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    bb bottom into uninhibited sex. open to most everything
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    looking for a top to make me suck them and have them fuck me bb, sub lookin for a dom.

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  1. very hot man!! love the w/s segment especially. i love it when i can feel the ropes of cum against my inner hole!
  2. brothers infection is the hottest story I ever heard!!!! MORE

  3. I hooked up with a poz top and this was when I was still leery about doing bb, as he lubed his cock up, I said to him "I've never been fucked raw by a poz cock before" and then seconds late he said "now you have" as he shoved his cock inside me balls deep....my mind was spinning in a good way as he went to town on my hole and planted his toxic seed.
  4. i would love to be invited to an "I don't know" status tops place for a good fucking and when I get there, 5 other guys are there and they sit me down and explain that 4 are poz, 1 is "don't know" and one is neg and they are each going to put me in a sling with wrists and ankles bound. one by one they each work my hole, one with a toothbrush, one with a hang nail on his middle finger, others with other metal objexts. once my hole is puckered open and with minor cuts inside, they each fuck me and pump their cum inside me. virbal poz talk is given by each top assuring me that being poz is won
  5. this is awesome, I want the gift now. I can so relate to this feeling of wanting to end this negative status and be poz and proud
  6. this is awesome. I want the gift now
  7. i'm interested. i'm in naperville IL, only 90 minutes from milw. u a top?
  8. hell yea, would love to phone fuck with ya. love to hear your guys fuck and you can listen to me and my fuck buds. have a few voyuers so they'd be up for it. what is your number?
  9. love it from about 1 inch away from my mouth so that the piss puddles up in my mouth making the hottest sound you've ever heard. then swallow and begin a new puddle and listen to that beautiful sound again, repeat, etc.
  10. there is an assisted living center just for HIV Poz guys. i want to go there, door to door, and suck and bottom for each and every one of them. pretend to be delivering a pizza and "accidentally" get the wrong address.
  11. yeah, - I am following right behind you. looking forward to hearing how it felt.

  12. anyone else with advice for me so I dont chicken out? need your help
  13. i agree with rawtop. i went from condoms, to bb with neg guys who pulled out, to neg guys who dump their load in me, to now i'm seeking poz dudes in hopes that i finally will take the plunge and let one of them fuck me raw. up to now,i've had poz cock poking my hole but i've chickend out at the last minute and asked them to fuck me with a condom. but i feel the next poz cock will probably enter my hole raw. any advise on how to let the little head do all the thinking?
  14. hey man, found you here, awesome! i'm ready for it!

  15. hey man, bb bottom here

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