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  1. wonderfulfuture

    Porn stars with biohazard tatts

    Billy Dexter. Does mostly boring twink porn, but sometimes the director forgets to hide it while he's balls deep in some boy...
  2. Free use. Any man has the right to drag me off the street to use my hole, walk into my apartment anytime, get violent, whatever, whenever. Doesn't always have to be a dom thing, either; I'd fucking love it if some shy bottom came up and asked me to follow because he feels like getting off for a change. I don't expect to be used constantly in ways I enjoy. It's just a public service thing. But, yeah, rough use is the fantasy. Abduct/drug me out as long as I'm not headed to work. I play along with his kinks/taboos. Condoms are forbidden, so I guess it's free* use I want, but I don't think that's asking too much. Unsurprisingly, no takers yet. No idea how to advertise this. Maybe I should carry a sign wherever I go. And yeah, like all the other bottom/vers pigs on here, sometimes I jerk off imaging getting abducted at 15, drugged, and seeded by a bunch of older toxic pigs. So cliche, but so good...

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