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    being the bottom for all
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    Poz, On Meds
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    baretops/vers voor using me.the more the better.love to be the cumdump for all

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  1. Hoeveel meiden heb je nu al bevrucht met je poz zaad? 

  2. love to get bred by blacks but here in holland it is rare to find blacktops.there are a lot but want cash.i am from the north of holland
  3. Beautiful hole! Especially for my daddy cock!


    1. geilneef


      always welkom.the more the better

  4. geilneef

    Belgian Bb Slut Looking For Poz Tops

    also wil love to have your baby's flooding up my ass.live in groningen
  5. 6 whole my life. got fuckt by everyone bare.stay neg for 20 years til got raped by a top with a PA piercing
  6. geilneef

    Barebacking In Hamburg

    lot of bare tops in talstrasse 8? loking to get loaded.want to be a cumdump
  7. why never the rest of the story?hanging here high on poppers and 3 fingers up my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. geilneef

    A White Christmas

    thats wat i call white Christmas.only thing missing is a dubbelfuck
  9. love to be the only bottom at a black gangbang and to be used as cumdump i think white Bottoms are made to surf tops (blacks)
  10. geilneef

    Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    i Always absorb it. it is a gift from the men thas use me,my rekord was 21 loads in 12 houers never puss out
  11. geilneef

    The Multiple-Shooting Top

    1 time a top bred me 8 times in the boots.it was awesome
  12. geilneef

    Young Hung Black Stud, Multiple Cummer

    love black and sure multiple cumbers!but here in holland not to find
  13. geilneef

    My Fantasy Fiction

    ferry hot.more
  14. geilneef

    Weekend Amsterdam

    Doctor i love to feel your load swimming up my ass.how big is your dick?
  15. I feld horny this weekend.my wife away so i drive to Amsterdam.frijday evening i took a preap to clean my self compleetly out.after 6 hours i am totaly empty,going to bed and reaming about tomorrow.finaly its saterday and up to amsterdam(drive off 200 km.)First stop was the cucoo's nest.changing in chaps and a black Tshirt with the tekst BAREBOTTUM.down to the basement where the gloryholes are.finely got my favorit one with holes on both side.wen i bend over to see treu one i feel a hand on my butt.within a second i feel a tong on my hole followd by a nice smal dick(15 cm).I feel if its bare and it is.slowly i put my ass back to the board and he strats fucking like there is no tomorrow.within 1 minuts i feel my ass get wet and warm.i turn around bicause i love to clean the last drups inmy mouth and thank him.after waiting 15 min. with the door open a guy coms in and ask if he can come in ! i say sure you may come in me,he smiles and close the door.after feling up and kissing his cock begone to grow.i go to my knies and open his pants en out fals a dick(o my god)i think its 25cm and can't get my hand around is.after a littel sucking he puls me up and turn around bending over to the other gloryhole.he tels me his friend is on the other side and want to get suckt.when i see the dick comming true i got scared.i ask the guy with me how big is he,the guy say he is 25x5 and his friend 30x7.i take a fue hits off popers and in seconds i am flying.then without waiting he puss me over to suck his friend and start putting glu with his fingers up my hole.i take the top off the friends dick in my mouth and slowly feel it going true my throuth.when its 10 cm inside i feel the guy pussing his tip off the cuck true my ass ring.when it slips in he puss me on his friends dick and in 3 pusses i have both dicks ball deep in me(scared they kill me)but the man in the cabin with me puls me off the other guy to take breath.then puss forward again.after wat feels like an hour the man in my ass shoot like a cannon.when he puls out i feel the cum running douwn my legs.he turn me around and puss my ass on his friends monster.it feels like a basebal bat is going in me.he put my mouth over his dick to clean up and in a second i feel the other guy blowing his load and a nother time it is like a fire hose. next part later

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