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    Flip-fucking, watetsports, fucking, sucking cock. Fisting, slings, bath house sex,adult bookstores, parks, truckers, leather and rubber gear, big dicked poz top fuckers, smelly pits and balls, anonymous bareback gloryholes fucks, getting bred by as many raw cocks as possible...just to start...zero limits with the exception of scat and extreme pain and disfigurement.
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    I work in the building industry. Sometimes I'm khakis and button downs sometime I'm in work dungarees, construction boots flannel shirt and hard hat. On my own time I'm a latex lovig bareback bottom piss and cum loving pig. HIV Positive gifter, but undetectable. Hep C poz but just finished treatment to rid myself of it. Anybody want to test my piss to see if it worked?
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    Uninhibited hung tops who know how to use a fuck hole. Verstile guys who know how to fuck but also love to get loaded with a man's cum. Versatile toy play...shoving big dildos and plugs up each others holes. Streching a cum filled hole while mine is being stretched getting those cumholes ready for a fist and then jacking a big uncut raw cock into our holes. PNP and long twisted sessions where we l

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  1. I like your perv list.


  2. Is it just gay sleazy or are there straight pimps and their prostitutes wandering the area? Is it safe to leave your car unattended overnight? Going to drive by there now to check it out.
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR BROTHER!! Time to make 2018 the most perverTed year of all!!! Hope you get and give more Demon Seed seed in HIS Name than ever!! ~ HS

    74c15cf2-27de-48c7-8e49-bb8ce21d5382 (2015_06_24 01_11_56 UTC).jpg

    1. ronnie4u


      WOOF !  Extremely HOT - Multi Loads ready - Gang Bangs !

  4. Whenever I start my day, an old TV coffee commercial jingle runs through my head. Of course with a slightly different angle to it.  ?? "The best part of waking up?Is smoking crystal meth?"

  5. There's three (now two) that I know of in Atlanta who got pozzed from fucking me bareback between 1985 and 1990. I was most certainly pozzed by the first man that I ever had sex with in the Spring of 1985 where I was too drunk and stoned to recognize that my tall, lanky cowboy was really an AIDS infected, wasting sexual predator. I was horrified and terrified at first when I realized in the light of day what he really looked like, but with more pot and some strange white powder and a little brown bottle under my nose, I wanted more of his cock and cum. I got really sick about a week later. I was worried I was infected. I couldn't go to my family doctor or to the university medical clinic because my parents might find out. Two months later (with no other sex in the interim) I got tested for HIV as a requirement to be a test subject for a medical study at the CDC in Atlanta (I never had to give them any personal info or my name). They informed me I couldn't participate in the study because I had tested positive. I couldn't keep myself from grinning and getting a boner. THAT freaked out the doctor, and I just stood up and walked out without saying another word. I didn't really understand at that time anything about viral loads, CD4 counts or any of that shit. All I knew was that from that point on I was going to have to have only anonymous sex and one-night-stands in order to keep anyone from finding out that I was Positive. I started cruising in my car and getting fucked wherever we could find a private secluded spot. I had a regular straight, married guy who loved bareback fucking and jizzing my ass. He would cruise on his way home from softtball practice in his uniform. He swore that he had never and would never fuck "any of those queers" without a condom, but we should be OK since neither of us were a faggot. I don't know why he presumed I was straight. I liked his cock too much to risk correcting him. But a few years after the Summer of 1986, I saw him at a softball game that some friends from college were playing in. Actually, I didn't recognize or remember him until he had followed me to the toilet room, pinned me against a toilet stall and accused me of giving him "that gay plague" and that it couldn't have been anybody else. There had been at least a hundred other guys who had raw-fucked me in the three years since I had gotten my cherry shredded, so I had no idea who he was until I turned around to punch him. When I saw him in that same uniform it all came back to me, and I started getting a hardon. Somebody walked in, and I hightailed it out of there. Never saw him again. The other two were "straight" and married guys I hooked up with at a wooded park in a suburb Northwest of Atlanta. I was there for hours and hours every weekend and after work during the week. Had a Greek-looking guy who liked barebacking and breeding my "pussy" whenever we were both there for about six months. I didn't see him again for almost a year. The next time that I ran into him he told me that he had gotten divorced from his wife because he had caught "that gay cancer". He hinted that he knew he had gotten it from me but that he shouldn't have been doing what he was doing...then he pulled out his uncut cock and asked me if I wanted some more of it. I never verbally admitted that I was positive, but by bending over and letting him stick his raw HIV cock n my ass until he shot his load, I guess I sort of confessed. We fucked occasionally at that park for about another year until I found a better park to cruise. The third top that I pozzed recently passed away from a heart attack. We hooked up on BBRT two years ago. The first time he came over, we both had some G, we both smoked some meth and I did a slam. After he starts barebacking my ass like a fucking animal, he starts telling me how this is not the first time that he has fucked my holes. He tells me the last time we fucked...the only other time we had fucked...was in a park in a suburb northwest of Atlanta. He tells me he was in the midst of a jack-off session with five or six other men in a small picnic pavilion when a guy walked up wearing skimpy nylon jogging shorts and no shirt. He tells me that the new guy proceeded to suck off or get fucked and bred by all of the other men on that picnic table until he was the only one left with it starting to get dark. He tells me that I convinced him to "just put the tip in" so I could feel his uncut cock in my ass. He tells me that when he got "just the tip" in it felt too good to not go balls deep and then long-dick me until he shot his neg load. He tells me (back now to our current breeding session and my already crummy hole) that was the only time he had ever fucked anyone other than his wife without a rubber. He tells me he got the fuck flu a week later, got tested, got divorced and then got to fuck and breed as many hot young men's holes as he could. We became good friends with good benefits until he passed a few months ago. So, there's three tops that got pozzed by a single HVL manhole.
  6. Just finished up a raw, verbal and animalistic hard fuck with a visiting porn star in his hotel room. Sitting here with a pleasantly sore and tingly hole full of his tasty cum and the smell of his sweaty ass on my face. My God, what an amazing experience.
  7. Sitting here on the toilet at my office digging last night's cumloads out of my hole for lunch...finger licking good. Damn, I want to get fucked and bred some more.
  8. That is fucking hot. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you're sucking him off.
  9. Went to the bathhouse here in Atlanta again yesterday. Was there from 6th til 2am. Partied up the fuck hole when I got there. First load was from a fat cock and huge hairy balls through the glory hole...and got to suck it clean...hairy guys with big beer guts seem to all shoot huge loads (he was loud and came for about 15 seconds). Second load was from a huge black club of a cock in the steam room...I was bent over and snorting poppers with hole at fuck height...he pulled out at first until I begged him to shove it back in...he whispered "But I'm close to shooting"...so I said "breed it. It's got one load already"...I loved the disgusted look this little twink gave me...he had been working on getting the guy's load, so I let him suck on my hole to get a taste of what he was missing. Third load (and stealth fourth) and fifth was in the sauna...ass in air and sucking on poppers...big tattooed Latino with a big sausage of an uncut piece of meat was third...he fucked really hard and loved my ass milking him...after he left another guy commented on how hot it was that he used the cum load from a used rubber laying on the bench to lube his cock...who's ever it was sure was tasty when he made me clean his cock and tongue under his huge foreskin. Fifth load was from another huge black cock that was watching the Latino fuck...he played coy until we were alone in there...then he gratefully gave me his load...thanking me profusely for having such a hot tight hole...he let me taste his cock and he ran out when what was to be number six came in. I had to cool off, so number six (50ish, hairy barrel chest and belly - sturdy not flabby, fat pink cock with a huge mushroom head) met me in my room since he didn't like to fuck in public like I do...Started out using a rubber...he couldn't stay hard...I was making it a loose sloppy fuck hoping he'd decide that he needed to take off the rubber...as he was giving up I told him to stick some fingers in my hole to open it up and to jack his cock off in me...he lasted all of twenty seconds when he smelled that cumhole...he gave in as he was cumming and drove it all the way in...as I was cleaning off his cock he actually asked me if I was clean...say what? He was fucking a cum filled asshole...do the fucking math. Number seven was an average sized cock through a glory hole...but hard as a rock...verbal nasty talker and a very interesting flavor to his cum (slight ammonia odor and very rich and earthy sort of like brie)...the best tasting of the night. The next fuck was back in the sauna, the twink who's load I stole came in while a black cock and white cock were taking turns on me...I bent him over beside me and directed the two tops to fuck him til they were close...when the black cock said he was getting close I made the twink beg him for it or else I was going to reap the reward of his hard fuck...after both bred his cute little tight fuck chute, I sucked and licked and fingered that hole until I had fed him four mouths full of the loads out of his juicy hole...we were both hard so we each took a few turns on the other bottom, had the bottom suck the slime of the "top's" cock and swapped cummy spit for a while. After that I shoved in a plug, left and arrived home with a wet spot on the seat of my pants. I think I'll go in the toilet here at the office and see how that hole tastes.
  10. Damn. I should have looked at your blog first. You are awesome. I downloaded some of your photos off the internet, when I got my first computer back in the early nineties. It would be an honor to take part in your addiction to being exposed as a cumslut. Nice.
  11. My slammed hole got 10 loads last night at Flex in Atlanta. Most thru the glory holes. I've rested up and am going to bump my hole and head over the local adult bookstore in button down, tie and slacks wih the ass ripped out. I'll take a plug with me to hold them all in. I'm hoping for some straight redneck to fuck and breed me on top of some black cum that also hope to squeeze off. I'll follow up.
  12. You say your family already knows and none of your old friends will talk to you. Find friends that appreciate you for who you are. We are out here. I have been doing just that over the past six months in order to not have to worry about dissapointing those vanilla friends. I love seeing your pictures imagining you fucking some pussy after being the fucktoy at an all-male chem-fueled bareback gangbang. I have several films on another website slamming, taking cum, and drinking chem piss. Being destroyed is always a possibility, but if that happens and a door closes, I will open another one. Never be afraid to be a brave and proud cum addict.
  13. By the way, true story. Happened on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon when the place was packed. Ended up going back that night to continue until I had to go home on Monday morning to get ready for work. Found out one of the sub-contractors on a building I designed saw me. Fucked me in a remote office later that morning. Butt plug was still up my ass from the night before. He made me suck it clean while he gave me a load. Neg load but a load nonetheless. Have plans to bottom for him and some friends soon as that building is complete. Can't wait for that. He really liked breeding my "clean" hole. But he won't be neg forever after some of the loads he took the night before. Says he's just waiting for the inevitable. May have to help him out next time we fuck.
  14. I was slutting it up recently at the local bath house, taking raw cocks, getting bred when I saw two hot twenty-somethings with the door to their room open putting on a liitle fuck show for the crowd. Both were dark haired with just a little hair on their chests, fuzzy but not hairy legs, and shaved cocks and balls. After watching them fucking safe with a rubber, I got bored and went off to my room to do a slam and get my hole ready to be a cum dump. I always take my camera and film my slams, so after putting away my gear and letting that awesome rush make my hole fucking hungry for a huge black cock, I went out and knelt down in one of the glory hole booths waiting to suck a cock hard to fuck and breed my hole. I heard the adjacent door open and as I looked in through the hole i saw a man who fucks his poz loads in my holes whenever we run into each other there. And then that big, fat, uncut black cock pokes though the large hole. After I sucked on it and got it nice and hard and wet I backed my already cummy cunt up to the hole. After about ten minutes of him grunting and me telling the voyeurs how good that raw cock felt in my hole, I (and everybody else around) heard him say, "Fuck, that white boy pussy is so hot. That feels so fucking good. Bitch I'm gonna shoot. I'm gonna breed that pussy!" Then he's slamming against the partition and filling me up with another huge poz load. I pulled off and cleaned the cum off his cock and saw another big uncut piece of white meat sticking through the hole from the opposite booth with the guy begging to unload in me. It was kind of smallish at the head with the foresking resting about half over a very red cockhead that almost looked like an arrowhead. It thickened up from the head to about three quaters of te way down it's 8 inch length to about the size of my wrist and then tapered back down a bit to the base. Then there was a set of the largest balls covered in red fur resting on the lip of the hole. After a quick taste and using some of the fresh cum from my hole t lube his coc up, I immediately backed onto that cock. After a minute he pulls out and leaves the booth. Fuck! What the Hell?! Then he's opening the door to my stall and bending me over to continue. We fuck for about another five minutes both of us enjoying putting on a raw fuck show for the others peeking thru the glory holes and thru the open door. As he leans his sweaty, fur covered chest onto my back, we both do a hit of poppers. He wispers in my ear, "Are you partying?" So I say "Yeah, slammed earlier to make this ass hungry for cum. I have five loads so far, two of them good and fresh. I love it when my hole smells like cum. Can you smell it?" Him, "Fuck yeah, pig. You smell good. I want to give you mine. You poz?" Me, "Does it matter?" Him, "It does now!" Then he's whimpering and shuddering. I can feel that cock swell up and I can feel his cum burning my hole as he shoots. When I tell him that I can actually feel his cum and that it's really warm, he told m that he always pisses a bit when he's cumming. I've never heard of that before, but I realize what I'm feeling is some chem piss mixed in with his cum load. How Fucking Hot Is That? He pulls out and I head back to my room to stick my buttplug up my ass an rest a bit with the door open to watch the wandering crowd. A minute after I got to my room ome of the two young hunky guys, the one who was getting fucked with the rubber sticks his heads in and starts to chat. Now when I slam, I can't shut off the deviant thoughts from running though my mind, creating scenarios for breeding some young man. Usually after partying and getting fucked, my cock only gets hard with a big raw cock about to shoot its load. Watching that boy standing there, all cute and safe-sexy, my cock got very hard. The butt plug in my hole probably helped. I asked him in and as he turned around to shut the door, I slid the plug from my hole and slipped it back under a towel with the rest of my toys. When he saw my collection of dildos and plugs, he immediatley asked if he could try one out. I usually don't let other guys borrow my toys because I never know if their holes have been cleaned up for bottoming. He assured me he had cleaned out well before he and his boyfriend...Boyfriend?...came out to play around. Apparently they like to fuck while being watched. Next the boy picks up the plug that I had just pulled out of my ass. I take it from him quickly knowing that if he gets it to close then he'll smell the poz loads on it I just got. I bend him over, put some lube on his pink hole and start wiggling the plug until it pops in to the base. Well the boy definitely likes to get fucked considering how easily it slid in. He comments after a minute that it was burning a bit and started to take it out. Damn, I forgot about the guy chem pissing my ass as he came. And then I remembered that this was the plug that I had started the night out with by putting some Tina on it. There must have been some still on it. I told him that the lube I use has a slight desensitizing agent that burns slightly at first and if it didn't stop after a couple of minutes he could take it out. A couple of minutes of me pulling the plug out and popping it back in and he starts moaning and sticking his ass further up in the air. I pop it in, stand him up, turn him around, and as I look in his green eyes, I can see that fuck lust that only a good booty bump of Tina can give you. He's panting and moaning and squirming and reaching for a larger plug. I tell him that I need to go to the bathroom and that we should go check out the place...his boyfriend was down in the pool with some of their buddies. I led him to the glory hole booths, lubed up both his hole and the hard cock sticking thru a hole really good with some of the cum I dug out of my ass. Then I held the poppers under his nose and watched that safe-sexy stud get fucked by a stranger's raw cock thru that glory hole. He never did ask if it was covered. I really wanted to taste his hole after he got bred. As he was flyin on the poppers, I wispered thru the eyehole for the guy to not pull out and breed him quiet. Stanger whispers, "I saw him and his friend earlier. He neg?" "I think so, but he's horny when he parties" At that the guy on the other side of the wall starts sliding in and out slowly, deep and long. I go back around to the boy's head, hold the poppers under his nose again and smile as I watch that raw cock silently breeding the boy's fuck hole. I left him there as several other guys came in. From the other room it sounded like the little pig had accepted his new role as cumbucket. Went back to my room and tasted the plug that was up his hole and stuck it back up mine. I left shortly after and haven't seen either of the guys ther again. Probably out-of-towners. I just wish I could have tasted that hole after a few loads.
  15. Any time you put "food" in your stomach...in this case pure protein...it stimulates the digestive tract. Simple biology. That's one reason I have to make sure that my hole is deep-cleaned before going out for a piggy night at the baths.

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