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  1. We are witnessing the end of the "Napster" phase of the porn world. Let's face it, this is probably overedue. We are so used to getting pro porn off free sites that we simply assume it will continue. I have used Pornhub for years, although i never paid for it. Several reasons that this state was affairs was kept so long: 1. Stigma of sex work and porn in general makes it hard for producers to pursue civil remedies. 2. The negative blowback from the record industry's experience (bulk anonymous pursuit of settlements by IP address, ruining people's lives over one uploaded son
  2. The trick is to get them to seek YOU out. Straight guys are predictable: they want a mouth or ass at every port to get off. Sometimes I am busy and can't accommodate him but don't hit him up. Wait till he is horny and come calling. Let his dick lower his own barriers. I also made a rule not to pay for them. Straight boys get greedy (What do you mean i get to cum AND get paid?) and they would come around if they know they get $. Don't offer them more then you want to give, maybe less than that.
  3. I was in Inn Leather not too long ago. The pool is open but the hot tub is not. Still plenty of action tho,
  4. I understand that tatts are sometimes done for protection in prison. I am not white either so when i play with guys like that its not an issue for me personally.
  5. I have a thing for guys with prison tatts, even those whose tatts are shall we say "politically incorrect".
  6. A lot of porn actors have been discovered because of their amateur work. Maybe you should try XTube and Twitter, If you have enough fans you can start an OF or JFF. Then see if any studios would go for it. It also depends on the type of porn you want to do. More Raunchy/Nasty materials and "clean cut" major studios have different requirements.
  7. I agree with you there. As for my favorite tops, I know its cliche but Brad Mcquire works for me most of the time especially when he is verbal and aggressive. His scene with John Sullivan is almost too hot to watch until the end. Ray Dalton with his dirty talk and impossibly hot body works for me too.
  8. Oooh lets see: I have a fetish for huge steroidal monsters. The more juiced up, the better. In fact i love guys who are so roided up that they grow gyno. Related to that, i love bodybuilders with tiny dicks. Something thats turn me on to no end to worship a roided monster's tiny dick and make him shoot his roid up juice down my throat Tatted trashy white boys: I guess its a bit of raceplay mentality, but i love trashy white blue collar guys, The more tatts, the better. Excons too. Smoke: I love a good trashy smoking session with hot guys. snorting poppers along with it.
  9. Many bars are returning to semi-normal but the baths are probably worried that they would become superspreaders.
  10. Hey here. I am looking to play with Small Dicks Chubby guys Fat truckers Big Muscle dudes with small roid dicks bottoms who just got loads in them and need someone to get them off Race doesnt matter, prefer 50 and under into P**pers, piss, nip play, ass play smoke and dirty (nasty) verbal talk and humiliation Me: 40, Asian, slight chubby, small dick.
  11. Truckers (especially big chubby ones) have been a fantasy for me for ages.
  12. I think there are two standards here. Gay incest doesnt make potentially deformed babies.
  13. I have to admit i have a fetish for small cocks, especially for big chubs or huge muscle guys. My other related thing is that i want to service bottoms who are freshly fucked and make them cum. There is something fun about paying attention to dicks that are normally neglected because either they are bottoms or because they are small because let's face it, most of us are size queens. Love to talk dirty about their little dick clit while doing it too.
  14. I would like to know how to find them down here in the Miami area. Not many truck stops around.
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