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    Mature masculine, short, stocky, solid, furry ,beard, balding small Daddy with big deep HOLE. I LOVE to party and get fucked. Like big to huge dick, never found one I couldn't handle..yet:) Expert highly experience fisting top, small hands. Can bring you to repeated huge internal orgasms
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    Horse dick parTy tops. Age, looks mean nothing to me; it's all about that monster between your legs and your skill and enthusiasm in using it. Like to get high in the clouds or slam and then get piggy. Very hot for horse dick black men, big fantasy about being the only bottom in a group of 4-6 horse dick black tops, all spun and swirled

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  1. ADMIN: Please delete this story in this forum. I posted on the wrong forum in error, it has been reposted to the Chemsex forum
  2. I have a fantasy; One day I'm horny as fuck in a new apartment in a sketchy neighborhood. I hadn't realized when I moved in it was SO sketchy and that I was next to a black drug dealer. I'd seen the Boss and his buddies coming and going. All of them were huge bull studs, 6'6", 250 -300 lbs of solid rippling muscle, not an ounce of fat on any of them. I try to be friendly wherever I go, always helps to have good neighbors. Now, I'm a really small guy, 5'3", 140 lbs, very compact, solid, defined. I'm very well hung for my size, a real 8"x6" that gets titanium hard when I'm turned on. I'm lightly
  3. All I can say is WOW! This story has kept me off all my.other hookup sites for 2 very late nights, something I would have thought was about impossible until I started reading it. This is at once THE most twisted and THE hottest story I've read on this site. The plot was quite fast paced, which is what kept me going through it. I almost bailed at Minetti's reassignment surgery but I'm glad I read to the end. BRAVO, on a job very well done!
  4. Damn the tale of the horse dicked black stud fucking white boy hole deep is such a turn on, was very fortunate to live that fantasy several times when i lived in SF. Many times when I was bringing a trick home he'd be saying all the way "Man, why did I agree to this; You're a small guy, you'll never be able to take all my dick " I'd just smile. I'd make sure we were both good n high brefore getting the stud to do a bit of role play, where he was the master and was fucking my pussy hard & deep. I love to sit on it at first, just to get used to the size; I loved watching their eyes widen
  5. Hot, Hot, HOT series. The scenes with Ryan are smokin', eagerly looking forwardto seeing what happens to both Ryan and Bobby. Even more eagerly looking forward to reading the scene when Ryan takes Brutus' huge cock, takes several huge loads and then brings in a group of equally well hung black men and LOTS more drugs. Daddy's pussy is pulsing with desire.
  6. In additioin to Cutler, there's one other I forgot, Jertry Stearns. This was also in SF and it was before Jerry was a "star", just some black guy with a big dick in Bayview. All the elements were there, hot looking man, nice body, BIG dick. he REALLY knew what he was doing but ultimately it was mechanical. He was putting in the most minimal effort to get the job done. Came quickly, couldn't get dressed, and get out any faster. i did have sex with him once more; hot scene on the surface but again, everythin was mechanical with the added wrinkle that he found me very unattractive, wheneby he bec
  7. When I lived in SF I was doing very well and had much disposable income. I always thought Cutler X was one of the hottest guys around and had a fantasy about having sex with him. I'm a mature masculine guy, 54 (at the time), short, stocky, very solidly built, in good shape, balding, bearded, lightly furry and a nice thick cock. It's 6-6 1/2" which is not that big in the grand cosmic scheme of things but it's thick, and since I'm 5'3" it looks bigger that it really is:) Lots of friends of mine call me a Pocket Daddy, a nickname i like and i think is apprpriate:). But my best asset is my hole,
  8. LOVE eveything in the Brooklyn series so far, especially the stories about the hunky Russian mover. Any continuation of that coming soon?
  9. And I LOVE the idea of a hot mature black Daddy using his big thick black cock to feed a white Daddy's inner pig:)
  10. When I lived in SF I knew a black kid who was a slammer. If I held his nuts in the palm of my hand the head of his erect dick snuggled in the crook of my elbow. It was a little over 11" (he let me measure it) and between Red Bull and Coke cans as far as thickness. He like mature white guys so he liked me; he also told me that everyone else treated him like a living dildo and I was one of the few people that treated him decently. He also told me I was one of the few people who could take all of it:) He would get as hard as steel and could fuck for hours, usually cum 2-3 times, big gushers. As I
  11. Mature masculine pocket Daddy has a big deep hole. Loves to parTy and get fucked long and deep. Never had a dick I couldn't handle...yet. Check my profile here, also on Adam4adam.com and asspig.com, same handle. Can host, parTy supplies avail as well. Evidently Austin has a problem with guys here who can't use a ruler, and who are unsure of the difference between a bottom and a top, lol....Located North of Parmer,, just off Mopac.
  12. Last summer I had planned out my vacation so I could go to Atlanta for 4 day weekend. I'd booked a room at the Cheshire Bridge Inn, essentially an open air bath house disguised as a very sleazy motel. I'd contacted 6 horse dicked black studs, none of them under 9", 4 of whom were dealers. I was very upfront, told them that if/when I was slammed I'd be an insatiable pussy for black horse cock. They all told me that when I got together with them I wouldn't have to pay for tina, but I would have to earn it by letting between 4-6 of their equally hung buddies fuck me. If I could get through all o
  13. When I lived in SF I was friends with a young black guy who had moved from Atlanta. He was a major slammer and had THE biggest dick I've seen in real life. He let me measure tt and it was a bit over 11", and between 2 1/2" and almost 3" thick. He liked me because he liked mature men; he also liked me because evidently most of the people he was with treated him badly and I treated him with respect.. He also liked me because from him telling me, many of his dates couldn't take It and I could:) When he slammed he would get as hard as steel. He could fuck all night and cum 2-3 times, HUGE loads. I
  14. If it's an HONEST 7" ( most who claim 7" are usually 5.5-6" ) it feels really good. That said, I've never told anyone it was too big:) The biggest so far was a 22 yr old black kid from Atlanta who was just a bit over 11" ( he let me measure it ) It was so thick I couldn't encircle it with my hand; there was a gap of about 1.25-1.5". He did get all of it in and told me I was one of the few that could really take all of it He was a slammer and it stayed rock hard; he could cum 3-4 time and not just little put puts, huge gushers. One time he brought over a friend of his who was almost the same s
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