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    being the bottom for all
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    Poz, On Meds
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    baretops/vers voor using me.the more the better.love to be the cumdump for all

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  1. i got pozzed at a xxlleatherparty in 2006 after 20+ years of barebacking
  2. Hoeveel meiden heb je nu al bevrucht met je poz zaad? 

  3. love to get bred by blacks but here in holland it is rare to find blacktops.there are a lot but want cash.i am from the north of holland
  4. Beautiful hole! Especially for my daddy cock!


    1. geilneef


      always welkom.the more the better

  5. also wil love to have your baby's flooding up my ass.live in groningen
  6. 6 whole my life. got fuckt by everyone bare.stay neg for 20 years til got raped by a top with a PA piercing
  7. lot of bare tops in talstrasse 8? loking to get loaded.want to be a cumdump
  8. why never the rest of the story?hanging here high on poppers and 3 fingers up my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. thats wat i call white Christmas.only thing missing is a dubbelfuck
  10. i Always absorb it. it is a gift from the men thas use me,my rekord was 21 loads in 12 houers never puss out
  11. 1 time a top bred me 8 times in the boots.it was awesome
  12. love black and sure multiple cumbers!but here in holland not to find
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