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  1. Aren't you forgetting "cancel culture"'s greatest moment - Laurence Fox? Fox from the famous, politics-dabbling acting family. It starts well enough - he goes to Harrow school where the likes of Winston Churchill, his father, James Fox and his uncle, Edward Fox had been before him. Only unlike those three, he doesn't quite make it through. He gets thrown out - and so spectacularly so that no university would have him (It must be some report.- I've never heard of UK universities not taking people other than for academic/grades reasons). So after working for a bit as a gardener he dec
  2. I hope you're in the US. If you were in Britain, you'd be fast approaching celibacy.
  3. My wife's got this plan to move to Canada...will say if it happens.
  4. I'd always thought it was like jury service - never happens to the few who actually want it
  5. I agree with many of the earlier comments - in particular those that human psychology and attraction is not about seeing what it says on the birth certificate and going for the other sort, with anyone who doesn't being a bad person- stupid, selfish, wrong and/or mentally ill. The problem isn't them. It's our very limited rule. The one I would take particular exception to is that one can draw a line between a fetish and our true selves - as if our sexual desires were somehow not a part of us or beneath us and that anyone who acting according to them was somehow superficial, selfish a
  6. Condom porn can be quite hot, providing they start but don't finish. I only like amateur stuff coz it's real - and to remove everyone's uploads without a word of warning, seems pretty crap. Xtube seems just as bad as pornhub.
  7. The whole time - so completely, consistently and tiresomely that I now cringe. I'm amazed they thought it any fun at all. Though I can see that my complete faith they would do so, just exactly as I had asked meant it was not quite as unappealing as it might at first seem.
  8. "More pics?" is my favourite question ever. I love it. Saves so much time you might have wasted chatting to them . Not many people are brave enough to say "sorry, you're borderline but with the right pic you might just about make the cut". Or if they were, they would understand why the conversation had gone no further. Or maybe it is just my terrible pics which explain why I have never, ever - not even once - talked them around from their perfectly reasonable concerns about my ugliness/ the fakeness of the first lot of pics Or maybe it's my attitude - I'm being unkind. It
  9. Is it related in any way to the idea - apologies, I know next to nothing about this and only have it at second hand - that it's not being gay that is the sin, but being fucked? Tops are ok, it's the bottoms who are in really deep trouble. If so, while I'm not sure I understand the reason, the outcome (more tops) is one I love. I realise that I'm probably doing myself no favours in their eyes for saying this. But then, if they're right, things wouldn't be looking too good anyhow. Also, at risk of making it worse still, for a religious teaching, it seems really quite well-informed - ie
  10. One of the surprising things about anon blindfolded fucks is how hot the guys are. Part of the turn on is that it could be anyone - but in my experience it's invariably some hot guy who wants to be discreet or is just turned on by it. It's never the minger who wouldn't get any but for the blindfold - or at least not yet it hasnt
  11. I'd start thinking open relationship. I didn't get the impression you weren't interested - nor does this site seem obvious reading for the monogamous. The way I usually broach the subject is by being caught but I suspect there are better ways. I'm not saying that men can't be monogamous, nor gay men, nor men on this site - but it seems the more difficult of the two options. And I wouldn't say "never". That making your partner's decisions for him. They aren't always what you might think.
  12. I'm bottom. My cock's small and I like being fucked. Easy decision. The problem comes when one of my fb's decides he wants a 3sum as he does from time to time Funnily enough its always bottom guys who end up coming over. He then gets pissed off because I fuck them. I keep telling him that there's a very obvious answer to that one - but listening's not one of his strengths. And while I don't admit it to him, saying "make sure you don't fuck this guy who is coming around" doesn't really work either. If what he said was "I expect you to do your share of the topping when this guy c
  13. Thanks to RawTOP for that - interesting and helpful. I get the expectation of privacy point. I'd be surprised though if anyone had too many age worries about me or 49 year old Thai friend (alas).
  14. Interesting. I got a similar message from Xtube when I enquired. My vids haven't been taken down, but one is "corrupt" - and not in an interesting way. It seems I can't even upload to put it right. And while I feel sorry for legal porn producers in the face of this crusade, the problem for me is I don't really like professional porn (too perfect, too well lit, compulsory beards etc). Any views on an alternative for amateur vids? ThisVid?
  15. I've mentioned this one before but it was so outrageous, it's worth another mention. I put a post on CL to be fucked anon (and BB). This guy replies using my name (which obviously wasn't in the CL post)- and says he knows me. "Do you still want to then? and btw who are you" He says who he is and the answer is "yes". So he does. He comes to my hotel room and fucks me blindfolded and anon. BB and cums inside. He then starts lecturing me saying I shouldn't be doing this sort of thing because of the STDs I might catch. I just pretended to agree. I didn't change my behaviour and
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