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  1. Stealthing in the news

    http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/27/health/stealthing-sexual-assault-condoms/index.html CNN on-line story about steathing and a movement to consider it sexual assault.
  2. Long time no post.  Today is 1 year anniversary of my castration.  Hell yeah....a year without nuts.   Truly a total bottom and loving it.   Back at Thanksgiving, marked the 2 and anniversary of getting my ass knocked up......no meds and loving that too.

    1. curmud


      U are a guiding star + any bloke lucky enough to hug shirtless + french-kiss w/U is a lucky man. 

  3. Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    Anyone who knows I got knocked up knows I did AT LEAST once! Several have actually been bold and asked why I did not use condoms?
  4. Would you bareback a eunuch?

    I was knocked up in 2015 and castrated in 2016. I can state for a fact that SOME guys really get off on fucking a eunuch. But some guys just think that is too weird. No doubt, I have not had any lack of partners since my balls ceased pumping testosterone into my fag body.
  5. Jay from Scruff

    That sounds like one fucking hot effort at joining Team POZ. The great thing is that if that session did not knock your ass up, you get to repeat the fun until you get it "right". Thanks for sharing and keep us posted.
  6. Been away from the site for a while.  But am gonna try to be back around some more.  Certainly have had a lot of questions and comments about my castration last December.  Gonna hit the 8 month point in a couple weeks (also the 2 year anniversary of being confirmed POZ).   Both anniversaries will be events to CELEBRATE with NO regrets. 

    1. SuccessfulChaser


      That should have been THIRD anniversary of testing POZ.   What a thrill ride it has been

  7. Carolina guys?

    Mountains of western NC here. North of Asheville.....kinda of remote. Not the end of the world here....but I can see it from my window.
  8. Is stealthing morally okay?

    Stealthing in the news. http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/27/health/stealthing-sexual-assault-condoms/index.html
  9. Castration play

    I have written about it other places on this site...so I won't repeat it all. One of the posts got me banned for a while as well. But, there were done at the same time. One clamp per side....about 15 minutes (so the guys doing work said...I was in no condition to keep up with that). Nuts are shrinking...much much smaller, and very "squishy". Dr. says could be another year for them to be fully gone.
  10. Castration play

    Have some experience in play with them....and of course lost my nuts to a burdizzo clamp 4 months or so ago. Band play can be kind of fun. You are correct, the bands are quite small.....and getting human nuts through the band is a bit of a pain. That probably makes it better for a two person sport. Not much pain when the band is slipped of the tool. A bit of a pinch...but nothing like the bit of the burdizzo. My nuts would swell up a bit after 10 minutes or so...and the pain would increase. Also, seen/felt at that time is they start to darken from dark pinkish red to blue/black as they starve for blood/oxygen. Always make sure you use a safety loop of some sort. I always threaded a zip tie through the band before inserting nuts. that gives you a bit of a handle to pull the band away from your sack. Without doing that, the band can be difficult to cut--without nicking your bag as well. If you are playing with someone else, two loops work more nicely....but single handed, the extra loop is worthless. Watch the time....your nuts are starving for that that gives them life....blood and oxygen...from the moment you turn the band loose. I am not in the medical field, so I have no idea when damage starts....but unless you want to join the eunuch clan--be very careful. Even if you do want to go ball-less, I am not sure that is a good choice. The chances for infection and/or needing professional repair seem high. Having rotting nuts hanging around for a bit until they sluff off seem disgusting to me as well. Play, have fun...but be careful....just like getting knocked up, getting castrated is a once in a lifetime experience...no going back.
  11. Castration question

    I felt the pinch of the burdizzo on the 11th of December last year. While others may have different results, it appears to have done the job for me. My most recent testosterone level blood test was 55 ng/dl. In many cases, 50 ng/dl would be the level expected if your nuts were surgically removed. Additionally, I have not had an erection in almost 4 months, my temperature regulation is all to fuck and my nuts have shrunk and turned into mush blobs....certainly not the balls they once were. I am very happy with the results. The pain was intense, but fairly short lived. I know now that I am a fully submissive bottom, and 100% focused on giving pleasure to any cock that I encounter. Not everyone aspires to be a POZZED up EUNUCH, but I love it. But one word of caution. I have doubts that most guys would have the ability to fully close the jaws of the clamp on their own nuts. I was restrained and still bucked against the pain. Find a willing helper....practice....and go for it. But, just like getting knocked up, it is a lifetime...life style choice. Make sure it is what you want.
  12. Once again I have returned from the wilderness. If anyone has been offended by my posts, it was not intentional.

    But, the good part, for me anyhow, is that while banished from posting, I was NOT banished from sucking and fucking. Still dedicated to taking as much POZ cock up my toxic ass as possible.

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    2. demon4semen


      It may come as a huge shock to whoever's job it is to dish out those punishments, but no visitors to this HIV-sharing themed website are offended by comments about sharing HIV when they appear in the wrong section of the site. Glad you found a productive use for your time in exile bud. ;-p

    3. curmud


      i would like to suck that toxic ass

    4. BBBeard


      i agree with demon4semen and would also like suck that ass

  13. Risk appetite for bottom on Prep

    some categories i just do not understand. buys a vespa and tells co-workers he is a biker gets a $25 flashtrash tattoo and and brags about being inked claims to be a total bottom pig, but recoils at the thought of doing ATM boasts of his hard parTy ways, but never has a connecTion hides behind a PrEP shield and talks about risk taking I fully appreciate that each of us is the only one responsible for our sexual health. Additionally, i have some very strong beliefs about what it means to live an authentic queer life. Having been fucking with the guys since the late '60's has allowed me to see a huge swath of queer life----much of which has disappeared as being a fag went mainstream. I guess it saddens me to think that there is a generation who thinks that a PrEPed ass taking a UD load is a risk. And for me that sketchy sex part of my queerdom has been an amazing (with consequences) part of my life. Not sure how to explain it more.......but experiencing those risks helped me feel more fulfilled s a homo than any suburban Modern Family gay experience could have. It has been one hell of a ride.....and even if the virus takes me tomorrow, I will feel that I got the most I could....perhaps not the most DAYS....but the MOST of all else. Sorry for the rant......
  14. Thanks to all my friends and brothers here on BZ. Just hit the 1000 likes level for my comments and postings. That averages out to be over 2.5 likes per comment. I hope that means some of you do enjoy what I share here.

    No doubt, some of my story seems like BS to some. Many days, it still amazes me as to what my life is like. No doubt, my world is centered on being the best POZZED UP BOTTOM FAG I can be....hopefully the up side is a good number of tops get treated to a good rump ride and I get as much delicious diseased dick as I can stand.

    Again, thanks to all who have taken the time respond in some way to my on-line drivel.

    1. davtex


      I hear you man, looking forward to getting pozzed up myself


  15. One of my Caribbean fuck buds spent the night. Kind of rare having a guy all night...but the fucking was good and I am going to work with a fresh load of his toxic cum held in place by my most comfortable ass plug.

    It was also kind of nice falling asleep and waking up with that beautiful brown body next to me. Took very little effort to get that huge brown snake to crawl up my ass and puke up its highly toxic venom this morning.

    The combination of coming off a long dry spell and confirmation of having both HIV1 and HIV2 has me horned up and ready for more POZ cock.

    1. bellyguy44


      Congratulations! You are such a lucky guy.

  16. Ballbusting

    Long ago I learned that submitting to extensive CBT sessions was very much a part of what I felt was needed to become the best bottom faggot I possibly could. Over 20+ years my nuts were exposed to many sessions with needles, weights, clamps, kicking, squeezing, clamping. As the years passed, I learned to "enjoy", getting kneed and kicked to the point of near collapse. Feeling the essence of my supposed "manhood" abused with such pain became a prelude to many great fuck session. After the fucking stopped, it was great feeling the residual pain in my nuts and gut.....and seeing some swelling of my abused balls. But, as time moved on, I knew I wanted more. I understood my desire was not just the pain (although I loved it), it was the fact that I learned to believe that if I was actually castrated, I would become a more perfect---and total--bottom. Early last December, I achieved eunuch status when I felt the pinch of a burdizzo clamp on both "cords". The blinding pain of that clamping remains vivid and was something of a supersized version of a final assault on my gonads. Three months later I have the testosterone level of about 30 ng/dl......castrate level testosterone. My nuts are now shrinking, a bit mushy to the squeeze and nearly absent of pain when slammed, kneed or kicked. My favorite ball busting partner was a bit shocked at how little reaction I had to his best efforts. I love knowing that I gave up my nuts for my evolution as a sexual being. I love the differences in my body and attitude that are happening since castration. I am going to miss the intense pain and thrill of those sharp jabs to my crotch. Still, I know that my development into a more pure bottom faggot, focused on only a top's satisfaction is much more important than the pleasure I got from my balls being molested to the extreme.
  17. No loads refused

    The fun part is taking all the cock. The hard part is getting all the damned anti-queer, safe fucking sex messages out of your head. Your whole life has been filled with messages saying why you should not follow your desires. But the truth is, only one voice matters...and that voice is your own. As others have said....just get out there and fuck. Once you tame the other voices, you will become a cum slut to equal many of us here. Enjoy the cock...and the lifestyle......it can't be beat.
  18. What if you have a rare strain?

    No doubt, the evidence indicates the CRF mutations/strains can present issues to those who choose to try to medicate their hard earned status away. I have been chasing CRF19.....and know it is a bit difficult to add some of these. But, unlike the other response...superinfections are indeed possible......just got the confirmation that I now have both HIV1 and HIV2.......no CRF infections....but that does not mean I will stop trying. Don't worry too much.....just go out and fuck...it is what we were meant to do.
  19. hey man.....having any success in getting your faggot ass knocked up?

  20. Lots of conversation with docs yesterday. Important clarification on HEP C----antibody test say POZ, VL test says it is cleared. While I am willing to accept what I get, kinda glad I do not have to deal with that.

    Lots of pressure to medicate. My own doc knows my viewpoint, but he still tries.

    Got my newly superinfected ass fucked by my Dominican buddy with CRF19 infection last night as celebration. Still focusing on adding that strain to my HIV collection--if at all possible.

    I do not really care what others think....but for me getting knocked up TWICE is fucking hot....love knowing that I share the blood of two different types of monkeys.....FUCK HARD, GET POZZED....then get POZZED with other Strains.

    1. bellyguy44


      You can be very proud. I would love to have such a nice collection of bugs.

  21. Simple e-mail this morning stated that my on-line records at my health care provider had been updated. While I expected a call from my doc today, having the results was a bit of a surprise.

    Still trying to wrap my head around this. Have an official diagnosis of a dual (super) infection. But, it is not the Cuban CRF19 strain I have been chasing. Rather I am in conversion due to adding HIV2 to my "collection". Just for shits and giggles, looks like Hep-C is also part of my life now.

    Not what I fucking expected.....but should be an interesting new chapter in the life of this faggot.

  22. Getting your ass more 'open'?

    I make no apologies about it, I love BBC and most of my regular fuck buds fit that title. Since I know those guys well, I make a point to always open up a bit before we fuck. I get the whole pain into pleasure thing, but when I have access to a cock, I wanna get fucked and fucked hard....NOW. So loosening up a bit helps. I cannot understate the value of a good clean out. It helps me loosen and it takes any "fear" about messes. Yeah, shit can happen, but this step is important and sometimes all I need. I also have a wide range of ass plugs and dildos. I can size up to a point that most guys feel a tight hole, but it does not take much effort to penetrate me. Use good lube.....not the average drug store pussy fucking lube, but something meant for getting ass fucked. I tend to use gun oil. Don't spare the expense or the quantity. Consider poppers. One tug on the brown "jug" and I seem to start opening up. If I am going to a ABS, dark room, Cumunion, I always size up a small amount.....want those encounters to be be quick and easy. I think guys from the fist community will agree, that as you start sizing up, you may find that average cocks do not do much for you any longer. I know in my own case, that is very true. While I appreciate and enjoy any meat that pierces my hole, I prefer to feel something that pushes me open wider. I recently purchased a glass butt plug that his a bit over 10 inches in circumference. As a comparison, that fucking chunk of glass weights a pound and a half and is bigger around than an average coffee cup. It still takes me an hour or better of serious play and effort to get that hole wrecker firmly seated in my faggot hole.....but damn it feels great....and it leaves me gaped open for an hour or more after I retrieve it. Be careful, do not go too fast......it takes some time to learn to control your body...and mind.....but with patience, good lube, good toys and a great cleaning process, you will find there can be real joy in spreading open...but in solo and partner(s) play.
  23. More blood tests today. Results from last week turned out "abnormal", but did confirm that something is going on with my immune system. Number and timing of risk events + persistent (but mild) fuck flu symptoms + test results that look more like an initial acute infection than that of someone POZ for well over a year all seem to be pointers that I have a co-infection or super-infection. Perhaps my ultimate countdown clock has started ticking closer and closer to an AIDS related destiny.

    1. toad2


      man hope you go all the way and get aids remember share 

    2. bellyguy44


      Good luck, sexy!

  24. New gurl thinking about going raw.

    Hell gurl, most of my crap is written when I am seriously fucked up. That helps the good stuff cum out. Hope you enjoy the cock you find. But, there is no fully safe raw sex. Sure PReP can help with HIV, but the other stuff is still out there. And perhaps PReP cocks are driven by guys who feel "safe" they might be more likely to carry other bugs.
  25. Finally got my faggot ass fucked by some POZ cock. It had been weeks...fucking weeks...without. But a couple of my buds were able to help me out both Friday and Saturday. It is quite simple....I love getting fucked and miss it a LOT when it is not available.

    Also had some blood work done. Testosterone level is at 30 ng/dl....well below the level considered (50 ng/dl) that of castration....OFFICIALLY a Eunuch 90 days post castration.

    Very unusual HIV testing....results were "abnormal" and I have to go back for more testing. They need to send a sample for more defined testing. CFR19 at work????

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