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  1. HungRawAtl

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    I really need that BBC. Hot! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/cumming-in-sloppy-daddy-hole-37064911
  2. 6 loads deep in my guts - 1 from a buddy, 5 anon.  About to play with my hole and taste the stranger's cum cocktail mix.  Wonder how many were toxic.

  3. I'm in Atlanta would love to swap cum 404-915-4316

  4. HungRawAtl

    Cheating Neg Bottom

    Turns me on too. I'm a whore.....do it often.
  5. HungRawAtl

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    So hot watching the bearded slut take his thick dick. I'd love to score this cock thru a glory hole! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/it-s-been-a-while-since-i-ve-visited-part-one-32568602
  6. HungRawAtl

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    I love a good glory hole vid. Most of my 'favorites' are on pornhub, but I'll look on tube too.
  7. Just home from a hotel fuck fest. Took several loads and still flying a bit....

    1. PartyandBreed


      Hell yeah bro!  Hot!  Any of those loads POZ?!!

  8. Just drained my hung neighbor. He sent a text and wanted to drop a load before work. His nut was in my beard stubble as I rode the elevator back down to my floor.

    1. jaybird


      what a way to start the day .. :>


    2. mjkuhl


      sadly, my favorite neighbor, the one who gave me loads, was transferred

  9. The concierge at my building has been cruising me since he started two weeks ago.  We talked for a few minutes tonight as i was coming back from the gym.  Told me to call any time i need anything.  I think i need to drain his black meat....

    1. PartyandBreed


      Hell yeah dude!  LOVE draining hot hard BBC!  Did you call him yet? WhaT happened?!! 

    2. HungRawAtl


      Yes, I drained him that night. Just might become a regular thing. I have a weakness for BBC too.

    3. PartyandBreed


      I hear ya dude! The sight and feel and smell and taste of BBC...every fucking thing about em is so damn hoTT!!

  10. You are exactly a fit for our FULL ? MOON FUCKFEAST!  Guaranteed to be highly toxic CUMDUMP action. 35 already acknowledge their invitation for the weekend starting at 100 Friday afternoon. All load's taken session's. 

  11. Spent the last 90 minutes at the glory hole.  Drained half a dozen and took a couple loads in my guts.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jaybird


      some thirsts are never quenched :>


    3. NLbear


      90 minutes well spent! Community service......

    4. HungRawAtl
  12. HungRawAtl

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Partied-up-cumdump-bred-amp-fed-31897102 Partied up cumdump bred & fed Hot partied up bubble butt cumdump taking bareback cock deep. He couldn't get enough cock and cum. Just wish this footage was longer. ------------------------------------------ Slutty little whore....groaning for more cock.
  13. Just took 2 loads from a hot executive stud in town for meetings.  We fucked for about an hour and asked if his buddy he was traveling with for work could join. Seemed a bit awkward, but hey it's another man to please and load to fill me up. Probably going to fuck again all night tomorrow.

    1. justsexnowatl


      That's fucking impressive getting two co-workers to fuck you raw together!!!  Did they tag you, or were they separate?  One after the other?  I'm fucking an out of towner (here for work) tomorrow night, but he's a total bottom, so not the same guy I assume 

    2. AZRawPig


      Now that's exactly the type of action I am interested in having with you and others. 


  14. HungRawAtl

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Partied-up-cumdump-bred-amp-fed-31897102 Partied up cumdump bred & fed Hot partied up bubble butt cumdump taking bareback cock deep. He couldn't get enough cock and cum. Just wish this footage was longer. ------------------------------------------ Slutty little whore....groaning for more cock.
  15. HungRawAtl

    Tell about your first BB experience (18 yrs+)

    Many moons ago, back when I was 24 I went to Miami Beach with a buddy of mine for a long weekend. It was the mid-90s and South Beach was about to peak as one of the major club/party capitols of the world. My bud and I were both single at the time and I had always used condoms. One night we headed out to Warsaw, which was one of the hot spots at the time. It was packed and HOT - as in 100 degrees, as well as filled up with sexy men. We tossed back a few drinks and started to check the place out. A couple more drinks and we're feeling pretty good and hit the dance floor. That didn't last long since it was so hot and crowded. I told my friend to stay there while I took a piss and I'd be right back. Naturally, there was a line for the restroom. The two guys in front of me were hot as fuck - Brazilian - gorgeous skin, ripped bodies. We cruised each other while inline and I could see how hung one of them was because he had an enormous bulge..... Once we got up to the front, they skipped the urinals and went to one of the end stalls. I followed a few steps behind. My heart was racing, my cock was hard and my hole was twitching. I knew I had to taste that big dick. They both quickly entered the end stall.....left it cracked, and i gently opened the stall door. I was fully prepared to act all apologetic, etc. But they motioned me in and locked the latch. It was a tight fit, but my hand immediately found the buttons to donkey dick's pants and let that monster plop free. His buddy just grinned. And then he pushed my head down to taste it. It was a huge uncut dick and just kept growing and throbbing and leaking precum. Good thing the club music was blaring, otherwise it would've been even more obvious. I'm gagging on this uncut knob and tug my own jeans down so i can work my cock. And use my other hand to work buddy #2's dick. Also nice, by the way. Just not as thick as the monster. Poppers were sniffed....fingers began exploring my hole....precum was intoxicating my tongue. I wanted fucked but didn't have a condom. Asked the guys if either of them did and they shook their heads no. More poppers. Before I knew it, i got up from my knees, turned around, bent over slightly and leaned back into that bareback monster cock. It was such an intense feeling. Obviously, because of the thick cock on this hot man. But, also because he was about to breed me and I didn't even know his name. Or if he was even from Brazil. I didn't fucking care. I took his nut deep and drained his buddy down my throat. Another first.... We exited the stall to wash hands and wipe the sweat (and cum, in my case) from our bodies. They invited me back to their hotel and my hole twitched like crazy. I accepted.....got my friend's attention and waved a 'goodbye'. He saw the hot fuckers i was with, smirked a bit and went back to his conquest.

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