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  1. I am 40 5‘11“ 245lbs looking for hot sex. Let‘s fuck bareback. I am in a hotel in Troy, MI.
  2. I am American 40 years 5'11" 240lbs hairy with shaved ass and cock. I'm looking for POZ guys. I am versatile. I will be in Manchester from 20 September to 24 September 2019.
  3. I will be in Manchester on September 20-24th. I would love to fuck you!
  4. Anyone in Bahrain that is poz? Contact me. I can meet you there. I want Arab poz!
  5. I'm in Lansing. I would love to come and feel your toxic ass.
  6. thanks for the follow.  Hit me back on my private webpage peacelove dot me slash afterdark

  7. I'm looking for a POZ Arab top to breed my ass. I'm American and love Arab guys. I want Arab DNA in me. Only Arab Poz guys.

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