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    always on the look out for good times
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    5'10, 215#, tight hole.
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  1. central PHX - Christown area. would be up for some fun with another bottom, or tops. small group maybe?
  2. Thanks for following

    1. PHXbottomguy


      you are quite welcome!

  3. bred by poz guy 2-3 weeks ago. a few days ago have started .feeling run down, aches. headache. also did get my flu shot...so could be that? any thoughts? thanks!
  4. wish I was in NY to enjoy that toxic seed you share.  a buddy and I want to have one good man do the job for both of us!

  5. small dick guy in Phoenix AZ...any tops want to breed my ass? Often that's what happens. I'm there for the top guy!
  6. I'm in Phoenix. neg bottom.  would love to have your strain.  been BB for many years.  nothing yet.  help me out.  Palm Springs sometime, or open to ideas.

  7. I would love to eat your ass anytime...especially after a good breeding. 

    1. Phxdork


      So would I if I could.

  8. I love that tattoo over your cock. Phoenix here!
  9. hey there. Phoenix here, but can be there in under 5 hours! if something is going on, let me know! would love to find a poz pig bud.
  10. hey there...would you be up for breeding a buddy and me?  looking for toxic loads.  we can travel to you or to Palm Springs...or open to other ideas.  both of us friendly, and looking to find the right guy w/ the right load to connect us.

  11. anyone up for meeting? bottom here, would love a good top bud that knows what he's doing. also have a buddy that would love to convert
  12. the top may enjoy it! find out if he's into WS...and let loose!
  13. hooked up with a guy yesterday from BBRT. total opposite from me. he's 30s...totally tatted and pierced. super hot guy. I'm older, pretty conservative looking, white collar backround...but they say opposites attract, and fuck, they sure did! no car, so had to go pick him up...which was fine. he asked if I was cool with 420...yes!! he brought some good stuff. not at my place 5 minutes and we were smoking on the joint, naked, and he was ready to fuck hard. surprised how easy he got into me. fit like a glove. nice uncut cock on him...moderately thick...maybe 7 inches? nice fuck...t
  14. I love eating ass...any time! but...also love sucking the cock, and draining it!
  15. so there's hope for me still? I'll be 60 before the end of the year! Craig...would be cool to have your strain and DNA as part of me
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