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    Making new hot sex videos for my Xtube channel.
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    Two years ago I decided to do something with my personal porn collection....and Xtube Amateur profile HOTSEAJOCK was born. Check me out. Better yet, send me a message telling me what you think!
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    Kinky, sexy pigs that are verbal and enjoy perving on a jock slut in person and on cam. Generally look for tops, but as long as you're verbal we can work it out. Gear, underwear, leather, rubber, neoprene are all pluses. Recently have been getting off on being locked in chastity and serving my man's big dick...now if he would only leave it on longer...

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  1. You are fucking hot!

    1. PozOttrPup


      Thank you! How are you handsome

  2. Very good collection in your album. 

  3. Fucking hot man!  Would love to have at least a couple days with you!


    1. AZRawPig


      Definitely!  At least 3 to 4 day's with you. 

  4. So I updated my list and my number raised from 350 to 419. Wow.
  5. EXCELLENT Picture's...YOU can feel your sexual lusts thru them.

    1. Hotseajock


      Thanks, AZRawPig!


  6. Fuck buddy you are hot. I want to fuck that ass and seed you! Then sit on your cock and ride you lil you cum inside me

  7. I'd love to breed you, slut. Send me pics and dates.
  8. HOT gear and beefy ass stud - wish I was there!

  9. I would definitely sign up for that party! Hit me up if anyone wants to host one
  10. I have you beat by 30 so far. Would love to cam with you or meet up sometime and see how kinky we can get. Jealous you had that type of daddy for 3 years. Hope you find another soon!
  11. Thanks. The last part I made up. All true up to the coffee talk.

  12. Yes, chem that boy up and fuck him good! More please!
  13. I would love to be in your room for a long fuck weekend at IML!
  14. So fucking hot. I love having a guy shave me and make me more "boy" than I already am!

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