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  1. Today is Anal Stretching Day

    Hmm. 3" diameter is my left hand. You're more than ready for fisting.
  2. Prep Is No Panacea

    The AHF is completely out of touch with reality. It's like buggy whip makers raging against those newfangled automobiles. Time to find a new job, assholes.
  3. No. Those tests are only looking for non-prescribed "get you high" drugs. Technically, Truvada is my best recreational drug.
  4. Today Start My Prep Treatment

    And hot loads given and taken
  5. Today Start My Prep Treatment

    Yep! Give it a week to build up then cut loose.
  6. Prep Stigma In The Usa

    I find being on PrEP is getting me a lot more of the right kind of attention. I don't waste my time with stupid.
  7. How To Keep Your Erection At A Sex Party?

    Overweight, out of shape, meds, age, party favors, poppers, etc... can all lead to erection problems. 35 is really young to be having these problems. Might want to see your doc.
  8. Why Are Most Escorts Top Only?

    Bottoms are free.
  9. You are essentially HIV proof. Your chances are greater of winning the powerball. PrEP does nothing for other STDs and they are running rampant right now.
  10. I'm loving 52. I'm fucking and getting fucked by guys +/- 30 years of my age.
  11. Are You Clean?

    Ha! Among fisters it means your hole has been douched free of shit and is ready to take a hand.
  12. What Was Your First Std ?

    Haha. The Clap.
  13. Anal Gonorrhea

    Yep. My best (POZ) native fuck bud and I both sent each other to the clinic in the last year. When I asked him if he wasready to start using rubbers his response was "let's not be hasty".
  14. Anal Gonorrhea

    Yep. Was completely asymptomatic. Can be the same in your throat. It turned up during my regular six month testing and I got it treated.

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