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  1. Beverley uk 07541911504 if you have a load, I have no say in the matter. Ask for my address and it's yours to share wherever come round and breed me without warning x
  2. Thankyou will check it out, sounds awesome. is there a lot of bare fucking?
  3. What's the cruise called? Would love to go on one
  4. I'm not American. Your president locks children in cages. Supporting the president because he is the president, is a dangerous ideology. Your country was founded on the right to disent. Blindly following that racist piece of shit orange cunt is sickening and has lowered your countries standing in the world. Patriots, those who love what America used to stand for would never support that prick.
  5. I go through that. One thing you can do is edge and cage. Get most of the pleasure you want, maybe set a timer and then stop and lock yourself back up. It can be difficult to stop yourself going over the edge but practice makes perfect and you'll find your 'fantasies' will carry on when you're not touching yourself. This will help you accept them outside of masturbation. I'm only speaking for myself but give it a go, might work for you too x
  6. definitely. its best to find a keyholder though to rid yourself of temptation. ive a friend who is amazing, shes just moved to Barcelona and we're taking it in turns to continuously mail it back and forth.
  7. I can't imagine how hot it is to be bred by a guy with hyperspermia. I'd love to be pozzed that way and lay down and have it drain into my guts
  8. Great story, I'd love to be that sissy getting pozzed!
  9. I'm really into the sissy fetish and sissy Hypnos. Started watching them years ago and now I have draws filled with makeup and slutty dresses. I love chastity and was very lucky to convince my female friend to be my key holder and domme. She pimped me out to one guy, wrapped unfortunately. I honestly think that if I knew I could be hot, I'd go all the way and get tits. I did take estrogen for a bit. There is nothing hotter to me than being transformed into a girly sissy slut. I don't know if I'm trans and in denial but I've felt this way for years
  10. Nope, maybe when you stop killing Palestinian children who are armed with slingshots. All because they want their land and country back that was stolen and invaded by the Balfour declaration. It looks like a lovely country, I'd love to see the Dead Sea and all the museums but your government is terrifying and I'd feel awful knowing I contributed to the Slaughter.
  11. Hi I'm on holiday, just near Keswick, need a load, I'm like a bitch in heat, don't know what's come over me!
  12. Great! I've been having trouble finding it! I will, thanks x
  13. Thanks for the follow

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