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  1. It didn't worry me at the time and it hasn't worried me since. I was far more worried about the lump in my head they discovered at the same time ("lump" is my word, "lesion" was theirs - the 't' word seems very out of fashion in HK medical circles). Ten years on, I'm not worried about that one either. My greatest regret is my earlier fears - that and all the raw fucks I missed out on, obviously.
  2. Two things to remember. First the Bishop of Birmingham's theory about Jesus: he hung out with a group of guys, none of whom - as far as one can tell - were married. He got on with women - including sex workers - but just as friends. There was one particular disciples who was the one he loved - but it was one of the others who gave him away to the authorities, identifying him by a kiss. In first century AD terms, how much more obvious would you like it to be? More seriously remember there good surprises happen too. Trust people and you will find out. The fear and anger brigade like to sell the story that they represent everyone. They don't. If they did, they wouldn't react as they do. My biggest surprise was telling my best friend I was gay - not because I chose to but because I had no other choice). What I found out was not that he was gay. He's straight - but was having way more extra-marital action than I was (including e.g. a bride on the night before her wedding). It's things like this which tell you who your real friends are - and means you don't waste any more time on those who aren't. If you weren't gay you might never know which was which.
  3. I once got my money back from a sauna in Hong Kong. I was there for 45 minutes and there was literally no-one else there. I'd only just moved from London - where a weekday lunchtime would be no problem.
  4. In sex I think I might be sub. Guys have turned me off by being too polite and decent - or too chatty. No-one has ever turned me off by being rude, selfish, bossy or having no common language between us. While friendly chat can be a problem, bossy one-sided rants are not - especially if they are it's about their superiority (personally or by type), a bit conspiracy theory-ish, or a bit bonkers in some way. I like being filmed, tied up told what to do. I hate the "what are you into" question. I'd much rather they just knew what they were into and got on with it. I'm far more likely to be into it if they do. All up to a point, obviously. There can be a bit of a fine line between sex dominance and real mental health worries which aren't. Obviously there are lots of exceptions too - everyone's sexy in they're own way. I'm don't completely writing off the polite, the rational or the considerate. Like the last comment, I have no desire to top. I see it as like going to the dentist. The fact that I can do it and even sometimes do, doesn't make that there is any real desire.
  5. Completely agree. And that stupid bit at the beginning when they chat. Stilted and so unsexy. Amateur porn is sexy because its real.
  6. Occasionally. One of my FB's is hot but fairly can be a little inflexible in his views. You've been fucked, you've got a load inside. I wish. You've got a load inside. I can feel it. No. I really don't. I was working. I'm sure you've got a load inside. I'm really sure I don't. You've got a load inside. Ok then, I've got a load.
  7. Others will give you better directions than this - I've only been about 3 times but always know when you are in the right place. Once I went I thought just on a recce. It was 7am on a Sunday morning - I was jetlagged, up early and only went there because I was too early for my swim. It was summer time, light and everyone will have gone by now. Turns out they hadn't. Obviously other times are better - like at night. It's approximately here: [think before following links] https://goo.gl/maps/eDgaFDDD9N6zFzw47 Like I say, others will know better, but in the meantime, hope this is a start. Am determined to go there next time I'm back. Hopefully in July....
  8. Me - British but live in Hong Kong (actually mix of Scottish, English, Irish, Belgian, Australian, New Zealand - and I recently discovered Jamaican - a little to my surprise - but allowing me to tick "mixed race" on occasions I wish there was a "mind your own business" box (it's stretching it a bit at about 1/300th but they asked what I was, not how strong the mix). My post-Brexit application to become Belgian, alas failed. Those who fucked me bb include guys from:, Australia, Africa somewhere I should know coz he fucked me twice recently, Brazil, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Netherlands, NZ, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA. Probably a few others that I've forgotten or never knew. I'm not to fussy about where a guy's from (or in fact, too much else)....tempted to ban Belgians in retaliation though.
  9. I don't mean to sound cynical, but what do the police in such situations imagine think they are protecting the public against? The risk of accidentally finding themselves in a cruising ground looking as if they might want a fuck?
  10. I'd go further and say threesomes don't generally work. Of course, either can work and be hot , it's just the dynamic seems against it. Someone's likely to end up feeling a spare part and it will certainly be one of the couple. While jealousy isn't something I get (thankfully), I know my bf does. What saves it is that he gets turned on by seeing me get fucked - (he is the first person to have fucked me bb, but still doesn't believe it - he says I was too slutty for that to be true). Even so, I'd never do a three. Nor would i ever do it at our flat. His reaction if he wants to call things to a close is not to say anything but to start playing Barbra Streisand at high volume. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. It also means I'm in deep trouble. As part of a larger group at someone else's it's no problem. Even then we would probably not admit to being a couple. We'd pretend not to be, only to forget and address one another as "my love" - a little overfamiliar, even in a group. The most recent time I played with a couple, I ended up being top. Or I say played with a couple. The actual top was mainly on the phone to his work. Not a nightmare but also not great - doing what doesn't come naturally with a stressed bf looking on. Two, four or twenty is fine. Just not three.
  11. The National Lottery Numbers were as follows... btw you're gay so get on with it.
  12. In most places the rule is "consenting adults". That's what they are even if they are younger adults than you. I think I'm right in saying that in the US consent a bunch of elderly judges can overrule that consent and give you their version instead depending on "power differential" (whatever that is). (Meritor Savings Bank v Vinson). Others will know better than me.... Morally, I'm with the places that say consenting adults. Rich, poor, old, young, fat, thin, tall, short, clever, stupid..they know what they are doing. If they want to fuck you raw, they want to fuck you raw. That said, I never actually try to convince anyone. I just make it clear they can fuck me bare if they want to. Which, it seems, usually they do. Reassuring them afterwards if they have post-cum guilt is different. They will feel good about it again when they are horny again. Showing a bit of kindness in the interval if they need it doesn't hurt.
  13. I would love to know who the Latino chub was in the vid you find if you google "ThisVid intimate verbal". It's a bit tougher than identifying the face if you get my drift. Warning - the vid is on topics forbidden here - so obviously don't check it if you're worried about stepping outside of this site's comfort zone. It's something of a long shot - and hope asking isn't against the rules. Would be very hot to know if anyone can recognise from what one can see. Moderator's Note: CONTENT WARNING - the referenced vid is on a topic that is obscene (in the legal sense). Don't check it if that is outside *YOUR* comfort zone!
  14. Maybe it's time for that latex body suit...
  15. I've now had two FB's show up with razor in hand. I like to keep it smooth - but seems I'm quite crap at it. Slightly crazy guy going at it with a bic razor was not one to repeat. Thai tranny with a more upmarket razor was not worrying at all. Even so laser sounds tempting.
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