poz cum up his ass took him to new heights of excitement. It also helped him make a decision. He would from now on take all the poz cum he could find with the hopes of one of those toxic loads infecting him.
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    James was a good boy. He was the best boy. James was the soccer jock, lgbtq club president, popular, friendly, and at 6'0", 165, blonde hair and blue eyes - gorgeous. He was the boy everyone wanted. James breezed through Stanford and then Princeton Law. His parents gave him a car for high school graduation; a backpacking trip through Europe for college graduation; and a condo for graduating law school. James new condo was in Chicago as was his new job at a top firm. James worked a lot, but he still played sports, ran, went to the gym and managed to fuck as much ass as he could find on Grindr. James a a wet dream - smart, attractive, educated, good job, gorgeous body, and a top. James fucked every gorgeous guy between the ages of 18-25 who hit him up on Grindr. He'd always go to their place. He'd always use a condom. He'd always blow his load on the guy's back or face. Boys fell at his feet and he loved it. He wasn't conceited, but it felt natural that guys hit on him and he accepted it with grace and a hard cock. James was picky though. The guys had to be as hot as him. He didn't want to grab anyone's soft belly or flabby tits as he fucked them. He wanted perfect guys. James also rejected barebackers. He thought they were stupid and risking their lives for momentary pleasure. You see, even though James had been fucking guys since he was 15, he had never once fucked a dude without a condom. James would say, "I'm saving that for the man I love." Enter...............the Tip James was out with his gay friends one night. They'd all been to a fundraiser for a gay rights organization and had a few drinks. They went out directly afterwards. James' friends were much like him, athough mostly bottoms and certainly not only have safe sex. In fact, most of them thought James was kind of pretentious about the safe sex aspect of his life. But, they never mentioned their dissatisfaction to James or each other. James' friend, Mike, introduced him to a friend visiting from Spain. Juan was a bit shorter than James, but he was just as fit. James thought Juan was the hottest man he had ever seen. Juan was very attracted to James. Mike had met Juan in Madrid. In fact, Mike had been fucked and bred by Juan many times; including that morning. Mike knew that James and Juan were both tops. Mike knew that Juan was an amazing bareback only top. Mike had also been fucked by James, who he knew to be a safe sex only top. Mike thought it'd be interesting to see what developed between the two tops. It wasn't long before Juan was touching James all over. James was getting more girly than any of his friends had ever seen him. In fact, almost everyone was shocked when James went to get drinks and Juan pressed his cock into James' amazing ass and very slowly ground into James. James was nervous. He was a top and this guy obviously wanted to fuck him. He didn't really know what to do. The guy was so hot that James had to fuck him. To make himself less nervous, James drank more than usual. He was pretty drunk by the time he and Juan left the bar. James broke his first rule - never bring them to your condo. James knew Juan didn't have a place to go other than Mike's place. James did not want whatever was going to happen tonight to happen where Mike could hear them. In the cab, James finally got a good feel of Juan's amazing 9.5" cock. James had an 8" cock that guys loved, but this cock was amazing and thick. They kissed in the cab. Juan felt James crotch and rubbed his fingers under James balls to reach his hole. James didn't really know why he did it; but he spread his legs for Juan to reach his hole. Juan dug his fingers up through James suit pants and James moaned softly. Once upstairs, James made them drinks and they looked out over the Chicago skyline from James amazing view. Juan pulled his shirt off to let James look. James pulled his off too. Juan and James began making out and James melted into Juan's nimble fingers and suggestive tongue. It wasn't long before James and Juan were naked and James hands were brazed against the floor to ceiling windows as Juan ate his jock ass. James kept thinking, in his drunken haze, that Juan ate his ass better than he had ever eaten another man's ass. James couldn't believe how far up his ass hole that Juan's tongue could reach. Juan knew James was a top. Mike had told him. Juan knew he had to weaken all of James defenses. He knew that if he opened James up enough; James would end up getting fucked right here at this window. Juan kept eating James ass. Juan told James to go get lube. James brought back lube and condoms. Juan pressed James against the window again and jammed his tongue up James ass. James moaned like a whore. James now realized he was begging like most of the bottoms he'd fucked. James decided right then that he would let Juan fuck him. It would be the first time James had been fucked his senior year of college. Juan recognized the relaxation of ass and back muscles as the other top gave his ass over to him. He started fingering James. First, one finger; then two; then twist and corkscrew the fingers; then eat ass more. After almost an hour of prepping James' ass for this fuck; Juan stood up and pressed his cock on James ass crack. He started kissing James and grinding his cock into James crack. Juan asked James what he wanted. James said, "Please fuck me." Juan made James beg to get fucked. James realized that Juan was turning him into his bitch. He was too drunk and too turned on to care. James wanted Juan's cock inside him. He needed it tonight. James spread his cheeks for Juan, face pressed against the glass. He shoved his hole back at Juan. Juan dribbled lube on James ass and then spread his hand over James hole to rub and finger it in. Then for the first time since they had been naked, Juan touched James cock. He was lubing it up. Juan then lubed James ass and fingered him again, lubed James cock again, and then lubed his own cock. Juan pressed forward on James open hole. James winced as he felt the cock enter him. Then he relaxed as the spongy head was pushing inside him. James knew it would hurt, but he really needed Juan to fuck him tonight. As Juan was pressing in a bit more, James asked; "Are you wearing a condom?" Juan said, "No," James said, "I never fuck without a condom. Put one on." Juan pressed in a bit more and then pulled back some. Juan was watching and half his head was inside James now. Juan said, "I'm not even inside you yet. Let me just play around with the tip and then I'll put on the condom." James thought this sounded ok because they would put on the condom in a minute. James reminded Juan, "Ok. But just for a minute. Then the condoms are right on the table." Juan agreed. He had this safe sex top exactly where he wanted him. Juan pushed and pulled a little bit farther inside James hole with each thrust. Once half Juan's cock was inside James, Juan asked James how he liked it. James said, "It feels really good. We should put on a condom though." Juan said, "Just a bit more. Your ass feels so amazing wrapped on my cock this way." Juan continued to lightly play with James cock and stroke his lean, hot jock body as the former top was giving up his ass. Juan didn't take long before he was balls deep in James. James could feel Juan's public hair on his ass. He knew Juan was all the way inside his ass bareback. James mentioned the condom again. Juan flexed his cock inside James and James moaned and squeezed his ass on Juan's cock. James thought fuck it. I'll live it up. Just this one time. I'll let Juan fuck me bareback. Juan knew he had James now. He knew the boy would never mention a condom again tonight. Juan started fucking James hard. James was moaning and grunting. Juan was amazed at how easily this safe sex top had given up his ass bareback. Juan was chuckling inside. He thought to himself, "All bottoms just need to be shown they are bottoms." Juan and James were sweating. James was getting his ass seriously fucked by the hottest guy ever. Juan was fucking a seriously hot guy. James and Juan both knew how amazing this fuck felt. James was grunting and moaning. He started imagining what it would be like bent over like this for Juan more often. James was imaging Juan fucking him everyday. He thought how lucky he was to have this gorgeous man inside him. How privileged he felt to be fucked by this big dick. Wow. Juan was an amazing fuck. Juan was stroking James cock faster and he was fucking with shorter and shorter strokes. James knew Juan was going to cum. Juan said, "I'm going to cum." James reached his hand back, grabbed James ass and pulled him inside him. James felt his first internal cum shot at that moment. He felt so hot. He felt so sexy. He felt so amazing. James came all over the rub and window. Without a thought of condoms, Juan fucked James multiple times a day, every day for the next two weeks before he left to return home. Juan came in James every time. Juan eventually started making James beg for the cum to be shot in his ass. James loved it.
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    I have a cousin who is a year older than me Hadn't seen him in 10 years but we are Facebook friends. That was until last week when at a family funeral (Great Aunt was 95 so it was expected) He had been out of the closet since he was 15 so everyone knew he was gay. We had some beers at the reception and he was talking about how he hadn't had sex in a while (since he broke up with his BF). I told him he could always have me and he laughed. I am not out with many people so he had no idea. Few more beers and he said he needs to get some ass tonight. There is no one around so I grabbed his beer and tell him to follow me. I still get the idea he was none the wiser about my intentions. We headed down the hallway of this reception hall and I find an old office that is half filled with linens and such. I put the beers on the desk and then squeeze past him and lock the door behind us. I grab his bulge and kiss him deep. He resisted at first but then started to relax. I told him my mouth and ass were his to use. He quickly got hard and then I went down on him for a few minutes. I used my fingers and spit to get myself loose. He then leaned me over the desk and spit in his hand to lube his cock. He told me he didn't have a condom and I told him I wasn't wanting him to put one on. This drove him animalistic and he pushed into me. He was so horny that he rammed his 7inch cock in and out of me very vigorously. It only took him about two minutes of hard fucking to cum deep in me. He made sure to pump every pulse deep in my ass. I climaxed as well all over the desk. We cleaned up and he thanked me. We ended up going two more rounds a couple hours later at his hotel and I fell asleep with him spooning me. In the morning we cuddled and made out some more. They say kissing and fucking your cousin is wrong but it felt so right. I departed with the promise between us to see each other soon (he lives 400 miles away) UPDATE: he is flying in tonight for a conference about 30 miles away from my house for 4 days.....I think I may take a couple of sick days from work and get some more family seed in my ass.
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    Fuck, Fuck, damn, shit. Four hours ago I had been on the top of the world. Now as I was sitting in the emergency room of the local hospital, my shoulder and elbow aching, waiting on the doctor to give me the results of the x-ray. ther than some pain I was okay, even if my baby, my cherished silver Camaro, most likely was totaled. Ever see a 19 year old cry? Well, that was me: all 6’3” of jock boy, sniffling, some out of pain, mostly not knowing what the future would bring. In high school I played football my freshmen and sophomore years, wide receiver. I was quick and I had good hands, but all that tackling was taking a toll on my Nordic frame. In my junior year I started playing baseball and was a darn good pitcher, good enough to be a starter most of the year, although we were a rural school most of the away games were close enough to be a bus trip to and from, even if sometimes they got us home very late in the evening. My senior year we were good enough to make it to conference and state tournaments which required us to be housed in cheap motels on the weekends when we were on the road. It was on one of these trips I discovered my love of traveling with the team and spending quality bullshit time with my teammates. Now, I've long known I was attracted to other guys early on but abstained from acting on my feelings, even when I knew three other teammates were either bi or gay, and a few others who were questioning their straightness. However, when I was in a hotel room with several other teenage guys, all of whom were playing macho games such as boasting which cheerleaders would put out, and each guy displaying his cock as wantonly as he could, well, it was obvious to me which players could be coaxed into some man-on-man fun. At the end of my senior year I was offered a scholarship to play ball at the state college. My life was looking good: not only was I a good athlete but I also excelled in academia and would be able to get my degree in engineering while on a full ride. I red-shirted my freshmen season and although I was still classified by the school as a freshman, I began my second season as a relief pitcher. Although I wasn’t a starting pitcher I at least got into a few games. Then a drunken asshole ran a red light, sending my Camaro careening into a spin. Luckily for me, the fucker only clipped the front to the car and didn’t T-bone my car in the middle, which meant I walked away with relatively minor injuries from which I would recover in a few months: there were no broken bones but lots of torn cartilage and tendons in the shoulder and elbow. I would not be pitching the rest of the season. I left the hospital with my friends from the dorms. I was in tears, knowing I’d have to face the coach on Monday. My parents were already set to arrive the next day to survey the damage. I meet my parents at the front door of my dorm the next morning after just a few hours of sleep, most of it induced by the pain meds the doctor had prescribed to control the pain. My mom gently hugged me and my dad clasped me by my good shoulder although it was bruised as well. Lead me to their car and we hit the local pancake place for breakfast, sure beat dorm food any day, we discussed the car and they assured me they were not angry with me, they knew how much I loved my car, I had it since my 16th birthday and took real good care of it. They dropped me off back at my dorm after we went to look over the damage and make sure it was being taken care of by the body shop, also collecting my school work and personal belongings so I wouldn’t lose anything. I kicked back most of the afternoon and evening when coach called and asked to come over to see me. I’ll be honest I was scared, I could lose my scholarship, I could lose my position with the team. I waited anxiously for him to arrive. Now if you could classify my 19 year old, 6’3” less than 10% body fat 165# muscular body as a Nordic god like, with my blue eyes and dirty blonde hair which naturally lightens during summer. You would classify coach who is 35 years old 5’11 and maybe 150 soaking wet all muscles and sinew as a Aztec god as his Spanish and Mexican heritage made him one hot number, one that always made me quiver when he stepped to close in the dugout or on the field, but here he was coming to my dorm room to discuss my future. Coach arrived shortly after 6 and I sat across from him on my roommates bed while he sat at my desk, coach Juan as we all called him, started out all business like discussing my position on the team, physical therapy I’d most likely have to go through and things about my rehabilitation. He expressed his sorrow at things happening this way and would do everything that he could so I wouldn’t lose my scholarship. Juan then got up and crossed the distance between us, using the guise of wanting to see my shoulder he had me remove the baseball shirt I had donned earlier since it was easier to get on and off. He caressed the sore tissues, which were already turning black and blue, then proceeded to work his way down my chest tweaking my nipples a bit, my cock betrayed me as it not only was at full mast but spirting precum making a large wet spot in my basketball shorts, coach took notice and leaned down and began kissing me, he soon was on top of me being careful of my shoulder making me quiver in his arms as he caressed my body and somehow removed my shorts exposing my 9 inch cock tenting my jock the precum totally soaked through the material and making it translucent, I soon had my 9 inches buried down his throat as he hummed onto my tool. He rolled me over and was sucking my cock between my legs pulling it back so it almost touched my virgin hole, he then did what I thought was impossible and was able to place the head near my hole and use the precum flowing from my tube to lubricate my hole. Between him fingering my own precum into my hole and fingering it he soon had me sloppy and almost loosened up his tongue doing marvels on my rosy pucker. Suddenly he stopped and I thought this was over but, he then placed his thick mushroom head on my quivering hole and pushed in with dominance, the head popped in and I felt a sharp pain that quickly went away and left me with a full feeling at my entrance he then started to work his cock in slowly giving me more and more, complimenting me on being a born bottom. I asked about condoms and he told me it was too later now his raw cock was already dripping his precum in my hole, but if I really wanted to be fucked with a condom he would pull out and put one on. He slid his cock out and I handed him a rubber and he rolled it down his shaft the pushed back into my hole, it burned and irritated the opening and made me wince in agony, I told him to pull out and fuck me raw, he quickly obliged and slid his bare cock into my now irritated hole, his precum re-lubricating the walls and making the sting go away, I was soon riding his large schlong like a pro and he asked where I wanted his cum, I replied breed me coach. He sped up his assault on my hole then pushed in and held and I could feel his cock pulsing as he unloaded his seed into my intestine. I felt so fulfilled yet naughty for letting coach cum in me. Coach cuddled me and kept his cock buried in my hole until we fell asleep together. Lucky for me my roommate Chris had gone home for the weekend, as I awoke in the middle of the night to coach breeding me again, and although Chris and I Had had make out sessions we never went all the way beyond a blow or hand job. I now had two maybe three of Juan’s loads in my gut and I was feeling excited. Coach was turning me into just another cum craving cock hungry boy. I awoke the next morning to coach sucking on my slong, I was rock hard and oozing precum again then Juan did what I least expected he slid down my pole and started fucking himself on my fuck tube, I didn’t last long as his ass milked my cock I blasted a load into his rectum. He then positioned his hole over my face and pushed out my cream forcing me to eat my own spooge from his ass, I felt disgusted and excited at the same time. Coach was turning me into his own sex pig. Soon after we showered and coach presented me with an application for team manager, I would be responsible for the teams equipment and uniforms, including their jocks and cups, it was a dirty job but it would keep me on the team while I rehabilitated and I got to sniff al the jocks and cups before cleaning them as well as the sweaty uniforms, I was in pig heaven and I would have to travel with the team. To make sure everything was taken care of.
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    Daddy Max had an astonished look on his face as he watched Alex fight to not cum. He gently reached over and took Alex’s face in both his hands, looked him in the eye, and said, “Does the fact that I’m poz and want to fuck you turn you on that much?” A shudder went through Alex and he moaned loudly, “You have NO idea! I’ve thought about it off and on, and just tonight had decided to give in and start trying to get converted. And now you’re here, wanting to fuck me, and telling me you’re poz. It’s like a fucking dream come true!” “Well my stud boy, let’s work on making that dream a reality.” Daddy Max got up and helped Alex off the bunk. He led him to the sling and helped him get settled in it. With a devilish grin, he put the ankle and wrist restraints on him. “If we’re going to do this, we might as well do it right.” After he got Alex secured, he said, “You must be thirsty. I’ve got some bottled water here if you’d like some. And I have some with a little something that would make tonight so much better for you, if you’re interested.” “Are you talking GHB or something stronger?” he asked cautiously. Daddy Max leaned in close to Alex with a tender look on his face. “I would never lie to you or do anything to hurt you. I wasn’t kidding when I said earlier that you might just be a keeper. I definitely want to talk more about that after tonight. But I do want us, especially you, to have fun tonight. It’s up to you if you want some enhancement or not.” “What the hell, why not!” Alex exclaimed. Since his hands were restrained, Daddy Max tipped the water bottle so he could get a good drink of the prepared water. He had never done GHB before, but knew all about it. He swallowed a good portion of the water and settled back in the sling. His new daddy started running his hands all over Alex’s chest and stomach, pinching his nipples. He leaned in and kissed him and then went over to a locker to get a few things. He brought back some lube, a good sized toy, and a hand towel. Then he got down on his knees so his face was even with Alex’s ass and started giving him some return treatment. Daddy Max started running his tongue up and down the spread wide ass crack. Then he zeroed in on the asshole and started tongue fucking it. Alex moaned. It wasn’t long before Max got a taste of the load that was already in Alex’s cunt. He sucked some of the load out and went and kissed Alex, sharing it with him. “Was that poz cum?” he asked. Alex nodded with a silly grin on his face. The GHB was starting to take effect and he was feeling a little loopy. Max patted him on his cheek, “Good boy!”. He went back to his ass and lubed up a few of his fingers. He put one in and started feeling around, getting him lubed up. I inserted 2 fingers easily enough and started stretching his hole. He also hooked his fingers and used his nails to scrape a few times while he was fucking in and out with them. “Even in his drugged condition, Alex reacted at that, “OW!”. “Just making it a little easier for you tonight,” Max explained. He was still fucking his 2 fingers in and out and Alex’s pain turned to pure pleasure. He then added a 3rd finger and went back to stretching as he fucked them in and out. “Oh fuck, yes, finger that ass,” Alex begged him. “ I want that thick daddy cock inside me.” “Almost there, stud, just hold on.” He could tell the drug was working on him so he added a 4th finger to make sure he was good and open. When he finally pulled his fingers ou, there were some pink areas, so he knew he’d scraped him enough to make him bleed. His new stud was going to get his wish tonight. Max lubed up the toy and put the head up to the stretched out hole. It sank in pretty quickly. It wasn’t quite as big as his 8.5X7 cock, but it was good enough sized to make sure he was ready for what came next. “OH GOD, YEAH!!!” Alex cried out. “Fuck me with that thing!”. He was obviously enjoying the toy, so Max started a good in and out rhythm, going all the way in every time. “You like that toy in you, don’t you?” he asked. Alex purred, ”Oh fuck yeah. Can’t wait til I have you inside me, though Daddy Max!”. Max picked up the pace a little with the toy and used it for a few more minutes. He pulled it out, stood up, and started lubing his thick cock up. “Get ready boy, here comes the real thing.” “Oh fuck yes, Daddy, please fuck me with your poz cock!!!” Max put the head of his cock up to the younger stud’s asshole and rubbed it back and forth a few times. Alex started squirming in the sling. “Take my toxic cock, boy!” Max shoved the head and a few inches of his thick rod into the waiting cunt. Even with the fingering and toy play, he was still really tight. “UNGH!” Alex yelled out, but was still trying to fuck his ass onto the thick invader. “Oh yeah, that stuff has you really ready to be fucked good and hard,” Max commented. Alex was sweating quite a bit, his cock was rock hard and leaking, and he was grunting as he tried to fuck his tight ass onto the thick daddy cock. Max grabbed hold of the chains holding the sling up and started really plowing the rest of his cock in, fucking an inch or two in, then pulling out a bit, then fucking a few more inches in til he was all the way in. “You got my entire poz cock in you now, boy,” Daddy Max told him. “Please fuck me with it Daddy Max, fuck me and fill me up with your poz cum! I need it.” Alex replied. “Oh, you’re going to get it, alright. And I have a special surprise for you, boy. My doctor is changing my meds, so I’m actually off meds right now. You’re going to get a load of unmedicated poz cum fucked into you.” As Daddy Max said that, he was plunging his hard, thick, poz cock in and when he ran over Alex’s prostate, he shot his load all over his stomach and chest. He even got some on his lips. The news about the unmedicated poz cum turned him on that much. His orgasm caused his asshole to contract on Daddy Max’s cock which pushed him towards his own orgasm. “You’re making me cum, boy. Here it is, I can’t hold back, TAKE MY TOXIC LOAD!” He stayed balls deep in Alex’s well fucked cunt and unloaded deep inside him. Both of them moaning, grunting, and cussing. Daddy Max stayed buried in his boy until every bit of cum was drained from his toxic balls. He leaned in and kissed Alex deeply and passionately. They made out for several minutes until Max’s cock grew soft and slipped out of the well fucked hole. He pulled back a little and said, “I have one more surprise for you, if you’re up for it.” Alex was still pretty worked up, but having that massive orgasm helped calm him down a little. “What do you have for me now?” Alex asked. “Your friend Sam who fucked you earlier is a fuck bud of mine. I ran into him after he dumped his load in you and we set this up. He knew you wanted to convert and he could tell I had the hots for you, so he put my room number on one of the marker boards saying there was a hot stud in the sling wanting poz loads. If you’re up for it, when I open that door, there should be poz guys waiting to fuck you. If you aren’t up for it, I’ll go erase the message, no harm, no foul.” Alex’s cock sprang back to life as he listened to what all had been set up, just for him. “Fuck YEAH, I’m up for it!” he exclaimed. “This is a dream come true. I’d like some more of that water, though, before you open the door. I want to really enjoy this.” Max retrieved the bottle he drank from earlier and helped him finish it off. Before he opened the door, he leaned in and said, “You’re making your new daddy VERY happy, boy,” then he kissed him deeply. “So let’s get the next phase of this party started,” he said and walked over and opened the door.
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    It had been two weeks since my encounter with Mr. Marco, I mean Frank. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I was waiting for him to call me, but I was out living my life as usual. It was Saturday night, and I decided to hit the local bar. It was still early, so not many people were there. It was not a gay bar, not in this small town. But the people were always friendly, the beer was cheap, and you never knew who might drift in. On this quiet night I did see someone interesting. There was this black guy there sitting at the end of the bar. Black men are very rare in this part of the world, so he really stood out. He stood out for his looks, too. He looked slightly smaller than me with a lean body, handsome face, and whenever he got up his movements were graceful and sleek almost like a cat. I couldn't keep my eyes off him, and he picked up on that. He nodded at me and I smiled back. He seemed to chuckle to himself as he got up and walked my way. He came over and said "Hi." I said, "Hey, how are you? My name's Jeff," and extended my hand. He grabbed my hand and shook it firmly. "I'm Craig. Nice to meet you." He held my hand a bit longer than the usual handshake, squeezed it, then let go. "Mind if I sit?" "Please do. Where are you from?" He looked me deep in the eyes and smiled warmly. "I want to be from this bar and to your place, sexy man." And he laughed softly at the look of surprise on my face. "Or did I mistake those looks you were giving me? If I did, I apologize." "No need to apologize. I've been wondering how to get close to you. Guess you solved that problem pretty quick." "Well, let's go then- if your place is cool... Is it?" "Yes, it's very cool. You have a car?" He said he didn't. So I drove the half mile back to my apartment. I was thinking while I drove how crazy this was, but I had gotten so horny fantasizing what might happen soon between me and Mr. Marco that I needed to get off before I went crazy. I had been jacking off every night for a week now, and it would be good to have some actual contact. We went up the stairs to my place, and Craig pressed against me while I unlocked the door. Once we got inside he had his hands all over me. We kissed passionately as he started to undress me. I was getting his clothes off him, too. We stumbled over to the couch, kissing, nibbling, touching, stroking. It felt very hot. He was slightly smaller than me, but his body felt strong. We landed on the couch and I got a good look at him. He didn't have an ounce of fat on him. His skin was smooth, his muscles rippled, both his nipples were pierced, and his dick- I had seen very few black cocks in person, and this one was the best. It wasn't huge, but it was long and had a nice upward curve. He leaned in and started chewing on my nipple. He pushed me down on my back on the couch and switched over to the other nipple. It was driving me wild. He lifted his head and smiled at me. "You are a hot guy, Jeff." He grabbed my stiff dick. "And I love me some white cock." All of a sudden he had my cock deep in his throat, slobbering it up while he grabbed my balls and tugged on them. "Slow down or I'm going to blow too soon," I gasped. He laughed softly and moved up to straddle my chest. That beautiful black piece of meat was throbbing in front of my face, so of course I opened up wide and swallowed it. He moaned and made encouraging noises while he reached back and grabbed my cock. He wasn't stroking it, just holding it very firmly. I sucked him for a while, taking more and more of his cock while he gently fucked my face. He leaned down and asked me quietly, "Hey Jeff, do you like to eat ass?" I nodded yes with his cock still deep in my throat. He got up and turned around and sat his round, firm ass on my face. I was intoxicated by the musky smell. I pressed my nose in and inhaled. It had been a while, and rimming a hot guy was one of my favorite things to do. I licked around his rosy hole with the tip of my tongue. "Oh yeah man, that's the way. Make love to my hole baby," he said. My tongue went a bit deeper, tasting that tangy sweet ass. He wiggled it, and I tongued him deeper and deeper. He was moaning and I was grunting like a pig. He leaned down and started sucking me again. He went slowly and deliberately, and I was in heaven. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. He lifted his head up slightly and said, "I need that hot white cock in my ass, man. Will you fuck me?" Damn, who could resist? He didn't wait for an answer. He turned around again and was about to sit on my cock. "Do we need..." I was going to ask if he wanted lube and a condom. "No baby, we don't need anything we don't have right here," he said, and his ass pressed against my dick. I moaned deeply as I felt his hole open and I slid into that warm, dark hole. We paused when I felt I was in all the way. His ass twitched on my cock. It felt like a dozen fingers squeezing it- amazing! I started to fuck up into him and he started to bob up and down. We fucked harder and faster while I felt his sweaty abs. My hands moved up to tug on his pierced nipples as our fucking intensified. I was getting so close. I wanted to shoot my load deep in this delightful ass, but I wanted this feeling to last forever too. Eventually I couldn't hold back. He urged me on- "Seed my hole, baby! Breed me!" That did it. I pushed up with a great thrust and let loose with my cum. His ass milked it out of me. I couldn't believe it could feel so good. I had never felt an ass do that before. I lay there panting and he leaned down kissing my face and neck. I felt his cock jerking and felt the warmth of his cum all over me. I wrapped my arms around him and drew him tightly to me. My spent cock slipped out of his ass and I forced my tongue deep down his throat. Our kissing and breathing slowed down eventually. Our bodies were warm and covered with sweat and cum. I was exhausted and that wonderful afterglow was spreading through me. "Thanks baby, that was amazing," Craig whispered into my ear. "Hey, let's take a shower," I said. He followed me into the bathroom. I got a nice warm shower going, and we stepped in together, kissing, touching, smiling, and rinsing off. We got out of the shower and toweled each other off. My mind was spinning. Craig said, "Hey Jeff, can I crash here with you? I have luggage still at the bus station. Do you have time in the morning to drop me off there to pick it up?" "I have the whole day off tomorrow. We'll get you all set. I'll feed you a good breakfast first, though." "That's an offer I can't refuse, baby." We headed to bed. It was so good to have someone in my arms for the night. I was starting to drift off when I felt Craig's hand on my ass. He whispered in my ear again- what a nice feeling- "I love white cock like I said. But I love white ass just as much." I just let out a quiet moan. "I have a hot guy who gives me his cock, but I never get that hot furry white ass of his..." I was listening, but sleep was coming on me quickly, I could tell. He squeezed my ass and I felt fingers brushing against my hole very lightly. He continued his whispers. "Not tonight baby, but maybe soon. We never talked about status baby, I bet you're negative." I couldn't respond with more than a quiet mm-hmm to indicate that yes, I was negative. "Well, I only fuck bare, so maybe we shouldn't risk it." The very softly, "Damn shame... damn shame." He was drifting off too. We slept for hours with our arms around each other. More to cum soon.
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    Death’s Order My week started fucked up and it looked like it was going to end that way too, of course with it only being Wednesday I couldn’t tell what the next two days would bring. No matter what the rest of the week had in store for me, I was going to end it with a bang. The ride home from work just added to my frustration, first I missed my normal bus home, then I was lost in thought and missed my stop, having to get off on the next and walk back to my building, only to arrive to find I missed place my keys. Fuck me!! It took me twenty minutes to realize that I dropped them in my back pack. Once in my studio apartment I dropped everything I was carrying on the bed and headed to my little makeshift bar to make a cocktail. In my hast, I missed the envelope on the floor about a foot inside. My mind went negative instantly. What the fuck now? Did the people down stairs complain again about me. Assholes. Bending down to pick it up, I almost spilt my cocktail, fuck that would be alcohol abuse. Odd, it wasn’t addressed to me, the front and back was blank. My first instinct was to toss it, but it peaked my curiosity, so I decided to open it. Inside was a card, slightly smaller than the envelope, which read: Death’s Order Friday night 9 p.m. 744 Industrial Park (Be ready for everything) Personal Password: VENOM Nothing on the front of the card indicated who sent it, although I did find a symbol that I did not recognized on the back. My mind raced wondering who the hell could have sent this too me. Was a friend fucking with me? Was someone trying to trap me? The industrial park area had long been abandoned by legit business, leaving only questionable ones, crime, drug deals and street walkers. A majority of the buildings in that area were condemned and the ones that were still in use were close to being labeled that. I had two days to decide if I should go and if Thursday and Friday were anything like the first three days of the week, I was going. Even with my mind doing mental cartwheels trying to figure this invitation out, my cock was so hard in my underwear that it was throbbing and pumping out pre-cum. There was something about this mystery that sexually excited me, was it that I was to be ready for anything or was it the password itself. I wouldn’t know until Friday. Thursday went by fast and still fucked up, while Friday time stood still. When it seemed as if hours had passed during the day, it was only minutes and as those minutes passed my cock throbbed from constantly being hard. I was constantly adjusting my dick in my pants through out the day. Getting up from my desk was like trying to hide a giant red wood tree in a pile of match sticks, not my dick is not that massive. As soon as my day was over, I rushed home to “get ready for everything.” I had time and I knew that it would only take about 30 minutes by cab to my destination, if I could get a cab to go there. I downed a couple of cocktails as I prepared, relaxing me. I was done and out the door with about an hour to spare with the first cab I found willing to take me. My anticipation and excitement grew with each passing minute. My cock was still rock hard, ready for what ever was waiting for me. My cab dropped me off, just feet from the door, gave me his business card, telling me to call no matter the time and he would pick me up to take me home. Maybe my luck was changing, then I saw the same symbol that was on the back of the invitation. I still didn’t know that it meant. I stood before the door, just staring as the cab disappeared in the distance. Frozen, I started to question this decision. Was I ready for this? What if this changed my life completely? Would I be able to handle what ever was about to happen? The door was painted black with a sliding peephole like they had during prohibition, at eye level. There was no signage indicating what this place was, just a number placard to the side of the door with the address. Mustering all my courage, I knocked three times and waited. The sliding peephole quickly slid open, revealing half hidden eyes. The silence was deafening it was like the world around me suddenly stopped what they were doing and was quietly judging me. The uttering of my password was the only sound heard breaking the silence and bringing the world came back to life. The peephole slammed shut, forcing me to stare at the black door once again. After a series of clicks from inside, the door began to swing open, but only wide enough for me to slip in, then it closed again quickly. I entered a space that was dimly lite. I felt like this was a man-trap. An area where someone could be handled before entering a speakeasy. I turned and was face to chest to a huge Bull. Dressed in a brown robe, fasted in the middle with buckles, around the waist was a wide brown leather waist cincher with an emblem that I could not make out, guessing I would have said it was the same as the invitation and business card. His eyes were now fully hidden from view from a hood, leaving only his nose, mouth and chin visible. Even with the robe being some what loose in places, I could still tell this man was solid muscle. What was underneath was a mystery and I wanted to solve it. “Thru the door, strip and wait” he ordered. As I turned to leave this little area, he grabbed the door hand, opened the door, then slapped my ass with an evil chuckle. Fuck me, what was I in for? Inside the room was a wall of black lockers, yet no locks. Okay, I will take a chance. I stripped out of my clothes, put them inside the unlucky locker numbered thirteen. Then I waited - again, with my cock pointing the way, dripping pre-cum to a small puddle between my feet. Another door opened, revealing another man in the same brown robe and hood, although this man was not as large as the first man I had met. He was about a foot taller than me, and had a dark presence, yet I was not scared. “I am your Priest. I will be killing your inhibitions in order to see if you are worthy of entering The Order. Hesitation is your enemy. Opposition is failure, which will lead to vanquishment and the resending of our invitation” the figured said. “You are a heretic, you deny the freedom of sex by constraining. By opposing the pleasure of skin against skin, by denying the seed of life from mixing, and by denying pleasure for those that are carrying death” he continued. “Tonight, we change that. Shall we commence?"
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    Chapter 2 After he pulled his cock out of the bottom on the bed and Sam pulled out of Alex, they moved away so the next lucky top could take their places. Before he picked up his towel, Alex wrapped his arms around Sam, gave him a big hug, and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. “Wow, thanks.” Sam told him. “No, thank YOU!” Alex replied. “You helped me reach a decision about something and I’m going to start working on it tonight.” Sam got a knowing look in his eyes and smiled. “Happy hunting, stud,” he told Alex as he picked up his own towel and headed for the door. Alex did the same thing, deciding it was time to head for the wet area. Alex entered the large tiled room where the showers, hot tub, steam room, and dry sauna were and hung his towel on a hook. He showered off quickly, enjoying the eye candy that was showering around him, and then settled into the hot tub. No one was getting serviced at the moment, but there were several other guys in the water with him. He enjoyed the hot water as he relaxed for a bit. He closed his eyes and thought about the poz cum that was still in his ass. Even though Sam was on meds, it still had the virus in it, which turned him on and made his cock start to harden. The more he thought about his decision, the harder he got, too. He remembered seeing messages on the marker boards in the hallways about guys in certain rooms seeking poz loads. He wondered if he had the nerve to do that tonight. One thing at a time, he thought. It was time to sit in the steam room for a bit. There was usually some action going on in there and even if he didn’t participate, it was nice to watch and jack his cock some. He stood up with his raging hardon and got a few whistles of admiration. He smiled and winked at them and headed to the door to the steam room. It was a big room with lots of space. There were a handful of guys already in there, one getting fucked. Alex sat near them and started slowly playing with his hard cock. It amazed him that he was so hard considering he’d just cum a short while ago. The idea of becoming poz turned him on that much. The 2 guys fucking were really going at it and Alex was focused on watching them and didn’t realize someone had walked up to him. “Mind if I sit here?” a voice asked him, breaking his concentration. He looked up and saw the hairy, bearded daddy from the locker room pointing to the space next to him. “Please, be my guest,” Alex replied, a little startled. The hot daddy sat down and held his hand out. “Hi, I’m Max,”. “Nice to meet you Max, I’m Alex.” “You really caught my attention in the locker room, Alex,” Max admitted. “I was hoping I’d run into you again tonight.” “Well, I’m glad you did,” Alex countered. Feeling bold, Alex put his hand on Max’s muscular, hairy chest and started rubbing all around. Max growled softly, “Oh yeah, that feels nice.” He turned so he was facing Max and put his other hand up as well, running both hands through all the sweaty hair and playing with his big nipples. “Oh fuck yeah, you know exactly what a man likes, don’t you,” Max said, growling again. He sat there for a few minutes, enjoying the attention, which made his big, thick cock stand up. He then turned towards Alex, put both hands on either side of his face, and drew him in for a kiss. He kissed Alex gently on the lips a couple of times and then planted a deep, passionate kiss on him. Their tongues battled and they swapped spit as the kissing went on and on. Max finally broke the kiss and stood up. He held out his hand to Alex, “Why don’t we go back to my room and get comfortable.” “I’m all yours,” Alex shot back, standing up and taking the hand that had been offered to him. They exited the steam room and Max went to get his towel. “No need to shower, I love a sweaty man,” he said. Alex raised an eyebrow, smiled, and grabbed his own towel. They wrapped their towels around themselves and headed down a hallway. Alex followed to the back part of the area where the rooms were. Max unlocked his door and let him into a large room with a bunk, some lockers, and a sling in it. He had rented one of the bigger play rooms. Alex couldn’t believe his luck. One of the hottest men there had a great room and was interested in him. They dropped their towels and laid on the bunk, their sweaty bodies mashed up against each other. “You’re a pretty damn good kisser,” Max said to Alex. “Right back at you stud,” he replied. “Call me Daddy Max.” He said with one of those low, sexy growls of his. “Yes Sir, Daddy Max.” The 2 men went at it again, making out fiercely, their tongues battling for dominance. Their hands were all over each other’s bodies, exploring everywhere. Daddy Max was covered with a thick layer of fur that had just started showing his gray. His hair, beard, and body hair was black except for the gray, giving him an incredibly sexy look. Alex reached down for Daddy Max’s cock and could barely get his hand around it. It had to be at least 8 inches if not more. He loved that his new daddy made those deep growling noises while they were kissing. Everything about this man turned him on. Daddy Max finally broke the kiss and lay back on the bunk. “Why don’t you show your new Daddy how good you are with your tongue.” Alex immediately started working his way down his body, starting with kissing and licking his face, including that sexy beard, working his way down the neck, chest, stomach, and legs. He licked and kissed practically every inch of the front of his body, purposely avoiding his thick cock and bull balls. He worked his way back up to the crotch and started licking and sucking on each ball. He could only get one at a time in his mouth, they were so big. Then he made his way up to that incredibly thick cock. He started licking, sucking, and nibbling the big mushroom head and worked his way down each side before finally opening his mouth wide and engulfing as much of the cock as he could. He was able to make it more than halfway down so he started working up and down, sucking and licking the head and shaft. Daddy Max continued making low growling noises, obviously loving the attention his cock was getting. Alex kept it up for another few minutes, pulled off the cock, and gave his new daddy a big kiss. Then he whispered, “Turn over, please.” Max flashed him his brilliant smile and rolled over on his stomach, his thick cock sticking out between his legs. Alex started giving his backside the same treatment as his front, kissing and licking his way down from his thick neck to his waist, then skipped his ass and worked his way down both legs. He made his way back up to the hairy ass and started kneading each ass cheek. He licked all around before finally spreading his cheeks and running his tongue up and down the sweaty crack. As he zeroed his tongue onto Daddy Max’s asshole, he let out another deep growl. Alex was learning quickly that meant he liked what he was doing. He started licking and sucking on his new Daddy’s asshole, sticking his tongue in as deeply as he could. Daddy Max arched his back and pushed out, opening his ass for the tongue. Alex licked, sucked, and tongued the delicious asshole for quite a while. He finally, reluctantly, crawled back up to where he was lying next to his new friend. They started kissing again. Alex loved the fact that Daddy Max was tasting his own ass by sucking on the tongue that had just been buried in it. “My friend, I think you just might be a keeper,” Max said to Alex. He immediately put his finger on Alex’s lips saying, “Let’s see how the rest of tonight goes and take it from there.” Alex smiled shyly and nodded. They sat up facing each other on the bunk. “So, do you think you’re up for some adventure tonight? Maybe broaden your horizons some?” Daddy Max asked. Alex got a curious look on his face, “go ahead, I’m listening.” “Good boy. I have this room for the night, so why don’t we get your hot ass in that sling and see what happens next.” “I’ve never been fucked in a sling. I think I’d like that, especially with you doing the fucking.” “I’ll definitely be doing the fucking, at first. You see, I come here quite a bit and know a lot of the regulars. If one of us finds a hot piece of ass that doesn’t mind being shared, we usually let the rest of the gang in on it. You strike me as the type that might be up for some fun like that. What do you say, stud? Although I think I can guess your answer from the way your cock is acting.” Alex looked down and not only was he rock hard, but had a stream of precum running down his shaft. His little head had already made up its mind. “To be completely fair, there’s one thing I need to tell you first. I’m HIV+,” Daddy Max said. Alex had to grab his cock and squeeze it hard to fight cumming. The fact that this hot daddy was into him, wanted to do some intense play with him, and had HIV had almost made him have an orgasm without touching himself.
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    As I lay beside the boy he greedily licks my fingers clean of the bloodied cum and ass juices. “Well, well who have we here?” asks Grahame, the boy locks eyes with me sensing my confusion that we didn’t even to get to introducing ourselves blurts out “Liam…my name is Liam” “Well Liam, what brings you to our bed, sharing my boyfriend?” Liam looks worried but answers, “My cheating boyfriend. He’s obviously moved on to an ‘open relationship’ so this is a revenge fuck.” He turns his head and says “sorry” to me before continuing, “I thought I might as well knowingly get pozzed so I get IT out of the way and not worry about who I fuck in future.” I can’t help but notice Grahame’s cock is rock hard in his joggers with a sizable wet patch from copious amounts of pre-cum thinking that this 20 something years old jock is, ready and begging to be fucked full of HIV-positive spunk again. “Ha. That’s funny, you see I am a cheating husband too that got pozzed, knocked up my partner who’s just passed on my DNA to you” and turning to me says, “turned him from a cock loving cum slut in to a gifting TOP, who knew that would happen once he was made free?” “And looking at the POZ mess leaking from your hole and the blood on our sheets I recon you’re well and truly on your way to joining the brotherhood too” As the words spill from his mouth he is pulling off his shirt and dropping his joggers to reveal his prized possession a lovely 8” x 6” uncut cock that already is hard and twitching, flat against his stomach and has smeared glistening pre-cum over his hairy treasure trail. “As you’re here you might as well take my DNA from the source!” as an evil grin appears across his face as he approaches our new friend Liam "Yeah roll over, spread your cheeks and hole, let me get a couple of fingers in there, no need for lube, ah! three fingers sawing in and out,” Knowing my boyfriend’s technique those fingers will be circling round probing the soft inner reaches of Liam’s fuck chute and massaging his prostate driving him crazy. “You my friend, I'll have you gaping soon." All Liam could utter between moans was, "Fuck yeah, this feels amazing! Wreck my hole." "I see there's a lot of pink in the cum leaking around my fingers. Looks like Harry did some damage fucking you earlier, just makes it easier for our poz swimmers to get into your body and do their work.” “Jeez how many loads have you taken boy?” “Three…ummm…aaaah….so far” replies Liam pushing back further impaling his puffy hole on Grahame’s fingers as four long fingers are now opening Liam’s hole yet wider “You ready for more infected cum?" What could he say? There was only one right answer at this moment in time. "Yeeeeessss, Fuck Me, pleeeeeaaase." I slide off the bed to get a closer look as Grahame wanks his cock a couple of times before placing the angry purple head of his deathstick at Liam’s hole, teasing his ass lips and drooling toxic fluid all around his opening. "Ahhh ...yes" my partner says as the bulbous bellend pushes in and disappears into the fleshy crevice. Our boy is making involuntary little whimpers just like I do when Grahame’s thick dick squeezes past my ass muscles and pulls everything back as he withdraws, only to increase the sensations of pressure and fullness as he slowly inches more cock in. My mouth is dry and I feel slightly faint but I cannot take my eyes off my boyfriend’s dick fluidly moving in and out going deeper with each forward stroke as he gently rocks back and forth. “You ready for more boy?” I know Grahame is impatient as he can fuck for ages before cumming and doesn’t want to hold back any longer. A POZ man on a mission to infect a NEG bottom. “Fuck yeah” is the response as my partner leans forward, has his hand on Liam’s shoulders pulling him back as simultaneously he bucks his hips forwards to slide all 8 inches in balls deep. “How does that feel now all of me is buried deep in you boy?” “Ummmm….so good” coos Liam I watch both of them intently, and then my husband and I look into each other's eyes. "Fuck yea", he moans. I'm so turned on, I can feel my heart pounding and notice my tender and worn cock is stirring again demanding attention thicken with each heartbeat. I scoot on the bed, wriggle back downwards under Liam, whose hole is taking all the pleasure as Grahame’s rhythm picks up, as his shriveled penis bounces under his tummy and roll my head back to suckle on his shrunken cock. I’m sucking hard and swirling my tongue getting frustrated that I’m having so little effect so I reach up to Liam’s chest and begin tweaking and rubbing his nipples which has an immediate impact. Blood floods through his slab of meat as it grows and grows until its lodged down my throat cutting off air supply. I panic, feel faint as his cock is pushed yet further into me with each thrusting motion from behind. Tears, mucus and snot flow as I eventually wiggle free, chest heaving, gasping for air, panting hard as I recover, enough of that I manoeuvre further down the bed to watch mesmerised as Grahame’s big dick pistons in and out coupled to a heady mix of sweaty sex, cum and ass juices l could stay here forever. I’m brought back to reality as velvety lips engulf my cock. "Ahhhhhhh.... careful….ahhhh... so tender" I moan as he works my cock. To take my mind off the soreness l tug and squeeze on my fellah’s big cum laden shaved balls as he lets out a long moan making me smile as I watch them grow and turn red in my hands eliciting a further moan letting me know he’s in heaven receiving all this attention. I know I am as Liam deep throats my hard on but no matter how hard he tries my balls are drained dry and I am not going to cum anytime soon. I am happy just wanting to watch my man fucking Liam getting bred over and over taking part in his conversion although as I watch I am beginning to feel jealous. My hole is desperate for attention right now, and I’m so hungry to bottom again I don’t care if it’s from a cock or a tongue especially as I hear Grahame hunch over Liam and say, “I’m getting close” “Stop!” I say and waste no time climbing from under Liam to squatting down presenting my hole right in front of Liam’s face. I feel his hands and then his face gets knocked in to my butt as Grahame’s dick serves him well and forces into Liam’s open hole again and I groan loudly as his tongue slides up to my asshole but I’m aching to be fucked and bred by Liam’s big cock. Next I feel wet fingers rubbing my asshole – it feels good. “Ahhhhhhh… yeah, time for a daisy chain” I moan “Fuck yea babe” I hear from behind “That’s what you need… some thick dick?” I nod vigorously pushing back on Liam’s fingers as the two disengage and pull me to the end of the bed, I step off, bend over, head down, ass up dying to be fucked. Liam lines up behind me and I feel his wet cock touching my hole, then pushes all 9 inches in to my well used hole, holding it for a moment as my ass stretches and contracts around his cock. From behind I hear Grahame say “you been missing my POZ cock you bugchasing slut, wanting to get knocked up, huh?" "Yeah, do it. Poz me up." Says Liam as more movement from behind forces his dick deeper in me. "I'm all the way in…does that feel good boy…more Poz cock for your Neg ass?" "Oh fuck ... oh fuck ..yeah” as I feel Liam’s body shake at the intrusion as Grahame starts riding the boy with his cock throbbing and leaking precum deep inside of him as the daisy chain fucking slowly begins. Grahame has his long toxic cock halfway into Liam leaving him room to fuck himself in to me and then back fully onto Grahame. We got a good rhythm going, with my fellah’s cock forcing what’s left of my dirty load deeper with each stroke to do it deed. Liam picked up the pace going back and forth, into the ass and onto the cock, balls slapping, heat building, his stamina impressive as he worked up a sweat fucking into me and then impaling himself on Grahame’s Poz cock. The pounding is hard and fast just as I love it, I’m in absolute ecstasy with Liam’s uncut cock drilling my hole. To keep pace, he’s holding on tight, nails digging in my flanks. The whole scene had him so fucking worked up hurtling towards sensory overload “I won’t last long. Fuck! I’m getting close,” Liam tells us. “I’m getting ready to breed your guts,” he almost screams into my ear. “Yeah do it, fill me up…cum…I need it!” I shout back like a good bottom should Further behind we hear, “Are you ready for my poz cum in your ass? I’m gonna fill your fucked-up hole up with it.” “Oh fuck yes, I can’t wait any longer…I’m gonna shoot…OH FUCK I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” Liam bellows, shoving all the way in me and shooting his cum, spraying my needy guts in an explosive climax. Surely his sphincter was contracting tight around Grahame’s thrusting dick alternating between squeezing and milking the deadly load out “You want this load?” “Yes … yes … fuck yeah… I want it” Getting off on the verbals Grahame says “What do you want?” as he rams in hard doing as much damage as possible, “Beg for IT” “Fuck … fuck ... I want it, I want your load, I want your POZ load”. I could tell Grahame was close now, past the point of no return. He plunges his cock hard “here it comes, boy... You're getting my cum!" Lucky Liam, I know he will be feeling Grahame’s thick vein on the underside of his cock expand and flex as it propels the explosion of infected cum in his guts. I know he’s doing his best to make sure that his life altering DNA finds its way into Liam’s bloodstream where it will take hold – another HIV+ bareback bottom is born. We disentangle and see where Grahame pulled that a dollop of my deadly dark pink sperm hangs from the gaping opening of the hole, “Hot” we simultaneously whisper. Panting and dripping in sweat Liam is quickly down from his climactic high by asking, “Can I do the honors of cleaning your cocks?” Fuck, what a pig we have created here!
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    It all started innocently enough, just enjoying online porn websites. But then Drew came across videos encouraging the use of poppers, which he bought to enjoy these sites better. Then he discovered sissy sites that were encouraging him to offer himself up for the sexual gratification of men. Drew became more and more addicted to these. The visual stimulation coupled with the sensual feelings from using poppers and the repeated messages that were bombarding him, made him want to put what he saw and read into practice: Make yourself available to men Drew went to his local sauna to seek out cocks. You must have cock Having crossed the threshold and undressed, Drew wrapped a towel around his modesty and headed for the darkroom. You’ll do anything for cock When his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw several people watching a man bent over with his legs on a bench taking a bare cock up his arse. So that’s what you must do: Prepare to be exploited Drew applied some lube to his arse and copied the position of the guy next to him as he climbed onto the bench. Give your sissy pussy to be used by men The sight caught the attention of many of those standing around watching including the guy fucking the man next to him. One of them came over and wanked his cock harder to get it stiff enough to enter him. You need to feel cock Drew’s dream was realised as he felt the guy ram his bare cock up his lubed arse. He’s in you now The experience of being fucked was both pleasurable and painful for Drew. It was difficult for him as he took the ever forceful thrusts up him. Drew sniffed some poppers to facilitate the cock’s ingress. Poppers prepare you for men’s load Although it was still a bit painful, this stimulation really turned Drew on. He could feel the guy thrusting more quickly now. He knew the guy was almost ready to come inside him. You must take his load His breathing got faster and with a grunt the man thrust his cock deep inside Drew and released his spunk into the willing arse. He pulled out and the cum started dribbling out of Drew. Feel it leaking with his cum The guy who’d been fucking the man next to Drew, looked avariciously at the now cum filled newbie and pulled out to change his attention towards Drew instead. Drew wasn’t going to resist more attention. Your sissy pussy wants cock Drew eagerly anticipated being fucked a second time. But what he didn’t realise is the man was positive and didn’t care whom he infected. Drew sniffed deeply on his poppers as he got ready for penetration. Take men’s cock deep The man shoved his cock deep within his unknowing victim and thrust vigorously wanting to breed another person. Drew was innocently enjoying the experience of his second fuck and felt the man thrusting into him more deeply. You love the feel of cock inside you The man pushed in even harder and held his position as his toxic load pumped into Drew. All that Drew knew that he was enjoying his second seeding as his fantasy instructions had encouraged him to carry out. You crave cum As the man pulled out, Drew looked around for who else was in the room and encouraged another onlooker over. Drew placed his mouth over the man’s cock and sucked hard. Now suck cock Drew liked sucking dick and was surprisingly good at it, bringing the man to climax quite quickly. The man withdrew and blasted his cum all over Drew’s face. This attracted the attention of another of the onlookers. Ready for more This young man had a large cock and had been visiting the sauna quite regularly and had recently contracted hiv, but wasn’t aware of his status. Consequently his viral load was very high. Drew was eager to have this big cock up his arse. You need cock The young man got Drew to face him and place Drew’s legs in the air as he stroked his cock to full length. Drew was looking forward to another bareback fucking. Little did he realise the consequences. Feel men’s cock enter you Drew was surprised how easily this large cock went inside him, presumably all the cum already inside helped lubricate him. This really facilitated his cock thrusting in and out of him. He slowly pushed his large dick further and further up him. Drew then needed to sniff deeply on his poppers. Your sissy pussy wants to feel bare cock deep inside you How much Drew was enjoying seeing his fantasies turning into realities. He was being the cum slut he was encouraged to be in the videos. You want men’s load Drew eagerly anticipated another load would be blasted inside him. He wasn’t disappointed when the young man suddenly announced he was about to cum and then shot his highly toxic load right up Drew. This had been a tremendous learning lesson for Drew. Indeed he had been well screwed!
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    nothing hotter to me than sliding a gloryhole cock in my hole and feeling it use me to milk out its sperm, and then doing over and over until my thighs hurt from squatting and my hole is so cummy i leak out onto the subway seat hahaha im such a fucking faggot sometimes
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    Part 1: It was the weekend of my 20th high school reunion. It had been a mostly boring gathering. I never made any deep friendships in high school. I think it was because I was so far into the closet, and didn't feel like I fit in with any of the groups of kids. I was into art and music, and it felt like I was the only one. So here I was on the day after, stopping at a convenience store to get a cup of coffee. I was at the coffee urns fixing myself a cup and I heard someone behind me say, "Jeff, is that you?" I turned around expecting to see one of my classmates, but instead it was a very handsome man a few years older than me. I looked for a second, and finally recognized my old history teacher Mr. Marco. Wow! I had had such a crush on this man back then! He was younger than the other teachers, only 10 years older than the students. He was tall, had a mass of dark curly hair, broad shoulders, beautiful deep brown eyes, a nice moustache, and a smile that lit up any room. Here he was 20 years later and even better looking. His body looked a bit bigger, his moustache was now a trim beard, his curls had a bit of silver at the temples, and that smile was still amazing. "Wow, Mr. Marco! Long time no see! How are you?" "Please Jeff, call me Frank. I am doing really well, and you?" "I'm doing well. I'm working right here in town. Love my job. Just saw a bunch of my old classmates last night at our 20th reunion." "That's great, Jeff. I'm moving back here to my parents' old place. Mom passed away earlier this year and left me the house. It's good to be back." Mr. Marco had been my favorite teacher. Besides being hot and making a confused and closeted high school boy have fantasies, he had the ability to make history come alive for me. He was always encouraging and genuinely concerned about how his students did in class. I loved the classes I had with him in my sophomore and junior years, and was really looking forward to senior year when we got to do special projects for class. But the summer after my junior year he got divorced from his wife and moved to another town. I guess I had felt a bit abandoned back then. And here he was after all this time. All these thoughts flooded through my mind, but I snapped out of it. "Oh yeah, I heard she died. I'm sorry. I always loved that house. It's such beautiful spot on the lake." He reached out and touched my arm. "Well Jeff, if you're not busy I'm heading over there. Come on over and we'll take a swim, have lunch, do some catching up." "That sounds great Mr. Marco-" he gave me a look- "I mean Frank. I'd love to." "Well, just follow me," he said, flashing me one of those smiles. My mind raced as I followed him in my car. I felt like a kid again. I really had no thought that anything would happen between us. Just spending time with such a sexy man would be nice for a change. We got to the house and he invited me in for a tour. It was a nice place, very well kept up, warm and inviting. The best part was the view of the lake. There was a broad lawn leading to the shore, and the house was on a very private little inlet. We walked across the grass down to the boathouse and dock. Frank pulled off his shirt and I got a good look at his furry chest. I had always wondered how hairy he was. "I'm going in for a swim. Come on in. I love to skinny dip- hope you're not shy!" He turned toward the water as he kicked off his shoes and dropped his shorts and ran down the dock and dove in. I did the same, hoping I wouldn't pop a boner before I hit the water. The water was great, jut cool enough to calm that down. We swam for a while and then he went up on shore nd stretched out on the grass on his back. I followed him, and we both lay naked in the warm sun. "So Jeff, how's your love life?" "Well... " was all I could say, surprised by his question. "Sorry to be so personal," he said. "I guess this is a bit awkward, with our history of being teacher and student. It can be tough to meet again as peers. I remember you well, Jeff. I remember we had a good connection. I enjoyed having you as a student." "I loved having you as a teacher," I blurted out, perhaps a bit too eagerly. He looked over at me and smiled. "I think you were signed up for my independent study class when I left town. I'm sorry that didn't happen. You know why I left?" "You got divorced." "Yes, that's the short version. I think I can tell you now. Things had not been good with my marriage. Neither of us was happy, especially not me. I made a mistake getting married." He paused and looked me in the eye. "I never made her happy, and I finally got honest with myself about why that was." He looked up at the sky. "I was attracted to men. That was the problem. After we split up we were both so much happier." He looked back at me. "Does that shock you?" I gulped and shook my head no. I swallowed hard, and finally blurted out, "N-n-n-no. I am gay too." I felt my face and whole body blush. "I thought maybe you were, Jeff. I got that vibe from you back then, Of course, I would never have done anything with you. You were way too young, aside from the possibility of losing my job. It was tough for me back then, though, being surrounded by so many good looking boys. Well, they were young men really. The hottest boys were the smart ones- like you." He flashed me that smile again. I couldn't believe this was happening. My heart was pounding. I bravely said, "Well here we are now, and we're both consenting adults." Still smiling, he reached over and grabbed my hand. He placed it on his growing cock. "Yes, here we are, and this is what you are doing to me." He leaned in and kissed me. I started stroking his dick. It was getting longer and thicker. I pulled back for a good look. It was uncut and growing to about 7 1/2 inches. The foreskin was pulling back from a big round head. My own dick was as hard as iit had ever been. I kissed him again, keeping that big veiny dick in my had. I kissed his neck, and down onto his furry chest. I licked at his nipples, and my head kept traveling lower. I kissed his belly and felt his bushy pubes against me face. I took the head of his dick in my mouth and felt his hands on my head. I swallowed him whole while my hand fondled his heavy balls. He then gently pulled my head back up for another, deeper kiss. His hands were all over my back and he squeezed my ass. Our cocks rubbed up against each other. He whispered in my ear, "What I really want is for you to lick my balls." I nodded and raced down there between his legs. He lifted his knees giving me access. I took one ball in my mouth and swirled my tongue all over it. I switched to the other and heard him moan and gasp. My fingers traced along his thighs. My mouth left his balls to swallow his cock again. He said, "No- keep sucking my balls. Stoke my dick. I'm getting close." I did what he asked. In just about a minute he did shoot while I had both his balls in my mouth. I felt that hot cock pulsing strongly as he came all over himself. I was moving to lick up his cum when he jumped up and ran back into the lake. I sat up in a bit of a daze. I loved what just happened, but was a bit freaked out at his reaction. Had I done something wrong? He came back up out of the water and stood in front of me. He saw my hard cock and knelt down and pushed me onto my back. He swallowed my cock and in no time I was blasting my load down his throat. He got down next to me and put his arm around me, getting me wet. We lay there both breathing heavily. He said, "I'm sorry Jeff, I freaked out. Maybe we shouldn't have done that." "No, I'm glad we did, Frank. I'm cool with it, really." He looked at me very seriously, then his smile started to come back. "Well, I'm glad. I really needed it." He got up and went over to retrieve his clothes. "I'd love to see you again Jeff. But I need to get ready to go back to my old place and get the rest of my things. I'll be moving in here, but I'll be gone for two weeks wrapping things up. I'll call you when I get back, OK?" It was my turn to smile. "You better call me."
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    Got whored out last night by my bf to 6 random guys from Grindr & BBRT, including a poz traveler passing through town who got off on poz talk and having my bf watch. (Pic of my hole after the poz fuck) 2 DP fucks! All more hung than me and some very aggressive fucks! BF added 4 loads to me throughout the night, including the last one before bed ❤
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    I got on CL for something anonymous and hooked up with this guy! He described himself as a blond jock and said he wanted to fuck me “raw!” He had two conditions: One: since it was anonymous, he insisted that I agree not to look at him while he was there! Two: he wanted to record our encounter “just for his personal pleasure!” I was super horny and readily agreed! The sex was GREAT! He sure could throw a mean fuck! It wasn’t until a few days later I saw that he had posted this pic of him BALLS DEEP inside me on several gay sites...even tumblr! FUCK! He was no “blond jock!” I KNEW this guy! He lives in the apartment next door and one thing I know for sure about my neighbor is that he has FULL-BLOWN AIDS! Should I file a complaint...or should I ask him to come over tonight for another session?
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    I've got Saturday Night Fever ... and ...
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    I’m a fucking horny top, 28 yo, always ready to unload my balls in some hungry mancunt. As you might have read on here, I enjoy real sluts. I mean the dirty ones, the ones whose hunger for cocks dictate their lives. The ones who are ready to be pounded by any men, no matter how they look, nor how old they are, who are enjoying being used as cumdumps. The ones who are craving for loads even if they’ve just been bred by dozens of tops, and whose dream is to become a public 24/7 cumdump in some sleazy bathhouse or at some Master’s house. Well, you picture the kind of faggot I’m into. Few days ago, I was fucking horny, as it often happens. I remember I used to chat with that guy on some hookup website. He was a hungry bottom, had a nice bubble ass, but I remembered he told me about one of his friend, who according to his words, was “the sluttiest person he had ever met”. He told me about that slut’s past, how early he started taking dicks, missing classes to get loaded by men in the woods, or in public area. Later cruising the bathhouses, spending every weekend there in need for cocks. God I wanted to try out that slut! I contacted that guy, asking about the slut’s availability. “Well we’re Saturday night, he must be at the sexclub, taking dicks as usual, I couldn’t think of any other places where he could be”. Luckily the club wasn’t too far from my place, although I would have been ready to drive a few hours to dump a load in that dirty whore. I had pictures of that whore from his friend. So when I arrived at the club at around 01:00am, I immediately recognized him in the darkroom, laying on the sling, being pounded by some dirty old man. Fuck! He wasn’t even blindfolded and was enjoying the ride, moving his hips around that grandpa’s dick, sticking his tongue out. Two other men were waiting their turn to breed the slut. I waited in line, stroking my cock, as the old man finally came in that dripping butthole. When he pulled out, I noticed the floor was well covered in cum. That pig must have been taking cocks here for a few hours now. “Who’s next?!” he’s asking. When the first guy in line approached, he said “yeah daddy, come on, breed my faggot hole. You’ve seen me taking that old dirty dick? Yeah? Fuck me hard, push all that old man spunk in my guts”. This must have turned on the top so much, as he unloaded his balls within 3 minutes! “Next!” The guy before me immediately put his dick in that wet pussy. He was very rough. The sling was shaking, and the whore was provoking him “Fuck yeah! Pound me harder daddy. Make me feel your fucking dick, I can’t even feel it! Come on! Wreck my dirty ass! Man!!! Fuck me!” The pounding lasted at least 10 minutes. He was really destroying that pussy, and the slut was really high on it. The top loaded his semen in the boy’s hole, and left. “Next!” My turn now. “Yeah Daddy, you saw how that last guy fucking me? You liked it? I barely felt anything. My ass is so loose you need to fuck me harder if you want me to feel anything” That wasn’t going to be easy, but that slut was such a sex addict, I couldn’t believe I had the chance to bred someone like him. His ass was wrecked, gaping, a slight rosebud leaking cum. The amount of cum on the floor was impressive, there was also cum on the sling, running from the ass to his back. The smell of cum was so strong it made my cock even harder if that was possible. “You’re friend told me you were here, taking loads. He speaks of you as the dirtiest faggot in the region. It seems he’s telling the truth” I said. “Yeah daddy, I’m the sluttiest around here. You cannot find someone more addicted to cocks and cum than me” he replied, while fingering his hole, bringing his cum-covered fingers to his mouth and licking them. “How many loads you have in there faggot?” “24. All from different men. Wanna add the 25th load in me daddy?” Hell yes!! I was ready for that! My cock was fucking hard, and his ass was sooo wet my dick got instantly swallowed by his pussy. Fuck yeah, that felt so good! I was churning all that cum in the nastiest faggot I’ve ever met! “Fuck me harder Daddy!” I was told. “Don’t ask me twice, you’re gonna regret saying this faggot”. I pounded him hard. As hard as I could get! My dick was plunging as deep as possible, hitting his cum-covered guts. He put his hand on my ass, pushing me against him. Fuck! That slut wanted me to completely destroy his pussy. I grabbed him on the shoulders, pushing my dick in his sloppy hole. He was laughing, staring me in the eyes, “Oh yeah daddy, like that, keep raping my faggot hole, give me your babies”. Even though he said this, I had the impression he didn’t really struggle taking my poundings. I took a look behind me and saw the line growing. Four men were waiting their turns. I continued fucking that hole for another 10 minutes. “Yeah fucking breed me daddy! Flood me with your male DNA!” I couldn’t hold anymore, my dick spattered all the cum that was accumulating in my balls for a week. I must have squirted like 10 times. It felt so good. I pulled out, more cum fell on the floor. “Fuck you are definitely a dirty faggot!” I told him. “Thanks daddy”. “Next!!!” Couldn’t believe how fast he moved to the next dick. He was a hungry slut! I moved away, and the following guy stuffed his dick in the boy’s hole, trying to satisfy that hungry hole. That experienced exhausted me. I needed a break. Went to the bar, relaxing a little while, before leaving the club. Fuck that was the first time I had blast so much cum in a hole. That faggot was incredible! The next day I got a message from my friend, saying the faggot enjoyed riding my thick dick. Told me he ended at 7am, with 38 loads in his pussy, when no one was left to breed him anymore. He emptied everyone but had to leave as all were exhausted, although the slut wanted more. Fuck! That got me hard again. And apparently this was far from his record. My friend told me that the faggot was going to whore his ass out again on the following Friday, trying to get more loads this time. Asked if I were interested. Fuck yes I am! I definitely want to take a second ride on that slut’s ass. This time I’m going to be the last one to unload my balls. I might pay a visit in the early morning. That’s when the sluts are the most craving and the dirtiest.
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    The party........Oops, I did it again A few weeks after Juan left, James felt the need to get fucked. He never told his friends about this need or what he and Juan had done together. Mike suspected, but James never confirmed anything. James also didn't tell his friends about the toys he bought to use on his ass. He used them every time he jerked off now. James was starting to think of his ass as a sexual organ that needed attention. James had fucked about 4 guys in the last 3 weeks. Same routine - go to their place, use a condom, cum on their back or face. He liked fucking those guys, but something felt different. He didn't feel as satisfied. He needed another cock in his ass. James went with Mike and a couple of other friends to this party in a lakefront condo. He knew the guys from the bars, but not very well. James was wearing a tee shirt that barely touched the top of his jeans and tighter jeans that usual. The jeans made his ass look amazing. James was a bit self-conscious about wanting to get his ass fucked so he hung around the bar in the kitchen a lot. Mike noticed and sent over an acquaintance who had fucked him recently, Dustin. Dustin was not really James type. He was short, thin, and nerdy, but he was a solid guy, had a huge cock, and was very sexually aggressive. Twenty minutes later Jason was on his knees sucking Dustin's cock in the bathroom. He brought the guy off in a few minutes and swallowed. James was hoping they could return to the party without anyone noticing. But, people had noticed. People noticed that top jock boy James was acting a bit different. A few of the guys knew something was up when top boy Dustin and "top boy" James disappeared into the bathroom together. An hour later, Dustin had his cock in James and was fucking him in an alley between the party and the bars. James opened his ass to Dustin as soon as the boy had told him to. James was moaning as he was bent over letting this nerdy guy pummel his ass. James was loving it. He needed this fuck. He had to have this fuck. He had to have the cock in him. James had condoms in his jeans pockets but none of them were on Dustin's cock. He was letting another dude he'd just met a couple hours ago fuck him bareback. James actually didn't care about that right now. Instead he needed the cock. He also recognized he wanted the cum in his ass. It had been weeks since Juan had dumped his cum in James ass. James needed Dustin's cum. In fact, he told Dustin; "I want you to cum in me. Don't pull out." Dustin just pumped harder and in a minute dumped his load in James willing ass. Dustin and James went to join the others at the bars and dance. At 4 in the morning, James left the bar with Dustin and some of Dustin's friends. They went to Dustin's house where all 4 of the guys fucked former jock "top boy" James bareback and came in his ass with him begging for it every time.
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    Chapter Two I didn’t have time to answer as the Priest had moved through the door and silently motioned for me to follow. Silent consent by moving lead to my discovery of a short hall with four doors, reminding me of an adult bookstore arcade. Interesting. The Priest stopped in the middle of the hall, so two of the doors were behind him and two in front of him. I stopped just with in a foot of him, which allowed me to breath in the musk emanating through his robe. It was almost as intoxicating as poppers. He smelt like sex, that mixture of sweat, cum, and a hint of poppers, which made me realize that I left mine in locker number 13, just my luck. “Here, heretic, you will heighten sexual gratification by experiencing sex in extreme circumstances with a lack of inhibition and judgement. By comprehending that every cock brings sexual gratification no matter whom that cock is attached to, the size and shape of the cock, and your expectations, only then you will release the inhibitions holding you back from the full experience of sex. In basic terms, heretic, you will learn to take any cock and all cock” Again, before I could answer, the Priest opened a door, exposing me to the room hidden behind. My instinct was correct, it was an booth from an arcade, yet no porn playing on a cheap ass TV. As I entered, the Priest followed, I noticed to my right there was a glory hole about ass level in the opaque wall and to my left was another glory hole just below head level. The walls looked like glass, but as I reached out and touched them, the gave a little, helping me to draw the conclusion that they were some sort of plastic. Glancing behind me, the Priest stood guard in front of the close door, as I listened to foot steps behind the wall. Two shadows separated each moving to a position on the other side of the glory holes. My cock jumped in anticipation, yet deflated slightly as I was assaulted by a horrible odor emanating from inside the walls. The smell went beyond the natural musk of a man’s body; this was the pure odor of filth. Gagging, I fought back the urge to expel what little I had in my stomach. Trying hard not to fuck up and lose what the opportunity to find out what The Order was, I swallowed quickly. The Priest moved to position me in between the glory holes, lining up my ass with the one on the right and my mouth with the one on the left. He positioned my hands on each side of my head, allowing me to brace myself. From the sounds coming from in front of me, I deduced that pants were being dropped and I was about to taste cock, a smelly, filthy cock. Behind me, I felt fingers running up and down my crack. It’s finger nail scratching the skin inside, sending chills up my back. It made about six passes up and down my ass, then pulled away. I soon felt wetness, as the finger was replaced with a tongue. Dropping my hands from the wall, I grabbed each check and pulled them apart giving who ever greater access to my hole, while I opened my mouth fully readying myself for what I could only imagine was a horrible taste. I could feel the heat of the cock sliding into my mouth first, then the taste registered. The mixture of flavors started my gagging and heaving, to which I fought back again. Determined to complete this task, I wrapped my lips around the shaft of this fat cock and started to run my tongue over the cock sliding deeper into my throat. Once my face was buried in the matted hair at the base of the cock, did I start to pull back and discover it was uncut. I quickly moved my tongue inside the foreskin, scooping up what every was being stored and kept warm for someone like me. My spit mixed with the ripe dick cheese and fucking who knows what, before I swallowed it down. I started getting into a rhythm of sliding my lips up and down the now hard uncut cock and was soon pass the unclean taste of cock. I moaned in enjoyment as I throated the cock. The tongue continued licking my hole, depositing it’s slick wet spit inside and out. There was so much spit in my crack that it oozed down and was coating my balls. I fought to resist the urge to wrap my hand around my cock and stroke, not knowing if it was allowed. With in moments, the tongue retreated from the glory hole and replaced with the spongy head of another cock. My mind instinctively reacted, trying to have me stop since it was a bare cock. I always get fucked safe, although that was the correct thing to do in this day and age, I always felt unfulfilled. The cock pushed against my hole which gave some resistance, but as wet as it was, it quickly slid in. The skin on skin sensation was amazing and sent chills up my spine. Relaxing my hole, I gave the bare cock drive deep within me. The two men soon coordinated their movements, when I pushed back on the cock in my hole, the one in my throat slid out, while the forward movement on the cock in my mouth, pulled the one almost out of my hole. It was steady rhythm at first but quickly increased. I was in ecstasy, yet all that was about to change. A click invaded the sounds of fucking and sucking, which to my surprise announced that the opaque plastic wall in front and behind me was now clear. My mind panicked as I saw before me what looked like a homeless man. His clothes were ratty, filthy and hanging off his body. His hands and nails were caked with dirt. I bravely shifted my eyes upwards towards his face, without even dropping his cock from my mouth. As I got the full view, this man had a matted beard, his eyes were hallow, sunk back into the sockets. This man looked as if he had not eaten in months, his checks were sunken in looking like death. And I was sucking his cock, enjoying his cock and never stopped even when he was revealed to me. I could only imagine what the man behind me fucking me looked like. “good, good” the Priest said. I continued to allow these two homeless men to fuck my mouth and hole, and I was fucking enjoying it. My cock was bouncing as I pushed back and forth on the raw cock in my hole, streaming more pre-cum than I have ever done. I milked the pre-cum from the uncut cock in my mouth. I could feel each cock hardening more, thickening as they got closer and closer to shooting their loads of cum deep inside me. I feared that I would pull them each out and fail. I fought hard to push this from my mind. The cock in my hole shot first, it slid deep within, pulsing as the load shot out and coated my inside. This was the first load I had ever taken. I felt the warmth as the man’s sperm entered me, white washing my pink insides. It wasn’t long before the uncut cock in my mouth was pushed in as far as it could go and was spraying my throat with cum. I felt the pulsing on my tongue as this cock shot down my throat. I was disappointed since I did not get to taste the cum from this uncut homeless man, especially after I sucked it clean of it’s filth. Each cock moved slowly back and forth after shooting their loads, pushing their sperm in deeper and deeper as their cocks became sensitive, until they both flopped softly out of my used holes. I felt empty, I wanted more. The rush was intoxicating. Once free from my spit-roast, I straightened up. I had expected the Priest to be stroking his cock with and open robe, but was disappointed to find him standing there with his hands behind his back. There was not even a “tent” in the fabric of the robe which added to my disappointment, since that was hot as fuck, even to my standards. “You exceeded my expectations. I had determined that you would fail, once you realized that two homeless men were using you for sexual gratification you would quit. You now should understand that any cock can bring you sexual satisfaction.” the Priest said breaking the silence. I nodded accepting the fact that from now on, I could suck or fuck any cock, no matter who it was attached to. I began to regret that I had turned down so many men, simply because I was not attracted to them or that they were beneath me. “Regret is a powerful adversary now, yet do not dwell on regret, even if you fail you have learned that any cock can give you pleasure. Shall we continue” Once spoken, we left the booth and headed down the hall. Another door stopped us after we took a left turn. With still no more words spoken since we left the booth, we passed through and came to two doors, one on each side of the hall.
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    Panic started to sit in, as my mind raced and the shaking returning. I wish I had my poppers to relax me. There was not turning back now. Time again felt as if it was standing still. I didn’t know how long I was going to be in here alone, bound, naked and horny as fuck. The silence was deafening and was broken by a click. A mirror to my right started to move and my eyes were glued to the reflection of this in the mirror before me. My breathing became heavier as the mirror revealed the monster behind it. He was fucking huge. From my position I could only guess that he was over 6’5” and his body was so massive that he looked as if he had been on steroids from birth. From his chin down, his body was covered in tattoos and once he stepped in and shut the mirror, I could see that his back side was the same as the front. I could not see his face, he wore a hood that covered it from the bottom of his nose to the middle of his neck in the back, as well as the sides of his head. His eyes were visible through two hole and they were as black as the hood. On his feet he wore combat boots and in the middle was a jockstrap. At one time it had been white and new, now it was stained in red in some spots, yellow in others, and was so worn that it looked as if it would fall apart with one tug. Strings were hanging everywhere. What was inside the pouch was barely being contained. The side of the pouch were stretched so far from his body, that as he stood there one of his balls slipped out. I watched him walk the short distance from where he entered to where I was, stopping next to my head. I could feel the heat of his body as he stood close to me. I turned my head as he squat, watching his pouch as it went by. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Slowly he ran his hand along his thigh until he reached the pouch. Grabbing it he pulled it aside, and his cock and balls fell out. His cock was as massive as his body. His cock was twitching as it got harder and harder. Once it was rock hard, a good 11 inches rock hard, it started to jump as an evil grin came across his face. The cock was not only 11 inches but was as thick as a boys arm. Where the fuck did they breed this monster. I wanted his cock in my mouth, I drooled just thinking about how ripe it would taste, how it would stretch open my mouth. I wanted to feel it jammed down my throat, choking me, turning my face blue. I wanted to feel my throat open and his balls slap my chin as he face fucked me, while tears ran down my checks. I was snatched back to reality by something sharp running down my back, right down my spine, causing chills to sweep through my body. Looking up in the mirror I could see it was his fingernail that had been sharpened to a point, it continued until he reached the start of my ass crack, it was then we locked eyes and his fingernail slowly moved until it was at my hole, which was puckering in and out. Fuck I was turned on, I could only imagine the puddle on the floor of pre-cum. Without warning, he stabbed his nail into my puckering hole, at first there was some resistance, but that gave way with by the force that he added. He drove his digit knuckle deep into me, all the time moving his finger around inside - that’s when little waves of pain started to register in my mind. My eyes grew wider. Breaking our eye contact I looked back at his monster cock to take my mind off the pain that was coming more and more, only to find that it was leaking, his pre-cum was so thick, that it went from the piss slit to the floor without breaking and was puddling. He continued the assault on my hole, now finger fucking me so hard that he was pushing my body forward, pinching my cock against the corner of the box. After about five minutes of this, he pulled his finger out, leaving my hole empty. Grabbing my chin with his other hand he forced open my mouth and stuck the finger from my hole in. Greedily I sucked on it, too turned on to register the taste of blood from my hole. Once his finger was clean he withdrew his digit. I watched his reflection as he reached into his boot and pulled out a rounded wooden bit that had leather straps on each end. Again grabbing my chin, he forced open my mouth, shoving the wood in as far back as it would go. He moved quickly over me, straddling my back. I could feel his monster cock resting on my back, leaking its fuck juice. Grabbing the leather he tied them tightly behind my head. Task complete, he slowly moved, dragging his cock down my back until it was resting at the top of my ass crack. My heart was racing, I could see sweat forming on my forehead, and my hole was twitching, pulsing in and out. His evil grin returned as he spit on his fingers then wiped his spit on my hole. He grabbed his cock in his hand he lined up the head against my hole, his other hand pressed down on my back as I bit down on the wood in my mouth. I could feel him pressing hard against my hole, which was resisting until the hand on my back lifted off and slapped my ass hard, that’s when my hole gave way. Feeling my hole opening he pressed harder, driving his monster cock into my hole. There was not waiting for me to adjust to the sheer size of his cock, he continued to drive in. The pain was intense, I felt as if I was being ripped in two. I bit harder, and tried to scream, but nothing came out. I had no clue if he had one inch or ten inside me. In one swift move, he drove all the way in and dropped his body on top of mine. “take the pain, motherfucker, take the pain” My body was sweating, my heart racing, my mind was drifting as I involuntarily rolled my eyes back. A slap against my head brought me back to the situation I was in. His cock was moving in and out of my fuck hole, pulling it out until his cock head was pulling the inside of my hole outwards and then he would drive in balls deep. Over and over he would assault my hole. Minutes ticked by and I began to relax, my hole began to relax, and pain turned to pleasure. Sensing this he picked up speed, ramming his cock in and out. At one point he would take that massive fuck stick out and ram it back in balls deep. My silent screams turned to moans of pleasure! Pleasure I had never felt, his massive cock had opened my hole to new senses and I never wanted it to stop. I could feel his cock getting thicker and thicker and I knew that this power fuck was coming to and end. His cock moved faster and faster as his breath increased. Grabbing me by both shoulders, this monster slammed his cock balls deep, groaning: “take that toxic load, you fucking cock whore” He kept pressing his crotch against my ass, as if he was trying to climb in my hole as I felt the pulsing of his cock shooting his cum deep into my wrecked hole. I counted at least nine pulses of his cock, fuck me - it had to be a huge load of toxic cum. Slowly he pulled slightly out as he came down from his intense climax, then pushed back in just as slow, he continued this each time pulling out further and and further, until he pulled completely out. I feel a small amount of his load running down my balls and cock. Without words, he turned and left through the mirror he entered through, leaving me exhausted and still tied to the box.
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    It took less than an hour before Graham’s phone rings, of course it’s Ross “Hi you gotta finish what you started, I’ve got an itch that needs you to scratch” Grahame gives him our address and tells him to come over NOW! “How long d’ya think it will be before the cheating slut is at our door he asks me, “20 or 30 minutes max you got him well revved up for action especially with ‘our’ boy out of action?” It’s 15 when there is an urgent knocking. I hide in the kitchen peering through a crack of the partially closed door whilst Grahame, naked, goes to the door to usher our new plaything in ready to become prey, for the first of the scorpion’s sting. “Strip” is Grahame’s only word of greeting as Ross fumbles with buttons and zip as he wriggles out of his cloths in seconds leaving him standing fully naked wearing only a shit eating grin and sporting a nice 7inch looking uncut hard-on. “What have you come for?” “Your cock and cum” Grahame now asks, “And where do you want my cum?” “Shoot it inside where all cum belongs” then a slight prick of conscious prompts him to ask, “You are clean aren’t you?” “Yeah, yeah all freshly showered!” Grahame’s reply is so fast I almost laugh out loud and give the game away. “You know that’s not what I mean” but that question gets no response. They make out briefly as Grahame manhandles Ross to our bedroom throwing him backwards on the bed and swiftly rolling his legs up to his chest. I follow to the bedroom door giving me a clear view of his exposed pink pucker that’s ready for a good workout. My man dives down getting his mouth between Ross’s ass cheeks and started working his sweet hole lapping away getting it sloppy and wet before thrusting his tongue deep into its musky depths. “Relax, push out let me have full access” Grahame instructs and as Ross relaxes his sphincter and submits his hole under the onslaught of tongue making circles, nibbling at the flesh or pushing his tongue in as far as possible probing and relentlessly fucking in and out just as his cock soon will be. “Oh fuck yeah!” Grahame utters. “Oh, ah, fuck, yeah” Ross moans and writhes on our bed screwing up the duvet in his hands and then lets slip “No one’s rimmed me like that. Normally just spit and fucks. This feels sooooo good.” By this time, I’m slowly wanking at the sight before me and know Grahame could not hold back much longer, he needs to fuck him, and Ross needed it too. “Fuck me please. Please!” Ross is almost screaming and Grahame was not about to disappoint as he spat on his hand and starts to slather the slime over his 8-inch cock and whilst not as big as Liam’s Grahame is a pig and knows how to fuck. “No lube, just spit I want you to feel every inch as I sink in to your cunt”. That’s my boy for you! Whether he realised it or not he was about to get bred with toxic sperm as Grahame took his time entering by gently pressing his furiously leaking cockhead against his hole. With all the pre-cum spewing out he really didn’t need lube at all. Ross exhaled deeply in pleasure or pain as Grahame’s cockhead slid inside the outer ring of his chute. “Fuck Yeah! It’s been a while since anyone’s been filling my hole. Need it so bad.” Breathes Ross They both grunt in pleasure as Grahame’s cock slid further up his tight passage stretching his rectal walls until his well-trimmed pubes press deep into the ass cheeks and then pulls back with shallow movements, slow and fast, in and out picking up speed changing direction, depth and speed. Being a bit smaller in the cock department than Liam, Grahame knew he had to work that bit harder to make the cheating boyfriend come back for more as his sickly boyfriend was temporarily unable to perform his Top duties. Grahame’s ass pistoned up and down like a well-oiled engine drilling Ross’s hole really deep, bashing his prostate on every stroke, getting them both to the point of no return. With sweat flying, inevitably Grahame asks the age-old question “Where do you want my load?” quickly followed by “You’re going to get it were cum belongs. Yeah here it cums!” He ejaculates so hard I almost feel it myself as his red-hot dirty load blasts in Ross’s guts in seven or eight pulses as he keeps thrusting at a reduced pace to make sure the Poz cum gets in to do its duty. As pre-planned I burst in, “What the fuck?” “Oh shit!” says Grahame in mock horror, “I didn’t expect you back so soon” “Fuck off – get out, I don’t want you here.” Before adding to Ross “Stay where you are” who tries to gather himself together to make a quick exit. Despite being a natural bottom watching my boy fuck the living daylights out of Ross has me hard and ready to spread my toxic seed too and as Grahame exits stage left I push the shocked Ross back down, he’s stunned and doesn’t protest as I lift his legs, spread them wide giving a great view of his wet and open wide hole. “Now it’s my turn you piece of trash, fucking with my boyfriend eh?” “Yes, sorry I didn’t know…he never said. I…Oooooo, ahhhhhh!” and the sentence hangs as I slide my seven inches in so easily and immediately start power fucking. “Love fucking a cummy hole. Especially one that’s been loaded with demon seed” I notice that either ‘demon seed’s’ connotation didn’t register or Ross simply did not care. “Now beat off and milk the cum outta my cock with your sloppy ass” I command and our new sub boy complies by furiously wanking, a few stokes in and his ass muscles clamp down on my cock as he fires wave after wave of cum all over himself. Huffing and puffing, red faced and in a strangled wheeze pants “Fuck yeah. Love your bare cock in my hole. Fuck me harder. I want your load in my ass.” And then it happens, my cock throbs, get harder still, my balls raise up and fire volley after volley of charged cum deep in his guts. As opposed to telling me what a great fuck he had just had I get, “Sorry. I am so sorry I didn’t mean to cause grief between you and your man it’s just that I’ve been away and I’m so blue balled I just had to have sex. Sorry” I cut him off telling him I found out that Grahame cheated on me a while back and whilst angry at first it has liberated our sexlife meaning we can fulfil some fantasies, “Tell me what’s yours?” I expected at least a nano-second of silence, but no. “Rape, I’d love to be tied up and raped.” Ummm I notice no mention of a boyfriend or slip up saying Liam’s name so far…and as our breathing normalizes, I think, “we’ll need to give that some thought” and knowing Grahame is outside waiting to make a ‘date’ as part of our collective next move when Liam was better and up for it, I tell Ross to “Get out”
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    As we all calmed down the musky smell of man-on-man sex hung thick in the air, with Grahame saying, “Time for a shower and freshen up” hauling Liam to his feet half dragged him to the bathroom as feeling returned to his wobbly legs. I on the other hand surveyed the blood and spunk strewn bedding and decided to throw them in the washer, carefully as Liam’s load slid from my well used ass no matter how hard I clenched tight. By the time I reached our walk in shower the room was hot and steamy I could see Liam’s shampoo covered body pushed up against the wall saying “fuck me” This nice guy had turned into an aggressive bottom. It certainly had me hot and horny again and began stroking my hard cock intensely watching the action unfold before my eyes. As Grahame kissed Liam’s neck hard our sub boy was pulling his cheeks apart…with me barely 8 feet away and they couldn't care less. I sit on the loo, relax and let the rest of Liam’s cum flow down the pan as I watch and fist my cock as Grahame’s cock keeps rubbing against his cum lubed hole, a hole that had been opened so much since he arrived hours ago and as the tip found its mark Liam simultaneously pushes all the way down in one swift move before bouncing up and down furiously riding the hard flesh fast and furiously that they both cum in minutes, Grahame deep in Liam’s sloppy cunt whilst his load slides down the shower wall. After their show they towel off as I quickly freshen up and we all crash naked on the couch talking openly for the first time. Liam tells us his boyfriend had gone with his parents, sister and her husband on a family 3-week Caribbean holiday, one that he couldn’t go on due to his work launching a new product meaning he had to train their Worldwide sales team over a series of seminars during those same weeks… Grahame and I look each other in the eye and knowing one another’s thoughts say, “Move in with us!”, Liam’s limp cock excitedly grows to full size and gets our attention, “Looks like we have an answer and it's a YES” we all laugh and make arrangements. Liam will go home each evening skype his bf then come back to ours getting royally fucked each evening and being woken up to one of us slipping our morning wood up his gaping chute. One night I came home late to find Grahame had invited his gifter Pitor over to further infect our boy twice and one each from us. 2 weeks after my first breeding session with Liam I wake up to a moving furnace burning next to me and although his big soft cock is still just poking in my hole plugging a load of his cum in my ass his rocking action tells me Grahame is awake and has begun seeding Liam yet again. I shift in our damp bed and sensing I’m awake Liam says, “I think I’ve got a cold coming, aches and a wicked sore throat…” Grahame and I knew better, mentally I'm totting up the dates, since we had experienced the same thing I knew exactly what it was, “No bud, for sure it’s the fuck flu. RESULT! All our breeding has been successful." We all cancel work for the day as over the next few hours Liam has joint pains and his lymph nodes were on fire too before heading to a downward spiral of sweats, fever, chills, powerful headache and a messy 24 hour dose of the shits. Since this was during the 'flu season' his work assumed it was the regular flu but as the days of Liam getting sicker ticked by we had a bigger problem of his boyfriend Ross’s imminent arrival to worry about… The morning his family were due home we got Liam warm and comfortable in his own bed at home in time for us to get away before the family returned to sympathize and nurse him as the viral war within continued reminding him each day the fuck flu symptoms were a rite of passage and meant he had been pozzed by our powerful DNA. Liam importantly was really embracing getting pozzed by hatching a plan to tempt his cheating boyfriend in to a four-way hook up for us to pump him full of our toxic virus thus changing his body forever. During one of the 10 days he was off work we agreed my Top Grahame should go round and be introduced as one of Liam’s co-workers to see how he was doing with the idea really being to begin the seduction of Ross. After the “Hi how are you? You look like shit, how’s work etc etc “chit chat Liam says in a less than subtle message that he’s tired and wants to sleep, “I’m so sick and exhausted we haven’t had any sex since Ross got back” “ewe too much information!” “but thanks for stopping be to see me.” We had had regular text updates on Ross, his likes/dislikes his high sexdrive as a power bottom and so on his way-out Grahame knowing he has passed them says, “Ummm I can’t remember where I put my shoes.” “They’re here, let me get them for you” and as Ross bent down to pick them up Grahame turns and steps forward in a flash grinding his thickening cock against Ross’s pert ass. Far from protesting Ross makes out as Grahame is grabbing, squeezing and kneading his ass through his jeans, telling Ross how nice it felt. While his tongue was in his mouth he unfastened Ross’s pants and pulled them down pushing him to their front door. A wet finger was quickly in his ass and then Grahame drops to his knees and started to eat his hole, forcing his talented tongue deep in the musky opening. After a few minutes it was nice and wet, so stood and switched to rubbing his hard bare dick against the willing hole. He whispers his demands, "Tell me how much you want my cock and cum?" Ross the slut excitedly responds "My pussy is yours. I want your cock in my hole. I want your cum. I will do whatever you say." “Fuck yeah! There’s nothing I love better than shoving my raw dick in a cheating slut’s hole. I’m going to load you up.” And with that he thrust in hard, “but not here, I’ll leave my number, be sure and call me” Grahame pulls out, dresses and is out the door in seconds wondering how long it will be before Ross calls.
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    True: My first poz dick was a guy I had seen at a group party but did not have sex with him at that party, because it was mentioned he was poz. Nobody really played much with him at that party. He had a nice thick uncut cock, so it was a shame. He just kind of watched everybody else play while he stroked himself. I kept an eye on him and he watched my face wince while getting fucked by the host and other guests. A couple months later I found him on a4a. Messaged him that I thought he was hot at the party (he remembered me) and he said he wanted to fuck me at the party but felt a little excluded due to his status. So we messaged for a while and I worked up the courage to go to his place. Nervous as hell, butterflies on my stomach, he gets really dominant with me. Forcing me to my knees and face fucking me. He feeds me poppers over and over and over again until I was high as fuck. Takes me into his bedroom and lubes himself up and my hole and slides in. I was terrified but he was so in control and I was so poppered up there wasn't much I could do but take it. Had never been fucked by an uncut cock before and his had a lot of skin. He slid in so smoothly, he was thick so it still hurt, but I'll never forget how fluid the first stroke into my hole was. He fucked for a while. Worked up to some really dirty talk, made me beg for his toxic seed, telling me he that as gonna change me forever. He finally shot inside me and I swear his seed burned like a fever in my hole. My stomach was in knots but it was so hot. Went home with his seed drippping out of me. Got bred by him again a few weeks later, but then he moved to Cleveland. That was my first poz load, then I was hooked. Still neg, but take all loads.
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    This is my first time posting, but here is what happened a couple of weeks ago. Just a little information on me. I have played around some but have always insisted on protection, even to the point of telling the other guy no and leaving. I am mainly bottom but have topped a few guys also. I had just gotten off work and decided to head to the local adult arcade. After getting my tokens I headed to the back where the booths were. I walked around a bit and didn't really see anyone that was interested in me, so i went into one of the booths. I left the door cracked and dropped my pants and underwear to the floor, put in a token and started stroking to some gay porn. I waited for a bit and the next thing I know there is a guy looked through the opening. He was shorter than me (I am 5'10") and Latino. I opened the door more and motioned him in. Right off he went to stroking me and then leaned over and started sucking my cock. he was running his hands over my ass while he was sucking. I tried to reach down and feel his cock but it was difficult to get to him with the size of the booth and his being bent over. He motioned for me to sit down on the bench and then began to suck my cock some more. While he was working on me, he loosened his pants and pulled out his cock. He was rubbing it on my leg. As he was doing this he was getting more into it and rubbing my chest while still trying to keep his cock in contact with some part of my body. I started to stand up so that we could rub our cocks together. As I did he hugged me tight and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands. So far he had not even said one word to me but was just using his mouth and hands. Next thing I knew he grabbed me by the hips and turned me around. He just starting rubbing his cock on my ass. Each time it touched my rosebud, I felt a tingle and part of me wanted him to go ahead and put it all the way in. He pulled back after about a minute or two and then bent down some and started just touching my ass with his lips. Next thing I knew and before i could even say anything, he had lubed up his cock with some spit, grabbed my hips, pulled me down a little bit and then forced his cock in my ass. I was so surprised that I didn't know what to do at first. It felt sooo good in my ass. He worked it in slowly, then he starting pounding away at my hole. i stood there a few minutes and enjoyed the feel of him as he kept up his assault on my ass. I knew he was bare and so I moved some and he pulled out. I wanted to calm things down some so I turned around and just started stroking his cock. He still had not said one word to me. He looked up at me and we started kissing. He was all over me...he started biting my nipples and on my neck. It was driving me nuts...my cock was rock hard. He then sat down and swallowed my whole cock all the way to the base. He sucked for about 30 seconds and then spun me around again and pulled me down onto his lap. he had positioned me just right so that as I came down, his cock went right back into my asspussy. We sat like that for a bit, with his hands roaming around my nipples and down to my cock. He then started to pat my ass like he wanted me to get up, as I started to he then grabbed my hips and pulled me back down. That's when I realized that he wanted me to ride his cock. At this point I was soo turned on that I did exactly that. I rode his cock knowing at anytime he could blow a load. We kept this up for a bit, then he patted my ass and gently pushed me off of him. I got up and started to turn around but he stood up on the bench and pushed my back so that I bent over at the waist. He plunged his cock back into my ass and starting going at it hard and fast. Due to the small size of the booth, I started to move to adjust and his cock popped out..He stepped down off the bench and put it back in and started up again. I could feel his cock going in and out and before I knew it I was starting to cum. I shot my load with just him fucking my ass. At this point sanity was starting to set in and I thought that maybe I should stop him from abusing my ass...but i was too late...as I was moving forward to pull off of him i suddenly felt a wetness between my ass cheeks. He then slowed his pumping and just let his cock rest between my ass cheeks... He had blown his load as his cock was leaving my ass. I am sure some made it in...and I was stunned that I had let it get so far. But it did feel pretty good. I put my hand back behind me and felt the wetness there and sure enough after bringing up to my nose and smelling it...it was his cum... He still didn't say a word, but he pulled up his pants and reached into a pocket...pulled out some paper towel....used one to clean off his cock and then was gentlemanly enough to hand me one to wipe off my ass with....I still had my pants down around my ankles when he left the booth....I cleaned up...pulled my pants back up and left. All the way home I was thinking how hot the whole encounter was...And he never spoke...he just took charge and did what he wanted regardless of what I wanted. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to repeat it again.
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    I was in Salt Lake City, the Mormon Capital of the world, this past weekend. I normally will stay at a fairly nice downtown hotel or one out by the airport when I'm in SLC. But because I wanted to host an anonymous hotel walk in Breed & Seed on my raw hole on Saturday night, I rented a ground floor room at a somewhat seedy motel, just on the edge of Downtown SLC, Utah. This motel had parking right in front of my door. It was right across the street from a streetcar tram stop. And just on the edge of the downtown area. So, it had very quick and easy access. It's also in a neighborhood with a primarily Black and Latino population. So, I just had a feeling it would be a good location to host a breed & seed for the Saturday night I'm there. That hunch turned out to be right. I had listed my anon breeding party on BBRT. I'd received 10 guys saying they wanted to attend from that BBRT party ad. I also posted on Squirt.org and kept placing ads on the SLC Craigslist M2M pages for several days before the party. All my posts stated that starting at 8pm on Sat., my hotel room would be unlocked. the room dark, just come in, find me ass up, face down on the edge of the bed, slide in and seed my hole. I arrived at my motel room at about 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon. I got to my room. There was a king sized bed and the room was quite large. So it looked like a perfect setup for a fuck party. The motel was a bit on the seedy side. But, that made it even better. I quickly douched myself completely and showered. Then I contacted two guys that said they could only attend if it was early. So, I emailed both those guys to tell them that I was at the hotel and ready to start taking loads. I gave both guys the name, address and room number of my hotel room. The first guy, a "str8", married, Mormon guy in his early 40's quickly emailed me back. Saying that he was 5 to 10 minutes away. I unlock my door, turn off the lights to be ready for him. I used some duct tape to tape over the door latch. I turned off all the lights with the exception of a small nightlight that I had plugged into an outlet near the bed. It just created enough light so my outline could be seen kneeling on the edge of the bed. Outside, the temperature was a bone chilling 26 degrees. True to his word in less than 10 minutes I heard the door open and close. I felt the blast of cold air from the open door on my naked body. Then I heard a belt buckle being undone and pants being discarded. A very cold hand then began to feel my ass and asshole. I hadn't lubed up. Very soon I felt his hard cock pressing at my dry hole. He was trying to press in. I had lube on the bedside table. But, I really wanted just spit and cum to be my lube for the night. So I asked him to spit on my ass and his cock to lube up. He spit a couple of times, while I poppered myself up. Soon he was pressing his cock at my hole again and he finally plopped up inside me. He wasted no time in getting right to it. Within just minutes I heard his hard breathing. His speed was increasing and he let out a soft groan as he filled my ass with the first load of the evening. He quickly pulled up his pants, slipped his coat back on and was out the door without saying a word. I checked my email and the other guy that said he could only come if earlier than 8pm had replied to me. He had said he was 30 minutes away and would head right over. I checked the time of his email and looked at my watch. He should be here shortly. So, I assumed my position, on my knees, on the edge of the bed. My ass facing the door. Sure enough, within just a few minutes, I heard the sound of the door opening and felt the blast of cold air hit me. "Mmmmm..... Nice", I heard him say. I started to sniff my poppers as he undressed. He begins to feel my asshole. "Fuck, YEAH! You got a load in you already", he said as he felt the previous guys load at my hole. "Suck me, a bit", he said. I climbed off the bed and got on my knees. He put his semi hard cock to my lips and I began to suck him till I could feel him grow to full hardness. Then I climbed back on the bed and he very quickly slammed into me in one, quick, thrust. He grabbed me around the waist and pumped me hard and deep. This guy's cock was a lot longer, thicker and harder than the first guy. His cock was stretching my hole as he pounded his dick hard into me. We were both grunting with each thrust. Soon he put one of his legs up on the bed to get a deeper angle to my ass. He was going balls deep with every thrust. The he pushed me further up onto the bed and he climbed up on the bed, kneeling behind me. Now the headboard was banging against the wall as he slammed into me. About 5 minutes of intense fucking resulted with him letting out some loud grunts as he filled my ass with load #2. After he came inside me, he climbed off the bed. Grabbed some of the tissues that I had on the bedside table. I climbed off the bed and handed him some wet wipes that I also had on the table. As he's cleaning off, he and I chat a bit. "So, are you married? Is that why you wanted to come over early?" "Yeah. Married to a guy. We have a don't ask, don't tell arrangement. So, I needed to do this before your party, so I can get home to him", he said. "Yeah. I understand", I replied. "Thanks for the fuck. I needed that", he said, as he dressed and left my room. It's now almost 6pm, so I send out my room number to all the other guys that had replied to my ads. All in all from all the different ads I had placed, about 20 guys had replied that they wanted to attend. Now, from previous experience, I know that normally, just a small portion of those guys actually show up. Sometime the attendance can be amazing. And sometimes it turns out to be a complete bust. So, I had no idea if it was going to be an active night? Or if I was going to be bored to death, waiting for guys to show up? Well, the evening turned out to be quite successful. Most of the night was slow, but steady. Though I had said I wanted to start at 8pm, at 7:20pm my door opened and an older Mexican guy came into my room. I was at the desk on my laptop at the moment, checking email replies. He came into my room and began to take off his pants. I moved to him and dropped to my knees. I got him hard and then climbed on the bed. He then slid into me and fucked me for about 10 minutes before filling me up. Once he had left, another guy showed up. A tall, muscular and hairy guy in his late 40's. He took no time sliding right into me. While he was fucking me, the door opened again and a guy in his early 30's came in. Also quite muscular. These two guys seemed to know each other. They're laughing and chatting about the coincidence of running into each other at a "Cum & Dump". Soon both guys are on the bed and are kissing each other as I climb between their legs and take turns sucking both their dicks. Once again, the door opens and a small, thin guy in his mid 50's walks in. He quickly undresses and slides up on the bed, laying alongside the other two. I'm now trying to suck all three. Finally the first of these three guys tells me he wants to fuck me again. I get on my knees on the edge of the bed. He stands behind me and slides back up into me. He's an awesome fuck. He fucks for about 8 or 9 minutes before he plants a load in me. He keeps fucking me slowly. I can feel that he's still rock hard in my ass. Soon his pace picks up again and he puts a second load in me. He finally pulls out and the short, thin guy climbs off the bed and comes behind me. He slides his cock up into me in one, quick, thrust. This guy doesn't take long to empty his balls in my ass. My hole is now getting really sloppy with cum. The guys are commenting how slick and silky my hole is. While the thin guy was fucking me, the previous guy as climbed back on the bed. He's now sitting on the other guys dick, taking a ride on his buddies cock. I'm loving this scene as two of us are now enjoying cocks in our holes. Again, the door opens and closes and that familiar rush of cold air fills the room. In the darkness I can see a very, very tall, broad, muscular black guy in his late 20's/early 30's undressing. As he pulls his pants off, His hard cock comes bouncing up. Holy Fuck! He's hung! Not only hung, but it's really, really thick! And he is ROCK HARD! As soon as the thin guy has cum and begins to dress, I climb off the bed and drop to my knees in front of the black kid. His cock is so big and thick, I can't get much in my mouth. I suck on his cockhead and suck on his balls. Then, I say to him, "Fuck me". I climb back on the bed and put my ass up for him. He tries to push into me. Even though my ass is well lubed with cum, he's just too big and thick. "There's lube to your left", I tell him. As he's lubing up his cock and my ass, I'm sniffing poppers like crazy. I'm going to need the popper rush to loosen my hole enough to take his monster cock. Soon, he was pushing up into me. It was burning a bit. But, I wasn't going to slow or stop him. I wanted his bbc and his load. I literally had to keep the bottle of poppers at my nose for the first few minutes of his fuck. It really was hurting. But soon the pain began to ease and I was loving every thrust of his bbc. His cock was rubbing my prostate in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Soon the prostate friction was causing me to orgasm. "Oh, Fuck", I said as my cock exploded on the sheet below me. Having me cum, just by him fucking me, seemed to tip the scale on this black God. He began to shake in orgasm himself and emptied his balls in my ass. I milked his cock with my ass muscles. He hadn't said a word, but quickly dressed. I now realized the older, thin guy had been standing beside us. Watching in awe, as this hot, black guy was assaulting my ass. He also now left my room. The other two were still fucking on my bed. So, I got back on my laptop to check for messages. I also now got onto Grindr, Growlr, Scruff and Jack'D. Changing my profile on all those phone apps to state that I was in SLC taking raw loads. That seemed to pay off. I quickly got several more replies from guys on those apps that wanted to come seed me. The rest of the evening was a slow and steady stream of guys coming in to seed me. Several more black and latino guys. The older Mexican guy that had come about 7:20pm came back for a second fuck. He brought a buddy of his along to also plant a load in me. They took turns tagging me. The older Mexican guy put his second load in me. Then his younger buddy emptied his balls in me. By the time 11pm came, I had completely lost track of the number of loads I had taken. It had all become a blur. I'm guesstimating that by the time of 11pm, I had taken 9 to 12 loads in my ass and 2 in my mouth. But, I'm truly not sure? As I said, it had become quite a blur. The vast majority seemed to be DL Latino and black guys. Which is exactly what I had been hoping for at this location. I was just about to lock the door and go to bed, when the door opened again. In walked a tall, thin, gangly looking guy in his mid 50's. He had long gray hair, pulled back in a pony tale. An aging "Hippie". He was familiar. This guy is a horny, kinky fucker that has fucked me dozens of times over the years, when I've been up in SLC. But, I hadn't seen him in several years. The last I knew, he had moved away to Oregon. But, he was obviously back living in Utah again. He had always told me that he was bisexual. He always seemed to be in a different relationship with a woman. His relationships never seemed to last very long. He had told me that he would sometimes have 3ways with his girlfriends and his bi buddies. But some of his girlfriends had no idea of his m2m sexual activities. I remembered that he was very verbal. He loved to fuck raw. He loved group fucks and he loved watersports. In fact, he's the first guy to piss on me and make me drink his piss. He tended to be quite aggressive and dominant while fucking me. However, I also remember him telling me that he was very submissive in his relationships with women. Quite an interesting guy. I remember him telling some really wild stories of his yearly visit to 'Burning Man' and his week long sexual escapades there in the Nevada desert. Anyway, I was really happy to see this old fuck buddy of mine walking in. He took no time to dump his clothes. "How many loads do you have in you, bitch?" "I have no idea", I said? He kneels behind me and begins to lick my hole. "Mmmmm...... You do have a sloppy cunt, bitch!" He's licking and lapping away at my hole. Then he stands behind me and immediately slams into me. He fucks me hard and deep. Then leans down and licks my hole again. He keeps alternating between fucking me and eating cum from the other guys from my hole. "Who's been in this hole tonight, Dave? Who's cum am I feeling in your pussy?" I begin to describe some of the guys that have seeded me. He's particularly enjoying hearing about the black dick in me. That's really turning him on. Upon hearing about the young BBC that had made me cum while fucking me, tipped it for hippie guy. He now was filling my ass with his load. Once he had "cum and gone", I removed the duct tape from the door. Put the other lock on the door and slipped into bed. It was now nearly Midnight. I fell asleep immediately. Waking up the next morning with a huge wet spot on the motel sheets from the cum that had been dripping from me all night. I had no idea how a "Breed & Seed" would go in Salt Lake City. But it turned out to be one of my better attended events.
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    Part 3 I woke up before Craig did. I got up and looked down at his sexy body, then headed to the bathroom for a shower. My mind was spinning from meeting these 2 different hot men in the space of 2 weeks. It did feel like I had met Frank for the first time, since our situations were so different from 20 years ago. I got dressed and went into the kitchen to fix breakfast. My mind was racing the whole time. I thought of how much fun I had with Craig last night, and of the things he had said. Is he poz? He said he only fucked bare, and that seemed to be the reason he didn't even try to fuck me last night. That whole line of thought was strangely arousing to me. He also said he had a hot guy. Does that mean he's in a relationship? If so, it didn't stop him from hooking up with me. Then my mind went back to Frank. I had been thinking of him for 2 weeks now- thinking of him and lusting after him. That thick veiny uncut cock that pulsed so hard when he shot his load had been almost an obsession. Was he going to call like he said? Would I see that cock again, touch it again, maybe more. I couldn't help but wonder how that pulsing cock would feel inside my hole. But why did he react the way he did after he shot his load? I heard a yawn behind me, and Craig was there putting his arms around me. "Good morning white boy," he said with that sexy little chuckle of his. "I hope you had fun last night." "I had a blast!" I turned around for a kiss. "I know you had a blast babe- the blast was in me remember?" He winked at me. "OK if I grab a shower?" "Of course. Breakfast will be done when you come out." He trotted into the bathroom. As soon as he closed the door my phone rang. "Hello." "Hey Jeff, good morning. This is Frank." "Oh hi! How are you?" My heart started beating faster. "Jeff, I'm sorry I didn't call before. I've had a lot of things to deal with back home and here at the house. I've been thinking about you though." "I've been thinking about you too. I'm so happy you called." "Oh good. Listen, I want to see you again very soon. You're probably working tomorrow, right?" "Frank, I'm pretty much my own boss. I can take a day off no problem." "Nice! Come over anytime tomorrow. We have some things to talk about." "Oh? That sounds a little serious." "Well, life is serious. Or it can be. Let's just say I need us to be clear about things, about our relationship. I'd love for us to spend a lot of time together, but we need to lay our cards on the table." I heard the shower turn off. "OK Frank. It's good to be clear about things, I agree. I'll see you tomorrow." "Great Jeff. Bye for now." "Bye." Craig appeared in the kitchen wearing the same clothes he had on last night, of course. "Something smells good!" put breakfast on the table and poured us both some coffee. We dug right in. That workout last night made us hungry. "Hey, can you still take me over to pick up my luggage?" "Of course. Let's head right over." I parked across the street from the station. "I'll be right back," Craig said. He sprinted across the street. I watched that ass that was full of my cum. 2 minutes later He stepped out the door. He stopped all of a sudden and pulled a cell phone out of his pocket. He stood there smiling and talking, laughing, nodding, talking some more. He looked at me and waved. The call finished and he trotted back to the car. I got out an opened the hatch, but he didn't put his bags in. "Hey Jeff, thanks for everything. I was going to ask you to drop me somewhere, but I have errands to run and I'll be getting a ride later. But I want to see you again- are you free for dinner tonight?" "Sure I am. You want to meet me at the bar or at my place?" "Let's meet at the bar. I want to pick you up again. I love getting lucky like that!" He laughed out loud and so did I. "You sure I can't take you somewhere?" I asked. But he said everything was all arranged. We hugged, and he planted a deep kiss on me. His hands reached down and squeezed my ass. He winked at me, picked up his bags, and headed down the street. I stood there blushing like a teenager. I spent all day doing housework and getting some work things in order, clearing things up for my unplanned day off. The time flew. I had so much to think about. Things like this just didn't happen to me. I sat down and turned on the TV, but I have no idea what was on. It was just noise while I had a thousand thoughts tumbling around. The mysterious Frank- what exactly did we need to have clear between us. He seemed really interested in some kind of relationship, but what did he mean by that? What was I looking for? I would love at least a friendship, but had to admit the idea of more than that really appealed to me. Then there was Craig. These thoughts were even harder to deal with. I was pretty sure he was poz. Maybe that should concern me more than it seemed to. I looked back on my sexual activities over the last few years. I had been with a few men, but not that many. I had fucked and been fucked by almost all of them. When was the last time I actually played safe though? I couldn't even remember. I had been looking around on hook-up sights online, like almost every gay man did, I assumed. I had to admit I had seen some poz guys who had turned me on. I had even chatted with some. If I was truly honest with myself, I had to admit to spending time on sites dedicated to barebacking, and watched my share of bareback porn. Hell, I had even read some stories that involved deliberate pozzing and what they called bug chasing. Then I imagined the reverse of what happened last night- with Craig fucking me bare instead of me fucking him bare. Did I want that? Did I want him to shoot his poz cum inside me? I realized my dick was rock hard- was that my answer? If anyone asked me if I would knowingly, willingly take a poz load up my ass, I would quickly say no. But If I asked myself, I seemed to answer differently. I could believe I was having these thoughts. But it felt right somehow. It seemed like something I would not say no to. Maybe I would even ask for it. I looked up at the clock and saw it was time to head for the bar. I got inside the bar and saw Craig sitting down at the end of the bar in the same place he was before. I sat a few seats away, pretending like I hadn't seen him. I looked his way and he flashed me that sexy smile. I kept a straight face, looked at him, and let my hand slowly drop to my crotch and rubbed my dick and gave him a nod. He laughed right out loud and moved down to the seat next to me. "You come here often, white boy? Can I but you a drink?" "Actually, I want to be sober tonight. I'm horny as hell and I want you home in my bed." "Damn! I love a man who knows what he wants and goes for it." "You have no idea. Ready to go?" His eyes widened in surprise, and he paid for his drink and we headed for the door. We got back to my apartment, and as soon as the door was shut I grabbed him. I gave him a deep, hungry kiss and said, "You said you liked white cock and white ass. You got my white cock last night, tonight you can have my white ass if you want it." Part 4 coming soon.
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    Finale James fixed his life over the next few weeks. He got pornhub and xtube and xvideo to take the video down and then got the tumblr guys to take it down too. James let a few of the tumblr guys fuck him so they'd take it down. James even drove to Milwaukee so one guy could fuck him. The guy lived up to his word and took it down. James sister had seen it and called to make sure he was ok. His parents either hadn't seen it or never mentioned it. Only a few gay boys at the firm saw it before he got it down. Work and family were ok. His friends had all seen it. They all knew the safe sex jock top had turned into a slutty bareback bottom. James had tried to lie his way through it, but he couldn't. They had all clearly seen his face and heard his voice begging for a guy's cum. A guy, by the way, whose name he still did not know. James decided to give up on lying and just be himself. A few months later, James was now a regular at both Steamworks and Man's Country. He didn't care who fucked him and preferred they fucked him bareback. He asked them all to cum inside him. He liked having it happen in a public spot so guys would watch. It made him feel even sexier being the center of attention. Over the next year, James became the bottom everyone had fucked. James no longer cared what people thought of him. He loved taking cocks and their cum in his ass. James was happy.
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    One afternoon I was finishing up at the gym and heading into the locker room when I felt someone watching me. I looked up and smiled to see Rick walking towards me. Rick is the cousin of my ex Scott and he lived with us on and off after he graduated high school when he was trying to get on his feet. I had not see Rick in years and pulled him in for a hug. After a few minutes of catching up we headed to the locker room and stripped down, showered, and headed into the steam room. Bit of a back story---living with us gave Rick the opportunity to have boyfriends over and many times I would stumble on him and some guy going at it all over the house. I would stroke as I watched him sucking and fucking trying to be as quiet as I could be. I know he also liked spying on Scott and me because I caught him peeking out of our closet one time as we fucked. It was hotter knowing he was watching as his cousin fucked me. That was also the night he found out Scott was poz since Scott liked to get poppered up and tell me how he was going to give me his poz cock and load. When we were finished Scott went to clean up and soak in the tub and I rushed Rick out of the closet and back to his room. Rick asked if his cousin was really poz and I told him yes. He asked if I let him cum in me and again I said yes, always. Rick stuck his hand in his basketball shorts and rubbed his cock before pulling it out and saying "my cock is bigger than his you know". We both leaned in and kissed quickly as my hand circled his cock and gave him a few strokes. He spun me around to face the door and lined his cock up and sank into my hole which had just been bred by his cousins poz load. He fucked like only the younger guys can…quick, hard, rough and absolutely perfect. His cock was definitely bigger and had an upwards curve that hit my prostate just right and had me leaking pre-cum right away. Scott was in the tub and we both knew it had to be quick and soon Rick was flooding my hole with another load of cum. That was the first of many times Rick and I fooled around. I also caught Scott fucking him one day when I got off work early. I heard the sounds of fucking and rounded the corner to see Scott pumping into his cousin. I could tell he was getting close by the way his body was tensing up and moving and then Rick said “give it to me, give me another poz load, I want you to poz me up again”. Scott rammed his cousins’ hole hard and fast and then slammed into him all the way as he shot his poz load into him. A few weeks after that the power was out during a winter storm and we all bundled up and climbed into bed together to keep warm, Scott on one side Rick on the other with me in the middle. Scott fell asleep pretty quick and I felt Rick’s hard on rubbing me—he was 20 something and always hard---we did some groping and soft kissing and then he rolled me on my side facing Scott and he slid his cock into me and slow fucked me for the longest time. It was soft and slow and his cock was driving me crazy. I wanted him to pound me but we had to be quiet with Scott sleeping right there. When he finally shot his load in me he wrapped his arm around me and kept his cock buried in my ass and we drifted off to sleep. Several times that night I woke up to Rick fucking me again. Each time was so hot. Scott was right there snoring as his cousin loaded my ass over and over. For whatever the reason the three of us never fooled around together and Rick moved out and then Scott and I separated. Seeing Rick in the gym that day brought back quite a few memories and it was nice to see the more grown up version he had become. We were the only ones in the steam room and he told me he and his current boyfriend had just moved back to town and had started back to college. He also told me he was poz and he had gotten it from Scott and I told him how I had seen them fucking that time. He reached over and grabbed my cock then dropped to his knees in front of me. I leaned back spreading my legs as I watched him lick my cock and then suck it deep into his mouth. He looked so hot with his lips working my cock as he looked up at me. He knew all the things I liked and soon had me shooting a load into his mouth. Then he climbed up and kissed me swapping part of my load back and forth with me. I stroked his cock and soon he stood over me and pumped his cock into my mouth and shot his poz load all over my face. As we cleaned up and headed outside we made plans for dinner with his boyfriend the next night. I asked how much he knew about us and what he would think about what we just did and he said that he knew Scott had been the one to give him HIV and that we had fooled around too. Rick said his boyfriend was negative but loved to take poz loads and they enjoyed fooling around with other guys. Dinner the next night was fun in many different ways—another story for another time as this one is long already.
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    “Sit right there boy,” he growled, “I’m going to go change and I’ll come back for you in a minute.” He left me sitting on the bench as he went to another row of lockers, my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking, somewhere in the back of my mind a little alarm bell was going off but I my lust silenced it. I needed him inside of me. My hole twitched at the thought and my cock was straining against my cumy underwear. He came back a few minutes later with a wifebeater t-shirt on and a pair of dark blue sweatpants, that didn’t quite manage to hide his bulging cock. “Follow me boy and I’ll take you home, I’ve got the whole day off and I’m going to take my sweet time wrecking your hole for anyone else.” My legs shook as I stood and I followed him on unsteady legs out of the gym. We left in silence, once on the pavement we turned the opposite direction from my house heading north up the street. He walked fast and I trotted along, trying to keep my ass clenched, not allowing a drop of cum to escape from my hole somehow knowing that would please him. His apartment was only a block away from the gym and he soon ushered me past an uninterested doorman and into an elevator. His apartment was the last one at the end of the hall, and once we were both inside the door he practically slammed it shut behind up. We stood there for a long moment, just far enough apart to not be able to touch one another. He pulled his shirt off over his head, revealing the powerful toned muscles, the pale flesh, the dark red fur, and the jet-black tattoo. My heart pounded even harder feeling as if it would burst right through my rib cage. He smiled at me and having already kicked off his shoes pushed his sweat pants to the ground. Feeling the need to mirror him, I shucked my shirt and pants standing just in my wet assed boxer briefs looking at him in all his glory his obviously erect cock fighting against the tight fabric of his white briefs. “Chuck,” he said. “What?” “My name.” “Oh, Allen.” “How many men have bred you Allen?” “Four, that’s all? Well you are more of a natural pig then I thought if you’ve only been fucked by four guys and already you’re here about to start begging for my cock,” he paused, and took a small step closer to me, “How many loads do you have in you right now?” “Four from this morning, and a few from last night. The couple that I spent the night with bred me quite a few times each,” I said, letting my naughty secrets start to spill out of me. He took another step closer, closing the gap even more, “So you’re hole is well lubed with cum, ready to take my cock.” He rubbed his crotch. “Yes,” I said breathlessly, “I want you to fuck me, I need your cock, I’ve been dreaming of your cock.” “Do you know what this means?” He pointed to his tattoo. I nodded. “What does it mean then?” “It means that you’re POZ.” “That’s right boy, are you ready to take my POZ load.” The little voice in the back of my head screamed, “RUN” a little louder but I answered, “Yes.” “Yes what?” “Yes I’m ready to take your POZ load. I need to feel you unload your POZ cum inside my hole. I need to feel your heat filling my body. I need your cock, please fuck me.” “I told you you would be begging for my cock in a minute,” he smiled wickedly, “Take your shorts off, and then get on your knees.” I pushed my underpants down and kicked them off, falling to my knees in front of him. “Now slowly get my dick out,” I reached out and slowly pulled his briefs down till his cock strung free of the waistband. I had imagined what his cock would look like a lot, especially over the past twenty-four hours but nothing I had imagined was a glorious as the real thing. Thick and heavily veined with a thick mushroom head and a long shaft, it burst from a thicket of dark red pubes, and below which hung a pair of large cum laden balls just begging to be drained. He kicked off his briefs and said, “Well don’t just sit there and look at it get the damn thing in your mouth boy.” I opened wide and swallowed his cock as I was told. My jaw stretched wide I bobbed forward and back his cock head slipping in and out of my throat. Two large hands came to rest on the back of my head, drawing me forward slowly forcing me to keep more and more of his cock in my mouth. “Get it good and slick boy, that and the cum in your hole is all the lube you’re gonna get from me.” My hole twitched and I started bobbing faster wetting his cock with my sit. Eventually he tore his cock from my mouth and pulled me to my feet. He led me to the bedroom and tossed me onto the bed. Grabbing my ankles he forced my knees into my chest, leaving my hole exposed to him. His cock brushed against my well-fucked pucker, warm and hard and teasing. “Look into my eyes boy and don’t look away I wanna see the moment you first feel my POZ cock enter you register in your eyes.” I looked up at him, losing myself in his brilliant green eyes as he rubbed his spit slick cock up and down my furry crack. After just a few moments of teasing I felt the pressure zero in on my hole, becoming a focused coming to bear of strength he started to press his cock head against my hole. My ass offered little resistance and his cock head quickly began to press into my sphincter stretching it open across its bulbous top. Chuck kept his gaze locked with mine as I struggled to keep my eyes from rolling into the back of my head. His cock slid steadily, its way made slick by the large amount of cum that still lined my guts, inside of me. I felt as though I could feel every vein, every lump and contour of his fat cock sliding deeper and deeper into my hole. Finally all eight and a half inched had sunk into me and his ginger pubes rested against my own pale furry cheeks. “You feel that boy? Feel how easily my POZ cock slid into your hole? If you weren’t made for taking loads you would never have been able to take this fat meat so easily.” He flexed his cock inside of me, “You like having my POZ cock inside you boy?” “Yes.” “You want me to fuck you now?” “Yes.” “Breed you?” “Yes” “Yes what?” “I want you to fuck and breed me with your POZ cock.” “As you wish.” He pulled his cock from my hole in the same slow deliberate manor that he had pressed it in, allowing the head to pop out too and then with the same inescapable pressure slid back inside. The veins of his cock tickled and pulled at my hole sending electric wave up my body. I started groaning, begging him to fuck me in earnest. Chuck just smiled and kept slow fucking me for another minute before all of a sudden he slammed the full length of his cock into me with the entire force of his body behind it. I practically screamed. Then it was on, Chuck closed his eyes lost in the pleasure he got from plowing my hole, as he kept his promise of wrecking my hole for anyone else. I had never been fucked like that, I had never felt so connected to someone who was fucking my, I had never wanted someone as much as I wanted him in that moments. The room became hot and the smell of cum and sex filled the air, I felt beads of sweat drip from Chuck’s bucking body onto mine but neither of us cared. The sound of slapping flesh combined with we sloppy squish of my hole was the only sound in the room same my occasional whimper as his cock forced its way past my second sphincter. Chuck was a beast, he hammered away full force at my hole for nearly twenty minutes never missing a beat before he said, “I’m about to change your life kid. I’m going to flood your guts with the first of many POZ loads.” “Yeah give me your POZ load,” I pleaded. “Here it come slut.” Chuck bottomed out in me, the head of his flexing cock bursting past my second sphincter, his load firing deep into my guys. I felt the same heat as before but this time it was like the pleasant burn of whiskey going down your throat. Chuck’s load filled me like I had never been filled before, all of those loads before were somehow less powerful, less fulfilling. Chuck growled as he finished and ground his cock into me, working his load into my hole. “Oh my god,” I panted, “That felt amazing. “Don’t worry boy, there’s plenty more where that came from,” he flexed his still hard cock inside me, “We’ll get a half dozen or so of my loads pumped into your guts and then I’ll see about getting a few other POZ tops over here to make sure it takes.” Slowly, his cock never going down or leaving my hole, he began to fuck me again.
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    As he’d hoped, there were 3 guys waiting outside the door for him to open it. “Come on in, guys, this slut’s open for business.” The 3 guys walked in to the room and a 4th came in a minute after them. “This the guy wanting poz cum?” the 4th guy asked. “You better believe it,” Daddy Max replied. “He’s already got mine and another guy’s in him.” The first guy up to the sling pulled his towel off and said, “Good, I love a sloppy hole.” He had a nice sized cock, about 7 inches, but with a 00 gauge PA. He was hard and ready to go. He noticed the cum on Alex’s stomach and chest and scooped up some with his hand to use as lube for his cock. “My favorite lube,” he commented to the guy standing behind him in line. “Hopefully my PA will tear you up a little so my unmedicated virus can get in your system quicker,” he said to Alex as he pushed the head and the PA into the just fucked cunt. The GHB was starting to hit Alex again and the PA sliding into his hole felt amazing. “Fuck yeah, let me have it. Tear that hole up, I want IT!” he exclaimed. The top shoved all 7 inches in and proceeded to start fucking him hard. The 3 guys behind him started encouraging him, “Get that pussy ready for me,” “Fuck yeah, make him bleed. I definitely want my toxic cum in his system,” “I’ve been waiting to breed this guy and he’s gonna get my poison in him.” All the poz talk plus the rough fucking had Alex very turned on. His cock was getting hard again. No one touched it, though. They were all here just for his ass and to breed him to poz. The guy fucking him started picking up his pace. You could tell he was getting close. “Oh fuck, such a sweet hole. I’m gonna love dumping my load in you. Getting so fucking close. Here it cums, TAKE MY TAINTED DNA!” He let out a roar as he shot his load, but he never stopped fucking. He kept slamming his cock in and out for another minute before he pulled it all the way out. “I do believe I see a little red on my PA, boys. It’s going to be a good night. Enjoy,” he said as he picked up his towel and walked out the open door. A few guys had gathered outside the room watching the action. The 2nd guy was tall, thin, and had that wasted look. He had a long cock, but not too thick, and his balls were done up in a ball stretcher. After the rough fuck from the previous guy, there was a froth of cum at the opening to the used cunt, so he didn’t bother with any lube. He slid his death stick all the way in, giving Alex all 9 inches. Because he wasn’t too thick, plus the fact that there were 3 loads in him, he was able to slide all the way in easily. He settled in for a nice easy fuck pace and didn’t appear to be in a hurry. “I can tell by how hard your cock is that you like this, don’t you boy,” he said to Alex. “Oh fuck, yes Sir, I love it. Please shoot your poz cum in me,” he replied. “Not just poz, I’m full blown. You’re definitely going to be knocked up by the time you leave here tonight.” The GHB was in full effect and a stream of precum started running down Alex’s rock hard cock at that news. He didn’t ever remember feeling this turned on and sexual in his life. He was sweating and moaning. He started clenching his ass on the Aids cock that was fucking him, wanting to make him cum. “Please give me your Aids cum! I want it inside me. Please let me have it, Sir,” he begged. “Oh, you’ll get it alright, but when I’m ready to give it,” the guy responded. “I’m enjoying your cunt too much to shoot just yet.” He kept fucking Alex at a good pace, not too fast, not too slow. After a few more minutes, he started picking up his pace. “You sure you want this cum, boy?” he teased Alex. “I could pull out and just shoot it on you.” Daddy Max, who was standing nearby knew he had no intention of pulling out until his stretched out balls were empty, but Alex started begging even more, “No, please shoot it inside me! Please infect me, Sir, I need it!” Daddy Max chimed in at that point, “Yeah, shoot that toxic seed where it will do the most good.” “I’m getting close, so fucking close. Gonna fill you up even more with my Aids load.” Alex was sweating again and had a glazed look in his eyes. He was moaning over and over, “Fuck me, fill me up, use me.” The top fucked in and out a few more times, slammed his toxic cock all the way in, and bellowed, “AARRGH, TAKE MY FILTHY CUM!” As he shot his load, Alex’s cock started jerking and he shot another load without touching himself. This time, some of it landed on his face and into his open mouth. “Goddamn!” Daddy Max said as he watched his boy have his 2nd orgasm like that. The top stayed still until his balls were drained, pulled out, picked up his towel, and left the room. The next guy in line stepped up. He already had his towel off and had been jacking his cock to stay hard. He slammed in without saying anything, fucked the used hole like a rabbit in heat for a few minutes, and then added his load. By now there was a small line waiting and a crowd outside the door watching the live porn show. The next couple of guys did about the same, stepping up when it was their turn, saying little to nothing, just fucking the offered hole, dumping their load, and leaving. Then the next guy in line stepped up. He was a muscular black guy who was packing a very stereotypical black cock. He had to be about 10 inches and looked to be as thick as a beer can. And it was rock hard. He rubbed the thick head of his cock up and down Alex’s used hole a few times, then tried to shove it in and met some resistance. Even though he’d been fucked several times by now, only a couple had been thick ones and none of them had been that thick. He spit on his hand a couple of times to slick up his huge cock and put it back up to the well fucked hole. He grabbed Alex’s hips and slammed forward hard, shoving the head and a few inches in the now very tight hole. “OH GODDAMN MOTHERFUCK!!!” Alex yelled out. The black stud held still a couple of minutes to let him adjust to his thickness. Daddy Max went and got another prepared bottle of water and helped Alex drink about half of it. He sat the bottle down and started playing with Alex’s nipples to help distract him. The black stud shoved another couple of inches in, backed a few inches out, then started fucking more in. “Yeah, that’s one tight cunt you got there,” he commented. “Although not gonna be that tight once I’m through with it. My death stick always wrecks the holes of the guys I fuck.” He smiled an evil smile, “Even made a few bleed from stretching them a bit too much.” He kept shoving in, pulling out, and shoving more in until he got his whole, huge poz cock deep in Alex’s stretched out pussy. He left it there for a minute, grinding it in, stretching the hole out more. Then he pulled the 10 inch cock all the way out. “Oh yeah, I love the way a hole stays open even after I’ve pulled out. And I see some pink cum running out.” He held his hand out to catch some of it and lubed his cock up again. “Now we can get down to business. You’re gonna earn this poz load.” The last dose of water was taking effect and had Alex majorly turned on again. “Go on stud, make that hole yours. Rape my motherfucking cunt. Tear it up some more!” he begged. The black stud put his slimy cock back up to the puffy, pink tinged lips and proceeded to shove all the way back in. “ARGH, FUCK YEAH!!! Goddamn you’re filling me up.” He pulled back out to the head and shoved back in again. Alex was so into it, even though it was painful, he was bucking back with his ass to try and get more in him. The current top started long dicking him, bottoming out every time he slammed in, then pulling out to the head. Daddy Max kept playing with Alex’s nipples even though he was used to the huge cock by now. He couldn’t resist and he leaned in and kissed Alex deeply and passionately. The black stud kept plowing away, enjoying himself. Max knew with a cock that thick, all the cum that had been fucked into him was getting pushed further in. There was no room for it to go anywhere else. And by the look of the black guy’s balls, he was going to add a good sized poz load of his own soon. Between the huge cock, the GHB, the nip play, and the kissing, Alex was rock hard again. He broke off the kiss with an evil idea. He knelt bent over to Alex’s ear and started whispering to him, “You like that big thick black poz cock inside you, don’t you? You love the way he’s stretching your cunt out and making you bleed a little. Between my scraping your inside, that PA tearing you up, and now this huge cock stretching you out, you’re definitely bleeding in several places. And when you think about all the poz cum you’ve had shot inside you, not to mention that guy who had Aids, you’re leaving here tonight knocked up. There’s no way you’re not gonna get infected. And you like that, don’t you. No, you love it. You’re gonna be one fucking hot poz stud after all this.” While he was whispering all his comments, he noticed Alex’s cock was leaking precum again. Then the black stud started fucking faster, picking up the pace. “Gonna blast your insides with my toxic load. Fucking take my poz cum motherfucker! YEAH!!!” He slammed in one last time and held still as shot after shot of infected cum filled Alex up even more. Once again, it pushed him over the edge and he had his 3rd orgasm without touching himself. There wasn’t as much cum as the last time, but it hadn’t been that long ago, either. His cock shot a couple of times, then it dribbled some cum, but his cock was jerking like it had the first time. The black guy slowly pulled his cock out and he grabbed his towel and left.
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    Game Quest: Part 2 About a week passed, and I had purposely stayed out of the game. Instead, I went onto the hook up site, Daddies4bois and altered my profile slightly so that it couldn’t be matched up with my gaming profile, changed my location to the other side of the country to provide a false sense of security to open up to a stranger, and then contacted him there. In the week that followed, we messaged back and forth all the while, probing him deeper about his fantasies and kinks, and joyfully having to explain to him many in the process. He was truly innocent, but had definitely been exposed to kinky vids and sites on the internet. What he didn’t know, I took it upon myself to educate or “expose” him to. During the process, what I discovered about him was innumerable, and his curiosity was never ending. Ah, to be 19 again. It was also a great opportunity to lead him to where I would want a boy to be: TPE slavery, group play, sm, and because of my newly acquired status, risky bareback sex and pozzing. The issue of HIV and barebacking brought up the most questions and he was the most apprehensive to barebacking. So, I barraged him with tons of videos and websites showing him how hot it would be for him if he was a poz sub boy for pervy daddies. Soon his questions abated and he began to ask if I had more vids about boys being “bred” raw. Of course I gladly obliged, and sent him vid after vid, happy that it looks like I got him hooked on the fetish and being a dirty little slut boy. After a week or two, I started to encourage him to actively reach out and look for someone local to hook up with for real, a dominate daddy figure that would own and take care of him. We talked about this for hours, and probed him about older guys he knew, that might serve as a good mentor. Then it happened. My phone rang, and I looked at the screen to see a local number that I didn’t know. I answered and sure enough it was the same voice I had heard many times in the online quest voice chats. “Hi.” said the voice in the loudspeaker. “Is this Dionysies?” “Is this Dionysies, what…?”, I responded. “That’s number 5 boy.” “Oh, I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t know we were still on the quest Sir.” “That’s ok boy.” I responded. “What’s up? I’m Rog by the way, but continue calling me ‘sir’ that works just as well.” “Thanks Sir, I’m Greg” “Did you still want to do cosplay with me Sir?” he asked. “Of course, boy the offer is still open. When are your free?” “I’m pretty much free all of the time Sir.” He responded sadly. “What about tomorrow then boy? I get off work at 5.” “That’s ok with me Sir, where will we go play Sir?” “You don’t have any costumes is that right?” “No Sir” “Well since you don’t have a costume, why don’t you come over here and you can borrow one of mine. You can choose whatever you like, I have some nice medieval ones.” “Cool Sir! I love medieval Sir! Castles and dragons and dungeons are so cool Sir!’ “I thought you might boy! Also tomorrow’s good ‘cause I can call some friends that I’ve played with before to see who’s free to join in.” I added. “They’re very experienced and would be happy to show you the ropes too.” “I don’t want to drag down the game, but I think I’m a quick learner Sir. Would they be ok with a newbie.” “Oh yes, very! I know them pretty well, and trust me, they will have no problem getting you into your role and leading you down the right path. As long as you prove as obedient as you do online, there’s not much else to worry about.” I giggled a bit here, but he continued with an enthusiastic: “OH cool Sir! It really sounds like fun!” “It definitely will be boy.” I said. “And by the way boy, that was number 6,” I chuckled. “I’m sorry Sir” he said then met my laugh. “It’s ok boy, you’re learning. Here’s my address… I’ll see you at 5:30, don’t eat we’ll take care of dinner as part of playtime. You can park your car in front of the garage.” “Ok Sir, I won’t Sir.” He hesitated, then added, “Sir, I don’t drive, I’ll be on my bike, I think it will take about 40 minutes Sir.” “That’s ok boy, there’s room for your bike,” I laughed, “just make sure you’re here by 5:30.” “Yes, Sir. I will Sir.” “Good boy” I said gently. “Now, we’ll see you tomorrow.” “Yes Sir.” “Good bye for now. Get plenty of rest tonight, real-life play is more physical than online quests.” “Yes, Sir, I will Sir. Good bye Sir.” I hung up the phone. Sweet!! I said to myself, everything is paying off, and mentally ran through everything I needed to get ready.
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    My balls are holy. They generate my seed, contain my essence, give my life purpose. One of my sluts is obsessed with men's balls and he worships mine like they are a God to him.
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    I was getting fucked all the time - Connor, our threesomes. It had to be 10 times a week. I felt at times like there was always cum leaking from my ass. I told Connor and we laughed. He said, "Your ass is such a willing receptacle. We all want to give it our cum." I loved Connor so much. I felt like my heart was never going to stop filling my chest. We fought, sure. All couples do. Even when fighting my feelings for him were so strong. My feelings for Connor didn't prevent me from starting to break our rules: 1. Sex with others only with Connor's knowledge and/or participation. As soon as spring semester finals began, our differing degree paths brought on different finals/papers/projects. It seemed that we were always missing each other. Right in the middle of finals, I had a three day break. It's New Orleans and finals = Jazz Fest. I got tickets with my club bottom boy friend Ashley and John, my previous roommate. Off we went to the fest, which was held at the Fairgrounds race track and was basically and all day party as you waited for bands. We smoked pot, ate way too much food, and break lots of beer. I was drunk. It was fun. Ashley started telling us stories of the guys who fucked him. John started sharing his stories too. I told them mine. At one point as I was telling a story I noticed them both looking at me like I was crazy. I'd forgotten what safe sex advocates they were and I had been telling them about begging guys to cum in my ass. They were really concerned because they both knew Connor and I had sex with a lot of guys during the school year - dozens of different guys. We messed around at the bathhouse, in the club, at parties. Everyone knew we were open, but not even my friends knew I didn't use condoms when getting fucked by guys other than Connor. We ended up having a serious conversation which, of course, sobered me up just enough to realize I was too sober. The conversation wound down as the next act started. I left to get another beer. As I was waiting in line, I felt a guy squeeze my ass gently. I turned around and it was Seth - the guy who fucked me just prior to my breakup with Justin. We hugged and it was good to see him. He was still hot as fuck and he was always friendly. He asked why I had looked so pensive when he came up behind me. I decided, "Fuck it." I told him what had just happened. I mean, who was he to judge, he already came inside me. Seth laughed and we made a joke of the whole thing. We wandered around the Fairgrounds listening to music in other tents. Just as it was turning dusk, Seth asked if I wanted to go to his car and smoke before the main act started. I went with him down the long line of cars to his Suburban. I made fun of him for having such a "top-boy" car. He grabbed my ass and pushed me up against the side of the. Seth said, "You have such a bottom boy ass." I looked at him and down the line of cars. We were wedged in a line of cars parked side to side. I could hear people, but couldn't see them. As Seth ground his crotch into my ass for the second time - only partially kidding; I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them down. He said, "That's what I'm talking about." I was in briefs which I also pushed down in the back so his cock could rub on my bare ass. I reached for his cock, unzipped his shorts, felt inside his boxers and pulled out his cock. It still felt as great as ever. I put his cock on my ass. He said, "I'm going to fuck you bareback. What would your friends say?" I said, "They wouldn't like it." He said, "Do you want it anyway?" I said, "Fuck my ass Seth." Seth pushed my shirt over my head and then my shorts and underwear down. I stepped out of them. Now dressed only in sneakers, Seth spit on his cock a few times. He said, "You sure you want this cock? I have a condom in my pocket." I said, "Yes, fuck me without it. I want it bareback. Just like the first time you fucked me." Seth pushed his big cock in my ass. I moaned as softly as I could. His cock slipped in my regularly used ass rather easily. Seth began fucking me with long deep strokes. He built up speed quickly. Within a few minutes Seth said, "I'm going to breed you bitch." And he flooded my ass with his cum. He fucked me two more times in the back of his truck. Once with my feet on the roof of his truck and once bent over the back seat. I begged for his cum the second and third times he fucked me. When we finally went back to see the music, the main act was half over. I was stoned, well fucked and had Seth's cum leaking out of my ass. My friends asked where I had been. I told them I ran into Seth and we went and smoked pot and talked. When I got home that night, I quickly jumped in the shower and tried to clean out as much as possible so Connor wouldn't know I had another guy's cum inside me. I got in bed and laid next to Connor. He felt my ass. He felt my hole. He said, "Your ass is puffy. Were you playing with your toys today?" I said I had played with my toys that morning. I also told him that I had just cleaned out. Connor said he hadn't paid enough attention to me the last week. He then proceeded to pound my ass for an hour until he loaded me with a week's worth of his cum. Seth was the first guy I didn't tell Connor about; but he was not the last one.
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    Cum leaked from my hole as I walked, I tried to keep my hole tight, to hold onto every last drop but it was no used. I walked the last block to my apt scrolling through Grindr and Scruff and no luck, perhaps I had become too picky in what I was looking for, I felt that in all of NYC though there had to be another beefy ginger top who it was safe to get bred by. Feeling rather let down by the world I let myself into my apartment and muttering hello to my roommate locked myself in my room. I opened my computer and started trolling the Internet trying to find a way to get fucked again. I looked at adam4adam and manhunt but those didn’t seem enough, then I stumbled across BBRT. Quickly I made a profile, uploaded a pic of my tight slightly hairy twenty-one year old torso, and a good ass pic an old fwb had taken, and wrote: Young NEG BB Bottom Looking For NEG Loads. My cock was throbbing against my shorts, and I reeked of cum and sweat. I decided that I ought to take a shower to at least get rid of the sex stench that hung about me. Slowly I soaped my body thinking about him, the man from the gym, imagining what it would feel like to have him on top of me sliding his raw cock inside of my hole. My hands slid down my body and my fingers quickly found my hole, sliding inside with no problem. I pressed one, then another, then another into my hole, fucking the cum deeper into my ass, I added another finger. I couldn’t take I any more I needed to get fucked again. I got out of the shower and went back to my room my hole feeling empty. There were a few messages from trolls on BBRT but no one that fit my need. I scrolled through a bunch of profiles and sent messages to a few, rubbing my hole a little as I did so. Then, having exhausted my area, I stated looking for porn, a new kind of porn that I had never allowed myself to watch before. Treasure Island Media, Breed Me Raw, Raw Fuck Club they all fascinated me and I watched every preview I could find. Then I stumbled across breedingzone.com. I quickly read through several stories in the General Bareback Stories, my cock throbbing and my hole twitching as I did. After a handful of general stories I found myself drawn to the stories of a darker nature: Bug Chasing. I had never allowed myself to indulge suck thoughts before but with two massive loads in my hole, my fingers stuffed inside of me and my cock dripping constantly I wasn’t thinking straight. I read stories of guys searching out POZ loads and of guys just coming to realize it was their fate, guys who pursued POZ loads and guys who simply stumbled into a life. I found myself identifying with the men who realized their fate as a cumdump slowly, load by load inching their way towards the inevitable. I was so horny I could hardly think, I needed to get fucked right then. I looked back at BBRT and found several messages waiting for me. Knowing that in that moment it almost didn’t matter I took a cursory glance at profile pics of the tops and selected a young Italian looking guy in the East Village. Looking for now? I asked him. His response was almost immediate, My BF and I are looking for a boy to breed. Both big cocks, both ddf, and can both cum more then once. What’s the address? Was my only reply. After hastily getting dressed I rushed over to their apartment. A half hour later I was knocking on their door. The Italian from the profile opened the door and ushered me inside. His bf was tall and blond with blue eyes, every Aryan looking, in just a jock. The two of them stood grabbing their crotches in silence, and without being told what to do; I pulled my shirt off over my head and dropped to my knees in front of the Italian one. I pulled his cock out of his mesh shorts and swallowed it in one go. They hadn’t been lying, they both had huge cocks, and not only did they cum more then once but they came buckets. Over the next six hours they fucked me individually, they fucked me together, at one point they were both inside my wrecked and dripping hole. They were insatiable, it was as if they would not be content until my own lust for cum was slaked, but I had the sneaking suspicion that only one thing could truly slake my lust. When sometime around one in the morning they at last were spent we all passed out in a messy, sweaty, cumy heap in the bed, limbs all entangled. I woke the next morning to the blond pressing his cock into my still wet and open hole. “One for the road he muttered,” as he started to fuck me. They both dumped two more loads in me before I left, my guts literally flooded with their cum. I had shot my load at least three times the night before and once the last time that the Italian was abusing my hole and yet my lust was still unabated, and I now felt fairly certain of my conviction that only one man could slake this thrust. When I got home I changed for the gym without showering, grabbed my duffle and headed back out the door, wired with adrenalin and unfazed by my decided lack of sleep the night before. It was not my normal work out day, and I had no idea if he was going to be there, but I had to try. I went straight for the locker room; I had no intention of working out that morning. I went to my normal locked, and after stowing my stuff I sat down on the bench and waited. Not a full minute when by before he came around the corner today in a pair of gray running shorts. My heart skipped a beat and my hole twitched, itching to feel him with in it’s velvety walls. Instead of my normal ploy of avoidance I looked straight at him, allowing myself to make eye contact with those perilous green eyes. He smiled a broad, wicked, toothy smile and came over too me, his hand rubbing his crotch lightly. “So,” he said in a rich masculine voice, “You’ve finally come around have. You ready for a real load.” “I… uh… well…” I was unable to speak. “You want my cock, don’t you boy?” “Yes,” I managed to reply. “And you want my load in your hole, don’t you?” I swallowed hard and almost whispered, “Yes.” “What happened to change your mind kid, I guessed you were one of those NEG only Safe-Sex pussies. Let me guess, someone slipped a load into without you knowing you were getting bred and you loved how much it felt that you needed to do it again. You’ve probably been going around the city taking any loads you can get for two weeks now – no, not that long. The desperation in your eyes, and the fact that you reek of cum, I’m going to say two days at most. Maybe that first load was even just yesterday. That doesn’t matter though, what matters is that none of those loads managed to make you feel whole like you need to, you just keep lusting after more. Well I’ve got what you need boy,” he grabbed his now bulging crotch, “so let go to mine, it’s just around the corner and get my cock buried in your sweet hole ASAP.” I simply nodded.
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    Only friends and hot guys. Connor was still the joy of my life. Our usual morning routine, during the semester, was waking up together and him going off to class and me going for a run. I was so happy every morning waking up next to my amazing guy. We'd run through our respective days and then catch back up after our last class spending the rest of the afternoon/evening together. It was a great life. And, best of all, our sex life was amazing. I still hadn't told Connor about Seth; which did cause me occasional guilt. The guilty feelings never lasted more than a moment. During the summer, Connor had a paid internship. His internship was in NYC and Connor was going to stay with my aunt and uncle in Manhattan. I was staying in New Orleans for a while alone and moving us into our new apartment. After I moved into the new place, I was going to NYC to spend the summer with Connor and my family. Connor and I had a month separation ahead of us. We fucked so much that my ass actually had a dull ache some days. As the time of his flight approached it was as if every moment away from him hurt. When he'd get out of bed, I'd run my fingers over his arm, leg or chest just to get a last touch. The lovemaking became so emotional that Connor cried once. He said that he'd never loved anyone as much as he loved me. He didn't know how this was going to work over the next month because he didn't want to be away from me. I was so happy he reciprocated my desires and fears. We held each other a lot. I cried at the airport watching him go through security. My friend John drove us because he knew I'd be a basket case. Connor called as soon as he arrived in New York. We spoke his entire cab ride to my aunt and uncle's building. They all called me together to let me know that Connor arrived safely and was properly installed in the guest room. Connor and I spoke every day. We started texting more during this time, but it was clunky then because we had flip phones. We'd send each other the dirtiest texts. We told each other every night that we loved each other. I missed him. One night, Connor missed our call and I kinda freaked out. I was really nervous and afraid something had happened to him. I called my aunt and uncle and they hadn't seen him. I paced the room. Went for a run along the streetcar line. Washed dishes. Finally I fell asleep and I heard the text - "Sorry babe. I forgot to call. I was out with coworkers. I love you." I was immediately jealous of these "coworkers". Not that I had any reason to be. It was irrational. But I missed Connor so much. I was about to call him when I got the next text. "Don't worry babe. I love you. Talk to you tomorrow morning. :)" Of course I slept poorly. Connor called at 6am New Orleans time and apologized again. He said I must've been freaking out some. I admitted I had. He asked what I did to not totally freak out. I told him all the things I had done. He said, "Wow. You must really miss me babe. That's more than your usually calm anxiety." We chuckled. I told him that I might go out with some mutual friends that night. He asked who and said, "Well maybe you should let them fuck you to work out the anxiety." He laughed. I laughed too. Then Connor said, "Babe I really was with coworkers last night. All we did was grab dinner and a few drinks and then I walked home. My phone died during dinner. That's why I didn't text you." He continued, "I mean it though Zach. If you want to have sex with our friends tonight without me being there; that's cool." He continued, "I haven't had sex without you for over a year. I only want you. But, Zach, I think you need a lot of sex. There's a validation or something in it for you. I don't fully understand it, but I love that I can give that to you either through my dick or by giving you permission to ride one of our friends as a substitute. We only had three rules and we never broke them - only with me knowing or participating; only with our friends or hot guys we do together; and no guys with HIV. The last rule is more serious now because we stopped using condoms with our other partners. It keeps us both safe." I was quiet. Connor asked me to say something. His voice quivered slightly. I replied. "I understand babe. But, what do you mean that I use sex as validation?" Connor said, "I knew I chose the wrong word when I said that. Um....just forget it. I didn't mean anything by it ok?" He followed with a really sincere, "I love you so much. Please don't overthink this like you do. I love you and I miss you and I want to see you." I relaxed and said, "I love you and miss you too." We hung up and both went about our day. That night I went out with Ramon, Dave and Bradley. (I mentioned Bradley in an earlier chapter.) Ramon was a very hot Latino top and Dave was a jockish mutual friend. Bradley never really went out, so this was a rare occasion. We drank and danced mostly. I did a couple of bumps of coke, but nothing else. Bradley loves daddies and was on the hunt for a nice daddy that night. Bradley is a rarity - and Asian top that likes to fuck older white guys. We changed bars to follow Bradley across the street. We were now at Pub - no dance floor on the first floor, just a giant bar. So we did shots and I rubbed up on Ramon a bit. Bradley found his target daddy for the evening and left for the guy's hotel room, leaving us with the daddy's friends. They weren't bad looking guys, but definitely not the type we would normally find ourselves hanging out with at the bar. I was still flirting with Ramon and I suggested we leave these guys and go to the bathhouse. Dave and Ramon agreed. Off we went. We were changing and Dave asked, "Is it true that you and Connor have an open relationship?" I said, "We do threesomes and sometimes one of us can play without the other." Dave said, "Does that mean I can fuck you?" I took off my jeans, looked over my shoulder at Dave, smiled broadly and wearing only my jockstrap I left the changing area. Dave was about 5'10", 150, built solid, big thighs and arms and a strong chest. Ramon was 5'7", 125, wiry build and a rumored awesome cock. Once inside I looked around for a bit. I was getting turned on looking at some of the action. Especially watching this twink getting nailed by this larger, older black man. That's what it must've looked like for the guys watching as Lou fucked me in the bathhouse in Albany. My cock was definitely getting harder and I stroked it through my jock pouch. Reluctantly, I turned away to find the guys again. I ran almost right into Ramon, whose towel did very little to hide his cock. I reached down and said, "That's a hot cock." I stroked him through the flimsy towel. Ramon took me to the steam room. He laid his towel on the bench and sat down, legs spread wide and I saw his plump dick coming to life. I got on my knees to suck him off and I heard Dave say, "Wow y'all don't waste any time." He took out his 6" cock and stroked it. Dave sat down next to Ramon. I started going from cock to cock sucking them. I liked sucking both cocks. I found myself wishing Connor were here with us. I would've loved to feel him slide in my ass as I worked both of these cocks. As if on cue, Dave stood up and slid his cock on my ass crack. I arched my back; raising my ass up for him. He opened a lube packed and put lube on my ass and his cock. Dave said, "Is it also true that you let guys ride you bareback?" I thought about it for a brief second. I came up off Ramon's cock and said, "Sometimes. I didn't bring condoms with me tonight. Did you?" I could see the condom pinned to his bicep by the locker key. Dave said, "No." I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I'm good with it if you are." I promptly started sucking Ramon's cock again. I felt as Dave slid his bare cock in my ass. He moaned, "Fuck yeah Zach. I've always wanted your ass man." He bottomed out quickly, let me adjust and then began slowly fucking me. I was spit-roasted in the sauna by our friends and I was loving it. Dave began pulling all the way out of my ass and slamming all the way back in. I was moaning as I sucked Ramon's awesome cock. It was long and just thick enough to be the perfect large cock. I was trying to take it all the way down my throat while Dave fucked me. Ramon was also moaning. I heard some other guys come into the room. I heard them whispering and they sat down and started stroking their cocks. Dave got a little nervous and slowed his fuck down, but then he picked back up when Ramon started talking to the guys. It was Bradley's daddy's friends. Dave leaned in and said, "Zach are you comfortable like this in front of these guys." I came up off Ramon's cock and said I was. I then took Dave's hand off my hip and brought it to my rock hard cock. He smiled at me and said, "Zach you're a slut." Dave shifted his cock into me as he said it. I moaned and went back to Ramon's cock. Dave was fucking me pretty hard now. I knew he wouldn't take long. All I could think about was sitting on Ramon's cock once Dave was done. Dave slapped my ass a couple of times. He said things about my great ass. His fuck was starting to feel really good. He was hitting good places and stroking my cock. Without warning, Dave slammed his cock into me with all his body and grunted loudly while saying, "I'm cumming." Dave came in me and then took a minute to relax on my back. I looked up at Ramon, stroked his hard cock and said, "Do you want me to ride you?" Ramon nodded. He also had a condom pinned against his arm with his locker key. As Dave pulled out of me and turned to leave the steam room, Ramon looked at the daddy's friends and said, "Watch this." I stood up, turned around, lined his cock up with my hole and sat down. I had to stop about 1/3rd of the way down to adjust to Ramon's size. That's when I noticed the guys stroking and watching us. They weren't bad looking guys - 40s maybe, not out of shape, but not in shape, one bald, the other graying hair. I felt Ramon's hands rub up my torso and then grab my shoulders to pull me down. It wasn't forceful, but a gentle reminder of my current job. Get him inside me. I stroked my cock and kissed Ramon as I continued to slide down his cock. It was a great cock. I groaned in pain with the last few inches. Then he hit something inside me that not every guy can tap. I moaned. I needed his cock to hit that spot again. I started to lightly ride his cock. He has a fabulous cock. I was riding him faster and the daddy's friends were really excited seeing my ass take this cock. I was loving the looks on their faces about half as much as I was loving the cock in my ass. Ramon said, "Zach, I haven't been in someone bareback in awhile. I'm not going to last too long." I slid all the way up his cock and all the way down it a few times. I thought I'd slow the pace that way and he'd last longer. I was wrong. Just as he was hitting that spot inside me again, he groaned and exploded inside me. His load was as big as the cock it came from. It filled me up and started to slide out of my ass even though his cock was still inside me. I got up off Ramon and sat on my towel and felt my ass. It was puffy and definitely leaking cum. Ramon fingered me and said I was a hot fuck. He asked if I needed help getting off as he bent over to suck my cock. I thought about the black guy fucking the twink and thought I'd go back and jerk off watching them. I told him that. He laughed and said he was going to shower. I laid back for a minute and then felt the other guys moving in on me. I didn't open my eyes. I felt one of them spread my legs. I looked up. It was the bald one. I let him feel my hole. He lifted my legs so my back was against the bench and sank his average cock into me. I moaned and closed my eyes. The bald guy lasted only a few minutes before he asked if I wanted his cum. I thought about it, "Fuck I was totally breaking the rules. No sex with guys who weren't our friends or weren't hot. This was a total stranger. Should I be doing this?" Then he said, "Too late. I'm cumming in you." Just as he slammed into me I said, "Do it! Cum in my ass." The bald guy slid out of me and the grey haired dude took his place. He said, "You are a very pretty slut." Then he pushed his dick into my hole. He fucked me hard and held my head against the bench as he fucked me. I moaned a lot. He moaned and called me names. Then grey hair said it too, "Do you want my cum, slut?" I said, "Yes. Cum in my ass." He bucked a few more times and slammed home, unloading inside me. He got up and then the older guys left the room. I jerked off laying right there. Four cum loads in my ass and only two from friends. Two were from total strangers. I was so turned on. I thought about going to find the black dude to get load five. I got so close thinking about the entire evening that I came all over myself. I was spent. I showered and went out front. Ramon had waited for me, but Dave had left. Ramon asked if he could come over and sleep with me. I said, "Sure. I'd like that. I miss Connor cuddling me at night." Ramon said, "And fucking you at night, right?" I said, "I miss that too." Ramon and I slept together that night. He bred me another time that night and twice before he left to go to church the next day. I told Connor about Dave and Ramon, but not the other guys.
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    ***Okay, I toyed with a couple of ideas for this next bit. I'll post this one for now, and maybe later a slight variation if it works out the way I like.*** “So you want this fuckin’ AIDS seed?” he asked me. As if he even had to ask?! I had literally just got done fighting him for it. I began to swivel my hips and ride his stiff prick, desperate for another helping. “You’re so fucked up,” he said. “You know you’re going to get infected if you keep this up.” “That’s kind of the point,” I panted. Just as it seemed that he might be getting into it, he clearly had a powerful pang of guilt and he flung me off of him once again. “No! You can’t do this,” he protested, jumping up off of the bed. “I won’t do this to you. You seem like a really nice guy, I can’t be responsible.” “I am responsible!” I retorted. “So am I. I shouldn’t have given in the first time. I was weak, but I need to stay strong -that’s my responsibility ever since diagnosis.” He grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me off of the bed, down the hall to the bathroom, where he shoved me into the shower, turned it on, and proceeded to practically rape my ass with the shower douche! “This might not help, but you’ll thank me in the morning,” he growled to me as I struggled against him. I might have had the upper hand when I was sitting on top of him, but standing up I was no match -he’s twice my size! When he was done with rinsing me out he dried me off, threw my clothes at me and dragged me out to the car. I had no idea where he was taking me -this was the strangest hook-up I’ve ever had. Five minutes later he was pulling up to the ER. What the fuck?! “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I moaned. “My buddy works in the ER. He’ll give you some pills to clear you. Come on,” he growled, hopping out of the car and coming around to my side when I didn’t bother to open the door. “If you were going to make me take these, why didn’t you just keep fucking me and let us both enjoy ourselves?” I complained. He seemed stumped. In his panic to take the weight of the toxic world on his shoulders, he didn’t even imagine he could just have fun for a while before getting me all medicated up. After a few minutes pondering, a slight grin pulled at his lips. “Fine, I’ll make you a deal. You go in and get the meds from my buddy, and when I take you home we can fuck again. Nothing to worry about at that point.” “Deal,” I replied confidently, the wheels in my brain already churning. “One more thing-” “What?” he sighed in exasperation. “Do you have a name or should I just call you ‘selfish asshole’?” He laughed. “Selfish asshole? Really?” “Well, that’s what I’ve been calling you in my head, so I just figured-” “Will. My name is Will.” “Fine. Will. I’m Stephen.” We walked into the ER, which was surprisingly quiet for that time of night. I would have figured all kinds of crap went down in the middle of the night. Knifings, shootings, overdoses. A seriously hunky doctor came straight for us, smiling at Will. “Will, what’s up?” “Hey, Josh. I need a little favor,” he said furtively, making a slight nod in my direction. “What’s the problem?” Josh asked. “We got a little carried away earlier and things got a little . . . unsafe,” he told his buddy as diplomatically as possible. “Can you give him that medication you told me about?” Josh smiled at me and said, “Sure, follow me. Will, you can stay here for a few minutes. Won’t take long.” I followed Josh to an exam room and he had me sit on one of those awful cushioned tables with the paper on top of it. And then he stared me down. “So, things got out of hand?” he leered. Subtle, why doesn’t he do the ‘wink, wink, nudge, nudge,’ too? “He came in me without a condom. I don’t see what the big deal is,” I blurted out. The look of surprise on his handsome face was priceless. “Well, you do realize that he has quite a high viral load at this point.” “I’m aware of that,” I told him coolly. A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth and he tried to conceal it. He went to a cabinet off to my right to retrieve the medication they’d been discussing. As he reached up to the top shelf, the blue hospital issue shirt he wore under the white doctor coat hiked up and revealed a small biohazard tattoo just above his right hip bone. Interesting. Pills in hand, he turned back to me. I could see that the bulge in his crotch had started to stir and grow, not obscenely, but something had ticked his pulse up a notch. “So, it doesn’t bother you to have unmedicated men breed you?” he asked. I’m not into playing games so I told him boldly, “I love it.” His eyebrows shot up and his smile was huge. As was the bulge, now growing before my very eyes. “Tell you what, I’ll give you some of my own to take home with you as long as you take this in front of me,” he said, waving the packet of meds at me. “Fine,” was all I could say. Despite how brutalized my hole felt after that violent douching, it was twitching in anticipation. So was my dick, which was tenting huge in the front of my pants. I popped the pills in my mouth, turned around and waved my ass at him. I immediately felt his hands on my hips, and then he pulled my pants down to my ankles. “Off,” he ordered, so I lifted first one foot and then the other to shake myself free of my pants. Not about to waste any time, plus in a hospital we couldn’t know if someone would come looking for him, he quickly lined his dick up to my waiting hole. He teased the opening for a couple of seconds, and I could feel that his dick head was nice and fat, and then he shoved forward, driving at least half of his shaft into me. I groaned in my mouth, trying to contain myself so we wouldn’t draw attention to us. He held onto my hips and leaned back, watching his dick slamming in and out of my ravaged hole. Knowing that he was occupied with the view, I took the opportunity to spit the pills out that I’d pretended to swallow. I had held them between a couple of molars so that they wouldn’t dissolve at all in any of my saliva, and in my palm they were still fully in tact. “You guys must have had a good time,” he commented. “Your hole is bleeding.” I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised after that shower scene, but I was. “It is?” “Don’t worry, not a lot. But some streaks on my dick. Don’t matter, it’ll just lube your hole for my dick. And his. I assume he’s going to fuck you again after you leave here.” “That’s the plan,” I told him. “Then it’s a good thing we got you squared away now so you can settle in and enjoy yourself,” he said, picking up the pace and slamming me hard. “You want it?” “Give it to me,” I hissed. He stifled a low growl in clenched teeth as his balls erupted in my ass, flooding me with toxic seed. I was in heaven and I never wanted that feeling to end. But as with all good things . . . We straightened up, set our clothes properly, and exited the room as professionally as possible, no one the wiser as to what had just happened in the examination room. Josh walked me out to the waiting room and Will. They shook hands, smiled, and made a couple of minutes of small talk. “He’s all set,” Josh told him. “Have at it. Free pass tonight,” he told him slyly, turning to leave, but stopping to say his good-bye to me. “Thanks, doc. I really appreciate your bedside manner,” I said, unable to control my grin. We shook hands and then I turned to follow Will out, turning to see Josh staring at the pills I had slipped into his hand. He shook his head at me, but the smile on his face told me he wasn’t pissed, and the tent in his pants made his real feelings perfectly clear. He gave me a wink, and then pulled his white lab coat closed to conceal his hard-on, and then turned and left. Back in the car, Will looked over at me for a moment, then leaned across and planted a kiss on me that went all the way down to my toes. “See, it wasn’t so bad. Now we’ve got all night to enjoy and not worry.” If only he knew . . .
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    Chapter Three Standing in the hall my cock throbbed for attention. As fucking hot as my split roast was I didn’t cum, yet I didn’t want to cum since it could signal the end of my quest to be initiated into The Order. “Seed, once the divine essence of life, power of procreation energy, now is the servant of disease, prophet of death. Once embraced, now it is rejected. Suppression of seed is an act of rebellion from our most ancient natural desires.” the Priest said. “We must allow the force, wether life giving or taking to be consumed within. Within the last test you allowed a segment of seed to be introduced into your essence, we will now implant more seed into you, verifying your body’s ability to be a vessel for copious portions of seed.” Without further discussion, we exited the hall into one of the rooms. Inside was an exam table with stirrups, a very well used table. In the corner of the room was a rim seat positioned over what looked like an ancient vessel which had the symbol from the invitation and two male gender symbols - instead of one being over laid slightly over the other as to show a couple, they were positioned with the arrow portion of one sliding through the circle of another - as in a representation of fucking. My interest was growing more and more as I thought about it. The Priest motion silently for me to climb upon the table, which I did without hesitation. I needed no instructions to place my feet in the stirrups. Once in position, the Priest tied my ankles to the cold metal of the stirrups. He silently moved from the foot of the table to my head, where he presented me with a black mask. This one covered my eyes and nose, with only air holes available for me to breath. Placing the mask over my head, he began speaking. I could not under stand, the language was foreign to me. Gently raising my head, he tied the straps of the mask behind my head - purging me into a dark world. My ears started to pick up sounds coming from the door area of the room. I thought I heard someone come in, the clanking of metal, and the swishing of liquids, but my imagination could be getting the best of me. A strange sensation came over my lips, something was rubbing on them. It was hard, yet had a softness to it, rounded in shape. Immediately I thought it was another cock for me to suck, so without question I opened and the object slipped in. It was pushed in until it moved no further and held in place with a hand across my mouth as I felt another pair of hands tie it tightly behind my neck. I had just been gagged. “calm your inner self, submit, and derive in the pleasure” Breathing slow deep breathes I calmed myself. Although my anticipation was through the roof, trust of the Priest had overcome any fear I had experienced. My inner thighs were being stroked as I breathed, helping me to relax as well. This touch had my cock leaking on my stomach, forming a puddle in my belly button. The hands lowered, rubbing across my exposed ass, to my crack. Fingers began to explore my hole, slowly sliding around the edge, circling until they were in the center gently pushing. My hole easily gave way in my relaxed state and having been fucked and seeded not thirty minute earlier by a homeless man. The fingers pushed in and out going further and further in, opening my wet hole even more. The pleasure was intense, as my hole opened more and more. Quickly, the fingers left my hole and something else was pushed in, hard and deep. My hole felt as though it was being ripped open it was so big. I wanted to scream in pain, but nothing came out. My mind raced with objects that could have been forced deep into my hole. Yet nothing matched the amount of pain I was experiencing. My relaxed state was gone, I was tense, my abs contracted as I tried to push out what ever was shoved into my hole. I felt the hands stroking my inner thighs again. “Calm your inner self” the Priest said “Pain is a gateway to great pleasure” I focused on my breathing again as the pain started to subside. My hole was adjusting to the object in my hole, relaxing and tightening around the object. I remember feeling this way the first time I had a cock slip inside my hole, it felt as if I was being torn apart, then subsided into the most erotic pleasure I had ever experience. Drawing on the memory I relaxed more. As I laid there, I felt a great amount of pressure coming from inside me. I felt I was being filled. My hole was warming up, expanding and creating great pressure. I clinched my fists beside me as I felt as I was going to explode. The pressure was coming more and more as I felt my inside expand more and more. “Excellent. Concentrate your mind on your fuck hole, squeeze as we remove the chalice. Seed is life, death, and the energy in between. Keep that energy within.” I concentrated on my hole, tuning out every sound around me, even the Priest voice as I felt “the chalice” being tugged on. I squeezed my ass muscles as I felt my hole pulling outwards. Every inch being pulled out felt like a mile, until my hole popped around the top, freeing “the chalice” from me. My hole still gapped, yet I squeezed. I could feel liquid running out, not much but some. I continued to squeeze, until I felt my hole close completely. “Absorb the life within the seed, embrace it’s energy, celebrate its death. Many man have held this seed before and many more will hold it after you. A genesis and legacy of Priest who celebrated in disease, then taken in death. Resist explosion for a minimum of an hour” Time moved slowly in my head as I counted, but after about fifteen minutes I lost count. The pressure inside of me grew, small cramps plagued my muscles as I fought the urge to expel. I once again calmed myself with breathing, squeezing my hole and wondering how the Priest that contributed to this mixture died. With my mind off the pressure, it seemed to ease, yet my mind continued to be invaded by thoughts of HIV and more. Exotic diseases conjured in my mind, how they effected the body causing death. “45 minutes” the Priest said. Concentration lost, pressure turned to pain. I needed to expel the mixture inside. I felt the bindings on my legs come off. I felt the gag in my mouth being removed at the same time. There were still two men in this room with me, a Priest and an unknown. I felt the bindings of the mask being untied and darkness became light. I squinted as I adjusted to the light. I could see a figure between my legs, he was grinning evilly. “You may rise, yet the time to expel has not arrive” With the help of the man at the foot of the exam table, I lowered my legs, squeezing my ass tighter and tighter. A small mount of stiffness had set in my legs, but I slowly moved them to ease that. The man that helped me was completely naked. His body was nothing but skin and bones. I could count each rib within his chest. My eyes went lower, no fat on his stomach. His body completely smooth. His cock obscenely pointed out from his body. It was at least eight inches, dripping and so inviting. I watched his finger make contact with his cock head, start circling and collecting pre-cum. His coated finger reached out, pointing at my mouth. Fuck me, I wanted it. I turned towards the Priest, silently asking for permission. He quietly nodded. I engulfed the finger, tasting, savoring the pre-cum. I sucked on his finger as if I was sucking on a hard cock. The Priest moved behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders, and pushing me to my knees. I was now eye level with the man’s cock. “Receive pleasure as you experience pain” the Priest stated “Expulsion will happen when my assistant is gratified.” I didn’t need any more instructions. I engulfed my mouth over the cock and encircled the shaft with my lips. Spit flowed into my mouth, wetting everything inside and continuing to wet as I took the cock deeper. I didn’t stop until his smooth balls were pushing against my chin. Without warning, the man grabbed my head and started to pull his cock out, until the ridge of his head was pulling my lips outward, than rammed it balls deep again, causing me to choke. There was no time to adjust or breath as he pulled out and rammed in again. This attack didn’t stop, it continued until I had spit flying every where, running down my chin, his balls and tears flowing from my eyes. The need to expel was growing and I was losing concentration on holding. The attack on my mouth and throat slowed a little, which allowed me to refocus on my hole. With all my concentration on my hole, my throat relaxed and I got into a rhythm of when to breath and when not to. His face fucking was rougher than anything I had experienced. Yet I was enjoying it, my mouth was full of a mixture of his pre-cum and my spit. My lips were slick with this mixture adding to his pleasure and the ease of the fucking. The sounds of this fucking filled the room. My cock was bobbing up and down, leaking yet I did not touch it. His moans turned into a growl as he rammed his cock all the way in and shot his load. Like the homeless man, I didn’t taste a drop as it hit my throat and ran down. I was again disappointed, I wanted to taste these loads. He pulled his cock from my mouth and left the room. “It is time” I got up from my knees and squatted over the rim seat and vessel. I pushed with very little pressure and the mixture of Priest seed exploded out. Relief was instant, yet I felt empty. I pushed more and expelled more seed. I pushed one more time and lost a little more. “Enough. Seed is required for the final test of this phase of your invitation.” We left the room, with the mixture of cum running down my legs leaving a trail of cum as we made our way through another door and making a left turn.
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    My biggest passion is using my cock and balls for what they are made.
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    To start off, my roommate is a 22 year old bisexual. He has a girlfriend. A few days ago, I'm laying in bed (naked) when I hear my door open. I thought he was just being to get something do I just laid there. A few seconds later, I felt him climbing offer the bed and pulling the sheet off me. Now, we have messed around before, but just blow jobs. I was a little confused until I felt him spit on my hole. Before I could raise up, he was already pushing the head into me. I was instantly hard. He slowly pushed his 7 in cut cock in. Once he was in, he started fucking me good and fast. That lasted for about 10 minutes until he got off. He then got up and simply walked out of the room. Nothing like a little fuck to get your morning started.
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    I posted an add on the almighty craigslist to be breed by some anon straight men. I get an email saying that a group of married men on business wanted to gangbang me anonymous. They texted my number with all their rings and cocks photos to show proof. I still wasn't sure if it was safe. Four on one? What if they wanted to rob me? But I took the chance anyways...I wanted my hole to be bred. So I got a hotel room in a sleazy hotel and prepped myself. I then got a text saying they were outside and to leave the door unlocked and have my ass up in the air. I put my jockstrap on, lubed up my cumhole and got into position...ass high in the air, face down. Ass up and ready to drain some nuts I hear a knocking on my door. I voice for them to come in. "There's that nice fat ass." They smelt of cigars and booze. "Can't wait to empty my nuts in that." Said the other I got so extremely turned on knowing that these random guys were going to unload inside me that my asshole began winking rhythmically. "Lookie lookie here...we got a winker." As one then slid a finger inside my hole. "Wink on my finger nice and slow." I began to flex my hole on his finger nice and slow and he began jerking his cock. "Time to breed this hole." I hear the belt come off and him positioning himself behind me. I relaxed my hole and he shoved it deep inside. It was painful but it felt amazing. He slowly began to stroke me deep and then went faster as he grabbed my hips. I began to tighten my hole as he began to cum inside me. "Jerry (Fictional game to keep anonymity) your turn." Jerry's cock was not long but thick and it certainly stretched me out. My hole was starting to loosen up and you could hear it as the lube and the cum was being mixed together inside my cumhole. After 10 minutes Jerry unloaded inside me. I had to tighten my hole from here on out just to keep the loads inside. The next guy had an average sized cock...but i wasn't complaining. As long as cum goes inside, I'm happy. This guy took about 5 minutes to unload but his load had to be the largest. He was grunting and breathing furiously for awhile while he cummed. "Who's last?" I asked teasing while I shook my ass. "Oh this cumwhore is still game eh" The last guy said as he smacked my ass hard. He slapped my ass a few more times before he entered me. He had the biggest dick out of all of them and knew it. He started out with a moderate stroke, letting me get used to it and then grabbed my hips and began thrusting deep inside my ass. My head dropped due to the extacy. "Yea take that fat dick." My hole was ridiculously sloppy now with all the loads and this huge dick inside my ass pounding away. The sounds from my sloppy hole being plunged turned him on and he fucked me even harder until he came inside me. I had taken 4 loads from men I don't even know what they look like! I was turned on so much arched my back even further to show them my handy work. "Stay there, we want pictures and video." So I stayed put...willingly obliging them to look at my destroyed cumhole. "Wink for us." I began winking as fast and hard as I could. "Now push out our loads in my hand." My hole sputtured out their loads for several minutes. He then smacked my ass with all the loads and rubbed it all over my ass. "Thanks for that hole, slut" I winked my hole at them a couple times on the way out as they laughed. Best saturday night ever
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    This chapter is for Gymguy8 because I cum so hard reading his stories. After a few sex fueled days I reluctantly went home, and another week flew by. It was Friday night again and I was expecting my two favorite boys. The bell rang. I'm always naked at home and this day was no different. I opened the door to a stark naked, and very happy, Jake with PandB fully clothed standing directly behind him. Jake's cock nearly crushed mine as he jumped me, kissing me, "He wanted to be naked for you when you opened the door", PandB says shrugging his shoulders slightly. As PandB starts to follow him in I put my hand up, momentarily breaking away from Jake's lips, "Ummmm … You must be naked to enter", I say, trying to sound “official”. PandB and I both smirk at my words. Without taking another step he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his shirt, tossing both into the foyer, and as he steps past the threshold he loosens his shorts and they fall to the floor. I shut the door and now my house now has 3 naked guys in it – this is so much better. Jake resumes making out with me like a lover he hasn't seen in ages. Behind me I can hear pills rattling, "Hold these", PandB says, shoving something into one of my hands ... the kisses are not interrupted. I hear noises in the kitchen and then PandB returns with one of the empty 16oz glasses I often use for beer. I just look at him, then Jake, then him, trying to kiss Jake, but also trying to understand. “Time for meds”, PandB says softly, “Okay ... then let’s go upstairs”, I tell him. PandB heads up the stairs and Jake breaks our kiss and follows immediately in behind him like a puppy. We head up to my bedroom and I swear I think I could just eat Jake’s ass for days watching his cheeks undulate right in front of me. My tongue involuntarily falls out of my mouth, “I want that hole”, I think. I give the pill bottle back to PandB, and he opens it, fishing out one of the blue pills. He hands the pill to Jake. I’m not sure exactly what PandB has in mind, but then he positions the empty glass beneath his not quite soft cock. There’s a quiet moment of focus and then a trickle and suddenly PandB is filling the glass with urine. "Been needing to go since we got here", he says with a sound of relief. Jake and I watch intently at his piss foaming and fogging up the side of the glass as the warm liquid jets out of him. With bubbles, and little bits of splatter, and an "ahhhh... so good", the flow comes to a dribble and the glass is nearly filled to the top. PandB lets go of his cock and hands the huge glass of light-colored piss to Jake. Jake doesn’t even flinch, looks at it, and then swallows down the pill as he chugs down almost all of the piss – staring directly at me as he does it. As Jake is drinking, PandB leans over to my ear speaking softly, "He’s three on ... three off right now, and been taking his pills this week with a full glass of my piss". My mouth is open and my tongue salivating watching Jake gulp down the PandB’s brew. Just as he gets close to finishing he stops, hands the glass to me, nods and I swallow the last little bit of it. PandB moves back in front of Jake, "Good boy", and he takes the empty glass from me. “Wait”, he pauses, “I need to go … too”, I tell him. “Fuck yea”, Jakes says, grinning. PandB holds the glass in front of my cock, and after a few seconds, I let loose filling the glass nearly to the top again. PandB looks at me, holding it up to my lips and I take a gulp, then he takes a huge gulp, then hands the glass back to Jake. Jake apparently loves piss and doesn’t need to be told to drink up … he gulps downs the rest of the glass. PandB moves to the take the glass back to the kitchen, but I put a hand on his shoulder, "Keep that babe ... might need it again later", we both just smile at each other. I turn my head and Jake is looking at me dead in the eyes and we pick up where we left off kissing intensely. I pull PandB in closer making a Jake "sandwich". I want to fuck and breed this boy so bad right now. I want Jake to convert. I want to share PandB’s strain with as many young guys as I can. We move and I push Jake on the bed, looking at him, I’m hungry and I want that ass. I grab his legs and turn him over. PandB is in sync with my horniness and he hands me lube as I’m approaching that sweet hole. I lube Jake a little, then my cock, and I slide home in one shot, “Ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh”, Jake moans, “Fuck yes”, my only response. I start slow fucking Jake and PandB climbs up on the bed directly behind me, “So hot babe … so hot watching you poz that hole”, “Yeah”, I moan. “You want this?”, I ask, pulling out and boning Jake hard as I say it over and over a few times. “Yes … yes … fuck yeah… I want it”, he says, begging me. “Want what boy?”, PandB asks over my shoulder, “What boy? What do you want?”, he says again. I keep boning Jake hard coaxing a response, “Fuck … fuck ... I want it, I want your load, I want your poz load”. I can feel PandB’s breathe on my shoulder, he’s so hot, I love being naked with him. I return to smooth strokes and turn my head to kiss PandB, the taste of my piss still lingers in his mouth, “Keep fucking him babe”, he says to me. I turn my head back and continue fucking Jake’s tight willing ass. My cock is rock hard thinking that he’s just barely 19 years old, ready and begging, to be fucked full of HIV-positive spunk. I keep fucking Jake but I can feel lubed fingers rubbing my asshole – it feels good. “Ahhhhhhh… yea” I moan remembering how much I love PandB’s poz cock. PandB lines up behind me and I feel his cock touching my hole, “Fuck yea babe”… “This what you need? You need some of Dad’s dick? That what it is babe … you been missing this poz cock?”. I keep fucking Jake, and without words coming out I nod. I pull most of the way out and hold still for a minute and with some pressure I feel the head of PandB’s cock slide into me, “That’s it babe… gonna give you what you need … gonna breed you while you breed our boy … want you to fuck that neg hole up”. PandB holds still while I get back in a rhythm giving Jake my raw cock then sliding back and taking the cock that pozzed me. This continues for several minutes and I can feel the tell-tail signs that my cock is getting ready to blow a huge load, “Ahhhhhhh fuck … fuck … I’m so close … so close to breeding this ass”. “Fuck me… fucking breed me”, Jake is moaning and begging for me to breed him; he’s such a good pig. I know the pressure in my ass is getting PandB close so he pulls back and his cock slips out of me, “Ahhhhhhh…………AHHHHHHHHHHHHH… FUCK! FUCK!”, I groan as I feel my nuts tighten up and the toxic sperm comes flooding out into Jake’s body. “Fuck yea … FUCK YEA! Take my load”, I hear PandB encouraging him, “Fuck yea … Fuck that’s so good”. I cum so hard in him, I’m sweating, and I can barely think at the moment. I pull out of Jake and a dollop of my deadly sperm pools up at the opening of the hole, “Hot”, I hear PandB whisper and then he plunges his cock hard enough into Jake to make him jump. I know he’s doing his best to make sure that HIV finds its way into Jake’s bloodstream where it will take hold – another HIV+ bareback bottom is born. “This is how bottom’s become HIV+”, I think, “Being a whore … a bareback pig”. I can tell PandB is super horny, he always is, and he finds his fuck rhythm quickly. I move around in front of Jake, sitting so that my cock is directly in front of his face, “Clean me up boy … clean the poz cock that just bred you”. He moans and starts sucking my cock without so much as a word. PandB road Jake’s ass and fucked a huge load into him while I lay there letting him lay against my abdomen sucking and licking on me. I couldn’t believe Jake had just taken two more loads of poz cum. I know he’s well on his way to being poz and likely Truvada-resistant. “I hope we can encourage him to top after he converts”, I think. After fucking him we all cuddled on the bed, and before I knew it, I fell asleep. Later, I woke up to the sounds of grunts and groans and what sounds like someone fucking the dresser in the other bedroom. I quietly walked into my office and there is PartyandBreed fucking Jake … on my desk. My ass began to twitch as I just stand there watching their raw sex. I know I’ve been topping Jake, but I want PandB’s hard cock up my ass again too, fucking me until I squirt another load of my toxic cum. My cock is hard as a rock and my hand is stroking it slowly, until I can't take it anymore. I moved slowly, walking right in towards the desk, not saying a word, I just stroke my cock and stare the two of them down as they both finally notice me. My hole is desperate for attention right now, and I don’t care if it’s from a cock or a tongue. I waist no time, climbing right on top of the desk, turning my back to PandB and squatting my hole right over Jake's open mouth. I feel his hands and then groan loudly as his tongue slides up to my asshole. I know this will temporarily fill the large void that is me aching to be fucked and bred by PandB. Jake gets it and starts making out with my ass. I can feel Jake’s body move as PandB continues to fuck him with long, hard thrusts. This only continues to drive Jake wild, and his tongue presses deeper and deeper into my ass. I’m nearly gasping each and every time I feel the tip of his tongue penetrate me. The three of us moan and grunt in unison, as the fucking continues feverishly. My cock is leaking precum, and some of it gets into Jake’s hair, as the sex escalates. The slapping sound of PandB’s balls against Jake’s ass are nearly drowned out by the moaning. PandB's nut pops first, I can tell as he slows his fucking motions and pumps a couple of long hard thrusts into Jake. The thrusts are strong and he nearly knocks both of us off the desk, but Jake is holding on to me and PandB is holding on to Jake as he works to breed him. “Ahhhhhhhh………ahhhhhhhhhh…….”, I hear and then one last forceful shove, and I know his balls are dumping another load of HIV+ cum into that ass. Jake gasps loudly once or twice and then I feel warm fluid as several squirts, of what must be his cum, hitting my back. My own cock begins spraying and my jizz flies all over the wall in front of me; I was shooting like I hadn't released a load in weeks. It just kept coming and long full ropes of my cum shoot out over and over again. It seems like the largest volume orgasm that I had ever had to date … I only wish it had gone into Jake’s ass. I backup slightly and Jake has his tongue hanging out of his mouth desperately trying to reap some of my cum for himself. I give it a few strokes and a few nice sized globs land on the target and he quickly swallows them … eager for more. I climb off of Jake. I look up at him, and again he had his mouth open with his tongue hanging, with a look of desperation and desire on his face. PandB pulls Jake forward, off the desk, and he gets him on his knees to clean that spent cock.
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    I got a text from Walt, the Dad this afternoon. All it said was, "Can you be here in an hour?" "Yes. I'll douche, shower and be right over", I texted back. "Just get your cunt over here", was his reply. I quickly douched, showered and headed for his condo. I arrived at Walt's door exactly one hour from the time I got the first text. I rang the doorbell and Walt opened the door. Dressed in a loose, cotton bathrobe that he hadn't bothered to close and belt. His limp, but ample BBC was hanging down his leg. I stepped into the living room. As usual, str8 porn DVD was playing on the TV. "Is Antone here", I asked? "No. The fuckhead finally got a job. He's working weekends now, in addition to school. But, I need my dick sucked". "I'm your guy. Glad you called", I said. Walt takes off his robe and tosses it on the back of the sofa. Then he sits on the sofa and spreads his legs. I quickly undress and take my place on the floor, between his legs. I've grabbed my poppers from my pocket and lay them beside me. Walt lights a joint and takes some deep drags on it while I take his cock into my mouth and begin to suck. His cock slowly swells and grows as I suck. Once he's fully hard, I begin to lick up and down his shaft. Then lick both of his swollen balls. His cell phone that is laying beside him on the sofa rings. He answers and listens to the person on the other end. "Yeah. He can't talk right now. He's got my dick in his mouth, right now". He's laughing, now. "Come on over". "Brian wants to come over. You remember Brian, don't you? You don't mind another dick or two to service? Do ya, bitch?". "Mmm Mmm", I moan with his dick stuffed in my mouth. "Good", he muttered, then he took another deep drag on his joint. I continue to worship Walt's beautiful and now rock hard cock and balls. Soon, he lifts his legs and spreads his ass. Without saying a word, I lick under his balls and begin to lick his black, puckered asshole. I eat his hole in this position for a few minutes, then Walt takes a few more drags from the joint. Then he changes positions and gets on his knees on the sofa, putting his black ass up to my face. I spread his ass cheeks and dive into his ass with my tongue. I try to get my tongue as deep in his hole as I can. Walt enjoys my ass eating for several minutes, then moves around and feeds me his bbc again to suck. "Take your time. I just want to enjoy your holes. No rush" Just then, there's a knock at the door. "Door's open", Walt yells. The door opens and I hear someone enter and close the door. "Lock that top latch, Brian. Will ya? How you doin' Dale? Didn't know you were coming?" "Brian called. Hope it's ok", Dale asks? "Fuck. I don't care. You don't care, do you fag?" Walt said to me. I look up and see both Brian and Dale taking off their clothes beside me and tossing them onto the chairs and floor. "Fuck, no", I said and go back to sucking Walt. Soon, I feel someone kneeling behind me and hear spitting. Soon a wet finger is sliding into me. Another couple of spits and more saliva being pushed into me. Then I feel a hard cock at my hole. I continue my cocksucking on Walt. So, I'm not sure which one of them is trying to enter me? But as it slips inside me and presses further into me, I figure it must be Dale, because of the length. More and more of his bbc are sliding up into me. I finally come up and grab for my poppers. This is a big cock. And I'm going to need the assistance of some poppers to take it. I take some deep drags on my poppers as Walt hands Dale what's left of the joint. Dale takes a some deep drags on the joint, then hands it to Brian. I continue to suck on Walt as Dale starts to fuck me. It's an awkward angle, but I'm taking most of his cock into me. Then Dale pulls out of me, takes me by the arm and pulls me up. "Get on the sofa", he says. I climb up on the sofa and kneel on the edge, my ass facing out. Dale moves behind me and again slides up into me in one quick thrust. He's now fucking me hard. After a few minutes of fucking, Dale pulls out and Brian slide up into me. For well over a half hour it becomes a constant rotation of these 3 BBC's taking their turns in my ass. The angle was awkward, but occasionally, one of them would put his cock or ass up to my face to suck, lick and eat. Brian is the first to cum inside me. He's slapping my ass and grunting as he puts the afternoon's first load in my hole. Once he's stopped cumming, Brian pulls out and Dale takes his place in my ass. Dale slams up into me. "Mmmm........Nice and slick", Dale says. He's really pounding me hard, now. Just a few more minutes of fucking before Dale lets out a low growl and begins to shake. I'm squeezing my ass on his cock as he throbs in my hole. Emptying his load inside me. Once Dale pulls out of me, Walt steps up and slams back into me. The other two are dressing, say "goodbye and thanks" as they leave the condo. Walt now has my pussy all to himself. He fucks and grinds into me for well over 15 minutes before I hear his soft grunts starting. His pace gets faster and his thrusts go deeper. Then a loud groan of...."FUCK...!!!! FUCK...!!!!". And he empties his balls in me. Once he's cum, he pulls from me and drops back down onto the sofa. I climb off and drop to my knees between his legs. I begin to clean off his and his buddies cum that's covering his now softening bbc. I lick every last taste of cum from his cock, then stand and find my clothes that have ended up in a pile near the tv. Walt takes out a cigarette and takes some drags on it as I dress. "Thanks, Bitch. You did great, again. See ya again. Just turn that lock on the knob when you go out", he said and takes another drag on his cigarette. I let myself out, locking the door behind me. My ass filled with 3 large loads from my str8, black fuck buddies.
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    Part 4 Just after guy #4 left, there was a knock at the door. I let our newest fucker in. He was a beefy, older guy, looking to be in his mid 60s. As he stripped, you could tell he worked out a lot. He definitely took care of himself. He had a very thick cock that was getting hard quickly. He introduced himself as Travis. “I was happy to see the ad you posted,” he said. “I haven’t been to an anonymous cumdump in weeks.” “Well then this is your lucky night,” I replied. “He’s ready for his next poz load.” “I’ll go you one better than that,” Travis informed me. “My viral load is really high and I’m not on meds.” He grinned at me and I grinned back. “If that’s the case, then I need to do one thing before you tear into him.” I retrieved the toothbrush I’d used on Aaron’s asshole at the start of the night. “It’s time we did this again and we want to make sure he’s good and ready for you. Would you care to do the honors?” “Fuck yeah; it’s been even longer since I’ve fucked a hole that was good and bloody.” He took the bloody toothbrush from me and walked to the bed. Aaron was still lying on his back, but Travis had him get on his hands and knees. He put the tip of the brush up to the used pussy lips and pushed it in. “How many loads do you have in you?” He asked. “Five so far,” Aaron replied. “You’ll make six.” “Fuck yeah, a true poz cumdump!” he said as he brushed the inside of the well fucked hole. Travis moved the brush in and out, at all angles, making sure the cum that was already inside could do its job. “Chances are you’re probably poz by now, but this will make sure.” He finally pulled the toothbrush out of Aaron’s cunt, looking with satisfaction at the red tint of the bristles. He quickly ran the brush on the outside of the asshole a few times, making Aaron wince. He then licked the toothbrush and sucked on the bristles. “Push a little of the cum out for me,” Travis ordered. Aaron complied and Travis caught the pink and red cum in his hand. He used it to lube up his throbbing hard cock. “This might sting a little.” “Go for it,” Aaron told him. He put the leaking cockhead smeared with bloody cum up to the slightly bleeding asslips and slowly shoved the head in. “GODDAMN, that DOES sting!!!” Aaron cried out. “Yeah, you’ll be a little tender for the rest of the night,” Travis commented. I went over to stand by the beefy, older top so I could get a better view. His thick cock had the used cunt stretched out already with just the head and a couple of inches in. His cock sank in slowly, inch after inch, until he was all the way in. “FUCK you’re thick,” Aaron exclaimed. “And fucking your hole is like sinking into warm butter,” Travis replied. He pulled his cock all the way out and I could see spots of red cum on the shaft. He slid all the way back in, faster than the first time. “YES!!!” Aaron moaned, even though there was a grimace on his face. I could see he was pushing back, too. I started running my hands around the top’s chest, playing with his nipples. “Oh yeah, play with those nips!” Travis told me. I got behind him so I could get at them better and started really working them. This caused him to start pounding that cum filled pussy hard. I also started kissing the back of his neck. He turned his head sideways and kissed me deep, our tongues battling. I continued to pinch and play with his sensitive nipples and he pounded on and on, deeper into that cum filled ass. He broke loose from the kiss and pulled out again. “Turn over on your back,” the muscle stud directed you. “I want to see your face when you receive my gift.” Aaron flipped over on his back and he immediately shoved back in. He rested the feet on his shoulders and went back to pounding. I started running my hands all over his chest, zeroing in again on his nipples. I could tell doing this made him go crazy by the way he was fucking. “Mmmmmmm, yeah, you’re turning me on so much, doing that.” He told me. “You’re gonna make me shoot my poz load in him soon.” There was a knock at the door and I regretfully removed my hands so I could open the door. It was 2 separate guys I’d been emailing with about tonight, Bill and Jason. They happened to get here at the same time. Bill was shorter with a stocky build and a very thick cock and Jason was about my height with a thick full beard and if I remembered correctly, had a thick PA on his nice sized cock. I let them both in and after seeing the action on the bed, they immediately stripped. I went back to what I was doing and Bill and Jason joined us on the bed. Bill offered his hard cock to Aaron who opened his mouth wide. He started sucking on the uncut cock, obviously loving it. Jason took Aaron’s cock and started licking up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the head. Travis was slamming his thick cock in and out as fast as he could, once again getting close from my renewed attention to his nipples. “Goddamn, I’m getting so close!” he growled. “Between him working my nipples and your used cunt working my cock, I’m not going to last much longer.” “Give him that high viral load charged cum, stud,” I told him. “Fill him up.” “Uhn, Yeah, FUCK, TAKE IT!!!” he yelled as he slammed in one last time and held still, his bull cock unloading, filling Aaron up yet again. Aaron took Bill’s cock out of his mouth saying, “YES, FUCK YES, give me every drop!”. He then pulled Jason’s mouth off his cock, telling him, “I don’t want to cum yet.” “Not a problem,” he replied, eyeing the huge cock that was being pulled from the used asshole. He scooted down to the end of the bed to clean off the slimy cock, not caring that some of the cum was bloody. Bill had put his cock back in Aaron’s mouth, saying “get me good and hard because I’m going in next.” He used all of his formidable cocksucking skills to do just that. As Jason finished cleaning off Travis’ cock and he went to get dressed, Bill took his place at the end of the bed. His cock wasn’t quite as thick as the last one, but it was close. It was wet with spit and there was cum running out of Aaron’s hole, so he didn’t have to worry about lube. He leaned in and kissed Aaron on the lips and said, “I’m going to enjoy this. And so are you.” He then rubbed his uncut cock up and down the wide open hole, getting cum on it, and proceeded to start fucking it in. He slid in easily and started a good steady rhythm, plowing the used hole. Jason then took Bill’s place and gave Aaron his PA and cock to suck on. He didn’t even gag as the PA went in to his throat. After letting Travis out, I returned to watch the 2 men use my boyfriend. I relished being able to watch this, thinking of all the times we would relive tonight’s experiences, making ourselves horny over and over. It was that thought which gave me an idea. I went up to Bill and whispered in his ear. He smiled and nodded. I then did the same to Jason and he grinned wide and also nodded. They both pulled their cocks out and I suggested, “Let’s try something different. Jason, why don’t you lie on your back and let’s have Aaron sit on your cock.” “Sounds good to me,” Jason replied. Aaron was so worked up from all the activity that he didn’t notice the smiles on all of our faces. He straddled Jason and worked his big PA and cock up in his cum filled hole. He sat all the way down on it and started riding him. Bill got some lube and started jacking his cock, getting it good and wet and staying hard. I got on the bed next to Aaron and Jason and started kissing my lover passionately. “Mmmmmmm, fuck yes,” Aaron moaned in between deep kisses. I could tell he was getting more and more worked up. I reached down and started playing with his cock and gradually moved my hand down to where he was riding Jason’s cock. I loved many things about Aaron, but one of the things I loved most was his asshole. We played so much and so often that his asslips kept that used look. And with as much activity as he’d had already tonight, I was pretty sure he was on the loose side by now. Bill poured some lube on my fingers and I started pushing a finger in Aaron’s ass, along with Jason’s cock. He didn’t notice at first, then when I put a second finger in, his eyes popped open. “Ohhhhhhhh,” he moaned, “YESSSSSSS!” At that point, I went back to making out with my lover and Bill took over fingering and stretching out Aaron’s already loose pussy. Once he got four fingers in alongside Jason’s cock, he knew he was ready for more of his thick member. Aaron held still with Jason’s cock buried in him, still making out with me. Bill got up close between their legs and started pushing his thick cock slowly in the already full hole. Aaron moaned loudly in my mouth, grunting a few times, but never tried to stop him. The thickest part of the cock started being forced in and he grunted even louder. I broke our kiss, looking him in the eyes, “You ok Babe?” Aaron winced visibly, but nodded his head. “I want it, I want them both.” he told me. As the last of Bill’s thick fuck stick was forced in, I went back to making out with the love of my life as both men started fucking him together. I knew they were getting off on both of their poz cocks rubbing together as they fucked and tore up the hole they were in. They picked up speed and fucked him together like they’d done it before. It was the hottest fucking thing we’d ever done. Not only did he have the second thickest cock he’d had all night in him, but he also had a good sized cock with a big PA pounding him. “Fuck yeah, take our cocks!” “Ride our poz deathsticks!” “Get ready for a double dose of poison!” they both said as they pounded him mercilessly. I could tell they were getting close from the grunting and cussing. “Goddamn, I’m about to cum,” Bill said. “Me too, so close,” Jason replied. “YES YES YES, FUCKING TAKE IT!!!” “CUMMING IN YOUR USED PUSSY, FILLING YOU UP EVEN MORE!!” they both yelled out as they blasted his insides with even more poz cum. They both slammed home and held their throbbing cocks still as they spurted over and over. I held Aaron tight never loving him more than in that moment. Part 5 cumming soon………
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    Gaping, I could feel my hole still open minutes after the monster cock slipped out. I wanted more, I wanted him back to fuck me, use me, fuck - even rape me harder over and over. I wondered what was next, how the fuck is this shit hole of a house going to top that fucker. Would my hole still be so open that I would not feel the next cock? It didn’t take long for me to find out. Another mirror slowly started to open, in what I mentally dubbed “The Conversion Funhouse,” slowly revealing the next horror. Standing there in the area behind the mirror was more skeleton, than man. He was so wasted away that he was just skin and bones, not one ounce of fat on his body. He was pale and naked from the neck down. His head was completely covered by what looked like a burlap hood, with slits for eyes and small openings for nostrils - nothing but a sown “x” for a mouth. If he wasn’t nude, he looked as if he stepped out of a slasher film. Walking in slowly, I watched his cock and balls bounce between his legs. His cock was not as massive in length like the monster before, but it was close in girth while still soft. He stopped behind me, as if admiring the work of the cock before him. As he circled my hole slowly with his finger, with out sliding it in, his cock started to grow - my eyes widened as I watch his cock obscenely thicken to the size of a beer can - and this fucker was actually the size of a beer can. FUUUUUCCCKKK - I wanted, needed and craved if up my fuck hole. The length was about seven inches, but it was the girth that was turning me into a bitch in heat. I watched as he positioned himself behind me, the reflection of the sagging skin of his ass made me wonder if he was positive or full blown. The first monster was positive that’s for sure…but how far along was this this fucker was anyone’s guess at this point. Holding the base of his cock, he started running the head up and down my crack, teasing me, pressing more and more into me until on one pass his cock slipped inside my gaping hole. My hole offered no resistance, he plunged balls deep and stayed there. This time there was no pain, only the pleasure of my hole opening wider for this thick cock. His bony hip bones pressed against my ass, digging into me. His bony fingers reached out and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back as far as my neck would allow. With his cock deep in me, he bent down and put his head next to mine. “my AIDS cock is deep in your hole” he said “it’s what you wanted?” I moaned out a yes, all the while processing the smell of his breath, fuck he smelled of rot, of DEATH. “going to slam my AIDS dick in you until I shoot a full term virus into your bleeding hole - are you ready?” Again I moaned out a yes, while breathing in his death and attempting to push back against him. His cock slowly started to move out of my hole, making me feel empty. I could feel more of the first load of cum running down my balls and cock. His fuck was not as brutal as the monster before. His rhythm of in and out was time just perfectly to make my ass feel pleasure, while all the time knowing that he was going to shoot his death deep within, mixing with the toxic load of the brute before. His balls created a slapping sound that complimented the squish of cum being churned in my hole as well as the air that was being injected and forced out with each thrust of his cock. Watching in the mirror, I could see him tweaking his nipples along with a glimpse of his thick cum covered cock as it slid in and out of my hole. Adding to the fuck music was my moans of pleasure and his growling of enjoyment. Pumping his cock in and out of my hole increased along with the forcefulness - this action was like a stabbing motion as if he was plunging a dagger deep in my ass, resulting in my death - which was true to an extent - his cock was going to deliver the blow that would eventually result in my death - death to being negative, death to safe sex, and death by AIDS. “no turning back now you fucking AIDS whore, I am on the edge of blasting your insides with AIDS cum “ he yelled during his breathing, “nothing you can say or do to stop it” His cock thickened slightly and I knew it was time. Time for another gift. No fear, just ecstasy. He slammed his cock all the way inside as it pulsed and spit, coating my raw hole with cum. Within seconds the pulsing stopped and he started pumping his cock in and out of my hole again. “It’s not over fucker, I am a multiple shooter” His cock was even more slick and he slid in and out with more ease and within a minute or two, he pushed in deep again and I felt his cock start to pulse another death load in me, only to have him start fucking me again as soon the climax subsided. “squeeze your hole around my cock, you fucking loose fuck” he screamed at me and as hard as I tried I couldn’t make my hole tight around his cock. “squeeze it you loose lipped whore” he yelled again as he slapped both of my ass cheeks. He had stopped pumping his cock, and was violently pulling out and ramming it back into my hole, over and over. I was completely at his mercy, trying to tighten my hole which was still too loose for him. His hands continued to slap each cheek, alternating the slaps. I could feel my skin heating up and in the mirror’s reflection see red marks forming and darkening. This continued for about five minutes until he slammed all the way in, shooting another load, what felt like a larger load deep into my guts. He pressed into me until it subsided and his cock began to deflate, and as he pulled out he gave each cheek another a slap. I held my breath as he exited the room through the same way he entered. Playing both fucks back in my head. I had been fucked by a monster and by death. What the fuck was next - Sarah Palin himself?
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    Thinking of booking a sleazy hotel room at the Hotel Pennsylvania in midtown to take anon cock and cum all day and night, either tonight or tomorrow night, the room is cheap and im feeling slutty AF
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    Jesse and Paul It was late in the afternoon and I was sitting drinking a beer relaxing on the deck when I heard an incoming text message on my phone. It was from Jesse. “I left the DVD at your place this morning. Paul started looking for it as soon as he got home.” “Yup, you left it in the living room.” “He said he had borrowed a DVD from a friend and needed to return it.” “Just asking: Did he say what the DVD was called?” “Nope. He is obviously panicking that I found it.” “Aha. He thinks his little indiscretion is about to be found out?” “I guess so. Things are getting quite heated around here.” “But you and I fucked yesterday, and bareback too so you are not innocent.” “I guess, but I am not ready for all of this to come out.” “I won’t say anything.” Why should I? After all Paul had obviously had sex with both Ben and me before Jesse and I fucked. Although, truth be told, Paul had wanted to use condoms whereas Jesse wanted it bare the whole way. “I asked Paul to go to the store to get us some beer so he will be out for a few minutes please bring it to me before he gets back.” “Sure” I texted back. Probably was not going to be time for a repeat fuck but no harm in keeping things as friendly as possible. “Come round the back and through the patio door so that he won’t see you if he gets back sooner than expected.” “Be there in two minutes.” I chugged down the last of my beer and went indoors. Ben was in the kitchen putting stuff away so I nonchalantly quipped. “I’ve got to run a quick errand. You’ll find it very interesting. I’ll tell you later. Bye.” “Bye, don’t take long. Send me a text when you are done. We still need to decide where to go for dinner.” I grabbed the DVD on my way out and headed straight over to Jesse. As I got to the patio I noticed that it was quite dark inside, and the door was half open. I went inside and it took a few moments to get accustomed to the gloom. As I entered the living room I was stunned to see that Jesse was not alone. He was sitting on the couch with Paul enthusiastically riding his bare seven inches. I froze. Before I could start to apologize for bursting in their privacy Jesse spoke. “Brandon. Don’t be shy.” I did not move but watched with a rapidly hardening cock as the monogamous condom couple were letting me watch their bareback fucking. Jesse turned on the reading lamp and indicated that I should come closer “Come and get a good look of raw meat sliding in his hole.” I was now getting really hard from the wet sound of their fucking and Paul’s ass slapping against Jesse’s thighs. Paul turned his head towards me. “Like what you see? You know you want to join us. Maybe you should ask Ben too!” He climbed off Jesse’s cock and sat down alongside him. “Yeah, maybe you should.” Jesse joined in. “After all he barebacked my cheating boyfriend and now I want to know what it feels like.” I took my phone out of my pocket and started texting Ben. “Ben. NOW! Jesse and Paul’s, use the patio door. There is something hot you have to see right now!” I got a response in seconds. “Be right over.” As I started to strip I asked them the obvious question. “Guys, what made you change your minds about threesomes and barebacking?” They were silent for a moment. Jesse was the first to speak. “I’m poz, and I was poz when Paul and I met. That’s why we always used condoms, and also why our sex life had issues. We never really felt we could let go and enjoy ourselves fully. When I got back this morning Paul was still out and I found the second DVD that he had borrowed, ‘Bareback Cheating Boyfriends: Risk Takers’, with another post it note from Ben on it.” OK, that explained why I could not find it the other afternoon. “The note says scene two is really hot and that I hope it gives you some ideas. I was curious and watched it. I guess you know the movie, it’s the scene where the cheating boyfriend meets up with the couple in the men’s room. Where he gets fucked first by the guy with the biohazard tattoo then the guy with the scorpion, and takes their loads internally. And the scene ends with their loads leaking out of his abused ass. It took me a moment to process. Ben’s note was basically telling Paul to cheat on me with poz guys.” “I was sitting there jerking off to the movie and I did not realize that Paul had walked in and was standing behind me watching me. I heard him say “Oh FUCK!” and we had a very awkward few seconds before the shouting and the tears started.” Jesse stopped and looked at Paul, who took up the story. “Jesse shouted at me and accused me of sleeping with Ben, and probably bareback too, regardless of the risks. Especially because the very unsafe theme of the movie. So I countered that yes, both Ben and you had fucked me bareback on separate occasions and that I had taken your loads, and both times were the best sex I’d ever had.” Paul looked at me and grinned and I could see that he was starting to get hard again. Now Jesse continued the tale. “I asked him if he had asked for condoms and you both had refused and he went along with it anyway. Then I asked him if he had asked either of you about your status before you fucked and he said no.” Jesse paused and Paul took over “And then I told him I didn’t care if you guys were poz because I was now ready for his poz load. And I suggested you guys come over to witness me taking it.” Jesse grinned. “Then I told Paul: I guess that means your status is ‘unknown’ but now a known poz guy is going to fuck you and leave his load in your gut. And I threw him onto the couch and basically raped him. And he loved it. Loved taking a load from a poz guy. But I’m undetectable so his little game of roulette will probably only succeed with some other guy.” I looked at them both with a grin. “Let’s play roulette then. Once Ben gets here we can take turns in loading Paul’s ass. I hope it already has a load in it.” They both nodded in confirmation. I was already turned on by the thought of a raw foursome with them, but even more so with the thought that Ben’s and then my cum were the first poz loads he had taken. I looked at Paul. “Since you didn’t ask, I am going to tell you that I know my status, and have for a while. You can guess what it is. Ben doesn’t know his yet, but I’m sure it’s the same as mine. But don’t say anything to him. I’ll let him find out later. It’s more fun for him to fuck around giving and taking loads in ignorance. So it really is roulette you are playing!” I could see a flash of concern on Paul’s face. He probably had not really thought about it before but now he was going to get loads from known poz guys. Jesse helped him out. “Just go for it, you know you want it! Then you’ll be free to take loads from anyone without fear.” We didn’t wait for Ben. I moved between them on the couch and immediately started working on Jesse’s cock, savoring the taste of his cum and Paul’s ass on it. I was on my hands and knees so Paul started working my hole with his tongue. That is the sight that greeted Ben as he walked in the door. “What the fuck! Jesse! I thought you were a sanctimonious bitch who hated threesomes?” Jesse was the only one whose mouth was not occupied so he answered. “Remember those DVDs you lent Paul, well I found them and confronted him about them. He admitted that both of you had fucked him bare and cum inside.” Ben looked at me. “Brandon, you never told me about Paul.” I stopped sucking for a moment to respond. “Ditto. Then Jesse came to talk to me about what he suspected and we ended up fucking raw. So get to it. You and Jesse have some catching up to do as everyone else has fucked each other already. But save your load for Paul.” When I said that I couldn’t help but notice the sly grin on Jesse’s face. I had got Jesse’s dick nice and slick with spit and I knew that Ben would have no trouble taking it. “Sit on Jesse!” I commanded. I sat back on the couch alongside Jesse and spat on my dick to lube it up. Paul knew what to do and sat on my dick. His hole was well fucked and pre-lubed with Jesse’s cum so my cock slid all the way up without any effort. We were sitting side-by-side with Ben and Paul riding our dicks. I looked at Jesse. “Jesse, I’m fucking your cheating slut boyfriend’s cummy hole and it feels really good. You like Ben’s hole?” “Fuck yeah. I love putting my raw dick in a well-used cheating slut-hole. I’m going to load him up.” “No cum wasted, ever.” Jesse chuckled when I said that. “Yeah, and make sure you breed Paul. Fill him with enough cum so that he gets pregnant.” It did not take long before both Jesse and I were ready. “Fuck yeah. I’m cumming. Breeding your ass.” We were all glistening with sweat by this time and I wondered if Paul and Jesse ever did watersports together or that was another thing that they didn’t share (yet?) Paul and Ben lifted themselves off our cocks simultaneously and Ben was the first to speak. “Paul, they called us cheaters!” “Yeah, and they also fucked behind OUR backs. I think it’s our turn to fuck.” They wasted no time, pulling us down on the coach so that our asses were over the edge and lining their leaking cocks against our holes. Paul was going to fuck me for the second time but it was going to be a first for Ben and Jesse. It was incredible to be lying alongside the adorable Jesse deep kissing him while his boyfriend was pounding my ass and my husband was ramming his. Quite a change of events, from monogamous safe sex queens to bareback cum whores. If Paul had impressed me with how well he fucked for a bottom the last time, this time he excelled. The sight and sounds of Ben fucking his boyfriend was a total turn on for him and he fucked me like a champ, all the while commenting on the action. “Yeah Ben, fuck my slutty boyfriend why I fuck your cheating husband. Ever since I met Jesse he has wanted to take loads from other guys that the true cum hound that he is. His poz ass needs loads.” Ben was thrusting with great enthusiasm and I knew from experience that he was close. I had to remind him where his seed needed to go. “Ben, save your load for Paul.” I was too late. I heard him grunt as he started spewing his load deep into Jesse’s poz cunt. For Paul, seeing his boyfriend getting bred, it was the trigger to breed me. If I thought he had shot a massive load the last time, this time exceeded all expectations. As much as Jesse and I enjoyed getting a load each, I could see that he was disappointed that Paul did not get his third charged load of the day from Ben. Since we were all still very much turned on by the whole experience, Jesse looked at me with an evil grin. “Brandon, since you and I have each had a chance to recover, how about we take turns fucking Paul and see it we can give him another load each. Then Ben can fuck him again. Paul needed no encouragement and went down on his hands and knees so that I could move in behind him and slide my cock into his well fucked hole. Ben moved in alongside him and Jesse and I started fucking them. We would do ten or fifteen thrusts then we would swap, me fucking Ben and Jesse fucking Paul. I was starting to get close while fucking Ben and I could sense Jesse was as well. As he started unloading in Paul for the second time of the day I felt my cum boiling in my balls and I slid out of Ben. Paul squirted four of five times into Paul’s greedy chute and then with one slick move he slid out to be replaced by my cock and with one stroke I started firing my load. All the time I had been fucking Ben he had been edging himself and was ready to replace me after my last shot. We repeated the move and then it was Ben’s turn to load up Paul. It is almost as if Paul got twenty squirts of toxic cum in one slick fuck. As we started to clean up and get dressed Jesse pulled out a butt plug that he had hidden in the cushions of the couch and shoved into Paul’s hole. “We’ve got to make sure you keep all that good cum in there as long as it is necessary.” Jesse and I gave each other a knowing smile as he said that. We sat around for a while after that and had a few beers. Paul declared that after that afternoon he had two resolutions: One: Never to fuck with condoms again, and two: To get as much cum in his cunt as possible. We promised them that we would introduce them to some of our friends.
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    Was on a business trip in Pennsylvania and was surprised to find there was a video arcade within 20 miles that had gloryholes and heavily a M4M clientele. I slipped a bottle of poppers, lube, and a couple rubbers into my pocket (I like to tell myself I'm not really a BB whore, though I am). The place looked abandoned on the outside with no signage. Wandered up to the door and was buzzed inside. Paid $12 and walked through the turnstile. Inside were a few very dark hallways lined with individual video booths, a couple video rooms with rows of seats, and a few rooms at the back with benches. You could smell the stale cum and antiseptic cleaner everywhere. This place was seedy. There were about 10 guys hanging around, a mix of body types, though all looking eager. I finally wandered into an individual booth and saw there were large gloryholes cut into opposite walls. I pulled my dick out and began stroking slowly to the too-loud porn playing, and didn't have to wait long for players to appear on either side of the two gloryholes. I dropped to my knees and rested my fingers on the rim of each gloryhole. I was quickly rewarded on one side with a nice thick cock to suck. Getting into it, and sensing the guy in front of me was enjoying himself, I pulled off my shirt and pushed my jeans down to my calves, pulling a bottle of poppers out of my pocket. I took a hit, inhaling the scent of sex and acetone, and felt the welcome warmth pass through my body. My ass started to want some attention. A hand was reaching through the other hole, and I back up enough so he could feel the tight muscles of my ass. I was bent over so I could keep my eye on the cock I'd been working in my mouth. He withdrew from the gloryhole to see what was happening, and heard me take a whiff of poppers. That cock was beautiful. The hand behind me started fingering my hole, poking a bit roughly with too little spit. In front of me, I saw the guy applying lube to his cock. Immediately I felt a rush thinking he would take me raw. I turned around and presented my ass to the gloryhole, kicking off my flip-flops and one pant leg so I could position more easily. I inhaled poppers again, and almost immediately the head of that beautiful cock was rubbing against my arse, seeking the hole. I pressed back against the wall and moved my ass a bit. His cock slid in nice and smooth. "Fuuuuuuck yeaaaah," I moaned. He held inside me a moment, and then the fuck started. He was obviously playing for a long game, working me open with his cock, which got wider at the base, and setting a rhythm to his thrusting. I moaned and grunted, stroking my own hardon, vocalizing my satisfaction. I was standing naked in a dark video booth with my ass pressed against the wall and some anon cock boring into me. After a few minutes, the cock slid out of my ass. I waited anxiously, but heard the door to his room open. I stepped away from the gloryhole, getting ready to present my ass the other direction. Then the door to my booth opened and in stepped a lean, handsome guy in his early 50's. I recognized the shirt tails I'd seen through the gloryhole. He didn't say a word, but pulled his hardon out and turned me around. I inhaled deeply from the bottle of poppers as he pressed my upper body into a corner by the video screen, my bare skin rubbing against that filthy wall, and my feet sticking to the floor. He slid his cock right back into my hole, and started fucking more vigorously than before. His hands held my shoulders for leverage as he propelled all 7 inches inside me. I became aware of his balls slapping against me, and I got even more turned on. He pounded into me for a good 5 minutes more, both of us caught up in the pleasure. At once his rhythm changed, becoming more deliberate with each thrust. His grip on my shoulders tightened and he began grunting softly. The guy had decided to seed me, and I had no say in the matter. He stayed in my arse only a moment before withdrawing. He stuffed his spent hardon into his pants, the lining bulging, and said, "Thanks" as he opened the door and slipped out into the dark hallway. I stood there panting in a poppers fog, my ass freshly bred, in a filthy little booth with my clothes strewn on the floor.
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    The last load i took was a bbrt hookup and he came twice. Earlier this evening I was doing homework, PolySci to be exact and mu bf looked up from his iphone and asked "Do you wanna have a three way?". Between studying our US Congress and my firm belief that nothing ever happens in the moment online I quickly answered "sure" thinking it hypothetical or at best he was setting something up for this weekend. Since our relationship "opening" (I'l get to my opening in a minute...) two months ago we've only had one mutual outside experience. It took place in the backroom of a seedy New Orleans leather bar and it was fucking hot. Really hot. It was the first time we had ever seen each other in that environment and most definitely our first seeing each other get fucked multiple times, once by the same cute guy. So the eventuality of a more intimate situation was inevitable. We had even discussed it. But tonight when I agreed and said yes, and again nothing ever happens for me in the moment online, I certainly didn't think he meant it for tonight. Well, what he meant was in thirty minutes! So off we go. On the drive, I realize that this is a guy I almost hooked up with a week prior and a guy by bf had already hooked up with two weeks prior. New Orleans is a very small village. Side note, never wear lace up Dr. Martens to a hookup. It wastes way to much time getting them off. We arrive and things begin immediately, and once I got my boots off I joined in. We start fucking around, and everybody is sucking and groping something. I had no expectations about who was gonna do what to whom but my bf did. He already had a plan. He wanted to watch me get fucked and take this guy's load. One minute I'm sucking this beautiful man's beautiful cock and the next thing I know this beautiful man is tongue fucking my ass. And he knows what he is doing. I didn't see my bf urge the guy's tongue toward my hole. I wasn't questioning anything in the moment. I was just enjoying getting tongue fucked..a lot. Nor did I know it when my bf began to encourage the guy to fuck me. I just knew the familiar feeling of a rock hard cock resting on the edge of my fuck hole. Just that warm feeling alone is a turn on. When I say this guy's cock was hard, it isn't enough. He could cut glass with this thing. It was harder than marble which made it seem bigger than it already was. I was already lubed up from the tongue fucking so he pushed in with ease and I could tell he was trying to be gentle. So when I pushed back in a doggy style position all the way down to his balls, he screamed "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck". I wanted and needed him to know that there was no need to be gentle with me. You can fuck me like the pig I am. And he did. Meanwhile, my bf shoved his cock, with the PA, down my throat and whispers in that familiar voice "Thats fucking hot!" I just thought he simply was enjoying what he saw. I didn't know it had all been orchestrated from the start. Meanwhile, back at my asshole, the guy found a steady pace and was giving it to me. Once in a while he would pull all the way out and before he could slam back into me I beat him to it by slamming back on his cock while clinching my ass muscles. The last time I did it I squeezed extra tight the poor guy immediately blew his wad deep inside my guts and totally lost his shit moaning a lot and loudly. If he had neighbors, they knew. He seemed like he couldn't move so I began to slowly move my hole rhythmically up and down his still rock hard cock. All the way down and all the way up. I heard my bf whisper "keep going, keep riding his cock" and thats when I felt his dick spasm four or five more times. He was unloading again. Now some people were born with a beautiful ass. I am not one of those. On the outside it is not shaped like a bubble nor is it even a juicy booty, its actually flat as fuck...but I've been told that for what I lack on the outside I make up for it on the inside as the inside of my ass feels like warm velvet. That has not been my experience, I'm just repeating what I was told. I pull his dick all the way out and I felt the cum drip everywhere. He seemed kinda stunned and I know that feeling so my bf and I said our good byes, got dressed and left. The ride home is when I found out my bf had engineered my pounding just to see me take a load and to see the look on the guys face as he came. He got what he wanted. I got what I needed and I think its safe to say the guy got more than what he expected. In the end my bf loaded me up twice with someone else's wad. It doesn't really get hotter than that.
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    He was looking at me, he always was, as I toweled off from the showers after my work out. I went over to my locker, careful not to look at him, knowing the embarrassing reaction my body would have, but still all to aware of his gaze. He had been at the gym every single time had gone for the past month and a half, it was as if he know when I was going to be there. My resolve weakening for a brief moment I stole a glance his direction, he was still looking. God I wanted him. Six foot three, probably around thirty-five or so, a solid mass of muscle. His ginger hair was cut quite short, but he had ample scruff on his face and a stunning amount of hair across his torso, and powerful legs. Sometime he would just be in a pair of white briefs, and others a tight fitting pair of short running shorts, today was the former, and as always I could see the strong outline of his thick cock pressing through the fabric. I could feel those inescapable green eyes roaming over my body talking me in. He was perfect in every way, except for one; around his left nipple was a jet-black tattoo, recently touched up, that contrasted sharply with his pail skin, of a biohazard symbol. I knew what that meant and sadly it also eliminated him from my list of potential fucks. I had a rule, I only fuck safe, and I only fuck NEG guys. God, I wanted him though. I got dressed quickly trying to ignore his stair, and rushed out of the gym, my cock straining against my shorts. These encounters three times a week with my forbidden lover always left me horny and itching to get fucked. All of the NEG tops in the area should be sending this POZ Adonis thank you letters, because it had practically become a habit for me to pull out my phone as soon as I was out of the gym, and pull up Grindr or Scruff looking for a top right then. That morning I was in the mood for something new, and hit up a few guys I hadn’t seen before or hadn’t managed to meet up with before as I started to walk down the street towards the subway station. There were a few responses before I got what I was looking for on Scruff. A beefy top, thirty-seven years old, muscular, and hairy with an eight-inch cock who was ready to fuck right then. He sent me his address, which turned out to be just two blocks over. I almost ran through the cool fall air I was so hungry for cock. He buzzed me in quickly and I rushed up the stairs to his apartment. When he opened the door I he was even more beautiful then his pictures. He stood before me, in just a pair of bulging briefs and black dress socks, a broad mischievous grin on his face. We waited no time, he pulled me inside and closing the door behind me, kissed me hard on the mouth forcing his tongue inside me. I melted into his arms as his six foot two frame enfolded all five foot nine of me. He quickly removed my shirt and shorts and I dropped my gym bag on the floor. We shucked out underpants as he lead me to the bedroom. As soon as his cock was exposed I sank to my knees and pulled him towards me swallowing as much of the thick meaty shaft as I could. He groaned appreciatively and put his large hands on the back of my head drawing me closer till my nose was buried in his dense dark brown pubes. A blowjob however was not his goal, and he soon pulled me to my feet and tossed me onto the bed. He spread my cheeks with his hands and dove into my furry crack, his tongue swirling around my hungry hole. I moaned and bucked back wildly trying to urge more of his tongue inside of me. He slid a couple of fingers inside, loosening me up a little I felt the failure chill of lube hitting my hole and heard the sound of a condom wrapper opening. Then in one long slow stroke he pressed inside of me, stretching my hole as he did so, till at long last I felt his bushy pubes against my cheeks. I closed my eyes and imagined that he was the man from the gym, my forbidden fruit. He pulled out slowly and then plunged back in again, getting a little rougher each time he did so. After maybe ten minutes he pulled out and flipped me over so that I was laying on my back, and with my ankles resting on his broad shoulders, pressed back inside of me. It must has been the angle that he was penetrating me at but his cock felt better inside of me, more electric, more powerful. He hammered away, grunting, sweat glistening on his forehead. I could tell from his building pace that he was getting close, I fisted my own cock getting ready to blow my load as soon as he came in the condom. It didn’t take long and he slammed balls deep into me, his head thrown back his body shaking, as his cock exploded. I felt a strange heat in my ass as I blew my own load on my toned and slightly furry stomach. He pulled out of me slowly and then took the used condom to the bathroom to get rid of it. My hole felt well stretched, and with my own load splattered across my stomach I felt my lust had been well slaked. I scooped up the cum from my stomach and licked it off my fingers before getting up to get dressed. He must have used a lot of lube I thought, my hole felt wet and slick, and that strange feeling of warmth still persisted inside my guts. I was pulling on my track pants when he came back out of the bathroom dressed in a business suit. “Lunch hour,” he said by way of explanation. I finished dressing and we walked out of the building together heading our separate ways when we came to the sidewalk. I didn’t live far away, and it was a nice day out so I decided to walk the couple of blocks to my apt. As I walked I felt a stickiness around my ass and something wet running down my leg. That couldn’t be lube. I slipped into a Starbucks as a I passed and made my way to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and my boxer-briefs and was suddenly hit by the smell of cum, and I saw a wet spot in my briefs. Running a finger across my hole I felt a thick wet stickiness slowly dripping from my hole. That bastard had gotten the condom off somehow, I realized, he had fucked me raw. It had probably happened when he flipped me over, I remembered how good his cock had felt in that moment. I remembered too how warm his cock had felt as he shot his load inside of me. My cock hardened. I slid a finger into my wet loose hole and shivered.

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