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    I've officially been a cocksucker since age five, it's why I was born and I'm the best at it and I take great pride in being a cocksucker.
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    Easiest way for me to explain is to suggest you Google me: "Neal Blosmen porn".
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    Hard cocks in need of a hole to fuck or a face to cover in cum, and someone to videotape it to post on the internet.

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  1. I just soent a half hour writing description and picking photos of me slutting and itgot that same damn message. Niothing uploaded. Oh well.
  2. Hey guys,
    check out these two links where almost EVERY pic or video of me ever made, G or X rated, are posted for the world to see! Everything is free and downloadable too.

    Crazy huh?  Especially this second link filled with extremely exposing pics and GIFs. 
    Into exposing faggots like me?   If so, help yourself!

    Have fun



  3. Haven’t been on site in a long while, medical problems. came to chat a bit today but apparently no more chat? here’s what came up when I clicked on chat: PDOStatement: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`s3x`.`s3x_session`, CONSTRAINT `session_browser` FOREIGN KEY (`browserid`) REFERENCES `browser` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE) Error Details: [lib/base.php:2152] Base->error() [lib/db/sql/mapper.php:422] DB\SQL->exec() [ui/account/sessions.php:40] DB\SQL\Mapper->insert() [ui/account/index.php:244] createSession() [lib/base.php:1599] Base->call() [index.php:514] Base->run()
  4. Teacher, you can sit in my dick too.


    1. MTWTFSS


      Maybe the teacher was wrong and Michael knew what he was talking about LOL

  5. Amazing there aren't words to describe in what awesome thing you have transformed into. You should do porn man

  6. Here is a video clip of a biker forcing me to drink his piss. He nearly drowned me because he pissed so much, then he face-fucked me and treated me like a real piece of shit. Of course, having videos on line of men pissing in my mouth and face might be an indication that I am a piece of shit. Oh well, here's the link: http://barebackbastards.com/25309/faggot-cocksucker-drinks-hot-piss/ -Stu
  7. Stu 859-229-9012 Lexington, KY 40504 Available 24-7 Age: 46 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 210 Ethnicity: White (and I LOVE black or white cocks!)
  8. Anyone know anything about a GENERIC for Truvada that is made in India? I've talked to several guys on it. It's really a LOT cheaper than Truvada. I'm going to go on it and hope it works as a preventative PrEP. https://www.alldaychemist.com/tenvir-em-300-200mg.html
  9. Thank you guys, I REALLY appreciate what you said. It makes me feel a lot better about who I am and what I do. I LOVE this copy of my drivers license that some black guys copied and then inserted a nasty photo of me they took. I found this on the internet later and I love that they did this to me! I love being exposed like this. I can't help it, but I really do. _Stu the (PROUD) Cocksucker
  10. Why do I love letting men take photos or video of me while I suck cum from their cocks, wear their cum facials, even while drinking their piss? IT's all over the internet now and it's ruined my life, but I still love it. I've started adding my full name and address to some of the photos and reposted on the internet. What's wrong with me? I'd appreciate any comments that might help me understand who I am or what is wrong with me. Thank you, -Stu [image removed at poster's request]
  11. Anyone know a doctor to see in Lexington KY to get a script for PrEP?
  12. I'm still neg and although the thought of being poz excites me, I want to try Prep to stay neg for a while longer. My problem, I dread asking my doctor for a prescription for Prep (the drug Truvada). He doesn't know I'm bisexual. My questions for you guys on Prep: 1) Any chance I could get the script from the Health Department so I don't have to tell my doctor? 2) Do I have to be tested to see if I'm still neg before doctor will give me a script for Prep? 3) have you had any side effects from taking prep? Thanks guys! Happy fucking! (photo of me that shows how proud I am to be a cocksucker attached)
  13. I am a professional photographer and I'd be happy to make all the photos you want, especially if you'd breed me during or after. I'm in KY but would travel to Atlanta, no problem. See photo of me being fucked below.

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