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    Sex with men, unprotected sex, sex with HIV+ men. I am also in transition and can do a near passible job when I fem up.
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    Reformed condom nazi now POZ. Reformed male now in transition. Enthusiastic slut who enjoys all things sexual with good men. Learning to have fewer limits.
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    Sex, lots of raw sex. Lots of POZ on POZ sex. No limits, raw, uninhibited sex. Any load, any time, no questions. Am about 6 months into transitioning, so it is getting more difficult to top....but still have some ability there. At Tanner Stage 2 of breast development. Definitely feeling the estrogen.

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  1. Been away from the site for a while.  But am gonna try to be back around some more.  Certainly have had a lot of questions and comments about my castration last December.  Gonna hit the 8 month point in a couple weeks (also the 2 year anniversary of being confirmed POZ).   Both anniversaries will be events to CELEBRATE with NO regrets. 

    1. SuccessfulChaser


      That should have been THIRD anniversary of testing POZ.   What a thrill ride it has been

  2. claireannet

    Gay guys more picky?

    I am also picky.....I pick that one and that one and that one. Then I pick that one and that one and that one. Actually I have really worked to promote the idea that it is just sex......don't be so picky and enjoy more of that skin on skin sex we all seem to enjoy. At one time I traveled great deal (internationally) for my work. I was very picky about food at that time of my life. I soon learned that I needed to be more open to new foods or I would go hungry. I ended up learning to love so many different cuisines/styles that it really added to my life. I would encourage you all to be less picky and just enjoy the sex. You may just learn that the picky methods of selecting partners really prevented you from experience sex in ways and with men that are even more exciting.
  3. claireannet

    Attitude towards PrEP from Chasers/Givers

    I too have been surprised at the anti-PrEP comments. While I chose to chase (and convert) it was just that MY CHOICE. And, it is a quite serious decision---literally a lifetime of consequences. The decision to use the drug is no different than the decision to go raw without out latex or chemical protection....an individual choice. With a site like this, it would be nice if we were all supportive of each other...regardless of the decisions we make. Few other places allow the open discussions we have, allow the open disclosure of our sexual extremes and allow the sharing of the "real" experiences of raw sex, enhancements and hiv+ fetish. Lets embrace that freedom and allow each other guy to find their place in our more fringe universe of sex.
  4. Always a bit sad when I have to pull out the ass plug and feel what remains from the prior night's fun drain from my well fucked hole.  Two good ones last night, both toxic.

    1. BBFloridaguy


      Toxic loads in my hole always feel good.

  5. claireannet

    Molested as a kid

    I still have so many great memories of my sexual awakening. Still several years prior to getting my driver's license, I was "recruited" and eventually tutored by a wonderful man about 25 years older than I was. I was in that "phase" of trying to figure out why my own thoughts and feelings about sex seemed to be at odds with all my friends. This man helped me sort out my thoughts and accept my homosexuality. But more than that, he helped me develop as a sexually confident bottom. The skills and attitude he helped me develop have allowed me to live a very happy and very out and very very queer life. I suppose in the growing politically correct/nanny state we seem to live in I was molested, probably raped, certainly sexually abused. I consider it the finest thing another person (other than a relative) has ever done for me. When my younger brother came to me with questions (at about the same age as when I was recruited) I tried to do for him what was done for me. In this day and age, I am guessing few men would take the risk to help someone successfully develop as a queer. Perhaps all the internet and porn and hook up sites have made that adjustment easier for guys. But, when you read some posts you see that many young guys really have no clue about being queer other than liking M4M sex. And, as a society we must protect those who are unable to protect themselves. But, elders mentoring the more junior guys still has some validity.
  6. claireannet

    Crossdresser raped and pozed

    I most likely got my tranny ass knocked up by a BBC. A very high percentage of the men I was with while chasing were black. While I do not know for sure......I really think that I do know the night I got POZZED. I was fully femmed up and he was the first guy to "prep" my ass with a brush and we shared a point a couple times as well. A couple weeks later---fuck flu. I am glad the dude in the story got converted. Being a POZ tranny is my dream cum true. And as a tip for all the "wanna-be" chasers out there.....do some research on HIV infection demographics. If you are going hunting...go where the game is.
  7. First of all....if you are converting.....I hope your experience is what you hoped for. My own conversion symptoms lasted about 15 days---from the first night sweat until I was largely symptom free. A number of days were pretty bad, but not debilitating to the point of preventing work or other life's obligations. And, other than a couple days, I remained sexually active the entire time. At about day 5 I did go to a doc and that is when I tested POZ (not a surprise). As you mentioned, everyone's experience is somewhat different. But you should be nearing the point when you can test and be certain.
  8. claireannet

    length of fuk flu and severity

    Everyone's experience is a somewhat custom event. My own fuck flu was very much noticeable and lasted about 15 days from first night sweat until I was clear of the symptoms. About half way through that, I tested POZ (was NOT a surprise). But, I know some guys who had only a day or two, some guys who felt nothing and a couple who claim to have been debilitated for most of a month. But, kudos to your bud for knowing what he wanted and going after it.
  9. claireannet

    Married guy stealths me

    I spent years as a real condom NAZI. I never let a dick near my hole without being wrapped. But, about a year ago, a dude stealthed me. Later, when I found out what he had done, I learned he was POZ as well. Several months later I had become a dedicated bareback only guy. Five weeks after that, I tested POZ myself.
  10. claireannet

    What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    I tested POZ in late February of this year. For most of my life I had been a real condom NAZI, but a stealther changed my view. After I had that "risk event", being with POZ guys was all I could think about. Started as an active (VERY ACTIVE) chaser some months later and converted within 5 weeks of that start. No meds in the 5 months since my new status was confirmed.
  11. Glad to see youre poz and doing your job for the poz army

  12. Made my first post where I refer to my "transition" this morning.   Kind of funny, I had no problem being out as a gay man as soon as I knew I was not straight.  I have written a fair amount about what I did to transition from condom nazi to POZ dude.   But, the actuality of "adjusting" my body to meet my self-image seems more difficult to discuss.  Would be interested to hear of others who are POZ and transitioning and would like to know if others want to hear more.

    The trans section of this site is kind of disappointing.....mostly chicks with dicks stuff.   


  13. claireannet

    Am I Thinking Too Much?

    Some may suppose, based on my screen name, that I am fairly fem. Although I do not talk about it much on this site, I am actually in transition. Both my doctor and my therapist have been huge help. And despite your comment, their goal is to HELP not to label, blame or discourage. Rather they are focused on assisting me with my mental and physical health as I make some significant changes. Even as I ***** ******* (*** converted to POZ) they were helpful (although very straightforward in their thoughts and beliefs on that subject). If you are serious, find a good supporter in the medical community. I believe it is an important part of figuring out a complicated path.
  14. claireannet

    Smooth Or Hairy?

    I guess I was surprised by my own thoughts here. I believe that while I do have a preference, in practice I do not use my preference to screen potential partners. I am smooth---totally (other than head) and like the way I feel and look. Further, I enjoy the feel of other smooth guys and I appreciated the effort it takes to maintain that attribute. But I have been with many hairy guys---and never can remember it being "BAD" for any reason. In fact, one guy during my **** joked about using hedge clippers and a yard rake for his body grooming....and that wolf-man dropped a nice load as well as any smooth guy. Of the four guys I have had longer term relationships with over the years, two were smooth (one taught me how to groom fully, quickly) one was fairly "normal" hair, little grooming and one was hairy as fuck. Other than with the guy who taught me so many tips of the smooth trade, I do not recall even much conversation about hair.
  15. claireannet

    What Was Your First Std ?

    As a reformed condom nazi, I had little chance to experience anything close to any type of STD. I did have oral Gono 20 years ago, and that was nothing to clap about. I got rid of it quickly and avoided any sex until I was super sure it was gone. Fast forward 20 years and I went raw and was quickly infected with HIV. Time from date of decision to go raw and my POZ test was about 6 weeks. During my ***** and since, most of my partners have been POZ, so perhaps they are sharing other things that I am unaware of. Not specifically ****** other bugs, but understand they are a bit of the package of being a raw poz guy. No doubt, time plays with our memories. But, I have NO memory of having GONO other than the fear and the doctor visit to rid myself of that disease. I also know that HIV will be a part of the rest of my life, but the thoughts of ****, **** and living as a POZ guy are vivid and I am sure will stay with me.

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