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    Interested in CBT and bondage. Other hobbies include whiskey and baking.
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    BB Vers in Denver. Chasing and also willing to share my loads along the way.
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    BB tops to breed me.

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  1. ssmart08

    Party weekend dec 1-3

    Having a host whore me out from Friday night to Sunday morning. Looking for poz unmedicated loads to finally convert me. Hit me up on Bbrt for details.
  2. ssmart08

    Cody's Return

    Damn wish I could get pozzed at a testing center.
  3. ssmart08

    January Cumunion

    Heading to Vegas for cumunion in January with my BF. Anyone else going or will be in Vegas for mlk weekend? We would love to find guys to hang out with too.
  4. ssmart08

    Valetines Day Weekend

    Going to be visiting NYC Valentines Day weekend. Would love to find a hot date and maybe finally get knocked up with some poz cum. 5'9" 150 28 asian here. lets start chatting
  5. ssmart08

    Can you feel condoms break?

    I had a couple condoms break on me as a bottom, which I had purposely set up. The tops didn't say anything till afterwards. I didn't necessarily feel them break but could feel the difference in the fucking. One top got upset and worried and asked a lot of questions of my sexual history. The other one just threw the broken condom at me and told me that next time we probably didn't need one. He has been fucking me raw on and off for the past few months now. Haven't asked him his status yet.
  6. ssmart08

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Some ideas. Cbt, sounding, piercings/tattooing, pup play.
  7. Heading to Seattle April 10-12. Looking to host a little get together in my hotel room at the renaissance marriott in downtown. hit me up if you're interested.
  8. ssmart08

    Club Z or steamworks?

    Heading to seattle apr 10 to 12. How is the scene week nights at both places or would hosting a group at my hotel be better?
  9. I try not to cum when gettinf fucked but cant help it sometimes when the top insists on playing with my cock or squeezing my balls (love getting my balls squeezed till I cum without touching my cock btw). In the times I cum before the top I usually can take it till he cums depending on how big and rough the top is. Once I had to beg a top to pull out b/c my ass was so sore from getting fucked earlier that day still. He yelled at me but pulled out, and thankfully, was bleeding a bit. But I let him face fuck me till he blew his load down my throat.
  10. Just got loaded up by my co-worker. Fucked me in his office. Then went out to happy hour with other co-workers afterwards. He doesn't know I bb. Told him I'm always safe and get tested regularly. His babies were still swimming in after we left the bar.
  11. Hey so how have you been. Interested in ever meeting up? In DC too.

  12. Thanks, buddy for the vmsg. I'll send you a pmsg later tonight when I have more time.

  13. ssmart08

    Double Secret Life

    BF doesn't know I take it raw when he's not around. he thinks i only bb with him. took a load from a FB a few hours before he fucked me one night and he was none the wiser. Still get worried though that he will find out and break up with me particularly as we have been together for 3 years.
  14. vers in dc here. we should meet up some time ;)

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