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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    6'1", Brown hair short, clean cut, green eyes, 8.5x5.5" cut cock. Total bottom cumdump pig . Hairy chest, legs and ass.
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    Been in over 120+ films... mostly fetish films incl leather, bondage, WS, slings, etc...
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    I’m easy going fun guy who loves to be a pig 🐽 cum dump bttm at your group or passed around taking cum loads, tagged teamed, a spit roasted. Cool if into WS. My ideal fun is to be invited over to be a cum dump by FIVE or more hung Tops that love to breed a pig cock hungry Bttm with hairy ass that never quits until all tops have unloaded fully inside my hole. I love all men, all size cocks. Also, my ass rimmed!

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    ScottBBCumDump - nastykinkpigs

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    [think before following links] https://twitter.com/itsscottspears
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  1. I love it and try for it after every time I get fucked!
  2. My first WS experience came in a film I was in called "Pigs at the Troff". Since then ai have become an avid WS performer!
  3. I get tested every 3 months no matter what
  4. Etsy of all places...lol
  5. Just ordered mine as it seems masks will be here for awhile
  6. Sebastian Rio, Scott Spears and Sean Storm. Heard there was a possibilty of them making a movie together. I know Scott has filmed seperately with each of them before.
  7. Pigs at the Troff is probably my favorite WS porn of all time.  Thank you!!

    1. ScottBBCumDump


      It was one of my favorites to make. I hope to make one similar to that in 2021 if everything works out.

  8. Just home from another trip around the neighborhood. He was outfront again, as I hoped he would be, smoking a cigar in just a leather vest and tight jeans leaning up against his truck. He saw me, grabbed his crotch and signaled me over. My cock started to tent in my shorts as he walked around me and patted my ass. Instead of heading upstairs into the house I followed him and the side of the house to his basement door. Opening the door, he led me by my cock inside and down another set of stairs. It was pretty dark but I was turned on and dripping. He then yanked my shorts down and bent me over a sawhorse. Using spit for lube he fucked me deep and hard till we were both very sweaty and then grunted real hard and shot deep in my ass. My eyes adjusted to the darkness finally and I looked around the room. There was a St Andrews cross, a fuck bench and a sling. As I licked his cock clean he told me next time to wear leather over...
  9. I got into porn first by doing a spread in Inches magazine then having a studio call me who saw it. From one studio to the next you acquire a reputation as good or bad. I got a good reputation as being professional so I made it a career for 15 years and thus got asked to perform at parties, etc til I started gogo dancing and then escorting before getting cancer and now just getting back into everything. Its a lot of luck but if chosen a lot of hard fun work!
  10. On Prep daily and seeing doctor every 3 months
  11. If sucking then girth, if getting fucked then length
  12. Love that anon safe feeling of wearing masks and getting a load raw doggy style during covid crisis

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