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  1. I’m not that attracted to pretty boys; I’d probably be into you. Where are you located?
  2. Dies that work for all versions of Firefox (I.e. iOS too) or just the desktop versions of Firefox?
  3. Not to mention Trump’s lack of international cooperation, publIc fight against the WHO, and the Trump administration’s cutting of the CDC budget— none of which would have likely occurred under a Hillary Clinton administration— and which delayed our early detection and response to the pandemic.
  4. What name do you use on Nifty? I looked up the same name you have here, but didn’t see you listed
  5. I think you all should chill out. A month’s wait is nothing. The author is still on the site, and checking in ( according to his profile) so don’t assume quite yet that the story has been abandoned. Sometimes an author’s Muse does not work according to another reader’s jerk off schedule.
  6. You can put the menu at the bottom if the screen for mobile devices, and that seems to fix that problem.
  7. do you remember the season/episode of the urinal scene? That sounds hot!
  8. Someone is about to be very naughty, and with consequences I hope!
  9. How do you prepare them do the package doesn’t look like it has been tampered with?
  10. I really don’t find that to be outrageous. Not everyone of a certain body type should be expected to limit themselves to a similar body type.
  11. A gum job had been on my bucket list for years.
  12. It was a real loss when OrlandoNeg stopped posting. He was a very talented author.
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