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    Piss verbal pits man smell poz-dom/sub fetish raw only
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Becoming chemically Castrated faggot @ #Nullo2021 surgery
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    Complete faggot boy here. It’s my purpose and fate to service real men as they see fit without care to myself.
    Actively Seeking poz toxic loads so as to be converted. Looking to be knocked up and understand that is my true purpose in life as part of my service to real men

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  1. Ran out of messages,,, hmu on [deleted] @ partyfag if you wanna connect

  2. I am open about my hiv status and proud poz gay pig. In my opinion it’s better to be up front. I have definitely seen my share of hiv discrimination in gay community and I knew this would happen. I hope you are finding away forward with your new status and are proud poz pig. Good luck on your journey!
  3. Thanks for the follow, fellow sub.

  4. Always commando here too! Only way to go
  5. Same here! Love to degraded and humiliated as another man positive faggot
  6. Got poz up in 2018. I have never paid for my hiv meds. With insurance and the drug company rebate. I can’t change or regret becoming positive. I have to live with it and keep moving forward
  7. Did not have a false reading on my positive test from Ora quick! Was confirmed poz by a blood test too
  8. Great choice mate! Stay off meds for good! I’m planning I’m giving my HIV full rule over my faggot bod! If I get AIDS then I’ll be proud I enjoyed sex to the max with HIV and AIDS doing its thing along the way. 

    I’ve been freed with my HIV infection to fuck around with toxic poz cum, it’s horny as fuck being sleazy, filthy and proper dirty without limits! Since I pozzed up Im fucking proudly open with anyone that I’m HIV Poz detectable. If anyone asks about not being on meds I tell them I never cared about catching HIV, why should I care now, I don’t wanna take tablets every day, and I’ve only fucked raw so was expecting HIV, so I’m being honest and staying poz detectable for a good while yet, I fuck fellow poz guys only and they don’t care coz they either take meds or like me don’t take them. Poz on poz detectable gays can’t spread HIV coz we already joined the club. And I’m really proud I joined the club, sex is fucking amazing and proud I got pozzed for the sleazy fucks with other poz guys, totally worth getting it and happy to admit i don’t regret any fuck ever! It’s only HIV, I’m not scared of it one fucking bit! 

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    2. Lndpozboi


      It's fucking great breeding more negs with my poz cock, wish I got HIV at 18 years old


    3. edward21uk
    4. hrbigbelly


      I need to get bred with a poz cock I need a hiv cock in my ass pumping a charge load deep into my guts I will be in Seattle in September

  9. Just have my ears and dick pierced. My pa is 2ga. Going to be getting a guiche soon.
  10. What cock piercing did you get?
  11. Get a normal pa or reverse pa. I have normal pa and a total bttm/sub too
  12. I also got knocked up the same way. Had a very mild conversion. Felt very weak with lots of muscle pain. Used a Ora quick test and it came up positive. Was surprised because I was expecting it come up neg like it did all the other times
  13. Yes it is. Can’t stop begging and submitting to toxivmc seed. I’m am positive submissive faggot and off meds.
  14. We all have to live with choices we made and becoming positive. I know i do every day. It’s going to eat u alive being ashamed and don’t let hiv define you. Living with this not easy but there is a way forward being positive
  15. Come to Portland?  Luv to fell you Breeding Me!

    1. Pozfaggot80


      Thought we where going to flip flop?

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